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Reagent patents

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Biomarkers for the prognosis of ischemic stroke

Biomarker detection device for monitoring peptide and non-peptide markers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Collections of matched biological reagents and methods for identifying matched reagents patent thumbnailCollections of matched biological reagents and methods for identifying matched reagents
Provided herein are collections of matched biological reagents selected from a larger collection of biological reagents, wherein the collection of matched biological reagents relate to a biological element. Also provided are methods for selling an isolated biomolecule or biological research reagent in a collection of matched biological reagents, and methods for selecting an isolated biomolecule or biological research reagent from a collection of biological reagents..
Life Technologies Corporation

 Fluid transport system patent thumbnailFluid transport system
A fluid transport system for an automated slide treatment apparatus having slide treatment modules is disclosed. The fluid transport system including a fluid dispensing robot configured by a controller to dispense a plurality of reagents to slides received in the slide treatment modules.
Leica Biosystems Melbourne Pty Ltd

 Biomarkers for the prognosis of ischemic stroke patent thumbnailBiomarkers for the prognosis of ischemic stroke
The invention relates to methods for determining the clinical outcome of a patient suffering ischemic stroke, for designing an individual therapy and for diagnosing a silent cerebrovascular disease comprising determining the levels of a marker selected from dpysl2, gelsolin, cysa, or a combination thereof, the altered expression of which in relation to a reference value allows determining the clinical outcome of a patient suffering ischemic stroke, designing for designing an individual therapy or diagnosing a silent cerebrovascular disease. Furthermore, the invention relates to a kit comprising a reagent for detecting the level of a marker selected from dpysl2, gelsolin, cysa, or a combination thereof and to the use of the said kit in the methods of the invention..
FundaciÓ Hospital Universitari Vall D'hebron - Institut De Recerca

 Biomarker detection device for monitoring peptide and non-peptide markers patent thumbnailBiomarker detection device for monitoring peptide and non-peptide markers
A biomarker detection device is a wearable device utilized to detect and analyze a sample of bodily fluid for the presence of various biomarkers that are indicative of a variety of medical conditions. A microneedle array is inserted into the user's skin in order to draw a sample of bodily fluid into an h-filter within the biomarker detection device.

 Reagent for imaging intracellular acetylation patent thumbnailReagent for imaging intracellular acetylation
A reagent for imaging an advancing intracellular acetylation, for example, an acetylation that is advanced by the action of acetyl-coa in the mitochondria, at high sensitivity and high efficiency, which comprises a combination of a rhodamine derivative that is substantially non-fluorescent before being acetylated, and emits strong fluorescence after being acetylated, and an acylation catalyst and/or an acylation reaction-promoting agent.. .
Japan Science And Technology Agency

 Multi-aptamer-based, cell-specific, one-step tumor cell detection assays patent thumbnailMulti-aptamer-based, cell-specific, one-step tumor cell detection assays
Disclosed are methods and compositions for the detection of one or more different types of cellular biomarkers in a biological sample, and in particular, methods and compositions for the rapid, one-step, highly-cell specific detection of circulating tumor cells from minute quantities of mammalian biological fluids, including, for example, from a single drop of human blood. In certain embodiments, distinctly-labeled, multi-aptamer detection reagents are provided for detecting and quantitating selected cancer cells in clinical samples such as patient specimens and/or tissues.
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

 Aflatoxin m1 nanobody 2014afm-g2 patent thumbnailAflatoxin m1 nanobody 2014afm-g2
Aflatoxin m1 nanobody 2014afm-g2 has the amino acid sequence of seq id no:7, and is encoded by the gene sequence of seq id no:8. The aflatoxin m1 nanobody 2014afm-g2 obtained via screening has the properties of tolerance to organic reagents, tolerance to high temperature, tolerance to acids and bases and the like, and good stability.
Oilcrops Research Institute Of Chinese Academy Of Agriculture Sciences

 Reagents for reducing leukocyte interference in immunoassays patent thumbnailReagents for reducing leukocyte interference in immunoassays
Methods and devices for reducing interference from leukocytes in an analyte immunoassay are provided. In one embodiment, a method is provided comprising the steps of amending a biological sample such as a whole blood sample with one or more leukocidal reagents that reduce or eliminate the metabolic activity of leukocytes, and performing an immunoassay on the amended sample to determine the concentration of analyte in the sample.
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.

 Chemiluminescent aptasensors patent thumbnailChemiluminescent aptasensors
A chemiluminescent immunoassay for sensing an analyte in a sample includes an oligonucleotide, a buffer solution, a chemiluminescent reagent, and a micro-particle or a nano-particle. An analyte in a sample is detected by conjugating an oligonucleotide with (i) a fluorescent dye or a fluorescent polystyrene bead and (ii) a micro-particle or a nano-particle; mixing the conjugated oligonucleotide and a chemiluminescent reagent; and measuring light intensity generated as a result of mixing the conjugated oligonucleotide and chemiluminescent reagent.
Luminescent Md, Llc

 Luminescent polymer cyclic amplification patent thumbnailLuminescent polymer cyclic amplification
The present invention is directed to a luminescent immunoassay method for detecting an analyte in a liquid sample with high sensitivity. The invention provides a unique combination of (i) using a probe having a small sensing surface area for binding analyte molecules, (ii) using a high molecular weight branched polymer conjugated with multiple binding molecules and multiple luminescent labels, and (iii) cycling the probe having immunocomplex formed back to the reagent vessel and amplification vessel 1-10 times and repeating the reaction with the reagent and the amplification polymer, to improve the sensitivity of detection level.
Access Medical Systems, Ltd.


