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Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking…

Nokia Technologies Oy

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking…

Network application security utilizing network-provided identities


Network application security utilizing network-provided identities

Network application security utilizing network-provided identities

Pulse Secure

Method and system for providing secure access to private networks

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 Methods and  managing mobility in a multi-radio device patent thumbnailMethods and managing mobility in a multi-radio device
Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for managing mobility in a multi-radio device are provided. One example method generally includes detecting that a first channel is not usable for communicating via a first radio access technology (rat); receiving a message to redirect from a second channel to the first channel; determining the first channel is in a set of one or more blocked channels not usable for the first rat; and in response to the determination, taking one or more actions.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment
Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments enable a wireless dockee device to analyze capability-related information characterizing one or more wireless and/or wired peripheral devices and planned use-related information, and perform an action based on the planned use-related information. A wireless docking center device manages the peripheral devices on behalf of the wireless dockee device.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Network application security utilizing network-provided identities patent thumbnailNetwork application security utilizing network-provided identities
A network security system receives a request from a user over a network to access a network application. The system verifies user credentials for the user.
Zynga Inc.

 Method and system for providing secure access to private networks patent thumbnailMethod and system for providing secure access to private networks
Improved approaches for providing secure remote access to resources maintained on private networks are disclosed. According to one aspect, predetermined elements, such as applets, can be modified to redirect all communications to and from an application server through an intermediate server.
Pulse Secure, Llc

 Information processing apparatus, system, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, system, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
An information processing apparatus includes the following. A first transmission unit transmits a first response containing an identification value of the information processing apparatus to a client apparatus in response to a login request.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

 Network  communication between different components patent thumbnailNetwork communication between different components
The present invention discloses a method for communication among different components, including integrating a network forwarding component (nfc) for forwarding messages and at least one independent application component (iac) for performing other service processing into one network device; setting at least one cooperation mode in the nfc and each of the at least one iac; and communicating with each other, by the nfc and the at least one iac, according to the at least one cooperation mode. The cooperation mode may be any or any combination of a host mode, a mirror mode, a redirection mode and a pass-through mode.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Systems, methods and software for redirecting blind travelers using dynamic wayfinding orientation and wayfinding data patent thumbnailSystems, methods and software for redirecting blind travelers using dynamic wayfinding orientation and wayfinding data
A wayfinding system includes a server configured to deliver navigational information associated with a route to user devices which output the navigational information to blind or low vision users in their preferred output format. That navigation information can be augmented by additional navigation information that is delivered in real time to the blind or low vision users as a result of receiving signals from proximity beacons associated with the wayfinding system..

 Wave attenuation system and method patent thumbnailWave attenuation system and method
A breakwater (wave attenuation system) includes two horizontal tubes as buoyant members connected to one another, their cross-sections representing vertices of a triangle, whose legs are interconnecting struts. A perforated, submerged, ballast tube forms the third vertex.

 Chimeric antigen receptors and immune cells targeting b cell malignancies patent thumbnailChimeric antigen receptors and immune cells targeting b cell malignancies
The disclosure describes genetically engineered cd37 specific redirected immune effector cells expressing a chimeric antigen receptor (car) protein comprising an antigen binding domain derived from an antibody, a single chain antibody or portion thereof that binds cd37; a hinge region; a transmembrane domain and an intracellular signaling domain derived from human cd3ζ or fcrγ; and optionally one or more co-stimulatory intracellular signaling domains the invention includes nucleic acids, vectors and immune effector cells associated with the production of the car protein, as well as methods of treating b cell malignancies in humans by cellular immunotherapy.. .
Bluebird Bio, Inc.

 Voicemail system patent thumbnailVoicemail system
A system comprises a first and second interface and a voicemail server. The first interface-communicating via a communications network with a first communication device operated by a calling party.
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company


Registration and network access control

In embodiments of registration and network access control, an initially unconfigured network interface device can be registered and configured as an interface to a public network for a client device. In another embodiment, a network interface device can receive a network access request from a client device to access a secure network utilizing extensible authentication protocol (eap), and the request is communicated to an authentication service to authenticate a user of the client device based on user credentials.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Redirecting virtual machine traffic

According to an example, in a method for redirecting virtual machine traffic a virtual switch may be implemented in a physical server. In addition, a packet sent from a first virtual machine to a second virtual machine may be detected, in which the first virtual machine and the second virtual machine are in the same virtual local area network (vlan), and in which the packet has a first vlan label that identifies the vlan.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies


File quarantine and method and apparatus

The present disclosure provides a file quarantine method, apparatus, and system. The method includes: receiving by an input/output (i/o) object manager, a change operation request from a first process for a volume device in a file system; and if it is determined that the first process is a process inside a sandbox, redirecting the change operation request to a virtual volume device corresponding to the volume device which is pointed to by the change operation request, and sending the redirected change operation request to the i/o object manager.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Memory device, electronic system, and methods associated with modifying data and a file of a memory device

A memory device, system and method of editing a file in a non-volatile memory device is described. The memory device includes a controller and a memory array configured to copy an existing first file into a second file during editing and to maintain the first file while applying edits to the second file.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis probe, device and method

An nmr analysis device and a method for operating an nmr analysis device (7) including a circuit having an nmr analysis probe (9) and a cryostat (8) linked by a cryogenic line (16), includes a step of configuration of this circuit through which fluid flows (m0 to m9) circulate, said configuration step comprising an implementation of different modes of operation of the device (7), according to the activation/deactivation of redirection elements (vc1, vc2, vc3, vc4) and/or of the configuration in closed/open mode of looping elements (a1 to a11) of this circuit.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Casing drilling system and method

A casing drilling system includes combination conduit of a casing and a pipe inside the casing. A first adapter has a flow diverter to redirect at least flow of drilling fluid returning from a bottom of a wellbore to either an interior of the pipe or an annular space between the casing and the pipe.
Reelwell, A.s.


System for retrofitting local energy modules in rail networks

A system for retrofitting energy supply modules in the region of a traffic route is provided. Supporting cables extend transversely over the traffic route and support a plurality of solar panels, which can be mounted on the transverse supporting cables.
S.e. Track Ag


Method and system for transfer of call control

According to an aspect of the present disclosure, a method is disclosed for a sipimr node to withdraw from a sip session set-up loop by replying a redirect message to the sip invite sending node. The redirect message contains information for setting up alternative sip session, said information being available in the sip invite receiving node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Anti-phishing domain advisor and method thereof

A method of anti-phishing and domain name protection. The method comprises: capturing a system call; extracting a url included in the captured system call; capturing a response to the system call; determining if the system call's response includes any one of a domain name system (dns) error code and fake internet protocol (ip) address; checking the extracted url against an anti-phishing blacklist to determine if the internet resource is a malicious website; redirecting the application to an advisor server; marking a communication session between the application and the internet resource as blocked; detecting a system call's response call that includes content received from the internet resource during the blocked session; modifying the system call's response by replacing the content with redirection information; and sending the modified system call's response to the application, thereby causing the application to access the advisor server..
Visicom Media Inc.


Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing n-node multi-switch link aggregation groups (mlags)

A system for providing at least one node of an n-node multi-switch link aggregation group (mlag) includes a packet forwarding device for receiving a packet destined for at least one n-node mlag, n being an integer greater than 2. The packet forwarding device includes a packet forwarding database for storing packet forwarding rules for the at least one n-node mlag.
Extreme Networks, Inc.


Digital data commerce system and methods with digital media object to cloud redirection

The invention provides, in some aspects, a digital commerce system that includes a first digital data device, a second digital data device and a third digital data device, each of which is connected to a network that provides at least intermittent communications coupling between the second digital data device and each of the first and second digital data devices. Redirection logic executing on at least the second digital data device effects storage on the third digital data device of a digital media object downloaded from the first digital data device to the second digital data device.
Redigi, Inc.


Barcode-reading system

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation


System and kernel rootkit protection in a hypervisor environment

A system and method for rootkit protection in a hypervisor environment includes modules for creating a soft whitelist having entries corresponding to each guest kernel page of a guest operating system in a hypervisor environment, wherein each entry is a duplicate page of the corresponding guest kernel page, generating a page fault when a process attempts to access a guest kernel page, and redirecting the process to the corresponding duplicate page. If the page fault is a data page fault, the method includes fixing the page fault, and marking a page table entry corresponding to the guest kernel page as non-executable and writeable.
Mcafee, Inc.


