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 Rotational rheometer for measuring powdery or granular materials patent thumbnailRotational rheometer for measuring powdery or granular materials
A rotational rheometer for measuring powdery or granular materials has a measuring container for receiving the product to be measured and a cover for the measuring container. A measuring body is held by a measuring shaft.
Anton Paar Gmbh

 Dryer having a plurality of stationary chambers patent thumbnailDryer having a plurality of stationary chambers
A dryer for drying granulated material for use in pharmaceutical products. The dryer includes a plurality of stationary drying chambers, each having its own feed conduit.
L. B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren Gmbh

 A process for upgrading waste powders from mines, containing iron oxides patent thumbnailA process for upgrading waste powders from mines, containing iron oxides
A process for upgrading waste powders of the mining industry containing iron oxides is described, which comprises the steps of preparing a mixture comprising powder based on iron oxides, an aqueous dispersion of a thermosetting resin and optionally also carbon powder, and a catalyst of acidic nature; kneading the mixture at a temperature comprised between 5 and 100 ° c. To form a homogeneous paste, and granulating such homogeneous paste at a temperature comprised between 100 and 300 ° c., thus obtaining granules comprising powder based on iron oxides and optionally carbon powder bound by said resin that has been polymerized..
Ambiente E Nutrizione S.r.l.

 Screw conveyor made of alloyed steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or exposure to a flame patent thumbnailScrew conveyor made of alloyed steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or exposure to a flame
A helicoid conveyor screw manufactured from alloy steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or flame used to convey abrasive granular products in the process of screw rotation under high friction and wear. Its inventive principle is related to the method for obtaining it by alloying steel with the chemical element boron (b) and heat treating it, which results in greater hardness and durability of the flight..

 Recovery of insoluble enzyme from fermentation broth and formulation of insoluble enzyme patent thumbnailRecovery of insoluble enzyme from fermentation broth and formulation of insoluble enzyme
Methods are provided for recovery and formulation of insoluble enzymes from a microbial fermentation broth, without removal of microbial cells or cell debris. Granular and liquid formulations comprising insoluble enzymes are also provided..
Danisco Us Inc.

 Granulator feed apparatus patent thumbnailGranulator feed apparatus
Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and methods of producing granulated fertilizer products. In some embodiments, the granulated fertilizer product includes a double salt of ammonium nitrate and sulfate nitrate having the formula nh4so4.2(nh4no3)..
Honeywell International Inc.

 Method and a system for producing a lightweight ceramic aggregate, particularly from coal ash patent thumbnailMethod and a system for producing a lightweight ceramic aggregate, particularly from coal ash
A system for producing a lightweight ceramic aggregate, particularly from coal ash according to the invention is characterized in that it is composed of a transporting-sorting device (1) acquiring coal ashes or ashes from combusting coal mixed with biomass ashes, or ashes from co-combusting biomass, coal and phosphogypsum preferably in an amount of up to 50% by weight, from dumps, the device (1) cooperating with an excavator (2), preferably a multibucket excavator, which, by means of a weighting conveyor (3), transfers the batch material to a transporting device, preferably a paddle-type device with a heating functionality, also playing a role of a stirrer and an initial shredder (4), from where the mixture is transported to an intermediate container (5) with a weighting functionality by means of a vertical conveyor, preferably a screw conveyor with a transporting belt without the central shaft, where also the stream of the separated granulated material is directed from granulators (6) as well as the dusts from the dust collector (7), preferably a cyclone, removed from the stream of the gases heating up the batch in the transporting conveyor (4), preferably a paddle conveyor. Further, the mixture of the raw materials is fed, through a magnetic separator (8) of metallic contaminants, two-stage crushing assembly (9), preferably composed of two drum crushers, correspondingly (9.1) and (9.2), and an inter-operation one board relieving screen (9.3), to a stirrer (10), preferably a screw stirrer, preferably a two shaft stirrer, and completed with agglomeration promoting agents taken from storage silos (11) and weighted in the weighting conveyor (12) and then moistened by water supply (13).

