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 Posting content to social medium patent thumbnailPosting content to social medium
A computer-implemented method of posting content to a social medium comprises receiving content posted by a user along with an associated posting time which indicates when the user selected an option to post the content to the social medium; determining that publication of the content posted by the user is dependent on a trigger; and in response to determining that publication of the content is dependent on the trigger, storing the content with the associated posting time and suspending publication of the content until the trigger is satisfied such that the posting time published with the content indicates a time prior to transmission of the content from an electronic device to a server for publishing.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Systems and methods for managing digital identities patent thumbnailSystems and methods for managing digital identities
Systems and methods for managing digital identities. In some embodiments, a method is provided, comprising acts of: using a plurality of measurements taken from a user to generate an identifier for the user, the identifier comprising a cryptographic proof of the plurality of measurements; instantiating a digital identity representation associated with the identifier for the user, the digital identity representation comprising program code that implements rules for attestation; generating an electronic signature over the digital identity representation; and publishing the digital identity representation and the electronic signature to a distributed ledger system..
Cambridge Blockchain, Llc

 Crypto currency chargeback system patent thumbnailCrypto currency chargeback system
Distributed crypto currency chargeback systems and methods include at least one system provider device receiving, through a network from a payer device associated with a payer, a chargeback report associated with a first transaction of a plurality of transactions performed using a distributed crypto currency, where the first transaction involves the payer and a payee. The at least one system provider device publishes the chargeback report in a chargeback ledger.
Paypal, Inc.

 Crypto currency chargeback system patent thumbnailCrypto currency chargeback system
Distributed crypto currency chargeback systems and methods include at least one system provider device receiving, through a network from a payer device associated with a payer, a chargeback report associated with a first transaction of a plurality of transactions performed using a distributed crypto currency, where the first transaction involves the payer and a payee. The at least one system provider device publishes the chargeback report in a chargeback ledger.
Paypal, Inc.

 Publish-subscribe platform for cloud file distribution patent thumbnailPublish-subscribe platform for cloud file distribution
Methods and apparatus for managing file distribution between publishing and subscribing devices are provided. At a transporter system, a publish request for publishing a version of the dataset is received from a publisher device, wherein the publish request has a predefined format that includes an identity of the dataset, an identity of the version of the dataset, and an identity of a location for the version of the dataset.
Yahoo! Inc.

 Systems and methods for text to social networking site to buy patent thumbnailSystems and methods for text to social networking site to buy
Methods and systems for publishing content received via a cellular message to a social networking server to convert visitors of the published content into customers are provided. An agent executing on a device including one or more processors receives, via a cellular communication channel, a cellular message to publish content included in the cellular message to a server of a social networking web site.
Qwasi, Inc

 System and  selective payment terms patent thumbnailSystem and selective payment terms
Systems and methods for a payment system may include: receiving, from a first party, a predetermined payment date and amount for goods or services provided by a second party; publishing, by a processor, the predetermined payment date and amount for viewing by the second party; calculating, by the processor, at least one reduced payment amount option for at least one pre-payment date, the pre-payment date in advance of the predetermined payment date calculated based at least on a discounting table; publishing, by the processor, one reduced payment amount; receiving, by the processor, a selection of one of the reduced payment amount options from a second party, wherein the selection comprises a selected reduced payment amount and one of the at least one pre-payment date; and facilitating payment from the first party to the second party according to the selected payment amount and date.. .
Loadpay Llc

 System and user interfaces for customizing a template editor patent thumbnailSystem and user interfaces for customizing a template editor
A system, computer-readable storage medium, and computer-implemented method for populating a customized library of pattern templates for editing content works, such as publications using markup language, via a user interface having panel of patterns, are presented. The disclosure includes approaches for defining aspects of a pattern template library to balance control, flexibility, and efficiency during the publishing process..
Inkling Systems, Inc.

