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This page is updated frequently with new Ras-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ras-related patents
 Touch panel patent thumbnailTouch panel
A touch panel includes a protective cover with a lower surface herein, and an active region and a periphery region defined on the lower surface. A first sensing structure is disposed on the lower surface and covers the active region.
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.

 Communications device, infrastructure equipment and methods for receiving downlink control information patent thumbnailCommunications device, infrastructure equipment and methods for receiving downlink control information
A communications device transmitting/receiving data to/from a mobile communications network includes a transmitter to transmit data to the mobile communications network via a wireless access interface, a receiver to receive data from the mobile communications network via the wireless access interface, and a controller. The wireless access interface includes plural time divided temporal units and in each temporal unit a down-link control channel and a down-link shared channel.
Sony Corporation

 Communications system, infrastructure equipment, communication terminal and method patent thumbnailCommunications system, infrastructure equipment, communication terminal and method
A communications system communicating data to/from a communications terminal includes plural wireless communications networks to transmit/receive signals to/from the communications terminal via wireless access interfaces. The communications terminal receives from an access server selection information for selecting one of the wireless communications networks, for transmitting or receiving the data in accordance with the selection information in combination with one or more determined measurements of the wireless access interface of the wireless communications networks.
Sony Corporation

 Method and system for identifying the cause of network problems in mobile networks and computer program thereof patent thumbnailMethod and system for identifying the cause of network problems in mobile networks and computer program thereof
A method, system and computer program product for identifying the cause of network problems in mobile networks is disclosed. Embodiments of the present invention identify the root cause of problems related to connectivity and poor quality of experience preferably on user devices.
Telefonica Digital EspaÑa, S.l.u.

 Machine-to-machine network assisted bootstrapping patent thumbnailMachine-to-machine network assisted bootstrapping
The service layer may leverage the access network infrastructure so that applications on a device may bootstrap with a machine-to-machine server without requiring provisioning beyond what is already required by the access network.. .
Convida Wireless, Llc

 Geo-fencing aware compute infrastructure patent thumbnailGeo-fencing aware compute infrastructure
A mechanism is provided for enabling separation of compute infrastructure built within a geographically located storage device. A determination is made as to whether a compute request originates from a geographical location that is the same as a geographical location of the geographically located storage device.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Facility communications infrastructure patent thumbnailFacility communications infrastructure
A system and method for improving upon limitations of conventional infrastructure communications systems. A sensor architecture may include a multiple protocol communications paradigm to enhance whole building sensor management.
The Detection Group, Inc.

 Methods and  centralized and decentralized emergency alert messaging patent thumbnailMethods and centralized and decentralized emergency alert messaging
Apparatus and methods for providing emergency alert system (eas) data to subscribers of a content-based network for multiple locations including via mobile devices. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a server performing real-time receipt and encapsulation of the eas data, transport of the eas data to client devices over an ip or other packet-switched network, and use of applications running on the client devices to decode and display the eas data.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

 Real-time, ultrafast framing optical imaging device with high spatial resolution patent thumbnailReal-time, ultrafast framing optical imaging device with high spatial resolution
The present application relates to the technical field of ultrafast imaging, and provides an ultrafast framing optical imaging device with a real-time high spatial resolution. The optical imaging device includes an ultrashort pulse laser system with a magnitude of femtosecond, a frequency multiplier, a wavelength splitter, a continuous illumination laser, a sampling plate, a calibration camera, a first imaging record module, and a second imaging record module.
Shenzhen University

 Network system, coupling unit, and  operating a network system patent thumbnailNetwork system, coupling unit, and operating a network system
A network system having a first network infrastructure comprising at least one network participant and at least one coupling unit via which the first network infrastructure is connected to a cloud computing infrastructure having at least one cloud computing-based application. The coupling unit is equipped and designed to emulate at least one additional network participant for the first network infrastructure by interacting with the cloud computing-based application, wherein data can be transmitted between the first network participant and the additional network participant of the first network infrastructure..
Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co.kg


Workflow-based push notifications

Systems and methods for enhancing workflows with data virtualization. An example method may comprise: receiving a token identifying a mobile computing device; executing, by a processing device, a workflow comprising a conditional statement that initiates a request to send a push notification to the mobile computing device; producing, in view of the request, a plurality of messages compliant with a plurality of push notification infrastructures; selecting a message compliant with a push notification infrastructure associated with the mobile computing device; and transmitting the selected message to the push notification infrastructure associated with the mobile computing device..
Red Hat, Inc.


