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Ranula patents

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System, method and apparatus for creating an electrical glow discharge

Foret Plasma Labs

System, method and apparatus for creating an electrical glow discharge

Resin delivery system with air flow regulator

Resin delivery system with air flow regulator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Methods and  adaptive time keeping for multiple timers patent thumbnailMethods and adaptive time keeping for multiple timers
A timer distribution module supports multiple timers and comprises: a command decoder arranged to determine expiration times of a plurality of timers; and a timer link list distribution adapter, llda, operably coupled to the command decoder. The llda is arranged to: receive a time reference from a master clock; receive timer data from the command decoder wherein the timer data comprises at least one timer expiration link list; construct a plurality of timer link lists based on at least one of: the timer expiration link list, at least one configurable timing barrier; dynamically split the link list timer data into a plurality of granularities based on the timer expiration link list; and output the dynamically split link list timer data..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 System,  creating an electrical glow discharge patent thumbnailSystem, creating an electrical glow discharge
The present invention provides system, method and apparatus for creating an electric glow discharge that includes a first and second electrically conductive screens having substantially equidistant a gap between them, one or more insulators attached to the electrically conductive screens, and a non-conductive granular material disposed within the gap. The electric glow discharge is created whenever: (a) the first electrically conductive screen is connected to an electrical power source such that it is a cathode, the second electrically conductive screen is connected to the electrical power supply such that it is an anode, and the electrically conductive fluid is introduced into the gap, or (b) both electrically conductive screens are connected to the electrical power supply such they are the cathode, and the electrically conductive fluid is introduced between both electrically conductive screens and an external anode connected to the electrical power supply..
Foret Plasma Labs, Llc

 Resin delivery system with air flow regulator patent thumbnailResin delivery system with air flow regulator
Apparatus and methods for conveying granular plastic resin from a supply to receivers that retain and dispense the resin when needed by process machine include a vacuum pump, an air flow limiter connected to the suction head of the vacuum pump, a first conduit connecting the receivers to the air flow limiter, and a second conduit connecting the resin supply to the receivers.. .

 ProducciÓn de un nuevo excipiente celulÓsico aglomerado multipropÓsito patent thumbnailProducciÓn de un nuevo excipiente celulÓsico aglomerado multipropÓsito
The invention relates to the process for producing a novel multi-purpose agglomerated cellulosic excipient. This excipient replaces many ingredients in the production of tablets due to the fact that it functions as a diluent, a disintegrating agent and an agglutinant, all in the same material.
Universidad De Antioquia

 Water dispersible granule composition patent thumbnailWater dispersible granule composition
A water dispersible granular composition comprising: i. Microcapsules comprising of: a.

 Efficient file management through granular opportunistic locking patent thumbnailEfficient file management through granular opportunistic locking
Improved methods and systems for granular opportunistic locking mechanisms (oplocks) are provided for increasing file caching efficiency. Oplocks can be specified with a combination of three possible granular caching intentions: read, write, and/or handle.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Service-based communication network evaluation patent thumbnailService-based communication network evaluation
The embodiment of the present document discloses a service-based communication network evaluation method and apparatus. The method comprises: obtaining basic network data on a network element management system (ems); and sending an evaluation execution command to the ems to obtain service type data required by a service to be evaluated and single-point network element data on a service link, and evaluating these data according to an evaluation rule of a preset evaluation item, so as to obtain a service evaluation result with the service as granularity.
Zte Corporation

 Password accessible microelectronic memory patent thumbnailPassword accessible microelectronic memory
A microelectronic memory may be password access protected. A controller may maintain a register with requirements for accessing particular memory locations to initiate a security protocol.
Micron Technology, Inc.

