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Voltage regulator

Electronic device enclosure with handle

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rebound-related patents
 Methods for counteracting rebounding effects during solid state resistance welding of dissimilar materials patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for counteracting rebounding effects during solid state resistance welding of dissimilar materials
The present disclosure is directed to methods for joining initially separate members of different metallic materials, e.g., as in joining segments of a multi-segment intravascular guide wire, as well as multi-segment intravascular guide wires so formed. Initially separate members are provided, which members comprise different metallic materials relative to one another (e.g., stainless steel and nitinol).
 Epoxidised natural rubber based blend for antistatic footwear application patent thumbnailEpoxidised natural rubber based blend for antistatic footwear application
Electrically conductive vulcanised epoxidised natural rubber [enr]-carbon black blends can be produced by using either internal mechanical mixing method or open milling method. These two methods are commercially friendly due to their practicability and high production rate.
 Voltage regulator patent thumbnailVoltage regulator
Provided are improvements for systems and methods of alternating current (ac) to direct current (dc) power regulation. The system improvements include a regulation circuit having a microprocessor that controls a silicon controlled rectifier circuit.
 Electronic device enclosure with handle patent thumbnailElectronic device enclosure with handle
An electronic device enclosure includes a chassis, a cover secured to the chassis, a handle rotatably mounted to the chassis, and an operation member slidably mounted to the chassis. The cover includes a resilient piece.
 Passive and active suspension with optimization of energy usage patent thumbnailPassive and active suspension with optimization of energy usage
A hydraulic actuator includes a shock absorber and a control system that is separate from the shock absorber and which generates damping loads for the hydraulic actuator. The control system generates the damping load by using a pair of variable valves, a pair of check valves, an accumulator, a pump/motor and a flow controller.
 Electronic device enclosure with handle patent thumbnailElectronic device enclosure with handle
An electronic device enclosure includes a chassis, a covering secured to the chassis, a handle rotatably mounted to the chassis, and a latching member slidably mounted between the chassis and the covering member and comprising a hook, a resisting arm, and a pressing portion. The pressing portion extends out of the covering member.
 Method and device for identifying half point of pedal on keyboard musical instrument patent thumbnailMethod and device for identifying half point of pedal on keyboard musical instrument
A key depression (i.e., string striking) is performed while a pedal is kept at a set non-key-depressed-state corresponding position (a rest position of a hammer). A string striking velocity immediately before string striking and a string releasing velocity immediately after the string striking are detected, and a coefficient of rebound is calculated on the basis of the detected velocities and stored in association with the current value of the rest position of the hammer.
 Adjustable rebound device and exercise machine including adjustable rebound device patent thumbnailAdjustable rebound device and exercise machine including adjustable rebound device
An adjustable rebound device may include a support platform and a warping assembly to adjust a rebound resistance of the support platform. The warping assembly may include a plurality of mounting assemblies coupled to the support platform and a rebound adjustment assembly coupled to at least one of the mounting assemblies.
 Soft collision grating scale and measuring method thereof patent thumbnailSoft collision grating scale and measuring method thereof
A soft collision grating scale and measuring method thereof comprises a fixed scale, a sliding auxiliary scale slidably disposed relative to the fixed scale, and a moving pin sliding relative to the sliding auxiliary scale. The moving pin and the sliding auxiliary scale move synchronically.
 Lacrosse head patent thumbnailLacrosse head
A lacrosse head having inwardly beveled top sidewall rails that extend along the length of the sidewalls, toward the center of the pocket. In this manner, when a player attempts to receive a thrown ball and fails to catch the ball in the pocket of the head cleanly without obstruction from the head frame, the top sidewall rails rebound the ball back inside the lacrosse head frame, thereby aiding in control of the ball.
Tree stand
A cable-securement member secured to a platform includes a longitudinal passage extending through open first and second longitudinal ends and is sized and shaped for allowing the cable to move through the longitudinal passage from the first longitudinal end to the second longitudinal end. The longitudinal passage has a curved portion adjacent the second longitudinal end configured to resiliently bend a cable body of a cable as the cable enters the curved portion.
