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Propel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Propel-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Propellant gauging at microgravity within the pressure - temperature - density inflection zone of xenon patent thumbnailPropellant gauging at microgravity within the pressure - temperature - density inflection zone of xenon
A method that is stored in tangible form and accessible by a data processing system for determination of xenon propellant remaining in a tank for a defined life condition. A heater controller establishes a first stable temperature of a propellant tank.
The Boeing Company

 Grenade round patent thumbnailGrenade round
A grenade round 10 comprises a projectile 12, a case 14 and a high-low propellant propulsion system 16. The system 16 includes a propellant chamber assembly 30 for holding a propelling charge 32.
Atlantis Manufacturing Management Services Proprietary Limited

 Autogenous pressurizer device for a propellant tank patent thumbnailAutogenous pressurizer device for a propellant tank
An autogenous pressurizer device for a main propellant tank, the device includes a pressurizer pipe connected to the main tank to inject propellant into the main tank, a pressurizer valve arranged on the pressurizer pipe, and a heater for heating the propellant upstream from the pressurizer valve. The pressurizer device includes a buffer tank connected to the pressurizer pipe upstream from the pressurizer valve..

 Device and a  feeding a rocket engine propulsion chamber patent thumbnailDevice and a feeding a rocket engine propulsion chamber
The invention relates to a device and a method for feeding a propulsion chamber of a rocket engine with at least with a first propellant. The device comprises at least a first tank for containing the first propellant, a first feed circuit connected to the first tank, and a first electric pump within the first tank in order to pump the first propellant through the first feed circuit.

 Turboprop air intake patent thumbnailTurboprop air intake
A turboprop includes a rotary propeller upstream from an engine and an air intake that is not coaxial to the propeller, said air intake defining a conduit for supplying air to the engine and further defining a bypass to said conduit, the bypass having an outlet oriented substantially axially towards the downstream of the engine. The turboprop further includes a nacelle surrounding the engine and the air intake, wherein the air intake is secured to a housing of the engine and is not rigidly connected to the nacelle, so as to allow, during operation, relative movements between the air intake and the nacelle.
Societe Lorraine De Construction Aeronautique

 Power switch for motorized pool vacuum patent thumbnailPower switch for motorized pool vacuum
A smart power switch for a swimming pool vacuum having a battery powered motor for driving a propeller within a vacuum head to create thrust and suction; the power switch including a microprocessor combined with two integrated motor-driven integrated circuits for driving the motor at different speeds and for detecting and clearing motor jams. Red, green and blue led indicators notify the user of the state of the motor and motor driver.

 Stabilized nitrocellulose-based propellant composition patent thumbnailStabilized nitrocellulose-based propellant composition
Wherein the stabilizer combines efficient, long term stability of the nitrocellulose-based propellants composition without formation of any detectable amounts of carcinogenic or mutagenic by-products, such as -nno groups.. .

 Spacecraft actuator wheel with integrated battery and fuel storage patent thumbnailSpacecraft actuator wheel with integrated battery and fuel storage
An improved spacecraft actuator wheel is provided which can be operated as a momentum wheel, a reaction wheel or a gimbal. The actuator wheel has a central cavity.
Novawurks, Inc.

 Ultralight aircraft patent thumbnailUltralight aircraft
An aircraft which has a supporting structure which has at least one fuselage, a wing structure and at least one drive apparatus. The drive apparatus has at least one propeller and a drive motor.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

 Aircraft capable of vertical takeoff patent thumbnailAircraft capable of vertical takeoff
An aircraft has a bearing structure, the bearing structure having at least one central fuselage and two pylons each situated at a distance laterally from the fuselage. In addition, the aircraft has a wing structure, at least four hub rotors, and at least one thrust drive.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh


Method for rigging and controlling a wing sail

A rigging for a wing propelled craft comprises a mast having a starboard side and a port side, wherein the mast is controllably rotatable in either direction about a longitudinal axis; a flexible sail comprising a star-board flexible sail portion and a substantially identical port flexible sail portion, each flexible sail portion having a luff and a leach, wherein the luff of each sail portion is connected to a respective side of the mast; and a plurality of elongated battens, each of which extends substantially between the luff and the leach of one of the respective sail portions, each of which is in contact with the respective flexible sail portion. Rotation of the mast causes the battens connected to one of the sail portions to be compressed along their length so as to bend one of the sail portions to increase the camber thereof and causes the battens connected of the other sail portions to be tensioned along their length so as to partly straighten the other sail portion which changes the shape of an aerofoil formed by the sail..



