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Cloud-based scalable authentication for electronic devices

Samsung Electronics

Cloud-based scalable authentication for electronic devices

Method and system to provide additional security mechanism for packaged web applications

Samsung Electronics

Method and system to provide additional security mechanism for packaged web applications

Method and system to provide additional security mechanism for packaged web applications


Volume redirection

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 Esr extension for lte tdd to fdd redirection for volte patent thumbnailEsr extension for lte tdd to fdd redirection for volte
This application presents techniques for an lte user equipment (ue) to use an extended service request (esr) extension for lte tdd to fdd redirection for mobile originated and mobile terminated volte calls. These techniques include the ue informing the network that it supports the particular features of the esr extensions presented.
Apple Inc.
 Cloud-based scalable authentication for electronic devices patent thumbnailCloud-based scalable authentication for electronic devices
A method registers one or more electronic devices for a client account for a relying party with an authenticator. A request for access to one or more services for the client account is sent by a particular electronic device to the relying party.
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
 Method and system to provide additional security mechanism for packaged web applications patent thumbnailMethod and system to provide additional security mechanism for packaged web applications
A method for authenticating a client application attempting to access a protected resource on a resource server includes receiving a request to access the protected resource at an authorization server. The request is received from the client application authorized by a resource owner of the protected resource.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Volume redirection patent thumbnailVolume redirection
Exemplary systems and methods enable a user of a mobile device that is communicatively coupled to a remote device to adjust the audio output volume level of an application running on the remote device using audio volume adjustment inputs on the mobile device. The application produces an audio output signal that has an adjustable audio volume output level.
Vmware, Inc.
 Methods and systems for maintaining state in a virtual machine when disconnected from graphics hardware patent thumbnailMethods and systems for maintaining state in a virtual machine when disconnected from graphics hardware
The present disclosure is directed towards methods and systems for maintaining state in a virtual machine when disconnected from graphics hardware. The virtual machine is one of a plurality of virtual machines hosted by a hypervisor executing on a computing device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
 Hierarchical file block variant store apparatus and  operation patent thumbnailHierarchical file block variant store apparatus and operation
A system and apparatus intermediates between a centralized remote file service and several distributed virtual machine data center servers. When several file blocks are committed by applications running in virtual machines, they are aggregated together into a fewer number of file write operations to exploit the parallelism of multi-disk arrays.
Ic Manage, Inc.
 Memory management based on usage specifications patent thumbnailMemory management based on usage specifications
A method is provided for managing a memory device including a plurality of physical memory segments. A logical memory space is classified into a plurality of classifications based on usage specifications.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.
 Non-imaging coherent line scanner  optical inspection patent thumbnailNon-imaging coherent line scanner optical inspection
Non-imaging coherent line scanner systems for measuring at least one defect in a transparent sheet are disclosed. The systems include a laser system that generates coherent diverging laser-line beam, and a cylindrical optical system that forms therefrom a collimated laser-line beam.
Corning Incorporated
 Light directing films patent thumbnailLight directing films
Light directing films employing at least two layers forming a continuous corrugated boundary between major surfaces of the film. Light received by a major surface of the film is internally redirected by interacting with the facets of the corrugated inter-layer boundary and is emitted from the opposing major surface towards a new propagation direction which is different from the original propagation direction by up to 90 degrees.
 Method and  supporting a portable media device patent thumbnailMethod and supporting a portable media device
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a collapsible supporting member, which includes a frame a portable media device retainer attached to the frame multiple strap anchors attached to the frame and a strap redirector. The strap redirector is affixed relative to the frame and positioned between two strap anchors of the multiple strap anchors.
White Compass, Llc

Playground swing and swinging

A swing device and method of swinging a swing, by the person in the swing, including an arrangement adapted to transmit a downward arm force, from the person swinging to a forward and backward swinging motion. The device includes at least two hanging handles, length adjustable and guided which at its end has a means to grip by handle.

