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Reflector patents

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Unidirectional ring lasers

Hewlett-packard Development L.p.

Unidirectional ring lasers

High power broadband light source


High power broadband light source

High power broadband light source

Empire Technology Development

Light-emissive devices and light-emissive displays

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 Mirror element for vehicle patent thumbnailMirror element for vehicle
A visor assembly for a vehicle includes a visor element configured to pivotally attach at an interior portion of a vehicle so as to be pivotable between a non-use position, where the visor is disposed along a roof of the vehicle, and a use position, where the visor element is disposed at least partially along a windshield of the vehicle. A vanity mirror reflective element includes a glass mirror substrate and a mirror reflector coating.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

 Unidirectional ring lasers patent thumbnailUnidirectional ring lasers
A laser includes an active ring, a passive waveguide, and a reflector. The active ring is to generate light.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 High power broadband light source patent thumbnailHigh power broadband light source
A system for generating high power broadband light includes multiple light-sustained plasma light sources. Each one of the light-sustained sources includes a pumping source, a gas containment structure for containing gas and configured to receive pumping illumination from the pumping source and a parabolic reflector element arranged to collect at least a portion of the broadband radiation emitted by the generated plasma and form a collimated broadband radiation output.
Kla-tencor Corporation

 Light-emissive devices and light-emissive displays patent thumbnailLight-emissive devices and light-emissive displays
In some embodiments, a light-emissive device may include a reflector assembly, a dielectric layer, an electrode pin, a second semiconductor, and an electrode connector. The reflector assembly may define a cavity, a light opening, and an electrode pin opening.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Nanostructured led array with collimating reflectors patent thumbnailNanostructured led array with collimating reflectors
The present invention relates to nanostructured light emitting diodes, leds. The nanostructure led device according to the invention comprises an array of a plurality of individual nanostructured leds.
Qunano Ab

 Optical touch module patent thumbnailOptical touch module
An optical touch module is disposed on a display. The display has two edges opposite to each other and a plurality of corners.
Quanta Computer Inc.

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display unit, an optical unit, and a reflector. The display unit includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a first plane.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Liquid crystal display device and vehicle measuring instrument patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display device and vehicle measuring instrument
A liquid crystal display device includes a liquid crystal panel; a light source; a light guide member that guides light emitted from the light source to a back surface side of the liquid crystal panel; a diffuser panel that is disposed between the light guide member and the liquid crystal panel, extended over an entire area of the back surface of the liquid crystal panel, and diffuses the light received from the light guide member to illuminate the light to the liquid crystal panel; a first reflector that is provided on a back surface of the diffuser panel close to the light guide member side and on an optical axis of the light received from the light guide member, and reflects the light towards the light guide member side; and a second reflector that reflect the light reflected on the first reflector to the diffuser panel side.. .
Yazaki Corporation

 Display device patent thumbnailDisplay device
According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display, a first optical element, and a reflector. The display unit includes a first pixel emitting a first light, and a second pixel emitting a second light.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Tunable reflectors based on multi-cavity interference patent thumbnailTunable reflectors based on multi-cavity interference
A reflective structure includes an input/output port and an optical splitter coupled to the input/output port. The optical splitter has a first branch and a second branch.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.


Markings on glass cube-corner retroreflector and measuring retroreflector orientation

A retroreflector includes a glass prism having three mutually perpendicular planar reflecting faces and a front face, the three reflecting faces intersecting in intersecting lines each having a mark, the front surface including three marks, each of the marks on the intersecting lines and the front surface having a different angle in a 2d image obtained a camera for any angle of an optical axis of the camera from 0 to 45 degree relative to a vector normal of the front face.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Velocity interferometer for any reflector with variable sensitivity range and time resolution

The present disclosure relates to a velocity interferometer. The interferometer described herein, comprises of two optical cells, one partially containing a liquid.
Defence Research & Development Organisation


Parabolic antenna with an integrated sub reflector

A sensor for a fill level measuring device for determining the fill level in a container by determining the delay time of high-frequency signals, comprising a main reflector having an edge region and an inner region, a sub reflector, which is connected to the edge region of the main reflector via a radome, an inner space, which is encompassed by the radome and the main reflector, and a hollow waveguide which is connected to the main reflector and has a front end, which is oriented toward the sub reflector for coupling electromagnetic waves in and/or out, wherein the radome and the sub reflector are embodied as integral or unitary in formation.. .
Vega Grieshaber Kg


Measuring device, especially flow measuring device, and manufacturing a measuring tube for a measuring device

A measuring device, especially a flow measuring device, including a measuring tube. The measuring tube includes at least one nozzle formed from the measuring tube by hot forming and serving for mounting a measuring transducer, especially an ultrasonic transducer, a measurement signal reflector, especially an ultrasonic reflector, and/or a measurement transmitter, and a method for manufacturing a measuring tube for a measuring device..
Endress + Flowtec Ag


Display device with multiple display surfaces

The present invention discloses a display device with multiple display surfaces, including: a multi-surface display structure including at least two display panels; a light source provided under the middle part of the display structure; and a reflective surface including at least two reflectors having inclination angles is arranged on the top of the multi-surface display structure. The light source is provided under the multi-surface display structure, such that the bottom space of the display device is efficiently utilized, and the light shadow is eliminated.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.