Marine propulsion means to propel the amphibian on water in the marine mode, the marine propulsion means comprising at least two impellers or propellers provided one on each side of the rear wheel station.. .


Liquid management for floor-traversing robots

An autonomous floor-traversing robot includes: a wheeled body including a chassis and at least one motorized wheel configured to propel the chassis across a floor, the chassis defining an interior compartment disposed beneath a chassis ceiling; a cover extending across at least a central area of the chassis ceiling; and a graspable handle connected to the chassis and located outside the cover so as to be accessible from above the robot, the handle arranged to enable lifting of the robot. The chassis ceiling defines drainage channels configured to conduct the liquid away from the central area of the chassis ceiling..
Irobot Corporation



An aerial projectile resting on a flat hard floor is hit two consecutive times with a stick, the first hit made in a vertical swing to one of the projectile's ends propels it upward and in mid air and perpendicularly to the floor, spinning on its larger axis; the second hit made in a waist-high horizontal baseball-like swing, making the projectile travel through the air in a trajectory horizontal to the floor and landing on the floor far from its original rest position.. .


Topical formulations comprising a steroid

The application provides formulations for the topical administration of an active agent comprising at least one steroid, in the form of topical sprays that are propellant-free, and/or substantially non-foaming, and/or alcohol-free. The present application also provides processes for preparing such compositions and methods of using them in management of skin diseases or disorders such as psoriasis, dermatoses, and other associated skin diseases or disorders..
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.


Topical formulations comprising a steroid

The application provides formulations for the topical administration of an active agent comprising at least one steroid, in the form of topical sprays that are propellant-free, and/or substantially non-foaming, and/or alcohol-free. The present application also provides processes for preparing such compositions and methods of using them in management of skin diseases or disorders such as psoriasis, dermatoses, and other associated skin diseases or disorders..
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.


Propellant-free topical spray composition of halobetasol

The present invention relates to propellant-free topical spray compositions of halobetasol comprising halobetasol, an emollient, and a non-aqueous solvent. It also relates to a process for the preparation of the propellant-free topical spray compositions.
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited


Combined heating and stirring arrangement heating food and heating stirrer

The invention discloses a facilitated cooking method which allows it to stir and heat food on the basis of magnetic fields preferably respectively by induction cooking. A magnetic stirrer heater (110) is preferably propelled by coils (125, 128) and heated by an induction coil (110).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Kicking shoe attachment for propelling kick scooters and the like

A tether may be provided for securing the kicking shoe attachment to an environmental object when not in use or to the kick scooter when the kick scooter is being ridden.. .


Agriculture vehicles and methods

This invention is a dual function tree pruner and fruit harvester that use the same equipment for pruning and for harvesting. The fruit tree pruner and harvesting machine features: a self-propelled-vehicle (spv), computer controlled robotic arms, a digital imaging system (dis), a radar ranger system (rrs), global positioning satellite (gps) guidance system, geographic information system (gis), a power pruner or power stem cutter as appropriate, a fruit vacuum system, a fruit catcher, a fruit handling system, and a fruit bin loader.


System for wireless connectivity continuity and quality

Configurations are described for maintaining a continuity and quality of wireless signal connection between a mobile device and systems accessible through the internet. In particular, configurations are disclosed to address the challenge of a mobile device that moves through a physical environment wherein the best wireless connectivity performance is achieved by switching between available connection sources and constantly evaluating a primary connection with other available connections that may be switched in to become a new primary connection.
Suitable Technologies, Inc.


Propeller in-hub power generation and control

A power generation unit for generating electric power within a rotating reference frame includes a generator and a gear assembly. The generator has a plurality of first generator parts disposed concentrically with and radially outward from a plurality of second generator parts.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Pedestrian security dye pack system

The pedestrian security dye pack system serves as a key component of law enforcement efforts across countries and communities as an investigative tool in emergency response situations, as an eyewitness in investigations and prosecutions, and as a citizen-driven virtual guard and security system. Via included multiple airwave communications, identification and notification capabilities such as wifi, bluetooth®, gps, rfid, and dye projector, the pedestrian security dye pack system isolates, reports and aids authorities in offender detection and apprehension by offering the advantages of a wearable parental unit and a plurality of accompanying dye packs with a radio-controlled incendiary propelled dye projector in each..


Outsourcing processing to a self-propelled device

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for outsourcing processing operations between a mobile computing device and a self-propelled device. The self-propelled device may be in operative control by the mobile computing device via a communication connection.
Sphero, Inc.


Signal strength representation and automatic connection and control upon a self-propelled device

Systems and methods for facilitating automatic connection between a mobile computing device and a self-propelled device are provided. The self-propelled device can transmit a radio signal in a sleep mode.
Orbotix, Inc.


