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Systems and methods for gslb preferred backup list

Systems and methods for gslb preferred backup list

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Re-factoring, rationalizing and prioritizing a service model and assessing service exposure in the service model patent thumbnailRe-factoring, rationalizing and prioritizing a service model and assessing service exposure in the service model
Provided herein are approaches to re-factor, rationalize, and prioritize a service model, and to assess service exposure in the service model. At least one approach provides: determining a granularity of one or more services of the service model; re-factoring and refining a service portfolio and a hierarchy of the service model; adapting a service litmus test (slt) and service exposure scope to the service model; applying service litmus tests (slts) to the service model; and verifying, with each affected stakeholder associated with the service model, that the service model achieves business and technical needs based on the results of the slts, which include tests to make exposure decisions, including whether to expose the service or not expose the service, wherein the service represent business capabilities and are placed in the hierarchy of the service model which represents the granularity..
 Systems and methods for gslb preferred backup list patent thumbnailSystems and methods for gslb preferred backup list
The present application is directed towards systems and methods for a user to configure the backup locations to use by an intermediary device providing global server load balancing (gslb) services when a primary location is down. In some embodiments, when gslb is based on static proximity of the location of the client to the gslb sites and if the primary location is down, then request may be load balanced among all the other locations.
 Method for treating neurodegeneration using a p38mapk inhibitor patent thumbnailMethod for treating neurodegeneration using a p38mapk inhibitor
Ataxia-telangiectasia (a-t) is a progressive degenerative disorder that results in major neurological disability. In a-t patients, necropsy has revealed atrophy of all cerebellar cortical layers with extensive purkinje and granular cell loss.
 2,4-pyridinediamine compounds and their uses patent thumbnail2,4-pyridinediamine compounds and their uses
The present invention provides 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds that inhibit the ige and/or igg receptor signaling cascades that lead to the release of chemical mediators, intermediates and methods of synthesizing the compounds and methods of using the compounds in a variety of contexts, including in the treatment and prevention of diseases characterized by, caused by or associated with the release of chemical mediators via degranulation and other processes effected by activation of the ige and/or igg receptor signaling cascades.. .
 Self healing salt water barrier patent thumbnailSelf healing salt water barrier
Geocomposite articles that can provide a barrier against high conductivity water e.g., ocean water, are described and their method of manufacture, for waterproofing surfaces that contact high conductivity water. The geocomposite article mat includes a woven or non-woven geotextile sheet or mat containing a powdered or granular partially cross-linked acrylamide/acrylate/acrylic acid copolymer across its entire major surface(s).
 Methods of isolating bipotent hepatic progenitor cells patent thumbnailMethods of isolating bipotent hepatic progenitor cells
A method of obtaining a mixture of cells enriched in hepatic progenitors is developed which comprises methods yielding suspensions of a mixture of cell types, and selecting those cells that are classical mhc class i antigen(s) negative and icam-1 antigen positive. The weak or dull expression of nonclassical mhc class i antigen(s) can be used for further enrichment of hepatic progenitors.
 Microwave vacuum process for making an infusion from natural products patent thumbnailMicrowave vacuum process for making an infusion from natural products
The present invention provides novel and improved processes designed for dehydrating natural products and creating a liquid infused with the dehydrated natural products. The process comprises the steps of selecting a natural product out of which to create the infusion.
 L-lysine-containing feed additives patent thumbnailL-lysine-containing feed additives
The invention relates to relatively light and thermally stable granulated, fermentation-broth-based animal feed additives having a high content of l-lysine and to low-loss methods for their production from broths obtained by fermentation.. .
 Granulates comprising eslicarbazepine acetate patent thumbnailGranulates comprising eslicarbazepine acetate
The invention relates to a solid pharmaceutical composition, the composition comprising eslicarbazepine acetate and one or more pharmaceutically acceptable excipients, wherein the composition is in the form of granules, and wherein at least 90% of the granules of the composition have a particle size of 90 μm or more, and/or wherein at least 50% of the granules of the composition have a particle size of 250 μm or more. The invention also relates to a process for producing a granular composition.
