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Reagent patents

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Baculoviral dna elements for the expression of recombinant proteins in a host insect

Pop Test

Devices and formulations for detecting, screening and monitoring levels of certain constituents in bodily fluids and…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Back-up fuel cell electric generator comprising a compact manifold body, and  methods of managing the operation thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Back-up fuel cell electric generator comprising a compact manifold body, and methods of managing the operation thereof
A fuel cell electric generator designed for back-up in the absence of network electricity supply. The generator comprises a fuel cell stack, means for supplying the stack with a first and a second reagent flow comprising, in turn, pressure reducing means, and a manifold body to communicate with the stack said first and second reagent flows and at least a flow of coolant fluid via a respective coolant loop.
Electro Power Systems S.p.a.

 Reagent for enhancing generation of chemical species patent thumbnailnew patent Reagent for enhancing generation of chemical species
A reagent that enhances acid generation of a photoacid generator and composition containing such reagent is described.. .
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.

 Methods of detecting conjugation site-specific and hidden epitope/antigen patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of detecting conjugation site-specific and hidden epitope/antigen
This invention discloses “artificially cleaved epitope (ace)” methods, antibodies, reagents, immunoassays, and kits for designing and detecting hidden epitopes/antigens. The ace methods can detect epitopes that are either absent or poorly accessible naturally to antibodies, and thus must be specifically and artificially created (free terminals) and/or exposed in samples and sample preparations for antibody detection.

 Methods and compositions for site-specific labeling of peptides and proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for site-specific labeling of peptides and proteins
Methods and compositions are provided for covalently linking a chemical species to a recombinant or synthetic polypeptide. The methods involve the reaction of a thioester-comprising polypeptide with a reagent comprising a reactive amino-thiol group connected to the chemical species which is to be covalently linked to the polypeptide, via a linker.
University Of Rochester

 Devices and formulations for detecting, screening and monitoring levels of certain constituents in bodily fluids and method patent thumbnailnew patent Devices and formulations for detecting, screening and monitoring levels of certain constituents in bodily fluids and method
A device is disclosed for conducting a non-invasive analysis of a bodily fluid to determine the presence and level of a certain constituent carried by the bodily fluid. An indicator formulation of the device changes color in response to exposure to the constituent to provide a visible indication of the presence and level of the constituent carried by the bodily fluid.
Pop Test Llc

 Detecting an analyte and determining the concentration of an analyte using magnetizable beads patent thumbnailnew patent Detecting an analyte and determining the concentration of an analyte using magnetizable beads
The invention relates to methods, reagents and devices for detecting an analyte in a sample.. .
Orgentec Diagnostika Gmbh

 System for rapid electrophoresis binding method and related kits and compositions patent thumbnailnew patent System for rapid electrophoresis binding method and related kits and compositions
An improved staining method and system is described for staining a biopolymer such as a peptide, a protein, an rna, a dna, an oligosaccharide or a complex containing a peptide, a protein, an rna, a dna, or an oligosaccharide in a matrix. The method includes the step of moving a staining reagent into the matrix using an electric force.
Nanjingjinsirui Science & Technology Biology Corporation

 Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with bare interferent electrodes patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with bare interferent electrodes
An electrochemical-based analytical test strip (“ts”) for the determination of an analyte in a bodily fluid sample includes an electrically insulating substrate, a patterned conductor layer disposed over the electrically-insulating substrate and having an analyte working electrode (“we”), a bare interferent electrode (“ie”) and a shared counter/reference electrode (“ce”). The ts also includes a patterned insulation layer (“pil”) with an electrode exposure slot configured to expose the we, ie and ce, an enzymatic reagent layer disposed on the we and ce, and a patterned spacer layer (“psl”).
Lifescan Scotland Limited

 Biosensor and  manufacturing biosensor patent thumbnailnew patent Biosensor and manufacturing biosensor
The present invention relates to a biosensor, and it is an object thereof to suppress degradation by light. A biosensor (2) comprises a blood component measurement working electrode (5), a blood component measurement counter electrode (6), and a reagent component (9).
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.

