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Propel patents

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Electric propulsion system control apparatus

Artificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Hybrid vehicle propel-charge bias control method patent thumbnailHybrid vehicle propel-charge bias control method
A hybrid-electric vehicle carries batteries for storing reserve electrical power. The batteries have a state of charge which is monitored by a control system.
 Electric propulsion system control apparatus patent thumbnailElectric propulsion system control apparatus
The present invention provides an electric propulsion system control apparatus that uses electric means alone so that effects pertaining to weight and cost are suppressed, is capable of accurate detection even when an airspeed has a binary relationship with a torque and a rotation speed of a propeller, and thereby exhibits improved detection precision and responsiveness. The electric propulsion system control apparatus drives a propulsion propeller to rotate, and is configured to estimate the airspeed from a data set stored in advance in relation to the airspeed and a propeller characteristic, and a plurality of torque and rotation speed estimation values detected under different driving conditions..
 Artificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components patent thumbnailArtificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components
An artificial foot and ankle joint consists of a curved leaf spring foot member having a heel extremity and a toe extremity, and a flexible elastic ankle member that connects the foot member for rotation at the ankle joint. An actuator motor applies torque to the ankle joint to orient the foot when it is not in contact with the support surface and to store energy in a catapult spring that is released along with the energy stored in the leaf spring to propel the wearer forward.
 Alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer for fast-curing spray foams with improved propellant gas solubility patent thumbnailAlpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer for fast-curing spray foams with improved propellant gas solubility
The present invention relates to an alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer preparable by reaction of at least one polyether polyol, of a polyisocyanate and of an alpha-alkoxysilane having at least one isocyanate-reactive group, said polyether polyol having a weight average of 500 to 7000 g/mol and having ethylene oxide and propylene oxide units, the proportion of ethylene oxide units being up to 50% by weight based on the polyether polyol. The invention further provides a process for preparing an inventive alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer, a composition, a multicomponent system and a spray can comprising an inventive alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer, and also a moulding obtainable by polymerization from an inventive alpha-alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer..
 Process for the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide patent thumbnailProcess for the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide
A continuous process for producing hydrogen peroxide by an anthraquinone process, comprising the steps of: (i) hydrogenating an organic working solution containing one or more anthraquinone derivatives in the presence of a heterogeneous catalyst to form a hydrogenated working solution; (ii) oxidizing the hydrogenated working solution by introducing an oxygen-containing oxidizing gas at an overpressure into an oxidation reactor, and contacting the oxidizing gas with the hydrogenated working solution to form an oxidized working solution, whereby hydrogen peroxide is formed; (iii) withdrawing an oxidation off gas from the oxidation reactor; (iv) recovering the formed hydrogen peroxide from the oxidized working solution; (v) subjecting the oxidation off gas withdrawn from said oxidation reactor, which has an excess pressure over atmospheric pressure, to a demisting treatment to obtain a demisted oxidation off gas; and (vi) feeding the demisted oxidation off gas as propellant gas into a gas ejector to produce a vacuum.. .
 Watercraft propulsion system and method of propelling a watercraft through water patent thumbnailWatercraft propulsion system and method of propelling a watercraft through water
A watercraft propulsion system includes a motor mounted in a container in a water-tight manner. A shaft extends from the motor through the bottom of the container to an impeller disposed in a housing outside the container.
 Reduced drag system for windmills, fans, propellers, airfoils and hydrofoils patent thumbnailReduced drag system for windmills, fans, propellers, airfoils and hydrofoils
Airfoil and hydrofoils systems with structures having a surface texture defined by fractal geometries are described. Raised portions or fractal bumps can be included on the surfaces, forming a surface texture.
 Lubrication system for a turbopropeller patent thumbnailLubrication system for a turbopropeller
A lubrication system for a turbopropeller, includes an oil feed device for at least one enclosure and one equipment, the equipment being connected to the feed device via a displacement pump, and a pressure restricting valve mounted downstream of displacement pump and in parallel to the equipment, such that oil flows through the equipment when the same is active, and through the valve when the equipment is inactive.. .
