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Propel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Propel-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Bearing arrangement for an electric motor used for propelling an unmanned aerial system patent thumbnailBearing arrangement for an electric motor used for propelling an unmanned aerial system
A bearing arrangement for an electric motor used for propelling an unmanned aerial system. The bearing arrangement includes three bearings having rolling bearing elements, one of which has a contact angle that is nominally zero and at least one other of which has a contact angle that is nominally non-zero..
Kde Direct, Llc

 Self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track patent thumbnailSelf-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track
A self-propelled security system on an adjacent to a fence track, equipped with at least one imaging sensor and wherein the rail track on which the system's movable payload is propelled and the movable payload are both exposed to the fence side, and an anchoring means for anchoring, from time to time, the movable payload, and replacing the payload's battery with a new one within the anchoring means.. .
Magal Security Systems Ltd.

 Projectile launcher with a permanent high-low pressure system patent thumbnailProjectile launcher with a permanent high-low pressure system
A projectile launcher includes a barrel, a high pressure chamber included within the barrel, and a low pressure area included within the barrel and substantially surrounding the high pressure chamber. The high pressure chamber includes an inner cavity and multiple vent holes connecting the inner cavity to the low pressure area so that high pressure gases generated in the inner cavity by a pressure cartridge can pass from the inner cavity to the low pressure area and propel a round (or projectile) out of the launcher..
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

 Wind turbine of low wind speeds patent thumbnailWind turbine of low wind speeds
Horizontal axis w/t of low wind speeds of propeller type, bearing a main rotor of three blades (1), while in the space between two successive blades (1) and diametrically opposite to the third, an additional 4th blade (2) also of propeller type but of significantly longer length, is interposed. This additional blade (2) is not permanently coupled but selectively engaged in the system of the w/t at low wind speeds, contributing to the startup and enhancing the energy production.

 Power control for propeller-driven aircraft patent thumbnailPower control for propeller-driven aircraft
A method of controlling an engine for a propeller-driven aircraft, including setting an initial maximum power limit, wherein the initial maximum power limit is associated with a maximum allowable thrust for an aircraft, receiving an indication that a predetermined aircraft condition is satisfied, and setting an updated maximum power limit.. .
Unison Industries, Llc

 Aircraft capable of vertical take-off patent thumbnailAircraft capable of vertical take-off
The invention relates to an aircraft which can both take off and land vertically and can hover and also fly horizontally at a high cruising speed. The aircraft has a support structure, a wing structure, at least three and preferably at least four lifting rotors and at least one thrust drive.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

 Light weight propulsor gearbox patent thumbnailLight weight propulsor gearbox
A propulsor gearbox assembly for a translational thrust propeller includes a housing defining an interior cavity, a planetary gear assembly contained within the interior cavity, an input shaft aligned on a first axis or rotation, and an output shaft aligned along a second axis of rotation. The first axis of rotation is coaxial with the second axis of rotation..
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

 Propeller gearbox oil cooler for a rotary wing aircract patent thumbnailPropeller gearbox oil cooler for a rotary wing aircract
A propeller system includes a propeller located at a tail section and a drive shaft operably connected to the propeller to drive the propeller about a propeller axis. A propeller gearbox connects the propeller to the drive shaft and a propeller gearbox lubricant cooler is operably connected to the propeller gearbox and disposed circumferentially about the drive shaft.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

 Aircraft with drive element coupled to gearbox housing exterior patent thumbnailAircraft with drive element coupled to gearbox housing exterior
An aircraft is provided and includes a gearbox housing through which a drive shaft configured to drive propeller rotation extends and a pitch control apparatus. The pitch control apparatus includes a drive element coupled to an exterior of the gearbox housing and an annular electro-mechanical actuator (ema) configured to convert rotational energy generated by the drive element to thereby control a pitching of propeller blades about corresponding pitch axes..
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

 Device for supplying hydraulic fluid to a ram and mechanism for controlling the pitch of the blades of a turbine engine propeller comprising the ram patent thumbnailDevice for supplying hydraulic fluid to a ram and mechanism for controlling the pitch of the blades of a turbine engine propeller comprising the ram
A hydraulic ram comprising a fixed support, a cylinder that is movable in translation relative to the support, a piston secured inside the cylinder delimiting two chambers with the cylinder and a device for supplying the chambers with hydraulic fluid upstream from the fixed support. The ram is characterised by the fact that the supply device comprises telescopic channels, each telescopic channel comprising two tubular elements sliding one into the other, a first tubular element being rigidly connected to the fixed support at one end and the second tubular element being rigidly connected to the cylinder at at least two points separated from each other along a generatrix of the cylinder.


Motorized watercraft

A motorized watercraft is a vehicle that is used to transport a user across the water. The motorized watercraft includes a floating board, a control unit, a propulsion system, a power source, and a plurality of conduit stringers.