Methods and kit for nucleic acid sequencing

Various embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to molecular biological protocols, equipment and reagents for the sequencing of long individual polynucleotide molecules.. .
Quantumdx Group Limited


Analysis device

An analysis device is disclosed which includes an electron detection medium to obtain information needed for analyzing an analyte in correlation with an electron transfer level, and a reagent part which is disposed on the electron detection medium and includes an electron transporting substance to transport electrons between the analyte and the electron detection medium, the electron transporting substance including a water-soluble aromatic heterocycle compound, and being free of a metal complex. An analysis method using the analysis device is also disclosed..
Arkray, Inc.


Method for fast measurement of specimen concentration

A method for fast measurement of a specimen concentration which needs a sensing strip with an electrode test region on which an enzymatic reagent with a specific ingredient is coated and has steps as follows: place a specimen on the electrode test region of the sensing strip; apply a high voltage on the electrode test region for a period to create electrochemical current therein by which at least a faradic current and at least a non-faradic current are generated in the electrode test region; apply a measuring voltage less than the high voltage or the same as the high voltage on the electrode test region to generate a total current including faradic and non faradic currents and the total current finally reaching a steady current, which is measured for calculating a specimen concentration.. .
Broadmaster Biotech Corp.


Reducing power analysis method and reducing power analysis reagent

A reducing power analysis method for minimizing peak wavelength shift in a sample, comprising a reduction step of reducing a dye reagent containing a ferric compound and a cyanide at ph conditions of 2.4 or lower in the presence of a sample; and an optical measurement step of optically measuring a peak wavelength of a reduced form of the dye reagent obtained in the reduction step.. .
Arkray, Inc.


Lithium measurement method

To provide to a method for measuring and examining lithium ions in an aqueous solution of a specimen such as biomaterials or environment samples, by using a lithium reagent composition as a coloration reaction reagent and by visual observing or a simple a colorimeter. The lithium ions measuring method is characterized by contacting the specimen including serum and plasma test sample with an aqueous solution of a lithium reagent composition comprising a tetraphenyl porphyrin compound, a ph regulator and a ph buffer, by irradiating or expose the resulting solution with white light, and by detecting change in color tone by a visual observation or by detecting the sensitivity by a colorimeter..
Metallogenics Co., Ltd.


Analyzer and immunoassay method

An analyzer including a housing with a mutually adjacent first side and a second side, and an annular reagent holding part disposed within the housing is disclosed. An immunoassay method for measuring antigen or antibody of a measurement object contained in a sample and performed by the analyzer is also disclosed..
Sysmex Corporation


Methods, kits, and systems for clarifying pigmented samples

Methods, kits, and systems for clarifying biological samples containing obfuscating pigment are disclosed. An automated method of treating a sample mounted on a substrate to alleviate staining obfuscations associated with pigments within the sample includes applying a clarifying reagent so that the clarifying reagent contacts the sample and the pigments within the sample are decolorized.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.


Method of suppressing background rise in color reagent solution, color reagent solution, reagent kit, and measuring apparatus

A method is provided for suppressing, in a color reagent solution which is used to measure a component within a sample and which contains an oxidative color reagent dissolved therein, a background rise that occurs when the color reagent solution is stored. The method includes adjusting a hydrogen ion exponent (ph) of the color reagent solution so as to be strongly acidic.
Arkray, Inc.


Methods and measuring aspiration pressure at low aspiration volumes

A method adapted to allow aspiration verification of a liquid such as a biological liquid or liquid reagent at low aspiration volumes (e.g., less than 25 μl). The method includes attempting to aspirate a volume of a liquid into a probe at an aspiration frequency, measuring an aspiration pressure associated with the attempted aspiration of the liquid and providing a measured pressure signal, and filtering the measured pressure signal with a filter.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Phosphated compounds as adhesion promoters

A bitumen containing composition is provided, comprising bitumen and a phosphate compound, which is obtainable by the esterification of a polyhydric alcohol having at least three hydroxyl groups, with a carboxylic acid having 8-24 carbon atoms, preferably 12-22 carbon atoms, or a derivative thereof, wherein at least one but not all of the hydroxyl groups are esterified, provided that when the polyhydric alcohol has 5 or more hydroxyl groups then at least two but not all of the hydroxyl groups are esterified, followed by reacting the ester obtained with a phosphatising reagent; wherein the said composition is not a bitumen-in-water emulsion.. .
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


A forming an optical test sensor

Systems and methods for electrochemically oxidizing components of a test-sensor reagent prior to deposition on a test sensor comprise at least a first electrode and a second electrode for contacting the test-sensor reagent. The first electrode and the second electrode may have hollow interior portions for contacting the test-sensor reagent to produce a modified test-sensor reagent having a reduced background current..
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Systems and methods for recovery of metals and components

In embodiments, an aqueous solution containing lixiviants and/or other chemicals and/or reagents may be delivered into the well through one or more conduits or pipes. The chemicals in the aqueous solution may further be mixed together and/or with other ingredients.
Differential Engineering Inc.


