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Proteins patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Proteins-related patents
 Engineering surface epitopes to improve protein crystallization patent thumbnailEngineering surface epitopes to improve protein crystallization
The invention provides for methods and systems for engineering target proteins, based on protein sequence characteristics that influence the likelihood of obtaining a crystal suitable for x-ray structure solution, to improve protein crystallization, as well as related material.. .
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

 Cell selective proteome labeling patent thumbnailCell selective proteome labeling
The invention relates to a method for the cell type specific labeling with amino acid precursors (ctap). In particular, the disclosed method permits the incorporation of stable isotope-labeled amino acids into the proteome of a vertebrate cell that has been engineered to express an exogenous enzyme that enables the cell to produce an essential amino acid from its amino acid substrate.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center

 Reagents and methods for breast cancer detection patent thumbnailReagents and methods for breast cancer detection
The present invention provides compositions including reagents for detecting human autoantibodies against at least two proteins selected from the group consisting of angtpl4, dkk1, epha2, lamc2, spon2, ssr2, gal1, gfra1, lrrc15, cd147, cd320, cdh3, lrp10, spint2, susd2, and cst2, and their use in detecting breast cancer or disease recurrence.. .
Sanford Health

 Modified electrode buffers for stain-free protein detection in electrophoresis patent thumbnailModified electrode buffers for stain-free protein detection in electrophoresis
proteins that are electrophoretically separated in a gel are derivatized to produce fluorescent emissions by incorporating halo-substituted organic compounds into one or both of the electrode buffer solutions at the two ends of the gel. The halo-substituted compounds used are ones that bear an electric charge at the ph of the buffer solutions and gel, and the polarity of the charge on the compounds is such that the compounds migrate from the electrode buffer into the gel under the electrophoretic influence concurrently with the migration of the proteins into the gel.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

 Means and methods for detecting methylated dna patent thumbnailMeans and methods for detecting methylated dna
The present application relates to a nucleic acid molecule having a nucleotide sequence encoding a bifunctional polypeptide comprising the dna-binding domain of a protein belonging to the family of methyl-cpg binding proteins (mbds) and the fc portion of an antibody. In addition, vectors and host cells which comprise said nucleic acid molecule and polypeptides which are encoded by said nucleic acid molecule as well as processes for producing said polypeptide are disclosed.
Sequenom, Inc.

 Pichia pastoris strains for producing predominantly homogeneous glycan structure patent thumbnailPichia pastoris strains for producing predominantly homogeneous glycan structure
Disclosed herein are novel pichia pastoris strains for expression of exogenous proteins with substantially homogeneous n-glycans. The strains are genetically engineered to include a mutant och1 allele which is transcribed into an mrna coding for a mutant och1 gene product (i.e., α-1,6-mannosyltransferase, or “och1 protein”).
Research Corporation Technologies, Inc.

 Methods of host cell modification patent thumbnailMethods of host cell modification
Described herein are novel methods of inserting nucleic acid sequences into host cells. Also described herein are genetically stable host cells comprising inserted nucleic acid sequences and methods of using such host cells in the generation of proteins..
Glycovaxyn Ag

 Multiprotein expression cassettes patent thumbnailMultiprotein expression cassettes
Methods for expressing multiple proteins by constructing transformation vectors that include multiprotein expression cassettes and transforming hosts with vectors and by engineering hosts expressing multiprotein units are provided. Multiprotein units that include multiple proteins fused to modified inteins capable of effecting splicing of the multiprotein units are described.
Agrivida, Inc.

 Translational enhancer-element dependent vector systems patent thumbnailTranslational enhancer-element dependent vector systems
A translation enhancer-driven positive feedback vector system is disclosed which is designed to facilitate identification of a translational enhancer element (tee) and to provide a means for overexpression of gene products. The system exploits both transcriptional and translational approaches to control the expression levels of genes and/or gene products.
The Scripps Research Institute

 Methods and products for expressing proteins in cells patent thumbnailMethods and products for expressing proteins in cells
The present invention relates in part to nucleic acids encoding proteins, therapeutics comprising nucleic acids encoding proteins, methods for inducing cells to express proteins using nucleic acids, methods, kits and devices for transfecting, gene editing, and reprogramming cells, and cells, organisms, and therapeutics produced using these methods, kits, and devices. Methods and products for altering the dna sequence of a cell are described, as are methods and products for inducing cells to express proteins using synthetic rna molecules.
Factor Bioscience Inc.


