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Reflector patents


This page is updated frequently with new Reflector-related patent applications.

 Tracking antenna system having multiband selectable feed patent thumbnailTracking antenna system having multiband selectable feed
A tracking antenna system for use in a plurality of discrete radio frequency (rf) spectrums includes a stabilized antenna support configured to direct and maintain the antenna in alignment with a communications satellite; a reflector mounted on the stabilized antenna support, the reflector reflecting radio waves along a first rf path; a first feed for gathering radio waves within a first of the discrete rf spectrums traveling from the reflector; a sub-reflector movable between first and second positions, the first position outside the first rf path and the second position in the first rf path to redirect radio waves traveling from the reflector along the first rf path to a second rf path; a second feed for gathering radio waves within a second of the discrete rf spectrums redirected along the second rf path; and an actuator for moving the sub-reflector between the first and second positions.. .
Sea Tel, Inc. (dba Cobham Satcom)

 Wide angle planar antenna assembly patent thumbnailWide angle planar antenna assembly
Exemplary embodiments, the present disclosure are related to an antenna system including radiating elements and reflectors. The reflectors can be disposed with respect to the radiating elements to reflect radiation from the radiating elements to generate a coverage area that exceeds the coverage area generated by the radiating elements without the reflectors..
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

 Display devices using feedback enhanced light emitting diode patent thumbnailDisplay devices using feedback enhanced light emitting diode
Display devices using feedback-enhanced light emitting diodes are disclosed. The display devices include but are not limited to active and passive matrix displays and projection displays.
Zeolux Corporation

 Solution-processable donor-acceptor compounds containing boron(iii) moieties for the fabrication of optical reflectors and organic memory devices and their preparation thereof patent thumbnailSolution-processable donor-acceptor compounds containing boron(iii) moieties for the fabrication of optical reflectors and organic memory devices and their preparation thereof
Wherein b is a boron atom; each boron atom can attach optionally one or two of the x1, x2, x3 and x4 and two of the y1, y2, y3, and y4; x1, x2, x3 and x4 are independently a heteroatom or carbon atom, where the heteroatom or group can be f, cl, br, i, or or, and r is a substituent on specific heteroatom or carbon atom which can be selected from alkyl or aromatic groups; y1, y2, y3, and y4 are independently a heteroatom, where the heteroatom or group can either be o, s, se, ge, te, pr, or nr, and r is a substituent on specific heteroatom or carbon atom which can be selected from alkyl or aromatic groups; z1, z2, z3, and z4 are cyclic structure derivatives; d1, d2 and d3 are optionally alkyl substituted aromatic groups; and n and m can optionally be any integer.. .

 Light guide plate and backlight module having the same patent thumbnailLight guide plate and backlight module having the same
The disclosure is related to a light guide plate, comprising a first side, a second side opposite to the first side, a third side, and a light-entering side opposite to the third side; wherein each of the first side, the second side and the third side is provided with a reflector structure respectively. The disclosure is further related to a backlight module comprising the light guide plate.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Methods for making reflective trays patent thumbnailMethods for making reflective trays
A method of making a reflective tray that is useful in backlight modules for electronic devices comprises (a) providing a reflective tray template comprising a polymeric dielectric multilayer reflector on a compliant pad, the reflective tray template having a first major surface, an opposing major surface, and a reflective tray bottom area having corners; and (b) pressing a blade into the first major surface of the polymeric dielectric multilayer reflector along the perimeter of at least one side of the reflective tray bottom area to form a reflective tray side extending perpendicular to the reflective tray bottom area.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Spherically mounted retroreflector and method to minimize measurement error patent thumbnailSpherically mounted retroreflector and method to minimize measurement error
A spherically mounted retroreflector (smr) having a reference point placed on a body of the smr in a fixed and predetermined relationship to a runout error vector as given in a manufacturer's data sheet. A method for aligning the reference point to minimize measurement error..
Faro Technologies, Inc.

 Optics unit and vehicular lighting fixture patent thumbnailOptics unit and vehicular lighting fixture
An optics unit includes a light source and a rotary reflector that includes a rotation unit that rotates about an axis of rotation, and a blade mounted to the rotation unit, the blade including a reflective surface that reflects light emitted by the light source. The optics unit further includes a fan that includes a vane that rotates along with the rotation unit..
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Optical unit and vehicle lamp patent thumbnailOptical unit and vehicle lamp
An optical unit includes a light source, a rotary reflector that rotates about an axis of rotation and includes a reflective surface that reflects light emitted by the light source, and a projection lens including an incident surface on which reflected light from the rotary reflector is incident. A shade is provided between the projection lens and the rotary reflector.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Apparatus for radiating light from a virtual source patent thumbnailApparatus for radiating light from a virtual source
A lighting assembly that includes an led source that generates a light cone (solid angle); and a transparent near field lens having a front surface, a collimating surface, and an aspherical groove. The collimating surface collimates the light cone into a beam that reflects off of the front surface toward the aspherical groove, and the aspherical groove directs the beam away from the lens as an exit cone from a virtual focal point, positive virtual focal ring or a negative virtual focal ring.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Acoustic manipulation of particles in standing wave fields