Modular light gas accelerator

A modular light gas accelerator includes a first stage having a chamber having a rear portion and a discharge portion and a barrel located inside the chamber. The barrel has a rear port at the rear portion of the chamber and a discharge port extending outwardly from the discharge portion of the chamber.


Underwater hunting crossbow

Underwater hunting crossbow with an elastic arming mechanism. This type of crossbow comprises an elongate body the rear end of which is provided with a stock fitted with a trigger, and the front end of which is provided with a head to channel and propel an arrow using lateral elastic ties for propulsion the front ends of which are attached or held to said head, and the rear ends of the elastic ties are connected to an arming device configured to catch on a peg or a nock situated at the rear of the arrow.
Miceli Design


Gate valves and airlocks for a transportation system

A high-speed transportation system, the system including at least one transportation tube having at least one track, at least one capsule configured for travel through the at least one tube between stations, a propulsion system adapted to propel the at least one capsule through the tube; a levitation system adapted to levitate the capsule within the tube, and at least one tube sealer arranged along the at least one tube and configured to create an airlock in the at least one tube. In embodiments, the tube sealer may include a gate valve and/or an airbag..
Hyperloop Technologies, Inc.


System and emergency starting of an aircraft turbomachine

The invention relates to an emergency start system (20) for a turbine engine of an aircraft, characterised in that it comprises at least one solid-propellant gas generator (22), an electrically controlled ignition device (24), a computer (28) connected to the ignition device, and at least one starter motor (18) comprising a turbine (38) for driving a shaft (34) intended for being coupled to a shaft (54) of the turbine engine, the outlet of the gases from the generator being connected to the inlet (44) of the turbine of the starter motor.. .


Lawn stickerweed bur collection apparatus

The improved bur collection apparatus includes a primary roller member that may be pushed using an attached handle or pulled using an attached tow bar. The roller member includes an outer surface to which stickerweed burs removably attach during the bur collection process.


Haloolefin-based composition and use thereof

The present invention relates to a haloolefin-based composition comprising a haloolefin and water and being used for at least one application selected from the group consisting of heat transfer media, refrigerants, foaming agents, solvents, cleaning agents, propellants, and fire extinguishers. The haloolefin-based composition comprising a haloolefin and water is used for at least one application selected from the group consisting of heat transfer media, refrigerants, foaming agents, solvents, cleaning agents, propellants, and fire extinguishers..


Hydrogen peroxide catalyst

A catalyst for decomposing high-concentration hydrogen peroxide comprises an active layer on a carrier comprising gamma-phase alumina. The carrier can also comprise aluminium, with the gamma-phase alumina forming a passivating layer on the surface of the aluminium.
Airbus Defence And Space Limited


Method and controlling a turboprop engine

A turboprop control system 10 for use with a turboprop 2 having a turbine engine 12 operably coupled to and rotationally driving a propeller 14 having variable pitch blades 16 to control the engine speed, propeller speed, and propeller pitch. The pilot provides, by a single power control lever 30, the control input used to control the engine and propeller..
Unison Industries, Llc


Convertible tiltrotor aircraft

A rotorcraft includes a proprotor coupled to the wing and a pusher propeller. Power is transferred from the proprotor to the pusher propeller with the use of a torque splitter.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Unmanned aerial vehicle protective frame configuration

This disclosure describes a configuration of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) that includes a frame that provides both structural support for the uav and protection for foreign objects that may come into contact with the uav. The uav may have any number of lifting motors.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Outboard drive device

An outboard drive device (10) comprising a motor (11) having a crankshaft (16), wherein said outboard drive device (10) further comprises a propeller shaft (12) with a propeller which propeller is below the hull (13) of a boat when said outboard drive device (10) is operated, and a power coupling system for transferring power from the motor (11) to the propeller shaft (12). The motor (11) is an automotive motor or an industrial base engine, wherein the crankshaft (16) is substantially horizontal and substantially parallel to the propeller shaft (12) when said outboard drive device (10) is operated.
Cimco Marine Ab


Outboard motor

In an outboard motor equipped with a v-type four-cycle engine provided with a left bank extending leftward and obliquely rearward and a right bank extending rightward and obliquely rearward, a drive shaft is perpendicularly disposed in the outboard motor body so as to transmit a driving force from the engine to a propeller disposed below the engine, and center positions of the left side exhaust passage and the right side exhaust passage are positioned forward than the drive shaft in a front-and-rear direction in an advancing direction of the outboard motor.. .
Suzuki Motor Corporation


