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Ranula patents

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Monoclonal lge antibody that binds to sweat allergy antigen protein

Hiroshima University

Monoclonal lge antibody that binds to sweat allergy antigen protein

Method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf


Method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf

Method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf


Time-based visualization of the number of events having various values for a field

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Magnetic recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic recording medium
A perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate; an underlayer including first and second underlayers; and a magnetic recording layer including a layer having a granular structure including grains of a magnetic crystal and grain boundary portions, wherein the first underlayer has a nacl structure with a (001) orientation and contains a nitride or an oxide of at least one element. The first underlayer may contain a nitride of at least one of cr, v, ti, sc, mo, nb, zr, y, al, and b, and the second underlayer may include a plurality of island-shaped regions and contain at least one of mg, ca, co, and ni.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
A perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate; and a magnetic recording layer that includes magnetic crystal grains and a non-magnetic crystal grain boundary that surrounds the magnetic crystal grains, wherein the magnetic crystal grains contain an ordered alloy and the non-magnetic crystal grain boundary contains ge oxides. The magnetic recording layer may have a granular structure.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

 Time-based visualization of the number of events having various values for a field patent thumbnailnew patent Time-based visualization of the number of events having various values for a field
Systems and methods are provided for visualizing the number of events having different values for a field of interest over a selected time range. The events may be derived from machine data obtained from one or more data sources.
Splunk Inc.

 Method, system and tool for facilitating industrialised adhocracy patent thumbnailnew patent Method, system and tool for facilitating industrialised adhocracy
A computer-enabled method, system and tool for facilitating industrialised adhocracy that provides efficient matching of organisational need to a work component (or other resource component) required. The preferred embodiments facilitate the defining of an organisational need as one or more work components (or other resource component), each work component being a discrete unit of work in indivisible form.

 Systems and methods for the comparison of annotations within files patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for the comparison of annotations within files
Systems and methods are disclosed for comparing annotations in files to show changes in the annotations at a granular level. In one implementation, a system receives a first file and a second file for comparison.
Litera Technologies, Llc

 Method of managing throughput of redundant array of independent disks (raid) groups in a solid state disk array patent thumbnailnew patent Method of managing throughput of redundant array of independent disks (raid) groups in a solid state disk array
A method of writing to one or more solid state disks (ssds) employed by a storage processor includes receiving a command, creating sub-commands from the command based on a granularity, and assigning the sub-commands to the one or more ssds and creating a nvme command structure for each sub-command.. .
Avalanche Technology, Inc.

 Storage system redundant array of solid state disk array patent thumbnailnew patent Storage system redundant array of solid state disk array
A storage system includes a storage processor coupled to solid state disks (ssds) and a host, the ssds are identified by ssd logical block addresses (slbas). The storage processor receives a command from the host to write data to the ssds and further receives a location within the ssds to write the data, the location being referred to as a host lba.
Avalanche Technology, Inc.

 Monoclonal lge antibody that binds to sweat allergy antigen protein patent thumbnailnew patent Monoclonal lge antibody that binds to sweat allergy antigen protein
Provided include a human ige antibody that binds to a sweat allergy antigen protein and a human high-affinity ige receptor but does not induce degranulation in a reaction with the sweat allergy antigen protein, and a composition for treatment or diagnosis of sweat allergy comprising the same.. .
Hiroshima University

 Degranulation indicator and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Degranulation indicator and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods for assessing degranulation in nk cells are provided.. .
The Childrens's Hospital Of Philadelphia

 Disintegrating agglomerated sand frack plug patent thumbnailnew patent Disintegrating agglomerated sand frack plug
The frack plug has a sealing element that reforms when set to hold differential pressure. The element is granular with adhesive to hold the granular particles together but allow the shape to reform under setting force.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

new patent

Method for preparing controlled release fertilizer with water-based coating on the basis of closed circulating fluidized bed, and device therefor

