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Radiation patents

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Sensor device, image forming apparatus, and control method for light source

Sensor device, image forming apparatus, and control method for light source

Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

Nuflare Technology

Electron beam writing apparatus and electron beam writing method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radiation-related patents
 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
An information processing apparatus includes: a supplied electric power value accepting unit accepting a supplied electric power value, which is a difference between an electric power value of microwaves incident on a microwave irradiation apparatus and an electric power value of microwaves reflected by the microwave irradiation apparatus; a temperature accepting unit; an electric energy calculating unit calculating an electric energy corresponding to a microwave irradiation time, using the supplied electric power value; a temperature change calculating unit calculating a temperature change corresponding to the microwave irradiation time, using the accepted temperature; a judging unit, using the electric energy, the temperature change, and a relational expression for associating the electric energy and the temperature change, judging whether the relational expression is satisfied within a tolerable range; and an output unit outputting occurrence of an abnormality, when it is judged that the relational expression is not satisfied within the tolerable range.. .
Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

 Sensor device, image forming apparatus, and control  light source patent thumbnailSensor device, image forming apparatus, and control light source
A sensor device includes an irradiation unit that includes a light source and irradiates an object with light, an optical detection unit disposed on an optical path of light emitted from the irradiation unit and reflected at the object, at least one object sensor that detects presence of the object, and a controller that controls the light source based on output from the object sensor.. .

 Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method patent thumbnailLaser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method
Provided is a laser annealing apparatus 1 for heat-treating a surface of a substrate 30 comprising: a pulse oscillation laser source 10 which generates a pulse laser with gentle rise time and long pulse width; a continuous wave laser source 20 which generates a near-infrared laser for assisting annealing; optical systems 12, 22 which shape and guide beams 15, 25 of the two types of lasers respectively so as to irradiate the surface of the substrate 30 therewith; and a moving device 3 which moves the substrate 30 relatively to the laser beams 15, 25 to allow scanning of the combined irradiation of the two types of laser beams. According to this apparatus, deep activation of impurities can be performed in a thick semiconductor substrate with large heat capacity while securing sufficient light penetration depth and thermal diffusion length therefor..

 Electron beam writing apparatus and electron beam writing method patent thumbnailElectron beam writing apparatus and electron beam writing method
An electron beam writing apparatus includes: a first aperture plate that shapes an electron beam emitted from an electron gun assembly; a second aperture plate onto which an electron beam of an aperture plate image passing through the first aperture plate is projected; and a first shaping deflector and a second shaping deflector which are provided between the first aperture plate and the second aperture plate, respectively, deflect an electron beam, control an irradiation position of the aperture plate image on the second aperture plate, and determine a shot shape and a shot size. The first shaping deflector deflects an electron beam such that the aperture plate image is positioned at a determined position in accordance with a shot shape and a shot size.
Nuflare Technology, Inc.

 X-ray diagnostic apparatus and x-ray diagnostic method patent thumbnailX-ray diagnostic apparatus and x-ray diagnostic method
According to one embodiment, an x-ray diagnostic apparatus includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry generates a plurality of contrast images sequentially based on x-rays after administration of a contrast medium to the object, determines a monitoring region in the plurality of contrast images, monitors change in signal strength of each of pixels included in the monitoring region, and determines whether or not the signal strength of each of the pixels included in the monitoring region satisfies a specified condition.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

 Substrate support for a lithographic apparatus and lithographic apparatus patent thumbnailSubstrate support for a lithographic apparatus and lithographic apparatus
Disclosed is a substrate support for an apparatus of the type which projects a beam of euv radiation onto a target portion of a substrate (400). The substrate support comprises a substrate table constructed to hold the substrate, a support block (420) for supporting the substrate table, and a cover plate (450′) disposed around the substrate table.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

 Wynne-dyson projection lens with reduced susceptibility to uv damage patent thumbnailWynne-dyson projection lens with reduced susceptibility to uv damage
A wynne-dyson projection lens for use in an ultraviolet optical lithography system is disclosed, wherein the projection lens is configured to have reduced susceptibility to damage from ultraviolet radiation. The projection lens utilizes lens elements that are made of optical glasses that are resistant to damage from ultraviolet radiation, but that also provide sufficient degrees of freedom to correct aberrations.
Ultratech, Inc.

 Pattern forming method, compound used therein, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, manufacturing  electronic device, and electronic device patent thumbnailPattern forming method, compound used therein, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device
There is provided an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition comprising: (a) a resin having a group capable of decomposing by an action of an acid to produce a polar group, (c1) a compound containing a group capable of generating a first acidic functional group upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation and a group capable of generating a second acidic functional group different from the first acidic functional group upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation, and (c2) at least one compound containing two or more groups selected from the group consisting of the groups capable of generating the structures represented by the specific formulae upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Method of manufacturing mask blank and  manufacturing transfer mask patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing mask blank and manufacturing transfer mask
Methods of manufacturing a mask blank and a transfer mask that reduce internal stress of a thin film. The methods include preparing a transparent substrate having a pair of opposing main surfaces and composed of a glass material having a hydrogen content of less than 7.4×1018 molecules/cm3, forming a thin film composed of a material containing silicon or metal on one of the main surfaces of the transparent substrate, and carrying out heating treatment or photo irradiation treatment on the transparent substrate with the thin film.
Hoya Corporation