Modular azimuth thruster

The present invention is directed to a modular azimuth thruster (1) for propelling a vessel, having a thruster housing (1) around which water flows, and comprising: a standardized core unit (2) having a core unit housing (21) forming part of the thruster housing, a transmission line (6) arranged within in the core unit housing (21), comprising a propeller shaft (61) extending in a longitudinal direction (13) of the thruster housing, and a propeller (3) arranged outside the thruster housing and being operationally connected to the propeller shaft. The present invention further relates to a vessel comprising an azimuth thruster and a method of configuring an azimuth thruster..
Rolls-royce Marine As


Scooter with rotational connection

A scooter device that can be propelled by side to side movement of a user is disclosed. The scooter device includes at least a first front wheel, at least a second and a third rearward located wheel, a frame structure through which the first wheel is coupled to the second and third wheels, wherein the second and third rearward located wheels are mounted in a biased direction arrangement and a steering mechanism that has a vertically ascending control member and is coupled to the first wheel such that turning of the steering mechanism achieves a turning of the first wheel, the steering mechanism further coupled to the frame structure such that the steering mechanism may be tilted relative to the frame structure.
Razor Usa Llc


Transportation system

A high-speed transportation system including at least one transportation tube having at least one track, at least one capsule configured for travel through the at least one tube along a travel path between stations, a propulsion system adapted to propel the at least one capsule through the tube, and a levitation system adapted to levitate the capsule within the tube. At least a portion of the travel path is arranged over or in a body of water..
Hyperloop Technologies, Inc.


Transportation system

A high-speed transportation system, includes at least one transportation tube having at least one track, at least one capsule configured for travel through the at least one tube between stations, a propulsion system adapted to propel the at least one capsule through the tube, a levitation system adapted to levitate the capsule within the tube. The at least one transportation tube is structured and arranged as a net-tension tube..
Hyperloop Technologies, Inc.


Transportation system

A high-speed transportation system includes at least one transportation structure having at least one track, at least one capsule configured for travel through the at least one structure between a plurality of stations, a propulsion system adapted to propel the at least one capsule through the structure, and a levitation system adapted to levitate the capsule within the structure. At least one track is positioned to provide balancing force vectors to achieve stability for the capsule..
Hyperloop Technologies, Inc.


Self-propelling work machine and braking such a work machine

The present invention describes a self-propelling work machine in the form of a truck, having an electric drive comprising at least one electric motor, a generator drivable by an internal combustion engine for the power supply of the electric drive, and a braking apparatus for braking the work machine, wherein the braking apparatus provides a regenerative braking by the electric drive and a feedback apparatus for feeding back electrical motor braking power of the electric motor to the generator to apply the motor braking power on the internal combustion engine. The invention further describes a method for braking the work machine.
Liebherr-components Biberach Gmbh


System and enhancing particle delivery to biological tissue

A device for delivery of particles into biological tissue includes at least one conduit and a propellant source configured to release a propellant into the conduit. A source of first particles is configured to release first particles into the conduit.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Alignment of elongated particles in a particle delivery device

A device for delivery of particles into biological tissue includes at least one conduit and a propellant source fluidically coupled to the conduit and configured to deliver a propellant into the conduit. A particle source is configured to release elongated particles into the conduit, the elongated particles having a width, w, a length, l>w.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated



Cleaning composition, which is a dry shampoo, comprising a base and propellant, wherein the base comprises sebum absorber which comprises magnetic particles, wherein the magnetic particles have a particle size in the range of from 4 nm to 50 nm, and wherein the magnetic particles are coated with a stabilizing dispersing agent, and wherein the magnetic particles are dispersed in a liquid carrier.. .
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


A motor-generator shaft with centrifugal fan blades

Disclosed in the present invention is a shaft construction for motor-generators and alternators that provides effective airflow and improved overall cooling without the need for an external fan. The shaft comprises a plurality of circumferentially disposed centrifugal fan blades and longitudinal cooling channels.
Altigreen Propulsion Labs Private Limited


Rifle grenade using bullet trap

Disclosed is a rifle grenade using a bullet trap. A propellent assembly is formed with a first housing configured to house a trapping unit that traps a bullet shot from a gun to travel from rear to front and absorbs kinetic energy of the bullet, and a second housing configured to house a propelling unit that is disposed in front of the first housing, and is activated by the kinetic energy of the bullet which is absorbed into the trapping unit to provide a propelling force in a trajectory direction of the rifle grenade..
Hanwha Corporation


Less-lethal force device impact ratio

Improvements in a less-lethal force device are disclosed. The less-lethal projectile device generally comprising a projectile, such as a rubber-encapsulated metal block, that is mated to a docking base by way of a mounting pins or base.


