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Propel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Propel-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 System and  fluid cooling of electronic devices installed in a sealed enclosure patent thumbnailnew patent System and fluid cooling of electronic devices installed in a sealed enclosure
A system and method for cooling electronic devices disposed with the innermost volume of a fluid-tight sealed enclosure. Thermally conductive fluids that fill one or more volumes of said sealed enclosure may be circulated away from said sealed enclosure to an external heat exchange mechanism.

 Self-propelled, highly dynamic driving simulator patent thumbnailnew patent Self-propelled, highly dynamic driving simulator
A self-propelled driving simulator has a machine frame which can be moved by three, preferably four or more, wheel assemblies on an underlying surface. The wheel assemblies each contain at least one wheel which can move on the underlying surface and which is arranged so as to be rotatable about a steering axle.
Amst-systemtechnik Gmbh

 Monopropellant driven hydraulic pressure supply patent thumbnailnew patent Monopropellant driven hydraulic pressure supply
A liquid propellant driven hydraulic pressure supply device may include an elongated body having an internal bore extending from a power end to a discharge end having a discharge port, a hydraulic fluid disposed in the bore between a piston and the discharge end and a liquid propellant gas generator connected to the power end.. .
Bastion Technologies, Inc.

 Rotor and rotor housing for a snowthrower patent thumbnailnew patent Rotor and rotor housing for a snowthrower
A self-propelled snowthrower wherein, in one embodiment, drive members on each side of the snowthrower provide variable speed propulsion. A transmission that delivers power to the drive members may be adapted to de-clutch one of the two drive wheels when the ground speed of that wheel exceeds the driving speed of the transmission.
The Toro Company

 Self-propelled, single-stage snowthrower patent thumbnailnew patent Self-propelled, single-stage snowthrower
A self-propelled, single-stage snowthrower wherein, in one embodiment, drive members on each side of the snowthrower provide variable speed propulsion. A transmission that delivers power to the drive members may be adapted to de-clutch one of the two drive wheels when the ground speed of that wheel exceeds the driving speed of the transmission.
The Toro Company

 Appliance for drying laundry with enhanced operation flexibility patent thumbnailnew patent Appliance for drying laundry with enhanced operation flexibility
A laundry drying appliance having a cabinet, a treatment chamber inside the cabinet, a drying air recirculation path for conveying air into/out from the treatment chamber, a drying air propeller driven by a drying air propeller motor for causing the drying air to recirculate along the recirculation path, a drying air moisture condensing and heating system in the drying air recirculation path for dehydrating the moisture-laden drying air leaving the treatment chamber and heating the dehydrated drying air before it re-enters into the treatment chamber, laundry drying cycle selector for selecting one out of a number of default laundry drying cycles, a control unit adapted to control the machine operation by operating the drying propeller at a default average speed corresponding to the selected drying cycle, and a command input means operable by the user to change an average working speed of the drying air propeller.. .
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

 Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin
The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a fluoroolefin and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and fire suppression and fire extinguishing agents..
The Chemours Company Fc, Llc

 Self-propelled elevator system having windings proportional to car velocity patent thumbnailnew patent Self-propelled elevator system having windings proportional to car velocity
An elevator system includes a hoistway; an elevator car to travel in the hoistway; permanent magnets mounted to the elevator car; and primary windings mounted in the hoistway, the primary windings having a first section having a first number of turns and a second section having a second number of turns, wherein the first number of turns is less than the second number of turns.. .
Otis Elevator Company

 Transportation system patent thumbnailnew patent Transportation system
A transportation system includes a track structure supporting one or more tracks along which cabins may travel. The track structure (2) contains the means of propulsion and extends the full length of travel of the cabins (1) and supports and guides the passenger carrying cabin(s).