Release movement neuromuscular developer
A weightlifting apparatus supports a weight bar and controls its path. The apparatus allows a lifter to complete the full range of a lift repetition encompassing lowering the weight and rebounding with an explosive lift to include release of the weight bar at the end of the lift.
Pointing device
A pointing device includes a mounting panel and a touch panel. The mounting panel includes a panel body.
Method for producing a sole or a sole part of a shoe
The invention relates to a method or producing a sole (1) or a sole part of a shoe (2), in particular of a sports shoe. To obtain a lightweight shoe which has good rebound characteristics, the invention provides the following steps: a) producing plastic elements (3), the extent (a, b, c) of which in the three spatial direction lies between 2 mm and 15 mm, preferably between 3 mm and 9 mm, wherein the plastic elements (3) consist of a foamed thermoplastic elastomer based on urethane (tpu, e-tpu, tpe-u) and/or based on polyether block amide (peba); b) introducing the plastic elements (3) into a moulding tool which has a cavity which corresponds to the shape of the sole (1) or the sole part to be produced; c) connecting the plastic elements (3) located in the moulding tool to one another, wherein a binder is put into the moulding tool to make the connection and/or wherein heat is allowed to act on the plastic elements (3) to make the connection..
Push/push latch
The instant disclosure provides a push latch having a pivotally mounted blocking hammer including a head with a lever arm extending away from the head to a counter-weight. Under normal operating conditions, the hammer is held in an inert/balanced condition.
Bearing mechanism for photosensitive drum
A bearing mechanism for connection with a photosensitive drum and an electronic imaging device includes a transmission member for coupling a rotary driving member of the electronic imaging device, a conductive piece at an inner portion of the transmission member, a conductive bar, and a spring member. The transmission member is synchronously rotatably mounted to the photosensitive drum and includes a through hole.
Portable computer with latch mechanism
A portable computer includes a cover and a case. The cover includes a locking member which includes a locking pole.
Waterfall pit trampoline
Trampolines and trampoline frames configured to support a rebounding mat that extends from a horizontal plane into a vertical plane that is below the horizontal plane. The trampoline includes a horizontal frame that connects to a first portion of the rebounding mat to hold the mat in a substantially horizontal plane and a vertical frame that connects to a second portion of the rebounding mat to hold the mat in a substantially vertical plane that extends downward from the horizontal plane..
Baseball bat
A hollow non-wood baseball or softball bat wherein the impact portion of the bat contains an inner barrel that is positioned by means of a (i) foam insert, (ii) tube extending from the bat's knob, or (iii) line attached to the bat's knob and end cap and extending throughout the bat such that the inner barrel does not come into contact with the inside wall of the bat when the bat is at rest yet when swung the inner barrel is allowed to move so as to amplify the rebound effect given to the ball upon impact with the bat.. .
Vehicle suspension systems
A suspension system for a vehicle includes a damper and a jack assembly. The damper includes a first tube defining a first cavity and having a longitudinal axis, a second tube disposed within the first cavity and defining a second cavity, wherein the second tube is spaced apart from the first tube to define a reservoir chamber, and a piston translatable within the second cavity along the axis, wherein the piston abuts the second tube to define a rebound chamber and a compression chamber.
Demand response load forecaster
A demand response system having an improved load forecaster connected to a decision engine. A basis of the improved forecaster may be an introduction of an explanatory variable which is a time-based shaping function that allows capturing a demand response (dr) lead and dr rebound effect, and the like, capturing a shape of load reduction, given by an applied dr action.
Epoxidised natural rubber-based blend with reversible electrical behaviour
Epoxidised natural rubber [enr] based vulcanised-blends with two different types of electrical conductive filler (i.e. Conductive grade-carbon black and intrinsically electrical conductive polymer) may be produced respectively by using either internal mechanical mixing method or open milling method or the combination of the two methods.