M2m data querying and invoking methods, querying and invoking devices, and system

The present invention provides m2m data querying and invoking methods, querying and invoking devices, and a system. The querying method includes: sending a data invoking request to an infrastructure node common services entity infrastructure node cse, where the data invoking request includes an identifier ae/cse id of an application entity/a common services entity that provides to-be-invoked data and a data demand of the to-be-invoked data, where the data demand includes a data type demand, a time demand, or a combination thereof; and receiving data meeting the data demand and returned by the infrastructure node cse..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Information sharing for third party applications in cellular telecommunication infrastructures

A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for providing content to a communications device. In an embodiment of the invention, a communications network receives a first content portion from a content provider and sends the first content portion to the communications device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatus for optimising a configuration of a communications network device

Apparatus (110) for configuring network equipment or devices (101a-101n) during runtime is particularly applicable to network equipment based on qoriq (trade mark) communication platforms for dpaa (data path acceleration architecture) optimization purposes and provides a way maintaining an optimal configuration which can change over time acccording to real traffic conditions. The invention may be implemented with any kind of adaptation algorithm for targeting different dpaa features.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


System and a multi-tenant datacenter with layer 2 cloud interconnection

Provided is a system and method for a multi-tenant datacenter with layer 2 cloud interconnection. More specifically the multi-tenant datacenter includes a plurality of physical client systems in a first datacenter each physical client system having a set of physical infrastructure resources.
The Faction Group Llc


System and high speed and efficient virtual desktop insfrastructure using photonics

A system includes a virtual desktop server having a first processor and a photonics module. The photonics module includes a photonics interface connected to the first processor and connected to a photonics device via an optical channel, and a photonics controller having a second processor and a memory storing computer executable code.
American Megatrends, Inc.


Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device

A semiconductor device with a novel structure. An upper-bit grayscale voltage and a lower-bit grayscale voltage are separately produced, and then the grayscale voltages are converted into currents and the currents are synthesized.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Multi-bit cell attenuator

Hybrid-coding, multi-cell architecture and operating techniques for step devices provide advantages over binary-coded and thermometer-coded step devices by minimizing or avoiding glitches common in the transient response of binary-coded step devices and by minimizing or avoiding significant increases or degradation in one or more of area, package dimensions, pin counts, power consumption, insertion loss and parasitic capacitance common to thermometer-coded step devices having equivalent range and resolution.. .


Resonant type high frequency power supply device and switching circuit for resonant type high frequency power supply device

Disclosed is a resonant type high frequency power supply device provided with a power element that performs a switching operation, the power supply device including a high frequency pulse drive circuit 1 that transmits a pulse-shaped voltage signal having a high frequency exceeding 2 mhz to the power element to drive the power element, wherein a voltage signal from the high frequency pulse drive circuit 1 is subjected to partial resonance by an impedance of a signal line of the voltage signal and a parasitic capacitance of the power element.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited


Controlling inductive power transfer system

An inductive power transfer system comprises a primary unit operable to generate an electromagnetic field and at least one secondary device, separable from the primary unit, and adapted to couple with the field when the secondary device is in proximity to the primary unit so that power can be received inductively by the secondary device from the primary unit without direct electrical conductive contacts therebetween. The system detects if there is a substantial difference between, on the one hand, a power drawn from the primary unit and, on the other hand, a power required by the secondary device or, if there is more than one secondary device, a combined power required by the secondary devices.
Access Business Group International Llc


Radial centering mechanism for floating connection devices

Previously available multiport connector pairings that use floating devices typically include relatively generous lead-in chamfers surrounding receiving ports in order to facilitate blind mating. As port density increases there is less room for lead-in chamfers, and in turn, blind mating becomes more challenging.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Low loss antenna switch

The present invention relates to a low loss antenna switch. The antenna switch comprises a plurality of switch module and a plurality of transmitting/receiving terminals, wherein one end of each switch module is connected to an antenna unit and the other end of each switch module is connected to each transmitting and receiving end respectively.
Airoha Technology Corp.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A miniaturized transistor, a transistor with low parasitic capacitance, a transistor with high frequency characteristics, or a semiconductor device including the transistor is provided. The semiconductor device includes a first insulator, an oxide semiconductor over the first insulator, a first conductor and a second conductor that are in contact with the oxide semiconductor, a second insulator that is over the first and second conductors and has an opening reaching the oxide semiconductor, a third insulator over the oxide semiconductor and the second insulator, and a fourth conductor over the third insulator.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and display device including the semiconductor device

To reduce parasitic capacitance in a semiconductor device having a transistor including an oxide semiconductor. The transistor includes a first gate electrode, a first gate insulating film over the first gate electrode, an oxide semiconductor film over the first gate insulating film, and source and drain electrodes electrically connected to the oxide semiconductor film.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Non-volatile memory device and manufacture of the same

