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Reflector patents


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 Methods and apparatus to reflect routes from a remotely located virtual route reflector patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus to reflect routes from a remotely located virtual route reflector
Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to reflect routes from a virtual route reflector are disclosed. An example method includes requesting, at a virtual route reflector remote from an autonomous system, topology information and external route information from the autonomous system.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 One-port surface elastic wave resonator on high permittivity substrate patent thumbnailOne-port surface elastic wave resonator on high permittivity substrate
A surface elastic wave resonator comprises a piezoelectric material to propagate the surface elastic waves and a transducer inserted between a pair of reflectors comprising combs of interdigitated electrodes and having a number nc of electrodes connected to a hot spot and an acoustic aperture w wherein the relative permittivity of the piezoelectric material is greater than about 15, a product of nc·w/fa for the transducer being greater than 100 μm·mhz−1, where fa is the antiresonance frequency of the resonator. A circuit comprises a load impedance and a resonator according to the invention and having an electrical response manifesting as a peak in the coefficient of reflection s11 at a frequency of a minimum value of the parameter s11 that is lower than −10 db, the antiresonance peak of the resonator being matched to the impedance of the load..

 Vcsel structure patent thumbnailVcsel structure
The invention relates to a vcsel structure based on a novel grating reflector. The grating reflector (1) comprises a grating layer (20) with a contiguous core grating region having a grating structure, wherein an index of refraction of high-index sections (21) of the grating structure is at least 2.5, and wherein an index of refraction of low-index sections (22) of the grating structure is less than 2.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

 Optimal camera and antenna integration patent thumbnailOptimal camera and antenna integration
An antenna module mounted to a roof of a vehicle that includes a plurality of antenna elements for various vehicle communications systems. The antenna module also includes an fdm camera associated with an fdm, where the camera is positioned at the rear of the module and is mounted in a general flat configuration parallel to the roof the vehicle so that the camera field-of-view is directed upward and so that metal components of the camera do not interfere with the radiation pattern of the antenna elements.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Resonant cavity strained iii-v photodetector and led on silicon substrate patent thumbnailResonant cavity strained iii-v photodetector and led on silicon substrate
An optoelectronic device that includes a germanium containing buffer layer atop a silicon containing substrate, and a first distributed bragg reflector stack of iii-v semiconductor material layers on the buffer layer. The optoelectronic device further includes an active layer of iii-v semiconductor material present on the first distributed bragg reflector stack, wherein a difference in lattice dimension between the active layer and the first distributed brag reflector stack induces a strain in the active layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Solar cell metal-less reflector / back electrode structure patent thumbnailSolar cell metal-less reflector / back electrode structure
A photovoltaic or light detecting device is provided that includes a periodic array of dome or dome-like protrusions at the light impingement surface and a metal-less reflector/back electrode at the device back. The beneficial interaction between an appropriately designed top protrusion array and metal-less reflector/electrode back contact (r/ebc) serves (1) to refract the incoming light thereby providing photons with an advantageous larger momentum component parallel to the plane of the back (r/ebc) contact and (2) to provide optical impedance matching for the short wavelength incoming light.

 Injection molded microoptics patent thumbnailInjection molded microoptics
A wafer-scale apparatus and method is described for the automation of forming, aligning and attaching two-dimensional arrays of microoptic elements on semiconductor and other image display devices, backplanes, optoelectronic boards, and integrated optical systems. In an ordered fabrication sequence, a mold plate comprised of optically designed cavities is formed by reactive ion etching or alternative processes, optionally coated with a release material layer and filled with optically specified materials by an automated fluid-injection and defect-inspection subsystem.
International Business Machines Corporation

 A microwave wave generator device with a virtual cathode oscillator and axial geometry, comprising at least one reflector and a magnetic ring, configured to be supplied by a high-impedance generator patent thumbnailA microwave wave generator device with a virtual cathode oscillator and axial geometry, comprising at least one reflector and a magnetic ring, configured to be supplied by a high-impedance generator
A microwave wave generator device with oscillating virtual cathode, with axial geometry, includes at least one first reflector positioned in a cylindrical waveguide downstream of a thin anode, positioned at the entrance of the cylindrical waveguide, between a cathode and the cylindrical waveguide. The device further includes a tight magnetic ring of width (lm) along the longitudinal axis z, positioned externally around the cylindrical waveguide, between the thin anode and the first reflector..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

 Rotating substrate laser anneal patent thumbnailRotating substrate laser anneal
Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to thermal processing of substrates. More specifically, embodiments described herein relate to flash on spike annealing processes and apparatus suitable for performing such processes.
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Stereoscopic reflector patent thumbnailStereoscopic reflector
A stereoscopic viewer comprising a plurality of mirrors used to view images in real time.. .

