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This page is updated frequently with new Ras-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ras-related patents
 High-frequency component and high-frequency module including the same patent thumbnailHigh-frequency component and high-frequency module including the same
In a method for mounting a filter circuit component to obtain desired frequency characteristics of the filter circuit component without receiving the influence of a parasitic inductance and a parasitic capacitance, and to increase the packing density of components, since the ground terminal of the filter circuit component connected to the mounting electrode is connected to the ground electrode through the via conductors at the shortest distance, the occurrence of an unnecessary parasitic inductance and an unnecessary parasitic capacitance is prevented. The filter circuit component is mounted on the high-frequency component to obtain the desired frequency characteristics of the filter circuit component without the influence of a parasitic inductance and a parasitic capacitance.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Lighting system, lighting apparastus, and lighting control method patent thumbnailLighting system, lighting apparastus, and lighting control method
Provided is a lighting apparatus and a method for controlling the same using a mobile device. A lighting system may include a mobile terminal, a hub configured to communicate with the mobile terminal, and an led lamp configured to communicate with the hub.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method of detecting cookware on an induction hob, induction hob and cooking appliance patent thumbnailMethod of detecting cookware on an induction hob, induction hob and cooking appliance
A method of detecting cookware (3) on an induction hob (1) including a plurality of induction heating coils (2) each being adapted for heating, in the activated state, cookware (3) placed on the induction hob (1). With the method, detecting cookware (3) is based on signals generated by at least one active induction heating coil (4) through the action of parasitic electromagnetic coupling effects in at least one inactive induction heating coil (6)..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 Systems and methods for controlling electronically operable access devices using wi-fi and radio frequency technology patent thumbnailSystems and methods for controlling electronically operable access devices using wi-fi and radio frequency technology
Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling access devices including wi-fi and dual radio communications between an access control database and one or more access devices in a facility. The systems and methods allow real time communications between the database and the access devices utilizing existing communications wi-fi infrastructure in the facility while minimizing loss of battery life of the access devices by employing the radio network to target all or a portion of the access devices for communications when needed..
Schlage Lock Company Llc

 Infrastructure equipment, mobile communications network and method patent thumbnailInfrastructure equipment, mobile communications network and method
A communications device establishes a communications context for communicating data packets using a packet communications bearer from the communications device via a mobile communications network. A controller of the communications device is configured to identify that the communications device can enter a stasis state because no data packets are available for transmission for a predetermined time via the packet communications bearer or there are no data packets to receive via the packet communications bearer, to transmit a stasis state message to the mobile communications network, and to store information relating to the communications context associated with the packet communications bearer in a data store.
Sony Corporation

 Low cost mesh network capability patent thumbnailLow cost mesh network capability
A wireless device that utilizes a single network interface to simultaneously connect to an infrastructure network and a mesh network. The device has a driver layer with a media access control module for each network type.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Methods and systems of simulating time of day and environment of remote locations patent thumbnailMethods and systems of simulating time of day and environment of remote locations
In one embodiment, a method includes the step of capturing, at a remote location with a set of digital cameras, a series of digital photographs of a landscape, wherein the series of digital photographs is taken over at least a twenty-four hour period, and wherein the capturing is managed by a remote computing device that comprises a computer process, a memory and computer networking system. The method includes the step of positioning the set of digital cameras to match an angle of a computer-display screen.

 Display device, display control method, and non-transitory recording medium patent thumbnailDisplay device, display control method, and non-transitory recording medium
In a smartphone, the imaging mode of an imager or the display mode of a display is changed from a normal mode when an image of an optical communication region is captured. More specifically, a process of lowering the contrast of the entire image (frame), a process of superimposing an icon image on the candidate region, a masking process for lowering the contrast of the candidate region, a process of reducing the count of display frames by image averaging or thinning, or a zoom limiting process of limiting the upper limit of the zoom ratio of the imager or the upper limit of the enlarged display magnification on the display is performed..
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

 Automated media delivery system patent thumbnailAutomated media delivery system
An automatic graphics delivery system that operates in parallel with an existing web site infrastructure is provided. The system streamlines the post-production process by automating the production of media through content generation procedures controlled by proprietary tags placed by an author within urls embedded within web documents..
Automated Media Processing Solutions, Inc., Dba Equilibrium, "amps, Inc.''

