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Recombinant patents

This page is updated frequently with new Recombinant-related patent applications. Subscribe to the Recombinant RSS feed to automatically get the update: related Recombinant RSS feeds. RSS updates for this page: Recombinant RSS RSS

Date/App# patent app List of recent Recombinant-related patents
 Method for producing proteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies against host cell antigens patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing proteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies against host cell antigens
Methods for producing proteins and glycoproteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies made against host cell antigens are described. In particular, methods are described wherein recombinant pichia pastoris strains that do not display a β-mannosyltransferase 2 activity with respect to an n-glycan or o-glycan and do not display at least one activity selected from a β-mannosyltransferase 1, 3, and 4 activity to produce recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.
 Alpha-amylase mutants patent thumbnailnew patent Alpha-amylase mutants
The invention relates to a novel termamyl-like alpha-amylase, and termamyl-like alpha-amylases comprising mutations in two, three, four, five or six regions/positions. The variants have increased thermostability at acidic ph and/or at low ca2+ concentrations (relative to the parent).
 Protein extraction patent thumbnailnew patent Protein extraction
A method for releasing the content of the periplasmic space of bacterial cells is provided, which comprises incubating the bacterial cells in a solution containing styrene maleic acid copolymer (sma). Also provided is a method of preparing a substantially pure sample of recombinant polypeptide.
 D-psicose 3-epimerase mutant with improved thermal stability, and continuous production of d-psicose using same patent thumbnailnew patent D-psicose 3-epimerase mutant with improved thermal stability, and continuous production of d-psicose using same
The present invention relates to a d-psicose 3-epimerase variant with improved thermostability by substituting an amino acid at a specific position of an amino acid sequence of a wild type d-psicose 3-epimerase. Further, the present invention provides a recombinant expression vector including a gene of the d-psicose 3-epimerase variant, and a recombinant strain transformed with the recombinant expression vector.
 Conditionallly replication-competent adenovirus patent thumbnailnew patent Conditionallly replication-competent adenovirus
The present invention provides a polynucleotide, which comprises human telomerase reverse transcriptase (htert) promoter, e1a gene, ires sequence and e1b gene in this order and which comprises a target sequence of a first mirna. The present invention also provides a recombinant adenovirus, which comprises a replication cassette comprising the above polynucleotide, wherein the replication cassette is integrated into the e1 region of the adenovirus genome..
 Recombinant vaccine against prrs in a viral vector patent thumbnailnew patent Recombinant vaccine against prrs in a viral vector
A live or inactivated recombinant vaccine is described, comprising a viral vector and a pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle, adjuvant and/or excipient, wherein the viral vector is capable of generating a cell immune response due to an increased alpha and/or gamma interferon production, and is capable of a quick replication, and it has inserted a nucleotide sequence of the orf 5 and orf 6 from prss.. .
 Stable liquid formulation of etanercept patent thumbnailnew patent Stable liquid formulation of etanercept
The present invention relates to a stable liquid formulation of etanercept (recombinant p75 stnfr:fc fusion protein), and more particularly, to a liquid formulation comprising one or more stabilizers selected from the group consisting of methionine, lysine, histidine, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof in an amount sufficient to reduce by-product formation of etanercept during storage. The liquid formulation according to the present invention effectively reduces production of etanercept by-products and to stably maintain its pharmaceutical efficacies for long-term storage.
 Recombinant antibody structures binding to and blocking the activity of vascular endothelial growth factor 2 (vegfr- 2/kdr) patent thumbnailnew patent Recombinant antibody structures binding to and blocking the activity of vascular endothelial growth factor 2 (vegfr- 2/kdr)
Phage displayed recombinant antibody library was developed and the library was screened against vegfr-2. After screening and elisa experiments two recombinant antibodies showing binding properties to vegfr-2 was obtained.
 Plants having altered agronomic characteristics under nitrogen limiting conditions and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding lnt6 polypeptides and homologs thereof patent thumbnailPlants having altered agronomic characteristics under nitrogen limiting conditions and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding lnt6 polypeptides and homologs thereof
Isolated polynucleotides and polypeptides and recombinant dna constructs particularly useful for altering agronomic characteristics of plants under nitrogen limiting conditions, compositions (such as plants or seeds) comprising these recombinant dna constructs, and methods utilizing these recombinant dna constructs. The recombinant dna construct comprises a polynucleotide operably linked to a promoter functional in a plant, wherein said polynucleotide encodes an lnt6 polypeptide or homolog thereof..
