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Reagent patents

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Electrochemical test sensor and method of making the same

Bayer Healthcare

Electrochemical test sensor and method of making the same

Electrochemical test sensor and method of making the same

Spinomix S.a.

Method for manipulating magnetic particles in a liquid medium

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reagent-related patents
 Reagent kit and measurement software server patent thumbnailnew patent Reagent kit and measurement software server
Provided is a reagent kit that includes: a reagent to be used together with a measuring device in measurement of an optical characteristic of a sample; one or more reagent containers containing therein the reagent; and an access information indicator. The access information indicator is indicative of access information that allows a client to gain access to a measurement software server.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha
 Methods of preparing low molecular weight carbosilanes and precursors thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of preparing low molecular weight carbosilanes and precursors thereof
A series of silicon compounds are provided, which are excellent precursors to small carbosilanes, such as 1,3,5-trisilapentane, 2,4,6-trisilaheptane, tris(silylmethyl)silane and tetrakis(silylmethyl)silane. A method of preparing a carbosilane involves forming a grignard, lithium, or metallic reagent from a halomethyltrialkoxysilane, reacting the grignard, lithium, or metallic reagent with a dihalodihydridosilane, a trihalohydridosilane, a tetrahalosilane, a dialkoxydihydridosilane, a trialkoxyhydridosilane, or a tetraalkoxysilane to yield a carbosilane precursor, and reducing the precursor to form the carbosilane..
Gelest Technologies, Inc.
 Simple organic molecules as catalysts for practical and efficient enantioselective synthesis of amines and alcohols patent thumbnailnew patent Simple organic molecules as catalysts for practical and efficient enantioselective synthesis of amines and alcohols
The present invention provides organic molecules and methods thereof for reactions between organoboron reagents and double bonds, such as imines or carbonyls, to stereoselectively provide chiral products including amines and alcohols, entities useful for the preparation of biologically active molecules.. .
Trustees Of Boston College
 Preparation of functionalized polypeptides, peptides, and proteins by alkylation of thioether groups patent thumbnailnew patent Preparation of functionalized polypeptides, peptides, and proteins by alkylation of thioether groups
Reagents are disclosed for chemoselective tagging of methionine residues in peptides and polypeptides, subsequent bioorthogonal tag functionalization, and cleavage of the tags when desired to regenerate unmodified samples. This method compliments other peptide tagging strategies and adds capability for tag removal, which may be useful for release of therapeutic peptides from a carrier, or release of tagged protein digests from solid supports..
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Microfluidic apparatus, method, and applications patent thumbnailnew patent Microfluidic apparatus, method, and applications
A microfluidic apparatus, method, and associated applications utilize and apply to a formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (ffpe) tissue sample and performing a liquid-liquid extraction to remove the paraffin from the tissue sample prior to a nucleic acid purification step. A microfluidic device includes a dedicated liquid-liquid extraction process vessel, a nucleic acid purification process component, and a nucleic acid amplification reactor.
Rheonix, Inc.
 Reagents and methods for detecting a polymorphic protein patent thumbnailnew patent Reagents and methods for detecting a polymorphic protein
The present invention provides antibodies that differentially react with allelic variants of a polymorphic protein, methods of identifying same, an antigen binding fragment comprised therein, proteins, cells, viral particles, compositions, and kits comprising same. The invention also provides methods for determining a haptoglobin type of a subject and methods for testing a subject for susceptibility to diabetic complications..
Rappaport Family Institute For Research In The Medical Sciences
 Nanoscale process to generate reagents selective for individual protein variants patent thumbnailnew patent Nanoscale process to generate reagents selective for individual protein variants
The present invention provides devices and methods to separate and concentrate target protein species at a microliter scale and to generate reagents to those variants with exquisite selectivity for specific protein isoforms using only picograms of target material.. .
Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corp. Of The State Of Arizona, Acting For And On Behalf Of Az.
 Reagent for clarifying emulsions and  clarification patent thumbnailnew patent Reagent for clarifying emulsions and clarification
A novel reagent for clarification of an emulsion containing a salt and first and second surfactants is used in a method of clarifying emulsions which may contain inorganic, organic or biological particles to be measured. The reagent may be proved as kit of parts for in situ preparation thereof..
Bentley Instruments S.a.r.l.
 Method for manipulating magnetic particles in a liquid medium patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manipulating magnetic particles in a liquid medium
A method of mixing magnetic particles (3) in a reaction chamber (2) that is part of a microfluidic device and that contains the said particles in suspension, comprises the steps: (a) providing an electromagnetic means (1,1′,6,7) to generate magnetic field sequences having polarity and intensity that vary in time and a magnetic field gradient that covers the whole space of the said reaction chamber (2); (b) applying a first magnetic field sequence to separate or confine the particles (3) so the particles occupy a sub-volume in the volume of the reaction chamber (2); (c) injecting a defined volume of the said reagent in the reaction chamber; and (d) applying a second magnetic field sequence to leads the particles (3) to be homogenously distributed and dynamically moving over a substantial portion of the whole reaction chamber volume.. .
Spinomix S.a.
 Methods and materials for generating t cells patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and materials for generating t cells
The document provides to methods and materials for generating t cells (e.g., antigen-specific cd4+ t cells). For example, methods and materials for using nested mhc class ii epitopes as vaccines to generate activated cd4+ t cells in vivo or as reagents to generate activated cd4+ t cells ex vivo are provided..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research
new patent

