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Reflector patents


This page is updated frequently with new Reflector-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 System and  non-contact identification of a passive target patent thumbnailSystem and non-contact identification of a passive target
A system and method includes a laser transmitter configured to form a transmitted laser beam and a laser receiver configured to receive a reflected beam based on the transmitted laser beam. An identification (id)-filter includes a substrate, a retarder filter and a reflector, where the transmitted beam passes through the retarder filter and is reflected back through the retarder filter in an opposite direction, to the laser receiver.
The Boeing Company

 Optically transparent panel antenna assembly comprising a shaped reflector patent thumbnailOptically transparent panel antenna assembly comprising a shaped reflector
The invention concerns an optically transparent panel antenna assembly comprising an optically transparent antenna having an array of radiating elements that transmit or receive rf signals, said assembly comprising a reflector optically transparent, said reflector comprising a lower wall, two lateral walls each lateral wall extending therefrom the lower wall so that the array of radiating elements is maintained between both lateral walls of the reflector.. .
Alcatel-lucent Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.

 Feed re-pointing technique for multiple shaped beams reflector antennas patent thumbnailFeed re-pointing technique for multiple shaped beams reflector antennas
Systems, methods, and apparatus for re-pointing at least one beam are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves receiving and/or transmitting, with at least one feed, electromagnetic (em) energy towards a non-parabolic reflector.
The Boeing Company

 Method of reducing phase abberation in an antenna system with array feed patent thumbnailMethod of reducing phase abberation in an antenna system with array feed
A method for reducing phase aberration in an antenna system for satellite, the antenna system being configured to receive and/or emit at least a spot beam, the antenna system including a reflector; an array feed including a plurality of feeds configured to illuminate the reflector in emission mode and/or configured to receive illumination from the reflector in reception mode; a trimming system configured to adjust the position of the reflector with respect to the array feed, the method including adjusting the position of the reflector with respect to the array feed in order to correct phase aberration in the spot beam.. .
Eutelsat S A

 Pc led with optical element and without ssubstrate carrier patent thumbnailPc led with optical element and without ssubstrate carrier
Intermediate removable placement and processing structures are provided to enable the formation of optical elements upon light emitting elements, including the formation of a reflective layer beneath the optical elements. These removable placement and processing structures are substantially independent of the particular dimensions of the produced light emitting device, allowing their re-use in a variety of applications.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Solar concentrator with microreflectors patent thumbnailSolar concentrator with microreflectors
A solar concentrator for a solar panel that has a transparent substrate with photovoltaic cells arranged spaced apart in contact with the bottom of the substrate. Microreflectors arranged between the photovoltaic cells and in contact with the bottom of the substrate receive a portion of the sunlight incident upon the solar panel and direct the sunlight portion back through the substrate.
Corning Incorporated

 Keyboard backlight system patent thumbnailKeyboard backlight system
Disclosed systems provide keyboard backlighting from organic light emitting diodes (oleds) placed under the keys. A keyboard stack optionally includes a light guide or reflector.
Dell Products, Lp

 Optical device with integrated reflector(s) comprising a loop reflector integrating a mach-zehnder interferometer patent thumbnailOptical device with integrated reflector(s) comprising a loop reflector integrating a mach-zehnder interferometer
An optical device includes a substrate on which is defined at least one primary waveguide (31, 32) defining a loop reflector, that has first and second directional couplers, and a mach-zehnder interferometer intercalated between the first and second directional couplers and arranged for compensating a wavelength dependence of the first and second directional couplers.. .

 Athermal hybrid optical source patent thumbnailAthermal hybrid optical source
A hybrid optical source that provides an optical signal having a wavelength (or a narrow band of wavelengths) is described. This hybrid optical source includes an optical amplifier (such as a iii-v semiconductor optical amplifier) that is butt-coupled or vertically coupled to a silicon-on-insulator (soi) platform, and which outputs an optical signal.
Oracle International Corporation

 Display with backlight recycling structures patent thumbnailDisplay with backlight recycling structures
A display may have an array of pixels. The pixels may have color filter elements such as red, green, and blue color filter elements.
Apple Inc.


