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Recording Device patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Recording Device-related patents
 Recording device, recording method, and recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Recording device, recording method, and recording medium
A recording device includes recording unit configured to perform recording; and stop control unit configured to stop the recording in accordance with a recording stop instruction and restarting the recording in accordance with a recording restart instruction. The stop control unit restarts the recording after reproducing a trailing part of a recorded content that is recorded before the stop..
Yamaha Corporation

 Contact angle measurement apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Contact angle measurement apparatus
A contact angle measurement apparatus includes a liquid reservoir arrangement, a drop dosing device in fluid communication with the liquid reservoir arrangement and adapted for applying a liquid drop onto a sample surface, an illuminating device for illuminating each drop applied by the drop dosing device and disposed on the surface from a first side, and an image recording device for recording an image of each applied drop disposed on the surface. A liquid pressurizing system is adapted to pressurize liquid from the liquid reservoir arrangement, and a controller connected to the valve of each drop dosing device and to the liquid pressurizing system, which controls the operation of the liquid pressurizing system and, for each drop dosing device, opening and closing of the respective valve to apply a drop of the respective liquid from the respective liquid line to the surface in a jet of pressurized liquid..
Kruess Gmbh

 Liquid storing device, liquid storing method and inkjet recording device patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid storing device, liquid storing method and inkjet recording device
The present invention provides a liquid storing device that includes at least a tank for storing a liquid, a supply tube that supplies the liquid to the tank, and a discharge tube that discharges the liquid stored in the tank. The supply tube diverges at a t branch joint into an upper supply tube and a lower supply tube.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

 Program recording method, program recording device, destination setting method, and destination setting device patent thumbnailProgram recording method, program recording device, destination setting method, and destination setting device
A destination setting unit (901) receives setting of a destination by the user when a route from a present position to the destination is guided. A user specifying unit (902) judges whether the user who sets the destination is the user who performs program recording reservation.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Personalized media remix patent thumbnailPersonalized media remix
An embodiment of the invention relates to a method comprising receiving media content from at least one recording device, wherein at least one media content received from said at least one recording device is complemented with personating data and creating remixed media content of the media content being received with said at least one personating data. In addition an embodiment of the invention relates to a method comprising capturing media content by a recording device; monitoring the capture of the media content by logging personating data to the recording device and transmitting at least part of the captured media content to a server, which at least part of the captured media is complemented with the personating data.
Nokia Corporation

 Object oriented image processing and rendering in a multi-dimensional space patent thumbnailObject oriented image processing and rendering in a multi-dimensional space
A computer implemented method and an image processing system (ips) for constructing and rendering an object oriented image (ooi) of a target object in an original spatial position and orientation of the target object are provided. While recording an image of a target object, the ips records extended image data (eid), for example, spatial coordinates of an image recording device (imr), multi-dimensional position and orientation of a line of vision of the imr and the target object, etc.
Hankookin, Inc.

 Data processing device and method patent thumbnailData processing device and method
A data processing device includes a processor configured to execute a process. The process includes: outputting, toward a specific storage device among plural storage devices including switchable storage devices that are subjected to redundancy by a redundancy section so as to store the same data as another storage device, request information that requests data input/output processing, and instructing input/output of the data; performing input/output of data for each of the plural storage devices, and giving a response after the request information has been received; and pre-storing redundancy information related to the redundant switchable storage devices, and based on the redundancy information, monitoring responses to the request information aimed at the redundant switchable recording devices..
Fujitsu Limited

 Liquid supply device, ink jet recording device, and liquid supply method patent thumbnailLiquid supply device, ink jet recording device, and liquid supply method
There is provided an ink jet device capable of adjusting supply pressure of liquid to a recording head in which a fluctuation in the supply pressure of liquid caused by liquid consumption on a recording head is repressed in a simple constitution. The ink jet device includes a main tank 2, a sub tank 6 for receiving liquid from the main tank 2 and storing the liquid, and a supply unit for supplying the liquid stored in the sub tank 6 to the recording head 11, the supply unit adjusts a height of the sub tank, and the sub tank 6 has a ventilation opening 12..
Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.,

 Nozzle plate, liquid ejection head, and inkjet recording device patent thumbnailNozzle plate, liquid ejection head, and inkjet recording device
An improved nozzle plate includes a nozzle substrate having nozzle holes through which droplets are ejected, and a layer containing a compound having a perfluoro polyether skeleton its molecule. The layer is formed on the nozzle substrate on the side on which the droplets are ejected.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method patent thumbnailImage capturing apparatus and image capturing method
In a high speed image capturing state, a camera signal processing circuit is not needed to perform a signal process at a high screen rate, but at a regular screen rate. In the high speed image capturing mode, raw data of 240 fps received from an image sensor 101 are recorded on a recording device 111 through a conversion processing section 201 and a recording device controlling circuit 210.
Sony Corporation


Visual focal point composition for media capture based on a target recipient audience

Visual focal point composition of media capture based on a target audience is provided. An aspect includes activating a profile selection function via a media recording device and receiving, via the profile selection function, an identifier of a target viewer of media content.
International Business Machines Corporation


Jolt and jar recorder system

A system for monitoring and recording vehicle data constantly during operation, which combines, stores and analyzes data. The invention typically comprises a recording device connected to a variety of systems which may include vehicle status, video, audio or other interfaces.
Lexington Technology Auditing, Inc.


