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Radial Direction patents

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Optical system with catadioptric optical subsystem

Pneumatic tire for use in two-wheeled automotive vehicle

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radial Direction-related patents
 Gear device patent thumbnailnew patent Gear device
A gear device includes an outer cylinder, a plurality of crank shafts, a carrier which rotatably supports the plurality of crank shafts and rotates relative to the outer cylinder in synchronization with the rotation of the crank shafts, a plurality of spur gears fixed coaxially with the crank shafts at portions extending toward an outer side of the carrier in the crank shafts, an input gear which includes a gear part that engages with the plurality of spur gears, and transmits rotational drive force to each of the spur gears, and washer means comprising washers disposed outside the carrier. The input gear is regulated from moving in a radial direction of the input gear by engaging with the plurality of spur gears at a position outside the carrier in an axial direction, and regulated from moving in an axial direction of the input gear by the washers..
 Etching method of multilayer film patent thumbnailnew patent Etching method of multilayer film
In an etching method of a multilayer film including a first oxide film and a second oxide film, a high frequency power in etching an organic film is set to be higher than those in etching a first and second oxide films, and high frequency bias powers in the etching of the first and second oxide films are set to be higher than that in the etching of the organic film. In the etching of the first and second oxide films and the organic film, a magnetic field is generated such that horizontal magnetic field components in a radial direction with respect to a central axis line of a target object have an intensity distribution having a peak value at a position far from the central axis line, and a position of the peak value in the etching of the organic film is closer to the central axis line..
 Rotary pump comprising a rotor and delivery elements patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary pump comprising a rotor and delivery elements
A rotary pump includes a rotor having delivery elements which deliver at least a portion of a fluid in an axial direction of the rotor. Two delivery elements or groups of delivery elements are provided on the rotor for delivering the fluid, and deliver the fluid to be delivered in mutually opposing axial directions of the rotor, so that the axial thrust components substantially compensate each other.
 Rotary vacuum pump patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary vacuum pump
A rotary vacuum pump includes a first set of pumping stages having rotor discs with a first diameter and a second set of pumping stages having rotor discs with a second different diameter and further comprising an intermediate pumping stage that is particularly adapted for matching the change in the diameter of the pump rotor discs. According to the invention, the intermediate pumping stage comprises a rotor disc having an outer portion in the radial direction that is axially tapered from its inner diameter to its outer diameter and a corresponding stator stage including a spacer ring that is axially tapered from its periphery toward its center..
 Developing device and image forming apparatus with developing device patent thumbnailnew patent Developing device and image forming apparatus with developing device
A developing device includes a housing containing a developer, a developer carrier, a developer conveying path, a developer conveying member, and a plurality of paddle members. The developer conveying path includes a first conveying path and a second conveying path.
 Optical system with catadioptric optical subsystem patent thumbnailnew patent Optical system with catadioptric optical subsystem
An optical system to form an image on an image plane includes, a catadioptric optical subsystem configured to collect light from an object plane; and a refractive optical subsystem configured to form the image on the image plane, the catadioptric and refractive optical subsystems being arranged in order from the object plane to the image plane along an optical axis of the optical system. A baffle to shut off light traveling toward the image plane without being reflected by the catadioptric optical subsystem is placed in the optical system, in order to form a shielded portion in a center of an exit pupil plane of the optical system, and the catadioptric optical subsystem includes a partially transparent surface around the optical axis of the optical system so that transmissivity of a region, other than the shielded portion, at the exit pupil plane varies in a radial direction of the exit pupil plane..
 Lens barrel patent thumbnailnew patent Lens barrel
A lens barrel has a rotary frame, lens group frame, and shutter frame. The rotary frame has first and second cam grooves respectively on inner and outer peripheries as viewed in a radial direction.
 Motor patent thumbnailnew patent Motor
There are disclosed a motor comprising a stator and a rotor rotary with respect to the stator, the stator comprising a stator core comprising a back yoke and a plurality of teeth projected from the back yoke 311 in a radial direction; an insulator provided in a predetermined portion in a radial direction with respect to the stator core to insulate the stator core from outside; and an insulation film formed from the other portion in the radial direction with respect to the stator core to the plurality of the teeth, to insulate stator core from the coil and the teeth, so as to reduce the manufacture price, with an easy manufacture process and an improved product reliability.. .
