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 Hardware-logic based flow collector for distributed denial of service (ddos) attack mitigation patent thumbnailHardware-logic based flow collector for distributed denial of service (ddos) attack mitigation
Methods and systems for an integrated solution to flow collection for determination of rate-based dos attacks targeting isp infrastructure are provided. According to one embodiment, a method of mitigating ddos attacks is provided.
Fortinet, Inc.

 Method for balancing circuit voltage patent thumbnailMethod for balancing circuit voltage
Various techniques are employed alone or in combination, to reduce the levelized cost of energy imposed by a power plant system. Solar energy concentrators in the form of inflated reflectors, focus light onto photovoltaic receivers.
Maxout Renewables, Inc.

 Ion injector and lens system for ion beam milling patent thumbnailIon injector and lens system for ion beam milling
The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for performing ion etching on a semiconductor substrate, as well as methods for forming such apparatus. In some embodiments, an electrode assembly may be fabricated, the electrode assembly including a plurality of electrodes having different purposes, with each electrode secured to the next in a mechanically stable manner.
Lam Research Corporation

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
A display device includes a display portion, a light source, and a reflector. The reflector reflects light from the light source.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

 Cassegrain telescope with angled reflector patent thumbnailCassegrain telescope with angled reflector
A cassegrain optical system has a concave primary mirror deployed for receiving incident electromagnetic radiation and generating once-reflected rays, a convex secondary mirror deployed for receiving the once-reflected rays and generating twice-reflected rays, a tertiary reflector deployed for receiving the twice-reflected rays and generating thrice-reflected rays, and a beam-folding optical element deployed between the primary mirror and the secondary mirror for deflecting the thrice-reflected rays laterally so as to exit a volume between the primary and secondary mirrors.. .
Visionmap Ltd.

 Photonic integrated device patent thumbnailPhotonic integrated device
This document describes a photonic device which makes it possible to both separate and combine bands of wavelengths in optical signals. To this end, the device described herein has a star coupler, a set of optical input waveguides connected to the input port of the star coupler, a waveguide grouping connected to the output port of the start coupler and a set of reflectors and phase shifters connected to said waveguide grouping.
Universitat PolitÈcnica De ValÈncia

 Liquid crystal display with backlight color compensation structures patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display with backlight color compensation structures
A display may have an array of pixels that display images for a user. The backlight unit may have a light-guide layer.
Apple Inc.

 Solar cooking apparatus patent thumbnailSolar cooking apparatus
The present invention relates to a solar cooking apparatus, comprising: a first solar reflector; a second solar reflector; a solar collection element; and a solar collection element holder, wherein the first solar reflector and the second solar reflector are concave, and symmetrically arranged and aligned with a solar collection element axis, the reflectors having a up to a 360° range of motion around a plane perpendicular to the solar collection element axis, and focusing radiation at the solar collection element, which rapidly heats when the first and/or second solar reflectors are in an opened position, the first and second solar reflectors shield the solar collector when in a closed position. The solar cooking apparatus is adjustable and, in some embodiments, portable..

 Led strobe light with visual effects patent thumbnailLed strobe light with visual effects
The various embodiments relate to a led strobe lighting fixture comprising a plurality of leds arranged in a linear array and which is configured to generate a strobe light effect. The light fixture comprises a central illumination led array arranged between a first optical reflector and a second optical reflector.
Martin Professional Aps

 Vehicle lamp patent thumbnailVehicle lamp
A vehicle lamp includes a condenser lens, a heat-dissipation base, a first light source, a second light source, and a reflector. The condenser lens has a focal plane and an optical axis.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a semiconductor laser element configured to emit laser light, a condenser lens configured to condense the laser light, a phosphor configured to form white light by converting wavelength of at least a portion of the laser light condensed, and a reflector configured to reflect the white light. A light transmitting portion is formed in a portion, at which an extension path obtaining by extending an optical path of the laser light before contacting the phosphor is intersected with the reflector, of the reflector.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Lens assembly with light engine and flexible luminaires

In an example embodiment, a flexible light fixture may be provided. The example embodiment may comprise a reflector panel comprising two substantially parallel opposing outer flanges and a flexible central portion, wherein the distance between the opposing outer flanges may be x.
Southpac Trust International Inc, Trustee Of The Ldh Trust

Automotive lighting reflector system with integrated solar collector

A dual-purpose headlight for a vehicle. In one mode of operation, a reflector receives light from at least one light source, such as a light-emitting diode (led), and projects the light as a headlight for the vehicle.
Valeo North America, Inc.

Hair brush sanitizing unit

A device for sanitizing and disinfecting hair styling tools such as hair brushes via ultraviolet radiation is described. The device is preferably equipped with a chamber disposed in a body equipped with a housing and a base.

