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Radiation patents

This page is updated frequently with new Radiation-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radiation-related patents
 Photovoltaic module and  producing a photovoltaic module patent thumbnailnew patent Photovoltaic module and producing a photovoltaic module
A photovoltaic module has at least one solar cell having an irradiation surface for receiving light. The photovoltaic module is configured to provide a voltage.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Pattern shape evaluation method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and pattern shape evaluation device patent thumbnailnew patent Pattern shape evaluation method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and pattern shape evaluation device
A cross-sectional shape or a three-dimensional shape of a circuit pattern is estimated and evaluated only from a planar image of the circuit pattern observed from the above of a wafer. The present invention includes a process of obtaining an observation image of an upper surface of a solid structure, by causing the upper surface of a substrate to be irradiated and scanned with a converged energy beam from a direction substantially perpendicular to a main surface of the substrate having the structure formed on the upper surface thereof, and detecting and/or measuring intensities of a secondary energy beam generated in the substrate and the structure or an energy beam reflected or scattered from the substrate or the structure, a process of obtaining uncertainty information regarding an intensity of scattering caused by an irregular shape of a surface of the structure, from an irradiation position of the converged energy beam in the observation image of the upper surface and the measured intensity, a process of obtaining an inclination angle θ of the surface of the structure, based on the obtained uncertainty information; and a process of estimating a solid shape of the structure, based on the obtained inclination angle θ..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

 Wound magnetic core and  producing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Wound magnetic core and producing the same
The invention provides a wound magnetic core which is configured by winding an fe-based amorphous alloy ribbon, the wound magnetic core containing a recess row including plural recesses formed by laser irradiation in a central part of the fe-based amorphous alloy ribbon in a width direction, in which a ratio of a length of the central part to a total width is from 0.2 to 0.8.. .
Hitachi Metals, Ltd

 Thermal-assisted magnetic recording device capable of writing magnetic patterns on lower multi-step driving signals patent thumbnailnew patent Thermal-assisted magnetic recording device capable of writing magnetic patterns on lower multi-step driving signals
According to one embodiment, there is provided a magnetic disk device including a light irradiation element and a control unit. The light irradiation element is configured to irradiate a magnetic disk with light according to a driving signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Color mapping patent thumbnailnew patent Color mapping
A method for generating a color mapping for a printing apparatus is described. The printing apparatus includes a plurality of colorants including a first colorant configured to reflect radiation having a first set of wavelengths and a second colorant configured to absorb radiation having a second set of wavelengths and emit radiation having a third set of wavelengths.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Pattern formation method, electronic-device manufacturing method, and electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Pattern formation method, electronic-device manufacturing method, and electronic device
A pattern formation method which includes a process of forming an actinic ray sensitive or radiation sensitive film by coating a substrate with an actinic ray sensitive or radiation sensitive resin composition which contains a resin where the degree of solubility with respect to a developer which includes one or more types of organic solvents decreases due to an effect of an acid, a compound which generates an acid by irradiation with actinic rays or radiation, and a solvent, a process of exposing the actinic ray sensitive or radiation sensitive film via an immersion liquid, a process of heating the actinic ray sensitive or radiation sensitive film, and a process of developing the actinic ray sensitive or radiation sensitive film using the developer which includes an organic solvent in this order, in which a process of cleaning the actinic ray sensitive or radiation sensitive film is included after the film forming process and before the exposing process and/or after the exposing process and before the heating process.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Composition for forming far-infrared radiation shielding layer patent thumbnailnew patent Composition for forming far-infrared radiation shielding layer
An object of the present invention is to provide a composition for forming a far-infrared radiation shielding layer which is able to form a layer having excellent far-infrared radiation shielding properties. A composition for forming a far-infrared radiation shielding layer of the present invention contains at least inorganic fine particles and a dispersant..
Fujifilm Corporation

 Chromotropic detection of ionizing radiation patent thumbnailnew patent Chromotropic detection of ionizing radiation
A high contrast dosimeter is constructed where a plastic support is at least partially coated with a layer having a colored radical trapping compound. The plastic is a polymer that can contain a radiation sensitive plasticizer.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

 Method and magnetic resonance system for detecting mr data patent thumbnailnew patent Method and magnetic resonance system for detecting mr data
In a method and apparatus for detecting magnetic resonance (mr) data a slice is slice-selectively excited followed by irradiation of a refocusing pulse and activation of first and second phase encoding gradients, and a readout gradient, in order to read out mr data that are entered into a line of k-space. Mr data for further multiple lines of k-space are acquired without the first phase encoding gradient being activated again, and follow radiation of another refocusing pulse..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes sequence controlling circuitry and image generating circuitry. The sequence controlling circuitry acquires magnetic resonance signals in an imaging region.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

new patent

Method for the generation of radicals for dynamic nuclear polarization and uses thereof for nmr, mrs and mri

C) dynamic nuclear polarization in the presence of a magnetic field in the solid state by applying a second electromagnetic irradiation with a frequency adapted to transfer spin polarization from the electrons to the nuclear spins leading to a highly polarized state thereof. Furthermore uses of correspondingly prepared samples for nmr, mrs and mri experiments are proposed..

