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Reagent patents


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 Novel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification patent thumbnailnew patent Novel reagents for directed biomarker signal amplification
Described herein are methods, compositions and articles of manufacture involving neutral conjugated polymers including methods for synthesis of neutral conjugated water-soluble polymers with linkers along the polymer main chain structure and terminal end capping units. Such polymers may serve in the fabrication of novel optoelectronic devices and in the development of highly efficient biosensors.
Sirigen Inc.

 Reagent storage in an assay device patent thumbnailnew patent Reagent storage in an assay device
The invention relates to methods for conducting binding assays in an assay device that includes one or more storage and use zone. The storage zones of the assay device are configured to house one or more reagents used in an assay conducted in the use zone of the device..
Meso Scale Technologies, Llc.

 Microgravity-compatible analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Microgravity-compatible analysis
A method of analyzing for the presence or concentration of an analyte in a liquid in microgravity is disclosed. The method includes removing a first quantity of the liquid from a first container and passing the removed liquid through a porous pad that includes a reagent that is responsive to the analyte.
Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.

 Systems and methods for continuous flow pcr systems patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for continuous flow pcr systems
A liquid handling system of a pcr system is instructed to obtain a matrix of samples and reagents for a pcr experiment. A fluid pumping system of the pcr system is instructed to maintain a continuous flow of a transport fluid through a plurality of micro-channels that allows the mixture of the samples and the reagents producing a plurality of mixed sample droplets.
Stokes Bio Limited

 Molecular detection of rna patent thumbnailnew patent Molecular detection of rna
Methods of detecting rna, such as ribosomal rna (rrna), messenger rna (mrna), and others. The methods include heating a cell comprising rna in a solution to release the rna from the cell, reverse transcribing the rna into dna with an enzyme, amplifying the dna with the same enzyme, and detecting the amplified dna.
Lucigen Corporation

 Assay for chlamydia trachomatis by amplification and detection of chlamydia trachomatis pmpa gene patent thumbnailnew patent Assay for chlamydia trachomatis by amplification and detection of chlamydia trachomatis pmpa gene
A region of the chlamydia trachomatis pmpa gene has been identified which is useful for performing amplification assays to determine specifically whether c. Trachomatis is present in the sample being tested.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

 Instrument for cassette for sample preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Instrument for cassette for sample preparation
A parallel preceding system for processing samples is described. In one embodiment, the parallel processing system includes an instrument interface parallel controller to control a tray motor driving system, a close-loop heater control and detection system, a magnetic particle transfer system, a reagent release system, a reagent pre-mix pumping system and a wash buffer pumping system..
Luminex Corporation

 Universal probe assay methods patent thumbnailnew patent Universal probe assay methods
Reagents and methods are provided for detecting the presence of a target polynucleotide in a sample are disclosed. In one aspect, a method for producing a labeled amplification product by amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence to produce an amplification product comprising the target sequence, a first probe-binding sequence 5′ to the target sequence, and a second probe-binding sequence 3′ to the target sequence, thereby producing an amplification product; and hybridizing a first detection probe to the amplification product, the first detection probe comprising a first segment that hybridizes to the first probe-binding sequence and a second segment that hybridizes to the second probe-binding sequence, thereby producing a labeled amplification product is disclosed..
Fluidigm Corporation

 Negative selection and stringency modulation in continuous evolution systems patent thumbnailnew patent Negative selection and stringency modulation in continuous evolution systems
Strategies, systems, methods, reagents, and kits for phage-assisted continuous evolution are provided herein. These include strategies, systems, methods, reagents, and kits allowing for stringency modulation to evolve weakly active or inactive biomolecule variants, negative selection of undesired properties, and/or positive selection of desired properties..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

 Highly active silica magnetic nanoparticles for purifying biomaterial and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Highly active silica magnetic nanoparticles for purifying biomaterial and preparation method thereof
The present invention relates to a method for preparing highly active silica magnetic nanoparticles, highly active silica magnetic nanoparticles prepared by the method, and a method of isolating nucleic acid using the highly active silica magnetic nanoparticles. The highly active silica magnetic nanoparticles prepared according to the present invention contain magnetic nanoparticles completely coated with silica, can be used as a reagent for isolating biomaterials, particularly, nucleic acids, and can isolate and purify nucleic acid in a high yield..
Bioneer Corporation

new patent

Mobile solid phase compositions for use in biochemical reactions and analyses

Compositions that include particle suspensions where such particle suspensions have characteristics for use in a variety of applications including, for example, flow restriction, reagent delivery, and use in microfluidic systems. In some compositions provided, the particle suspension include deformable particles and in particular compositions the deformable particles are beads or gel beads..
10x Genomics, Inc.

