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Proteins patents


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 Simultaneous quantification of a plurality of proteins in a user-defined region of a cross-sectioned tissue patent thumbnailnew patent Simultaneous quantification of a plurality of proteins in a user-defined region of a cross-sectioned tissue
The present invention relates to, among other things, probes, compositions, methods, and kits for simultaneous, multiplexed detection and quantification of protein expression in a user-defined region of a tissue, user-defined cell, and/or user-defined subcellular structure within a cell.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

 Targeting of chondroitin sulfate glycans patent thumbnailnew patent Targeting of chondroitin sulfate glycans
The present invention relates to functional binding fragments comprising the minimal binding fragments of var2csa, to antibodies against such binding fragments of var2csa, nucleic acids encoding such fragments of var2csa as well as methods for their production. The invention further relates to conjugates and fusion proteins of var2csa polypeptides including the minimal binding fragments and their use, in particular in the treatment of conditions associated with expression of chondroitin sulfate a (csa), such as an inappropriate expression of chondroitin sulfate a (csa)..
Var2 Pharmaceutical Aps

 Genes encoding secreted proteins which identify clinically significant prostate cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Genes encoding secreted proteins which identify clinically significant prostate cancer
The present invention relates to the field of cancer. More specifically, the present invention provides compositions and methods for identification of individuals having clinically significant cancer.
The Johns Hopkins University

 Device for detecting misfolded proteins and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Device for detecting misfolded proteins and methods of use thereof
The present invention relates to diagnostic devices as well as methods of using these devices for detecting proteins of interest associated with diseases or disorders in mammals. In particular, the proteins of interest may be misfolded proteins associated with certain misfolded-protein disorders in mammals including those mammals suspected of or at risk of having such disorders..
Gestvision, Inc.

 Protein labeling with cyanobenzothiazole conjugates patent thumbnailnew patent Protein labeling with cyanobenzothiazole conjugates
The invention provides compounds and methods for site-specifically labeling proteins with cyanobenzothiazole derivatives of formula i. For example, the invention provides methods for labeling the n-terminus of a protein that terminates with a cysteine residue.
Promega Corporation

 Method for in-gel visual detection of bioanalytes patent thumbnailnew patent Method for in-gel visual detection of bioanalytes
The present invention relates to a method for in-gel visual detection and quantitative detection of proteins in activity based protein profiling (abpp) using horseradish peroxidase mimic feiii-taml complex of ligand as a catalytic probe. The invention further relates to kit comprising compounds of formula (i) and method for the detection of bioanalytes using kit comprising compounds of formula (i)..
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

 Neoantigen analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Neoantigen analysis
Cancer immunology provides promising new avenues for cancer treatment but validation of potential neoantigens to target is costly and expensive. Analysis of mhc binding affinity, antigen processing, similarity to known antigens, predicted expression levels (as mrna or proteins), self-similarity, and mutant allele frequency, provides screening method to identify and prioritize candidate neoantigens using sequencing data.
Personal Genome Diagnostics, Inc.

 Oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease events patent thumbnailnew patent Oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease events
The present invention relates to diagnosis and/or prognosis of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular events. A prognostic risk score in relation to the cardiovascular events, more particular after intervention, can be determined by counting the number of deregulated genes (or derived proteins) in their isolated monocytes.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

 System and  improved transient protein expression in cho cells patent thumbnailnew patent System and improved transient protein expression in cho cells
The present invention is directed generally to systems and methods suitable for high level expression of recombinant proteins in suspension cho cells. In particular, the invention allows introduction of the invention obviates the need to replace, replenish or supplement the growth medium during the procedure.
Life Technologies Corporation

 Binding fusion proteins, binding fusion protein-drug conjugates, xten-drug conjugates and methods of making and using same patent thumbnailnew patent Binding fusion proteins, binding fusion protein-drug conjugates, xten-drug conjugates and methods of making and using same
The present invention relates to binding fusion protein compositions comprising targeting moieties linked to extended recombinant polypeptide (xten), binding fusion protein-drug conjugate compositions, and xten-drug conjugate compositions, isolated nucleic acids encoding the compositions and vectors and host cells containing the same, and methods of using such compositions in treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions.. .
Amunix Operating Inc.

new patent

Novel dna-binding proteins and uses thereof

Disclosed herein are polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding, cells and organisms comprising novel dna-binding domains, including tale dna-binding domains. Also disclosed are methods of using these novel dna-binding domains for modulation of gene expression and/or genomic editing of endogenous cellular sequences..
Sangamo Biosciences, Inc.

new patent

Design of mrna sequences to control co-translational folding of proteins

This invention relates to optimized heterologous production of properly folded and functional proteins. The present invention provides systems and methods involving determination of the optimal mrna sequence, based on the underlying rates at which codons are translated and folding kinetic of nascent-protein, that maximizes co-translational protein folding of domains in order to maximize the proper folding and quality of the protein produced.
The Penn State Research Foundation

new patent

Method of treating cancer by inhibition of dna repair proteins

Methods of treating cancer using antisense oligonucleotides directed against dna double-strand break repair proteins such as brca2 or rad51 are provided. The antisense oligonucleotides can he used alone, in tandem or in combination with other cancer therapies, in particular with therapies that lead to dna damage, inhibition of dna repair or inhibition of dna synthesis, such as radiation, platinum drugs, alkylating agents, parp inhibitors, or inhibitors of thymidylate synthase..
Sarissa Inc.