 Automated warehouses patent thumbnailnew patent Automated warehouses
Automated warehouses are provided which include a main path, a series of secondary paths perpendicular to the main path along which storage stations are defined, suitable for receiving cargo units. In order to move the cargo units, a main self-propelled vehicle is movable along the main path, and is associated with an auxiliary self-propelled vehicle, movable along the secondary paths.
Eurofork S.r.l.

new patent

Outboard motor

The outboard motor includes a lower unit that rotatably supports a propeller shaft installed with propellers, and a shift unit that switches a shift position. The lower unit is provided with an upwardly opened shift unit storage chamber and a lid member that covers the upper side of the shift unit storage chamber.
Suzuki Motor Corporation

new patent

Outboard motor

The outboard motor includes a lower unit that rotatably supports a propeller shaft and a shift unit that switches a shift position. A drive shaft that transmits rotational power to the propeller shaft has upper and lower drive shafts provided coaxially and in series side by side.
Suzuki Motor Corporation

new patent

Sensor arrangement for controlling an auxiliary motor and a wheel hub unit with such a sensor arrangement

The present invention provides a sensor arrangement. The signal from the sensor is used to control an auxiliary motor of a vehicle propelled by muscular strength.
Maxon Motor Ag

new patent

Transport mode conversion

A self-propelled paving machine includes a plurality of swing legs, each swing leg being supported from a ground surface by an associated crawler track steerably connected to an outer end of its associated swing leg. The machine may be re-oriented from a paving mode to a transport mode by driving the ground engaging units to rotate the frame substantially in place on the ground through a re-orientation angle of the frame relative to the ground, and as the frame is rotating, pivoting one or more of the swing legs from a paving position relative to the frame, to a transport position relative to the frame..
Wirtgen Gmbh

new patent

Sodium bicarbonate puck cleaning and painting

An article of footwear is made by (a) providing a component having a contaminant on a receiving area of a surface; (b) blast cleaning the receiving area of the surface by propelling an abrasive alkali, alkaline earth, or ammonium compound in a pressurized gas stream against the receiving area; (c) applying a pressurized gas stream free of the abrasive compound, liquid water, and organic liquid to the receiving area to remove any residual abrasive compound from the receiving area of the surface to produce a cleaned receiving area; (d) applying a layer of material to the cleaned receiving area, wherein the material is selected from the group consisting of adhesives and coating compositions; and (e) incorporating the component into an article of footwear.. .
Nike, Inc.

new patent

Pig segment and pig

The invention relates to a pig segment for actively propelling a pig in elongated hollow bodies in particular, preferably in gas and oil pipelines, said segment having a drive comprising: at least one motor; at least one supporting element by means of which the pig segment can be supported on an inner surface of the hollow body; and at least one bearing element that can be moved along a longitudinal axis of the pig segment by means of the motor. The supporting element is pivotably arranged on the bearing element such that said supporting element can adopt a supporting position, in which position a supporting force is produced relative to a force exerted on the bearing element in a longitudinal direction.
Rosen Swiss Ag

new patent

Flying toy aircraft with a timer device

A flying toy aircraft having one or more low pressure channels acting as the primary lift mechanism. Each of the low pressure channels has a bottom member, two sidewalls, and an optional top member.
Tanous Works, Llc

new patent

Pitch-propelled vehicle

A method, system and apparatus for carrying a user including a board for supporting the user, a ground-contacting member coupled with the board, a motorized drive assembly coupled with the ground-contacting member and one or more sensors coupled with the drive assembly. In operation, the drive assembly adjusts the velocity of the ground-contacting member based on one or more distances of the board from a surface below the board as detected by the sensors.
Equalia Llc

new patent

Method and system for moving an in-vivo device in the gastrointestinal tract

An in-vivo device may be propelled in the gastrointestinal tract by a magnetic force such that the direction of the magnetic force applied to the in-vivo device follows, or is continually adapted to, the instantaneous spatial orientation of the in-vivo device. As the in-vivo device changes orientation in the gastrointestinal tract by the wall of the gastrointestinal tract, so does the magnetic force, to follow suit..
Given Imaging Ltd.


Short range peer-to-peer communications system

A short range peer-to-peer communications system for communicating between mobile machines includes a first machine having a first prime mover, a first ground engaging drive mechanism operatively connected to the first prime mover to propel the first machine about a work site, and a first peer-to-peer transmitter system on the first machine for transmitting a first signal indicative of a characteristic associated with operating of the first machine. A second machine has a second prime mover, a second ground engaging drive mechanism operatively connected to the second prime mover to propel the second machine about the work site, and a second peer-to-peer receiver system for receiving the first signal directly from the first peer-to-peer transmitter system..
Caterpillar Inc.