Therapeutic skin lifting device and related systems and methods
A therapeutic device has a bridge portion adapted for releasable adherence to a patch of skin so as to lift the patch of skin above a sensitive underlying treatment site in reducing discomfort or pain associated with tissue compression at the treatment site. The bridge portion is elevated above the treatment site with an exposed adhesive facing the patch of skin to be lifted and/or stretched outwardly.
Non-invasive valsalva maneuver (vm) heart failure diagnostic method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for diagnosing heart failure are disclosed. They include monitoring a subject's pulsatile blood flow with a non-invasive probe during a valsalva maneuver (vm), processing data therefrom to calculate fall in flow, hear rate changes, rebound, and heart stroke volume during the vm.
Apparatus and method for abrasive jet perforating
An apparatus for performing abrasive jet perforating in a well comprises a generally cylindrically shaped tube with a side, an upper portion, and a lower portion; a plurality of smooth holes drilled into the side of the tube; abrasive jets mounted in at least some of the plurality of smooth holes; protective plates mounted in the side of the tube and surrounding the abrasive jets to hold the abrasive jets in place; wafers recessed into pockets on the protective plates and surrounding the abrasive jets to protect the abrasive jets from damage due to rebound of abrasive-carrying fluid slurry ejected by the abrasive jets; and fasteners securing the protective plates to the side of the tube and positioned away from the rebound of abrasive-carrying fluid slurry ejected by the abrasive jets.. .
Device for producing percussive sounds
A device for producing percussive sounds while simultaneously playing a plucked stringed instrument such as a guitar is disclosed. A plate attached to the front panel of a guitar contains a pivoting arm assembly.
Arena baseball game system
An arena baseball game system and method for playing an electronic interactive spectator participation game incorporating many aspects of rounders, knickerbocker rules and negro league baseball innovation “night baseball.” the method of play is disclosed, involving some of the same rules as american baseball with virtual interplay. Time is regulated by a game clock and balls may be deflected back as playable by a rebounding assembly that surrounds the arena field.
Login method, open platform identification method, open platform and open platform system
The disclosure provides a login method, an open platform identification method, an open platform and an open platform system. A user terminal is guided to agree to authorize a third party application via a page of the open platform; when the connection of authorization of the user terminal succeeds, the open platform brings a first openid and a first openkey of the user to the third party application according to a login rebound protocol of the open platform; then the third party application performs user-terminal-based authorized login according to the first openid and the first openkey; and when the user terminal logging into the open platform initiates the third party application, a prompt message is sent to the user terminal with an open platform account serving as an identification of the open platform, and thus login can be implemented in various forms.
Punching bag support apparatus
This disclosure describes an apparatus and methods to support a punching bag, or a punching bag and rebound platform, within a doorway or other architectural opening. Mounting the apparatus does not involve modifying or altering the supporting architectural structures and surfaces (e.g., with screws, brackets, adhesives, etc.).
Ball rebounding system
A ball rebounding device has high tension netting that is efficiently assembled, pulled taught and held in place within a frame using a tension rod system and a manufacturing process that uses levers between the frame and tension rods within the frame. The invention can be used in producing new ball rebounder and in retrofitting existing rebounder frames.
Piano seat with automatic height adjustment
Piano seat that has a structure for raising and lowering that is formed by two pairs of “l”-section profiles arranged in a facing manner, two at the bottom and two at the top, which are connected together by individual pairs of scissor-type mechanisms, or assemblies in the form of an “x”, which are articulated and arranged in a facing manner, and also by a series of transverse bars, there being, at the end of the scissor-type mechanisms, articulations connecting to the upper and lower profiles, which are stationary and movable, these latter running via oblong slots in the upper and lower “l”-profiles; the entire assembly is moved by gas springs actuated by actuators, which results in a seat that is noiseless when adjusted and used, which requires no effort on the part of the user, is easy and convenient to use and also to assemble, and which has no rebound effect and is rigid and robust.. .
Molded seat
The instant invention teaches a seat incorporating an insert or inserts intermediate its upper and lower surfaces. A seat insert adapted for the support of the users buttocks and/or upper thighs conforms to the contours of the user's body over a period of time, has certain “rebound” properties, and features an area adapted to underlie the perineum of a user seated on the seat, which area is softer than the rest of the seat insert either by virtue of an included gap in the seat insert or by virtue of a softer material filling said gap.