 Method for compensating for the aging of a reagent during fluorescence measurements carried out on particles, and biological analysis device implementing the method patent thumbnailnew patent Method for compensating for the aging of a reagent during fluorescence measurements carried out on particles, and biological analysis device implementing the method
The present invention relates to a method for compensating for the breakdown of a reagent stored in an aqueous phase comprising at least one fluorescent compound and enabling the identification of particles, including the steps of: (i) measuring the fluorescence level fluom(t) of particles marked with said reagent; (ii) measuring the absorbance at at least one wavelength of a solution of said reagent, at a time t close to the time of said fluorescence level fluom(t) measurements, so as to determine at least one current optical density do(t) of the reagent; and (iii) calculating a correction of the fluorescent level measurements using said at least one current optical density do(t) and at least one initial optical density do(0) of the reagent that has not been broken down. The invention also relates to a biological analysis device implementing the method..
Horiba Abx Sas

new patent


Provided is a pump and a method of controlling a pump. The pump and method are particularly for use in dispensing reagents, for example in flow chemistry, and more particularly on a laboratory scale.
Vapourtec Limited

new patent

Direct electrochemical synthesis of doped conductive polymers on metal alloys

This disclosure relates generally to the discovery of improved methods of reducing corrosion on metals and metal alloys without using hexavalent chromium reagents. More particularly, the disclosure relates to preparing corrosion resistant metals using doped conducting polymers such as polyaniline (pani) on metal alloys such as aluminum alloys..
The Boeing Company

new patent

Recombinase polymerase amplification reagents and kits

This disclosure describes kits, reagents and methods for recombinase polymerase amplification (rpa) of a target dna that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded dna with single stranded homologous dna permitting sequence specific priming of dna polymerase reactions. The disclosed kits, reagents and methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling or thermophilic enzymes, thus offering easy and affordable implementation and portability relative to other amplification methods..
Alere San Diego Inc.

new patent

Method for evaluating blood coagulation reaction

Various methods for evaluating hemostatic effect and various blood coagulation initiation reagents were studied to construct a method for evaluating blood coagulation reaction mediated by a substance having an activity of substituting for coagulation factor viii (fviii). As a result, it was discovered that by using a coagulation initiation reagent containing activated coagulation factor xi (fxia) and phospholipids, the effect of a substance having an activity of substituting for coagulation factor viii (fviii) on blood coagulation reaction can be evaluated using the amount of thrombin generated in the blood sample as an indicator..
Public University Corporation Nara Medical University

new patent

Baculoviral dna elements for the expression of recombinant proteins in a host insect

Reagents and methods are provided that allow for an improved expression of a recombinant protein in an insect, more specifically, the introduction of recombinant dna elements into an insect larva allows for the increased expression of a recombinant protein, an improvement of the correct folding of said protein and an increase in the survival rate after infection of the insect these recombinant dna elements can be introduced, for example, into insect larvae via a recombinant baculovirus, which has incorporated said elements. The recombinant dna elements include nucleic acids encoding transcriptional regulators, such as ie-0 and ie-1, transcriptional, enhancer elements, such as the homologous region (hr) and promoters..

new patent

Temperature-dependent insertion of genetic material into genomic dna

The present invention provides improved methods and reagents for insertion of genetic material into genomic dna.. .

new patent

Method for rapid mincing of adipose tissues to isolate live cells in vitro

A method for rapid mincing of adipose tissues to isolate live cells in vitro is disclosed to overcome the drawbacks of a lead procedure of isolating live cells by holding a knife to mince adipose tissues, which can only isolate a small number of live cells and obtain low cell viability. The method includes: providing an adipose tissue; mincing the adipose tissue homogeneously by a mincing device; adding a reagent into the minced adipose tissue to perform hydrolysis; performing centrifuge and isolation; and removing a supernatant to obtain a cell pellet.
Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

new patent

Water-soluble o-carbonyl phosphoramidate prodrugs for therapeutic administration

Or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof that are therapeutic or antibacterial agents, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, methods for their use, and reagents and methods for preparing these compounds.. .

new patent

Fluid analysis cartridge

A fluid analysis cartridge includes: an assistant plate including an inlet hole configured to receive a fluid; a main plate configured to receive the fluid via the assistant plate and further configured to store a reagent configured to react with the fluid; and a valve provided in the inlet hole and configured to control a flow of the fluid into the main plate according to pressure in the inlet hole.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Composite liquid cell (clc) mediated nucleic acid library preparation device, and methods for using the same

Complete nucleic acid library preparation devices are provided. Aspects of the devices include: a thermal chip module comprising multiple nodes; one or more plate locations; a robotically controlled liquid handler configured to transfer liquid between the one or more plate locations and the thermal chip module; and a bulk reagent dispenser configured to access each node of the thermal chip module..
Gencell Biosystems Ltd.

new patent

Contrast agent and applications thereof

A reagent comprising a nanodiamond particle linked to a paramagnetic ion for use as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance (mr) imaging in which t2-weighted magnetic images are obtained, and in particular in which both t1- and t2-weighted magnetic images are obtained, are described and claimed. Also claimed are novel reagents of this type, methods for their preparation and their use in diagnostics..
University Of California, Los Angeles

new patent

Rapid method production high purity cancer stem cells and population of high purity cancer stem cells

The disclosure provides reagents, including cells, and related methods, useful for administering to subjects with a neoplastic disorder. The reagents and methods encompass cancer stem cells of enhanced purity.
California Stem Cell, Inc.