 Transgenic plants with enhanced agronomic traits patent thumbnailTransgenic plants with enhanced agronomic traits
This invention provides recombinant dna for expression of proteins that are useful for imparting enhanced agronomic trait(s) to transgenic crop plants. Also provided by this invention is transgenic seed for growing a transgenic plant having recombinant dna in its genome and exhibiting an enhance agronomic trait, i.e.
Silk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer
A chemoembolic agent is disclosed that includes an injectable, recombinantly synthesized silk-elastin like protein copolymer and one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Upon injection, the chemoembolic agent blocks the tumor vasculature, including the capillary bed, and may optionally release chemotherapeutic agents.
Methods for creating and identifying functional rna interference elements
The invention relates to the control of gene expression. Specifically, the invention provides compositions and methods for the production and use of recombinant nucleic acid molecules that have the ability to specifically downregulate an expressed target gene in vivo.
Control of gene expression
The present invention relates generally to a method of modifying gene expression and to synthetic genes for modifying endogenous gene expression in a cell, tissue or organ of a transgenic organism, in particular a transgenic animal or plant. More particularly, the present invention utilizes recombinant dna technology to post-transcriptionally modify or modulate the expression of a target gene in a cell, tissue organ or whole organism, thereby producing novel phenotypes.
Method for mass-producing antifreeze protein derived from polar yeast
The present invention relates to a method for mass-producing an antifreeze protein derived from a polar yeast, and more particularly, to a method for mass-producing an antifreeze protein derived from leucosporidium sp., which is the polar yeast, for synthesizing a recombinant polynucleotide by optimizing and altering a gene, which codes the antifreeze protein derived from the polar yeast, for a yeast expression system, and for expressing same using the yeast expression system.. .
Vaccine against multitypes of avian influenza viruses and uses thereof
The present invention relates to a recombinant dna molecule encoding a mutated hemagglutinin protein, wherein the mutated hemagglutinin protein consists of the amino acid sequence of seq id no: 2 with one or more mutations at amino acid residue selecting from the group consisting of residue 83, 127, 138 and the combination thereof. The present invention also relates to a composition comprising the recombinant dna molecule as described above and a pharmaceutically or veterinarily acceptable carrier, excipient, adjuvant, or vehicle.
Method of administering porcine b-domainless fviii
The present invention provides a method of administering porcine b-domainless factor viii (obi-1) to a patient having factor viii deficiency to provide more rapid and effective protection against bleeding episodes, compared to formerly available methods, or to provide more effective protection to such patients during non-bleeding periods. This invention is based on the discovery that the recombinant b-domainless porcine fviii, termed obi-1, has greater bioavailability compared to the natural porcine fviii partially purified from porcine plasma, termed hyate:c.
Vaccines and immunotherapeutics comprising il-15 receptor alpha and/or nucleic acid molecules encoding the same, and methods for using the same
Compositions, recombinant vaccines and live alternated pathogens comprising one or more isolated nucleic acid molecules that encode an immunogen in combination with an isolated nucleic acid molecule that encodes il-15ra or a functional fragment thereof are disclosed. Methods of inducing an immune response in an individual against an immunogen, using such compositions are disclosed..
Stable and soluble antibodies inhibiting tnf alpha
The present invention relates to particularly stable and soluble scfv antibodies and fab fragments specific for tnf, which comprise specific light chain and heavy chain sequences that are optimized for stability, solubility, in vitro and in vivo binding of tnf, and low immunogenicity. Said antibodies are designed for the diagnosis and/or treatment of tnf-mediated disorders.
Derivatives of recombinant proteins, homo-multimers of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and method of preparation thereof
The invention relates to derivatives of recombinant proteins, comprising homo-multimers of genetically fused recombinant biologically active protein monomer units, connected via selected peptide linker moiety; and the method of preparation thereof. Derivative of recombinant protein is preferably dimer of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, characterised by increased circulation time in vivo..
Plant regulatory elements and uses thereof
The invention provides novel recombinant dna molecules and constructs useful for modulating gene expression in plants, plant cells, seeds, and progeny plants. The invention also provides transgenic plants, plant cells, plant parts, seeds, and progeny plants comprising the recombinant dna molecules of the invention, along with methods of their use..
