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Reductant patents


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 Method for manufacturing metal nano-wire patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manufacturing metal nano-wire
A method for manufacturing metal nano-wires is described, which is suitable for manufacturing silver nano-wires and copper nano-wires and includes the following steps. A metal nano-particle resulting solution is prepared to mix a first metal ionic compound, a first reductant and a first capping agent, so as to form various metal nano-particles.
National Cheng Kung University

 Cerium-modified manganese octahedral molecular sieves as catalysts for selective catalytic reduction patent thumbnailnew patent Cerium-modified manganese octahedral molecular sieves as catalysts for selective catalytic reduction
Catalysts and articles useful for selective catalytic reduction (scr) are disclosed. The catalyst comprises a cerium oxide and an octahedral molecular sieve (oms) comprising manganese oxide.
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

 Systems and methods for control of engine nox emissions using liquid and dry reductant sources patent thumbnailSystems and methods for control of engine nox emissions using liquid and dry reductant sources
reductant delivery systems are disclosed that include a dry reductant source and a liquid reductant source which are operable to selectively provide gaseous reductant and liquid reductant to an exhaust aftertreatment system for treatment and reduction of nox emissions. The gaseous reductant is provided to the exhaust aftertreatment system for treatment of nox emissions under a first temperature condition associated with the exhaust system and the liquid reductant for treatment of nox emissions under a second temperature condition associated with the exhaust system..
Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.

 Fluid reservoir having inlet filtering patent thumbnailFluid reservoir having inlet filtering
An inlet filter is disclosed for use with a reductant tank having a fill spout. The inlet filter may have a generally cylindrical base portion with an open top end and an open bottom end and configured for mounting inside the fill spout.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Micro-encapsulation of ozonated oils patent thumbnailMicro-encapsulation of ozonated oils
A two-part oral care system includes a plurality of micro-encapsulated vessels containing an oxidative composition inside a coating, the oxidative composition having a ph less than 7.5, and a reductant composition, the reductant composition having a ph greater than 7. The micro-encapsulated vessels isolate the oxidative and reductant compositions from reacting with one another during storage and wherein the micro-encapsulated vessels can dispense when ruptured the oxidative and reductant compositions for combining to result in a final composition for use.

 Mixing assembly for reducing exhaust reductant deposits patent thumbnailMixing assembly for reducing exhaust reductant deposits
An aftertreatment system comprises a scr system. A mixing assembly is positioned upstream of the scr system and includes a housing defining a flow path for an exhaust gas.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

 Hydraulic mining shovel with scr unit patent thumbnailHydraulic mining shovel with scr unit
The present disclosure relates to a hydraulic mining shovel. The shovel may comprise a main frame, a power module and a counterweight module.
Caterpillar Global Mining Llc

 Detection of an improper reductant in a storage tank patent thumbnailDetection of an improper reductant in a storage tank
An aftertreatment system comprises an exhaust reductant storage tank and a scr system including a catalyst fluidly coupled thereto. The aftertreatment system also includes a controller configured to interpret an output signal indicative of a catalytic efficiency of the catalyst.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

 Engine exhaust system decomposition tube patent thumbnailEngine exhaust system decomposition tube
A reductant decomposition reactor for use in exhaust systems and a method for making the same are provided, wherein the reactor includes a unitary tube portion formed with a reductant injector mount and a mixer mounted therein. The mixer fits in a seamless tube portion and is configured to enhance a reductant and an exhaust stream..
Nelson Global Products, Inc.

 Antimicrobial polymer emulsion with improved color stability patent thumbnailAntimicrobial polymer emulsion with improved color stability
Provided is a process for forming forming an antimicrobial polymer composition comprising: contacting together at least one initiator, at least one promoter, at least one reductant, and at least one monomer, under emulsion polymerization conditions to form a base polymer; and mixing with the base polymer an antimicrobial complex; wherein the at least one initiator is a peroxidic compound and the at least one reductant is an ascorbic compound.. .
Rohm And Haas Company

Integrated reductant supply system

An integrated reductant supply system includes a reductant tank, a reductant dosing module selectively couplable to the reductant tank, an aftertreatment control module coupled to the reductant tank and in electrical communication with the reductant dosing module and a connector, and an integrated reductant supply system component. The aftertreatment control module is configured to control dosing of reductant from the reductant dosing module, and the connector configured to electrically couple to an equipment manufacturer component.
Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.