 Multi-dimension topology mapper for saas applications patent thumbnailMulti-dimension topology mapper for saas applications
A system that generates deployment topology maps for various modules of a non-tenant-aware application to migrate to a tenant-aware application on a tenant-aware cloud-based infrastructure. The system analyzes the non-tenant-aware application and constructs various deployment topology maps for the non-tenant-aware application, and then maps the deployment topology maps to the virtualized cloud-based infrastructure.
Corent Technology, Inc.


Customized deployment in information management systems

According to certain aspects, an information management system may be configured to: receive system information relating to one or more data storage requirements associated with a first user; access an electronic database containing deployment configuration rules usable in determining information management cell configurations; generate a recommended deployment configuration for an information management cell associated with the first user based at least in part on the system information and the deployment configuration rules; receive computing infrastructure information relating to computer hardware components within the information management cell that are available for use in implementing the recommended deployment configuration; and generate an installation script for the information management cell based at least in part on the recommended deployment configuration and the computing infrastructure information.. .
Commvault Systems, Inc.


Deep packet inspection (dpi) aware client steering and load balancing in wireless local area network (wlan) infrastructure

Methods and systems are described for intelligently steering client devices operating in an enterprise network system to an appropriate access point based on types of traffic on each client device and/or types of traffic on access points. In particular, client devices may be moved to a different access point when the wireless channel provided by a current access point fails to meet the signal strength requirements of latency sensitive traffic utilized by the client device.
Aruba Networks, Inc.


Ultrasonic device and probe as well as electronic apparatus and ultrasonic imaging apparatus

An acoustic matching layer is formed on individual ultrasonic transducer elements on a base. Electric conductors are arranged between adjacent ultrasonic transducer elements, the electric conductors being connected to electrodes of the ultrasonic transducer elements.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Assembly for an ultrasonic motor

The invention relates to an assembly for an ultrasonic motor, comprising an actuator body, an actuator retainer that accommodates the actuator body, an actuator bearing, and a friction element driven by the actuator body, wherein there is planar frictional contact between the actuator body and the friction element and the assembly has an optimized tilt axis, about which the actuator retainer and/or the friction element can be pivoted and which is arranged at a distance from the center of gravity of the actuator body and is shifted in the direction of the section of the friction element touched by the actuator body.. .
Physik Instrumente (pi) Gmbh & Co. Kg


Apparatus and methods for integrated power converter with high bandwidth

A dc-dc power converter includes a switched inductor power converter and a parallel linear voltage regulator. Two transistors are positioned in the switched inductor power converter to periodically set a bridge voltage thereby producing a square wave with a fixed frequency and variable duty cycle.
Ferric Inc.


Programmable snubber circuit

The present disclosure includes programmable snubber circuits and methods. In one embodiment, a circuit is configured between first and second power supply terminals.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Piezoelectric device, and ultrasonic device, as well as probe, and electronic apparatus

A piezoelectric device includes a base, a vibration film, and a piezoelectric element. The base of the piezoelectric device has at least one opening.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Contact techniques and configurations for reducing parasitic resistance in nanowire transistors

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide contact techniques and configurations for reducing parasitic resistance in nanowire transistors. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a semiconductor substrate, an isolation layer formed on the semiconductor substrate, a channel layer including nano-wire material formed on the isolation layer to provide a channel for a transistor, and a contact coupled with the channel layer, the contact being configured to surround, in at least one planar dimension, nanowire material of the channel layer and to provide a source terminal or drain terminal for the transistor..
Intel Corporation


High endurance non-volatile memory cell

The present disclosure relates to a non-volatile memory cell structure, and an associated method. A non-volatile memory cell includes two transistors spaced apart from one another with floating gates connected together by a floating gate bridge.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Ultrasonic tank and methods for uniform glass substrate etching

In some embodiments, an ultrasonic tank includes a container, an etching solution tank comprising a working area disposed within the container, and a plurality of ultrasonic transducers arranged about a perimeter of the etching solution tank in a configuration that provides a standard deviation of ultrasonic power within the working area of less than about 0.35.. .
Corning Incorporated


