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Recording Device patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Recording Device-related patents
 Apparatus and method for streaming live images, audio and meta-data patent thumbnailApparatus and method for streaming live images, audio and meta-data
A method for streaming and viewing a user's video and audio experiences includes removably mounting an image recording device in close proximity to a user's eyes such that the image recording device is operable to record the user's visual and audio experiences. A real time signal is created by the image recording device, including at least one of video footage, still images, or audio captured by the image recording device.
 Two-dimensional run-length limited codec with protection words and method for using same patent thumbnailTwo-dimensional run-length limited codec with protection words and method for using same
The invention provides a two-dimensional run-length limited (rll) (1,3) code method and apparatus. The codec comprises an encoder and a decoder comprising a data buffer and grouping module, a two-dimensional code word generating module, a two-dimensional word unit page constructing module, a two-dimensional code word write array module, and a protection word stuffing module.
 Patient scales with camera-supported monitoring and a dialysis therapy system with camera-controlled weighing process patent thumbnailPatient scales with camera-supported monitoring and a dialysis therapy system with camera-controlled weighing process
A weight detection device is disclosed for determining a patient's weight, for dialysis treatment, that includes patient scales arranged to carry out a weighing procedure to detect the actual weight of a patient, preferably a network connection arranged to connect a component of the weight detection device, generating information and/or data related to the determining of the patient's weight and/or to the weighing procedure, to a data network, an output device arranged to output the actual weight of the patient, and an image information recording device that includes a field of view directed to the patient scales for the visual detection of weighing procedures arranged to record the course of a weighing procedure such that a cause of a change in the actual weight occurring in the course of dialysis therapy can be determined from a recording of the weighing procedure.. .
 Image recording device patent thumbnailImage recording device
An image recording device includes a pressing force adjusting mechanism that adjusts a pressing force of a developing roller that is provided by an elastic member, against a photoconductive drum. This provides for modification and adjustment of the pressing force of the developing roller that is pressed against the photoconductive drum by the biasing force from the elastic member.
 Method of processing a sequence of coded video frames patent thumbnailMethod of processing a sequence of coded video frames
A method of processing a sequence of coded video frames conveyed by a digital data stream, where each frame represents an image, includes receiving the sequence of coded video frames at a recording device, determining a frame interval between presentation of an ith coded frame of the sequence and an (i+1)th coded frame of the sequence, calculating a stream time stamp for the ith coded frame, and calculating a stream time stamp for the (i+1)th coded video frame based on the stream time stamp for the ith coded video frame and the previously determined frame interval.. .
 Perpendicular magnetic write head and magnetic recording device patent thumbnailPerpendicular magnetic write head and magnetic recording device
A perpendicular magnetic write head includes: a magnetic pole having an end surface exposed on an air bearing surface, and extending in a height direction perpendicular to the air bearing surface; a first yoke having an end surface exposed on the air bearing surface, and facing a forward section of the magnetic pole with a gap layer in between; a second yoke located behind the first yoke with an insulating layer in between in the height direction, and connected to a backward section of the magnetic pole; a shield connecting the first yoke to the second yoke; and an additional magnetic layer located behind a boundary between the first yoke and the insulating layer, and in contact with the first yoke.. .
 Method and apparatus for changing a perspective of a video patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for changing a perspective of a video
A method and apparatus provides for changing a perspective of a video such as a display perspective of an object displayed in the video. In one example, the method and apparatus changes the display perspective of an object displayed in the video based on information indicating an orientation and/or position of the recording device that captures the object on the video.
 Portable video and imaging system patent thumbnailPortable video and imaging system
A portable video and imaging system includes a camera for capturing video of an event, and a video recording device for recording the captured video of the event. The camera is housed in a first housing, the recording device is housed in a second housing, and the first and second housings are physically separate.
 Recording device and method for controlling recording device patent thumbnailRecording device and method for controlling recording device
In a printer, a continuous paper is conveyed using a suction force of a fan brought to a first suction force, the continuous paper supplied to a platen is stopped on a support surface, a recording process is conducted on the continuous paper stopped on the support surface with the suction force of the fan changed to a second suction force greater than the first suction force, and the continuous paper is conveyed after the suction force of the fan has been reduced below the second suction force back to the first suction force during the recording process.. .