Electrochemical test sensor and making the same

An electrochemical test sensor being adapted to assist in determining information relating to an analyte in a fluid sample and includes a base and a second layer. The base includes a plurality of electrodes, a working conductive lead and a counter conductive lead thereon.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

Analysis of estradiol and analytes with phenolic oh using labeling chemistry and lc-msms workflow

A method is described for mass spectrometric analysis of a sample comprising phenolic oh, such as a steroid comprising a phenolic oh, using a quaternary amino oxy cookson (qaoc) reagent. The qaoc reagent can improve ionization and fragmentation properties of phenolic oh samples, which can thereby improve quantitation and identification.
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

Reagents and methods for detecting protein lysine 3-hydroxybutyrylation

The invention provides an isolated peptide comprising a lysine 3-hydroxybutyrylation site, a lysine 3-hydroxybutyrylation specific affinity reagent that specifically binds to the peptide, and a method for detecting protein lysine 3-hydroxybutyrylation in a sample using the reagent.. .
Ptm Biolabs, Inc.

Instrument for cassette for sample preparation

A parallel processing system for processing samples is described. In one embodiment, the parallel processing system includes an instrument interface parallel controller to control a tray motor driving system, a close-loop heater control and detection system, a magnetic particle transfer system, a reagent release system, a reagent pre-mix pumping system and a wash buffer pumping system..
Luminex Corporation

Acryloyloxyethylphosphorylcholine containing polymer conjugates and their preparation

The present invention relates to polymeric reagents and conjugates thereof, methods for synthesizing the polymeric reagents and conjugates, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the conjugates and methods of using the polymer conjugates including therapeutic methods where conjugates are administered to patients.. .
Oligasis, Llc

Stable compositions for nucleic acid amplification and sequencing

The present invention is directed to compositions comprising mixtures of reagents, including thermostable enzymes (e.g., thermostable dna polymerases), buffers, cofactors and other components, suitable for immediate use in nucleic acid amplification or sequencing techniques without dilution or addition of further components. The compositions contain no stablizing agents (e.g., glycerol or serum albumin) and unexpectedly maintain activity for extended periods of time upon storage at temperatures above freezing.
Life Technologies Corporation

Protected fluorescent reagent compounds

Protected fluorescent reagent compounds and their methods of synthesis are provided. The compounds are useful in various fluorescence-based analytical methods, including the analysis of highly multiplexed optical reactions in large numbers at high densities, such as single molecule real time nucleic acid sequencing reactions.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

Detection of nucleic acid amplification in a porous substrate

The present disclosure relates to characterization of biological samples by amplification detection in a porous substrate. By way of example, a porous substrate may include amplification reagents configured to provide a signal when released during amplification.
General Electric Company

Methods and reagents for treatment and diagnosis of vascular disorders and age-related macular degeneration

