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Redirect patents


This page is updated frequently with new Redirect-related patent applications.

 Redirecting billing in radio network patent thumbnailRedirecting billing in radio network
The present disclosure relates to a method in a network node (1) of a communication network (5). The method comprises determining from signalling with a cellular ran (4) and/or a wireless transceiver (3) that a radio device (2) is within range (6) of the wireless transceiver, said radio device being connected to the communication network over the cellular ran.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Populating a secondary cache with unmodified tracks in a primary cache when redirecting host access from a primary server to a secondary server patent thumbnailPopulating a secondary cache with unmodified tracks in a primary cache when redirecting host access from a primary server to a secondary server
Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for populating a secondary cache with unmodified tracks in a primary cache when redirecting host access from a primary server to a secondary server. Host access to tracks is redirected from the primary server to the secondary server.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Session aware usb redirection for multi-server published applications patent thumbnailSession aware usb redirection for multi-server published applications
In certain information handling system (ihs) environments, universal serial bus (usb) devices connected to a client are redirected to a server or other information handling system. Multiple remote sessions may be running on an ihs as well as multiple multi-server published applications within a given remote session.
Dell Products L.p.

 Enhanced intrusion prevention system patent thumbnailEnhanced intrusion prevention system
As disclosed herein a method, executed by a computer, includes detecting, by an intrusion prevention system, intruder network traffic addressed to a computing device, creating a decoy virtual machine, and redirecting the intruder network traffic to the decoy virtual machine. The method further includes determining one or more attack characteristics of the intruder network traffic, and generating a new intruder signature corresponding to the attack characteristics.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Redirection  electronic content patent thumbnailRedirection electronic content
Electronic content, for example, a web page, is configured for display by a web browser application to include content that is not included in or referenced by the web page. The web page includes a first locator for first content.

 Method for mounting a device at a server in a network patent thumbnailMethod for mounting a device at a server in a network
A method for mounting a device at a server in a network includes attaching the device at an anchor. A virtualized connection is set up between the anchor and the server based on a predefined anchor configuration, temporary device information is encoded into a network flow generated by the device.
Nec Europe Ltd.

 System and  usb redirection for conferencing in an enterprise patent thumbnailSystem and usb redirection for conferencing in an enterprise
In certain information handling system environments, users may collaborate or communicate via remote conferencing software. In some instances an attendee may request that a selected universal serial bus (usb) device associated with another attendee be redirected such that the content of the selected usb device may be available to one or more attendees or that content may be communicated to the selected usb device.
Dell Products L.p.

 Perforation crack designator patent thumbnailPerforation crack designator
At least one crack designator for a perforating gun, wherein the gun includes a longitudinal direction, a lateral direction, and at least one scallop, wherein each crack designator is capable of redirecting crack growth from the lateral direction to the longitudinal direction of the gun. The designator may be located in one of the scallops, extend from an expected exit hole in the gun to an edge of one of the scallops, and be capable of redirecting crack growth from a lateral direction to a longitudinal direction of the gun.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Active front deflector patent thumbnailActive front deflector
An active front deflector assembly having a deflector panel, actuator, and linkage assemblies each with a predetermined ratio of the links to each other for motion of the deflector panel. The assembly deploys and retracts based on vehicle requirements, and, when deployed, redirects the air flow in the front of the vehicle to improve the vehicle aerodynamics for either fuel economy or performance characteristics.
Magna International Inc.

 Apparatus and  assisting change-over of take-up rolls in a printing system patent thumbnailApparatus and assisting change-over of take-up rolls in a printing system
The present invention provides apparatus for assisting change-over of take-up rolls in a printing system, especially in a roll-to-roll printing system. The apparatus comprises a guide device for directing or guiding printed sheet output from the printing system along a transport path towards a take-up roll for winding or taking up a length of the printed sheet, and a first clamping device for holding a new leading edge region of the printed sheet formed after the printed sheet is cut to terminate the length of the sheet to be wound or taken up onto the take-up roll.
Océ-technologies B.v.

Apparatus for attaching an item to one or more substrates

There is provided an apparatus for attaching an item to a substrate, using a prong ring with a ring and two or more prongs. When attached, the prongs extends from the ring on a first side of the substrate through such substrate and being bent.
Ykk Corporation

Hydroponic plant cultivating apparatus

A hydroponic plant cultivation apparatus including a reservoir having a base defining a first portion of the reservoir and a cover defining a second portion of the reservoir. An upper opening is defined in the cover.
Tower Garden, Llc

Mapping service for local content redirection

A mapping service in the mobile core network located after a packet data network gateway examines content requests from user equipment across a first pdn connection to determine if content associated with the content request is cached at an edge server outside of the packet data network. If the content from the packet data network is cached at the edge server, the mapping service redirects the user equipment to request the content from the edge server across a second pdn connection.
Convida Wireless, Llc

Facilitating content accessibility via different communication formats

Methods and systems for facilitating content accessibility via different communication formats are provided. According to one embodiment, information indicative of one or more communication formats via which a client device is capable of communication is stored on a client device by (i) sending the client device a web page having embedded therein test content associated with a first protocol stack and/or a second protocol stack; and (ii) based on a response to the test content received from the client device, determining communication capabilities of the client device.
Fortinet, Inc.

