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 Camera system, imaging apparatus, lighting device, and control method patent thumbnailCamera system, imaging apparatus, lighting device, and control method
A camera system includes a lighting device comprising a movable unit including a flash unit, an imaging apparatus, a setting unit, an operation unit, and a control unit. The setting unit sets an irradiation position which is to be irradiated with light from the flash unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Imaging apparatus patent thumbnailImaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus includes an illumination unit, an imaging unit, an illumination control unit, a target detection unit, a radiation illuminance, and a comparison unit. The illumination unit emits infrared light.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Image reading device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage reading device and image forming apparatus
Provided is an image reading device including an irradiation section that irradiates a reading position with light, a color chart that includes plural color patches, and that is provided on a curved surface of a rotatable roller, an image capturing section that captures an image of the color chart at the reading position, and that outputs image signals which express the captured image, a correction section that corrects the image signals using a correction coefficient corresponding to the curved surface, and a calibration section that performs calibration using the image signals, which are corrected by the correction section, and representative color values of the plural color patches, the representative color values being stored in advance.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

 Process for manufacturing a pyroelectric and/or piezoelectric drive patent thumbnailProcess for manufacturing a pyroelectric and/or piezoelectric drive
A process for manufacturing a piezoelectric and/or pyroelectric device comprising a polyvinylidene fluoride film, the process comprising a step of forming at least one portion of a layer of a solution comprising a solvent and a compound comprising polyvinylidene fluoride and a step of irradiating the portion with pulses of at least one ultraviolet radiation. The irradiating step enables the formation of at least two β crystalline phases having different orientations..
Commissariat à I'Énergie Atomique Et Aux Énergies Alternatives

 Dopant precursors for mono-layer doping patent thumbnailDopant precursors for mono-layer doping
A doping process is described, which includes applying to a substrate a film of dopant material that bonds to the substrate by at least one of hydrogen bonding and covalent bonding; encapsulating the film on the substrate with an encapsulant material, and subjecting the encapsulated film to rapid thermal processing to cause dopant from the dopant material to migrate into the substrate. The film of dopant material is applied from a dopant composition selected from among: (i) dopant compositions comprising an aqueous or glycol solution comprising an inorganic dopant compound; (ii) dopant compositions comprising an arsenic, phosphorus, boron, or antimony compound in which ligands or moieties coordinated to an arsenic, phosphorus, boron, or antimony central atom have coordination bond energies that are lower than those associated with coordinating bonds of said central atom to oxygen or carbon; (iii) dopant compositions comprising a coordinated moiety that selectively and covalently bonds to the substrate; (iv) dopant compositions comprising a compound that undergoes hydrolysis and alcoholysis to covalently bond a dopant functionality to the substrate in said film of dopant material; (v) dopant compositions comprising precursor vapor of an organodopant compound; (vi) dopant compositions interactive with a surface functionality of the substrate to bind the dopant composition to the substrate, wherein the substrate comprises a silicon surface comprising said surface functionality; (vii) dopant compositions interactive with the substrate to covalently bond with a pretreated and/or modified silicon surface thereof; and (viii) dopant compositions interactive with the substrate to bond with the substrate on a silicon surface thereof that has been modified by a treatment comprising at least one of: (a) contacting the silicon surface with a chemical solution; (b) exposing the silicon surface to plasma; and (c) exposing the silicon surface to ultraviolet radiation..
Entegris, Inc.

 Grain oriented electrical steel sheet and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailGrain oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a grain oriented electrical steel sheet includes a rolling a slab for a grain oriented electrical steel sheet to obtain a steel sheet having final sheet thickness; subjecting the steel sheet to decarburizing annealing; coating a surface of the steel sheet with annealing separator mainly composed of mgo; subjecting the steel sheet thus coated to final annealing; providing a tension coating to the steel sheet; and subjecting the steel sheet to magnetic domain refinement by laser irradiation after either the final annealing or provision of the tension coating, wherein (1) the coating weight of the anneal separator is at least 10.0 g/m2; (2) coiling tension at which the steel sheet is coiled after being coated with the annealing separator is 30 n/mm2 to 150 n/mm2; and (3) the average cooling rate in cooling process of the final annealing down to 700° c. Is 50° c./hour or less..
Jfe Steel Corporation

 Protection barrier and laser irradiation system patent thumbnailProtection barrier and laser irradiation system
To provide a protection barrier, which includes an inlet from which laser light emitted from a laser device enters; an outlet from which the laser light is output towards an irradiation target; and a unit configured to prevent a leakage, where the unit is configured to reduce an intensity of the laser light leaked from the protection barrier, wherein the protection barrier is configured to surround a light path of the laser light emitted from the laser device.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Fluorescence observation unit and fluorescence observation apparatus patent thumbnailFluorescence observation unit and fluorescence observation apparatus
A fluorescence observation unit includes a scanner that scans ultrashort pulsed laser light, a pupil projection lens that focuses the scanned ultrashort pulsed laser light, an image-forming lens that converts the focused ultrashort pulsed laser light to substantially collimated light and causes the ultrashort pulsed laser light to be incident on the objective lens, and a dichroic mirror that splits off, from the optic path of the ultrashort pulsed laser light, fluorescence generated in a sample due to irradiation with the ultrashort pulsed laser light and collected by the objective lens. The image-forming lens includes a first optical system having positive refractive power, and a second optical system having negative refractive power and disposed at a position closer to the scanner than the first optical system is.
Olympus Corporation

 Optical fiber patent thumbnailOptical fiber
An optical fiber is capable of radiating light radially in a wide range. The optical fiber includes an elongate primary coated optical fiber adapted to transmit light radiated for medical treatment.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Method for testing a bar winding of a rotor of a rotating electrical machine patent thumbnailMethod for testing a bar winding of a rotor of a rotating electrical machine
In a method for testing a bar winding of a rotor of a rotating electrical machine, a rotor temperature is detected by a thermal radiation sensor, which is arranged in a stator of the rotating electrical machine. A thermal radiation sensor is used with a resolution suitable for the thermal detection of individual bars of the bar winding.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Measuring arrangement for measuring optical properties of a reflective optical element, in particular for microlithography

