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Date/App# patent app List of recent Receptor-related patents
 4-substituent-2-hydroxylmorpholine-3-one and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent 4-substituent-2-hydroxylmorpholine-3-one and preparation method thereof
A molecule with neural activities, especially 4-substituent-2-hydroxymorpholin-3-one, as a new intermediate of neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist aprepitant, and preparation method thereof.. .
Shanghai Institute Of Pharmaceutical Industry
 Chimeric il-1 receptor type i agonists and antagonists patent thumbnailnew patent Chimeric il-1 receptor type i agonists and antagonists
Featured herein are non-naturally occuring cytokine domains that can be used, inter alia, to modulate cellular signalling responsive to interleukin-1 receptor i (il-1ri), to treat disorders, and to detect and/or bind to cellular receptors, as well as other agents. Exemplary cytokine domains can contain amino acid residues from at least two parental cytokines domains, for example, receptor binding features, surface features, β strands, and loops from at least two parental cytokines domains..
Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.
 Dosage regimen of an s1p receptor agonist patent thumbnailnew patent Dosage regimen of an s1p receptor agonist
S1p receptor modulators or agonists are administered following a dosage regimen whereby during the initial 3 to 6 days of treatment the daily dosage is raised so that in total the r-fold (r being the accumulation factor) standard daily dosage is administered and thereafter continued at the standard daily dosage or at a daily dosage lower than the standard daily dosage.. .
Novartis Ag
 Methods, compositions, and kits for treating pain and pruritis patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, compositions, and kits for treating pain and pruritis
The invention features a method for inhibiting one or more voltage-gated ion channels in a cell by contacting the cell with (i) a first compound that activates a channel-forming receptor that is present on nociceptors and/or pruriceptors; and (ii) a second compound that inhibits one or more voltage-gated ion channels when applied to the internal face of the channels but does not substantially inhibit said channels when applied to the external face of the channels, wherein the second compound is capable of entering nociceptors or pruriceptors through the channel-forming receptor when the receptor is activated. The invention also features a quaternary amine derivative or other permanently or transiently charged derivative of a compound that inhibits one or more voltage-gated ion channels when applied to the internal face of the channels but does not substantially inhibit said channels when applied to the external face of the channels..
The General Hospital Corporation
 Estrogen receptor ligands and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Estrogen receptor ligands and methods of use thereof
The present invention relates to methods for reducing testosterone levels in a male subject and methods of treating, suppressing, reducing the incidence, reducing the severity, or inhibiting prostate cancer, advanced prostate cancer, castration resistant prostate cancer (crpc), metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mcrpc), and methods of reducing high or increasing psa levels and/or increasing shbg levels in a subject suffering from prostate cancer, advanced prostate cancer, castration resistant prostate cancer (crpc) and metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mcrpc). The compounds of this invention suppress free or total testosterone levels despite castrate levels secondary to adt and reduce high or increasing psa levels.
 G protein-coupled purinergic receptor gpr17 mediates orexigenic effects of foxo1 in agrp neurons patent thumbnailnew patent G protein-coupled purinergic receptor gpr17 mediates orexigenic effects of foxo1 in agrp neurons
G protein-coupled receptor (gpcr) gpr17 expressed in hypothalamic agouti-related peptide-expressing (agrp) neurons increases appetite and glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. By contrast, increasing gpr17 reduced glucose tolerance and increased appetite.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York
 Method for treating scleroderma patent thumbnailnew patent Method for treating scleroderma
The present invention provides a method for treating scleroderma by administering a therapeutically effective amount of a toll like receptor 4 inhibitor to a subject in need of such a treatment.. .
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate
 Glucagon antagonists patent thumbnailnew patent Glucagon antagonists
Provided herein are compounds, including enantiomerically pure forms thereof, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts or co-crystals and prodrugs thereof which have glucagon receptor antagonist or inverse agonist activity. Further, provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same as well as methods of treating, preventing, delaying the time to onset or reducing the risk for the development or progression of a disease or condition for which one or more glucagon receptor antagonist is indicated, including type i and ii diabetes, insulin resistance and hyperglycemia.
Metabasis Therapeutics, Inc.
 Methods of treating lactose intolerance patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of treating lactose intolerance
Disclosed herein are methods for treating lactose intolerance, including compounds that may be specific or modulate pparγ receptors.. .
Nogra Pharma Limited
 Substituted fused pyrimidine compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Substituted fused pyrimidine compounds
The present invention discloses substituted fused pyrimidine compounds of formula (i), their tautomers, polymorphs, stereoisomers, solvates, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, or pharmaceutical compositions containing them and methods of treating conditions and diseases that are mediated by adenosine receptor (ar) activity; the compounds of the present invention are useful in the treatment, prevention or suppression of diseases and disorders that may be susceptible to improvement by antagonism of the adenosine receptor, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, angiogenesis, pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, allergic diseases, inflammation, reperfusion injury, myocardial ischemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, congestive heart failure, retinopathy, diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammatory gastrointestinal tract disorders, and/or autoimmune diseases.. .
Advinus Therapeutics Private Limited
new patent