Nosecone transducer array

Various implementations described herein are directed to a trolling device having a motor with a propeller coupled to the motor and a shaft configured to couple or mount the motor to a watercraft. The trolling device may include a housing encapsulating the motor, and the housing may include a nosecone having a transducer array incorporated within the nosecone..
Navico Holding As


Hydro-compressed gas powered marine engine, marine vessels using such engine and method

A marine vessel is propelled through water using a hydro-compress gas powered engine including a chamber having a hydropower motor in an upper section and a compressed gas motor in a lower section. In a first cycle of the engine water is introduced into the hydropower motor that driving a drives a crankshaft using the kinetic energy of falling water.


Retrofit system for converting a vehicle into one of a hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle

The present invention provides a retrofit system for configuring a vehicle into a hybrid electric vehicle or electric vehicle. The system comprises an electric power source (eps) comprising one or more motors to provide fail safe torque to the vehicle and harness braking energy for charging one or more batteries, one or more attachable electric power gear assemblies (epga) configured to couple the one or more motors to a propeller shaft for providing the torque to the vehicle, and an electronic control unit coupled to the electric power source (eps) for dynamically controlling functioning of the one or more motors based on the running conditions to drive the vehicle.
Kpit Technologies Ltd.


Vertical take-off and landing roadable aircraft

A vertical take-off and landing (vtol) roadable aircraft which has the features and dimensions of a typical road vehicle is disclosed. When operated on the road the wheels are powered by the engine.


Line marking apparatus with line guide

A line marking apparatus comprises a housing (1) provided with wheels (3), means (5) for propelling the apparatus, and a spray head (9) for delivering line marking material to a surface to be marked. At least one line guide (11) is provided for defining an edge of a line to be marked, the line guide being mounted on an arm (15) which is pivotably mounted relative to the remainder of the apparatus such that the line guide is movable between a deployed configuration and a stored configuration in which the line guide is received in receiving structure (23) formed on the housing..
Digital Line Markers Fze


Diagnostic device, particularly of the lab-on-chip type

At least one pair of electrodes. The electrodes which are arranged upstream and downstream of the electrophoresis chamber, whose electrical field propels the sample from the electrophoresis chamber to the reaction chamber, a separative electrophoresis occurring inside the electrophoresis chamber.


User-propelled collapsible apparatus

A user-propelled collapsible apparatus comprises a body (1) provided with wheels (21) and a retractable handle means (3) for propelling the apparatus. Bracing means (5) is provided for the handle means, the bracing means being movable between a deployed configuration in which the bracing means supports the extended handle means and a stored configuration in which the bracing means lies substantially adjacent to the body..
Digital Line Markers Fze


Self-propelled electric vacuum cleaner

A self-propelled electric vacuum cleaner includes: a vacuum cleaner main body; a running section for causing the vacuum cleaner main body to run on a floor; a suction section for suctioning dust; a side brush for sweeping the dust on the floor, to the suction section; a floor detection sensor for detecting whether or not there is the floor; and a control section for controlling and driving the running section, the suction section and the side brush in response to an output of the floor detection sensor, in which the side brush includes a rotating shaft coaxially having a through-hole, and a plurality of brush bundles radially spread from one end of the rotating shaft, wherein the floor detection sensor includes an optical sensor provided adjacent to the other end of the rotating shaft to detect whether or not there is an object, through the through-hole.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Self-propelled vacuum cleaner

The dust box and the electric fan are configured to be separable.. .


Drink mixer bottle and agitator

An agitator is for use in a shaker. The agitator comprises a tetrahedral body having four planar faces, four vertices, and six edges, each edge traveling between each of the vertices.
Headquarters, Inc.


Hybrid magneto-active propellant management device for active slosh damping in spacecraft

This disclosure includes a hybrid magneto-active membrane, which can be used as part of a magneto-active propellant management device (mapmd), to actively control free surface effects of liquid materials, such as fuels, and to reduce fuel slosh. The disclosed mapmd merges aspects of a diaphragm membrane with a magneto-active inlay to control the membrane during in-flight conditions..
Embry-riddle Aeronautical University, Inc.


Self-propelled electronic device

A self-propelled electronic device including: a housing capable of traveling on a travel surface; a drive unit for driving the housing to travel; a traveling sensor for sensing a condition on the travel surface and for outputting a signal; and a control unit for controlling the drive unit based on the signal output from the traveling sensor, wherein the control unit controls driving operation of the drive unit to stop when determining that there is no change in the signal output from the traveling sensor while the housing travels for a predetermined travel distance or for a predetermined period.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Orienting a user interface of a controller for operating a self-propelled device

A self-propelled device determines an orientation for its movement based on a pre-determined reference frame. A controller device is operable by a user to control the self-propelled device.
Sphero, Inc.


