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Proteins patents

This page is updated frequently with new Proteins-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Proteins-related patents
 Use and treatment of di-amino acid repeat-containing proteins associated with als patent thumbnailUse and treatment of di-amino acid repeat-containing proteins associated with als
Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for identifying and/or treating subjects having or likely to have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) or frontotemporal dementia (ftd). Antibodies specific for one or more di-amino acid repeat-containing proteins are also provided herein..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

 Method for the early detection of renal disease using proteomics patent thumbnailMethod for the early detection of renal disease using proteomics
A method for the detection of an early biomarker for assessing a change in renal status in a mammalian subject following a renal event. The method typically includes the steps of (a) providing a body fluid sample obtained from a mammalian subject; (b) analyzing the molecular weight of the proteins in the sample using proteome analysis; and (c) identifying the presence of a protein in the sample selected from the group consisting of a 6.4 kda protein, a 28.5 kda protein, a 33 kda protein, a 44 kda protein, a 67 kda protein, and combinations thereof.
Children's Hospital Medical Center

 Protein combination-based fv library, and preparation method therefor patent thumbnailProtein combination-based fv library, and preparation method therefor
The present invention relates to a method for constructing an fv library based on a combination of proteins, a method of screening a desired antibody using the constructed fv library, an fv antibody screened by the screening method, and an fv library constructed by the fv library construction method. The fv library of the present invention is based on a combination of proteins so that members thereof can be individually analyzed for their function.
Scripps Korea Antibody Institute

 Systems and methods for early detection of cervical cancer by multiplex protein biomarkers patent thumbnailSystems and methods for early detection of cervical cancer by multiplex protein biomarkers
Method for diagnosis and prognosis of premalignant and malignant cervical disease by using multiple neoplastic protein biomarkers are provided. In particular, methods and systems for screening cervical cells for the expression of proteins, which occur as a result of premalignant cervical disease and progression to invasive cervical cancer..
Oncogenesis Inc.

 Method for pretreating specimen and  assaying biological substance patent thumbnailMethod for pretreating specimen and assaying biological substance
This invention relates to an assay device and a method for pretreating a specimen containing a biologically-relevant substance and then assaying the biologically-relevant substance. Biologically-relevant substances used in the assay method include microorganisms, cells, viruses, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, proteins (including antigens, antibodies, chromoproteins, and enzymes), peptides, nucleic acids, and small molecules.
Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd.

 Site-specific labeling of affinity tags in fusion proteins patent thumbnailSite-specific labeling of affinity tags in fusion proteins
The present invention provides methods and fluorescent compounds that facilitate detecting and labeling of a fusion protein by being capable of selectively binding to an affinity tag. The fluorescent compounds have the general formula a(b)n, wherein a is a fluorophore, b is a binding domain that is a charged chemical moiety, a protein or fragment thereof and n is an integer from 1-6 with the proviso that the protein or fragment thereof not be an antibody or generated from an antibody.
Life Technologies Corporation

 Compositions and methods for improving resolution of biomolecules separated on polyacrylamide gels patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for improving resolution of biomolecules separated on polyacrylamide gels
Gels, such as polyacrylamide gels, are provided that include linear polyacrylamide in the stacking gel. Native gels that include linear polyacrylamide in the stacker can be used to separate biomolecular complexes, such as protein complexes.
Life Technologies Corporation

 Nucleic acid binding proteins and uses thereof patent thumbnailNucleic acid binding proteins and uses thereof
Compositions, systems and methods employing nucleic acid binding proteins for use in the regulation and/or modulation of nucleic acid based reactions, including transcription, translation, modification, digestion, and hybridization reactions. Such compositions are employed in controlling a variety of different reaction types involving nucleic acids..
10x Genomics, Inc.

 Increased heterologous fe-s enzyme activity in yeast patent thumbnailIncreased heterologous fe-s enzyme activity in yeast
Yeast strains were engineered that have increased activity of heterologous proteins that require binding of an fe—s cluster for their activity. The yeast strains have reduced activity of an endogenous fe—s protein.
Butamax Advanced Biofuels Llc

 Modulation of acc deaminase expression patent thumbnailModulation of acc deaminase expression
Methods and compositions comprise acc deaminase nucleic acids and their encoded proteins for altering ethylene production and stress response in plants. Recombinant expression cassettes, host cells, and transgenic plants comprise the constructs.
Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.


