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Radial Direction patents

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Electric fluid pump

Exhaust section for bypass gas turbine engines

Seal ring mounting method for turbocharger, and turbocharger

Date/App# patent app List of recent Radial Direction-related patents
 Tilt adjusting apparatus and optical disc drive using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Tilt adjusting apparatus and optical disc drive using the same
Provided is a tilt adjusting apparatus of an optical disc drive for adjusting a tilt of an optical pickup unit. The tilt adjusting apparatus includes an optical pickup unit moving in a radial direction of the disc, along first and second guide shafts.
 Display and operating device patent thumbnailnew patent Display and operating device
A display and operating device has a touch-sensitive display field by way of which the parameters of a parameter vector can be changed. In order to set the parameters, a structure of circular or annular elements is displayed, on the circumference of which a corresponding contact element is positioned.
 Prosthesis assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Prosthesis assembly
The invention relates to a prosthesis assembly, comprising an outer stem (10) provided with a proximal opening (11), and at the distal end (12) thereof is provided with a connecting means (13) for fastening an additional component, and which is formed of a material that is rigid in the longitudinal extension thereof, in which at least one slit (14) extending at least partially in a longitudinal direction is inserted in order to allow deformation in a radial direction. The prosthesis assembly further comprises an inner stem (20) made of a flexible material and provided with a proximal opening (21), at least one tensioning device (30) that is affixed to the outer stem (10) and can be accessed by way of a diameter change of the outer stem (10).
 Polyether preparation method, prepolymer preparation method, and modified silicone polymer preparation method patent thumbnailnew patent Polyether preparation method, prepolymer preparation method, and modified silicone polymer preparation method
A polyether preparation method which comprises a polymerization step of subjecting a monoepoxide having at least 2 carbon atoms to ring-opening addition polymerization to an initiator having at least one active hydrogen-containing functional group in the presence of a catalyst in a stirring vessel, to obtain a polyether, wherein the stirring vessel is one wherein a stirring shaft rotatable by an external drive source is provided at the center of the stirring vessel; plate-shaped bottom paddles extending in a radial direction of the stirring vessel are mounted on a lower portion of the stirring shaft; lattice vanes each comprising arm paddles extending in a radial direction and strips extending in an axial direction, are mounted on a portion of the stirring shaft above the bottom paddles; and a discharge nozzle as a monoepoxide-supply means for discharging the monoepoxide to at least two locations below the lower ends of the strips.. .
 Electric fluid pump patent thumbnailnew patent Electric fluid pump
An electric fluid pump includes: a case including a recess portion into which a fluid flows; a rotor arranged in the recess portion; an axial member supporting the rotor; and a flange member insert-molded with the case and the axial member, secured to an end portion of the axial member, and buried in a bottom wall portion of the recess portion, wherein the flange member includes: a first flange portion; a reduced portion closer to an inner surface of the bottom wall portion than the first flange portion, and smaller than the first flange portion in a radial direction; and a second flange portion closer to the inner surface than the reduced portion, larger than the first flange portion in the radial direction, and partially exposed from the inner surface, and the inner surface is flat.. .
 Exhaust section for bypass gas turbine engines patent thumbnailnew patent Exhaust section for bypass gas turbine engines
A turbine exhaust section comprises a turbine exhaust case having radially outer and inner ducts defining therebetween an annular exhaust portion for the hot exhaust gases, and an exhaust mixer projecting axially rearwardly from the turbine exhaust case for mixing the hot exhaust gases with a cooler bypass duct flow. The upstream end of the exhaust mixer surrounds a downstream end of the outer duct and defines therewith an axially extending overlap joint with a radial play between the outer duct and the exhaust mixer.
 Flight gas turbine with a first rotatable shaft patent thumbnailnew patent Flight gas turbine with a first rotatable shaft
The present invention describes an aircraft gas turbine with a first rotatable shaft and a second shaft arranged coaxially thereto and which at least in an area close to the shaft end is non-rotatably connected to the first shaft. Recesses are provided in shaft areas at a distance from the connecting area between the shafts, said recesses overlapping one another at least in some areas when a defined twist of the first shaft relative to the second shaft is exceeded.
