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Reflector patents


This page is updated frequently with new Reflector-related patent applications.

new patent Method and augmenting twamp
According to another embodiment of the invention, twamp path discovery is performed to determine a sequence of ip addresses of a forward direction twamp e2e path to be traversed by two different twamp test sessions between a sender and a reflector. Then, additional twamp test request packets are transmitted for the different twamp test sessions; and twamp test reply messages are received responsive to respective ones of the twamp test request packets.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

new patent Balloon equipped with a concentrated solar generator and employing an optimised arrangement of solar cells to power said balloon in flight
A balloon comprises an envelope containing a lifting gas and a concentrated solar radiation solar generator. The solar generator includes a reflector, one or two arrays of photovoltaic solar cells forming a first active face directed towards the reflector and a second active face directed towards the exterior of the envelope of the balloon.

new patent System for optical wireless power supply
A system for optical wireless power transmission to a power receiving apparatus generally situated in a mobile electronic device. The transmitter has an optical resonator with end reflectors and a gain medium positioned between them, such that an optical beam is generated.
Wi-charge Ltd.

new patent Surface emitting laser, information acquisition apparatus, and imaging apparatus
A surface emission laser includes a first beam, a second reflector disposed in an opening portion formed in the first beam, and a second beam disposed in the opening portion, and extending in a widthwise direction of the first beam to connect the second reflector and the first beam, wherein a length, in a longitudinal direction of the first beam, of the second beam is smaller than a length, in the longitudinal direction of the first beam, of the second reflector.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Mid-ir kerr lens mode locked laser with normal incidence mounting of polycrystalline tm:ii-vi materials and controlling parameters of polycrystalline tm:ii-vi kerr lens mode locked laser
The disclosed resonant cavity is configured with a plurality of spaced apart reflectors, two of which flank and are spaced from the gain medium which is pumped to output a laser beam at a fundamental wavelength and its higher harmonic wavelengths. The gain medium is mounted on a translation mechanism operative to controllably displace the gain medium along a waist of the laser beam.

new patent Plasma processing apparatus
A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber to be depressurized in a vacuum vessel with a sidewall made of a transparent or translucent dielectric material, a stage in the processing chamber to mount a wafer thereon, a coil disposed around an outer side of the sidewall and supplied with radio-frequency power for forming plasma above the stage in the processing chamber, a lamp disposed above the coil outside the vacuum vessel which radiates light onto the wafer, and a reflector disposed the coil and reflecting light to irradiate an inside of the processing chamber.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

new patent Fast neutron reactor and neutron reflector block of a fast neutron reactor
The invention relates to the field of nuclear engineering, and more particularly to designs for removable neutron reflector blocks for heavy liquid metal-cooled fast neutron reactors. The present fast neutron reactor contains a core consisting of heavy liquid metal-cooled fuel rods, and neutron reflector blocks, disposed around the core, which comprise a steel casing with at least one inlet opening in the side walls thereof above the core boundary, said inlet opening being intended for diverting part of the coolant flow from the space between the blocks into the casing, and at least one vertical pipe mounted in the casing, through which the diverted coolant flow, which has passed through the upper and lower boundaries of the core, enters the bottom part of the casing; also, on the outer side of the casing, above the inlet opening, there is mounted a throttling device for creating hydraulic resistance to the coolant flow in the space between the blocks.
Joint Stock Company "akme-engineering"

new patent Display device and backlight unit included therein
A display device including a backlight unit; and an image forming unit configured to transmit or block light emitted from the backlight unit to create an image, wherein the backlight unit includes a light source, a reflector sheet configured to absorb light having a predetermined wavelength range among light emitted from the light source, and to reflect non-absorbed light, and an optical sheet configured to absorb light having the predetermined wavelength range among the light emitted from the light source, and to transmit non-absorbed light.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection
Transmissive diffraction grating(s), reflector(s), and multiple optical sources/receivers are arranged such that each one of multiple optical signals at corresponding different wavelengths co-propagating along a multiplexed beam path would: (i) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at a multiplexed transmission region of a grating; (ii) propagate between the multiplexed transmission region and multiple demultiplexed transmission regions of a grating undergoing reflection(s) from the reflector(s); (iii) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at the demultiplexed transmission regions; and (iv) propagate between the demultiplexed transmission regions and the sources/receivers along multiple demultiplexed beam paths.. .
Finisar Corporation

