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This page is updated frequently with new Ranula-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Mobile network based geofencing patent thumbnailMobile network based geofencing
Managing a geofence of a mobile device in a network is provided, which includes: identifying, by a first application operable with the mobile device, the geofence associated with the mobile device or a user of the mobile device; based on identifying the geofence, registering the identified geofence with a network component; identifying, to a first granularity, a first location for the identified geofence; monitoring, to a second granularity, a location of the mobile device, where the first granularity is more coarse-grained than the second granularity; and based on the mobile device triggering the geofence, pushing a notification to the application; and based on receiving the notification, performing an operation associated with the geofence.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Packet scheduling using hierarchical scheduling process patent thumbnailPacket scheduling using hierarchical scheduling process
System and method of data routing according to a hierarchical scheduling process. Incoming data traffic is allocated to various queues of a buffer.

 Packet scheduling using hierarchical scheduling process with priority propagation patent thumbnailPacket scheduling using hierarchical scheduling process with priority propagation
System and method of data routing according to a hierarchical scheduling process. Incoming data traffic is allocated to various queues of a buffer.

 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailNonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing the same
A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes: a negative electrode current collector foil; and a negative electrode mixture layer that is arranged on the negative electrode current collector foil. The negative electrode mixture layer contains a plurality of granulated particles.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Method of manufacturing negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
A method of manufacturing a negative electrode for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes: preparing a copper foil having a first main surface and a second main surface that are opposite sides of the copper foil; obtaining a granulated body by mixing a negative electrode active material, a thickener, a binder, and a solvent with each other to obtain a mixture and by granulating the mixture; obtaining a first negative electrode mixture layer by pressing the granulated body; arranging the first negative electrode mixture layer on the first main surface; and softening the copper foil by bringing the second main surface into contact with a heated roller in a state where the first negative electrode mixture layer is arranged on the first main surface. A temperature of the heated roller is a recrystallization temperature of the copper foil or higher..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Fast grouping of time series patent thumbnailFast grouping of time series
In some examples, a time-series data set can be analyzed and grouped in a fast and efficient manner. For instance, fast grouping of multiple time-series into clusters can be implemented through data reduction, determining cluster population, and fast matching by locality sensitive hashing.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llg

 Structured granular composite materials, methods of fabrication thereof and applications thereof patent thumbnailStructured granular composite materials, methods of fabrication thereof and applications thereof
A structured granular optical component for use within an optical apparatus includes a primary optically active component comprising a first optical material and a secondary optically active component contained within the first optically active component and comprising a second optical material different than the first optical material. The first optical material and the second optical material are selected to influence scattering.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

 Method of forming a substrate for a sports surface of a sports pitch, such a substrate as well as a sports pitch provided with such substrate patent thumbnailMethod of forming a substrate for a sports surface of a sports pitch, such a substrate as well as a sports pitch provided with such substrate
A method of forming a substrate for a sports surface of a sports pitch includes the steps of: a) agglomerating plastics materials; b) granulating the agglomerated plastics materials to form granules having a predetermined range of sizes; c) in situ coating the granules with a binding material so that they form a fluent material; d) forming a layer of the fluent material on the site of the sports pitch; and e) setting the laid material such that the granules adhere where they contact each other to form a voided water permeable structure.. .
Ten Cate Thiolon B.v.

 Lost circulation material patent thumbnailLost circulation material
Fluid compositions including a base fluid and at least one granular hemicellulose material. The base fluid may be an oleaginous fluid or a non-oleaginous fluid.
M-i L.l.c.

 Closed-cell expanded article based on extruded polystyrene, method and plant to obtain said article patent thumbnailClosed-cell expanded article based on extruded polystyrene, method and plant to obtain said article
An article based on extruded polystyrene, in the form of a slab, panel or flexible sheet to make heat insulations is made with re-granulated polystyrene from industrial working or production scrap, or from primary production plants. A plant and extruder and process for making the article..
Polymtec Engineering Ag, Mauren (fl), Succursale Di Lugano


Organic containing sludge to fertilizer alkaline conversion process

This invention is directed to systems, devices and methods for treating organic-containing sludges and converting such sludges to high value fertilizers containing both inorganic and organic fertilizer components, which creates an inorganically-augmented bioorganic fertilizer. The invention describes methods to create a thixotropic or paste-like material via the application of mixing energy to the organic sludge followed by an alkaline treatment and a subsequent ammoniation.
Anuvia Plant Nutrients Corporation


Method for recovering hydrochloric acid from metal chloride solutions with a high iron chloride content

A method for recovering hydrochloric acid from concentrated metal chloride solutions displaying an iron chloride content of more than 50% by weight where the fe3+/fe2+ ratio is at least 0.2 by a) spray granulation of the metal chloride solution at temperatures of 150° c. To 300° c.
Kronos International, Inc.


