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Reflector patents


This page is updated frequently with new Reflector-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 Laser apparatus patent thumbnailLaser apparatus
A laser apparatus including an active medium, an optical cavity, a wavelength conversion medium, an excitation light source, a first reflector and a second reflector, wherein the active medium and the wavelength conversion medium are arranged between the first reflector and the second reflector, excitation light with a center wavelength λ1 emitted from the excitation light source is caused to enter the wavelength conversion medium through the first reflector, the wavelength conversion medium generates wavelength-converted light with a center wavelength λ2 by entrance of the excitation light, the first reflector and the second reflector reflect the wavelength-converted light, the active medium is photoexcited by at least the wavelength-converted light to emit light, and the laser apparatus causes resonance of the light by the optical cavity to generate laser light with a center wavelength λ3.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Antenna with shaped reflector(s), reconfigurable in orbit patent thumbnailAntenna with shaped reflector(s), reconfigurable in orbit
The antenna is provided with at least one shaped reflector and a primary radiating feed arranged in front of a reflector, which is capable of generating a primary beam with a footprint covering a nominal coverage zone. The antenna is also provided with an adjustment device for the primary beam of the primary radiating feed, whereby said adjustment device incorporates a secondary radiating array comprised of a number of elementary radiating feeds arranged around the primary radiating feed, a beam-forming network connected to the elementary radiating feeds which is capable of synthesizing a secondary beam covering a secondary coverage zone and having a footprint which is superimposed, at least partially, upon the footprint, and a coupling device connected to the primary reception chain of the primary radiating feed and the reception chain derived from the secondary radiating array..

 Optical sensor, optical sensor assembly and monitoring device patent thumbnailOptical sensor, optical sensor assembly and monitoring device
An optical sensor (100) comprises: a holding sleeve (11); a fixed ferrule (12) fixedly mounted in said holding sleeve (11); a movable ferrule (13) movably mounted in said holding sleeve (11), a predetermined distance existing between a first movable end of said movable ferrule (13) and a first fixed end of said fixed ferrule (12) in said holding sleeve (11); a reflection part (14) arranged at a second movable end of said movable ferrule (13) opposite to said first movable end, for reflecting light entering the movable ferrule (13); and an actuation part (15), said actuation part (15) being constructed to drive said movable ferrule (13) to move so that said first movable end moves towards said first fixed end. An optical sensor assembly and a monitoring device comprising the optical sensor (100), or another sensor (1012) can remotely detect a mechanical movement in a passive mode.

 Apparatus and  optical time domain reflectometry patent thumbnailApparatus and optical time domain reflectometry
An optical signal routing device may include a first lens, second lens and a wavelength division multiplexer (“wdm”) filter positioned between the first and second lenses. The wdm filter may reflect a signal of a first wavelength with a first attenuation and pass the first wavelength signal attenuated by at most a second attenuation to the second lens, the first attenuation exceeding the second attenuation by a first predetermined amount.
Go!foton Holdings, Inc.

 Integrated targeting device patent thumbnailIntegrated targeting device
An integrated targeting device comprising a housing, the housing comprising an input aperture and an output aperture, a geolocation module configured to estimate the geolocation of a selected target, an imaging module comprising an imaging camera, a laser comprising a seed laser configured to emit a seed laser beam and a moveable optical reflector, a display; and a processor operatively coupled to the laser module, the imaging module, the geolocation module; and the display.. .

 Automated mobile invertible measurement device patent thumbnailAutomated mobile invertible measurement device
An apparatus is utilized for measuring a circumference. The apparatus includes a body section, and at least one wheel rotatably attached to the body section.
The Boeing Company

 Led-based inspection of a painted surface finish patent thumbnailLed-based inspection of a painted surface finish
A method of inspecting a painted finish of a component such as a vehicle body or panel includes positioning the component with respect to an array of led lighting fixtures each having led tubes and generating light via the array with a predetermined set of lighting characteristics. The set of lighting characteristics includes a striped pattern, a beam angle of at least 120 degrees, and a cri of at least 85 or at least 90.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Lamp arrangement patent thumbnailLamp arrangement
The invention has a lamp arrangement (800), a casing (801) of the lamp arrangement, a cooling arrangement (814) and a light source unit (809). The light source unit has an elongated piece (811), to the side of which a light source (805) is attached, and a rear reflector (804).
Naplit Show Oy

 Broadband light source and optical inspector having the same patent thumbnailBroadband light source and optical inspector having the same
A broadband light source includes a first electrodeless lamp to generate first broadband light from plasma, a first elliptical reflector having first and second focuses, the first elliptical reflector enclosing a rear portion of the first electrodeless lamp positioned at the first focus of the first elliptical reflector such that the first broadband light is reflected from the first elliptical reflector toward a light collector as a collective light, a symmetrically curved reflector having a third focus, the symmetrically curved reflector positioned such that the third focus is coincident with one of the first and second focuses, and a laser irradiator to provide a laser beam to the first electrodeless lamp.. .

