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Ras patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ras-related patent applications.

 Systems and methods for coupling ac power to a rack-level power infrastructure patent thumbnailSystems and methods for coupling ac power to a rack-level power infrastructure
In accordance with the present disclosure, a detachable power cable interface box (pcib) for coupling ac power to a rack-level power infrastructure is described. The detachable pcib includes a body section and a terminal disposed within the body section.
Dell Products L.p.

 Method of recognizing surrounding environment and electronic device for the same patent thumbnailMethod of recognizing surrounding environment and electronic device for the same
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a housing, at least one ultrasonic wave generator and at least one ultrasonic sensor operatively disposed on the housing, and a processor electrically connected to the at least one ultrasonic wave generator and the at least one ultrasonic sensor and configured to emit ultrasonic waves from at least one surface of the housing using the at least one ultrasonic wave generator, receive reflected waves reflected from at least one object through the at least one ultrasonic sensor, and determine a proximity between the electronic device and the object based on at least a difference between a first time, at which the ultrasonic waves are emitted, and a second time, at which the reflected waves are received..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Mems-based audio speaker system using single sideband modulation patent thumbnailMems-based audio speaker system using single sideband modulation
Techniques described herein generally include methods and systems related to a mems-based audio speaker system configured with multiple speaker devices to generate an audio signal that is substantially without a high-band ultrasonic signal. Energy may be transferred to a low frequency sideband of the audio signal output and substantially eliminated from the high frequency sideband of the audio signal by passing an acoustic carrier signal through two different modulators.
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Compensation of air path distortions using backpropagation patent thumbnailCompensation of air path distortions using backpropagation
In one embodiment, a pre-correcting engine generates a pre-corrected signal that may be used to mitigate air path distortions in sounds generated by loudspeaker systems that include loudspeakers coupled to waveguides. In operation, the pre-correcting engine virtually propagates a target signal in a reverse direction from the output of the waveguide to the output of a driver.
Harman International Industries, Inc.

 Transmission device, transmission method, reception device, and reception method patent thumbnailTransmission device, transmission method, reception device, and reception method
To favorably transmit both of hdr image data and ldr image data. First transmission image data and second transmission image data are divided into layers and encoded, the first transmission image data being obtained by applying photo-electric conversion to first input image data having a contrast ratio of from 0 to 100% to brightness of a white peak of a conventional ldr image, and the second transmission image data being obtained by applying photo-electric conversion to second input image data having a contrast ratio of from 0 to 100%*n (n is a number larger than 1), the contrast ratio exceeding the brightness of the conventional white peak, and a video stream having encoded image data of pictures of the layers is generated.
Sony Corporation

 Error correction data in a video transmission signal patent thumbnailError correction data in a video transmission signal
A transmitter transmits a raster-type video signal. For each one of a plurality of active video segments of a frame of the video signal, the transmitter derives redundant data from the respective active video segment and inserts the redundant data into a horizontal blanking segment of the video signal..
Semtech Canada Corporation

 Image capture apparatus and control method thereof patent thumbnailImage capture apparatus and control method thereof
An image capture apparatus and control method thereof that improve focus detection accuracy in scenes that have low luminance, contrast, and the like is disclosed. The image capture apparatus has a focus detection mode suited to scenes that have low luminance, contrast, and the like.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Mobile application acceleration via fine-grain offloading to cloud computing infrastructures patent thumbnailMobile application acceleration via fine-grain offloading to cloud computing infrastructures
Apparatuses, methods and storage media associated with offloading aspects of processing of mobile devices are disclosed. In embodiments, a mobile computing device may comprise one or more processors; memory coupled with the one or more processors; and a shim layer to compressively replicate memory blocks of the memory to a cloud server, compressively offload invocations of object methods of objects resident in a memory block of the memory to the cloud server, and to receive execution results of the invoked object methods.
Intel Corporation

 Modelling network to assess security properties patent thumbnailModelling network to assess security properties
A method of assessing a network uses a model (450) having nodes (100, 110) to represent parts of the network infrastructure and the application services, and having links to represent how the nodes influence each other. Dependencies or effects of the application services are found by determining paths through the nodes and links of the model (530).

