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Date/App# patent app List of recent Redirect-related patents
 Provision of additional network addressable numbers on single mobile device patent thumbnailProvision of additional network addressable numbers on single mobile device
A method for routing calls between a third party telecommunications device (“td”) and a subscriber td associated with a primary service and a second line service (“sls”) involves associating the sls number of the subscriber, the primary number of the subscriber and the primary number of a third party via a common relationship number. Calls directed from a third party to the sls number of a subscriber are routed to an sls platform and redirected to the subscriber td.
Movius Interactive Corporation

 System and  live service content handling with content storing servers caching popular content therein patent thumbnailSystem and live service content handling with content storing servers caching popular content therein
A computerized method for providing live content from a service delivery apparatus (sda), the method comprises receiving a request from a user node (un) for content, the request comprising a content identification (cid) and a content source (cs). The content of the cid is acquired to store in a fast access memory of the sda upon determining that the content of the cid needs to be acquired to the sda, and that the cs is a provider of live content.
Qwilt, Inc.

 Telecommunications device enabled with multiple network recognizable numbers patent thumbnailTelecommunications device enabled with multiple network recognizable numbers
A method for routing calls between a third party telecommunications device (“td”) and a subscriber td associated with a primary service and a second line service (“sls”) involves associating the sls number of the subscriber, the primary number of the subscriber and the primary number of a third party via a common relationship number. Calls directed from a third party to the sls number of a subscriber are routed to an sls platform and redirected to the subscriber td.
Movius Interactive Corporation

 Captive portal systems, methods, and devices patent thumbnailCaptive portal systems, methods, and devices
Embodiments of the present technology provide out-of-band captive portal devices, networks, and methods. An example of a method includes executing a redirection of a client request for network access to a captive portal login, initiating an association between the wireless controller and the client, receiving authentication credentials of client from the captive portal login, negotiating a change of authorization with a wireless controller in accordance with rfc 5176 protocol, wherein the controller includes a mapping to a captive portal internet protocol (ip) address, and redirecting the client to a url specified in the client request for network access..
Avaya Inc.

 Method and device for switching tunnels and switch patent thumbnailMethod and device for switching tunnels and switch
A method and device for switching tunnels, and a switch are provided. The method includes that: a classid of a service route on a tunnel protection group is set as a first classid, wherein the tunnel protection group includes a first tunnel and a second tunnel; a redirection rule for the service route is determined according to the first classid; and the service route is switched from the first tunnel to the second tunnel according to the redirection rule and tunnel information of the second tunnel.
Zte Corporation

 Slab laser and amplifier and  use patent thumbnailSlab laser and amplifier and use
A slab laser and its method of use for high power applications including the manufacture of semiconductors and deposition of diamond and/or diamond-like-carbon layers, among other materials. A lamp driven slab design with a face-to-face beam propagation scheme and an end reflection that redirects the amplified radiation back out the same input surface is utilized.

 Optical redirection adapter patent thumbnailOptical redirection adapter
An optical redirection adapter for an electronic device having a camera includes a housing and an optical element. The optical element is attached to the housing and positioned such that, when the adapter is attached the electronic device, the optical element is positioned in the camera's field of view.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

 Microstructured waveguide illuminator patent thumbnailMicrostructured waveguide illuminator
In one aspect, there is provided an apparatus. The apparatus may include a waveguide layer to guide an optical beam, and a lenslet layer, coupled to a surface of the waveguide layer, to focus a portion of the optical beam.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Polarization recovery in a directional display device patent thumbnailPolarization recovery in a directional display device
Disclosed is an imaging directional backlight polarization recovery apparatus including an imaging directional backlight with at least a polarization sensitive reflection component with optional polarization transformation and redirection elements. Viewing windows may be formed through imaging individual light sources and hence defines the relative positions of system elements and ray paths.
Reaid Inc.