Disclosed are screening methods for determining a human subject's propensity to develop a vascular disorder and/or age-related macular degeneration (amd), therapeutic or prophylactic compounds for treating disease or inhibiting its development, and methods of treating patients to alleviate symptoms of the disease, prevent or delay its onset, or inhibit its progression. The inventions are based on the discovery that persons with a genome having a deletion of the cfhr-1 and/or cfhr-3 gene, which normally lie on human chromosome 1 between dna encoding cfh and cfhr-4, are at reduced risk of developing amd, and elevated risk of developing vascular disease such as aneurysm..
University Of Iowa Research Foundation

Antibody binding microbial heparin binding motif to retard or prevent microbial biofilm formation on implanted medical devices

Methods and reagents for ameliorating biofilm formation on a surface of an indwelling or implanted device in a patient resulting in decreased virulence of microorganisms such as candida species and/or staphylococcus species.. .
Children's Hospital Medical Center

System and controlling the chemical properties of a body of liquid

An apparatus for controlling chemical properties of a body of water, the apparatus comprising: a housing, said housing comprising: a water sample collecting subassembly; chemical reagent dispensing subassembly; a water diagnostic subassembly; and a control module, said control module disposed on the housing, said control module comprising: a means for inputting desired functional parameters and water chemical properties into the apparatus; a means for measuring the actual physical conditions of the water; a means for comparing the actual physical conditions of the water to the desired physical conditions of the water; and a means for instructing the system to dispense chemical reagents to the water at a rate and dosage necessary to cause the water to generally achieve the desired physical conditions within a desired period of time and for a desired time period; and a means for displaying the apparatus parameters and water chemical properties in human readable form.. .

Compact device for water treatment

The invention relates to a water treatment device comprising a mixing tank comprising an inlet path (12) for an effluent to be treated, an optional inlet path (13) for reagents, a stirring source (14) for generating a turbulent stir in a given volume of said tank, an extraction path (15) for discharging sludge, and an extraction path (16) for treated effluent, and further comprising above and adjacent to the given volume, but below the treated-effluent outlet path, a settling structure (17) comprising a plurality of ducts extending from the bottom to the top and arranged in the form of a baffle so that no particle can flow through said layer along a rectilinear path.. .

Catalytic conversion of ligno-cellulosic biomass into fuels and chemicals

The invention provides a process for producing ethyl esters and hydrocarbons from lignocellulosic biomass materials. The process comprises two steps: the first step being an acid ethanolysis (solvolysis with ethanol) of the biomass in oxidizing medium; the second step being the catalytic conversion of the by-product diethyl ether and, optionally, light ethyl esters, into hydrocarbons over zsm-5 zeolite catalyst.
Ac3b Technologies Ltd.

Difluoromethylation of aryl and vinyl iodides

Selectively fluorinated molecules are important as materials, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, but their synthesis by simple, mild, laboratory methods is challenging. We report a straightforward method for the cross-coupling of a difluoromethyl group with readily available reagents to form difluoromethylarenes.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Method for determining the ability of an antibody to keep cells close to one another

The invention also relates to a reagent kit for carrying out this method.. .

Fluidic system for reagent delivery to a flow cell

A fluidic system that includes a reagent manifold comprising a plurality of channels configured for fluid communication between a reagent cartridge and an inlet of a flow cell; a plurality of reagent sippers extending downward from ports in the manifold, each of the reagent sippers configured to be placed into a reagent reservoir in a reagent cartridge so that liquid reagent can be drawn from the reagent reservoir into the sipper; at least one valve configured to mediate fluid communication between the reservoirs and the inlet of the flow cell. The reagent manifold can also include cache reservoirs for reagent re-use..
Illumina, Inc.

Parallel reactor preparing materials

Parallel reactor systems for synthesizing materials are disclosed. The reactor systems may be suitable for synthesizing materials produced from corrosive reagents.
Freeslate, Inc.

Multi-application approach for photometric determination of an analyte in a fluid sample on an automated analyzer

A method for determining the amount of specific analyte of a sample which may show interferences by photometric assays, wherein the analyte is quantified from the change in the optical signal of the reaction mixture after the interaction of the analyte with analyte specific reagents. Multiple calibration curves are generated for multiple wavelengths for the specific analyte.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Visual indication test kit

A visual indication test kit is provided. The visual indication test kit includes a single collector including a plurality of plugs, wherein the plurality of plugs are configured to serve as extraction points for analytes, and mix a plurality of reagents with a plurality of analytes extracted onto the plurality of plugs, wherein the mixing of the plurality of reagents and the plurality of analytes facilitates performing a plurality of visual indications..
Morphix Technologies, Inc.

