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Reagent patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Method and system for automated visual analysis of a dipstick using standard user equipment patent thumbnailMethod and system for automated visual analysis of a dipstick using standard user equipment
A method and system for automated visual analysis of a dipstick using standard user equipment (ue) are disclosed herein. The method may include the following steps: capturing, using an arbitrary ue having specified image capturing and processing capabilities, an image of a dipstick having colored test reagents, and a calibration array having a plurality of colored calibration elements which are tailored specifically to the test reagents; deriving, based on the captured image, illumination parameters associated with the dipstick and the calibration array; determining whether the illumination parameters are within predefined illumination boundary conditions sufficient for interpreting the test reagents, given the specified image capturing and processing capabilities of the ue; applying image enhancement operations to the captured image, based on predefined mapping between the derived illumination parameters and the required adjustments; and interpreting the colored test reagents, based on the colored calibration elements, in the enhanced captured image..
Ownhealth Ltd.

 Specimen processing  holding slides patent thumbnailSpecimen processing holding slides
At least some embodiments of the technology are directed to an automated slide processing apparatus configured to apply at least one reagent to a specimen carried by a microscope slide. The slide processing station can include a support element with a support surface, at least one vacuum port, and a sealing member having a non-round shape.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

 Analysis of a panel of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis biomarkers using site specific derivation and lc/ms/ms workflow patent thumbnailAnalysis of a panel of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis biomarkers using site specific derivation and lc/ms/ms workflow
A method, a labeling reagent, sets of labeling reagents, and labeling techniques are provided for the analysis of ketosterol biomarkers such as bile acid precursors from human plasma, serum or whole blood. This method is used for new born screening for cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (ctx).
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd

 Biomarkers for liver fibrosis patent thumbnailBiomarkers for liver fibrosis
Methods and systems for diagnosing or prognosing liver fibrosis in a subject are provided. In some examples, such methods and systems can include detecting liver fibrosis-related molecules in a sample obtained from the subject, comparing expression of the molecules in the sample to controls representing expression values expected in a subject who does not have liver fibrosis or who has non-progressing fibrosis, and diagnosing or prognosing liver fibrosis in the subject when differential expression of the molecules between the sample and the controls is detected.
Battelle Memorial Institute

 Methods and reagents for analyte detection patent thumbnailMethods and reagents for analyte detection
The present invention relates to chemiluminescent method and regent to detect analyte. One aspect of the current invention relates to using chemiluminescent and fluorescent molecule/enzyme coupled with analyte binding molecules to detect specific analyte molecules.
Orangene Inc.

 Satb1:  a determinant of morphogenesis and tumor metastatis patent thumbnailSatb1: a determinant of morphogenesis and tumor metastatis
It is proposed that cancer cells express satb1, and that satb1 acts as a determinant for the acquisition of metastatic activity by controlling expression of a specific set of genes that promote metastatic activity. In order for cancer cells to gain the ability to metastasize, satb1 re-organizes or re-packages genomic sequences in a specific manner to allow a switch in the pattern of gene expression.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Multiple epitope detection in an ffpe tissue section patent thumbnailMultiple epitope detection in an ffpe tissue section
A method for labelling a tissue section is provided. In certain embodiments, the method may comprise: (a) labeling a formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue section using a first set of labeling reagents that comprises a first primary antibody and a first labeled secondary antibody; (b) treating the labeled tissue with a protease, thereby digesting the first primary antibody and/or the first labeled secondary antibody and separating the label from the ffpe tissue section; (c) washing the tissue section to remove the separated label and the protease; and (c) labeling the ffpe tissue section using a second set of labeling reagents that comprises a second primary antibody and a second labeled secondary antibody.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

 Physicochemical modification and application of alginate gels for the controlled release of reagents in classical solution assays and microfluidic assays patent thumbnailPhysicochemical modification and application of alginate gels for the controlled release of reagents in classical solution assays and microfluidic assays
A reagent assay in accordance with the present disclosure has a porous alginate core containing a first reagent, a first polysaccharide layer coating the alginate core and having a second reagent, and at least one polysaccharide core comprising a hydration seal and coating the first polysaccharide layer.. .

 Bilirubin hematofluorometer and reagent kit patent thumbnailBilirubin hematofluorometer and reagent kit
A hematofluorometer an excitation source configured to generate an excitation beam, a fluorescence detector configured to a fluorescence beam, and a housing configured to receive a reagent kit for detecting bilirubin in a fluid sample. The reagent kit includes a body defining at least one fluid receiving well and an optical window positioned over each at least one fluid receiving well and a light passage window opposite each optical window.
Aviv Biomedical, Inc.

 Reagents and methods of pcr patent thumbnailReagents and methods of pcr
Modified double-stranded oligonucleotides that have terminal regions on each of their strands, that have a hybrid length of 6-50 nucleotides long, that have a melting temperature tm of at least 32° c., and that include 2-4 modifying groups, each covalently attached to a different terminal region, preferably to a terminal nucleotide, said modifying groups being polycyclic substituents that do not have bulky portions that are non-planar, said modified oligonucleotide being capable of binding to the 5′ exonuclease domains of dna polymerases and, when included in a pcr or other primer-dependent dna amplification reaction at a concentration, generally not more than 2000 nm, that is effective for at least one of the functions of suppressing mispriming, increasing polymerase selectivity against 3′ terminal mismatches. Increasing polymerase selectivity against at-rich 3′ ends, reducing scatter among replicates, suppressing polymerase 5′ exonuclease activity, and inhibiting polymerase activity; as well as amplification reaction mixtures containing such modified double-stranded oligonucleotides, and amplification reactions, amplification assays and kits that include such modified double-stranded oligonucleotides..
Brandeis University


Methods and reagents for reducing non-specific amplification

The present invention provides reagents for use in the amplification of nucleic acids. Amplification carried out using oligonucleotides containing modified nucleotides can result in less non-specific amplification compared to amplification carried out using unmodified oligonucleotides..
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Multiplexed diagnostic platform for point-of care pathogen detection

