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Reflector patents


This page is updated frequently with new Reflector-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 Foldable radio wave antenna deployment  a satellite patent thumbnailFoldable radio wave antenna deployment a satellite
The present disclosure describes an antenna that has a parabola-shaped, flexible reflector member and one or more radial ribs embedded in the flexible reflector member and arranged to bias the reflector member in an open state.. .
Gatr Technologies, Inc.

 Semiconductor device structures inlcuding a distributed bragg reflector patent thumbnailSemiconductor device structures inlcuding a distributed bragg reflector
A method of forming a semiconductor device structure comprises forming at least one reflective structure comprising at least two dielectric materials having different refractive indices over at least one radiation-sensitive structure, the at least one reflective structure configured to substantially reflect therefrom radiation within a predetermined wavelength range and to substantially transmit therethrough radiation within a different predetermined wavelength range. Additional methods of forming a semiconductor device structure are described.
Micron Technology, Inc.

 Keyboard backlight system patent thumbnailKeyboard backlight system
Disclosed systems provide keyboard backlighting from organic light emitting diodes (oleds) placed under the keys. A keyboard stack optionally includes a light guide or reflector.
Dell Products, Lp

 Optical phased array using guided resonance with backside reflectors patent thumbnailOptical phased array using guided resonance with backside reflectors
Methods and systems for controlling the phase of electromagnetic waves are disclosed. A device can consist of a guided resonance grating layer, a spacer, and a reflector.
California Institute Of Technology

 Laser system patent thumbnailLaser system
A laser system comprising a laser configured to emit a laser beam wherein the laser beam is linearly polarised in a polarisation plane and an optical assembly comprising a partial reflector having a refractive index and comprising a partially reflective surface. The partially reflective surface is arranged to receive the laser beam at an angle of incidence which lies in a plane of incidence and reflect a portion of the laser beam such that the reflected portion is output from the optical assembly.
Laser Quantum Ltd

 Method and  head worn display with multiple exit pupils patent thumbnailMethod and head worn display with multiple exit pupils
A method for displaying an image viewable by an eye, the image being projected from a portable head worn display, comprises steps of: emitting a plurality of light beams of wavelengths that differ amongst the light beams; directing the plurality of light beams to a scanning mirror; modulating in intensity each one of the plurality of light beams in accordance with intensity information provided from the image, whereby the intensity is representative of a pixel value within the image; scanning the plurality of light beams in two distinct axes with the scanning mirror to form the image; and redirecting the plurality of light beams to the eye using a holographic optical element acting as a reflector of the light beams, whereby the redirecting is dependent on the wavelength of the light beam, to create for each light beam an exit pupil at the eye that is spatially separated from the exit pupils of the other light beams.. .
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne

 Gravity and/or acceleration measurements using dual interferometer configurations patent thumbnailGravity and/or acceleration measurements using dual interferometer configurations
An apparatus for estimating gravitational properties includes an optical source, a first interferometer including a fixed reference reflector and a first reflector coupled to a first moveable mass, a second interferometer including the fixed reference reflector and a second reflector coupled to a second moveable mass, a first detector configured to detect a first interference pattern generated by the first interferometer, and a second detector configured to detect a second interference pattern generated by the second interferometer. The first mass is configured to move a first amount in response to a change in gravitational force, and the second mass is configured to move a second amount in response to a change in gravitational force, the second amount being smaller than the first amount.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Method and system for determining position and orientation of a measuring instrument patent thumbnailMethod and system for determining position and orientation of a measuring instrument
A method for determining position and orientation of a first measuring instrument is disclosed. A second mi and at least one reflective target including a retroreflector unit are arranged in the vicinity of the first mi.
Trimble Ab

 Coordinate measuring device patent thumbnailCoordinate measuring device
Some embodiments of the invention include a coordinate measuring device, in particular a laser tracker, for capturing the position and alignment of a measuring aid, which is movable in space and comprises a retroreflector. In some embodiments, the coordinate measuring device may include at least a support fastened on a base so it is rotatable about a first axis of rotation; a beam deflection unit fastened on the support so it is rotatable about a second axis of rotation, which is essentially orthogonal to the first axis of rotation, a first bearing for the rotatable mounting of the beam deflection unit on the support, and a second bearing for the rotatable mounting of the support on the base..
Leica Geosystems Ag

 Interferometer patent thumbnailInterferometer
An interferometer includes a light source, a beam splitter, a reference reflector, a measuring reflector, a detection unit, and at least two transparent plane-parallel plates. The beam splitter splits a beam of rays into at least one measuring beam and at least one reference beam.
Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh


Electric light fixture

An electric light fixture has at least a housing with a light-emitting aperture, a glare ring surrounding the light-emitting aperture, leds positioned in the housing as light sources and a reflector for the reflection and, if necessary, focusing of the light produced by the leds, as well as a cable to the power supply. The leds are positioned at or on the side of the glare ring facing the housing, so that the beam of light from the leds is directed at the reflector that is positioned on or in the housing as a dome over the glare ring and the light-emitting aperture, such that the reflector is designed to be reflecting and substantially non-mirroring..


