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Redirection patents


This page is updated frequently with new Redirection-related patent applications.

 Session aware usb redirection for multi-server published applications patent thumbnailSession aware usb redirection for multi-server published applications
In certain information handling system (ihs) environments, universal serial bus (usb) devices connected to a client are redirected to a server or other information handling system. Multiple remote sessions may be running on an ihs as well as multiple multi-server published applications within a given remote session.
Dell Products L.p.

 Redirection  electronic content patent thumbnailRedirection electronic content
Electronic content, for example, a web page, is configured for display by a web browser application to include content that is not included in or referenced by the web page. The web page includes a first locator for first content.

 System and  usb redirection for conferencing in an enterprise patent thumbnailSystem and usb redirection for conferencing in an enterprise
In certain information handling system environments, users may collaborate or communicate via remote conferencing software. In some instances an attendee may request that a selected universal serial bus (usb) device associated with another attendee be redirected such that the content of the selected usb device may be available to one or more attendees or that content may be communicated to the selected usb device.
Dell Products L.p.

 Mapping service for local content redirection patent thumbnailMapping service for local content redirection
A mapping service in the mobile core network located after a packet data network gateway examines content requests from user equipment across a first pdn connection to determine if content associated with the content request is cached at an edge server outside of the packet data network. If the content from the packet data network is cached at the edge server, the mapping service redirects the user equipment to request the content from the edge server across a second pdn connection.
Convida Wireless, Llc

 Offloading a distribution server task to a media gateway patent thumbnailOffloading a distribution server task to a media gateway
A server offloads one or more tasks to a first media gateway. The server receives, from the first media gateway that is receiving a video stream of a television channel, a first message that indicates that the first media gateway is eligible to process a request for media content of the television channel that otherwise would be processed by the server.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 System and  multimedia redirection for cloud desktop conferencing patent thumbnailSystem and multimedia redirection for cloud desktop conferencing
In certain information handling system environments, remote conferencing may require the transmission of multi-media content. The server may query a client that has joined the remote conference to determine if the client supports the encoding format of the multi-media content.
Dell Products L.p.

 Reflective display apparatus and front light module thereof patent thumbnailReflective display apparatus and front light module thereof
A front light module includes a light guide plate, a light source and a light redirection film. The light guide plate includes a light incident surface, an inner light outgoing surface and an outer light outgoing surface.
E Ink Holdings Inc.

 System and  managing static divergence in a simd computing architecture patent thumbnailSystem and managing static divergence in a simd computing architecture
A method is presented for processing one or more instructions to be executed on multiple threads in a single-instruction-multiple-data (simd) computing system. The method includes the steps of analyzing the instructions to collect divergent threads among a plurality of thread groups of the multiple threads; obtaining a redirection array for thread-operand association adjustment among the divergent threads according to the analysis, where the redirection array is used for exchanging a first operand associated with a first divergent thread in a first thread group with a second operand associated with a second divergent thread in a second thread group; and generating compiled code corresponding to the instructions according to the redirection array..
Mediatek Inc.

 Computing system enclosure airflow distribution management patent thumbnailComputing system enclosure airflow distribution management
The disclosed technology provides systems and methods for an enclosure system with optimized internal dynamically controllable airflow distribution. The systems include a computing system enclosure, comprising a plurality of baffles or airflow redirection modules, and a controller configured to control an orientation of one or more of the plurality of baffles or airflow redirection modules for redirection of airflow distribution within the computing system enclosure based on a determined computing system enclosure profile.
Seagate Technology Llc

 Method and  providing in-service firmware upgradability in a network element patent thumbnailMethod and providing in-service firmware upgradability in a network element
A system and method for providing in-service firmware upgradability in a network element having a programmable device configured to support a plurality of application service engines or instances. A static core infrastructure portion of the programmable device is architected in a multi-layered functionality for effectuating a packet redirection scheme for packets intended for service processing by a particular application service engine that is being upgraded, whereby the remaining application service engines continue to provide service functionality without interruption..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Data redirection in a bifurcated communication trunk system and method

A method, computer program product, and computing system for receiving return data of a dataflow on a first gateway of a first wired communication trunk within a communication platform. If corresponding forward data of the dataflow was not received on the first gateway, a determination is made concerning which gateway within the communication platform received the corresponding forward data, thus defining a second gateway of a second wired communication trunk within the communication platform.
Fsa Technologies, Inc.

