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Reagent patents

This page is updated frequently with new Reagent-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Perfusion phantom device patent thumbnailPerfusion phantom device
Uses of the device in quality control, validation or calibration of monitoring devices such as magnetic resonance (mr) or computerised tomography (ct) scanners, in teaching or training of machine operatives or for research purposes including for research into scanners, scanning techniques or reagents such as contrast agents used in such processes, form further aspects of the invention.. .

 Control of ph in aqueous urea-containing solutions utilizing amino acid-containing compositions patent thumbnailControl of ph in aqueous urea-containing solutions utilizing amino acid-containing compositions
Aqueous calibration or quality control reagents that include urea are disclosed; the reagents may further include at least one amino acid-containing composition to provide ph stability thereto. Methods of production and use thereof are also disclosed..
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

 Release reagent for vitamin d compounds patent thumbnailRelease reagent for vitamin d compounds
A reagent composition for releasing vitamin d compounds bound to vitamin d-binding protein and an in vitro method for the detection of a vitamin d compound in which the vitamin d compound is released from vitamin d-binding protein by the use of this reagent composition as well as the reagent mixture obtained in this manner. Also disclosed is the use of the reagent compositions to release vitamin d compounds as well as a kit for detecting a vitamin d compound..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

 Heterogeneous luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays and methods of production and use thereof patent thumbnailHeterogeneous luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassays and methods of production and use thereof
Chemiluminescent detection systems, kits and microfluidics devices containing same, as well as methods of production and use thereof, are disclosed. Immunoassay technologies are widely used in the field of medical diagnostics.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

 Novel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification patent thumbnailNovel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification
Described herein are methods, compositions and articles of manufacture involving neutral conjugated polymers including methods for synthesis of neutral conjugated water-soluble polymers with linkers along the polymer main chain structure and terminal end capping units. Such polymers may serve in the fabrication of novel optoelectronic devices and in the development of highly efficient biosensors.
Sirigen Inc.

 Polymer backbone element tags patent thumbnailPolymer backbone element tags
Element tags based on novel metal-polymer conjugates are provided for elemental analysis of analytes, including icp-ms. A polymer backbone is functionalized to irreversibly bind metals that are selected prior to use by the user.
Fluidigm Canada Inc.

 Microfluidic device for immunoblotting patent thumbnailMicrofluidic device for immunoblotting
The present invention provides microfluidic devices, systems, and methods for use in immunoblotting applications. I particular, devices and methods provided herein have the advantages of traditional western blotting with increased throughput and multiplex ability, and decreased time, sample, and reagent requirements..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

 Method for pretreating specimen and  assaying biological substance patent thumbnailMethod for pretreating specimen and assaying biological substance
This invention relates to an assay device and a method for pretreating a specimen containing a biologically-relevant substance and then assaying the biologically-relevant substance. Biologically-relevant substances used in the assay method include microorganisms, cells, viruses, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, proteins (including antigens, antibodies, chromoproteins, and enzymes), peptides, nucleic acids, and small molecules.
Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd.

 Multisignal labeling reagents and processes and uses therefor patent thumbnailMultisignal labeling reagents and processes and uses therefor
Provided are compounds comprising two dna supramolecular binding molecules covalently joined by a linker group. Also provided are multisignal labeling reagents comprising (i) an oligomer of nucleotides or nucleotide analogs; (ii) a dna supramolecular binding molecule noncovalently bound to the oligomer; and (iii) a first reactive group or a first partner of a first binding pair covalently bound to the oligomer.
Enzo Life Science, Inc., C/o Enzo Biochem, Inc.

 Point of care analytical processing system patent thumbnailPoint of care analytical processing system
A point of care testing system includes a reader having an incubator disposed within a reader housing, the incubator having a rotor supported for rotation and having a plurality of circumferentially disposed slots. A drive mechanism is configured to rotate the rotor about a center axis a plurality of analytical test elements are sized for fitting in the slots of the incubator either manually or on demand.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Compositions and methods for the detection and analysis of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Provided herein are compositions and methods useful for the detection of mtb. In particular, provided herein are kits, reagents, reaction mixtures, and methods involving such for nucleic acid amplification and detection procedures, which specifically and sensitively detect mtb in samples..
Abbott Molecular Inc.


Specimen collection with reagent lined collectors

The present disclosure relates to specimen collection devices comprising stabilizing compositions for the collection, preservation, transport, and analysis of evidence samples for forensic analysis.. .
The Bode Technology Group, Inc.


Simultaneous detection of target protein and target nucleic acids in a single cell

Methods and reagents for detection and analysis of nucleic acids are provided. The methods employ proximity extension assays for detection of a target nucleic acids of interest, e.g., a target rna.
Fluidigm Corporation


Rapid, low-sample-volume cholesterol and triglyceride assays

Reagents, assays, methods, kits, devices, and systems for rapid measurement of cholesterol and cholesterol sub-fractions from a blood sample are provided. Total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, and high density lipoprotein cholesterol can be measured in a single assay using kinetic measurements, under conditions in which cholesterol sub-species are converted to a detectable product at distinct rates.
Theranos, Inc.