Firearm with video capturing and recording device

A video recording device may include a firearm, a video recording device and a holster. The video recording device may include a recording unit, a lighting unit and a sensing unit.


Exposure dose management system

An exposure dose management system according to an embodiment includes an image storage device, a first recording device, a misalignment correction device, and a second recording device. The image storage device stores a human body three-dimensional image.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Methods and systems for recording transmitted data

Methods and systems are provided for recording data in a network used for transmission of the data. An arrangement of recording devices in the network may be used to record the data (e.g., media content) transmitted from a source (e.g., source media content server) on the network.
Swisscom Ag


Optical information recording device and optical information recording method

An optical information recording device for recording digital information in an optical information recording medium by use of holography, the device including a light source for outputting an optical beam for recording information in the optical information recording medium, and a recording processing control unit for inputting the optical beam output from the light source at an incident angle different from an incident angle of an optical beam on the optical information recording medium when the digital information is reproduced from the optical information recording medium thereby to perform a pre-processing or post-processing, and an optical information recording method used for the optical information recording device.. .
Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.


Static posture based person identification

A system and method for identifying an unknown person based on a static posture of the unknown person is described. The method includes receiving data of n skeleton joints of the unknown person from a skeleton recording device.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Aqueous ink for inkjet, inkjet recording method, inkjet recorded matter, and inkjet recording device

An aqueous ink for inkjet includes water, at least one hydrosoluble organic solvent each having a boiling point of 250° c. Or lower; vinyl polymer particles containing a pigment, and polycarbonate-based urethane resin particles, wherein the aqueous ink for inkjet is used for an inkjet recording system including a heating step..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Graphical user interface for video recording device

A computer-implemented method for assisting in recording video content on a video recording device. The method involves displaying a cross which comprises two orthogonal intersecting lines, displaying an indicator token, and changing the state of at least one of the cross and the indicator token in response to a control signal from the video recording device to provide visual notification to a user of the video recording device..
Nxp B.v.


Intelligent recording in electronic devices

In one example a controller comprises logic, at least partially including hardware logic, configured to receive a signal from a remote device, and in response to the signal, modify at least one aspect of a recording signal received from a recording device. Other examples may be described..


Recording apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by the recording apparatus

A recording apparatus includes: recording modules for conveying a recording medium along a first conveyance path and including a recording device; a storage tray storing a recording medium; at least one first output tray; a second conveyance path connecting between the storage tray and one end portion of each of the recording modules; a third conveyance path connecting between the second conveyance path and the other end portion of each of the recording modules; and at least one fourth conveyance path each connecting between the other end portion and a corresponding one of the at least one first output tray. One recording medium on which all of at least one image has been recorded by a recording device is discharged onto the at least one first output tray via the third conveyance path, the second conveyance path, the recording module, and the fourth conveyance path..
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Time cycle audio recording device

A wrist-wearable, battery powered device (10) for recording audio uses circuitry to record audio in a continuous, looped fashion, and a processor which can be triggered to store a segment of previously recorded audio. Vibration circuitry (34) in the device is used to generate and respond to vibration so that a user can enable or disable recording (308, 314) and direct the storage of recorded audio (302) by mechanicaily tapping the device, and the processor can confirm user directions relating to recording of audio by responsively generating vibration of the device (304, 310, 316).
Nugg-it, Llc


System and sharing real-time recording

This invention provides a system for sharing real-time recording and the method thereof. The system in this invention transmits the traffic image from the traffic recording device to the cloud server database for storage by the hand-held communication device.
Sanjet Technology Corp.


Systems and methods for enhanced speech recognition interface on mobile device

Certain implementations of the disclosed technology include systems and methods for an enhanced speech recognition interface. According to an example implementation, a method includes outputting a first icon and second icon for presentation on a display device; responsive to receiving an indication of an input object being maintained at a first location of an input device, causing a recording device to record an audio signal; responsive to receiving an indication that the input object has moved across the input device from the first location of the input device to a second location of the input device, causing the recording device to stop recording the audio signal; outputting text, based on the recorded audio signal, for presentation on the display device; and responsive to receiving an indication of the input object being maintained at the second location of the input device, causing a portion of the text to be removed from presentation on the display device..
Google, Inc.