Slingshot bouncer
A slingshot bouncer has a frame. The frame is generally horizontally oriented.
Dual stage variable load energy absorber for vehicle seating
A vehicle safety seat system includes a seat, and a frame and support surface that are movable with respect to each other between rest and attenuated positions, wherein the frame and support surface are respectively a first and second distance apart. A biasing mechanism biases the frame and support surface to the rest position between blast and slam down phases.
Domain name system rebinding attack protection
A network-enabled electronic system is arranged to determine whether a subsequent dns request uses a selected domain name of a previous dns request. A protective action is taken in response to an indication that the subsequent dns request uses the selected domain name of a previous dns request.
Adjustable rebound buffer
An adjustable rebound buffer includes: an outer perimeter, a central shaft hole and at least one adjustable hole. The outer perimeter is sized to fit inside a buffer cavity of the hydraulic damper.
Method and system to identify intraocular pressure (iop) of an eye
Non-tactile and non-evasive tonometer utilizing air flow with a definite amount of pressure to the eye and a mechanism to deflate the thin foil set that is placed near to eye ball such that re-bounded air hits on it. The mechanism involves acquiring or capturing then the images of the known pattern marking on thin foils both before and after deflating process due to rebounded air.
Suspension fork, in particular for a bicycle
A suspension fork for a bicycle has a tube system with an inner tube and an outer tube that are movable relative to one another. A damper system with a field-sensitive damping fluid is provided within the tube system.
Shooting target structure for toy gun
A shooting target structure for a toy gun includes a hollow box and a target transmission device inside the box. The target transmission device includes a power member and a conveying member driven by the power member to move at least one target provided on the conveying member.
Auto-rebound switching apparatus and the switching method thereof
An auto-rebound switching apparatus has: a body provided with a water-separating apparatus, an upper cover rotatably arranged on the rear side of the body, a passive disc rotatably arranged between the rear side of the body and the upper cover, a clutch mechanism comprising a bi-directional ratchet gear and a bi-directional pawl matching the ratchet gear, the ratchet gear being rotatably arranged on the rear side of the body and transmissively connected to the water-separating apparatus, thus allowing the ratchet gear, when rotating, to drive the water-separating apparatus into motion to allow switching, the bi-directional pawl, the upper cover, and the passive disc being interconnected, allowing the upper cover to rotate relative to the passive disc thus driving the bi-directional pawl to move between a forward rotation position, a reverse rotation position, and a detached position, and a rebound apparatus.. .
Glock buffer
A method and apparatus providing for a buffer for the movement of pistol slide against the frame. Wherein said buffer system minimally diminishes the rebound of said pistol slide such that the pistol is still functional with respect to proper blowback operation.
Fluid jet receiving receptacles and related fluid jet cutting systems and methods
A jet receiving receptacle is provided which is coupleable to a high-pressure fluid jet system opposite a nozzle thereof to receive a fluid jet discharged from the nozzle after it acts on a workpiece. The jet receiving receptacle may include an elongated inlet alignable with a direction of travel of the nozzle to receive the fluid jet in a deflected state.
Multi-ply puckered films formed by discontinuous lamination of films having different rebound ratios
Methods of increasing the loft of a multi-ply thermoplastic film include stretching thermoplastic films with different rebound ratios, non-continuously laminating the films together, and releasing the films to create puckers in one or more of the films. The puckers can comprise billowing of one of the films.
Tunable valve assembly
A tunable valve assembly reduces valve-generated vibration. One embodiment comprises a valve body and valve seat having substantially collinear longitudinal axes.
Accessories to a modular pathway apparatus
An accessory, such as a trampoline, for a toy or game may include a base, a rebounding portion configured to rebound an impacting object, and an adjustment portion coupled to the base and the rebounding portion, supporting the rebounding portion relative to the base, and configured for at least two degrees of rotational freedom relative to the base.. .