Measurement , for determining degree of engine oil dilution by fame

For checking engine oil, especially containing rate of fame (fatty acid methyl ester), we provide a measuring device including a cylindrical and upright analysis vessel having a reading scale with which a surface boundary is measured. In the vessel, the engine oil is mixed with reagents including alcohol(s) and a demulsifier.
Yanmar Co., Ltd

Food safety detection device and manufacturing the same

A food safety detection device includes a xylem fiber substrate, which is configured with a sampling portion and a reaction portion. The reaction portion includes at least one chemical reagent.
National Tsing Hua University

Fluid mixing and delivery in microfluidic systems

The specification generally discloses systems and methods for mixing and delivering fluids in microfluidic systems. The fluids can contain, in some embodiments reagents that can participate in one or more chemical or biological reactions.
Opko Diagnostics, Llc

Photothermal substrates for selective transfection of cells

This invention provides novel tools for surgery on single cells and substrates/devices for delivery of reagents to selected cells. In certain embodiments the substrates comprise a surface comprising one or more orifices, where nanoparticles and/or a thin film is deposited on a surface of said orifice or near said orifice, where the nanoparticles and/or a thin film are formed of materials that heat up when contacted with electromagnetic radiation.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Means and methods for the determination of (d)-2-hydroxyglutarate (d2hg) or (d)-2-hydroxyadipic acid

The present invention relates to a method for detecting (d)-2-hydroxyglutarate or (d)-2-hydroxyadipic acid in a sample, the method comprising the steps of: a) contacting a sample with a reagent mixture, wherein said reagent mixture comprises: (i) a solvent, (ii) a dye having an oxidized state and a reduced state, wherein the reduced state can be distinguished from the oxidized state and wherein the dye is initially present in the oxidized state, (iii) an electron transfer agent, (iv) a (d)-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase enzyme, and (v) a cofactor; and b) detecting (d)-2-hydroxyglutarate or (d)-2-hydroxyadipic acid by measuring the production of the reduced state of the dye. The invention further pertains to a method for diagnosing and/or monitoring a (d)-2-hydroxy-glutarate-associated disease in a subject.
Ruprecht-karls-universität Heidelberg

Methods for detecting oncofetal fibronectin

Methods and products for the detection of oncofetal fibronectin indicating molecules in samples are provided. Methods for imaging of oncofetal fibronectin are provided.
Hologic, Inc.

At-home blood pregnancy test kit

Disclosed is an at-home blood pregnancy test kit that can identify the presence of hcg in a blood sample to detect pregnancy in female mammals. The present kit includes a housing having a sample strip that is in fluid communication with a sample pad for holding a blood sample, a test pad, and a conjugate pad.

Protein detection using modified cyclodextrins

A method is provided for detecting a protein using a cyclodextrin covalently linked to at least one label. The cyclodextrin can associate with the protein by sequestering an aromatic amino acid side-chain of the protein in its hydrophobic cavity.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Multiplex amplification reaction determination of campylobacter jejuni penner/capsule type

The inventive method and associated reagents relate to a molecular approach to determining campylobacter jejuni capsule/penner types. The invention also relates to a method of identifying campylobacter jejuni types using primers in a multiplex pcr assay..

Systems, devices, and methods for deploying onboard reagents in a diagnostic device

Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for detecting the presence of a pathogen in a biological host, such as in a point of care setting. In certain aspects, materials and methods improve point of care devices by providing pre-loaded, preferably dried, agents for performing one or more of sample lysis and signal enhancement inside the device..
Xagenic Inc.