Heterocyclic cgrp receptor antagonists

The present invention is directed to heterocyclic compounds which are antagonists of cgrp receptors and useful in the treatment or prevention of diseases in which cgrp is involved, such as migraine. The invention is also directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds and the use of these compounds and compositions in the prevention or treatment of such diseases in which cgrp is involved..
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
new patent

Methods for treating gi tract disorders

Provided herein are methods, compositions, and kits for the treatment of an enteric nervous system disorder. Such methods may comprise administering to a subject an effective amount of a phenothiazine compound, a peripherally restricted dopamine decarboxylase inhibitor, and/or a peripherally restricted dopamine d2 receptor antagonist that does not substantially inhibit herg channels..
Neurogastrx, Inc.
new patent

Substituted pyridyl amide compounds as modulators of the histamine h3 receptor

Certain substituted pyridyl amide compounds are histamine h3 receptor modulators useful in the treatment of histamine h3 receptor-mediated diseases.. .
Janssen Pharmaceutica Nv
new patent

5ht2c receptor modulator compositions

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate or hydrate thereof. These compositions are useful in pharmaceutical compositions whose use includes the treatment of obesity..
new patent

Cyclic amine derivatives as ep4 receptor antagonists

The present invention therefore relates to novel compounds which are selective antagonists of the ep4 subtype of pge2 receptors with analgesic and antinflammatory activity, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as medicaments, inter alia for the treatment or alleviation of prostaglandin e mediated diseases such as acute and chronic pain, osteoarthritis, inflammation-associated disorder as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, migraine and endometriosis.. .
new patent

Method of modifying fertility

The present invention provides methods and compositions for modifying fertility in a male mammalian subject by contacting the subject's testis cells, germ cells or sperm with a sufficient amount of a composition comprising a ligand that binds, activates, or inhibits activation of, a tas2r receptor expressed on the cells. Also described are methods for screening a test molecule for its effect on fertility by examining changes in male germ cells, testis cells or sperm resulting from contact with a molecule that binds, activates, or inhibits activation of, a tas2r receptor expressed on the cells.
Monell Chemcial Senses Center
new patent

Enhanced formulations, compositions and methods for pest control

Formulations of pesticides are disclosed, specifically pesticidal blends of essential oils and other ingredients, that have been found to enhance the activity of the active pesticidal ingredients. The formulations may be, for example, emulsions or dust formulations.
Tyratech, Inc.
new patent

Hiv vpr-specific t-cell receptors

The instant invention provides tcrs having one or more amino acid substitutions that bind to the al9 epitope of the hiv protein vpr (aiirilqqql).. .
Altor Bioscience Corporation
new patent

Aptamers and diagnostic methods for detecting the egf receptor

The present invention provides aptamers that specifically bind to the egf receptor in a sample, and diagnostic and analytical methods using those aptamers. In some embodiments, the aptamers include a 3′ cap.
Somalogic, Inc.
new patent

Organic photoreceptor and production process thereof

Wherein r1 to r3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms or an aryl group having 6 to 20 carbon atoms, and at least one of r1 to r3 represents an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms or an aryl group having 6 to 20 carbon atoms.. .
new patent