Method of controlling an engine system

The present disclosure is directed towards a method of controlling an engine system comprising an exhaust aftertreatment module and a controller. The exhaust aftertreatment module is for receiving exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine and comprises a reductant injector selectively operable to inject a reductant fluid from an injector outlet.
Perkins Engines Company Limited

Method for depolluting exhaust gas, notably from internal-combustion engines, in particular for motor vehicles, and plant using same

The present invention is a method for removing pollution from exhaust gas circulating in an exhaust line (12) of an internal-combustion engine, the exhaust line comprises an ammonia-sensitive catalysis means (46) with selective nox catalytic reduction traversed by the gas and a means (56, 58) for injecting a reductant of the pollutants the decomposes the reductant into a hydrogen gas phase and an ammonia gas phase and, for a gas temperature below approximately 150° c. Injects the hydrogen into the exhaust line in combination with a hydrogen-sensitive nox catalysis means..
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

Fuel limit vent valve having vapor permeable membrane

A fill limit vent valve configured for use with a reductant tank includes a valve body, a float and a vapor permeable membrane. The valve body can define an inner chamber and has a valve outlet.
Eaton Corporation

Exhaust purification device and calculating nox mass adsorbed in lean nox trap of exhaust purification device

A method of calculating a nitrogen oxide (nox) mass adsorbed in a lean nox trap (lnt) of an exhaust purification device includes calculating a nox mass flow stored in the lnt, calculating a nox mass flow thermally released from the lnt, calculating a nox mass flow released from the lnt at the rich air/fuel ratio, calculating a nox mass flow chemically reacting with the reductant at the lnt, and integrating a value obtained by subtracting the nox mass flow thermally released from the lnt, the nox mass flow released from the lnt at the rich air/fuel ratio, and the nox mass flow chemically reacting with the reductant at the lnt from the nox mass flow stored in the lnt.. .
Fev Gmbh

Techniques for control of an scr aftertreatment system in response to an ammonia slip condition

An exhaust aftertreatment system includes a selective catalytic reduction (scr) catalyst is disposed in an exhaust gas system of an internal combustion engine. A reductant injector is coupled to the exhaust gas stream at a position upstream of the scr catalyst.
Cummins Inc.

System and operator indication for filling reductant tank

A system and method to provide an operator indication for filling a reductant tank is provided. A first temperature sensor and a second temperature sensor receives a first signal and a second signal indicative of a coolant temperature and an ambient temperature associated with the reductant tank, respectively.
Caterpillar Inc.

System, method, and aftertreatment system monitoring

A method includes determining whether a urea refill event is detected, and clearing a quality accumulator value and clearing a latching abort command. The method includes determining whether urea fluid quality check abort conditions are met, and clearing the urea quality accumulator, latching the abort command, and exiting the reductant fluid quality check.
Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.

Gaseous ammonia injection system

An aftertreatment system comprises a liquid exhaust reductant tank. A heat exchanger is positioned downstream of the preheater.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

Recessed exhaust reductant injector with cover plate

An aftertreatment system comprises a housing defining an internal volume. The housing includes an inlet, an outlet and a sidewall defining a recess therein.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc

Recessed exhaust reductant injector with cover plate

An aftertreatment system comprises a housing defining an internal volume. The housing includes an inlet, an outlet and a first sidewall.
Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.

Reductant filling assembly

A reductant filling assembly includes a first end and a second end, the first end adapted to connect from an interior side of a machine to a supply port attached to a receiver extending to an exterior side of the machine; a housing extending between the first end and the second end of the reductant filling assembly, the housing extending from a first housing end to a second housing end; a reductant supply conduit, a first circulating conduit, and a second circulating conduit extending through the housing from the first end to the second end. At least the first circulating conduit is in thermal communication with a wall of the reductant supply conduit, such that a heating fluid flowing through the first circulating conduit in a first direction transfers heat to a reductant fluid in the reductant supply conduit..
Caterpillar Inc.

System and nitriding components of aftertreatment system

A method for nitriding of at least one component of an aftertreatment system is provided. The method includes passing heated gases through the at least one component of the aftertreatment system.
Caterpillar Inc.

Systems and methods for controlling aftertreatment systems

A system includes a nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst fluidly coupled to an exhaust conduit of an engine system. The nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst is configured to reduce nitrogen oxides in an engine exhaust.
General Electric Company

Reductant injector mount

A reductant injector mount is provided. The reductant injector mount includes a mounting region configured to connect to an exhaust conduit.
Caterpillar Inc.

Dual path aftertreatment system and method utilizing fuel as an on-board reductant for nox scr

A system and method for utilizing fuel as an on-board reductant for selective catalytic reduction of nox is provided and includes a controller for controlling an engine to produce a lean first exhaust stream and a rich second exhaust stream that are received in respective first and second passageways of a dual path aftertreatment system. The rich second exhaust stream reacts with nox stored in a nox storage and reduction catalyst of the second passageway to regenerate this catalyst and generate ammonia.

Fluid connectors for reductant systems

A reductant system for an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The reductant system includes at least one reductant feed line and a reductant system component such as a dosing module.
Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.

