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Propel patents

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Piping inspection robot and method of inspecting piping

Mobile Robot Research

Piping inspection robot and method of inspecting piping

Special cartridge (variants)

Special cartridge (variants)

Special cartridge (variants)


Drive mechanism utilizing a tubular shaft and fixed central shaft

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Energy generation device using non-maxwellian gases patent thumbnailEnergy generation device using non-maxwellian gases
An energy generator using a potential energy gradient applied to a non-maxwellian gas occupying and restricted to a volume, to generate a temperature difference between regions in this volume. This temperature difference occurs in the absence of any flow of particles in or out of this volume.

 Piping inspection robot and  inspecting piping patent thumbnailPiping inspection robot and inspecting piping
Provided is an inspection robot that is self-propelled on piping, measures moisture contained in a lagging material using a mounted inspection device, for example, a neutron moisture meter, and detects risk of corrosion. The inspection robot includes a main frame 1 including a recessed part 17 fit onto an outer circumferential surface of piping p, a main frame drive mechanism (first drive mechanism) d1 that causes the main frame to advance/retract in an axis direction of the piping, a revolving member 32 supported in an advanceable/retractable manner along an arc-shaped locus in the recessed part of the main frame, a revolving member drive mechanism (second drive mechanism) d2 that moves the revolving member, and an inspection device mounted on the revolving member..
Mobile Robot Research Co., Ltd.

 Special cartridge (variants) patent thumbnailSpecial cartridge (variants)
The invention relates to a weapon intended for fighting games, mainly for paintball, namely to special cartridges containing painting liquid. The special cartridge contains a cartridge case 1 that includes a propellant charge 2, a projectile 3 and a primer cap 4.

 Drive mechanism utilizing a tubular shaft and fixed central shaft patent thumbnailDrive mechanism utilizing a tubular shaft and fixed central shaft
Apparatus are disclosed that are configured to distribute internal loads from a drive mechanism to a solid fixed shaft and rotatable tubular shaft coupled to a propeller, for example. An example apparatus involves: (a) a stator, (b) a central shaft arranged coaxially within the stator, wherein the central shaft has a proximal end and a distal end, and wherein the proximal end of the central shaft is fixedly mounted relative to the stator, (c) a tubular shaft arranged coaxially about the central shaft, wherein the tubular shaft is rotatably coupled to the central shaft, wherein the tubular shaft has a proximal end and a distal end, and (d) a rotor, wherein the rotor is coupled to the tubular shaft, and wherein the rotor is arranged coaxially with the stator..
Google Inc.

 Blade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft patent thumbnailBlade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft
A blade includes an aerodynamic portion (21) and an assembly of the aerodynamic portion to a blade shank retaining the aerodynamic portion in a radial direction (23). The blade shank includes at least one passage restriction in at least one retention direction orthogonal to the radial direction, having a restricted width allowing the aerodynamic portion (21) to pass through.
Ratier Figeac

 System and  providing a resillient solid fuel source in a wellbore patent thumbnailSystem and providing a resillient solid fuel source in a wellbore
A system, method and apparatus for providing a fuel source in a wellbore is disclosed. A tool is placed into a wellbore.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Ram accelerator system with endcap patent thumbnailRam accelerator system with endcap
One or more ram accelerator devices may be used to form one or more holes in geologic or other material. These holes may be used for drilling, tunnel boring, excavation, and so forth.
Hypersciences, Inc.

 Distributed sorter drive using electro-adhesion patent thumbnailDistributed sorter drive using electro-adhesion
A sorter drive for propelling travelling members of a sorter along a path, in which the sorter has a plurality of interconnected travelling members that travel along a path and sortation members carried by the travelling members, with the sortation members adapted to discharge articles to particular destinations, according to an aspect of the invention, includes an endless drive member and an electro-adhesion system. The endless drive member engages the travelling members.
Dematic Corp.

 Vertical takeoff winged multicopter patent thumbnailVertical takeoff winged multicopter
An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) comprising a plurality of propeller drives rigidly mounted to a foldable frame with the motor rotors aligned in a vertical direction to provide a means of vertical takeoffs and landings. The foldable frame mounts a sheet sail at an angle with the horizontal that provides lift during the forward motion and tilt of the uav.

 Boat outdrive trim tab patent thumbnailBoat outdrive trim tab
A trim tab device that serves as a propeller guard for a boat's motor is provided. The trim tab device includes a trim plate having a bracket removably mounted to a boat motor.


Propeller and relative fine adjusting the fluid dynamic pitch of the propeller blades

A propeller and related method for adjusting the fluid-dynamic pitch of the propeller blades are described. The propeller has at least one rotatable blade pivoted to a propeller cylindrical casing, a hub adapted to be coupled to an engine and mounted within the propeller casing.
Max Prop S.r.i


Low environmental impact refrigerant gas mixtures

Use of a gas mixture selected from the group comprising:—trifluoroiodomethane (cf3i) in concentrations from 85% to 99% by weight and a gas selected from the group comprising fluoroethane, pentafluoroiodoethane, pentafluoroethane, dimethyl ether, propylene or their mixtures in concentrations from 15% to 1% by weight as refrigerant, propellant, foaming and/or extinguishing gases as replacements or alternatives for other gases or hfc (hydrofluorocarbon), hfo (hydrofluoro-olefin) and hfe (hydrofluoroether) mixtures.. .
Tazzetti S.p.a.


Gel composition capable of use as a drug delivery device and use thereof

The present invention provides a gel composition intended for use as a drug delivery device, particularly for use in the sinus cavity. The gel composition can include a gelling agent that includes at least one polysaccharide, a propellant in the form of a sterile gas, and optionally, at least one active ingredient.
Heritage Compounding Pharmacy


Combination therapy for copd

Aerosol formulations comprising glycopyrronium bromide in combination with formoterol are useful for the prevention or treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The formulation further comprises a hfa propellant, a co-solvent, and an amount of inorganic acid sufficient to stabilize both the glycopyrronium bromide and the formoterol components.
Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.