Disclosed is a method for making a controlled release fertilizer with water-based coating using a closed large numerically controlled fluidized bed and a device therefor: collecting a granular fertilizer with a suitable granule size into a barrel; sucking the same into a coating cavity by negative pressure and making the same fluid; directing a water-based coating liquid into a spray gun, then spraying the liquid onto the surface of the fertilizer granules after nebulization; collecting the impurities in the air discharged from the coating cavity by means of a cyclone separator; dehumidifying the air discharged from the cyclone separator by means of a fluidized drying tower; and then the coating is completed. The closed large numerically controlled fluidized bed coating machine has a fluidized bed coating machine main tower, a cyclone separator, a fluidized drying tower, a blower, a heater, an air compressor, a coating liquid inlet system and a control system, and is characterized in that it has a closed air circulation system, and is provided with a dehumidifying mechanism and a water condensing mechanism for the fluidized drying tower.
Nanjing Institute Of Soil Chinese Academy Of Sciences

new patent

Resealable container with collar and lid

The present disclosure relates to a container for holding a granular product or powdered material, such as infant formula. More specifically the disclosure is directed to a container including a closure having a collar and lid for resealably securing the open end of the container.
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

new patent

Resealable container with collar and lid

The present disclosure relates to a container for holding a granular product or powdered material, such as infant formula. More specifically the disclosure is directed to a container including a closure having a collar and lid for resealably securing the open end of the container.
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

new patent

Reclosable packaging container for powder or granular materials

A packaging container for dry granular products includes a rectangular container body, and a rectangular cover defining a sleeve surrounding the container body in sliding engagement, both of folded sheet material. The container body having a first pair of opposed width defining sides, a second pair of opposed height defining sides, and a third pair of opposed length defining sides perpendicular to the width and height defined by the first and second pairs of opposed sides.

new patent

Method for manufacturing articles from e-waste feedstocks

A method of recycling plastic e-waste material and products made from recycled e-waste involves one or more separate streams of different plastic waste which are reduced to small granular form, blended together or separately or used separately before insertion into a compounder which reduces the small sized plastic particles to a semi-molten emulsion. The emulsion is placed in a press and molded to a final product shape.
Image Microsystems, Inc.

new patent

Method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf

A method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf. The invention includes drying extracted infill material through a fluid bed dryer, the fluid bed dryer passes a process gas through a bed of solids via a perforated plate.
Tarkett Inc.

new patent

Catalyst for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon oil and catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon oil

A catalyst for catalytic cracking of a hydrocarbon oil can produce a gasoline fraction having a high octane number in high yield while suppressing an increase in yield of a heavy distillate, and produce lpg having a high propylene content in high yield. The catalyst includes a specific amount of a granulated catalyst a that includes a zeolite having a sodalite cage structure, silicon derived from a silica sol, phosphorus and aluminum derived from mono aluminum phosphate, a clay mineral, and a rare-earth metal, and a specific amount of a granulated catalyst b that includes a pentasil-type zeolite, the ratio of the mass of phosphorus and aluminum derived from mono aluminum phosphate included in the granulated catalyst a to the mass of the pentasil-type zeolite included in the granulated catalyst b being 0.015 to 3000..
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.

new patent

System and deodorizing footwear

The present invention is an odor nullifier for footwear comprising: a moisture absorbing fabric bag having a first and second fold, a vertical seam, an opening and a sealing member for sealing the opening, the fabric bag having a length and width for being received internally in a shoe; a scent carrier manufactured from a mixture consisting of 49% by weight of fine cut cellulose fiber, 49% by weight of granular vermiculite and 2% by weight of fragrant oil, the scent carrier disposed inside the fabric bag; wood shavings and dried flowers contained inside the fabric bag wherein the wood shavings are present in a quantity of at least 50% of the total weight.. .
Mvle, Inc.

new patent

Oral caffeine delivery composition

Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed for an oral caffeine delivery composition. A liquid mixture comprises granulated caffeine crystals.
Orbz, Llc

new patent

Dry granulates of mesoporous silica powders

Dry granulates comprising ordered mesoporous silica unloaded or loaded with a biologically active ingredient and optional excipients, wherein the dry granulates have a carr index that is equal or below 25. Oral dosage forms prepared therefrom..
Formac Pharmaceuticals Nv

new patent


An aroma granulate mill for dispensing ground aroma granulate, particularly a spice mill for dispensation of ground spices, such as salt and pepper, comprising a container for accepting unground, coarse aroma granulate, an element provided at the container having a dispensation opening for dispensing ground, fine-grained aroma granulate, and a grinder arranged upstream to the dispensation opening for milling the unground, coarse aroma granulate into ground, fine-grained aroma granulate is provided. The element includes the dispensation opening having a concave collar, which forms a cavity open towards the outside, which has a circumferential side wall and comprises at least one section recessed in reference to the circumferential side wall in the direction towards the container, in which the dispensation opening is arranged, with the circumferential side wall defining an opening, with its area being smaller than the cross-section of the opening of the cavity at its widest section..
Riensch & Held Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Meter for dispensing a granular product

