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Snowraft Pty Ltd


Date/App# patent app List of recent Radiation-related patents
 Microchip-type optical measuring apparatus and optical position adjusting method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Microchip-type optical measuring apparatus and optical position adjusting method thereof
A microchip-type optical measuring apparatus includes an irradiation detection unit which detects light generated by irradiating a microchip with laser, a position adjustment unit which changes a relative position of the microchip with respect to the irradiation detection unit, and a control unit which outputs a movement signal for a position in which an integrated value or an average value of a detected intensity of the light in a preset region becomes high to the position adjustment unit.. .
 Headgear patent thumbnailnew patent Headgear
This invention relates to headgear for help in protecting the wearer against facial injury, especially skin damage from the elements and in particular sunburn and windburn, the headgear comprising a fabric wall which substantially surrounds the face and neck of the wearer and has in it an aperture for locating adjacent the wearer's eyes to allow vision. The wall is lightweight, flexible and porous and has stiffening means at the periphery of the aperture so as to support the aperture in open configuration in a vision-facilitating position adjacent the eyes of a wearer in use, and the wall provides protection to the wearer against ingress of particulate projectiles from around the transparent first membrane, as well as a degree of shielding from uv radiation while remaining lightweight and breathable..
Snowraft Pty Ltd
 Dosimetrically customizable brachytherapy carriers and methods thereof in the treatment of tumors patent thumbnailnew patent Dosimetrically customizable brachytherapy carriers and methods thereof in the treatment of tumors
Brachytherapy radioisotope carrier systems and methodology for providing real-time customized brachytherapy treatment to subjects with tumors difficult to control using conventional radiation therapy techniques. The invention generally relates to devices, methods and kits for providing customized radionuclide treatments, to help cure, slow progression or regrowth, or ameliorate the symptoms associated with tumors..
Gammatile Llc
 Ion acceleration complex for the treatment of atrial fibrillations patent thumbnailnew patent Ion acceleration complex for the treatment of atrial fibrillations
A system (12) is proposed for the acceleration of ions to treat atrial fibrillation (af), arteriovenous malformations (avms) and focal epileptic lesions; this system (12) includes a pulsed ion source (1), a pre-accelerator (3) and one or more linear accelerators or linacs (5, 6, 7) operating at frequencies above 1 ghz with a repetition rate between 1 hz and 500 hz. The particle beam coming out of the complex (12) can vary (i) in intensity, (ii) in deposition depth and (iii) transversally with respect to the central beam direction.
Fondazione Per Adroterapia Oncologica - Tera
 Organometallic solution based high resolution patterning compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Organometallic solution based high resolution patterning compositions
Organometallic solutions have been found to provide high resolution radiation based patterning using thin coatings. The patterning can involve irradiation of the coated surface with a selected pattern and developing the pattern with a developing agent to form the developed image.
Inpria Corporation
 Resin composition, prepreg, and metal foil-clad laminate patent thumbnailnew patent Resin composition, prepreg, and metal foil-clad laminate
Provided are a resin composition that can realize a prepreg, a metal foil-clad laminate and the like high in light reflectance in an ultraviolet region and in a visible light region, small in the reduction in light reflectance due to a heating treatment and a light irradiation treatment, good in peel strength of metal foil, also excellent in heat resistance after moisture absorption, also good in outer appearance, and also excellent in preservation stability, and a prepreg, a metal foil-clad laminate and the like using the same. The resin composition of the present invention contains at least an epoxy-modified silicone compound (a), a branched imide resin (b) having an isocyanurate group and a carboxyl group, a phosphorus curing accelerator (c), titanium dioxide (d) and a dispersant (e).
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
 Transparent conductive ink and transparent conductive pattern forming method patent thumbnailnew patent Transparent conductive ink and transparent conductive pattern forming method
Provided is a transparent conductive ink which contains metal nanowires and/or metal nanotubes as a conductive component and can form a coating film which has good conductivity and a high light transmittance property, and also provided is a transparent conductive pattern forming method wherein this transparent conductive ink is used for forming a transparent conductive pattern by simple production steps, to thereby suppress the production cost and environmental load. At least one of metal nanowires and metal nanotubes are dispersed in a dispersion medium containing a shape-holding material which contains an organic compound having a molecular weight in the range of 150 to 500 and which has a viscosity of 1.0×103 to 2.0×106 mpa·s at 25° c., to prepare a transparent conductive ink.
Osaka University
 Nanocarriers with multi-photon response elements patent thumbnailnew patent Nanocarriers with multi-photon response elements
Compositions are provided in which dendrimers and/or nanoparticles are synthesized with multi-photon responsive elements and self-immolative oligomers. The compositions may be utilized to selectively deliver payloads within tissue by irradiating the compositions.
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus
In an image forming apparatus, a sensor section includes a sheet path through which the sheet passes in a sheet feeding direction. In the sensor section, a light source unit emits light to an irradiation area set in the sheet path.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
 Method of measuring thickness of fe-zn alloy phase of galvannealed steel sheet and  measuring the same patent thumbnailnew patent Method of measuring thickness of fe-zn alloy phase of galvannealed steel sheet and measuring the same
A method of measuring a thickness of a fe—zn alloy phase included in the fe—zn alloy coating of the galvannealed steel sheet includes: an x-ray irradiation process of irradiating the galvannealed steel sheet with the incident x-rays; and an x-ray detection process of detecting the diffracted x-rays obtained in the x-ray irradiation process, derived from a Γ·Γ1 phase, a δ1 phase, and a ζ phase included in the fe—zn alloy coating with a crystal lattice spacing d of 1.5 Å or higher.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
new patent