 Network topology discovery by resolving loops patent thumbnailNetwork topology discovery by resolving loops
Previously available network management systems fail to adequately enable discovery of a network topology that includes both compliant and non-compliant networking devices. By contrast, and to that end, various implementations disclosed herein include systems, methods and apparatuses that determine whether or not a loop exists within uplink metadata associated with first and second compliant devices, wherein the loop in the uplink metadata is characterized by pointers provided to indicate that the first and second compliant devices operate to send externally addressed traffic to one another contrary to the operation of the first and second compliant devices within a network; and resolve the loop by adding a non-compliant device to topology-link map data associated with the first and second compliant devices in response to determining the existence of the loop, wherein the topology-link map data archives accessible information about the topology of the network based at least on the uplink metadata..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Effectively operating and adjusting an infrastructure for supporting distributed applications

A facility for managing distributed system for delivering online services is described. For each of a plurality of distributed system components of the first type, the facility receives operating statistics for the infrastructure component of the first type.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and initial certificate enrollment in a wireless communication system

A method and apparatus are provided for initial certification enrollment in a wireless communication system. A first mobile device establishes a first wireless connection with an infrastructure and a second wireless connection with a second mobile device.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

Power generation system of renewable-energy-based electric power generator and dc power source combiner provided with reverse current prevention device capable of preventing power loss in power generation system

Disclosed is a power generation system provided with a renewable-energy-based electric power generator, capable of efficiently and stably outputting electric power at a predetermined power amount. The power generation system includes at least an electric power generator and a maximum power amount detection control unit that performs control such that a voltage and a current at the maximum power point can be detected at any time to output the result as a detection value.
Sion Elctric Co., Ltd

Pulsed laser and bioanalytic system

Apparatus and methods for producing ultrashort optical pulses are described. A high-power, solid-state, passively mode-locked laser can be manufactured in a compact module that can be incorporated into a portable instrument for biological or chemical analyses.
Quantum-si Incorporated

Waterproof adapter

An accessory connector configured to provide a liquid-tight seal when inserted into a connector aperture of a waterproof housing for a mobile electronic device. The accessory connector includes a connector extending from a body of the accessory connector, the body configured to allow a user to grasp the accessory connector during insertion or removal of the connector into or from a corresponding connector of the mobile electronic device.
Otter Products, Llc

Read disturb detection in open blocks

A storage device with a memory may include read disturb detection for open blocks. An open or partially programmed block may develop read disturb errors from reading of the programmed portion of the open block.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

System and memory integrated circuit chip write abort indication

Systems and methods for detecting a command execution abort are disclosed. Power failure may abort the writing of data in a memory device prematurely, resulting in potential data corruption.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Nonvolatile memory device and storage device including the nonvolatile memory device

A nonvolatile memory device includes a memory cell array having memory cells, a row decoder circuit connected to the memory cells through word lines, a page buffer circuit connected to the memory cells through bit lines, and a control circuit controlling the row decoder circuit and the page buffer circuit to repeatedly perform an erase loop including an erase and an erase verification with respect to the memory cells. The control circuit is configured to select one of an increase and a decrease of an erase voltage according to a result of the erase verification of a current erase loop and apply the controlled erase voltage to the memory cells in the erase operation of a subsequent erase loop..

Heat-assisted rotating disk magnetometer for ultra-high anisotropy magnetic measurements

An apparatus comprises a spindle to rotate a magnetic recording medium and a magnetic field generator to expose a track of the medium to a dc magnetic field. The magnetic field generator is configured to saturate the track during an erase mode and reverse the dc magnetic field impinging the track during a writing mode.
Seagate Technology Llc

Driving apparatus, display apparatus, and electronic apparatus

A driving apparatus includes a contrast controller configured to repeat a bright display and a dark display having a display tone lower than the bright display every one frame in the plurality of pixels. In a driving mode in which the contrast controller repeats the bright display and the dark display, the common voltage controller provides different values to the common voltage in applying the voltage to the same pixel electrode between a first bright display frame that provides the bright display just before a frame for the dark display and a second bright display frame that provides the bright display just after the frame for the dark display..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Goa circuit of ltps semiconductor tft

The present invention provides a goa circuit of ltps semiconductor tft, employed for forward-backward bidirectional scan transmission, comprising a plurality of goa units which are cascade connected, and n is set to be a positive integer and an nth goa unit utilizes a plurality of n-type transistors and a plurality of p-type transistors and comprises a transmission part (100), a transmission control part (200), an information storage part (300), a data erase part (400), an output control part (500) and an output buffer part (600). The transmission gate is employed to perform the former-latter level transferring signal, and the nor gate logic unit and the nand gate logic unit are employed to convert the signals, and the sequence inverter and the inverter are employed to save and transmit the signals to solve the issues that the stability of the circuit is poor, and the power consumption is larger as concerning the ltps with single type tft elements, and the problem of tft leakage of the single type goa circuit to optimize the performance of the circuit.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Remote control apparatus commanded wirelessly by a user device for controlling a target device

A remote control apparatus receives, processes and then transmits wireless signals as control commands specific to a target appliance, device or product. The apparatus, which is a combination of a remote receiving device and a secondary relay transmitting device, communicates with the target device to control its operations.