A gas autosampler

The invention discloses a gas autosampler comprising a propeller, a transmission device, a sample chain and a sample feeding cone. As the injector of the present invention is directly used as a sample feeding bottle, the transfer times can be reduced and the pollution possibility can be reduced.
Institute Of Bontany Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Epicyclic reduction gear with fluid transfer pipes, and propeller turbomachine for an aircraft with such a reduction gear

The epicyclic reduction gear comprises a planetary input shaft, planet gears meshing around said shaft and supported by a planet carrier, and two transverse sides. According to the invention, the reduction gear comprises at least one fluid transfer pipe suitable for being connected to a fluid supply source and passing through the planet carrier, being linked in rotation to same, from a first of said transverse sides of the reduction gear to a second of said transverse sides of the latter in order to open on the outside of the reduction gear and dispense the fluid..


Cone brake friction surface coating

An exemplary cone brake device includes a brake drum and a thermal sprayed coating deposited and bonded to the outer surface. The thermal sprayed coating is configured to engage a friction lining when one of the brake drum and the friction element is moved toward the other of the brake drum and the friction element, so as to decrease the speed of an aerospace propeller..
Rolls-royce Corporation


Downhole rebound hardness measurement while drilling or wireline logging

A method of obtaining a hardness profile of a formation is disclosed. A testing surface in a wellbore impacts the formation to obtain a measurement of formation hardness.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Process for extending the shelf life of gaseous olefinic propellants in polyurethane foams

The invention described herein generally pertains to a composition and a method for improving the shelf life of a gaseous hydrofluoroolefin propellant, the improvement comprising at least the increased aromatic polyester polyol(s) in combination with a tertiary amine catalyst comprising at least two cyclohexyl rings and an aliphatic metal salt catalyst, the amine catalyst having less than 10% nitrogen on a weight basis.. .
Fomo Products, Inc.


Converging/diverging magnetic nozzle

A magnetic nozzle having a converging/diverging contour shape that converts the thermal energy of a propellant into directed kinetic energy, but uses magnetic fields instead of a physical boundary to direct the flow of particles.. .
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Small satellite propulsion system

A small satellite propulsion system using a gaseous oxidizer and a gaseous fuel as primary propellants with a liquid as a film coolant for the inner surface of the rocket motor. The gaseous fuel is also used as a pressurant for the coolant and as a cold gas propellant for attitude control system (hereinafter “acs”) thrusters.
Ventions, Llc


Isostatic suspension of a turbojet by rear double support

The invention relates to a bypass turbojet comprising an exhaust housing having a central hub (13) and connecting means (11) that can transmit the forces generated by the turbojet to the structure of the aircraft that it propels, said connection means being two arms extending radially from the central hub in order to cross the cold flow of said turbojet and being characterised in that they are secured to said central hub and positioned in a diametrically opposed manner in relation to each other. An additional connection means (14) extends between the hub (13) and the area (9) for securing the exhaust housing to the structure (12) of the aircraft in order to transmit the exceptional dimensioning loads, said connection means being on standby during normal use, without any transmission of force between said hub and said area..


Tri-rotor aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing and transitioning to forward flight

Systems, methods, and devices provide a vehicle, such as an aircraft, with rotors configured to function as a tri-copter for vertical takeoff and landing (“vtol”) and a fixed-wing vehicle for forward flight. One rotor may be mounted at a front of the vehicle fuselage on a hinged structure controlled by an actuator to tilt from horizontal to vertical positions.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Composite stiffened rigid propeller shaped main rotor hub

A rotor includes a blade retention cuff configured to receive a rotor blade; a yoke coupled to the blade retention cuff; and a rigid propeller shaped hub configured to enclose at least a portion of the blade retention cuff and at least a portion of the yoke.. .
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Self-tightening rotor

Systems, methods, and devices for propelling self-propelled movable objects are provided. In one aspect, a rotor assembly for a self-propelled movable object comprises: a hub comprising a first fastening feature; a drive shaft comprising a second fastening feature and directly coupled to the hub by a mating connection of the first and second fastening features, wherein the drive shaft is configured to cause rotation of the hub such that the mating connection of the first and second fastening features is tightened by the rotation; and a plurality of rotor blades coupled to the hub and configured to rotate therewith to generate a propulsive force..
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd


Multi-rotor safety shield

The multi-rotor safety shield (mrss) provides a complete and substantial encasement system which can be secured about a drone, protecting a multitude of aircraft components from contact with any outside disturbance and which can protect the sensitive components from dust, water, wind, rain, snow, fingers, toes, appendages of any kind, and atmospheric changes as example, from disabling the drone and can protect people, places or things from high velocity spinning exposed rotor/propellers. The mrss provides rigid non-permeable platform for attaching or incorporating additional safety devices as found in the drone industry (or other industries) resulting in a safety device that completely prevents the loss a drone due to the catastrophic failure of any drone system or combination of systems which would typically result in rapid decent, and/or uncontrolled flight.


