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Radio Signal patents

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Prediction-based fm stereo radio noise reduction

Method to trigger in-device coexistence interference mitigation in mobile cellular systems

Inspection method and inspection device for rfid tag

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radio Signal-related patents
 Mobile communications radio receiver for multiple network operation patent thumbnailMobile communications radio receiver for multiple network operation
A mobile communications radio receiver for multiple radio network operation includes an rf unit for generating a first down-converted signal from a radio signal received from a first radio network and a second down-converted signal from a radio signal received from a second radio network. Further, the receiver includes a first receiving unit including a user data channel demodulator configured to demodulate a dedicated user data physical channel and a control channel demodulator configured to demodulate a common control data channel of the first radio network based on the first down-converted signal.
 Prediction-based fm stereo radio noise reduction patent thumbnailPrediction-based fm stereo radio noise reduction
The present document relates to audio signal processing, in particular to an apparatus and a corresponding method for improving the audio signal of an fm stereo radio receiver. In particular, the present document relates to a method and system for reducing the noise of a received fm stereo radio signal.
 Method to trigger in-device coexistence interference mitigation in mobile cellular systems patent thumbnailMethod to trigger in-device coexistence interference mitigation in mobile cellular systems
A method to trigger in-device coexistence (idc) interference mitigation is provided. A wireless device comprises a first radio module and a co-located second radio module.
 Inspection method and inspection device for rfid tag patent thumbnailInspection method and inspection device for rfid tag
An rfid tag inspection method includes the steps of transmitting a measurement signal from a reader/writer simultaneously to a plurality of rfid tags arrayed on a collective base member and configured to process radio signals, receiving response waves from the individual rfid tags in a batch by the reader/writer, and determining, based on strengths and a number of received signals read by the reader/writer, whether or not the individual rfid tags are acceptable. Thus, acceptance/rejection inspection can be performed on the plural rfid tags, which are arrayed on the collective base member, in a batch..
 Mobile terminal and cloud system using the mobile terminal patent thumbnailMobile terminal and cloud system using the mobile terminal
The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal capable of accessing a cloud server and a cloud system using the same. A mobile terminal according to an embodiment of the present disclosure may include a user input unit configured to select an external terminal for receiving route information stored in a cloud server, a wireless communication unit configured to communicate with the cloud server using radio signals, and a controller configured to control the wireless communication unit to transmit a route information transmission request message to the cloud server so as to transmit the route information to the external terminal from the cloud server..
 Methods and apparatus for efficient joint power line and visible light communication patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for efficient joint power line and visible light communication
A hybrid communications system implements different communication technologies to communicate data and information for particular communications directions in different portions of the system. Power line communications (plc) signaling is used to deliver data and information from a gateway device to a light access point.
 Tag with radio communication function, display apparatus and radio communication system patent thumbnailTag with radio communication function, display apparatus and radio communication system
According to an embodiment, a tag with a radio communication function includes a tag substrate, and a radio communication apparatus provided on the front surface of the tag substrate. The radio communication apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store data, a first and a second antennas, a wireless power receiver, and a first radio communicator.
 High quality detection in fm stereo radio signal patent thumbnailHigh quality detection in fm stereo radio signal
The present document relates to audio signal processing, in particular to an apparatus and a corresponding method for improving an audio signal of an fm stereo radio receiver. In particular, the present document relates to a method and system for reliably detecting the quality of a received fm stereo radio signal and for selecting an appropriate processing based on the detected quality.
 Ranging and positioning system patent thumbnailRanging and positioning system
A ranging and positioning system comprising transmitters and receiver nodes communicating together by chirp-modulated radio signals, that have a ranging mode in which ranging exchange of signals takes place between a master device and a slave device that leads to the evaluation of the range between them. The slave is arranged for recognizing a ranging request and transmit back a ranging response containing chirps that precisely aligned in time and frequency with the chirps in the ranging requests, whereupon the master can receive the ranging response, analyze the time and frequency the chirps contained therein with respect to his own time reference, and estimate a range to the slave..
 Handbag insert assembly and method patent thumbnailHandbag insert assembly and method
A handbag insert assembly and method for using is disclosed. The insert is constructed from lightweight durable water resistant material that is transparent enough to allow a user to easily view stored within without have to access the interior of the insert.
Water shut off device
The present invention detects the presence of occupancy or activity in one or more locations of a building and remotely takes action to shut off the flow of water by keeping the main shutoff valve to the building closed when no activity or occupancy has been detected for a predetermined amount of time and opening this valve when activity has been sensed. Motion sensors are placed throughout the building in areas commonly traveled during occupancy/activity.
