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This page is updated frequently with new Redirect-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 System and  generator main field energy extraction patent thumbnailSystem and generator main field energy extraction
A system and method for controlling the main field current in an electrical generator is disclosed. The system can include a controller to sense the voltages and currents in the system to identify load faults.
The Boeing Company

 Method for manufacturing wireless power-transmitting device, and resonator patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing wireless power-transmitting device, and resonator
Provided is a method for manufacturing a wireless power-transmitting device including a power-transmitter having a transmission coil, and a power-receiver having a reception coil. The method includes forming, in the electrically-conductive member, an eddy current interruption unit configured to change a state of an eddy current, formed in the electrically-conductive member by the transmission coil (reception coil), by interrupting and redirecting a portion of the eddy current to obtain processed electrically-conductive members, and preparing a plurality of types of the processed electrically-conductive members whose eddy current interruption units are different in form from each other; and selecting one type of the processed electrically-conductive member from the plurality of types of the processed electrically-conductive members and arranging the selected one type of the processed electrically-conductive member near the transmission coil (reception coil), thereby finely adjusting the inductance of the transmission coil (reception coil) to reach a preset inductance..
Ihi Corporation

 Light emitting device patent thumbnailLight emitting device
A light emitting device (1) is provided comprising a light source (2) adapted for, in operation, emitting light (13) with a first spectral distribution, a first luminescent light guide (4) comprising a first light input surface (41) and a first light exit surface (42) extending at an angle different from zero to one another, and being adapted for receiving the light (13) with the first spectral distribution at the first light input surface (41), converting the light (13) with the first spectral distribution to light (14) with a second spectral distribution, guiding the light (14) with the second spectral distribution to the first light exit surface (42) and coupling the light (14) with the second spectral distribution out of the first light exit surface (42), and a first transparent heat sink element (3) arranged adjacent to at least one surface of the first luminescent light guide (4) and in the optical path between the light source (2) and the first luminescent light guide (4), the at least one surface being different from the light exit surface (42), wherein the first transparent heat sink element (3) is adapted for redirecting light by means of any one of refraction and diffraction.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Flat light guide patent thumbnailFlat light guide
The present disclosure describes a flat lightguide configured to be illuminated by one or more small light sources, such as light emitting diode (led) light sources. The one or more small light sources inject light into an end of a stepped lightguide that includes light redirecting elements capable of changing the direction of the light to exit perpendicular to the stepped lightguide and enter an edge of a planar lightguide..
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Anti-spalling body armor protection system patent thumbnailAnti-spalling body armor protection system
An anti-spalling ballistic body armor device, usable in a vest or jacket form configured for being worn on a body, includes one or more plates made of ballistic metal material, the plate having a surface defining a strike surface for orientation away from a wearer's body in use, and having a spacing body and anti-spalling body and/or enclosure for preventing the spalling of bullets that hit the body armor device and thereby reduce bodily injury, the one or more plates also being configured with a flange portion to redirect bullet fragments away from the wearer's head and being further contoured by the formation of at least one bend in the plate.. .

 Oil separator for crankcase ventilation of an internal combustion engine patent thumbnailOil separator for crankcase ventilation of an internal combustion engine
An oil separator may be used in a variety of contexts, one of which is for crankcase ventilation of an internal combustion engine. The oil separator may include a hollow member that extends along a longitudinal axis and is configured to receive a gas flow that is charged with oil.
Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag

 System and  circuits to allow cpap to provide zero pressure patent thumbnailSystem and circuits to allow cpap to provide zero pressure
A system comprises a respiratory delivery arrangement adapted to cover at least one respiratory orifice of a patient. The system also comprises a first conduit having a first end and a second end, the second end connected to the respiratory delivery arrangement.
New York University

 Obtaining information from a network source with limited access patent thumbnailObtaining information from a network source with limited access
A mobile communications device is configured to detect one or more radio signals emitted by local wi-fi routers and the unique identifier associated with each wi-fi router. The mobile communications device searches for the unique identifier in a database of registered wi-fi routers.
Nearzilla, Inc.

