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This page is updated frequently with new Redirect-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 Extended redirect patent thumbnailExtended redirect
Disclosed herein is a method in a radio access network, ran, node (315) and corresponding method in a core network node (302), for handling roaming rejection in a shared ran (305), wherein the shared ran is second cn (301b), the method comprising: forwarding (403), to a core network, cn, node (302) in the first cn (301a) sharing the ran (305), a request message of a roaming wireless device (308); receiving (404) a reject message from the cn node, wherein the reject message comprises a cause of the rejection and an indicator indicating that the cause qualifies for redirection of the wireless device; determining (405), based on the indicator in the reject message, that the wireless device should be redirected to another cn node (304) in the second cn (301b) sharing the ran (305); transmitting (406) the request message of the roaming wireless device (308) to the other cn node (304).. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Method and apparatus that provides fault tolerance in a communication network patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus that provides fault tolerance in a communication network
Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for detecting a fault in a first wire of a power grid that affects a transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves that transport data and that propagate along a surface of the first wire, selecting a backup communication medium from one or more backup communication mediums according to one or more selection criteria, and redirecting the data to the backup communication medium to circumvent the fault. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 Set-top box-based tv streaming and redirecting patent thumbnailSet-top box-based tv streaming and redirecting
A method for redirecting video content includes receiving a video signal at the set-top box and decoding the video signal to produce unrendered video data. The unrendered video data is encoded and provided to the remote device via a wide area network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 In-server redirection of http requests patent thumbnailIn-server redirection of http requests
A method and system for http request service identify a true url content regardless of whether the target url is redirected, and send the true url content to a client. The requesting and sending of the redirected url content is done internally in the http server system and do not require the client to have the ability to receive and execute a url redirection command.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

 Fiber channel 1:n redundancy patent thumbnailFiber channel 1:n redundancy
Network devices, systems, and methods, including executable instructions and/or logic thereon to achieve fiber channel one for n (1:n) redundancy. A network device includes a processing resource coupled to a memory.

 Back side illuminated image sensor with guard ring region reflecting structure patent thumbnailBack side illuminated image sensor with guard ring region reflecting structure
A photon detector includes a single photon avalanche diode (spad) disposed proximate to a front side of a semiconductor layer. The spad includes a multiplication junction that is reversed biased above a breakdown voltage such that light directed into the spad through a backside of the semiconductor layer triggers an avalanche multiplication process.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

 Handling data from online retail transactions patent thumbnailHandling data from online retail transactions
There are disclosed methods and apparatus for operating a panel of online consumers. A redirection email address is generated and provided to a retailer computer system in substitution for a consumer email address.
Epossibilities Limited

 Reconfigurable hardware structures for functional pipelining of on-chip special purpose functions patent thumbnailReconfigurable hardware structures for functional pipelining of on-chip special purpose functions
A method and apparatus for reconfiguring hardware structures to pipeline the execution of multiple special purpose hardware implemented functions, without saving intermediate results to memory, is provided. Pipelining functions in a program is typically performed by a first function saving its results (the “intermediate results”) to memory, and a second function subsequently accessing the memory to use the intermediate results as input.
Oracle International Corporation

 Creating templates of offline resources patent thumbnailCreating templates of offline resources
Implementations of the present invention allow software resources to be duplicated efficiently and effectively while offline. In one implementation, a preparation program receives an identification of a software resource, such as a virtual machine installed on a different volume, an offline operating system, or an application program.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Compressing instruction queue for a microprocessor patent thumbnailCompressing instruction queue for a microprocessor
A compressing instruction queue for a microprocessor including a queue and redirect logic. The queue includes a matrix of storage locations including n rows and m columns for storing microinstructions of the microprocessor in sequential order.
Via Technologies, Inc.


Controller to manage nand memories

A single virtualized ecc nand controller executes an ecc algorithm and manages a stack of nand flash memories. The virtualized ecc nand controller allows the host processor to drive the stack of flash memory devices as a single nand chip while the controller redirects the data to the selected nand memory device in the stack..
Micron Technology, Inc.


