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Reflector patents

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Radiation arrangement for providing electromagnetic radiation


Radiation arrangement for providing electromagnetic radiation

Antenna reflector system

Interdigital Patent Holdings

Antenna reflector system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection patent thumbnailnew patent Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection
Transmissive diffraction grating(s), reflector(s), and multiple optical sources/receivers are arranged such that each one of multiple optical signals at corresponding different wavelengths co-propagating along a multiplexed beam path would: (i) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at a multiplexed transmission region of a grating; (ii) propagate between the multiplexed transmission region and multiple demultiplexed transmission regions of a grating undergoing reflection(s) from the reflector(s); (iii) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at the demultiplexed transmission regions; and (iv) propagate between the demultiplexed transmission regions and the sources/receivers along multiple demultiplexed beam paths.. .
Finisar Corporation
 Method for defining the structure of a ka band antenna patent thumbnailnew patent Method for defining the structure of a ka band antenna
A method is provided for defining an antenna with weak sidelobes having at least two sources, in which the sources are regularly distributed and the reflectors have suitable shapes, obtained by the implementation of a specific algorithm, the reflectors being illuminated by sources composed of a single part. The obtained antenna will offer a gain close to 0 in the direction of the array lobes, so these will be as low as possible..
 Antenna reflector system patent thumbnailnew patent Antenna reflector system
A scan range of a steerable antenna is extended using a reflecting surface or surfaces within the scan range. Various implementations may also include lenses, and the reflecting surface, lenses, or both may include meta-materials.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.
 Light source apparatus and electronic equipment patent thumbnailnew patent Light source apparatus and electronic equipment
One object of the present invention is to prevent part of outgoing light emitted from a light emitter from reflecting in a specific direction, while blocking out part of the outgoing light, in a light source apparatus. The light source apparatus is provided with a light emitter that emits light; a reflector that reflects outgoing light emitted from the light emitter in a specific direction; and a light shield made from metal and disposed on a lateral side or at the back of the reflector.
 Reflector unit, apparatus and  light beam shaping patent thumbnailnew patent Reflector unit, apparatus and light beam shaping
Certain aspects of the disclosure relates to a light beam shaping apparatus, which includes at least one reflector unit disposed on a light beam transmission optical path. Each of the at least one reflector unit includes at least two reflectors.
Hisense International Co., Ltd.
 Directional backlights with light emitting element packages patent thumbnailnew patent Directional backlights with light emitting element packages
A light emitting diode package for a directional display may comprise light emitting diodes and a protection diode. The protection diode may be arranged in a well that is at a different location to the well that the light emitting diodes are arranged.
Reald Inc.
 Backlight device patent thumbnailnew patent Backlight device
A backlight device includes a prism film having a top face on a display panel side and a bottom face opposing the top face, and a reflector plate having a reflection face opposing the bottom face. A prism-like pattern is formed on the top face of the prism film and a scattering pattern is formed on the reflection face of the reflector plate.
3m Innovative Properties Company
 Fiber optic personnel safety systems and methods of using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber optic personnel safety systems and methods of using the same
A personnel monitoring system. The personnel monitoring system includes a host node having an optical source for generating optical signals, and an optical receiver.
Us Seismic Systems, Inc.
 Illuminator for wafer prober and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Illuminator for wafer prober and related methods
Various techniques are disclosed for an illuminator and related methods to be used with a wafer prober to provide illumination (e.g., visible and/or non-visible electromagnetic radiation) to perform testing, calibration, and/or inspection of devices on a wafer. For example, an illuminator may include a plurality of radiation sources, a reflector, an actuator for the reflector, a shutter, an actuator for the shutter, and/or a light pipe.
Flir Systems, Inc.
 Force sensor and robot having force sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Force sensor and robot having force sensor
A force sensor according to embodiments includes a light-emitting unit, a pair of first light detectors, a reflector, and a first frame. The light-emitting unit emits diffuse light.
Kyushu University, National University Corporation
new patent

Light reflector clamp

The present invention provides a light reflector clamp for mounting a light reflector with a rod member. The light reflector clamp of the present invention includes a central member, a groove and a turning clamp set.
new patent

Movable tray for a suspended light fixture

In some embodiments, aspects of this disclosure provide a system including a reflector of a suspension lighting fixture, the reflector having a reflective underside and a top side; at least two ribs affixed to the top side of the reflector; and a tray base is attached between two adjacent ribs of the at least two ribs. A benefit is that a tray base (and other components attached thereto) may be efficiently positioned at various positions along the length of the reflector..
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc
new patent

