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This page is updated frequently with new Redirect-related patent applications.

 Mobile handover patent thumbnailMobile handover
A cellular telephone handover process, mediated by a mobile terminal or a base station, is controlled in accordance with quality of service control indicators (qcis) such that the base station to which handover is made (if any) is selected according to parameters which relate to the capability of each base station to handle the session or sessions currently is use. Handover may also be initiated if the user initiates an application not supported by the base station currently in use.
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company

 Multi-directional, multi-spectral star tracker with a common aperture and common camera patent thumbnailMulti-directional, multi-spectral star tracker with a common aperture and common camera
An optical star tracker system including a single common aperture, a single light-redirecting element, a single imaging sensor and an image processor, wherein the light-redirecting element receives incident light rays from a plurality of objects and forms images of the objects distorted at angles indicative of the multiple directions of the incident light rays from the objects depending on an orientation at which the incident light rays originated from the objects.. .
The Boeing Company

 Method and device for redirecting between fdd and tdd of lte system patent thumbnailMethod and device for redirecting between fdd and tdd of lte system
A method and device for redirecting between fdd and tdd of an lte system are disclosed. The method includes: an mme receiving a detach request message sent by a terminal in a first system mode, and if the detach request message is used for redirecting between the fdd and the tdd, setting a session maintenance identifier as valid for a current session of the terminal, and maintaining the current session; the mme receiving an attach request message sent by the terminal in a second system mode, according to a unique identifier of the terminal, querying whether a session maintenance identifier of a session corresponding to the unique identifier is valid, and if the session maintenance identifier is valid, recovering the session; herein, the first system mode is an fdd-lte/tdd-lte mode, and the second system mode is a tdd-lte/fdd-lte mode..
Zte Corporation

 Drop countermeasures for electronic device patent thumbnailDrop countermeasures for electronic device
An electronic device comprises a housing, a motion sensor configured to sense motion of the housing, and a processor configured to determine an impact geometry based on the motion. A countermeasure system comprises an actuator coupled to an actuated member.
Apple Inc.

 Tracking antenna system having multiband selectable feed patent thumbnailTracking antenna system having multiband selectable feed
A tracking antenna system for use in a plurality of discrete radio frequency (rf) spectrums includes a stabilized antenna support configured to direct and maintain the antenna in alignment with a communications satellite; a reflector mounted on the stabilized antenna support, the reflector reflecting radio waves along a first rf path; a first feed for gathering radio waves within a first of the discrete rf spectrums traveling from the reflector; a sub-reflector movable between first and second positions, the first position outside the first rf path and the second position in the first rf path to redirect radio waves traveling from the reflector along the first rf path to a second rf path; a second feed for gathering radio waves within a second of the discrete rf spectrums redirected along the second rf path; and an actuator for moving the sub-reflector between the first and second positions.. .
Sea Tel, Inc. (dba Cobham Satcom)

 Plasma power supply utilizing ignition circuit with bypass switch with reactive impedance patent thumbnailPlasma power supply utilizing ignition circuit with bypass switch with reactive impedance
The disclosed invention reduces current in the ignition circuit during normal operation (after ignition) by redirecting portion of the plasma current via a bypass switch.. .

 System and  providing or executing layered resources patent thumbnailSystem and providing or executing layered resources
A system and method for providing layered resources to an information handling system is disclosed herein. In particular embodiments, a layering system comprises a layering client, a layering file-system filter driver, and a layering registry filter driver provided for the information handling system.

 Preserving user changes to a shared layered resource patent thumbnailPreserving user changes to a shared layered resource
User changes may be preserved across updates to a layer. When a layering client mounts a layer, a corresponding layering write cache is mounted.
Dell Products L.p.

 File-based client side cache patent thumbnailFile-based client side cache
A file-system filter driver is attached to each cache volume containing a cache and a source volume containing a source file. The file-system filter driver intercepts requests and may redirect the requests to the cache.
Dell Products L.p.

 Controlling a redundant array of independent disks (raid) that includes a read only flash data storage device patent thumbnailControlling a redundant array of independent disks (raid) that includes a read only flash data storage device
A method is provided for controlling a redundant array of independent disks (raid). The method comprises a computer system writing data to a raid and reading data from the raid, wherein the raid includes a controller and a plurality of data storage devices, including a flash data storage device.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

System and protecting contents of shared layer resources

A method and system for handling a file operation directed to an original file of a protected layer. A protected layer and a user- or device-specific write layer associated with the protected layer are both mounted.
Dell Products L.p.