Personal assistance monitoring system

A personal assistance monitor for estimating whether a person needs assistance or not, and for requesting assistance, when appropriate. Some embodiments of the present invention can request help for a person even if the person is unconscious or paralyzed.

Methods and systems for object based geometric fitting

Described herein are various implementations of a process and a system for automatically performing object based geometric fitting. The process may include spatially superimposing a mask dataset comprising mask-objects on a raster image comprising image-objects, and locally superimposing individual mask-objects on individual image-objects, until a dataset is obtained wherein mask-objects are geometrically fitted to image-objects..
Myheat Inc.

Evaluation of carotid plaque using contrast enhanced ultrasonic imaging

An ultrasound system and method are described for acquiring a sequence of ultrasound images of the carotid artery during the delivery of a contrast agent. Plaque in the images is identified and a time-intensity curve is calculated for pixels in the images.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Automated anatomical labeling by multi-contrast diffeomorphic probability fusion

A computer-implemented method, system and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for classifying a region of interest of a subject, including receiving imaging data comprising at least one image element, the imaging data comprising the region of interest of the subject; providing a plurality of atlases, each of the plurality of atlases having a candidate region that corresponds to the region of interest of the imaging data, each of the plurality of atlases having at least one image element with associated location and property information; co-registering the plurality of atlases to the imaging data, using at least one processor; assigning a probability to generate a labeling parameter for the region of interest, the probability being associated with each atlas; and classifying the region of interest of the subject based on the assigning.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

Systems and methods for producing temperature accurate thermal images

Aerial thermal images of a ground surface may be captured using a thermal image sensor. The images may be contrasted, georeferenced, orthorectified, and/or stitched together to form a complete thermal image.

Apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium for quad reconstruction using hybrid filter convolution and high dynamic range tone-mapping

An apparatus for image reconstruction is provided, including processing circuitry to obtain, from a scan of a region of interest of a patient, raw projection data of the region of interest; reconstruct the raw projection data to produce image data; apply high dynamic range tone-mapping to the image data to produce tone-mapped image data by applying window width and window level parameters to the image data to produce adjusted image data, and calculating a contrast adjustment based on both the image data and the adjusted image data; and quantize the tone-mapped image data to produce quantized tone-mapped image data for display.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Visual segmentation of lawn grass

Disclosed is a method for identifying lawn grass which includes capturing an image of the terrain in front of a mower, segmenting the image into neighborhoods, calculating at least two image statistics for each of the neighborhoods, generating a binary representation of each image statistic. The binary representation of each image statistic is generated by comparing the calculated image statistic values to predetermined image statistic values for grass.
Case Western Reserve University

Systems and methods for virtual contrast agent simulation and computational fluid dynamics (cfd) to compute functional significance of stenoses

Systems and methods are disclosed for assessing a risk of disease. One method includes obtaining an anatomic model associated with a target anatomy; modeling, using a processor, an injection of one or more virtual contrast agents into the anatomic model; performing a simulation of flow of blood and the one or more virtual contrast agents through the anatomic model; and computing one or more characteristics of concentration associated with the one or more virtual contrast agents at one or more locations in the anatomic model based on the simulation..
Heartflow, Inc.

Automated compatibility matching system for dogs and dog owners

An infrastructure and methodologies to support automated matching of compatible dogs based on geo-proximity and dog profile/preference information. In various embodiments, a dog owner establishes a profile for a first dog by entering profile/preference information via a downloadable application.
Barkhappy Inc.

Concept indexing among database of documents using machine learning techniques

Systems and techniques for indexing and/or querying a database are described herein. Discrete sections and/or segments from documents may be determined by a concept indexing system.
Palantir Technologies Inc.