A measuring arrangement for measuring optical properties of a reflective optical element, in particular for microlithography, with an euv light source (5), a detector (20) configured to detect euv radiation reflected at the reflective optical element (10), and an imaging system (30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90), which images object points on the reflective optical element onto respective image points on the detector, wherein the imaging system is configured to reflect the euv radiation, a first optical component (31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91), and at least one second optical component (32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92). Both at the first optical component and at the second optical component, reflection angles with respect to respective surface normals that respectively occur during reflection of the euv radiation are at least 70°..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Sensor integrated metal dielectric filters for solar-blind silicon ultraviolet detectors

A filter for electromagnetic radiation including one or more dielectric spacer regions and one or more reflective regions integrated on a semiconductor substrate, the semiconductor substrate including a semiconductor photodetector, such that the filter transmits ultraviolet radiation to the semiconductor photodetector, the ultraviolet radiation having a range of wavelengths, and the filter suppresses transmission of electromagnetic radiation, having wavelengths outside the range of wavelengths, to the semiconductor photodetector.. .
California Institute Of Technology

Double-sided adhesive sheet for fixing portable-electronic-device members, and portable-electronic-device production method

Provided is a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for securing portable electronic device members. This double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, when used for securing a constitutional member in a portable electronic device, surely offers high adhesive strength even when used in a small area.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Microporous polyolefin-based aerogels

Microporous polyolefin and microporous polydicyclopentadiene (polydcpd) based aerogels and methods for preparing and using the same are provided. The aerogels are produced by forming a polymer gel structure within a solvent from a olefin or dicyclopentadiene monomer via ring opening metathesis polymerization (romp) reactions, followed by supercritical drying to remove the solvent from the aerogel.
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.

Photolabile linker for the solid-phase synthesis of hydrazides and pyranopyrazoles

The photolabile hydrazine linker of the present invention is based on the o-nitro-veratryl group, which is capable of releasing hydrazide derivatives upon uv irradiation. The linker allows for a new solid-phase peptide synthesis (spps) strategy which is fully orthogonal to the most commonly used protecting groups and chemical methods in spps and shows excellent compatibility with peptide composition, notably the 20 naturally occurring a-amino acid residues (even in their side-chain protected form) are accepted in the c-terminal of the peptide hydrazides.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Method for producing a three-dimensional component

The invention relates to a method for producing a three-dimensional component by an electron-beam, laser-sintering or laser-melting process, in which the component is created by successively solidifying predetermined portions of individual layers of building material that can be solidified by being exposed to the effect of an electron-beam or laser-beam source (2) by melting on the building material, wherein thermographic data records are recorded during the production of the layers, respectively characterizing a temperature profile of at least certain portions of the respective layer, and the irradiation of the layers takes place by means of an electron beam or laser beam (3), which is controlled on the basis of the recorded thermographic data records in such a way that a largely homogeneous temperature profile is produced, wherein, to irradiate an upper layer, a focal point (4) of the electron beam or laser beam (3) is guided along a scanning path (17), which is chosen on the basis of the data record characterizing the temperature profile of at least certain portions of the layer lying directly thereunder or on the basis of the data records characterizing the temperature profiles of at least certain portions of the layers lying thereunder.. .
Cl Schutzrechtsverwaltungs Gmbh

Three-dimensional forming apparatus and three-dimensional forming method

A three-dimensional forming apparatus includes: a material supplying unit that supplies a sinter material containing a metal powder and a binder to the stage; an energy irradiating unit that supplies the sinter material supplied from the material supplying unit with an energy capable of sintering the sinter material; and a driving unit that enables the material supplying unit and the energy irradiating unit to three-dimensionally move relative to the stage. The material supplying unit includes a material ejection section that supplies the sinter material in a predetermined amount.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Crosslinked, thermally rearranged poly(benzoxazole-co-imide), gas separation membranes comprising the same and preparation method thereof

In accordance with the present disclosure, a crosslinked, thermally rearranged poly(benzoxazole-co-imide) copolymer membrane for gas separation can be prepared simply through heat treatment without requiring a complicated process such as chemical crosslinking, uv irradiation, etc. For forming a crosslinked structure and a gas separation membrane (a membrane for flue gas separation is excluded) prepared therefrom exhibits superior permeability and selectivity.

Systems, devices, and methods for quality assurance of radiation therapy

Systems, devices, and methods for quality assurance for verification of radiation dose delivery in arc-based radiation therapy devices using a 3d gamma evaluation method.. .
Varian Medical Systems International Ag

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Control device for treatment planning apparatus, control method, and program

Provided is a control device for a radiation irradiation device including a position-related information acquisition portion that acquires position-related information related to a position of a particular site; a model generation portion that generates a model outputting the position of the particular site based on the position-related information; and a particular site position calculation portion that outputs the position of the particular site based on the position-related information acquired by the position-related information acquisition portion, by using the model generated by the model generation portion. The model generated by the model generation portion is provided with a filter regulating an amount of change in the position of the particular site output by the model..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Method for irradiation planning

Method for irradiation planning of a target volume with a scanned particle beam, comprising the following steps: defining a target volume located in a body, subdividing the target volume into a plurality of individually approachable target points, defining a number of temporally consecutive irradiation sub-plans, dividing the target points of the target volume among the irradiation sub-plans in subsets, wherein the subsets are distributed over the entire target volume, and wherein mutually adjacent target points of the target volume are each assigned to different irradiation sub-plans.. .
Gsi Helmholtzzentrum FÜr Schwerionenforschung Gmbh

Therapeutic light enabled toilet and methods for operating a therapeutic light source

A device for therapeutic irradiation with light of a portion of a person's skin located on the posterior between the lumbus and the popliteal fossa during the use of a toilet, may comprise: a light source; a controller electrically coupled to the light source, the controller being configured to control the intensity and duration of light emitted from the light source during a therapeutic session; one or more sensors comprising a first sensor coupled to the controller for detecting a person seated on the toilet; and a power source electrically coupled to the light source and the controller; wherein the controller is further configured to turn on, and keep turned on for the duration of the therapeutic session, the light source when the first sensor detects the person seated on the toilet, and wherein the light source is configured to illuminate the portion of the person's skin.. .
Akari Systems, Inc.

