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Health monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation

Health monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation

Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip

Cisco Technology

Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip

Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip

Innopath Software

Distributing software for updating of client devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 Revival and redirection of blocked connections for intention inspection in computer networks patent thumbnailRevival and redirection of blocked connections for intention inspection in computer networks
A method for network security includes monitoring traffic exchanged over a computer network. A failed attempt to communicate with a target computer by an initiating computer is identified in the monitored traffic.
Guardicore Ltd.
 Health monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation patent thumbnailHealth monitor based distributed denial of service attack mitigation
Provided are methods and systems for mitigating a ddos event. The method may comprise receiving an indication of a collapse of a collapsible virtual data circuit associated with network data traffic.
 Integrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip patent thumbnailIntegrated ip tunnel and authentication protocol based on expanded proxy mobile ip
A gateway is preconfigured to establish an internet protocol (ip) tunnel with a default local mobility anchor on behalf of a mobile node. The gateway receives from the mobile node an internet access request including a mobile identifier and authorization and authentication protocol information, and sends to the default local mobility anchor an ip tunnel request to establish an ip tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 Distributing software for updating of client devices patent thumbnailDistributing software for updating of client devices
Systems and methods are described that comprise receiving software files of client devices at a platform. The software files include software update images for use in updating software of the client devices.
Innopath Software, Inc.
 Method and system for dynamically rebalancing client sessions within a cluster of servers connected to a network patent thumbnailMethod and system for dynamically rebalancing client sessions within a cluster of servers connected to a network
A dynamic rebalancer operates in a server cluster independently of routers directing traffic to the servers in the cluster. An analysis component uses configuration information and statistics information to determine which session, if any, should be moved.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Enhanced content delivery system and method spanning multiple data processing systems patent thumbnailEnhanced content delivery system and method spanning multiple data processing systems
An enhanced content delivery system and method for use with plurality of digital multimedia data processing systems and legacy systems spanning across one or more network environments. The system and method enable users with freedom of mobility while maintaining access to the user's selected content while the user transitions from one device in one location to a different device in a difference location, substantially without interruption and without the need for user action to turn on and off these target data processing systems.
 Methods and systems for performing redirects to a search engine patent thumbnailMethods and systems for performing redirects to a search engine
The present invention is related to methods and systems for processing search requests and for performing searches over a network. In an embodiment, a recipient designation is received from a user over a network.
Goodsearch, Llc
 Single number services for fixed mobile telephony devices patent thumbnailSingle number services for fixed mobile telephony devices
A special-purpose service control point includes a customized application that provides fixed mobile convergence services and interoperates with a voice over internet protocol (voip) network to achieve a single-number fixed mobile convergence overlay network. By determining if a dual-mode cellular/wifi handset is reachable via a wifi network, the service control point may redirect incoming and outgoing calls off of the cellular network and onto the wifi network, thereby reducing cost and providing greater coverage..
Net2phone, Inc.
 Call redirection method implemented in a telecommunication system and corresponding system patent thumbnailCall redirection method implemented in a telecommunication system and corresponding system
In a call redirection method, an application of a second telecommunications terminal requests one of the active numbers in the security element of a first terminal. The application transmits a request for an active telephone number in the security element to its operator, and the latter retransmits it to a manager of the security element having knowledge of the active subscription in the security element.
Gemalto Sa
 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment
Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments enable a wireless docking center device to manage one or more wireless and/or wired peripheral devices on behalf of a wireless dockee device. Example embodiments of the invention include wireless docking management of peripheral devices, power management in wireless docking, intelligent and automatic connection activation in wireless docking, notification based on user proximity to a peripheral device in wireless docking, and redirect data transmission between peripheral devices in wireless docking.
Nokia Corporation

Method and aligning a large diameter optical fiber

A method for aligning an optical fiber that includes: directing a laser beam into a beam splitter to generate a pair of beams that are directed to a pair of reflectors that redirect the pair of beams such that the pair of beams intersect with each other and go to a pair of power detectors; and moving an optical fiber into the paths of the pair of beams until power detected at each of the pair of detectors is minimized.. .
Afl Telecommunications Llc

Portable sign

Included is a lightweight portable sign which can be used in one aspect to protect stalled or broken down vehicles with passengers still on board, to prevent oncoming vehicles or traffic from colliding with the stalled vehicles. An infinite number of messages may be displayed by input to the display through the use of a keyboard, smart phone application, auditory input or a pre-set selection of messaged chosen by the user.
Sylo Systems ,llc

Barcode-reading enhancement system for a computing device that comprises a camera and an illumination system

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Portable water purification system using one or more low output power uv light sources

A water purification system includes one or more germicidal uv light sources that operate within an amplifying chamber that contains a given amount of fluid as a batch or as flowing through the chamber at any given time. The amplifying chamber has a highly reflective inner surface that redirects the germicidal uv light that reaches the highly reflective inner surface back through the fluid simultaneously in substantially all directions.
Hydro-photon, Inc.