Tnt based diagnosis of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing a recent paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. The method is based on the determination of the at least one marker selected from the group consisting of a cardiac troponin, nt-probnp (n-terminal prohormone of brain natriuretic peptide), hscrp, il-6 (interleukin-6) and igfbp7 (insulin like growth factor binding protein 7) in a sample from the subject, and on the comparison of the, thus, determined amount(s) with a reference amount (reference amounts).
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Ntprobnp and ctnt based therapy guidance in heart failure

The present invention relates to a method for guiding heart failure treatment in a subject suffering from heart failure. The method is based on the determination of the amount of a bnp-type peptide and a cardiac troponin in a sample from said subject.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Method of detection of amino acid sequence and/or identification of peptides and proteins, by use of a new derivatization reagent and synthesis of 5-formyl-benzene-1,3-disulphonic acid as derivatization reagent

Present invention refers to a novel and improved method of derivatization and detection of amino acid sequence and/or identification of proteins, peptides by a new derivatization compound. Precisely, the method discloses a novel approach to derivatization of peptides or proteins by compounds comprising two or more sulfonyl groups and analysis of derivatized analytes in negative mode of operation of mass spectrometer.


Methods, systems, and compositions for enrichment of rare cells

The present invention discloses a highly efficient method of isolating circulating tumor cells in a blood sample by removing leukocytes and other interfering components in a blood sample. Exemplary isolation method relies on a specially configured separation column for magnetic separation of leukocytes from circulating tumor cells.


Methods and compositions employing secreted proteins that reflect autophagy dynamics within tumor cells

A diagnostic reagent or device for determining the autophagy levels of cancer cells comprises a ligand capable of specifically complexing with, binding to, or quantitatively detecting or identifying a biomarker selected from il-8, il-1β, dkk-3, fam-3c and/or lif, or an isoform, pro-form, modified molecular form including posttranslational modification, or unique peptide fragment or nucleic acid fragment thereof. Another reagent contains ligands to two or more of these biomarkers.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Sensitive and rapid detection of low levels of lal-reactive substances

Methods and systems for measuring the concentration of lal-reactive substances in fluid samples is provided. They include contacting an aqueous sample with a detection reagent to form a prepared sample.
General Electric Company


Centripetal microfluidic platform for lalreactive substances testing

A centripetal microfluidic platform comprised of a microfluidics disc and a reader for testing lal-reactive substances in fluid samples is provided. The microfluidic disc may comprise at least two testing areas wherein each testing area includes a reservoir portion for receiving at least one fluid sample.
General Electric Company


Colorimetric analyzer with de-bubbling

A colorimetric analyzer includes a reaction chamber configured to receive a sample and at least one reagent. A measurement cell is operably coupled to the reaction chamber.
Rosemount Analytical Inc.


Methods for sample storage and device thereof

A method of drying a biological sample disposed on a substrate is provided. The method comprises providing the substrate comprising a sample loading area and a heat source; activating the heat source for generating heat; heating the substrate at least above 65° c.; and drying the biological sample.
General Electric Company


Gas phase biocatalysis method and process

A method of enzyme conversion comprises the steps of immobilising an enzyme composition on a support material; drying the support material and enzyme composition to form a solid phase immobilised enzyme system; contacting the system with one or more reagents in the gas phase; allowing the enzyme system to convert the reagent(s) to product(s); wherein the enzyme composition may comprise a single enzyme or a first enzyme plus a second enzyme or multiple enzymes; and a co-factor which may be converted between first and second states; wherein the co-factor in the first state promotes reaction of the first enzyme; and wherein the co-factor in the second state promotes reaction of the second enzyme; or wherein the co-factor oscillates between first and second states with multiple enzymes.. .