Radiation arrangement for providing electromagnetic radiation

Various embodiments may relate to a radiation arrangement for providing electromagnetic radiation, including at least one radiation source for generating and outputting electromagnetic radiation, and an optical body, which has an outer wall and an inner wall, wherein the inner wall faces the radiation source and has a reflector, wherein the optical body is configured and arranged with respect to the radiation source such that the reflector reflects at least a portion of the electromagnetic radiation back to the radiation source, and that at least a portion of the electromagnetic radiation enters the optical body through the inner wall, and that the outer wall internally reflects at least a portion of the electromagnetic radiation which has entered the optical body, and that at least part of the internally reflected electromagnetic radiation exits the optical body.. .
Osram Gmbh
new patent

Nut member

A nut member, which is used for an aiming mechanism of a lamp configured by an aiming screw 120 that is supported in a lamp body 101 so as to turn on its own axis and a nut member 1 that is supported in a bracket 109 of a reflector, includes a fitting portion 3 which is to be fitted in a fitting hole 110 provided in the bracket 109, and an internal thread portion 2 which is to be screwed on to an external thread portion 121 of the aiming screw 120, and an introducing portion 4 which guides the aiming screw 120, wherein the fitting portion 3 and the internal thread portion 2 are formed in different axial positions on the nut member 1.. .
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
new patent

Optical reflectors, reflection films and sheets

Films, sheets or profiles useful as optical reflectors may be prepared by extruding a melt-processable acrylic resin composition comprised of acrylic polymer, white pigment and, optionally one or more additives such as impact modifiers, matting agents, uv stabilizers, antioxidants and processing additives onto a layer of abs, acrylic or other thermoplastic. Alternatively, a monolithic film or sheet or profile useful as an optical reflector is obtained by forming the acrylic resin composition using a melt-processing technique such as extrusion or injection molding without a substrate layer..
Arkema France
new patent

Lighting apparatus of clock for vehicle

A lighting apparatus may include a printed circuit board (pcb) for supplying power, a light source electrically connected to the pcb and generating light, a reflector installed to be positioned at a front of the light source and positioned in a case and guiding the light generated from the light source together with the case, and a prism installed to be positioned at a front of the reflector and surround a dial plate and concentrating the light guided by the reflector and the case into the dial plate.. .
Kia Motors Corp.

Wavelength sweepable laser source

Wavelength sweepable laser source is disclosed, wherein the laser source is a semiconductor laser source adapted for generating laser light at a lasing wavelength. The laser source comprises a substrate, a first reflector, and a second reflector.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Laser source with reduced linewidth

In the field of narrow linewidth laser sources and a laser device that comprises a laser source and a waveguide of determined refractive index with which it is coupled, a waveguide is single-mode and includes at least four reflectors in the form of trenches etched into the waveguide and irregularly distributed along the waveguide, the distance separating two neighbouring reflectors being above 1 pm, and the waveguide and the laser source have respective lengths such that the length of waveguide over which the reflectors are located is greater than the length of the laser source itself.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Line scan camera eye tracking system and method

A system and method for determining positions of one or more eyes in a three-dimensional volume includes rotating an optical reflector within a linear field of view of a line scan camera to allow the line scan camera to capture image data of a two-dimensional projection within the three-dimensional volume, and processing the image data captured by the line scan camera to determine the positions of the one or more eyes.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Backlight module and light source assembly of the backlight module

A backlight module includes a light-guiding assembly and a light source assembly. The light-guiding assembly includes a back cover, a reflector, a light-guiding plate (lgp), a number of optical correcting elements, and a frame.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Direct type backlight module

A backlight module includes a back cover, a reflective sheet, a lamp shade, a plurality of light sources, a collimating lens, a reflector and a light-guiding plate positioned facing the plurality of light sources. At least one prismatic-shaped protrusion portion and at least two light incident portions are defined on the surface of the light-guiding plate facing the light sources.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Corner reflector for an armored vehicle

A corner reflector of an armored vehicle includes a housing having a look-in aperture of a subregion extending into a vehicle interior, a look-out aperture of a subregion extending out of the vehicle and at least one prism body or deflection mirrors disposed in the housing, to provide effective shielding against sources of electromagnetic interference. Providing the corner reflector on all sides with a shield made of electrically conductive material ensures that vehicles equipped therewith or individual electronic components thereof cannot be influenced or rendered unusable by sources of electromagnetic interference..

