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This page is updated frequently with new Ranula-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ranula-related patents
 Adapting quantization patent thumbnailAdapting quantization
A device comprising: an encoder for encoding a video signal representing a video image of a scene captured by a camera, and a controller. The encoder comprises a quantizer for performing a quantization on the video signal as part of said encoding.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Magnetic recording medium patent thumbnailMagnetic recording medium
A magnetic recording medium includes a flexible substrate, an amorphous seed layer, an under layer containing ru, and a recording layer having a granular structure. The seed layer is provided between the substrate and the under layer.
Sony Corporation

 Targeting online ads based on political demographics patent thumbnailTargeting online ads based on political demographics
Systems and methods for facilitating and targeting of online ads to voters within a selected political demographic are presented. Audience targeting may be accomplished in several ways including: geo-targeting; contextual targeting; behavioral targeting; site placement; and targeted household television ads.
Audience Partners, Llc

 Hierarchical allocation for file system storage device patent thumbnailHierarchical allocation for file system storage device
Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to storage allocation. In aspects, a hierarchical data structure is used to track allocation data for storage managed by a file system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Mechanism for enabling full data bus utilization without increasing data granularity patent thumbnailMechanism for enabling full data bus utilization without increasing data granularity
A memory is disclosed comprising a first memory portion, a second memory portion, and an interface, wherein the memory portions are electrically isolated from each other and the interface is capable of receiving a row command and a column command in the time it takes to cycle the memory once. By interleaving access requests (comprising row commands and column commands) to the different portions of the memory, and by properly timing these access requests, it is possible to achieve full data bus utilization in the memory without increasing data granularity..
Rambus Inc.

 Materials suitable as substitutes for peat mosses and processes and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailMaterials suitable as substitutes for peat mosses and processes and apparatus therefor
Processes capable of producing bulk materials suitable for use by the horticulture industry, resulting bulk materials produced thereby, and applications for these processes and materials. Preferred bulk materials have physical properties similar to peat moss and comprise individual materials, each at least partially having a twisted, curled, clumped and rolled structure.
Pittmoss Llc

 Expanded lightweight aggregate made from glass or pumice patent thumbnailExpanded lightweight aggregate made from glass or pumice
An expanded lightweight aggregate has compositional ranges (wt. % range) of about: (a) 40 to 60% ground glass or pumice, 40 to 60% water, 3 to 15% sodium silicate, and 0.1 to 5% nano3 for the slurry; and (b) 50 to 85% ground glass or pumice, and 15 to 50% slurry for the granulator..
The Intellectual Gorilla Gmbh

 Coextrusion apparatus, single-layer extrusion apparatus and retrofit kit as well as a  measuring a layer thickness, for producing a plastic film, and for retrofitting an extrusion apparatus patent thumbnailCoextrusion apparatus, single-layer extrusion apparatus and retrofit kit as well as a measuring a layer thickness, for producing a plastic film, and for retrofitting an extrusion apparatus
A coextrusion apparatus, a single-layer extrusion apparatus, a retrofit kit, as well as to a method for measuring a layer thickness, for producing a plastic film, and for retrofitting an extrusion apparatus. From the state of the art, it is known to add a detection agent in the form of a fluorescent granulate into the starting material at the extruder, in order to be able to measure the layer thickness of the layer in the film composite produced from this starting material.
Reifenhaeuser Gmbh & Co. Kg Maschinenfabrik

 Ethernet data processing method, physical layer chip and ethernet equipment patent thumbnailEthernet data processing method, physical layer chip and ethernet equipment
Embodiments of the present invention disclose an ethernet data processing method, an ethernet physical layer chip, and ethernet equipment. Applicable to data processing at a transmit end, the method includes: performing line coding on data from a media access control layer, so as to obtain serial data code blocks; performing forward error correction fec coding on the serial data code blocks, so as to obtain fec frames, which specifically includes: inserting y check bits every x consecutive data bits, where the y check bits are generated when fec coding is performed on the x consecutive data bits; and distributing, at a distribution granularity of a bits, the fec frames successively to n virtual channels, where a and n are both positive integers, and a is less than a quantity of bits included in one fec frame..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Method and  reverse memory sparing patent thumbnailMethod and reverse memory sparing
An apparatus and method are described for performing forward and reverse memory sparing operations. For example, one embodiment of a processor comprises memory sparing logic to perform a first forward memory sparing operation at a first level of granularity in response to detecting a memory failure; the memory sparing logic to perform a reverse memory sparing operation in response to a determination of an improved sparing state having a second level of granularity; and the memory sparing logic to responsively perform a second forward memory sparing operation at the second level of granularity..