Light guide plate and the production thereof

Light guide plates, e.g. In backlight units (blus) or in light panels, have maximum uniformity of thickness and are composed of colourless transparent materials.


Multilayer stack with overlapping harmonics for wide visible-infrared coverage

A broadband mirror, polarizer, or other reflector includes at least one stack of microlayers. Microlayers in the stack are arranged into optical repeat units.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Laser etched scintillation detector blocks with internally created reflectors

A scintillator element is disclosed where the scintillator element includes a scintillator formed of a scintillation material capable of converting non-visible radiation into scintillation light, wherein the scintillator has a plurality of laser-etched micro-voids within the scintillator, each micro-void having an interior surface, and an intrinsic reflective layer is formed on the interior surface of at least some of the micro-voids, wherein the intrinsic reflective layer is formed from the scintillation material.. .
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation


Radiation imaging system

A radiation imaging system includes a casing and a camera disposed inside the casing. A first field of view through the casing exposes the camera to light from outside of the casing.
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc


Laser tracker

Some embodiments of the invention include a coordinate measuring machine for detecting the position and alignment of a spatially movable measuring aid. The coordinate measuring machine may include a retroreflector; a base; a support, which is fixed on the base rotatably about a first rotation axis; a beam directing unit, which is fixed to the support rotatably about a second rotation axis substantially orthogonal to the first rotation axis; means for detecting a rotation angle of the support relative to the base; and means for detecting a rotation angle of the beam directing unit relative to the support.
Leica Geosystems Ag


Solar collector assembly

A solar collector assembly (10) comprising a pipe (18) exposed to solar energy adapted to accommodate a fluid flow in such a way that the solar energy is transferred to the fluid, a heat pipe or any other energy guiding system or absorber; a reflector assembly (12) with a curved reflector (14) for focusing solar radiation in the range of the pipe (18), and an actuator (90,64, 80) for moving the reflector assembly (12) in a way that the solar radiation is reflected in the direction of the pipe (12), is characterized in that means (30, 32) are provided for releasably fixing the reflector assembly (12) to the pipe (18), and the actuator (90, 64, 80) is fixed at the reflector assembly (12) or in the reflector assembly (12).. .
Innovative Motion Gmbh


Device for collecting solar energy

A device for gaining solar energy comprises a integral unit with a casing (10 . .
Suncycle B.v.


Light fixture with reflective optics

In various embodiments, there is provided a luminaire optical system that includes a first optical module and a second optical module. The first optical module includes a first reflective surface configured to output light vectors in a first direction.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Diffuser techniques for searchlights

Systems, methods, and apparatus for improving illumination from a searchlight are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves radiating, from the searchlight, light to produce an illuminated beam.
The Boeing Company


Thermal function of headlight sealing cap

A headlight unit 10, 110 is described including a reflector 12 and a lamp mounting cavity 20. A lamp 30, 130 is mounted within the lamp mounting cavity 20.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Headlamp for vehicles

A headlamp for vehicles having a projection module containing a first light source for generating a first light bundle, a reflector assigned to the first light source, a lens, and an edge disposed in a focal plane for generating a low beam light distribution. The headlamp also includes a second light source for generating a second light bundle and an optics unit disposed between the lens and the second light source for generating a supplementary light distribution, such that by superimposing the supplementary light distribution and the low beam light distribution, a high beam light distribution is formed.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Roadway barrier

A roadway barrier includes: (i) a longitudinally corrugated rail defining a longitudinal trough between longitudinal ridges, which rail in the region of the trough, defines an aperture: (ii) a reflector comprising: (a) a substantially v-shaped panel with a reflective surface, the panel defining a spine and a pair of arms that diverge from the spine, and the panel arms being resiliently movable between a neutral condition and a splayed condition; (b) a shaft extending from the spine of the panel, between the panel arms, wherein each panel arm is substantially planar and tapers in height from the spine towards its free end; and (c) a connector for securing to the reflector shaft. The reflector is located within the trough defined by the rail, with the reflector shaft extending through the aperture defined by the rail and secured in place by the connector, which connector induces tension within the reflector shaft, with the panel arms bearing against the rail, in the region of the trough, and maintaining the panel arms in the splayed condition..