Lighting fixture

A light emitting diode (led) lighting arrangement for a lighting fixture includes: a lighting strip comprising a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) arranged along a length of the lighting strip; a first multi-faceted side wall reflector extending from a first side of the lighting strip at an angle such that the first multi-faceted side wall reflector extends along an entire length of the lighting strip and away from a bottom portion of a light emitting portion of each of the light emitting diodes (leds); and a second multi-faceted side wall reflector extending from a second, opposite side of the lighting strip at an angle such that the second multi-faceted side wall reflector extends along an entire length of the lighting strip away from the bottom portion of the light emitting portion of each of the light emitting diodes (leds). The first and second multi-faceted side wall reflectors cause light produced by the plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) to be amplified and formed into a uniform beam..
Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.

Smart antenna module and omni-directional antenna thereof

A smart antenna module includes an omni-directional antenna and at least one reflecting unit for adjusting a radiation pattern of the smart antenna module, wherein the one reflecting unit includes a reflector and a switch coupled between the reflector and a ground of the omni-directional antenna for electrically connecting the reflector with the ground or separating the reflector from the ground according to a control signal to adjust the radiation pattern of the smart antenna module.. .
Wistron Neweb Corporation

System to prognose gas turbine remaining useful life

A flash thermography device for generating an infrared image of a turbine component located inside a turbine, wherein the turbine includes at least one inspection port. The device includes a flash source that generates a light pulse that heats the turbine component and an infrared sensor for detecting thermal energy radiated by the turbine component.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Broadband satellite payload architecture

A spacecraft includes a payload subsystem, the payload subsystem including a phased array of feed elements configured to illuminate an antenna reflector, a beam forming network (bfn) disposed proximate to the array of feed elements, and a plurality of power amplifiers disposed between the bfn and the array of feed elements. The bfn includes a plurality of variable amplitude and phase adjusting arrangements disposed between (i) m:1 power combiners that are communicatively coupled with the power amplifiers and (ii) at least one 1:n power splitter, where m is greater than 1, and n is greater than 2.
Space Systems/loral, Llc

Laser diode driven lcd quantum dot hybrid displays

A display system comprising a set of light sources that emit a set of frequencies that are capable of exciting a set of quantum dots is disclosed. The display system further comprises a controller that receives input image data to be rendered by the display system and sends out control signals to various components.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Light source module

A light source module includes a light guide plate (lgp), at least one light emitting element, a reflector, and a plurality of spacer units. The lgp has a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, a light incident surface connecting the first surface and the second surface, and a plurality of optical microstructures.
Young Lighting Technology Inc.

Backlight module and display device

The present invention discloses a backlight module and a display device. The backlight module includes a backplane, a reflector plate and an led light bar, wherein the led light bar includes a base and led lights; the backplane includes a backplane main body part and a backplane side wall part; the reflector plate includes a reflector plate main body part and two reflector plate projections; the two reflector plate projections are respectively in contact with a first side face and a second side face of the base; the backplane side wall part is in contact with a third side face of the base; and the reflector plate main body part is in contact with a fourth side face of the base.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optoelectronic sensor and the transmission monitoring of a front screen

An optoelectronic sensor (10) for detecting objects in a monitored zone (20) is provided which has the following: a front screen (38); a light transmitter (12) for transmitting a light beam (16); a movable deflection unit (18) for the periodic sampling of the monitored zone (20) by the light beam (16); a light receiver (26) for generating a received signal from the light beam (22) remitted by the objects; at least one test light transmitter (42); at least one test light transmitter (42), at least one test light receiver (44) and at least one test light reflector (48) which span a test light path (46a-b) through the front screen (38); and an evaluation unit (32) which is configured to acquire pieces of information on the objects in the monitored zone (20) from the received signal and to recognize an impaired light permeability of the front screen (38) from a test light signal which the test light receiver (44) generates from test light which is transmitted from the test light transmitter (42) and which is reflected at the test light reflector (48). In this respect, the test light reflector (48) is arranged such that it moves along with the deflection unit (18)..
Sick Ag

Led lighting fixture

A lighting fixture which includes at least one lamp assembly coupled between two spaced end plates and supported by a frame coupled, along with a back side of the lamp assembly, to a heat sink. At least one elongated support member is provided that includes a pair of oppositely facing u-channels adapted to receive opposing ends of the heat sink.
Brightline, Inc.

Grilling appliance

According to the invention, a barbeque appliance (2) comprises a charcoal chamber (12), the walls of which completely enclose an interior space for charcoal, comprising at least one wall (48) made of a fine-meshed screen and comprising at least one ventilation opening (44) into which an air-supply pipe (26, 32, 14) opens, which leads through an ignition chamber (14) for ignition means (36) and to which an air-flow generator (4) is or can be connected, and comprising a reflector shell (21), in which the charcoal chamber (12) is arranged and which is made of flexible planar material having a heat-reflecting inner face, and comprising an outer shell (8) in which the reflector shell (21) is arranged, preferably so as to be at a spacing from the outer shell (8) at least in regions by way of an air space (26), and comprising a barbeque rack (6), which covers the outer shell (8) at the top.. .
Metallwarenfabrik Marktoberdorf Gmbh & Co. Kg