 Color selector for desktop publishing patent thumbnailColor selector for desktop publishing
Techniques are disclosed for color selection in a desktop publishing application. A color selection technique includes receiving a selection of an image, automatically sampling a color from a pixel of the selected image, and adding the sampled color to a color swatch in a graphical user interface.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Platform content moderation patent thumbnailPlatform content moderation
Systems and methods for moderating branded content provided by users to an online content publishing and distribution network are described. In some embodiments, a content management system stores user-generated or user-created content, and creates and shares links associated to the user-generated content to online networks and other sites, where other users share, consume, and/or interact with the content (e.g., videos and other multimedia content)..
Vivoom, Inc.

Mobile application manager system and method

A mobile web application manager system is provided for creating, editing, and managing mobile web applications. The system may include an interface component configured to receive data in an arbitrary format.
Squawqr Llc

Formation characteristics determination apparatus, methods, and systems

In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and article, may operate to model electromagnetic data to provide modeled electromagnetic data by solving a first set of surface integral equations that include earth model parameters corresponding to an earth model of a geological formation. Additional activity may include publishing at least some of the modeled electromagnetic data in human-readable form, and/or controlling drilling operations in the geological formation based on the earth model when error between the modeled electromagnetic data and measured electromagnetic data is less than a selected threshold.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Publishing to digital signage

publishing of content on digital signage includes supplying a content, suitable for publication on digital signage, to a platform from a source arranged in association with the platform; trafficking the content from the platform to the digital signage by means of a feed; publishing the content on the digital signage; providing a folder at the digital signage comprising the content; generating a summary file at the platform related to a new content and forwarding the summary file to the digital signage. The summary file may be used to identify and select new and/or updated parts of new content by comparison with the content stored in the folder.
Grand Visual Llc

Restricting targeted advertising across multiple environments

A user makes a request to restrict targeted advertising through third party services accessed on a client device. A publishing system obtains information indicating that the user requested to restrict targeted advertising.
Facebook, Inc.

System and audio and video portable publishing system

A system that allows consumers to manage content and create audio/video presentations in a small portable media device, and to share media files with other users of small portable media devices, without requiring access to a computer.. .
Silver State Intellectual Technologies, Inc.

Media planning tool

An advertising system stores records of web publishers accessed by each of a plurality of users of the online system, where the records indicate for each of the web publishers which of the users have accessed sites of the web publisher. A set of users targeted by an advertiser for receiving one or more advertisements from the advertiser is received.
Facebook, Inc.

Tracking unitization occurring in a supply chain

Various embodiments include a method of tracking a chain of custody of an item in a supply chain. A computer system implements a computer interface with a distributed consensus network comprised of computing devices configured to verify one or more waiting transaction records for addition into one or more blocks in a block chain representing a cryptographically verifiable ledger.
Skuchain, Inc.

Image processing device and terminal device

An image processing device performs: acquiring a selection instruction to select one function of the plurality of functions; determining whether an operation mode is in a simulation mode, a terminal device that stores a virtual application program s and a virtual service program used for the virtual application program, executing, when it is determined that the operation mode is not the simulation mode, a first function executing process to execute the selected function by: activating the application program corresponding to the function selected by the acquired selection instruction; and executing, when it is determined that the operation mode is the simulation mode, a second function executing process to execute the specific function by: inhibiting the activating of the application program; publishing an application programming interface corresponding to the specific function; acquiring an execution instruction of the specific function, which is issued from the virtual application program.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system to enable realtime availability of accessible content through multimodal, multichannel ecosystem

A method and system is provided for enabling real-time availability of accessible format of a published document such as book, journal, newspapers etc. To the print disabled users using the technology platform, at the same time ensuring the interest of various stakeholder such as print disabled users, publishers, ngos, universities, libraries etc.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Systems and methods for use in scoring entities in connection with preparedness of the entities for cyber-attacks

Systems and methods are provided for scoring business entities for attack preparedness, for example, in connection with cyber-attaches, etc. One exemplary method includes receiving a selection of a target business entity, associated with a payment network, and then generating a preparedness score related to cyber-attack for the selected business entity based on at least one security aspect of the business entity and at least one stage of attack.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Publication of collaborative file to library

Disclosed are examples of systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products for sharing and publishing files. In one aspect, the database system can maintain a user database, a file database and a library., Inc.