 Tiered caching and migration in differing granularities patent thumbnailTiered caching and migration in differing granularities
For data processing in a computing storage environment by a processor device, the environment incorporating at least high-speed and lower-speed caches, and managed tiered levels of storage, groups of data segments are migrated between the tiered levels of storage such that clumped uniformly hot ones of the groups of data segments are migrated to use a solid state drive (ssd) portion of the tiered levels of storage; uniformly hot groups of data segments are determined using a first, largest granulated, heat map for a selected one of the group of the data segments; a second heat map, which is smaller than the first and having the largest granularity of the first heat map, is used to determine the clumped hot groups; and sparsely hot groups are determined when neither the first heat map nor the second heat map are hotter than the first and second predetermined thresholds, respectively.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Processor with granular add immediates capability & methods patent thumbnailProcessor with granular add immediates capability & methods
A processor can address a double-word sized memory space (e.g., 64 bit addressing). The processor can be configured to decode a series of three instructions that cause 48 bits of an arbitrary 64 bit immediate value to be constructed in a register and a fourth instruction that completes the 64-bit value and branches to or accesses a memory location determined used the 64-bit value in the register.
Imagination Technologies Limited


Method and consolidation of granular silicon and measuring non-metals content

Apparatus and methods for consolidating granular silicon and determining trace elements content of the consolidated silicon are disclosed. Silicon granules are placed in a vessel, and a silicon slug of known purity is embedded at least partially in the granules.
Rec Silicon Inc


Method for manufacturing biodegradable moldings in particular tableware and packages

Method for manufacturing biodegradable moldings, in particular tableware and packages, with application of the method of evoking the water vapor pressure inside the mold consists in that loose bran, preferably the wheat bran, of granulation from 0.01 up to 2.80 mm in the amount of 95-100% of weight containing more than 14% of water structurally bound in the form of moisture, if needed, is mixed in the dry form with additional substances in the amount of up to 5% of weight in total, and the measured amount of dry material obtained in that way is placed in one of the parts of multipart mold, then the mold is closed and the mixture is subject to the simultaneous operation of temperature and pressure of the scope 1-10 mpa. The mold is heated up to temperature above 120° c., then the mold is closed, and then is depressurised, thus forming a gap between the edges of the mold not wider than 0.5 mm, and then the mold, if needed, is closed again, and the depressurisation cycles are repeated.
Aston Investment Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia


Porous graft copolymer particles, producing same, and adsorbent material using same

Provided are graft copolymer particles enabling introduction of adsorptive functional groups adsorbing metals and others, a method for producing same, and an adsorbent using same. (1) porous graft copolymer particles containing graft chains introduced into porous particles (particle surface having an average pore diameter of 0.01-50 μm) including at least one resin selected from olefin resins, water-insoluble modified polyvinyl alcohol resins, amide resins, cellulosic resins, chitosan resins and (meth)acrylate resins.
Kuraray Co., Ltd.


Vitreous body surgical probe and manufacturing same

A vitreous body surgical probe that forms an inner surface and an outer surface of a distal part of a probe body into flat surfaces and prevents a hole in the distal part from remaining a vitreous body surgical probe has a probe body (11), an outer surface (14b) and an inner surface (14a) of a distal part (14) of the probe body are flat surfaces, and at least part of the distal part (14) is a granular structure (18) formed by melting by energy beam irradiation and then solidifying. The distal part (14) may have an inclined surface forming a desired angle with respect to an axial direction of the probe body (11)..
Mani, Inc.


Input-controllable dynamic cross-connect

A multiplexer capable of automatically and dynamically selecting a correct or the best input out of a pre-configurable set of alternative inputs, based on the current status of the alternative inputs. An input status-sensitive, dynamic, m-by-m digital cross-connect can be formed out of an arrangement of m (an integer) instances of such input-controllable dynamic m:1 multiplexers.


Adaptive field and frame identification

Adaptively indicating field and frame encoding of coded pictures, such as but not necessarily limited to those transmitted in accordance with high efficiency video coding (hevc) (iso/iec 23008-2)/itu-t recommendation h.265, is contemplated. The field and frame encoding indications may be provided at various levels of granularity, such as on a per picture basis, a per slice basis and/or a per slice segment basis..
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.