A reflector and a light fixture that includes the reflector are provided, where the reflector has a reflecting surface having a shape which closely approximates a determined surface which is series of ellipsoidal section segments, wherein each ellipsoidal section segment has a first focus a and a second focus b, wherein first focus a is the same point for each ellipsoidal section segment, and wherein, for successive ellipsoidal section segments, focus b is at a successive location along a line. In some embodiments, the light fixture additionally comprises a light source, typically located at focus a.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Luminaire with angled reflector

A luminaire includes a plurality of solid state light sources arranged to emit light in respective angular distributions that are centered along a common optical axis. A reflector including one or more reflecting surfaces is arranged along a periphery of the solid state light sources.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a phosphor which receives laser light (excitation light) emitted from a semiconductor light-emitting element to emit visible light, a reflector which reflects the visible light (illumination light) emitted from the phosphor forward, and an absorbing member which absorbs excitation light regularly reflected by a surface of the phosphor. A metal plate on which the phosphor is disposed to be inclined to cause the excitation light regularly reflected by the surface of the phosphor to be incident on the absorbing member.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Showerhead design

Embodiments described herein relate to a showerhead having a reflector plate with a gas injection insert for radially distributing gas. In one embodiment, a showerhead assembly includes a reflector plate and a gas injection insert.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Frameless interior rearview mirror assembly

An interior rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a mirror casing and a prismatic interior reflective element. The reflective element comprises a wedge-shaped glass substrate having a perimeter edge about a periphery of the glass substrate and extending between first and second surfaces thereof.
Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.


Blind spot detection module

Provided is a blind spot detection module, including: a light source module linked with a sensor signal for detection of an object in an area behind a vehicle to emit light; and a reflector module including a warning optical pattern for transmitting light emitted from the light source module, wherein the light source module comprises a light guide member adopted to receive a light emitting element and to guide light to the reflector module.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Otfs methods of data channel characterization and uses thereof

Fiber, cable, and wireless data channels are typically impaired by reflectors and other imperfections, producing a channel state with echoes and frequency shifts in data waveforms. Here, methods of using otfs pilot symbol waveform bursts to automatically produce a detailed 2d model of the channel state are presented.
Cohere Technologies, Inc.


Methods of operating and implementing wireless otfs communciations systems

Computerized wireless transmitter/receiver system that automatically uses combinations of various methods, including transmitting data symbols by weighing or modulating a family of time shifted and frequency shifted waveforms bursts, pilot symbol methods, error detection methods, mimo methods, and other methods, to automatically determine the structure of a data channel, and automatically compensate for signal distortions caused by various structural aspects of the data channel, as well as changes in channel structure. Often the data channel is a two or three dimensional space in which various wireless transmitters, receivers and signal reflectors are moving.
Cohere Technologies, Inc.


Antenna arrays with modified yagi antenna units

Techniques of designing an antenna array with antenna units controlled electronically are described. Each of the antenna units includes a reflector, a driven element and one or more directors.
Commsky Technologies, Inc.


Randomized surface reflector

A metal plate of small, reflective cells of varying, random (within a limited rage) heights that reflect radio frequency energy such that individual reflective paths are of random length, adding neither constructively nor destructively, and thus not creating a standing wave condition between the reflective plate and the emitter or receiver is disclosed.. .
Associated Universities, Inc.


Optical reflectors for use with a near-field transducer

An apparatus is includes a near field transducer positioned adjacent a media-facing surface and at the end of a waveguide having at least one core layer and a cladding layer. The apparatus also includes at least one optical reflector positioned adjacent opposing cross-track edges of the near field transducer and/or adjacent a down-track side of the near-field transducer..
Seagate Technology Llc


Optical switch activator

An optical switch having a housing, a light source and a light detector. The light source and light detector are located remote from the housing.