The invention provides a system for high-throughput multiplex analysis of target samples. A sample and reagent delivery unit is operatively connected to a thermal cycler for amplification of target nucleic acids.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Apparatus for detecting atp in a liquid sample

An apparatus (1000) and kit (1000) for the detection of atp in a liquid sample is provided. The apparatus and kit comprise a liquid reagent composition comprising luciferin and a sampling device having (100) a sampling portion (30) and a handling portion (20).
3m Innovative Properties Company


Monomer, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process

A monomer (1) is prepared by reacting a compound (9) with a base or metal to form a metal enolate reagent, and reacting the metal enolate reagent with an acyloxyketone compound (8). A polymer derived from the monomer is used as base resin to formulate a resist composition, which is shelf stable and displays a high dissolution contrast, controlled acid diffusion and low roughness in forming positive pattern via alkaline development and in forming negative pattern via organic solvent development..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Fog-generating device comprising a reagent and ignition means

The present invention relates to a fog-generating device comprising a reagent (1), ignition means (2), a reservoir (3) containing a fog-generating material (4), and a heat exchanger wherein gas generated by ignition of the reagent (1) drives fog-generating material from said reservoir to said heat exchanger. Further it relates to a removable housing for a fog-generating device comprising a reagent and a reservoir containing a fog-generating material, wherein in that said removable housing further comprises means to allow transmission of an ignition signal from said fog-generating device to said reagent.
Bandit Nv


Manufacturing of nitrogen-containing materials

It has been discovered that waste cross-linked polymer materials both synthetic (scrap tire rubber, used polyurethane, and epoxy and phenol resins in discarded printed circuit boards) and natural (wood biomass, keratin, and chitin) can be conveniently depolymerized at slightly elevated temperatures and moderate pressures by the action of a liquid chemical reagent. The proposed inexpensive process results in a substantial to total depolymerization of synthetic polymers and thereby recovers valuable liquid and solid materials.
Gestalt Chemical Products, Inc.


Method for synthesizing and screening lead compound and reagent testing kit

A method for synthesizing and screening a lead compound, comprising the following steps: (1) retrieving raw materials: retrieving an i-number of synthetic blocks and an (i+2)-number of single-stranded dna fragments; (2) synthesizing a compound by using a combinatorial chemistry method, acquiring a library of a single-stranded dna-marked compound; (3) screening: screening the library of the dna-marked compound; and, (4) sequencing: retrieving the dna-marked compound screened in step (3), and sequencing the dna on the dna-marked compound, where the synthesis blocks and reaction mechanism of the compound can be determined on the basis of the dna sequencing. Also disclosed are a synthesis and screening reagent testing kit for the lead compound and a combinatorial chemistry library..
Hitgen Ltd.


Methods and equipment for hydrothermal processing and disposal of highly toxic substances, waste and metal powders

A method of hydrothermal processing of highly toxic substances, wastes and metal powders, comprises a batch processing cycle of at least following steps i. To viii: i.
Hydrotherma Swiss Ecological Technologies Sa


Point of care isolation and concentration of blood cells

The invention provides systems, methods, compositions, and separation media for cell separation and for the concentration of therapeutically important cells from blood cell containing tissues. The systems, methods, reagents and techniques specifically agglutinate cells via surface antigen recognition and can be used to recover even rare cell types in high yield..
Bhc Technology Holdings Llc


Methods of treatment using alpha-1-antitrypsin compositions

A streamlined method for purifying alpha-1-antitrypsin (aat) from an aat-containing protein mixture, such as coh fraction iv precipitate, is provided. In the method of the invention, contaminating proteins are destabilized by cleavage of disulfide bonds with a reducing reagent, such as dithiol, which does not affect aat.
Csl Behring L.l.c.


Automated analyzer

A control section causes one dispensing mechanism of either a reagent dispensing mechanism or a sample dispensing mechanism to first discharge a predetermined amount of a liquid into the reaction container, and then, with respect to the cases where the amount of a liquid to be discharged by the other dispensing mechanism is larger or smaller than the amount of the liquid in the reaction container, causes the other dispensing mechanism to discharge the liquid such that the discharge speed in the case where the amount of the liquid to be discharged is larger is decreased relative to the discharge speed in the case where the amount of the liquid to be discharged is smaller.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Methodologies and reagents for detecting fibrinolysis and hyperfibrinolysis

In some embodiments, the invention also provides a container adapted for detecting hyperfibrinolysis or fibrinolysis in a blood sample using viscoelastic analysis comprising an interior having a coating comprises an inhibitor of fibrinolysis.. .


Methods and reagents for the detection of biomolecules using luminescence

The present invention relates to luminescent complexes comprising a charged transfer complex of metal atomic quantum clusters (aqcs) of at least two different sizes and a biotin-binding molecule, preferably streptavidin, and the use thereof for the detection of biotinylated compounds. The invention also relates to the use of conjugates comprising a charged transfer complex of aqcs and a biomolecule and the use thereof for the detection of binding partners of the biomolecule in a sample based on the luminescent properties of the aqcs nanosystems..
Pangaea Biotech, S.l.


Automatic analyzer

An automatic analyzer which realizes stable reagent heating and high dispensing accuracy includes a thermostat bath for controlling a reagent or a reaction solution in reaction cells arranged on a circumference of a reaction disk to have a constant temperature; a first reagent dispensing mechanism dispenses a reagent into the reaction cells; a photometer detects transmitted light or scattered light in the reaction cell; and a disposable reaction container for allowing the sample and the reagent to mix and react with each other. The analyzer also includes a second reagent dispensing mechanism with a reagent heating function which dispenses the reagent into the disposable reaction container; a coagulation time detection section; a reaction container temperature control block; a reagent dispensing syringe which is connected to the second reagent dispensing mechanism; and a fluid temperature control mechanism which controls the temperature of an internal fluid of the reagent dispensing syringe..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Methods for analysis of isomeric lipids

A method for analyzing a sample that contains a plurality of lipid isomers is described that involves forming one or more lipid metal ion adducts and transporting the one or more lipid metal ion adducts through a mix of popc+oppc differential mobility spectrometer to cause separation of the one or more lipid metal ion adducts from each other. The lipid isomers can be chosen, for example, from fatty acids, glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, saccharolipids, polyketides, sterol lipids, and prenol lipids.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.


