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This page is updated frequently with new Reagent-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Calibration  photometry patent thumbnailCalibration photometry
A method for determining a physical property of a biological sample. The method comprises the steps of: acquiring a set of preliminary calibration signals of a first lot of a reagent using an automatic analyzer with a first photometry module; acquiring a reference set of signals of the first lot of the reagent using a calibration analyzer with a second photometry module; determining a set of module specific components by subtracting the reference set of signals from the preliminary calibration signals; acquiring a lot specific set of signals of a second lot of the reagent using the second photometry module; determining a lot calibration for the first photometry module using the set of module specific components and the lot specific set of signals; acquiring a measurement signal of the biological sample using the first photometry module and the second lot of the reagent; and determining a physical property of the biological sample using the measurement signal and the lot calibration..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

 Immunological method patent thumbnailImmunological method
The present invention relates to an in vitro method for the detection of an anti-drug antibody (ada) against a therapeutic drug antibody (tda) in a biological sample. The in vitro method comprises detecting and capturing said ada using affinity moieties obtained from an intact therapeutic drug antibody, or a fab fragment thereof, in a certain manner.
Gyros Patent Ab

 Cartridge-based detection system patent thumbnailCartridge-based detection system
Disclosed is a cartridge-based detection system to prepare an injected sample to be investigated for determination of a microbial pathogen or another analyte of interest using a detector features a field-safe cartridge. The system features a plurality of reagent chambers located within the cartridge.

 Controlled tunnel gap device for sequencing polymers patent thumbnailControlled tunnel gap device for sequencing polymers
The invention includes compositions, devices, and methods for analyzing a polymer and/or polymer unit. The polymer may be a homo or hetero-polymer such as dna, rna, a polysaccharide, or a peptide.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

 Measuring apparatus, detection method, electrochemical sensor and measuring system patent thumbnailMeasuring apparatus, detection method, electrochemical sensor and measuring system
A measuring apparatus for measuring a substrate concentration by using a sensor including an enzyme reagent layer includes a state detecting unit that applies a first voltage and a second voltage different from the first voltage to the sensor to detect a state of the enzyme reagent layer based on a difference between a first response current value obtained under application of the first voltage and a second response current value obtained under application of the second voltage.. .
Arkray, Inc.

 Tissue processing and slide staining apparatus with robotic arm having three degrees of freedom patent thumbnailTissue processing and slide staining apparatus with robotic arm having three degrees of freedom
The embodiments herein provide a tissue processing and slide staining equipment with a three degree freedom robotic arm that simultaneously performs tissue processing and slide staining for several sample baskets with similar or different processing methods. The equipment comprises two dimensional array of cylindrical containers with lids to hold sample baskets in position.

 Primer reagent for amplifying alk fusion gene, alk fusion gene amplification reagent kit including the same, and alk fusion gene amplification method and alk fusion gene analysis method using the same patent thumbnailPrimer reagent for amplifying alk fusion gene, alk fusion gene amplification reagent kit including the same, and alk fusion gene amplification method and alk fusion gene analysis method using the same
The present disclosure provides a novel primer reagent for detecting a plurality of variants of the alk fusion gene.. .
Arkray, Inc.

 Methods for multiplexing recombinase polymerase amplification patent thumbnailMethods for multiplexing recombinase polymerase amplification
This disclosure provides for methods and reagents for rapid multiplex rpa reactions and improved methods for detection of multiplex rpa reaction products. In addition, the disclosure provides new methods for eliminating carryover contamination between rpa processes..
Alere San Diego, Inc.

 Compositions and methods for rt-pcr patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for rt-pcr
The present invention relates to compositions and methods having propylene glycol and dna polymerase for facilitating the rapid and efficient amplification of nucleic acid molecules and the detection and quantitation of rna molecules, and for increasing the detection sensitivity and reliability through generation of secure cdna molecules prior to gene-specific primer dependent amplification. The reagent mixture comprises a ready to use reagent solution, wherein the solution comprises: (a) propylene glycol in a concentration between about 20% and about 50%; (b) a viral reverse transcriptase; and (c) at least one dna polymerases, in a buffer suitable for use in a reverse transcription reaction, wherein the buffer comprises a co-factor metal ion and nucleoside triphosphates..

 Compositions and methods for cdna synthesis patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for cdna synthesis
The methods and compositions for preparing cdnas, and more particularly, compositions having propylene glycol for synthesizing a cdna molecule or molecules from an mrna template or population of mrna templates under conditions sufficient to increase the detection sensitivity and cdna yield and to simplify and improve the reliability of reverse transcription are provided. The reagent mixture comprises a ready to use reagent solution, wherein the solution comprises: (a) propylene glycol in a concentration between about 25% and about 50%; and (b) a viral reverse transcriptase selected from the group consisting of amv rt, rsv rt, mmlv rt, hiv rt, eiav rt, rav2 rt, aslv rt, rnaseh (−) rt, superscript ii rt, and thermoscript rt, in a buffer suitable for use in a reverse transcription reaction, wherein the buffer further comprises a co-factor metal ion and nucleoside triphosphates..


Superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymers and processes for making the same

A superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer and process for making the superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer includes a low molecular weight polysaccharide modified with a hydrophobic reagent, such as substituted succinic anhydride. The superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer system generates stable foam for use in applications, such as healthcare formulations, with low irritation of the eyes and skin..
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Methods and reagents for treatment of age-related macular degeneration

The invention relates to factor h gene polymorphisms and haplotypes associated with an elevated or a reduced risk of amd. The invention provides methods and reagents for diagnosis and treatment of amd..
University Of Iowa Research Foundation


High capacity prelithiation reagents and lithium-rich anode materials

Described here is a method for making an anode of a rechargeable battery, comprising incorporating a composition comprising lixm into the anode, wherein m is a group 14 element. Also described here is an anode comprising a composition comprising lixm, wherein m is a group 14 element, and a rechargeable battery comprising the anode..
Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Surface modification of active material structures in battery electrodes

Provided herein are methods of processing electrode active material structures for use in electrochemical cells or, more specifically, methods of forming surface layers on these structures. The structures are combined with a liquid to form a mixture.
A123 Systems, Llc


Test strips for determining coagulation factor activities

Test strips for determining the activity of a coagulation factor in a blood sample are provided. The strip comprises a support, a sample inlet port for deposition of a blood sample, and a reaction area comprising a blood coagulation reagent.
Struszym, S.l.


Cartridge device with fluidic junctions for coagulation assays in fluid samples

The present invention relates to analytical testing devices comprising fluidic junctions and methods for assaying coagulation in a fluid sample received within the fluidic junctions. For example, the present invention may be directed to a sample analysis cartridge including an inlet chamber, a first conduit comprising a first junction configured to split a biological sample into at least first and second segments, a second conduit comprising a first reagent, a first sensor region, and a first fluidic lock valve, and a third conduit comprising a second reagent, a second sensor region, and a second fluidic lock valve.
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.


Cartridge device with segmented fluidics for assaying coagulation in fluid samples

The present invention relates to analytical testing devices comprising segmented fluidics and methods for assaying coagulation in a fluid sample received within the segmented fluidics. For example, the present invention may be directed to sample analysis cartridge including an inlet chamber, a first conduit comprising a first junction configured to split a biological sample into at least first and second segments, a second conduit comprising a first reagent, a first sensor region, and a first fluidic lock valve, and a third conduit comprising a first flow restrictor region, a second reagent, and a second sensor region.
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.


Cardiovascular risk event prediction and uses thereof

Biomarkers, methods, devices, reagents, systems, and kits used to assess an individual for the prediction of risk of developing a cardiovascular (cv) event over a 1 to 5 year period are provided.. .
Somalogic, Inc.


Methods for identifying a target site of a cas9 nuclease

Some aspects of this disclosure provide strategies, methods, and reagents for determining nuclease target site preferences and specificity of site-specific endonucleases. Some methods provided herein utilize a novel “one-cut” strategy for screening a library of concatemers comprising repeat units of candidate nuclease target sites and constant insert regions to identify library members that can been cut by a nuclease of interest via sequencing of an intact target site adjacent and identical to a cut target site..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Device for preparation and analysis of nucleic acids

An integrated “lab-on-a-chip” microfluidic device performs nucleic acid sample preparation and diagnostic analysis from test samples containing cells and/or particles. The device analyzes dna or rna targets, or both, from a common test sample.
Micronics, Inc.


Synthetic methods for diboron reagents and related compounds

The disclosure is directed to diboron compounds, related methods of making, and related intermediate boron and diboron compounds used to make the same. The diboron compounds can be used as reagents to prepare chemical intermediates that are used in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and specialty electronics industries.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University


Fluid manipulator having flexible blister

A system for fluid manipulation includes a composite wafer and a movable compression device. The composite wafer includes a flexible layer and a substantially rigid layer adhered to the flexible layer.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.