Isothermal amplification under low salt condition

Provided herein are methods and kits for isothermal nucleic acid amplifications that use a target nucleic acid template; a reaction mixture comprising a dna polymerase having a strand displacement activity, a deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate (dntp) mixture, a primer with a 3′ end and a 5′ end, a molecular crowding reagent, and a buffer solution for amplifying the target nucleic acid template. The buffer solution maintains a low salt concentration of the reaction mixture, and wherein the salt concentration results in a melting temperature (tm) of the primer at least 10° c.
General Electric Company


Devices, compositions and methods pertaining to microscopic analysis of microorganisms and other analytes of interest

This invention pertains to devices, compositions and methods that can be used for the rapid determination of microorganisms, cells and other analytes of interest (e.g. A nucleic acid target) as well as associated properties of said microorganisms, cells and analytes.
Advandx, Inc.


Method for purifying nucleic acid and kit

The present invention discloses a method for purifying nucleic acids and a kit. In particular, the present invention discloses a reagent combination for purifying nucleic acids from a specimen containing nucleic acids, a kit made based on the reagent combination, and a method for purifying nucleic acids using the reagent combination or the kit..
The Emerther Company


Carboxylated polyamine derivatives as transfection reagents

The invention provides polyamine derivatives, a use of the polyamine derivatives for the transfection of polyanions into cells, and a method of transfecting cells with a polyanion, comprising mixing said polyanion with a polyamine derivative e.g. In a buffer and treating said cells with the mixture obtained in the previous step..
Lipocalyx Gmbh


Low voc construction primer

The present disclosure relates to a primer composition. The primer composition comprises: a tert butyl acetate solvent; an organometallic reagent selected from organotitanates, organozirconates, aluminum organometallic compounds, and any combination thereof; an organotin compound; a silane with at least 3 hydrolyzable groups; and a polyorganosiloxane resin.
Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.


Method for synthesising 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid from a composition containing furan-2,5-dialdehyde

A method for synthesizing 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (fdca) from furan-2,5-dialdehyde (dff). The method is industrially applicable due to the simplicity and availability of the reagents used, and due to the experimental conditions on which the method is based: the method requires low temperatures and enables a reaction under atmospheric pressure, the reaction times being relatively short.
Roquette Freres


Methods for disinfecting or sterilizing articles

Disclosed herein are materials and methods for reducing, preventing, or eliminating the biological contamination of surfaces in spaces that are reasonably partitioned, defined or contained. A reagent that includes peroxides or molecules that includes peroxide bonds are contacted with at least one surface of an article.
Performance Packaging Of Nevada, Llc


Sample analyzer and reagent container

A sample analyzer comprises a reagent container setting part configured to install a reagent-container retainer for retaining a reagent container having an opening, an aspirating tube configured to aspirate a reagent in the reagent container, and an aspirating tube holder configured to hold the aspirating tube. The aspirating tube holder includes a cover, the cover having an open portion provided from a bottom face thereof to a side face thereof, the cover covering the aspirating tube with a region thereof other than the open portion.
Sysmex Corporation


Sample analyzer and sample analyzing method

A sample analyzer including a reagent reservoir configured to store a plurality of reagent containers; a first reagent dispenser configured to aspirate reagent of a first type from the reagent reservoir and dispense the aspirated reagent into a reaction container disposed at a first dispensing position; a second reagent dispenser configured to aspirate reagent of a second type from the reagent reservoir and dispense the aspirated reagent into a reaction container disposed at a second dispensing position; and a support member configured to support the first and the second reagent dispensers; wherein the first and the second reagent dispensers are supported by the support member so as to be movable independently of each other between each dispensing position and the reagent reservoir is disclosed. A sample analyzing method executed by a sample analyzer is also disclosed..
Sysmex Corporation


Reagent store

An automated analyzer with an on-board fridge for long-term cooling of reagents, and a method for isolating and analyzing an analyte comprising long-term cooling of reagents.. .
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Reagent and sample handling device for automatic testing system

A handling device for samples and reagents to be used in testing in a system. Carriers of samples and reagents are loaded on a platform which detects the presence of, and proper loading of, such carriers.
Abbott Laboratories


Apparatus for gripping and holding diagnostic cassettes

The invention relates generally to an apparatus for acquiring, holding, and enabling the movement of a cassette-shaped article, such as a reagent or sample cassette, which may be part of an automated diagnostic analyzer, such that the apparatus can tolerate a significant degree of cassette misplacement and/or misalignment during the acquisition maneuver. The invention provides simultaneous two-dimensional movement of the acquiring gripper jaws such that the inter-jaw distance decreases at the same time as movement in an upward vertical direction is provided while the jaw movement is adequately smooth so as not to disturb the physical state of the sample..
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Biomarkers in the selection of therapy of heart failure

The present invention relates to a method for identifying a subject being eligible to the administration of at least one medicament selected from the group consisting of a beta blocker, an aldosterone antagonist, a diuretic, and an inhibitor of the renin-angiotensin system. The method is based on the determination of the amount of at least one biomarker selected from the group consisting of gdf-15 (growth differentiation factor 15), endostatin, mimecan, igfbp7 (igf binding protein 7), a cardiac troponin, a bnp-type peptide, uric acid, gal3 (galectin-3), osteopontin, sst2 (soluble st2), plgf, sflt-1, p1np, cystatin c, prealbumin, and transferrin in a sample from a subject suffering from heart failure.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Method for testing for nephritis-lesion sites and reagent therefor

Provided is a method of measuring and comparing multimer fsp1 and monomer fsp1 by using an fsp1-specific antibody and the like.. .
Ds Pharma Biomedical Co., Ltd.