Selectively performing man in the middle decryption

A http request addressed to a first resource on a second device outside the network is received from a first device within the network. The http request is redirected to a third device within the network.
Phantom Technologies, Inc.

Rule-based routing to resources through a network

Techniques for determining which resource access requests are handled locally at a remote computer, and which resource access requests are routed or “redirected” through a virtual private network. One or more routing or “redirection” rules are downloaded from a redirection rule server to a remote computer.
Sonicwall, Inc.

Setting first-party cookies by redirection

A first request on a second domain associated with the computing device is received, by the computing device, from a user device, in response to the user device processing a webpage associated with a first domain. Handler instructions are sent, by the computing device, to the user device.
Criteo Sa

Commercially subsidized mobile communication devices and services

Mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones, may be capable of recommending to a user various providers of one or more solicited services, e.g., by identifying a user location and identifying providers near the user location that provide the services, and by initiating a call between the user and a selected provider. However, the equipment and service costs of such devices may be prohibitive, particularly for mid-range mobile communication devices that may appeal to cost-conscious users.
Microsoft Corporation

Optical probe with improved affixing structure for supporting a light-redirecting element

An optical probe (10) includes an inner tube (30), and a light-redirecting element (54) disposed at a distal end (56) of the inner tube. The light-redirecting element is supported at the distal end by an affixing structure (57) not attached to an optically-working surface (58) of the light-redirecting element..

Transparent light guide

A light guide for illuminating a mobile electronic device display. The light guide includes a light source, a light guide panel element having a light input surface located to receive light and a light output surface located proximate to a display active area, and a light guide ring surrounding the light guide panel element and having at least one end located proximate to the light source.
Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

Optical system utilizing led illumination for a light bar, and light bar having same

An optical system is provided having a first optical element for directing led light received outwards, and two second optical elements each disposed to receive a portion of the light from a different one of two opposing ends of the first optical element so that the second optical elements redirects such portion of the light received outwards. Light from the optical system is preferably collimated along a first dimension, and non-collimated along a second dimension perpendicular to the first dimension.
Star Headlight & Lantern Co., Inc.

Barcode-reading capabilities of a portable, hand-held computing device that comprises a camera

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Barcode-reading application for a mobile device with a high resolution color camera

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Guide bar for a saw chain of a motor-driven chain saw and application of a marking on a guide bar of a motor-driven chain saw

A guide bar for a saw chain of a chain saw has a fastening section and a redirecting section. The guide bar has an imaginary longitudinal center axis extending from the fastening section to the redirecting section.
Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

Waveguide neural interface device

A waveguide neural interface device including: a neural device implantable in tissue and including an array of electrode sites that electrically communicate with their surroundings, in which the array of electrode sites includes at least one recording electrode site; and a waveguide, coupled to the neural device, that carries light along a longitudinal axis and includes a light directing element that redirects the carried light from the waveguide to illuminate selectively targeted tissue, in which at least a portion of the redirected light is directed laterally away from the longitudinal axis and the recording electrode site is configured to sample illuminated tissue. A method for assembling a waveguide neural interface device is also described..
Neuronexus Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for providing real time access monitoring of a removable media device

In various embodiments, a method comprises detecting a removable media device coupled to a digital device, authenticating a password to access the removable media device, injecting redirection code into the digital device, intercepting, with the redirection code, a request for data, determining to allow the request for data based on a security policy, and providing the data based on the determination. The method may further comprise selecting the security policy from a plurality of security policies based, at least in part, on the password and/or filtering the content of the requested data.
Cupp Computing As

Accessing enterprise resources while providing denial-of-service attack protection

A method for accessing enterprise resources while providing denial-of-service attack protection. The method may include receiving, at a gateway from a client device, a request for a resource, the request comprising a location identifier associated with the resource.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Storage detection apparatus, system, and method

A storage detection apparatus is placed in an operating system in kernel mode; after file information is intercepted and a security level of file content is determined, file content of a high security level is redirected to a storage area of high storage security; the security level of the file content itself is determined and stored, which is transparent to a user, thereby implementing division of security levels for different documents generated by a same application.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Migrating data from legacy storage systems to object storage systems

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for migrating a dataset from a file storage system to an object storage system. That is, a snapshot of a file system may be received from the file storage system.
Netapp Inc.