Microscope-less wide field-of-view surgical oct visualization system

A surgical imaging system can comprise a light source, configured to generate an imaging light beam; a beam guidance system, configured to guide the imaging light beam from the light source; a beam scanner, configured to receive the imaging light from the beam guidance system, and to generate a scanned imaging light beam; a beam coupler, configured to redirect the scanned imaging light beam; and a wide field of view (wfov) lens, configured to guide the redirected scanned imaging light beam into a target region of a procedure eye.. .
Novartis Ag

Imaging probes and associated devices, systems, and methods utilizing an elastomeric optical element

The imaging probe can comprise a housing, having a proximal region configured to be coupled to an optical cable; a cannula, extending from a distal region of the housing; an optical guide, positioned partially in the housing and partially in the cannula, configured to receive an imaging light from the cable in the proximal region of the housing, and to guide the imaging light towards a distal end of the cannula; an optical focusing element, configured to receive the imaging light from the optical guide, and to emit a focused imaging light; an elastomeric optical element, configured to receive the focused imaging light from the optical focusing element, and to be deformable to redirect the focused imaging light; and an actuator system, configured to deform the elastomeric optical element to redirect the focused imaging light.. .
Novartis Ag

Controlling node and maintaining a neighbor cell list

A controlling node (225) for a first cell (227) in a cellular network (200), arranged to receive measurement reports from user equipments, ues (230, 255), in the first cell (227) on the signal strength and/or signal quality of transmissions from the controlling nodes of neighboring cells (217), and to maintain a list of neighboring cells based on such measurement reports. The list shows how many of the ues (230, 255) in the first cell (227) that each of said neighboring cell's (217) controlling node “covers”, i.e.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Devices and methods for close-up imaging with a mobile electronic device

Devices and methods may be used for close-up imaging, such as positioning devices and methods configured to position an object to be photographed at a particular distance from an onboard camera of a mobile electronic device, and/or light-modifying devices and methods configured to generate, direct or redirect, attenuate, filter, diffuse, diminish and/or otherwise modify light that will be impinging on the object to be photographed and/or that will reflect from the object to be photographed onto the onboard camera of the mobile electronic device.. .
Olloclip, Llc

Download redirection method and system

The download redirection method and system directs the transfer of data from an online source, such as files available on the internet, files attached to email messages and the like, to authenticated cloud storage instead of to the device being used by the user. This redirection involves the download process on the device, such as a dedicated download manager, or function of a browser, email or other such applications, relinquishing control to the present invention, and the transfer of the requested data to the cloud storage provider without the requested file being transferred through the user device to the user's cloud storage provider..
Shuteit, Llc

Authorized sip redirection

Method and apparatus for authorized session initiation protocol (sip) redirection are provided. A first sip invite request is received at a destination server.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Submount for led device package

A light emitting diode (led) assembly may include an led semiconductor attached to a first surface of a submount made of optically transparent material. The submount may redirect back side light emitted by the led semiconductor light away from the led semiconductor to increase recovery of back side light.
Toshiba Techno Center, Inc.

Online survey spawning, administration and management

A method and apparatus for spawning and management of online surveys is provided. An administration and redirector subsystem (ars) is used manage ongoing surveys for a plurality of sites.
Insightexpress, Inc.

Light-based proximity detection system and user interface

A light-based proximity sensor, including light emitters mounted in a housing alongside one side of the housing, oriented to emit light beams in a direction outside of the housing, light receivers mounted alongside the same one side oriented to receive light beams entering from inside the housing, the receivers being farther away from the one side than the emitters so as not to receive light beams emitted by the emitters that are not reflected, at least one reflective surface mounted farther away from the one side than the receivers, for redirecting light beams entering from outside the housing so as to enter the receivers, and a processor for controlling the emitters and the receivers, and for calculating a location of a nearby object outside of the housing that reflects light beams exiting the housing back into the housing, based on the reflected light beams received by the receivers.. .
Neonode Inc.

