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This page is updated frequently with new Radiation-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radiation-related patents
 Multi-processing  manufacturing semiconductor device patent thumbnailMulti-processing manufacturing semiconductor device
A multi-processing apparatus includes an electron beam irradiation unit, a dry etching unit and a transfer unit. The transfer unit is connected to the electron beam irradiation unit and the dry etching unit, and is configured to transfer a wafer under a reduced-pressure atmosphere from the electron beam irradiation unit to the dry etching unit..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Charged particle beam device patent thumbnailCharged particle beam device
The scanning charged particle beam microscope according to the present invention is characterized in that, in acquiring an image of the fov (field of view), interspaced beam irradiation points are set, and then, a deflector is controlled so that a charged particle beam scan is performed faster when the charged particle beam irradiates a position on the sample between each of the irradiation points than when the charged particle beam irradiates a position on the sample corresponding to each of the irradiation points (a position on the sample corresponding to each pixel detecting a signal). This allows the effects from a micro-domain electrification occurring within the fov to be mitigated or controlled..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Device to irradiate objects with electromagnetic radiation patent thumbnailDevice to irradiate objects with electromagnetic radiation
A device (1) for irradiating titanium-dioxide-coated fibers with uv radiation includes a housing (2) that is filled with water. Bodies (4), including strips (5), which consist of quartz glass, are arranged in the housing (2).
Sico Technology Gmbh

 Mobile uva curing system for collision and cosmetic repair of automobiles patent thumbnailMobile uva curing system for collision and cosmetic repair of automobiles
A mobile radiation system is provided. The mobile radiation system comprises a mobile radiation device coupled to a control unit; a radiation blocker having an adaptor opening for receiving said mobile radiation device when said mobile radiation device is in a seated position on said radiation blocker; and a mobile carrier comprising a first compartment for housing said radiation blocker, a second compartment for housing said control unit, and a carrier motion device.
Spdi, Inc.

 Devices and methods for providing heat-source alerts patent thumbnailDevices and methods for providing heat-source alerts
A computing system receives blackbody radiation data from a thermal radiation sensor that is located in a room with a heat source and is directed at the heat source. An operating state of the heat source is determined using the blackbody radiation data.
Google Inc.

 High-sensitivity multilayer resist film and  increasing photosensitivity of resist film patent thumbnailHigh-sensitivity multilayer resist film and increasing photosensitivity of resist film
A resist film structure is provided, which allows a resist layer to have improved photosensitivity to euv or electron beams without changing the photosensitivity of the resist material itself. A metal layer 1 with a thickness as small as a nanometer level is provided on a resist polymer layer 2 formed on a substrate 3.
National Institute For Materials Science

 Reticle and fabrication method thereof, and  fabricating patterns on a substrate patent thumbnailReticle and fabrication method thereof, and fabricating patterns on a substrate
A reticle is provided. The reticle comprises a substrate having at least a first region and a second region; and an organic layer aligned in certain directions by an irradiation of a polarized uv light formed on a surface of the substrate.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

 Single-shot correction of resonant optical components patent thumbnailSingle-shot correction of resonant optical components
An optical device is described. This optical device includes optical components having resonance wavelengths that match target values with a predefined accuracy (such as 0.1 nm) and with a predefined time stability (such as permanent or an infinite time stability) without thermal tuning and/or electronic tuning.
Oracle International Corporation

 Polarized light modulation device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailPolarized light modulation device and manufacturing method thereof
A polarized light modulation device and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. Oppositely disposed first and second transparent electrode substrates are provided.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Materials, components, and methods for use with extreme ultraviolet radiation in lithography and other applications patent thumbnailMaterials, components, and methods for use with extreme ultraviolet radiation in lithography and other applications
Nanostructured photonic materials and associated components for use in devices and systems operating at ultraviolet (uv), extreme ultraviolet (euv), and/or soft xray wavelengths are described. Such a material may be fabricated with nanoscale features tailored for a selected wavelength range, such as at particular uv, euv, or soft xray wavelengths or wavelength ranges.


Alkylphenol-free polymeric polyphosphite stabilizer for polyolefin compositions for film, fiber and molded articles

The invention pertains generally to an improved polymer composition which contains at least one liquid polymeric polyphosphite additive containing no alkylphenols. Alkylphenol-free polymeric polyphosphites offer distinct advantages over conventional phosphite technology in polyolefin films.
Dover Chemical Corporation


Device and making a three-dimensional object

A device for the making of a three-dimensional object (3) by means of layer by layer consolidation of a powderlike construction material (11) by electromagnetic radiation or particle beam has a height-adjustable carrier (2), on which the object (3) is built, and whose horizontal dimension defines a construction field (5). Furthermore, an irradiation device (6, 9) is present for directing the radiation onto regions of an applied layer of the construction material within the construction field (5) corresponding to an object cross section (30).
Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems


Unfiltered radiation therapy

This is a new technique of producing high energy x-rays for radiation therapy at a patient's level. The dose delivery system uses a linear accelerator with no flattening filter.
The University Of Toledo


Estimating position of an organ with a biomechanical model

There is presented a method 100 and apparatus 200 to measure the surface of the patient (thorax and abdominal regions), e.g., during therapy delivery and (if necessary) while imaging. Together with biomechanical considerations the position of internal structures of the patient, such as an organ, and optionally a tumor in an organ, is inferred from the measured patient surface.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Formulations including silver nanoparticles and methods of using the same

A method for reducing or inhibiting damage to skin is disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the damage is ultraviolet (uv) radiation-induced damage.
University Of South Alabama


Dental adhesive kit

The present invention provides a dental adhesive kit including a bonding material that has a good state stability, that has a good balance between photocurability for led light irradiation and stability to ambient light, and that is capable of exhibiting high bond strengths to both enamel and dentin with small variability even when subjected to photocuring with a high-power led irradiation device. The present invention relates to a dental adhesive kit including a primer and a bonding material.
Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.


