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Reflector patents


This page is updated frequently with new Reflector-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reflector-related patents
 Methods and systems for reducing noise in optoelectronic oscillators patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for reducing noise in optoelectronic oscillators
Optoelectronic oscillator systems and an optoelectronic oscillator noise reduction method. One example of an optoelectronic oscillator system includes an optical source positioned at a first end of a fiber-optic path, the optical source being configured to transmit an optical signal along the fiber-optic path, an optical modulator positioned to receive and modulate the optical signal based on at least a reference signal, a retro-reflector positioned at a second end of the fiber-optic path, the retro-reflector being configured to receive and retro-reflect the optical signal, the retro-reflected optical signal having at least a frequency range of inherent fiber noise canceled, and an optical circulator positioned along the fiber-optic path between the optical modulator and the retro-reflector, the optical circulator being configured to direct the optical signal to the retro-reflector and direct the retro-reflected optical signal along a feedback path to a first photodetector to generate the reference signal..
Raytheon Company

 Light source device and projector patent thumbnailnew patent Light source device and projector
A light source device includes a light source, a reflector that reflects light emitted from the light source, a light source housing accommodating the light source and the reflector and including a plurality of introduction ports through which cooling air is introduced, an introduction port forming portion having a plurality of outlet ports communicating with the plurality of introduction ports, an opening and closing device opening and closing the plurality of introduction ports, and a holding unit having the introduction port forming portion accommodating the opening and closing device. The light source device is used in a projector having a cooling device.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Eyepiece optical system patent thumbnailnew patent Eyepiece optical system
An eyepiece optical system includes a focal-plane plate, having a positive refractive power on one side and a diffusion surface on the other side thereof; a reflector which reflects light rays of an object image, formed on the diffusion surface, a predetermined number of times; an optical lens group, by which the object image is observed, in that order along an optical path from the object side to the viewing side; and a condenser lens element, having a positive refractive power, provided between the focal-plane plate and the reflector, the condenser lens element having an aspherical surface formed on at least one side thereof. At least one of the aspherical surface of the condenser lens element has a profile, when viewed macroscopically, such that the positive refractive power thereof increasingly weakens with respect to a direction away from the optical axis..
Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.

 Spatial light modulator based on metamaterial structure and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Spatial light modulator based on metamaterial structure and preparation method thereof
A spatial light modulator based on a metamaterial structure and a preparation method thereof. The spatial light modulator includes an array of optical function elements and a control circuit.
Suzhou Institute Of Nano-tech And Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

 Eighth wave corner cube retarder for laser radar patent thumbnailnew patent Eighth wave corner cube retarder for laser radar
Laser radar systems include focusing optical systems having a retroreflector such as a corner cube that is translatable with respect to an objective lens. The retroreflector provides a selected retardance to an interrogation optical beam that is directed to a target as well as to a returned portion of the interrogation optical beam that is directed to a detection system.
Nikon Corporation

 Proximity sensor module with light reflector patent thumbnailnew patent Proximity sensor module with light reflector
A proximity sensor may be mounted below a display cover layer in an electronic device. The proximity sensor may have a light source that emits light and a detector configured to detect reflections of the emitted light from nearby external objects.
Apple Inc.

 Uv light curing systems, and methods of designing and operating the same patent thumbnailnew patent Uv light curing systems, and methods of designing and operating the same
A uv light curing system is provided. The uv light curing system includes: a uv light source; a primary reflector for reflecting light emitted by the uv light source in a direction of an enclosure, the enclosure at least partially surrounding an object of interest; and a secondary reflector on an opposite side of the enclosure with respect to the primary reflector, the secondary reflector being positioned along a portion of a length of the enclosure, the secondary reflector surrounding at least 40% of the enclosure at the portion of the length of the enclosure..
Heraeus Noblelight America Llc

 Reflective non-paraboloidal beam-shaping optics patent thumbnailnew patent Reflective non-paraboloidal beam-shaping optics
A lighting device may include a light source and a reflective optical element. The reflective optical element may have a reflective internal surface that defines a cavity.
Surefire, Llc

 Lighting device for vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting device for vehicles
A lighting device for vehicles with a laser light source and an upstream light conducting device for generating a predetermined light function. The light conducting device comprises a reflector which serves as a deflecting reflector for the laser light source.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

 Method for manufacturing a reflective material, helmet, reflector and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manufacturing a reflective material, helmet, reflector and use thereof
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing and/or treating thermally deformable reflective material, comprising steps for: providing a base material such as a plate material or a sheet material, arranging on the base material an adhesive layer in the form of a polymerizable monomer mixture, preferably a photoactivatable monomer mixture, positioning reflective particles on the monomer mixture, subjecting the monomer mixture to a curing process for providing a thermoplastic polymer mixture for the purpose of fixing the reflective particles relative to the base material.. .
Codan B.v.

new patent

Apparatus and sanitizing articles

An apparatus is provided for sanitizing an article, the apparatus comprising a housing defining an enclosed internal chamber and having an opening at a door side into the chamber. A door is configured to selectively close the door side of the housing for substantially sealing the chamber.