 Lightweight concretes and mortars patent thumbnailLightweight concretes and mortars
Lightweight mortar and concrete which comprises a hydraulic conglomerate which includes pure portland clinker, gypsum and common glass in different proportions, mixed together in a micronized manner until a mechanical alloy of the elements is achieved and light aggregates with a grain size and proportion dependent on the resulting product being mortar or concrete with low density, fundamentally cellular glass or arlite, pearlite, vermiculite, slag, expanded polyethylene and/or glass sands of ground glass and/or silica or limestone sands and/or granulated plastic sands.. .
Envirocem, S.l.

 Silo dust collection patent thumbnailSilo dust collection
Granular material flows out through the discharge opening of a silo and through a sealed housing to a target location. A vent opening in a top portion of the silo has a vent cover operative to selectively open and close the vent opening.
Quickthree Solutions Inc.

 Granular material discharge device patent thumbnailGranular material discharge device
A discharge device for granular materials, with a housing having at least one inlet for the granular materials, and with a rotor that is connected to a motor, rotates about an axis of rotation and has multiple vanes and chambers located between the vanes, the granular materials being conveyable from the at least one inlet to at least one outlet when the rotor rotates. The axis of rotation of the rotor is vertical and the rotor is preferably arranged inside an essentially cylindrical wear liner..
Nowe Gmbh

System and electrocardiographic data signal gain determination with the aid of a digital computer

In one embodiment, ecg data collected during the long-term monitoring are compressed through a two-step compression algorithm executed by an electrocardiography monitor. Minimum amplitude signals may become indistinguishable from noise if overly inclusive encoding is employed in which voltage ranges are set too wide.
Bardy Diagnostics, Inc.

Field application of sugars to increase crop yield

Enhancement of crop yields through the application of sugars, for example, monosaccharides, and/or disaccharides and/or polysaccharides, to soil. Application of the sugars is at a rate of at least 25 pounds per acre, more preferably at least 50 pounds per acre, and more preferably at rates of between 100-250 pounds per acre or more regardless of a solid or liquid application.
Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

Controlled release formulations of herbicides

Disclosed are granular formulations of herbicides that provide a means to apply non-selective herbicides to field and paddy crops and turf. Granules can be formulated with sub-particles to allow differential release of one or other active ingredient.
Hicap Formulations Ltd.

Managing interactive communications campaigns with customer recovery

A campaign strategy manager (csm) component for a hosted communications campaign system allows users to define more granular and specific campaign strategies, including pass escalation for alternative channels (e.g., text and email) and/or based upon attempt results, contact attributes and response group data. The campaign strategy manager allows users to define pass strategies statically and dynamically, to manage lists across multiple campaigns, and to view results in real-time.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Data collection system, data collection method, server, and gateway

In a data collection system in which a server and a gateway are connected to each other and which includes a plurality of sensors installed on a subject of monitoring and outputting sensor data, the server selects a collection rule to change the granularity of the sensor data when it is detected on the basis of the sensor data that an abnormality or a sign of abnormality has occurred in the subject of monitoring, and the server transmits the collection rule to the gateway. The gateway acquires and manages states of the sensors, selects a first condition according to the collection rule received from the server, changes a setting for acquiring the sensor data on the basis of the first condition and the states of the sensors, acquires sensor data from the sensors on the basis of the setting, and transmits the sensor data to the server..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Estimating temperature values at field level based on less granular data

A method for temperature interpolation is provided. In an embodiment climatology records and temperature observations are received by a weather computing system over a network from an outside source.
The Climate Corporation

Powder isolating valve

There is described a powder isolating valve which is capable of sealing valves from powder leakage during transport of powder and/or granular material. The valve comprises a rotatable valve closure member (14) and a pneumatically activated sealing mechanism containing a pair of resiliently deformable structures (18,20) extending around a surface of the rotatable valve closure member when the latter is in its closed position, the pair of resiliently deformable structures being held in a pair of annular recesses (32,34) which also extend around an surface of the rotatable valve closure member in its closed position, wherein the pair of resiliently deformable structures are capable of being pneumatically activated to force a sealing ring (26) against the rotatable valve closure member..
Clyde Process Limited

Granulated inorganic particulates and their use in oilfield applications

Disclosed herein are granulated inorganic particulate compositions exhibiting at least one property chosen from improved material handling, low dusting, easy make-down in to mineral-water slurry, and requiring lets energy to produce than spray dried inorganic particulate products. In one embodiment, the granulated inorganic particulate compositions are characterized by a moisture content ranging from 2% to 60% by weight relative to the total weight of the composition, such as for example from 2% to 10% or from 30 to 50%.
Imerys Oilfield Minerals, Inc.