Designer ubiquitin ligases for regulation of intracellular pathogenic proteins

The present invention relates to a designer or recombinant ubiquitin ligase molecule that includes an antibody fragment that is specific for a toxin active fragment, wherein the toxin active fragment is an enzymatically active fragment of one or more toxins or toxin serotypes; and an e3-ligase domain that comprises an e3-ligase or polypeptide that facilitates e2-mediated ubiquitination of the toxin active fragment. In an embodiment, the composition further includes a delivery system that allow the designer ubiquitin ligase to enter the cell.
Trustees Of Tufts College


Transcription activator-like effector (tale) - lysine-specific demethylase 1 (lsd1) fusion proteins

Fusion proteins comprising a dna binding domain, e.g., a tal effector repeat array (tale) or zinc finger array, and a catalytic domain comprising a sequence that catalyzes histone demethylation, and methods of use thereof.. .
The General Hospital Corporation


Fgf having enhanced stability

Methods are provided that exploit thermostable fgf-1 proteins for support of human pluripotent stem cell cultures. Also provided are compositions containing thermostable fgf-1 for culturing of human pluripotent stem cells..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Protein-enhanced surfactants for enzyme activation

Disclosed herein are compositions containing enzymes, particularly acting at the interface between two immiscible phases where the rate of enzymatic activity is increased by addition of a blend of surfactant(s) and a mixture derived from yeast fermentation, that contain non-enzymatic exo-proteins released by yeast in response to a non-lethal stress. The enzymes include those that work at the interface between an aqueous solution and a water immiscible phase, liquid or solid, such as oil, fat, cellulose, lignin, etc.
Advanced Biocatalytics Corporation


Immunobinders directed against sclerostin

proteins that bind sclerostin or sclerostin and tnf are described along with there use in composition and methods for treating, preventing, and diagnosing sclerostin related diseases and for detecting sclerostin or sclerostin and tnf in cells, tissues, samples, and compositions.. .
Abbvie Inc.


Vl antigen binding proteins exhibiting distinct binding characteristics

Methods for making, identifying, isolating and/or making binding proteins that contain an immunoglobulin light chain variable domain, including a somatically hypermutated light chain variable domain, fused with a heavy chain constant region, are provided. Exemplary binding proteins specific to small molecules are also provided..
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Multipartite signaling proteins and uses thereof

The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods for using cells having chemically-induced fusion protein complexes to spatially and temporally control immune cell signal initiation and downstream responses for treating disease.. .
Bluebird Bio, Inc.


Amino acid sequences that modulate the interaction between cells of the immune system

The present invention relates to amino acid sequences that block the interaction between (a target on) an antigen presenting cell (apc) and (a target on) a t-cell. More particularly, the present invention relates to amino acid sequences that are directed against (as defined herein) a target on an apc (also referred to herein as “apc target”) or a target on a t-cell (also referred to herein as “t-cell target”).
Ablynx N.v.


Factor viii complex with xten and von willebrand factor protein, and uses thereof

The present invention includes a chimeric protein comprising a vwf protein with d′ domain and d3 domain of vwf, one or more xten sequence, and a fviii protein, wherein the vwf fragment, the xten sequence, or the fviii protein are linked to or associated with each other. The chimeric protein can further comprise one or more ig constant region or a portion thereof (e.g., an fc region).
Biogen Ma Inc.


Novel recombinant bi-functional fusion proteins, preparation and use thereof

A recombinant bi-functional fusion protein, comprising an ig region of an extracellular domain of a signal-regulator protein (sirp), linked via a fc fragment of an ig, to an ig region of an extracellular domain of vegfr, wherein the protein can bind to cd47 and vegf simultaneously, blocking the binding of cd47 with the sirp on the cell surface of macrophages to stimulate the phagocytosis of tumor cells by macrophages, and inhibiting the growth of vascular endothelial cells induced by vegf. The present application also provides a nucleic acid molecule encoding the recombinant bi-functional fusion protein and an expression vector expressing the protein, a method for producing the protein and a method for treating a disease over-expressing cd47 or vegf..


Bmp-alk3 antagonists and uses for promoting bone growth

In certain aspects, the present invention provides compositions and methods for promoting bone growth and increasing bone density and strength. In certain embodiments, the present invention provides alk3 polypeptides, including alk3-fc fusion proteins..
Acceleron Pharma, Inc.