 Air handling light fixture patent thumbnailAir handling light fixture
A luminaire includes a reflector having a central channel for receiving a light emitter, a first side portion extending from the central channel in a first direction, and a second side portion extending from the central channel in a second direction. A first set of apertures extends through the first side portion and a second set of apertures extends through the second side portion..
Hubbell Incorporated


Light source for uniform illumination of a surface

Devices and methods for uniform illumination of a target surface are disclosed. A device assembly has a light source configured to be coupled to a mounting surface, and at least one reflector.
Terralux, Inc.


Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a shade movable between a light blocking position and a light blocking release position. A light emitting surface of a light emitting element faces one side in a lateral direction and an upper end edge of the light emitting surface extends in a front-rear direction.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Lighting device with central and peripheral illumination

A light assembly includes a light source and a reflector having a reflective interior surface and a central opening. A toroidal-shaped toroid optic includes a central bore and the light source is positioned in the central bore.
Koehler-bright Star Llc


Optical module

An optical module including a light source, an adjustable reflector and a wavelength conversion set is provided. The adjustable reflector is disposed in a light path of light emitted from the light source and adaptable to adjust between a first position and a second position.
Playnitride Inc.


Increasing the spatial and spectral brightness of laser diode arrays

Techniques for increasing the spatial and spectral brightness of laser arrays such as laser diode arrays are provided. Passive cavity designs are described that produce wavefront phase locking across the face of large arrays.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Laser assembly and inspection system using monolithic bandwidth narrowing apparatus

A pulsed uv laser assembly includes a partial reflector or beam splitter that divides each fundamental pulse into two sub-pulses and directs one sub-pulse to one end of a bragg grating and the other pulse to the other end of the bragg grating (or another bragg grating) such that both sub-pulses are stretched and receive opposing (positive and negative) frequency chirps. The two stretched sub-pulses are combined to generate sum frequency light having a narrower bandwidth than could be obtained by second-harmonic generation directly from the fundamental.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Reflector sheet, backlight module and display apparatus

A reflector sheet, a backlight module and a display apparatus, which relate to the display technical field, are provided. They can reserve a space for deformation during thermal expansion of the reflector sheet and prevent the reflector sheet from being deformed, thereby avoiding uneven light.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Systems for determining and imaging wax deposition and simultaneous corrosion and wax deposit determination in pipelines

The systems for determining and imaging wax deposition and simultaneous corrosion and wax deposit determination in pipelines relate to systems for determining wax deposition and corrosion by one or both of two techniques. In both techniques, a source of neutron radiation is directed at the pipeline.
King Abdulaziz University


Illumination optical system with tunable beam angle

An illumination optical system with a tunable beam angle (iostba) is presented to achieve different beam angles without changing parts. The iostba includes a light source and a post having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end in optical communication with the light source, an internal area of the post having a reflective surface.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp is configured to selectively perform low beam irradiation and high beam irradiation, and includes at least two reflector units each including a first light emitting element and a second light emitting element disposed next to each other in a front-rear direction and a reflector that reflects emitted light beams from the first light emitting element and the second light emitting element forward. In the vehicle lamp, a low-beam light distribution pattern or part of the low-beam light distribution pattern is formed by simultaneously turning on the first light emitting element of each of the reflector units, and a high-beam light distribution pattern or part of the high-beam light distribution pattern is formed by simultaneously turning on the second light emitting element of each of the reflector units..
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Polyester resin composition for reflective material and reflector including same

The present invention is directed to a polyester resin composition for providing a reflector having excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, maintaining high reflectance even in a heated environment such as an led manufacturing process or a reflow soldering process, and having small change in shrinkage rate. The polyester resin composition for a reflective material is a composition comprising 30 to 80% by mass of a polyester resin (a) with a melting point or a glass transition temperature of 250° c.
Mitsui Chemicals., Inc.