Scoop and funnel

A single serving scoop and funnel both conveniently measures a correct amount of any liquid, gel, solid, granulated, or any pourable material, and facilitates pouring the measured material into a container. The funnel is moveably attached to a scoop handle, and may be moved between a first position over the scoop, and a second position withdrawn from the scoop.

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Compressed tablet containing delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, its manufacture and use of such tablet in oral treatment

The present invention relates to compressed tablets for peroral delivery of the cannabinoid Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (thc). More particularly, the invention provides a compressed tablet having a tablet weight of 25-1000 mg, said tablet being composed of: compressed tablet containing delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, method for its manufacture and use of such tablet in oral treatment 30-90 wt % of a granulate; 10-70 wt % of lactose; and 0-30 wt % of other tablet excipients; wherein the granulate contains: a.
Echo Pharmaceuticals B.v.

L-amino acid-containing feedstuff additive

By substituting biomass with a surface-active substance in a fermentation broth containing amino acid before spray-drying, granulated animal feed additives with improved product specifications were obtained.. .
Evonik Degussa Gmbh

L-amino acid-containing feedstuff additive

Granulated animal feed additives having high bulk density were obtained by adding a surface-active substance to a fermentation broth containing amino acid before spray-drying, wherein low residual moisture levels were achieved at high spray rates and low granulator temperatures.. .
Evonik Degussa Gmbh

Detection method and apparatus

A computer-readable recording medium contains a program for causing a computer to execute a process. The process includes executing multiple change point detection processes that detect respective change points of first time-series data with multiple granularities that are different in the width of a unit time.
Fujitsu Limited

Niobium granulated powder production method

A method of producing a niobium granulated powder, including the steps of: mixing niobium hydride and a metal oxide by a mechanical alloying method to produce a mechanical alloy; pulverizing the mechanical alloy; subjecting the pulverized mechanical alloy to heat treatment to allow the pulverized mechanical alloy to aggregate, to thereby form a granulated product. Also disclosed is a sintered body of the niobium granulated powder, an anode body produced from the sintered body and a capacitor including the sintered body..
Showa Denko K.k.

Perpendicular magnetic recording medium

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a magnetic recording medium including a first magnetic recording layer having a large coercive force and a granular structure in which magnetic crystal grains are well separated from each other. The magnetic recording medium of the present invention includes a non-magnetic substrate, a first seed layer, and a first magnetic recording layer formed on the first seed layer, wherein the first seed layer includes pt, the first magnetic recording layer includes one or more magnetic layers, the magnetic layer in contact with the first seed layer includes fe, pt and ti, and the magnetic layer in contact with the first seed layer has a granular structure consisting of magnetic crystal grains of a l10 type ordered alloy including fe and pt, and a non-magnetic grain boundary including ti..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Social applications for augmented reality technologies

Augmented and virtual reality systems are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, their potential for social interaction is difficult to realize with existing techniques.
Eonite Perception Inc

Information processing system and information processing method

For providing an information processing system which enables easier automatic extraction of a more suitable object for which a measure is to be taken, the information processing system for extracting the object for which the measure is taken is configured to include: a reception. Unit (gso5) which receives first data (gsc11) related to business of an enterprise and second data (gsc12) that is related to the business of the enterprise and has granularity equal to or finer than the granularity of the first data; an index generation unit (gso2) which generates, from the first data, a plurality of descriptive indices matching the granularity of the second data; and an extraction unit (gso1) which extracts from the descriptive indices, the object for which the measure is to be taken..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Methods and systems for on-device high-granularity classification of device behaviors using multi-label models

Various aspects include methods and computing devices implementing the methods for evaluating device behaviors in the computing devices. Aspect methods may include using a behavior-based machine learning technique to classify a device behavior as one of benign, suspicious, and non-benign.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Frame sealant and preparing the same and display device comprising said frame sealant

