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Propel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Propel-related patent applications.

 Method and apparatus to concentrate and detect an analyte in a sample patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus to concentrate and detect an analyte in a sample
Devices and methods for detecting the presence or absence and/or one or more characteristics of analytes are disclosed. Embodiments of the disclosed devices include an actuator having a staging reservoir which can be operably connected with an electrophoresis assembly.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

 Cold planer yield measurement system patent thumbnailCold planer yield measurement system
A yield measurement system for a cold planer having a conveyor is disclosed. The yield measurement system may include a hydraulic motor configured to propel the conveyor, a first sensor configured to generate a first signal indicative of a force acting on the conveyor by material being moved by the conveyor, and a second sensor configured to generate a second signal indicative of a pressure differential across the hydraulic motor.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

 Hybrid propellant electromagnetic gun system patent thumbnailHybrid propellant electromagnetic gun system
A hybrid gun device composed of two barrels (1,10) that accept energy from combustion of standard propellant (6), one barrel (10) being operative to produce a high intensity electric current to add accelerating energy to a projectile (7) in the second barrel (1) and at least one coil (8) stage to convert energy between electrical and kinetic to cause the projectile (7) to be launched at hypervelocity.. .
Enig Associates Inc.

 Selectable kinetic energy of projectiles patent thumbnailSelectable kinetic energy of projectiles
Projectiles with sealed propellant are described herein. In one embodiment of the invention, a projectile includes a body having a nose portion and a tail portion, a plurality of propellant charges contained within the body, a plurality of selectable initiators contained within the body for ignition of respective propellant charges, one or more ports for exit of ignition gases produced by the charges for propulsion of the projectile from the weapon, and one or more inductors for inducing a firing current, where at least one initiator only initiates on receiving a firing current which is different from the firing signal required to initiate the other initiators..
Defendtex Pty. Ltd.

 Autoclave cryogenic electromagnetic valve for a space launch vehicle patent thumbnailAutoclave cryogenic electromagnetic valve for a space launch vehicle
The invention relates to an electromagnetic valve for distributing cryogenic propellant for a space launch vehicle. The valve comprises two seats each oriented in a direction opposite to the other seat; a passage connecting the seats; and two shutters opening and closing the seats.
Techspace Aero S.a.

 Method for making molecular sieve ssz-27 patent thumbnailMethod for making molecular sieve ssz-27
A method for making a new crystalline molecular sieve designated ssz-27 is disclosed. Ssz-27 is synthesized using a hexamethyl [] propellane-8,11-diammonium cation as a structure directing agent..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc

 Molecular sieve ssz-27 patent thumbnailMolecular sieve ssz-27
A new crystalline molecular sieve designated ssz-27 is disclosed. Ssz-27 is synthesized using a hexamethyl [] propellane-8,11-diammonium cation as a structure directing agent..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc

 Processes using molecular sieve ssz-27 patent thumbnailProcesses using molecular sieve ssz-27
Uses for a new crystalline molecular sieve designated ssz-27 are disclosed. Ssz-27 is synthesized using a hexamethyl [] propellane-8,11-diammonium cation as a structure directing agent..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

 Propellant-free pressurized material dispenser patent thumbnailPropellant-free pressurized material dispenser
Devices and methods for dispensing a fluidly dispensable material under pressure but without using a gas propellant are presented. In some embodiments an elastic sleeve is utilized to impart pressure to a bag of dispensable material positioned within the sleeve.
Greenspense Ltd.

 Fuelling connection module for space launch vehicle patent thumbnailFuelling connection module for space launch vehicle
The present application relates to a connection module for fuelling a space launch vehicle with cryogenic propellant. The module comprises a ground part placed on the launch pad mast side of the launch vehicle; a flight part fixed to the launch vehicle; a link fixed to the parts to unite them.
Techspace Aero S.a.

Propeller guarding assembly

A propeller guard assembly for enclosing the propeller blades of a marine propeller to prevent them from striking marine animals. The propeller guard assembly comprises a front cage portion hingedly attached to a back cage portion.

