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This page is updated frequently with new Reagent-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Conductive film and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailConductive film and manufacturing the same
The present invention provides a method of manufacturing conductive film and the conductive film itself. The method of manufacturing conductive film comprises the following steps: step 1 for preparing a graphene oxide; step 2 for providing a functional reagent to reacting with the graphene oxide for producing a functionalized graphene; step 3 for providing a curing agent and an organic solvent to mix with a certain amount of conductive particles, and then processed by an ultrasonic to produce a conductive particle dispersion liquid; the conductive particles are the functionalized graphene or a mixture of the functionalized graphene and other conductive particle; step 4 for providing an adhesive resin and diluting the adhesive resin with the organic solvent in the step 3; step 5 for mixing the adhesive resin diluted in the step 4 and the conductive particle dispersion liquid to produce a conductive film pre-mixture, and the conductive film pre-mixture is stirred repeatedly to be well mixed, and, after dispersed by the ultrasonic, the organic solvent is removed to produce a conductive film..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Automatic analysis device patent thumbnailAutomatic analysis device
Provided is an automatic analysis device capable of reducing a reagent cost. In the present invention, in each mixed reagent preparation cycle, an amount of mixed reagent for n analyses is mixed and prepared, and an amount of mixed reagent for one analysis is dispensed from the amount of mixed reagent for n analyses and used to analyze one sample.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Automatic analyzer patent thumbnailAutomatic analyzer
If an air bubble is entrained when a reagent is added to a sample, disturbance caused by this air bubble may prevent accurate optical measurement, thereby reducing accuracy for measuring blood clotting ability. The position to dispense the reagent depends on accuracy of stopping a reagent dispensing mechanism and dimensional errors of individual detectors, and thus conventional reagent discharging method may entrain an air bubble because a distance between a nozzle for dispensing the reagent and an inner wall of a reaction vessel is not constant and conditions for dispensing the reagent to the sample vary.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Diagnostic reagents and methods specific to inner ear disorders patent thumbnailDiagnostic reagents and methods specific to inner ear disorders
Described herein are compositions and methods for the detection of inner ear disorders such as balance disorders and hearing disorders resulting from acoustic injury, exposure to ototoxins, head trauma or viral illness. Specifically, otolin-1 and prestin have been verified as inner-ear specific biomarkers suitable for the detection of inner ear disorders..
The University Of Connecticut

 Process for ultra-sensitive quantification of target analytes in complex biological systems patent thumbnailProcess for ultra-sensitive quantification of target analytes in complex biological systems
Antibody-free processes are disclosed that provide accurate quantification of a wide variety of low-abundance target analytes in complex samples. The processes can employ high-pressure, high-resolution chromatographic separations for analyte enrichment.
Battelle Memorial Institute

 High-throughput single molecule protein identification patent thumbnailHigh-throughput single molecule protein identification
The present invention is methods and assays for identifying single proteins from a sample, without the use of affinity reagents. The methods and assays combine endopeptidase-based component of conventional peptide mapping with single molecule labeling and a microreactor array platform.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

 Method for stabilizing glycerophospholipids and reagents using same patent thumbnailMethod for stabilizing glycerophospholipids and reagents using same
Disclosed is an accurate and stable immunoassay reagent using a glycerophospholipid and a method for stabilizing the reagent. The reagent for assaying an analyte in blood by immune reaction with an antigen when the analyte is an antibody or with an antibody when the analyte is an antigen, wherein a glycerophospholipid and a polyvinylpyrrolidone are incorporated into the immune reaction system..
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

 Quantification of antigen molecules using dynamic flow cytometry patent thumbnailQuantification of antigen molecules using dynamic flow cytometry
The described invention provides a method for quantifying cellular antigens that is independent of specially prepared calibration beads and antibody reagents. The described method can be applied to both low and high affinity antibodies, under both saturating and non-saturating binding conditions..

 Method for detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide patent thumbnailMethod for detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide
A method for detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide in a sample containing galacto-oligosaccharide and dextrin is characterized in that the sample is caused to react with a derivatizing reagent to derivatize the dextrin and galacto-oligosaccharide in the sample, after which the galacto-oligosaccharide component in the sample is separated by high-performance liquid chromatography using a c30 reverse-phase chromatography column, thereby accurately detecting and quantifying galacto-oligosaccharide with ease and at low cost.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Yakult Honsha

 Affordable electrochemical detection of environmental contaminants patent thumbnailAffordable electrochemical detection of environmental contaminants
This work provides an affordable approach for detecting environmental contaminants (e.g., arsenic in groundwater). Electro-chemical analysis of a sample is performed using a disposable three-electrode sensor that can be connected to an electrochemical analyzer (which is not disposable).
Santa Clara University


Method and device to determine adsorption capacity for air entraining agents

A method and system for measuring the adsorption potential of fly ash. A sample of the fly ash is mixed with an optically active reagent.
Headwaters Incorporated


Method of assessing chemicals in produced fluids

A method of monitoring water-soluble treatment chemicals in a fluid that is immiscible with water and which may or may not contain some aqueous fluid, the method using at least one reagent that produces an optically detectable product, the detection step can take place without separation of the aqueous phase containing the treatment chemicals from the fluid immiscible with water.. .
Lux Assure Limited


Integrated sequencing apparatuses and methods of use

Provided are methods and apparatuses for performing sequencing using droplet manipulation, for example, via electrowetting-based techniques. Also provided are integrated methods and apparatuses for performing sample preparation and sequencing on the same apparatus.
Illumina, Inc.