new patent

Method of selecting antioxidants for use in topically applied compositions

Antioxidant-containing compositions and methods for confirming antioxidant activity of a composition formulated for topical application to skin. Methods for testing a composition for ability to inhibit both ultraviolet radiation-induced lipid peroxidation on skin and ultraviolet radiation-induced reactive oxygen species formation in the stratum corneum.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

new patent

Detecting apparatus

The present application discloses a detecting apparatus including: a light source for emitting excitation light; a storage portion in which a specimen is stored; a metal film which receives the excitation light to cause evanescent light for illuminating the specimen; a modulator for adjusting an incident angle of the excitation light on the metal film; a driver for generating a driving signal for driving the modulator; a detector for outputting a fluorescence signal in correspondence to intensity of fluorescence generated from the specimen under irradiation of the evanescent light; and an extractor which extracts a signal component from the fluorescence signal, the signal component deriving from the specimen. The incident angle changes in response to a change of the driving signal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

new patent

Package inspection system

A package inspection system is provided, where an electromagnetic-wave detection part is hardly affected by illumination light for optical detection. Below a gap 6c of a conveyor mechanism 6 for conveying a package, provided are an x-ray sensor 13 for detecting x rays transmitted through the package and an illumination part 16 for applying illumination light to the gap 6c.
System Square Inc.

new patent

Humidifying apparatus

A humidifying apparatus includes a base, a water tank removably mounted on the base for supplying water to a chamber of the base, and a motor-driven impeller for generating an air flow over water stored in the chamber. An ultraviolet radiation emitting lamp irradiates water stored in the chamber.
Dyson Technology Limited

new patent

Humidifying apparatus

A humidifying apparatus includes a body and a nozzle detachably mounted on the body. The body includes a chamber, a water tank for supplying water to the chamber, and a motor-driven impeller for generating an air flow over water stored in the chamber.
Dyson Technology Limited

new patent

Illumination system

An illumination system includes: a light irradiation unit that projects light toward a predetermined illumination area; an image acquisition unit that acquires an image of the illumination area; an object detecting unit that detects a shading object based on image information of the illumination area, acquired by the image acquisition unit; an information generating unit that generates the control information for setting each of the plurality of reflecting mirrors to an on state or an off state such that a plurality of irradiation patterns are alternately irradiated, each of the plurality of irradiation patterns having different arrangement of the dark pixels and the light pixels from each other; and an irradiation control unit that controls the light irradiation unit based on the generated control information.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent


A colorant for a printing apparatus is described. The colorant has a first component and a second component.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

new patent

Dosages of immunoconjugates of antibodies and sn-38 for improved efficacy and decreased toxicity

The present invention relates to therapeutic immunoconjugates comprising sn-38 attached to an antibody or antigen-binding antibody fragment. The antibody may bind to egp-1 (trop-2), ceacam5, ceacam6, cd74, cd19, cd20, cd22, csap, hla-dr, afp or muc5ac and the immunoconjugate may be administered at a dosage of between 4 mg/kg and 16 mg/kg, preferably 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, or 16 mg/kg.
Immunomedics, Inc.

new patent

Ink jet recording method, photocurable ink jet ink composition, and ink jet recording device

The ink jet recording method includes discharging liquid droplets of a photocurable ink composition including a solvent, a polymerizable compound, and a photopolymerization initiator from a head to a recording medium to land the liquid droplets, thereby forming an image; evaporating the solvent included in the photocurable ink composition constituting the image; and irradiating the image after the second step with light, wherein when the irradiation is initiated in the third step, the content of the polymerizable compound included in the photocurable ink composition constituting the image after the second step is from 20 to 90% by mass, based on the total mass of the ink composition.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

new patent

Laser processor and laser processing method

A laser processing machine includes a first focal point change amount calculating unit for calculating the time difference between an irradiation period during which a laser beam is irradiated from a laser processing head and a down time, or calculating the amount of change in focal point position from a detected temperature of an optical system in its entirety. A second focal point change amount unit calculates the amount of change in focal point position relative to a temperature change of a protective glass.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.

new patent

Retrospective calculation of radiation dose and improved therapy planning

A combined magnetic resonance (mr) and radiation therapy system includes a bore-type magnet with a magnet radiation translucent region which allows radiation beams to travel radially through the magnet and a split-type gradient coil includes a gradient coil radiation translucent region aligned to the magnet radiation translucent region. A radiation source, disposed laterally to the magnet, administers a radiation dose through the magnet and gradient coil radiation translucent regions to an examination region.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

System and improved high dose radiation therapy treatment planning

The present invention includes a catheter for providing contrast under magnetic resonance imaging (mri). The catheter includes an elongated tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end and lumen.
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Audio-visual summarization system for rt plan evaluation

A method for reviewing a treatment plan (24) for delivering radiation therapy to a patient. The treatment plan (24) includes geometric analysis data, dose distribution analysis data, dose volume histogram data, parametric analysis data or deliverability analysis data of a patient.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Use of antisecretory factors (af) for optimizing cellular uptake

The present invention relates to the use of an antisecretory factor (af) protein, peptide, derivative, homologue, and/or fragment thereof, having equivalent functional activity, and/or a pharmaceutically active salt thereof, for optimizing delivery and cellular uptake of a pharmaceutical substance and/or formulation, or a gene delivery. Typically, said pharmaceutical substance and/or formulation comprises an anticancer drug, radiation therapy, an antibiotic substance, an antiviral substance or a drug targeting posttraumatic injury, neurodegeneration, a parasite, or an inflammatory condition..
Lantmannen As-faktor Ab

new patent

Composition containing composite particles for screening out uv radiation, with a mean size of greater than 0.1 μm, and hydrophobic silica aerogel particles

The present invention relates to a composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium: a) composite particles with a mean size of greater than 0.1 μm, containing a matrix comprising i) at least one organic material and/or at least one mineral material and ii) at least titanium dioxide; and b) hydrophobic silica aerogel particles. The invention also relates to a cosmetic process for caring for and/or making up human keratin materials, especially bodily or facial skin or the hair, comprising at least the application, to the surface of the keratin material, of a composition as defined previously.