Methods for purifying insect membrane-bound receptor proteins from recombinant production hosts
The invention is drawn to a method for purifying membrane-bound proteins expressed in recombinant insect cells using n-laurosarcosine. The invention is particularly suited for expressing cadherin-type receptors cloned from ostrinia nubilalis, european corn borer, and expressed in sf9 insect cells.
Methods for the improvement of product yield and production in a microorganism through the addition of alternate electron acceptors
The present invention provides for novel metabolic pathways to reduce or eliminate glycerol production and increase product formation. More specifically, the invention provides for a recombinant microorganism comprising a deletion of one or more native enzymes that function to produce glycerol and/or regulate glycerol synthesis and one or more native and/or heterologous enzymes that function in one or more engineered metabolic pathways to convert a carbohydrate source, such as lignocellulose, to a product, such as ethanol, wherein the one or more native and/or heterologous enzymes is activated, upregulated, or downregulated.
Recombinant microorganism and methods of production thereof
The invention relates, inter alia, to novel genetically modified microorganisms capable of using co to produce 1-butanol and/or a precursor thereof, novel methyltransferases and nucleic acids encoding same, methods for producing genetically modified microorganisms using said novel methyltransferases, and methods of producing 1-butanol and/or a precursor thereof by microbial fermentation.. .
Methods for transforming tarwi and for producing molecular farming products in transgenic tarwi seed
The present disclosure describes reproducible methods for the agrobacterium-mediated production of stable, genetically transformed, fertile tarwi plants (lupinus mutabilis sweet) having seed-specific expression of human adenosine deaminase enzyme (hada) or a functional variant thereof. The method involves slicing a tarwi seed embryo to produce an explant; infecting the explant in co-cultivation medium containing an agrobacterium having a polynucleotide sequence encoding hada or variant; thereby generating a transformed explant; elongating a transformed shoot from the transformed explant; and regenerating a transformed tarwi plant from the elongated shoot.
Luciferase mutant
A recombinant protein having luciferase activity and at least 60% similarity to a wild-type luciferase wherein in the sequence of the enzyme, the amino acid residue corresponding to residue 357 in photinus pyralis luciferase is mutated as compared to the corresponding wild-type luciferase, such that the luciferase enzyme is able to emit light at a different wavelength as compared to the corresponding wild-type luciferase and/or has enhanced thermostability as compared to the corresponding wild-type luciferase. In general, the residue corresponding to 357 in photinus pyralis luciferase is changed from an acidic amino acid to a non-acidic amino acid, and preferably an uncharged polar amino acid such as tyrosine.
Method for producing alkane and recombinant microorganism capable of synthesizing alkane
A method for producing alkane and a recombinant microorganism with good alkane productivity in a reaction system for synthesizing alkane by alkane synthase activity are provided. Alkane productivity is significantly improved in a system for synthesizing alkane by alkane synthase in the presence of ferredoxin.
Methods for biosynthesis of isobutene
The document provides methods for biosynthesizing isobutene using one or more isolated enzymes such as one or more of an enoyl-coa dehydratase, a 2-hydroxyacyl-coa dehydratase, an isovaleryl-coa/acyl-coa dehydrogenase and a mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase, or using recombinant host cells expressing one or more such enzymes.. .
Recombinant host cells and methods for producing butanol
Provided herein are recombinant yeast cells comprising a deletion or disruption in an endogenous gene encoding amn1 and a heterologous gene encoding amn1. Also provided are recombinant yeast cells comprising a heterologous gene encoding amn1 and an engineered butanol biosynthetic pathway.
Dhad variants for butanol production
Dihydroxy-acid dehydratase (dhad) variants that display increased dhad activity are disclosed. Such enzymes can result in increased production of compounds from dhad requiring biosynthetic pathways.
Recombinant microbial cells that produce at least 28% eicosapentaenoic acid as dry cell weight
Recombinant microbial cells are disclosed herein that produce an oil comprising at least 28 percent eicosapentaenoic acid (epa) measured as a weight percent of dry cell weight. These cells may comprise a polynucleotide sequence encoding an active acyl-coa:lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase (lpcat) comprising at least one amino acid mutation in a membrane-bound o-acyltransferase motif.
Use of glycoside hydrolase 61 family proteins in processing of cellulose
The invention provides recombinant gh61 proteins obtained from myceliophtora thermophila, and nucleic acids that encode such proteins. The invention also provides protein fractions isolated from m.