Person-in-the water rescue and retrieval system

A person-in-the-water rescue and retrieval system includes a net assembly having a pair of laterally spaced apart side ropes and a plurality of net portions, each net portion being constructed of a material that floats, extends laterally between the side ropes, and is spaced apart longitudinally from an adjacent net portion. The system includes a deployment capsule defining an interior space configured to selectively receive the net assembly therein.

Multi-purpose collaspible personal watercraft

A multi-purpose personal watercraft for deployment in different configurations as desired by a user. The multi-purpose personal watercraft comprises a base frame defining a watercraft base which includes selectively foldable side extensions, a removable aft floor board, and a bow portion, as well as two opposing side floats with which the base frame is selectively integrated.

Pyrotechnic driving device

The invention relates to a driving device comprising a hand-held housing, a piston element, which is accommodated in a piston guide, for transmitting energy from a propellant charge to a fastening element to be driven in, the piston element extending along a central axis (a), and an actuator by means of which a start position of the piston element can be variably modified for changing the energy transmitted from the propellant charge to the piston element, the actuator comprising a slotted guide that has a plurality of stop positions which differ in the axial direction.. .
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Artificial ankle-foot system with spring, variable-damping, and series-elastic actuator components

An artificial foot and ankle joint consists of a curved leaf spring foot member having a heel extremity and a toe extremity, and a flexible elastic ankle member that connects the foot member for rotation at the ankle joint. An actuator motor applies torque to the ankle joint to orient the foot when it is not in contact with the support surface and to store energy in a catapult spring that is released along with the energy stored in the leaf spring to propel the wearer forward.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Border-signal generating and wire winding device for border recognition of self-propelled mower

A border-signal generating and wire winding device for border recognition of a self-propelled mower includes a seat; a reel rotatably installed on the seat; a lever provided at one end of the reel for a user to operate and rotate the reel; two power sockets provided on the seat or on the reel; an electric wire removably wound around the reel and having two plugs at two ends thereof for being detachably plugged into the two power sockets; and a signal-generating module provided on the seat or on the reel and electrically connected to the two power sockets. When the electric wire is connected to the two power sockets through the two plugs, the signal-generating module continuously generates a border signal that is continuously transmitted to the electric wire through the two power sockets..
Egenpower Inc.

Multi-agent deployment protocol coverage of cluttered spaces

The multi-agent deployment protocol method for the coverage of cluttered spaces is a sensor-based control protocol, which, if used by each member of the group, will cause the collective group to distribute itself in the environment in a manner that satisfies stringent requirements, including the requirement that the systems should be self-deploying and self-maintaining, robust and resilient, while tolerating the loss or insertion of agents. The group members must also be able to figure-out on their own where the best coverage locations are and how to reach them from anywhere in space without self-collision or collision with obstacles.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Wad and cartridge for hunting or competitive shooting

A wad (10) for cartridges, for example for hunting or competition, comprises a lower portion (11) suitable to rest on the propellant powder of the cartridge, an upper portion (13) on which rests the projectile of the cartridge, and an intermediate portion (12), arranged to join the lower portion (11) and upper portion (13). The wad (10) comprises at least one sealing element (20), suitable to form a seal against the escape of the combustion gases generated by the propellant powder, placed in correspondence of the upper portion (13).


A system for propelling an air-driven projectile from an air gun includes an air gun with an elongate bore and a source of compressed air in fluid communication with the elongate bore. An elongate projectile is disposed within the bore of the air gun, the elongate projectile having an outer diameter that is less than an inner diameter of the elongate bore, wherein the elongate projectile has a length that is at least substantially equivalent to a length of the elongate bore of the air gun.

Propellant isolation barrier

An electrospray thruster and method includes an emitter, an extractor, and a propellant storage vessel. A porous propellant delivery pathway from the vessel to the emitter wicks liquid propellant to the emitter.
Busek Co., Inc.

Wind power generating apparatus

A wind power generating apparatus that includes a generator unit having an upper shaft and a lower rotary shaft connected to a rotor, wherein a circumference of the generator unit is supported by an upper portion of a support structure at a specified level, a lifting propeller vertically coupled to an end of the upper rotary shaft via a first coupler, a wind-power fan vertically coupled to an end of the lower rotary shaft via a second coupler, and a support unit coupled to a lower portion of the support structure so as to reversely support summed weights of the rotor, the lifting propeller, and the wind-power fan on a center of rotation of a lower side of the wind-power fan.. .

