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Stirring device and automatic analysis apparatus

Stirring device and automatic analysis apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Method for producing vinyl esters patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing vinyl esters
The present invention relates to a continuous, catalytic process for preparing a vinyl ester of the formula r—c(o)o—ch═ch2 by reaction of a carboxylic acid of the formula r—c(o)oh with a transvinylating reagent of the formula r1—c(o)o—ch═ch2, wherein the reaction is effected at a temperature of 90 to 160° c. And at a pressure of 0.5 to 15 mpa without withdrawal of a reactant in the presence of a transition metal catalyst containing at least one transition metal from the group of ruthenium, osmium, rhodium, iridium, palladium and platinum, and then the resulting reaction mixture is separated into its constituents..
 Process for the synthesis of 4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-3',6'-dihydroxy-2',4',5',7'-tetraiodo-3h-spiro[isobenzofuran-1,9'-xanthen]-3-one (rose bengal) and related xanthenes patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the synthesis of 4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-3',6'-dihydroxy-2',4',5',7'-tetraiodo-3h-spiro[isobenzofuran-1,9'-xanthen]-3-one (rose bengal) and related xanthenes
A new process for the manufacture of iodinated xanthenes in high purity includes a cyclization step followed by an iodination step. No extraction, chromatographic or solvent concentration steps are required, and the intermediate as well as final compounds are isolated via filtration or similar means.
 Ultraviolet cured optic binder patent thumbnailnew patent Ultraviolet cured optic binder
The ultraviolet cured optic binder has low curing shrinkage, low hardness and high optical transmittance. Technology programs are as follows: an ultraviolet cured optic binder composition includes the following raw material in parts by weight: 50 to 100 parts of prepolymer, 20 to 90 parts of inert resin, 35 to 70 parts of monomer, 5 to 12 parts of photoinitiator, 2 to 3 parts of coupling reagent, 1 to 2 parts of auxiliaries..
 Process for direct conversion of biomass to liquid fuels and chemicals patent thumbnailnew patent Process for direct conversion of biomass to liquid fuels and chemicals
A method of catalytically preparing a fluid product from solid carbonaceous material is described. In the method, at least one of the following equilibria is established by one or more catalysts: a) ch3oh═co+2h2, b) co+h2o═co2+h2.
 Method for measuring physiologically active substance of biological origin patent thumbnailnew patent Method for measuring physiologically active substance of biological origin
A method for measuring a specific physiologically active substance of biological origin includes preparing a mixed solution of an al reagent and a sample containing the physiologically active substance and detecting the aggregation or gelatinization of a protein in the mixed solution while agitating the mixed solution, thereby detecting the physiologically active substance or measuring the concentration of the physiologically active substance in the sample. A predetermined fluorescence emission is imparted to a substance involved in the aggregation or gelatinization in the sample to be measured and/or the al reagent, and the fluorescence emitted from the substance involved in the aggregation or gelatinization is measured or observed in the mixed solution.
 Measurement of lactic acid in biological fluids patent thumbnailnew patent Measurement of lactic acid in biological fluids
We propose a procedure for the determination of lactic acid or lactate in biological fluids, which is simple and low cost with respect to the known methodologies. This procedure can be used by unskilled personnel and it can be implemented in disposable test strips and portable measure devices.
 Water chemistry test kit apparatus and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Water chemistry test kit apparatus and related methods
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for an improved water chemistry test. Features disclosed include, without limitation, a test block, colored liquid reagents, and color comparison displays, with test chambers/vials that are generally horizontal.
 Islet cells from human embryonic stem cells patent thumbnailnew patent Islet cells from human embryonic stem cells
This disclosure provides a system for producing pancreatic islet cells from embryonic stem cells. Differentiation is initiated towards endoderm cells, and focused using reagents that promote emergence of islet precursors and mature insulin-secreting cells.
