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Propel patents

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Solid state ignition safety device

Bae Systems Land & ArmamentsL.p.

Solid state ignition safety device

Kinetic fireball incendiary munition


Kinetic fireball incendiary munition

Kinetic fireball incendiary munition

Pcp Tactical

Overmolded high strength polymer-based cartridge casing for blank and subsonic ammunition

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Aggregation and control of magneto-responsive entities patent thumbnailAggregation and control of magneto-responsive entities
Applicants have discovered a novel apparatus and method to aggregate and displace a plurality of magneto-responsive entities (steerable self-propelled entities or sspes) in three dimensions using time-multiplexing. The apparatus for controlling aggregation of sspes in a body comprises at least three sets of magnetic field sources arranged in three axes for generating a controlled magnetic field and a controller connected to at least one of said magnetic field sources to create a three dimensional convergence point.
Corporation De L'ecole Polytechnique De Montreal

 Solid state ignition safety device patent thumbnailSolid state ignition safety device
A solid state ignition safety device for rocket assisted projectiles having a piezoelectric generator that charges a capacitor during the initial acceleration of the projectile by the launching propellant charge. The capacitor is then discharged after a delay to ignite an initiator, which ignites the rocket motor of the projectile.
Bae Systems Land & Armaments, L.p.

 Kinetic fireball incendiary munition patent thumbnailKinetic fireball incendiary munition
A kinetic fireball incendiary munition is provided having an outer shell or bomb casing, one or more incendiary sub munitions therein, and an igniter therefore. Each of the submunitions includes an incendiary portion, at least one rocket motor that propels the submunition inside of a target volume, and an oxidizer for the incendiary portion and rocket motor.
Exquadrum, Inc.

 Overmolded high strength polymer-based cartridge casing for blank and subsonic ammunition patent thumbnailOvermolded high strength polymer-based cartridge casing for blank and subsonic ammunition
A high strength polymer-based cartridge casing for blank or subsonic ammunition has a reduced volume and includes a mouth, a neck extending away from the mouth, and a shoulder extending below the neck. Additionally, the cartridge includes an extraction rim and a groove, a primer pocket and a flash hole in fluid communication with the reduced volume.
Pcp Tactical, Llc

 Countermeasure  defeating incoming projectiles patent thumbnailCountermeasure defeating incoming projectiles
A countermeasure system for intercepting an incoming weapon, such as a rocket propelled grenade (rpg), includes a launcher that is used to launch a countermeasure. A door covers and protects the countermeasure in an opening in the launcher prior to the launch of the countermeasure.
Raytheon Company

 Stacked projectile launcher and associated methods patent thumbnailStacked projectile launcher and associated methods
Provided is a barrel insert for use with a barrel containing a plurality of axially stacked projectiles. The barrel insert has a proximal and a distal end, the distal end adapted to engage a proximally disposed projectile disposed in the barrel.
Metal Storm Limited

 Compositions comprising 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, 1,1,2,3-tetra-chloropropene, 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene, or 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropane patent thumbnailCompositions comprising 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene, 1,1,2,3-tetra-chloropropene, 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene, or 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropane
The present disclosure relates to compositions comprising 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene that may be useful as heat transfer compositions, aerosol propellants, foaming agents, blowing agents, solvents, cleaning agents, carrier fluids, displacement drying agents, buffing abrasion agents, polymerization media, expansion agents for polyolefins and polyurethane, gaseous dielectrics, extinguishing agents, and fire suppression agents in liquid or gaseous form. Additionally, the present disclosure relates to compositions comprising 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene, 2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene, or 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropane, which may be useful in processes to produce 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene..
The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

 Angular momentum propulsion apparatus and method patent thumbnailAngular momentum propulsion apparatus and method
An angular momentum propulsion apparatus is disclosed that imparts motion on an object. The propulsion apparatus includes a support structure and a first tube assembly coupled to the support structure.