A method for separating a second fluid or a particulate from a host fluid is disclosed. The method includes flowing the mixture through an acoustophoretic device comprising an acoustic chamber, an ultrasonic transducer, and a reflector.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

Implantable device with an oxygen sensor and a operating an implantable device with an oxygen sensor

Embodiments include a method of determining an oxygen content in a bodily tissue or in blood of a human or animal body, wherein a variable representative of oxygen content in the bodily tissue or in the blood is detected at least over one cardiac cycle and is correlated with a contraction state of a heart. Embodiments include a device configured to be inserted into the human or animal body, wherein the device includes at least one sensor unit that detects a signal representative of an oxygen content along a measurement path.
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg

Device and generating image information from an object to be captured

The invention relates to a device for generating image information from an object to be captured, particularly for reproducing said object two-dimensionally with a 3d appearance or sculptural effect, comprising an image capturing device for generating two-dimensional image information by scanning said object using a viewing beam path, and an illumination device for illuminating the object using an illuminating beam path, said image capturing device and illumination device being coupled such that the viewing and illuminating beam paths are moved synchronously over the object, the image capturing device being designed such that it scans, preferably with a predefinable overlap, one sub-region of the object after another, the illumination device having a reflector that comprises a, preferably diffusely, reflective reflection surface, and this reflection surface being arranged such that during scanning, said sub-region is indirectly illuminated by the lit reflection surface. The invention also relates to a corresponding method..
Dr. Wirth Grafische Technik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Camera module and electronic device including the same

A camera module comprising: a first optical system and a second optical system, each of the first and second optical systems including: a first frame configured to support a first lens group and move along an optical axis in a first direction; and a second frame configured to support a reflector configured to reflect light passing through the first lens group, and move in a second direction that is different from the first direction.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Compact transformer based reflector for even frequency multipliers

A system comprising: a frequency multiplier configured to receive an incoming rf signal having a fundamental frequency, and to output an outgoing rf signal having an output frequency that is an even multiple of the fundamental frequency; an input transformer comprising a multiplier-side inductor configured to provide the incoming rf signal, in a differential mode, to the frequency multiplier at the fundamental input frequency; a direct current bias source configured to bias the frequency multiplier, thereby producing the outgoing rf signal and multiple harmonic signals of the fundamental signal; and a reflector comprising a capacitor configured to resonate with the multiplier-side inductor at the output frequency, and reflect back a portion of the multiple harmonics signals having the output frequency back to the multiplier.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Optical device

An optical device, such as an optical storage medium, comprises a layer of material in the solid state that has a refractive index that is switchable between at least two stable values by applied light. A reflector is spaced apart from the layer of material by a solid spacer layer transmissive to light..
Isis Innovation Limited

Radiation source

A faceted reflector (32, 32″) for receiving an incident radiation beam (2) and directing a reflected radiation beam at a target. The faceted reflector comprises a plurality of facets, each of the plurality of facets comprising a reflective surface.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Head-mounted display

A head-mounted display having a first light incident region and a first light emitting region is provided. The head-mounted display includes a first light-guide plate, a first micro-display, a first reflector, a first collimating lens and a first filling structure.
Winbond Electronics Corp.

Photodetector system

One example includes a photodetector system. The system includes a waveguide photodetector into which an input optical signal comprising a frequency band of interest is provided and from which the input optical signal is absorbed to generate an output signal that is indicative of an intensity of the input optical signal.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Ceramic wavelength converter having a high reflectivity reflector

There is herein described a ceramic wavelength converter having a high reflectivity reflector. The ceramic wavelength converter is capable of converting a primary light into a secondary light and the reflector comprises a reflective metal layer and a dielectric buffer layer between the ceramic wavelength converter and the reflective metal layer.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Apparatus and methods for gamma ray detection

A gamma ray detector is described. The detector comprises a plastic scintillation body for receiving gamma rays and generating photons in response thereto.
Symetrica Limited

Method for producing an integrated micromechanical fluid sensor component, integrated micromechanical fluid sensor component and detecting a fluid by means of an integrated micromechanical fluid sensor component

A method for producing an integrated micromechanical fluid sensor component includes forming a first wafer with a first bragg reflector and with a light-emitting device on a first substrate. The light-emitting device is configured to emit light rays in an emission direction from a surface of the light-emitting device facing away from the first bragg reflector.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Multiple emission source multiple cooling path lighting system and method

A luminaire featuring leds is disclosed. Each led is affixed to a support structure and may have an individual reflector or refractor subsystem to modify light output.
Q Technology, Inc.