Diagnosis and throughput measurement of fibre channel ports in a storage area network environment

An example method for diagnosis and throughput measurement of fc ports in a san environment is provided and includes generating, by a control processor at a generator in the san, a control packet requesting a link test to be performed with a reflector in the san, sending the control packet to the reflector through a media access controller (mac) of the generator, receiving, at the mac of the generator, an acknowledgement from the reflector indicating ability to perform the requested link test, generating, at the mac of the generator, a test data packet for the link test, performing the link test with the reflector, and analyzing, at the generator, network parameters based on results of the link test.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Ring-modulated laser

An optical source is described. This optical source includes a semiconductor optical amplifier, with a semiconductor other than silicon, which provides a gain medium.
Oracle International Corporation


Tunable laser with a cascaded filter and comb reflector

A laser comprises a gain medium, and a mirror coupled to the gain medium and comprising a coupler coupled to the gain medium, a phase section coupled to the coupler, a bandpass filter coupled to the phase section, and a comb reflector (cr) coupled to the bandpass filter. A laser chip package comprises a substrate, and a laser coupled to the substrate and comprising a filter comprising a first interferometer with a first transmittance, and a second interferometer with a second transmittance, wherein the filter is configured to provide a filter transmittance based on the first transmittance and the second transmittance, and a comb reflector (cr) coupled to the filter and comprising a ring with a circumference, and a refractive index, wherein the cr is configured to provide a cr reflectivity based on the circumference and the refractive index..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Viewer with enhanced depth perception

A viewer for viewing an object under magnification, the viewer comprising: an objective lens for producing an image of an object located at an object plane and having a radial extent defined by an aperture stop; a partially-transmissive reflector for allowing transmission of light therethrough from the objective lens to a mirror arrangement and providing for reflection of light which is returned thereto from the mirror arrangement; a mirror arrangement which receives a light component from the partially-transmissive reflector, and is located such that a focussed image of the object is produced at the mirror arrangement and light received by the mirror arrangement is reflected back to the partially-transmissive reflector and relayed to produce an image of the object; a viewing lens arrangement for producing an optical image of the object which is viewable by an observer at an exit pupil at a viewing plane; wherein the objective lens has a beam path angle (α) as defined by a distance from the object plane to the objective lens and a radial extent of the aperture stop; wherein the viewer has a viewing angle (β) as defined by a distance along an optical axis from the mirror arrangement to the viewing plane and a radial extent of the exit pupil at the viewing plane; wherein the viewer is configured such that a displacement ratio of the beam path angle (α) to the viewing angle (β) is at least 3:1, whereby the observer is provided with a greater change in depth perception of the object being observed relative to an extent of displacement of a head of the observer.. .
Vision Engineering Limited


Display device

The purpose of the present invention is to cut down the travel distance of a display image on receiving a stop instruction intended for a stepping motor and thereby reduce a feeling of strangeness perceived by a user. A display device allows a user to view the image displayed on a display at a prescribed display position.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.



A periscope comprises an object window (4), a first reflector (5), a second reflector (6); and an intermediate port between the first reflector (5) and the second reflector (6). The first reflector is arranged to reflect light from the object window (4) towards the second reflector (6) through the intermediate port.
Kent Periscopes Ltd


Display module with optically functional film and manufacturing thereof

A display module with an optically functional film includes two polarizers, a display panel, an optically functional film, a lighting component, a light guide plate, and a reflector. The optically functional film includes a first transformation layer, a second transformation layer, a diffusion layer, a brightness enhancement layer, and a polarized layer, and each layer of the optically functional film is attached to each other by transfer-coating.
Rayshine Photonics Corp.


Using an offset vector tile gather to image a subsurface

A method for using an offset vector tile gather to image a subsurface defines an offset vector tile gather by selecting a plurality of seismic traces from recorded seismic data. Each seismic trace in the offset vector tile includes reflections from subsurface reflectors and reflection points at depths below the surface of the subsurface.
Cgg Services Sa


Multipass spectroscopic absorption cell

A multipass spectroscopic absorption cell comprises at least a first reflector (40) and a second reflector (42) that are configured to reflect a beam of light multiple times through a sample volume (v). At least one of the first and second reflectors (40,42) defines a principal optical axis (a) that extends through the sample volume (v).
Duvas Technologies Limited


Detecting device and method combining images with spectrums in ultra-wide waveband

The invention discloses a detecting device combining images with spectra in an ultra-wide waveband, comprising a scanning rotating mirror, a cassegrain mirror assembly, three spectroscopes, a reflector, four broadband lens assemblies, a visible and near-infrared lens assembly, a long wave lens assembly, a ccd imaging unit, an fpa imaging unit, a fourier spectrum measuring unit and a grating spectrum measuring unit. The invention is able to recognize a target accurately by spectrum measurement under the guidance of a preliminary recognition process by imaging in visible, near-infrared and long wave infrared wavebands and can solve the problems of incomplete waveband imaging, restricted optical layout, large device size, and poor ability to detect moving objects and dynamic behaviors in prior art.
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology


Systems and methods of generating energy from solar radiation

A solar reflector assembly is provided for generating energy from solar radiation. The solar reflector assembly is configured to be deployed on a supporting body of liquid and to reflect solar radiation to a solar collector.
Combined Power Llc, Dba Hyperlight Energy


