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Ranula patents

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Digital resource set integration methods, interfaces and outputs

Evresearch Ltd

Digital resource set integration methods, interfaces and outputs

Methods and systems for managing product test order tracking, reporting, and product disposition

Bureau Veritas

Methods and systems for managing product test order tracking, reporting, and product disposition

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Scalable inline behavioral ddos attack mitigation patent thumbnailScalable inline behavioral ddos attack mitigation
Methods and systems for a scalable solution to behavioral distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks targeting a network are provided. According to one embodiment, a method to determine the scaling treatment is provided for various granular layer parameters of the open system interconnection (osi) model for communication systems.
Fortinet, Inc.
 Digital resource set integration methods, interfaces and outputs patent thumbnailDigital resource set integration methods, interfaces and outputs
Retrieving information from an informational resource is described. A system can include: a computer processor(s); display device(s) operatively coupled with the processor(s); searchable database(s) including at least a portion of an informational resource broken into a plurality of discrete finite elements and a respective plurality of categorical tags respectively describing content for each of the plurality of discrete finite elements, where the informational resource includes at least three levels of granularity for the information, from a shallow level of granularity to a deep level of granularity.
Evresearch Ltd
 Methods and systems for managing product test order tracking, reporting, and product disposition patent thumbnailMethods and systems for managing product test order tracking, reporting, and product disposition
A method and system for collecting and managing data of test orders of a number of different service types, and presenting in a plurality of different formats the up-to-date data, status, and results of the test orders. Such method and system can be an integral part of product manufacturing, logistic, and/or quality control and assurance processes.
Bureau Veritas
 Process for the preparation of a granular microbial biomass and isolation of a compound therefrom patent thumbnailProcess for the preparation of a granular microbial biomass and isolation of a compound therefrom
A process for the isolation of desired compound(s) from a microbial biomass is disclosed, wherein the microbial biomass (which, if necessary, is pretreated to give a dry matter content of from 25 to 80%) is granulated (e.g. By extrusion) and then dried to a dry matter content of at least 80%.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.
 Geofences based on rf fingerprints patent thumbnailGeofences based on rf fingerprints
Systems, apparatus and methods in a mobile device for creating and/or using a geofence are presented. When creating a geofence, a mobile device collects at least one rf fingerprint.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Calcium phosphate material patent thumbnailCalcium phosphate material
The invention relates to porous granular calcium phosphate osteoinductive materials, particularly materials useful in body tissue repair, principally bone repair and bone replacement, and also to the use of such materials and to a method of making such materials. Exemplary materials comprise discrete porous granules each containing crystals of at least one calcium phosphate, wherein (i) at least 90% of said crystals of the granules have a crystal size in the range 10-100 nm, (ii) at least 90% of the pores in the granules have a pore size in the range 10-500 nm, (iii) the average pore size of the pores having pore size in the range 10-500 nm in the granules is in the range 30-90 nm, (iv) the total volume porosity of the granules is at least 50%, and (v) the surface area of the granules is in the range 10-70 m2/g..
Sirakoss Limited
 Device for feeding granulate and filler material to an extruder screw of an extruder patent thumbnailDevice for feeding granulate and filler material to an extruder screw of an extruder
A device for feeding granulate and filler material to an extruder screw of an extruder, includes a cyclone with an inlet opening for introducing a delivery flow of pneumatically delivered filler material and an outlet opening for discharging the filler material which has been separated from the delivery flow, a feed funnel for the fresh granulate and a mixing section, to which the separated filler material and the fresh granulate are fed from the feed funnel. The cyclone is disposed at least partially in the feed funnel and coaxial with the latter, so that the outlet opening of the cyclone extends into a feed funnel outlet region which surrounds the outlet opening in an annular manner, wherein a stuffing screw passes axially through the outlet opening of the cyclone and protrudes at least partially into the mixing section which axially adjoins the outlet opening..
Bsw Machinery Handels-gmbh
 Protecting hybrid equipment in a network node patent thumbnailProtecting hybrid equipment in a network node
The disclosure generally relates to mechanisms to protect hybrid networking equipment at a port level granularity and thereby provide capabilities to specify the protection of client services on a port-by-port basis. For example, in one embodiment, a virtual connection point (vcp) may be established as a termination point for a transport-side network connection and configured as a layer 1 bridge/select connection to switch among any one of a plurality of backplane layer 1 termination points.
Ciena Corporation
 Product dosing system for agricultural machines patent thumbnailProduct dosing system for agricultural machines
Product dosing system for agricultural machines, being of special utility in fertilizing machines such that the simple salts carrying nutrients, that is to say, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, can be arranged in granulated form in respective deposit hoppers 3, 3′ and 3″ aligned in the advance direction of the fertilizing machine to directly pour the simple fertilizer to the ground to be fertilized, as well as having an endless axle 8 for regulating the simple fertilizer for its conduction towards collection and pouring dosing means, thus, having an endless axle for regulating the doses of simple fertilizer in granulated form and dosing means for each of the hoppers, allowing the regulation and measurement speed to depend on the advance speed of the machine, the machine having to that end rolling means 4, through which the movement is transmitted to the regulating endless axles and to the axles of the collection and pouring dosing machines.. .
Ferruz Perez, Jose Luis
 Preparation  granular oxide adsorbent, and water treatment method using same patent thumbnailPreparation granular oxide adsorbent, and water treatment method using same
The present invention relates to a preparation method of a granular oxide adsorbent for water treatment in which a metal oxide is bound to the surface of polymer particles, and more specially, to a preparation method of a granular oxide adsorbent, comprising the following steps: putting polymer particles in an acidic solution; adding polymer particles to a metal oxide aqueous solution and adjusting a ph; and washing and drying the obtained product. Accordingly, a granular oxide adsorbent prepared by the preparation method is provided and is utilized in water treatment and the like..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