Device and mixing of a multi-component cement

A manually drivable device for the mixing of a pasty mixing ware from at least two fluid starting components comprising at least two cartridges having feed plungers; a mixing space to mix the starting components, mixing vanes being provided in the mixing space and mounted such that they can rotate; a lever rotatable about a pivot point operatable manually or a pin that can be shifted in longitudinal direction and operatable manually in order to operate the device; a gear connected to the lever or pin, and connected to the rotatable mixing vanes in the mixing space; and a facility for propelling the feed plungers such that the motion of the lever or pin drives the rotation of the mixing vanes in the mixing space and motion of the feed plungers into the cartridges. The invention also relates to a method for mixing fluid starting components using the device..
Heraeus Medical Gmbh


Sprayable, aqueous alcoholic microbicidal compositions comprising zinc ions

Disclosed are pressurized surface treatment compositions which impart a microbicidal benefit to treated surfaces which compositions comprise (or in certain preferred embodiments may consist essentially of, or may consist of): a zinc ion source material which releases zinc ions into the treatment composition, preferably a source of zn++ ions, at least lower alkyl aliphatic monohydric alcohol which independently of other constituents present exhibits a microbicidal effect, a propellant; and, water. The compositions may further optionally include one or more further optional constituents such as a detersive surfactant and/or minor amounts of one or more constituents which impart one or more advantageous technical or aesthetic benefits to the compositions, including one or more detersive surfactants wherein the compositions have ph of at least 5.
Reckitt Benckiser Llc


Self-stabilizing skateboard

An electric vehicle may comprise a board including first and second deck portions each configured to receive a left or right foot of a ride, a wheel assembly disposed between the deck portions and including a ground-contacting element, a motor assembly mounted to the board and configured to rotate the ground-contacting element around an axle to propel the electric vehicle, at least one sensor configured to measure orientation information of the board, and a motor controller configured to receive orientation information measured by the sensor and to cause the motor assembly to propel the electric vehicle based on the orientation information. The electric vehicle may include exactly one ground-contacting element, and the motor may be a hub motor..
Future Motion, Inc.


Classification and identification of solid propellant rocket motors

Pressure variations within a solid propellant rocket motor produce like variations in the optical radiance of the motor exhaust plume. The periodicity of the variation is related to the length l of the rocket motor or speed of sound in the rocket motor combustion chamber to length ratio a/l.
Raytheon Company


Center bearing bush unit for propeller shaft

A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft can effectively decrease the amount of large/small displacement that occurs in the propeller shaft during driving of a vehicle. A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft includes an inner pipe; an outer pipe disposed on a common axis as the inner pipe at the outside of the inner pipe; a cushion rubber attached between the inner and outer pipes, and having a plurality of voids disposed on the common axis; and a plurality of stoppers attached to the outer circumferential surface of the inner pipe while being spaced apart from the cushion rubber at a predetermined interval..
Hyundai Motor Company


Pool cleaning vehicle with mechanism for skewing an axle

A self directed pool cleaning vehicle comprising a body carrying water inlet and outlet ports with the inlet port being located on the bottom of the body with the body containing a filter is described. A drive mechanism propels the vehicle in two generally opposed directions.
Aqua Products, Inc.



The present invention relates to thermally expandable thermoplastic microspheres comprising a polymer shell made from ethylenically unsaturated monomers encapsulating a propellant, said ethylenically unsaturated monomers comprising from 21 to 80 wt % of methacrylamide and from 20 to 70 wt % methacrylonitrile, the total amount of methacrylamide and methacrylonitrile being from 70 to 100 wt % of the ethylenically unsaturated monomers. Furthermore, the invention relates to production and use of such microspheres..
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Method and a system for pressurising and dispensing fluid products stored in a bottle, can, container or similar device

A self regulating and constant pressure maintaining product dispenser assembly comprises a dispensing device and a product container defining an inner space comprising a product space being filled with a fluid product constituting a carbonated beverage, and a pressure space being filled with a propellant gas having an initial pressure of preferably 0.5-1.8 bar above the atmospheric pressure when subjected to a specific temperature range of preferably 3° c.-50° c. The pressure space further comprises an amount of an adsorption material having adsorbed an amount of the propellant gas, which is sufficient for allowing the pressure space to increase in volume and to substitute the product space.
Carlsberg Breweries A/s


Method for adsorbing propellant gas for a beer dispensing system

A method of filling a canister containing activated carbon having a first temperature with a propellant gas, wherein the method includes (a) providing a volume of liquefied propellant gas at a second temperature and a first elevated pressure that prevents it from evaporating; (b) evacuating the canister to create a vacuum within the canister, thereby cooling the activated carbon to a third temperature lower than the second temperature; (c) injecting the volume of liquefied propellant gas into the canister at a second elevated pressure that prevents it from evaporating; and (d) allowing the liquefied propellant gas to evaporate, consuming energy as evaporation heat, the energy being generated due to the propellant gas being adsorbed by the activated carbon, thereby reducing the heating of the activated carbon.. .
Carlsberg Breweries A/s


Touchless guide device for a conveyor

A conveyor and method for moving articles comprising a conductive material across a conveying surface using a touchless guide device disposed adjacent to a product path. The guide device generates a repelling force on a conveyed product to propel the conveyed product along the product path.
Laitram, L.l.c.