Hair treatment composition with substituted silicone(s)

A hair treatment composition includes, based on the weight of the composition, 0.1 to 20 wt. % at least one silicone which has groupings of the formula (i) as defined herein; 0.1 to 20 wt.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Control device, control method, and program

The present invention includes amount-of-change specifying means that specifies, among a plurality of pieces of image data generated by detection means in accordance with a detection result of radiated rays that have passed through a subject, the amount of change in a relative position of the subject with respect to the detection means during a period from a generation timing of immediately preceding image data, which is generated immediately before target image data, to a generation timing of the target image data, amount-of-radiated-rays setting means that sets the amount of radiated rays with which irradiation means performs irradiation in accordance with the amount of change, composition ratio determination means that determines a composition ratio in accordance with the amount of change, and noise reduction means that reduces noise of the target image data by combining, in accordance with the composition ratio, image data generated before the target image data with the target image data.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Biological information imaging apparatus

A living body information imaging apparatus includes a member that is adapted to be introduced into the interior of a living body and has a light irradiation portion for irradiating light the interior of the body with light with an angle of irradiation equal to or more than 2π steradians, and a signal detector that is arranged outside the living body and detects a signal output based on light irradiation in the interior of the living body by the member having the light irradiation portion.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method of synthesizing a graphene-based antibacterial and using the same

Photothermal antibacterial material rmg is provided in the present invention, where r represents aldehyde, di-aldehyde or multi-aldehyde, m is magnetic material, and g is reduced graphene oxide. A method of synthesizing the abovementioned antibacterial material comprises of three steps.
National Tsing Hua University

Solid-state image capturing element, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic device

The present disclosure relates to a solid-state image capturing element, a manufacturing method therefor, and an electronic device, which are capable of controlling a thickness of a depletion layer. The solid-state image capturing element includes pixels each in which a photoelectric conversion film configured to perform photoelectric conversion on incident light and a fixed charge film configured to have a predetermined fixed charge are stacked on a semiconductor substrate.
Sony Corporation

Sunlight harvesting transparent windows

A photovoltaic system is formed as a window that is constructed of at least one polymer layer that is filled or decorated with metal nanoparticles and a window frame that includes one or more photovoltaic cells. The metal nanoparticles have a shape and size such that they display surface plasmon resonance frequencies in the near-infrared and/or the near-ultraviolet.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Method for manufacturing spark plug

Provided is a method for manufacturing a spark plug, wherein at least one of a center electrode and the ground electrode includes an electrode base material and a columnar noble metal tip welded to the electrode base material. The method includes a laser welding step of applying a pulse oscillation laser to form a plurality of unit fusion portions on a peripheral area of a boundary between the electrode base material and the noble metal tip and welding the electrode base material and the noble metal tip.

Carbonaceous material for negative electrodes of nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries

Provided is a less hygroscopic carbonaceous material that is obtained from a plant-derived carbonaceous raw material and that, when used as a negative electrode material for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, allows the battery to exhibit good battery characteristics. Provided is a carbonaceous material for negative electrodes of nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries.
Kureha Corporation

Semiconductor device and producing semiconductor device

Proton irradiation is performed a plurality of times from rear surface of an n-type semiconductor substrate, which is an n− drift layer, forming an n-type fs layer having lower resistance than the n-type semiconductor substrate in the rear surface of the n− drift layer. When the proton irradiation is performed a plurality of times, the next proton irradiation is performed to as to compensate for a reduction in mobility due to disorder which remains after the previous proton irradiation.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Substrate processing method and manufacturing semiconductor device

An object of the present invention is to provide a method which enable a material to be fully embedded into a recess portion with a deposition film left in the recess portion. A method in one embodiment comprises: a first irradiation step of irradiating a deposition film formed on an opening portion of a recess portion in a substrate with a particle beam in a direction at a first angle with respect to a substrate in-plane direction, to remove part of the deposition film in a thickness direction; and a second irradiation step of, after the first irradiation step, irradiating the deposition film with the particle beam in a direction at a second angle which is closer to perpendicular to the substrate in-plane direction than the first angle is, to remove part of the remaining deposition film in the thickness direction..
Canon Anelva Corporation

Subdermal lighting apparatus with enhanced biological compatibility and safety

A subdermal lighting apparatus with enhanced operational longevity, safety and biological compatibility with a user is provided. The subdermal lighting apparatus includes a housing unit to store a radioactive isotope, a phosphor layer affixed to an interior surface of the housing unit to interact with radiation emitted by the radioactive isotope to generate visible light, a radiation shielding layer disposed around the housing unit and able to permit the generated visible light to pass through, and a biologically safe layer disposed around the radiation shielding layer able to permit the generated visible light to pass through.

