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Phylogenetic analysis of mass spectrometry or gene array data for the diagnosis of physiological conditions

Phylogenetic analysis of mass spectrometry or gene array data for the diagnosis of physiological conditions

Date/App# patent app List of recent Proteins-related patents
 Methods and compositions for emergency post-infection treatment of anthrax patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for emergency post-infection treatment of anthrax
Compositions effective for treating or preventing an anthrax infection in a subject in need thereof and recombinant proteins included in the compositions are provided. Methods for producing recombinant proteins in plants are described.
Pharma Green Llc
 Antigen binding proteins to proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 (pcsk9) patent thumbnailnew patent Antigen binding proteins to proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 (pcsk9)
Antigen binding proteins that interact with proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 (pcsk9) are described. Methods of treating hypercholesterolemia and other disorders by administering a pharmaceutically effective amount of an antigen binding protein to pcsk9 are described.
Amgen Inc.
 Human antibodies and proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Human antibodies and proteins
The present invention provides composite proteins, including antibodies, which show reduced immunogenicity. In particular, composite antibodies for use in humans are provided, in particular antibodies which have been modified to remove one or more t-cell epitopes.
Antitope Limited
 Methods for enhancing bacterial cell display of proteins and peptides patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for enhancing bacterial cell display of proteins and peptides
Methods of making and using bacterial display polypeptide libraries using circularly permuted ompx (cpx) variants are disclosed. The invention further relates to methods for enhancing the display of proteins and peptides at the surface of bacteria by optimizing linkers and incorporating mutations at positions 165 and 166 of cpx..
 Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins patent thumbnailnew patent Method for the selective enrichment and labeling of phosphorproteins
The embodiments of the invention relate to a method for the introduction of a labeling structure such as a fluorescent molecules or a raman tags to a compound. Imidazole functionalized resins or polymers are used to selectively immobilize phosphocompounds without protecting the carboxylic groups.
Intel Corporation
 Methods and compositions for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of acute myeloid leukemia patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of acute myeloid leukemia
Gene mutations are associated with the progression of acute myeloid leukemia (aml). The invention relates to methods and systems for evaluating the progression of aml based on these gene mutations.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center
 Peptide pharmaceuticals patent thumbnailnew patent Peptide pharmaceuticals
Described herein are methods of syntheses and therapeutic uses of covalently modified peptides and/or proteins. The covalently modified peptides and/or proteins allow for improved pharmaceutical properties of peptide and protein-based therapeutics..
Eumederis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
 Derivatized polyglucosamines for delivery of small molecules, peptides, and proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Derivatized polyglucosamines for delivery of small molecules, peptides, and proteins
Described herein are compositions comprising a derivatized polyglucosamine and a small molecule, peptide, or protein and related methods of use, e.g., to deliver a small molecule, peptide, or protein to cells (e.g., cancer cells) or tissues (e.g., mucosal membrane and epithelial membrane), e.g., to treat a disease or condition in a subject.. .
Synedgen, Inc.
 Methods and compositions for delivering peptides patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for delivering peptides
Methods are provided for purifying peptides and proteins by incorporating the peptide or protein into a diketopiperazine or competitive complexing agent to facilitate removal one or more impurities, from the peptide or protein. Formulations and methods also are provided for the improved transport of active agents across biological membranes, resulting for example in a rapid increase in blood agent concentration.
Mannkind Corporation
 Water-soluble aie luminogens for monitoring and retardation of fibrillation of amyloid proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Water-soluble aie luminogens for monitoring and retardation of fibrillation of amyloid proteins
Compounds that exhibit aggregation induced emission (aie), and more particularly to water-soluble conjugated polyene compounds that exhibit aggregation induced emission. The conjugated polyene compounds can be used as bioprobes for dna detection, g-quadruplex identification, and potassium-ion sensing.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
new patent

Designed biosurfactants, their manufacture, purification and use

The present invention relates to designed polypeptide biosurfactants that may be prepared by recombinant technology in commercially useful amounts and purified by simple non-chromatographic methods. The designed polypeptide biosurfactants comprise at least one stimuli-responsive amino acid residue or at least one glutamine or asparagine residue and may be useful in modulating the stability of a foam, alone or in combination with an α-helical peptide.
The University Of Queensland
new patent