A frame sealant and a method of preparing the same as well as a display device containing the frame sealant. The frame sealant includes an epoxy-acrylic resin, an acrylic resin, a thermal curing agent, a coupling agent, a photoinitiator, and an organic filler, and further an one-dimensional nano-material as an inorganic filler which is capable of cross-linking with the epoxy-acrylic resin.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Method for producing a component, and an optical irradiation device

A method for producing a component by the successive solidification of individual layers of powdered, granular or liquid material by irradiation with laser radiation using a laser, each layer being divided into an inner region and an edge region with an edge region surface, and, for each layer, after irradiation with the laser, at least the edge region surface of the edge region of the layer being irradiated with an ultrashort pulse laser. An optical irradiation device produces a component by successive solidification of individual layers of powdered, granular or liquid material..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Calcium glycerophosphate for treating and preventing respiratory diseases or conditions

Calcium glycerophosphate is found to be effective in treating and preventing a disease, disorder and/or condition of the respiratory system. The disease, disorder and/or condition is related to an obstructive or a restrictive condition of the respiratory airway.
Prelief Inc.

Thermo-kinetic mixing for pharmaceutical applications

Compositions and methods for making a pharmaceutical dosage form include making a pharmaceutical composition that includes one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (api) with one or more pharmaceutically acceptable excipients by thermokinetic compounding into a composite. Compositions and methods of preprocessing a composite comprising one or more apis with one or more excipients include thermokinetic compounding, comprising thermokinetic processing the apis with the excipients into a composite, wherein the composite can be further processed by conventional methods known in the art, such as hot melt extrusion, melt granulation, compression molding, tablet compression, capsule filling, film-coating, or injection molding..
Dispersol Technologies, Llc

Immediate release abuse-deterrent granulated dosage forms

Described are immediate release oral dosage forms that contain abuse-deterrent features. In particular, the disclosed dosage forms provide deterrence of abuse by ingestion of multiple individual doses.
Cima Labs Inc.

Production pharmaceutical composition containing candesartan cilexetil

A production method of pharmaceutical composition contains candesartan cilexetil, comprising dissolving a water-soluble polymer and a sugar alcohol to purified water and dispersing candesartan cilexetil to prepare a dispersion liquid of candesartan cilexetil, granulating by a wet process using the dispersion liquid together with a powdery additive to obtain a granulated product, drying the granulated product, particle size regulating the granulated product; and tableting the granulated product, wherein the dispersion liquid contains the amount of water-soluble polymer within a range of 0.05 parts by weight or more and 0.5 parts by weight or less, based on 100 parts by weight of the pharmaceutical composition, and the dispersion liquid contains the amount of sugar alcohol within a range of 5 parts by weight or more and 20 parts by weight or less, based on 100 parts by weight of the pharmaceutical composition.. .
Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Calcium carbonate granulation

Highly compactable granulations and methods for preparing highly compactable granulations are disclosed. More particularly, highly compactable calcium carbonate granulations are disclosed.
Delavau L.l.c.

Disintegrating particle composition produced by two-stage wet granulation process, and intraorally disintegrating tablet containing same composition

This invention relates to a method for the production of a disintegrative particulate composition including three components consisting of a first disintegrator component having sedimentation volume in water of 4.0 cm3/g or more, a second disintegrator component other than the first disintegrator component and an excipient, which comprises a first wet granulation step using any two of the three components and a second wet granulation step using the granules obtained in the first wet granulation step and at least the remaining one component not used in the first wet granulation step; the disintegrative particulate composition thus produced; and an orally disintegrating tablet comprising a medicinal ingredient and the disintegrative particulate composition.. .

Distiller grain production device

A device for producing a high density compact livestock feed from a loose granular material according to various embodiment can include a source for supplying a loose granular material to be treated and moving the treated material through a series of successive treatment zones. Rotatable screws are provided within an extruder to compress and transport the treated material a die.