Post-launch co2 gas production system

A post launch pressurized gas production system and method includes a cell containing a pressurized gas producing medium, such as anhydrous sodium bicarbonate producing co2 gas when heated. A plenum tank is in fluid communication with the cell.
Busek Co., Inc.

Automated propeller feather testing

There is described herein the automation of propeller feather testing functions, whereby the test is automatically performed and a pass/fail signal is issued upon completion.. .
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Impact absorption unmanned aerial vehicle

An unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus comprises a frame. Further, the unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus comprises a propulsion mechanism coupled to the frame that propels the frame through the air.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin from its turboprop engine

The invention relates to an aircraft turboprop engine (310) comprising at least a low-pressure body (12) and a high-pressure body (14), possibly also an intermediate-pressure body, at least one of said bodies comprising a compressor, the low-pressure body driving a propeller by means of a first gearbox (16), the turboprop engine also comprising means for supplying air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin, characterised in that said supply means comprise at least one compressor (60) of which the rotor (61) is coupled to the low-pressure body, said load compressor (60) including an air inlet (62) connected to means (72) for bleeding air from the compressor of the turboprop engine when all of the aforementioned bodies comprise only a single compressor, or from the compressor of the low-pressure body or the compressor of the intermediate-pressure body of the turboprop engine when all of the bodies comprise at least two compressors.. .
Safran Power Units

Aircraft with thrust vectoring tail

An aircraft is provided and includes an airframe having an upper section and a tail section, a main rotor assembly operably disposed at the upper section and one or more tail rotor assemblies operably disposed at the tail section. The one or more tail rotor assemblies respectively include one or more articulated propellers with thrust vectoring capability that are each independently rotatable about a respective variable rotational axis..
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

System for refloating grounded vessels

A system for refloating a grounded floatable vessel uses cylinder-shaped inflatable buoyant rollers that are placed under the vessel hull, inflated until they support the bottom hull and then caused to roll seaward while carrying the vessel into the water. An independently propelled vehicle pulls the vessel resting on the rollers into the water.

System with wheel assembly that communicates with display unit of human propelled cart

A vehicle tracking system includes a wheel assembly containing sensor circuitry capable of sensing one or more types of conditions, such as wheel rotation, wheel vibration caused by skidding, and specific electromagnetic and/or magnetic signals indicative of particular wheel locations. The wheel assembly may also include a brake mechanism.
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

Braking a vehicle

A control system for a vehicle includes an electric drive system associated with a first set of wheels (e.g., rear wheels) of a vehicle and a drive system control unit configured to control the electric drive system to selectively provide electric motive power to the first set of wheels to propel the vehicle and electric retarding to slow the vehicle. The system further includes a friction brake system having a first friction brake unit associated with the first set of wheels and a second friction brake unit associated with a second set of wheels (e.g., front wheels) of the vehicle.
General Electric Company

Track drive adjustment for a ground sawing machine

The present invention relates to a ground sawing machine comprising a frame supported by rear wheels (34a, 34b) and front wheels (36a, 36b) arranged for moving the ground sawing machine over a surface (38). At least one motor (40, 6) and a saw blade (2) are mounted to the frame, at least one motor (40) being arranged to propel the saw blade (2) to cut against the surface (38).
Husqvarna Ab

Headlight restoration kit

A method and kit for restoration of a plastic headlight surface including the steps of conditioning a headlight surface by wet sanding with 600 grit sandpaper effective to remove a laminate coating, wiping the headlight surface with a lint free towel, cleaning the headlight surface with an alcohol treated towel, coating the headlight surface with an ultra violet light curable restoration formulation comprising aliphatic urethane acrylate in the range of 25% to 60%, a photoinitiator in the range of 1% to 5%, n-butyl acetate in the range of 5% to 25%, toluene in the range of 3% to 15%, a methyl isobutyl ketone in the range of 3% to 15%, a light stabilizer in the range of 1% to 5%, and includes a flow agent; and exposing the coated headlight surface to an ultra-violet light for about 2 minutes. In the preferred embodiment, the formulation includes a hydrocarbon propellant and is applied from a spray can..
Search Automotive Technologies, Llc