 Seal ring mounting method for turbocharger, and turbocharger patent thumbnailnew patent Seal ring mounting method for turbocharger, and turbocharger
It is intended to provide a seal ring mounting method for a turbocharger and a turbocharger with the seal ring, whereby the seal ring is less likely to be affected by other parts. An annular protrusion (12j) for restricting a position of a seal ring (16) in the radial direction is provided at a tip portion (12h) of an inner peripheral wall (12b) of a turbine housing (12), and the seal ring (16) is mounted between a side surface (36c) of a nozzle plate (36) and a first step portion (12k) of the tip portion (12h) of the inner peripheral wall (12b) so that the outer periphery of the seal ring (16) is restrained by the annular projection (12j)..
 Fixing device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Fixing device and image forming apparatus
A fixing device includes a fixing belt, a pressuring rotator, a pressing member, a holding member, and an end cap. The fixing belt is rotatably provided.
 Rotating electrical machine patent thumbnailnew patent Rotating electrical machine
This disclosure discloses a rotating electrical machine including a cylindrical housing, a stator disposed inside the housing, an annular wiring group disposed on one end side of the stator and including an end portion of windings of the stator routed in a circumferential direction, at least one terminal base to which a plurality of wirings led out of the annular wiring group is connected, and a terminal base fixing member disposed on one end side of the housing and to which the terminal base is fixed. The plurality of wirings includes wirings differing in thicknesses.
new patent Switch
A switch is disclosed. In some examples, a switch includes a generally cylindrical housing; one or more sets of contact points enclosed by the housing; an indicator module, such as a multi-color led illuminator, also enclosed by the housing; and a pushbutton actuator disposed to operate the contact points.
new patent Camshaft, especially for motor vehicle engines
The invention relates to a camshaft, especially for motor vehicle engines, comprising a hollow outer shaft (1) and an inner shaft (2) arranged coaxially in the outer shaft (1) and mounted in such a way that it can rotate in relation to the outer shaft (1). Said camshaft also comprises first cams (3a) arranged on the outer shaft (1) in a rotationally fixed manner, and second cams (3b) that are arranged on the outer shaft (1) and fixed to the inner shaft (2).
new patent Vehicular fluid power transmitting device
A vehicular fluid power transmitting device includes a pump impeller, a turbine runner, a damper device, and a ring-shaped annular set member. The pump shell has a rear shell and a front shell that is connected to the rear shell.
Continuously variable transmission
A continuously variable transmission includes plural planetary balls, a carrier, a sun roller, an input shaft, an output shaft, and thrust bearings sandwiched between respective holding surfaces of the input shaft and the output shaft, wherein the holding surface at a time of rest is formed such that a space between the holding surface and a race on one side of the thrust bearing becomes wider on an outside in a radial direction than on an inside in the radial direction, and the holding surface at the time of rest is formed such that a space between the holding surface and a race on the other side of the thrust bearing becomes wider on the outside in the radial direction than on the inside in the radial direction.. .
Belt drive mechanism, belt drive apparatus, and pulley
A belt drive mechanism includes a plurality of pulleys and a belt made from a metal material and wound around the plurality of pulleys. Around the entire circumference of an outer peripheral surface of at least one of the plurality of pulleys, a swelling portion is formed to swell outward in a radial direction of the pulley.
Method for producing transparent soi wafer
The method for producing a transparent soi wafer is provided and includes treating a bonded wafer at a first temperature of 150 to 300° c. As a first heat treatment; cutting off an unbonded portion of the bonded wafer by irradiating a visible light laser from a silicon wafer side of the heated bonded wafer to a boundary between the bonded surface and an unbonded circumferential surface, while keeping an angle of 60 to 90° between the incident light and a radial direction of the silicon wafer; subjecting the silicon wafer of the bonded wafer having the unbonded portion cut off to grinding, polishing, or etching to form a silicon film; and heat-treating the bonded wafer having the silicon film formed at a second temperature of 300 to 500° c.
Plasma etching method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
A plasma etching method is provided for etching a substrate corresponding to an etching object within an etching apparatus that includes a supply condition adjustment unit for adjusting a supply condition for supplying etching gas to the substrate, a temperature adjustment unit for adjusting a temperature of the substrate placed on a stage along a radial direction, and a plasma generating unit for generating plasma within a space between the supply condition adjustment unit and the stage. The plasma etching method includes a control step in which the temperature adjustment unit controls the temperature of the substrate to be uniform within a substrate plane of the substrate, and an adjustment step in which the supply condition adjustment unit adjusts a concentration distribution of active species contained in the plasma generated by the plasma generation unit within the space above the substrate..