This disclosure discloses a non-volatile memory component and a manufacture method of the same. The non-volatile memory component includes a substrate, a first dielectric layer on the substrate, an erase gate (eg), a floating gate (fg) and a select gate (eg).
Xinnova Technology Limited


Corner transistor suppression

The threshold voltage of parasitic transistors formed at corners of shallow trench isolation regions is increased and mobility decreased by employing a high-k dielectric material. Embodiments include sti regions comprising a liner of a high-k dielectric material extending proximate trench corners.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Non-volatile storage element with suspended charge storage region

Suspended charge storage regions are utilized for non-volatile storage to decrease parasitic interferences and increase charge retention in memory devices. Charge storage regions are suspended from an overlying intermediate dielectric material.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Semiconductor arrangement and formation thereof

A semiconductor arrangement and method of formation are provided. The semiconductor arrangement includes an interconnect which includes an interconnect metal plug surrounded by a second metal layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Conductive film and manufacturing the same

The present invention provides a method of manufacturing conductive film and the conductive film itself. The method of manufacturing conductive film comprises the following steps: step 1 for preparing a graphene oxide; step 2 for providing a functional reagent to reacting with the graphene oxide for producing a functionalized graphene; step 3 for providing a curing agent and an organic solvent to mix with a certain amount of conductive particles, and then processed by an ultrasonic to produce a conductive particle dispersion liquid; the conductive particles are the functionalized graphene or a mixture of the functionalized graphene and other conductive particle; step 4 for providing an adhesive resin and diluting the adhesive resin with the organic solvent in the step 3; step 5 for mixing the adhesive resin diluted in the step 4 and the conductive particle dispersion liquid to produce a conductive film pre-mixture, and the conductive film pre-mixture is stirred repeatedly to be well mixed, and, after dispersed by the ultrasonic, the organic solvent is removed to produce a conductive film..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device

A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device comprises a plurality of memory blocks, each including a plurality of cell units and each configured as a unit of execution of an erase operation. Each of the cell units comprises a memory string, a first transistor, a second transistor, and a diode.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Flash memory system using complementary voltage supplies

A non-volatile memory device comprises a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type. An array of non-volatile memory cells is located in the semiconductor substrate and arranged in a plurality of rows and columns.
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.


Resistive memory system and operating the resistive memory system

A resistive memory system having a plurality of memory cells includes a memory device having a resistive memory cell array and a controller. The controller generates write data to be written to the memory cell array by encoding input data such that the input data corresponds to an erase state and a plurality of programming states that a memory cell may have.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Display device and electronic apparatus

A display panel including pixels disposed on a substrate, where each of the pixels includes a light emitting element, and a capacitor. The capacitor of a first one of the pixels is partially overlapped, in a vertical direction, by respective pixel areas of two of the pixels.
Sony Corporation


Color correction optical see-through displays

In a method of correcting a desired color of a pixel to be displayed in an optical see-through display, a binned-display profile of prescribed colors arranged to be rendered by the display include background colors added to it so that the desired color can be matched to a closest one of the resulting predicted color profile of colors which are predicted to be perceived by a user. The display is then instructed to display the prescribed color which corresponds with the closest matching predicted color such that an observer substantially perceives the desired color.
University Of Manitoba


Apparatus and visual identification of valves in multivalve distribution and transmission systems

There is disclosed an apparatus and method for visual identification of valves in multi valve distribution and transmission systems, and particularly for municipal utility infrastructures such as mainline, connection, drain, pressure district, pressure regulating and pressure sustaining valves. In an embodiment, the apparatus comprises a flexible, adjustable, color coded band that when assembled the apparatus forms a generally tubular shape; and the apparatus includes one or more securing mechanisms adapted to secure the apparatus to a valve..


Object detector

Provided is an object detector capable of suppressing any decrease in accuracy of object detection under a low illuminance environment such as nighttime or in tunnels, whereby suppressing a failure of adaptive cruise control, pre-crash safety systems, and the like. The object detector includes: a distance information calculation unit 105 configured to calculate distance information to an object around a vehicle from an image captured by a plurality of imaging units 102, 103; an extraction unit 106 configured to extract at least an object existing in a long distance region away from the vehicle and having a specific color from among objects in the image based on the distance information; and an output unit 108 configured to output the distance information to the object having been extracted by the extraction unit 106..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


3d map display system

Representation of undulation with a light processing load is realized using three-dimensional ground surface data. Ground surface data representing a three-dimensional shape of a ground surface is stored in a map database.
Geo Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Evaluation of a dynamic contrast medium distribution

The embodiments relate to a method for evaluation of a dynamic contrast medium distribution as well as to a medical imaging device and a computer program product for carrying out the method. The method includes providing measured values, establishing first reconstructed data from the measured values, generating reconstruction parameters from the first reconstructed data, and establishing second reconstructed data from the measured values using the generated reconstruction parameters..