Yeast promoters for protein expression

Isolated nucleic acids, expression methods, host cells, expression vectors, and dna constructs for producing proteins, and proteins produced using the expression methods are disclosed. More specifically, nucleic acids isolated from pichia pastoris having promoter activity and expression methods, host cells, expression vectors, and dna constructs of using the pichia pastoris promoters to produce different proteins and polypeptides are disclosed..
Biogrammatics, Inc.


Use of dimerization domains for temperature regulation of enzyme activity

Methods for regulating protein activity by fusing dimerization domains to target protein are provided. Chimeric proteins that include dimerization domains fused to target proteins for altering the activity of the target proteins are described.
Agrivida, Inc.


Compositions and methods related to proteins capable of reversible transition to a melt

Provided are compositions and methods for making a variety of products. The methods involve mixing sucker ring teeth (srt) protein and a plasticizer or a solvent to obtain a mixture of the srt protein and the plasticizer.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Proteins specific for baff and b7rp1 and uses thereof

Described herein are bispecific proteins specific for baff and b7rp1, nucleic acids encoding such proteins, methods of making such proteins, and uses for such proteins.. .
Amgen Inc.


Monoclonal antibodies against antithrombin b

This patent document relates to antibodies, antigen-binding antibody fragments (fabs), and other protein scaffolds, directed against human antithrombin β complexed with heparin and/or heparin-like structure (atβh). These atβh binding proteins can block the anti-coagulant activity of atβ to induce coagulation.
Timothy Myles


Production of proteins in glutamine-free cell culture media

The present invention relates generally to glutamine-free cell culture media supplemented with asparagine. The invention further concerns the production of recombinant proteins, such as antibodies, in asparagine-supplemented glutamine-free mammalian cell culture..
Genentech, Inc.


Secreted frizzle-related protein 5 (sfrp5) binding proteins and methods of treatment

Methods of treating metabolic diseases and disorders using an antigen binding protein specific for the sfrp5 polypeptide are provided. In various embodiments the metabolic disease or disorder is type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia elevated glucose levels, elevated insulin levels and diabetic nephropathy..
Amgen Inc.


Modified stefin a scaffold proteins

The invention provides novel scaffold proteins for the display of peptides such as peptide aptamers. The novel scaffold proteins are modifications of stefin a or stm (a variant of stefin a) and are useful as scaffold proteins and as display systems..
Avacta Life Sciences Limited


Modified fc fusion proteins

Preparations of modified fc fusion peptides that exhibit metabolically complete or near-complete oligosaccharide structures are provided. Also provided are methods for preparation of the modified fc fusion peptides.
Pyranose Biotherapeutics, Inc.


Ox40l fusion proteins and uses thereof

The disclosure provides ox40l huigg4 fusion polypeptide subunits comprising a human igg4 fc domain, a trimerization domain, and the receptor binding domain of ox40 ligand, where the fusion polypeptide subunits can self-assemble into hexameric proteins. Also provided are methods of making fusion polypeptide subunits and hexameric proteins, and methods of use, e.g., treatment of cancer..
Medimmune, Llc


Non-hemolytic llo fusion proteins and methods of utilizing same

The present invention provides recombinant proteins or peptides comprising a mutated listeriolysin o (llo) protein or fragment thereof, comprising a substitution or internal deletion of the cholesterol-binding domain or a portion thereof, fusion proteins or peptides comprising same, nucleotide molecules encoding same, and vaccine vectors comprising or encoding same. The present invention also provides methods of utilizing recombinant proteins, peptides, nucleotide molecules, and vaccine vectors of the present invention to induce an immune response to a peptide of interest..
Advaxis, Inc.


Compositions comprising receptor-associated protein (rap) variants specific for cr-containing proteins and uses thereof

The present invention relates generally to receptor-selective variants of the low-density lipoprotein receptor-associated protein (rap) and compositions thereof, methods of generating such variants and methods of using such receptor-selective rap variant compositions for therapeutic purposes.. .
Raptor Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Methods of promoting cardiac repair using growth factors fused to heparin binding sequences

The present invention is directed to proteins in which a heparin binding peptide is fused to a growth factor that promotes cell growth and survival. The compound thus formed is bound to the surface of cells which are then administered to damaged tissue.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Novel binding proteins for pcsk9

The present disclosure relates to novel lipocalin muteins which bind to pcsk9. The disclosure also provides corresponding nucleic acid molecules encoding lipocalin muteins and methods for producing lipocalin muteins as well as their encoding nucleic acid molecules..
Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.


