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This page is updated frequently with new Proteins-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Proteins-related patents
 Method and system for selecting drug on basis of individual protein damage information for preventing side effects of drug patent thumbnailMethod and system for selecting drug on basis of individual protein damage information for preventing side effects of drug
The present invention relates to a method and a system for selecting a drug customized on the basis of individual protein information by using individual genome sequences. The method and the system of the present invention can predict the individual side effects or danger of a certain drug by analyzing the sequence of the exon region of a gene encoding various proteins involved in the pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics of a predetermined drug or drug group, and have high reliability and are widely applicable and universal..
Cipherome, Inc.

 Squaraine based fluorescent probe and a process for the preparation thereof patent thumbnailSquaraine based fluorescent probe and a process for the preparation thereof
The present invention describes the use of a fluorescent nir dye for various applications by simply changing the solvent conditions. Molecule of formula 1 in the monomeric state (30% acn/25 mm phosphate buffer) can be used for the sensitive detection of thiols and monitoring minor fluctuations in the thiol concentration inside live cells.
Council Of Scentific & Industrial Research

 Genetically encoded probe for quantification of pyruvate concentration and methods of using the same patent thumbnailGenetically encoded probe for quantification of pyruvate concentration and methods of using the same
The present invention relates to a new optical tool for detecting and quantifying pyruvate in samples, in tissues and in cellular and subcellular compartments, with high spatial and temporal resolution, this is a forster resonance energy transfer (fret)-based pyruvate sensor comprising a bacterial pdhr transcription factor between any suitable donor and acceptor fluorescent proteins moieties. The invention also relates to methods of use of this novel optical tool for the quantification of the activity of pyruvate transporters, for the quantification of the rates of cellular pyruvate production and consumption, and for the direct quantification of the rate of mitochondrial pyruvate consumption in intact cells..
Centro De Estudios Clentificos De Valdivia

 Optical selection of cells patent thumbnailOptical selection of cells
Provided herein are photochemical crosslinkers and photocleavable crosslinkers and their uses in methods for cell selection from cell cultures. The photochemical crosslinkers comprise a fluorescent dye and a radical generator.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

 Method of screening gene for 1,4-bdo production patent thumbnailMethod of screening gene for 1,4-bdo production
Provided is a screening method of discovering genes capable of increasing 1,4-bdo production on the basis of proteomics data. Over-expression of proteins screened by the method, ncgl0630 (citrate synthase) and ncgl2145 (hyperthetical protein), increase 1,4-bdo productivity.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Alphaviral vectors and cell lines for producing recombinant proteins patent thumbnailAlphaviral vectors and cell lines for producing recombinant proteins
The present invention relates to polynucleotides and alphaviral vectors for the expression of genes of interest in mammalian cells. Additionally, the invention relates to cells which comprise said polynucleotides and alphaviral vectors and are capable of stably expressing one or more genes of interest.
3p Biopharmaceuticals, S.l.

 Vectors conditionally expressing therapeutic proteins, host cells comprising the vectors, and uses thereof patent thumbnailVectors conditionally expressing therapeutic proteins, host cells comprising the vectors, and uses thereof
This invention relates to the field of therapeutics. Most specifically, the invention provides methods of generating conditionally expressing vectors for one or more immunomodulators under the control of a gene expression modulation system in the presence of activating ligand and uses for therapeutic purposes in animals.
Intrexon Corporation

 Antifungal plant proteins, peptides, and methods of use patent thumbnailAntifungal plant proteins, peptides, and methods of use
Provided are transgenic plants expressing mtdef5 antifungal proteins and peptides exhibiting high levels of resistance to susceptible fungi. Such transgenic plants contain a recombinant dna construct comprising a natural or heterologous signal peptide sequence operably linked to a nucleic acid sequence encoding these molecules.
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

 Blood clot-dissolving proteins produced in seeds patent thumbnailBlood clot-dissolving proteins produced in seeds
Transgenic plants in which blood-clot dissolving proteins are produced in seeds of the plants are provided. Expression of the proteins is driven by a seed specific or selective promoter.
Northeastern State University

 System, method, and device for the expression or repression of proteins patent thumbnailSystem, method, and device for the expression or repression of proteins
This invention relates to systems, methods, and devices for inducing and/or repressing the expression of proteins. More particularly, the invention relates to systems, methods, and devices for inducing and/or repressing the expression of proteins in plastids.
University Of Geneva


Production of recombinant proteins utilizing non-antibiotic selection methods and the incorporation of non-natural amino acids therein

Provided herein are methods and compositions for expression of a nucleic acid construct comprising nucleic acids encoding a) a recombinant polypeptide, and b) a prototrophy-restoring enzyme in a host cell that is auxotrophic for at least one metabolite. In various embodiments, the host cell is auxotrophic for a nitrogenous base compound or an amino acid.


