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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
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Anion transport membrane

Speed profile creation device and automatic train operation apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rafts-related patents
 Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis patent thumbnailTissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis
An inkjet printing method, system, and computer-usable tangible storage device to print cells and biomaterials for three-dimensional cellular scaffolds and engineered skin grafts are disclosed. The process simultaneously deposits living cells, nutrients, growth factors, therapeutic drugs along with biomaterial scaffolds at the right time and location.
 Anion transport membrane patent thumbnailAnion transport membrane
An anion transport membrane is provided enabling efficient anion exchange across the membrane, which could be used in applications like fuel cells, water electrolyzers, or water filtration systems. The structural membrane morphology is based on a hydrophobic polysulfone membrane backbone and co-grafted thereon hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) grafts and anion conducting quaternary ammonium species.
 Regenerative tissue grafts and methods of making same patent thumbnailRegenerative tissue grafts and methods of making same
A graft containing a scaffold that includes a matrix in which are positioned mesenchymal progenitor cells (mpcs) has the capacity to substantially improve wound healing, including wounds resulting from injury to nerve, bone and vascular tissue. Mpcs can be harvested from debrided muscle tissue following orthopaedic trauma.
 Speed profile creation device and automatic train operation apparatus patent thumbnailSpeed profile creation device and automatic train operation apparatus
A speed profile creation device includes: a traveling simulator that creates, from a traveling instruction, a speed profile of allowing the train to travel through a traveling section together with a traveling time and energy consumption amount thereof by using a route condition, train performance, and a traveling condition; a traveling instruction draft creator that creates a plurality of traveling instruction drafts in which a reference speed profile is changed so that the energy consumption amount can decrease though the traveling time is lengthened a little; an optimum speed profile selector that selects an optimum speed profile in which an energy consumption amount reduction effect is maximum among the plurality of traveling instruction drafts; and a reference speed profile updating unit that updates the reference speed profile until the traveling time of the optimum speed profile becomes equivalent to the target traveling time.. .
 Hyaluronic acid based copolymers patent thumbnailHyaluronic acid based copolymers
Hyaluronic acid (ha) conjugates or crosslinked has compositions for coating an implantable device are provided. The implantable device can be used for treating a disorder such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, restenosis, high cholesterol, hemorrhage, vascular dissection or perforation, vascular aneurysm, vulnerable plaque, chronic total occlusion, claudication, anastomotic proliferation for vein and artificial grafts, bile duct obstruction, ureter obstruction, tumor obstruction, and combinations thereof..
 Multi-user mimo via active scattering platforms patent thumbnailMulti-user mimo via active scattering platforms
Aircrafts flying near earth or naval vessels are used as active scattering platforms in a multipath communications channel in mimo communications systems. These man-made platforms in a communications channel, with techniques of beam forming and wavefront multiplexing in both transmitters at source and receivers at destinations enhance the ability to coherently combine the power of the communication signals, and improve the signal-to-noise ratio in addition to the mimo advantage of multiple times of channel capacity over a finite bandwidth via frequency reuse.
 Non pneumatic vehicle tires and pneumatic vehicle tires with tread patterns patent thumbnailNon pneumatic vehicle tires and pneumatic vehicle tires with tread patterns
Vehicle tires with solid materials, such as rubber and polymer, are designed to increase the safety of the vehicle without the risk of having a flat tire. The tires are non pneumatic and have treads.
 Method for assembling elements of composite material for aircrafts, with stress relaxation in the elements patent thumbnailMethod for assembling elements of composite material for aircrafts, with stress relaxation in the elements
Assembling (s9) in conventional manner the parts as cooled in this way.. .
 Placental tissue grafts and improved methods of preparing and using the same patent thumbnailPlacental tissue grafts and improved methods of preparing and using the same
Described herein are tissue grafts derived from the placenta. The grafts are composed of at least one layer of amnion tissue where the epithelium layer has been substantially removed in order to expose the basement layer to host cells.