 System and  cookie management patent thumbnailSystem and cookie management
A method, computer program product, and computing system for, upon a user visiting a first website, determining if the user has ever visited the first website. If the user has never visited the first website, the user is automatically redirected to a second website.

 Health monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation patent thumbnailHealth monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation
Provided are methods and systems for mitigating a ddos event. The method may comprise receiving an indication of a collapse of a collapsible virtual data circuit associated with network data traffic.
A10 Networks, Inc.


Delegated user interface for resource constrained device

In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a resource constrained device, a first web page request generated by a user device; and returning to the user device, by the resource constrained device in response to the first web page request, a redirect address toward a server configured for providing a script for communicating with the resource constrained device.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Network based service function chaining

Service aware network devices coordinate function chains of virtual functions. The network devices are aware of which virtual functions exist and how to interconnect them in the most efficient manner and define and process service graphs that can be maintained, monitored and redirected.
Broadcom Corporation


A stabilized platform for a wireless communication link

A terrestrial data communications wireless link includes a first link end that has a first directional antenna, a first beacon and a first redirecting assembly coupled to the first directional antenna. The wireless link also includes a second link end having a second directional antenna, a second beacon and a second redirecting assembly coupled to the second directional antenna.
E M Solutions Pty Ltd


Data protection compliant version control

In a data protection compliant version control system, a change committed by a user in a version is stored. A cryptographic hash value generated based on a set of parameters corresponding to the user and the version is computed.


Projection display apparatus

A projection display apparatus includes a light source configured to emit a first light, a reflective light modulator configured to modulate the first light to form a second light conveying a rendered image, a polarizer and a light guide plate. The light guide plate can include a plurality of optical elements embedded in the thickness of the light guide plate or provided on an outer surface of the light guide plate.
Himax Display, Inc.


Method and system for redirecting light emitted from a light emitting diode

A light source, for example a light emitting diode, can emit light and have an associated optical axis. The source can be deployed in applications where it is desirable to have illumination biased laterally relative to the optical axis, such as in a street luminaire where directing light towards the street is beneficial.


Motor drive system for window covering system with continuous cord loop

A motor-operated drive system for a window covering system including a headrail, a mechanism associated with the headrail to spread and retract the window covering, and a continuous cord loop extending below the headrail for actuating the mechanism to spread and retract the window covering. The drive system includes a motor, a driven wheel that engages and advances the continuous cord loop, and a coupling mechanism for coupling the driven wheel to a rotating output shaft of the motor for rotation of the driven wheel.
Etapa Window Fashions Inc.


A watercraft vessel with a planing hull

A watercraft vessel with at least one planing hull, in the form of a single unitary hull or with two or more interconnected hulls, each hull having at its bottom portion a deadrise angle in the interval 5°-70° and provided with at least one water-deflecting surface which extends rearwardly and outwardly in relation to a keel region and which is oriented and configured so as to create a lifting force, and also a forward thrust on the hull. The forward thrust is caused by a lateral spray water stream, which is redirected rearwardly by the water-deflecting surface.
Petestep Ab


Device for redirecting sheets in a printing system

A device for redirecting sheets in a sheet transport mechanism, especially sheets of a print medium in a printing system includes a support member, which carries or supports at least one guide member for directing a path of travel of a sheet. The support member is configured to be mounted adjacent a first transport path of a plurality of sheets and such that the support member is movable between a first inoperative position in which the at least one guide member does not impinge upon the first transport path, and a second operative position in which the at least one guide member is introduced into the first transport path to redirect one or more of the sheets to a second, alternative transport path.
Océ-technologies B.v.


Diffuse reflectors and methods of use thereof

In some embodiments, the present invention provides for a laser pump chamber, including: at least one laser gain medium, at least one excitation source, and at least one diffuse reflector to direct and redirect an emission from the excitation source into the laser gain medium, wherein the at least one diffuse reflector is made from a diffuse reflector material comprising at least one of: 1) white quartz and 2) baso4.. .


