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Redirection patents

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Apparatus and method for forming thin glass articles


Apparatus and method for forming thin glass articles

Ue enhancement in fdd-tdd joint operation networks


Ue enhancement in fdd-tdd joint operation networks

Ue enhancement in fdd-tdd joint operation networks


Captive portal systems, methods, and devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirection-related patents
 Methods and apparatus to measure exposure to streaming media patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus to measure exposure to streaming media
Methods and apparatus to measure exposure to streaming media are disclosed. An example method includes detecting an id3 tag associated with streaming media presented at a client device.
 Apparatus and  forming thin glass articles patent thumbnailApparatus and forming thin glass articles
Embodiments of a method of forming a glass article are disclosed. The methods include supplying a glass ribbon in a first direction and redirecting the glass ribbon to a second direction different from the first direction without contacting the glass ribbon with a solid material.
Corning Incorporated
 Ue enhancement in fdd-tdd joint operation networks patent thumbnailUe enhancement in fdd-tdd joint operation networks
To support the new characteristics where fdd carriers and tdd carriers provide different services with different qos or with different coverage or with different mobility robustness, ue enhancements of fdd-tdd network are proposed. In one embodiment, a dual mode ue in idle mode camps on a source cell and determines a target cell based on the cn domain and/or additional paging information contained in an enhanced paging message.
Mediatek Inc.
 Captive portal systems, methods, and devices patent thumbnailCaptive portal systems, methods, and devices
Embodiments of the present technology provide out-of-band captive portal devices, networks, and methods. An example of a method includes executing a redirection of a client request for network access to a captive portal login, initiating an association between the wireless controller and the client, receiving authentication credentials of client from the captive portal login, negotiating a change of authorization with a wireless controller in accordance with rfc 5176 protocol, wherein the controller includes a mapping to a captive portal internet protocol (ip) address, and redirecting the client to a url specified in the client request for network access..
Avaya Inc.
 Domain popularity scoring patent thumbnailDomain popularity scoring
Systems and methods for scoring a domain including analyzing counter data and information obtained from a web site associated with the domain. Methods may include receiving requests to resolve the domain at an authoritative domain resolution server.
Verisign, Inc.
 Redirection service profiling patent thumbnailRedirection service profiling
A system can include a processor; memory operatively coupled to the processor; an input; an output; and one or more modules stored in the memory that include instructions executable by the processor to instruct the system to receive information, via the input, that includes information associated with a target; parse the information; access a profile; and build a link based at least in part on the information and at least in part on the profile.. .
 Bridge line appearance for location-aware mobile devices patent thumbnailBridge line appearance for location-aware mobile devices
A vpbx server manages calls in a bridged line appearance (bla) group. A bla group can include extensions for location-aware mobile devices.
Ringcentral, Inc.
 Infrared light director for gesture or scene sensing fsc display patent thumbnailInfrared light director for gesture or scene sensing fsc display
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for touch and gesture recognition, using a field sequential color display. The display includes a processor, a lighting system, and an arrangement for spatial light modulation that includes a number of apertures, and devices for opening and shutting the apertures.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Asset collective redirection leverage multiplier platform apparatuses, methods and sysytems patent thumbnailAsset collective redirection leverage multiplier platform apparatuses, methods and sysytems
The asset collective redirection leverage multiplier platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“acrlmp”) provide a financial instrument management platform facilitating issuance, transaction, interest payment, and/or analytics of a municipality-based liquidity instrument from municipalities, investors, and sponsors.. .
Darwin & Davinci, Unltd., Llc
 Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user patent thumbnailRf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user
A case for a wireless device includes a number of rf coupling elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to a first rf coupling element, and from the first rf coupling element to a rf redirector coupling element that redirects the rf radiation in a direction outward from said wireless device that is opposite to a user side of the wireless device. A corrugated metallic shield is optionally provided on an opposite side of the case, facing a user of the device..
Pong Research Corporation