System and processing and detecting nucleic acids

A system and method for processing and detecting nucleic acids from a set of biological samples, comprising: a capture plate and a capture plate module configured to facilitate binding of nucleic acids within the set of biological samples to magnetic beads; a molecular diagnostic module configured to receive nucleic acids bound to magnetic beads, isolate nucleic acids, and analyze nucleic acids, comprising a cartridge receiving module, a heating/cooling subsystem and a magnet configured to facilitate isolation of nucleic acids, a valve actuation subsystem configured to control fluid flow through a microfluidic cartridge for processing nucleic acids, and an optical subsystem for analysis of nucleic acids; a fluid handling system configured to deliver samples and reagents to components of the system to facilitate molecular diagnostic protocols; and an assay strip configured to combine nucleic acid samples with molecular diagnostic reagents for analysis of nucleic acids.. .
Neumodx Molecular, Inc.


Analysis of ubiquitnated polypeptides

The disclosure relates to antibody reagents that specifically bind to peptides carrying a ubiquitin remnant from a digested or chemically treated biological sample. The reagents allow the technician to identify ubiquitinated polypeptides as well as the sites of ubiquitination on them.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.


Salmonid alphavirus and uses thereof

This disclosure relates to reagents, methods for treating, diagnosing, and tracking diseases associated with salmon alphavirus.. .
Novartis Tiergesundheit Ag


Reagents useful for synthesizing rhodamine-labeled oligonucleotides

The present disclosure provides reagents that can be used to label synthetic oligonucleotides with rhodamine dyes or dye networks that contain rhodamine dyes.. .
Applied Biosystems, Llc


Gas-liquid reactor

The gas-liquid reactor relates to the field of process equipment for realization of gas-liquid processes and can be used in the chemical, petrochemical and other industries. The technical result of the present invention lies in the fact that the invention provedes maximum target product output and a plug flow regime.
Public Joint Stock Company " Sibur Holding"


Modular system for reduction of sulphur oxides in exhaust

An engine exhaust after-treatment system including an exhaust passage including a plurality of legs, with an exhaust control valve being positioned at an inlet of each of the legs that is configured to control an amount of exhaust that enters each leg. A desulfurization treatment component is located within each of the legs.
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.


Stem cells and pancreatic cells useful for the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Fresh human pancreas tissue can be used as a source of cells whence to identify and select a non-stem cell population that is predisposed to be a source for surrogate pancreatic cells that can be used in treating insulin-dependent diabetes. The progenitors of these surrogate pancreatic cells have no reprogramming genes integrated into their genomes, differentiate to the pancreatic lineage pursuant to a protocol that employs only defined reagents, and are substantially unable to differentiate to the mesodermal lineage..
Seraxis, Inc.


Methods and reagents for maintaining the viability of cancer cells in surgically removed tissue

A composition and method for generating reagents and the composition of these reagents for the stabilization and preservation of viability of cancer tissue which has been surgically excised and the suspension and/or termination of apoptosis (cell death) by significant modulation of cell metabolism by low molar concentrations of synergistic chemistries and hormonal growth enhancers while maintaining normal gene expression patterns of the surgically excised tissue.. .
Truckee Applied Genomics, Llc


Release reagent for vitamin d compounds

A reagent composition for releasing vitamin d compounds bound to vitamin d-binding protein, an in vitro method for the detection of a vitamin d compound in which the vitamin d compound is released from vitamin d-binding protein by the use of this reagent composition and the reagent mixture obtained in this manner. The use of the disclosed reagent composition to release vitamin d compounds as well as a kit for detecting a vitamin d compound which contains the reagent composition for releasing vitamin d compounds in addition to common detecting reagents..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Devices and methods for electronic analyte assaying

An improved qualitative or semi-quantitative diagnostic test for measuring low levels of any analyte, such as hcg, in a biological sample, such as urine. The test comprises a test device containing reagents for the detection of the monitored analyte and an electronic reader that measures color development at a detection area of the device.
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.


