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Systems and methods for detecting and mitigating programmable logic device tampering

Master automation service

Real-time mapping and navigation of multiple media types through a metadata-based infrastructure

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ras-related patents
 Mutant luciferases patent thumbnailMutant luciferases
Described are mutant luciferases, nucleic acids that encode them, cells and animals expressing them, methods of use thereof, and kits.. .
 Systems and methods for detecting and mitigating programmable logic device tampering patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detecting and mitigating programmable logic device tampering
Systems and methods are disclosed for preventing tampering of a programmable integrated circuit device. Generally, programmable devices, such as fpgas, have two stages of operation; a configuration stage and a user mode stage.
 Master automation service patent thumbnailMaster automation service
A method and system is provided for managing virtual machine instances (vms) and other computing and network infrastructure within a data center. A user designates a computing device or resource (whether physical or virtual) as a master automation object (e.g., a virtual machine instance may be designated as a virtual template for command replication).
 Real-time mapping and navigation of multiple media types through a metadata-based infrastructure patent thumbnailReal-time mapping and navigation of multiple media types through a metadata-based infrastructure
Methods and systems may involve receiving metadata associated with an activity of a user with respect to a first device, and capturing discovery content from one or more media sources based on the metadata. In addition, the discovery content and the metadata may be presented to the user via a second device..
 Client-side personalization of websites and corresponding network environment patent thumbnailClient-side personalization of websites and corresponding network environment
A method and/or computer program product provides client-side personalization of websites. A client and a web server are provided with a description language infrastructure that provides classifying categories for web content.
 Systems and methods for providing ranked deployment options patent thumbnailSystems and methods for providing ranked deployment options
Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can receive information about an application design plan. The application design plan can be associated with at least one deployment criterion.
 Customized content from user data patent thumbnailCustomized content from user data
There is provided a system and a method for customized content from user data. The method comprising receiving data corresponding to a user of a device, processing a content with the data to create a customized content, and outputting the customized content for display to the user.
 Continuity of instruction during a socially distancing event patent thumbnailContinuity of instruction during a socially distancing event
A method wherein live, in-person academic coursework that is cancelled for extended periods due to an exigency, for example a natural disaster, pandemic, or other socially distancing event, can be quickly, efficiently, gracefully, and cost-effectively transitioned into an online environment in order to ensure academic continuity by identifying a triggering event whereby in-person academic coursework is cancelled, initiating an academic continuity process, querying a student information system for data, interfacing this student information system data with a learning management system to populate the learning management system, simultaneously scaling the learning management system utilizing a cloud computing infrastructure, and transitioning the cancelled in-person academic coursework to an online environment.. .
 Precious metals transaction systems and methods patent thumbnailPrecious metals transaction systems and methods
Systems and methods directed to the purchase of articles formed of precious metals are disclosed. Precious metal content is analyzed using an x-ray fluorescence (“xrf”) analysis instrument to determine alloy content, in combination with an ultrasound or electrical conductivity instrument to confirm uniformity of cross-sectional content.
 System and method for identification, grouping and sizing of embedded flaws in rotor components using ultrasonic inspection patent thumbnailSystem and method for identification, grouping and sizing of embedded flaws in rotor components using ultrasonic inspection
A method and software system for flaw identification, grouping and sizing for fatigue life assessment for rotors used in turbines and generators. The method includes providing ultrasonic data of a plurality of rotor slices and providing volume reconstruction of the ultrasonic data.
Operating a mobile robot
A method of operating a mobile robot includes grasping a feature of a door of a doorway with an end effector of a manipulator arm mounted on the robot and driving the robot while grasping the door feature to move the door to an open position. The method also includes driving the robot to maneuver the robot to contact the door and chock the door in the open position, releasing the door feature from the end effector after chocking the door, and driving the robot through the doorway..
Curved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments
The present invention relates to ultrasonic surgical clamping instruments and, more particularly, to a curved clamp arm for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments that have an ultrasonically actuated blade that, in one case, is ultrasonically actuated to have motion in substantially a single plane. The curved clamp arm opens and closes with respect to the blade and also has a plane of curvature that is parallel to the plane of motion of the blade when the clamp arm is in the closed position, and not parallel to the plane of motion of the blade when the clamp arm is in the open position..
Endoscopic instrument
An endoscopic surgical instrument includes a flexible tube, a grasping and fastening end effector coupled to the distal end of the tube, and a manual actuator coupled to the proximal end of the tube. The manual actuator is coupled to the end effector by a plurality of flexible cables which extend through the tube.
Shielded capacitor sensor system for medical applications and method
A measurement system for measuring a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a capacitor, a signal generator, a digital counter, counter register, a digital clock, a digital timer, and a data register.
