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 Method for feeding back channel state in wireless communication system and device therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Method for feeding back channel state in wireless communication system and device therefor
Disclosed herein is a sounding method of a station (sta) for sending feedback information about a downlink (dl) channel state in a wireless lan (wlan) system. The sounding method includes receiving an ndp announcement (ndpa) frame providing notification of the transmission of a null data packet (ndp) frame; receiving the ndp frame; receiving a trigger frame comprising resource allocation information allocated to the sta; generating feedback information using the ndp frame; and sending a feedback frame comprising feedback information through uplink (ul) multi-user (mu) transmission using a frequency resource indicated by the resource allocation information.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Key management for compromised enterprise endpoints patent thumbnailnew patent Key management for compromised enterprise endpoints
Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited

 Methods and systems for widget optimizer patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for widget optimizer
Aspects of the present disclosure are presented for advertisers in e-marketing campaigns to specify with greater granularity and control where and on what websites their advertisements may be placed on publisher websites, through a third party advertising platform. The advertisers utilizing this functionality may be able to improve their advertising effectiveness by having more control, such as eliminating placement of ads that have been shown to generate poor marketing results, or increasing placement onto websites that have been shown to have effective marketing results.
Revcontent, Llc

 System and  conditionally updating an item with attribute granularity patent thumbnailnew patent System and conditionally updating an item with attribute granularity
A system that implements a scaleable data storage service may maintain tables in a non-relational data store on behalf of clients. Each table may include multiple items.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Radiating fin formed of aluminum alloy and  producing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Radiating fin formed of aluminum alloy and producing the same
An aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity without requiring an addition of metal elements such as iron and a method for producing the aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is obtained from a semi-solid material with a chemical composition containing 2 to 6 wt % of silicon (si) and 0.7 wt % or less of magnesium (mg), with the balance being aluminum (al) and unavoidable impurities.
Asanuma Giken Co., Ltd.

 Production  granular metallic iron patent thumbnailnew patent Production granular metallic iron
This method is for producing granular metallic iron in which the relation between the mass ratio (mass %) of the volatile matter content contained in a carbonaceous reducing agent and the average gas flow rate (m/s) of the ambient gas in a heating furnace fulfills expression (1). Mass ratio of volatile matter content≦−4.62×average gas flow rate+46.7 .
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

 Carbonate-bonded construction products from steel-making residues and  making the same patent thumbnailnew patent Carbonate-bonded construction products from steel-making residues and making the same
A building product is made from granular material and a binder that includes steel slag. A process for making the building product includes combining the granular material and the binder and then curing the combined granular material and binder with carbon dioxide.
The Royal Insitution For The Advancement Of Learning/mcgill University

 Reduction of the amount of sulphur compounds in a sulphur compounds contaminated wastewater stream using a granular sludge treatment system patent thumbnailnew patent Reduction of the amount of sulphur compounds in a sulphur compounds contaminated wastewater stream using a granular sludge treatment system
The invention relates to a process for reducing the amount of sulphur compounds in a sulphur compounds contaminated wastewater stream, using a granular sludge treatment system (10) comprising anaerobic microorganisms, wherein the process comprises the steps of adding an aqueous nitrate solution to the wastewater stream, contacting the wastewater stream with the anaerobic microorganisms, and anoxic oxidation of at least part of the sulphur compounds in the sulphur compounds contaminated wastewater stream by the anaerobic microorganisms, resulting in a sulphur compounds depleted wastewater stream. The invention furthermore relates to such a granular sludge treatment system (10)..
Yara International Asa

 Method for preparing ultrahigh-purity silicon carbide powder patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preparing ultrahigh-purity silicon carbide powder
The present invention relates to a method for preparing an ultrahigh-purity silicon carbide powder, more particularly to a method for preparing an ultrahigh-purity silicon carbide granular powder by preparing a gel wherein a silicon compound and a carbon compound are uniformly dispersed via a sol-gel process using a liquid state silicon compound and a solid or liquid state carbon compound of varying purities as raw materials, preparing a silicon dioxide-carbon (sio2—c) composite by pyrolyzing the prepared gel, preparing a silicon carbide-silicon dioxide-carbon (sic—sio2—c) composite powder via two-step carbothermal reduction of the prepared silicon dioxide-carbon composite, adding a silicon metal and then conducting carbonization and carbothermal reduction at the same time by heat treating, thereby growing the synthesized silicon carbide particle with an increased yield of the silicon carbide.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