 Multi-domain liquid crystal display panel and  preparing the same patent thumbnailMulti-domain liquid crystal display panel and preparing the same
Disclosed are a multi-domain liquid crystal display panel comprising an upper substrate and a lower substrate, wherein at least one of the substrates includes a glass substrate, a conventional alignment layer coated on the surface of the glass substrate, and a polymer alignment layer having a different alignment direction from that of the conventional alignment layer and a method for preparing the same. In the present invention, a smectic/cholesteric liquid crystal polymer is formed from the mixture of liquid crystal polymerizable monomers having smectic phase (sm)-cholesteric phase (n*) transition, and multiple liquid crystal alignments in a single pixel are formed by adjusting the polymerization temperature, the thickness of the polymer layer, and the amount of the smectic liquid crystal polymerizable monomer, thereby realizing a multi-domain display by the subsequent masking treatment and ultraviolet irradiation.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Elastomeric material, color filter substrate and liquid crystal panel

An elastomeric material, a color filter substrate and a liquid crystal panel are disclosed. The elastomeric material is prepared by subjecting a mixture of a siloxane side-chain liquid crystal elastomer, a polymerizable liquid crystalline monomer and a photoinitiator to uv irradiation to induce polymerization.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Scintillation detector for improved pet performance

A radiation detector for a radiation imaging system, wherein the detector comprises photosensors, arranged to receive light emitted from an array of scintillator elements. The scintillator elements absorb radiation, such as gamma rays, and emit light.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Radiation imaging apparatus, determining radiation irradiation, and storage medium

A radiation imaging apparatus includes a plurality of detection apparatuses configured to output image data based on radiation. The apparatus includes measurement units configured to respectively measure radiation detection levels in the plurality of detection apparatuses; and an irradiation determination unit configured to determine presence/absence of radiation irradiation based on the measured detection levels..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Irradiated fluoropolymer articles having low leachable fluoride ions

The invention relates to fluoropolymer articles that have been irradiated with at least 5 kilo gray of radiation, where the resulting articles have low levels of leachable or extractable fluoride ion. The low fluoride ion migration from the irradiated article is due to the presence of low levels of metallic salts or oxides in the fluoropolymer composition.
Arkema Inc.


Method for forming via hole in glass substrate by laser irradiation

A method for forming a through-hole in a glass substrate includes the steps of (a) radiating a laser beam to a glass substrate, so that a through-hole penetrating the glass substrate from a first surface to a second surface is formed in a radiation area of the glass substrate, and a constricted part is formed in the through-hole, and (b) causing a discharge via the through-hole by applying a direct-current voltage between the first and second surfaces of the glass substrate, so that a diameter of a cross section of the constricted part that is substantially orthogonal to a longitudinal axis of the through-hole is increased.. .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Three-dimensional modeling apparatus, model, and manufacturing a model

A three-dimensional modeling apparatus includes: a stage; a regulating body having a surface including a linear region along a first direction and being arranged to face the stage so that the linear region of the surface comes closest to the stage; a supply nozzle configured to supply a material to be cured by energy of an energy beam to a slit region which is a region between the stage and the linear region; a movement mechanism configured to move the regulating body and the stage relative to each other along a second direction other than the first direction to form a cured layer of the material for at least one layer; and an irradiation unit configured to irradiate the material supplied from the supply nozzle to the slit region with the energy beam under a state in which the stage and the regulating body rest relative to each other.. .
Sony Corporation


Pretreatment application of coating to shoe parts

A pretreatment method for application of coating to shoe parts is capable of replacing the conventional primer coating process with the uv radiation process. The coating pretreatment to the shoe parts can be carried out continuously in an automatic manner.
Orisol Asia Ltd.


Particle therapy apparatus

A particle therapy apparatus has a rotating gantry configured in such a way that an irradiation device is rotated around a rotation axis and a particle beam is irradiated onto an irradiation subject; the rotating gantry is provided with an entrance-side deflection electromagnet having a deflection path for radially deflecting the particle beam supplied along the rotation axis so as to guide the particle beam to the irradiation device and a straight path that is switchable with the deflection path and is for making the supplied particle beam travel in a straight manner; there are provided trajectory correcting devices having two position sensors that are arranged along the rotation axis so as to flank the entrance-side deflection electromagnet.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Device for remotely cross-firing particle beams

Provided is a device for multi-portal irradiation of particle beams which makes it possible to carry out multi-portal irradiation by remote operation without an operator having to enter an irradiation room. This device for remotely multi-portal irradiation of particle beams includes an irradiation room and a control room.
Medipolis Medical Research Institute, Medipolis Proton Therapy And Research Center


Drying and disinfecting system, for baby bottles and other items using infrared light and ultraviolet radiation

A drying and disinfecting device utilizing ultraviolet radiation (uv) and infrared light (ir) to dry and disinfect baby bottles and other objects placed therein, the device comprising: a drying and disinfecting chamber for containing small objects to be dried and disinfected therein; an ultraviolet light source and an infrared light source operable to expose baby bottles and other objects to ultraviolet radiation; a protective uv-blocking viewing window; a convenience handle for portability; a user interface; a controller, the controller operable to: initiate a drying and disinfecting cycle in which the ultraviolet light source is caused to emit ultraviolet light in response to user input via the user interface; and cause the user interface to indicate a status of the device. The device creates significant convenience over and avoids the disadvantages of the traditional use of high heat, moisture and steam to dry and disinfect baby bottles and other objects..


Methods and compositions using 4-amino-2-(2,6-dioxo-piperidine-3-yl)-isoindoline-1,3-dione for treatment of cancers

Methods and compositions for treating, preventing or managing cancers are disclosed. The methods encompass the administration of 4-amino-2-(2,6-dioxo-piperidine-3-yl)-isoindoline-1,3-dione, also known as pomalidomide.
Celgene Corporation


Ophthalmic solution for absorbing ultraviolet radiation and absorbing ultraviolet radiation

An ophthalmic solution is provided. The ophthalmic solution includes an ultraviolet-a absorber and an ultraviolet-b absorber.