 Ink composition, recording method, printed matter, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device patent thumbnailInk composition, recording method, printed matter, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device
An ink composition contains a pigment represented by the following chemical formula 1; a hydrosoluble solvent; and water, wherein the pigment satisfies the following relation 1: 0.040<y/x<0.200 (relation 1), where, in a cukα x-ray diffraction spectrum having a wavelength of 1.541 Å, x represents a peak intensity at a bragg (2θ±0.2°) angle in a range of 2θ of from 26.5° to 27.5° and y represents a peak intensity at a bragg (2θ±0.2°) angle in a range of 2θ of from 11.0° to 11.5°:. .
System for evaluating identification marks, identification marks and use thereof
The identifier and position and/or location of at least one identification mark is identified by a first optical recording device that is designed so that spatial position and/or location of an identification mark can be detected by the first optical recording device. A second optical recording device is designed so that it can scan a plan projection of at least a part of the measurement volume of the first optical recording device in a spatially resolved manner.
Control device, control method, recording device, recording method, and program
A control device of a first aspect of the present technique includes an acquisition unit that acquires information of a program recorded in a recording device and a control unit that controls recording in the recording device so that an unrecorded episode is recorded when there is the unrecorded episode in a series program recorded in the recording device. The present technique can be applied to recording equipment..
Controlled recorded 3-way calling
Agencies issue recording devices to personnel for administrating and monitoring controlled calls during the course of their duties. To provide flexible capabilities to agencies, a virtual number is provisioned and configured to enable an operator to administrate controlled calls without dedicated recording devices.
Method and apparatus for creating a composite video from multiple sources
The present system provides a method for a group of people, related or otherwise, to record an event on separate recording devices. The video from those recording devices can then be synchronized with each other.
Machine-to-machine enabled image capture and processing
Machine-to-machine communication is employed to allow an image recording device to capture identifying information about objects in the field of view. This captured information can be stored as metadata associated with the recorded image.
Ink supply system and media recording device
An ink supply system including a cover, an ink delivery module, delivery pipes and a shut-off valve module, and a media recording device including a body and a print head disposed therein are provided. The cover is pivoted to the body, and the ink delivery module is disposed therein and next to the cover.
Inkjet recording device and method for maintaining same
There are provided an inkjet recording device that can stably secure liquid-repellent performance on a surface of a liquid-repellent film formed on a nozzle surface for a long term, and a maintenance method thereof. The inkjet recording device includes: an inkjet head that has a nozzle surface in which a nozzle opening of a nozzle to eject a liquid is formed and on which a liquid-repellent film is formed with an amorphous fluorine resin material; a cleaning portion that wipes off and cleans a surface of the liquid-repellent film by a wiping member; and a liquid-repellent performance recovery processing portion that performs liquid-repellent performance recovery processing to recover liquid-repellent performance on the surface of the liquid-repellent film by heating the liquid-repellent film..
System and method for calibrating reference system for vehicle measurement
A measuring station system for calibrating a reference system for vehicle measurement has at least one image recording device, a calibration device having multiple calibration device reference features, and a calibration frame having at least three support points which are designed for accommodating a reference system carrier for the reference system to be calibrated. The calibration frame has at least three calibration frame reference features.
Support device for baby's comfort
A supporting device for the newborn baby comfort comprising an ergonomic newborn supporting system, at least a power supply to operate the electronic devices, at least an audio system recording and reproducing the mother's voice and heartbeat using a recording device and a plurality of loudspeakers so that the emitted sound allows a soft rumble/vibration of the outermost layer of the support, leverage system to expand and shrink the outer surface of the support so that the mother's breath is simulated, at least a heating system to reproduce the human temperature, an electronic console and a set of safety holding devices for the newborn baby such as harnesses, bands and the like.. .