Conjugated knottin mini-proteins containing non-natural amino acids

Disclosed are knottin peptides containing non-natural amino acids so that they can be formed by chemical conjugation into two or more knottin monomers. The knottin monomers comprise a non-natural amino acid such as an aminooxy residue within the polypeptide sequence.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Compositions and methods for the delivery of nitric oxide

H-nox proteins are mutated to exhibit improved or optimal kinetic and thermodynamic properties for blood gas no delivery. The engineered h-nox proteins comprise mutations that impart altered no or o2 ligand-binding relative to the corresponding wild-type h-nox domain, and are operative as physiologically compatible mammalian blood no gas carriers.


Modified rsv f proteins and methods of their use

The present invention is generally related to modified or mutated respiratory syncytial virus fusion (f) proteins and methods for making and using them, including immunogenic compositions such as vaccines for the treatment and/or prevention of rsv infection.. .
Novavax, Inc.


Method of protein extraction from cells

Methods for producing a protein extract from cells, such as cells containing viral proteins, are provided. In general terms, the methods involve: increasing the ph of the cells to a ph of at least about ph 10.0 to produce an intermediate composition, and then, in the presence of a non-ionic detergent, neutralizing the ph of the intermediate composition to produce the protein extract.
Becton Dickinson And Company


High efficiency purifying human papillomavirus virus-like particles

Provided is a method of purifying human papillomavirus (hpv) l1 proteins with high purity and high efficiency. According to the purification method, a purification purity and yield of hpv l1 proteins can be considerably increased when heating/chilling is formed by treating a cell homogenate with a reducing agent.


Protein scaffolds for selective enrichment of metal ions

Polypeptides comprising high affinity for the uranyl ion are provided. Methods for binding uranyl using such proteins are likewise provided and can be used, for example, in methods for uranium purification or removal..
The University Of Chicago


Compounds and methods for modulating an immune response

The present invention relates to the identification of proteins which bind the dendritic cell marker known as clec9a. The present invention provides new compounds for targeting therapeutic agents such as antigens to dendritic cells.
Walter And Eliza Hall Institute Of Medical Research


Pneumoccal polysacchride conjugate vaccine

The present invention is in the field of pneumococcal capsular saccharide conjugate vaccines. Specifically, a multivalent streptococcus pneumoniae immunogenic composition is provided with various conjugated capsular saccharides from different s.
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.


Modified rsv f proteins and methods of their use

The present invention is generally related to modified or mutated respiratory syncytial virus fusion (f) proteins and methods for making and using them, including immunogenic compositions such as vaccines for the treatment and/or prevention of rsv infection.. .
Novavax, Inc.


Cooperia vaccine

The present invention relates to nucleotide sequences encoding cooperia antigens, as well as to recombinant dna molecules containing such nucleotide sequences and host cells expressing these nucleotide sequences. The invention further relates to cooperia proteins, to methods for the production of the proteins, nucleotide sequences, recombinant dna molecules and hosts.
Universiteit Gent


Sternal closure apparatus, system and method

A bioresorbable closure member having integral first and second elongated projection members comprising first extracellular matrix (ecm) from a first mammalian tissue source, the first and second elongated projection members being configured wherein the longitudinal axes of the members intersect and form an angle with respect to said first and second members. The ecm can include one or more exogenously added biologically active agents, including osteogenic agents, bone morphogenic proteins, growth factors and cells..


Shelf-stable milk concentrates for preparing acidified milk based beverages

A shelf-stable liquid base composition useful for preparing acidified milk based beverages, e.g. By dilution with water in a beverage dispensing machine, comprises: from about 2 to about 10 weight % of denatured milk proteins expressed as solid-not-fat (snf) milk components; from about 15 to about 80 weight %, expressed as sugar equivalents, of a carbohydrate based or non carbohydrate based sweetener; from about 0.35 to about 1.50 weight % of a carbohydrate based stabilizer; and an acidifying agent present in amounts necessary for achieving a ph of about 3.0 to about 3.8 of the said base composition.
Nestec S.a.