Microdeposition system for a biosensor

A microdeposition pin having a contact surface with at least one concave edge for creating microarrays and the like. The microdeposition pin may be used either alone or with a plurality of microdeposition pins in conjunction with a holder.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Vacuum foreline reagent addition for fluorine abatement

Embodiments disclosed herein include an abatement system for abating compounds produced in semiconductor processes. The abatement system includes a foreline having a first end configured to couple to an exhaust port of a vacuum processing chamber, and an injection port is formed in the foreline.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Information notification sample processing system and methods of biological slide processing

A sample processing system that may be automated and methods are disclosed where samples are arranged on a carrier element and a process operation control system automatically processes the samples perhaps robotically with an operationally-influential exteriorly-consequential information monitor or a data capture element. Significant process details as well as operationally-influential exteriorly-consequential information may be monitored and an automatic notice element may cause notification of a person at some display that may be remote.
Dako Denmark A/s


Stabilized liquid formulations containing receptors

Methods and reagents are disclosed for preparing a liquid solution of a receptor. The methods comprise combining in a liquid medium the receptor, a chelating agent and a c2-c6 polyol.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Automated analyzer

Stepped portions of a flow channel are reduced by completely fixing the channel that extends to the measuring unit, and reducing connections in the channel, thereby to suppress a disturbance in the flow of the liquid suctioned into the measuring unit. A means is provided so that the reaction solution and reagent suctioned will move towards the channel through which the liquids are suctioned..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Simultaneous determination of multiple analytes in industrial water system

A multi-purpose reagent composition is used for simultaneously determining concentrations of at least two analytes in a water sample. The two analytes are selected from the group consisting of free chlorine, ph, anionic polymer, and phosphates.
General Electric Company


Measurement of lactic acid in biological fluids

We propose a procedure for the determination of lactic acid or lactate in biological fluids, which is simple and low cost with respect to the known methodologies. This procedure can be used by unskilled personnel and it can be implemented in disposable test strips and portable measure devices.
Power Fit S.r.l.


Electrochemical test sensor

The present invention relates to electrochemical sensor strips and methods of determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample or improving the performance of a concentration determination. The electrochemical sensor strips may include at most 8 μg/mm2 of a mediator.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


In-line flow diverter

An exhaust gas treatment system for reducing emissions from an engine includes an exhaust conduit adapted to supply an exhaust stream from the engine to an exhaust treatment device. An injector injects a reagent through an aperture in the conduit into the exhaust stream.
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.


Sequence specific primer pool for multiplex pcr and detecting microbial infections in thalassemia patients

Reagents and methods for the fast, accurate and early detection of infections in thalassemia major patients. Reagents include a primer pool containing a mixture of primer pairs for the specific recognition and simultaneous amplification of targeted gene sequences of pathogens from a biological sample collected from a patient in a multiplex pcr reaction.
University Of Dammam


Mutations in pdgfrb and notch3 as causes of autosomal dominant infantile myofibromatosis

This invention relates to a method of diagnosing a subject as having and/or being a carrier for infantile myo fibromatosis. This method involves providing an isolated biological sample from a subject; contacting the sample with one or more reagents suitable for detecting the presence or absence of one or more mutations in pdgfrb and/or notch3; detecting, in the sample, the presence or absence of the one or more mutations in pdgfrb and/or notch3 based on said contacting; and diagnosing the subject as having and/or being a carrier for infantile myofibromatosis based on said detecting, where the presence of the one or more mutations in pdgfrb and/or notch3 indicates the subject has a mutation that causes infantile myofibromatosis.
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai


Predicting amd with snps within or near c2, factor b, plekha1, htra1, prelp, or loc387715

The invention relates to gene polymorphisms and genetic profiles associated with an elevated or a reduced risk of a complement cascade dysregulation disease such as amd. The invention provides methods and reagents for determination of risk, diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.
University Of Iowa Research Foundation


In situ interaction determination

Methods, reagents, compositions, and kits for in situ interaction determination (isid) via interaction-dependent polymerase chain reaction (id-pcr) are provided herein. Isid technology is useful for rapidly evaluating potential small molecule-target interactions from mixtures in a single solution.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Nucleic acid binding dyes and uses therefor

The invention provides novel compounds and compositions of formulas i and ii, as well as methods of using them. The compounds can be used, for example, to quantify an amount of double stranded dna in a sample subjected to nucleic acid amplification, or for real time monitoring of a nucleic acid amplification reaction.
Promega Corporation


Boronate-mediated delivery of molecules into cells

Cargo molecules carrying one or more phenylboronate moieties useful for cellular uptake of the cargo molecules. Phenylboronate can be ligated, crosslinked or otherwise bonded to the cargo molecules.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Automated cell and tissue bioprinter

The present invention are directed to a novel automated cell bioprinter and related methods for making three-dimensional tissue constructs with spatial organization of cells that provides: (i) organized cell placement and spatial assembly of multiple cell types in a reproducible manner (ii) direct and non-contact assembly of multiple cell types and/or cell layers without exerting damaging forces on the cells or tissues, (iii) retention of cell viability and functionality during assembly steps and long periods of culture, (iv) minimal use of harmful and toxic chemicals such as profuse amounts of mineral oil and buffer reagent, and (v) efficient layer-to-layer assembly of cell layers within the three-dimensional construct while (vi) avoiding the use of complicated surface treatments that prevents scale-up, and (vii) avoiding mutation-inducing radiations such as uv used to photocrosslink hydrogels.. .
The University Of Akron


