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 Method and system to avoid fire of an electrical device patent thumbnailMethod and system to avoid fire of an electrical device
The invention is directed to a system comprising (i) an electrical device connected to a source of electrical power; (ii) a container comprising a solid propellant gas generator, an igniter and a filter positioned between the solid propellant gas generator and an outflow opening for a gas, which outflow opening is fluidly connected to the electrical device; (iii) means to detect fire indicator levels, comprising means to detect a temperature, a carbon monoxide level and a smoke particle level in the electrical device; and (iv) a control system having a control logic which, when two of the three fire indicators levels as measured by means (iii) are above a threshold value, will cut off the source of electrical power, and which will actuate the igniter after a predetermined delay time.. .
Exxfire B.v.

 Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing transducers patent thumbnailSystems, devices, and/or methods for managing transducers
Certain exemplary embodiments comprise a system constructed to mount a transducer, such as a transducer constructed to determine water depth and/or the location of fish, to a shaft of a motor that propels a boat or watercraft. Mounting the transducer using an exemplary system can allow the transducer to operate without significant movement relative to a boat motor impellor axis as the boat motor impellor is rotated to turn the boat or watercraft..

 Characterization of refractory lining of metallurgical vessels using autonomous scanners patent thumbnailCharacterization of refractory lining of metallurgical vessels using autonomous scanners
Apparatuses, methods, and systems are disclosed for autonomously characterizing the refractory lining in a container using an scanner that includes a scanning laser range finding system, a control system being communicatively connected to the laser scanning system to control the scanner; and a robotic vehicle having a controller communicatively connected to the control system and a drive system to propel the scanner autonomously in an area adjacent to the container, wherein characterization of the refractory lining is performed by comparing refractory thickness values determined from the distances measured from the laser scanning system to the surface of the refractory lining and the relative position of the scanner and the container, and comparing the same to a reference measurement of the refractory lining.. .
Process Metrix

 Concealed-projectile firearm cartridges that include taggant-labeled projectiles patent thumbnailConcealed-projectile firearm cartridges that include taggant-labeled projectiles
Concealed-projectile firearm cartridges that include taggant-labeled projectiles. A concealed-projectile firearm cartridge includes a cartridge casing adapted to be loaded into a firearm configured to fire the assembled firearm cartridge, a primer and a propellant located within the casing, and at least one projectile at least partially received into the casing.
Amick Family Revocable Living Trust

 Speed loader for black powder arms and related methods patent thumbnailSpeed loader for black powder arms and related methods
The invention relates to a firearm loading devices that may be inserted into a firearm at or near the proximal end of a barrel of a compatible firearm, as well as firearms operable to receive such loading devices and related methods. In some examples, the loading devices may be packed with propellant and one or more projectiles and inserted into a receiver in a compatible firearm.

 Powered bow having an internal acceleration system patent thumbnailPowered bow having an internal acceleration system
A leveraged bow for launching a projectile, the bow having a stock, a butt region and a grip region, and a fore-end supporting a pair of bow arms. The fore-end includes a top surface for receiving and supporting the projectile and a carriage assembly slidably mounted with an interior region of the fore-end.

 Bi-modal electrode micro cathode arc thruster patent thumbnailBi-modal electrode micro cathode arc thruster
A thruster for a micro-satellite is disclosed. The thruster includes a voltage source, an inductor and a resistor.
The George Washington University

 Airborne rigid kite with on-board power plant for ship propulsion patent thumbnailAirborne rigid kite with on-board power plant for ship propulsion
A vehicle-based airborne wind turbine system having an aerial wing, a plurality of rotors each having a plurality of rotatable blades positioned on the aerial wing, an electrically conductive tether secured to the aerial wing and secured to a ground station positioned on a vehicle, wherein the aerial wing is adapted to receive electrical power from the vehicle that is delivered to the aerial wing through the electrically conductive tether; wherein the aerial wing is adapted to operate in a flying mode to harness wind energy to provide a first pulling force through the tether to pull the vehicle; and wherein the aerial wing is also adapted to operate in a powered flying mode wherein the rotors may be powered so that the turbine blades serve as thrust-generating propellers to provide a second pulling force through the tether to pull the vehicle. .
Google Inc.