Offloading a distribution server task to a media gateway

A server offloads one or more tasks to a first media gateway. The server receives, from the first media gateway that is receiving a video stream of a television channel, a first message that indicates that the first media gateway is eligible to process a request for media content of the television channel that otherwise would be processed by the server.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

System and multimedia redirection for cloud desktop conferencing

In certain information handling system environments, remote conferencing may require the transmission of multi-media content. The server may query a client that has joined the remote conference to determine if the client supports the encoding format of the multi-media content.
Dell Products L.p.

System and verifying and redirecting mobile applications

A system for securely providing a mobile device application on a mobile device access to a fleet operator datacenter for the mobile device application to obtain fleet data therefrom for use by a mobile device user. A verification server facilitates one or more fleet operator datacenters to authenticate a mobile device user, via configurable authentication requirements, before a mobile device user is able to communicate directly with the fleet operator datacenter..
Assetworks Llc

System, method, software, and computer network management

Systems, methods, software, and apparatus for managing computer networks are described where a combination of high levels of technical expertise and access rights preclude current users from installing mandated ids and network management tools on the small office, home office (soho) and small branch installations. In some embodiments, the invention implements network packet capture and distributed packet and stream analysis using “hacker” techniques that redirect existing network packet flows to the network management and monitoring appliance without requiring the network user to have authorized access to reconfigure the router.
Defensative, Llc

Light redirecting film useful with solar modules

A light redirecting film defining a longitudinal axis, and including a base layer, an ordered arrangement of a plurality of microstructures, and a reflective layer. The microstructures project from the base layer, and each extends across the base layer to define a corresponding primary axis.
3m Innovative Properties Company

System and method to redirect display-port audio playback devices in a remote desktop protocol session

To provide the full functionality available locally at a client, a display-port audio playback device, such as a display-port monitor, is redirected to a server. This provides a remote user with the same experience as the local user.
Dell Products L.p.

Write redirect

A data storage device includes a memory (including a single level cell (slc) memory portion and a multilevel cell (mlc) memory portion), a plurality of data latches, and routing circuitry coupled to the plurality of data latches. The routing circuitry is configured to cause write data, received from a controller, to be stored at a data latch of the plurality of data latches.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Method and inspection and metrology

A method including obtaining a plurality of radiation distributions of measurement radiation redirected by the target, each of the plurality of radiation distributions obtained at a different gap distance between the target and an optical element of a measurement apparatus, the optical element being the nearest optical element to the target used to provide the measurement radiation to the target, and determining a parameter related to the target using data of the plurality of radiation distributions in conjunction with a mathematical model describing the measurement target.. .
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Reflective display apparatus and front light module thereof

A front light module includes a light guide plate, a light source and a light redirection film. The light guide plate includes a light incident surface, an inner light outgoing surface and an outer light outgoing surface.
E Ink Holdings Inc.

Active front deflector

An active front deflector assembly having a deflector panel, actuator, and linkage assemblies each with a predetermined geometry and ratio of links to each other for movement of the active front deflector assembly between at least a deployed position and a retracted position. The deflector panel is positionable at multiple heights.
Magna Exteriors Inc.

Context enriched distributed logging services for workloads in a datacenter

A method of enhancing log packets with context metadata is provided. The method at a redirecting filter on a host in a datacenter, intercepts a packet from a data compute node (dcn) of a datacenter tenant.
Nicira, Inc.

Single sign-on appliance secure shell

A system and method for efficiently establishing a secure shell connection for accessing web resources. A user attempts to establish a secure hypertext transfer protocol (http) session between a client computing device and a remote storage device.
Veritas Technologies Llc

Binary editing of applications executed by virtual machines

Systems and techniques are described for modifying an executable file of an application and executing the application using the modified executable file. A described technique includes receiving, by a virtual machine, a request to perform an initial function of an application and an executable file for the application.
Vmware, Inc.

