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Reagent patents

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Bio sensing device


Bio sensing device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Method and apparatus using magnetic resonance imaging for tissue phenotyping and monitoring patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus using magnetic resonance imaging for tissue phenotyping and monitoring
Provided herein is a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) technique and, optionally, software, collectively referred to as the “shutter-speed” model, to analyze image data of cancer patients. Embodiments provide a minimally invasive, yet precisely accurate, approach to determining whether tumors are malignant or benign by distinguishing the characteristics of contrast reagent activity in benign and malignant tumors.
Brigham And Women's Hospital
 Apparatus and  synthesizing f-18 labeled radioactive pharmaceuticals patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and synthesizing f-18 labeled radioactive pharmaceuticals
The present invention relates to an apparatus for synthesizing f-18 labeled radioactive pharmaceutical. The apparatus for synthesizing f-18 labeled radioactive pharmaceutical includes an f-18 radioactive isotope supplier, a reagent supplier, a polymer precursor cartridge, a first heating unit, a polymer compound cartridge, a synthesizing container, a second heating unit, a water liquid container, a transmitting gas supplier, a cleansing liquid supplier, a connection tube, a plurality of control valves, and a controller..
Sogang University Research Foundation
 Compositions and methods relating to dennd1a variant 2 and polycystic ovary syndrome patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods relating to dennd1a variant 2 and polycystic ovary syndrome
Provided are compositions and methods for use in polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis (pcos). The method involves a sample from a subject for a dennd1a variant 2 mrna or dennd1 a variant 2 protein to make or aid in a diagnosis of pcos.
Virginia Commonwealth University
 Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of micro-volume liquid reactions patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of micro-volume liquid reactions
Disclosed herein are apparatuses and methods for conducting multiple simultaneous micro-volume chemical and biochemical reactions in an array format. In one embodiment, the format comprises an array of microholes in a substrate.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
 Derivation of neural stem cells and dopaminergic neurons from human pluripotent stem cells patent thumbnailnew patent Derivation of neural stem cells and dopaminergic neurons from human pluripotent stem cells
The present invention is based in part on a chemically defined method of generating neural stem cells (nscs) and dopaminergic (da) neurons from human pluripotent stem cells (hpscs). The da neurons of the invention can be derived from hpscs and nscs.
International Stem Cell Corporation
 Affinity reagents for protein purification patent thumbnailnew patent Affinity reagents for protein purification
Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for purifying proteins from crude solutions.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
 Low-volume sequencing system and  use patent thumbnailnew patent Low-volume sequencing system and use
Various embodiments of a low-volume sequencing system are provided herein. The system can include a low-volume flowcell having at least one reaction chamber of a defined volume (e.g., less than about 100 μl).
Life Technologies Corporation
 Sulphur detection method and kit patent thumbnailnew patent Sulphur detection method and kit
Method of detecting the presence of sulphur in a construction material such as asphalt or concrete comprising the steps of:·(a) adding a quantity of the construction material to a solvent to form a test solution, wherein the solvent is capable of solubilising all or part of any sulphur which is present in the construction material and wherein the solvent is miscible with an aqueous solution; and·(b) detecting the presence of sulphur in the test solution by (i) adding to the solution a reagent which induces part or all of any sulphur present in the test solution to precipitate and (ii) measuring the turbidity of the test solution after the precipitation has been formed. The present invention further relates to a sulphur detection kit for detecting the presence of sulphur in construction materials such as asphalt or concrete..
Shell Oil Company
 Phosphorothioate oligonucleotide-labeling of white blood cells patent thumbnailnew patent Phosphorothioate oligonucleotide-labeling of white blood cells
The present invention provides labeling and capture reagents that comprise phosphorothioate oligonucleotides odn). The ps-odn bind to all white blood cells (leukocytes) in an indiscriminative fashion and enable the labeling, capture, or concentration of leukocytes in a manner that preserves the antigenic integrity of the cells.
Becton, Dickinson And Company
 Self-catalytic reaction based assay patent thumbnailnew patent Self-catalytic reaction based assay
A method for determining the presence or concentration of an analyte in a sample is described, including the steps of associating an initiator with the analyte to form an analyte associated initiator, contacting the analyte associated initiator with a reagent adapted to undergo a self-catalytic reaction which produces a product, and obtaining an observation or measurement corresponding to a change in the amount of the product. Kits and additional methods related to analyte detection are also described..
Utah State University
new patent