new patent

X-ray diagnostic apparatus

An x-ray diagnostic apparatus of an embodiment includes an image generator, a detection unit, and an irradiation control unit. The image generator successively generates x-ray images based on x-rays emitted from an x-ray tube and transmitted through a subject.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

new patent

Management apparatus

A management apparatus which manages an image captured in a radiation detection apparatus by irradiation with radiation, manages imaging information which is input by a user and serves as information for imaging, obtains the captured image, and associates the obtained image with the imaging information. The management apparatus, when a mis-exposure notification is received from the radiation detection apparatus and manages the necessary imaging information, obtains the captured image..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Carrier transport material

The present invention provides a carrier transport material formed by completing a reaction process of at least one aromatic compound and at least one polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs), wherein a cross linking reaction can be activated in the molecular compound through heating or ultraviolet irradiation because the molecular compound has at least one cross-linkable functional group. Therefore, when the carrier transport material is applied in an oled, the carrier transport material would not be dissolved by the solvent included in the next coated material because the carrier transport material has been cured after the cross linking reaction is carried out.
National Tsing Hua University


A radiation-hardened-by-design (rhbd) multi-gate device and a fabrication method thereof

The present invention discloses a radiation-hardened-by-design (rhbd) multi-gate device and a fabrication method thereof. The multi-gate device of the present invention includes a substrate; a source region and a drain region, which are on the substrate; a protruding fin structure and a field dielectric layer between the source region and the drain region on the substrate; a gate dielectric and a gate electrode on the fin structure and the dielectric layer; and two isolation layers separated to each other, which are disposed in the drain region between the adjacent two fins, wherein an interlayer is sandwiched between the two isolation layers.
Peking University


Measurement device, measurement apparatus, and method

A metal film of a measurement device including a transparent dielectric substrate is irradiated with first light from a transparent dielectric substrate side, an optical electric field enhanced by an optical electric field enhancing effect of a localized plasmon induced to a surface of the metal film by the irradiation is generated, light emitted from the transparent dielectric substrate side is detected, a specimen installed on a surface of a metal fine concavo-convex structure layer and a matrix agent are irradiated with second light from a side opposite to the side of the irradiation with the first light in a state where a voltage is applied to the metal fine concavo-convex structure layer through a voltage application electrode, an analysis target substance for mass spectrometry in the specimen is desorbed from the surface by the irradiation, and the desorbed analysis target substance is detected.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Program for correcting charged particle radiation location, device for calculating degree of correction of charged particle radiation location, charged particle radiation system, and correcting charged particle radiation location

The present invention provides a non-transitory medium storing a program for correcting an irradiation position of a charged particle beam, a correction amount calculation device, a charged particle beam irradiation system, and a method for correcting an irradiation position of a charged particle beam. The medium includes instructions for causing a control unit to perform actions including replacing charging of a resist with surface charges at an interface between the resist and a work piece, and calculating a charge density distribution of the surface charges; calculating a trajectory of a charged particle based on the charge density distribution; calculating an amount of error of the irradiation position of the charged particle beam based on the trajectory and calculating an amount of correction of the irradiation position of the charged particle beam based on the error amount..
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Arrangement for a quick electron beam x-ray computer tomography

A system for electron beam x-ray computer tomography, which requires no considerable axial extension of the electron emitter and substantially eliminates electron-optical beam guidance elements is provided by disposing an x-ray detector arc and the target around the examination cross-section within an irradiation plane, and radially introducing an electron beam generated in the electron beam generator into the magnetic flux region of one or more longitudinal coils from within or outside the coils and forcing the same onto a circular path by way of the magnetic field. By periodically changing the field strength, the radius of the circular path is increased, as a result of which the electron beam impinges on the target in a tangentially migrating focal spot.
Helmholtz-zentrum Dresden-rossendorf E.v.


Systems and methods of remote control rod drive decoupling

Systems join with a control rod drive and expand or contract to displace elements necessary for decoupling. Joining structures affix to on sides of the control rod drive allow discriminatory jacking by a powered drive also in contact with the control rod drive.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc


Display device for vehicle and vehicle

A display device for a vehicle includes an irradiation unit that projects, through an opening provided to an instrument panel, display light onto a windshield located above the opening; and a display panel that is disposed on an opening side surface extending from an opening peripheral part toward a lower part of the instrument panel and that displays information to a driver.. .
Yazaki Corporation


Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system

A radiation imaging apparatus includes a radiation detection unit including a plurality of sensors which detect radiation, and a monitoring unit which monitors irradiation of radiation based on signals detected by the plurality of sensors. The monitoring unit determines a plurality of effective sensor candidates from the plurality of sensors, and determines effective sensor(s) from effective sensor candidates excluding certain effective sensor candidates of the plurality of effective sensor candidates, the certain effective sensor candidates being an effective sensor candidate which has detected a signal having a maximum value and an effective sensor candidate which has detected a signal having a minimum value.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Safety checking apparatus, beam irradiation system, and safety checking method

A safety checking apparatus is provided with a determining section and a result data control section. The determining section determines a safety level of an asset to an incident beam according to an irradiation beam based on the irradiation direction of the irradiation beam and a position or area of the asset.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Ultraviolet semiconductor sensor device and measuring ultraviolet radiation

A photodiode (2) and a further photodiode (3) are arranged in a substrate (1) at or near a main surface (10). The photodiodes are formed and arranged in such a manner that in case of incident ultraviolet radiation (26) the electric signal from the photodiode (2) is larger than the further electric signal from the further photodiode (3).
Ama Ag