Light emitting diode (led) lighting system with antimicrobial/air cleaning functions from highly specular multilayer thin film reflector

A system and method according to various embodiments can include a lighting fixture comprising a light source. A multilayer thin film coated reflector is applied to an outer light emitting surface of the lighting fixture.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Led light module and installing same

A light emitting diode (“led”) light module that can be installed in lighting fixtures—either new lighting fixtures or existing lighting fixtures already installed in the field. The led light module includes a led assembly mounted on a reflector.
Abl Ip Holding Llc


Led induction combination lighting system

A lighting system includes a reflector housing with a led light source having multiple leds and an induction light source located within the reflector housing.. .
American Green Technology, Inc.


Dish receiver system for solar power generation

A solar reflective assembly includes a plurality of reflective segments radially configured to collectively at least partially define a dish-shaped reflector having a center axis, each reflective segment having a generally conical shape and being discontinuous relative to the conical shape of an adjacent reflective segment, and an elongated receiver having a length generally extending in a direction of the center axis. Each reflective segment reflects and focuses sunlight on the receiver along the length of the receiver..
Gossamer Space Frames


Carrier of one or more light-emitting diodes (leds) for a signaling module

A carrier of one or more light sources for a lighting and/or signaling module especially for an automotive vehicle, comprising: a substrate having at least one aperture and electrical tracks on at least one side; and at least one light-emitting diode having a body and electrical connection leads lateral to the body. The led or at least one of the leds is placed through a respective aperture of the substrate, and the connection leads make contact with respective electrical tracks.
Valeo Vision


System and mobile data expansion

A data expansion system that provides continuum of discrete wireless small cell coverage areas for mobile terminals includes a set of roadway reflectors configured to provide wireless broadband data services to a mobile terminal. Each reflector includes processing circuitry configured to establish communications between the mobile terminal and a backhaul network.
Neutronic Perpetual Innovations, Llc


Acoustic diffusion generator with wells and fluted fins

A reflector and an electronic system produce a diffuse way by creating time delays in accordance with a number sequence. An acoustical passive reflector incorporates a series of wells in its surface to transform an acoustical wave into a series of acoustical waves having a time difference based on a number sequence.
Acoustic 3d Holdings Limited


Radiation collector, radiation source and lithographic apparatus

A radiation collector comprising a first collector segment comprising a plurality of grazing incidence reflector shells configured to direct radiation to converge in a first location at a distance from the radiation collector, a second collector segment comprising a plurality of grazing incidence reflector shells configured to direct radiation to converge in a second location at said distance from the radiation collector, wherein the first location and the second location are separated from one another.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Display controlling display apparatus thereof

A display apparatus and a method for controlling the display apparatus are provided. The display apparatus includes a display panel unit, a reflector disposed on the display panel unit, a radiator, an illumination sensing unit, and a controller.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Driver assistance system

A driver assistance system for supplying information to a vehicle travelling on an infrastructure comprises an electromagnetic wave transmitter, an electromagnetic wave receiver and a processor. The electromagnetic wave transmitter on-board the vehicle comprises at least one transmitting antenna configured to transmit variable-frequency electromagnetic waves to reflectors installed in the infrastructure.
Fonds De L'espci-georges Charpak


Multichannel analytical instruments for use with specimen holders

An analytical instrument may have multiple distinct channels. Such may include one or more illumination sources and sensors.
Laxco, Inc.


Automated deflectometry system for assessing reflector quality

An automated deflectometry system and method for assessing the quality of a reflective surface for use in a concentrating solar power plant. The deflectometry system comprises a holding fixture for mounting a heliostat reflector opposite a target screen having a known pattern.
Esolar Inc.


Pressure sensor

An antenna unit having an antenna coil pattern is disposed in a casing. A sensor unit has a surface acoustic wave detecting element including a first sensing electrode that generates and receives a surface acoustic wave and a first reflector that reflects the surface acoustic wave, which are provided on a substrate configured of a piezoelectric material, and a sensor coil pattern electrically connected to the first sensing electrode and coupled to the antenna coil pattern.
Denso Corporation


Angle limiting reflector and optical dispersive device including the same

The invention relates to angle-limiting optical reflectors and optical dispersive devices such as optical spectrum analyzers using the same. The reflector has two reflective surfaces arranged in a two-dimensional corner reflector configuration for reflecting incident light back with a shift, and includes two prisms having a gap therebetween that is tilted to reflect unwanted light and transmit wanted light.
Jdsu Deutschland Gmbh


Demodulation system for 3d-matrix multi-channel fiber optic sensing

A demodulation system for 3d-matrix multi-channel fiber optic sensing includes a wavelength swept optical source that generates an incident light, an optical frequency domain reflector and a balanced detector connected with the wavelength swept optical source through a fiber circulator. The optical frequency domain reflector includes a first optical path and a second optical path with a frequency shifter arranged on one or both of the optical paths.
Andol Technology Inc.