 Pool cleaner with removable battery pack patent thumbnailPool cleaner with removable battery pack
A mobile filter for removing solid contaminants from water such as swimming pools. The mobile filter has a handle maneuvered chassis, a powered propeller housed in a propeller housing, which propeller propels water through a removable bag mesh filter installable on the propeller housing.

 Pool cleaner patent thumbnailPool cleaner
A mobile filter for removing solid contaminants from water such as swimming pools. The mobile filter has a handle maneuvered chassis, a powered propeller housed in a tubular body, which propeller propels water through a removable bag mesh filter installable on the tubular body.

Automatic leveling control system

An automatic leveling control system for a machine having a work attachment adapted for leveling as the machine is propelled about a worksite is provided. A single laser receiver is mounted to one of two lift arms of the machine.

Multicopter with detachable wing

An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) that can operate both as a conventional multicopter with no wing attached, or, it can operate as a winged multicopter. The detachable wing design used in the invention provides versatility without compromising performance; the wing attachment receptacles add no weight to the wingless multicopter configuration because they also function as the leg receptacles.

An unmanned aerial vehicle

An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) capable of vertical and horizontal flight modes, a method of assembling a uav, and a kit of parts for assembling a uav. The uav comprises an elongated wing structure having an elongated axis along the longest dimension of the elongated wing structure, the elongated wing structure having a middle location at a substantially halfway point; a connecting structure extending substantially perpendicularly from the elongated wing structure, the connecting structure being offset from the middle location of the elongated wing structure at a first position along the elongated axis; and at least three sets of propellers, wherein at least two sets of propellers are mounted on the connecting structure, and wherein at least one set of propellers is mounted at a second position offset from the middle location in an opposite direction away from the connecting structure..
Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd

Lightweight propeller blade with improved retention capacity

A propeller blade assembly includes a spar extending along a propeller blade axis and an outer sleeve surrounding the spar portion at a root end of the rotor blade assembly. The spar is adhesively bonded to the outer sleeve at an interface portion.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Tommy power paddle

This paddle device can also be used in a reverse fashion by rotating the paddle blade 180 degrees so as to be used when navigating a watercraft with the water current in order to help stabilize the watercraft by using the force of the current against the propeller blades and the energy generated by the orifices to aid in controlling the watercraft.. .

Folding propeller

A folding propeller for a boat, e.g., for a sailboat or a multihull yacht, and a method for installing and/or adjusting such a folding propeller, where said folding propeller has a hub for directly or indirectly fastening at a driveshaft connected to a motor, where said folding propeller further has at least two individual blades, where each of said blades has a root arranged to pivot around a pivot pin at said hub to be either in a first, operative position, where the blades are pointing mainly in a radial direction, and in a second, inoperative position, where the blades are pointing mainly in an axial direction, where said hub has one or more cut outs for said blades roots and further has a first set of holes for installing said pivot pins and a second set of holes for installing a locking device for engagement with said pivot pins.. .
Flexofold Aps

Styling spray having a volume effect

The invention relates to an aerosol composition, comprising a) a cosmetic styling product, including a1) at least one polyalcohol selected from the group comprising glycerol, propylene glycol, and panthenol, in particular glycerol, a2) polymer including carboxylic acid groups, wherein at least 50 wt % of the polymer including carboxylic acid groups is a copolymer formed by the monomers, a2i) n-tert.-octylacrylamide, a2ii) acrylic acid, a2iii) tert.-butylaminoethylmethacrylic acid and optionally further monomers, characterised in that the ratio of the parts by weight of component a1) and component a2) in the product is greater than 1, b) a propellant or mixture of propellants, when used for temporary deformation of keratin fibres are distinguished by improved sheen, good volume, and improved feel of the hair.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Header position sensing system for an agricultural harvester