Birthday candle blow horn apparatus and method thereof

The present invention relates generally to a birthday candle blow horn apparatus, and method thereof. More particularly, the invention encompasses a blow horn having a conical shape, and wherein the wider end of the blow horn could have a capping layer, and where the narrower end is open for the passage of air, such that when a strike is made on the capping layer a puff of air is blasted from the narrower end, which air can be used to extinguish a small flame, a lit candle, or a flame of a birthday candle.


Propeller shaft and yoke structure of universal joint used for the propeller shaft

A propeller shaft has a first yoke having a fixing portion, a pair of first bifurcated yoke portions extending from one end portion of the fixing portion in an axial direction, and a first bearing hole formed at each first yoke portion and securing therein a first bearing that holds a cruciform shaft; a second yoke coupled to the first yoke through the cruciform shaft and secured to a predetermined member, and having a mounting flange, and a bolt insertion hole which is formed at the mounting flange and into which a bolt to secure the second yoke to the predetermined member is inserted; and a securing member securing the mounting flange of the second yoke to the predetermined member through the bolt by a fastening tool. Each first yoke portion is provided with a first concave portion that slides thereon an outer circumferential surface of the fastening tool..
Hitachi Automotive Systems Kyushu, Ltd.


Turbopump for a rocket engine having a radial stage

A turbopump for a rocket engine includes a radial pump having a wheel with vanes in a central body that is essentially rotationally symmetrical. The central body includes two separate outflow areas for one propellant component of the rocket engine, where a first portion of the propellant component is conveyed through a first of the outflow areas into a rocket combustion chamber and a second portion of the propellant component is conveyed through a second of the outflow areas into a gas generator.
Airbus Ds Gmbh


Device for self-pressurization of a tank

A propulsion assembly (1, 201) for a rocket, comprising a tank (2) configured to contain a propellant, an engine having a combustion chamber (9), a propellant feed pipe (11) extending between the tank (2) and the combustion chamber (9) and having an isolation valve (24) arranged therein, and a heater (15) having an inlet connected to the feed pipe (11) and an outlet connected to the tank (2). The inlet of the heater comprises an inlet pipe (13a) connected firstly to the feed pipe (11) downstream from the isolation valve (24) and secondly to a neutral fluid feed (31)..


Burn rate modifier

The invention relates generally to burn rate modifiers and propellants comprising a burn rate modifier. The invention also relates to methods of producing a propellant comprising a burn rate modifier as well as an ammunition cartridge comprising the propellant.
Thales Australia Limited


Burn rate modifier

The invention relates generally to burn rate modifiers and propellants comprising a burn rate modifier. The invention also relates to methods of producing a propellant comprising a burn rate modifier as well as an ammunition cartridge comprising the propellant.
Thales Australia Limited


Unmanned aerial vehicle with propeller protection and high impact-survivability

An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) includes a body that supports breakaway components. One component is a battery pack which powers the vehicle.
Vantage Robotics, Llc


Handheld propulsion assembly

A handheld propulsion assembly includes at least one propulsion subassembly. In the propulsion subassembly, pivot and hinge mounts are disposed respectively on upper and lower surfaces of a floatable board member, a crank shaft is pivotably mounted on the pivot mount about a pivot axis, a crank arm extends radially from the crank shaft, and a blade is hinged to the hinge mount.


Electrical forward-moving assistant apparatus

An electrical forward-moving assistant apparatus comprised of a housing, a motor, a battery unit, a propeller, a housing mounting fixture and a battery mounting fixture. The housing forms a watertight chamber.


Ski pylon camera mount tracking system

The invention utilizes the use of a boats ski pylon. The unit mounts to the ski pylon and allows for a camera or other recording device to be attached to it so that individuals or items being towed or otherwise propelled behind a boat may be recorded..


Method for producing a casing of a plug part

Method for producing a casing (1) of a plug part (2) for an electrical and/or optical plug-in connection and/or a cable (3), wherein the casing (1) is produced via injection molding from a thermoplastic material (4) in an injection mold (5), wherein at least one outgassing propellant (6) and/or at least one gas are injected into the injection mold (5) in addition to the thermoplastic material (4), and gas cavities (7) are formed in the casing (1).. .
Neutrik Ag


Method for manufacturing a propeller blade

Characterized in that the weaving step comprises placing at least one second portion of yarn adapted to form in the matrix a second portion of a channel, said second portion of yarn being transversally directed relative to said main elongation direction and opening at the trailing edge of the blade, the second channel portion formed in the matrix by said second portion of yarn constituting also at least one second portion of the internal airflow channel.. .