Aircraft propelling assembly including a duct forming a thermal barrier integrated in the caisson of the rigid structure of the engine mounting system

Housing a conduit of a thermal protection system of a rigid structure of an attachment pylon in an aircraft propulsion assembly within a box of the rigid structure, so as to take advantage of the volume within the rigid structure. The elements forming the conduits thus form an integral part of the rigid structure and can thus play a structural role..
Airbus Operations (sas)


Rotary-wing drone of the quadricopter type, provided with removable bumpers for protecting the propellers

The drone (10) comprises a drone body (12) and a plurality of propulsion units (16) to drive propellers (18). Removable lateral bumpers (22) extend beyond the area of rotation of the propellers, each bumper being connected to the propulsion units on the same side by connection arms (24) each comprising a pair of elastically deformable elongated blades with at their end a clamp of mounting on a barrel (26) of the motor.


Cycloidal marine-propulsion system

A cycloidal marine-propulsion system is disclosed. The system comprises a blade-mounting disc and a plurality of propeller blades.
Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd


Canister for a metered dose inhaler and producing such canister

The invention relates to a canister for a metered dose inhaler for storing a propellant and a medicament under pressure and dispensing said medicament and to a method of producing such a canister. The canister (1) comprises an interior cavity (5) defined by a tubular sidewall (2) defining a longitudinal axis (4) of the canister (1), and a bottom wall (3) and a top cover (15) closing opposite longitudinal ends of the sidewall (2) such that the sidewall (2) extends along the longitudinal axis (4) between the bottom wall (3) and the top cover (15).
Presspart Gmbh & Co., Kg


Hair fixative compositions

A hair fixative composition includes at least one fixative polymer, a solvent system and, optionally, a propellant. The polymer is derived from at least one acid-containing monomer, at least one n-alkyl(meth)acrylamide and, optionally, an alkyl(meth)acrylate..
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Device for harvesting long agricultural products and agricultural self-propelled unit for harvesting agricultural products comprising the device

Described is a device for harvesting long agricultural products, such as grass, straw, pulses, biomass products and the like, comprising a first unit (2) and a second unit (3) for picking up the agricultural products extending along a relative main line (a) and equipped with pick-up means (4, 6) configured to pick up from the ground the agricultural products and unloading means (5, 7) operatively located downstream of the pick-up means (4, 6) and movable along the main line (a) for releasing the agricultural products. The device also comprises a frame (9) having one or more portions (9a) connectable to the front of a self-propelled agricultural unit (100) and provided with first connecting and supporting means (10) and second connecting and supporting means (11) associated respectively with the first pick-up unit (2) and the second pick-up unit (3) and positioned on opposite sides of the frame (9) relative to a middle line (d) of the frame (9) which is orthogonal to the main line (a)..
Roc S.r.l.


Systems and methods for reducing surface deposition and contamination

Mobile apparatuses move within contaminated fluid to create fluid flows against structures that remove and prevent contaminant deposition on structure surfaces immersed in the fluid. Unsettling flows in water may exceed approximately 2 m/s for radionuclide particles and solutes found in nuclear power plants.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc


Propellant flow actuated piezoelectric igniter for combustion engines

A propellant flow actuated piezoelectric igniter device using one or more hammer balls retained by one or more magnets, or other retaining method, until sufficient fluid pressure is achieved in one or more charging chambers to release and accelerate the hammer ball, such that it impacts a piezoelectric crystal to produce an ignition spark. Certain preferred embodiments provide a means for repetitively capturing and releasing the hammer ball after it impacts one or more piezoelectric crystals, thereby oscillating and producing multiple, repetitive ignition sparks.
Innovative Engineering Solutions, Inc.


Generation of a pulsed jet by jet vectoring through a nozzle with multiple outlets

A method of producing a pulsatile jet flow from a substantially constant flow primary jet in a way that is mechanically efficient, easy to implement, and allows direct control over pulse duration and pulsing frequency is disclosed herein. The invention includes at least two components: (a) a constant flow fluid jet produced by any normal method (e.g., propeller) that can be directionally vectored fluidically, mechanically, or electromagnetically and (b) a nozzle with multiple outlets (orifices) through which the vectored jet may be directed.
Southern Methodist University


Propeller blade for a turbomachine

The invention relates to a propeller blade (34) extending radially between a blade root (38) and a blade tip (36) and having a leading edge (40) and a trailing edge (42), together with a pressure side face and a suction side face. According to the invention, along the leading edge (40), the angle (α) between the radial direction and a tangent to the leading edge passes through a local maximum zmax situated in the range 60% to 80% of the height of the blade (34).


Laser glazing using hollow objects for shrinkage compliance

Hollow objects (18) are incorporated into a layer of glazed material (10) formed on a substrate (12). Powdered glaze material (16) and the hollow objects are heated with an energy beam (22) to melt the glaze material without melting the hollow objects because the hollow objects have a relatively higher melting temperature.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Presure control fill valve

A pressure control fill valve for a pressurized dispenser container comprises a first and second end and a base, a first and second circumferential lip. The lips enable placement of the valve in an opening of a pressurized dispenser container in first a position, where a propellant gas can be filled into the container and a second position for complete closing of the container.
I.p.s. Research And Development B.v.


Control device for an engine

An engine control device having a calculator for calculating a pitch setpoint for at least one propeller of the engine, the calculator taking account at least of a flight speed.. .


Submersible electric thruster

The invention is a submersible electric thruster that can be used to propel underwater vehicles, surface vehicles, amphibious vehicles, etc. The submersible electric thruster comprises a stationary stator assembly with a base, stator, windings, and bearings and an external rotor assembly comprising a cylindrical arrangement of permanent magnets with a hub that is secured to a shaft wherein the stator forms the center of the motor and the permanent magnets spin around said stator.
Blue Robotics Inc.


Linear propulsion system for small watercraft

A foot-operated propulsion system for small watercraft, such as kayaks. The propulsion system includes a pedal assembly that controls motion of a fluke fin that is submerged beneath the waters surface.