There is provided a system and method for determining the relative position of a header with respect to a chassis of a self-propelled agricultural harvester. Single or dual axis inclinometers are secured with respect to the header and the chassis respectively and signals generated thereby in combination with a stored relationship to header position are used to determine the header position, whether that be the pitch and/or the roll degrees of freedom.
Agco Corporation

Magnetic arc vent seal

Method and apparatus for sealing an air vent in a switchgear cabinet provide a vent seal assembly having a vent seal cover and a set of linear guides on which the vent seal cover may be mounted. The vent seal cover and linear guides are housed within a casing attachable to an interior surface of the switchgear cabinet and directly over an air vent.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

Jet propulsion watercraft and control method thereof

A jet propulsion watercraft includes a vessel body, an engine, a jet propulsion unit, a weight information obtaining processor, an engine controller, and a target rotational speed determining processor. The engine is accommodated in the vessel body.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

System, method & remote pipe inspection

The present invention relates generally to the inspection of pipes, and the like, and more particularly to the remote inspection of ferromagnetic pipes. The invention teaches apparatus comprising, in combination: a vehicle equipped with a plurality of wheels capable of propelling the vehicle within a predetermined ferromagnetic environment to be inspected; means for remotely applying drive forces to said wheels; said wheels including a plurality of passive non-driven rollers; said passive rollers including magnetized means; means for acquiring visual images of the condition of said pipes; and means for remotely accessing said visual images; thereby enabling remote inspection of said pipes.
Northeast Gas Association

Reusable plastic ammunition casing

A reloadable plastic ammunition casing is provided for firearm use. The plastic casing is preferably constructed from currently available polymeric materials using plastic injection molding techniques.

Sliding impact valve for paintball gun

A innovative sliding valve used in paintball gun or other compressed gas propelled firearm, wherein a portion of the valve body where air is exhausted is reduced in size to allow pressurized air to exhaust more quietly around the valve body by feeding into the air exhaust apertures formed on an extended wall of valve body. Because the air pressure is balanced between two equal, or nearly equal, sized o-rings on a central spindle, the valve can be opened more smoothly and quietly, and with less opening force.

Bow for launching an arrow

A bow for launching a projectile has a stock extending along a longitudinal axis and adapted for receiving the projectile. A biasing element has a traveling end and is biased in a direction generally parallel to the longitudinal axis.

Sealing system and sealing ring

A sealing system for sealing shafts against liquid media, for example propeller shafts, impeller shafts, rudder stocks of ships and the like. Opposing corner regions of the sealing system that are located radially inside of a clamping space, for clamping at least one sealing ring, are formed by inclined run-on surfaces that diverge when viewed radially from the inside towards the outside.
Skf Usa Inc.

Submersible pump apparatus

A submersible pump apparatus providing a motor assembly, a pump assembly, and a plastic pump housing. The motor assembly is either a canned motor assembly or a four inch motor assembly.

Pump apparatus and marine vessel propelling machine

A pump apparatus includes a shaft, a first pump, and a second pump. The first pump includes a first driving gear disposed on the shaft in a first phase and rotatable with the shaft to feed a first operating fluid.
Showa Corporation

Self-propelled construction machine

The present invention relates to a self-propelled construction machine, in particular a road milling machine, a recycler or a surface miner, comprising a machine frame 1 supported by a chassis 2 which comprises front and rear running gear 3, 4. A working device 5 is arranged on the machine frame 1 and comprises a working roller 17 for working the ground.
Wirtgen Gmbh

Rocket motor propellants, systems and/or methods

A rocket motor propellant including a low molecular weight hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (htpb) polymer and, a high molecular weight isocyanate. In some implementations, a rocket motor propellant hereof is plasticizer free..