Real time cleavage assay

A cleavage-based real-time pcr assay method is provided. In general terms, the assay method includes subjecting a reaction mixture comprising a) pcr reagents for amplifying a nucleic acid target, and b) flap cleavage reagents for performing a flap cleavage assay on the amplified nucleic acid target to two sets of thermocycling conditions.
Exact Sciences Corporation


Multimeric protected fluorescent reagents

Multimeric protected fluorescent reagents and their methods of synthesis are provided. The reagents are useful in various fluorescence-based analytical methods, including the analysis of highly multiplexed optical reactions in large numbers at high densities, such as single molecule real time nucleic acid sequencing reactions.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Site-specific chemoenzymatic protein modifications

The present invention relates to methods and reagents for use in site-selective modification of proteins having lysine residues with functionalized peptides using a chemoenzymatic microbial transglutaminase-mediated reaction. The functionalized proteins may be used for study or therapeutic uses..
Novartis Ag


Process for the industrial synthesis of lurasidone

Disclosed is a process for the industrial synthesis of lurasidone from (1r,2r)-cyclohexane-1,2-diyldimethanol (1), 3-(piperazin-1-yl)benzo[d]isothiazole (3) and (3ar,4r,7r,7as)-3a,4,7,7a-tetrahydro-4,7-methanoisobenzofuran-1,3-dione (6).). Said process is optimised to obtain lurasidone with high yields and high purities by preparing highly pure synthesis intermediates, using critical raw materials and reagents in amounts close to the stoichiometric amounts, increasing productivity and reducing the costs and environmental impact of the process..
Procos S.p.a.


Synthesis process for diacetyl epoxy glyceryl oleate

The present invention relates to a process for the synthesis of diacetyl epoxy glyceryl oleate, comprising the steps of: a). Esterification of glycerol and oleic acid at 115-190° c.
Guangzhou Hairma Chemical (gz) Ltd.


Method for making a peroxycarboxylic acid

The present invention relates to apparatus and methods for making a peroxycarboxylic acid. The apparatus includes a reaction catalyst and a guard column for pretreating one or more reagents, which can increase the life, activity, and/or safety of the reaction catalyst.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Reagent holding container, liquid delivery device, reagent discharge method

A reagent holding container is provided that is capable of storing a reagent in a stable state over a long period of time and simply delivering a held reagent. A reagent holding container having a flexible material and a perforable material, wherein a plunger functions both to deform the flexible material of the reagent holding container and perforate the perforable material of the reagent holding container..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Method of making highly porous, stable aluminum oxides doped with silicon

The present invention relates to a method for making high surface area and large pore volume thermally stable silica-doped alumina (aluminum oxide) catalyst support and ceramic materials. The ability of the silica-alumina to withstand high temperatures in presence or absence of water and prevent sintering allows it to maintain good activity over a long period of time in catalytic reactions.
Brigham Young University


Flue gas treatment system and method

The flue gas treatment system (1) comprises a reactor (2), a pre-separator (3) downstream of the reactor (2), a separator (4) such as a fabric filter downstream of the pre-separator (3), a humidifier (5) downstream of the separator (4), a supply (7) of a pure fresh reagent into the flue gas (fg) downstream of the pre-separator (3) and upstream of or at the separator (4).. .
Alstom Technology Ltd


System for liquid chromatograph with compressibility and viscosity monitoring to identify fluids

A system for providing a solvent or reagent to a liquid chromatography system comprises: a valve comprising a common port and a plurality of other ports, configurable such that the common port may be fluidically coupled to any one of the other ports; a pump fluidically coupled to the common port of the valve; a plugged first one of the other ports; a container containing the solvent or reagent, said container fluidically coupled to a second one of the other ports; a fluid tubing line having a known resistance to fluid flow fluidically coupled to a third one of the other ports; and a pressure gauge configured to measure fluid pressure within the pump, wherein the solvent or reagent is provided to the liquid chromatography system by a fourth one of the other ports.. .
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Methods and reagents for maintaining the viability of cancer cells in surgically removed tissue

A composition and method for generating reagents and the composition of these reagents for the stabilization and preservation of viability of cancer tissue which has been surgically excised and the suspension and/or termination of apoptosis (cell death) by significant modulation of cell metabolism by low molar concentrations of synergistic chemistries and hormonal growth enhancers while maintaining normal gene expression patterns of the surgically excised tissue.. .
Truckee Applied Genomics, Llc


Apparatuses and methods for depositing sic/sicn films via cross-metathesis reactions with organometallic co-reactants

Disclosed herein are methods of forming sic/sicn film layers on surfaces of semiconductor substrates. The methods may include introducing a silicon-containing film-precursor and an organometallic ligand transfer reagent into a processing chamber, adsorbing the silicon-containing film-precursor, the organometallic ligand transfer reagent, or both onto a surface of a semiconductor substrate under conditions whereby either or both form an adsorption-limited layer, and reacting the silicon-containing film-precursor with the organometallic ligand transfer reagent, after either or both have formed the adsorption-limited layer.
Novellus Systems, Inc.