Material separator for a vertical pneumatic system

A delivery system deposits granular material being pneumatically conveyed within an entraining airflow to sequentially fill a storage silo from bottom to top. The delivery system has a series of vertical tubes and separators for conveying the entrained material upwardly from the bottom to the top of the silo.


Method for producing a decorated wall or floor panel

A method for producing a decorated wall or floor panel, comprising placing a pourable granulate carrier material between two belt-like conveyors; molding the carrier material under the influence of temperature while forming a web-like carrier; compressing the carrier; treating the carrier under the influence of temperature and pressure by use of a dual-belt press; cooling the carrier; applying a decor simulating a decorative template onto at least a portion of the carrier; and applying a protective layer onto at least a portion of the decor. A wall or floor panel that is particularly stable, adaptable and high quality.
Akzenta Paneele + Profile Gmbh


Dry-process coal separator

The invention discloses a dry-process coal separator that comprises machine frame with coal supply device, coal preparation device and wind supply device fixed on it. Wherein, coal preparation device comprises separation bed, gangue convey device and vibration motor.


Agricultural implement metering system and method

One embodiment describes an agricultural implement. The agricultural implement includes a plurality of ground engaging opener assemblies that each excavates a trench into soil and deposits a granular product into the trench as the agricultural implement is towed though a field; and a first tool meter coupled to the agricultural implement and pneumatically coupled to a first portion of the plurality of ground engaging opener assemblies.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.


Pucch for mtc devices

Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication at a device. A wireless device may be configured with a transmission time interval (tti) bundling parameter.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and data packet switching, access switch and switching system

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for data packet switching, and an access switch and a switching system, so as to satisfy requirements of a datacenter for a switching bandwidth and a switching granularity. The method includes: receiving mac frame control information; determining an interface used for forwarding an mac frame according to the mac frame control information and through performing a query on a mac address forwarding table, where the interface used for forwarding the mac frame includes a downlink interface, an uplink electrical packet switching network interface and/or an uplink optical packet switching network interface; transmitting a control signal to an electrical packet switching unit, so that the mac frame is forwarded to the determined interface.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Text segmentation with multiple granularity levels

Text processing includes: segmenting received text based on a lexicon of smallest semantic units to obtain medium-grained segmentation results; merging the medium-grained segmentation results to obtain coarse-grained segmentation results, the coarse-grained segmentation results having coarser granularity than the medium-grained segmentation results; looking up in the lexicon of smallest semantic units respective search elements that correspond to segments in the medium-grained segmentation results; and forming fine-grained segmentation results based on the respective search elements, the fine-grained segmentation results having finer granularity than the medium-grained segmentation results.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Tiered caching and migration in differing granularities

For data processing in a distributed computing storage environment by a processor device, the distributed computing environment incorporating at least high-speed and lower-speed caches, and managed tiered levels of storage, groups of data segments and clumped hot ones of the data segments are migrated between the tiered levels of storage such that uniformly hot ones of the groups of data segments are migrated to use a solid state drive (ssd) portion of the tiered levels of storage; uniformly hot groups of data segments are determined using a first, heat map for a selected one of the group of the data segments; and a second heat map is used to determine the clumped hot groups.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Drying device and continuous granule production system

A drying device 1 is an airflow continuous drying device, and includes a granulated substance introduction portion 11, a dry process portion 12, and a product ejection portion 13. The granulated substance introduction portion 11 is a stainless steel pipe 21, including a granulated substance inlet 22, into which granulated substances are put, and a hot air inlet 23, into which high-pressure hot air is supplied.
Freund Corporation


Slow and fast release fertilizer composition and methods for making same

A homogeneous fertilizer granule comprises slow-release (e.g. Struvite) and fast release sources of phosphorus (p).
Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.