Method and apparatus for waking up a device
A method and an apparatus for waking up a device are disclosed by embodiments of the present invention. In one embodiment, a method includes detecting, by a first device, whether a second device transmits a radio signal, when a timing interval of a timer is equal to a preset threshold, where the first device is a device woken up by the second device, transmitting, by the first device, a first message to the second device when the radio signal is detected, causing the second device to switch to a station (sta) mode after receiving the first message, where the first message is used to notify the second device that the first device is woken up successfully, and switching, by the first device, to an access point (ap) mode, causing the second device to implement wireless fidelity (wi-fi) access through the first device..
Support system
A support system (1) for traffic support of ships (20a, 20b, 21a, 21b), having ais ship reception units for receiving ais radio signals containing ship traffic data, is characterized in that at least one flight object (2) is provided, comprising at least one ais flight transmission unit (3), which is designed to transmit ais radio signals containing ship traffic data inside an ais transmission range (10) in such a manner that the transmitted ais radio signals can be received by the ships (20a, 20b, 21a, 21b) located inside the ais transmission range (10) by means of their respective ais ship reception units.. .
System and method for detecting and identifying device utilization
A control unit associated with a monitored device, wherein the control unit has a tag radio and a main radio. The tag radio has a first antenna operable to detect and communicate with a wearable tag associated with an asset, such as a person, a piece of equipment, or a supply, over a first communications channel.
Method and apparatus for implementing multi-vendor rolling code keyless entry systems
The present invention relates generally a system and method for providing rolling code remote device functions to provide keyless entry to multiple makes and models of cars. The present invention is adapted to produce the radio signal type and transmitted data of an original manufacturer's keyless entry remote device system by implementing multiple modulation schema and data encoding techniques..
Methods and arrangements for high accuracy positioning
This disclosure relates to methods and arrangements for positioning of a communication device (102, 202, 208, 402, 502) in a communication system. Based on received radio channel information from a positioning server (112, 212, 408, 508), positioning nodes (104a-d, 204, 206, 410, 412, 510) identify (s-430, s-538, 704) a radio signal from said communication device, measure (s-432, s-433, s-540, 706) the strength of said received signal and sends (s-434, s-435, s-542, 708) signal strength information and position information of the positioning nodes to said positioning server.
Methods and systems for a generic multi-radio access technology
Systems and method provide for cell reconfirmation methods for a multi-radio access technology (rat) capable user equipment (ue). A method for performing a cell reconfirmation method by a multi-radio access technology (rat) capable user equipment (ue), the method includes: performing, by the ue, cell reconfirmation using information derived from a normal burst (nb) of a transmitted global system for mobile communication (gsm) radio signal, wherein the cell reconfirmation verifies an identity of a gsm cell associated with the transmitted gsm radio signal.
Integrated circuit for controlling radio transmission and reception
Data streams stored in buffers are modulated by modulation sections. Multipliers multiply the signals output from the modulation sections by weights output from a weight control section.
Ofdm transmission and reception for non-ofdm signals
Methods and apparatuses for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) communication of non-ofdm radio signals are disclosed. The non-ofdm radio signals are force-modulated into ofdm signals.
Systems and methods for rfid inspection
A radio-frequency identification (rfid) reader is provided. The rfid reader includes a transmitter/receiver module configured to transmit a radio signal at a plurality of different power levels, and a control module coupled to the transmitter/receiver module and configured to control the power level at which the radio signal is transmitted based on a number of rfid tags detected when transmitting the radio signal at an initial power level..
Indoor/outdoor personal security system
A security system uses tags that are able to receive time signals sent from the gps satellites or the broadcasting radio signals from the cell towers and transmit the identification and location information or signals to the central database and server for triangulation/trilateration periodically or in the event of an emergency. A security system uses tags that are able to transmit rf signals to readers located around a college campus.
Cross-polar interference cancellation system, wireless station device, wireless communication method
A wireless station device determines whether a carrier to noise ratio of a vertical polarization wave is lower than a first threshold value, determines that a present modulation method for the vertical polarization wave is to be changed to another modulation method having a small multilevel number when the carrier to noise ratio of the vertical polarization wave is lower than the first threshold value, and transmits modulation method information to the facing wireless station device. Further, the facing wireless station device transmits a radio signal to the wireless station device using the modulation method indicated by the received modulation method information for the vertical polarization wave..