A projectile body and corresponding ammunition round for small arms or a light firearm

A projectile (14) for an ammunition round (10) for use with a small arms or light firearm comprises an elongated projectile body (16). The projectile body (16) has first and second axially opposed ends (18, 20) respectively and a cavity (20) extending there between.
Techventure Investment Pty Ltd


Coated substrate systems and methods

An apparatus, comprising: a substrate configured into a casing, a propellant configured between a projectile positioned/configured within the casing and an end of the casing, the propellant configured to expand upon a firing event and project the projectile from the casing; and a coating comprising a conformal coating layer having a particulate boron nitride dispersed therein, wherein the coating is configured to cover at least one of the inner sidewall and the outer sidewall, such that at least one side of the substrate is covered by the coating.. .
Alcoa Inc.


Train propellant management systems and methods

A thermal ballasting method includes providing a train having lng, routing the train to scheduled stops along a train route, forming a ballast cryogen by condensing an atmospheric gas within the train, producing a latent heat, evaporating the lng by transferring the latent heat to the lng, forming a natural gas, fueling the train by consuming the natural gas, and delivering the ballast cryogen to an lng storage site positioned along the train route.. .
Elwha Llc


Propeller pump for pumping liquid

Propeller pump for pumping liquid, including: an axially extending tubular pump housing having an inner surface, an axially extending pump core having an envelope surface, at least one axial portion of the pump core enclosed in the pump housing. The pump core includes a propeller having a hub and at least one blade, and at least one guide vane that includes an upstream leading edge and a downstream trailing edge, and that in the circumferential direction includes a pressure side and a suction side.
Xylem Ip Management S.a.r.l.


Stored pressure driven cycle

A propulsion system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a pressurant selectively released from a pressure tank to drive a pump to sustain propellant flow for main combustion.. .
Aerojet Rockettdyne, Inc


Method and secondary recovery operations in hydrocarbon formations

A production casing string including a plurality of propellant sleeves positioned on an exterior of the production casing string, and each propellant sleeve includes a firing mechanism and a firing sleeve for selectively covering and uncovering the firing mechanism. The casing string also includes an identifiable marker associated with each propellant sleeve and at least one selective bi-directional valve assembly associated with each propellant sleeve..
Superior Energy Services, Llc


Self-propelled road milling machine

The road milling machine according to the invention comprises a cleaning device which has a cleaning unit arranged in front of the work roller in the working direction. The cleaning unit ensures that the surface of the terrain over which the wheels or running gears travel is clear of material.
Wirtgen Gmbh


Method of cooling satlet electronics

A method of cooling spacecraft electronics by transferring fuel between two or more satlets is provided. Each satlet's electronics is thermally coupled to the satlet's fuel tank.
Novawurks, Inc.


Unmanned air-ground vehicle

An unmanned air-ground vehicle is provided. The unmanned air-ground vehicle includes a frame having a center portion connecting two substantially parallel transversely spaced apart track supports.


Unmanned aerial vehicle configuration for extended flight

This disclosure describes a configuration of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) that will facilitate extended flight duration. The uav may have any number of lifting motors.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Boat drive

A boat drive including combustion engine located within the hull and a drive unit located outside the hull. The drive has a propeller shaft and an exhaust system with an exhaust duct and an outlet.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Large outboard motor for marine vessel application and related methods of making and operating same

An outboard motor for a marine vessel application, and related methods of making and operating same, are disclosed herein. In at least one embodiment, the outboard motor includes a horizontal-crankshaft engine in an upper portion of the outboard motor, positioned substantially positioned above a trimming axis of the outboard motor.