Air cavity led backlight unit

A light-emitting diode (led) backlight unit includes first and second curved bottom floor reflectors exhibiting mirror image symmetry along a center line extending in a latitudinal direction, first and second sides disposed along a longitudinal direction, the first and second bottom floor reflectors disposed therebetween, first and second back reflectors disposed on distal ends of the first and second bottom floor reflectors, respectively, away from the center line, and leds disposed in or adjacent to the first and second back reflectors. A curvature of the first and second bottom floor reflectors respectively reach a maximum near the center line..
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Luminaire having a light guide

A luminaire, in particular a downlight, comprises a light source and a reflector, the reflector having a light entrance end and a light exit end, the light entrance end comprising at least one light entrance aperture with an edge and the light exit end comprising a light exit aperture. A luminaire shade encompasses the reflector at least partially.
Glashutte Limburg Leuchten Gmbh & Co. Kg

Seismic trace attribute

A method can include providing seismic data for a subsurface region that includes a reflector; processing at least a portion of the seismic data to generate at least one path that extends orthogonally to the reflector; and outputting output data representing the at least one path. Various other apparatuses, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Automatic calibration for phased array inspection of girth weld

A calibration method for calibrating a phased array probe that is used for testing girth welds for defects. The method utilizes a calibration device on which is defined a series of reflectors that correspond to a series of target zones.

System and optical coherence tomography

A system for optical coherence tomography (oct) is disclosed. The system comprises an optical interferometer apparatus configured to split an optical beam into a reference beam directed to a reference reflector and a sample beam directed to a sample, and to combine a reflected beam from the reference reflector with a returning beam from the sample to form a combined optical signal.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited

Process for equipping lighting sources, corresponding devices and assortment

Onto the source there is fitted a ring adapter with a smooth reflective inner surface to reflect the light radiation. The ring adapter has an outer rim coupleable to the proximal opening of the reflector and an inner rim coupleable with the support structure of the anti-glare device.

Strobe assembly

A modular reflector assembly includes two portions arranged symmetrically at a common plane. Each portion includes a first surface defined by a first parabola rotated to a first angle relative to the plane and a second surface abutting the first surface defined by a second parabola rotated to a second angle greater than the first angle.
Utc Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

Shield low-beam head lamp

A shield apparatus for a low-beam head lamp may include a projection reflector equipped with a light source therein, a shield body having a through hole being formed in the shield body towards a lens, wherein the shield body may be coupled to a front surface of the projection reflector, and wherein the through hole includes a high beam distribution area and a lower beam distribution area, and a plurality of blind shields coupled to the shield body to cover the low-beam distribution area of the through hole and arranged one above another other, wherein the blind shields may be inclined at a predetermined angle to guide an irradiation direction of light outputted from the light source towards the low-beam distribution area.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Head lamp for vehicle

A head lamp for a vehicle includes a light source, a main lens refracting at least a portion of light emitted from the light source to irradiate a low beam or a high beam in front of the vehicle, a decoration lens surrounding the main lens in part or in whole and transmitting at least a portion of light emitted from the light source to form an optical image in the vicinity of the main lens, a main reflector reflecting at least a portion of light emitted from the light source toward the main lens, and a sub reflector provided abut to or near the main reflector and reflecting at least a portion of light emitted from the light source toward the decoration lens. The head lamp can improve overall aesthetic of vehicles equipped therewith..
Sl Corporation

Lighting device

A lighting device may include a plurality of laser light sources, and an optical apparatus for concentrating the light emitted by the laser light sources. The optical apparatus has at least one ring-shaped reflector having a parabolic light reflection surface and at least one light conversion element for light wavelength conversion, which is arranged at the focus of the at least one ring-shaped reflector..
Osram Gmbh

Linear shelf light fixture with reflectors

A linear light fixture with gap filler elements. The fixture comprises two primary structural components: a base and a light engine, which may be removably attached.
Cree, Inc.

Linear shelf light fixture with gap filler elements

A linear light fixture with gap filler elements. The fixture comprises two primary structural components: a base and a light engine, which may be removably attached.
Cree, Inc.

