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Radiation patents

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Microwave-based material processing systems and methods


Microwave-based material processing systems and methods

Inspection apparatus and inspection method

Osaka University

Inspection apparatus and inspection method

Inspection apparatus and inspection method

Toyota Jidosha

Surface treatment apparatus and surface treatment method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radiation-related patents
 Light-emitting component for backlight module, backlight module and liquid crystal display device patent thumbnailLight-emitting component for backlight module, backlight module and liquid crystal display device
The present invention provides a light-emitting component for a backlight module, which comprises a first positive input end, a first negative input end and a plurality of branches connected in parallel therebetween, each of the plurality of the branches comprising a plurality of leds connected in series, wherein, in the case that the numbers of leds in the respective branches are not exactly the same, a voltage divider is connected in series in at least one of the branches so that currents flowing through respective branches are the same. Correspondingly, the present invention further provides a backlight module and a liquid crystal display device.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

 Microwave-based material processing systems and methods patent thumbnailMicrowave-based material processing systems and methods
Systems and methods for heating, converting, reclaiming, or otherwise processing materials by means of microwave irradiation. The materials to be processed are moved through the system by means of a vibratory conveyor.
Fwd:energy, Inc.

 Inspection apparatus and inspection method patent thumbnailInspection apparatus and inspection method
An inspection apparatus includes an irradiation part that emits plural pieces of pulse light having different wavelengths to irradiate a multi-junction type solar cell; a wavelength setting part that sets the wavelengths of the plural pieces of pulse light with which the multi-junction type solar cell is irradiated by the irradiation part; and a detection part that detects an electric field intensity of an electromagnetic wave emitted from the multi-junction type solar cell in response to the plural pieces of pulse light with which the multi-junction type solar cell is irradiated by the irradiation part. The irradiation part includes a delay element that delays a time the multi-junction type solar cell is irradiated with the pulse light by a time Δt11 relative to the pulse light..
Osaka University

 Surface treatment apparatus and surface treatment method patent thumbnailSurface treatment apparatus and surface treatment method
The invention is equipped with a hydrophilic group generating gas supply portion, an installation stand, an irradiation device, and a flow generation portion. The hydrophilic group generating gas supply portion supplies a hydrophilic group generating gas into the treatment chamber.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Local seal for encapsulation of electro-optical element on a flexible substrate patent thumbnailLocal seal for encapsulation of electro-optical element on a flexible substrate
An electroluminescent display or lighting product incorporates a panel comprising a collection of distinct light-emitting elements formed on a substrate. A plurality of distinct local seals are formed over respective individual light-emitting elements or groups of light-emitting elements.
Global Oled Technology Llc

 Increasing the doping efficiency during proton irradiation patent thumbnailIncreasing the doping efficiency during proton irradiation
A description is given of a method for doping a semiconductor body, and a semiconductor body produced by such a method. The method comprises irradiating the semiconductor body with protons and irradiating the semiconductor body with electrons.
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Charged particle microscope system and measurement method using same patent thumbnailCharged particle microscope system and measurement method using same
A charged particle microscope system with a charged particle microscope including an irradiation unit that irradiates a subject to be inspected with a charged particle beam and a detection unit having a detector that detects a charged particle signal from the subject to be inspected irradiated by the irradiation unit; a signal processing unit that converts the charged particle signal detected by the detector of the charged particle microscope into an image signal; and an arithmetic processing unit that corrects the image signal converted by the signal processing unit with the use of signal conversion characteristics.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Operating process for an irradiation device patent thumbnailOperating process for an irradiation device
Known operating processes for an irradiation device for irradiating a substrate by a uv emitter include the process steps of: (a) operating the uv emitter at a nominal operating radiation power; (b) continuously feeding the substrate at a feed rate into the irradiation field; and (c) irradiating the substrate in the irradiation field defined by the uv emitter. In order to devise, on this basis, a simple and inexpensive operating process for an irradiation device, which makes a short start-up time feasible after an interruption of the production process, the uv emitter is switched off when there is an interruption of the continuous substrate feed.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh

 Radiolucent window, radiation detector and radiation detection apparatus patent thumbnailRadiolucent window, radiation detector and radiation detection apparatus
Linear ribs are formed radially with a center at a through-hole on one face of an x-ray transmissive film (radiolucent film) in an x-ray transmissive window (radiolucent window) to be used for an x-ray detector (radiation detector). The x-ray transmissive window faces a sample.
Horiba, Ltd.

