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Propel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Propel-related patent applications.

 Novel lectins and applications for the detection of pathological state markers patent thumbnailNovel lectins and applications for the detection of pathological state markers
Multimenic lectins having a β-propeller architecture, formed from monomer modules of approximately 30 to 60 amino acids, in which the binding sites to the glycans are situated on a given side of the proteins and the o-terminus and n-terminus ends of the peptide chains on the other side of the proteins, characterized in that they are formed from 4 to 7 monomer modules, a single, or a plurality of, or all of the adjacent modules being linked to one another by the linkers linking the n-terminus end of one module to the c-terminus end of the adjacent module.. .
Universite Joseph Fourier

 Device for measuring the flow of an incompressible fluid, having propelling means patent thumbnailDevice for measuring the flow of an incompressible fluid, having propelling means
A system for metering at least one substance includes at least one inlet for fluid to be metered and one inlet for displacement fluid or transfer fluid, both giving access to a reservoir having an outlet from the reservoir which in turn gives access to a circuit portion in which only the displacement or transfer fluid circulates. The pump is located in this portion of the circuit, such that it works by suction for the portion of the system up to the reservoir and by impulsion beyond its position in the system..
Aurep Dos, S.l.

 Stain removing device and method therefor patent thumbnailStain removing device and method therefor
A stain removing device cleans a stained area of fabric while encapsulating the stained area to prevent the remainder of the fabric from getting wet. The stain removing device provides effective cleaning while also being low cost and portable.

 Tetrafluoropropene compositions and uses thereof patent thumbnailTetrafluoropropene compositions and uses thereof
The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a tetrafluoropropene and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and fire suppression and fire extinguishing agents..
The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

 Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin patent thumbnailCompositions comprising a fluoroolefin
The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a fluoroolefin and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and fire suppression and fire extinguishing agents..
The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

 Elevator support structure patent thumbnailElevator support structure
A secondary portion of a linear electromagnetic propulsion system is configured to propel an elevator car disposed in a hoistway that is defined by a stationary structure. The secondary portion includes a first permanent magnet assembly extending longitudinally along the hoistway.
Otis Elevator Company

 Drivetrain and transmission for marine propulsion device for preventing engine ingestion of water patent thumbnailDrivetrain and transmission for marine propulsion device for preventing engine ingestion of water
A drivetrain for a marine propulsion device includes an engine driving a crankshaft in a first direction, and a driveshaft connected in torque-transmitting relationship with the crankshaft and supported for rotation about a driveshaft axis. The drivetrain further includes a propeller shaft rotatable about a propeller shaft axis.
Brunswick Corporation

 Pedal-propelled transmission mechanism patent thumbnailPedal-propelled transmission mechanism
A pedal-propelled transmission mechanism, applied in a workout equipment; the workout equipment including a deck, a front tube fixed at a front end of the deck, and a handle fixed on a top end of the front tube; the pedal-propelled transmission mechanism comprising a driving chainring having a center axle pivotally connected to a proximity of a rear section of the deck, a left pedal mechanism, and a right pedal mechanism, whereby the structure of the pedal-propelled transmission mechanism is simple that reduces the production cost and time, and easily repair and change when the parts are broken.. .

 Display device for self-propelled industrial machine patent thumbnailDisplay device for self-propelled industrial machine
The underneath image of a self-propelled industrial machine is displayed with as wide a range as possible on a monitor with cameras that take images around the self-propelled industrial machine in the form of bird's eye view images. A view point conversion section creates the bird's eye view image by converting images from plural cameras provided on a dump truck; and a superposing process section processes the images to make the underneath area in a symbol image a transparent region corresponding to the position in the bird's eye view.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Electric or hybrid vehicle battery pack voltage measurement functional assessment and redundancy patent thumbnailElectric or hybrid vehicle battery pack voltage measurement functional assessment and redundancy
Systems and methods for measuring voltage of a battery pack for an electrified vehicle, such as an electric or hybrid vehicle, include a battery having internal circuits that measure pack voltage and individual cell voltages, an electric machine powered by the battery to propel the vehicle via an external circuit that measures the pack voltage, and a processor programmed to publish the pack voltage to a vehicle network based on a first internal circuit voltage in response to a voltage differential among the internal circuits being less than a threshold and based on the individual cell voltages otherwise. The published pack voltage may be used by one or more battery or vehicle controllers to control various battery and vehicle functions including engine starting in a hybrid vehicle and battery charging and discharging, for example..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Flow-propelled rotary knife