Ablation grasper
The present invention provides improved catheters for ablative procedures for biological tissue, e.g., in the heart. The catheters allow active fixation to the tissue using a pair of jaws, and a sheath actuates the jaws, simplifying actuation.
Robust laser cutting methods for ophthalmic surgery
A method and apparatus for performing ophthalmic laser surgery using a pulsed laser beam is provided. The method includes establishing an initial cutting pattern comprising a plurality of original photodisruption points, establishing an enhanced cutting pattern comprising a plurality of enhanced photodisruption points selected to decrease potential adverse effects due to patient movement and having increased density over a fixed area as compared with the plurality of original photodisruption points, and performing an ocular surgical procedure according to the enhanced cutting pattern.
Intervertebral disc treatment apparatus
A method of at least partially removing the nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disc comprising the nucleus and an annulus surrounding the nucleus is described. The method comprises the steps of : insonating the nucleus with ultrasound thereby to cause at least partial fragmentation of the nucleus; and extracting at least part of the fragmented nucleus.
Method of cooling ultrasound treatment apparatus and ultrasound treatment apparatus using the same
An ultrasound treatment apparatus includes a transducer configured to irradiate ultrasound waves onto an object, and a membrane disposed in an irradiation direction of the ultrasound waves and to form, with the transducer, a space in which a cooling fluid circulates. The apparatus further includes a first temperature sensor configured to measure a temperature of a skin of a patient contacting the membrane, and a second temperature sensor configured to measure a temperature of the transducer.
Separable beamforming for ultrasound array
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus or techniques can include obtaining at least an approximation of samples of reflected ultrasonic energy and constructing a representation of an imaging plane within the tissue region. Such apparatus or techniques can include separately determining, for respective focusing locations respective first sums of at least approximated complex samples of reflected ultrasonic energy obtained via respective first lines of transducers, and separately determining, for the specified focusing location, a second sum of at least some the respective first sums of at least approximated complex samples of reflected ultrasonic energy, the second sum corresponding to a second line of transducers in the ultrasonic transducer array.
Image generation system
An image generation system is provided, the system generating an ultrasound image and a photo-acoustic image of an object and including a dual-wavelength laser source, an optical filter, and an optical-based ultrasound sensor. The laser source generates a first laser pulse with a first wavelength or a second laser pulse with a second wavelength.
Ultrasonic measuring device, ultrasonic diagnosis device, ultrasonic measurement sheet, and measuring method
An appropriate parameter can be automatically set according to the subject in an ultrasonic measuring device. The ultrasonic measuring device includes an emission unit that performs ultrasound emission processing, a reception unit that performs ultrasonic echo reception processing, and a processing unit that performs ultrasonic measurement control processing.
Ultrasonic couplant spray
The application discloses the use of an aqueous composition comprising a thickener, and an antiseptic compound or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt thereof as an ultrasonic couplant spray. An ultrasonic couplant spray comprising starch, and an antiseptic compound or a pharmaceutical acceptable salt thereof is also disclosed.
Ultrasound apparatus and method of providing information of the same
Provided are a method of providing information, an ultrasound apparatus, and a recording medium. The method includes obtaining identification information indicating an object, obtaining previously stored guide data that corresponds to the object determined based on the identification information, and providing information about a scan operation to a user by using the obtained guide data..
Apparatus for facilitating ultrasound-assisted needle placement for drug delivery
In one embodiment, apparatus for facilitating ultrasound-assisted needle placement for drug delivery includes an ultrasound probe cover adapted to receive an ultrasound probe, the cover comprising a first wall and a needle guide associated with the first wall, the needle guide comprising an element adapted to guide a needle into a patient adjacent the cover.. .
System and method for ungated non-contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography
A system and method for producing an image of a vasculature of a subject using a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system includes applying a saturation pulse to a prescribed imaging slice to substantially suppress mr signals in the prescribed imaging slice. A quiescent inflow time period (qitp) is observed that is at least equal to half a projected duration of a cardiac cycle of the subject.
Vibrational photoacoustic tomography using raman laser
A method of noninvasively imaging tissue within a body includes irradiating the tissue using an imaging laser including a raman-based laser tuner, the radiation including a plurality of laser pulses, each having energy greater than 100 mj; receiving an acoustic signal generated by vibrational energy in the tissue, wherein the vibrational energy is a result of selective overtone excitation of molecules in the tissue by the radiation; and automatically converting the acoustic signal to an image representative of the tissue using a processor. An imaging system includes an imaging laser configured to irradiate tissue with a plurality of laser pulses using a raman-based laser tuner.
Synthesis of n1,n3-bis(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-5-nitroisophthalamide
The present disclosure generally relates to a new process for the preparation of high purity 5-nitro-isophthalamide compounds, which are useful as intermediates for the preparation of imaging agents, such as iodinated x-ray contrast imaging agents like ioversol, iohexyl and iopamidol.. .