System and life management for low endurance ssd nand devices used as secondary cache

A system and method for managing the life expectancy of at least one solid state drive (ssd) within a cache device of a storage subsystem includes determining a baseline rate of decline for each ssd based on its guaranteed life expectancy. At intervals, each ssd of the cache device is polled for remaining life and power-on time, and a current rate of decline (based on time since initialization) and a cumulative rate of decline (based on total lifespan of the ssd) is determined.
Lsi Corporation


System and redirection and processing of audio and video data based on gesture recognition

An information handling system includes a redirection module and an audio/video module. The redirection module receives an audio data frame and an image data frame, analyzes the image data frame for a trigger event.
Dell Products, Lp


Optical interconnect

The disclosure generally relates to sets of optical waveguides such as optical fiber ribbons and embedded optical waveguides, and optical interconnects useful for connecting multiple optical waveguides such as in optical fiber ribbon cables and printed circuit boards (pcbs) having optoelectronic capabilities. In particular, the disclosure provides an efficient, compact, and reliable optical waveguide connector that incorporates microlenses and re-directing elements which combine the features of optical waveguide alignment, along with redirecting and shaping of the optical beam..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Lighting strip, lighting system, panel support element and modular panel system

Disclosed is a lighting strip (100) comprising an optical waveguide (120) extending in a length direction of said strip and having a tapered portion tapering from a thin edge (124) to a thick edge (122) in a width direction of said strip; at least one solid state lighting element(110) incorporated in the optical waveguide and arranged to emit light into the optical waveguide in said length direction; and a light scattering pattern (130) on the thick edge of the tapered portion for redirecting the emitted light to the thin edge of the tapered portion. A lighting system, panel support element (210) and modular panel system (200) including such a lighting strip (100) are also disclosed..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Manifold structure for re-directing a fluid stream

A manifold structure for re-directing a fluid stream between first and second ends of a manifold cavity for delivering or discharging a fluid to or from a corresponding fluid transmitting device, such as a heat exchanger is disclosed. In particular, a manifold structure formed within a flow box enclosing a fluid transmitting device is disclosed wherein the manifold structure re-directs an incoming or outgoing fluid to or from the fluid transmitting device, such as a heat exchanger, housed within the flow box.
Dana Canada Corporation


Collimation system for an led luminaire

An automated luminaire with an array of light sources configured in a plurality of primary tir optics with central light blocks. The light blocks are configured to block or redirect light beam at angles likely to cause undesirable light spill..


Optical film stack for light duct

A film stack reflects incident light in some areas and transmits incident light in other areas, and it redirects incident light with one or more structured surfaces. The spatially variable reflection and transmission is achieved at least in part with reflective strips, and the reflective strips are attached to a first major surface of a structured optical film in the film stack.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Methods of making optical fiber with reduced hydrogen sensitivity

A method of making optical fibers that includes controlled cooling to produce fibers having a low concentration of non-bridging oxygen defects and low sensitivity to hydrogen. The method may include heating a fiber preform above its softening point, drawing a fiber from the heated preform and passing the fiber through two treatment stages.
Corning Incorporated


Handling multipath trasnmission control protocol signalling in a communications network

A method and apparatus for handling multipath transmission control protocol, mptcp, signaling in a communications network. The communications network includes a first node hosting an mptcp proxy function, and a second node in a second access network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Policy-based content filtering

Methods and systems for processing application-level content of network service protocols are described. According to one embodiment, a network connection is received at a networking subsystem of a firewall.
Fortinet, Inc.


Enabling planned upgrade/downgrade of network devices without impacting network sessions

Exemplary embodiments for enabling planned network changes such as an upgrade or downgrade of a network device are disclosed. The systems and methods provide for planned upgrades and downgrades for network devices without impacting existing network sessions, by utilizing two network devices simultaneously, and creating a redirect network session for a predetermined period of time.


Antenna with polarization diversity

A horizontally polarized antenna array allows for the efficient distribution of rf energy into a communications environment through selectable antenna elements and redirectors that create a particular radiation pattern such as a substantially omnidirectional radiation pattern. In conjunction with a vertically polarized array, a particular high-gain wireless environment may be created such that one environment does not interfere with other nearby wireless environments and avoids interference created by those other environments.
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.


Chip with enhanced light extraction

Described herein are devices and methods incorporating light extraction features for improving light extraction in light emitting diode (led) chips, for example, thin-film semiconductor led chips such as thin film gan chips. These features can be located in the semiconductor diode region of an led chip and are configured to improve device light extraction by redirecting light emitted by the chip's active region.
Cree, Inc.