Light emitting apparatus

Disclosed herein is a light emitting apparatus including a substrate, at least one light source, a wavelength converter disposed on the substrate to convert a wavelength of light emitted from the at least one light source, and a reflector which comprises an opening formed at a point nearest to the wavelength converter to allow the light emitted from the at least one light source to progress toward the wavelength converter, the reflector being disposed on the substrate to reflect light from the wavelength converter.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Console assembly with integrated light reflector cups

A console assembly for an appliance has a console shell having a front surface with integrated light reflector cups, and a printed circuit board (pcb) mounted to the console shell and having light emitting diodes (leds) emitting light into at least some of the integrated light reflector cups.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Locomotive led/optics headlight assembly

A light including a light source that generates light centered along an illumination axis; an aconical reflector having a reflector surface that is symmetrical about an illumination axis and is open at first and second ends, the aconical reflector mounted with the light source located within the opening at the first end; an aspherical optic mounted at the second end of the aconical reflector; and wherein, a first portion of the light from the light source directly enters the optic and is collimated by the optic to generate a high intensity light spot along the illumination axis and a second portion of the light from the light source reflects off the aconical reflector and enters the optic and emanates from the optic at angles with respect to the illumination axis to generate a low luminance halo about the illumination axis and separated from the high intensity light spot.. .
J.w. Speaker Corporation


Dual beam headlamp

A headlamp assembly for projecting light in a forward direction along an optical axis is provided. The headlamp assembly may include a housing, a low beam light emitting device, a high beam light emitting device, a low beam lens, a high beam lens, and a reflector.
Magna International Inc.


Light-emitting device with air ring

In one embodiment, a light-emitting device having a reflector cup, a light source die, a wavelength-converting layer, an optical structure, and an encapsulant is disclosed. The wavelength-converting layer may be configured to convert a narrow band light emitted from the light source die into a broad band light before the light is directed towards a first direction.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Release film, manufacturing molded article, semiconductor component, and reflector component

In the release film of the present invention, each of thermal shrinkage ratios in an md direction and a td direction at 120° c. Is not less than 5%..
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation


Apparatus and methods for radio frequency signal boosters

Radio frequency (rf) signal boosters are provided. A radio frequency signal booster can include a housing integrated with a base station antenna.
Cellphone-mate, Inc.


Manufacturing vertical cavity surface emitting laser

A manufacturing method for a vertical cavity surface emitting laser includes steps of forming, on a substrate, a multilayer body including first and second distributed bragg reflector layers, an active layer, and a to-be-oxidized layer becoming a current constriction structure, processing the multilayer body such that a lateral surface of at least the to-be-oxidized layer is exposed, and forming a current constriction structure by oxidizing the to-be-oxidized layer from the lateral surface thereof after the multilayer body has been processed. The step of forming the current constriction structure includes steps of holding the substrate to be positioned along a uniformly-heated plate that is placed on a heat conduction member, and to be spaced from the uniformly-heated plate, and heating the substrate by radiant heat from the uniformly-heated plate by heating the heat conduction member..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Deployable reflectarray antenna structure

The invention is directed to deployable reflectarray antenna structure. In one embodiment, the deployable reflectarray antenna structure includes a pair of flexible electrical elements, a feed antenna, and a deployment mechanism that employs a plurality of tapes to respectively transition the pair of flexible electrical elements from an undeployed state in which the elements are folded towards a deployed state in which the deployment mechanism and electrical elements cooperate to form a reflectarray and a subreflector of a reflectarray antenna structure.
Mma Design, Llc


Light emitting diode chip having distributed bragg reflector and fabricating the same

A light-emitting diode package, including a package body and leads, the package body including a mounting surface, a light-emitting structure disposed on the mounting surface, the light-emitting structure including an active layer disposed between a first conductive-type semiconductor layer and a second conductive-type semiconductor layer, a phosphor layer disposed on the light-emitting structure, and a distributed bragg reflector disposed between the light-emitting structure and the mounting surface. The distributed bragg reflector includes a first distributed bragg reflector and a second distributed bragg reflector, and an optical thickness of material layers within the first distributed bragg reflector is greater than an optical thickness of material layers within the second distributed bragg reflector..
Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd.


Registration of medical equipment

An rfid registration apparatus for registering units comprising rfid tags. The registration apparatus comprises: a detector space defined by a top, a bottom and four vertical sides including a first vertical side and a second vertical side, wherein the second vertical side is opposite the first vertical side; a receiver adapted to receive a number of units and be placed inside the detector space; a first antenna configured for reading rfid tags by emitting and receiving electromagnetic radiation within a first frequency range; and at least four plane reflector surfaces.
Caretag Surgical Aps


Polarized projection device and polarized projection system using the same

A polarized projection device includes a light source, a light modulator, and a lens module. The light source is configured for providing a light beam.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Liquid crystal display

A liquid crystal display (lcd) includes: a liquid crystal panel; a backlight unit for supplying light to the liquid crystal panel; and a wavelength-converting reflector disposed between the liquid crystal panel and the backlight unit. Light reflected from the wavelength-converting reflector has a shorter wavelength as a reflection angle increases..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Temperature measurement apparatus and method