Inter symbol interference reduction by applying turbo equalization mode
The present disclosure relates to a receiving node, and to a related method for determining when to apply a turbo equalization mode to compensate for inter-symbol interference in a radio signal received over a radio channel from a transmitting node. The method comprises decoding the received radio signal into a decoded signal, determining a current error level in the decoded signal, predicting a turbo equalization gain based on instantaneous channel information of the radio channel and deciding whether to apply the turbo equalization mode depending on the predicted turbo equalization gain and the determined current error level in the decoded signal..
Radio signal transmission method, radio signal transmitting device, radio signal receiving device, radio base station device and radio terminal device
When a plurality of radio signals having different sub frame lengths are transmitted on the same radio carrier, a radio signal of a short sub frame length is arranged inside a carrier band, and a radio signal of a sub frame length longer than the sub frame length of the short sub frame length signal is arranged outside the carrier band.. .
Wireless device mirroring with auto disconnect
A wireless device participates in a mirroring session with an external device such as a display device. A radio signal monitoring circuit compares instantaneous wireless signal strength against a dynamically generated set of thresholds and initiates action to terminate the mirroring session when the mobile device physically moves from the initial location at which the mirroring session was established..
Antenna for reception of circularly polarized satellite radio signals
An antenna for receiving circularly polarized satellite radio signals has a conductive base surface and at least one a conductor loop oriented horizontally above the base surface by a height h. The conductor loop is configured as a polygonal or circular closed ring line radiator.
Mobile computing based railway crossing collision avoidance system
A device to prevent railway crossing accidents between a roadway vehicle and a train, by comparing the ups location of a roadway vehicle to the ups location of the railway crossing by means of a mobile computing device, and alerting the operator of a roadway vehicle when the vehicle is at a railway crossing when an fm radio signal transmitted by the train is also detected by the mobile computing device.. .
Receiver unit and method for suppressing interference in a multipath radio signal
The invention relates to the field of radio signal receivers for use in wireless communication networks. In particular to a receiver unit having at least one antenna input for receiving multipath radio signals via a radio unit and at least one antenna from one or more user equipments is provided.
Apparatus and method for creating probability-based radio map for cooperative intelligent robots
An apparatus for creating a radio map includes a radio signal acquiring unit that acquires information on radio signals between one or more cooperative intelligent robots, a radio environment modeling unit that estimates radio strength for each cell configuring the radio map from the information on radio signals acquired by the radio signal acquiring unit, and a radio map creating unit that classifies a communication region of each cell and models the radio map according to the radio strength for each cell estimated by the radio environment modeling unit.. .
Reception device and reception method
A reception device including: an antenna configured to receive a radio signal including a radio frame that includes a plurality of symbols, and a processor configured to perform a first processing for estimating a first interference noise power for one or more first specified symbols of the plurality of symbols, each of the one or more first specified symbols including each of one or more reference signals respectively, and to perform a second processing for estimating a second interference noise power for one or more second specified symbols of the plurality of symbols, each of the one or more second specified symbols including no reference signal, the second interference noise power differing from the first interference noise power.. .
Broadband dual polarization antenna
A broadband dual polarization antenna comprises a first metal reflective plane, for reflecting radio signals, to enhance the gain of the broadband dual polarization antenna; a first radiation portion, disposed on the first metal reflective plane with a first gap to the first metal reflective plane; a second radiation portion, disposed on the first radiation portion with a second gap to the first radiation portion; and a supporting element, for supporting and isolating the first metal reflective plane, the first radiation portion and the second radiation portion.. .
System and method for coordinating multiple radio transceivers within the same device platform
A wireless device having a central control entity that coordinates multiple radio transceivers co-located within the same device platform to mitigate coexistence interference. The wireless device comprises an lte transceiver, a wifi transceiver, a bt transceiver, or a gnss receiver.
Filter having signal detection function
A filter includes a base and a sidewall extending from the base. The base and the sidewall cooperatively define a cavity.
Encoded information reading terminal with user-configurable multi-protocol wireless communication interface
An apparatus may include a microprocessor and a wireless communication interface configured to perform at least one of receiving a first radio signal or transmitting a second radio signal. The microprocessor may be configured to execute at least one of a base-band encoder software program or a base-band decoder software program.
Seismic alarm and warning system
An improved seismic alarm system designed to alarm users of an upcoming seismic event and other natural disasters, and aid victims' survival after an earthquake. The seismic alarm system includes an accelerometer, a controller, an acoustic-to-electric transducer for acoustic pattern detection, and rf module to receive emergency radio signals.
