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Tasting glass

Arnaud Baratte Corporate International

Tasting glass

Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin

Scuola Superiore Di Studi Universitari E Di Perfezionamento Sant'anna

Underwater propeller device with pulsed jets

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Power transmission unit for vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Power transmission unit for vehicle
A power transmission unit for a vehicle is provided. In the power transmission unit, a continuously variable transmission to alter a speed ratio continuously is disposed between an input shaft to which a torque of a prime mover is inputted and an output shaft rotated by the torque transmitted from the input shaft.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
 Human-powered watercraft patent thumbnailnew patent Human-powered watercraft
A human-powered watercraft may include a frame, a forward hydrofoil attached to the frame, and a first rear hydrofoil attached to a first strut with the first strut rotatably attached to the frame at a pivot point and the first rear hydrofoil configured to pivot about a rear end of the first strut. The human-powered watercraft may also include a second rear hydrofoil attached to a second strut with the second strut rotatably attached to the frame at the pivot point and parallel to the first strut and the second rear hydrofoil configured to pivot about a rear end of the second strut and a tension system coupled between the first strut and the second strut.
 Coating spray system patent thumbnailnew patent Coating spray system
Embodiments of the present invention include a spray bonder that comprises a bonder, a carrier, and, optionally, a propellant. Embodiments also include a coating spray system that comprises the spray bonder and a coating spray that includes a coating material, a carrier, and, optionally, a propellant.
Keystone Dental Group
 Propeller blade assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Propeller blade assembly
A propeller blade assembly having a propeller blade having a leading edge, a trailing edge, and a tip edge extending between the leading and trailing edge, a replaceable guard selectively mountable to the propeller blade to cover at least the leading edge, and multiple fasteners selectively coupling the replaceable guard to the propeller blade.. .
Ge Aviation Systems Limited
 Propeller assembly and propeller blade retention assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Propeller assembly and propeller blade retention assembly
A propeller assembly having a hub having at least one receiver opening, a receiver located within the receiver opening and having a first collar defining a blade opening, a blade having a second collar and a protrusion with the second collar abutting the first collar and the protrusion received within the blade opening, and a first retainer, and a second retainer.. .
Ge Aviation Systems Limited
 Jet propulsion watercraft patent thumbnailnew patent Jet propulsion watercraft
A jet propulsion watercraft includes a vessel body, a steering nozzle, and a bucket. The steering nozzle includes a jet port from which a jet of water is ejected to propel the vessel body.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha
 Self-adjustable pitch propeller patent thumbnailnew patent Self-adjustable pitch propeller
A self-adjustable pitch marine vessel propeller attached to a shaft is driven by an engine of a marine vessel, and includes a substantially cylindrical hollow hub and a plurality of blades extending radially outwardly from the hub and being capable of rotating around an axis being in a radial direction relative to the hub. The propeller comprises an actuator movable linearly along the axis of the hub and at least one motion transmission means communicating with the actuator and each blade for converting the linear motion of the actuator into the rotational motion of each blade in a radial direction relative to the axis of the hub and a resilient member communicating with the actuator..
 Underwater propeller device with pulsed jets patent thumbnailnew patent Underwater propeller device with pulsed jets
A device, which is autonomous or which can be associated with another structure, for propulsion in a liquid environment is described. The device has a bladder body made of a soft material, developing along and around a central longitudinal axis, defining an internal chamber between a dorsal wall and a ventral wall; in the bladder body, an inlet opening and an outlet opening of a liquid in and out of the chamber, arranged at a longitudinal end of the body; and drive means for driving a contraction of the bladder, arranged on the dorsal wall and having a mechanical connection with the ventral to cyclically attract the ventral wall to the dorsal wall, thereby causing a pulsed ejection of a propeller jet from the chamber through the outlet opening..
Scuola Superiore Di Studi Universitari E Di Perfezionamento Sant'anna
 Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin
The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a fluoroolefin and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and fire suppression and fire extinguishing agents..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company
 Method of detecting a propellant gas patent thumbnailnew patent Method of detecting a propellant gas
A method and a system for detecting the presence of propellant gas in a gaseous sample exploit laser light especially in the 3.30-3.5 μm range. The propellant can be propane, n-butane, i-butane, dimethyl ether, methyl ethyl ether, hfa 134a, hfa 227, or any other propellant exhibiting absorption in the requisite wavelength range.
new patent