Method for determining the phase angle and/or the thickness of a contamination layer at an optical element and euv lithography apparatus

A method and associated euv lithography apparatus for determining the phase angle at a free interface (17) of an optical element (13) provided with a multilayer coating (16) that reflects euv radiation and/or for determining the thickness (d) of a contamination layer (26) formed on the multilayer coating (16). The multilayer coating (16) is irradiated with euv radiation, a photocurrent (ip) generated during the irradiation is measured, and the phase angle at the free interface (17) and/or the thickness (d) of the contamination layer (26) is determined on the basis of a predefined relationship between the phase angle and/or the thickness (d) and the measured photocurrent (ip).
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Position reference positioning and tracking one or more objects

Position reference system and method for positioning and tracking one or more objects which in addition to range and azimuth also provides the elevation angle of the target relative to the instrument axes of the sensor platform. The system and method is based on a near ir laser radar transceiver and one or more active or passive retroreflectors placed on the objects to be positioned.
Kongsberg Seatex As


Masonry block with continuously curved surfaces

A radiation shielding block for constructing structural walls having flat opposed front and rear surfaces defining a thickness of the block, continuously curved, sinusoidal opposed left and right surfaces and top and bottom surfaces. The continuously curved, sinusoidal surfaces have a regular repeating wavelength pattern having a wave direction that is perpendicular to the flat front and rear surfaces, and a length that is two complete wavelengths of a sinusoidal wave.
Veritas Medical Solutions, Llc


Nanowire structural element

A template based process is used for the production of the nanowire structural element, wherein the nanowires are electrochemically depositioned in the nanopores. The irradiation is carried out at different angles, such that a nanowire network is formed.
Gsi Helmholtzzentrum Fur Schwerionenforschung Gmbh


One-pot process for the production of biodiesel and glycerol ether mixtures useful as biofuels

R is h or a tertiary alkyl group, wherein the reaction takes place in the presence of an acid transesterification catalyst by irradiation with microwaves and/or ultrasound and/or radio waves.. .


Fibers for use in fiber-reinforced resin, and production method thereof

Fibers for fiber-reinforced resin of the present invention are fibers for fiber-reinforced resin to which a sizing agent is adhered. The fibers are at least one selected from carbon fibers and glass fibers, and an ester bond (—coo—) generated by denaturation of the sizing agent is present on surfaces of the fibers.
Kurashiki Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha


Sequentially cross-linked polyethylene

A method of producing an improved polyethylene, especially an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene utilizes a sequential irradiation and annealing process to form a highly cross-linked polyethylene material. The use of sequential irradiation followed by sequential annealing after each irradiation allows each dose of irradiation in the series of doses to be relatively low while achieving a total dose which is sufficiently high to cross-link the material.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.


Furanyl compounds and the use thereof

Provided herein are substituted furanyl compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, methods of their preparation, and methods of their use. The compounds provided herein are useful for the treatment, prevention, and/or amelioration of various disorders, including cancer and proliferative disorders.
Novomedix, Llc


Polyacrylate allophanate

The invention relates to a modified allophanate compound bearing acrylate functions, resulting from the reaction of a particular allophanate with an ester from the reaction between an acid selected from acrylic acid and methacrylic acid and at least one polyol that does not contain an oxylakylene or aa (poly)oxyalkylene group. The invention further relates to the use of said modified allophanate for preparing a hydrophobic cross-linkable coating composition by means of uv radiation..
Vencorex France


Alarm device for vehicle

An alarm device for a vehicle has a sensor section detecting that the hand of a passenger approaches an opening and closing operation section h and sending an operation detecting signal, a vehicle detector detecting another vehicle approaching from behind and sending a vehicle detecting signal, a vibration unit vibrating the opening and closing operation section h, a lamp section arranged on a pillar and displaying a warning sign with the irradiation of light, and a ecu (electric control unit). When the ecu receives the vehicle detecting signal and the operation detecting signal, the vibration unit operates and a warning sign is displayed on the lamp section.
Yazaki Corporation


Photoluminescent nano composite material and fabricating the same

Provided is a photoluminescent nano composite material including a plurality of silicon oxide clusters and a plurality of carbon nanostructures. The carbon nanostructures are embedded in the silicon oxide clusters, wherein the carbon nanostructures generate an emitted light upon irradiation of an excitation light source..
National Taiwan University


Method and producing radionuclide

A method for producing a radionuclide is provided that produces molybdenum trioxide 99 (mo-99.o3) and technetium oxide 99m (tc-99m2.o7) by emitting an electron beam accelerated by an electron linear accelerator to a molybdenum trioxide 100 (mo-100.o3) powder sample, and which separates and purifies technetium oxide 99m from both the molybdenum trioxide 99 and the technetium oxide 99m by using a radionuclide separation/purification unit. The method for producing a radionuclide supplies temperature-regulated gas to the molybdenum trioxide 100 powder sample during an irradiation period during which the electron beam is emitted to the molybdenum trioxide 100 powder sample..
Hitachi, Ltd.