A temperature measurement apparatus includes a light source; a first splitter that splits a light beam into a measurement beam and a reference beam; a reference beam reflector that reflects the reference beam; an optical path length adjustor; a second splitter that splits the reflected reference beam into a first reflected reference beam and a second reflected reference beam; a first photodetector that measures an interference between the first reflected reference beam and a reflected measurement beam obtained by the measurement beam reflected from a target object; a second photodetector that measures an intensity of the second reflected reference beam; and a temperature calculation unit. The temperature calculation unit calculates a location of the interference by subtracting an output signal of the second photodetector from an output signal of the first photodetector, and calculates a temperature of the target object from the calculated location of the interference..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Ultrasonic flow meter

An ultrasonic flow meter is disclosed, the ultrasonic flow meter including a flow tube with a flow channel for a fluid to be measured, and two ultrasound reflectors fixated inside the flow tube, a first ultrasound transducer, a second ultrasound transducer, and an electronic control arrangement for operating the ultrasonic flow meter. The ultrasound transducers and reflectors have relative positions and orientations forming an ultrasound path from the first ultrasound transducer to the at least two ultrasound reflectors, to the second ultrasound transducer, and vice versa.
Apator Miitors Aps


Reflectors and reflector orientation feature to prevent non-qualified trim

The luminaire includes a light emitting diode (led) module that includes a heat sink with an outer wall defining a top cavity and a bottom cavity and a mounting flange generally positioned along the bottom of the outer wall. A led light source is positioned within the bottom cavity and in thermal communication with the heat sink.
Cooper Technologies Company


Molded reflectors for light-emitting diode assemblies

Polymer compositions are described containing a poly(1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol terephthalate) polymer in combination with a white pigment and optionally one or more reinforcing fillers. In accordance with the present disclosure, the composition also contains one or more reactive viscosity stabilizers.
Ticona Llc


Light emitting diode vehicle headlight

An led vehicle headlight includes a lens, a reflector, a first light source, and a second light source. The lens has a focal plane.
Lextar Electronics Corporation


Rearview mirror assemblies with anisotropic polymer laminates

Anisotropic film laminates for use in image-preserving reflectors such as rearview automotive mirror assemblies, and related methods of fabrication. A film may comprise an anisotropic layer such as a light-polarizing layer and other functional layers.
Gentex Corporation


Multi-aperture imaging systems

An example dual imaging system includes a first imaging system that further includes a first image sensor; a first aperture that defines, at least in part, a field of view of the first imaging system; and a first reflector comprising an opening. The first reflector faces the first aperture.


Apparatus and method to use ptp timestamps for two-way delay and delay variation measurement in ip networks

A method is implemented by a network device to establish a two-way active measurement protocol (twamp) test session that supports use of a network time protocol (ntp) timestamp format and a precision time protocol version 2 (ptpv2) timestamp format. The network device acts as a server that communicates with a control-client to establish a twamp test session between a sender and a reflector.


Antenna structure

Provided is an antenna structure including a substrate and a driven element, a reflector, and a director, which are disposed on the substrate, and respectively configured to transmit/receive, reflect, and direct an electric wave having a first wavelength. The driven element includes a first area having a first length in a first direction parallel to a top surface of the substrate, and a second area having the first length in the first direction and spaced apart from the first area in the first direction.


Optically correcting configuration for a reflector telescope

An optically correcting configuration for a reflector telescope allows the reflector telescope to implement an auto-guiding system and an auto-focusing system without interrupting the regular capture of incoming light. The auto-guiding system and/or the auto-focusing system are in optical communication with a secondary optical output.


Coupling optical signals into silicon optoelectronic chips

A method and system for coupling optical signals into silicon optoelectronic chips are disclosed and may include coupling one or more optical signals into a back surface of a silicon photonic chip through a light path in a region where silicon is removed from said silicon photonic chip, wherein photonic devices may be integrated in layers on a front surface of the silicon photonic chip. Optical couplers, such as grating couplers, may receive the optical signals in the front surface.


Dynamic appearance-changing optical devices (dacod) printed in a shaped magnetic field including printable fresnel structures

A printed image is disclosed wherein the image may be in the form of an array of magnetically aligned platelets or flakes that may by uniform in shape and size and wherein the flakes are arranged in a particularly manner to form optically illusive images useful as security devices, or useful in beam steering applications. In one embodiment of this invention printed array is disclosed a plurality of concentric rings of magnetically aligned platelets disposed upon a substrate in the form of a fresnel structure, preferably a fresnel reflector.


Multiple light collection and lens combinations with co-located foci for curing optical fibers

A device for uv curing a coating or printed ink on a workpiece such as an optical fiber comprises at least two uv light sources equally spaced around a central axis, each uv light source comprising a reflector and a cylindrical lens, and the uv curing device configured to receive a workpiece along the central axis. The reflectors are configured to substantially reduce the emitting angle of light from the uv light sources, thereby directing the light substantially through the cylindrical lenses, the cylindrical lenses focusing the light intensely along a surface of the workpiece..