Method of file system design and failure recovery with non-volatile memory

A method of rebooting a file system using a non-volatile memory is provided. The method comprising persistently storing critical information in the non-volatile memory, the critical information indicating a status of the file system; in response to a predetermined event, obtaining critical information of the file system stored in the non-volatile memory; determining if the file system has crashed based on the critical information; and rebooting from metadata in the non-volatile memory if it is determined that the file system has crashed..
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Coordinating fault recovery in a distributed system

In various embodiments, methods and systems for coordinating, between a host and a tenant, fault recovery of tenant infrastructure in a distributed system is provided. A fault occurrence is determined for a tenant infrastructure in the distributed system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Tracking changes that affect performance of deployed applications

An application monitoring infrastructure that enables application configuration changes on multiple machines across multiple os types to be tracked by identifying data containers that are to be monitored for changes, detecting a change to a monitored data container, and storing data representative of a changed version of the monitored data container responsive to detecting that the monitored container was changed. The data containers that are to be monitored for changes are identified from templates, and a unique template is provisioned for each of the applications..
Vmware, Inc.

Unified storage/vdi provisioning methodology

Methods, computer-readable storage medium, and systems described herein facilitate provisioning a virtual desktop infrastructure having virtual shared storage. A provisioning manager receives a desktop pool type and provisions virtual shared storage among a cluster of hosts.
Vmware, Inc.

Host identity bootstrapping

Automated provisioning of hosts on a network with reasonable levels of security is described in this application. A certificate management service (cms) on a host, one or more trusted agents, and a public key infrastructure are utilized in a secure framework to establish host identity.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for identifying storage resources that are not in use

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for managing a non-volatile storage medium. A storage controller receives a message that identifies data that no longer needs to be retained on the non-volatile storage medium.
Longitude Enterprise Flash S.a.r.l.

Method for selectively performing a secure data erase to ensure timely erasure

A method and computer program product are provided to ensure a timely secure data erase by comparing a number of secure data erase operations in a queue to a maximum queued threshold, the secure data erase operations corresponding to physical volumes to be secure data erased. In response to determining that the number of secure data erase operations in the queue is greater than the threshold, an average time to a secure data erase deadline is determined.
International Business Machines Corporation

Memory erasing method, memory controller, and memory storage apparatus

A memory erasing method and a memory controller and a memory storage apparatus using the same are provided. The method comprising establishing a link list according to a plurality of physical blocks of a spare area, and storing the link list into the rewritable non-volatile memory module, wherein the physical blocks of the spare area are recorded in the link list according to an arrangement order; and during every power on of the memory storage apparatus, selecting a plurality of third physical blocks among the physical blocks in the spare area according to the link list and a predetermined number, and respectively executing an erase command on the third physical blocks, wherein the third physical blocks are arranged at a beginning of the link list, and the number of the third physical blocks is the predetermined number..
Phison Electronics Corp.

Mobile imaging device

One example of a mobile imaging device includes a single ion source, a ground connector, and an interface. The single ion source is to erase and write to an electronic paper display by depositing charges onto an imaging surface of the electronic paper display as the imaging device and the electronic paper display are moved relative to each other.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Input apparatus

An input apparatus is mountable on a vehicle. The input apparatus includes a touch panel connectable to a control unit mounted on the vehicle and configured to output a signal in accordance with a manipulation input performed on a manipulation input surface; a vibrating element configured to generate a vibration in the manipulation input surface; and a drive controlling part configured to drive the vibrating element by using a driving signal causing the vibrating element to generate a natural vibration in an ultrasound-frequency-band in the manipulation input surface..
Fujitsu Limited

Techniques for joining one or more structures of an electronic device

Techniques for bonding structural features together in an enclosure of an electronic device are disclosed. A structural feature may be ultrasonically soldered to the enclosure to provide structural support and form a magnetic circuit within the device.
Apple Inc.

Methods and systems for infrastructure performance: monitoring, control, operations, analysis and adaptive learning

A system for measuring, monitoring and controlling the performance of bridges and other infrastructure creates a database for analysis of real time performance and learning through adaptive algorithms allowing the performance to be analyzed over time and for changes in performance against the specific bridge or infrastructure and other bridges or infrastructure in the a network of such infrastructure.. .

Display substrate and manufacturing method thereof and display device

A display substrate for a liquid crystal display device, a manufacturing method thereof and a liquid crystal display device are provided. The display substrate comprises a first base substrate, a phase retardation layer and a first alignment layer.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Methods and systems relating to optical waveguide tapers

Photonic integrated circuits required connection to germanium doped silica cored optical fibers or silica cored and fluorine doped silica cladding optical fibers which have low index contrast and large mode field diameters. However, the optical waveguide within a photonic integrated circuit such as formed using silicon-on-insulator or compound semiconductors tends to be high index contrast and small mode field diameter.