Self-propelled floor apparatus and system having a bactericidal function

A self-propelled apparatus includes: a self-propelled platform having a recessed chamber located in the bottom side, a control unit mounted in the self-propelled platform for controlling the moving path of the self-propelled platform in a predominantly grid-pattern that causes the self-propelled platform to mainly move in predominantly straight lines, a battery, one or multiple germicidal ultraviolet lights exhibiting an elongated shape and mounted in the self-propelled platform within the recessed chamber in such a manner that the longitudinal axis of the germicidal ultraviolet lights is kept in parallel to the linear moving direction of the self-propelled platform, and obstacle sensors. The self-propelled apparatus utilizes a wireless module for wireless communication with an external smart device that has built therein an application software for controlling and displaying the operating status of the self-propelled apparatus..
Metapo Inc.


Flying toy doll assembly

A toy character includes a body, a first propeller assembly, a second propeller assembly, and a motor. The body extends in a longitudinal direction and has a longitudinal axis.
Rehco, Llc


Golf training system

A target assembly is provided for a sports training system in which a ball is propelled toward a target zone. The target assembly includes an inflatable object configured to erect a plurality of surfaces upon inflation of the object.


Spray foam corticosteroid product

A foamable pharmaceutical composition and a method of treating corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses of the skin are disclosed. The foamable pharmaceutical composition comprises a corticosteroid compound as an active ingredient; a quick-break foaming agent including an aliphatic alcohol, water, a fatty alcohol and a surface active agent; a buffering agent; and a propellant.
Delcor Asset Corporation


Foamable pesticide compositions and methods of application

Ready-to-use foamable pesticide compositions that contain a pesticide dispersed in a composition containing water, a co-solvent, surfactant and propellant. Methods for treating pests such as arthropods by contacting pests with such compositions are also provided..
Basf Corporation


Positive electrode active material of power storage device, power storage device, electrically propelled vehicle, and manufacturing power storage device

An object is to improve the characteristics of a power storage device such as a charging and discharging rate or a charge and discharge capacity. The grain size of particles of a positive electrode active material is nano-sized so that a surface area per unit mass of the active material is increased.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Fouling resistant flow metering system

Appurtenances added to a pipe mitigate the effects of upstream valves, sluice gates or pipe elbows to condition the pipe flow for accurate flow rate detection by a reverse propeller meter. Further appurtenances allow the reverse propeller meter to be used in extreme debris situations such as weeds, vines and moss present in many canal systems.
Rsa Protective Technologies, Llc


Hybrid primer

A hybrid primer device comprising electric primer and chemical primer housed in a percussion cap. The electrical primer comprises single pin or plurality of electrode pin pair.


System for air-based propellant gun adaptation

A pneumatic firearm firing system is utilized to discharge a projectile from a firearm utilizing propulsion provided by a pneumatic propellant. A pressurized projectile retainer is utilized to concentrically hold a projectile under pressure due to a quantity of compressed gas provided from a compressed gas vessel.


Method and mechanism for automatic regulation of gas flow when mounting a suppressor to a firearm

A gas system includes a gas block having a gas port for directing propellant gases received from a gas port of a barrel of a firearm into the gas system to cycle an auto loading feature of the firearm. A spring-loaded plunger assembly positioned within the gas block includes a plunger component having a plurality of gas ports and a plunger cap at a forward end, wherein the position of the plunger component within the gas block automatically controls an amount of gas that is allowed to enter the gas system.
Ra Brands, L.l.c.


Spray apparatus

An improved spray apparatus designed to optimize the pattern of the texture material and the performance of the spray apparatus to look and perform similar to a hopper texture gun or texture spray rig used by professionals. The spray apparatus, has a housing defining a cavity.
Westpac Materials


Stabilized iodocarbon compositions

Disclosed are compositions comprising at least one iodocarbon compound and preferably at least one stabilization agent. These compositions are generally useful as refrigerants for heating and cooling, as blowing agents, as aerosol propellants, as solvent composition, and as fire extinguishing and suppressing agents..
Honeywell International Inc.