A flow-propelled rotary knife system includes a housing, having an outlet end and walls defining a fluid passage, a rotatable blade holder, disposed at the outlet end and having a central aperture substantially aligned with the fluid passage, and at least one blade, extending diametrically across the central aperture of the blade holder. The blade holder is configured to rotate about a rotational axis passing through the central aperture, and the at least one blade has a twisted shape selected to rotationally propel the blade and the blade holder to rotate about the rotational axis when the blade is contacted by fluid flowing through the fluid passage and the central aperture in a flow direction, whereby objects propelled along the fluid flow path in the flow direction toward the outlet are helically cut by the rotating blade..
J.r. Simplot Company

Driving-in device

The invention relates to a driving-in device, comprising a handheld housing, a piston element received in a piston guide for transmitting energy from a propelling charge to a securing element to be driven, and a front part which is removably connected to the piston guide. The front part and the piston guide can be moved relative to each other parallel to a central axis (a) of the piston element, and the front part is released from the piston guide by rotating the front part relative to the piston guide by a release angle, wherein a torque barrier of a securing element is overcome upon rotating by the release angle..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Self-propelled and self-steering floor cleaner and cleaning a floor surface

A self-propelled, self-steering floor cleaner is provided, including a cleaning device with at least one cleaning unit for cleaning a floor surface of a room having at least a section of an obstacle therein that is not in contact with the floor surface, a transmission unit for emitting radiation directed at the obstacle and the floor surface, a detection unit for detecting reflected radiation and providing a detection signal, a control unit coupled to the detection unit, and a chassis for movement on the floor surface including a drive unit coupled to the control unit, it being determinable from the detection signal whether a space and a cleanable floor surface section are present underneath the obstacle, the drive unit being actuatable to move the floor cleaner for cleaning the floor surface section, with at least one cleaning unit. The invention also relates to a method for cleaning a floor surface..
Robart Gmbh

Mosquito control aerosol and mosquito control method

Provided are a mosquito control aerosol which can produce a good control effect on mosquitoes over a long period of time while reducing influence on humans and pets, and a mosquito control method using the mosquito control aerosol. The mosquito control aerosol includes: a pressure-resistant container equipped with a metering spray valve, that contains a liquid aerosol-forming material including an insect pest control component and an organic solvent, and a propellant; and a spray button having a spray outlet connected to the metering spray valve.
Dainihon Jochugiku Co., Ltd.

Magnetometer and accelerometer calibration for cart navigation system

A wheeled object (e.g., a human-propelled cart such as a shopping cart) can include a navigation system that uses dead reckoning to determine the position of the wheeled object. The navigation system can include a magnetometer and an accelerometer and may be disposed on a handle of the wheeled object.
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

Mri propeller with motion correction, water-fat separation and estimation of magnetic field inhomogeneity information

A magnetic resonance (mr) imaging (mri) system, the mri system may include at least one controller which may be configured to: acquire mr information for at least first and second blades of a periodically rotated overlapping parallel lines with enhanced reconstruction (propeller) imaging method; generate, for at least the first and second blades, main field inhomogeneity information based upon the acquired mr information, the main field inhomogeneity information indicating main field inhomogeneity; generate water and fat information individually for at least the first and second blades based upon the acquired mr information and the generated main field inhomogeneity information for the corresponding blade of the first and second blades; and correct at least one of the water and fat information for spatial distortions caused by the main field inhomogeneity or a predetermined chemical shift difference between water and fat.. .
Dignity Health

High velocity ignition system for ammunition

A high velocity ignition system for ammunition including an casing, a primer, a payload, a first propellant region, a flash tube, a second propellant and at least one channel. The casing has a base portion and a forward portion.
Vista Outdoor Operations Llc