Drift racer

A ride assembly includes a passenger vehicle having front wheels, rear wheels, a motor, and a steering wheel, where the front and rear wheels are disposed on a surface, the motor is configured to provide power to the front wheels to propel the passenger vehicle, and the steering wheel is configured to adjust a position of the rear wheels and enable the passenger vehicle to drift, a track forming a trough in the surface, and a bogie hingedly coupled to the passenger vehicle, where the bogie is disposed in the trough, and where the bogie is configured to direct movement of the passenger vehicle along the track.. .
Universal City Studios Llc

Biological navigation device

A biological navigation device that can be attached or integrated with an elongated tool, such as an endoscope, is disclosed. The device can be used for propulsive advance through a biological lumen.
Loma Vista Medical, Inc.

Water dispenser unit

A water dispenser unit includes a water dispenser and a self-propelled cleaning robot, and the space for the water dispenser can be easily secured even in a limited living space. A robot receiving space is defined in the lower portion of the water dispenser such that the self-propelled cleaning robot can self-travel into and out of the robot receiving space.
Kabushikikaisha Cosmo Life

Removal of ozone from electrokinetic devices

Electrokinetic devices and methods are described with the purpose of propelling a dielectric fluid medium, usually air, and optionally collecting assayable agents from the medium. Electrokinetic flow may be induced by the use of plasma generation at high voltage electrodes and consequent transport of charged particles in an electric voltage gradient.
Inspirotec, Inc.

Method for processing of expired solid rocket propellant

A method for processing of expired solid rocket propellant containing ammonium perchlorate, powdered aluminium, and a rubber-based binder for the purpose of recycling ammonium perchlorate, the method comprising: a) wet disintegration of solid propellant in a solution to produce a suspension of solid substances; b) leaching of the suspension of solid substances at an increased temperature in a leaching solution to produce an ammonium perchlorate solution, the leaching solution including at least one of water and unsaturated ammonium perchlorate and containing added inert material based on at least one of porous carbon, diatomaceous earth and a polymer; c) wherein the use of the inert material during the leaching process increases de-agglomeration and decreases re-agglomeration of solid substances of the suspension of solid substances; d) separation of the ammonium perchlorate solution from the suspension of solid substances, the separated ammonium perchlorate solution also containing at least some of the inert material; e) refining of the separated ammonium perchlorate solution from step d) at an increased temperature; f) separation of the at least some of the inert material from the separated ammonium perchlorate solution to produce recycled ammonium perchlorate; g) crystallization of the recycled ammonium perchlorate.. .
Eruca Technologies S.r.o.

Transport system powered by short block linear synchronous motors

Aspects of the invention provide a transport system powered by short block linear synchronous motors (lsms). The use of short blocks allows vehicles to move under precise control even when they are in close proximity to each other.
Magnemotion, Inc.

Method, apparatus and composition for a payload delivery system for delivery of radioactive high level waste payloads to sun storage

A method, apparatus and composition are described for a payload delivery system capable of moving a radioactive high level waste payload from the earth to being captured by the sun. The payload delivery system comprises a rocket system capable of being carried and launched from an aircraft.

Multirotor type unmanned aerial vehicle available for adjusting direction of thrust

The multi-rotor type unmanned aerial vehicle includes: a main body including the battery module and the control module; a plurality of frames connected to a side surface of the main body and extending therefrom; a first motor connected to a distal end of each of the frames; and a drive unit connected to the first motor, wherein the drive unit includes a rotary frame and a stationary frame each having a circular shape and connected to each other in the form of a gyroscope, a second motor supported at the center of the rotatable frame, and a propeller connected to the second motor, and a vector of thrust generated by rotation of the propeller is variable according to rotation of the first and second motors.. .
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

Propulsion system for a person or a watercraft

The present disclosure provides that includes a power supply; a propulsion device and an adapter. The propulsion device includes a housing comprising an outer surface, a motor disposed within the housing and coupled to a propeller for generating propulsion forces for propelling the propulsion device; and an electrical connection on the outer surface of the housing and connected to the motor.