Sand control crossover tool with mud pulse telemetry position

A completion tool for gravel packing screens incorporates an added position to allow redirection of flow to a signal transmission tool at the needed flow rates to optimize signal to noise ratios by creation of a discrete flow path that channels the desired flow directly to the device and using the production tubing and upper annulus as the balance of the flow circuit. The smart collet® has a landing location for this position which is preferably between the circulation and reverse positions of the crossover tool.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Filtration assembly

A filtration assembly (1), which comprises an enclosure (2) which defines inside it a duct (3) for the passage of a fluid which carries pollutant particles (a) to be removed. At a first transverse cross-section of the duct (3) at least one perforated conducting grille (4) is provided, which is kept at a negative electrical potential, so as to emit into the duct (3) electrons which can bond to the pollutant particles (a), consequently giving them a negative electrical charge.
Tecnologica S.a.s. Di Vanella Salvatore & C.

Establishing a trust relationship between two product systems

A mechanism is provided for establishing a trust relationship between two products. A resource device receives a registration request from an application device to access a resource on the resource device by an application and users of the application on the application device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Transferring session data between network applications

In a method for transferring session data from a first application accessible via at least one dns name in a first dns domain to a second application accessible via at least one dns name in a second dns domain, a computer receives via the first application a first http request from an http client, and in response, the computer establishes a first session with the http client. The computer receives, from the http client, a second http request comprising an identifier of the second application, and in response, the computer stores in a memory a data structure identifiable by a data structure identifier and containing data pertaining to the first session.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and setup of a circuit switched call during circuit switched fallback

A method, at a user equipment (‘ue’), the method: sending a request to a first network for circuit switched fallback (‘csfb’); receiving, responsive to the request, redirection information; acquiring a second network based on the redirection information; initiating establishment of circuit switched (‘cs’) voice radio bearers with the second network; waiting for a predetermined event to occur; after the predetermined event has occurred, establishing a packet switched (‘ps’) connection with the second network. Further, a method, at a network element, the method receiving a request for circuit switched fallback (‘csfb’) from a user equipment (‘ue’); sending, to the ue, redirection information; receiving a routing area update (‘rau’) message from the ue; waiting for a predetermined event to occur; upon the predetermined event occurring, responding to the rau message..
Blackberry Limited

Ultrasonic lesion feedback, antipop monitoring, and force detection

An ablation catheter comprises: an elongated catheter body extending longitudinally between a proximal end and a distal end along a longitudinal axis; a distal member disposed adjacent the distal end, the distal member including an ablation element to ablate a biological member; one or more acoustic transducers disposed in the distal member and each configured to direct an acoustic signal toward a respective target ablation region and receive reflection echoes therefrom; and an acoustic redirection member disposed in the distal member to at least partially redirect the acoustic signal from at least one of the acoustic transducers toward a tissue target. The distal member includes a most-distal portion, a proximal portion, and a deflectable portion between the most-distal portion and proximal portion to permit deflection between the most-distal portion and proximal portion of the distal member.
St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Method, device and system for reporting signal quality measurement result

The present application discloses a method, a device, and a system for reporting a signal quality measurement result, relates to the field of communications, and implements reporting of an adjacent-frequency signal quality measurement result by a terminal. Embodiments of the present application disclose a method for reporting a signal quality measurement result, including: receiving adjacent frequency information, an adjacent-frequency signal quality reporting amount, and a reporting threshold corresponding to the adjacent-frequency signal quality reporting amount from a radio network node; according to the adjacent frequency information, performing measurement to obtain an adjacent-frequency signal quality measurement result; and reporting the adjacent-frequency signal quality measurement result in a preset bit string format to the radio network node.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Load balancing among alternative paths

A method and a transmitting node for redirecting of a flow of data packets to a path of alternative paths, and a method and a receiving node for enabling redirection of a flow of data packets to a path of alternative paths, where data packets are marked with a value indicating the importance of the data packets. The method for directing directs one or more flows of data packets for the alternative paths, wherein data packets marked with a higher value are prioritized over data packets marked with a lower value.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Revival and redirection of blocked connections for intention inspection in computer networks

A method for network security includes monitoring traffic exchanged over a computer network. A failed attempt to communicate with a target computer by an initiating computer is identified in the monitored traffic.
Guardicore Ltd.