Position reference positioning and tracking one or more objects

Position reference system and method for positioning and tracking one or more objects which in addition to range and azimuth also provides the elevation angle of the target relative to the instrument axes of the sensor platform. The system and method is based on a near ir laser radar transceiver and one or more active or passive retroreflectors placed on the objects to be positioned.
Kongsberg Seatex As


Illuminating instrument

A lighting fixture varies a beam angle of light emitted by a light source and a beam angle of light to the exterior to provide excellent visual effect by indirect lighting, high in serviceability and safety, and applicable to a wide range of purposes. The lighting fixture comprises a lighting fixture body of substantially l-shaped cross-section, a light source constituting a light radiation unit, a first reflector, a second reflector, and an opening constituting an illumination port.
Factory Inc.


Led lighting assembly for a school bus lamp

An led lighting assembly for a school bus lamp has a reflector and an led module. The reflector has a base, a reflecting wing, and a connector.


Lamp unit comprising a shield having at least one light window

A lighting unit for a headlight, in particular a motor vehicle headlight, having at least two light sources (1a, 1b), at least one reflector (2a, 2b), which delimits two light chambers (3a, 3b), a bezel (4), and a projection lens (5) having an optical axis (a), wherein a light chamber (3a) is arranged on an upper side and a light chamber (3b) is arranged on an underside of the bezel (4), wherein at least one light source (1a, 1b) is arranged within each of the light chambers (3a, 3b) and the bezel (4) extends substantially as far as a focal plane (e) of the projection lens (5) in order to produce a sharp light/dark boundary in a light exposure produced by the lighting unit, wherein the bezel (4) has at least one light window (7a, 7b), wherein at least one light path (8a, 8b, 8c, 8d) extends outwardly from a light chamber (3a, 3b), through the at least one light window (7a, 7b) and through the projection lens (5).. .
Zizala Lichtsysteme Gmbh


Occlusion and clot treatment with intracorporeal pressure shock waves

An intracorporeal pressure shock wave device to provide treatment within blood vessels artificial vessels and grafts that includes a frontal pressure shock wave reflector positioned at the distal end of an intracorporeal catheter to direct shock waves toward a treatment target, such as an occlusion and clot.. .
Sanuwave, Inc.


Method and fixation measurement

A method and apparatus for fixation measurement includes rotating a first reflector comprising a diffraction component about a rotation axis, the first reflector being configured to reflect light received from a light source onto a second reflector via the diffraction component and reflect light received from the second reflector via the diffraction component and capturing light which is reflected by the second reflector and subsequently reflected by the first reflector with one or more photo detectors.. .
Rebiscan, Inc.


Display system based on persistence of vision with a line screen

A display system for displaying an image is disclosed. The system comprises a projector comprising at least one collimated light source and a controller for receiving image data and controlling the light source, configured such that, in use, an array of columns of image data representing an image are projected sequentially onto a reflector.
Lightvert Ltd


Integrated miniature pifa with artificial magnetic conductor metamaterials

Integrated antenna structures described herein may include planar inverted-f antennas (pifas) integrated with artificial magnetic conductor (amc) metamaterials. The integrated metamaterial operatively coupled with the pifa may function as an artificial magnetic reflector, sending all the energy radiated upwards, and thereby changing the original omnidirectional radiation pattern of the pifa to a directional radiation pattern.
Energous Corporation


Compact distributed bragg reflectors

Ultra compact dbrs, vcsels incorporating the dbrs and methods for making the dbrs are provided. The dbrs are composed of a vertical reflector stack comprising a plurality of adjacent layer pairs, wherein each layer pair includes a layer of single-crystalline group iv semiconductor and an adjacent layer of silicon dioxide..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Tunable light source

Provided herein is an external-cavity type wavelength tunable laser including gain medium configured to generate an optical signal and amplify the generated optical signal based on a bias current applied; an external reflector configured to be coupled optically with the gain medium; a second thermistor provided on the side of the gain medium and configured to measure a temperature of the gain medium; a first thermistor provided on the external reflector and configured to measure a temperature of the external reflector; and a thermoelectric cooler configured to transfer generated heat based on the temperatures measured by the first and second thermistors.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Integrated millimeter wave transceiver

A millimeter wave transceiver including a plate forming an interposer having its upper surface supporting an interconnection network and having its lower surface intended to be assembled on a printed circuit board by bumps; an integrated circuit chip assembled on the upper surface of the interposer; antennas made of tracks formed on the upper surface of the interposer; and reflectors on the upper surface of the printed circuit board in front of each of the antennas, the effective distance between each antenna and the reflector plate being on the order of one quarter of the wavelength, taking into account the dielectric constants of the interposed materials.. .
Stmicroelectronics Sa


Foldable radio wave antenna

A foldable radio wave antenna includes a foldable parabolic reflector member formed a foldable tension member attachable to the peripheral rim of the reflector member.. .
Gatr Technologies, Inc.


