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Reflector patents

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Light emitter packages and methods

Aerial photographing system

Stabilization of high-power wbc systems

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 System and method for correcting near surface statics by using internal multiples prediction patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for correcting near surface statics by using internal multiples prediction
Disclosed is a system and method for predicting internal multiples generators to correct near surface statics, by estimating a first timing or position associated with reflectors using internal multiple generators identified based on predictive deconvolution operators, estimating a second timing or position associated with the reflectors using the acquired seismic surface data, comparing the first timing or position with the second timing or position for each of the reflectors to determine a travel time delay associated with the reflectors, and correcting the acquired seismic surface data using the travel time delay.. .
 Extracorporeal pressure shock wave devices with multiple reflectors and methods for using these devices patent thumbnailnew patent Extracorporeal pressure shock wave devices with multiple reflectors and methods for using these devices
A shock wave applicator includes a housing multiple reflectors with shock wave generators projecting into a shared cavity. The multiple shock wave generators are able to produce a variety of shockwave focal volumes and wave fronts for medical treatment..
 Method for preventing the onset and progression of myopia patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preventing the onset and progression of myopia
The present invention relates to ophthalmology, and is designated to prevent onset and progression of myopia. The treatment course, comprising eye exposure with magnetic field, transscleral low-energy laser radiation with wavelength of 1.3 microns, and additional optical—reflectory eye trainings, is conducted.
 Radiation source and light guiding device patent thumbnailnew patent Radiation source and light guiding device
The invention relates to a radiation source, in particular a light curing device, for the polymerization of dental materials, comprising a light conductor and a light generation device which has at least two light sources, preferably semiconductor light sources, in particular light diodes, and the radiation of which is bundled by a reflector and fed into the light conductor. The light sources differ from one another with respect to their light color and/or their emission spectrum and are controllable separately for changing the light color and/or the emission spectrum and/or the spectral radiant power of the radiation emitted.
 Reflector, light source module, and display device patent thumbnailnew patent Reflector, light source module, and display device
A reflector, a light source module, and a display device are disclosed. The reflector includes a substrate and slant reflecting surfaces disposed on the substrate and arranged from a first side to an opposite second side of the reflector.
 Ultra slim collimator for light emitting diode patent thumbnailnew patent Ultra slim collimator for light emitting diode
Systems and devices for collimating beams of light emitted by a light emitting diode are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optical device comprises a bowl shaped reflector base, a light emitting diode (led) physically attached to the bowl shaped reflector base, a central reflector in a shape of a hyperbolic cone formed above the led about a center of the bowl shaped reflector base, and a transparent plate formed around a base of the hyperbolic cone.
 Backlight and display system using same patent thumbnailnew patent Backlight and display system using same
A backlight that includes a front reflector and a back reflector that form a hollow light recycling cavity including an output surface is disclosed. The backlight further includes one or more light sources disposed to emit light into the light recycling cavity.
 Corner reflector patent thumbnailnew patent Corner reflector
A corner reflector (e.g. A periscope) is made of a prism block having a viewing-in end and a viewing-out end with mirrored inclined surfaces or deflection mirrors applied on its inclined surfaces and also functional plates arranged in front of the viewing-in end and/or the viewing-out end.
 Stabilization of high-power wbc systems patent thumbnailnew patent Stabilization of high-power wbc systems
A system and method for stabilizing wbc systems utilizing retro reflectors.. .
 Apodized broadband partial reflectors patent thumbnailnew patent Apodized broadband partial reflectors
A broadband partial reflector includes a multilayer polymeric optical film having a total number of optical repeating units that monotonically increases in thickness value from a first side to a second side of the multilayer polymeric optical film. A baseline optical repeating unit thickness profile is defined by a first plurality of optical repeating units and having a first average slope, and a first apodized thickness profile of the multilayer polymeric optical film is defined by a second plurality of optical repeating units having a second average slope being at least 5 times greater than the first average slope.
new patent Directional backlight
A directional display may include a waveguide. The waveguide may include light extraction features arranged to direct light from an array of light sources by total internal reflection to an array of viewing windows and a reflector arranged to direct light from the waveguide by transmission through extraction features of the waveguide to the same array of viewing windows.
new patent Exterior mirror with spotter mirror
A rearview mirror reflective element assembly for an exterior mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror reflective element having a principal mirror and an auxiliary wide angle spotter mirror. A curved recess is established at a spotter portion of a rear surface of a glass substrate of the mirror reflective element.