System and creating layered resources

A method of creating a new layer for an information handling system is disclosed. A layering client mounts a new layer at a layer storage medium accessible to the information handling system.

Multi-fiber ferrule with improved eye safety

A multi-fiber ferrule has lenses that have different prescriptions to disperse the light emitted from the multi-fiber ferrule. Alternatively, the lens for each individual optical fiber can be moved relative to the optical fiber or the optical fiber opening in the multi-fiber ferrule to cause the laser beam exiting the multi-fiber ferrule to be redirected into a structure that absorbs or blocks the laser..
Us Conec, Ltd.

Optical interconnect

The disclosure generally relates to sets of optical waveguides such as optical fiber ribbons and embedded optical waveguides, and optical interconnects useful for connecting multiple optical waveguides such as in optical fiber ribbon cables and printed circuit boards (pcbs) having optoelectronic capabilities. In particular, the disclosure provides an efficient, compact, and reliable optical waveguide connector that incorporates microlenses and re-directing elements which combine the features of optical waveguide alignment, along with redirecting and shaping of the optical beam..
3m Innovative Properties Company

System for coupling radiation into a waveguide

A photonics integrated device for coupling radiation using flood illumination is disclosed. The photonic integrated device comprises an integrated waveguide, a coupler grating at the surface of the device for coupling radiation from said flood illumination towards the integrated waveguide, and a grating for blocking, reflecting or redirecting radiation away from the coupler grating at the surface of the device.
Imec Vzw

Gas turbine engine having energy dissipating gap and containment layer

A gas turbine engine includes a containment ring to contain liberated compressor and turbine blades and blade fragments within a core assembly. The combination of a containment gap between the core case and the containment ring and a containment layer disposed in the gap helps dissipate the energy generated by loose body impacts on the core assembly.
United Technologies Corporation

Dust holes

A turbine engine device comprising a turbine engine blade including a cooling channel extending on the interior of the blade, the cooling channel having at least one turn of greater than forty-five degrees, the cooling channel turn demarcated by a cooling channel wall having a curvature operative to redirect fluid flowing therein, the cooling channel wall including a dust opening leading into a dust hole demarcated by a dust wall having a longitudinal axis that is coaxial with a tangent line taken along the curvature of the cooling channel wall.. .
General Electric Company

Apparatus and methods for facilitating the removal of existing turf and installing new turf

A turf cutter device, an infill extractor/collector device, and a turf wind-up device are used to facilitate the cost-effective removal of an infilled synthetic turf and the subsequent installation of a new turf at the same site, with minimal subsurface disruption. An infill extractor/collector device mounted on a motorized vehicle moves a relatively narrow strip of filled artificial turf from the surface, in front of the vehicle, and directs the strip to an infill removal station.
Technology Licensing Corporation

Beverage capsule

A beverage capsule is provided having a body, a filter disposed in the body, ingredients disposed in the filter and a cover. The body includes a side wall that extends from an end wall to an opening that is covered by the cover.
2266170 Ontario Inc.

Abrasion controlled caster wheel

An abrasion controlled caster wheel is described. When a sideways force is applied to a rear of a grocery shopping or material cart either during normal operation or when gathered in the parking lot, the caster wheel, at the rear position of the cart, will redirect its direction of travel or change its mount rigidity rather than scraping sideways across the wheel circumference..

Redirection failure handling in a wireless network

A user equipment (ue) reduces redirection failure resulting from failed paging responses and/or location area updates when a user equipment is redirected from a first radio access technology (rat) to a second rat in accordance with a mobile terminated (mt) call. The ue is redirected from a first rat to a second rat in response to receiving a page for a call.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Overlay implementation of ims centralized service network system with selection of serving network entity within a pool

In a mobile communication networks system supporting ip multimedia subsystem, ims, centralized services, there are provided measures for enabling/realizing an overlay implementation of a ims centralized service network system taking into account a pool of network entities with different ims centralized services capabilities. Such measures based on a ims centralized-services applicability for a terminal requesting attachment and an ims centralized-services capability of at least one switching entity out of a pool of switching entities which are configured to control radio resources for a same radio network area.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Method and device for defending against network attacks