Thin-layer chromatography type radiation detector

A thin-layer chromatography type radiation detector includes a plurality of light-emitting members configured to generate visible light due to radiation, each of the light-emitting members including a scintillator having a surface filled with a reflector for reflecting the visible light, and are arranged in parallel to one another in a width direction, light sensors respectively coupled to one end portions of the plurality of light-emitting members and configured to measure a current generated due to the visible light generated by the plurality of light-emitting members, and an output port configured to sequentially output values of the current measured by the light sensors as digital signals.. .


Probe that cooperates with a laser tracker to measure six degrees of freedom

A system includes a measurement device configured to measure a distance, a first angle, and a second angle to a retroreflector target. The system further includes a probe having the retroreflector target, an inclinometer sensor, a camera, and a processor, the inclinometer sensor configured to determine a two-dimensional inclination of the probe relative to a gravity vector, the camera configured to capture an image of a light emitted from or reflected by the measurement device, the processor configured to determine six degrees of freedom of the probe based at least in part on the distance, the first angle, the second angle, the two-dimensional inclination, and the captured image of the camera..


System and measurement of material property using variable reflector

A system and method for measuring a material includes at least one transmitter for transmitting a first signal and a second signal. A variable reflector reflects a portion of the first signal at a first reflecting property to produce a first reflected signal, the portion of the first signal having traveled through the material.


Reflector array for transit-time flow measurement

Acoustic reflectors in a pipe can aid in defining an ultrasonic beam for a transit time flow measurement. Flow impedance associated with such reflectors can be minimized by using reflectors comprising an array of parallel reflective facets elongated transverse to an axis of the pipe and skewed with respect to the axis of the pipe.


Gauge with multiple color pointer tip

A gauge assembly having a pointer and gauge surface area with a scale representing operating parameters. The pointer has a first half and second half that are illuminated by light sources.


Motor vehicle headlamp with concave mirror reflectors

A motor vehicle headlamp comprising a first semiconductor light source and a first concave mirror reflector, a second semiconductor light source and a second concave mirror reflector, and a third semiconductor light source and a third reflector. Each semiconductor light source includes at least two separate semiconductor chips.


Motor vehicle headlamp having a two-chamber reflection system

A motor vehicle headlamp having a first reflection module, including a first reflector, a first group of led chips and a second group of led chips, having a second reflection module, which comprises a second reflector, a third group of led chips and a fourth group of led chips, and having a control circuit, which is configured to control the current flow through the light emitting diodes, and which is configured to activate the led chips of the first group together with the led chips of the fourth group, wherein the led chips of the second group and the led chips of the third group are deactivated. The control circuit activates the led chips of the second group together with the led chips of the third group, wherein the led chips of the first group and the led chips of the fourth group are deactivated..


Universal daytime running lamp for automotive vehicles

A daytime running lamp (1) for being retrofitted on a road vehicle, comprising a reflector (4) with a reflective surface (5) for reflecting light in a general direction (i) of illumination and a plurality of light sources (3) arranged in a pattern having an extension along a horizontal axis (a). The light emitted by the plurality of light sources (3) has directional components in two opposite horizontal directions (h1, h2) along the horizontal axis (a) and a directional component in a vertical direction (v) perpendicular to the horizontal axis (a).


Work vehicle

Regarding a tractor in which head lights for illuminating the front by means of a bulb as a main light source body are respectively arranged on both right and left sides of a hood, the front end surface of the head light is formed in such a manner as to protrude to the front as the front end surface advances from an outer side in the right-and-left direction of the hood to the central side in the right-and-left direction of the hood, and the bulb is provided on the outer side in the right-and-left direction of the hood in the head light, and a reflector, which is a reflection means, is provided on the central side in the right-and-left direction of the hood with respect to the bulb of the head light.. .


Tube alignment functionality for mobile radiography systems

An x-ray imager having a navigation-aid subsystem including one or more transmitters (tx), one or more receivers (rx) and one or more reflectors (rfl). A radio signal is transmitted by transmitter(tx), is then reflected off reflector rfl and is then received at receiver (rx).


Layer-3 performance monitoring sectionalization

A method is disclosed for the collection of performance metrics by establishing service operations administration and maintenance (oam) sessions between an actuator and a plurality of reflectors in a communication network. Test packets from an actuator simultaneously reach a plurality of reflectors along a test path.


High brightness multijunction diode stacking

An apparatus includes at least one multijunction diode laser situated to emit a plurality of beams along respective mutually parallel propagation axes, each beam having an associated mutually parallel slow axes and associated collinear fast axes, a fast axis collimator situated to receive and collimate the plurality of beams along the corresponding fast axes so as to produce corresponding fast axis collimated beams that propagate along associated non-parallel axes, and a reflector situated to receive the plurality of fast axis collimated beams and to reflect the beams so that the reflected fast axis collimated beams propagate along substantially parallel axes.. .


Antenna having a reflector for improved efficiency, gain, and directivity

An antenna having at least one reflector for improving radiation efficiency, gain, and directivity is disclosed. The antenna may be formed on a substrate or be a standalone conductive material that is designed to operate in at least one band of frequency.