Slab laser and amplifier and use

A slab laser and its method of use for high power applications including the manufacture of semiconductors and deposition of diamond and/or diamond-like-carbon layers, among other materials. A lamp driven slab design with a face-to-face beam propagation scheme and an end reflection that redirects the amplified radiation back out the same input surface is utilized.


Method and apparatus to rotate data encryption keys in databases with no down time

A database includes a first instance and a second instance. The first and second instances of the database are encrypted with a first encryption key and have content that is synchronized.
Intuit Inc.


A spectrally selective panel

The present disclosure provides a spectrally selective panel that is at least partially transmissive for radiation having a wavelength within the visible wavelengths range. The panel has a receiving surface for receiving incident radiation and comprises at least one reflective component that is arranged to reflect a portion of received incident radiation that penetrated through a depth portion of the panel to the reflective component.
Tropiglas Technologies Ltd


Self regulating gas system for suppressed weapons

A gas system for an autoloading firearm wherein the gas used to cycle the weapon can be restricted automatically through a mechanical shutoff actuated by the installation of a suppressor on the weapon. The gas system could be used to actuate either a piston to mechanically operate the weapon or a gas impingement mechanism wherein the gas is redirected into the bolt carrier assembly to directly actuate the unlocking and cycling of the bolt and bolt carrier group.
Ra Brands, L.l.c.


Flow directors

The present invention relates to liquid to air evaporative heat exchange apparatus, mainly for cooling towers, air conditioning units, and humidifies alike. The present invention incorporate an evaporative module embedded with a liquid delivery system with flow directors to control the flow of liquid through all of its layers.


Weapon with redirected lighting beam

A lighting device for a gun, which is preferably a small revolver having a total length of less than 6″, is positioned in a grip (or handle portion) of the gun and includes a mirror to redirect the light beam along the side or top of the gun and preferably parallel to the axis of the gun barrel.. .


Method and system for controlling coating in non-line-of-sight locations

A method for coating a turbine engine component, said method includes the steps of: placing the component into a chamber; injecting a non-reactive carrier gas containing a coating material into the chamber; and forming a coating on a desired portion of the component by locally heating the desired portion of the component by redirecting a directed energy beam onto the desired portion of the component.. .
United Technologies Corporation


System and methods thereof for delivery of popular content using a multimedia broadcast multicast service

Multimedia content, live as well as on-demand, is typically delivered over a network responsive to a request by a user device from a content source and is provided point-to-point. Certain multimedia cache systems are designed to identify popular content and provide such content from locations that are in proximity to the user device, thereby reducing load on the overall network.
Qwilt, Inc.


Information processing device and controlling information processing device

A provider server (100) includes: a receiving section (21) for obtaining a redirection url (2); an information registering section (11) for registering user information (3); an access authorizing section (12) for authorizing the consumer server (200) to make access to the user information; a sending section (22) for sending the redirection url (2) to a smartphone (300); an authorization judging section (13) for judging whether or not the access is authorized; and a sending section (22) for sending the user information (3) to the consumer server (200).. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for echoing or redirecting electronic messages in a conversation

Systems and methods are provided for echoing or redirecting messages in a conversation between an originating entily and a plurality of recipient entities, according to certain aspects, a facilitating entity determines to echo or redirect an electronic message and identifies an additional entity to which to echo or redirect the electronic message. In some embodiments, the facilitating entity can echo or redirect return messages that are associated with an original message.
Conversepoint Llc


Method for interaction and, server and network platform therefor

Disclosed are a method for interaction, and a server and a network platform therefor. The method includes: acquiring a task link that is clicked by a user on a first network platform from the first network platform; and redirecting, according to the task link, to a webpage where the preset task on the second network platform is located, such that the user performs the preset task on the second network platform on the webpage.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


In-vehicle web presentation

One or more controller may extract voice commands from retrieved web content, format the web content according to vehicle computing system (vcs) specific formatting information, provide the formatted web content for display by the vcs, and update the recognized voice commands of the vcs according to the extracted voice commands. A server may identify whether a received web request for web content is directed to a vehicle sub-domain for providing an in-vehicle-specific version of the content, identify whether the received web request is for presentation of web content via a vcs, and redirect the web request to the vehicle sub-domain when the request is not directed to the vehicle sub-domain and is for presentation via the vcs..
Myine Electronics, Inc.