Optimize follower and search relevancy ratio

System, method, and computer program product to perform an operation, the operation including: defining a timing schedule for publishing a set of items of content in a first content class and a second content class for publication based on a content class ratio and corresponding scores of the set of items of content, publishing, by operation of one or more computer processors and according to a first method, the set of items of content on a social media platform based on the timing schedule, monitoring a plurality of metrics for the set of items of content, and modifying the content class ratio upon determining that the content class ratio impacts the plurality of metrics.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Planning for manufacturing environments

Embodiments presented herein provide techniques for executing a block-based workflow to perform a planning process for a semiconductor manufacturing environment. The block-based workflow includes a plurality of blocks that specify a set of operations for performing the planning process.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Scheduling in manufacturing environments

Embodiments presented herein provide techniques for executing a block-based workflow to provide a schedule for a semiconductor manufacturing environment. The block-based workflow includes a plurality of blocks and each block specifies a set of operations to be performed upon execution of each block.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Media distribution and management platform

An embodiment of the invention simplifies management of the “video lifecycle”. An embodiment includes one of more modules that streamline the video publishing process by abstracting technical steps such as video publishing, updating video, unpublishing video, retrieval or statistics concerning video, authorization to process video, validation of video, video metadata processing, video transcoding, and/or video transmission.
Ustudio, Inc.

System and trading digital assets between mobile devices

A mobile device and method are disclosed for trading a digital asset with a buyer device. The method provides for publishing a publicly available list of digital assets from the selling mobile device that can be accessed by potential buyer mobile devices over a network.

Systems and methods for identifying aggregate merchants

Systems and methods for use in identifying one or more aggregate merchants are provided. An exemplary method includes compiling, by a computing device, a merchant data structure based on a region where the merchant data structure includes multiple merchants and, for each of the multiple merchants, a doing business as (dba) name and at least one merchant metric.
Mastercard International Incorporated

System and assessing and supplementing online content

Online content that would benefit users by being more extensive is searched for, analyzed and supplemented by publishing further relevant content. The content that is searched for includes explicit or implied questions that are unanswered, incompletely answered questions, incorrectly answered questions and content that, if viewed by a user, would trigger questions in the user's mind.
Curiate Technologies Inc.

Api provider insights collection

A method includes publishing, by a server, an application program interface (api). The method also includes deploying the published api and a helper agent to a client system.
Ca, Inc.

Interactive virtual thematic environment

The present invention is directed to a method of integrating information, including real-time information, into a virtual thematic environment using a computer system, including accessing the stored information from a database or downloading the real-time information from a source external to the thematic environment; inserting the real-time information into the thematic environment; and displaying the information to a user within the thematic environment. In one embodiment, the computer system is connected to a holographic projection system such that the images from the thematic environment can be projected as holographic projections.
Barbaro Technologies

System, method, device and product for compiling aggregated media in a time-based playlist

A system, method and device are provided, for creating multimedia playlists. A visual module aggregates at least one image file targeted from one or more visual media fields.

Interactive acknowledge system and method based on internet communications and streaming media live broadcast

This invention discloses an interactive acknowledge system and method based on internet communications and streaming media live broadcast, wherein the interactive acknowledge system based on internet communications and streaming media live broadcast includes: an interactive acknowledge publishing client comprising a streaming media data reading module, an interactive acknowledge editing and initiating module and a publishing module, an interactive acknowledge server comprising an interactive acknowledge delivery processing module, an interactive acknowledge delivery strategy judging module and a client delivery module, and an interactive acknowledge client comprising an interactive acknowledge processing module and an interactive acknowledge display and data collection module. The system edits and delivers interactive acknowledge logic or sends out a real-time interactive acknowledge request, is triggered according to a triggering condition, collects and reports acknowledge data, thus realizing a good interaction with audience.

Community purchasing model

A community purchase model for increasing transparency and information symmetry to marketplaces is provided. The community purchase model provides a method for creating and publishing user-buyers' intentions to enter into a deal which other user-buyers can associate with, for setting the terms of the deal, for marketing the deal through their online social networks, and for user-sellers to commit to.

Engine and system for the transcription and assessment of media files

A system and method for publishing endorsed media is disclosed herein. The system receives a media file and then transcribes a portion of the media file to produce a transcribed script for the media portion.
Veritone, Inc.