Methods and compositions of dna ligands for arthropod-borne pathogen detection and prophylaxis or therapy
Specific dna ligand sequences for binding various arthropod-borne pathogens including arboviruses, rickettsia and parasites are described. Each of these sequences or their linear, two- and three-dimesional linked sequences can function in varying assay and sensor formats with varying degrees of success.
Methods of use of inhibitors of phosphodiesterases and modulators of nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species, and metalloproteinases in the treatment of peyronie's disease, arteriosclerosis and other fibrotic diseases
The present methods and compositions are of use for treatment of conditions involving fibrosis, such as peyronie's disease plaque, penile corporal fibrosis, penile veno-occlusive dysfunction, dupuytren's disease nodules, vaginal fibrosis, clitoral fibrosis, female sexual arousal disorder, abnormal wound healing, keloid formation, general fibrosis of the kidney, bladder, prostate, skin, liver, lung, heart, intestines or any other localized or generalized fibrotic condition, vascular fibrosis, arterial intima hyperplasia, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, restenosis, cardiac hypertrophy, hypertension or any condition characterized by excessive fibroblast or smooth muscle cell proliferation or deposition of collagen and extracellular matrix in the blood vessels and/or heart. In certain embodiments, the compositions may comprise a pde-4 inhibitor, a pde-5 inhibitor, a compound that elevates cgmp and/or pkg, a stimulator of guanylyl cyclase and/or pkg, a combination of a compound that elevates cgmp, pkg or no with an antioxidant that decreases ros, or a compound that increases mmp activity..
Polycyclic carbamoylpyridone derivative having hiv integrase inhibitory activity
R4 and z2 part taken together forms a ring, to form a polycyclic compound, including e.g., a tricyclic or tetracyclic compound.. .
Topoisomerase 2b as a predictor of susceptibility to anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity
Biomarkers of anthracycline cardiotoxicity are provided. In certain aspects, methods are provided for determining whether a subject will develop cardiotoxicity upon treatment with an anthracycline, such as doxorubicin, by measuring the level of top2b expression in the subject.
Method for producing proteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies against host cell antigens
Methods for producing proteins and glycoproteins in pichia pastoris that lack detectable cross binding activity to antibodies made against host cell antigens are described. In particular, methods are described wherein recombinant pichia pastoris strains that do not display a β-mannosyltransferase 2 activity with respect to an n-glycan or o-glycan and do not display at least one activity selected from a β-mannosyltransferase 1, 3, and 4 activity to produce recombinant proteins and glycoproteins.
Functionally integrated device for multiplex genetic identification
A biochip for multiplex genetic identification is disclosed. An biochip for separating and detecting a plurality of dna fragments includes a set of inputs and chambers for receiving a sample matrix of genetic material and reagents needed to conduct a polymerase chain reaction amplification of the genetic material.
Game controller hand grip for coupling with associated support apparatus
A hand grip provides a means to attach at least one hand-held game controller so that a user can with a single hand grasp of the hand grip and its attached game controller carry the hand grip while the fingers of that same hand can manipulate one or more actuators of said attached game controller while further carrying or operating appropriate supported equipment. The hand grip enables a user to assemble his or her own custom-built interactive, portable device by subsequently attaching various hand-held game controllers to appropriate support apparatus such as a camera support apparatus.
Sensing case for a mobile communication device
A protective case for enveloping a smartphone incorporates at least one sensor for detecting stimuli arriving from outside of the smartphone. The case and the phone form an integral unit that possess extra features than the phone alone wouldn't have.
Communication network
A wired network may be used to carry signals for a wireless network, in a frequency-shifted manner, to extend the range of the wireless network. A wired network may detect signal interference emanating from a wireless service provider, and received through a leak in the wired network's infrastructure.
Docking station and method for connecting a mobile communication device to a communication infrastructure
A docking station and a method for connecting a mobile communication device to an at least partially wire-based communication infrastructure are disclosed. The docking station has a cradle for the storage of the communication device.
Power device and plug structure thereof
In a power device and a plug structure, the plug structure includes an electrical conductor, a pin and a conductive elastic sheet. The pin is correspondingly arranged to the electrical conductor.
Method for producing gamma-cyclodextrin by simultaneous use of gamma-cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase and isoamylase
The present invention provides a method for the production of γ-cd, comprising making a starch slurry, incubating with γ-cgtase and isoamylase simultaneously for γ-cd production, forming a complex of γ-cd and an organic complexant, and purifying γ-cd from the complexant. The present invention provides a simple and cost-effective method for producing high purity γ-cd, which has a short production cycle, a high conversion rate, and is adaptable to large-scale industrial production..