Immunological analysis method and reagent

Disclosed are an immunoassay method which can measure an antigen with high sensitivity and accuracy; and a reagent therefor. In the immunoassay method, an antigen-antibody reaction and/or a measurement is(are) carried out in the presence of a polycarboxylic acid type surfactant.
Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.
new patent

Immunochromatographic test strip and detection method using immunochromatography for detecting target in red blood cell-containing sample

A problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an immunochromatographic test strip and a detection method using immunochromatography avoiding aggregation of colloidal gold conjugates while red blood cells in whole blood are agglutinated and then separated and removed in the case of using polybrene as a blood-agglutinating agent and the colloidal gold conjugates as a detection reagent. To solve the problem, the present inventers reviewed a past reagent configuration itself from a completely different viewpoint rather than selecting type and amount of polyanions and, as a result of extensive study on each element, the inventers surprisingly found that aggregation of colloidal gold can be suppressed by using a certain buffer solution without using neutralization by polyanions..
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.
new patent

Monoclonal antibody against duck tembusu virus, hybridoma cell line and application thereof

A monoclonal antibody against the duck tembusu virus and a hybridoma cell line secreting the monoclonal antibody, a reagent kit and method for detecting a duck tembusu virus antibody, and application of the monoclonal antibody in preparing products for diagnosing the duck tembusu virus disease. The monoclonal antibody may bind specifically to e protein of duck tembusu virus and has an activity of neutralizing duck tembusu virus..
Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute, Caas
new patent

Photoresist system and method

A system and method for photoresists is provided. In an embodiment a cross-linking or coupling reagent is included within a photoresist composition.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
new patent

Layered nanoparticles

The invention provides a process for forming a layered nanoparticle, comprising providing a suspension comprising a core particle in a first liquid, adding a second liquid to the suspension, and adding a reagent, or a precursor for the reagent, to the suspension. The second liquid is immiscible with the first liquid.
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation
new patent

Method for reducing the mercury (hg) and other metal emissions from a plant for manufacturing cement clinker and other industrial processes

A method and plant for reducing mercury (hg) and other metal emissions including injecting a chemical reagent into the process in such a way as to convert elemental mercury into a mercury compound that is more readily captured using normal particulate control equipment associated with kilns, smelters, furnaces, and boilers of cement plants and other industrial plants.. .
new patent

Electrophoretic matrix staining composition and method

Staining compositions and methods for use with a matrix, such as an electrophoretic gel, containing separated biopolymers. The compositions including an acid, an organic solvent, and a generally planar, fluid-permeable gel contact sheet consisting primarily of a non-cellulosic material.
Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.
new patent

Bio sensing device

The present invention relates to a bio sensing device having a reaction part and a measuring device which are integrated therein. The bio sensing device includes: a main substrate, a reaction part, a signal processing part, a screen display part, and a housing.
Ceragemmedisys Inc.
new patent

Measuring use therewith

The ability to switch at will between amperometric measurements and potentiometric measurements provides great flexibility in performing analyses of unknowns. Apparatus and methods can provide such switching to collect data from an electrochemical cell.
Agamatrix, Inc.
new patent

Process for preparing a ferric nitrate reagent from copper raffinate solution and use of such reagent in the leaching and/or curing of copper substances

This invention relates to a process for preparing a ferric nitrate (fe(no3)3) reagent, capable of serving as a solvent and copper species oxidizing agent in the ore curing, heap leaching, and/or run of mine (rom) leaching of a copper ore hydrometallurgical process located at a brown field or green field, from an aqueous copper raffinate solution from the copper ore hydrometallurgical process of copper ore containing iron (ii) (fe2+), and the reagent prepared pursuant to this process.. .