Display device and display characteristic correction method

A display device includes: a display panel that displays an image; an optical sensor which measures an irradiation amount of light emitted by a display panel as a measured optical value; a measured value revising unit which revises a revision target measured optical value using a function and outputs it as a revised measured optical value; and a signal processing unit which generates from the revised measured optical value, a control value and generates a post-processing video signal from the control value and an input video signal supplied from an external device. The function represents a change in the irradiation amount during a disabled period in which the signal processing unit disables a stabilizing function of keeping the irradiation amount of the light source of the display panel constant..
new patent

Micromachine and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor element of the electric circuit includes a semiconductor layer over a gate electrode. The semiconductor layer of the semiconductor element is formed of a layer including polycrystalline silicon which is obtained by crystallizing amorphous silicon by heat treatment or laser irradiation, over a substrate.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
new patent

Organic electroluminescent element

The organic electroluminescent element prevents degradation of phosphorescent luminescent organic metal complexes in a light emitting layer, has a long life, and has superior color stability during continuously drive. The organic electroluminescent element has a blue light emitting layer with a phosphorescent light emitting organometallic complex (a) with a local maximum phosphorescent light emission wavelength on the short wave side of 480 nm or less, a phosphorescent light emitting organometallic complex (b), and a host compound.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
new patent

Inspection apparatus and inspection method

An inspection apparatus is an apparatus for inspecting a solar cell panel. The inspection apparatus includes: an excitation light irradiation part for irradiating the solar cell panel with pulsed light for causing the solar cell panel to radiate an electromagnetic wave pulse; a detection part for detecting the electromagnetic wave pulse radiated from the solar cell panel in response to irradiation with the pulsed light; and a temperature changing part for changing a temperature of the solar cell panel at a part irradiated with the pulsed light..
Osaka University
new patent

Surveying instrument

A surveying instrument includes a main body including a base and a pedestal rotating in a horizontal direction relative to the base, and a cover member which covers the main body, wherein the pedestal is provided with a support member which supports a lens barrel of a ranging optical system to be rotatable in a vertical direction, and the cover member covers the support member of the pedestal, the lens barrel, and a guide light irradiation unit which irradiates with guide light indicating a collimation direction of the main body to an operator.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon
new patent

Surveying instrument and surveying operation system

A surveying instrument includes a pedestal provided with a guide light irradiation unit provided with a light source to irradiate with guide light indicating a collimation direction of the surveying instrument to an operator, a tracking optical system which locks a target, a ranging optical system which ranges a distance to the target, and a control circuit which calculates surveying data by a ranging result of the ranging optical system, and a transmitting and receiving unit which receives survey setting point data regarding a survey setting operation and sends the surveying data obtained by the control circuit.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Light applicators, systems and methods

The present invention relates to light applicators, systems comprising light applicators, and methods for their use. One aspect of the invention provides a light applicator configured for contacting a portion of a subject's body surface and controllably applying light irradiation thereto.
Yolo Medical Inc.