In vivo de-glycosylation of recombinant proteins by co-expression with pngase f
Materials and methods for in vivo de-glycosylation of recombinant n-glycosylated proteins by co-expression with bacterial pngase f (peptide: n-glycosidase f) in plants, using a transient expression system are described. Methods are described which, for example, produce recombinant proteins of interest in plants in a non-glycosylated form.
Compositions and methods for the biosynthesis of 1-alkenes in engineered microorganisms
Various 1-alkenes, including 1-nonadecene and 1-octadecene, are synthesized by the engineered microorganisms and methods of the invention. In certain embodiments, the microorganisms comprise a recombinant alpha-olefin-associated enzyme.
Nannochloropsis spliced leader sequences and uses therefor
The present invention relates to the culture and manipulation of microorganisms for biotech applications, and is based on the discovery and characterization of spliced leader sequences identified in transcripts from nannochloropsis species. In particular, the invention provides nucleic acid compositions comprising a sl sequence operably linked to a protein-encoding gene.
Recombinant protein, pharmaceutical composition containing the same, and method of biosynthesizing
The present invention provides a method of biosynthesizing a recombinant protein containing the biologically active peptide, the pharmaceutical composition containing the recombinant protein as well as the preparation of the recombinant protein. Simply speaking the consecutively multiple copies of the bioactive peptide are replaced in the amino acid sequence of a recombinant protein (so called peptide-protein).
Modified sendai virus vaccine and imaging vector
The present invention relates to a sendai virus or recombinant sendai virus vector. In particular the present invention provides methods, vectors, formulations, compositions, and kits for a modified enders strain sendai viral vector.
Vaccine against rsv
Provided is a vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), comprising a recombinant human adenovirus of serotype that comprises nucleic acid encoding a rsv f protein or immunologically active part thereof.. .
Signal peptide fusion partners facilitating listerial expression of antigenic sequences and methods of preparation and use thereof
The present invention provides nucleic acids, expression systems, and vaccine strains which provide efficient expression and secretion of antigens of interest into the cytosol of host cells, and elicit effective cd4 and cd8 t cell responses by functionally linking listerial or other bacterial signal peptides/secretion chaperones as n-terminal fusion partners in translational reading frame with selected recombinant encoded protein antigens. These n-terminal fusion partners are deleted (either by actual deletion, by mutation, or by a combination of these approaches) for any pest sequences native to the sequence, and/or for certain hydrophobic residues..
Methods of administering anti-tnfalpha antibodies
Methods of treating disorders in which tnfα activity is detrimental via biweekly, subcutaneous administration of human antibodies, preferably recombinant human antibodies, that specifically bind to human tumor necrosis factor α (htnfα) are disclosed. The antibody may be administered with or without methotrexate.
Treatment of gluten intolerance and related conditions
Provided herein are compositions, foods comprising nepenthesin or a derivative thereof and methods of using nepenthesin or a derivative thereof for modulating gluten intolerance and related conditions, such as celiac disease. Further provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising nepenthesin or a derivative thereof and methods of using nepenthesin or a derivative thereof to treat bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, such as c.
Coagulation factor ix compositions and methods of making and using same
The present invention relates to compositions comprising factor ix coagulation factors linked to extended recombinant polypeptide (xten), isolated nucleic acids encoding the compositions and vectors and host cells containing the same, and methods of making and using such compositions in treatment of coagulation factor-related diseases, disorders, and conditions.. .
Factor viia-polysialic acid conjugates having prolonged in vivo half-life
The present invention relates to a proteinaceous construct comprising plasmatic or recombinant factor viia (fviia) or biologically active derivatives thereof, which are bound to a carbohydrate moiety comprising 1-4 sialic acid units, wherein the in vivo half-life of the proteinaceous construct is substantially prolonged in the blood of a mammal, as compared to the in vivo half-life of a fviia molecule not bound to a carbohydrate moiety. The invention also provides a method for controlling bleeding in a mammal having a bleeding disorder due to functional defects or deficiencies of fviia, fviii, or fix.
Genetically-engineered newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic agent, and methods of using same
Recombinant strains of avian paramyxovirus (apmv), such as newcastle disease virus (ndv), are provided. Also provided are compositions comprising them, and methods of using them to lyse tumor cells and to treat cancer.

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