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
An electrophotographic photoreceptor is removably installed and used in a device main unit of an electrophotography application device so as to form a process cartridge. The device main unit includes a driving-side power transmission portion.
Half thrust bearing and bearing device
A half thrust bearing having a semicircular ring shape for receiving an axial force of a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine is provided. The half thrust bearing includes thrust reliefs formed adjacently to end surfaces on both sides in a circumferential direction on a slide surface side which receives the axial force so that wall thicknesses become thinner toward the end surfaces.
Thrust bearing device for supercharger
A thrust bearing device is constituted by a turbine-side thrust collar and a compressor-side thrust collar that are fixed to a rotary shaft; and a thrust bearing that is arranged between the thrust collars. The thrust bearing is provided with an oil passage that supplies lubricating oil r to sliding-contact surfaces formed between the thrust bearing and the thrust collars.
Spindle motor and recording disk driving device having the same
There is provided a spindle motor including a base member formed by firing processing a steel plate and provided with a cylindrical installation part, a shaft support part including a sleeve insertedly disposed in the installation part, a shaft rotatably supported by the shaft support part, a rotor hub fixed to an upper end of the shaft and provided with a driving magnet, and a stator core installation member disposed on the base member so as to be disposed outwardly of the installation part in a radial direction and having a stator core, wherein the stator core installation member includes a body part, an installation wall part extending from an upper surface of the body part and a support part, and the rotor hub is provided with an extending wall extending from a bottom surface thereof to form a labyrinth seal with the installation wall part.. .
Deployable helical antenna for nano-satellites
A helical antenna operable to be stowed on and deployed from a cubesat. The antenna includes two helical elements wound in opposite directions and defining an antenna column, where one of the helical elements is a conductive antenna element.
Rotor of interior permanent magnet motor, compressor, and refrigerating air-conditioning apparatus
A rotor of an interior permanent magnet motor includes a rotor core; permanent magnet insertion holes formed in an outer circumferential portion of the rotor core along a circumferential direction; a permanent-magnet end-portion air gap formed in each of both end portions of each permanent magnet insertion hole; a permanent magnet inserted in each permanent magnet insertion hole; and slits formed in an outer circumferential core portion on an outer side in a radial direction with respect to each permanent magnet insertion hole, wherein a width of a core present between the permanent-magnet end-portion air gap and the slit and a width of a core present between the slits are such that a width of a core gradually increases as the core is closer to a magnet pole center from the interpolar line.. .
Permanent magnet embedded motor and compressor, blower, and refrigerating and air conditioning apparatus using permanent magnet embedded motor
A permanent magnet embedded motor includes a rotor and permanent magnets. The outer circumferential surface of the rotor is formed by divided outer circumferential surfaces divided at equal angle intervals in a circumferential direction corresponding to permanent magnets.
Fluid dispensing system
A fluid dispensing system comprising a pump (4) and a dispenser spray head comprising at least one nozzle through which fluid to be dispensed exits, the pump (4) comprising a stator (14) and a rotor (12) mounted in a chamber of the stator and rotatably displaceable with respect to the stator (14) around an axis of rotation (ar) and axially along said axis (ar), said axial displacement of the rotor in a first axial direction (a1) configured to effect a pump filling operation drawing in fluid via an inlet (8) into the stator chamber and in an opposite second axial direction (a2) configured to effect a dispensing operation expulsing the fluid in the chamber out of an outlet (10) of the pump. The outlet of the pump is positioned in the rotor and the dispenser spray head is fluidly connected to the outlet of the pump and is positioned at or adjacent an axial output end (19) of the rotor.
Pneumatic tire
[solution] the tire 34 includes a liner 46 located inward of a carcass 42. The liner 46 includes a first inner liner 66 extending on and between one of beads and the other of the beads and along and inward of the carcass 42; and a pair of second inner liners 68 extending from ends 62a of a belt 44, respectively, along the first inner liner 66 substantially inward in a radial direction.
Vehicle drive device
A vehicle drive device for a rotary electric machine. A case of the device includes a support wall portion that extends in a radial direction of the rotary electric machine at a location between the rotary electric machine and the fluid coupling in the axial direction.