Stable pressurized system including plastic container and active(s)-containing composition

Pressurized compositions propelled by a pressurizing component (preferably a propellant such as compressed gas) and further including at least one active ingredient, at least one high molecular weight nonionic surfactant, and water which is a major component of the composition and is at least substantially ion-free and/or salt-free (preferably ion-free and salt-free), wherein the composition is stored in and dispensed from a plastic pressurized container. The plastic is preferably pet or pen.
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Outboard motor

An outboard motor includes a drive shaft extending vertically from an engine and is rotated by the engine. An upper case covers the drive shaft.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

Submarine structure

A submarine structure provides a submarine in which the interior thereof is formed with an accommodation space and an electricity storing chamber connected to the accommodation space and having a battery and a power set having a propeller, and includes: at least one pipe, having the interior installed with at least one cable; at least one floating member, connected to another end of the at least one pipe; at least one energy supplier, disposed and in the floating member or the accommodation space and located at a relatively higher location inside the floating member or the accommodation space; and at least one control board, installed in the accommodation space of the submarine or the floating member, wherein the control board is connected to the energy supplier through the cable of the at least one pipe for providing power and maintaining communication and control.. .

Hybrid vehicle, controller for hybrid vehicle, and control hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle includes an internal combustion engine and a rotary electric machine. The internal combustion engine includes a variable valve actuating device configured to change an operation characteristic of an intake valve.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle control system

A vehicle control system for reducing shocks resulting from restarting an engine under ev running mode. The vehicle control system is applied to a vehicle including an engagement device that selectively connect the engine with the powertrain, and a motor adapted to generate a drive force and connected with the powertrain.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Fluid dispenser

A dispensing system includes a pump mechanism that has a liquid chamber, a liquid piston for delivering fluid to a mixing chamber, and a valve component biased to close the outlet from the liquid chamber. The pump mechanism also has an air chamber, and an air piston for delivering air to the mixing chamber.
Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Llc

Pressure multiplying aerosol pump

A hand-held dispensing device operable to dispense a fluid as an atomized spray by hydraulic pressure. The device includes a cartridge containing a fluid to be dispensed and a pressure-multiplying piston pump operable by liquefied gas pressure and manually controlled by a valve.

Fire suppression system

A fire suppression system for a fire zone including a first tank containing a first liquid component of a two-part foam and a second tank containing a second liquid component of the foam. The system includes at least one liquid component release device configured to be selectively capable of releasing the first and second components from their respective containers upon receipt of a signal from a fire detector upon detection of a fire.

Magnetic-field driven colloidal microbots, methods for forming and using the same

The invention relates to a magnetic-field driven colloidal microbot that employs wall-based propulsion, method of forming the microbot and a method of using the microbot. The microbot can be formed in situ with the use of magnetic fields, and the magnetic fields can be used to translate the microbot to a specified location in a patient.

Medicament delivery device sub-assembly

A sub-assembly for a medicament delivery device including a housing, a propellant source contained in and axially moveable relative to said housing, and a button axially moveable relative to said housing. At least part of said button is disposed axially rearwardly of part of said propellant source.
Consort Medical Plc


Dry shampoo comprising a base and propellant, wherein the base comprises sebum absorber comprises hollow particles.. .
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

Overriding control of motorize transport unit systems, devices and methods

Some embodiments include apparatuses providing control over movement of motorized transport units at a shopping facility, comprising: multiple self-propelled motorized transport units; a wireless communication network; and a central computer system, wherein the central computer system comprises: a transceiver; a control circuit; and a memory storing computer instructions that when executed cause the control circuit to: receive an override command, from a worker associated with the shopping facility, to cause a first motorized transport unit of the multiple motorized transport units to implement one or more actions; confirm a valid authorization of the worker to override one or more operating limits of the first motorized transport unit; and override the one or more operating limits and communicate one or more instructions to the first motorized transport unit configured to cause the first motorized transport unit to implement the one or more actions in accordance with the override command.. .
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Ammunition cartridge with induced instability at a pre-set range