Monitoring and planning for failures of vehicular components

Methods, systems, devices and computer program products for planning for failures of vehicular components are provided herein. A method includes obtaining a first set of data of maintenance events recorded for multiple vehicular components across multiple vehicles in a fleet; obtaining a second set of data of maintenance work orders performed on the vehicular components; obtaining a third set of data of measurements taken in connection with the vehicular components; analyzing (i) the first set of data and (ii) the second set of data to identify component failure events associated with the multiple vehicular components; determining failure indicators for each of the vehicular components in each of the vehicles in the fleet based on the second set of data, the third set of data, and the identified component failure events; and outputting the indicators in multiple visualized forms, each representing one of multiple levels of granularity..
International Business Machines Corporation


Reconfigurable graphics processor for performance improvement

Power gating a portion of a graphics processor may be used to improve performance or to achieve a power budget. A processor granularity, such as a slice or subslice, may be gated..


Multi-dimensional target setting application

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable mediums having program instructions thereon, provide for creating, storing and utilizing planned target data with a target-setting graphical user application based a cloud-based system. The target-setting application can create multi-dimensional target settings for any hana or non-hana based data source.


Multi-granular cache management in multi-processor computing environments

Cache lines in a multi-processor computing environment are configurable with a coherency mode. Cache lines in full-line coherency mode are operated or managed with full-line granularity.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for producing synthetic quartz glass of sio2 granulate and sio2 granulate suited therefor

A method for producing synthetic quartz glass by fusion of sio2 granulate involves synthesizing amorphous sio2 primary particles, granulating the amorphous sio2 primary particles to form an open-pore sio2 granulate, sintering the open-pore sio2 granulate by heating in a sintering atmosphere at a sintering temperature and for a sintering period to form a densified sio2 granulate, and melting the densified sio2 granulate at a melting temperature to form the synthetic quartz glass. To provide an inexpensive production of low-bubble transparent components of quartz glass despite the use of still open-pore sio2 granulate, the sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and sintering duration are adjusted such that the densified sio2 granulate still comprises open pores but manifests a material-specific infrared transmission t1700 at a wavelength of 1700 nm.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Granular dispenser

A dispenser for granular material such as sugar and salt or other granular ingredients, including a collection portion and metering chamber. A metering cartridge located in the metering chamber includes a portion recess which collects a predetermined amount of granular material to be dispensed.
Prince Castle Llc


Distribution device for granular material

Disclosed is a distribution device for metering granular material, such as seeds, fertilizer, or the like. The seed drill coulters of this distribution device are supplied with grains from at least one grain storage hopper via respectively separate feed tubes, wherein each of these feed tubes is allocated a metering device and a sensor unit for detecting the grains located in the partial flow.
Horsch Maschinen Gmbh


Negative electrode material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery pack

A negative electrode material for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery of the embodiment include a granular composite product that includes: an organic resin composition; a metal dispersed in the organic resin composition or a metal and an oxide of the metal dispersed in the organic resin composition; an electroconductive carbonaceous material, wherein an elemental ratio a/b (mass/mass) of carbon (a) and hydrogen (b) is 1 or lower.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Risk factor splitting

Factor-based performance attribution results are often used to identify portfolio exposures or bets that either perform well or underperform. By identifying particular exposures or bets that appear to be opportune to be increased or reduced, the overall performance of the portfolio can potentially be improved.
Axioma, Inc.


