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Ranula patents

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Systems and methods for electric motor construction

Baker Hughes

Systems and methods for electric motor construction

6-bit hydraulic manifold and its use in spreading salt


6-bit hydraulic manifold and its use in spreading salt

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Micro-granular delay testing of configurable ics patent thumbnailnew patent Micro-granular delay testing of configurable ics
A method for testing a set of circuitry in an integrated circuit (ic) is described. The ic includes multiple configurable circuits for configurably performing multiple operations.
Tabula, Inc.
 Granular permission assignment patent thumbnailnew patent Granular permission assignment
A system and method for storing role definitions for cloud provider systems, receiving a first request to assign a user to a first role specifying a first cloud computing resource of a respective resource type, identifying a role definition corresponding to the first role that includes an action set permitted, and creating the first role for the user on the first cloud computing resource by associating the identified role definition with the first cloud computing resource and the user. A second request to assign the user to a second role is received specifying a second cloud computing of the respective resource type, and the second role is created for the user on the second cloud computing resource, where the identified role definition corresponds to the first and second roles, and wherein creating the second role includes associating the identified role definition with the first cloud computing resource and the user..
Red Hat, Inc.
 Generating cache query requests patent thumbnailnew patent Generating cache query requests
Generating cache query requests is disclosed, including: receiving a user query from a device; generating a display type specific search request based at least in part on the user query; generating a cache query request based at least in part on the display type specific search request and a cache granularity; identifying search results corresponding to the cache query request stored in a cache; and extracting at least a portion of the search results corresponding to the cache query request based at least in part on a starting position parameter associated with the display type specific search request and a quantity of requested search results parameter associated with the display type specific search request.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited
 Abrasive grain, polisher, and production  abrasive grain patent thumbnailnew patent Abrasive grain, polisher, and production abrasive grain
An abrasive grain includes a granular porous body in which many primary grains are bonded with each other partially, and in a state where pores are formed, and a functionalizing material which is constituted of a material which is different from the primary grains is contained within the abrasive grain.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
 Taxidermy mannequin and  making the same patent thumbnailnew patent Taxidermy mannequin and making the same
A method of manufacturing a taxidermy mannequin includes providing a mold having an open end, a wall having an internal surface and an opposing external surface, and an internal cavity surrounded by the internal surface of the wall. The method further includes applying a layer of a mold release material to a portion of the internal surface, applying a powder material on an exposed surface of the mold release material, applying a layer of a glue mixture on an exposed surface of the powder material and the mold release material layer, applying a granular or fibrous material on an exposed surface of the glue mixture layer, allowing the glue mixture to at least partially dry, filling at least a portion of the internal cavity of the mold with a liquid expandable urethane foam, allowing the expandable urethane foam to expand and harden, and removing the taxidermy mannequin from the mold..
Mckenzie Sports Products Llc
 Bone cement composition patent thumbnailnew patent Bone cement composition
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a bone cement composition which can have desired biological activity performance and desired radiolucency while enabling the strength of a cured product thereof to be kept. A titanium oxide coating is formed on radiolucent particles to thereby produce composite particles, and the composite particles are added to a bone cement composition.
Kyoto University
 Systems and methods for electric motor construction patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for electric motor construction
Systems and methods for constructing a stator for use in downhole equipment such as esp systems, where granulated filler material is used instead of encapsulants to provide mechanical support to the stator windings, provide electrical insulation in the stator slots, and conduct heat away from the windings. In one embodiment, a stator for an electric motor includes a plurality of laminations stacked together to form a stator core.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
 Granulation of fine powder patent thumbnailnew patent Granulation of fine powder
A mixture of fine powder including thorium oxide was converted to granulated powder by forming a first-green-body and heat treating the first-green-body at a high temperature to strengthen the first-green-body followed by granulation by crushing or milling the heat-treated first-green-body. The granulated powder was achieved by screening through a combination of sieves to achieve the desired granule size distribution.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc
 6-bit hydraulic manifold and its use in spreading salt patent thumbnailnew patent 6-bit hydraulic manifold and its use in spreading salt
Disclosed is a system for precisely controlling distribution of saline, which employs a 6-bit manifold employing 6 solenoid valves for controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid therethrough. The manifold is in hydraulic fluid communication with motor valves.
H.y.o., Inc
 Method for producing a molded body from an electrically melted synthetic quartz glass patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing a molded body from an electrically melted synthetic quartz glass
In a known method for producing a mold body from synthetic quartz glass, quartz glass granules (15) are heated in an electrically heated melt container (31) to form a softened quartz glass mass (57), and the softened quartz glass mass (57) is formed to the mold body. In order to achieve an advantageous melting behavior also in continuous melting processes, it is proposed according to the invention that synthetically produced quartz glass granules (15) of granular particles are used in which helium is enclosed, wherein said quartz glass granules (15) are produced by granulating pyrogenically produced silicic acid with the formation of a sio2 granulate (9) and subsequent vitrification of the sio2 granulate in a rotary kiln (1), which has a rotary tube (6) which is at least partially made of a ceramic material, and under a treatment gas that contains at least 30% by volume of helium..
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co Kg

