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 Enhanced online user-interaction tracking patent thumbnailEnhanced online user-interaction tracking
Disclosed are systems and methods for enhanced tracking of user interactions with online documents, such as, in accordance with various embodiments, interaction tracking on a sub-document level of granularity. In some embodiment, user interests or expertise are determined based at least in part on the tracked user interactions with document elements and topics associated with the elements..

 Computer device and  controlling access to a resource via a security system patent thumbnailComputer device and controlling access to a resource via a security system
A computer system 300 contains an agent 303 which modifies the ordinary behaviour of a native security system 103, such as to allow security decisions with alternate granularity or an alternate set of access rights. The agent 303 intercepts authorisation requests made by applications 109 for resources 110 identified by uris 111 and sends amended requests to the security system 103.
Avecto Limited

 Simulation method, simulation program, and simulation device patent thumbnailSimulation method, simulation program, and simulation device
A renormalization transformation process is performed for a granular system s which is a simulation target based on a renormalization factor α depending on the number of renormalizations. Position vectors and momentum vectors of grains of a renormalized granular system s′ are calculated by executing molecular dynamics calculation for the renormalized granular system s′.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

 Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating summaries and automated reports describing changes to a database patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus and computer program product for generating summaries and automated reports describing changes to a database
A method, computer program, and apparatus are provided for generating summaries of changes in a geographic database used by mapping, navigation, and similar applications. The summaries may be included in an automated release report.
Here Global B.v.

 Brass with improved dezincification resistance and machinability patent thumbnailBrass with improved dezincification resistance and machinability
The present invention concerns an essentially arsenic-free brass alloy with improved (i) dezincification resistance, (ii) machinability, and (iii) protection against intergranular grain boundary corrosion, wherein said brass alloy comprises 62-68% by weight of cu, 0.02-1.00% by weight of pb, 0.2-0.6% by weight of p, 0.02-0.06% by weight of sb, and balance zn, and the brass alloy being characterized in that it comprises <5% of β-phase, preferably <1%. In addition, the invention concerns a method for the production of said brass alloy..
Imi Hydronic Engineering Ab

 Composition of thermoplastic elastomer composite material applicable to in-mold foaming patent thumbnailComposition of thermoplastic elastomer composite material applicable to in-mold foaming
A composition of thermoplastic elastomer composite material applicable to in-mold foaming includes a thermoplastic elastomer, a blowing agent group which is p,p-oxybis benzene sulfonyl hydrazide, and a micro-capsule blowing agent. After the thermoplastic elastomer and the blowing agent group are melt-mixed, granulated, or milled, the composition may be used for in-mold foaming to achieve the effects of controlling the foam size, lowering the defective rate, reducing the waste of materials and the weight, adhering different types of materials, and saving time and material effectively..
Eefoam Materials Co., Ltd.

 High performance insulation packaging and disbursement system patent thumbnailHigh performance insulation packaging and disbursement system
A method for packaging and installing high performance insulation of a loose, granular, moisture-resistant nature, suitable for providing insulation in walls, ceilings, or other cavities in traditional buildings, cabinets or other structures requiring thermal or sound insulation, in a practical, easy to manage, modular fashion. The method provides for the packaging of insulation material to be contained in an air-tight but moisture permeable material that traps the particulates but not moisture vapor.
Ncps Research, Llc

 Modular batch plant for granular products patent thumbnailModular batch plant for granular products
A portable processing plant for processing granular material is provided. The portable plant includes a plurality of portable processing modules configured to be stacked vertically to allow for a vertically downward progression of the generally granular material through the portable processing plant.
Red Flint Group, Llc

 Apparatus for separating a granular material from a conveying air stream patent thumbnailApparatus for separating a granular material from a conveying air stream
An apparatus for separating a granular material from a conveying air stream (5) comprising a deflecting surface (2) for the laden conveying air stream (5) against which flow may take place substantially tangentially is described. In order to allow advantageous separation conditions, it is proposed that the deflecting surface (2) adjoins a guiding surface (3) curved in the opposite direction in the flow direction for a largely laminar flow separation..
Wintersteiger Ag

 Oral hygiene products and  using the same patent thumbnailOral hygiene products and using the same
A chewing gum for highly efficient and quick plaque and tartar removal and inhibition including pure ascorbic acid crystals and/or granulars (vitamin c) and an enamel repairing composition such as a blend of hydroxyapatite crystals and sodium fluoride. The chewing gum can contain at least 20% of ascorbic acid without compromising the integrity of tooth enamel because hydroxyapatite will repair any damage to the enamel..
Dental Research, Inc.