System and managing static divergence in a simd computing architecture

A method is presented for processing one or more instructions to be executed on multiple threads in a single-instruction-multiple-data (simd) computing system. The method includes the steps of analyzing the instructions to collect divergent threads among a plurality of thread groups of the multiple threads; obtaining a redirection array for thread-operand association adjustment among the divergent threads according to the analysis, where the redirection array is used for exchanging a first operand associated with a first divergent thread in a first thread group with a second operand associated with a second divergent thread in a second thread group; and generating compiled code corresponding to the instructions according to the redirection array..
Mediatek Inc.

System for updating a control program actively controlling an industrial process

The inventor has recognized that industrial controllers may be updated after they are deployed in the field, while actively controlling an industrial process and without costly downtime, by storing a replacement machine-readable component in an allocated program space, locating and modifying one or more dependent machine-readable components copied in the allocated program space to instead depend on the replacement machine-readable component, re-linking a copy of the control program in the allocated program space, and redirecting execution to the control program in the allocated program space. Replacement machine-readable components could be instructions, libraries, or subroutines of the control program, and are not limited to user logic.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Passive micromirror device for non-imaging wide field of view

According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a non-imaging optical system including a focusing optical element positioned within an input optical path to receive electromagnetic radiation, a micro-mirror array including a plurality of micro-mirror pixels positioned within the input optical path, individual micro-mirror pixels of the plurality of micro-mirror pixels being positioned to receive electromagnetic radiation from the focusing optical element and redirect electromagnetic radiation along a redirected optical path, a relay optical element positioned within the redirected optical path to receive and focus electromagnetic radiation from the micro-mirror array, and a single-pixel non-imaging detector positioned to receive electromagnetic radiation from the relay optical element.. .
Raytheon Company

Computing system enclosure airflow management

The disclosed technology provides systems and methods for an enclosure system with optimized internal dynamically controllable airflow distribution. The systems include a computing system enclosure, and an electroactive film adhered to a surface of the computing system enclosure and configured to redirect airflow distribution in the computing system enclosure.
Seagate Technology Llc

Computing system enclosure airflow distribution management

The disclosed technology provides systems and methods for an enclosure system with optimized internal dynamically controllable airflow distribution. The systems include a computing system enclosure, comprising a plurality of baffles or airflow redirection modules, and a controller configured to control an orientation of one or more of the plurality of baffles or airflow redirection modules for redirection of airflow distribution within the computing system enclosure based on a determined computing system enclosure profile.
Seagate Technology Llc

System and controlling home network devices using multicast enabled remote controls

A system, method, and article of manufacture for controlling home network devices using a multicast enabled remote control. The system includes a plurality of home network devices capable of receiving and/or transmitting multicast input and/or output signals and a home gateway to receive audio/video signals generated outside of the home and to transform the audio/video signals into multicast output signals.
Intel Corporation

Optics architecture for 3-d image reconstruction

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for reconstructing a three-dimensional (3d) image are presented. In some implementations, the method collects rays emanating from a source or object and focuses the rays emanating from the source or object towards a first reflecting element.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and detecting whether automatic login to a website has succeeded

A technique allows a client computing system with a browser to automatically transmit user credentials to a web account on a web site. The transmitted information may be entered into form fields in a standard browser or a headless browser.

Domain name system response spoofing at customer premise equipment device

Methods, systems, and computer readable media can be operable to facilitate the spoofing of domain name system requests by a customer premise equipment (cpe) device. The cpe device may detect and block a dns (domain name system) request received from a client device, and the cpe device may generate a dns response that includes a pre-configured redirect address.
Arris Enterprises Llc

Content caching in metro access networks

Techniques are described that enable local caching of content data within metro transport networks for delivery to subscribers of isps that are connected to metro transport networks. Routers within the metro transport network, including an access router, isp-facing provider edge routers and one or more caching routers, establish an evpn within the metro transport network.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Integrated wireline and wireless access using software defined networking

An integrated wireless and wireline access system that uses software defined networking is provided to deliver communication services to user equipment via a variety of network access technologies. The software defined networking system can dynamically choose which network access technology to use to deliver services to the user equipment based on network conditions, quality of service concerns, and user equipment context.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Method and providing in-service firmware upgradability in a network element

A system and method for providing in-service firmware upgradability in a network element having a programmable device configured to support a plurality of application service engines or instances. A static core infrastructure portion of the programmable device is architected in a multi-layered functionality for effectuating a packet redirection scheme for packets intended for service processing by a particular application service engine that is being upgraded, whereby the remaining application service engines continue to provide service functionality without interruption..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Data redirection in a bifurcated communication trunk system and method

A method, computer program product, and computing system for receiving return data of a dataflow on a first gateway of a first wired communication trunk within a communication platform. If corresponding forward data of the dataflow was not received on the first gateway, a determination is made concerning which gateway within the communication platform received the corresponding forward data, thus defining a second gateway of a second wired communication trunk within the communication platform.
Fsa Technologies, Inc.

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