Propeller for ship, and assembling method and disassembling method therefor

Disclosed are a propulsion system for a ship, a method of assembling the same, and a method of disassembling the same. The propulsion system for the ship includes: a rear propeller fixed to a rotary shaft; a front propeller that is rotatably supported on the rotary shaft in front of the rear propeller; a contra-rotating device that is mounted in an installation space at a rear end of a hull so as to reverse the rotation of the rotary shaft and transmit the reversed rotation to the front propeller; a propeller connecting member that connects the contra-rotating device and the front propeller to transmit a rotational force; and a thrust supporting device that is provided between the contra-rotating device and the propeller connection member to support thrust of the front propeller..
Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.


Headlamp and air-induction system

A vehicle may include an engine, a housing, a lighting assembly and a conduit. The engine propels the vehicle.


Vapor medicine dispensing and nano-mist lung cleanser system

A system, accompanying apparatuses and methods relating to an oral, nasal or propellant enhanced mist delivery, drug delivery and lung cleansing apparatuses and having for an object to provide a safe and harmless means for and method of delivering medication with heated, moist, flavored air; or by inhaling warm medication like methanol into the lungs in case of a respiratory ailment under direction of a physician. Additionally, all state of the art medicines are envisioned for delivery with the system..


Auxiliary oval wheel for robotic devices

A method for an automated robotic wheeled device to overcome small obstacles, such as flooring thresholds, comprising a set of auxiliary ellipsoid or oval wheels that are engaged when the device detects that it is obstructed from moving forward. When the oval wheels are engaged, they turn and propel the device forward and upward so that it can effectively move over obstacles that would normally be too tall for the device to overcome..
Bobsweep Inc.


Composite projectile and cartridge with composite projectile

A preferred projectile includes a toughened polymer resin comprising an elastomer-modified epoxy functional adduct formed by the reaction of a bisphenol a liquid epoxy resin and a carboxyl terminated butadiene-acrylonitrile elastomer; and a curative agent by which the toughened polymer resin is cured; wherein the cured toughened polymer resin is in the shape of a bullet. The projectile preferably has an average density less than the density of lead.
Caneel Associates, Inc.


Method and device for micro blasting with reusable blasting rods and electrically ignited cartridges

A apparatus, method and system to electrically ignite small explosive cartridges in boulders, bedrock, concrete and other materials so as to split the material into smaller pieces or to shape it. To ignite the propellant or other explosive charge electrically by melting at high temperature a bridge wire(s) or bridge ribbon(s) with electrical current which can be ac or dc.


Pneumatic toy gun recoil device

The invention relates to a pneumatic toy gun recoil device, which uses pneumatic means to substitute mechanical means like springs for cushioning and retracting effect, so as to resolve technical problems of conventional techniques. Said resolved technical problems, such as, the springs serve as mechanical means are easy wearing or elastic fatigue, and are also difficult to assemble and mount.


Muzzle brake

A muzzle device that may be attached to the barrel of a forearm that includes structures which influence the flow characteristics of exhausting propellant gases for suppressing muzzle flash, counter acting the rearward and upward motion of the muzzle during firing, and reducing the concussion directed towards the shooter as well as personnel to the sides of the shooter.. .


Self regulating gas system for suppressed weapons

A gas system for an autoloading firearm wherein the gas used to cycle the weapon can be restricted automatically through a mechanical shutoff actuated by the installation of a suppressor on the weapon. The gas system could be used to actuate either a piston to mechanically operate the weapon or a gas impingement mechanism wherein the gas is redirected into the bolt carrier assembly to directly actuate the unlocking and cycling of the bolt and bolt carrier group.
Ra Brands, L.l.c.


Engine for propelling an aircraft and aircraft having at least one engine and at least one hydrogen tank

An engine for propelling an aircraft includes an annular fuel cell arrangement having at least one fuel cell, at least one electric motor couplable to the fuel cell arrangement, at least one fan couplable to the electric motor and a cowling having an inlet and an outlet nozzle. The fuel cell arrangement is arranged inside the cowling, the at least one fan is arranged between the inlet and the fuel cell arrangement inside the cowling, the electric motor is operable under consumption of electric power delivered by the fuel cell arrangement and the at least one fan is designed to produce a thrust force by creating an accelerated airflow at the outlet nozzle.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh


Propellant-free pressurized material dispenser

A device for dispensing a material under pressure, including at least one elastic portion defining at least one wall of a chamber defining a volume within which said material is to be contained; and at least one non-elastic portion coupled to said at least one elastic portion and affecting a geometry of one or both of said elastic portion and of said chamber; wherein, at least when the material is contained within said chamber, said at least one elastic portion is stretched so as to urge a reduction in volume of said chamber by at least 70%. The non-elastic portion is optionally rigid..
Greenspense Ltd.


Robotic drowning rescue system

A system remotely monitors a potential drowning victim and remotely and passively detects one or more drowning indicia. Upon detecting one or more drowning indicia, the system acquires location coordinates of the victim and activates a self-propelled robotic submersible, which travels to the victim's location and uses one or more sensors to position itself directly below the victim in the body of water.


Paddle board with internal propulsion drive

A stand-up paddle board having an elongated hull, an internal housing structure formed within the hull, and an electric motor positioned within the internal housing and configured to drive an impeller so as to pull water in through a water inlet and force the water out through an exhaust nozzle so as to propel the stand-up paddle board through the water.. .


Silicone propelled pedestrian hood lifter and seatbelt pre-tensioner

A pyrotechnic device contains a housing having a first end and a second end. A structural component or piston is contained within the housing.
Tk Holdings Inc.


Utility vehicle

A utility vehicle is provided that includes first and second pairs of wheels, a controller, and a potentiometer. The first pair of wheels is propelled by an internal combustion engine.
Asw, Llc


Chainsaw-type brush cutting assembly

A brush cutting assembly, horizontally oriented and designed to operate in close proximity to the soil surface for clearing brush and other light vegetation, in the form of a plurality of cutting elements pivotally interconnected with one another forming a cutting span propelled by a motor-driven sprocket and wrapped around the peripheral edge of a relatively thin, generally flat member having a marginal edge portion that engages cutting elements along the cutting span which enters the kerf produced by the chainsaw chain during the operation. Said assembly can be applied to substantially any type of tool which uses a drive member commonly used for clearing weeds and light brush, connected by way of a shaft and an arbor.