Optical signaling system for a smart-home device

Various arrangements for light distribution incorporated as part of a device are presented. A circular light guide may be used that receives light from a plurality of light emitters that can be arranged in a circular pattern.
Google Inc.

Automatic setup of reflector instances

A method of establishing a service operations administration and maintenance (oam) session between an originator and a reflector in a communication network includes continuously monitoring, by the reflector, any test packets transmitted by the originator. The originator transmits to the reflector, at a time indicated by a first timestamp, a test packet.
Accedian Networks Inc.

Information processing system using optically encoded signals

An information-processing system having spherical and parabolic reflectors, optical signal processors, and detectors comprising optically active surfaces. The spherical reflector has an internal light-reflecting surface and a spherical processor with internal and external optically active surfaces, with its center coincident with that of the spherical reflector.

Wireless laser system for power transmission utilizing a gain medium between retroreflectors

An optical power beam transmission systems, with a directional light transmitter and receiver. The transmitter contains an amplifying laser medium, and this together with a retroreflector in the receiver, forms a laser resonator.
Wi-charge Ltd.

Multi-band antenna

The present application provides a multi-band antenna, comprising at least one low-band sub-antenna; and at least one high-band sub-antenna comprising at least one high-band dipole and a reflector; wherein the high-band dipole and/or the reflector are/is structured and positioned so that current induced in the high-band sub-antenna by the low-band sub-antenna is directed to reflector over an extended effective distance in proportion to wavelength of the low-band sub-antenna.. .
Alcatel Lucent

Wireless access point

An access point includes an access point body and a circuit board supported by the access point body and optionally configured to provide a residential gateway to a network. The circuit board includes a plurality of multi-dipole antennas connected to the circuit board and arranged around a longitudinal axis defined by the circuit board.
Google Inc.

Segmented structure, in particular for a satellite antenna reflector, with combined rotation and translation deployment device

A segmented structure includes at least two panels, a so-called main panel and a so-called secondary panel, as well as at least one deployment device configured to move the connected secondary panel into a storage position or into a deployed position. The deployment device includes a translation system provided with at least one helical geared motor configured to translate the secondary panel relative to the main panel.
Airbus Defence And Space Sas

Light emitting diode

The invention provides an led including a first-type semiconductor layer, an emitting layer, a second-type semiconductor layer, a first electrode, a second electrode, a bragg reflector structure, a conductive layer and insulation patterns. The first electrode and the second electrode are located on the same side of the bragg reflector structure.
Genesis Photonics Inc.

Swim lap counting and timing event detection from noisy source data

Systems and methods for lap timing and counting in athletic events are disclosed. The systems and methods do not require the athlete to wear a counter/timer, a transmitter, a reflector or another kind of marker.
Swimpad Corporation

Liquid crystal display with backlight

A display may have an array of pixels that display images for a user. The backlight unit may have a light-guide layer.
Apple Inc.

Vehicle heads-up display device

A vehicle system includes a heads-up display device for use in a motor vehicle displays graphic elements in view of an occupant while the occupant views an environment through a display screen of the heads-up display device. The heads-up display device includes a projector configured to project a graphic element on the display screen through at least one reflector housed within a dashboard.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Lighting system

A lighting system including a lighting panel, wherein at least one light source, assigned to a narrow side of the lighting panel, is provided for coupling light into the lighting panel. The lighting system also includes a reflector facing a flat side of the lighting panel, wherein the flat side of the lighting panel facing the reflector and/or the reflector and/or an intermediate layer between the reflector and the lighting panel is provided with a surface structure.
Novomatic Ag

Device for hardening a coating on an inner wall of a conduit having an oval cross section

A device for hardening a coating on an inner wall of a conduit having an oval cross section has at least a first uv lamp, a second uv lamp, and a guide unit having a mount for each of the uv lamps. The guide unit defines the position of the uv lamps in relation to the oval cross section of the conduit, which has a first curved section, a second curved section opposite the first, and two lateral sections.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh

Reflective sheet

Reflective sheets are described. In particular, flat reflective sheets including reflectors and substrates are described.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Multiband common-optical-path image-spectrum associated remote sensing measurement system and method

The present invention relates to a multiband common-optical-path image-spectrum associated remote sensing measurement system and method. The system includes an infrared window (1), a two-dimensional rotating mirror (2), a planar reflector (3), a reflective multiband infrared lens (4), a fourier interference spectrum module (5), an image-spectrum associated processing module (6), a power supply module (7), a refrigerating module (8), and a display module (9); the incident light enters from the infrared window (1), is reflected by the two-dimensional rotating mirror (2), and then is reflected by the planar reflector (3) to the reflective multiband infrared lens (4) and then is split by a spectroscope (42); the transmitted light is focused by means of a convergent lens and is imaged on an infrared detector (43); the reflected light is focused on an infrared optical fiber coupler (44) and enters the fourier interference spectrum module (5) through an infrared optical fiber to form an interference pattern, and further, spectrum data is obtained through fourier transformation; the image-spectrum associated processing module (6) effectively combines broadband spectrum imaging and non-imaging spectrum data, and controls the two-dimensional rotating mirror (2) to point to a target, thereby implementing intelligent remote sensing measurement.
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Spectrometer with random beam profiles

A spectrometer includes a light source configured to emit a beam along a beam path through a sample volume comprising an analyte. Also included is at least one detector positioned to detect at least a portion of the beam emitted by the light source, and at least one reflector positioned along the beam path intermediate the light source and the at least one detector having a surface roughness greater than a predefined level such as 20 Å rms..
Spectrasensors, Inc.