Humanized anti-ccr2 antibodies and methods of use therefor

The present invention relates to a humanized antibody or functional fragment thereof which binds to a mammalian (e.g., human) cc-chemokine receptor 2 (ccr2) or a portion of the receptor and blocks binding of a ligand to the receptor. The invention further relates to a method of inhibiting the interaction of a cell bearing mammalian ccr2 with a ligand thereof, and to use of the antibodies and fragments in therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic methods..
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
new patent

Diagnosis and treatment of parkinson's disease

Gucy2c receptor ligands conjugated to diagnostic and/or therapeutic moieties, methods of making such gucy2c receptor ligands conjugates, and methods of using such gucy2c receptor ligands conjugates, such as in the diagnosis and/or treatment of parkinson's disease, are described.. .
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center
new patent

Humanized pan-her antibody compositions

The invention relates to humanized recombinant antibodies targeting the egfr family receptors egfr, her2 and her3, compositions comprising at least one humanized anti-egfr antibody, at least one humanized anti-her2 antibody and at least one humanized anti-her3 antibody, and use of the antibody compositions for treatment of cancer. The invention also relates to the use of antibodies targeting multiple egfr-family receptors to treat cancer (e.g., pancreatic cancer) and cancer that has acquired resistance to previous therapies..
Symphogen A/s

Sub-type selective amides of diazabicycloalkanes

Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions including the compounds, and methods of preparation and use thereof are disclosed. The compounds are amide compounds which can be prepared from certain heteroaryl carboxylic acids and certain diazabicycloalkanes.
Targacept, Inc.

Diphenyl urea derivatives as formyl peptide receptor modulators

The present invention relates to diphenyl urea derivatives, processes for preparing them, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as pharmaceuticals as modulators of the n-formyl peptide receptor 2.. .
Allergan, Inc.

Methods for administration and methods for treating cardiovascular diseases with resiniferatoxin

There is disclosed a method for administration of a formulation of resiniferatoxin (rtx) to provide cardiac sympathetic afferent denervation when applied in an amount and concentration sufficient to chemically denervate vanilloid 1 receptor (trpv1)-expressing csar (cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex) afferents. There is further disclosed a method for treating heart failure or hypertension and its related indications selected from the group consisting of increased sympatho-excitation, cardiac hypertrophy, increased left ventricular end diastolic pressure (lvedp), lung edema, and combinations thereof, comprising administering an effective amount of rtx directly to a tissue site selected from the group consisting of epicardium, a t1-t4 dorsal root ganglion and intrathecally to the t1-t4 region of the spinal column..
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska

Treatment of transcription factor e3 (tfe3) and insulin receptor substrate 2 (irs2) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to tfe3

The present invention relate to antisense oligonucleotides that modulate the expression of and/or function of transcription factor e3 (tfe3) and/or insulin receptor substrate 2 (irs2) polynucleotides, in particular, by targeting natural antisense polynucleotides of transcription factor e3 (tfe3) and/or insulin receptor substrate 2 (irs2). The invention also relates to the identification of these antisense oligonucleotides and their use in treating diseases and disorders associated with the expression of tfe3 and/or irs2..
Curna, Inc.

Chemical compounds

This invention relates to non-steroidal compounds that are modulators of androgen receptor, and also to the methods for the making and use of such compounds.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property (no. 2) Limited

Combination of 4- benzamide and a nmda receptor antagonist and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same

Medicinal products containing the same which are useful in the treatment of cognitive disturbances associated with cerebral ageing and neurodegenerative diseases.. .

Compounds act at multiple prostaglandin receptors giving a general anti-inflammatory response

Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, x, w, x and y are as defined in the specification. The compounds may be administered to treat dp1, fp, ep1, tp and/or ep4 receptor mediated diseases or conditions..