 Ion thruster patent thumbnailIon thruster
An ion thruster, comprising: a discharge chamber for accelerating ions towards one direction; an inflow opening for intake of a propellant into the discharge chamber; a discharge cathode, shaped in a form of a propeller, for releasing electrons in the discharge chamber, thereby ionizing the propellant in the discharge chamber, wherein the discharge cathode is rotatable around an axis, thereby propelling inward to the discharge chamber the propellant thereof; an outflow opening for exhausting the ions from the discharge chamber; and an accelerator electrode, shaped in a form of a propeller, for accelerating the ions towards the one direction of the outflow opening, wherein the accelerator electrode is rotatable around an axis, thereby propelling outward from the discharge chamber the ions and neutral atoms thereof; wherein the ion thruster comprises electromagnetic coils for generating a magnetic field inside the discharge chamber.. .

 Submersible power generator patent thumbnailSubmersible power generator
[disclosure of the invention] a submersible power generator comprising relatively rotating inner and outer rotational armatures, propellers for driving the inner and outer rotational armatures to rotate relatively to each other, and a casing for accommodating the inner and outer rotational armatures, which submersible power generator comprises an inner/outer double rotational armatures-type power generation mechanism provided with an outer rotational armature and an inner rotational armature opposing the outer rotational armature to rotate in a direction opposite to a direction of rotation of the outer rotational armature, and a pair of propellers disposed coaxially with blades of one of the pair of propellers and blades of the other of the pair of propellers twisted in opposite directions relative to an extending direction of a central axis of the pair of propellers, wherein one of the propellers is connected to one of the inner and outer rotational armatures and the other of the propellers is connected to the other of the inner and outer rotational armatures, and further comprises a casing for accommodating the inner/outer double rotational armatures-type power generation mechanism and shielding it from an external environment, and which submersible power generator, as installed under water to operate in a water current, is made to have buoyancy f acting thereon which is larger than gravity w acting thereon during operation of the submersible power generator (when the submersible power generator is moored by a mooring wire, f>w+gravity acting on the mooring wire—buoyancy acting on the mooring wire).. .


Propeller fan and air conditioner equipped with same

A propeller fan includes a blade. The blade has a shape in which a peak outlet angle at a trailing edge thereof exists in an outer region of the blade that is located radially outer than the representative square mean radius position, and an another peak outlet angle at a trailing edge thereof exists in an inner region of the blade that is located radially inner than the representative square mean radius position..
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Method of fracturing multiple zones within a well using propellant pre-fracturing

A method of fracturing multiple zones within a wellbore formed in a subterranean formation is carried out by forming flow-through passages in two or more zones within the wellbore that are spaced apart from each other along the wellbore. The flow-through passages are arranged into clusters, where the directions of all flow-through passages, which belong to the same cluster, are aligned within a single plane (cluster plane).
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Aerosol package with fermentation propulsion

A container system for a cosmetic product has a hollow pressure containment vessel defining a chamber that encloses a sealed, collapsible, air-less pouch container containing product to be dispensed. A fermentation propulsion system is provided between the inner wall of the chamber and the air-less pouch container.
Elc Management Llc


Aerosol package with fermentation propulsion

A method is provided for filling a container system for a cosmetic product that has a hollow pressure containment vessel defining a chamber that encloses a sealed, collapsible, air-less pouch container containing product to be dispensed. A fermentation propulsion system is provided between the inner wall of the chamber and the air-less pouch container.
Elc Management Llc


Self balancing airborne observational apparatus

An airborne observational apparatus is disclosed which is capable of staying in the air for an unlimited period of time. The apparatus includes a ground located, continuous electric power source and an aerial device which is connected permanently to the said power source by a tether cable.