Radiation shielding implants and methods of use

A removable implant having a radiation shield adapted to reduce radiation exposure to one or more secondary radio-sensitive tissues during breast cancer radiation therapy is provided herein, the implant including: a flexible casing having: a base adapted for anchoring the implant to a chest wall of a patient; a cap disposed on the base; and a radiation-absorbing core adapted to absorb at least a portion of cardiac impact zone radiation when compared to a control, wherein the cap encloses the radiation-absorbing core, and wherein the radiation-absorbing core includes: a flexible solid polymer; and a plurality of radiation-absorbing members dispersed throughout the flexible solid polymer. In another embodiment, the implant further includes a breast tissue expander disposed on a top face of the flexible casing of the implant.


Radiographic imaging device and method

Disclosed are a radiographic imaging device and a radiographic imaging method which appropriately set an irradiation condition of radiation according to the presence or absence of an implant in a breast. An implant information acquisition unit 80 acquires implant information representing whether or not an implant is included in a breast m as a subject.
Fujifilm Corporation


Photoacoustic apparatus

A photoacoustic apparatus includes a light source; a receiving element configured to receive, at a plurality of positions, a photoacoustic wave generated through irradiation of a subject with light generated by the light source, and output a time-series reception signal; a signal data obtaining unit configured to obtain information that is based on a shape of the subject, generate reception signal data by reducing a data amount of the time-series reception signal on the basis of the obtained information that is based on the shape of the subject, and store the reception signal data; and an information obtaining unit configured to obtain information about the subject on the basis of the reception signal data stored in the signal data obtaining unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Photoacoustic apparatus

A photoacoustic apparatus includes a light source; a supporting member configured to support a receiving element that receives a photoacoustic wave generated through irradiation of a subject with light generated by the light source and that outputs a time-series reception signal; a control unit configured to set a plurality of measurement positions at which the supporting member is located when the subject is irradiated with the light at a plurality of timings; a moving unit configured to move the supporting member to the plurality of measurement positions; a signal data obtaining unit configured to generate reception signal data by reducing a data amount of the time-series reception signal in accordance with a measurement position among the measurement positions, and store the reception signal data; and an information obtaining unit configured to obtain information about the subject on the basis of the reception signal data.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Photoacoustic apparatus

A photoacoustic apparatus disclosed herein includes a plurality of receiving elements which receive photoacoustic waves caused by irradiation of light from a light source to a subject and outputs reception signals and a signal data acquisition unit which generates and stores reception signal data by reducing a data amount of reception signals output from the plurality of receiving elements when a region where the directional axes of the plurality of receiving elements are gathered at a point is not included in a region of interest.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Lithography apparatus and method, and manufacturing an article

A lithography apparatus for performing patterning on a substrate with a charged particle beam is provided. An optical system of the apparatus has a function of adjusting the focus position of the charged particle beam and the irradiation position of the charged particle beam on the substrate, and irradiates the substrate with the charged particle beam.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Systems and methods for real-time tumor tracking

Various embodiments disclose systems and methods for tracking regions (e.g., tumor locations) within living organisms. Some embodiments provide real-time, highly accurate, low latency measurements of tumor location even as the tumor moves with internal body motions.
Varian Medical Systems


Method and measurement of concentration of a specific analyte in a biological material

A method and apparatus for determining the concentration of a specific analyte in a sample of biological material are disclosed. The sample is placed in a sample container (10) which provides at least two irradiation paths (14) with different lengths through the sample container (10), and is sequentially irradiated with electromagnetic radiation, e.g.
Mantex Ab


Ink curing apparatus

An ink curing apparatus (1) comprising a uv lamp (9); at least two reflectors (5, 7); and at least one continuously moveable shutter (11a, 11b), wherein the movement of the or each shutter (11a, 11b), between an open position exposing a substrate to uv radiation from the uv lamp (9) and a closed position wherein the shutter (11a, 11b) shields the substrate from the uv radiation from the uv lamp, is controlled by a crank mechanism (20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26).. .
Gew (ec) Limited


Vehicle lamp

A vehicle lamp includes a plurality of lamp units each comprising a light source and a projection lens configured to emit light emitted from the light source to the front. The plurality of lamp units form a light distribution pattern by combining irradiation regions formed by each lamp unit.
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Polylactic acid adhesive compositions and methods for their preparation and use

New adhesives and methods for preparing them are disclosed that include polylactic acid irradiated with gamma radiation, such as by a co60 source. Irradiation times are used that improve the characteristics of the adhesive materials.


Precursor for labeling therapeutic agent for liver cancer and manufacturing the same

A precursor for labeling therapeutic agents for liver cancer and a method for manufacturing the same are revealed. The chemical structure of the precursor has a ligand linked to complex compounds of radioisotopes.
Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research


Method of oxidising production water

The invention relates to a process for removing pollution from production water, comprising the steps of introducing the production water and ozone into a reactor containing zeolites, subjecting the production water in the reactor to irradiation by uv light, and separating the production water from the zeolites, so as to obtain production water from which pollution has been removed. The invention also relates to a device for removing pollution from production water..
Total Sa