System and assessing tissue after hypothermia

The amount of granulated tissue, e.g., heart tissue, in a patient who has received therapeutic hypothermia following, e.g., cardiac arrest or myocardial infarction is ascertained using, e.g., magnetic resonance imaging, and based on the amount of such granulated heart tissue, subsequent treatment of the patient is implemented.. .
Zoll Circulation, Inc.

Self-heating assembly with distributed reactant

A self-heating assembly includes a product container for holding a product to be heated and a heater container coupled to the product container. There is a reaction space between the product container and the heater container.
Tempra Technology, Inc.

Pet food

Provided is pet food containing granulated pellets, the pet food containing primary puffed pellets (a) and auxiliary puffed pellets (b), in which a difference in hardness between the primary puffed pellets (a) and the auxiliary puffed pellets (b) is 5 n or more.. .
Unicharm Corporation

Mat for pet toilet

A mat for pet toilet has a base material, belt-like protrusions that have flat planes having no adhesiveness on top portions on the base material, and are arranged side by side therebetween by providing concave grooves at an interval at which no pet trips and falls in places between the grooves, and adhesive layers provided in bottom portions of the concave grooves. Granular matters for pet toilet to be attached onto legs of a pet getting out of the pet toilet are dropped and separated from the pet while the pet walks on flat portions of the belt-like protrusions on the mat for pet toilet, by arranging the mat for pet toilet around the pet toilet, fall in the adhesive layers provided between the belt-like protrusions, and are adhesively captured, and thus are not scattered on the floor around the pet toilet..

Channel state feedback enhancement in downlink multiuser superposition transmission

A method of performing downlink multiuser superposition transmission (must) with enhanced channel state information (csi) feedback is proposed. When a user equipment (ue) reports cqi/sinr feedback for ri=rank-2, the ue also reports a single beam cqi/sinr feedback for ri=rank1.
Mediatek Inc.

Application centric centralized certificate management system for managing certificates across data centers

A system for managing one or more certificates on granular object level in one or more datacenters is provided. The system includes a discover module, an inventory module, a work order module, and a policy module.
Payoda Inc.

Design tools for converting a finfet circuit into a circuit including nanowires and 2d material strips

An integrated circuit design tool includes a cell library. An entry in the cell library comprises a specification of the cell including a first transistor and a second transistor.
Synopsys, Inc.

Unstructured data analytics systems and methods

An unstructured data analytics system, including: an unstructured data analytics algorithm resident on a server and accessible via a browser operable for receiving unstructured data from one or more remote sources, applying one or more analytical tools to the unstructured data, and displaying summary information to one or more users; wherein the summary information is displayed to the one or more users in a presentation layer, an exploration layer, and an annotation layer. The unstructured data analytics algorithm is also operable for receiving outside data from one or more remote sources.
Stratifyd, Inc.

System and dynamic granularity control of parallelized work in a portable computing device (pcd)

Systems and methods for dynamic granularity control of parallelized work in a heterogeneous multi-processor portable computing device (pcd) are provided. During operation a first parallelized portion of an application executing on the pcd is identified.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Melam granulate material and process for preparation thereof

Melam granulate materials include (i) melam particles, (ii) 0.5-8 wt. %, relative to the total weight of the melam granulate material, of a polymeric binding agent which bonds the melam particles to each other, and (iii) 0-12 wt.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Method for forming products from a flue gas desulfurization by-product and products formed thereby