Polarization measuring device, lithography apparatus, measuring arrangement, and polarization measurement

A polarization measuring device (10) for determining the polarization of a light beam (16, 46) that includes a reflector (12, 58) and a detector (14, 20). The reflector (12, 58) is configured such that the plane of incidence of the light rays in the light beam (16, 46) varies in a location-dependent manner, such that the reflector (12, 58) reflects differing polarization components of the light beam (16, 46) to different extents depending on the plane of incidence.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Robust index correction of an angular encoder in a three-dimensional coordinate measurement device

A 3d measurement device sends a beam of light to a point on an object, receives the reflected light, and determines a distance and two angles to the point, one of the angles measured by an angular encoder, which includes a disk having incremental marks and an index mark. Light from the 3d device is rotated to reflect light from a reference reflector to produce a first synchronization signal.
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Ink curing apparatus

An ink curing apparatus (1) comprising a uv lamp (9); at least two reflectors (5, 7); and at least one continuously moveable shutter (11a, 11b), wherein the movement of the or each shutter (11a, 11b), between an open position exposing a substrate to uv radiation from the uv lamp (9) and a closed position wherein the shutter (11a, 11b) shields the substrate from the uv radiation from the uv lamp, is controlled by a crank mechanism (20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26).. .
Gew (ec) Limited


Acoustophoretic device with piezoelectric transducer array

An apparatus for separating particles from a fluid stream includes a flow chamber that has at least one inlet and at least one outlet. At least one ultrasonic transducer is located on a wall of the flow chamber.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.


Using a halo to facilitate viewing dark virtual objects in augmented or virtual reality

Configurations are disclosed for presenting virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to users. The system may comprise an image-generating source to provide one or more frames of image data in a time-sequential manner, a light modulator configured to transmit light associated with the one or more frames of image data, a substrate to direct image information to a user's eye, wherein the substrate houses a plurality of reflectors, a first reflector of the plurality of reflectors to reflect transmitted light associated with a first frame of image data at a first angle to the user's eye, and a second reflector to reflect transmitted light associated with a second frame of the image data at a second angle to the user's eye..
Magic Leap, Inc.


Dynamically adjusting width of beam based on altitude

An antenna includes a radiator and a reflector and has a radiation pattern that is based at least in part on a separation distance between the radiator and the reflector. The antenna includes a linkage configured to adjust the separation distance based at least in part on the altitude of the antenna.
Google Inc.



A stylus includes a casing comprising an opening, a push rod disposed in the casing, a pen head fixed on an end of the push rod, a reflector coupled to the push rod, and a linkage mechanism disposed in the casing. At least a part of the pen head is exposed of the casing.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Optical logic circuit operating by controlling reflection of light and computing device using said optical logic circuit

The disclosed optical logic circuit operating by controlling the reflection of light comprises: a first waveguide, at least a portion of which is formed into the shape of a straight line; a second waveguide branched at a predetermined angle from the first waveguide; and a first reflector having a refractive index that varies based on a first input signal, the first reflector selecting either the first waveguide or the second waveguide as a pathway of light. The value of the signal of a first output terminal provided through the first waveguide and the value of the signal of a second output terminal provided through the second waveguide can be adjusted using the first input signal..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Light source and backlight module having the same

A light source includes a carrier, a plurality of solid-state light-emitting devices, a plate photo-coupler, a first reflector, and a plurality of second reflectors. The solid-state light-emitting devices and the light-incoupling component are configured on the carrier.
Au Optronics Corporation


Target object for a laser measuring device and identifying the target object

A target object (20) for a laser measuring device (11) emitting a search beam and a measurement beam, including a reflector device (21) having at least one reflector element (22) for reflecting the measurement beam, a receiving device (23) having at least one receiving element (24) for receiving the search beam, a transmitting device (25) having at least one transmitting element (31, 32, 33) for emitting a visible transmission beam (34, 35, 36) and a control device (26) having an evaluation element (27) for evaluating the received search beam and a control element (28) for controlling the receiving and transmitting devices (23, 25) is provided. The transmitting device (25) emits a first and a second visible transmission beam (34, 35), wherein the color of light of the first visible transmission beam (34) differs from the color of light of the second visible transmission beam (35)..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Hard-pressed glass light emitting diode flood lamp

In various embodiments, a light emitting diode (led) flood lamp is provided. The led flood lamp may include a base cap; a first housing having a first end and a second end, the first end secured to the base cap; a second housing having at least in part a partially conical shape, an end of the second housing having a smaller diameter secured to the second end of the first housing; at least one led secured within the second; driver circuitry secured within the led flood lamp between the end of the base cap and the at least one led; a reflector having a partially conical shape; and a diffuser element secured to at least one of a wider end of the reflector or the end of the second housing having the larger diameter.
Feit Electric Company, Inc.