Keyboard with user configurable granularity scales for pressure sensitive keys

Systems and methods are disclosed for user configurable pressure sensitive keys and techniques for controlling these keys for keyboards. User configuration information, including information for user configurable granularity scales for pressure levels, can be communicated from a host system to the keyboard and stored for later use by a keyboard controller to control the operation of the pressure sensitive keys.


Structured detergent particles and granular detergent compositions containing the same

This relates to structured detergent particles with mid-level surfactant activity, which contain 35-50 wt % of a c10-c20 linear alkyl benzene sulphonate, 0.5-8 wt % of a hydrophilic silica, 35-70 wt % of a water-soluble alkaline metal carbonate, 0-5 wt % of a phosphate builder, and 0-5 wt % of a zeolite builder. Such structured detergent particles are free flowing with little or no moisture content (i.e., 0-3 wt % water), and are formed by a dry neutralization process without any subsequent drying..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Low-temperature fast-fired lightweight ceramic heat insulation plate and preparation method thereof

A low-temperature fast-fired lightweight ceramic heat insulation plate and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises: performing ball milling and powder spraying on a raw material containing foamable ceramic waste slag to prepare foamable powder, the foamable ceramic waste slag accounting for 80-100 wt % of the weight of the raw material; uniformly mixing 100 weight portions of the foamable powder with 3-15 weight portions of granular powder of a low-melting-point organic matter to obtain mixed powder materials; pressing the mixed powder materials under 10-20 mpa to prepare a ceramic green body; and firing the ceramic green body at a temperature of 1100-1170° c.
Monalisa Group Co., Ltd.


Thermally insulating aerogel based rendering materials

In order to produce a high performance thermally insulating rendering, a dry blend is provided that consists essentially of: —60 to 90 vol.-% of a hydrophobized granular silica aerogel; —0.5 to 30 vol.-% of a purely mineral binder; —0.2 to 20 vol.-% of an open-porous water-insoluble or slowly water soluble additive having an accessible pore volume from 10 to 90 vol.-%—up to 5 vol.-% reinforcing fibers; and—up to 5 vol.-% of processing additives. After mixing the dry blend with water, the slurry thus formed can be applied to a surface or shaped to a self-supporting body using an overpressure without adversely affecting the thermal insulation properties..
Empa Eidgenossische Materialprufungs- Und Forschungsanstalt


Paper sack

The present invention relates to a paper sack for bulk material such as cement, gypsum, granulate, animal feed or similar, having a base, preferably a cross bottom or block bottom, and having an upper part which is disposed opposite the base and in which a valve hose is optionally arranged for filling the paper sack, wherein the paper sack has a coated paper layer, having a gas-tight coating facing the sack interior, wherein the coating forms the surface of the inner wall of the paper sack contacting the filling material, and wherein the coated paper layer has an overlap which is sealingly adhesively bonded toward the sack interior, and wherein the layer of the coated paper layer facing the sack interior has perforations in the region of the overlap which are covered by the layer of the coated paper layer facing the sack exterior.. .
Dy-pack Verpackungen Gustav Dyckerhoff Gmbh


Extrusion head having a perforated plate of a granulating system

An extrusion head having a perforated plate of a granulating system. The extrusion head can have a head part and a perforated plate with a perforated-plate wear insert, a perforated-plate main body, a central inflow cone, an inflow cone part, a plurality of nozzle channels, a plurality of perforated dies, and at least one corrosion protected fastener.
Maag Automatik Gmbh


Size-separation of dry granular materials

A dry granular material sieve operates well in microgravity because it comprises a rotatable cylindrical or conical screen to generate centrifugal forces sufficient to sift finer particles inside through to the outside, and auger screw conveyors to move the fines, coarse, and remainder materials without the aid of normal gravity.. .


Method for manufacturing excretion disposal material and excretion disposal material

A method for manufacturing a granular excretion disposal material having a core portion and a covering layer that covers the core portion. The method includes: a granulating step of granulating the core portion by blending a core portion raw material containing pulp and highly absorbent resin, with water; a covering step of forming the covering layer by spraying a covering layer raw material containing pulp and highly absorbent resin, onto a surface of the core portion granulated in the granulating step; a drying step of drying a granular matter, in which the covering layer is formed in the covering step, with hot air; and a cooling step of cooling the granular matter dried in the drying step.
Unicharm Corporation


Granular functionalized silica, process for preparation thereof and use thereof

The inventive granular functionalized silicas can be used as a support material, especially as a support for enzymes.. .