Cochlear implant systems including magnetic flux redirection means

An exemplary cochlear implant system includes a component that houses a circuit board comprising electronic circuitry that generates one or more signals, an induction coil that transmits the one or more signals by generating a telemetry magnetic field, and a telemetry flux guide positioned between and in direct contact with a top surface of the induction coil and a bottom surface of the circuit board.. .
Advanced Bionics Ag

Method and selecting cell in wireless communication system

A method and apparatus for selecting a cell in a wireless communication system is provided. A user equipment (ue) receives a radio resource control (rrc) connection release message including redirection information from a serving cell.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Traffic flow redirection between border routers using routing encapsulation

In response to receiving one or more packets from an interface, an anchoring border router classifies the traffic flow and either transmits the packets based upon the routing control table as usual, or determines that the packets of the traffic flow are to be forwarded to a forwarding border router. Upon determining that the packets are to be forwarded, the packets are encapsulated with a routing encapsulation key corresponding to a routing path and are forwarded from the anchoring border router to the forwarding border router via a routing encapsulation tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Lighting fixture having enhanced light distribution performance

An led lighting fixture with a heat sink, led arrays on angled facets, a reflector dish, and a diffuser lens are disclosed. The led arrays are mounted at an angle on sloped facets, and the reflector intercepts a portion of light from the led arrays, and redirects the intercepted light downward, resulting in a focused and collumnated light beam.
Simply Leds, Llc.

Clamping device

The present invention relates to a clamping device. According to the present invention, a clamping unit fixing a target object can be operated by the foot or knee using an operation unit, the clamping unit can be redirected to the left and right and upward and downward and can be rotated horizontally, and a support unit supporting the clamping unit can be easily folded and unfolded.

Pin hole shape in a pressure plate

A pressure plate comprising: one or more pin holes that include: (a) a leading end; (b) a trailing end; (c) a bottom connecting the leading end to the trailing end; (d) a dampening chamfer; and (e) a top extending between the leading end and the trailing end, and being connected directly to the leading end or the trailing end on one side and an opposing end of the top is connected to the leading end or the trailing end by the dampening chamfer; wherein the dampening chamfer is configured so that when the pressure plate is installed in a brake system and a pin extends through each of the one or more pin holes, movement of the pressure plate during non-braking conditions is redirected by the dampening chamfer.. .
Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd.

Sound enhancing case for electronic media devices

A protective case for a portable electronic media device has been described. The case includes a rotatable member that transitions from a stowed position to an open position.

Methods of making optical fiber with reduced hydrogen sensitivity that include fiber redirection

A method of making optical fibers that includes controlled cooling to produce fibers having a low concentration of non-bridging oxygen defects and low sensitivity to hydrogen. The method may include heating a fiber preform above its softening point, drawing a fiber from the heated preform and passing the fiber through two treatment stages.
Corning Incorporated

Managing configurations of computing terminals

Disclosed is a system for configuring a terminal by intercepting requests, such as input/output (io) requests or registry requests, evaluating rules based on the intercepted requests during runtime, and performing actions based on the rule evaluations, such as passing the request through, redirecting the request, modifying the request, hiding resources, or performing other actions. The system can be implemented in one or more of the terminal's file system filter drivers and registry filter drivers..
Fslogix, Inc.

System for deployment of communication terminals in a cloud computing system

A communication system includes a redirect server and a deployment server configured to configure different terminal devices so that those devices are able to access a network of a service provider. A terminal device, computer readable medium and method are also disclosed that helps deploy such a service.
Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

Content caching

A gateway within a network intercepts a request by a client within the network for content associated with a server outside the network, the client having a direct connection with the server outside the network. The method further includes determining whether a copy of the requested content is available in a cache within the network.
Phantom Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for performing response based cache redirection

The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for performing response based cache redirection to a cache proxy. A device intermediary to a plurality of clients and a plurality of servers and in communication with a plurality of cache proxies, receives a request for content from a client.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Wearable and breathable photo therapy patch

A radiation device (30) for providing radiation to the skin is described. The radiation device comprises a radiation guide (31) for directing radiation whereby the radiation guide (31) is configured for receiving radiation from at least one radiation source (20) in a side-lit configuration.
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

System and method to redirect and/or reduce airflow using actuators

The invention generally relates to ventilation systems and methods, and more particularly to selectively configurable climate control systems and methods for use in data centers and the like. A device includes a support element and a plurality of ducts connected to the support element.
International Business Machines Corporation

System for connecting two client entities

A system is provided for connecting a first client entity to a second client entity in a communications network. The first client entity has subscribed to a connection service.