 Hybrid image-pupil optical reformatter patent thumbnailHybrid image-pupil optical reformatter
A hybrid image-pupil optical reformatter and method for optional use with a spectrometer is disclosed, which performs beam slicing in pupil space and stacks replicas of the input source generated from the pupil beam slices in image space. The optical reformatter comprises a collimator which receives an input light and produces a collimated beam; a first optical element which receives the collimated beam, redirects portions of the collimated beam back toward the collimator as reimaged beams and permits portions of the collimated beam to pass; a second optical element which receives the reimaging beams and redirects the reimaging beams back toward the collimator and the first optical element; to form an output beam comprising the portions of the collimated beams that are not redirected toward the collimator by the first optical element.
Tornado Spectral Systems Inc.


Heated lens lighting arrangement

According to aspects of the embodiments, a lighting fixture is designed to help prevent the accumulation of snow or ice on the light emitting face {e.g., lens) of the lighting fixture. The lighting fixture harvests both the light and heat generated by at least one light source, such as but not limited to at least one led light source.
University Of Kansas


Clutched flywheel transmission

An energy storage and recovery system device for a vehicle, comprising a flywheel, a first and a second set of gears, and multiple wet multi-plate clutches, wherein one of each gear set is arranged coaxially along a clutch shaft with one of the clutches, and wherein the device is coupled to the vehicle transmission, such that actuation of a clutch redirected the torque path via the gears, thereby enabling multiple ratios and therefore multiple speeds.. .
Flybrid Automotive Limited


Discthruster, pressure thrust based aircraft engine

A aircraft propulsion device called discthruster™ which creates thrust in the form of pressure thrust, as opposed to momentum thrust, wherein a thin round discthruster disc 2 spins about its disc rotation axis being driven by a turboshaft engine, wherein the disc 2 exhibits a series of ring-like concentric circumferential disc zones 4 on its flat surface, beginning from the innermost radius out to the circumferential edge of the disc 2, such that each disc zone 4 contains a plurality of interconnected components in series, including a fluid pump 22, a converging only sonic choking nozzle 23, and a fluid collector 24, wherein low sonic velocity two-phase working fluid 9 pressurized by a spinning centrifugal pump 22, passes through and sonically chokes in the nozzle 23 creating both pressure thrust and momentum thrust, and enters the external atmospheric pressure environment 8 where it travels some distance away before being captured by the circumferential scoop-like fluid collector 24 through centrifugal forces that cancel momentum thrust in the direction of pressure thrust, and is then redirected to the next adjacent radially outward disc zone 4, where the cycle is repeated until the fluid 9 reaches the radially outermost disc zone 4, where it is captured and recycled back to the radially innermost disc zone 4, such that no fluid 9 leaves the system.. .


System for reducing noise in a hydraulic fracturing fleet

Noise generated by a hydraulic fracturing system is abated by locating noise reduction equipment at strategic locations, and also by routing inlet and exit air along designated paths. Noise insulation panels are disposed around trailer mounted machinery to attenuate and redirect the noise generated by the machinery.
Us Well Services Llc


Separation of recycled rare earths

Extraction of rare earths from end-of-use machinery having rare earth magnets provides a closed-loop process towards recycling rare earths from comingled devices having embedded magnets such as motors, generators and disk drives. A low temperature process selectively leaches the magnet material from mixed scrap containing shredded fragments of the machinery which includes other metals such as steel and copper.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Weed eradication method and apparatus having light redirector

A plant material targeting apparatus includes a light source platform and a light source coupled to the light source platform. The light source is configured to provide a high-intensity light.
Elwha Llc


Milk tube dome with flow controller

A milker unit liner dome having an inner surface and flow diverters joined to the inner surface to redirect teat dip from an inlet to provide more uniform coverage of dip on a teat. The liner dome can also include more than one flow diverter for redirecting teat dip flow..
Gea Farm Technologies, Inc.


Methods and implementing and/or using a camera device

Methods and apparatus for implementing a camera having a depth which is less than the maximum length of the outer lens of at least one optical chain of the camera are described. In some embodiments a light redirection device, e.g., a mirror, is used to allow a relatively long optical chain with a relatively large non-circular outer lens.
The Lightco Inc.


