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Training ammunition cartridge with a gaseous plume signature

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Diagnostic processing system, onboard terminal system, and server patent thumbnailnew patent Diagnostic processing system, onboard terminal system, and server
Disclosed is a diagnostic processing system including an onboard terminal system and a server connected together via radio communication channels. The onboard terminal system is provided with a data receiving unit for receiving data from sensors arranged on a self-propelled machine and a first diagnostic unit for diagnosing an abnormality of the self-propelled machine, and the server is provided with a second diagnostic unit for diagnosing the abnormality of the self-propelled machine.
 Process and system for iontophoretic wrinkle reduction patent thumbnailnew patent Process and system for iontophoretic wrinkle reduction
A method and system for wrinkle reduction. The method includes the steps of positioning and applying a patch to skin of a consumer and adhesively securing the patch to the skin.
 Compositions comprising salbutamol sulphate patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions comprising salbutamol sulphate
A surfactant-free pharmaceutical composition is described. The composition consists essentially of: (a) a drug component consisting of salbutamol sulphate; and (b) a propellant component consisting essentially of 1,1-difluoroethane (r-152a).
 Self-propelled, powered roller screed device patent thumbnailnew patent Self-propelled, powered roller screed device
A self-propelled power roller screed having two generally parallel tubular screed tubes and powered winching means that cooperatively engage winching cables attached to deadman structures to advance the roller screed. Screed tube power means spin each of the screed tubes in a direction opposite a direction of travel of the roller screed to provide a generally smooth finish to the surface of the concrete and to push excess concrete forward as the screed moves along the forms.
 Work train comprising a silo trailer drawn by a ground milling machine, and towing device for said work train patent thumbnailnew patent Work train comprising a silo trailer drawn by a ground milling machine, and towing device for said work train
The present invention relates to a work train for milling an underlying ground surface and intermixing bulk material with the milled ground material, comprising a self-propelled ground milling machine, more particularly, a recycler or a stabilizer, comprising a milling drum mounted in a hood and a drive motor, a silo trailer drawn by the ground milling machine and comprising a storage container for bulk material, a conveying system, which transports bulk material during operation of the work train from the silo trailer to in front of the milling drum, as regarded in the direction of travel (a) of the ground milling machine, and an output means, which discharges the bulk material onto the ground in front of the milling drum, as regarded in the direction of travel (a). The present invention further relates to a towing device for such a work train..
 Lawn care leaf and debris collection system patent thumbnailnew patent Lawn care leaf and debris collection system
An air gill bag of a debris collection and disposal system (or lawn care leaf and debris collection system) for receiving a leaves, yard debris and other types of suitable debris for containment for subsequent disposal. The air gill bag comprises an elongated bag body which includes an open top, a closed bottom, a plurality of air gill cut strips, and a plurality of strength strips.
 Mobile printing device patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile printing device
A self-propelled printing apparatus to perform printing on an object to be printed includes a moving unit that moves the self-propelled printing apparatus on the object to be printed and a printing unit that performs printing on the object to be printed on the basis of print processing data generated based on information of a position to which the self-propelled printing apparatus has been moved by the moving unit.. .
 Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and water patent thumbnailnew patent Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and water
Provided are azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions of trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (hfo-1234ze(e)) and water. Such azeotropic and azeotrope-like compositions are useful in isolating trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene from impurities during production.
 Compositions for totally non-flammable aerosol dusters patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions for totally non-flammable aerosol dusters
A composition of matter for the self-pressurized (aerosol) spraying of dusters and similar products. The composition includes a fluorinated propene-based propellant and fluorinated butene-based volatile solvent.
