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Pulse Width Modulation patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pulse Width Modulation-related patent applications.

 Dc-to-dc output current sensing patent thumbnailDc-to-dc output current sensing
Method and circuits enable measuring output current in dc/dc converters operating in pulse frequency modulation (pfm) mode and in pulse width modulation (pwm) mode. The method is applicable to dc/dc converters using an inductor at the output.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

 Sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus including the same patent thumbnailSheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus including the same
A sheet conveyance device includes a pair of separable contact rollers configured to convey a sheet, a contact/separation mechanism configured to support the pair of separable contact rollers in such a manner that the pair of separable contact rollers are able to come into separable contact with each other, and a solenoid configured to operate the contact/separation mechanism. The solenoid is driven so that the contact/separation mechanism causes the pair of separable contact rollers to come into pressure contact with each other, and driving of the solenoid is cancelled so that the contact/separation mechanism causes the pair of separable contact rollers to be separated from each other.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Light source device and control  light source device patent thumbnailLight source device and control light source device
A light source device includes a semiconductor light source, a light source control section, an optical sensor, a sensor control section, and an intensity adjusting section. The light source control section controls a light quantity per field of light to be emitted from the semiconductor light source, by pulse width modulation.
Olympus Corporation

 Three-phase inverting apparatus and control method and paralleled power conversion system thereof patent thumbnailThree-phase inverting apparatus and control method and paralleled power conversion system thereof
A three-phase inverting apparatus and a control method and a paralleled power conversion system thereof are provided. The control method is suitable for controlling a three-phase inverter having a plurality of switch sets, a first inductor, a second inductor, and a third inductor.
National Tsing Hua University

 Control circuit for backlight, a control method and a liquid crystal display device. patent thumbnailControl circuit for backlight, a control method and a liquid crystal display device.
The disclosure shows a control circuit for backlight, a control method and a liquid crystal display device. The control circuit includes a display driving chip used to generate a video frame data enable signal and a first pwm signal; a pulse width modulation control circuit for receiving the video frame data enable signal and the first pwm signal, and modulating a duty ratio of the first pwm signal under the video frame data enable signal control to get a second pwm signal; a backlight driving chip for receiving the second pwm signal, and controlling brightness of the backlight based on the second pwm signal to increase brightness of the backlight during a frame data disable period of the video frame data enable signal.
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., L Td.

 Pulse width modulation of continuum sources for determination of chemical composition patent thumbnailPulse width modulation of continuum sources for determination of chemical composition
A light source and a method for its use in an optical sensor are provided, the light source including a resistively heated element. The light source includes a power circuit configured to provide a pulse width modulated voltage to the resistively heated element, the pulse width modulated voltage including: a duty cycle with a first voltage; and a pulse period including a period with a second voltage, wherein: the duty cycle, the first voltage, and the pulse period are selected so that the resistively heated element is heated to a first temperature; and the first temperature is selected to emit black body radiation in a continuum spectral range.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Method for determining at least one physical parameter using a sensor unit patent thumbnailMethod for determining at least one physical parameter using a sensor unit
In a method for determining at least one physical parameter, a sensor unit which is activated by at least one periodic excitation (1.4) is provided, wherein the sensor unit has at least one detection region in which changes of the parameter in the surroundings of the sensor unit lead to output signal (1.7) from the sensor unit. The sensor unit is wired such that if there are no changes of the parameter in the detection region the output signal (1.7) is a zero signal or virtually a zero signal at the output of the sensor unit, whereas if there are changes of the parameter in the detection region the output signal (1.7) is a signal that is not zero and has a specific amplitude and phase.

 Controlling plasma arc torches and related systems and methods patent thumbnailControlling plasma arc torches and related systems and methods
In some aspects, methods of initiating a plasma arc of a plasma arc torch to pierce a workpiece and detecting plasma piercing through the workpiece to begin a cutting sequence can include calculating a pulse width modulation characteristic of an electrical signal associated with a plasma arc between an electrode of a plasma arc torch and a workpiece to be processed; monitoring the characteristic during operation of the torch over a time period of a workpiece piercing sequence; comparing the characteristic to a threshold value; and responsive to determining that a calculated characteristic meets and/or exceeds the threshold value, ending the workpiece piercing sequence and beginning the cutting sequence and causing the plasma arc torch to move relative to the workpiece to form a cut.. .
Hypertherm, Inc.

