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Receptor patents

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Photoreceptor cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same

Samsung Electronics Ltd

Photoreceptor cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis

Astute Medical

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis


Circulating tumor cell assay

Date/App# patent app List of recent Receptor-related patents
 Secure attention for mobile devices patent thumbnailSecure attention for mobile devices
For a secure attention indicator at a mobile device, a method is disclosed for detecting a secure attention indicator at a mobile computing device, the secure attention indicator comprising input from one or more of a microphone, a touch sensor, an accelerometer, a photoreceptor, and an orientation sensor, notifying the mobile computing device in response to detecting the secure attention indicator, and executing secure trusted executable code in response to the notification, the secure trusted executable code not modifiable by a user.. .
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.
 Photoreceptor cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same patent thumbnailPhotoreceptor cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same
A photoreceptor cartridge and an image forming apparatus having the photoreceptor cartridge. The photoreceptor cartridge includes: a first assembly configured to include a first frame and a photoreceptor that is installed at the first frame; a second assembly configured to include a second frame that is detachably combined with the first frame and a cleaning unit that is installed at the second frame and cleans a surface of the photoreceptor; at least one first pressing member configured to press the cleaning unit to the photoreceptor; and at least one second pressing member configured to press the cleaning unit into an opposite direction to a direction in which the first pressing member presses the cleaning unit..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
 Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in sepsis patients and in patients at risk for sepsis. In particular, the invention relates to using assays that detect one or more of wap four-disulfide core domain protein 2, hepatitis a virus cellular receptor 1, interleukin-1 receptor-like 1, and proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 as diagnostic and prognostic in such patients..
Astute Medical, Inc.
 Circulating tumor cell assay patent thumbnailCirculating tumor cell assay
Methods for the detection, enumeration and analysis of circulating tumor cells expressing insulin-like growth factor-1 receptors (igf-1r) are disclosed. These methods are useful for cancer screening and staging, development of treatment regimens, and for monitoring for treatment responses, cancer recurrence or the like.
Pfizer Inc.
 Nogo receptor binding protein patent thumbnailNogo receptor binding protein
The invention provides sp35 polypeptides and fusion proteins thereof, sp35 antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof and nucleic acids encoding the same. The invention also provides compositions comprising, and methods for making and using, such sp35 antibodies, antigen-binding fragments thereof, sp35 polypeptides and fusion proteins thereof..
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.
 System and  detecting and diagnosing schizophrenia and depression patent thumbnailSystem and detecting and diagnosing schizophrenia and depression
The invention relates to methods that can detect the abnormal function of the n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda) receptor, which can ascertain whether an individual has vulnerability for schizophrenia or depression. The invention relates to measuring blood plasma osmolality and the concentration of least one biomarker in conjunction with hypertonic solution infusion as a method for detecting or diagnosing schizophrenia or depression.
Yale University
 Differential humidity sensor patent thumbnailDifferential humidity sensor
A sensor array includes at least first and second resonator sensors. A receptor material on the first sensor is hydrophilic relative to a receptor material on the second sensor, and the receptor material on the second sensor is hydrophobic relative to the receptor material on the first sensor.
Matrix Sensors, Inc.
 Reader device and  signal amplification patent thumbnailReader device and signal amplification
Fluid collection devices, analysis instruments and methods for making and using same are disclosed. The fluid collection device is provided with a device and an electrochemical cell.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc.
 Method to determine responsiveness of cancer to epidermal growth factor receptor targeting treatments patent thumbnailMethod to determine responsiveness of cancer to epidermal growth factor receptor targeting treatments
Disclosed herein are methods and reagents for determining the responsiveness of cancer to an epidermal growth factor receptor (egfr) targeting treatment. The detection of these mutations will allow for the administration of gefitinib, erlotinib and other tyrosine kinase inhibitors to those patients most likely to respond to the drug..
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.
 H4 receptor inhibitors for treating tinnitus patent thumbnailH4 receptor inhibitors for treating tinnitus
The invention relates to histamine type 4 receptor (h4r) inhibitors for treating tinnitus.. .