6,7-dihydro-5h-benzo[7]annulene derivatives, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical products comprising them and their use for preparing medicaments

The invention relates to selective oestrogen receptor modulators (serms) and to processes for their preparation, to their use for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases and to their use for preparing medicaments for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases, in particular of bleeding disorders, osteoporosis, endometriosis, myomata, hormone-dependent tumours, for hormone replacement therapy and for contraception.. .
Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

Compositions and methods for minimizing or reversing agonist-induced desensitization

Methods and compositions are provided for preventing or reversing loss of the therapeutic effect of a drug, where the loss is associated with the repeated administration of the drug to a patient. The method includes administering to the patient a dopamine receptor agonist or partial agonist or a drug that increases the extracellular level of dopamine by enhancing release of dopamine, decreasing the removal of dopamine from the extracellular space, enhancing the synthesis of dopamine within the brain, or decreasing metabolic degradation of dopamine; and also administering to the patient an opioid receptor antagonist in an ultra-low dose amount, wherein the ultra-low dose amount is effective to prevent or reverse loss of therapeutic effects associated with the repeated administration of the drug to the patient.
Pharmorx Therapeutics, Inc.

Novel compounds

Corresponding processes for manufacture of said derivatives, pharmaceutical formulations containing and uses of such compounds in therapy, particularly in treatment of diseases where under-activation of the hm74a receptor contributes to the disease or where activation of the receptor will be beneficial.. .

Pyridinyl amides as p2x3 and p2x2/3 inhibitors

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein, r1 is optionally substituted phenyl or optionally substituted pyridinyl, and r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8 and r9 are as defined herein. Also disclosed are methods of using the compounds for treating diseases associated with p2x3 and/or a p2x2/3 receptor antagonists and methods of making the compounds..

Liver x receptor modulators

Provided herein are novel compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof that are liver x receptor modulators. Also provided are compositions comprising compounds of the invention and a carrier.
Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (121374)

Novel ep2 receptor agonists

In which r1, r4, a and x have the meanings as given in the description, are novel effective ep2 agonists.. .

Heteroaryl-ketone fused azadecalin glucocorticoid receptor modulators

The present invention provides heteroaryl ketone fused azadecalin compounds and methods of using the compounds as glucocorticoid receptor modulators.. .
Corcept Therapeutics, Inc.

Therapeutic uses

This invention relates to novel therapeutic uses for compounds which are inverse agonists of the h3 receptor. In particular this invention relates to therapeutic use of these compounds in the treatment of multiple sclerosis..
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited

Deuterium-enriched pyridinonecarboxamides and derivatives

Are partial or full agonists of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine or 5-ht) receptor subtype 4 (5-ht4), and are useful compounds for the prevention and treatment of alzheimer's disease, cognitive and memory dysfunction, mild cognition impairment, memory decline, cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, cognitive impairment associated with age-related dementia or alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairment associated with post-coronary bypass surgery, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, speech improvement in autistic children, sleep apnea in alzheimer's patients, age-related macular degeneration (amd), irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, crohn's disease, emesis, nausea, vomiting, prokinesia, non-ulcer dyspepcia, anxiety, depression, pain, migraine, urinary incontinence, arterial fibrillation, arrhythmia, ischemic stroke, gastric emptying disorders, gastritis, gastrointestinal disorders, feeding disorders, obesity, anorexia, constipation, respiratory depression, and erectile dysfunction.. .

Novel compounds

The present invention is directed to novel retinoid-related orphan receptor gamma (rorγ) modulators, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing these modulators, and their use in the treatment of inflammatory, metabolic and autoimmune diseases mediated by rorγ.. .
Glaxo Group Limited

Combinations comprising antimuscarinic agents and pde4 inhibitors

Combinations comprising (a) a pde4 inhibitor and (b) an antagonist of m3 muscarinic receptors which is 3(r)-(2-hydroxy-2,2-dithien-2-ylacetoxy)-1-(3-phenoxypropyl)-1-azoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane, in the form of a salt having an anion x, which is a pharmaceutically acceptable anion of a mono or polyvalent acid are useful, e.g., for the treatment of respiratory disease, e.g., asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.. .

Aryl sulfonamides

Compounds are provided that act as potent antagonists of the ccr9 receptor, and which have been further confirmed in animal testing for inflammation, one of the hallmark disease states for ccr9. The compounds are generally aryl sulfonamide derivatives and are useful in pharmaceutical compositions, methods for the treatment of ccr9-mediated diseases, and as controls in assays for the identification of ccr9 antagonists..
Chemocentryx, Inc.