 Fluid device unit patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid device unit
Either the base part 4 or the coupling part 3 includes a first coupling member 3a which is substantially circular in cross-section in a radial direction perpendicular to the central axis and has a diameter of a first length d1, while the other of the base part 4 and the coupling part 3 includes a first holding member 4c which, with its inner circumferential surface having a substantially circular shape in cross-section in the radial direction, holds the first coupling member 3a so as to surround its outer circumferential surface. The inner circumferential surface of the first holding member 4c is partially opened in the radial direction, and an opening width of an opening part 4g of the first holding member 4c, which is elastically deformable, is narrower than the first length d1..
 Gas circuit breaker patent thumbnailnew patent Gas circuit breaker
An outer peripheral wall surrounds a heating chamber that communicates with an arc chamber through an opening that separates fixed contacts from each other in a circumferential direction. The outer peripheral wall includes a heat-resistive cylindrical heat-flow receiving wall portion that is arranged at a position opposed to the opening in a radial direction, and a cylindrical wall portion that is connected to the heat-flow receiving wall portion in a direction of a center axis and also connected to a fixed-side energizing member at its one end on the opposite side to where the wall portion is connected to the heat-flow receiving wall portion, and is made of an insulating material.
new patent Disc brake device and caliper
A disc brake device includes a disc rotor, which rotates around a rotation axis, friction pads opposed to friction surfaces of the disc rotor, a first member provided on a fixed part on a vehicle body side, a second member supported so as to be slidable relative to the first member by a slide mechanism, a third member, which holds the friction pads and is supported so as to be swingable relative to the second member around a swing axis in a radial direction of the disc rotor as a center of swing by a swing mechanism, and a return mechanism provided on the swing mechanism to apply force to the third member to restore the same to an initial position in a swing direction. Therefore, the disc brake device has an effect of inhibiting abnormal noise..
new patent Pneumatic tire for use in two-wheeled automotive vehicle
A tread 4 of a tire 2 includes a center region ta, in an axial direction, including an equator plane, and a pair of shoulder regions tb located outward of the center region ta in the axial direction. Each shoulder region tb includes a base layer 20, a middle layer 22 layered outward of the base layer 20 in a radial direction, and a top layer 24 layered outward of the middle layer 22 in the radial direction.
Continuously variable transmission
A continuously variable transmission includes each planetary ball sandwiched between first and second rotation members on a shaft and a sun roller; a first carrier configured to be rotatable relatively with the shaft as a center and formed with a first guide portion that guides one projection of each support shaft of each planetary ball in a radial direction; a second carrier formed with a second guide portion that guides the other projection of each support shaft in the radial direction; and an iris plate configured to include a throttle portion that holds one projection of the support shaft at an intersection point with the first guide portion formed when seen in an axis line direction, the intersection point being moved in the radial direction with the rotation.. .
Rechargeable battery
A rechargeable battery includes: an electrode assembly formed by winding a positive and negative electrode plate and a separator between the electrode plates, and including a cavity along an axial direction of the electrode assembly; a center pin along the axial direction and housed in the cavity; a can having an opening; and a cap assembly configured to close the opening, wherein the center pin includes: a center portion along a radial direction of the center pin; a first perimeter portion coupled to a first end portion of the center portion and extending from the first end portion toward a second end portion of the center portion; and a second perimeter portion coupled to the first end portion of the center portion and extending from the first end portion toward the second end portion in a circumferential direction opposite to a circumferential direction of the first perimeter portion.. .
Fan motor with anti-dirt sticking function and apparatus having fan motor
A fan motor including a stator; a rotor having a cylindrical part arranged around the stator and a plurality of blades sticking out from an outer periphery of the cylindrical part to a radial direction, the rotor rotating about an axial line to blow a gas; and a housing having a disk part arranged at a side of the stator, a shroud part arranged around the blades, and a plurality of stays extending from an outer circumferential edge portion of the disk part to the radial direction to connect the disk part and the shroud part beside the blades. The stays are arranged at an upstream side from the blades in a blowing direction of the gas..