Collimating illumination systems employing planar waveguide

An apparatus for distributing light from a planar waveguide through a collimating array. Light received within a waveguide is propagated transmissively and retained by total internal reflection, except in response to impinging upon deflector elements which sufficiently redirect the light to escape the waveguide into a collimator array that further aligns and distributes the light..


Recirculating system for use with green wood veneer dryers and drying green wood veneer

A recirculating system for use with a green wood veneer dryer is provided. The recirculating system includes a duct connecting an input end seal chamber at an input end of a drying chamber to at least one fan disposed within the drying chamber.
Westmill Industries Ltd.


Daylight redirecting glazing laminates

The present disclosure is directed on some embodiments to light redirecting constructions comprising a first glazing substrate, a light redirecting film comprising at least one microstructure surface, a second glazing substrate, and a first interlayer bonding the first glazing substrate to both the light redirecting film and the second glazing substrate; wherein the light redirecting film has an area smaller than the area of the first interlayer.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company


Vehicle body side structure

A vehicle body side structure includes a flow redirecting member that introduces a traveling wind in a direction toward a wheel arch for a rear tire. The flow redirecting member has an inlet portion through which the traveling wind is introduced and an outlet portion through which air having been introduced through the inlet portion is ejected to the wheel arch side.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Louvered screen baffle for reduction of fuel slosh noise

A system for reducing fuel slosh noise in a storage tank is described. In one particular example, the system comprises a slatted baffle with angularly arranged louvers extending therefrom to reduce sloshing noise in the tank by redirecting fuel waves while preventing surface wave collisions in the tank.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Loft block with aligned sheaves

A lift system configured to lift an article (e.g., a batten). The lift system includes a first cable configured to be coupled to the article, a second cable configured to be coupled to the article, a drive mechanism coupled to the first cable and the second cable and operable to raise and lower the article, a first loft block including a first loft sheave to redirect the first cable from a first substantially horizontal axis to a first substantially vertical axis, and a guide member to direct the second cable along a second substantially horizontal axis.
Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.


Nasal interface

Nasal interface systems and related components. An embodiment of the system employs a nasal interface comprised of a base portion and a soft pad portion.
Insleep Technologies, Llc


Authenticating redirection service

A redirection service may receive a destination uri plus a set of conditions for reaching the uri. The conditions may include authentication conditions.
Tetrapod Software Inc.


L2 redirection in multi-chassis lag environments

Methods, systems and computer readable media for l2 redirection in multi-chassis link access group (lag) environments are described. In some implementations, the method can include determining, at a core switch, a failure of a link in a split multi-link trunk (smlt), and building, at the core switch, a table mapping each destination media access control (mac) address to an incoming split multi-link trunk port.
Avay Inc.


Superconductive electric motor and generator

A non-traditional topology of a superconductive electric motor or generator increases the air gap flux density by reducing stray flux and concentrating lines of flux within the air gap. An electric motor or generator utilizing the invention will include three components: a rotating armature, a permanent magnet stator and a shielding sleeve.
Dominion Alternative Energy, Llc


System and a loyalty network

In one aspect, there is provided a computer-implemented loyalty commerce network for facilitating generation of an application via an application computing device for communicating with loyalty programs via corresponding loyalty program computing devices, the network comprising: an application programming interface for receiving a request for generating said application and for generating said application based on said request and pre-defined templates associated with at least one of said loyalty programs; a loyalty program interface configured for communicating between the loyalty commerce network and said at least one loyalty program, said loyalty program interface for redirecting said request to said loyalty program; said loyalty program interface for defining a plurality of pre-defined criteria for validating said application; and, a loyalty server processor for processing said request and for validating said application in dependence upon said criteria being met.. .
Points.com Inc.