Stacked septum polarizer and feed for a low profile reflector

A low profile antenna assembly for an aircraft radome includes a reflector, a feed with a stacked array of septum polarizers, a mount, and a bracket. The feed, which includes bandpass and low pass filters, and broadwall branchline couplers, and the stacked array of septum polarizers, together determine polarization of the waves, attenuating unwanted signals and illuminating the entire reflector.
Micro-ant, Llc


Chip-on-board uv led package and production method therefor

Disclosed is a chip-on-board uv led package. The chip-on-board uv led package comprises: a board in which electrode patterns are formed; a plurality of uv light sources which respectively comprise one or more uv led chip and a correspondingly provided encapsulating material or lens, and are arrayed in a predetermined array on the board; and a reflecting means which is provided on the board so as to increase the focal length of the light emerging from the plurality of uv light sources.
Uver Corporation Ltd.


Thin film with multilayer dielectric coatings for light emitting diode (led) lead frame and chip-on-board (cob) substrate reflector

A light emitting diode (led) package according to various embodiments can include a metal substrate having a surface roughness. A thin film coated reflector is applied to the metal substrate.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Group iii nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and production method therefor

The group iii nitride semiconductor light-emitting device has an insulating multilayer film intervening between a second semiconductor layer and a transparent electrode. The insulating multilayer film serves as a distributed bragg reflector and is formed in a region including a projection area obtained by projecting a p-electrode to the p-type contact layer.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor structure

The invention discloses a semiconductor structure, processing light signal, the semiconductor structure comprising: a first type semiconductor layer; a second type semiconductor layer; an active layer located between the first type semiconductor layer and the second type semiconductor layer; a reflector covered surfaces of the first type semiconductor layer and the second type semiconductor layer; a first pad disposed on a top surface of the reflector which is covered the first type semiconductor layer; a second pad disposed on the top surface of the reflector or second type semiconductor layer; an aperture disposed on the top surface of the first type semiconductor layer and passed through the reflector; and a light collection module disposed around the aperture or covered a top surface of the reflector.. .
Hiphoton Co., Ltd


Bifacial-cell-based solar-energy converting system

A method to optimize electrical energy production from a bifacial module (“bfm”) comprising a plurality of electrically interconnected bifacial photovoltaic cells is disclosed. Applicants' method includes providing a bfm, providing a reflector assembly, positioning the bfm at least about 0.15 meters above the reflector assembly, adjusting an orientation of the bfm using a tilt correction factor, utilizing a minimum spacing between bfms and further adjusting the orientation using an azimuth correction factor..
Prism Solar Technologies Incorporated


Transmission type high-absorption optical modulator and manufacturing the same

Provided are a transmission type high-absorption optical modulator and a method of manufacturing the transmission type high-absorption optical modulator. The optical modulator includes: a substrate; a lower distributed bragg reflector (dbr) layer on the substrate; a lower clad layer on the lower dbr layer; an active layer that is formed on the lower clad layer and includes a quantum well layer and a quantum barrier layer; an upper clad layer on the active layer; an upper dbr layer on the upper clad layer; and a doping layer that supplies carriers to the quantum well layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System for assembling optical films for displays

Display backlight structures may provide backlight illumination that passes through display layers in the display. Computer-controlled equipment such as robotic arms with gripper structures may be used in assembling backlight layers such as a reflector, light guide plate, diffusers, and prism films into a backlight unit.
Apple Inc.


Backlight having collimating reflector

A backlight includes a plate light, guide to guide light, a light source to produce light, and a collimating reflector to substantially collimate the produced light. The collimating reflector also is to direct that collimated light into the plate light guide as guided light of the plate light guide.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Micromirror array

A micromirror array according to the present invention is a corner reflector type micromirror array capable of projecting a mirror image of an object to be projected sharply with high luminance. The micromirror array includes a substrate, and a plurality of unit optical elements (quadrangular prisms) formed in an array on the substrate.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Rf reflector

A radio frequency (rf) reflecting apparatus includes a curved reflecting element and resistive material coupled to the curved reflecting element proximate two or more edges of the curved reflecting element. The resistive material has a first portion with a first conductance and a second portion with a second conductance that differs from the first conductance.
The Boeing Company


Superconducting thermal detector (bolometer) of terahertz (sub-millimeter wave) radiation

A superconducting thermal detector (bolometer) of thz (sub-millimeter) wave radiation based on sensing the change in the amplitude or phase of a resonator circuit, consisting of a capacitor (csh) and a superconducting temperature dependent inductor where the said inductor is thermally isolated from the heat bath (chip substrate) by micro-suspensions. The bolometer design includes a thin film inductor located on the membrane, a single or/and multi-layered thin film capacitor, and a thin film absorber of incoming radiation.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy


Thickness measurement apparatus and thickness measurement method

A thickness measurement apparatus includes a light source emitting light; an optical system focusing the light emitted from the light source onto an optical axis; a reflector reflecting light focused by the optical system; a detector detecting intensity of the reflected light according to a position on the optical axis where the light passing through the optical system is in focus; and a calculator calculating thickness of a measured object using a refractive index of the measured object and an amount of displacement between a first focus position and a second focus position.. .
Mitutoyo Corporation


Rfi shielding for luminaires using reflection optics

Shielding radio frequency interference (rfi) using reflector optics is disclosed. A simplified non-sealed reflector is used in conjunction with a mounting system, resulting in desired amounts of visible and non-visible light using radio frequency driven luminaries and emitters without sacrificing output or coverage area.
Iunu, Llc


Optical assembly and optical module

An optical assembly that is adapted to be located at a light path of light emitted from at least one light source and spaced apart from the at least one light source by a distance is provided. The optical assembly includes a wavelength converting device, which is a spatial structure, and a reflector.
Playnitride Inc.


Optical module

An optical module including at least one light source, a wavelength conversion member and a concave reflector is provided. Light emitted from the at least one light source enters the wavelength conversion member and then is sent out toward all directions.
Playnitride Inc.


Lighting arrangement

The present invention concerns a lighting system, which comprises: a laser light source for radiating light; a wavelength conversion element for receiving the radiated light from the light source and for re-emitting wavelength converted white light; and a reflector element for reflecting the light received from the wavelength conversion element. The reflector element comprises a reflective surface and a micro-patterned surface comprising an array of micro-focal elements.
Intel Corporation


Display apparatus

A display apparatus may be provided that includes a display module, a housing, at least one speaker module within the housing, and at least one reflector disposed adjacent to the at least one speaker module. The at least one reflector may have an inclined acoustic reflection surface exposed to a front side of the display module when the sounds are emitted from the at least one speaker module.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography apparatus

In order to provide a wavelength tunable surface emitting laser capable of improving a wavelength tuning efficiency, provided is a surface emitting laser, including: a first reflector; a semiconductor cavity including an active layer; and a second reflector, the first reflector, the semiconductor cavity, and the second reflector being formed in the stated order, a gap portion being formed between the first reflector and a semiconductor layer, a cavity length being tunable, in which the surface emitting laser has a high reflectivity structure formed between the gap portion and the semiconductor cavity, and an expression of “(λ/2)×m+λ/8<l<(λ/2)×m+3λ/8” is satisfied, where l is an optical thickness of the semiconductor cavity, m is an integer of 1 or larger, and λ is a center wavelength of laser oscillation.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Foldable satellite antenna

A foldable satellite antenna includes a dish reflector formed with an opening, a connecting rod having a section smaller than the opening such that the connecting rod is able to be inserted through the opening to penetrate the dish reflector, a compensating structure for being disposed in an area enclosed by the opening to fill an area other than where the connecting rod penetrating the opening after the connecting rod is inserted through the opening to penetrate the dish reflector, and a dish bracket for riveting the dish reflector and the connecting rod such that the connecting rod is folded around a rotating center of the dish bracket after the connecting rod is inserted through the opening to penetrate the dish reflector.. .
Wistron Neweb Corporation


Display devices using feedback enhanced light emitting diode

Display devices using feedback-enhanced light emitting diodes are disclosed. The display devices include but are not limited to active and passive matrix displays and projection displays.
Zeolux Corporation


Light emitting device package

A light emitting device package may be provided that includes: a lead frame; a light emitting device disposed on the lead frame; a metallic reflector which is disposed on the lead frame, has a hollow portion in which the light emitting device is disposed, reflects light emitted from the light emitting device, and is formed by a mold; and a resin body which surrounds the lead frame and the reflector. The resin body includes an insulation layer disposed between the lead frame and the reflector, and a protrusion disposed on the reflector..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Replaceable solar bulb assembly for use with a solar receiver array

A replaceable solar bulb assembly generates electrical energy that includes a photo voltaic cell for converting solar energy into electrical energy. A housing includes at least one reflector for focusing the solar energy on the photo voltaic cell.
Aspect Solar Pte Ltd


Wireless surface acoustic wave temperature sensor and interrogation system apparatus capable of generating a self synchronizing shaft position indicator for moving platforms

A surface acoustic wave sensor system for use with a moving platform. The system comprises an interrogator for producing an rf interrogating signal transmitted from a first antenna.
Mnemonics, Inc.