Systems and methods for performing amplicon rescue multiplex polymerase chain reaction (pcr)

Embodiments of the present disclosure generally pertain to systems and methods for performing amplicon rescue multiplex polymerase chain reaction (arm-pcr). In one embodiment, the system comprises a processor and a reader coupled to a control element.

Luminescence detecting apparatuses and methods

A luminescence detecting apparatus and method for analyzing luminescent samples is disclosed. Luminescent samples are placed in a plurality of sample wells in a tray, and the tray is placed in a visible-light impervious chamber containing a charge coupled device camera.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Solid support and detecting an analyte in a sample

A solid support for detecting the presence of an analyte in a sample at or above a predetermined threshold comprises: a competitive analyte within said solid support, wherein said competitive analyte is coupled to a first member of a binding pair; a labelled conjugate within said solid support, downstream of said competitive analyte, wherein said analyte and said competitive analyte compete for binding to said conjugate; and a capture reagent immobilized within said solid support, downstream of said conjugate, wherein said capture reagent comprises a second member of the binding pair; wherein the affinity of the first and second members of the binding pair for one another and the distance between the conjugate and the capture reagent and/or the conjugate and the competitive analyte within the solid support are selected so as to increase the threshold of the solid support for the analyte.. .
Zbx Corporation

Assays and reagents for diagnosing type 1 diabetes

Described herein are compositions and methods for diagnosing or monitoring type 1 diabetes.. .
L2 Diagnostics

Kinetic exclusion amplification of nucleic acid libraries

A method including (a) providing an amplification reagent including an array of sites, and a solution having different target nucleic acids; and (b) reacting the amplification reagent to produce amplification sites each having a clonal population of amplicons from a target nucleic acid from the solution. The reacting can include simultaneously transporting the nucleic acids to the sites at an average transport rate, and amplifying the nucleic acids that transport to the sites at an average amplification rate, wherein the average amplification rate exceeds the average transport rate.
Illumina, Inc.

System and optical detection using capillary action

A product and method for the detection of one or more analytes in a collected sample employs capillary action in a sample card containing a sample substrate, at least one test capsule and an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad absorbs the contents of the test capsule and delivers the same to the sample substrate, with the contents of the test capsule chemically reacting with at least one detection reagent to establish an optical indicator for the analyte(s).
Redxdefense, Llc

Method of determining phenoxy herbicides in water samples by phase transfer microextraction with simultaneous derivatization and gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry analysis

A method for determining the concentration of a phenoxy herbicide in an aqueous sample, by simultaneously phase-transfer catalyst extracting and alkylating an aqueous sample comprising a phenoxy herbicide to form a sample composition, and measuring an amount of the alkylated phenoxy herbicide in the sample composition. The method includes controlling factors such as ph of the aqueous matrix, temperature, extraction duration, type and amount of derivation reagents, and type and amount of phase transfer catalyst..
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Lithium reagent composition, and for determining lithium ion amount using same

[solution] a reagent composition for measuring lithium comprising f28 tetraphenylporphyrin compound as chelating agent, including further a water-soluble organic solvent, a ph modifier and a stabilizer, and a method and apparatus for measuring lithium ion by using the reagent.. .

Circular nucleic acid vectors, and methods for making and using the same

Circular nucleic acid vectors that provide for persistently high levels of protein expression are provided. The circular vectors of the subject invention are characterized by being devoid of expression-silencing bacterial sequences, where in many embodiments the subject vectors include a unidirectional site-specific recombination product hybrid sequence in addition to an expression cassette.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method for determining biochemical parameters of a body fluid

The invention relates to a method for determining biochemical parameters of a body fluid, wherein a sample of said body fluid in the form of a droplet is transported through a channel of a microfluidic system using a carrier liquid, mixed with a reagent thus initiating a chemical reaction between the sample and the reagent, and the result of the chemical reaction is measured, preferably with a spectrophotometer, whereby the said biochemical parameters of the body fluid are determined, characterised in that the material used for fabrication of the microfluidic system and the said carrier liquid is pair of teflon and fluorinert hfe-7100.. .