Optical modules that reduce speckle contrast and diffraction artifacts

An optical module, for use in a depth camera, includes a plurality of laser emitting elements, each of which emits a corresponding laser beam, and a micro-lens array (mla) that includes a plurality of lenslets. Laser beams emitted by adjacent laser emitting elements at least partially overlap one another prior to being incident on the mla for each lenslet of at least a majority of the lenslets of the mla, the lenslet is at least partially filled by light corresponding to laser beams emitted by at least two of the laser emitting elements.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Bayesian model for highly accelerated phase-contrast mri

Methods and systems for accelerated phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (pc-mri). The technique is based on bayesian inference and provides for fast computation via an approximate message passing algorithm.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

Voltage contrast based fault and defect inference in logic chips

A voltage contrast imaging defect detection system includes a voltage contrast imaging tool and a controller coupled to the voltage contrast imaging tool. The controller is configured to generate one or more voltage contrast imaging metrics for one or more structures on a sample, determine one or more target areas on the sample based on the one or more voltage contrast imaging metrics, receive a voltage contrast imaging dataset for the one or more target areas on the sample from the voltage contrast imaging tool, and detect one or more defects based on the voltage contrast imaging dataset..
Kla-tencor Corporation

Wind velocity sensor for a vehicle

A wind velocity sensor comprises a lower platform and an upper platform. Pillars are positioned or connected between the upper platform and the lower platform.
Deere & Company

Ultrasonic test ultrasonic testing

An ultrasonic test apparatus including a test head for emitting an emission frequency spectrum having an emission center frequency and receiving a reception frequency spectrum having a reception center frequency, a unit being provided in which a fourier transform on the received reception frequency spectrum can be carried out, and the reception center frequency of the fourier-transformed reception frequency spectrum being subsequently determined, and subsequently a defined add-on amplification being applied to the reception frequency spectrum. Also, a method for ultrasonic testing is disclosed..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

System and machine axis coordination for ultrasonic inspection

A through-transmission ultrasonic (ttu) inspection system for ultrasonic inspection of a part and for determining alignment calibration data for increased alignment accuracy. The ttu inspection system may include first and second end effectors located on opposite sides of the part, each having at least one transducer for transmitting or receiving ultrasonic or sound waves through the part.
Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

Optical sources for fluorescent lifetime analysis

Compact optical sources and methods for producing short and ultrashort optical pulses are described. A semiconductor laser or led may be driven with a bipolar waveform to generate optical pulses with fwhm durations as short as approximately 85 ps having suppressed tail emission.
Quantum-si Incorporated

Dark field flow cytometry imaging system

An imaging flow cytometry system including dark field illumination to contrast particles in a flowing fluid. The system includes a condenser with blocking aperture and a numerical aperture of no less than 0.4.
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Methods for determining rheological quantities of a drilling fluid using apparent viscosity

Rheological quantities, such as shear stress, can sometimes be difficult to determine under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. In contrast, the relative rheology of a fluid can often be readily determined over a range of temperature and pressure conditions.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Sensing annular flow in a wellbore

Provided is a tool-body that arranges ultrasonic and electrical capacitance sensors at close distances to the casing wall of the wellbore such that properties of thickness, flow velocity, acoustic impedance and the dielectric constant of the liquid layer are measured at a number of circumferential locations inside the casing of the wellbore. These measured values may then be combined to derive the average flow rate of the layer and also used to identify whether the liquid is water or condensate/oil, or a mixture of the two with a certain water-in-liquid ratio.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Revolving ultrasound field multiphase flowmeter

The present invention includes a device and method for determining the flow of one or more phases of a multiphase fluid mixture comprising: a tube, a pipe, a main body or any combinations thereof comprising an interior and an exterior, wherein the interior receives a multiphase fluid mixture for the determination of the fractions in the multiphase; a first ultrasound field detector ring comprising: two or more pairs of transversal paired dual frequency ultrasound transmitter/receivers are on the same normal plane and are positioned in a transversal direction to a flow of the multiphase fluid mixture on the exterior of the tube, pipe, or main body, wherein the sampled volume covers a part of or the whole cross-section of the flow volume; and a computer connected to the ultrasound transmitter/receivers that determines the one or more phases of a multiphase fluid mixture.. .