Headlight structure for vehicle

A headlight structure for ensuring easy structural designing of a light guide member to enhance the degree of the freedom of shape. Reflectors and left and right lenses are disposed respectively on the left and right sides of the center of a vehicle body.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Spatially distributed laser resonator

A distributed resonator laser system using retro-reflecting elements, in which spatially separated retroreflecting elements define respectively a power transmitting and a power receiving unit. The retroreflectors have no point of inversion, so that an incident beam is reflected back along a path essentially coincident with that of the incident beam.
Wi-charge Ltd.


Antenna assembly for long-range high-speed wireless communications

Various embodiments of antenna assemblies are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the antenna assembly includes a reflector comprising a center opening, a feed-antenna subassembly situated in front of the reflector, a rear housing situated behind the reflector, and a pole-mounting bracket comprising a base plate situated between the reflector and the rear housing.
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.


Radome for an antenna with a concave-reflector

A radome for a concave-reflector antenna is fastened directly onto the reflector's edge. The inner surface of the radome comprises at least one absorbent part partially covering its surface area and disposed along its peripheral edge.
Alcatel Lucent


Light-emitting semiconductor component and producing light-emitting semiconductor components

A radiation-emitting semiconductor device includes at least one semiconductor chip having a semiconductor layer sequence having an active region that produces radiation; a mounting surface on which at least one electrical contact for external contacting of the semiconductor chip is formed, wherein the mounting surface runs parallel to a main extension plane of the semiconductor layer sequence; a radiation exit surface running at an angle to or perpendicularly to the mounting surface; a radiation-guiding layer arranged in a beam path between the semiconductor chip and the radiation exit surface; and a reflector body adjacent to the radiation-guiding layer in regions and in a top view of the semiconductor device covers the semiconductor chip.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Light emitting device with an optical element and a reflector

A structure according to embodiments of the invention includes a semiconductor light emitting device and an optical element disposed over the semiconductor light emitting device. The semiconductor light emitting device is disposed in a recess in the optical element.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Acoustic reflectors

An acoustic reflector comprises a shell surrounding a solid elastomeric core free of joints. The shell transmits acoustic waves incident on the surface of the shell partially into the core to be focused and reflected from an area of the shell located opposite to the area of incidence so as to provide a reflected acoustic signal output from the reflectorpartially around the circumference of the shell and to combine constructively with the reflected acoustic signal output.
Subsea Asset Location Technologies Limited


Radar target detection via multi-dimensional cluster of reflectors

A target detection system and a method of performing radar target detection are described. The system includes a radar system to obtain radar echoes from a target with multiple point reflectors.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Co-located locationing techniologies

A method and apparatus for a co-located radio frequency identification (rfid) device and ultrasonic device includes an rfid reader loop antenna element oriented parallel to a reflector panel. An ultrasonic emitter is disposed through an aperture in the reflector panel with a horn that extends through the loop element.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Optical reflectors for spectrometer gas cells

A spectrometer cell can include a spacer, at least one end cap, and at least one mirror with a reflective surface. The end cap can be positioned proximate to a first contact end of the spacer such that the end cap and spacer at least partially enclose an internal volume of the spectrometer cell.
Spectrasensors, Inc.


Biased drive assemblies for heliostats

A drive assembly for a heliostat is described, wherein the drive assembly may be configured to dynamically adjust the position of an attached reflector in concentrated solar power applications. The drive assembly may be further configured to provide for biasing of the reflector to reduce backlash due to external loads.
Esolar Inc.


Apparatus and high efficiency fixed target solar thermal concentrator power plants

A fixed target solar thermal tower design is provided that utilizes a low number of collector modules (32, 172, 191), e.g. 5 to 30, mounted on solar-tracking mechanisms.
E-cube Energy Technologies, Ltd.


Lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus that can easily change light distribution is provided. In an led lighting apparatus in which an led as a light source, and a reflector having a reflecting surface in a shape of a curved surface of revolution are accommodated in an apparatus main body, the reflector is made separable into a base end side and a tip end side of the reflecting surface, and a tip end of the base end side part is protruded from the apparatus main body ..
Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.