Multipotent cells having mesenchymal and endothelial lineage potential

Methods for obtaining multipotent apelin receptor-positive lateral plate mesoderm cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and mesangioblasts under serum-free conditions are disclosed.. .
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Alpha-enolase specific antibodies and use in immune diseases

A method for treating an inflammatory disease or an immune disorder includes administering to a subject in need of such treatment an antagonist against eno1. The antagonist binds eno1 and inhibits eno1 plasminogen receptor activity.
Development Center For Biotechnology

Multifunctional antibodies binding to egfr and met

Provided are multifunctional antibodies, and/or antigen-binding fragments, that bind to, and inhibit the activity of, both human epidermal growth factor receptor (egfr) and met, and that are effective in treating cancers and other diseases, disorders, or conditions where pathogenesis is mediated by egfr and met.. .
Eli Lilly And Company

B7 family member zb7h6 and related compositions and methods

Disclosed is a newly identified b7 family member, zb7h6, which functions as a counter-receptor for the nk cell triggering receptor, nkp30. Methods and compositions for modulating nkp30-mediated nk cell activity based on the interaction of zb7h6 with nkp30, as well as related screening methods, are also disclosed.
Zymogenetics, Inc.

Rac1 inhibitors for the treatment of alport glomerular disease

The present invention provides methods of treating alport syndrome in a subject by the administration of an agent that can blocks the activation of rac1/cdc42 members of the rho family of small gtpases. Such agents include, but are not limited to, the endothelin receptor antagonists such as bosentan and letairis and neutralizing antibodies to endothelin-1.
Father Flanagan's Boys' Home Doing Business As Boys Town National Research Hospital

Fusion polypeptides capable of activating receptors

A fusion polypeptide comprising (a)x-m-(a′)y, wherein a and a′ are each polypeptides capable of binding a target receptor. The fusion polypeptides of the invention form multimeric proteins which activate the target receptor.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fusion polypeptides and methods of use thereof

The present invention also provides fusion polypeptides with a carboxy-terminal or n-terminal peptide domain (e.g., fc, ctp, or fc-ctp), and nucleic acid molecules encoding these polypeptides. The present invention further provides for methods of using the compositions of the invention for treatment of cancer and fibrotic diseases.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Lipidated peptides as anti-obesity agents

Lipidated peptides, analogs of both forms of the prolactin-releasing peptide, prrp31 and prrp20, represent anorexigenic compounds that lower food intake and function in the brain after peripheral administration. The analogs prrp31 and prrp20 lipidated at the n-terminus by myristic or palmitic acids bind with high affinity to the endogenous receptor gpr10 in the rat pituitary cell line rc-4b/c and cho cell line with transfected human receptor.
Ustav Organicke Chemie A Biochemie Akademie Ved Cr, V.v.i

Novel peptide tag and uses thereof

There are provided peptide tags derived from bacteriophytochrome (bphp) that is photoreceptor protein of deinococcus <i/> radiodurans, an antibody capable of specifically recognizing the peptide tags, hybridoma cell lines capable of producing the antibody, and uses thereof. The novel peptide tag has advantages in that it has a short length and can remove a non-specific reaction of the conventional c-myc tag and flag tag.
University- Industry Cooperation Group Of Kyung Hee University

Analogues of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (gip) modified at n-terminal

There is provided a novel series of analogues of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide, pharmaceutical compositions containing said compounds, and the use of said compounds as gip-receptor agonists or antagonists for treatment of gip-receptor mediated conditions, such as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and obesity.. .
Ipsen Pharma S.a.s.

