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Redirecting graph queries


Redirecting graph queries

Method and system for tracking consumer digital body language

Oracle International

Method and system for tracking consumer digital body language

Method and system for tracking consumer digital body language

Method and system for tracking user engagement on multiple third-party sites

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 Web access using cross-domain cookies patent thumbnailWeb access using cross-domain cookies
Disclosed is a method and a system for web access using cross-domain cookie. The method uses a cookie server to generate a public cookie which uniquely identifies a client and is adapted for the client to access multiple operator servers that are recognized by the public cookie.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited
 Redirecting graph queries patent thumbnailRedirecting graph queries
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and software for redirecting relational data queries to previously generated graphs. In one example, a method of operating a graph redirect system includes identifying a relational data query and identifying whether at least one previously generated graph in a group of one or more previously generated graphs relates to the relational data query based on similarity data.
Graphsql, Inc.
 Method and system for tracking consumer digital body language patent thumbnailMethod and system for tracking consumer digital body language
The present application presents an improved approach for tracking consumer digital body language. A campaign is assigned to social posts by specifying one or more campaign tags and a tracking url template.
Oracle International Corporation
 Method and system for tracking user engagement on multiple third-party sites patent thumbnailMethod and system for tracking user engagement on multiple third-party sites
A system for multichannel marketing includes a redirect link that takes the place of an ordinary link to a landing page in an advertisement or interest page. A consumer activating the link is redirected momentarily to a server maintained by a marketing services provider.
 Asset collective redirection leverage multiplier platform apparatuses, methods and sysytems patent thumbnailAsset collective redirection leverage multiplier platform apparatuses, methods and sysytems
The asset collective redirection leverage multiplier platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“acrlmp”) provide a financial instrument management platform facilitating issuance, transaction, interest payment, and/or analytics of a municipality-based liquidity instrument from municipalities, investors, and sponsors.. .
Darwin & Davinci, Unltd., Llc
 Athlete training and monitoring system patent thumbnailAthlete training and monitoring system
An athlete training device that includes a platform that includes a plurality of spaced apart attachment members disposed adjacent to the periphery of the platform. A pole extends upwardly from the platform and is affixed to the platform.
Speed Tracs America Llc
 T cell receptor fusions and conjugates and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailT cell receptor fusions and conjugates and methods of use thereof
Featured is t cell receptor complexes designed to redirect the immune system against various diseases. The t cell receptor complexes of the invention have been engineered to recognize target antigen in a functionally bispecific nature.
Altor Bioscience Corporation
 Method and system of changing service points patent thumbnailMethod and system of changing service points
Various examples provide a method of changing service points. According to the method, a serving service point obtains a changing request, and obtains a user identity from the changing request; locates a target service point by using the changing request; obtains serving user data corresponding to the user identity, sends the serving user data to the target service point; receives a changing response returned by the target service point, and redirect a client corresponding to the user identity to connect to the target service point.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited
 Optical coupler for vehicle lighting systems patent thumbnailOptical coupler for vehicle lighting systems
An optical coupler for a vehicle lighting system includes a housing having first and second openings, each opening having an optical axis passing through the opening into the housing, with the optical axes of the openings forming an obtuse angle. The optical coupler has one or more optics carried by the housing and arranged between the openings such that light entering the first opening along its optical axis passes through the one or more optics and exits through the second opening along the other optical axis.
Federal-mogul Corporation
 Methods and  controlling lighting patent thumbnailMethods and controlling lighting
Inventive methods and apparatus for interactive control of a lighting environment. In some embodiments an interactive system for controlling redirectable lighting in a lighting environment may be provided.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user

A case for a wireless device includes a number of rf coupling elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to a first rf coupling element, and from the first rf coupling element to a rf redirector coupling element that redirects the rf radiation in a direction outward from said wireless device that is opposite to a user side of the wireless device. A corrugated metallic shield is optionally provided on an opposite side of the case, facing a user of the device..
Pong Research Corporation

Devices and methods for pairing inductively-coupled devices

A first device may be paired to a second device, with the first and second devices including inductive elements, the devices may be paired by aligning a first magnetic element of a first device and a second magnetic element of a second device. At least one additional magnetic element is used to redirect magnetic fields generated by the first magnetic element and the second magnetic element away from the inductive elements..
Activision Publishing, Inc.

Reservoir temperature differential electrical generator

Typically, solar power electrical generation is restricted by the physical dimensions of the solar collector and/or the reflecting materials used to redirect the solar energy toward the collector. This system provides a method to remove the size restriction of a solar collector by utilizing a reservoir, such as a body of water, to collect the total solar energy absorbed by the reservoir and convert its accumulated thermal energy into electrical power.

