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This page is updated frequently with new Redirect-related patent applications.

new patent Redirecting packets in an autonomous system
A symmetric flow response path from an autonomous system (as) can be forced by using a same edge gateway for ingress and egress of communications with an internet source. An asymmetric flow response path from an as can be used by using different edge gateways for ingress and egress of communications with an internet source.
Oracle International Corporation

new patent Using symmetric and asymmetric flow response paths from an autonomous system
A symmetric flow response path from an autonomous system (as) can be forced by using a same edge gateway for ingress and egress of communications with an internet source. An asymmetric flow response path from an as can be used by using different edge gateways for ingress and egress of communications with an internet source.
Oracle International Corporation

new patent Inspection of traffic via sdn
A method and related apparatus for performing inspection of flows within a software defined network includes identifying a security appliance within a software defined network, identifying candidate traffic flows flowing in the software defined network to be inspected, selecting one of the candidate traffic flows for security inspection, and communicating with a software defined network controller to cause the one of the candidate traffic flows to be redirected towards the security appliance for inspection or to cause the one of the candidate traffic flows to be copied and a resulting copy thereof forwarded to the security appliance for inspection.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

new patent Internet control message protocol enhancement for traffic carried by a tunnel over internet protocol networks
A first network element (ne) comprises a receiver configured to receive a tunnel redirection request message from a second ne, wherein the tunnel redirection request message is a request to re-route packets to a third ne instead of the second ne, wherein the tunnel redirection request message comprises an address of the third ne and a first destination address, wherein the packets comprise the first destination address. A processor of the ne is coupled to the receiver and configured to add an outer header and an encapsulation header to a first subset of the packets, wherein the outer header comprises the address of the third ne, and wherein the encapsulation header comprises an identifier of an encapsulation protocol supported by the third ne, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit the first subset of the packets to the third ne via an overlay tunnel, and transmit a second subset of packets to the second ne..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

new patent System and caching popular content respective of a content strong server in an asymmetrical routing topology
A computerized method of delivering popular content of a service delivery apparatus (sda) in an asymmetrical network topology. The method comprises receiving a first acquisition request for content from a user node (un) over an upstream data link, the request comprising at least a content identification (cid).
Qwilt, Inc.

new patent Combined renewable energy and compressed gas energy storage and generator microgrid system using reciprocating piezoelectric generators
A combined heat and power system, namely a portable combined heat and power microgrid system with the capacity to convert air to electricity, since the system imparts excess energy derived from multiple electrical energy sources, namely renewables or other sources of electrical supply like gas-induced electrical generation, to produce and store energy as compressed heat that is then redirected to generate reciprocating energy utilizing a barrel housing or setting to promote direct kinetic energy transfer method onto an array of rowed piezoelectric generators that use sequential direct kinetic energy transference to produce electricity and store it in a second electrical storage unit that can be interconnected to the operational electrical storage unit to not only promote redirect electrical flow during peak or off-peak to extend systemic operations but also to promote high volumes of energy from multiple energy sources for electric user purposes, enabling communication with high density energy when stored.. .

new patent Power connector, and electrical connection element and arc suppression method therefor
An electrical connection element is for a power connector. The power connector has an electrical component having a number of first electrical mating members.
Eaton Corporation

new patent Rf radiation redirection away from portable communication device user
A case for a wireless device includes a number of rf coupling elements mounted in the case and configured such that rf radiation is coupled from an internal antenna of the wireless device out of the device to a first rf coupling element, and from the first rf coupling element to a rf redirector coupling element that redirects the rf radiation in a direction outward from said wireless device that is opposite to a user side of the wireless device. A corrugated metallic shield is optionally provided on an opposite side of the case, facing a user of the device..
Antenna79, Inc.

new patent System and using attribution tracking for off-platform content promotion
In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method of using attribution tracking for off-platform content promotion, for use in media content or other computing environments. A media campaign can be associated with a promoted content link (e.g., a url) for use on a publisher web site.
Spotify Ab

new patent Data flow migration
A data flow migration method and device are disclosed. When migration between a source virtual machine and a target virtual machine is started, determining a silent time used for processing data flow migration; and receiving, within the silent time, a data flow packet sent by a switching node; and sending the data flow packet to the target virtual machine according to the data flow packet and a data flow migration policy.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent

Automatic import of third party analytics

Techniques to facilitate acquisition of analytics data in a mobile application are disclosed herein. In at least one implementation, a software module of the mobile application monitors for an analytics function call from main program code to third party analytics code.
Apptimize, Inc.

new patent

Nano-structured lens for collimating light from surface emitters

A light source for providing light comprises a light emitting layer and a lens comprising a periodic structure therein that is periodic along at least one direction in a plane. The structure includes or is formed from at least two optically transparent materials of different optical indices.
Dicon Fiberoptics, Inc.

new patent

Flow control structures for turbomachines and methods of designing the same

Flow control devices and structures designed and configured to improve the performance of a turbomachine. Exemplary flow control devices may include various flow guiding channels, ribs, diffuser passage-width reductions, and other treatments and may be located on one or both of a shroud and hub side of a machine to redirect, guide, or otherwise influence portions of a turbomachine flow field to thereby improve the performance of the machine..
Concepts Nrec, Llc

new patent

Compositions and methods for modulating and redirecting immune responses

Provided herein are methods of modulating and redirecting an immune response. Compositions and methods for killing targeted cells in a cell population are also provided wherein, a cell population containing target cells expressing a target associated antigen and t cells are contacted with 1, 2, or more immune checkpoint antagonists and a multispecific t cell-redirecting agent that specifically binds the target associated antigen expressed on the target cells and specifically binds a t cell surface antigen..
Duke University

new patent

Side-view mirror cleaning device

The disclosed mirror cleaning device attaches to a side-view mirror of an automobile. Using a front-facing inlet, the mirror cleaning device takes in air, passes the air through a constriction and deflector/diverter, ultimately discharging the air against the mirrored face of a side-view mirror.

Network elements, wireless communication system and methods therefor

A method and apparatus for redirecting a wireless communication unit (113) from a lte cell to a neighbouring 3g or 2g cell for the purposes of performing a procedure which is available in the 2g or 3g cell but not available in the lte cell includes the provision of an additional lte access point (109) within the coverage area of an lte macrocell. The additional lte access point (109) is arranged to capture a wireless communication unit (113) which is camped onto the lte macrocell and redirect it to a 3g/2g cell irrespective of whether or not a better service may be provided in the 2g/3g cell.
Ip.access Limited

Network traffic management using port number redirection

A first request is received from a device over a network. It is determined that the first request should be redirected, based at least in part on information included in the first request.
Iboss, Inc.

Systems and methods for web to mobile app correlation

The present application is directed to systems and methods for associating cookies of a linking system to a device identifier of the computing device. A server of a linking system can receive, from a browser of a computing device, a first request to access content via an encoded uniform resource locator (url) link generated by the server and linked to a web page of the linking system.
Bitly, Inc.

Random next iteration for data update management

Host machines and other devices performing synchronized operations can be dispersed across multiple racks in a data center to provide additional buffer capacity and to reduce the likelihood of congestion. The level of dispersion can depend on factors such as the level of oversubscription, as it can be undesirable in a highly connected network to push excessive host traffic into the aggregation fabric.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Method and enabling access to applications integrated with a visited network

An application server receives a request for service from a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) associated with a home network that includes a home subscriber server (hss) and a bootstrapping server function (bsf) coupled via a zh reference point. The application server authenticates the wtru at least in part by (i) redirecting the wtru to an identity provider co-located with a network application function (idp/naf) and coupled to the bsf via a zn reference point and (ii) receiving an assertion from the wtru that the idp/naf has authenticated the wtru based on user security settings retrieved from the bsf by the idp/naf over the zn reference point.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc

Systems, methods, and arp mediation

An exemplary network controller may be configured to perform arp mediation through passively learning mac addresses on client sides and keeping track of ip/mac/attachment point associations, hijacking arp requests received by the core nodes through a packet_in operation or a redirection to other agents, injecting proxy arp replies that provide target mac information without the actual target being involved, and possibly programming the network nodes with the static arp responding rule for a specified duration.. .
Infinera Corporation

Electric machine having rotor and stator cooling assembly

A cooling assembly is disclosed for use with an electric machine having a housing, a shaft rotatably supported within the housing, a rotor operatively coupled to rotate with the shaft, and a stator annularly surrounding the rotor. The cooling assembly may have an axial passage formed along a longitudinal axis of the shaft and configured to direct cooling oil from a first end of the shaft towards a second end of the shaft opposite the first end of the shaft.
Caterpillar Inc.