Sealing device of a filter system for filtering fluids
A sealing device (24) of a filter system (10) for filtering fluids, in particular of a motor vehicle, with a sealing ring (26) is described. The sealing ring (26) serves to seal a pipe (16), in particular a central pipe of a filter housing (12), that penetrates through a flange-sided opening (18) of an end plate (20), in particular of an end element of a filter element (14).
Expandable sheath
A medical device assembly may include an elongated tubular membrane having a wall defining a lumen extending through the membrane from a proximal end to a distal end, the lumen having a first inner diameter, and a percutaneous medical device having a maximum outer diameter greater than the first inner diameter, wherein the membrane is configured to permit the medical device to pass through the lumen, and wherein the membrane includes a plurality of longitudinally-oriented channels recessed along an inner surface of the wall. A medical device delivery sheath may include a tubular first layer of polymeric material formed into a wavy cross-section having a plurality of lobes and a plurality of valleys, wherein the first layer of material is resiliently expandable in a radial direction from a relaxed configuration to an expanded configuration, and wherein the first layer of material is substantially non-expandable in an axial direction..
Compensating coupling for transmitting torques
The invention relates to a compensating coupling for transmitting torques, comprising a sleeve-shaped main body (1) that extends in a longitudinal direction (z), which sleeve-shaped main body has several transverse slits (2) distributed over the circumference and in the longitudinal direction (z), wherein the transverse slits (2) each extend in the radial direction from an outer surface to an inner surface of the sleeve-shaped main body (1). According to the invention, the transverse slits (2) are filled with an elastomer (4)..
Plastics material container
A one piece plastics material container has mouth, a wall portion adjoining the mouth in a longitudinal direction (l) and a base portion in the form of a standing face. The base portion has an injection point—situated on the inside in a radial direction (r) with respect to the longitudinal direction (l)—on the outer wall of the plastics material container, a central area which surrounds the injection point, and a transition portion which extends from the central area to the wall portion.
Fuel pump module
A fuel pump module includes a suction filter, a fuel pump portion having an end part opposing the suction filter, and a holding member allowing the fuel pump portion to rotate around a central axis of the fuel pump portion and restricting the fuel pump portion from moving in an axis direction. A convex part protruding toward the suction filter is defined at the end part of the fuel pump portion.
Rolling bearing cage and rolling bearing
Each pocket of a cage have a cylindrical surface formed by a cylindrical shape having a center line extending in a radial direction, and a tapered surface contiguous with the cylindrical surface. A radial displacement of the cage is regulated by a contact of the ball with the tapered surface.
Light emitting devices and methods of manufacturing and controlling thereof
A light emitting device including a substrate having first and second power terminals, the substrate constructed and arranged to at least partially surround an inner region, the substrate having an inner surface that faces the inner region and an outer surface opposite the inner region; and a plurality of light emitting elements positioned on the outer surface of the flexible substrate and electrically connected to the first and second power terminals, the plurality of light emitting elements positioned on the outer surface so that first and second ones of the light emitting elements are arranged to emit light radiation that is substantially oriented in first and second different radial directions, respectively, relative to the inner region, may be provided.. .
Linear solenoid
A stepped portion is formed in an outer peripheral portion of a slide core and is stepped to reduce an outer diameter of one portion of the slide core located on one axial side of the stepped portion. A first conducting portion of a ring core covers an outer peripheral surface of the one portion of the slide core and is slidable along an outer peripheral surface of the one portion of the slide core.
Rotary electric machine and stator manufacturing method
In order to provide a rotary electric machine with a reduced size and improved weldability, the stator of a rotary electric machine has a segment coil formed by bending rectangular conductors, and a stator core having slots in which the segment coil is inserted. As for the weld parts formed at the tips of the lead parts of the segment coil which protrude from the end face of the stator core and are twisted together, at least one of the weld beads aligned in the radial direction of the stator is an oblong body that is long in the radial direction of the stator core, and the angle formed by the longitudinal direction of the oblong body and the axial direction of the stator core is less than 90 degrees in a core cross section that includes the central axis of the stator core..