A chemical granule metering system, for use on a row crop planter, allows for control of chemical granule drop rate. The chemical granule metering system also includes a motor permitting control of chemical granule drop rate by adjusting the rotational speed of the motor.
Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.


Method for signaling of resource allocation to adjust granularity in cellular multi-carrier system

A method for transmitting a downlink signal in a wireless mobile communication system. The method according to one embodiment includes generating a resource indication value (riv) indicating a start index (s) of consecutive virtual resource blocks (vrbs) and a length (l) of the consecutive vrbs; transmitting downlink control information including resource block allocation information.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and smoothing image

A method and apparatus for smoothing an image representing foreground or background. The method comprises: dividing the image in a specified granularity; for a block divided containing a blank pixel and a non-blank pixel, modifying a value of the blank pixel to a value obtained from a value of the non-blank pixel to obtain a filled block; obtaining the block smoothed by performing singular value decomposition on a matrix of pixels of the filled block, wherein values in the matrix of pixels of the block smoothed is calculated as a product of the obtained singular value, a left singular vector, and a transpose of a right singular vector; and for each of the non-blank pixels in the block smoothed, restoring the values of the non-blank pixels to initial values before the filling step, so as to obtain a reconstructed block..
Fujitsu Limited


Method and simulation arrangement for simulating an automated industrial plant

A method for simulation of an automated industrial plant simulated in a plant model divided into a plurality of submodels, where the submodels are modeled with a behavior description comprising a calculation algorithm or a mathematical equation, each submodel is connected into the plant model with at least one submodel, where the plant model or the submodels are translated in preparation for the simulation by a translation run into a form which is executable by a computer system, an execution sequence of the submodels is defined, the submodels are expanded by run time models having a calculation time assigned to a respective submodel, where an overall calculation time of the plant model is derived and graphically presented in the granularity of the calculation times of the submodels based on the execution sequence and the expanded submodels to provide a detection and localization of real-time-critical execution paths in the plant model.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Logging handler

Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with intelligently gathering log messages are described. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes collecting, by a logging handler associated with a component, log messages according to two different granularities for logging messages.
Oracle International Corporation


Systems and methods for a file-level cache

A multi-level cache comprises a plurality of cache levels, each configured to cache i/o request data pertaining to i/o requests of a different respective type and/or granularity. The multi-level cache may comprise a file-level cache that is configured to cache i/o request data at a file-level of granularity.
Intelligent Intellectual Property Holdings 2 Llc


Fine-grained data reorganization in tiered storage architectures

A method for organizing data at levels of granularity larger or smaller than an extent is disclosed. The method initially closes a dataset on a host system.
International Business Machines Corporation


Installation for distributing pulverulent substance by pneumatic transportation, comprising a device for depressurizing a pressurized reservoir in which said substance is stored

An installation for distribution of granular or powder material via pneumatic transport comprising at least one dispensing hopper (3) for temporary storage of said granular or powder material, the dispensing hopper being suited to being, alternately, pressurized for emptying the dispensing hopper and depressurized to permit filling thereof, and a device for depressurizing said dispensing hopper. The depressurizing device comprises a depressurizing duct (12) connected to said dispensing hopper, a bag filter (11), having a maximum operating flow rate, connected to the depressurizing duct, and flow control means (15) for controlling the flow rate in said depressurizing duct through the bag filter.
Paul Wurth S.a.


Sealing device, in particular for a shaft inserted transversely in a vessel of fluids under pressure or granular material in movement

A sealing device for a vessel to achieve a fluid-tight seal in an aperture made in the lateral wall of said vessel, into which aperture a shaft is inserted. The sealing device comprises first sealing means disposed in contact with the shaft in the zone of said aperture, and second sealing means, comprising a containing body and a flexible connection element.
Hyl Technologies, S.a. De C.v.