Method of forming an inverted metamorphic multijunction solar cell with dbr layer adjacent to the top subcell

A multijunction solar cell comprising an upper first solar subcell having a first band gap; a middle second solar subcell adjacent to the first solar subcell and having a second band gap smaller than the first band gap; a graded interlayer adjacent to the second solar subcell; the graded interlayer having a third band gap greater than the second band gap; a third solar subcell adjacent to the interlayer, the third subcell having a fourth band gap smaller than the second band gap such that the third subcell is lattice mismatched with respect to the second subcell; and a distributed bragg reflector (dbr) layer adjacent to the upper first subcell.. .


Sound redirecting device for large displays

Sound reflectors for an electronic device are provided. In one embodiment, the sound reflector has a sound redirecting surface having two curvatures.


Vehicle head-up display device

In a vehicle head-up display device that reflects a display light transmitted through a dust-proof cover on a windshield or a combiner, and viewably displays display information as a virtual image from a driver's seat of a vehicle, the dust-proof cover has a light transmissive property produced by being rolled, when a line between a first point a first end side of the display in a longitudinal direction of the display and a second point being at the same height as the first point in a second end side opposite to the first end side is a longitudinal axis, and a luminance of a virtual image is adjusted by adjusting an angle between a rolling direction of a resin sheet used for the dust-proof cover and a virtual image longitudinal axis, which corresponds to the longitudinal axis, of a virtual image of the display reflected by the reflector. As a result, a polarization state of the display light is changed to enable the luminance of the virtual image to be adjusted without any increase in the number of parts and a body size..


Scanning apparatus, confocal observation apparatus and disk scanning apparatus

A scanning apparatus includes a light source, a spatial light modulator that modulates an incident beam of light on a first reflection surface, an illumination lens that irradiates the spatial light modulator with a beam of light from the light source and that refracts a principal ray of a beam of light modulated by the spatial light modulator so that an angle between the principal ray and an optical axis of the illumination lens decreases, and a first reflector that directs, toward the illumination lens, a beam of light by reflecting the beam of light multiple times between the illumination lens and a front focal plane of the illumination lens, the beam of light being modulated by the spatial light modulator and entering through the illumination lens.. .


System for calibrating a distance measuring device

The invention relates to a system (1) for calibrating a distance measuring device (2), comprising: a measuring track (3), on which the distance measuring device (2) is mountable; an areal reflector (4) mountable shiftably on the measuring track (3) for reflecting a measurement signal transmitted from the distance measuring device (2) back to the distance measuring device (2), so that by means of the distance measuring device (2) a distance measurement for determining a distance (d) between the distance measuring device (2) and the reflector (4) is performable; and a laser distance measuring device (5) mountable on the measuring track (3) for registering tilt of the reflector (4); wherein means for orienting the distance measuring device (2) are provided, so that measurement signals of the distance measuring device (2) reflected back to the distance measuring device (2) by means of the reflector (4) are received with maximum intensity by the distance measuring device (2).. .


Combination optical hemoglobin and electrochemical lead assay

A sensor and analyzer for measuring an analyte in a liquid sample are disclosed. The sensor includes a substrate with a reservoir disposed therein.


Uncooled microbolometer pixel and array for configurable broadband and multi-frequency terahertz detection

An uncooled microbolometer pixel for detection of electromagnetic radiation is provided that includes a substrate, a thermistor assembly and an absorber assembly. The thermistor assembly includes a thermistor platform suspended above the substrate, one or more thermistors on the thermistor platform, and an electrode structure electrically connecting the thermistors to the substrate.


Machine tool with protective cover detector

A non-removable fixed protective cover, of protective covers of a machine tool, is fitted with a light-projecting unit and a light-receiving unit, while a removable fixed protective cover and a movable protective cover are each fitted with a reflector. The light-projecting unit, light-receiving unit, and reflector are disposed so that light emitted from the light-projecting unit reaches the light-receiving unit only when the removable fixed protective cover is mounted in a proper position and the movable protective cover is fully closed..


Light measuring system

A light measuring system including an integrating sphere having an aperture configured by opposing reflectors selectively aligned with complementary reflectors of at least one light source mounting block having a light source mounting region for mounting a light source thereon.. .


Device for optical profilometry with conical light beams

There is described an optical system for sensing the surface of an object. The system comprises: a light source for emitting at least one light beam centered on the optical axis of the system; a light reflector for reflecting the at least one incident light beam to generate at least two hollow conical light beams centered on the optical axis and having different opening angles, the at least two reflected hollow conical light beams for illuminating the surface; and an image capture device for imaging the illuminated surface..


Method and following an operator and locking onto a retroreflector with a laser tracker

A method for measuring three-dimensional (3d) coordinates includes providing a retroreflector and a laser tracker. In a first instance, an operator gives a follow-operator gesture.


Solar module cleaner

A solar module cleaner can be configured for cleaning reflective surfaces of solar concentrator reflectors. The cleaner can include at least one cleaning module having a cleaning surface extending in a curved configuration corresponding to a curvature of the solar concentrator reflector.