 Core independent peripheral based ultrasonic ranging peripheral patent thumbnailCore independent peripheral based ultrasonic ranging peripheral
A ranging function is implemented using a collection of core independent peripherals (cips) in a microcontroller without software overhead to the central processor during operation thereof. A pulse width modulation (pwm) peripheral generates a high frequency drive signal, a counter to set the duration of the pwm drive signal (pulse), and a second timer coupled to a comparator to measure the time it takes to receive back a reflection of the ranging signal from an object.
Microchip Technology Incorporated

 Pulse width modulation circuit patent thumbnailPulse width modulation circuit
The present invention discloses a pulse width modulation circuit, comprising: an input circuit, inputting a voltage through an input end; a voltage difference calculation circuit, and the voltage difference calculation circuit comprises a resistor and a subtracter, and one end of the resistor is coupled to an output end of the input circuit, and the other end is employed to be an output end of the pulse width modulation circuit, and two input ends of the subtracter are respectively coupled to the two ends of the resistor; an analog dimming circuit, and an input end thereof is coupled to an output end of the subtracter, and an output end thereof is coupled to a control end of the input circuit to receive the voltage difference and convert the voltage difference into a pulse width modulation signal to be outputted to the inputted circuit for current feedback.. .
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Power point tracking via solar-battery-converter

Controllers (1) control converters (2) that convert first power from solar arrangements (3) into second power for battery arrangements (4). Said control comprises, in response to detections of values of current signals flowing through the battery arrangements (4), adjustments of impedances of the converters (2) for maximizing the current signals.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Three-phase variable reference pulse width modulation

A system includes a three phase ac or brushless dc motor, an inverter and a controller. The inverter is electrically coupled to the motor.
Eaton Corporation

Dead-time optimization of resonant inverters

The present disclosure is directed to an electrosurgical generator including a resonant inverter having an h-bridge and a tank. A sensor array measures at least one property of the tank.
Covidien Lp

Circuit and controlling pulse width modulation of a current suply for a load

A circuit comprising a controller (2) for controlling a pulse width modulated input signal, and a driver (4) configured to supply current to a load (6) based on the input signal, wherein over the on time of each pulse width modulation period the driver (4) supplies current to the load (6) with a second frequency that is greater than the first frequency. The controller (2) is configured to control the duty cycle to set the output of the load (6) to a desired output level, and to dither the duty cycle about a point corresponding to the desired output level..
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Light-emitting diode device

A light-emitting diode (led) device including an led module and a driver is provided. The led module includes a voltage sensing module and an led.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

A wireless charging device and methods of use

The invention is directed to a wireless charging device having a pulse width modulation (pwm) unit integrated within a transmitting unit of said wireless charging device and configured to modulate rf energy transmission to a device under charge according to real time analysis of the charging process, said pwm unit is connected to a charging tracking module and to controller, wherein said charging tracking module is adapted to provide data reflecting the progress of said charging process and said controller is adapted to receive said data from said charging tracking module and adjust the duty cycle of said pwm unit according to the data obtained, so as to adjust the transmitted power to the wireless charging process and thus, to have minimal energy loss during said wireless charging process. The invention is further directed to a wireless charging system comprising a wireless charging device according to the above and a device under charge, wherein during the wireless charging process the transmission of rf energy by the transmitting unit is enabled according to the duty cycle of the pwm that changes according to the progress of the charging process, so as to provide a desired average power level to a receiving unit in the device under charge while keeping a peak power level transmitted for maintaining a high power conversion efficiency..
Humavox Ltd.

Switch drive circuit capable of saving timers of fan processor

A switch drive circuit capable of saving timers of fan processor is applied to a processor. The switch drive circuit includes multiple upper arm switch components, multiple lower arm switch components correspondingly electrically connected with the upper arm switch components, a first drive control unit and a second drive control unit.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

Led package structure with an integrated pin to transmit operation power and control signals

A led package structure is provided. The led package includes a three-element red-green-blue (rgb) light emitting diode (led).