 Electrical machines such as generators and motors patent thumbnailElectrical machines such as generators and motors
An electric machine may employ a distributed bearing, for example spaced radially outwardly of a longitudinal center of a rotor and stator assembly. The distributed bearing may take the form of a wire race bearing, which positions a rotor assembly relative to a stator assembly to maintain an air gap therebetween.
 Engine installation patent thumbnailEngine installation
A fuselage mounted gas turbine engine installation the installation includes at least one propeller stage and a gas turbine core arranged in use to drive the propeller stage. The core is external to the fuselage and the rotational axes of the core and propeller stage are offset with respect to each other..
High altitude aircraft, aircraft unit and method for operating an aircraft unit
A high-altitude unmanned stratosphere aerial vehicle includes a fuselage, wings, control surfaces, and a propulsion system including an engine and a propeller. Each wing has a plurality of hoses and wing spars extending in a direction perpendicularly to the longitudinal fuselage axis and are surrounded by a skin forming a wing covering that determines the cross-sectional contour of the wing, the cross-sectional contour forming a laminar flow airfoil that generates high lift when there is low flow resistance.
Pressure multiplying aerosol pump
A hand-held dispensing device operable to dispense a fluid as an atomized spray by hydraulic pressure. The device includes a cartridge containing a fluid to be dispensed and a pressure-multiplying piston pump operable by liquefied gas pressure and manually controlled by a valve.
Apparatus for cleaning an immersed surface having a single reversible electric driving and pumping motor
The invention relates to an apparatus for cleaning a surface which is immersed in a liquid, comprising a hollow body, guiding and driving members, a filtration chamber in the hollow body, at least one liquid inlet, at least one liquid outlet out of the hollow body, at least one axial pumping propeller, a single reversible electric motor whose drive shaft, in order to move it, is simultaneously mechanically connected to at least one motorized member and to each pumping propeller. In a first rotation direction of the drive shaft, each motorized member is driven in a forward direction, and each pumping propeller generates the flow of liquid in the normal direction ensuring the cleaning of the immersed surface.
Uni-wheel personal mobility vehicle with self-balancing function
Uni-wheel personal mobility vehicle with self-balancing function is disclosed. This transportation device can be pedaled by a driving force provided by the driver's manpower and/or the in-wheel motor's electric power.
Two-phase projectile with a proximal compression chamber
A man-powered system for pneumatically launching a pellet cluster includes a cartridge for holding the pellet cluster. A hollow propulsion shaft receives the cartridge for substantially free travel back and forth in the shaft to establish a variable-volume compression chamber in the shaft, between the cartridge and a closed end of the shaft.
Two-phase projectile
A device for transferring energy to propel a payload with added velocity after launch includes a first component having a mass (m1), and a second component having a mass (m2). As an assembly, the first and second components are positioned to establish a compression chamber between them that is dimensionally responsive to their relative movements.
Drum magazine for projectiles
A projectile launcher includes a receiver and a dual cylindrical-shaped magazine (“dcm”) wherein the receiver contains a propelling mechanism and an ammunition receiving port. The propelling mechanism is used for launching a projectile.
Pedal cleat system
A pedal and cleat system for cycling including a pedal having a post and a cleat having a post receiving element, the post receiving element of the cleat engages the post of the pedal to allow rotation of the cleat about the post to turn the crank arms of a cycle to propel the cycle's wheels.. .
Engine generating energy through physical and chemical energy conversions of a compressed gaseous fuel
An engine for propelling vehicles on land, in the air and on the water. The engine is able to extract energy from a same fuel twice, including extracting a first amount of energy with a gas turbine and a second amount of energy by burning the fuel in a combustion engine..