Display device

According to one embodiment, a display device, includes a retroreflective element includes a base, and first and second retroreflectors each retroreflecting light made incident without transmitting the base, and a retarder element disposed between a display module and a polarizing element and between the retroreflective element and the polarizing element, the first and second retroreflectors being adjacent to each other, each of the first and second retroreflectors includes a recess portion on a side facing the retarder element.. .
Japan Display Inc.

Dual mode optical and rf reflector

A dual-mode optical and rf reflector, and test system using the same. In one example the reflector is a mirror having a reflective surface including a first zone having a first surface precision, wherein a remainder of the reflective surface outside of the first zone has a second surface precision that is substantially lower than the first surface precision, the mirror being configured to collimate and reflect an rf signal from the reflective surface, and to collimate and reflect an optical signal from the first zone..
Raytheon Company

Particle sensor

A particle sensor includes: a detecting area into which a gas including particles is introduced; a light-projecting element; a light-receiving element which receives scattered light of the light reflected by the particles in the gas in the detecting area; a heater which heats the gas; a reflector which directs the scattered light to the light-receiving element, wherein the reflector includes: a first ellipsoidal portion having an inner surface shape that defines a portion of a surface of revolution of a spheroid; and a first spherical portion having an inner surface shape that defines a portion of a spherical surface of a sphere, wherein the first ellipsoidal portion has one focus of the spheroid located in the detecting area and the other focus of the spheroid located at or proximate to the light-receiving element, and the first spherical portion has a center of the sphere located in the detecting area.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Six degree-of-freedom laser tracker that cooperates with a remote sensor

A coordinate measuring device includes: a light source operable to emit a first light, the first light being visible light having a first wavelength; a fiber launch operable to receive the first light through a first optical fiber, to launch the first light into free space, and to collimate the launched first light into a first beam of light having a diameter_defined by the fiber launch, the first beam of light operable to leave the coordinate measuring device absent an intervening beam expander, the fiber launch being further coupled through the first optical fiber to a distance meter operable to measure a first distance to a retroreflector illuminated by the first beam of light; a first motor and a second motor operable to direct the first beam of light to a first direction, the first direction determined by a first angle of rotation about a first axis and a second angle of rotation about a second axis, the first angle of rotation produced by the first motor and the second angle of rotation produced by the second motor; a first angle measuring device operable to measure the first angle of rotation and a second angle measuring device operable to measure the second angle of rotation; and, a processor operable to determine three-dimensional (3d) coordinates of the target based at least in part on the measured first angle of rotation, the measured second angle of rotation, and the measured first distance.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Led lamp assembly having heat conductive led support member

A heat dissipating led support member for high power led modules adapted for securement in a sealed optical luminaire housing having a heat conductive support, the heat dissipating led support member having a securement base for connection to the heat conductive support for heat transfer in the heat conductive support, the led support member having an led support outer surface for securement of one or more high power led modules at a predetermined angle and orientation relative to an inner reflective surface of a circumferential side wall of a reflector to produce a desired oriented photometric light distribution pattern on a plane to be illuminated.. .
Sq Technologies Inc.

Rearview mirror assembly for vehicle

An electro-optic mirror reflective element for a rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a front substrate and a rear substrate. A surface of the front substrate and a surface of the rear substrate oppose each other and are spaced apart by a perimeter seal, with an electro-optic medium disposed between the surfaces and bounded by the perimeter seal.
Donnelly Corporation

Systems and methods of microbial sterilization using polychromatic light

The present invention is a device for sterilizing microorganisms on a liquid or solid substrate. The device includes a light source for producing a light and an optical device positioned proximate the light source.

A pole mountable solar tracking device

A pole mounted dual axis solar tracking apparatus has a main mounting member [13] in a fixed primary north-south axis which is inclined to accommodate geographical latitude and a cross arm [16] fixed to the main mounting member and defining a secondary east-west axis. A support frame [15] for pv panels, solar reflectors etc.
Solar Sure Pty Ltd

Fan beam antenna

A fan beam antenna includes a parallel plate waveguide configured to guide electromagnetic energy of an emission beam and a reflector disposed on the parallel plate waveguide configured to reflect the electromagnetic energy of the emission beam. The fan beam antenna further includes a plurality of radiating elements disposed on the parallel plate waveguide configured to transmit and/or receive the electromagnetic energy of the emission beam and a microwave transceiver module in communication with the plurality of radiating elements..
Google Inc.