Led-based illumination device reflector having sense and communication capability

A reflector housing is detachably coupled to an led based illumination device and includes a flange having a surface facing the environment illuminated by the led based illumination device. The reflector housing further includes a reflector having an input port that receives light emitted from the led based illumination device and an output port through which light passes toward the environment.
Xicato, Inc.


Wind-up light-directing slat, production, application, and sun protection system

Light guiding slat for a sun protection system, wherein the light guiding slat is made of a band material equipped with a fresnel reflector made by folding and/or bending the band material whereby the light guiding slat has a total height (g) which is so small that the light guiding slat has a form to be coilable with a coiling radius of 1 m or less without any substantial plastic deformation.. .


High-productivity porous semiconductor manufacturing equipment

This disclosure enables high-productivity fabrication of semiconductor-based separation layers (made of single layer or multi-layer porous semiconductors such as porous silicon, comprising single porosity or multi-porosity layers), optical reflectors (made of multi-layer/multi-porosity porous semiconductors such as porous silicon), formation of porous semiconductor (such as porous silicon) for anti-reflection coatings, passivation layers, and multi-junction, multi-band-gap solar cells (for instance, by forming a variable band gap porous silicon emitter on a crystalline silicon thin film or wafer-based solar cell). Other applications include fabrication of mems separation and sacrificial layers for die detachment and mems device fabrication, membrane formation and shallow trench isolation (sti) porous silicon (using porous silicon formation with an optimal porosity and its subsequent oxidation).
Solexel, Inc.


Trailer alignment guide device

A trailer alignment guide device facilitates alignment of a trailer behind a vehicle when backing the trailer up. The device includes a trailer coupled to a vehicle.


Mirror reflective element sub-assembly for exterior rearview mirror of a vehicle

A mirror reflective element sub-assembly for a vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror reflective element, a heater pad and a mirror back plate. The heater pad is adhered to the reflective element with a light-transmitting aperture of the heater pad generally juxtaposed with a light transmitting aperture of a metallic mirror reflector of the reflective element.
Donnelly Corporation


Luminous photo frame

A luminous photo frame includes an outer frame assembly having a light transmittable section, a reflector plate arranged in the outer frame assembly, a light guide plate arranged between the reflector plate and the light transmittable section, a light emission element opposing an edge of the light guide plate, a brightness enhancement film arranged between the light guide plate and the light transmittable section, and a light-transmitting surface panel mounted to the outer frame assembly to be adjacent to the light transmittable section. To use, a traditional photo is first deposited at one side of the light-transmitting surface panel and the light emission element is activated to emit light, which is guided and spread by the light guide plate and reflected by the reflector plate for projecting toward the light transmittable section to pass through the brightness enhancement film and transmit through the light transmittable section and the traditional photo..


Irradiation device for irradiating plants

A device is provided which ensures uniform irradiation of plants with infrared radiation along with ultraviolet and/or visible radiation and requires a small number of infrared emitters relative to the cultivation area. The infrared emitters are designed for temperatures of 800° c.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh


Method and system for wireless power supply

In a method and system for wireless power supply, the misalignment between the power transmission antenna and the power reception antenna is detected based on the electric power of an electromagnetic wave radiated from the position-detection power transmission antennas of the power transmission antenna, reflected by a reflector provided outside the power reception surface of the power reception antenna, and detected by the position-detection power reception antennas of the power transmission antenna.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Polarization control in high peak power, high brightness vcsel

A new vcsel design is presented to achieve high output power and high brightness with a strong selection of a linear polarization state in high speed pulsing operation. Higher output power is achieved by including multiple gain segments in tandem, in the gain region.
Princeton Optronics Inc.


Array of two twin-reflector antennas mounted on a common support and a satellite comprising this array

The two twin-reflector antennas comprise a common support on which they are mounted, with each twin-reflector antenna comprising a main reflector, a secondary reflector and at least one radiating source placed in front of the corresponding secondary reflector, and the two twin-reflector antennas criss-crossing one another on the common support.. .


Printed antenna having non-uniform layers

An antenna has a plurality of dielectric layers and a plurality of conducting layers. At least one of the dielectric layers comprises one or more regions with differing dielectric properties.
Vayyar Imaging Ltd


Using freeform optics for augmented or virtual reality

Configurations are disclosed for presenting virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to users. The system may comprise an image-generating source to provide one or more frames of image data in a time-sequential manner, a light modulator configured to transmit light associated with the one or more frames of image data, a substrate to direct image information to a user's eye, wherein the substrate houses a plurality of reflectors, a first reflector of the plurality of reflectors to reflect transmitted light associated with a first frame of image data at a first angle to the user's eye, and a second reflector to reflect transmitted light associated with a second frame of the image data at a second angle to the user's eye..
Magic Leap, Inc.