Reagents and methods for breast cancer detection

The present invention provides compositions including reagents for detecting human autoantibodies against at least two proteins selected from the group consisting of angtpl4, dkk1, epha2, lamc2, spon2, ssr2, gal1, gfra1, lrrc15, cd147, cd320, cdh3, lrp10, spint2, susd2, and cst2, and their use in detecting breast cancer or disease recurrence.. .
Sanford Health


Immunochromatography, and detection device and reagent for the same

An immunochromatography for multi-item detection is provided which contains detecting and measuring fluorescence and light absorption respectively at once with a detection device. The immunochromatography contains using fluorescent particles and light absorbing particles, wherein the fluorescence excitation wavelength of the fluorescent particles and the absorption wavelength of the light absorbing particles are in the same wavelength region; and detecting and measuring, at once, the intensity of reflected light from a test area, the intensity of reflected light from another test area, and the intensity of reflected light from a non-test area other than the test areas..
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Method and the detection of explosives

A method for the colorimetric detection of two compounds in a bulk sample comprises the steps of forming an aqueous solution of the bulk sample, inserting a single dip strip having a pair of test regions each having separate colorimetric indicator reagents for a different one of the two compounds to be tested for into the solution and then removing the dip strip from the solution, and observing the test regions for color changes denoting the presence of the two compounds. The methodology is especially adapted for the colorimetric detection of nitrates and chlorates, two components commonly associated with explosives and particularly homemade explosives..
American Innovations, Inc


Hiv-1 genotyping assay for global surveillance of hiv-1 drug resistance

Provided herein are new methods, primers, and kits for genotyping hiv-1, including group m viral strains. The methods can be used for hiv-1 drug resistance surveillance and monitoring, for example in resource-poor countries.
The Government Of The U.s.a As Represented By The Secretary Of The Dept. Of Health & Human Services


Pcr assay for animal origin of heparin

The invention provides methods and reagents for use in distinguishing heparin sodium of porcine origin from heparin sodium of bovine origin using quantitative polymerase chain reaction.. .


Acyl-coa dehydrogenase assays

A method for conducting medium-chain acyl-coa dehydrogenase (mcad) and very-long-chain acyl-coa dehydrogenase (vcad) enzymatic activity assays is provided. The method may include, but is not limited to, preparing a sample; preparing an enzyme-specific substrate/reagent mixture; mixing an aliquot of the prepared sample with an aliquot of the enzyme-specific substrate/reagent mixture; reading absorbance in the range of about 600 nm; incubating the prepared sample and enzyme-specific substrate/reagent mixture; and reading absorbance in the range of about 600 nm at various time intervals..
Advanced Liquid Logic, Inc.


Rna interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering nucleic acid (sina)

The present invention concerns methods and reagents useful in modulating gene expression in a variety of applications, including use in therapeutic, diagnostic, target validation, and genomic discovery applications. Specifically, the invention relates to synthetic chemically modified small nucleic acid molecules, such as short interfering nucleic acid (sina), short interfering rna (sirna), double-stranded rna (dsrna), micro-rna (mirna), and short hairpin rna (shrna) molecules capable of mediating rna interference (rnai) against target nucleic acid sequences.
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.


Antibody based reagents that specifically recognize toxic oligomeric forms of tau

The invention relates to antibodies, antibody fragments and binding agents that specifically recognize oligomeric tau but do not bind to monomelic tau, fibrillar tau or non-disease associated forms of tau.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University


Cd44 splice variants in neurodegenerative diseases

There is provided a method of treating or preventing a neurodegenerative disease, which includes administration of a composition that includes a reagent capable of modulating expression of ribonucleic acid (rna) encoded by a nucleic acid, wherein the nucleic acid is selected from a group that includes a contiguous nucleotide sequence being at least 90% homologous to at least 20 nucleotides of: seq id no: 1, seq id no: 3, seq id no: 5, seq id no: 7, or any combination thereof. There is further provided a method of treating or preventing a neurodegenerative disease, which includes administration of a composition that includes a reagent capable of modulating expression and/or activity of a polypeptide, wherein the sequence of the polypeptide is selected from a group that includes a contiguous amino acid sequence being at least 90% homologous to at least 10 amino acid of: seq id no: 2, seq id no: 4, seq id no: 6, seq id no: 8, or any combination thereof..
Neurim Pharamceuticals (1991) Ltd.


Methods for recovering chlorinated hydrocarbons

Processes for isolating 1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane from a crude product stream containing the 1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane and ferric chloride. The processes may include deep distillation of the crude, treatment of the crude with a reagent that deactivates the ferric chloride followed by distillation on the deactivated crude stream, aqueous washing of the crude product stream to remove ferric chloride followed by distillation on the deactivated crude stream.
Occidental Chemical Corporation


Grease interceptor

There is provided a process for treating an aqueous liquid mixture comprising: effecting separation, based on density differences, from an aqueous liquid mixture, of at least a fraction of organic liquid material of the aqueous liquid material such that an organic liquid material-enriched phase becomes disposed above an organic liquid material-depleted phase; and contacting the organic liquid material-enriched phase with reagent material within a reaction zone and in sufficient proximity to a solid catalyst material such that a reactive process, effected by the contacting, and catalyzed by the solid catalyst material, effects production of reaction products. There is also provided an apparatus for implementing the above-described process..
Tg Digesters Canada Inc.