Enhanced flame retardant articles

The present invention is directed toward a flame retardant article comprising a polyolefin, an activatable flame retardant and an optional flame retardant activator wherein the flame retardant performance of the flame retardant article is at least about 1% higher on the limiting oxygen index (loi) scale after activation treatment than before activation treatment as measured by loi astm d2863. The flame retardant article can be made into a building substrate, garment, banner, light reflector and cover..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Method and detecting and/or analyzing motion using radar and multiple identifiable reflectors

Embodiments of the subject invention relate to a method and apparatus for detecting and/or analyzing respiratory motion of a patient, such as an animal or person. A specific embodiment can use a radar motion detector to measure and record respiratory movements at different parts of the body, using multiple identifiable markers, such as reflectors, positioned such that movements of the patient can be monitored by monitoring the movement of the markers.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated

Uv led curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller

The present invention is related to an uv led curing apparatus, and more particularly, to an uv led curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller. The light reflective inner casing is preferably provided as an effective uv light reflector and as a supporting substrate of the uv led light source while being capable of transmitting heat from the uv led light source away for further heat dissipation to the ambient by the outer casing.
Nail Alliance Llc

Apparatus and uniform irradiation using secondary irradiant energy from a single light source

A technique and apparatus are provided for supplying substantially uniform radiant heat energy to a semiconductor wafer in a load lock or process chamber using a light source and a set of radially-symmetric reflectors.. .
Lam Research Corporation

Quasi-optical coupler

A quasi-optical coupling system launches and extracts surface wave communication transmissions from a wire. At millimeter-wave frequencies, where the wavelength is small compared to the macroscopic size of the equipment, the millimeter-wave transmissions can be transported from one place to another and diverted via lenses and reflectors, much like visible light.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Remote sensing device and monitoring apparatus

A remote sensor device comprises at least one sensor that produces an output signal indicative of the value of a measure, and a reflective display that is positioned such that it is visible along a line of sight from a remote location, the reflective display comprising at least two retro-reflective assemblies, each of which is arranged to reflect a variable fraction of radiation incident upon the reflective assembly back towards a source in response to respective control signals applied to the reflector assemblies. Each of the reflector assemblies preferentially reflects one wavelength of the incident radiation or preferentially removes at least one wavelength of the incident radiation that is not preferentially reflected or removed by the other reflector assembly.
Trw Limited

Surface scattering reflector antenna

A surface scattering reflector antenna includes a plurality of adjustable scattering elements and is configured to produce a reflected beam pattern according to the configuration of the adjustable scattering elements.. .
Elwha Llc

Input cueing emmersion system and method

An input cueing system and method that allows a user to manually draw an image, input text, interface and gesture on an input surface, which is then brought into a computer such that the visual output from the computer is combined in an overlapping manner with the visual imagery of the user's hands, and then shown on a display. Located above the drawing surface is an image capturing device that captures live video images of the user's hands or other objects placed on the drawing surface.

Input cueing emmersion system and method

An input cueing system and method that allows a user to manually draw an image, input text, interface and gesture on an input surface, which is then brought into a computer such that the visual output from the computer is combined in an overlapping manner with the visual imagery of the user's hands, and then shown on a display. Located above the drawing surface is an image capturing device that captures live video images of the user's hands or other objects placed on the drawing surface.

Lithographic apparatus

A reflector includes a reflecting surface or structure provided with a cap layer formed from silicene or a silicene derivative. The reflector may be provided in a lithographic apparatus..
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Projection display apparatus and projection light generating method

A first light source that emits first light of a first wavelength band; an optical path separator that separates the first light into third light and second light whose polarization directions are orthogonal to each other; an optical path separator and combiner that separates the second light into fourth light and fifth light having different wavelength bands from each other; a reflector that reflects the fifth light to a direction of the optical path separator and combiner; and an optical path combiner that combines the third light and the second light are included.. .
Nec Corporation

Light guide with light input features

A light guide includes opposed major surfaces between which light propagates by total internal reflection, and an edge extending between the major surfaces of the light guide and extending in a lateral direction orthogonal to the thickness direction. The edge includes light input features.
Rambus Delaware Llc

Flat retroreflectors

A retroreflector device is described, which includes a lens component operable for focusing radiation, which is incident thereto at an angle of incidence. The retroreflector also includes a mirror component operable for reflecting the radiation focused by the lens component back along the angle of incidence.
California Institute Of Technology

Lighting device with expanded detection range

A lighting device with expanded detection range includes a housing, which receives a seat to which a detector is mounted and has a circumference along which leds are mounted to mount therein, a lens being fit to an opening formed in a top of the housing corresponding to the seat so that a distal end of the lens is exposed outside the housing; a light shielding hood having a top end extending to the housing and connected to the lens and a bottom fixed to the seat to block entry of external lighting; and a reflector assembly including a reflector that condenses a signal source arranged on a top thereof and having inside and outside reflection surfaces and further including a fixing sleeve fixed to a bottom thereof to couple with the detector.. .