Exfoliator, exfoliating apparatus and exfoliating method

An exfoliator, an exfoliating apparatus and an exfoliating method using the same are described. The orientating column of the exfoliator is suitable for propeling a plurality of beads.
National Cheng Kung University


Propellant-free aerosol formulation for inhalation

The present invention relates to propellant-free aerosol formulations for inhalation containing ipratropium bromide and salbutamol.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh


X-ray diagnostic apparatus and foot switch used for the same

According to one embodiment, an x-ray diagnostic apparatus which can improve operability is provided. This apparatus comprises a top configured to move, a bed including the top, an x-ray tube configured to generate x-rays applied to an object placed on the top, a peripheral unit used around the bed, and control processing circuitry configured to generate a control signal.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Firing mechanism of airsoft gun

A firing mechanism of an airsoft gun includes a canister of propellant having an outlet member. The firing mechanism includes a pivotal follower engaged with a trigger; and a valve assembly including a spring biased sliding rod urging against the follower, an o-ring put on the sliding rod for blocking the outlet member, a well on the sliding rod, a chamber having an outlet element, a passage interconnecting the outlet member and the chamber, and a ball seated on the outlet element for blocking the chamber; a channel in communication with the chamber; and a spring biased stopper for closing a forward end of the channel.


Air canister for airsoft gun

A canister of propellant releasably mounted in a stock of an airsoft gun includes a head threadedly secured to a first end of a case and including an intermediate annular groove; a plug threadedly fastened in the head and including first, second, and third o-rings; a plunger disposed through the plug into the head and including a first receptacle, a lateral first opening through the first receptacle, a second receptacle, a lateral second opening through the second receptacle, and an annular flange; a cap threadedly secured to plug and including a bottom opening communicating with the case, and a biasing member biased between a bottom and the flange; a passage member threadedly secured to the case; and a check valve threadedly fastened in the passage member.. .


Propellant gas supply for an ionic propulsion unit

A field of feeding propellant gas to ion thrusters, and in particular a method of feeding an ion thruster with propellant gas coming from a pressurized tank via a feed circuit including an on/off valve and, in succession downstream from the on/off valve, a high pressure restrictor, a buffer tank, and at least one low pressure restrictor. The method includes the steps of calculating a pressure setpoint for the buffer tank as a function of a flow rate setpoint, calculating the difference between the pressure setpoint for the buffer tank and a pressure measured in the buffer tank, calculating a setpoint for the opening time of the on/off valve as a function of the difference and of a pressure inside the pressurized tank, and opening the on/off valve in compliance with the opening time setpoint..


Gas turbine engine with cooling scheme for drive gear system and pitch control

A gas turbine engine comprises an outer nacelle. A nose cone is spaced radially inward of the outer nacelle.
United Technologies Corporation


Two spool gas generator to create family of gas turbine engines

A method of configuring a plurality of gas turbine engines includes the steps of configuring each of the engines with respective ones of a plurality of propulsors. Each propulsor includes a propulsor turbine and one of a fan and a propeller.
United Technologies Corporation


Water craft jet pump heat exchanger

A water jet propelled water craft has a jet pump impeller (24) mounted in a jet tube (18) and driven by a water cooled engine (16). A heat exchanger (30′) for the engine coolant is incorporated into a housing for the jet pump impeller (24) and takes the form of a chamber surrounding a through bore of the jet tube (18).
Bwm Ribs Ltd.


Assembly and subsea hydrocarbon gas recovery

An assembly to recover hydrocarbon gas from a seabed comprises one or more self-propelled drilling devices that include hydrocarbon sensors and a sublimation mechanism to induce sublimation of crystallized hydrates into hydrocarbon gases. As the drilling device moves through the wellbore, hydrocarbon deposits are detected and the sublimation mechanism induces sublimation of the deposits to release hydrocarbon gases up through the formation to the seabed.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.


Hollow glass built-in sun-shading apparatus

The present invention relates to a built-in sun-shading device of hollow glass. The built-in sun-shading device comprises a cord-winding mechanism, a transmission mechanism controlling the rotation of the cord-winding mechanism and a sun-shading mechanism connected onto the cord-winding mechanism.
Intigral, Inc.


Water jet pool cleaner with opposing dual propellers

A robotic pool or tank cleaner is propelled by water jets, the direction of which is controlled by the direction of rotation of a horizontally mounted pump motor within the pool cleaner housing, having a propeller attached to either end of the motor drive shaft which projects from opposing ends of the motor body, each of the propellers being positioned in a water jet discharge conduit that terminates in discharge ports in opposing ends of the housing. Each discharge conduit has a pressure-sensitive flap valve downstream of the respective propellers.
Aqua Products, Inc.


Foamable composition with low heat conductivity for use in profiled plastic parts

A foamable composition is described that includes at least one base polymer, at least one propellant, at least one lubricant and/or at least one heat stabilizer, and optionally additional additives, selected from crosslinking agents, heat reflectors, heat flow additives, anti-condensation additives, and/or fillers. Corresponding compositions can be processed into polymer foams which can have a heat conductivity of <0.04 e(mk), and an expansion greater than or equal to 1000%, and a weldability of 80 seconds at 240-260° c.
Sika Technology Ag


Liquid propellant

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a liquid propellant which has low toxicity, is easy to handle, and has excellent specific impulse. The present invention provides a liquid propellant characterized by comprising at least a dinitramide derivative represented by general formula (1) and an amine nitrate represented by general formula (2)..
Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd.


