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This page is updated frequently with new Ras-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ras-related patents
 Wga sta power saving patent thumbnailWga sta power saving
This invention relates to switching power saving modes and rescheduling communication frames for various periods of a beacon interval (bi) defined under wga draft specification 0.8 for the personal basic service set (pbss) and infrastructure bss to achieve further power savings and other advantages. Stations can be awake during a contention-based period (cbp) if it is in active state and can schedule frames during a service period (sp) to allow the assigned receiver to transmit to the assigned initiator.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

 Location determination of infrastructure device and terminal device patent thumbnailLocation determination of infrastructure device and terminal device
A method and apparatus determines a physical location of a wireless infrastructure device. At least one coarse location data from an associated terminal device is determined.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

 Wide field-of-view stereoscopic projection system patent thumbnailWide field-of-view stereoscopic projection system
Disclosed embodiments relate to a stereoscopic projection system and methods. An exemplary disclosed projection system includes an optical component disposed between the lenses of a lens arrangement.
Reald Inc.

 Electronic device and  projecting screen adjustment patent thumbnailElectronic device and projecting screen adjustment
An electronic device including a projection unit, an ambient light sensor and a processing unit is provided. The projection unit has a projection lens fixed on a side surface of the electronic device.
Acer Incorporated

 Systems and methods for resolving service initialization links in virtual desktop infrastructure environments patent thumbnailSystems and methods for resolving service initialization links in virtual desktop infrastructure environments
Systems and methods for resolving service initialization links in virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi) environments are disclosed. Specifically, the links includes information that does not identify the originating user and are only associated with the offered service, whereas multiple users may be using the same service.
Vidyo, Inc.

 Method and  remote, multi-media collaboration, including archive and search capability patent thumbnailMethod and remote, multi-media collaboration, including archive and search capability
Embodiments of a method and apparatus for remote collaboration include a central cloud computing infrastructure configurable to capture data related to online, remote collaborative session between users via any type of internet capable user device. Data capture includes capture of data via services/systems external to the infrastructure, and services/systems internal to the infrastructure.
Across Lab, Inc.

 Infrastructure level lan security patent thumbnailInfrastructure level lan security
Techniques are disclosed for securing traffic flowing across multi-tenant virtualized infrastructures using group key-based encryption. In one embodiment, an encryption module of a virtual machine (vm) host intercepts layer 2 (l2) frames sent via a virtual nic (vnic).
Vmware, Inc.

 System and  providing a secure one-time use capsule based personalized and encrypted on-demand communication platform patent thumbnailSystem and providing a secure one-time use capsule based personalized and encrypted on-demand communication platform
A secure one-time use capsule based personalized and encrypted on-demand communication platform enables encrypted personalized secure on-demand stateless single-use capsuled communication channels over the internet. Using the personalized capsuled secure communication system, a greater degree of communication security can be achieved than in the existing conventional methods.

 Method for non-disruptive cloud infrastructure software component deployment patent thumbnailMethod for non-disruptive cloud infrastructure software component deployment
The subject technology provides embodiments for defining, using a first application programming interface (api), a logical resource variant of a logical service resource. The logical resource variant is registered at a defining entity.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 System and  extending cloud services into the customer premise patent thumbnailSystem and extending cloud services into the customer premise
A cloud extension agent can be provided on a customer premise for interfacing, via an outbound secure connection, cloud based services. The cloud extension agent can reach the cloud based services through existing firewall infrastructure, thereby providing simple, secure deployment.
Fiberlink Communications Corporation


Antenna and steering antenna beam direction for wifi applications

An antenna comprising an imd element and one or more parasitic and active tuning elements is disclosed. The imd element, when used in combination with the active tuning and parasitic elements, allows antenna operation at multiple resonant frequencies.
Ethertronics, Inc.