Adenosine receptor activation reagent and the uses of thereof

The present invention relates to application of n(6)-(2-hydroxyethyl)-adenosine (hea) and its derivatives as an adenosine a1 receptor agonist in preparation of drug or food, the hea and its derivatives are used in treatment of diseases relating to adenosine receptor regulator, such as insomnia, pain, convulsion, apoplexia, parkinson's disease, opioid drug addiction and kidney ischemia reperfusion injury etc. The present invention provides a new method for treatment of the diseases relating to nervous system and kidney..
Zhejiang Subtropical Crops Research Institute


Bioreversible boronates for delivery of molecules into cells

Methods for enhancing cellular uptake of cargo molecules by boronating the cargo molecule, particularly with one or more phenylboronic acid groups. Boronation reagents for reversible boronation of cargo molecules, particularly, cargo molecules having one or more amino groups are provided..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Isothermal plasma cvd system for reduced taper in optical fiber preforms

A chemical vapor deposition (cvd) system is configured to reduce the presence of geometrical and optical taper at the end sections of the preform, or more generally controlling the axial profile of the fabricated optical fiber preform. The system is configured to create an isothermal plasma within the substrate tube, with a relatively confined deposition zone located upstream of the plasma.
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Systems for producing solid carbon by reducing carbon oxides

An apparatus for producing solid carbon and water by reducing carbon oxides with a reducing agent in the presence of a catalyst includes a reactor configured to receive reaction gas comprising at least one carbon oxide, at least one reducing agent, and water. The apparatus includes at least one mixing means configured to mix the reagents to form a combined feed, a first heat exchanger configured to heat the combined feed, at least one heater configured to further heat the combined feed, and a reaction vessel configured to receive the combined feed.
Seerstone Llc


Analysis device and method

A point of use analyzer includes pump, valve, port, and storage channel. The storage channel may hold multiple assay packets composed of reagent aliquots separated by bounding slugs.


Reagent well having a capillary insert

A reagent well having a capillary insert that contains a lyophilized reagent therein.. .
Gen-probe Incorporated


Dual tip array dispensing head

An automated multi-function processing head for a laboratory work station having a table for supporting microtiter plates, other fluid receptacles, a movable arm, and a dual tip dispensing head affixed for reciprocal movement along the arm. The workstation combines into a single programmable system the capabilities for automation of a wide range of bioanalytical procedures including sample pipetting, serial dilution, reagent additions, mixing, reaction timing and washing of reaction vessels.
Accel Biotech, Inc.


Chemical method catalysed by ferromagnetic nanoparticles

A method for the heterogeneous catalysis of a chemical reaction using, in a reactor, at least one reagent and a catalytic composition that can catalyze the reaction within a given range of temperatures t. At least one reagent is brought into contact with the catalytic composition which includes a ferromagnetic nanoparticulate component whose surface is formed at least partially by a compound that is a catalyst for the reaction; the nanoparticulate component is heated by magnetic induction in order to reach a temperature within the range of temperatures t; and the reaction product(s) formed on the surface of the nanoparticulate component are recovered.
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii


P-chirogenic organophosphorus compounds

Metal complexes including compounds (i) as ligands are also described. The novel compounds and complexes are useful in asymmetric catalysis by transition metal complexes or organocatalysis, especially for asymmetric hydrogenation or allylation.


Methods for preparing polymeric reagents

The present invention provides among other things methods for preparing polymeric reagents, wherein the method comprises (a) providing an aromatic moiety bearing a hydroxy group, a first amino group and a second amino group; (b) reacting a functional group reagent with the hydroxy group to result in a hydroxy group bearing a functional group capable of reacting with an amino group of an active agent and resulting in a hydolyzable carbamate; and (c) reacting a plurality of poly(alkylene glycol) water-soluble polymers bearing a reactive group with the first amino group and second amino group to result in (i) a first amino group bearing a water-soluble polymer through a spacer moiety, and (ii) a second amino group bearing a second water-soluble polymer through a spacer moiety.. .
Nektar Therapeutics


Protein particles comprising disulfide crosslinkers and uses

This disclosure relates to particles comprising recombinant proteins, pharmaceutical composition comprising the particles, and therapeutic uses related thereto. In certain embodiments, the particles are made by the process of producing recombinant proteins and conjugating the recombinant proteins to form nanoparticles with a linking reagent comprising disulfide bonds.
Emory University


Lipid nanoparticles for transfection and related methods

Transfection reagent composition, lipid nanoparticles prepared from the transfection reagent composition, kits that include the transfection reagent composition, and methods for making and using lipid nanoparticles prepared from the transfection reagent composition. Lipids when dispersed in aqueous media readily form liposomes, such as unilamellar vesicles and multilamellar vesicles.
The University Of British Columbia


Method and lithiasis treatment

A medical apparatus may include an inflatable tubular component that can be inflated into a u-shaped structure, a plurality of connecting portions formed on a main body. In one embodiment, the connecting portion can be used for inflating an inflatable cylindrical component formed in the u-shaped structure.


Urine preservative reagent for microfiltration

A preservative reagent for urine is disclosed that increases the stability of cells, such as tumor cells, in urine for a period of several weeks. The preservative reagent comprises polyethylene glycol (peg), ethanol, paraformaldehyde (pfa), and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta), and optionally ph stabilizing reagents..
Creatv Microtech, Inc.


Method for monitoring level of paraben in cosmetics

The invention discloses a method for monitoring level of paraben comprising: dissolving a sample in a solvent and obtaining a supernatant containing paraben by ultrasonic vibration and high speed centrifugation; performing a derivatization reaction between a derivatization reagent and paraben by adding the derivatization reagent into the supernatant to obtain a derivatization solution containing a tagged paraben; extracting the derivatization solution by an extractant to obtain an extract containing the tagged paraben; and ionizating the tagged paraben by a laser beam and analyzing mass-to-charge ratio of the tagged paraben by an analyzer to determine molecular weight thereof.. .
Kaohsiung Medical University


Reusable belt with a matrix of wells

A system for processing and analyzing a sample includes a belt with wells that proceeds through the system, a dispensing station that dispenses the sample and reagents into the wells of the belt, and a detection station that detects an analyte in the wells of the belt. The system further includes a wash and decontamination station for decontaminating the wells of the belt..
Douglas Scientific, Llc


Methods for cannabinoid quantification

A method for quantification of the concentration of one or more cannabinoid compounds in a liquid sample is provided. The method involves contacting the liquid sample with at least one cannabinoid-sensitive visualization reagent, allowing the at least one cannabinoid-sensitive visualization reagent to develop for a defined amount of time; and comparing the resulting color change of the at least one cannabinoid-sensitive visualization reagent to a calibrated quantification reference chart..
Compassionate Analytic Inc.