Compositions and methods for producing a manufactured product, a method for making a liquid absorbent, and processes for disposal of flammable liquids with a flue gas desulfurization by-product. The compositions for the manufactured products combine a binder and the by-product.
Utter Technology, Llc

Paper bag

A paper sack for bulk material such as cement, gypsum, granulate, animal feed or similar, having a base, preferably a cross bottom or block bottom, and having an upper part which is disposed opposite the base and in which a valve tube is optionally arranged for filling the paper sack, wherein the paper sack has at least one paper layer having an overlap which is sealingly adhesively bonded toward the sack interior; and wherein the layer of the paper layer facing the sack interior has an air-permeable region in the region of the overlap which is covered by the layer of the paper layer facing the sack exterior. The at least one paper layer at least regionally has a water-repellent/water-tight coating facing the sack exterior..
Dy-pack Verpackungen Gustav Dyckerhoff Gmbh

Metering device for granular material

A metering device for granular material, includes a housing that can be arranged inside a container for the granular material. The housing has at least one inlet for the granular material and an outlet, which outlet can be closed by a sealing element.
Nowe Gmbh

Prefoaming of poly(meth)acrylimide particles for subsequent foam moulding in closed tools

The invention relates to a process for the production of prefoamed poly(meth)acrylimide (p(m)i) particles which can be further processed to give foam mouldings or composites. A feature of this process is that a polymer granulate is first heated and thus prefoamed in an apparatus by means of ir radiation of a wavelength suitable for this purpose.
Evonik Roehm Gmbh

Medium material and its preparation elimination of arsenic pollution from groundwater

The present invention relates to a medium material for eliminating arsenic pollution from groundwater, which is a granular material having an average particle diameter of 1 to 3 cm, prepared from manganese ore, meerschaum, straws, animal excrements, active sludge and active bacterium agent in a mass ratio of 1:0.2˜0.5:0.5˜1:0.2˜0.4:0.2˜0.4:0.0005˜0.002 via mixing, composting, carbonizing and crushing. The prevent invention also discloses a process for producing the above-mentioned medium material.
Chinese Research Academy Of Environmental Sciences

Orodispersible mannitol

Coagglomerates of mannitol, whose laser volume-average diameter d4,3 is between 1 and 200 μm, and of granular starch, are characterized in that they have a disintegration behaviour determined according to a test a such that the relaxation time measured is between 30 and 100 seconds and the swelling force is between 0.8 and 3.0 n.. .
Roquette Freres

Variable stiffness devices and methods of use

Variable stiffness devices and methods of their use are provided. In some embodiments, a variable stiffness device comprises an inner member defining a compartment for receiving an actuating fluid; an outer member disposed around the inner member; and a granular medium disposed between the inner member and the outer member; wherein the inner member is being moveable in a radial direction from a relaxed state to an expanded state by introducing the actuating fluid into the compartment of the inner member to compress the granular medium against the outer member to increase the stiffness of the device..
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Plant for the manufacture and/or preparation of confectionery masses, and a the cleaning of a plant for the manufacture and/or preparation of confectionery masses

The invention relates to a system for producing and/or preparing confectionery compounds from at least one liquid raw material and granular and/or powder raw materials. The system includes at least one first mixing container and at least one other product-processing device.
Netzsch-feinmahltechnik Gmbh

Virtual cultural attache

An approach is provided for presenting a translation of a message and a gesture to a sender of the message. A selection of the translation from multiple translations of the message in a language of a recipient of the message is received from the sender.
International Business Machines Corporation

Porous pavement for water quality and quantity management

A sorptive-filtration system for removing at least one of negatively or positively charged ions, complexes or particulates from an aqueous stream. The system includes a) flow formed substantially from at least one of rainfall-runoff or snowmelt-runoff; b) a filter containment communicating with the runoff stream such that at least part of the stream passes through the filter containment; and c) a granular filter media disposed within the filter containment, the filter media having an amphoteric material applied thereto, wherein the amphoteric material comprises a metal selected from at least one of fe, al, mn, or si..
Unit Process Technologies, Llc