Green fluorescent protein (gfp) peptides from rhacostoma

The present technology is directed to the nucleic acid molecule encoding novel fluorescent proteins, in particular, green fluorescent proteins (gfps), such as those that may be isolated from an organism of genus rhacostoma, as well as compositions comprising the same and methods for analyzing a physiologically active substance in a cell wherein the fluorescent proteins are expressed in the cell.. .


Haemophilus influenzae type b

Polypeptides comprising various amino acid sequences derived from haemophilus influenzae type b, including a number of lipoproteins. These can be used in the development of vaccines for preventing and/or treating bacterial meningitis.
J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc.


An epitope and its use

An isolated protein containing a common epitope recognized by umbilical blood antibodies specific against enterobacteria, occurring in an extract of bacterial outer membrane proteins, and fragments thereof containing said common epitope, which can be used in medicine and pharmaceutics, particularly in the production of vaccines and diagnostic tests as well as affinity materials.. .
Wroclawskie Centrum Badan Eit + Sp. Z O.o.


Methods and compositions for inhibition of bromodomain-containing proteins

The present invention relates to compounds that bind to and otherwise modulate the activity of bromodomain-containing proteins, to processes for preparing these compounds, to pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds, and to methods of using these compounds for treating a wide variety of conditions and disorders.. .
Convergene Llc


Apparatus for performing sonication

An apparatus for performing sonication on liquid samples comprises a rack for holding an array of sample vials, an ultrasonic probe with an arrangement of recesses corresponding to the array of sample vials and adapted to respectively receive and contact an outer surface of a bottom portion of a respective one of the sample vials, and a counter-holder with an arrangement of pushing members corresponding to the array of sample vials and adapted to respectively apply a force to a respective one of the sample vials so as to push the bottom portion of each vial into contact with the associated recess of the probe. The apparatus can be used in a method of preparing a sample for detection of cell components (e.g.
Merck Patent Gmbh


Carbohydrate-modified glycoproteins and uses thereof

The present invention provides immunogenic compounds which stimulate immune responses in a subject. The present invention provides compositions comprising an isolated glycoprotein antigen covalently bound at pre-existing carbohydrate residues present on the glycoprotein to a carbohydrate epitope.
Newlink Genetics Corporation


Computationally optimized broadly reactive antigens for human and avian h5n1 influenza

Described herein is the generation of optimized h5n 1 influenza ha polypeptides for eliciting a broadly reactive immune response to h5n1 influenza virus isolates. The optimized ha polypeptides were developed through a series of ha protein alignments, and subsequent generation of consensus sequences, based on human and avian h5n1 isolates.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education



The disclosure provides immunogenic compositions comprising human picornavirus peptides derived from structural proteins of the virus, constructs comprising the peptides, the peptides themselves and their use in the prevention of picornavirus infection and disease. Particular peptides from vp4 and vp1 are disclosed..
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.


Methods and compositions employing immunogenic fusion proteins

Compositions and methods are provided for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections, including pneumo-coccal infections. Compositions provided herein comprise a variety of immunogenic fusion proteins, wherein at least one poly-peptide component of a given fusion protein comprises a cbpa polypeptide and/or a cytolysoid polypeptide, or an active variant or fragment thereof.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Compositions and methods for preparing staphylococcus aureus serotype 5 and 8 capsular polysaccharide conjugate immunogenic compositions

The present invention relates to immunogenic conjugates comprising s. Auerus serotype 5 and 8 capsular polysaccharides conjugated to carrier proteins and methods for their preparation and use.
Wyeth Llc


Synthetic immunogens for prophylaxis or treatment of tuberculosis

Compositions comprising a nucleic acid molecule that encodes tb esat-6 proteins are disclosed. Methods of inducing an immune response against tb an individual are disclosed.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Protein particles comprising disulfide crosslinkers and uses