A gas sensor by light absorption

The present invention relates to an absorption spectroscopy device, comprising a light cavity vessel (1) whose inner wall is at least partially coated with a light reflective layer (2), wherein said light reflective layer is a distributed bragg reflector or is composed of stainless steel or aluminium; a photo-detector; and a light source, wherein said light source is capable of emitting light radiation which passes through said light cavity vessel, wherein said light cavity vessel is capable of reflecting the emitted radiation and wherein said photo-detector is capable of detecting at least a portion of the emitted light.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Solar thermal concentrator apparatus, system, and method

An apparatus is disclosed including: a trough shaped reflector extending along a longitudinal axis and including at least one reflective surface having a shape which substantially corresponds to an edge ray involute of the absorber.. .

Twisted downlight reflectors

A generic reflector comprises a light inlet end, a light outlet end with at least one substantially rectangular light outlet opening, an optical axis, and a reflector surface which extends between the light inlet end and the light outlet end, where the reflector surface in a plane perpendicular to the optical axis defines a polygon. The reflector surface is formed such that the polygon between the light inlet end and the light outlet end at least in sections rotates about an axis of rotation which is oriented parallel to the optical axis.
Bega Gantenbrink-leuchten Kg

Harvesting, transmission, spectral modification and delivery of sunlight to shaded areas of plants

A light harvester or collector collects solar radiation from an unshaded location adjacent a growing plant. The light harvester can be either imaging (e.g., parabolic reflectors) or non-imaging (e.g., compound parabolic concentrator).
Dispersolar, Llc

Filter assembly

A filter assembly for a water treatment system includes a first end cap and a second end cap that secure about the ends of a filter. A central member extends through a central void in the filter.
Access Business Group International Llc

Optical transceiver and optical communications product

An optical transceiver, including a coupling assembly and a condensing assembly, is provided. The coupling assembly includes a first surface and a second surface; and multiple first lenses are disposed on the first surface.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Improved self mode-locking semiconductor disk laser (sdl)

A self mode locking laser and corresponding method is described. The laser comprises a resonator (2) terminated by first (3) and second (4) mirrors and folded by a third mirror (5).
Solus Technologies Limited

Segmented structure, in particular for a satellite antenna reflector, provided with at least one rotational and translational deployment device

A segmented structure includes at least two panels, wherein a first panel is referred to as main panel, and a second panel is referred to as secondary panel. The structure also includes at least one deployment device having a connecting arm secured to the rear face of the secondary panel and connected to the rear face of the main panel.
Airbus Defence And Space Sas

Dipole fixation in antenna system

The present invention provides a dipole fixation in an antenna system for fixing dipoles (1) on a reflector (2), the dipole fixation comprising fixing members (3) passing through apertures on the reflector (2) to fix the dipoles (1) on the reflector (2); a first non-conductive member (4) arranged between the dipoles (1) and the reflector (2); and a second non-conductive member (5) arranged between the fixing members (3) and the reflector (2). The dipole fixation of this invention avoids any metal contact between the dipoles and the reflector, guaranteeing the pim reliability for a long time and obtaining a stable connection..
Alcatel Lucent

Deep molded reflector cup used as complete led package

An led package creates a narrow beam in a very compact package without use of a lens. A plastic is molded around a metal lead frame (12, 14) to form a molded cup (26), where the cup has parabolic walls extending from a bottom area of the cup to a top thereof.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Thin led flash for camera

A thin flash module for a camera uses a flexible circuit as a support surface. A blue gan-based flip chip led die is mounted on the flex circuit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Transmission type high-absorption optical modulator and manufacturing the same

Provided are a transmission type high-absorption optical modulator and a method of manufacturing the transmission type high-absorption optical modulator. The optical modulator includes: a substrate; a lower distributed bragg reflector (dbr) layer on the substrate; a lower clad layer on the lower dbr layer; an active layer that is formed on the lower clad layer and includes a quantum well layer and a quantum barrier layer; an upper clad layer on the active layer; an upper dbr layer on the upper clad layer; and a doping layer that supplies carriers to the quantum well layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and stabilizing a line of sight of a radiant energy system

A method and apparatus for stabilizing a line of sight of a radiant energy system. The line of sight of a main beam is positioned using a first reflector and a second reflector based on a reference beam that is inertially stabilized in a selected direction.
The Boeing Company

Method and system for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit

Methods and systems for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit (chip) are disclosed and may include, in a system comprising an optical source assembly coupled to the chip: emitting a primary beam from a front facet of a laser in the optical source assembly and a secondary beam from a back facet of the laser, directing the primary beam to an optical coupler in the chip, directing the secondary beam to a surface-illuminated photodiode in the chip, and monitoring an output power of the laser utilizing an output signal from the photodiode. The primary beam may comprise an optical source for a photonics transceiver in the chip.
Luxtera, Inc.