Disc-like assay chip

The present invention provides a disc-like assay chip, and more specifically, the present invention provides an assay chip which can effectively clean a cleaned object existing in a fluid loop, and can be appropriately applied to a detection method of a reaction system using a step of necessarily cleaning the cleaned object, such as an immunofluorescent antibody method, and applied to a detection method using an enzymatic reaction (especially, an elisa method). The present invention further provides a disc-like assay chip which is mounted on a centrifugal device such as a rotational disc and can perform detection or quantitation on a target substance through optical measurement after a specimen and a reagent react by use of a centrifugal force generated by rotation of the centrifugal device..
Rohm Co., Ltd


Method of producing dissolving pulp, dissolving pulp and use of method

A method of producing dissolving pulp from a recycled fibrous feedstock. The method comprises providing a fibrous material comprising cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose, said fibre source further having a lignin content of 0.1 to 7% lignin and an ash content of up to 3%; subjecting the fibrous material to an alkaline extraction at a temperature of about 0 to 25° c., to produce fibres having a reduced content of hemicellulose; subjecting the fibres thus obtained to a bleaching treatment carried out with oxidative chemical reagents in order to reduce the lignin content of the fibres; and recovering the fibres thus obtained.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy


Methods and reagents for detection, quantitation, and serotyping of dengue viruses

Methods and oligonucleotide reagents for diagnosing dengue virus infection are described. In particular, the invention relates to methods for detection, quantitation, and serotyping dengue virus, including serotypes 1-4.
Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Standford Junior University


Molecular assay reagents and methods

Methods, kits, and compositions for evaluating the quality of nucleic acids within a biological sample for analysis in a molecular assay are provided. A kit is provided for evaluating a biological sample containing potentially degraded dna, comprising a control reagent and a target amplification reagent, wherein the control amplification reagent comprises one or more pairs of amplification oligonucleotides capable of amplifying a medium chain acyl-coenzyme a dehydrogenase (mcad) nucleic acid molecule or a complement thereof, and wherein the target amplification reagent comprises one or more pairs of amplification oligonucleotides capable of amplifying a non-mcad target gene of interest or a complement thereof.
Gen-probe Incorporated


Systems and methods for monitoring the amplification of dna

A system and method for amplifying and detecting nucleic acids are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes: a microfluidic device comprising a channel for receiving a sample of solution containing real-time pcr reagents; a temperature control system configured to cycle the temperature of the sample; an excitation source for illuminating the sample; a fiber optic probe comprising (i) an optical fiber having a distal end and a proximal end and (ii) a probe head connected to the distal end of the optical fiber and positioned between the distal end of the optical fiber and the channel; and a detector configured to detect emissions exiting the proximal end of the optical fiber..
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.


Quantification method, quantification device, and quantification kit

A quantification method includes a calibration curve preparing step to measure a standard solution, which has been prepared by adding sodium ions so that a sodium ion content of the standard solution is equaled to a sodium ion content of a sample to be measured with a method employing a reaction that activates a limulus reagent and/or a biochemical luminescent reaction caused by atp, luciferin, and luciferase, and to prepare a calibration curve that represents a relation between a measurement value and an amount of a component to be measured; a sample measuring step to measure the sample to be measured with a method being the same as that used in the calibration curve preparing step; and a quantifying step to find, by using the calibration curve, an amount of the component to be measured in the sample to be measured from a measurement value in the sample measuring step.. .
Hiroshima University


Methods for nucleic acid capture

Solutions, reagents, and methods for nucleic acid purification. In certain aspects, cationic surfactant and, optionally, an anionic surfactant solutions are provided which can be used for phase separation and capture of nucleic acids, such as plasmid or genomic dna, to a solid phase carrier, such as a mineral matrix..
Zymo Research Corporation


Method for producing thermoplastic pre-ceramic polymers

A method for producing high-molecular weight, solid, meltable, thermoplastic, pre-ceramic polymers by converting liquid low-molecular weight polysilazanes in a solvent, in the presence of a catalyst, and a stopping reagent stopping the reaction as soon as the desired degree of polymerization is achieved. The obtained polysilazanes can be processed by conventional industrial methods, such as, for example, extrusion, injection molding, melt spinning, calendering, film and hollow body blowing, rotational molding, fluidized bed sintering, flame spraying and transfer molding (rtm and dp rtm)..
Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited


Method and curing co2 composite material objects at near ambient temperature and pressure

Apparatus and methods for curing composite compositions that react with co2. The apparatus in general includes an easily transportable and easily assembled curing structure, such as a plastic sheet housing supported by gas pressure and/or by mechanical supports.
Solidia Technologies, Inc.