Recording medium, image recording device, and image recording set

To provide a recording medium, which contains: a first base; a second base; and an image recording layer disposed between the first base and the second base, wherein the image recording layer has insulating properties, and the image recording layer contains a plurality of microcapsules or cells, each of which encapsulates: electrophoretic particles, or magnetophoretic particles, or a combination thereof; a dispersion medium having a boiling point of 50° c. Or higher; and a thermoreversible gelling agent containing an amide bond (—nhco—) in a molecule thereof..


Recording device

A printer includes a device main body, a recording section, and a mounting section. The recording section is provided at the device main body and configured to record on a first recording medium and a second recording medium having lenticular lenses.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Inkjet recording method and inkjet recording device

Chemical formula 4. .


Assistance device, design assistance method and recording medium for liquid ejection device, manufacturing liquid ejection device, and image recording device

A design assistance method for a liquid ejection device includes an acquiring step of acquiring a pulsation frequency fp of a liquid pressure applying unit, a compliance capacity c of a pressure absorber, and a composite inertance l of a liquid ejection head and a liquid supply flow channel; a determining step of determining whether a relationship between a cutoff frequency fc expressed by fc=1/(2π(lc)0.5) using the acquired c and l, and the pulsation frequency fp satisfies a predetermined relationship that satisfies fp≧fc; and an outputting step of outputting a determination result in the determining step.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Ink jet recording device and short circuit protection ink jet recording device

An ink jet recording device comprises: an ink jet recording head for discharging an ink droplet; and a recording control part for outputting a drive signal to cause the ink jet recording head to discharge en ink droplet, wherein the recording control part includes a current amplifier circuit for amplifying a drive signal by active elements connected in multi-stages, and the current amplifier circuit includes a current interruption element connected to an input side of the active element of the current amplifier circuit on a power source side, the current interruption element being for preventing damage of the active element due to an overcurrent from occurring when a short circuit of the drive signal is generated.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Lighting system with illuminance control

The present invention relates to an illumination control system comprising a plurality of outdoor luminaries and a motorized service vehicle. Each luminaire comprises a controllable light source producing a light illuminance.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Method of determining a fit of a hearing device and hearing device with fit recognition

A method is shown which recognizes whether a hearing device system or a hearing device component is fitted correctly in an ear. To this end an acoustic test signal is output by an output device and is received again by a recording device.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.


Adaptive lighting high-speed image recordings, and calibrating such a lighting apparatus

An adaptive lighting apparatus (1) for high-speed image recordings for an object (2) uses a number of high-speed image recording devices (30, 31, 32), with a number of led lighting units (10-18) having led illuminants (100-104) that can emit light to light the object (2) during operation. An actuator actuates the led lighting units (10-18) individually or in groups.
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Flexible camera device

A flexible camera device is provided including an elongate flexible member and at least one camera connected to and supported by the elongate flexible member. A recording device is also connected to and supported by the elongate flexible member.
Innova Electronics, Inc.


Image forming apparatus, jobs display and execution method, and recording medium

An image forming apparatus includes: a display; a job input portion that inputs one or more jobs each having job and job reference information; a main memory; a job executor that executes the one or more jobs; a judgment portion that judges whether or not the one or more jobs can be executed; a first controller that stores the job and job reference information on the main memory if the one or more jobs can be executed or that stores the job and job reference information on the same and saves the job information on a recording device if the one or more jobs cannot be executed; a second controller that shows and updates a job name list and shows job details of a user's selected job name, all on the basis of the job reference information; and a third controller that restores the job information on the main memory.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Video playback device and video recording device

A system is provided for transmitting a video played back from a video recording medium which stores the video and additional information without loss of an association between the video and the additional information even when a remote pickup unit (rpu) is employed for the transmission a video playback device plays back videos while repeatedly converting the content of an additional information file associated with a video file to be played back or id information of the video file into a two-dimensional code, and inserting the two-dimensional code over a predetermined length before the video. A video recording device which receives a video from the video playback device detects a two-dimensional code inserted in the video, and stores the content of the two-dimensional code as an additional information file into its own recording medium in association with the video..
Panasonic Corporation


Evacuation system

An illustrative apparatus includes a protective housing and a recording device. The protective housing can include a water-resistant layer comprising a material that is impervious to water.
Oneevent Technologies, Inc.