Fluidic connectors and microfluidic systems

Fluidic connectors, methods, and devices for performing analyses (e.g., immunoassays) in microfluidic systems are provided. In some embodiments, a fluidic connector having a fluid path is used to connect two independent channels formed in a substrate so as to allow fluid communication between the two independent channels.
Opko Diagnostics, Llc

Detection of drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis

This invention relates to nucleic acids, reagents and methods for detecting rifampicin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis in a sample from a subject. In one aspect, the invention provides methods of detecting rifampicin resistant m.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Dna sequencing with reagent recycling on wiregrid

The present invention relates to dna sequencing with reagent cycling on the wiregrid. The sequencing approach suggested with which allows to use a single fluid with no washing steps.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Device and detecting a target analyte

One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a calorimeter for detecting the presence of a target analyte in a fluid sample. The calorimeter can include a substrate, a hermetically-sealed, thermally decoupled central reaction zone associated with the substrate, at least one droplet transport region, and detection electronics.
Vanderbilt University

Cross-linkable adhesive compound with hard and soft blocks as a permeant barrier

Adhesive compound as a permeant barrier, comprising (i) block copolymers having a construction a-b-a, (a-b)n, (a-b)nx, or (a-b-a)nx, where x is the radical of the coupling reagent, n is a whole number between 2 and 10, a is a polymer made of a vinyl aromatic compound and b is a polymer block made of an alkene or diene, wherein this polymer block can also be hydrated, with the condition that at least part of the a blocks is sulfonated, optionally with two-block copolymers in the form of a-b as an admixture component, and (ii) at least one tackifier resin.. .
Tesa Se

Diabetes-inducible bacterium

The present invention provides a diabetes-inducing bacterium and use thereof, and a reagent and a detection method for detecting the bacterium. According to the present invention, enteric colonization of the diabetes-inducing bacterium can be prevented, and diabetes can be treated and/or prevented..
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Methods and compositions for cancer diagnosis

The present invention provides reagents and methods for detecting cancer precancerous lesions in a patient.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Treatment of nitrogen oxides in flue gas streams

A method for removing nitrogen oxides in stationary source combustion flue gas streams includes introducing a reagent or a mixture comprising carbamide peroxide and water as a reducing agent.. .
Peroxychem Llc

Material storage and dispensing packages and methods

Packages and methods for storage and dispensing of materials, e.g., high purity liquid reagents and chemical mechanical polishing compositions used in the manufacture of microelectronic device products, including containment structures and methods adapted for pressure-dispensing of high-purity liquids. Liner packaging of liquid or liquid-containing media is described, in which zero or near-zero head space conformations are employed to minimize adverse effects of particle generation, formation of bubbles and degradation of contained material..
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

Advanced treatment biochemical tail water of coking wastewater

The present invention discloses a method for advanced treatment of bio-treated coking wastewater, belonging to the field of advanced treatment and recycled use of wastewater. It adopts polymeric ferric sulfate (pfs) and polyacrylamide (pam) as the flocculant for pre-treatment of bio-treated effluent.
Nanjing University

Test sensors and methods of using the same

A reagent composition containing gdh-pqq as an enzyme-co-factor and screen-printed on working and counter electrodes of electrochemical biosensors, maintains activity of the enzyme reagents by proper selection of components. A preferred composition includes hydrophilic polymers, amorphous untreated silica, buffers, surfactants, and a mediator..
Bayer Healthcare Llc

Set of equipment for extracting highly viscous oil

A set of equipment for extracting highly viscous oil comprises a pump-compressor string with an oil-pump drive placed therewithin and an arrangement consisting of an oil pump, a perforated string section with a pump anchor, and a downhole tool, which is in the form of a cylindrical body, mounted consecutively on the mentioned string. A hermetic cavity and an annular chamber with radial channels are arranged consecutively in the mentioned body.
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetsvennostju "viatech"