 Variable pin-hole type collimator and radiation imaging device using the same patent thumbnailVariable pin-hole type collimator and radiation imaging device using the same
The present invention relates to a variable pin-hole type collimator applied to a radiation imaging device. The variable pin-hole type collimator comprises: a hole forming module having a plurality of apertures which are stacked in a direction of irradiation such that each aperture defines a penetrating-space through which radiation passes; a plurality of driving modules which are configured that each driving module varies each penetrating-space of the aperture independently; and a collimating controller to control the driving modules such that each penetrating-space of the aperture varies independently and the hole forming module forms a pin-hole through which radiation passes.
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Spectral characteristic acquisition device, image evaluation device, and image formation apparatus

A spectral characteristic acquisition device includes a light irradiation part configured to irradiate an object with light, a diffraction part configured to diffract light reflected from the object to provide diffracted light, a light-receiving part configured to receive the diffracted light and output a signal based on an amount of the diffracted light, a calibration color index configured to include a color with a known spectral characteristic, and an operation part configured to calculate a spectral characteristic of the object from a signal output from the light-receiving part by using a predetermined transformation matrix and calibrate the transformation matrix by using the calibration color index.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Patterning method using surface plasmon

A method for forming a fine pattern includes forming an etching target material layer on a substrate, forming a first photoresist layer on the etching target material layer, forming a metal pattern on the first photoresist layer, the metal pattern having a plurality of lines and thin film lines alternately arranged, the lines having predetermined linewidth and thickness and are spaced apart from each other by a predetermined distance, exciting surface plasmons in the metal pattern by light irradiation to produce a surface plasmon resonance that exposes a fine first pattern shape in the first photoresist layer, forming a first photoresist pattern by removing the metal pattern and developing the first photoresist layer, and etching the etching target material layer by using the first photoresist pattern as a mask.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Polymer for alignment films, and liquid crystal display device

Provided are: a polymer for alignment films, which enables the production of a liquid crystal display device that is suppressed in image burn-in even if the light irradiation time is reduced; and a liquid crystal display device which is suppressed in image burn-in even if the light irradiation time is reduced. A polymer for alignment films, which has a main chain and a side chain that contains a structure represented by chemical formula —o—c(c6h5)(co—c6h5)—o—; and a liquid crystal display device which comprises a pair of substrates and a liquid crystal layer that is held between the pair of substrates, and wherein at least one of the substrates has an alignment film, on which a polymer layer for controlling the alignment of liquid crystal molecules is formed, and the alignment film is formed using a polymer for alignment films, which has a main chain and a side chain that contains a structure represented by chemical formula —o—c(c6h5)(co—c6h5)—o—..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Foreign-matter detecting detecting foreign-matter in powder using terahertz pulse wave

A foreign matter detecting apparatus includes an oscillating unit, an optical system, a receiving unit, a scanning mechanism, and an operator. The oscillating unit generates a terahertz pulse wave and emits the terahertz pulse wave as irradiation light.
Nipro Corporation


Optical fill detection

The present invention relates to the field of home monitoring. In particular the present invention relates to a device for the analysis of sample material, comprising a sample container, wherein said sample container is configured for holding sample material, a light source, wherein said light source is configured for irradiating the sample container a detector, wherein said detector is configured to detect light from the sample container in response to an irradiation of the sample container by the light source and an assessment unit for assessing the fill level of the sample container based on the detected light, as well as the use of such a device for home monitoring parameters of a bodily fluid of a subject.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Laminate, and element comprising substrate manufactured using same

The present invention relates to a laminate and a device fabricated using the laminate. The laminate includes a debonding layer including a polyimide resin having a similarity score not greater than 0.5, as calculated by equation 1 defined in the detailed description, between a carrier substrate and a flexible substrate.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Uv photobleaching of glass having uv-induced colorization

A method of uv photobleaching a glass sample having uv-induced colorization is disclosed. The processed includes first irradiating the glass sample with colorizing uv radiation having a colorizing wavelength of λc<300 nm to form the colorized glass, which has a pink hue.
Corning Incorporated


Laminated lead composite and manufacturing

A lead composite and method of manufacturing the same is disclosed for electromagnetic radiation shielding. The lead composite comprises at least one laminated surface, a base plate affixed to the lead plate; and a polymer coating material affixed to a surface of the lead plate..
Vulcan Gms