Sand control crossover tool with mud pulse telemetry position

A completion tool for gravel packing screens incorporates an added position to allow redirection of flow to a signal transmission tool at the needed flow rates to optimize signal to noise ratios by creation of a discrete flow path that channels the desired flow directly to the device and using the production tubing and upper annulus as the balance of the flow circuit. The smart collet® has a landing location for this position which is preferably between the circulation and reverse positions of the crossover tool.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Filtration assembly

A filtration assembly (1), which comprises an enclosure (2) which defines inside it a duct (3) for the passage of a fluid which carries pollutant particles (a) to be removed. At a first transverse cross-section of the duct (3) at least one perforated conducting grille (4) is provided, which is kept at a negative electrical potential, so as to emit into the duct (3) electrons which can bond to the pollutant particles (a), consequently giving them a negative electrical charge.
Tecnologica S.a.s. Di Vanella Salvatore & C.

Establishing a trust relationship between two product systems

A mechanism is provided for establishing a trust relationship between two products. A resource device receives a registration request from an application device to access a resource on the resource device by an application and users of the application on the application device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Detecting error pages by analyzing server redirects

A system and method is disclosed for detecting invalid webpages by analyzing server redirects. A storage comprising a set of previously stored target addresses is queried to determine whether one or more of the set of previously stored target addresses result from a redirect initiated from more than a predetermined number of originating addresses.
Google Inc.

Transferring session data between network applications

In a method for transferring session data from a first application accessible via at least one dns name in a first dns domain to a second application accessible via at least one dns name in a second dns domain, a computer receives via the first application a first http request from an http client, and in response, the computer establishes a first session with the http client. The computer receives, from the http client, a second http request comprising an identifier of the second application, and in response, the computer stores in a memory a data structure identifiable by a data structure identifier and containing data pertaining to the first session.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cardio-embolic stroke prevention

An embolic protection device comprises an intravascular flow-interactive surface supported by an expandable, substantially cylindrical frame, wherein the frame is configured to expand and engage the luminal surface of the ascending aortic arch, wherein said frame defines a longitudinal channel generally parallel to predominant blood flow vectors, and wherein a flow-modulating element is configured to alter fluid dynamics in a manner that redirects the cranial trajectory of embolic particles originating from the heart through and beyond the longitudinal channel. The embolic protection device may also comprise a plurality of independent or interconnected flow-modulating elements serially spaced apart along the longitudinal axis of the primary vessel.
Regents Of The University Of Minneasota

Refillabel hydrogen generator

A hydrogen generator and a fuel cell system including the hydrogen generator are disclosed. The hydrogen generator includes a reactant that undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction to produce hydrogen when heated.
Intelligent Energy Inc.

Method and setup of a circuit switched call during circuit switched fallback

A method, at a user equipment (‘ue’), the method: sending a request to a first network for circuit switched fallback (‘csfb’); receiving, responsive to the request, redirection information; acquiring a second network based on the redirection information; initiating establishment of circuit switched (‘cs’) voice radio bearers with the second network; waiting for a predetermined event to occur; after the predetermined event has occurred, establishing a packet switched (‘ps’) connection with the second network. Further, a method, at a network element, the method receiving a request for circuit switched fallback (‘csfb’) from a user equipment (‘ue’); sending, to the ue, redirection information; receiving a routing area update (‘rau’) message from the ue; waiting for a predetermined event to occur; upon the predetermined event occurring, responding to the rau message..
Blackberry Limited

Solar concentrator with integrated tracking and light delivery system with summation

A solar light distribution system includes a solar light concentrator that is affixed externally to a light transfer tube. Solar light waves are processed by the concentrator into a collimated beam of light, which is then transferred through a light receiving port and into the light transfer tube.
Ut-battelle, Llc

Color dependent aperture stop

Optical systems are provided that include illumination sources, micro-mirror array optical modulators, and an optical element. The micro-mirror array optical modulators can selectively modulate light beams, redirect light by diffraction and reflection, and provide an output modulated light beam that exhibits a diffraction handedness dependent on the spectral bandwidth of the light incident thereupon.
Imax Corporation

Quantum cascade laser with autonomously aligned external cavity and related methods