Gpcr with improved cell surface expression

The present invention surprisingly shows that the addition of a heterologous viral-gpcr (g protein-coupled receptor) derived sequence at the amino terminal end of gpcrs improves cell surface expression of such receptors in eukaryotic cells. Transfected cells expressing the above heterologous viral gpcrs on their surface are useful for cell based assays to identify test compounds that increases or modulate activity of a gpcr or a ligand of a gpcr for example for drug discovery, development of novel flavors in the food industry or development of sensors based on odor gpcrs.
Canvax Biotech S.l

Modulators of 5-ht receptors and methods of use thereof

Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, x1, x2, x3, x4, y1, y2, and y3 are as defined in the specification. The present application also relates to compositions comprising such compounds, and methods of treating disease conditions using such compounds and compositions, and methods for identifying such compounds..

Non-steroidal antiandrogens and selective androgen receptor modulators with a pyridyl moiety

Are used to treat or reduce the likelihood of acquiring androgen-dependent diseases, such as prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, acne, hirsutism, seborrhea, androgenic alopecia, male baldness, muscle atrophy and weakness, sarcopenia, male hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis. They can be formulated together with pharmaceutically acceptable diluent or carrier or otherwise made into any pharmaceutical dosage form.

Substituted morphinans and the use thereof

And pharmaceutically acceptable salts and solvates thereof, wherein r1, r2, r3, r4a, and r4b are defined as set forth in the specification. The invention is also directed to use of compounds of formula i to treat disorders responsive to the modulation of one or more opioid receptors, or as synthetic intermediates.

Benzenesulfonamide compounds suitable for treating disorders that respond to modulation of the dopamine d3 receptor

The invention relates to compounds of the formula r1 is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, linear c1-c3 alkyl and fluorinated linear c1-c3 alkyl; r2 is hydrogen or methyl; r3 is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, halogen, c1-c2-alkyl, fluorinated c1-c2-alkyl, c1-c2-alkoxy and fluorinated c1-c2-alkoxy, r4 is c1-c2-alkyl or fluorinated c1-c2-alkyl; n is 0, 1 or 2, and the physiologically tolerated salts of these compounds and the n-oxides thereof. The invention also relates to a pharmaceutical composition that comprises at least one compound of the formula i and/or at least one physiologically tolerated acid addition salt thereof, and further to a method for treating disorders that respond beneficially to dopamine d3 receptor antagonists or dopamine d3 agonists, said method comprising administering an effective amount of at least one compound or physiologically tolerated acid addition salt of the formula i to a subject in need thereof..
Abbvie Deutschland Gmbh & Co. Kg

Carboxamide or sulfonamide substituted thiazoles and related derivatives as modulators for the orphan nuclear receptor ror[gamma]

The invention provides modulators for the orphan nuclear receptor rory and methods for treating rory mediated diseases by administering these novel rory modulators to a human or a mammal in need thereof. Specifically, the present invention provides carboxamide or sulfonamide containing cyclic compounds of formula (1), (1′), (100), (100′), (200) and (200′) and the enantiomers, diastereomers, tautomers, /v-oxides, solvates and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof..
Phenex Pharmaceuticals Ag

Difluorolactam compounds as ep4 receptor-selective agonists for use in the treatment of ep4-mediated diseases and conditions

And therapeutic methods of treatment with compounds of formula (i), wherein l1, l2, l4, r1, r4, r5, r6, and s are as defined in the specification. Compounds of formula (i) are ep4 agonists useful in the treatment of glaucoma, neuropathic pain, and related disorders..

Alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor modulators and uses therof-i

The present invention relates to chemical compounds of formula (i), with the substituents as described in the specification, useful in the positive modulation of the alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (α7 nachr). The invention also relates to the use of these compounds in the treatment or prevention of a broad range of diseases in which the positive modulation of α7 nachr is advantageous, including neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric diseases and also neuropathic pain and inflammatory diseases..
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Use of an urushiol compound in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting smad3 phosphorylation

The invention relates to a use of an urushiol compound (code named gq-5) in preparation of pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting smad3 phosphorylation. We verify that gq-5 inhibited the interaction of smad3 with tgf-β type i receptor (tβri), inhibited subsequent phosphorylation of smad3, reduced nuclear translocation of smads complex, and suppressed the transcription of major fibrotic genes such as α-smooth muscle actin (α-sma), collagen i and fibronectin.
Kunming Institute Of Botany, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Imaging and therapeutic methods for treating parathyroid tumors

It has been discovered that human parathyroid tumor cells express high densities of folate receptors which could provide a target that may be used for localization. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to methods of detecting and imaging parathyroid tumors or canccrous cells in tissues using a folatc conjugate to enhance imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, computed tomography (ct), and single-photon emission computed tomography (spect).
Emory University

Compositions comprising a complement inhibitor and an interferon alpha inhibitor

The present disclosure relates to, inter alia, compositions containing an inhibitor of human complement and/or an inhibitor of interferon alpha, and the use of the compositions in methods for treating or preventing degos' disease in a subject. In some embodiments, the inhibitor is an antibody, or antigen-binding fragment thereof, that binds to a human complement component c5 protein or to a biologically-active fragment of c5 such as c5a or c5b.
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical composition with modified olygopeptides in form of supramolecular assembly

The invention is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical liposomal composition which comprises a mixture of carboxylated oligopeptides derived from natural polypeptides; insulin; hyaluronidase and collagenase by their enzymatic hydrolysis; followed by a carboxylation of the free amino groups of lysine, histidine, and additional hydrolysis of terminal amino groups in the oligopeptides. Natural polypeptides may be hydrolyzed with a proteolytic enzyme to form a mixture of oligopeptides and succinylated them.

Compositions and methods for modulating pro-inflammatory immune response

Provided herein are compositions and methods useful for increasing a pro-inflammatory immune response, treating an autoimmune disorder, inflammation, or transplant rejection in a mammal by activating a leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor (lilr) protein. Also provided are compositions and methods useful for increasing a pro-inflammatory immune response, treating cancer, and treating infectious disease in a mammal by blocking the activation of a lilr protein..
The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Compositions including triciribine and methods of use thereof

This invention encompasses combination therapies including tcn, tcn-p, tcn-pm and/or related compounds and one or more additional anti-cancer agents, for example, taxanes a molecule that modulates the her2/neu (erbb2) receptor, anthracyclin compounds, epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor compounds, one or more platinum compounds and bortezomib and derivatives thereof and compositions with reduced toxicity for the treatment and prevention of tumors, cancer, and other disorders associated with abnormal cell proliferation.. .
University Of South Florida

Novel prodrugs of c-17-heteroaryl steroidal cyp17 inhibitors/antiandrogens: synthesis, in vitro biological activities, pharmacokinetics and antitumor activity

Prodrugs of steroidal c-17 benzoazoles, pyrimidinoazoles (az-abenzoazoles) and diazines. Methods of synthesis are also described, whereby a prodrug group is substituted for a functional group at a ring portion of the abc ring structure of the steroid.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore

Method for on-demand contraception

The invention relates to a method for on-demand contraception, which method comprises administering a progestogen agent or progesterone receptor modulator, such as 17a-acetoxy-11b-(4-n,n-dimethylamino-phenyl)-19-norpregna-4,9-diene-3,20-dione (ulipristal acetate) in a woman, within 72 hours before an intercourse or within 120 hours after the intercourse.. .
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv

Substituted 2-azabicycles and their use as orexin receptor modulators

Wherein x is n or cr1; y is n or cr2; r1 is h, alkoxy, halo, triazolyl, pyrimidinyl, oxazolyl, isoxazole, oxadiazolyl, or pyrazolyl; r2 is h, alkyl, alkoxy, or halo; z is nh or o; r3 is h, alkyl, alkoxy, halo, or triazolyl; r4 is h or alkyl; or r3 and r4, together with the atoms to which they are attached, form a 6-membered aryl ring or a 5- or 6-membered heteroaryl ring; r5 is pyridyl, pyrazinyl, or pyrimidinyl, wherein the pyridyl, pyrazinyl, or pyrimidinyl is optionally substituted with halo or alkyl; and n is 1 or 2. Methods of making the compounds of formula i are also described.