Direct navigation through browser address bar

In one or more embodiments, a web browser receives user input in the form of text that is entered in a suitably-configured text entry bar, such as an address bar. The web browser processes the text and ascertains whether the text appears to be a search or an attempted navigation.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Efficient means to test server generated applications on mobile device

Systems and methods are provided to test changes for a mobile app built by web-based tooling directly on a physical mobile device. A first application can be loaded on a mobile device.
Oracle International Corporation


Location based haptic direction finding

Methods and apparatus relating to location-based haptic direction finding are described. In an embodiment, logic (e.g., included in a mobile computing device) redirects one or more navigational hints to one or more trembler devices instead of a display device and/or speakers of the mobile computing device in response to a request to provide haptic directional cues.
Intel Corporation


Systems and methods for high efficiency reliable catalyst delivery to internal combustion engines

The present disclosure relates to improved systems and methods for providing a catalyst to an internal combustion engine. To this end, the systems and methods described herein may redirect a measured flow of pressurized air from an existing engine air flow through a catalyst reservoir to create a catalytic aerosol or mist.
Eco-edge, Llc


Washing machine dispenser cup

A dispenser cup for a washing machine appliance is provided that may more effectively clean a container provided therein. The container includes a side wall and a bottom wall, and defines a compartment configured to receive a wash material.
General Electric Company


Spray manifold with individual liquid feed spray guns

A modular spray gun manifold having a plurality of spray gun modules arranged in a lateral array each separated by an adjacent support assembly. Each spray gun module has a central liquid passage communicating with a spray nozzle and a transversely oriented liquid inlet port communicating through an outer side of the spray gun module for connection with an independently controllable liquid supply.
Spraying Systems Co.


Impact reducing sport equipment

A sport equipment for absorbing and dispersing, at least in part, an impact force, thereby reducing the impact force. The sport equipment can be a helmet having an outer shell, an inner shell, and a tensile sheet located between the outer and inner shells.


Multi-rat radio resource aggregation with split bearer support

This disclosure relates to aggregation of radio resources provided according to multiple radio interfaces. According to some embodiments, a base station may establish a radio bearer with a wireless user equipment (ue) device.
Apple Inc.


Unified communications using called party location

Call processing can include receiving a call directed to a first destination device associated with a called party, determining, using a processor, an attribute of the call, and determining a location of the called party. A call processing rule can be selected that matches the attribute of the call and the location of the called party.
International Business Machines Corporation


Clustered dispersion of resource use in shared computing environments

Host machines and other devices performing synchronized operations can be dispersed across multiple racks in a data center to provide additional buffer capacity and to reduce the likelihood of congestion. The level of dispersion can depend on factors such as the level of oversubscription, as it can be undesirable in a highly connected network to push excessive host traffic into the aggregation fabric.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Method for illuminating a display using a secondary optical element and a light-diffusing substrate, device for illuminating a display

The invention relates to methods and devices for controlling the intensity and direction of light emerging from an independent source, inter alia to design-based interactions of optical devices in particular for systems for illuminating coloured liquid crystal displays. The method comprises redirecting radiation from sources with the aid of lenses (reflectors).
Samara State Aerospace University (ssau)


Turbocharger waste-gate valve bushing

A turbocharger for an internal combustion engine includes a rotating assembly having a turbine wheel disposed inside a turbine housing and a compressor wheel disposed inside a compressor cover. The turbocharger also includes a waste-gate assembly configured to selectively redirect at least a portion of the engine's post-combustion gases away from the turbine wheel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method for operating a regenerative braking device of a motor vehicle and regenerative braking device for a motor vehicle

A method for operating a regenerative braking device of a motor vehicle includes the steps of detecting a prespecified braking power value, and converting kinetic energy from the motor vehicle into electrical regenerative power in line with a setpoint braking power value which corresponds to the prespecified braking power value. The regenerative power is routed to an electrical storage device in order to charge the electrical storage device.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Apparatus and segregating contaminants from a stream of bulk material