Caseless projectile and launching system

A launcher system includes a launcher having a sealed breech and a barrel adapted to receive a projectile with a charge of propellant and a mechanism to vary the launch velocity by selectively controlling the propellant gases vented out of the projectile and into the barrel. A collar can be repositioned through rotation or sliding movement to selectively allow propellant gases to vent out of the barrel or stop propellant gases from venting out of the barrel.
Battelle Memorial Institute

Propeller shaft with locking device

A propeller shaft with a locking device is provided to that improve performance upon impact by reducing a collapse load generated during a collision. The propeller shaft with a locking device includes a locking device for selectively coupling an exterior hub and an interior hub thereof.
Hyundai Motor Company

Azeotrope-like compositions of cis-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene

And another material selected from the group consisting of water, fluoroketones, alcohols, hydrochlorofluoroolefins, and combinations of two or more thereof. These compositions may be used in a wide variety of applications such as, blowing agents, refrigerants, heating agents, power cycle agents, cleaning agents, aerosol propellants, sterilization agents, lubricants, flavor and fragrance extractants, flammability reducing agents, and flame suppression agents..

System and propeller pitch control

Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling the pitch angle of a propeller and rotor assembly that minimizes circumferential loads and stresses to a pitch angle control system. The system may generally include an annular actuator, load transfer bearing (ltb), and a guide shaft is pivotally attached to the ltb to direct the ltb along an arcuate path relative to a rotor frame..
General Electric Company

System and controlling propeller pitch

Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling the pitch angle of a propeller and rotor assembly that selectively limit the pitch angle according to a selected mode of operation. The system comprises a fine stop collar defining a primary channel, an oil transfer bearing (otb) extending across the fine stop collar, and an actuator piston engaged with a propeller blade crankshaft to vary propeller blade pitch, wherein the annular piston is positioned about the otb in fluid communication with the primary channel..
General Electric Company

System and controlling propeller pitch

Systems and methods are disclosed for controlling the pitch angle of a propeller and rotor assembly that selectively limit the pitch angle according to a selected mode of operation. The system comprises an actuator having forward and aft chambers, an oil transfer bearing (otb), and a fine stop collar.
General Electric Company

Shock absorber for propeller unit, propeller unit, and vessel propulsion apparatus

A damper is disposed between an outer peripheral surface of a bushing and an inner peripheral surface of an inner hub. The damper includes a first portion facing a rib of the bushing, a second portion facing a rib of the inner hub, and a connection portion by which the first portion and the second portion are connected to each other.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle control system

A vehicle control system is provided to ensure acceleration response while improving energy efficiency in an autonomous vehicle in which an operating mode is selected from an autonomous mode and a manual mode. A switching device is disposed between a motor and drive wheels to switch a driving mode between a direct drive mode and a differential drive mode.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle, vehicle drive assembly and vehicle steering assembly

A drive assembly is provided and includes a rotatable housing, a motor disposed within and to rotate with the housing, the motor including a drive element and first and second drive shafts, which are independently rotatably drivable by the drive element, a first drivable element coupled to the first drive shaft such that rotation thereof is transmitted to the first drivable element and configured to propel the housing in a first direction during first drive shaft rotation and a second drivable element coupled to the second drive shaft such that rotation thereof is transmitted to the second drivable element and configured to propel the motor in a second direction, which is transversely oriented relative to the first direction, relative to the housing during second drive shaft rotation.. .

Azeotrope-like compositions of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropene and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane

Provided are azeotrope-like compositions consisting essentially of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropene and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and uses thereof, including use in refrigerant compositions, refrigeration systems, blowing agent compositions, and aerosol propellants.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Game and components thereof

A game adapted to be played on a playing surface by one or more players, the game comprising one or more balls to be propelled by direct contact of a player's body part, one or more gates through which the balls may be propelled, one or more targets into which the balls may be propelled, and a set of rules for game play, the rules establishing the placement of the gates and targets and the order of game play, and optionally, scoring rules. The game may also be adapted to use implements to propel the balls, and the rules for game play may be adapted to correspond to the standard rules of croquet..