Talking medicine bottle and label and system for manufacturing the same
A talking medicine label, bottle, system and method for their manufacture are described. The system and method include use of a recording device by speaking into a microphone and then affixing the talking label to the side of a conventional pill bottle to transform it into a talking pill bottle.
Magnetic recording device and magnetic recording apparatus
An example magnetic recording device includes a magnetic recording section and a magnetization oscillator and a first nonmagnetic layer disposed between the magnetic recording section and the magnetization oscillator. The magnetic recording section includes a first ferromagnetic layer with a magnetization substantially fixed in a first direction; a second ferromagnetic layer with a variable magnetization direction; and a second nonmagnetic layer disposed between the first ferromagnetic layer and the second ferromagnetic layer.
Recording apparatus
There is a problem in that, when a handle section is provided in a recording device, the handle section protrudes from a casing and the size of the recording apparatus is increased. A recording apparatus is provided with a recording head which records on paper and a discharge tray which is provided to be able to slide with regard to a casing and holds the paper which is recorded upon using the recording head and discharged, where the discharge tray has a through section which is formed on the downstream side in a discharge direction and a handle section which is formed at an edge section more to the downstream side in the discharge direction than the through section, the handle section is accommodated inside of the casing in a state where the discharge tray is accommodated in the casing, the through section and the handle section are positioned outside of the casing in a state where the discharge tray is drawn out from the casing, and the discharge tray is supported in a state of hanging down from the casing..
Error proof method for recording and recording device
The method is applied to the recording device, and the recording device is connected to a set-top box. The error proof method includes following steps.
Inkjet ink, ink cartridge, inkjet recording device, and inkjet printed matter
Wherein r represents a hydrogen atom, a methyl group, or a chlorine atom.. .
Optical information recording device and method
In an optical information recording device and optical information recording method for angularly multiplexing and recording data on pages on the same recording region on a hologram disk, data on each page is sequentially generated by sequentially dividing input data in predetermined units, the pages to be recorded on the same recording region are divided into page groups so that pages to be recorded adjacently by the angular multiplexing may not belong to the same group, each page group is individually subjected to inter-page coding processing for computing an error-correcting code and adding the computed error-correcting code, and data on the pages subjected to the inter-page coding processing is angularly multiplexed and recorded on the hologram disk.. .
Magnetic recording assisted by spin torque oscillator with a radio frequency current bias
A design is disclosed for a microwave assisted magnetic recording device wherein direct current and rf current are simultaneously injected from a bias tee into a spin transfer oscillator (sto) between a main pole and write shield to improve the assist process. The sto oscillation layer (ol) has a large angle magnetization oscillation frequency that is locked to a magnetic medium bit resonance frequency f0 when the rf current has a frequency f=f0 and a threshold current density is applied.
Information processing device, control method of an information processing device, and storage medium storing a program executed by a control unit of the information processing device
When a recording device that records according to a template is replaced with a new recording device, the new recording device can also record according to the template of the replaced recording device. A template terminal can connect to a first printer storing a first template database related to a first template and records according to the first template.
Recording device, control method of a recording device, and storage medium
When a recording device dynamically changes the printout using the ability to record based on a template. A printer 3 has a storage unit 33 that stores a template database 35 defining areas that are formed in the recording area of a recording medium in a template, and a recording control unit 32 that records in the areas of the template based on the content of the template database 35 when a control command specifying a template and instructing recording in an area is received from a host computer 2.
Camera mount adapter for multiple devices
An example embodiment comprises a primary mounting means having a base and a substantially vertical, longitudinal member. A secondary vertical member is laterally engaged with the primary mounting means and includes an interference means to engage the members along a lateral range of motion.
Video communication system and method for using same
The present invention provides a video communication system including a kiosk for recording video messages created by a user and a database for storing and providing access to the video messages. The kiosk includes a user interface for receiving user information such as name, address, email, and other identifying information.
Electronic program guide for obtaining past, current, and future programs
An electronic program guide (epg) for facilitating obtaining copies of selected programs includes a plurality of program listings, the program listings including listings for previously broadcast programs available for downloading to a user's recording device, programs currently being broadcast available for downloading to the user's recording device, and programs which may be recorded on the user's recording device during a future broadcast of the programs. This epg merges two models of distribution for broadcast content (e.g., epgs) and video on demand (vod) systems (e.g., video catalogs) to address the problem of acquiring a recording of a program that was broadcast in the past.