Call redirection method implemented in a telecommunication system and corresponding system

In a call redirection method, an application of a second telecommunications terminal requests one of the active numbers in the security element of a first terminal. The application transmits a request for an active telephone number in the security element to its operator, and the latter retransmits it to a manager of the security element having knowledge of the active subscription in the security element.
Gemalto Sa

Rule-based routing to resources through a network

Techniques for determining which resource access requests are handled locally at a remote computer, and which resource access requests are routed or “redirected” through a virtual private network. One or more routing or “redirection” rules are downloaded from a redirection rule server to a remote computer.
Sonicwall, Inc.

Setting first-party cookies by redirection

A first request on a second domain associated with the computing device is received, by the computing device, from a user device, in response to the user device processing a webpage associated with a first domain. Handler instructions are sent, by the computing device, to the user device.
Criteo Sa

Systems and methods for providing real time access monitoring of a removable media device

In various embodiments, a method comprises detecting a removable media device coupled to a digital device, authenticating a password to access the removable media device, injecting redirection code into the digital device, intercepting, with the redirection code, a request for data, determining to allow the request for data based on a security policy, and providing the data based on the determination. The method may further comprise selecting the security policy from a plurality of security policies based, at least in part, on the password and/or filtering the content of the requested data.
Cupp Computing As

Accessing enterprise resources while providing denial-of-service attack protection

A method for accessing enterprise resources while providing denial-of-service attack protection. The method may include receiving, at a gateway from a client device, a request for a resource, the request comprising a location identifier associated with the resource.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Cochlear implant systems including magnetic flux redirection means

An exemplary cochlear implant system includes a component that houses a circuit board comprising electronic circuitry that generates one or more signals, an induction coil that transmits the one or more signals by generating a telemetry magnetic field, and a telemetry flux guide positioned between and in direct contact with a top surface of the induction coil and a bottom surface of the circuit board.. .
Advanced Bionics Ag

Method and selecting cell in wireless communication system

A method and apparatus for selecting a cell in a wireless communication system is provided. A user equipment (ue) receives a radio resource control (rrc) connection release message including redirection information from a serving cell.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Traffic flow redirection between border routers using routing encapsulation

In response to receiving one or more packets from an interface, an anchoring border router classifies the traffic flow and either transmits the packets based upon the routing control table as usual, or determines that the packets of the traffic flow are to be forwarded to a forwarding border router. Upon determining that the packets are to be forwarded, the packets are encapsulated with a routing encapsulation key corresponding to a routing path and are forwarded from the anchoring border router to the forwarding border router via a routing encapsulation tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Methods of making optical fiber with reduced hydrogen sensitivity that include fiber redirection

A method of making optical fibers that includes controlled cooling to produce fibers having a low concentration of non-bridging oxygen defects and low sensitivity to hydrogen. The method may include heating a fiber preform above its softening point, drawing a fiber from the heated preform and passing the fiber through two treatment stages.
Corning Incorporated

Systems and methods for performing response based cache redirection

The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for performing response based cache redirection to a cache proxy. A device intermediary to a plurality of clients and a plurality of servers and in communication with a plurality of cache proxies, receives a request for content from a client.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Network and data security testing with mobile devices

The present invention provides a network and data security testing app for mobile devices such as an apple ipad, which is connected to the internet via a wireless network. The app downloads and stores one or more network security or data loss test cases from a centralized server, which are then executed on the mobile device.
Websense, Inc.

Redirection of information from secure virtual machines to unsecure virtual machines

The present invention is directed towards methods and systems for redirecting an access request to an unsecure virtual machine. A computing device may execute a hypervisor hosting a secure virtual machine and an unsecure virtual machine.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Telephonic communication redirection and compliance processing

Processing telephonic communication is disclosed. A request to establish communication is received from a first communication participant.
Emc Corporation