Per-phase current calibration a multi-phase voltage regulator

A method and an information handling system (ihs) perform current calibration of a multi-phase voltage regulator (vr) by using a calibrated operating phase to calibrate an unknown operating phase. A calibration controller, using a pulse width modulation (pwm) controller, enables a first unknown operating phase within a first converter sub-circuit in the multiphase vr.
Dell Products, L.p.

Power supply circuitry and adaptive transient control

A control circuitry can be configured to receive an error signal indicating a difference between an output voltage of the power supply and a desired setpoint for the output voltage. According to one configuration, depending on the error signal, the control circuitry initiates switching between operating the control circuitry in a pulse width modulation mode and operating the control circuitry in a pulse frequency modulation mode to produce an output voltage.
Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.

Per-phase current calibration a multi-phase voltage regulator

An information handling system (ihs) performs current calibration of a multi-phase vr using leakage current as a reference current. The ihs includes a multi-phase voltage regulator (vr) module coupled to an output port of a power supply unit (psu).
Dell Products, L.p.

Integrated power supply and control system and method

An integrated electrical power supply and control system and method are provided. Such a system and method utilize energy storage, memory and a processor to provide controlled direct current (dc) energy suitable for operating narrowband semiconductor irradiation arrays according to appropriate pulse width modulation patterns to achieve cooking/heating of comestibles..
Pressco Ip Llc

Gain compensation for a full bridge inverter

An electrosurgical generator includes a gain-compensated full bridge topology. Gain nonlinearity is corrected by applying impedance and phase correction factors to a control loop to achieve a linear gain structure.
Covidien Lp

Digital pulse width modulation power supply with pico second resolution

A laser system includes a laser generation element and a pulse width modulated (pwm) signal generator that uses a clock to generate a control signal having a period based on the clock frequency and includes a pulse width between a rising edge and a falling edge. The system also includes a switch mode power supply controlled by the control signal output by the pwm signal generator for providing power to the laser generation element based on the control signal.
Vuemetrix, Inc

Power systems for dynamically controlling a soap, sanitizer or lotion dispenser drive motor

Exemplary power systems for dynamically controlling a dispenser drive motor for dispensing soap, sanitizing or lotion. An exemplary soap, sanitizing or lotion dispenser includes a housing, a receptacle for receiving a container for holding a soap, sanitizing or lotion, a container of soap, sanitizing or lotion and a pump secured to the container.
Gojo Industries, Inc.

Wireless charging system, wireless power transmitter thereof, and wireless transmitting method therefor

A wireless charging system, a wireless power transmitter, and a wireless transmitting method are provided. The method includes generating a pulse width modulation signal having an operating frequency according to a parameter, transmitting a power signal according to the pulse width modulation signal, generating a sampling frequency according to the operating frequency, obtaining power adjusting information from a transmission coil according to the sampling frequency, and adjusting the parameter according to the power adjusting information.
Newedge Technologies, Inc.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner may include a cleaner body having a suction motor and a suctioning portion configured to be in communication with the cleaner body and to suction air and dust. One of a battery assembly having a battery or a cord reel assembly having a power cord may be installed in the cleaner body.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Electronic vaporiser system

An electronic cigarette vaporiser that includes a heating element, a power source and an electronics module that manages the delivery of power, current or voltage to the heating element; the electronics module controls or delivers pulses of power, current or voltage to the heating element, such as pwm (pulse width modulation) with a high frequency 1-10 khz switching frequency. The duty cycle of the pwm can be approximately 90% when heating; and 1-10% duty during a preheat; and 0% when the vaporiser is idle..
Beyond Twenty Ltd.

Shift register unit, gate driver circuit and display panel

A shift register unit having a pulse width modulation module is provided. The pulse width modulation module includes a first input submodule, a first pull-down submodule, a second input submodule, a second pull-down submodule, a third input submodule, and a third pull-down submodule..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Electric vehicle control device

An electric vehicle control device includes: a main transformer to convert ac voltage input to an input winding thereof from an ac power source, and output converted ac voltage from each of a plurality of output windings; a plurality of converter main circuits, each connected to one of a plurality of secondary windings included in the output windings, to convert ac voltage output from connected secondary windings into dc voltage; and a plurality of converter controllers, each targeting for control one of the converter main circuits, to control by pulse width modulation the control-target converter main circuit, by comparing a signal wave and carrier wave. Each of the converter controllers determines a phase angle correction amount of the signal wave and/or the carrier wave, in response to operating state of a load supplied power through a predetermined output winding among the output windings..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Methods for consolidating module types for industrial control systems

A programmable discrete input module is described. In one or more implementations, the programmable discrete input module comprises a pulse width modulation module configured to generate a pulse width modulated signal based upon an input signal and a pulse width modulation module configured to generate a demodulated pulse width signal.
Bedrock Automation Platforms Inc.