Depth imaging

Examples are disclosed herein that are related to depth imaging of a 360-degree field of view. One example provides a depth imaging system comprising an image sensor, a reflector subsystem comprising one or more reflectors arranged to reflect a radial field of view of a surrounding environment toward the image sensor, a projector configured to project light onto the reflector subsystem for reflection into the surrounding environment, and a computing device comprising a logic subsystem and a storage subsystem comprising instructions executable by the logic subsystem to receive image data from the image sensor, and output a depth image based upon the image data..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Dlp micro projector

The invention provides a dlp micro projector including: a light supply device, including: a led light source and a light collimation system, and a spectroscope group; a light path switching device, including a fly-eye lens or an optical wand; a lighting optical system, including: a freeform lens or a freeform reflector, and a right angle prism; a dmd light modulator being parallel to a right angle side of the right angle prism; and a projection lens group. The dlp micro projector has a simple and reasonable structure, employs a freeform optical component to replace the conventional planar mirror and relay lens to redirect and converge the beams, and meanwhile compensates the lighting source of the dmd light modulator, thereby simplifying the optical components and reducing the size and weight of the dlp micro projector.
Iview Limited

Higher order seedless raman pumping

An optical fiber is optically coupled to an optical multiplexer. First and second wavelength-selective reflectors are formed onto the optical fiber.
Ipg (ipg Photonics Corporation)

Radome - reflector assembly mechanism

In one embodiment, a radome-reflector assembly for, e.g., a microwave antenna, has (i) two semi-circular rims that receive the peripheries of the radome and the reflector and (ii) fixed and adjustable clamps that secure the ends of the rims together. The rims are designed with slanted inner surfaces that engage the periphery of the reflector, such that, when the adjustable clamp is tightened circumferentially, the periphery of the reflector is forced laterally to abut other rim structure to form a metal-to-metal rf seal between the reflector and the rims.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Method and providing specular surface reconstruction

An approach is provided for reconstruction of dynamic arbitrary specular objects. The approach involves determining time-of-flight data for at least one pixel of at least one time-of-flight sensor configured with at least one retro-reflector, wherein the time-of-flight data includes a first distance from the at least one time-of-flight sensor to at least one point of at least one surface, and a second distance from the at least one point to the at least one retro-reflector.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Backlight module and display device using same

A display device includes a a display module and backlight module for providing light required by the display module. The backlight module includes a light source assembly and a reflector.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Telecentric lens

A telecentric lens (100) comprises a front optical group (112) adapted to receive the rays coming from an object observed and a rear optical group (114) adapted to convey said rays towards a sensor (30). At least one between the front optical group (112) and the rear optical group (114) consists of only two positive focal lenses (112; 114′).

Multicast optical switch based on free-space transmission

A multicast optical switch based on free-space transmission comprises a 1×m input collimator array, a light splitting device, an optical distance compensation device, a spot transformation device, a 1×n output collimator array and a reflector array which are arranged in sequence. The 1×n output collimator array corresponds to reflector array.
Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd.

Backlight unit, double cone-shaped reflector, double cone-shaped reflector strip, illumination apparatus, and manufacturing double cone-shaped reflector

Disclosed herein is a backlight unit including a flat substrate, a light emitting device mounted on the flat substrate, a light guide plate disposed on the flat substrate, and a reflector being inserted to be disposed in a through-hole and having a contacted reflection portion contacted to the light emitting device and a spaced reflection portion spaced from the light emitting device. The light guide plate may include an inner wall surface defining the through-hole which accommodates the light emitting device.
Lumens Co., Ltd.

Device and the detection and measurement of the physical-chemical features of materials in the form of sheets, films, fabrics, layers deposited on a support or the like

The present invention relates to a device for the detection and measurement of the physical-chemical features of materials in the form of sheets comprising a microwave sensor coupled to a passive reflector on the other side of the material to be measured. The invention further comprises calculation methods and algorithms for processing output data, adapted to make the measurement immune from the typical environmental factors of industrial environments..
Advanced Microwave Engineering S.r.l.

Flow cytometry optics

High numerical aperture collection optics for particle analyzers may include an ellipsoidal reflector or an ellipsoidal reflector in combination with a spherical reflector, and may efficiently collect light scattered or emitted by particles in a sample stream and then couple that collected light into a lower numerical aperture portion of the instrument's optical detection system, such as into an optical fiber for example. The reflectors may be integrated with a flow cell through which the sample stream passes, or may be separate components arranged around a flow cell or, in instruments not employing a flow cell, arranged around a sample stream in air.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Luminaire with semi-specular reflector

A luminaire is provided which includes an led light source and a reflector that includes a semi-specular reflective film. The semi-specular reflective film has a transport ratio (tr) of between 40% and 70% and a reflectivity of greater than 95% and comprises a multilayer optical film (mof), a an ultra-low index (uli) layer having a refractive index of less than 1.3, and a diffusing layer (dl) borne on the reflecting face of the semi-specular reflective film.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus comprises: a body comprising a first body and a second body, wherein the first body comprises a first bottom surface and a first side surface, wherein the second body comprises a second bottom surface and a second side surface, and wherein the body has a receiving recess configured by the first bottom surface, the second bottom surface, the first side surface and the second side surface; a reflector disposed in the receiving recess of the body and comprising a plurality of reflective surfaces; and a light source disposed on the first side surface of the first body and the second side surface of the second body, disposed at an area corresponding to the reflective surfaces of the reflector.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Light emitting diode (led) bulb and lighting system having high and low beams