Cell-based composite materials with programmed structures and functions

The present invention is directed to the use of silicic acid to transform biological materials, including cellular architecture into inorganic materials to provide biocomposites (nanomaterials) with stabilized structure and function. In the present invention, there has been discovered a means to stabilize the structure and function of biological materials, including cells, biomolecules, peptides, proteins (especially including enzymes), lipids, lipid vesicles, polysaccharides, cytoskeletal filaments, tissue and organs with silicic acid such that these materials may be used as biocomposites.


Novel methods for recovery of leaf proteins

A novel method for processing soluble plant leaf proteins is described. While leaf proteins are considered potentially the most abundant source of protein in nature, the lack of efficient processing techniques for leaf proteins has limited their commercial use.
University Of Maryland, College Park


Detection and removal of misfolded proteins/peptides

The invention concerns the field of detecting and quantifying misfolded proteins/peptides. In particular the detection and quantification of misfolded proteins/peptides in body fluids, on cell surfaces of humans and mammals, the detection of misfolded proteins/peptides in reagents to be tested for scientific research and/or diagnostic use and in pharmaceutical medication or their additives and it concerns as well the removal of misfolded proteins/peptides from reagents to be tested for scientific research and/or for diagnostic purposes and from pharmaceutical medication or their additives.
Oxprotect Gmbh


Compositions and methods using capsids resistant to hydrolases

Novel processes and compositions are described which use viral capsid proteins resistant to hydrolases to prepare virus-like particles to enclose and subsequently isolate and purify target cargo molecules of interest including nucleic acids such as sirnas and shrnas, mirnas, messenger rnas, small peptides and bioactive molecules.. .
Apse, Llc


Glycosylation engineering of antibodies for improving antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity

The present invention relates to the field glycosylation engineering of proteins. More particular, the present invention is directed to the glycosylation engineering of proteins to provide proteins with improved therapeutic properties, e.g., antibodies, antibody fragments, or a fusion protein that includes a region equivalent to the fc region of an immunoglobulin, with enhanced fc-mediated cellular cytotoxicity..
Roche Glycart Ag


Novel anti-human tslp receptor antibody

An anti-human tslp receptor antibody that specifically binds to human tslp receptor and inhibits an action of human tslp through human tslp receptor. A method for preventing or treating asthma by administering the anti-human tslp receptor antibody or an antigen-binding fragment thereof.
Astellas Pharma Inc.


Antibodies to complex targets

The present invention relates to antibodies and antigen binding fragments thereof derived from antibodies raised by dna immunization of host animals, particularly camelids (e.g. Llama).
Argen-x N.v.


Methods for controlling the galactosylation profile of recombinantly-expressed proteins

The present invention relates to methods for modulating the glycosylation profile of recombinantly-expressed proteins. In particular, the present invention relates to methods of controlling the galactosylation profile of recombinantly-expressed proteins by supplementing production medium, e.g., a hydrolysate-based or a chemically defined medium, with manganese and/or d-galactose.
Abbvie Inc.


Multivalent heteromultimer scaffold design and constructs

Provided herein are multifunctional heteromultimer proteins. In specific embodiments is a heteromultimer comprising: at least two polypeptide constructs, each polypeptide construct comprising at least one cargo polypeptide attached to a transporter polypeptide, said transporter polypeptides derived from a monomeric native protein such that said monomeric constructs associate to form the heteromultimer and said transporter polypeptides associate to form a quasi-native structure of the monomeric native protein or analog thereof.
Zymeworks Inc.


Methods and compositions related to large scale production of proteins

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions related to synthetic fusion proteins and engineered cells.. .
Cell Machines Inc.


Designer osteogenic proteins

The invention relates to novel designer osteogenic proteins having altered affinity for a cognate receptor, nucleic acids encoding the same, and methods of use therefor. More preferably, the novel designer osteogenic proteins are designer bmps and have altered affinity for a cognate bmp receptor.