High-carbon biogenic reagents and uses thereof

This invention provides processes and systems for converting biomass into high-carbon biogenic reagents that are suitable for a variety of commercial applications. Some embodiments employ pyrolysis in the presence of an inert gas to generate hot pyrolyzed solids, condensable vapors, and non-condensable gases, followed by separation of vapors and gases, and cooling of the hot pyrolyzed solids in the presence of the inert gas.
Biogenic Reagent Ventures, Llc

Process for the preparation of polyoxyalkylene aminophosphonic dispersing agents r1-o-(ch2-ch2-o)n-ch2-ch2-n(r2)-r3-nr4r5 (i)

Disclosed is a process for the preparation of compounds of formula (i) wherein r1 is c1-c4 alkoxy; r2 is hydrogen or a group of formula —ch2—po3h2 or is a group of formula r1-o—(ch2—ch2o)n—ch2—ch2—; r3 is an alkylene, optionally substituted with one or more —nr2-groups; r4 and r5 are both a group of formula —ch2—po3h2 or one of them is a group of formula —ch2—po3h2 and the other is a group of formula r1-o—(ch2—ch2—o)-ch2-ch2-; n is an integer between 4 and 50; which comprises: a) reacting a compound of formula r1-o—(ch2—ch2—o)n—ch2—ch2—oh with socl2 or a similar reagent to give a compound of formula r1-o—(ch2—ch2—o)n—ch2—ch2—cl; b) reacting the compound obtained in a) with an amine of formula nh2—r3′-nh2 wherein r3′ is an alkylene optionally substituted with one or more —nh-groups; c) reacting the compound obtained in b) with formaldehyde and phosphorous acid.. .
Giovanni Bozzetto S.p.a.

Synthesis of diamido gellants by using dane salts of amino acids

The invention relates to a method for the synthesis of a compound according to formula i comprising the following steps: a) reacting a dane salt according to formula ii and a dane salt according to formula iii with a coupling reagent; b) adding a diamine according to formula iv to the reaction mixture; and c) adding an acid to the reaction mixture to adjust the ph value of the reaction to <7; wherein l represents a c2-c20 alkyl group, a c6-c20 aryl group, or a c7-c20 alkylaryl group; r1 and r2 can be identical or different and represent a hydrogen atom, a c1-c4 alkyl group, a c1-c4 hydroxyalkyl group, a c1-c4 thioether group, a c6-c20 aryl group, a c7-c26) alkylaryl group, a c7-c20 alkylhydroxyaryl group, a c4-c20 alkylheteroaryl group with 1 to 4 heteroatoms; or a c1-c4 alkylcarboxylic moiety, which may be an acid, an amide, or which may be esterified with a c1-c6 alkyl group or a c7-c20 alkylaryl group; r3 represents a c1-c4 alkyl group; r4 represents a hydrogen atom, or a c1-c4 alkyl group; r5 represents a c1-c4 alkyl group; and x represents an alkali metal.. .
Evonik Industries Ag

Processes for the preparation of 1-aryl-5-alkyl pyrazole compounds

Which are substituted at the 5-position of the pyrazole ring with a carbon-linked functional group. The process described are efficient and scalable and do not utilize hazardous sulfenyl halide reagents..

Formulations for targeted release of agents to low ph tissue environments or cellular compartments and methods of use thereof

Polyamine-co-ester-co-ortho ester) polymers, methods of forming active agent-load nanoparticles therefrom, and methods of using the nanoparticles for drug delivery are disclosed. The nanoparticles can be coated with an agent that reduces surface charge, an agent that increases cell-specific targeting, or a combination thereof.
Yale University

Novel ntrk1 fusion molecules and uses thereof

Novel ntrk1 fusion molecules, detection reagents, and uses and kits for evaluating, identifying, assessing and/or treating a subject having a cancer are disclosed.. .
Foundation Medicine, Inc.