Interior lamp for vehicle having air vent

An interior lamp for a vehicle may provide an interior lamp for a vehicle, including an air vent, the interior lamp including an air vent assembly disposed in a mounting aperture of a louver plate through screw-coupling and controlling the size of an air inflow aperture by a screw rotation operation to adjust an air volume flowing from an air duct to the air inflow aperture, and an interior lamp assembly disposed in a lower inner diameter portion of the air vent assembly through ball-joint coupling to be adjustable in irradiation direction of lamp light and including a discharge path that discharges the air volume passing through the air vent assembly into the interior.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Image recording apparatus

A first irradiation section has a light source and an emitting member. The light source generates radiation, and the emitting member is located between a first irradiation point and a virtual plane that extends through the edge of a nozzle surface closest to the first irradiation section tangentially to a curved surface.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Dosimetrically customizable brachytherapy carriers and methods thereof in the treatment of tumors

Brachytherapy radioisotope carrier systems and methodology for providing real-time customized brachytherapy treatment to subjects with tumors difficult to control using conventional radiation therapy techniques. The invention generally relates to devices, methods and kits for providing customized radionuclide treatments, to help cure, slow progression or regrowth, or ameliorate the symptoms associated with tumors..
Gammatile Llc


Methods of preparing lyophilized human tissues

Described herein are methods of preparing human amniotic membrane tissue grafts derived from the placenta. The grafts are composed of three layers as seen in the amniotic membrane in utero.


System and complimentary day/night children's skin cream compositions

A new skin care system includes day and night skin cream compositions comprising nutrients and antioxidants for use by children between six months and eighteen years of age. The day skin cream composition provides protection from uv radiation and the night skin cream composition contains no sun protection ingredients and elevated levels of nutrients and antioxidants.


Method and the delivery of photo-chemical (cross-linking) treatment to scleral tissue

Delivery systems and methods for delivering riboflavin (r/f) and uva irradiation to the sclera are disclosed. The r/f is delivered and then activated with uva irradiation through the use of leds or optical fibers, thereby causing cross-linking of the collagen tissue.
Seros Medical, Llc


Estimating apparatus, x-ray diagnosis apparatus, and estimating method

An estimating apparatus according to an embodiment includes specifying circuitry, deriving circuitry, and display control circuitry. The specifying circuitry specifies a region of a subject irradiated with x-rays emitted from an x-ray tube of an x-ray ct apparatus on a human body model schematically representing the subject.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Device and radiographic and nuclear imaging of an object

A method and device, e.g. A c-arm device, for radiographic and nuclear imaging of an object by means of x-ray and gamma emission imaging.
Umc Utrecht Holding B.v.


Diagnostic x-ray apparatus and diagnostic ultrasound apparatus

A diagnostic x-ray apparatus of an embodiment includes determining circuitry, projection image generating circuitry, and a display. The determining circuitry determines, based on position information of a probe of a diagnostic ultrasound apparatus acquired from the diagnostic ultrasound apparatus, at least one of an angle horizontal to a scan plane of the probe and an angle vertical to the scan plane of the probe to be an x-ray irradiation direction in processing to perform puncture using a puncture needle.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Systems and methods for fiducial to plan association

Various embodiments disclose systems and methods for tracking regions (e.g., tumor locations) within living organisms. Some embodiments provide real-time, highly accurate, low latency measurements of tumor location even as the tumor moves with internal body motions.
Varian Medical Systems


Method for formation of radiometric images and an antenna for implementation of the method

A method of radiometric image generation is provided using a series of isochronous revolutions of a multi-beam antenna with a dispersion characteristic. The antenna is combined with a multi-channel receiver with frequency channel separation to form an imaging unit.
Radio Physics Solutions, Ltd.


Coaxial data communication with reduced emi

Data communication having improved electromagnetic interference (emi) rejection when communicating through a coaxial cable is provided by using differential transmission and/or reception through a common-mode choke and a dissipative element resulting in extremely low radiated emissions and high immunity to external radiation interference in a low-cost way.. .
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Laser processing apparatus and laser irradiation method

A laser processing apparatus includes a laser irradiation unit has a structure providing an intensity distribution of the laser beam focused on the grain-oriented electrical steel sheet on a cross-section in a direction perpendicular to the scanning direction on the grain-oriented electrical steel sheet so as to satisfy ib/ia≦2, where ra1 and ra2 are distances between the centroid of the intensity distribution and positions at which the intensity integration value from the centroid of the intensity distribution is 43% of the total intensity integration value, beam intensities ia1 and ia2 are intensities of the laser beam corresponding to ra1 and ra2, respectively, ia is the average value of ia1 and ia2 and ib is the beam intensity at the centroid of the intensity distribution.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Optical information recording and reproducing device, optical information recording and reproducing method

An optical information recording and reproducing device that records information on a recording medium and/or reproduces information on the recording medium, using holography is configured to include a laser light source that performs irradiation with laser light, a first light-shielding portion which is capable of switching between transmission and shielding of laser light emitted from the laser light source, and a driving circuit that drives the switching between transmission and shielding of the first light-shielding portion, and a first movement portion that moves the first light-shielding portion.. .
Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.


Scanner device and device for measuring three-dimensional shape of object

A laser beam (l50) is reflected by a light beam scanning device (60) and irradiated onto a hologram recording medium (45). On the hologram recording medium (45), an image (35) of a linear scatter body is recorded as a hologram by using reference light that converges on a scanning origin (b).
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Semiconductive roller and production method therefor

A semiconductive roller (1) is produced by: preparing a rubber composition containing a rubber component including an nbr and an epdm in a mass ratio of nbr/epdm=70/30 to 30/70, at least one selected from the group consisting of saf, isaf and haf, sulfur, a peroxide crosslinking agent and a sulfenamide accelerating agent; extruding the rubber composition into a tubular body; crosslinking the tubular body in a vulcanization can or with the use of a continuous crosslinking apparatus; and forming an oxide film (5) in an outer peripheral surface (4) of the tubular body by irradiation with ultraviolet radiation with a shaft (3) inserted through the tubular body.. .
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.