Multiple spacecraft launch system

A system and method for propelling spacecraft is disclosed. An electrical propulsion system is mounted on a base stage.
The Boeing Company
new patent

Landing gear fairing

An aircraft landing gear including wheels and a fairing arranged to be moveable between a first and a second configuration, wherein in the first configuration the fairing is arranged to shield an element of the landing gear from incident airflow and wherein in the second configuration the fairing is arranged to deflect debris or spray propelled from one or more of the wheels.. .
Messier-dowty Limited
new patent

Compressed gas aerosol composition comprising a non-ionic surfactant in a steel can

An aqueous compressed gas aerosol formulation in combination with a lined steel can, which may also optionally be tin plated, to provide corrosion stability, fragrance stability and color stability. An aerosol formulation of particular advantage for use is an air and/or fabric treatment formulation.
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
new patent

Rotating aqueous harvester

An aqueous harvester is disclosed that utilizes a rotating drum having a mesh surface to collect material from a body of water. The drum is operative to rotate, typically as the drum is propelled through water by a watercraft.
new patent

Tasting glass

The tasting glass (1), of the type including a parison (2) generally being rotationally symmetrical around a vertical axis, includes within the parison (2) a set of at least two internal ribs (7) evenly distributed on the periphery of the parison (2), extending in a substantially vertical plane, almost from the bottom of the glass, up to a height of the parison (2) lower than the normal filling level of the glass, different for each of the ribs (7). The tasting glass also includes a dome (8), called “nose-cap”, located on the axis of the glass at the bottom of the parison (2).
Arnaud Baratte Corporate International
new patent

Linear motor transport for packaging and other uses

The invention provides in some aspects a transport system comprising a guideway having a plurality of regions in which one or more vehicles are propelled, where each such vehicle includes a magnet. Disposed along each region are a plurality of propulsion coils, each comprising one or more turns that are disposed about a common axis, such that the respective common axes of the plurality of coils in that region are (i) substantially aligned with one another, and (ii) orthogonal to a direction in which the vehicles are to be propelled in that region.
Magnemotion, Inc.
new patent

Concentric cylinder gas-operated automatic firearm

A fixed-barrel, gas-operated firearm having its barrel concentrically mounted within a pressure tube enclosing substantially all of the moving parts of the firearm's action. A gas cup reciprocates under the influence of propellant gas pressure when the firearm is fired, driving slide members that link the pressure cup to the firearm's bolt rearward within the pressure tube, unlocking the breech, rotating and retracting the bolt, discharging the spent cartridge casing and then advancing the bolt to chamber a new cartridge..

Electric drive vehicle control system

Electronic control systems and related control methods for controlling electric drive motors for propelling a vehicle and electric auxiliary motors for performing work. The apparatus is shown in use with a vehicle that includes a mowing deck.
Hydro-gear Limited Partnership

Antimicrobial alcohol foam compositions and methods of preparation

A method for preparing an antimicrobial alcoholic foam composition by combining two or more pre-mix compositions. A first pre-mix composition is primarily alcoholic comprises an alcohol, an acidic component, and a waxy component.
Gojo Industries, Inc.

Gravity mat

In one aspect of the disclosed embodiments, an exercise device is provided as two similar pedestals, each having an optionally compressible base and a set of feet which interlock within a positioning mat. A set of horizontal outer rails attached to the top of each base and a set of perpendicular inner rails, linearly connected to the outer rails and slidable along the outer rails.

Surfboard with safety mechanism

A surfboard for supporting a surfer to swim on or below surface of water includes a supporting body having an upper surface, a lower surface, a leading edge and a trailing edge. The leading edge including a protrusion contoured for supporting the surfer's face and the upper surface to support the surfer.

Ventilation device

A ventilation device comprises a fan propeller (3) and a motor (5) with an external rotor (7b) for driving the propeller (3). The propeller (3) comprises a central hub (11) having a frontal wall (17) and an internal lateral wall (21) defining an accommodating housing for the external rotor (7b).
Valeo Systemes Thermiques

Horizontal agitator

The invention relates to a horizontal agitator for producing a flow in a clarifier, a propeller being connected to a submersible motor which is axially offset in relation thereto, wherein the propeller and the submersible motor are designed such that a flow in a direction from the propeller towards the submersible motor is produced when the submersible motor is operated, and wherein plate-shaped flow guide elements are provided downstream of the propeller and extend in at least an axial plane that runs substantially parallel to the propeller axis. In order to improve the efficiency of the horizontal agitator, it is proposed in accordance with the invention to support the submersible motor on a bottom of the clarifier via at least two first flow guide elements..
Invent Umwelt-und Verf-ahrenstechink Ag

Rotary paddle level switch

A rotary paddle level switch has a housing, a driving unit, two switches, a resilient member, a clutch, a transmission shaft, and a propeller. A resilient clip of the clutch holds a non-circular actuation section of the transmission shaft.
Finetek Co., Ltd.