Methods of prognosing preeclampsia

Preeclampsia peptide biomarkers are provided. Also provided are methods for using these biomarkers, including in prognosing or diagnosing preeclampsia in a pregnant individual by detecting these biomarkers in a sample from the pregnant individual.


Improved mapping glycans of glycoproteins

The use of anthranilic acid (2-aa) to label n-glycans prior to separation using a reversed-phase liquid chromatography (rp-lc) column under acidic conditions using formic acid is described herein. Negatively charged 2-aa offers stronger retention on the reversed phase column than 2-aminobenzamide (2-ab) in rp-lc and allows efficient ionization and detection of 2-aa labeled n-glycans.
Hexal Ag


Assay device having multiplexing

An assay device for determining the concentration of multiple analytes or controls, where the device is capable of determining the presence or concentration of at least six analytes or controls includes: a fluid flow path; a liquid sample addition zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample addition zone containing one or more reagents; multiple detection zones in fluid communication with the reagent zone. The fluid flow path, which extends through the detection zones, has a length capable of having at least six detection zones linearly spaced at least a sufficient distance apart in order to discriminate each signal peak from its adjacent signal peak.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Measurement of total organic carbon

A method for determining the total organic carbon in a sample which includes mixing the sample with a reagent containing at least one acid effective for reacting with inorganic carbon-containing materials in the sample, and at least one oxidizing agent effective for oxidizing organic carbon-containing materials in the sample in the presence of ultraviolet radiation, and detecting the carbon dioxide generated, is described. The at least one acid may include phosphoric acid, while the oxidizing agent may include sodium persulfate.
Hach Company


Nucleated red blood cell analysis system and method

Systems and methods for analyzing blood samples, and more specifically for performing a nucleated red blood cell (nrbc) analysis. The systems and methods screen a blood sample by means of fluorescence staining and a fluorescence triggering strategy, to identify nuclei-containing particles within the blood sample.
Abbott Laboratories


White blood cell analysis system and method

Systems and methods for analyzing blood samples, and more specifically for performing a white blood cell (wbc) differential analysis. The systems and methods screen wbcs by means of fluorescence staining and a fluorescence triggering strategy.
Abbott Laboratories


Electrochemical process for coupling of phenol to aniline

The invention relates to an electrochemical method for coupling phenol and aniline, the difference of the oxidation potential of the substrates being in the region of 10 mv-450 mv and the substrate with the highest oxidation potential being added in excess. Said method enables biaryls, which have hydroxy- and amino functions, to be electrochemically produced and to dispense with multi-step syntheses using metallic reagents..
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Method for the identification of the origin of a cancer of unknown primary origin by methylation analysis

The invention relates to methods and reagents for the identification of the origin of a carcinoma of unknown primary origin (cup) based on the determination of the methylation profile in the genome of the cup. The invention relates as well to methods for selecting a suitable therapy for a patient suffering a cup as well as to methods for personalized medicine of patient suffering a cup based on the use of a treatment which is adequate for the primary tumor from which the cup is derived.
FundaciÓ InstituciÓ Catalana De Recerca I Estudis AvanÇats


Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with enzymatic reagent layer containing a naphthoquinone-based mediator and fad-gdh

An electrochemical-based analytical test strip for the determination of an analyte (such as glucose) in a bodily fluid sample includes an electrically insulating base layer, an electrically conductive layer disposed on the electrically insulating base layer and including at least one electrode, an enzymatic reagent layer disposed on the at least one electrode, a patterned spacer layer, and a top layer. Moreover, the enzymatic reagent layer includes at least one naphthoquinone-based mediator.
Lifescan Scotland Limited


Reagents and kit compositions for single-cell whole genome amplification

The present invention provides reagents, kits, and methods for single-cell whole genome amplification using phi 29 dna polymerase.. .
Fluidigm Corporation


Method for isolating nucleic acids from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples

Methods are disclosed for isolating nucleic acids from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue samples. Each of tissue samples contains paraffin and a target biological tissue or material, and the method includes the steps of: adding a first reagent and a second reagent to the ffpe tissue sample, the first reagent dissolving the paraffin material and the second reagent lysing the biological tissue; mixing the first reagent, the second reagent, and the ffpe tissue sample to form a first mixture; (2) heating the first mixture at 50-80° c.
Rbc Bioscience Corp.


Compositions and methods for recovering and/or removing reagents from porous media

A composition and method for displacing, dissolving, extracting, recovering, and/or removing solvent and/or any solvent-associated liquids from a solvent-treated material or penetrating through pores or the surface of a solvent-treated material using a solvent-extracting composition for contacting solvent-treated material and separating the solvent and any solvent-associated liquids from the solvent-treated material as well as the solvent-extracting composition.. .
Green Source Holdings Llc


T cell receptor mimic rl9a

The present invention relates to a methodology of producing antibodies that recognize peptides associated with a tumorigenic or disease state, wherein the peptides are displayed in the context of hla molecules. These antibodies will mimic the specificity of a t cell receptor (tcr) but will have higher binding affinity such that the molecules may be used as therapeutic, diagnostic and research reagents.
Receptor Logic, Llc


Preparation of chiral amides and amines

This invention provides a convenient method for converting oximes into enamides. The process does not require the use of metallic reagents.
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Satellite propulsion device allowing passive elimination of pressurizing gas

A satellite propulsion system comprises: at least one tank containing a propulsion reagent, and at least one tank containing a pressurizing gas that pressurizes the propulsion reagent, at least one transport means for transporting the pressurizing gas from the pressurizing gas tank to the propulsion reagent tank, the transport means comprising at least one opening allowing a continuous leak-off of pressurizing gas, and at least one device intended, after the satellite has entered operational orbit, to isolate a zone comprising the opening from the rest of the propulsion system.. .