Extreme ultraviolet reflective element with multilayer stack and manufacturing thereof

An apparatus and method of manufacture of an extreme ultraviolet reflective element includes: a substrate; a multilayer stack on the substrate, the multilayer stack includes a plurality of reflective layer pairs having a first reflective layer formed from silicon and a second reflective layer formed from niobium or niobium carbide for forming a bragg reflector; and a capping layer on and over the multilayer stack for protecting the multilayer stack by reducing oxidation and mechanical erosion.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Low profile luminaire and associated systems and methods

A luminaire comprising a heat sink, a light source carried by the heat sink to emit a source light and comprising a heat spreader having inner and outer surfaces and a plurality of leds carried by a circuit board and disposed generally along a periphery of the inner surface and positioned in thermal communication therewith. The luminaire comprises a reflector disposed coextensively with the leds and comprising an aperture in a medial region thereof, an outer edge of the aperture defining an inner rim of the reflector and a light guide positioned between the reflector and the light source, the light guide characterized by a height defined as the distance between the inner surface of the heat spreader and a plane defined by the inner rim of the reflector, the light guide configured to change the source light into a shaped light that is directed through the aperture..
Lighting Science Group Corporation


Image display device

There is provided an image display apparatus having high contrast and making it difficult to visually observe its conductive pattern despite including a metal nanowire or a metal mesh. An image display apparatus of the present invention includes: a circularly polarizing plate, a transparent conductive film, and a display element comprising a reflector made of a metal in the stated order from a viewer side, wherein: the transparent conductive film comprises a transparent base material and a transparent conductive layer arranged on at least one side of the transparent base material; the transparent base material has an in-plane retardation re of from 1 nm to 100 nm; and the transparent conductive layer comprises a metal nanowire or a metal mesh..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Extreme ultraviolet capping layer and manufacturing and lithography thereof

A method of manufacture of an extreme ultraviolet reflective element includes: providing a substrate; forming a multilayer stack on the substrate, the multilayer stack includes a plurality of reflective layer pairs having a first reflective layer and a second reflective layer for forming a bragg reflector; and forming a capping layer on and over the multilayer stack, the capping layer formed from titanium oxide, ruthenium oxide, niobium oxide, ruthenium tungsten, ruthenium molybdenum, or ruthenium niobium, and the capping layer for protecting the multilayer stack by reducing oxidation and mechanical erosion.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Lithographic apparatus and to a reflector apparatus

Disclosed is a reflector apparatus comprising a reflector and an array of thermoelectric heat pumps each having a first end proximal to and in thermal contact with the reflector and having a second end distal from the reflector, a lithography tool having such a reflector apparatus, and a method of using the same.. .
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Solid-state luminaires for general illumination

A lighting panel includes a tile having a first side parallel to a principal plane of the lighting panel, a plurality of solid state lighting devices arranged on the first side of the tile and configured to emit light, a reflector sheet on the first side of the tile, and a brightness enhancement film on the reflector sheet. The reflector sheet may be arranged between the tile and the brightness enhancement film and the brightness enhancement film may be configured to increase the on-axis intensity of emitted light.
Cree, Inc.


Low-profile optical arrangement

The present invention relates to an optical arrangement (1) having an optical axis (x) and comprising a base member (70), a cup shaped reflector (10) having an inner surface (12) facing towards the optical axis, at least one solid state light source (40, 42) arranged at the optical axis on the base member, and a lens comprising a center lens portion (20) and an annular lens portion (30), and arranged in front of the at least one solid state light source in a light exit direction. The center lens portion has a dome shaped outer surface (22) and the annular lens portion has an outer surface (32) with a convex shape facing the inner surface of the reflector.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Lighting device for a vehicle headlight

The invention relates to a lighting device (1) for a motor vehicle headlight, wherein the lighting device (1) has at least one reflector (10, 11, 12, 13), and assigned to the at least one reflector (10, 11, 12, 13) is at least one light source (20, 21, 22, 23), and light from the at least one light source (20, 21, 22, 23) is radiated into a region in front of the lighting device (1) by means of the reflector (10, 11, 12, 13) in order to form a light distribution or a part of a light distribution. The lighting device (1) has at least one, preferably exactly one reflector support (30), and the at least one reflector (10, 11, 12, 13) is fixedly attached to the at least one reflector support (30), and the at least one light source (20, 21, 22, 23) is arranged on at least one light source support (40, 41, 42, 43), and the at least one light source support (40, 41, 42, 43) is movably mounted on the reflector support (30) and can be fixed in a defined position relative to the reflector support (30)..
Zizala Lichtsysteme Gmbh


Laser optical system for headlamps

A laser optical system for headlamps may include a laser diode generating a laser beam, a fluorescent body reacting to the laser beam and outputting white light, a main reflector reflecting the white light output from the fluorescent body forward, an aspheric lens directing the white light reflected by the main reflector forward, and a beam lens provided on a front surface of the fluorescent body. The beam lens may contract the laser beam entering the fluorescent body and reduce a radiation angle of the white light output from the fluorescent body.
Sl Lighting Corporation


Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus comprises a light engine, having a led light source and an emission exit aligned along an axis, and a reflector, which extends along and about the axis and has a front surface facing the light engine and a rear surface opposite to the front surface; the reflector faces the emission exit of the light engine and has an exit opening opposite to the emission exit; the emission exit faces an axial top of the reflector and the reflector comprises a dome-shaped body made of a transparent material, for example pmma, and shaped so as to reflect the light exiting from the emission exit toward the exit opening.. .