Multi-channel optical connector with coupling lenses

Optical connectors are provided for connecting sets of optical waveguides (110), such as optical fiber ribbons to each other, to printed circuit boards, or to backplanes. The provided connectors include a waveguide alignment member (105) for receiving and aligning a plurality of optical waveguides (110) such that central light rays of light exiting the plurality of optical waveguides propagate along a same incident direction (115) in a same incident plane xy.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Optical loss structure integrated in an illumination apparatus

Various embodiments of a display device described herein include an optical propagation region, at least one optical loss structure, an optical isolation layer, and a plurality of display elements. The propagation region includes a light guide in which light is guided via total internal reflection and turning features configured to redirect the light out of the propagation region.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.


Lighting device and lighting system

A lighting device (1) comprising a housing (3) with a light emission window (5) and, opposite thereto, a reflector (7). A planar light transmissive carrier (9) arranged in between the light emission window and the reflector and comprising, at least on a side (11) facing towards the reflector, a grid (13) of a plurality of light sources (15,17).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Aircraft with forward sweeping t-tail

An aircraft includes a propulsor supported within an aft portion of the fuselage. A thrust reverser is supported proximate the propulsor for redirecting thrust forward to slow the aircraft upon landing.
United Technologies Corporation


Piggyback intraocular lens that improves overall vision where there is a local loss of retinal function

Systems and methods are provided for improving overall vision in patients suffering from a loss of vision in a portion of the retina (e.g., loss of central vision) by providing a piggyback lens which in combination with the cornea and an existing lens in the patient's eye redirects and/or focuses light incident on the eye at oblique angles onto a peripheral retinal location. The piggyback lens can include a redirection element (e.g., a prism, a diffractive element, or an optical component with a decentered grin profile) configured to direct incident light along a deflected optical axis and to focus an image at a location on the peripheral retina.
Amo Groningen B.v.


Methods and capturing and/or combining images

In various embodiments light redirection device positions of one or more optical chains are moved between image capture times while the position of the camera device including the multiple optical chains remains fixed. The sequentially captured images are combined to form a larger image than is captured during a single time period.


Client calculation of links to network locations of files to upload

A link to a file to be stored at a network location is calculated using a client before the file is uploaded to the network location. The client may calculate the link to the network location either while online or offline.


Control redistribution among multiple devices

Technologies are presented for distributing user interface elements and controls among devices. A user may select an element and/or control of a user interface (ui) of a first application displayed on a first device for shifting to one or more other devices.


System and controlling configuration settings for mobile communication devices and services

A system for controlling configuration settings for mobile data communication devices and services includes a redirection server and a policy generation system. The redirection server detects a triggering event in a host system and in response to the triggering event continuously redirects data items from the host system to a wireless network.


Multiple laser cavity apparatus

A multiple cavity laser system includes: a controller configured to operate the system as well as a plurality of laser cavities, each of the laser cavities having an output end wherein, when activated by the controller, an output laser beam is emitted from the output end of each of the laser cavities. The output laser beams when activated are directed, either directly or indirectly, to a rotating mirror.


Methods and supporting zoom operations

Methods and apparatus for performing a zoom operation are described using multiple optical chains in a camera device. At least one optical chain in the camera device includes a moveable light redirection device, said light redirection device being one of a substantially plane mirror or a prism.


Double pass interferometric encoder system

An encoder head includes one or more components arranged to: i) direct a first incident beam to the diffractive encoder scale at a first incident angle with respect to the encoder scale; ii) receive a first return beam from the encoder scale at a first return angle, the first return angle being different from the first incident angle; iii) redirect the first return beam to the encoder scale as a second incident beam at a second incident angle; and iv) receive a second return beam back from the encoder scale at a second return angle, the second return angle being different from the second incident angle, in which a difference between the first incident angle and second incident angle is less than a difference between the first incident angle and the first return angle and less than a difference between the second incident angle and the second return angle.. .


System and reutilizing co2 from combusted carbonaceous material

A system for generating steam supplies of coal another material to one or more processing chambers. Each processing chamber includes a plasma arc torch that heats the material in the presence of water and a treatment gas at an extremely high temperature.


Air turbine starters having oil feed shutoff valves and gas turbine engines including the same

Air turbine starters (atss) having oil feed shutoff valves are provided, as are gas turbine engines including atss. In one embodiment, the ats includes an ats housing assembly containing a sump chamber, an oil inlet, and a valve cavity.