Device and multispectral optoacoustic imaging

The invention relates to a device and an according method for multispectral optoacoustic imaging of an object, the device comprising: an irradiation unit configured to irradiate the object with electromagnetic radiation at two or more different irradiation wavelengths (λ), said electromagnetic radiation having a time-varying intensity; a detection unit configured to detect acoustic waves generated in the object upon irradiating the object with the electromagnetic radiation at the different irradiation wavelengths (λ); and a processing unit configured to reconstruct images of the object based on the detected acoustic waves generated in the object at each of the irradiation wavelengths (λ) and to determine a spatial distribution of at least one first concentration value, which relates to a concentration of at least one electromagnetic radiation absorber in the object, wherein the determination of the spatial distribution of the at least one first concentration value is based on the reconstructed images at the different irradiation wavelengths (λ), on at least one wavelength-dependent extinction coefficient of the at least one electromagnetic radiation absorber in the object, and on a linear combination of at least two model spectra representing wavelength-dependent basis functions of a radiation fluence or of a function of a radiation fluence, in particular a normalized radiation fluence, in the object.. .
Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen Deutsches Forschungszentrum Etc.


Open-palm sun protective glove

The invention is an open-palm sun protective glove that covers the back of the hand protecting it from solar ultraviolet radiation. It allows the palm to maintain mobility, dexterity, tactility, sensitivity, and to release heat and maintain coolness.


Methods for increasing the nutraceutical content of perishable fruits

The present invention relates to methods for increasing the content of nutraceuticals and antioxidant capacity of perishable fruits, by combining irradiation with ultraviolet light (uv-c) and storage at freezing temperatures in different presentations. According to the invention, it is possible to increase the concentration of flavonoids, such as phenols and anthocyanins, and also the antioxidant capacity of strawberry fruits (fragaria x ananassa).
Centro De InvestigaciÓn Y De Estudios Avanzados Del Instituto PolitÉcnico Nacional


Composition for forming conductive pattern and resin structure having conductive pattern thereon (as amended)

The present invention relates to a composition for forming a conductive pattern which is capable of forming a fine conductive pattern on a variety of polymeric resin products or resin layers by a simplified process, while imparting excellent flame retardancy to the resin products or resin layers, and a resin structure having the conductive pattern obtained using the composition. The composition for forming a conductive pattern includes: a polymer resin; a non-conductive metal compound including a first metal element and a second metal element, having a r3m or p63/mmc space group in crystal structure; and a flame retardant, wherein a metal nucleus including the first metal element, the second metal element or an ion thereof is formed from the non-conductive metal compound by the electromagnetic irradiation..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Multiband antenna having external conductor and electronic device including the same

A multiband antenna includes a conductive connecting member, an external conductor, and a conductor frame. The conductive connecting member is disposed on a non-metallic region of an electronic device.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Process for manufacturing a josephson junction and associated josephson junction

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a josephson junction comprising a step for providing a substrate, extending along a longitudinal direction, a step for depositing a superconducting layer on the substrate so that this layer extends from the substrate in a transverse direction, perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, and a step for irradiation of ions in a central area of the layer defined in the longitudinal direction, the method being characterized in that it includes, prior to the irradiation step, a step for removing a portion of the central area of the superconducting layer so as to delimit a set of areas of the superconducting layer aligned in the longitudinal direction including the central area and two lateral areas.. .


Monitoring control of excimer laser annealing

A method is disclosed evaluating a silicon layer crystallized by irradiation with pulses form an excimer-laser. The crystallization produces periodic features on the crystallized layer dependent on the number of and energy density ed in the pulses to which the layer has been exposed.
Coherent Lasersystems Gmbh & Co. Kg


Photochemical methods and photoactive compounds for modifying surfaces

Compounds and methods for controlling the surface properties are described. Compounds of the invention can form radicals upon exposure to irradiation, which can then react with nearby molecules to alter the surface properties of various substrates.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Method for manufacturing liquid crystal alignment film and reaction manufacturing the same

A method for manufacturing a liquid crystal alignment film and a reaction apparatus are provided, the method has steps of: disposing a liquid crystal cell onto a first reaction apparatus, and providing a temperature value, a voltage value, and an ultraviolet radiation, so that a liquid crystal alignment monomer in the liquid crystal cell generates a polymerization reaction; transferring the liquid crystal to a second reaction apparatus if the transferring time threshold value is reached; determining whether the liquid crystal cell is transferred to the second reaction apparatus or not; executing a warning if the liquid crystal cell is not transferred to the second reaction apparatus; and lifting the liquid crystal cell away from a platform of the first reaction apparatus through an ejector pin disposed in the platform thereof if the dangerous time threshold value is reached.. .
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Device and scintillating quantum dots for radiation imaging