Free form optical redirection apparatus and devices using same

A projection system (900) includes a scanner (802) and light source (801). The scanner (802) is configured to crate a scan cone (994) for forming images (995).
Microvision, Inc.

Optical beam scanning system having a synthetic center of beam rotation

An optical beam scanning system having a synthetic center of beam rotation. A front, primary intermediate and back mirrors having respective motors are provided to receive and redirect an optical beam.

Illumination device in which source light injection is non-parallel to device`s optical axis

An illumination device includes a light source configured to emit, during operation, light with a prevalent direction of propagation different from a direction of an optical axis of the illumination device; and an optical coupler including a transparent material, the optical coupler having an input aperture, an exit aperture and a first side surface and a second side surface arranged between the input aperture and the exit aperture, the exit aperture being centered on the optical axis of the illumination device. The optical coupler receives the emitted light through the input aperture from the light source.
Quarkstar Llc

Method to maintain reservoir pressure during hydrocarbon recovery operations using electrical heating means with or without injection of non-condensable gases

A method for recovering hydrocarbons from an underground formation having a first exploited or partially exploited region of a hydrocarbon-containing formation and a second less exploited hydrocarbon-containing region in fluid communication or in partial fluid communication with said first region. Electrical heating means is provided in the first region, and electrical energy supplied to the first region to raise or sustain its pressure to mitigate the loss of fluids and pressure from the second region due to hydraulic interaction with the first region.
Husky Oil Operations Limited

Skylight with sunlight pivot

A skylight with a sunlight pivot is provided. The skylight includes an external cover, a light channel, and a sunlight pivot disposed between the cover and the light channel.
Vkr Holding A/s

Milk tube dome with flow controller

A milker unit liner dome having an inner surface and flow diverters joined to the inner surface to redirect teat dip from an inlet to provide more uniform coverage of dip on a teat. The liner dome can also include more than one flow diverter for redirecting teat dip flow..
Gea Farm Technologies, Inc.

Method and recycling shield gas in a plasma arc torch

A method of operating a plasma arc torch is provided that includes directing a first portion of gas into a plasma chamber, directing a second portion of the gas to initiate a pilot arc in the plasma chamber, and redirecting the second portion of the gas to form a shield gas flow rather than venting the second portion to atmosphere. A plasma arc torch for this method includes a start cartridge disposed between an electrode and a tip for initiating the pilot arc.
Thermal Dynamics Corporation

Reducing power consumption by a wireless communication device with multiple wireless communication modems

A method includes: a wireless communication device (wcd) receiving information indicating that a second user device that is close-by is actively running a messaging application, which establishes an active communication channel with a communication service that is responsible for routing incoming voice and data communication to the wcd. The method also includes: establishing a short range communication between the communication device and the second user device; in response to receiving the information and establishing the short range communication, placing at least a first modem of the wcd in a sleep state; and in response to at least one subsequent trigger event, awakening the first modem to an active state to enable use of the first modem to complete communication.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Multi-user congestion detection and mitigation mechanism

A method and system selects a serving cell based on call rejection information associated with registered user equipment (ues). In particular, a ue initially registered with a first serving cell determines a first rejection rate for the first cell by tracking and evaluating call rejection information associated with the ue and neighbor ues.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Method for managing access to a set of resources delivered via an electronic device

The invention aims to solve the aforementioned problems by the use of a reverse proxy module on the device that enables locating some of the resources of the management interface on a remote server. Access to these resources causes a redirection of the request to the remote server, the response from which is then transmitted to the local client by the device as if it came directly from the device..