Lipoprotein analysis by differential charged-particle mobility

The invention provides methods of preparation of lipoproteins from a biological sample, including hdl, ldl, lp(a), idl, and vldl, for diagnostic purposes utilizing differential charged particle mobility analysis methods. Further provided are methods for analyzing the size distribution of lipoproteins by differential charged particle mobility, which lipoproteins are prepared by methods of the invention.
Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated


Targeted identification of immunogenic peptides

This invention relates generally to identifying peptide sequences involved in antibody binding to any protein for synthesis of vaccine treatments. This novel method allows for a more manageable vaccine peptide discovery and specific generation of unique immunogenic peptides from self-tumor associated proteins and/or foreign proteins from infectious organisms for specific and/or enhanced expression only in the presence of the antibody..
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.


Modified proteins and methods of making and using same

Methods, compositions, systems, apparatuses and kits comprising modified proteins, particularly modified nucleic acid-binding proteins with altered buffering properties are provided. For example, in some embodiments, methods of forming modified proteins including one or more amino acid modifications to achieve desired pka values are described.
Life Technologies Corporation


Genetic polymorphisms associated with psoriasis, methods of detection and uses thereof

The present invention is based on the discovery of genetic polymorphisms that are associated with psoriasis and related pathologies. In particular, the present invention relates to nucleic acid molecules containing the polymorphisms, including groups of nucleic acid molecules that may be used as a signature marker set, such as a haplotype, a diplotype, variant proteins encoded by such nucleic acid molecules, reagents for detecting the polymorphic nucleic acid molecules and proteins, and methods of using the nucleic acid and proteins as well as methods of using reagents for their detection..
Celera Corporation


Methods for producing recombinant glycoproteins with modified glycosylation

Genetically engineered host animal cells capable of producing glycoproteins having modified glycosylation patterns, e.g., defucosylation and/or monoglycosylation. Such host animal cells can be engineered to express fucosidase, endoglycosidase or both..
Fountain Biopharma Inc.


Decarboxylase proteins with high keto-isovalerate decarboxylase activity

The present invention relates to recombinant microorganisms comprising an isobutanol producing metabolic pathway and methods of using said recombinant microorganisms to produce isobutanol. In various aspects of the invention, the recombinant microorganisms may comprise at least one nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide with keto-isovalerate decarboxylase (kivd) activity, wherein said polypeptide is at least about 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 91%, 92%, 93%, 94%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, or 99% identical to a polypeptide selected from seq id nos: 1-214.
Gevo, Inc.


Novel bacillus thuringiensis gene with coleopteran activity

The invention provides nucleic acids, and variants and fragments thereof, obtained from strains of bacillus thuringiensis encoding polypeptides having pesticidal activity against insect pests including, but not limited to, insect pests belonging to the orders coleoptera and lepidoptera. Particular embodiments of the invention provide isolated nucleic acids encoding pesticidal proteins, pesticidal compositions, polynucleotide constructs, and transformed microorganisms and plants comprising a nucleic acid of the embodiments.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Single stranded dna aptamers binding nf-kb/rela

Dna aptamers are high affinity ligands selected by genetic enrichment techniques to bind to specific protein targets. Because these represent chemically stable and reproducible molecules, they have application as affinity reagents and/or therapeutic drugs to affect the target protein's actions.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Orthogonal cas9 proteins for rna-guided gene regulation and editing

Methods of modulating expression of a target nucleic acid in a cell are provided including use of multiple orthogonal cas9 proteins to simultaneously and independently regulate corresponding genes or simultaneously and independently edit corresponding genes.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Proteolytic inactivation of select proteins in bacterial extracts for improved expression

The present disclosure provides modified proteins that are capable of being cleaved by the protease ompt1. The proteins can be modified in an exposed surface motif to incorporate ompt1 cleavage sites.
Sutro Biopharma, Inc.


Method for obtaining natural variant of enzyme and super thermostable cellobiohydrolase

A method for selectively obtaining a natural variant of an enzyme having activity includes (1) a step of detecting an orf sequence of a protein having enzyme activity from a genome database including base sequences of metagenomic dna of environmental microbiota; (2) a step of obtaining at least one pcr clone including the orf sequence having a full length, a partial sequence of the orf sequence, or a base sequence encoding an amino acid sequence which is formed by deletion, substitution, or addition of at least one amino acid residue in an amino acid sequence encoded by the orf sequence, by performing pcr cloning on at least one metagenomic dna of the environmental microbiota by using a primer designed based on the orf sequence; (3) a step of determining a base sequence and an amino acid sequence which is encoded by the base sequence for each pcr clone obtained in the step (2); and (4) a step of selecting a natural variant of an enzyme having activity by measuring enzyme activity of proteins encoded by each pcr clone obtained in the step (2).. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


T cell receptor-like antibodies specific for a wti peptide presented by hla-a2

The present invention provides antigen binding proteins that specifically bind to wilms' tumor protein (wt1), including humanized, chimeric and fully human antibodies against wt1, antibody fragments, chimeric antigen receptors (cars), fusion proteins, and conjugates thereof. The antigen binding proteins and antibodies bind to hla-a0201-restricted wt1 peptide.
Eureka Therapeutics, Inc.