Recombinant proteins and their therapeutic uses

A recombinant protein expressing one or more human growth factors, tumor antigens, and/or receptors or epitopes thereof on or within an immunogenic expression creating a recombinant protein in which one or more epitopes are presented on the surface of the sequence in their natural configuration. The growth factor, tumor antigen, and/or receptor, sequence(s) may be expressed within the encoding sequence at appropriate internal positions or at the termini as single expressions or as two or more tandem repeats..
Bioven 3 Limited


Designing a soluble full-length hiv-1 gp41 trimer

Described herein is a soluble hiv-1 retrovirus transmembrane glycoprotein gp41 trimer (soc-gp41m-fd) containing a partial ectodomain and the cytoplasmic domain, that is fused to the small outer capsid (soc) protein of bacteriophage t4 and the foldon domain of the bacteriophage t4 fibritin (fd). The gp41 trimer that has a prehairpin structure could be utilized to understand the mechanism of viral entry and as a candidate for development of hiv-1 vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics.
The Catholic University Of America


Electron spin labeled ice binding compounds used for carrying paramagnetic centers for dynamic nuclear polarization

Spin labeled ice binding compounds (ibcs) including ice binding proteins (ibps), also called antifreeze proteins (afps) and their analogs are exploited to carry the paramagnetic centers for dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp), for enhancing nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) signal intensities. Use of spin labeled ibcs to perform dnp exploits the ibcs' ability to homogeneously distribute the paramagnetic centers in frozen water solution at low temperature, leading to high dnp efficiency.
The Trustees Of California State University


Microfluidic devices and methods for cell analysis and molecular diagnostics

Microfluidic devices and methods that use massively parallel anchored picoreactors as the basis for cell and molecular diagnostics are included in this invention. Different processes such as isolation, processing, amplification and characterization of different fluids, particles, chemical compositions or biospecies are presented.
Biopico Systems Inc


Three dimensional soy protein-containing scaffolds and methods for their use and production

Porous soy protein-based scaffolds and methods for making the scaffolds using 3d printing techniques are provided. Also provided are tissue growth scaffolds comprising the porous soy protein-based scaffolds and methods for growing tissue on the tissue growth scaffolds.
Northwestern University


Immunogenic middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) compositions and methods

Disclosed herein are nanoparticles containing mers virus proteins in polymer structures, and compositions containing the nanoparticles formulated for administration as immunogenic compositions. Also provided herein are vector constructs encoding the proteins, and host cells containing the vector constructs.
Novavax, Inc.


Orf2 protein of pcv2 subtype a (pcv2a) for use in cross-protection

Vaccination methods to control pcv2 infection with different pcv2 subtypes are disclosed. Specifically, a pcv2 subtype a (pcv2a) orf2 proteins or immunogenic compositions comprising a pcv2a orf2 protein are used in a method for the treatment or prevention of an infection with pcv2 of a different subtype, the reduction, prevention or treatment of clinical signs caused by an infection with pcv2 of a different subtype, or the prevention or treatment of a disease caused by an infection with pcv2 of a different subtype..
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.


Cell-penetrating bacterial e3-ubiqitin-ligases for use in immunotherapy

The present invention relates to cell-penetrating effector proteins of type iii secretion system (t3ss)-containing bacteria of the genus salmonella or shigella and variants, fragments and immunmodulatory domains thereof, for use in immunotherapy. The present invention further relates to cell-penetrating effector proteins of type iii secretion system (t3ss)-containing bacteria of the genus salmonella or shigella and variants, fragments and immunmodulatory domains thereof, for delivering cargo molecules into eukaryotic cells..
Westfaelische Wilhelms-universitaet Muenster


Methods and compositions for oral administration of proteins

This invention provides compositions comprising a protein and an omega-3 fatty acid, method for treating diabetes mellitus, comprising administering same, and methods for oral administration of a protein with an enzymatic activity, comprising orally administering same.. .
Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Chimeric fibroblast growth factor (fgf) 2/fgf1 peptides and methods of use

The present disclosure provides chimeric proteins having an n-terminus coupled to a c-terminus, wherein the n-terminus comprises an n-terminal portion of fibroblast growth factor (fgf) 2 and the c-terminus comprises a portion of an fgf1 protein, wherein the chimeric protein comprises at least 95% sequence identity to seq id no: 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13. Also provided are nucleic acid molecules that encode such proteins, and vectors and cells that include such nucleic acids.
Salk Institute For Biological Studies


Autologous hiv-1 proteins for the treatment of latent hiv-1 infection

A method of reducing a latent hiv-specific memory-cd4+ t cell pool in a subject includes the steps of: preparing at least one hiv-1 protein coding sequence from a sample obtained from the subject, wherein the sample includes hiv-1 rna; introducing the at least one hiv-1 protein coding sequence into at least one expression construct using yeast homologous recombination; transfecting a cell with the at least one expression construct, wherein the hiv-1 protein is secreted by the cell and administering a therapeutically effective amount of the secreted hiv-1 protein and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier to the subject, wherein the secreted hiv-1 protein stimulates latent hiv-specific memory-cd4+ t cells to induce latent hiv-1 replication resulting in hiv-specific memory-cd4+ t cell death in the subject.. .
Case Western Reserve University


Metal-glycoprotein complexes and their use as chemotherapeutic compounds

Compositions of the invention include glycoproteins, such as transferrin, and metal-based coordination complexes, which are preferably chemotherapeutic compounds and more preferably tunable photodynamic compounds. The compositions are useful as in vivo diagnostic agents, and as therapeutic agents for treating or preventing diseases including those that involve hyperproliferating cells in their etiology, such as cancer.
Theralase Technologies, Inc.