Method for producing dosage form comprising odanacatib

The present invention relates to a method for producing a dosage form, preferably a dosage form for immediate release, containing odanacatib wherein the method comprises the granulation with a specific granulation fluid. The invention further relates to a dosage form obtained according to said method..
Ratiopharm Gmbh


Mattress for evenly gathering and dispersing human body gravity

A mattress for evenly gathering and dispersing human body gravity comprises elastic surface layer connecting cloth (1), elastic support frames (2), lateral connecting cloth (3), a filling region (4), granular fillers (5), a filler inlet/outlet (6), lower connecting cloth (7), a foot limiting belt (8), a leg limiting belt (9), hip limiting belts (10) and a back limiting belt (11) (“limiting belts” for short). The width of each of the limiting belts (8, 9, 10, 11) is less than that of the filling region.


Whole grain composition comprising hydrolyzed starch

A composition comprising a whole grain with hydrolyzed starch. Although the starch can shift from relatively higher molecular weight moieties to relatively lower molecular weight moieties during hydrolysis, the relative proportions of the principal anatomical components of the caryopses of the grain—the starchy endosperm, germ and bran—remain approximately the same as evinced, for example, by the weight percentages and relative mass ratios of starch, fat, protein, dietary fiber, beta-glucan, and sugar in the composition.
The Quaker Oats Company


Agricultural pesticide formulations

The present invention provides for a granular agricultural pesticide formulation of reduced toxicity and good heat and storage stability containing an insecticidally effective amount of bifenthrin; a carrier selected from the group consisting of precipitated silica, colloidal silica, attapulgite, china clay, talc, kaolin and combination thereof; a surfactant; and a diluent.. .
Upl Limited


Using indications of compromise for reputation based network security

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited


Data behavioral tracking

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited


Normalized indications of compromise

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited


Labeling computing objects for improved threat detection

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited


Threat detection using a time-based cache of reputation information on an enterprise endpoint

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited


Methods and systems for application session modeling and prediction of granular bandwidth requirements

A method includes receiving from a networked spoke device information describing network flows to and from an application, analyzing the information to characterize the application in at least one dimension selected from the group consisting of bi-directional bandwidth usage, network response times, application response times, a number of idle and active application sessions and a maximum number of concurrent application sessions and transmitting the dimensions to at least one networked spoke device as traffic profile information.. .
Cloudgenix, Inc.


Rotor of an electric machine having a squirrel cage produced from a granulate

A rotor has a rotor core which is made of a core material and has grooves which extend substantially in a direction of a rotor axis. The rotor core has at each axial end of the grooves an annular recess which is disposed concentrically with respect to the rotor axis and connects the grooves.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Techniques for visualizing big data in a two-dimensional chart

A technique is described for analyzing a dataset that includes many dataset objects by generating a hybrid chart. The hybrid chart is a two-dimensional chart that is divided up into multiple segments.


Labeling objects on an endpoint for encryption management

Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited


System and the selective repair of roofing shingles

The invention is primarily directed to a system and method of selectively repairing asphalt-based shingles having embedded granular material. The system and method of the invention also comprises the use of devices specifically designed and used to template repaired shingles and protect surrounding shingles from adhesives and a shingle frame device to aid in applying, leveling and compressing granules onto the damaged shingle.