Nemo binding domain fusion proteins

Novel fusion proteins compromising nuclear factor kb essential modulator-binding (nemo) domain or a fragment thereof and mcoti-i/ii or a fragment thereof, and their use for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and other medical conditions.. .
Encode Bio, Inc.
new patent

Methods and kits for determining protein-bound biomarkers

(a) automated prepurification of the sample using an effective amount of an acid protease under conditions that allow for digestion of one or more binding proteins; (b) applying said protease-digested sample onto an on-line spe column to capture at least part of said biomarker, followed by sequential washing of the solid phase; (c) eluting a fraction comprising said biomarker directly onto a liquid chromatography (lc) column comprising an apolar stationary phase and subjecting it to lc-ms or lc-ms-ms measurements to determine the amount of at least one biomarker; and (d) quantitating the biomarker(s). Also provided are kits for use in such method, for instance in the determination of vitamin d derivatives, testosterone and/or or melatonin..
new patent

Aza-benzazolium containing cyanine dyes

Unsymmetrical cyanine dyes that incorporate an aza-benzazolium ring moiety are described, including cyanine dyes substituted by a cationic side chain, monomeric and dimeric cyanine dyes, chemically reactive cyanine dyes, and conjugates of cyanine dyes. The subject dyes are virtually non-fluorescent when diluted in aqueous solution, but exhibit bright fluorescence when associated with nucleic acid polymers such as dna or rna, or when associated with detergent-complexed proteins.
Life Technologies Corporation
new patent

Human antibodies and proteins

The present invention provides composite proteins, including antibodies, which show reduced immunogenicity. In particular, composite antibodies for use in humans are provided, in particular antibodies which have been modified to remove one or more t-cell epitopes.
Antitope Limited
new patent

Enhanced functionality and delivery of a protein from a porous substrate

Compositions, methods, articles of manufacture, and kits are provided for storage and delivery of proteins.. .
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.
new patent

Tissue-engineered constructs

The present invention provides constructs including a tubular biodegradable polyglycolic acid scaffold, wherein the scaffold may be coated with extracellular matrix proteins and substantially acellular. The constructs can be utilized as an arteriovenous graft, a coronary graft, a peripheral artery bypass conduit, or a urinary conduit.
new patent

Integrated active flux microfluidic devices and methods

The invention relates to a microfabricated device for the rapid detection of dna, proteins or other molecules associated with a particular disease. The devices and methods of the invention can be used for the simultaneous diagnosis of multiple diseases by detecting molecules (e.g.
California Institute Of Technology
new patent

Methods and compositions for enhanced production of butanol by clostridia

The invention relates generally to methods and compositions for maintaining and manipulating microbial cultures of gram-positive bacteria. Also provided are methods for identifying quorum sensing regulatory proteins and auto-inducing peptides in gram-positive bacteria.
Butrolix Llc
new patent

Methods and materials for reducing degradation of recombinant proteins

Described herein are methods and materials for reducing degradation of recombinant proteins in fungal cells such as yarrowia.. .
Oxyrane Uk Limited
new patent

Conversion systems for biomass

The efficient production of ethanol from low-cost biomass (e.g., corn, sugar beets, sugar cane, switchgrass and/or paper) has become increasingly important in making ethanol competitive with gasoline and decreasing the united states' dependence on foreign oil. For example, to reduce the cost of transporting biomass to ethanol production facilities, mobile systems for producing ethanol from biomass are provided.
Xyleco, Inc.
new patent

Phylogenetic analysis of mass spectrometry or gene array data for the diagnosis of physiological conditions

A universal data-mining platform capable of analyzing mass spectrometry (ms) serum proteomic profiles and/or gene array data to produce biologically meaningful classification; i.e., group together biologically related specimens into clades. This platform utilizes the principles of phylogenetics, such as parsimony, to reveal susceptibility to cancer development (or other physiological or pathophysiological conditions), diagnosis and typing of cancer, identifying stages of cancer, as well as post-treatment evaluation.
new patent

Compositions, methods and kits for diagnosis of lung cancer

The present invention provides methods for identifying biomarker proteins that exhibit differential expression in subjects with a first lung condition versus healthy subjects or subjects with a second lung condition. The present invention also provides compositions comprising these biomarker proteins and methods of using these biomarker proteins or panels thereof to diagnose, classify, and monitor various lung conditions.
Integrated Diagnostics, Inc.
new patent

Method of detecting at least one mechanism of resistance to carbapenems by mass spectrometry