Systems and methods for performing demodulation and modulation on software defined radios
A system and method are provided for extracting and demodulating one or more channels in a radio signal. The method includes receiving a first radio signal using a radio frequency front end, translating a first band of frequencies of the first radio signal to a second band of frequencies to generate a second radio signal, digitizing the second radio signal to generate a digital signal, extracting one or more additional band of frequencies of the digital signal, each additional band of frequencies corresponding to a channel, and demodulating one or more channels to generate a respective demodulated signal.
Circuit arrangement for compensating for a damping occurring in an antenna line between a mobile radio terminal and an antenna
A circuit arrangement (1) for compensating for a damping occurring in an antenna line between a mobile radio terminal (2) and an antenna (3), comprising a plurality of partial branches (t1, t2, t3) in each case for assigned transmission services for specific frequency bands, is described. A first partial branch selection switch (s1), on the terminal side at an antenna connection (4) of the circuit arrangement (1), said antenna connection being connectable to the mobile radio terminal (2), is connected to a selected partial branch (t1, t2, t3) depending on the switching position and a second partial branch selection switch (s2), on the antenna side at an antenna connection (5) of the circuit arrangement (1), said antenna connection being connectable to the antenna, is connected to a selected partial branch (t1, t2, t3) depending on the switching position such that a partial branch (t1, t2, t3) selected by the switching position of the partial branch selection switches (s1, s2) is switchable into the signal path between mobile radio terminal (2) and antenna (3).
Alarm device for banishment of birds and animals
This utility model releases an alarm device for banishment of birds and animals, which includes: radio transmission module, voltage stabilizing circuit and inverter circuit. The radio transmission module sends radio signals to radio receiver module which then transmits such radio signals to the pc control circuit; the said pc control circuit sends instruction signals to the audio circuit which then transmits the audio signal to amplification circuit which outputs the amplified audio signals; the said voltage stabilizing circuit provides 5v power supply to the said radio transmission module, radio receiver module, the said pc control circuit and the said audio circuit, while the said inverter circuit provides +/−35v power supply to the said amplification circuit.
Protection case for mobile phone and mobile apparatus
A mobile phone protection case for encasing a mobile phone to protect the mobile phone from being damaged with a bluetooth unit is provided. The protection case includes a display screen, a bluetooth unit, and a display control unit.
Geo-location signal fingerprinting
Disclosed herein is a technology related to low-power, accurate location estimation for mobile devices (such as a smartphone). More particularly, the disclosed technology facilitates estimation of a physical or “real world” location (e.g., geo-location) without relying on the conventional always-on and battery-draining approaches of global positioning systems (gpss) or some form of telemetry based upon multiple radio signals (e.g., cellular).
Method and system for locating a current position or a coupling location of a mobile unit using a leaky waveguide
A method and related system are provided for locating a current position or a coupling location of a mobile unit, which can send or receive for location determining purposes, using a leaky waveguide, wherein a radio signal is fed from the mobile unit into the waveguide or vice versa, wherein the signal is sent by the mobile unit and received by the two transmitting and receiving (t/r) apparatuses, or one signal is sent by each of the two t/r apparatuses and received by the mobile unit, wherein a receiving time is determined for each received signal, and the current position or the coupling location is determined from two such receiving times. The t/r apparatuses, arranged at opposite ends of the waveguide, are synchronized relative to each other prior to the determination of the current position or coupling location, or prior to the reception of the signal..
Determining mobility states for a user device
A mobility module receives sensor data from one or more sensors and determines the movement of type of movement of a user device, based on the sensor data. Based on the movement or rate of movement, the mobility module transitions the user device to a mobility state.
Methods and systems for combined cyclic delay diversity and precoding of radio signals
In a transmitter or transceiver, signals can be precoded by multiplying symbol vectors with various matrices. For example, symbol vectors can be multiplied with a first column subset of unitary matrix which spreads symbols in the symbol vectors across virtual transmit antennas, a second diagonal matrix which changes a phase of the virtual transmit antennas, and a third precoding matrix which distributes the transmission across the transmit antennas..
Method and device for detecting aircraft radio signals transmitted in the same channel simultaneously
A method for detecting at least two amplitude-modulated transmitted signals contained in a received signal within the same frequency channel with respectively different frequency displacement determines from the received signal a modified received signal by means of a nonlinear signal processing. Following this, the spectrum of the modified received signal is determined by means of fourier transform, and at least two transmitted signals contained in the received signal are detected if at least two first spectral lines each associated with carrier signals are significantly distinguishable within the determined spectrum from spectral components associated with noise signals and payload signals..