Automatic focused assessment with sonography for trauma exams

An embodiment of the invention provides a method for identifying internal trauma in a patient for pneumothorax, hemothorax and abdominal hemorrhage using ultrasound in b-modes with radial, longitudinal, phased array probes, and with m-mode for verification of lung sliding and lung point. Identifications are based on statistical classifications of image features, including a-line, b-line, lung sliding, barcode, sky, seashore, and beach patterns.
U.s. Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method

A medical image processing apparatus according to one of present embodiments includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry is configured to calculate fluid information including a velocity vector based on three-dimensional phase image data in multiple time phases, the three-dimensional phase image data being collected by phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging, and the three-dimensional phase image data representing a fluid flowing through a lumen.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Pre-provisioning electronic banking files

Apparatus and methods for pre-provisioning a generic connection to the bank to allow clients to transmit electronic test files. The test files may include one or more transaction requests submitted for processing by the client.
Bank Of America Corporation


Apparatus and large area printing

A wide area printer is capable of printing large images on non-typical surfaces such as pavement, grass, or soil. The printer is a wheeled device that is capable of multiple configurations including a plurality of drop nozzle arrays and a plurality of spray nozzle arrays.
Tungsten Ip


Enhanced home security system

A solution is provided to enhance home security monitoring by pre-processing and post-processing home security surveillance data and by using a trained security model. A security controller receives motion data from motion sensors and digital cameras strategically installed in a home and pre-processes the motion data to detect possible candidates for the detected motion.
Bess Technologies International Limited


Cloud-based hardware architecture

A federated in-memory database system (fimdb) and a method for operating the same. The system comprises: a plurality of interconnected computing sites (ls), each installed with a local in-memory database instance, which is configured to connect to a fimdb landscape instance; central computing infrastructure, provided by a service provider (sp), which grants access to algorithms managed by the service provider (sp) for execution on local data of the respective consuming computing site (ls); one or more communication channels (lsg1, lsg2), which are specifically adapted for connecting local and remote computing hard- and software via a digital communication channel; and configuration adjuster (cm), which are specifically adapted for configuring local hard- and software to connect to the fimdb system (fimdb) and for configuring local hard- and software in order to access algorithms managed by the service provider (sp) and execute them on the local computing hardware..
Hasso Plattner Institut Fuer Softwaresystemtechnik Gmbh


Application-layer managed memory cache

In order to prevent data thrashing and the resulting performance degradation, a computer system may maintain an application-layer cache space to more effectively use physical memory and, thus, significantly improve an application-memory hit ratio and reduce disk input-output operations. In particular, the computer system may maintain a managed memory cache that is separate from an operating systems' default page cache.
Linkedin Corporation


Managed memory cache with application-layer prefetching

In order to prevent data thrashing and the resulting performance degradation, a computer system may maintain an application-layer cache space to more effectively use physical memory and, thus, significantly improve an application-memory hit ratio and reduce disk input-output operations. In particular, the computer system may maintain a managed memory cache that is separate from a page cache.
Linkedln Corporation


Profiling system for computing devices

Systems and methods for profiling application code are disclosed. The method is hybrid in nature as it may include inserting instrumentation within application code and also periodic sample gathering, by employing a runtime app profile generator that provides the hybrid profiling infrastructure and is linked to the application code.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.


Garbage collection and defragmentation for solid state drives (ssd) and shingled magnetic recording (smr) drives

Example apparatus and methods provide improved reclamation, garbage collection (gc) and defragmentation (defrag) for data storage devices including solid state drives (ssd) or shingled magnetic recording (smr) drives. An erasure code (ec) layer that facilitates logically or physically erasing data from the ssd or smr as a comprehensive gc or defrag is added to the ssd or smr.
Quantum Corporation


Test case crash recovery

A safe operating region of a complex integrated circuit may be determined by selecting an operating point for the integrated circuit (ic) at a first voltage and first frequency. A test program is executed by a central processing unit (cpu) comprised within the ic to test a portion of the ic.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Rapid fault detection

A method for quickly detecting a fault includes: detecting, by a kernel black box kbox set, a fault occurred in an operation system; and generating, by the kbox set, fault information based on the detected fault; and transmitting, by the kbox set, system fault notification information including the fault information to an application high availability ha subsystem via a management unit of an infrastructure layer, to trigger a service fault processing of the application ha subsystem. Thus, the fault or unhealthiness of an os is detected rapidly and a service application layer is timely notified to process the fault, thus reducing service loss..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Generating a virtual eraser area

For generating a virtual eraser area, code detects an eraser surface on a touch screen. In addition, the code generates a virtual eraser area for the touch screen from the eraser surface..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.