A training ammunition cartridge comprises a projectile and a cartridge case with a pyrotechnic propellant. The projectile has a projectile body with at least one compartment therein forming a void and containing a material that transitions from a solid to a liquid after set-back and after exiting from a barrel of a gun.
Nostromo Llc

Method of improving the accuracy of rifle ammunition

A method of supplying a rifle with cartridges includes providing classes within a group of cartridges. The classes are classified by specific and precisely graduated increments of propellant load contained in the cartridges, or by formulation of propellant, of each class relative to the cartridges of each other class.

Firearm bore cleaning device

A bore cleaning device is disclosed that is configured to clean a bore of a firearm. Devices disclosed herein receive force manually applied by the user to push, pull, or propel the device through the bore.

Propulsion system

A propulsion system and related methods are disclosed. A propulsion system may have a propulsor, an energy conversion system, an energy storage system that stores electrical energy, and a turbine.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Side-mounted trolling motors and control systems

A trolling motor assembly comprising a control assembly; a mounting assembly in electrical communication with the control assembly; and a propeller assembly having a motor. The mounting assembly comprises a control mounting bracket that is fixedly attached to a wall of the boat and a removable propeller mounting bracket that can be engaged with the control mounting bracket.

System and adjusting battery pack state of charge limits

Systems and methods for operating a battery pack supplying power to propel a vehicle are disclosed. One example method comprises, adjusting a battery pack state of charge window in response to vehicle mass.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Self-propelling work machine and braking such a work machine

The invention relates to a self-propelling work machine in the form of a tracked vehicle having an electric drive, with a generator drivable by an internal combustion engine, an auxiliary unit connected to the engine, and a braking apparatus for braking the work machine. The braking apparatus provides regenerative braking by the electric drive and comprises a feedback apparatus for feeding back electrical motor braking power of the electric motor to the generator to apply the motor braking power on the engine and on the auxiliary unit.
Liebherr-components Biberach Gbmh

Recharging apparatus and method

Methods and apparatuses are provided for use in monitor power levels at a shopping facility, comprising: central control system separate and distinct from a plurality of self-propelled motorized transport units, wherein the central control system comprises: a transceiver configured to wirelessly receive communications from the plurality of motorized transport units; a control circuit coupled with the transceiver; and a memory coupled to the control circuit and storing computer instructions that cause the control circuit to: identify available stored power levels at each of the plurality of motorized transport units; identify an available recharge station, of a plurality of recharge stations distributed throughout the shopping facility, at least relative to a location of the first motorized transport unit intended to be subjected to recharging; and wirelessly communicate one or more instructions to cause the first motorized transport unit to cooperate with an available recharge station.. .
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Drive unit for a hybrid vehicle

A drive unit for a hybrid-vehicle to realize a variety of drive modes for covering various running conditions. A first planetary gear unit is included of a first carrier, a first sun gear, and a first ring gear.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Method of contactless charging of aquatic toy, toy and tank therefor

A combination aquatic toy and a reservoir wherein the reservoir comprises a container to contain a body of water and a contactless electrical power transfer transmitter, the toy is a submersible or is submersible and comprises a body carrying a battery and a battery powered propeller (fin or screw propeller or foil or impeller or other) to drive the toy through the body of water and contactless power transfer receiver to receive power, when in sufficient proximity to the transmitter, from the transmitter.. .

Delivery system for metered dose inhalers

A device for delivering medications with hydroflouroalkane propellant driven metered-dose inhalers (mdis). The device includes a collapsible bag to which is attached a bidirectional mouthpiece and an adaptor that receives the mdi.