Molecular diagnostic devices with magnetic components

The invention provides disposable microfluidic devices that incorporate magnetic media and methods of using such devices to perform diagnostic assays on a sample. One exemplary microfluidic device comprises a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, and a substantially planar member containing at least one hydrophilic region, where the substantially planar member is disposed between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer, and the magnetic layers provide an attractive force useful for reducing the loss of fluid and/or s reagent from the device..
Diagnostics For All, Inc.


Tissue crosslinking for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

A method of treating snoring and/or osa in a subject in need of such treatment. The method includes crosslinking proteins of the subject's soft palate tissue or pharynx tissue.
Orthopeutcs. L.p.


Reagents and methods for modulating cone photoreceptor activity

The present invention provides reagents and methods for modulating cone photoreceptor activity, and devices for assessment of cone photoreceptor activity.. .


Automated integrated slide-processing system

The present invention relates to an integrated automated slide processing system, especially to stain, to cover and to digitize one or more microscope slides (49) in one turn. Said system comprises, as a single apparatus, at least one incubation drawer, an incubation drawer carrier (1), a manipulation tray (2), a manipulation arm (3), a reagent changing unit (4), a washing and rinsing unit, a drop removal unit, a staining/pipetting unit (13), a coverslipping unit (14), a preview image recording unit (15), a digitizing unit (16) and a control computer (18) electrically connected with and providing control over said units, wherein each of the one or more unstained and un-covered microscope slides with sample to be stained, covered and digitized is arranged in an incubation drawer having sidewalls defining a vertically constrained slide receiving space, and wherein the above listed units form a treating path along which said microscope slide (49) is converted into a stained, covered and, at least partially, digitized microscope slide when simultaneously guided over said treating path upon and in harmony with respective control signals provided by the control computer (18) to the respective units..
3dhistech Kft.


Method for predicting responsiveness to compound inhibiting mapk signal transduction pathway

Provided are: a method of predicting sensitivity to a molecularly targeted drug; a method of selecting a patient who is determined to have high responsiveness to administration of a drug; and a reagent to be used in these methods. Specifically, provided are: a method of predicting responsiveness to cancer disease treatment with a compound that inhibits a mitogen-activated protein kinase (hereinafter abbreviated as mapk) signaling pathway, the method including using a biological sample derived from a cancer patient, measuring whether or not β-catenin contained in the biological sample has at least one kind of mutation selected from the group consisting of (i) an active mutation and (ii) a substitution mutation of an asparagine residue to a serine residue at position 287; a method of selecting a patient to be subjected to cancer disease treatment with the compound; a method of treating a cancer disease, the method including administering the compound to the patient selected by the above-mentioned method; and a reagent to be used in these methods..
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited


Detection kit and detection method

A detection kit applied for detecting a body fluid sample of an organism includes a sampling device and a detecting device. The sampling device includes a sampling unit and a filtering unit detachably covering the sampling unit.
National Tsing Hua University


Quantification of a functionalized surface

A method for quantifying at a functional group functionalizing a surface. First, the method comprising the step of providing at a surface comprised on a microparticle having micrometric dimensions functionalized with at a functional group.
Mycartis Nv


Psa assay and reagent therefor

Provided is a method for the simple and highly accurate assay of psa by a one-step reaction that does not use carriers having different average grain sizes. Also provided is a reagent therefor.
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.


Methods for identifying stem cells by detecting fluorescence of cells and syncytia

Methods are disclosed for the characterization of the stage of development or pathology of a tissue sample, and for identifying pluripotent metakaryotic stem cells, comprising detecting fluorescence of cells and syncytia in fixed samples treated with a non-fluorescent schiff's base reagent in the absence of extraneous or exogenously added fluorescent dyes.. .
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Metal oxide nanocomposite heterostructure methods and hydrogen sulfide sensors including the same

A metal oxide heterostructure includes mixing a first precursor and a second precursor to form a precursor aqueous mixture, adding at least one constituent to the precursor aqueous mixture to form a first solution, adding a nanostructuring reagent to the first solution to form a second solution, sonochemically treating the second solution to provide a metal oxide powder, filtering, washing, and drying the metal oxide powder to provide a metal oxide nanocomposite heterostructure for a sensing layer of a hydrogen sulfide sensor. A method for forming a hydrogen sulfide sensor includes the metal oxide heterostructure, forming a sensing material, contacting the sensing material with interdigitated electrodes to form a sensing layer, and thermally consolidating the sensing layer to form the hydrogen sulfide sensor..
Honeywell Romania S.r.l.