Object detection device

An object detection device includes a light source, an irradiation optical system that converts emitted light from the light source to measurement light having a predetermined pattern and emits the measurement light to a reference surface, and a light reception element that images the reference surface, and includes an imaging member that reads an image captured by the light reception element for each of a plurality of lines extending in a horizontal direction and arranged at predetermined intervals, and a detection unit that detects an object to be measured entering between a pattern forming unit and the reference surface based on image data from the imaging element, in which the pattern includes a plurality of division patterns arranged in the horizontal direction to correspond to the lines in the reference surface.. .
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

Illumination device, projection apparatus and projection-type image display apparatus

An optical device including a hologram recording medium that can reproduce an image of a reference member and an irradiation unit that emits a coherent light beam to the optical device. The irradiation unit includes a light source for emitting a coherent light beam and a scanning device capable of adjusting a reflection angle of the coherent light beam emitted from the light source and that makes a reflected coherent light beam scan the hologram recording medium.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Exposure apparatus, wafer stage and exposure order setting device

According to one embodiment, an exposure apparatus includes a wafer stage, an irradiation optical system, and a projecting optical system. The wafer stage includes a wafer clamp, and a plate clamp configured to hold a silicon plate having a predetermined film formed on a silicon substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, pattern forming method, manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device

An actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition contains a resin (p) having a partial structure represented by general formula (x), and a compound capable of generating an acid upon irradiation with actinic ray or radiation.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Projection type image display apparatus

A laser beam (l50) generated by a laser light source (50) is reflected by a light beam scanning device (60) and irradiated onto a hologram recording medium (45). On the hologram recording medium (45), an image (35) of a scatter plate is recorded as a hologram by using reference light that converges on a scanning origin (b).
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Debris removal from high aspect structures

A debris collection and metrology system for collecting and analyzing debris from a tip used in nanomachining processes, the system including an irradiation source, an irradiation detector, an actuator, and a controller. The irradiation source is operable to direct incident irradiation onto the tip, and the irradiation detector is operable to receive a sample irradiation from the tip, the sample irradiation being generated as a result of the direct incident irradiation being applied onto the tip.
Rave Llc

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Object detection device

An object detection device includes at least one light source, an irradiation optical system configured to irradiate a measured object with light emitted from the light source, a light reception element configured to image reflected light reflected by the measured object, and a detection unit configured to detect the measured object based on the reflected light received by the light reception element, and the irradiation optical system includes conversion means for converting the light emitted from the light source into a plurality of regular patterns.. .
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

System and generating a pattern used to process a surface of a fabric through laser irradiation, and fabric created thereby

A method is provided of generating a pattern image used to form a pattern on a surface of a fabric using laser irradiation. A plurality of parameters associated with laser irradiation units are input into a user interface.
Revolaze, Llc

Method for forming micropattern of polyimide using imprinting

Provided is a method for forming a pattern of polyimide that is simpler and is more excellent in the pattern shape and in the dimensional accuracy in comparison with the conventional techniques of patterning polyimide, such as photolithography and laser processing. In a method for forming a micropattern of polyimide, which includes using as polyimide a solvent-soluble polyimide resin composition that is photosensitive and is moldable at a temperature of less than or equal to a glass-transition temperature; patterning the composition using thermal imprinting; and thermally curing the composition, ultraviolet irradiation is performed after the composition is released from a mold after a molding step..
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Method and producing a three-dimensional workpiece with thermal focus shift compensation

A method for producing a three-dimensional work piece comprises the steps of applying a raw material powder onto a carrier (16), and selectively irradiating electromagnetic or particle radiation onto the raw material powder applied onto the carrier (16) by means of an irradiation unit (18) in order to produce the work piece from said raw material powder on the carrier (16) by a generative layer construction method, wherein the irradiation unit (18) comprises a radiation source (24) and a plurality of optical elements (30, 32, 34, 35). Operation of the irradiation unit (18) is controlled in dependence on an operating temperature dependent change of at least one optical property of at least one optical element (30, 32, 34, 35) of the irradiation unit (18)..
Slm Solutions Group Ag

Welding mode determination device, determining welding mode, and laser beam welding device

A welding mode determination device that determines a welding mode when laser beam welding is performed includes an obtaining unit that obtains an image in an infrared wavelength region and an image in a short wavelength region of visible light from a laser irradiation area and its vicinity. An extraction unit extracts a light emitting image from the image in the infrared wavelength region and a light emitting image from the image in the short wavelength region of visible light.
Primearth Ev Energy Co., Ltd.

Debris removal in high aspect structures

A debris collection and metrology system for collecting and analyzing debris from a tip used in nanomachining processes, the system including an irradiation source, an irradiation detector, an actuator, and a controller. The irradiation source is operable to direct incident irradiation onto the tip, and the irradiation detector is operable to receive a sample irradiation from the tip, the sample irradiation being generated as a result of the direct incident irradiation being applied onto the tip.
Rave Llc

Dispensing and ultraviolet (uv) curing with low backscatter

A dispensing and ultraviolet (uv) curing system is disclosed with low backscatter. The system includes a dispenser for dispensing an ultraviolet (uv) curable material onto a substrate and a uv radiation source assembly coupled to the dispenser and operable to facilitate curing the uv curable material that has been dispensed onto the substrate.
Excelitas Canada, Lnc.

Method for preparing photocatalyst, and photocatalyst prepared thereby

Disclosed is a method for preparing a photocatalyst, including: forming a porous film of the first metal oxide formed from a first metal oxide by a sol-gel process; heat-treating the porous film of the first metal oxide to crystallize the first metal oxide; dipping the porous film of the first metal oxide into a precursor solution of a second metal, followed by a photo-irradiation, such that ions of the second metal is to be penetrated inside pores of the porous film of the first metal oxide; and dipping the porous film of the first metal oxide containing the ions of the second metal inside the pores into a solution of alcohol, followed by a photo-irradiation, such that the ions of the second metal is to be reduced to form particles of the second metal inside the pores of the porous film of the first metal oxide.. .
Lg Hausys ,ltd.