Method for preparing composite sulfur-modified powdered activated carbon

A method for preparing composite sulfur-modified powdered activated carbon includes the following steps: providing a powdered activated carbon; proceeding a drying step on the powdered activated carbon; proceeding a liquid-phase sulfur modification step on the dried powdered activated carbon; proceeding a granulation step, so as to obtain a granular powdered activated carbon from the sulfur-modified powdered activated carbon; and proceeding a vapor-phase elemental sulfur heating step on the granular powdered activated carbon, so as to form the composite sulfur-modified powdered activated carbon.. .
National Sun Yat-sen University

Pebble-based surfacing materials

Pebble or granular based elastomeric surfacing materials that include an aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane based pebble or granule bonded together with a two-part aliphatic polyurethane binder are provided. In one embodiment, an a side of the two-part binder has at least one polyol, and a b side of the two-part binder has multiple isocyanates.
Landscape Structures Inc.

Film-coated and/or granulated calcium-containing compounds and use therof in pharmaceutical compositions

Calcium-containing compounds have been at least partly film-coated and/or granulated with a water-soluble substance and a water-soluble polymeric substance and use of such coated compounds in pharmaceutical compositions. The at least partly film-coated and/or granulated calcium-containing compounds have proved suitable for the preparation of tablets having a very high load of elemental calcium and a conveniently small size.
Takeda Nycomed As

Taste masking system for non-plasticizing drugs

The present invention relates to taste masking system, taste masked formulations, dosage forms made from those formulations and methods of making those formulations that involve dissolving or dispersing a ph dependent polymer and a non-plasticizing active pharmaceutical ingredient in a solvent, granulating using that material or forming layers over a solid support therewith. This can be followed with the use of a taste masking overcoating layer..
Cima Labs Inc.

Method for the realization of a biocompatible bone implant comprising granular elements and a bioreabsorbable biopolymer gel and biocompatible bone implant thus obtained

Method for providing a biocompatible bone implant adapted to fill a bone cavity or lacuna including the steps of providing granular elements in form of granules and/or granule aggregates, providing at least one primary polymeric solution including a biopolymer, at least partly coating the granular elements with the primary polymeric solution, obtaining coated granular elements including a biopolymer coating, providing a cross-linking solution, dipping the coated granular elements in the cross-linking solution, waiting a period of time referred to as “jellification time” of between 30 seconds and 1 hour, in which during said waiting step there occurs the cross-linking of the biopolymer coating of the granular elements with the cross-linking solution and the jellification of the coating, with the aim of obtaining a cohesive biocompatible implant including granular elements and a bio-reabsorbable biopolymer gel; biocompatible bone implant obtained through such method.. .
Eurocoating S.p.a.