Electrophoresis display apparatus, manufacturing electrophoresis display apparatus, and electronic device

Provided is an electrophoresis display apparatus in which light is unlikely to be reflected by a partition wall part and which realizes high contrast. An electrophoresis display apparatus 1 is provided with a first base member 8 on which a semiconductor elements 9c are arranged, a second base member 16 facing the first base member 8, and partition walls 5 that are positioned between the first base member 8 and the second base member 16 and partition pixel regions 6, and has a reflection reduction film 7 that reduces light reflection in a location facing the partition walls 5, as viewed from a second base member 16 side..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Array substrate and preparing the same, and display device

The present invention discloses an array substrate and a method for preparing the same, and a display device. The array substrate comprises a substrate, and a thin-film transistor and a passivation layer formed on a side of the substrate, and the array substrate is divided into a reflective region and a transmissive region, wherein an insulating layer is formed on the reflective region on a side of the passivation layer that is far from the substrate, and a nanoparticle layer for diffuse reflecting an incident light is formed on a side of the insulating layer that is far from the substrate.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


High contrast electro-optic liquid crystal camera iris providing angle independent transmission for uniform gray shades

A high-contrast electro-optic liquid crystal camera iris (10) provides angle independent transmission for uniform gray shades. The liquid crystal iris comprises a combination of first and second liquid crystal devices (12, 14) arranged in optical series and positioned between optical polarizers (46, 48).
Lc-tec Displays Ab


High sensitive micro sized magnetometer

The magnetometers possess detector part with a magnetic wire sensitive to magnetic field consisting of a domain structure of the surface domain with circular spin alignment and core domain with longitudinal spin alignment and micro coil surrounding its magnetic wire to pick up the change of longitudinal magnetizing caused by spin rotation in surface domain with circular spin alignment called as gsr effect excited by pulse with frequency of 0.5 ghz to 4 ghz. Peak coil voltage is detected by a circuit characterized with pulse generator, gsr element, buffer circuit, sample holding circuit, amplifier circuit and means to invert it to external magnetic field.
Magnedesign Corporation


Detecting improving resolution of area array probe

The invention provides a detecting method for improving a resolution ratio of an area array probe. The detecting method comprises the following steps: firstly, an ultrasonic area array probe is provided with n wafers that are arranged in the form of an area array; secondly, controlling a wafer a to send m impulse waves toward a to-be-detected workpiece through a chip; thirdly, successively respectively receiving the impulse waves reflected by the to-be-detected workpiece through a wafer and adjacent (m−1) wafers of the wafer; fourthly, when the n chips all send the m impulse waves, and fully receiving the impulse waves reflected by the to-be-detected workpiece; fifthly, repeating the previous four steps until flaw detection is finished; and lastly, obtaining a defect diagram of the to-be-detected workpiece by analytical processing of the impulse waves received by a main engine, displaying through a displayer arranged on the main engine..
Ndt Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Typing and imaging of biological and non-biological materials using quantitative ultrasound

An ultrasonic material-evaluation or classification method using spectral and envelope-statistics variables from backscattered ultrasound echo signals combined with global variables. This classification method can be applied to any organ or tissue among biological materials and any non-biological material that produces backscattered signals as a result of microscopic internal inhomogeneities such as a crystalline structure..
Riverside Research Institute


Probe, ultrasonic testing apparatus, and ultrasonic testing control method

A probe provided with a transceiving surface longer in a length direction than in a width direction thereof, and an array of ultrasonic elements provided on the transceiving surface, the probe being for emitting ultrasonic waves to a surface to be inspected of an object to be inspected that faces the transceiving surface, while moving in the width direction, the ultrasonic elements being shaped so as to have the same length in the length direction and in the width direction, and the certain of ultrasonic elements being aligned in the length direction and in the width direction and emitting ultrasonic waves a large number of times throughout the length direction in predetermined emission units of one or more ultrasonic elements.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


System and automatically generating a phased array ultrasound scan plan in non-destructive inspection

Disclosed is phased array inspection system with automatically generated paut scan plan based on a set of configurable probe operation parameters and a combination of preferred code requirement and rules given by paut expertise. The complex code requirements and paut expertise are pre-assembled into a plurality of templates applicable to categories of inspection tasks by paut experts.
Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas Inc.