Embedded mask patterning process for fabricating magnetic media and other structures

In some examples, a method comprising depositing a functional layer (e.g., a magnetic layer) over a substrate; depositing a granular layer over the functional layer, the granular layer including a first material defining a plurality of grains separated by a second material defining grain boundaries of the plurality of grains; removing the second material from the granular layer such that the plurality of grains of the granular layer define a hard mask layer on the functional layer; and removing portions of the functional layer not masked by the hard mask layer, wherein the depositing of the functional layer, the depositing of the granular layer, removing the second material, and removing the portions of the functional layer are performed in a vacuum environment.. .
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota


Graphene composite fiber and manufacturing the same

Disclosed is a graphene composite fiber and a method for manufacturing the same. The graphene composite fiber includes a polymer material and graphene sheets which are 1˜10% by weight of the graphene composite fiber, each having a modified layer with first organic functional groups and second organic functional groups for forming chemical bonds with the surface of the graphene sheet and the polymer material, respectively.
Enerage Inc.


Concentrate treatment system

One aspect of the invention provides a system for treating wastestream, particularly a liquid or aqueous radwaste, for safe disposal and, in final processing, converting it into one or both forms including an aqueous form for safe discharge to the environment and a solidified form for safe disposal. Another aspect provides the capacity to employ a step where a specific target element strategy can be set up synchronizing sorbent substance choices and multiple recycle options to remove target substances from wastestream as a part of its sorption or powder sorbent isotopic reduction step (ii).
Diversified Technologies Services, Inc.


Perpendicular magnetic recording disk with template layer formed of a blend of nanoparticles

A continuous-media perpendicular magnetic recording disk has a granular recording layer (rl) with controlled grain pitch distribution and controlled long range ordering of the grains. The disk includes a substrate with a template layer for the rl that comprises a blend of at least two different sized nanoparticles.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Creating and managing granular relationships on an online social network

This disclosure provides some implementations of methods, apparatus, systems, and computer program products for creating and managing granular relationships on an online social network. In some implementations, a request to generate an information feed is associated with configuration information, which identifies a source of information updates.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Method for managing flash memories having mixed memory types using a finely granulated allocation of logical memory addresses to physical memory addresses

A method manages a flash memory for a computer system having flash chips divided into separately erasable physical memory blocks with a limited maximum erasure frequency. The memory blocks are divided into writable pages being subdivided into addressable subpages.
Hyperstone Gmbh


Method for manufacturing carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer, carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer, carrier for electrophotographic developer, and electrophotographic developer

This invention is directed to a method for manufacturing carrier core particles for electrophotographic developer containing iron, manganese, and calcium as a core composition. The method includes (a) a mixing step of mixing an iron-containing raw material, a manganese-containing raw material, and a calcium-containing raw material to prepare a mixture thereof, (c) a granulation step of granulating the mixture after the mixing step, and (d) a firing step of firing a powdery material, which is obtained by granulating the mixture in the granulation step, at a predetermined temperature to form a magnetic phase.
Dowa Ip Creation Co., Ltd.


Grain measurement apparatus

A measurement apparatus may include a holding hopper configured to receive a sample of granular material. The measurement apparatus may include a top barrier assembly coupled between the holding hopper and a sub-sample measurement chamber.
Juniper Systems, Inc.