new patent

Anti-podoplanin antibody

Object of the present invention is to provide various anti-podoplanin antibodies useful as a drug or reagent. The present invention provides an anti-podoplanin antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof, each having an epitope in any of the following regions in the amino acid sequence of podoplanin represented by seq id no: 1: (i) from position 56 to position 80, (ii) from position 81 to position 103, (iii) from position 81 to position 88, and (iv) from position 25 to position 57..
Perseus Proteomics Inc.

new patent

Synthesis of duocarmycin analogues

A novel fmoc protected duocarmycin subunit and utilisation as a reagent in solid phase protein synthesis methodology. Also provided is a novel method of solid phase peptide synthesis, and in particular a method for the production of novel intermediates and novel monomeric and extended duocarmycin analogues having amino acid substituents..
University Of East Anglia

new patent

Apparatus and methods for methanol generation

To alleviate global warming while providing a liquid fuel to replace gasoline, apparatus and methods are disclosed for generating methanol from natural gas via the syngas route. Said apparatus and methods can also serve to dispose of any co2 that is captured from fuel burning exhausts, especially from motor vehicle exhausts.

new patent

Sample preparation module with stepwise pressurization mechanism

The present invention relates to fluidic systems for controlling one or more fluids or reagents. These systems can be used in combination with one or more devices for assaying, processing, or storing samples.
Slipchip Corporation

new patent

Apparatus for analyzing a test liquid

An apparatus for a test liquid includes an inlet device defining a chamber configured to receive the liquid, a preparation device defining a preparation chamber and including a preparation reagent to be reacted with the liquid, an analysis device defining an exposure chamber associated with the preparation chamber and including an analysis unit to be exposed to the prepared test liquid for indicating information on the test liquid, a housing defining a longitudinal axis, and a guiding device configured to guide the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device so as to limit the motion of the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device to a sequence of alternating rotational and axial movements, each axial movement of the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device requiring activation through a preceding rotational movement of the inlet device, the preparation device or the analysis device.. .
Sulzer Mixpac Ag

new patent

Method of processing zingiber zerumbet

The invention discloses a method of processing zingiber zerumbet for producing a processed sample of zingiber zerumbet, which easily releases flavonoids in a following extraction process. The method includes the steps of: soaking a raw sample of zingiber zerumbet with a processing reagent selected from rice vinegar or yellow wine at 23-27° c.
Han Sheng Pharmtech, Inc.

new patent

Method of processing antrodia cinnamomea

The invention discloses a method of processing antrodia cinnamomea for producing a processed sample of antrodia cinnamomea, which easily releases antcin k in a following extraction process. The method includes the steps of: soaking a raw sample of antrodia cinnamomea with a processing reagent comprising 25-83.3 wt % of rice vinegar and 16.7-75 wt % of yellow wine at 22-28° c.
Han Sheng Biotech Co., Ltd.

Uniform, damage free nitride etch

An integrated circuit may be formed by forming a sacrificial silicon nitride feature. At least a portion of the sacrificial silicon nitride feature may be removed by placing the integrated circuit in a two-step oxidized layer etch tool and removing a surface layer of oxidized silicon from the sacrificial silicon nitride feature using a two-step etch process.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Compositions and methods for quantitative assessment of dna-protein complex density

One aspect of the present invention describes materials and methods of quantitatively measuring the density or percent occupancy of dna binding proteins such as histones, histone variants, histone post translational modifications and transcription factors in chromatin at given dna loci. One embodiment measures a factor's average quantity at specific gene loci, and controls for a number of pitfalls concerning antibody quality and handling issues.
The University Of Chicago

Rapid protein labeling and analysis

The present invention provides methods and compositions for labeling, separating and analyzing proteins, particularly a specific protein of interest within a cell lysate or in a mixture of proteins. The proteins are labeled with an amine reactive or thiol reactive fluorescent dye, or an amine reactive fluorogenic reagent that becomes fluorescent upon reacting to amine groups located on the protein.
Life Technologies Corporation

Analyzing apparatus

An automatic analyzing apparatus 10 includes a chip rack 11 that stores a pipette chip, a pipette 12 into which a specimen is injected, a conveyance unit that conveys the pipette 12 by parallel translation, a reagent rack 14, a reaction unit 15, a detection unit 16, and a detection block unit 17. The pipette chip stored by the chip rack 11 has a planar structure to directly and optically detect the specimen.
National University Corporation Kobe University

Au nanoparticles encapsulated in nanocompoites and applications thereof in rapid detection of an analyte

A method of preparation for a detection pad for detecting an analyte. The method includes preparing a labeling substance including a plurality of metal nanoparticles encapsulated in a nanocomposite complex.