Gas-electric propulsion system for an aircraft

In one aspect the present subject matter is directed to a gas-electric propulsion system for an aircraft. The system may include a turbofan jet engine, an electric powered boundary layer ingestion fan that is coupled to a fuselage portion of the aircraft aft of the turbofan jet engine, and an electric generator that is electronically coupled to the turbofan jet engine and to the boundary layer ingestion fan.
General Electric Company


Self-propelled craft

The present invention comprises a self-propelled craft with a u-shaped main body provided with two turbines, one on each flap of the u-shaped main body, which propel the self-propelled craft through turbine operation in a chamber fed by water received by water intakes which is ejected by the ejection openings, and which turbines move inside the turbine operation chamber adopting automatically one of two possible positions due to the casing which is placed in two different positions within the turbine operation chamber, which positioning results from the placement of the device on the water being done by side a or b, the water intake being done through existing water entrances on side a or b of the device.. .


Teeter drive vehicle

A vehicle which may be propelled by alternating depression of pedals. The vehicle comprises a chassis having a forward end, at least three wheels rotatably supported on the chassis, and a pedal drive for rotating at least one driven wheel in a direction toward the forward end.


System and method integrating an energy management system and yard planner system

A method and system for identifying cargo-carrying vehicles (ccv) to be included in a vehicle system that are non-propulsion-generating vehicles scheduled to depart from a vehicle yard and travel to one or more destination locations at a predetermined departure time. Further includes, calculating a minimum tractive effort threshold required by one or more propulsion-generating vehicles (pgv) to propel the vehicle system to the one or more destination locations along a route within a predetermined time period.
General Electric Company


Watercraft thermal monitoring systems and methods

A watercraft may include a safety system having an imaging component and a control component. The control component may modify the operation of the watercraft based on images from the imaging component.
Flir Belgium Bvba


Vehicle assembly for propulsion over water and land

A vehicle (20) consisting of a frame (22) with a pair of paddles (72) extending longitudinally and rotatably supported by the frame (22) in pendulum fashion for swinging movement between an extended position engaging the surface and a retracted position moved vertically out of engagement with the surface. A pair of foot platforms (74) are operatively connected to the paddles (72).


Recirculating gas system for a manufacturing device.

The present invention is for a recirculating gas system for a manufacturing device. The recirculating gas system consists of an enclosure, a gas inlet, a gas outlet and an actuator to propel the gas..


Inhalable medicament

The present invention provides an inhalable pharmaceutical solution aerosol comprising beclometasone dipropionate, ethanol and a propellant selected from 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropane and a mixture thereof, wherein the aerosol has a droplet size having a mass median aerodynamic diameter of 0.5-2.0 μm, for use in the treatment of asthma in an individual with impaired hand-inhalation coordination.. .
Teva Branded Pharmaceutical Products R&d, Inc.


Harvest sweeper attachment system

A harvest sweeper attachment system (10) is provided for attaching to a harvester machine (12) having a collection aperture (14), for use in propelling desired objects (11), such as nuts, toward the collection aperture (14). The system (10) preferably has two sweep units (20) mounted on each side of the harvester machine (12) at a forward angle, each including a rotating rake subassembly assembly (34).
Wing Sweep, Llc


Bearing arrangement for an electric motor used for propelling an unmanned aerial system

A bearing arrangement for an electric motor used for propelling an unmanned aerial system. The bearing arrangement includes three bearings having rolling bearing elements, one of which has a contact angle that is nominally zero and at least one other of which has a contact angle that is nominally non-zero..
Kde Direct, Llc


Self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track

A self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track, equipped with at least one imaging sensor and wherein the rail track on which the system's movable payload is propelled and the movable payload are both exposed to the fence side, and an anchoring means for anchoring, from time to time, the movable payload, and replacing the payload's battery with a new one within the anchoring means.. .
Magal Security Systems Ltd.


Projectile launcher with a permanent high-low pressure system

A projectile launcher includes a barrel, a high pressure chamber included within the barrel, and a low pressure area included within the barrel and substantially surrounding the high pressure chamber. The high pressure chamber includes an inner cavity and multiple vent holes connecting the inner cavity to the low pressure area so that high pressure gases generated in the inner cavity by a pressure cartridge can pass from the inner cavity to the low pressure area and propel a round (or projectile) out of the launcher..
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Wind turbine of low wind speeds

Horizontal axis w/t of low wind speeds of propeller type, bearing a main rotor of three blades (1), while in the space between two successive blades (1) and diametrically opposite to the third, an additional 4th blade (2) also of propeller type but of significantly longer length, is interposed. This additional blade (2) is not permanently coupled but selectively engaged in the system of the w/t at low wind speeds, contributing to the startup and enhancing the energy production.


