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 Method and  enforcing realtime access controls for endpoints patent thumbnailMethod and enforcing realtime access controls for endpoints
An approach is described for provisioning and enforcing realtime granular access controls for endpoints. The approach involves enforcing realtime access controls, via a privileged access management appliance, of a plurality of accessors, endpoints, and approvers, to provide for securing, controlling, auditing, and reporting of access to endpoints..
Bomgar Corporation

 System and method using a simplified xml format for real-time content publication patent thumbnailSystem and method using a simplified xml format for real-time content publication
A system and method for delivering content in real-time using advanced messaging technology that reduces the risk of content being lost or dropped in transmission. The system and method utilize a custom, simplified xml format to deliver real-time textual, numeric, and metadata content directly to subscribers.
S&p Global Inc.

 High temperature electrolysis glow discharge method patent thumbnailHigh temperature electrolysis glow discharge method
The present invention provides a glow discharge assembly that includes an electrically conductive cylindrical screen, a flange assembly, an electrode, an insulator and a non-conductive granular material. The electrically conductive cylindrical screen has an open end and a closed end.
Foret Plasma Labs, Llc

 Methods and systems for analyzing anatomy from multiple granularity levels patent thumbnailMethods and systems for analyzing anatomy from multiple granularity levels
A method, computer system and computer readable storage medium for searching for one or more images having a region of interest similar to the region of a subject, including: receiving imaging data comprising a plurality of image elements of the region of interest of the subject; segmenting the imaging data of the region of interest of the subject into a plurality of sub-regions corresponding to various structures at a plurality of levels of granularity, the plurality of levels of granularity having a relationship such that a level of granularity has fewer structures at a lower level of granularity; and calculating at each of the plurality of levels of granularity an abnormality factor or risk factor for the segmented various structures of said region of interest, to provide a segmented said region of interest of said subject with at least one of said abnormality factor or risk factor associated therewith.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

 Granular replication of volume subsets patent thumbnailGranular replication of volume subsets
Data is replicated on a backup node, where the granularity of the replication can be less than a full volume. A data consistency group comprising a subset of data for a volume is defined for a primary node.
Netapp, Inc.

 Systems and methods to process block-level backup for selective file restoration for virtual machines patent thumbnailSystems and methods to process block-level backup for selective file restoration for virtual machines
A data storage system protects virtual machines using block-level backup operations and restores the data at a file level. The system accesses the virtual machine file information from the file allocation table of the host system underlying the virtualization layer.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

 Authenticated down-sampling of time-series data patent thumbnailAuthenticated down-sampling of time-series data
A method of down-sampling time-series data may include receiving energy usage data representative of energy usage of a customer during a specified period. The energy usage data may be signed with a digital signature of a utility.
Fujitsu Limited

 Device and  producing an expanded granular material patent thumbnailDevice and producing an expanded granular material
The invention also relates to a method for producing an expanded granulate from sand-grain-shaped mineral material.. .

 Easily-plated pc/abs alloy and its preparation method patent thumbnailEasily-plated pc/abs alloy and its preparation method
The present invention relates to an easily-plated pc/abs alloy and its preparation method. The pc/abs alloy includes following components: 30-70 parts by weight (pbw) of pc resin, 15-65 pbw of abs resin, 5-10 pbw of peo resin, 0.1-1 pbw of antioxidant, and 0.1-1 pbw of lubricant.
Shanghai Kumhosunny Plastics Co., Ltd

 Anti-pacap antibodies and uses thereof patent thumbnailAnti-pacap antibodies and uses thereof
The present invention is directed to antagonistic antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof having binding specificity for pacap. These antibodies inhibit, block or neutralize at least one biological effect associated with pacap, e.g., vasodilation.
Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Coatings and additives containing fatty acids, salts of fatty acids, or similar compounds, for use as de-dust and/or anti-caking agents for granular products

Coatings and additives including a fatty acid or salt of fatty acid for application to granules. The coatings or additives can be applied to granules of, for example, fertilizer or animal feed.
The Mosaic Company