 Injection element patent thumbnailnew patent Injection element
An injection element for injecting two propellants into a combustion chamber, and usable for a rocket engine including at least one combustion chamber of type having an injector including one or more such injection elements. The injection element includes a first annular duct for injecting a first propellant and a second annular duct for injecting a second propellant, the second duct being coaxial with and externally adjacent to the first duct, and potentially a third annular duct that is coaxial with and externally adjacent to the second duct.
new patent Evacuation system
The present invention relates to an evacuation system (4) for a vessel (1) or offshore facility, comprising a storage unit (7) having a length, a width and a height defining a volume of the storage unit (7), the storage unit (7) in a storage situation being adapted to house one or more self-propelling, inflatable floatable units (5), the inflatable floatable units each having a capacity of more than 150 persons, and a deployment arrangement (8) having a displacement device, wherein a maximum height of the storage unit is 2.7 metres, and the displacement device is adapted to displace the one or more self-propelling, inflatable floatable units in a substantially horizontal and linear direction out of the storage unit (7) below the maximum height and subsequently lower the one or more self-propelling, inflatable floatable units (5) into the water in a substantially vertical direction.. .
new patent Training ammunition cartridge with a gaseous plume signature
A training ammunition projectile has a solid chemical component disposed in a base compartment that produces a gaseous visible plume after impact. The ammunition cartridge generates kinetic energy while propelling the projectile through a weapon barrel.
new patent Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin
The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a fluoroolefin and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and fire suppression and fire extinguishing agents..
new patent Device and a method for feeding a rocket engine propulsion chamber
The invention relates to a device and a method for feeding a propulsion chamber 5 of a rocket engine 1 with at least with a first propellant. The device comprises at least a first tank 2 for containing said first propellant, a first feed circuit 4 connected to the first tank 2, and a first electric pump 10 within said first tank 2 in order to pump said first propellant through the first feed circuit 4.
Steering wheel direction indicator for neutral start
A visual steering wheel direction indicator for a self-propelled machine. The indicator may additionally exhibit an indicator of the amount that the steering wheel must be turned in order to reach neutral.
System and method for vehicle performance control
A system and method are provided for controlling a drivetrain of a vehicle which includes a prime mover operatively connected to at least one tractive element. The system and method include determining the vehicle's total weight and, using an electronic controller carried by the vehicle, causing the prime mover to apply power to the tractive element so as to propel the vehicle.
Device for pressure enhanced fractional treatment and drug delivery
Disclosed herein is a method of fractional treatment of tissue, the method comprising: creating at least one micro hole in a target tissue; and either a) applying pressure on said target tissue to decrease the patency of said at least one micro hole; administering material and/or fluid and/or drug onto said target tissue; releasing said applied pressure on said target tissue to increase the patency of said at least one micro hole; and propelling said material and/or fluid and/or drug into said at least one micro hole; or b) administering material and/or fluid and/or drug onto said target tissue under sub- atmospheric pressure conditions, the patency of said at least one micro hole being decreased; increasing the atmospheric pressure to atmospheric or above atmospheric conditions to thereby increase the patency of said at least one micro hole; and propelling said material and/or fluid/ and/or drug into said at least one micro hole.. .
Personal care compositions
Aerosolized compositions including a cyclic oligosaccharide; a fragrance; a volatile solvent; and a propellant; wherein the aerosolized composition is free of nonvolatile solvents are described herein. The aerosolized compositions and methods disclosed herein may provide a longer lasting fragrance..
Water and bubble toy
A water and bubble toy includes a water projecting assembly and a bubble generating assembly. Water is stored in a water reservoir located in a rear handle of the toy while bubble solution is stored in a detachable reservoir.
All-speed-range propeller having stern fins
An all-speed-range propeller having stern fins comprises an all-speed-range propeller installed on a propelling shaft of a boat, and a plurality of stern fins installed between the all-speed-range propeller and a hull of the boat. When the all-speed-range propeller having stern fins is applied to the oblique boat on which the propelling shaft is disposed obliquely, the stern fins directly guide the water flow toward the all-speed-range propeller, so that the uneven inflow caused by the obliquely-designed propelling shaft can be conquered to promote the operating efficiency of the all-speed-range propeller..