Method of controlling tissue temperature and temperature controlling apparatus using the method

A method for controlling a temperature of a tissue and a temperature controlling apparatus using the method. According to the method, a tissue parameter of a target tissue is obtained in advance and used to determine an optimum intensity of ultrasound irradiation in order to maintain the target tissue at a target temperature..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Small beam area, mid-voltage radiotherapy system with reduced skin dose, reduced scatter around the treatment volume, and improved overall accuracy

A radiotherapy system comprising an x-ray tube operating at 100 to 800 kvp for providing x-ray beams of 30 mm diameter or less and configured to move the entrance beam footprint on the body during irradiation to any arbitrary sequential position set that has been predetermined to limit the intervening tissue dose rate at any one location to a safe level, such that the sum of the skin area traversed during treatment is 20 to 100 times the beam area.. .


Hadron therapy installation with moving floor

The invention relates to a hadron therapy installation (1) that comprises a moving floor (8′, 8″) in the form of a deformable band guided in a guide structure (10). A lower segment (8′) can be pulled by the irradiation unit (5) from a lower docked position to a position in which it forms a substantially horizontal floor surface, when the irradiation unit (5) is in a first angular position (a).
Ion Beam Applications S.a.


Scanning system

An example particle therapy system includes: a particle accelerator to output a beam of charged particles; and a scanning system to scan the beam across at least part of an irradiation target. An example scanning system includes: a scanning magnet to move the beam during scanning; and a control system (i) to control the scanning magnet to produce uninterrupted movement of the beam over at least part of a depth-wise layer of the irradiation target so as to deliver doses of charged particles to the irradiation target; and (ii) to determine, in synchronism with delivery of a dose, information identifying the dose actually delivered at different positions along the depth-wise layer..
Mevion Medical Systems, Inc.


Irradiation device

An irradiation device for insertion into an orifice of the body for providing photodynamic therapy or diagnosis comprises: a housing adapted to be fully inserted and secured in the orifice, the housing enclosing an led lamp system and a power source for powering the led lamp system wherein the device is independently operational while located within the orifice.. .
Photocure Asa


Portable antimicrobial ultra violet sterilizer

The present invention relates to a sterilization unit consisting of a cubical enclosure which uses a sequenced supply of ozone and ultraviolet radiation in the c band (uvc) wave length to sterilize. In use, an article to be sterilized is positioned atop a glass plate mounted between two sources of uvc radiation sources and ozone is first supplied to the enclosure for a period of 15 seconds to 60 minutes followed by a supply of uvc radiation for a period of 15 seconds to 60 minutes..
Ster-o-wave, Llc


Immunogenic compositions comprising progastrin and uses thereof

The present invention is drawn to immunotherapeutic methods to treat tumors/cancers that produce progastrin ectopically or are dependent on progastrin for their growth. Disclosed herein are immunogenic compositions comprising agents that target progastrin, agents that target the progastrin receptor, annexin ii, or both.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus

An ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus for treating an eye including: an irradiation unit including a laser source, and a scanner for scanning an irradiation spot from the laser source onto a tissue of the eye in two dimensions; a memory for storing a plurality of predetermined irradiation patterns in each of which a plurality of the irradiation spots are arranged in a predetermined arrangement; an irradiation pattern selecting unit including a switch for inputting a signal to select a pattern from the patterns stored in the memory; an pattern changing unit including a switch for inputting a signal to change part of the arrangement of the irradiation pattern in which irradiation spots are arranged on the basis of the selected irradiation pattern; and a control unit for controlling driving of the irradiation unit to sequentially irradiate the beam based on the irradiation pattern changed by the pattern changing unit.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.


X-ray diagnosis apparatus and control method

An x-ray diagnosis apparatus includes an x-ray irradiator, a light source device, and a light emission control unit. The x-ray irradiator emits x-rays to a subject.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Methods and laser produced plasma euv light source

A system for producing euv light using a drive laser beam to irradiate a stream of material droplets. There is included a monitoring system for monitoring at least one of drive laser beam reflection from the drive laser beam and euv radiation pulses and producing a detector signal, the detector signal being a pulse train.
Cymer, Llc


Radiation signal processing device, radiation imaging system, and radiation signal processing method