Structures and methods using an integrated ruffle to reduce dust released during emptying of bulk bags

An improved bulk bag for containing dry bulk, granular, and/or pulverized materials designed to prevent dust cloud escape and migration during discharge/emptying of the materials in bulk bag using an integrated dust barrier skirt affixed to the exterior of the bulk bag and telescopable to create a dust cloud curtain prior to content discharge.. .
Blastcrete Equipment Company


Tableted compositions containing atazanavir

Disclosed are compressed tablets containing atazanavir sulfate, optionally with another active agents, e.g., anti-hiv agents, granules that contain atazanavir sulfate and an intragranular lubricant that can be used to make the tablets, compositions comprising a plurality of the granules, processes for making the granules and tablets, and methods of treating hiv.. .
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Method and sending and receiving reference signal

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus for sending and receiving a reference signal, and a terminal device. The method includes: when a bandwidth satisfies a given condition, sending or receiving a reference signal symbol only once in every n subframes; and when the given condition is not satisfied, increasing the sending or receiving of the reference signal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Modular content generation, modification, and delivery system

Methods and systems produce and render digital video content having individualized or customized product placement at time of production. The system re-defines how product placement is manifested and delivered to content audience members.
Modcon Ip Llc


Multi-tiered storage adaptive content streaming

The disclosed technology includes techniques for efficiently streaming media content from a multi-tiered storage system. An example implementation may be used for adaptive http streaming of video segments and other content.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Cutting elements including nanoparticles in at least one region thereof, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements, and related methods

Cutting elements for earth-boring applications may include a substrate and a polycrystalline diamond material secured to the substrate. A first region of the polycrystalline diamond material may exhibit a first volume percentage of nanoparticles bonded to diamond grains within the first region.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Water treatment method and apparatus therefor

In a water treatment method and an apparatus therefor, after an anionic polymer flocculant is added to water to be treated, granulation is performed by stirring, and solid-liquid separation is then performed to obtain treated water, and flocs which are not disintegrated by a shearing force during stirring and have a preferable settling property can be formed, so that the quality of treated water is also improved. Particularly, a water treatment method includes a flocculating step of adding an anionic polymer flocculant to water to be treated to form flocculated flocs, a subsequent granulating step of stirring the water to be treated to granulate the flocculated flocs, and a solid-liquid separation step of performing solid-liquid separation of generated granulated substances, wherein a cationic polymer flocculant having a cationic group rate of 10 to 50 mole % is added to the water to be treated before the anionic polymer flocculant is added..
Kurita Water Industries Ltd.


Capsule for the preparation of beverages

A capsule (10) for the preparation of a beverage from a powdery or granular raw material comprises a body (12) of polymeric material, provided with a seat (14) suitable for containing the powdery or granular raw material. The seat (14) has an opening (16) provided with a top edge (18).
Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 Spa


Container with a mountable scoop

The present invention provides a packing system for storage of powders and granular materials comprising a container, a lid that may be reversibly secured to the body and a mountable scoop for retrieving amounts of the container's contents. The lid typically has a top side, an underside, and a rim wall which reversibly engages the body of the container for secure fit.


Pulverizing apparatus and pulverizing rocks

A rock crushing assembly is provided in the form of a pulverizing tumbler. The apparatus comprises a faceted tumbler having a plurality of faceted end walls, a pair of parallel sidewalls, and an open interior.


Performance enhancing composition and delivering nutrients

An aqueous composition specifically adapted for supporting physical performance. The liquid composition comprises, consists of, or consists essentially of ribose, a saccharide such as glucose or dextrose, coenzyme q10, atp, caffeine, and d-pinitol in conjunction with minerals and electrolytes.
Advanced Bio Development, Inc.