 Peel and stick waterproofing material patent thumbnailnew patent Peel and stick waterproofing material
Disclosed is waterproofing sheeting that uses a polyester layer that provides high lateral stability and puncture resistance. The waterproof sheeting can be used in many applications including waterproof roof underlayments, waterproof sheeting for foundations, underlayment for tile and flooring and various other applications.
Tamiko Building Products, Inc.

new patent

Post-consumer scrap film recycling system and process

A system for processing a supply of post-consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The system includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film.
Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc.

new patent

Desulphurisation material comprising copper supported on zinc oxide

A particulate desulfurization material includes one or more copper compounds supported on a zinc oxide support material, wherein the desulfurization material has a copper content in the range 0.1 to 5.0% by weight and a tapped bulk density ≧1.55 kg/l. The material is obtained by (i) mixing a powdered copper compound with a particulate zinc support material comprising zinc oxide and one or more precursors that form zinc oxide upon calcination, and one or more binders to form a copper-containing composition, (ii) shaping the copper-containing composition by granulation, and (iii) drying and calcining the resulting granulated material..
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

new patent

Fast dissolving granulate

The invention relates to a fast dissolving granulate obtainable by spray-dying of a composition comprising a dry methanolic or ethanolic extract of valerian root, a dry methanolic extract of hop strobiles, optionally a carrier, one or more artificial sweeteners, one or more flavoring agents, optionally an acidifier and water for the treatment of sleep disorders, wherein the said granulate is to be administered upon dissolution in water or an aqueous beverage shortly before bedtime.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

new patent

Smokeless tobacco product comprising effervescent composition

The invention provides an smokeless tobacco composition adapted for oral use, the composition including a tobacco material and an effervescent material. The effervescent material includes an acid component and a base component, wherein the acid component includes a triprotic acid such as citric acid and at least one additional acid.
R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

Heating device for fluids and manufacturing such a heating device

A method and a heating device (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100) for fluids are provided. The device includes a tubular metal jacket (101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, 1001, 1101), a heating element (102, 202, 302, 312, 402, 502, 602, 702, 802, 902, 1002, 1102) and a control/regulating element (103, 203, 303, 403, 420, 503, 620, 720, 803, 903, 1003, 1103) for the heating element.
TÜrk & Hillinger Gmbh

Uplink design for narrowband lte (nb-lte)

Aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques for wireless communications by a base station. An example method generally includes allocating uplink resources to one or more first type of user equipments (ues) that communicate with the bs on a first frequency band that is narrower than a second frequency band used to communicate with a second type of ue, wherein the uplink resources may be allocated with a same or different symbol duration and same or different time granularity as uplink resources allocated to the second type of ue and with single subcarriers allocated to the first type of ues, and receiving uplink transmissions from the first type of ue on the allocated resources..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Client-configured server class tracing to a configurable threshold

A user-device configured server code trace request that specifies an element identifier of a specified user-device interface element served by a server and a server code tracing depth specified by a user of a user device is received at the server device from the user device served by the server device. Using the specified element identifier, a granular server code trace of server code scoped to the specified server code tracing depth and scoped to a portion of the server code utilized in association with the specified user-device interface element is configured.
International Business Machines Corporation

Growing layers for protecting metal interconnects of solid oxide fuel cells

A growing method of layers for protecting metal interconnects of solid oxide fuel cells includes the steps of: processing a pre-heating or a pre-oxidation and pre-heating procedure upon a metal interconnect, providing several granulated powder groups with individual particle size distributions, selecting one of the granulated powder groups, sending granulated powders of the selected powder group into a high speed high temperature plasma flame, melting the selected granulated powders by the high speed high temperature plasma flame, impacting the metal interconnect by the melted powders with high speeds, and forming a protective layer and a middle layer on the metal interconnect, in which the middle layer is sandwiched between the protective layer and the metal interconnect. The combination of the protective layer, the middle layer and the spinel layer provides a way to reduce the surface ohmic resistance of the metal interconnect and the extent of cr induced cathode poisoning.
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan

Method of manufacturing non-aqueous liquid electrolyte secondary battery

A method of manufacturing a non-aqueous liquid electrolyte secondary battery is to manufacture a non-aqueous liquid electrolyte secondary battery including a positive electrode mixture layer containing a lithium-containing transition metal oxide as a positive electrode active material. The manufacturing method includes: mixing the positive electrode active material and an aromatic nitrile compound such that a mass ratio of the aromatic nitrile compound to the positive electrode active material is not less than 0.1% by mass and not more than 4% by mass, to prepare a mixture; mixing the mixture, a conductive material, a binder, and a solvent to prepare a granular body; and disposing the granular body on a surface of a positive electrode collector to form at least a part of the positive electrode mixture layer..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Thermoelectric conversion material and thermoelectric conversion module

The present invention provides a thermoelectric conversion material that has low thermal conductivity and that is stable at a high temperature, and a thermoelectric conversion module using the same. The thermoelectric conversion material includes a granular base material including a semiconductor, a fine particle with a guest material distributed in the granular base material, and a binder with the guest material on a grain boundary of the granular base material.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Magnetic recording medium

A magnetic recording medium includes a substrate, a seed layer, an under layer, and a perpendicular recording layer having a granular structure. (ms·αδ1.5(1−rs)0.33), ms, and α satisfy (ms·α·δ1.5(1−rs)0.33)≦0.1 [μ·emu·(mm)−1.5], ms≧450 [emu/cc], and α≧1.2.
Sony Corporation

Soft decision audio decoding system

A soft decision audio decoding system for preserving audio continuity in a digital wireless audio receiver is provided that deduces the likelihood of errors in a received digital signal, based on generated hard bits and soft bits. The soft bits may be utilized by a soft audio decoder to determine whether the digital signal should be decoded or muted.
Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

Computer-implemented system for hierarchical unconstraining in data processes

Exemplary embodiments are generally directed to methods, mediums, and systems for correcting censored or constrained historical data with various possible types of computing devices, including cloud-based devices, personal computing devices, and edge-based devices. The corrected data may be used in forecasting, for example to forecast demand for a limited resource.
Sas Institute Inc.

Scale for weighing parcels

Weighing system (fig. 3, fig.
Raf Technology, Inc.

Superhard constructions and methods of making same

A superhard polycrystalline construction comprises a body of polycrystalline superhard material formed of a mass of superhard grains exhibiting inter-granular bonding and defining a plurality of interstitial regions therebetween, the superhard grains having an associated mean free path; and a non-superhard phase at least partially filling a plurality of the interstitial regions and having an associated mean free path. The average grain size of the superhard grains is less than or equal to 25 microns; and the ratio of the standard deviation in the mean free path associated with the non-superhard phase to the mean of the mean free path associated with the non-superhard phase is greater than or equal to 80% when measured using image analysis techniques at a magnification of 1000.
Element Six Abrasives S.a.

Titanium alloys for biomedical applications and fabrication methods thereof

Alloys of titanium with 20-22 at. % niobium and 12-13 at.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Biochar and fly ash germination accelerant system

A biochar and fly ash germination accelerant system for improving soil conditions for seed germination and growth. The biochar and fly ash germination accelerant system generally includes a base material comprised of activated carbon in a granular material state and a liming material combined with the base material.
Ag Energy Solutions, Inc.

Method for partially coating a surface of an object

The invention relates to a method for partially coating a surface of an object, comprising the following steps: (a) optional hydrophobization of the surface of the object; (b) partial application of (b1) a liquid and subsequent application of a powderous or granular substance or (b2) a solution or suspension of said powderous or granular substance in a liquid; (c) drying the surface to form spatially-delimited salt or powder crusts; (d) coating the surface with at least one layer of a metal or a metal compound; and (e) removing the salt or powder crusts that have been produced. The invention also relates to products that have been produced according to the claimed method..