A radiation imaging device includes a radiation source and a micro structured detector comprising a material defining a surface that faces the radiation source. The material includes a plurality of discreet cavities having openings in the surface.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Dosimetric method

The present invention relates to a method for detecting and optionally quantifying exposure to ionizing radiation and applications thereof. More particularly, the invention relates to the detection and/or quantification of ionizing radiation exposure by detecting the colour change of one or more dianhydrohexitol compounds, such as isosorbide, caused by ionizing radiation.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Analysis device and analysis method

To efficiently heat and burn a sample without using a combustion aid, an analysis device that heats a sample in a sample accommodation part and analyzes the resulting gas is provided with an induced current generation mechanism for generating an induced current in the sample through electromagnetic induction and a laser irradiation mechanism for irradiating laser light onto the sample and is configured so that the induced current generation mechanism and the laser irradiation mechanism act simultaneously on the sample.. .
Horiba, Ltd.


Light irradiation device having polarization measuring mechanism

A light irradiation device for irradiating polarized light having a light source, a device-side polarizer for polarizing light of the light source and a measuring device that measures a polarization axis of the light polarized by the device-side polarizer is provided, an extinction ratio of the device-side polarizer being set to 100:1 or more.. .
Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.


Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing same (as amended)

Provided is a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet including: a forsterite base film formed on a surface of the steel sheet; and an insulating tension coating formed on the base film, in which when ti intensity fx(ti), al intensity fx(al), and fe intensity fx(fe) obtained through quantitative analysis by performing fluorescent x-ray analysis on the surface of the steel sheet satisfy fx(ti)/fx(al)≧0.15 and fx(ti)/fx(fe)≧0.004, the frequency of crystal boundaries of secondary recrystallized grains in the direction orthogonal to the rolling direction is 20 grain boundaries/100 mm or less, the mean thickness of the forsterite base film t(fo) and the thickness of the insulating tension coating t(c) satisfies t(fo)/t(c)≧0.3, and magnetic domain refining treatment is performed by irradiation with a laser beam, plasma flame, or electron beam, a sufficient iron loss reducing effect is achieved in a range where coating detachment does not occur.. .
Jfe Steel Corporation


Blow molding device

The blow molding device (1) is provided with a heating means (4) for heating a preform (p) to a temperature appropriate for molding, an antimicrobial agent-spraying means (50) for spraying an antimicrobial agent on the preform (p), a hot forming means for stretch blow molding the preform into a bottle (b), and an irradiation device (7) irradiating electromagnetic waves or ultrasonic waves on the bottle. After the heating means (4) has heated the preform (p), the anti-microbial agent-spraying means (50) sprays the anti-microbial agent and sterilizes the preform (p) with hot antimicrobial agent.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Food & Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.


Planning and control for magnetic resonance guided radiation therapy

Magnetic resonance (mr) guided radiation therapy (mrgrt) enables control over the delivery of radiation based on patient motion indicated by mr imaging (mri) images captured during radiation delivery. A method for mrgrt includes: simultaneously using one or more radiation therapy heads to deliver radiation and an mri system to perform mri; using a processor to determine whether one or more gates are triggered based on at least a portion of mri images captured during the delivery of radiation; and in response to determining that one or more gates are triggered based on at least a portion of the mri images captured during the delivery of radiation, suspending the delivery of radiation..
Viewray Incorporated


Applicator and receptacle for a radioactive source for brachytherapy

Disclosed herein is an instrument kit and applicator for the localized internal irradiation of tumors or temporary post-operative cavities. For example, an applicator is disclosed in the form of a balloon for a radiation source of ionized radiation, which applicator enables an exactly dosed irradiation in the tissue concerned..
Idtm Gmbh


Combination therapy for use in cancer therapy

The present invention provides methods of treating anal or vaginal tumors and cancers, comprising the step of administering to a subject a combination therapy comprising a chemo-radiation therapy and a recombinant listeria strain.. .
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Cartilage product

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a cartilage product comprising a protein hydrolysate with a degree of hydrolysis comprised between 0.5% and 3.0%, at least one glycosaminoglycan and at least one growth factor. The present invention also relates to the cartilage product obtainable through said method.
Bioiberica, S.a.


Pharmaceutical composition for the prevention and the treatment of degenerative skin disorders especially caused by ionizing radiations

It is described a pharmaceutical formulation containing s-acyl derivatives of glutathione with polyunsaturated fatty acids for the prevention and treatment of degenerative skin disorders caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or artificial source. A process for the industrial synthesis of s-acyl derivatives of glutathione with long-chain fatty acids is also described..
Solosale S.r.l.