Reagent for assaying d-dimer and kit of reagent for assaying d-dimer

The present invention provides a reagent for assaying d-dimer which includes carriers sensitized to first and second monoclonal antibodies which react with d-dimer, but have different reactivity to d-dimer in which the first monoclonal antibody reacts with high- and low-molecular fractions of d-dimer, the second monoclonal antibody reacts with the high-molecular fraction, but reactivity of the second monoclonal antibody with the low-molecular fraction is different from that of the first monoclonal antibody and a kit of reagent for assaying d-dimer.. .
Sysmex Corporation


Immunoassays employing non-particulate chemiluminescent reagent

Methods and reagents are disclosed for conducting assays. Embodiments of the present methods and reagents are concerned with chemiluminescent reagents for determining the presence and/or amount of an analyte in a sample suspected of containing the analyte.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Early stage parkinsons disease diagnostic kits and methods

The present invention relates to diagnostic methods, reagents, and kits for detecting and diagnosing early stage parkinson's disease.. .
Rowan University


Methods and kits for determining von willebrand factor activity in the absence of ristocetin

Described herein are method(s), kit(s), reagent(s) and the like for determining von willebrand factor (vwf) activity in a sample in the absence of ristocetin.. .
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products Gmbh


Electrochemical analyte detection apparatus and method

A method and apparatus for electrochemical detection of analyte in a sample makes use of a binding interaction and relies on the discovery that asymmetric distribution of a redox enzyme between two electrodes that occurs when a redox enzyme-containing reagent is immobilized at the surface of one electrode can be detected as a chemical potential gradient arising from an asymmetry in the distribution of oxidized or reduced redox substrate. This chemical potential gradient can be detected potentiometrically by observing the potential difference between the electrodes in an open circuit, or amperometrically by observing the current flow between the electrodes when the circuit is closed.
Agamatrix, Inc.


Methods, devices, and systems for sample analysis

Methods, devices, and systems for analyzing biological samples are provided. A biological sample may be analyzed for the presence of an analyte by an initial assay, and the performance of, or method of performance of, a subsequent assay may be contingent upon the results of the initial assay.
Theranos, Inc.


Device and methods of using device for detection of hyperammonemia

The present disclosure relates to a bio-sensor capable of measuring the total concentration of one or a plurality of ammonia or ammonium ions with the use of indophenol reagents in the presence of an ionomer. In some embodiments, the biosensor comprises a perflurinated membrane that comprises an ionomer in contact with an alkaline buffer in a vessel configured to receive a sample, such as whole blood.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept., Of Health And Human Services


Deepgad bitumen-heavy oil extraction process

A process useful in mixing reagents delivered to an injector well which reacts with bitumen-heavy petroleum products in the injector well. The reaction produces significant heat to the bitumen reservoir rock, the heat lowers the viscosity of the material, and permits the flowable material to be collected by a nearby producer well, usually beneath the injector well.


System and processing and detecting nucleic acids

A system and method for processing and detecting nucleic acids from a set of biological samples, comprising: a capture plate and a capture plate module configured to facilitate binding of nucleic acids within the set of biological samples to magnetic beads; a molecular diagnostic module configured to receive nucleic acids bound to magnetic beads, isolate nucleic acids, and analyze nucleic acids, comprising a cartridge receiving module, a heating/cooling subsystem and a magnet configured to facilitate isolation of nucleic acids, a valve actuation subsystem configured to control fluid flow through a microfluidic cartridge for processing nucleic acids, and an optical subsystem for analysis of nucleic acids; a fluid handling system configured to deliver samples and reagents to components of the system to facilitate molecular diagnostic protocols; and an assay strip configured to combine nucleic acid samples with molecular diagnostic reagents for analysis of nucleic acids.. .
Neumodx Molecular, Inc.


Centrifuge and loading a device

An apparatus includes a robotic system providing movement in three orthogonal directions to an arm operable to receive a pipette tip and to facilitate movement of fluid into and out of the pipette tip. In addition, the apparatus can include a tray for receiving pipette tips, receptacles for receiving tubes, an apparatus for forming an emulsion, a device for forming particles that include copies of the polynucleotide, a device for enriching the particles and an apparatus for loading such particles onto a sensor array.
Life Technologies Corporation


Construction castable material with controllable flow or slump

Construction castable material with controllable flow or slump comprising (a) a binder comprising fly ashes comprising from 1.5% to 35% by weight of cao and a lost on ignition (loi) value from 0.5% to 5.5% by weight, representing from 10% to 60% of the binder weight and ground granulated blast furnace slag comprising from 40% to 70% by weight of cao and from 30 to 60% by weight of sio2, representing from 40% to 90% of the binder weight, (b) an activator comprising alkaline reagents selected from the group composed by water glass, preferably in solution with 30 to 50% by weight solid content, sodium metasilicates and sodium hydroxide, (c) sand, fine and coarse aggregates and (d) organic acids or conjugated salts of organic acids in a dosage from 0.001% to 3% by weight with respect to the binder.. .
Fournitures Hospitalieres Industrie


Modified amines useful as scale inhibitors in wet process phosphoric acid production

Processes for inhibiting scale produced during wet process phosphoric acid production by adding a scale inhibiting amount of a reagent having at least one amine portion including at least one primary amine, and at least one hydrocarbyl portion having an insolubilizing group attached thereto to at least one stage of a wet process phosphoric acid production process are provided herein.. .
Cytec Industries Inc.