Embodiments of the present application relate to a method and device for defending against website attacks. The method includes obtaining a traffic threshold value corresponding to a target ip address, determining whether real-time visitor traffic for the target ip address exceeds the traffic threshold value, and handling visitor traffic for the target ip address based at least in part on whether the real-time visitor traffic for the target ip address exceeds the traffic threshold value, wherein the handling incoming visitor traffic for the target ip address based at least in part on whether the real-time visitor traffic for the target ip address exceeds the traffic threshold value includes, in the event that the real-time visitor traffic for the target ip address exceeds the traffic threshold value, configuring a blackhole route for the target ip address, and redirecting the incoming visitor traffic for the target ip address to the blackhole route..
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Apparatus for sunlight collection and solar energy generation

This invention relates to photovoltaic (pv) systems with solar trackers. Retractable auxiliary panels are positioned at opposite sides of a solar panel along its tilt direction.

Selective virtualization for security threat detection

Selective virtualization of resources is provided, where the resources may be intercepted and services or the resources may be intercepted and redirected. Virtualization logic monitors for a first plurality of requests that are initiated during processing of an object within the virtual machine.
Fireeye, Inc.

Wearable vision redirecting devices

The present disclosure relates to cantilevered and divergent view wearable optical systems that redirect an optical path, and provide for optimal ergonomics coupled with vision enhancement and vision magnification. Methods of use, devices, and kits are also contemplated..
Vertical Optics, Llc

Lightguide device with outcoupling structures

A lightguide assembly including structures to provide for outcoupling of light from an internal reflection structure. In an embodiment, a lightguide assembly includes light transmissive bodies forming respective corrugations which are coupled to one another.
Google Inc.

Calibration of a multifunctional automotive radar system

A multifunctional radar transmitter may comprise bus interface circuitry and beamforming circuitry. The beamforming circuitry, with use of a plurality of beamforming coefficients, is operable to process a plurality of baseband signals to generate a millimeter wave radar burst corresponding to a radiation pattern that comprises a first lobe and a second lobe, where the first lobe is at a first angle and the second lobe is at a second angle.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Multi-walled swing plate and swing beam

Seismic base isolation and energy dissipation device using a plurality of multi-walled swing plate's that are placed on many central walls that are attached to a base support structure. This arrangement creates a strong load bearing multi-walled swing beam that moves in true pendulum fashion.

Chimeric antigen receptors (cars) having mutations in the fc spacer region and methods for their use

Adoptive immunotherapy using t cells genetically redirected via expression of chimeric antigen receptors (cars) is a promising approach for cancer treatment. However, this immunotherapy is dependent in part on the optimal molecular design of the car, which involves an extracellular ligand-binding domain connected to an intracellular signaling domain by spacer and/or transmembrane sequences..

Chimeric antigen receptor using antigen recognition domains derived from cartilaginous fish

The present invention relates to a new generation of chimeric antigen receptors (car), under single-chain or multi-chain forms, the specificity of which, to a desired antigen, is conferred by a vnar polypeptide derived from monomeric antibodies from cartilaginous fish. Such cars, which aim to redirect immune cell specificity toward selected undesired malignant cells, are compact and thus particularly adapted to target hollow antigens such as ions channels of efflux pumps present at the surface of drug-resistant cells.

Hybrid vehicle and heating engine coolant

A vehicle is provided. The vehicle includes an engine, an electric machine, an electric heater, and a controller.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Shunting of dietary lipids including cholesterol

Methods and devices for redirecting at least a portion of a fluid from the mesenteric lymphatic system for elimination from the body are disclosed. The fluid may be redirected for elimination through the urinary system or redirected outside the body.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Circuit switched fallback

A user equipment (ue) adjusts a system information block (sib) read abort timer to reduce mobile terminated circuit-switched fallback (csfb) failure. In one instance, the ue receives a redirection list including frequencies to search for redirection and searches each frequency in the list to determine a strongest frequency.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Security for network delivered services

A computer-implemented method for accessing a hosted service on client devices is described. The client devices include client software that uses a remotely delivered policy to redirect network requests for hosted services to a server to enforce visibility, policy and data security for network delivered services.
Netskope, Inc.