new patent Aerial photographing system
An aerial photographing system, comprising a flying vehicle being remotely controlled, a camera (7, 8) tiltably supported in any direction via a gimbal (25), a retro-reflector (9) tilting integrally with the camera, being set in a known relation with the camera and used as an object to be measured, and a total station (3) for tracking the retro-reflector and for measuring position of the retro-reflector.. .
new patent Low-power display and corresponding lighting apparatus and methods of operation
A display (201) includes a light guide (314) defining a first major face (501), a second major face (502), and one or more edge surfaces (503,504). One or more light sources (315,316) are disposed along the one or more edge surfaces.
new patent Method and apparatus for detecting subsurface targets using data inversion and a temporal transmission line model
A method and apparatus for detects one or more subsurface targets by receiving a reflectivity data from two or more subsurface reflectors using a ground penetrating radar. The two or more subsurface reflectors may include the one or more subsurface targets and a medium surrounding the one or more subsurface targets.
new patent Light emitter packages and methods
Light emitter packages and related methods having improved performance are disclosed. In one aspect, a light emitter package can include at least one light emitter chip disposed over a substrate or submount.
new patent High performance surface illuminating gesi photodiodes
A gesi avalanche photodiode (apd includes an anti-reflection structure, a ge absorption region, and a resonance cavity enhanced (rce) reflector. The anti-reflection structure includes one or more dielectric layers and a top contact layer which is heavily doped with dopants of a first polarity.
new patent Gas refraction compensation for laser-sustained plasma bulbs
A laser-sustained plasma illuminator system includes at least one laser light source to provide light. At least one reflector focuses the light from the laser light source at a focal point of the reflector.
new patent Mercapto-based coupling agent for improved thermophotovoltaic device back surface reflector adhesion and relfectance
A back surface reflector (bsr) is described. The bsr includes a reflecting layer, a substrate and an adhesion layer between the reflecting layer and the substrate.
new patent Radiation absorbing metal pipe
Such tubular units with absorbing coatings of their external surfaces can be applied in following solar thermal systems: parabolic trough collectors; solar thermal collectors with usage of linear fresnel reflectors; for a system with an array of tracking mirrors and a central receiver mounted on a tower or on the ground.. .
High efficiency mono-order concave diffraction grating
A concave diffraction grating for integrated optics is constructed by replacing the reflective metallic part by either multiple thin elements of metal or multiple elements of dielectric material, each partially reflecting the light, and arranged on elliptical fashion in order to distribute the diffraction/reflection of light and provide aberration-free focusing, by combining diffraction condition and bragg condition of these curved reflectors.. .
Block light module
A light module for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The light module includes a light source and a reflecting unit.
Led-based lighting with reflector mounted on pcb
An led-based lighting component is disclosed. It comprises of a plurality of leds mounted to a printed circuit board.
Wall or picture frame mounted illumination device using light emitting diodes
A picture illuminating device for mounting on the wall above the picture, or on the back of the picture frame. The device utilizes a light emitting diode (led) or array of leds or light tube with leds to produce uniform lighting and is powered by conventional or rechargeable batteries which eliminates the requirement of electrical outlets and the spectacle of exposed electrical cords extending down the wall.
Strobe device
A strobe device of the present invention includes a flash discharge tube having an anode electrode and a cathode electrode on both ends thereof, and a conductive reflector in contact with an outer peripheral surface of the flash discharge tube. The reflector houses a part of the flash discharge tube inside, and functions as an external trigger electrode.
Light irradiation system, image scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus
An light irradiation system for irradiating light a document face includes a light source; a light guiding member to guide light emitted from the light source; and a reflector to reflect a part of light exiting from the light guiding member to the document face. A direction that emission light intensity of the light emitted from the light source becomes the strongest is different from a direction extending from the light source to an irradiation area.
System and method for compensating instability in an autofocus system
An autofocus system and method designed to account for instabilities in the system, e.g. Due to instabilities of system components (e.g.
Interactive projection system with actuated stylus
An actuated stylus conditionally occludes or exposes a reflector. The actuation mechanism may be mechanical, electrical, or a combination.
High-resolution, active reflector radio frequency ranging system
A radio frequency ranging system is grounded in establishing and maintaining phase and frequency coherency of signals received by a slave unit from a master unit and retransmitted to the master unit by the slave unit. For a preferred embodiment of the invention, coherency is established through the use of a delta-sigma phase-lock loop, and maintained through the use, on both master and slave units, of thermally-insulated reference oscillators, which are highly stable over the short periods of time during which communications occur.
Acoustic resonator comprising acoustic reflector, frame and collar
A solidly mounted resonator (smr) device includes an acoustic reflector having stacked acoustic reflector layer pairs, each of which includes a low acoustic impedance layer formed of low acoustic impedance material stacked on a high acoustic impedance layer formed of high acoustic impedance material. The smr device further includes a bottom electrode disposed on the acoustic reflector, a piezoelectric layer disposed on the bottom electrode, and a top electrode disposed on the piezoelectric layer.