Medical radiotherapy and ultrasound heating

The invention provides for a medical apparatus (100, 300, 400) comprising a processor (104). Execution instructions (120, 122, 124, 370, 372, 374, 376, 378, 380, 382, 384, 386) causes the processor to receive (200) a treatment plan (120) descriptive of an ionizing radiation beam treatment of a target zone (340) within a subject (320) using a radiation beam therapy system (301) with a radiation source (354) and a gantry (350).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Cherenkov imaging systems and methods to monitor beam profiles and radiation dose while avoiding interference from room lighting

A monitor for pulsed high energy radiation therapy using a radiation beam passing through a treatment zone, the radiation of 0.2 mev or greater; has a camera for imaging cherenkov light from the treatment zone; apparatus for preventing interference by room lighting, the camera synchronized to pulses of the radiation beam; and an image processor adapted to determine extent of the beam area on the patient skin from the images. Additionally an image processor determines cumulative skin dose in the treatment zone from the images.
The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

Internally-administered radiation therapy using endoscopic image guidance

Systems and methods are provided for a catheter-based system of image-guided internally-administered treatment of medical conditions such as, for example, pancreatic cancer. A distal end of a catheter is positioned at a target site inside a patient's body.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

Combined mri and radiation therapy equipment

In a combined mri and radiation therapy system, a magnet structure and radiation therapy equipment are provided. The magnet structure comprises a single substantially cylindrical field coil structure comprising a number of superconducting coils joined by a support structure and extending axially of a central region.

Particle beam therapy system, and operating particle beam therapy system

Visualizing a deformation amount or displacement amount of a region of interest in therapy rendered in an image upon aligning images used in radiation therapy allows for enhancing an accuracy of alignment. In a positioning system 104, an image processing unit 201 calculates a deformation parameter using a non-rigid registration method for a region of interest having been set by a treatment planning device 101 based on a treatment plan ct image and three-dimensional tomographic image imaged for bed positioning and calculates a displacement amount parameter for a region extracted using a region extraction method.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Space, luminous ceiling conducting photodynamic therapy

A space for conducting photodynamic therapy (pdt) for treatment of skin diseases, especially for treatment of superficial skin tumors such as actinic keratoses, basal cell carcinomas, and initial carcinomas, wherein an active ingredient is applied to a skin area to be treated in order to form porphyrins and irradiation with light is conducted to form singlet oxygen based on the porphyrins in order to destroy diseased skin cells, wherein the space has side walls, a ceiling, and a floor, as well as at least two lighting fixtures, which are separated from one another by at least 50 cm and illuminate at least a subregion of the space, wherein there is an illuminance of at least 8,000 lux at every point in the subregion and the subregion has horizontal dimensions of at least 1 m2 and a vertical height of at least 40 cm. This invention also relates to a luminous ceiling system and method for conducting pdt..
Swiss Red Ag

Air-surface disinfection system, unit and method

A system, unit, device and method are shown for providing substantially simultaneous disinfection of bacteria or other pathogens in air passing through the system using c-band ultraviolet radiation from an ultraviolet light source and that is also capable of substantially simultaneous and efficient disinfecting air and surfaces outside the device using the same ultraviolet light source.. .
Aerobiotix, Inc.

Methods for treating newly diagnosed multiple myeloma with 3-(4-amino-1-oxo-1,3-dihydroisoindol-2-yl)-piperidine-2,6-dione in combination with second active agents

Methods of treating, preventing and/or managing cancer as well as and diseases and disorders associated with, or characterized by, undesired angiogenesis are disclosed. Specific methods encompass the administration of an immunomodulatory compound alone or in combination with a second active ingredient.
Celgene Corporation

Eye gaze detection supporting device and eye gaze detection supporting method

An eye gaze detection supporting device includes an illuminator including a light source that performs irradiation with light, a plurality of imaging units, position detectors that detect a first position indicating a center of a pupil and a second position indicating a center of corneal reflection, from an image of an eye ball of a subject irradiated with light by the illuminator, and captured by the imaging units, and a calculator that calculates a fourth position indicating a curvature center of a cornea, based on a position of the light source, a third position on a display, the first position, and the second position.. .
Jvc Kenwood Corporation

Light-irradiation heat treatment apparatus

A semiconductor wafer held by a holding part in a chamber is irradiated and heated with halogen light emitted from a plurality of halogen lamps. A cylindrical louver and an annular light-shielding member, both made of opaque quartz, are provided between the halogen lamps and the semiconductor wafer.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus

The present technology relates to a solid-state imaging device that can reduce the number of steps and enhance mechanical strength, a method of manufacturing the solid-state imaging device, and an electronic apparatus. The solid-state imaging device includes a laminate including a first semiconductor substrate having a pixel region and at least one second semiconductor substrate having a logic circuit, the at least one second semiconductor substrate being bonded to the first semiconductor substrate such that the first semiconductor substrate becomes an uppermost layer, and a penetration connecting portion that penetrates from the first semiconductor substrate into the second semiconductor substrate and connects a first wiring layer formed in the first semiconductor substrate to a second wiring layer formed in the second semiconductor substrate.
Sony Corporation

Display device, electronic apparatus, and driving display device

A display device includes an image display panel, a light source unit, and a signal processing unit. The tentative expansion coefficient calculating unit calculates a tentative expansion coefficient.
Japan Display Inc.

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Rotating game system having light-emitting device attached thereto

A rotating apparatus for a game system having a light-emitting device includes a rotating member that rotates on a fixing member, light-irradiated areas that are partitioned and formed in a circumferential direction of the rotating member, light sources annularly arranged in the fixing member that irradiate the light-irradiated areas with light, a light-blocking body that is formed in the rotating member so as to prevent the light, with which a specific light-irradiated area as a light irradiation target out of the light-irradiated areas is irradiated, from leaking into other light-irradiated areas and adjacent to the specific light-irradiated area, and a control unit that controls a timing of changing light intensity of the light sources, and the control unit turning on and off the light sources in synchronization with the rotation of the specific light-irradiated area as the light irradiation target.. .
Sega Sammy Creation Inc.