Vehicle seat reclining device
A vehicle seat reclining device is provided with a first bracket having internal teeth, a plurality of pawls each having external teeth capable of engaging with and disengaging from the internal teeth, a second bracket having a guide portion that movably holds the pawls in a radial direction, and a cam mechanism, which moves each pawl in the radial direction. Among the external teeth in each pawl, at least one external tooth including an end tooth located at one end in the circumferential direction of the pawl is displaced inward in the radial direction with respect to a reference position corresponding to the pitch circle of the internal teeth along a center line that divides the external tooth into two parts in the circumferential direction without changing the shape of an effective engagement portion for the internal tooth and the pitch circle radius of the external tooth..
Device for transmitting signals between two rotatable sub-assemblies
In a device for transmitting signals on two channels between two sub-assemblies rotatable relative to each other about an axis, a photodetector and a light source are connected via connecting lines to a receiver circuit and transmitter circuit. At least one of the connecting lines has a section extending with a radial directional component.
Air vehicle with bilateral steering thrusters
An air vehicle, such as a missile or a steerable submunition released from a missile or another air vehicle, has a bilateral thrust system for steering. The thrust system includes a pair of diametrically-opposed divert thrusters that provide thrust having radial components in opposite radial directions.
Method for producing a thermoformed item, and such an item
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a thermoformed article, in particular a packaging article, such as a container or container lid, and to a thermoformed article, in particular a packaging article, e.g. In form of a container or container lid.
Brake disc for a disc brake of a motor vehicle
A brake disc for a disc brake of a motor vehicle includes a pot-shaped carrier part; a friction ring, and multiple connecting elements distributed in circumferential direction of the disc brake extending in radial direction, and configured as separate components, wherein the carrier part and the friction ring are fixedly interconnected in radial direction via the multiple connecting elements, wherein the connecting elements are form fittingly connected with the carrier part and with the friction ring.. .
Electromechanical motor vehicle steering system
The invention relates to a servo-assisted steering system, in particular for a motor vehicle, having a servo motor which drives an axially displaceable component via a nut (1) which is mounted in a frame (9, 10) in a rotatable manner in a bearing (4), wherein the nut (1) engages with a threaded spindle (2) formed on the component and is supported via the bearing (4) elastically with respect to the frame (9, 10) in the axial direction by means of spring elements (18, 20) and is supported on the frame (9, 10) in the radial direction along a narrow encircling contact surface (8, 30), wherein the spring elements (18, 20) are corrugated springs.. .
Closure element for bores subjected to internal pressure
A closure element serves for closing off bores which are subjected to internal pressure, preferably bores in engine or valve blocks or tanks. Said closure element has a sleeve-shaped main body which can be inserted into the bore and the outer circumference of which, in the installed state, bears sealingly against the inner surface (2) of the bore (3).
Residual pressure release valve
A flow-through condition of a pressure fluid between first through third ports formed in a body of a residual pressure release valve is switched by a valve plug of a valve mechanism. Between an operating unit for driving the valve mechanism and the body, a converter is disposed for converting rotational movement of the operating unit into linear movement and transferring the linear movement to the valve plug.
Nozzle system and method
Spray nozzle systems and methods of use are described herein. The spray nozzle system may include a stationary tube, a rigid rotor, and a sub-medium supply source.
Ultrasonic testing method of wheel
An ultrasonic testing apparatus includes an array probe 3 disposed to face a flange-side rim face 16 of a wheel 1. The ultrasonic testing apparatus also includes an array flaw detector having a function of transmitting transmission-reception control signals to the array probe, and a personal computer having a function of setting various parameters for the array flaw detector, and receiving signals from the array flaw detector so as to generate images such as an a-scope image and a b-scope image.
Flexible liner hanger
A gas turbine engine exhaust system includes a liner extending along an axial direction and a radial direction and circumscribing a combustion plenum, a high pressure plenum circumscribing the liner along the radial direction, a structural component circumscribing the high pressure plenum along the radial direction, and a leaf spring fastener arranged within the high pressure plenum. The leaf spring fastener is arranged between the liner and the structural component..
Filter element
A filter element has a filter body having a longitudinal axis and a concentric shape relative to the longitudinal axis. The filter body has a first end face and a second opposite end face.