Vehicle with a heating device

A vehicle is provided with a heating device. The heating device includes an electrically driven heat source and a reflector configured to reflect heat radiation emitted by the heat source in the direction of a passenger compartment of the vehicle.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Motion tracking system for real time adaptive imaging and spectroscopy

This invention relates to a system that adaptively compensates for subject motion in real-time in an imaging system. An object orientation marker (30), preferably a retro-grate reflector (rgr), is placed on the head or other body organ of interest of a patient (p) during a scan, such as an mri scan.
Uwm Research Foundation, Inc.


Broadband omnidirectional antenna

The invention relates to an improved antenna which is distinguished by, among other things, the following features: the antenna has a monopole radiator (11), which is vertically polarized; the antenna has at least two horizontally polarized radiators, which lie offset from each other in a circumferential direction about a central axis (z); the antenna has a reflector (1), in front of which the at least two horizontally polarized radiators and the monopole radiator (11) are arranged at a distance (a); the at least two horizontally polarized radiators each comprise a vivaldi antenna (5); the vivaldi antennas (5) have a central and/or feeding surface (123), which forms a feeding plane (123′), in which an electrically conductive layer (27, 127) having slot lines (29′) that widen in a radiation direction is formed or provided, —the feeding plane (123′) is arranged at a distance (a) from the reflector (1); and the electrically conductive layer (27, 127) is led out of the feeding plane (123′), wherein at least one arcuate and/or bent extension (27a, 127a) is formed.. .
Kathrein-werke Kg


Organic light-emitting display apparatus and manufacturing the same

An organic light-emitting display apparatus includes a substrate, a display unit formed on the substrate and including a plurality of emission regions, an encapsulant formed on the display unit and including at least one organic layer and at least one inorganic layer; and a plurality of reflectors formed on the encapsulant and disposed to respectively overlap at least regions around the plurality of emission regions.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Flip-chip side emitting led

Application of a wavelength conversion element is substantially independent of the fabrication of a side-emitting light emitting device. In an example embodiment, the wavelength conversion element is situated around the periphery of a non-wavelength converting lightguide that is situated above the light emitting surface.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Vehicle vision system with retroreflector pattern recognition

A vision system of a vehicle includes a camera and an image processor. The camera is configured to be disposed at a vehicle so as to have a field of view exterior of the vehicle.
Magna Electronics Inc.


Method of manufacturing an extreme ultraviolet (euv) mask and the mask manufactured therefrom

Any defects in the reflective multilayer coating or absorber layer of an euv mask are problematic in transferring a pattern of the euv mask to a wafer since they produce errors in integrated circuit patterns on the wafer. In this regard, a method of manufacturing an euv mask is provided according to various embodiments of the present disclosure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Image display apparatus

An image display apparatus includes an image light generator that generates video light modulated based on a video signal, a light diffracting section (first diffractive optical element) that diffracts the video light outputted from the image light generator, a light sweeper (optical scanner) that spatially scans the video light, and a reflector including a light diffracting section (second diffractive optical element) that diffracts the video light scanned by the light sweeper, and the light diffracting section (first diffractive optical element) is provided on an optical path between the image light generator and the light sweeper. The light diffracting section (first diffractive optical element) preferably has a fixed interval between interference fringes, and the light diffracting section (second diffractive optical element) preferably has portions where intervals between interference fringes differ from each other..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Displays with selective reflectors and color conversion material

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for image displays incorporating color selective reflectors. The display apparatus includes a substantially monochromatic light source capable of outputting a substantially monochromatic light.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Microwave resonator with distributed bragg reflector (=dbr)

An nmr (nuclear magnetic resonance) probe head has a microwave resonator with at least two elements which are reflective in the microwave range, at least one of which is focusing. The reflective elements at least partly delimit a resonance volume of the microwave resonator.
Bruker Biospin Gmbh


Warning lamp assembly

A warning lamp assembly includes a housing having an upper chamber and a bottom chamber; a driving unit; a gear mechanism including a rotary disk disposed within the upper chamber, and formed with an inwardly and radially extending retention flange, a bearing unit disposed on the retention flange so as to permit rotation of the disk relative to the upper chamber, a toothed wheel having outer peripheral teeth meshed with an axle of the driving unit and an inner periphery formed with downward projections slidably contacting the bearing unit and hence covering the same from above to prevent disengagement of the wheel from the rotary disk; a light source fixed within the upper chamber; and a parabolic reflector disposed on the wheel and covering the light source from above to reflect light rays emitted from the light source in a horizontal plane while simultaneously rotating together with the wheel.. .