Apparatus and silicon powder management

Methods and apparatus for separating polysilicon powder from a mixture of granular polysilicon and polysilicon powder are disclosed. The method includes tumbling the polysilicon material in a tumbling device.
Rec Silicon Inc


Dynamic granular messaging persistence

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for dynamic, granular messaging persistence in a messaging system. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for dynamic, granular messaging persistence in a messaging system is provided.
International Business Machines Corporation


Data storage organisation technique

A data storage apparatus and method of storing data in a data storage apparatus are provided, where the data storage apparatus comprises multiple banks for storing data. The multiple banks form multiple bank groups, wherein each bank group comprising more than one bank.
Arm Limited


Process for hydrolysis of starch

The present invention relates to a process for enzymatic hydrolysis of granular starch into a soluble starch hydrolysate at a temperature below or just above the initial gelatinization temperature of said granular starch.. .
Novozymes A/s


Fireproof product containing graphite, producing said product, and use of said product

A molded, fireproof product, which contains graphite, in particular natural graphite, and is based on fireproof granular materials. The granular-material grains of the product are consolidated to form a molded body by means of a binder known per se and/or ceramic bonding.
Refratechnik Holding Gmbh


Hydraulic binder based on ground granulated blast furnace slag having improved setting improved curing

Disclosed are a hydraulic binder composition containing at least 50% by weight of ground granulated blast furnace slag and a system for activating the slag, the system containing at least calcium sulphate, at least one product chosen from a source of portland clinker and lime, at least one aluminium derivative and at least one alkali metal or alkaline earth metal salt; containing a ready-to-mix building material composition comprising such a hydraulic binder and aggregates of inert material capable of being agglomerated in the presence of an aqueous phase; and a process for employing the ready-to-mix composition containing a stage of mixing the said composition with water for the purpose of the preparation of a building material, such as a concrete or mortar, and in particular an adhesive mortar, pointing mortar or levelling mortar or coating.. .
Bostik Sa


Reactor setup

The present invention provides a process for reducing the start-up time of an aerobic granular sludge reactor, said process comprising starting said reactor with an active biomass comprising fragmented aerobic sludge granules.. .
Liquid Waste Treatment Systems Limited


Auxiliary tank exhaust system for an agricultural product distribution system

An exhaust system of an agricultural product container includes a first media screen configured to be coupled to the agricultural product container. The first media screen includes a first plurality of apertures.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.


Dual chamber bottle and making same

A multiple-chamber container that is extrusion blow molded with a single neck finish and a method to trim the single neck finish is provided. The physical appearance of the multiple-chamber container before the trimming process differs from the multiple-chamber container after the trimming process.
Silgan Plastics Llc


Method for making a dual chamber bottle

A multiple-chamber container that is extrusion blow molded with a single neck finish and a method to trim the single neck finish is provided. The physical appearance of the multiple-chamber container before the trimming process differs from the multiple-chamber container after the trimming process.
Silgan Plastics Llc


Method for producing expanded granulate

Wherein the blowing agent comprises co2 or n2 or a combination of co2 and n2 and the amount of blowing agent in the polymer melt comprising a blowing agent lies in the range from 0.5 to 2.5 wt % and wherein the pelletizing chamber (26) is traversed by a stream of liquid which is controlled to a temperature between 5° c. And 90° c.


Pazopanib formulation

A granulation formulation of 5-[[4-[(2,3-dimethyl-2h-indazol-6-yl)methylamino]-2-pyrimidinyl]amino]-2-methylbenzenesulfonamide or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, which is adapted for reconstitution with an aqueous vehicle, and associated oral suspension.. .
Novartis Ag


Detergent composition

The present invention relates to [1] a detergent composition including pigment granules containing (a) from 10 to 95% by mass of a water-insoluble pigment, and (b) at least two compounds selected from the group consisting of polyvinyl alcohol, a polyvinyl alcohol derivative, polyvinyl pyrrolidone and a polyvinyl pyrrolidone derivative; and [2] a process for producing the detergent composition according to the above [1], including the steps of mixing and granulating a powder containing the water-insoluble pigment (a) and a solution of the component (b) to obtain a granulated product; drying the resulting granulated product to obtain the pigment granules; and mixing the pigment granules with a detergent. The detergent composition is capable of not only can satisfying both of rich foaming and good preparation stability, but also exhibiting sufficient coloration of foams and readily controlling a coloring time of the foams without damage to motivation of the user to use the detergent, and therefore can provide a comfortable feeling of use and a suitable configuration of use according to the applications by the user..
Kao Corporation