Thin film transistor array panel

A thin film transistor array panel is capable of increasing an aperture ratio and decreasing parasitic capacitance between a gate electrode and a drain electrode by reducing an area of a thin film transistor. The thin film transistor array panel includes: a substrate; a gate line disposed on the substrate and including a gate electrode; a gate insulating layer on the gate line; a semiconductive island on the gate insulating layer; a circular drain electrode on the semiconductive island; and a source electrode disposed on the semiconductive island and shaped like a circular band bent in a direction from which the drain electrode is disposed.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device integrating high and low voltage devices

The present invention is directed to a method for forming multiple active components, such as bipolar transistors. Mosfets, diodes, etc., on a semiconductor substrate so that active components with higher operation voltage may be formed on a common substrate with a lower operation voltage device and incorporating the existing proven process flow of making the lower operation voltage active components.
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Incorporated


Semiconductor device and electronic device

To provide a novel semiconductor device or a semiconductor device capable of operating at high speed. The semiconductor device includes a plurality of circuits each having a function of storing data and a wiring el.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Laser-markable insulation material for wire or cable assemblies

The present disclosure is directed to laser-markable insulation material and cable or wire assemblies containing such insulation material. In certain embodiments, the laser-markable insulation material can include a fluoropolymer and an inorganic laser-markable pigment.
Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation


Non-volatile semiconductor memory having multiple external power supplies

A memory device includes core memory such as flash memory for storing data. The memory device includes a first power input to receive a first voltage used to power the flash memory.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.


Non-volatile split gate memory device and a operating same

A non-volatile memory device that a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type. An array of non-volatile memory cells is in the semiconductor substrate arranged in a plurality of rows and columns.
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.


Non-volatile semiconductor memory with high reliability and data erasing method thereof

A non-volatile semiconductor memory apparatus and a data erasing method thereof are provided to suppress deterioration in reliability due to data rewriting. An erasing method of a flash memory is provided, which includes the following steps.
Winbond Electronics Corp.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes memory strings each including a drain select transistor, memory cells and a source select transistor, which are connected between a bit line and a common source line and suitable for operating based on voltages applied to a drain select line, word lines and a source select line, respectively, and an operation circuit suitable for performing a pre-program operation, an erase operation and a post-program operation on the memory strings. The operation circuit sequentially performs erase operations on the drain select transistors included in the memory strings..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Fast secure erase in a flash system

A flash memory controller is configured to provide a first erase mode for erasing one or more groups of flash memory cells in a flash memory device using a plurality of erase pulses and a second erase mode for erasing the one or more groups of flash memory cells using a single erase pulse. The controller may receive a fast erase signal to erase the one or more groups of flash memory cells and, in response to the signal, switch operating parameters of the flash memory device from first parameters corresponding to the first erase mode to second parameters corresponding to the second erase mode, and instruct the flash memory device to perform an erase operation on the one or more groups of flash memory cells according to the second parameters.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Programming of drain side word line to reduce program disturb and charge loss

Techniques are provided for programming the memory cells of a drain-side edge word line of a set of word lines before programming memory cells of any other word line of the set. Pass voltages applied to the other word lines act as stress pulses which redistribute holes in the charge-trapping material of the memory cells of the other word lines to reduce short-term charge loss and downshifting of the threshold voltage.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Multi-task concurrent/pipeline nand operations on all planes

This invention provides a 2-level bl-hierarchical nand memory architecture and associated concurrent operations applicable to both 2d and 3d hinand2 memory arrays. New latch designs in block-decoder and segment-decoder with one common dedicated metal0 power line per one 2n-bit dynamic page buffer (dpb) formed in corresponding 2n broken-lbl metal1 line capacitors for program and per one 2n-bit segment dpb formed in corresponding 2n local lbl metal1 line capacitors for read are provided for performing concurrent and pipeline operations of multiple-wl program, read, erase-verify, and program-verify in dispersed blocks in a same or multiple different nand planes with much enhanced array flexibility and multiple-fold performance improvements..


Techniques to boost word-line voltage using parasitic capacitances

A memory device with word-line voltage boosting includes a set of first switches that are operable to couple a word-line of the memory device to a supply voltage to pull the word-line up to a rail voltage. A dummy line including a conductive route can be disposed in a vicinity of the word-line to form a parasitic coupling capacitance with the word-line.
Broadcom Corporation


Ultrasound probe with acoustical lens

The present invention relates to an ultrasound probe (60) comprising: an ultrasound transducer (12) having an emission surface (24) for generating ultrasound waves, and an acoustical lens (12) with a first part (64) having an inner surface (66) facing the emission surface (24), wherein the inner surface (64) comprises a plurality of protrusions (74) and/or recesses (76) for scattering reflections of ultrasound waves.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Low power acoustic apparatus and operation