Excrement-treating material and manufacturing same

An excrement-treating material includes a water-absorbing core part, and a surface layer. The core part is formed by wet-kneading and compression-granulating a compounding material containing a paper powder and organic or inorganic fine pieces.
Unicharm Corporation

Security management in a networked computing environment

An approach for addressing (e.g., preventing) detected network intrusions in a virtualized/networked (e.g., cloud) computing environment is provided. In a typical embodiment, users may group components/systems of an environment/domain according to a range of security sensitivity levels/classifications.
International Business Machines Corporation

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Content control at gateway based on audience

A gateway device may control access to content based, at least in part, on an audience that will consume the content. In relation to a request for content to be delivered to a media output device, the gateway device may obtain biometric data from one or more trait capture devices having a physical relation to the media output device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Radioactive iodine adsorbent, and treating radioactive iodine

Provided is a radioactive iodine adsorbent capable of adsorbing radioactive iodine more effectively than in the conventional art, and removing hydrogen, which is a factor in nuclear reactor accidents. A granulated radioactive iodine adsorbent of zeolite x, wherein ion exchange sites of the zeolite x are substituted with silver so that a size of minute pores of the zeolite x is suited to a size of a hydrogen molecule, and the radioactive iodine adsorbent has a silver content of 36 wt % or more when dried, a particle size of 10×20 mesh, a hardness of 94% or more, and a water content of 12 wt % or less when dried at 150° c.
Rasa Industries, Ltd.

Method and device for positioning terminal location

The present invention discloses a method, which mainly includes: calculating location information of a estimated point by using a set algorithm according to location information of an original point; and calculating a wireless eigenvalue of the estimated point according to a wireless eigenvalue of the original point obtained by measuring; when a wireless eigenvalue reported by a terminal is received, positioning a location of the terminal according to the wireless eigenvalue of the original point and the wireless eigenvalue of the estimated point. In this way, in a mathematical model manner, location information and a wireless eigenvalue of an unmeasured raster point are fitted, with no need to increase an additional measurement workload, thereby saving a resource.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Solids in borehole fluids

A drilling fluid for use when drilling a borehole includes solid polymeric objects as a lost circulation additive. The objects have an overall size extending at least 0.5 mm in each of three orthogonal dimensions have a shape such that each object has one or more edges, points or corners and/or comprises a core portion with a plurality of projections which extend out from the core portion.
Schlumberger Technology Bv

Method for producing unsaturated carboxylic acid and supported catalyst

The present invention relates to a method for producing an unsaturated carboxylic acid using a catalyst having both a high catalytic performance and a high mechanical strength, and in the method, a supported catalyst obtained by feeding a liquid binder component and a catalytic active component containing molybdenum and vanadium and/or a precursor thereof into a rolling granulator and conducting granulation at a relative centrifugal acceleration of 0.5 g or more and 30 g or less is used.. .
Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha

Method for resin delivery including metering introduction of external air to maintain desired vacuum level

Method and apparatus for pneumatically conveying granular plastic resin material out of a resin supply to a process machine includes a vacuum pump, a conduit connecting the resin supply to a suction intake of the vacuum pump, a sensor for sensing vacuum level drawn by the pump at the suction inlet and a valve for supplying air to the conduit.. .

Container and overcap with hinged spout for metered dispensing

A container and overcap assembly includes an open mouth container and an overcap with a built-in spout that is hinged to the overcap. The spout snaps shut inside the overcap when in a fully closed position and snaps into a fully open position as well.
Sonoco Development, Inc.

Gas-barrier laminate having favorable water-barrier property

A gas-barrier laminate (10) of a structure in which a first inorganic barrier layer (3), a water-trapping layer (5) and a second inorganic barrier layer (9) are provided in this order on a plastic base material (1), wherein the water-trapping layer (5) is a layer in which a granular moisture-absorbing agent is dispersed in a matrix of an ionic polymer, the granular moisture-absorbing agent being capable of absorbing moisture to a degree lower than that attained by the matrix, and an organic layer (7) is provided between the water-trapping layer (5) and the second inorganic barrier layer (9), the organic layer (7) serving as an underlying layer for forming the second inorganic barrier layer. The water-trapping layer has excellent barrier property against water and is, at the same time, effectively suppressed from swelling despite it has absorbed moisture.
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Granulating device with cutting knife head

A granulating device having a cutting knife head for cutting strands of melt into granules in a granulator housing. A perforated plate with die openings, from which strands of melt is extruded into the granulator housing, projects into the granulator housing.
Maag Automatik Gmbh