Pulse width modulation for a head-mounted display device display illumination system

In various embodiments, methods and systems for controlling display illumination is provided. A display illumination system supports maintaining color stability and reducing perceived flicker while changing the brightness of a display.

Control circuit for controlling cooling fan of data center

A control circuit for controlling a cooling fan is defined in a data center. The control circuit includes a cooling fan, a controller, a switch unit, and a control unit.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Motor speed control circuit and control method thereof

A motor speed control circuit including a voltage-dividing module, a first analog-to-digital converter, a second analog-to-digital converter and an operation module. The voltage-dividing module includes a first resistor unit and a second resistor unit.
Anpec Electronics Corporation

Master-slave digital voltage regulators

Described is an apparatus which comprises: a first bridge to be coupled to a first load; a first pulse width modulation (pwm) circuit to drive the first bridge; a second bridge to be coupled to a second load; and a second pwm circuit to drive the second bridge, wherein the first pwm circuit is controlled by a first digital word separate from a second digital word, wherein the second pwm circuit is controlled by the second digital, and wherein the second digital word is derived from the first digital word.. .
Intel Corporation

Active matrix organic light emitting diode display

An improved am oled pixel circuit and method of wide dynamic range dimming for am oled displays are disclosed that maintain color balance throughout the dimming range, and also maintain the uniformity of the luminance and chromaticity of the display at low gray-levels as the display is dimmed to lower luminance values. As such, am oled displays can meet the stringent color/dimming specifications required for existing and future avionics, cockpit, and hand-held military device display applications.
Honeywell International Inc.

Image processing method and image processing system assigning different gains to different sections

The present invention discloses an image processing method and an image processing system adopting the same. The method includes the steps of: (a) obtaining a pixel array representing an image; (b) segmenting the pixel array into two or more non-overlapping regions; (c) identifying a capacitor discharging rate of each of the regions; (d) generating a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal when a voltage level dropping of a capacitor exceeds a predetermined threshold; and (e) applying exposure parameters to the regions according to the capacitor discharging rate of the regions, respectively, wherein the exposure parameter applied to one of the regions is different from the exposure parameter applied to at least another one of the regions..
Pixart Imaging (penang) Sdn. Bhd.

Flyback-based power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus including a flyback power conversion circuit, a control chip and a detection auxiliary circuit is provided. The flyback power conversion circuit converts an input voltage into a direct current (dc) output voltage.
Power Forest Technology Corporation

Output current monitor circuit for switching regulator

A circuit and method for providing an improved current monitoring circuit for a switching regulator. A circuit providing switching regulation with an improved current monitor, comprising a pulse width modulation (pwm) controller configured to provide p- and n-drive signals, an output stage connected to said pwm controller and configured to provide switching, comprising a high-side and low-side transistor, driven by said p- and n-drive signals, respectively, a sense circuit configured to provide output current sensing from the output stage during a sampling period when the n-drive signal is active, and a sampling timing generator configured to provide a an n-sampling signal, nsample, to the sense circuit, wherein a start of the n-sampling signal is delayed by a first delay after the sampling period and the n-sampling signal is ended prior to an end of the sampling period by a second delay..
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Lighting device, vehicle illumination device, and vehicle

The lighting device includes a control circuit performing dimming control of dimming a light source device according to a desired dimming level. In the dimming control, the control circuit sets a desired current value of amplitude control to a value corresponding to the desired dimming level, and set a desired duty cycle of pulse width modulation control to a predetermined value associated with a dimming subrange containing the desired dimming level, of multiple different dimming subranges of a total dimming range of the light source device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Programmable led driver, monitor and setting devices