The present invention pertains to a method of detection, by mass spectrometry, of at least one marker of at least one mechanism of resistance to at least one antimicrobial, resistance of at least one microorganism contained in a sample, characterised in that the antimicrobial is a carbapenem, and said resistance markers are proteins or peptides. Preferably, said proteins or peptides are proteins from said microorganism..
Biomerieux, Inc.
new patent

Compositions and methods relating to fusion protein biomarkers

The present invention provides fusion proteins as biomarkers specific for chromosomal translocation-based conditions (e.g., cancer), related methods for detecting fusion protein biomarkers associated with chromosomal translocation-based conditions, related methods for quantifying amount of fusion protein expression, and related methods for diagnosing chromosomal translocation-based conditions through detection of such fusion protein biomarkers. Such fusion protein biomarkers and related methods additionally find use in research settings..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan
new patent

Citrullinated brain and neurological proteins as biomarkers of brain injury or neurodegeneration

The present invention relates to the field of biomarkers. More specifically, the present invention relates to biomarkers useful in diagnosing brain injury or neurodegeneration.
The Johns Hopkins University
new patent

Method of detecting residual genomic dna and a kit thereof

The present disclosure relates to a highly specific and sensitive method of detecting host cell impurities in a biological sample by using quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (q pcr). The present disclosure also provides novel designed primer and probe to amplify only the specific alu family of dispersed repetitive sequences from chinese hamster ovary cells used for expression of therapeutic proteins..
Biocon Limited
new patent

Genetic products differentially expressed in tumors and use thereof

The invention relates to the identification of genetic products that are expressed in association with a tumor and the nucleic acid coding therefor. The invention relates to the therapy and diagnosis of diseases in which said genetic products that are expressed in association with a tumor are expressed in aberrant manner.
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals Ag
new patent

Detecting analytes with a ph meter

Provided herein are sensors, kits that include such sensors, and methods for making and using such sensors. The sensors permit detection of a broad array of target molecules, such as nucleic acids (e.g., dna and rna), proteins, toxins, pathogens, cells, and metals, and can be used in combination with ph meters and ph paper.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
new patent

Method for producing an acidified milk drink

The present invention relates to a method for producing an acidified milk drink using an enzyme which reduces the isoelectric point of the milk proteins. The invention also relates to a novel enzyme having deamidase activity and its use in production of an acidified milk drink..
Chr. Hansen A/s
new patent

Use of fermented milk product for skin treatment

The use of a fermented milk product comprising non-hydrolysed whey proteins which is substantially free of casein proteins for the purpose of improving skin firmness, by structuring collagen without promoting collagen synthesis, when topically applied to skin is provided.. .
Quest International Services B.v.
new patent

Conformationally stabilized rsv pre-fusion f proteins

In some embodiments, the present invention provides respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) f proteins, polypeptides and protein complexes that comprise one or more cross-links to stabilize the protein, polypeptide or protein complex in its pre-fusion conformation. In some embodiments the present invention provides rsv f proteins, polypeptides and protein complexes comprising one or more mutations to facilitate such cross-linking.
new patent

E1 enzyme mutants and uses thereof

The invention provides isolated nucleic acids molecules, designated uba3, uae, or uba6, or other e1 enzyme variant nucleic acid molecules, which encode novel e1 enzyme variant proteins. The invention also provides antisense nucleic acid molecules, recombinant expression vectors containing uba3, uae, or uba6, or other e1 enzyme variant nucleic acid molecules, host cells into which the expression vectors have been introduced, and nonhuman transgenic animals in which a uba3, uae, or uba6, or other e1 enzyme variant gene has been introduced or disrupted.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
new patent

Bispecific chimeric proteins with darpins

A bispecific chimeric protein including a designed ankyrin repeat protein (darpin), and an igg antibody, an scfv-fc antibody fragment, or a combination thereof, linked to the darpin; a method for treating or preventing cancer using the same; and related methods and compositions.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Compositions of penetration-enhanced targeting proteins and methods of use

The disclosure relates to penetration-enhanced targeted proteins and their uses for therapeutics delivery.. .
Permeon Biologics, Inc.
new patent

Lpl variant therapeutics

The invention provides for the use of a therapeutic derived from a truncated lipoprotein lipase protein (lpl s447x), including nucleic acids encoding such proteins, for the treatment of conditions including lpl responsive conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, lpl deficiency, high triglyceride levels, low hdl-cholesterol levels or atherosclerosis.. .
new patent