A conveyance to carry humans, such as a wheelchair, is described having levers on each side of the wheelchair that are manually moved forward and backward to propel the conveyance. The user is able to shift into forward, reverse or neutral, brake, and change mechanical advantage (gear ratio), all this without removing the user's hands from the drive levers..

Feed system and a suppressing the pogo effect

A feed system for feeding a rocket engine with a liquid propellant includes a feed circuit, and a device to vary a volume of gas in the feed circuit. The device is configured to cause a volume of gas in the feed circuit to vary while the rocket engine is in operation.
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales Cnes

Propellant load, with mechanically reinforced liner/propellant connection, and preparation thereof

A propellant load includes a propellant block, containing energetic charges in a crosslinked binder, arranged in a structure having a thermal protection; the crosslinked binder being an energetic binder including a polymer, more polar than hydroxytelechelic polybutadiene (htpb), which is crosslinked and an energetic plasticizer, the polymer non-crosslinked representing less than 14% of the volume of the propellant block; a bonding layer, based on crosslinked hydroxytelechelic polybutadiene (htpb), between the thermal protection and the propellant block; and a system for mechanical reinforcement of the bonding layer/propellant block bond, present on at least part of the bonding layer/propellant block interface, including grains embedded in part in the bonding layer and the complementary part thereof being embedded in the propellant block: made of a pyrotechnically inert material, and that has a surface energy greater than 34 mj/m2; and the largest dimension of which is between 0.3 and 5.2 mm.. .
Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

Elevator car power supply

A ropeless elevator system includes a vertically extending first lane, a vertically extending second lane, and a transfer station extending between and in communication with the first and second lanes. An elevator car is disposed in and is constructed and arranged to move through the transfer station and the first and second lanes.
Otis Elevator Supply

Elevator wireless communication and power transfer system

An elevator system includes an elevator car disposed in and arranged to move along a hoistway. A linear propulsion system of the elevator system is constructed and arranged to propel the elevator car, and includes a plurality of primary coils engaged to and distributed along the hoistway generally defined by a stationary structure.
Otis Elevator Company

Energy cell regenerative system for electrically powered aircraft

A system for providing regenerative power for an aircraft to sustain flight includes multiple energy cells disposed within the aircraft, the energy cells being configured to supply power to a propulsion motor and electronics of the aircraft, a fan generator harnessing propeller blast created by an aircraft propeller and converting kinetic energy of the propeller blast into electrical energy, a charger receiving the electrical energy generated by the fan generator and using the electrical energy to recharge one or more of the energy cells, and a power transfer switch selectively connecting one of the energy cells to the propulsion motor and electronics of the aircraft, such that the energy cells are rotated one at a time to power the propulsion motor and electronics. During recharging, the one or more of the energy cells are disconnected by the power transfer switch..

Vertical takeoff and landing vehicle with increased cruise efficiency

Systems, methods, and devices are provided that combine an advance vehicle configuration, such as an advanced aircraft configuration, with the infusion of electric propulsion, thereby enabling a four times increase in range and endurance while maintaining a full vertical takeoff and landing (“vtol”) and hover capability for the vehicle. Embodiments may provide vehicles with both vtol and cruise efficient capabilities without the use of ground infrastructure.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


The invention relates to an aircraft comprising a fuselage (1), a plurality of propeller units (3) that can pivot in relation to the fuselage (1), and wings (5) that can pivot at least partially in relation to the fuselage (1) and independently of the propeller units (3).. .
Iat 21 Innovative Aeronautics Technologies Gmbh

Carrier attachment a vehicle

According to at least one exemplary embodiment, a carrier may be overlaid onto a vehicle. The vehicle may be a handle-propelled vehicle, for example a wheelbarrow.
Burro Creative Solutions

A processing head for a hybrid additive/subtractive manufacturing center

A processing head assembly is provided for use with a movable tool holder of a machine tool. The processing head assembly includes an upper processing head coupled to the movable tool holder and having a body defining a socket, and a feed powder/propellant port coupled to the body and operably coupled to a feed powder/propellant supply.
Dmg Mori Advanced Solutions Development