Thermoplastic induction-welding systems

A flexible ferromagnetic strip is used to induction-weld seams in polymer pipes. The strip is a blend of strontium ferrite, a surfactant, and an ldpe binder.
Magnum Magnetics Corporation

Heat resistant hydrogen separation membrane and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a hydrogen separation membrane which coats granular ceramic onto the surface of a porous metal support and which coats a hydrogen permeation metal thereon so as to inhibit diffusion between the support and a hydrogen separation layer, and to a method for manufacturing same. As a result, the metal support can be modularized with ease, the hydrogen permeation layer can be made thinner to increase the amount of hydrogen permeation, the use of a separation material can be minimized, and the hydrogen separation membrane can have higher competitiveness..
Korea Institute Of Energy Research

Organic containing sludge to fertilizer alkaline conversion process

This invention is directed to systems, devices and methods for treating organic-containing sludges and converting such sludges to high value fertilizers containing both inorganic and organic fertilizer components, which creates an inorganically-augmented bioorganic fertilizer. The invention describes methods to create a thixotropic or paste-like material via the application of mixing energy to the organic sludge followed by an alkaline treatment and a subsequent ammoniation.
Vitag Corporation

Systems and methods for obtaining user feedback to media content

Techniques for obtaining user feedback related to media content are provided. Sensor data including motion data captured by a motion sensor while media content is played on a media content terminal device may be received.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact selector that facilitates granular sharing of contact data

Described herein are technologies pertaining to transmitting electronic contact data from a first application to a second application by way of an operating system without generating a centralized contact store or providing the second application with programmatic access to all electronic contact data retained by first application.. .
Microsoft Corporation

Method of packaging granular encapsulating resin composition, package and transporting package

The present invention provides a technique for suppressing the consolidation a portion of a granular encapsulating resin composition which may occur after accommodating the granular encapsulating resin composition in a packaging material. Provided is a method of packaging a granular encapsulating resin composition, in which, when the bulk density of the granular encapsulating resin composition is m (g/cc) and the height of the deposited material of the granular encapsulating resin composition is l (cm) in a state of being accommodated in the packaging material, the method satisfies the relationship m×l≦19..
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

Sub-cell level, multi-layer degradation detection, diagnosis and recovery

Outage detection and recovery in heterogeneous networks may benefit from sub-cell level, multi-layer degradation detection, diagnosis, and recovery. For example, cell outage detection and cell outage compensation may benefit from appropriate use of sub-cell level and multi-layer diagnosis and recovery techniques applied to degradation and outage scenarios.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Abrasive bristle, the manufacture thereof, brush with abrasive bristles and the surface treatment of a workpiece with a brush having abrasive bristles