System for and adapting a mobile device having a camera to a reader for electro-optically reading targets

A mobile device having a camera is adapted to serve as an electro-optical reader for electro-optically reading targets. The device is received and held in a housing having a rear wall.
Symbol Technologies, Llc


A device for generating electric energy

The present disclosure provides a device for generating electric energy. The device comprises a panel that is at least partially transmissive for visible light.
Tropiglas Technologies Ltd


Optical coupler

An optical assembly includes first (102) and second (103) housings configured to move relative to each other. The first housing includes an attachment area (124) configured to permanently attach an optical waveguide (122) and having a facet (634) that optically couples the optical waveguide to the first housing.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Virtualization hosting applications

A computer-implemented system for providing a virtualized application hosting environment comprising: a plurality of application/game servers each having a memory for storing application program code and data and a processor for executing the application program code and processing the data on behalf of a client; a virtualization service executed on each of the application/game servers, the virtualization service comprising a file redirection module for redirecting file system operations generated by the application program code to one or more virtualized file locations; and a registry redirection module for intercepting registry operations generated by the application program code and executing the registry operations on behalf of the application program code at one or more virtualized registry locations.. .
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Server-side prediction of media client steady state

A method of delivering a media stream in a network having first and second media servers each capable of delivering segmented media content to a requesting media client. The network provides for http-based delivery of segmented media, and the media client is supported on a client-side device.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.


Predictive and nomadic roaming of wireless clients across different network subnets

Wireless access points detect neighboring wireless access points in different subnets. Upon connecting with a wireless client, a wireless access point determines predictive roaming information for the wireless client.
Aerohive Networks, Inc.


Ethernet ring protection node with node-level redundancy

Systems and methods are disclosed for providing redundancy in a network node implementing a ring protection protocol. Each of the two ring ports connecting the node to other nodes in a ring supporting the protocol may be maintained by a separate line card.
Ciena Corporation


Virtual image display with curved light path

A display includes a projector configured to provide light of a virtual image, a waveguide into which the light of the virtual image is injected at an injection angle by the projector, and a combiner disposed along the waveguide and configured to redirect the light of the virtual image. The waveguide is configured to emit the light at a point established by the injection angle.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Optical proxy for sensing and pointing of light sources

The present invention relates to apparatus and methods to provide a control system for the purpose of redirecting light from a source onto a target. The present invention appreciates that the optical properties of light that is both modified and/or distributed, e.g.


Guide wheel for assemblies for fitting layers of armoring wires

A guide wheel (26) for fitting a layer of carbon armor wires around a tubular core (24). The guide wheel (26) has a central cavity (32), an internal circular edge (34), and a peripheral circular edge (38) that extends coaxially at a distance from said internal circular edge (34), the guide wheel (26) includes a plurality of guiding devices (46), each of which is capable of guiding in translation a plurality of carbon armor wires, the guiding devices being mounted around said central cavity (32).
Technip France


Facilitating content accessibility via different communication formats

Methods and systems for facilitating content accessibility via different communication formats are provided. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for directing content requests to an appropriate server.


Content continuation system and method

A content delivery system and method for use with plurality of digital multimedia data processing systems and legacy systems spanning across one or more network environments. The system and method enable users with freedom of mobility while maintaining access to the user's selected content while the user transitions from one device in one location to a different device in a difference location, substantially without interruption and without the need for user action to turn on and off these target data processing systems.


Distributed secure content delivery

Techniques for distributed and secure content delivery are provided. Requests for content are routed to a centralized service where the requestors are authenticated for access to the content.


Consolidated authentication

A method and system for authenticating a user at a first computer to first and second applications installed in a second computer. The second computer receives from the user a first request to access the first application, and in response, the second computer redirects the first request to a third computer, and in response, the third computer determines that the user was previously authenticated and so notifies the second computer, and in response, the second computer returns a first session key to the third computer.


Cargo apportionment techniques

Information is presented relating to positions within delivery vehicles designated for transporting particular items of a multi-parcel cargo. Cargo-related information is evaluated in relation to characteristic(s) of each parcel.