Weatherproof track and contact for electrical feeding of road vehicles

A contact device (1) directly or indirectly connectable to a vehicle and adapted to co-act mechanically and electrically with a track (2) comprising an electric conductor (7) put under voltage and located in a road section (6) on which the vehicle is travelling, in order to supply electric voltage to at least one electric motor which propels the vehicle, wherein the contact device (1) is displaceable upwards, downwards and laterally and comprises at least one current collector and at least one cleansing device (4). The current collector (3) comprises a sliding contact (8) configured to be brought into mechanical and electrical contact with at least a vertical side wall portion of the track.
Elways Ab


Air delivered special effects

A discharge platform comprises an air propulsion mechanism that propels the discharge platform through the air. The discharge platform also comprises a special effect storage device that stores a special effect and is operably connected to the discharge platform.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.



An injector includes a syringe unit including a syringe that encapsulates an injection objective substance, an ignition device, and a piston, and an activating unit that activates the syringe unit. The syringe unit includes a cylindrical housing, in which the ignition device and the piston are incorporated, and can be installed in a housing space formed in the housing through an opening section provided in a side surface of the housing.
Daicel Corporation


Hair cosmetic material composition and oxidizing agent-containing composition thereof, hair cosmetic material, and hair cosmetic product

A hair cosmetic material includes a first agent containing an alkali agent and a second agent containing an oxidizing agent. These first agent and second agent are used in a double structure container provided with a mechanism of separating the first agent and the second agent from each other and simultaneously discharging the both agents by a propellant.
Hoyu Co., Ltd.


Drive system for imaging device

A drive mechanism for a mobile imaging system comprises a main drive geared into a drive wheel for propelling the imaging system, including a base and one or more imaging components, across a surface. The drive mechanism can also include a scan drive that moves the drive mechanism and the one or more imaging components along an axis relative to the base to provide an imaging scan, and a suspension drive that extends the drive wheel relative to a bottom surface when the imaging system is in a transport mode and retracts the drive wheel relative to the bottom surface of the base when the imaging system is in an imaging mode.
Mobius Imaging, Llc


Device and thawing a frozen item in a container of liquid

A device for thawing frozen items in a container of liquid, the container having one or more sidewalls, the device including a housing, a motor disposed in the housing, a propeller coupled to the motor, and a fastener extending from the housing, the fastener detachably securable to the side wall of the container, the fastener oriented on the housing such that the propeller is positionable in the liquid when the fastener engages the side wall of the container. A controller can be operably connected to the motor, the controller including a thickness input, the controller programmed to determine an operational time period in response to the thickness input.
Smartsy Llc


Touch down monitoring of an ocean bottom seismic node

Apparatuses, systems, and methods for guiding and/or positioning a plurality of seismic nodes on or near the seabed by an autonomous underwater vehicle (auv) or a remotely operated vehicle (rov). In one embodiment, an underwater vehicle is configured to monitor the deployment of cable connected to a plurality of seismic nodes, including the touchdown monitoring, positioning, and guiding of deployed autonomous seismic nodes or ocean bottom cable.
Seabed Geosolutions B.v.


Propeller ring made of composite material for a turbomachine

A propeller ring of a turbomachine including an annular body substantially coaxial to a principal axis and a plurality of radial housings uniformly distributed about the principal axis, each radial housing being configured to receive a root of a blade, the annular body being made of composite material including a fibrous reinforcement densified by a polymer matrix and further including a plurality of metallic inserts configured to each receive the root of a blade, said metallic inserts being anchored in the composite material of the annular body.. .


Working machine

A working machine comprising: a base assembly including a ground engaging structure; an undercarriage connected to the ground engaging structure; a superstructure connected to the undercarriage; a working arm mounted to the superstructure; a connector connecting the undercarriage to the superstructure; and a drive arrangement located in the base assembly for moving the ground engaging structure to propel, in use, the working machine.. .
J.c Bamford Excavators Limited


Working machine

A working machine comprising a ground engaging structure and an undercarriage connected to the ground engaging structure. A superstructure is rotatably mounted to the undercarriage so as to be rotatable relative to the undercarriage about a first generally upright axis, an operator's cab is rotatably mounted on the superstructure so as to be rotatable relative to the superstructure about a second generally upright axis, and a working arm is rotatably mounted to the superstructure so as to be moveable up and down about a generally horizontal axis.
J. C. Bamford Excavators Limited


Stand alone water defence apparatus

A stand-alone flood barrier apparatus that bolts to the ground through anchor bolts (see fig. 1) that connects with other stand-alone flood barrier apparatus to make a circuit to protect a persons desired location they wish to protect against flood waters such as crop fields.