Multifunctional sorbent materials and uses thereof

The invention relates to a method for producing a sorbent material, comprising firstly providing a porous silica substrate, said substrate comprising a plurality of silanol groups on a surface thereof then reacting said silanol groups with either a silicon compound of formula rnsi(or′)4-n, where r is an alkyl group and n is 0 or 1, or an aminoalkyl silane of formula r″mrnsi(or′)4-n-m having at least two hydrolysable groups attached to silicon, where r″ is an aminoalkyl group, m is 1 or 2 and n is 0 or 1s or a compound of formula m(or′)4, or a mixture of any two or more of the preceding compounds, hydrolysing the product, men reacting hydroxyl groups formed with one or more reagents, wherein each reagent is independently selected from the group consisting of an aminoalkyl silane having at least two hydrolysable groups attached to the silicon and a compound of formula m(or′)4, and finally hydrolysing the product, wherein each or′ independently is a hydrolysable group and each m independently is zr, ti, hf, sn, th, pb or ge. There is also described a sorbent material and use of a sorbent material for purifying, separating and concentrating processes..


Compound for enhancing generation of chemical species

A reagent that enhances acid generation of a photoacid generator and composition containing such reagent is disclosed.. .
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.


Reagent for enhancing generation of chemical species

A reagent that enhances acid generation of a photoacid generator and composition containing such reagent is disclosed.. .
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.


Method of isolating circulating tumor cells

A method of purifying circulating tumor cells is disclosed. The method involves purifying a first buffy coat layer from a blood sample on a first density gradient.
Oregon Health & Science University


Kit and diagnosis, prognosis or monitoring of liver disease through measurement of amount of ast

Disclosed are: a kit and a method for diagnosing or monitoring a liver disease, comprising a detection reagent for one or more markers of cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase (cast) and mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase (mast) as biomarkers in a biological sample; and an antibody used for the detection. Compared to the conventional enzyme activity measurement method, the method according to the present application can more accurately measure diagnosis or prognosis of a liver disease with high sensitivity through measurement of the amount of mast or cast present in the biological sample, in particular, in a blood sample..
Boditech Med Inc.


Testing device, transfer member, fabricating testing device, and testing method

Provided is a testing device including a flow path in which an analyte is flowed, wherein a composition containing a reagent reactive with the analyte and a lyophilic resin is placed at one position or a plurality of positions of the flow path.. .


Conjugates of 1,4,7-triazacyclononanes, dinuclear metal complexes of such conjugates, and methods of use for both 1,4,7-triazacyclononanes and conjugate

Conjugates of 1,3-bis(1,4,7-triazacyclonon-1-yl)-2-hydroxypropanes with a variety of conjugating members are used in the formation of dinuclear metal complexes which bind to phosphate esters. By virtue of their conjugated forms, the complexes are incorporated into chromatographic media, affinity binding reagents, and dyes, which make the complexes useful in a wide range of assays, separations, and purifications.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.


Methods and kits for diagnosing the prognosis of cancer patients

The prognosis of a cancer patient can be determined by analyzing the modulation of expression of specified genes in the tumor tissue. Genes uniquely up-regulated in adult stem cells that can reconstitute the tissue of the tumor are analyzed for up-regulation in the patient's tumor.
New York University


Genetic polymorphisms associated with autoinflammatory diseases, methods of detection and uses thereof

The present invention provides compositions and methods based on genetic polymorphisms that are associated with autoinflammatory diseases such as psoriasis. For example, the present invention relates to nucleic acid molecules containing the polymorphisms, variant proteins encoded by these nucleic acid molecules, reagents for detecting the polymorphic nucleic acid molecules and variant proteins, and methods of using the nucleic acid molecules and proteins as well as methods of using reagents for their detection..
Celera Corporation


Miniaturized lateral flow device for rapid and sensitive detection of proteins or nucleic acids

The invention provides miniaturized lateral flow chromatographic and lateral flow chromatographic microarray devices (lfm). The miniaturization of lateral flow nucleic acid detection achieved by the present invention offers reduced reagent use, femtomole sensitivity, excellent linear dynamic range, and rapid detection.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc.


Causative agents and diagnostic methods relating to rheumatoid arthritis

Methods, reagents and compositions thereof for predicting ra onset in susceptible individuals, diagnosing ra onset, and/or evaluating efficacy of a therapeutic regimen for treating ra are described herein. Determining the amount of a particular bacterial species comprising seq id no: 1, seq id no: 2, or seq id no: 3 (seq id no: 1+bacteria) serves as a biomarker for the above indications..