Dental adhesive comprising a coated polymeric component
Dental materials are provided in which a conformal coating is disposed on the inner surfaces of a dental composite. The conformal coating can be subsequently surface modified to provide a chemical bond between the compressible component and a hardenable resin, resulting in increased bond strength and reduced bond strength variability.
Shock absorbers
A damping unit, such as a shock absorber, includes a cylinder (2), a piston (4) dividing the cylinder into a compression chamber 6 and a rebound chamber (8), and a piston rod (10). The rod extends from the piston through at least the rebound chamber.
Protective helmet for mitigation of linear and rotational acceleration
Embodiments provide protective helmets configured to protect the head from linear and rotational acceleration in an impact. In various embodiments, the helmets may include an outer layer, an inner layer, and at least one intermediate layer coupled to the outer and inner layers by alternate fixation sites, thereby providing a suspension between the outer and inner layers.
Elastic rope of the abdominal fitness equipment capable of loading automatically
An abdominal fitness equipment comprises an elastic rope attached to the main body and a slide lever disposed in the main body. A hooked board on the slide lever hooks over the elastic rope from bottom to top.
Methods and apparatus for position sensitive suspension damping
Methods and apparatus for position sensitive dampening. In one aspect a fluid damper is provided comprising a damper chamber divided by a piston into a primary compression and a primary rebound chamber; a secondary compression chamber in fluid communication with the damper chamber; and an adjustable fluid meter controlling fluid flow out of the secondary compression chamber..
Printer with paper tray assembly
A printer includes a printer body and a paper tray assembly mounted to the printer body. The paper tray assembly includes a first paper tray and a second paper tray mounted to the first paper tray.
Cylinder unit
A cylinder unit includes a cylinder, a rod guide, a piston, a piston rod, and a rebound member provided between the rod guide and the piston to absorb impact generated when the cylinder unit is fully extended. The rebound member includes a coil spring arranged around an outer circumference of the piston rod and a pair of upper and lower holder members fitted to the fixing portions formed in both ends of the coil spring so that the piston rod is inserted into a shaft center hole.
Slow rebound foam padded sports shirt
A shirt or jersey for sports such as soccer incorporates a slow rebound foam pad to aid in controlling a ball that strikes the player.. .
Anti-rebounding control apparatus and method in an electrical swing system of a hybrid excavator
An anti-rebounding control apparatus is provided, which includes an anti-rebounding controller outputting a first command for setting a torque limit value to “0” if an electric motor speed value is equal to or smaller than an upper threshold value and equal to or larger than a lower threshold value in the case where a speed command value of “0” is input and outputting a second command for setting the torque limit value to a maximum value if the electric motor speed value is smaller than the lower threshold value, a torque regulator setting the torque limit value to “0” when the first command is input and setting the torque limit value to the maximum value when the second command is input, and an electric motor inverter intercepting a power that is supplied to an electric motor if the torque limit value is set to “0” and re-supplying the power to the electric motor if the torque limit value is set to the maximum value. Accordingly, the same performance as an anti-rebounding system that is used in a swing system of an existing hydraulic excavator can be implemented even in a system that performs a swing operation using an electric motor such as a hybrid (or electric) excavator..
Connecting device for two shafts having a rebound cushion
A connecting device (1) for the rotationally fixed connection of first and second shafts (2, 3) that can rotate relative to one another. The connecting device (1) comprises an axially movable connecting element (5) designed such that, in a first axial position (a), the connecting element (5) forms an interlock between the first and second shafts (2, 3) and, in a second axial position (b), the connecting element (5) releases the interlock.
Piston assembly of shock absorber
A piston assembly of a shock absorber is provided. A compression retainer and a rebound retainer are disposed above and under a piston body.
Rebound locking mechanism
A rebound locking mechanism (10) is taught that consists of a spring loaded shaft (28) having an activating flat (34) thereon, a spring loaded latch (78) interfacing with the shaft activating flat and a rebound plate (40) attached to the shaft. An inertia flywheel (56) having an offset protruding striker (58) is in alignment beneath said rebound plate, with an electric motor (60) rotating the flywheel.