Bruton's tyrosine kinase as anti-cancer drug target

Receptor protein kinases (rptks) transmit extracellular signals across the plasma membrane to cytosolic proteins, stimulating formation of complexes that regulate key cellular functions. Over half of the known tyrosine kinases are implicated in human cancers and are therefore highly promising drug targets.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York


Apoptosis-induced agents for the treatment of cancer and immune and autoimmune diseases

Disclosed are compounds which inhibit the activity of anti-apoptotic bcl-xl proteins, compositions containing the compounds and methods of treating diseases during which is expressed anti-apoptotic bcl-xl protein.. .
Abbvie Inc.


Delivery of cas9 via arrdc1-mediated microvesicles (armms)

Methods, systems, compositions and strategies for the delivery of ww domain-containing fusion proteins into cells in vivo, ex vivo, or in vitro via armms are provided. Methods, systems, compositions and strategies for the delivery of cas9 proteins and/or cas9 variants into cells in vivo, ex vivo, or in vitro via fusion to armm associated proteins (e.g., arrdc1 or tsg101) are also provided..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Bi-functional co-polymer use for ophthalmic and other topical and local applications

The invention contemplates a copolymer which is a graft or block copolymer useful to change wettability and surface characteristics of biological surfaces. Methods for use of these formulations and coatings to change wettability and sterically stabilize, and lubricate biological surfaces in a subject, for example, in the treatment of dry eye syndrome, and to prevent adherence of unwanted proteins, for example in the treatment of contact lens intolerance, are provided..
Eyeon Particle Sciences Llc


Devices, disc and meniscus repair

Arising from the discovery that a non-immunogenic poly-synthetic bioadhesive based on polyphenolic proteins produced by sandcastle worms (phragmatopoma californica) may be used to anneal tears of the meniscus and annulus fibroses and repair spinal disc herniations, herein disclosed are suture-less meniscal and disc repair devices, systems and methods that may be implemented least invasively, in fluid filled or dry/semi-dry environments using simple instrumentation and without the need for suturing or the placement of anchors. The present invention is less technically demanding for the practioner and thus expected enhance outcomes and represent a distinct advancement over prior art techniques presently available..
Tenjin Llc


Detection, measurement, and imaging of cells using cellular internalization of nanoparticles

The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for detecting, measuring, or locating cells or substances present in even very low concentrations in vivo in subjects, using targeted magnetic nanoparticles and special magnetic systems. The magnetic systems can comprise magnetizing subsystems and sensors subsystems, including as examples squid sensors and atomic magnetometers.
Senior Scientific Llc


Clinical diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis using a novel panel of low abundant human plasma protein biomarkers

The inventors have proposed a novel panel of human plasma protein biomarkers for diagnosing hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis. Presently there is no reliable non-invasive way of assessing liver fibrosis.
The Chancellor, Masters And Scholars Of The Unversity Of Oxford


Ultrathin calcinated films on a gold surface for highly effective laser desorption/ ionization of biomolecules

A nanoscale calcinated silicate film fabricated on a gold substrate for highly effective, matrix-free laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (ldi-ms) analysis of biomolecules. The calcinated film is prepared by a layer-by-layer (lbl) deposition/calcination process wherein the thickness of the silicate layer and its surface properties are precisely controlled.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Immunolipoplex nanoparticle biochip containing molecular probes for capture and characterization of extracellular vesicles

The present invention disclosed a method of fabricating an antibody immunolipoplex nanoparticle (ab-iln) biochip and antibody tethered lipoplex nanoparticle (ab-tln) biochip. The aforementioned antibody-based lipoplex nanoparticle biochip or the related array contains molecular probes and is applied for detecting the presence of a disease or condition in a subject obtaining a body fluid sample by capturing and identifying both membrane protein and intra-vesicular dna/rna/proteins of extracellular vesicles (evs)..
Nanomaterial Innovation Ltd.