Method for automatically measuring concentration of dissolved substance

In measuring a dissolved substance, a concentration of a specific dissolved substance in a sample water is measured using a measuring water w1 developing a specific color within a specific ph range by adding each of two reagents to a sample water w0, and an acid-base indicator s developing different colors other than a specific color is selected in a first ph range including the specific ph range and a second ph range deviating from the first ph range. Next, a reagent is prepared by adding the acid-base indicator to one reagent wherein a ph value of a reagent added water where the two kinds of reagents are separately added to the sample water is within the second ph range.
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.


Photoactivated chemical bleaching of dyes

Methods comprising the use of photoactivated chemical bleaching for detecting multiple targets in a biological sample are provided. The methods include the steps of providing a biological sample including multiple targets, binding at least one probe to one or more target present in the sample, and detecting a signal from the probe.
Clarient Diagnostic Services, Inc.


Methods and compositions for determining responsiveness to antibody therapy

Methods and compositions are provided for determining whether a subject suffering from a neoplastic condition is responsive to an antineoplastic therapy, such as antibody therapy, e.g., rituximab. In practicing the subject methods, the subject is genotyped to determine whether the subject has a least one favorable fcγr polymorphism, e.g., the131 h/h genotype or the158 vn genotype.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Deep intronic target for splicing correction on spinal muscular atrophy gene

The present invention is directed to methods and compositions for blocking the effect of the intronic inhibitory splicing region of intron 7 of the smn2 gene. The compositions and methods of the instant invention include short oligonucleotide reagents (e.g., oligoribonucleotides) that effectively target sites in the smn2 pre-mrna, thereby modulating the splicing of smn2 pre-mrna to include exon 7 in the processed transcript.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.


Genetic device for the controlled destruction of dna

The invention relates to dna destruction devices and related methods reagents and kits. The dna destruction devices are useful for achieving target specific dna destruction in vivo using a system that involves an actuator element and a crispr array, under specific regulatory control..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Protein enriched microvesicles and methods of making and using the same

The present invention relates to a microvesicle comprising: (i) a membrane-associated protein comprising at least one first dimerization domain, (ii) a carrier protein comprising at least one second dimerization domain, and (iii) a solute that binds to the carrier protein, wherein the solute is selected from the group of: dna, rna, protein, carbohydrate, ribosomes, mitochondria, and small molecules. Also provided are cells, reagents and kits that find use in making the microvesicles, as well as methods of using the microvesicles, e.g., in research and therapeutic applications.
Clontech Laboratories, Inc.


Histidinylated cationic amphiphiles, process for preparation therof and their liposomal formulation

Novel anti-cancer reagents capable of combating various types of tumors continue to be major research focus in many leading pharmaceutical companies round the globe. To this end, the present invention discloses processes for preparing a novel series of histidinylated cationic amphiphiles of formula i.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Process for producing optically active bicyclic urea compound

The present invention includes reacting a specific ester compound with a specific amine in the presence of a metal alkoxide and/or an alkaline earth metal salt to produce the corresponding amide compound, which is then reacted with phosgene or a phosgene equivalent, followed by, if necessary, treatment with an acid or a base, to produce an optically active bicyclic urea compound. This makes it possible to produce an optically active bicyclic urea compound in a simple and easy manner with high efficiency and in high optical purity, without using expensive reagents such as catalysts and condensation agents, and without passing through protection and deprotection steps..


Method for producing fluorinated organic compound and fluorinating reagent

Means for achieving the object: a method for producing a fluorinated organic compound comprising step a of fluorinating an organic compound by bringing the organic compound into contact with (1) if5-pyridine-hf and (2) at least one additive selected from the group consisting of amine hydrogen fluorides, xaf (wherein xa represents hydrogen, potassium, sodium, or lithium), oxidizers, and reducing agents.. .


Processes for forming amide bonds and compositions related thereto

The disclosure relates to methods for producing amide bonds and reagents related thereto. In some embodiments, the disclosure relates to methods of producing an amide comprising mixing an o-silylated thionoester and an amine under conditions such that an amide is formed.
Emory University


Methods of synthesizing a prostacyclin analog

The present invention provides processes for preparing a prostacyclin analogue of formula (i) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein r10 is a linear or branched c1-6 alkyl. The processes of the present invention comprise steps that generate improved yields and fewer byproducts than traditional methods.
Cayman Chemical Company Incorporated


Film bag for storing a fluid and device for providing a fluid

A film bag for storing a fluid, in particular a reagent or an auxiliary agent for a biochemical analysis method, includes a film, a seam, and an irreversibly destructible predetermined breaking point. The film is impermeable to the fluid and constituents of the fluid.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Catalyst prepared by reactive milling

A process for preparing a catalyst, including the reactive milling of a first reagent, which is a chromium oxide compound, with a second reagent, which is a compound of the formula mzm′1-zoxfy, m and m′ each being an element having an oxidation state greater than or equal to 0, z being from 0 to 1, x being from 0 to 3, y being from 0 to 6, and 2x+y being greater than 0 and less than or equal to 6.. .
Arkema France


Tissue processing apparatus and method

A tissue treatment apparatus and method for treating biologic tissue has a controller, an enclosure, a reagent supply system, a draining configuration, and a gas relief valve is controlled by the controller. Optionally provided is a gas evacuation assembly, a gas supply unit, a thermal unit for heating or cooling reagents or gases, a sonication unit, any or each operated by the controller.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Inhibitor which is deactivatable by a reagent produced by a target cell

The invention relates to molecules inhibiting biologically active compounds and further comprising moieties specifically cleavable by a reagent produced by a target cell. More specifically, the invention relates to inhibitors that bind, inhibit, suppress, neutralize, or decrease activity of a biologically active agent.