Light redirection device

The present invention relates to a light redirection device (1) for redirecting and concentrating direct sunlight (31) into buildings, said device comprising at least one transparent element (10) having a substantially planar top surface (10) in an x-y-plane and a substantially planar bottom surface (14), wherein said top (11) and bottom (14) surfaces are arranged in an angle α to each other around the x-axis, and a light reflector (20) for each transparent element (10) having a planar surface, wherein said planar surface of said light reflector (20) is arranged substantially parallel and adjacent said bottom surface (14) of said transparent element (10), wherein said reflective surface is spaced apart (12) from said transparent element by a transparent medium having lower refractive index than the transparent element (10), so that incident light (31) to the device is refracted by each material transition interface and reflected by the reflecting element (20). The invention further relates to a method for redirecting and concentrating direct sunlight (31) into buildings, using a device (1) according to any of the preceding claims, the method comprising the step of: arranging said device (1) substantially perpendicular to the direct sunlight (31) at noon, having one of its edges adjacent a building wall or window (40)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Data redirection system and method therefor

A data redirection system and method comprises a first and second redirector in one or more embodiments. The first redirector may receive and respond to requests for a network service by redirecting a client's request to the second redirector.

Peer to peer (p2p) operation by integrating with content delivery networks (cdn)

A method and apparatus for use in a network storage control peer (nscp) supporting peer to peer (p2p) operation are disclosed. The method includes receiving a content map request message and transmitting a content map response message including an indication that a cdn-stored content piece is available from the nscp; and, receiving a content fetch request message for the content piece and transmitting a response message including a redirection command and the cdn uri for the content piece..
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Transparent redirection of clients to a surrogate payload server through the use of a proxy location server

In some embodiments, a first location server, in response to a request from a client to access an object, determines whether a first location information stored at the first location server indicates locations of instance(s) of the object. The first location server, in response to a determination that the first location information indicates the locations of the instances of the object, determines a first location of a first instance of the object at a first payload server and a second location of a second instance of the object at a second payload server from the first location information.
Netapp, Inc.

Domain selection for advertisement data

Described are methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products for domain selection for advertisement data in the delivery of website display ads. A request is received from a requester for indicia of one or more impression opportunities.
Criteo Sa

Method and security in cloud computing service

Provided is a method and apparatus for security in a cloud computing service. A service integration unit provides various cloud services to a terminal over a personal virtual network.
Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

Transparent user interface integration between local and remote computing environments

Methods and systems for transparent user interface integration between remote (“published”) applications and their local counterparts are described, providing a seamless, unified user experience, and allowing integration of a start menu, dock, taskbar, desktop shortcuts, windows, window and application switching, system tray elements, client-to-host and host-to-client file type association, url redirection, browser cookie redirection, token redirection, status message interception and redirection, and other elements. These methods and systems further enhance theme-integration between a client and remote desktop or virtual machine by remoting all ui elements to a recipient for generation, including text controls, buttons, progress bars, radio buttons, list boxes, or other elements; presenting them with the receiver's product and os-specific ui; and returning status back to the sender.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Redistributing sources for adaptive bit rate streaming

A system includes one or more network media service devices, with each network media node operably connected upstream to one or more gateway devices. At least one of the network media service devices is configured to intercept an abr-related request to receive digital media content for a media channel sent from a client set top box to a remote abr server located upstream from the at least one network media device, identify a second gateway device that is storing the digital media content, the second gateway device having previously received the digital media content from the remote abr server, and return a network address of the second gateway device to the client set top box for use by the client set top box to receive the digital media content from the second gateway device.
Broadcom Corporation

Method and using http redirection to mediate content access via policy execution

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable http redirect messages to indicate content access policy information. In this manner, policy rules may be implemented based on the policy information in the http redirect messages to control network congestion and/or quality of service (“qos”)..
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and method to support diameter credit control session redirection using scim/service broker

A system and method which overcome the limitations of online charging systems which do not natively support redirection functionality. In an embodiment of the invention a scim provides the added redirection functionality to online charging systems which do not natively support redirection functionality.
Oracle International Corporation

Redirection service

A computing system can include an interface that receives a url where the url includes activation information associated with activation of an internet link by a user and item information associated with an item where the item information is associated with an id for the item; circuitry that determines if the id identifies the item at an internet store; circuitry that determines via decay logic a best match for the item at the internet store if the id does not identify the item at the internet store; and circuitry that formulates a redirection url for redirection of the user to a webpage of the internet store for the best match for the item if the id does not identify the item at the internet store.. .