System and method for rapid battery exchange in electric vehicles
A system and method for the rapid exchange of batteries in an electric vehicle. The electric vehicle contains a removable battery housed in the vehicle's undercarriage.
Autonomous floor-cleaning robot
An autonomous floor-cleaning robot comprising a housing infrastructure including a chassis, a power subsystem; for providing the energy to power the autonomous floor-cleaning robot, a motive subsystem operative to propel the autonomous floor-cleaning robot for cleaning operations, a command and control subsystem operative to control the autonomous floor-cleaning robot to effect cleaning operations, and a self-adjusting cleaning head subsystem that includes a deck mounted in pivotal combination with the chassis, a brush assembly mounted in combination with the deck and powered by the motive subsystem to sweep up particulates during cleaning operations, a vacuum assembly disposed in combination with the deck and powered by the motive subsystem to ingest particulates during cleaning operations, and a deck adjusting subassembly mounted in combination with the motive subsystem for the brush assembly, the deck, and the chassis that is automatically operative in response to an increase in brush torque in said brush assembly to pivot the deck with respect to said chassis. The autonomous floor-cleaning robot also includes a side brush assembly mounted in combination with the chassis and powered by the motive subsystem to entrain particulates outside the periphery of the housing infrastructure and to direct such particulates towards the self-adjusting cleaning head subsystem..
Actuator systems and methods for aerosol wall texturing
A system for dispensing texture material comprises a container, an outlet assembly, and an aerosol valve assembly. The container stores texture material and propellant material.
Substantially non-aqueous foamable petrolatum based pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions and their uses
The present invention relates to stable substantially non-aqueous, non-alcoholic, non-silicone, foamable carrier compositions comprising petrolatum or mixtures thereof, at least one foam agent, at least one propellant, and with and without the addition of an active agent. The formulations may contain a solvent substantially miscible therein.
Marine propeller with adjustable exhaust means
A marine propeller having multiple adjustable exhaust structures is disclosed. Each adjustable exhaust structure includes an exhaust hole unit with exhaust through holes cut through the outer surface and inner surface of the propeller hub of the marine propeller, an adjustment member with shielding portions mounted in the exhaust hole unit, and a fastening member for locking the adjustment member to the exhaust hole unit.
Propulsion device for ship and ship having the same
Disclosed are a propulsion device for a ship and a ship having same. The propulsion device, according to an embodiment of the present invention, comprises: a rear propeller fixed to a first driveshaft; a front propeller positioned in front of the rear propeller and supported rotably on the first driveshaft; a counter rotation device, which penetrates the hull, and which counter-rotates the front propeller and the rear propeller on the basis of the rotation of a second driveshaft, which is installed perpendicular to the first driveshaft; and a housing installed so as to envelope the second driveshaft and the counter rotation device..
Liquid applicator
A liquid applicator includes: a reservoir disposed in a barrel body and storing an application liquid such as a fluid cosmetic or the like; an application part fixed to a front end part of the barrel body by means of a joint and a front barrel so as to be put into contact with a target site to apply the application liquid to the site; and, a propelling mechanism disposed in the rear part of the barrel body to propel the application liquid from the reservoir to the application part, and wherein a delivery opening is formed in a front end of the application part and, at least, a surface of the application part around a deliver opening is formed of a high thermal conductivity material.. .
Generator device
A generator device includes at least one rotary portion and an induction generator working in conjunction to generate electricity. A perpetual force, such as a stream of liquid or a heavy object, propels the rotary portion to generate electricity.
Manually powered vehicle
A manually-powered vehicle propelled by muscular force, whose user maintains a standing position, and whose drive is hand-held. The vehicle according to the invention includes two drive wheels, with independent mechanisms installed inside them, which transform the swinging motion of the levers into unidirectional gyration of the drive wheels axis thus driving the vehicle forward, at least one neutral wheel mounted in a way allowing rotation around the vertical axis, and where a low-slung platform is attached directly to the casing of the mechanisms..