Topical spray composition of halobetasol

The present invention relates to topical spray compositions comprising halobetasol, an emollient, a non-aqueous solvent, and a propellant. It also relates to a process for the preparation of the topical spray compositions.
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

This invention discloses a novel two dimensional material having propellane core for organic light emitting diodes. These compounds can be used as hosts, charging transporting materials, or blocking materials for pholeds.
Universal Display Corporation

Composite projectile and cartridge with composite projectile

A preferred projectile includes a toughened polymer resin comprising an elastomer-modified epoxy functional adduct formed by the reaction of a bisphenol a liquid epoxy resin and a carboxyl terminated butadiene-acrylonitrile elastomer; and a curative agent by which the toughened polymer resin is cured; wherein the cured toughened polymer resin is in the shape of a bullet. The projectile preferably has an average density less than the density of lead.
Einstein Noodles, Llc

Self-propelled device for use in a subterranean well

A well system can include a deployment apparatus including at least one propeller that propels the deployment apparatus through a wellbore. A deployment apparatus for use in a well can include a sealing device that sealingly engages a seal surface in the well, and at least one propeller that propels the deployment apparatus in the well.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Frangible plug to control flow through a completion

A tubing string can include a plug blocking fluid flow through a port. The plug can be a frangible component or include a frangible component.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Apparatus and rapid deployment of a parachute

The present invention relates to a parachute deploying apparatus, comprising: a) a manifold with which is releasably coupled a single vessel within which pressurized gas is generated; b) a gas generator which cooperates with said vessel; c) a plurality of hollow tubes which extend obliquely and upwardly from, and are in communication with, said manifold; and d) a plurality of projectiles, each of which formed with a rod that is receivable in a corresponding tube and to each of which is connected a cord that is also connected to a corresponding portion of an undeployed parachute, wherein the pressurized gas which is generated upon triggering of said gas generator is flowable through each of said tubes to propel said plurality of projectiles in different directions and to cause said parachute to become deployed.. .
Parazero Ltd.

Control outboard motor

In an apparatus for controlling an outboard motor mounted on a boat and having an internal combustion engine and a variable pitch propeller, characteristics defining a desired pitch angle of the propeller that makes fuel consumption minimum relative to a navigation speed of the boat are memorized and the pitch angle of the propeller is controlled to the desired pitch angle that is corresponding to the navigation speed detected by a navigation speed detector in accordance with the characteristics.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Air guiding device and operating the same

An air-guiding device which is arranged in a top rear region of a vehicle and includes an air-guiding element which is shiftable from a retracted inoperative position to an extended operating position, wherein, in both positions, the air-guiding element serves for guiding air in the rear region of the motor vehicle. At least one propeller of the air-guiding device which, together with the air-guiding element, is shiftable between the retracted and extended positions, wherein the propeller, in the extended operating position, is fixable in a first operating state, wherein the at least one propeller, in the extended operating position, is operable in a second operating state in order to produce a throughflow in the direction of travel, and wherein the at least one propeller, in the extended operating position, is operable in a third operating state in order to produce a throughflow counter to the direction of travel..
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Trolley with articulated arm

A self-propelled flat-bed trolley is provided which includes motorized locomotion means, a load-bearing platform, an articulated crane having a telescopic arm adapted to load and unload articles to and from the platform, and a controller for the motorized locomotion means and articulated crane. The articulated crane is maneuverable to locate the centre-of-mass of the articles within a base of support for the self-propelled flat-bed trolley..
Hook Up Solutions Llp

System and controlling a vehicle

A braking system includes a drive system having a traction motor coupled in driving relationship to a wheel of a vehicle, a braking device configured to brake the vehicle, and a control unit. The motor is configured to provide both motive power for the vehicle in a propel mode of operation and retarding effort to brake the vehicle.
General Electric Company

Scrubbing backwash filter

A filter is provided including a vessel having an input positioned near the top of the vessel for contaminated fluid; the vessel containing media; a drain screen; a propeller rotatable on a drive shaft extending downwardly from the top of the vessel; a deflector plate below the drain screen to impel media outwardly from the center of the vessel; a plurality of baffles positioned on side walls of the vessel; and a drain to remove fluid from the vessel.. .