Ground-based satellite communication system for a foldable radio wave antenna

A satellite communications assembly has a foldable antenna that has a flexible reflector member and a flexible tension member. The assembly further has a feed assembly centrally disposed with respect to the foldable antenna and a plurality of reflector supports that extend radially from the feed assembly and coupled to the reflector member.
Gatr Technologie, Inc.

Antenna for wireless communication fixing antenna oscillator to reflector

The present disclosure relates to an antenna for a wireless communication system. The antenna comprises a reflector having a front side for transmitting a signal and a back side opposite to the front side; an antenna oscillator disposed on the front side of the reflector; a phase shifter network disposed on the back side of the reflector; and an antenna oscillator fixing apparatus disposed on the front side of the reflector and configured to fix the antenna oscillator to the front side of the reflector.
Alcatel Lucent

Control of p-contact resistance in a semiconductor light emitting device

A device according to embodiments of the invention includes a semiconductor structure including a light emitting layer disposed between an n-type region and a p-type region. A surface of the p-type region perpendicular to a growth direction of the semiconductor structure includes a first portion and a second portion.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Aerial system and vehicle for continuous operation

An aerial vehicle having a vision based navigation system for capturing an arresting cable situated at a landing site may comprise a fuselage having a propulsion system; an arresting device coupled to the fuselage, the arresting device to capture the arresting cable at the landing site; a camera situated on the aerial vehicle; an infrared illuminator situated on the aerial vehicle to illuminate the landing site, wherein the arresting cable has two infrared reflectors situated thereon; and an onboard vision processor. The onboard vision processor may (i) generate a plurality of coordinates representing features of the landing site using an image thresholding technique, (ii) eliminate one or more coordinates as outlier coordinates using linear correlation, and (iii) identify two of the plurality of coordinates as the two infrared reflectors using a kalman filter..
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Reflective lighting system

A reflective lighting system for illuminating a subject includes a diffusion panel and a reflector. The diffusion panel is arranged and configured to be illuminated by a light source.
Lifetouch Inc.

Optical phased array using guided resonance with backside reflectors

Methods and systems for controlling the phase of electromagnetic waves are disclosed. A device can consist of a guided resonance grating layer, a spacer, and a reflector.
California Institute Of Technology

Catadioptric projector systems, devices, and methods

Catadioptric projector systems, devices, and methods are provided in accordance with various embodiments. For example, some embodiments include a catadioptric projector that may include: a radiation source; a static pattern generating element and/or a time-varying pattern generating element configured to condition radiation from the radiation source to produce the patterned illumination; and/or a convex reflector positioned to project the patterned illumination.
Chiaro Technologies Llc

Durable optical interference pigment with a bimetal core

In a plurality of asymmetric color-shifting flakes, each flake has an asymmetric magnetic core with a magnetic layer visible on the first side of the core and a non-magnetic reflector layer on the magnetic layer, visible on the second side of the core. The flake has a spacer layer and an absorber layer on the first side of the core, and also a spacer layer and an absorber layer on the second side of the core, for providing color shifting effects.
Viavi Solutions Inc.

Light collection from dnv sensors

Methods and configurations are disclosed for an efficient collection of fluorescence emitted by the nitrogen vacancies of a diamond of a dnv sensor. Some implementations may include a diamond having a nitrogen vacancy and a reflector positioned about the diamond to reflect a portion of light emitted from the diamond.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Laser-based coordinate measuring device and laser-based measuring coordinates

A method for measuring a distance includes modulating the light beam at a first frequency, receiving a second beam by the optical detector to produce a first electrical signal having the first frequency and a first phase; modulating the light beam at a second frequency different than the first frequency; receiving the second beam by the optical detector to produce a second electrical signal having the second frequency and a second. After these steps, the retroreflector is moved while modulating the light beam continuously at the second frequency; and a first distance to the retroreflector is determined based at least in part on a the first and second frequencies and phases..
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Flexible unobstructed beam shaping

The invention provides a lighting device (100) comprising a reflector (110) and a light source (120) configured to provide in the absence of an optical plate (130) a beam (2) of lighting device light (101) with an original optical axis (102) and an original opening angle (θ), wherein the lighting device (100) comprises said optical plate (130) configured within the reflector (110), wherein the optical plate comprises a light transmissive layer (131) comprising micro optical structures (132), and wherein the lighting device (100) including the optical plate (130) is configured to provide said beam (2) of lighting device light (101) having one or more of (i) a final opening angle (θf) with θf>θ, and (ii) a final optical axis (102f) having a non-zero angle (β) with the original optical axis (102).. .
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Lighting apparatus