Personalized multigranularity video segmenting

The invention pertains to method for segmenting an audiovisual content in a semantic manner and in quick way. To achieve that, pre-segmentation data are generated offline and retrieved by an end user.
Thomson Licensing

Method and device for allocating and detecting downlink control channel resources

Embodiments of the present invention disclose methods and devices for allocating and detecting downlink control channel resources. The method for allocating downlink control channel resources comprises: allocating a resource area for enhanced physical downlink control channel, epd-cch, localized transmission in a ue-specific way; and allocating at most one epdcch candidate for the epdcch localized transmission in each resource allocation granularity within the resource area.
Alcatel Lucent

Rendering using multiple render target sample masks

One embodiment sets forth a method for transforming 3-d images into 2-d rendered images using render target sample masks. A software application creates multiple render targets associated with a surface.
Nvidia Corporation

Method for producing disintegrating particulate composition comprising acid-type carboxymethylcellulose, disintegrating particulate composition comprising acid-type carboxymethylcellulose, and orally disintegrating tablet including disintegrating particulate composition comprising acid-type carboxymethylcellulose

The present application provides an orally-disintegrating tablet having excellent tablet hardness and disintegrability. The present application further provides a method of producing a disintegrative particulate composition including three components consisting of a first disintegrator component of an acid-type carboxymethylcellulose, a second disintegrator component and an excipient.
Nichirin Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Method for manufacturing carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer, carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer, carrier for electrophotographic developer, and electrophotographic developer

A method for manufacturing carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer that include manganese, magnesium, and iron as a core composition. The method includes a granulation step (a) of granulating a mixture of raw materials containing manganese, magnesium, and iron with a reducing agent added at a ratio of 0.10% to 1.00% by mass to a total mass of the raw materials containing manganese, magnesium, and iron, and a firing step of firing the granular material granulated in the granulation step.
Dowa Ip Creation Co., Ltd.

Method for granulating particle-containing material obtained from industrial processes, the granulate thus produced, and use thereof

A method for granulating a particle-containing material from an industrial process includes mixing the particle-containing material in the presence of water with a material that consists of or comprises a water-absorbing and swellable organic polymer compound which is insoluble in water so as to obtain granulates.. .
Sachtleben Pigment Gmbh

Pet food

To provide a pet food that is configured to stabilize quality by rigorous regulation of mineral components, and at the same time, that exhibits superior palatability in relation to a pet food for a cat of advanced age that requires rigorous regulation of mineral components. A granular pet food having a bulk density of at least 38.5 g/100 ml and no more than 50.0 g/100 ml, and a fluctuation range defined as the maximum to the minimum value of the total mineral content amount across 10 product lots being no more than 1.0%..
Uni-charm Corporation

High pressure feeder and operating to feed granular or fine materials

A coal feed system to feed pulverized low rank coals containing up to 25 wt % moisture to gasifiers operating up to 1000 psig pressure is described. The system includes gas distributor and collector gas permeable pipes imbedded in the lock vessel.
Southern Company Services, Inc.

Phosphor, producing same, and use of same

Provided are: a phosphor that has a crystal structure identical to a caalsin3 crystal phase, which absorbs light of a light emitting element such as an led and emits red light, as a host crystal and exhibits luminous efficiency more excellent than those of conventional phosphors; and a light emitting device which has high luminance and long service life by the use of this phosphor. A powder phosphor, which is represented by general formula cax(si,al)2(n,o)3+y (wherein 0.75≦x≦0.92 and −0.2≦y≦0.2), and wherein some of ca element is substituted by eu element.
Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Dispenser and measuring cap device and method

A spill and contaminant resistant dispenser and measuring cap device and method for measuring and dispensing a desired amount of a bulk particulate, powdery, granular or viscous liquid substance from a storage container through a cap. A dispenser and measuring cap is attached to a storage container.