Method of calibrating a concentration sensor

A method for calibrating an ultrasonic sensor including a transducer, a reflector spaced a known distance from the transducer, and a memory. A water bath is heated to approximately fifty centigrade and the ultrasonic sensor is at least partially submerged in the water bath.
Ssi Technologies, Inc.

Light diffusion device

A light diffusion device is described that provides uniform light output from a surface. One embodiment uses a short ratio of device height to width of the surface.
Lellan, Inc

Uplight reflector for luminaires

A light fixture assembly includes a light fixture and one or more reflectors having a curved cross-sectional profile. The light fixture includes a housing that is configured to house one or more electrical components of the light fixture.

Motor vehicle accent lamp and methods of use thereof

A method of providing accent ornamental illumination to a lamp of a motor vehicle comprising providing an accent lamp comprising a housing and a light-emitting device disposed within the housing; mounting the housing to an exterior surface of the lens cover of the vehicle lamp; and arranging the light-emitting device such that, when the housing is mounted to the exterior surface of the lens cover of the lamp, light emitted from the light-emitting device passes through the lens cover from outside the lens cover towards a lamp reflector of the vehicle lamp and illuminates the reflector. A motor vehicle lamp combination comprising, in combination, a motor vehicle lamp and an accent lamp also provided wherein, when the accent lamp is mounted on a lens cover of the motor vehicle lamp, light emitted from the light-emitting device is directed towards the reflector..
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Color mixing output for high brightness led sources

A mixing optic combines a variety of features to enhance the brightness and uniformity of the light emitted from a combination of different color light emitting sources. The mixing optic may include a parabolic reflector that redirects low-angle emissions, a reflective waveguide that mixes the light spatially, and a diffuser plate that mixes the light angularly.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Lamp with optoelectronic light source and improved isotropy of the radiation

The invention relates to an optoelectronic lamp with improved omi-directionality by using a reflector cap having an opening.. .
Osram Gmbh

Acoustophoretic device for angled wave particle deflection

Devices for separating materials from a host fluid are disclosed. The devices include a flow chamber, an ultrasonic transducer, and a reflector.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

Method and heating device for temperature conditioning of preforms and blow molding machine comprising such a device

A heating apparatus that includes a plurality of heating devices for temperature conditioning of preforms made of a thermoplastic material to a temperature and temperature distribution suitable for blow molding and transport and handling means for transporting and handling the preforms through the heating apparatus along a transport path. The transport and handling means are implemented as a transport chain guided on a revolving chain path that has a plurality of chain-link-type transport means connected thereto.
Khs Corpoplast Gmbh

Apparatus and heating plastic preforms by means of microwaves using an adaptable base reflector

Apparatus for heating plastic preforms, having a microwave generating device which generates microwaves, and having a resonator device which forms a receiving space into which the plastic preforms can be introduced so as to be acted upon by the microwaves in the resonator device in order to be heated, wherein the apparatus has a reflector element which is arranged at least partially in the receiving space and which is suitable and intended for conducting microwaves in the direction of a base region of the plastic preforms. According to the invention, the reflector element is movable relative to the receiving space and the apparatus has a drive device for moving the reflector element relative to the receiving space..
Krones Ag

Reflective antenna apparatus and design method thereof

A reflective antenna apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a feeder which receives an electromagnetic wave from a transmitter and distributes the electromagnetic wave to the antenna apparatus; a sub reflector which has a step formed to generate an orbital angular momentum (oam) mode electromagnetic wave; and a main reflector which has a step formed to generate the same electromagnetic wave as the oam mode generated by the sub reflector and cancels the oam mode electromagnetic wave generated by the sub reflector and an oam mode electromagnetic wave generated by the main reflector to radiate the electromagnetic waves to a far field.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Segmented structure, particularly for satellite antenna reflector, provided with at least one strip-comprising unfurling device

A segmented structure comprising at least two panels, one panel referred to as a main panel and at least one panel referred to as a secondary panel, together with at least one unfurling device able to bring a secondary panel into a storage position or into an unfurled position, the unfurling device comprising at least one strip fixed to the secondary panel and connected to the main panel, the strip being elastically preloaded into the storage position thereof so as to unfurl automatically and autonomously when relative movement between the secondary panel and the main panel becomes possible, so as to move the secondary panel.. .
Airbus Defence And Space Sas