new patent

Thermostable blunt-end ligase and methods of use

Fusion proteins having thermostable blunt-end ligase activity are provided. Blunt-end ligases are useful for dna amplification, sequencing, production of recombinant dna and recombinant fusion proteins, and other purposes.
Theranos, Inc.

new patent

Methods and products for expressing proteins in cells

The present invention relates in part to nucleic acids encoding proteins, therapeutics comprising nucleic acids encoding proteins, methods for inducing cells to express proteins using nucleic acids, methods, kits and devices for transfecting, gene editing, and reprogramming cells, and cells, organisms, and therapeutics produced using these methods, kits, and devices. Methods and products for altering the dna sequence of a cell are described, as are methods and products for inducing cells to express proteins using synthetic rna molecules.
Factor Bioscience Inc.

new patent

Anti-fibulin-3 antibodies and uses thereof

Embodiments described herein provide anti-fibulin-3 antibodies, recombinant proteins that bind specifically to fibulin-3, compositions and the treatment methods comprising these antibodies and recombinant proteins.. .
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

new patent

Multivalent and multispecific dr5-binding fusion proteins

The disclosure relates generally to molecules that specifically engage death receptor 5 (dr5), a member of the tnf receptor superfamily (tnfrsf). More specifically the disclosure relates to multivalent and multispecific molecules that bind at least dr5..
Inhibrx Lp

new patent

Human antigen binding proteins that bind betta-klotho, fgf receptors and complexes thereof

The present invention provides compositions and methods relating to or derived from antigen binding proteins activate fgf21-mediated signaling. In embodiments, the antigen binding proteins specifically bind to (i) β-klotho; (ii) fgfr1c, fgfr2c, fgfr3c or fgfr4; or (iii) a complex comprising β-klotho and one of fgfr1c, fgfr2c, fgfr3c, and fgfr4.
Amgen Inc.

new patent

Cd86 antagonist multi-target binding proteins

This disclosure provides a multi-specific fusion protein composed of a cd86 antagonist binding domain and another binding domain that is an il-10 agonist, an hla-g agonist, an hgf agonist, an il-35 agonist, a pd-1 agonist, a btla agonist, a light antagonist, a gitrl antagonist or a cd40 antagonist. The multi-specific fusion protein may also include an intervening domain that separates the other domains.
Aptevo Research And Development Llc

new patent

Production of cytotoxic antibody-toxin fusion in eukaryotic algae

Methods and compositions are disclosed to engineer chloroplast comprising heterologous genes encoding target binding domain fused to a eukaryotic toxin and produced within a subcellular organelle, such as a chloroplast. The present disclosure demonstrates that when chloroplasts are used, toxins normally refractive to production in eukaryotic cells may be used to produce recombinant fusion proteins with binding domains that are soluble, properly folded and post-translationally modified, where the multifunctional activity of the fusion protein is intact.

new patent

Binding proteins against vegf, pdgf, and/or their receptors

Binding proteins that bind one or more of vegf, pdgf and/or their receptors, including antibodies, cdr-grafted antibodies, humanized antibodies, binding fragments, fusion proteins, and bispecific or multispecific proteins thereof are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of making and using the binding proteins..
Abbvie Inc.

new patent

Growth hormone receptor agonists

We disclose growth hormone fusion proteins that have increased in vivo stability and activity; nucleic acid molecules encoding said proteins and methods of treatment of growth hormone related diseases that would benefit from growth hormone agonists or antagonists.. .
Asterion Limited

new patent

Recombinant human interferon-like proteins

This application relates to recombinant human interferon-like proteins. In one embodiment a recombinant protein created by gene shuffling technology in described having enhanced anti-viral and anti-proliferative activities in comparison to naturally occurring human interferon like alpha 2b (huifn-α2b).
Novagen Holding Corporation

new patent

Pro-apoptotic ras and raf peptides

The invention relates to pro-apoptotic peptides, useful in cancer treatment, and to chimeric peptides comprising a cell penetrating peptide linked to a pro-apoptotic peptide, wherein the pro-apoptotic peptide binds ras or raf proteins.. .
Institut Curie

new patent

Compositions and methods for treating, including preventing, parvovirus infections and related diseases

Some embodiments of the invention include inventive polypeptides (e.g., mutant vp2 proteins) and virus-like particles made from the inventive polypeptides. Other embodiments of the invention include compositions for treating (e.g., preventing) parvovirus (e.g., erythrovirus or parvovirus b19) infection and other diseases.
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

new patent

Materials and methods for producing cleaved, hiv-1 envelop glycoprotein trimers

Expression vectors and mammalian cell lines containing them are described that enable the recombinant production of hiv-1 envelope proteins, including sosip modified gp140 trimers capable of inducing broadly neutralizing antibodies.. .
Cornell University

new patent

Long acting proteins and peptides and methods of making and using the same

Disclosed is a method for refolding a protein or peptide that does not contain essential disulfides and that contains at least one free cysteine residue. Also disclosed are polymer ifn-γ conjugates that have been created by the chemical coupling of polymers such as polyethylene glycol moieties to ifn-γ, particularly via a free cysteine in the protein.
Bolder Biotechnology, Inc.