Apparatus and methods for detecting propellant degradation in solid propellant fuel
The present disclosure relates to a gas sensor, including: a gas collecting chamber including: (a) a nanoporous wall including alumina, on a portion of the gas collecting chamber in the near vicinity of the solid propellant fuel; a micro pump attached to the gas collecting chamber; and a gas analysis device connected to the gas collecting chamber. The gas analysis device measures both type and concentration of gases collected in the gas collecting chamber via the nanoporous wall, the gases measured being selected from the group consisting of co, co2, no, n2o, no2 and combinations thereof.
Foam forming aerosol product
A foam forming aerosol product including a double structure container having a propellant filling space, two liquid concentrate filling spaces, and a discharging mechanism for simultaneously discharging contents filled in the two liquid concentrate filling spaces. The propellant filling space is filled with a propellant containing a compressed gas.
High-frequency heat treatment coil, outer-side joint member for constant-velocity universal joint, and constant-velocity universal joint
Provided are a high-frequency heat treatment coil that can be assembled with high dimension accuracy and can perform high-quality heat treatment, a method of producing such a high-frequency heat treatment coil, a constant velocity universal joint subjected to high-quality heat treatment, and a drive shaft and a propeller shaft using such a constant velocity universal joint. The method is provided to produce a high-frequency heat treatment coil including a heating section (71a, 71b, 71c) for heating a heat treatment portion of an outer joint member (51) for a constant velocity universal joint.
Aircraft fire extinguishing system and method
The aircraft fire extinguishing system and method applies to helicopters having suspended or built-in liquid reservoir. The innovation lies on the transformation of the firefighting liquid into artificial rain in the form of an umbrella having diameter approximately equal to the diameter of the helicopter's propeller, with adjustable density and duration.
Convertible inflatable boat with stand up paddleboard
An inflatable shallow draft fishing boat having a removable, inflatable paddleboard floor that provides stable flotation for at least two standing adults, the boat also including an adjustable, detachable rowing frame. The boat can be maneuvered and propelled by oars, a push pole or a small motor.
Arrangement of floating platforms
An arrangement of floating platforms is provided, including (a) an anchored main platform and (b) one or more outer platforms, each of which being connected to the main platform by at least one connection element. One or more of the main and/or outer platforms are rotatable about a vertical axis by drive units which are fixed thereon.
Inflator, module including an inflator, vehicle safety system and method of operating a vehicle occupant protection system
A vehicle safety system includes a module including an airbag and an inflator. The inflator includes a housing (12) in which a combustion chamber (16) containing a pyrotechnic propellant is arranged in which hot gas is generated and which housing includes at least one escape orifice (22) toward the environment of the inflator (10), as well as a coolant reservoir (24) arranged in the housing (12) in which coolant is accommodated prior to activation of the inflator (10) and which has at least one coolant outlet orifice (28′).
System for trapping polluting emissions
The invention relates to a system for trapping atmospheric emissions, made up of a liquefaction tank which contains a liquid that traps the dust, smokes or gas, which are injected into the same through a main duct, to which the source of the emission to be trapped is connected, said duct including a first fan which operates by absorbing and propelling the dust, smoke and gas, guiding same into the liquefaction tank, said duct being sealed at the end of thereof, the side walls of the duct comprising at least ten outlet openings, the invention also comprising a system with at least two walls with the same effect and perforations, this causing the liquefaction of the trapped material, likewise, the invention comprises a cooling system, which guides the liquid from the tank into a serpent coil and from there to a pump which generates the recirculation of the liquid; at the top of the tank, the invention comprises an outlet duct via which the gases produced by liquefaction are guided into a compressor, which has the function of compressing the gases and injecting same into a first gas-storage tank.. .