Double drum traction winch
The invention relates to a double drum traction winch (1) of which the rotatable drums (3,4) are both provided with adjustable grooves (7,8). Each drum comprises multiple, for example three or more, curved segments (11), each segment defining a section of a circumferential groove, such that multiple circumferential grooves on the outer surface of the drum are each composed of several curved segments.
Cutting insert for face milling cutter and indexable face milling cutter
The cutting insert for a face milling cutter is provided with an insert main body which is formed in a polygonal plate shape and in a shape of inversion symmetry on the front and back faces, a pair of polygonal faces facing in a thickness direction of the insert main body, side faces facing in a direction intersecting with the thickness direction, and cutting edges formed along a ridge line between the polygonal face and the side face. The polygonal face is in a substantially regular polygonal shape.
Motor unit
A rotation detector of a motor according to an embodiment includes a first support and a second support, a pair of magnetic field forming units, at least one magnetic field detector, and a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member. The first magnetic member and the second magnetic member are each made of a magnetic material, cover longitudinal-direction both ends of the magnetic field detector facing the first support, respectively, and face each other with a gap interposed therebetween at a longitudinal-direction mid-portion of the magnetic field detector in the longitudinal direction.
Apparatus and method for multiplexed multiple discharge plasma produced sources
An apparatus for producing euv light, including: a plate with pluralities of through-bores; at least one power system; and a plurality of discharge plasma devices disposed in the through-bores. Each device includes: a respective plasma electrode forming at least part of a respective plasma-producing region; a respective magnetic core embedded in the plate and aligned with the respective plasma electrode in a radial direction and configured to create a respective magnetic field within the respective plasma-producing region; and a respective feed system arranged to supply an ionizable material to the respective plasma-producing region.
Rotating electric machine and power transmission device (as amended)
Provided is a compound motor (14) comprising a magnet rotor (19) supported by bearings (b3, b4) in a rotatable manner, a winding rotor (20) supported by bearings (b5, b6) in a rotatable manner relative to the magnet rotor (19) at the inner side of the magnet rotor (19) and having rotor winding units (20b), and slip ring mechanisms (25). A space is formed in the inner circumference of the winding rotor (20).
Handle device and lock implementing the same
A handle device includes a pivoting portion and a handle body. The pivoting portion includes a surrounding wall formed along a longitudinal axis, and the surrounding wall has a top surface.
Holder device
Provided is a holder device that uses a pressure medium suitable for gripping a long and thin grasped object, the device eliminating need for a small-diameter machining for a device body and allowing use of a material suitable for sleeve deformation at a portion where a pressure chamber is formed. A holder device capable of deforming in a radial direction for fastening a grasped object 7 through a function of a pressure medium, includes a device body 2, a sleeve 3 disposed at a leading end of the device body 2 for gripping the grasped object 7, a pressure chamber 8 formed circumferentially in the sleeve 3, and a support portion 9 provided continuously from the device body 2 for forming the pressure chamber 8 together with the sleeve 3..
Filler assembly for a valve
A filler assembly is mounted in an axial hole of a cap of a valve. The filler assembly includes at least one first filler and at least one second filler stacked in a longitudinal direction.
Webbing take-up device
The present invention provides a webbing take-up device that can effectively suppress tilt of a rotation body when an actuation member has been actuated. In a webbing take-up device, tilt restricting portions are provided at a v gear.
Pneumatic tire
This pneumatic tire includes a belt layer including a pair of cross belts and a circumferential reinforcing layer disposed between the cross belts or disposed inward in the tire radial direction of the cross belts and that comprises a steel wire wound spirally at a slant within a ±5° range with respect to a tire circumferential direction, and a tread portion disposed outward in the tire radial direction of the belt layer and that contacts a road surface. The circumferential reinforcing layer has a width in the tire width direction that is not less than 60% and not more than 85% of a maximum ground contact width in the tire width direction of the ground contact patch of the tread portion..
Pneumatic tire
In the mathematical formula, ρ is the volume resistivity (Ω·cm) of the topping rubber of the carcass, g is the minimum thickness (mm) of the topping rubber, r is the distance (m) from the axis of the tire to an outer end, in the radial direction, of the clinch, and l is the length (m) of the carcass from an end of the reinforcing layer to the outer end, in the radial direction, of the clinch.. .