 Photo-bioreactor (algae greenhouse-dry cooling tower) patent thumbnailnew patent Photo-bioreactor (algae greenhouse-dry cooling tower)
This closed system photo-bioreactor (pbr) system includes all of the necessary equipment to naturally collect solar energy and through photosynthetic process produces useable algal biomass. This pbr utilizes waste heat and waste co2 exhaust from power plants or other industrial sources plus waste or other nutrients from domestic, agriculture or other systems.
 Method and composition for a protein transduction technology and its applications patent thumbnailnew patent Method and composition for a protein transduction technology and its applications
A protein transduction method for efficiently delivery of exogenous proteins into mammalian cells is invented, which has the capability of targeting different cellular compartments and protection from degradation of the delivered proteins from cellular proteases. A composition for treat proteins has cation reagents, lipids and enhancers in a carrier.
new patent Reagent for labeling primary amine groups in proteins
A reagent includes a magnetic nanoparticle, a cleavable linker, and a primary amine reactive group. A first end of the cleavable linker may conjugate to a surface of the magnetic nanoparticle.
new patent Method for measuring cells, and reagent for cell measurement
A method and a means are provided, by which multiple types of cells can be simultaneously measured with high sensitivity by an atp luminescence method. A method for measuring cells in a sample is provided, which comprises the steps of adding methanol to a sample suspected of containing viable cells to increase atp within viable cells, extracting intracellular atp, and causing extracted atp to emit luminescence..
new patent Biological sample treatment apparatus
Apparatus for treating biological samples disposed on substrates, including: an input buffer for receiving one or more substrate holders each being adapted to support a plurality of the substrates; a treatment zone including a plurality of treatment stations each being adapted to receive one of the substrates; a reagent dispenser configured by a controller to dispense reagents to the substrates at the treatment stations; a substrate transport device configured by the controller to transport individual substrates between the substrate holders in the input buffer and the treatment stations.. .
new patent Reagents, methods and kits for classification of fungi and direction of anti-fungal therapy
Provided herein are methods, kits and compositions to classify fungi. Methods are provided for classification of fungi according to established phenotypes, for example, antimicrobial susceptibility profiles.
new patent Reagents, methods, and libraries for bead-based sequencing
The present invention provides methods for determining a nucleic acid sequence by performing successive cycles of duplex extension along a single stranded template. The cycles comprise steps of extension, ligation, and, preferably, cleavage.
new patent Enzymatic synthesis of poly(amine-co-esters) and methods of use thereof for gene delivery
Poly(amine-co-ester) polymers, methods of forming active agent-load nanoparticles therefrom, and methods of using the nanoparticles for drug delivery are disclosed. The nanoparticles can be coated with an agent that reduces surface charge, an agent that increases cell-specific targeting, or a combination thereof.
new patent Conjugation of biomolecules using diels-alder cycloaddition
A method is provided for covalently linking carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules under neutral conditions, using a diels-alder cycloaddition reaction. In an example, activated carbon-carbon double bonds were attached to free amino sites of a carrier protein, and a conjugated diene was attached to a carbohydrate hapten.
new patent Method for producing size selected particles
The invention provides a system for preparing specific sized particles, the system comprising a continuous stir tank reactor adapted to receive reactants; a centrifugal dispenser positioned downstream from the reactor and in fluid communication with the reactor; a particle separator positioned downstream of the dispenser; and a solution stream return conduit positioned between the separator and the reactor. Also provided is a method for preparing specific sized particles, the method comprising introducing reagent into a continuous stir reaction tank and allowing the reagents to react to produce product liquor containing particles; contacting the liquor particles with a centrifugal force for a time sufficient to generate particles of a predetermined size and morphology; and returning unused reagents and particles of a non-predetermined size to the tank..
new patent Stirring device and automatic analysis apparatus
According to one embodiment, an automatic analysis apparatus comprises a stirrer, a moving unit, a vibrating unit, and a control unit. The stirrer is configured to stir a solution mixture which includes a sample of a specimen and a reagent corresponding to a measurement item of the specimen, and is stored in a reaction cuvette.