Dynamic content distribution network selection based on context from transient criteria

In one embodiment, a client device queries a location server using a client-selected interface for content retrieval from a content distribution network (cdn), and receives a location attribute from the location server based on a location of the client device. The client device then presents the location attribute to a cdn selector within a first content retrieval request, and may receive a redirection from the cdn selector to a selected content source based on the location attribute.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Secure user plane (supl) redirection and mobile location protocol (mlp) tunneling to discovered slp

Systems and methods for secure user plane (supl) redirection and mobile location protocol (mlp) tunneling to a discovered supl location platform (d-slp) are disclosed. For example, a method for supl redirection by a set, may include: receiving an initiation message at a set from a home supl location platform (h-slp); establishing a secure connection with the h-slp, and returning a response message; receiving a redirect message from the h-slp; establishing a set initiated supl session with a d-slp; obtaining a location of the set using the d-slp; and returning the location to the h-slp..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Methods and apparatuses for automating return traffic redirection to a service appliance by injecting traffic interception/redirection rules into network nodes

Methods and apparatuses for automating return traffic redirection to a service appliance by injecting forwarding policies in a packet-forwarding element are disclosed herein. An example method for automating return traffic redirection can include: establishing a communication channel between a service appliance and a packet-forwarding element; and transmitting an out-of-band message over the communication channel to the packet-forwarding element.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Methods of resetting passwords in network service systems including user redirection and related systems and computer program products

Resetting a password for a network service account may include redirecting the user to a password reset tool, wherein the user is blocked from network access other than the password reset tool while being redirected. After redirecting the user to the password reset tool, user entry of verification information may be accepted, and the verification information from the user may be compared with known verification information for the user.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Gateway, and method, computer program and storage means corresponding thereto

A gateway connects a first communication network comprising at least one terminal intended to consume multimedia contents and a second communication network via which the gateway is intended to receive the multimedia contents in a stream form. The gateway detects (400) a use of a unicast connection intended for transmitting a multimedia content from an original server to a terminal of said network via the gateway; seeks (403) a connection redirection rule according to information exchanged by the original server and the terminal; establishes (406) a multicast connection in order to receive the multimedia content; receives (407) the multimedia content in the form of a stream according to the multicast connection; and transmits (409) to the terminal the multimedia content in the form of a stream according to the unicast connection..

Experience redirection

A system and method are described for allowing users to forward a media content experience, such as an internet site, to another computing device. The system may allow the user to select individual portions and elements of the site for forwarding, to customize the level and type of experience being forwarded.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Method for transceiving paging message in wireless communication system and same

Disclosed are a method for transceiving a paging message in a wireless communication system that supports a multiple radio access network and an apparatus for the method. In detail, the method comprises: a step of receiving, from a terminal, a paging redirection request message for requesting redirection of a paging message transmission path of a cellular network through a wireless local area network (wlan) access point (ap) in the event the terminal accessed to a base station of the cellular network has switched the access thereof to the wlan ap; a step of transmitting a paging redirection response message indicating whether the redirection of the paging message is authenticated or not to the terminal through the wlan ap; and a step of transmitting a paging message to the terminal through the wlan ap..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Network traffic redirection (ntr) in long term evolution (lte)

The present invention is directed towards methods and systems for redirecting roaming network traffic in an lte network. The methods include observing a registration process of a subscriber in a visited network.
Roamware Inc.

Network terminal validation

A media asset location request redirection system causes a user terminal (11) to redirect first media asset location data (22) relating to a first content delivery network (16) such that the media asset location request is directed to a second content delivery platform (17), by means of a proxy redirection server (18) which translates the first media asset location data (21, 251) into second media asset location data (26) relating to the second content delivery network. Use of the proxy redirection server (18) is controlled by an authentication process, in which the user terminal (11) and proxy redirection server (18) perform a mutual authentication process to determine whether the redirection server (18) should accept the request for a media asset location..

Systems and methods of token piggybacking

A method, system, and computer-readable medium are disclosed for generating a unified user profile. For example, a system may store, on a client device, a token under a first domain name.