In various embodiments, a lighting apparatus is provided. The lighting apparatus includes a primary light generating device configured to generate a primary light beam, a phosphor body configured to at least partly convert the primary light beam into secondary light, and a shell-shaped reflector situated in a primary light path between the primary light generating device and the phosphor body.
Osram Gmbh

Method and indirect lighting

An apparatus may comprise a fixture having an opening, one or more leds, and a reflector. The opening may be a slot, and may have a predefined area.
Jst Performance, Llc

Headlamp assembly

A vehicle headlamp assembly is provided herein. The headlamp assembly includes a housing including a transmissive portion on a first end and a reflector on an opposing end.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Vehicle headlight

A vehicle headlight includes a base with a separation plate located therein. The base is composed of a first part and a second part to form the arched reflector.

Light emitting diode (led) light bar

A light emitting diode (led) light bar comprises a housing, a row of a first plurality of leds which are next to each other in the housing and are for transmitting light of a first color and at a first power level, a plurality of reflectors surrounding each of the leds, and a second plurality of leds in the housing at opposite ends thereof. The first plurality of leds are electrically connected together.

System and securing power and communications cables and associated hardware within crown molding

A system for crown molding that enables safely incorporating electrical and communications cabling within crown molding by creating one or more protected paths which inherently prevent overly sharp bends in crown molding corners and by mitigating damage from penetrating punctures through a decorated face designed to fracture when improperly penetrated by a screw or nail, and enables the secure installation of hardware either concealed within the molding or securely and favorably positioned through the decorative face to view or sense a room, and enables additional cable capacity that is concealed within a light reflector to increase lighting efficacy as well as power and data delivery capacity.. .

Luminescent raised road marker

A raised road marker is sized and configured to comply with department of transportation requirements and other government regulations and includes a top surface, opposite angled side faces and opposite ends and a bottom surface structured to be bonded to a road surface. The raised road marker is partially or entirely formed of rare earth materials to provide a luminescent property that emits a highly visible glowing light in dark or near dark conditions and environments.

Electron beam curable resin composition, resin frame for reflectors, reflector, semiconductor light emitting device, and producing molded body

Provided are an electron beam curable resin composition including polymethylpentene, and a crosslinking agent, in which the crosslinking agent has a saturated or unsaturated ring structure, at least one atom among atoms forming at least one ring is bonded to any allylic substituent of an allyl group, a methallyl group, an allyl group through a linking group, and a methallyl group through a linking group, and a molecular weight is 1,000 or less, a resin frame for reflectors using the resin composition, a reflector, and a molding method using the resin composition.. .
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Reflector oven

A reflector oven has at least two sets of ventilation holes which double as holes for pan and oven support. The oven may be set for use with either a cookie sheet or similar flat sheet or a muffin tin or similarly constructed pan.

Method and augmenting twamp

According to another embodiment of the invention, twamp path discovery is performed to determine a sequence of ip addresses of a forward direction twamp e2e path to be traversed by two different twamp test sessions between a sender and a reflector. Then, additional twamp test request packets are transmitted for the different twamp test sessions; and twamp test reply messages are received responsive to respective ones of the twamp test request packets.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Balloon equipped with a concentrated solar generator and employing an optimised arrangement of solar cells to power said balloon in flight

A balloon comprises an envelope containing a lifting gas and a concentrated solar radiation solar generator. The solar generator includes a reflector, one or two arrays of photovoltaic solar cells forming a first active face directed towards the reflector and a second active face directed towards the exterior of the envelope of the balloon.

System for optical wireless power supply

A system for optical wireless power transmission to a power receiving apparatus generally situated in a mobile electronic device. The transmitter has an optical resonator with end reflectors and a gain medium positioned between them, such that an optical beam is generated.
Wi-charge Ltd.

Surface emitting laser, information acquisition apparatus, and imaging apparatus

A surface emission laser includes a first beam, a second reflector disposed in an opening portion formed in the first beam, and a second beam disposed in the opening portion, and extending in a widthwise direction of the first beam to connect the second reflector and the first beam, wherein a length, in a longitudinal direction of the first beam, of the second beam is smaller than a length, in the longitudinal direction of the first beam, of the second reflector.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Mid-ir kerr lens mode locked laser with normal incidence mounting of polycrystalline tm:ii-vi materials and controlling parameters of polycrystalline tm:ii-vi kerr lens mode locked laser

The disclosed resonant cavity is configured with a plurality of spaced apart reflectors, two of which flank and are spaced from the gain medium which is pumped to output a laser beam at a fundamental wavelength and its higher harmonic wavelengths. The gain medium is mounted on a translation mechanism operative to controllably displace the gain medium along a waist of the laser beam.