Refractory coarse ceramic product and producing the same and its use

A refractory, coarse ceramic product including at least one granular refractory material, has an open porosity of between 22 and 45 vol.-%, in particular of between 23 and 29 vol.-%, and a grain structure of the refractory material, wherein the medium grain size fraction with grain sizes of between 0.1 and 0.5 mm is 10 to 55 wt.-%, in particular 35 to 50 wt.-%, and wherein the remainder of the grain structure is a finest grain fraction with grain sizes of up to 0.1 mm and/or coarse-grain fraction with grain sizes of more than 0.5 mm.. .
Refratechnik Holding Gmbh

Peel and stick waterproofing material

Disclosed is waterproofing sheeting that uses a polyester layer that provides high lateral stability and puncture resistance. The waterproof sheeting can be used in many applications including waterproof roof underlayments, waterproof sheeting for foundations, underlayment for tile and flooring and various other applications.
Tamko Building Products, Inc.

Biodegradable thermoplastic moulding and extrusion compounds made from biomass

The present invention is directed to a method of making thermoplastic granulates. A comminuted biomass is mixed with a lignin swellant such that the content of substances soluble in diethyl ether is at least 3.0% and ground and processed in a compounding extruder equipped with compaction, heating, cooling venting and grinding zones to form thermoplastic dry blends and granulates..

Method for producing a green compact from a powdered or ganular material

A method for producing a green compact from a powdered or granular material is disclosed. An embodiment of the method includes moving a fill shoe, which is filled with powdered or granular material, by an adjusting device from a first park position to a first end position.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Radio resource optimization and management method, centralized controller and device

The present invention provides a radio resource optimization and management method, a centralized controller, and a base station. In the method, the centralized controller determines a work status series and a work policy series of each cell during a first time period; and sends the work status series and the work policy series of each cell to each cell, so that each cell adjusts resources of this cell according to the work status series and the work policy series, thereby enhancing a network kpi at a large time granularity by means of distributed cell coordination while ensuring local kpi performance of each cell.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Network optimization system, device, and method

The present invention provides a network optimization system, device, and method, including: determining, by a radio resource management functional entity, radio resource statistical data that is based on a tti time granularity, acquiring radio resource configuration information, and managing a radio resource of a cell in which the radio resource management functional entity is located; determining, by a distributed optimization functional entity, first time granularity data and a first key performance index kpi, determining first reference configuration information, determining a first optimization plan according to the first statistical data and the first reference configuration information, and optimizing the first kpi; and determining, by a centralized optimization functional entity, second statistical data that is based on a second time granularity, and a second kpi, determining second reference configuration information, determining, according to the second statistical data and the second reference configuration information.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Integrity testing of storage tank structure using robotic ultrasound

An objective of this invention is to provided apparatus and methods to test the integrity of empty and full tanks. Another object of this invention is to provide a granular inspection of the tank.
Sonasearch, Inc.

Anti-corrosion nanoparticle compositions

Anti-corrosion nanoparticle compositions include a carrier and a plurality of nonionic metal nanoparticles. The metal nanoparticles can be spherical-shaped and/or coral-shaped metal nanoparticles.
Attostat, Inc.

Plant for the production of wood pellets or other solid granulates from small pieces of organic/plant material

A pellet cooling device featuring energy-efficient heat recovery in a plant for producing wood pellets or other solid granulates from small pieces of organic material, said plant comprising devices for feeding, processing, drying, compressing, cooling and discharging the material. At least some of said devices are arranged in containers that can be individually transported and can be modularly combined to form at least a substantial portion of the plant..
Cebcon Technologies Gmbh

Methods to convert mealworm castings to organic fertilizer

Methods to convert the light and powdery mealworm castings into a suitable fertilizer product are disclosed. The methods can include saturating the mealworm castings using an infusion process with a liquid, such as water, until an elevated temperature is reached.

Method for producing granulates

A method for producing granulates, particularly for use as thermal insulation for a metal melt may include mixing a powdery mineral with a binder, and the mixture may be granulated in order to produce a semi-finished product. The granulate mixture or the semi-finished product may be heated rapidly to a temperature above the melting temperature or decomposition temperature of the binder, which may be in the form of a salt, so that the binder decomposes, whereby gas is released and the volume increases.
S & B Industrial Minerals Gmbh

Variable frequency drive combined with flow limiter set for limiting flow to selected level above design choice

Apparatus has a vacuum pump for conveying granular plastic resin material from a supply to receivers retaining and dispensing resin when needed by a process machine with a flow limiter connected to the suction head of the vacuum pump, with the vacuum pump being a controlled, variable speed device.. .
Novatec, Inc.