In accordance with one aspect of the disclosure, a method of operating an acoustic system including detecting an ultrasonic sound signal and pattern matching the received ultrasonic sound signal to determine when the received ultrasonic sound signal is a desired ultrasonic sound signal. The method includes sending a signal to at least one electronic component when the received ultrasonic sound signal is the desired ultrasonic sound signal.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Differential current measurements to determine ion current in the presence of leakage current

An ion chamber provides a current representative of its characteristics as affected by external conditions, e.g., clean air or smoke. A direct current (dc) voltage is applied to the ion chamber at a first polarity and the resulting current through the ion chamber and parasitic leakage current is measured at the first polarity, then the dc voltage is applied to the ion chamber at a second polarity opposite the first polarity, and the resulting current through the ion chamber and parasitic leakage current is measured at the second polarity.
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Visualization of volumetric ultrasound images

Various embodiments include systems and methods for adaptive visualization enhancement in volumetric ultrasound images. One or more structures may be determined or identified to be visually enhanced in the volumetric ultrasound images, and one or more visualization changes may be determined, for each of the one or more structures to be visually enhanced.
General Electric Company


Joint assemblies and inspecting thereof

A joint assembly is provided. The joint assembly includes a first component including a first bond surface and a second component including a second bond surface coupled to the first bond surface such that a bond line is defined therebetween.
The Boeing Company


Method and system for multi-modal tissue classification

A method for multi-modal tissue classification of an anatomical tissue involves a generation of a tissue classification volume (40) of the anatomical tissue derived from a spatial registration and an image extraction of one or more mri features of the anatomical tissue and one or more ultrasound image features of the anatomical tissue. The method further involves a classification of each voxel of the tissue classification volume (40) as one of a plurality of tissue types including a healthy tissue voxel and an unhealthy tissue voxel..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Image evaluation device and image evaluation system

Provided is an image evaluation device including an acquisition unit that acquires an image including plural patterns having different spatial frequencies and contrasts, and an output unit that compares each of plural patterns included in the image acquired by the acquisition unit with each of plural ideal patterns corresponding to the plural patterns, calculates similarities therebetween, and outputs an evaluation value for evaluating performance regarding a resolution of the image based on a sum of the calculated similarities of the plural patterns.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Medical diagnosis and treatment support apparatus, system, and method

Embodiments of the inventive concept provide an automated medical computer logic apparatus, which can provide automated medical diagnosis and treatment support to hcps and patients. A patient can indicate a chief complaint such as chest pain, ear discomfort, a rash, or the like.
Bright.md Inc.


Heterogeneous database processing archetypes for hybrid system

A database processing system can support applications of an online transaction processing (oltp) archetype and of an online analytical processing (olap) archetype. Hybrid archetypes can also be supported to implement hybrid scenarios.


System and determining capacity in computer environments using demand profiles

A system and method are provided for determining aggregate available capacity for an infrastructure group with existing workloads in computer environment. The method comprises determining one or more workload placements of one or more workload demand entities on one or more capacity entities in the infrastructure group; computing an available capacity and a stranded capacity for each resource for each capacity entity in the infrastructure group, according to the workload placements; and using the available capacity and the stranded capacity for each resource for each capacity entity to determine an aggregate available capacity and a stranded capacity by resource for the infrastructure group..
Cirba Inc.


Method and system for intelligent analytics on virtual deployment on a virtual data centre

The invention relates to a method and system for data centre infrastructure management and, more particularly, to analyze and deploy interrelated objects in a virtual data centre at virtual deployment level. The present system monitors and identifies different elements of source virtual deployment such as configuration data, settings and so on which are scattered at different levels.
Hcl Technologies Limited


Electronic device and processing handwritten document

According to one embodiment, an electronic device performs a process of a process of erasing one or more strokes from the handwritten document in response to an operation for collectively erasing at least one stroke corresponding to an erasing are. The erasing area is determined by at least a track size of an additional stroke received in an erasing mode.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Capacitive measurement circuit for a touch sensor drive

In one embodiment, a method for determining the location of a touch on a touch sensor includes receiving input signals in response to a touch proximate to a location on the touch sensor. Each input signal may have a total capacitance that includes a first capacitance associated with the touch and a second capacitance that is parasitic capacitance.
Atmel Corporation


Method of electronically mapping underground utility infrastructures from the surface

A non-invasive method of buried-utility-mapping includes using a long wavelength gradiometric ground penetrating radar to “see” patches of conductive material below ground and buried pipes and electrical conductors that are all constantly radio-illuminated by local am radio broadcasts. The underground infrastructure of entire cities can be surveyed this way, point-by-point over time.