This disclosure relates to particles comprising recombinant proteins, pharmaceutical composition comprising the particles, and therapeutic uses related thereto. In certain embodiments, the particles are made by the process of producing recombinant proteins and conjugating the recombinant proteins to form nanoparticles with a linking reagent comprising disulfide bonds.
Emory University


Plant extracts with anti-diabetic and other useful activities

This invention relates to plant extracts containing nutritionally beneficial or medicinally active compounds. Some of these extracts, or the purified compounds contained therein, may be used for the nutritional support, prevention, treatment, or possible cure of various metabolic and other diseases and disorders in human beings and animals, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, by regulating insulin signaling.
Hmi Medical Innovations, Llc


Method for treating a pulmonary disease state in mammals by up regulating indigenous in vivo levels of inflammatory agents in mammalian cells

The present invention provides novel methods for treating a pulmonary disease state in mammals by up-regulating indigenous in vivo levels of an inflammatory agent in mammalian cells comprising contacting the mammalian cells with a therapeutically effective amount of an inflammatory regulator and a pharmaceutical agent. The inflammatory agent is selected from the group consisting of cytokines, transforming growth factor-β, elastase, and white blood cells, and wherein the inflammatory regulator is selected from the group consisting of pyruvates and pyruvate precursors.


Highly concentrated drug particles, formulations, suspensions and uses thereof

Highly concentrated drug particle formulations are described, wherein the drug comprises between about 25 wt % and 80 wt % of the particle formulation. The particle formulations of the present invention comprise, for example, macromolecules, such as proteins and/or small molecules (such as steroid hormones).
Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.


Lipid nanoparticles for transfection and related methods

Transfection reagent composition, lipid nanoparticles prepared from the transfection reagent composition, kits that include the transfection reagent composition, and methods for making and using lipid nanoparticles prepared from the transfection reagent composition. Lipids when dispersed in aqueous media readily form liposomes, such as unilamellar vesicles and multilamellar vesicles.
The University Of British Columbia


Coffee cherry flour compositions and methods for their preparation

Flour compositions formed from portions of coffee cherries and methods for making the same are described. Seeds (or coffee beans) may be removed from coffee cherries to form coffee by-products (also referred to as cherry solids).
Empire Technology Development Llc


Improved mapping glycans of glycoproteins

The use of anthranilic acid (2-aa) to label n-glycans prior to separation using a reversed-phase liquid chromatography (rp-lc) column under acidic conditions using formic acid is described herein. Negatively charged 2-aa offers stronger retention on the reversed phase column than 2-aminobenzamide (2-ab) in rp-lc and allows efficient ionization and detection of 2-aa labeled n-glycans.
Hexal Ag


Stabilized peptide fragments from redoxin proteins as cancer biomarkers

An embodiment of the invention relates to the use of stabilized cancer peptide fragments derived from “redoxin proteins” selected from the group consisting of thioredoxin; peroxiredoxin-1, 2 and 3; glutaredoxin-3; glutathione peroxidase-4; and nucleoredoxins for the diagnosis of cancers, particularly pancreatic cancer. A method for the detection of cancer, severity of cancer, and/or effectiveness of a therapeutic regimen comprises detecting and/or measuring the amount of redoxin peptide fragments present in the biological sample of a subject..
Temple University Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Recombinant phages and proteins

The present disclosure provides recombinant phages, a wip1 p23 receptor binding protein and a wip1 p24 receptor binding protein that bind to bacillus anthracis. The disclosure further provides methods and uses thereof..
The Rockefeller University


System and methods for ionizing compounds using matrix-assistance for mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry

An ionization method for use with mass spectrometry or ion mobility spectrometry is a small molecule compound(s) as a matrix into which is incorporated analyte. The matrix has attributes of sublimation or evaporation when placed in vacuum at or near room temperature and produces both positive and negative charges.


Single molecule arrays for genetic and chemical analysis

Random arrays of single molecules are provided for carrying out large scale analyses, particularly of biomolecules, such as genomic dna, cdnas, proteins, and the like. In one aspect, arrays of the invention comprise concatemers of dna fragments that are randomly disposed on a regular array of discrete spaced apart regions, such that substantially all such regions contain no more than a single concatemer.
Callida Genomics Inc.