Technologies for reprogramming network interface cards over a network

Technologies for reprogramming/updating non-volatile memory (nvm) for a peripheral, such as a network interface controller (nic). Communications are provided in the nic for communicating data to and from a network from a computer node, along with a controller operatively coupled to the communications for controlling the communication of data.


Optically correcting configuration for a reflector telescope

An optically correcting configuration for a reflector telescope allows the reflector telescope to implement an auto-guiding system and an auto-focusing system without interrupting the regular capture of incoming light. The auto-guiding system and/or the auto-focusing system are in optical communication with a secondary optical output.


Methods and apparatuses for conveying flexible glass substrates

An apparatus for redirecting a glass ribbon assembly from a first glass conveyance path to a second glass conveyance path. The apparatus includes a glass ribbon assembly source for providing the glass ribbon assembly including a flexible glass substrate that includes a first surface and a second surface that extend between a first edge and a second edge, first and second handling tabs affixed to the flexible glass substrate edges, and a primary roll member located downstream of the glass ribbon assembly source.


Methods for engineering t cells for immunotherapy by using rna-guided cas nuclease system

The present invention relates to methods of developing genetically engineered, preferably non-alloreactive t-cells for immunotherapy. This method involves the use of rna-guided endonucleases, in particular cas9/crispr system, to specifically target a selection of key genes in t-cells.


Methods and implementing and using camera devices

A camera device with a sensor which is mounted at an angle relative to a mounting surface or other reference surface is described. Camera modules, which include mirrors for light redirection, which are mounted at different angles in the camera device have sensors with different amounts of rotation.


Systems and methods for outgoing call redirection

Systems and methods for redirecting calls are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method for redirecting calls may include receiving a first call request from a first user device via a first telephony service provider network to establish an off-net call with a second user device registered on a second telephony service provider network, determining that the first user device is associated with an account of the second telephony service provider network based on a communication identifier of the first user device included in the first call request, and sending a notification message to the first user device indicating that the off-net call may be established as an on-net call over the second telephony service provider network..


Device independent caller data access for emergency calls

Device independent access to stored caller data during an emergency communications event. A call server intercepts an emergency call and determines the capabilities of a calling device.


Page redirection method, routing device, terminal device and system

A page redirection method, a routing device, a terminal device and a system. The routing device receives based on a first access request sent a first access response fed back by a network server; according to a redirection determination indication, modifies a return code of the first access response and adding at least one second access address of a redirected-to page and the first access address to the first access response; and sends the first access response on which redirection processing is performed to the terminal device, so that the terminal device sends a second access request according to the modified return code, and the terminal device opens, according to a second access response returned for the second access request, the page that a user needs to access and the redirected-to page..


Disconnect protection for command-line remote terminals

Disconnection protection for command-line remote terminal may be provided. A command-line remote terminal session may be created at the first computer for interacting with the second computer.


System and re-directing requests from browsers for communications over non-ip based networks

A method and system for deploying content to client applications is provided. Inbound messages are accepted from a client application running on a client device via a proxy ip/port.


Media playback redirected to a networked renderer

A single stream receiver is preselected from a global list residing on a client computing device hosting a content casting application. Once a user launches a content casting application and selects a content stream from local or networked storage, the content casting application accesses the global list to obtain the id of the stream receiver to receive the content stream.


Route monitoring system for a communication network

A route monitoring system disclosed herein includes a computing system executing a route monitoring service coupled to a communication network. The route monitoring service receives a route redirection message from one or more network elements in a communication network, and compares the route update information against one or more normalcy rules associated with potential malicious route redirecting mechanisms.


Systems and methods for protecting an online service against a network-based attack

Techniques for protecting an online service against network-based attacks are described. In some cases, protection is performed by way of a scalable protection service comprising a dynamically scalable set of virtual machines hosted by a cloud service that is distinct from a data center that hosts the online service.


Method and processing a rtcweb authentication

Systems and methods of processing a real-time communication in web-browsers (rtcweb) authentication by a first server are disclosed. These include receiving a message from a first user equipment including a first identity of a first user, a first fingerprint of the first user equipment and a first signature generated from a first identity provider (idp), sending a call offer message including the first identity, the first fingerprint and the first signature to a second server associated with a second user equipment, receiving from the second server a first challenge message that request an authentication for the first identity, and redirecting the first user equipment to access the second server..