Process for polymerization using dense and spherical ziegler-natta type catalyst

Some embodiments herein disclose a process for producing an ethylene polymer or copolymer which contains less than 5 ppm titanium and has a bulk density, in granular form, of at least 22.5 lbs/ft3, using a spheroidal ziegler-natta type olefin polymerization catalyst having a particle size distribution characterized by a dm*/dn of less than 3.0 and comprising a titanium compound, an aluminum compound, and a spheroidal magnesium chloride support.. .
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

Lightweight coated materials and use on engineering structures

The present invention relates to bituminous coated materials including a granular fraction and a binder, characterised in that in the granular fraction all or part of the elements are selected from among lightweight, non-absorbent aggregates with a density of less than 1.6 t/m3 and a water absorption coefficient of less than 15%. The invention also relates to the use of light, non-absorbent aggregates with a density of less than 1.6 t/m3 and a water absorption coefficient of 3% to 15% for the production of light bituminous coated materials.

Glass-making-quality granulated slag process

Glass-making-quality granulated slag particles can be defined within a certain particle size range. A process for forming glass-making-quality granulated slag includes collecting a molten slag flow, cold-water quenching the molten slag flow to create a granulated slag flow, drying the granulated slag flow, and size-screening the granulated slag flow to separate conforming glass-making-quality granulated slag from the granulated slag flow.

Method for producing granular polysilicon

Segregation of silicon granules in the fluidized bed production of polycrystalline silicon is achieved by successively transferring granular polycrystalline silicon through a plurality of vessels designed for funnel flow of granular material. The transfers may occur prior to introduction of feed particles into the reactor, or the enlarged granules from the reactor may be thus transferred to improve product size uniformity..
Wacker Chemie Ag

Granular material scoop and near-vertical lifting feeder/conveyor

An integrated granular-material scoop and near-vertical lifting feeder/conveyor includes special connections and skirts between a bullnose rotating scoop and an open-helical screw that provides the rotations and material lift and evacuation. A conical working-face of the bullnose rotating scoop has symmetrically distributed graters and vents to break loose and force-in granular material from natural deposits and cargo holds.

Method for producing monodisperse spherical granules

A method for producing monodisperse spherical granules includes heating a dispersed chemically active material that contains at least one rare-earth metal, melting the material in a pot to form a melt, forming a laminar jet when the melt flows through a die made of a high-melting metal, forming a flow of monodisperse drops when the jet disintegrates under an action of perturbations applied with a set frequency, collecting any granules formed after switching to a stationary granulation mode, wherein, before the melt is fed to the die, an outer surface of the melt is covered with a film of an oxide of a dispersed chemically active material, helium is bubbled within the melt, mechanical impurities are removed from the melt.. .

Gel-forming agent comprising sulfa agent and chitosan agent and having powdered dosage form

The present invention relates to a gel-forming agent comprising a sulfa agent and a chitosan agent and having a powdered dosage form. In addition, the present invention provides a kit comprising the gel-forming agent of the present invention and a method comprising a step for applying the gel-forming agent of the present invention.

Pharmaceutical composition containing clomipramine and preparation method therefor

The present invention provides a pharmaceutical formulation comprising clomipramine or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt (preferably, clomipramine hydrochloride) as the first active ingredient, and sildenafil or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt (preferably, sildenafil citrate) as the second active ingredient, wherein stability of clomipramine is improved, and a method for manufacturing this pharmaceutical formulation. In particular, the present invention provides a pharmaceutical formulation comprising the above two active ingredients and manufactured by using a wet granulation method, wherein stability of clomipramine is improved, and a method for manufacturing this pharmaceutical formulation..
Ctc Bio, Inc.

Midsole lattice with hollow tubes for footwear

An article of footwear includes an upper and a midsole connected to upper. The midsole includes a lattice structure with a plurality of laths.
Under Armour, Inc.