Method for illuminating a display using a secondary optical element and a light-diffusing substrate, device for illuminating a display

The invention relates to methods and devices for controlling the intensity and direction of light emerging from an independent source, inter alia to design-based interactions of optical devices in particular for systems for illuminating coloured liquid crystal displays. The method comprises redirecting radiation from sources with the aid of lenses (reflectors).
Samara State Aerospace University (ssau)


Vehicle lamp

In a vehicle lamp in which a plurality of lamp units is arranged side by side in a direction intersecting with a lamp longitudinal direction, a central luminous intensity of a light distribution pattern is increased while securing a sufficient irradiation light quantity. A first additional reflector 34a configured to reflect the light from a second light emitting element 22b toward the front is disposed in the vicinity of a front end edge 24a1 of a first reflector 24a..
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Vehicle lamp

Provided is a vehicle lamp for emitting illumination light having reduced color nonuniformity and luminance variation with a simple structure. The vehicle lamp comprises: a light source for emitting excitation light; a fluorescent body for emitting fluorescent light excited by the excitation light emitted from the light source; a diffuser for diffusing the excitation light specularly reflected on the surface of the fluorescent body; and a reflector for reflecting the fluorescent light emitted from the fluorescent body and the excitation light diffused by the diffuser ahead of a vehicle.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Headlamp with lens reflector subassembly

A headlamp includes heat sink structure for positioning a light emitting diode at an angle offset from the longitudinal axis of the headlamp and a reflector lens subassembly including a reflector portion and a light transmissive portion. The reflector portion includes a reflective surface for directing light from the light emitting diode towards the light transmissive portion.
Truck-lite Co., Llc


Led projector capable of emitting light in 180°

An led projector capable of emitting light in 180°, which includes a projector body; a power supply; a reflector cup; a lampshade; and a lampshade frame; a lamp seat having a pair of symmetrical inclined planes, an angle between the vertical center lines of the two inclined planes is between 30° and 90°; and two integrated led lamps, each led lamp being fixed on an inclined plane of the lamp seat, wherein the reflector cup has a bulge, and the bulge has two light projection holes for receiving the integrated led lamps. The led projector has a simple and rational configuration with easy assembly, and has large range of irradiation, good light condensation effect and balanced light..
Ningbo Gemay Industry Co., Ltd


Interior rearview mirror system for vehicle

An interior rearview mirror system for a vehicle includes an interior rearview mirror assembly having a mirror head with a mirror reflective element. The mirror reflective element includes a transflective mirror reflector.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.


Electrosurgical instrument

An electrosurgical instrument includes an elongated housing having proximal and distal ends. The proximal end is configured to couple to a source of electrosurgical energy via first and second channels extending along a length of the housing to the distal end thereof.
Covidien Lp


Hardware-logic based flow collector for distributed denial of service (ddos) attack mitigation

Methods and systems for an integrated solution to flow collection for determination of rate-based dos attacks targeting isp infrastructure are provided. According to one embodiment, a method of mitigating ddos attacks is provided.
Fortinet, Inc.


Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof

Disclosed are an organic light emitting diode display and a manufacturing method thereof, and more particularly, an organic light emitting diode display capable of minimizing resistance increase of a second electrode and improving light extraction efficiency at the same time by forming a separate reflector, and a manufacturing method thereof.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof

A light emitting device includes a first lead frame having a top surface including a first region and a second region, a first metal layer disposed on the first region of the top surface, a reflector layer in contact with the second region of the top surface, a light emitting element mounted on the first metal layer and electrically connected to the first lead frame, and a transparent resin layer covering the light emitting element and in contact with the first metal layer.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Light emitting device on a mount with a reflective layer

Embodiments of the invention include a semiconductor light emitting diode (led) attached to a top surface of a mount. A multi-layer reflector is disposed on the top surface of the mount adjacent to the led.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Solar generator with focusing optics including toroidal arc lenses

We disclose here a new type of solar generator using an optical concentrator in which sunlight is concentrated successively in each of two dimensions. Sunlight is first reflected toward a linear focus by a large, deeply-curved, cylindrical trough reflector of parabolic shape.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


Surface micro-machined infrared sensor using highly temperature stable interferometric absorber

A method for manufacturing a surface machined infrared sensor package is disclosed. A semiconductor wafer is provided having a front side surface and a back side surface.
Excelitas Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Laser light source and projection display device

The present disclosure relates to a laser light source and a projection display device. The laser light source includes: n groups of laser devices, n convex lenses, a concave lens and at least one reflector component; each convex lens corresponds to a group of laser devices, and is configured to converge light beams emitted by the corresponding group of laser devices; each reflector component corresponds to at least one convex lens and is disposed in a emergent light direction of a corresponding convex lens, and the concave lens is disposed in a emergent light direction of the at least one reflector component; and an emergent light beam of the convex lens corresponding to each reflector component passes through the reflector component and then arrives at the concave lens..
Hisense International Co., Ltd.


Compact projection light engine for a diffractive waveguide display

The technology provides a waveguide display having a compact projection light engine and a diffractive waveguide. The diffractive waveguide includes input diffraction gratings with rolled k-vectors.