Her2- and vegf-a-binding proteins with enhanced stability

The invention provides her2-binding proteins and vegf-a-binding proteins having a reduced tendency to aggregate. Compositions and methods of use are also provided..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Cd20-binding proteins comprising shiga toxin a subunit effector regions for inducing cellular internalization and methods using same

The present invention provides cd20-binding proteins that bind to and rapidly internalize in a cd20-mediated fashion from a cell surface location to the interior of the cell. Cd20-binding proteins of the invention comprise a cd20 binding region and a shiga toxin effector region.
Molecular Templates, Inc.


Biologic compounds

The present invention relates to amino acid sequences that are directed against trail cell surface receptor 2 (herein also “dr5”), as well as to compounds or constructs thereof, and in particular proteins and polypeptides and nucleotides that encode them (referred to herein in their entirety as “nb agents”) and fragments thereof, and pharmaceutically effective variants thereof, and their use in the diagnosis and treatment of dr5 associated diseases and disorders.. .
Ablynx Nv


Compositions and methods for producing glycoproteins

The present disclosure relates to methods of producing antibodies with increased levels of non-fucosylated glycoforms by culturing mammalian cells in culture media with enhanced concentrations of glycine relative to traditional basal media.. .
Abbvie Biotherapeutics Inc.


Production of motif-specific and context-independent antibodies using peptide libraries as antigens

A method is provided for producing motif-specific, context-independent antibodies that recognize a plurality of peptides or proteins within a genome that contain the same post-translationally modified motif. The method includes the step of immunizing a host with a degenerate peptide library antigen featuring (i) a fixed target motif containing one or more invariant amino acids including at least one modified amino acid, and (ii) a plurality of degenerate amino acids flanking the motif.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.


Antibodies with improved half-life in ferrets

The antibodies, immunoglobulin constructs, or immunoglobulin fusion proteins whose in vivo half-life is increased in ferrets by a modified ferret igg fc region can be useful to test therapeutics in ferrets and ferret models.. .
Janssen Biotech, Inc.


Antibodies and processes for preparing the same

Provided herein are various processes for the improved production of antibody producing organisms, antibody producing tissues, antibody producing cells and antibodies. In certain embodiments, provided herein are methods for rapidly producing antibody producing organisms, tissues, cells and antibodies derived from humans, organisms, plants or cells that are genetically altered to over-express certain proteins..
Taiga Biotechnologies, Inc.


Bispecific egfr/igfir binding molecules

The present invention relates to bispecific molecules comprising an egfr binding domain and a distinct igfir binding domain for use in diagnostic, research and therapeutic applications. The invention further relates to cells comprising such proteins, polynucleotide encoding such proteins or fragments thereof, and vectors comprising the polynucleotides encoding the innovative proteins.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


High affinity metal-oxide binding peptides with reversible binding

A dodecamer peptide, and its modified variant, having a repeating glycine-lysine sequence was created and found to bind with high affinity to oxide surfaces and certain activated polymeric surfaces. Reversible binding characteristics of the peptides were demonstrated.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Novel disubstituted adamantyl derivative or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, production same, and pharmaceutical composition for suppressing cancer metastasis comprising same as active ingredient

The present invention relates to a novel disubstituted adamantyl derivative or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, a method for preparing the same, and a pharmaceutical anticancer or antimetastasis composition comprising the same as an active ingredient. The disubstituted adamantyl derivative of the present invention suppressed accumulation of hif-1α, inhibiting the expression of the metastasis related protein twist dose-dependently.
Dongguk University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Apparatus and methods for integrated sample preparation, reaction and detection

Cartridges for the isolation of a biological sample and downstream biological assays on the sample are provided, as are methods for using such cartridges. In one embodiment, a nucleic acid sample is isolated from a biological sample and the nucleic acid sample is amplified, for example by the polymerase chain reaction.
Luminex Corporation