Methods and apparatus for selecting an inter-radio access technology for an electronic device
Methods and apparatus for selecting an inter-radio access technology for an electronic device are disclosed. In an embodiment, a wireless electronic device determines if a first radio signal strength (e.g., lte) is weak enough that the device should start scanning for another radio access technology (e.g., cdma).
Communication system and method
A communication system that includes mobile user equipment and a communication network is provided. The communication network includes a first base station communicating with the user equipment according to a first defined radio frame format with a first sequence of radio frames each having the same length and each being allocated a respective first system frame number (sfn) to sequentially number the radio frames of the first sequence.
Estimation of speed and direction of travel in a wlan positioning system
A method for estimating the speed and bearing of a wi-fi enabled device using wlan radio signals in a wlan based location service is provided. A method used to estimate a speed of travel of a wi-fi enabled device comprises the wi-fi enabled device receiving signals transmitted by wi-fi access points in range of the wi-fi enabled device, and using the signals to estimate the speed of and/or direction of travel of the wi-fi enabled device..
Blind spot detection system
A blind spot detection system comprises an alarm, capable of generating an alarm signal; a plurality of sensors, each for emitting a radio signal and receiving a reflecting signal of the emitted radio signal, to detect whether an object exists within a specific range and generate a detection result accordingly; and a control module, for receiving at least one vehicle information from the obd system and controlling the alarm to generate the alarm signal according to the at least one vehicle information and a plurality of detection results generated by the plurality of sensors.. .
Proximity sensor network
A system, device and method for a proximity sensor network are disclosed. The proximity detection device includes a short range wireless receiver, a wireless network transceiver; and a controller connected to the receiver and transceiver.
Classification of indoor and outdoor telecommunications events of mobile telecommunications networks
Concepts and technologies are described herein for the classification of indoor and outdoor telecommunications events that occur within mobile telecommunications networks. According to one aspect disclosed herein, a method for classifying telecommunications events can include receiving a data set that includes geo-location data and radio signal measurement data for a plurality of telecommunications events that have occurred within a mobile telecommunications network.
Printed circuit board and server using the same
A printed circuit board (pcb) includes multiple receiving components and a sending component. Each receiving component includes a receiving unit and a first control unit.
Methods and apparatus for communications using visible light communications signaling in combination with wireless radio signaling
Various exemplary methods and apparatus are directed to using visible light communication (vlc) in a downlink, e.g., a supplemental downlink, in combination with a wireless radio downlink/ uplink pair. A gateway is coupled, via a wireline link, to a vlc access point.
Systems and methods for advanced iterative decoding and channel estimation of concatenated coding systems
Systems and methods for decoding block and concatenated codes are provided. These include advanced iterative decoding techniques based on belief propagation algorithms, with particular advantages when applied to codes having higher density parity check matrices.
Cordless telephone set
Disclosed is a cordless telephone set capable of suppressing power consumption during power failures to lengthen the time for a call. A cordless telephone (1) receives power supply from a handset (3) placed on a charging section (26) of a base unit (2), during power failures.
Wireless sensor module, method for processing measurement data thereby, and recording medium
A wireless sensor module has a sensor that measures a measuring object to generate measured data, a wireless communication section that wirelessly transmits the measured data to an external device and receives a radio signal from the external device, a control section that controls the sensor and the wireless communication section, and an electric power storage device that serves as an electric power supply. The control section secures an idle period of time in a series of operations for processing the measured data so that the series of operations are not carried out consecutively.
Automatic opening and closing apparatus of opening and closing member for vehicle and structural member included in vehicle
An automatic opening and closing apparatus of an opening and closing member for a vehicle includes an opening and closing member driving portion, a receiving portion configured to receive a radio signal transmitted from a radio transmitter and indicating identification information for identifying the vehicle, a non-contact detection sensor including a detection range that is specified to an inner side than an outermost position of the vehicle in a direction towards an outer side of a vehicle interior from the opening and closing member in a state where the opening and closing member is closed, and a control portion configured to control the opening and closing member driving portion in a case where the non-contact detection sensor detects an object in a state where the identification information is correlated to the vehicle on a basis of the radio signal received from the radio transmitter.. .
Rake receiver with noise whitening
Described devices and techniques provide noise whitening in a communication device. The noise whitening is performed by a noise whitening unit that receives signals on a first path associated with a first antenna and signals on a second path associated with a second antenna.