Outboard motor

A dog clutch selectively meshes with a forward gear and a reverse gear according to an operation of a shift operating member such that connection of the forward gear or the reverse gear to a propeller shaft is changed. A friction clutch transmits the rotation of a drive shaft to the propeller shaft by a first friction surface and a second friction surface contacting together.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha


Outboard motor

An outboard motor includes an engine, a drive shaft, a drive gear, a propeller shaft, a forward gear, a reverse gear, a dog clutch, and a friction clutch. The drive shaft extends downward from the engine.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle control device for amphibious vehicle

Provided is a vehicle control device for an amphibious vehicle that can travel with a stable orientation even when the edge of the water consists of uneven terrain or terrain having an inclined surface along a different direction than the direction of travel. A vehicle control device for an amphibious vehicle capable of traveling on land, navigating on the water, and traveling on the edge of the water comprises a jet direction adjuster (15) for adjusting the direction of a jet created by a propeller (11), an orientation detector (31) for detecting the orientation of an amphibious vehicle (1), and a control device (30) for controlling the jet direction adjuster (15) and/or the propeller (11) on the basis of the orientation of the amphibious vehicle (1) detected by the orientation detector (31) when an edge-of-water travel mode is selected..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Jet propulsion boat

A jet propulsion boat includes a boat body, a jet propelling apparatus configured to propel the boat body, an engine configured to drive the jet propelling apparatus, and an ecu. The ecu is configured or programmed to determine that a deceleration operation is performed when an amount of operation of a first accelerator operation section is greater than an amount of operation of a second accelerator operation section.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha


Ship of contrarotating propeller propulsion type

A ship includes a main propeller; a pod propulsion unit; and a rudder plate. The main propeller, the pod propulsion unit and the rudder plate are arranged on a hull centerline in this order.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Hub motor arrangement or vehicle with hub motor arrangement

A ride-on vehicle, such as for a child, includes a vehicle body and one or more wheels that support the vehicle body relative to a surface. At least one of the wheels includes a hub motor arrangement that provides a drive torque for propelling the vehicle.
Razor Usa Llc


Drive wheel assembly for self-propelled irrigation system

A drive wheel attachment for a self-propelled irrigation system includes an annular-shaped clamping band assembly having multiple sections that fit around and clamp to existing wheel rims. A plurality of circumferentially spaced, radially extending structures are secured to and extend radially outwardly from the clamping band assembly.
Tommy No Trax, Llc


Administration of dihydroergotamine mesylate particles using a metered dose inhaler

Disclosed are compositions of matter and related methods that provide a metered dose inhaler that includes a formulation having a dose that comprises a hydrofluoroalkane propellant and dihydroergotamine mesylate particles; wherein the dose includes between 0.1 mg to 4 mg of dihydroergotamine mesylate; wherein the dihydroergotamine mesylate particles have a cumulative drug substance particle size distribution with d10>0.5 micron volumetric median diameter and d90<5.0 micron volumetric median diameter.. .
Map Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Antiperspirant aerosol composition

According to a first aspect, antiperspirant aerosol compositions are disclosed comprising antiperspirant active particulates, a propellant and at least 5% by weight of the entire antiperspirant aerosol composition of a silicone component, wherein (a) the antiperspirant active particulates are the only particulates in the antiperspirant aerosol composition; (b) the silicone component comprises one or more silicones and the or each silicone is a non-volatile silicone. According to a second aspect, packaged antiperspirant aerosol compositions according to the first aspect are disclosed..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Drive implementing engine stall protection in a self-propelled machine

Drive systems and methods for implementing engine stall protection in a self-propelled machine are disclosed. In one aspect, a drive system of a self-propelled machine incorporating engine stall protection includes an engine being in communication with a control unit and transmitting power and an engine load signal to the control unit.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Autonomous-travel cleaning robot

A self-propelled cleaning robot that can continuously perform cleaning even on a large space can be provided without increasing in size. The self-propelled cleaning robot that self-travels on and cleans a target flat surface (sf) of a structure (sp) installed outside, the self-propelled cleaning robot includes: a robot body (2) in which a self-propelled moving means is provided and a cleaning unit (10) that is provided in a side surface of the robot body (2).
Miraikikai, Inc.


Rpg defeat method and system

A rocket propelled grenade shield including a flexible net and a frame secured to the flexible net supporting the flexible net. Spaced hard points are attached to the net, the hard points including a base portion with a cavity therein and a plug received in said cavity locking each hard point to the flexible net..
Foster-miller, Inc.