 Methods to detect, treat and prevent acute cellular rejection in kidney allografts patent thumbnailMethods to detect, treat and prevent acute cellular rejection in kidney allografts
Methods for prevention and treatment of kidney transplant rejection are described that involve determination, analysis and computation of a 3-gene molecular signature of levels of specific rnas (ip-10 mrna, cd3ε mrna, and 18s rrna) in urinary sample cells. The methods and devices described herein are diagnostic and prognostic of acute cellular rejection in kidney allografts..
System, device, and method of protecting aircrafts against incoming threats
System, device and method for protecting aircrafts against incoming threats. The system includes: (a) a dual-band radio frequency (rf) track-and-confirm module comprising: a dual-band rf receiver to receive high-band rf signals and low-band rf signals; a threat confirmation module to confirm a possible incoming threat based on processing of rf signals received at the dual-band rf receiver; a threat parameters calculator to calculate a fine angular position and a precise angular position of a confirmed incoming threat, based on processing of rf signals received at low-band rf for fine angular position and at high-band rf for precise angular position; (b) a countermeasure directed laser module to activate a directed laser countermeasure towards said precise angular position of said confirmed incoming threat..
Tissue grafts modified with a cross-linking agent and method of making and using the same
Described herein are tissue grafts derived from the placenta that possess good adhesion to biological tissues and are useful in would healing applications. In one aspect, the tissue graft includes (1) two or more layers of amnion, wherein at least one layer of amnion is cross-linked, (2) two or more layers of chorion, wherein at least one layer of amnion is cross-linked, or (3) one or more layers of amnion and chorion, wherein at least one layer of amnion and/or chorion is cross-linked.
Reconstructed scalp model and process for screening active molecules
The invention relates to a reconstructed scalp model, to the process for preparing it and to its use for evaluating the effect of cosmetic, pharmaceutical or dermatological topical products. The reconstructed scalp according to the invention may also be used for the preparation of the grafts intended for treating cutaneous scalp disorders..
Autonomous velocity sensing by time dilation
A system and method for determination of a vehicle or crafts velocity uses on-board time dilation measurements of a moving signal generator and signal generator movement measurements to determine a velocity vector of a craft or vehicle.. .
Gate wire for contralateral leg access
An endovascular delivery system includes a pre-loaded, small guide wire for snaring via the contralateral side of a bifurcated prosthesis for deployment of a graft extension to the contralateral side of the bifurcated prosthesis. The pre-loaded guidewire avoids a cannulation step in the deployment of typical bifurcated stent grafts.
Modifiable medical grafts and related methods and apparatuses
Described are medical graft materials and devices which can be usefully modified with liquid additives such as cell suspensions, bioactive agents, or combinations of these. Also described are methods for making and using these medical graft materials and devices..
Device for deploying an implantable medical device
Device useful for implanting an implantable device within the vasculature of a patient. The device includes a deployment line, a control component for actuating the deployment line, and an actuation mechanism for translating constant-rate actuation of the control component into variable rate retraction of the deployment line from a remotely deployable implantable device.
Human amniotic membrane lyophilized grafts
Described herein are human amniotic membrane tissue grafts derived from the placenta. The grafts are composed of three layers as seen in the amniotic membrane in utero.
Compositions and methods for forming and strengthening bone
Compositions are provided which stimulate bone growth. Also provided are methods for utilizing the compositions for filling in bone defects, promoting rapid fusion of bone fractures, grafts, and bone-prostheses, and promoting strengthening of osteoporotic bones..
Wire looping tool
An improved arts and crafts tool designed to loop and cut wire in a single fluid motion at any desired location along the length of the wire. The tool comprises a pair of arms each arm terminating in a soft-cover handle adapted to be gripped by a user.
Plasticized bone and soft tissue grafts and methods of making and using same
The present invention provides a plasticized dehydrated or freeze-dried bone and/or soft tissue product that does not require special conditions of storage, for example refrigeration or freezing, exhibits materials properties that approximate those properties present in normal hydrated tissue, is not brittle, does not necessitate rehydration prior to clinical implantation and is not a potential source for disease transmission. The invention replaces water in the molecular structure of the bone or soft tissue matrix with one or more plasticizers allowing for dehydration of the tissue, yet not resulting in an increase in brittleness of the plasticized product, and resulting in compressive and/or tensile properties similar to those of normal hydrated bone.