Retrofit led lighting system

A retrofit led lighting system with a combination of a directional downlight component and an indirect uplight component is provided. The system comprises light emitting diodes arranged so as to replicate the function of a legacy light source in a transparent or translucent fixture housing.
Lunera Lighting Inc.


Solar relay aircraft powered by ground based solar concentrator mirrors in dual use with power towers

A solar relay aircraft system includes a solar relay aircraft having an upper surface, and a lower surface, and equipped with a solar radiation receiver on said lower surface and capable of converting solar energy to electrical energy. An electric motor in electrical connection with said solar radiation receiver to receive the electrical energy and drives a propeller to propel the solar relay aircraft.


Blood vessel treatment with pressure shock waves

A shock wave device to provide treatment within a blood vessel includes a shock wave reflector that directs shock waves laterally to blood vessel walls in a direction perpendicular to a central axis of symmetry of a catheter.. .
Sanuwave, Inc.


Open top back plate optical microphone

A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) optical sensor and method of manufacturing a mems optical sensor. The mems optical sensor may be a mems optical microphone including a compliant membrane configured to vibrate in response to an acoustic wave, the compliant membrane having a grating suspended therein.
Apple Inc.


Grating only optical microphone

A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) optical sensor including an enclosure having a top wall, a bottom wall and a sidewall connecting the top wall and the bottom wall. The sensor further including a compliant membrane positioned within the enclosure, which is configured to vibrate in response to an acoustic wave and having a grating formed therein.
Apple Inc.


Automatic setup of reflector instances

A method of establishing a service operations administration and maintenance (oam) session between an originator and a reflector in a communication network includes continuously monitoring, by the reflector, any test packets transmitted by the originator. The originator transmits to the reflector, at a time indicated by a first timestamp, a test packet.
Accedian Networks Inc.


Antenna for receiving and/or transmitting polarized communication signals

An antenna for communicating with a remote communication system. The antenna comprises main and sub reflectors, a beam shaping element facing the sub reflector and having a plurality of feeding points, a plurality of ortho-mode transducers (omts), and a plurality of waveguides each having a proximal end connected to another of the plurality of omts and a distal end connected to one of the plurality of feeding points.
Mobile Sat Ltd.


Flared laser oscillator waveguide

A broad area semiconductor diode laser device includes a multimode high reflector facet, a partial reflector facet spaced from said multimode high reflector facet, and a flared current injection region extending and widening between the multimode high reflector facet and the partial reflector facet, wherein the ratio of a partial reflector facet width to a high reflector facet width is n:1, where n>1. The broad area semiconductor laser device is a flared laser oscillator waveguide delivering improved beam brightness and beam parameter product over conventional straight waveguide configurations..
Nlight Photonics Corporation


Surface emitting semiconductor laser, surface emitting semiconductor laser device, optical transmission device, and information processing apparatus

A surface emitting semiconductor laser includes: a substrate; a first semiconductor multilayer reflector on the substrate including laminated pairs of a high refractive index layer relatively high in refractive index and a low refractive index layer relatively low in refractive index; an active region on or above the first reflector; a second semiconductor multilayer reflector on or above the active region including laminated pairs of a high refractive index layer relatively high in refractive index and a low refractive index layer relatively low in refractive index; and a cavity extending region formed between the first reflector and the active region or between the second reflector and the active region, having an optical film thickness greater than an oscillation wavelength, extending a cavity length, including a conductive semiconductor material, and including an optical loss causing layer at at least one node of a standing wave of a selected longitudinal mode.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


High-frequency module and manufacturing the same

A high-frequency module includes an integrated body including a semiconductor chip and a reflector, the semiconductor and the reflector being integrated by a resin; an antenna provided with a space from the reflector; and a rewiring layer provided on the surface of the integrated body, the rewiring layer including a rewiring line electrically coupling the semiconductor chip to the antenna. Further, a method for manufacturing a high-frequency module, the method includes forming an integrated body by integrating a semiconductor chip with a reflector by a resin; and forming a rewiring layer on the surface of the integrated body, the rewiring layer including a rewiring line electrically coupling the semiconductor chip to an antenna provided with a space from the reflector..
Fujitsu Limited


Light emitting component

A light emitting component includes a light emitting unit, a phosphor layer and a distributed bragg reflector layer. The phosphor layer is disposed on the light emitting unit and the distributed bragg reflector layer is disposed above the phosphor layer.
Genesis Photonics Inc.