Pipettor, reagent, and wash solution heater

A heater for heating fluidic elements and fluids is provided. The heater quickly and efficiently heats elements and samples without occupying a lot of space in in vitro diagnostic environments.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Cartridge for dispensing a fluid comprising a reagent

A cartridge for dispensing a fluid is presented. The cartridge comprises a reservoir chamber for receiving the fluid and for receiving a ventilation gas.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Automated microfluidic sample analyzer platforms for point of care

An automated assay platform for determining the presence and/or amount of analytes of interest in a sample at point of care integrates microfluidic enhanced assay sites, disposable cartridge designs, a sensitive low-volume detection module, together with selected pumping and valving modules, customized control board and user friendly graphical user interface (gui). Comparing to traditional assay platform like 96-well elisa, the platform is capable of reducing reagent consumption, increasing assay speed, and enhancing assay performance with a sample-in-answer-out automated process.
Sfc Fluidics, Inc.


Automatic analyzer

Provided is an automatic analyzer capable of detecting not only clogging and air suction of the dispensation probe but also a decrease in the dispensation quantity caused by a bubble film, air bubbles or a highly viscous sample. Each of a sample/reagent suction operation time and a sample/reagent discharge operation time of a probe is segmented into multiple time sections.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Automatic analyzer

According to one embodiment, an automatic analyzer includes dispenser, measurer, thermostat, cooler and cleaner. Dispenser dispenses a specimen and a reagent into a reaction vessel.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Bistrifilate-based fluorogenic probes for detection of superoxide anion radical

The invention provides fluorogenic compounds and probes that can be used as reagents for measuring, detecting and/or screening superoxide. The fluorogenic compounds of the invention can produce fluorescence colors, such as green, yellow, red, or far-red.


Methods for detecting a mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Methods for detecting an infection with mycobacterium tuberculosis (mtb) in a subject are disclosed. The methods include detecting the presence of cd8+ t cells that specifically recognize an mtb polypeptide.
The Government Of The United States Of America, Dba The Department Of Veterans Affairs


Pivka-ii measurement method, measurement reagent, and measurement kit

Disclosed are a pivka-ii measurement method that achieves better serum-plasma correlation than conventional methods, and a reagent and a kit therefor. The pivka-ii measurement method according to the present invention comprises measuring pivka-ii in a sample by an immunoassay using a mixture of an anti-f1 antibody that specifically binds to prothrombin fragment f1 or an antigen-binding fragment thereof and an anti-f2 antibody that specifically binds to prothrombin fragment f2 or an antigen-binding fragment thereof; and an anti-pivka-ii antibody that specifically binds to pivka-ii or an antigen-binding fragment thereof..
Fujirebio Inc.


Integrated lancet/electrochemical test sensor assembly

An electrochemical test sensor for detecting the concentration of an analyte in a fluid sample. The electrochemical test sensor includes a housing that has a first end and a second opposing end.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Method for examining microorganisms and examination microorganisms

An examination apparatus 1 for microorganisms for measuring an amount of microorganisms in a sample solution, the apparatus including stirring and mixing means 7 for stirring and mixing the sample solution into which a sample and a fluorescent staining reagent are added, in a sample container 5 formed of a material allowing light to pass through, an excitation light source 10 including a light source that irradiates an irradiation target surface of the sample container 5 with excitation light while the sample solution is being stirred by the stirring and mixing means 7, light receiving means 14 for detecting light and converting the light resulting from a fluorescent emission caused by excitation light from the excitation light source 10, into an electric signal, and control means 23 for detecting the number of emissions based on the electric signal from the light receiving means 14 and calculating the amount of the microorganisms contained in the sample in the sample container 5 based on the number of emissions.. .
Satake Corporation


Methods and systems for producing sugars from carbohydrate-rich substrates

A method for producing sugars from lignocellulosic biomass is provided. Lignocellulosic biomass is composed of lignocellulosic fibers which are hollow and primarily contain cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.


Biomarker signature method, and apparatus and kits therefor

The present invention discloses methods, kits, and apparatus as well as reagents and compositions associated therewith for deriving an indicator for use in diagnosing the presence, absence or degree of at least one condition in a biological subject or in prognosing at least one condition in a biological subject. Also disclosed is a biomarker signature for use in diagnosing the presence, absence or degree of at least one condition in a biological subject or in prognosing at least one condition in a biological subject.
Immunexpress Pty Ltd


Reagent cartridge and methods for detection of cells

An apparatus includes a housing and an actuator. The housing, which defines a reagent volume that can receive a reagent container, can be removably coupled to a reaction chamber.
Geneweave Biosciences, Inc.


Electrophoretic particles and processes for the production thereof

Polymer shells similar to those described in u.s. Pat.
E Ink Corporation


Taci as an anti-tumor agent

A method of treating a mammal for a condition associated with undesired cell proliferation comprising administering to said mammal an effective amount of a taci reagent, wherein said reagent extends mean survival time of said mammal by about 10% or more as compared to the absence of administering the taci reagent.. .
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.