Apparatus and method for improved deployment of endovascular grafts
Apparatus and methods for facilitating deployment of an implantable medical device including a stent graft. A restraining device, such as cord or suture, holds at least the proximal end of the stent in a radially inwardly compressed configuration during delivery to a desired location within the lumen of a patient's vessel.
Individualized bacterial treatment of pancreatic cancer
An individualized bacterial treatment of cancer is provided. The treatment includes a strain of bacteria modified by in-vivo passage through tumor grafts in experimental animals, where the modified strain exhibits enhanced cancer cell-targeting of a specific malignancy arising in a unique individual to the corresponding parent strain of bacteria.
Seating unit for transportation means, in particular for aircrafts
The present invention concerns a seating unit (1), in particular for aircrafts' economy class, comprising a substantially rigid fixed shell (4), a support structure (9), a backrest (2) and a seat (3), all contained within said shell (4), said seating unit (1) being characterized in that said backrest (2) and said seat (3) make a movement, substantially within said shell (4), between a retracted position, that is with said backrest (2) in a substantially vertical position and said seat (3) in a substantially horizontal position, and a slightly extended position, that is with said backrest (2) in a substantially slanted position and said seat (3) in a substantially slanted position, inclined downward.. .
Combination double-barreled and debranching stent grafts and methods for use
A combination double-barreled and debranching stent graft and methods for its use, where the stent graft comprises, a main body stent graft defining a single lumen with distal and proximal ends, a first bifurcation in the main body defining first and second lumens, the main body stent graft defines a tubular wall that is contiguous with the first and second lumens such that any fluid entering the main body stent graft must exit by entering one of the first or second lumens, (c) a second bifurcation within the first lumen defining a first leg and a second leg, (d) a third bifurcation within the first leg defining a third leg and a fourth leg, and (e) a fourth bifurcation within the second leg between about 10 mm and about 20 mm distal from the second bifurcation defining a fifth leg and a sixth leg.. .
Use of an anti-cd200 antibody for prolonging the survival of allografts
The present disclosure provides methods useful for prolonging the survival of an allograft organ in a recipient mammal. The methods include administration of an anti-cd200 antibody or a cd200-binding fragment of the antibody.
Peptide compounds and methods of production and use thereof
Peptide compounds based on the cap37 protein are disclosed, along with methods for treating various infections, wounds, and conditions, and methods of promoting healing and acceptance of grafts, using compositions containing these peptides.. .
Formulations containing and kit for using adipose-derived stem cells and use thereof
Methods and kits for producing cellular fractions enriched in adipose derived stem cells. Methods are provided where adipose tissue obtained from liposuction is enzymatically treated using a solution containing collagenase and divalent cations prior to the application of traditional methods of stromal-vascular fraction isolation.
Process for devitalizing soft-tissue engineered medical implants, and devitalized soft-tissue medical implants produced
The invention provides methodologies and apparatus for producing devitalized soft-tissue implants where the implant retains metabolically non-viable and/or reproductively non-viable cells, and preferably retains large molecular weight cytoplasmic proteins, such implants produced both in small quantities and in commercializable quantities. Such soft-tissue implants include vascular graft substitutes.
Surgical grafts, and implements for delivering same
Described are graft devices useful for treating surgical defects, delivery implements for delivery of the graft devices, combinations thereof, and methods for the preparation and use thereof. In certain aspects a tonsillectomy graft can include convexly curved outer edges, where the graft is sized and configured such that these outer edges reside proximate and along tonsillar pillars bounding a surgical tonsillectomy defect.
Assembly of stent grafts with diameter reducing ties
A temporary diameter reduction constraint arrangement for a stent graft is disclosed. The arrangement comprises: primary and secondary release wires extending along the graft; a plurality of loops of thread, each loop engaged with either the primary or secondary wire and engaged around a portion of the graft circumferentially spaced away from its release wire, and drawn tight to reduce the diameter of the graft; an end constraint arrangement comprising four of the plurality of loops of thread arranged into a first and second pairs engaged with respective primary and secondary wires; and an intermediate constraint arrangement comprising a fifth and sixth of the plurality of loops of thread arranged into a third pair, the third pair engaged with the primary release wire, the primary release wire deviating towards the secondary release wire so as to locate the intermediate constraint arrangement substantially in-line with the end constraint arrangement..