Digital voice memo transfer and processing
Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer programs for transfer of recorded digital voice memos to a computing system and processing of the transferred digital voice memos by the computing system or another computing system are disclosed. A recording device is configured to record a voice memo from a user and store the voice memo.
Audio file or voice message delivery system and method of delivering
Provide is an audio file delivery system and a method of delivering an audio file. The system and method include a recording device, a wireless device, a job creation process, a job execution process, a telecom gateway and email verification.
Optical information recording device
An optical information recording/reproduction device includes a detection unit which detects a focus-direction height of a recording medium, a focus adjustment unit which adjusts a focus-direction distance between the recording medium and a signal light optical system and a reference light system, and a control unit which controls the focus adjustment unit so that a relative distance between the object lens of the signal light optical system and the recording medium is adjusted according to the focus-direction height of the recording medium detected by the detection unit.. .
Recording device and control method of the recording device
A recording device includes a recording unit that performs a recording operation, a first storage unit that stores a first template associated with a recording form, a second storage unit that store a second template corresponding to the first template, and a recording control unit that takes the second template corresponding to the designated first template from the second storage unit and gets the recording unit to perform the recording operation by using the second template when a recording instruction containing data designating the first template is input.. .
Method and device for vehicle measurement
A method for determining the rolling radius of a wheel, of a motor vehicle on a road surface, including: projecting a light pattern onto the wheel and road surface; recording a light pattern reflected by the wheel and road surface using an image recording device; determining 3d coordinates of points of the reflected light pattern; identifying points of the reflected light pattern of the wheel; identifying points of the reflected light pattern of the road surface; determining the position of the center of rotation of the wheel from the reflected light pattern points identified as belonging to the wheel; determining the position of the road surface from the reflected light pattern points identified as belonging to the road surface; determining the rolling radius on the contact surface of the wheel as the distance between the center of rotation of the wheel and the position of the road surface.. .
Inkjet recording device
To provide an inkjet recording device that makes it possible to have a constant gap between a recording medium and the nozzle surface of an inkjet head in the direction of extension of a head support member even in a case where a print section supporting the inkjet head with bilateral anchoring via the head support member has low rigidity, the invention is provided with a print section including a left base plate and a right base plate for supporting, by bilateral anchoring via a carriage guide, an inkjet head for printing on a recording medium; and a leg movement section that is provided to the right base plate and moves the right base plate toward the left base plate to correct for a bending of the carriage guide.. .
Medium feed device, method for controlling medium feed device, and recording device
The advantage of the invention is to provide a medium feed device and the like for intermittently feeding a recording medium in which meandering can be securely corrected without the occurrence of wrinkles in the recording medium. The medium feed device has a meandering detection sensor which detects position displacement of a recording medium in a width direction, and a control section which controls driving of a width movement unit based on detection results by the meandering detection sensor.
Ink cartridge and recording device having ink cartridge detachably mounted therein
An ink cartridge includes: a case; an ink accommodating unit; a moving body; a single detecting unit; and a storing unit. The ink accommodating unit is provided in the case and is configured to accommodate ink therein.
Belt cleaning device, medium feeding device, and inkjet recording device
To provide a belt cleaning device and the like by which a more compact apparatus overall can be configured without compromising the ability to replace a secondary wiping member or the like, the invention is provided with a wiper which is provided on an inner side of a cleaning vessel and further downstream than a rotating brush in a direction of travel of a conveyance belt, and wipes off in a relative fashion a cleaning solution that has attached to the conveyance belt. The wiper includes a primary wiping blade and a secondary wiping blade which are in contact with the surface of the conveyance belt, and a primary fixation plate and a secondary fixation plate which are attached to the inner side of the cleaning vessel and to which the primary wiping blade and the secondary wiping blade, respectively, are fixed.