Dns redirecting for data roaming offering

A device may receive a request for domain name system (dns) information to be provided to a user device communicating via a visited network. The device may identify roaming policy information associated with the user device and, based on the roaming policy information, may determine that the user device is restricted from sending or receiving data via the visited network.


Probe routing in a network

A method of network probing is described suitable for probing between a probe node and a destination node. The network comprises a further node which is connected to the probe node and the destination node.


Client-independent network supervision application

A network monitoring and control application suitable for use by teachers and other users is implemented using wireless access points and does not require specific software to be installed on client network devices. The application uses student and class information to organize network client information.


Antenna having a reflector for improved efficiency, gain, and directivity

An antenna having at least one reflector for improving radiation efficiency, gain, and directivity is disclosed. The antenna may be formed on a substrate or be a standalone conductive material that is designed to operate in at least one band of frequency.


Sound redirecting device for large displays

Sound reflectors for an electronic device are provided. In one embodiment, the sound reflector has a sound redirecting surface having two curvatures.


Redirecting electromagnetic radiation

Herein is described a side firing optical device for minimal output reflections (scatter) in a one-piece lateral output assembly within which a transmitting optical fiber conduit is disposed providing redirected electromagnetic radiation with operator control of the output beam characteristics. The herein disclosed lateral redirecting device permits ergonomic free rotation of the lateral output beam with positive orientation, provides focus-control of the output beam spot size and/or focus, and provides resposable components, both intraoperatively and interoperatively..


Muzzle brake

A muzzle brake for reducing the recoil associated with firing a weapon comprising a plurality of gas vents, a plurality of projections extending outward from the muzzle brake, and an interiorly depressed annular nose surrounding the projectile's exit point, for capturing, redirecting, and/or creating turbulence in propellant gases generated from firing the weapon.. .


Light fixture

The present disclosure describes a light fixture for general lighting. The light fixture is includes a light source assembly that uses a point source of light such as an led, an aspheric reflector, and a lightguide made of transparent materials, that redirects and distributes the light from the point source to an area light.


Sunlight redirector with fixed mirror segments

A sunlight redirector has a first mirror array formed of a first plurality of substantially parallel, uniformly spaced, longitudmal outward mirror segments; and a second mirror array formed of a second plurality of substantially parallel, uniformly spaced, longitudinal inward mirror segments. Each mirror segment has a normal vector.


Uniform light source with variable beam divergence

A light source producing a beam of variable divergence, comprising one or more light-emitting devices arranged on a planar substrate, with each of the light-emitting devices having a lambertian emission distribution. The light source may further comprise a chamber for mixing light emitted from the one or more light-emitting devices, the chamber itself comprising a base defined by the planar substrate, one or more side walls having a reflective interior surface, and a planar diffusive emission surface defining a ceiling of the chamber.


Method for controlling a two-stroke internal combustion engine

A method for controlling a two-stroke internal combustion engine, the control method including: a longitudinal movement of a piston in the direction of the bottom dead centre of an engine, the movement being triggered by the expansion of burned gases in the master cylinder, during the longitudinal movement of the piston, the process includes a step of intake air pressurisation, adjustment of the pressure of the burned gases to a value lower than the intake air pressure, introduction into the cylinder of pressurised intake air, the air introduced forming a stratification layer redirecting the burned gases in the direction of the exhaust port.. .


T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies for treatment of disease

The present invention concerns compositions and methods of use of t-cell redirecting complexes, with at least one binding site for a t-cell antigen and at least one binding site for an antigen on a diseased cell or pathogen. Preferably, the complex is a dnl™ complex.


T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies for treatment of disease

The present invention concerns compositions and methods of use of t-cell redirecting complexes, with at least one binding site for a t-cell antigen and at least one binding site for an antigen on a diseased cell or pathogen. Preferably, the complex is a dnl™ complex.