A light emitting diode (led) bulb includes a base, a low beam emitter on the base configured to generate light rays to form a low beam, and a high beam emitter on the base configured to generate light rays to form a high beam. The low beam emitter includes two substrates separated by a core and configured as a heat sink, at least two low beam light emitting diode (led) dice mounted to the substrates configured to emit the low beam light rays, and a shutter configured to block some of the low beam light rays and to shape the low beam.
Tslc Corporation

Vehicle lamp

A condenser lens configured to condense the laser light, a phosphor configured to form white light by converting wavelength of at least a portion of the laser light condensed, and a reflector configured to reflect the white light. A scattered light forming part is formed on a surface of the reflector, which is a surface at which a path obtained by extending an optical path of the laser light before the laser light hits the phosphor is intersected with the reflector..

Side window for a passenger compartment in a vehicle

A side window for a passenger compartment in a vehicle, in particular a rail vehicle, includes a single-pane glass and reflector slats that are embedded in the single-pane glass, where the distance between adjacent reflector slats as well as an angle of inclination between each reflector slat and the plane of the single-pane glass are predefined.. .
Siemens Ag Österreich

Microwave drying honeycomb formed body

A microwave drying method of a honeycomb formed body includes: an introduction step of disposing the honeycomb formed body while keeping an axis direction of cells of the honeycomb formed body vertically and introducing the honeycomb formed body into a drying furnace capable of irradiating with microwaves; a reflector placing step of placing a microwave reflector above the honeycomb formed body, the microwave reflector including a reflecting face having a coverage factor to an area of an end face of the honeycomb formed body that is 15% to 30%; and a microwave drying step of irradiating the honeycomb formed body with the microwaves of 915 mhz in frequency from above to dry the honeycomb formed body.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Microwave drying honeycomb formed body

A microwave drying method includes: an introduction step of disposing a honeycomb formed body while keeping an axis direction x of cells of the honeycomb formed body vertically and introducing the honeycomb formed body into a drying furnace capable of irradiating with microwaves; a reflector placing step of placing a microwave reflector having a function to reflect the microwaves above and/or below around the honeycomb formed body; and a microwave drying step of irradiating with the microwaves while controlling temperature of an inside of the honeycomb formed body by the microwave reflector so that any one of the end faces (e.g., end face) of the honeycomb formed body reaches 100° c. To dry the honeycomb formed body after the other part of the honeycomb formed body reaches 100° c..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Medical instrument and light-ray treatment device

Provided are a medical instrument capable of operating the entire treatment target site with a single irradiation. The medical instrument is inserted into a living body and performs light irradiation on the treatment target site.
Arai Medphoton Research Laboratories, Corporation

Sterilisation of package articles

An apparatus for sterilising a packaged product (16) such as food or drink comprises a pair of gas filled electrodes (1, 2) connected to a power supply (18) for generating a high voltage pulses between the electrodes (1, 2) sufficient to ionise the gas therein and to create a high electromagnetic field therebetween. A reflector (7) is provided for directing the generated field towards the package (16), such that the electromagnetic field penetrates through the wall of the package (16) and forms cold plasma from the trapped air inside the package (16).
Ozonica Limited

Display device, information processor, and image processing method

According to one embodiment, a display device to be mounted on a head of a user, includes a display, a reflector, and a processor. The display is configured to emit image light including information of an image.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Quasi-optical coupler

A quasi-optical coupling system launches and extracts surface wave communication transmissions from a wire. At millimeter-wave frequencies, where the wavelength is small compared to the macroscopic size of the equipment, the millimeter-wave transmissions can be transported from one place to another and diverted via lenses and reflectors, much like visible light.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Compact butler matrix, planar two-dimensional beam-former and planar antenna comprising such a butler matrix

A compact butler matrix consists a planar multilayer structure comprising n parallel metal plate waveguides ppw, stacked one on top of the other, two adjacent waveguides ppw comprising a common wall consisting of one of the metal plates. The couplers, the phase-shifters and the crossover devices of the butler matrix consist of metasurfaces incorporated in the metal plates.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Near-linear drive systems for positioning reflectors

System for positioning a reflector includes a base (112), yoke (104) and a reflector in the form of a lens mirror assembly (10). A motor (120) is mounted and remains substantially stationary with respect to rotation about a first axis while the yoke rotates about the first axis.
Harris Corporation

Bifacial crystalline silicon solar panel with reflector

Bifacial crystalline solar cells and associated solar panel systems are provided. The cells include a p-type crystalline silicon layer and a barrier layer.