Paddle for watercraft or flotation device

A paddle for a waterdraft or flotation device has a pair of shaft mounted blades connected by a core member. A right hand drive grip and a left hand drive grip are secured in spaced relation to opposite ends of the core.


Watercraft with sterndrive and hull with vented tunnel

A watercraft includes a sterndrive comprising an inboard engine and an outdrive that extends through the transom. The aft end of the hull includes a stepped tunnel, which allows the sterndrive propellers (or other drives) to be operated at a relatively higher position in the water, without unduly decreasing the propeller performance.



The invention relates to a kayak comprising a light and stylish hull with a propeller mounted on the underside thereof, said propeller being actuatable by means of pedals mounted in front of and above a seat, the pedals and propeller being connected by means of a transmission that passes through the inside of the hull and below the surface thereof. Two rudders are arranged at the rear..
Orenes Innova, S.l.


Snagless push pole holder

A snagless push pole holder is a device used for the storage of a boat push pole onboard the vessel when the push pole is not being used to propel the vessel. It will incorporate a design that prevents or minimizes the risk of fishing line, rope or net entanglement on the holder by eliminating all sharp edges, corners, overhangs, protrusions, hooks or similar obstructions, while still providing sufficient holding capability to secure a push pole.


Pole propelled velocipede

A two wheel tandem vehicle is propelled by hand-grasped poles. A front wheel on a forward member and a rear wheel on a rearward member align along a longitudinal axis.


Density enhancement methods and compositions

The present invention relates to granular composite density enhancement, and related methods and compositions. The applications where these properties are valuable include but are not limited to: 1) additive manufacturing (“3d printing”) involving metallic, ceramic, cermet, polymer, plastic, or other dry or solvent-suspended powders or gels, 2) concrete materials, 3) solid propellant materials, 4) cermet materials, 5) granular armors, 6) glass-metal and glass-plastic mixtures, and 7) ceramics comprising (or manufactured using) granular composites..
The Trustees Of Princeton University


Methods and system for improving a user's reaction time and accuracy in propelling an object

A method of conveying a command to a user using a practice system is provided. The method includes detecting movement of the user using a sensor; selecting a command from a list of pre-determined commands; and conveying the command to the user using a signaler..


Rehabilitation device

The invention pertains to a device for rehabilitating patients especially with peripheral nervous system paralysis. The rehabilitation device comprising a remote control terminal, a base, an arm mounted to a column with adjustable height containing an motor propelling the arm and at least two electrodes of the electromyography (emg) sensor according to the invention is characteristic in that the actuator (7) enables the extension (4) to move within the angular range of 360°, while the emg signal from the sensor connected to the muscle or muscles of the patient is transmitted to the network of the motor controlling module (2) and then further by radio or cable connection to a remote control terminal (1)..
Egzotech Spolka Z O.o.


Self-propelled vacuum cleaner

The dust-catching part includes a dust box disposed at the side of the inlet and an electrically powered fan disposed at the side of the exhaust port, the dust box and the electrically powered fan being configured to be separable.. .



A rifle with an upper receiver and a barrel attached to the upper receiver and including a bolt carrier, and operating, buffer, and cooling systems. The operating system includes a cylinder and a piston coupled to receive propelling gases from the barrel.
Davies Innovations Inc.


Turbo machine having a sealing unit, maintenance method, and associated maintenance device

An axial pump operated in a standing manner has an inner housing part (2), in which a shaft (10) carrying a propeller wheel (4) is mounted. An outer housing part (1) is provided, wherein a flow path (3) for the fluid delivered by the propeller wheel (4) is formed between the inner and outer housing part.
Grundfos Holding A/s


Device for feeding a rocket engine with propellant

A device (10a, 10b) for feeding a rocket engine with propellant, the device comprising at least one propellant tank (10, 11), a combustion chamber (18), and a feed pipe (12, 13) extending from the tank (10, 11) to the combustion chamber (18) to feed propellant to the combustion chamber. A valve (14, 15) and a main pump (16, 17) are arranged in succession along the feed pipe.


Turbomachine provided with an assembly for controlling the pitch variation of a propeller

The assembly (25) links a static housing (24) of the turbomachine, into which supply lines, in particular fluid supply lines (23), arrive, to the blades of the propeller, and comprises: —a system for controlling fluid pitch (27), rigidly connected to the static housing (24), capable of being linked to the supply lines, —a linear actuator (28) having two chambers separated by a piston (71) of which the sliding is dictated by the control system and allows the blades to rotate, and —two concentric tubes (36, 37) housed in the planetary shaft of the epicyclic reduction gear and linking the system (27) to the actuator (28) by delimiting two fluid passages (45, 48) linked, respectively, with the two chambers (72, 73) of the actuator.. .