Composition for use as a two component back filled grout comprising extracted silicate

A multi-component cementitious composition with at least a binder and a hardener component, wherein the binder component includes ground granulated blast furnace slag and water and wherein the hardener component includes a sodium silicate solution containing at least 42 wt.-%, preferably at least 45 wt.-% or sodium silicate (na2sio3). Such multi-component cementitious compositions have been found to provide excellent early strength in excess of 0.5 mpa after hardening for just 2 h with a gel time in the range of 10 to 20 s.
Sika Technology Ag


Press roll

The invention relates to a press roller for a roller press, in particular for briquetting, compacting or grinding granular material, having a roller core (1) and a roller sleeve fastened to the exterior of the roller core (1), said sleeve being composed of a plurality of segments (2), distributed over the circumference, with mutually facing lateral faces (3). The segments (2) have clamping shoulders (5) which extend around the front faces and have first clamping surfaces (8).
Maschinenfabrik KÖppern Gmbh & Co. Kg


Production of substantially spherical metal powders

A method for producing a substantially spherical metal powder is described. A particulate source metal includes a primary particulate and has an average starting particle size.
University Of Utah Research Foundation


Preparation electrical contact material

A preparation method of an electrical contact material includes steps of: adopting chemical plating to cover nickel coating on aquadag or metallic oxide, then covering with silver coating, and forming ag—ni—c or ag—ni—meo core-shell structure, which improves interface wettability of aquadag, metallic oxide and silver matrix, and removes the adverse effect on the electrical contact material mechanical property due to bad interface wettability in conventional powder metallurgy method. What is important is that the silver in intermediate composite particles is replaced by nickel coating, thus reduce the silver use level.
Wenzhou Hongfeng Electrical Alloy Co., Ltd


Applying or dispensing powder or granular material

There is provided a method for stabilizing the weight of powder or granular material applied to, dispensed to, or deposited on an object per unit area smaller than or equal to square centimeter or square millimeter. Firstly a layer of powder or granular material with a uniform weight per unit area is formed on a substrate, and then application, dispensing, or deposition is performed by sucking the powder or granular material on the substrate and ejecting it to the object..
Mtek-smart Corporation


Yeast expressing saccharolytic enzymes for consolidated bioprocessing using starch and cellulose

The present invention is directed to a yeast strain, or strains, secreting a full suite, or any subset of that full suite, of enzymes to hydrolyze corn starch, corn fiber, lignocellulose, (including enzymes that hydrolyze linkages in cellulose, hemicellulose, and between lignin and carbohydrates) and to utilize pentose sugars (xylose and arabinose). The invention is also directed to the set of proteins that are well expressed in yeast for each category of enzymatic activity.
Stellenbosch University


Granular humate for spray application and process of making same

A granularized sulfonated humate powder material is provided that includes a sulfonated cationic humate composed of at least one of humic acid, fulvic acid, or a combination thereof in the form of granules of from 0.1 to 6 millimeters in size. The humate powder material is water soluble with limited dusting and the ability to form a concentrated solution for application.
The Andersons, Inc.


Cement binder

The invention provides a binder composition comprising: (a) ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs), (b) basic oxygen slag (bos), and (c) an alkaline inorganic waste material selected from by-pass dust (bpd), cement kiln dust (ckd), and mixtures thereof. The use of such a composition as a binder in a concrete mix, concrete mixes comprising such a composition, methods of manufacturing concrete articles, and concrete articles such as paving blocks are also provided..
Coventry University


Method for pre-reforming hydrocarbons

There is proposed a method for pre-reforming a hydrocarbonaceous feed stream into a pre-reforming product containing carbon oxides, hydrogen and hydrocarbons, in which the adiabatically operated pre-reforming reactor comprises at least two reaction zones designed as fixed beds in a common reactor vessel, which are in fluid connection with each other and are filled with beds of granular, nickel-containing catalyst active for pre-reforming, wherein the first reaction zone in flow direction is filled with a catalyst active for high-temperature pre-reforming and the last reaction zone in flow direction is filled with a catalyst active for low-temperature pre-reforming.. .
L'air Liquide, SociÉtÉ Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des ProcÉdÉs Georges Claude


Method and device for producing a drainage element and drainage element produced thereby

A porous hardenable drainage element is produced from a molding compound of expanded plastics granulate and a bonding agent by virtue of the fact that the molding compound is received in a ladle having a pouring opening closed off by a mold bottom, the molding compound is pressurized in the ladle, the element is molded from the molding compound in a mold formed by lowering of the mold bottom down into an opening cross section consistent with a cross section of the pouring opening, and the element is separated from the molding compound by mutual lateral displacement of the mold and the ladle.. .
Isodrän Ab