Image recording apparatus

An image recording apparatus, including: a drive source rotatable forwardly and reversely; a first roller rotatable in a first direction by the forward rotation of the drive source to convey a conveyed medium and rotatable in a second direction reverse to the first direction by the reverse rotation of the drive source; a recording device; a second roller; a first power transmitter which transmits a first-direction driving power to the second roller and not to transmit a second-direction driving power to the second roller, wherein the first-direction driving power is a rotational driving power of the first roller rotating in the first direction, and the second-direction driving power is a rotational driving power of the first roller rotating in the second direction; and a second power transmitter which transmits the second-direction driving power to the second roller and not to transmit the first-direction driving power to the second roller.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Device and recording images of a vehicle underbody

A recording device for recording images of an underbody of a vehicle includes: at least one camera recording images of areas of the underbody; and mirrors situated to project images of the underbody into the at least one camera. The mirrors are situated in such a way that the mirrors project adjoining areas of the underbody transversely to the driving direction of the vehicle into the camera as image areas situated one above the other..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Image recording device

An image recording device is provided with a plurality of color ink heads, first irradiation units which are disposed between the color ink heads which are adjacent, a second irradiation unit which is disposed more to the downstream side in the transport direction than the plurality of color ink heads and which irradiates light which is stronger than the light which is irradiated by the first irradiation units, and a transparent ink head which is disposed more to the downstream side in the transport direction than the second irradiation unit and which discharges transparent ink onto the image, wherein an interval, where a furthermost downstream color ink head and the transparent ink head are lined up, is wider than an interval where the plurality of color ink heads are lined up.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Recording apparatus and multi-function printer

A recording device includes a main body case that is arranged inside a recording head which ejects ink to paper, and an ink storing device that stores the ink to be supplied to the recording head and is attached to the outer side surface of the main body case through a screw member. When upward external force is added from the ink storing device, the main body case includes a reception section which can accept the external force..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Inkjet recording device and printing control same

Provided is an inkjet recording device for performing print control by increasing or decreasing the number of adjustment ink particles, which are used according to the speed of the object being printed even when the movement speed of the object being printed is increasing or decreasing and which are uncharged particles carrying a fixed electrical charge that takes electrostatic bonding into consideration. The present invention is an inkjet recording device provided with an ink container for holding ink that is to be printed on the object being printed, a nozzle that is connected to the ink container and discharges the ink, a charging electrode for charging specified ink that has been discharged from the nozzle, a deflecting electrode for deflecting the ink charged by said charging electrode, a gutter for collecting the ink that is not used for printing, and a control unit for controlling the printing.
Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods of recording time offset for video recording devices and services

Methods and systems are provided for recording time offset for video recording devices and services including receiving a request to record a program, wherein the program is associated with show schedule information including a start time and a channel identifier, determining that the channel identifier is associated with at least one offset value, calculating an offset start time based at least in part on the start time and the offset value, and storing a scheduled record time for the program using the offset value.. .
Cox Communications, Inc.


Camera stand

A camera stand is disclosed, that can be fastened and secured onto a post or the like via an attachment means. The camera stand is further comprised of a base plate and a reversible nut on which one can attach a camera or other recording device.


Monitoring motion using skeleton recording devices

A system and a method for monitoring motion skeleton recording devices is described. The method includes detecting, by a processor of a monitoring system, at least one human skeleton in a field of view (fov) of the first skeleton recording device.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Generating user preference activity maps

Generating user preference activity maps is disclosed, including: collecting a plurality of user activities recorded by a plurality of gps recording devices; determining a user preference map based at least in part on analyzing the plurality of user activities to aggregate user activity data associated with a base map; and determining one or more suggested routes between a user input first endpoint and a user input second endpoint based at least in part on the user preference map.. .
Strava, Inc.


Data recording device and method relating to a time shifting function on a recording medium

The invention relates to a device and a method for recording data on a recording medium. The invention relates to the implementation of the timeshift function in a part of said recording medium called the timeshift buffer memory having a size defined in terms of recording capacity.
Thomson Licensing


Infrared recording device and infrared recording method

An infrared recording device and infrared recording method in the invention relates to an infrared recording device and an application field of infrared detection. In the prior art, corresponding record between infrared files and object information is inconvenient.
Mission Infrared Electro Optics Technology Co., Ltd


Inkjet recording apparatus

An inkjet recording device includes a tray receiving a recording medium. A tray guide is movable between first and second positions.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Recording device

A recording device includes a liquid ejection head, a support unit that support a paper sheet, a transportation path along which the paper sheet is reversed and transported, and a transportation roller that transports the paper sheet, wherein a liquid absorbent is provided downstream in the transportation direction of the paper sheet relative to the transportation roller, and liquid absorbents are provided upstream in the transportation direction of the paper sheet relative to the transportation roller, and second liquid absorbent is provided between the liquid absorbent and the liquid absorbent.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Intraocular pressure measuring and/or monitoring system with inertial sensor

An intraocular pressure measuring and/or monitoring system comprises an intraocular pressure measuring device (1) comprising a support (3) and a pressure sensor (2) united with the support. The support (3) is configured for placing the pressure sensor (2) in contact with an eye (8) of a user for sensing the intraocular pressure (iop) of the eye.
Sensimed Sa