Device for heating a fluid
A device heating a fluid and usable in a rocket launcher to pressurize a liquefied propellant. The device includes a first burner performing first combustion between a limiting propellant and an excess propellant; a first heat exchanger in which first burnt gas from the first combustion transfers heat to the fluid; at least one second burner into which both the first burnt gas and some limiting propellant are injected to perform second combustion between the limiting propellant and at least a portion of unburnt excess propellant present in the first burnt gas.
Propellant bag improvement
An improved propellant pillow and method for filling a propellant chamber of an implantable pump with propellant through the use of such an improved propellant pillow are disclosed. The propellant pillow includes an improved design that prevents the damage of such during evacuating and filling procedures..
Trampoline or the like with enclosure
A fence surrounds a trampoline and extends above the rebounding surface, reducing the risk of injury. Shock absorption is aided in the preferred embodiment by a support system of independent poles, linked at their tops by a flexible strap or line.
Spray apparatuses, uses of diatomaceous earth, and methods of controlling insect populations
There is disclosed a spray apparatus for holding contents comprising diatomaceous earth and a compressed propellant for propelling the diatomaceous earth. There is also disclosed use of diatomaceous earth to control a population of bedbugs, wherein the diatomaceous earth comprises remains of pennate diatoms.
Systems and methods for improving the efficiency of hydrogenerators
Systems and methods are provided for generating power by a hydrogenerator which can be attached to a portion of a towed marine streamer. A hydrogenerator includes: a stator configured to impart a spin to water which flows through the stator, wherein the stator is inline with and fluidly coupled to a propeller; the propeller configured to receive water which has passed through the stator, wherein the propeller is connected to a generator; the propeller configured to spin; and the generator configured to output power for use by components attached to the towed marine streamer..
Method and apparatus for foldable wing uav
A device for releaseably retaining a wing of an aerial vehicle in a folded orientation in a bore of a tube is disclosed. A retaining element is bound around the folded wing elements of a foldable-winged uav so that the maximum diameter of the folded and bound uav is less than the diameter of the bore.
Twin-fuselage rotorcraft
A rotorcraft (1) having: a lift rotor (5); a wing (10) extending from a first end (11) carrying a first propulsive propeller (21) to a second end (12) carrying a second propeller (22); landing gear (30); and a tail (40). The rotorcraft (1) is provided with two fuselages (51, 52) secured to said wing (10) between said first and second propulsive propellers (21, 22) in such a manner as to present an inter-fuselage space (60) having no propeller between said fuselages (51, 52), each fuselage (51, 52) including at least one undercarriage of said landing gear (30)..
Multi-purposed self-propelled device
Disclosed are a multi-purposed, self-propelled device and method for operation of the self-propelled device. Certain variations can include a spherical housing having an internal drive system and a multifunctional payload space for use in a variety of applications..
Method and apparatus for ballistic tailoring of propellant structures and operation thereof for downhole stimulation
Propellant structures and stimulation tools incorporating propellant structures may comprise composite propellant structures including two or more regions of propellant having different compositions, different grain structures, or both. An axially extending initiation bore containing a initiation element may extend through a center of the propellant structure, or may be laterally offset from the center.
Extendable drive shaft for auto header hookup
An agricultural harvester (100) comprises a self-propelled vehicle (102); a feederhouse (104) disposed on the front of the self-propelled vehicle (102); a driveshaft (114), the driveshaft (114) having a proximal end supported for rotation on the feederhouse (104) about an axis of rotation, the driveshaft (114) having a distal end that is extendable from the proximal end; and a first coupler (116) fixed to the distal end, said first coupler (116) being configured for engagement with a second coupler (118), said second coupler (118) being disposed on an agricultural harvesting head (106) to drive a reciprocating knife of the agricultural harvesting head (106).. .