Iol with varying correction of chromatic aberration
An ophthalmic lens includes an optical filter operable to filter out at least visible light having a wavelength less than 450 nm. The lens also includes a first diffractive structure adapted to produce a focus for visible light in a first wavelength range above 550 nm and to reduce longitudinal chromatic aberration to less than one diopter for incoming visible light in the first wavelength range.
Composite rf shield and method of making same
An imaging apparatus comprises an rf coil former comprising an inner surface and an outer surface and a composite rf shield positioned adjacently to the outer surface of the rf coil former so as to be formed about the rf coil former. The mri system also comprises an rf coil positioned on the inner surface of the rf coil former.
Threshing mechanism
A threshing mechanism is formed with a first threshing drum and a second threshing drum disposed one behind the other in a direction of crop flow. A first concave encloses the first threshing drum and the second threshing drum in sections in a circumferential direction.
Plastic foamed article
Provided is a plastic foamed article to be attached to an attaching target having a rod-shaped attaching portion having a radial direction, the plastic foamed article including a holding portion for holding the attaching portion in the radial direction in a state attached to the attaching target, the holding portion including a pair of opposite surfaces facing each other for holding the attaching portion between the pair of opposite surfaces and a protrusion provided on one of the pair of opposite surfaces, and at least a part of the protrusion is configured to be elastically deformed by the attaching portion in a state in which the attaching portion is held between the pair of opposite surfaces.. .
High-pressure fuel supply pump
The damper mechanism used for a high-pressure fuel supply pump system is configured so that an outer circumferential surface of a cover in regard to the thickness direction of the base material of the cover engages with the inner circumference of an open end part of a bottomed tubular concave part formed in a damper housing or in a pump housing of the high-pressure fuel supply pump. The total height of the damper as a low-pressure pulsation reducing mechanism can be reduced and the dimensions of the damper in the radial directions can also be reduced.
Rotating device
A rotating device includes a sleeve which encircles a shaft, a housing which supports the shaft and which forms an annular supporting recess where the lower end of the sleeve enters together with the shaft, a ring member which is provided above the sleeve and which is fixed to the shaft in a manner encircling the shaft. A first gap between the sleeve and the shaft includes first and second radial dynamic pressure generating portions.
Measuring system
A measuring system is provided that includes a magnetic field sensor array, an evaluation circuit for evaluating measurement signals of the magnetic field sensor array, and a rotatable encoder that has a mass element to change a magnetic field vector in the magnetic field sensor array. The encoder has a spring element in which the mass element is attached to the spring element.
Stator and rotating electric machine including the same
A stator includes a stator core, a winding, and a temperature sensor. In the stator core, a plurality of slots are formed in a circumferential direction of the stator.
Motor rotor and motor having same
Disclosed is a motor rotor, comprising an iron core (10) and permanent magnets (20) provided inside the iron core (10). The iron core (10) is provided with sets of mounting grooves (30) on the iron core (10) in the peripheral direction of the iron core, each set of mounting grooves (30) comprising two or more mounting grooves (30) provided intermittently in the radial direction of the iron core (10).
A tubular bottle is formed of a synthetic resin material having a bottom part. A bottom wall part of the bottom part includes a grounding part located at an outer circumferential edge thereof, a standing peripheral wall part which is connected from a radial inner side of the bottle to the grounding part and which extends upward, a movable wall part that protrudes, from an upper end of the standing peripheral wall part, toward the radial inner side, and a depression peripheral wall part that extends upward from an inner end of the movable wall part in a radial direction of the bottle.
Device and method for crimping an implant
A device (10, 10′) and method for crimping an implant (20), which can assume either a compressed state or an expanded state, at least over a portion of the length thereof. An crimping device is attained according to the invention in that a hollow-cylindrical and/or hollow-conical, preferably braided wire netting is provided, in the inner volume (14, 14′) of which the implant (20) in the expanded state can be placed, at least via a section thereof, wherein, upon application of a tensile force on at least one end in the longitudinal direction, and/or upon application of a compressive force in the radial direction, the wire netting simultaneous undergoes extension and a reduction of the inner diameter (d, d′) such that the implant (20) can be transformed, at least along a section thereof, from the expanded state into the compressed state..