Dairy salt, its production and food products containing it

Processing of milk raw material produces a dairy salt. Preliminary treatment of the milk raw is carried out, with pasteurization and its concentration by nanofiltration through a filter with a pore size of 0.001-0.01 μm, subsequent filtration of the obtained nanofiltration permeate through a membrane module with a pore size of 0.0001-0.001 μm of a reverse osmosis unit, electrodialysis of the obtained ro retentate, concentration of the concentrate or its concentration and drying.
Wimm-bill-dann Ojsc

Image processing apparatus and image processing method

There is provided an image processing apparatus including circuitry configured to predict an image of a second layer from an image of a first layer using a lookup table which maps combinations of a luminance component, a first color difference component, and a second color difference component of the first layer to predicted pixel values of the second layer corresponding to the combinations. The second layer has a different color gamut from the first layer.
Sony Corporation

System and resource management

System and method for resource management are disclosed. These include receiving, by a virtualized network function (vnf) manger (vnfm) entity, from a network functions virtualization orchestrator (nfvo) entity a granting indication including a granting granularity in which the nfvo entity permits the vnfm entity to perform multiple vnf management operations for one or more vnfs, determining, by the vnfm entity, that a first vnf management operation is in a scope of permission based on the granting indication upon the first vnf management operation being triggered, and sending, by the vnfm entity, a first resource allocation request for the first vnf management operation to a virtual infrastructure manager (vim) entity..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

System and granular network access and accounting

A method and apparatus are provided in which network traffic is separated based on application, query, or other criteria. A first application is stored in a first control group in a resource isolation environment, the first control group being associated with a first policy.
Google Inc.

Radiation shielding sheet

A radiation shielding sheet of the present invention includes a fiber and a granular radiation shielding material, in which the fiber and the radiation shielding material are integrally formed into the shape of a sheet.. .
Tomoegawa Co., Ltd.

System and spatial clustering using multiple-resolution grids

Methods and systems for clustering objects using geohash grids. The clusters are typically displayed on an interactive map.
Verint Systems Ltd.

Post backup catalogs

A method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for processing data. In some embodiments, this includes analyzing a first container at a block level, determining a first level of granularity based on the analysis of the first container, based on the first level of granularity, identifying a first set of data objects, storing metadata of the first set of data objects in a recovery catalog, based on the first set of data objects, identifying a second container, analyzing the second container at a block level, determining a second level of granularity based on the analysis of the second container, based on the second level of granularity, identifying a second set of data objects, storing metadata of the second set of data objects in the recovery catalog, wherein the recovery catalog is stored in a storage device..
Emc Corporation

Algal-sludge granule for wastewater treatment and bioenergy feedstock generation

A granular or particulate composition of matter that includes algae and bacteria is described. The algal-sludge granules are generated by incubating a wastewater system with algae under specific quiescent conditions with illumination.
University Of Massachusetts

Coated granular filtration media

A coated granular filtration medium is formed by the deposition of an electrolyte layer onto core particles. The electrolyte layer comprises a cationic polyelectrolyte.
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, Llc

Immediate release abuse-deterrent granulated dosage forms

Described are immediate release oral dosage forms that contain abuse-deterrent features. In particular, the disclosed dosage forms provide deterrence of abuse by ingestion of multiple individual doses.
Cima Labs Inc.

Activated carbon for smoking articles

A smoking article includes a smokable material and a filter downstream of the smokable material. The filter includes activated carbon material having a bet of between 1000 and 2000 m2/g and exhibiting less particle breakthrough than granulated coconut shell derived activated carbon currently used for filters of smoking articles..
Philip Morris Products, S.a.

Excrement-treating material and manufacturing same

An excrement-treating material has a core part, and a surface layer bonded to the core part by utilizing the adhesion ability of a water-absorbable polymer in the surface layer without using an adhesive. The excrement-treating material suitably exerts the water absorbability and water transport ability inherent to the surface layer.
Unicharm Corporation

Motorized material broadcast spreader apparatus

A powered material broadcast spreader apparatus. The apparatus may include a granular material hopper having one or more upwardly extending walls that partially enclose an interior volume of the hopper.
Exmark Manufacturing Company, Incorporated