A radiation signal processing device including: a reception section that receives as a digital signal a signal representing a detection result from a radiation imaging device that captures an image according to irradiated radiation, and that detects a radiation irradiation amount and outputs the signal representing the detection result; and a conversion section that converts the digital signal representing the detection result received by the reception section into an analogue signal recognizable by a radiation irradiation device that irradiates radiation onto the radiation imaging device and stops radiation irradiation in cases in which radiation has reached a specific irradiation amount.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Illumination device and image display apparatus

An illumination device includes: an excitation light source that emits excitation light having a first wavelength; a fluorescent substance that, when irradiated with the excitation light, emits light having a second wavelength longer than the first wavelength and transmits a part of the excitation light, and thereby multiplexes and emits the transmitted excitation light having the first wavelength and the emitted excitation light having the second wavelength; and a driving unit that moves an irradiation position of the excitation light in the fluorescent substance with the passage of time.. .
Sony Corporation


Photoconductive antenna, camera, imaging device, and measurement device

A photoconductive antenna that generates a terahertz wave by irradiation with a light pulse, includes: a carrier generation layer that has carriers formed therein by irradiation with the light pulse; and a first electrode and a second electrode, located above the carrier generation layer, which apply a voltage to the carrier generation layer, wherein the carrier generation layer includes a protruding portion which is irradiated with the light pulse.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Radiator unit for generating ultraviolet radiation and its production

Known radiator units for generating ultraviolet radiation, particularly for use in food processing or for the treatment of water, have a uv radiator having a radiator tube made of quartz glass or a uv radiator surrounded by a cylindrical jacket tube made of quartz glass having a radiator tube made of quartz glass. Starting from this background, in order to provide a radiator unit for generating ultraviolet radiation, which is suitable for emitting a high radiation power and is also simple and economical to produce, a contaminant- and water-repellent coating is applied to the radiator tube and/or the jacket tube.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh (a German Corporation)


Charged particle beam apparatus

A charged particle beam apparatus includes: a charged particle beam column configured to irradiate an irradiation target with a charged particle beam; a detector configured to detect secondary charged particles emitted from the irradiation target by the irradiation of the charged particle beam; a needle arranged in an irradiation area of the charged particle beam; a needle actuator configured to actuate the needle; and a controller configured to control the needle actuator to actuate the needle along a movement route that is configured by a preset target position and preset way points. The controller controls the needle actuator to set an actuating direction of the needle for each of the way points..
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation


Charged particle beam apparatus

A charged particle beam apparatus includes: a charged particle beam column; a detector configured to detect secondary charged particles; an image processor; a display device; a needle arranged in an irradiation area of charged particle beam; a needle actuator; a user interface; and a controller configured to control the needle actuator to actuate the needle in accordance with a target position that is set by the user interface. The controller controls the needle actuator to move the needle to track a change of the target position that is set by the user interface..
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation


Method for the calculation of flight paths taking into consideration events of relevance for radiation dose

A method for the calculation of flight paths taking into consideration events of relevance for the radiation dose comprises the following steps: a) collection of radiation data for atmospheric radiation (10); b) examination of the radiation data and conclusion about an event of relevance for radiation dose generating a temporary increase in exposure; c) creation of a model using the radiation data, wherein the model contains at least one estimate of the geographical location of a region with a radiation intensity increased by the event of relevance for radiation dose; d) determination of flight-relevant parameters; e) calculation of a possible flight path in the light of the flight-relevant parameters taking into consideration the model created in step c), wherein the flight path is adjusted in respect of a reduction of exposure to radiation.. .
Deutsches Zentrum Für Luft - Und Raumfahrt E.v.


Optimization of a laser anneal beam path for maximizing chip yield

Semiconductor chips with curable out of specification measured values of an anneal-activated parameter are identified at a test step. A plurality of anneal plans are generated to include at least one of the identified semiconductor chips.
International Business Machines Corporation


Extreme ultraviolet radiation exposure apparatus and lithography thereby

According to one embodiment, an euv radiation exposure apparatus includes a vacuum chamber, an euv radiation exposing light source installed in the vacuum chamber, and an ionizer that generates positive or negative ions. The ionizer is installed in the vacuum chamber and is driven with driving of the euv radiation exposing light source..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method for measuring cholesterol content of chicken egg by non-destructive means