Electric power assisted steering system for vehicles
An electric power assisted steering system for vehicles is disclosed. The system includes an electric motor drive having a motor housing, a motor shaft, and at least a first bearing and a second bearing for mounting the motor shaft.
Nickel-titanium core guide wire
A guide wire for use in a medical procedure having a shapeable tip integral with and made from the distal end of a superelastic nitinol distal section of the guide wire, wherein the shapeable tip can be finger kinked. Such a guide wire includes an elongated core made from a superelastic nitinol alloy at the distal end, the distal end of the elongated core having a tapered section leading to a shapeable distal tip.
Process for producing a piston for an internal combustion engine and piston for an internal combustion engine
In a process for producing a piston for an internal combustion engine, a groove is worked into a cast piston blank proceeding from a combustion chamber cavity (20) in a largely radial direction and then closed to form a cooling duct. A cast piston for an internal combustion engine has a closure which is fitted after the casting and the machining between the cooling duct and a combustion chamber cavity (20)..
Liquid-lubricated bearing and vehicle pinion shaft support device
An outer lubricating liquid inflow passage that provides communication between an outside of a liquid-lubricated bearing and a rolling element arrangement chamber is formed between an outer ring and a cage, on the lubricating liquid inflow side. The outer lubricating liquid inflow passage has an annular axially extending outer passage portion that extends in the axial direction, and an annular radially extending outer passage portion.
Rotation driving device
A rotation driving device includes a motor provided in a housing, a planetary gear reducer connected to the motor coaxially with the motor, an output shaft connected to an end reduction member of the planetary gear reducer coaxially with the end reduction member, and a rotation detector located at the same position as the end reduction member in an axial direction of the planetary gear reducer and located at a different position from a center axis of the end reduction member in a radial direction of the planetary gear reducer, the rotation detector being capable of detecting a degree of rotation of the end reduction member. Accordingly, the rotation driving device can be made to be smaller and compact in the axial direction..
Magnetic coupling pump and pump unit comprising the same
In a magnetic coupling pump including a closed impeller, and a casing that houses the impeller in such a way that the impeller is rotatable around a rotation axis and movable in an axis direction in which the rotation axis extends, reduction in the rotational frequency of the impeller can be suppressed even if thrust balance collapses temporarily and the impeller and the casing come into contact with each other. A tapered surface (24) or (55) is formed in at least a portion of at least one of a surface (24) or (53) of the impeller (10) and a surface (66) or (86) of a pump casing (60) that faces each other in an axis direction (da) so that the distance between both the faces varies gradually as it goes in a radial direction (dr) perpendicular to the axis direction (da)..
Disk rotating motor and disk drive device provided with the same
The bracket includes a cylindrical portion extending along the rotary shaft, and a folded portion formed by folding the upper end of the cylindrical portion onto the outer diameter side such that at least a coaxial part of the folded portion extends coaxially along an outer surface of the cylindrical portion. The cylindrical portion and the folded portion are sandwiched by the stator core and the bearing in a radial direction..
An actuator has an electrically conductive coil which has a longitudinal axis and a plurality of turns and a magnet arranged at a distance from the turns in radial direction relative to the longitudinal axis. The coil is partially covered by a central region of a first conducting element on a side which faces away from the magnet and the magnet is partially covered by a mid region of a second conducting element on a side facing away from the turns of the coil.
Ultrasonic vibration apparatus
Substantially uniform rigidity is ensured in all radial directions while achieving a size reduction. An ultrasonic surgical apparatus is provided, including a polygonal columnar elastic body that is formed of an elastic body and that has a substantially regular polygonal cross-section; plate-like piezoelectric elements that are secured to mutually opposing side surfaces of the polygonal columnar elastic body and that are polarized in a plate-thickness direction; a rod-like contactor that is secured to an end of the polygonal columnar elastic body and that has a smaller diameter than the polygonal-columnar elastic body; and a drive-pulse generating circuit that causes the rod-like contactor to ultrasonically vibrate by generating a vertical vibration which expands/contracts the polygonal columnar elastic body in the longitudinal direction by applying an ac voltage to the piezoelectric elements in the plate-thickness direction..