Method for rendering tissue transparent, reagent for rendering tissue transparent, and tissue observation method

A method for rendering tissue transparent, comprising a procedure of immersing the tissue in a water-soluble solvent comprising 2,2′-thiodiethanol and at least one of glycerol and a nonionic organoiodine compound is provided as a technique capable of sufficiently rendering various organs transparent without causing their changes by a simple operation without using any poisonous or dangerous organic solvent. In the method for rendering tissue transparent, a mixed solvent of 2,2′-thiodiethanol, glycerol, and a nonionic organoiodine compound aqueous solution is preferably used as the water-soluble solvent..
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Oil production intensification device and method

The oil production intensification method includes injecting the reagent into the reservoir and treating the bottom zone of the well with high voltage pulse discharges with an electric discharge device continuously traveling from bottom to top in the atmosphere of such reagent. The number of pulses of such high voltage pulse discharges is set subject to the real porosity of the reservoir and the empirical dependence of the number of pulses of high voltage pulse discharges per meter of the reservoir and porosity of rocks pre-estimated with the core material.


Electrochemical coupling of anilines

The invention relates to an electrochemical method for coupling anilines. When coupling two different anilines, the difference of the oxidation potential of the substrates is in the region of between 10 mv bis 450 mv, and the aniline with the highest oxidation potential is added in excess.
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Multiplexed kras mutation detection assay

Provided herein is reagent mixture comprising multiplexed amplification reagents and flap assay reagents for detecting, in a single reaction, mutant copies of the kras gene that contain any of the 34a, 34c, 34t, 35a, 35c, 35t or 38a point mutations. Methods that employ the reagent mix and kits for performing the same are also provided..
Exact Sciences Corporation


High efficiency methods of producing blood glucose test elements, as well methods of using the same

Methods are provided for producing diagnostic test elements, where the diagnostic test elements include a stable analytical chemical reagent of a coenzyme-dependent enzyme and an artificial coenzyme. Diagnostic products including diagnostic test elements having the stable analytical chemical reagent also are provided..
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Dab-containing substrate kit for dyeing use which is produced using labelling enzyme

Provided is a dab-containing substrate kit that is capable of enhancing specific staining intensity and reducing precipitation due to dab aggregation in dab-containing substrate solution and nonspecific staining, such as background staining, in chromogenic reaction using a peroxidase-labeled antibody, by the use of chromogenic reaction solution containing dab and its sensitizer imidazole. The kit includes chromophore-containing solution (a) containing a peroxidase chromophore dab and water; and chromogenic reagent (b) containing: at least one chelating agent selected from the group consisting of edta-2na, edta-2nh4, gedta, and nta; poe and/or pop alkyl ether nonionic surfactant; imidazole; hydrogen peroxide; and water.
Nichirei Biosciences, Inc.


Engineering microorganisms

The present disclosure provides, inter alia, thraustochytrium and relevant methods and reagents, including engineered regulatory sequences from and/or operative in thraustochytrid or thraustochytrium, selectable markers useful for engineering microorganisms such as thraustochytrids, means for mutagenizing microorganisms, novel strains produced by mutagenesis, and methods and compositions related to production of particular compounds in microorganisms.. .
Dsm Nutritional Products Ag


Systems, methods and kits for extracting nucleic acid from digestive fluid

Provided herein is technology relating to isolating and/or extracting dna from gastric fluid samples, e.g., pancreatic juice samples. In particular, the technology relates to methods, reagents, and kits for isolating dna from stimulated pancreatic juice samples, for use, e.g., in methylation and mutation analyses..
Exact Sciences Corporation


Therapeutic and diagnostic methods relating to cancer stem cells

The present invention relates in part to the discovery of genes that are deregulated in cancer stem cells (e.g., melanoma stem cells). In some aspects, methods for treating individuals having melanoma are provided; the methods involve modulating (e.g., inducing, inhibiting, etc.) the activity of the cancer stem cell associated genes.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Metal-catalyzed asymmetric 1,4-conjugate addition of vinylboron compounds to 2-substituted-4-oxy-cyclopent-2-en-1-ones yielding prostaglandins and prostaglandin analogs

This invention provides a novel method for the preparation of 2,3-disubstituted-4-oxy-cyclopentan-1-one compounds that are useful for the synthesis of prostaglandins and prostaglandin analogs of industrial relevance. The method comprises the metal-catalyzed asymmetric 1,4-conjugate addition of vinylboron compounds to 2-substituted-4-oxy-cyclopent-2-en-1-ones.
Scinopharm Taiwan, Ltd.


Process for preparation of 4-(1-(4-(perfluoroethoxy)phenyl)-1h-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)benzoyl azide

By either forming a triaryl acid halide or a triaryl mixed anhydride and subsequently treating with aqueous sodium azide, triaryl acyl azides are prepared in high yield using inexpensive reagents in a process in which by-products are easily removed from the triaryl acyl azide.. .
Dow Agrosciences Llc


Interlocking cap and receptacle for automated processes

System, apparatuses, and methods for performing automated reagent-based analysis are provided. Also provided are methods for automated attachment of a cap to a reaction receptacle, and automated removal of a cap from a capped reaction receptacle..
Gen-probe Incorporated


Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of parasitic disease

Compositions and methods are provided for treating or preventing a parasitic disease in a subject. Aspects of the methods include administering an aldh antagonist to a subject that is infected with a parasite or that is at risk for being infected with a parasite.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Analyte extraction apparatus and method

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for determining a concentration of a glycopeptide antibiotic containing a phenol moiety such as vancomycin in a complex sample matrix by extracting the glycopeptide antibiotic from a metered portion of the complex sample matrix by exposing said metered portion to an extraction material having an affinity with the glycopeptide antibiotic; and exposing the extraction material to a metered portion of an eluent for releasing the glycopeptide antibiotic from the extraction material; and by determining a concentration of the glycopeptide antibiotic by adding a gibbs reagent (2,6 dichloroquinone-4chloroimide) to the metered portion of the complex sample matrix or the eluent; activating the gibbs reagent and, after the reaction between the activated gibbs reagent and the antibiotic has stabilized; detecting the reaction product of the activated gibbs reagent and the antibiotic in said eluent; and determining the concentration of the antibiotic in the complex sample matrix from the detected reaction product. A method of designing a personalized drug administration regime using the thus obtained concentration is also disclosed..
Ucl Business Plc


Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules

Described is an affinity microcolumn comprising a high surface area material, which has high flow properties and a low dead volume, contained within a housing and having affinity reagents bound to the surface of the high surface area material that are either activated or activatable. The affinity reagents bound to the surface of the affinity microcolumn further comprise affinity receptors for the integration into high throughput analysis of biomolecules..
Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc.