Heat exchanger type reaction tube

A heat exchanger type reaction tube includes a first tube part that forms a first flow channel into which a feed gas flows and in which the feed gas moves down; a second tube part that forms a second flow channel which is connected to the first flow channel and in which the feed gas moves up and that has a granular catalyst carrying support medium charged therein; and a heating device that heats the first tube part and the second tube part. Then, the first flow channel and the second flow channel are adjacent to each other while being separated from each other by a partition wall, and the second flow channel is provided with a distributor which holds the catalyst carrying support medium and through which the feed gas passes..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Acidic polymer blends for powder granulation

A binder formulation is provided including water, a first polymer, and a second polymer. The first polymer is preferred to be a poly(carboxylic acid) and the second polymer is preferred to be a co-polymer containing both carboxylic acid and hydrophobic monomers.
Lord Corporation


Methods and compositions for removing phosphates from water

The present invention is directed to compounds and methods for use in removing phosphate from water. Preferably the compound is used in removing phosphate from water in swimming pools, spas, and similar structures.
Natural Chemistry L.p.


Device for metering bulk material, in particular plastics granulate

The invention relates to a device for metering bulk material, in particular plastics granulate, for machines processing plastics granulate, in particular for injection molding machines, wherein at least one material funnel (2) into which bulk material can be filled and which has a material valve is provided. A weighing container (4) connected to weighing scales is optionally arranged below the material valve.
Wittmann Kunststoffgeraete Gmbh


Method of producing granular excreta treating material using an extrusion type compressive granulating apparatus

A method of producing granular excreta treating material utilizes an extrusion type compressive granulating apparatus configured to produce granular excreta treating material that has an absorbing property and is formed by extruding and granulating a raw material via a granulating hole of the apparatus. The granulating hole includes a small diameter hole and a large diameter hole which are continuous to each other in the axial direction of the hole, in which the small diameter hole forms a compression zone, and the large diameter hole forms a non-compression zone, and in which the raw material is compressed at the compression zone, swells at the non-compression zone, and is cut into granules by a cutting blade rotating along an outlet surface of the non-compression zone..
Peparlet Co., Ltd.


Gripping and releasing apparatus and method

A passive universal gripper includes a mass of granular material encased in an elastic membrane. Using a combination of positive and negative pressure, the gripper can rapidly grip and release a wide range of objects that are typically challenging for conventional universal grippers, such as flat objects, soft objects, or objects with complex geometries.
Cornell University


Method for obtaining a foundry body from a granular mixture comprising a modified polycondensed resin and a formaldehyde scavenger

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a foundry body including the preparation of a granular mixture including a polycondensed resin having modified formaldehyde, optionally incorporating an aromatic or polyaromatic during the synthesis thereof, a hardening agent, a formaldehyde sensor compound, water and optionally at least one resin selected from the group comprising tannins, natural polyphenols, and lignins, placing said granular mixture in contact with the surface of a forming tool, and insufflating a flow of gas at 50° c. To 380° c.
Huttenes Albertus France


General medication disposable system

General medication disposal systems are provided. Aspects of the systems include devices having a sealable container dimensioned to accommodate a pharmaceutical composition; and an amount of an inactivating substance, e.g., granulated or pelletized activated carbon, present inside of the of sealable container.
Teikoku Pharma Usa, Inc.


Fluidized bed granulation

A fluidized bed granulator comprising one or more compartments with a floor with openings for the supply of a fluidization medium and a plurality of sprayers. The sprayers are connected to a supply of a granulating liquid and are configured to spray the liquid in one or more spraying zones next to one or more unsprayed zones of the fluidized bed..
Green Granulation Technology Limited


Method for manufacturing granules from a liquid

A method for manufacturing granules of, e.g., urea or ammonium nitrate, wherein the ejection of submicron dust to the atmosphere is reduced is described. The method contains an arrangement of three scrubbers wherein the gas withdrawn from the granulator is provided to a first scrubber, resulting in the formation of a first purified gas stream, which is provided to a third scrubber, with the operating temperature of the third scrubber being below than of the first scrubber.
Green Granulation Technology Limited


Method of obtaining phytochemicals including resveratrol and e-viniferin from vineyard waste

Phytochemicals of the grape, including trans-resveratrol, trans-viniferin, and oligostilibines are obtained from vineyard waste. Also, a dry powder or granular form of food supplement is provided including the phytochemicals obtained from vineyard waste, along with red wine and raw grape juice demonstrates high values of anti-oxidants.