Force transfer harness and method

A force transfer harness that utilizes the harness structure to redirect the handler's forces through the harness structure and into the underlying ground is provided. Through the act of the dog sitting, the associated dog and handler cause a change in the orientation of the harness legs that allows the harness to form a support structure.


Opposing fields generator

The opposing fields generator is an energy producing device using opposing magnetic fields to produce energy through the implementation of any combination of strategic gearing, displacement, and shielding technologies to allow movement. This invention overcomes the problem of fixed magnetic fields interfering with one another at the point where a moving armature or other motion device cannot continue its movement by displacing one or more of the magnets' magnetic fields in order to redirect the magnetic energy to allow the rotor or other moving part to pass by and continue to make repeated rotations (or other movements) without the need to use any exterior energy sources..


Social media profile monetization using viewer engagement tools

A computer-based system for monetizing social media profiles on social media platforms including providing a link or url for a user publish to a social media profile on a social media platform, where the link or url is controlled by the system, providing at least one article for the user to publish to the social media platform instructing viewers to select or follow the link or url, and directing or redirecting a viewer who selects or follows the link or url to a webpage containing advertising.. .


Methods and systems for connecting multiple merchants to an interactive element in a web page

A method for redirecting a user apparatus to a merchant web page includes: transmitting web page data corresponding to a web page to be displayed on a user apparatus, the web page includes at least one interactive element; receiving an indication of a user interaction with an interactive element; storing, a plurality of merchant data entries, each entry including a merchant web page, an indication of interest, and an associated interactive element; identifying, a subset of the plurality of data entries, wherein each entry in the subset is associated with the interactive element; identifying, in the subset, a single entry based on the indication of interest of each entry in the subset; and transmitting redirecting data to redirect the user apparatus to the merchant web page associated with the single entry.. .


System and testing processor units using cache resident testing

Apparatuses, computer readable mediums, and methods of processor unit testing using cache resident testing are disclosed. The method may include loading a test program in a cache on a chip comprising one or more processor units.


I/o redirection method, i/o virtualization system and method, and content delivery apparatus

Disclosed herein is an input/output (i/o) redirection method, comprising receiving a call from a virtual machine for a first procedure, selectively executing the first procedure, and selectively calling a second procedure based on an external arrangement. The first procedure is associated with an i/o operation on the virtual machine and executed when the external arrangement indicates that the second procedure not be called.


High-efficiency projection screen

Embodiments for a high-efficiency, high-uniformity projection screen are provided. In one example, a projection screen comprises an angle-dependent diffusing layer configured to transmit light non-diffusively within a first range of incident angles and transmit light diffusively within a second range of incident angles and a redirective element configured to receive light transmitted through the angle-dependent diffusing layer in one or more directions within the first range of incident angles and redirect the received light back through the angle-dependent diffusing layer in one or more directions within the second range of incident angles..


High efficiency vertical optical coupler using sub-wavelength high contrast grating

A vertical optical coupler which redirects light transmission in response to the interaction between a sub-wavelength high contrast grating (hcg) having a plurality of spaced apart segments of grating material which is optically coupled to a waveguide. For a selected set of material, grating geometry, gaps and spacing, the light directed at a normal incidence into the optical coupler is angularly displaced in traveling in the optical waveguide, while light directed along the optical waveguide is angularly displaced in being output at normal incidence from the optical coupler.


Multi-led/multi-chip color mixing optics

In one aspect, the present invention provides an optic, which comprises a light pipe extending from a proximal end to a distal end about an optical axis, said light pipe being adapted to receive at its proximal end at least a portion of light emitted by a light source. The optic further comprises a central reflector optically coupled to said distal end of the light pipe for receiving at least a portion of the light transmitted through the light pipe and reflecting said received light, a peripheral reflector optically coupled to said central reflector for receiving at least a portion of said reflected light, and an output surface.


Apparatus for the collection and transmission of electromagnetic radiation

A collector for propagating incident radiation is disclosed. The collector may comprise a light directing component coupled to a buffer component, a first propagation component coupled to the buffer component and configured to transmit the incident radiation into a collector region through one of a plurality of windows, and an optical transport assembly coupled to an end of the collector region and having a second propagation component.


Lighting device for indirect illumination having prism elements

According to an aspect of the invention, a lighting device is provided. The lighting device comprises a light source, and an optical structure.