Reagent for diagnosing tumor, pharmaceutical composition, and screening method

The present invention provides antibodies useful for diagnosing and treating tumors as well as methods of screening for antitumor agents . More specifically, tumors can be diagnosed and treated using an anti-phosphorylated p62 antibody that recognizes phosphorylation of serine at position 351 of an amino acid sequence of seq id no.
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute Of Medical Science


Method and assembly for determining the temperature of a test sensor

An assembly determines an analyte concentration in a sample of body fluid. The assembly includes a test sensor having a fluid-receiving area for receiving a sample of body fluid, where the fluid-receiving area contains a reagent that produces a measurable reaction with an analyte in the sample.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Apparatus for two-step surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy

A kit of components is used in the detection, identification, analysis, and quantitation, by sers, of a designated target analyte in a sample, comprising: packaging means normally containing a ser-active device component providing a support structure including a ser-active material, a collection component, a container component containing a liquid reagent comprised of a ser-active material, and a component for introducing the liquid reagent into the ser-active device. At least one of the ser-active materials is functionalized with an agent having the specific capability of binding the designated target analyte, and is accessible for the deposit thereon of liquid analyte samples.
Real-time Analyzers, Inc


Boiler and a nox emission control from a boiler

A boiler includes an enclosure having at least a supply for fuel and oxidizer and at least a supply for a sncr reagent. The supply for the sncr reagent includes at least a regulation valve for the sncr reagent.
Alstom Technology Ltd


Process operations for biomass fractionation

There is described a method of fractionating a biomass material comprising: (i) blending the biomass material with an acid catalyst to form a slurry; (ii) mixing the slurry with an organosolv reagent optionally under an inert atmosphere to form a pre-treatment mix; (iii) subjecting the pre-treatment mix to sonication; (iv) optionally heating the product of step (iii) in an autoclave under pressure; (v) separating the solid and liquid components of the fractionation mix; (vi) optionally washing the solid; (vii) optionally drying the solid component; (viii) separating the liquid component into organic and aqueous components; and (ix) isolating lignin from the organic component and/or isolating hemi-cellulose from the aqueous component.. .
Bio-sep Limited


Prostate cancer associated circulating nucleic acid biomarkers

The invention provides methods and reagents for diagnosing prostate cancer that are based on the detection of biomarkers in the circulating nucleic acids from a patient to be evaluated.. .
Chronix Biomedical


Use of trpc6 mrna levels in peripheral blood cells for early detection/diagnosis of senile dementia

The invention relates to the use of trpc6 mrna levels in peripheral blood cells for the early detection/diagnosis of senile dementia. Specifically, the present invention provides a classic transient receptor potential channel 6 (trpc6) gene or protein thereof and the use of same in preparing a reagent or test kit for detecting or diagnosing alzheimer's disease.
Shanghai Institutes For Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Isotonic buffered composition and method that enables counting of cells

The present invention discloses multi-purpose metering fluid/rinse reagents for use in automated cellular analyzers that use liquid volumetric metering. The compositions contain a chelating agent, an ionizing salt, optionally a stabilizing ion, a buffer, a non-hemolytic surfactant, and optionally an antimicrobial agent.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.


Electrochemiluminescence (ecl) detection reagents and related methods for measuring enzyme activity

Disclosed are methods of measuring enzyme activity in a sample. The methods use disulfide-containing detection reagents with an electrochemiluminescent functional group.
Wellstat Diagnostics, Llc


In vivo and in vitro olefin cyclopropanation catalyzed by heme enzymes

The present invention provides methods for catalyzing the conversion of an olefin to any compound containing one or more cyclopropane functional groups using heme enzymes. In certain aspects, the present invention provides a method for producing a cyclopropanation product comprising providing an olefinic substrate, a diazo reagent, and a heme enzyme; and admixing the components in a reaction for a time sufficient to produce a cyclopropanation product.
California Institute Of Technology


Process for preparing a urea grease

The invention provides for a process for preparing urea grease. The process is carried out in the presence of a base oil and avoids the use of diisocyanate reagents..
Shell Oil Company


Oxidation of alkanes to alcohols

The invention provides processes and materials for the efficient and cost-effective functionalization of alkanes, such as methane from natural gas, to provide esters, alcohols, and other compounds. The method can be used to produce liquid fuels such as methanol from a natural gas methane-containing feedstock.
The Scripps Research Institute


Methods and compositions for radiohalogen protein labeling

Methods and compositions are provided for labeling proteins with radiohalogen-label reagents. Radiohalogen-labeled proteins may be used for imaging studies, as therapeutics and in diagnostic tests.
Genentech, Inc.


Zsm-5 type molecular sieve synthesis method

The present invention pertains to the field of molecular sieve synthesis, and relates to a synthesis method of zsm-5 type molecular sieves. In this method, natural minerals, i.e., natural kaolin and natural diatomite, are used as the total silicon source and aluminum source required for the molecular sieve synthesis, and these two natural minerals are calcinated and subjected to acidic (alkaline) treatment before they are mixed at a certain ratio, and then crystallized under hydrothermal conditions to obtain the product, a zsm-5 type molecular sieve.
China National Petroleum Corporation


Functionalized graphitic materials

One or more techniques are disclosed for a method of functionalizing graphitic material, comprising the steps of: 1) providing a graphitic material; 2) cutting the graphitic material; 3) providing a catalyst comprising at least one catalyst of a metal atom, metal cation, metal alcoholates, metal alkanoates, metal sulfonates, and metal powder; 4) providing a reagent; 5) binding the catalyst to the reagent; 6) binding the reagent to the graphitic material; and 7) recovering the catalyst. Also disclosed is a composition prepared from the methods described herein..