Compact panoramic camera: optical system, apparatus, image forming method

An optical system, apparatus, and method for sensing 360-degree horizontal and wide vertical field of view are shown. Powerful optics creates high resolution decompressed images on an image sensor.
Remotereality Corporation


Variable optical attenuator with wavelength-dependent loss compensation

A variable optical attenuator with wavelength-dependent loss compensation is provided, including: an optical fiber pigtail comprising at least a first waveguide and a second waveguide; a lens being disposed between the optical fiber pigtail and a reflector for focusing an emitted light from the first waveguide and returning a reflected light from the reflector to the second waveguide of the optical fiber pigtail; and the reflector being disposed at the focus of the lens to reflect the emitted light from the first waveguide passing the lens, and the reflected light passing through the lens to return to the second waveguide, the reflector having an initial position with a normal forming a pre-tilt angle with the axis of lens in the incident plane defined by the two axes, and the reflector tilting towards a larger tilt angle when an attenuation value increasing.. .
Browave Corporation


Light reflector

A light modifier that can be used in image capture is described. The light modifier has a planar body having a first surface and a second surface.


Displacement measurements using simulated multi-wavelength light sources

An embodiment of an apparatus for estimating a parameter includes a multi-wavelength electromagnetic source configured to emit electromagnetic radiation beams having multiple wavelengths at a fixed angle relative to an interferometer, the multi-wavelength source having a stabilizer configured to lock each beam to one of a plurality of discrete wavelength ranges. The apparatus also includes the interferometer, which has a fixed reference reflector and a moveable reflecting assembly coupled to a moveable mass, the mass configured to move in response to the parameter.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method and optical absorption measurements

Disclosed herein is a measuring probe and an arrangement for measuring spectral absorption, preferably in the infrared. Furthermore, the present disclosure relates to a method for spectroscopically measuring absorption.
Universität Stuttgart


Ultrasonic flow meter using reflected beams

An ultrasonic transducer for a pipe includes an ultrasonic source configured to emit a sonic beam and a conically shaped reflector configured to reflect the sonic beam towards an inner wall of the pipe. An apex of the reflector opposite its base is mounted to the ultrasonic source.


Systems and methods for simulating small arms fire

A system for simulating small arms fire includes a parabolic reflector, a speaker system, an amplifier, and a memory. The speaker system includes a speaker located at the focus of the parabolic reflector.


System of secondary reflectors with high level of efficiency for storage and use of energy from a solar source

A secondary optical system to increase efficiency in collecting solar radiation concentrated by primary mirrors in “beam-down” plant configurations is described. Such secondary optical system is formed at least by two reflectors—preferably in form of plane mirrors arranged at different heights—oriented to associate to each of them a sub-section of a primary field of heliostats.
Magaldi Industrie S.r.l.


Led soft light

An improved led soft light is disclosed, which comprises a trough assembly; a plurality of led light assemblies housed within the trough assembly, each of the led light assemblies comprising one or more leds to emit light and an primary reflector surrounding the one or more leds to direct the light emitted by the one or more leds; and a secondary reflector positioned proximate a rear portion of the trough assembly to reflect the light emitted by the plurality of led light assemblies and direct the emitted light out of the front of the soft light.. .
Mole-richardson Co., Ltd


Directional flashlight

Disclosed is an electrical hand held and battery operated searchlight torch, having means to shine at least part of its emitted light away from a single direction and thereby shining light at least more than one direction forward. One configuration comprises directional reflector heads switchable individually.


Flexible light panel for professional use

A professional grade lighting apparatus may include a base panel that is flexible and has a reflector surface and a holding panel that is flexible and formed of a transparent and/or translucent material. A plurality of commercially available led strips may be placed within pockets.


Apparatus and controlling the quality of transparent objects

The invention relates to an apparatus for controlling the quality of transparent objects, comprising at least one light source being adapted to illuminate the object, and at least one image capturing device, by means of which at least one image of the object can be detected, wherein the apparatus comprises further at least one reflector, wherein the reflector and the image capturing device define a beam path, wherein the reflector, the image capturing device, and the light source are arranged such that the object can be arranged between the reflector, on the one hand, and the image capturing device and the light source, on the other hand, such that a single sheet of material is located in the beam path. Furthermore, the invention relates to a corresponding method for controlling the quality of transparent objects..
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angew. Forschung E.v.