Use of one or more retro-reflectors in a gas analyzer system

Methods and systems are provided for monitoring at least one gas in a sample gas. An exemplary system includes a source used for generating a beam of radiation, at least one retro-reflector configured to receive the beam of radiation from the source in an incident direction and reflect the beam of radiation toward the source in alignment with the incident direction, and a motor configured to move the at least one retro-reflector with respect to the source in a direction collinear with the incident direction.
Mks Instruments, Inc.

Image registration, averaging, and compounding for high speed extended depth optical coherence tomography

An optical coherence tomography (oct) system including a source of broadband optical radiation and a beamsplitter coupled to the source is provided. The beamsplitter divides the source radiation into a reference path and a sample path.
Bioptigen, Inc.

Solar thermal concentrator and forming same

A concentrator tube comprises a reflector portion having two walls; and an aperture closing an opening to the reflector portion. The aperture and the reflector portion extend longitudinally.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Vehicle lighting unit

A vehicle lighting unit can effectively utilize both the portions of the reflector divided by the plane passing through the optical axis even when a light emitting element with directionality like an led is employed as well as can be provided with an enhanced aesthetic feature. The vehicle lighting unit can include a reflector having, as a front surface, a concave reflecting surface formed on the basis of a revolved parabolic surface with respect to an optical axis serving as a rotational symmetric axis; a reflecting plate disposed along the optical axis in front of the reflecting surface and having a rear edge disposed at or near the focal point of the reflecting surface so as to vertically divide a space in front of the reflecting surface into two regions; a light emitting element disposed in the upper region than the reflecting plate and in front of the focal point, directed to the focal point; and a condenser lens disposed between the light emitting element and the focal point, configured to collect light emitted from the light emitting element to a position at or near the focal point..
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Linear led illumination device with improved color mixing

A linear multi-color led illumination device that produces uniform color throughout the output light beam without the use of excessively large optics or optical losses is disclosed herein. Embodiments for improving color mixing in the linear illumination device include, but are not limited to, a shallow dome encapsulating a plurality of emission leds within an emitter module, a unique arrangement of a plurality of such emitter modules in a linear light form factor, and special reflectors designed to improve color mixing between the plurality of emitter modules.
Ketra, Inc.

Method for controlling reflectivity in imaging system

A method for controlling reflectivity in imaging system has steps of establishing a model describing the input image is a linear combination of a body reflection and an interface reflection; eliminating the minimum component of rgb for each pixel of the input image, and adding a mean of a sum of the minimum rgb chromaticity of the pixels to the input image to be modified; using a threshold strategy to identify at least one highlight region and at least one non-highlight region in input image; reconstructing color information of the at least one highlight region and obtaining a reconstructed image considering as the body reflection; evaluating the weights of the body reflection and the interface reflection; eliminating the interface reflection term of input image and considering the body reflection term as a reference image; and controlling the lcos reflector to modify the input image according to the reference image.. .
Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments Bureau, M.n.d

Acoustic mechanical feed-throughs for producing work across a structure

An apparatus that passes vibrational energy across a mechanical structure lacking a perforation. The disclosed apparatus and method provide the ability to transfer work (rotary or linear motion) across pressure or thermal barriers or in a sterile environment without generating contaminants; the presence of reflectors in the solid barrier to enhance the efficiency of the energy/power transmission, and the ability to produce a bi-directional driving mechanism using a plurality of different mode resonances, such as a fundamental frequency resonance and a higher frequency resonance.

Antenna reflector phase correction film and reflector antenna

The disclosure relates to an antenna reflector phase correction film and a reflector antenna. The antenna reflector phase correction film includes a first substrate, a second substrate, and multiple artificial microstructures disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, the artificial microstructures are wires made of electrically conductive materials, and an electromagnetic wave, emergent after being reflected by an antenna reflector attached with the antenna reflector phase correction film, has an equiphase surface.
Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.

Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof

Disclosed are a light emitting diode including: a buffer layer formed on a substrate; a distributed bragg reflector (dbr) formed in a multilayer structure, in which mask patterns including opening regions and semiconductor layers formed on the mask patterns while being filled in the opening regions of the mask patterns are alternately formed, and formed on the buffer layer; and a light emitting structure formed on the dbr, and a manufacturing method thereof.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device includes: a distributed bragg reflector comprising alternate first semiconductor layers and second semiconductor layers, wherein each first semiconductor layer comprises a low-refractive-index part having a depth; and a light-emitting semiconductor stack associated with the distributed bragg reflector; wherein the depths of the low-refractive-index parts of the first semiconductor layers are gradually changed in a direction toward the light-emitting semiconductor stack.. .
Epistar Corporation

Device and solar power generation

A photovoltaic device comprising an array of elongate reflector elements mounted substantially parallel to one another and transversely spaced in series, at least one of the reflector elements having an elongate concave reflective surface to reflect incident solar radiation towards a forward adjacent reflector element in the array. The at least one reflector element includes a photovoltaic receptor mounted on the reflector element by a mounting arrangement to receive reflected solar radiation from a rearward adjacent reflector element.
Sunpower Corporation

Photovoltaic intensification system using solar tracking concentrators and heat exchangers

A photovoltaic intensification system includes a solar array stand, further including a mounting base; a mounting column; a solar array frame, a solar array, solar array lenses or reflectors, a light sensor, an elevation actuator, and a horizontal actuator; and a solar system cart, further including: a cart enclosure, a radiant solar cooker chamber, cart reflectors, and cart wheels. Further included are a vertical tilt ring, a strong-arm rod, a mass pivot rod, an elevation actuating ring, a horizontal tilt ring, and mounting brackets.

Dual-mode pixels including emissive and reflective devices, and dual-mode display using the pixels

Provided is a dual-mode display including a substrate and a plurality of sub-pixels on the substrate, in which each sub-pixel includes an emissive device, a color selection reflector disposed on one side of the emissive device, and an optical shutter disposed on another side of the emissive device, wherein the emissive device includes a cathode and an anode, and the cathode and the anode include a carbon-based material including graphene sheets, graphene flakes, and graphene platelets, and a binary or ternary transparent conductive oxide including indium oxide, tin oxide, and zinc oxide.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Apparatus for reducing the effect of contamination on a rapid thermal process

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a cover assembly that includes a cover disposed between a device side surface of a substrate and a reflector plate, which are disposed within a thermal processing chamber. The presence of the cover between the device side surface of a substrate and a reflector plate has many advantages over conventional thermal processing chamber designs, which include an improved temperature uniformity during processing, a reduced chamber down time and an improved cost-of-ownership of the processes performed in the thermal processing chamber.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Illumination device for a camera

An illumination device for illuminating a camera's field of view, including a light source, and a reflector unit having reflecting sections is provided. Each reflecting section is associated with a light distribution, wherein the light distributions for different reflecting sections are different.
Axis Ab

Device for generating a virtual light image

A device for generating a virtual light image. The device includes a real light source, a curved retroreflector surface, and a semi-transparent mirror.

Optical device and virtual image display apparatus

A partially transmissive reflective film is provided on a second transparent substrate, and a reflector is provided on a first transparent substrate. The partially transmissive reflective film and the reflector are held parallel to each other with a predetermined spacing therebetween.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Wavelength tunable mems-fabry perot filter

A wavelength tunable gain medium with the use of micro-electromechanical system (mems) based fabry-perot (fp) filter cavity tuning is provided as a tunable laser. The system comprises a laser cavity and a filter cavity for wavelength selection.
Inphenix, Inc.

Corner reflector

A corner reflector for armored vehicles includes a housing, a one-part or multi-part prism block fitted in the housing, an inwardly viewing window, an outwardly viewing window and an electronic screen for simultaneously looking through and feeding in text and/or image information. The screen is formed of a thin flat or film-like component..
Gus Periscopes Gmbh & Co. Kg

Position transducer

Provided is a position transducer which can be manufactured at low cost, improve the signal-to-noise ratio of an output obtained from a detector, and obtain a stable output even if the temperature changes. A position transducer 100 includes a butterfly-shaped reflector 7 attached to a rotating shaft 2 of a rotation restriction motor 1, an led die 4 disposed to face a central portion of the reflection surface of the reflector 7, a diffused-light absorbing member disposed on the surfaces of a diffused light absorber 3 and a case 5, installed on the fixed side of the motor 1 so as to surround the reflector 7 with a distance from the reflector 7 at the rear of the reflector 7 as viewed from the led die 4 and absorbing illumination light from the led die 4 which has not illuminated the reflection surface, and detectors 11 mounted on the same printed circuit board 6 as the led die 4 to detect an image reflected by the reflector 7..
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Led lamp unit, in particular for automotive lamps