Dynamic middlebox redirection based on client characteristics

A middlebox includes a network monitor module configured to determine a quality-affective factor in a connection between a client and a server in a network. A processor is configured to compare the quality-affective factor to a threshold to determine whether the connection would benefit from a network processing function.
International Business Machines Corporation

Light management for image and data control

A light control and display technology applicable to light redirection and projection with the capacity, in a number of embodiments modified for particular applications, to produce managed light, including advanced images. Applications include miniature to very large scale video displays, optical data processing, 3-dimensional imaging, and lens-less vision enhancement for poor night-driving vision, cataracts and macular degeneration..

Delayed order delivery fulfillment

Techniques and system configurations for order tracking and delivery fulfillment in an electronic commerce setting is described herein. In one example, a shipment that originates from a distribution center of a retailer is identified for delay (e.g., a delayed shipment in transit via a national carrier).
Bby Solutions, Inc

Method and system to facilitate e-commerce transactions at a host website

A method and system to facilitate e-commerce and improve possibilities of revenue distribution by enabling third party advertisement providers to present ads on a publisher's website where the user can activate the ad and complete the purchase without ever leaving the website. This two tier micro service approach of application suite supported by an array of more surgical procedures, allows the user or consumer, without leaving the publisher's website, to activate the ad itself to be clicked to purchase or acquire the offered goods or services.

System and synchronously switching electrical phases of a permanent magnet synchronous motor

Systems and methods of synchronously switching electrical phases of a permanent magnet synchronous motor are provided. Some embodiments can include switching the phase of the motor by employing an encoder that includes a tone wheel affixed to a rotor such that the tone wheel redirects a magnetic field away from hall effect sensors in a timed manner..
Metropolitan Industries, Inc.


A luminaire configured for perimeter lighting, and having improved features for adjusting one or more lighting characteristics of said luminaire. In one example, the luminaire comprises a light bar structure that may be rotated relative to a housing structure of the luminaire.
Focal Point, Llc

Illumination of dense urban areas by light redirecting sine wave panels

The presented system is a cost effective and energy saving mean of transmitting sunlight downward into a narrow alleys and streets, by using a day-lighting guiding acrylic panel that is capable of changing the direction and distribution of the incident light. The core of the proposed daylight guidance system is made up of light transmission panels that have sine wave shaped cross-section so that the panel functions as an optical diffusor perpendicular to the optical axis.
Science And Technology Development Fund (stdf)

Airflow modification apparatus and method

An apparatus for modifying aircraft cabin airflow includes a redirector configured to receive an airflow from an inlet of an aircraft cabin. The redirector is configured to downwardly redirect at least a portion of the airflow.

Methods and compositions for treating degenerative and ischemic disorders

Model systems have shown that shifting a cell's reliance from oxidative phosphorylation (oxphos) to glycolysis can protect against cell death. Exploiting the therapeutic potential of this strategy, however, has been limited by the lack of clinically safe agents that remodel energy metabolism.
The General Hospital Corporation

Automated, adaptive ventilation for a data center

An adaptive ventilation system and method for a data center are provided. The adaptive ventilation system includes: one or more system-controlled vents facilitating dynamic redirection of airflow passing through the vent(s), and including (for instance) a plurality of adjustable louvers; and a plurality of sensors dispersed within the data center for ascertaining one or more feedback parameters within different zones of the data center.
International Business Machines Corporation

Caching in a mobile network

Systems and methods for providing data caching within a mobile access network include deploying data cache(s) in association with one or more network nodes configured to manage communications between the mobile access network and external data networks. Upon a content provider network receives a data request from a client device via the mobile access network, the content provider network can determine whether the requested data is cached in one of the network nodes managing communications with the content provider network.
Google Inc.

System for automated device-to-device transfer

A session transfer module of a session server provides the capability to a user to direct a transfer of an on-going session from one device to another device while maintaining the session. The session transfer module is invoked by a user in a way consistent with the user interface of the client application, including by a graphical user command, a command line prompt, or a voice command.
Crfd Research, Inc.

Content delivery method, apparatus, and system

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a content delivery method, including: when a content request of user equipment ue is received, acquiring location information of access of the ue; acquiring at least one content control apparatus and information about a first area that can be served by the at least one content control apparatus; determining, according to the location information and the information about the first area, a content control apparatus for serving the ue; sending a request for searching for a cache device to the determined content control apparatus, where the cache device is configured to provide content requested by the ue; receiving an identifier of a cache device returned by the content control apparatus; and sending a redirection message to the ue, so that the ue redirects to the cache device corresponding to the identifier to acquire the requested content.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Scalable and iterative deep packet inspection for communications networks

Systems and methods for scalable and iterative deep packet inspection for communication networks are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a system comprises a home network and a visitor network in communication with the home network over an internetwork packet exchange.
Yaana Technologies, Inc.