Self-contained biological assay apparatus, methods, and applications

A self-contained, fully automated, biological assay-performing apparatus includes a housing; a dispensing platform including a controllably-movable reagent dispensing system, disposed in the housing; a reagent supply component disposed in the housing; a pneumatic manifold removably disposed in the housing in a space shared by the dispensing platform, removably coupled to a fluidic transport layer and a plurality of reservoirs, wherein the fluidic transport layer, the reservoirs, and a test sample to be introduced therein are disposed in the housing in the space separate from the dispensing platform; a pneumatic supply system removably coupled to the pneumatic manifold in the housing in a space separate from the dispensing platform; and a control system coupled to at least one of the dispensing platform and the pneumatic supply system, disposed in the housing.. .
Rheonix, Inc.


Modified polymerase compositions, methods and kits

This invention relates to type i dna polymerases, for example, taq dna polymerase, and to methods and reagent kits utilizing such polymerases.. .
Brandeis University


Compounds and methods for diagnosis and immunotherapy of tuberculosis

Compounds and methods for diagnosing tuberculosis or for inducing protective immunity against tuberculosis are disclosed. The compounds provided include polypeptides that contain at least one immunogenic portion of one or more mycobacterium proteins and dna molecules encoding such polypeptides.
Corixa Corpoation


Ph switchable reagents and methods for their use

This disclosure provides materials and methods for synthesis and use of ph switchable ligands.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Selenocystine derivatives, alpha-methylselenocysteine, alpha-methylselenocysteine derivatives, and methods of making and using same

Provided are selenocysteine derivatives (e.g., deuterium and tritium analogs), α-methylselenocysteine, and α-methylselenocysteine derivatives. These compounds can be incorporated in more complex chemical structures (e.g., polymers, proteins, peptides, and enzymes).
University Of Vermont And State Agricultural College


Method and system for preparing high purity lithium carbonate

The invention discloses a preparation method and system of high purity lithium carbonate. The preparation method comprises: concentrating carbonic acid type salt lake bittern, then heating up to saturate, crystallize and separate out the lithium carbonate, and collecting crystals to obtain refined salts of lithium carbonate; flushing the collected refined salts of lithium carbonate with distilled water with a temperature above 60° c.
Guangzhou Ruishi Tianqi Energy Technology Co., Ltd


Manufacturing detection device and detection device manufactured therefrom

The present invention provides a manufacturing method for a detection device. The manufacturing method comprises dispensing a plurality of reagent droplets to a thin substrate by a dispensing unit and absorbing the plurality of reagent droplets by the thin substrate to form at least one detection area of the detection device..
National Tsing Hua University


Water and salt resistant solid super-acid catalysts

Methods for preserving catalytic activity of a psa polymer membrane in a humid environment by immobilizing in the membrane an organic acid having a pka greater than the pka of the psa polymer membrane; optical sensors based on the psa membranes further including an immobilized organic reagent capable of reacting with a target compound in a humid environment to produce a detectable color shifted product; and non-invasive methods for estimating blood glucose concentration by utilizing an optical sensor to detect concentration of acetone in exhaled human breath and correlating it to blood glucose concentration.. .
University Of Cincinnati


Difference gel electrophoresis of phosphoproteome

A novel imaging reagent and gel-based method for analyzing and comparing phosphoproteomes on the same gel are disclosed herein.. .
Purdue Research Foundation


Kit and the labelling of biomolecules

The present invention relates to a kit for the labelling of biomolecules bearing reactive amino or hydroxyl groups. The kit consists of a reagent a and a reagent b, individually packaged, comprising: a mixture of a carboxylated labelling compound and a tertiary amine (reagent a); and a coupling reagent (reagent b).
Cyanagen S.r.l.


Srm/mrm assay for the fatty acid synthase protein

Specific peptides, and derived ionization characteristics of the peptides, from the fatty acid synthase (fasn) protein are provided that are particularly advantageous for quantifying the fasn protein directly in biological samples that have been fixed in formalin by the method of selected reaction monitoring (srm) mass spectrometry, or what can also be termed as multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) mass spectrometry. Such biological samples are chemically preserved and fixed and are selected from tissues and cells treated with formaldehyde containing agents/fixatives including formalin-fixed tissue/cells, formalin-fixed/paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue/cells, ffpe tissue blocks and cells from those blocks, and tissue culture cells that have been formalin fixed and or paraffin embedded.
Expression Pathology, Inc.


Translocation and mutant ros kinase in human non-small cell lung carcinoma

In accordance with the invention, a novel gene translocation, (5q32, 6q22), in human non-small cell lung carcinoma (nsclc) that results in a fusion proteins combining part of cd74 with proto-oncogene tyrosine protein kinase ros precursor (ros) kinase has now been identified. The cd74-ros fusion protein is anticipated to drive the proliferation and survival of a subgroup of nsclc tumors.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.