Method for masking a surface comprising silicon oxide

A method for masking a surface, in particular a surface having silicon oxide, aluminum or silicon, includes providing a substrate having a surface to be masked, in particular having a surface having silicon oxide, aluminum or silicon; and producing a defined masking pattern by locally selective forming of colloidal silicon oxide on the surface. The method allows for the creating of an extremely stable masking in a simple and cost-effective manner, in contrast to a plurality of etching media, in particular in contrast to hydrofluoric acid, in order to thus create extremely accurate and defined structures such as by an etching process..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Methods and apparatuses for showerhead backside parasitic plasma suppression in a secondary purge enabled ald system

Disclosed are methods of depositing films of material on semiconductor substrates employing the use of a secondary purge. The methods may include flowing a film precursor into a processing chamber and adsorbing the film precursor onto a substrate in the processing chamber such that the precursor forms an adsorption-limited layer on the substrate.
Lam Research Corporation


Energy filter for charged particle beam apparatus

This invention provides two methods for improving performance of an energy-discrimination detection device with an energy filter of reflective type for a charged particle beam. The first method employs a beam-adjusting means to improve the energy-discrimination power, and the second method uses an electron-multiplication means to enhance the image signal without noise raise.
Hermes Microvision Inc.


Method for bonding flat cable and bonding object, ultrasonic bonding device, and cable

Provided is a method capable of reducing the amount of a coating part remaining between a conductor and a bonding object. A chip comes closer to an anvil so that the flat cable and the terminal are sandwiched between the chip and the anvil.
Yazaki Corporation


Nonvolatile memory device and driving the same

A method for driving a nonvolatile memory device includes performing an erase operation with respect to a plurality of memory cells, stopping the erase operation by a suspend command, calculating a residual time of the erase operation that has not yet been performed, performing a first operation, comparing a first vacant time between a completion time point of the first operation and a start time point of a second operation with the residual time, performing the erase operation that has not yet been performed if the residual time is equal to or shorter than the first vacant time, and performing the second operation if the residual time is longer than the first vacant time.. .


Non-volatile memory for high rewrite cycles application

A non-volatile memory has an array of non-volatile memory cells. Each of the non-volatile memory cells includes a coupling device formed on a first well, a read device, a floating gate device formed on a second well and coupled to the coupling device, a program device formed on the second well, and an erase device formed on a third well and coupled to the first floating gate device.
Ememory Technology Inc.


Memory devices

A method and a system for memory cell programming and erasing with refreshing operation are disclosed. The system includes a selecting module, a processing module and a refresh module.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for compensating parasitic couplings in display panels

A display panel includes multiple pixel elements for composing an image and a control circuit for accessing each pixel element. The control circuit includes a data line for conducting a luminance signal and a selection line for conducting a selection signal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Visual function targeting using varying contrasting areas

A solution for targeting a visual function using varying contrasting areas is provided. An animation including a changing figure can be generated.


Methods and systems for providing mapping, data management, and analysis

A method for providing mapping, data management and analysis. Creation of a map is initiated with a desired gaussian aggregation and desired color map parameters.


Image processing apparatus, image processing method and medium storing image processing program

An image processing apparatus which reduces an operation amount while maintaining accuracy in detecting a motion vector, includes a contrast value calculating circuit calculating a contrast value for each processing region including a pixel of interest at a center in a standard image which is one of input images, a bit length determining circuit determining a bit length for calculating a motion vector for the pixel of interest among the images to be smaller than a bit length when the contrast value is calculated, a quantization circuit converting a bit length of the processing region and a region corresponding to at least the processing region among the images to be the bit length determined by the bit length determining circuit, and a motion vector calculating circuit calculating a motion vector for the pixel of interest among the images in the processing region for which the bit length is converted.. .
Olympus Corporation


Vessel segmentation

The present invention relates to vessel segmentation. In order to provide an improved way of providing segmentation information with reduced x-ray dose, an x-ray image processing device (10) is provided that comprises an interface unit (12), and a data processing unit (14).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Methods and quantifying inflammation

A computer-implemented method and apparatus for quantifying inflammation in tissue or anatomy. The method includes analysing dynamic contrast enhanced mri data.
Image Analysis Limited


System and cashless transactions

The present invention provides a method for cashless transaction at a point of sale. The method includes receiving unique information from a payment infrastructure corresponding to user.
Ubona Technologies Pvt Ltd


Infrastructure and architecture for development and execution of predictive models

A system that enables development and execution of predictive models comprises a centralized data management system, a data extraction tool a model validation tool and a model execution tool. In embodiments, a data management system includes a data management server that can be accessed via a web browser that stores data in the form of a flat file.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.