Conductive element precursor and conductive pattern formation

A black-and-white silver halide conductive film element precursor has at least one first non-color hydrophilic photosensitive layer comprising a silver halide and a first hydrophilic overcoat disposed over the first non-color hydrophilic photosensitive layer. This first hydrophilic overcoat is the outermost layer and contains one or more immobilized radiation absorbers such as immobilized ultraviolet radiation absorbers, in a total amount of at least 5 mg/m2.


Pellicle frame and process for manufacturing same

Provided is a pellicle frame that can prevent generation of haze and reduces a surface glittering defect under irradiation with collected light, and a method of manufacturing the same. The pellicle frame is obtained by using an aluminum frame material having a structure satisfying predetermined conditions on the circle-equivalent diameters of a mg2si crystallized product, an alcumg crystallized product, an al—fe-based crystallized product (almfe or al7cu2fe), and an al2cumg crystallized product and on the area ratios of those crystallized products each having a circle-equivalent diameter of 1 μm or more, and in addition, subjecting the aluminum frame material to anodic oxidation processing using an alkaline electrolytic solution containing as an electrolyte a predetermined organic acid salt.
Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.


Light irradiation device

A light irradiation device is an apparatus for irradiating an irradiation object, and includes a light source outputting readout light l1, a spatial light modulator modulating the readout light l1 in phase to output modulated light l2, and a both-sided telecentric optical system including a first lens optically coupled to a phase modulation plane of the spatial light modulator and a second lens optically coupled between the first lens and the irradiation object, and optically coupling the phase modulation plane and the irradiation object. An optical distance between the phase modulation plane and the first lens is substantially equal to a focal length of the first lens.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Contrast agent for optical imaging, use thereof and apparatus using the same

The contrast agent for optical imaging of the present disclosure allows optical imaging without requiring a fluorophore or a luminophore. As a result, the optical images can be acquired without changing the physicochemical properties of a substrate.


Detection apparatus, detection method and manipulator

A detection unit comprising a manipulator, a imaging unit, a light beam irradiation unit and a computing unit, the imaging unit and the light beam irradiation unit are provided on a manipulator. The detection apparatus includes a horizontal imaging plane, which includes an optical axis of the imaging unit, and a vertical imaging plane, which includes the optical axis of the imaging unit and 1) a projection of a light beam from the light beam irradiation unit on the horizontal imaging plane and 2) a projection of a light beam from the light beam irradiation unit on the vertical imaging plane respectively form an intersecting angle with the optical axis of the imaging unit..
Kikai Sekkei Nakahata Kabushiki Kaisha


Photoacoustic microscope

A photoacoustic microscope includes an objective lens that irradiates a specimen with excitation light, a light scanning unit that deflects the excitation light to scan the specimen, an acoustic lens that converts a wavefront of a photoacoustic wave generated by the specimen due to irradiation with the excitation light, a photoacoustic wave detection unit that detects the photoacoustic wave from the acoustic lens, a drive unit that displaces at least one of the acoustic lens and the photoacoustic wave detection unit, and a control unit that controls the drive unit, in synchronization with scanning of the excitation light by the light scanning unit, so that the photoacoustic wave is incident on the photoacoustic wave detection unit perpendicularly.. .
Olympus Corporation


Thermophoresis measurements in nanoliterdroplets

The present invention relates generally to a system and a method for thermo-optical measurements in a droplet of aqueous solution comprising particles of interest, the method comprising the following steps: providing the droplet of aqueous solution with a volume of less than 200 nl, wherein the aqueous solution is a first liquid and at least a part of the particles of interest are fluorescent particles; embedding the droplet of aqueous solution at least partly in a second liquid; irradiating a laser light beam into the droplet to obtain a spatial temperature distribution in the droplet around the irradiated laser light beam; exciting fluorescently said fluorescent particles and detecting fluorescence at least at one position or at around one position in the droplet or detecting the fluorescence distribution of said fluorescently excited particles, wherein said detection of fluorescence is performed at least once at a predetermined time after the start of the laser irradiation; and determining a characteristic of the particles of interest from the detected fluorescence intensity or fluorescence intensity distribution.. .
Nanotemper Technologies Gmbh


Manufacturing outer joint member of constant velocity universal joint and outer joint member

A manufacturing method for an outer joint member of a constant velocity universal joint includes forming a cup member and a shaft member, forming a joining hole in a thickness of a bottom portion to prepare the cup member as a finished component, and forming a joining outer surface on an end portion of the shaft member to be joined onto the bottom portion of the cup member to prepare the shaft member as a finished component. The method also includes fitting the joining hole of the cup member and the joining outer surface of the shaft member as the finished components to each other, and welding a fitting portion between the joining hole and the joining outer surface through irradiation of a beam from an inner side of the cup member, a diameter of the fitting portion being an equal dimension for each joint size..


Method for activation of stem cell proliferation and increase of stem cells resistence to negative impacts

Method for activation of stem cells' proliferation and increase in the resistance of the stem cells to negative impacts, without use of high-frequency electro-magnetic field, is provided. The technical result is achieved due to the treating of the cells culture with a weak low-frequency magnetic field.