Medium-range magnetostrictive ultrasonic guided wave scanner systems and methods

An inspection system includes a magnetostrictive scanner probe, a ferromagnetic strip, at least one magnet, and a processor. The magnetostrictive scanner probe includes a probe body for supporting at least one flexible sensor coil and a position encoder.
Fbs, Inc.


Ultrasound imaging apparatus and controlling the same

Disclosed herein is an ultrasound imaging apparatus including a beamformer to transmit or receive an ultrasound signal; a first probe connection unit in which a first probe connector is placed; and a second probe connection unit in which a second probe connector is placed. The second probe connection unit is connected to the beamformer via the first probe connection unit, and the first probe connection unit includes a disconnecting unit to disconnect the first probe connection unit and the second probe connection unit from each other..
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.


Method and composition for staining and processing a urine sample

The present disclosure relates to a staining methodology employing a particle contrast agent composition capable of rapidly staining cells in a single step. The particle contrast agent composition can be comprised of a combination of one or more particle contrast agents and one or more permeabilizing agents, optionally including one or more fixing agents and other components.
Iris International, Inc.


Method to produce plng and ccng at straddle plants

There is provided a method to produce plng and ccng at straddle plants. In contrast to present practice at straddle plants, there is added a slipstream of high pressure, pre-treated, pre-cooled natural gas stream to feed a new plng and or ccng production section.
1304338 Alberta Ltd.


Automatic ring valve shutters for automatic ring valves and manufacturing said shutters

An automatic ring valve comprising a valve seat provided with a plurality of gas flow passages arranged according to at least one annular row, at least a shutter comprising at least one ring-shaped portion for selectively closing and opening the gas flow passages, wherein the ring-shaped portion of the shutter comprises a fiber-reinforced matrix, at least one contrasting member for contrasting an opening movement of ring-shaped portion of the shutter, wherein the ring-shaped portion of the shutter comprises continuous fibers, at least some of the fibers developing for at least 360° of the annular development of the ring-shaped portion.. .
Nuovo Pignone Srl


Method and assembling simulated divided light window grids

A method and apparatus for easily assembling a simulated divided light window grid is provided. A window gauge having at least one grasping means is provided to quickly assemble the simulated divided light window grid.


Patterned tiles and floor coverings comprising same

A tile having a contrast pattern intermixed with a portion of a background pattern. The contrast pattern is positioned proximate a selected corner of the tile and has a contrast color different than the colors of the background pattern.
Columbia Insurance Company


Articles containing shape retaining wire therein

Various embodiments of an article of manufacture include a first material arranged in contact with a desired object or objects in a selected configuration; and a shape memory component arranged in or adjacent to the first material. The shape memory component includes a bulk amorphous alloy (baa) in a memorized shape, and which is designed and adapted to return to the memorized shape and maintain the selected configuration of the first material after experiencing a deformation.
Crucible Intellectual Property, Llc


Lightweight, crash-sensitive automotive component

The present invention provides a easting having increased crashworthiness including an aluminum alloy of about 6.0 wt % to about. 8.0 wt % si; about 0.12 wt % to about 0.25 wt % mg; less than or equal to about 0.35 wt % cu; less than or equal to about 4.0 wt % zn; less than or equal to about 0.6 wt % mn; and less than or equal to about 0.15 wt % fe, wherein the east body is treated to a t5 or t6 temper and has a tensile strength ranging from 100 mpa to 180 mpa and has a critical fracture strain greater than 10%.
Shipston Aluminum Technologies (michigan), Inc.


Prediction and treatment of heart failure

Chronic activation of the β-adrenergic receptor (β-ar) can have deleterious effects on the heart, and animal models over-expressing the β-ar develop heart failure. In the classical β-ar pathway, activation of the receptor results in increased cyclic amp(camp) levels.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate


Methods for nucleic acid manipulation

A method for replicating and amplifying a target nucleic acid sequence is described. A method of the invention involves the formation of a recombination intermediate without the prior denaturing of a nucleic acid duplex through the use of a recombination factor.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Dry composition of reaction compounds with stabilized polymerase

The present invention provides methods to obtain dry compositions of reaction compounds that maintain the biological activity of the compounds upon re-solubilization after a certain storage time. Preferably, the dry composition comprises a polymerase, and the dry composition is usable for polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification after re-solubilization..
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


Methods for biosynthesizing methacrylate

This document describes biochemical pathways for producing methacrylate from precursors such as pyruvate via isobutyraldehyde and isobutyryl-coa, using enzymes such as one or more thioesterases, transferases, or dehydrogenases, as well as recombinant hosts expressing one or more of such enzymes.. .
Invista Technologies S.a.r.l.