Dispenser for discharging an in particular granular or powdery substance, use of a sucking/blowing dispenser, and emptying a substance reservoir

A dispenser for discharging an in particular granular or powdery substance by blow-out, has a blow-out duct, and a suction line opening into the blow-out duct for sucking the substance into the blow-out duct. A positive air pressure can be built up in a duct section arranged upstream of the blow-out duct and closed in the direction of the blow-out duct by a valve opening in a pressure-dependent manner, for pressure-controlled formation of a blow-out stream in the blow-out duct.
Rpc Formatec Gmbh

Clump-forming hygiene granulate and its production

A clump-forming hygiene granulate has individual granules, each granule having: at least one inner carrier grain of a porous, mineral, non-swelling carrier material; an intermediate layer mantling the carrier grain or grains including a mixture containing at least one powder of a non-swelling, mineral, porous material, and a gel matrix composed at least of starch that swells in cold water, and a hydrocolloid different from starch, which swells in cold water; bentonite powder or superabsorber meal disposed between the carrier grain or grains and the intermediate layer; an outer mantle layer sheathing the intermediate layer, having a mantle layer surface including a mixture containing at least a powder of a non-swelling, mineral, porous material, and bentonite powder; hydrocolloid gel that swells in cold water, disposed between outer mantle layer and intermediate layer; and hydrocolloid grains of a hydrocolloid that swells in cold water, distributed on the mantle layer surface.. .
Xella Baustoffe Gmbh

Method for producing controlled-release fertilizer coated with polyurethane

A method for producing controlled-release fertilizer coated with polyurethane is provided, wherein granular fertilizer is preheated under fluidized state in a fluidized bed; the surface of the granular fertilizer is pretreated after liquid paraffin being atomized; polyol and isocyanate are mixed in a nozzle, then atomized and sprayed onto the surface of the granular fertilizer; after the reaction materials are added, liquid paraffin is added for surface release treatment.. .
Chinese Academy Of Agricultural Sciences Institute Of Agricultural Resources And Regional Planning

Mechanism for enabling full data bus utilization without increasing data granularity

A memory is disclosed comprising a first memory portion, a second memory portion, and an interface, wherein the memory portions are electrically isolated from each other and the interface is capable of receiving a row command and a column command in the time it takes to cycle the memory once. By interleaving access requests (comprising row commands and column commands) to the different portions of the memory, and by properly timing these access requests, it is possible to achieve full data bus utilization in the memory without increasing data granularity..
Rambus Inc.

Method and 3d printing along natural direction

To solve the problem above, the following means are to be used. First, a method for modeling 3d objects by using an extended solid-model, which contains the natural direction of each part represented as a vector at each location in the model.

Method of making granular detergent compositions comprising polymers

D) adding the emulsion from step c) to at least a portion of said plurality of spray-dried detergent particles.. .

Method of making granular detergent compositions comprising surfactants

D) adding the emulsion from step c) to at least a portion of said plurality of spray-dried detergent particles.. .

Granulated foam control agent for the rinse cycle using siloxane wax

A granulated antifoam composition comprising an antifoam, a siloxane wax binder, and a carrier. The antifoam includes a hydrophobic fluid wherein the hydrophobic fluid has a surface tension which is greater than or approximately equal to the dynamic surface tension of an aqueous dispersion of the detergent at above the critical micelle concentration of the surfactant and less than about 62 mn/m.
Dow Corning Corporation

Cellular broadcast enhancements for inter-system mobility

Methodologies and apparatus to support interworking operations between a cellular radio area network (ran) and a wireless local area network (wlan) utilizing broadcast ran assistance information. In various embodiments, a ran (such as a lte/lte-advanced ran) transmits ran assistance information to a multimode user equipment (ue) for use in network selection and traffic steering operations.
Broadcom Corporation

Liquefaction and saccharification of granular starch at high concentration

The present teachings provide methods of processing granular starch in slurries containing high dry solids content. The slurries are initially incubated with enzymes at or below the gelatinization temperature.
Danisco Us Inc.