Acoustic apparatus with ultrasonic detector

In accordance with one aspect of the disclosure, an acoustic apparatus is provided included a transducer, a signal generator, a buffering module, and a proximity detection module. A switching module is coupled to the transducer, signal generator, the buffering module, and the proximity detection module..
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Systems and methods for ultrasound beamforming

A system for ultrasound beamforming is provided, including a sampled analog beamformer, an array of ultrasound transducers, and a high voltage amplifier coupled to the sampled analog beamformer and the array of ultrasound transducers. The sampled analog beamformer includes a sampled analog filter for filtering an incoming analog signal and adding a fractional delay, and transmitting a filtered analog ultrasound signal.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Ultrasound scanning method and system

An ultrasound scanning method includes the steps of emitting n sets of ultrasound signals onto a target from n different angles and receiving the n sets of ultrasound signals reflected and/or scattered by the target; converting the n sets of ultrasound signals into n ultrasound input images; performing a binarization algorithm for the n ultrasound input images to obtain n binarized images; performing a comparison process on the n binarized images to determine whether a noise exists in at least one of the n binarized images; when the noise exists in an i-th binarized image of the n binarized images, removing the noise from an i-th ultrasound input image corresponding to the i-th binarized image; and compounding the n ultrasound input images into an ultrasound output image.. .
Qisda Corporation


Methods and compositions for the diagnosis of alzheimer's disease

The present invention relates to methods for the diagnosis of subjects that have or are at risk of having alzheimer's disease (ad). In particular the present invention identifies individuals who have or are at risk of having ad through measurement of the levels of afamin in combination with at least one other biomarker such as alpha-1-antichymotrypsin, alpha-2-macroglobulin, apob100, complement c5, serine threonine protein kinase tbk1 or complement c3 in a fluid sample taken from a subject.
Randox Teoranta


Flowmeter using ultrasonic transducer

There is provided a flow meter using at least one ultrasonic transducer. The flow meter includes an ultrasonic transducer, a wedge that has a sloped surface formed on a top portion of the wedge and oblique with respect to a downward direction, and a dented portion formed in a half-cylinder shape along a longitudinal direction of the sloped surface; and a rotation portion that has a plane section where the ultrasonic transducer is positioned, and a curved section extended from two opposite edges of the plane section and curved in a semicircular shape to be contacted with the dented portion..
Soongsil University Research Consortium Techno-park


Disconnect clutch

A disconnect clutch and method of controlling the connection of a parasitic load to an engine disposed on a machine is disclosed. The disconnect clutch may comprise a flywheel assembly, a friction plate and a coupling.
Caterpillar Inc.


Automatic door child safety lock release in a crash event

An automated child safety unlocking system for automobiles which disengages the child safety locks and unlocks the doors at appropriate times during events such as vehicle crashes. The vehicle ecu continually monitors the status of the vehicle to check if a crash event has occurred via various methods such as the status of airbag deployment, accelerometers placed in the car, and crumple points.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Motor vehicle door lock arrangement

The invention relates to a motor vehicle door lock arrangement with a motor vehicle lock, wherein a force transmission chain is provided and wherein an actuation movement may be transmitted via the force transmission chain for opening of the motor vehicle lock, which force transmission chain is designed for a longitudinal force transmission along a longitudinal extension of movement, wherein a crash coupling arrangement is provided between two force transmission chain sections, which comprises a coupling element in the form of a coupling spring element.. .
Brose Schliesssysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg


Manhole and a providing a manhole

A manhole (40) for desert environments where temperatures can be very high and environmental conditions such as erosion exert different challenges on sewage infrastructure, the manhole including a steel pipe telescope (450) matched to two circular heat resistant sealing rings (460, 461) in a concrete cone (400). The concrete cone is attached to a concrete manhole (410) with a heat resistant seal (462).
Ruskon Betoni Oy