Microparticles comprising a probiotic, cross-linkable reagent, a denatured protein, polyol plasticiser and trehalose

The present invention relates to microparticles, methods of producing microparticles and microparticle precursor compositions. In particular, it relates to microparticles comprising a protective matrix and a protective matrix precursor composition comprising a blend of a denatured protein, a polyol plasticizer, trehalose and a carrier..
Progel Pty Ltd


Cloud-based system for water analysis

A cross-platform web-based system for water testing capable of measuring, analyzing and maintaining the quality of water using a plurality of different test strip readers each configured to obtain a digital image of a reagent test strip, normalize and analyze color information in the digital image by colorimetric analysis, and to transmit a set of colorimetric values corresponding to said digital image to a cross-platform cloud-based system for analysis. The cloud-based server(s) receive the colorimetric values, calculate analyte parts-per-million (ppm), and return the calculated analyte ppm with consistant results no matter which reader is used..


Contrast reagent leakage correction in dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imaging

Disclosed are methods and systems for calculating a contrast reagent (cr) extravasation rate constant and generating a contrast reagent leakage corrected relative cerebral blood volume (rcbv) image map of a brain region from dynamic susceptibility contrast (dsc) magnetic resonance imaging (mri) time-course image data based on pharmacokinetic first principles. In one example approach, a computerized method may include performing a linearization transform of a dsc mri time-course equation which accounts for an intravascular contribution and an extravasating component, and calculating cr leakage from a slope of a linear portion of the transformed data..
Oregon Health & Science University


Automatic in vitro diagnostic apparatus including inclined rotating plate

According to the present invention, an automatic in vitro diagnosis apparatus including an inclined rotating stirrer is an apparatus for the automatic in vitro diagnosis of a clinical specimen or a reagent. The present invention includes: a clinical specimen storage unit which stores a clinical specimen; a reagent storage unit which stores a reagent; a code reader unit which recognizes an identification code attached to the clinical specimen storage unit or to the reagent storage unit; a dispenser which suctions the clinical specimen and the reagent from the clinical specimen storage unit and the reagent storage unit, and transports the clinical specimen and the reagent which are suctioned; and a rotating stirrer which receives the clinical specimen and the reagent from the dispenser and rotates about an axis of rotation so as to stir the clinical specimen and the reagent.
Lg Life Sciences Ltd.


Systems and methods for determining a chemical state

The present invention provides self-contained systems for performing an assay for determining a chemical state, the system including a stationary cartridge for performing the assay therein, at least one reagent adapted to react with a sample; and at least one reporter functionality adapted to report a reaction of the at least one reagent with said sample to report a result of the assay, wherein the at least one reagent, the sample and the at least one reporter functionality are contained within the cartridge.. .
Leukodx, Ltd.


Circulating proteolytic biomarkers of cell death and methods for the use thereof

Provided herein are peptides useful, inter alia, for determining a level of apoptosis in a cancer patient. Further provided are complexes including said peptides bound to a binding reagent and antibodies specifically binding said peptides..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Process and machine for automated agglutination assays

The machine is configured to perform an automated rapid plasma reagent (rpr) agglutination test or other agglutination test. The machine includes a sample rack with multiple sample locations thereon and a reagent rack for storing of reagent.
Gold Standard Diagnostics


Plasmonic spectroscopic sensor and cuvette therefor

A spectroscopic measurement system, which may utilize multiple plasmonic filters associated with a cuvette to monitor different wavelengths of light. The spectroscopic measurement system may measure absorbance and or fluorescence, and may have built-in low cost cmos image sensor(s).
Integrated Plasmonics Corporation


Detection hydroxymethylated cytosine in dna and reagent kit for detection

The present invention is to provide a method for detecting a hydroxymethylated cytosine in dna and a detection kit therefor. The present invention relates to “a method for detecting the hydroxymethylated cytosine in dna, which the method comprises: (1) a step in which a single-stranded dna is contacted with (i) a polyvalent metal oxide or a polyvalent metal acid salt of a metal atom selected from group 6, group 8, group 9 and group 10 of the periodic table, and contacted with (ii) a peroxide selected from persulfuric acid, percarboxylic acids and the salts thereof; (2) a step in which a specific region of the single-stranded dna treated in (1) is subjected to amplification treatment; (3) a step in which the presence or absence of an objective amplification product obtained in (2) is detected; and (4) a step in which on the basis of the results of (3), the presence or absence of hydroxymethylated cytosine in the specific region of dna is determined.”, “a reagent kit for detecting hydroxymethylated cytosine in dna comprising of a reagent including the above polyvalent metal oxide or a polyvalent metal acid salt and the above peroxide”..
Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Self-contained biological assay apparatus, methods, and applications

A self-contained, fully automated, biological assay-performing apparatus includes a housing; a dispensing platform including a controllably-movable reagent dispensing system, disposed in the housing; a reagent supply component disposed in the housing; a pneumatic manifold removably disposed in the housing in a space shared by the dispensing platform, removably coupled to a fluidic transport layer and a plurality of reservoirs, wherein the fluidic transport layer, the reservoirs, and a test sample to be introduced therein are disposed in the housing in the space separate from the dispensing platform; a pneumatic supply system removably coupled to the pneumatic manifold in the housing in a space separate from the dispensing platform; and a control system coupled to at least one of the dispensing platform and the pneumatic supply system, disposed in the housing.. .
Rheonix, Inc.