3d-effect led illuminating device with scattering system

Illuminating device, especially for an automotive vehicle. It comprises a combination of means essentially composed of: a) substantially perpendicular to the leds (5), in front of the illuminating face of the leds, a system comprising opaque parallel plates (1, 2) at least one of the faces of which is a light colour, preferably a white colour, •at least two of said parallel plates defining a channel at the bottom of which said leds are distributed, and •said wall-forming plates being arranged substantially perpendicular to the midplane of said pcb so as to channel the light emitted by said leds, and •the at least one light- or white-coloured face of said plates being turned towards the interior of said channel; and (b) near the frontal end of said channel, level with said end or preferably upstream of said end, a substantially planar reflector (7), and downstream from the latter, in the direction of light emission/transmission in operation, a semi-transparent screen (8) substantially parallel to said reflector, comprising, on at least one of its two main faces, elements promoting the dispersion of the incident light..
Automotive Lighting Rear Lamps France


Lighting and diffuser a flashlight

The present invention relates to a lighting and diffuser apparatus for a flashlight. In one aspect, the lighting and diffuser apparatus includes a reflector.


Beam shaping assembly for neutron capture therapy

A beam shaping assembly for neutron capture therapy includes a beam inlet, a target having nuclear reaction with an incident proton beam from the beam inlet to produce neutrons forming a neutron beam defining a main axis, a moderator adjoining to the target, a reflector surrounding the moderator, a thermal neutron absorber adjoining to the moderator, a radiation shield arranged inside the beam shaping assembly and a beam outlet. The neutrons are moderated to epithermal neutron energies.
Neuboron Medtech Ltd.


Beam shaping assembly for neutron capture therapy

A beam shaping assembly for neutron capture therapy includes a beam inlet, a target having nuclear reaction with an incident proton beam from the beam inlet to produce neutrons forming a neutron beam defining a main axis, a moderator adjoining to the target, a reflector surrounding the moderator, a thermal neutron absorber adjoining to the moderator, a radiation shield arranged inside the beam shaping assembly and a beam outlet. The neutrons are moderated to epithermal neutron energies.
Neuboron Medtech Ltd.


Elastic wave resonator, elastic wave filter apparatus, and duplexer

In an elastic wave resonator, a first idt electrode, a second idt electrode, a first reflector, and a second reflector are located on a piezoelectric substrate. The first idt electrode and the second idt electrode share a shared bus bar.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Laser apparatus and extreme ultraviolet light generation system

An example of the disclosure is a laser apparatus including a master oscillator capable of outputting a pulse laser beam, a plurality of optical amplifiers disposed on an optical path of the pulse laser beam outputted from the master oscillator and configured to sequentially amplify the pulse laser beam, an optical reflector capable of passing the pulse laser beam therethrough and reflecting a self-oscillation beam generated in one of the plurality of optical amplifiers, and an optical absorber capable of receiving and absorbing the self-oscillation beam reflected by the optical reflector.. .
Gigaphoton Inc.


Tunable laser and tunable laser module

A tunable laser includes: a wavelength filter that includes a first ring resonator and a second ring resonator each of which is formed by a waveguide including a silicon waveguide core, and each of which is capable of shifting each of resonance wavelengths that exit periodically and whose intervals are different from each other; and an integrated device that is optically coupled to the wavelength filter, and in which a first semiconductor optical amplifier and a reflector are provided in sequence from a side of the wavelength filter, wherein the resonance wavelengths of the first ring resonator and the second ring resonator are overlapped with each other at one wavelength, and the resonance wavelengths are overlapped with each other also at a plurality of wavelengths other than the one wavelength.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Multi-panel antenna system

A multi-panel antenna system may be disassembled and packaged into a container with substantially smaller dimensions than the assembled antenna system. The antenna system may include two or more reflector panels, such that a respective reflector panel can include a curved surface that may form a portion of a parabolic reflector, and can include an inter-panel fastener operable to align a side surface of the respective reflector panel with a side surface of another reflector panel.
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.