Archery bow

An archery bow for selectively firing multiple projectiles one at a time and having riser with first and second ends and limb arrangements fixed relative thereto with a bow string is joined therebetween, the bow having a drum housing and a selectively rotatable drum rotatably secured relative to the housing, the drum being rotatable about a drum axis and having a projectile openings circumferentially spaced about the drum axis, each of the projectile openings shaped to receive a projectile wherein a plurality of projectiles can be secured in the drum at one time, one of the projectile openings being in a firing position and supporting a projectile to be fired by the bow, the remaining projectile openings being spaced from the firing position to reduce interference with the projectile to be fired, the drum having a rotation mechanism to rotate each of openings into the firing position individually, the bow further including a shooting force mechanism to selectively propel the projectiles.. .
Nxt Generation, Llc


Method and system for delivering water using a water-jet propelled watercraft

A water outlet for a jet pump in a jet-powered watercraft comprises a first end for coupling to a jet expulsion end of the jet pump in fluid-tight communication, and a second end adapted to be coupled to a hose, whereby the watercraft jet pump is converted from a propulsion pump for propelling the watercraft to a fluid pump for pumping water through the hose. In some embodiments the watercraft jet outlet is adapted to connect to a hose.


Brake assembly with particle capture

Nonpolluting brake assembly comprising a rotor, a pad comprising friction material capable of releasing particles resulting from abrasion, an autonomous suction device for drawing off said particles which comprises an intake opening arranged in the immediate vicinity of the pad and the rotor, a collection chamber for collecting the particles, an impeller driven by the rotor by means of a roller pressing on the rotor, for drawing off the particles through the opening and propelling them into the collection chamber, such that the particles are trapped as close as possible to their emission.. .
Tallano Technologie


Pump device

A pump device (2), to be mounted coaxially in a pipe (3), includes an axial or mixed flow pump with a guide tube (7) arranged around a propeller portion of the pump device (2). In a mounting position, a gap (11) is formed between an upper end (16) of the guide tube (7) at an outlet portion (8) of the pump device (2) and the column pipe (3).
Grundfos Holding A/s


Two-mode ignitor and a two-mode injection for igniting a rocket engine

A two-mode ignitor and to a two-mode method of injection into the ignitor, which includes a feed for a first propellant, a feed for a second propellant, a feed for a high pressure fluid, a first buffer tank, a second buffer tank, a first switch device, a second switch device, and a torch-forming combustion chamber; a downstream orifice from the first buffer tank and a downstream orifice from the second buffer tank both open out into the combustion chamber; the first switch device and second switch device devices are configured respectively to connect an upstream orifice of the first buffer tank with either the first feed or with the feed for high pressure fluid, and to connect the upstream orifice of the second buffer tank either with the second feed or with the feed for the high pressure fluid.. .


Propeller blade and method

A propeller blade includes an inner spar structure surrounding an inner spar foam core. Also included is a leading edge foam structure disposed proximate a leading edge of the inner spar structure.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Method and adding steam for a steam explosion pretreatment process

A method for treating cellulosic biomass feed stock including: feeding the feed stock to an upper inlet of a vertical reactor vessel, wherein the feed stock is deposited on a pile of feed stock within the vertical reactor vessel; adding heat energy to heat the feed stock by injecting steam to an upper region of the vertical reactor vessel; propelling the feed stock through an outlet in a lower region of the vertical reactor vessel by injecting steam into the biomass at, near or after the bottom outlet of the vertical reactor vessel, and moving the propelled feed stock through an expansion device, such as a steam explosion device, to subject the feed stock to a steam explosion process.. .
Andritz Inc.