Modular cassette synthesis unit

Compact modular cassette systems and methods for the synthesis of radiopharmaceutical products are provided, the compact modular cassette system including a modular unit having valve plates, a reaction cassette, a reagent pack, and other seal and connector plates to ensure that reagents can be mixed together inside one or more chambers of the reaction cassette in a timely and efficient manner. When a new chamber for each new reaction or process should be used, a valveless modular system having removable reaction cassettes and the reagent packs may be used.
Cardinal Health 414, Llc


Reagent for diagnosis of osteoarthritis comprising peptide probe of apopep-1

Disclosed is a reagent for diagnosing osteoarthritis or predicting the prognosis of osteoarthritis, the reagent containing a peptide having the amino acid sequence (cqrppr) of seq id no: 1 as an active ingredient. The present peptide can be used to accurately diagnose osteoarthritis in its early stage based on the molecular imaging technique.


Conjugated biological molecules and their preparation

Conjugation reagents of formula (1) that form a bridge between two cystein residues derived from the disulfide bond and a two-step process for the preparation of antibody conjugates are disclosed.. .


Receptor-targeting reagents

The present disclosure features, inter alia, receptor-targeting reagents (e.g., immunotoxic receptor-targeting reagents), which are useful in, e.g., methods of binding a receptor-targeting reagent to a cell and methods for treating a variety of disorders such as, but not limited to, cancers and inflammatory disorders. Also featured are methods, compositions, and kits useful for selecting an appropriate treatment modality for a subject (e.g., a subject with a cancer or inflammatory disorder) and/or treating a variety of disorders such as cell proliferative disorders..
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota


Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto

The present invention provides methods and compositions for modification and regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism, generally to reduce insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinenmia, obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperlipoprotein-emia (such as chylomicrons, vldl and ldl), and to regulate body fat and more generally lipid stores, and, more generally, for the improvement of metabolism disorders, especially those associated with diabetes, obesity and/or atherosclerosis.. .
1149336 Ontario, Inc.


Compound and the treatment and diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions

A reagent selected from cholestenoic acid or an inhibitor of an enzyme in the cholestenoic acid biosynthetic or metabolic pathway for use in the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions. In particular, the reagent is a cholestenoic acid of a particular form, such as 3β,7α-dihydroxycholest-5-en-26-oic (3β,7α-dihca), not previously associated with neural tissue or csf.
Swansea University


Neutral beam etching of cu-containing layers in an organic compound gas environment

A method and apparatus for dry etching pure cu and cu-containing layers for manufacturing integrated circuits. The invention uses a directional beam of o-atoms with high kinetic energy to oxidize the cu and cu-containing layers, and organic compound etching reagents that react with the oxidized cu to form volatile cu-containing etch products.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Cell-free biofragment compositions and related systems, devices, and methods

The present disclosure relates to biofragment compositions that comprise bioparticle fragments and at least one heterologous antigen-binding molecule. In some embodiments, the biofragment is typically derived from a larger, intact bioparticle that express the at least one heterologous antigen-binding molecule at the surface, and the biofragment has increased solubility to facilitate assays for antigen detection.
The University Of Queensland


Analytical immunosensor device and constructing same

Analytical immunosensor device and method for obtaining thereof based on sequential deposition of self-assembled monolayers of polymers and affinity elements and their uses for the detection and quantitation of any analyte or target antigen in a liquid sample, allowing to perform the analysis by quasi-reagentless or reagentless displacement assay, and minimizing nonspecific adsorption and thus decreasing the detection limit. The device is arranged from a sensor surface covered with polymer monolayers (redox or non-redox) on top of which submonolayers of affinity elements are deposited and then, to let the affinity reaction to take place with the antigen, pseudo-antigen or the hapten labelled with a protein, preferably an enzyme (redox or non-redox), or with a nanoparticle enabling the method of the invention to develop “ad hoc” immunosensors, with a signal transduction by electrochemical, optical and/or piezoelectric means..
Universidad De AlcalÁ


Medical diagnostic test systems, and a matrix therefor

The invention discloses a reduced thickness membrane matrix for carrying liquids consisting of a cellulosic material with a thickness of between 10 and 50 μm and a pore size between 0.1 μm and 20 μm for use with diagnostic tests such as lateral flow tests, thereby reducing the amount of test reagents required.. .
Whatman Gmbh


Use of long chain alcohols, ketones and organic acids as tracers

Non-halogenated molecules having from 10 to 30 carbon atoms selected from the group consisting of aliphatic, aromatic, saturated, unsaturated (and combinations thereof) alcohols, ketones, organic acids, organic acid salts, sulfonated derivatives of these compounds, and combinations thereof are used as tracers to measure oil and/or water fluid returns, such as from a hydraulic fracturing job. The non-halogenated molecules may be absorbed onto and/or adsorbed onto substrates and introduced into a subterranean location, desorbed and recovered from the subterranean location with a fluid, reacted with a reagent (e.g.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Use of long chain amines and difunctional compounds as tracers