new patent Mechanically actuated vacuum controlled fluid collection
A mechanically-actuated vacuum-controlled fluid collection system includes a mechanically-actuated vacuum controller (mavc) to draw fluid into a chamber through the opening to the chamber. The system may include a releasable seal to seal the opening, and the mavc may include a spring-loaded plunger to create a vacuum within the chamber when sealed.
new patent Method for separating arsenic and heavy metals in an acidic washing solution
A method for separating arsenic and heavy metals in an acidic washing solution which contains both arsenic and heavy metal, more particularly in a washing solution which is formed in copper smelting and contains sulphuric acid, comprises a separation process section, in which arsenic and at least one primary heavy metal are separated from one another. The separation process section comprises a processing step, in which hydrogen peroxide h2o2 is added to the washing solution, and the separation process section comprises a precipitation stage, in which the washing solution is admixed with a sulphide precipitation reagent, causing the at least one primary heavy metal to precipitate in the form of a metal sulphide.
Process for preparing cured polymers
The present invention relates to curing of polymers, particularly to self curing of polymers. The present invention provides a process for curing of copolymers of isoolefins and olefinic monomers.
Curable water soluble epoxy acrylate resin compositions
A water soluble epoxy acrylate resin composition including a reaction product of (a) at least one diepoxide resin or a diepoxide resin blended with other epoxy resins; (b) at least one carboxylic acid; and (c) at least one basic reagent in an amount sufficient to form a water soluble epoxy acrylate resin product; a process for preparing the above water soluble epoxy acrylate resin composition; a curable water soluble epoxy acrylate resin composition including (i) the epoxy acrylate resin composition described above, and (ii) at least one initiator; a process for preparing the curable water soluble epoxy acrylate resin composition described above; a process for curing the curable water soluble epoxy acrylate resin composition described above; and a cured product made therefrom.. .
Srm/mrm assay for the ephrin typa-a receptor 2 protein
Specific peptides, and derived ionization characteristics of the peptides, from the ephrin type-a receptor 2 (epha2) protein are provided that are particularly advantageous for quantifying the epha2 protein directly in biological samples that have been fixed in formalin by the method of selected reaction monitoring (srm) mass spectrometry, or what can also be termed as multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) mass spectrometry. Such biological samples are chemically preserved and fixed and are selected from tissues and cells treated with formaldehyde containing agents/fixatives including formalin-fixed tissue/cells, formalin-fixed/paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue/cells, ffpe tissue blocks and cells from those blocks, and tissue culture cells that have been formalin fixed and or paraffin embedded.
Antibodies to 25-hydroxyvitamin d2 and d3 and uses thereof
Provided herein are antigenic molecules that can be used to generate antibodies capable of binding to a vitamin d derivative, such as 25-hydroxyvitamin d2 and/or 25-hydroxyvitamin d3, or a 25-hydroxyvitamin d analog, such as a vitamin d-c22 immunogenic molecule or compound. Antibodies produced using these antigenic molecules, and related antigenic compounds, are also described.
Method for diagnosing and treating fibromyalgia
The invention provides methods, kits and reagents for diagnosing fibromyalgia (fm) in an individual by determining whether the levels of one or more cytokines in the individual are altered, as compared to control levels. The altered level(s) or patterns of expression of the cytokines measured in the affected individual compared to the level from the control is predictive/indicative of fm in the.
Method and apparatus for storing and dispensing reagent beads
Embodiments of the invention provide an efficient and effective technique for storing and dispensing reagent beads. In some embodiments, an apparatus is provided for dispensing reagent beads contained in a bead storage device which includes a bead carrier having a plurality of wells; a plurality of reagent beads disposed in the wells; and a cover tape releasably attached to the bead carrier to cover the wells and retain the reagent beads in the wells.
Cutoff point delta ct. method for her2 pcr testing in breast cancer
The present invention is related to an improved method for her2 gene test by using quantitative real-time pcr (polymerase chain reaction) technique. Our invention streamlines test process, and incorporates quality control for each major step, including sample, reagent, operation, and data report.