Methods, compositions, and kits comprising linker probes for quantifying polynucleotides

The present invention is directed to methods, reagents, kits, and compositions for identifying and quantifying target polynucleotide sequences. A linker probe comprising a 3′ target specific portion, a loop, and a stem is hybridized to a target polynucleotide and extended to form a reaction product that includes a reverse primer portion and the stem nucleotides.
Applied Biosystems, Llc


Reagent composition for biosensor and biosensor having the same

This invention discloses a reagent composition for a biosensor having high sensitivity which is capable of improving analysis linearity of an analyte such as glucose by reacting an oxidoreductase, a metal-containing complex, and naphthol green b, and minimizing blood necessary for measuring blood glucose since it is possible to detect a concentration of a small amount of the analyte, and a biosensor having the same. The reagent composition for a biosensor includes at least two kinds of electron transfer mediators including naphthol green b, and an enzyme..
Infopia Co., Ltd.


Method for inducing dopaminergic neuron progenitor cells

The present invention provides a method for producing dopaminergic neuron progenitor cells from pluripotent stem cells, which method comprises the steps of: (i) performing adherent culture of pluripotent stem cells on an extracellular matrix in a medium containing a reagent(s) selected from the group consisting of bmp inhibitor, tgfβ inhibitor, shh signal-stimulating agent, fgf8, and gsk3β inhibitor; (ii) collecting corin- and/or lrtm1-positive cells from the cells obtained in step (i) using a substance which binds to corin and/or a substance which binds to lrtm1; and (iii) performing suspension culture of the cells obtained in step (ii) in a medium containing a neurotrophic factor.. .
Eisai R&d Management Co., Ltd.


Enzymatical modification of cell glycosylation using serum albumin and divalent cations

The invention is directed to a method and kit to control and modify the status of cells, such as human stem cells, by changing their glycosylation, in particular sialylation and fucosylation, levels in a reaction condition where culture medium reagents, such as divalent cations, are present and cells are kept non-adherent. The invention is further directed to novel stem cells, the glycosylation of which has been specifically altered..
Glykos Finland Ltd


Reagent for enhancing generation of chemical species

Described are reagents that generate a chemical species initiating a polymerization of at least one kind of monomer by non-resonant multi-photon excitation of the reagent.. .
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.


Reversibly crosslinked cellulose ethers and process for the production thereof by selective oxidation of vicinal oh groups

Reversibly crosslinked, water-soluble cellulose ethers having at least two different ether components is disclosed. At least one ether component is an alkyl, hydroxyalkyl or carboxymethyl group and at least one is an alkyl group having an aldehyde function which forms hydrolyzable hemiacetals with free oh groups of the cellulose ether.
Se Tylose Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method of synthesis of unsolvated mixed cation borohydrides

The present invention relates to a novel method of synthesis of unsolvated mixed cation borohydrides of a general formula mxm′y(bh4)z, where m and m′ stand for metal cations, x, y, and z are stoichiometric coefficients. The method of synthesis according to the present invention is characterised in that the precursors having a general formula m[an]u and [cat]vm′(bh4)w are used for the synthesis, where [an] stands for a weakly coordinating anion; [cat] stands for weakly coordinating cation; u, v, and w are the stoichiometric coefficients; and the synthesis is carried out under an inert to the reagents atmosphere—according to the general reaction equation: x m[an]u+y [cat]v m′(bh4)w→mxm′y(bh4)z+xu [cat][an] where z=yw, xu=yv; mxm′y(bh4)z is the product of the reaction..


Composite reinforcement systems and methods of manufacturing the same

Systems and methods for reinforcing physical structures with composite reinforcement systems are disclosed herein. According to aspects of the present disclosure, a composite reinforcement system includes a carrier formed of a plurality of fibers and a blend of at least two reagents impregnated within the carrier.
Neptune Research, Inc.


Process and device for delivery of fluid by chemical reaction

Processes and devices for delivering a fluid by chemical reaction are disclosed. A chemical reaction is initiated in a reaction chamber to produce a gas, and the gas acts upon a piston to deliver the fluid.
Eli Lilly And Company


Process and device for delivery of fluid by chemical reaction

Processes and devices for delivering a fluid by chemical reaction are disclosed. A chemical reaction is initiated in a reaction chamber to produce a gas, and the gas acts upon a piston to deliver the fluid.
Eli Lilly And Company


Biopolymer system for tissue sealing

A tissue sealant for use in surgical and medical procedures for sealing the tissues of a living mammal is provided. The tissue sealant comprises a hydrogel which is formed by gelation of a premix disposed on the tissue to be sealed.
Endomedix, Inc.


Somatostatin analogs with inhibitory activity to growth hormone release

Provided are therapeutic and diagnostic somatostatin analogs including radiotherapeutic and radiodiagnostic reagents, and methods of making and use thereof.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Automatic analyzer

In the field of automatic analyzers, as items to be analyzed are increase, various reagents differing in such properties as liquid viscosity and contact angle are being used more frequently, and this trend is expected to continue. Also, reagents now take various forms (e.g., a concentrated reagent to be diluted by the water of an automatic analyzer), and so does dilution water.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Method of lipid assay and reagent for use therein

A method of lipid assay characterized by assaying the lipids contained in a blood component in the presence of an organic silicon compound. The method can cause specific conditions for direct methods while satisfying requirements such as no influence on precision of assay, no burden on assay apparatus, and easy availability..
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.