Microwave nearfield radar imaging (nri) using digital breast tomosynthesis (dbt) for non-invasive breast cancer detection

In some aspects, the disclosure is directed methods and systems for granular imaging of a distribution of tissues. A tomographic device may acquire a first image of a distribution of tissues, the first image including a plurality of pixels.
Northeastern University


Turn-compensating agricultural material spreader system

A system and method of automatically adjusting an amount of agricultural granular material delivered to a field in response to vehicle steering activities. The system includes a sensor that is associated with a steering system of a vehicle configured to apply the material to a field.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Dual conveyor granular commodity dispersement system

A method and assembly for distributing a granular agricultural material. The assembly includes a container that is configured to be supported by a chassis of a self-powered vehicle.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Adjustable height broadcast spinner assembly

A method and assembly for broadcast distributing a granular agricultural material. The assembly includes a container that is configured to be supported by a chassis of a self-powered vehicle and contain a volume of a solid granular material.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Tank pressurization control for air carts

A pneumatic distribution system to distribute a granular product to an agricultural implement includes a first pressure sensor, a second pressure sensor, a valve, and a controller. The first pressure sensor is fluidly coupled to a granular product storage tank and outputs a first signal indicative of a first static pressure in the storage tank.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.


Apparatuses, methods, and systems for sustainable energy microgrid mobile medical solutions

A method for energy management in a mobile medical unit, including: using a microgrid assessment tool to capture both granular load profiles and power quality data for a mobile medical unit powered by a microgrid; modeling a plurality of scenarios, using the data captured by the microgrid assessment tool to determine hybrid power system optimization; and supplying power to the mobile medical unit from one or more of a plurality of energy sources in the hybrid microgrid based on the optimization results. The plurality of energy sources includes at least one renewable energy source and at least one non-renewable energy source.
Seww Energy Inc.


Re-factoring, rationalizing and prioritizing a service model and assessing service exposure in the service model

Provided herein are approaches to re-factor, rationalize, and prioritize a service model, and to assess service exposure in the service model. At least one approach provides: determining a granularity of a service of the service model; re-factoring and refining a service portfolio and a hierarchy of the service model; adapting a service litmus test (slt) and service exposure scope to the service model; applying at least one service litmus test (slt) to the service model; and verifying, with each affected stakeholder associated with the service model, that the service model achieves business and technical needs based on the results of the slts, which include tests to make exposure decisions, including whether to expose the service or not expose the service, wherein the service represent business capabilities and are placed in the hierarchy of the service model which represents the granularity..
International Business Machines Corporation


Fluidized bed granulation

Method and fluidized bed reactor for the production of granules, such as granules of urea or ammonium nitrate. The reactor comprises at least one granulation compartment with air inlets, and an air moving device downstream the granulation compartment, e.g., downstream one or more scrubbers.


Process for the production of a zirconia-based, coloured, in particular grey, article and a zirconia-based coloured decorative article obtained using this process

A process for the production of a grey zirconia-based article wherein a first mixture includes a zirconia powder forming the base constituent, 4% to 15% by weight of at least one stabiliser selected from among the group of oxides including yttrium oxide, magnesium oxide and calcium oxide alone or in combination, 0.1% to 1% by weight of a vanadium oxide powder (v2o5), 0.1% to 1% by weight of a chromium oxide powder (cr2o3) and 0.1% to 1% by weight of a silicon oxide powder (sio2); making a second mixture including the first mixture and a binder; making a granulated mixture by conducting a granulation of the second mixture; forming a blank by giving this second granulated mixture the shape of the desired article; sintering the blank in air for at least thirty minutes at a temperature in the range of between 1250° and 1550° c.. .
Comadur S.a.


Kneading and granulating apparatus

Provided is a kneading and granulating apparatus capable of adjusting the hardness of granules to be obtained with simple structure. The kneading and granulating apparatus includes a kneading section and a granulating section.


Inhibitors of mitochondrial stat3 and uses thereof in modulation of mast cell exocytosis

The invention provides composition of matter comprising at least one stat3 inhibiting moiety or any vehicle, matrix, nano- or micro-particle comprising the same, associated with at least one mitochondrial targeting moiety. The invention further provides compositions comprising said mitochondrial-targeted stat3 inhibitor, methods and uses thereof in inhibiting mast cell degranulation and in treating disorders induced by activation of mc..
Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd


Swallowable n-acetylcysteine tablets

This invention relates to swallowable tablets containing at least 80% by weight of n-acetylcysteine (nac) and at least one pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, in particular tablets in which the sulfurous odor is absent, characterized in that the said tablets are assembled using a granulate prepared by means of a process of dry granulating the active ingredient alone, with which the excipients are mixed before compression.. .
Zambon S.p.a.