Application of macroporous silica synthesized by a salt-templated aerosol chromatography

The present invention discloses a silica particle having a diameter less than or equal to 2 μη, wherein the particle is spherical and comprises interconnected pores having a diameter in the range from 50 nm to 300 nm. The silica particle is preferably produced by spray pyrolysis (=spray drying) of a silica colloid.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

Constructs and producing microcompartments

To produce a bacterial microcompartment shell, or a designed shell based on naturally occurring bacterial microcompartment shells in a new host organism, a synthetic operon is constructed that contains the desired shell protein genes and translation efficiency is controlled by host specific ribosomal binding sites. Proteins or other molecules can be encapsulated in the microcompartment shells by various methods described herein.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Stresscopins and their uses

The invention provides novel nucleic acids and polypeptides, referred to herein as stresscopin 1 and stresscopin 2, which preferentially activate the crh-r2 receptor over the r1 receptor. Stresscopins, analogs and mimetics, and related crh-r2 agonists suppress food intake and heat-induced edema; but do not induce substantial release of acth.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Treatment of amyloidoses using myelin basic protein and fragments thereof

In its various embodiments, the invention provides myelin basic proteins and fragments of that interfere with the fibrillization of peptides implicated in the amyloidoses, especially the amyloid-b eta peptide associated with alzheimer's disease (“ad”) and cerebral amyloid angiopathy (“caa”). Some embodiments provide methods of identifying additional interfering fragments.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Collagen and fibrin microthreads in a discrete thread model of in vitro acl scaffold regeneration

Compositions that include fibrin microthreads are provided. The compositions can include one or more therapeutic agents including cytokines and interleukins, extracellular matrix proteins and/or biologically active fragments thereof (e.g., rgd-containing peptides), hormones, vitamins, nucleic acids, chemotherapeutics, antibiotics, and cells.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Biomarker for the prediction of responsiveness to an anti-tumour necrosis factor alpha (tnf) treatment

The invention refers to a method for diagnosing an individual who is to be subjected to or is being subjected to an anti-tumour necrosis factor alpha (tnfα or tnf) treatment to asses the responsiveness to an anti-tnf treatment which comprises the detection of immunoglobulin(s) against one or more biomarker proteins in a bodily fluid or an excrement of said patient, and sorting the individual into one of two categories based on detection of said immunoglobulin(s), wherein individuals are classified as non-responder or responder. The invention refers to diagnostic kits comprising said one or more biomarker proteins and the use of these kits for assessing the responsiveness to an anti-tnf treatment of an individual who is to be subjected to or is being subjected to an anti-tnfα treatment..
Max-planck Gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Wissenschaften E. V.

Multiple biomarker set for breast cancer diagnosis, detecting the same, and diagnosis kit for breast cancer using antibody against the same

The present invention relates to a biomarker set for diagnosing breast cancer comprising two or more protein markers of: apolipoprotein c1, apolipoprotein (a), neural cell adhesion molecule l1-like protein, carbonic anhydrase 1, and fibronectin; a method for detecting the biomarker set in a blood sample through a multiple reaction monitoring; a kit for diagnosing breast cancer comprising antibodies specific to each of the proteins of the biomarker set; and a method for detecting proteins of the marker set in a blood sample through an antigen-antibody binding reaction. The method for detecting the protein marker set in a blood sample by the mrm method or antigen-antibody binding reaction and the diagnostic kit can provide very high accuracy and sensitivity in comparison with the diagnosis method using a single marker and can very conveniently diagnose breast cancer using blood from patients, thereby being effectively used for early diagnosis of breast cancer..
Biomedieng Co., Ltd.

Simultaneous, integrated selection and evolution of antibody/protein performance and expression in production hosts

The present disclosure provides methods of integrating therapeutic protein and antibody generation and/or selection, evolution and expression in a eukaryotic host for manufacturing in a single system. Therapeutic proteins, including antibodies, are generated, optimized and manufactured in the same eukaryotic host system.
Bioatla, Llc

Modified cascade ribonucleoproteins and uses thereof

A clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (crispr)-associated complex for adaptive antiviral defence (cascade); the cascade protein complex comprising at least crispr-associated protein subunits cas7, cas5 and cas6 which includes at least one subunit with an additional amino acid sequence possessing nucleic acid or chromatin modifying, visualising, transcription activating or transcription repressing activity. The cascade complex with additional activity is combined with an rna molecule to produce a ribonucleoprotein complex.
Wageningen Universiteit

Defined cell culturing surfaces and methods of use

A cell culture surface having a film attached thereto, wherein the film includes one or more plasma polymerized monomers; and a coating on the film-coated surface, the coating deposited from a coating solution comprising one or more extracellular matrix proteins and an aqueous solvent, where the total extracellular matrix protein concentration in the coating solution is about 1 ng/ml to about 1 mg/ml.. .