Led driver apparatus and methods may include a sensing circuit for adjusting an output based on either a pulse width modulation dimming control or an analog dimming control. An led driver apparatus and methods may also include a sensor for a parameter such as temperature and for recording such parameter, for example as a function of time.
Fulham Company Limited, An Exempted Co. Inc'd W/ Limited Liability Under The Laws Of The Cayman Isl

Modular multilevel converter leg with flat-top pwm modulation, converter and hybrid converter topologies

A voltage source converter for interconnecting first and second electrical networks, including first and second terminals for connection to the first electrical network, and a primary converter limb extending between the first and second terminals including first and second primary limb portions separated by a third terminal connectable to the second electrical network. The converter further including a second chain-link converter connected to the third terminal and a control unit configured to selectively operate one or more chain-link modules to generate a discontinuous pulse width modulation voltage waveform.
General Electric Technology Gmbh

Control of a startup circuit using a feedback pin of a pwm controller integrated circuit chip

A power supply includes a control transistor that controls a primary winding of a transformer to induce current on a secondary winding of the transformer to generate an output voltage. A pulse width modulation (pwm) controller integrated circuit (ic) chip drives the control transistor through a gate pin.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Pulse width modulation controller architectures

Systems, apparatuses, and techniques for pulse width modulation (pwm) are described. A described system includes a circuit that contains an inductor and a transistor that controls current through the inductor based on a pwm signal to produce an output; and a controller to provide the pwm signal, which includes pwm cycles that include on-durations and off-durations.
Atmel Corporation

Power supply avoiding audio noise and power supply avoiding audio noise

A power supply apparatus (10) includes a voltage input side (102), a power switch circuit (104), a voltage output side (106), a pulse width modulation signal generating circuit (108) and a burst frequency detection circuit (110). According to a pulse width modulation signal (114), the pulse width modulation signal generating circuit (108) controls the power switch circuit (104), so that the power supply apparatus (10) enters a burst mode.
Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.

A pixel circuit, display panel and driving method thereof

The present disclosure provides a pixel circuit, a display panel and a driving method thereof. The pixel circuit comprises a charging module, a light-emitting device and a capacitor.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Sensor device and sensing method using the same

Provided are a sensor device and a sensing method using the same. The sensor device according to the present invention includes: a sensing voltage generating unit outputting different voltage values depending on an external environment; a pulse generating unit generating a pulse having a period which is proportional to an input voltage; a divider dividing an output of the pulse generating unit; and a counter unit measuring a length of an output pulse of the divider in a clock unit.

Motor speed curve control circuit and moter thereof

The present disclosure illustrates a motor speed curve control circuit. The motor speed curve control circuit is configured for adjusting a speed of a motor according to a motor speed curve.
Anpec Electronics Corporation

Electric motor and motor control

Various embodiments of an electric motor and electronic control for an electric motor are disclosed. An exemplary electric motor comprises a single-phase brushless permanent magnet electric motor.
Nidec Motor Corporation

Motor driver of motor for valve timing control of internal combustion engine

A motor driver for driving a motor in a valve timing controller of an internal combustion engine, including an electronic driver unit (edu) that, upon receiving a target rotation cycle as the instructed rotation cycle, instructs a rotation controller to (i) calculate a duty value of a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal for driving the motor based on an instructed rotation cycle and an actual rotation cycle and (ii) output a calculation result of the duty value to a motor drive unit, with the rotation controller outputting, to the motor drive unit, an instruction signal that rotates the motor forward along an actual rotation direction, when the calculation result takes a positive value as a duty ratio of the pwm signal, establishing an accurate motor rotation speed control together with an improved responsiveness.. .
Denso Corporation

Voltage regulator current load sensing

A dc-dc converter including digital circuitry for determining load current supplied to a load. In some embodiments the digital circuitry determines the load current differently based on whether the dc-dc converter is operating in pulse frequency modulation mode or pulse width modulation mode.
Endura Ip Holdings Ltd.

Dc-dc converter having digital control and reference pwm generators

A dc-dc converter operating in pulse frequency modulation (pfm) and pulse width modulation (pwm) modes includes a plurality of pwm signal generators. The pwm signal generators generate pwm signals with different duty cycles.
Endura Ip Holdings Ltd.

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