Optical concentrator/diffuser using graded index waveguide

An optical concentration/diffusion apparatus and method is provided that uses a waveguide having a graded index of refraction in a first direction. Light propagating in a second direction different from the first direction follows a curved, path being reflected at multiple intervals by a planar interface of the waveguide.
UniversitÉ Laval

Optical block with textured surface

An optical block includes a first surface that receives light entering the optical block, a second surface through which the light exits the optical block, and a reflector that reflects light from the first surface towards the second surface. The reflector includes a textured surface that scatters or absorbs some of the light received from the first surface to attenuate the light exiting the optical block through the second surface..
Samtec, Inc.

Spherically mounted retroreflector that includes a replicated cube corner

A spherically mounted retroreflector (smr) includes a replicated optic, a substrate, and an adhesive. The replicated optic, which includes a cube-corner retroreflector, has a base area smaller than the retroreflector area.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

System for locating an object using an antenna array with partially overlapping coils

A system is provided for wirelessly locating objects. The system has a transceiver unit with an antenna array of two partially overlapping coils, which is used in combination with a passive electromagnetic reflector to track or locate the objects.
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Surface acoustic wave (saw) based strain sensor

A sensor system for determining deformation of an object subject to forces. The sensor system comprises an object upon which forces are exerted and a cavity within the object, a first substrate for supporting surface acoustic waves in an upper surface of the first substrate, the first substrate disposed in the cavity, a first surface acoustic wave transducer disposed on the upper surface and responsive to an interrogation signal for generating an incident surface acoustic wave in the upper surface, a first reflector array responsive to the incident surface acoustic wave for creating reflected surface acoustic waves on the upper surface, the reflected surface acoustic waves received by the transducer and having characteristics indicative of strain deformation of the object due to a force exerted on the object..
Mnemonics, Inc.

Method for processing heated material

The invention relates to a method for processing heated material (1), wherein the material is guided along a conveying path and is covered and protected against heat loss in the region of the conveying path by at least one reflector element (2), wherein the reflector element (2) is cooled by means of a liquid. According to the invention, in order to guarantee efficient cooling of the reflector without costly measures, the liquid is glycol or comprises glycol or the liquid is alcohol or comprises alcohol or the liquid is thermal oil..
Sms Group Gmbh

System for growing produce in greenhouses with assisted complementary solar energy

This invention relates to a system (1) for growing produce (3) in greenhouses. The system (1) includes at least one greenhouse (5) for housing the produce (3) to be grown, the at least one greenhouse (5) being positioned, shaped and sized for receiving direct sun rays (7d).
Gea Farm Technologies Canada Inc./division Gea Houle

Lamp fixture

Various embodiments of a lamp fixture are disclosed. In some embodiments, one such device includes an led array that includes one or more leds; a mounting plate having an opening with a predefined shape; a reflector mounted to the mounting plate; a heat sink; an active cooling element mounted to the mounting plate; a power supply circuit board assembly for providing power to the device; a fixture connector plug; a rear enclosure; and an interface connector that electronically connects a power supply to the led array.
On Site Led

Led based area lighting fixture

An led light fixture includes an integrally formed unitary housing having a first portion and second portion laterally adjacent to one another. The first and second portions at least partially define separate illuminating and wiring compartments.
Atlas Lighting Products, Inc.

Photography light panel reflector clamp

The present invention provides a photography light panel reflector clamp for mounting a photography light panel reflector with a rod member. The photography light panel reflector clamp of the present invention includes a central member, a groove and a turning clamp set.

Automotive lamp

An automotive lamp according to one embodiment includes: a first lamp unit that has a first projection lens; a second lamp unit that has a second projection lens and that lines up with the first lamp unit in a substantially horizontal direction and is arranged such that the second projection lens is located further to the back of the lamp than the first projection lens; and a reflex reflector that is provided in a region between the first projection lens and the second projection lens on a side surface of the first lamp unit on the side of the second lamp unit and that reflects light that enters from the outside of the lamp.. .
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

A low-beam headlight element for a vehicle

A low-beam headlight element includes a lens (301) for modifying the distribution pattern of light penetrating the lens, and a reflector element (302) including a first end having a place for a light source (303) and a second end having an opening constituting a passage for the light penetrating the lens. The thickness of the lens is shaped to decrease more strongly towards a first edge (303) of the lens than towards an opposite second edge of lens so as to provide more refractivity on a first area of the lens abutting on the first edge than on a second area of the lens abutting on the second edge.
Ledil Oy

System and hitch angle detection

A hitch angle detection system is provided herein. Ultrasonic transducers are disposed on a rear vehicle structure and are configured to transmit ultrasonic waves in a rearward vehicle direction.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Methods and particle aggregation using acoustic standing waves

Devices for separating materials from a host fluid are disclosed. The devices include an acoustic chamber having an inlet and an outlet.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

Automated reflector tuning systems and methdos

Methods, apparatus, and systems for automated reflector tuning include combining high precision automated photogrammetric measurement with high precision servo actuator positioning control of a reflector surface using custom optimizing control software to produce a novel, fully automated satellite reflector alignment tuning system. Precise adjustment to the shape of the reflecting surface of an antenna reflector (reflector tuning) can be essential for a satellite reflector antenna to meet electrical performance requirements, usually requiring a shape accurate to within 0.004 inches rms.
The Boeing Company

Telescope, and manufacturing telescope

A telescope includes a first reflector having a first concave cylindrical surface with a first radius and a second reflector having a second concave cylindrical surface with a second radius different from the first radius, and a fixing member configured to fix the first reflector and the second reflector in such a way that the first concave cylindrical surface and the second concave cylindrical surface face each other and a central axis of the first concave cylindrical surface and a central axis of the second concave cylindrical surface are orthogonal to each other.. .