Syringe for injecting solid granular material

A syringe for injecting solid, hard and rough granular material includes: a longitudinal injection chamber having constant section and an internal diameter of less than 4.5 mm, having a distal outlet mouth for the flow out of the material, whose surface is the same as the injection chamber, and a proximal mouth, in which granular material is inserted; a plunger sealedly mobile along the injection chamber, joined to a stem which enters the injection chamber through the proximal mouth, the plunger having: a transversal section which sealingly couples with the surface of the injection chamber, and having an operative surface, facing towards the distal mouth of the injection chamber; and a body projecting longitudinally internally of the injection chamber, fixed substantially axially to the operating surface of the plunger, having a diameter that is less than 70% of that of the injection chamber and a length greater than 6 mm.. .
C.g.m. S.p.a.

Oral hygiene products and using the same

A composition for highly efficient and quick plaque and tartar removal and inhibition including pure ascorbic acid crystals and/or granulars (vitamin c) and an enamel repairing composition such as hydroxyapatite. The composition can contain from about 10% up to 90% of ascorbic acid without compromising the integrity of tooth enamel because hydroxyapatite will repair any damage to the enamel.
Dentech, Inc.

Systems and methods for transforming an image

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media acquire an image captured with a mobile device. Motion sensor data of the mobile device at or near a time when the image was captured is acquired.
Facebook, Inc.

Structured mimo codebook

Provided is a method of wireless communication which includes selecting a codebook from a plurality of codebooks in accordance with an antenna characteristic, and transmitting an indication of the selected codebook. Each of the plurality of codebooks is associated with one of a plurality of antenna characteristics.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Granular network access control and methods thereof

A method and system that enhances the existing access barring mechanism as specified in the current 3gpp specification is disclosed. The method disclosed provides enhancing the access barring mechanism to accommodate application level barring between the user equipment (ue) and the network.
Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu

Method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus

A method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium is provided. An orientation control layer is deposited on a non-magnetic substrate to control an orientation of a layer located directly thereon, and a perpendicular magnetic layer whose easy axis of magnetization is mainly oriented perpendicular to the non-magnetic substrate is deposited thereon.
Showa Denko K.k.

Colloidal agents for aquifer remediation

Compositions and methods for treating contaminated soil and/or ground water in situ. The compositions and methods comprise stabilized forms of colloidal activated carbon that are used to quickly sorb contaminants.
Regenesis Bioremediation Products

Database analysis apparatus and method

A database analysis apparatus pays its attention to table columns more than two constituting a table among plural tables that a database holds, and analyzes automatically a dependence and a limitation condition that exist between the table columns from a tendency of appearance at the same time of data which each table column maintains, which comprises a data category calculation means to calculate a method of categorizing a data group from association rules generated from the data group of two or more table columns and an association rules reconstruction means to generate association rules of the best granularity by reconstructing the association rules based on the result of the above categorizing.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Personal finance management system based on integrated electronic receipts

Embodiments of the invention are directed to a system, method, or computer program product for utilizing e-receipt data and other electronic communication data between a merchant and customer regarding a transaction to augment data in online banking to create a personal finance management system. The personal finance management system providing a customer with a granular categorization of spending based on item level spend, wherein the finance management incorporates customer transactions completed with any payment means a customer may use (including cash transactions).
Bank Of America Corporation

Compositions comprising a delivery agent and preparation thereof

The invention relates to granules and pharmaceutical compositions comprising a salt of n-(8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino)caprylic acid and a lubricant obtained by mixing hereof for more than 5 minutes prior to granulation as well as processes for their preparation and use thereof in medicine.. .
Novo Nordisk A/s

Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing negative electrode for secondary battery

The non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery 10 provided by the present invention comprises a positive electrode 30, a negative electrode 50 and a non-aqueous electrolyte. The negative electrode 50 includes a negative electrode current collector 52 and a negative electrode active material layer 54 formed on the current collector 52, the negative electrode active material layer 54 containing a negative electrode active material 55 capable of storing and releasing charge carriers and having shape anisotropy so that the charge carriers are stored and released along a predefined direction.