Preparation near-infrared silver sulfide quantum dots

Provided is a preparation method of near-infrared silver sulfide quantum dots. The silver sulfide quantum dots have hydrophilic groups derived from a mercapto-containing hydrophilic reagent attached on the surface thereof, and the hydrophilic reagent is any one of mercaptoacetic acid, mercaptopropionic acid, cysteine, cysteamine, thioctic acid and ammonium mercaptoacetate or any combination thereof.
Suzhou Institute Of Nano-tech And Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Functional polyisobutylene-containing oligomers and polymers

A method of making functional polyisobutylene (pib)-containing oligomers and polymers. By the disclosed method, the synthesis of functional pib-containing polymers can be achieved directly under cationic polymerization conditions and does not include any post-polymerization reactions.
Henkel (china) Company Limited


Divalent nucleobase compounds and uses therefor

Described herein are novel divalent nucleobases that each bind two nucleic acid strands, matched or mismatched when incorporated into a nucleic acid or nucleic acid analog backbone (a genetic recognition reagent, or genetic recognition reagent). In one embodiment, the genetic recognition reagent is a peptide nucleic acid (pna) or gamma pna (?pna) oligomer.
Carnegie Mellon University


Process of preparing alcaftadine

The present invention relates to an improved process of preparing substantially pure alcaftadine comprising reacting substantially pure compound of structural formula viii with more than 20 moles of oxidizing reagent in an organic solvent to obtain alcaftadine:. .
Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd.


A preparing pure precious metal nanoparticles with large fraction of (100) facets, nanoparticles obtained by this method and their use

The invention provides a method of preparing pure precious metal nanoparticles of controlled sizes and having (100) facets, wherein a precursor substance contained in a reagent solution is subjected to a reduction reaction using a reducing agent contained in the reagent solution to provide nanoparticles, and the reduction reaction is stopped by rapid lowering of the reaction solution temperature. In the process of the invention, the need to use surfactants or other organic particles to stabilize the (100) facets is eliminated..
Uniwersytet Warszawski


Nanoparticle-medicated genetic delivery of growth inhibiting genes on balloon angioplasty to suppress intimal hyperplasia

The invention provides methods, devices, and reagents for treating a disease or a condition in a blood vessel, such as a venous or arterial disease or condition.. .
Board Of Education Of The Vocational Schools In The County Of Bergen


Bispecific intracellular delivery vehicles

A composition for delivering an agent to a cell, comprising a bispecific affinity reagent and a ph-responsive, membrane destabilizing polymer. The bispecific affinity reagent may include a first affinity reagent covalently linked to a second affinity reagent, wherein the first affinity reagent binds to a molecule on the surface of a cell, and the second affinity reagent binds to an intracellular target..
Phaserx, Inc.


Sirna targeting ets1 and elk1 and using same in the inhibition of cip2a gene in cancer treatment

Disclosed are methods of attenuating activity of the gene promoter of cip2a. Sirnas are used to target against ets1 and elk1 transcriptional factors, thereby blocking the binding of ets1 and elk1 to the cip2a gene promoter.
Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, Llc


Automatic analysis device and automatic analysis method

The automatic analysis device includes an analysis unit that corrects, based on a measured value at the time of a first light amount measurement with water dispensed in the reaction cell before the sample is dispensed therein; a measured value at the time of a second light amount measurement after the sample and a preprocessing reagent are dispensed into the reaction cell; a liquid amount in the reaction cell at the time of the second light amount measurement; and a liquid amount in the reaction cell at the time of a third light amount measurement after the reaction reagent has been dispensed into the reaction cell and before the reaction reagent and the substance to be measured react with each other.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Polyspecificity reagents, methods for their preparation and use

The present invention relates, inter alia, to polyspecificity reagents, methods of making the same, and methods of using the same in, inter alia, the selection, screening, enrichment, and identification of non-polyspecific, and thus developable, polypeptides.. .
Adimab, Llc


Fluidic connectors and microfluidic systems

Fluidic connectors, methods, and devices for performing analyses (e.g., immunoassays) in microfluidic systems are provided. In some embodiments, a fluidic connector having a fluid path is used to connect two independent channels formed in a substrate so as to allow fluid communication between the two independent channels.
Opko Diagnostics, Llc


Laminated detector for detection and quantitative determination of formaldehyde

A multi-layered laminated test strip detector for formaldehyde is described which simplifies significantly the qualitative detection and quantitative determination of formaldehyde in aqueous solution or on the surface of wet solids. Layers of water soluble polymer are used to separate chemical reagents that otherwise will not be stable, and/or encapsulate the chemical reagents on bibulous material.