Extensibility of business logic shared across a business process orchestration engine, a rule engine, and a user interface

In one general aspect, a method can include creating an action, the creating including annotating a block of code with metadata, and encapsulating the annotated block of code into a reusable building block of code. The method can further include publishing the action, the publishing including registering the action in a service registry.
Bmc Software, Inc.

Robot service platform

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, to share information in a community of robots and users to perform tasks. In one aspect, a method includes registering, a plurality of robots in a system including creating for each robot of the plurality of robots a robot profile; publishing the robot profile; providing an application programming interface to the plurality of registered robots; providing a user interface to users; receiving a service request; determining that a user or registered robot is qualified to obtain service information in response to the service request; determining, responsive to the user or registered robot being qualified, the service information for the service request based on the published robot profiles; selecting one or more registered robots to receive the service information; and sending the service information to the one or more selected registered robots..
Autodesk, Inc.

Methods and apparatus of encoding real time media content

Methods, apparatus and systems of parallel encoding and publishing media content in a plurality of encoded formats. One exemplary embodiment includes the steps of receiving at least a first portion of a first content stream; communicating the first portion of the stream to a plurality of encoders including a first through nth encoder, operating said first through nth encoders in parallel to perform different encoding operations in real time to generate first through nth encoded versions of said first portion of content; monitoring the encoding status of each of the first through nth encoders; determining when at least the first through nth encoders are done processing the first portion of the stream, and publishing, in response to determining that the first through nth encoders are done processing the first portion of the stream, at the same time, the successfully encoded versions of the first portion of the stream..
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Precision push internet information

The present invention could achieve the implementation of one-off publishing by users of structured information, non-structured information, text information and webpage information, precisely push these information to various internet information application platforms and relevant information requiring users, thus relieving an internet user from the distress of repeatedly publishing on various application platforms, reducing information collecting costs of the internet application platforms, and further improving communication and application efficiency of internet information.. .

Systems and methods for managing privacy settings of shared content

Systems and methods for managing privacy settings of shared content include receiving content associated with an object; receiving privacy settings associated with the object associated with the received content; based on the received privacy settings, obfuscating, at least a portion of the content associated with the object to generated obfuscated content; and transmitting the obfuscated content to a publishing server, wherein the publishing server publishes the obfuscated content to one or more third parties.. .
Google Inc.

Systems, computer-implemented methods, and computer-readable media for generating a topical media stream

One aspect of the invention provides a computer-implemented method of generating a topical media stream. The method includes: polling a plurality of internet-accessible media sources for new publicly available content; storing the new publicly available content in a database along with metadata describing the content; selecting a subset of publicly available content stored in the database that is relevant to a topic; combining the selected subset with private content to form a topical media stream; and publishing the stream via the internet..
Gstream Holdings, Llc

Systems and methods for anticipatory push search for a homescreen browser

A method and apparatus for performing anticipatory push search for a homescreen browser of a mobile device is described. The method may include collecting profile data indicative of behavior of a user with respect to usage of a mobile device and constructing a user profile for an anticipated usage of the mobile device by the user.
Bento Labs Inc.

Publish/subscribe network enabled for multimedia signaling control, initating a session within the network and respective network device

A method for initiating a session within a publish/subscribe network, comprises: publishing a first topic by a first user interface of a first device, the topic identifying the first user interface and including an address-identifier identifying a second user interface of another device, triggering a request to start a session, starting a first media endpoint (43, 44) by publishing the media endpoint to the network by using a second topic for the media end point representing the media end point and describing the capabilities of the media endpoint, and linking the first media endpoint with a second media endpoint (45, 46) of the second user interface (42), when the second user interface has accepted the session.. .
Thomson Licensing

Global digital mobile publishing (gdmp) method

A gdmp method includes: providing an open platform for distributing an edm employing an open file format, a closed platform including a gdmp system, and a mobile device having a special-purpose application installed thereon; when the gdmp system receives order information about a product on the edm and confirms the product has been paid, the gdmp system sending a user an electronic message including identification information according to contact information about the user included in the order information; when the special-purpose application is executed on the mobile device and the identification information is input, the gdmp system transmitting a content of the product employing a closed file format formed by encryption and encoding to the mobile device to store, and bounding the stored content of the product to the mobile device; and, executing the special-purpose application on the mobile device to play the stored content of the product. It employs the open platform to make the distribution of products for sale easy to achieve better advertising effectiveness, and employs the closed platform to prevent sold products from illegal spread to protect owners of products..
New5 Tv Co., Ltd.