Propulsion device for ship and ship comprising the same

Disclosed are a propulsion device for a ship and a ship having the same. The propulsion device, according to an embodiment of the present invention, includes a rotational shaft, a rear propeller fixed to the rotational shaft, a front propeller rotatably supported by the drive shaft in front of the rear propeller, a counter rotation unit disposed in an installation space of a stern of a ship body and including a plurality of gears configured to reverse rotation of the rotational shaft and transmit the reversed rotation to the front propeller and a gear box configured to receive the plurality of gears, a coupling unit configured to separably connect the rotational shaft with the counter rotation unit and cut off power transmission from the rotational shaft to the counter rotation unit upon disconnection therebetween, and a rotation preventing unit configured to prevent rotation of the front propeller when the coupling unit is separated..
Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.


Ship structure

A ship structure includes a ship hull formed of independently inflatable left and right garboard strakes, left and right side strakes, a floor plate and upper stretcher plates connected between the left and right side strakes, a portable box arranged at the rear side of the ship hull, a drive unit steering control motor mounted at a mount of the portable box, a rotary wheel supported on the mount of the portable box and rotatable by the drive unit steering control motor, a drive unit supported on the rotary wheel, a propeller suspending outside of the ship hull and rotatable by the drive unit to propel the ship hull on water.. .


Multiple planetary gear-set with a limited slip transmission system

A gear assembly with two inputs and two outputs which can be used on zero turn riding mowers or similar vehicles. The first input is a propelling input and the second input is a steering input.


Defoaming high-viscosity pure-chitosan spinning solution

A degassing device for high-viscosity pure-chitosan spinning solutions having a reaction vessel and stirring device. A feed port and vacuum port are disposed at the upper part of the reaction vessel, an inner cylinder body is fixedly disposed in the center position of the reaction vessel which also has a discharge port, the upper cylinder opening of the inner cylinder body is closed and the lower cylinder opening is open, an umbrella-shaped dispersion plate is fixedly disposed at the periphery of the upper half part of the inner cylinder body, a gap is formed between the outer edge of the umbrella-shaped dispersion plate and the inner wall of the reaction vessel, and small liquid outlet holes are distributed on the part of the inner cylinder body above the umbrella-shaped dispersion plate.
Hismer Bio-technology Co., Ltd.


Urban or industrial aspirator

The present invention relates to a device in the form of a suction nozzle (10) for an urban or industrial aspirator (1), preferably self-propelled, comprising a rigid hose or tube (1000), said rigid hose or tube comprising gripping means (100, 200, 300) that comprise a first gripping element (110, 210, 310) in the form of a handle, a support element (120, 220, 320) serving as a lever, and a second gripping element (130, 230, 330) and optionally a base (101, 201, 301).. .
Glutton Cleaning Machines Division De Lange Christian Sa


Area denial system

A propelled lance provides a wounding non-lethal anti-opponent action by piercing an enemy's foot or other contacting body part with a lance penetrator. The lance penetrator lodges in the body and further penetration is optionally impeded by an integrated stop device.


Turbine engine with guide vanes forward of its fan blades

A turbine engine such as a pusher fan engine is provided. This turbine engine includes a nacelle with a bypass flowpath.


Self-propelled road milling machine for working road surfaces, as well as working road surfaces with a road milling machine

In a self-propelled road milling machine for working road surfaces, comprising a machine frame, comprising a milling drum mounted to rotate and extending in axial direction transverse to the direction of travel, and a milling drum housing enclosing the milling drum, where the milling drum comprises multiple tools circumferentially preferably arranged in the shape of a helix, where the tools, except for the axial peripheral area, feature a specified mutual line spacing, it is provided for the following features to be achieved: an oscillation drive exercises an oscillation stroke on the axis of the milling drum moving to and fro in axial direction relative to the machine frame, where the rotating movement of the tools is superimposable with an axial movement parallel to the axis of the milling drum, the stroke of which is adjustable to the line spacing between two axially neighbouring tools.. .


Device for a propeller blade

A self-destruction device adapted to be installed in a propeller blade, the self-destruction device including a detector adapted to detect a release of the propeller blade, a warning mechanism adapted to send a release alarm in the event of the detector detecting release of the propeller blade, and a destruction mechanism adapted to destroy the propeller blade in the event of receiving a release alarm from the warning mechanism. An engine and an aircraft are also provided..


Power and data transmission over thin conductor for unmanned aerial vehicle

A system for tethered unmanned aerial vehicle having an unmanned aerial vehicle platform capable of flight. At least one propeller is mounted on the platform.