Reflector material, scintillator array, manufacturing scintillator array, and radiation detector

According to an embodiment, a scintillator array includes a plurality of scintillator crystals arranged two-dimensionally so as to be separated by a gap, and a reflector material formed in the gap between the scintillator crystals. The reflector material contains reflective particles selected from the group consisting of barium sulfate, aluminum oxide and polytetrafluoroethylene, and straight silicone as a binder..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Lidar apparatus

Provided is a lidar apparatus of emitting laser beam in a scanning scheme in each direction within a field of view and separately obtaining reflected light in each direction to calculate a distance up to a reflector. The lidar apparatus may rapidly and efficiently perform scanning, may be compact, may significantly decrease a required laser output as compared with an apparatus according to the related art simultaneously emitting laser in all directions within the field of view, may be manufactured at a low cost, and may be operated at a low cost..
Msotek Co., Ltd

System for determining and imaging wax deposition and corrosion in pipelines

The system for determining and imaging wax deposition and corrosion in pipelines relate to systems for determining wax deposition and corrosion by one or both of two techniques. In both techniques, a source of neutron radiation is directed at the pipeline.
King Abdulaziz University

Uv led curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller

The present invention is related to an uv led curing apparatus, and more particularly, to an uv led curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller. The light reflective inner casing is preferably provided as an effective uv light reflector and as a supporting substrate of the uv led light source while being capable of transmitting heat from the uv led light source away for further heat dissipation to the ambient by the outer casing.
Nail Alliance, Llc

Solar thermal concentrator apparatus, system, and method

An apparatus is disclosed including: a trough shaped reflector extending along a longitudinal axis and including at least one reflective surface having a shape which substantially corresponds to an edge ray involute of the absorber.. .

Solar energy reflector

A solar energy reflector (1) comprises a mirror (5) with no copper layer laminated to a supporting sheet (7) by means of a bonding material (6). The edges of the mirror (5) are provided, at least on a portion forming the major part of their height and closest to the metallic sheet, with an edge protection (8) made of a material comprising silicone, polyurethane and/or acrylic and the material forming the edge protection (8) is different from the bonding material (6)..
Agc Glass Europe

Part of a led system

Part of a led system, the part being exposed to led light, particular the reflector for a led (light emitting diode) system, more particular the reflector for a mixing chamber of a led system, which the part consists of a polymer composition comprising a polyester and a white pigment, which polyester has been solid state post condensated.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Optical system for an led light source and luminaire comprising such an optical system

An optical system for influencing light emitted by a led light source. The system includes a lens for influencing the light, and a pot-like reflector, the shape of which defines a principal axis.
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

Daylight collectors with diffuse and direct light collection

Lighting devices and methods for providing daylight to the interior of a structure are disclosed. Some embodiments disclosed herein provide a daylighting device including a tube having a sidewall with a reflective interior surface, a light collecting structure, and a light reflector positioned to reflect daylight into the light collector.
Solatube International, Inc.

Barrier with integrated self-cooling solid state light sources

An integrated barrier or partition (e.g. Suspended ceiling, wall, etc.) containing lightweight solid state light sources wherein the light emitting surface of the light sources are the primary heat dissipating surfaces of the light sources.
Goldeneye, Inc.

Method and heating device for temperature conditioning of preforms and blow molding machine comprising such a device

A method for temperature conditioning thermoplastic preforms for blow molding. The preforms are guided along a chain path in a transport direction by a plurality of transport and handling means through a heating apparatus.
Khs Corpoplast Gmbh

Compound elliptical reflector for curing optical fibers

A curing device comprises a first elliptic cylindrical reflector and a second elliptic cylindrical reflector, the first elliptic cylindrical reflector and the second elliptic cylindrical reflector arranged to have a co-located focus, and a light source located at a second focus of the first elliptic cylindrical reflector, wherein light emitted from the light source is reflected to the co-located focus from the first elliptic cylindrical reflector and retro-reflected to the co-located focus from the second elliptic cylindrical reflector.. .
Phoseon Technology, Inc.