Hyperlink destination visibility

Various embodiments utilize page scripting and parsing to identify the target destination of a hyperlink and provide a visual indication of the destination to the user without causing redirection to the target destination. In some embodiments, hyperlink color, highlighting, or icons are used to indicate the destination.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Message ribbon user interface for presenting real-time information and allowing user-selected redirection within a computer program

A computer program product produces a non-modal graphical user control element as part of a ribbon for use within an application program providing real-time status information about the application program. The computer code comprises computer code for producing the non-modal graphical user control element on a ribbon graphically displayed within the application program.
Intergraph Corporation

Snow rider

The snow rider provides two separate platforms, each equipped with a pair of truck mounted skis, interconnected via a centerline articulated spar. Each platform undergoes an angle change before articulating with the trucks.

System and methods for managing a user data path

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a device that determines each of a default downlink forwarding address of a first interface of a user plane and a currently used downlink forwarding address of the first interface of the user plane. One of an uplink user data packet comprising an origination address of a second interface of the user plane, a downlink user data packet comprising a destination address of the second interface of the user plane or both are received, by way of the user plane.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Detecting malicious http redirections using user browsing activity trees

A method for detecting malicious http redirections. The method includes obtaining, based on a single client ip address, http flows triggered by visiting a website, extracting a sequence of urls where a downstream url is extracted from a child http request that is triggered by a parent http request containing an immediate upstream url, analyzing the url sequence to generate a statistical feature, and classifying, based on the statistical feature, the http flows as containing at least one malicious http redirection triggered by visiting the website..
Narus, Inc.

Cryptographic service with output redirection

A method is provided for redirecting signed code images. The method includes the steps of receiving a code image from an origin device at a proxy machine, invoking a code signing client at the proxy machine, receiving signing request information indicating a requested cryptographic operation, sending a code signing request to a code signing server, receiving a signed code image at the code signing client from the code signing server, storing the signed code image in a restricted memory, invoking a software repository client at the proxy machine, and sending the signed code image from the restricted memory location to a software repository..
Arris Enterprises Llc

Handheld work apparatus

A handheld work apparatus has a drive motor which drives a work tool rotationally via a belt drive. The belt drive has a first, driving pulley and a second, driven pulley.
Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

Optical sensor for a catheter

An optical sensor for operating along a catheter (103), the optical sensor comprising a light pattern generator configured to project at least one light pattern at a radial projection angle with respect to the optical sensor length onto the inner surface of an elongated volume into which the optical sensor is inserted, wherein the light pattern generator comprises an illumination system for providing a first light beam having a component of its direction along the sensor length and a first light redirection element (1007) configured to redirect the light beam to generate the at least one light pattern (1009) at an oblique and/or right angle to the optical sensor length, a second light redirection element (1012) for redirecting a reflected version of the light pattern from the inner surface of the elongated volume to provide a second light beam and- an imaging device (1013) having a field of view (1011) with a central axis substantially parallel to the length of the optical sensor for receiving the second light beam.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Administration of access lists for femtocell service

A subscriber account associated with a femtocell can be managed and access can be provided thereto. The account service management can be accessed through a broadband network and comprises two operational layers deployed within respective demarcation zones.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Zoom related methods and apparatus

Methods and apparatus for performing zoom in and zoom out operations are described using multiple optical chains in a camera device. At least one optical chain in the camera device includes a moveable light redirection device, said light redirection device being one of a substantially plane mirror or a prism.
The Lightco Inc.

System and improving virtual media redirection speed in baseboard management controller (bmc)

Certain aspects of the disclosure relates to a system and method of performing virtual media redirection. The system includes a baseboard management controller (bmc) connected to a host computing device through a communication interface, and a client computing device communicatively connected to the bmc through a network.
American Megatrends, Inc.