new patent System and monitoring environmental status through reactive reflectors
A system and method for monitoring environmental state that includes a structure element with a base substrate and at least one reflector element integrated to the base substrate, wherein the reflector element is physically configured with at least one response signature that is discretely expressed based on an substance induced environmental condition of the reflector element; and a remote monitor device comprising a transmitter and receiver unit and a controller, wherein the monitor device is configured to interrogate the structure element; detect a response signature corresponding to at least the one reflector element; and map the response signature to a corresponding substance induced environmental condition.. .
Azila Holdings, Llc

new patent

Optical phase measurement method and system

A measurement system for use in measuring parameters of a patterned sample is presented. The system comprises: a broadband light source; an optical system configured as an interferometric system; a detection unit; and a control unit.
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd.

new patent

Position measurement system

A teaching system (position measurement system) includes a plurality of reflectors provided on a tip of a robot arm, and a measuring device. The measuring device measures a present position of the tip of the robot arm by using reflected light on the reflectors, the reflected light being obtained after irradiation light applied to the reflectors is reflected.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Multi-synchronizing focusing reflector shadowless lamp

The present invention relates to a focusing apparatus for a reflector shadowless lamp, and to a multi-synchronizing focusing apparatus for a reflector shadowless lamp, which synchronizes multiple focusings so as to implement various light field diameter sizes necessary for the shadowless lamp, thereby conveniently implementing light field diameter sizes necessary for various surgical environments.. .
Jw Bioscience Corporation

new patent

Light source module and vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a first light source, a second light source, and a third light source that emit laser beams; a first lens, a second lens, and a third lens that collimate the respective laser beams emitted by the first light source, the second light source, and the third light source; a converging reflector having a reflective surface whose basis is a paraboloid of revolution, and that reflects the respective laser beams transmitted through the first lens, the second lens, and the third lens; and a phosphor that, receiving laser light reflected by the converging reflector, emits light.. .
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Unreleased coupled mems resonators and transmission filters

Examples of the present invention include unreleased coupled multi-cavity resonators and transmission filters. In some examples, the resonators include resonant cavities coupled by acoustic couplers (abgcs) and acoustic reflectors (abrs).

Optoelectronic component including a reflective layer sequence and producing a reflective layer sequence

An optoelectronic component includes a first layer sequence being designed to emit or to detect electromagnetic radiation, and a second layer sequence being arranged at a first side of the first layer sequence and designed to reflect the electromagnetic radiation emitted or to be detected by the first layer sequence. The second layer sequence has a first reflector layer, a second reflector layer and an adhesion promoting layer.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Light-emitting element and light-emitting device

A light-emitting element is provided, including: a light-emitting unit sequentially comprising a first-type semiconductor layer, a light-emitting layer and a second-type semiconductor layer, wherein the light-emitting unit has an opening through the second-type semiconductor layer and the light-emitting layer to expose a portion of the first-type semiconductor layer; a current-conduction layer disposed on the second-type semiconductor layer; a first electrode disposed on the current-conduction layer and exposing a portion thereof; a distributed bragg reflector disposed on the first electrode and covering the exposed portion of the current-conduction layer; and a second electrode disposed on the distributed bragg reflector and filling the opening to electrically connect to the first-type semiconductor layer.. .
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device includes a fixing rotator and a heater disposed inside the fixing rotator to heat the fixing rotator with radiant heat. A pressure rotator presses against the fixing rotator to form a fixing nip between the fixing rotator and the pressure rotator.

Automotive head-up display

An automotive head-up display includes a first body, a joint element, and a second body. The first body includes a data accessing unit and a processor.
Xin Rui Fong Inc. Co., Ltd.

Fiber optic array having densely spaced, weak reflectors

A fiber optic sensing system includes a fiber optic sensor having a plurality of densely spaced, non-naturally occurring discrete reflectors having a weak reflectivity of less than 1% and, in some cases, even less than 0.0001% depending on the density of the reflectors. The fiber optic sensor is configured so that the spatial resolution of the backscattered signal generated in response to a probe signal is greater than the separation between at least two discrete reflectors, so that backscatter generated by the at least two reflectors overlaps at the receiver.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Calibration of a coordinate measuring machine using a calibration laser head at the tool centre point