Swimming aid apparatus worn on the body
The present invention relates to a swimming aid apparatus worn on the body. The swimming aid apparatus worn on the body according to the present invention is worn by the user to provide propulsive force so that the user can enjoy swimming.
Cosmetic aerosol spray with lasting freshness effect
A water-in-oil emulsion including a) at least one sweat-inhibiting aluminum salt, b) at least one water-in-oil emulsifier having an hlb value in the range from 1.5 to 6.5, c) at least one oil-in-water emulsifier or solubilizer having an hlb value in the range from >7 to 20, preferably in the range from >12 to 19, particularly preferably in the range from >14 to 18 and exceptionally preferably in the range from 15 to 17, d) at least one cosmetic oil that is not a fragrance and not an essential oil, e) 5-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)cyclohexyl-n-ethyl oxamate, preferably (1r,2s,5r)-5-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)cyclohexyl-n-ethyl oxamate, at least one propellant, and an aerosol dispensing device have high emulsion stability due to a low corrosive tendency, a good cosmetic effect, a lasting freshness effect on the skin, good skin compatibility and low residue formation during and after application.. .
Wax foamable vehicle and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Unique foamable vehicles or carriers comprising at least one wax, waxy substance, counterpart or derivative, a stabilizer, water, and a propellant are provided. In some embodiments, the wax is a liquid wax.
Bracketless magnetic pump
A fluid pump kit is provided. The kit includes a magnetic driven member for coupling with and rotating a propeller, and a magnetic driver for magnetically coupling to and driving the magnetic driven member by a magnetic attraction force establishable between the magnetic driver and the magnetic driven member.
Apparatus for propelling fluid, especially for propulsion of a floating vehicle
A propeller has a number of blade surfaces or winglets extending helically around its rotational axis in the most streamlined manner. The winglets gradually project at an increasing distance outward with an arcuate shape, each defining a rearwardly concave channel that increases in volume and degree of encirclement rearward on the propeller.
Air blower and blowing method
An air blower having an air suction port, vanes, for being propelled about a shaft by air vacuumed towards the air suction port, and blades fixed to the vanes, the blades for blowing air upon propelling thereof, together with the vanes, thereby allowing utilizing an external vacuum machine connected to the air suction port for blowing air, thereby the air blower is lightweight in relation to the air blown therefrom.. .
Rooster tail suppression apparatus
A modifier may be used to prevent formation of a rooster tail when surface drive propellers are used with marine vessels. The modifier may be retractable by attaching it to the transom of the marine vessel or fixed-mounted by attaching it to the drive housing.
Systems for automatically removing spider webs and other debris from surveillance camera lenses
The current document is directed to automated, electromechanical methods and devices that clean dirt, moisture, and spider webs from the lenses of surveillance cameras. In one implementation, a camera-cleaning device comprises a cleaning unit, a freely rotating l-shaped hinge, a geared electric motor, a motor-control circuit for controlling the forward and backward motion of the device, and a time-control circuit for controlling the start, finish and run time of cleaning cycles.
Pole propelled velocipede
A two wheeled tandem vehicle is propelled by hand-grasped poles. A forward wheel on a forward member and a rear wheel on a rearward member align along a longitudinal axis.
Method and apparatus for a game
An apparatus and method for a game, in which a ball, token, or other projectile is propelled onto a game board. The game board is slightly raised from an adjacent playing surface.
Reusable global launcher
A reusable unmanned single-stage boost-glide suborbital earth launcher, able to propel large or smaller payloads from earth surface or from air launch, to a nearly earth-orbital condition, then glide circum-globally to horizontal airstrip landing at its launch site or similar circum-global recovery site. The payload, using its own propulsion, is thus enabled to complete insertion into low-earth-orbit (leo) or destinations beyond leo.