Granular instant import of replicated vtl cartridge into a backup catalog

Methods, systems, and computer program product embodiments for cataloging data in a backup storage environment, by a processor device, are provided. In a storage system using tape library data replication between an originating site and one or more backup sites, data catalog data is replicated between the originating site and the backup site such that replicated data moved from the originating site to the backup site is placed into a catalog duplicative of the originating site..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for transaction controlled sampling of distributed heterogeneous transactions without source code modifications

A system and method for tracing individual transactions on method call granularity is disclosed. The system uses instrumentation based transaction tracing mechanisms to enhance thread call stack sampling mechanisms by a) only sampling threads executing monitored transactions while execution is ongoing b) tagging sampled call stacks with a transaction id for correlation of sampled call stacks with instrumentation bases tracing data.
Dynatrace Llc

Use of a laser measuring system and a pulse gas flow to enable a feedback controlled mold powder application

Disclosed is a method of using laser sensors to measure the top surface of the granular flux powder height at the top of the continuous caster. Additionally, the laser sensor measures the height of the underlying sintered or liquid flux level absent the powder.
Infosight Corporation

Material spreading systems and methods

A material spreading system including a spreader and a tote, and related methods, are disclosed. The spreader may include a frame attachable to a loading machine such as a skid loader, an inlet for receiving a material, one or more connector members, and a discharge mechanism configured to selectively discharge the material onto the ground.
Apply Right, Llc

Method for preparing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (hpmcas) grains having controlled grain size distribution, and hpmcas powder

Disclosed are a method for preparing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (hpmcas) grains and hpmcas grains. The disclosed method for preparing hpmcas grains comprises: a step of esterifying hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc), acetic anhydride, and succinic anhydride in a reaction medium in the presence of a catalyst so as to obtain a reaction solution containing hpmcas (esterification step); and a step of continuously or intermittently putting the reaction solution into water so as to form grains (granulating step)..
Lotte Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Through coolant machine tool having anti-vibration system

A vibration dampening through coolant tool holder for machining operations, has an internal chamber within which a vibration dampening mass member is supported by resilient buffer members. The vibration dampening mass member has inner and outer tubular members that define a particulate chamber therebetween.

Method and enforcing realtime access controls for endpoints

An approach is described for provisioning and enforcing realtime granular access controls for endpoints. The approach involves enforcing realtime access controls, via a privileged access management appliance, of a plurality of accessors, endpoints, and approvers, to provide for securing, controlling, auditing, and reporting of access to endpoints..
Bomgar Corporation

System and method using a simplified xml format for real-time content publication

A system and method for delivering content in real-time using advanced messaging technology that reduces the risk of content being lost or dropped in transmission. The system and method utilize a custom, simplified xml format to deliver real-time textual, numeric, and metadata content directly to subscribers.
S&p Global Inc.

High temperature electrolysis glow discharge method

The present invention provides a glow discharge assembly that includes an electrically conductive cylindrical screen, a flange assembly, an electrode, an insulator and a non-conductive granular material. The electrically conductive cylindrical screen has an open end and a closed end.
Foret Plasma Labs, Llc

Methods and systems for analyzing anatomy from multiple granularity levels

A method, computer system and computer readable storage medium for searching for one or more images having a region of interest similar to the region of a subject, including: receiving imaging data comprising a plurality of image elements of the region of interest of the subject; segmenting the imaging data of the region of interest of the subject into a plurality of sub-regions corresponding to various structures at a plurality of levels of granularity, the plurality of levels of granularity having a relationship such that a level of granularity has fewer structures at a lower level of granularity; and calculating at each of the plurality of levels of granularity an abnormality factor or risk factor for the segmented various structures of said region of interest, to provide a segmented said region of interest of said subject with at least one of said abnormality factor or risk factor associated therewith.. .
The Johns Hopkins University

Granular replication of volume subsets

Data is replicated on a backup node, where the granularity of the replication can be less than a full volume. A data consistency group comprising a subset of data for a volume is defined for a primary node.
Netapp, Inc.