For the manufacture of an abrasive bristle, a plastic material is melted, and a granular material made of abrasive particles is mixed into the melt. The melt is extruded together with the abrasive particles into a filament, and the filament is subsequently treated and cut up.
Hahl Filaments Gmbh

Systems and methods for advanced closed loop control and improvement of combustion system operation

A system includes an analytics system including a processor configured to receive an indication of a detectable radiation associated with a combustion system. The detectable radiation includes multidimensional granular data associated with an operation of the combustion system.
General Electric Company

Method for processing optical fiber wastes

B) finely comminuting said coarsely comminuted glass fibers with a granular additive having a d50 value within a range of from 0.1 to 5.0 mm as an aggregate to obtain finely comminuted glass fibers, the mixing ratio of glass fibers to additive being from 25/75 to 95/05 by weight.. .

Molded or extruded cork composite and manufacturing compressed cork pet products and pet toys made from the same

A cork-catnip composite material is provided that is capable of being molded, compressed, extruded or similarly processed into small or large bodies or sheets and allow for the economic manufacture of a variety of products for domestic pets, especially felines. Dried and granulated catnip (or similar olfactory attractant) is blended with a fill material such as powdered or granulated agglomerate cork material are then mixed with a bonding agent.
Ourpet's Company

Region-of-interest aware video coding

An encoder comprising an encoding module and an adaptation module. The encoding module is configured to encode video in at least one region-of-interest and outside the region-of-interest.
Microsoft Corporation

Methods, apparatus and computer programs for controlling feedback about channel conditions

A user equipment (ue) provides feedback about channel conditions. From a set of primary sub-bands subject to channel state information reporting by the ue, there is identified one or more of the primary sub-bands for reporting channel quality with a finer frequency-domain granularity than other primary sub-bands of the set (202).
Broadcom Corporation

Preparation explosives with differrnt densities and explosives with different density

Disclosed are explosives, especially a preparation method for explosives of different densities and explosives of different densities. The method adjusts physical density by adding granular form physical density adjusting agent with 0.5-5.0 mm grain diameter and 0.03-0.30 g/cm3 bulk density when preparing explosives.
Qingdao Target Mining Services Co., Ltd.

Identification of page sharing opportunities within large pages

Memory performance in a computer system that implements large page mapping is improved even when memory is scarce by identifying page sharing opportunities within the large pages at the granularity of small pages and breaking up the large pages so that small pages within the large page can be freed up through page sharing. In addition, the number of small page sharing opportunities within the large pages can be used to estimate the total amount of memory that could be reclaimed through page sharing..
Vmware, Inc.

Extensible platform for securing apps on a mobile device using policies and customizable action points

An extensible platform gives app developers more control and granularity when developing apps and making them secure. App developers are able to use an app wrapping process to have more control over including non-security related features, such as managerial and administrative features, and more granularity with respect to security features included in the apps they develop.
Mocana Corporation

Context aware recommendation

In accordance with aspects of the disclosure, systems and methods are provided for managing context aware recommendations by providing recommendations to a user in response to a query related to the user by integrating contextual information of a context related to the user in a recommendation model while considering a granular structure of the context and the contextual information thereof.. .
Sap Ag

2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds and their uses

The present invention provides 2,4-pyrimidinediamine compounds that inhibit the ige and/or igg receptor signaling cascades that lead to the release of chemical mediators, intermediates and methods of synthesizing the compounds and methods of using the compounds in a variety of contexts, including in the treatment and prevention of diseases characterized by, caused by or associated with the release of chemical mediators via degranulation and other processes effected by activation of the ige and/or igg receptor signaling cascades.. .
Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Personal care compositions and articles

A compliant personal care composition can include a granular personal care composition, including i) from about 20% to about 80%, by weight of the composition, of a surfactant; and ii) from about 3% to about 40%, by weight of the composition, a water insoluble hygroscopic fiber, fine, or filament; wherein the composition is granular before a first simulated use and has a compliance value of about 0.01 kg/mm to about 1.5 kg/mm after 2 simulated uses. The composition may also be at least partially surrounded by a substrate and in the form of an article..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Granular turf safe mesotrione compositions

A composition comprising herbicidal mixtures of mesotrione impregnated into or coated on the surface of a granular substrate material such as a fertilizer granule and/or a solid inert carrier material is provided for use to control weeds in turfgrasses without causing damage to the grass and methods for the use thereof.. .
Oms Investments, Inc.