Image processing apparatus and image processing method

There is provided an image processing apparatus including circuitry configured to predict an image of a second layer from an image of a first layer using a lookup table which maps combinations of a luminance component, a first color difference component, and a second color difference component of the first layer to predicted pixel values of the second layer corresponding to the combinations. The second layer has a different color gamut from the first layer.
Sony Corporation


Learning machine-based granular segment/path characteristic probing technique

In one embodiment, a routing topology of a network including nodes interconnected by communication links is determined. Important nodes in the network which are of relative importance are determined based on their location in the determined routing topology.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Traffic data collection apparatus, traffic data collection method and program

A traffic data collection apparatus includes a generating unit configured to generate traffic data that is information on traffic processed by a device under management, a computation unit configured to calculate the amount of computational resources spent by the generating unit to generate traffic data during a predetermined collection granularity period, and a determination unit configured to determine that traffic data is excessive when the amount of computational resources calculated by the computation unit exceeds a predetermined threshold.. .
Nec Corporation


Scalable index build techniques for column stores

Architecture that includes an index creation algorithm that utilizes available resources and dynamically adjusts to successfully scale with increased resources and be able to do so for any data distribution. The resources can be processing resources, memory, and/or input/output, for example.
Microsoft Corporation


Point(s) of interest exposure through visual interface

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for exposing one or more points of interest through a visual interface, such as a map. For example, the visual interface may correspond to a location displayed at a first level of detail (e.g., a state level of granularity).
Microsoft Corporation


Monitoring system for perishable or temperature-sensitive product transportation and storage

Monitoring and reporting of the temperature and/or other conditions of perishable and/or temperature sensitive products during transportation and storage is described. A system for wireless temperature monitoring can be carried out at a box level, but can provide information at a finer granularity than box-level.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated


Corrosion resistant aluminum alloys having high amounts of magnesium and methods of making the same

Systems and methods for continuously casting al—mg alloy sheet or plate product having a high amount of magnesium are disclosed. The al—mg products have 4 or 6 to 8 or 10 wt, % mg and are resistant to both stress corrosion cracking and intergranular corrosion..
Alcoa Inc.


Granular material shooter

A granular material shooter is provided. The shooter includes a hopper with a top end and a bottom end.


Transfer chute

A transfer chute (10) for use in bulk materials handling operations, and also a methodology for designing such a transfer chute, a method of constructing the transfer chute, and a method of transferring bulk materials between two locations using the transfer chute. The transfer chute (10) comprises a chute body (11) defining a flow pathway (19), with an upper section (19a) of the flow pathway accommodating accelerating flow to maintain dense granular flow regime, an intermediate section (19b) of the flow pathway providing consolidated flow in which the flow rate is retarded in a controlled manner avoiding creation of flow turbulence, and a lower section (19c) of the flow pathway in which flow is further retarded to create a controlled accumulation and build-up of material upwardly from the lower section..
Narbel Pty Ltd


Wound healing system using positive pressure to promote granulation at a tissue site

A wound healing system for promoting healing of a wound of a patient includes a positive pressure source, a reduced pressure source, and a porous foam positioned in contact with the wound. The porous foam includes a plurality of flow channels in fluid communication with the reduced pressure source.
Kci Licensing, Inc.


Smokeless tobacco composition comprising tobacco-derived material and non-tobacco plant material

A smokeless tobacco product is configured for insertion into the mouth of a user and incorporates materials from nicotiana species (e.g., tobacco-derived materials) and plant materials from non-nicotiana species (e.g., non-tobacco plant materials). The tobacco material can have the form of processed tobacco material (e.g., granulated, reconstituted, heat treated, or otherwise processed tobacco laminae and/or stem), tobacco extract (e.g., an extract of water soluble tobacco components obtained by extracting tobacco with water), or a combination thereof.
R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company


Method for preparing emulsifiable solid agrochemical composition containing inorganic salt

The present invention relates to a method for preparing an emulsifiable solid agrochemical composition which contains an inorganic salt and which can be used as an agrochemical emulsion. The preparation method according to the present invention has the advantage that, because there is no need for a step of heating and evaporating a solvent or water, it is possible to use a surfactant or active ingredient that has a low boiling point or breaks down drastically at a high temperature, and, due to the solid-phase form, it is possible to minimise the amount that sticks to a container as there is no need to use a special synthetic resin or glass bottle that entails high packaging costs.
Kyung Nong Corporation


Separator, dispensing device, agricultural implement and separating granular material