Power control for propeller-driven aircraft

A method of controlling an engine for a propeller-driven aircraft, including setting an initial maximum power limit, wherein the initial maximum power limit is associated with a maximum allowable thrust for an aircraft, receiving an indication that a predetermined aircraft condition is satisfied, and setting an updated maximum power limit.. .
Unison Industries, Llc


Aircraft capable of vertical take-off

The invention relates to an aircraft which can both take off and land vertically and can hover and also fly horizontally at a high cruising speed. The aircraft has a support structure, a wing structure, at least three and preferably at least four lifting rotors and at least one thrust drive.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh


Light weight propulsor gearbox

A propulsor gearbox assembly for a translational thrust propeller includes a housing defining an interior cavity, a planetary gear assembly contained within the interior cavity, an input shaft aligned on a first axis or rotation, and an output shaft aligned along a second axis of rotation. The first axis of rotation is coaxial with the second axis of rotation..
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Propeller gearbox oil cooler for a rotary wing aircract

A propeller system includes a propeller located at a tail section and a drive shaft operably connected to the propeller to drive the propeller about a propeller axis. A propeller gearbox connects the propeller to the drive shaft and a propeller gearbox lubricant cooler is operably connected to the propeller gearbox and disposed circumferentially about the drive shaft.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Aircraft with drive element coupled to gearbox housing exterior

An aircraft is provided and includes a gearbox housing through which a drive shaft configured to drive propeller rotation extends and a pitch control apparatus. The pitch control apparatus includes a drive element coupled to an exterior of the gearbox housing and an annular electro-mechanical actuator (ema) configured to convert rotational energy generated by the drive element to thereby control a pitching of propeller blades about corresponding pitch axes..
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Device for supplying hydraulic fluid to a ram and mechanism for controlling the pitch of the blades of a turbine engine propeller comprising the ram

A hydraulic ram comprising a fixed support, a cylinder that is movable in translation relative to the support, a piston secured inside the cylinder delimiting two chambers with the cylinder and a device for supplying the chambers with hydraulic fluid upstream from the fixed support. The ram is characterised by the fact that the supply device comprises telescopic channels, each telescopic channel comprising two tubular elements sliding one into the other, a first tubular element being rigidly connected to the fixed support at one end and the second tubular element being rigidly connected to the cylinder at at least two points separated from each other along a generatrix of the cylinder.


Motorized watercraft

A motorized watercraft is a vehicle that is used to transport a user across the water. The motorized watercraft includes a floating board, a control unit, a propulsion system, a power source, and a plurality of conduit stringers.


Nosecone transducer array

Various implementations described herein are directed to a trolling device having a motor with a propeller coupled to the motor and a shaft configured to couple or mount the motor to a watercraft. The trolling device may include a housing encapsulating the motor, and the housing may include a nosecone having a transducer array incorporated within the nosecone..
Navico Holding As


Hydro-compressed gas powered marine engine, marine vessels using such engine and method

A marine vessel is propelled through water using a hydro-compress gas powered engine including a chamber having a hydropower motor in an upper section and a compressed gas motor in a lower section. In a first cycle of the engine water is introduced into the hydropower motor that driving a drives a crankshaft using the kinetic energy of falling water.


Retrofit system for converting a vehicle into one of a hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle

The present invention provides a retrofit system for configuring a vehicle into a hybrid electric vehicle or electric vehicle. The system comprises an electric power source (eps) comprising one or more motors to provide fail safe torque to the vehicle and harness braking energy for charging one or more batteries, one or more attachable electric power gear assemblies (epga) configured to couple the one or more motors to a propeller shaft for providing the torque to the vehicle, and an electronic control unit coupled to the electric power source (eps) for dynamically controlling functioning of the one or more motors based on the running conditions to drive the vehicle.
Kpit Technologies Ltd.


Vertical take-off and landing roadable aircraft

A vertical take-off and landing (vtol) roadable aircraft which has the features and dimensions of a typical road vehicle is disclosed. When operated on the road the wheels are powered by the engine.


Line marking apparatus with line guide

A line marking apparatus comprises a housing (1) provided with wheels (3), means (5) for propelling the apparatus, and a spray head (9) for delivering line marking material to a surface to be marked. At least one line guide (11) is provided for defining an edge of a line to be marked, the line guide being mounted on an arm (15) which is pivotably mounted relative to the remainder of the apparatus such that the line guide is movable between a deployed configuration and a stored configuration in which the line guide is received in receiving structure (23) formed on the housing..
Digital Line Markers Fze


Diagnostic device, particularly of the lab-on-chip type

At least one pair of electrodes. The electrodes which are arranged upstream and downstream of the electrophoresis chamber, whose electrical field propels the sample from the electrophoresis chamber to the reaction chamber, a separative electrophoresis occurring inside the electrophoresis chamber.

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