Puro-dhfr quadrifunctional marker and its use in protein production

This invention relates to industrial production of proteins. More specifically, the invention relates to the res-dhfr surrogate marker, which corresponds to a fusion between dhfr and a protein conferring resistance to a toxic compound or conferring a metabolic advantage.
Merck Serono Sa

Endolysin obpgplys

The present invention relates to a polypeptide with an amino acid sequence according to seq id no: 1 and fragments or derivatives thereof. The present invention further relates to fusion proteins comprising said polypeptide and an additional peptide stretch fused to said polypeptide at the n- or c-terminus.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, K.u. Leuven R&d

Methods and organisms for utilizing synthesis gas or other gaseous carbon sources and methanol

The invention provides a non-naturally occurring microbial organism having an acetyl-coa pathway and the capability of utilizing syngas or syngas and methanol. In one embodiment, the invention provides a non-naturally occurring microorganism, comprising one or more exogenous proteins conferring to the microorganism a pathway to convert co, co2 and/or h2 to acetyl-coenzyme a (acetyl-coa), methyl tetrahydrofolate (methyl-thf) or other desired products, wherein the microorganism lacks the ability to convert co or co2 and h2 to acetyl-coa or methyl-thf in the absence of the one or more exogenous proteins.
Genomatica, Inc.

Methods for purification of recombinant aav vectors

Provided herein are methods for the purification of recombinant adeno-associated virus (raav) vectors that can be used for gene transfer and specifically for gene therapy or vaccination. Recombinant aav vectors of the invention are substantially free of in-process impurities, including production components such as cellular nucleic acids, cellular proteins, helper virus, and media components..
Genzyme Corporation

Expanded bed adsorption methods for isolation of basic milk proteins including lactoferrin

The present disclosure relates to improved expanded bed adsorption processes for isolating proteins from milk sources. In particular embodiments, the present disclosure provides a process for isolating a milk protein, such as lactoferrin, from a milk source comprising establishing an expanded bed adsorption column comprising a particulate matrix, applying a milk source to the matrix, and eluting the lactoferrin from the matrix with an elution buffer comprising about 0.3 to about 2.0 m sodium chloride..
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

Npp1 fusion proteins

The present invention provides a novel fusion polypeptide containing a catalytic domain of npp1 fused to a targeting moiety, nucleic acids encoding the fusion polypeptide, a vector containing the nucleic acid integrated thereinto, a host cell transformed with the vector and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the fusion polypeptide.. .
Synageva Biopharma Corp.

Dock-and-lock (dnl) complexes for therapeutic and diagnostic use

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions dock and lock (dnl) complexes comprising an ad moiety selected from an akap protein and a ddd moiety selected from a protein kinase a regulatory subunit. Also disclosed are fusion proteins comprising an ad moiety or ddd moiety attached to an effector moiety.
Ibc Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Modified diacylglycerol acyltransferase proteins and methods of use thereof

Provided are fusion proteins of diacylglycerol acyltransferase (dgat) polypeptides fused to at least one heterologous intracellular localization domain, such as a bacterial membrane-targeting domain, modified photosynthetic microorganism that comprise such fusion proteins, and related methods for improving the production of lipids by photosynthetic microorganisms, including lipids such as triglycerides, fatty acids, and wax esters.. .
Matrix Genetics, Llc

Peroxisome biogenesis factor protein (pex) disruptions for altering polyunsaturated fatty acids and total lipid content in oleaginous eukaryotic organisms

Methods of increasing the amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufas) in the total lipid fraction and in the oil fraction of pufa-producing, oleaginous eukaryotes, accomplished by modifying the activity of peroxisome biogenesis factor (pex) proteins. Disruptions of a chromosomal pex3 gene, pex10p gene or pex16p gene in a pufa-producing, oleaginous eukaryotic strain resulted in an increased amount of pufas, as a percent of total fatty acids and as a percent of dry cell weight, in the total lipid fraction and in the oil fraction of the strain, as compared to the parental strain whose native pex protein was not disrupted..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

T1r hetero-oligomeric taste receptors

Newly identified mammalian taste-cell-specific g protein-coupled receptors which function as hetero-oligomeric complexes in the sweet taste transduction pathway, and the genes and cdna encoding said receptors are described. Specifically, t1r g protein-coupled receptors active in sweet taste signaling as hetero-oligomeric complexes, and the genes and cdna encoding the same, are described, along with methods for isolating such genes and for isolating and expressing such receptors.
Senomyx, Inc.