Quinone-masked probes as labeling reagents for cell uptake measurements

Provided are labeling reagents and methods of using the reagents for cell uptake measurements. The labeling reagents can be quinone-masked probes including fluorophores and/or luminophores..
Promega Corporation


Polysialic acid derivatives

A polysialic acid compound is reacted with a hetero-bifunctional reagent to introduce a pendant functional group for site-specific conjugation to sulfhydryl groups, for instance side chains of cysteine units in drugs, drug delivery systems, proteins or peptides. The functional group is, for instance, an n-maleimide group..
Lipoxen Technologies Limited


Dithioamine reducing agents

Dithioamine reducing agents useful for the reduction of disulfide bonds. The reducing agents of this invention are useful, for example, to reduce disulfide bonds, particularly in proteins, or to prevent the formation of disulfide bonds, particularly in proteins and other biological molecules.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Process for preparing stable antibody maytansinoid conjugates

The invention provides processes for manufacturing cell-binding agent-cytotoxic agent conjugates of improved stability comprising performing the modification reaction at a high ph. The inventive processes comprise contacting a cell-binding agent with a bifunctional crosslinking reagent in a solution having a ph of 7.1 to 9 to covalently attach a linker to the cell-binding agent and thereby prepare a mixture comprising cell-binding agents having linkers bound thereto..
Immunogen, Inc.


Functional influenza virus-like particles (vlps)

Recombinant influenza virus proteins, including influenza capsomers, subviral particles, virus-like particles (vlp), vlp complexes, and/or any portions of thereof, are provided as a vaccine for influenza viruses. The invention is based on the combination of two vaccine technologies: (1) intrinsically safe recombinant vaccine technology, and (2) highly immunogenic, self-assembled protein macromolecules embedded in plasma membranes and comprised of multiple copies of influenza virus structural proteins exhibiting neutralizing epitopes in native conformations.
Novavax, Inc.


A microparticle composition comprising a probiotic, cross-linkable reagent and an emulsion containing a hydrophobic active

The present invention relates to microparticles, methods of producing microparticles and microparticle precursor compositions. In particular, it relates to a method of producing a microparticle precursor composition comprising blending an emulsion comprising a hydrophobic active with a probiotic to form a probiotic-containing emulsion; and blending the probiotic-containing emulsion with a cross-linkable reagent..
Progel Pty Ltd


Gaas thin films and methods of making and using the same

Disclosed herein are embodiments of methods for making gaas thin films, such as photovoltaic gaas thin films. The methods disclosed herein utilize sources, precursors, and reagents that do not produce (or require) toxic gas and that are readily available and relatively low in cost.
University Of Oregon


Method for diagnosing and treating fibromyalgia

The invention provides methods, kits and reagents for diagnosing fibromyalgia (fm) in an individual by determining whether the levels of one or more cytokines in the individual are altered, as compared to control levels. The altered level(s) or patterns of expression of the cytokines measured in the affected individual compared to the level from the control is predictive/indicative of fm in the individual..
Epicgenetics, Llc


Method for measuring organism-originated physiologically active substance in hyaluronic acid preparation

Provided is a technique for achieving a higher measurement accuracy in the detection of an organism-originated physiologically active substance or the measurement of the concentration of the organism-originated physiologically active substance in a hyaluronic acid preparation. The present invention relates to a measurement method for detecting an organism-originated physiologically active substance or measuring the concentration of the organism-originated physiologically active substance in a hyaluronic acid preparation by mixing the hyaluronic acid preparation with an al reagent to allow the organism-originated physiologically active substance in the hyaluronic acid preparation and an al to react with each other.
Kowa Company, Ltd.


Mycotoxin sample-collecting kit and method

A mycotoxin sampling system including a kit and method using dry wipes that have been pre-tested on a lot basis to be clean from mycotoxins. Surfaces in an environment to be tested are wiped with a dry wipe over a particular area.


Methods and combinations of signaling markers for assessment of disease states

Methods for preparation of cells for analysis of biomarkers are disclosed. In one aspect, the method for preparation of cells for analysis of biomarkers includes contacting a sample that contains a population of cells with at least one modulating substance at a first temperature, thereby producing a modulated cell population; contacting the modulated cell population with at least one antibody that is directed to a cell surface biomarker at a second temperature that is lower than the first temperature, thereby producing an extracellularly stained cell population; and contacting the extracellularly stained cell population with one or more reagents that fixes and permeabilizes the cells, thereby producing a fixed and permeabilized cell population..
Deepath Medical Inc.


Sample holder and system for using

A sample holder that includes a clamshell case, wherein one half of the clamshell includes a sample receiving port and a passageway there from that leads to one or more test chambers, each having an external window therein for external imaging (e.g., by a digital microscope). The test chamber may be a part of the clamshell apparatus, or may append there from.
Nanoscopia (cayman), Inc.


Sensor for monitoring for the presence and measurement of aqueous aldehyde biocides

An analytical system and method periodically monitoring an injection water distribution pipeline for the presence and concentration of formaldehyde or other aldehyde-functional biocide includes pumps, one of which provides a predetermined volume of injection water drawn from the pipeline at a sampling point and the other a predetermined volume of a reagent, preferably a buffered solution of dimedone, from a reagent storage vessel which are mixed and then heated in a chamber to a predetermined temperature to promote formation of any reaction products. The heated reaction mixture is passed to a detection cell and exposed to light of predetermined wavelength which, in accordance with the hantzsch reaction, molecules having an aldehyde functional group that reacted with dimedone produce a fluorescence-emitting reaction product, the intensity of which is measured and compared to data previously obtained from standard aldehyde-containing solutions..
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Slide transport system

A slide transport system for an automated slide treatment apparatus having slide treatment modules for receiving slides and a fluid dispensing robot configured by a controller to dispense reagents to the slides is disclosed. The slide transport system includes a slide transport robot configured by the controller to move the slides to and from the slide treatment modules and a slide transport device disposed on the slide transport robot and configured by the controller to releasably hold the slides.
Leica Biosystems Melbourne Pty Ltd


Reagents and methods for hiv coreceptor tropism genotyping

The present disclosure relates to oligonucleotide sequences for amplification primers and their use in performing nucleic acid amplifications of hiv, in particular regions that encode the v3 region of the env glycoprotein. In some embodiments the primers are used in nested pcr methods for the detection or sequencing of the v3 region of the env glycoprotein.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Oxidizing agent for modified nucleotides

This invention relates to the use of metal (vi) oxo complexes to catalyse the selective oxidation of 5hmc residues in polynucleotides to 5fc residues. This may be useful in the identification of modified cytosine residues in a population of polynucleotides comprising a sample nucleotide sequence.
Cambridge Epigenetix Limited


Plastic reagent and process

Methods for improving the degradability of synthetic resins and/or synthetic resin mixtures and reducing the toxicity associated with the degradation process are disclosed herein with one such method involving the determination of a desired product lifespan and based on such lifespan, producing a mixture of a compatible degradation salt with a first compatible resin based on an algorithm, pre-mixing the compatible degradation inducing salt with the first synthetic resin to create a pre-mixed batch, and adding the pre-mixed batch to a second synthetic resin to create a master batch from which products may be manufactured with a known degradation timeline.. .