Filtering water bottle

A portable, personal apparatus for treating drinking water comprises a generally tubular or cylindrical filter housing containing filtration media and water-permeable screen or mesh or felt or membrane or netting layer at the top and bottom ends of the filter. The design of the apparatus involves the bottle exterior and interior contouring to the filter and enables the efficient and rapid gravity flow of water in through the filter.


Method for producing granular polysilicon

Production of granular polysilicon is made more economical by extracting heat from the hot off-gas from the fluidized bed reactor to heat at least one of a fluidizing gas, reactant gas, silicon feed particles, or an aqueous medium.. .


Method of manufacturing metal containers

A method of manufacturing a container includes positioning metals plates against one another to define an interior space, filling the interior space with a granular refractory material and welding the seams between the plates to form a fluid tight container.. .


Wound healing agent

The present invention aims to provide a wound healing agent that inhibits bacterial growth, promotes granulation tissue formation and epithelization, and minimizes foreign body reaction in the granulation tissue. The wound healing agent of the present invention contains protein (a) and water, wherein the protein (a) contains: gagags (1); and an amino acid sequence (x) and/or an amino acid sequence (x′), and the total percentage of β turns and random coils in the protein (a) as determined by circular dichroism spectroscopy is 60 to 85%, and the percentage of the total number of amino acid residues in the amino acid sequences (x) and (x′) is 50 to 70% of the total number of amino acid residues in the protein (a).


Cocoa butter powdered moisturizer

The present invention is a cocoa butter powdered moisturizer with the addition of cocoa powder serving as a stabilizing agent. The cocoa butter is grated and/or shredded into a fine granulated form and is supplemented with the stabilizing cocoa powder such that the resulting moisturizer attains a consistent, usable form.


Production animal excrement treatment material and production device therefore

A production method for animal excrement treatment material and a production device therefor, having: a step in which a raw material is granulized and a granular material is obtained; and a step in which a coating material is coated on the granular material. The step in which the coating material is coated on the granular material has: a step in which the coating material is arranged on the granular material; and a step in which a vibration is applied to the granular material having the coating material arranged thereupon..


Ta powder, production method therefor, and ta granulated powder

Method of producing ta powder for tantalum solid electrolytic capacitor capable of stably providing cv value of more than 220 k and to provide the ta powder and its ta granulated powder. In method of producing ta powder by vaporizing tacl5 through heating and reducing with h2 gas, the reduction is performed under conditions that feeding rate of tacl5 vapor passing through section area of reaction field of 1 cm2 for 1 minute is 0.05˜5.0 g/cm2·min and residence time of tacl5 vapor in the reduction reaction field is 0.1˜5 seconds and reduction temperature of tacl5 is 1100˜1600° c., whereby ta powder including a single phase of β-ta of tetragonal system or mixed phase of β-ta and α-ta of cubic system and having average particle size of 30˜150 nm is obtained.


High resolution encoding and transmission of traffic information

Systems and methods are provided for increasing the geospatial resolution of traffic information by dividing known location intervals into a fixed number of sub-segments not tied to any one map providers format, efficient coding of the traffic information, and distribution of the traffic information to end-user consuming devices over one or more of a satellite based broadcast transport medium and a data communications network. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention detail a nationwide traffic service which can be encoded and distributed through a single broadcast service, such as, for example, an sdars service, or a broadcast over a data network.


Shear testing device and method

A shear testing device and methods for using the device are described. The device can be portable and can quickly and effectively characterize the workability of a granular material such as a fresh pervious concrete.


Ballistic material

A polyurea hybrid ballistic armor formed from novel cured reaction products of various diamines and polyester diols with isocyanate curing agents. The cured reaction product can absorb large amounts of energy from ballistic projectiles, and when various hard granular particles are embedded within the cured reaction product, a strike plate effect can be realized, allowing the polyurea hybrid ballistic armor to defeat ballistic projectiles.