The invention relates to an apparatus for segregating contaminants (1) from a bulk material stream, wherein the apparatus has at least one inlet opening (3) for the bulk material (4), which can be connected with a bulk material feed (2), a segregating unit (5) arranged after the inlet opening (3) in a transport direction (f) of the bulk material stream, as well as at least one outlet (6) for the bulk material (4) freed of contaminants (1) with the aid of the segregating unit (5), arranged after the segregating unit (5) in the mentioned transport direction (f). According to the invention it is proposed that the segregating unit (5) has at least two transport channels (7) that are connected in parallel and branch off from the inlet opening (3), wherein the transport channels (7) respectively are passable by a bulk material partial stream that branches off from the bulk material stream flowing in via the inlet opening (3), and wherein to each one of the transport channels (7) there is allocated at least one detector (8) for the detection of contaminants (1) as well as one separating device (9), with the aid of which the bulk material partial stream passing through the respective transport channel (7) can be redirected into a disposal channel system (10).
Lindauer Dornier Gesellschaft Mit BeschrÄnkter Haftung


Network injected storage redirection for embedded applications

Technologies are generally described to redirect local storage for embedded applications. In some examples, a computing device such as a redirection router, coupled to network-attached storage, may detect a request for an application being delivered from a server to a destination device such as a ubicomp device and intercept the requested application.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Non-intrusive proxy applications without proxy support

A system and method is disclosed for enabling a redirection application to use non-proxy-enabled modules for communication with a server through a proxy server, in which a non-proxy-enabled module takes an address or an url as the input to establish a connection with the server. This system and method does not require administrative access (e.g.
Network Coding, Inc.


Network intrusion diversion using a software defined network

Methods, devices, and systems are described for diverting a computer hacker from a physical or other targeted production computer to a decoy software-based host emulator that emulates the physical computer. The decoy has the exact same ip address as the physical computer.
Shadow Networks, Inc.


Providing localized content delivery with remote token authentication

Some embodiments set forth systems and methods enabling a first network to use the resources of various second networks in order to localize delivery of the first network content from the various second networks in a secure manner. Some embodiments provide a token-based authentication scheme to ensure that any configured content access restrictions are effectuated at the first network and any of the second networks providing localized content delivery for the first network.
Edgecast Networks, Inc.


Proxy ssl handoff via mid-stream renegotiation

A traffic management device (tmd), system, and processor-readable storage medium directed towards re-establishing an encrypted connection of an encrypted session, the encrypted connection having initially been established between a client device and a first server device, causing the encrypted connection to terminate at a second server device. As described, a traffic management device (tmd) is interposed between the client device and the first server device.
F5 Networks, Inc.


Generation and use of a modified protected file

Generating a modified protected file is disclosed, including: renaming a primary content object of a protected file; and creating a modified protected file based at least in part by inserting into the protected file a replacement object for the renamed primary content object. Using the modified protected file is disclosed, including: determining that a file includes a renamed primary content object; and redirecting a data access operation to the renamed primary content object..
Emc Corporation


Efficient data movement within file system volumes

Embodiments are directed to efficiently managing data storage and efficiently storing data. In one scenario, a computer system receives a write request addressed to one portion of data storage within a data store.
Microsoft Corporation


Cloud suffix proxy and a method thereof

A method and system for modifying network addresses of at least one cloud application. The method comprises receiving a webpage sent to a client device from the at least one cloud application, wherein a webpage designates at least one script loaded to the client device during runtime; injecting a piece of code to the webpage; receiving, by the injected piece of code, an attempt to load each of the at least one script; modifying the at least one script by suffixing each network address designated in the at least one script with a predefined network address; and sending the modified at least one script to the client device, wherein runtime execution of the modified at least one script on the client device causes redirection of future requests from the client device to the cloud application to the suffixed network address..
Adallom Technologies Ltd.


Processing selected browser requests

Processing a browser request that specifies a destination network resource generally includes intercepting a browser request that specifies a selected destination network resource and redirecting the browser request to a network server that differs from the destination resource specified by the browser request. Processing a browser request also may include intercepting a browser request received from a client computer at a proxy server when the browser request specifies a selected destination network resource and performing instructions associated with and in addition to instructions performed to download the selected destination network resource..
Facebook, Inc.


Processing browser requests to provide multiple portions of content having a consistent appearance

Processing a browser request that specifies a destination network resource generally includes intercepting a browser request that specifies a selected destination network resource and redirecting the browser request to a network server that differs from the destination resource specified by the browser request. Processing a browser request also may include intercepting a browser request received from a client computer at a proxy server when the browser request specifies a selected destination network resource and performing instructions associated with and in addition to instructions performed to download the selected destination network resource..
Facebook, Inc.