Method of preparing oligomeric compounds using modified capping protocols

Provided herein are methods for the solid phase synthesis of oligomeric compounds wherein at least one of the capping steps has been modified. More particularly, methods are provided wherein one or more of the capping steps is omitted or performed using reduced equivalents of acetic anhydride.
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Methods and compositions for removing phosphates from water

The present invention is directed to compounds and methods for use in removing phosphate from water. Preferably the compound is used in removing phosphate from water in swimming pools, spas, and similar structures.
Natural Chemistry L.p.


Weir quench and processes incorporating the same

The present invention provides a weir quench, an apparatus comprising a reactor and the weir quench and processes incorporating the same. The weir quench incorporates an inlet having an inner diameter (di) and an upper chamber having an inner diameter (duc), wherein the inlet inner diameter (di) is at least 90% of the upper chamber inner diameter (duc).
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Crosslinker enhanced repair of knee meniscus

A method of treating a tear in a knee meniscus of a patient. The method includes exposing the torn knee meniscus to a protein crosslinker during surgery to repair the tear.
Orthopeutics, L.p.


Metal-doped cu(in,ga) (s,se)2 nanoparticles

Various methods are used to provide a desired doping metal concentration in a cigs-containing ink when the cigs layer is deposited on a photovoltaic device. When the doping metal is sodium, it may be incorporated by: adding a sodium salt, for example sodium acetate, together with the copper-, indium- and/or gallium-containing reagents at the beginning of the synthesis reaction of cu(in,ga)(s,se)2 nanoparticles; synthesizing cu(in,ga)(s,se)2 nanoparticles and adding a sodium salt to the reaction solution followed by mild heating before isolating the nanoparticles to aid sodium diffusion; and/or, using a ligand that is capable of capping the cu(in,ga)(s,se)2 nanoparticles with one end of its molecular chain and binding to sodium atoms with the other end of its chain..
Nanoco Technologies, Ltd.


Anti-t. cruzi antibodies and methods of use

The present disclosure is directed to reagents and methods of using the reagents to detect epitopes of trypanosoma cruzi.. .
Abbott Laboratories


Disposable test device

A disposable test device for detecting the presence of an analyte in a liquid sample derived from biological specimen, e.g. Saliva, urine, blood or the like, comprising: a reagent container (10), a test chamber (20), and a sample loading pill (30) of absorbent material, wherein the test chamber contains at least a test strip (26), and the reagent container (10) can be mated with the test chamber (30) with the sample loading pill (20) sandwiched between the regent container and the test chamber, such that the reagent moves a sample which is impregnated in the sample loading pill towards the test strip (26)..
Dml-ablogics Ltd


Saturation assay

A modified form of saturation assay is provided that is based on the measurement of a free or unbound labelled reagent fraction (such that there is an increase in signal in the presence of analyte) and employs trapping zones to concentrate said unbound or free labelled faction to avoid loss of sensitivity. Preferably the assay is a membrane assay..
Platform Diagnostics Limited


Analyte detection devices and methods with hematocrit/volume correction and feedback control

Disclosed are devices, arrangements and methods for quantifying the concentration of an analyte present in bodily fluid, including: an assay pad having at least one chemical reagent capable of producing a detectable signal in the form of a reaction spot upon reaction with the analyte; a light source; a detector array; a processor; and a memory in communication with the processor, the memory comprising: (a) at least one value indicative of one or more of: (i) the level of hematocrit contained in the sample; (ii) the volume of the sample applied to the assay pad; or (iii) imperfections present in the reaction spot; and (b) at least one algorithm for calculating the concentration of the analyte contained in the sample.. .
Intuity Medical, Inc.


Solution phase homogeneous assays

Methods, reagents, kits and systems are disclosed for determining an analyte in a sample suspected of containing the analyte where all reagents are soluble in aqueous solution. One assay method includes treating a sample suspected of containing the analyte under conditions such that if the analyte is present, an activator is brought into reactive configuration with a chemiluminescent compound to activates it.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.