Sequencing methods, compositions and systems

In some embodiments, the disclosure relates generally to methods, as well as compositions, systems, kits and apparatuses, for performing nucleotide incorporation, comprising: (a) providing a surface including one or more reaction sites containing a polymerase and a nucleic acid template that has, or is hybridized to, an extendible end; (b) performing a first nucleotide flow by contacting one or more of the reaction sites with a first solution including one or more types of terminator nucleotide; (c) incorporating at least one type of terminator nucleotide at the extendible end of the nucleic acid template contained within at least one of the reaction sites using the polymerase; and (d) detecting a non-optical signal indicating the nucleotide incorporation using a sensor that is attached or operatively linked to the at least one reaction site.. .
Life Technologies Gmbh


Methods for multiplexing recombinase polymerase amplification

This disclosure provides for methods and reagents for rapid multiplex rpa reactions and improved methods for detection of multiplex rpa reaction products. In addition, the disclosure provides new methods for eliminating carryover contamination between rpa processes..
Alere San Diego, Inc.


Compositions and methods for rt-pcr

The present invention relates to compositions and methods having propylene glycol and dna polymerase for facilitating the rapid and efficient amplification of nucleic acid molecules and the detection and quantitation of rna molecules, and for increasing the detection sensitivity and reliability through generation of secure cdna molecules prior to gene-specific primer dependent amplification. The reagent mixture comprises a ready to use reagent solution, wherein the solution comprises: (a) propylene glycol in a concentration between about 20% and about 50%; (b) a viral reverse transcriptase; and (c) at least one dna polymerases, in a buffer suitable for use in a reverse transcription reaction, wherein the buffer comprises a co-factor metal ion and nucleoside triphosphates..


Screening assay for identification of poly(adp-ribose) polymerase 1 inhibitors

Screening methods as well as systems and kits for identifying inhibitors of dna-independent, histone h4-dependent activation of parp-1 are provided. The methods comprise screening molecules for their capacity to inhibit the activation and/or biologic activity of parp-1, as measured by poly(adp)-ribose production from nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.
Institute For Cancer Research D/b/a The Research Institute Of Fox Chase Cancer Center


Modified polymerases for replication of threose nucleic acids

Methods and compositions for replication of threose nucleic acids (tnas) are described. The described methods include a method for transcribing a dna template into a tna, and a method for reverse transcribing a threose nucleic acid into a cdna..


Soy gene cluster regions and methods of use

Methods for conveying pathogen resistance into non-resistant soybean germplasm are provided. In some embodiments, the methods include introgressing pathogen resistance into a non-resistant soybean using one or more nucleic acid markers for marker-assisted breeding among soybean lines to be used in a soybean breeding program, wherein the markers are linked to and/or associated with pathogen resistance.
Syngenta Participations Ag



The invention relates to a nucleic acid polymerase capable of producing a non-dna nucleotide polymer from a dna nucleotide template, said polymerase comprising amino acid sequence having at least 36% identity to the amino acid sequence of seq id no:1, wherein said amino acid sequence is mutated relative to the amino acid sequence of seq id no:1 at one or more residues of the thumb region, said residues selected from: amino acids 651 to 679 (patch 10a); wherein said amino acid sequence is mutated relative to the amino acid sequence of seq id no:1 at residue e664. In one embodiment said polymerase comprises the mutations y409g and e664k.
Medical Research Council


Compositions and methods for controling setting of carbonatable calcium silicate cements containing hydrating materials

The invention provides compositions and methods for controlling setting of carbonatable calcium silicate compositions that are contaminated with hydrating materials. These carbonatable calcium silicate cements are suitable for use as non-hydraulic cement that hardens by a carbonation process and may be applied in a variety of concrete components in the infrastructure, construction, pavement and landscaping industries..
Solidia Technologies, Inc.


Active positioning airbag assembly and associated systems and methods

Airbag assemblies and associated systems and methods for use in aircraft and other vehicles are described herein that can provide crash protection for occupants seated in an upright position while not injuring or striking occupants in the brace position. An airbag system configured in accordance with an embodiment of the present technology can include an airbag configured to deploy through an opening of a housing during a crash event.
Amsafe, Inc.