Apparatus, systems, and methods for pre-heating feedstock to a melter using melter exhaust

Feedstock supply structure apparatus, including an exhaust conduit fluidly and mechanically connectable to a structure defining a melting chamber, the exhaust conduit positioned at an angle to vertical ranging from 0 to about 90 degrees. The exhaust conduit may include a heat exchange substructure, or the conduit itself may serve as a heat exchanger.
Johns Manville

Sanitary high pressure aerator valve assembly

A sanitary high pressure valve assembly is provided. The valve assembly includes an inlet adaptor for admitting pressurized gas into a sanitary central passageway for release into a storage vessel containing granular material for the purpose of aiding flow of the granular material from the storage vessel.
Control Concepts, Inc.

Polycrystalline diamond, methods of forming same, cutting elements, and earth-boring tools

A method of forming polycrystalline diamond includes providing an alloy over at least portions of a plurality of diamond particles, and subjecting the plurality of diamond particles to a high-temperature, high-pressure process to form a polycrystalline diamond material having inter-granular bonds between adjacent diamond particles. The alloy includes iridium and nickel, and a volume of the diamond particles is at least about 92% of a total volume of the alloy and the diamond particles.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Solid dosage form of rivaroxaban and methods for making the same

The present invention discloses a pharmaceutical composition that includes rivaroxaban and one or more excipient in a solid dosage form and methods for making the same. Methods for making compositions of the present invention includes powderizing rivaroxaban by centrifugal wet granulation to form compositions suitable for solid oral dosage form.

Liquid lactase compositions

The invention provides an aqueous liquid lactase formulation comprising lactase and further comprising sodium, calcium or potassium-l-lactate or a combination thereof and optionally a sugar, and/or optionally comprising sodium or potassium chloride or a combination thereof, preferably wherein the concentration of each of the components is such that the water activity aw is at most 0.82. The formulation is particularly suitable when using invertase-free lactase, allowing the use of sucrose as stabilizer.
Dsm Ip Assetss B.v.

Security management in a networked computing environment

An approach for addressing (e.g., preventing) detected network intrusions in a virtualized/networked (e.g., cloud) computing environment is provided. In a typical embodiment, users may group components/systems of an environment/domain according to a range of security sensitivity levels/classifications.
International Business Machines Corporation

Granularity-focused distributed system hierarchical health evaluation

A scalable hierarchical health model provides granularly focused evaluations of the health of the health of distributed computational components, e.g., cluster, nodes, applications, services, and the like. A health entity represents a health state of a corresponding computational component.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Interactive approach for managing risk and transparency

A network interface accesses project data, wherein the project data comprises a metric for a project. A processor determines a project completeness based on the project data.
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

Methods of fabricating polycrystalline diamond, and cutting elements and earth-boring tools comprising polycrystalline diamond

Methods of fabricating polycrystalline diamond include subjecting a particle mixture to high pressure and high temperature (hpht) conditions to form inter-granular diamond-to-diamond bonds. Before being subjected to hpht conditions, the particle mixture includes a plurality of non-diamond nanoparticles, diamond nanoparticles, and diamond grit.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Powder and granule, process for making such powder and granule, and use thereof

The present invention is directed towards a process for making a powder or granule containing (a) at least one chelating agent selected from methyl glycine diacetic acid (mgda) and glutamic acid diacetate (glda) and iminodisuccinic acid (ids) and their respective alkali metal salts, (b) at least one homo- or copolymer of (meth)acrylic acid, partially or fully neutralized with alkali, said process comprising the steps of (a) mixing the at least one chelating agent (a) and the at least one homo- or copolymer (b) in the presence of water, (b) removing most of said water by spray-drying or spray granulation using a gas with an inlet temperature of at least 125° c.. .
Basf Se

Composition for capture, removal and recovery of chemical substances, compounds and mixtures

A composition for capturing, removing, and in some cases recovering a pollutant or raw material wherein the composition includes a polymeric material, one or more metal or nonmetal materials in granular form, and preferably a small amount of a salt material.. .

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