Pellicle frame and process for producing same

The present invention provides a pellicle frame that can prevent generation of haze and reduces a surface glittering defect under irradiation with collected light, and a method of manufacturing the pellicle frame. Specifically, provided are a pellicle frame, including: an aluminum frame material formed of aluminum or an aluminum alloy; and an anodic oxide film on a surface of the aluminum frame material, in which the anodic oxide film includes a film formed by using an alkaline anodic oxidation solution and a film formed by using an acid anodic oxidation solution, and a method of manufacturing the pellicle frame..
Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

Correction of optical elements by correction light irradiated in a flat manner

The disclosure relates to a correction light device for the irradiation of optical elements of an optical arrangement, in particular a lens, such a microlithography lens having a correction light, which include at least one correction light source and at least one mirror arrangement that deflects the light from the correction light source in the beam path to the optical element such that at least part of at least one surface of at least one optical element of the optical arrangement are irradiated in a locally and/or temporally variable fashion. The correction light strikes the surface of the optical element at a flat angle such that the obtuse angle between the optical axis of the optical arrangement at the location of the optical element and the correction light beam is less than or equal to 105°..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Range imaging system and solid-state imaging device

A range imaging system includes: a control unit that generates a light emission signal for instructing light irradiation and an exposure signal for instructing exposure; a pulsed-light source unit that emits pulsed light in response to the light emission signal; an imaging unit that includes a solid-state imaging device and performs exposure and imaging in response to the exposure signal; and a calculation unit that calculates range information. The solid-state imaging device includes a first pixel for receiving radiant light from a subject and a second pixel for receiving reflected light of the pulsed light.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Method and system for determining ultraviolet fluence received by a fluid

There is described a method of determining the uv fluence received by a fluid. The method comprises the steps of: (a) irradiating the fluid at an unknown uv fluence; (b) measuring the fluorescence of a test sample of the fluid after irradiation in step (a) to produce a test signal proportional to the concentration of a prescribed fluorescent composition of matter comprised in the test sample; and (c) determining the value of the unknown uv fluence by comparing the test signal to a calibration curve of a control signal proportional to concentration of the prescribed fluorescent composition of matter in the fluid as a function of applied uv fluence.
Trojan Technologies

Clean resistant windows for ultraviolet thermal processing

Apparatuses and methods for cleaning a semiconductor processing chamber is provided. The semiconductor processing chamber may include a uv radiation source, a substrate holder, and a uv transmissive window.
Lam Research Corporation

Method for treating soil-contaminating water using photocatalytic material

The present invention provides a novel method for treating soil-contaminated water, the method using a photocatalytic material capable of efficiently removing, by light irradiation alone, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals that give rise to soil contamination. The present invention provides a method for treating soil-contaminated water that detoxifies volatile organic compounds contained in soil-contaminated, water using a photocatalytic material, the method being characterized by including the steps of (1) subjecting the soil-contaminated water to a gas-liquid separation to obtain a gas phase, and (2) decomposing the volatile organic compounds contained in the gas phase obtained in step (1) using the photocatalytic material.
Showa Co., Ltd.

Visualization of beam trajectories in radiation therapy

Technologies are generally described for providing medical imaging during radiation therapy. In one embodiment, a radiation therapy system includes an x-ray apparatus and a monitoring apparatus.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Radiation therapy guided using pet imaging

radiation therapy of a lesion within a patient is guided to take into account movement of the lesion caused by respiration and/or cardiac effects by using mri or other imaging system suitable for locating the lesion to image the patient while on the treatment support and using a pet detection system responsive to a radiation source preferentially taken up by the lesion and registered with the mri so as to monitor movement of the lesion in real time and thus guide the beam of the rt.. .
Cubresa Inc.

Medical apparatus with a radiation therapy device and a radiation detection system

The invention provides for a medical apparatus (100, 300, 400, 800) comprising a magnetic resonance imaging system (104), a radiation therapy device (102) comprising a gantry (106) and a radiation source (110), and a radiation detection system (102) operable for measuring radiation detection data (174) descriptive of the path and intensity of the radiation beam at the intersection of the radiation beam with at least one surface (144, 144′, 144″) surrounding the subject using at least one radiation detector (144, 144′, 144″). Execution of machine readable instructions causes a processor controlling the medical apparatus to: receive (200) a treatment plan (168), acquire (202) magnetic resonance data (164) from the imaging zone using the magnetic resonance imaging system, generate (204) radiation therapy device control commands (172) using the magnetic resonance data and the treatment plan, irradiate (206) the target zone by controlling the radiation therapy device using the radiation therapy device control commands, measure (208) the radiation detection data during irradiation, and determine a time dependent radiation beam path (176) and a time dependent radiation beam intensity (178) using the radiation detection data..
Koninklijke Philips . N.v.

System and patient-specific radiotherapy treatment verification and quality assurance system

A radiotherapy treatment verification and quality assurance method may include receiving at least one set of first medical images of at least a portion of a patient. A three-dimensional model of the portion of the patient may be created based on the at least one set of first medical images.

Compositions and methods for treating or preventing radiation- or chemotherapy-induced pulmonary dysfunction

Compositions comprising one or more cytokines and methods for their use in inhibiting and/or alleviating effects of radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy and/or acute radiation syndrome in a subject in need thereof are provided.. .
Trifoilium Aps

Laser treatment apparatus

According to one embodiment, a laser treatment apparatus is configured to apply laser treatment to a patient's eye, and includes an irradiation system, an illumination system, an imaging system, an image acquisition unit, and a composite image presenting unit. The irradiation system irradiates the patient's eye with laser beams emitted from a light source.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Tissue ablation system with internal and external radiation sources

A microwave ablation system includes an energy source adapted to generate microwave energy and a plurality of energy delivery devices having a first energy delivery device configured to be inserted into tissue and to generate a non-directional ablation volume and a second energy delivery device configured to be positioned relative to the tissue and to generate a directional ablation volume. The system also includes a power dividing device having an input adapted to connect to the energy source and a plurality of outputs configured to be coupled to the plurality of energy delivery devices.
Covidien Lp

Biometric authentication device and biometric authentication method

A biometric authentication device collates pre-registered biometric data for authentication with biometric data acquired during authentication. An imaging section images biometric data acquired by penetration through the finger by near-infrared light from a near-infrared light irradiating section.
Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.