Porous structure for downhole fluid control applications and manufacture

An embodiment of a method of manufacturing a downhole fluid control apparatus includes generating, using a processor, a design for a metallic porous structure configured to be deployed with a fluid control device, the fluid control device configured to be disposed in a borehole in an earth formation and inhibit the flow of particulates between a flow conduit and at least one of the borehole and the formation. The method also includes applying an energy beam from an energy source to a granular metallic material, and additively forming the metallic porous structure based on the design as a single structure having a distribution of pores therein..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method for preparing granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides

Disclosed is a method for preparing a granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides including slurry forming, solidification, drying and hardening, granulation, and washing steps: blending a dihydrogen phosphate, a powdered inorganic adsorbent raw material and a setting time regulator in water to form a slurry; adding sintered magnesia into the slurry, and blending the mixture to form a solidified slurry; setting the solidified slurry on a disk member, and naturally drying to hardening in a specific temperature range to form a hardened solid material; smashing the hardened solid material and performing vibration sieving by using a screen to obtain a granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides containing residual reagents; washing the granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides containing residual reagents with water, to remove the residual reagents to complete preparation, where the adsorption capacity of the granulated inorganic adsorbent for radionuclides thus prepared is in the range of 0.7 to 1.9 meq/g.. .
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan


A fluidized bed reactor and a process using same to produce high purity granular polysilicon

The present invention relates to a fluidized bed reactor, comprising a reaction tube, a distributor and a heating device, the reaction tube and the distributor at the bottom of the reaction tube composing a closed space, the distributor comprising a gas inlet and a product outlet, and the reaction tube comprising a tail gas outlet and a seed inlet at the top or upper part respectively, characterized in that the reaction tube comprises a reaction inner tube and a reaction outer tube, and the heating device is an induction heating device placed within a hollow cavity formed between the external wall of the reaction inner tube and the internal wall of the reaction outer tube, wherein the hollow cavity is filled with hydrogen, nitrogen or inert gas for protection, and is able to maintain a pressure of about 0.01 to about 5 mpa; and also to a process of producing high purity granular polysilicon using the reactor. The fluidized bed reactor according to the present invention uses induction heating to heat directly the silicon particles inside the reaction chamber, such that the temperature of the reaction tube is lower than that inside the reaction chamber, which accordingly avoids deposition on the tube wall and results in more uniform heating, and thus is useful for large diameter fluidized bed reactors with much increased output for a single reactor..
Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon Technology Development Co., Ltd.


High temperature electrolysis glow discharge device

A glow discharge cell includes an electrically conductive cylindrical vessel, a hollow electrode, a cylindrical screen, a first insulator, a second insulator and a non-conductive granular material. The hollow electrode is aligned with a longitudinal axis of the cylindrical vessel and extends at least from the first end to the second end of the cylindrical vessel.
Foret Plasma Labs, Llc


Radio network information management method and network device

Embodiments disclose a radio network information management method and a network device. A radio network information management method is disclosed, where the method includes determining that a user equipment ue exists in a first mobility management unit, and determining radio network information of the first mobility management unit according to measurement statistic information of the ue in the first mobility management unit.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


System and power profiling of hardware components of networking devices

Aspects of the present invention include telemetry measurement in a networking device. In embodiments of the present invention, fine granularity power measurement can be achieved at a component level within a networking device without additional hardware like a multi meter.
Dell Products L.p.


Granular sync/semi-sync architecture

Data consistency and availability can be provided at the granularity of logical storage objects in storage solutions that use storage virtualization in clustered storage environments. To ensure consistency of data across different storage elements, synchronization is performed across the different storage elements.
Netapp, Inc.