Method for producing amniotic mesenchymal stromal cell composition, cryopreserving the same, and therapeutic agent

An object of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a mesenchymal stromal cell composition, comprising conveniently and aseptically separating high-purity amnion-derived mscs by performing enzyme treatment only once. According to the present invention, the following are provided: a method for producing a mesenchymal stromal cell composition, comprising: performing enzyme treatment of an amnion with collagenase and thermolysis and/or dispase; and filtering the enzyme-treated amnion through a mesh; a method for producing a cryopreserved mesenchymal stromal cell composition; and a therapeutic agent comprising as an active ingredient the mesenchymal stromal cell composition for a disease selected from graft-versus-host disease, inflammatory bowel disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, liver cirrhosis, or radiation enteritis..
Kaneka Corporation


Methods of altering the refractive index of materials

Methods and devices for altering the power of a lens, such as an intraocular lens, are disclosed. In one method, the lens comprises a single polymer matrix containing crosslinkable pendant groups, wherein the polymer matrix increases in volume when crosslinked.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Medical manipulator and initialization medical manipulator

A medical manipulator includes an insertion portion, an arm portion, a light irradiation section irradiating a luminous flux having an optical axis parallel to an arm axial line, an imaging section imaging a locus of an optical image, a rotational movement portion rotating the arm portion around a reference axial line, and an initialization control unit performing initialization control to aligning the arm portion with the reference axial line, in which the initialization control unit includes: a locus acquisition control section controlling the light irradiation section, the rotational movement portion, and the imaging section to acquire a locus of the luminous flux, a convergence determination section computing a diameter of the locus and determines whether or not the diameter of the locus has converged, a driving amount correction section obtaining a driving amount of the first redundant joint and performs driving, and a convergence operation control section.. .
Olympus Corporation


Computed tomographic mammography system

A computed tomographic mammography system is provided with, as an x-ray tube 1a, a transmission type x-ray tube including a target 2 which includes a target layer 2a that generates x-ray upon irradiation of an electron beam and a supporting substrate 2b through which the x-ray generated upon irradiation of the electron beam to the target layer 2a passes, an electron emission source 3 for emitting an electron beam toward the target layer 2a.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


A modified surface capable of having bacteriostatic and bactericide activity, the obtaining it and use thereof

The present invention relates to a modified surface capable of having bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity when it is light irradiated, thus converting the surface of the substrate into a bacteriostatic and a bactericidal surface as many times as it is desired, and for a long time. According to the invention, the modified surface upon light irradiation avoids the attachment of a microorganism to this surface, inhibits the formation of a biofilm on this surface and destroys an already formed biofilm on this surface.
InstituciÓ Catalana De Recerca I Estudis Avancats


Neuro-fuzzy control system for grid-connected photovoltaic systems

The neuro-fuzzy control system for a grid-connected photovoltaic (pv) system includes an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (anfis) implemented in real time. Independent active and reactive p-q power control transfers the generated power to the grid using a voltage source inverter (vsi).
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Fuel rod cladding, fuel rod and fuel assembly

The invention relates to the field of nuclear engineering and can be used in the manufacture of fuel rods and fuel assemblies for heavy liquid metal cooled reactors, and also in the manufacture of fuel rod simulators for use in irradiation devices designed to test the operability of real fuel assemblies. The present gadding of a fuel rod for a heavy liquid metal cooled reactor is in the form of a weldless tubular element h helically-coiled fins disposed on the outer surface of said element, which is made from a ferritic-martensitic chromium-silicon steel with a minimum ferrite grain size of 7 on the gost 5639 scale, wherein each fin has an opening angle of from 22 to 40 (preferably from 30 to 40) and the cross-section of the fin is in the shape of a trapezoid with rounded corners at the top of the trapezoid and smooth corners at the base of the trapezoid.
Joint Stock Company "akme-engineering"


Quality assurance system for radiation therapy equipment, and quality assurance method therof

A quality assurance system for radiation therapy equipment includes an image capturing unit installed on radiation therapy equipment and capturing an image of an indicating part indicating an operational state of the radiation therapy equipment, an image processing unit extracting an edge of the indicating part in image captured by the image capturing unit, a center point extraction unit extracting a center point with respect to the edge, and a quality evaluation unit evaluating quality of the radiation therapy equipment by tracking movement of the center point.. .
Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation


Image forming apparatus transferring toner image onto surface layer portion of intermediate transfer medium

An image forming apparatus includes: a photosensitive body including a photosensitive layer having a first end and a second end, the first end having a larger thickness than the second end; a charging portion charges the photosensitive layer; a light irradiation portion applies light to the photosensitive layer; a developing device develops by toner charged with the same polarity as charge polarity of the photosensitive layer; an intermediate transfer medium including a surface layer having a third end and a fourth end, the third end having a larger thickness than the fourth end, the third end being opposed to the second end, the fourth end being opposed to the first end; and a transfer portion transfers a toner image developed on the photosensitive layer, onto the surface layer when a voltage having polarity opposite to the charge polarity is applied to the transfer portion.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus

An optical scanning device includes a light source, an optical element, a light deflector, a first storage portion, a second storage portion, and a correction processing portion. The first storage portion stores, in advance, first information that indicates relationship between positions on the image carrying member and light amounts of the laser beam irradiated on the image carrying member.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Complex particle, external additive for toner and preparing complex particle

Wherein a change of a number of shell particles present on the core particle before and after ultrasonic irradiation of a dispersion liquid of the complex particle including about 1 weight percent of the complex particle dispersed in water, is greater than or equal to about 0.5% and less than or equal to about 5%ρvρs.. .