Human hybrid scalable power plant - human hybrid power source

A kinetic energy conversion method that converts kinetic energy input into helical motion kinetic energy applied to an electrical generating device is disclosed. A kinetic energy force is applied to an input shaft.

Multiple view single camera imaging scanner

An imaging system includes a camera having a field of view, a set of axially spaced moveable mirrors supported on a rotor to rotate the mirrors within the field of view of the camera, and a set of stationary mirrors supported to redirect the fields of view from the set of moveable mirrors to provide multiple fields of view at different angles.. .
Ncr Corporation

Hmpd with near eye projection

A head mounted projection display includes an optical path to support near eye projection of the projected images. That is, the projection aperture is placed close to the user's eye.
Castar, Inc.

Adding prescriptive correction to eyepieces for see-through head wearable displays

An eyepiece for a head wearable display includes a curved lightguide component, a curved see-through component, an output coupler, and a prescription layer. The curved lightguide component guides display light received at an input region and releases the display light along an eye-ward direction in a viewing region.
Google Inc.

Luminaire module having a light guide with a redirecting end-face

A solid-state luminaire module includes one or more light-emitting elements (lees) arranged to provide light; and a light guide including a receiving end arranged to receive the light provided by the lees and an opposing end, a pair of opposing side surfaces extending along a length of the light guide to guide the received light in a forward direction to the opposing end, and a redirecting end-face located at the opposing end and configured to reflect the guided light—that reaches the opposing end—back into the light guide as return light, such that substantially all the return light impinges on the pair of opposing side surfaces at incident angles larger than a critical incidence angle and transmits through the pair of opposing side surfaces into the ambient as output light of the luminaire module, the output light to propagate in backward directions.. .
Quarkstar Llc

System for complete dispensing of flowable materials from a bulk shipping container

The present invention is directed to a system for fully dispensing liquid from a bulk shipping container. The system includes a bulk bin and a cassette disposed therein.
International Paper Company

Vortex finder for a cyclonic separator

A vortex finder (18,27,40) for a cyclonic separator (1) through which air flowing in a helical path ‘d’ about an axis a-a of a cyclone chamber (4) passes to an outlet (6) is disclosed. The vortex finder comprises a plurality of stationary overlapping vanes (13,19) extending in an axial direction and spaced radially around said axis ‘a’, the vanes (13,19) being positioned relative to each other so a helical flow of air about the axis of the cyclone chamber (4) passes over an outer surface (16) of the vanes (13,19) with a portion of the air flow being redirected around a leading edge (14) of each vane (13,19) and through a gap between adjacent vanes (13,19) to the outlet (6).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Assembly and gravitationally separating gold from small particles

An assembly and method for gravitationally separating gold from particles, and specifically for separating small components of gold, less than 1 millimeter from small particles. A series of sieves having graduated mesh sizes, and arranged in a sequential, stacked configuration sieves the aggregate of large particles and larger components of gold.

Redirection in a neutral-host network

A method for redirecting a user equipment (ue) from a first network to a second network is described. The method includes determining, at a wireless access point of the first network, information for the ue about one or more mobile network operator (mno) networks.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Access class barring and redirecting of emerency calls

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium having instructions to store a first access class barring parameter and a second access class barring parameter pertaining to emergency calls via a cell on which a wireless device is camped; receive an indication that an emergency call is to be established; select one or more values of the second barring parameter in response to a determination that a value of the first barring parameter indicates that the emergency call cannot be established via the cell; select a first candidate cell based on the one or more values of the second barring parameter; and determine whether the emergency call can be established via the first candidate cell based on the one or more values of the second barring parameter and system information pertaining to the first candidate cell.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

System for protection against ddos attacks

A method is presented that enables a server to make use of client or third party resources. The client request data contains data about the network location of the client.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Redirecting traffic in a virtual distributed router environment

A lre (logical routing element) that have lifs that are active in all host machines spanned by the lre as well as lifs that are active in only a subset of those spanned host machines is provided. A host machine having an active lif for a particular l2 segment would perform the l3 routing operations for network traffic related to that l2 segment.
Nicira, Inc.