Unauthorised/malicious redirection

Method(s) and apparatus are described for use in preventing unauthorised redirection and/or routing of packets transmitted in a communication network. Packets generated by one or more devices in the communications network are intercepted by an apparatus.
F-secure Corporation

Packet transmission system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium of the same

A packet transmission system is provided that includes packet switching modules each having a memory unit to store packet flow tables and a control module coupled to the packet switching modules. The control module includes a memory to store computer executable commands and a processor.
Institute For Information Industry

Method and system for obtaining multimedia points of interest, playing multimedia, and computer storage medium

A method and apparatus for obtaining multimedia point of interest includes: obtaining a redirection request for multimedia, and collecting redirection time that is included in the redirection request; segmenting a time period of the multimedia with a predetermined interval, to be multiple time sections; obtaining a number of time sections that have most recorded redirection time; and recording time points that are corresponding to locations of recorded redirection times of the obtained number of time sections, thereby effectively reducing workload and improve efficiency for obtaining multimedia point of interest. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Accessing data in a compressed container through dynamic redirection

Embodiments of the disclosure provide access to data in a compressed container through dynamic redirection, without storing decompressed data in persistent memory. The compressed container is stored in a first portion of memory.
Microsoft Corporation

Elastic temporary filesystem

An elastic filesystem for temporary data provides storage space for virtual machines (vms) in a distributed computing system. The filesystem redirects accesses to virtual disks in vms to a common pool file.
Vmware, Inc.

Position-encoded optical proxy for sensing and pointing of light sources

The present invention is directed to systems, devices and methods utilizing a proxy device that indicates directional aspects of redirected light from a corresponding light redirecting element by the position of one or more redirected light beams in one or more directions or coordinates on such a proxy device. The position characteristics of light redirected from the proxy device correlate to the aim of the light redirecting element associated with the proxy.
Solarreserve, Llc

Exhaust gas aftertreatment module

An aftertreatment module for the treatment of exhaust gasses from a power system includes a first aftertreatment brick and a second aftertreatment brick. The first and second aftertreatment bricks can be flow-through type catalysts for catalyzing byproducts in the exhaust gasses.
Caterpillar Inc.

Hip vent

A vent is disclosed that is particularly suited to use in ventilating attic spaces beneath a hip roof. The vent is configured to be installed along a hip of the roof overlying and covering a ventilation slot formed through the roof deck along the hip.
Building Materials Investment Corporation

Alpine ski binding heel unit

Ski binding heel unit includes lateral release cams and a vector decoupler mechanism that provide lateral shear release of the heel of a ski boot from a ski. The ski binding heel unit includes an independent vertical heel release mechanism, independent lateral release mechanism and a forward pressure compensator.
Kneebinding, Inc.

Method and scatterometric measurement of human tissue

A scatterometric measurement system for measuring an object under test is disclosed. The scatterometric measurement system generates a beam of light from a light source sending the generated beam to illumination optics for transforming the beam and sending this transformed beam to a beam splitter.

Device to reduce head injury risk

Described herein is a wearable device for redirecting head impact force from the head of a person to other body part or parts of the person, the device comprising: a helmet wearable on the head of the person; a brace wearable on the body of the person; and at least one force redirecting unit configured for connection to the helmet and the brace, wherein at least one of the force redirecting unit is configured to be compressed to carry compressive load, and at least one of the force redirecting unit is configured to be extended to carry tensile load.. .
Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Cooling device for cooling a switchgear cabinet

The invention relates to a cooling device for cooling of a switchgear cabinet, comprising an air inlet side for warm air and an air outlet side for cooled air, wherein a heat exchanger and at least one fan unit having a radial fan are located between the air inlet side and the air outlet side, and wherein the fan unit creates an air stream through the heat exchanger having a main flow direction between the air inlet side and the air outlet side, wherein the fan unit is located in the main flow direction behind the heat exchanger, characterized in that the fan unit comprises an air guide geometry, so that air exhausted from the radial fan is redirected into the main flow direction.. .
Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

Mobile terminated call establishment during inter radio access technology (irat) re-direction

Mobile terminated call establishment during inter radio access technology (irat) re-direction. Handovers between different respective radio access technologies (rats) may be performed (e.g., irat redirection procedure) such that a given wireless communication device may be in communication with a given rat cell, and then switch from that rat cell to another rat cell (e.g., a target rat cell).
Broadcom Corporation