Illumination apparatus

An illumination apparatus includes: a plurality of light emitting panels each having a surface with a light emitting region and a non-light emitting region; a light guiding member having a light incidence face and a light exit face, with the light incidence face opposite to the surface of the light emitting panel; a reflector opposite to the non-light emitting region, and reflecting the light incident on the light guiding member; a light attenuator on the light exit face opposite to the light emitting region, and attenuating the light outputted through an area on the light exit face, the area being opposite to the light emitting region; and a light diffusion member opposite to the light guiding member with a gap therebetween.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Method and system for the remote monitoring of the two/three-dimensional field of displacements and vibrations of objects/structures

A method and system are described, for the remote monitoring of the two/three-dimensional field of displacements and vibrations of an object/structure. The method comprises the following steps: transmission of a plurality of radar waves by a plurality of corresponding radar devices positioned at a predefined distance from a plurality of corresponding receiver or target devices applied on the object/structure; obtaining a first distance value between each radar device and the corresponding receiver or target device, wherein the first distance value is affected by an error consisting of the sum between the electromagnetic propagation disturbance in the atmosphere of the radar waves and the reciprocal interference between the single receiver or target devices and one or more fixed reflectors positioned in the proximity of said receiver or target devices; obtaining, simultaneously with respect to the first distance value, a second distance value between each radar device and a plurality of corresponding calibration devices positioned at predefined distances from said radar devices, wherein the second distance value is affected by an error consisting only of the electromagnetic propagation disturbance in the atmosphere of the radar waves; estimating and removing the error consisting of the electromagnetic propagation disturbance in the atmosphere of the radar waves to obtain the second corrected distance value; estimating and removing the error consisting of the reciprocal interference between the single receiver or target devices and one or more fixed reflectors positioned in the proximity of said receiver or target devices, to obtain the first corrected distance value, which defines the entity of the spatial displacement of the object..
Eni S.p.a.


Method for correcting a 3d measurement of a spherically mounted retroreflector on a nest

A method for measuring a spherically mounted retroreflector (smr) with a 3d coordinate measurement device placed on a kinematic nest, the method accounting for the radius of the smr.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Environmentally friendly flexible illuminating device

An environmentally friendly illuminating device produces a brilliant light for signaling, directing traffic, illuminating an area, or drawing attention to an event. The device includes a shock resistant and water proof tube that enables passage of both steady and alternating light patterns from a flexible strip of light emitting diodes (led).


Light fixture

Provided is a light fixture comprising: a) a body for attaching one or more ballast; b) a bracket haying a first and a second end that is pivotally attached at the first end to the body, and c) a reflector for placement of one or more led (light emitting diode) strips attached to the bracket. The fixture can further comprise a door with a lens pivotally attached to the body, wherein the ballast is accessed by pivoting the reflector and the door in opposite directions..


Supplementary light module for a headlamp of a vehicle

A supplementary light module for a headlamp of a vehicle, and in particular a cornering light module, a turning light module, or a fog light module. Such module can be accommodated in a housing of the headlamp, comprising a lamp and a reflector.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Light reflector arrangement

A light reflector arrangement providing a light output having substantially uniform luminous intensity is disclosed. The light reflector arrangement includes at least one light emitting diode (led) light source.
Smr Patents Sarl


Light source module and illumination device using the same

An illumination device comprising a reflector and a light source module is provided. The light source module comprises a column, a first light-emitting diode (led) light source, and a second led light source.
Walsin Lihwa Corporation


Light projecting device and vehicular headlamp

A light-projecting device according to the present invention includes a plurality of light source units including (i) a light emitting section that emits light upon receiving a laser beam and (ii) a reflector. Each of the light source units project light to a corresponding one of light-projected spots which is a region to which light is projected in an illuminated region in a partitioning manner, and the illuminated region is formed by combining a plurality of the light-projected spot..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Bi function led head lamp using thin shield

Disclosed is a bi function led head lamp using a thin shield. The lamp includes: a low beam light source and a high beam light source installed at inner upper and lower sides of a reflector; a shield installed at a front end of the partition in the reflector; a lens holder in which the rear is joined to a front surface of the reflector; and a signal reflection surface installed at an inner lower end of the lens holder.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd


Light projecting device and vehicular headlamp

A light projecting device of the present invention includes: a light source unit including (i) a laser element for emitting light, (ii) a light converging lens for converging the light emitted from the laser element, and (iii) a light emitting section for emitting light upon receipt of the light converged by the light converging lens; and a reflector for projecting light emitted from the light source unit. The light source unit is provided so as to be attached to or detached from a fixed part to which the light source unit is to be fixed..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Scattered-photon extraction-based fixtures

