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Redirection patents

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Method and device for policy based routing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirection-related patents
 Frequency redirection for inband signaling patent thumbnailnew patent Frequency redirection for inband signaling
A channel remapping pre-notification (rpn) message is transmitted in each of multiple frequencies prior to movement of data associated with one or more virtual channels to one or more different frequencies. The rpn message is also sent prior to transmission of a virtual channel table (vct) reflecting channel movement.
 Method and device for policy based routing patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for policy based routing
A method and a device for policy based routing. The method comprises: setting interfaces of router(s) to be multiple redirection groups, the redirection groups being ordered according to a priority order; detecting interface states of interfaces in the redirection groups; and switching traffic among the multiple redirection groups according to the interface states of the interfaces in the redirection groups.
 Systems and methods for folder redirection patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for folder redirection
A method for redirecting, to a second machine, without user intervention, a request for access to a folder on a first machine, the request made by a resource executing within a remote access session on the first machine, includes receiving, by a component on a first machine, folder mapping information associated with a folder provided by a shell namespace on a second machine. The component intercepts a request by a resource executing on the first machine for access to file system data on the first machine.
 Light management for image and data control patent thumbnailnew patent Light management for image and data control
A light control and display technology applicable to light redirection and projection with the capacity, in a number of embodiments modified for particular applications, to produce managed light, including advanced images. Applications include miniature to very large scale video displays, optical data processing, 3-dimensional imaging, and lens-less vision enhancement for poor night-driving vision, cataracts and macular degeneration..
 Software  build optimization patent thumbnailSoftware build optimization
A method for optimization of a software build includes collecting first data representative of inputs for a build process obtained by a set of data accessing operations implemented during a first execution of the build process, the set including a file accessing operation and a non-file accessing operation. A redirection routine embedded within the build process captures the inputs.
 System and method of web-based keyboard, video and mouse (kvm) redirection and application of the same patent thumbnailSystem and method of web-based keyboard, video and mouse (kvm) redirection and application of the same
Certain aspects of the present disclosure are directed to a method of performing web-based keyboard, video and mouse (kvm) redirection implemented by a baseboard management controller (bmc). The method includes: (a) receiving, at a bmc, first and second video frames redirected from a host computer, the bmc performing a management function of the host computer, (b) generating a webpage at a web server of the bmc and sending the webpage to a browser program running on a computing device in a network, the webpage being programmed to instruct the browser program to initiate a drawable area and to establish a web socket connection with the web server, (c) generating a processed image representing the second video frame, (d) establishing a web socket connection between the web server and the browser program, and (e) sending the processed image to the browser program through the web socket connection..
 Redirection service resource locator mechanism patent thumbnailRedirection service resource locator mechanism
A system can include circuitry that processes a url for information; circuitry that transmits at least a portion of the information via a network interface; circuitry that receives metadata via the network interface responsive to the transmission of at least a portion of the information; circuitry that associates at least a portion of the metadata with a short url; and circuitry that transmits the short url. Various other apparatuses, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed..
 System and method of web-based virtual media redirection patent thumbnailSystem and method of web-based virtual media redirection
Certain aspects of the present disclosure are directed to a method of performing a virtual media redirection. The method includes: (a) establishing a web socket connection between a web server of a baseboard management controller (bmc) and a browser program of a computing device in a network, the bmc performing a management function of a host computer; (b) emulating, at the bmc, virtual media to the host computer; (c) receiving, at the bmc, a read command from the host computer and directed to the emulated virtual media, the read command specifying a first file; (d) in response to the read command, sending, at the bmc, a request for the first file according to the read command to the browser program through the web socket connection; and (e) receiving, at the web server, the first file from the browser program through the web socket connection..