Current block layer structure of light emitting diode

A current block layer structure applied to a light emitting diode is provided. The led includes a reflecting layer, an n-type electrode, an n-type semiconductor layer, a light emitting layer, a p-type semiconductor layer, a transparent conductive layer and a p-type electrode.
Tekcore Co., Ltd.


Control device with passive reflector

A control device includes a housing. The control device also includes a wireless communicator interior the housing.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and uniformly focused ring light

An apparatus and method for the function to control the lighting direction onto an object surface, focus the light, and maintain the lighting uniformity. A ring light system takes advantage of a contoured reflector to match with the uniform, non-focused ring light source, and converting the non-focused ring light source into a focused uniform ring light source..
Og Technologies, Inc.


Light guide plate, backlight module, and liquid crystal display device

A light guide plate includes a light exit surface, a light guide plate bottom surface, and at least one light incidence surface. The light exit surface and the light guide plate bottom surface are opposite to each other.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Quantum dot backlight module and display device

A quantum dot backlight module includes: a reflector, a light guide plate disposed above the reflector, a plurality of dot units disposed on an upper surface of the light guide plate at intervals, and a quantum dot packaged in each of the plurality of dot units, and light emitting diodes disposed on a edge side of the light guide plate. According to the present invention, the quantum dot material can be used less, which is good for reducing the production cost.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and performing a light-absorption measurement of a specified amount of sample subject to pressure force

An apparatus and a method are disclosed for performing a light-absorption measurement of a specified amount of sample. A method for performing a light-absorption measurement of a specified amount of sample includes placing the sample on the surface of an apparatus including the surface and a light reflector, the light reflector being mechanically coupled with the surface and separated from the surface by a separation distance, changing the separation distance, while the light reflector remains mechanically coupled with the surface, to a first separation distance, and performing a first light-absorption measurement of the sample via the apparatus, while the separation distance is equal to the first separation distance, and while the sample is subject to pressure force..
Mettler-toledo Ag


Retrofit kit for recessed light fixtures and retrofitting method

A retrofit kit adapted to existing recessed light fixtures having housings of different depths and/or configurations is described herein. The retrofit kit includes a flat flexible reflector and at least one pair of fasteners adapted to secure the flat flexible reflector in the housing of an existing recessed light fixture.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Luminaire having a curved prism structure element

A luminaire having a light source for producing light, a reflector for influencing the light and a refractive element for further influencing the light, the refractive element being curved and including a surface having a prism structure is disclosed.. .
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh


Substrates and optical systems and methods of use thereof

This invention provides substrates for use in various applications, including single-molecule analytical reactions. Methods for propagating optical energy within a substrate are provided.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Systems and methods for improving quenched coke recovery

The present technology is generally directed to systems and methods for improving quenched coke recovery. More specifically, some embodiments are directed to systems and methods utilizing one or more of a screen, barrier, or reflector panel to contain or redirect coke during or after quenching.
Suncoke Technology And Development Llc.


Light source module and lighting device including the same

A light source module includes a light source, a reflector reflecting light emitted by the light source, and a display on which the light reflected by the reflector is incident, spreading the light in a location on which the light is incident. A position of the location of the display on which light is incident continuously moves in at least one direction according to a motion of the reflector..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Elastic wave resonator, elastic wave filter device, and duplexer

An elastic wave includes a piezoelectric substrate having a polarization direction denoted by an arrow px, and first and second idt electrodes arranged on the substrate in an elastic wave propagation direction with a shared reflector therebetween. A first bus bar of the first idt electrode and a first end portion bus bar of a second reflector are connected to a wiring electrode to define a first terminal.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Pulse picking laser

A mode locked laser supplies a high repetition seed pulse train along a seed beam path to a pulse picker having at least one polarizer. A faraday rotator in optical communication with the seed beam rotates the polarization of the seed beam by about 45°.
Photonics Industries International, Inc.