Some embodiments of the invention include a calibration method for a coordinate measuring machine. In some embodiments, the method may include emitting and directing the laser beam towards a first of the set of retro-reflectors, whereby a measuring path is defined by the orientation of the laser beam, moving the calibration laser head along the measuring path so that the laser beam is kept directed towards the first retro-reflector according to the measuring path and the reflected laser beam is continuously received at the calibration laser head, measuring the change in distance to the first retro-reflector at a plurality of measuring positions along the measuring path and gathering a machine position for each of the plurality of measuring positions, the machine position relating to a position of the tool carrier relative to the base..
Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

Led module

An led module includes a base portion, a first reflector portion secured to a first side of the base portion, a second reflector portion secured to a first side of the base portion; and an led package disposed along the first side of the base portion. The led package can be secured on a first end between the base portion and the first reflector portion, and on a second end between the base portion and a second reflector portion.
Air Motion Systems, Inc.

Daylight collectors with diffuse and direct light collection

Lighting devices and methods for providing daylight to the interior of a structure are disclosed. Some embodiments disclosed herein provide a daylighting device including a tube having a sidewall with a reflective interior surface, a light collecting structure, and a light reflector positioned to reflect daylight into the light collector.
Solatube International, Inc.

Two-piece visor blade with reflector

A sun visor for a vehicle includes a visor body comprising adjacent panels hingedly connected at a top edge thereof for translation between an open configuration and a closed configuration and a reflector dimensioned to occupy substantially a length and width dimension of a surface of one of the adjacent panels. The reflector may occupy at least from about 75% to about 95% of the interior surface of the panel.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Non-planar and non-symmetrical piezoelectric crystals and reflectors

An acoustophoretic device is disclosed. The acoustophoretic device includes an acoustic chamber, an ultrasonic transducer, and a reflector.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

Swimming goggles

Swimming goggles are developed to allow a swimmer to see the end of the pool without moving their head while swimming in backstroke. Using a light reflector, a swimmer can see through a backstroke viewing window, allowing them to see along the direction that they are moving when swimming backstroke.

Explosion-proof thermal imaging system

A thermal imaging system is provided. The thermal imaging system includes an explosion-proof housing with an optical window configured to contain an explosive pressure.
Rosemount Inc.

Apparatus and method to efficiently use the ptp timestamp for two-way delay and delay variation measurement in ip networks

A method is implemented by a network device to establish a two-way active measurement protocol (twamp) test session to verify that a session sender and session reflector support a timestamp format extension including a precision time protocol version 2 (ptpv2) timestamp format. The ptpv2 timestamp format is to be utilized in place of a network time protocol (ntp) timestamp format.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Apparatus and method to efficiently use the ptp timestamp for one-way delay and delay variation measurement in ip networks

A method is implemented by a network device to establish a one-way active measurement protocol (owamp) test session to verify that a session-sender and session-reflector support a timestamp format extension including a precision time protocol version 2 (ptpv2) timestamp format. The ptpv2 timestamp format is to be utilized in place of a network time protocol (ntp) timestamp format.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method, apparatus, and system for adjusting emission parameter of laser in wdm-pon

A method includes monitoring a power value of output light of the laser and a power value of reflected light, obtaining an insertion loss value according to the power value of the output light, the power value of the reflected light, and a parameter of a faraday rotation reflector, obtaining a bias current value according to the insertion loss value, and adjusting the power value of the output light of the laser using the bias current value. The insertion loss value is obtained by detecting the power value of the reflected light obtained after the output light of the laser is reflected.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

System and mobile data expansion

A data expansion system that provides continuum of discrete wireless small cell coverage areas for mobile terminals includes a set of roadway reflectors configured to provide wireless broadband data services to a mobile terminal. Each reflector includes processing circuitry configured to establish communications between the mobile terminal and a backhaul network.
Neutronic Perpetual Innovations Operating, Llc

Multiple-feed antenna system having multi-purpose subreflector assembly

A multiple-feed antenna system includes a primary reflector that directs signals along a primary rf signal path and a subreflector assembly movable between a first position and a second position. When the subreflector assembly is in the first position, the subreflector assembly redirects signals traveling along the primary rf signal path to a first rf signal path.
Sea Tel, Inc. (dba Cobham Satcom)

Gyrotron whispering gallery mode coupler with phase correcting mirrors and launcher for direct coupling of rf into he11 waveguide

A cylindrical waveguide with a mode converter transforms a whispering gallery mode from a gyrotron cylindrical waveguide with a helical cut launch edge to a quasi-gaussian beam suitable for conveyance through a corrugated waveguide. This quasi-gaussian beam is radiated away from the waveguide using a spiral cut launch edge, which is in close proximity to a first mode converting reflector.
Calabazas Creek Research, Inc.