Combination uses of dichloroacetate and oxamate, and their prodrugs, for cancer treatment

The invention novel compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods useful for preventing or treating cancer in animals and humans. Also, the invention provides novel prodrugs useful for reducing tumor size, and inhibiting the growth of cancers, inhibiting tumor cell growth and tumor cell proliferation, and promoting apoptosis of tumor cells.
Sanford Research


Welded can body, welded can, manufacturing welded can body, and manufacturing welded can

This welded can body is constituted of a steel plate material formed from a tin-free steel plate or a resin coated steel plate wherein a tin-free steel plate is coated with a resin, overlapping corresponding parts with each other, and forming a weld part by resistance welding of the overlapped parts. Laser processing parts formed on at least one of four surfaces made up of two surfaces constituting electrode contact surfaces on sides that contact an electrode (a) during resistance welding and two surfaces constituting joining surfaces on sides where the steel plate material is joined together, have laser irradiation parts, wherein laser irradiation is carried out before resistance welding to eliminate chrome plating and expose the steel plate, separately disposed on parts to be welded to become the weld parts, on the steel plate material..
Jfe Steel Corporation


Light irradiation device, light irradiation module, and printing apparatus

A light irradiation device for applying light to a target object under relative movement includes: a base; first light-emitting element groups located on an upstream side in a direction of object movement, and second light-emitting element groups located on a downstream side, which are arranged on one main surface of the base; and first lenses and second lenses which cover the respective first light-emitting element groups and the respective second light-emitting element groups, respectively. An optical axis of light emitted through each of the first lenses is inclined toward the downstream side in the direction of object movement with respect to a normal to the one main surface of the base.
Kyocera Corporation


Method for treating a fiber-plastic composite of a rotor blade, semifinished product in the form of a composite structure and uv lamp for curing a uv-curable matrix material

Curing the matrix material. The invention provides for the curing of the matrix material to take place with the help of uv radiation..


Method for laser welding and welded metal using the same

The present invention relates to a laser welding method that is capable of preventing defects such as pores or pits from being formed in a weld and improving formability of the weld during laser welding, and a welded member using the same. In the laser welding method of performing welding by irradiating laser onto a portion to be welded, there are provided a laser welding method of including supplying a shielding gas to a laser irradiation part and a rear side of the laser irradiation part, and a welded member having welds formed therethrough..


Time-resolved pre-treatment portal dosimetry systems, devices, and methods

Systems, devices, and methods for pre-treatment verification of radiation dose delivery in arc-based radiation therapy devices using a time-dependent gamma evaluation method.. .
Varian Medical Systems International Ag


Systems and methods for selecting bowtie filter configuration

An imaging system is provided including a selectable pre-object filter module, a detector, and a processing unit. The selectable pre-object filter module is configured to absorb radiation from the x-ray source to control distribution of x-rays passed to an object to be imaged.
General Electric Company


Cooling and sterilizing spoon

A cooling and sterilizing spoon that generates a flow of cool air that cools a food contained within. The spoon sterilizes the flow of cool air with ultraviolet radiation prior to the air engaging the food.


Apparatus and dehydration using microwave radiation

An apparatus for extracting a vaporizable substance, from a material containing such substance, comprises an irradiation chamber for irradiating the material with electromagnetic radiation to vaporize the substance. The substance may comprise water and the material is dehydrated.
Nuwave Research Inc.


Irradiation device for irradiating plants

A device is provided which ensures uniform irradiation of plants with infrared radiation along with ultraviolet and/or visible radiation and requires a small number of infrared emitters relative to the cultivation area. The infrared emitters are designed for temperatures of 800° c.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh


Ion implantation method and ion implantation apparatus

An ion implantation apparatus includes a beam scanner, a beam measurement unit that is able to measure an ion irradiation amount distribution in a beam scanning direction at a wafer position, and a control unit that outputs a control waveform to the beam scanner for scanning an ion beam. The control unit includes an output unit that outputs a reference control waveform to the beam scanner, an acquisition unit that acquires the ion irradiation amount distribution measured for the ion beam scanned based on the reference control waveform from a beam measurement unit, and a generation unit that generates a correction control waveform by using the acquired ion irradiation amount distribution.
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co., Ltd.


Ion group irradiation device, secondary ion mass spectrometer, and secondary ion mass spectrometry method

The present invention provides an ion group irradiation device for irradiating a sample with an ion group. An ion group selecting unit is configured to select, from ions released from an ion source, at least two ion groups formed of ions having different average masses.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Mobile uva curing system for collision and cosmetic repair of automobiles

A mobile radiation system is provided. The mobile radiation system comprises a mobile radiation device coupled to a control unit; a radiation blocker having an adaptor opening for receiving said mobile radiation device when said mobile radiation device is in a seated position on said radiation blocker; and a mobile carrier comprising a first compartment for housing said radiation blocker, a second compartment for housing said control unit, and a carrier motion device.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc


Image pickup apparatus enabling automatic irradiation direction control, lighting device, image pickup system, automatic irradiation direction control method, and storage medium storing program therefor

An image pickup apparatus that is capable of performing suitable automatic irradiation direction control in a case where the automatic irradiation direction control for a lighting device is operated by a plurality of operation members. The lighting device that changes an irradiation direction of a light emitting section is mounted or is attachable to the image pickup apparatus.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Extremity radiation monitoring systems and related methods

Systems and methods of monitoring radiation include a radiation monitoring glove. The glove is to be worn by a person that may be exposed to the radiation and includes at least one fiber sleeve attached to at least one finger of the glove.
Battelle Energy Alliance, Llc


Method and evaluating ultraviolet radiation protection effect, and recording medium

An evaluation method for evaluating an ultraviolet radiation protection effect in a measurement sample applied on an application member includes the first step of switching to a first filter for measuring a spectral transmittance before photodeterioration by emission of light from a light source, and measuring the spectral transmittance, the second step of switching to a second filter for ultraviolet irradiation and causing the photodeterioration by the emission of the light after the measurement by the first step, and thereafter, switching to the first filter and measuring the spectral transmittance, and the third step of evaluating the ultraviolet radiation protection effect based on a change over time in the spectral transmittance obtained by the second step. Each of the first and second filters includes multiple light source filters.
Shiseido Company, Ltd.