Direct nucleic acid analysis
The present disclosure provides methods, systems, and apparatuses for collecting and/or amplifying nucleic acids. In general, provided methods, systems, and apparatuses involve contacting a sample including a nucleic acid with a nucleic acid amplification reagent without purification of nucleic acids from the sample..
Encapsulated reagents and methods of use
The present invention contemplates use of encapsulated aqueous and non-aqueous reagents, solutions and solvents and their use in laboratory procedures. These encapsulated aqueous or non-aqueous reagents, solutions and solvents can be completely contained or encapsulated in microcapsules or nanocapsules that can be added to an aqueous or non-aqueous carrier solution or liquid required for medical and research laboratory testing of biological or non-biological specimens..
Detection and treatment of schizophrenia
The present invention provides a method for diagnosing schizophrenia, and a schizophrenia diagnostic reagent or device for use in the method. The present invention further provides a therapeutic or ameliorating agent for schizophrenia, which is effective for the treatment or amelioration of schizophrenia.
Consumer products comprising silane-modified oils
A consumer product comprises silane-modified oil comprising a hydrocarbon chain selected from the group consisting of: a saturated oil, an unsaturated oil, and mixtures thereof; and at least one hydrolysable silyl group covalently bonded to the hydrocarbon chain. The silane-modified oil is substantially stripped of substantially stripped of reagents prior to formulating into the consumer products, such that the silane-modified oil comprises less than about 10%, preferably less than about 5%, preferably less than about 1%, preferably less than about 0.1%, by weight of said silane-modified oil, of residual reagent comprising silicon..
Mammalian cytokines; related reagents and methods
Purified genes encoding cytokine from a mammal, reagents related thereto including purified proteins, specific antibodies, and nucleic acids encoding this molecule are provided. Methods of using said reagents and diagnostic kits are also provided..
Flow reversing exhaust gas mixer
An exhaust mixing device for mixing an exhaust produced by an engine with a reagent exhaust treatment fluid that is dosed into the exhaust from a dosing module. The exhaust mixing device includes a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end.
Axial flow atomization module
An exhaust treatment component for treating an engine exhaust. The component includes a housing including an inlet and an outlet, and a mixing assembly located within the housing between the inlet and the outlet.
Axial flow atomization module
An exhaust treatment component for treating an engine exhaust including a housing including an inlet and an outlet. A mixing device is located within the housing between the inlet and the outlet, and the mixing device includes a shell communicating with the outlet, a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end, and a flow reversing device disposed proximate the second end.
Apparatus for treating a gas stream
An apparatus for treating a gas stream includes a plasma abatement device that has a reaction chamber and a plasma torch for generating a plasma stream for injection into the chamber for treating the gas stream. A first inlet conveys a gas stream into the plasma abatement device for treatment, and a second inlet, in a normal condition of the apparatus, is in flow communication with a source of reagent for conveying a reagent into the plasma device for improving the efficiency of the treatment.
Kit for co-purification and concentration of dna and proteins using isotachophoresis
A kit for separating and concentrating nucleic acid and protein targets includes labeled reagents which affect simultaneous co-purification and concentration of a nucleic acid and a protein, a gel isotachophoresis separation unit to which a sample comprising the nucleic acid and the protein is added, a detection unit for the detection of the presence of the nucleic acid and the protein, and instructions for use. The gel electrophoresis includes a gel box having a negative electrode side and a positive electrode side, the negative electrode side being filled with a first buffer comprising 2-hydroxy-n-(tris(hydroxymethyl)methyl)-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid buffer and the positive electrode side being filled with a second buffer being different than the first buffer.
Method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide
The invention relates to the method for producing high purity crystalline carbamide. The method comprises the crystallization and drying of carbamide, wherein an aqueous carbamide solution is preheated from +30° c.
Sample-retainable biosensor test strip
A biosensor test strip includes: a first working electrode and a second working electrode formed on a base plate, having the second working electrode circumferentially surrounding the first working electrode to define a reaction pool within the second working electrode having a biological reagent provided in the reaction pool. Upon feeding a liquid sample of a user or patient into the reaction pool, the liquid sample will be well retained in the reaction pool to be reacted with the reagent to produce a signal which is then converted to be a readable data as displayed on a measurement apparatus or meter..