Self-propelled road milling machine for processing road surfaces, and processing road surfaces

In a self-propelled road milling machine for processing road surfaces, with a machine frame supported by a height-adjustable chassis, with a milling drum mounted to rotate in a milling drum housing, with a milling drum drive for the milling drum, and with a height-adjustable scraper blade in the milling track of the milling drum, said scraper blade closing the milling drum housing towards the rear, it is provided for the following features to be achieved: that the scraper blade, laterally in the milling track of the milling drum, lies resiliently against the milling edge of the milling track, said milling edge extending orthogonal to the road surface.. .
Wirtgen Gmbh

Recumbent human powered vehicle with a reciprocating linear drive

A recumbent human-powered vehicle is propelled by a reciprocating thrust motion using a linear drive mechanism connected by flexible power links to a double overrunning clutch transmission with returning springs. The vehicle has a wheel base approximately that of a conventional upright bicycle and does not utilize a crank transmission.

Rider-propelled wheeled vehicle

A rider-propelled wheeled vehicle includes a support surface for supporting a user's feet, which defines a longitudinal axis, a pair of front wheels and a pair of rear wheels associated with the support surface, a system for rotatably connecting the rear wheels to the support surface, and adapted to allow their oscillation about a first oscillation axis inclined with respect to the support surface. The rear wheels have respective first pivot axes independent of and transversally offset from each other for at least partial transfer of the propulsion exerted by the user on the support surface to such wheels and for generation of a reaction substantially parallel to the plane to thereby promote a forward motion of the structure..

Arrangement for sealing a propeller shaft of a marine vessel and a controlling the operation thereof

An arrangement for sealing a propeller shaft of a marine vessel are specifically applicable in preventing oil leakage via propeller shaft sealing in cases where the draught of a marine vessel is, for some reason, reduced beyond its ordinary value.. .
Wartsila Finland Oy

Dispenser for dispensing a fluent material

A dispenser for dispensing a fluent material, including a structural body including a fluid circuit for the thick fluent material and a pressure circuit for propelling and dispersing the thick fluent material. Thick fluent material is stored in a hopper and fed by gravity into the fluid circuit.

Control system for four-wheel drive vehicle

A deceleration indication value is set so as to prevent a collision between the vehicle and an obstacle on the basis of front side information or to prevent traffic lane deviation, and automatic braking is performed. When automatic braking is performed, a transfer clutch is coupled, a deceleration generated by synchronization of a main drive shaft and a propeller shaft is calculated, the deceleration indication value g is corrected based on the deceleration and a brake liquid pressure corresponding to a corrected deceleration indication value is applied to a brake drive unit..
Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Propeller fan, fluid feeder, and molding die

A blade of a propeller fan includes a blade root portion, a front edge portion, a blade tip end portion, a rear edge portion, a blade rear edge portion, and an outer edge portion. A blade surface of the blade has an inner region including the blade root portion, an outer region including the blade rear end portion, and a coupling portion extending from a front end portion located close to the blade tip end portion to a rear end portion located close to the rear edge portion and coupling the inner region and the outer region to each other such that a side of a positive pressure surface of the blade surface is projecting and a side of a negative pressure surface of the blade surface is recessed..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Propulsion ship and ship having the same

Provided are a propulsion device for a ship and a ship including the same. The propulsion device for the ship includes: a rear propeller fixed to a rotation shaft; a front propeller that is rotatably supported on the rotation shaft in the front of the rear propeller; at least one bearing interposed in at least one of spaces between a hub of the front propeller and the rotation shaft and between the rotation shaft and a ship body; and an inverse rotation unit that inverts rotation of the rotation shaft, transfers the inverted rotation to the front propeller and includes a gearbox that is accommodated in an installation space formed in a tail of the ship body in a state in which a plurality of gears for implementing inversion of the front propeller are embedded, wherein at least one measurement unit for measuring operating states of the at least one bearing is mounted to the rotation shaft..
Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

Multiple function led projection light having built-in motor means

The led project light of current invention consist of motor means, propeller means, 1st magnetic means, 2nd magnetic means, freely move base, led(s), circuit means, control means, timer means, sensor means, trigger means, conductive means to make the propeller moved to make liquid/fluid/chemical/particles/solid pieces flow moving for pre-determined speed and direction(s) so inside staff will change position for moving function and also come out splendid light effects of night light. The current invention do not has toxic liquid, heat means to make a big improvement for safety and prevent from fire hazard.