Yoyo with propeller blades

In an example embodiment, a yoyo includes an axle, a first body and a second body coupled to the axle, and a string windable about the axle within a gap between the first body and the second body. The first body may include an outer rim and multiple propeller blades that extend inward from the outer rim toward the axle..


Launching unmanned aerial copter from mid-air

An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) copter for consumer photography or videography can be launched by a user throwing the uav copter into mid-air. The uav copter can detect that the uav copter has been thrown upward while propeller drivers of the uav copter are inert.


Remote connection system for an aircraft

The present description relates to a remote connection system suitable for being incorporated in an aircraft (1a, 1b, 1c) comprising at least one engine propeller (50a, 50b, 50c) having a plurality of blades (52a, 52b, 52c) suitable for rotating relative to a stationary module (10a, 10b, 10c) of the aircraft about an engine axis (x). The remote connection system comprises: a light emitter device configured, when the remote connection system is incorporated in the aircraft (1a, 1b, 1c), to emit a light beam that emerges to the outside of the propeller (50a, 50b, 50c), from at least one emission surface (54a, 54b, 54c) of said propeller (50a, 50b, 50c)..


Muzzle brake

A muzzle brake for reducing the recoil associated with firing a weapon comprising a plurality of gas vents, a plurality of projections extending outward from the muzzle brake, and an interiorly depressed annular nose surrounding the projectile's exit point, for capturing, redirecting, and/or creating turbulence in propellant gases generated from firing the weapon.. .


Less-lethal force device impact ratio

Improvements in a less-lethal force device are disclosed. The less-lethal projectile device generally comprising a projectile, such as a rubber-encapsulated metal block, that is mated to a docking base by way of a mounting pins or base.


Pintle-swirl hybrid injection device

A pintle-swirl hybrid injection device according to embodiments of the present disclosure is an injection device which is installed inside a housing that defines a combustion chamber to inject propellant toward the combustion chamber, and it includes a body in tubular shape, being installed in the housing, forming a passage through which the propellant is introduced, and being partially exposed to the combustion chamber, and an injection tip coupled with an end of the body exposed to the combustion chamber to inject the propellant introduced through the passage in a radial direction of the body, and at the same time, to inject the propellant to a direction of a central axis of the body.. .


Method of storing energy and a cryogenic energy storage system

The present invention concerns systems for storing energy and using the stored energy to generate electrical energy or drive a propeller (505). In particular, the present invention provides a method of storing energy comprising: providing a gaseous input, producing a cryogen from the gaseous input; storing the cryogen; expanding the cryogen; using the expanded cryogen to drive a turbine (320) and recovering cold energy from the expansion of the cryogen.


Method and system for treating and feeding natural gas to an generating power in order to propel a ship

Recovering the heavy fraction of the natural gas, during which step natural gas is carried from the tank to the burner, bypassing said phase separator.. .


Device for pressurizing propellant tanks of a rocket engine

The device comprises two heat exchangers (74, 90) suitable respectively for vaporizing first and second propellants before they are reintroduced in gaseous form into their tanks (16, 18). The heat exchangers co-operate respectively with first and second gas generators (60, 84) suitable for being fed with a mixture of propellants in order to produce combustion, the second gas generator (84) being suitable for being fed at least in part by the exhaust from the first gas generator (60)..


Blade arrangement of a jet engine or an aircraft propeller

A blade arrangement of a jet engine or an aircraft propeller including a blade with a root portion and an aerofoil portion, wherein the aerofoil portion includes a suction side and a pressure side. The blade arrangement further includes a retention structure that is configured to radially retain the blade in case of a structural blade failure, wherein the retention structure is secured to the root portion and/or to a structure adjacent to the root portion and extends in the radial direction along the suction side and along the pressure side of the aerofoil portion.


Propellant back off tool

An apparatus includes a propellant chamber, an expansion chamber, an exit chamber comprising a port providing fluid communication outside the apparatus, and a longitudinal acceleration chamber. The longitudinal acceleration chamber includes a first end in fluid communication with the propellant chamber, a second end in fluid communication with the expansion chamber, and a longitudinal axis between the first end and the second end.


Novel preparation of tetranitroglycoluril

An improved method of preparing tetranitroglycoluril (tngu) via the in situ decomposition of a nitrimino group with elimination of nitrogen without the use of dinitrogen pentoxide. The compound is useful as a high energy, high density explosive or propellant oxidizer..


Alcohol deodorant aerosol equipped with a hollow dispensing head

The concentration of propellant being between 60% and 90% by weight with respect to the total weight of the pressurized composition.. .


Components for aerosol dispenser

A pressurized container usable for an aerosol dispenser. The container is charged with propellant.