Physiological and neurological monitoring sportswear

The present disclosure is directed to a physiological and neurological monitoring apparatus that monitors and satisfies the need for an improved buffer between the skull of a user and the impacting object so as to minimize the likelihood of neck and cranial injury. Further the helmet comprises a facemask for prevent concussions by absorbing the energy from an impact and redirecting the energy across the structure of the helmet shell.


Generating a response to video content request including dynamically processed video content

In one embodiment, a video processing server including a memory capable of storing data and a processor is disclosed. The processor is configured for using the data such that the video processing server can receive a request redirected from a gateway for a video content, wherein the request is redirected by the gateway based on information contained in the request and wherein the information contained in the request includes control data used for an optimal delivery of the video content.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


In-vehicle web presentation

One or more controller may extract voice commands from retrieved web content, format the web content according to vehicle computing system (vcs) specific formatting information, provide the formatted web content for display by the vcs, and update the recognized voice commands of the vcs according to the extracted voice commands. A server may identify whether a received web request for web content is directed to a vehicle sub-domain for providing an in-vehicle-specific version of the content, identify whether the received web request is for presentation of web content via a vcs, and redirect the web request to the vehicle sub-domain when the request is not directed to the vehicle sub-domain and is for presentation via the vcs..
Myine Electronics, Inc.


Computerized advanced network content processing

A computerized system and method for processing network content in accordance with at least one content processing rule is provided. According to one embodiment, the network content is received at a first interface.
Fortinet, Inc.


Authenticating data transfer

In an embodiment, a method for authenticating data transfer is provided. A user-agent is redirected between an enterprise, an intermediary platform, and an application server..
Validic, Inc.


Forty-eight by fourteen foot outdoor billboard to be illuminated using only two lighting assemblies

A forty-eight foot wide outdoor billboard can be illuminated at night using only two lighting assemblies. First and second areas of a display surface of the billboard are simultaneously illuminated by emitting light from a number of leds mounted in a common plane and redirecting the light toward the display surface using a plurality of optical elements.
Ultravision Technologies, Llc


Led lighting array system for illuminating a display case

An led lighting array system includes discrete lighting modules spatially arrayed along a support member to provide illumination of items within a display case. The modules have a low overall height that results in them being mounted in a low-profile configuration at various locations along the support member.
Electraled, Inc.


Light-emitting acoustic panel with duct

There is provided a light-emitting acoustic panel that may be mounted in a ceiling. The light-emitting acoustic panel comprises a sound-absorbing layer and a light-transmissive layer arranged in parallel such that a space is formed in-between.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Methods and mitigating arc flash incident energy in motor control devices

Industrial motor control apparatus and techniques are presented for mitigating incident energy associated with an internal arcing. Interior enclosure surfaces and/or surfaces of electrical components are provided with textures and/or coatings which may be non-reflective with respect to visible and/or infrared light in order to redirect or absorb incident energy associated with internal arcing conditions.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Reducing latency of redirection during a concurrently triggered reselection

A user equipment (ue) measures a signal quality of a serving cell and/or a signal quality of one or more cell reselection target cells. The ue reduces latency of circuit switched fallback (csfb) procedure when a cell reselection from a first rat to a second rat is concurrently triggered.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Fast return after circuit switched fallback failure

A method and apparatus for wireless communication facilitates fast return to a lte network after circuit-switched fallback occurs. A redirection command is received from a first rat falling back to a second rat.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Waveguide for shaping sound waves

An acoustic waveguide includes a plurality of projections to redirect sound waves to obtain a desired wave front, such as a flat plane wave front or an asymmetric curved wave front. The waveguide includes two waveguide members that are mirror images of each other.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method for redirecting a call to at least one message deposit server

The present invention relates to a method for redirecting a call to at least one message deposit server chosen beforehand, when a call being set up is being transferred from a first terminal to a second terminal, the transfer being carried out by means of a first signaling message containing a value representative of a number of transfers of the call, referred to as the “forwarding field”, the method being such that it includes the steps of: assigning to the forwarding field of the first signaling message a first value greater than or equal to a threshold, the threshold corresponding to a value starting from which the transfer of a call is not allowed by the network; transmitting the first signaling message to the second terminal; and upon receiving a message indicating a failure to set up the call with the second terminal in response to the first signaling message, assigning to the forwarding field of a second signaling message a second value less than the threshold; and transmitting the second signaling message to the at least one chosen deposit server. The invention also relates to a server and a terminal comprising a device suitable for implementing the method according to the invention..