Homozygous and heterozygous idh1 gene-defective cell lines derived from human colorectal cells
Idh1 gene-defective cell lines (e.g., idh1r132h heterozygous) have been made from a robust cell line, hct116. The idh1 gene-defective cell lines can be used to determine the effect of idh1r132h on cell biology, tumorigenesis, and cellular metabolic profiles.
Cell-free tissue engineered vascular grafts
A composition containing a macrophage inhibitor may be administered in an effective amount to prevent, inhibit or reduce restenosis, thrombus or aneurysm formation in implanted polymeric vascular grafts. The composition may be administered prior to vascular graft implantation, at the same time as vascular graft implantation, following vascular graft implantation, or any combination thereof.
Flexible endoluminal device
The present disclosure describes endoluminal devices, such as stents and stent grafts capable of being bent smoothly, with various benefits resulting therefrom.. .
Substrate having an electron donating surface with metal particles comprising palladium on said surface
There is disclosed a substrate with an electron donating surface, characterized in having metal particles on said surface, said metal particles comprising palladium and at least one metal selected from the group consisting of gold, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, wherein the amount of said metal particles is from about 0.001 to about 8 μg/cm2. Examples of coated objects include contact lenses, pacemakers, pacemaker electrodes, stents, dental implants, rupture nets, rupture mesh, blood centrifuge equipment, surgical instruments, gloves, blood bags, artificial heart valves, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters, vascular ports, haemodialysis equipment, peritoneal dialysis equipment, plasmapheresis devices, inhalation drug delivery devices, vascular grafts, arterial grafts, cardiac assist devices, wound dressings, intermittent catheters, ecg electrodes, peripheral stents, bone replacing implants, orthopaedic implants, orthopaedic devices, tissue replacing implants, intraocular lenses, sutures, needles, drug delivery devices, endotracheal tubes, shunts, drains, suction devices, hearing aid devices, urethral medical devices, and artificial blood vessels..
Apparatus for automatic/semiautomatic door
There is provided an apparatus for an automatic/semiautomatic door, and more particularly, to an apparatus for an automatic/semiautomatic door to prevent the door from leaving its track during an opening/closing process and to maintain airtightness between the inside and the outside when closed. In the apparatus for the automatic/semiautomatic door, airtight frames are separably assembled at the top, bottom and both sides of the automatic/semiautomatic door and wherein an airtight structure is buried in a floor surface coming in contact with the bottom of an opening/closing door of the automatic/semiautomatic door, so that the airtight frame is air-tightly and slidably inserted into the airtight structure.
Impermeable graft fabric coating and methods
Composite grafts and implantable medical devices include a polymeric layer and a non-porous silicone coating that includes a two-part dispersion of silicone material in an organic solvent. The polymeric layer has a first surface and a second surface, where the first surface and the second surface are positioned on opposite sides of the polymeric layer, and where the first surface is the blood-contacting surface and the second surface is the tissue-contacting surface.
Grafts and stent grafts having a radiopaque marker
A graft device comprising a layer of synthetic non-metallic material having a first surface and a second surface spaced apart from the first surface. The device further includes a radiopaque marker at least partially embedded in the layer..
Unmanned aerial vehicle
The present disclosure relates to an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) able to harvest energy from updrafts and a method of enhancing operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle. The unmanned aerial vehicle with a gliding capability comprises a generator arranged to be driven by a rotor, and a battery, wherein the unmanned aerial vehicle can operate in an energy harvesting mode in which the motion of the unmanned aerial vehicle drives the rotor to rotate, the rotor drives the generator, and the generator charges the battery.
Anterior lumbar interbody graft inserter
An anterior lumbar interbody graft (alig) inserter includes prongs at the tip of the inserter which can optionally grasp, and thus insert, anterior and anterior-lateral grafts.. .