Method for manufacturing semiconductor device

An object is to provide a semiconductor device including an oxide semiconductor, which has stable electrical characteristics and high reliability. In a manufacturing process of a bottom-gate transistor including an oxide semiconductor layer, heat treatment in an atmosphere containing oxygen and heat treatment in vacuum are sequentially performed for dehydration or dehydrogenation of the oxide semiconductor layer.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Method for postdoping a semiconductor wafer

A method for treating a semiconductor wafer having a basic doping is disclosed. The method includes determining a doping concentration of the basic doping, and adapting the basic doping of the semiconductor wafer by postdoping.
Infineon Technonogies Ag

Method for manufacturing decorative part for vehicle, and decorative part for vehicle

At least either convex parts 11 set on the surface 3a of a work 2 or concave parts 21 set in a location different from the convex part 11 are formed by laser irradiation. Then, a protective film 71 is formed that covers the surface 3a of the work 2 and the surface 13 of the convex parts 11 and the surface 22 of the concave parts 21..
Trinity Industrial Corporation

Method of forming film

Provided is a method of manufacturing a film, including: applying, onto a substrate, a photocurable composition containing a polymerizable monomer, a photopolymerization initiator, and a photosensitive gas generator that generates a gas through light stimulation to form an applied film; bringing a mold into contact with the applied film; irradiating the applied film with light through the mold to cure the applied film and to generate the gas in the applied film; and releasing the mold from the applied film after the irradiation of the applied film with the light to form a film (cured film) having a predetermined pattern shape on the substrate, in which in the irradiation of the applied film with the light, a reaction rate of a polymerization reaction of the polymerizable monomer in the applied film is higher than a reaction rate of a gas-generating reaction of the photosensitive gas generator in the applied film.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Lighting device with a pump laser row and operating said lighting device

A lighting device may include a pump laser row and a phosphor arrangement. The pump laser row is designed for the purpose of emitting pump laser radiation for the irradiation of the phosphor arrangement.
Osram Gmbh

Inspection method, inspection apparatus, exposure control method, exposure system, and semiconductor device

There is provided an inspection apparatus which inspects a substrate supporting portion configured to support a substrate during an exposure performed by an exposure apparatus. The apparatus includes: a irradiation unit configured to irradiate, with an illumination light beam, a surface of the substrate on which a pattern has been formed by an exposure by the exposure device; a detecting unit configured to detect reflected light from a pattern in the irradiated surface; a focusing state computation unit connected to the detection unit and configured to determine a focusing state of the pattern of the substrate, based on a detection result of the reflected light beam detected by the detection unit; and an inspection unit connected to the focusing state computation unit and configured to inspect the substrate supporting portion based on the focusing state determined by the focusing state computation unit..
Nikon Corporation

Image projection apparatus and presentation system

The present invention is concerning an image projection apparatus comprising: a projecting unit that projects and displays on a projection surface each image in a time sharing manner for each of a plurality of color components, for an input image signal; a shooting unit that shoots a projected image on the projection surface; a shoot control unit that makes the shooting unit perform the shooting, when a detection mode of a irradiation point at which light is irradiated from an irradiation device on the projection surface is set, in timing shifted by a certain amount of time from a synchronized state to time sharing timing of each color component in the projecting unit; and an irradiation-point-position detecting unit that detects, from a projected image projected by the projecting unit, a position of the irradiation point on the image.. .

Apparatus for irradiating a substrate

Known apparatuses for irradiating a substrate include a receptacle for the substrate to be irradiated having a circular irradiation surface and a first optical emitter having at least one emitter tube arranged in an illumination plane extending parallel to the irradiation surface. The illumination length of the emitter tube includes a middle section and two end sections, the length of the middle section accounting for at least 50% of the illumination length.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh

Sealing apparatus, substrate-sealing apparatus including the same and substrate-sealing method

The sealing apparatus includes a measuring unit moving above a sealing unit to measure a pattern of the sealing unit, a laser beam irradiation device moving along the measuring unit to irradiate a laser beam onto the sealing unit, and a control unit controlling a moving path and a size of a focusing area of the laser beam irradiation device according to the pattern of the sealing unit that is measured in the measuring unit.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Epdm wiper rubber