Aluminum metal-cored welding wire

The present disclosure relates to a metal-cored welding wire, and, more specifically, to a metal-cored aluminum welding wire for arc welding, such as gas metal arc welding (gmaw) and gas tungsten arc welding (gtaw). A disclosed metal-cored aluminum welding wire includes a metallic sheath and a granular core disposed within the metallic sheath.
Hobart Brothers Company

Systems and methods for additive manufacturing using aluminum metal-cored wire

A method of forming an additively manufactured aluminum part includes establishing an arc between a metal-cored aluminum wire and the additively manufactured aluminum part, wherein the metal-cored aluminum wire includes a metallic sheath and a granular core disposed within the metallic sheath. The method includes melting a portion of the metal-cored aluminum wire using the heat of the arc to form molten droplets.
Hobart Brothers Company

Implantable vertebral arthrodesis device for fusing two overlying and underlying vertebrae

The present invention relates to an implantable vertebral arthrodesis device (1) for fusing an overlying vertebra and an underlying vertebra, the device comprising an anterior portion (2) having upper and lower bearing zones (2a, 2b) suitable respectively for receiving lower and upper portions (3, 6) of upper and lower laminae (4, 7) of the overlying and underlying vertebrae (5, 8), said zones (2a, 2b) being spaced apart by a minimum height h (h1) for maintaining intervertebral spacing; rigid retaining devices (9) arranged relative to the anterior portion (2) so as to block migration of said anterior portion (2) towards the spinal canal; a posterior portion (10) in connection with said anterior portion (2), including a main housing (11) having first and second openings (11a, 11b) facing each other and suitable for receiving in part the spinous processes (12, 13); and a granular osteosynthesis material arranged in said main housing (11).. .
Cousin Biotech

Data scheduling method and apparatus, base station, and terminal

Embodiments disclose a data scheduling method and apparatus. The method includes configuring a data scheduling granularity for a first wireless communications system on a carrier on a specific frequency spectrum.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and signal encoding producing encoded signals of high fidelity at minimal sizes

Methods and apparatus for determining encoding parameters of an encoder or a transcoder which yield an encoded signal of optimal measurable properties are disclosed. For a video signal, the encoding parameters may include quantization granularity, a measure of display resolution, and a frame rate.
Ecole De Technologie Superieure

Multi-granular authentication techniques

Techniques for authenticating a user of a mobile device at a computing platform are provided. A method according to these techniques includes generating a first profile and second profile of user behavior for the user of the mobile device, the first profile comprising a first type of profile having at least a first duration and the second profile comprising a second type of profile having a second duration that is shorter than the first duration, monitoring user behavior to generate usage behavior data, comparing the usage behavior data to the first profile and the second profile, performing a first type of authentication action responsive to the usage behavior data deviating from the first profile, and performing a second type of authentication action responsive to the usage behavior data deviating from the second profile..
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and granular tagging and searching multimedia content based on user's reaction

A system and a method for tagging content based on individual cues, emotional score or emotional profile is provided, where the content is a video file, a webpage, a mobile application, a product review or product demo video is provided. The method involves authorizing a user to access the content; capturing a user specific data, an application details and a content specific data in response to the content in real-time; analyzing the captured user specific data, the application detail and the content specific data to generate a user emotional profile; and tagging the user emotional profile with the content in a time granular manner..

A method and a processing device for distributed network monitoring

The invention relates to a method for distributed network monitoring. The network comprises a central processing device and a multitude of n measuring devices.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

A method of manufacturing a negative electrode for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, the method includes mixing negative electrode active material particles and ferroelectric particles with each other to form first composite particles in which the ferroelectric particles are attached to the negative electrode active material particles; mixing the first composite particles and a binder with each other to form granulated particles; applying pressure to an aggregate of the granulated particles to form a sheet-shaped negative electrode mixture layer; and arranging the negative electrode mixture layer on a main surface of a negative electrode current collector foil.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Concrete tile and molding material for same

A concrete tile comprising a tile body, the tile body having an upper face hardened through non-mold shaping, a lower face hardened through mold shaping, and a side surface that includes a cut end face in at least one side of the tile body, wherein the tile body contains alkali-resistant fiber in an entire thickness thereof in a state substantially free of fiber-containing granular bodies; the alkali-resistant fibers comprise at least one member selected from the group consisting of polyvinyl alcohol-based fibers, polyethylene fibers, polypropylene fibers, acrylic fibers, and aramid fibers; and a flexural strength of a 30 mm×150 mm sized cut piece of the tile body is not less than 6 n/mm2.. .
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Technique for determining particle properties

A technique for estimating a dissolution property of particles released from a dosage form compacted from granular material is provided. The particles include an active pharmaceutical ingredient, api.