Artificial turf field paint remover and extraction machine

A self-propelled field paint removal and extraction machine for removing paint from artificial turf athletic fields. The machine includes a self propelled, zero-turn rolling chassis including a frame defining a longitudinal axis of the machine; a brush assembly supported by the frame rearward of first and second front wheel caster assemblies and including a first outer brush rotating about a first brush axis of rotation and a second other brush rotating about a second brush axis, the brush assembly movable between a retracted position and a ground-contacting position; and a vacuum assembly supported by the frame rearward of the brush assembly and including a ground-contacting vacuum pad having a plurality of suction ports, the vacuum pad extending parallel to a lateral axis of the machine; and wherein the first and second brushes, in the retracted position of the brush assembly, are within a front footprint of the rolling chassis..
The Pioneer Manufacturing Company


Trim removal system

An apparatus uses forced air to remove trim from cut sheets during a converting process. The apparatus may include a plurality of wheels, arranged to allow trim to fall between the wheels, and one or more air chambers, configured to propel air toward the sheets as they are conveyed on the wheels in order to remove trim from the sheets.
Alliance Machine Systems International, Llc


Aircraft turbopropeller

An aircraft turbopropeller includes two coaxial contra-rotating unducted propellers, upstream and downstream respectively, each propeller including an annular row of blades. The blades of the downstream propeller have a reverse sweep in relation to that of the blades of the upstream propeller.



There is disclosed a drone including a main body comprising a motor, a shaft inserted in the main body vertically, a wing unit rotatable on the shaft by a power generated from the motor, the wing unit comprising a propeller unfolded horizontally and folded vertically, wherein the motor comprises a first motor and a second motor, and the shaft comprises an upper shaft inserted in the main body from a top vertically and a lower shaft inserted in the main body from a bottom vertically, and the wing unit comprises a first wing unit rotated on the upper shaft in a first direction by a power generated from the first motor, and a second wing unit rotated on the lower shaft in a second direction, which is the reverse of the first direction, by a power generated from the second motor.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


An air propeller blade pivot in the shape of a spherical cap

A pivot for an air propeller blade, the pivot including a rotary support for mounting radially on a propeller hub while being suitable for pivoting about a pivot axis; and a blade support including a housing for receiving a blade root and at least one arm extending laterally relative to the pivot axis and carrying a flyweight forming a counterweight; the arm and its flyweight presenting the general geometrical shape of a spherical cap.. .


Method for controlling an aircraft propeller system during thrust reversal

The present invention refers to a method for controlling an aircraft propeller system during thrust reversal, wherein it is checked whether each power plant is ready for the transition to negative pitch, and where the propellers transition to negative pitch is controlled from a flight control system, such as only when both power plants are ready for the transition to negative pitch, the flight control system instructs the aircraft propeller system to reverse thrust. If a power plant failure is detected before a reversal order is received, then the flight control system is informed of that failure condition, and then the flight control system will disable the thrust reversal operation as long as the failure condition remains.
Airbus Defence And Space, S.a.


Marine propeller blades with reverse cupping

A propeller has a plurality of blades extending radially outwardly of a hub and a plurality of cups respectively affixed to the plurality of blades. Each of the plurality of blades has a facing surface and a back surface.


Working machine

A base assembly for a working machine. The base assembly comprising a ground engaging structure, an undercarriage connected to the ground engaging structure, and a connector for connecting the undercarriage to a superstructure that mounts a working arm.
J. C. Bamford Excavators Limited


Zero energy transportation system

A transportation system for people as well as goods that preserves energy by utilising the zero energy travel principle where energy is recycled instead of being wasted as heat or noise. An air tight and self-contained carriage (400) travels in a low pressure tube (100) that is completely sealed in order to maintain the low pressure.