The present invention relates to a wiper rubber (10) for a windshield wiper, comprising a wiper rubber substructure (1) with a wiper lip section (2) and a reinforcement section (4), the wiper rubber substructure (1) being uncoated and being formed from ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and/or ethylene-propylene rubber. In order to improve the wear resistance, wiping characteristics and wiping quality of the wiper rubber (10), the surface of the wiper rubber substructure (1) at least in a partial region (2c, 2c′) of the wiper lip section (2) has been treated with ultraviolet radiation.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Flowable oxide film with tunable wet etch rate

Provided herein are integration-compatible dielectric films and methods of depositing and modifying them. According to various embodiments, the methods can include deposition of flowable dielectric films targeting specific film properties and/or modification of those properties with an integration-compatible treatment process.
Novellus Systems, Inc.

Resist underlayer film forming composition containing phenylindole-containing novolac resin

Preferably, both rings a and b are benzene rings, n1, n2, and n3 are 0, r4 and r6 are hydrogen atoms, or r5 is naphthyl. A method for producing a semiconductor device including: forming an underlayer film by use of the resist underlayer film forming composition onto a semiconductor substrate; forming a hard mask on the underlayer film; forming a resist film on the hard mask; forming a resist pattern by irradiation with light or an electron beam and development; etching the hard mask using the resist pattern; etching the underlayer film by use of the patterned hard mask; and processing the semiconductor substrate by use of the patterned underlayer film..

Method of manufacturing resistance change layer using irradiation of electron beam and resistive random access memory device using the same

Methods of manufacturing a resistance change layer and a resistive random access memory device are provided. The method of manufacturing a resistance change layer includes forming a preliminary resistance change layer including an oxide semiconductor material on a substrate and irradiating the preliminary resistance change layer with an electron beam to a predetermined depth.
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

Peeling method

To improve the yield in a peeling process and improve the yield in a manufacturing process of a flexible light-emitting device or the like, a peeling method includes a first step of forming a peeling layer over a first substrate, a second step of forming a layer to be peeled including a first layer in contact with the peeling layer over the peeling layer, a third step of curing a bonding layer in an overlapping manner with the peeling layer and the layer to be peeled, a fourth step of removing part of the first layer overlapping with the peeled layer and the bonding layer to form a peeling starting point, and a fifth step of separating the peeling layer and the layer to be peeled. The peeling starting point is preferably formed by laser light irradiation..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Method for selective cell attachment/detachment, cell patternization and cell harvesting by means of near infrared rays

The present invention relates to a method for selective cell attachment/detachment, cell patternization and cell harvesting by means of near infrared rays. More particularly, conducting polymers or metal oxides having exothermic characteristics upon irradiation of near infrared light is used as a cell culture scaffold, thus selectively attaching/detaching cells without an enzyme treatment.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University

Probes targeting the gene encoding the shiga toxin and use thereof for detection of enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli (ehec)

The invention relates to a method for detection of enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli (ehec), a probe for/the detection of enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli (ehec), sequences for the fragment of the gene encoding the shiga toxin, the use of probes and sequences. More particularly, the invention relates to a method of visual detection and diagnostics of enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli (ehec) by detecting the signal from a probe using a transilluminator that emits uv radiation.
3g Therapeutics Inc.

Method of forming patterns

A method of forming patterns includes (a) coating a substrate with a resist composition for negative development to form a resist film, wherein the resist composition contains a resin capable of increasing the polarity by the action of the acid and becomes more soluble in a positive developer and less soluble in a negative developer upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation, (b) forming a protective film on the resist film with a protective film composition after forming the resist film and before exposing the resist film, (c) exposing the resist film via an immersion medium, and (d) performing development with a negative developer.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Drawing data generating method, processing apparatus, storage medium, drawing apparatus, and manufacturing article

A method generates drawing data for performing drawing on a substrate with a plurality of charged particle beams based on pattern data representing a pattern to be drawn on the substrate. The method includes: a grouping step of grouping the plurality of charged particle beams into a plurality of groups based on a displacement amount of an irradiation position of each of the plurality of charged particle beams from target position thereof; and a generating step of generating the drawing data by changing the pattern data with respect to each of the plurality of groups based on the displacement amount of each of the plurality of charged particle beams..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Powder-coating apparatus and powder-coating method