Dish receiver system for solar power generation

A solar reflective assembly includes a plurality of reflective segments radially configured to collectively at least partially define a dish-shaped reflector having a center axis, each reflective segment having a generally conical shape and being discontinuous relative to the conical shape of an adjacent reflective segment, and an elongated receiver having a length generally extending in a direction of the center axis. Each reflective segment reflects and focuses sunlight on the receiver along the length of the receiver..
Gossamer Space Frames

Reflector, surface-emitting laser, solid-state laser device, optoacoustic system, and image-forming apparatus

In a reflector including an algan layer, an ingan layer, and a gan layer placed therebetween, high reflectivity and a wide reflection band are achieved. A reflector includes a substrate containing gan; first layers containing alxga1-xn; second layers containing inyga1-yn; and a third layer containing gan, the first, second, and third layers being stacked on the substrate.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Active antenna system (aas) radio frequency (rf) module with heat sink integrated antenna reflector

On-board heat dissipation can be achieved in radio frequency (rf) modules by integrating a heat sink into the rf module's antenna reflector. Said integration achieves a compact and aesthetically pleasing rf module design that reduces the overall footprint of modular active antenna systems (aass).
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

True time delay compensation in wideband phased array fed reflector antenna systems

Systems, devices, and methods for determining and applying true time delay (ttd) values for compensating for free-space path length differences between a phased array and a reflector in wideband communication are disclosed. Ttd values are determined for individual and groups of antenna elements in phased array fed reflector (pafr) antennas based distances from a focal region of the reflector.
Viasat, Inc.

Metallic photovoltaics

According to some aspects, an apparatus for converting electromagnetic radiation into electric power is provided, comprising a first layer comprising a first semiconductor material, an absorber in contact with the first layer, a second layer comprising a second semiconductor material, the second layer being in contact with the absorber, and a reflector to reflect at least a portion of electromagnetic radiation passing through the second layer. According to some aspects, a method of forming an apparatus for converting electromagnetic radiation into electric power is provided, comprising forming a reflector on a substrate, forming a first layer in contact with the reflector, the first layer comprising a first semiconductor material, forming an absorber in contact with the first layer, and forming a second layer in contact with the absorber, the second layer comprising a second semiconductor material..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Digitizer circuit patterning method and electronic device supporting the same

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a reflector sheet disposed under a display panel and a digitizer disposed under the reflector sheet.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System for displaying an image on a windscreen

An assembly comprises a vehicle windscreen, and a stack of first and second films at least partially coating a face of the windscreen, the first film being arranged between the windscreen and the second film, wherein: the second film is a screen suitable for displaying an image projected on the face thereof opposite the windscreen; and the first film is a reflector suitable for reflecting light transmitted by the second film towards the windscreen.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Reflectors for solar thermal producing same

A reflector for helio-thermal systems may include a metallic carrier plate and a reflective coating that is applied to the carrier plate and is constructed from at least one metallic reflective layer and at least one protective layer applied to the reflective layer. Such reflectors have high reflective capabilities, are robust in relation to mechanical stress, and can be manufactured cost effectively.
Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein Gmbh

Optical reflector based on a directional coupler and a coupled optical loop

An optical device includes an optical reflector based on a coupled-loopback optical waveguide. In particular, an input port, an output port and an optical loop in arms of the optical reflector are optically coupled to a directional coupler.
Oracle International Corporation

Backlight systems containing downconversion film elements

Edge-lit lcd backlight units having a viewable area comprise (a) a downconversion film element, (b) a light guide comprising extraction elements, (c) a reflector and (d) blue leds. The extraction elements extend beyond the viewable area..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Hybrid sensing ultrasonic flowmeter

A hybrid ultrasonic flowmeter includes at least a first sensing plane including four ultrasonic transducers (transducers) positioned in a parallelogram arrangement on a meter pipe wall including a first and second transducer pair. A first reflector is positioned between the first transducer pair on a first portion of the meter pipe wall, and a second ultrasonic reflector is between the second transducer pair on a second portion of the meter pipe wall opposite the first wall portion.
Honeywell International Inc.

Accuracy traceability method based on precision coordinate control network for workshop measurement positioning system

The present invention relates to an accuracy traceability method based on precision coordinates control network for workshop measurement positioning system, which includes the steps: setting a plurality of smr (spherically mounted retroreflector) nests and stations in the measurement space; forming a global control point by using smr; measuring all the 3-d coordinates of global control points in all the laser tracker stations; using the range value measured by the laser tracker as constraints to calculate the 3-d coordinates of global control points by using the dynamic weighting method; arranging a plurality of transmitters and calibrating the transmitters in combination with precision coordinate control network; measuring all global control points and measured points simultaneously by using wmps, and using the 3-d coordinates of global control points as the constraints for adjustment calculation to obtain the 3-d coordinates of the measured points. The present invention takes advantages of accurate range measurement of laser tracker as a constraint to achieve the followings: obtaining high accuracy 3-d coordinates of global control points, constructing precision coordinate control network and using it as the measurement standards of wmps, achieving on-site accuracy traceability, and thus improving the measurement accuracy of wmps..
Tianjiin University

Radiation grill

The invention provides a radiation grill unit (1) comprising (i) a food support unit (100), for instance with bars (110), (ii) a radiation unit (200) comprising a reflector (210) (with reflector opening (223)) hosting an (electrical) ir radiation heater (220), wherein the radiation unit (200) is optionally configured to provide ir radiation (201) in a direction of the food support unit (100), and (iii) a radiation grill unit cavity (3) configured to host a drip tray (300) (with edge (311)).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Light duct elbow for ducted illumination