Agent for treating or preventing systemic inflammatory response syndrome

The present invention provides a therapeutic or prophylactic agent for systemic inflammatory response syndrome (sirs), which contains a polypeptide comprising an amino acid sequence the same or substantially the same as the amino acid sequence of the n-terminal domain of pentraxin 3 capable of binding to histone to form a polypeptide aggregate, or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof. The present invention also provides a reagent for quantification and a quantification method of histone, which utilize the polypeptide or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof.
The University Of Tokyo


Synthesis and use of prodrug complexes of cobalt in polymer therapeutics

Degradable compounds that can be controlled to degrade and can be used for delivery of a cargo component. Cobalt (iii) complexes have been exploited as vehicles for molecular complexes.
The University Of North Texas


Liner-based liquid storage and dispensing systems with empty detection capability

Fluid supply systems for storage and dispensing of chemical reagents and compositions, e.g., high purity liquid reagents and chemical mechanical polishing compositions used to manufacture microelectronic device products, having capability for detection of an empty or near-empty condition when the contained liquid is at or approaching depletion during dispensing operation. Fluid delivery systems employing empty detect arrangements are described, including pressure transducer monitoring of dispensed material intermediate the supply package and a servo-hydraulic dispense pump, or monitoring of dispenser chamber replenishment times in a dispenser being replenished on a cyclic schedule to flow material from the dispenser to a downstream tool utilizing the dispensed material..
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.


Multi-chamber nucleic acid amplification and detection device

A nucleic acid amplification and detection device includes an amplification cartridge with a plurality of reaction chambers for containing an amplification reagent and a visual detection reagent, and a plurality of optically transparent view ports for viewing inside the reaction chambers. The cartridge also includes a sample receiving port which is adapted to receive a fluid sample and fluidically connected to distribute the fluid sample to the reaction chamber, and in one embodiment, a plunger is carried by the cartridge for occluding fluidic communication to the reaction chambers.


System and microfluidic flow control

A system and method for controlling fluid flow within a microchannel includes a fluid circuit comprising a fluid outlet well and one or more fluid inlet wells, all in communication with a microchannel. A negative pressure differential is applied to the outlet well and fluid flow from an inlet well into the microchannel is controlled by opening or closing the inlet well to atmospheric pressure.
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.


Microfluidic cartridge for processing and detecting nucleic acids

A microfluidic cartridge, configured to facilitate processing and detection of nucleic acids, comprising: a top layer comprising a set of cartridge-aligning indentations, a set of sample port-reagent port pairs, a shared fluid port, a vent region, a heating region, and a set of detection chambers; an intermediate substrate, coupled to the top layer comprising a waste chamber; an elastomeric layer, partially situated on the intermediate substrate; and a set of fluidic pathways, each formed by at least a portion of the top layer and a portion of the elastomeric layer, wherein each fluidic pathway is fluidically coupled to a sample port-reagent port pair, the shared fluid port, and a detection chamber, comprises a turnabout portion passing through the heating region, and is configured to be occluded upon deformation of the elastomeric layer, to transfer a waste fluid to the waste chamber, and to pass through the vent region.. .
Neumodx Molecular, Inc.


Tusc2 therapies

A method for predicting a subject's response to a tusc2 therapy is provided. In particular, a subject's response is predicted based on the proportion of cancers cells that are apoptotic.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Method of charge reduction of electron transfer dissociation product ions

A mass spectrometer is disclosed wherein highly charged fragment ions resulting from electron transfer dissociation fragmentation of parent ions are reduced in charge state within a proton transfer reaction cell by reacting the fragment ions with a neutral superbase reagent gas such as octahydropyrimidolazepine.. .


Automatic analysis device

It is determined whether an automatic analysis device is in a state where it is necessary to perform periodic cleaning or periodic replacement on a b/f separation passage of a reaction liquid suction nozzle 120 for b/f separation or the like and a detection passage of a reaction liquid suction nozzle 123 for detection, a detection unit 124, and the like, based on the properties of a specimen, a reagent, and a reaction liquid which is obtained by reacting the specimen and the reagent, an analysis protocol which defines treatment conditions of these solutions, and the number of times of dispensing, feeding, and measuring the solutions; and the determined result is displayed on a display 130 as a signal. Accordingly, the automatic analysis device is provided so as to be able to perform adequate maintenance in accordance with analysis conditions..


Detection device, detection method and detection strip

A detection device applied for detecting body fluids includes a substrate and a plurality of antigens of type xvii collagen. The substrate includes at least one reaction portion.


Compositions and methods for in vitro diagnostic tests including zwitterionic solubilization reagent

The disclosure is directed to compositions, kits, and methods for performing colorimetric analysis. A composition for a colorimetric assay can be prepared that includes an aromatic amine chromogenic substrate and a zwitterionic solubilization reagent that is n,n,n-trimethylglycine (betaine).


Methods for head and neck cancer prognosis

This invention is directed to improved methods for determining the prognosis of patients with head and neck cancer. The invention is also directed to kits comprising reagents useful for determining head and neck cancer prognosis..


Preloaded test substrates for testing lal-reactive substances, methods of use, and methods of making

A test substrate for detecting a lal-reactive substance, wherein at least a portion of said test substrate has been pre-loaded with at least one lal reagent and/or at least one lal-reactive standard. Methods of use of the test substrate are disclosed.