Working machine

A working machine having a body supported on a ground engaging structure and a working arm mounted to the body so as capable of performing working operations. The working machine having a drive arrangement to propel the working machine including a prime mover and a hydrostatic transmission including at least one hydraulic pump driven by the prime mover, and at least one motor driven by hydraulic fluid.
J. C. Bamford Excavators Limited


Working machine

A working machine comprising: a ground engaging structure with a first and second axle, each mounting two wheels; a body supported on the ground engaging structure, a working arm mounted to the body; and a drive arrangement for moving the ground engaging structure to propel the working machine, the drive arrangement including a prime mover and transmission. The transmission comprises a hydraulic pump driven by the prime mover, a first high speed hydraulic motor to drive the first axle to permit the working machine to be drive at relatively high speeds in a first two-wheel drive operating mode, and a second low speed motor a first high speed hydraulic motor to be supplied with hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump to drive the second axle at relatively low speeds and configured to be driven in conjunction with the first motor in a second four-wheel drive operating mode..
J.c. Bamford Excavators Limited


Acceleration tube and cutter head housing retainer for hydraulic cutting system

An apparatus for a hydraulic cutting system having a pump that propels solid food products suspended in a working liquid through a blade. An elongated case is mounted in, and is longitudinally-movable relative to, a frame.
Vanmark Equipment, Llc


Indirect firing fastening tool, a propelling member and a fastener supporting such member for the tool, and a setting a fastener

An indirect firing fastening tool, comprising driving and propelling means for a fastener to be set into a support, such driving means being rotationally mobile and configured to directly cooperate with the fastener or with a propelling member supported by the latter, so that a rotation of the driving means directly causes the translational driving and the propulsion of the fastener.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Rider detection system

An electric vehicle may comprise a board including deck portions each configured to receive a foot of a rider, and a wheel assembly disposed between the deck portions. A motor assembly may be mounted to the board and configured to propel the electric vehicle using the wheel assembly.
Future Motion, Inc.


Fire extinguishing system

An automatic fire extinguishing system is provided. The fire extinguishing system includes a housing having a detection assembly and a dispensing assembly.


Compressed gas aerosols with enhanced intensity and longevity of actives

Aerosol compositions propelled by compressed gas providing enhanced intensity of one or more active components (e.g., fragrance, malodor counteractant, insecticide, disinfectant, or antimicrobial) over an extended period of time in the environment of use consistently over the life of the product. This is provided by a selected combination of spray rate and average particle size of the composition.
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Non-aerosol foams for topical administration

Disclosed are liquid compositions suitable for topical administration and for use with a non-aerosol pump, wherein actuation of the pump produces a foam, the composition comprising: (a) about 1% to about 8% (w/w) foam booster; (b) about 0.4% to about 5% (w/w) foaming agent; and (c) about 20% to about 98% (w/w) solubilizer; and, optionally, (d) about 0.5% to about 5% (w/w) emollient; wherein the composition is substantially free of propellant. Also disclosed are the foams produced by such pump actuation..
Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited


Fishing lure

A fishing lure that is dually operational for self-propelled movement or manual manipulation through the water to mimic the natural movement of live fish prey. The fishing lure comprising a watertight body for housing a battery, a controller connected to the battery, a motor connected to the controller, a tail assembly operatively connected to the body by a tail shaft driven by the motor to cause the tail assembly to oscillate and propel the fishing lure through water.


System and transferring energy between vehicles

An embodiment of the present invention relates to a vehicle. The vehicle includes an energy storage device and a traction motor electrically connected to the energy storage device.
General Electric Company


Dual mode chemical rocket engine and dual mode propulsion system comprising the rocket engine

The invention relates generally to dual mode bipropellant chemical rocket propulsion systems to be used in aerospace applications for 1) orbit raising, orbit manoeuvres and maintenance, attitude control and deorbiting of spacecraft, and/or 2) propellant settling, attitude and roll control of missiles, launchers and space planes. The present invention also relates to a dual mode chemical rocket engine for use in such systems.
Ecaps Ab


Two-pulse gas generator and operation method thereof

A gas generator includes an outer propellant, an inner propellant arranged inside the outer propellant, and a barrier membrane which isolates the outer propellant from the inner propellant. A forward end surface of the inner propellant faces a combustion space.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Fuel mixture control system

A control system operative to establish a coordinated mixture of gaseous and distillate fuels for a high capacity off-road vehicle equipped with a diesel-electric drive including a propel mode includes an electronic control unit and a gaseous control unit. The electronic control unit generates an auxiliary control signal which is determinative of a steadily increasing quantity of gaseous fuel to be included in an operative fuel mixture.