Container and stirring device

A combined container and stirring device which can be used with and resembles the shape of known infusion bags is disclosed. The combined container and stirring device comprises a body made of material that is resistant to liquids.


A container for holding granular or powdered material. The container includes walls, a collar, a lid and a latch.
Abbott Laboratories

Management of dynamic transmission time interval scheduling for low latency communications

Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. A wireless device may establish a configuration for at least one carrier based on multiple transmission time interval (tti) lengths.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Device management proxy for secure devices

A hardware device architecture is described that improves security and flexibility in access to hardware device settings. A device management proxy service is digitally signed and granted access to device settings.
Hand Held Products, Inc

Data flow distribution method and controller

Provided are a data flow distribution method and a controller. The method includes: a software defined network (sdn) controller acquiring data flow description information of a data flow; and the sdn controller deciding, according to the data flow description information, whether the data flow needs distribution, and when the data flow needs the distribution, delivering a distribution rule flow table to a distribution gateway.
Zte Corporation

Network statistical information providing system, network statistical information providing method, and program

A network statistical information providing system comprises: a domain boundary management unit that manages link information between a first domain configured to include a device capable of acquiring statistical information having a predetermined granularity and a second domain that does not include a device capable of acquiring statistical information having the predetermined granularity; and a statistical information conversion unit that classifies statistical information acquired from the first domain into statistical information that does not belong to a domain boundary and statistical information that belongs to the domain boundary using the link information, performs predetermined processing on the statistical information that belongs to the domain boundary, and provides the processed statistical information as statistical information straddling a plurality of domains.. .
Nec Corporation

Staged data compression, including block level long range compression, for data streams in a communications system

Approaches for staged data compression are provided, where each stage reflects a progressive increase in granularity, resulting in a scalable approach that exhibits improved efficiency and compression performance. The first stage comprises a long-range block-level compressor that determines redundancies on a block-level basis (based on entire data blocks, as opposed to partial segments within data blocks).
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Perpendicular magnetic recording medium

A magnetic recording medium including a magnetic recording layer of a granular structure and having a large thickness as well as excellent magnetic properties is provided. The perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate and a magnetic recording layer, wherein the magnetic recording layer includes first magnetic recording layers on the side of the non-magnetic substrate and second magnetic recording layers, the first magnetic layers have a granular structure including first magnetic crystal grains containing an ordered alloy and a first non-magnetic segregant surrounding the first magnetic crystal grains and containing carbon; and the second magnetic layers have a granular structure including second magnetic crystal grains containing an ordered alloy and a second non-magnetic segregant surrounding the second magnetic crystal grains and containing zn and o..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Iridium underlayer for heat assisted magnetic recording media

A heat-assisted magnetic recording (hamr) media stack is provided in which iridium (ir)-based materials may be utilized as a secondary underlayer instead of a magnesium oxide (mgo) underlayer utilized in conventional media stacks. Such ir-based materials may include, e.g., pure ir, ir-based alloys, ir-based compounds, as well as a granular ir layer with segregants.
Wd Media, Llc

Trending topic extraction from social media

Real-time topic analysis for social listening is performed to help users and organizations in discovering and understanding trending topics in varying degrees of granularity. A density-based sampling method is employed to reduce data input.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Zeolitic granular material having a connected structure

The present invention relates to a zeolitic granular material having a connected zeolitic structure across the entire volume thereof, having high mechanical resistance to crushing in the bed, and optimised material transfer in the macro-mesopores. The invention also relates to the method for preparing said zeolitic granular material, as well as to the use thereof as an adsorbent material in co-current or counter-current liquid phase separation methods, typically in a simulated mobile bed..
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

Usb programmable dual antenna communications headset system

A communications headset having an antenna on each earpiece and having an rf switch for determining which antenna is receiving the superior signal and selecting that signal for amplification and distribution to headset speakers. A cable, supported and secured to a headband of the headset, connects the two earpieces for signal and power transfer.
Sonetics Holdings, Inc.