Lighting device, lighting reflector and production method therefor

A lighting reflector 10 includes a base member 11, made of metal, having an inner circumferential surface 13a expanding toward a light exit aperture 14 open at an end in an axial direction. A thin-film layer 17 which is formed from a thin film containing ceramic and which scatters light is placed on an end portion of the inner circumferential surface 13a that is on the opposite side to the light exit aperture 14..


Light fixture

The present disclosure describes a light fixture for general lighting. The light fixture is includes a light source assembly that uses a point source of light such as an led, an aspheric reflector, and a lightguide made of transparent materials, that redirects and distributes the light from the point source to an area light.


Projection module for a headlight of a vehicle

A projection module for a headlight of a vehicle with a lens holder for receiving a projection lens. On the lens holder is arranged a reflector on which can be received a light source.


Uniform light source with variable beam divergence

A light source producing a beam of variable divergence, comprising one or more light-emitting devices arranged on a planar substrate, with each of the light-emitting devices having a lambertian emission distribution. The light source may further comprise a chamber for mixing light emitted from the one or more light-emitting devices, the chamber itself comprising a base defined by the planar substrate, one or more side walls having a reflective interior surface, and a planar diffusive emission surface defining a ceiling of the chamber.


Apparatus and managing a temperature profile using reflective energy in a thermal decomposition reactor

Embodiments of a reflective surface and a reflector comprising a reflective surface for use in a thermal decomposition reactor are disclosed. Methods for using the reflective surface, or reflector comprising the reflective surface, to manage a temperature profile in a silicon rod grown in the thermal decomposition reactor are also disclosed.


Reflective polycarbonate composition

A reflector suitable for use with light sources is disclosed. The reflector is made from a polycarbonate composition comprising a polycarbonate polymer, a white colorant, a fluorescent brightener, and a flame retardant.


Multicolor light emitting diode treatment system with uniform illumination

Illumination of the skin by substantial, monochromatic light emitted by leds, produces positive therapeutic effects for the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions. Arrays of leds comprising multiple emission colors are preferred light sources for these applications, however, achieving uniform and efficient illumination of a skin target area in close proximity is difficult due to the point-like emission and narrow divergence of lensed leds.


Moire marker device for medical navigation

The invention relates to a medical navigation marker device (1; 2; 3) comprising a light reflector, characterised in that the reflector features a marker pattern (11, 12, 13; 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16; 27, 28; 34, 37; 35, 37) having the following features:—the marker pattern (11, 12, 13; 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16; 27, 28; 34, 37; 35, 37) points in more than one spatial direction;—the marker pattern (11, 12, 13; 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16; 27, 28; 34, 37; 35, 37) comprises at least one moire pattern (11, 12, 13; 27; 37) which points in more than one spatial direction; and—the marker pattern (11, 12, 13; 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16; 27, 28; 34, 37; 35, 37) comprises a face identification pattern (14, 15, 16; 25, 26; 34; 35) which identifies the face of the marker being viewed from a particular spatial direction. The invention also relates to a combination of a medical marker device (1; 2; 3) and a medical navigation system (43) which uses the marker device (1; 2; 3) as a spatial position and/or orientation marker, and to the use of a medical marker device (1; 2; 3) for providing guidance to a user of a medical navigation system (43) by evaluating the spatial position and/or orientation information provided by the marker device..


Neutron generator for measuring trace elements in tissue

Disclosed herein is an in vivo neutron activation analysis (naa) system comprising a neutron generator, a moderator operably coupled to the neutron generator, a cavity, a reflector operably coupled to the neutron generator, moderator, and cavity, and a shielding operably coupled to the neutron generator, moderator, cavity, and reflector. The system provides in vivo analysis of one or more trace elements stored in tissues after exposure..


System and non-contact identification of a passive target

A system and method includes a laser transmitter configured to form a transmitted laser beam and a laser receiver configured to receive a reflected beam based on the transmitted laser beam. An identification (id)-filter includes a substrate, a retarder filter and a reflector, where the transmitted beam passes through the retarder filter and is reflected back through the retarder filter in an opposite direction, to the laser receiver.
The Boeing Company


Optically transparent panel antenna assembly comprising a shaped reflector

The invention concerns an optically transparent panel antenna assembly comprising an optically transparent antenna having an array of radiating elements that transmit or receive rf signals, said assembly comprising a reflector optically transparent, said reflector comprising a lower wall, two lateral walls each lateral wall extending therefrom the lower wall so that the array of radiating elements is maintained between both lateral walls of the reflector.. .
Alcatel-lucent Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.


Feed re-pointing technique for multiple shaped beams reflector antennas

Systems, methods, and apparatus for re-pointing at least one beam are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves receiving and/or transmitting, with at least one feed, electromagnetic (em) energy towards a non-parabolic reflector.
The Boeing Company


Method of reducing phase abberation in an antenna system with array feed

A method for reducing phase aberration in an antenna system for satellite, the antenna system being configured to receive and/or emit at least a spot beam, the antenna system including a reflector; an array feed including a plurality of feeds configured to illuminate the reflector in emission mode and/or configured to receive illumination from the reflector in reception mode; a trimming system configured to adjust the position of the reflector with respect to the array feed, the method including adjusting the position of the reflector with respect to the array feed in order to correct phase aberration in the spot beam.. .
Eutelsat S A