Human papillomavirus 16 (hpv16) - related epilepsy

Human papillomavirus 16 (hpv16) is identified as a cause of epilepsy. This application is directed to hpv16-related epilepsy, methods of detection and prenatal prevention, and immunogenic, therapeutic and prophylactic compositions for same.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Electrical energy storage structures

According to the invention there is provided a structural metallic rechargeable battery and a method of producing same. The battery uses one of an acid, alkaline or li-ion chemistry and the battery has an anode structure, a cathode structure, each of which comprise a conductive foam which contains the active electrochemical reagents, and a structural separator which separates the conductive foams of anode from the cathode respectively.
Bae Systems Plc

Methods for identifying a target site of a cas9 nuclease

Some aspects of this disclosure provide strategies, methods, and reagents for selecting a site-specific endonuclease based on determining its target site preferences and specificity. Methods and reagents for determining target site preference and specificity are also provided..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Methods for identifying a target site of a cas9 nuclease

Some aspects of this disclosure provide strategies, methods, and reagents for determining nuclease target site preferences and specificity of site-specific endonucleases. Some methods provided herein utilize a novel “one-cut” strategy for screening a library of concatemers comprising repeat units of candidate nuclease target sites and constant insert regions to identify library members that can been cut by a nuclease of interest via sequencing of an intact target site adjacent and identical to a cut target site..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Automatic analyzer

Provided is an automatic analyzer capable of performing measurements efficiently. The automatic analyzer comprises: a first reagent disk on which reagent packs each storing a reagent to be used for a reaction are placed; a second reagent disk; and a reagent pack transfer mechanism which transfers the reagent packs between the first reagent disk and the second reagent disk.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Reactive treatment cell and systems for environmental remediation

Reactive treatment cells (rtcs) are described in combination with sediment capping systems as a means for environmental remediation. Rtcs include an impermeable housing defining an interior, a permeable ceiling and floor typically including filtration materials such as geotextiles, and at least one interior compartment for treatment reagents.
Aquablok, Ltd.

Reagent-controlled stereoselective glycosylation

Provided are methods for the efficient stereoselective formation of glycosidic bonds, without recourse to prosthetic or directing groups.. .
Trustees Of Tufts College

Microarray substrate, microarray, microfluidic preparing the same

A microarray substrate including a piece of fluoropolymer whose surface is modified with polydopamine, in which the polydopamine forms an array of microspots on the surface of the fluoropolymer piece, and allows immobilization of molecules or cells. A microarray including the substrate, a microfluidic system designed for dispensing reagents onto selected locations on the surface of substrates, and a method for preparing the substrate and the microarray, in which a dopamine solution is dispensed onto the fluoropolymer piece using the microfluidic system, and forms an array of polydopamine microspots serving as the reaction sites for microarray analysis..
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

Method for stimulating t cell and use thereof

An object of the present invention is to stimulate a t cell without using a peptide/mhc tetramer. In the present invention, the step of supplying an antigen peptide to a t cell having a t cell receptor (tcr) that can recognize the antigen peptide on cell surface to form a complex of a major histocompatibility complex (mhc) molecule on the cell surface of the t cell and the antigen peptide is used, and the t cell is stimulated through recognition by tcr of the antigen peptide as the mhc molecule-antigen peptide complex on the cell surface of the same t cell.
National University Corporation University Of Toyama

Multiplex blocker beads for immunoassays

Provided are methods and compositions for immunoassay with improved specificity. The presently disclosed bead-based blocking agents reduce the interference associated with the samples and reagents of such assays..
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

Method for determining condition of oral cavity and analytical tool, apparatus, and program used for the method

(c) a reagent for measuring one or more parameters that reflect the degree of oral cleanliness for the test sample obtained from the oral cavity.. .

Apparatus and methods for continuous flow synthesis of semiconductor nanowires

Apparatuses and methods for synthesizing nanoscale materials are provided, including semiconductor nanowires. Precursor solutions include mixed reagent precursor solutions of metal and chalcogenide precursors and a catalyst, where such solutions are liquid at room temperature.
Us Nano Llc

Risk markers for cardiovascular disease

Provided herein methods for determining whether a subject, particularly a human subject, is at risk of developing, having, or experiencing a complication of cardiovascular disease, and methods of treating subjects who are identified by the current methods of being at risk for cardiovascular disease. In one embodiment, the method comprises determining levels of one or more oxidized apolipoprotein a-i related biomolecules in a bodily sample from the subject.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Point of care cyanide test device and kit

A device, method, and test kit for rapidly detecting cyanide in a sample. The inventive device comprises a container comprising a sample chamber and a sensor chamber separated by a selectively permeable barrier.
Cornell University

Devices and methods of determining disturbance variable-corrected analyte concentrations

Devices and methods are provided for determining concentration of at least one analyte in a body fluid sample such as blood, especially a blood glucose concentration. In the methods, a test element is provided that has at least one reagent element configured so as to carry out at least one optically detectable detection reaction in the presence of the analyte.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Container and system for sample collection and preparation