Inorganic light-emitting diode with encapsulating reflector

An inorganic light-emitting diode structure includes a transparent substrate and an inorganic semiconductor having a conduction layer and a light-emitting layer over and in contact with only a portion of the conduction layer. A first metal contact is in electrical contact with the conduction layer and a second metal contact is in electrical contact with a second contact portion of the light-emitting layer so that a current supplied between the first metal contact and the second metal contact through the inorganic semiconductor causes the light-emitting layer to emit light.
X-celeprint Limited

Semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light emitting device may include a substrate having a first surface and a second surface, the second surface being opposite to the first surface; a light emitting structure disposed on the first surface of the substrate and including a first conductivity-type semiconductor layer, an active layer and a second conductivity-type semiconductor layer; and a reflector disposed on the second surface of the substrate and including a low refractive index layer and a bragg layer, wherein the bragg layer includes a plurality of alternately stacked layers having different refractive indices, and wherein a refractive index of the low refractive index layer is lower than a refractive index of the bragg layer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Light-emitting diode

A light-emitting diode, comprises an active layer for emitting a light ray; an upper semiconductor stack on the active layer, wherein the upper semiconductor stack comprises a window layer; a reflector; and a lower semiconductor stack between the active layer and the reflector; wherein the thickness of the window layer is small than or equal to 3 μm, and the thickness of the lower semiconductor stack is small than or equal to 1 μm.. .
Epistar Corporation

Holographic image recording and reconstructing method

A holographic image recording method is disclosed, that is realized through utilizing a holographic image fetching and recording device, including the following steps: using an image fetching device to fetch an image of a target object placed on a rotation table rotating at a fixed speed, the image thus obtained is transmitted to a display panel through a connection line; using a light emitting unit to emit coherent light to a first reflector; that reflects the coherent light to light splitter; and the light splitter splits the coherent light along a first light path and a second light path into an object light and a reference light, and transmits them onto a holographic film to interfere with each other, to form a holographic image. A holographic image reconstructing method is also disclosed, to reconstruct and form a 3d holographic image floating above the holographic film..
Inn Valley Technology Inc.

Apparatus and measuring six degrees of freedom

A dimensional measuring device sends a beam of light to a remote probe having a retroreflector and a pitch/yaw sensor. The pitch/yaw sensor passes the light through an aperture and a lens to a position sensor that generates an electrical signal indicative of the position of the received light.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Wave generated energy focusing lens and reflector for solar concentration, collection, and harnessing

A novel method of concentrating solar energy using wave generators is disclosed. The systems and methods enable the collection of energy over large area at high efficiencies and the concentrating of energy at a target for use and transfer..
Oas Design Group, Inc.

Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device includes a light-emitting portion that emits fluorescence in response to excitation light incident on a surface of the light-emitting portion, and a reflector that defines a light-emitting region on the surface of the light-emitting portion, the fluorescence being emitted from the light-emitting region. The excitation light has a top-hat energy intensity distribution on the surface of the light-emitting portion..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Discontinuous annular reflector for lamp

According to some embodiments, a light source assembly includes an at least partially transparent or translucent housing; a base plate disposed within the housing, the base plate supporting a plurality of annularly arranged light-emitting units; and a reflector, coupled to the base plate, the reflector having a substantially-annular discontinuous surface, wherein an exterior surface of the reflector is operative to reflect light emitted from the light-emitting units. Numerous other aspects are provided..
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


According to the present invention, there is an improved road reflector comprised by a support base (6), a top casing (1) and reflecting crystals (5), wherein said support base (6) is coupled with the top casing (1) through a plurality of fastening flanges (12) and through a plurality of vertical reinforcements (7) interlayed therebetween and at least two fastening channels (8) with angular walls (8a) that provide an adhesive and mechanical reinforcement.. .