new patent

Amphiphilic degradable polymers for immobilization and sustained delivery of biomolecules

The invention provides a novel approach to controlled delivery of biomolecules (e.g., lipids and proteins) by employing novel amphiphilic polymers that are effective delivery vehicles. These unique amphiphilic polymers may be employed as controlled delivery vehicles or tissue engineering scaffolds wherein the delivery of lipophilic or amphiphilic bioactive molecules can be achieved.
University Of Massachusetts

new patent

Oligosaccharides comprising an aminooxy group and conjugates thereof

The invention provides methods for the synthesis of oligosaccharides comprising an aminooxy group. The invention further provides oligosaccharides comprising an aminooxy group, methods for coupling oligosaccharides comprising an aminooxy group to glycoproteins, and oligosaccharide-protein conjugates.
Genzyme Corporation

new patent

Bicyclic heterocycles as bet protein inhibitors

The present invention relates to bicyclic heterocycles which are inhibitors of bet proteins such as brd2, brd3, brd4, and brd-t and are useful in the treatment of diseases such as cancer.. .
Incyte Corporation

Integrative pathway modeling for drug efficacy prediction

An integrative pathway modeling approach and ranking/evaluating algorithms based on disease-specific pathway models can predict drug efficacy for patients based on their gene expression profiles. A disease-specific pathway model is first constructed with proteins and drugs important to the disease by using computational connectivity maps (c-maps).
Medeolinx, Llc

Methods for assessing biospecimen integrity

Methods for quantifying biospecimen sample integrity using markers of oxidation (fig. 1).
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Metal-insulator transition point biosensor

The invention relates to a novel biosensor, the metal-insulator transition (mit) point biosensor, a non-expensive miniaturized device, having a small footprint and high sensitivity, which can measure molecular interactions or the presence of small amounts of molecules without the need for the molecules to be labeled. The sensor comprises a vanadium dioxide (v02) layer located between two metal measuring pads.
Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method to obtain unbiased identification of interaction of test compounds with the proteome

The invention provides an unbiased method to assess the binding of a test compound to a multiplicity of proteins in the same sample, including samples from living cells by applying the unbiased determination technique of swath-ms or the biased technique of srm-ms to a thermal shift assay to evaluate drug target interactions. In addition, the results created by swath-ms can be analyzed by srm-ms in a biased manner to assess the binding of a test compound to a multiplicity of proteins in the same sample, including samples from living cells..
Institute For Systems Biology

Enhancement of recombinant protein expression using a membrane-based cell retention system

The invention disclosed herein provides a novel use of an external membrane-based cell retention system in conjunction with perfusion cell culture for improved cell expression of recombinant proteins, particularly coagulation proteins such as rfviii, b-domain deleted rfviii, rfix or rfvii/rfviia. The use of such a system at high cell density results in a more homogeneous cell culture due to mechanical forces induced during the operation of the retention system, such as the cell circulation induced by pumping through the fibers..
Advantech Bioscience FarmacÊutica Ltda

Process for the attachment of a galnac moiety comprising a (hetero)aryl group to a glcnac moiety, and product obtained thereby

The present invention relates to a process for attaching an n-acetylgalactosamine-(hetero)arylmoiety to an n-acetylglucosaminemoiety, the process comprising the step of contacting the n-acetylgalactosamine-(hetero)arylmoiety with the n-acetylglucosaminemoiety in the presence of a mutant galactosyltransferase, wherein the n-acetylglucosaminemoiety is according to formula (1) the n-acetylgalactosamine-(hetero)arylmoiety is according to formula (2): in a particularly preferred embodiment of the process according to the invention, the n-acetylgalactosamine-(hetero)arylmoiety comprises a 1,3-dipole functional group, and the n-acetylglucosaminemoiety is a terminal glcnac moiety of a glycoprotein glycan. The invention further relates to a product obtainable by the process according to the invention, in particular to glycoproteins.
Synaffix B.v.

Production of therapeutic proteins in photosynthetic organisms

The present disclosure relates to methods of expressing therapeutic proteins in photosynthetic organisms and the therapeutic proteins produced by the methods. The therapeutic proteins include high-mobility group box 1 (hmgb1) protein, fibronectin domain (10) (10fn3), fibronectin domain (14) (14fn3), interferon beta (ifnβ), proinsulin and vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf).
The Scripps Research Institute

Chimeric alkaline phosphatase-like proteins

The invention relates to improved alkaline phosphatases, pharmaceutical compositions comprising improved alkaline phosphatases and the use of improved alkaline phosphatases for preventing, treating or curing diseases.. .
Am-pharma B.v.

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