System and irradiation therapy using voxel based functional measurements of organs at risk

A method and apparatus for irradiation therapy using voxel based function measurements of organs-at-risk (oar). The method includes determining size and location of each voxel of a plurality of voxels in a reference frame of a radiation device.
The University Of Maryland, Baltimore


Systems and methods for laser beam direct measurement and error budget

Embodiments of the present invention generally describe systems, devices, and methods for directly measuring pulse profiles during pulse delivery. In some embodiment, the pulse profiles may be measured while the pulse is delivered to ablate a material.
Amo Manufacturing Usa, Llc


X-ray computed tomography apparatus

An x-ray computed tomography apparatus according to an embodiment stores a plurality of reference count data indicative of energy spectra of x-rays, which are associated with a plurality of tube voltages or tube currents. Estimation circuitry estimates a tube voltage or a tube current at a time of x-ray irradiation, based on a comparison of energy spectra between second count data and each of the plurality of reference count data.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Object information acquiring apparatus and control method thereof

Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus including: a light source; a controller that controls irradiation of light from the light source; a detector that receives an acoustic wave generated from an object onto which light from the light source is irradiated; a processor that generates characteristic information inside the object using the acoustic wave received by the detector; and an acquirer that acquires the shape of the object, wherein the controller controls an irradiation area when light is irradiated from the light source onto the object, based on the shape of the object acquired by the acquirer.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Manipulation of light spectral quality to reduce parasitism by cuscuta and other plant parasites

The invention employs the use of light spectral manipulation as a defense method against parasitic plants in the genus cuscuta. According to the invention, the manipulation of light spectra is employed to present a ratio of red light (650-670 nm) to far red light (710-740 nm) that is higher than natural sunlight.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Semiconductor device, imaging device, and electronic device

A novel semiconductor device, a semiconductor device where influence of noise is lessened, or a semiconductor device with high reliability is provided. A first circuit has a function of generating an optical data signal in accordance with the amount of irradiation light and a function of generating a reset signal corresponding to a reset state of the first circuit.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing organic light emitting element, and organic light emitting element

A method of manufacturing an organic light emitting element equipped with a transparent substrate, an internal light extracting layer, and a transparent metal electrode includes: forming the internal light extracting layer on the transparent substrate, and forming the transparent metal electrode on the internal light extracting layer. The step of forming the internal light extracting layer includes: applying a coating solution onto the transparent substrate into a predetermined pattern, the coating solution containing a light scattering particle having an average particle size of 0.2 μm or more and less than 1 μm and a refractive index of 1.7 or more and less than 3.0 and a hydroxy-containing solvent, and drying the applied patterned coating solution through irradiation with infrared light having a proportion of 5% or less of a spectral radiance at a wavelength of 5.8 μm to a spectral radiance at a wavelength of 3.0 μm..
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Plasma reactor with conductive member in reaction chamber for shielding substrate from undesirable irradiation

Placing a conductive member between a plasma chamber in a remote plasma reactor and a substrate to shield the substrate from irradiation of undesirable electromagnetic radiation, ions or electrons. The conductive member blocks the electromagnetic radiation, neutralizes ions and absorbs the electrons.
Veeco Ald Inc.


Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method using the same

A laser annealing apparatus includes a beam splitter that splits a laser beam emitted from a laser source into a reflection light beam and a transmission light beam, a beam vibrator that makes an irradiation point of the reflection light beam or the transmission light beam vibrate in a predetermined direction, a beam inverter that inverts the reflection light beam or the transmission light beam, and a light collector that collects the reflection light and the transmission light.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Transmission-type target for x-ray generating source, and x-ray generator and radiography system including transmission-type target

A transmission-type target includes a target layer and a transmissive substrate. The target layer is configured to generate x-rays in response to irradiation of electrons.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for providing fuel in a nuclear reactor

Exemplary embodiments provide automated nuclear fission reactors and methods for their operation. Exemplary embodiments and aspects include, without limitation, re-use of nuclear fission fuel, alternate fuels and fuel geometries, modular fuel cores, fast fluid cooling, variable burn-up, programmable nuclear thermostats, fast flux irradiation, temperature-driven surface area/volume ratio neutron absorption, low coolant temperature cores, refueling, and the like..
Searete Llc


Pattern forming method, composition kit and resist film, and producing electronic device using them, and electronic device

There is provided a pattern forming method comprising (a) a step of forming a film on a substrate using an electron beam-sensitive or extreme ultraviolet radiation-sensitive resin composition, (b) a step of forming a top coat layer on the film using a top coat composition containing a resin (t) containing at least any one of repeating units represented by formulae (i-1) to (i-5) shown below, (c) a step of exposing the film having the top coat layer using an electron beam or an extreme ultraviolet radiation, and (d) a step of developing the film having the top coat layer after the exposure to form a pattern.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Method of cutting liquid crystal display panel

A mother substrate assembly according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a first mother substrate and a second mother substrate formed with a plurality of unit liquid crystal panels; and a sealant formed between the first mother substrate and the second mother substrate and combining the mother substrates, wherein the sealant encloses a circumference of each unit liquid crystal panel, and includes a first irradiation line formed in the sealant, and a second irradiation line formed in the sealant of a side closer to the unit liquid crystal panel than the first irradiation line.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Bistable liquid crystal light-modulating device

A bistable liquid crystal spatial light modulating (slm) device (slm) device utilizes the homeotropic and bubble domain texture change of a cholesteric liquid crystal that is responsive to external stimuli, such as electric voltage, light and pressure. The slm device is configured to be switched between the two stable textures of the bubble domain texture or the fingerprint texture.
Kent State University


Composition for light diffusion film, and light diffusion film

Provided are a composition for light diffusion film which has satisfactory incident angle dependency in transmission and diffusion of light, does not easily undergo yellowing even if exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, and has excellent weather resistance, and a light diffusion film formed by curing the composition. Disclosed is a composition for light diffusion film, which includes a (meth)acrylic acid ester containing plural aromatic rings as component (a), a urethane (meth)acrylate as component (b), a photopolymerization initiator as component (c), and a hindered amine-based photostabilizer as component (d), and in which the content of the component (a) has a value within a predetermined range relative to 100 parts by weight of the component (b), the content of the component (c) has a value within a predetermined range relative to the total amount (100 parts by weight) of the component (a) and the component (b), and the content of the component (d) has a value within a predetermined range relative to the total amount (100 parts by weight) of the component (a) and the component (b)..
Lintec Corporation