Endovascular probe

An embodiment of an endovascular probe includes a probe body, an inflatable mechanism surrounding a portion of the probe body and configured to create a reversible occlusion within a vascular system, multiple channels extending through the probe body, and an imaging device positioned within one of the channels. Another embodiment of an endovascular probe includes a probe body with a first channel configured to accommodate an instrument, a second channel configured to accommodate an imaging device, and a third channel configured to accommodate an irrigation device, along with an inflatable device at an external periphery of the probe body.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Control method, control device, and recording medium

A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium has stored therein a program that causes a computer to execute a control process. The control process includes: receiving an access request for a recording device that stores data; determining whether or not index information corresponding to the access request, which is received at the receiving, is stored in a memory that stores index information that is obtained by shortening identification information identifying data from the recording device cached in a non-volatile memory; and accessing the non-volatile memory when it is determined that the index information is stored in the memory and accessing the recording device when it is determined that the index information is not in the memory..
Fujitsu Limited


Recording device, access device, recording system, and recording method

A recording device operates in accordance with an instruction from an access device. The recording device comprising a nonvolatile memory that stores data, a communication unit that receives an instruction issued by the access device, and a memory controller that controls the nonvolatile memory.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Device for checking the construction of an extruder screw

A device for checking the construction of an extruder screw having a shaft and screw elements that are to be pushed or have been pushed one after the other onto the shaft in a defined sequence. Each screw element has an element-specific external geometry.
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik Gmbh


Nozzle face wiping device and image recording device

The present invention provides a nozzle face wiping device and an image recording device that can switch whether to wipe out a nozzle face by a simple mechanism. According to one mode of the present invention, it is possible to brake the running of the wiping web by the braking device on the upstream side (supply shaft side) of the pressure member.
Fujifilm Corporation


Blast exposure recording device

A blast pressure recording device and method includes at least one first sensor for measuring a parameter indicative of a blast event, at least one comparator in communication with the at least one first sensor for determining whether said parameter indicative of a blast event exceeds a predetermined threshold, at least one second sensor for measuring blast pressure, a power control means providing power to the at least one second sensor only when the predetermined threshold is exceeded, and a controller for receiving and recording blast pressure.. .
Med-eng, Llc.


Method and device for the automated application of a spray coating

A monitoring device (14) and a method for monitoring spray coating of a component by a spraying device (1) including a spray nozzle (3) movable along a specific path in relation to a component surface to be coated. The device has: an input interface (15) for inputting geometry data representative of the geometry of the component surface; a path data recording device (17) for time-resolved recording of path data of the spray nozzle (3) in relation to the component surface; a process data recording device (19) for time-resolved recording of process data of the coating process using the spray nozzle (3); a simulation unit (21) connected to the input interface (15) for receiving the data, for simulating application of the spray coating to the component surface on the basis of the data recorded; and a deviation calculation unit (23), connected to the simulation unit (21), for receiving simulation data and calculating a deviation of the simulated coating from the desired coating..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Magnetic recording medium, manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording device

According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording medium used in a heat assisted magnetic recording system includes a magnetic recording layer and a metal particle layer in which metal particles are arranged in a dispersed manner on a substrate. In the metal particle layer, percentage content of the metal particles in a second region positioned at an outer periphery side of a first region is higher than that of the first region in a surface direction of the substrate..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Medium-holding device, medium-conveying device, and inkjet recording device

The present invention provides a medium-holding device capable of setting a suction pressure for each of various areas within a suction-holding surface, a medium-conveying device, and an inkjet recording device. In an embodiment of the invention, a cover is attached to a main body formed into a drum shape such that a surface of the cover functions as the suction-holding surface for a paper sheet.
Fujifilm Corporation


Inkjet ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device

An inkjet ink including: water; a water-soluble organic solvent; a pigment; polycarbonate modified urethane resin particles; an ultraviolet absorber; and a light stabilizer.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Downhole surveying and core sample orientation systems, devices and methods

A method and system of validating orientation of a core obtained by drilling the core from a subsurface body of material, the method including: a) determining that vibration from drilling is below a nominated level, b) recording data relating to orientation of the core to be retrieved, the data recorded using a downhole core orientation data recording device, c) separating the core from the subsurface body, and d) obtaining from the core orientation data recording device an indication of the orientation of the core based on the recorded data obtained when the vibration from drilling was below the nominated level and before the core was separated from the subsurface body. A method of determining orientation of a core sample obtained by drilling from aboveground into a subsurface body includes recording data relating to a core sample being obtained by the drilling when vibration from drilling is below a threshold; providing an input to a user operated communication device; the communication device identifying a time of the user input to the communication device; retrieving the data gathering device and core sample; communicating between the communication device and the retrieved data gathering device; determining from indications provided by the retrieved data gathering device an orientation of the core sample..
Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd


Optical recording device, optical recording method and multi-layer disk

An optical recording device that records to a multi-layer disk having multiple recording layers includes a controller which sets a data area in which user data is recorded, and a calibration area including a main calibration area and at least one sub-calibration area which are used to calibrate the intensity of laser light for recording, with the same layout among the plurality of recording layers, conducts first calibration for performing initial recording in the data area by using the main calibration area, records dummy data in the remainder of the main calibration area, and conducts second calibration for performing additional recording in the data area by using the sub-calibration area.. .