Method and composition for skin grafts
A chimeric skin comprising immortalized human keratinocyte cells cocultured with donor keratinocytes is disclosed.. .
Intersomatic cage with unified grafts
An intervertebral cage includes a thin main wall having two return parts at opposite ends of the wall. The wall has an approximately constant thickness.
Multi-level suture attachments for coupling a stent to graft material
The present embodiments provide stent-grafts. In one embodiment, a stent has proximal and distal ends, a plurality of strut segments disposed between the proximal and distal ends that enable expansion of the stent from a compressed state to a deployed state, and a series of distal apices disposed at the distal end of the stent.
Three dimensional radar system using usual radars installed in sea facilities
There is provided a three-dimensional radar system by using the combination of commercialized usual radars for vessels at relatively low price so as to enable to strengthen the surveillance capability about aircrafts flying at low altitude and strengthen the surveillance capability on the sea and in the air to protect important facilities of a port with more developed than the conventional surveillance system of monitoring only ships or vessels in a port while overcoming the operational limitation of vts (vessel traffic service).. .
Adhesive composition for carrying therapeutic agents as delivery vehicle on coating applied to vascular grafts
Water-soluble polymeric adhesive compositions and their use as delivery vehicles for carrying therapeutic agents on implantable devices, such as vascular grafts, are disclosed. Use of drug-coated vascular grafts is demonstrated for delivery of the therapeutic agents in vivo, thereby inhibiting restenosis or neointimal hyperplasia of the vascular graft and inhibiting infection at the vascular graft site.
Compositions and methods for improving toughness of irradiated sterilized bone allografts
The present invention relates to compositions, methods, kits and systems employing irradiation activated agents to improve or increase or prevent loss of toughness, work-to-fracture, post-yield toughness, fracture toughness and/or fatigue strength of a bone allograft on exposure to radiation. The irradiation activated agent can be an agent that increases crosslinking of collagen in bone during irradiation, for example ribose, 2-hydroxytetrahydropyran or ascorbate..
Compositions and methods for recruiting stem cells
Described herein are compositions and methods of using modified placental tissue grafts composed of at least one membrane, capable of recruiting stem cells in vivo and in vitro.. .
Ceramic biocomposite for bone regeneration
The invention relates to a ceramic biocomposite for bone regeneration, having a ph range of between 6.5 and 8.5, with an initial plasticity that allows the biocomposite to be easily moulded in situ and to set after 7 minutes, meaning that it can remain at the indicated location during the healing process. In addition, the biocomposite has demonstrated an ability to stimulate bone formation in hard-to-heal wounds.
Method and apparatus for managing process control configuration
Flexible configuration of process control systems or plants allows draft changes or modifications to be made to parent process objects, e.g., in a configuration environment, without automatically triggering corresponding instantiations and/or downloads of the parent process objects and/or their derived children objects into a run-time system. Parent objects to which draft changes are allowed may include class objects, instance objects, and/or library objects.
Methods for localizing implanted vascular access devices
Disclosed are vascular access devices, implantable dialysis grafts, and systems including them useful for improved access to implanted medical devices. Also disclosed are implantable hemodialysis vascular access graft devices that facilitate easy, accurate and reproducible cannulation or needle entry into the implanted device by magnetically-locating a portion of the graft that includes one or more paramagnetic materials operably defining the physical boundaries of the target cannulation site/entry port..
Aircraft communication control appartus, aircraft, computer-readable recording medium in which aircraft communication program is stored and aircraft communication method
When information sharing is performed among multiple aircrafts, the number of times of communication for the information sharing is reduced. An onboard terminal 30 is a communication control apparatus 20 of an aircraft 10 which performs transmission and reception of information with a consort aircraft.
Medicinal carriers, and preparation method and uses thereof
A medicinal carrier is provided. The medicinal carrier comprises a first component, which is a biocompatible polymer with an amino group (—nh2); a saccharide; and a second component which is a biocompatible material.