A quantum cascade laser (qcl) may include a qcl crystal having an emitting facet, and an active region adjacent the emitting facet, the emitting facet for providing an electromagnetic beam. The qcl may include an optical cavity comprising a mirror being external to the qcl crystal, and for redirecting the electromagnetic beam into the active region of the qcl crystal to provide optical feedback, and a driver circuit for driving the qcl crystal with a constant current.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Systems and methods for inspecting wound optical fiber

Systems and methods for inspecting wound optical fiber to detect and characterize defects are disclosed. The method includes illuminating the wound optical fiber with light from a light source and capturing a digital image based on measurement light that is redirected by the wound optical fiber to a digital camera.
Corning Incorporated

Real-time color calibration of displays

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for adjusting an output color gamut of a display. The display includes a processor, a planar light guide, and light sensors disposed outside a periphery of the planar light guide.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Spray gun with side-mounted fan control

In another embodiment, a rotatable nipple is positioned to redirect some air flow from the channels to drive paint from the paint container.. .

Fire-protection mechanism

A fire-protection mechanism is described. The fire-protection mechanism includes multiple, overlapping cavities that can be filled with water (and, more generally, a fluid).

Oral airway and intubation assisting device

An oral airway and intubation assisting device that protects a patient's teeth and includes a wedge adapted to redirect force from the patient's incisor teeth to the patient's maxilla, a block adapted to hold the patient's mouth open, and an airway guide adapted to prevent the tongue from closing the throat and maintain a clear passage for air. Additionally, the device may include a tube retainer adapted to secure the intubation tube against movement..

Self illuminated signage for printed graphics

Self illuminated back and front lit signage for a printed graphic. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light, a diffuser providing for diffusion, and a printed graphic.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Redirecting local storage to cloud storage

One embodiment is directed to a method of providing access to cloud storage performed by a mobile computing device. The method includes (a) receiving a file-level access command to perform a file-level operation on a file of filesystem storage of the mobile computing device, the filesystem storage including remote storage provided by a remote storage platform and locally-cached storage provided by local storage, (b) evaluating whether the file-level access command is directed to a pre-determined portion of the filesystem provided by the remote storage platform, (c) in response to evaluating, if the file-level access command is directed to the pre-determined portion, then performing a synchronization operation to ensure that the file is stored on local storage in synchronization with the remote storage platform, and (d) fulfilling the file-level access command by accessing the local storage once the file is stored on local storage in synchronization with the remote storage platform..
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Ultrasonic lesion feedback, antipop monitoring, and force detection

An ablation catheter comprises: an elongated catheter body extending longitudinally between a proximal end and a distal end along a longitudinal axis; a distal member disposed adjacent the distal end, the distal member including an ablation element to ablate a biological member; one or more acoustic transducers disposed in the distal member and each configured to direct an acoustic signal toward a respective target ablation region and receive reflection echoes therefrom; and an acoustic redirection member disposed in the distal member to at least partially redirect the acoustic signal from at least one of the acoustic transducers toward a tissue target. The distal member includes a most-distal portion, a proximal portion, and a deflectable portion between the most-distal portion and proximal portion to permit deflection between the most-distal portion and proximal portion of the distal member.
St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Method, device and system for reporting signal quality measurement result

The present application discloses a method, a device, and a system for reporting a signal quality measurement result, relates to the field of communications, and implements reporting of an adjacent-frequency signal quality measurement result by a terminal. Embodiments of the present application disclose a method for reporting a signal quality measurement result, including: receiving adjacent frequency information, an adjacent-frequency signal quality reporting amount, and a reporting threshold corresponding to the adjacent-frequency signal quality reporting amount from a radio network node; according to the adjacent frequency information, performing measurement to obtain an adjacent-frequency signal quality measurement result; and reporting the adjacent-frequency signal quality measurement result in a preset bit string format to the radio network node.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Adhesive with embedded waveguides for curing

An optical device includes a support structure configured to retain an optical element using a cured adhesive composition that is disposed between a surface of the support structure and a surface of the optical element, wherein a structured optical particulate material is dispersed throughout the cured adhesive. The structured optical particulate material redirects curing radiation via a scattering mechanism to facilitate curing of portions of the adhesive compositions that cannot be directly exposed to the radiation, thereby facilitating rapid and more thorough curing than could otherwise be achieved without the structured optical particulate material..
Corning Incorporated

Cross-talk reduction in a bidirectional optoelectronic device

A bidirectional optoelectronic device comprises a photodetector, a light source, and a drive circuit for the light source. The light source has first and second electrical leads for receiving an input electrical signal, and the drive circuit can be arranged to apply first and second portions of the input electrical signal to the first and second electrical leads, respectively, wherein the second portion of the input electrical signal is a scaled, inverted substantial replica of the first portion of the input electrical signal.
Hoya Corporation Usa