Cationic graft-copolymer for drug delivery system

A cationic graft-copolymer for a drug delivery system comprising a unit derived from a having a hydroxyl groups, namely, a cationic polysaccharide of the following formula (1) (c6h7o2(oh)3-a (ox)a)xh2o (1) and a unit derived from a polymerizable olefin compound of the following formula (2) (a, x, x, r4, r5, r6, and r7 are defined in claim 1-8); a process for preparing the same and a transfection reagent made therefrom.. .

Srm/mrm assay for subtyping lung histology

The current disclosure provides for specific peptides, and derived ionization characteristics of the peptides, from the krt5, krt7, napsina, ttf1, tp63, and/or muc1 proteins that are particularly advantageous for quantifying the krt5, krt7, napsina, ttf1, tp63, and/or muc1 proteins directly in biological samples that have been fixed in formalin by the method of selected reaction monitoring (srm) mass spectrometry, or what can also be termed as multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) mass spectrometry. Such biological samples are chemically preserved and fixed wherein said biological sample is selected from tissues and cells treated with formaldehyde containing agents/fixatives including formalin-fixed tissue/cells, formalin-fixed/paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue/cells, ffpe tissue blocks and cells from those blocks, and tissue culture cells that have been formalin fixed and or paraffin embedded.
Expression Pathology, Inc.

Compounds and methods for preparation of conjugate reagents

Compositions are disclosed that include a support having on a surface thereof at least an inner polysaccharide layer and an outer polysaccharide layer. The outer polysaccharide layer has pendant moieties each comprising a terminal amine functionality.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Inc.

Tester for peroxide-based compounds

An apparatus and a method for the colorimetric detection testing of peroxide-based compositions is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a first carrier having an acidic compound in dry form for hydrolysis of peroxide-based compounds and a second carrier having a colorimetric detection reagent composition in dry form.
Precision Laboratories, Inc.

Optical sensor-based cupric reducing antioxidant capacity (cuprac) assay

An example embodiment is an apparatus for measuring antioxidant presence comprising a solid media, and a reagent carried by the media, the reagent reactive with at least one antioxidant to cause changes in light that is incident upon the reagent while carried by the solid media.. .
Oxford Biomedical Research, Inc.

Multiple slide processing apparatus

A slide processing apparatus comprises a slide or processing station which may include a plurality of cuvettes, each cuvette configured to receive a slide. A reagent fluid supply is coupled to each cuvette to deliver and apply reagent for treatment of the slide.
Ggb Company

Method for measuring substance in blood sample

Provided is a method for measuring a substance in a blood sample by an enzymatic method using an oxidizable color reagent, the method including (1) bringing the blood sample into contact with a non-ionic surfactant; and then (2) bringing the resultant sample into contact with a betaine-type amphoteric surfactant, to perform an enzyme reaction and a color reaction by an oxidizable color reagent at the same time as the contact or after the contact.. .

Application of integrin beta subunit in diagnosing venous thromboembolism

The present invention provides a method for diagnosing venous thromboembolism (vte), comprising: detecting the level of an integrin β1 subunit, an integrin β2 subunit, and/or an integrin β3 subunit in a blood sample. Also provided is a reagent kit for diagnosing vte, comprising a substance capable of specifically binding to the integrin β1 subunit, the integrin β2 subunit, and/or the integrin β3 subunit..

Spiral-wound convection battery and methods of operation

A salt ion battery stores consumed reagents in an electrolyte contained in a storage vessel. The electrolyte flows from electrode to counter-electrode through a flow permeable separator that has a filter support.
Homeland Technologies Research, Llc

Recording media

The present disclosure provides recording media and related methods. A recording media for printing can comprise a base paper and a backside extruded polyethylene layer on a side of the base paper.
Hewlett-packard Development Company,l.p.