 Sanitizing composition and method of preparation patent thumbnailSanitizing composition and method of preparation
The invention provides a sanitizing composition in the form of a viscous liquid or gel suitable for use as a handwash composition comprising alcohol, water and a thickener wherein the viscous liquid or gel has particles suspended therein, wherein said particles provide the composition with a granular texture and are capable of being worn away when rubbed. The particles may deliver one or more agents to the skin e.g.
Geo-coding images
A unique system, method, and user interface are provided that facilitate more efficient indexing and retrieval of images. In particular, the systems and methods involve annotating or geo-coding images with their location metadata.
Software defined networking (sdn) controller orchestration and network virtualization for data center interconnection
A data center interconnection (dci) network may comprise a data center controller (dcc) managing a plurality of data centers (dcs) interconnected by a provider network managed by a network provider controller (npc). The provider network may be an openflow based software defined networking (sdn) transport network.
Delayed-activation, hydration maintenance apparatus and method
A composite, time-delayed, polymer-coated, granulated material for maintaining hydration in plants is formulated to delay acceptance of water in order to operate in drilling, plugging, and disking equipment used for aeration, soil amendment, or both. Whether potted or outdoors, whether relying on a third-material binder or a small, hydrated portion of the polymer itself as a binder, the material may be injected or otherwise placed below the surface of soils.
System, method and computer program product for deploying an update between environments of a multi-tenant on-demand database system
In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for deploying updates between environments of a multi-tenant on-demand database system. These mechanisms and methods for deploying updates between environments of a multi-tenant on-demand database system can enable embodiments to provide user-friendly, granular, and/or targeted updates between such environments..
Memory controllers, systems, and methods supporting multiple request modes
A memory system includes a memory controller with a plurality n of memory-controller blocks, each of which conveys independent transaction requests over external request ports. The request ports are coupled, via point-to-point connections, to from one to n memory devices, each of which includes n independently addressable memory blocks.
System and method for combining server side and network side transaction tracing and measurement data at the granularity level of individual transactions
A performance monitoring and management system is provided for monitoring both server side and network side performance parameters of individual distributed transactions. The system uses correlation data which is transferred over a computer network to identify corresponding sender/receiver parts of a distributed transaction.
Method and system for vm-granular ssd/flash cache live migration
The instant disclosure describes embodiments of a system and method for migrating virtual machine (vm)-specific content cached in a solid state drive (ssd) attached to an original host. During operation, the original host receives event indicating an upcoming migration of a vm to a destination host.
Reusable product system
A system is configured to allow a business user to define insurance products based upon reusable product/offering definitions. The reusable product/offerings definitions may include reusable insurance based components and templates, which permit a business user of the software to develop and configure insurance products based upon a hierarchical set of insurance product components and insurance product templates.
Wound contacting members and methods
Wound contacting members and methods, apparatuses, systems and kits incorporating the same are disclosed. The wound contacting members offer improved performance in terms of preventing or inhibiting tissue in-growth and improving tissue granulation growth.
Method for producing aggregates from cement compositions
A method for producing aggregates from fresh cement compositions, included concrete and residual concrete is disclosed, comprising the addition of a) flash setting accelerators and b) super-absorbent polymers to fresh unset cement compositions and blending this mixture until granular materials are formed.. .
Golf course greens cup chemical protector
A golf course greens cup chemical protector can prevent chemical treatments from entering the golf greens cup, preventing staining and corrosion of the cup caused by the chemical treatments that otherwise would get inside the greens cup. When the greens cup chemical protector is placed over the cup prior to application of chemical treatments, the device prevents any spray chemical or granular chemical from entering the golf cup, making the task of cleaning the cup after chemical treatment no longer necessary.
Method of preparing polymorphic pure form a of bazedoxifene acetate
The present invention provides a reliable process for the preparation of polymorphic pure form a of bazedoxifene x acetate. In addition, the present invention relates to a process of wet granulation of polymorphic pure form a of bazedoxifene x acetate.
Pneumatic grain conveying apparatus for selectively discharging grain or by-passing the discharge of grain into a grain bin
A pneumatic conveying system is disclosed for conveying a granular product, such as grain, from a grain inlet device to a selected one of a plurality of grain bins or other storage vessels. The system includes a blower for forcing air under pressure into a conveyor piping system.
Method, apparatus and computer program product for managing media content
In accordance with an example embodiment a method and apparatus is provided. The method comprises receiving a request for providing a first granularity level highlights associated with a media content.