Systems and methods for detecting a biological condition

The present invention provides self-contained systems, apparatus and methods for determining a chemical state, the system includes a stationary cartridge for performing the assay therein, the cartridge adapted to house at least one reagent adapted to react with a sample; and at least one reporter functionality adapted to report a reaction of the at least one reagent with the sample to report a result of the assay, a mechanical controller including a first urging means adapted to apply a force externally onto the cartridge to release the at least one reagent; and at least one second urging means adapted to apply a removable force to induce fluidic movement in a first direction in the cartridge and upon removal of the force causing fluidic movement in an opposite direction to the first direction, an optical reader adapted to detect the reaction and a processor adapted to receive data from the optical reader and to process the data to determine said chemical state.. .


Additive for measuring diluted sample in non-dilution-type immunochromatographic method reagent

Provided are: an immunoassay method in which the deviation from a theoretical value (hereinafter also referred to as “a reference value”), which may be caused when a diluted blood specimen is used as a sample, is reduced in an immunochromatographic method that is so designed that a blood specimen (whole blood, serum or plasma) is used directly as a sample without subjecting the blood specimen to any pretreatment such as a dilution treatment; and a reagent for use in the method. An immunochromatographic method performed on a blood specimen using an immunochromatographic device equipped with (1) a sample pad and (2) a membrane on which a component capable of specifically binding to an analyte is immobilized, arranged in the order of (1) and (2) from upstream, wherein hydroxyethyl starch is present in the measurement system..


Cellulose derivative fine particle, dispersion liquid thereof, dispersion body thereof and diagnostic reagent

An object of the present invention is to provide a hydrophilic cellulose derivative fine particle having a small particle size, a dispersion liquid thereof and a dispersion body thereof; and provide a diagnostic reagent composed of the hydrophilic particle, which is excellent in storage stability and does not require excess components, such as an emulsifier or surfactant. The cellulose derivative fine particle of the present invention is a cellulose derivative fine particle comprising a cellulose derivative with a part of hydroxyl groups of cellulose being substituted with a substituent, wherein the average particle diameter is from 9 to 1,000 nm; and the diagnostic reagent of the present invention is a diagnostic reagent obtained by loading a substance differentially interacting with a test object substance on the above-described cellulose derivative fine particle..


Fluidic devices, systems, and methods for encapsulating and partitioning reagents, and applications of same

The disclosure provides devices, systems and methods for the generation of encapsulated reagents and the partitioning of encapsulated reagents for use in subsequent analyses and/or processing, such as in the field of biological analyses and characterization.. .


Flavivirus associated with theiler's disease

This disclosure relates to theiler's disease-associated virus (“tdav”), reagents relating thereto, and methods for detecting, using, and/or treating diseases associated with tdav.. .


Biomarkers for breast cancer prediction and diagnosis

This invention provides the applications of cst1 gene and its splice variants (sequence shown in seq id no.48) and cystatin sn protein coded by cst1 gene (sequence shown in seq id no.52) for the predictions and diagnoses of human breast cancers. The invention can be used for the diagnosis of breast cancer and breast cancer metastasis, for the analysis for the susceptibility for breast cancer, for the evaluation of the treatments, medicine, efficacy and prognosis for original or metastatic breast cancer patients, and for the risk assessment for breast cancer or its metastasis.


Multiplex amplification of polynucleotides

The present invention provides methods, reagents and kits for carrying out a variety of assays suitable for analyzing polynucleotides or samples that include an amplification step performed in a multiplex fashion. Also provided are methods for analyzing and improving the efficiency of amplification and for carrying out gene expression analysis..


Methods and devices for detection of resistance to an enzyme inhibitor

Embodiments described herein relate to assay methods and kits for detecting resistance of any enzyme to its inhibitor due to functional alteration of the enzyme, comprising, conducting two or more reactions with two or more reagent mixes optionally containing substrates for the enzyme. The mixes are substantially similar, except that one contains no enzyme inhibitor whereas the others contain an enzyme inhibitor being tested for resistance.


Methods and reagents for glycoproteomics

Methods, reagents, and kits for the reversible immobilization of glycoproteins to a solid support, the release and capture of a glycan portion of the glycoprotein, and the subsequent release and capture of the polypeptide portion of the glycoprotein are provided. The disclosure also provides suitable solid support materials, surface chemistries, and devices for use in the disclosed methods.


Compositions and methods for redox modulated proteins

Disclosed embodiments relate to antibodies that recognize redox modulated proteins such as glutathionylated actin. Embodiments relate to a reagent for the immunoassay of glutathionylated actin.


Apparatus and production of formate from carbon dioxide

An apparatus for producing formate from carbon dioxide includes a reactor (115) that is configured to receive carbon dioxide from a separation device (109) and a first reagent to form a formate and a bicarbonate material. The bicarbonate material is sent to a regeneration device (123) that also receives a second reagent from a source of the second reagent to form the first reagent and a carbonate material.


Reagent container and automatic analysis apparatus

A reagent container used in an automatic analysis apparatus capable of preventing reagent in the reagent container from spattering out of the reagent container even when the reagent container with large capacity is rotated at a high speed and an automatic analysis apparatus using the reagent container are provided. A reagent container 12 for an automatic analysis apparatus has a first opening 27 used for sucking reagent and a second opening 28 used for the filling of the reagent.


Pressure assisted lateral flow diagnostic device

An external pressure assisted lateral flow diagnostic test device, and method for use thereof, for highly sensitive detection of species of interest. The microfluidic test device comprises a sample and reagent chambers, a detection channel comprising an encapsulated porous membrane with an analyte capture zone, wherein a dynamic pressure causes fluid to flow from the sample and reagent chambers through the detection channel..


Analyte sensor chips

The sensor chips, processes and devices enable ultra-sensitive detection/determination, evaluation and quantitative measurement of analytes and are useful for high throughput and miniaturized assays, which enable a user to perform multiple, accurate, experiments in parallel with minimum amount of reagents resulting in low waste generation. The method enables screening of fluid samples to meet regulatory standards.