5-ht1a receptor subtype agonist

Wherein the carbon-carbon bond between 3- and 4-positions in the carbostyril skeleton is a single or a double bond.. .

Methods for treating eye disorders using opioid receptor antagonists

A method comprising: topically administering to eye/s of a subject in need of treatment for a disorder selected from the group consisting of pterygium, pinguecula and pink eye a composition comprising an effective amount of an active ingredient selected from the group consisting of naltrexone, naloxone or nalmefene or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.. .
Remedeye Inc.

Trkb agonists and methods of use

Compounds and methods related to the activation of the trkb receptor are provided. The methods include administering a 7,8-dihydroxyflavone derivative with modified flavone or heterocyclic ring to a subject in need thereof.
Emory University

Ethers, secondary amines and derivatives thereof as modulators of the 5-ht 2a serotonin receptor useful for the treatment of disorders related thereto

The present invention also relates to the methods for the treatment of 5-ht2a serotonin receptor associated disorders in combination with other pharmaceutical agents administered separately or together.. .

Compositions comprising muscarinic receptor antagonist and glucose anhydrous

The invention relates to pharmaceutical powder compositions administered by means of inhalers. More particularly, it relates to pharmaceutical powder compositions having the content uniformity and the desired stability used in inhaler devices..
Arven Iiac Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.s.

Led printhead with relay lens to increase depth of focus

Led printhead apparatus and printing systems are presented in which an led array and a first high angle lens array are housed in an led printbar assembly and a second low angle lens array is provided between the first lens array and a photoreceptor belt or drum in order to relay the output of the first lens array to the photoreceptor to provide a larger depth of focus and to reduce waterfront and tolerance issues near the photoreceptor.. .
Xerox Corporation

Electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor cartridge, and image forming apparatus

An object of the invention is to provide an electrophotographic photoreceptor in which the adhesion of the photosensitive layer is highly satisfactorily maintained regardless of the magnitude of shrinkage, and both of excellent electrical properties and excellent image characteristics are achieved. The present invention relates to an electrophotographic photoreceptor comprising: a conductive support; and, provided thereon, at least an undercoat layer and a photosensitive layer, wherein the undercoat layer comprises a binder resin and the binder resin comprises a polyamide resin which has a degree of elastic deformation of 56.0% or higher..
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Igfbp2 biomarker

The present invention provides method for quickly and conveniently determining if a given treatment regimen of igf1r inhibitor is sufficient, e.g., to saturate igf1r receptors in the body of a subject. Several clinically relevant determinations may be made based on this point, including, for example, whether the dosage of the regimen is sufficient or should be increased..

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using a one or more assays configured to detect a kidney injury marker selected from the group consisting of transforming growth factor beta-1, transforming growth factor beta-2, transforming growth factor beta-3, and interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in renal injuries..
Astute Medical, Inc.

Means and methods for treating or preventing brain tumors based on the nuclear receptor tailless (tix)

The present invention relates to the use of an inhibitor of tailless gene expression or tailless protein activity for the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition for treating or preventing the brain tumor in a subject. Preferably an inhibitor of tailless expression is a single or double stranded rna.
Dkfz Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Stiftung Des Oeffentlichen Rechts