The present invention relates to a powder-coating apparatus for coating objects, comprising an application device which is designed to apply powder coating to regions of the object that are to be coated; and comprising an irradiation device which has at least one electromagnetic radiation source, which is designed to direct electromagnetic radiation onto areas of the object that are to be coated with powder coating and which is designed to thus cross-link the powder coating onto the coated regions. The present invention further relates to a powder-coating method for coating objects by means of a powder-coating apparatus according to the invention..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Measuring device, dialysis end condition determining device, and dialysis progress presenting device

A measuring device (10) includes an analysis unit (101) that holds a fluid pool (b) of blood or serum therein, an irradiation unit (105) that irradiates fluorescent substances contained in the fluid pool (b) with excitation light, and a light receiving unit (106) that receives fluorescence generated from the fluorescent substances. An amount of the fluorescent substances contained in the blood or the serum after artificial dialysis is estimated from the intensity of the fluorescence..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

System and the validation and quality assurance of computerized contours of human anatomy

A system and method for validating the accuracy of delineated contours in computerized imaging using statistical data for generating assessment criterion that define acceptable tolerances for delineated contours, with the statistical data being conditionally updated and/or refined between individual processes for validating delineated contours to thereby adjust the tolerances defined by the assessment criterion in the stored statistical data, such that the stored statistical data is more closely representative of a target population. The present invention may be used to facilitate, as one example, on-line adaptive radiation therapy..
Washington University In St. Louis

Radiographic imaging device, radiographic imaging system, control radiographic imaging device and program storage medium

A radiographic imaging device includes: a radiation detector including plural pixels, each including a sensor portion and a switching element; a detection unit that detects a radiation irradiation start if an electrical signal caused by charges generated in the sensor portion satisfies a specific irradiation detection condition, and/or if an electrical signal caused by charges generated in a radiation sensor portion that is different from the sensor portion satisfies a specific irradiation detection condition; and a control unit that determines whether or not noise caused by external disturbance has occurred after the detection unit has detected the radiation irradiation start, and if the noise has occurred, that stops a current operation of the radiation detector, and causes the detection unit to perform detection.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Circuit module and producing circuit module

There is provided a circuit module and a method of producing the same where interlayer wirings of a circuit substrate are prevented from damaging by laser irradiation, and a shield is assuredly electrically connected to the superficial conductor of the circuit substrate. The circuit substrate includes mount components, a sealing body, and a shield.
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Microscope apparatus, and controlling electrically driven optical unit of microscope apparatus

A microscope apparatus includes: a stage; one or more light sources that emit light for exciting a sample on the stage; one or more cube turrets that arrange fluorescent cubes selectively on an observation optical path; shutters arranged on an illumination optical path and configured to switch between irradiation of the sample with the light and blocking of the light; an input unit that receives inputs of operation instructions for the shutters; an operation controller that controls operations of the shutters; and a controller that acquires, from a storage unit, operation conditions of the shutters corresponding to the operation instructions, and outputs instruction signals to the operation controller based on the acquired operation conditions in order to change conditions of the plurality of shutters. One of the shutters, and the other of the shutters or the one or more cube turrets are arranged on a same illumination optical path..
Olympus Corporation

Optical elements comprising magnetostrictive material

An optical element (21) with a substrate (30) and a reflective coating (31). The coating (31) has, in particular for the reflection of euv radiation, a plurality of layer pairs having alternate layers (33a, 33b) composed of a high refractive index material and a low refractive index material at least one active layer (34) composed of a magnetostrictive material is formed within the reflective coating (31).
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Laser spectrometer and measuring concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas

A laser spectrometer and method for measuring gas component concentration in a measurement gas, wherein light intensity from a wavelength-tunable laser diode is detected after irradiation of the measurement gas and a reference gas, and the concentration of the gas component is determined based on reduction of the light intensity by the absorption of light at the position of a selected absorption line of the gas component, and the position of the absorption line of the gas component is referenced based on a selected absorption line of the reference gas, and wherein there is a mixed operation consisting of actual measurements of fast concentration changes of the gas component to be measured and a short reference/standardization phase for wavelength referencing, line locking and standardization, where the duration of the actual measurement is measured such that measuring conditions remain constant and do not deviate from those during the reference/standardization phase.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Amplification photoresist exposure in semiconductor chip manufacturing