 Hashtag communication method and system patent thumbnailHashtag communication method and system
An uniform resource identifier (uri) fragment based web portal browsing (#wise) represents a functionality that allows internet users to use the universal resource identifiers with “#” (number sign) and either an empty or a non empty fragment to, based on predetermined set of rules, technical and other conditions and the internet user interaction history, quickly and efficiently browse a certain website by being presented with suggested website administrator managed non-user-generated content (such as, but not limited to videos, pdf documents, drawings, etc.), redirections (other uris) and actions (such as, but not limited to sending an email to a certain email address, initiating audio/video/chat conversation, posting a support ticket etc.) requiring minimal amount of additional user intervention. .
 Redirection of multimedia content between receiver devices associated with a user patent thumbnailRedirection of multimedia content between receiver devices associated with a user
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a provider network configured to redirect multimedia content between receiver devices associated with a user. A first multimedia stream representative of the multimedia content is transmitted to a first receiver device associated with the user.
Automatic updating of redirected location references
Content items such as web pages can be updated through a client-driven process when the client detects that a target location reference in a source content item has been redirected to another (destination) location reference. Based on a target location reference in a source content item, a client can request a target content item from a target server and can receive a redirected destination target location reference.
Method and apparatus for modifying internet content through redirection of cascading style sheet objects
Disclosed is a method for directing an alternative cascading style sheet object to an internet user client. In the method, a system analyzes an http transaction involving the internet user client to detect a request for an embedded cascading style sheet object.
Method and apparatus for signal interference processing
A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method for mitigating interference by filtering or redirection of communications traffic. Other embodiments are disclosed..
Room dividing lighting device and method of installing the room dividing lighting device
A room dividing lighting device 120, 122, the use of the room dividing lighting device and a method of installing the room dividing lighting device are provided. The room dividing lighting device 120, 122 comprises a light emitting means.
Snow rider
The snow rider provides a rider with a platform that is stable, simple to use, and provides a significant amount of control for the rider. The snow rider makes use of two pairs of parallel-oriented articulated skis that are interconnected by a platform on which the rider's bindings are attached.
Continously-operable flow stream processing system and method
A continuously-operable flow stream processing system and method has two or more fluid processing media arranged in a fluid conduit network to provide alternate flow paths for a flow stream to be processed (e.g. Filtered).
Goal tender leg pad
A goaltender leg pad providing profile adjustment, toe attachment and/or toe thickness adjustment. The leg pad can include an adjuster element that configures adjacent pads at a user selected angle or configuration to provide a desired front profile of the leg pad.
Low latency server-side redirection of udp-based transport protocols traversing a client-side nat firewall
Systems, methods, and machine-readable media for low latency server-side redirection of user datagram protocol (udp)-based transport protocols traversing a client-side network address translation (nat) are provided. At a first server, a request for directing a data resource to a client may be received.
Systems and methods for maintaining transparent end to end cache redirection
The present disclosure presents systems and methods for maintaining original source and destination ip addresses of a request while performing intermediary cache redirection. An intermediary receives a request from a client destined to a server identifying a client ip address as a source ip address and a server ip address as a destination ip address.
Dynamic control system for managing redirection of requests for content
Requests for content are received, for example, an http request for a web page is received. Each request has a landing context, which may include information about the user sending the request, the request itself, the referrer, or another subject.
Devices and methods for facilitating h-rnti updates in network-initiated cell redirection
Access terminals are adapted to facilitate updating an access terminal with a valid h-rnti in response to a network-initiated redirection of an access terminal from a serving cell to a target cell in a wireless communications system. According to at least one example, an access terminal can acquire a target cell in response to a network-initiated redirection indicated by a received redirection message.
System and method for rapid vlt connection failure handling
A system and method for rapid virtual link trunk connection failure handling includes receiving a packet at a first network switching unit where the packet is to be forwarded to a second network switching unit, detecting a failure in a network connection between the first network switching unit and the second network switching unit and associated with a first lag of the first network switching unit, determining a second lag associated with an inter-chassis link (icl) as a failover lag for the first lag, redirecting the packet to the second lag, altering the packet to set a redirection status bit to a logic value, and forwarding the altered packet using the icl.. .