Pressure detection device of liquid flow route
A pressure detection device of a liquid flow route is provided which detects a pressure of an arterial blood circuit consisting of a flexible tube, a portion of which is connected to a peristaitically-actuated tube that can cause an internal liquid to flow by being compressed in a radial direction and being peristaltically actuated in a longitudinal direction in a roller of a blood pump, and which enables a predetermined liquid to be circulated. The pressure detection device includes a load sensor that detects radial displacement of the peristaltically-actuated tube..
Casting core for twisted gas turbine engine airfoil having a twisted rib
A casting core (200) for a twisted gas turbine engine blade, including: an airfoil portion (202) having: an airfoil base end (208), an airfoil tip end (210), a concave side exterior surface (212), a convex side exterior surface (214), a leading edge (204), and a trailing edge (206). The airfoil portion is twisted in a radial direction from the airfoil base end to the airfoil tip end.
Gas turbine engine airfoil with vane platform cooling passage
A stator vane for a gas turbine engine includes an airfoil extending in a radial direction and supported by a platform having a gas flowpath surface. A cooling passage is arranged in the platform and includes a circumferential passage that is fluidly connected to an inlet passage extending through and edge of the platform, and film cooling holes extending from the gas flowpath surface to the circumferential passage, radial extending passage through the edge of the platform.
Vibration actuator and optical apparatus
To reduce the length of the lens barrel, a vibration actuator has a vibrating element, a rotor, a pressing portion, a rotor holder that restricts a position of the rotor in the thrust and radial direction, and a bearing of which a rotation axis is coaxial with the axis of the vibrating element. The rotor holder includes an outer flange to receive the pressure force from the rotor portion, and an inner flange to serve as a first track face of the bearing..
Conductive sheet, touch panel, and display device
In the mesh pattern of the conductive sheet of the invention in which openings having different shapes are arrayed in plan view, a standard deviation of an area of each of the openings is equal to or greater than 0.017 mm2 and equal to or less than 0.038 mm2, in a two-dimensional distribution of centroid positions of the openings; a standard deviation for a root mean square deviation of each of the centroid positions which are disposed along a predetermined direction, with respect to a direction perpendicular to the predetermined direction is equal to or greater than 15.0 μm; or a standard deviation over a radial direction of a value expressed by a common logarithm of a standard deviation along an angular direction in a power spectrum of the mesh pattern is equal to or greater than 0.965 and equal to or less than 1.065.. .
Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine and vehicle using the electrical machine
Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine with rotor core including a plurality of magnet insertion holes, each having a substantially rectangular cross section, for each magnetic pole. A nonmagnetic section is formed at both ends of the magnet insertion hole in a circumferential direction.
Vibration power-generating strain wave gearing
The strain wave gearing includes a rigid internally toothed gear, a flexible externally toothed gear that is disposed coaxially therein and is flexible in the radial direction, and a wave generator that is disposed coaxially inside the externally toothed gear. The flexible externally toothed gear is bent in the radial direction by the wave generator and meshes with the rigid internally toothed gear in sections.
Stator with radially mounted teeth
A stator for an electric motor or generator comprising a circumferential support having a plurality of protrusions circumferentially distributed about the support; and a plurality of teeth arranged to receive coil windings, wherein each tooth includes a recess with interlocking means formed within the recess for engaging with a protrusion mounted on the circumferential support in a radial direction.. .
Power transmission device
A power transmission device includes: a high speed magnet rotor which includes a magnet array which is magnetized in a radial direction; a low speed magnet rotor which includes a magnet array which is magnetized in a circumferential direction; and an inductor rotor which allows magnetic fluxes from the magnet array of the high speed magnet rotor to pass, and the high speed magnet rotor, the low speed magnet rotor and the inductor rotor are concentrically arranged and the magnet array of the low speed magnet rotor is formed such that homopolar surfaces of neighboring magnets face each other in the circumferential direction.. .
Roller crusher having at least one roller comprising a flange
The invention relates to a roller crusher having two generally parallel rollers arranged to rotate in opposite directions, towards each other, and separated by a gap, each roller having a first end and a second end. The roller crusher comprises a flange attached to at least one of said ends of one of said rollers.
Medical vial cap
A crown, for a medical vial opening, has a top portion and a skirt surrounding the top portion. The skirt terminates at a lower edge defined in a first horizontal plane.
Pneumatic tire carcass having air blocking stabilizing fabric system
A pneumatic tire carcass having a radial direction and a circumferential direction. The tire carcass comprises at least one ply of stabilizing fabric embedded into an air-blocking layer.