Solar cells and methods of manufacturing solar cells incorporating effectively transparent 3d contacts

Solar cells in accordance with a number of embodiments of the invention incorporate effectively transparent 3d contacts that redirect light incident on the contacts onto the photoabsorbing surfaces of the solar cells. One embodiment includes a photoabsorbing surface and a plurality of three-dimensional contacts formed on the photoabsorbing surface.
California Institute Of Technology

Icp source design for plasma uniformity and efficiency enhancement

An icp a plasma reactor having an enclosure wherein at least part of the ceiling forms a dielectric window. A substrate support is positioned within the enclosure below the dielectric window.
Advanced Micro-fabrication Equipment Inc, Shanghai

System and dynamic write protect of storage devices exposed by baseboard management controller (bmc)

A system including a baseboard management controller (bmc) and a storage device connected to the bmc, for dynamic protection of the storage device. The bmc includes a processor and a non-volatile memory storing a computer executable code.
American Megatrends, Inc.

Multimode optical connector

The disclosure generally relates to individual optical waveguides, sets of optical waveguides such as optical fiber ribbons, and fiber optic connectors useful for connecting individual optical waveguides or multiple optical fibers such as in optical fiber ribbon cables. In particular, the disclosure provides an efficient, compact, and reliable optical fiber connector that exhibits a low insertion loss for use with multimode optical waveguides.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Automated, adaptive ventilation for a data center

An adaptive ventilation system and method for a data center are provided. The adaptive ventilation system includes: one or more system-controlled vents facilitating dynamic redirection of airflow passing through the vent(s), and including (for instance) a plurality of adjustable louvers; and a plurality of sensors dispersed within the data center for ascertaining one or more feedback parameters within different zones of the data center.
International Business Machines Corporation

Color mixing output for high brightness led sources

A mixing optic combines a variety of features to enhance the brightness and uniformity of the light emitted from a combination of different color light emitting sources. The mixing optic may include a parabolic reflector that redirects low-angle emissions, a reflective waveguide that mixes the light spatially, and a diffuser plate that mixes the light angularly.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Controller modulated oil system for a gas turbine propulsion system

Technologies for controlling a lubrication subsystem of a gas turbine propulsion system are disclosed herein. The propulsion system includes several distributed lubricant pumps.
Rolls-royce Corporation

Vector fixation device

A fixation apparatus is provided that includes a reception portion on a proximal end of the fixation apparatus. The reception portion couples the fixation apparatus to a tension element, and adjustment of the tension element with respect to the fixation apparatus does not cause a change in a position of the fixation apparatus.
Dauntless Innovations, Llc

Impact reducing sport equipment

A sport equipment for absorbing and dispersing, at least in part, an impact force, thereby reducing the impact force. The sport equipment can be a helmet having an outer shell, an inner shell, and a tensile sheet located between the outer and inner shells.

Next generation public-safety answering point (psap) administration via text messaging

A psap management system includes a mobile device and a short message service (sms) enabled esrp(s). The mobile device can include a psap administrator module that allows a psap administrator to initiate transmission of a text message to a short message service (sms) enabled esrp(s).
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Liquid ingress-redirecting acoustic device reservoir

An acoustic device such as a microphone or speaker is positioned with and coupled to a housing to connect an acoustic port of the acoustic device with an external opening of the housing. A reservoir is connected to the external opening via a bleed channel.
Apple Inc.

Light management for image and data control

A light control and display technology applicable to light redirection and projection with the capacity, in a number of embodiments modified for particular applications, to produce managed light, including advanced images. Applications include miniature to very large scale video displays, optical data processing, 3-dimensional imaging, and lens-less vision enhancement for poor night-driving vision, cataracts and macular degeneration..

Technologies for secure extensible inter-device i/o redirection across a network

Technologies for secure i/o redirection include a provider device, a consumer device, an authentication server, and a messaging server. The provider device and the consumer device establish an authenticated i/o redirect pairing.