Online monitoring of fuel cell reactions by desorption electrospray mass spectrometry

A mass spectrometry-based method of directly online detecting fuel cell reaction products includes passing a reactant sample (16) through a fuel cell (12) to form reaction products that exit the fuel cell (12) in an output stream (26). The method also includes adding a derivatizing reagent (32) to the output stream (28) to form a derivatized output stream (34), wherein the derivatizing reagent (32) reacts with a potential reaction product to thereby form a derivatized reaction product if the potential reaction product is present.


Method of cmos manufacturing utilizing multi-layer epitaxial hardmask films for improved epi profile

An integrated circuit containing pmos transistors may be formed by forming a dual layer hard mask. A first layer of the hard mask is halogen-containing silicon nitride formed using a halogenated silane reagent.


Methods, devices, and reagents for monitoring paclitaxel concentration in plasma for pharmacokinetic-guided dosing of paclitaxel

Methods, devices, and compositions for assaying therapeutic agents. In one aspect, methods, devices, and compositions for assaying paclitaxel to provide therapeutic drug monitoring guided therapy of paclitaxel..


Monocyte activation test better able to detect non-endotoxin pyrogenic contaminants in medical products

An improved monocyte activation test is described that is better able to detect non-endotoxin pyrogens in medical products, in which a sample is incubated with a monocyte-containing reagent in an assay system comprising at least one surface comprising polypropylene. The invention also concerns assay systems for use in these tests that include at least one microtiter well having at least one interior surface comprising polypropylene and having a shape such that monocyte-containing reagent is concentrated in the well to provide greater cell to cell contact.


Multifunctional coupling reagents having an azlactone function

Novel compounds, having an azlactone function, of formula (i), to be used as multifunctional coupling agents, and a method for coupling a biomolecule and a target molecule using such a compound are described. A diagnosis reagent, a kit for implementing the coupling method, a method for separating, detecting and/or characterizing at least one molecule of interest, and a composition including a novel compound are also described..


Downward or vertical flow diagnostic device and assay

A downward or vertical flow-through rapid diagnostic device and assay are provided. The device comprises a test area and reagent storage area, which are linked via a channel.


Apparatus for processing biological samples

The present disclosure provides an automated bioprocessing device, which may comprises a processing machine, one or more removable washing cartridges. The removable washing cartridge may comprise a shell, a sample holder, a washing basin, a waste container, a reagent container, a rotation mechanism, and a poking mechanism.


Reagents for enhanced detection of low volatility analytes

The use of volatilization reagents is disclosed for improved detection of inorganic oxidizers such as, but not limited to, chlorates and perchlorates. Detection methods are disclosed whereby a reagent can transfer a proton to the anion (i.e., chlorate, perchlorate, etc.) of an inorganic salt analyte, forming an acid (i.e., chloric acid, perchloric acid) that is easier to detect by a mechanism whereby the acidified reagent is more easily vaporized, and hence, more easily detected.


Kinetic chlorine measurement

An aspect provides a method of determining a concentration of free chlorine in an aqueous sample, including adding a reagent to the sample, the reagent being reactive with the free chlorine at a first kinetic rate and reactive with at least one chloramine at a second kinetic rate, the first kinetic rate being different from the second kinetic rate; measuring an absorbance response over time resulting from reaction of the free chlorine and the at least one chloramine with the reagent over time; and determining the concentration of the free chlorine in the sample based on a determined rate of change of the absorbance response over time. Other aspects are described and claimed..


Mems-based isothermal titration calorimetry

A microelectromechanical systems-based calorimetric device includes first and second micromixers and first and second thermally-isolated microchambers. A first solution including a sample and a reagent is introduced to the first microchamber via the first micromixer, and a second solution including a sample and a buffer is introduced to the second microchamber via the second micromixer.


Test set for a photometric measuring device, and photometric measuring a sample liquid

The invention relates to a test set (1) for a photometric measuring device, comprising a mixing container (2) which has a filling opening (3) and comprising a metering container (8) which can be sealingly inserted into the filling opening (3) of the mixing container (2) and which contains a liquid reagent (13) in a closed cavity (9). The cavity (9) has a closure plunger (11), which can be moved axially in the cavity (9), at a first end of the metering container (8), said closure plunger generating a specifiable filling pressure in the reagent (13), and the metering container (8) has a closure membrane (10) at a second metering container and which can be inserted into the mixing container (2).


Method and analyzer for determining a measured value of a measured variable of process automation technology

A method and analyzer for determining a measured value of a measured variable of process automation technology in a liquid or gaseous medium by means of an optical sensor, which has at least one emitter for sending light of at least two wavelengths, and a receiver associated with the emitter for receiving of received light, comprising the steps as follows: taking a sample of the medium; mixing the sample with one or more reagents; supplying the emitter with an exciter signal for producing the sent light, wherein the sent light by interaction with, especially by absorption by, the mixed sample is converted into received light as a function of the measured variable; producing a receiver signal by means of the receiver from the converted, received light; and determining the measured value based on the receiver signal and a calibration function. The method is characterized in that, in determining the measured value, aging of the reagents is taken into consideration, especially the calibration function includes a term which takes aging of the reagents into consideration..


Method of formalin based tissue fixation

Disclosed are novel cold fixation methods and reagents comprising contacting a biological sample with a reagent for fixation at a temperature of less than 20° c. Where the reagent comprises an aqueous buffer, a water soluble alkylnitrile, c2 to c6 alkyl ester, or combination thereof, and formaldehyde to the aqueous buffer solution and removing the biological sample from contact with the reagent..


Cleaning solution and methods of cleaning a turbine engine

A cleaning solution for a turbine engine includes a reagent composition including water within a range between about 25 percent and about 70 percent by volume of the reagent composition, an acidic component within a range between about 0.1 percent and about 50 percent by volume of the reagent composition, and an amine component within a range between about 1 percent and 40 percent by volume of the reagent composition. The reagent composition is diluted with water by a factor of up to about 40 to form the cleaning solution.

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