Tapered write head for mamr

Embodiments described herein provide an mamr head structure which provides a magnetic recording device equipped with a high density recording magnetic head. Characteristic variations caused by misalignment of a main pole and a sto may be reduced because the sto may be aligned with a position on the main pole where the field intensity is enhanced.


Recording device

To suppress cleaning fluid from remaining on a conveyor belt and dirtying of a medium to be recorded by the cleaning fluid when applying the cleaning fluid to clean the conveyor belt. This is equipped with a conveyor belt 2 configured to support a medium to be recorded p on a support surface s and conveying it, and wiper blades 13 and 16 abuttable with the conveyor belt 2.


Recording device and recording method using the same

A device is provided that includes a subtraction portion that outputs a difference value between a target totalizing value, obtained by accumulating a luminance value of a target pixel up to a current frame, and a reference totalizing value corresponding to a luminance value of a reference pixel, adjacent the target pixel, accumulated up to the current frame; a quantization portion that quantizes the difference value and outputs a quantization value; and a quantization error correction portion that corrects the quantization value at a correction frame selected based on a quantization step of the quantization value and a quantization error of the quantization value.. .


Information processing apparatus and access control method

A detection unit detects access status of an information recording device and forms the detected access status into access records at predetermined time intervals. A generation unit generates history information from the access records that have been formed over a predetermined period.
Fujitsu Limited


Seat having integrated ekg-electrodes

A bio-measurement data recording device has a seat which has a back surface made of a foam material, a seat surface, and a plurality of back surface sensors embedded in the back surface such that a plurality of leads for an electrocardiogram of a the person can be received. At least two seat surface sensors are embedded in the seat surface.
Almanaa Trading Est. K.s.a.


Recording device and control a recording device

A recording device and a control method for a recording device improve the accuracy of reading micr information while also shortening the time required for recording media processing. A dot impact printer 10 has a magnetic head 34 that magnetically reads micr information recorded on a recording medium s, a recording head 18 that is mounted on a different carriage than the magnetic head 34 and records images on the recording medium s, and a back scanner 112 that optically reads micr information recorded on the recording medium s, disposed sequentially to the transportation path p of the recording medium s.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Optical information recording medium and optical information recording device

When bnt denotes the length adjustment amount of a front edge portion of an nt recording mark (n: integer, t: channel clock length) and cnt denotes the length adjustment amount of a rear edge portion thereof with respect to a channel clock reference, d denotes a minimum value of n and k denotes a maximum value of n, the length adjustment amount bdt of a front edge portion of a shortest recording mark dt, the length adjustment amount cdt of a rear edge portion of the shortest recording mark dt, the length adjustment amount bkt of a front edge portion of a longest recording mark kt and the length adjustment amount ckt of a rear edge portion of the longest recording mark dt satisfy bdt+cdt>bkt+ckt.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Inc.


Optical reproduction and detection system in a vehicle

An optical reproduction and detection system in a vehicle includes a surroundings recording device, a representation device as well as a view detection device. The representation of the recorded vehicle surroundings takes place as a function of the detected direction of view of the driver..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Optical imaging device and imaging microscopy

An optical zoom device for setting an imaging scale of an imaging device, which is configured for imaging an object on an image plane of an image recording device using a microscope objective, comprising an optical element arrangement is disclosed. The optical element arrangement includes an object-side zoom entrance for optical connection to an objective exit, in particular a collimated objective exit, of the microscope objective and includes an image-side zoom exit for optical connection to an image recording entrance of the image recording device.
Carl Zeiss Laser Optics Gmbh


System and color correction of a microscope image

A system and method for correcting the color of microscope images is described wherein a microscope, equipped with a variable light source and at least one microscope setting selector operates in conjunction with an image recording device having at least one image setting selector with a plurality of settings, and is configured to record at least one white balanced sample image of a sample. The system and method also includes the use of at least one white balanced calibration image of an integral transmissive color filter array of known transmission values in combination with an image processor executing code in order to color calibrate the sample images based on the calibration image..
Datacolor, Inc.


Intra oral dental motion recording device and the digital diagnosis, computer design and manufacture of dental devices

An intra oral dental device and method for recording the 3d envelope of motion of a patient and translating the recording into digital information used to diagnose, computer design and manufacture dental restorations. The dental device is comprised of upper and lower tracing members having tracing pins on one member and complementary recording material on the other.