Solid state light with features for controlling light distribution and air cooling channels

A solid state light having a shell forming an interior volume and with surface texture for redirecting light. A light section is coupled to the shell, and a light source board in the light section includes at least one solid state light source such as an led.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Fire sprinkler with flue-penetrating non-circular spray pattern

A fire sprinkler of the preferred embodiments includes a frame, a trigger, and a deflector. The frame defines a duct to exhaust the flow of a fire suppressing or extinguishing substance, and includes a fastener to fasten the frame to a supply line.
Ann Arbor Fire Protection

Return waterbox for heat exchanger

A return waterbox for a heat exchanger, such as a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, is provided. The return waterbox may include an insert configured to direct a fluid flow(s) in the return waterbox.
Trane International Inc.

Automatically bridging the semantic gap in machine introspection

Disclosed are various embodiments that facilitate automatically bridging the semantic gap in machine introspection. It may be determined that a program executed by a first virtual machine is requested to introspect a second virtual machine.
The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Methods, apparatus and systems for mobile cloud bursting

Systems, methods, and instrumentalities are provided to implement management of a mobile network computing resources (mncrs) in, e.g., a core network entity of a mobile network. The core network (cn) entity may detect a condition related to the mncr.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Network and data security testing with mobile devices

The present invention provides a network and data security testing app for mobile devices such as an apple ipad, which is connected to the internet via a wireless network. The app downloads and stores one or more network security or data loss test cases from a centralized server, which are then executed on the mobile device.
Websense, Inc.

Optical module connector system and method

A connector cover includes a body having a lower recessed portion configured to receive a portion of a reflecting connector of a type that retains the ends of optical fibers therein and has a reflector that redirects or turns the optical signals. The body has an upper housing portion that covers the reflector when the reflecting connector is received in the lower recessed portion of the body.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd

Redirecting traffic via tunnels to discovered data aggregators

In one embodiment, a data aggregator discovery (dad) message may be distributed by an associated data aggregator, the dad message identifying the initiating data aggregator, and comprising a recorded route taken from the data aggregator to a receiving particular node as well as a total path cost for the particular node to reach a root node of the dag through the recorded route and via the data aggregator. The receiving particular node determines a path cost increase (pci) associated with use of the data aggregator based on the total path cost as compared to a dag-based path cost for the particular node to reach the root node via the dag.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Luminance enhancement film having a substrate iincorporation dispersed particles for diffusion

The present invention discloses a light redirecting film. The light redirecting film comprises a support substrate and an optical substrate.
Ubright Optronics Corporation

Edge-lit panel protection layer

Provided is an apparatus for reducing glare in a lighting panel. The apparatus includes a translucent layer having an emitting surface.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc

Devices for gas cooling plasma arc torches and related systems and methods

In some aspects, nozzles for gas-cooled plasma torches can include a body having a first end and a second end that define a longitudinal axis; a plenum region substantially formed within the body that extends from the first end and is configured to receive a plasma gas flow; an exit orifice located at the second end oriented substantially coaxially with the longitudinal axis, the exit orifice fluidly connected to the plenum region; and a feature on an outer surface of the body to increase cooling by receiving a high velocity cooling gas flow flowing in a direction along a length of the body, an impingement surface of the feature to receive the cooling gas flow at a substantially perpendicular direction relative to the impingement surface and to redirect the cooling gas flow to promote cooling and uniform shield flow.. .
Hypertherm, Inc.

Wide angle three-dimensional solar cells

A three dimensional solar cell composed of a semiconductor body that has a substantially flat bottom surface, and shaped trenches formed in an arrayed manner along its top side. Thus, multiple pillars are thereby formed in the semiconductor body extending toward the top side of the semiconductor body.
Solar3d, Inc.

Redirection of information from secure virtual machines to unsecure virtual machines

The present invention is directed towards methods and systems for redirecting an access request to an unsecure virtual machine. A computing device may execute a hypervisor hosting a secure virtual machine and an unsecure virtual machine.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Internet protocol version 6 content routing

A content delivery system includes a cache server, a domain name server, and a redirector. The domain name server is configured to receive a request for a cache server address, and provide an ipv6 anycast address.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

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