This invention provides a means for measuring a cholesterol content of a chicken egg by a non-destructive means. This invention relates to a method for measuring a cholesterol content of a chicken egg comprising: a step of light irradiation of irradiating the chicken egg with light in the visible to near-infrared wavelength range; a step of light detection of detecting light radiated from the chicken egg caused by that the light irradiated in the step of light irradiation is transmitted through the chicken egg or reflected inside the chicken egg; a step of spectrum acquisition of acquiring a near-infrared spectrum of the light detected in the step of light detection; and a step of cholesterol content determination of determining a cholesterol content of the chicken egg on the basis of the near-infrared spectrum acquired in the step of spectrum acquisition..
Incorporated Administrative Agency National Agriculture And Food Research Organization


Crystal analysis apparatus, composite charged particle beam device, and crystal analysis method

A crystal analysis apparatus includes: a measurement data storage configured to store electron back-scattering pattern (ebsp) data measured at electron beam irradiation points on a plurality of cross-sections of a sample formed substantially in parallel at prescribed intervals; a crystal orientation database configured to accumulate therein information of crystal orientations corresponding to ebsps; and a map constructing unit that constructs a three-dimensional crystal orientation map based on distribution of crystal orientations in normal directions of a plurality of faces of a polyhedral image having the cross-sections arranged at the prescribed intervals by reading out the crystal orientations in the normal directions of the faces from the crystal orientation database on the basis of the ebsp data stored in the measurement data storage.. .
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation


Detection system based on modulation of line structured laser image of glass

A detection system based on modulation of line structured laser image of glass comprises processing section (2), control system, and roller conveying mechanisms (5). Detection mechanism (6) provided over entrance of the processing section (201) comprises shell and camera (602) with laser (601) which emits beam on the surface of the glass in the gap between sliding rollers.
Luoyang Landglass Technology Co., Ltd


Method for segmenting the surface of a tyre and apparatus operating according to said method

A method for segmenting the surface of a tyre including at least one groove, includes: irradiating a portion of the surface of the tyre by means of electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength in the visible spectrum; acquiring an image of the irradiated portion of the surface; and processing the image so as to segment it into regions corresponding to regions of the tyre which do or do not belong to the at least one groove. Additionally, processing the image so as to segment it includes: calculating a statistical quantity associated with the irradiation by electromagnetic radiation for each region of the image; and determining whether the region of the image does or does not belong to the at least one groove according to the value of the statistical quantity.
Politecnico Di Torino


Thickness and convexity detection device for plate strip

The invention relates to a device for detecting the thickness and crown of plates and strips, belonging to the field of nuclear technology applications. The device comprises a c-frame; two ray source mounted in an upper arm of the c-frame and distributed at an interval along the width direction of a steel plate/strip; two rows of gas-pressurized ionization chamber detector arrays mounted in a lower arm of the c-frame and distributed at an interval along the moving direction of the plate/strip; collimators mounted below the two ray source, the collimators enabling the rays of each ray source to only irradiate to a corresponding row of detectors; pre-amplifier modules connected with the detector arrays; a data collector connected with the pre-amplifier modules; a data processing and displaying computer connected with the data collector; and a cooling water and pressurized air service system and a control system for ensuring system operation and monitoring.
Tsinghua University


Light irradiation device, backlight device and display apparatus

A substrate is formed in a rectangular shape, a plurality of light emitting elements are arranged on one end face of the substrate, and a translucent sealing material is adhered to the one end face to seal the light emitting elements. A light irradiation device is thin, which transfers heat generated at the light emitting elements to the substrate where the heat is dissipated.
Og Corporation


Substrate for printed electronics and photonic curing process

A coating layer 12 is formed on a base film 10 by heat resistant resin having a tg (glass transition temperature) of 120° c. Or more, and more preferably 200° c.
Showa Denko K.k.


Method for detaching cells from adhesion surface and cell detachment system

A method for detaching cells from a cell culture surface includes irradiating visible light in an irradiation amount of 4 j or greater per 1 mm2 to a cell adhesion surface to which cells are adhering on a substrate such that the cells are detached from the cell adhesion surface on the substrate.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Resin composition, application method thereof and liquid crystal display panel using same

The invention discloses a resin composition, use method thereof, and a lcd panel using the same, which can solve the problem of poor display in a peripheral display area caused by denaturization of liquid crystal in that area upon exposure to uv light of 320-380 nm adopted for uv radiation of resin compositions in the prior art. The resin composition of the invention is photocurable under an irradiation of visible light having a wavelength in the range of 400-450 nm, which will not cause the denaturization of liquid crystal.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Ballast water treatment apparatus and ballast water management system