Device and transferring display panel

The present disclosure provides a device and a method for transferring a display panel. The device includes a carrier configured to transfer the display panel, and a light-shielding plate secured onto the carrier and configured to shield a display region of the display panel when the display panel enters an irradiation region..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Organic light-emitting diode (oled) device, manufacturing method thereof and display device

A method for manufacturing an organic light-emitting diode (oled) device includes: forming auxiliary electrodes (2) on a resin layer (1) of an oled substrate; forming a gas generation layer (4) on the auxiliary electrodes (2); forming an organic light-emitting layer (6) on the gas generation layer (4); placing a receptor substrate (12) on the organic light-emitting layer (6) and scanning auxiliary electrode regions (22) by laser, so that the gas generation layer (4) is decomposed under laser irradiation to release gas, and hence the organic light-emitting layer (6) in the auxiliary electrode regions (22) is transferred to the receptor substrate (12); removing the receptor substrate (12); and forming a cathode (7) on the auxiliary electrodes. The manufacturing process can effectively reduce poor contact between the auxiliary electrodes and the cathode..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Cmos compatible ultraviolet sensor device and producing a cmos compatible ultraviolet sensor device

The ultraviolet sensor device comprises a semiconductor substrate, a dielectric layer above the substrate, a surface of the dielectric layer that is provided for the incidence of ultraviolet radiation, a floating gate electrode in the dielectric layer and an electrically conductive control gate electrode near the floating gate electrode. The control gate electrode is insulated from the floating gate electrode.
Ams Ag

Composition and forming conductive pattern, and resin structure having conductive pattern thereon

The present invention relates to a composition for forming a conductive pattern capable of forming a fine conductive pattern on a variety of polymer resin products or resin layers by a significantly simple process, a method for forming a conductive pattern using the same, and a resin structure having a conductive pattern. The composition for forming a conductive pattern includes: a polymer resin; and a non-conductive metal compound including at least one of first and second metals as a predetermined non-conductive metal compound including the first and second metals, wherein a metal core including the first or second metal, or an ion thereof is formed from the non-conductive metal compound by electromagnetic irradiation..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Ct simulation optimization for radiation therapy contouring tasks

A method for optimizing a ct simulation protocol for different size patients for contouring and segmentation of organs and tumors. The method scanning different size phantoms, cadavers, or patients with a ct scanning x-ray tube to create a set of images and to create data sets for each different size phantoms, cadavers, or patients and then calculating an image quality index (iqi) as a benchmark for contouring accuracy.
Washington University In St.louis

Fixing member, fixing device, and image-forming apparatus

A fixing member includes a substantially cylindrical substrate, an elastic layer disposed around the substrate and having a surface irradiated with uv radiation, a surface layer covering the surface of the elastic layer, and an adhesive layer disposed between the elastic layer and the surface layer. The adhesive layer contains a glycidoxy-containing silane coupling agent..
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Photoinduced alignment apparatus

The present invention relates to photoinduced alignment apparatus, comprising a plurality of supporting bases used to support substrates; an exposure device exposing the substrates on the supporting base; a driving mechanism driving the exposure device to move, so that the exposure device passes through the substrates on the plurality of the supporting bases, successively; and a loading and unloading device used to load and unload a substrate on a supporting base beyond the irradiation range of the exposure device.. .
Chengdu Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Projection apparatus and projection control apparatus

A projection apparatus has an optical device configured to be capable of diffusing coherent light beams, an irradiation unit configured to irradiate the coherent light beams to the optical device so that the coherent light beams scan the optical device, a light modulator that is illuminated by coherent light beams incident on and diffused at respective points of the optical device from the irradiation unit, a projection optical system configured to project a modulated image generated by the light modulator onto a scattering plane, and an intermediate optical system provided between the optical device and the light modulator, configured to restrict an diffusion angle of coherent light beams diffused by the optical device.. .
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Radiation detector, radiographic imaging device and radiographic imaging system

The present invention provides a radiation detector, a radiographic imaging device and a radiographic imaging system that may detect radiation with high precision. Namely, in the radiation detector, radiation detection pixels include detection tfts, and light that has been converted from radiation is illuminated directly from a scintillator onto the detection tfts.
Fujifilm Corporation

Object recognition apparatus and noise removal method

In an object recognition apparatus, a range point acquirer irradiates each of irradiation areas arranged in a horizontally and vertically extending grid and forming a detection area for detecting a target with laser light and receives the reflected light from the respective irradiation areas, thereby acquiring a plurality of range points representing per-irradiation area coordinates of the target. A noise remover is configured to, based on either or both of degrees of angle proximity and degrees of distance proximity between a plurality of subject range points to be determined whether to be a noise point, of the plurality of range points, as viewed from a reference point, determine whether or not each of the subject range points is a noise point, and remove the noise point from the plurality of range points.
Toyota School Foundation

Nanoparticle assisted scanning focusing x-ray fluorescence imaging and enhanced treatment

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for providing irradiation energy, imaging, and detecting x-ray fluorescence from a volume in a sample. The present disclosure further relates to methods of increasing the delivery of irradiation energy to a target in a sample..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Conductive composition for thin film printing and forming thin film conductive pattern

Provided are a conductive composition for thin film printing and a method for forming a thin film conductive pattern, which can easily performing thin film printing, and can capable of improve conductivity by thermal sintering at a comparatively low temperature of 300° c. Or less or by photo irradiation.
Showa Denko K.k.

Pyrido[4,3-b]pyrazine-2-carboxamides as neurogenic agents for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders

Personality disorder, major depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, normal aging, epilepsy, retinal degeneration, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, parkinson's disease, dementia, alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairment, chemotherapy-induced cognitive dysfunction (“chemobrain”), down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, hearing loss, tinnitus, spinocerebellar ataxia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, huntington's disease, stroke, and disturbances due to radiation therapy, chronic stress, optic neuropathy or macular degeneration, or abuse of neuro-active drugs, selected from alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, phencyclidine and cocaine.. .