A light duct elbow having two light conduits capable of transporting light along two different propagation directions. A light diverter is located between the light conduits and has a reflector for directing light along the light conduits.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Led light fixture

A door assembly for a light fixture that includes a door frame formed of two opposing frame sides connected to two opposing frame ends that collectively form an opening and define a door frame plane. A reflector is positioned within the door frame to span the opening and to extend downwardly through the door frame plane such that at least a portion of the reflector extends below the door frame plane..
Abl Ip Holding Llc

Lighting apparatus and mobile object including the same

A lighting apparatus to be installed on a mobile object includes: a heat dissipator having a first outer surface and a second outer surface different from the first outer surface; a first light-emitting device thermally coupled to the first outer surface of the heat dissipator; a second light-emitting device thermally coupled to the second outer surface of the heat dissipator; a reflector that reflects light emitted from the first light-emitting device; a first lens that is disposed in a path of light reflected by the reflector and that transmits the light from the reflector along a predetermined lighting direction; and a second lens disposed in a path of light from the second light-emitting device.. .
Panasonic Intellectuall Property Management Co., Ltd.

Photoacoustic computed tomography with an acoustic reflector

Systems and methods for improving limited-view photoacoustic tomography using an acoustic reflector are described. In particular, an acoustic reflector and ultrasonic transducer array are integrated to provide a virtual array that enhances the field of view of the ultrasonic transducer array, thereby improving the quality of photoacoustic tomography images obtained using the systems and methods described herein..
Washington University

Monitoring through s-bfd (seamless bidirectional forwarding detection)

In one embodiment, a method includes assigning a discriminator to a target in communication with a reflector at a network device, identifying at the reflector, a packet comprising the discriminator, the packet transmitted from an initiator in a seamless bidirectional forwarding detection (s-bfd) session, and transmitting a response packet from the reflector to the initiator. The response packet includes information for the target obtained by the reflector through monitoring of the target.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Temperature insensitive laser

The invention relates to a temperature insensitive semiconductor laser, comprising: a gain region for generating laser radiation; a reflector region for reflecting the laser radiation generated in the gain region, and a waveguide for guiding the laser radiation generated in the gain region to the reflector region and for guiding the laser radiation reflected in the reflector region to the gain region, wherein the gain region, the reflector region and the waveguide define a resonating cavity of the semiconductor laser and wherein the waveguide is substantially athermal.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Approach to improve pointing accuracy of antenna systems with offset reflector and feed configuration

Systems, methods, and apparatus for calibration for an offset antenna are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves calculating an estimated gimbal angle between the offset antenna and at least one target.
The Boeing Company

Electrically scanned tacan antenna

An electrically scanned tacan antenna is provided. To elaborate, the electrically scanned tacan antenna includes a reflection plate; a monopole antenna provided on an upper surface of the reflection plate and configured to omnidirectionally radiate a signal; multiple parasitic radiators arranged around the monopole antenna and configured to operate as reflectors that reflect the signal or directors that direct the signal; and a controller configured to control parasitic radiators operating as the reflectors to operate as the directors and some parasitic radiators among parasitic radiators operating as the directors to operate as the reflectors at every predetermined timing and controls an order to be the some parasitic radiators to be changed according to a preset sequence..
Korea Airports Corporation

Transmitter, transmitting method, and receiving method

A transmitter includes a controller, configured to generate a control voltage corresponding to a pattern of the change in an amount of light emitted wherein the pattern in which one of a plurality of amounts of light emitted occurs indicates a signal to be transmitted, and a reflector that reflects sunlight. The transmitter also includes a liquid crystal board that receives reflected light that is sunlight reflected by the reflector and transmits the signal to a receiver by changing the amount of light emitted toward the receiver according to the control voltage.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Polarization-controlled laser line-projector

In a laser line projection apparatus, six spaced-apart unpolarized laser-beams are plane-polarized with low loss by a combination of a thin-film polarizer, a reflector, and two polarization rotators. Two beams are polarized in each of three polarization-orientations.
Coherent Lasersystems Gmbh & Co. Kg

Light-reflecting film and light reflector using the same

A light-reflecting film including: a reflective layer having at least one or more laminate(s) in which a high refractive index layer containing a polymer and a low refractive index layer containing a polymer are laminated; a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that is disposed on one outermost layer; and a hard coat layer that is disposed on another outermost layer, wherein the elastic modulus of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and the elastic modulus of the hard coat layer satisfy the following formula (1): the elastic modulus of the hard coat layer [pa]/the elastic modulus of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer [pa]≧3, and the instantaneous pressure-sensitive adhesive force exhibited when the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is applied to glass is from 2 to 8 n/25 mm.. .

Distributed sensing in an optical fiber network

A distributed optical fiber sensing system is provided. The system can include an interrogator, a transmission optical fiber, a sensing optical fiber, and a reflector.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

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