Gas flowmeter

A gas flowmeter includes a device body that air-tightly encapsulates a measurement target fluid, an inlet configured to introduce the measurement target fluid into the device body, an outlet configured to exhaust the measurement target fluid from the device body, and a connector that is connected with the outlet. The gas flowmeter further includes a flow rate measuring part of an ultrasonic type that is connected with the connector and calculates a flow rate of the measurement target fluid flowing inside, and a flow path member that is connected with the connector and has a flow path shape identical with that of the flow rate measuring part.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Method and system for producing a vector map

A method for producing a vector map of a prescribed area may include producing orthophotographs by a first camera oriented at right angles to the earth's surface and fitted to an unmanned, automated air vehicle that overflies the prescribed area at a high altitude; evaluating the orthophotographs to ascertain at least one infrastructure network located in the area; computing a flight route for the unmanned autonomous air vehicle along the ascertained infrastructure network located in the area; producing detail aerial photographs of the infrastructure network along the computed flight route by a second camera oriented obliquely with respect to the earth's surface and fitted to the unmanned automated air vehicle that overflies the infrastructure network located in the area at least one low altitude, and computing the vector map of the area based on the orthophotographs produced and the detail aerial photographs.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Modular construction mold constructing concrete buildings and structures

A modular steel-framed construction mold apparatus comprised of a plurality of contiguous foundation, cavity wall and roof deck void spaces defined and formed by assemblies of interlocking encasement panels and connectors integrally attached to a structural steel grillage for accepting, containing, and shaping wet concrete fill, a method for forming, casting, and encasing monolithic composite concrete and steel buildings and structures in situ using said mold apparatus, and a permanently encased monolithic composite concrete and steel structure constructed by employing the foregoing modular mold apparatus and method of concrete construction. The structural steel grillage supports the encasement assemblies before and during the casting process, becoming fully embedded within the cast concrete, and provides tensile strength complementing the compressive strength of concrete fill.
Megamold Infrastructure Systems Llc

Brass with improved dezincification resistance and machinability

The present invention concerns an essentially arsenic-free brass alloy with improved (i) dezincification resistance, (ii) machinability, and (iii) protection against intergranular grain boundary corrosion, wherein said brass alloy comprises 62-68% by weight of cu, 0.02-1.00% by weight of pb, 0.2-0.6% by weight of p, 0.02-0.06% by weight of sb, and balance zn, and the brass alloy being characterized in that it comprises <5% of β-phase, preferably <1%. In addition, the invention concerns a method for the production of said brass alloy..
Imi Hydronic Engineering Ab

Mutations define clinical subgroups of gliomas

Genetic signatures capable of distinguishing among several types of gliomas provide clinically relevant information that can serve as an adjunct to histopathological diagnosis. For example, mutations in the tert promoter occurred in 74.2% of glioblastomas (gbm), but occurred in a minority of grade ii-iii astrocytomas (18.2%).
Duke University

Non-thermal cycling for polymerase chain reaction

Techniques, systems, and devices are disclosed for non-thermal cycling of polymerase chain reaction (pcr). In one aspect, a method for cycling pcr includes receiving an electrolytic fluid including ions, primers, polymerase enzymes, nucleotides, and a double-stranded nucleic acid in a fluid chamber having a first electrode and a second electrode, applying an electric field across the first and the second electrodes to generate a first ph level of the electrolytic fluid to denature the double-stranded nucleic acid to at least partial single strands, and applying a second electric field across the first and second electrodes to produce a second ph level of the electrolytic fluid, in which the second ph level enables binding of a polymerase enzyme and a primer with a corresponding segment of the single strands..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Sequence conversion and signal amplifier dna cascade reactions and detection methods using same

Disclosed are methods for detecting a target nucleic acid in a sample. The methods include contacting the sample, in the presence of a polymerase and an endonuclease, with a first oligonucleotide comprising, in the 5′ to 3′ direction, a first signal dna generation sequence, an endonuclease recognition site, and a sequence complementary to the 3′ end of a target nucleic acid; a second oligonucleotide comprising, in the 5′ to 3′ direction, a second signal dna generation sequence, an endonuclease recognition site, and a sequence that is homologous to the first signal dna generation sequence of the first oligonucleotide; a third oligonucleotide comprising, in the 5′ to 3′ direction, a third signal dna generation sequence, an endonuclease recognition site, and a sequence that is homologous to the second signal dna generation sequence of the second oligonucleotide..
Abbott Japan Co., Ltd.