Pc led with optical element and without ssubstrate carrier

Intermediate removable placement and processing structures are provided to enable the formation of optical elements upon light emitting elements, including the formation of a reflective layer beneath the optical elements. These removable placement and processing structures are substantially independent of the particular dimensions of the produced light emitting device, allowing their re-use in a variety of applications.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Solar concentrator with microreflectors

A solar concentrator for a solar panel that has a transparent substrate with photovoltaic cells arranged spaced apart in contact with the bottom of the substrate. Microreflectors arranged between the photovoltaic cells and in contact with the bottom of the substrate receive a portion of the sunlight incident upon the solar panel and direct the sunlight portion back through the substrate.
Corning Incorporated


Keyboard backlight system

Disclosed systems provide keyboard backlighting from organic light emitting diodes (oleds) placed under the keys. A keyboard stack optionally includes a light guide or reflector.
Dell Products, Lp


Optical device with integrated reflector(s) comprising a loop reflector integrating a mach-zehnder interferometer

An optical device includes a substrate on which is defined at least one primary waveguide (31, 32) defining a loop reflector, that has first and second directional couplers, and a mach-zehnder interferometer intercalated between the first and second directional couplers and arranged for compensating a wavelength dependence of the first and second directional couplers.. .


Athermal hybrid optical source

A hybrid optical source that provides an optical signal having a wavelength (or a narrow band of wavelengths) is described. This hybrid optical source includes an optical amplifier (such as a iii-v semiconductor optical amplifier) that is butt-coupled or vertically coupled to a silicon-on-insulator (soi) platform, and which outputs an optical signal.
Oracle International Corporation


Display with backlight recycling structures

A display may have an array of pixels. The pixels may have color filter elements such as red, green, and blue color filter elements.
Apple Inc.


Light guide plate and the production thereof

Light guide plates, e.g. In backlight units (blus) or in light panels, have maximum uniformity of thickness and are composed of colourless transparent materials.


Multilayer stack with overlapping harmonics for wide visible-infrared coverage

A broadband mirror, polarizer, or other reflector includes at least one stack of microlayers. Microlayers in the stack are arranged into optical repeat units.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Laser etched scintillation detector blocks with internally created reflectors

A scintillator element is disclosed where the scintillator element includes a scintillator formed of a scintillation material capable of converting non-visible radiation into scintillation light, wherein the scintillator has a plurality of laser-etched micro-voids within the scintillator, each micro-void having an interior surface, and an intrinsic reflective layer is formed on the interior surface of at least some of the micro-voids, wherein the intrinsic reflective layer is formed from the scintillation material.. .
University Of Tennessee Research Foundation


Radiation imaging system

A radiation imaging system includes a casing and a camera disposed inside the casing. A first field of view through the casing exposes the camera to light from outside of the casing.
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Llc


Laser tracker

Some embodiments of the invention include a coordinate measuring machine for detecting the position and alignment of a spatially movable measuring aid. The coordinate measuring machine may include a retroreflector; a base; a support, which is fixed on the base rotatably about a first rotation axis; a beam directing unit, which is fixed to the support rotatably about a second rotation axis substantially orthogonal to the first rotation axis; means for detecting a rotation angle of the support relative to the base; and means for detecting a rotation angle of the beam directing unit relative to the support.
Leica Geosystems Ag


Solar collector assembly

A solar collector assembly (10) comprising a pipe (18) exposed to solar energy adapted to accommodate a fluid flow in such a way that the solar energy is transferred to the fluid, a heat pipe or any other energy guiding system or absorber; a reflector assembly (12) with a curved reflector (14) for focusing solar radiation in the range of the pipe (18), and an actuator (90,64, 80) for moving the reflector assembly (12) in a way that the solar radiation is reflected in the direction of the pipe (12), is characterized in that means (30, 32) are provided for releasably fixing the reflector assembly (12) to the pipe (18), and the actuator (90, 64, 80) is fixed at the reflector assembly (12) or in the reflector assembly (12).. .
Innovative Motion Gmbh


Device for collecting solar energy

A device for gaining solar energy comprises a integral unit with a casing (10 . .
Suncycle B.v.


Light fixture with reflective optics

In various embodiments, there is provided a luminaire optical system that includes a first optical module and a second optical module. The first optical module includes a first reflective surface configured to output light vectors in a first direction.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Diffuser techniques for searchlights

Systems, methods, and apparatus for improving illumination from a searchlight are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the disclosed method involves radiating, from the searchlight, light to produce an illuminated beam.
The Boeing Company


Thermal function of headlight sealing cap

A headlight unit 10, 110 is described including a reflector 12 and a lamp mounting cavity 20. A lamp 30, 130 is mounted within the lamp mounting cavity 20.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Headlamp for vehicles

A headlamp for vehicles having a projection module containing a first light source for generating a first light bundle, a reflector assigned to the first light source, a lens, and an edge disposed in a focal plane for generating a low beam light distribution. The headlamp also includes a second light source for generating a second light bundle and an optics unit disposed between the lens and the second light source for generating a supplementary light distribution, such that by superimposing the supplementary light distribution and the low beam light distribution, a high beam light distribution is formed.
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

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