Reaction system for producing pur and pir hard foam materials containing layer silicates

The invention relates to a reaction system for producing pur and pir hard foam materials, comprising the following components: a) a compound which is reactive towards isocyanates; b1) a surfactant component; c) a propellant in a supercritical or near-critical state; d) a polyisocyanate; and e) a layer silicate. The invention further relates to a reaction system for producing pur and pir hard foam materials, comprising the following components: b2) a surfactant component with functional groups which are reactive towards isocyanates; c) a propellant in a supercritical or near-critical state; d) a polyisocyanate; and e) a layer silicate.
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Method for producing bn-based nanoparticles and products therefrom

A method of forming boron nitride nanoparticles. A plurality of precursor molecules comprising boron, nitrogen and hydrogen may be decomposed in a first heating zone to form a plurality of gaseous molecules that contain bonded boron and nitrogen, followed by heating to a second, higher temperature thereby causing the gaseous molecules to react and nucleate to form a plurality of boron nitride nanoparticles.
Ph Matter, Llc


Spray delivery device

A spray delivery system including a sprayable active agent composition housed within a container is provided that can be used in the treatment of various skin conditions. The composition includes a hydrofluoro-based propellant, a carrier fluid, and active agent particles, and has a viscosity ranging from about 500 centipoise to about 10,000 centipoise.
Mission Pharmacal Company


Operating device of electric outboard motor

An operating device of an electric outboard motor has a steering bar-shaped handle projecting forward and pivotally supported on a hull to be able to steer right and left. A propeller of the electric outboard motor is driven by an electric motor driven by power supplied from a power supply.
Suzuki Motor Corporation


Motorized foldable beach cart

The present invention pertains to a mobile cart. In a specific embodiment, the subject cart can be utilized as a cart for transporting beach supplies including toys, games, sporting goods, umbrellas, blankets, towels and food and beverages from a transport vehicle or building onto a beach.


Vehicle electric machine control strategy

A vehicle having a traction battery and at least one electric machine for propelling the vehicle is provided. A high voltage dc bus electrically connects the traction battery to the electric machine.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Sports training target and methods thereof

A sports training target is provided. In exemplary embodiments, a sports training target may comprise a return net for substantially covering an opening defined by a frame, the return net having tension to withstand the impact of a sports projectile propelled from an originating location and having tension to allow the sports projectile to pass downward, exit a bottom portion of the return net, and return in the direction of the originating location; a target for substantially covering the return net, the target having an opening formed therein, the opening adapted to allow the sports projectile to pass behind the target to the return net, the target adapted to withstand the impact of a sports projectile, the target positioned in front of the return net, whereby a passage is formed between the target and the return net; and an attachment member adapted to attach the sports training target to the frame..


Stabilized, sprayable emulsion containing active agent particles

A sprayable emulsion is provided. The emulsion can be used in the treatment of various skin conditions.
Mission Pharmacal Company


Sprayable composition containing zinc oxide and a fluoro-olefin propellant

A sprayable zinc oxide composition is provided. The sprayable zinc oxide composition can be used in the treatment of various skin conditions.
Mission Pharmacal Company


System for propelling hospital bed

A system for propelling a hospital bed comprising a controller connected via the fifth wheel control unit to the auxiliary drive. The controller can be located at any place on the hospital bed.
Linet Spol. S.r.o.


Osprei raft

The osprey raft is the float on an angler's fishing tackle that has been engineered with electronics: remote communication, a propeller system, and guidance control. It is battery operated and conveys an array of equipment; optional camera for underwater viewing, optional net, optional spare gun, hook(s) and line(s).


System and performing an animal-related action

A system for performing an animal-related action includes a self-propelled vehicle with a regulating unit including a transmitting and receiving device. The regulating unit is connected to a drive and control system of the vehicle, including an electric drive motor and a battery system.
Lely Patent N.v.


Weed trimmer extension device

A weed trimmer extension device for cutting and collecting, or dispersing weeds includes a cutting enclosure, to which can be attached a collecting bag or a cutting disperser; a replacement cutting implement; and enclosure fasteners, for attaching the weed trimmer extension device to a weed trimmer. The cutting implement can further include a cutting blade and a perpendicular fin, which pushes air in a circular direction of motion, thereby creating a vortex of air, which rotates in the plane spanned out by the rotating cutting blade.