Automatic driveshaft coupler for auto header hookup
An agricultural harvester (100) comprises a self-propelled vehicle (102); a feederhouse (104); a driveshaft (114) supported on the feederhouse (104), the driveshaft (114) having a first coupler (116) fixed to one end of the driveshaft (114), the first coupler (116) comprising a coupler body (420), a piston (416) disposed in the coupler body (420), and a first key (302) mechanically coupled to the piston (416) to be extended or retracted by the piston (416) to engage a mating coupler on a second driveshaft (120) of an agricultural harvesting head (106) that is supported on the feederhouse (104).. .
Orienting a user interface of a controller for operating a self-propelled device
A self-propelled device determines an orientation for its movement based on a pre-determined reference frame. A controller device is operable by a user to control the self-propelled device.
Electric bicycle transmission
The invention includes a multi-speed transmission for an electric motor propelled bicycle with multiple gear combinations for driving the bicycle that constitute the full gear range of the transmission. A portion of the full gear range is operated to shift automatically and a portion is shifted manually.
Propeller saver bracket
The invention is a bracket designed to save propellers, drive shafts, drive dogs and propeller nuts from falling off and sinking to the bottom of the water, when a drive shaft fails on a model boat. The means is achieved by a propeller saver bracket that is easily attached and removed from all types of existing boat drive system set ups, and also provides the boat with the unexpected improved benefits of greater high speed stability and steering..
Birthday candle blow horn apparatus and method thereof
The present invention relates generally to a birthday candle blow horn apparatus, and method thereof. More particularly, the invention encompasses a blow horn having a conical shape, and wherein the wider end of the blow horn could have a capping layer, and where the narrower end is open for the passage of air, such that when a strike is made on the capping layer a puff of air is blasted from the narrower end, which air can be used to extinguish a small flame, a lit candle, or a flame of a birthday candle.
Pharmaceutical compositions
A pharmaceutical solution for a medication delivery apparatus, especially a metered dose inhaler, is described. The pharmaceutical solution comprises: (a) a liquefied propellant component consisting essentially of and preferably consisting entirely of 1,1-difluoroethane (r-152a); (b) ethanol; and (c) a drug component dissolved in the propellant/ethanol mixture consisting of at least one drug selected from the group consisting of beclomethasone dipropionate (bdp) and fluticasone propionate (fp)..
Foam formulations
The present invention provides foamable pharmaceutical compositions comprising water-soluble antibiotics and anti-inflammatory steroids and methods of preparing same. Particularly, the present invention relates to oil-free pharmaceutical compositions comprising a quinolone, an anti-inflammatory steroid, a polar co-solvent, and propellant gas, administered to the ear in the form of foam for treating ear disorders..
Fluid pump assembly
A fluid pump assembly is provided. The pump has a pair of units magnetically coupled to each other.
Drink mixer bottle and agitator
A shaker including a vessel and an agitator. The vessel includes a container wall.
Tools for precisely, consistently, and reliably propelling a wide range of particulate media
Novel systems and apparatuses for dispensing particulate media are disclosed. One such system may include a storage tank for storing media, a feed tube in communication with the tank, a mixing chamber in communication with the feed tube, a tank sensor to detect pressure within the storage tank, and a mixing chamber sensor to detect pressure within the mixing chamber, wherein the mixing chamber is preferably configured to receive media when the pressure within the storage tank is about equal to the pressure within the mixing chamber.
Condition monitoring system, condition monitoring system unit, and terminal system unit
A condition monitoring system includes a terminal system unit and a condition monitoring system unit connected together via radiocommunication channels. The terminal system unit is mounted on a self-propelled machine, while the monitoring system unit is arranged at a control center.
Counterweight assembly for a self-propelled derrick rig assembly
Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed.
Gear-shifting system for manually propelled wheelchairs
Apparatus for a manually-powered wheelchair comprising a frame and first and second wheel rotatably coupled to the frame. Each wheel includes a hand rim and a drive wheel.
Base beam for supporting a self-propelled derrick rig
Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed.