Molecular diagnosis and typing of lung cancer variants

Compositions and methods useful in determining the major morphological types of lung cancer are provided. The methods include detecting expression of at least one gene or biomarker in a sample.
University Of Utah Research Foundation

Method for preparing a hypoallergenic food

A method for preparing a food that is less allergenic from a particulate solid food matrix that is more allergenic and contains allergenic proteins, in particular a peanut and/or tree-nut matrix. The method comprises the step of processing dispersion of the solid food matrix in an aqueous medium by high-pressure homogenization to obtain a homogenate consisting of a dispersion of allergenic proteins initially contained in the matrix mixed with solid particles of the matrix.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Method for the production of recombinant virus, dna constructs, recombinant virus and vaccine compositions

The purpose of the present invention is the production of recombinant virus through the cloning and expression of sequences of coding nucleotides of the whole or part of heterolog proteins, through the following method: (a) modification of the heterolog nucleotides sequences in such way they when cloned and expressed in the vector virus, the present in the 5′ region nucleotides present in the 5′ edge of the gene ns1 of this vector virus or of other virus or equivalent functional sequences, and in its 3′ region, the correspondent genome region in the whole or part of the spheres of the steam and anchor of the protein e of this vector virus or equivalent functional sequences, and not comprising the structure and the replication of the mention vector virus; (b) insertion of the modified heterolog sequences in (a) in the intergene region at the structural protein e level and of nonstructural ns1 vector virus; (c) obtention of the non pathogenic recombinant virus and owner of the immunologic properties, having the heterolog sequences integrated in the viral genome according to the insertion described in (b) and, like that, expressing the heterolog antigene in such way that it can induce an appropriate immune response. The present invention is also addressed to vaccine compositions to immune against the flavivirus and/or other pathogens..

Alphavirus vectors for respiratory pathogen vaccines

Described herein are compositions and methods for stimulating an immune response to one or more proteins derived from one or more respiratory pathogens. In particular, the invention relates to alphavirus replicons, alphavirus vector constructs, alphavirus replicon particles expressing one or more antigens derived from one or more respiratory pathogens as well as to method of making and using these immunogenic compositions..
Novartis Vaccines And Diagnostics, Inc.

Virus-like particles comprising composite capsid amino acid sequences for enhanced cross reactivity

The present invention provides polypeptides having a composite amino acid sequence derived from a consensus sequence representing the capsid proteins of two or more circulating strains of a non-enveloped virus. In particular, the invention provides virus-like particles comprising at least one composite polypeptide.
Takeda Vaccines, Inc.

Timothy grass allergens and methods and uses for immune response modulation

The invention relates to timothy grass proteins and peptides, subsequences, portions, homologues, variants and derivatives thereof, and methods and uses of timothy grass proteins and peptides. Methods include, for example, modulating an immune response; protecting a subject against or treating a subject for an allergic response, allergic disorder or allergic disease; and inducing immunological tolerance to the allergen in a subject..
La Jolla Institute For Allergy And Immunology

Modulation of tim receptor activity in combination with cytoreductive therapy

A genetic locus and corresponding family of proteins associated with regulation of immune function and cell survival are provided. These genes encode cell surface molecules with conserved igv and mucin domains.
Children's Hospital Corporation

Recombinant vapa and vapc peptides and uses thereof

The present invention provides a recombinant protein comprising consecutive amino acids, the sequence of which is substantially identical to a sequence of amino acids present in a rhodococcus equi virulence-associated protein and compositions containing fusion proteins of the invention. The present invention also provides uses of the compositions in the manufacture of hyperimmune plasma against rhodococcus equi, in producing a hyperimmune plasma against rhodococcus equi in protecting an animal against rhodococcus equi and in protecting a newborn animal against rhodococcus equi..
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

Protein formulations and methods of making same

The invention provides an aqueous formulation comprising water and a protein, and methods of making the same. The aqueous formulation of the invention may be a high protein formulation and/or may have low levels of conductity resulting from the low levels of ionic excipients.
Abbvie Inc.