Reagent store

An automated analyzer with an on-board fridge for long-term cooling of reagents, and a method for isolating and analyzing an analyte comprising long-term cooling of reagents.. .
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Encrypted optical markers for security applications

Encrypted markers that are not readily detectable can be revealed by treatment with a specific reagent used as a developer to reveal a readily detectable physical property of the marker, such as a characteristic fluorescence emission after excitation with a particular excitation wavelength, or to reveal a visible color. The encrypted marker can be developed in situ, or a sample can be removed by brushing, scraping, swabbing or scratching the marked object or item and developing the encrypted marker or a sample thereof with the appropriate developer to reveal an overt marker or optical signal.
Apdn (b.v.i.) Inc.


Diagnostic systems and cartridges

A clinical diagnostic system is disclosed, including a clinical diagnostic instrument with a disposable cartridge. The disposable cartridge is capable of performing diagnostic and analytical functions including filtering samples such as plasma from whole blood and running assays and collecting measurements of analytes or biomarkers.
Wellstat Diagnostics, Llc


Novel biomarkers for sub-typing pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

This invention relates to novel approaches for the identification and stratification of subtypes of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (pdac), in particular to novel pdac subtype-specific markers, and to diagnostic kits comprising reagents for detecting said markers.. .
Hi-stem Ggmbh


Microfluidic device for gel electrophoresis and manufacturing thereof

According to embodiments of the present invention, a microfluidic device for gel electrophoresis is provided. The microfluidic device includes a sample channel configured to receive a sample; a stacking channel comprising a preloaded stacking reagent; and a separation channel comprising a preloaded separation reagent, wherein the preloaded stacking reagent has a physical characteristic different from that of the preloaded separation reagent; and wherein the sample channel, the stacking channel and the separation channel are in fluid communication with one another.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


Method for manufacturing a lot of test sensors

Systems and methods for electrochemically oxidizing components of a test-sensor reagent prior to deposition on a test sensor comprise at least a first electrode and a second electrode for contacting the test-sensor reagent. The first electrode and the second electrode may have hollow interior portions for contacting the test-sensor reagent to produce a modified test-sensor reagent having a reduced background current..
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Multi-layered devices for analyte detection

A multi-layered device for detecting the presence or absence of an analyte within a test sample is described. The device includes a sensing layer and a control layer.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.


Device for automatically staining glass slides

Characterised by the fact that said drive means of said baskets comprise means for maintaining and replacing the reagent/stain inside a tray.. .


Biomarker signature method, and apparatus and kits therefor

The present invention discloses methods, kits, and apparatus as well as reagents and compositions associated therewith for deriving an indicator for use in diagnosing the presence, absence or degree of at least one condition in a biological subject or in prognosing at least one condition in a biological subject. Also disclosed is a biomarker signature for use in diagnosing the presence, absence or degree of at least one condition in a biological subject or in prognosing at least one condition in a biological subject.
Immunexpress Pty Ltd


Genetic polymorphisms associated with psoriasis, methods of detection and uses thereof

The present invention is based on the discovery of genetic polymorphisms that are associated with psoriasis and related pathologies. In particular, the present invention relates to nucleic acid molecules containing the polymorphisms, including groups of nucleic acid molecules that may be used as a signature marker set, such as a haplotype, a diplotype, variant proteins encoded by such nucleic acid molecules, reagents for detecting the polymorphic nucleic acid molecules and proteins, and methods of using the nucleic acid and proteins as well as methods of using reagents for their detection..
Celera Corporation


Single stranded dna aptamers binding nf-kb/rela

Dna aptamers are high affinity ligands selected by genetic enrichment techniques to bind to specific protein targets. Because these represent chemically stable and reproducible molecules, they have application as affinity reagents and/or therapeutic drugs to affect the target protein's actions.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Hydroxylated polyamine derivatives as transfection reagents

The invention provides hydroxylated polyamine derivatives, their use for the transfection of polyanions into cells, and a method of transfecting cells with a polyanion, comprising mixing said polyanion with said hydroxylated polyamine derivative in a buffer and treating said cells with the mixture obtained in the previous step.. .
Lipocalyx Gmbh


Nucleic acid purification

A self-contained apparatus for isolating nucleic acid, cell lysates and cell suspensions from unprocessed samples apparatus, to be used with an instrument, includes at least one input, and: (i) a macrofluidic component, including a chamber for receiving an unprocessed sample from a collection device and at least one filled liquid purification reagent storage reservoir; and (ii) a microfluidic component in communication with the macrofluidic component through at least one microfluidic element, the microfluidic component further comprising at least one nucleic acid purification matrix; and (iii) at least one interface port to a drive mechanism on the instrument for driving said liquid purification reagent, through the microfluidic element and the nucleic acid purification matrix, wherein the only inputs to the apparatus are through the chamber and the interface port to the drive mechanism.. .
Netbio, Inc.