System and segmentation and automated measurement of chronic wound images

Disclosed are systems and methods for automated monitoring of the size, area or boundary of chronic wound images. The disclosure includes use of a probability map that measures the likelihood of wound pixels belonging to granulation, slough or eschar, which can then be segmented using any standard segmentation techniques.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

Byte level granularity buffer overflow detection for memory corruption detection architectures

Memory corruption detection technologies are described. A processor can include a memory to store data from an application, wherein the memory comprises a memory corruption detection (mcd) table.
Intel Corporation

Granular event management for service platforms

Granular event management for service platforms. First bundle information relating to the content of a bundle is received at a first time, wherein the bundle relates to one or more resources in an application of a distributed computing environment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Piston ring

A piston ring is provided with a thermal spray coating that contains tungsten carbide and chrome carbide as a hard phase, and contains nickel as a metallic binder phase, and is characterized in that the thermal spray coating is formed by the spraying of a thermal spray powder that has been produced by means of a granulation sintering method, and that contains hard particles in which the mean particle diameter of the tungsten carbide has been adjusted by means of a bet method to fall within a range of not less than 0.15 μm and not more than 0.45 μm.. .
Diesel United, Ltd.

Field application of sugars to increase crop yield

Enhancement of crop yields through the application of sugars, for example, monosaccharides, and/or disaccharides and/or polysaccharides, to soil. Application of the sugars is at a rate of at least 25 pounds per acre, more preferably at least 50 pounds per acre, and more preferably at rates of between 100-250 pounds per acre or more regardless of a solid or liquid application.
Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

Method for producing graphite and particulates for graphite production

Provided are a method for producing artificial graphite through a vertical graphitization furnace with easy circulation of inert gas, uniform heating and no damage to the furnace; and particulates used therefor. The method comprises steps of: introducing graphitizable particulates having average particle diameter of 3 to 30 mm into an inside of the furnace from upper part thereof, heating the particulates at 2200° c.
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Vacuum-pneumatic device for conveying granular materials having high mass concentration

The device comprises at the inlet the suction pipeline with bulk material input part having vertical and horizontal sections connected to bulk material discharger. Bulk material discharger is provided with the sluice gate and vacuum gauge and connected to vacuum pump.

Transportable receiving and storage system with redundancy

A transportable system for receiving, storing, and distributing granular material includes a surge bin with two storage compartments. A distribution conveyor assembly is movably mounted to the surge bin, has two conveyors, and can be manipulated to discharge into selected adjacent bins.
Quickthree Solutions, Inc.

Machine and methods for dispensing nutritional supplements and multi-serving cartridge therefor

A granulated nutritional supplement dispensing machine extracts single-serving doses from a multi-serving supplements cartridge for delivery as a drinkable solution. A lead serving chamber is pierced so that its powered contents drain into a mixing cup together with a metered quantity of water from an integrated water tank.
Life Boost Llc

Apparatus and process for granulating molten material

A device and method for producing pellets from a melt material, the device having a perforated plate with nozzles. Located opposite the perforated plate is a cutter arrangement having a cutter head with at least one blade, wherein the device additionally has a cutting chamber in a housing.
Maag Automatik Gmbh

Polycrystalline diamond, methods of forming same, cutting elements, and earth-boring tools

A method of forming polycrystalline diamond includes providing an alloy over diamond particles and subjecting the diamond particles to a pressure of at least 4.5 gpa and a temperature of at least 1,000° c. To form inter-granular bonds.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method for removal of sulfur-based gas

A method for removing sulfur-based gases from a gas stream comprises contacting a sulfur containing gas stream under dynamic flow conditions with granular activated carbon (gac) to adsorb substantially all sulfur-containing gas from the gas stream. The granular activated carbon (gac) can be derived from date palm pits..
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Compressed tablet containing cannabidiol, its manufacture and use of such tablet in oral treatment of psychosis or anxiety disorders

The present invention relates to compressed tablets for peroral delivery of the cannabinoid cannabidiol (cbd). More particularly, the invention provides a compressed tablet having a tablet weight of 60-1200 mg, said tablet being composed of: 50-95 wt.
Echo Pharmaceuticals B.v.