Load balancing among alternative paths

A method and a transmitting node for redirecting of a flow of data packets to a path of alternative paths, and a method and a receiving node for enabling redirection of a flow of data packets to a path of alternative paths, where data packets are marked with a value indicating the importance of the data packets. The method for directing directs one or more flows of data packets for the alternative paths, wherein data packets marked with a higher value are prioritized over data packets marked with a lower value.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Reflective lighting system

A reflective lighting system for illuminating a subject includes a diffusion panel and a reflector. The diffusion panel is arranged and configured to be illuminated by a light source.
Lifetouch Inc.

High voltage battery cooling plenum

A system for cooling a traction battery includes a battery inlet housing having first and second inlets. A first duct is coupled to the first inlet, and a second duct is coupled to the second inlet.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Integrated packer and fluid cross-over subassembly for gas injection and fluid removal in a well

A subassembly is provided which is designed so that two passageways in concentrically arranged tubing strings can be formed to provide a flow-path which in a first direction communicates with equipment at surface in an annular passageway then switches partway along the tubing strings' length in the well to the subassembly and is redirected to the core passageway, and back from the string's lower end up the annular space to the subassembly and is again redirected this time to the tubing's core passageway back to surface equipment; the two passageways being: the core passageway formed of the core tubing's inner volume; and the annular passageway formed of the annular space between the core tubing string and a concentrically surrounding second tubing string's inner surface; the subassembly forming a two-way cross-over between the two passageways at the same part of the string.. .
Mvm Machining

Revival and redirection of blocked connections for intention inspection in computer networks

A method for network security includes monitoring traffic exchanged over a computer network. A failed attempt to communicate with a target computer by an initiating computer is identified in the monitored traffic.
Guardicore Ltd.

Health monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation

Provided are methods and systems for mitigating a ddos event. The method may comprise receiving an indication of a collapse of a collapsible virtual data circuit associated with network data traffic.

Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip

A gateway is preconfigured to establish an internet protocol (ip) tunnel with a default local mobility anchor on behalf of a mobile node. The gateway receives from the mobile node an internet access request including a mobile identifier and authorization and authentication protocol information, and sends to the default local mobility anchor an ip tunnel request to establish an ip tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Distributing software for updating of client devices

Systems and methods are described that comprise receiving software files of client devices at a platform. The software files include software update images for use in updating software of the client devices.
Innopath Software, Inc.

Method and system for dynamically rebalancing client sessions within a cluster of servers connected to a network

A dynamic rebalancer operates in a server cluster independently of routers directing traffic to the servers in the cluster. An analysis component uses configuration information and statistics information to determine which session, if any, should be moved.
International Business Machines Corporation

Enhanced content delivery system and method spanning multiple data processing systems

An enhanced content delivery system and method for use with plurality of digital multimedia data processing systems and legacy systems spanning across one or more network environments. The system and method enable users with freedom of mobility while maintaining access to the user's selected content while the user transitions from one device in one location to a different device in a difference location, substantially without interruption and without the need for user action to turn on and off these target data processing systems.

Methods and systems for performing redirects to a search engine

The present invention is related to methods and systems for processing search requests and for performing searches over a network. In an embodiment, a recipient designation is received from a user over a network.
Goodsearch, Llc

Single number services for fixed mobile telephony devices

A special-purpose service control point includes a customized application that provides fixed mobile convergence services and interoperates with a voice over internet protocol (voip) network to achieve a single-number fixed mobile convergence overlay network. By determining if a dual-mode cellular/wifi handset is reachable via a wifi network, the service control point may redirect incoming and outgoing calls off of the cellular network and onto the wifi network, thereby reducing cost and providing greater coverage..
Net2phone, Inc.

Call redirection method implemented in a telecommunication system and corresponding system

In a call redirection method, an application of a second telecommunications terminal requests one of the active numbers in the security element of a first terminal. The application transmits a request for an active telephone number in the security element to its operator, and the latter retransmits it to a manager of the security element having knowledge of the active subscription in the security element.
Gemalto Sa

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment

Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments enable a wireless docking center device to manage one or more wireless and/or wired peripheral devices on behalf of a wireless dockee device. Example embodiments of the invention include wireless docking management of peripheral devices, power management in wireless docking, intelligent and automatic connection activation in wireless docking, notification based on user proximity to a peripheral device in wireless docking, and redirect data transmission between peripheral devices in wireless docking.
Nokia Corporation

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