Self-propelled cleaning robot

Provided is a self-propelled cleaning robot that can efficiently perform cleaning even on a flat surface having a gap or a step. A self-propelled cleaning robot (1) that self-travels on and cleans a flat surface (sf) of a structure, a groove (g) being formed in the flat surface (sf), the self-propelled cleaning robot (1) includes a robot main body (2) in which a self-propelled moving means (4) is provided and a guidance unit (40) that guides movement of the robot main body (2).
Miraikikai, Inc.


Aerial vehicle with combustible time-delay fuse

An air vehicle includes a combustible fuse that is used for time-delayed release of a retention device. Combustion of a combustible propellant for propelling the air vehicle initiates combustion of the fuse.
Raytheon Company


Apparatus for launching subcaliber projectiles at propellant operating pressures including the range of pressures that may be supplied by human breath

In one embodiment, the sabot includes a registration means adapted to limit lateral displacement of the projectile while simultaneously permitting the projectile to touch the inner surface of the bore of the barrel. An alternative embodiment includes a magnetically attractable portion incorporated into the projectile and a magnetic detent for holding the projectile within the barrel bore in readiness for launching.


Method for manufacturing propeller shaft, and propeller shaft

A method for manufacturing a propeller shaft comprising: a shaft portion of a circular tube shape; and a joint assembly to be joined to a transfer gear box side or a differential gear box side of the shaft portion, the joint assembly comprising a shaft-side joint to be joined to the shaft portion and an other-member-side joint to be coupled to a transfer gear box or to a differential gear box, the method having: a press fitting step of pressing the shaft-side joint of the joint assembly into the shaft portion, in a state in which the shaft-side joint and the other-member-side joint have been assembled into the joint assembly; and a welding step of welding the shaft portion and the joint assembly, after the press fitting step.. .
Hino Motors, Ltd.


Rotational ducted fan (rdf) propulsion system

In accordance with the present invention, an embodiment of a rotational ducted fan motor comprises a monolithic rotational ducted fan rotor, an electric propulsion system, a static aft-shroud comprising electrochemical-energy-storage, and an engagement system. The rotational ducted fan rotor is the portion of a ducted fan motor comprising a propeller, a duct, and a center hub, and having the effect of increasing the pressure difference from upstream to downstream of the propeller.


Cargo handling system, method and apparatus

Cargo handling systems and methods for a freight deck of an aircraft are provided, as well as mobile transport apparatus. In at least one example, the system includes a support structure, at least one mobile transport apparatus, and a plurality of locking devices.
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.


Shaft made of fibre composite material with fireproof bulkhead feedthrough

The invention relates to an input shaft (10), in particular for the torque-transmitting connection of motor and propeller of a ship drive, the input shaft (10) having input-side and output-side interfaces and at least one composite hollow shaft made of fibre composite material arranged therebetween. According to the invention, the input shaft (10) has at least one section (11) which is arranged between the input-side and output-side interfaces, is connected to the composite hollow shaft, and is made of non-flammable material.
Hackforth Gmbh


Vessel propulsion manufacturing the same

A vessel propulsion apparatus includes a dog clutch that selectively engages either a front gear or a rear gear, an intermediate shaft rotatably supported by the front gear and by the rear gear and that rotates together with the dog clutch, a propeller shaft to which rotation of the intermediate shaft is transmitted, a lower case containing a drive gear and other elements, and a thrust transmitting member that receives a forward-direction thrust from the propeller shaft and that transmits the thrust to the lower case without transmitting the thrust to the intermediate shaft.. .
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha


Outboard marine motor assembly and conversion kit

An outboard trolling marine motor assembly, conversion kit and method for converting a string trimmer into an outboard motor assembly. The assembly and kit featuring a propeller, a clamp assembly, a spacer and a mounting bracket.