Method for forming resin cured film pattern, photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, producing touch panel, and resin cured film

The method for forming a resin cured film pattern according to the invention comprises a first step in which there is formed on a base material a photosensitive layer composed of a photosensitive resin composition comprising a binder polymer with a carboxyl group having an acid value of 75 mgkoh/g or greater, a photopolymerizable compound and a photopolymerization initiator, and having a thickness of 10 μm or smaller, a second step in which prescribed sections of the photosensitive layer are cured by irradiation with active light rays, and a third step in which the sections of the photosensitive layer other than the prescribed sections are removed to form a cured film pattern of the prescribed sections of the photosensitive layer, wherein the photosensitive resin composition comprises an oxime ester compound and/or a phosphine oxide compound as the photopolymerization initiator.. .
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Active lightray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition and pattern forming method

This active light-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition contains a resin (a), a compound (b) capable of generating an acid upon irradiation with active light or radiation, and a compound (c) having at least one oxygen atom. The compound (c) does not include the resin (a) and the compound (b)..
Fujifilm Corporation


Light source device and projector using the same

A light source device is disclosed. An embodiment of the light source device includes: an excitation light source configured to emit irradiation light of a color component to be used as excitation light and projection light; a fluorescent member disposed in an excitation light path and configured to generate fluorescence of a color component different from the color component of the irradiation light when being irradiated with the irradiation light; a light path merger unit configured to merge a fluorescence light path through which the fluorescence generated with irradiation of the irradiation light is delivered, and a projection light path through which the projection light is delivered; and a light path switch disk configured to switch the irradiation light between the excitation light path and the projection light path..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Scintillation detectors and methods for enhanced light gathering

An embodiment of an apparatus for measuring properties of an earth formation includes: a carrier configured to be disposed in a borehole in an earth formation; a scintillation material configured to emit light flashes in response to exposure to radiation, the scintillation material having a surface configured to be directed toward a region of the formation; an array of solid-state photodetectors that extends along at least one surface of the scintillation material, wherein the scintillation material has a shape configured to concentrate the light flashes and direct the light flashes toward the array; and a processor configured to detect signals generated by photo detectors in the array and estimate energy levels and positions of the light flashes within the scintillation material.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Metrology method, metrology apparatus and device manufacturing method

A pattern is applied to a substrate by a lithographic apparatus as part of a lithographic manufacturing system. Structures are produced with feature sizes less than 10 nm.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Evaluation device for oxide semiconductor thin film

An evaluation device for an oxide semiconductor thin film includes a first excitation light irradiation unit configured to irradiate a measurement region of a sample with first excitation light and to generate an electron-hole pair, an electromagnetic wave irradiation unit configured to irradiate with electromagnetic wave, a reflecting electromagnetic wave intensity detection unit configured to detect intensity of a reflected electromagnetic wave, a second excitation light irradiation unit configured to irradiate the sample with second excitation light and to generate photoluminescence light, an emission intensity measurement unit configured to measure emission intensity of the photoluminescence light, and an evaluation unit configured to evaluate mobility and stress stability. The first excitation light irradiation unit and the second excitation light irradiation unit are the same or different excitation light radiation units..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Method for the preparation of ag/c nanocomposite films by laser-induced carbonization of alkane

Ag/c crystalline nanocomposite films and a method of forming the films with controllable ag/c molar ratios using a concurrent excimer laser-induced ablation of a silver target and a hydrocarbon gas under a vacuum atmosphere. Metal/carbon nanocomposites prepared by concurrent irradiation of a metal target, in the presence of a hydrocarbon gas, during an excimer laser induced process..
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


System and methods for the completion of chemical reactions in bottled products

A method of aging a post-bottled beverage. The method includes adding water to an ultrasound bath and placing the post-bottled beverage in the ultrasound bath.


Machining of fusion-drawn glass laminate structures containing a photomachinable layer

Methods for machining glass structures may be performed on fusion-drawn glass laminates having a core layer interposed between a first cladding layer and a second cladding layer. The core layer may be formed from a core glass composition having a core photosensitivity, the first cladding layer may be formed from a glass composition having a photosensitivity different from the core photosensitivity, and the second cladding layer may be formed from a glass composition having a photosensitivity different from the core photosensitivity.
Corning Incorporated


Water treatment system

A water treatment system is a portable in-line pass thru system can be directly attached to the suction or discharge side of a water pump. The water treatment system provides multiple treatment modalities to eradicate biological contaminants from a water source for use in industrial or municipal applications.


Water sanitation apparatus

Sanitation apparatus including: a treatment chamber having a chamber wall, an inlet penetrating the chamber wall for receiving liquid into the treatment chamber and an outlet penetrating the chamber wall remote from the liquid inlet for discharge of liquid from the treatment chamber; an expanded portion in the chamber wall adjacent the inlet; a cylindrical portion in the chamber wall intermediate the expanded portion and the outlet; a gas injector penetrating the chamber wall in the expanded portion for injecting gas into the chamber; and uv irradiation means mounted to the chamber wall and extending through the expanded portion and the cylindrical portion for irradiating at least part of the chamber.. .