Image capture systems and methods and associated mobile apparatuses

Described herein is a mobile apparatus for capturing images that includes a body, a propulsion device coupled to the body and actuatable to propel the body in response to a motion control command. The mobile apparatus also includes a low-resolution camera coupled to the body and configured to capture a plurality of low-resolution images.


Removable auxiliary power device for aircraft and aircraft adapted to use at least one such device

An auxiliary power device may be exteriorly removably connected to an aircraft in order to allow the increase of the performance data of the aircraft, namely at take-off and landing. The auxiliary power device includes a propeller (or fan) connected to an electric engine fed by an electric power supply..


Propeller for an aircraft turbomachine, including a blade retaining structure through which the aerodynamic part of each blade passes

A propeller for a turbomachine intended to be driven in rotation about a propeller rotation axis and including variable pitch blades. The propeller further includes a structure for radial retention of the blades in the event of them breaking.


Motor vehicle with captive aircraft

A motor vehicle system includes a motor vehicle including an aircraft landing portion, and an actively propelled unmanned aircraft configured to be supported on the aircraft landing portion. The vehicle and aircraft are configured such that the vehicle can provide at least one of fuel and electrical energy to the aircraft while the aircraft is supported on the aircraft landing portion..


Rotary wing drone

The drone comprises a body and a plurality of propulsion units, each provided with a propeller driven by a respective motor, the different motors being able to be controlled in a differentiated manner so as to pilot the drone in attitude and speed and with production of a lifting force. The accessory has a shaft that is removably fastened to the drone body in a transverse orientation with respect to the main direction of progression of the drone, and at a point located in alignment with the center of gravity of the drone and above that center of gravity.


Propeller blade for an aircraft engine

The disclosure refers to a propeller blade for an aircraft engine that includes an airbag system contained inside the blade and comprising at least one bag and at least one gas generator, the at least one gas generator in fluid communication with at least one bag for inflating the bag, a detecting system for detecting a rupture of a part of the blade, a trigger for activating the at least one gas generator when the rupture is detected by the detecting system, and the blade skin being configured for allowing the at least one bag to pass through the blade skin for being expanded outside the blade upon the bag inflation by the gas generator.. .


Boat drive

A boat drive has an underwater housing (10) which is arranged outside of a boat hull (7) and can swivel relative to the boat hull (7) about a vertical swivel axis (11). In the housing at least one propeller shaft (13) is mounted and can be driven.


Water bike

A water bike has a frame supported on first and second spaced apart pontoons or similar floatation elements. Pedals are attached to cranks on a front sprocket rotatably supported on the frame.


Mobile robotic vehicle

A mobile robot includes a robot chassis having a forward end, a rearward end and a center of gravity. The robot includes a driven support surface to propel the robot and first articulated arm rotatable about an axis located rearward of the center of gravity of the robot chassis.


Self-propelled work machine

A self-propelled work machine includes an undercarriage provided with drive wheels driven by a drive device. An upper structure is rotatably mounted on the undercarriage.


Vehicle safety arrangement, vehicle and a increasing vehicle safety

A vehicle, a method and a vehicle safety arrangement are provided. The vehicle safety arrangement comprises a vehicle propellant amount determination unit, a vehicle passenger compartment, a vehicle motor, a communication unit and a vehicle occupant detection unit, arranged to detect at least one of a presence of at least one vehicle occupant and a vehicle occupant condition.


Fore-grip handled fire-extinguisher

A fore-grip specially suited and configured to mount upon a tank-style fire-extinguisher for use as a defensive tool, the fore-grip including a handle that mounts near the base or bottom-end of the extinguisher tank. A tank bracket is attached to the tank of the fire extinguisher with the fore-grip mounted to the bracket, which can include a clip for the extinguisher nozzle.


Aerosol hydogen peroxide mixture with trigger sprayer

An aerosol hydrogen peroxide mixture agent with trigger sprayer that can be easily held in one hand. The hydrogen peroxide agent is in a bag inside a can and under pressure from air or nitrogen or mixture thereof, and can only be initially opened and released by pulling the tab of the trigger sprayer.


Kicking shoe attachment for propelling kick scooters and the like

A kicking shoe attachment for use by the rider of a kick scooter or the like having an elongated body with a flat upper surface with a skid resistant upper sole thereupon, and an opposing curvilinear lower surface with a wear resistant lower sole disposed thereupon. The elongated body may be split apart horizontally and two or more springs may be placed between the upper and lower body portions.


Waterfowl decoy motion system and method

A waterfowl decoy continuous motion system is provided. A self-propelled floating decoy is tethered to a submerged line supported below the surface of a body of water by stakes driven into the water bottom.


Waterfowl decoy motion system and method

A waterfowl decoy motion system comprises a self-propelled floating decoy tethered to a submerged line supported below the surface of a body of water by stakes driven into the water bottom. A thruster is attached to the bottom of the decoy such that the direction of propulsion is offset from a longitudinal axis extending along the length of the decoy by an angle of at least one degree.