Thickening composition and producing same

A thickening composition which contains specific amounts of a metal salt-enclosing dextrin and a thickening polysaccharide and which has a good dispersibility raises the viscosity rapidly, and has an excellent thickening effect can be produced by the steps of obtaining the metal salt-enclosing dextrin by mixing, dissolving, and homogenizing a dextrin and a metal salt in water, followed by drying, and adding the metal salt-enclosing dextrin to the thickening polysaccharide followed by mixing or granulation. The thickening composition makes it possible to provide a thickening composition to which has a good dispersibility, raises the viscosity rapidly, and offers an improved thickening effect per unit mass in a wide variety of water-containing foods such as water, teas, refreshing beverages, dairy beverages, soups, and thick liquid foods..
Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Granular fertilizer dispenser apparatus

The fertilizer dispenser apparatus has contoured wheels and tines extending radially therefrom, enabling preparation of the surface area to be treated. The tines enable the targeted site to be exposed prior to fertilization.

Systems and methods for granular resource management in a storage network

In accordance with some aspects of the present invention, systems and methods are provided for dynamically and/or automatically selecting and/or modifying data path definitions that are used in performing storage operations on data. Alternate data paths may be specified or selected that use some or all resources that communicate with a particular destination to improve system reliability and performance.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Slide member for shock absorber of vehicle

According to the present invention, there is provided a slide member for a shock absorber of a vehicle including a back metal, a porous sintered metal layer containing a porous sintered metal formed on the back metal and a resin with which the porous sintered metal is impregnated and covered, and a resin slide layer formed on the porous sintered metal layer and having a smooth slide surface, and the slide member is formed in a cylindrical shape so that the resin slide layer is disposed on an inner peripheral side. The resin slide layer is composed of polytetrafluoroethylene and a plurality of granular elements dispersed in the polytetrafluoroethylene, and the granular element is composed of molybdenum disulfide and molybdenum trioxide, and/or tungsten disulfide and tungsten trioxide..
Daido Metal Company Ltd.

Structured detergent particles and granular detergent compositions containing the same

This relates to structured detergent particles with high-level surfactant activity, which contains about 50-90 wt % of a c10-c20 linear alkyl benzene sulphonate, about 10-50 wt % of a hydrophilic silica, and about 0-35 wt % of a water-soluble salt of an alkaline metal. Such structured detergent particles demonstrate better flowability and less moisture uptake, and are therefore particularly useful for forming free-flowing finished detergent products that are less vulnerable to caking over time..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Method for the production of shaped articles from reaction-bonded, silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide and/or boron carbide and thus produced shaped body

Method for producing shaped bodies from reaction-bonded, silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide and/or boron carbide, characterised in that a monolithic preliminary body is built up in layers using a formless granulation to which a physical or chemical hardening or melt process is applied, wherein the granulation has a weight fraction of at least 95% silicon carbide and/or boron carbide with an average grain size of 70 to 200 pm, the so-created preliminary body is impregnated at least once by the introduction of a carbon black suspension or via a gas-phase separation and secondary silicon carbide is created in contact with liquid or gaseous silicon by a subsequent reaction firing that solidifies an engagement composite produced.. .
Schunk Ingenieurkeramik Gmbh

Combined device for sewage deep treatment and treatment method

A combined device for sewage deep treatment integrally consists of an open box body (1) divided into multiple water treatment units (29) by a partition wall (27). Each water treatment unit (29) is divided into multiple grids by a partition wall (27′).
Mississippi International Water (china) Inc.

Cleated belt conveyor

An improved conveyor belt is disclosed for conveying granular material through a curvilinear structure at operating incline angles of at least 30 degrees. The belt has a first surface, a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis, and a plurality of cleat members extending from the first surface of the belt.
Ksi Conveyor, Inc.

Methods and extruding recycled plastics

Methods and apparatus for extruding mixed granulated plastics (22) having different melting temperatures, comprising feeding the granulated plastics segregated into lots (26,27) melting at different temperatures into a barrel extruder at different inlets (13a, 13b, 13c) along the barrel.. .
Crorme Limited

Superabsorbent compositions for solidifying industrial fluid wastes

The invention provides a composition for solidification of a viscous fluid waste material. The composition comprises a mixture of: (i) a post-anaerobic composted solids material having a particle size in a range of about 60 mesh to 120 mesh; and (ii) a granular superabsorbent polymer material having a particle size in a range of about 80 mesh to about 120 mesh.
Infield Products Inc.