Inspection method, lithographic apparatus, mask and substrate

A method and apparatus for obtaining focus information relating to a lithographic process. The method includes illuminating a target, the target having alternating first and second structures, wherein the form of the second structures is focus dependent, while the form of the first structures does not have the same focus dependence as that of the second structures, and detecting radiation redirected by the target to obtain for that target an asymmetry measurement representing an overall asymmetry of the target, wherein the asymmetry measurement is indicative of focus of the beam forming the target.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Miniature optical elements for fiber-optic beam shaping

In part, the invention relates to optical caps having at least one lensed surface configured to redirect and focus light outside of the cap. The cap is placed over an optical fiber.
Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

Device for assisting visually impaired patients

The invention pertains to devices and methods that allow a subject having a diseased retina to see a more complete image of the subject's field-of-view. The invention provides a device comprising one or more windows comprising a plurality of optical components that redirect the light transmitting through the regions of the windows corresponding to the non-functional areas of the retina onto the functional areas of the retina in a manner such that the subject perceives a more complete field-of-view through the functional areas of the retina.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

Embolism deflector

Devices, methods, and systems provide an embolism deflecting device, methods for deflecting or diverting emboli away from critical locations in the body, and systems therefor. Embodiments of the embolism deflecting device comprise an embolism detector, a diverter controller operable for determining the presence of emboli from a target input from the embolism detector, and an embolism diverter operable by the diverter controller to deflect, divert, redirect, etc., emboli away from the critical body location on the detection thereof..
Elwha Llc

Devices and methods for low pressure tumor embolization

A method of transarterial embolization agent delivery at a low pressure is provided. The method comprises advancing a delivery device with an occlusion structure in a retracted non-occlusive configuration through a supply artery to a vascular position in the supply artery that is in the vicinity of a target anatomical structure, the target structure having terminal capillary beds, expanding the occlusion structure from the retracted non-occlusive configuration to an expanded occlusive configuration, lowering a mean arterial pressure in a vascular space distal to the expanded occlusion structure, redirecting fluid flow from the collateral vessels toward the lowered pressure vascular space and into the target anatomical structure, injecting an embolization agent through the delivery device and into the lowered pressure vascular space, and delivering the embolization agent from the lowered pressure vascular space into the target anatomical structure.

Call pickup with seemail

Various embodiments provide real-time translation of a voicemail into a readable format as the voicemail is being recorded. In some cases, a system server records the voicemail by first answering a call from an originating device that goes unanswered by a destination device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Session reconstruction using proactive redirect

A method, server, and communication system are described that, among other things, enable a server in a server cluster to assume control of any “early” session initiation protocol (sip) dialogs previously handled by another server in the server cluster when that server fails or otherwise becomes unable to continue handling a communication session. The replacement server in the server cluster is able to generate one or more messages that include an identification of the dialog identifiers used by the now failed server as well as new dialog identifiers to replace the dialog identifiers used by the now failed server..
Avaya Inc.

Disaster recovery framework for cloud delivery

In an example embodiment, an instance of a first database and an instance of a first application in a first data center of a managed cloud are replicated to a second data center of the managed cloud. Then state information regarding the first application is stored in a network file system in the first data center.

Configurable workload optimization

According to an example, configurable workload optimization may include selecting a performance optimized application workload from available performance optimized application workloads. A predetermined combination of removable workload optimized modules may be selected to implement the selected performance optimized application workload.
Trend Micro Incorporated

Dental implant assembly for uniform distribution of occlusal forces

A dental implant abutment assembly imitates a micro-motion mechanism to direct occlusal forces internally, and uniformly distribute the occlusal forces into the body of an ossoeintegrated dental implant. The micro-motion mechanism is configured to imitate the biomechanical behavior of the periodontal ligament through a compressive action that dampens vertical, horizontal, and angular forces.

Redirecting a client device from a first gateway to a second gateway for accessing a network node function

The present invention enables a network operator to select a gateway that provides desirable operational parameters to access a network node function in a network node requested by a client. A network service provider detects what service a client device is requesting or using and selects a gateway (e.g.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Localizing and placement of network node functions in a network

The invention enables placement and use of a network node function in a second network node instead of using the network node function in a first network node. The network node function is e.g.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Photodetector with tapered waveguide structure

Techniques and mechanisms for providing efficient direction of light to a photodetector with a tapered waveguide structure. In an embodiment, a taper structure of a semiconductor device comprises a substantially single crystalline silicon.
Intel Corporation

Redirected movement in a combined virtual and physical environment

A combined physical and virtual environment in which a user's position in a physical environment is displayed in an offset position within the virtual environment. The offset is determined based on mapping between the physical environment and the virtual environment and offsets generated for a user position and direction as a user moves throughout the physical environment.
The Void, Llc

Aggregate dewatering device and method

A dewatering device for aggregate product can be used to retro-fit existing aggregate product dewatering facilities in order to more efficiently capture product. The dewatering device can be movable to allow for the portability of the device relative to existing dewatering facilities.
Superior Industries, Inc.