Motor assembly with integrated cooling means and enclosed compartment for electronic circuitry

A motor assembly includes a structural unit for mounting a motor, for mounting and enclosing electronic circuitry, and for providing a corridor for air to flow and cool the motor and/or the electronic circuitry. The motor assembly includes a substantially water-resistant motor that rotationally drives a fan for cooling the motor and/or rotationally drives a propeller for providing propulsion to watercraft.
Elco Motor Yachts, Llc

Light emitting disconnectable blow-dry brush

A round hair-brush comprising: a hollow body comprising holes in its circumference; and a handle connected with the hollow body on one end thereof, wherein the body comprises: at least one electric generator having a shaft; at least one led electrically connected with the at least one electric generator; and at least one propeller electrically connected with the at least one electric generator shaft, the at least one propeller configured to turn upon receiving air current from a hair-dryer and transfer the rotation power to the generator, the generator configured to transform the rotation power to electric power thereby lighting up the at least one led.. .

Propellant transfer resupply of fluid propellant to on-orbit spacecraft

Herein is disclosed a propellant transfer system and method for refueling on-orbit spacecraft. The system and method are configured to allow for resupply of spacecraft configured to be fueled by either a bipropellant (oxidizer and fuel) or a monopropellant (typically hydrazine).
Macdonald, Dettwiler And Associates Inc.

High speed surface craft and submersible vehicle

Said at least one propeller being of a size and configuration such that when it is rotated at an appropriate speed, it generates supercavitated water flowing from said at least one propeller and thence along an outer surface of said hull so as to diminish friction on the outer surface of said hull and facilitate high underwater speeds.. .

Device for propelling and turning hull

The present invention relates to a device for propelling and turning a hull, wherein the resistance acting on the stem of the hull is converted and the hull can be moved not only in the forward and backward directions but also in the left and right directions so as to improve the mobility and evasion capacity of the hull. The device for propelling and turning a hull comprises: a manifold arranged in the lengthwise direction in the lower portion of the hull so as to discharge the water introduced at the stem side toward the stern side; a propelling means, the top of which is rotatably connected to the stern side end of the manifold, the propelling means being arranged so as to jet water in a lateral direction; and a steering means, which is rotatably coupled to the stern side end of the propelling means such that the steering means rotates the propelling means in a given direction by means of rotating force applied from an external source..

Replaceable bullet cartridge

A replaceable bullet cartridge appropriate for use in the gun that includes a primer and a spherical bb positioned approximately ¼ th of an inch away from the primer. The bb is secured in position with a piece of paper wadding set within the replaceable bullet cartridge.

Manually propelled vehicle

A manually propelled vehicle may include a vehicle body, a left drive wheel and a right drive wheel, a wheel driver that drives the left and right drive wheels, a sensor that detects a user behind the vehicle body, and a controller that determines whether the user is behind the left or right drive wheel based on a detected result of the sensor. When one of the left or right drive wheel moves backward and the controller detects that the user is behind the one of the left or right drive wheel, the controller suppresses or stops the wheel driver from driving the one of the left or right drive wheel..
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Manually propelled vehicle

A manually propelled vehicle having an assist function that assists walking of a user includes a vehicle body, a wheel for moving the vehicle body, sensor that detects an operating force, power driver that supplies power to the wheel based on the operating force, a motion sensor that detects a movement of the vehicle body according to the operating force detected by the sensor; and controller that controls the power driver, wherein, when the user operates the manually propelled vehicle while the assist function is deactivated, the controller activates the assist function based on the movement of the vehicle body detected by the motion sensor.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Manually propelled vehicle

A manually propelled vehicle includes a vehicle body; a wheel for moving the vehicle body; a force sensor that detects an operating force and outputs sensor data; a distance measuring sensor that measures a distance between the manually propelled vehicle and a user and outputs sensor data; and a controller including a processor that receives the sensor data of the force sensor and the sensor data of the distance measuring sensor and a wheel drive controller that controls driving and braking of the wheel based on an output of the processor.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Manually propelled vehicle