The present invention relates to a system for collecting and preparing a body fluid sample, the system comprising a sample container (10) comprising a sample cup (38) for receiving the sample, said sample cup comprising graduated indicator markings (14) corresponding to equal increments of sample volume, a removable lid (16) for sealably covering said sample cup, said lid having an access point which is sealed by a septum, and a removable cap (22) which is effective to cover said access point, and a delivery device for containing a plurality of predetermined reagent doses which are to be added to a sample within the sample container in the predetermined doses relative to the volume of the sample.. .
Northwestern University

Bifunctional tumor diagnosis reagent and tumor diagnosis

The invention relates to a bifunctional tumor diagnostic reagent and a method for tumor diagnosis. The reagent consists of a protein shell specifically recognizing a cancer tissue and/or a cancer cell and an inorganic nano-core having the catalytic activity of a peroxidase.
Institute Of Biophysics, Chinese Academy Of Science

Pcsk9 function assay

Methods and apparatuses for measuring the concentration of functional proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (pcsk9). A method of measuring functional pcsk9 in a sample is provided, by contacting the sample with a pcsk9-binding agent capable of binding to the ldl-r-binding region of a pcsk9; and measuring the amount of functional pcsk9 from the sample bound to the binding agent.
Atherotech, Inc.

Apparatus and automatically analyzing biological samples

Provided are an apparatus and a method for automatically analyzing biological samples capable of performing the entire processes of dissolving the biological samples in protease and cell lysate to dissolve a nucleic acid in a solution, attaching the nucleic acid to magnetic particles, finally washing the magnetic particle to which the nucleic acid is attached with an organic solvent, drying the magnetic particles using a vacuum pump, eluting the target nucleic acid attached to the magnetic particles in an aqueous solution, adding and mixing the eluted target nucleic acid into a vessel containing a nucleic acid amplification reagent, real-time detecting amplification by irradiating excitation light to a reactor simultaneously with regulating a temperature to perform amplification to measure fluorescence, inactivating an amplified product using an ultraviolet lamp after amplification, obtaining an image through electrophoresis, and analyzing a molecular weight in a single apparatus.. .
Bioneer Corporation

Methods of filtering multiple contaminants, mitigating contaminant formation, and recycling greenhouse gases using a humic and fulvic reagent

A highy alkalized humic and fulvic filter reagent for the removal of multiple contaminants from a gas is provided. The contaminants removed from the gas stream may include, but are not limited to, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfides, radionuclides, mercaptans, ammonia, toxic metals, particulates, volatile vapors, and organics.
Arctech, Inc.

Test device

A biological test device with at least one zone containing a biosensor and/or reagent media to accept a sample of a biological material, where the zone is covered until use by a removable humidity resistant cover. The cover may be slidably removable or have a peel-off configuration and may incorporate a desiccant material.
Smartsensor Telemed Limited

Lab on a chip

A lab on a chip (loc) comprises: a sample inlet for receiving a liquid sample; and a sample preparation module (spm) coupled to the sample inlet. The spm comprises: a mixing chamber; a reagent chamber containing a reagent; a semi-permeable membrane oriented between the mixing chamber and the reagent chamber; and a tuned energy source, wherein the tuned energy source selectively causes contents of the reagent chamber to expand and pass through the semi-permeable membrane into the mixing chamber to mix the reagent with the liquid sample.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automatic biochemical analyzer

An automatic biochemical analyzer, comprises a reaction wheel comprising an inner ring and an outer ring, wherein the reaction wheel is equally divided into multiple cuvette positions along a circumferential direction; the inner ring and the outer ring, respectively, each have a photoelectric detection position, a sample injecting position, a reagent injecting position, a sample stirring position, a reagent stirring position, and a cuvette cleaning position; the photoelectric detection position of the inner ring and the photoelectric detection position of the outer ring have a cuvette position interval of n along a counterclockwise or clockwise direction; and the sample injecting positions, the reagent injecting positions, the sample stirring positions, and the reagent stirring positions of the inner ring and the outer ring, respectively, have a cuvette position interval of m along the same direction, m and n being natural numbers, and the difference between m and n being 0 or 1.. .
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Automatic analyzers and reagent wheels thereof