Device for detecting an analyte

This invention relates to a device for detecting an analyte in a sample comprising: a radiation source adapted to generate a series of pulses of electromagnetic radiation; a transducer having a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes which is capable of transducing energy generated by non-radiative decay into an electrical signal; a detector which is capable of detecting the electrical signal generated by the transducer; a first reagent proximal to the transducer, the first reagent having a binding site which is capable of binding a labelled reagent proportionally to the concentration of the analyte in the sample, which labelled reagent being capable of absorbing the electromagnetic radiation generated by the radiation source to generate energy by non-radiative decay; a second reagent proximal to the transducer, the second reagent having a lower affinity for the labelled reagent under the conditions of the assay than the first reagent; and a third reagent proximal to the transducer, the third reagent having a binding site which is capable of binding the labelled reagent, wherein the third reagent has an affinity for the labelled reagent which is less influenced than the first reagent by the concentration of the analyte or the complex or derivative of the analyte.. .
Vivacta Limited


Nucleic acid detection method, and device and kit for use in same

The present invention aims to solve problems in the analysis of amplified nucleic acids, i.e., cost, workability, and contamination and pollution of samples. In the present invention, a sample containing a nucleic acid and a reagent for detecting the nucleic acid are mixed in a closed system.
Kaneka Corporation


Automated preparing biological specimens for examination

The systems and methods disclosed herein permit automated preparation of biological specimens for examination. The disclosed systems and methods provide fast, efficient, and highly uniform specimen processing using minimal quantities of fluids.
Roche Diagnostics Hematology, Inc.


Multiple slide processing apparatus

A slide processing apparatus comprises a slide or processing station which may include a plurality of cuvettes, each cuvette configured to receive a slide. A reagent fluid supply is coupled to each cuvette to deliver and apply reagent for treatment of the slide.
Ggb Company


Reactor system and solid fuel composite therefor

A reactor system includes a fluidized-bed. A fuel and a sulfur absorbent material are eluted through the fluidized-bed.
Gas Technology Institute


Processes for recovering tantalum and niobium with carbon tetrachloride

There is provided a method of treating solid material, wherein the solid material includes target metallic material and one or more other metallic elements, wherein the target metallic material consists of at least one of tantalum and niobium, the method comprising contacting the solid material with a gaseous reagent material within a reaction zone, wherein the gaseous reagent material includes carbon tetrachloride.. .
Cvmr Corporation


Method for the in vitro detection of strains of legionella pneumophila resistant to antibiotics

Disclosed is a method for the in vitro detection of strains of legionella pneumophila, resistant to antibiotics, in particular to the fluoroquinolones. Also disclosed are nucleotide probes and a kit of reagents allowing the detection of legionella pneumophila bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotics, in particular of the fluoroquinolone type..
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire De Grenoble


Reaction container, nucleic acid analysis device, and nucleic acid analysis method

A reaction container includes a base material, an analysis well in which a nucleic acid analysis reagent used for a nucleic acid analysis is positioned, the analysis well being arranged on the base material and configured to analyze a sample containing a nucleic acid, and a quantification well in which a quantification reagent configured to specifically detect the nucleic acid is positioned, the quantification well being arranged on the base material and configured to quantify an amount of the nucleic acid contained in the sample, in which the nucleic acid contained in the sample is distributed into the quantification well and the analysis well.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.


Method for measuring cholesterol in high-density lipoprotein, and reagent for use in said method

Wherein r1 represents a linear or branched alkyl group having 8 to 22 carbon atoms or a linear or branched alkenyl group having 8 to 22 carbon atoms, r2, r3 and r4 are the same as or different from each other and represent a linear or branched alkyl group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms or a linear or branched alkenyl group having 2 to 6 carbon atoms, and x− represents an anion, and a polyanion.. .


Ngs workflow

The present invention relates to improved semi-automated methods that permit the extraction of nucleic acids from samples, preparation of pcr and post-pcr preparation steps of dna-libraries for next-generation sequencings methods that can be conducted. The methods and additional aspects relating to such methods are less laborious, safe costs, reagents and are less prone to contamination than comparable methods that are not automated..
Vela Operations Pte.ltd.


Detection and removal of misfolded proteins/peptides

The invention concerns the field of detecting and quantifying misfolded proteins/peptides. In particular the detection and quantification of misfolded proteins/peptides in body fluids, on cell surfaces of humans and mammals, the detection of misfolded proteins/peptides in reagents to be tested for scientific research and/or diagnostic use and in pharmaceutical medication or their additives and it concerns as well the removal of misfolded proteins/peptides from reagents to be tested for scientific research and/or for diagnostic purposes and from pharmaceutical medication or their additives.
Oxprotect Gmbh


Evolved sortases and use thereof

Evolved sortases exhibiting enhanced reaction kinetics and/or altered substrate preferences are provided herein, for example evolved sortases that bind recognitions motifs comprising a laxt or lpxs sequence. Also provided are methods (e.g., orthogonal transpeptidation and diagnostics methods) for using such sortases.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Compositions and methods for controlling microbial growth

Provided are modified microorganisms which are modified such that their growth can be controlled using exogenously provided compounds. The microorganisms can be modified by genetic alterations that include a promoter inducible by a first exogenously supplied compound.
The Johns Hopkins University


Packed-bed tubular reactor for heterogeneous exothermic or endothermic catalytic reactions