Bumetanide analogs, compositions and methods of use

The present invention provides bumetanide, analogs and compositions comprising such analogs. The present invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions containing these bumetanide, analogs and methods for their use.
Neuropro Therapeutics, Inc.

Template-fixed peptidomimetics

The template-fixed b-hairpin peptidomimetics cyclo(-tyr-his-x-cys-ser-ala-dpro-dab-arg-tyr-cys-tyr-gln-lys-d-pro-pro), disulfide bond between cys4 and gys11, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, with x being ala or tyr, have cxcr4 antagonizing properties and can be used for where cancer is mediated or resulting from cxcr4 receptor activity. .
Polyphor Ltd.

Topical corneal analgesia using neurotensin receptor agonists and synergistic neurotensin combinations without delaying wound healing

Ocular analgesics for topical administration are described. The topical ocular analgesic includes a neo-tryptophan-containing neurotensin analog.
Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

Therapeutic agents comprising elastic peptides

The present invention provides therapeutic agents and compositions comprising elastic peptides and therapeutic proteins. Such peptides exhibit a flexible, extended conformation.
Duke University

Glucagon analogues

The invention provides materials and methods for promoting weight loss or preventing weight gain, and in the treatment of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and associated disorders. In particular, the invention provides novel glucagon analogue peptides effective in such methods.
Zealand Pharma A/s

Chimeric fc-gamma receptor and determination of adcc activity by using the receptor

To accomplish the above-mentioned objectives, the present inventors produced chimeric molecules by fusing the extracellular domain of mouse fcγr3 or mouse fcγr4 with the transmembrane domain/intracellular domain of human γ chain or human fcγr3, and expressed the chimeric molecules in human nk92 cells. It was revealed that the adcc activity can be induced by the chimeric receptors produced by any combination of the domains, and that the adcc activity of mouse antibodies can be measured using the chimeric receptors of the present invention..

Electrophotographic photoreceptor, production method therefor, electrophotographic device, and production copolymer polyarylate resin

An electrophotographic photoreceptor having a photosensitive layer which includes, as a resin binder, a copolymeric polyarylate resin having structural units of a chemical structural formula 1, a method of producing the photoreceptor, an electrophotographic device including the electrophotographic photoreceptor, and a method of preparing the copolymeric polyarylate resin are provided. The electrophotographic photoreceptor reduces the amount of abrasion at the surface of a photoreceptor drum and lowers frictional resistance from the beginning until the end of printing, and moreover provides good images..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Vacuum glazing pillars delivery films and methods for insulated glass units

Pillar delivery films for vacuum insulated glass units. The delivery films include a support film or pocket tape, a sacrificial material on the support film, and a plurality of pillars.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Nanoparticulate compositions for targeted delivery of acid labile, lipophilic prodrugs of cancer chemotherapeutics and their preparation

In one embodiment, the present application discloses synthetic ldl nanoparticles comprising mixtures of components selected from the group consisting of phospholipids, triglycerides, cholesterol ester and free cholesterol; optionally further comprising an agent selected from the group consisting of natural antioxidants, ubiquinol and vitamin e, and methods for preparing the synthetic nanoparticles. The disclosed synthetic ldl nanoparticles are capable of selectively delivering lipophilic drugs and prodrugs to cellular targets expressing ldl receptors after intra venous injection..
Arbor Therapeutics, Llc

Sustained release formulations of peptidomimetic drugs and uses thereof

The invention provides sustained release formulations comprising a c5a receptor antagonist. In certain embodiments the sustained-release formulations include microparticles that comprise a complement c5ar antagonist and a biodegradable polymeric matrix.
Jerini Ophthalmic, Inc.

Organic compounds

The invention relates to particular substituted heterocycle fused gamma-carbolines, their prodrugs, in free, solid, pharmaceutically acceptable salt and/or substantially pure form as described herein, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of use in the treatment of diseases involving 5-ht2a receptor, serotonin transporter (sert) and/or pathways involving dopamine d2 receptor signaling systems.. .
Intra-cellular Therapies, Inc.