Cyclic pitch actuation system for counter-rotating propellers

A counter-rotating propeller system comprises a cyclic pitch system connected to a first plurality of propeller blades and a variable pitch system connected to a second plurality of propeller blades. The first plurality of propeller blades and the second plurality of propeller blades are configured to rotate about a common axis..
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Vehicle having a swivel wheel

A tricycle may be operable between a first mode of operation steerable by a tricycle rider, and a second mode of operation steerable by an individual pushing the tricycle. A rider handle, in the first mode, may be configured to be rotationally coupled with the stem in a manner permitting a tricycle rider to exert forces on the rider handle and thereby turn the fork, and the rider handle in the second mode, being configured to be rotationally uncoupled from the stem, preventing forces on the rider handle from turning the fork.
Smart Trike Mnf Pte Ltd


Railway inspection system

In one aspect of the present disclosure, a railway inspection system is shown. The system includes: an unmanned self-propelled vehicle, a sensor, a position system and a control system.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


Cancelling creep torque in a hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle includes an engine and an electric machine, both capable of propelling the vehicle. The electric machine provides creep torque to propel the vehicle at a slow speed or hold the vehicle when on an incline.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Self propelled device with magnetic coupling

A self-propelled device includes a spherical housing and an internal drive system including one or more motors. The internal drive system acts to provide power to an interior surface of the spherical housing, thereby causing the self-propelled device to move.
Orbotix, Inc.



An ecu is mounted on a vehicle that is able to carry out external charging for charging an in-vehicle battery with electric power from an outside of the vehicle and external discharging for discharging electric power inside the vehicle to the outside of the vehicle. The ecu sets a control mode of the vehicle to any one of a charging mode for carrying out the external charging, a discharging mode for carrying out the external discharging, and a traveling mode for propelling the vehicle.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Self-propelled animal-shed vehicle for removing manure and an assembly of such an animal-shed vehicle and an animal-shed floor

Self-propelled animal-shed vehicle for removing manure from a floor, and comprising a frame, a manure pick-up device, and a manure collecting bin, wherein the manure pick-up device comprises a rotating, continuous manure pick-up belt, at least two reversing parts, around which the belt can be rotatably moved, and a drive for moving the manure pick-up belt around the reversing parts, wherein the manure pick-up device during use keeps the manure pick-up belt in contact with the floor by means of a bottom reversing part, and wherein the drive is configured to move the manure pick-up belt at a peripheral speed, in such a manner that the manure pick-up belt moves from a bottom side of the bottom reversing part to a top side of the reversing part along the reversing part. Such a vehicle can keep an animal-shed floor clean in a very efficient manner.
Lely Patent N.v.


Self-propelled agricultural machine with dual driving modes

A windrower has a first dual-path steering mode, causing a left drive wheel and a right drive wheel to concurrently rotate, wherein the rotation of the left drive wheel is in a direction opposite that of the rotation of the right drive wheel and the position of tailwheel casters are not controlled but are permitted unconstrained rotation. The windrower also has a second tailwheel steering mode non-overlapping in operation with the dual-path steering mode, causing the left drive wheel and the right drive wheel to rotate concurrently in only a same direction and the tailwheel casters are steered based in part on tailwheel caster steer position information received from a sensor..
Agco Corporation


Rotation assistance mechanism and rotating power mechanism equipped with same

A rotation assistance mechanism equipped with an attraction unit having a pair of magnetic bodies for which the opposite poles of the bodies are arranged facing one another. A magnetic body driving unit changes the distance between the pair of magnetic bodies with a prescribed period by means of the rotation of a rear wheel.


Hydraulic modular power transfer unit assembly including a disconnect mechanism using automatic transmission line pressure

A power transfer unit assembly transfers torque from a powertrain to a propeller shaft. The power transfer unit assembly includes an input shaft, a transfer shaft, and a disconnect mechanism disposed between the input shaft and the transfer shaft.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Device for the transfer of heat between a lubrication pipe and a turbomachine blade pitch actuator control hydraulic pipe

An aircraft turbomachine including a lubricant circulation pipe and a hydraulic pipe for controlling an actuator for changing a pitch of blades of a propeller of the turbomachine. The assembly, integrated to a receiver of the turbomachine, further includes a mechanism forming a thermal bridge between the lubricant circulation pipe and the hydraulic pipe..