Systems and methods to process block-level backup for selective file restoration for virtual machines

A data storage system protects virtual machines using block-level backup operations and restores the data at a file level. The system accesses the virtual machine file information from the file allocation table of the host system underlying the virtualization layer.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Authenticated down-sampling of time-series data

A method of down-sampling time-series data may include receiving energy usage data representative of energy usage of a customer during a specified period. The energy usage data may be signed with a digital signature of a utility.
Fujitsu Limited

Device and producing an expanded granular material

The invention also relates to a method for producing an expanded granulate from sand-grain-shaped mineral material.. .

Easily-plated pc/abs alloy and its preparation method

The present invention relates to an easily-plated pc/abs alloy and its preparation method. The pc/abs alloy includes following components: 30-70 parts by weight (pbw) of pc resin, 15-65 pbw of abs resin, 5-10 pbw of peo resin, 0.1-1 pbw of antioxidant, and 0.1-1 pbw of lubricant.
Shanghai Kumhosunny Plastics Co., Ltd

Anti-pacap antibodies and uses thereof

The present invention is directed to antagonistic antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof having binding specificity for pacap. These antibodies inhibit, block or neutralize at least one biological effect associated with pacap, e.g., vasodilation.
Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Coatings and additives containing fatty acids, salts of fatty acids, or similar compounds, for use as de-dust and/or anti-caking agents for granular products

Coatings and additives including a fatty acid or salt of fatty acid for application to granules. The coatings or additives can be applied to granules of, for example, fertilizer or animal feed.
The Mosaic Company

Refractory coarse ceramic product and producing the same and its use

A refractory, coarse ceramic product including at least one granular refractory material, has an open porosity of between 22 and 45 vol.-%, in particular of between 23 and 29 vol.-%, and a grain structure of the refractory material, wherein the medium grain size fraction with grain sizes of between 0.1 and 0.5 mm is 10 to 55 wt.-%, in particular 35 to 50 wt.-%, and wherein the remainder of the grain structure is a finest grain fraction with grain sizes of up to 0.1 mm and/or coarse-grain fraction with grain sizes of more than 0.5 mm.. .
Refratechnik Holding Gmbh

Peel and stick waterproofing material

Disclosed is waterproofing sheeting that uses a polyester layer that provides high lateral stability and puncture resistance. The waterproof sheeting can be used in many applications including waterproof roof underlayments, waterproof sheeting for foundations, underlayment for tile and flooring and various other applications.
Tamko Building Products, Inc.

Biodegradable thermoplastic moulding and extrusion compounds made from biomass

The present invention is directed to a method of making thermoplastic granulates. A comminuted biomass is mixed with a lignin swellant such that the content of substances soluble in diethyl ether is at least 3.0% and ground and processed in a compounding extruder equipped with compaction, heating, cooling venting and grinding zones to form thermoplastic dry blends and granulates..

Method for producing a green compact from a powdered or ganular material

A method for producing a green compact from a powdered or granular material is disclosed. An embodiment of the method includes moving a fill shoe, which is filled with powdered or granular material, by an adjusting device from a first park position to a first end position.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Radio resource optimization and management method, centralized controller and device

The present invention provides a radio resource optimization and management method, a centralized controller, and a base station. In the method, the centralized controller determines a work status series and a work policy series of each cell during a first time period; and sends the work status series and the work policy series of each cell to each cell, so that each cell adjusts resources of this cell according to the work status series and the work policy series, thereby enhancing a network kpi at a large time granularity by means of distributed cell coordination while ensuring local kpi performance of each cell.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Network optimization system, device, and method

The present invention provides a network optimization system, device, and method, including: determining, by a radio resource management functional entity, radio resource statistical data that is based on a tti time granularity, acquiring radio resource configuration information, and managing a radio resource of a cell in which the radio resource management functional entity is located; determining, by a distributed optimization functional entity, first time granularity data and a first key performance index kpi, determining first reference configuration information, determining a first optimization plan according to the first statistical data and the first reference configuration information, and optimizing the first kpi; and determining, by a centralized optimization functional entity, second statistical data that is based on a second time granularity, and a second kpi, determining second reference configuration information, determining, according to the second statistical data and the second reference configuration information.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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