Genetically modified yeast species, and fermentation processes using genetically modified yeast

Yeast cells are transformed with an exogenous xylose isomerase gene. Additional genetic modifications enhance the ability of the transformed cells to ferment xylose to ethanol or other desired fermentation products.
Cargill Incorporated

Single-step dna preparation for polymerase chain reaction using magnetic chitosan microparticles

The present invention relates to a method for concentrating a biological sample containing nucleic acids by using magnetic chitosan microparticles and subsequently performing a pcr reaction on the nucleic acids captured on the microparticles. The chitosan microparticles added to the biological sample at a pcr compatible ph are mechanically agitated to provide for cell lysis and simultaneous dna capture, and then serve as a solid support for the nucleic acid template during the pcr reaction.
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

Permuted and nonpermuted luciferase biosensors

A modified luciferase protein which is a sensor for molecules including camp, cgmp, calcium, chelators thereof, kinases, or phosphatases is provided. Also provided is a circularly permuted anthozoan luciferase protein and a decapod crustacean luciferase protein, optionally containing one or more heterologous amino acid sequences, at least one of which directly or indirectly interacts with a molecule of interest.
Promega Corporation

Methods and compositions for protection against lentiviral infections

The present invention provides methods and compositions for optimally co-expressing in a primate subject a tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase (tpst) and a lentiviral gp120-binding molecule to provide potent and long term protection against lentiviral infections.. .

Agonists of guanylate cyclase useful for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, cancer and other disorders

The invention provides novel guanylate cyclase-c agonist peptides and their use in the treatment of human diseases including gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation or cancer (e.g., a gastrointestinal cancer). The peptides can be administered either alone or in combination with an inhibitor of cgmp-dependent phosphodiesterase.
Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Hcv polymerase inhibitors

Which are of use in the treatment or prophylaxis of hepatitis c virus infection, and related aspects.. .

S-substituted quinazolines and their therapeutic applications for the treatment of diseases mediated by pde7

The present invention relates to a family of s-substituted quinazoline derivatives that inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 7 (pde7), useful for the treatment or prevention of diseases mediated by said enzyme, especially inflammatory, neurodegenerative, neurological, psychiatric and/or autoimmune diseases.. .
Consejo Superior De Lnvestigaciones Cientificas (csic)

Method for connection of parts composed of materials that are difficult to solder

A method for connecting a first part, composed of a difficult to solder material, with a second part. A wetting of a first surface of the first part, to be connected with the second part, with a first solder, and connecting the first solder with the first surface of the first part, takes place by introducing heat and ultrasound energy.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Membrane bonding with photoresist

Systems and techniques are provided for membrane bonding. A photoresist may be applied to an ultrasonic device.
Ubeam Inc.

Frangible shipping carton and associated methods

A selectively frangible shipping carton for storing and shipping goods comprises at least one side wall joining a top wall and a bottom wall. A path of weakness extends around a periphery of the carton through at least a portion of the side wall.
Watson Laboratories, Inc.

Integrated management and monitoring of vehicles

An integrated system for assessing the condition and management of a structural platform or a plurality of platforms includes a structural health monitoring system (shm), an operational loads monitoring system (olm), a static, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis (fdta) subsystem, a databank storing a maintenance plan, and a subsystem configured for damage and repair management (isrm). The shm may include a plurality of transducers, including a plurality of pairs of actuators and sensors; a generator device configured to excite at least one of said sensors to produce ultrasonic guided waves; and a signal processor device configured to receive the signals reflected from damage identification.
Embraer S.a.

Aircraft seat mounting device

The intermediate element is arranged rotatably with respect to the carrier profile at least in case of crash/deformation.. .

Infrastructure system for a vehicle

An electrical infrastructure system and method of use of the system for a vehicle. There are several electronic control units (ecu) for one or several functional units (30n) for the vehicle.
Scania Cv Ab

Tunable crash bolster

An apparatus comprises a vehicle door closeout panel. The closeout panel comprises a pelvis bolster having a plurality of load points.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Membrane bonding

Systems and techniques are provided for membrane bonding. A bonding agent may be applied to one or both of an ultrasonic device and membrane.
Ubeam Inc.

Portable drill ready stand and tool caddy

A portable drill ready stand and tool caddy has a stability base, a drill ready stand, a drill docking port, hand tool docking ports, and drill bit trays. The drill ready stand extends upwards from the stability base and may include some hand tool docking ports.