Measurement of total organic carbon

A method for determining the total organic carbon in a sample which includes mixing the sample with a reagent containing at least one acid effective for reacting with inorganic carbon-containing materials in the sample, and at least one oxidizing agent effective for oxidizing organic carbon-containing materials in the sample in the presence of ultraviolet radiation, and detecting the carbon dioxide generated, is described. The at least one acid may include phosphoric acid, while the oxidizing agent may include sodium persulfate.
Hach Company


Particle analysis apparatus

A particle analysis apparatus for flow cytometry, which contains a flow cell having a flow channel for flowing a sample solution containing particles to be analyzed, a light source device for emitting an irradiation light, an optical system for irradiating the irradiation light on an irradiation segment in the flow channel, and a light receiving device for detecting the light obtained thereby. A light source of the light source device is led, and an electrode formed on a light extraction surface thereof mainly contains a plurality of electric conductor lines arranged in parallel to each other..
Horiba, Ltd.


Piperazino[1,2-a]indol-1-ones and [1,4]diazepino[1,2-a]indol-one

The compounds may be used for the treatment of schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, major depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, normal aging, epilepsy, retinal degeneration, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, parkinson's disease, dementia, alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, chemotherapy-induced cognitive dysfunction, down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, hearing loss, tinnitus, spinocerebellar ataxia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, huntington's disease, stroke, radiation therapy, chronic stress, abuse of neuro-active drugs, such as alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, phencyclidine and cocaine.. .


Substituted biaryl sulfonamides and the use thereof

Provided herein are substituted biaryl sulfonamide compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, methods of their preparation, and methods of their use. The compounds provided herein are useful for the treatment, prevention, and/or amelioration of various disorders, including cancer and proliferative disorders.
Novomedix, Llc


Method for manufacturing bent optical fiber

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a bent optical fiber while suppressing diameter reduction of the optical fiber and realizing a desired radius of curvature thereof. In an optical fiber prepared, a plurality of irradiation regions arranged along the longitudinal direction of the optical fiber are set as a heated section with infrared laser pulsed light.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Ultra clean cleaning process for radiopharmaceutical reusable pigs

A process for cleaning canisters known as pigs in which radioactive drugs are shipped to health care providers, then returned to a pharmacy; and may contain residual radioactive material, blood, microorganisms and other contaminants. Those pigs that are contaminated with radioactive material are removed from the cleaning process until they have decayed to the background radiation level.
Nuclear Diagnostic Products Inc.


Light irradiation apparatus

Provided is a light irradiation apparatus. The light irradiation apparatus which irradiates light of a line shape extending in a first direction and having a predetermined line width in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, includes a substrate, a plurality of light sources placed on a surface of the substrate side by side at a predetermined interval along the first direction, with a direction of an optic axis being a third direction perpendicular to the first and second directions, a plurality of heat radiation fins standing erect on an opposite surface of the substrate and arranged in rows in the first direction, and n cooling mechanisms placed side by side along the first direction to cover a plurality of heat radiation fins, in which n is an integer greater than or equal to 2.
Hoya Candeo Optronics Corporation


Particle beam irradiation chamber

A particle beam irradiation chamber in which a passage having a first opening part at a side of an inner wall and a second opening part at a side of an outer wall is provided and which has an isocenter inside the chamber, wherein a first line segment which connects the center of the first opening part and the center of the second opening part passes inside the passage, an angle, which is formed by a second segment, which connects the center of the first opening part and the isocenter and the first line segment, is smaller than 180 degrees, and a width of the passage is narrower than a width of opening of the first opening part.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method for improved surface tracking-based motion management and dynamic planning in adaptive external beam radiation therapy

A therapy system and method treats an internal target of a patient (16). A treatment plan (36) is received to treat the internal target.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Treatment of diseases using combination of ultraviolet blood irradiation and probiotics

A method of and composition for treating a patient having mycobacterium avium complex (mac), and in embodiments including mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (map) and/or mycobacterium avium subspecies hominissuis (mah), causing one or more diseases, one embodiment of the method including administering to the patient an effective amount of one or more probiotics and administering to the patient an effective amount of ultraviolet blood irradiation (uvbi) treatment, and an embodiment of the composition including an effective amount of one or more probiotics and an effective amount of uvbi treated blood of the patient.. .


Synergistic effects of blending multiple additives in uhmwpe

Oxidation resistant crosslinked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) is described, wherein at least two different additives in the manufacture synergistically increase the oxidation resistance of crosslinked uhmwpe. This allows the manufacture of oxidation resistant crosslinked uhmwpe using lower levels of additives and/or lower levels of crosslinking irradiation or chemicals.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Rare earth doped nanoparticles for use in hyperthermia treatment of cells

An approach to hyperthermia for cancer treatment based on multiphonon relaxation of optical excitation in rare-earth (particularly dy3+) doped nanocrystals after laser irradiation allows fast and accurate local heating to a preset temperature. A collection of nanoparticles suitable for use in hyperthermia treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous cells by laser irradiation in the wavelength of the transparency window of biological tissue (800 nm-1300 nm) preferably 800-900 nm is provided, where each nanoparticle comprises a crystalline host structure, and at least one species of rare-earth dopant ion..
University Of Tartu


Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system

Provided is a radiation imaging apparatus, including: a first conversion element arranged to convert a radiation ray into electric charge in order to obtain a radiographic image; a first amplifier arranged to output a voltage corresponding to the electric charge of the first conversion element; a second conversion element arranged to convert the radiation ray into electric charge in order to detect radiation irradiation; a second amplifier arranged to output a voltage corresponding to the electric charge of the second conversion element; and a control circuit configured to control the first amplifier and the second amplifier, in which the control circuit is capable of controlling the second amplifier independently of control that is exerted over the first amplifier.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


X-ray imaging creating x-ray image

An x-ray imaging apparatus comprises an x-ray source for irradiating x-rays to a subject; a sensor mounted on the source; and a controller for obtaining a volume of the subject based on an output value of the sensor, determining a degree of obesity of the subject based on the volume, and controlling an irradiation level of the x-rays based on the degree of obesity of the subject, wherein the output value of the sensor comprises, if the sensor comprises multiple image sensors, tilting angles of the multiple image sensors while the x-ray source is being shifted. An x-ray imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same where characteristics, e.g., a degree of obesity, of a subject may be automatically detected.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Photoacoustic controlling the same

A photoacoustic apparatus includes a detecting unit including a plurality of receiving elements configured to detect an acoustic wave that is generated when an analyte is irradiated with light; a signal processing unit configured to acquire information about the inside of the analyte from a detected signal acquired from the detecting unit; an optical absorber configured to absorb the irradiation light; and a reception characteristic calculation unit configured to calculate reception characteristic information of the plurality of receiving elements on the basis of detected signals when the plurality of receiving elements receive an acoustic wave that is generated from the optical absorber.. .


Lift-off method

In an optical device wafer, an optical device layer is formed over a front surface of an epitaxy substrate with the intermediary of a buffer layer composed of a ga compound containing ga. After a transfer substrate is joined to the optical device layer of the optical device wafer, a separation layer is formed at a boundary surface between the epitaxy substrate and the buffer layer by performing irradiation with a pulsed laser beam having such a wavelength as to be transmitted through the epitaxy substrate and be absorbed by the buffer layer from a back surface side of the epitaxy substrate.
Disco Corporation


Secondary battery and electronic device including the same

An electronic device having a novel structure, specifically, an electronic device having a novel structure that can be changed into various appearances is provided. Specifically, after an active material layer is formed on one or both surfaces of a current collector, the active material layer in a bent region is partly removed.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Method of producing epitaxial silicon wafer, epitaxial silicon wafer, and producing solid-state image sensing device

The method of producing an epitaxial wafer includes a wafer production step of pulling a single crystal silicon ingot having a cop formation region by czochralski process, and subjecting the obtained single crystal silicon ingot to slicing, thereby producing a silicon wafer 10 including cops; a cluster ion irradiation step of irradiating the produced silicon wafer 10 with cluster ions 16 to form a modifying layer 18 formed from a constituent element of the cluster ions 16, contained as a solid solution in a surface portion 10a of the silicon wafer 10; and an epitaxial layer formation step of forming an epitaxial layer 20 on the modifying layer 18 of the silicon wafer 10.. .


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus

A trench is formed between pds so as to be opened to a light receiving surface side of a semiconductor substrate on which a plurality of the pds, each of which receives light to generate charges, are formed, an insulating film is embedded in the trench and the insulating film is laminated on a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate. Then, a light shielding portion is formed so as to be laminated on the insulating film and to have a convex shape protruding to the semiconductor substrate at a location corresponding to the trench.


Ion irradiation device and ion irradiation method

Positive ions that fly within an ion acceleration tube are accelerated by a plurality of acceleration electrodes arranged within the ion acceleration tube and are irradiated to an irradiation target. A plurality of magnet devices is arranged within the ion acceleration tube; the directions of the lines of magnetic force formed respectively by the magnet devices are made to differ between the adjacent magnet devices by an angle of more than 0 degree and at most 90 degrees or less; and each of the lines of magnetic force is rotated in one direction within the ion acceleration tube.
Ulvac, Inc.


Pattern forming method, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, manufacturing electronic device using the same, and electronic device

There is provided a pattern forming method, including: (1) forming a film using an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, (2) exposing the film with actinic ray or radiation, (3) developing the film exposed by using a developer containing an organic solvent, wherein the actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition contains (a) a resin having a repeating unit (r) with a structural moiety capable of decomposing upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation to generate an acid, and (b) a solvent, and the developer contains an additive that causes at least one interaction selected from the group consisting of an ionic bond, a hydrogen bond, a chemical bond and a dipole interaction with respect to a polar group contained in the resin (a) after the exposing.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Method of manufacturing substrate and substrate and mask film

A method of manufacturing a substrate includes applying solder resist ink containing a mixing resin of epoxy-based resin and acrylic-based resin on at least one surface of a substrate body to form a solder resist layer, and irradiating a predetermined portion of the solder resist layer with ultraviolet rays and controlling an amount of irradiation of the ultraviolet rays irradiated to the predetermined of the solder resist layer to form the predetermined portion in transmissivity that transmits light.. .
Yamatoya & Co., Ltd


Switchable window

The present invention refers to a switchable window, in particular for use in an aircraft, helicopter, or space vehicle, which comprises an outer pane construction subjected to sunlight, and an inner pane construction having an electrically switchable film for changing a color or transmittance of the switchable window, the outer pane construction covering at least an irradiated part of the inner pane construction, wherein the outer pane construction absorbs ir radiation of the sunlight and it absorbs or reflects uv radiation of the sunlight.. .
Isoclima S.p.a.