Chimeric immunoreceptor useful in treating human cancers

The present invention relates to chimeric transmembrane immunoreceptors, named “zetakines,” comprised of an extracellular domain comprising a soluble receptor ligand linked to a support region capable of tethering the extracellular domain to a cell surface, a transmembrane region and an intracellular signalling domain. Zetakines, when expressed on the surface of t lymphocytes, direct t cell activity to those specific cells expressing a receptor for which the soluble receptor ligand is specific.


Networking based redirect for cdn scale-down

In one embodiment, a system for orchestration of a content delivery network (cdn) includes a processor, and a memory to store data used by the processor, wherein the processor is operative to monitor a plurality of edge caches in the cdn, determine that a first edge cache of the plurality of edge caches should be shutdown, determine that any clients downloading content from the first edge cache should continue downloading the content from a second edge cache of the plurality of edge caches, instruct a network resource to perform an action so that client content requests addressed to the first edge cache are directed to the second edge cache, without the first edge cache needing to receive the client content requests, and trigger shutdown of the first edge cache. Related apparatus and methods are also described..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Network traffic management using port number redirection

A first request is received from a device over a network. It is determined that the first request should be redirected, based at least in part on information included in the first request.
Iboss, Inc.


Systems and methods for automatic device detection, device management, and remote assistance

In some embodiments, a network regulator device protects a local network of client systems (e.g. Internet-of-things devices such as smartphones, home appliances, wearables, etc.) against computer security threats.
Bitdefender Ipr Management Ltd.


Probe routing in a network

A method of network probing is described suitable for probing between a probe node and a destination node. The network comprises a further node which is connected to the probe node and the destination node.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno


Reconfigurable wireless data center network using free-space optics

A reconfigurable free-space optical inter-rack network includes a plurality of server racks, each including at least one switch mounted on a top thereof, where each top-mounted switch includes a plurality of free-space-optic link connector, each with a free-space optical connection to a free-space-optic link connector on another top-mounted switch, a single ceiling mirror above the plurality of server racks that substantially covers the plurality of server racks, wherein the single ceiling mirror redirects optical connections between pairs of free-space-optic link connectors to provide a clear lines-of-sight between each pair of connected free-space-optic link connectors, and a controller that preconfigures a free-space optical network connecting the plurality of server racks by establishing connections between pairs of free-space-optic link connectors, and that reconfigures connections between pairs of free-space-optic link connectors in response to network traffic demands and events.. .
The Research Foundation Of The State Of University Of New York


Power generation system and method with resistive braking capability

A power generation system includes a generator operatively coupled to an engine for generating electrical power and supplying the electrical power to a grid. Further, the power generation system includes a resistive braking system operatively coupled between the generator and the grid.
General Electric Company


Automatic detection of mobile payment applications

In one embodiment, a method for making an payment from a buyer to an online seller includes providing the buyer with a mobile payment application that is operable when run on one or more processors of a mobile device of the buyer to effect payments to the seller using a payment service provider. The seller is provided with computer code that is operable when run on one or more processors of a web server of the seller to detect whether a mobile device of a buyer in communication with the server has the payment application installed thereon, and if the server detects that the buyer's device has the application installed thereon, the seller's server automatically redirects the buyer to a web server of the payment service provider to effect a payment from the buyer to the seller using the mobile payment application..
Paypal, Inc.


Transparent database table replacement

A table can be replaced with a view transparently to the application. For example, a data dictionary can specify that the view is to be substituted for the table.


Runtime compiler environment with dynamic co-located code execution

A system is provided for monitoring, regenerating and replacing the code of running applications with semantically equivalent, specialized code versions that reflect the demands of the execution environment. The system includes a co-designed compiler and runtime system that virtualizes a selected set of edges in a host program, where these edges provide hooks through which the runtime system may redirect execution into an intermediate representation utilized to optimize introspective and extrospective processes..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Synchronization in a computing device

One embodiment provides an apparatus. The apparatus includes a processor, a chipset, a memory to store a process, and logic.
Intel Corporation


Fiber inspection microscope and power measurement system, fiber inspection tip and method using same

The fiber inspection microscope and power measurement system for inspecting an endface of an optical fiber at an angle-polished connector generally has: a mating interface for receiving the angle-polished connector, the endface causing a mean propagation direction of light exiting the optical fiber at endface to be tilted relative to an imaging path of the system; a converging element to be optically coupled to the endface and being configured to receive the tilted light and to redirect the tilted light toward the imaging path of the fiber inspection microscope system; and a power detection assembly optically coupled to the converging element, the power detection assembly being configured to detect an optical power associated with the tilted light redirected by the converging element.. .
Exfo Inc.