Methods and products for producing engineered mammalian cell lines with amplified transgenes

Methods of inserting genes into defined locations in the chromosomal dna of cultured mammalian cell lines which are subject to gene amplification are disclosed. In particular, sequences of interest (e.g., genes encoding biotherapeutic proteins) are inserted proximal to selectable genes in amplifiable loci, and the transformed cells are subjected to selection to induce co-amplification of the selectable gene and the sequence of interest.
Precision Biosciences, Inc.


Mgmt-based obtaining high yeilds of recombinant protein expression

The present invention relates to a novel enhancer of protein production in host cells. It discloses a vector for expressing recombinant proteins in these cells, comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a) a secretion peptidic signal, b) a 6-methylguanine-dna-methyltransferase enzyme (mgmt, ec, a mutant or a catalytic domain thereof, and c) a recombinant protein.
Institut Pasteur


Crispr-based genome modification and regulation

The present invention provides rna-guided endonucleases, which are engineered for expression in eukaryotic cells or embryos, and methods of using the rna-guided endonuclease for targeted genome modification in eukaryotic cells or embryos. Also provided are fusion proteins, wherein each fusion protein comprises a crispr/cas-like protein or fragment thereof and an effector domain.
Sigma-aldrich Co. Llc


Pest resistant plants

The disclosure provides an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a 7-epizingiberene synthase, a chimeric gene comprising said nucleic acid molecule, vectors comprising the same, as well as isolated 7-epizingiberene synthase proteins themselves. In addition, transgenic plants and plant cells comprising a gene encoding a 7-epizingiberene synthase, optionally integrated in its genome, and methods for making such plants and cells, are provided.
Keygene N.v.


Methods and compositions for targeting rna polymerases and non-coding rna biogenesis to specific loci

The present disclosure relates to recombinant proteins that induce epigenetic gene silencing and to methods of using such proteins for reducing the expression of genes in plants.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


High-throughput cargo delivery into live cells using photothermal platforms

Methods, devices, and systems are provided for the delivery of agents (e.g., nucleic acids, proteins, organic molecules, organelles, antibodies or other ligands, 5 etc.) into live cells and/or the extraction of the same from said cells. In various embodiments the photothermal platforms and systems incorporating such photothermal platforms are provided that permit efficient, high-throughput cargo delivery into live cells..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Obligate heterodimer variants of foki cleavage domain

Disclosed are methods of making and using engineered fold cleavage domain variants. Also disclosed are methods, compositions and fusion proteins containing obligate heterodimers of engineered fold cleavage domain variants and dna binding domains, such as zinc finger protein (zfp) domains and transcription activator-like effector (tale) domains..
Pondicherry Biotech Private Limited (pbpl


Adeno-associated virus variants and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure provides infectious recombinant adeno-associated virus (raav) virions that comprise a variant capsid protein and a heterologous nucleic acid. The present disclosure further provides the variant adeno-associated virus (aav) capsid proteins (and/or a nucleic acid encoding the variant aav capsid proteins), which confer to an infectious raav virion an increased resistance to human aav neutralizing antibodies.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Tumor-selective e1a and e1b mutants

Modified e1a regulatory sequences are provided, wherein at least one pea3 binding site, or a functional portion thereof, is deleted. Also provided are modified e1a sequences that selectively express particular isoforms.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Method for inducing the formation of islet structures and improving beta cell function

Insulin producing β cells are found in three dimensional (3d) structures, the islet of langerhans. The 3d structure is required for normal β cell function and survival.


Protein nanofibers from self-assembling pentamers

A protein nanofiber comprised of self-assembling pentamers, and a method for producing the protein nanofiber, in which the protein upon which the nanofiber is based is a specific form of comp. The proteins self-assemble via electrostatic interactions to form fibers that extend longitudinally..
New York University


Cell culture media composition and methods of producing thereof

A serum free cell culture media, wherein the media is adapted to be conditioned by culturing a first set of eukaryotic cells in the media, wherein the first set of eukaryotic cells use an expression vector to excrete levels of desired complex proteins into the media; wherein said desired complex proteins include human growth hormone (hgh), growth hormone-like growth factors, insulin-like growth factors, insulin, modified insulins, cytokines, mitogenic proteases and mixtures thereof; and wherein the media is adapted to grow a set of eukaryotic cells.. .
Neuclone Biologics Pty Ltd


Hybrid vegetable protein and obtaining same

A hybrid vegetable protein is described, comprising a guest protein having the structure of prolamine and glutelin, and a host protein having the structure of globulin and albumin, obtained from vegetable grains, such as corn and soybean, respectively. Likewise, a method for obtaining said hybrid vegetable protein is described, which comprises the steps of extracting the guest and host proteins, carrying out an acidification thereof, and further applying a magnetic field to provoke their attachment, and finally adding an alkali to the attached proteins to obtain a hybrid vegetable protein at its isoelectric point.
Industrias Nutrigrains, S.a., De C.v.