A light fixture includes a light source, a wavelength-conversion material, and a reflector. The light source is configured to emit a first radiation, and has a front surface and a back surface.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Primer resin composition for vehicle reflector

The present invention relates to a primer resin composition for a vehicle reflector. In an embodiment, the primer resin composition for the vehicle reflector includes: (a) about 38 wt % to about 49 wt % of a silicone resin; (b) about 21 wt % to about 38 wt % of a silicone-modified polyester resin; (c) about 0.1 wt % to about 5 wt % of an adhesion promoter; and (d) about 15 wt % to about 40 wt % of a solvent..
Noroo Bee Chemical Co., Ltd.


Exterior rearview mirror assembly

An exterior rearview mirror assembly suitable for a vehicle includes an attachment portion and a casing portion having a variable reflectance mirror reflective element. A mirror reflector is disposed at at least a portion of a surface of a rear substrate of the reflective element.
Donnelly Corporation


Apparatus and heating plastic parisons

An apparatus for heating plastic parisons includes a transport device which transports the plastic parisons along a predetermined transport path (t), and with at least one heating device, which is disposed stationary with respect to the transport path of the plastic parisons. The heating device has at least one first radiation source which emits thermal radiation as well as at least one reflector device which reflects at least a proportion of the thermal radiation emitted by the radiation source in the direction of the plastic parisons.
Krones Ag


Solar generator with large reflector dishes and concentrator photovoltaic cells in flat arrays

An apparatus is disclosed for generation of electricity using sunlight focused onto multi junction photovoltaic cells having high conversion efficiency. The apparatus includes a large paraboloidal mirror of back-silvered glass, turned to the sun throughout the day, so as to provide an intense focus.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of University Of Arizona


Method for a gan vertical microcavity surface emitting laser (vcsel)

Methods and structures for forming vertical-cavity light-emitting devices are described. An n-side or bottom-side layer may be laterally etched to form a porous semiconductor region and converted to a porous oxide.
Yale University


Fiber laser having optical resonator comprising tapered element

A laser system for generating optical pulses at an operating wavelength of the laser system. The system has an optical resonator comprising first and second reflectors, and a tapered optical fiber disposed between the first and second reflectors.
Fianium Ltd.


Large deployable reflector for a satellite antenna

A large deployable reflector for an antenna suitable for being installed on board a satellite and provided with a support structure, a parabolic mirror carried by the support structure and a connection arm for mounting the support structure on the satellite; the support structure being a jointed reticulate structure that is able to assume a compact inoperative stowed configuration and an operative deployed configuration and is composed of ‘n’ elements articulated to form tetrahedrons having respective triangular bases, which are connected to each other at the axial ends of respective first sides and have respective external vertices, which are opposite to said respective first sides and, when the reflector is arranged in the deployed configuration, ideally lie on a cone tangent to the parabolic mirror.. .
Thales Alenia Space Italia S.p.a. Con Unico Socio


Course guidance for a self-driving vehicle

A tracking system uses a road mounted microwave reflector as an alignment tool. The system can be used to provide primary or supplemental guidance and alignment for an self-driving vehicle, or it can be used to provide warning signals for a manually controlled vehicle.


Arrangement and electronically tracking rf reflector antennas

A high-frequency reflector antenna (1) is provided that includes at least one main reflector (2), at least one sub-reflector (3) and at least one horn (4). The stationary elements (5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8) for influencing the direction-dependent reception characteristic are present in the beam path between the main reflector (2) and the horn (4).
Epak Gmbh


Infant position and movement monitor

A monitor system is provided for detection of the movement and position of a sleeping infant. The system includes an infrared detector, a station for receiving signals from the detector, and a garment to be worn by an infant provided with infrared reflectors.
Infant Watch , Llc


Nano-scale continuous resonance trap refractor based splitter, combiner, and reflector

A tapered core waveguide which may be configured as a spectral component splitter, a spectral component combiner, and various combinations thereof including a reflective mode of operation. The tapered core waveguide has an aperture and cladding, and is dimensioned such that radiant energy admitted into the core via the aperture and having at least two spectral components would be emitted via the cladding at a location dependent on its frequency and/or its polarization, and that a plurality of spectral components injected to the core via the cladding will be mixed and emitted via the aperture..
Solarsort Technologies, Inc


Optoelectronic apparatus

The invention relates to an optoelectronic device (1) comprising a detector for receiving radiation and a frame (3). Said frame is provided with an opening (30), in which the detector is located.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Balanced high efficiency outdoor heater

A balanced high efficiency outdoor heater is provided to increase the heat radiation area, and to improve the stability of the structure. The heater includes a burner provided at an upper end of a standing column, a bottom base provided at a lower end of the standing column, and a beam is set between the burner and the standing column.