Actriib proteins and variants and uses therefore relating to utrophin induction for muscular dystrophy therapy

In certain aspects, the present invention provides compositions and methods for inducing utrophin expression in muscle with an actriib protein as therapy for muscular dystrophy. The present invention also provides methods of screening compounds that modulate activity of an actriib protein and/or an actriib ligand..
Acceleron Pharma Inc.

Chimeric factor viii polypeptides and uses thereof

The present invention provides a vwf fragment comprising the d′ domain and d3 domain of vwf, a chimeric protein comprising the vwf fragment and a heterologous moiety, or a chimeric protein comprising the vwf fragment and a fviii protein and methods of using the same. A polypeptide chain comprising a vwf fragment of the invention binds to or is associated with a polypeptide chain comprising a fviii protein and the polypeptide chain comprising the vwf fragment can prevent or inhibit binding of endogenous vwf to the fviii protein.
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

Saa domain-specific antibodies and peptide antagonists and use thereof to treat inflammatory diseases

Isolated saa peptides, fusion proteins and compositions comprising such are provided as are domain-specific saa antibodies. Methods of treating sepsis and endotoxemia are also provided..
The Feinstein Institute For Medical Research

2,6-diaminopyridine compounds suitable for treating diseases associated with amyloid or amyloid-like proteins or for treating or preventing ocular diseases or conditions associated with a pathological abnormality/change in the tissue of the visual system

The present invention relates to 2,6-diaminopyridine compounds that can be employed in the treatment of a group of disorders and abnormalities associated with amyloid protein and of diseases or conditions associated with amyloid-like proteins. The compounds of the present invention can also be used in the treatment of ocular diseases associated with pathological abnormalities/changes in the tissues of the visual system..
Ac Immune S.a.

Histone deacetylase (hdac) inhibitor up-regulates car expression and targeted antigen intensity, increasing antitumor efficacy

Embodiments of the invention employ methods and compositions for enhancing potency of immune cells that express one or more therapeutic proteins. In certain cases, the methods modulate expression of a car transgene in an immune cell, such as a t cell.
Baylor College Of Medicine

Engineered peptide (ep)-directed protein intercellular delivery system and uses thereof

The present invention provides an intercellular protein delivery system comprising an engineered peptide (ep), composed of secretion part (sp) and nuclear translocation part (ntp), a functional or therapeutic protein (fp), cells that express the fusion proteins and cells that accept the fusion proteins. The system can be used in vivo or in vitro to sustainably supply proteins of interest for cellular reprogramming, cellular differentiation and cell-based protein therapies..

Variant aav and compositions, methods and uses for gene transfer to cells, organs and tissues

The invention relates to adeno-associated virus (aav) serotype aav-rh74 and related aav vectors, and aav-rh74 and related aav vector mediated gene transfer methods and uses. In particular, aav-rh74 and related aav vectors target polynucleotides to cells, tissues or organs for expression (transcription) of genes encoding therapeutic proteins and peptides, and polynucleotides that function as or are transcribed into inhibitory nucleic acid sequences..
The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia

Novel compositions and methods for preventing or treating cancer metastasis

The invention includes a method of preventing or treating metastasis in a subject diagnosed with cancer, the method comprising determining whether at least one gene encoding one or more proteins is upregulated in a cancer tissue sample from the subject as compared to the level of expression of the at least one gene in a non-cancer control sample of the same tissue, and, if the at least one gene is upregulated in the cancer tissue sample from the subject, administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition comprising one or more protein depleting agents.. .
Drexel University

Long acting proteins and peptides and methods of making and using the same

Disclosed is a method for refolding a protein or peptide that does not contain essential disulfides and that contains at least one free cysteine residue. Also disclosed are polymer ifn-γ conjugates that have been created by the chemical coupling of polymers such as polyethylene glycol moieties to ifn-γ, particularly via a free cysteine in the protein.
Bolder Biotechnology, Inc.

Computing systems, computer-readable media and methods of antibody profiling

Computing systems, computer-readable media and methods are disclosed. In the computing system, an image capture device captures an image of a protein array including spots of predetermined proteins, wherein some of the spots have bound to a biological material having individual-specific antibodies to form immune complexes and some of the immune complexes have interacted with a detection agent to generate a visible image therefrom.
Battelle Energy Alliance, Llc

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