Processes of producing fermentation products

The invention relates to a process of fermenting plant material in a fermentation medium into a fermentation product using a fermenting organism, wherein one or more carbonic anhydrases are present in the fermentation medium.. .
Novozymes North America, Inc.


Novel acyltranserases and methods of using

Provided herein are novel acyltransferases and methods of using such novel acyltransferases in making medium-chain fatty acids.. .
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska


Vulcanisaetal phosphotriesterase-like lactonases (pll) having enhanced properties and the uses thereof

Provided is a mutated hyperthermophilic pte having a lactonase activity derived from a hyperthermophilic phosphotriesterase corresponding to the consensus sequence of seq id no: 1, the mutated pte including the at least one mutation chosen amongst 55 putative positions and the mutated pte having enhanced properties. Also provided are compositions including the mutated hyperthermophilic pte and the uses thereof, notably as bioscavenger of organophosphate compounds or as quorum quencher of the bacteria using lactones to communicate..
Universite D'aix-marseille


Recombinant polymerases with increased phototolerance

Provided are compositions comprising recombinant dna polymerases that include amino acid substitutions, insertions, deletions, and/or exogenous features that confer modified properties upon the polymerase for enhanced single molecule sequencing. Such properties include increased resistance to photodamage, and can also include enhanced metal ion coordination, reduced exonuclease activity, reduced reaction rates at one or more steps of the polymerase kinetic cycle, decreased branching fraction, altered cofactor selectivity, increased yield, increased thermostability, increased accuracy, increased speed, increased readlength, and the like.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Acoustic perfusion devices

Acoustic perfusion devices for separating biological cells from other material in a fluid mixture are disclosed. The devices include an inlet port, an outlet port, and a collection port that are connected to an acoustic chamber.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.


Acoustic perfusion devices

Acoustic perfusion devices for separating biological cells from other material in a fluid mixture are disclosed. The devices include an inlet port, an outlet port, and a collection port that are connected to an acoustic chamber.
Flodesign Sonics, Inc.


Fuel-cell reactor

A reactor containing one or more spiral paths adapted to facilitate the reaction of feed stock, syn-gas with a catalyst or catalysts, for the purpose of synthesizing multiple longer chains of hydrocarbons where there the reactor is further adapted to manage the inflow of syn-gas feed stock, the outflow of hydrocarbon products the recycling of catalysts to ensure minimal maintenance interruptions, where the solid catalyst nodules are of a geometry and size contusive to fluid like movement through the reactor and through a regenerative catalysts management operation. The unit operates with minimal support infrastructure..
Portable Gtl Systems, Llc


Solvent-free polyurethane 100% solids coating

The present disclosure provides coating compositions free of acrylates and epoxies for use in dry-erase surface preparations and protective floor coverings.. .
Seagrave Coatings Corp.


Methods and compositions for regulatory t-cell ablation

The present invention provides, among other things, methods and compositions for the treatment of cancer. The present invention is based, in part, on the surprising discovery that ablation of regulatory t cells (treg), for example, transient ablation of treg, is able to drastically reduce tumor burden and reduce metastasis when used as a single agent.
Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research


Purification of organic compounds by surfactant mediated preparative hplc

A sample is provided that can be purified by preparative reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography (prep-rp-hplc) in a single run in spite of recent advances in the production of reversed phase derivatized silica stationary supports: (1) the traditional approach is to use a bigger column (greater amount of stationary phase); and (2) use displacement chromatography which (while labor intensive to develop) uses the stationary phase more effectively. This disclosure describes a unique prep-rp-hplc technique that uses a c-18/c-8 derivatized silica coated with a surfactant such as triton x-100 to result in 7 to 10 fold increase in sample loading (of the crude mixture of organic compounds including synthetic crude peptides) in contrast to the conventional prep-rp-hplc technique.
Davuluri, Ramamohan Rao


Process for the industrial synthesis of lurasidone

Disclosed is a process for the industrial synthesis of lurasidone from (1r,2r)-cyclohexane-1,2-diyldimethanol (1), 3-(piperazin-1-yl)benzo[d]isothiazole (3) and (3ar,4r,7r,7as)-3a,4,7,7a-tetrahydro-4,7-methanoisobenzofuran-1,3-dione (6).). Said process is optimised to obtain lurasidone with high yields and high purities by preparing highly pure synthesis intermediates, using critical raw materials and reagents in amounts close to the stoichiometric amounts, increasing productivity and reducing the costs and environmental impact of the process..
Procos S.p.a.