Co-solvent to produce reactive intermediates from biomass

The disclosure provides a system for production of reactive intermediates from lignocellulosic biomass. The reactive intermediates can be used as platform chemicals for biological conversions or can be further catalytically upgraded to be used as “drop in” reagents for fuels.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Systems and methods for automated reusable parallel biological reactions

A method comprises magnetically holding a bead carrying biological material (e.g., nucleic acid, which may be in the form of dna fragments or amplified dna) in a specific location of a substrate, and applying an electric field local to the bead to isolate the biological material or products or byproducts of reactions of the biological material. For example, the bead isolated from other beads having associated biological material.
Genapsys, Inc.


Reagent for measuring total protein s activity

A reagent is used for measuring a total protein s activity in a specimen of a patient to detect protein s abnormality. The reagent includes a first reagent containing at least activated protein c, a first phospholipid, a first surfactant, and calcium ions; a second reagent containing at least activated blood coagulation factor v, the first phospholipid, the first surfactant, and the calcium ions; and a third reagent containing at least activated blood coagulation factor x, prothrombin, a substrate of thrombin, a second phospholipid having a composition different from that of the first phospholipid, and the calcium ions.
School Corporation Kyushu Bunka Gakuen


Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids and generation of concatemers are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.


Flexible tape-based chemistry apparatus

An apparatus and method for applying a chemistry to samples of interest are provided. The apparatus and method include a flexible tape mounted on an arrangement of guide rollers.
Illumina Cambridge Limited


Coenzyme-linked glucose dehydrogenase and polynucleotide encoding the same

The present invention provides members that produce on a large scale a coenzyme-linked glucose dehydrogenase which has excellent substrate-recognizing ability toward glucose while providing low action on maltose. The present invention relates to a polynucleotide encoding a soluble coenzyme-linked glucose dehydrogenase that catalyzes the oxidation of glucose in the presence of an electron acceptor and has an activity toward maltose of 5% or lower; a polypeptide encoded by the nucleotide sequence of the polynucleotide; a recombinant vector carrying the polynucleotide; a transformed cell produced using the recombinant vector; a method for producing a polypeptide comprising culturing the transformed cell and collecting from the cultivated products a polypeptide that links to fad to exert the glucose dehydration activity; a method for determination of glucose using the polypeptide; a reagent composition for determination of glucose; and a biosensor..
Ikeda Food Research Co., Ltd.


Process for manufacturing polyamide

In one or a plurality of embodiments, a process for manufacturing polyamide without using pro (propylene oxide) in synthesis is provided. In one or a plurality of embodiments, provided is a process for manufacturing polyamide, including steps (a) to (c): (a) reacting diacid dichloride monomer with at least two kinds of diamine monomers in a solvent so as to generate polyamide; and (b) removing hydrochloric acid physically out of a reaction system, the hydrochloric acid being generated during the reaction in the step (a); or (c) adding a trapping reagent capable of trapping hydrochloric acid, at any time at least before the step (a), at the same time of starting the step (a), or during the step (a), wherein at least one of the diamine monomers is a diamine monomer containing a carboxyl group, and the trapping reagent does not include propylene oxide..
Sumitomo Bakelite Company Limited


Antibody polypeptides that antagonize cd40l

Antibody polypeptides that specifically bind human cd40l are provided. The antibody polypeptides do not activate platelets.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Process for preparation of dronedarone by the use of dibutylaminopropanol reagent

The invention relates to a novel process for preparation of dronedarone of formula (i) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, characterized in that a compound of formula (ii)—where l is leaving group—is reacted with compound of formula (iii) and the obtained product is isolated and, if desired, converted into a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .


Portable analytic device and methods of use thereof

A portable analytic apparatus is provided that is capillary-driven and capable of detecting analytes within a sample and providing an unambiguous positive/negative response. Embodiments provide for a hydrophobic detection reagent within a hydrophilic porous media, where a hydrophobic detection reagent changes to hydrophilic products in a presence/absence of a target analyte.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Fluidic system for processng a sample fluid

The invention relates to a fluidic system comprising at least one bead chamber (311) containing a lyophilized reagent (lb) and a reaction chamber in a cartridge. In one embodiment, a series of bead chambers with different lyophilized reagents may be provided such that sample fluid can sequentially pass through them.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Photoelectric conversion element

The techniques disclosed here feature a photoelectric conversion element. The photoelectric conversion element comprises a photoanode, a counter electrode, and an electrolytic medium located between the photoanode and the counter electrode.
Panasonic Corporation


Reagent and composition of resist

Described is a reagent that enhances acid generation of a photoacid generator and a composition containing such reagent.. .
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.


Biological sample processing

Systems and methods are provided for processing a biological sample. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving a sample vessel containing the sample; retrieving information from an information storage unit associated with the sample; using said information for selecting at least one cartridge from at least two or more different cartridges, each configured for use with a sample processing device; loading at least one or more reagents onto the cartridge, wherein the one or more reagents to be added are selected based at least in part on the information or instructions derived from the information; and placing the sample vessel in the cartridge..
Theranos, Inc.