Uv-irradiation apparatus

An uv-irradiation apparatus of an embodiment is provided with an irradiation unit, a measuring unit, a detecting unit, a calculator and a display. The irradiation unit irradiates treatment water as a treatment target with treating ultraviolet rays.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Can body manufacturing method, printing device, and beverage can

With the printing device, first, as shown in (a), white layers (90) are formed by a first white inkjet head on the surface of the can body (10). Next, as shown in (b), irradiation of ultraviolet rays by a first irradiation lamp (261) is performed and the white layers (90) are cured.
Showa Aluminum Can Corporation


Image recording apparatus and image recording method

This image recording apparatus includes a viscosity increasing light irradiator that increases the viscosity of ink ejected onto a recording medium, and a fixing light irradiator that fixes the ink on the recording medium. The fixing light irradiator is disposed behind a first switching part that causes the transport orientation of the recording medium to approach the vertical.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Automatic facility and automatic decorating items made of rough or refined glass or of plastic with raised patterns

An automatic method for decorating rough or refined glass or plastic material items with raised patterns is provided. The items are deposited on a carrier and continuously displaced.
Pochet Du Courval


Methods for tailoring the refractive index of lenses

Methods and devices for altering the power of a lens, such as an intraocular lens, are disclosed. In one method, the lens comprises a single polymer matrix containing crosslinkable pendant groups, wherein the polymer matrix increases in volume when crosslinked.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Method of manufacturing a polyimide film

A polyimide resin may be extruded into a polyimide film. The viscosity of the polyimide resin may be increased by adding nanomaterials to the polyimide resin.
Rohr, Inc.


Light projection device

A light irradiation device includes a workpiece support onto which a workpiece (object to be processed) is placed, an ultraviolet lamp for emitting a vacuum ultraviolet beam to a target surface (surface to be processed) of the workpiece, and a light transmitting window member disposed between the workpiece and the ultraviolet lamp and configured to pass the vacuum ultraviolet beam from the ultraviolet lamp therethrough. A gap defined between the target surface of the workpiece and the light transmitting window member is no greater than 1 mm.
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha


Compact proton therapy system with energy selection onboard a rotatable gantry

Systems and apparatuses for providing particle beams for radiation therapy with a compact design and suitable to a single treatment room. The radiation system comprises a stationary cyclotron coupled to a rotating gantry assembly through a beam line assembly.
Varian Medical Systems Particle Therapy Gmbh


Image guided radiation therapy apparatus

An igrt apparatus comprising a medical imaging device (1) integrated with a linear accelerator (3, 4), the linear accelerator (3, 4) configured for emitting a radiation beam which is shaped by a beam shaper (8, 17), wherein the position of the beam shaper (8, 17) is adjustable between a first position and a second position, wherein the first position is a treatment position and the second position is a non-treatment position and wherein the igrt apparatus comprises a gantry (2) and wherein the first position is within the gantry (2) and the second position is removed from the gantry (2).. .
Elekta Ab (publ)


Neutron control device and neutron irradiation apparatus

The neutron irradiation apparatus includes an introduction tube for introducing a proton beam, a target structure provided in a lower end of the introduction tube, an aluminum fluoride layer disposed below the target structure in an irradiation path of neutrons generated in the target structure, and a heavy water layer placed under the aluminum fluoride layer in layers. The aluminum fluoride layer is set at a thickness that increases epithermal neutrons.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.


Lavatory disinfection system

A method and apparatus for disinfecting a lavatory inside a vehicle in response to a set of criteria being met. A determination is made as to whether a set of criteria for activation of a disinfection system that emits far-ultraviolet radiation to perform a disinfection process inside a lavatory has been met.
The Boeing Company


Light-activatable polymeric nanoparticles

The present subject matter relates to light-activatable polymeric nanoparticles (nps) for the transportation and release of an active substance, methods for obtain said particles and their uses. A light-activatable nanoparticle for the transportation and release of an active substance, comprising a polycation preferably a polimer polycation, a polyanion and a light-sensitive photochrome attached to the polycation or the polyanion, wherein said photochrome is hydrophobic and suitable to photo-cleave when activated by an irradiation source, generating a negative charge and releasing the active substance.
Cnc - Centro De NeurociÊncias E Biologia Celular


Compound, composition, polymer, mylar film and indicating maximum exposure to the sun and uv radiation

A composition for protecting from ultraviolet radiation is disclosed. The composition comprises a filter and an effectiveness indicator responsive to the reduction of effectiveness protection..
Genesis Laboratories Inc.


Radiation imaging system

A radiation imaging system includes a housing containing a plurality of radiation imaging devices each including a radiation detecting panel having a two-dimensional matrix of pixels and arranged to convert applied radiation to an image signal, a plurality of retainers configured to position and retain the plurality of radiation imaging devices so that parts of the respective radiation imaging devices spatially overlap as viewed from an irradiation side, and a unit configured to acquire a radiographic image on the basis of image signals from the respective radiation imaging devices. The plurality of retainers are configured to retain the plurality of radiation imaging devices in areas other than effective pixel areas of the respective radiation imaging devices..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for intra-oral imaging using hdr imagine and highlight removal

A method and system for intra-oral imaging using high dynamic range (hdr) and highlight removal is presented. The method comprising generating a first high hdr irradiation map of teeth with multiple images captured with different exposures for same intra-oral scene; and removing highlight caused by a specular reflection in a detail-reserved way from the first hdr irradiation map so as to obtain a second hdr irradiation map in which the specular reflection is at least partly suppressed..
Carestream Health, Inc.