Method for manufacturing sustained-release matrix-type granular complex fertilizer and matrix-type granular complex fertilizer obtained therefrom

Disclosed herein are matrix-type, controlled-release granular compound fertilizer and a method for preparing the same. The method comprises: mixing a natural or synthetic polymer as a binder with a nutrient-absorbent, bulking agent to give a mixture, and drying and pulverizing the mixture to afford a nutrient-absorbent supplement; and evenly blending the nutrient-absorbent supplement with a fertilizer ingredient and drying the blend..


Fluidized bed reactor and producing granular polysilicon

The fluidized bed process for preparing polysilicon by chemical vapor deposition is improved by positioning at least one laval nozzle upstream from a gas inlet into the reactor.. .


Medicinal clay preparation

The present invention relates to a medicinal clay preparation containing 90-99.9% w/w medicinal clay and 0.1-10% w/w binders. It further relates to a method for producing said medicinal clay preparation, wherein first the binder(s) is/are dissolved or suspended in purified water and then the medicinal clay is mixed with the binder-water mixture and granulated by a conventional method.


Adapting quantization

A device comprising: an encoder for encoding a video signal representing a video image of a scene captured by a camera, and a controller. The encoder comprises a quantizer for performing a quantization on the video signal as part of said encoding.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Magnetic recording medium

A magnetic recording medium includes a flexible substrate, an amorphous seed layer, an under layer containing ru, and a recording layer having a granular structure. The seed layer is provided between the substrate and the under layer.
Sony Corporation


Targeting online ads based on political demographics

Systems and methods for facilitating and targeting of online ads to voters within a selected political demographic are presented. Audience targeting may be accomplished in several ways including: geo-targeting; contextual targeting; behavioral targeting; site placement; and targeted household television ads.
Audience Partners, Llc


Hierarchical allocation for file system storage device

Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to storage allocation. In aspects, a hierarchical data structure is used to track allocation data for storage managed by a file system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Mechanism for enabling full data bus utilization without increasing data granularity

A memory is disclosed comprising a first memory portion, a second memory portion, and an interface, wherein the memory portions are electrically isolated from each other and the interface is capable of receiving a row command and a column command in the time it takes to cycle the memory once. By interleaving access requests (comprising row commands and column commands) to the different portions of the memory, and by properly timing these access requests, it is possible to achieve full data bus utilization in the memory without increasing data granularity..
Rambus Inc.


Materials suitable as substitutes for peat mosses and processes and apparatus therefor

Processes capable of producing bulk materials suitable for use by the horticulture industry, resulting bulk materials produced thereby, and applications for these processes and materials. Preferred bulk materials have physical properties similar to peat moss and comprise individual materials, each at least partially having a twisted, curled, clumped and rolled structure.
Pittmoss Llc


Expanded lightweight aggregate made from glass or pumice

An expanded lightweight aggregate has compositional ranges (wt. % range) of about: (a) 40 to 60% ground glass or pumice, 40 to 60% water, 3 to 15% sodium silicate, and 0.1 to 5% nano3 for the slurry; and (b) 50 to 85% ground glass or pumice, and 15 to 50% slurry for the granulator..
The Intellectual Gorilla Gmbh


Coextrusion apparatus, single-layer extrusion apparatus and retrofit kit as well as a measuring a layer thickness, for producing a plastic film, and for retrofitting an extrusion apparatus

A coextrusion apparatus, a single-layer extrusion apparatus, a retrofit kit, as well as to a method for measuring a layer thickness, for producing a plastic film, and for retrofitting an extrusion apparatus. From the state of the art, it is known to add a detection agent in the form of a fluorescent granulate into the starting material at the extruder, in order to be able to measure the layer thickness of the layer in the film composite produced from this starting material.
Reifenhaeuser Gmbh & Co. Kg Maschinenfabrik


Ethernet data processing method, physical layer chip and ethernet equipment

Embodiments of the present invention disclose an ethernet data processing method, an ethernet physical layer chip, and ethernet equipment. Applicable to data processing at a transmit end, the method includes: performing line coding on data from a media access control layer, so as to obtain serial data code blocks; performing forward error correction fec coding on the serial data code blocks, so as to obtain fec frames, which specifically includes: inserting y check bits every x consecutive data bits, where the y check bits are generated when fec coding is performed on the x consecutive data bits; and distributing, at a distribution granularity of a bits, the fec frames successively to n virtual channels, where a and n are both positive integers, and a is less than a quantity of bits included in one fec frame..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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