Motorized skateboard

A motorized skateboard comprising a board and a plurality of wheels attached with the board is presented. At least one of the wheels includes an electric motor contained within the wheel to propel the skateboard when activated.
Malibu Innovations, Llc

Cannabinoid compositions and uses

An inhalable composition for use as a medicament in the treatment of a subject wherein said composition comprises: one or more cannabinoids or a pharmaceutically acceptable derivative or salt thereof; a propellant; a monohydric or polyhydric alcohol; and a glycol and/or glycol ether, characterized in that the ratio of monohydric or polyhydric alcohol to glycol or glycol ether by weight is from 6:1 to 1:1, wherein the composition is administered in the form of an aerosol having a fine particle fraction of 60% or more.. .
Kind Consumer Limited

Combination paddle shaft and fishing rod

A combination paddle and fishing rod device is disclosed. The device may incorporate a single ended paddle or double ended paddle.

Method to maintain base speed of an irrigation system over time

A method for controlling operation of a self-propelled irrigation system compensates for differences in expected wind drift and evaporative losses for time periods over the course of an irrigation cycle. Speed modifier values are determined for selected time periods to modify the base speed for the pivot arm assembly based on the corresponding expected wind drift and evaporative losses, with offsetting speed modifier values to modify the speed of the pivot arm assembly for other time periods, so that the period of time for completing an irrigation cycle remains unchanged.
Precision Circle, Llc

Anchoring device for self-propelled irrigation system

An anchoring device for a self-propelled irrigation system includes a drive assembly that drives a soil auger into the ground to anchor a drive tower of the irrigation system. The soil auger is rotatably driven about a vertical axis and movable vertically relative to the drive tower.
Polaris Products Llc

Concrete and masonry restoration and ornamentation method and apparatus

A method for restoration of concrete and cementitious surfaces is provided which employs the determined positions of existing fissures in a concrete surface, along with channels to be formed into the concrete surface, to form an image or indicia in the concrete surface such as stone and grout lines. Either a manually drawn platform with a channel forming tool can be employed to move the tool along a pathway to form the channels, or a self-propelled platform may be employed which is computer controlled to form the channels in the proper determined positions to yield the image in combination with the original fissures which are filled during the operation..

Hover board with quick disconnect hose

A sport amusement device consists of a snowboard like board integrated into a unibody inlet nozzle that accepts a high pressure fire hose. The inlet nozzle pivots and has a quick disconnect collar for the fire hose.

System and providing an improved golf swing

A system and method for improving a golf swing. The system includes a club lie angle calculator, a golf club grabber, and a propeller channel for creating and supporting a swing plane for a user equal to the lie angle of a given golf club..

Salicylic acid composition

Provided, among other things, is a delivery module for water-based salicylic acid composition comprising: an aerosol delivery system; within the aerosol delivery system, the salicylic acid composition comprising 0.5% or more salicylic acid by weight, lipophilic component(s), and a frothing agent, the salicylic acid composition having a viscosity low enough to support aerosol delivery, and the salicylic acid composition effective to form a foam upon propellant-driven aerosol delivery; and within the aerosol delivery system, a propellant, wherein the salicylic acid composition is non-irritating and has a non-watery feel.. .
Exeltis Usa Dermatology, Inc.

Force exerting assembly for oral irrigating device

An oral irrigation device including a reservoir, a tip, and a pump. The pump is operative to draw fluid from the reservoir and propel the fluid to the tip.
Water Pik, Inc.

Multi-link modular continuum robotic endoscope system

Robotic endoscopes have the potential to help endoscopists position tools during procedures, to propel the endoscope to the desired position, to automate functions and to prevent perforations during procedures. Modular architecture for a continuum robotic endoscope with multiple bending segments along the length of the endoscope.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Row divider having a conveyor for an agricultural harvester

A corn header for a combine harvester capable of lifting stalks that have fallen sideways in a row is provided. The corn header includes a frame, a plurality of row units and a plurality of row dividers for guiding crop plants toward the row units.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

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