Image reading device, image processing apparatus, and image reading method

An image reading device includes a shooting unit, a light source unit, a shooting controller, and a combining unit. The light source unit sequentially irradiates the bound document with light from first and second irradiation positions opposing each other with respect to a first straight line orthogonal to a direction of a binding portion of the document.


Scanning electron microscope

An embodiment of the invention relates to a sem enabling a surface analysis of a sample at a high throughput. The sem has an electron gun, an irradiation unit, and a detector.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


A halogen-free insulated cable material used for 125c irradiation cross-linked epcv photovoltaics and a preparation method thereof

The present invention discloses a halogen-free insulated cable material used for 125° c. Irradiation cross-linked epcv photovoltaics and a preparation method thereof.
Jiangsu Dasheng Polymer Co., Ltd.


Methods for improving securement of labels to containers

A method of forming a label for a container is provided. The method comprises extruding at least one layer to form the label, increasing the surface energy of the label, and securing the label to a container with an adhesive.
Pepsico, Inc.


Three dimensional localization of a moving target for adaptive radiation therapy

The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for segmenting medical image. Embodiments of the present disclosure may locate a target in a three-dimensional (3d) volume.
Impac Medical Systems, Inc.


Laminate containig conductive fiber, photosensitive conductive film, producing conductive pattern, conductive pattern substrate, and touch panel

A laminate which includes a substrate 230, conductive fibers 221 and a resin layer, wherein, in said laminate, a ratio of increase in resistance after irradiation with light emitted from a xenon lamp at an intensity of 60 w/m2 (integrated value of spectral irradiance at a wavelength of 300 nm to 400 nm) for 300 hours is 20% or less.. .
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Exposure device and exposure method

An exposure device includes a rotation driving section that rotationally drives an exposure object; a light irradiation section that irradiates an exposure surface of the exposure object with laser light; a slide moving section secured to the rotation driving section or the light irradiation section, and moving the rotation driving section or the light irradiation section along the exposure surface in a direction crossing a direction of rotation of the rotation driving section; a signal generating section that transmits an analog modulating signal to the light irradiation section in accordance with a rotation synchronization signal from the rotation driving section, the analog modulating signal causing an intensity of the laser light to be changed; and a controlling section that controls movements of the rotation driving section, the slide moving section, and the light irradiation section.. .
Sony Corporation


Organometallic solution based high resolution patterning compositions

Organometallic solutions have been found to provide high resolution radiation based patterning using thin coatings. The patterning can involve irradiation of the coated surface with a selected pattern and developing the pattern with a developing agent to form the developed image.
Inpria Corporation


Defect inspection device and defect inspection method

To detect an infinitesimal defect, highly precisely measure the dimensions of the detect, a detect inspection device is configured to comprise: a irradiation unit which irradiate light in a linear region on a surface of a sample; a detection unit which detect light from the linear region; and a signal processing unit which processes a signal obtained by detecting light and detecting a defect. The detection unit includes: an optical assembly which diffuses the light from the sample in one direction and forms an image in a direction orthogonal to the one direction; and a detection assembly having an array sensor in which detection pixels are positioned two-dimensionally, which detects the light diffused in the one direction and imaged in the direction orthogonal to the one direction, adds output signals of each of the detection pixels aligned in the direction in which the light is diffused, and outputs same..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Ultraviolet irradiation device

According to an embodiment, an ultraviolet irradiation device includes a barrel, an inflow pipe, an outflow pipe. An ultraviolet irradiation tube is placed through the barrel.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Ultraviolet irradiation apparatus

According to an embodiment, an ultraviolet (uv) irradiation apparatus includes a treatment tank, a uv irradiation member, a uv sensor, and a sludge discharge unit. The sludge discharge unit, is connected to a discharge hole provided at a position lower than a horizontal plane passing through the uv sensor, and is provided to discharge, to outside of the treatment tank, through the discharge hole, sludge that accumulates inside the treatment tank when the treated water sasses through the inside of the treatment tank..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Exposing printing plates using light emitting diodes

An apparatus comprises: (a) a rotatable drum configured to have a uv-curable printing plate with an ablatable layer thereon, placed thereon; (b) at least one laser beam to image the plate on the drum by ablating some of the ablatable layer according to image data to form an imaged plate; (c) an unloading area onto which a plate is movable when unloaded; and (d) a plurality of uv leds configured to apply uv radiation to the back of the uv-curable plate or to both the front and back of the uv-curable plate during or after the unloading of the imaged plate.. .
Esko-graphics Imaging Gmbh


Particle beam therapy system, and operating particle beam therapy system

When a beam acceleration high frequency control section turns on an accelerating cavity in synchronization with a beam irradiation on state, the beam acceleration high frequency control section rapidly increases an amplitude value of an applied voltage of the accelerating cavity. The control section rapidly decreases the amplitude value of the applied voltage of the accelerating cavity before beam irradiation off timing.
Hitachi, Ltd.