Proactive redirection of traffic during low voltage (brownout) condition and preferential treatment of high priority traffic
A methodology is described such that when a brownout condition is being experienced by a network node, the network node may autonomously notify the adjacent nodes to reroute the traffic for different classes of service based on programmable low voltage thresholds. The present approach helps lower transit traffic disruption while providing a framework to give preferential treatment to high priority traffic traversing the node..
Sunlight redirecting mirror arrays
Sunlight redirector (30) incorporates closely proximate mirror arrays (32, 34) having parallel, uniformly spaced, longitudinal mirror segments (38, 44). Prismatic sheet (36) is positioned behind and closely proximate second array (34).
Content delivery network interconnection (cdni) mechanism
Embodiments contemplate the movement of mobile node (mn) from a first access network to a second access network, while in communication with a cdn server (e.g. A surrogate providing a multimedia streaming session).
Radio control apparatus, connection destination switching method, and system
A radio control apparatus determines a call type of a communication terminal, and transmits a release redirection control signal to the communication terminal. When the call type is a general call, the release redirection signal not including broadcast information is transmitted to the communication terminal.
Dynamic drop redirection for drop on demand printing
Systems and methods selectively remove flush drops from a plurality of ink drops ejected by a print engine when printing data for a print job. One embodiment comprises a control system of a printing system.
Per-request control of dns behavior
In various embodiments, a user or subscriber of a domain name system (dns) service that provides various dns resolution options or features, such as misspelling redirection, parental filters, domain blocking, or phishing protection through the dns process, can influence how requests for domain name (dns) information are handled on a per-request basis. The user or subscriber may configure the dns client software of their personal computer or configure their broadband router to provide control information to a dns server with dns resolution options that enables the dns server to resolve dns queries with the dns resolution options on a per-request basis.
Service redirection from a policy and charging control architecture
For authorizing redirection services in a policy and charging control architecture, a policy and charging control rules function (pcrf) server determines control rules and redirection information per service in an internet protocol connectivity access network session, and a policy charging and enforcement function (pcef) device receives control rules and redirection information per service basis, determines redirection per service request, and triggers the redirection. Upon a first request for a service, the pcef device returns a redirection message with a redirection identifier; and upon completion of the service redirection, the first request for the service reaching the pcef, the pcef verifies the service is authorized and submits a service allowance toward the service server in charge of the service.
Selecting a type of circuit switched fallback
A type of circuit switched fallback (csfb) is selected based on the target access point for the csfb. For example, redirection-based csfb may be selected for some types of target access points, while handover-based csfb is selected for other types of target access points.
Optical redirection adapter
An optical redirection adapter for an electronic device having a camera includes a housing and an optical element. The optical element is attached to the housing and positioned such that, when the adapter is attached the electronic device, the optical element is positioned in the camera's field of view.
Force redirection strap, system and method of use
A force re-direction strap, system, and method of use.. .
Component update using management engine
Embodiments of systems and methods for applying a component update using a management engine are disclosed. A computing device may include a management engine to store a bootable image containing an update for a component of the computing device in a secured memory location and configure the computing device to boot from the bootable image.
Preventing redirection loops during collaborative web browsing
A system for preventing redirection loops during collaborative web browsing is provided including: a cpu; a memory in communication with the cpu; instructions stored in the memory and executable by the cpu to prevent redirects encountered during a collaborative web browsing session, the instructions further comprising: instructions enabling a device to join a collaborative web browsing session; instructions enabling detection of a redirection loop based upon a query to a uniform resource locator (url) history stored in a memory; and instructions enabling termination of the redirect loop; wherein, upon the detection of a redirection loop, the device ignores url updates of the collaborative web browsing session for a predetermined amount of time.. .
Blind handover or blind redirection method and system
A blind handover or blind redirection method and system are provided. The method includes: when a ue needs to perform blind handover or blind redirection, it is determined whether there is a history record of handover or redirection of the ue; and when there is the history record, a target cell which the ue is about to be blindly handed over to or blindly redirected to is selected according to the history record.