Reagent kit, measurement kit, and measuring test substance

The present invention provides a reagent kit which is used for measuring a test substance in a biological sample and can improve measurement sensitivity of the test substance; measurement kit; and a method of measuring the test substance. Provided is a reagent kit which is used for measuring the above-described test substance in the biological sample and contains first particles which are modified by a first binding substance having specific binding properties with respect to the test substance and have a label, and a compound which has at least one amino group having a positive charge..
Fujifilm Corporation


Health test for a broad spectrum of health problems

Provided herein are methods and devices for the detection of conditions or disorders by detecting altered levels of stress response pathway biomarkers. Also provided are methods and reagents for identifying panels of biomarkers associated with a condition or disorder..


Methods for early diagnosis of kidney disease

The invention provides reagents and methods for diagnosing kidney disease in a human or animal.. .


Methods and compositions for analyzing proteins

Methods, compositions and kits are disclosed for determining one or more target polypeptides in a sample where the target polypeptides have undergone a post-translational modification. A mixture comprising the sample and a first reagent comprising a cleavage-inducing moiety and a first binding agent for a binding site on a target polypeptide is subjected to conditions under which binding of respective binding moieties occurs.
Monogram Biosciences, Inc.



The present invention relates to the identification of membrane proteins associated with b-cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, glioblastoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, lymphoid leukaemia (particularly acute t-cell leukaemia and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia), melanoma, neuroblastoma, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, renal cell cancer and retinoblastoma which have utility as markers and for treatment of said cancers and which also form biological targets against which antibodies such as therapeutic antibodies (or other affinity reagents) or other pharmaceutical agents can be made.. .


Labelled silica nanoparticles for immunochromatographic reagent, immunochromatographic test strip using the same, and immunochromomatographic fluorescence-detecting system or radiation-detecting system

Labelled silica nanoparticles for immunochromatographic reagent, comprising silica nanoparticles containing a labelled substance.. .
The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Inhibition of the beta3 subunit of l-type ca2+ channels

The present invention provides reagents and methods for identifying inhibitors of the l-type ca2+ channel β3 protein, which has been demonstrated to be involved in calcium signaling, insulin secretion, and glucose homeostasis. The invention also provides therapeutics and methods for treating a subject with one or more of diabetes, insulin resistance, impaired insulin secretion, and impaired glucose homeostasis, involving the use of inhibitors of an l-type ca2+ channel β3 subunit to provide a benefit to the subject..
Biocrine Ab


Reagents and methods for cancer treatment and prevention

The invention generally relates to the prevention and/or treatment of cancer, and, more specifically, to the treatment of tumors, including solid tumors and their metastases, without radiation or standard chemotherapeutic agents. In one embodiment, the invention involves a method comprising: a) providing a subject with tumor cells, b) removing at least a portion of said tumor cells from said subject to create removed cells, c) treating at least a portion of said removed cells ex vivo, using stimulating agents, including thapsigargin and/or thapsigargin-related compounds, so as to create treated tumor cells; and d) introducing said treated tumor cells (or fragments thereof) in vivo into the same subject to generate anticancer therapeutic effects..
The Buck Institute For Age Research


Oxoanion concentration determination using aluminum reagents

To determine the concentration of an oxoanion in an aqueous solution, an aluminum reagent is added to the aqueous solution to form an optical analysis solution. Addition of the aluminum reagent may or may not form an alumino-oxoanion hydroxide hydrate precipitate.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Sequencing nucleic acids by enzyme activation

Provided herein are methods of nucleic acid sequencing using nucleotides with labels attached to the phosphate group so that incorporation of such nucleotides into a primed template results in formation of a phospho-label. Treatment of the phospho-label with a phophatase generates a free label which can be detected in a variety of ways.
Caerus Molecular Diagnostics


Methods for quantitating dna using digital multiple displacment amplification

The present invention provides improved methods for detecting contamination in wga reagents as well as improved methods for quantitating nucleic acids, such as dna. The present invention relates to novel methods of quantifying nucleic acids involving whole-genome amplification (wga) reaction components and a dye molecule to detects nucleic acids and partitioning reactions to quantify nucleic acids..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids and generation of concatemers are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.


Method for detection of kras mutations

The present invention is based on a detection method of the 9 kras mutations gly12ser, gly12arg, gly12cys, gly12asp, gly12ala, gly12val, gly13asp, gln61his and gln61leu, in a sample susceptible of containing one or more of such mutations, based on amplification of the sample with the primers of the present invention. Further, the present invention relates to (i) a kit which comprises, amongst its components, reagents for arms amplification including one or more of the primers of the present invention; (ii) the primers themselves; and (iii) use of the method, kit and primers of above, for the diagnosis/prognosis of a pathological condition in a patient, particularly, of cancer..