Stable pharmaceutical composition comprising solifenacin, and preparing the same

The present invention relates to a solifenacin preparation containing solifenacin or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, an antioxidant, and a binder, which is manufactured via direct compression. Compared to the preparations manufactured via conventional wet granulation process, the preparation of the present invention can be manufactured by a simplified process such as direct compression, and has improved content uniformity, mixing degree, etc., even when the preparation is manufactured by high speed tableting..
Cj Healthcare Corporation


Array of microelectrodes for interfacing to neurons within fascicles

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for interfacing with nerve fibers, such as axons. Embodiments provide multiple micro-channels, into which individual fascicles of a nerve may be placed, one fascicle per micro-channel.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.


Magnetic recording medium

A perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate; an underlayer including first and second underlayers; and a magnetic recording layer including a layer having a granular structure including grains of a magnetic crystal and grain boundary portions, wherein the first underlayer has a nacl structure with a (001) orientation and contains a nitride or an oxide of at least one element. The first underlayer may contain a nitride of at least one of cr, v, ti, sc, mo, nb, zr, y, al, and b, and the second underlayer may include a plurality of island-shaped regions and contain at least one of mg, ca, co, and ni.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Perpendicular magnetic recording medium

A perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate; and a magnetic recording layer that includes magnetic crystal grains and a non-magnetic crystal grain boundary that surrounds the magnetic crystal grains, wherein the magnetic crystal grains contain an ordered alloy and the non-magnetic crystal grain boundary contains ge oxides. The magnetic recording layer may have a granular structure.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Time-based visualization of the number of events having various values for a field

Systems and methods are provided for visualizing the number of events having different values for a field of interest over a selected time range. The events may be derived from machine data obtained from one or more data sources.
Splunk Inc.


Method, system and tool for facilitating industrialised adhocracy

A computer-enabled method, system and tool for facilitating industrialised adhocracy that provides efficient matching of organisational need to a work component (or other resource component) required. The preferred embodiments facilitate the defining of an organisational need as one or more work components (or other resource component), each work component being a discrete unit of work in indivisible form.


Systems and methods for the comparison of annotations within files

Systems and methods are disclosed for comparing annotations in files to show changes in the annotations at a granular level. In one implementation, a system receives a first file and a second file for comparison.
Litera Technologies, Llc


Method of managing throughput of redundant array of independent disks (raid) groups in a solid state disk array

A method of writing to one or more solid state disks (ssds) employed by a storage processor includes receiving a command, creating sub-commands from the command based on a granularity, and assigning the sub-commands to the one or more ssds and creating a nvme command structure for each sub-command.. .
Avalanche Technology, Inc.


Storage system redundant array of solid state disk array

A storage system includes a storage processor coupled to solid state disks (ssds) and a host, the ssds are identified by ssd logical block addresses (slbas). The storage processor receives a command from the host to write data to the ssds and further receives a location within the ssds to write the data, the location being referred to as a host lba.
Avalanche Technology, Inc.


Monoclonal lge antibody that binds to sweat allergy antigen protein

Provided include a human ige antibody that binds to a sweat allergy antigen protein and a human high-affinity ige receptor but does not induce degranulation in a reaction with the sweat allergy antigen protein, and a composition for treatment or diagnosis of sweat allergy comprising the same.. .
Hiroshima University


Degranulation indicator and methods of use thereof

Compositions and methods for assessing degranulation in nk cells are provided.. .
The Childrens's Hospital Of Philadelphia


Disintegrating agglomerated sand frack plug

The frack plug has a sealing element that reforms when set to hold differential pressure. The element is granular with adhesive to hold the granular particles together but allow the shape to reform under setting force.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method for preparing controlled release fertilizer with water-based coating on the basis of closed circulating fluidized bed, and device therefor