Cookware and cook-packs for narrowband irradiation cooking and systems and methods thereof

A methodology and product or system configurations are provided which allow food to be directly irradiated for cooking applications which involve the impingement of direct radiant energy on food or comestible items. Cooking vessels or cook-packs are used that are optically transmissive in visible or infrared narrow wavelength bands emitted in suitable narrowband cooking or heating systems..
Pressco Ip Llc

Production of polymeric particles and rough coatings by ink jet printing

A method for producing polymer particles is disclosed in which a fluid preparation is ejected in drop form from a nozzle of an ink jet print head. At least one nozzle ejects droplets in response to electrical signals, and radiation from a radiation source is directed on the droplets in flight, whereby the fluid preparation is at least partially cured by irradiation, so that particles are obtained from the fluid drops before impact or collection.
Schmid Rhyner Ag

Method for bonding components by using energy ray-curable adhesive

A method for bonding components to each other according to this invention bonds, to a plate-shaped member or a shaft, an ultraviolet-curable adhesive cured by irradiation with ultraviolet rays and a wavelength conversion element which emits ultraviolet rays by irradiation with x-rays. The plate-shaped member is brought into contact with the shaft through a bonding layer formed by the ultraviolet-curable adhesive and the wavelength conversion element.
Fanuc Corporation

Device and manufacturing welded shaped steel

A welded shaped steel manufacturing device includes: a plate conveying device configured to convey a web member and two flange members in a conveyance direction; and a laser welding device configured to laser-weld butt portions of ends of the web member butting against the two flange members for weld-bonding, wherein the plate conveying device includes a web member holding device having surface side rollers arranged at intervals in the conveyance direction in a position not to block laser irradiation from the laser welding device toward welding points, and wherein the web member is held with the surface side rollers over a predetermined range in the conveyance direction, and wherein side ends of the surface side rollers facing the two flange members are positioned along boundaries of areas having spatters dispersed from the welding points in a degree exceeding a predetermined value.. .
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.

Method for producing a component, and an optical irradiation device

A method for producing a component by the successive solidification of individual layers of powdered, granular or liquid material by irradiation with laser radiation using a laser, each layer being divided into an inner region and an edge region with an edge region surface, and, for each layer, after irradiation with the laser, at least the edge region surface of the edge region of the layer being irradiated with an ultrashort pulse laser. An optical irradiation device produces a component by successive solidification of individual layers of powdered, granular or liquid material..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Treatment delivery control system and operation thereof

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for control of a charged particle cancer therapy system. A treatment delivery control system is used to directly control multiple subsystems of the cancer therapy system without direct communication between selected subsystems, which enhances safety, simplifies quality assurance and quality control, and facilitates programming.

Skin treatment system and method

A hand held device generates a predetermined number of pulses of electromagnetic radiation having a predetermined electromagnetic spectrum, a predetermined duration, a predetermined inter-pulse interval, and a predetermined total energy. The pulse sequence is delivered to a skin surface to reduce or eliminate xray or ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin surface..

Pharmaceutical combination

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical combination which may be useful for the treatment of diseases which involve cell proliferation, which involve migration or apoptosis of myeloma cells, which involve angiogenesis or which involve fibrosis. The invention also relates to a method for the treatment of said diseases, comprising simultaneous, separate or sequential administration of effective amounts of specific active compounds and/or co-treatment with radiation therapy, in a ratio which provides an additive and synergistic effect, and to the combined use of these specific compounds and/or radiotherapy for the manufacture of corresponding pharmaceutical combination preparations..
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Hair treatment agents having substituted silicone(s)

The invention relates to a hair treatment agents, including—in each case with respect to the weight of the hair treatment agents—0.1 to 20 wt % of at least one silicone, which has groups of formula (i) as defined herein; 0.1 to 20 wt % of at least one copolymer, which has monomer units of formulas (v) and (vi) as defined herein; and 0.1 to 10 wt % of (rs)-2-cyano-3,3-diphenylacrylic acid-2-ethylhexylester. The hair treatment agents have an improved protective effect against uv radiation and give hair treated with said hair treatment agents better combability, shine, elasticity, brittleness, and maximum tear resistance..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Hair treatment compositions with substituted silicone(s)

Hair treatment compositions that include, based in each case on their weight, 0.1 to 20 wt % of at least one silicone having groups of the formula (i) as defined herein; 0.1 to 20 wt % of at least one copolymer which includes monomer units of the formulae (v) and (vi) as defined herein; and 0.5 to 5 wt % of 2-phenylbenzimidazole-5-sulfonic acid, possess an improved protective effect relative to uv radiation and endow the hair treated with them with enhanced combability, gloss, elasticity, brittleness and maximum tear resistance.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Hair treatment agent comprising polyalkoxy alkyl amino-substituted siloxanes

The invention relates to a hair treatment agent including 0.1 to 20 weight percent of at least one silicone including groups of the formula (i) as defined herein; 0.1 to 20 weight percent of at least one copolymer that includes monomer units of the formulas (v) and (vi) as defined herein; and 0.5 to 5 weight percent of 2-phenylbenzimidazole-5-sulfonic acid. The hair treatment agent according to the invention has an improved protective effect against uv radiation and has an improving effect on hair treated therewith with regard to combability, gloss, elasticity, brittleness, and maximum tensile strength..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Method for providing visual effects on fibres

Method and kit for providing visual effects on fibres, for example human keratin fibres. In the method, fibres are provided coated with a composition.
The Procter & Gamble Company

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Ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus

An ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus includes: an aiming optical system configured to irradiate an aiming beam to a patient's eye; a laser irradiation optical system configured to irradiate a laser beam for treatment to the patient's eye; a shift unit configured to make a shift of a focus shift position corresponding to a focus position of the laser beam to a posterior or anterior position with respect to a focus position of the aiming beam; a selection receiving unit configured to receive an instruction to select any one of a plurality of treatment modes; and a control unit configured to control operations of the ophthalmic laser treatment apparatus. The control unit sets a value of a parameter related to irradiation of the laser beam, the parameter including a parameter related to the shift of the focus shift position, according to the treatment mode selected with the selection receiving unit..
Nidek Co., Ltd.

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