Method and system for pre-programmed self-power microfluidic circuits
A major challenge for the general use of “lab-on-a-chip” (loac) systems and point-of-care (poc) devices has been the generally complex and need for sophisticated peripheral equipment, such that it is more difficult than anticipated to implement low cost, robust and portable loac/poc solutions. It would be beneficial for chemical, medical, healthcare, and environmental applications to provide designs for inexpensive loac/poc solutions compatible with miniaturization and mass production, and are potentially portable, using compact possibly hand-held instruments, using reusable or disposable detectors.
Molecular cartesian-coordinate platforms
A compound of formula mol-m-l, wherein m is a 5 or 6-coordinate metal, l is a bidentate ligand, and mol is a compound of formula (ii): (ii) wherein x is c and r\ r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9, r10, r11 and r12 are as defined herein. In another embodiment, a system comprises a substrate and a compound of the present disclosure immobilized on the substrate.
Hydroxyapatite-targeting multiarm polymers and conjugates made therefrom
The present invention provides, among other things, polymeric reagents suitable for reaction with biologically active agents to form conjugates, the polymeric reagents comprising one or more polymer chains and a plurality of hydroxyapatite-targeting moieties, and optionally the reagents include one or more degradable linkages that serve to divide the polymer chains into polymer segments having a molecular weight suitable for renal clearance.. .
Rubber composition and manufacturing method for same
The present invention is a rubber composition containing a rubber component, a specific hydroxy group-having thiourea derivative, a thioamide compound, an acidic compound, a combination of a nucleophilic reagent except guanidine compounds and a guanidine compound, a compound selected from a phosphorous acid compound and a salt of a phosphorous acid compound, and a filler containing an inorganic filler, and a method for the rubber composition, providing the rubber composition having an improved low-heat-generation property and its production method.. .
Kiaa1456 expression predicts survival in patients with colon cancer
The invention relates to methods for deciding on the therapy in a subject suffering from colorectal cancer as well as for predicting the clinical outcome of a patient which suffers from colorectal cancer based on the expression level of kiaa1456 comprising determining the expression level of the kiaa1456 gene. The invention relates as well to kits and uses thereof comprising reagents adequate for the determination of the expression level of the kiaa1456 gene..
Integrated optoelectronic read head and fluidic cartridge useful for nucleic acid sequencing
A detection apparatus having a read head including a plurality of microfluorometers positioned to simultaneously acquire a plurality of the wide-field images in a common plane; and (b) a translation stage configured to move the read head along a substrate that is in the common plane. The substrate can be a flow cell that is included in a cartridge, the cartridge also including a housing for (i) a sample reservoir; (ii) a fluidic line between the sample reservoir and the flow cell; (iii) several reagent reservoirs in fluid communication with the flow cell, (iv) at least one valve configured to mediate fluid communication between the reservoirs and the flow cell; and (v) at least one pressure source configured to move liquids from the reservoirs to the flow cell.
Magnetic particle detection with incubation period
The invention relates to a method and a device for the detection of magnetic particles (1) in a sample chamber (112). After introduction of the sample into said sample chamber (112), the magnetic particles (1) are first retained within the sample chamber (112) and kept away from the sensing surface (111) by an appropriate magnetic field (b) to allow for an incubation of the sample with reagents.
Novel cyanine derivatives having meso-reactive functional group at polymethine chain and preparation method thereof
The present invention relates to a novel cyanne derivative having a meso-reaction functional group in a polymethine chain, and a preparation method thereof, and the cyanine derivative having the reaction functional group substituted at the meso site may be suitable for mass production thanks to a very simple synthesis method, have a very fast reaction rate because while a related art reagent for detection of nerve agents undergoes two steps of reactions, the cyanine derivative of the present invention undergoes only one step of reaction, have very excellent sensitivity, and be useful as an acid ph-activated ratiometric nir probe because it is able to be activated in an acidic ph and is usable in an aqueous environment.. .