Techniques for optimizing authentication challenges for detection of malicious attacks

A method and system for optimizing segregation between human-operated clients and machine-operated clients accessing computing resources are provided. The method comprises receiving, from a client, an authentication request, wherein the authentication request is received in response to a redirect request sent from a remote server to the client; dynamically selecting at least one authentication challenge from a plurality of different authentication challenges; sending the at least one generated authentication challenge to the client; determining whether a notification call is received from the client during a predefined time interval; and upon receiving the notification call during the predefined time interval, confirming that the client passes the authentication challenge, wherein a client that passes the authentication challenge is a human-operated client..
Radware, Ltd.


Method and system for detecting proxy internet access

A method for detecting proxy internet access includes intercepting an access request from a proxied terminal of a same internet account; and sending a redirection packet to the proxied terminal sending the access request. The redirection packet carries a first timestamp indicating when the redirection packet is sent.
Sangfor Technologies Company Limited


Transparent middlebox graceful entry and exit

Middleboxes include a processor configured to determine that a network connection between a client device and a server device is idle. A connection table is configured to create a first connection entry at the middlebox for the client device and a second connection entry at the middlebox for the server device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Retrieving console messages after device failure

A service controller of a computing device can store console messages so that an external management device can retrieve the console messages after a malfunction or crash of the computing device. For example, the service controller can be configured to redirect serial output (e.g., console messages, system log messages, system error message, etc.) to a network interface controller for transmission over a network connection.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Transparent pstn failover

Novel tools and techniques for implementing transparent pstn failover. In some embodiments, a voip switch might receive a call request for connection between a calling party at a calling telephone number (“tn”) and a called party at a called tn.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc


Systems and methods to set up an operation at a computer system connected with a plurality of computer systems via a computer network using a round trip communication of an identifier of the operation

Systems and methods to activate the processing of an allocated resource in operations with a processing system by the use of a round trip communication of the identifier of the resource, in which the resource identifier is communicated from a portal of the processing system to a first website, which passes the resource identifier to a second website during forwarding or redirecting a web browser from the first website to the second website, where the second website provides the resource identifier back to the processing system in communications with the processing system for operations required for the activation of the resource. Upon activation, the resource is processed during a communication session between the first website and the portal (or the processing system)..
Visa International Service Association


Oleds with improved light extraction using enhanced guided mode coupling

An organic light emitting diode (oled) device having enhanced light extraction is disclosed. The oled device includes an upper waveguide structure having an organic layer and supports first guided modes, and a lower waveguide structure with a light-extraction waveguide that supports second guided modes substantially matched to the first guided modes.
Corning Incorporated


Optical constructions incorporating a light guide and low reflective index films

Optical constructions use a low index of refraction layer disposed between a low absorption layer and a high absorption layer to increase confinement of light to the low absorption region of the optical constructions. Low index layers can be used in optical constructions that have multi-tiered light confinement.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Aerodynamic tube shields

Novel aerodynamic tube shields are presented herein. One embodiment may be comprised of a body, such as a semi-cylindrical body, for protecting against a tube's hostile environment and first and second fins, which may be tapered, for redirecting the flow of gas in the area around the tube..
Covanta Energy Corporation


Determining a focus position of a high-energy beam

An apparatus includes a focusing element arranged to focus a high-energy beam on a workpiece, an image detector for recording at least one image of an area to be monitored on the surface of the workpiece and/or the reference contour; imaging optics arranged to (a) receive process radiation radiation through the focusing element, from an area of the workpiece and/or the reference contour to be monitored, in the form of a first monitoring beam that is non-coaxial with the high-energy beam between the workpiece and the imaging optics and (b) redirect the first monitoring beam to the image detector to provide the at least one image of the area to be monitored and/or the reference contour; and an evaluation device operable to determine the focus position of the high-energy beam based on the at least one recorded image.. .
Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg


Electron accelerator having a coaxial cavity

Disclosed embodiments include an electron accelerator, having a resonant cavity having an outer conductor and an inner conductor; an electron source configured to generate and to inject a beam of electrons transversally into the resonant cavity; a radio frequency (rf) source coupled to the resonant cavity and configured to: energize the resonant cavity with an rf power at a nominal rf frequency, and generate an electric field into said resonant cavity that accelerates the electrons of the electron beam a plurality of times into the cavity and according to successive and different transversal trajectories; and at least one deflecting magnet configured to bend back the electron beam that emerges out of the cavity and to redirect the electron beam towards the cavity.. .


Method and system for serving a virtual desktop to a client

A method and system for serving a virtual desktop to a client are introduced herein. In one embodiment, the method includes rendering and encoding an application frame on a first server, rendering and encoding a desktop frame that confines the application frame on a second server, communicating the application frame to the second server, and communicating the desktop frame and redirecting the application frame from the second server to the client..


Method for real-time communication between web browsers

Automatically redirecting (s25) to a web address of a messaging service associated with the second user when the second user is not available.. .


Optical relay cable

Described herein is a system for transmitting an optical signal from a first location to a second location. The system may include first and second mounting fixtures, a reception module, an optical fiber, and a transmission module.


Wavelength combined laser system

A beam combiner may include source elements, each configured to output a beam of light locked at a center wavelength different from center wavelengths of other source elements. The beam combiner may include a dispersive element configured to combine the beams of light into a combined beam, and a beam separator configured to separate the combined beam into an output beam and a locking beam.


Input signal emulation

Input signals, received by a primary computer, are emulated to a guest computer. For example, an input redirection component is connected between the primary computer and the guest computer.


Print control device, printing system, and control a print control device

An interface board 3a used as a print control device has a reception unit 310 that receives print data; and a print control unit 320 that applies redirection control to send the print data to a second printing device different from the first printing device when the first printing device, which is the first print destination of the print data, is unable to print. In redirection control, the print control unit 320 sends the print data and additional information to the second printing device.


Work vehicle cooperation system

A work vehicle cooperation system includes: a master traveling tack calculation unit that calculates a traveling track of a master work vehicle (1p) based on its position; a loop traveling detection unit that detects loop traveling in a loop work area (b); a redirection traveling target calculation unit that calculates a redirection traveling start point and a redirection traveling end point (pc3) of a slave work vehicle (1c) based on a redirection traveling track including a redirection traveling start point (pp1) and a redirection traveling end point of redirection traveling of the master work vehicle (1p); and a loop work traveling target calculation unit that calculates a target traveling position in loop work traveling of the slave work vehicle (1c) for the redirection traveling end point (pc3) to a next redirection traveling start point (pc1).. .


Illumination devices including multiple light emitting elements

A variety of illumination devices are disclosed that are configured to manipulate light provided by one or more light-emitting elements (lees). In general, embodiments of the illumination devices feature one or more optical couplers that redirect illumination from the lees to a reflector which then directs the light into a range of angles.


Lenticular wafer inspection

A system and method for inspecting a surface, comprising: illuminating said surface with an electromagnetic radiation to generate scattered radiation from features of said surface; inducing a change in phase to said scattered radiation for reducing divergence of said scattered radiation and for redirecting said scattered radiation towards a predetermined spatial region; focusing after said radiation has propagated to said spatial region; capturing an image of radiation, whereby said features of said surface are detected in said image of radiation.. .


Three dimensional (3d) printer with near instantaneous object printing using a photo-curing liquid

An apparatus or three dimensional (3d) printer is provided for generating a 3d object. The apparatus includes a print chamber and a liquid print matrix such as a photo-curing resin positioned in the print chamber.