Engineering microorganisms to increase ethanol production by metabolic redirection

The present invention provides for the manipulation of carbon flux in a recombinant host cell to increase the formation of desirable products. The invention relates to cellulose-digesting organisms that have been genetically modified to allow the production of ethanol at a high yield by redirecting carbon flux at key steps of central metabolism..

Provisioning network access through a firewall

A method may include determining one or more rules and communicating the one or more rules to a firewall, where the firewall receives a data unit and determines, based on the one or more rules, whether to forward the data unit to a destination address; receiving a redirection of a device from the firewall when the firewall determines not to forward the data unit to the destination address; receiving an indication that the firewall did not forward the data unit to the destination address; and determining a new rule to allow the firewall to forward the data unit to the destination address and communicating the new rule to the firewall; and redirecting the device to the destination address.. .

Systems and methods for risk rating and pro-actively detecting malicious online ads

Methods and systems for risk rating and pro-actively detecting malicious online ads are described. In one example embodiment, a system for risk rating and pro-actively detecting malicious online ads includes an extraction module, an analysis engine, and a filter module.

Data retrieval redirection

An asset location request redirection system (18) receives first asset location data (251) from a user terminal. The first asset location data relates to a first content delivery network, and the redirection system (18) generates a signed second asset location data (26) for return to the user terminal, allowing it to retrieve content from a second content delivery network.

Command line output redirection

In one embodiment the invention provides a method. The method includes invoking, via an application, a call of a command line utility; providing, via the application, an identifier in the call of the command line utility, wherein the identifier comprises an operating system controlled memory location; storing output from the command line utility in operating system shared memory at the operating system controlled memory location identified by the identifier; and retrieving, by the application, the command line utility output from the operating system shared memory at the operating system controlled memory location identified by the identifier..

Multimedia redirection in a virtualized environment using a proxy server

Methods and systems for multimedia redirection in a virtualized environment using a proxy server are described herein. The proxy server may store scripting code that may be injected into web content retrieved from a content resource server.

Multi-modal early media

A method and system for transmitting early media notifications (emns) of communication services, for example, call completion, etc., is provided. A network component, a calling party device, and/or a called party device detect a call made by a calling party to a called party, and occurrence of events, for example, a call attempt, start of ringing the called party, an incomplete call, call redirection, etc.

Out-of-band framework libraries within applications

An enhanced binder provides flexibility and certainty when selecting a version of a software library to load, and an enhanced loader prevents a library version vulnerable to a security flaw from being loaded. The binder can perform unification, implicit override, and/or redirection.

Redirecting data from a defective data entry in memory to a redundant data entry prior to data access, and related systems and methods

Embodiments disclosed include redirecting data from a defective data entry in memory to a redundant data entry prior to data access. Related systems and methods are also disclosed.

Optical element stacks for the direction of light

Provided herein are devices and associated methods for the direction of light, e.g. Sunlight.

Inner premix tube air wipe

An inner premix tube for a fuel injector of a gas turbine engine includes a transition end, a tip end, and a premix tube inner surface. The transition end includes an annular disk portion with an annular disk shape and a redirection portion extending radially inward and axially from the annular disk portion.

Honey monkey network exploration

A network can be explored to investigate exploitive behavior. For example, network sites may be actively explored by a honey monkey system to detect if they are capable of accomplishing exploits, including browser-based exploits, on a machine.

Accelerating usb redirection over a network

In particular embodiments, a client computing device identifies a usb device connected to the client computing device. The client computing device redirects the usb device to a remote server computing device.

Range extending system for subterranean rf devices

Embodiments of the invention comprise a system for improving subterranean rf signal propagation. Embodiments comprise a redirecting antenna element which includes a redirecting conductive arrangement, a feed point, and a receiving antenna element which includes at least one or more planes.

Static redirection for objective c

Particular embodiments establish static redirection of a function that is a member of a class to an alternate implementation of the function. A software tool executing on a computer server receives an executable file for an application and a location for an alternate implementation of the function.

Server, client device, and usb redirection method

A client device obtains data from a universal serial bus (usb) device and compresses the data. The client device sends the compressed data to a server using a usb redirection.

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