A reactor for fischer-tropsch reaction effected in a three-phase system essentially consisting of a gaseous reagent phase, a liquid reacted phase and a solid catalytic phase, wherein the solid catalytic phase is composed of packed bodies encaged in at least one open-cell foam structure with a high thermal conductivity.. .
Eni S.p.a


Apparatus and methods for the automated synthesis of small molecules

Provided are methods for purifying n-methyliminodiacetic acid (mida) boronates from solution. Also provided are methods for deprotection of boronic acids from their mida ligands.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Labels, containers, providing reagents

The invention relates to systems and methods for marketing and using products such as liquid materials, especially liquid reagents for use in microbiological and cellular biological laboratory settings include the use of unique color and simple numeric or alphanumeric identifiers to quickly and easily identify any product from a catalog list of products. Methods of marketing, advertising and producing such products are also disclosed.
Life Technologies Corporation


Advanced functional biocompatible polymeric matrix used as a hemostatic agent and system for damaged tissues and cells

A hemostatic tissue sealant sponge and a spray for acute wounds are disclosed. The sponge comprises hydrophobically modified polymers that anchor themselves within the membrane of cells in the vicinity of the wound.
University Of Maryland, College Park


Radiography controlling the radiography apparatus

A radiography apparatus and a method for controlling the radiography apparatus are provided. The radiography apparatus includes a radiographer configured to acquire a first radiation image of a subject before a contrast reagent is injected into the subject, and acquire a second radiation image of the subject after the contrast reagent is injected into the subject.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


An application automatic micro droplet array screening system with picoliter scale precision

This invention is related to high-throughput screening field, in particular to an application method for automatic micro droplet array screening system of picoliter scale precision. According to this invention, the fluid driving system and the capillary are fully filled with fluid of low thermal expansion coefficient as the carrier fluid to thoroughly empty air bubbles in the capillary; after that, immersing the sampling end of capillary into the oil phase that is mutually immiscible with aqueous sample to aspirate a section of oil phase into the capillary for isolation of aqueous sample and carrier fluid; once completed, immersing the sampling end of capillary into the sample/reagent storage tube to aspirate a certain volume of aqueous sample into the capillary; finally, moving the sampling end of capillary to the oil phase above microwells on microwell array chip, and pushing the sample solution in the capillary into microwells to form sample droplet.
Zhejiang University


Methods and systems for automated pipette tracking

Described are pipetting systems that automatically track the dispensing and extracting of reagents to and from arrays of well locations. The systems track the position of a pipette with respect to the well locations, and selectively illuminate those locations to indicate the progress of pipetting operations.
Actrace, Llc


Specimen containing unit, specimen measurement cassette, specimen measurement unit, and specimen measurement device

A specimen containing unit according to one embodiment of the present invention relates to a structure for dipping a specimen into a reagent so as to react with the reagent, and the specimen containment unit comprises: a body portion rotatable by external force; an extension portion formed to be extended from one surface of the body portion at a predetermined length along a longitudinal direction; and a specimen containment portion provided to an end portion of the extension portion and including a containment hole formed to be penetrated while maintaining at a predetermined angle in the longitudinal direction so as to contain a specimen by a capillary phenomenon.. .
Infopia Co., Ltd.


Blood analysis method, control device, and blood cell analyzer

The present disclosure provided a blood cell analyzer, a control device and a blood analysis method thereof. In the method, a first reagent is mixed with a sample to obtain a first testing sample, and then a second reagent is mixed with the first testing sample for a further reaction to get a second testing sample for basophil classification and/or hgb measurement.
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.


Material for detecting phenol derivatives and applications thereof

Monolithic nanoporous material, which is self-standing (i.e. Self-supported or cohesive), solid and transparent, essentially devoid of cracks, transparent to uv radiation, obtained by the sol-gel process, the material having a basic nature and including a reagent capable of generating a stained product by forming a bond with phenol, a basic compound or mixture of basic compounds and a compound or mixture of oxidant compounds, method for preparation and use in the detection and in the selective depollution of phenol or one of its derivatives..
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Liquid phase phenol analysis

A liquid reagent composition for detecting phenol or phenol derivatives includes a reagent capable of generating a stained product by forming a bond with phenol, an oxidant compound or mixture of oxidant compounds, a basic compound or mixture of basic compounds. The ratio of [stained reagent]:[oxidant compound] is 1:2 to 50:1, having a ph greater than 7.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs


Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with ultra-thin discontinuous metal layer

An electrochemical-based analytical test strip for the determination of an analyte (such as glucose) in a bodily fluid sample includes an electrically insulating base layer, a first electrically conductive layer disposed on the electrically insulating base layer and including at least one electrode, an enzymatic reagent layer disposed on the at least one electrode, a patterned spacer layer and a top layer. The electrochemical-based analytical test strip also includes an ultra-thin discontinuous metal layer with a nominal thickness of less than 10 nanometers disposed between the first electrically conductive layer and the top layer.
Cilag Gmbh International


Method for detecting transparent exopolymer particles in a water sample

Method for detecting transparent exopolymer particles in a water sample. The method comprises step of obtaining a water sample and introducing a fluorochromatic reagent to the water sample.
Kemira Oyj

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