A ballast water treatment apparatus includes a filtering device including a filter for filtering seawater, an ultraviolet irradiation device that irradiates the seawater filtered by the filter with ultraviolet light, a first path for supplying the seawater filtered by the filtering device to the ultraviolet irradiation device, a discharge water path for discharging the seawater remaining in the filtering device, a first valve provided in the first path, a second path for supplying the seawater flowing from the ultraviolet irradiation device to a ballast tank, and a control device that closes the first valve and cleans the filter by using the seawater introduced into the filtering device before the seawater filtered by the filtering device is supplied to the ultraviolet irradiation device.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Surface treatment image

A surface treatment method for an image includes a varnishing process of applying an ultraviolet curing varnish to a surface of an image containing wax and an ultraviolet irradiation process of irradiating the applied ultraviolet curing varnish with ultraviolet light. A heating process of heating the surface of the image is performed between the varnishing process and the ultraviolet irradiation process..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Surface treatment of microfluidic devices

The invention relates to a surface treatment method for treating the inner walls of a microchannel made from a polymeric material that is at least partially photocured or thermoset. Said treatment is carried out via irradiation in the air at a wavelength of less than or equal to 300 nm.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs


Systems, methods, and devices for real-time treatment verification using an electronic portal imaging device

A radiation dose received by a patient from a radiation therapy system can be verified by acquiring a cine stream of image frames from an electronic portal imaging device (epid) that is arranged to detect radiation exiting the patient during irradiation. The cine stream of epid image frames can be processed in real-time to form exit images providing absolute dose measurements at the epid (dose-to-water values), which is representative of the characteristics of the radiation received by the patient.
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.


Textile product

Improvements applied to a textile product, and more particularly wherein the improved product is a woven textile product-fabric containing bioceramic microparticles embedded into the fibers thereof with high capacity of irradiation in the infrared region, provided to be used both in humans and animals, more particularly the invention is related to a textile product containing bioceramic microparticles with high capacity of infrared irradiation which, in contact with the heat of the human body, is capable of transmitting infrared radiation in the range between 3 μm and 14.8 μm, preferentially in the 14.8 micron range, said infrared radiation at this wavelength being capable of regulating the blood microcirculation, as the result of its high protection, the blood microcirculation being the nervous center of human and/or animal metabolism. .


Vitreous body surgical probe and manufacturing same

A vitreous body surgical probe that forms an inner surface and an outer surface of a distal part of a probe body into flat surfaces and prevents a hole in the distal part from remaining a vitreous body surgical probe has a probe body (11), an outer surface (14b) and an inner surface (14a) of a distal part (14) of the probe body are flat surfaces, and at least part of the distal part (14) is a granular structure (18) formed by melting by energy beam irradiation and then solidifying. The distal part (14) may have an inclined surface forming a desired angle with respect to an axial direction of the probe body (11)..
Mani, Inc.


Biophotonic measurement apparatus and biophotonic measurement method using same

In a biophotonic measurement apparatus using a probe having a plurality of irradiation-detector distances (sd distances) in order to separate light absorption changes in a surface layer and a deep layer of a biological tissue on the basis of near infrared spectroscopy, light reception sensitivity is stabilized on each subject/each region by adjusting an attenuation amount of light to be transmitted or received. It has a light source, a detector for detecting light that has been irradiated from the light source to an irradiation point on the subject and propagated in the subject, a light attenuation amount adjusting means to be disposed on an optical path between the light source—the subject or a photodetector—the subject, an analysis unit for analyzing a signal and a display unit for display a result of analysis, the light source and the detector are respectively arranged such the sd distance defined as a distance between an irradiation point and a detection point is given in two or more kinds, the analysis unit analyzes a measurement signal and calculates a light attenuation adjustment amount for setting respective received light amounts within a predetermined range, and the light attenuation amount adjusting means makes attenuation amounts of light respectively adjustable from the result of analysis by changing an amount of light that is incident upon the detector..
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Catheter using optical fiber and camera

The present invention relates to a catheter using an optical fiber and a camera, into which the camera for lighting and the optical fiber for lighting are built so that the camera can be used during an internal examination and treatment amid irradiation of light by the optical fiber. According to the present invention, the diameter of a shaft can be minimized while forming a hole in the shaft for the camera, the optical fiber, a wire, and medicine to be inserted, and the camera, the optical fiber, and a distal end of a medicine injection tube are driven at the same time and in the same manner following the driving of the wire so that internal imaging, light irradiation, and medicine injection can be performed with accuracy..
Meta Biomed Co., Ltd.