Devices and systems for isolating biomolecules and associated methods thereof

A device, a system, a cartridge and a method for isolating biomolecules from biological materials are provided. The device comprises a substrate; a reagent storage location; and a self-rupturing component comprising a fluid and a pressure source embedded therein, wherein the substrate, the reagent storage location and the self-rupturing component are operationally coupled to each other.
General Electric Company


Reactive extrusion processes

One embodiment includes combining lignin, cyclic alkene carbonate, and a basic/alkaline compound and allowing the cyclic alkene carbonate and the basic/alkaline compound to modify the lignin to produce a hydroxyalkoxylated lignin. The cyclic alkene carbonate can act as a hydroxyalkoxylating reagent and the basic/alkaline compound can act as a catalyst..
Cyclewood Solutions, Inc.


Selective c-o bond cleavage of oxidized lignin and lignin-type materials into simple aromatic compounds

A method to cleave c—c and c—o bonds in β-o-4 linkages in lignin or lignin sub-units is described. The method includes oxidizing at least a portion of secondary benzylic alcohol groups in β-o-4 linkages in the lignin or lignin sub-unit to corresponding ketones and then leaving c—o or c—c bonds in the oxidized lignin or lignin sub-unit by reacting it with an organic carboxylic acid, a salt of an organic carboxylic acids, and/or an ester of an organic carboxylic acids.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Process for producing tetrakis(f aryl)borate salts

This invention provides processes for forming halomagnesium tetrakis(faryl)borates, which processes comprise bringing together, in an anhydrous liquid organic medium, at least one boron trihalide; at least one faryl grignard reagent; and at least one copper compound. Also provided are processes for forming halomagnesium tetrakis(faryl)borates, which processes comprise bringing together, in an anhydrous liquid organic medium, at least one boron trihalide; at least one copper compound; magnesium metal; and at least one polyhaloaromatic compound..
Albemarle Corporation


System and chemical dosage optimization in water treatment and water treatment

The present invention relates to a system for optimization of dosing in water treatment, a water treatment system and a method therefor. The system for optimization of dosing in water treatment according to the present invention comprises: a chemical reagent addition device, for adding a certain dosage of a chemical reagent into a water sample to be treated at a predetermined interval; an optical detection module, for detecting in real time a change in particle size of particles in the water sample after the addition of the chemical reagent; and a chemical reagent dosage determination device, which determines an optimized dosage of the chemical reagent for coagulating the particles in the water sample, according to the correlation between the change in particle size obtained by the optical detection module and the dosage of the added chemical reagent..
Ecolab Usa Inc.


High-throughput dynamic reagent delivery system

The present invention relates to systems and methods for manipulating droplets within a high through put microfluidic system.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Wash monitor and use

The present disclosure provides a monitoring device comprising a test composition, a test element comprising a test portion to which the test composition is releasably adhered, a detection reagent, and a container comprising a first end with an opening and a second end opposite the first end. The test composition comprises a predetermined quantity of tracer analyte.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Preparing alloy catalyst using polydopamine coating and alloy catalyst thereby

Provided is a method for preparing an alloy catalyst for fuel cells having excellent catalytic activity and high durability. The method includes coating a platinum or platinum-transition metal catalyst supported on carbon with polydopamine as a capping agent.
Industry-academi Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Cobalt deposition on barrier surfaces

Embodiments of the invention provide processes for depositing a cobalt layer on a barrier layer and subsequently depositing a conductive material, such as copper or a copper alloy, thereon. In one embodiment, a method for depositing materials on a substrate surface is provided which includes forming a barrier layer on a substrate, exposing the substrate to dicobalt hexacarbonyl butylacetylene (cctba) and hydrogen to form a cobalt layer on the barrier layer during a vapor deposition process (e.g., cvd or ald), and depositing a conductive material over the cobalt layer.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Protein detection

The present invention relates to reagents for separating proteins from detergent, reagents for detecting proteins in the presence of a detergent, and methods of using the same. The separating reagents contain a cyclic oligomer such as cyclodextrin and a cellulose derivative such as 2-hydroxyethyl cellulose.
Acquascience Limited


Characterization of cancer using detection of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (alcam) shedding

The presently-disclosed subject matter includes labels for use in the identification of shed alcam in s sample from a subject. Further included are methods for characterizing, monitoring, evaluating treatment efficacy, or evaluating the progression of cancer in a subject that comprise providing a biological sample from the subject, determining the presence or amount of shed alcam in the biological sample, and then comparing the presence or the amount of the shed alcam to a reference.
Vanderbilt University


Point of care assays to detect the status of tuberculosis infection

Point of care methods to detect the probability or status of tuberculosis infection in individuals by determining presence or absence of one or more peptide of seq id nos:1-22 in a biological fluid of a subject are described. These methods may be assays based on affinity reagents specifically reactive with these peptides..
Institute For Systems Biology


Immunological detection method and immunological detection reagent

An object of the present invention is to provide a method of detecting an analyte (antigen) in a sample by an antigen-antibody reaction with an antibody fragment including an antigen binding region for the analyte antigen (hereinafter “an antibody fragment comprising an antigen binding region for an analyte antigen” will simply be referred to as “an antibody fragment against antigen”), the method suppressing nonspecific reaction that is caused by antibody fragments. More specifically, provided is a method of detecting an analyte antigen in a sample by an antigen-antibody reaction with an antibody fragment against antigen, the method comprising the steps of: a) bringing a sample into contact with a denatured antibody fragment; and b) bringing the sample into contact with the antibody fragment immobilized on an insoluble carrier after the step of a), the method suppressing nonspecific reaction..
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.