Balloon with pressure mechanism to passively steer antenna

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for passively steering an antenna disposed on a balloon in a balloon network. An example balloon involves: (a) an antenna and (b) a pressure-sensitive mechanism in mechanical communication with the antenna such that a change in the balloon's altitude causes at least an element of the antenna to rotate upward or downward, a separation distance between two or more radiating elements to increase or decrease, or a separation distance between the two or more radiating elements and a reflector to increase or decrease..
Google Inc.


Foldable radome

In one embodiment, a foldable radome sub-assembly for an antenna reflector dish has flexible material connected to a plurality of rigid rim segments. Connection elements (e.g., inserts) are configured to interconnect two adjacent rim segments, such that, with the connection elements applied, the radome sub-assembly is configured as a radome connectable to the antenna reflector dish, and, without the connection elements applied, the radome sub-assembly is foldable between adjacent rim segments.
Commscope Technologies Llc


System and clothing with embedded passive repeaters for wireless communication

A passive repeater garment includes a clothing item and a plurality of flexible antenna apparatuses, each including an electromagnetically reflective layer; an insulation layer, which can be dielectric; an arrangement of conductors, including a first antenna, a second antenna, a coupling element, a reflector; an antenna layer; and a protective cover layer. The conductors can be made from conductive threads.


Light emitting device package and light unit having the same

Disclosed is a light emitting device package. The light emitting device is a package body including a first recess which is provided with a bottom face and a plurality of inner walls surrounding the bottom face the plurality of inner walls including a first inner wall and a second inner wall, which are opposing walls; a lead frame exposed at the bottom face of the package body, the lead frame including a bottom frame and a reflector exposed along one of the first inner wall and the second inner wall; a light emitting element provided on the lead frame; and a transparent material provided in the package body to cover the light emitting element.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Method for making light-emitting device

A method for making a light-emitting device comprises the steps of: providing a growth substrate; forming a first light-emitting semiconductor stack on the growth substrate by epitaxial growth, and the first light-emitting semiconductor stack comprises a first active layer; forming a distributed bragg reflector on the first light-emitting semiconductor stack by epitaxial growth; forming a second light-emitting semiconductor stack on the distributed bragg reflector by epitaxial growth, and the second light-emitting semiconductor stack comprises a second active layer; and wherein the first active layer emits a first radiation of a first dominant wavelength, and the second active layer emits a second radiation of a second dominant wavelength longer than the first dominant wavelength.. .
Epistar Corporation


Solar energy devices

Solar energy device (100) comprising at least one of a photovoltaic cell or a solar thermal collector (101) having an absorption bandwidth in the infrared wavelength region of the solar spectrum; a visible light-transmitting reflector (103); and at least one of a graphic film or lighted display (105). The graphic film or a lighted display present is visible through the visible light-transmitting reflector.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Time-of-flight mass spectrometers with cassini reflector

The invention relates to embodiments of high-resolution time-of-flight (tof) mass spectrometers with special reflectors. The invention provides reflectors with ideal energy and solid angle focusing, based on cassini ion traps, and proposes that a section of the flight path of the tof mass spectrometers takes the form of a cassini reflector.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Grating based optical coupler

An apparatus including a waveguide region configured to guide light propagating along a first direction; a reflector region configured to reflect incident light; an interference region formed between the waveguide region and the reflector region, the interference region configured to confine at least a portion of interference light formed by the incident light and the reflected incident light; and a grating region including a grating formed on a region confining at least a portion of the interference light, the grating configured to couple at least a portion of the light along a second direction that is different from the first direction.. .
Forelux Inc.


Backlight module having a prism structure

A backlight module for illuminating a display or keypad is described. The backlight module may be provided in an electronic device along with a light source.
Blackberry Limited


Tiled retroreflector with multi-stage dicing

Methods of making tiled articles and molds used to make retroreflective articles. The methods include forming a prism array on a master substrate and forming a replica of the master.
Avery Dennison Corporation


Device for heating preforms consisting of thermoplastic material

A device for heating thermoplastic preforms, including a heating channel formed from a heating module and through which the regions of the preforms to be heated are guided by a conveyor device. Radiant heaters are arranged on a side wall of the heating channel.
Khs Corpoplast Gmbh


Solid state laser system

A laser system comprising an active medium (105) and at least one laser diode (103) that is adapted to pump the active medium, characterized in that the laser diode is arranged such that a radiation plane of laser radiation emitted from the laser diode and corresponding to the greatest emission angle a is essentially parallel or oblique to a longitudinal axis (l) of the active medium (105). The pump ld array is arranged with the long axis of each ld being parallel to the longitudinal axis (l) of the active medium (105).
Proton Laser Applications, S.l.