Portable high rate anaerobic digester apparatus and operation

An apparatus for digesting waste comprises a tank, a tube, a propeller, and a trough. The tube is disposed within the tank.
Usemco, Inc


Airborne rigid kite with on-board power plant for ship propulsion

A vehicle-based airborne wind turbine system having an aerial wing, a plurality of rotors each having a plurality of rotatable blades positioned on the aerial wing, an electrically conductive tether secured to the aerial wing and secured to a ground station positioned on a vehicle, wherein the aerial wing is adapted to receive electrical power from the vehicle that is delivered to the aerial wing through the electrically conductive tether; wherein the aerial wing is adapted to operate in a flying mode to harness wind energy to provide a first pulling force through the tether to pull the vehicle; and wherein the aerial wing is also adapted to operate in a powered flying mode wherein the rotors may be powered so that the turbine blades serve as thrust-generating propellers to provide a second pulling force through the tether to pull the vehicle. .
Google Inc.


Vtol aircraft with a thrust-to-weight ratio smaller than 0.1

Vtol aircraft with a thrust-to-weight ratio smaller than 0.1, during vertical take-off/landing, obtains another vertical lift, besides traditional vertical lift generated by low-temp bypass duct directing, under the closing of the propelling nozzle (7) of low-temp duct (6) of a turbofan engine and the opening of the inlet (14) of the low-temp bypass duct (15), the low-temp air (18) from the low-temp duct (6) to flow, in form of low-temp planar jet (20), over the upper surface of the wing along the wingspan, by high-temp bypass duct (15) directing, under the closing of the propelling nozzle (5) of high-temp duct (4) of the turbofan engine and the opening of the inlet (8) of the high-temp bypass duct (9), the high-temp air (18) from the high-temp duct (4) to flow, in form of high-temp planar jet (13), above the low-temp planar jet (20) but not burn up the wing along the wingspan and enables the ailerons (1, 2) to control the balances more efficiently.. .


Mount device for outboard motor

An outboard motor having an outboard motor body generating a thrust by rotating a propeller that is driven by an engine mounted to the outboard motor and an attachment device for attaching the outboard motor body to a hull. The outboard motor includes a mount device having an upper mount and a lower mount arranged between the outboard motor body and the attachment device for attaching the outboard motor body to the hull and supports an upper portion and a lower portion of the outboard motor body, respectively.
Suzuki Motor Corporation


Motorized watercraft system with interchangeable motor module

A personal watercraft body comprises a recess configured to receive similarly shaped cassettes. A first cassette may be motorized to propel the body relative to a body of water.
Boomerboard, Llc


Joint movement detection device and system for coordinating motor output with manual wheelchair propulsion

A joint movement detection device and system is presented which is responsive to elbow or wrist movements during use of a manually-propelled wheelchair to enable coordination of assistive motor energization with a user's efforts at self-motivating the manually-propelled wheelchair during driving, steering, and braking of the wheelchair. Additional means are disclosed which help to ensure user-intended assistive motor output that is responsive to movement of the joint over which the device is worn..


Rudder-assisted steering for self-propelled drainage equipment

Novel tools and techniques for performing steering operations for a tracked vehicle with a dragged implement using a control system that uses a combination of differential steering and rudder steering based on one or more operating conditions of the vehicle.. .
Trimble Navigation Limited


Transmission assembly for a self-propelled machine, and machine fitted with such a transmission

A transmission assembly for a self-propelled machine includes a transmission housing fitted with an input shaft and an output shaft, a so-called drive shaft linked to the input shaft by an endless belt transmission and, arranged between the drive shaft and the output shaft, transmission elements including a control mechanism for reversing the rotational drive direction of the output shaft, and a clutch control mechanism, the direction reversing and clutch controls carried by the housing being mounted respectively movable, one between at least three positions: a neutral position, a forward position and a reverse position, the other between at least an engaged position and a disengaged position. The direction reversing control forms, in the neutral position, an element for blocking the clutch control in the disengaged position, and the clutch control forms, in the engaged position, an element for locking the direction reversing control in the forward or reverse position..
France Reducteurs


Systems and methods implementing devices adapted to controllably propel themselves through a medium

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement devices adapted to propel themselves through a medium, where the path that they traverse can be advantageously controlled. In one embodiment, a device adapted to propel itself through a medium includes: a body; a drive mechanism coupled to the body; a propeller rotatably coupled to the drive mechanism; a first wing coupled to the body, the first wing being configured to generate a first lift; and a second wing coupled to the body, the second wing being configured to generate a second lift that is different than the first lift..


Compressed gas aerosol composition in steel can

An aqueous compressed gas aerosol formulation in combination with a lined steel can, which may also optionally be tin plated, to provide corrosion stability, fragrance stability and color stability. An aerosol formulation of particular advantage for use is an air and/or fabric treatment formulation.
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Nicotine composition

An inhalable composition comprising: nicotine or a pharmaceutically acceptable derivative or salt thereof; a propellant; a monohydric alcohol; and a glycol and/or glycol ether, characterised in that the ratio of monohydric alcohol:glycol or glycol ether by weight is from 6:1 to 1:1.. .
Kind Consumer Limited


Implant having a bone growth powder/biomedical filler rotary push structure

An implant includes an implant base having a predetermined diameter, a positioning thread spirally upwardly extended around the periphery thereof and gradually reducing in width in direction from the implant root toward an opposing top side thereof to form a gum-drilling structure, a plurality of spiral grooves equiangularly and upwardly extending around the periphery thereof across the positioning thread to form a plurality of cutting edges at the positioning thread at different elevations, and an arc top located at the top side thereof. The diameter of the implant root and the number of the spiral grooves are determined subject to a predetermined ratio so that the implant can be conveniently and rapidly driven into the dental bone to simultaneously propel the applied bone growth powder/biomedical filler into place, assuring a high level of implant reliability..
Star Generation Limited Taiwan Branch


Self-propelled floor cleaning device comprising a consecutive vehicle, which follows a lead vehicle

A self-propelled floor cleaning device includes a manually controlled or program-controlled first cleaning vehicle, which moves across a treatment path across a surface, which is to be cleaned, including a first cleaning device for carrying out a dry cleaning step. A second cleaning vehicle, including a second cleaning device for carrying out a wet cleaning step, is coupled to the first cleaning vehicle such that the second cleaning vehicle follows the first cleaning vehicle on the treatment path thereof.
Vorwerk & Co. Interholding Gmbh


Systems, machines, methods, and associated data processing to explore and analyze subterranean geophysical formations

Systems, methods, and transmitter assemblies for exploring geophysical formations at great depths. In order to explore the formation, transmitter assemblies with a size less than 500 nanometers are inserted into the formation.