Dynamic light control producing the same

The present application describes dynamic light control system that, can dynamically adapt to different sun positions and interior lighting levels. The dynamic light control system, includes two or more confinement panes and one or more light redirecting elements positioned therebetween.


Lighting device for indirect illumination

According to an aspect of the invention, a lighting device (100) for illuminating a secondary surface (200), thereby providing indirect illumination via reflection from the illuminated secondary surface is provided. The lighting device comprises a light source, a collimator arranged to collimate light from the light source, and redirecting means (120) arranged to redirect at least a portion of the collimated light into a range of directions towards the secondary surface.


Jet engine with deflector

A deflector for a jet engine. The deflector may prevent the jet engine from ingesting birds during a bird strike scenario.


Access control method, base station, user equipment, and mobility management entity

The present invention provides an access control method, a base station, user equipment, and a mobility management entity, where the access control method includes: receiving, by the base station, a temporary identifier and a plmn available indication that are of the ue and sent by the ue; receiving a service request message sent by the ue, and determining a serving mme of the ue according to a gmmei in the temporary identifier of the ue; and sending the service request message and the plmn available indication to the serving mme of the ue, so that the serving mme of the ue sends a redirection indication, and the ue registers with an hplmn of the ue. Therefore, in a network sharing scenario, the ue can select the home plmn of the ue as a serving plmn of the ue as early as possible..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Mobile device traffic splitter

A mobile device traffic splicer is disclosed. In various embodiments, a network communication associated with a destination is received from a mobile device.
Mobile Iron, Inc.


Movement of user equipments between cells

A procedure is disclosed where a user equipment (ue) 10 can share information (with e.g. Radio access network (ran) nodes 20, 30) about its cell mobility attempts (e.g.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and system for handover between different networks, and evolved high rate packet data network

A method and system for handover between different networks and an ehrpd network are disclosed. The method includes that: the ehrpd network determines to hand over a terminal in an active state to a second network; the ehrpd network selects target network information used for the terminal handing over to the second network according to at least one of manners as follows: a measurement report of the second network reported by the terminal, second network information acquired from the second network and running information of the ehrpd network, wherein the target network information includes at least one of: a radio access technology type, frequency information, cell identification information and indication information returned in case of a handover failure; and the ehrpd network transmits the target network information to the terminal through a redirection message or a connection closing message.
Zte Corporation


System and provision of a second line service on mobile telephone

A method for routing calls between a third party telecommunications device (“td”) and a subscriber td associated with a primary service and a second line service (“sls”) involves associating the sls number of the subscriber, the primary number of the subscriber and the primary number of a third party via a common relationship number. Calls directed from a third party to the sls number of a subscriber are routed to an sls platform and redirected to the subscriber td.


Method, system, gateway, and server for canceling redirection

The present invention relates to a method, a system, a gateway, and a server for canceling redirection. When balances of a user are insufficient, a gateway (gw) receives a redirection policy delivered by a policy and charging rules function (pcrf) and redirects the user to a recharging page of a server; after recharging is finished, the server sends a recharging success packet to the gw, and the gw instructs the pcrf to cancel the redirection policy.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Unified data ingestion adapter for migration of industrial data to a cloud platform

A cloud gateway device facilitates collection of industrial data from one or more data sources on the plant floor and migration of the collected data to a cloud platform for storage and processing. The cloud gateway device collects historical, live, and/or alarm data directly from industrial devices networked to the gateway device, formats and encapsulates the data with customer-specific header information, and sends the resulting data packets to a cloud platform for processing by cloud-level analytics services.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Caller-id for redirected calls from sip-pbx

Facilitating voice over internet protocol (voip) phone calls where at least a portion of the phone call relies upon signaling exchanged as part of a session initiated protocol (sip) session conducted through a sip private branch exchange (sip-pbx) is contemplated. Caller-id and/or security measures may be implemented to enable caller-id when the sip-pbx is untrusted..
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.


Time-based one time password (totp) for network authentication

A time-based one-time password (totp) validator is interposed between a principal and a network service. The validator interacts with a mobile application (app) on the mobile device associated with the principal to dynamically supply a validator secret.
Novell, Inc.

Redirect topics: Optical Component, Lens Array, Redirection, Redundancy, Network Device, Executable, Silicon Wafer, Computer Readable

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