Optical measuring the analysis of samples contained in liquid drops

Optical measuring apparatus configured for analysis of samples contained in liquid drops provided by a liquid handling system that comprises at least one liquid handling tip. The apparatus comprises a light source for irradiating the drop; a detector for measuring sample light; an optics system with first optical elements for transmitting irradiation light, and a processor for accepting and processing measurement signals.
Tecan Trading Ag


Method of repairing or reinforcing a target structure

A method of repairing or reinforcing a target structure includes preparing an adhesive sheet having at least an adhesive layer and a repairing or reinforcing material, irradiating the adhesive sheet with ionizing radiation, and attaching the adhesive layer to the target structure after the irradiation with the ionizing radiation.. .
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Laser fusion-cutting plate glass

Provided is a laser fusing method for a glass sheet, including: cutting the glass sheet (g) by irradiating the glass sheet (g) with a laser (l) from a front surface (s) side thereof along a preset cutting line (x) extending in a surface direction of the glass sheet (g); and jetting a shaping gas (a3) so as to form a flow along at least one of the front surface (s) and a back surface (b) of the glass sheet (g), the shaping gas (a3) passing through an irradiation portion (c) of the laser (l).. .
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.


Dose distribution measurement device

A dose distribution measurement device includes at least two cameras arranged on a plane perpendicular to the center axis of irradiation of a water phantom with a particle beam so as to take an image of light emission of a fluorescent substance containing liquid in the water phantom and a dose distribution calculation and evaluation unit having a spot position determination part for determining, from data of the camera image taken with the cameras, the position of a spot irradiated with the particle beam during its staying and a dose addition part for calculating an irradiation dose distribution at the spot position determined by the spot position determination part using a pdd and an ocr stored in a pencil-beam dose-distribution data storage part, to add the irradiation dose distribution at each of spot positions.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Planning the irradiation of a particle beam while taking into consideration a movement of a target volume

A method is disclosed for irradiation planning for the irradiation of a moving target volume located in a body with a particle beam irradiation facility by means of rescanning, which method has the steps of defining the target volume in a reference condition of the motion, dividing the target volume among a plurality of target points that can be individually approached with a particle beam, calculating a nominal dose to be deposited in each of the target points of the target volume, defining a number of rescanning passes in which each of the target points of the target volume are approached, calculating a mean motion to be expected of the target points of the target volume based on a motion model, taking into account the mean motion to be expected of the target points of the target volume in the irradiation planning in such a manner that the deviation of the expected dose deposition from the nominal dose for each target point is determined, and the nominal dose for each target point is corrected on the basis of the deviation, and generation of control parameters for the irradiation facility, wherein the control parameters comprise a particle count per target point and rescanning pass to be applied.. .
Gsi Helmholtzzentrum Fur Schwerionforschung Gmbh


Real-time adaptive dose computation radiation therapy

A radiation therapy system (1) includes an ultrasound (us) imaging unit (2), a registration unit (30), an us motion unit (44), and a real-time dose computation engine (46). The ultrasound (us) imaging unit (2) generates a baseline and real-time us images (3) of a subject body (4) region including a target and one or more organs at risk (oars).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Near-infrared electromagnetic modification of cellular steady-state membrane potentials

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for applying near-infrared optical energies and dosimetries to alter the bioenergetic steady-state trans-membrane and mitochondrial potentials (ΔΨ-steady) of all irradiated cells through an optical depolarization effect. This depolarization causes a concomitant decrease in the absolute value of the trans-membrane potentials ΔΨ of the irradiated mitochondrial and plasma membranes.
Nomir Medical Technologies, Inc.


Isolation floatation chamber

An isolation chamber and disinfection system. The novel system includes an enclosure for providing a sturdy, lightless and soundproofed environment and for containing a solution for supporting a user in a state of floatation; a disinfection system for disinfecting the solution, the disinfection system including an ultraviolet disinfection system and an ozone injection system; and a pump for removing the solution from the enclosure and circulating it through the disinfection system at a predetermined flow rate.


Device and irradiating objects with electron beam

The present invention relates to an irradiation device for irradiating objects with electron beams. The irradiation device comprises at least one electron beam emitter having an electron exit window and at least one sensor device for detecting a first dose control parameter of the electron beam.
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.


3-hydroxy-4-oxo-4h-pyran- or 3-hydroxy-4-oxo-1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives as protein-adhesive active substances

The invention relates to the use of 4-oxo-4h-pyran or 4-oxo-1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives as protein-adhesive active compounds, in particular as skin- or hair-adhesive and/or skin- or hair-binding uv absorbers, and for the protection of the skin, of the hair or of the nails against damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, to specific 4-oxo-4h-pyran or 4-oxo-1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives, to the preparation thereof and to preparations comprising same. The invention furthermore relates to the use of the structural unit 4-oxo-4h-pyran-3-o-yl or 4-oxo-1,4-dihydropyridin-3-o-yl as linker for the functionalisation of protein-containing matrices..
Merck Patent Gmbh


Irradiating device and program

The invention provides an irradiating device and a program which can appropriately set a cross sectional shape of human tissue at a time of incising the human tissue by beam irradiation. For example, when a cornea (100) is incised by an irradiating device which outputs femtosecond laser, a cross sectional shape in an intersecting direction to a direction of advancing to a back surface side from a front surface side of the cornea in an incision (101) is set to a non-rectilinear shape, for example, a circular arc shape.
Chukyo Medical Co., Inc.