A manually propelled vehicle includes a vehicle body, a wheel for moving the vehicle body, a grip attached to the vehicle body, a grip sensor that detects a pressure applied to the grip, a grip state detector that detects a grip state of the grip based on information acquired from the grip sensor, and a wheel driver that drives the wheel when the grip state detector detects a predetermined grip state.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and hydrofluorocarbons

Provided are azeotrope-like compositions comprising tetrafluoropropene and hydrofluorocarbons and uses thereof, including use in refrigerant compositions, refrigeration systems, blowing agent compositions, and aerosol propellants.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Multiple planetary gear-set with a limited slip transmission system

A gear assembly with two inputs and two outputs which can be used on zero turn riding mowers or similar vehicles. The first input is a propelling input and the second input is a steering input.

Flow divider for sheet flow water ride

The invention relates to a flow divider for a sheet flow water ride having an inclined ride surface capable of dividing it into two or more sections, wherein more than one rider can then safely ride on the water ride at the same time. The water ride can include an inclined ride surface on which a sheet flow of water is propelled that can conform to the contours of the ride surface.
Surf Park Pte, Ltd.

Smoke emitting toy

A toy gun in the form of a breech loading rifle is provided which is capable of firing a projectile such as a dart as well as simultaneously or near simultaneously emitting smoke from the muzzle of a barrel of the gun after the dart has been discharged from the muzzle. The toy gun has first and second rechargeable air pumps.
Buzz Bee Toys (h.k.) Co., Limited

Smoke emitting toy

A toy gun in the form of a breech loading rifle is provided which is capable of firing a projectile such as a dart as well as simultaneously or near simultaneously emitting smoke from the muzzle of a barrel of the gun after the dart has been discharged from the muzzle. The toy gun has first and second rechargeable air pumps.
Buzz Bee Toys (h.k.) Co., Limited

Boat hull construction

A boat comprising a propeller tunnel formed in a hull. The tunnel has a forward end and a rearward end.

Buoyant structure for petroleum drilling, production, storage and offloading

A buoyant structure having a hull, a planar keel defining a lower hull diameter, a lower cylindrical portion connected to the planar keel, a lower frustoconical portion disposed above the lower cylindrical portion with inwardly sloping wall at a first angle, an upper frustoconical portion directly connected to the lower frustoconical portion, and the upper frustoconical portion with outwardly sloping wall, the inwardly sloping wall abutting the outwardly sloping wall forming a hull neck with a hull neck diameter. The buoyant structure having a main deck, a moon pool, and propellers attached to the planar keel, which are operated by a motor or a generator.
Ssp Technologies, Llc

Weight steerable self-propelled personal watercraft

A self-propelled personal watercraft. The watercraft includes a hull with a middle narrower than a bow and a stern of the watercraft and with a bottom of the bow being raised with respect to the middle and the stern, and a propulsion device within the hull.
Inventive Design Group, Inc.

Self propelled personal water craft

Disclosed herein is a self-propelled personal water craft including a parabolic hull. The hull has a bow, mid-section and stern.

Thermally expandable preparations

The subject matter of the present application is a thermally expandable preparation that can be pumped at application temperatures below 70° c., containing (a) at least one first epoxy resin e1 that has an epoxy equivalent weight of at most 280 g/eq and a viscosity of at most 1250 pa*s at 25° c., (b) at least one second epoxy resin e2 that has an epoxy equivalent weight of at least 300 g/eq and a viscosity of at most 250 pa*s at 25° c., (c) at least one hardener that can be thermally activated, (d) at least one propellant that can be thermally activated, and (e) at least 1 wt. % of organic fibres having a fibre length of 0.2 mm to 10 mm..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Horizontal agitator

The invention relates to a horizontal agitator for producing a flow in a clarifier, a submersible motor and a propeller drivingly connected thereto forming an assembly unit, wherein a receiving portion for removably attaching the assembly unit is provided and can be supported on the bottom of the clarifier, and wherein a guide for guiding the assembly unit along a substantially vertical movement path between a surfacing position above a maximum nominal sewage level defined for the clarifier and the receiving portion is provided. In order to improve the efficiency of the horizontal agitator and to reduce complexity of manufacture, the guide is formed by at least one first cable extending between the surfacing position and the receiving portion..
Invent Umwelt - Und Verfahrenstechnik Ag

Self-propelled underwater vehicles and systems for underground laying a continuous elongated member in a bed of a body of water

A self-propelled underwater vehicle for underground laying a continuous elongated member in a bed of a body of water having a work assembly, which is configured to be set, at least partly, into the bed, and is provided with two facing supporting walls for delimiting a space there-between and supporting two opposite scarp slopes; and drive assemblies, which are arranged on opposite sides of the work assembly and are configured to rest on the bed and advancing the work assembly in a travelling direction.. .
Saipem S.p.a.