Disclosed is a method for making a controlled release fertilizer with water-based coating using a closed large numerically controlled fluidized bed and a device therefor: collecting a granular fertilizer with a suitable granule size into a barrel; sucking the same into a coating cavity by negative pressure and making the same fluid; directing a water-based coating liquid into a spray gun, then spraying the liquid onto the surface of the fertilizer granules after nebulization; collecting the impurities in the air discharged from the coating cavity by means of a cyclone separator; dehumidifying the air discharged from the cyclone separator by means of a fluidized drying tower; and then the coating is completed. The closed large numerically controlled fluidized bed coating machine has a fluidized bed coating machine main tower, a cyclone separator, a fluidized drying tower, a blower, a heater, an air compressor, a coating liquid inlet system and a control system, and is characterized in that it has a closed air circulation system, and is provided with a dehumidifying mechanism and a water condensing mechanism for the fluidized drying tower.
Nanjing Institute Of Soil Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Resealable container with collar and lid

The present disclosure relates to a container for holding a granular product or powdered material, such as infant formula. More specifically the disclosure is directed to a container including a closure having a collar and lid for resealably securing the open end of the container.
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company


Resealable container with collar and lid

The present disclosure relates to a container for holding a granular product or powdered material, such as infant formula. More specifically the disclosure is directed to a container including a closure having a collar and lid for resealably securing the open end of the container.
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company


Reclosable packaging container for powder or granular materials

A packaging container for dry granular products includes a rectangular container body, and a rectangular cover defining a sleeve surrounding the container body in sliding engagement, both of folded sheet material. The container body having a first pair of opposed width defining sides, a second pair of opposed height defining sides, and a third pair of opposed length defining sides perpendicular to the width and height defined by the first and second pairs of opposed sides.


Method for manufacturing articles from e-waste feedstocks

A method of recycling plastic e-waste material and products made from recycled e-waste involves one or more separate streams of different plastic waste which are reduced to small granular form, blended together or separately or used separately before insertion into a compounder which reduces the small sized plastic particles to a semi-molten emulsion. The emulsion is placed in a press and molded to a final product shape.
Image Microsystems, Inc.


Method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf

A method and system for processing and recycling infill material of artificial turf. The invention includes drying extracted infill material through a fluid bed dryer, the fluid bed dryer passes a process gas through a bed of solids via a perforated plate.
Tarkett Inc.


Catalyst for catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon oil and catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon oil

A catalyst for catalytic cracking of a hydrocarbon oil can produce a gasoline fraction having a high octane number in high yield while suppressing an increase in yield of a heavy distillate, and produce lpg having a high propylene content in high yield. The catalyst includes a specific amount of a granulated catalyst a that includes a zeolite having a sodalite cage structure, silicon derived from a silica sol, phosphorus and aluminum derived from mono aluminum phosphate, a clay mineral, and a rare-earth metal, and a specific amount of a granulated catalyst b that includes a pentasil-type zeolite, the ratio of the mass of phosphorus and aluminum derived from mono aluminum phosphate included in the granulated catalyst a to the mass of the pentasil-type zeolite included in the granulated catalyst b being 0.015 to 3000..
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.


System and deodorizing footwear

The present invention is an odor nullifier for footwear comprising: a moisture absorbing fabric bag having a first and second fold, a vertical seam, an opening and a sealing member for sealing the opening, the fabric bag having a length and width for being received internally in a shoe; a scent carrier manufactured from a mixture consisting of 49% by weight of fine cut cellulose fiber, 49% by weight of granular vermiculite and 2% by weight of fragrant oil, the scent carrier disposed inside the fabric bag; wood shavings and dried flowers contained inside the fabric bag wherein the wood shavings are present in a quantity of at least 50% of the total weight.. .
Mvle, Inc.