Method and system for improving the data security of cloud computing
A method and system for improving the data security of cloud computing comprising: users establishing an index information table for physical lun devices available to cloud computing service instances, and setting mapping rules of virtual lba address space for virtual lun devices and physical lba address space for data storage according to the index information table; according to the mapping rules, users establishing and saving a mapping relationship between virtual lba address space and physical lba address space for data storage; according to the mapping relationship, acquiring storage position information of actual data mapping to the virtual lba address space pointed by read/write requests, and completing i/o redirection. The system includes an establishment module, setting module, establishment and saving module, and redirection module.
Systems, methods, and devices for defending a network
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a method comprising: within a backbone network: for backbone network traffic addressed to a particular target and comprising attack traffic and non-attack traffic, the attack traffic simultaneously carried by the backbone network with the non-attack traffic: redirecting at least a portion of the attack traffic to a scrubbing complex; and allowing at least a portion of the non-attack traffic to continue to the particular target without redirection to the scrubbing complex.. .
Systems and methods for parcel delivery to alternate delivery locations
A system, in various embodiments, is configured to redirect undeliverable parcels to alternate delivery locations. The parcels may be undeliverable due to an unavailability of an intended recipient of the parcels to sign for the parcels or otherwise take delivery of the parcels at the delivery address.
Authentication server, and method authenticating application
An application authentication program causes a data server and an application server to execute the processes of: accepting an access request containing application-related information and redirection information from an application running on a communication terminal; and when judging that the redirection information is legitimate, transmitting an access response being a response to the access request and containing application identification information corresponding to the application-related information to the communication terminal including a redirection destination corresponding to the redirection information.. .
Administration of access lists for femtocell service
A subscriber account associated with a femtocell can be managed and access can be provided thereto. The account service management can be accessed through a broadband network and comprises two operational layers deployed within respective demarcation zones.
Waveguide bodies including redirection features and methods of producing same
According to one aspect, a waveguide includes a body exhibiting a total internal reflectance characteristic and having a first face and a second face opposite the first face wherein the first and second faces extend along a lateral direction and a coupling cavity adapted to receive a light emitting diode (led) that is configured to direct light into the body. The body additionally includes an extraction feature disposed on one of the first and second faces and configured to direct light traveling through the body out of at least one of the first and second faces.
System and method for embedding multimedia controls and indications in a webpage
A system and a method embed multimedia controls and indications in a webpage which may provide access to internet media content. The multimedia controls and indications embedded in the webpage may be accessible using a standard web browser and may enable a user of the standard web browser to invoke enhanced media functions for internet media content available through the webpage.
Redirection service mechanism
A system can include an interface that receives a url that includes information; circuitry that processes at least a portion of the information for entity information and internet merchant information; circuitry that accesses database entries in an entity field and in an affiliate program criterion field; circuitry that associates the url with an entity field database entry based at least in part on the entity information; circuitry that includes selection logic that selects at least one affiliate program from a plurality of affiliate programs based at least in part on an affiliate program criterion field entry associated with the entity field database entry; and circuitry that formulates a redirection url based at least in part on the internet merchant information wherein the redirection url comprises affiliate program information for the at least one selected affiliate program. Various other apparatuses, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed..
Methods and systems for preventing security breaches
A security payload is attached to a received binary executable file. The security payload is adapted to intercept application programming interface (api) calls to system resources from the binary executable file via export address redirection back to the security payload.
Input redirection with a cloud client device
In one embodiment, a cloud client device identifies one or more devices within a pre-determined range of the cloud client device operable to communicate with the cloud client device. The cloud client device pairs with one or more of the devices.
Method, device and system for ordering pay program
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, a device and a system for ordering a pay program, which aim to play an ordered program automatically once a user's payment is completed. The method includes: sending an order request to an epg server; receiving an amount should be recharged sent by the epg server; sending a redirection request to the payment platform, where the redirection request carries an http url provided by the epg server, and the http url is saved by the payment platform; receiving a redirection response sent by the payment platform, where the redirection response carries the http url; redirecting to the order processing page of the pay program according to the http url; obtaining an rtsp url from the order processing page; and requesting a cdn to play the pay program according to the rtsp url..