Method for bisulfite treatment

The present application is directed to a method for performing a bisulfite reaction to determine methylation positions in a nucleic acid, i.e. Methylated and non-methylated cytosines, whereby the nucleic acid is bound to a solid phase during the deamination and/or desulfonation step of the bisulfite reaction.
Epigenomics Ag


Short interfering nucleic acid (sina) molecules containing a 2' internucleoside linkage

The present invention relates to rnai molecules, and compositions thereof, comprising a 2′ internucleoside linkage connecting the nucleotide at position 1 and the nucleotide at position 2 at the 5′ end of the antisense strand. Specifically, the invention relates to single- and double-stranded short interfering nucleic acid (sina) molecules that are capable of mediating rna interference comprising 5′ modified nucleotides that comprise, among other potential modifications, a 2′ internucleoside linkage.
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.


Addition of aluminum reagents to oxoanion-containing water streams

The removal of oxoanions from an aqueous stream having a concentration of a metal cation and a concentration of an oxoanion that varies over time may involve continuously monitoring the concentration of the metal cation and the concentration of the oxoanion to provide a current metal cation concentration and a current oxoanion concentration. A metal cation source and an aluminum reagent may be added to the aqueous stream based on the measured current metal cation concentration and the current oxoanion concentration.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Apparatuses and methods for dispensing predetermined quantities of liquid onto a substrate

Discussed herein are methods and apparatuses for dispensing precise quantities of reagents, wherein air pressure is controlled to pilot a liquid syringe or diaphragm that provides an air to liquid interface. The resultant pressurized liquid is then in series with dispensing element, such as an aerosol dispenser, solenoid valve or piezo dispenser.
Digilab, Inc.


Method for preparing granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides

Disclosed is a method for preparing a granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides including slurry forming, solidification, drying and hardening, granulation, and washing steps: blending a dihydrogen phosphate, a powdered inorganic adsorbent raw material and a setting time regulator in water to form a slurry; adding sintered magnesia into the slurry, and blending the mixture to form a solidified slurry; setting the solidified slurry on a disk member, and naturally drying to hardening in a specific temperature range to form a hardened solid material; smashing the hardened solid material and performing vibration sieving by using a screen to obtain a granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides containing residual reagents; washing the granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides containing residual reagents with water, to remove the residual reagents to complete preparation, where the adsorption capacity of the granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides thus prepared is in the range of 0.7 to 1.9 meq/g.. .
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan


New polymorphisms in abcb1 associated with a lack of clinical response to medicaments

The present invention relates to methods, compositions, kits and reagents for determining the prognosis of a clinical response in a human patient to a medicament which acts in the central nervous system (cns) and which is a substrate of the abcb1 protein. Further, the invention relates to a combination of medicaments for the treatment of human patients having specific polymorphisms in the abcb1 gene..
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Wisenschaften E. V.


Personal diagnostic device having an air sample collection unit and a fluidic circuit

Personal diagnostic devices including diagnostic patches (bio-patches) and interactive medical bracelets (bio-bracelets) are provided with a skin/patch interface, at least one analysis layer, a signal processing layer, and a user output interface. Embodiments of the interactive diagnostic devices may include micro-fluidic circuits with reaction chambers, analysis chambers, mixing cambers, and various pre-disposed chemistries or reagents for performing a wide verity of tests by transdermal transport of blood or perspiration.
Life Patch International, Inc.


E-commerce systems and methods

The invention is in general directed to methods and processes for generating revenue via an electronic commerce website. The invention is also directed to methods of processing product orders and selling product related to protocols, workflows, or other applications.
Life Technologies Corporation


Automatic analyzing device

A rinse mechanism rinses reaction cuvettes with first and second detergents. An r1 reagent pipetting mechanism 8 rinses the reaction cuvettes that have been rinsed by the rinse mechanism with a special detergent.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Identification and characterization of a peptide affinity reagent for the detection of noroviruses in clinical samples

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods and/or compositions for the detection of viral infection, including at least norovirus infection. In particular embodiments, there are methods and/or compositions employing particular peptides and/or phage useful for detecting norovirus in a sample.
Baylor College Of Medicine


Sample analyzer and sample analyzing method

Disclosed is a sample analyzer for analyzing a sample, including: a preparing unit that mixes a sample, a surfactant-containing diluent, and a nucleic acid staining reagent to prepare a measurement specimen in which nucleic acids of nucleated cells are stained and red blood cells are hemolyzed; a detecting unit that irradiates particles included in the measurement specimen with light to receive scattered light and fluorescence light emitted from the particles and output a detection signal; and a processing unit that counts white blood cells and fungi in the sample based on the detection signal.. .
Sysmex Corporation