Semiconductor light emitting device
The present disclosure relates to a semiconductor light emitting device, comprising: a plurality of semiconductor layers, including a first semiconductor layer having a first conductivity, a second semiconductor layer having a second conductivity different from the first conductivity, and an active layer interposed between the first semiconductor layer and the second semiconductor layer, generating light via electron-hole recombination; a first electrode, supplying either electrons or holes to the plurality of semiconductor layers; a second electrode, supplying, to the plurality of semiconductor layers, electrons if the holes are supplied by the first electrode, or holes if the electrons are supplied by the first electrode; a non-conductive distributed bragg reflector coupled to the plurality of semiconductor layers, reflecting the light from the active layer; and a first light-transmitting film coupled to the distributed bragg reflector from a side opposite to the plurality of semiconductor layers with respect to the non-conductive distributed bragg reflector, with the first light-transmitting film having a refractive index lower than an effective refractive index of the distributed bragg reflector.. .
Transparent led layer between phosphor layer and light exit surface of lamp
A flexible light sheet lamp includes a thin substrate and an array of printed microscopic vertical leds (vleds) sandwiched between a transparent first conductor layer and a transparent second conductor layer. The light sheet has a light exit surface.
Array substrate for reflective type or transflective type liquid crystal display device
An array substrate for a liquid crystal display device includes a substrate, a gate line and a data line on the substrate and crossing each other to define a pixel region, a thin film transistor connected to the gate line and the data line, a first passivation layer on the thin film transistor and having a first unevenness structure at its top surface, an auxiliary unevenness layer on the first passivation layer and having a first roughness structure at its top surface, and a reflector on the auxiliary unevenness layer, the reflector having a second unevenness structure due to the first unevenness structure of the first passivation layer and a second roughness structure due to the first roughness structure of the auxiliary unevenness layer, the second roughness structure having smaller patterns than the second unevenness structure.. .
Scintillator array, a scintillator, a radiation detection apparatus including the scintillator array or scintillator, and processes of forming the same
A scintillator can include a photosensor surface and a side surface adjacent to the photosensor surface. The photosensor surface can be adapted to provide scintillating light to a photosensor.
Microwaveable food products and containers
Embodiments of the invention include food products and related methods. In an embodiment, the invention includes a food product.
Bifacial crystalline silicon solar panel with reflector
Bifacial crystalline solar cells and associated solar panel systems are provided. The include a p-type crystalline silicon layer and a barrier layer.
Multi-tube solar collector structure
A collector system (12) is disclosed that comprises a row of linearly conjoined collector structures (13). The collector system is arranged to be located at a level above a field of reflectors (10) and to receive solar radiation reflected from the reflectors within the field.
Articulated joint for deploying and locking a solar generator or a reflector
A joint for unfolding and locking a solar generator or a reflector, or other aerospace components that can be unfolded, includes two half joints, a joint axis, and a drive. A drive spring of the drive has a progressive characteristic curve over the unfolding angle of the two half joints, which increases over the unfolding, to compensate for a frictional torque that varies over the unfolding angle..
Control device with passive reflector
A control device includes a housing. The control device also includes a wireless communicator interior the housing.
Device and method for heating an object in an intense magnetic field
The invention concerns a device for heating an object (6) in an intense magnetic field, comprising:—a light source (1), an optic fibre (2) for transporting the light emitted by said light source (1) and emitting a beam of light in the direction of the object (6) to be heated, a converging optical system (3), a diaphragm (4) positioned at the focusing point of the optical system (3),—a reflector (5), whereof the inner wall is defined by the revolution of a semi-parabola around an axis perpendicular to the optical axis of the parabola and passing through the focal point of said parabola, the optical axis of said reflector (5) coinciding with the optical axis (a) of the optical system (3) and the focal point (f″) of said reflector coinciding with the focusing point of said optical system (3).. .
Optical power splitter including a zig-zag
An optical power splitter includes a zig-zag and a reflector element associated with the zig-zag. The zig-zag is to split an input signal based on the reflector element, and output a plurality of split signals..
Sound reflector and electronic device with speaker, including sound reflector
A reflector for use with an electronic device having a loudspeaker for enhancing the sound emitted from the loudspeaker, said reflector comprising components for attaching said reflector to an edge of the electronic device, at the location of the loudspeaker, a flat portion located to be adjacent a surface of the electronic device, and a concave portion adjacent to the flat portion and presenting a concave surface to the loudspeaker.. .