Downhole turbine-driven system

The present invention relates to a downhole system for performing an operation in a well downhole. The system comprises an elongated tubing string (3) for conducting fluid in the well; a turbine (7) driven by the fluid for driving a shaft (8); a generator (9) driven by the turbine by means of the shaft, a fluid-driven driving section (5) comprising a pump (6) driven by the fluid supplied through the shaft for propelling the fluid-driven driving section and the tubing string forward in the well, and an electrically driven driving section (10) comprising an electrical motor (11) powered by the generator (9) for propelling the driving section and the tubing string forward in the well, wherein the fluid-driven driving section (5) is arranged between the generator (9) and the electrically driven driving section (10)..
Welltec A/s


Turbine engine having a pair of propellers for an aircraft

The downstream bearing (30) is provided between the static housing (27) and the support (36), inside said support (36).. .


Paramotor with dynamic torque compensation

Paramotor with dynamic torque compensation includes a frame (1), harness or seat (2), engine and propeller (3) rotating in a cage (4) characterized by one or more surfaces placed on the frame and/or the cage in such a way that when air flows around them aerodynamic forces are generated in the opposite direction to the propeller torque. These surfaces are characterized by an asymetric profile (13), a symetric profile with non-zero angle of attack (14), an asymmetric profile with non-zero angle of attack (15) or in a form of flaps or ailerons with non-zero angle of attack (16).


Propulsion underwater driving

A propulsion apparatus for underwater driving comprising a driving unit housing having a motor embedded therein. A propulsion unit housing connected to the driving unit housing, having a plurality of inlet holes formed therein in a radius direction, and having a driving shaft for rotating a propeller using power received from the propeller and the motor..


Propeller including a blade back flow guide

This invention relates to a propeller and more particularly but not exclusively, to a propeller for use with inboard and outboard boat engines. The propeller includes a hub, and a plurality of blades, each blade having a blade face, a blade back and a blade peripheral zone comprising a leading edge, a trialing edge and a blade tip zone extending between the leading edge and the trialing edge.


Propeller incorporating a secondary propulsion system

This invention relates to a propeller and more particularly, but not exclusively, to a propeller for use with inboard and outboard boat engines. The propeller includes a hollow hub and a plurality of primary blades extending substantially radially outwardly from the hub, with each primary blade including a blade face, a blade back and a root section.


Endless track for propelling a vehicle, with lug replacement capability

An endless track for a track assembly providing traction to a work vehicle (e.g., an agricultural vehicle, a construction vehicle, etc.). The endless track comprises an elastomeric carcass having an inner side for facing wheels of the work vehicle and a ground-engaging outer side for engaging the ground.
Camoplast Solideal, Inc.


Control system for hybrid vehicle

A vehicle control system is provided to reduce a change in drive force and to start an engine without delay when starting the engine by a motor during running. The control system is applied to a hybrid vehicle having an internal combustion engine and two motors supplied electric power from a battery.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vehicle energy management system and method

A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, controlling a vehicle in an electric vehicle (ev) mode that utilizes electric-only power to propel the vehicle. The controlling step may be based on a selection of a travel range reservation..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Zero-profile interbody spacer and coupled plate assembly

An implant for insertion into a disc space between vertebrae, wherein the implant includes a spacer portion, a plate portion coupled to the spacer portion, two bone fixation elements for engaging the vertebrae and a retention mechanism for preventing the bone fixation elements from postoperatively backing-out of the plate portion. The retention mechanism may be in the form of a spring biased snapper element that is biased into communication with the bone fixation elements so that once the bone fixation element advances past the snapper element, the snapper element is biased back to its initial position in which the snapper element interfaces with the bone fixation elements.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Self-propelled merger

A self-propelled windrow merger includes a motor and a chassis. At the front of the merger are a first pickup and transfer assembly, a second pickup and transfer assembly and a third pickup and transfer assembly.
Oxbo International Corporation


Foldable triple front disk mower for self-propelled windrowers

A foldable agricultural mower for preferable forward mounting on a tractor, the mower having a central cutterbar and at least one foldable wing cutterbar disposed on a first end of the central cutterbar. The foldable wing cutterbar is movable from an operable position that is generally in line with the central cutterbar to a folded position that is generally parallel to and spaced above the central cutterbar.
Cnh Canada, Ltd.

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