Moveable mirror assembly for electronic device case

A moveable mirror assembly can be used in connection with a case for a portable electronic device. The assembly can include a mirror housing and a mirror positioned within the mirror housing to redirect light to a portable electronic device within the case.
Scandit Ag


System and improved thrust reverser with increased reverse thrust and reduced noise

A system and method for providing reverse thrust is disclosed. The system can include one or more cascade elements.
The Boeing Company


Film illumination system

An illuminator film system may include one or more pre-cut sections of optical film applied to a waveguide to allow light to exit the waveguide through the film in a predetermined manner. The one or more pre-cut sections may be removed and reapplied during a procedure to redirect the light.
Invuity, Inc.


Shield for acoustic device

An electronic device having one or more magnets disposed within it (e.g., such as in a speaker) is equipped with a magnetic shield that attenuates magnetic fields propagating outside of the electronic device. The magnetic shield may be placed within the device such that it redirects the magnetic fields to contain them better within the one or more magnets, resulting in improved magnetic efficiency.
Apple Inc.


Redirection history based circuit switched fall back

A user equipment (ue) receives a connection release message from a serving base station of a first radio access technology (rat), without redirection information. The connection release message is received during a circuit switched fall back procedure from the first rat to a second rat.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Earpiece integrated magnetic shielding for mitigating ingress of magnetic particles

This document describes methods and apparatus for reducing a magnetic field emitted by an earpiece assembly from extending substantially outside a device associated with the earpiece assembly. Where the earpiece assembly is susceptible to ingress of magnetically attractable particles into the earpiece assembly such a reduction can prolong an operational life of the earpiece assembly.
Apple Inc.


Cross-process media handling in a voice-over-internet protocol (voip) application platform

A computer-implemented system is provided that facilitates implementation of a voice-over-ip (voip) application. The system includes a host system and a user interface (ui) host process residing on the host system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Internet mediation

A system for mediating internet service includes a dns server and a dns policy engine associated with the dns server. The dns policy engine can be configured to apply one or more dns policies selected by the dns policy engine to dns queries received by the dns server from a client, analyze the dns query based on predetermined criteria, and based on the analysis, and selectively redirect a data request associated with the client to a proxy server for further mediation.
Nominum, Inc.


Optical paired channel transceiver and system

An optical paired channel transceiver component comprises an optical channel interface to concurrently receive an inbound optical signal at a designated receiver frequency, and output an outbound optical signal at a designated transmitter frequency distinct from the receiver frequency; a receiver operable to process the inbound optical signal at the receiver frequency; a laser input interface to receive a laser input at the transmitter frequency to produce the outbound optical signal; and a resonant optical structure optically coupling each of the laser input interface and the receiver to the optical channel interface via respective optical paths, and having a resonance corresponding to one of the transmitter frequency and the receiver frequency such that a resonant one of the inbound signal and the outbound signal is resonantly redirected by the resonant optical structure along a resonant one of the respective paths.. .
Coriant Advanced Technology, Llc


Device for lighting or backlighting an image placed in front of or behind a solar panel

The invention relates to a device including a solar panel, a transparent plate serving as a light guide, an image consisting of multiple opaque or semitransparent image areas separated by totally transparent areas or micro-holes exposing said solar panel, wherein said image is printed on or directly arranged against said transparent plate, and a light source propagates the light thereof within the body of said transparent plate. Said device is particularly characterized in that said transparent plate comprises optical means arranged so as to redirect most of the light injected by said light source towards the image areas..
Sunpartner Technologies


System and integral assessment of the effectiveness of promotional communications

A system for a precise and complete assessment of the effectiveness of promotional communications, integrating, in a single platform, the measurement of the multiple ways a consumer can engage to an ad published in an offline medium. The system includes and integrates one or more entities a of advertisers (1), one or more entities v for placement (2) having servers connected to an advertising database (5), an entity s providing a service of responses monitoring (3) having one or more servers (7) connected to an advertising database (6) with active tags, a plurality of entities c of consumers (4), a telecommunication system t (8), at least a device dr for redirectioning (9) of calls, entities l of retail stores (11), generation of electronic coupons (12) through mobile phone sms or social media messages, and interfaces (10) for monitoring responses in real time.
Intelimidia SoluÇÕes Em InteligÊncia MercadolÓgica Ltda.