Radio wave reflection device

A mounting unit (210) securely mounts a radio wave reflection device (200) on a stable installation place such as a pole (20). A reflector unit (300) holds two reflectors (350, 360) at a tilt angle of 45°, allowing the two reflectors (350, 360) to be coaxial and rotatable independently of each other.
Nec Corporation

Light emitting diode package utilizing quantum dots

A light emitting diode (led) package includes a substrate having a first surface and a second surface located opposite at the first surface, an led chip mounted on the first surface of the substrate, a reflector cup mounted on the first surface of the substrate and surrounding the led chip therein, and an encapsulation layer located on the reflector cup. The encapsulation layer includes a glue and a plurality of quantum dots mixed in the glue.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Optical scanner for laser radar or other devices

Provided herein is an optical scanner. The optical scanner includes one or more light sources, a reflector configured to reflect beam reaching from the one or more light sources toward a scan target, an optical lens system including one or more lenses, which are sequentially disposed along a route of the beam between the one or more light sources and the reflector, and a controller configured to control at least one of a movement of the one or more light sources and a movement of the reflector.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Measurement system using tracking-type laser interferometer and return the measurement system

When measurement is conducted using a measurement system utilizing a tracking-type laser interferometer, laser light is emitted at a retroreflector, the tracking-type laser interferometer is placed in a tracking state, and a displacement body is displaced to a desired point and a combination of position data of the displacement body at a single desired location and rotation position data of a biaxial rotation mechanism from the tracking-type laser interferometer is stored. When a received light determiner determines that there is an abnormality in an amount of light, the positions of the displacement body and the biaxial rotation mechanism are maintained, and the displacement body and biaxial rotation mechanism are displaced to the respective stored, predetermined positions.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Optical antennas for advanced integrated circuit testing

A device testing approach employs optical antennas at test locations of a semiconductor device, usable as either/both radiators or receivers. As a radiator, an antenna responds to localized optical energy at a test location of the device to generate corresponding radiated optical energy that can be sensed and processed by a test system.
Trustees Of Boston University

Vehicle lighting fixture

A vehicle lighting fixture can reduce the parts number to reduce the cost as well as achieve weight reduction. The vehicle lighting fixture can include an led having an optical axis, an adb reflector configured to hold the led, and a bracket configured to hold and fix the adb reflector so that the adb reflector can rotate around a boss of the bracket parallel to the optical axis of the led.
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Noise reflector for a compressor of a turbomachine

A noise reflector for a compressor of a turbomachine, in particular an exhaust gas turbocharger, is provided. The noise reflector includes at least one form-locking element with a direction of longitudinal extension, by way of which the noise reflector can be fastened to a housing part of the compressor such that a form-locking connection is produced, and the direction of longitudinal extension of the form-locking element goes in the axial direction..
Daimler Ag

Method and an arrangement for automatic elevator installation

A method and arrangement for automatic elevator installation includes marking each door opening in the elevator shaft with door reflectors, and creating a reference coordinate system of the elevator shaft with a robotic total station positioned at a bottom of the elevator shaft, measuring the position of the door reflectors with the robotic total station, fitting straight door lines to the measurements in order to form virtual plumb lines for the doors in the elevator shaft, marking predetermined guide rail positions on the bottom of the elevator shaft and installing lowermost guide rails manually to the shaft based on the guide rail positions, forming vertical guide rail lines, i.e. Virtual plumb lines for the guide rails with the robotic total station based on the door lines, providing an upwards and downwards movable installation platform in the elevator shaft provided with platform reflectors, and measuring the position of the platform reflectors with the robotic total station, whereby the orientation and the position of the installation platform in relation to the elevator shaft can be determined..
Kone Corporation

Device for applying heat radiation to a surface

A device (1) for applying heat radiation to a surface, for softening and/or removing one or more coatings, includes a head assembly (2) and a handle assembly (3) connected to the head assembly. The head assembly includes at least one heat radiation element (6) arranged in a reflector unit (4), which has an aperture intended to be directed towards the surface to be radiated.
Speedheater System Ab

Hardware-logic based flow collector for distributed denial of service (ddos) attack mitigation

Methods and systems for an integrated solution to flow collection for determination of rate-based dos attacks targeting isp infrastructure are provided. According to one embodiment, a method of mitigating ddos attacks is provided.
Fortinet, Inc.

Method for balancing circuit voltage

Various techniques are employed alone or in combination, to reduce the levelized cost of energy imposed by a power plant system. Solar energy concentrators in the form of inflated reflectors, focus light onto photovoltaic receivers.
Maxout Renewables, Inc.