Method for the closed-cell expansion of mineral material
The invention relates to a method for producing an expanded granulate from sand grain-shaped mineral material (1) with a propellant, wherein the material (1) is fed into a vertically upright furnace (2) from above and said material (1) falls along a drop section (4) through multiple heating zones (5) in a furnace shaft (3) of the furnace (2), wherein each heating zone (5) is heatable using at least one independently controllable heating element (6), and the material (1) is heated to a critical temperature at which the surfaces (7) of the sand grains (15) plasticize and the sand grains (15) are expanded by the propellant. In order to enable setting a closed surface of the expanded granulate in a purposeful fashion, it is provided in accordance with the invention that upon detection of a first reduction in the temperature of the material (1) between two successive positions (9) along the drop section (4) the heating elements (6) are controlled along the remaining drop section (4) depending on the critical temperature..
Process to prepare adsorbents from organic fertilizer and their applications for removal of acidic gases from wet air streams
The invention is directed to an adsorbent comprising: a) 20-30% porous carbon with incorporated organic nitrogen species; and b) 70-80% inorganic matter. The invention is directed to a method of making an adsorbent which comprises: a) thermally drying dewatered sewage sludge to form granulated organic fertilizer; and b) pyrolyzing said the organic fertilizer at temperatures between 600 and 1000° c.
Lightweight protection element and filter of the mattress type
A lightweight protection element and filter of the mattress type comprises an external containment structure (10, 20), a three-dimensional internal structure (30) with a high cavity index and a granular filler material which is inserted inside the containment structure. Engagement means (50, 52) of the mechanical type are distributed over the external containment structure in order to engage predetermined portions of those structure with each other..
Remediation of sensitization in metals
An ultrasonic impact treatment method for remediating metal sensitization including introducing ultrasound compression wave energy through ultrasonic mechanical impulse impacts into an area of sensitized metal in a workpiece. The ultrasound compression wave energy and impulse impacts impart compressive residual stress to the workpiece thereby decreasing tensile stresses in the sensitized metal and modifying the grain structure of the workpiece.
Apparatus and methods for transferring materials between locations possessing different cross-sectional areas with minimal band spreading and dispersion due to unequal path-lengths
Non-limiting exemplary embodiment(s) of apparatus(es) and method(s) are described for the conveyance of fluid media and entrained materials between two or more locations, each possessing a different cross-sectional area. Equidistant pathways incorporated into uniquely designed conduits enable this transference to occur with minimal band spreading and separation resolution loss due to undesirable flow patterns that arise from end effects.
Solid electrolytic capacitor, and method of manufacturing the same
Provided is a method of manufacturing a solid electrolytic capacitor that suppresses spreading up of a solution. The method includes forming a porous sintered body made of a valve metal and having an anode wire sticking out therefrom; forming an insulating layer made of a fluorine resin, so as to surround the anode wire; and forming a dielectric layer on the porous sintered body; forming a solid electrolyte layer on the dielectric layer, after forming the insulating layer.
Granular risk expression
Systems and methods for granularly expressing risk associated with computing resources of a computing system are described. A resource detail interface may be provided that includes a permission list identifying a permission to a computing resource of the computing system.
Project estimation and planning using feature granularity
A computer implemented method of generating a feature planning granularity metric in which the method includes receiving certain project estimation constraint metrics, obtaining a reference class of project data of historical reference projects, applying the project estimation constraint metrics in a reference class forecasting, and providing a metric representing the estimated cumulative identified features relative to the effort of the scope of the proposed project, for use in project planning as a feature planning granularity characteristic.. .
Fibre reinforced plastic composite
A fibre reinforced plastic composite is provided having a matrix material, a plurality of fibres for reinforcement of the matrix material, and at least one thermoplastic additive material for enhancing a fracture toughness of the fibre reinforced plastic composite, wherein the thermoplastic additive material is dissolved in the matrix material. The thermoplastic additive material may initially, i.e., before dissolution in a base material, be in a powdery or granulate form.
Method of forming a substrate for a sports surface of a sports pitch, such a substrate as well as a sports pitch provided with such substrate
A method of forming a substrate for a sports surface of a sports pitch includes the steps of: a) agglomerating plastics materials; b) granulating the agglomerated plastics materials to form granules having a predetermined range of sizes; c) in situ coating the granules with a binding material so that they form a fluent material; d) forming a layer of the fluent material on the site of the sports pitch; and e) setting the laid material such that the granules adhere where they contact each other to form a voided water permeable structure.. .