Exhaust treatment apparatus and method

The present invention relates to an exhaust treatment apparatus (1) for an internal combustion engine (5). The apparatus includes a catalyst chamber (15) containing a catalyst (35).
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Production electrode catalyst, electrode catalyst, composition for forming gas diffusion electrode, gas diffusion electrode, membrane-electrode assembly (mea), and fuel cell stack

The method is to produce an electrode catalyst having a core-shell structure including a support, a core part formed on the support and a shell part formed to cover at least a part of a surface of the core part. The method includes a first step (1) of retaining a liquid containing ultrapure water, a reductant such as a hydrogen-containing gas and an electrode catalyst precursor under at least one stage of a predetermined temperature for a predetermined retention time, such electrode catalyst precursor being produced using a material containing chlorine (cl) species, and exhibiting a chlorine (cl) species concentration not lower than a predetermined first chlorine (cl) species concentration when measured by x-ray fluorescence (xrf) spectroscopy..

Method for preparing metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite and preparing electrode using metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite

Disclosed is a method of preparing a metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite, including preparing a nanocomposite material, forming graphene flakes by pretreating the nanocomposite material, and hydrothermally synthesizing the pretreated nanocomposite material. A method of manufacturing an electrode using the metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite is also provided.
Ajou University Industry-academic Cooperation Foun Dation

Use of insulating paint on exhaust aftertreatment system components

An apparatus includes an exhaust aftertreatment component. According to various embodiments, the exhaust aftertreatment component is any of a diesel oxidation catalyst, a diesel particulate filter, a decomposition reactor tube, a selective catalytic reduction device, and a reductant injector assembly.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

Method of calibrating an after-treatment system retrofitted to an engine

A method is provided for calibrating an after-treatment system retrofitted onto an engine, the after-treatment system including a selective catalytic reduction (scr) device therein. The method is implemented using a controller having a memory pre-fed with an engine-out nox map, a scr conversion map, a maximum scr capability map, and a nox dosing map corresponding to bench-run conditions for the given engine and the after-treatment system configurations.
Caterpillar Inc.

Fuel reformer for de-nox trap

An emissions control system for an engine of a machine includes an exhaust conduit carrying a flow of exhaust gas from the engine, a de-nox catalyst disposed along the exhaust conduit and configured to treat the flow of exhaust gas, a fuel reformer module configured to provide a gas stream containing hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide gas, and a junction disposed along the exhaust conduit between the engine and the de-nox catalyst, the junction being arranged to mix at least a portion of the gas stream with the flow of exhaust gas such that the hydrogen gas and the carbon monoxide reach the de-nox catalyst and act as reductants to regenerate the de-nox trap.. .
Caterpillar Inc.

Spray drift reduction

Spray drift reductants for agrochemical formulations and methods for reducing spray drift in agrochemical formulations are disclosed. An agrochemical formulation may comprise at least one spray drift reductant comprising a fatty acid ester of a c3 to c8 polyol, or an oligomer thereof having from 2 to 5 repeat units.
Croda, Inc.

Centerline injection system for liquid-only reductant delivery

A centerline injection system for a liquid-only reductant delivery. An aftertreatment system comprises an aftertreatment component structured to treat exhaust exiting an engine, a reactor pipe, and a liquid-only dosing unit.

Nox sensor diagnostic for an exhaust aftertreatment system

A method for diagnosing nox sensors in an exhaust aftertreatment system includes suspending reductant dosing in an exhaust aftertreatment system; purging a reductant deposit in a selective catalytic reduction (scr) system of the exhaust aftertreatment system; adjusting at least one of an ignition timing and an engine speed for an engine to adjust an engine out nitrogen oxide (nox) amount; receiving measured scr inlet nox data from a scr inlet nox sensor and measured scr outlet nox data from a scr outlet nox sensor; determining a phase shift between the measured scr inlet and scr outlet nox data; applying the determined phase shift to the scr outlet nox data; and determining a diagnostic feature based on the scr inlet nox data and the phase shifted scr outlet nox data regarding a state of the scr inlet and outlet nox sensors.. .

Preparation methods and uses of doped vib group metal oxide nanoparticles or dispersions thereof

The present invention is related to a method for preparing vib group metal oxide particles or dispersions, wherein the vib group metal is tungsten or molybdenum. The methods include: 1) providing precursors of vib group metal oxide, reductants and supercritical fluids.

Exhaust system of an internal combustion engine with mixer for a liquid reductant

An exhaust system for an internal combustion engine includes an injection nozzle for injecting a liquid reductant into exhaust gas streaming through the exhaust system. A mixer is arranged in the exhaust-gas stream for swirling and dispersing the liquid reductant in the exhaust-gas stream.