Lavatory wash basin handle assembly

A lavatory may include a vanity including a wash basin, and a handle assembly connected to a portion of the wash basin. The handle assembly provides an ergonomic shape that is configured to be grasped by an individual..
The Boeing Company


Passenger state estimation system and in-vehicle apparatus

A passenger state estimation system includes an in-vehicle apparatus including a crash determination unit to determine whether a crash has occurred to a vehicle, a recording execution unit configured to have an in-vehicle recording medium record data of the crash, and a transmitter unit to transmit the data; and a center including a receiver unit to receive the data transmitted from the transmitter unit of the vehicle, and a passenger estimation unit to estimate a state of the vehicle passenger(s), based on the received data. If the crash is a crash requiring airbag deployment, and another crash not requiring airbag deployment has occurred prior to the crash, the transmitter unit transmits the data of both crashes to the center.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle seat with a crash-modified panel holder

A panel holder made of at least one wire which features at least one element for fastening the panel holder to a fixed structure adjacent to the panel holder, and at least one element for fastening the panel holder to a panel. The wire forms a support bracket which in the assembled state of the panel holder and the panel is arranged in a critical region of the panel in which in the event of a crash, a strong crash force acts on the panel..
Sitech Sitztechnik Gmbh


Erasing and sorting apparatus

An erasing apparatus includes a sheet feeding unit from which a sheet is fed into the erasing apparatus, an erasing unit configured to perform an erasing processing on both surfaces of the sheet, a scanning unit configured to scan and generate image data of a bottom surface and a top surface of the sheet, a first storing unit, a second storing unit, and a controller. The controller is configured to determine, based on the image data, whether the bottom surface of the sheet is reusable and whether the top surface of the sheet is reusable.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Printing an authentication pattern with multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer

A method for printing an authentication pattern wherein, using a multi-deflection continuous inkjet printer, the pattern is printed on a substrate and only contains a small number of black pixels per raster. The resolution in the travel direction x of the substrate and in direction y of the rasters is thereby largely improved compared with printing in dot-matrix mode..
Markem-imaje Holding


Method and making bags

A machine and method for making bags is described and includes a web traveling from an input section to a rotary drum, to an output section. The rotary drum includes at least one seal bar, having a first sealing zone, and an adjacent weakening zone.
Cmd Corporation


Ultrasound transducer matching layers and manufacturing

An acoustic matching layer where the thickness is defined by a single layer of defined mono-disperse particles. The layer comprises a polymer base in which mono-disperse particles are embedded.
Surf Technology As


Grooved grip

Disclosed is a grooved grip having a body configured to be grasped by a hand comprising a channel configured to relieve pressure on a median nerve on a palmar surface on a hand.. .


Skate blade holder tool grasping central portion of skate blade

A blade holder tool enables a user to insert the skate blade into a sharpener unit for sharpening. The skate blade is a user-removable skate blade having a central portion and endward portions that include blade retention features that engage a user-controlled blade retention mechanism of a skate to secure the skate blade in the skate.
Velasa Sports, Inc.


Exercise machine carriage handle system

An exercise machine carriage handle system for providing handles for an exerciser to grasp with their hands thereby expanding the type of exercises that may be performed. The exercise machine carriage handle system generally includes a frame having a track, a carriage movably connected to the track, a bias member connected between the frame and the carriage, a first handle connected to the carriage near the first side, and a second handle connected to the carriage near the second side.
Spx Fitness, Inc.


Use of non-labeled sugars and detection by mri for assessing tissue perfusion and metabolism

A method for magnetic resonance (mr) imaging or spectroscopy on a mr scanner to detect tissue physiological parameters in one or more tissue areas in a human or non-human subject includes administering to the subject a contrast enhancing physiologically tolerable amount of a sugar that is non-labeled, subjecting the subject to an mr procedure capable of generating mr signals encoding at least one tissue area in the subject in which the sugar either passes or is taken up, detecting a temporal variation in the mr signals in the at least one tissue area after the administering the sugar, determining at least one tissue-related parameter from the temporal variation, and ascertaining whether the at least one tissue-related parameter is abnormal.. .
The Johns Hopkins University


Novel multimodal ct/optical agents

The present application relates to compositions comprising an iodinated contrast agent and indocyanine green co-encapsulated inside a liposomal carrier, various uses thereof as well as methods for their preparation.. .
University Health Network