System for cleaning photo catalytic banknotes

Self-cleaning banknotes are provided using coatings, inks and additives which are photo-active and catalytic to reactions which are effective in breaking up organic contaminants or dirt to allow for the self-cleaning of banknotes by ambient light exposure as well as the cleaning of processed banknotes using equipment with more intense optical excitation, thus increasing their usable life. The invention is usable with all substrates and particularly polymeric substrates such as biaxially-oriented polypropylene (bopp).


Redirecting delivery catheter and methods of use thereof

A redirecting delivery catheter includes a first longitudinal member having an inner chamber configured to receive a second longitudinal member, an outer surface surrounding the inner chamber, a first region located at a proximal end, a second region located at a distal end, and a length. An opening in the outer surface extends along a portion of the length of the first longitudinal member between the first region and the second region.


System and methods for managing a user data path

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a device that determines each of a default downlink forwarding address of a first interface of a user plane and a currently used downlink forwarding address of the first interface of the user plane. One of an uplink user data packet comprising an origination address of a second interface of the user plane, a downlink user data packet comprising a destination address of the second interface of the user plane or both are received, by way of the user plane.


Physical switch initialization using representational state transfer services

Using a representational state transfer services framework (rest), embodiments of the present invention can improve interoperability between sdn controllers and network devices (e.g., physical switches, routers, etc.) of different vendors through the use of dynamically created logical switches loaded from the sdn controller. Embodiments of the present invention allow the sdn controller to serve a plurality of different network device types a logical switch directly or can redirect them to another controller/repository, e.g.


Client-assisted fulfillment of a resource request

Techniques are described herein that are capable of providing client-assisted fulfillment of a resource request. For instance, the resource request initially may be directed to a machine that stores the resource (i.e., a resource machine).


Load balancer bypass

Redirecting message flows to bypass load balancers. A destination intermediary receives a source-side message that includes a virtual address of a load balancer as a destination, and that is augmented to include a network address of a destination machine as a destination.


Personal network access control system and method

A server is provided that includes a processor such that for a session initiation protocol (sip) request containing a uniform resource identifier (uri) identifying the first device, the processor is programmed to promote adding a uri and redirecting the sip request to a second device. The added uri used by the second device to invoke a personal network management (pnm) controller function..


Centralized radio access network virtualization mechanism

Diverting communication content directed to a wireless device based on a determined state of a display of the wireless device is presented herein. A method can include receiving state information representing a display state of a display of a wireless device; and in response to determining, based on the state information, that the display has been inactive for a defined period of time, redirecting communication content that has been directed to the wireless device to an intermediary device.


Child's manipulative for home and classroom behavior support

A device suitable to provide sensory stimulation to children is described. The device may be portable or fixed to a child's school desk or may similarly be used in the home, public areas or otherwise, primarily of cloth construction which provides a variety of tactile and sensory stimuli suitable to help the child to maintain appropriate social or classroom behavior under a variety of local circumstances, such as when the holder is stressed or during transition periods in classrooms.


Systems and methods for changing operation modes in a loyalty program

A method for changing operation modes includes receiving disaster information from trending data, a newsfeed, or an alert message; upon detecting at least one redirection trigger from the disaster information, configuring a loyalty system to operate in a redirection mode; receiving or accessing data associated with a transaction between a customer and a merchant; determining, from at least one of customer information and merchant information in the data associated with the transaction, a donation amount and a location associated with the transaction; when the loyalty system is configured to operate in a redirection mode, generating signals to cause accrual of at least a portion of the donation amount to a redirection account based on the location associated with the transaction; and generating signals to cause accrual of any remaining portion of the donation amount to one or more defined donation accounts based on charity catchment area parameters.. .


Lighting device and luminaire

Disclosed is a lighting device comprising an exit window (30); a plurality of solid state lighting elements (20) arranged in an annular pattern; an optical element (10, 50) for redirecting the luminous output of the solid state lighting elements towards said exit window, the shape of said optical element defining a cavity (15) on a central axis of the lighting device, said cavity being shielded from said luminous output; and a driver circuit (40) for driving at least some of said solid state lighting elements located in said cavity. A luminaire including such a lighting device is also disclosed..