System and method for the production of compressed fluids
The invention herein described consists of a single-cylinder free-piston engine system comprising a combustion cylinder, a compression cylinder, a seal between the two cylinders and a piston assembly, capable of being produced in a miniature scale (e.g., less than 10 cubic centimeters volume). The combustion cylinder consists of a holding chamber wherein fuel enters through a fuel inlet port before combustion, a combustion chamber wherein combustion occurs according to an hcci process, after which the excess fuel and exhaust leaves the engine system through a port for exhaust, and a port extending from the holding chamber to the combustion chamber.
Soccer goalkeeper glove
Sports gloves include a multilayer palm section that includes an outer layer and one or more inner layers, at least one of which is a layer of slow rebound, open cell polyurethane to provide a glove with better impact control and protection while also providing a user with better feel for a ball striking the palm.. .
Medical fluid cassettes and related systems and methods
This disclosure relates to medical fluid cassettes and related systems and methods. In certain aspects, a medical fluid cassette includes a base having a first region and a second region, a first membrane overlying the first region of the base, and a second membrane overlying the second region of the base.
System and method for controlling movement of a measurement machine
A method for controlling movement of a measurement machine using a computer. The computer sends a movement instruction to the measurement machine and starts a shaft to move according to parameters of the measurement machine.
Rubber composition and golf ball
The invention provides a rubber composition having high rebound resilience measured by a rebound resilience evaluation method which is excellent in measurement accuracy and can sufficiently evaluate the difference in performance between samples. The invention also provides a golf ball formed from the rubber composition.
Rebounding apparatus with tensioned elastic cords
A trampoline with a frame has a rebounding mat that is tensioned to the frame with a plurality of flexible and cordlike linear elastic members. Preferably each cordlike elastic member is connected to the frame and the rebounding mat at one of two alternative positions to alter the tension.
Method for removing a filter cake from a filtering device
A method for removing a filter cake from a filtering device having a housing that defines a filtration flowpath through which a filtrate flows, the housing having at least one inlet and at least one outlet, the filter cake being deposited on at least one cylindrical filter element disposed within the filtering device, the at least one cylindrical filter element comprises at least one filter material and at least one rebound element, the at least one rebound element having a first flange extending from a head region and a second flange extending from a foot region, the at least one rebound element having a structured surface with at least two recesses mutually parallel in the longitudinal direction of the at least one rebound element, the at least two recesses are formed extending between the first flange and the second flange.. .
Hopping ball
A hopping play ball comprises a pair of elongated grips or handles adjacent to each other and extending radially outward from the surface of the ball. The ball may also comprise an array of mammillated protrusions on the lower surface, opposite the handles, to improve the stability during bouncing on a soft or elastic surface, such as a trampoline rebounding mat.
Vial spiking devices and related assemblies and methods
In some aspects, a vial spiking device includes a base, a spike extending from the base, and a side wall extending from the base and substantially surrounding the spike. The base and the side wall partially define a recess to receive a portion of a vial.
Viscoelastic polyurethane foams
A viscoelastic foam is produced by reacting (a) an isocyanate component that includes at least 25% by weight of diphenylmethane diisocyanate having a monomeric content of from 50 to 90% by weight, (b) an isocyanate-reactive component, (c) at least one catalyst, (d) at least one surface active agent, and (e) liquid carbon dioxide. These foams are characterized by a ball rebound of less than 20%.
Member for medical device
An object of the present invention is to provide a member for a medical device that is imparted with flexibility and has superior damage tolerance even when reduced in thickness. The present invention provides a member for a medical device molded from a material composed of multiple components, wherein at least one of the multiple components is an elastomer, and at least one of the multiple components has rebound resilience of 1% to 30%..
Trampoline or the like with enclosure
A fence surrounds a trampoline and extends above the rebounding surface, reducing the risk of injury. Shock absorption is aided in the preferred embodiment by a support system of independent poles, linked at their tops by a flexible strap or line.

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