Radiation probe system and method

A radiation probe system and method incorporating adaptive gamma radiation background subtraction for enhanced radiation detection capability is disclosed. The system and method are generally applicable to radiation “frisking” applications in which the contamination area may have high gamma radiation background levels that normally would result in loss of contamination radiation detection accuracy.
Canberra France Sas


Defect inspection using same

A defect inspection device inspecting a sample includes a movable table on which the sample as an inspection object and a pattern chip are mounted, an illumination light irradiation unit which irradiates a surface of the sample or a surface of the pattern chip with linearly-formed illumination light, a detection optical system section where a plurality of detection optical systems are disposed at a plurality of positions above the table and which detect images of scattered light generated from the sample, and a signal processing unit which processes detected signals to detect a defect of the sample surface, and a plurality of repeating patterns for generating the scattered light according to positions of the objective lenses of the plurality of detection optical systems of the detection optical system section when the linearly-formed illumination light is irradiated by the illumination light irradiation unit are periodically formed in the pattern chip.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Lighting device with a pump laser matrix, and operating said lighting device

A lighting device comprising a pump laser matrix (2) and a phosphor arrangement. The pump laser matrix (2) is configured to emit pump radiation (7) having a controllable pump radiation power distribution for the irradiation of the phosphor arrangement (4).
Osram Gmbh


Method of forming patterns

A method of forming patterns includes (a) coating a substrate with a resist composition for negative development to form a resist film, wherein the resist composition contains a resin capable of increasing the polarity by the action of the acid and becomes more soluble in a positive developer and less soluble in a negative developer upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation, (b) forming a protective film on the resist film with a protective film composition after forming the resist film and before exposing the resist film, (c) exposing the resist film via an immersion medium, and (d) performing development with a negative developer.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Glass sheet processing method and glass sheet processing apparatus

A glass sheet processing method is provided for irradiating a laser beam on a glass sheet and forming a cleavage in the glass sheet with thermal stress. If each of an irradiation area of the laser beam on the surface and an irradiation area of the laser beam on the back face of the glass sheet includes a peak position of a power density of the laser beam, each irradiation area has an asymmetrical power density distribution that is asymmetrical with respect to a reference line that passes through the peak position and is parallel to a moving direction of the peak position.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Liquid purification apparatus and method

A liquid purification apparatus (100), comprises a reservoir (101) for liquid (102) and a primary irradiation device (106, 301); characterized in that it has a directional valve (107, 500) which is mobile between a recirculating position and a discharging position where the liquid (102) flows through circulation tubes (105, 305, 501; 115, 306, 502) having at least one portion substantially transparent to ultraviolet light disposed within said primary irradiation device (106, 301); wherein when said directional valve (107, 500) is in the recirculating position, said reservoir (101), said circulation tubes (105, 305, 501), said directional valve (107, 500,115, 306, 502) form a closed loop. This invention eliminates any dead-space or dead-corners from the apparatus and also prevents the re-contamination of the whole system..
Nestec S.a.


Liquid ejecting apparatus and liquid ejecting method

A liquid ejecting apparatus includes (a) a carriage that moves a nozzle ejecting a liquid which is cured by irradiation of an electromagnetic wave in a moving direction, (b) a first irradiation section that is installed on the carriage and irradiates electromagnetic waves on dots formed by landing the liquid which is ejected from the moving nozzle, on a medium, and (c) a second irradiation section that is installed on the carriage and irradiates electromagnetic waves on the dots which are irradiated by the electromagnetic waves from the first irradiation section, in which an irradiance level of the electromagnetic waves from the second irradiation section is different from that of the electromagnetic waves from the first irradiation section.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Apparatus and producing work pieces having a tailored microstructure

An apparatus (10) for producing three-dimensional work pieces comprises a carrier (16), a powder application device (14) for applying a raw material powder onto the carrier (16), an irradiation device (18) selectively irradiating electromagnetic or particle radiation onto the raw material powder applied onto the carrier (16), and a control unit (38) which is adapted to control the operation of the powder application device (14) and the irradiation device (18) in dependence of the crystallization behavior of the raw material powder, in order to tailor the microstructure of a work piece made of said raw material powder by a additive layer construction method.. .
Slm Ssolutions Group Ag


Processing apparatus and processing method

A processing apparatus and a processing method which perform processing more accurately with a simple structure are provided. The processing apparatus includes an irradiation head 16 and a control device.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Uva curing process and system for collision and cosmetic repairs of automobiles

A process for producing a dry coating layer over a substrate is provided. The process can comprise irradiating a radiation curable wet coating layer applied over the substrate with a high power mobile radiation device at a predetermined linear velocity along the surface of the substrate and at a predetermined curing distance.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc


Particle therapy device and setting dose calibration factor

An irradiation apparatus radiates a particle beam after forming the beam for plural layers. A dose monitor measures a dose in real time.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Clinical decision support (cds) for radiotherapy in prostate cancer

A system (30) and method for detecting or predicting toxicity induced by radiation therapy. A device (34) is configured for determining polypeptide biomarkers present in a urine sample.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Peritoneal dialysis system and method

A peritoneal dialysis machine that includes a base, a boiling vessel, a condenser, a fluid storage vessel, a sterilizing uv lamp, a fluid mixer, a dialysate cassette, a boiling vessel demineralizing system, and an optional fluid storage vessel rinsing system. The peritoneal dialysis machine automatically generates a predetermined volume of distilled water each day.


Methods for treating gliomas with 4-(amino)-2-(2,6-dioxo(3-piperidyl))-isoindoline-1,3-dione

Methods of treating, preventing and/or managing cancer as well as and diseases and disorders associated with, or characterized by, undesired angiogenesis are disclosed. Specific methods encompass the administration of an immunomodulatory compound alone or in combination with a second active ingredient.
Celgene Corporation

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