Reflector for an led light source

A reflector for reflecting light emitted by an led light source and a method of forming the same are provided. The reflector has a unitary silicone body having a first end and a second end opposite the first end.
Dow Corning Corporation


Lighting device and lighting system

A lighting device (1) comprising a housing (3) with a light emission window (5) and, opposite thereto, a reflector (7). A planar light transmissive carrier (9) arranged in between the light emission window and the reflector and comprising, at least on a side (11) facing towards the reflector, a grid (13) of a plurality of light sources (15,17).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Beam-controllable headlight

A beam-controllable headlight has a lamp base, a first reflector and a second reflector. A lighting-emitting panel with a light source is mounted on the rear portion of the lamp base.
Yujing Technology Co., Ltd.


Foamable composition with low heat conductivity for use in profiled plastic parts

A foamable composition is described that includes at least one base polymer, at least one propellant, at least one lubricant and/or at least one heat stabilizer, and optionally additional additives, selected from crosslinking agents, heat reflectors, heat flow additives, anti-condensation additives, and/or fillers. Corresponding compositions can be processed into polymer foams which can have a heat conductivity of <0.04 e(mk), and an expansion greater than or equal to 1000%, and a weldability of 80 seconds at 240-260° c.
Sika Technology Ag


Vehicular lamp and light source unit

Disclosed is a vehicular lamp including a light source unit equipped with a plurality of leds having different optical axes; and a reflector configured to reflect light emitted from the plurality of leds. The light source unit includes a base including a plurality of board mounting surfaces, in which the base is formed to be foldable around an axis formed between each two adjacent board mounting surfaces as a boundary; and a plurality of printed circuit boards attached to the plurality of board mounting surfaces, respectively, in which each printed circuit board has a light source mounted on a surface opposite to the board mounting surface thereof..
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method and improving hearing aid antenna efficiency

A hearing assistance system includes one or more hearing aids capable of wireless communication and an antenna assembly external to the one or more hearing aids for improving performance of the wireless communication. In various embodiments, the antenna assembly includes one or more fabric patches configured to be worn by a hearing aid user to function as an antenna or an antenna reflector.


Broadband satellite payload architecture

A spacecraft includes a payload subsystem, the payload subsystem including a phased array of feed elements configured to illuminate an antenna reflector, a beam forming network (bfn) disposed proximate to the array of feed elements, and a plurality of power amplifiers disposed between the bfn and the array of feed elements. The bfn includes a plurality of variable amplitude and phase adjusting arrangements disposed between (i) m:1 power combiners that are communicatively coupled with the power amplifiers and (ii) at least one 1:n power splitter, where m is greater than 1, and n is greater than 2.


Temperature compensated bulk acoustic wave resonator with a high coupling coefficient

The dominant frequency of a solidly mounted resonator (100/280/300/400) is substantially increased by reducing the thickness of each layer of each bragg acoustic reflector (112/160/224/274) to have a thickness than is substantially equal to one-quarter of the wavelength of a frequency that is a higher harmonic resonant frequency of the fundamental resonant frequency of the solidly mounted resonator (100/280/300/400).. .


Method of eliminating resonances in multiband radiating arrays

A multiband radiating array according to the present invention includes a vertical column of lower band dipole elements and a vertical column of higher band dipole elements. The lower band dipole elements operate at a lower operational frequency band, and the lower band dipole elements have dipole arms that combine to be about one half of a wavelength of the lower operational frequency band midpoint frequency.


Antenna system

The present invention relates to the communications field, and in particular, to an antenna system. The antenna system includes: a transmit antenna, a receive antenna, a radome above the transmit antenna and the receive antenna, and a reflector within the radome, where a signal received by the receive antenna after a transmitted signal of the transmit antenna is reflected by the reflector offsets an intra-frequency interference signal generated because the transmitted signal of the transmit antenna is directly received by the receive antenna.


Surface light emitting semiconductor laser element

A surface light emitting semiconductor laser element, comprises a substrate, a lower reflector including a semiconductor multi-layer disposed on the substrate, an active layer disposed on the lower reflector, an upper reflector including a semiconductor multi-layer disposed on the active layer, a compound semiconductor layer having a first opening for exposing the upper reflector and extending over the upper reflector, and a metal film having a second opening for exposing the upper reflector disposed inside of the first opening and extending over the compound semiconductor layer, wherein the metal film and the compound semiconductor layer constitute a complex refractive index distribution structure where a complex refractive index is changed from the center of the second opening towards the outside. A method of emitting laser light in a single-peak transverse mode is also provided..