Mixed mode ligands

Mixed mode ligands, as well their use for purifying proteins, are provided.. .
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Diagnosis and treatment of sma and smn deficiency

The present invention provides for methods for diagnosing and treating a motor neuron disease. More specifically, the present invention offers new methods for diagnosing and treating sma or smn deficiencies and monitoring treatment.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


High protein milk replacers containing non-milk proteins and feeding methods and systems thereof

Milk replacers containing high levels of protein, at least a portion being non-milk protein, is fed at high feeding rates such as at least 1.6 pounds per head per day. Non-milk proteins include hydrolyzed soy protein modified, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein, potato protein, egg protein, blood plasma, red blood cells and/or egg, and serve as complementary proteins when used in combination with milk proteins.
Purina Animal Nutrition Llc


Mild hydrolysis of proteins from rice bran

The present invention provides a rice bran hydrolysate which comprises of more than 90%, preferably of more than 95%, of (poly) peptides with a molecular weight (mw) of more than 500 da and which has a dh (degree of hydrolysis) of at least 10%, preferably between 10 and 16%. According to another aspect of the invention a process to produce a rice bran hydrolysate is provided..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Myceliated cacao products and methods for making myceliated products from green cacao and other agricultural substrates

The present invention provides a method for the preparation of a myceliated cacao bean or other agricultural product. This method includes providing cacao beans or other agricultural substrate, optionally hydrating the cacao beans or other agricultural product, and optionally pasteurizing or sterilizing the cacao beans or other agricultural substrate to provide prepared cacao beans or other agricultural substrate, and a step of inoculating the prepared cacao beans or other agricultural substrate with a prepared fungal component and culturing the inoculated cacao beans or other agricultural substrate to prepare the myceliated product.
Mycotechnology, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for microbiological analysis

Methods and systems for identification of microorganisms either after isolation from a culture or directly from a sample. The methods and systems are configured to identify microorganisms based on the characterization of proteins of the microorganisms via high-resolution/mass accuracy single-stage (ms) or multi-stage (msn) mass spectrometry.
Oxoid Limited


Methods and models for determining likelihood of cancer drug treatment success utilizing predictor biomarkers, and methods of diagnosing and treating cancer using the biomarkers

A method of identifying one or more biomarkers associated with one or more drugs effective to stop or repress proliferation of cancer cells, and a system for predicting effectiveness of the same. The method includes statistically analyzing (i) a first dataset of expression levels of proteins or glycoproteins in the cancer cells and (ii) a second dataset of responses of the cancer cells to drugs to identify at least one biomarker associated with effective repression of the cancer cells, and correlating or associating at least one protein or glycoprotein biomarker with a response of the cells to at least one of the drugs effective to stop or repress the proliferation of the cancer cells.


Protein detection

The present invention relates to reagents for separating proteins from detergent, reagents for detecting proteins in the presence of a detergent, and methods of using the same. The separating reagents contain a cyclic oligomer such as cyclodextrin and a cellulose derivative such as 2-hydroxyethyl cellulose.
Acquascience Limited


Peptide analogues of pa-il and their utility for glycan and glycoconjugate analysis and purification

Provided are peptide analogues of pa-il and compositions containing them. The pa-il peptide analogues have altered carbohydrate binding specificity relative to a pa-il of seq id no:1, and thus the analogues contain amino acid substitutions in seq id no:1.
Dublin City University


Reversible chemoenzymatic labeling of native and fusion carrier protein motifs

Provided herein, inter alia, are methods and compositions for removing a phosphopantethiene analogue moiety from an acp-phosphopantetheine conjugate thereby providing apo-acp proteins.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Methods and kits for high throughput screening for compounds targeting dna-binding and rna-binding proteins

The present invention provides methods of screening compounds that inhibit or enable or activate or enhance the sequence-specific or nonspecific binding of a polynucleotide binding protein to a polynucleotide fragment. Also provided are enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) kits for screening for compounds that inhibit or enable, activate, or enhance the sequence-specific or nonspecific binding of a polynucleotide binding protein..
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees


Label-free detection of renal cancer

Natural and/or synthetic antibodies for specific proteins are adhered to nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are adhered to a substrate and the substrate is exposed to a sample that may contain the specific proteins.
Washington University


Label-free detection of renal cancer

Natural and/or synthetic antibodies for specific proteins are adhered to nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are adhered to a substrate and the substrate is exposed to a sample that may contain the specific proteins.
Washington University