An electrical field is applied through an extreme ultraviolet (euv) photoresist layer along a direction perpendicular to an interface between the euv photoresist layer and an underlying layer. Secondary electrons and thermal electrons are accelerated along the direction of the electrical field, and travel with directionality before interacting with the photoresist material for a chemical reaction.
International Business Machines Corporation

Production of an integrated circuit including electrical contact on sic

Production of an integrated circuit including an electrical contact on sic is disclosed. One embodiment provides for production of an electrical contact on an sic substrate, in which a conductive contact is produced on a boundary surface of the sic substrate by irradiation and absorption of a laser pulse on an sic substrate..
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

Radiation shielding device

A new and improved radiation shielding device is disclosed. The shielding device has applications in medical imaging procedures where the device can be used to protect sensitive organs from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Protective body for insertion into body cavity

A protective body for insertion into a body cavity of a human or animal body for the protection of tissue and/or organs that are not to be irradiated when carrying out radiation therapy, wherein the protective body (1) includes at least one absorber body (2) designed to absorb radiation and having at least one curved surface (3) that delimits the absorber body, and the absorber body (2) has a density at 20° c. Of at least 5 gram per cubic centimetre, preferably of at least 10 gram per cubic centimeter..

Ultraviolet radiation emitting fixture

An ultraviolet area sterilizer or disinfector is incorporated into a building structure where concern exists regarding the presence of pathogenic bacteria on environmental surfaces. Ultraviolet c (uv-c) generators generate uv-c that is directed to architectural partitions of an enclosed area.

Light or weathering testing device comprising a specimen enclosure with an integrated uv radiation filter

The device comprises a chamber in which a uv radiation source and an enclosure are arranged, the enclosure comprising a bottom wall for mounting a specimen, a uv radiation filter facing the bottom wall and a plurality of sidewalls interconnecting the bottom wall and the uv radiation filter.. .

Beam monitor system and particle beam irradiation system

A charge collection electrode is formed of a plurality of groups each of which is made up of a plurality of adjoining wire electrodes. Further, all the wire electrodes are connected to channels of a signal processing device by the same number of lines as the wire electrodes belonging to one group so that each detection signal outputted from one wire electrode selected from each group is inputted through the same line and so that no two adjoining channels are physically continuous in regard to a certain set of consecutive measurement channels.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Pattern critical dimension measurement equipment and measuring pattern critical dimension

Pattern critical dimension measurement equipment includes an electron source configured to generate a primary electron beam, a deflector configured to deflect the primary electron beam emitted from the electron source, a focusing lens configured to focus the primary electron beam deflected by the deflector, a decelerator configured to decelerate the primary electron beam that irradiates the sample, a first detector located between the electron source and the focusing lens, the first detector being configured to detect electrons at part of azimuths of electrons generated from the sample upon irradiation of the sample with the primary electron beam, and a second detector located between the electron source and the first detector, the second detector being configured to detect electrons at substantially all azimuths of the electrons generated from the sample.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Filter element with improved testability after dry steaming

The present invention relates to a melt-joined filter element with improved testability after dry steaming or alternatively after sterilization by irradiation, to a method for producing the filter element according to the invention, and to the use of the filter element for filtering solutions.. .
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

Frit sealing system

Provided is a frit sealing system for attaching a first substrate and a second substrate by using a frit. The frit sealing system includes a laser irradiation member configured to irradiate a laser on the frit between the first substrate and the second substrate, and a pressurization member on the second substrate, the pressurization member being configured to apply pressure to the second substrate during the irradiation of the laser, the pressurization member including base, and an elastic portion connected to the base and contacting the second substrate..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Medical device for bone implant and producing such a device

A bone implantable medical device made from a biocompatible material, preferably comprising titania or zirconia, has at least a portion of its surface modified to facilitate improved integration with bone. The implantable device may incorporate a surface infused with osteoinductive agent and/or may incorporate holes loaded with a therapeutic agent.
Exogenesis Corporation

Living body optical measurement apparatus, living body optical measurement method, and engagement member for mobile position sensor

A living body optical measurement apparatus of the present invention includes: a light irradiation/measurement unit for irradiating light to an object and measuring the light passed through the object, a signal processing unit for processing measurement data of the light irradiation/measurement unit and creating a living body optical measurement image, and a position measurement unit for measuring positions where light is irradiated to an object and where the passing light is extracted from the object, the light irradiation/measurement unit includes plural optical fibers. The light irradiation/measurement unit includes plural optical fibers, plural optical fiber plugs attached to the plural optical fibers respectively, and a holder fixed detachably at a measurement site of an object and holds the plural optical fiber plugs.
Hitachi Medical Corporation