Srm/mrm assay for the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2a (p16) protein

Methods are provided for quantifying the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2a protein (p16) p16 protein directly in biological samples that have been fixed in formalin by srm/mrm mass spectrometry. A protein sample is prepared from the biological sample using, for example, the liquid tissue reagents and protocol and the p16 protein is quantitated in the resulting sample by quantitating in the protein sample at least one fragment peptide from p16.
Expression Pathology, Inc.

Automated slide stainer

The present disclosure describes an automated slide stainer with a rotary carousel configured to receive a plurality of microscopic slides. The rotary carousel may position the slides in a treatment position to receive a liquid reagent on the slide surface from a dispensing nozzle.
Alpha-tec Systems, Inc.

Method to increase sensitivity of next generation sequencing

A method for detecting a low-occurrence mutation in isolated dna adds a blocking probe to reagents during amplification of the isolated dna. The blocking probe is an oligonucleotide complementary to wild-type dna corresponding to the sample.
Neogenomics Laboratories, Inc.

Paramagnetic supports for use as assay reagents

A composition for use as an assay reagent includes a paramagnetic solid support comprising a coating of a synthetic copolymer. The synthetic copolymer comprises two or three of a first copolymerized monomer, a second copolymerized monomer and a third copolymerized monomer and further comprises a polyethylenic backbone..
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Method for purifying reduced form of beta-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

The present invention discloses a method for purifying reduced form of β-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, comprising the steps of: sequentially microfiltrating and nanofiltrating a reaction solution obtained after an enzymatic reaction, to collect a concentrate for use; then adding an ion pair reagent to the concentrate, and purifying by gradient elution using a reverse-phase chromatographic column as a stationary phase, a buffer solution as a phase a, and ethanol as a phase b; changing the cations in the purified filtrate into sodium ions by using a cation exchange resin; and nanofiltrating the filtrate obtained in step c, and finally freeze drying it in a vacuum freeze drier. In the present invention, the reduced form of β-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is purified by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography and cation exchange, such that the reduced form of β-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has a high purity and high yield, thus meeting the requirements in industry..
Bontac Bio-engineering (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Carbon nanostructure synthesis

Methods of making carbon nanostructures are disclosed with including examples having heat treatment of a mixture having a fibrous organic reagent and a catalyst in the presence of a reducing agent for a time sufficient to produce a quantity of carbon nanostructures which may be nanotubes or other related structures. The reducing agent may be hydrogen, nitrogen or ammonia..

Microreactor array platform

A microreactor array platform and method for sealing a reagent in microreactors of an array of microreactors are provided. The microreactor array platform includes an array of microreactors, and a sealing film having a first surface and an opposite second surface, the sealing film configured to movably seal the array of microreactors.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Whitened tobacco composition

A method of preparing a whitened tobacco material is provided, the method including the steps of (i) extracting a tobacco material with an aqueous solution to give a tobacco pulp and a tobacco extract; (ii) treating the tobacco pulp with at least one of a caustic reagent and an oxidizing agent for a time and at a temperature sufficient to lighten the color of the tobacco pulp to give a whitened tobacco pulp; (iii) clarifying the tobacco extract to remove higher molecular weight components; and (iv) combining the whitened tobacco pulp with a clarified tobacco extract to form a whitened tobacco material. The whitened tobacco material can be isolated and incorporated into a smokeless tobacco product.
R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

Automatic analyzer

An automatic analyzer has a washing tank providing water for washing a reagent or sample probe is. The washing water from a washing nozzle spreads from a throttle portion and is divided into right and left flows after colliding with a vent plate provided in an overflow portion of the washing tank.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Fully-automatic excrement analyzer

The present invention provides a full-automatic feces analyzer, comprising an automatic controller; at least one sample box for containing a feces sample; a sample box support for placing the sample box; a dilution and stirring unit for adding diluent into the feces sample in the sample box and performing stirring to obtain feces sample liquid; a physical detection unit for performing a physical detection on the feces sample liquid; at least one chemical detection unit for performing a chemical detection on the feces sample liquid, each chemical detection unit comprising a driving roller and a driven roller, a reagent strip roll being wound on the driven roller, an end portion of the reagent strip roll being fixed on the driving roller, and the reagent strip roll comprising a plurality of reagent strips which are abreast distributed and sequentially connected; and a sample sucking and adding unit for sucking the feces sample liquid and delivering the feces sample liquid to the physical detection unit and the chemical detection unit. The full-automatic feces analyzer can perform continuous physical detections and chemical detections to a plurality of feces samples, and the detection efficiency thereof is very high..
Suzhou Halo Bio-tech Co., Ltd