Method and system for the conditioning of raw biomass
A biomass conditioning system and method, the system comprising a chamber and an airflow loop, the chamber comprising a lower part adapted to receive biomass and comprising grinding elements, cutting elements and an air input, an airflow from the air input and rotation of the elements creating an uplifting; and an upper part comprising an inner chamber generally centered within an outer chamber, the outer chamber comprising a first outlet and the inner chamber comprising a second outlet; and a flange selectively connecting the lower part with the inner chamber and the lower part with the outer chamber; and the airflow loop comprising a source of input air in the lower part, a first exhaust connected to the first outlet and evacuating air and biomass particles from the inner chamber, and a second exhaust connected to the second outlet and evacuating mist and air from the outer chamber; in which the flange diverts, from the uplifting vortex and under action of a vacuum created between the air input and the second outlet, a water particle flow to the first outlet of the outer chamber and a biomass particles flow towards the inner chamber; light biomass particles being propelled up the inner chamber the second outlet.. .
Electrical welding machine transporter and system
A transporter for an electrical welding machine having an auxiliary electrical power output includes: a chassis, the chassis being adapted to removably carry the welding machine; a propulsion mechanism mounted to the chassis; an electrical motor operable to drive the propulsion mechanism to propel the transporter on land; and an interface unit on the transporter, the interface unit being operable to receive electrical power output from the welding machine. The transporter is operable to transport the welding machine using electrical power from the welding machine auxiliary electrical power output..
Electric power supply assembly with assisted establishment of electrical contact with a power-collecting track carried by an electrically powered vehicle
An electrical power supply system with assistance with the making of electrical contact, of a type having a power supply arm mounted on a post positioned alongside the road, entering into electrical contact with a longitudinal conductor rail carried on the vehicle, is characterized in that the arm has—at its end—a means of rolling or sliding that enters into moving contact with an adjacent lane alongside the conductor rail at the beginning of its length. This invention concerns the domain of electrically-propelled vehicles carrying at least one longitudinal power supply rail..
Monolithic firearm suppressor
A monolithic suppressor for suppressing sounds generated by the discharge of a firearm, wherein the discharge generates propellant gases. The monolithic suppressor includes a bore having a first end and a second end, the first end having an inlet aperture and the second end having an outlet aperture.
Self-propelled windrower tailwheel non-zero caster for stability
A non-zero caster angle for the rear axle swivel caster wheels on a self-propelled agricultural harvesting machine wherein steering is accomplished by varying speed and/or direction of forward drive wheels. The non-zero caster angle may be fixed or an adjuster mechanism may be provided to allow adjustment within a range of caster angles.
Pool cleaner drive mechanism and associated systems and methods
The present disclosure provides improved swimming pool cleaner drive mechanisms and associated methods. More particularly, the present disclosure provides an improved pool cleaner drive mechanism that includes a motor that powers the: (i) wheel(s) and (ii) drive member of the pool cleaner.
Desensitisation of energetic materials
The inventors have found that the combination of just a small quantity of energetic plasticiser material to the energetic crystalline material prior to incorporation into the bulk plasticiser, binder and filler mixture of an explosive or propellant composition has unexpected and advantageous effects.. .
De-carbonizing process for combustion component cleaning
A cleaning composition and process to remove carbon deposits from combustion equipment components is provided. The de-carbonizing composition is packaged in certain embodiments in an aerosol propellant.
Power assisted bow
A compound bow may feature the ability to pre-store energy before the drawing back of the draw string. Various embodiments contemplate that this may allow an archer to draw back the draw string or cable, and upon reaching the let off region of the compound bow's draw profile, cause the pre-stored energy to be transferred to the energy being stored by the bow.
Power assisted bow
A compound bow may feature the ability to pre-store energy before the drawing back of the draw string. Various embodiments contemplate that this may allow an archer to draw back the draw string or cable, and upon reaching the let off region of the compound bow's draw profile, cause the pre-stored energy to be transferred to the energy being stored by the bow.
Launchable projectiles and launchers for the same
A projectile for launching through the air comprises a body and one or more projecting members integral therewith extending outwardly a distance from the body, which can be hollow or solid. The projectile is formed from an elastomeric material capable of being stretched to energize the projectile for launching.