Recording device
The recording device includes recording unit for recording on a recording medium, conveying unit for conveying a recording medium upstream of the recording unit in the downstream direction, and an ejection unit for ejecting the recording medium which is downstream of the recording unit and which has undergone recording. The ejection unit has a drive roller and a driven roller urged toward the drive roller, the driven roller is capable of switching between a state of being urged by a first load and a state of being urged by a second load that is lower than the first load, the driven roller is set to the first-load selected state at least during rear end recording in which recording is performed on a rear end region of the recording medium, and the driven roller is set to the second-load selected state during ejection when the recording medium is ejected..
Dot data generating method, dot data generating device, inkjet recording device, and inkjet recording system
In a case where a first image is printed on a recording medium based on first dot data using the first inkjet recording device and a second image is printed based on second dot data on another recording medium using the second inkjet recording device in which ejected ink drops land onto a recording medium with a small degree of dispersion in a main scanning direction compared to the first inkjet recording device, the first dot data is converted to generate the second dot data such that data of a large dot and a medium dot is converted so as to form a plurality of dots having sizes smaller than the dot size at predetermined intervals between the dots in the main scanning direction in place of the large dot and the medium dot.. .
Inkjet recording device, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recording system
The advantage of the invention is to provide an inkjet recording method and the like in which an unprinted portion due to a multipath method is not left in a back end portion of a printed image and the value as a printed material is not undermined in a case where a printing operation by a multipath method is temporarily stopped in the middle and the printing operation is resumed after feeding a recording medium. A printing operation is temporarily stopped after conducting a back end portion line formation process for forming a raster line so as to prevent an unprinted portion due to an multipath method from being left in a back end portion of a printed image which has been printed halfway when temporarily stopping the printing operation in the middle..
Recording medium, playback device, recording device, encoding method, and decoding method related to higher image quality
A recording method for recording a base video stream and an enhancement video stream. The recording method includes: a first step of generating the base video stream by performing an irreversible conversion on an original image; and a second step of generating the enhancement video stream that includes a shift parameter and picture data.
Metal shock absorber, assembly of metal shock absorber and media recording unit and media recording device
A metal shock absorber, an assembly of a metal shock absorber and a media recording unit, and a media recording device are provided. The metal shock absorber has a pair of horizontal portions, a perpendicular portion connected between the horizontal portions, and a pair of limiting portions.
Attempted security breach remediation
Methods, systems, apparatuses, and computer program products are provided for remediating suspected attempted security breaches. For example, a method is provided that includes receiving information regarding at least one authentication attempt and determining, based at least in part on the information regarding the at least one authentication attempt, whether the at least one authentication attempt comprises a suspected attempted security breach.
Recording medium, reproduction device, and recording device
A recording medium has a main-view stream, a sub-view stream, and an extended stream recorded thereon. The main-view stream contains a main-view video stream constituting main views of stereoscopic video images, and is divided into a plurality of main-view extents arranged on the recording medium.
Inkjet recording device
An inkjet recording device, using ink which changes phase between a gel or solid state and a liquid state depending on temperature includes a recording medium fixing section to which a recording medium sticks to be fixed thereon with air suction through sticking holes; a negative pressure generation section to generate a negative pressure for the air suction; and an inkjet recording head. The recording medium fixing section includes a recording medium holding layer which has the sticking holes and is maintained at a temperature for the ink to be in the gel or solid state; and a support layer which has suction holes communicating with the sticking holes and includes at least one layer to support the recording medium holding layer.
Data recording device, host device and method of processing data recording device
A data storage unit can store an encrypted medium device key enc (kcu, kmd_i), and a medium device key certificate (certmedia). A controller can include an information recording unit to store a controller key (kc) and first controller identification information (idcu).
Data recording device, and method of processing data recording device
A controller is provided with a controller key and a first controller identification information unique to the controller. The controller generates a controller unique key unique to a respective controller based on the controller key and the first controller identification information, and a second controller identification information based on the first controller identification information.