Kras mutations and resistance to anti-egfr treatment

The disclosure provides compositions and methods for detecting and predicting acquired resistance to anti-egfr treatment in colorectal cancers. Also provided are compositions and methods of preventing, reversing or delaying the acquired resistance.
Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Institute


Induction of cross-reactive cellular response against rhinovirus antigens

The present invention concerns: a) an isolated peptide comprising an amino acid sequence which is at least 90% identical to the vp4 amino acid sequence of a rhinovirus, or an isolated polynucleotide comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding said peptide, placed under the control of the elements necessary for its expression in a mammalian cell; and/or b) an isolated peptide comprising an amino acid sequence of at least 100 amino acids which is at least 90% identical to an amino acid sequence located in the last 363 c-terminal amino acids of the rna polymerase of a rhinovirus, or an isolated polynucleotide comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding said peptide, placed under the control of the elements necessary for its expression in a mammalian cell; and c) a th1 adjuvant when said immunogenic composition comprises one or more of said isolated peptides.. .
Imperial Innovations Limited


Tissue massage device and method

In one embodiment of the tissue massage devices and methods described herein, a tissue massage device can include a base configured to be grasped in a user's hand such that a first surface at a proximal end of the device abuts against the user's palm. The device can also include a massage head extending from a second surface of the base that is distal to the first surface, the massage head having a generally convex shape and including a textured non-slip surface formed on a distal portion thereof.


Apparatus for handling soiled articles

A tampon disposal device includes a tubular stiffener, and a membrane conforming to the stiffener with an opening on one end and an enclosure opposite the opening. The membrane is folded inside the stiffener into a first layer attached to the stiffener; and second and third layers that form a lip surrounding the stiffener near a stiffener rim.


Method of using absorbent device for cleaning and drying purposes

A method of cleaning and drying a hollow cavity with a cleaning apparatus which is made of a flexible, soft, and moisture absorbent material. A structural body of the cleaning apparatus contains a first wide base, a first narrow base, and a first conical lateral surface.


Methods and apparatuses for the treatment of glaucoma using visible and infrared ultrashort laser pulses

Transcorneal and fiberoptic laser delivery systems and methods for the treatment of eye diseases wherein energy is delivered by wavelengths transparent to the cornea to effect target tissues in the eye for the control of intraocular pressure in diseases such as glaucoma by delivery systems both external to and within ocular tissues. External delivery may be effected under gonioscopic control.


Automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe

Methods and systems for automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe are disclosed. The probe may be a phacoemulsification probe.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.


Automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe

Methods and systems for automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe are disclosed. The probe may be a phacoemulsification probe.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.


Automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe

Methods and systems for automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe are disclosed. The probe may be a phacoemulsification probe.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.


Automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe

Methods and systems for automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe are disclosed. The probe may be a phacoemulsification probe.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.


Automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe

Methods and systems for automatically pulsing different aspiration levels to an ocular probe are disclosed. The probe may be a phacoemulsification probe.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.


Surgical instruments with an end-effector assembly including optical fiber for treating tissue

An end-effector assembly includes first and second jaw members, a first outer housing associated with the first jaw member, and a second outer housing associated with the second jaw member. Each of the first and second jaw members includes a sealing plate.
Covidien Lp


Cold plasma scalpel

An attachment for an electrosurgical hand piece. The attachment comprises a probe assembly having an elongated tube having a proximal end and a distal end, and an electrode.
U.s. Patent Innovations, Llc


System and powering an ultrasonic surgical device

An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes a housing, an ultrasonic transducer and generator assembly disposed in the housing, a shaft extending from a distal end of the housing, and an end effector assembly coupled to the shaft and operatively connected to the ultrasonic transducer and generator assembly. The ultrasonic surgical instrument further includes a handle assembly having a first set of power contacts formed thereon and being removably attachable to the housing, a power receiving mechanism having a second set of power contacts formed thereon, and a power cable electrically connected between the first and second power contacts..
Covidien Lp


Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

In general, according to one embodiment, an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasonic probe, a plurality of power supplies implemented by circuitry, at least one pulser, and a controller implemented by circuitry. The ultrasonic probe includes a plurality of piezoelectric transducers which generate ultrasonic waves in response to supplied driving signals.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus

An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus of an embodiment includes: an ultrasonic image generation section that generates an ultrasonic image based on a reception signal from an ultrasonic probe; a position information acquisition section that acquires position information on a three-dimensional space of the ultrasonic probe; an image acquisition section that obtains image data and acquires a reference image corresponding to the ultrasonic image based on the image data; a reference image forming section that identifies a to-be-displayed cross section orientation of the acquired reference image and forms a reference image which a cross section orientation is identified; and a display section that displays a formed reference image by the reference image forming section and ultrasonic image formed by the ultrasonic image generation section.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Lung ventilation measurements using ultrasound

An ultrasound-based system determines dynamic strain measurements over a surface using ultrasound speckle analysis that allows for accurate measurement of surface area displacement. The system additionally determines an approximate displacement along a third axis, the z-axis.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Concave ultrasound transducers and 3d arrays

A multiple aperture ultrasound imaging (maui) probe or transducer is uniquely capable of simultaneous imaging of a region of interest from separate apertures of ultrasound arrays. Some embodiments provide systems and methods for designing, building and using ultrasound probes having continuous arrays of ultrasound transducers which may have a substantially continuous concave curved shape in two or three dimensions (i.e., concave relative to an object to be imaged).


Ultrasound endoscope system and communication the ultrasound endoscope system

An ultrasound endoscope system includes: an ultrasound endoscope that wirelessly transmits and receives endoscope state information; a video processor including a first read-out section that reads out the endoscope state information of the ultrasound endoscope; an ultrasound observation apparatus including a second read-out section that reads out endoscope state information obtained by a communication section for observation apparatus; and a control section that compares the endoscope state information obtained by the first read-out section in. .
Olympus Corporation


Imaging diagnosis and program

An imaging apparatus is disclosed for diagnosis including a plurality of transmitting and receiving units, an error of a scale of a tomographic image to be generated is reduced. The imaging apparatus can include including acquisition means for acquiring a propagation velocity of an ultrasound signal of a flushing liquid, generation means for generating ultrasound line data based on the propagation velocity of the ultrasound signal in a blood vessel tissue, and conversion means for converting positional information of each position within a range in which the flushing liquid flows regarding the ultrasound line data generated by the generation means based on a ratio between the propagation velocity in the blood vessel tissue and the propagation velocity in the flushing liquid.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for measuring intracranial elasticity

A novel method to noninvasively measure intracranial pressure (icp) and more generally brain elasticity is disclosed. Icp is determined using an algorithm coupled on a simulated artificial neural network (sann) that calculates icp based on a determination of a set of interacted ultrasound signals (iuss) generated from multiple ultrasound pulses.


Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to the present embodiment includes an ultrasonic probe, image generation circuitry, acquisition circuitry, calculation circuitry, guide image generation circuitry, and control circuitry. The ultrasonic probe transmits ultrasonic waves, and receives reflected waves.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


System and non-invasive blood pressure measurement

A system and method for continuous real time measurement of blood pressure in a subject is presented. The system includes a transducer assembly (e.g., having ultrasound array elements) in a cuff applied to the subject's body.
Sperion Medical Devices, Llc


Material decomposition technique using x-ray phase contrast imaging system

A phase contrast x-ray imaging system generates an absorption image and a phase shift image of an object under study. The absorption image represents a measurement of the imaged object's attenuation of radiographic energy, and the phase shift image represents a measurement of the imaged object's phase shifting of the radiographic waves passing through the object.
Carestream Health, Inc.


Surgical guidance system with low interference metal support structure

In accordance with the invention, a reliable apparatus for guiding an ablation probe to a target location inside a human body is thus provided. The apparatus allows incorporation of a conventional metal operating room table, but further comprises a substantially non-conductive separation structure positioned over the metal operating room table and underneath a horizontally oriented electromagnetic field generator.
Halt Medical Inc.


Mower having a continuously variable power split device

A grass mower comprising a power generator, a blade reel, a drive drum, and a power split device. The split power device can include a single power input shaft, a reel output shaft, a drum output shaft, and at least one continuously variable transmission hub operably connecting the reel output shaft and/or the drum output shaft to the power input shaft such that torque and rotational speed delivered by the power input shaft is transferrable to the reel and/or drum output shafts at any infinitely variable ratio.
Textron, Inc.

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