Longer-holding hairspray

The invention relates to hair sprays comprising a pressurized container and an aerosol composition, located therein, which includes, based on its weight, 20 to 80% by weight of at least one propellant, 0.1 to 20% by weight of at least one fixing polymer, and 0.01 to 5% by weight of esters of the formula (i), in which r1 stands for —h or —ch3, r2 for a straight-chain or branched alkyl group having 7 to 15 carbon atoms, and n for an integer from the group comprising 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; the hair sprays bring about an improved hair feel, improved lightness of the hairstyle, and improved hair texture, also with further improvement of the hold.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Wheelchair wheel winder

A manual wheelchair propulsion device (figs. 5, 6 & 7), attached to wheelchairs through the axles of the rear wheels (figs.

Self-propelled soil working machines

Unique self-propelled soil working machines are disclosed. In certain exemplary embodiments the self propelled soil working machine includes a tool carrier which is actively adjustable to provide variable downward force on a soil working tool via a suspension element which is further passively responsive to accommodate motion of the tool in response to external force.
Absolute Innovations, Inc.

Multi-purposed self-propelled device

A self-propelled device can include at least a wireless interface, a housing, a propulsion mechanism, and a camera. Using the camera, the self-propelled device can generate a video feed and transmit the video feed to a controller device via the wireless interface.
Sphero, Inc.

Device for transferring oil between two repositories rotating relative to each other, and propeller turbomachine for an aircraft with such a device

The device (20) comprises two outer and inner concentric rings (22, 23), one of which is connected to an oil supply from one of the repositories, the other ring being connected to the other repository, the oil flowing between said rings, and bearings between the rings in order to change repositories between the two rings. According to the invention, the device (20) further comprises a flexible means (31) forming a shock absorber, provided between a first of said rings and an intermediate ring (41) that is separated from a second of said rings by said bearings (25), said flexible means (31) defining a deformable sealed chamber (32) in which oil travels between the two repositories..

Pool or tank cleaning vehicle with a powered brush

A pool cleaning vehicle is described comprising a body mounted on wheels such that it can roll over a surface. The body carries a water inlet port and a water outlet port with the inlet port being located on the bottom of the body.
Aqua Products Inc.

Utility loader with high lift loader arms and unifying hand grip for dual traction control levers

A compact utility loader is operated by a standing operator at the rear of a frame. A loader arm assembly comprises a scissors linkage on either side of the frame nesting around the prime mover.
The Toro Company

Fuel and propellant composition for combustion tools

A combustion tool fuel cell is provided having enhanced low temperature operation, including a fuel composition comprising at least one hydrocarbon component with a total vapor pressure equal or above 95 psig at 21° c.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Burn rate modifier

The invention relates generally to burn rate modifiers, plasticizers and propellants comprising a burn rate modifier and/or a plasticizer. The invention also relates to methods of producing a propellant comprising a burn rate modifier and/or a plasticizer as well as an ammunition cartridge comprising the propellant.
Thales Australia Limited

Unducted fan for an aircraft turbine engine

Unducted fan for an aircraft turbine engine, comprising at least one propeller comprising a hub and an annular array of blades extending substantially radially outwards from said hub, the hub comprising an annular array of cowls which are mounted between the radially inner ends of the blades and suitable for being fixed to an upstream collar and to a downstream collar of the hub, wherein at least one cowl comprises, at a circumferential end, at least one joint edge which is contiguous with a complementary joint edge of an adjacent cowl, and wherein said at least one cowl and at least one of said upstream and downstream collars are configured so that the cowl can be mounted and dismounted by a movement including, at least at the start thereof, a pivoting about an initial pivot axis which is circumferentially separated from said at least one joint edge in the direction of a centre of the cowl, and so that, during said pivoting, said at least one joint edge moves radially away from said complementary joint edge by moving towards the inside of said hub.. .