Method for pro-active traffic redirection in multi-hop wireless networks using software defined networking

A method and system are implemented by a controller in a software defined networking (sdn) network. The sdn network includes a set of nodes.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Systems and methods for facilitating cross-platform purchase redirection

A purchase platform redirection (ppr) computing device is provided, the ppr computing device configured to receive a checkout request associated with a transaction initiated at an initial purchase platform by an account-holder. The checkout request includes an identifier of the initial purchase platform and an account-holder account identifier of the account-holder's payment account.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Handheld work apparatus

A handheld work apparatus has a drive motor which drives a work tool in rotation via a belt drive. The belt drive has at least one first, driving pulley and at least one second, driven pulley.
Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

System and methods to support vendor defined usb requests for application managed usb devices in vdi environments

A redirected usb device that does not fall within well-defined device-classes requires special treatment as redirection software will not always permit the servicing of universal serial bus request blocks (urb) on the same thread that the urbs are received. This results in the redirected usb device not functioning properly.
Dell Products L.p.

Methods and implementing and/or using camera devices with one or more light redirection devices

Methods and apparatus relating to a camera including one or more optical chains with a light redirection device, e.g., mirror, and an outer protective cover are described. The cover maybe a flat or sloped surface or a lens.
The Lightco Inc.

Method for a diffuser muzzle brake

A system and method for a diffuser muzzle brake. The exhaust ports are upstream of the reaction plate.

Bypass reducing a recirculation of heated air into a cooling apparatus

A device for cooling a drive apparatus, of a motor vehicle, including a cooling apparatus through which air can flow in a throughflow direction, a redirection apparatus and a ventilator apparatus. The device includes a bypass apparatus located such that air heated by the cooling apparatus or the drive apparatus which is flowing in the direction of the cooling apparatus is at least partially induced into the bypass apparatus and prevented from reaching the cooling apparatus..
Man Truck & Bus Ag

Assistant redirection for customer service agent processing

A method and device for automatic digital customer service agent processing to automatically redirect to a correct channel for assistance. A method includes obtaining communication information based on customer communication iterations.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Redirection ip packet through switch fabric

A method for redirecting internet protocol (ip) packets from a packet redirect source to a packet redirect destination through a switch fabric of ethernet switches is disclosed. At the packet redirect source, the topological location and the identifier of the packet redirect destination are put in a first set of bits and a second set of bits of the destination media access control (mac) address field of the packet to be redirected.
Luxar Tech, Inc.

Method for influencing a fluid flow

A method for influencing a fluid flow in a fluid line is provided. The fluid line has a wall and a honeycomb body arranged in the fluid line with a fluid inlet side and a fluid outlet side.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Virtualizing device management services on a multi-session platform

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses may provide virtualization of device management services (e.g., device drivers) dedicated managing a particular device and designed under for or under the assumption the particular device and the device management service will be utilized in a single session/user environment, so that virtual instances of the device management services may be used in a multi-session environment. Further, a redirection and/or virtualization layer may be created for each session in the multi-session environment to perform global database redirection, object name translation, and file system translation to ensure session boundaries are maintained and global/shared resources are not inappropriately altered by a session.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Mechanism to avoid ping pong during inter radio access technology redirection failure

The present disclosure provides a method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium that is able to avoid ping pong mobility when a redirection procedure fails. The apparatus may attempt to perform a redirection procedure from a first rat to a target frequency of a second rat.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method for handling a call, software product, and device

A method for handling calls to be moved within a system having an unmonitored domain and a monitored domain can include the step of upon first arrival of a call at said un-monitored domain, a context of said call based on a called number, a calling number, and any redirection number(s) included in said call can be provided. Another step of the method can include, for each movement of said call between said unmonitored domain and said monitored domain, providing a unique number to be temporarily used for said particular movement, based on said call context, while avoiding that said unique number is used to move any other call within the system at the same time.
Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

Geography based html5 content redirection

Certain information and data, such as html5 content, may be stored at a cloud server. A client may establish a connection with the server whereupon the server redirects the html5 content to the client.
Dell Products L.p.

Client-side active validation for mitigating ddos attacks

Methods and systems for mitigating denial-of-service attacks include a proxy server that monitors a set of application servers configured to receive and service requests from clients. The proxy server intercepts the requests, and in response, provides the clients with customized client-side scripts embedded in markup language.
Verisign, Inc.