Visual representations of status

An example device in accordance with an aspect of the present disclosure is to generate a visual representation of a status of a metric. The visual representation is to be updated according to the granularity during at least a portion of a time period.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


A composite having acoustic properties, manufacturing the composite, a component comprising a composite, manufacturing the component and uses thereof

The invention relates to a composite comprising matrix material and organic natural fiber material. The composite may be a compound, a granulate, or at least a part of a sound reproduction device.
Upm-kymmene Corporation


Detection system for determining filtering effectiveness of airborne molecular contamination

A novel filter effectiveness detection method for amcs (airborne molecular contaminations) is provided herein, which is on-line, economical and applicable for diverse amcs, using gas-to-particle conversion with soft x-ray irradiation radiation. In one embodiment, this method was conducted through amc filter evaluations comparing two granular activated carbons (gacs), which are widely used amc filter media, challenged with sulfur dioxide (so2), which is one of the major known amcs in cleanrooms.
Tsi, Inc.


Slurries of granulate material for use in cooling devices

Disclosed are cooling devices for beverage dispensing systems. The devices include and utilize a slurry of granules and a liquid in order to facilitate heat transfer in the cooling device..
Cornelius Deutschland


Refrigeration load reduction system and methods

A refrigeration load reduction system can include a primary container having gas permeable openings therein. A granular composition is retained within the container.
Moxiyo, Llc


Flexible porous non-pollutive tube

Anti-pollution porous flex pipe, refers to ananti-pollution porous flex pipe with its walls essentially comprised by tapes formed by interlaced textile fibers, to which activated charcoal is added (6), in agglomerate, powder or granulated form, and the textile tapes being wound over it and glued among it in the helical direction, forming an air conducting acoustic flexible helical pipe which is a part of the combustion engines intake system used by the automotive industry, adding the activated charcoal (6) in the walls or in the pipe's external (1) or internal (3) lining.. .
Westaflex Tubos FlexÍveis Ltda.


Process for purifying beet juice

The present invention relates to a process for purifying beet sugar juice and more particularly sugar juice obtained by pressing beets. It also relates to the purified juice and to the uses thereof, in particular as a fermentation substrate and for preparing granulated sugar.
Lesaffre Et Compagnie


Method for producing expandable granulates containing polylactic acid

The invention further relates to expandable pelletized material which comprises polylactic acid and which is obtainable by said process.. .


Method for fabricating a coloured, zirconia-based article; in particular an orange coloured article; and a coloured, zirconia-based article obtained according to the method

The invention concerns a method for fabricating an orange, zirconia-based article, characterized in that it includes the series of steps consisting in creating a first mixture comprising a zirconia powder, 3 to 20% by weight of at least one stabilizer chosen from the group of oxides comprising yttrium oxide, magnesium oxide, and calcium oxide, alone or in combination, 0.1% to 5% by weight of at least one element intended to form a vitreous phase, and chosen from the group comprising silicon oxide, aluminium oxide, lithium oxide and yttrium oxide, alone or in combination, 1% to 6% by weight of a cerium oxide powder; creating a second mixture including said first mixture and a binder; creating a granulated mixture by granulating said second mixture; forming a green body by giving said second granulated mixture the shape of the desired article; air sintering for at least thirty minutes at a temperature comprised between 1,250 and 1,500° c. And annealing the desired article at a temperature comprised between 700° c.
Comadur Sa


Mixing blade

A mixing blade for a mixer for concrete, mortar, powders, dry or semi-dry granulates, mixtures with a cement base or similar or comparable mixtures or mixes comprises a shank which develops along a longitudinal axis and a mixing wall connected inclined to one end of said shank, transverse to the longitudinal axis. The mixing wall comprises, on one side of the longitudinal axis, a first front mixing plate, and on an opposite side, a second front mixing plate angled backward toward the longitudinal axis with respect to the first front mixing plate, by an angle of inclination of the plate..
Officine Meccaniche Galletti O.m.g. Srl


Emulsifier-free, skin-conditioning cosmetic or dermatological preparation having a granular structure for use on wet skin

The invention comprises an emulsifier-free, skin-conditioning, cosmetic or dermatological preparation having a granular structure, characterized by contents of fatty alcohols and wax or paraffin for use on wet skin. The preparation is characterized by a special production method, which in turn only brings about the advantageous properties of a skin conditioning..
Beiersdorf Ag