Firearm suppressor

A firearm suppressor (1) has a suppressor housing (10) defining the outer surface of the suppressor (1), a mounting member (2) for fastening/detaching the suppressor (1) with a barrel (70) of the firearm (7) and having an aperture (20) for a projectile (8) and propellant gases of the firearm (7) to enter the suppressor (1), an interior arranged to form a number of compartments (30), which are separated by conical baffles (3) having an aperture (32) for the projectile to pass through, an exit aperture (60) for the projectile (8) and the propellant gases to exit the suppressor (1), the compartments (30) formed by the conical baffles (3) are different in volume so that in the order of advancing projectile path (pp) the largest compartment (30) is followed by number of smaller compartments (30).. .


Induced hollow spiral driving apparatus

An induced hollow screw driving apparatus comprises a shell (6) shaped like a round pipe and having a central through hole in an axial direction; a motor rotor (1) is disposed in the through hole of the shell (6) through two bearings (4) and has a central through hole in an axial direction; screw rings (2.1 and 2.2) used for driving are disposed on an inner wall of the through hole of the motor rotor (1); a drive block (5) is inserted in the sealed shell (6) to induce an outer wall (3) of the rotor (1), so as to drive the rotor (1) to rotate. The screw ring driving manner of the driving apparatus has small friction and noise, and the overall driving efficiency thereof exceeds that of existing driving devices such as a propeller; the driving apparatus further has advantages such as being leakage-free, coupling-free, spark-free, cavitation-free, capable of self-speed regulation, capable of turning, magnetizable and extendable, capable of self-cleaning, maintenance-free, and having a long service life..


Apparatus for reducing water-bloom and removing floating matters using infrared ray sensor and gps

Provided is an apparatus for reducing water-bloom and removing floating matters using an infrared ray sensor and a gps, wherein driving force can be supplied through a solar photovoltaic power module, and there are provided a motored propelling unit, for example, a propeller, and an infrared ray sensor for detecting the presence of a predetermined thing, so the apparatus can automatically move on the surface of water, and the generation of water-bloom, for example, algae, may be inhibited using ultrasonic waves, and in case where electric power supply is impossible because the lack of quantity of solar radiation, the apparatus may automatically return to the dock using the gps device, thus being electrically charged.. .


Propellant with extended storage life

A propellant includes a binder system that has a polybutadiene component, a polytetrahydrofuran component, and an anti-oxidant component. In an example, the propellant includes a solid oxidizer, a solid fuel, and a binder system that holds the solid oxidizer and the solid fuel together.


Bin-module based automated storage and retrieval system and method

A bin-module based automated storage and retrieval system (asrs) includes a plurality of storage shelves, each removably supporting a plurality of bin modules. Each bin module includes multiple bins.


Machine and its operation

A labelling machine comprises a supply spool support for supporting a supply spool comprising label stock comprising a web and a plurality of labels attached to the web and which are separable from the web; a take-up spool support adapted to take up a portion of web; a first motive means configured to propel the web along a web path from the supply spool support towards the take up spool support, the first motive means comprising a first motor including a first stator and a first rotor; a labelling peel beak located along the web path and configured to peel the labels from label web as the label stock passes the labelling peel beak; and a printer for printing on the labels. The printer includes a ribbon supply spool support for supporting a ribbon supply spool comprising printer ribbon for the printer; a ribbon take-up spool support adapted to take up a portion of the printer ribbon; and a second motive means configured to propel the printer ribbon from the supply spool support towards the take up spool support, the second motive means comprising a second motor including a second stator and a second rotor.


Aircraft propelled by a turbojet engine with contrarotating fans

An aircraft propelled by a turbojet having contrarotating fans, the turbojet being incorporated at the rear of a fuselage of the aircraft and in line therewith and including two gas generators that feed a working turbine having two contrarotating turbine rotors for driving two fans arranged downstream from the gas generators, and distinct air intakes for feeding each gas generator, the air intakes being connected to the fuselage of the aircraft so as to take in at least a portion of the boundary layer formed around the fuselage of the aircraft.. .


Control device for hybrid vehicle

A vehicle control system is provided to improve a response of shifting operation of a drive mode while avoiding a shortage of drive force. The control system is applied to a hybrid vehicle having an internal combustion engine and two motors, and configured to select a drive mode from a mode where the vehicle is powered by the engine and a mode where the vehicle is powered by at least one of the motors while stopping the engine.


Prestroking engine disconnect clutch in a hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle includes an engine and an electric machine selectively coupled to one another via a clutch. In one mode of operation, the vehicle can be propelled by only the electric machine while the engine is off.