Method, computer program product, and system for non-blocking dynamic update of statically typed class-based object-oriented software
Under the present invention, a method, computer program product, and system for non-blocking dynamic update of statically-typed class-based object-oriented software executing as byte-code on a virtual machine within an actively running computer system is provided. A set of objects instantiated from an existing module or multiple modules (identi-fiable collections of application resources and class defini-tions in the form of byte-code representations) is ready for execution on a virtual machine in an actively running computer system.
Flow device
A flow device automatically impels a fluid to disperse from a container without requiring significant physical exertion, such as a repetitive pumping motion, to propel the fluid through. The flow device automatically causes an intake fluid to flow from an intake end of a container, and pass through an interior channel of the container.
System, method and a tag for mapping tagged objects to context-aware applications
There is provide a computing system configured to receive an object identifier and contextual information from an end-user, to compute the object identifier and contextual information based on pre-defined set of rules, to map said object identifier and contextual information to an entry point associated with a specific computer application among a plurality of applications, and to provide access to said specific computer application to said end-user. There is also provided a method to do the same, and a tag for use with a physical object, the tag comprising a redirection identifier embodying a unique identifier of the object and an http address of a server permitting to redirect or provide access to the user to a specific computer application about the object..
Method and system for speeding up computer program
A method and system for speeding up a computer program is provided. The method includes: determining a critical file and a non-critical file; storing the non-critical file in a first storage device, and storing the critical file in a second storage device, wherein data accessing speed of the second storage device is faster than that of the first storage device; and receiving a file operation for accessing the critical file, redirecting the file operation to the second storage device, accessing the critical file stored in the second storage device.
Methods and systems for preventing unauthorized acquisition of user information
The embodiments provide methods and systems for detecting and preventing phishing of a user's information, such as their username and password. In one embodiment, a website detects as a threshold matter whether the user has arrive at the site due to an automatic redirection from a prior visited site or by the user having clicked on a link to the website from the previous site.
Contents delivery system, a contents delivery method, and a program for contents delivery
[solution method] a contents delivery server comprising: a load information exchanging and memorizing unit which receives and memorizes load information (other server information) from other contents delivery servers in a network, and memorizes load information (own server information) of own contents delivery server; a determination unit which determines presence of free resources of own contents delivery server based on the own server information; a selection unit which, in case the determination unit determined that there exit no free resources, selects one or more other contents delivery servers with a lower load than own contents delivery server from among other contents delivery servers based on the own server information and the other server information; and a redirection unit which requests to the selected other contents delivery servers delivery of contents which are targets of a contents delivery request to a user terminal which transmitted the contents delivery request.. .
Layered request processing with redirection and delegation in a content delivery network (cdn)
In a content delivery network (cdn a method includes: receiving a request for a cdn service of a particular type, wherein a cdn service of said particular type defines a fixed number of configurable layers of request processing, sequentially from a first layer to a last layer; and processing said request, starting at said first layer, said processing being based on a modifiable runtime environment, said processing continuing conditionally through each of said layers in turn until either said request is terminated by one of said layers or said last layer processes said request. A layer may cause some of the processing of a request to be handled by another service.
Distributing content elements among devices
Technologies are generally described for distributing displayed content elements among devices. In some examples, a system for moving and redistributing controls or other elements among web capable devices is presented using gateway managed redirection and injection of web page code.
Systems and methods for content delivery
Systems and methods for redirecting content from a first user device to a second user device is disclosed. The first user device may generate a redirection request message and transmit the redirection request message to a video back office server.
Systems and methods for user device interaction
Systems and methods for receiving a communication on one or more user devices within a vehicle and redirecting the communications based at least in part on one or more user profiles associated with occupants of the vehicle is disclosed. The redirection of the communication may further be based at least in part on one or more sensor signals or a drive characteristic associated with the vehicle..