Plasma processing apparatus

A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber to be depressurized in a vacuum vessel with a sidewall made of a transparent or translucent dielectric material, a stage in the processing chamber to mount a wafer thereon, a coil disposed around an outer side of the sidewall and supplied with radio-frequency power for forming plasma above the stage in the processing chamber, a lamp disposed above the coil outside the vacuum vessel which radiates light onto the wafer, and a reflector disposed the coil and reflecting light to irradiate an inside of the processing chamber.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Fast neutron reactor and neutron reflector block of a fast neutron reactor

The invention relates to the field of nuclear engineering, and more particularly to designs for removable neutron reflector blocks for heavy liquid metal-cooled fast neutron reactors. The present fast neutron reactor contains a core consisting of heavy liquid metal-cooled fuel rods, and neutron reflector blocks, disposed around the core, which comprise a steel casing with at least one inlet opening in the side walls thereof above the core boundary, said inlet opening being intended for diverting part of the coolant flow from the space between the blocks into the casing, and at least one vertical pipe mounted in the casing, through which the diverted coolant flow, which has passed through the upper and lower boundaries of the core, enters the bottom part of the casing; also, on the outer side of the casing, above the inlet opening, there is mounted a throttling device for creating hydraulic resistance to the coolant flow in the space between the blocks.
Joint Stock Company "akme-engineering"

Display device and backlight unit included therein

A display device including a backlight unit; and an image forming unit configured to transmit or block light emitted from the backlight unit to create an image, wherein the backlight unit includes a light source, a reflector sheet configured to absorb light having a predetermined wavelength range among light emitted from the light source, and to reflect non-absorbed light, and an optical sheet configured to absorb light having the predetermined wavelength range among the light emitted from the light source, and to transmit non-absorbed light.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection

Transmissive diffraction grating(s), reflector(s), and multiple optical sources/receivers are arranged such that each one of multiple optical signals at corresponding different wavelengths co-propagating along a multiplexed beam path would: (i) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at a multiplexed transmission region of a grating; (ii) propagate between the multiplexed transmission region and multiple demultiplexed transmission regions of a grating undergoing reflection(s) from the reflector(s); (iii) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at the demultiplexed transmission regions; and (iv) propagate between the demultiplexed transmission regions and the sources/receivers along multiple demultiplexed beam paths.. .
Finisar Corporation

System and monitoring environmental status through reactive reflectors

A system and method for monitoring environmental state that includes a structure element with a base substrate and at least one reflector element integrated to the base substrate, wherein the reflector element is physically configured with at least one response signature that is discretely expressed based on an substance induced environmental condition of the reflector element; and a remote monitor device comprising a transmitter and receiver unit and a controller, wherein the monitor device is configured to interrogate the structure element; detect a response signature corresponding to at least the one reflector element; and map the response signature to a corresponding substance induced environmental condition.. .
Azila Holdings, Llc

Optical phase measurement method and system

A measurement system for use in measuring parameters of a patterned sample is presented. The system comprises: a broadband light source; an optical system configured as an interferometric system; a detection unit; and a control unit.
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.

Position measurement system

A teaching system (position measurement system) includes a plurality of reflectors provided on a tip of a robot arm, and a measuring device. The measuring device measures a present position of the tip of the robot arm by using reflected light on the reflectors, the reflected light being obtained after irradiation light applied to the reflectors is reflected.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Multi-synchronizing focusing reflector shadowless lamp

The present invention relates to a focusing apparatus for a reflector shadowless lamp, and to a multi-synchronizing focusing apparatus for a reflector shadowless lamp, which synchronizes multiple focusings so as to implement various light field diameter sizes necessary for the shadowless lamp, thereby conveniently implementing light field diameter sizes necessary for various surgical environments.. .
Jw Bioscience Corporation

Light source module and vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a first light source, a second light source, and a third light source that emit laser beams; a first lens, a second lens, and a third lens that collimate the respective laser beams emitted by the first light source, the second light source, and the third light source; a converging reflector having a reflective surface whose basis is a paraboloid of revolution, and that reflects the respective laser beams transmitted through the first lens, the second lens, and the third lens; and a phosphor that, receiving laser light reflected by the converging reflector, emits light.. .
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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