Acoustophoretic printing apparatus and method

The present invention contains a printing apparatus and a method, e.g., for ejecting inks (i.e. Pure liquids, mixtures, colloids, etc.) for a very broad range of physical properties (such as viscosity).
Eth Zurich

Equipment for producing ultraviolet light

Equipment including a lamp for producing uv light in the range 300-314 nm wavelength having spectral power in the range 302-307 nm wavelength across a 5 nm bandwidth of 40% of overall spectral power and spectral power in the range 307-312 nm of 40% of overall spectral power with a reflector of 90% reflectance in the range 300-314 nm wavelength. A key operated arming switch is series connected to a timer switch..

Apparatus for treating a substance with wave energy from an electrical arc and a second source

A substance is treated using a device having: (a) a volute or cyclone head, (b) a throat connected to the volute or cyclone head, (c) a parabolic reflector connected to the throat, (d) a first wave energy source comprising a first electrode within the volute or cyclone head that extends through the outlet into the opening of the throat along the central axis, and a second electrode extending into the parabolic reflector and spaced apart and axially aligned with first electrode, and (e) a second wave energy source disposed inside the throat, embedded within the throat or disposed around the throat. The substance is directed to the inlet of the volute or cyclone head and irradiated with one or more wave energies produced by the first and second wave energy sources as the substance passes through the device..
Foret Plasma Labs, Llc

Otfs methods of data channel characterization and uses thereof

Fiber, cable, and wireless data channels are typically impaired by reflectors and other imperfections, producing a channel state with echoes and frequency shifts in data waveforms. Here, methods of using otfs pilot symbol waveform bursts to automatically produce a detailed 2d model of the channel state are presented.
Cohere Technologies

Quasi-optical coupler

A quasi-optical coupling system launches and extracts surface wave communication transmissions from a wire. At millimeter-wave frequencies, where the wavelength is small compared to the macroscopic size of the equipment, the millimeter-wave transmissions can be transported from one place to another and diverted via lenses and reflectors, much like visible light.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Surface acoustic wave filter

A longitudinally coupled resonator type surface acoustic wave filter includes a high-acoustic-velocity member, a low-acoustic-velocity film provided on the high-acoustic-velocity member, a piezoelectric film provided on the low-acoustic-velocity film, a plurality of interdigital transducers provided on the piezoelectric film and along a propagation direction of a surface acoustic wave and each including a plurality of electrode fingers, and reflectors arranged such that the interdigital transducers are interposed therebetween from both sides in the propagation direction of the surface acoustic wave. An electrode finger pitch is uniform or substantially uniform in each of the interdigital transducers.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Acoustic wave element, duplexer and communication device

An elastic wave element has a piezoelectric substrate; an excitation electrode which is located on an upper surface of the piezoelectric substrate and generates an acoustic wave, and two reflectors which are located on the upper surface of the piezoelectric substrate and sandwich the excitation electrode in the propagation direction of the acoustic wave. The excitation electrode has a main region located between the two end parts of the propagation direction and outer regions located on two sides of the main region.
Kyocera Corporation

White led, backlight module and liquid crystal display device

A white led, which includes a substrate, at least one monochromatic led chip disposed on the substrate, a reflector cup disposed on the substrate and surrounding the monochromatic led chip, an encapsulating colloid filled in the reflector cup to seal the monochromatic led chip, and a first quantum dot structure and a second quantum dot structure sealed in the encapsulating colloid, and light generated by the monochromatic led chip, light generated by exciting the first quantum dot structure and light generated by exciting the second quantum dot structure are mixed to form a white light. A backlight module having the white led and a liquid crystal display device having the backlight module is also disclosed..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Light emitting diode having distributed bragg reflector

A light-emitting diode (led) includes a light-emitting structure arranged on a first surface of a substrate, the light-emitting structure including a first conductivity-type semiconductor layer; a second conductivity-type semiconductor layer, and an active layer interposed between the first conductivity-type semiconductor layer and the second conductivity-type semiconductor layer. The led includes a first distributed bragg reflector arranged on a second surface of the substrate opposite to the first surface, the first distributed bragg reflector including a first laminate structure including alternately stacked sio2 and nb2o5 layers.
Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.

Iii-v solar cell structure with multi-layer back surface field

Photovoltaic devices including direct gap iii-v absorber materials and operatively associated back structures enhance efficiency by enabling photon recycling. The back structures of the photovoltaic devices include wide bandgap iii-v layers, highly doped (in)gaas layers, patterned oxide layers and metal reflectors that directly contact the highly doped (in)gaas layers through vias formed in the back structures.
International Business Machines Corporation

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