Cd20-binding immunotoxins for inducing cellular internalization and methods using same

The present invention provides cd20-binding proteins that bind to and rapidly internalize cd20 antigens from a cell surface location to the interior of a cell. Cd20-binding proteins of the invention comprise a cd20 binding region and a shiga toxin effector region.
Molecular Templates, Inc.


Anti-lag-3 binding proteins

Antigen binding proteins that bind lymphocyte activation gene 3 (lag-3), and more particularly to antigen binding proteins that cause depletion of lag-3+ activated t cells.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited


Compositions and methods for detecting or eliminating senescent cells to diagnose or treat disease

Disclosed are agents (e.g., peptides, polypeptides, proteins, small molecules, antibodies, and antibody fragments that target senescent cells) and methods of their use for imaging senescent cells in vivo and for treating or preventing cancer, age-related disease, tobacco-related disease, or other diseases and disorders related to or caused by cellular senescence in a mammal. The methods include administering one or more of the agents of the invention to a mammal, e.g., a human.
Unity Biotechnology, Inc.


Tunable control of protein degradation in synthetic and endogenous bacterial systems

The methods and compositions described herein relate, in part, to the generation of a synthetic degradation system in e. Coli that provides tunable control of the protein level of targeted genes by using components of the mesoplasma florum tmrna system.
Trustees Of Boston University


Inhibition of tumor growth with aggregates of small molecules

Disclosed herein are fibrillar molecular aggregates, which are morphologically and phenotypically similar to oligomers of aberrant proteins. The molecular aggregates, formed by self-assembly of small hydrophobic molecules, prevent the growth of microtubules.
Brandeis University


Protein purification by means of aqueous two-phase centrifugal extraction

The invention relates to a method for the selective purification and concentration of immunoglobulins or other proteins by means of an aqueous two-phase system using a centrifugal extractor.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh


Manufacturing of orifices in glass like materials, e.g. nanocapillaries, and objects obtained according to this process

The ability to reshape nanopores and observe their shrinkage under an electron microscope is a powerful and novel technique14,17. It increases the sensitivity of the resistive pulse sensing and enables to detect very short and small molecules12,31.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Self assembling beta-barrel proteins position nanotubes

The present invention relates to the extraordinary properties of recently discovered nanotubes. This disclosure teaches a method for using barrel proteins acting as scaffolds to guide assembly of nanotubes, and using nano-molecular molding jigs to format the nanotubes into stable arrays with the precise geometric architecture desired.
Prolume, Ltd.


Systems and methods for mobile device analysis of nucleic acids and proteins

A portable system for extracting, optionally amplifying, and detecting nucleic acids or proteins using a compact integrated chip in combination with a mobile device system for analyzing detected signals, and comparing and distributing the results via a wireless network. Related systems and methods are provided..
Nanobiosym, Inc.


Compositions and methods to treat aids

Polyvalent, primary isolate nucleic acid compositions for inducing an immune response against hiv are disclosed. The compositions and methods described herein are for the use of a nucleic acid composition that encodes one or more different hiv envelope glycoproteins.
University Of Massachusetts


Mic-1 fusion proteins and uses thereof

The invention relates to mic-1 fusion proteins. More specifically it relates to compounds comprising fusion proteins comprising a mic-1 protein or an analogue thereof at the c-terminus of the fusion protein and a functional variant of human serum albumin at the n-terminus of the fusion protein connected via a peptide linker.
Novo Nordisk A/s


Compositions and methods for treating insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus

Provided are electrokinetically-altered fluids (gas-enriched electrokinetic fluids) comprising an ionic aqueous solution of charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures in an amount sufficient to provide modulation of at least one of cellular membrane potential and cellular membrane conductivity, and therapeutic compositions and methods for use in treating diabetes and diabetes-associated conditions or disorders (e.g., insulin resistance), or symptoms thereof. Provided are electrokinetically-altered ionic aqueous fluids optionally in combination with other therapeutic agents.
Revalesio Corporation


Treatment of t-cell mediated diseases

The invention provides a method of treating t-cell mediated diseases and a method of inhibiting the activation of t-cells using certain diketopiperazines. The invention also provides methods of synthesizing diketopiperazines and pharmaceutical compositions comprising certain diketopiperazines.
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Tissue crosslinking for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

A method of treating snoring and/or osa in a subject in need of such treatment. The method includes crosslinking proteins of the subject's soft palate tissue or pharynx tissue.
Orthopeutcs. L.p.


Method of forming fragment ligated inhibitors

Methods for developing non-peptidic inhibitors that target the polo-box domain of plk1 proteins are described. Methods include developing structure activity relationships for peptidic inhibitors followed by development of non-peptide fragment alternatives for portions of the peptide inhibitors.
University Of South Carolina


Microfluidic devices and methods for separating and detecting constituents in a fluid sample

Microfluidic devices and methods for using the same are provided. Aspects of the present disclosure include microfluidic devices that include a separation medium having functional groups which covalently bond to one or more analytes of interest, e.g., proteins, in a sample upon application of an applied stimulus, e.g., light.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Recombinant plant cell, preparation method therefor, and producing target protein using same

Plant cells express a target protein, a production method thereof, and a method of producing a target protein using the same are disclosed. The plant cells have introduced therein a recombinant vector containing gene(s) encoding a target protein, and the plant cells include plant cambial meristematic cells (cmc) or callus.
Unhwa Corporation


Methods for enhancing bacterial cell display of proteins and peptides

Methods of making and using bacterial display polypeptide libraries using circularly permuted ompx (cpx) variants are disclosed. The invention further relates to methods for enhancing the display of proteins and peptides at the surface of bacteria by optimizing linkers and incorporating mutations at positions 165 and 166 of cpx..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Rna-guided targeting of genetic and epigenomic regulatory proteins to specific genomic loci

Methods and constructs for rna-guided targeting of heterologous functional domains such as transcriptional activators to specific genomic loci.. .
The General Hospital Corporation


Proteolytically cleavable fusion proteins with high molar specific activity

The invention relates to therapeutic fusion proteins in which a coagulation factor is fused to a half-life enhancing polypeptide, and in which both are connected by a linker peptide that is proteolytically cleavable. The cleavage of such linkers liberates the coagulation factor from activity-compromising steric hindrance caused by the half-life enhancing polypeptide and thereby allows the generation of fusion proteins may show relatively high molar specific activity when tested in coagulation-related assays.
Csl Behring Gmbh


Endolysin obpgplys

The present invention relates to a polypeptide with an amino acid sequence according to seq id no: 1 and fragments or derivatives thereof. The present invention further relates to fusion proteins comprising said polypeptide and an additional peptide stretch fused to said polypeptide at the n- or c-terminus.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, K.u. Leuven R&d


Novel poly(adp-ribose) polymerase genes

And the functional equivalents thereof; nucleic acids coding therefor; antibodies with specificity for the novel protein; pharmaceutical and gene therapy compositions which comprise products according to the invention; methods for the analytical determination of the proteins and nucleic acids according to the invention; methods for identifying effectors or binding partners of the proteins according to the invention; novel parp effectors; and methods for determining the activity of such effectors.. .


Novel ketoacyl acp synthase genes and uses thereof

The present invention relates to beta-ketoacyl acp synthase genes of the kasi/kasiv type and proteins encoded by these genes. The genes can be included in nucleic acid constructs, vectors or host cells.
Solazyme, Inc.


Arginine inactivation of viruses

The present invention pertains to methods of using arginine to inactivate or reduce the infectious titer of enveloped viruses potentially present in biological compositions produced by eukaryotic cells (such as a antibodies or other therapeutic proteins). In some embodiments, inactivation or reduction of viral titers by exposure to arginine is achieved in a neutral (ph˜7) or near neutral (˜ph 6 to ˜ph 8) environment..
Biogen Ma Inc.

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