Systems and methods for parcel redirection to a primary delivery location

A system in various embodiments, is configured to redirect one or more parcels from one or more alternate delivery locations to a primary delivery location, which may, for example, include a residence or office of the intended recipient of the one or more parcels. In various embodiments, the system is configured to redirect the parcel in response to a request without further authentication from the intended parcel recipient..
United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.


Delivery channel management

The invention relates to a delivery system where delivery time is minimized by proactively moving the inventory into the delivery network and redirecting a nearby delivery carrier to the purchaser. The invention allows for a courier or common carrier, delivery person, or some other delivery service start moving the products into a specific geographic region, tracks where the products are, and allows a customer to see how quickly a certain product, or category of product, could arrive to them before they place their order, and then redirects the item to the end user once they place their order.


Method and system for automatically preserving persistent storage

Computer-based methods, techniques, and systems for automatically protecting a storage device from unwanted alterations are provided. Example embodiments provide a disk access redirection system, which includes a redirection driver, an available space table (“ast”), a protected space redirection table (“psrt”), and optionally an unprotected space table (“ust”).
Faronics Corporation


Optical fiber annular heating processing apparatus

A heating apparatus, including a laser beam, an axicon reflector, which redirects the laser beam to generate a conical beam, and a reflecting structure, which redirects the conical beam to create a heating area.. .
Afl Telecommunications Llc


Onsite ultra high purity chemicals or gas purification

An onsite purification plant/system to delivery high and ultra high purity product, such as, process chemicals, industrial and specialty gases to manufacturing processes within the onsite plant turndown ratio from 0% to 100% while preserving the predetermined purity of the supplied substances within a predefined specification range is provided. Preserving liquid/vapor ratio in at least one of the purification means/units ensuring that product purity range stays unchanged is achieved by redirecting the product back into the onsite purification plant/system..
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.


Window glass

A window glass includes an incident surface, an emergent surface opposite to the incident surface, a bottom surface, and a top surface opposite to the bottom surface. The incident surface and the emergent surface are interconnected between the top surface and the bottom surface.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Coolant flow redirection component

A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section, a combustor fluidly connected to the compressor section, and a turbine section fluidly connected to the combustor and mechanically connected to the compressor section via a shaft. Multiple rotors are disposed in one of the compressor section and the turbine section.
United Technologies Corporation


Sink plunger assist

An apparatus for effectively plunging a drain by blocking the redirection of water is provided. The apparatus includes a pipe mainframe defining an enclosed area.


System and reducing leakage flux in wireless electric vehicle charging systems

A method and apparatus for reducing leakage magnetic flux in wireless vehicle charging systems are disclosed. A wireless power receiver may be configured to couple to a wireless field generated by a wireless power transmitter.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Fresnel piggyback intraocular lens that improves overall vision where there is a local loss of retinal function

Systems and methods are provided for improving overall vision in patients suffering from a loss of vision in a portion of the retina (e.g., loss of central vision) by providing a piggyback lens which in combination with the cornea and an existing lens in the patient's eye redirects and/or focuses light incident on the eye at oblique angles onto a peripheral retinal location. The piggyback lens can include a redirection element (e.g., a prism, a diffractive element, or an optical component with a decentered grin profile) configured to direct incident light along a deflected optical axis and to focus an image at a location on the peripheral retina.
Amo Groningen B.v.


Method and system for efficient enrichment of upper layer protocol content in transmission control program (tcp) based sessions

A gateway system employing a redirect mechanism at upper layer protocols over transmission control protocol (tcp) in a packet network to circumvent problems related to alteration of tcp sequence number due to header enrichment. The gateway system increases the size of a redirect message by the size of the header enrichment and thereby brings tcp sequence number on both ends in sync despite adding the header enrichment information..
Connectem Inc.