Reducing the load due to reporting of information changes to a policy and/or charging controller in a mobile communication system

For a granularity of reporting at a cell level or at a service area level or at a policy area level, a deferred user location change reporting until user plane activity is resumed, in case said user is not currently active in the user plane.. .

Perpendicular magnetic recording medium

A magnetic recording medium having a thick magnetic recording layer of excellent magnetic characteristics is provided. The magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate and a magnetic recording layer.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Method and disinfecting sewage sludge

A method and an apparatus for disinfecting sewage sludge are disclosed, in which sewage sludge is loaded from a silo into an open container, the open container is transferred away from the loading site, a granular calcium oxide (cao) is dispensed into the sludge, a diluted peracetic acid solution is dispensed into the sludge and the sludge is mixed in the open container by at least four horizontal mixing screws for about two hours.. .

Calcium carbonate granulation

Highly compactable granulations and methods for preparing highly compactable granulations are disclosed. More particularly, highly compactable calcium carbonate granulations are disclosed.
Delavau Llc

Method for collaborative creation of shareable secondary digital media programs

There is disclosed an apparatus and method for collaborative creation of shareable secondary digital media programs. The method comprises accessing data comprising a primary program generated using an authoring tool and enabling acceptance of a channel of a secondary program, the channel comprising a set of rich metadata time-synchronized with the primary program, from a user of the primary program other than an original creator of the primary program using an authoring tool including timing granularity controls to enable the time-synchronization accuracy to be adjusted between varying levels of fineness.
Little Engines Group, Inc.

Background detection as an optimization for gesture recognition

Methods and systems are provided allowing for background identification and gesture recognition in video images. A computer-implemented image processing method includes: receiving, using at least one processing circuit, a plurality of image frames of a video; constructing, using at feast one processing circuit, a plurality of statistical models of the plurality of image frames at a plurality of pixel granularity levels; constructing, using at least one processing circuit, a plurality of probabilistic models of an input image frame at a plurality of channel granularity levels based on the plurality of statistical models; merging at least some of the plurality of probabilistic models based on a weighted average to form a single probability image; determining background pixels, based on a probability threshold value, from the single probability image; and determining whether the plurality of image frames, when examined in a particular sequence, conveys a gesture by the object..
Google Inc.

Assembly of xrd/xrf sample cells

Sample cell assemblies containing and holding powdered, granular, paste, or liquid samples are assembled and manufactured in a way that allows them to be inexpensive enough to be disposable and configured to be attached to a fork member for providing shaking or vibrating movement to the samples for x-ray diffraction and x-ray fluorescence testing. The sample cell assemblies include the usage of double-sided adhesive films and spacer for sealing the component of the sample cell assemblies, and latches as locking means for locking and unlocking the cell assemblies..
Olympus Scientific Solutions Of America, Inc.

Reference signal sending method and receiving method and apparatus

The present invention provides a reference signal sending method, a receiving method and an apparatus. The sending method includes: determining, by a base station, a parameter configuration format for the reference signal from the at least two sets of parameter configuration formats, where the reference signal is configured with at least two sets of parameter configuration formats of the reference signal, and at least one parameter in different parameter configuration formats of the reference signal has a different configuration granularity; and performing, by the base station, parameter configuration for the reference signal by using the determined parameter configuration format, and sending the reference signal to a terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Site vehicle for mixing and loading multiple kinds of explosives with different detonation velocities

Provided is a site vehicle for mixing and loading multiple kinds of explosives with different detonation velocities. The vehicle contains a double-helix conveying system, a plurality of storage bins (5-8) and multiple sets of pipelines.
Qingdao Target Mining Services Co., Ltd.