Biodegradable environmental marking material and marking an outdoor environmental location

Disclosed herein is an improved marking material, consisting essentially of food quality colorant (such as food coloring), and a carrier (such as water, or vegetable oil or canola oil). A method for using this material for the marking of environmental locations is also disclosed.


Amphibious vertical takeoff and landing unmanned system and flying car with multiple aerial and aquatic flight modes for capturing panoramic virtual reality views, interactive video and transportation with mobile and wearable application

Provided is an amphibious vertical takeoff and landing unmanned device comprising a modular and expandable waterproof body, a chassis, an outer body shell, a propulsion system, a propeller protection system, a surface skidding material platform, a landing system, control surfaces, a ballast, an onboard air compressor, an onboard electrolysis system, a waterproof through-body wire or antenna feed-through, a single- or multiple-axis tilt-motor device, a tilt fuselage device, a tilt wing device, a battery, a power distribution board, a global positioning system module, a lost model alert, a cooling device, a detachable impact absorbing skin or shell, vision aiding and orientative lights, hatches, quick connect payloads, a lap counter for racing, a flat or inclined launch platform or footing, claws, an apparatus for externally attaching and internally housing the cargo, a charging station, a partial vacuum device, a manually or automatically deployable parachute, and an onboard or ground station electricity generator.. .


Watercraft propulsion system and propelling a watercraft through water

A watercraft propulsion system includes a motor mounted in a container in a water-tight manner. A shaft extends from the motor through the bottom of the container to an impeller disposed in a housing outside the container.
Hydrojet Drive Systems, Inc.


Vessel disablement system

A system designed as a benign disablement weapon for use against sailboats and a method for using the system. The system may be easily deployed to stop sailboats by disabling the propeller.
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology


Powered landscaping system

A powered landscaping apparatus having a frame, at least one wheel on the frame through which the frame can be supported upon and advanced over a subjacent support surface, a blower assembly operatively positioned on the frame and having a fan assembly that is mounted to be turned guidingly around a vertically extending axis, and a drive on the frame for moving the fan assembly around the vertically extending axis. The blower assembly is configured to generate a pressurized supply of air that is propelled in a stream that is directed in a manner to continuously redistribute loose material that resides on the subjacent support surface as the fan assembly is moved around the vertically extending axis by the drive and the frame is advanced over the subjacent support surface..
Crary Industries, Inc.


Stopper piece and bearing apparatus

To provide a stopper piece and a bearing apparatus capable of stopping the rotation of a shaft member to which a bearing and so on are fitted by using a tool. A stopper piece according to the present invention is a cylindrical stopper piece which is fitted over the shaft member of the propeller shaft with the bearing, one end face of which contacts with the bearing to prevent movement of the bearing, which includes a pair of protruding portions protruding from the other end face along the shaft member to interpose the shaft member, in which outer surfaces of the pair of protruding portions are flat surfaces directed to opposite directions as well as parallel to each other..


Propellant driven accumulator

A subsea accumulator comprising: an outer wall; a top surface; a bottom surface; and a piston disposed within the subsea accumulator, wherein a first chamber is defined by the top surface, the outer wall, and a top portion of the piston; a second chamber is defined by the bottom surface; the outer wall, and a bottom portion of the piston; and a solid oxidant is disposed within the first chamber.. .


Power generating windbags and waterbags

A method of using a bagged power generation system comprising windbags and water-bags for harnessing wind and water power to produce electricity to meet the escalating energy needs of mankind. Windbags integrated with aerodynamically shaped inflatable bodies filled with lighter-than-air gas: hav, uav, airplanes; enabling the apparatus to attain high altitude to capture and entrap high velocity wind.