Ultrasonic transducer

Systems and techniques are provided for an ultrasonic transducer. A substrate may include a main cavity, a secondary cavity, and a channel.
Ubeam Inc.

Thermal cycler apparatus and related methods

An apparatus for thermal cycling can transfer heat uniformly and efficiently. The apparatus can be used in a method that reduces condensation on sample wells.
Biofire Defense, Llc

Microfluidic flow monitoring

The present invention relates to systems and methods of monitoring velocity or flow in channels, especially in microfluidic channels. In some embodiments, the present invention relates to systems and methods of monitoring velocity or flow rate in systems and methods for performing a real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) in a continuous-flow microfluidic system..
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

Acoustic manipulation of particles in standing wave fields

A method for separating a second fluid or a particulate from a host fluid is disclosed. The method includes flowing the mixture through an acoustophoretic device comprising an acoustic chamber, an ultrasonic transducer, and a reflector.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

Game controller

A game controller includes a housing; a top panel disposed on an opening portion of the housing and having a manipulation input surface; a position detector configured to detect a position of a manipulation input performed on the manipulation input surface; a vibrating element configured to generate a vibration in the manipulation input surface of the top panel; and a drive controlling part configured to drive the vibrating element by using a driving signal causing the vibrating element to generate a natural vibration in an ultrasound-frequency-band in the manipulation input surface.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Therapeutic ultrasound apparatus and method

An apparatus and as method for generating ultrasound. The apparatus comprises: a signal generator arranged to generate a driving signal; and an ultrasound transducer arranged to transmit an ultrasound beam in response to the driving signal received from the signal generator.
King Fahad Medical City (kfmc)

Scalp treatment tool

An apparatus and related method provide an effective treatment of skin itch and skin rash, primarily for the scalp. The apparatus may be utilized on the scalp of an individual applied between rows of tightly braided hair.

Radiolabeled tracers for poly (adp-ribose) polymerase-1 (parp-1), methods and uses therefor

Disclosed arc parp-1 inhibitors, which can be 18p-labeled for use as tracers in positron emission tomographic (pet) imaging. Further disclosed are methods of synthesis.
Washington University

Pharmaceutical composition comprising brinzolamide

A sterile aqueous formulation of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor such as brinzolamide in combination with polymers like soluplus® and a surfactant like polysorbate 80, as well as methods of preparation thereof, is disclosed. The formulation relates to the highly solubilized or an amorphous form of poorly insoluble drugs/active ingredient(s) to improve its bio-availability and manufacturability..
Sentiss Pharma Private Limited

Novel compositions and methods for immunotherapies comprising small molecule integrin receptor-ligand agonist adjuvants

Small molecule integrin ligand mimetics facilitate integrin-ligand interactions, which may be used to prepare vaccines, adoptive cell therapies, immunotherapies for cancer, and a variety of other conditions. As integrin mediated cell-cell interactions are critical to antigen presentation and effector cell killing, increasing the efficiency of integrin receptor-ligand interactions will stabilize the immune synapse and improve effector functions.
Texas Heart Institute

Bacterial live vector vaccines expressing chromosomally-integrated foreign antigens

Bacterial live vector vaccines represent a vaccine development strategy that offers exceptional flexibility. In the present invention, genes encoding protective antigens of unrelated bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal pathogens are expressed in an attenuated bacterial vaccine strain that delivers these foreign antigens to the immune system, thereby eliciting relevant immune responses.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore

Antiviral therapy

The present invention relates to combinations of compounds comprising hiv integrase inhibitors and other therapeutic agents. Such combinations are useful in the inhibition of hiv replication, the prevention and/or treatment of infection by hiv, and in the treatment of aids and/or arc..
Viiv Healthcare Company

Combination-based treatment method

The invention relates to (among other things) a method comprising the steps of (a) administering to a patient a parp-inhibiting amount of a parp inhibitor; and (b) administering to the patient a topoisomerase i-inhibiting amount of a long-acting topoisomerase i inhibitor.. .
Nektar Therapeutics

Treatment of partly controlled or uncontrolled severe asthma

Method for the treatment of partly controlled or uncontrolled severe asthma comprising administering either a) a phosphodiesterase 4 (pde4) inhibitor or b) a phosphodiesterase 4 (pde4) inhibitor and a leukotriene modifier as add-on to standard of care in severe asthma.. .
Takeda Gmbh

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