Extrusion type compressive granulating apparatus for producing granular excreta treating material
An extrusion type compressive granulating apparatus is configured to produce granular excreta treating material that has an absorbing property and is formed by extruding and granulating a raw material via granulating holes formed in a table of the apparatus. A space rib is provided at a lower surface of the die table so as to form a gap below the granulating holes.
Recovery method for a continuous calcium extraction and pcc production
A method of mineralizing calcium from industrial waste comprising extracting calcium ions from a suspension of calcium rich granular particles and aqueous ammonium chloride to form a calcium-rich first fraction and a heavy second fraction. The heavy second fraction is separated from the first fraction and the calcium-rich first fraction is carbonated with a gas comprising carbon dioxide to form a suspension of precipitated calcium carbonate and aqueous ammonium chloride.
Lock hopper
Also provided is a method of transferring granular substances in an upper system to a lower system by using above-described lock hopper, wherein gas having a volume corresponding to the volume of at least the granular substances to be discharged to the lower system is supplied to a hopper in a state in which the granular substances are being discharged from the hopper to the lower system.. .
Welding material and welding joint
There is provided a welding material used for welding of sus310 stainless steel base metal that contains at least one of nb and v and is excellent in intergranular corrosion resistance, the chemical composition of the welding material consisting, by mass percent, of c: 0.02% or less, si: 2% or less, mn: 2% or less, cr: 26 to 50%, n: 0.15% or less, p: 0.02% or less, s: 0.002% or less, and ni: a content percentage satisfying [5≦ni≦cr−14], and the balance of fe and impurities. Also, there is provided a welding joint of an austenitic stainless steel, which consists of the base metal and a weld metal formed by using the welding material..
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, user terminal and radio communication method
To reduce overhead of csi feedback without decreasing throughput in applying comp transmission, a radio communication method of the invention is characterized by including, in a user terminal measuring quality information for each of cells to perform coordinated multi-point transmission, and notifying a radio base station apparatus of the quality information, in the radio base station apparatus calculating a quality difference between the cells to perform coordinated multi-point transmission, by using the quality information for each the cells from the user terminal, determining granularity of inter-cell channel state information for each of the cells based on the quality difference, and notifying the user terminal of the granularity, and, in that the user terminal generating inter-cell channel state information for each of the cells according to the granularity from the radio base station apparatus, and transmitting the inter-cell channel state information for each of the cells to radio base station apparatuses of cells to perform coordinated multi-point transmission.. .
Method for producing a bonded article comprising a press-moulded, carbonated granular material
The present invention relates to a method for producing a bonded article by press-moulding and carbonating a granular, carbonatable material. The granular material is applied in a mould, is press-moulded therein under a compaction pressure of at least 25 mpa, and is carbonated during said press-moulding step by means of a gas which contains at least 1 vol.
Method and apparatus for treating liquid containing impurities
A method and an apparatus for treating a liquid containing impurities may include a filtering chamber configured to permit granular media to interact with liquid containing impurities, thereby removing impurities from the liquid to produce filtrate; a filtrate section for receiving the filtrate; a gas supplying system for delivering gas to the granular media in the filtering chamber for transport of a portion of the granular media to a granular media washer; a reject section in fluid communication with the granular media washer for receiving a reject mixture comprising liquid and impurities from the granular media washer; and a control unit that is configured to determine whether the portion of the granular media is being transported properly based on an amount of reject mixture in the reject section.. .
Polycrystalline diamond construction and method of making same
A polycrystalline diamond construction comprises diamond grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions, and a non-diamond phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions to form non-diamond pools. The percentage of non-diamond phase in the total area of a cross-section of the body of polycrystalline diamond material is between around 0 to 5%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 1.3 microns in an analysed image of a cross-section through the body of polycrystalline material when analysed using an image analysis technique at a magnification of around 1000 and an image area of 1280 by 960 pixels; or is between around 5 to 10%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 1.04 microns, or is between around 10 to 15%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 1.04 microns, or is between around 15 to 30%, and the average nearest neighbour distance between grains of the non-diamond phase is less than around 0.8 microns..

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