Stator of motor and motor
A stator of a motor comprises a stator core including a plurality of plate members stacked together; the stator core including: a yoke of a tubular shape; and teeth each of which includes an extending portion extending inward in a radial direction of the yoke from the yoke and an increased-width portion formed at a tip end of the extending portion so as to have a greater width than the extending portion in a circumferential direction of the yoke; wherein the extending portion has a constant-width portion extending radially in a straight-line shape so as to have a constant circumferential width, a narrower portion having a circumferential width smaller than a circumferential width of the constant-width portion, and a clamp portion for securing the plurality of plate members to each other; and wherein at least a portion of the clamp portion is located in the narrower portion.. .
Spindle motor
There is provided a spindle motor including: a rotating member including a shaft having a fixation groove provided in a lower portion thereof, a hub base extended from an upper end of the shaft in an outer radial direction, and a magnet support part extended downwardly from an outer edge of the hub base in an axial direction; a sleeve rotatably supporting the rotating member and including a reception groove depressed downwardly from an upper surface thereof in the axial direction; and a stopper member including a fixation part inserted into the fixation groove and a flange part extended from the fixation part in the outer radial direction, wherein the hub base includes a protrusion part protruding from one surface of the hub base and received in the reception groove.. .
Housing core inductor and motor assembly using the same
Disclosed herein are a housing core inductor and a motor assembly using the same. The housing core inductor includes: a housing core formed by stacking a plurality of plate bodies on a lower surface of a housing body of a housing of a motor assembly, each of the plurality of plate bodies including a central portion provided with a through-hole through which a shaft penetrates and a plurality of arms extended from the central portion in a radial direction to form a plurality of space parts; and a coil wound around the plurality of arms of the housing core..
Electromagnetic valve
An electromagnetic valve includes a valve seat, a valving element, and a solenoid part. The valve seat has an annular shape and defines a valve hole.
Clutch plate
In a clutch plate of an annular shape and a wet type, a plurality of lubrication grooves each taking a u-shape in cross-section are formed on a friction engaging surface on at least one end side. The groove is provided with a groove forming portion crossing the circumferential direction and blunt portions extending along both sides of the groove forming portion and connecting the friction engaging surface with the groove forming portion.
Vacuum booster
A vacuum booster is configured so that at least when an input rod is released, a front surface of a flexible portion of a valve element communicates with a first port which communicates with a vacuum chamber. A valve element holder is formed of a single member made of a sheet of steel which includes a rim portion, an annular arm portion, and a crimp holding portion.
Termination for electrical cables and method for manufacturing such a termination
A termination for electrical cables may include: an outer insulation tubular body having a longitudinal axis; a conductive rod within the body; an elastomeric sleeve within the body and extending about an end portion of the rod; a connecting device within the sleeve, wherein the device is mechanically and electrically connected to the rod and is configured to mechanically and electrically connect to an electrical cable; a conductive tubular element within the body, configured to electrically connect to ground; a semi-conductive element within the tubular element and partially extending inside the sleeve on an opposite side to the rod with respect to the device; and at least one elastic conductive element radially interposed between, and in contact with, the tubular element and semi-conductive element, the at least one elastic conductive element configured to exert elastic force onto the semi-conductive element along at least one radial direction toward the axis.. .
Oil pump for vehicle
The oil pump for a vehicle may include a housing forming an outer wall of the oil pump, an outer ring to control a pumping volume of an oil, a first chamber for storing a pumped oil and connected to an engine to supply the oil to the engine, a second chamber selectively communicated to the first chamber to store the pumped oil, a rotor moving along a radial direction to pump the oil and rotating at the same time, an elastic member for controlling an operation pressure of the oil to maintain a working moment of the outer ring, and a solenoid valve for selectively communicating the first chamber with the second chamber.. .
Roll-holder cartridge for a rolling mill
The present invention relates to a roll-holder cartridge for a rolling mill 20. The cartridge 24 comprises two side walls 26, a plurality of roll-lever units 30, two adjusting rings 28 and an adjusting actuator 32.
Syringe needle catching device and safety syringe with this device
A catching device of a needle for a safety syringe includes a tube containing an inserted connection foot of the needle or an inserted hub adapted for fitting of the connection foot of the needle where in the connection foot of the needle or in a hub a cylindrical cavity with a conical inclination is created and the tube. An inserted plunger fitted on the front face with a conical adapter with a forward-running cylindrical projection and where at the same time in the foot of the needle or in the hub adapted for fitting of the connection foot of the needle a transversal slot is created.