Specimen analyzing method and specimen analyzing apparatus

A specimen analyzing method and a specimen analyzing apparatus capable of measuring interference substances before analyzing a specimen. The method comprises a step for sucking the specimen stored in a specimen container (150) and sampling it in a first container (153), a step for optically measuring the specimen in the first container, a step for sampling the specimen in a second container (154) and preparing a specimen for measurement by mixing the specimen with a reagent in the second container, and a step for analyzing the specimen for measurement according to the results of the optical measurement of the specimen..
Sysmex Corporation


Microfluidic devices, solid supports for reagents and related methods

A microfluidic device includes a plurality of reaction wells; and a plurality of solid supports, and each of the solid supports has a reagent attached thereto. The reagent is attached to the solid support via a labile reagent/support bond such that the reagent is configured to be cleaved from the support via a cleaving operation..
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Methods and compositions for detection of small rnas

Currently, the circularization of small rnas is broadly regarded as an obstacle in ligation-related assays and explicitly avoided while short lengths of linear rna targets is broadly recognized as a factor limiting use of conventional primers in pcr-related assays. In contrast, the disclosed invention capitalizes on circularization of small rna targets or their conjugates with oligonucleotide adapters.
Somagenics, Inc.


Expression and high-throughput screening of complex expressed dna libraries in filamentous fungi

The invention is generally directed to modified filamentous fungal host cells comprising one or more nucleic acids encoding one or more polypeptides under the control of one or more promoters that are functional in said cells. Methods of using the modified cells to express one or more polypeptides are also disclosed, including methods of screening cells transformed with one or more expression vectors comprising nucleic acids derived from synthetic or genomic nucleic acids including, cdnas.
Dyadic International, Inc.


Pre-processing/electrophoresis integrated cartridge, pre-processing integrated capillary electrophoresis device, and pre-processing integrated capillary electrophoresis method

To allow fully automated implementation of all steps of from pre-processing up to electrophoresis. Provided is a pre-processing/electrophoresis integrated cartridge including one or more block structures corresponding to the individual steps of pre-processing.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Method of recovering peptide and deteting peptide

Disclosed is a method of recovering a peptide including: mixing a liquid sample containing a complex of peptide and protein in blood with a reagent containing at least one selected from the group consisting of zn2+, ca2+, li+, ba2+, mg2+, mn2+, and a metal compound that forms any of these metal ions to liberate the peptide from the protein in blood; and recovering the liberated peptide.. .
Sysmex Corporation


Methods of functionalization and reagents used in such methods using an aza-isatoic anhydride or a derivative thereof, biological molecules thus treated and kits

The present invention relates to a method of functionalization of at least one ribonucleic acid (rna) molecule, contained in a liquid sample, which includes the following steps: a) providing at least: one binding molecule consisting of an aza-isatoic anhydride or a derivative thereof, one group of interest, and one linkage joining the binding molecule to the group of interest, b) reacting the anhydride function of the binding molecule with at least one hydroxyl group carried: in position 2′ of the ribose of one of the rna nucleotides, and/or in position(s) 2′ and/or 3′ of the ribose of the nucleotide at the terminal 3′ end of the rna, and obtaining an aza-anthranilate that joins, by means of the linkage, the rna to the group of interest.. .


Method for preparing 3-trifluoromethyl chalcones

Disclosed is a method for preparing a compound of formula 1 wherein q and z are as defined in the disclosure comprising distilling water from a mixture comprising a compound of formula 2, a compound of formula 3, a base comprising at least one compound selected from the group consisting of alkaline earth metal hydroxides of formula 4 wherein m is ca, sr or ba, alkali metal carbonates of formula 4a wherein m1 is li, na or k, 1,5-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]non-5-ene and 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene, and an aprotic solvent capable of forming a low-boiling azeotrope with water. Also disclosed is a method for preparing a compound of formula 2 comprising (1) forming a reaction mixture comprising a grignard reagent derived from contacting a compound of formula 5 wherein x is cl, br or i with magnesium metal or an alkylmagnesium halide in the presence of an ethereal solvent, and then (2) contacting the reaction mixture with a compound of formula 6 wherein y is or11 or nr12r13, and r11, r12 and r13 are as defined in the disclosure.
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Ultra-high purity storage and dispensing of liquid reagents

A supply vessel for dispensing of ultra-high purity chemical reagents, comprising a metal container defining an enclosable interior volume including interior surface structure, wherein the interior surface structure is coated with an ultra-high purity effective polyperfluoroalkoxyethylene coating. Such supply vessel may for example be utilized for storage and dispensing of ultra-high purity chemical reagent to a semiconductor manufacturing tool, or a tool for manufacturing of flat-panel displays, or solar panels..
Entegris, Inc.

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