Trolling motor with a transducer array

Various implementations described herein are directed to a trolling device having a motor with a propeller coupled to the motor and a shaft configured to couple or mount the motor to a watercraft. The trolling device may include a housing encapsulating the motor and the housing may include a nosecone.
Navico Holding As

Propulsion device for proximity twin-screw vessel having shaft bracket and ship

A propulsion device for a ship includes a port propeller and a starboard propeller, a rudder disposed at a center in a vessel widthwise direction, and shaft brackets installed in front of the port propeller and the starboard propeller, respectively, and configured to rotatably support propeller shafts of the port propeller and the starboard propeller, wherein a distance between a front end of a propeller blade of the port propeller and a front end of a propeller blade of the starboard propeller at the center in the vessel widthwise direction is larger than 0 m and equal to or less than 1.0 m, and a rotational direction of the port propeller and the starboard propeller becomes an outer track rotating outward from the center in the vessel widthwise direction over the port propeller and the starboard propeller.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Standup paddle outrigger watercraft

A standup paddleboard outrigger includes a long, narrow, lightweight displacement hull and a pair of outrigger pontoons mounted to a bridge. The two parts disengage for easy storage and transport.

Electrically operated propellants with elevated self-sustaining threshold pressures

The rate of combustion of an electrically operated propellant having a self-sustaining threshold of at least 1,000 psi is controlled to produce chamber pressures that are sufficient to produce a desired pressure profile in the airbag to accommodate a range of human factors and crash conditions yet never exceeding the self-sustaining threshold. The combustion of the propellant is extinguished to control the total pressure impulse delivered to the airbag.
Raytheon Company

Electric direct drive for aircraft propulsion and lift

The present disclosure provides an apparatus with a prime mover coupled to a generator that is directly electrically coupled to an electric motor. A propeller or fan may be coupled to and driven by the electric motor.
Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

System and brake system verification

A control system for a vehicle includes an electric drive system, a drive system control unit, and a friction brake system. The electric drive system is associated with a first set of wheels of the vehicle.
General Electric Company

Filter for a propellant gas evacuation system

A filter assembly with upper and lower filter chambers containing a filter material, preferably activated carbon, and a coalescing filter, respectively. The filter assembly includes a visual indicator for showing when the filter assembly is saturated and requires replacement or maintenance.

Crystalline microparticles of a beta-agonist coated with a fatty acid

Crystalline microparticles consisting of a phenylalkylamino beta2-adrenergic agonist coated with a c12-c20 fatty acid are useful for the preparation of pharmaceutical aerosol formulations in form of suspension in a liquefied propellant gas or powder formulations.. .
Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

Medicament delivery formulations, devices and methods

Disclosed are medicinal compositions, and devices, methods and systems which use same, comprising a propellant and at lease one medicinally active compound, said propellant comprising at least one fluoroolefin having at least two but less than seven carbon atoms.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Zero-profile interbody spacer and coupled plate assembly

An implant for insertion into a disc space between vertebrae, wherein the implant includes a spacer portion, a plate portion coupled to the spacer portion, two bone fixation elements for engaging the vertebrae and a retention mechanism for preventing the bone fixation elements from postoperatively backing-out of the plate portion. The retention mechanism may be in the form of a spring biased snapper element that is biased into communication with the bone fixation elements so that once the bone fixation element advances past the snapper element, the snapper element is biased back to its initial position in which the snapper element interfaces with the bone fixation elements.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Devices and techniques for ablative treatment

Technologies are generally described for devices for ablation of a target material. The device may be a medical device and may have a medical tool portion and an ablative device portion.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Self-propelled device

A vacuum cleaner includes a first transmitting unit transmitting a signal including first identification information with directivity of a predetermined width, and a first receiving unit receiving a signal with directivity wider than directivity of the first transmitting unit. A charger includes a second receiving unit receiving the signal including the first identification information, and a second transmitting unit transmitting a signal including second identification information when the second receiving unit receives the signal including the first identification information.
Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation

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