Pneumatic tire carcass having air blocking stabilizing fabric system
A pneumatic tire carcass having a radial direction and a circumferential direction. The tire carcass comprises at least one ply of stabilizing fabric and an air-blocking layer attached to the stabilizing fabric.
Direct-injection engine combustion chamber structure
A direct-injection engine combustion chamber structure including, at a top surface of a piston, an inclined surface and an orthogonal surface. The inclined surface, continuous with an inner peripheral wall surface of a cavity, extends outward in a radial direction of the piston and becomes shallower toward an outer side in a radial direction of the piston.
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
In a valve timing control system for an internal combustion engine, brushes and slip rings are disposed within a space formed between each of an intake air side and an exhaust side device main frames and each of intake air side and exhaust side cover members and partitioned by means of the respective seal members and the respective cover members are configured to enable radial directional position adjustments by a predetermined quantity and are fixed to the internal combustion engine in a state in which the radial directional position adjustments of the respective cover members have been made.. .
Mooring assembly for a vessel
In a mooring assembly for a vessel, comprising a moonpool defined in the vessel, a turret is rotatably mounted within the moonpool with an upper main bearing for transmitting horizontal and vertical loads between the vessel and turret and with a lower secondary bearing for substantially transmitting horizontal loads between the vessel and the turret. Mooring lines are attached to the lower region of the turret that comprises a number of circumferentially spaced torsion box like torsion members each extending substantially vertically.
Pinion vibration damping using viscoelastic patch
A gearwheel extending in an axial direction and in a radial direction, the gearwheel including a radial web carrying an axial annular rim, the rim carrying gear teeth. The web includes a vibration damper device including a layer of viscoelastic material and a backing layer.
Percutaneous thrombus extraction device
A percutaneous thrombus extraction device for removing a thrombus from within a blood vessel includes a flexible outer sheath defining a first passage between a proximal end and a distal end. An inner sheath is movably positionable within the first passage.
Wafer polishing apparatus and method
An apparatus and method of polishing a substrate is described. The polishing includes: rotating a substrate; pressing a first polishing tool against an edge portion of the substrate to polish the edge portion; and pressing a second polishing tool against the edge portion of the substrate to polish the edge portion.
Method of producing a circular saw blade having cooling channels
A method is of producing a circular saw blade having cooling channels. In that case, placing of a plurality of thread-shaped bodies on a first circular disc of plastic material is carried out in such a manner that each of the thread-shaped bodies is oriented in radial direction.
Gas turbine engine turbine blade tip cooling
An airfoil for a gas turbine engine includes pressure and suction walls spaced apart from one another and joined at leading and trailing edges to provide an airfoil having an exterior surface that extends in a radial direction to a tip. A camber line at the tip extends from the leading edge to the trailing edge.
Rotary power transmission mechanism for transmitting rotary power from a shaft to a cylindrical member while suppressing shifting of the cylindrical member during rotation, and photoreceptor drum device, developing device, fixing device, and image forming device provided with the rotary power transmission mechanism
The rotary power transmission mechanism includes a flange member fitted to one end of a cylindrical member, a shaft inserted through an axial center of the flange member, and a pin member inserted through the shaft in a radial direction of the shaft. The flange member has a first contact portion and a second contact portion that have point symmetry with respect to an axial center of the shaft.
Image capturing illumination apparatus
The illumination apparatus includes a light source, a first reflective portion provided inside further than the light source in a radial direction so as to extend in a circumferential direction and reflecting light from the light source toward a light projecting direction. The apparatus further includes a second reflective portion provided inside further than the light source in the radial direction so as to extend in the radial direction and reflecting the light from the light source toward an area extending to a side away from the light source in the circumferential direction..
Disk drive device
A disk drive device comprises a chassis, an annular hub having an outer periphery on which a recording disk is to be mounted, and having an inner periphery to which an annular magnet is fastened, a fluid bearing unit that supports the hub in a manner freely rotatable relative to the chassis, an opposing wall formed annularly on the surface of the chassis at the hub side, and facing with at least partially the inner periphery of the hub in the radial direction, a first gap that extends in the axial direction between the inner periphery of the hub and the opposing wall, and a second gap that is continuous from the first gap and extends in the radial direction between the end face of the hub and the chassis.. .

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