Optimized rendering of shared documents on client devices with document raster representations

Optimizing the rendering of a document stored on a collaboration server is disclosed. A request for the document is received from the client computer device.
Bluebeam Software, Inc.


Support actual and virtual sql dataflow by streaming infrastructure

A method includes binding a stationed operator to a database query engine, wherein the stationed operator comprises system utilities and an open executor to execute user-supplied application logic. The method further includes receiving an unbounded input stream of input tuples by the stationed operator, the stream of input tuples comprising a succession of chunks.


Printing for-pay content

In one embodiment, an email communication is received via a network. The email communication includes a content identifier identifying for-pay content hosted at a provider computing system, a sender identifier identifying a sender of the communication, and a printer identifier identifying a network-connected printer.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Multi-tiered storage device system and method thereof

A system for controlling a multi-tiered storage device (mtsd) includes a first group of storage devices and a second group of storage devices, wherein each storage device of the first group of storage devices has a higher endurance than each storage device of a second group of storage devices of the mtsd. A block of data is received by a controller of the mtsd, and is written to a storage device of the first group of storage devices.


Read disturb and data retention handling for nand devices

Systems, methods, and apparatus are herein disclosed for reducing read disturb and data retention errors in flash memory devices designed for long lifespans, such as greater than 10 or 15 years. Read disturb errors can be reduced by maintaining a read counter stored in a volatile memory and a fastmap memory block of the flash memory.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.


Storage device and controlling method thereof

A storage device includes a nonvolatile memory and a memory controller. The nonvolatile memory performs read, write, and erase operations.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Detecting and interpreting real-world and security gestures on touch and hover sensitive devices

“real-world” gestures such as hand or finger movements/orientations that are generally recognized to mean certain things (e.g., an “ok” hand signal generally indicates an affirmative response) can be interpreted by a touch or hover sensitive device to more efficiently and accurately effect intended operations. These gestures can include, but are not limited to, “ok gestures,” “grasp everything gestures,” “stamp of approval gestures,” “circle select gestures,” “x to delete gestures,” “knock to inquire gestures,” “hitchhiker directional gestures,” and “shape gestures.” in addition, gestures can be used to provide identification and allow or deny access to applications, files, and the like..
Apple Inc.


Ultrasonic apparatus and controlling the same

Disclosed are an ultrasonic apparatus for displaying one of an ultrasonic image, an external image and a composite image thereof by recognizing the position of eyes of a user, and a control method thereof. The ultrasonic apparatus includes a storage configured to store an external image of an object, an image processor configured to generate a composite image by registering an ultrasonic image of the object with respect to the stored external image, a recognizer configured to recognize a position of eyes of a user, and a display configured to display one of the ultrasonic image, the external image and the composite image of the ultrasonic image and the external image, based on the recognized position of the eyes of the user..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Remote autonomous driving system based on high accuracy of localization by indoor infrastructure map and sensor and method thereof

Provided is a remote autonomous driving system based on position recognition using an indoor infrastructure map and a sensor device and a method thereof. The server device for remote autonomous driving based on position recognition includes a first network interface unit configured to receive sensing information obtained by a movable infrastructure sensor device sensing a remotely controlled vehicle and transmit a control command for the movable infrastructure sensor device to track the remotely controlled vehicle, a remote controller unit configured to generate a driving route of the remotely controlled vehicle and a driving control command corresponding to the driving route using the sensing information, and a second network interface unit configured to transmit the driving control command to the remotely controlled vehicle..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Display panel and manufacturing method thereof, and display device

The present invention provides a display panel and a manufacturing method thereof and a display device, the display panel comprises an array substrate and an opposite substrate, the display panel further comprises: an electrochromic structure provided on the array substrate or the opposite substrate, which is used to absorb leakage light of the display panel when the display panel is in a dark state. When the display panel is in a bright state, the electrochromic structure exhibits a transparent state, and when the display panel is in a dark state, the electrochromic structure exhibits a coloring state, the electrochromic structure exhibiting the coloring state may absorb light, so that the leakage light of the display panel in the dark state may be reduced to a largest extent, thus the smallest brightness of the display panel is decreased, therefore, the contrast of the display panel is effectively increased..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Electrochromic devices