The present document shows a separator for separating granular material, such as seed, fertilizer or pesticide, from a material-laden airflow (fi). The separator comprises a separator zone (z) having an inlet (11) for a material-laden airflow, a material outlet (13) and an air outlet (12, 12′), and at least two separator parts (15, 15′), which extend only substantially along a material flow (fm) in the separator zone (z) and between which is formed a separator gap (12, 12′), which is sufficiently narrow to allow air, but not the granular material, to pass through it.
Vaderstad-verken Ab


Agricultural implement and feeding granular material

The present document shows an agricultural implement comprising a device for feeding granular material, such as seed, fertilizer or pesticide. The device comprises at least two metering devices (109), a first drive device (101) for generating a pressurizing airflow (ft) for pressurization of the metering devices (109), and a central container (102), which is arranged to, via respective feed ducts (103), with the aid of a respective feed airflow (fi), feed the material to the respective metering device (109).
Vaderstad-verken Ab


Methods and arrangements to improve link with out-of-band information

Logic may facilitate the establishment and maintenance of a link in a 60 gigahertz band. Logic may determine via out-of-band information that a distance is not likely a reason for failure of a link in the 60 gigahertz band.


Enhanced granularity operational parameters adjustment of components and modules in a multi-band, multi-standard communication device

Enhanced granularity operational parameters adjustment of components and modules in a multi-band, multi-standard communication device. For supporting two-way communications, a communication device includes receiver and transmitter modules.
Broadcom Corporation


Composition of an encapsulation film for a solar cell module

A composition of an encapsulation film for a solar cell module comprises 80˜99 weight percent of transparent resin, 0.5˜10 weight percent of granular polymer particles and 0.1˜5 weight percent of additives, wherein light refraction is controlled by a diffusion mechanism of the granular polymer particles, so that the probability of light incidence on the solar cell is increased and thus the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar cell is improved.. .


Material point simulation of granular materials

The disclosure provides an approach for simulating and rendering granular materials. A simulation application generates video frames depicting a granular material phenomenon using a strain based elasto-plastic constitutive model integrated with a hybrid eulerian/lagrangian material point method (mpm).
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Granular redaction of resources

A method for providing redacted representations of data. The method comprises hosting a resource on a server that comprises data pieces each tagged with a redaction level, generating a plurality of redacted representations of the resource, each redacted representations being designated for one of a plurality of authorization levels that each corresponding to a different range of redaction levels, and the redacted representation for a particular authorization level containing one or more of the data pieces that are tagged with a redaction level that falls within the range of redaction levels for that particular authorization level, receiving a request from a client comprising a claimed authorization level, and providing the client with one of the redacted representations that is designated for the authorization level that matches the claimed authorization level..


Digital asset management data model

A digital asset management system effectively provides full control of compound media assets and their specific components. The digital asset management data model supports the creation and management of multiple levels of granularity or metadata enrichment, and different sets of file types or renditions used throughout the digital asset processing life-cycle.
Accenture Global Services Limited


Increasing granularity of dirty bit information

One or more unused bits of a virtual address range are allocated for aliasing so that multiple virtually addressed sub-pages can be mapped to a common memory page. When one bit is allocated for aliasing, dirty bit information can be provided at a granularity that is one-half of a memory page.
Vmware, Inc.


Slide measuring system for filling pouches and associated method

Systems and methods for metering a granular material for packaging in pouches are disclosed. A system includes a hopper structured and arranged to hold a granular material in a hopper cavity.
Altria Client Services Inc.


Laser conversion of high purity silicon powder to densified granular forms

The present invention relates to a direct method to convert fine and ultra fine silicon powder from polysilicon manufacturing sources such as fluid bed and free space reactors into densified granular forms. This conversion process is effected by the use of lasers of selective wavelengths from solid state diode or optically-pumped yag sources to locally heat, melt and densify a controlled quantity of silicon powder, and comprises the steps of distributing dry silicon powder on an inert substrate, subjecting the silicon charge to a focused laser beam to realize melted and densified granular forms, and discharging the product.


Method of granulometric separation of materials rich in filiform particles

The present invention relates to a method of selective separation of a granular material comprising a fraction of coarse particles and a fraction of fine particles for separating said fraction of coarse particles from said fraction of fine particles.. .
Comet Traitements Sa

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