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Raster patents


This page is updated frequently with new Raster-related patent applications.

 Method for encoding video patent thumbnailMethod for encoding video
A method for decoding video includes receiving a frame of the video that includes at least one slice and at least one tile. Each of the at least one slice and the at least one tile are not all aligned with one another.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Hybrid silk screen and direct-to-garment printing machine and process patent thumbnailHybrid silk screen and direct-to-garment printing machine and process
A hybrid printing machine is described having both silk screening stations and a direct-to-garment digital printing station with a raster image processor to control a portion of a printing process.. .
M&r Printing Equipment, Inc.

 Systems and methods for efficiently generating a geospatial data map for use in agricultural operations patent thumbnailSystems and methods for efficiently generating a geospatial data map for use in agricultural operations
A data receiving module receives sampled agricultural-related data associated with a given geographic area. An analysis module processes the received sampled agricultural-related data to generate a sub-sampled raster of agricultural-related data over the given geographic area.
Agverdict, Inc.

 Facile and precise georeferencing and overlaying of map tiles patent thumbnailFacile and precise georeferencing and overlaying of map tiles
One or more processors receive a map image file. The map image file includes geographical data.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Dynamic subroutine linkage optimizing shader performance patent thumbnailDynamic subroutine linkage optimizing shader performance
Allocation of memory registers for shaders by a processor is described herein. For each shader, registers are allocated based on the shader's level of complexity.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Method and  controlled dopant incorporation and activation in a chemical vapor deposition system patent thumbnailMethod and controlled dopant incorporation and activation in a chemical vapor deposition system
Embodiments include systems and methods for producing semiconductor wafers having reduced quantities of point defects. These systems and methods include a tunable ultraviolet (uv) light source, which is controlled to produce a raster of a uv light beam across a surface of a semiconductor wafer during epitaxial growth to dissociate point defects in the semiconductor wafer.
Veeco Instruments, Inc.

 Raster image processor methods and systems patent thumbnailRaster image processor methods and systems
Methods, systems, and computer program products for improving the performance of a raster image processor. Smaller objects are identified among a group of larger objects with respect to a job processed via a raster image processor.
Xerox Corporation

 Semiconductor cleaner systems and methods patent thumbnailSemiconductor cleaner systems and methods
In an embodiment, the present invention discloses a euv cleaner system and process for cleaning a euv carrier. The cuv cleaner system comprises separate dirty and cleaned environments, separate cleaning chambers tor different components of the double container carrier, gripper arms tor picking and placing different components using a same robot handler, gripper arms for holding different components at different locations, horizontal spin cleaning and drying for outer container, hot water and hot air (70c) cleaning process, vertical nozzles and rasterizing megasonic nozzles for cleaning inner container with hot air nozzles for drying, separate vacuum decontamination chambers for outgassing different components, for example, one for inner and one for outer container with high vacuum (eg., <10−6 torr) with purge gas, heaters and rga sensors inside the vacuum charnber, purge gas assembling station, and purge gas loading and unloading station.
Brooks Automation (germany) Gmbh

 Method of and  processing graphics patent thumbnailMethod of and processing graphics
A tile-based graphics processing system generates a render output by dividing it into a plurality of larger patches, each of which encompass a set of smaller patches. A rasteriser tests primitives against patches of the render output.
Arm Limited

 Stencil-then-cover path rendering with shared edges patent thumbnailStencil-then-cover path rendering with shared edges
One embodiment of the present invention includes techniques for rasterizing primitives that include edges shared between paths. For each edge, a rasterizer unit selects and applies a sample rule from multiple sample rules.
Nvidia Corporation

Data processing systems

A graphics processing unit 3 includes a rasteriser 25, a thread spawner 40, a programmable execution unit 41, a varying interpolator 42, a texture mapper 43, and a blender 29. The programmable execution unit 41 is able to communicate with the varying interpolator 42, the texture mapper 43 and the blender 29 to request processing operations by those graphic specific accelerators.
Arm Limited

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium

A method for generating a raster image according to a tile drawing command includes acquiring a tile drawing command for repeatedly rasterizing a specified object, determining whether an interval in which the object is repeated in a predetermined direction based on the acquired tile drawing command is an integer pixel width in a coordinate system of the raster image, generating, based on the acquired tile drawing command, another tile drawing command for repeatedly rasterizing the object in the predetermined direction in an interval of an integer pixel width in the coordinate system, wherein the generated another tile drawing command includes a plurality of pieces of information corresponding to a plurality of scaling factors, scaling, based on the another tile drawing command, the object to repeatedly rasterize the object in the predetermined direction.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Epos printing