Underwater vessel with above-water propulsion
A vessel for transporting a payload through water having a body which travels below the surface of the water and carries the payload, fins extending laterally from the body below the surface of the water a telescoping tower which extends above the surface of the water from the body, a wing extending laterally above the water from an upper portion of the tower, engines mounted on the wing for propelling the body through the water, and propellers mounted on the under sides of the fins for lifting the vessel and holding the vessel in a raised position with the body at the surface of the water while loading and unloading the payload.. .
Amusement ride
An amusement ride with two support towers with a suspended set of cables forming a track that supports a ride truck is disclosed. Riders are suspended beneath the ride truck in a rider support mechanism.
Ram accelerator system
One or more ram accelerator devices may be used to form one or more holes in geologic or other material. These holes may be used for drilling, tunnel boring, excavation, and so forth.
Self-propelled, reduced-water, internal non-destructive inspection apparatus
An inspection apparatus and method for inspecting an inner surface of a hollow composite part. The inspection apparatus may have a support frame, at least one transducer attached to the support frame, an ultrasound gel pad attached to an outer surface of the transducer, and a sponge attached to the support frame.
Ship capable of running selectively with liquefied fuel gas main drive engine and liquefied fuel gas generator engine
A ship includes: a high-pressure injection engine using fuel gas as fuel to obtain a propulsion power of the ship; a generator engine using fuel gas as fuel to generate electricity; a motor generating a power by using the electricity generated from the generator engine; a propulsion propelling the ship; a main clutch connecting the high-pressure injection engine to the propulsion; an auxiliary clutch connecting the gear box to the propulsion; and a gear box disposed in a front side of the propulsion and power-connected to the main clutch and the auxiliary clutch. The high-pressure injection engine and the motor are selectively power-connected to the propulsion to obtain the propulsion power of the ship..
Combined multi-purpose pollution-free car and snowplow
Provided is a combined multi-purpose pollution-free vehicle and snowplow which comprises a hot water utilization and circulation pipe oswl branching and circulating coolant heated by a vehicle engine from an induction connecting apparatus; a heater htr secondarily heating air primarily heated by the hot water utilization and circulation pipe oswl; a propeller ope sending secondarily heated air to a distribution duct peorum; and a distribution duct peorum comprising a branching pipe so as to discharge secondarily heated air out of emission pipes ped disposed at the front, rear, left and right sides of the vehicle.. .
Rocket engine systems with an independently regulated cooling system
An improved rocket engine system including a rocket engine, a coolant source, and a propellant source. Each of coolant source and propellant source is in operative communication with rocket engine whereby there is independent regulation or control of coolant source flow relative to propellant source flow.
Precursor formulations for an energetic composition including high surface area amorphous carbon black
A precursor formulation of an energetic composition with improved electrostatic charge dissipation, including an amorphous carbon black having a specific surface area of at least about 1,200 m2/g, in an amount from about 0.05% by weight to about 0.25% by weight. Also disclosed is a precursor formulation of a propellant composition with improved electrostatic charge dissipation.
Jet propulsion device and fuel supply method
A reaction propulsion device in which a first feed circuit for feeding a main thruster with a first propellant includes a branch connection downstream from a pump of a first turbopump, which branch connection passes through a first regenerative heat exchanger and a turbine of a first turbopump, and in which a second feed circuit for feeding the main thruster with a second propellant includes, downstream from a pump of a second turbopump, a branch-off passing through a second regenerative heat exchanger and a turbine of the second turbopump. At least one secondary thruster is connected downstream from the turbines of the first and second turbopumps..
Continuous windrow merger
A continuous windrow merger has a frame that supports center, right and left pickup assemblies. The pickup assemblies each include a pickup head and a conveyor assembly.