Flexible electrochemical micro-sensor

A universal electrochemical micro-sensor can be used either as a biosensor or an environmental sensor. Because of its small size and flexibility, the micro-sensor is suitable for continuous use to monitor fluids within a live subject, or as an environmental monitor.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.


Method for quantifying biological material and device for quantifying biological material

A device for quantifying biological material (atp) of cells contained in a liquid sample as a sample is provided. The device includes a controller that calculates an amount of the biological material of cells contained in the liquid sample, based on a differential amount of luminescence between an amount of luminescence when an atp luminescence reagent as a luminescent reagent for biological material is reacted with the biological material (atp) that is separated and extracted from cells contained in the liquid sample by bringing an atp extraction reagent as a processing reagent into contact with the liquid sample, and an amount of luminescence when the atp luminescent reagent is reacted with the atp extraction reagent..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Methods and systems for controlling impurity metal concentration during metallurgic processes

reagent compositions, methods and systems for reducing concentrations of impurity metals during metallurgic processes. Certain methods and systems in particular pertain to control of iron concentration in copper electrowinning electrolyte solutions..
Basf Se


Compensator for multiple surface imaging

A system and method for imaging biological samples on multiple surfaces of a support structure are disclosed. The support structure may be a flow cell through which a reagent fluid is allowed to flow and interact with the biological samples.
Illumina, Inc.


Methods for dna and rna extraction from fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples

Methods and reagents are provided for the rapid extraction of nucleic acids from a fixed paraffin embedded sample (e.g., a ffpet sample). In some embodiments, the methods comprise incubating one or more sections of said tissue sample in a lysis solution comprising a buffer sufficient to maintain the ph of said solution at a ph ranging from about ph 4 to about ph 9; a chaotropic agent; a chelating agent; and a detergent; where the incubating is at a temperature ranging from about 50 c to about 100 c; and recovering the nucleic acid from said lysis solution..


Method for synthesising 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)furan and 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydrofuran by selective hydrogenation of furan-2,5-dialdehyde

A method for selective hydrogenation of furan-2,5-dialdehyde (dff) into 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)furan (dhmf) and into 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydrofuran (dhmthf). In relation to the prior art, which uses c6 sugars or 5-hydroxymethyl furaldehyde (5-hmf) as raw materials, the method can be performed at low temperatures (lower than 120° c., preferably 80° c.), while consuming low amounts of catalyst relative to the initial reagent (in particular less than 5%, preferably less than 2% relative to the weight of the reagent).
Roquette Freres


Iodine(iii)-mediated radiofluorination

A process for fluorination of aromatic compounds employing iodonium ylides and applicable to radiofluorination using 18f is described. Processes, intermediates, reagents and radiolabelled compounds are described..
The General Hospital Corporation


Preparation doped vanadium dioxide powder

The present invention relates to a hydrothermal method for preparing a doped vanadium dioxide powder, the doped powder having a chemical composition of v1-xmxo2, 0<x≦0.5, and m is a doping element, which is introduced to control a particle size and a morphology of the doped powder, the doping element m is selected from a group consisting of manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, tin, indium, antimony, gallium, germanium, lead and bismuth, the method comprising a step of a precursor treatment of titrating a quadrivalent vanadium aqueous solution with a basic reagent to obtain a precursor suspension, wherein the precursor treatment involves titrating the quadrivalent vanadium aqueous solution until the emergence of the precursor suspension. The preparation methods for the present invention are easy to implement, low in cost, provide high yield, and are suitable for large scale production..
Shanghai Institute Of Ceramics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Method for cleaning a waste water vessel for the waste water industry

A method is provided for cleaning a waste water vessel (100) for the waste water industry. The method comprises adding (130) a first quantity of a first reagent to the waste water vessel (100); and adding (135) a second quantity of a second reagent to the waste water vessel (100), said first and second reagents being reagents that react together in an exothermic reaction the products of which comprise sodium chloride and nitrogen, the heat generated from the exothermic reaction being sufficient to cause solidified fats, oil or grease deposits in the waste water vessel (100) to melt..
Green Channel Limited


Analyzing apparatus

An analyzing device includes: an operation cavity (245) that is adjacent to a first reserving cavity (243) retaining a sample liquid, in a circumferential direction of rotational driving; a connecting section (255) provided on a side wall of the first reserving cavity (243) to suck the sample liquid by a capillary force and transfer the sample liquid to the operation cavity (245); and second reserving cavities (247, 248) that are disposed outside the operation cavity (245) in the circumferential direction of the rotational driving and communicate with the outermost position of the operation cavity (245) through a connecting passage (256). The connecting section (255) is circumferentially extended farther than the liquid level of the sample liquid retained in the first reserving cavity (243).
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.