Ion injector and lens system for ion beam milling

The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for performing ion etching on a semiconductor substrate, as well as methods for forming such apparatus. In some embodiments, an electrode assembly may be fabricated, the electrode assembly including a plurality of electrodes having different purposes, with each electrode secured to the next in a mechanically stable manner.
Lam Research Corporation

Display device

A display device includes a display portion, a light source, and a reflector. The reflector reflects light from the light source.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Cassegrain telescope with angled reflector

A cassegrain optical system has a concave primary mirror deployed for receiving incident electromagnetic radiation and generating once-reflected rays, a convex secondary mirror deployed for receiving the once-reflected rays and generating twice-reflected rays, a tertiary reflector deployed for receiving the twice-reflected rays and generating thrice-reflected rays, and a beam-folding optical element deployed between the primary mirror and the secondary mirror for deflecting the thrice-reflected rays laterally so as to exit a volume between the primary and secondary mirrors.. .
Visionmap Ltd.

Photonic integrated device

This document describes a photonic device which makes it possible to both separate and combine bands of wavelengths in optical signals. To this end, the device described herein has a star coupler, a set of optical input waveguides connected to the input port of the star coupler, a waveguide grouping connected to the output port of the start coupler and a set of reflectors and phase shifters connected to said waveguide grouping.
Universitat PolitÈcnica De ValÈncia

Liquid crystal display with backlight color compensation structures

A display may have an array of pixels that display images for a user. The backlight unit may have a light-guide layer.
Apple Inc.

Solar cooking apparatus

The present invention relates to a solar cooking apparatus, comprising: a first solar reflector; a second solar reflector; a solar collection element; and a solar collection element holder, wherein the first solar reflector and the second solar reflector are concave, and symmetrically arranged and aligned with a solar collection element axis, the reflectors having a up to a 360° range of motion around a plane perpendicular to the solar collection element axis, and focusing radiation at the solar collection element, which rapidly heats when the first and/or second solar reflectors are in an opened position, the first and second solar reflectors shield the solar collector when in a closed position. The solar cooking apparatus is adjustable and, in some embodiments, portable..

Led strobe light with visual effects

The various embodiments relate to a led strobe lighting fixture comprising a plurality of leds arranged in a linear array and which is configured to generate a strobe light effect. The light fixture comprises a central illumination led array arranged between a first optical reflector and a second optical reflector.
Martin Professional Aps

Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a condenser lens, a heat-dissipation base, a first light source, a second light source, and a reflector. The condenser lens has a focal plane and an optical axis.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a semiconductor laser element configured to emit laser light, a condenser lens configured to condense the laser light, a phosphor configured to form white light by converting wavelength of at least a portion of the laser light condensed, and a reflector configured to reflect the white light. A light transmitting portion is formed in a portion, at which an extension path obtaining by extending an optical path of the laser light before contacting the phosphor is intersected with the reflector, of the reflector.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Lens assembly with light engine and flexible luminaires

In an example embodiment, a flexible light fixture may be provided. The example embodiment may comprise a reflector panel comprising two substantially parallel opposing outer flanges and a flexible central portion, wherein the distance between the opposing outer flanges may be x.
Southpac Trust International Inc, Trustee Of The Ldh Trust

Automotive lighting reflector system with integrated solar collector

A dual-purpose headlight for a vehicle. In one mode of operation, a reflector receives light from at least one light source, such as a light-emitting diode (led), and projects the light as a headlight for the vehicle.
Valeo North America, Inc.

Hair brush sanitizing unit

A device for sanitizing and disinfecting hair styling tools such as hair brushes via ultraviolet radiation is described. The device is preferably equipped with a chamber disposed in a body equipped with a housing and a base.

Lighting fixture

A light emitting diode (led) lighting arrangement for a lighting fixture includes: a lighting strip comprising a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) arranged along a length of the lighting strip; a first multi-faceted side wall reflector extending from a first side of the lighting strip at an angle such that the first multi-faceted side wall reflector extends along an entire length of the lighting strip and away from a bottom portion of a light emitting portion of each of the light emitting diodes (leds); and a second multi-faceted side wall reflector extending from a second, opposite side of the lighting strip at an angle such that the second multi-faceted side wall reflector extends along an entire length of the lighting strip away from the bottom portion of the light emitting portion of each of the light emitting diodes (leds). The first and second multi-faceted side wall reflectors cause light produced by the plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) to be amplified and formed into a uniform beam..
Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.

Smart antenna module and omni-directional antenna thereof

A smart antenna module includes an omni-directional antenna and at least one reflecting unit for adjusting a radiation pattern of the smart antenna module, wherein the one reflecting unit includes a reflector and a switch coupled between the reflector and a ground of the omni-directional antenna for electrically connecting the reflector with the ground or separating the reflector from the ground according to a control signal to adjust the radiation pattern of the smart antenna module.. .
Wistron Neweb Corporation

System to prognose gas turbine remaining useful life

A flash thermography device for generating an infrared image of a turbine component located inside a turbine, wherein the turbine includes at least one inspection port. The device includes a flash source that generates a light pulse that heats the turbine component and an infrared sensor for detecting thermal energy radiated by the turbine component.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Broadband satellite payload architecture