Insulated reductant tank

An insulated reductant tank that is arranged so that it has an insulated upper portion and a tapered lower portion, the reductant tank configured to allow frozen reductant to move into the insulated upper portion and reduce the damage that frozen reductant can cause to a reductant tank when the frozen reductant expands. The insulated reductant tank can include at least one header configured to draw reductant from the reductant tank and supply the reductant to an exhaust aftertreatment system, an insulation layer lining an upper portion of the reductant tank, a tapered lower portion, and at least one baffle configured to control a flow of reductant..

Technetium recovery from high alkaline solution

Disclosed are methods for recovering technetium from a highly alkaline solution. The highly alkaline solution can be a liquid waste solution from a nuclear waste processing system.

Catalyzed scr filter and emission treatment system

Provided is a catalyst article for simultaneously remediating the nitrogen oxides (nox), particulate matter, and gaseous hydrocarbons present in diesel engine exhaust streams. The catalyst article has a soot filter coated with a material effective in the selective catalytic reduction (scr) of nox by a reductant, e.g., ammonia..

Mixing system for aftertreatment system

A mixing system for an aftertreatment system is disclosed. The mixing system includes a mixing tube.

Aftertreatment system implementing low-temperature scr

An aftertreatment system for an engine is disclosed. The aftertreatment system may include an exhaust passage configured to receive an exhaust flow from the engine, and an injector disposed in the exhaust passage and configured to inject reductant into the exhaust flow.
Caterpillar Inc.

Exhaust elbow component with integrated mount

An exhaust elbow component may be located upstream of a decomposition reactor pipe and/or may be integrated with decomposition reactor pipe. The exhaust elbow component includes a mounting area for mounting a dosing module to the exhaust elbow component.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

Compact radial exterior exhaust assisted decomposition reactor pipe

Various embodiments provide for apparatuses and systems involving a reactor pipe configured to receive reductant from an injector into a flow of exhaust exiting an engine. The reactor pipe comprises an inlet portion, a plurality of louvers, an outlet portion, and a radial loop.
Cummins Emission Solutions, Inc.

Multi-leg aftertreatment system

An apparatus is disclosed, including an exhaust conditions module structured to interpret a diesel particulate filter (dpf) delta pressure value, a flow balance correlation, a nox input value, and an exhaust flow rate value. A flow determination module is structured to determine a flow imbalance value in response to the dpf delta pressure value, the flow balance correlation, and the exhaust flow rate value.
Cummins Inc.

Reductant tank enclosure assembly for machines

A reductant tank enclosure assembly for a machine including a cab and a fender is provided. The enclosure assembly includes an enclosure, a cover assembly, a mounting assembly, and a reductant tank.
Caterpillar Inc.

Raw material of composite pellets used in kiln phosphoric acid process, and forming method therefor

Disclosed is a composite pellet used as a raw material in a kiln process for the production of phosphoric acid, which is of a core-shell structure with an inner ball encapsulated with a shell, the inner ball mainly consists of a inner ball material and a binding agent, and the shell mainly consists of a cladding material and a binding agent; the inner ball material mainly consists of a carbonaceous reductant powder, and phosphate ore powder and silica powder, the inner ball is combined with the shell through the binding agent to form the core-shell shaped structure. The preparation of the composite pellets comprises the steps of preparing the inner ball, preparing the cladding material, forming, drying and solidifying composite green pellets etc.
Sichuan Ko Chang Technology Co., Ltd

Method for mass production of phosphoric acid with rotary kiln

A method for mass production of phosphoric acid with a rotary kiln, comprising the following steps: pretreating raw materials a carbonaceous reductant; preparing the pre-treated carbonaceous reductant powder; then evenly mixing the carbonaceous reductant powder and the silica powder to obtain a cladding material; mixing the cores and the cladding material for cladding treatment, drying and solidifying same to obtain composite pellets; sending the composite pellets into a rotary kiln for a reduction reaction; sending the high-temperature slag balls exiting the rotary kiln to a cooling device for comprehensive utilisation; introducing the fume containing p2o5 and fluorine exiting the kiln into a hydration tower for absorbing phosphorus by hydration, then passing same through a phosphoric acid mist capturing tower and a mist removing and separating tower successively, and the fluorine-containing fume discharged from the mist removing and separating tower entering a subsequent fluorine recovery procedure.. .
Sichuan Ko Chang Technology Co., Ltd

Method and monitoring fluid reductant for internal combustion engine exhaust

A method and means of determining the quality of a fluid reductant used in selective catalytic reduction to reduce nox emissions from an internal combustion engine. Short and long term average of nox conversion efficiency are compared with thresholds, in order to determine if failure of selective catalytic reduction is due to incorrect reductant, or to failure of the catalyst device..
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Method and generating nitric oxide for medical use

A method and system for generating and delivering nitric oxide directly to a patient. A reaction chamber is provided that is located at or in close proximity to the patient and reactants within the reaction chamber react together to produce a predetermined amount of nitric oxide.
Ino Therapeutics Llc

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  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
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  • Nox Reduction
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