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Perforation resistance improved aluminum alloy for heat exchanger, perforation resistance improved aluminum extrusion tube and fin material comprising aluminum alloy, and heat exchanger formed of extrusion tube and fin material

The present disclosure provides an aluminum alloy with enhanced penetration resistance for a heat exchanger, the alloy containing copper (cu), silicon (si), and iron (fe) equal to or smaller than predetermined contents respectively, and further containing zirconium (zr) and the remainder being aluminum (al). Further, the present disclosure provides an aluminum extruded tube and/or an aluminum fin with enhanced penetration resistance made of the alloy respectively.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan Univer Sity

Aluminum alloy composition, aluminum extrusion tube and fin material with improved corrosion durability comprising same, and heat exchanger constructed of same

The present disclosure provides an aluminum alloy with enhanced penetration resistance for a heat exchanger, the alloy containing copper (cu), and iron (fe), whose contents are controlled to be equal to or smaller than predetermined contents respectively, and further containing zirconium (zr), titanium (ti), or hafnium (hf), or a mixture thereof and the remainder being aluminum (al). Further, the present disclosure provides an aluminum extruded tube and/or an aluminum fin with enhanced penetration resistance made of the alloy respectively.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Fluidized bed reactor and producing granular polysilicon

The solids concentration is greater than 85% of the solids concentration at the edge of the fluidized bed (55 to 90% by volume).. .

Granular material storage with input and output

A bulk storage and dispensing system has transportable silos releasably secured at bottom ends thereof to a fixed silo location on a site surface. A conveyor assembly is releasably secured to a fixed conveyor location on the site surface adjacent to the silos and includes a lower output conveyor, an upper input conveyor, a rigid upper frame, and a conveyor raising mechanism operative to raise the conveyor assembly from a lowered transport position to a raised operating position.
Quickthree Solutions Inc.

Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

A system and method for processing a supply of post-consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The method includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film.
Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc.

Liquid filter device

A liquid filter device can filter liquid flowing therethrough using a granulated filter media included in a tank. The liquid filter device can perform a backwash of the granulated filter media by creating active zones and inactive zones in the tank.
New Aqua, Llc

Nasal irrigation appliance

An apparatus and methods for dispensing a sanitized saline solution for rinsing the nasal passages and sinuses. The disclosure includes methods for bulk storage of granular sodium salt mixtures (ph balanced sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate), bulk storage of water, heating and sensing elements, filtering elements, and dispensing elements.

Granular feed supplement

A ruminant feed composition, having a granulated core having at least one active substance and at least one layer of a coating material surrounding the core, the coating material comprising one or more linear, saturated aliphatic monocarboxylic acids in an amount of at least 60 wt % of the total weight of the coating material.. .
H.j. Baker & Bro., Inc.

Dispensing system for an agricultural spreader machine

A metering system is proposed for an agricultural distributor for dispensing granular or granulated material with which a vertical cell wheel arrangement in combination with an adjustable cell wheel floor achieves great variability of the adjustable metering volumes with reduced drive energy requirement.. .
Lemken Gmbh & Co. Kg

Classification based email construction, work flow, and dashboard rendering

This solution suggests a complete transformation of the conventional email utility from the unstructured text body format of the compose message function to an interactive dashboard that allows for focused, categorical workflow of outbound-initiated transactions based on universally recognized business activities. These classifications allow for organized presentation of inbound activities assigned.