Method for evaluating, via biodosimetry, the irradiation dose received by a person subjected to ionizing radiation

The invention relates to a method for evaluating, via biodosimetry, the irradiation dose received by a person subjected to ionizing radiation. Said method comprises: a) sampling, in at least one area of the body of the person, the follicles or bulbs of head and/or body hair of the person; b) extracting proteins from cells of said sampled hair bulbs or follicles, wherein said proteins, including proteins from the atm system, are subjected to phosphorylation and/or acetylation induced by ionizing radiation; and c) analyzing at least two types of extracted proteins and interpreting the analysis results in order to determine the irradiation dose in the or each sampling area..


Digital analysis of molecular analytes using electrical methods

Electrical detection methods are used to identify and further characterize single-molecule target analytes such as proteins and nucleic acids. A composition including a probe region and a tail region is contacted with a target analyte.
Apton Biosystems, Inc.


Nucleic acid molecules encoding insecticidal proteins

Improved compositions and methods for controlling pests are disclosed. In particular, nucleic acid molecules encoding novel engineered cry1ba (ecry1ba) proteins having improved toxicity to lepidopteran insect pests are provided.
Syngenta Participations Ag


Transcript optimized expression enhancement for high-level production of proteins and protein domains

The present invention relates to a system for high-level production of recombinant proteins and protein domains.. .
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Composition and methods for culturing cells

The present disclosure provides compositions for in vitro culture of cells. The present disclosure provides methods for in vitro culture of cells.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Clickable polymers and gels for microarray and other applications

Fabrication of arrays, including glycan arrays, that combines the higher sensitivity of a layered si—sio2 substrate with novel immobilization chemistry via a “click” reaction. The novel immobilization approach allows the oriented attachment of glycans on a “clickable” polymeric coating.


Binding proteins, including antibodies, antibody derivatives and antibody fragments, that specifically bind cd154 and uses thereof

This invention provides binding proteins, including antibodies, antibody derivatives and antibody fragments, that specifically bind a cd154 (cd40l) protein. This invention also provides a chimeric, humanized or fully human antibody, antibody derivative or antibody fragment that specifically binds to an epitope to which a humanized fab fragment comprising a variable heavy chain sequence according to seq id no: 1 and comprising a variable light chain sequence according to seq id no: 2 specifically binds.
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.


Lrp-8 binding proteins

The disclosure provides binding proteins that specifically bind to lrp-8 and optionally cross the blood brain barrier (bbb), localize to the brain and/or localize to the spinal cord.. .
Abbvie Inc.


Dual variable region antibody-like binding proteins having cross-over binding region orientation

The invention provides antibody-like binding proteins comprising four polypeptide chains that form four antigen binding sites, wherein each pair of polypeptides forming an antibody-like binding protein possesses dual variable domains having a cross-over orientation. The invention also provides methods for making such antigen-like binding proteins..


Cysteine variants of interleukin-11 and methods of use thereof

Disclosed are cysteine variants of interleukin-11 (il-11) and methods of making and using such proteins in therapeutic applications.. .
Bolder Biotechnology, Inc.


Compositions, uses and methods for treatment of metabolic disorders and diseases

The invention relates to variants and fusions of fibroblast growth factor 19 (fgf19), variants and fusions of fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21), fusions of fibroblast growth factor 19 (fgf19) and/or fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21), and variants or fusions of fibroblast growth factor 19 (fgf19) and/or fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21) proteins and peptide sequences (and peptidomimetics), having one or more activities, such as glucose lowering activity, and methods for and uses in treatment of hyperglycemia and other disorders.. .
Ngm Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.


Fusogenic properties of saposin c and related proteins and peptides for application to transmembrane drug delivery systems

The present invention comprises a method for delivering pharmaceutical and/or imaging agents within and/or through the dermal, mucosal and other cellular membranes, and across the blood-brain barrier, utilizing a fusogenic protein. The fusogenic protein is associated with a phospholipid membrane, such as a liposome.
Children's Hospital Medical Center


Delivery system for functional nucleases

Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for the supercharged protein-mediated delivery of functional effector proteins into cells in vivo, ex vivo, or in vitro are provided. Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for delivery of functional effector proteins using cationic lipids and cationic polymers are also provided.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Pesticidal nucleic acids and proteins and uses thereof

The invention provides compositions comprising polynucleotide molecules encoding certain pesticidal polypeptides which exhibit plant parasitic nematode and/or insect control properties, and are particularly directed to controlling plant parasitic pest species of nematodes and insects known to infest crop plant species. Methods for controlling pests are disclosed in which the toxic proteins are provided in the diet of the targeted plant pests.
Monsanto Technology Llc


Benzamide derivatives for inhibiting the activity of abl1, abl2 and bcr-abl1

In which y, y1, r1, r2, r3 and r4 are defined in the summary of the invention; capable of inhibiting the tyrosine kinase enzymatic activity of the abelson protein (abl1), the abelson-related protein (abl2) and related chimeric proteins, in particular bcr-abl1. The invention further provides a process for the preparation of compounds of the invention, pharmaceutical preparations comprising such compounds and methods of using such compounds in the treatment of cancers..