Analysis of antibodies

The present invention relates to a method which may be used for the analysis of endogenously formed antibodies such as anti-drug antibodies (adas) or rheumatoid factor (rf) in a solution, which method comprises (a) contacting the solution with a solid phase to which e.g. Igg molecule(s) have been attached; (b) allowing the adas or rf to bind specifically to the attached molecule(s); (c) adding a labeled isotype-specific reagent capable of binding adas or rf; (d) removing any excess of reagent; and (f) detecting the label bound or unbound to determine directly or indirectly the presence or concentration of adas in the solution.
Phadia Ab

Sensor platform and use

A sensor platform for analyzing an analyte with a predetermined reagent is presented. The sensor platform has a housing defining an interior chamber configured to hold the analyte.
The Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Gene defects and mutant alk kinase in human solid tumors

Novel gene deletions and translocations involving chromosome 2 resulting in fusion proteins combining part of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (alk) kinase with part of a secondary protein have been identified herein in human solid tumors, e.g. Non-small cell lung carcinoma (nsclc).
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

Gene signatures associated with sensitivity to mdm2 inhibitors

Gene signatures that are predictive of the sensitivity of a cancer or tumor to an mdm2i or an antagonist of the mdm2-p53 interaction. Differentially expressed genes in the provided gene signatures serve as biomarkers assessing the sensitivity of cancer and tumor samples to treatment or therapy with an mdm2i.
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited

Biomolecule analysis kit and biomolecule analysis method

A biomolecule analysis kit includes a reaction container configured to perform an enzymatic reaction, the reaction container including a base portion which has a container-shaped portion and a low-adsorption structural portion which is provided on at least the inner surface of the container-shaped portion, the low-adsorption structural portion having an adsorption rate lower than the base portion at which at least one of a sample which becomes a target of analysis in the enzymatic reaction and a reagent for the enzymatic reaction is adsorbed thereonto, wherein a signal resulting from the enzymatic reaction is configured to be detected when the enzymatic reaction is performed in the reaction container.. .
Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.

Methods of producing sterilized diagnostic test elements

In one non-limiting aspect, sterilizable reagent materials for diagnostic elements are provided. In other aspects, sterilized elements and techniques for producing the same are disclosed.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.

Nuclease profiling system

Some aspects of this disclosure provide strategies, methods, and reagents for determining nuclease target site preferences and specificity of site-specific endonucleases. Some methods provided herein utilize a novel “one-cut” strategy for screening a library of concatemers comprising repeat units of candidate nuclease target sites and constant insert regions to identify library members that can been cut by a nuclease of interest via sequencing of an intact target site adjacent and identical to a cut target site.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Rack for sample tubes and reagent holders

A rack for holding samples and various reagents, wherein the rack may be used for loading the samples and reagents prior to using the reagents. The rack accepts complementary reagent holders, each of which contain a set of reagents for carrying out a predetermined processing operation, such as preparing biological samples for amplifying and detecting polynucleotides extracted from the samples..
Handylab, Inc.

Method for evaluating cell populations

The invention describes specific sialylated structures present on human stem cells and cell populations derived thereof. The invention is especially directed to methods to control the status of stem cells by observing changes in sialylation of the cells; and control of potential contaminations of biological materials; and reagents and methods used in connection with the cells in order to avoid alterations of the cell glycosylation by contaminating materials.
Glykos Finland Oy

Beneficiating process

A process for beneficiating a feldspar and/or feldspathoid containing feed material which comprises magnetic impurities, non-magnetic impurities and non-magnetic minerals to be beneficiated, the process comprising the steps of providing said feed material, forming an aqueous composition comprising said feed material and a magnetic enhancer reagent and subjecting said aqueous composition to wet magnetic separation.. .
Imerys Ceramics France

System and device for high throughput generation of combinatorial droplets and methods of use

The present invention is directed to a microfluidic system comprising a microfluidic chip and a method of performing a chemical assay wherein a sample is processed into multiple daughter droplets and said daughter droplets are incubated with varying reagents. The properties of these droplets can be detected to provide assay data..
The Johns Hopkins University

Method of and a scrubber for removing pollutant compounds from a gas stream

A scrubber for removing pollutant compounds from a gas stream. At least one gas channel introduces the gas stream to a lower portion of the scrubber.
Amec Foster Wheeler Energia Oy

Enzymatic conjugation of polypeptides

The present application relates to methods for the enzymatic functionalization of immunoglobulins, in particular with drugs. Also disclosed herein are linking reagents, functionalized antibodies, pharmaceutical compositions, and method of treating disease and/or conditions..
Paul Scherrer Institut

Compositions and methods for yeast extracellular vesicles as delivery systems

The present invention provides compositions of yeast extracellular vesicles comprising biologically active molecules, methods for making the same, and methods for the use of the yeast extracellular vesicles to deliver biologically active molecules to target cells. In addition, the invention provides cells and compositions comprising the biologically active molecules and vesicles, which can be used as transfection reagents.
Clsn Laboratories, Inc.