Planned obsolescence cartridge, for producing and dispensing an aerosol, and spraying apparatus comprising same

The cartridge (1) for dispensing an aerosol includes a liquid container (12), a nozzle (5) communicating with the container via a suction cannula (4) and a compressor (6) for producing a carrier stream of compressed air introduced into the nozzle such that the contents of the container are first sucked in, then fractionated and finally propelled into an expansion chamber (13) and then to the outside. The cartridge is remarkable in that the elements of which it consists form a non-dismountable assembly and includes electronic circuitry (9) of planned obsolescence capable of directly or indirectly determining the total quantity of liquid consumed during previous operation cycles, of comparing this value with a setpoint value representative of the quantity of liquid present in the container before the first use, and of preventing the subsequent operation of the compressor when the liquid contained in the container has been drained..


Device for removing manure from a floor, in particular a closed floor

The present invention relates to an unmanned self-propelled and self-steering device for removing manure present on a floor, including a manure slide and a drive for moving the device over the floor, wherein the manure slide is substantially u-shaped or v-shaped with two legs in order to define autonomously a manure-accommodating-space which opens in a forward direction and is closed in a rearward direction, and wherein the legs have a length in the order of magnitude of the width of the manure slide.. .


Device for removing manure from a floor, in particular a closed floor

The present invention relates to an unmanned self-propelled and self-steering device for removing manure present on a floor, including a manure slide and a drive for moving the device over the floor, wherein the manure slide is substantially u-shaped or v-shaped with two legs in order to define autonomously a manure-accommodating-space which opens in a forward direction and is closed in a rearward direction, and wherein the legs have a length in the order of magnitude of the width of the manure slide.. .


Self-propelled harvesting machine

A self-propelled harvesting machine includes a front harvesting attachment, a ground drive with first and second drive shafts offset relative to the front harvesting attachment, first and second track roller units to which first and second drive shafts are drivably connected and which extend on both sides of the harvesting machine and a rear axle having rear wheels that are steered via a steering mechanism provided in a rear region of the harvesting machine. The first and second drive shafts are driven by separate first and second hydraulic motors of a hydrostatic transmission.


High power low voltage electrified powertrain

An electrified powertrain includes an electric motor having four or more coils corresponding to four or more ac phases and configured to generate drive torque to propel an electrified vehicle. The electrified powertrain also includes a low voltage electrical system comprising independent battery modules each configured to output a separate low dc voltage, and a power inverter module (pim) configured to receive each of the separate low dc voltages from the battery modules, generate a separate low ac voltage for each ac phase using all of or fewer than all of the separate low dc voltages, and output the separate low ac voltages to the coils of the electric motor to drive the electric motor to generate the drive torque to propel the electrified vehicle, wherein none of the separate low dc voltages are electrically isolated and none of the separate ac voltages are considered high voltage..


Systems utilizing a controllable voltage ac generator system

A rocket propelled vehicle includes a controllable voltage ac generator configured to be connected to a power generation turbine shaft and configured to convert rotational energy to electrical energy, wherein the controllable voltage ac generator is configured to output a desired voltage irrespective of a change in a rotational speed of the power generation turbine shaft, an ac electric motor pump configured to pump at least one of fuel or oxidizer to a combustion chamber of the rocket propelled vehicle, and an ac bus connecting the controllable voltage ac generator to each of the ac electric motor pump.. .


Systems, methods, transmitter assemblies, and associated power supplies and charging stations to explore and analyze subterranean geophysical formations

Systems, methods, and transmitter assemblies for exploring geophysical formations at great depths. In order to explore the formation, transmitter assemblies with a size less than 500 nanometers are inserted into the formation.


Systems, machines, program products, transmitter assemblies and associated sensors to explore and analyze subterranean geophysical formations

Systems, methods, and transmitter assemblies for exploring geophysical formations at great depths. In order to explore the formation, transmitter assemblies with a size less than 500 nanometers are inserted into the formation.


Systems, transmitter assemblies, and associated propulsion devices to explore and analyze subterranean geophysical formations

Systems and transmitter assemblies for exploring geophysical formations at great depths. In order to explore the formation, transmitter assemblies with a size less than 500 nanometers are inserted into the formation.


Method for producing subsonic ammunition casing

Apparatus and methods for manufacturing subsonic ammunition articles from conventional supersonic ammunition articles are provided. The apparatus includes devices for controllably introducing a filler material to reduce the inner volume of a conventional supersonic ammunition article.


Surface skimming munition

A surface skimming munition comprises a hull, a traction propulsion motor positioned in the hull and having a combustion chamber for combustion of a propellant, at least one aft directed nozzle coupled to the hull at a position forward of a center of gravity of the hull and comprising an inlet section and an outlet section, the inlet section in fluid communication with the combustion chamber and the outlet section directing combustion gas received from the combustion chamber through the inlet section in the aft direction, and at least one stabilizing plane coupled to the hull and moveable between a stowed position and a deployed position.. .


Energy-saving and emission-reducing disturbing and boosting mixture gas of fuel oil engine

Disclosed is an improved energy-saving and emission-reducing apparatus for disturbing and boosting a mixture gas of a fuel oil engine. A spring-shaped device and a propeller-shaped device for further increasing the degree of mixing and atomizing of the mixture gas are provided in an engine carburetor foam tube (2), a choke tube (7) and the whole mixture gas channel.


Method and a device for feeding a rocket engine

The invention relates to a feed device for feeding a thrust chamber (10) of a rocket engine (100) with first and second propellants. According to the invention, a first feed circuit (16) of the thrust chamber (10) comprises a turbopump (22) having at least one pump (22a) for pumping the first propellant from a first tank (12), and a turbine (22b) mechanically coupled to said pump (22a).


Method and a device for adjusting a setpoint value of a parameter that influences thrust from a gas turbine engine

A method of adjusting a setpoint value of at least one parameter that has an influence on thrust of a gas turbine engine propelling an aircraft during a stage of flight of the aircraft, the method including: obtaining a current value of at least one operating variable of the engine; extracting from a pre-established table a decrement value for the at least one parameter associated with the current value of the at least one operating variable of the engine; and adjusting the setpoint value of the at least one parameter by applying thereto the decrement value extracted from the table.. .

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