Multiple-feed antenna system having multi-purpose subreflector assembly

A multiple-feed antenna system includes a primary reflector that directs signals along a primary rf signal path and a subreflector assembly movable between a first position and a second position. When the subreflector assembly is in the first position, the subreflector assembly redirects signals traveling along the primary rf signal path to a first rf signal path.
Sea Tel, Inc. (dba Cobham Satcom)

Method and apparatus to enable smartphones and computer tablet devices to communicate with interactive devices

A method and apparatus to enable smartphones and computer tablet devices to communicate with interactive devices, using a selected area of the emissive display of the smart device coupled to one or more optical guides 1. Additionally the enabled optical communication allows smart devices to indicate their position, identity and orientation 3 relative to a receiving device.

Exception handling in microprocessor systems

A microprocessor system (1) includes a host processor (2),a graphics processing unit (gpu) (3) that includes a number of processing cores (4), and an exception handler. When a thread that is executing on a processing core (4) encounters an exception in its instruction sequence, the thread is redirected to the exception handler.
Arm Limited

Firearm noise suppressor

The present invention relates to a fire arm silencer that utilizes internal reflection of shock waves and redirection of propulsive gasses to reduce the noise caused by the firing of a fire arm. The fire arm noise suppressor is comprised of a hollow body comprised of an end wall and a central opening with an inner tube extending partially within the body from the end wall of the hollow body.

Gate valve downspout diverter for rainwater collection

A downspout diverter for rainwater collection that is installed through a hole in the wall of a downspout and functions as a gate valve by redirecting the flow of water from a pan-like interior gate through a fitted bushing and exterior hose spout. The gate can be turned from its horizontal capture position to its vertical non-capture position by rotating the bushing.

Gate valve downspout diverter for rainwater collection

A downspout diverter for rainwater collection that consists of a rotating diverter unit with a catchment gate that captures and redirects the flow of water to the outside of the downspout when it is turned to its horizontal upright position, and restores downflow when it is turned to its vertical open position. The device is easy to install and remove without disconnecting the downspout, and the small size of its port and fixtures effects a finished appearance to the downspout..

Process and installation for producing alumina trihydrate by alkaline digestion of bauxite ore

A process for producing alumina trihydrate includes a digestion step, a separation step, and a precipitation step the separation step including: b1) pretreating a slurry from the digestion step by adding a flocculant to said slurry and mixing the flocculant and the slurry, b2) settling the resulting flocculated slurry in a gravity settler vessel, b3) determining a measured value representative of the concentration of solid particles in the resulting clarified liquor, b4) comparing the measured value with a predetermined threshold, b5) feeding said clarified liquor directly to the precipitation step, while the measured value is less than said predetermined threshold, and b6) redirecting said clarified liquor to the pre-treatment step b1), when the measured value is more than said predetermined threshold. An installation may be configured for operating said process..
Rio Tinto Alcan International Limited

Handrail drive for an escalator or a moving walkway

The invention relates to a handrail drive 2 for driving a handrail 3 of a transportation system, which has at least one drive device 4 and at least one counterpressure device 5. The counterpressure device 5 contains at least one taughtening spring 42 and at least one counterpressure-roller 32 to 39.
Inventio Ag

Joint for an underbody of a motor vehicle

A joint for a vehicle can direct forces away from an interior of the vehicle and along a frame rail. The joint can pivot when subjected to a high force, and the pivoting action can redirect and redistribute the force away from a passenger compartment.
Faraday&future Inc.

Apparatus, characterizing, imaging and/or modifying an object

Method and apparatus can be provided according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure. For example, with at least one first section of an optical enclosure, it is possible to provide at least one first electro-magnetic radiation.
The General Hospital Corporation

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