Laser patterning of dual sided transparent conductive films

A method of patterning an unpatterned transparent conductive film, the unpatterned transparent conductive film comprising: a transparent substrate, a first conductive layer disposed on a first surface of the transparent substrate, and a second conductive layer disposed on a second surface of the transparent substrate, the first and second surfaces being disposed on two opposing sides of the unpatterned transparent conductive film, the first conductive layer comprising a first set of metal nanostructures, and the second conductive layer comprising a second set of metal nanostructures, the method comprising irradiating the first conductive layer with at least one first laser to form a patterned transparent conductive film, where the irradiation of the first conductive layer patterns the first conductive layer with a first pattern without also patterning the second conductive layer with the first pattern, and also where the unpatterned transparent conductive film and the patterned transparent conductive film both exhibit total visible light transmissions of at least about 90%.. .
Carestream Health, Inc.


Method for curing uv-curable resin and packaging oled

The present invention provides a method for curing a uv-curable resin and a method for packaging an oled. The method for curing a uv-curable resin includes (1) providing a uv light source (60) and activating the uv light source (60) to carry out a first irradiation operation on uv-curable resin (24); (2) de-activating the uv light source (60) and, after a time interval of 10-300 seconds, activating the uv light source (60) to carry out a second irradiation operation on the uv-curable resin (24); and (3) repeating step (2), until the uv-curable resin (24) is completely cured.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus includes a housing, a mounting table provided in the housing and configured to mount a substrate thereon, a drive mechanism provided below the mounting table so as to move the mounting table in a front-back direction between a delivering/receiving location for the substrate and a processing chamber, an ultraviolet irradiation unit configured to irradiate the substrate in the processing chamber with ultraviolet rays, a partition member provided to partition the processing chamber and a drive chamber with the drive mechanism positioned therein up and down, the partition member having a slit for allowing movement of a support supporting the mounting table, first exhaust ports formed in the drive chamber to exhaust an atmosphere in the drive chamber, and second exhaust ports formed along a lengthwise direction of the slit so as to face the slit.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Ion beam processing method and ion beam processing apparatus

An ion beam etching method includes applying a positive voltage for extracting ions into a vacuum container to a first electrode, under a first condition where irradiation of a substrate with an ion beam is blocked off by a shutter, generating plasma in an internal space under the first condition, forming the ion beam by forming, under the first condition, a second condition where a positive voltage is applied to the first electrode and a negative voltage is applied to a second electrode, and moving the shutter and processing the substrate by irradiating the substrate with the ion beam.. .
Canon Anelva Corporation


Apparatus and multi-bit and gray-scale high density data storage

A data storage apparatus and method of storing data are disclosed. An array of irradiation sources are provided for writing on an optically stimulated luminescence (osl) material.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Image forming apparatus and detection apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes: irradiation means for irradiating an image carrier having a formed detection image with light, the irradiation means being capable of switching a size of a light-emitting region; light-receiving means for receiving reflected light of the light irradiated by the irradiation means and outputting a detection signal corresponding to a light-receiving amount of the reflected light including a specular-reflected light component; detection means for detecting one of position information and density information of the detection image based on the detection signal; and control means for controlling to switch the size of the light-emitting region to detect one of the position information and the density information of the detection image.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Semiconductor device manufacturing method and resist pattern forming method

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising, forming a first photoresist pattern by exposing and then developing a first photoresist film formed on a substrate, irradiating the first photoresist pattern with uv light to cure its surface, forming a second photoresist film so as to cover the substrate and the first photoresist pattern, forming a second photoresist pattern and performing ion implantation in the substrate using the second photoresist pattern. The second photoresist pattern is not subjected to uv irradiation after the second photoresist film has been developed and before the ion implantation is performed, or is irradiated with the uv light, after the second photoresist film has been developed and before the ion implantation is performed, under a reduced condition relative to that for the first photoresist pattern..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Beam transformation element, device for transforming electromagnetic radiation, producing a beam transformation element, and transforming an electromagnetic emission

A beam transformation element (1) for transforming electromagnetic radiation, in particular laser radiation, comprising an irradiation surface (2) and an emission surface (8). The irradiation surface (2) comprises at least four cylindrical segments (3), wherein each cylindrical segment (3) has at least two adjacent segments.
Fisba Optik


Method and automatic calibration check of pet scanner using intrinsic background radiation of scintillator crystals

Gain values of pmts of a pet scanner's detectors are balanced based on detected radiation from a radioactive calibration source placed in an fov of the scanner. A time alignment is performed for scintillator crystals of the detectors based on tof computations based on gamma photons associated with the radioactive calibration source.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and operating cooling fan motor of magnetic resonance imaging apparatus

To prevent image quality deterioration of an image due to a variable magnetic field generated by a fan motor provided in a position where a measuring magnetic field leaks, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus has a gantry including a static magnetic field generating magnet; a gradient magnetic field generating coil; and an irradiation coil, a table for placing the object, and an input/output device including a display device and is provided with at least a pair of cooling fan motors arranged almost symmetrically to the central axis that extends along the long-axis direction of the cylindrical space and is located in the center in the horizontal direction of the static magnetic field generating magnet or the vertical plane passing through the central axis.. .
Hitachi Medical Corporation

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