Agricultural implement having a feed device for airflow-based feeding of a granular or powder material

An agricultural implement including at least one container for granular or powder material and a feed device for airflow-based feeding of the granular or powder material. The feed device includes a fan including an impeller accommodated in a fan housing.
Vaderstad-verken Ab

Surface coating cutting tool

A surface-coated cutting tool with a body and hard coating layer is provided. (a) the hard coating layer is made of a complex nitride layer of al and cr.
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Granulated material used in a liquid composite moulding process

A system for liquid composite moulding includes a first rigid tool part onto which a semi-finished fiber material is positioned, a first vacuum foil arrangeable on the first rigid tool part to provide a first gastight chamber therebetween having a first port, a second vacuum foil and the first vacuum foil providing a second gastight chamber, and granulated material arranged in the second gastight chamber. The semi-finished fiber material is infusible with a matrix material via the first port.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Ultra-fine textured digital lithographic imaging plate and manufacture

A method of forming an imaging blanket for a printing apparatus comprises preparing a support structure (e.g., mold) for receipt of a polymer blanket compound, introducing the polymer blanket compound in liquid state over the support structure, curing the polymer blanket compound to produce an imaging blanket, releasing the imaging blanket from the support structure, and etching a surface of the imaging blanket to form a texture pattern therein, the surface forming an imaging surface of said imaging blanket. An imaging surface providing desirable dampening fluid retention is provided.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Magnetic disk and manufacturing same

Provided is a method of manufacturing a magnetic disk comprising a granular magnetic recording layer which causes less noise even with a recording capacity thereof of 250 g or more bits per square inch; and a method for manufacturing the same. The magnetic disk according to the present invention comprises: a granular magnetic recording layer (20) which is formed on a disk substrate 10 directly or via an intermediate layer and which has non-magnetic regions between granular columnar particles; and an auxiliary recording layer (22) which is formed on the granular magnetic recording layer 20 and which causes exchange interaction among the granular columnar particles, wherein the auxiliary recording layer (22) contains 0.1 to 3 moles of oxygen..
Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Systems and methods for converting and processing organic sludges for multi-nutrient single accreted granule enhanced efficiency fertilizer production

Convening dewatered heterogeneous sludge containing organic waste materials into a homogenous extract of carbon and amino acids for fertilizer production by adding sulfuric acid to the sludge; pumping the mixture through a blending mixer to mix the sludge with the sulfuric acid; adding conditioning chemicals to the mixture: pumping the mixture through a shearing mixer to mix the conditioning chemicals into the mixture; and mechanically agitating the mixture to create the homogenous extract. Optionally, the extract is pumped into a pipe reactor for reaction with an acid and a base to form a melt, which is rolled onto fertilizer particles to form accreted granules.
Unity Fertilizer Llc

Urea finishing method

Disclosed is a method for urea finishing. A urea solution is subjected to crystallization and, other than in conventional processes, the urea crystals are shaped by exerting mechanical force onto them.
Stamicarbon B.v.

Scalable inline behavioral ddos attack mitigation

Methods and systems for a scalable solution to behavioral distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks targeting a network are provided. According to one embodiment, a method to determine the scaling treatment is provided for various granular layer parameters of the open system interconnection (osi) model for communication systems.
Fortinet, Inc.

Digital resource set integration methods, interfaces and outputs

Retrieving information from an informational resource is described. A system can include: a computer processor(s); display device(s) operatively coupled with the processor(s); searchable database(s) including at least a portion of an informational resource broken into a plurality of discrete finite elements and a respective plurality of categorical tags respectively describing content for each of the plurality of discrete finite elements, where the informational resource includes at least three levels of granularity for the information, from a shallow level of granularity to a deep level of granularity.
Evresearch Ltd

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