Non-halogenated molecules including, but are not necessarily limited, to alkyl and aromatic amines having from 8 to 18 carbon atoms and salts of these amines, diols having the formula ho—(ch2)n—oh, diamines having the formula h2n—(ch2)n—nh2, dicarboxylic acids having the formula ho.co—(ch2)n—co.oh, diesters having the formula r′o.co—(ch2)n—co.or″, where n is 4 to 18, and r′ and r″ are independently straight or branched alkyl or aromatic groups of 1-20 carbon atoms, and combinations thereof are used as tracers to measure oil and/or water fluid returns, e.g. From a hydraulic fracturing job.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Use of long chain alcohols, ketones and organic acids as tracers

Non-halogenated molecules having 10-30 carbons including aliphatic, aromatic, saturated, unsaturated (and combinations thereof) alcohols, ketones, organic acids, organic acid salts, sulfonated derivatives, and/or other derivatives are used as tracers to measure oil and/or water fluid returns, such as from a hydraulic fracturing job. The non-halogenated molecules may be combined with substrates and introduced into a subterranean location, desorbed and recovered from the subterranean location with a fluid, reacted with a reagent (e.g.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method for examination of carcinogenic risk

The present invention provides a method capable of detecting a cancer and/or a carcinogenic risk, and a reagent for the detection thereof. The present invention also provides a method for screening for a pharmaceutical drug for reducing a carcinogenic risk and a pharmaceutical composition.
Japanese Foundation For Cancer Research


Sequences and their use for detection and characterization of e. coli o157:h7

This invention relates to a rapid method for detection and characterization of escherichia coli bacteria serotype o157:h7 based on the presence of nucleic acid sequences, in particular, to a pcr-based method for detection, and to oligonucleotide molecules and reagents and kits useful therefore. This method is preferably employed to detect e.
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Srm assay to indicate cancer therapy

The current disclosure provides for specific peptides, and derived ionization characteristics of the peptides, from the alk, ros, ron, ret, ts, and/or fgfr1 proteins that are particularly advantageous for quantifying the alk, ros, ron, ret, ts, and/or fgfr1 proteins directly in biological samples that have been fixed in formalin by the methods of selected reaction monitoring (srm) mass spectrometry, or as multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) mass spectrometry. Such biological samples are chemically preserved and fixed wherein the biological sample is selected from tissues and cells treated with formaldehyde containing agents/fixatives including formalin-fixed tissue/cells, formalin-fixed/paraffin embedded (ffpe) tissue/cells, ffpe tissue blocks and cells from those blocks, and tissue culture cells that have been formalin fixed and or paraffin embedded.
Expression Pathology, Inc.


Methods of analyzing nucleic acids from individual cells or cell populations

Methods, compositions and systems for analyzing individual cells or cell populations through the partitioned analysis of contents of individual cells or cell populations. Individual cells or cell populations are co-partitioned with processing reagents for accessing cellular contents, and for uniquely identifying the contents of a given cell or cell population, and subsequently analyzing the cell's contents and characterizing it as having derived from an individual cell or cell population, including analysis and characterization of the cell's nucleic acids through sequencing..
10x Genomics, Inc.


Library preparation of tagged nucleic acid using single tube add-on protocol

A method of preparing a library of tagged nucleic acid fragments including contacting a population of cells directly with a lysis reagent having one or more protease to generate a cell lysate; inactivating the protease to generate an inactivated cell lysate, and applying a transposase and a transposon end composition containing a transferred strand to the inactivated cell lysate under conditions wherein the target nucleic acid and the transposon end composition undergo a transposition reaction.. .
Iiiumina, Inc.


Rna preparation method

An object of the present invention is to provide a technique for preparing rna ready for an enzymatic reaction more easily than conventional techniques. The present invention provides a reagent for rna extraction from a biological sample which contains an alkali metal salt and a surfactant..
Kaneka Corporation


Substituted pyrazine dithiol reducing agents

Where variables are defined herein and corresponding oxidized pyrazine dithianes. Reducing agents useful to reduce disulfide bonds, particularly in proteins, or to prevent the formation of disulfide bonds, particularly in proteins, and other biological molecules.


Compounders for enhancing generation of chemical species

A reagent that enhances acid generation of a photoacid generator and composition containing such reagent is disclosed.. .
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.


Polymers, co-polymers, and monomers using co2 as a reagent

Polymers, co-polymers, and monomers using co2 as a reagent and methods of production thereof are described. Polymerization methods include converting co2 into a polymerizable monomer by exciting the co2 with a light source.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Selective preparations of purine nucleosides and nucleotides: reagents and methods

A process of regiospecific synthesis of n-9 purine nucleoside analogs in either solution or solid phase synthesis is described. The introduction of the sugar moiety or its analogue on to a 6-heteroarylium purine or its mesomeric betaine so that formation of only the n-9 position regioisomers of the purine nucleoside analogs (either d or l enantiomers) is obtained.


Methods for recovering chlorinated hydrocarbons

Processes for isolating 1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane from a crude product stream containing the 1,1,1,2,3-pentachloropropane and ferric chloride. The processes may include deep distillation of the crude, treatment of the crude with a reagent that deactivates the ferric chloride followed by distillation on the deactivated crude stream, aqueous washing of the crude product stream to remove ferric chloride followed by distillation on the deactivated crude stream.
Occidental Chemical Corporation


Aluminum oxide production method

The invention pertains to methods of producing aluminum trioxide in the form of powders or agglomerations with particles having a porous honeycomb structure, which can be used as catalyst substrates, adsorbents and filters for the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industry. The method of production of aluminum oxide in the form of powders or agglomerations with particles having a porous honeycomb structure involves the treatment of the aluminum salt with a solution of an alkaline reagent, washing of the sediment and thermal treatment thereof.
United Company Rusal Engineering And Technology Centre Llc

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