Formulations containing nalbuphine and uses thereof

Immediate release, oral, pharmaceutical formulation comprising nalbuphine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and at least one hydrophilic granulation carrier, one hydrophilic binder and one lubricant.. .
Debregeas Et Associes Pharma

Patterned neo-epithelialization dressings, systems, and methods

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are presented that involve forming patterns on neo-epithelium that allow increased functionality and may more nearly resemble the original epithelium. In one instance, a patterned neo-epithelium dressing for treating a tissue site having granulation tissue includes an interface member for placing proximate the granulation tissue and a plurality of three-dimensional features formed on a second, patient-facing side of the interface member.
Kci Licensing, Inc.

Aromatic granular material and animal litter

An aromatic granular material and animal litter are provided, which are favorable in the generation of an aroma, and capable of effectively suppressing generation of a bad odor. An aromatic granular material to be used for animal litter including a plurality of granular materials includes: a water absorptive core; a waterstop coating layer being formed on a surface of the core, and being composed of a waterstop material which is less water absorptive than the core; and a fragrance layer including a fragrance and being formed on a surface of the waterstop coating layer.
Unicharm Corporation

Rotational rheometer for measuring powdery or granular materials

A rotational rheometer for measuring powdery or granular materials has a measuring container for receiving the product to be measured and a cover for the measuring container. A measuring body is held by a measuring shaft.
Anton Paar Gmbh

Dryer having a plurality of stationary chambers

A dryer for drying granulated material for use in pharmaceutical products. The dryer includes a plurality of stationary drying chambers, each having its own feed conduit.
L. B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren Gmbh

A process for upgrading waste powders from mines, containing iron oxides

A process for upgrading waste powders of the mining industry containing iron oxides is described, which comprises the steps of preparing a mixture comprising powder based on iron oxides, an aqueous dispersion of a thermosetting resin and optionally also carbon powder, and a catalyst of acidic nature; kneading the mixture at a temperature comprised between 5 and 100 ° c. To form a homogeneous paste, and granulating such homogeneous paste at a temperature comprised between 100 and 300 ° c., thus obtaining granules comprising powder based on iron oxides and optionally carbon powder bound by said resin that has been polymerized..
Ambiente E Nutrizione S.r.l.

Screw conveyor made of alloyed steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or exposure to a flame

A helicoid conveyor screw manufactured from alloy steel and tempered by electromagnetic induction or flame used to convey abrasive granular products in the process of screw rotation under high friction and wear. Its inventive principle is related to the method for obtaining it by alloying steel with the chemical element boron (b) and heat treating it, which results in greater hardness and durability of the flight..

Recovery of insoluble enzyme from fermentation broth and formulation of insoluble enzyme

Methods are provided for recovery and formulation of insoluble enzymes from a microbial fermentation broth, without removal of microbial cells or cell debris. Granular and liquid formulations comprising insoluble enzymes are also provided..
Danisco Us Inc.

Granulator feed apparatus

Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and methods of producing granulated fertilizer products. In some embodiments, the granulated fertilizer product includes a double salt of ammonium nitrate and sulfate nitrate having the formula nh4so4.2(nh4no3)..
Honeywell International Inc.

Method and a system for producing a lightweight ceramic aggregate, particularly from coal ash