Redirection electronic content

Electronic content, for example, a web page, is configured for display by a web browser application to include content that is not included in or referenced by the web page. The web page includes a first locator for first content.


Flow cache based mechanism of packet redirection in multiple border routers for application awareness

Techniques whereby a lan-side border router observes all packets of an application flow from both directions so that the application recognition performed on the lan-side border router functions properly. A border router may implement flags in a flow cache to indicate whether the border router is the lan-side border router and/or a wan-side border router for an application flow.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Methods and computer program products for collecting storage resource performance data using file system hooks

Provided are methods and computer program products for collecting storage resource performance data using file system hooks. Methods may include determining a location for a function dispatch table, and modifying the function dispatch table to redirect a request for an operation.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Reducing database downtime

Embodiments enable reduction of database downtime in a live production environment of an on-demand database service during repair and/or maintenance tasks. A source database and a target database are provided.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Compact architecture for near-to-eye display system

An eyepiece body of an eyepiece includes an input lens positioned to couple display light into the eyepiece body along a forward propagation path, a concave end reflector disposed at an opposite end of the eyepiece body from the input lens to reflect the display light back along a reverse propagation path, and a viewing region including a partially reflective surface that redirects at least a portion of the display light traveling along the reverse propagation path out of an eye-ward side of the eyepiece body along an emission path. The partially reflective surface is obliquely angled relative to the eye-ward side and the concave end reflector is titled relative to a top or bottom surface of the eyepiece body to collectively cause the emission path of the display light to be oblique to a normal vector of the eye-ward side in two orthogonal dimensions..
Google Inc.


Illumination devices including multiple light emitting elements

A variety of illumination devices are disclosed that are configured to manipulate light provided by one or more light-emitting elements (lees). In general, embodiments of the illumination devices feature one or more optical couplers that redirect illumination from the lees to a reflector which then directs the light into a range of angles.
Quarkstar Llc


Bracket, kit and assembly for decorative mounted panels

An assembly for securing a panel to a wall surface, including an elongated rail adapted to being secured in extending fashion along the wall surface and a clip adapted to being secured to a rear surface of the panel. The rail and clip each exhibit a similar cross sectional profile, with each including at least one mating and inclined support surface for redirecting a weight of the panel inwards toward the wall surface..


Surf wake device for a watercraft

A device to redirect a wake of a watercraft, and a method of use are disclosed. The device includes a main body panel which extends into a flow of water as the watercraft travels through the water, and at least one suction cup which provides connection between the main body panel and a hull of the watercraft.


External peripheral vascular occlusion for enhanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Systems and methods to externally compress or collapse the peripheral vascular system of a patient during cpr to mechanically redirect blood to the torso and head regions to enhance the likelihood of successful cpr outcomes. A plurality of sleeves adapted for placement on a patient's limbs during cpr, each sleeve including at least one inflatable fluid chamber, and at least one inflation source fluidly coupled to each of the inflatable fluid chambers of the sleeves.


Methods and use in facilitating access to a communication service via a wlan hotspot

A mobile communication device identifies and selects a wireless local area network (wlan) available for communications in its coverage area. Automatically, without detecting any requests made by a user via a browser application.
Blackberry Limited


Circuit switched fall back redirection across mobile switching center pools

A user equipment (ue) receives a circuit switched page from a first radio access technology (rat) and a command instructing the ue to redirect to a second rat. The command indicates a designated location area identity of the second rat.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Fast return after circuit switched fall back (csfb) call release

A user equipment (ue) reduces delays associated with returning to a first radio access technology (rat) after redirection to a second rat. The ue moves from a first radio access technology (rat) to a second rat to permit a circuit switched (cs) call.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods for synchronizing web sessions and devices thereof

A first web socket connection is established with a sending device and a second web socket connection is established with a receiving device. The sending device is notified when the second web socket connection is established.
Usablenet Inc.

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