Cyclic vinylogous amides as bromodomain inhibitors

The compounds are useful for treating diseases that arise from inappropriate activity of proteins containing an acetyl-lysine. The compositions comprise a genus of cyclic vinylogous amides that are inhibitors of bromodomain..


Separating and demineralizing biomolecule solutions by electrodialysis

Methods and systems are provided for separation and/or purification of biomolecule(s) from a solution and for demineralization of a solution containing biomolecule(s) and ion(s). The methods and systems described herein include one or more ion exchange membrane(s), (e.g., ion exchange membrane(s) capable of water splitting), in an electrochemical cell, from which bound biomolecule(s) or ion(s) may be recovered from the membrane and separated from other components present in the solution by reversing the polarity of the electrodes.


Bioresorbable wound dressing

The present invention is directed to novel non-woven fabrics containing growth and differentiation factor proteins. Said fabrics are specifically designed to accelerate tissue regeneration and wound healing processes of mammalian tissues.
Carl Freudenberg Kg


Modified polynucleotides for the production of proteins associated with human disease

The invention relates to compositions and methods for the preparation, manufacture and therapeutic use of polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.


Methods and compositions for protein delivery

The present invention provides methods and compositions for protein delivery. The invention features virus like particles, methods of making virus like particles and methods of using virus like particles to deliver proteins to a cell, to provide protein therapy and to treat diseases or disorders.
The Usa, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services


Compounds that participate in cooperative binding and uses thereof

The invention features compounds (e.g., macrocyclic compounds) capable of modulating biological processes, for example through binding to a presenter protein (e.g., a member of the fkbp family, a member of the cyclophilin family, or pin1) and a target protein (e.g., a eukaryotic target protein such as a mammalian target protein or a fungal target protein or a prokaryotic target protein such as a bacterial target protein). These compounds bind endogenous intracellular presenter proteins, such as the fkbps or cyclophilins, and the resulting binary complexes selectively bind and modulate the activity of intracellular target proteins.
Warp Drive Bio, Llc


Compositions and methods for stabilizing protein-containing formulations

The present invention relates to use of certain alkylglycoside compositions for the prevention of aggregation and oxidation of antibodies and other proteins in therapeutically useful formulations thereof.. .
Genentech, Inc.


Method for prophylaxis and/or treatment of erbb2 positive cancers

Provided are compositions and methods for prophylaxis and/or therapy of erbb2-positive cancer. The compositions include pharmaceutical preparations that contain isolated or recombinant or modified peptidase d (pepd) proteins.
Health Research, Inc.


Modulation of axon degeneration

The invention relates generally to treatment of neurological disorders and nervous system injuries. The invention specifically provides methods of using modulators of particular target proteins to modulate degeneration of neurons or portions thereof, such as axons..
Genentech, Inc.


Factor viii-xten fusions and uses thereof

The present invention provides chimeric proteins comprising a factor viii (fviii) polypeptide and xten polypeptides. The fviii polypeptide can have a reduced affinity for von willebrand factor (vwf).
Amunix Operating Inc.


Polypeptide targeting to mitochondria

Methods for delivering non-mitochondrial proteins to mitochondria are provided. Also provided are nucleic acid constructs comprising a coding sequence encoding a dna-binding polypeptide, fused to a mitochondrial targeting sequence (mts) and a nuclear export signal (nes), and the encoded proteins.
Medical Research Council


Methods for the production of functional protein from dna having a nonsense mutation and the treatment of disorders associated therewith

The present invention relates to functional proteins encoded by nucleic acid sequences comprising a nonsense mutation. The present invention also relates to methods for the production of functional proteins encoded by nucleic acid sequences comprising a nonsense mutation and the use of such proteins for prevention, management and/or treatment of diseases associated with a nonsense mutation(s) in a gene..
Ptc Therapeutics, Inc


Method for recovering proteins from waste water discharged during process of producing fish meat processed product

According to the present invention, a method for recovering useful fish meat proteins from waste water generated during fish paste or fishmeal production is provided. The provided is a method for recovering water-soluble proteins from fish paste leaching waste water or stick water, comprising: adjusting the ph of fish paste leaching waste water or stick water to 4.5-5.5 to insolubilize water-soluble proteins; heating the insolubilized proteins to 30° c.
Maruha Nichiro Corporation