A system for producing a lightweight ceramic aggregate, particularly from coal ash according to the invention is characterized in that it is composed of a transporting-sorting device (1) acquiring coal ashes or ashes from combusting coal mixed with biomass ashes, or ashes from co-combusting biomass, coal and phosphogypsum preferably in an amount of up to 50% by weight, from dumps, the device (1) cooperating with an excavator (2), preferably a multibucket excavator, which, by means of a weighting conveyor (3), transfers the batch material to a transporting device, preferably a paddle-type device with a heating functionality, also playing a role of a stirrer and an initial shredder (4), from where the mixture is transported to an intermediate container (5) with a weighting functionality by means of a vertical conveyor, preferably a screw conveyor with a transporting belt without the central shaft, where also the stream of the separated granulated material is directed from granulators (6) as well as the dusts from the dust collector (7), preferably a cyclone, removed from the stream of the gases heating up the batch in the transporting conveyor (4), preferably a paddle conveyor. Further, the mixture of the raw materials is fed, through a magnetic separator (8) of metallic contaminants, two-stage crushing assembly (9), preferably composed of two drum crushers, correspondingly (9.1) and (9.2), and an inter-operation one board relieving screen (9.3), to a stirrer (10), preferably a screw stirrer, preferably a two shaft stirrer, and completed with agglomeration promoting agents taken from storage silos (11) and weighted in the weighting conveyor (12) and then moistened by water supply (13).

Lightweight concretes and mortars

Lightweight mortar and concrete which comprises a hydraulic conglomerate which includes pure portland clinker, gypsum and common glass in different proportions, mixed together in a micronized manner until a mechanical alloy of the elements is achieved and light aggregates with a grain size and proportion dependent on the resulting product being mortar or concrete with low density, fundamentally cellular glass or arlite, pearlite, vermiculite, slag, expanded polyethylene and/or glass sands of ground glass and/or silica or limestone sands and/or granulated plastic sands.. .
Envirocem, S.l.

Silo dust collection

Granular material flows out through the discharge opening of a silo and through a sealed housing to a target location. A vent opening in a top portion of the silo has a vent cover operative to selectively open and close the vent opening.
Quickthree Solutions Inc.

Granular material discharge device

A discharge device for granular materials, with a housing having at least one inlet for the granular materials, and with a rotor that is connected to a motor, rotates about an axis of rotation and has multiple vanes and chambers located between the vanes, the granular materials being conveyable from the at least one inlet to at least one outlet when the rotor rotates. The axis of rotation of the rotor is vertical and the rotor is preferably arranged inside an essentially cylindrical wear liner..
Nowe Gmbh

System and electrocardiographic data signal gain determination with the aid of a digital computer

In one embodiment, ecg data collected during the long-term monitoring are compressed through a two-step compression algorithm executed by an electrocardiography monitor. Minimum amplitude signals may become indistinguishable from noise if overly inclusive encoding is employed in which voltage ranges are set too wide.
Bardy Diagnostics, Inc.

Field application of sugars to increase crop yield

Enhancement of crop yields through the application of sugars, for example, monosaccharides, and/or disaccharides and/or polysaccharides, to soil. Application of the sugars is at a rate of at least 25 pounds per acre, more preferably at least 50 pounds per acre, and more preferably at rates of between 100-250 pounds per acre or more regardless of a solid or liquid application.
Minn-dak Farmers Cooperative

Controlled release formulations of herbicides

Disclosed are granular formulations of herbicides that provide a means to apply non-selective herbicides to field and paddy crops and turf. Granules can be formulated with sub-particles to allow differential release of one or other active ingredient.
Hicap Formulations Ltd.

Managing interactive communications campaigns with customer recovery

A campaign strategy manager (csm) component for a hosted communications campaign system allows users to define more granular and specific campaign strategies, including pass escalation for alternative channels (e.g., text and email) and/or based upon attempt results, contact attributes and response group data. The campaign strategy manager allows users to define pass strategies statically and dynamically, to manage lists across multiple campaigns, and to view results in real-time.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

Data collection system, data collection method, server, and gateway

In a data collection system in which a server and a gateway are connected to each other and which includes a plurality of sensors installed on a subject of monitoring and outputting sensor data, the server selects a collection rule to change the granularity of the sensor data when it is detected on the basis of the sensor data that an abnormality or a sign of abnormality has occurred in the subject of monitoring, and the server transmits the collection rule to the gateway. The gateway acquires and manages states of the sensors, selects a first condition according to the collection rule received from the server, changes a setting for acquiring the sensor data on the basis of the first condition and the states of the sensors, acquires sensor data from the sensors on the basis of the setting, and transmits the sensor data to the server..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Estimating temperature values at field level based on less granular data

A method for temperature interpolation is provided. In an embodiment climatology records and temperature observations are received by a weather computing system over a network from an outside source.
The Climate Corporation

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