System and method to create test objects for radiation therapy

System and method are disclosed for creating one or more test objects used for radiation therapy having a processor executing a plurality of computer executable instructions. An exemplary method may include defining a plurality of parameters to create a test object, determining a shape of an object, selecting an image modality, and generating a plurality of images based on the test objects based on object parameters, shape, and image modality.
Impac Medical Systems, Inc.


Three dimensional localization and tracking for adaptive radiation therapy

The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for segmenting medical image. Embodiments of the present disclosure may locate and track a moving, three-dimensional (3d) target in a patient undergoing image-guided radiation therapy.
Impac Medical Systems, Inc.


Footwear sanitizing system

Introducing ultraviolet (uv) light to interior portions of footwear alters the environment inside a shoe or other footwear to destroy microorganisms or inhibit their growth. Visible light can also be used to prevent further microorganism growth.
Shoe Care Innovations, Inc.


Compositions useful in the prevention or treatment of skin cancer

The invention relates to compounds of general formula (i): ch3—(ch═ch)n—r (i) wherein n=3, 5, 7; r is selected from —co—or′, —co—o(−), or —ch2—o—co—r′, r′ being selected from h, c1-c22 alkyl or alkenyl.aryl or aralkyl, or sugars; with the proviso that when r is —ch2—o—co—r′ and r′ alkyl, said alkyl being selected from c1 to c11; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, preferably such as sodium, potassium, lysine salts, each compound of general formula (i) being used as such or in admixture with one or more of the other ones, for use in the prevention or treatment of skin cancer resulting from dna damage produced by uv radiation.. .
Giuliani S.p.a.


Temporal artery temperature detector

Body temperature measurements are obtained by scanning a thermal radiation sensor across the side of the forehead over the temporal artery. A peak temperature measurement is processed to compute an internal temperature of the body as a function of ambient temperature and the sensed surface temperature.
Exergen Corporation


Method for producing a semiconductor device

The present invention provides a method for producing a semiconductor device exhibiting the improved emission efficiency by reducing a strain between a p-contact layer and a transparent electrode. A transparent electrode made of izo (zinc-doped indium oxide) was formed on a p-type contact layer by vapor deposition or sputtering.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.


Entire solar spectrum multiplying converting platform unit for an optimal light to electricity conversion

The invention relates to a high yield multistage light-to-electricity multiplying platform unit which is provided on its front face with a protection antireflection coating or layer (1) and with an upper electrode layer (5) characterized in that it comprises: an opto-phonic platform composed of a uv radiation light-to-light down converter (2) to a particular sub-band in the visible radiation domain, a harvesting diffractive grading component (3) including an electronic passivation layer (4) and with light splitting means and one or more sub-band light into narrowed sub-band light concentration converter(s), a ir radiation up conversion dedicated light converter, a converting multiplying platform made of several optimal for each narrowed and concentrated sub-band light-to-electricity multiplying converters. A digital optical light management layer on the top, collects, filters, splits and concentrates sunlight into sub-bands and to project them onto dedicated light-to-electricity preferentially all-silicon converters with low-energy multiplication capacity.
Segton Adt Sas


Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method

A simplified manufacturing process stably produces a semiconductor device with high electrical characteristics, wherein platinum acts as an acceptor. Plasma treatment damages the surface of an oxide film formed on a n− type drift layer deposited on an n+ type semiconductor substrate.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus

A trench is formed between pds so as to be opened to a light receiving surface side of a semiconductor substrate on which a plurality of the pds, each of which receives light to generate charges, are formed, an insulating film is embedded in the trench and the insulating film is laminated on a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate. Then, a light shielding portion is formed so as to be laminated on the insulating film and to have a convex shape protruding to the semiconductor substrate at a location corresponding to the trench.


Sheet for semiconductor processing

A semiconductor processing sheet, the sheet comprising a base material and a pressure sensitive adhesive layer laminated on at least one surface of the base material, the pressure sensitive adhesive layer being formed of a pressure sensitive adhesive composition, the pressure sensitive adhesive composition containing a polymer having a salt and an energy ray curable group and an energy ray curable pressure sensitive adhesive component (excluding the above polymer). The semiconductor processing sheet can suppress contamination of an adherent at the time of peeling after energy ray irradiation while exhibiting a sufficient antistatic property..
Lintec Corporation


Multi-beam current quantity measuring method, multi-charged particle drawing control device, and multi-charged particle beam drawing device

A current quantity measuring method of multi-beams irradiates with a charged particle beam, amplifies an electric signal corresponding to multi-beams passed through a plurality of aperture holes of an aperture member having the plurality of aperture holes to form multi-beams by irradiation with the charged particle beam, receives the electric signal amplified in the minute current measurement unit and counting the number of electrons in the multi-beams, calculates a current quantity of the multi-beams passed through the plurality of aperture holes by using a product of the calculated number of electrons in the multi-beams and elementary charge, and corrects irradiation time of the charged particle beam of each of the plurality of aperture holes on the basis of the calculated current quantity.. .
Nuflare Technology, Inc.

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