Virtual training system
A system for training a participant in professional practice. The system including a video playback device; one or more video recording devices for recording first video footage of a master practitioner interacting with one or more clients, and second video footage of an interviewer interacting with the master practitioner while watching the first video footage on the video playback device; a video editing device for preparing a video segment, the video segment including at least a portion of the first video footage and at least a portion of the second video footage; and a computer network for transmitting data to a training participant, the data including the video segment..
Recording communications
Controlling the recording of a wireless device's communications in a system comprising the wireless device, a recording device operable to record the wireless device's communications, and a controlling server operable to control the recording of the wireless device's communications in accordance with a recording protocol. The wireless device's communications are recorded according to a first recording policy.
Writing tablet information recording device
A drawing tablet device, utilizing a data capture device in connection with a pressure sensitive display, provides electronic information corresponding to images drawn on the pressure sensitive display to an external device. The drawing tablet includes a communication interface to couple the drawing tablet to the external device to transmit electronic information corresponding to images in real-time or as stored files..
Inkjet recording device
Provided is an inkjet printing apparatus that can dry a medium immediately after printing or bleed-through ink while preventing the medium or bleed-through ink from being in contact with a dryer. In an inkjet printing apparatus including an inkjet head (20) for discharging ink onto a mesh-like media (10) having througth holes penetrating from the top surface, which is the printing surface, to the bottom surface, a feeder (12) for feeding the mesh-like medium (10) in a feed direction, and a dryer for drying the mesh-like medium (10) hit by ink discharged from the ink-jet head (20), the dryer has a blower (28) aced under the mesh-like medium 10) for applying an air flow to the bottom surface of the mesh-like medium (10) with the top surface hit by the ink..
Ink jet recording device
An ink that is unused for printing when a supply ink from an ink container is ejected from a nozzle, and printing is conducted on an object to be printed is sucked by a gutter together with an air, and the ink and air are recovered into the ink container. In this situation, the air mixed with an ink solvent and recovered is discharged as an exhaust gas from the ink container by an exhaust path, and at this time, the ink mist is removed from the exhaust gas in which a liquefaction ink solvent liquefied within the exhaust path and the ink mist are mixed together by an ink mist mixture unit.
Liquid discharge head and recording device using same
A long liquid discharge head of the present invention includes a passage member 4 in one direction having a plurality of discharge holes 8 and a plurality of pressurizing chambers 10; a plurality of pressurizing sections 30 for pressurizing liquid in a plurality of the respective pressurizing chambers 10; and a long reservoir 540 in the one direction bonded along the passage member 4 and having a reservoir passage 42 for supplying the liquid to a plurality of the pressurizing chambers 10, and when viewed in the direction in which the reservoir 540 and the passage member 4 are bonded, the reservoir 540 includes a plurality of heat insulating sections (the reservoir passage 42 and a space 541a-4) extending in the one direction and a heat transfer section 541a-3 provided between a plurality of the heat insulating sections.. .
Seismic-incurred-rupture-resistant deformation-recordable buckling-restrained brace and fabricating method thereof
The present invention provides a seismic-incurred-rupture-resistant deformation-recordable buckling-restrained brace and a fabricating method thereof, which includes a concrete filled steel tubular outer sleeve. A core plate is disposed in the concrete filled steel tubular outer sleeve, and an end portion of the core plate is provided with a core plate stiffening rib.
Recording device, and content-data playback system
A recording device configured to store content data in an encrypted manner, the recording device comprises a memory unit which stores various data, and a controller which controls the memory unit. The controller possesses a controller key and unique identification information, and is configured to generate a controller-unique key unique for each controller in accordance with the controller key and the identification information.
Logbook with multimedia function
A system for documenting the state of a component, for example a component present on board a transport device; the use of such a system in a transport device; a transport device having such a system; an associated method for documenting the state of a component; and a computer program for executing the method. The transport device may be an aircraft.
Systems and methods for recording programs using a network recording device as supplemental storage
Systems and methods for recording programs using a user's equipment and a network recording device are provided. An interactive television application may determine whether the user's equipment has sufficient resources (e.g., tuners or space) to record a program selected for recording.