Waveguide-coupled vertical cavity laser
An integrated circuit includes an optical source that provides an optical signal to an optical waveguide. In particular, the optical source may be implemented by fusion-bonding a iii-v semiconductor to a semiconductor layer in the integrated circuit.
High reflectance polycarbonate
In an embodiment, a reflector comprises a polycarbonate composition, the polycarbonate composition comprises: polycarbonate; 10 wt % to 20 wt % titanium dioxide, based upon a total weight of the polycarbonate composition; an optional flame retardant; and an optional uv stabilizer. A plaque formed from the polycarbonate composition has a reflectance of greater than or equal to 95%, as determined by reflectance measurements using a gretag macbeth coloreye spectrophotometer (d65 light source, 10 degree observer, uv included) made at a wavelength of 680 nm.
Diffusion globe led lighting device
Disclosed is a lighting fixture that provides approximately even illumination across a planar surface. Also enclosed is an led light for producing the same.
A lamp has a plurality of leds which are arranged behind one another in the lamp's longitudinal direction and in led spacing by means of an led carrier. Each led emits light in a certain solid angle area around a beam centre direction.
Barrier with integrated self cooling solid state light sources
An integrated barrier or partition (e.g. Suspended ceiling, wall, etc.) containing lightweight solid state light sources wherein the light emitting surface of the light sources are the primary heat dissipating surfaces of the light sources.
Lighting device
A lighting device may be provided that includes a housing; a coupling member coupled to the housing; a reflector disposed between the housing and the coupling member; a light source unit connected to the coupling member; and an optical member connected to the light source unit, wherein the optical member transmits a part of light emitted from the light source unit and reflects the other part of the light to the reflector.. .
Diffuse cholesteric reflector
A diffuse reflector (100) uses a host layer (120) containing particles (122). The host layer (120) contains a cholesteric material that reflects a first frequency of light, and the particles (122) in the host layer (120) create separate cholesteric domains (126) that reflect light of the first frequency in different directions..
Otdr mapping method
A method is provided for mapping the position of a customer fibre end on a passive optical network (pon). The method comprises the steps of: connecting an optical reflector to a specific customer fibre end; carrying out an optical time domain reflectometer (otdr) trace of the a passive optical network utilising a central office otdr device; identifying a target reflection event in the otdr trace having an increased amplitude relative to other reflection events in the otdr trace, consequent upon the presence of the optical reflector; and mapping data associated with the target reflection event to the specific customer..
Segmented antenna reflector
In certain embodiments, a segmented reflector and an antenna having a segmented reflector are disclosed. In certain embodiments, the segments of the reflector are held in side-by-side relationship by the antenna transceiver.
Reflector antenna for a synthetic aperture radar
The invention relates to a reflector antenna for a synthetic aperture radar, having a reflector (20) which comprises a reflector surface (22), a vertex (26), and an optical axis (24) extending outwards therefrom. The reflector antenna also has a plurality of antenna elements (18) arranged side by side and in a row, for transmitting radar transmission signals and receiving radar reception signals produced from a reflection on a surface (14).
Radio system for long-range high speed wireless communication
One embodiment of the present invention provides a radio assembly. The radio assembly includes an antenna housing unit that houses a pair of reflectors which are situated on a front side of the antenna housing unit, a printed circuit board (pcb) that includes at least a transmitter and a receiver, and a backside cover.
Antenna reflector apparatus
According to one aspect of the present invention, an antenna reflector apparatus provided comprises a shell body, a reflector indentation, and an antenna. The reflector indentation embedded in the shell body comprises a first indentation opening and a second indentation opening opposite to the first indentation opening.
Acoustic resonator having temperature compensation
An acoustic resonator structure comprises a substrate having an air cavity, an acoustic stack disposed over the substrate and comprising a piezoelectric material disposed between a first electrode and a second electrode, and an acoustic reflector disposed over the substrate and comprising a single pair of acoustic impedance layers configured to reflect acoustic waves produced by vibration of the acoustic stack, wherein at least one of the acoustic impedance layers comprises a temperature compensating material.. .
Lightweight solid state light source with common light emitting and heat dissipating surface
Lightweight solid state light sources with common light emitting and heat dissipating surfaces consisting of light emitting diodes (led) in thermal contact to light transmitting thermally conductive elements and combined with a reflector element to form a light recycling cavity, provide both convective and radiative cooling from their light emitting surfaces, eliminating the need for appended heatsinks. The lightweight self-cooling solid state light sources integrate the electrical interconnect of the leds and other semiconductor devices to a single substrate that is both the heatsink and the light emitting element.