Onboard mixing of de-icing fluid
The invention pertains to a de-icer for airplanes, which comprises a self-propelled vehicle (32) which is provided with a lifting device (34, 36) for lifting and positioning a spraying nozzle (38) in the vicinity of an outer surface of an airplane to be de-iced. The nozzle (38) is fluidly connected to a tank assembly (40) via at least one pipe, wherein the tank assembly (40) comprises separate tanks (42, 44, 46) for an anti-freeze liquid, such as propylene or ethylene glycol, additives and water.
Rotary-shaft brake system, in particular for an aircraft rotor or propeller, including a linear acturator
The control means comprises a linear actuator acting on at least a first lever and a solid elastically deformable element.. .
Mobile robotic vehicle
A mobile robot includes a robot chassis having a forward end, a rearward end and a center of gravity. The robot includes a driven support surface to propel the robot and first articulated arm rotatable about an axis located rearward of the center of gravity of the robot chassis.
Methods of supporting a self-propelled derrick rig
Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed.
Base beam and self-propelled derrick rig assembly
Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed.
Compositions comprising salbutamol sulphate
A pharmaceutical composition is described that is suitable for delivery from a pressurised container. The composition is free of polar excipients and comprises: (a) a propellant component that consists essentially of 1,1-difluoroethane (r-152a); (b) a surfactant component that comprises oleic acid; and (c) a drug component that consists of salbutamol sulphate.
Animal keeping installation
Animal keeping installation comprising a floor (11) provided with a mat (12) on which the animal treads when setting foot on the floor(11) and which mat (12) is arranged to be intermittently propelled by a drive roll (13) placed internally in relation to the mat (12), wherein the drive roll (13) is connected to and mounted in bearing journals (15) for rotation about its centre axis in a pendulum(14) which allows the drive roll (13), on the one hand, to bear against the inner side of the mat (12) and, on the other hand, to be released from the said bearing contact in dependence on the position of the pendulum (14), and wherein the drive roll (13) is connected to a drive member (18, 19, 15, 62) for driving the roll (13) at least into a position where the drive roll (13) bears against the mat (12).. .
Excitation force reducing type ship
Disclosed is an excitation force reducing type ship. An excitation force reducing type ship according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a hull having a rear end with a propeller; and an excitation force reducing module which forms an air layer for generating reflected waves on a surface of the hull neighboring the propeller during an operation of the propeller so as to reduce the excitation force in the direction of the hull, wherein the excitation force reducing module can be arranged eccentrically with respect to a center line penetrating through the center of the axis of rotation of the propeller in a vertical direction of the hull..
Apparatus to measure the power expended in propelling a vessel on water
An apparatus is disclosed comprising a suite of sensors for measuring instant static and dynamic pressure, speed of the water flowing past the vessel in the direction of travel of the vessel, acceleration of the vessel in the direction of motion, and position of a vessel, such as a row boat. A microprocessor receives data from the sensors and calculates power expended by the rower, paddler, or other human or non-human power source by finding the total of all forces impinging upon the vessel and passengers, thereafter multiplying by the speed of the water flowing past the vessel in the direction of travel of the vessel.
Vehicle idle time reduction system and method
A system for reducing idle time in service vehicles such as police patrol cars. A bank of auxiliary batteries is provided.
Self-propelled ion generator and cleaning robot
A cleaning robot (1) that is a self-propelled ion generator includes: a main body enclosure (2) to which a suction port (6) and an exhaust port (7) are open and which is self-propelled on a floor surface; an electric blower (22) which is arranged within the main body enclosure (2); an ion generation device (25) which discharges ions into a second exhaust passage (24b) between the electric blower (22) and the exhaust port (7); and environment detection devices which detect the surrounding environment of the main body enclosure (2), where the self-propelled ion generator remains, for a given time, in a specific place specified based on the surrounding environment of the main body enclosure (2) detected by the environment detection device, and feeds out an air current containing the ions through the exhaust port (7) by drive of the ion generation device (25) and the electric blower (22).. .

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