Reflectors for time-of-flight mass spectrometers

The invention relates to reflectors for time-of-flight mass spectrometers, and especially their design. A mamyrin reflector is provided which consists of metal plates with cut-out internal apertures, and symmetric shielding edges which are set back from the inner edges.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Camera platform

A camera platform used to mount, on a supporting body such as a tripod, a lighting fixture that illuminate a subject is structured with an attachment base fixed on the supporting body and a fixing attachment mounted on it. The attachment is such that a supporting arm that bypasses the lighting fixture and extends upwardly is disposed so as to be continued to a base on which a fixing seat for the lighting fixture is provided, the lighting fixture being on the fixing seat.
Shashin Denki Kogyo


Light-concentrating lens assembly for a solar energy recovery system

A light-concentrating lens assembly for a solar energy system, the assembly comprising a plurality of concentrically arranged paraboloid mirror reflectors, a conical light guide extending below the plurality of paraboloid mirror reflectors, an inner central cone disposed along a central axis of the concentrically arranged paraboloid mirror reflectors, and a compound paraboloid concentrator disposed beneath the inner central cone.. .


Dynamic phase acquiring device

A dynamic phase acquisition device includes a light collecting opening, a semi-reflecting and semi-transmitting mirror, a phase shifter, a polarizer, a plane reflector, a photosensing element and a phase processor. In the dynamic phase acquisition device, light passes through the light collecting opening to the semi-reflecting and semi-transmitting mirror, and then is divided into two channels.
Shenzhen Orbbec Co., Ltd.


Optical delay apparatus and optical coherence tomography apparatus

According to one embodiment, an optical delay apparatus includes the following elements. The first retroreflector includes a first and a second reflection surface.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Lighting housing having self-adjusting hinge mechanism

A lighting fixture including alighting housing having a reflector member having that is attached to the bottom of the lighting housing, lights positioned beneath the reflector, first and second brackets positioned on the top surface the reflector member, wherein the reflector member is hingedly mounted to the lighting housing using a first fastener extending through the first bracket, and using a second fastener extending through the second bracket of the reflector member.. .
Appleton Grp, Llc


An arrangement comprising an optical device and a reflector

According to an embodiment of the present inventive concept there is provided an arrangement 4 comprising: an optical device 8 including a radially inner beam forming portion 10 and a radially outer portion 12, at least partly enclosing the radially inner portion 10. The arrangement 4 further comprises a reflector 6 arranged to reflect, in a first direction towards the radially outer portion 12, light emitted by a light source 2 such that a first optical path is formed from the light source 2 to the radially outer portion 12, via the reflector 6.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Hybrid light assembly

Disclosed is a hybrid lamp assembly (44) which includes a substantially parabolic primary reflector (12) having an open end (20) and a circumferential mounting member (54) extending outwardly from the open end (20) of the primary reflector (12). A primary light source (14) is operably assembled with the parabolic reflector (12).
Lightforce Australia Pty Ltd.


High intensity studio lamp and method using a plasma source

A studio lamp apparatus includes a housing structure including front and back ends, and an interior reunion between the front and back ends. The apparatus also includes a support structure coupled to the housing structure, which holds the housing structure in a suspended state.
Vylite Llc


Head lamp for vehicle

A head lamp for a vehicle is provided that is capable of irradiating a low beam pattern to the front of the vehicle, without using a separate reflector.. .
Sl Corporation


Lighting vehicle

A lighting apparatus for a vehicle may include a reflector configured to reflect light generated from a light source forward, a lens configured to be disposed in front of the reflector to receive the light reflected from the reflector, a first reflecting body configured to be disposed between the lens and the reflector to receive light not received in the lens among the light reflected from the reflector, and a second reflecting body configured to guide the light reflected from the first reflecting body to the lens.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Flameless candle internal light shield

According to embodiments of the present invention, a flameless candle is claimed, depicted, and described. The candle has a hollow interior region, an inner surface having an radius, and an outer surface having an outer radius.
Winvic Sales Inc.


Shock wave applicator with movable electrode

A shock wave applicator includes a reflector and a movable shockwave-generating electrode disposed in the reflector at a first focal point. The reflector is at least a portion of an ellipsoidal shape having a long and small axis with the first focal point and a second focal point on the long axis, and the reflector terminates at an edge defining a membrane-covered aperture on a plane intersecting the small axis and coincident with the second focal point..
Sanuwave, Inc.


Radiation applicator for microwave medical treatment

A radiation applicator with a dielectric body (2) surrounding the antenna. The dielectric body (2) is comprised of three sections (3, 4 and 5) with different dielectric constants to provide broad-band matching of the applicator to surrounding material.
Angiodynamics, Inc.


Insect trap device and using

An insect trap device and methods of using the device are described herein. In some embodiments, an insect trap includes a light source, a removable enclosure with at least one opening, an adhesive surface at least partially within the enclosure, and optics to redirect light from the light source onto an adhesive trapping surface.
Arthropod Biosciences, Llc

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