Automatic analyzer

Dilution of a sample occurring in a sample dispensing operation is a problem in terms of analysis accuracy. Although the dilution amount is alleviated to some extent by a technique of sucking the sample excessively, the problem may emerge along with a requirement for reducing the sample dispensing amount, an increase of sucking and discharging speed in response to improvement of a processing capability, and an increase of the number of items to be analyzed simultaneously.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Hepatocyte growth factor as marker of prognosis in small cell lung cancer (sclc)

The invention relates to a new marker, the hepatocyte growth factor (hgf) in serum or plasma for the prognosis of small-cell lung cancer (sclc). The invention also provides methods for selecting subjects suffering from sclc that are candidate to respond to certain substances inhibiting certain kinases expressed in the tumours.
FundaciÓ Institut Mar D'investigacions MÈdiques (imim)

Method for avoiding influence of endogenous lipoprotein and reagent

To identify the aforementioned interference component present in serum or plasma, to thereby provide means for avoiding any interference effect caused by the component.. .
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.

Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method

A biosensor is disclosed comprising a support; a conductive layer composed of an electrical conductive material such as a noble metal, for example gold or palladium, and carbon; slits parallel to and perpendicular to the side of the support; working, counter, and detecting electrodes; a spacer which covers the working, counter, and detecting electrodes on the support; a rectangular cutout in the spacer forming a specimen supply path; an inlet to the specimen supply path; a reagent layer formed by applying a reagent containing an enzyme to the working, counter, and detecting electrodes, which are exposed through the cutout in the spacer; and a cover over the spacer. The biosensor can be formed by a simple method, and provides a uniform reagent layer on the electrodes regardless of the reagent composition..
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.

Cartridge, kit comprising cartridge, electric measuring apparatus, and electric measuring method

In embodiments, there is provided a cartridge comprising a container comprising an opening and a holding portion to hold a sample and/or a reagent, an electrode disposed on a container wall of the container, and a removable separator to separate at least some of the holding portion of the container from the electrode when the removable separator is inserted into the holding portion. The cartridge may be combined in a kit with a member to insert the sample, or in an electrical measuring apparatus comprising a circuit to measure electrical characteristic(s) of a second signal, resulting from application of a first signal to the electrode, and indicative of electrical characteristic(s) of the sample and/or the reagent..
Sony Corporation

Prevention of cross-contamination in systems for rapid analysis of biological samples

A system for use in rapid sample analysis that includes a biosensor reagent, wherein the biosensor reagent includes living biological cells; a reservoir card, wherein the reservoir card stores the biosensor reagent; and a test cartridge base, wherein the test cartridge base is configured to accept the reservoir card, and wherein the test cartridge base further includes a reaction chamber having a central axis, wherein the reaction chamber has the shape of a revolved half ellipse; and an inlet channel connected to the reaction chamber, wherein the inlet channel is positioned above the reaction chamber at an angle of 15-60 degrees above the horizontal, and wherein the inlet channel is offset from the central axis of the reaction chamber.. .
Fundamental Solutions Corporation

Reaction chambers for use in systems for rapid analysis of biological samples

A system for use in rapid sample analysis that includes a biosensor reagent, wherein the biosensor reagent includes living biological cells; a reservoir card, wherein the reservoir card stores the biosensor reagent; and a test cartridge base, wherein the test cartridge base is configured to accept the reservoir card, and wherein the test cartridge base further includes a contoured reaction chamber; and an inlet channel connected to and entering the reaction chamber at a predetermined angle thereto.. .
Fundamental Solutions Corporation

Methods and compositions for hematoxylin and eosin staining

The present invention provide for solutions of a defined composition useful in a staining protocol, such as a hematoxylin and eosin staining protocol, when used at certain points of the staining protocol. The formulations of these defined solutions are such that carry-over of the solutions will not negatively impact, or preferably, will stabilize or favorably modify staining reagent solutions coming in contact with the solutions.
Leica Biosystems Richmond, Inc.

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