A script language compatible with html is used to define methods or objects capable of communicating directly with an intelligent module for printing operations without going through a web browser's print selection option. A print api library provides the needed methods/objects for creating an html print document, and converting it to raster image data using a user-selected conversion method.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Verification of transformed content

A computer manages methods for determining accurate document transformation by rendering the source document into a non-rasterized format, where the non-rasterized format is a rendered source document. The computer rendering the target document into a non-rasterized format, where the non-rasterized format is a rendered target document.
International Business Machines Corporation

Sparse rasterization

An importance map indicates, for each of a plurality of pixels, whether the pixel is considered important enough to be rendered. A hierarchical tree for pixels is created to generate a hierarchical importance map.
Intel Corporation

Image processing edge detection and laser eye surgery system incorporating the same

A method of imaging an object includes obtaining an image data set from a raster scan. The image data set has a plurality of data points, each data point having an associated location and intensity; generating a reduced data set by selectively removing one or more data points from the image data set based upon an assigned probability of retaining the one or more data points in the data set, the assigned probability being a function of the intensity of a data point; generating a triangulation graph as a planar subdivision having faces that are triangles, the vertices of which are the data points and the edges of which are adjacent vertices; and segmenting the triangulated data set by finding a path with lowest cost between that vertex and every other vertex, wherein the cost is a function of the respective intensity of the vertices..
Optimedica Corporation

System and manipulating objects in a computational acoustic-potential field

A novel system and method based on three-dimensional acoustic-manipulation technology is disclosed. By changing the distribution of an acoustic-potential field generated by ultrasonic phased arrays, objects can be levitated and animated.
Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

Variable resolution virtual reality display system

A virtual reality display system that renders images at different resolutions in different parts of a display. Reduces rendering latency by rendering at a lower resolution in selected regions, for example on the sides of a display where human vision has lower resolution than in the center.
Ariadne's Thread (usa), Inc. (dba Immerex)

Image forming converting print data into intermediate data, controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium

There is provided an image forming apparatus configured to process print data of a plurality of pages includes a plurality of interpreters configured to generate intermediate data of the plurality of pages by interpreting the print data, a control unit configured to specify different pages for different interpreters, and, for each specified page, cause a corresponding interpreter to generate the intermediate data of the specified page or specified pages, and a generation unit configured to generate a raster image of the page based on the generated intermediate data, wherein, based on interpretation of the print data of an invalid page, any one interpreter of the plurality of interpreters generates the intermediate data of a page subsequent to the invalid page without requiring the page to be specified by the control unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Print control apparatus, and print control method

A print control apparatus receives a print job with a print page range indicating target pages selected among all pages of the print job, the print job including a plurality of documents, the target pages including pages of different documents, and selectively rasterizes the received print job according to the print page range, so that the target pages are rasterized and pages among the all pages other than the target pages are not rasterized.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Hierarchical quadrant based coverage testing for rasterization

In embodiments described herein, graphics hardware is described to reduce the number of wasted clock cycles expended during rasterization and performs coverage test iteration in a cache coherent manner. An exemplary embodiment comprises block selection logic to select an initial block of pixels associated with edges of a primitive and edge determination logic to analyze the initial block of pixels to determine a set of fully covered quadrants of the initial block of pixels and analyze a block of pixels adjacent to the initial block of pixels to determine whether the block of adjacent pixels is void..

Bowtie nanoantennas and methods of using the same

A pillar-nanoantenna array structure is fabricated with a substrate to which pairs of pillars are coupled, where the pillars are characterized either by a thermal conductance less than 0.1 μw/deg or by transparency and a height exceeding thickness by at least a factor of two. Metallic caps atop a neighboring pair of pillars are separated by no more than 50 nm.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

System for adjusting operation of a printer during three-dimensional object printing to compensate for errors in object formation

A printer compensates for printing errors occurring during production of the layers for the formation of an object in a three-dimensional printer. The printer includes an optical sensor that generates data corresponding to edges of each layer of the object after each layer is printed.
Xerox Corporation

Adaptive load balancing in software emulation of gpu hardware

Aspects of the present disclosure describe a software based emulator of a graphics processing unit (gpu) that is configured to operate over a cloud-based network. A virtual image containing graphics primitives is divided into a plurality of tiles.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Special processing indicators for print verification systems

Systems and methods are provided for print verification. One embodiment is a print verification system (pvs) that includes an imaging device which image pages of physical print media that were marked by a printer for a print job.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium

An information processing apparatus generates intermediate data to convert input print data into raster image data. The information processing apparatus includes a decoding unit configured to decode coded compression data of an image object to be drawn in an image based on the print data, and a rendering unit configured to generate raster image data by performing rendering for each region of the image with reference to image data of the image object stored by a storing unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Automated printing images on a surface

A system for printing an image on a surface includes a robot, a printhead having a reference line printing mechanism, and a reference line sensor. The robot has at least one arm.
The Boeing Company

2-d straight-scan on imaging surface with a raster polygon

A 2-d scanning system uses a fast-rotating raster-polygon as a single scanning component to produce straight scan lines over a 2-d image surface. An approach angle of incident light beams to the raster-polygon is selected to minimize pin-cushion distortion of scan lines introduced by polygon scanning on the image surface, and a tilt angle of the rotational axis of the raster-polygon is selected to position said polygon-scanning distortion symmetrically on the image surface.
Prysm, Inc.

High-speed hotspot or defect imaging with a charged particle beam system

An inspection tool includes a controller that is configured to generate a scan pattern for an electron beam to image areas of interest on the wafer. The scan pattern minimizes dwell time of the electron beam on the surface of the wafer between the areas of interest.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Apparatus and dynamic polygon or primitive sorting for improved culling

An apparatus and method are described for dynamic polygon or primitive sorting for improved culling. For example, one embodiment of an apparatus comprises: a rasterization unit to receive a plurality of polygons to be rasterized in an original ordering; and depth test evaluation logic to determine whether a current polygon is fully visible, partially visible or occluded; and reordering logic to incrementally alter the original ordering by swapping each occluded polygon with another polygon positioned relatively lower in the original ordering and by swapping each fully visible polygon with another polygon positioned relatively higher in the original ordering..

Piecewise linear irregular rasterization

One embodiment of the present invention includes a method for rendering a geometry object in a computer-generated scene. A screen space associated with a display screen is divided into a set of regions.
Nvidia Corporation

Method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects using one-line raster image data

A method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects are provided. For at least a first rectangle drawing object and a second rectangle drawing object, a determination is made if the second rectangle drawing object satisfies a predetermined condition with respect to the first rectangle drawing object.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Error correction data in a video transmission signal

A transmitter transmits a raster-type video signal. For each one of a plurality of active video segments of a frame of the video signal, the transmitter derives redundant data from the respective active video segment and inserts the redundant data into a horizontal blanking segment of the video signal..
Semtech Canada Corporation

Methods and systems for object based geometric fitting

Described herein are various implementations of a process and a system for automatically performing object based geometric fitting. The process may include spatially superimposing a mask dataset comprising mask-objects on a raster image comprising image-objects, and locally superimposing individual mask-objects on individual image-objects, until a dataset is obtained wherein mask-objects are geometrically fitted to image-objects..
Myheat Inc.

Generating a breast parameter map

The present invention relates to a medical imaging device for generating a breast parameter map in order to improve mammographic images. The medical imaging device comprises an image unit, a raster unit, a definition unit, a generating unit, and a provision unit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Apparatus and generating bitmap of 3-dimensional model

Disclosed are an apparatus and method for generating a bitmap of a three-dimensional (3d) model. The apparatus for generating a bitmap of a 3d model includes a plane generator configured to generate a plurality of planes including an outline of a cross section obtained by cutting a 3d model in a direction parallel to an output direction of a 3d printer, a rasterizer configured to rasterize the plurality of planes in a direction perpendicular to the output direction, calculate a weight of a pixel using a weight transition point based on outline segments constituting the outline, and determine a type of each pixel generated through the rasterization based on the weight, and a bitmap generator configured to merge pixels having the same coordinate in the output direction to generate a bitmap for a plane perpendicular to the output direction..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

Moving object detection, tracking, and displaying systems

An alert and tracking system implemented on a computing device with a processor is presented. The system comprises a display with a viewing portion and a raster portion comprising a plurality of rasters.
Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc.

Exploiting frame to frame coherency in a sort-middle architecture

Pixel values that were computed in a previous frame may be reused for the current frame, operating in a sort-middle architecture. A hash or some other compact representation of all the data used in a tile, including all triangles, uniforms, textures, shaders, etc.
Intel Corporation

Dynamic, parameterized image resource selection

Embodiments are directed to providing an image in response to a request for an image and to requesting an image for a specified context. In one scenario, a computer system stores multiple image representations of a corresponding visual asset identified by an identifier.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

3d printer based on a staggered nozzle array

A 3d printer is based on a two dimensional staggered nozzle array, depositing each layer in a raster scan mode. Each nozzle contains an individually controlled mechanical high speed valve, and multiple nozzles are fed from a constant pressure reservoir, typically containing molten polymer..