Non-repudiation of broadcast messaging

A method performed by a computing system includes receiving from a publishing entity a message and a first piece of evidence that the message was sent by the publishing entity, time-stamping the first piece of evidence, storing the time-stamped first piece of evidence, sending the message to a first subscribing entity, receiving from the first subscribing entity a second piece of evidence that the message was received by the first subscribing entity, time-stamping the second piece of evidence, and storing the time-stamped second piece of evidence.. .
Red Hat, Inc.

Aggregation system for generating and providing an enriched program schedule for media content

A device may receive, from a source device, first information relating to programs provided by a media content service provider. The programs may include media content.
Accenture Global Services Limited

Data management in a disttributed computing environment

A method for managing data in a distributed computing environment comprises receiving, on a message bus, a request to communicate data between a first system hosting data and a second system accessing data, referencing a policy defining rules for sharing data between the first system and the second system, compiling, based on the policy, a message indicating subscribers to receive the data to publish, and publishing, on the message bus, the compiled message.. .
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Method and systems relating to electronic multi-domain publishing

A computer system for the assisted creation of online interactive published content, the computer system including an input unit for obtaining content from a plurality of sources, a unit for obtaining zinet™ filters from a database and representing the designs to a user, allowing the user to select from the zine™ filter unit or automatically selecting the zine filter based on multiple parameters and applying the zine™ filter to the source content resulting in the content being published online by the user. The resulting online publication is in a format that can be displayed on a desktop or mobile device as a simple html pages or an interactive digital online magazine..
Zination Inc.

Video data analyzing method and apparatus and parking lot monitoring system

This application provides a video data analyzing method and apparatus and a parking lot monitoring system where the system includes: a video camera configured to capture videos; a data memory configured to store video data from the video camera; an analysis server configured to analyze a status of each parking lot according to the video data obtained from the data memory; an information publishing device configured to publish status information on each parking lot; and a central manage system configured to control operations of parts of the parking lot monitoring system. With the method, apparatus or system of this application, a large quantity of parking lots may be monitored by using few hardware resources, and high detection precision under an all-weather condition may be realized, which is extendable, and may support high-grade functions based on core technologies..
Fujitsu Limited

Content publishing method and user equipment

Embodiments of the present invention provide a content publishing method and a user equipment. The content publishing method includes: obtaining, by a first user equipment supporting a d2d function, a resource for broadcasting information of the first user equipment.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Communications between a peripheral system and a host device in efficient event-based synchronization of media transfer for real-time display rendering

Distributed, duplexing, arrangements include a portable system and a host device. The portable system and the host device are configured in various embodiments to receive user input and, in response, affect a feature of itself or send a message to the other to alter a feature of the other.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Systems and methods for efficient event-based synchronization in media file transfer and real-time display rendering between a peripheral system and a host device

A portable system including a digital connection plug, a processing hardware unit, and a non-transitory storage device including code causing the processing hardware unit to perform operations including dividing a received source video file or virtualized source video into a plurality of equal- or non-equal-sized image components. A resulting data-content package is stored at the system such as at a framebuffer thereof.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

System, for providing crowd-sourced, cloud-based custom tuning for applications

Optimizing computing device application profiles. Receiving, from power-user computing devices, a set of user-based application profiles, each application profile including one or more device parameter settings associated with an application operable to run on the devices.
Nvidia Corporation

Apparatus and distributing social presence information based on calendar events

A method of providing a social presence service in a mobile device. The method comprises: i) detecting in the mobile device a change in a calendar event associated with a first user; ii) in response to detecting the calendar event change, modifying in the mobile device social presence information associated with the first user; and iii) publishing the modified social presence information to a social presence server for subsequent sharing with a second user who has subscribed to the social presence information of the first user.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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