Method of fabricating graphene quantum dots and high quality graphene quantum dots using the method

A simple and easy method for fabricating graphene quantum dots with uniformed size and high quality of emission property comprises steps of, mixing graphite powders with metallic hydrate salts, forming an intercalation compound of graphite wherein metal ions are inserted by heating the mixed solution, and removing the metal ions from the intercalation compound of graphite. The graphene quantum dots is applicable to the development of electronic products in next generation such as display devices, recording devices, various sensors and nanocomputers and is applicable to biological and medicinal field as well..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Nozzle face cleaning device and image recording device

A nozzle face cleaning device and an image recording device includes: a wiping member; cleaning liquid adding means which adds a cleaning liquid to the wiping member; pressing means that brings the wiping member to which the cleaning liquid has been added, into pressure-contact with a nozzle face; and wiping means which makes the wiping member and an ejection head relatively move, and wipes the nozzle face. A cleaning liquid supply flow channel is opened to the air in a connected portion of the cleaning liquid supply flow channel and a cleaning liquid adding nozzle..
Fujifilm Corporation


Inkjet recording ink, ink cartridge using the ink, and inkjet recording device using the ink

Where in general formula (2), r2 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, r3 represents an alkyl group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, n and m are each an integer of 0 to 30, with the proviso that n+m is 2 to 30.. .


Tactical security system

A tactical security system can be used to secure a room. For example, such a security system may be contained in a housing sized for shipment to a location for placement in a room in order to secure the room.
Palantir Technologies, Inc.


Image recording device

A first feeder contacts a first surface of a first sheet held in a first tray and feeds the first sheet toward a recording unit. A second feeder contacts a first surface of a second sheet held in a second tray and feeds the second sheet toward the recording unit.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Viewing of commercial break content during fast-forwarding of a video stream

Commercial break content that is viewed during fast-forwarding through a commercial break is provided by embedding one or more frames of commercial break content at various points in time during a commercial break segment. During fast-forwarding, the video stream for at least some of those points in time are displayed by the recording device to the viewer.



An endoscope is provided with an endoscope shaft and a main body connected to the endoscope shaft. The endoscope includes a camera connection to which an optical recording device can be mechanically fixed.
Henke-sass, Wolf Gmbh


System and locally recording audio from a video conference

A system and method for recording a video conference between a home location and at least one remote location. The method includes: receiving a first audio signal from a computer at the home location, the first audio signal including the audio feed of the video conference participant from the at least one remote location; feeding the first audio signal to (a) a sound producing device, and (b) a mixing device; receiving a second audio signal from a microphone at the home location, the second audio signal including an audio feed from the microphone; feeding the second audio signal to (a) an audio input of the computer at the home location and (b) the mixing device; combining, at the mixing device, the first and second audio signals into a third signal, wherein the third signal includes the audio feed from the microphone and the at least one remote location; outputting the third audio signal; and recording the outputted third audio signal on a recording device..
Nextgen Reporting


Optical recording device and optical recording method

An optical recording device for recording to a disk having a guide layer and a plurality of recording layers includes a controller which obtains, by calculation, logical addresses of data areas of all recording layers on the basis of physical addresses of a guide layer and recording layer information. Specifically, in treating the maximum value (last physical address) of physical addresses in the guide layer as psn_max, recording layer information of recording layer lx as x (x=0, 1, 2, .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Apparatus, monitoring vehicular activity

Apparatuses, systems and methods monitor vehicular activity. Specifically, the apparatuses, systems, and methods of the present disclosure provide a plurality of sensors and devices for monitoring a vehicle while the vehicle is in use, including but not limited to, impact sensors, cameras, recording devices, and other like devices.


Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, three-dimensional image processing program, computer-readable recording medium, and recording device

A three-dimensional image processing apparatus includes: a distance image generating part capable of generating a distance image based on a plurality of images captured in an image capturing part; a pattern generating part for generating a first projection pattern and a second projection pattern whose fringe direction is different from that of the first projection pattern as a plurality of projection patterns obtained by changing a fringe direction of a projection pattern; and an incorrect-height determining part for making comparison in height information of a corresponding portion of an inspection target between a first distance image, generated in the distance image generating part based on a first pattern projected image, and a second distance image, generated based on a second pattern projected image, to determine height information of a portion where a difference not smaller than a predetermined value has occurred as incorrect.. .
Keyence Corporation


System and obtaining and utilizing audits from disparate sources

Disparate (heterogeneous) clinical data recording devices are assimilated into a unified clinical system that is able to function regardless of the disparate data protocols of the recording devices. The unified system is realized in some embodiments by cascading a consistent set of audits generated by the recording devices through downstream clinical components, which audits provide a permanent and indelible record.
Medidata Solutions, Inc.