Elastic wave filter and duplexer using same

An elastic wave filter has an unbalanced signal terminal, first and second balanced signal terminals, and first through fifth idt electrodes arranged in ordinal order between a pair of grating reflectors. Wiring electrodes of the third and fifth idt electrodes are disposed adjacent a ground electrode of the fourth idt electrode, wiring electrodes of the second and third idt electrodes are disposed adjacent one another, and ground electrodes of the first and second idt electrodes are disposed adjacent one another.
Skyworks Panasonic Filter Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.


Mode-controlled laser system

A mode-controlled laser system includes an active region to generate optical energy in response to an electric signal. The system also includes a mirror to resonate the optical energy in an optical cavity.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp


Wide scan steerable antenna

A steerable antenna configuration having all actuators and the feed source mounted on a stationary side of the antenna thereby eliminating the need of having to supply power and/or communication signal through, a rotation mechanism. A first actuator rotates a reflector assembly about a first axis, and a second actuator rotates at least a main reflector of the reflector assembly about a second axis perpendicular to the first axis.
Macdonald, Dettwiler And Associates Corporation


Led console assembly with light reflector

A console assembly for an appliance has a light transmissive indicia assembly having at least one indicator and one operator control, a printed circuit assembly (pca) mounted to the indicia assembly with touch circuit and light emitting diodes (leds) mounted to both sides of the pca, and a light reflector disposed adjacent to the pca and the leds.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Optical fiber annular heating processing apparatus

A heating apparatus, including a laser beam, an axicon reflector, which redirects the laser beam to generate a conical beam, and a reflecting structure, which redirects the conical beam to create a heating area.. .
Afl Telecommunications Llc


Diffuse reflectors

A process for fabricating a diffuse reflector includes: mixing a fluid that is immiscible in a solution containing mesogens into the solution to create a mixture containing droplets of the fluid suspended in the mixture; depositing a layer of the mixture on a surface; and processing the layer to form a film in a manner such that the droplets of the fluid disrupt alignment of the reactive mesogens in the solution and nucleate defects that propagate through the film. A diffuse reflector may include a first layer of cholesteric material that reflects a first wavelength of light and fluid droplets distributed in the layer to nucleate defects and separate domains..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Light sensor with chemically resistant and robust reflector stack

A light sensor having a chemically resistant and robust reflector stack is disclosed. The reflector stack is formed over a substrate, and includes an adhesion layer, a patterned reflector layer over the adhesion layer, and a smoothing layer over the patterned reflector layer.
Newport Fab, Llc Dba Jazz Semiconductor


Laser-based coordinate measuring device and laser-based measuring coordinates

A method for measuring a distance includes modulating the light beam at a first frequency, receiving a second beam by the optical detector to produce a first electrical signal having the first frequency and a first phase; modulating the light beam at a second frequency different than the first frequency; receiving the second beam by the optical detector to produce a second electrical signal having the second frequency and a second. After these steps, the retroreflector is moved while modulating the light beam continuously at the second frequency; and a first distance to the retroreflector is determined based at least in part on a the first and second frequencies and phases..
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Reflector attachment to an led-based illumination module

An led based illumination module includes a thermal interface surface that is coupled to a thermal interface surface of a reflector using engaging members that generate a compressive force between the thermal interface surfaces. The engaging members may be, e.g., protrusions that interface with recesses, spring pins, formed sheet metal, magnets, mounting collar, etc.
Xicato, Inc.


Luminaire and luminaire components

A luminaire (41, 141) for a double ended tubular hid lamp (110) is disclosed. The luminaire has a v-shaped reflector (2) having a spine (3) and is bendable into a tensioned state having a generally m-shaped configuration.
Hygro International Pty Limited


Reflector assembly having a plurality of reflectors and semiconductor light sources

A reflector assembly for a lighting device including a plurality of reflectors for at least one semiconductor light source each, wherein the reflectors are reflector sub-regions of a common, continuous sheet-metal part and the reflector sub-regions have wing regions bent at least partially from the sheet-metal part. A lighting device includes at least one reflector assembly, wherein at least one semiconductor light source is arranged on the sheet-metal part.
Osram Gmbh


Children's toy

A children's toy drum having a drum head that is partially reflective and partially light transmissive. Lights inside of the drum are visible through the drum head when illuminated, and when the lights are not illuminated the drum head acts as a mirror reflecting external light and obscuring visibility of the drum's interior.
Kids Ii, Inc.