Multiplexed diagnostic to recognize concentrations of related proteins and peptides

Disclosed are methods and systems for determining concentrations of a target molecule and a variant thereof in a sample. The sample can comprise or be suspected to comprise a target molecule and at least one variant thereof and is exposed to one or more recognition elements that bind to the target molecule and/or the at least one variant.
North Carolina State University


Type 1 diabetes biomarkers

Type 1 diabetes (t1d) patients make antibodies to self-proteins that are potential biomarkers for early detection and risk prediction. We have identified seventeen antigens as biomarkers for early diagnosis and risk prediction of t1d, including the antigens mlh1, mtif3, ppil2, nup50, tox4, fign, c9orf142, znf280d, hes1, qrfpr, ctrc, snx6, sytl4, ela2a, igrp, pax6, and hmgn3..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated


Biomarkers for cholangiocellular carcinoma (ccc)

The invention relates to a method for identifying specific marker proteins (biomarkers) for cholangiocellular carcinoma (ccc), the biomarkers for ccc identified by the method and the use thereof, in particular for diagnosis, surveillance and treatment. The invention further relates to a diagnostic device comprising the biomarkers for ccc and a screening assay wherein these biomarkers for ccc are used to identify novel pharmaceutical compounds for treatment of ccc..
Leibniz-institut FÜr Analytische Wissenschaften - Isas - E.v.


Targeted covalent probes and inhibitors of proteins containing redox-sensitive cysteines

Covalent, irreversible small-molecule inhibitors that modify the sulfenyl form (i.e., sulfenic acid, rsoh and sulfenamide, rsnr′2) of therapeutically important proteins (particularly kinases and phosphatases) are disclosed, where the compositions include a compound having a substituted aryl or heterocyclic core structure that promotes binding interactions with a specific protein, and a nucleophilic reaction center (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, or phosphorous) that is capable of forming a covalent bond with a sulfenic acid- or sulfenamide-modified cysteine residue in the protein. Methods for synthesizing these compounds are also disclosed, as well as methods of using them for determining the bioactivity of a chemical composition comprising an active compound toward a specific protein and for determining the potency of an inhibitor against a specific protein..
The Scripps Research Institute


Borrelia diagnostics and screening methods

The present invention provides methods of detecting borrelia species in a sample (e.g., a sample from a patient suspected of being infected). In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods for detecting the presence of borrelia proteins, nucleic acid sequences encoding these proteins, and subject antibodies to these proteins, where the proteins are selected from those listed in table 3, including: bb0279 (flil), bbk19, bbk07, bb0286 (flbb), bbg33, bbl27, bbn34, bbp34, bbq42, bbq34, bbm34, bbn27, and bbh13..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Diagnosis and treatment of mycobacteria infections

The invention provides isolated, purified, recombinant receptor binding proteins gp-6, gp-10 and gp-31 from mycobacterium phage l5, and methods for producing these recombinant receptor binding proteins. The invention also provides the use of recombinant receptor binding proteins, including gp-6, gp-10 and gp-31, as probes for the identification and diagnosis of mycobacterium infections and conditions caused by mycobacterium.
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Differential gene expression in physiological and pathological angiogenesis

Methods of inhibiting pathological angiogenesis in a subject are disclosed. In particular examples, the method includes administering a therapeutically effective amount of a composition to a subject wherein the composition includes a specific binding agent that preferentially binds to one or more pathological angiogenesis marker proteins including vscp, cd276, etsvg4 (pea3), cd137(4-1bb), mirp2, ubiquitin d (fat10), doppel (prion-plp), apelin, plgf, ptprn (ia-2), cd109, ankylosis, and collagen viiiα1.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Molecular predictors of fungal infection

Methods for identifying fungal infection, assays for identifying genomic and protein markers of fungal infection, and methods for diagnosing the fungal infection. In one aspect, the method of identifying fungal infection by proteomic assay involves measuring the protein levels of proteins listed in table 2a in a peripheral blood cell sample and comparing the determined protein levels to standard protein levels.
Duke University


Methods and compositions for direct chemical lysis

A direct chemical lysis composition includes an assay compatible buffer composition and an assay compatible surfactant. When combined with a specimen storage composition, such compositions prevent undesired modifications to nucleic acid and proteins lysed from cells in the biological sample.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Polypeptides having nucleic acid binding activity and compositions and methods for nucleic acid amplification

Polypeptides having nucleic acid binding activity are provided. Methods of using polypeptides having nucleic acid binding activity are provided.
Applied Biosystems, Llc


Methods for the improvement of product yield and production in a microorganism through glycerol recycling