Engineered botulinum neurotoxin

Disclosed herein are botulinum neurotoxin (bont) polypeptides with a modified receptor binding domain of clostridial botulinum serotype b (b-hc), comprising one or more substitution mutations corresponding to substitution mutations in serotype b, strain 1, v1118m; y1183m; e1191m; e1191i; e1191q; e1191t; s1199y; s1199f; s1199l; si 20 iv; or combinations thereof. Specific combination mutations include e1 191m and s1199l, e1191m and s1199y, e1191m and s1199f, e1191q and s1199l, e1191q and s 1199y, or e 1191 q and s 1199f.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Notch1 receptor binding agents and methods of use thereof

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for characterizing, diagnosing, and treating cancer. In particular the invention provides the means and methods for the diagnosis, characterization, prognosis and treatment of cancer and specifically targeting cancer stem cells.
Oncomed Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Antibody molecules that bind to il-6 receptor

The present inventors have successfully generated second-generation molecules that are superior to tocilizumab by appropriately combining amino acid sequence alterations in the cdr domains, variable regions, and constant regions.. .

Compounds and methods for treating inflammatory diseases

A monoclonal secretory iga antibody, which binds to and neutralizes a human proinflammatory cytokine or which binds to and blocks a human proinflammatory cytokine receptor. The secretory iga antibody is useful in treating a variety of inflammatory diseases in humans..
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals B.v.

Methods and compositions for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1alpha (pgc1alpha) as a target of circulating tumor cells

The present invention relates to methods, compositions, and diagnostic tests for treating and diagnosing a metastatic as disease that results in increased mitochondrial respiration and/or biogenesis. In particular, the methods and compositions include treatment of metastatic diseases such as breast cancer using an antagonist of mitochondrial respiration such as a pgc1α antagonist..
Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

Soluble tnf receptors and their use in treatment of disease

The present invention relates to tumor necrosis factor (tnf) antagonists and corresponding nucleic acids derived from tumor necrosis factor receptors (tnfrs) and their use in the treatment of inflammatory diseases. These proteins are soluble secreted decoy receptors that bind to tnf and prevent tnf from signaling to cells.
Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A/s

Dual glp-1/gip receptor agonists

The present invention relates to exendin-4 derivatives and their medical use, for example in the treatment of disorders of the metabolic syndrome, including diabetes and obesity, as well as reduction of excess food intake.. .

Chemokine-immunoglobulin fusion polypeptides, compositions, making and use thereof

This application is directed to chemokine-immunoglobulin fusion polypeptides and chemokine-polymer conjugates. The fusion polypeptides and conjugates can be used for treating chemokine receptor-mediated disorders and modulating inflammation, inflammatory cell motility, cancer cell motility, or cancer cell survival..
Jyant Technologies, Inc.

Fusion expression of g-protein coupled receptor

The present invention relates to fusion proteins for the expression of g-protein coupled receptor proteins (gpcr) with the fusion partners, as inserted fragments, from mammalian cells. The fusion partners are from a fragment of apj protein (“the apj protein fragment”) or a fragment with homology of more than 90% similarity to the apj protein fragment; or a fragment of rgs16 protein (the “rgs16 protein fragment”) or a fragment with homology of more than 90% similarity to the rgs16 protein fragment; or the fragment of dnj protein (the “dnj protein fragment”) or a fragment with homology of more than 90% similarity to dnj protein fragment.
Viva Biotech (shanghai) Ltd.

Treatment of prostate cancer

Described herein are compounds, methods of making such compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and medicaments comprising such compounds, and methods of using such compounds to treat androgen receptor mediated diseases or conditions. The present invention provides therapies and therapeutic regimens for the treatment of prostate cancer..
Tokai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives, their preparation and use as medicaments

The present invention relates to new imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives having a great affinity for sigma receptors, especially sigma-1 receptors, as well as to the process for the preparation thereof, to compositions comprising them, and to their use as medicaments.. .
Laboratorios Del Dr. Esteve S.a.

Gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor antagonists, the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same

Disclosed are a gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor antagonist and a pharmaceutical composition including the same, which can be useful in preventing or treating a sex hormone-related disease such as endometriosis, amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, uterine myoma, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian disease, lupus erythematous, hypertrichosis, precocious puberty, short stature, acne, alopecia, gonadal steroid-dependent neoplasms, gonadotropin-producing pituitary adenoma, sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, benign prostatic hyperplasia, contraception, and infertility, as well as alzheimer disease.. .
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Organic compounds

The invention relates to particular substituted heterocycle fused gamma-carbolines, their prodrugs, in free, solid, pharmaceutically acceptable salt and/or substantially pure form as described herein, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of use in the treatment of diseases involving 5-ht2a receptor, serotonin transporter (sert) and/or pathways involving dopamine d2 receptor signaling systems.. .
Intra-cellular Therapies, Inc.

7-hydroxy-spiropipiperidine indolinyl antagonists of p2y1 receptor

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i): as defined in the specification and compositions comprising any of such novel compounds. These compounds are antagonists of p2y1 receptor and may be used as medicaments in the treatment and/or prophylaxis of thromboembolic disorders..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Benzimidazole-proline derivatives

Wherein ar1, r1, r2, r3, r4a, r4b and (r5)n are as described in the description, to their preparation, to pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and to their use as pharmaceuticals, to pharmaceutical compositions containing one or more compounds of formula (i), and especially to their use as orexin receptor antagonists.. .

Branched chain alkyl heteroaromatic ring derivative

A branched chain alkyl heteroaromatic ring derivative represented by formula (ia) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof is useful for treatment or prophylaxis of diseases such as sleep disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, schizophrenia, drug dependence, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, huntington's disease, eating disorder, cephalalgia, hemicrania, pain, digestive diseases, epilepsy, inflammation, immune-related diseases, endocrine-related diseases and hypertension, on the basis of the orexin (ox) receptor antagonist activity.. .
Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Crystalline form i of tyrosine kinase inhibitor dimaleate and preparation methods thereof

Provided are crystalline form i of (r,e)-n-(4-(3-chloro-4-(pyridin-2-yl -methoxy)-phenylamino)-3-cyano-7-ethoxy-quinolin-6-yl)-3-(1-methylpyrr olidin-2-yl) propenamide dimaleate (called shr1258 dimaleate for short), preparation methods thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same. The crystalline form i of shr1258 dimaleate has good crystal stability and chemical stability, and can be used in the preparation of medicaments for treating diseases related to egfr receptor tyrosine kinase or her-2 receptor tyrosine kinase..
Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd.

Retinoic acid receptor antagonists as chaperone-mediated autophagy modulators and uses thereof

Compounds, compositions and methods are provided for selectively activating chaperone-mediated autophagy (cma), protecting cells from oxidative stress, proteotoxicity and lipotoxicity, and/or antagonizing activity of retinoic acid receptor alpha (rarα) in subjects in need thereof.. .
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University

Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists

As well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, that are potentially useful for treating aldosterone-mediated diseases. The invention furthermore relates to processes for preparing compounds of the formula i, to their possible use in the treatment of the abovementioned diseases and for preparing pharmaceuticals for this purpose, and to pharmaceutical compositions which comprise compounds of the formula i..

Bis(fluoroalkyl)-1,4-benzodiazepinone compounds and prodrugs thereof

Wherein r1 is —ch2ch2cf3; r2 is —ch2ch2cf3 or —ch2ch2ch2cf3; r3 is h, —ch3, or rx; r4 is h or ry; ring a is phenyl or pyridinyl; and rx, ry, ra, rb, y, and z are defined herein. Also disclosed are methods of using such compounds to inhibit the notch receptor, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds.

Novel sigma receptor ligands and methods of modulating cellular protein homeostasis using same

The present invention includes compounds useful in preventing, treating or ameliorating sigma-related disorders or diseases. The compounds of the invention can modulate cellular protein homeostasis, which includes: translation initiation, folding, processing, transport, and degradation (including ubiquitin selective autophagy) of proteins.
Drexel University

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