Reo/alo/aln template for iii-n material growth on silicon
A iii-n template formed on a silicon substrate includes a distributed bragg reflector positioned on the silicon substrate. The distributed bragg reflector is substantially crystal lattice matched to the surface of the silicon substrate.
Acoustic sound reflector
An acoustical reflector is provided. The reflector includes a top end, a bottom end, a first side, a second side, a front surface, and a rear surface.
Operation of radio devices for long-range high-speed wireless communication
Methods and apparatuses for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission/communication of high bandwidth signals. High bandwidth signals may be efficiently transmitted by a radio device having a pair of reflectors separated by an isolation choke boundary.
Wireless speaker with parabolic reflectors
Described herein is an acoustic device including a speaker device adapted to wirelessly connect to, and relay audio signals from, an audio source. An external acoustic reflector is adapted to receive the speaker device inside or on the external acoustic reflector.
Agile duplexing wireless radio devices
Radio devices having separate transmission and reception reflectors for transmitting and receiving wireless signals that detect interference in a transmission channel and may be automatically or manually switch duplexing schemes when reflections, radar or other interference is detected. These devices typically include both a transmission antenna reflector and a receiving transmitter reflector, which may be connected or formed of a single housing, that are operatively coupled to radio circuitry for transmission and reception of wireless signals.
Lighting module
A lighting module may be provided that includes: a first light guide plate which includes a top surface and a bottom surface, each of which emits light, and a light incident side; a second light guide plate which is disposed below the first light guide plate and includes a top surface and a bottom surface, each of which emits light, and a light incident side; a reflector which is disposed between the first light guide plate and the second light guide plate; and a light source which includes first light emitting devices disposed on a side of the first light guide plate, and second light emitting devices disposed on a side of the second light guide plate.. .
Backlight module
The present invention provides a backlight module, which includes: a backplane, a backlight source arranged inside the backplane, a light guide plate arranged inside the backplane to correspond to the backlight source, a reflector plate disposed on a bottom of the light guide plate, an optic film disposed on a top of the light guide plate, and elastic members mounted to the backplane. The optic film has a top edge forming suspension sections and two first sidewalls respectively at left and right sides and each forming lugs.
Lens assembly for remote phosphor led device
Lens assemblies for use in remote phosphor lighting systems, and methods of making and using them, are described. The lens assemblies typically include a lens member, a dichroic reflector attached to an outer surface of the lens member, and a phosphor layer attached to an inner surface of the lens member.
Illumination unit with optical system
Various embodiments of the illumination unit include a surface light source, a primary optical element, a first reflector and a second reflector. The primary optical element is arranged at the surface light source in such a way that light emitted by the surface light source is imaged onto the first reflector by the primary optical element.
Lighting devices
Improved lighting devices, such as non-rechargeable and rechargeable flashlights, having simplified designs with fewer component parts are described. A focusing feature is described where the light source is held stationary and the reflector is moved through the engagement of threads and/or teeth arrangement.
Imaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus includes a driver which drives a front lens element, on the object side of a reflector, to reduce image shake. The driver includes voice coil motors, each having a coil and a permanent magnet.
Optical inspector
An optical inspector includes a radiating source, a time varying beam reflector, a telecentric scan lens, a separating minor, and a first and second detector. The radiating source is configured to irradiate a first position on the time varying beam reflector with a source beam.
Optical inspector
An optical inspector includes a radiating source, a time varying beam reflector, a telecentric scan lens, a first and second lens, a field stop, and a detector. The radiating source irradiates a first position of on the time varying beam reflector with a source beam.
3d image contents viewing system
3d television set or its external speaker box has container for a plurality of 3d spectacles. Container can locate individual 3d spectacles therein.
Antenna device
An antenna device includes a reflector which forms an offset antenna with a portion of a rotational paraboloid being cut out, and a primary radiator which radiates a beam having an elliptical cone shape to an aperture plane of the reflector. A reflector contour of the aperture plane of the reflector is formed in an elliptical shape along an isolux line of an elliptical beam radiated from the primary radiator.
Dual receiver/transmitter radio devices with choke
Wireless radio apparatuses for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmission/communication of high bandwidth signals having dual receivers and transmitters. Radio devices and systems may include a pair of reflectors separated by an isolation choke boundary.
Radio system for long-range high-speed wireless communication
Devices and systems, and methods of using them, for point-to-point transmission/communication of high bandwidth signals. Radio devices and systems may include a pair of reflectors (e.g., parabolic reflectors) that are adjacent to each other and configured so that one of the reflectors is dedicated for sending/transmitting information, and the adjacent reflector is dedicated for receiving information.

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