The present invention provides for novel metabolic pathways to reduce or modulate glycerol production and increase product formation. More specifically, the invention provides for a recombinant microorganism comprising one or more native and/or heterologous proteins that function to import glycerol and one or more native and/or heterologous enzymes that function in one or more engineered metabolic pathways to convert a carbohydrate source, such as lignocellulose, to a product, such as ethanol, wherein the one or more native and/or heterologous proteins or enzymes is activated, upregulated, or downregulated.
Lallemand Hungary Liquidity Management Llc


Methods and compositions for inactivating alpha 1,6 fucosyltransferase (fut8) gene expression

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for inactivating a fut8 gene, using fusion proteins comprising a zinc finger protein and a cleavage domain or cleavage half-domain. Polynucleotides encoding said fusion proteins are also provided, as are cells comprising said polynucleotides and fusion proteins..
Sangamo Biosciences, Inc.


Fusion protein havingh factor vii activity

A fusion protein comprising factor vii (fvii) and transferrin according to the present invention has an improved specific activity of fvii compared to existing fvii fusion proteins comprising other fusion partners than transferrin, and thus can be effectively used in a therapy using fvii.. .
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Tatk-cdkl5 fusion proteins, compositions, formulations, and use thereof

Disclosed herein are compositions and formulations containing a tatk-cdkl5 fusion protein. Also disclosed are methods of producing a tatk-cdkl5 fusion protein from vectors containing a tatk-cdkl5 cdna and methods of transducing cells with the vectors containing a tatk-cdkl5 cdna and the tatk-cdkl5 fusion protein.
Università Di Bologna


Methods for inducing the differentiation of blood monocytes into functional dendritic cells

Methods are provided for treating blood monocytes to produce functional antigen presenting dendritic cells. An extracorporeal quantity of a subject's blood is treated to separate the blood and produce a leukocyte concentrate comprising monocytes and plasma containing proteins.
Yale University


Bispecific cd33 and cd3 binding proteins

Described herein are binding proteins that specifically bind to human cd33, and in particular to bispecific binding proteins that specifically bind to human cd33 and human cd3. Also described herein are bispecific tandem diabodies that bind to cd33 and cd33, and their uses for immunotherapy of cd33+ cancers, diseases and conditions such as acute myeloid leukemia (aml)..
Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc.


Fc receptor binding proteins

This disclosure provides, inter alia, proteins that bind to fcrn, e.g., immunoglobulins that inhibit fcrn with high affinity and selectivity. The fcrn-binding proteins can be used to treat a variety of disorders including autoimmune disorders..
Biogen Hemophilia Inc.


Fusion proteins and their related methods

The present invention concerns a family of nucleic acids, polypeptides and cloning vectors which direct expression of fusion proteins that can mimic aggregated igg (aig) and immune complex function with respect to their interactions with fcγr and which allow for the inclusion and targeting of a second protein domain to cells expressing fcγr. This was accomplished by expressing multiple linear copies of the hinge and ch2 domains (hch2) of human igg1 fused to the framework region of human igg1.
Iterative Therapeutics, Inc.


Antibodies against frizzled proteins and methods of use thereof

This invention provides monoclonal antibodies that recognize one or more frizzled receptors. The invention further provides methods of using such monoclonal antibodies as a therapeutic, diagnostic, and prophylactic..
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto


Fusion proteins comprising fgf-21 and glp-1r agonist

The invention is directed to a fusion protein comprising at least one fgf-21 (fibroblast growth factor-21) compound and at least one glp-1r (glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor) agonist as well as to pharmaceutical compositions, medical uses and methods of treatment involving the fusion protein, particularly in the field of diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity and/or adipositas.. .


Fusion protein of therapeutic polypeptide with improved pharmacokinetic profile and use therof

The present invention provides a fusion protein comprising a therapeutic polypeptide fused to one or more flexible unstructured polypeptides and a trimeric scaffold protein. The flexible unstructured polypeptide sequence within the fusion protein is exhibited as one or more pcloud sequences derived from human fibrinogen alpha chain, and may be flanked by a proteinous connecting moiety of human origin.
Beijing Anxinhuaide Biotech. Co., Ltd.


Insecticidal polypeptides having broad spectrum activity and uses thereof

The invention provides nucleic acids, and variants and fragments thereof, obtained from strains of bacillus thuringiensis encoding polypeptides having pesticidal activity against insect pests, including lepidoptera and coleoptera. Particular embodiments of the invention provide isolated nucleic acids encoding pesticidal proteins, pesticidal compositions, dna constructs, and transformed microorganisms and plants comprising a nucleic acid of the embodiments.
Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.

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