Variable-beam light source with mixing chamber

A light device and method for producing an output light beam are disclosed. A light source assembly comprising a plurality of light sources is arranged at the first end of the light device and emits light towards the second end and parallel with the longitudinal axis of the device.
Terralux, Inc.


Hepatic cell lines and stem-like cells, methods of making and using the same

New cell lines designated as hepa-sc and hepa-rp, originating from human hepatoma line heparg® are disclosed. Methods of inducing stemness in parental cells lines using mechano-transduction techniques, and redirecting stem-like cells to reprogrammed cells of a target differentiated population are also described..
Biopredic International


Portable sign

Included is a lightweight portable sign which can be used in one aspect to protect stalled or broken down vehicles with passengers still on board, to prevent oncoming vehicles or traffic from colliding with the stalled vehicles. An infinite number of messages may be displayed by input to the display through the use of a keyboard, smart phone application, auditory input or a pre-set selection of messaged chosen by the user.
Sylo Systems, Llc


Air filter reconditioning apparatus and method

An air filter reconditioning apparatus is provided for cleaning air filters. There is a vessel body with a lid and an arbor axle tube provides a source of incoming air.


Implementing an access controller pool

According to an example, in an ac pool including a mac and a plurality of lacs registered on the mac, after a first lac is registered on the mac, the mac issues a first traffic rule to the first lac, wherein the first traffic rule redirects a discovery packet sent from an ap to the mac. When receiving the discovery packet sent from the ap or receiving a discovery packet sent from the ap and forwarded via a lac, the mac selects, from a plurality of the lacs, a second lac for handling the ap.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Reconfiguring mobile services based on shared control signaling load information

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, determining a first indication of a signaling load of a first wireless access node. The first wireless access node also receives, from a second wireless access node, a second indication of a signaling load of the second wireless access node.
At&t Mobility Ii Lp


Case for mobile communications device

A case attachable to a mobile communications device such as a smart phone operatively equipped with a camera can accommodate an optical refractor. The optical refractor can be adapted to change the direction of light rays passing through it.


System and routing content based on real-time feedback

A method includes receiving at a cache server a content request from a client system, determining that the cache server is overloaded in response to receiving the content request, and in response to determining that the cache server is overloaded, returning to the client system a domain redirection response including a load status of the cache server.. .
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Multi delivery method policy controlled client proxy

A system for providing a multi-delivery-method policy-controlled client proxy is disclosed. The system may receive a request for a network service from a client.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Reducing the impact of noisy neighbors via pro-active log offloading in shared storage environment

Methods and systems may provide for reducing workloads of neighboring virtual machine tenants in a cloud environment with shared storage using pro-active log offloading. Additionally, logging activity may be redirected to reduce input/output resource consumption.
International Business Machines Corporation


Traffic flow redirection between border routers using routing encapsulation

In response to receiving one or more packets from an interface, an anchoring border router classifies the traffic flow and either transmits the packets based upon the routing control table as usual, or determines that the packets of the traffic flow are to be forwarded to a forwarding border router. Upon determining that the packets are to be forwarded, the packets are encapsulated with a routing encapsulation key corresponding to a routing path and are forwarded from the anchoring border router to the forwarding border router via a routing encapsulation tunnel.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Reducing the impact of noisy neighbors via pro-active log offloading in shared storage environment

Methods and systems may provide for reducing workloads of neighboring virtual machine tenants in a cloud environment with shared storage using pro-active log offloading. Additionally, logging activity may be redirected to reduce input/output resource consumption.
International Business Machines Corporation

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