In-vitro contact lens testing
Contact lens testing apparatuses and method for testing contact lenses for analytes are presented. In an aspect, a device is provided that includes a housing configured to hold one or more contact lenses, and a testing compartment provided within the housing and comprising a reagent, the reagent configured to facilitate a chemical reaction in response to the existence of a predetermined biomarker disposed on or within a contact lens placed in the testing compartment, wherein the chemical reaction produces a known result related to state information of an individual from which the biomarker was generated..
Device for analyzing a sample and method of using the same
This disclosure is directed to a device and method of using the device to analyze a sample. The sample may be a suspension, a portion of the suspension, a particular component of the suspension, or the like.
Metal-based covalent viability reagent for single cell analysis
The present invention provides a robust viability stain for methods utilizing elemental analysis. A population of cells is contacted with an effective dose of a non-chelated biomacromolecule-reactive metal derivative, which selectively crosses the plasma membrane of non-viable cells, and which covalently modifies a biological macromolecule within the cell, for a period of time sufficient to permit entry into non-viable cells.
Automated system and method of treating tissue samples on slides
An automated method and system for treating one or more tissue samples disposed on slides, the system comprising: a controller, a plurality of slide treatment modules arranged to receive ones of the slides; at least one fluid dispensing robot configured by the controller to dispense a plurality of reagents to said ones of the slides received in the slide treatment modules via an output nozzle disposed on the at least one fluid dispensing robot to treat said one or more tissue samples respectively; and at least one pumping means for pumping said reagents to the output nozzle of the at least one fluid dispensing robot from a plurality of reagent containers comprising said reagents, wherein the at least one fluid dispensing robot is configured by the controller to dispense said reagents in a predetermined sequence for each of the slide treatment modules to treat the one or more tissue samples disposed on each of the slides independently.. .
Sensor housing and reagent chemistry
A sensor comprises a sensor housing, having a channel; a porous substrate, in the channel; an analysis chemistry reagent, on the porous substrate; and a nozzle, in fluid connection with the channel. The porous substrate fills a cross section of the channel, and the cross-sectional area of the channel at the porous substrate is greater than the cross-sectional area at the nozzle..
Solid precursor-based delivery of fluid utilizing controlled solids morphology
Apparatus and method for volatilizing a source reagent susceptible to particle generation or presence of particles in the corresponding source reagent vapor, in which such particle generation or presence is suppressed by structural or processing features of the vapor generation system. Such apparatus and method are applicable to liquid and solid source reagents, particularly solid source reagents such as metal halides, e.g., hafnium chloride.
Predicting responsiveness to antibody maintenance therapy
Methods, reagents and kits are provided for predicting whether an individual suffering from an antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (adcc)-treatable disease is responsive to an antibody maintenance therapy. The methods, reagents, and kits find a number of uses, including, for selecting individuals who will be responsive for treatment with an antibody maintenance therapy, for determining the appropriate maintenance therapy for an individual suffering from an adcc-treatable disease, for determining the optimal regimen for antibody maintenance therapy, and for treating an individual with an antibody maintenance therapy based on stratification into responsive groups..
Radioactive metal-labeled anti-cadherin antibody
A radioactive metal-labeled anti-cadherin antibody which is obtained by binding a radioactive metallic element to an anti-cadherin antibody via a metal-chelating reagent.. .
Simplified gating method for sealing and flow control in micro and nano devices
A biochip for multiplex genetic identification is disclosed. An biochip for separating and detecting a plurality of dna fragments includes a set of inputs and chambers for receiving a sample matrix of genetic material and reagents needed to conduct a polymerase chain reaction amplification of the genetic material.
Atmospheric pressure ion source for mass spectrometry
A multiple function atmospheric pressure ion source interfaced to a mass spectrometer comprises multiple liquid inlet probes configured such that the sprays from two or more probes intersect in a mixing region gas phase sample ions or neutral species generated in the spray of one probe can react with reagent gas ions generated from one or more other probes by such ionization methods as electrospray, photoionization, corona discharge and glow discharge ionization. Reagent ions may be optimally selected to promote such processes as atmospheric pressure chemical ionization of neutral sample molecules, or charge reduction or electron transfer dissociation of multiply charged sample ions.