Lrrc8 proteins and protein complexes and methods for identification of channel modulators

The invention relates to a method for the identification of a channel modulator, such as an agonist or antagonist, that interacts with one or more or lrrc8a, lrrc8b, lrrc8c, lrrc8d and/or lrrc8e and/or protein complexes thereof. The invention further relates to an isolated heteromeric protein complex comprising one or more or lrrc8a, lrrc8b, lrrc8c, lrrc8d and/or lrrc8e for use in such methods, in addition to kits suitable for carrying out such methods.
Forschungsverbund Berlin E.v.


Molecular analysis using micro electro-mechanical sensor devices

Analysis instruments and sensors, particularly micro-electro mechanical sensor (mems) devices, for molecular analysis of chemicals and other materials, including, for example, polymers, drugs, nanomaterials, biological samples including proteins, and environmental samples including water suspected of contamination, and the like in vapor, liquid, and/or solid form.. .
Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.


Agents for reversing epigenetic silencing of genes

The present invention provides methods for discovering agents that are effective in reversing epigenetic silencing by inhibiting the interaction of methyl-binding (mbd) proteins with methylated genomic dna. Also provided are methods for reactivating silenced genes having cpg island hypermethylation along with methods for treatment and prevention of diseases, such as cancer and sickle cell anemia, by administering an agent that modulates methyl-binding domain (mbd) protein-mediated transcriptional repression, thereby increasing gene transcription to prevent or treat disease.
The Johns Hopkins University


Glycoconjugate synthesis

The invention relates to a method for producing a glycoconjugate comprising an oligosaccharide part covalently linked to a non-sugar moiety selected from the group consisting of amino acids, peptides, proteins, lipids, longer alkyl groups, polyethylene glycols, α,β-unsaturated amido group and polyvinyl alcohols, using a genetically modified cell.. .
Glycom A/s


Methods for producing recombinant proteins

The present disclosure relates to a host cell transfected with a nhej protein or a functional fragment thereof or a polynucleotide encoding the same, wherein said polynucleotide sequence is under the control of a suitable promoter and the host cell is also transfected with an expression cassette comprising a polynucleotide sequence encoding at least one protein of interest, methods of preparing the host cells, plasmids and intermediates employed in the preparation of the same and use of the host cells to express to protein.. .
Ucb Biopharma Sprl


Use of bacteriophage outer membrane breaching proteins expressed in plants for the control of gram-negative bacteria

The present invention provides compositions and methods for killing or suppressing growth of gram-negative bacteria that infect, infest or cause disease in plants, including pathogenic, saprophytic and opportunistic microbes that cause disease in plants and food borne illness in people or in animal feed.. .
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Novel acyltransferase polynucleotides, polypeptides and methods of use

The invention provides a novel dgat1 protein with improved properties over known dgat proteins, particularly known dgat1 proteins from plants. The novel dgat1 protein of the invention can be expressed in cells to increase cellular lipid accumulation.
Agresearch Limited


Floral transition genes in maize and uses thereof

The invention provides isolated floral transition nucleic acids and their encoded proteins. The present invention provides methods and compositions relating to altering floral transition in plants.
E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company


Method for in-vitro preparation of double-layered virus-like particles of rotavirus

The invention relates to a method for preparing double-layered virus-like particles of rotavirus in vitro. The method comprises the following steps: purifying rotavirus vp6 proteins from a lysis supernatant, and in vitro assembling double-layered virus-like particles consisting of vp2 proteins and vp6 proteins, wherein the proteins and the virus-like particles can be used for preventing or reducing the clinical symptoms caused by rotavirus infection..
Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd.


Hybrid baculovirus having the capability of infecting at least three insect hosts and uses thereof

Disclosed herein is an autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (acmnpv) based hybrid baculovirus and its uses thereof. The acmnpv based hybrid baculovirus is capable of infecting different hosts, and comprises bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus (bmnpv) genes of lef9, vlf1, p6.9, and vp80; maruca vitrata multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (mavimnpv) genes of lef2, orf1629, and pe38; and acmnpv/bmnpv/mavimnpv-hybrid genes of pk1, lef8, dna pol, gp41, helicase, orf94, vp1054, orf65, lef4, lef5, and orf99.
Chung Yuan Christian University