Driving apparatus for vehicle
A driving apparatus for a vehicle includes a rotation member, as support pin including a flange for stopping a movement of the rotation member in one axial direction and a circumferential groove formed at an end portion that penetrates through the rotation member, an annular elastic member supported relative to the circumferential groove and configured to reduce a diameter in a radial direction, and a support member including an attachment hole in which the end portion of the support pin is idly provided, the support member including an inwardly protruding flange provided at the attaching hole and having an inner diameter equal to or greater than an outer diameter of the annular elastic member when the annular elastic member is in an elastically deformed state having reduced diameter and smaller than the outer diameter of the annular elastic member when the annular elastic member is in an elastic recovery state.. .
Rotor blade root section with cooling passage and method for supplying cooling fluid to a rotor blade
A root section of a rotor blade for interacting with working fluid upon rotating the rotor blade is provided. The root section includes a curved cooling passage for guiding a cooling fluid within the root section.
Rotation mechanism and internal unit of rotation mechanism
A rotation mechanism includes: a casing which is configured to be vertically split into two portions and includes an upper half portion on the upper side and a lower half portion on the lower side; an internal unit which is disposed in the casing and has a configuration in which a rotor which rotates around an axis thereof, a bearing portion which rotatably supports the rotor, and an annular seal portion which seals a gap surrounding a circumferential surface of the rotor so as to enable the rotor to rotate are integrated; an axial movement restricting portion which includes a fitting concave portion provided on one of the casing and the internal unit and a fitting convex portion provided on the other thereof to be fitted into the fitting concave portion as a pair and restricts relative movement between the casing and the internal unit in a direction of axis; and a tapered surface which is formed on each of the fitting concave portion and the fitting convex portion so that a width thereof in the direction of axis increases toward an inner circumferential side in a radial direction.. .
Arrangement having a seal, seal, and turbocompressor
An arrangement having an annular seal extending about a machine axis, and a vessel for sealing an l-shaped gap extending along a circumferential direction between a main vessel body and a cover is provided. A radial section of the gap extends in the radial direction and circumferential direction, and an axial segment extends in the axial direction and the circumferential direction.
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a spindle motor, including: a shaft having a fixing groove formed in a lower portion thereof; a lower thrust member including a fixing part inserted into the fixing groove, a disk part extending from the fixing part in an outer radial direction, and an extension part extending from the disk part in an axial direction; a base member coupled to the extension part; a rotating member forming a bearing clearance with the shaft and rotatably provided with respect to the shaft; a first sealing part provided between an upper surface of the extension part and the rotating member; and a second sealing part provided between an inner circumferential surface of the base member and an outer circumferential surface of the rotating member.. .
Imaging device having a display section, and imaging method therefor
An imaging device of the present invention comprises a display section that is capable of displaying a circular map display, having a cursor capable of movement in a circumferential direction and in a radial direction, an operation section that respectively causes movement of the cursor in the circumferential direction and the radial direction in accordance with operation of an operating section, and a control section that carries out control to make respective first and second shooting parameters correspond to a position of the cursor, that has been moved by the operation section, in a radial direction and a circumferential direction, wherein the first parameter is dependent on the position in the circumferential direction, and the display section is provided with a neutral zone on the circular map display, for neutralizing the first shooting parameter.. .
Rotary electric machine
A motor-generator that is a rotary electric machine includes a cylindrical stator core having a plurality of teeth that are arranged spaced apart from each other in a circumferential direction and extend in a radial direction; a cassette coil arranged on an outer periphery of each of the teeth; an insulator that has a pawl portion and is interposed between the stator core and the cassette coil; and a wedge that is provided extending between the cassette coils that are adjacent to each other, which fixes the cassette coils with respect to the stator core. The wedge is retained by the pawl portions of the insulators that are adjacent to each other..
Axial flux permanent magnet motor
An axial flux permanent magnet motor includes a shaft, a rotor extending from the shaft in a radial direction, the rotor being rotatably mounted on the shaft, a magnet part disposed on the rotor to face downwardly in an axial direction, the magnet part having n poles and s poles, alternately disposed in a circumferential direction, a support member extending from the shaft in a radial direction, the support member being disposed below the rotor in the axial direction, and an electromagnet part disposed on the support member to face the magnet part in the axial direction. An axial distance between facing surfaces of the magnet part and the electromagnet part repeatedly changes in the circumferential direction..