Systems, methods, and devices for defending a network

Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a method comprising: within a backbone network: for backbone network traffic addressed to a particular target and comprising attack traffic and non-attack traffic, the attack traffic simultaneously carried by the backbone network with the non-attack traffic: redirecting at least a portion of the attack traffic to a scrubbing complex; and allowing at least a portion of the non-attack traffic to continue to the particular target without redirection to the scrubbing complex.. .
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

Methods and supporting zoom operations

Methods and apparatus for performing a zoom operation are described using multiple optical chains in a camera device. At least one optical chain in the camera device includes a moveable light redirection device, said light redirection device being one of a substantially plane mirror or a prism.
The Lightco Inc.

Blocking routine redirection

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and computer-readable media for blocking attempts at runtime redirection and attempts to change memory permissions during runtime. The present disclosure describes features that enable runtime detection of an attempt to redirect routines or change memory permissions, and determining whether to allow or deny the attempt.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Mapping of virtualized set-up free applications for a computing system

A setup-free software application and related operating techniques are described herein. The setup-free application is contained within a package file that does not appear as a program file to the computing system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Internet control message protocol enhancement for traffic carried by a tunnel over internet protocol networks

A first network element (ne) comprises a receiver configured to receive a tunnel redirection request message from a second ne, wherein the tunnel redirection request message is a request to re-route packets to a third ne instead of the second ne, wherein the tunnel redirection request message comprises an address of the third ne and a first destination address, wherein the packets comprise the first destination address. A processor of the ne is coupled to the receiver and configured to add an outer header and an encapsulation header to a first subset of the packets, wherein the outer header comprises the address of the third ne, and wherein the encapsulation header comprises an identifier of an encapsulation protocol supported by the third ne, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit the first subset of the packets to the third ne via an overlay tunnel, and transmit a second subset of packets to the second ne..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user

A case for a wireless device includes a number of rf coupling elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to a first rf coupling element, and from the first rf coupling element to a rf redirector coupling element that redirects the rf radiation in a direction outward from said wireless device that is opposite to a user side of the wireless device. A corrugated metallic shield is optionally provided on an opposite side of the case, facing a user of the device..
Antenna79, Inc.

Network traffic management using port number redirection

A first request is received from a device over a network. It is determined that the first request should be redirected, based at least in part on information included in the first request.
Iboss, Inc.

Systems, methods, and arp mediation

An exemplary network controller may be configured to perform arp mediation through passively learning mac addresses on client sides and keeping track of ip/mac/attachment point associations, hijacking arp requests received by the core nodes through a packet_in operation or a redirection to other agents, injecting proxy arp replies that provide target mac information without the actual target being involved, and possibly programming the network nodes with the static arp responding rule for a specified duration.. .
Infinera Corporation

Redirection in a neutral-host network

A method for redirecting a user equipment (ue) from a first network to a second network is described. The method includes determining, at a wireless access point of the first network, information for the ue about one or more mobile network operator (mno) networks.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Firearm noise suppressor

The present invention relates to a fire arm silencer that utilizes internal reflection of shock waves and redirection of propulsive gasses to reduce the noise caused by the firing of a fire arm. The fire arm noise suppressor is comprised of a hollow body comprised of an end wall and a central opening with an inner tube extending partially within the body from the end wall of the hollow body.

Handrail drive for an escalator or a moving walkway

The invention relates to a handrail drive 2 for driving a handrail 3 of a transportation system, which has at least one drive device 4 and at least one counterpressure device 5. The counterpressure device 5 contains at least one taughtening spring 42 and at least one counterpressure-roller 32 to 39.
Inventio Ag

Apparatus, characterizing, imaging and/or modifying an object

Method and apparatus can be provided according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure. For example, with at least one first section of an optical enclosure, it is possible to provide at least one first electro-magnetic radiation.
The General Hospital Corporation

Domain name service redirection for a content delivery network with security as a service

In one implementation, a cloud connector obtains location information for a proxy server of a security as a service (secaas) function. The cloud connector receives a content request from a user device for content hosted in a content delivery network (cdn).
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Virtual desktop infrastructure private cloud

Techniques presented herein provide an approach for sharing folders and files across devices. In one embodiment, folder redirection is employed to permit a device running a virtual infrastructure (vdi) client which connects to a remote agent to access folders and files shared by other devices.
Vmware, Inc.

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