Hybrid baculovirus and uses thereof

Disclosed herein is an autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (acmnpv) based hybrid baculovirus and its uses thereof. The acmnpv based hybrid baculovirus is capable of infecting different hosts, and comprises maruca vitrata multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (mavimnpv) genes of lef1, orf1629, pk1, cds1, cds2, and lef2; and acmnpv/mavimnpv-hybrid genes of egt and orf152.
Chung Yuan Christian University


Synthetically designed extracellular microenvironment

The present invention provides for a biochemically and physically defined extracellular microenvironment prepared from mussel adhesive proteins recombinantly functionalized with a variety of bioactive peptides such as extracellular matrix-derived or growth factor-derived peptides. The synthetic extracellular microenvironment can be customized to regulate cellular behavior such as cell adhesion, growth, differentiation and morphogenesis in a variety of cells.
Kollodisbioscience, Co., Ltd.


Anti-cd19 antibodies

The present invention provides humanized, chimeric and human anti-cd19 antibodies, anti-cd19 antibody fusion proteins, and fragments thereof that bind to a human b cell marker. Such antibodies, fusion proteins and fragments thereof are useful for the treatment and diagnosis of various b-cell disorders, including b-cell malignancies and autoimmune diseases.
Immunomedics, Inc.


Glycoprotein preparations

Preparations of glycoproteins, e.g., therapeutic preparations of glycoproteins, having altered levels of affinity for fcγ receptors relative to reference glycoprotein preparations, and methods of making and methods of using such preparations, are described.. .
Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Aplnr modulators and uses thereof

The present invention provides apelin receptor (aplnr) modulators that bind to aplnr and methods of using the same. The invention includes aplnr modulators such as antibodies, or antigen-binding fragments thereof, which inhibit or attenuate aplnr-mediated signaling.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Targeted therapeutics based on engineered proteins for tyrosine kinases receptors, including igf-ir

The present invention provides innovative proteins that bind to insulin-like growth factor-i receptor (igf-ir), as well as other important proteins. The invention also provides innovative proteins in pharmaceutical preparations and derivatives of such proteins and the uses of same in diagnostic, research and therapeutic applications.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Chromatography matrices including novel staphylococcus aureus protein a based ligands

The present invention relates to chromatography matrices including ligands based on one or more domains of immunoglobulin-binding proteins such as, staphylococcus aureus protein a (spa), as well as methods of using the same.. .
Emd Millipore Corporation


Strain-independent amplification of pathogens and vaccines thereto

This in invention relates to methods for the nucleic acid amplification of multiple variants (strains) of any pathogen present in a sample, and preferably in a sample from a pathogen infected individual. In preferred embodiments, the pathogen is a retrovirus, such as hiv.
Argos Therapeutics, Inc.


Targeted heterologous antigen presentation on calicivirus virus-like particles

The present invention provides particle-forming chimeric proteins comprising a calicivirus capsid protein and one or more heterologous antigen sequences. In particular, the present invention discloses engineered calicivirus capsid protein sequences containing heterologous epitopes fused at internal locations such that the modified capsid proteins retain the ability to form virus-like particles when expressed in host cells.
Takeda Vaccines, Inc.


Methods and compositions for controlling assembly of viral proteins

Provided herein are methods and compositions for controlling assembly of modified viral core proteins, for example, into a viral capsid or a nanocage. In some embodiments, the disclosed modified viral core proteins comprise at least one mutation or modification that can substantially prevent assembly of the viral core proteins until assembly is desired.
Biomed Realty, L.p.


Fusion proteins for promoting an immune response, nucleic acids encoding same, and methods of making and use thereof

Disclosed herein are compositions, cells, kits, and methods for inducing an immune response in a subject. The compositions can be used as vaccines or vaccine adjuvants against cancer (e.g., melanoma, glioma, prostate, breast) and infectious diseases (e.g., therapeutic and preventative vaccination for viruses), and can be used in cell-based therapies for preventing and treating disorders such as cancer and infection.
University Of Miami


Inhibitors of peptidyl arginine deiminase (pad) enzymes and uses thereof

The present application relates to imidazolidinecliones, compositions comprising these compounds and their use, in particular for the treatment of diseases, disorders or conditions characterized by or associated with the hypercitrullination of proteins by peptidyl arginine deiminase (pad) enzymes. In particular, the present application includes compounds of formula i, and compositions and uses thereof: (i)..
University Health Network

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