Swimming pool pressure cleaner including automatic timing mechanism
A fluid distribution system for an underwater pool cleaner comprises an inlet body having an inlet for receiving a supply of pressurized fluid, a valve assembly body in fluid communication with the inlet of the inlet body and including a plurality of fluid outlets, a first one of the outlets provides fluid for propelling the underwater pool cleaner in a forward direction and a second one of the outlets provides fluid for propelling the underwater pool cleaner in a reverse direction, and a valve subassembly fluidicly driven by the supply of pressurized fluid and periodically switching the supply of pressurized fluid from the first one of the outlets to the second one of the outlets to periodically change direction of propulsion of the underwater pool cleaner.. .
Hybrid vehicle propel-charge bias control method
A hybrid-electric vehicle carries batteries for storing reserve electrical power. The batteries have a state of charge which is monitored by a control system.
Electric propulsion system control apparatus
The present invention provides an electric propulsion system control apparatus that uses electric means alone so that effects pertaining to weight and cost are suppressed, is capable of accurate detection even when an airspeed has a binary relationship with a torque and a rotation speed of a propeller, and thereby exhibits improved detection precision and responsiveness. The electric propulsion system control apparatus drives a propulsion propeller to rotate, and is configured to estimate the airspeed from a data set stored in advance in relation to the airspeed and a propeller characteristic, and a plurality of torque and rotation speed estimation values detected under different driving conditions..
Artificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components
An artificial foot and ankle joint consists of a curved leaf spring foot member having a heel extremity and a toe extremity, and a flexible elastic ankle member that connects the foot member for rotation at the ankle joint. An actuator motor applies torque to the ankle joint to orient the foot when it is not in contact with the support surface and to store energy in a catapult spring that is released along with the energy stored in the leaf spring to propel the wearer forward.
Alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer for fast-curing spray foams with improved propellant gas solubility
The present invention relates to an alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer preparable by reaction of at least one polyether polyol, of a polyisocyanate and of an alpha-alkoxysilane having at least one isocyanate-reactive group, said polyether polyol having a weight average of 500 to 7000 g/mol and having ethylene oxide and propylene oxide units, the proportion of ethylene oxide units being up to 50% by weight based on the polyether polyol. The invention further provides a process for preparing an inventive alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer, a composition, a multicomponent system and a spray can comprising an inventive alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer, and also a moulding obtainable by polymerization from an inventive alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer..
Process for the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide
A continuous process for producing hydrogen peroxide by an anthraquinone process, comprising the steps of: (i) hydrogenating an organic working solution containing one or more anthraquinone derivatives in the presence of a heterogeneous catalyst to form a hydrogenated working solution; (ii) oxidizing the hydrogenated working solution by introducing an oxygen-containing oxidizing gas at an overpressure into an oxidation reactor, and contacting the oxidizing gas with the hydrogenated working solution to form an oxidized working solution, whereby hydrogen peroxide is formed; (iii) withdrawing an oxidation off gas from the oxidation reactor; (iv) recovering the formed hydrogen peroxide from the oxidized working solution; (v) subjecting the oxidation off gas withdrawn from said oxidation reactor, which has an excess pressure over atmospheric pressure, to a demisting treatment to obtain a demisted oxidation off gas; and (vi) feeding the demisted oxidation off gas as propellant gas into a gas ejector to produce a vacuum.. .
Watercraft propulsion system and method of propelling a watercraft through water
A watercraft propulsion system includes a motor mounted in a container in a water-tight manner. A shaft extends from the motor through the bottom of the container to an impeller disposed in a housing outside the container.
Reduced drag system for windmills, fans, propellers, airfoils and hydrofoils
Airfoil and hydrofoils systems with structures having a surface texture defined by fractal geometries are described. Raised portions or fractal bumps can be included on the surfaces, forming a surface texture.
Lubrication system for a turbopropeller
A lubrication system for a turbopropeller, includes an oil feed device for at least one enclosure and one equipment, the equipment being connected to the feed device via a displacement pump, and a pressure restricting valve mounted downstream of displacement pump and in parallel to the equipment, such that oil flows through the equipment when the same is active, and through the valve when the equipment is inactive.. .

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