Electricity collection and distribution ring and electric motor
An electricity collection and distribution ring includes a plurality of bus rings that include a plurality of annular conductive bodies and a plurality of connecting terminals provided on the annular conductive bodies. The connecting terminals each include a first connecting portion connected to a center conductor, a second connecting portion connected to a winding and a coupling portion for coupling the first and second connecting portions.
Spindle motor
A spindle motor includes a stator including a base member having a stator core installed thereon; and a rotor including a rotor hub in which a driving magnet facing the stator core is installed. The rotor hub includes a disk-shaped body, a magnet mounting part extended from edge of the body in a downward axial direction and having the driving magnet installed on an inner surface thereof, and a disk support part extended from the magnet mounting part in radial direction.
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engine
A stationary core includes a holding hole that receives and holds a portion of the magnetic spring, which is located on a valve opening side. A solenoid device includes a magnetic yoke that extends in an axial direction and has an axial extent, which overlaps with an entire axial extent of the holding hole.
Pneumatic tire for motorcycle
A pneumatic tire for a motorcycle that secures durability while improving grip performance in turning. A pneumatic tire for a motorcycle including a belt containing a belt layer formed by coating a plurality of cords with rubber in a tire tread, wherein the tread is provided with cushion rubbers separated from each other in the tire widthwise direction in both sides of the tire equatorial plane by a separated region and located outward in the tire radial direction from the belt, and a base rubber having a modulus higher than those of the cushion rubbers located in the separated region or outward in the tire radial direction therefrom, and wn, a length of the separated region, and wb, a length of the base rubber in the cross section in the tire widthwise direction, satisfy the relation: wn≦wb..
Linepipe with cermet internal liner
A linepipe with cermet internal liner includes: a base pipe; a cermet layer comprising corundum and titanium; and an alloy layer comprising chromium, nickel and iron; wherein the cermet layer and the alloy layer are respectively provided on an internal wall of the base pipe from inside out along a radial direction thereof. From inside out, the cermet layer includes: anα-al2o3 ceramic layer, a transition layer combined by two phases ofα-al2o3 and metallic titanium, and a metallic titanium layer, wherein thicknesses of the three layers respectively account for ¼, ½ and ¼ thereof the cermet layer.
Ignition system
An ignition system for an internal combustion engine includes a discharge portion of the center electrode in which a part thereof is surrounded by a bottom portion and a tubular tip portion of the center dielectric, the part of the discharge portion and the tubular tip portion are projected into a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine from a substantially annular tip portion of the ground electrode that opens to the combustion chamber at a distal end of the ground electrode, a diameter-changing portion formed by reducing a diameter of a part of the tubular tip portion in a radial direction gradually as approaching toward a tip thereof, and a thin-walled portion formed by reducing a thickness of the tip of the tubular tip portion.. .
Grinding type vertical grain polishing machine
A bran removing wire-mesh tube includes: bran removing wire-mesh tube parts 28 divided in more than one in a circumferential direction in planar view; and a plurality of support pillars 33 erected at intervals in the circumferential direction to respectively fix both side edges of the divided bran removing wire-mesh tube parts 28. Each of the support pillars 33 is provided with an elongated resistor 34 that suppresses grains from moving in the circumferential direction along with rotation of grinding type grain cleaning rolls 26.
Torque detector and steering system including the torque detector
A torque detector includes: a magnetic flux collecting unit including a magnetic flux collecting holder formed in an annular shape by resin molding and a magnetic shield formed by bending a metal plate and attached to an outer peripheral face of the magnetic flux collecting holder; and a sensor housing formed integrally with the magnetic flux collecting unit. The magnetic shield has a shield body, a shield end portion, and a bent portion.
Enhanced device for determining the location of induced stress in stuck borehole tubulars
A method for identifying the location of a binding zone between a stuck tubular and a borehole includes the steps of passing a demagnetizing stress sensor through the tubular on a baseline magnetization pass to magnetize the tubular. Next, the demagnetizing stress sensor measures a baseline magnetization of the tubular.

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