Radio signal receiving system
A radio signal receiving system for providing a signal to a transceiver includes a signal retrieving module and a signal processing module. The signal retrieving module retrieves a radio signal through one of a conducting wire in an electrical outlet, a conducting wire in a vehicular cigarette lighter, and a metallic vehicular casing.
Ultra-wideband antenna having frequency band notch function
An ultra-wideband (uwb) antenna having a frequency band notch function is provided. The uwb antenna includes a substrate, a radiation part, a feeding part, and a slot.
Wireless ic device
A wireless ic device includes a wireless ic chip arranged to process a radio signal, a power-supply circuit board that is connected to the wireless ic chip and that includes a power supply circuit including at least one coil pattern, and a radiation plate arranged to radiate a transmission signal supplied from the power-supply circuit board and/or receiving a reception signal to supply the reception signal to the power-supply circuit board. The radiation plate includes an opening provided in a portion thereof and a slit connected to the opening.
Wireless device, control method, recording medium, and display method
A wireless device includes a receiver that receives a first radio signal transmitted from a first communication device and a second radio signal transmitted from a second communication device, and a processor that detects a first arrival direction which is a direction opposite to a propagation direction of the received first radio signal and a second arrival direction which is a direction opposite to a propagation direction of the received second radio signal and generates a first signal for guiding the wireless device so as to be located on a straight line that extends in a propagation direction of the second radio signal received by the first communication device based on the detected first and second arrival directions.. .
Wireless communication apparatus and one-path state determination method
A wireless communication apparatus includes a wireless unit configured to receive a radio signal; and a signal processing unit configured to detect a phase shift between a detection timing of a path relevant to the received signal at the wireless unit and a path timing of the received signal, to calculate interference power by a first path having a maximum power value based on the phase shift, to calculate power of one or more second paths other than the first path based on the interference power, and to determine whether the received signal is received in a one-path state or a multi-path state based on the power value of the first path and the power values of the one or more second paths.. .
Signal equalization with compensation for scrambling code correlation
A method for equalizing a received radio signal in a wcdma system, comprises receiving (210), in a radio receiver, of a digital radio signal spread by scrambling codes. A channel estimation is performed (230) on the received digital radio signal for a plurality of channels.
Radio communication device and radio communication method
A radio base station 100 judges a receiving state of a radio signal in conformity with the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme, and changes a symbol string configuration of a symbol string defined by a size in a frequency axis direction and in a time axis direction, on the basis of the judged receiving state.. .
Antenna apparatus for portable terminal
A portable terminal is provided. The portable terminal includes a main housing, a sub housing, a mainboard, and an electric connector.
Electronic device with aerial glass cover
An electronic device includes a housing and a communications disposed in the housing. The communications module is configured to transmit and/or receive radio signals using at least one communications standard.
Interactive broadcasting method for broadcasting system and related service providing system
The present invention discloses an interactive broadcasting method for a broadcasting system. The interactive broadcasting method includes emitting, by a broadcasting station of the broadcasting system, radio signals carrying a broadcast program via an air interface; receiving, by a broadcast service receiving module corresponding to the broadcasting station, the broadcast program via the air interface and a command for triggering a service introduced in the broadcast program; sending, by the broadcast service receiving module, a request related to the service to a service management device via a network-based interface; providing, by the service management device, the service for the broadcast service receiving module according to the received request via the network-based interface..
Ais ship's transceiver
The invention relates to an ais ship's transceiver for sending and receiving ais radio signals, wherein the position can be taken as a basis and/or adjacent ships can be taken as a basis for activating or deactivating the emission of ais radio signals of a second ais radio signal type for satellite-assisted monitoring.. .
The invention relates to an ais ship transceiver which, after reception of an ais base station message, validates the transmitting ais base station and activates or deactivates the emitting of ais radio signals in dependence on the validation.. .
Methods and apparatus for communicating information using visible light signals and/or radio signals
A user equipment (ue) device includes a vlc receiver including a photodiode and a radio receiver. The ue device supports a plurality of alternative technologies, communications protocols, and/or frequencies.
Network cell transitions for volte devices at call initiation
Apparatus and methods of performing a network cell transition for a voice over long term evolution (volte) capable mobile device. Initially, the mobile device can detect a call initiation event.
Multiple outer loop link adaptation
Systems and methods for subframe-based link adaptation for a radio signal in a cellular communications network are disclosed. In one embodiment, a base station obtains a hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgement for data transmitted between the base station and a mobile terminal in a radio signal of the base station.

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