High affinity sirp-alpha reagents

High affinity sirp-α reagent are provided, which (i) comprise at least one amino acid change relative to the wild-type protein; and (ii) have an increased affinity for cd47 relative to the wild-type protein. Compositions and methods are provided for modulating phagocytosis in a mammal by administering a therapeutic dose of a pharmaceutical composition comprising a high affinity sirpα reagent, which blocks the physiological binding interaction between sirpα and its ligand cd47..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Exhaust mixing assembly

An exhaust treatment component including a mixing assembly located within a housing. The mixing assembly includes a decomposition tube having a first end and a second end, the first end being configured to receive the exhaust from the inlet and being configured to receive a reagent exhaust treatment fluid; a flow reversing device disposed proximate the second end, the flow reversing device configured to direct a mixture of the exhaust and reagent exhaust treatment fluid as the mixture exits the second end of the decomposition tube in a direction back toward the first end, the flow reversing device including a plurality of deflecting members for swirling and intermixing the exhaust and reagent exhaust treatment fluid; and a swirl arrester device configured to eliminate the swirling of the exhaust and reagent exhaust treatment fluid after exiting the flow reversing device..
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

Axial flow atomization module with mixing device

An engine exhaust after-treatment system including an exhaust conduit for carrying an engine exhaust; a dosing module for dosing the engine exhaust with a reagent exhaust treatment fluid, the dosing module dispersing the reagent exhaust treatment fluid into plurality of conical spray paths; and a mixing device positioned in the exhaust conduit downstream from the dosing module for intermixing the reagent exhaust treatment fluid and the engine exhaust, the mixing device including a plurality of mixing blades in a number that is equal to a number of the conical spray paths, wherein the mixing device is oriented in the exhaust conduit based on an orientation of each of the conical spray paths. .
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

Exhaust mixing device

A swirl device for intermixing a reagent exhaust treatment fluid and an exhaust produced by an engine. The swirl device includes a cylindrical tube defining an inlet for receipt of the reagent exhaust treatment fluid and the exhaust, and a swirl member attached to the cylindrical tube.
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

Vertical ultrasonic decomposition pipe

An exhaust treatment component for treating an exhaust produced by an engine. The exhaust treatment component includes a housing, a first exhaust treatment component substrate positioned within the housing, and a dosing module for dosing a reagent exhaust treatment fluid into the exhaust.
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc.

Biosensor test strip for biosensor test device

A biosensor test device of this disclosure includes a biosensor test strip and biosensor monitor connecting with the biosensor test strip. The biosensor test strip includes a base layer and at least one test section.
Joinsoon Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Direction of motion conversion mechanism, actuator device using the same, and reagent manufacturing apparatus

An actuator device includes a pin that performs translatory motion along a groove of a cam to which a three-way stopcock is connected, the cam that performs rotary motion, and a control unit that causes the pin to perform the translatory motion along an extending direction of the cam, and rotates the cam with respect to a central axis of rotation, thereby to divert a passage of the three-way stopcock. A first, second, third, and fourth grooves that form the groove have a linked shape.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Racemo selective metallation process

This invention relates to racemic bridged bis(indenyl)metallocene transition metal compounds, rac-directing metallation reagents and a process to produce the racemic bridged bis(indenyl)metallocene transition metal compounds using the rac-directing metallation regents.. .
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

Prepackaged sterile syringe or containers with various substance concentrations with or without bioactive reagent

A prepackaged sterile syringe or bottle with various concentrations of tissue and organ biologically stimulating reagents i.e., dextrose, various anthocyanins, anthocyanidins and/or their various metabolites (i.e., protocatechuic acid) as the base, can be used as a product and service not otherwise available to those practicing prolotherapy. A selected bioactive agent could be added to enhance the treatment effectiveness.

Reagents and methods for treating dental disease

The present invention provides reagents and methods for treating dental disease.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Reagents and methods for detecting protein crotonylation

The invention provides an isolated peptide comprising a crotonylation site, a kcr-specific affinity reagent that specifically binds to the peptide, and a method for detecting protein crotonylation in a sample using the reagent.. .
Ptm Biolabs, Inc.

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