Oral caffeine delivery composition

Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed for an oral caffeine delivery composition. A liquid mixture comprises granulated caffeine crystals.
Orbz, Llc


Dry granulates of mesoporous silica powders

Dry granulates comprising ordered mesoporous silica unloaded or loaded with a biologically active ingredient and optional excipients, wherein the dry granulates have a carr index that is equal or below 25. Oral dosage forms prepared therefrom..
Formac Pharmaceuticals Nv



An aroma granulate mill for dispensing ground aroma granulate, particularly a spice mill for dispensation of ground spices, such as salt and pepper, comprising a container for accepting unground, coarse aroma granulate, an element provided at the container having a dispensation opening for dispensing ground, fine-grained aroma granulate, and a grinder arranged upstream to the dispensation opening for milling the unground, coarse aroma granulate into ground, fine-grained aroma granulate is provided. The element includes the dispensation opening having a concave collar, which forms a cavity open towards the outside, which has a circumferential side wall and comprises at least one section recessed in reference to the circumferential side wall in the direction towards the container, in which the dispensation opening is arranged, with the circumferential side wall defining an opening, with its area being smaller than the cross-section of the opening of the cavity at its widest section..
Riensch & Held Gmbh & Co. Kg


Meter for dispensing a granular product

A chemical granule metering system, for use on a row crop planter, allows for control of chemical granule drop rate. The chemical granule metering system also includes a motor permitting control of chemical granule drop rate by adjusting the rotational speed of the motor.
Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.


Method for signaling of resource allocation to adjust granularity in cellular multi-carrier system

A method for transmitting a downlink signal in a wireless mobile communication system. The method according to one embodiment includes generating a resource indication value (riv) indicating a start index (s) of consecutive virtual resource blocks (vrbs) and a length (l) of the consecutive vrbs; transmitting downlink control information including resource block allocation information.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and smoothing image

A method and apparatus for smoothing an image representing foreground or background. The method comprises: dividing the image in a specified granularity; for a block divided containing a blank pixel and a non-blank pixel, modifying a value of the blank pixel to a value obtained from a value of the non-blank pixel to obtain a filled block; obtaining the block smoothed by performing singular value decomposition on a matrix of pixels of the filled block, wherein values in the matrix of pixels of the block smoothed is calculated as a product of the obtained singular value, a left singular vector, and a transpose of a right singular vector; and for each of the non-blank pixels in the block smoothed, restoring the values of the non-blank pixels to initial values before the filling step, so as to obtain a reconstructed block..
Fujitsu Limited


Method and simulation arrangement for simulating an automated industrial plant

A method for simulation of an automated industrial plant simulated in a plant model divided into a plurality of submodels, where the submodels are modeled with a behavior description comprising a calculation algorithm or a mathematical equation, each submodel is connected into the plant model with at least one submodel, where the plant model or the submodels are translated in preparation for the simulation by a translation run into a form which is executable by a computer system, an execution sequence of the submodels is defined, the submodels are expanded by run time models having a calculation time assigned to a respective submodel, where an overall calculation time of the plant model is derived and graphically presented in the granularity of the calculation times of the submodels based on the execution sequence and the expanded submodels to provide a detection and localization of real-time-critical execution paths in the plant model.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Logging handler

Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with intelligently gathering log messages are described. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes collecting, by a logging handler associated with a component, log messages according to two different granularities for logging messages.
Oracle International Corporation


Systems and methods for a file-level cache

A multi-level cache comprises a plurality of cache levels, each configured to cache i/o request data pertaining to i/o requests of a different respective type and/or granularity. The multi-level cache may comprise a file-level cache that is configured to cache i/o request data at a file-level of granularity.
Intelligent Intellectual Property Holdings 2 Llc


Fine-grained data reorganization in tiered storage architectures

A method for organizing data at levels of granularity larger or smaller than an extent is disclosed. The method initially closes a dataset on a host system.
International Business Machines Corporation

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