Tactile guidance arrangement for vehicles

Embodiments include a tactile guidance system and various mechanisms for orienting and mounting the tactile guidance system on motorized vehicles such as agricultural spray vehicles. For example, a rod-shaped tactile guidance detector is positioned protruding out sideways from the inner side of each of the front wheels of a self-propelled sprayer vehicle or a tractor.


Method for wireless connectivity continuity and quality

Configurations are described for maintaining a continuity and quality of wireless signal connection between a mobile device and systems accessible through the internet. In particular, configurations are disclosed to address the challenge of a mobile device that moves through a physical environment wherein the best wireless connectivity performance is achieved by switching between available connection sources and constantly evaluating a primary connection with other available connections that may be switched in to become a new primary connection.
Suitable Technologies, Inc.


System for wireless connectivity continuity and quality

Configurations are described for maintaining a continuity and quality of wireless signal connection between a mobile device and systems accessible through the internet. In particular, configurations are disclosed to address the challenge of a mobile device that moves through a physical environment wherein the best wireless connectivity performance is achieved by switching between available connection sources and constantly evaluating a primary connection with other available connections that may be switched in to become a new primary connection.
Suitable Technologies, Inc.


System for wireless connectivity continuity and quality

Configurations are described for maintaining a continuity and quality of wireless signal connection between a mobile device and systems accessible through the internet. In particular, configurations are disclosed to address the challenge of a mobile device that moves through a physical environment wherein the best wireless connectivity performance is achieved by switching between available connection sources and constantly evaluating a primary connection with other available connections that may be switched in to become a new primary connection.
Suitable Technologies, Inc.


Method for controlling a work train

The present invention relates to a method for controlling a work train including a self-propelled road paver and a self-propelled feeder travelling ahead of the road paver, to a work train comprising a self-propelled road paver and a self-propelled feeder, as well as to a feeder and to a road paver for such a work train. According to one aspect of the present invention, the control of the road paver is effected automatically, to which end particularly the position of the feeder is determined and travel commands for the road paver are generated based on this information..
Bomag Gmbh


Projectile delivery system with variable velocity control

A variable velocity pneumatic launcher that includes at least one chamber filled with a projectile. The launcher includes a ballast chamber filled with pressurized air selectively released to propel a projectile from the launcher's barrel.


Gas compensated recoilless liquid disrupter

The method of controlling recoil in a disrupter comprises: providing liquid in a liquid chamber of the disrupter, the liquid chamber having a front nozzle for expelling the liquid therethrough; providing combustible propellant in a propellant chamber of the disrupter that communicates with the liquid chamber and that has a rear nozzle for expelling combustion gases therethrough; providing a bather between the liquid and the propellant to avoid admixing both; and igniting the propellant to generate expanding combustion gases that will expel the liquid out of the disrupter through the front nozzle in a first direction, either rupturing or propelling the barrier in the process, the combustion gases exhausting out of the disrupter at least partly through the rear nozzle in a second direction, with the first and second directions being at least partly opposite one another to control the recoil of the disrupter.. .
Proparms Ltd.


Rotatable blade apparatus with individually adjustable blades

The lengths and/or chords and/or pitches of wind turbine or propeller blades are individually established, so that a first blade can have a length/chord/pitch that is different at a given time to the length/chord/pitch of a second blade to optimize performance and/or to equalize stresses on the system.. .
Energyield Llc


Compact wind power generation system

Exemplary compact wind power generation systems are configured to be suitable for residential and other locations where concealed moving parts are desirable. The wind power generation systems utilize a propeller disposed behind a contracting inlet.


Device for pressurizing a propellant tank of a rocket engine

The device comprises a primary heater (58) suitable for heating the propellant coming from the tank (16) prior to it being reintroduced into its tank. The primary heater uses the heat of combustion from the engine (10) and the device further comprises a secondary heater (66) having its source of heat independent from the operation of the engine, the secondary heater being arranged downstream from the primary heater (58) in order to heat the propellant between its outlet from the primary heater and being reintroduced into the tank.


Device for connecting two segments of a propelling nozzle

The invention relates to the field of propulsion nozzles, and in particular to a device (105) for connecting together first and second segments (103a, 103b) of a propulsion nozzle that are made of thermally dissimilar materials. The device (105) comprises at least one pin (106) and an eccentric bushing (107).


Device for controlling angular position of turbine blades of a propeller device

A device for automatic control of an angular position of turbine blades of a propeller device, in which the turbine blades are rotatable about a rotational axis and are pivotally displaceable about their respective pivot axes. The device comprises a set of control blades kinematically connected with the turbine blades, said control blades are pivotally displaceable about respective pivot axes once the propeller device is exposed to a flow of fluid.

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