Remote network video content recorder system
A concept and method for the remote management of and recording of digital video content from a remote ip video camera to an application server via the internet. The recorder system comprises a user device capable of running a user interface, a server running a communications interface, a recorder module, and a digital recording device, and at least one remote ip camera.
Inkjet recording ink set, ink cartridge, inkjet recording device, inkjet recording method, and image formed matter
To provide an inkjet recording ink set, which contains a cyan ink, magenta ink, yellow ink, and black ink, wherein each ink contains at least a pigment, a surfactant, water, water-soluble organic solvent, and anionic self-emulsifying ether-based polyurethane, wherein each ink contains, as the pigment, a combination of a (i) pigment dispersion liquid, in which the pigment is dispersed in water with assistance of the surfactant, and a (ii) resinous polymer-coated pigment dispersion liquid, in which the pigment is coated with a resinous polymer and dispersed in water, and wherein the (i) pigment dispersion liquid and the (ii) resinous polymer-coated pigment dispersion liquid satisfy the following formula: . .
Inkjet printer
An inkjet printer including a feeding device configured to feed a sheet in a feeding direction, a platen configured to support the sheet, a recording device configured to eject ink on the sheet, contacting members configured to contact the sheet, a detector configured to detect an end portion position of the sheet in a width direction, and a controller configured to control the feeding device and the recording device is provided. The contacting members are arranged at intervals in the width direction, and the controller performs a suppression process in which at least one of the feeding device and the recording device is controlled to suppress a contact of the sheet with the recording device when the end portion position detected by the detector is a position between the two adjacent contacting members..
Recording device
To provide a recording device enabling unencumbered movement of a stacker to a target position at which an amount of extension that corresponds to the length of a medium is reached, a printer is provided with a conveyance unit for conveying paper, a paper length determination unit for determining the length of the paper in the direction of conveyance of the paper, a recording unit for recording onto the paper being conveyed, one stacker for receiving the already-recorded paper, an electric motor for driving the stacker, and a controller for controlling the electric motor. The controller (in particular, a stacker control unit) controls the electric motor and controls the stacker to a position at which the amount of extension that corresponds to the length of the paper is reached..
Recording device
When a recording programming time is reached, a recording device of the present invention determines whether or not an automatic conversion setting is previously made on an item of content to be recorded. If the automatic conversion setting is made, a recording processing portion (11a) records, in a dr mode, the content programmed to be recorded.
Heat assisted magnetic recording device with pre-heated write element
An apparatus includes a write element configured to apply a magnetic field to write data on a portion of a heat-assisted magnetic recording media in response to an energizing current. An energy source is configured to heat the portion of the media being magnetized by the write element.
Drive video recording device and method, drive video recording system, and summarized moving image creating device
A drive video recording device is provided. The drive video recording device creates a summarized moving image in which the inputted video is culled such that a playback speed of the video of the time period during which the amount of information is smaller is faster than a playback speed of the video of the time period during which the amount of information is larger, and stores the summarized moving image in a storage section..
Ink jet recording device, waste ink tray, and waste ink collecting method using waste ink tray
An inkjet recording device includes a recording head and a waste ink tray. The recording head is configured to eject droplets of ink.
Recording device
To provide a recording device that can inhibit the occurrence of a recording media jam state in a shared passage part that is shared as a recording media shared path with a plurality of media supply paths, this is equipped with a plurality of conveyance paths for supplying paper, a shared passage part, a moving unit that moves the paper, a printing unit that performs printing on the paper, an insertion port that is able to insert paper in the conveyance path by paper being inserted, an opening and closing lid provided so that the insertion port can be opened and closed, a detection sensor for detecting an open lid state when the opening and closing lid opens the insertion port, and a movement control unit that, when the detection sensor detects the open lid state.. .
Concurrent commissioning and geolocation system
An apparatus including a geolocation device, a video recording device, and a gateway device. The geolocation device provides a positional datum indicating a position of the geolocation device.
Video apparatus and method for identifying and commissioning devices
An apparatus for concurrently identifying and commissioning a plurality of devices is provided. The apparatus includes a video recording device and a gateway device.

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