An electrochromic device includes a first substantially transparent substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith, a second substantially transparent substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith, an electrochromic composition contained within a chamber positioned between the first and second substrates that includes at least one anodic electroactive material, at least one cathodic electroactive material, and at least one solvent, wherein at least one of the anodic electroactive and cathodic electroactive materials is electrochromic, and wherein the electrochromic device exhibits a contrast ratio of at least 20,000:1, a darkening time less than about 30 seconds, and a clearing time of less than about 150 seconds.. .
Gentex Corporation


Device for the temporal shaping of the amplitude and phase of ultrashort light pulses

A device for the temporal shaping of the amplitude and phase of ultrashort pulses, includes: a birefringent waveguide 1 of main axis Δ consisting of a nematic liquid crystal 2 located between a photoconductive material 3 and a substrate 4, two transparent electrodes, one of which 5 is located between the nematic liquid crystal 2 and the substrate 4, and the other 6 such that the photoconductive material 3 is located between the other electrode 6 and the nematic liquid crystal 2, and projection optics 7 for projecting a programmable optical mask 8 onto the photoconductive material 3.. .


Projector optimized for modulator diffraction effects

An optical system that includes a micro-mirror array optical modulator that can selectively modulate an incident light beam having a defined narrow spectral bandwidth to encode data thereon based on commands to an on-state or an off-state of a micro-mirror. The micro-mirror array optical modulator can redirect light by diffraction and reflection to provide an output modulated light beam that exhibits a diffraction handedness dependent described by an arrangement of diffraction orders that depend in part on the narrow spectral bandwidth of light incident thereupon.
Imax Europe Sa


Chromotropic detection of ionizing radiation

A high contrast dosimeter is constructed where a plastic support is at least partially coated with a layer having a colored radical trapping compound. The plastic is a polymer that can contain a radiation sensitive plasticizer.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees


Object detection apparatus and method

Provided are an object detection apparatus and method. The object detection apparatus includes an amplifier configured to amplify a reflected ultrasonic wave signal with a variable gain, a gain controller configured to set the variable gain such that the reflected ultrasonic wave signal received in at least one predetermined time zone is amplified with a high gain, compared to in other time zones, a comparator configured to compare a signal on an envelope corresponding to the signal amplified by the amplifier with a predetermined threshold and output the signal on the envelope when the signal is greater than the threshold, a calculator configured to calculate an absolute value of a first-order differential value of the signal on the envelope, and a time at which a maximum of the absolute value of the first-order differential value is calculated, and a detector configured to detect an object using a third time, the third time being a time at which the maximum is calculated, before a second time, the second time being a time at which the signal greater than the threshold is output..
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Ultrasonic locationing system using a dual phase pulse

An ultrasonic locationing system using a dual phase pulse includes an emitter emitting two consecutive frequency bursts, each having a different phase, within one ultrasonic pulse. A receiver microphone receives the ultrasonic pulse, and a processor runs an amplitude-based detection algorithm on the pulse for a band of frequencies of interest and detects a first burst of the pulse within the proper frequency band and having an amplitude exceeding a threshold.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


System and magnetic resonance imaging using variable flip angle balanced steady-state free precession (vfa-bssfp)

The present invention provides methods for reducing sar during real-time mr imaging. The method improves the safety of cine imaging, while, in certain embodiments, do not decrease image quality.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Serum-based, diagnostic, biological assay to predict pregnancy disorders

The invention provides serum-based, diagnostic, biological assays for predicting disorders of pregnancy resulting from poor trophoblast and/or placental ischemia, including preeclampsia. Serum samples from such subjects exhibit an ability to disrupt the architecture involving fetal trophoblasts and maternal endothelial cells in a three-dimensional, dual cell co-culture system provided herein, in contrast to normal pregnancy serum samples.
Brown University


Ultrasonic device, manufacturing the same, probe, and electronic apparatus

An ultrasonic device that has high accuracy with respect to frequency and sensitivity and that can achieve a reduction of crosstalk is provided. A substrate of an ultrasonic device has a first surface and a second surface on a side opposite to the first surface, and has a first opening and a second opening that are separated from each other by a wall portion.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Ultrasonic detection of a change in a surface of a wall