Electroluminescent display screen and preparing the same, and display device

The invention provides an electroluminescent display screen and a method for preparing the same, and a display device, by which an electroluminescent display screen can automatically screen the irradiation of a laser, so that a mask can be omitted, the requirement on the manufacture process can be lowered, the production cost can be reduced, and the production capacity can be increased. An electroluminescent display screen according to the invention includes: a back plane; a package substrate; and a luminescent layer and a frit sealant provided between the back plane and the package substrate.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


Image capture device and image processing method

A mark irradiation unit (130) irradiates an object with a mark. An image capture unit (140) captures an image of the object, and generates image data.
Pioneer Corporation


Ultraviolet irradiation head and ultraviolet irradiator

A heat sink is thermally connected to a substrate on which led elements are mounted. A fan unit is arranged near the distal end of a fin segment of the heat sink.
Panasonic Industrial Devices Sunx Co., Ltd.


Flip-chip hybridisation of two microelectronic components using a uv anneal

A method of manufacturing a microelectronic device including a first component hybridized with a second component via electric interconnects, involves the steps of: (i) forming the first and second components, the second component being transparent to ultraviolet radiation at least in line with locations provided for the interconnects; (ii) forming interconnection elements including copper oxide on the second component at the locations provided for the interconnects; (iii) placing the first and second components on each other; and (iv) applying the ultraviolet radiation through the second component on the elements including copper oxide to implement an ultraviolet anneal converting copper oxide into copper.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Semiconductor device

Provided is a semiconductor device including a fuse element that can be cut by a laser, which has a corrosion resistance. A fuse element (11) that can be cut by the laser to be removed includes: a large width portion (a) having a large sectional area to be irradiated with a laser spot (13); and small width portions (b) having a small sectional area, each of which is formed so as to be adjacent to corresponding one of sides of the large width portion (a).
Seiko Instruments Inc.


Methods and selective deposition of cobalt in semiconductor processing

Methods and apparatus for selective deposition of cobalt on copper lines in the presence of exposed dielectric in semiconductor processing are provided. Cobalt in its metallic form is selectively deposited onto copper in the presence of dielectric by contacting a prepared surface of the substrate with an organometallic cobalt compound in a presence of a reducing agent.
Lam Research Corporation


Charged particle beam apparatus

A charged particle beam apparatus including a column irradiating a sample with a charged particle beam, a detector detecting a secondary particle emitted from the sample, an image data generating section generating image data indicating two-dimensional distribution of an amount of the secondary particle detected by the detector, and a controller that respectively sets first and second position adjustment irradiation frames for first and second beam condition on a surface of the sample in the image data, form a first and second irradiation traces by respectively irradiating the first and second position adjustment irradiation frames with the charged particle beams of the first and second beam conditions, correct a position of the second processing irradiation frame, based on a position displacement amount between a predetermined position of the first irradiation trace and a predetermined position of the second irradiation trace.. .
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation


Charged particle beam apparatus and image forming method

In observation of a sample having a structure in its depth direction, a charged particle beam apparatus that can form an sem image reflecting a sample shape at a desired depth by a single image acquisition while avoiding enlargement of the apparatus is provided. The apparatus has: an irradiation optical system for irradiating and scanning a charged particle beam generated from a charged particle source on the sample; a detection optical system having a detector that detects charged particles generated from the sample by the irradiation of the charged particle beam, and converts them into an electric signal at a predetermined sampling period; and an image processing unit for forming an image based on the electric signal from the detector, in which the image processing unit detects a peak of wave height values for each pixel from the electric signal at each sampling time, and forms the image based on the peak of the detected wave height values..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Laser controller for heat-assisted magnetic recording device

According to one embodiment, there is provided a magnetic disk device including a light source, a light irradiation element, and a controller. The light irradiation element is configured to receive light from the light source to irradiate light onto a magnetic disk.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Mask inspection apparatus and mask inspection method

A mask inspection apparatus including, a driving unit configured to drive a stage holding an inspection target mask, in which a pattern is formed, or a calibration mask, a light irradiation device configured to irradiate light on the inspection target mask or the calibration mask, an image sensor configured to detect a light quantity signal of transmitted light or reflected light of the inspection target mask or the calibration mask at a plurality of pixels. A sensor amplifier configured to amplify an output of the image sensor with respect to each pixel, generates an optical image, and normalizes a gain and an offset of signal amplitude, wherein at a first setting the sensor amplifier sets the gain and the offset using the calibration mask, and at a second setting the sensor amplifier sets the gain and offset of the inspection target mask based on the first setting..
Nuflare Technology, Inc.