System and multi-resolution raster data processing

An improved method and system are provided for constructing square multi-resolution tiles for use with spatial multi-resolution raster data. This improvement permits more efficient storage, processing and display of raster tiles at different resolutions.
Pitney Bowes Inc.

Image forming apparatus having plurality of processing units for generating intermediate data, and controlling the image forming apparatus

When the generation of intermediate data of the following page is completed before the generation of intermediate data of the preceding page, the rasterization of the intermediate data of the following page is performed after completion of the generation and rasterization of the intermediate data of the preceding page.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for detecting synchronization signal for device-to-device (d2d) communication in wireless communication system and apapratus therefor

The present invention relates to a method in which a user equipment transmits and receives a synchronization signal of the user equipment for device-to-device (d2d) communication in a wireless communication system. Specifically, the method comprises a step of monitoring the synchronization signal for the d2d communication (d2dss), wherein the d2dss is assigned in an interval of a multiple raster unit from a center frequency..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Graphic processing device and processing graphic images

Provided is a graphic processing device and method for a graphic processing. The graphic processing device includes: a scan converter configured to calculate raster data and generate a first shading request signal requesting shading for pixels corresponding to a polygon based on the raster data; a fragment skipper configured to group the pixels corresponding to the first shading request signal into at least one pixel group, to select at least one of pixels included each pixel group as a shading pixel, and to generate a second shading signal requesting shading for the shading pixel in each pixel group; a shader configured to perform shading for the shading pixel in each pixel group to generate a value of the shading pixel in each pixel group based on the second shading request signal; and a fragment filter configured to generate an image by calculating values of the pixels corresponding to the polygon based on the values of the shading pixel in each pixel group..
Nexell Co., Ltd.

Raster-based mesh decimation

Concepts and technologies are described herein for providing raster-based mesh decimation. Generally described, input data defining a model is processed to render the model as a depth map from a multitude of perspectives.

Optimizing shading process for mixed order-sensitive and order-insensitive shader operations

A graphics processing unit (gpu) includes programmable shader hardware and grouping hardware. The grouping hardware receives pixels collected from a set of primitives, wherein pixel locations of each primitive have been obtained through rasterization of a set of vertices of the primitive.
Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Apparatus and non-uniform frame buffer rasterization

An apparatus and method are described for a non-uniform rasterizer. For example, one embodiment of an apparatus comprises: a graphics processor to process graphics data and render images using the graphics data; and a non-uniform rasterizer within the graphics processor to determine different resolutions to be used for different regions of an image, the non-uniform rasterizer to receive a plurality of polygons to be rasterized and to responsively rasterize the polygons in accordance with the different resolutions..
Intel Corporation

Method to visually review a print data stream present in a print data language

In a method for visually reviewing a print data stream present in a print data language, the print data stream is rastered using a rastering device of a printing system. The rastered print data is cached in a print data memory at the printing system.
Oce Printing Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

Compact scanner assembly with a resonant scanner and two galvanometer scanners for multi region of interest (mroi) imaging and targeting of intact tissue

Provided herein are apparatuses and methods using a compact scanner assembly for multi region of interest (mroi) imaging and targeting of an intact tissue sample. The compact scanner assembly for mroi imaging, comprises a set of three electromagnetically actuated scanning mirrors, the first comprising a resonant scanner (r) driven at its resonant frequency, the second comprising a galvanometer scanner (g1) having a mirror (m1), the third comprising a galvanometer scanner (g2) having a mirror (m2), wherein the galvanometer scanners (g1) and (g2) are driven by a lower bandwidth control signal specifying an angle for mirror (m1) and (m2), wherein the scanners are arranged sequentially as (r) (g1) (g2), wherein the set of three scanning mirrors are within a single scanner assembly (rgg), wherein the compact scanner assembly for mroi combines raster scanning with random-access scanning to target multiple rois for targeting and imaging..
Vidrio Technologies, Llc

User equipment assisted deployment in an unlicensed band

A user apparatus having a primary cell on a licensed band is requested to scan an unlicensed band, the scanning being performed with a raster. The thus obtained availability of the unlicensed band is used for determining a secondary cell.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Intensity information display

A method can include generating raster images from digitized signals, each raster image including multiple pixels that each have a count of the number of signals that pass through it, and generating sets of ranges of counts from the totality of counts in a rasterizer image and selected limits on that totality. The method can also include generating mapped images from the raster images and sets of ranges of counts, each mapped image including multiple pixels that each have an output intensity determined by the specific range of counts that contains the corresponding rasterizer image pixel count..
Tektronix, Inc.

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