A change in a surface of a wall is detected by transmitting a pulse of input ultrasonic vibrations into a proximal surface of the wall and then receiving ultrasonic vibrations from that proximal surface. The received ultrasonic vibrations are compared with a previously detected pulse of output ultrasonic vibrations that have been received from the proximal surface in order to identify, for example, a time of arrival of a current pulse of output ultrasonic vibrations.
Permasense Limited


Raster optic device for optical hyper spectral scanning

A spectroscopic scanning device, a portable spectroscopic scanning system, and methods for using the spectroscopic scanning device are described that include at least one focusing element configured to collect light, a beam-steering element configured to direct a portion of the collected light from the at least one focusing element, and a detector configured to receive the directed light from the beam-steering element, wherein the beam-steering element is operable to successively select portions of light from a plurality of locations within its field of regard.. .
Smiths Detection Inc.


Force-sensitive fingerprint sensing input

An object can depress an input device, such as, for example, a function button in an electronic device. A resistive element having a mechanically resistive force can be disposed to resist the depression or movement of the input device.
Apple Inc.


Spatiotemporally resolved far-field pulse contrast measuring

A spatiotemporally resolved far-field pulse contrast measuring device includes a plano-convex cylindrical lens, a nonlinear correlation crystal, a plano-convex imaging lens and a signal-receiving system. The signal-receiving system includes a fiber array, a photomultiplier and a digital oscilloscope.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Ultrasonic flow measurement system

The present invention relates to flow measurement, and more particularly, to a system for measuring a flow rate by three-dimensionally crossing a plurality of sidings each other within a conduit. An ultrasonic flow measurement system according to the present invention determines a flow central part of fluid by three-dimensionally crossing the plurality of sidings each other within the conduit in three dimensions and calculates a flow rate flowing in the conduit, meeting the flow central part, thereby more accurately measuring the flow rate than the existing method..
Sonic Corporation


Horseshoe jack for drilling, work-overs and completions

A jack and push/pull apparatus is provided by attaching to a wellhead an extendable/contractible horseshoe-shaped jack assembly of sufficient diameter to surround and act upon the tubing or casing to be manipulated in the well, the linear action of the assembly being powered between an extended and a retracted position, the assembly having at least one tube-gripping mechanism at the end of the assembly away from the wellhead attachment. Tubing is inserted into the well bore through the assembly and the wellhead, and when injection forces are desired tube-gripping means grip the tubing being injected and the apparatus is powered to a retracted position, forcing the grasped tubing into the well.
1440072 Alberta Ltd.


Filter apparatus with filter cleaning arrangement

In a filter apparatus with a filter for filtering a liquid including, in a housing, a filter structure which is rotatably supported off-center so that it is arranged at one side in close proximity to the housing wall and at the opposite side a housing space is formed in which at least one nozzle tube with nozzle openings directed toward the filter structure and advantageously also an ultrasound transducer are arranged for removing deposits from the filter structure. A liquid inlet is connected to filter housing bottom wall in the area of the housing space and a return pipe is connected to the bottom wall in communication with a center passage of the filter structure for discharging cleaned liquid.


Enzyme-linked nucleotides

Presented herein are polymerase-linked nucleotides for improved distinguishing nucleotide sequences for different nucleic acid molecules. Also presented are methods and systems using the polymerase-linked nucleotides for improved distinguishing nucleotide sequences for different nucleic acid molecules..
Illumina, Inc.


Modified polymerases for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues

Presented herein are polymerase enzymes for improved incorporation of nucleotide analogues, in particular nucleotides which are modified at the 3′ sugar hydroxyl, as well as methods and kits using the same.. .
Illumina, Inc.


Nucleic acid amplification

In some embodiments, the present teachings provide methods for nucleic acid amplification, comprising forming a reaction mixture, and subjecting the reaction mixture to conditions suitable for nucleic acid amplification. In some embodiments, methods for nucleic acid amplification include subjecting the nucleic acid to be amplified to partially denaturing conditions.
Life Technologies Corporation


Recombinase polymerase amplification

This disclosure describes related novel methods for recombinase-polymerase amplification (rpa) of a target dna that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded dna with single stranded homologous dna permitting sequence specific priming of dna polymerase reactions. The disclosed methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling or thermophilic enzymes.
Alere San Diego, Inc.