Loading a re-directed web resource on a web browser of a client device in a communications system
In an embodiment, a client device transmits a request for an initial web resource to a proxy server. The proxy server requests the initial web resource on behalf of the client device in response to the client device's request.
Loading a re-directed web page on a web browser of a client device in a communications system
In an embodiment, a client device transmits a request for an initial web page to a proxy server. The proxy server requests the initial web page on behalf of the client device in response to the client device's request.
Image redirection system for mobile devices
An image redirection system having a case that includes a body configured to removably attach to a mobile device, and an optical housing on the body, the optical housing configured to position one or more optical elements over the mobile device lens and flash unit when the case is attached to the mobile device. The optical housing is configured to enable one-handed operation such that a user can deploy and retract the optical housing with only one digit of a hand that holds the case and enable operation of the camera with another finger or thumb of the holding hand..
Lighting appliance for vehicles
A lighting appliance for vehicles includes a flat light guide having a light coupling section for the coupling of light into a first or a second end of the light guide, a narrow-side front serving as a light coupling section for the coupling-out of light into the main radiation direction extending between the first end and the second end of the flat light guide, a first flat side and a second flat side arranged on the opposite side, on which the coupled-in light can be fully reflected, a rear extending between the first end and the second end of the flat light guide having a number of optic elements for the redirection of the light into the direction of the narrow-side front, wherein the flat light guide is held with fastening means in a holding section of a holding lens running at right angles to the main radiation direction.. .
Airflow attachment assembly for carburetor
A carburetor attachment assembly for improved engine performance including an airflow crown and a mating air cleaner base. The air flow crown is adapted to detachably mount atop a carburetor and has a contoured intake surface that guides and directs airflow into the mouth of the carburetor.
Efficient packet handling, redirection, and inspection using offload processors
Method for handling packets are disclosed that can include providing at least one main processor connected to a plurality of offload processors by a memory bus; providing an arbiter connected to each of the plurality of offload processors, the arbiter capable of scheduling resource priority for instructions or data received from the memory bus; configuring the offload processors to provide security related services on packets prior to redirection to the main processor; operating a virtual switch respectively connected to the main processor and the plurality of offload processors using the memory bus, with the virtual switch capable of receiving memory read/write data over the memory bus; and directing at least some memory read/write data to the arbiter from the virtual switch.. .
Method and apparatus for loading a landing page
A universal serial bus (usb) modem/wireless wide area network (wwan) device is provided that when connected to a host device, presents itself as an ethernet endpoint to the host device, without requiring additional software/drivers to be downloaded to the host device. Embedded in the usb modem/wwan device are various modules that provide functionality allowing either automatic connection to the internet or redirection to a local web user interface (ui) that a user may employ to configure the usb modem/wwan device and/or manually connect to the internet.
Tracking web server
A web server is disclosed that is configured to track requests for web pages on a third party web server. The tracking web server traps a web page request, such as a purl (personalised url) for a personalised web page, before it attempts to serve the web page requested.
Smart redirection and loop detection mechanism for live upgrade large-scale web clusters
Handling requests for resources of a web based service. A method includes receiving a request from an external client for a resource.
Mobile terminated call establishment during inter radio access technology (irat) re-direction
Mobile terminated call establishment during inter radio access technology (irat) re-direction. Handovers between different respective radio access technologies (rats) may be performed (e.g., irat redirection procedure) such that a given wireless communication device may be in communication with a given rat cell, and then switch from that rat cell to another rat cell (e.g., a target rat cell).
Radio frequency emission guard for portable wireless electronic device
A radio frequency and electromagnetic emission shield employed on wireless personal and portable electronic devices, containing one or more layers of radio frequency (rf) or electromagnetic (em) screening material, shielding the user from harmful rf or em radiation, or a redirection antenna that receives all rf signals, and redirects those signals away from the user. The rf emission shield may be contained within a plurality of outer layers, providing a secure fit to a wireless electronic device and an outer layer providing an easy grip for the user..

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