Automatic ammonium analyzer

For an automated determination of a ammonia nitrogen content in a liquid sample, an analyzer and method are provided. The following steps are performed by the method: generating a reagent solution by electrolysis that contains hypochlorite ions to be added to the liquid sample, and feeding the reagent solution into the liquid sample; feeding at least one other reagent solution into the liquid sample and generating a reaction mixture from the reagent solutions and the liquid sample; sensing a measuring signal with a photometric measuring device that correlates with a measuring variable of the reaction mixture; and on the basis of the measuring signal, determining a measuring value for the ammonia nitrogen content with an electronic control device..
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Für Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg


Sensor and concentration measurement method

A reagent layer of a sensor contains as a mediator a quinone compound having a hydrophilic functional group, phenanthrenequinone, and/or a phenanthrenequinone derivative. The quinone compound has a lower redox potential than a conventional mediator, so interfering substances have less effect on detection results with this sensor..
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.


Method of collecting of rare cells from the enclosed filters system

The methods of rare cells collection from enclosed micro filter system are provided. This invention includes surface treatment of the filter, application of cells dissociation reagent, shaking/vibration and back/side flush systems..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Gexp detection kits for identification of 11 kinds of duck virus diseases

Provided herein is a gexp detection kit for identification of 11 kinds of duck virus diseases. The detection kit includes a primer set for identifying or auxiliarily identifying pathogens of duck communicable diseases, including one or more of primer pair a, primer pair b primer pair c, primer pair d, primer pair e, primer pair f, primer pair g, primer pair h, primer pair i, primer pair j, primer pair k and primer pair l.
Guangxi Veterinary Research Institute


Methods and compositions for diagnosis of glioblastoma or a subtype thereof

An isoform-level gene panel is disclosed that can accurately classify a glioblastoma subtype from a tumor sample. Such an isoform level gene panel comprises the 121 to 214 target isoforms identified in table 1.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Methods and compositions to identify, quantify, and characterize target analytes and binding moieties

Proximity coupling and sequencing methods to screen identify, validate and/or characterize interactions between analytes and binding moieties are disclosed. Also disclosed herein are proximity coupling methods and sequencing methods to determine or quantify levels of target analytes.
Cdi Laboratories, Inc.


Method for analyzing plurality of samples

A diagnostic system performs a first nucleic acid amplification reaction and a second, different nucleic acid amplification reaction. The diagnostic system includes a compartment configured to store at least a first bulk reagent container comprising a first bulk reagent for performing a sample preparation process, and a second bulk reagent container comprising a second bulk reagent for performing the first reaction.
Gen-probe Incorporated


Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.


Nucleic acid amplification

Methods and compositions for the amplification of nucleic acids are disclosed. Amplification methods provided herein may be performed under isothermal conditions.
Theranos, Inc.


Method of adjusting the conditions of biological processes and a reactor for carrying out the method

The method of ph controlling during electrolytic fermentation processes of the organic substrates includes placing the biological and chemical reagents in a fermentation tank, placing the electrodes powered by the direct current in the fermentation tank chambers, switching on the constant voltage initiating electrolytic processes with a value from 0.1 to 50 v, generating h+ or oh− ions around the electrodes, reading the data from the glass electrode, changing the power parameters of electrodes, depending on the set ph value of the reaction medium, and starting a pump metering the liquid from the auxiliary chamber into the fermentation tank chamber through a dispensing connector. The object of the invention is also the reactor for carrying out this method..
Uniwersytet Wroclawski


System and producing a comestible protein meal and fuel from a feedstock

A method for making comestible protein meal includes: producing an alcohol based fuel (such as ethanol) from a starch-based plant feedstock (such as duckweed); then separating stillage that remains afterwards into solids and a thin stillage; drying the solids to a comestible protein meal (minimum 40% protein); and recycling the thin stillage as plant fertilizer. Another method includes: determining a desired amino acid profile; while producing ethanol from a plant feedstock in a process that comprises a fermentation stage, adding a reagent prior to the fermentation stage to adjust an amount of an amino acid output from the fermentation stage to match an amount of the amino acid in the desired amino acid profile; separating stillage remaining after producing the ethanol into solids and a thin stillage; and drying the solids to a comestible protein meal comprising the amount of the amino acid..


Process for producing isoxazoline derivatives

A process for producing isoxazoline derivatives by ring-opening and cyclization of the corresponding cyclopropane derivatives with electrophilic nitrosylation reagents.. .


Diphenylmethane compound

The present invention aims to provide a compound superior in broad utility and stability, which is useful as a protecting reagent (anchor) of amino acid and/or peptide in liquid phase synthesis and the like of a peptide having a c-terminal etc., which are of a carboxamide (—conhr)-type, an organic synthesis reaction method (particularly peptide liquid phase synthesis method) using the compound, and a kit for peptide liquid phase synthesis containing the compound, and has found that the object can be achieved by a particular compound having a diphenylmethane skeleton.. .
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

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