Compositions and methods for tissue engineering and cell based therapies
The present application discloses strategies to recruit and mobilize stem cells using s1p receptor selective agonists and antagonists as wells as regulators of chemokine receptors. In an in vivo ischemic model, s1p1/s1p3 activation with fty720 impeded inflammatory cell infiltration and recruited endothelial progenitor cells (epcs) with the potential to increase microvascular remodeling.
Ventilated tray with riser
A serving tray configured to hold fresh baked pizza and hot-served food items in a prolonged hot and crispy state. The tray comprises a circular ventilated platform made of a perforated inner region surrounded by a solid rim.
Friedel crafts alkylation of aromatics using vinyl terminated macromonomers
Ar is a substituted or unsubstituted aromatic group.. .
Drug-eluting rotational spun coatings and methods of use
Drug-eluting rotational spun coatings that include one or more therapeutic agents may be used to coat a medical device. The medical devices include, for example, balloon catheters, vascular grafts and stents, which are coated with drug-eluting rotational spun materials that may be used to deliver a therapeutic agent to a target tissue or body lumen..
Compositions and methods for promoting tissue regeneration
Provided are compositions for promoting bone and cartilage growth. In certain embodiments, tissue graft compositions comprising a polymeric scaffold (e.g., plga), hyaluronic acid, and substantially purified mononucleated cells derived from bone marrow aspirate.
Reducing soluble urokinase receptor in the circulation
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (fsgs) is a common cause of proteinuric kidney disease, which comprises both native and transplanted kidneys. Treatment was limited in the past due to the complicated pathogenesis of fsgs, including previously unidentified serum factors.
Composition for an active layer or electrode of photovoltaic cells
A composition including a graft copolymer, having: a linear trunk including at least one non-aromatic vinyl polymer or an unsaturated polyolefin; and at least two grafts attached to said trunk via a chemical bond, each graft having a conjugated polymer, characterized in that said composition further includes: fullerenes and a conjugated polymer; or carbon and/or graphene nanotubes. Also, a photovoltaic module incorporating such a composition, and to the use of said composition for the same purposes.
Devices, systems, and methods for assessing implants, organs, transplants, tissues, synthetic constructs, vascular grafts, and the like
A system for monitoring a body includes a surgical implant configured for implantation within a body, a sensory module coupled to the surgical implant and configured for implantation into the body in conjunction with the surgical implant, and a communication module coupled to the surgical implant and configured for implantation into a body in conjunction with the surgical implant. The sensory module is configured to monitor characteristics of the surgical implant, surrounding tissue and/or adjacent tissue.
Equipment for the reduction of the radar marking for aircrafts
Equipment for the reduction of the radar marking of an aircraft v can be applied to at least one hot portion h of the aircraft, chosen from the following: a piloting cabin or cockpit, including at least one transparent portion; a first frame of the fuselage; a plurality of junction edges of components, including wings, tail veilings and engine air intakes; at least one motor face. The equipment includes at least one device for dissipating incident radar waves, which can be removably applied to at least one hot portion h of the aircraft without affecting the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft v..
Fluid-driven power generating apparatus
A fluid-driven power generating apparatus is a power generator in form pipes with either water wheels or balls with circumferential indents rotating therewithin. The water wheels or the balls are rotated by the fluid flow within the pipes.
Plastic simulated stone and ceramic products manufactured from recyclable plastic and methods of making the same
Simulated stone, clay, and transferware and jewelry blanks and ornaments and a process for their preparation using new or reclaimed low density polyethylene sheets such as bags and or other suitable materials. Some implementations can include inclusions.
Bone infusion apparatus and methods for interbody grafts
A bone infusion apparatus for interbody grafts includes a container; a retainer, the retainer including a recess for receiving therein bone graft material; and a lid including a plunger assembly. A method of preparing bone including cadaver bone for use in cervical fusion includes: placing cadaver bone combined with bone collected from a patient into a recess of the retainer; placing the retainer in the container; filling the container with a liquid; attaching a lid the container; depressing a plunger of the lid such that a press head advances toward the retainer causing a dynamic pressure to act on the cadaver bone combined with the bone collected from the patient; suctioning the liquid from the container; removing the combined bone from the retainer; and placing the combined bone removed from the container into a vertebral interspace of the patient..

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