Particle beam scanning irradiation system

A particle beam scanning irradiation method includes the steps of calculating a planned irradiating particle count of a particle beam for each of irradiation spots, on the basis of a relative amount of particle beam irradiation and a prescription particle-beam dose determined from a particle-beam therapy plan; simulating an irradiation process of the particle beam at each irradiation spot, on the basis of the planned irradiating particle count and a beam current waveform of the particle beam, and calculating a particle count of the particle beam irradiating the diseased portion during a scan shift of the particle beam; correcting the planned irradiating particle count for each irradiation spot by using the irradiating particle count during the scan shift; converting the corrected planned-irradiation particle count into a count value used in a dose monitor; and irradiating the irradiation spot with the particle beam, on the basis of the converted count value.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Method for preparing an irradiation plan for a moving target volume without a movement compensation

A method for preparing a radiation treatment plan for irradiating a target volume region moving in regions in an object with a moving particle beam includes determining, using a mapping function dependent on a movement state (k) of the moving target volume region, a dose input in at least one target point volume (vj). The dose input is brought about by applying the particle beam to an irradiation point (bi)..
Gsi Helmholtzzentrum Fuer Schwerionenforschung Gmbh

Administration of a therapeutic amount of genistein to mitigate erectile dysfunction resulting from radiation therapy for prostate cancer only throughout a defined administration period commencing shortly before and concluding after radiation therapy

A method for mitigating erectile dysfunction as an adverse side effect of radiation therapy for prostate cancer, comprising administration of a therapeutic dosage of genistein to a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer throughout only a primary administration period that commences a defined period of up to two weeks prior to commencement of radiation therapy for prostate cancer and extends beyond conclusion of the radiation therapy.. .
Humanetics Corporation

Medical ceramic material and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention provides a medical ceramic material with a color other than black or white, especially blue, with which it is possible to secure sufficient durability and to maintain a good appearance by sufficiently suppressing a color difference between before and after the irradiation of gamma-rays for sterilization. The medical ceramic material is formed using a composite material containing alumina and zirconia.
Kyocera Medical Corporation

Substrate treatment apparatus, substrate treatment method, and non-transitory storage medium

A substrate treatment apparatus configured such that substrates in a same lot are distributed by a delivery mechanism into a plurality of unit blocks, each unit block including a solution treatment module, an ultraviolet irradiation module, and a substrate carrying mechanism, the apparatus includes: an illuminance detection part that detects an illuminance of a light source of the ultraviolet irradiation module; and a control part that controls, when an illuminance detection value of the ultraviolet irradiation module in one unit block among the plurality of unit blocks becomes a set value or less, the delivery mechanism to stop delivery of a substrate to the one unit block and deliver subsequent substrates to another unit block, and the ultraviolet irradiation module to perform irradiation on substrates which have already been delivered to the one unit block with an irradiation time adjusted to a length according to the illuminance detection value.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Negative electrode material for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing the same

There is provided a negative electrode material for a lithium secondary battery, comprising one of iron foil and iron-base alloy foil, wherein the one of iron foil and iron-base alloy foil which has a surface profile having a plurality of concave shaped hollows formed by heat treating with laser beam irradiation and the surface is a surface which contacts with an electrolyte solution for a lithium secondary battery. There is further provided a lithium secondary battery including a negative electrode of the negative electrode material, a positive electrode using a lithium compound as an active material, an electrolyte between the negative electrode and the positive electrode, and a separator dividing the negative electrode and the positive electrode from each other..