Electrochemical test sensor with light guide
An electrochemical test sensor for detecting the analyte concentration of a fluid test sample includes a base, a dielectric layer, a reagent layer, a light guide area, and a lid. The base provides a flow path for the test sample haying on its surface a counter electrode and a working electrode adapted to electrically communicate with a detector of electrical current.
Multi-parameter test units for initial indication of medical symptoms
Disposable test units to assist medical personnel are described. In some embodiments, a test unit includes: a solid support; a cavity in the solid support; a reaction chamber internal to the solid support, including a plurality of biochemical reagents; a first internal channel in the solid support, connected at a first end to the cavity, connected at a second end to the reaction chamber; at least one pathogen detection region internal to the solid support; a second internal channel in the solid support, connected at a first end to the reaction chamber, connected at a second end to the at least one pathogen detection region; a temperature detector; and a persistent visible temperature indicator attached to the temperature detector..
Process for the synthesis of aminaphtone
The present invention concerns a new process for the synthesis of aminaphtone, which makes use of non-toxic solvents and reagents, under mild reaction and temperature conditions. The aminaphtone obtained with the method of the present invention also has a purity of at least 98% in weight.
Methods for preparing polymeric reagents and compositions of polymeric reagents
Methods for preparing active carbonate esters of water-soluble polymers are provided. Also provided are other methods related to the active carbonate esters of water-soluble polymers, as well as corresponding compositions..
Sequences and their use for detection and characterization of stec bacteria
This invention relates to a rapid method for detection and characterization of stec bacteria based on the presence of nucleic acid sequences, in particular, to a pcr-based method for detection, and to oligonucleotide molecules and reagents and kits useful therefore. This method is preferably employed to detect stec bacteria in a food or water sample, such as a beef enrichment.
Chemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines
This invention provides novel reagents for cyanating polysaccharides in aqueous or part aqueous solutions so that they may be covalently linked to proteins either directly or through a spacer. These reagents include 1-cyano-4-pyrrolidinopyridinium tetrafluoroborate (cppt), 1-cyano-imidazole (1-ci), 1-cyanobenzotriazole (1-cbt), or 2-cyanopyridazine-3(2h)one (2-cpo), or a functional derivative or modification thereof.
Transcriptome wiring analysis in parkinson's disease and uses thereof
The invention is directed to methods to identify predisposition or risk to develop parkinson's disease, methods to identify agents which have therapeutic effect on parkinson's disease, and methods to determine the therapeutic effect of an agent in a subject suffering from parkinson's disease, and to kits and reagents for carrying out the methods of the invention.. .
Pme-1 as a biomarker to predict and diagnose an increased risk of endometrial cancer and gene silencing of pme-1 to inhibit epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Disclosed are methods of attenuating activity of the pme-1 gene. Sirnas or shrnas are used to target against pme-1, thereby reducing the pme-1 mrna.
Alpha-1-antitrypsin compositions
A streamlined method for purifying alpha-1-antitrypsin (aat) from an aat-containing protein mixture, such as a cohn fraction iv precipitate, is provided. In the method of the invention, contaminating proteins are destabilized by cleavage of disulfide bonds with a reducing reagent, such as a dithiol, which does not affect aat.
Sensitive and rapid determination of antimicrobial susceptibility
The present invention relates to moving microorganisms to a surface, where they are grown in the presence and absence of antimicrobials, and by monitoring the growth of the microorganisms over time in the two conditions, their susceptibility to the antimicrobials can be determined. The microorganisms can be moved to the surface through electrophoresis, centrifugation or filtration.
Polyspecificity reagents, methods for their preparation and use
The present invention relates, inter alia, to polyspecificity reagents, methods of making the same, and methods of using the same in, inter alia, the selection, screening, enrichment, and identification of non-polyspecific, and thus developable, polypeptides.. .

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