Dual mode chemical rocket engine, and dual mode propulsion system comprising the rocket engine

The invention relates generally to dual mode bipropellant chemical rocket propulsion systems to be used in aerospace applications for 1) orbit raising, orbit manoeuvres and maintenance, attitude control and deorbiting of spacecraft, and/or 2) propellant settling, attitude and roll control of missiles, launchers and space planes. The present invention also relates to a dual mode chemical rocket engine for use in such systems.


Apparatus for propelling watercraft

The apparatus arranged such that the blades and hub are provided within the housing and the blades are fixed to the housing and to the hub, the apparatus is formed such that when in use with an engine on a watercraft, the propeller shaft of the engine is inserted into and attached to the hub and activation of the engine causes the shaft, hub, blade and housing to all rotate resulting in the apparatus propelling the watercraft across or through the water.. .


Evacuation system

The present invention relates to an evacuation system for a vessel or offshore facility, comprising a storage unit having a length, a width and a height defining a volume of the storage unit, the storage unit in a storage situation being adapted to house one or more self-propelling, inflatable floatable units, the inflatable floatable units each having a capacity of more than 150 persons, and a deployment arrangement having a displacement device, wherein a maximum height of the storage unit is 2.7 metres, and the displacement device is adapted to displace the one or more self-propelling, inflatable floatable units in a substantially horizontal and linear direction out of the storage unit below the maximum height and subsequently lower the one or more self-propelling, inflatable floatable units into the water in a substantially vertical direction.. .


Railway vehicle

The invention relates to a self-propelled vehicle (10) provided only with rail-engaging rolling means (18) comprising: a chassis (14); a working surface (16) connected thereto for supporting equipment, materials (20) and personnel; and positioning means (22, 24) connected to the chassis for lifting the vehicle and moving it laterally with respect to a direction of rail travel between a trackside location and an on-track location (12). A lifting apparatus (28) is mountable on the chassis and moveable along the length of the working surface (16).


Self-propelled civil engineering machine and controlling a civil engineering machine

A civil engineering machine and a method of controlling the machine are based on the position of at least one reference point which is relevant to the control of the civil engineering machine being changed, as the civil engineering machine moves, as a function of a relative position of the at least one reference point relative to a desired path of travel.. .


Power-operated air propelling work apparatus

A power-operated air propelling work apparatus includes: an air flow pipe including an air inlet opening, an air outlet opening and a pipe wall formed between the air inlet opening and the air outlet opening to define an air flow passageway inside the pipe wall; an electric air propelling fan disposed within the air flow passageway for sucking in air from the air inlet opening and blowing out air from the air outlet opening; an apparatus housing surrounding and supporting the air flow pipe and forming a housing space between the apparatus housing and the air flow pipe; and a control circuit unit disposed within the housing space for controlling an operation of the electric air propelling fan, wherein the pipe wall is formed with an air passage hole by which the air flow passageway and the housing space communicate with each other.. .


Self contained coal processing unit

A mobile coal processing unit can be loaded onto a truck and driven to an actual coal mine to break and sort coal. Once at the coal mine the mobile coal processing machine can self-propel itself to a desired location where it is to process coal.


Flying battle game system using multirotor-type flying robots, and flying battle game method using thereof

A flying battle game system using multirotor-type flying robots, and a flying battle game method using thereof are disclosed. In some embodiments, under the system, each multirotor-type flying robot runs an offline flying battle game, and the robot contains a body in which a battery is equipped; a propulsion unit that comprises a plurality of propellants that receive power supply to move from the battery; an infrared (ir) transmitting/receiving unit at the body that transmits and receives ir signals; an illumination unit at the body that flickers in different patterns according to the robot's flying motion; and a control unit at the body that receives control signals from a wireless manipulator and then controls the ir transmitting/receiving unit, the illumination unit and movements of the propellants, wherein the propulsion unit lets the multirotor-type flying robot have flying motions of perpendicular ascent and drop by rotary propellers' motion according to a rotation of a motor that works by power supply from the battery..

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