Surface acoustic wave filter, surface acoustic wave filter device, and duplexer

A surface acoustic wave filter includes a longitudinally coupled resonator first filter section and a longitudinally coupled resonator second filter section that is electrically connected to the first filter section in parallel or in series and that is provided next to the first filter section in a surface acoustic wave propagation direction. The first filter section includes a first interdigital transducer group arranged in the surface acoustic wave propagation direction.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Surface-emitting semiconductor laser, producing the same, surface-emitting semiconductor laser device, optical transmission device, and information processing device

A surface-emitting semiconductor laser includes a first semiconductor multilayer film reflector, an active region, a second semiconductor multilayer film reflector, and a current confinement layer including an oxidized region formed by selective oxidation. The current confinement layer includes a first semiconductor layer having a relatively high al content, a second semiconductor layer that is adjacent to the first semiconductor layer on an active-region side of the first semiconductor layer and has a lower al content than the first semiconductor layer, and a composition-gradient layer adjacent to the first semiconductor layer on a side of the first semiconductor layer which is opposite to the active-region side.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Surface-emitting semiconductor laser, surface-emitting semiconductor laser device, optical transmission device, and information processing device

Provided is a surface-emitting semiconductor laser including a substrate; a first semiconductor multilayer reflector of a first conductivity type formed on the substrate, the first semiconductor multilayer reflector including plural pairs of a low-refractive-index layer and a high-refractive-index layer; a cavity region formed on the first semiconductor multilayer reflector; a second semiconductor multilayer reflector of a second conductivity type formed on the cavity region, the second semiconductor multilayer reflector including plural pairs of a low-refractive-index layer and a high-refractive-index layer; a columnar structure extending from the second semiconductor multilayer reflector to the cavity region; and a current confinement layer formed inside the columnar structure by selective oxidation of a semiconductor layer containing al. The cavity region includes an active region; and a cavity extension region interposed between the active region and the first semiconductor multilayer reflector..
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Ion injector and lens system for ion beam milling

The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for performing ion etching on a semiconductor substrate, as well as methods for forming such apparatus. In some embodiments, an electrode assembly may be fabricated, the electrode assembly including a plurality of electrodes having different purposes, with each electrode secured to the next in a mechanically stable manner.
Lam Research Corporation


Posture detection system with retroreflector comprising a wire-meshing

The general field of the invention is that of systems for detecting the posture of a moving object. The system may include a fixed electro-optical device of known orientation comprising an emission source, an image sensor and image analysis means, and an optical assembly comprising an optical retroreflector arranged on the moving object.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a light source, a reflector, a photosensitive member, a light receiver, and an integrated circuit chip. The integrated circuit chip outputs, to the light source, a lighting signal for controlling lighting of the light source.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Optical mask

An optical mask including a transmissive base substrate, a reflective pattern layer, and a photothermal conversion pattern layer. The reflective pattern layer is disposed on the transmissive base substrate.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Display device

A display device including a frame, a glass light guide plate, an optical film set, a display panel, a reflector, a back plate and an electronic element is provided. The frame has a first connecting surface and a second connecting surface.
Young Lighting Technology Inc.


Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes a front lens group, which constitutes part of an imaging optical system, at a fixed position with respect to an optical axis direction, wherein the front lens group includes a front lens element and a reflector and the reflector reflects light rays exiting from the front lens element; a movable lens group provided closer to the image plane side than the front lens group and movable along the optical axis; a support which supports the reflector; a movable frame which supports the front lens element and is supported by the support to be movable along a plane orthogonal to the optical axis of the front lens element; a front cover fixed to the support; and a driver which drives the movable frame in the plane, in accordance with vibrations applied to the photographing optical system, to reduce image shake.. .
Hoya Corporation


Compact architecture for near-to-eye display system

An eyepiece body of an eyepiece includes an input lens positioned to couple display light into the eyepiece body along a forward propagation path, a concave end reflector disposed at an opposite end of the eyepiece body from the input lens to reflect the display light back along a reverse propagation path, and a viewing region including a partially reflective surface that redirects at least a portion of the display light traveling along the reverse propagation path out of an eye-ward side of the eyepiece body along an emission path. The partially reflective surface is obliquely angled relative to the eye-ward side and the concave end reflector is titled relative to a top or bottom surface of the eyepiece body to collectively cause the emission path of the display light to be oblique to a normal vector of the eye-ward side in two orthogonal dimensions..
Google Inc.