Light emitting diode device

A light emitting diode device is described which includes at least one planar non-periodic high-index-contrast grating. The light emitting diode device includes a cavity formed between a reflective optical element and a transmissive optical element.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


Photovoltaic system, module holder system and reflector

A photovoltaic system has at least two bifacial solar modules, which are respectively held in a module holder, and a reflector. The module holders are configured to hold two bifacial solar modules vertically positioned and parallel to each other, wherein the module holders are interconnected via the reflector..
Solarworld Ag


Display device

According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display, an optical unit, and a reflector. The display includes a first display region emitting a first bundle of rays and a second display region emitting a second bundle of rays.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Head-up display device and backlight device

A head-up display device includes: a light source that emits light; a condenser that condenses the light emitted from the light source in a first direction; an adjuster that adjusts the light emitted from the condenser; a first reflector that reflects the light emitted from the adjuster in a second direction different from the first direction; a display that includes an image display surface forming a display image and emits a display light representing the display image with the image display surface transmitting the light reflected by the first reflector; a second reflector that reflects the display light being emitted from the display and being incident from above; and a third reflector that reflects the display light incident from the second reflector to the projection member. The adjuster adjusts the light emitted from the condenser according to a size of the image display surface..
Yazaki Corporation


Dual-ended optical fiber pathway

In an optical fiber turnaround, first and second optical fiber cores are configured to transmit light bidirectionally along a transmission axis between proximal and distal ends of the first and second optical fiber cores. A reflector component is positioned at the distal ends of the first and second optical fiber cores.
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Lamp assembly and torque-free assembly of the lamp assembly

A lamp assembly and to a method for assembling the lamp assembly with a heat sink, a base plate for holding at least one light source, and a reflector. A light that can be generated by the light source can be directed into this reflector and wherein the heat sink has a mounting surface on which the base plate and the reflector are arranged one on top of the other.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Vehicle combination lamp

A vehicle combination lamp can include first and second lamp units each having a band-shaped light emission portion and suppress a gap therebetween from being observed as if they are separated away from each other even when end portions of the band-shaped light emission portions do not overlap each other. In the vehicle combination lamp, the band-shaped light emission portion of the first lamp unit can include a light guiding body of which end face is inclined.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.


Daylight collection systems and methods

Lighting devices and methods for illuminating the interior of a building with natural daylight are disclosed. In some embodiments, a daylighting apparatus includes a tube having a sidewall with a reflective interior surface, an at least partially transparent light collector with one or more light turning elements, and a light reflector positioned to reflect daylight into the light collector.
Solatube International, Inc.


Semiconductor light source apparatus

A reliable reflective typed semiconductor light source apparatus can emit various color lights having high brightness. The apparatus can include a first and second reflector layer, a phosphor plate disposed on the first reflector layer and a semiconductor light source.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.


Led lighting device with improved light distribution

A lighting device and a lighting unit comprising a reflector and a lighting device, or led lamp are described. The led lamp have a first and a second led assembly.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Surface acoustic wave device and apparatus including the same

A surface acoustic wave device includes: a piezoelectric substrate; an interdigital transducer disposed on the piezoelectric substrate, the interdigital transducer being configured to transduce a driving signal into a surface acoustic wave, and transduce a reflected surface acoustic wave into a response signal; a reflector arranged on the piezoelectric substrate and configured to reflect the surface acoustic wave input from the interdigital transducer; a first antenna disposed on the piezoelectric substrate, the first antenna extending radially from the interdigital transducer, and the first antenna being configured to receive the driving signal and transmit the response signal; and a second antenna disposed on the piezoelectric substrate, the second antenna extending radially from the interdigital transducer to be asymmetrical with respect to the first antenna, and the second antenna being configured to receive the driving signal and transmit the response signal.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Mode control in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a first distributed bragg reflector, a second distributed bragg reflector, an active region with an oxide aperture between the first and second distributed bragg reflectors, and a dielectric layer, where a positioning of the dielectric layer with respect to the first and second distributed bragg reflectors and the oxide aperture causes suppression of higher modes of the vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser device. Other embodiments are disclosed..
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