Method for relative quantification of changes in dna methylation, using combined nuclease, ligation, and polymerase reactions

The present invention is directed to methods for identifying the presence of one or more methylated or unmethylated target nucleotide sequences in a sample that involve a nuclease-ligation reaction. In some embodiments, the ligation products formed in the nuclease-ligation process of the present invention are subsequently amplified using a polymerase chain reaction.
Cornell University


Variant thioesterases and methods of use

The present invention relates to variant thioesterases and their use in plants, e.g., to increase enzymatic activity and to promote increased production of mid-chain length fatty acids (e.g., 8 to 14 carbons) and at desired ratios. Further disclosed herein are methods of manufacturing renewable chemicals through the manufacture of novel triglyceride oils followed by chemical modification of the oils.
Solazyme, Inc.


Soybean resistant to cyst nematodes

A transgenic soybean resistant to soybean cyst nematode (scn), or parts thereof, including an artificial dna construct encoding a serine hydroxymethyltransferase protein (e.g., gmshmt). Also provided are gmshmt alleles containing mutations r130p and y358n along with research and breeding methods and compositions including such..
Board Of Trustees Of Southern Illinois University


Methods and compositions for obtaining useful epigenetic traits

The present invention provides methods for obtaining plants that exhibit useful traits by expression of a recombinant dna methyltransferase in progenitor plants. Methods for identifying genetic loci that provide for useful traits in plants and plants produced with those loci are also provided.


Buffers for use with polymerases

Amplification reaction mixtures comprising a cationic surfactant and an anionic surfactant are provided.. .
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.


Hiv-1 integrase derived peptides and compositions

Isolated peptides comprising sequences derived from the protein integrase of hiv-1, as well as their analogs, mixtures, conjugates with permeability enhancing moieties, and pharmaceutical compositions are disclosed. The peptides and compositions are capable of selectively killing hiv-1 infected cells and are used in treatment of hiv infection and aids..
Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd.


Methods and compositions for pcr

A modified thermostable pol b dna polymerase, produced by a reaction, under essentially aqueous conditions, of a thermostable pol b dna polymerase and a modifier reagent of formula i wherein the reaction results in a thermally reversible inactivation of the thermostable pol b dna polymerase activity and the 3′-5′ exonuclease activity, which polymerase is suitable for hot-start pcr. Also disclosed are the method for the modification, a polynucleic acid amplification method and pcr reaction mixture and kit comprising the modified thermostable pol b dna polymerase..
Life Technologies Corporation


T7 rna polymerase variants with enhanced thermostability

The present invention provides improved variants of t7 rna polymerase by introducing novel mutations which lead to improved thermostability of the enzyme. According to the invention, amino acid substitutions at the positions val426, ser633, val650, thr654, ala702, val795, and combinations thereof are advantageous..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


T7 rna polymerase variants with enhanced thermostability

The present invention provides improved variants of t7 rna polymerase by introducing novel mutations which lead to improved thermostability of the enzyme. According to the invention, amino acid substitutions at the positions val426, ser633, val650, thr654, ala702, val795, and combinations thereof are advantageous..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Ketol-acid reductoisomerase enzymes and methods of use

Provided herein are polypeptides having ketol-acid reductoisomerase activity as well as microbial host cells comprising such polypeptides. Polypeptides provided herein may be used in biosynthetic pathways, including, but not limited to, isobutanol biosynthetic pathways..
Butamax Advanced Biofuels Llc


Method and culture device for detecting yeasts and molds

A thin film culture device for detecting yeast and mold microorganisms in a sample is provided. The culture device comprises a body comprising a self-supporting substrate having a first major surface and a second major surface; a first adhesive composition disposed on a portion of the first major surface of the substrate; a substantially dry, cold-water-soluble first hydrogel-forming composition adhered to the first adhesive composition; and a plurality of indicator agents.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal composition having at least one or a suitable balance regarding at least two of characteristic such as high maximum temperature of a nematic phase, low minimum temperature thereof, small viscosity, suitable optical anisotropy, large dielectric anisotropy, large specific resistance, high stability to ultraviolet-light or heat, or large elastic constant; an am-device having short response time, a large voltage holding ratio, low threshold voltage, a large contrast ratio, a negatively large dc brightness relaxation time constant and long-service-life. The liquid crystal composition contains a compound contributing to high stability to heat or ultraviolet-light as an additive component and a specific compound having positively large dielectric anisotropy, and a liquid crystal display device includes the composition.
Jnc Petrochemical Corporation

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