This disclosure provides automatic analyzers and reagent wheels thereof. The reagent wheel can have one or more rings of reagent bottle seats that may be used for placing a reagent container and distributed along a circumferential direction.
Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Device for metering a reagent by dissolution in a liquid flow

The invention relates to a metering device (d) for metering a reagent by dissolution in a liquid flow, characterised in that it comprises a plurality of parts:—a fixed base (200) grouping together said enclosure and a liquid inlet, means for bringing the liquid into contact with the reagent roller (g) and liquid outlet means,—one or more cartridges (300) forming a separate detachable volume grouping together said reagent magazine, means for forming at least one liquid jet directed substantially radially towards the roller (g) to be dissolved, and means for supporting the roller (g), said cartridge (300) coming to be associated with said base (200) which is preformed with at least one area for receiving said cartridge (300) for the purpose of dissolving the reagent.. .

Automatic analyer

An automatic analyzer has a multi-wavelength light source that irradiates a reaction cuvette containing a liquid mixture of a sample to be analyzed and a reagent. A transmitted-light quantity detector detects the amount of light transmitted through the reaction cuvette and internal contents of the reaction cuvette.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Cucn-mediated one pot production of cinnamonitrile derivatives

The present invention discloses a cheaper and practical protocol for the construction of a wide variety of o-cyanocin-namonitrile and their structural analogues that proceeds with good yields in a single step using cucn as the only reagent.. .
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Ultra-sensitive chemiluminescent substrates for enzymes and their conjugates

New chemiluminescent compounds, stable in aqueous buffers, for use in biological assaying include acridane-based compounds and 1,2-dioxetanes. Among the new acridane-based compounds are water-soluble acridanes, enhancer coupled acridanes, bis and tris-acridanes as well as acridane-1,2-dioxetanes.

Nucleic acid detection method comprising target specific indexing probes (tsip) comprising a releasable segment to be detected via fluorescence when bound to a capture probe

Reagents, systems and methods for the detection of nucleic acids are described herein, including such methods which may be performed in a single reaction. Such reagents include a target specific indexing probe (tsip) synthetic dna structure comprising a detectable moiety and a quencher thereof, wherein in the presence of a target nucleic acid a portion (a tag) of the (tsip) synthetic dna structure comprising the detectable moiety is released, thereby increasing the signal emitted therefrom.
UniversitÉ Laval

Chemiluminescent nanoparticles and uses thereof

Gold nanoparticles having luminol covalently linked thereto and optionally functionalized with an oligonucleotide and bacterial or viral detection assays. In one aspect, the detection system for detecting an analyte in a sample comprises a light-shielding container having a fiberoptic cable for transmitting light generated within the light-shielding container to a photodetector; a plurality of functionalized nanoparticles deposited in solid form on or within a support, such that the support is located within the light-shielding container; wherein the functionalized nanoparticles comprise nanoparticles covalently attached to one or more chemiluminescent moieties; and a reagent system which causes the chemiluminescent moieties to produce light in the presence of the reagent system and the analyte in the sample..
Kansas State University Research Foundation

Method and rapid, high sensitivity analysis of low volume samples of biological materials

A high throughput biological sample processing system includes a sample carrier with a plurality of wells that progresses through the high throughput biological sample processing system. The system further includes a sample dispensing module, a reagent dispensing module, an accumulation/incubation module, and a detection module.
Douglas Scientific, Llc

Multi component antibody based detection technology

The disclosure provides methods for detecting the concurrent presence of at least two targets within a biological sample. The method includes contacting said biological sample with a first binding agent, said first binding agent operably linked to a first sortase molecule, wherein said first binding agent specifically binds to a first target; contacting said biological sample with a second binding agent, said second binding agent operably linked to a first sortase recognition sequence peptide, wherein said second binding agent specifically binds to a second target; adding a sortase substrate under conditions where a first sortase-mediated ligation of the sortase substrate to the first sortase recognition sequence will produce a ligation product, and detecting the ligation product, wherein detection of said ligation product indicates the concurrent presence of the first target and the second target in the biological sample.