Interferometric encoder systems

An encoder interferometry system includes an encoder scale arranged to receive and diffract a measurement beam. The system further includes one or more optical elements configured and arranged to receive a first diffracted measurement beam and a second diffracted measurement beam from the encoder scale and to redirect the first diffracted measurement beam and the second diffracted measurement beam toward the encoder scale such that the first diffracted measurement beam and the second diffracted measurement beam propagate along non-parallel beam paths having an angular separation α following a second diffraction at the encoder scale.


Re-reflecting paraboloid dish collector

The present invention relates to an improved solar energy concentrating system. The system comprises a dual axis sun tracking paraboloid dish collector on a polar mount, with a re-reflecting mirror in top of the paraboloid dish, which reflects the concentrated solar irradiation into an opening in the paraboloid dish into a light pipe and with a movable third mirror redirects the light into a second light pipe along the polar axis, which with a fourth fixed mirror, sends the concentrated solar irradiation into a third light pipe to the cavity receiver.


Light redirectly film laminate

Light management film constructions contain a first optical film having a first major surface and a second major surface opposite the first major surface. The first major surface is a microstructured surface with asymmetrical structures.


Replacement flashing for exhaust gas vents beneath roof-mounted photovoltaic systems

Roof-mounted venting devices adapted for use with roof mounted photovoltaic (pv) panels are provided. Venting devices and assemblies can include a replacement flashing that fits over a cut-down roof pipe vent as well as venting assemblies that redirect airflow from a roof pipe vent.


Methods and arrangements for redirecting thrust from a propeller

Methods and arrangements to redirect a forward thrust generated by a propeller of a watercraft to provide a non-forward thrust are disclosed. More specifically, embodiments comprise a control surface to redirect the forward thrust from the propeller.



A backcarrying including a carrying portion having a top, a bottom, a front, a rear and two sides. A strap arrangement can also be included for carrying the carrying portion as a backcarrying.


Robotic lawn mowing boundary determination

A method of mowing an area with an autonomous mowing robot comprises storing, in non-transient memory of the robot, a set of geospatially referenced perimeter data corresponding to positions of the mowing robot as the mowing robot is guided about a perimeter of an area to be mowed, removing from the set of perimeter data one or more data points thereby creating a redacted data set and controlling the mowing robot to autonomously mow an area bounded by a boundary corresponding to the redacted data set, including altering direction of the mowing robot at or near a position corresponding to data in the redacted data set so as to redirect the robot back into the bounded area.. .


Extended redirect

Disclosed herein is a method in a radio access network, ran, node (315) and corresponding method in a core network node (302), for handling roaming rejection in a shared ran (305), wherein the shared ran is second cn (301b), the method comprising: forwarding (403), to a core network, cn, node (302) in the first cn (301a) sharing the ran (305), a request message of a roaming wireless device (308); receiving (404) a reject message from the cn node, wherein the reject message comprises a cause of the rejection and an indicator indicating that the cause qualifies for redirection of the wireless device; determining (405), based on the indicator in the reject message, that the wireless device should be redirected to another cn node (304) in the second cn (301b) sharing the ran (305); transmitting (406) the request message of the roaming wireless device (308) to the other cn node (304).. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and apparatus that provides fault tolerance in a communication network

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for detecting a fault in a first wire of a power grid that affects a transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves that transport data and that propagate along a surface of the first wire, selecting a backup communication medium from one or more backup communication mediums according to one or more selection criteria, and redirecting the data to the backup communication medium to circumvent the fault. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Set-top box-based tv streaming and redirecting

A method for redirecting video content includes receiving a video signal at the set-top box and decoding the video signal to produce unrendered video data. The unrendered video data is encoded and provided to the remote device via a wide area network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


In-server redirection of http requests

A method and system for http request service identify a true url content regardless of whether the target url is redirected, and send the true url content to a client. The requesting and sending of the redirected url content is done internally in the http server system and do not require the client to have the ability to receive and execute a url redirection command.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Redirect topics: Optical Component, Lens Array, Redirection, Redundancy, Network Device, Executable, Silicon Wafer, Computer Readable

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469295 - 0 - 104