Nanocrystals on fibers

The present invention relates inter alia to light- and/or irradiation-emitting fibers comprising nanocrystals, in particular quantum dots and nanorods, their preparation and use. The fiber may have a fiber core 10, an outer first electrode 20, a light emitting layer 30, a radiation transmissive second electrode 40 positioned over the organic light emitting layer 30.
Merck Patent Gmbh

Strobe device, and imaging device provided with strobe device

A strobe device of the present invention includes strobe main body, light emitting section, variable mechanism, driving section, first distance measuring section for acquiring information of the distance between strobe device and a subject, second distance measuring section for acquiring information of the distance between strobe device and a bounce surface, a distance measurement computing section for computing the bounce irradiation angle of light emitting section, and vertical angle detecting section for acquiring the angle information of light emitting section. The strobe device further includes a control device for controlling driving section so that the angle of light emitting section becomes equal to the bounce irradiation angle on the basis of the bounce irradiation angle and the angle information of light emitting section.
Panasonic Corporation

Method for estimating shape before shrink and cd-sem apparatus

In the present invention, at the time of measuring, using a cd-sem, a length of a resist that shrinks when irradiated with an electron beam, in order to highly accurately estimate a shape and dimensions of the resist before shrink, a shrink database with respect to various patterns is previously prepared, said shrink database containing cross-sectional shape data obtained prior to electron beam irradiation, a cross-sectional shape data group and a cd-sem image data group, which are obtained under various electron beam irradiation conditions, and models based on such data and data groups, and a cd-sem image of a resist pattern to be measured is obtained (s102), then, the cd-sem image and data in the shrink database are compared with each other (s103), and the shape and dimensions of the pattern before the shrink are estimated and outputted (s104).. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Method for real-time quality assurance assessment of gantry rotation and collimator rotation in radiation therapy

A method and device for real-time mechanical and dosimetric quality assurance measurements in radiation therapy provides a unified measurement of mechanical motion and radiation components of the machine. The device includes an imaging surface for receiving multiple energy sources.
The Johns Hopkins University

Medical dose information management apparatus, x-ray diagnostic apparatus, and medical dose information management method

A medical dose information management apparatus according to an embodiment includes a dose measuring unit, a dose graph generation unit, a dose graph generation unit, a display mode setting unit and an output unit. The dose measuring unit acquires dose information including an area dose in x-ray irradiation.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Radiation generating apparatus and radiation imaging system

A radiation generating apparatus 1 comprising a radiation generating unit 2 which emits radiation, and a movable diaphragm unit 3 which is arranged on the radiation generating unit 2, wherein the movable diaphragm unit 3 has restriction blades 18 which adjust a size of a radiation field, a light source 20 which emits visible light, and a reflecting plate 19 which reflects the visible light thereon and transmits the radiation therethrough, and simulatively shows the radiation field in a form of a visible light field by the visible light, wherein the light source 20 can be moved between a first position at which the light source 20 can simulatively show the radiation field by the visible light field, and a second position which is displaced from an irradiation path of the radiation which irradiates the radiation field.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Radiotherapy system

A radiotherapy system acquires an image which is necessary for positioning of a patient for radiation treatment and enables grasping of a positional relationship of a target in a treatment radiation irradiated state, a radiation passing area and a critical organ. An x-ray imaging device is attached to the rotatable support device and configured to apply x-rays to the subject from plural directions while rotating around the subject to perform x-ray imaging.
National University Corporation Hokkaido University

Computed tomography apparatus, and generating image by using computed tomography apparatus

A computed tomography apparatus includes an x-ray irradiation unit irradiating an x-ray to an object while rotating along a predetermined rotation path, a detector acquiring projection data by detecting an x-ray transmitted through the object, a filter unit located between the x-ray irradiation unit and the object and comprising a plurality of transmissive areas and a plurality of slightly transmissive areas that are arranged in a predetermined direction, and a control unit controlling a motion of the filter unit to allow a relative position of the plurality of transmissive areas with respect to the x-ray irradiation unit and a relative position of the plurality of slightly transmissive areas with respect to the x-ray irradiation unit to change while the x-ray irradiation unit rotates.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Collimator and inspecting system using the same

Disclosed are a collimator and an inspecting system using the same. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a collimator for setting a radiation irradiation range, the collimator comprising: a shielding portion blocking the radiation; and a block portion comprising a plurality of unit pieces which can be opened or closed to selectively transmit the radiation..
University-industry Foundation (uif)

Rain sensor

A rain sensor equipped to a transparent substrate includes a light emitter emitting irradiation lights toward the transparent substrate, light receivers receiving reflected lights of the irradiation lights being reflected on the transparent substrate, a defining section defining an incident angle of each reflected light with respect to each light receiver, and a detection section detecting rainfall amount based on signals output from the light receivers. The light emitter emits the irradiation lights toward an irradiation region defined on the transparent substrate.
Denso Corporation

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