Vehicle event playback apparatus and methods

Vehicle event data playback systems described herein may provide users means for reviewing events recorded by a vehicle event recorder. Circumstances relating to vehicle operation may be visually presented in these playback systems.
Smartdrive System , Inc.


Sto with anti-ferromagnetic coupling interlayer

Embodiments described herein generally relate to a magnetic recording device for recording/reproducing data using the magnetization state of a recording medium. More specifically, embodiments described herein provide an sto structure having an spl and an fgl with an anti-ferromagnetic coupling interlayer disposed between the spl and fgl.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Portable video and imaging system

A portable video and imaging system includes a camera for capturing video of an event, and a video recording device for recording the captured video of the event. The camera is housed in a first housing, the recording device is housed in a second housing, and the first and second housings are physically separate.
Digital Ally, Inc.


Image recording device and image recording method

An arrival of a joint member at a detection position provided at an upstream side of a recording unit on a transportation path is detected. A second distance, which is a distance from the detection position to the recording head along the transportation path, is longer than a first distance, which is a distance of a transportation of the continuous medium in the case where, because of an existence of a liquid already landed on an area of the continuous medium at the detection time, the area being located at a position being on the transportation path and facing the recording unit, the continuous medium is transported during a period until at least hardening of the liquid is completed by a light radiation portion..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Information processing system and recording device

An energy event recording apparatus is mounted on each of a plurality of equipment installed at a business facility. When a change in the amount of the flow or stock of energy is detected in the apparatus mounted, each of a plurality of the energy event recording apparatuses records journal information, which associates the amount of change to a debit side item and a credit side item, respectively, and notifies an energy management server of the journal information.
Tokyo Institute Of Technology


System for recording, sharing, and storing audio

Systems, methods, and devices for recording, sharing, and storing an audio segment are provided. A user's audio segment is recorded by a recording device, in response to an audible prompt generated by the recording device.
Hallmark Cards, Incorporated


Recording control apparatus, recording control method, and recording medium

A recording control apparatus includes a generation unit configured to generate metadata to determine whether a first subdirectory included in a first directory of a recording device includes an image to be restricted from being deleted from the recording device, and a recording control unit configured to cause the first subdirectory to record a plurality of first images and cause the first directory to record first metadata generated by the generation unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method of and system for automatic compilation of crowdsourced digital media productions

A method of and system for automatic compilation of crowdsourced digital media productions is presented. A system for automated compilation of a digital media program includes interfaces that receive audio/video information, associated temporal information, associated digital device metadata, and media characteristic preference information.
Mindset Systems


Method of and automatically controlling operation of a user-mounted recording device based on user motion and event context

An event in a public safety (ps) network is recorded by mounting a video recording device for capturing images in a field of view (fov) on a ps person, by tracking the ps person's point of view (pov) by mounting a motion sensor on the ps person's head for joint movement therewith to generate an output direction control signal indicative of a direction along which the pov is directed; by determining a context of the event in which the ps person is engaged by generating from a context sensor an output context signal indicative of the context of the event; and by automatically controlling operation of the video recording device based on the context and control signals by controlling one of direction of the fov, angle of the fov, size of the images, and resolution of the images.. .
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Linear recording device for executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands and method and program for executing the same

A method is provided according to one embodiment, which executes an optimum writing method even when overwrite is intervened between mixed read and write operations. In response to receiving an overwrite command while executing the mixed operations, which writes to a predetermined tape position, when a tape position to overwrite on is encountered before the append-written data ending position of the tape (tape eod), the overwritten tape position is regarded as the append-written data ending position of the tape (tape eod) to update the tape eod by the overwritten tape position.
International Business Machines Corporation


Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording device

An image processing apparatus includes: an imaging distance estimating unit configured to estimate an imaging distance to a subject shown in an image; an examination region setting unit configured to set an examination region in the image such that an index indicating a spread of a distribution of imaging distances to the subject shown in the examination region is within a given range; and an abnormal structure identifying unit configured to identify whether or not a microstructure of the subject shown in the examination region is abnormal, by using texture feature data that enables identification of an abnormality in the microstructure of the subject shown in the examination region, the texture feature data being specified according the examination region.. .
Olympus Corporation


Multi-layer optical recording medium and optical recording device

A multi-layer recording medium is constituted by guide layer-equipped optical disks having a plurality of recording layers and guide layers are integrated by bonding said disks to one another so as to produce a double-sided disk, both sides of which may be used for recording. With regards to the lead-in areas for the guide layers of the guide layer-equipped optical disks for both sides, single-sided disks and double-sided disks are identified, and face-management information for identifying the side surfaces in the case of a double-sided disk is recorded in advance in said lead-in areas using wobbles or the like.
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Recording device positioner based on relative head rotation

In one aspect, a recording device positioner is provided. The recording device includes a base having a connection portion that is configured to receive a recording device.

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