Simulation device for an electronically controlled braking apparatus (bbw), and applying a contrast action

A simulation device for an electrically controlled braking apparatus of a vehicle with an electric motor having a motorised axis slant in relation to the translation axis of the strut of the pedal group, a contrast body connected to the strut, a main abutment wall and an elastic contrast element, disposed between the main abutment wall and the contrast body. The method of applying the contrast action to the pedal provides for activating, when the flattening action of the pedal by the user is terminated, the motor to achieve an inactive configuration in which the useful distance of maximum compression of the elastic contrast element is minimal..
Freni Brembo S.p.a.


Advanced emergency brake controlling brake thereof

Disclosed is an advanced emergency brake system that performs an emergency brake if a target is situated at a location close to a vehicle. The emergency brake system includes a radar sensor; a camera; an ultrasonic sensor for detecting an object situated at a close distance from the vehicle; and an electronic control unit that outputs a predetermined alarm control signal or performs an emergency brake depending on the input from the radar sensor, the camera, and the ultrasonic sensor.
Mando Corporation


Adhesive unit for decoration and protection from wear and production method thereof

An adhesive unit (1) is provided for decoration and protection from wear, of the type having a lower layer (6) comprising at least one adhesive film (8) and an upper layer (2) connected to the lower layer (6) and comprising at least one visible leaf (3), between the upper layer (2) and the lower layer (6) an intermediate layer (10) being positioned comprising soft laminas (11) in synthetic foam without the interposition of adhesive material between them and a high frequency ultrasonic welding being performed to engage the upper layer (2) and the lower layer (6) to each other, leaving the intermediate layer (10) substantially free.. .


Method and device for mounting filler to bead core

A method for annularly mounting a band-like filler to the outer periphery of a bead core comprises a step for attaching the filler to the outer periphery of the bead core, a step for grasping the opposite ends of the filler and separating the opposite ends of the filler from the outer periphery of the bead core, a step for sequentially attaching the opposite end surfaces of the filler to each other from the inner peripheral sections of the opposite end surfaces toward the outer peripheral sections thereof, and a step for pressing the portion of the filler, which has been separated from the outer periphery of the bead core, against the outer periphery of the bead core.. .
Fuji Shoji Co., Ltd.


Liquid management for floor-traversing robots

An autonomous floor-traversing robot includes: a wheeled body including a chassis and at least one motorized wheel configured to propel the chassis across a floor, the chassis defining an interior compartment disposed beneath a chassis ceiling; a cover extending across at least a central area of the chassis ceiling; and a graspable handle connected to the chassis and located outside the cover so as to be accessible from above the robot, the handle arranged to enable lifting of the robot. The chassis ceiling defines drainage channels configured to conduct the liquid away from the central area of the chassis ceiling..
Irobot Corporation


Ultrasonic cleaning method

A cleaning method for cleaning an object involves disposing the object in a first cleaning liquid held in a first cleaning tank; ultrasonically vibrating the first cleaning liquid via a first intermediate medium in contact with the first cleaning tank; disposing the object in a second cleaning liquid held in a second cleaning tank; and ultrasonically vibrating the second cleaning liquid via a second intermediate medium in contact with the second cleaning tank, wherein the first cleaning liquid and the first intermediate medium allow sonic velocities, respectively, having a first difference from each other, wherein the second cleaning liquid and the second intermediate medium allow sonic velocities, respectively, having a second difference from each other, and wherein the first and second differences are different from each other.. .
Siltronic Ag


System and delivering focused ultrasound treatment using a variable volume fluid bladder

A system for providing focused ultrasound may include a focused ultrasound probe including at least one transducer. At least one variable volume fluid bladder may be positioned between at least a portion of the transducer and tissue to be treated.
Sonacare Medical, Llc


Ultrasound stimulation of pancreatic beta cells

A pancreatic beta cell stimulation system for stimulating release of insulin from pancreatic beta cells can include an ultrasonic transducer configured to be acoustically coupled to a body of a user; and an ultrasound controller configured to be in communication with the ultrasonic transducer so as to provide control signals to the ultrasonic transducer during operation. The ultrasound controller can be further configured to generate the control signals based on a planned amount of stimulation of pancreatic beta cells within the body of the user such that the control signals instruct the ultrasonic transducer to transmit ultrasound waves having selected intensity and frequency calculated to cause stimulation of the pancreatic beta cells..
The George Washington University A Congressionally Chartered Not-for-profit Corporation

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