The present invention relates to a led lamp unit (10) comprising at least two led light sources (2) arranged between a heat sink (3) and an electrical connector base at two opposing sides of the lamp unit (10) to emit in opposed half spaces. The proposed led lamp unit can be constructed in a very compact form in order to replace known halogen, xenon and incandescent bulbs without changing the construction of the reflector and mechanical parts in a head lamp or signaling lamp..
Koninklijke Philips

Headlamp system for motor vehicles

A projector headlamp includes light sources, a cooling system and reflector comprising an upper part with a first focal point and second focal point and a lower part with a first focal point and second focal point. The headlamp also includes an aperture with a cutoff edge proximate an optical axis of the headlamp and a convergent lens.
Varroc Lighting Systems, S.r.o.

Lighting device with optical reflector, luminaire having such lighting device and manufacturing a compact optical reflector

The invention relates to a lighting device comprising: an optical reflector (200, 500) which has an interior surface (201); and a light source (205, 505); wherein the interior surface has a plurality of facets (203) that form a fresnel structure-like reflecting surface (202), and the interior surface may further have a cone (504) so as to avoid light from the light source being reflected back to the light source; wherein at least part of the light from the light resource is reflected by the optical reflector into an output direction. The invention also relates to a luminaire which comprises the lighting device according to the invention.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Reflector arrays for lighting devices

A reflector array for a lighting fixture can include at least one reflector section and at least one neutral section. The at least one reflector section can include a number of reflectors, where each reflector has at least one reflector wall having a reflective material and an aperture that traverses the at least one reflector wall, where each aperture is configured to receive a light source disposed on a mounting surface of the lighting fixture.

Solar collector module

A solar collector module has a support frame provided for attachment of a number of reflector elements forming a parabolic trough when viewed in a longitudinal direction, wherein on each of the end faces the support frame has, when viewed in the longitudinal direction, a respective coupling plate, which is provided with a number of adjusting elements, for connection to the support frame of a neighbouring module. The coupling plates are designed in pairs with regard to the adjusting elements thereof in such a way that the adjusting elements of the first coupling plate each have a reference bearing surface for a contact surface of an adjusting element of the second coupling plate..
Flabeg Holding Gmbh

Multilayer structure as reflector

The present invention relates to a multilayer structure comprising a) a functional film comprising a vis/ir-reflecting metal layer on a carrier film, wherein the carrier film can be in single-layer form or in the form of a uv- and/or uv/vis-reflecting multi-ply layer, and at least one adhesive layer, and optionally at least one scratch-resistant layer, b) a functional layer comprising a layer of metal nitrides, metal oxides or semimetal oxides, mixed oxides or metals, wherein the layer can additionally have a coating, c) optionally a carrier film, d) optionally an adhesive layer, e) a substrate layer. By means of such a multilayer structure it is possible, in the adhesive bonding of thin functional films by means of a psa (“pressure sensitive adhesive”) to thermoplastics such as, for example, polycarbonate, largely to avoid blistering of the adhesively bonded film in the case of outside use (in a changing climate)..
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Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the same

A surface emitting laser includes a lower reflector, an active layer, a gap portion, an upper reflector, and a driving unit. The lower reflector, the active layer, the gap portion, and the upper reflector are arranged in that order.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Wavelength tunable light source

To provide a wavelength tunable light source which can both ensure operation speed and reduce a drive voltage. A wavelength tunable light source according to the present invention includes a pair of reflectors at least one of which is a movable reflector, an active layer provided between the pair of reflectors, and a beam on part of which the movable reflector is formed and which is supported by a support member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Use of bragg gratings with coherent otdr

An interferometer and a method of monitoring a downhole environment are described. The interferometer includes a coherent light source to emit pulses of light on a fiber, and a plurality of reflectors arranged on the fiber to reflect light from the coherent light source, each of the plurality of reflectors comprising broad band fiber bragg gratings (fbgs), the fiber being rigidly disposed within a cable that is rigidly attached in the downhole environment.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

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