A spacecraft includes a payload subsystem, the payload subsystem including a phased array of feed elements configured to illuminate an antenna reflector, a beam forming network (bfn) disposed proximate to the array of feed elements, and a plurality of power amplifiers disposed between the bfn and the array of feed elements. The bfn includes a plurality of variable amplitude and phase adjusting arrangements disposed between (i) m:1 power combiners that are communicatively coupled with the power amplifiers and (ii) at least one 1:n power splitter, where m is greater than 1, and n is greater than 2.
Space Systems/loral, Llc

Laser diode driven lcd quantum dot hybrid displays

A display system comprising a set of light sources that emit a set of frequencies that are capable of exciting a set of quantum dots is disclosed. The display system further comprises a controller that receives input image data to be rendered by the display system and sends out control signals to various components.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Light source module

A light source module includes a light guide plate (lgp), at least one light emitting element, a reflector, and a plurality of spacer units. The lgp has a first surface, a second surface opposite to the first surface, a light incident surface connecting the first surface and the second surface, and a plurality of optical microstructures.
Young Lighting Technology Inc.

Backlight module and display device

The present invention discloses a backlight module and a display device. The backlight module includes a backplane, a reflector plate and an led light bar, wherein the led light bar includes a base and led lights; the backplane includes a backplane main body part and a backplane side wall part; the reflector plate includes a reflector plate main body part and two reflector plate projections; the two reflector plate projections are respectively in contact with a first side face and a second side face of the base; the backplane side wall part is in contact with a third side face of the base; and the reflector plate main body part is in contact with a fourth side face of the base.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optoelectronic sensor and the transmission monitoring of a front screen

An optoelectronic sensor (10) for detecting objects in a monitored zone (20) is provided which has the following: a front screen (38); a light transmitter (12) for transmitting a light beam (16); a movable deflection unit (18) for the periodic sampling of the monitored zone (20) by the light beam (16); a light receiver (26) for generating a received signal from the light beam (22) remitted by the objects; at least one test light transmitter (42); at least one test light transmitter (42), at least one test light receiver (44) and at least one test light reflector (48) which span a test light path (46a-b) through the front screen (38); and an evaluation unit (32) which is configured to acquire pieces of information on the objects in the monitored zone (20) from the received signal and to recognize an impaired light permeability of the front screen (38) from a test light signal which the test light receiver (44) generates from test light which is transmitted from the test light transmitter (42) and which is reflected at the test light reflector (48). In this respect, the test light reflector (48) is arranged such that it moves along with the deflection unit (18)..
Sick Ag

Led lighting fixture

A lighting fixture which includes at least one lamp assembly coupled between two spaced end plates and supported by a frame coupled, along with a back side of the lamp assembly, to a heat sink. At least one elongated support member is provided that includes a pair of oppositely facing u-channels adapted to receive opposing ends of the heat sink.
Brightline, Inc.

Grilling appliance

According to the invention, a barbeque appliance (2) comprises a charcoal chamber (12), the walls of which completely enclose an interior space for charcoal, comprising at least one wall (48) made of a fine-meshed screen and comprising at least one ventilation opening (44) into which an air-supply pipe (26, 32, 14) opens, which leads through an ignition chamber (14) for ignition means (36) and to which an air-flow generator (4) is or can be connected, and comprising a reflector shell (21), in which the charcoal chamber (12) is arranged and which is made of flexible planar material having a heat-reflecting inner face, and comprising an outer shell (8) in which the reflector shell (21) is arranged, preferably so as to be at a spacing from the outer shell (8) at least in regions by way of an air space (26), and comprising a barbeque rack (6), which covers the outer shell (8) at the top.. .
Metallwarenfabrik Marktoberdorf Gmbh & Co. Kg

Depth imaging

Examples are disclosed herein that are related to depth imaging of a 360-degree field of view. One example provides a depth imaging system comprising an image sensor, a reflector subsystem comprising one or more reflectors arranged to reflect a radial field of view of a surrounding environment toward the image sensor, a projector configured to project light onto the reflector subsystem for reflection into the surrounding environment, and a computing device comprising a logic subsystem and a storage subsystem comprising instructions executable by the logic subsystem to receive image data from the image sensor, and output a depth image based upon the image data..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Dlp micro projector

The invention provides a dlp micro projector including: a light supply device, including: a led light source and a light collimation system, and a spectroscope group; a light path switching device, including a fly-eye lens or an optical wand; a lighting optical system, including: a freeform lens or a freeform reflector, and a right angle prism; a dmd light modulator being parallel to a right angle side of the right angle prism; and a projection lens group. The dlp micro projector has a simple and reasonable structure, employs a freeform optical component to replace the conventional planar mirror and relay lens to redirect and converge the beams, and meanwhile compensates the lighting source of the dmd light modulator, thereby simplifying the optical components and reducing the size and weight of the dlp micro projector.
Iview Limited

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