D-psicose 3-epimerase mutant with improved thermal stability, and continuous production of d-psicose using same
The present invention relates to a d-psicose 3-epimerase variant with improved thermostability by substituting an amino acid at a specific position of an amino acid sequence of a wild type d-psicose 3-epimerase. Further, the present invention provides a recombinant expression vector including a gene of the d-psicose 3-epimerase variant, and a recombinant strain transformed with the recombinant expression vector.
Assay and other reactions involving droplets
The present invention generally relates to droplets and/or emulsions, such as multiple emulsions. In some cases, the droplets and/or emulsions may be used in assays, and in certain embodiments, the droplet or emulsion may be hardened to form a gel.
Assays and other reactions involving droplets
The present invention generally relates to droplets and/or emulsions, such as multiple emulsions. In some cases, the droplets and/or emulsions may be used in assays, and in certain embodiments, the droplet or emulsion may be hardened to form a gel.
Compositions and methods for rt-pcr
The present invention relates to methods and compositions having trehalose and dna polymerase for facilitating the rapid and efficient amplification of nucleic acid molecules and the detection and quantitation of rna molecules, and for increasing the detection sensitivity and reliability through generation of secure cdna molecules prior to gene-specific primer dependent amplification. The reagent mixture comprises a ready to use reagent solution, wherein the solution comprises: (a) trehalose in a concentration between about 5% and about 35%; (b) a viral reverse transcriptase; and (c) at least one dna polymerases, in a buffer suitable for use in a reverse transcription reaction, wherein the buffer comprises a co-factor metal ion and nucleoside triphosphates..
Materials and methods for high-throughput determination of genome-wide dna methylation profile
The present invention provides materials and methods for rapid and sensitive determination of global methylation profile of genomic dna. In one embodiment, the present invention provides the fluorescence polarization (fp) based measurement of dna methylation (fpdm) assay, wherein the fpdm assay comprises restriction digestion of dna molecules using a pair of methyl-sensitive and methyl-insensitive restriction endonuclease enzymes, polymerase chain extension of digested dna molecules via the incorporation of fluorescently labeled dntp(s), and analysis via fluorescence polarization techniques..
Conditionallly replication-competent adenovirus
The present invention provides a polynucleotide, which comprises human telomerase reverse transcriptase (htert) promoter, e1a gene, ires sequence and e1b gene in this order and which comprises a target sequence of a first mirna. The present invention also provides a recombinant adenovirus, which comprises a replication cassette comprising the above polynucleotide, wherein the replication cassette is integrated into the e1 region of the adenovirus genome..
Armored whiteboard device
An armored whiteboard device is provided having a strike face with a dry erase markable surface that can be written on and wiped clean, and a protection layer of ballistic material attached to the strike face. The strike face and the ballistic protection layer can be used as a defensive shield to protect against oncoming ballistic projectiles.
Social network based education infrastructure and methods of implementing and using social network based education infrastructures
A method for enabling users to offer educational support in response to a designation of instructor identifier (id) tags associated with network accessible learning documents. The method comprises selecting by a first user using a first client terminal a network accessible learning document, associating an instructor id tag indicative of the first user with the network accessible learning document, instructing a presentation of the instructor id tag in association with the presentation of the network accessible learning document to a second user accessing the network accessible learning document via a second client terminal, identifying a user selection designating the instructor id tag and made by the second user, and establishing a tutorial session which is based on an interactive communication connection between the first user and the second user..
Patterning process, resist composition, polymer, and monomer
A negative pattern is formed by applying a resist composition onto a substrate, prebaking, exposing to high-energy radiation, peb, and developing the exposed resist film in an organic solvent developer to dissolve the unexposed region of resist film. The resist composition comprising a polymer adapted to form a lactone ring under the action of an acid so that the polymer may reduce its solubility in an organic solvent displays a high dissolution contrast.
Monomer, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process
A polymer for resist use is obtainable from a monomer having formula (1) wherein r1 is h, ch3 or cf3 and r2 is h or an acid labile group. A resist composition comprising the polymer displays a high sensitivity and a high dissolution contrast during both alkaline development and organic solvent development..
Compositions having means for targeting at least one antigen to dendritic cells
A composition that can be used as a vaccine containing means for targeting at least one antigen to dendritic cells and as adjuvants a granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor and a cpg oligodeoxynucleotide and/or a cpg-like oligodeoxynucleotide. This composition can used to treat cancers, infectious diseases caused by bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic or protozoan infections, allergies and/or autoimmune diseases..
Heterocyclic-substituted benzofuran derivatives and methods of use thereof for the treatment of viral diseases
The present invention relates to compounds of formula (i) that are useful as hepatitis c virus (hcv) ns5b polymerase inhibitors, the synthesis of such compounds, and the use of such compounds for inhibiting hcv ns5b polymerase activity, for treating or preventing hcv infections and for inhibiting hcv viral replication and/or viral production in a cell-based system.. .

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