Parallel filtering method and corresponding apparatus

The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for parallel filtering. The apparatus comprises: a multi-granularity memory, a data cache device, a coefficient buffer broadcast device, a vector operation device and a command queue device.
Institute Of Automation, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Method and system for transportation resource grouping and reallocation

Systems and methods for dynamic transportation resource arbitrage (dtra) may include configuring a server to dynamically manage the use of transportation resources. The server may identify, analyze, organize, and/or package available transportation resources (e.g., segments of roadways in a geographical area, etc.) as granular vehicular occupancy opportunity (voo) elements/units that each identify an amount of a resource that is offered for allocation and use to travelers.
Arpent, Llc

Dynamically changing lockstep configuration

Memory subsystem error management enables dynamically changing lockstep partnerships. A memory subsystem has a lockstep partnership relationship between a first memory portion and a second memory portion to spread error correction over the pair of memory resources.
Intel Corporation

Method for detecting a failure of a constituent system in a system-of-systems

A process to detect a failure of a constituent system (110 . .
Fts Computertechnik Gmbh

Apparatus and methods thereof for power consumption measurement at circuit breaker points

Apparatus and methods are provided for the measurement of power consumption at points of interest, such as circuit breakers, machines, and the like. Accordingly, means are provided for measurement of power consumption for each electrical sub-network that is controlled by a circuit breaker.
Panoramic Power Ltd.

Pavement systems with geocell and geogrid

This disclosure relates to pavement systems and methods for paving that are suitable for locations containing a generally weak subgrade with a california bearing ratio of four (4) or lower. The pavement system includes a first geogrid layer placed directly on the subgrade; a first granular layer upon the first geogrid layer, the first granular layer having a thickness of from 0.5 times to 20 times the aperture distance of the geogrid layer; a first geocell layer upon the first granular layer comprising a geocell and an infill material; and a capping layer over the geocell layer.
R.f.g. Trading Ltd.

Extracellular polymers from granular sludge as sizing agents

An invention in the field of papermaking that relates in particular to sizing paper. Problems with state of the art methods are that the sizing chemicals used are typically expensive; may be available only in limited supply; are produced using methods that are damaging to the environment; and whose production is far from carbon-neutral.
Technische Universiteit Delft

Surface treated lost circulation material

A granular lost circulation material for use in a wellbore during drilling operations to minimize loss of drilling fluid at a lost circulation area is disclosed. The granular lost circulation material comprises a granular material and a non-hardening tackifying agent.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Foamable polystyrene resin particles and polystyrene resin prefoamed particles

In foamable polystyrene resin particles that are obtained by granulating a polystyrene resin containing a flame retardant and a foaming agent, the flame retardant has a bromine atom in a molecule, contains less than 70% by mass of bromine, has a benzene ring in a molecule, and has a 5% by mass decomposition temperature in a range of from 200° c. To 300° c., the flame retardant is the sole source of bromine in the foamable polystyrene resin particles, a ratio (b/a) between (a) a % by mass of the flame retardant contained in the total foamable polystyrene resin particles and (b) a % by mass of the flame retardant contained in the surface of the resin particles is in a range of from 0.8/1 to 1.2/1, and the amount of the flame retardant added is in a range of from 0.5% by mass to 5.0% by mass, based on 100 parts by mass of the resin fraction in the foamable polystyrene resin particles..
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

Coating for improved granular fertilizer efficiency

A fertilizer granule having a coating on at least of portion of a surface of the granule. The coating is made of one or more complexing agents and a coating agent of one or more of a fatty acid, fatty acid ester, organic oil mineral oil or combinations thereof.
Land View, Inc.

Construction castable material with controllable flow or slump

Construction castable material with controllable flow or slump comprising (a) a binder comprising fly ashes comprising from 1.5% to 35% by weight of cao and a lost on ignition (loi) value from 0.5% to 5.5% by weight, representing from 10% to 60% of the binder weight and ground granulated blast furnace slag comprising from 40% to 70% by weight of cao and from 30 to 60% by weight of sio2, representing from 40% to 90% of the binder weight, (b) an activator comprising alkaline reagents selected from the group composed by water glass, preferably in solution with 30 to 50% by weight solid content, sodium metasilicates and sodium hydroxide, (c) sand, fine and coarse aggregates and (d) organic acids or conjugated salts of organic acids in a dosage from 0.001% to 3% by weight with respect to the binder.. .
Fournitures Hospitalieres Industrie

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