System and see-through display panels

Various embodiments of the present invention provide for systems and apparatus directed toward using a contact lens and deflection optics to process display information and non-display information. In one embodiment of the invention, a display panel assembly is provided, comprising: a transparent substrate that permits light to pass through substantially undistorted; a reflector disposed on the transparent substrate; and a display panel aimed toward the reflector and substantially away from a human visual system, wherein the reflector reflects light emitted from the display panel toward the human visual system.
Innovega Inc.


Optical waveguide crossings

System, apparatus, and method embodiments are provided for optical waveguide crossings. In an embodiment, a system for transmitting an optical signal across an optical obstruction includes a first optical waveguide optically coupled to a first surface grating coupler (sgc); a second optical waveguide optically coupled to a second sgc; and a reflector configured to reflect an optical signal from the first sgc to the second sgc..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Improvements in and relating to missile seekers

A sensor for a missile seeker includes a primary, concave, reflector that is reflective to rf waves and to another kind of waves, but that includes a transmissive region, through which rf waves can pass. A secondary, convex, reflector is reflective to rf waves but transmissive, and not reflective, to the other kind of waves, and is arranged facing the primary reflector to further reflect rf waves reflected by the primary reflector through the transmissive region of the primary reflector.
Mbda Uk Limited


Light-emitting apparatus

Embodiments provide a light-emitting apparatus including at least one light source, a wavelength converter configured to convert a wavelength of light emitted from the light source, a first lens configured to face a light emission surface of the wavelength converter, and a rounded reflector spaced apart from the first lens, the reflector being configured to reflect light emitted from the first lens.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Light-emitting apparatus

Embodiments provide a light-emitting apparatus including at least one light source, a wavelength converter configured to convert a wavelength of light emitted from the light source, a reflector configured to reflect the light having the wavelength converted in the wavelength converter and light having an unconverted wavelength, and a refractive member disposed in a light passage space between the reflector and the wavelength converter, the refractive member being configured to emit the reflected light.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Reflector and lamp comprised thereof

Embodiments of a lamp that utilizes a reflector and a light source with light-emitting diode (led) devices to generate an optical intensity distribution substantially similar to that of a conventional incandescent light bulb. These embodiments utilize an operation configuration with parameters that define relationships between components of the lamp to generate the optical intensity distribution.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp is provided. The vehicle lamp includes a lens having an aspherical surface positioned on an optical axis extending along a lengthwise direction of a vehicle and a flange coupled to a rear portion of the aspherical surface.
Sl Corporation


Method for guiding a device for inserting elements into the ground for the building of a structure; insertion device and associated vehicle

A method includes: taking a topographical survey of a plurality of geographical points near a structure to be built, the position of each point being determined in an absolute frame of reference xyz; installing a plurality of reflectors, each reflector being placed at a geographical point of the topographical survey; measuring distances between reflectors and optical devices, using at least three optical devices fixed on a moving arm of an insertion device that bears an element to be inserted; computing, by trilateration, the absolute position of the arm of the insertion device from the measured distances and from the known position of each optical reflector; and moving the arm of the insertion device based on the computed absolute position, so as to bring the element to be inserted into a predetermined implantation position.. .
Alstom Transport Technologies


Heating system for a machine with a light heat source

A heating system for a machine includes a tungsten halogen light bulb, a socket, a heat sink, and a reflector. The tungsten halogen light bulb is configured to emit light when connected to an electric power source.


Heating lamp system

Embodiments of the invention generally relate to apparatuses for chemical vapor deposition (cvd) processes. In one embodiment, a heating lamp assembly for a vapor deposition reactor system is provided which includes a lamp housing disposed on an upper surface of a support base and containing a first lamp holder and a second lamp holder and a plurality of lamps extending from the first lamp holder to the second lamp holder.
Alta Devices, Inc.

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