Cubic boron nitride complex polycrystal and manufacturing method therefor, and cutting tool, wire-drawing die and grinding tool

A cubic boron nitride complex polycrystal contains granular cubic boron nitride and tabular cubic boron nitride. The average grain size of the granular cubic boron nitride is 500 nm or less.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Cpap pillow apparatus and method

A pillow relies on a shell containing two types of fill material, one comparatively smaller, granular, and characterized by a comparatively larger spring constant, and another comparatively larger, more chunky in shape, and characterized by a comparatively smaller spring constant. Below a threshold level of force (or pressure, which is force per unit area) the larger, softer, second fill material resists flow of the smaller, harder, stiffer fill material.

Task scheduling for highly concurrent analytical and transaction workloads

Systems and method for a task scheduler with dynamic adjustment of concurrency levels and task granularity are disclosed for improved execution of highly concurrent analytical and transactional systems. The task scheduler can avoid both over commitment and underutilization of computing resources by monitoring and controlling the number of active worker threads.
Sap Ag

Method, device, and system for audio data processing

A method and apparatus that filters audio data received from a speaking person that includes a specific filter for that speaker. The audio characteristics of the speaker's voice may be collected and the specific filter may be formed to reduce noise while also enhancing voice quality.
Unify Gmbh Co. Kg

Systems and methods for monitoring energy usage via thermostat-centered approaches and deriving building climate analytics

A system and methods for capturing the time and temperature at which a thermostat(s) in a home turns on and turns off, and then analyzing those times and temperatures at particular granularities to identify improvements in energy usage. These time and temperature data points are some of the information needed to determine two performance attributes in the home: the ramping time when the hvac system is returning the home to the comfort setting (which is called herein the system on time), and the ramping time for the home to hit the next on cycle..
Apogee Interactive, Inc.

High intensity preparation, physical exercise and recovery system

A high intensity preparation, physical exercise and recovery system configured to prepare muscles for workout through vibration, accept muscular input of high intensity, recover muscles through vibration. Embodiments provide an exercise system that enables a user to obtain a high intensity workout in a small amount of time, for example 15 minutes, and yet increase the user's metabolic rate for hours.
Ghb Llc

Method for producing an epoxidized natural rubber, rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire

Provided are a method for producing a relatively uniformly epoxidized natural rubber in a simple and inexpensive manner, a rubber composition for tires that includes the epoxidized natural rubber, and a pneumatic tire formed from the rubber composition for tires. The present invention relates to a method for producing an epoxidized natural rubber, including: step 1 of coagulating natural rubber latex into granules to prepare a granular solid rubber; and step 2 of treating the granular solid rubber with an epoxidizing liquid to epoxidize the granular solid rubber..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Geotargeted news and advertisement delivery system

A system that provides content and/or ad publishers the ability to sell and target content, including “deals,” to mobile devices of users when those users and their mobile devices are located within the defined geographic zone. The content may be targeted and mass distributed to all mobile devices having a registered address within the defined geographic area.
Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

Secondary battery, manufacturing secondary battery, electrode for secondary battery, and electronic device

There is provided a secondary battery including a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a solid electrolyte layer disposed between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, wherein at least one of the positive electrode and the negative electrode contains a granular solid electrolyte and a granular conduction aid both bonded to a surface of a granular electrode active substance.. .
Sony Corporation

Magnetic recording medium for heat-assisted magnetic recording

A magnetic recording medium for heat-assisted magnetic recording is provided. A magnetic recording layer includes upper and lower magnetic recording layers.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Method for segmenting objects in images

A method for identifying an attribute of an object represented in an image comprising data defining a predetermined spatial granulation for resolving the object, where the object is in contact with another object. In an embodiment, the method comprises identifying data whose values indicate they correspond to locations completely within the object, determining a contribution to the attribute provided by the data, and identifying additional data whose values indicate they are not completely within the object.
Cornell University.

Method of generating pilot pattern for adaptive channel estimation in ofdma systems, transmitting/receiving using the pilot pattern and apparatus thereof

In addition, the minimum burst allocation size is determined according to the channel environment between the base station and the terminal, guaranteeing channel estimation performance suitable for the channel environment, and improving granularity, channel estimation latency, and channel estimation memory size.. .

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