Fluid mixing and delivery in microfluidic systems

The specification generally discloses systems and methods for mixing and delivering fluids in microfluidic systems. The fluids can contain, in some embodiments reagents that can participate in one or more chemical or biological reactions..
Opko Diagnostics, Llc


Genetic sample collection systems

Biological sample collection kits are devised with physical features to enable a high performance collection system which delivers preprocessed biological matter via conventional shipping means to a testing laboratories. In particular, untrained and unskilled users deposit biological matter such as saliva or blood into a receiving vessel.
Pathway Genomics Corporation


Plasma abatement of compounds containing heavy atoms

A plasma abatement process for abating effluent containing compounds from a processing chamber is described. A plasma abatement process takes gaseous foreline effluent from a processing chamber, such as a deposition chamber, and reacts the effluent within a plasma chamber placed in the foreline path.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Disinfectant system

A disinfectant system including a pouch enclosing a first reagent, the first reagent releasing a disinfecting vapor when exposed to moisture. A moisture transfer element is included engageable with the pouch..
Star Brite Distributing, Inc.


Coating for cells, reagents and methods

The disclosure provides coated mammalian cells, and related reagents, as well as methods for coating mammalian cells, and methods for implanting the coated cells into a human host.. .


Apparatus and analyzing samples

A sample analyzer comprises a reaction tray, a sample/reagent tray, and a probe. The reaction tray performs a first number of stops and rotations during an operating cycle, wherein the first number is configured to cause each of the reaction vessels to stop once at a position for the test before any of the number of the reaction vessels stops at the position for a second time.
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for recovering metal and metal recovery reagent

A method for recovering a metal, capable of suppressing variations in complex recovery yields among samples is described, wherein the method comprises: forming a complex between a metal in a sample and a chelating agent for metal in a mixture containing the sample and the chelating agent; and filtering the mixture in the presence of an inorganic salt to recover the complex, thereby recovering the metal in the sample.. .
Arkray, Inc.


Sample analyzer and sample analyzing method

Disclosed is a sample analyzer which comprises: a sample preparing section configured to prepare a measurement sample by mixing a sample and a nucleic acid staining reagent; an optical detector configured to irradiate light on cells contained in the measurement sample, receive fluorescent light given off by the irradiated cells, and output fluorescent light signals; a signal processing section which obtains fluorescent light intensity and fluorescence pulse area of the cells from the fluorescent light signals output by the optical detector; and an information processing section configured to detect white blood cells contained in the measurement sample based on the fluorescence pulse area, and detect bacteria contained in the measurement sample based on the fluorescent light intensity.. .
Sysmex Corporation


Monitoring temperature with fluorescence

Systems, methods, and kits are provided wherein a temperature-sensitive reagent that emits a luminescent signal is used to adjust the identification of the temperature of a sample or to control thermocycling. In various illustrative embodiments, the sample is a pcr mixture..
University Of Utah Research Foundation


Nucleic acid amplification method

A nucleic acid amplification method includes: forming a first liquid droplet containing a first reaction reagent for amplifying a first nucleic acid in one vessel containing a silicone oil to which a fluoro-modified silicone resin is added; forming a second liquid droplet containing a second reaction reagent for amplifying a second nucleic acid in the one vessel; and performing a nucleic acid amplification reaction in the vessel by fitting the one vessel in a nucleic acid amplification reaction apparatus while maintaining the first liquid droplet independent of the second liquid droplet and then operating the nucleic acid amplification reaction apparatus.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Catalytic method to upgrade oil

A method to upgrade oil wherein an oil containing material is heated with a catalyst in a turbulent environment of less than about 1 volume percent oxygen to produce a vapor phase comprising an upgraded oil. Also disclosed is a thermal desorption process in which an oil contaminated substrate is contacted with an acidic reagent to form a peptizate, and the peptizate is mixed with a combustion effluent gas under turbulent conditions at a temperature above 200° c.
Racional Energy And Environment Company


System and applying covering material with an aerosolization system

A method for effective and efficient water or wastewater aerosolization and industry specific and regulatory agency approved adc, soil stabilization or penetrating solution dissemination over identified and specific areas that are to be addressed. The water or wastewater and industry or regulatory body specifically approved adc, soil stabilization or penetrating reagent solution(s) is directed to an “integrated mobile aerosolization system (imas)” or other system having a turbine and being integrated and mobile.


Apparatus and integrating desulfurization and carbon dioxide capture

An method of operating a plant includes the steps of feeding a reagent to a direct contact heating device (32) for removing ammonia from fluid fed to the direct contact heating device (32), feeding water to the direct contact heating device (32) to contact the fluid after the fluid is contacted with the reagent fed to the direct contract heating device (32), and feeding the water from the direct contact heating device (32) to a water wash tower (20) that is downstream of a carbon dioxide absorber (14) configured to use ammonia to remove carbon dioxide from fluid fed therein. The water wash tower (20) can be configured to remove ammonia from the fluid fed therein prior to that fluid being fed to the direct contact heating device (32).
Alstom Technology Ltd


Microelectrodes in an ophthalmic electrochemical sensor

An eye-mountable device includes an electrochemical sensor embedded in a polymeric material configured for mounting in front of a surface of an eye. The electrochemical sensor includes a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a reagent that selectively reacts with an analyte to generate a sensor measurement related to a concentration of the analyte in a fluid to which the eye-mountable device is exposed.
Google Inc.


Back-up fuel cell electric generator comprising a compact manifold body, and methods of managing the operation thereof

A fuel cell electric generator designed for back-up in the absence of network electricity supply. The generator comprises a fuel cell stack, means for supplying the stack with a first and a second reagent flow comprising, in turn, pressure reducing means, and a manifold body to communicate with the stack said first and second reagent flows and at least a flow of coolant fluid via a respective coolant loop.
Electro Power Systems S.p.a.

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