Flat panel lamp

A flat panel lamp according to the invention comprises a light guide structure, at least a reflector member, at least a diffusion member and a light source module. The light guide structure has a bottom surface, an illuminating surface corresponding to the bottom surface, and a side surface located between the bottom surface and the illuminating surface.


Reflector and display device having the same

A reflector is discussed. A reflector can include a first reflective layer pair reflecting red light, a second reflective layer pair reflecting green light and a third reflective layer pair reflecting blue light, wherein the first to third reflective layer pairs are formed as a plurality of inorganic layers, the first, second and third reflective layer pair are sequentially stacked iteratively, the first reflective layer pair includes a stop band corresponds to red color wavelength, the second reflective layer pair includes a stop band corresponds to green color wavelength, and the third reflective layer pair includes a stop band corresponds to blue color wavelength..


Downpipe sensor and single grain recognition

A downpipe sensor detects single grains in a downpipe. A transmitting unit and a receiving unit are spaced apart across a measurement field.


Aerial positioning systems and methods

Aerial positioning systems and methods include a light detection and ranging (lidar) device mounted to a hub and one or more reflectors attached to a portion of an aircraft and configured to encode information scanable by the lidar device. The lidar device is configured to scan a field of view to identify the one or more reflectors and reflector encoded information to determine reflector position data..


Lighting apparatus with reflector and outer lens

A lighting apparatus is provided with a first housing assembly formed from a thermally conductive material and a second housing assembly formed of a thermally conductive material. At least one electrical component is positioned within the first housing assembly and the at least one electrical component is in thermally conductive contact with the first housing assembly.


Glass lens led luminaire for underwater use

A lighting unit (2) comprises a base member (8) supporting a plurality of leds (4) on a pcb (6), a specular reflector (10) surrounding the leds in order to direct low angle rays out of the unit. A moulded glass fresnel lens plate (20) is mounted across the reflector above the pcb, and a clamping member (30) seals the base member and the lens plate in order to create a water tight unit..


Heating device for the vehicle interior of a motor vehicle

A heating device for the vehicle interior of a vehicle is configured in the form of an infrared (ir) radiator with a textile-based heating band arranged, in a reflector housing. The textile-based heating band is made of a mixed yarn of basalt and stainless steel.


Time-of-flight phase-offset calibration

A method to calibrate an imaging array of a time-of-flight depth camera includes the act of modulating emission from a light source of the camera while synchronously biasing the imaging array. In this method, the modulated emission reflects from a compact reflector positioned a known distance from the camera and passes through an optical diffuser en route to the imaging array.


Elastic wave resonators, and elastic wave filters, antenna duplexers, modules and communication devices using same

An elastic wave resonator including comb-shaped electrodes and reflector electrodes formed on a piezoelectric substrate. In one example, an overlapping portion between the comb-shaped electrodes includes a first overlapping region and second overlapping regions.


Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with non-periodic gratings

Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to surface-emitting lasers with the cavity including at least one single-layer, non-periodic, sub-wavelength grating. In one embodiment, a surface-emitting laser comprises a grating layer configured with a non-periodic, sub-wavelength grating, a reflective layer, and a light-emitting layer disposed between the grating layer and the reflector.


Tunable external cavity laser

Provided herein is a tunable external cavity laser comprising: a gain medium configured to create an optical signal; an external reflector configured to be coupled to the gain medium, and to comprise a bragg grating; and a phase control section configured to adjust a phase of an entire laser, but to adjust a wavelength of the laser to a longer wavelength than a peak reflectivity of the external reflector.. .


Semiconductor dbr laser

A semiconductor distributed bragg reflector laser configured for single longitudinal mode operation, having an optical waveguide comprising an optical gain section, a first reflector being a first distributed bragg reflector (dbr) section comprising a grating configured to produce a reflection spectrum having one or more first reflective peaks, and a second reflector, wherein the first dbr section is configured to compensate for thermal chirp that is induced inhomogeneously along the length of the dbr section, in use.. .


Switchable antenna

A switchable antenna includes a substrate, a first antenna element, a second antenna element, a first switch element, a second switch element, a first radiating portion on an upper surface of the substrate including a first center, a first bend section and a second bend section, and a second radiating portion on an lower surface of the substrate including a second center, a third bend section and a fourth bend section. The third and the fourth bend sections extending from the second center are respectively disposed corresponding to the first and the second bend sections extending from the first center.

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