Reflection imaging device and producing reflection imaging device

A reflection imaging device includes a first component board, a second component board, and flat plates. The first component board includes first planar reflectors perpendicular to a plate surface and first light transmissive bases extending parallel to the first planar reflectors.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Electronic device with internally-housed camera

An internally-housed camera in an electronic device includes a lens assembly and an image convertor located above the lens assembly. The lens assembly includes a lens and a reflector arranged at an acute angle with the lens.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Light steering for silicon photonic devices

A photonic device comprising a base plate, a photonic laser coupled to the base plate, wherein the photonic laser is configured to generate a light, a lens coupled to the base plate, wherein the lens is configured to receive the light from the photonic laser, form a focused light, and pass the focused light to a reflector, and the reflector incorporated with the base plate such that the lens is positioned between the photonic laser and the reflector, wherein the reflector is configured to receive the focused light, and wherein the reflector is configured to steer a first portion of the focused light through the base plate using total internal reflection.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Illumination devices including multiple light emitting elements

A variety of illumination devices are disclosed that are configured to manipulate light provided by one or more light-emitting elements (lees). In general, embodiments of the illumination devices feature one or more optical couplers that redirect illumination from the lees to a reflector which then directs the light into a range of angles.
Quarkstar Llc


Luminaire for generating direct lighting and indirect lighting

A luminaire for generating direct lighting and indirect lighting including an led light source for generating light and a light guide plate having a first main surface and a second main surface, which is connected to the first main surface marginally via a narrow side face, wherein the led light source is arranged in such a way that the light is radiated into the light guide plate via the narrow side face and subsequently one part of the light is emitted for generating the direct lighting via the first large main surface. Furthermore, a reflector is provided, which is arranged adjacent to the second main surface, wherein the reflector has at least one light-transmissive region configured in such a way that a further part of the light is emitted for generating the indirect lighting via the second main surface through the light-transmissive region..
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh


Remote source light-guiding light assembly

A light assembly may include a reflector having a reflective surface that defines an internal volume. A focal point is within the internal volume.
The Boeing Company


Backlight for liquid crystal displaly device having a reflector being coated with a gradation color layer composed by yellow

A backlight module includes a light source, a waveguide, a reflector, and an optical film. The waveguide includes a light inlet surface facing the light source, a light emitting surface adjacent to the light inlet surface, and a bottom surface opposite to the light emitting surface.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Optical reflective film, manufacturing the same, and optical reflector using the same

To provide an optical reflective film capable of suppressing formation of a defect known as color bleeding, an optical reflective film which suppresses occurrence of curling and has excellent folding resistance, and an optical reflective film having excellent interlayer adhesion and external appearance after exposure to high humidity conditions. In an optical reflective film including at least one unit in which a low refractive index layer and a high refractive index layer are laminated on a substrate, at least one of the low refractive index layer and the high refractive index layer includes an ethylene-modified polyvinyl alcohol having a degree of ethylene modification of 1 to 10 mol % and inorganic oxide particles.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Light fixture for indirect asymmetric illumination with leds

A light fixture optimized for directional lighting, including led lighting, includes a fixture housing, further including a lighting element shelf and a window opening; a reflector, which is configured with a special parabolic shape, a lighting element which is mounted on an inside surface of the lighting element shelf, such that light emitted from the lighting element will reflect at least one time on the reflector, before exiting the light fixture via the window opening as a wide and uniform field of asymmetric indirect illumination. The light fixture can be configured in versions suitable for wall illumination, conference room illumination, ceiling illumination, ground surface illumination, and related illumination applications for interior and exterior use..
R. W. Swarens Associates, Inc. Dba Engineered Lighting Products


Reflector and light emitting diode illumination device having the same

A reflector configured for reflecting light emitted from a light emitting diode (led) toward a desired area is provided. The reflector defines a groove therein for accommodating the led.
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.


Vehicle reflector assembly with circuit board retention plate

A lamp reflector assembly that includes a lamp reflector and a circuit board holder plate. The lamp reflector and the circuit board holder plate each include guide ribs to hold a lamp circuit board in place in the reflector assembly.
Valeo North America, Inc.


Hybrid optics led headlamp

This invention provides an optical system that collects 100% of the light emitted from the light source and effectively directs it into the desired beam pattern. This is achieved by a combination of different optical control methods including reflector and lens optics.
Magna International, Inc.


Integrated led based illumination device

A light emitting diode (led) based illumination device include a plurality of leds mounted to mounting board and includes a transmissive plate disposed above the leds. The transmissive plate includes an amount of wavelength converting material configured to change a wavelength of an amount of light emitted by the plurality of leds.
Xicato, Inc.


Color mixing optics for led lighting

Color mixing optics for a multi-color led lamp comprise an outer reflector having a paraboloidal surface of revolution and a total inner reflection (tir) lens having an outer contour with a paraboloidal surface of revolution. The outer reflector and the tir lens are centered around a common center axis.
Ketra, Inc.

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