Hand powered vehicle

A hand-powered vehicle is provided for transportation and entertainment purposes. The vehicle has a frame supporting a pair of side wheels that are driven by the user.
Radio Flyer Inc.

Ball shooting amusement game

A shooting game amusement device is disclosed that includes a projectile striker, a rotating self-loading annular magazine that holds game projectiles and transports them to a location close to the striker to allow the striker to propel them toward a target array. The target array includes indicator lights that are activated when the targets are successful stuck by game projectiles and can dispense tickets in response to successful play..
Benchmark Entertainment Lc

Integrated vehicle fluids

A system and methods are provided for combining systems of an upper stage space launch vehicle for enhancing the operation of the space vehicle. Hydrogen and oxygen already on board as propellant for the upper stage rockets is also used for other upper stage functions to include propellant tank pressurization, attitude control, vehicle settling, and electrical requirements.
United Launch Alliance, Llc

Forward advancing landscape edging apparatus

An apparatus for cutting an edging trench around a landscape bed is constructed with a cutting blade that is rotated to help move the apparatus in the desired direction of travel while being operated to create an edging trench. The machine can be constructed in self-propelled, non-self-propelled or manually operated stick forms.

Zip line apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a zip line or trolley system kit for propelling a person or an object using gravity along an extended cable line suspended between two trees or towers. The zip line or trolley system may include an easily installable support harness assembly, a braking system and a removable seat fixture to provide for the zip line system to be completely portable to be carried, installed and taken down in remote locations..

Countermass container for use in a recoilless weapon and a recoilless weapon comprising such a countermass container

A countermass container for use in a recoilless weapon. The countermass container includes an envelope encloses a countermass.
Saab Ab

Electrically ignited and throttled pyroelectric propellant rocket engine

According to one aspect, an apparatus and method for electrically igniting and throttling pyroelectric propellant, e.g., in a rocket engine, are provided. In one example, an apparatus includes an injector body for supplying an electrically ignitable propellant to a combustion chamber and a opposing electrodes.
Digital Solid State Propulsion, Inc.

Systems and methods for securing mobile medical equipment supporter systems to patient transporters

The present invention relates to systems and methods for securing a mobile medical equipment supporter system, such as an infusion pump pole, to a mobile patient transporter, such as a gurney, thereby enhancing patient and attendant safety. The supporter system includes a primary support structure, one or more attachment points configured to secure medical delivery device(s) and/or medical monitoring device(s), a wheeled mobility assembly, and a hitcher assembly having a hitcher coupler configured to operatively mate with a corresponding hitchee coupler of the mobile patient transporter.

Vacuum-cleaning robot

A self-propelled vacuum cleaner has a main housing having a bottom wall formed with an aperture, floor-engaging wheels on the main housing, and a drive in the main housing for rotating the wheels and advancing the main housing in a normal horizontal travel direction. A module housing projecting through the aperture forms a brush compartment defining a downward directed suction opening having relative to the direction a leading edge and a trailing edge.

Attitude reconstructing apparatus of air boat

According to the invention, there is provided an attitude reconstructing apparatus of an air boat in which a propeller for propulsion is attached to an engine mounted in an upward position of a rear portion of a ship body, wherein an expandable floating body is attached to a propeller guard covering the propeller and the apparatus has control means for controlling at least one of an expansion/contraction state and a setting state of the floating body so that a force in the reconstructing direction to make the ship body approach the normal attitude is made to act on the ship body in the overturn attitude.. .

Propeller sound field modification systems and methods

A propeller system for an aircraft includes an assembly for modifying a sound field of the propeller system. The propeller system includes a rotor supported for rotation about a rotor axis.
Kcf Technologies, Inc.

Constricted convection cooling system for an electronic display

Preferred embodiments provide a cooling system for an electronic display. A constricted convection plate is used to force cooling air against a posterior surface of the electronic display.
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

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