Method of cmos manufacturing utilizing multi-layer epitaxial hardmask films for improved gate spacer control

An integrated circuit containing pmos transistors may be formed by forming a dual layer hard mask. A first layer of the hard mask is carbon-containing silicon nitride formed using a hydrocarbon reagent.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Method of cmos manufacturing utilizing multi-layer epitaxial hardmask films for improved epi profile

An integrated circuit containing pmos transistors may be formed by forming a dual layer hard mask. A first layer of the hard mask is halogen-containing silicon nitride formed using a halogenated silane reagent.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Calibration reagent card analyzers

A method for calibrating an imager of a reagent analyzer, comprises positioning a dry reagent pad at a first read position in a field of view of the imager, the first read position illuminated by an illumination source with a first intensity, detecting a reference optical signal by the imager, indicative of a first reflectance value of the dry reagent pad at the first read position, positioning the dry reagent pad at a second read position, the second read position illuminated with a second intensity different from the first intensity, detecting a first optical signal by the imager, indicative of a second reflectance value of the dry reagent pad at the second read position, and calculating, by a processor, a calibration factor for the dry reagent pad at the second read position based on a difference between the reference optical signal and the first optical signal.. .
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Apparatus and biological sample processing

An apparatus and method are described that achieve independent and simultaneous processing of a plurality of substrate-supported biological samples. In one embodiment, substrate holders arranged in a minor arc are independently moveable between a processing position and an access position, and reagents are delivered to substrates held in the substrate holders through a nozzle plate that moves along the arc of substrate holders.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Fad-conjugated glucose dehydrogenase gene

Disclosed herein are a gene (polynucleotide) encoding an fad-conjugated glucose dehydrogenase which can be characterized by reactivity to glucose, thermal stability, substrate-recognition performance, and low activity for maltose; a process for the production of the enzyme using a transformant cell transfected with the gene; a method for the determination of glucose; a reagent composition for use in the determination of glucose; and a biosensor for use in the determination of glucose. An embodiment is a polynucleotide encoding an fad-conjugated glucose dehydrogenase, comprising a polypeptide whose amino acid sequence comprises x1-x2-x3-x4-x5-x6, wherein x1 and x2 independently represent an aliphatic amino acid residue; x3 and x6 independently represent a branched amino acid residue; and x4 and x5 independently represent a heterocyclic amino acid residue or an aromatic amino acid residue..
Ikeda Food Research Co., Ltd.

Development of specific immunoassay critical reagents for pharmacokinetic assessments of peptide polymers in preclinical and clinical matrices

The present disclosure provides methods of developing a specific immunoassay for the pharmacokinetic assessments of peptides, peptide oligomer and polymer including glatiramer acetate (ga), also known as copolymer 1, copolymer-1, cop 1 or cop in the clinical and preclinical matrices.. .

Method for reducing adsorption of bubbles

Provided is a means for improving measurement accuracy in an immunoassay using a dry plastic cell. A method for reducing adsorption of bubbles onto a cell side surface in an immunoassay, the method including carrying out a reaction and/or measurement in a presence of a surfactant, wherein the immunoassay comprises carrying out an antigen-antibody reaction in a dry plastic cell using an immunoassay reagent which immunologically reacts with a substance to be measured in a sample and carrying out an optical measurement of a resultant reacted product..
Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.

Bioanalytical reagent used in heterogeneous phase and usage method thereof

A bioanalytical reagent used in a heterogeneous phase and a usage method thereof are provided to increase the signal intensity from the bioanalytical reagent. The bioanalytical reagent includes a target detector and a signal generator.

Use of saa1 beta/beta homozygote in the prognosis diagnosis and diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

Provided is uses of saa1β/β(1.5/1.5) homozygote in prognosis and/diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, and in preparation of a reagent for liver cirrhosis prognosis and/or liver cirrhosis diagnosis. Recognition of liver cirrhosis susceptible populations can be achieved by detection of human saa1β/β homozygote and non-saa1β/β homozygote through real-time fluorescence quantitative allele specific pcr..

Enzymatic preparation of 10 base to 50 kb double-strand dna reagent for sequencing with a nanopore-polymerase sequencing device

The invention herein disclosed provides for devices, reagents, and methods that can detect and control an individual polymer in a mixture is acted upon by another compound, for example, an enzyme, in a nanopore. Of particular note is the use of reagents to rapidly sequence a polynucleotide.
The Regents Of The University Of California

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