Creating and managing certificates in a role-based certificate store

Embodiments are directed to managing shared certificates of a role certificate store, accessing and implementing certificates provided by a role certificate store and to managing role-based shared certificates using a role certificate store. In one scenario, a computer system establishes a role certificate store.
Microsoft Corporation

Cross-browser, cross-machine recoverable user identifiers

Methods and systems to identify a user across multiple browsers and machines are described. In some embodiments, a web request is received at a retrieval service from a browser.
Ebay Inc.

Hyperlink destination visibility

Various embodiments utilize page scripting and parsing to identify the target destination of a hyperlink and provide a visual indication of the destination to the user without causing redirection to the target destination. In some embodiments, hyperlink color, highlighting, or icons are used to indicate the destination.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Intrusion mitigation door bracket

A vehicle includes a rocker panel and a pillar reinforcement extending in a direction transverse to the rocker panel. The vehicle further includes a door having a bracket disposed over an intersection of the rocker panel and the pillar reinforcement when the door is in a closed position.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Flood coolant to through spindle coolant conversion

Rotary tools configured to sand components and accommodate complex geometries thereof are provided. The rotary tools may include a rotary head and a shaft.
Apple Inc.

Computer device and isolating untrusted content

A computer system and method are provided to intercept a task from a primary user account 121 prior to execution of the task by the computer device 200, where the task relates to an untrusted content. A task isolation environment 350 is provisioned for executing the task, including programmatically creating a secondary user account 121b on the computer device.
Avecto Limited

Methods, systems, and computer program products for protecting a communication network against internet enabled cyber attacks through use of screen replication from controlled internet access points

A method includes receiving from a client device at a client interface application a request to access an application, determining whether the application is external to a communication network, redirecting the request to an external communication server when the application is external to the communication network, sending the request from the external communication server to the application that is external to the communication network, receiving information from the application that is external to the communication network at the external communication server responsive to sending the request, and replicating a screen of the external communication server containing the information received from the application for display at the client interface application.. .
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

System and computing message digests

A data de-duplication approach leverages acceleration hardware in ssds for performing digest computations used in de-duplication operations and support on behalf of an attached host, thereby relieving the host from the computing burden of the digest computation in de-duplication (de-dupe) processing. De-dupe processing typically involve computation and comparison of message digests (md) and/or hash functions.

Dynamic policy based data session migration mechanism in a communication network

Mitigating service interruptions within a mobile core network by dynamically managing communication sessions using a policy based network mechanism is presented herein. A method can include receiving policy information associated with redirection of an active communication session from a first device to a second device; receiving status information representing a characteristic of the active communication session; and in response to determining, based on the status information, that the characteristic satisfies a defined condition of the policy information, redirecting the active communication session from the first device to the second device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Enhanced content continuation system and method

A content delivery system and method for use with plurality of digital multimedia data processing systems and legacy systems spanning across one or more network environments. The system and method enable users with freedom of mobility while maintaining access to the user's selected content while the user transitions from one device in one location to a different device in a difference location, substantially without interruption and without the need for user action to turn on and off these target data processing systems.

Redirecting access requests to an authorized server system for a cloud service

In some embodiments, a first server system of a cloud service can receive a bearer token for accessing the cloud service. The bearer token can be generated based on authenticating a remote client in communication with the first server system.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Managing system frame numbers (sfns) for circuit-switched fallback (csfb)

A method of wireless communication includes recording an absolute system frame number (sfn) of a target radio access technology (rat) and/or recording a relative system frame number (sfn) difference between a serving radio access technology (rat) and the target rat. A transmission time interval (tti) boundary, is determined after redirection, based at least in part on the recorded absolute frame number (sfn) and/or the recorded relative system frame number (sfn) difference..
Qualcomm Incorporated

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