Self-regulating wind amplifier and brake system

The disclosed self-regulating wind amplifier and brake system utilizes self-adjustable louvers, forcing wind into the capture blades of a wind turbine. These louvers direct and compress incoming wind current increasing the wind speed internally before impacting the capture blades of the turbine increasing the produced torque to the generator shaft at lower wind speeds.

Self transportable aerostat system

A self transportable aerostat system comprising: a first motorized mooring truck; a mooring tower removable attached to a base assembly of the first mooring truck, generally vertically arranged in relation to the bed of the first mooring truck; a proximal and distal boom deck removably attached to the base assembly; a flying sheave for redirecting a tether carried by the base assembly and attachable to an aerostat; a second motorized mooring truck attachable to the outer edge of the distal boom; and, an aerostat truck having an electrical connection for connecting to the first mooring truck and having an aerostat storage compartment for storing the aerostat is a retracted configuration.. .
Tcom, L.p.

Method and arrangement for dehumidifying interior air in off-shore installations

The present invention concerns a method and an arrangement for dehumidifying and desalting interior air in off-shore installations. A simplified arrangement is presented wherein exterior intake air containing water rich in supersaturated and wet salt particles is pretreated with dry and salt free pretreatment air before entering a dehumidifying and de-salting unit from which the intake air exits as desalted and dehumidified exit air.
Nordre Ringgade 70c

Method and apparatus that provides fault tolerance in a communication network

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for detecting a fault in a first wire of a power grid that affects a transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves that transport data and that propagate along a surface of the first wire, selecting a backup communication medium from one or more backup communication mediums according to one or more selection criteria, and redirecting the data to the backup communication medium to circumvent the fault. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Dlp micro projector

The invention provides a dlp micro projector including: a light supply device, including: a led light source and a light collimation system, and a spectroscope group; a light path switching device, including a fly-eye lens or an optical wand; a lighting optical system, including: a freeform lens or a freeform reflector, and a right angle prism; a dmd light modulator being parallel to a right angle side of the right angle prism; and a projection lens group. The dlp micro projector has a simple and reasonable structure, employs a freeform optical component to replace the conventional planar mirror and relay lens to redirect and converge the beams, and meanwhile compensates the lighting source of the dmd light modulator, thereby simplifying the optical components and reducing the size and weight of the dlp micro projector.
Iview Limited

Light field projectors and methods

Undesirably high energy-consumption in illuminating devices can be caused at least in part by wasted (attenuated) light. Optically efficient illumination systems that may be used to project light, including images, use light redirection.
Mtt Innovation Incorporated

In-server redirection of http requests

A method and system for http request service identify a true url content regardless of whether the target url is redirected, and send the true url content to a client. The requesting and sending of the redirected url content is done internally in the http server system and do not require the client to have the ability to receive and execute a url redirection command.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

System and threat-driven security policy controls

Methods, systems, and media for a security system are provided herein. Exemplary methods may include: acquiring a firewall security policy from a policy compiler; receiving network traffic originating from a source machine and directed to a destination machine; analyzing the network traffic using the firewall security policy; forwarding or dropping each of the network traffic according to the security policy; and redirecting one or more network packets of the network traffic according to the security policy..
Varmour Networks, Inc.

Secure transmission of a session identifier during service authentication

In an embodiment a method is performed by a network access device (nad). The nad transfers a first https request from a client computer (ue) to an identity provider computer (idp).
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Rule-based routing to resources through a network

Techniques for determining which resource access requests are handled locally at a remote computer, and which resource access requests are routed or “redirected” through a virtual private network. One or more routing or “redirection” rules are downloaded from a redirection rule server to a remote computer.
Aventail Llc

Redirect topics:
  • Optical Component
  • Lens Array
  • Redirection
  • Redundancy
  • Network Device
  • Executable
  • Silicon Wafer
  • Computer Readable

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    file did exist - 4581

    2 - 1 - 103