Mobile station and radio base station

A mobile station ue notifies a radio base station of a total amount of data accumulated in a buffer with granularity finer than an lcg. A mobile station ue according to the present invention includes: a management unit 11 configured to manage lcgs and manage dfgs each of which is a group of one or more priorities assigned to one or more data flows; and a transmission unit 13 configured to notify a radio base station enb of a total amount of data remaining in a buffer for each of combinations of the lcgs and dfgs..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Otn adaptation for support of subrate granularity and flexibility and for distribution across multiple modem engines

Systems and methods for optical transport network (otn) adaptation to provide sub-rate granularity and distribution include segmenting an otn signal into n flows of cells with associated identifiers, based on tributary slots of the otn signal, wherein n≧0, and wherein the cells do not include unallocated payload from the otn signal; switching the cells to a scheduler; and scheduling, from the scheduler, the cells for a line side modem.. .
Ciena Corporation


Cylindrical sputtering target and manufacturing same

The cylindrical sputtering target is a cu—ga alloy cylindrical sputtering target made of a cu alloy containing 15 atom % to 35 atom % of ga, in which the cu alloy has a granular crystal structure.. .
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation


System and efficient block level granular replication

A system and method for efficiently restoring one or more data containers is provided. A common persistent consistency point image (pcpi) is identified between a source and a destination storage systems prior to the destination storage system performing a rollback operation to the commonly identified pcpi.
Netapp, Inc.


Method, apparatus, and system for reading and writing data

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus, and a system for reading and writing data, which relate to the computer field, can resolve a problem in the prior art that different algorithms need to be configured for write operations on storage devices of different optimization granularities. The method includes: acquiring first data to be written into a storage device and an address for the first data; acquiring, second data from the address of the storage device; acquiring configuration information; generating, according to the configuration information, a candidate data set; comparing data in the candidate data set with the second data, so as to acquire third data that is in the candidate data set and meets a preset rule; and writing the third data into the storage device according to the address..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method of manufacturing of light ceramic proppants and light ceramic proppants

A method for manufacturing of light ceramic proppants made from a mixture of raw materials that is mechanically granulated in a granulator or that is granulated in a spray dryer from a pourable ceramc mass, to obtain granulate having a granule size of 150-1700 μm (12-100 u.s. Mesh, astm e11-04, iso 13503-2), and next the granulate is fired and the fired granulate is fractioned.
Baltic Ceramics S.a.


Process for biological removal of nitrogen from wastewater

The invention relates to a process for biological removal of nitrogen from wastewater comprising: (a) providing a stream of wastewater comprising ammonium; (b) continuously supplying the stream of wastewater to a reactor containing granular sludge comprising granules having a core of anammox bacteria and an outer rim of ammonia oxidizing bacteria; (c) subjecting the wastewater in the reactor to ammonium oxidation under ammonium oxidizing conditions comprising a temperature in the range of from 5 to 25° c., a concentration of dissolved oxygen in the wastewater in the range of from 0.4 mg/l to 4.0 mg/l, and a hydraulic retention time of the wastewater in the reactor in the range of from 0.5 hours to 1.5 days, to obtain a gaseous stream comprising nitrogen and a dispersion of granular sludge and non-granular sludge in treated wastewater; and (d) continuously separating the dispersion obtained into a stream comprising granular sludge and a stream comprising treated wastewater and non-granular sludge and recycling the stream comprising granular sludge to the reactor and discharging the non-granular sludge from the process, wherein the granular sludge has a retention time in the reactor of at least ten times the hydraulic retention time, and wherein the retention time of any non-granular sludge in the reactor is equal to or at most three times the hydraulic retention time.. .
Paques I.p. B.v.


Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond

Methods of forming polycrystalline diamond include encapsulating diamond particles and a hydrocarbon substance in a canister, and subjecting the encapsulated diamond particles and hydrocarbon substance to a pressure and a temperature sufficient to form inter-granular bonds between the diamond particles. Cutting elements for use in an earth-boring tool includes a polycrystalline diamond material formed by such processes.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

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