Use of an anti-ang2 antibody

A method of preventing or treating cancer using an anti-ang2 antibody or an antigen-binding fragment thereof that specifically binds to an angiogenesis-inducing factor angiopoietin-2 (ang2) and complexes to a tie2 receptor while bound with ang2.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Mechanism, diagnostic, and treatments for complications of renal failure

Mechanisms for complications of renal failure and processes for treating the same are disclosed. They include contacting a biological fluid (e.g.

Anti-rantes antibodies

The invention relates to fully human monoclonal antibodies, and fragments thereof, that bind to the chemokine regulated upon activation, normal t-cell expressed, and secreted (rantes, ccl5), thereby modulating the interaction between rantes and one of more of its receptors, such as, e.g., ccr1, ccr3, ccr4 and ccr5, and/or modulating the biological activities of rantes. The invention also relates to the use of these or any anti-rantes antibodies in the prevention or treatment of immune-related disorders and in the amelioration of one or more symptoms associated with an immune-related disorder..
Novlmmune S.a.

Binding members for interleukin-4 receptor alpha (il-4ra) - 173

Binding members, especially antibody molecules, for interleukin (il)-4 receptor alpha (il-4rα), and their therapeutic use e.g. In treating or preventing disorders associated with il-4rα, il-4 and/or il-13, examples of which are asthma and copd..
Medimmune Limited

Methods for treatment of brain injury utilizing biologics

A method of using biologics to treat chronic brain injury or spasticity due to stroke, trauma and other causes. Preferred embodiments include perispinal, parenteral, transepidermal or intranasal use of tnf antagonists.
Tact Ip Llc

Novel anti-igf-ir antibodies and uses thereof

The present invention relates to novel antibodies capable of binding specifically to the human insulin-like growth factor i receptor igf-ir and/or capable of specifically inhibiting the tyrosine kinase activity of said igf-ir receptor, especially monoclonal antibodies of murine, chimeric and humanized origin, as well as the amino acid and nucleic acid sequences coding for these antibodies. The invention likewise comprises the use of these antibodies as a medicament for the prophylactic and/or therapeutic treatment of cancers overexpressing igf-ir or any pathology connected with the overexpression of said receptor as well as in processes or kits for diagnosis of illnesses connected with the overexpression of the igf-ir receptor.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.; Institute De Recherche Pierre Fabre

Methods for amelioration of autoimmune disease using stem cells transduced with t cell receptors from il-10 secreting t cells

Methods, cells and vectors are provided for treating a subject for an autoimmune disease using stem cells transduced with genes encoding t cell receptors from il-10 secreting regulatory t cells. The il-10 secreting regulatory t cells are obtained from a donor of stem cells, the donor having been immunized with peptidic compositions used in the treatment of the autoimmune disease..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

T cell receptor fusions and conjugates and methods of use thereof

Featured is t cell receptor complexes designed to redirect the immune system against various diseases. The t cell receptor complexes of the invention have been engineered to recognize target antigen in a functionally bispecific nature.
Altor Bioscience Corporation

Igf-1r specific antibodies useful in the detection and diagnosis of cellular proliferative disorders

The present invention relates to mammalian antibodies, designated 12b1 and antigen-binding portions thereof that specifically bind to insulin-like growth factor i receptor (igf-ir), preferably human igf-ir. Also included are chimeric, bispecific, derivatized, single chain antibodies derived from the antibodies disclosed herein.
Pierre Fabre Medicament

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus that forms a color image by layering toner images of different colors includes: a photoreceptor on which an electrostatic latent image is formed through charging and exposure; an exposure unit performing exposure-scanning on the photoreceptor in accordance with image signal; an intensity determination unit determining exposure intensity according to image forming condition; and a timing determination unit determining a timing of inputting image signal for each scanning line, wherein the exposure unit has a delay duration differing depending on the exposure intensity and being from input of image signal of each pixel to be exposed to exposure of the pixel at the exposure intensity, and the timing determination unit obtains the delay duration corresponding to the exposure intensity, and determines the timing such that image signal of an initial pixel to be initially exposed is input the delay duration before the initial pixel is exposed.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

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