Image forming apparatus having detachably mountable image forming unit

An image forming apparatus includes: a plurality of image forming units that are each configured to be detachably mountable and include an image carrier; a irradiation unit configured to irradiate respective image carriers of the plurality of image forming units with light to form one or more electrostatic latent images along a direction of the rotational driving; a detection unit configured to detect the electrostatic latent images; a determination unit configured to determine mounted states of the plurality of image forming units based on a detection result by the detection unit; and a control unit configured to perform control such that, for each of image carriers, the electrostatic latent images are not formed on an image carrier in a period in which at least one of the one or more electrostatic latent images is formed on a different image carrier.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Negative photosensitive resin composition, cured resin film, partition walls and optical element

To provide a negative photosensitive resin composition which is capable of imparting good ink repellency to a cured film, particularly to the upper surface of partition walls, and which has characteristics such that an ink repellent agent is less likely to remain in opening sections defined by the partition walls even without uv/o3 irradiation treatment, and the ink is permitted to uniformly wet-spread without unevenness. A negative photosensitive resin composition characterized by comprising (a) an alkali-soluble resin or alkali-soluble monomer, which has a photo-curability, (b) a photopolymerization initiator, (c) an ink repellent agent having fluorine atoms, and (d) a compound which is a partially hydrolyzed condensate of a hydrolysable silane compound mixture containing a hydrolysable silane compound having a mercapto group and a hydrolysable group and/or a hydrolysable silane compound having a group with an ethylenic double bond and a hydrolysable group, and which has no fluorine atom..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Fine electretic particles and process for producing same

The present invention provides fine electret particles comprising, at least in the surface portion of the particles, an electret resin and a polymeric dispersant, the electret resin being a fluorine-containing resin and being electretized by electron ray irradiation, radial ray irradiation, or corona discharge treatment. The fine electret particles are uniformly electrified, and well dispersed in an electrophoretic medium, while exhibiting excellent electrophoretic properties..
Sakura Color Products Corporation


Optical modulation control method, control program, control device, and laser light irradiation device

In controlling light condensing irradiation with laser light using a spatial light modulator, an incident pattern of the laser light and respective refractive indices of first and second propagation media on a propagation path are acquired, the number of light condensing points, and the light condensing position and the light condensing intensity at each light condensing point are set, an aberration condition caused by the first and second propagation media is derived, and by taking the aberration condition into account, a modulation pattern to be presented in the spatial light modulator is designed. Further, in designing the modulation pattern, a design method focusing on an effect of a phase value at one pixel is used, and in evaluating the light condensing state at the light condensing point, a propagation function that takes the aberration condition into account is employed..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Method for examining microorganisms and examination microorganisms

An examination apparatus 1 for microorganisms for measuring an amount of microorganisms in a sample solution, the apparatus including stirring and mixing means 7 for stirring and mixing the sample solution into which a sample and a fluorescent staining reagent are added, in a sample container 5 formed of a material allowing light to pass through, an excitation light source 10 including a light source that irradiates an irradiation target surface of the sample container 5 with excitation light while the sample solution is being stirred by the stirring and mixing means 7, light receiving means 14 for detecting light and converting the light resulting from a fluorescent emission caused by excitation light from the excitation light source 10, into an electric signal, and control means 23 for detecting the number of emissions based on the electric signal from the light receiving means 14 and calculating the amount of the microorganisms contained in the sample in the sample container 5 based on the number of emissions.. .
Satake Corporation


Methods and apparatuses for measuring values of parameters of integrated circuit devices

Methods and apparatuses for measuring parameters of integrated circuit devices may be provided. The methods may include performing detecting operations on samples to obtain a set of data.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Solar receiver with direct absorption media irradiation

A solar receiver having a receiver vessel with a receiver chamber, a receiver cover with a receiver window, a receiver fluid inlet, a receiver fluid outlet, and an absorption media matrix in the receiver chamber. In operation of the solar receiver, incident solar radiation is transmitted through the receiver window to the absorption media matrix.

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