Enclosed unmanned aerial vehicle

The present disclosure is directed to a propeller driven remote control flying device having an enclosed body. The motor and propellers of the device can be contained within the enclosed body.
Uas Directions Llc

Vertical take-off and landing vehicle with increased cruise efficiency

Systems, methods, and devices are provided that combine an advance vehicle configuration, such as an advanced aircraft configuration, with the infusion of electric propulsion, thereby enabling a four times increase in range and endurance while maintaining a full vertical takeoff and landing (“vtol”) and hover capability for the vehicle. Embodiments may provide vehicles with both vtol and cruise efficient capabilities without the use of ground infrastructure.
Usa As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Adminstration

Airframe-integrated propeller-driven propulsion systems

Propeller-driven craft (e.g., aircraft) are provided with at least one propulsion system having at least one engine and at least one aerial tractor propeller which generates a propeller propwash airflow when driven by the engine. At least one airfoil is disposed in the propeller propwash airflow of the at least one aerial tractor propeller.
Embraer S.a.

Pitch control assembly

A pitch control assembly for adjusting the pitch of a propeller blade, including a pitch control unit comprising a housing, with a plurality of control valves and corresponding hydraulic lines located within the housing, a blade angle unit, a transfer bearing mounted to the housing and having a plurality of hydraulic lines fluidly coupled to the hydraulic lines of the pitch control unit, a transfer tube axially receiving and axially moveable relative to at least a portion of the transfer bearing, a magnetic core sleeve carried by the transfer tube and located within the blade angle unit.. .
Ge Aviation Systems Limited

Resonant blades using an aperture for cancellation of propeller generated noise

An exemplary apparatus minimizes an aircraft propeller noise having an associated frequency and a corresponding wavelength. A resonant tone produced on the propeller blade elicits a sound with substantially the same frequency as the associated frequency of the offending source.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Quiet slat propeller

A propeller for an aircraft having a fuselage and a pair of fixed wings includes a mounting member secured to at least one wing. At least one blade is rotatably connected to each mounting member and has an airfoil shape.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Propulsion device for watercraft

A human propelled watercraft having a pair of flexible fins extending into the water each adapted to oscillate through an arcuate path in a generally transverse direction with respect to the central longitudinal dimension of said watercraft. Pedals are provided for applying input force whereby as input force is applied, the flexible fins can twist to form an angle of attack for providing forward thrust with respect to the longitudinal dimension of the watercraft while moving in both directions along the arcuate path.
Hobie Cat Company

Vehicle speed control system

A vehicle speed control system is configured to automatically control the speed of the vehicle in dependence on an input set-speed. The system receives a user input of a target set-speed at which the vehicle is intended to travel.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Vehicle speed control system

A vehicle speed control system that carries out a method of receiving a user input of a target set-speed at which the vehicle is intended to travel and applying torque to the at least one of the vehicle wheels for propelling the vehicle at a vehicle control speed. The user input is received via an input device that enables the user to incrementally increase the target set-speed by pressing and holding a target set-speed + button.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Vehicle speed control system

A vehicle speed control system for controlling a vehicle having a plurality of wheels. The vehicle speed control system is configured to automatically control the speed of the vehicle in dependence on an input target set-speed.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Battery charging strategy in a hybrid vehicle

A vehicle includes an engine, a motor selectively coupled to the engine, a transmission selectively coupled to the motor, and a controller. The motor is able to operate as a motor (to provide torque to the transmission) and a generator (to charge a battery).
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Dual function robot and storage bin

A dual functional robot for collecting rollable objects capable of a stable upright position and a stable horizontal position, in which the robot includes a way to propelling the robot; a way to controlling propulsion of the robot connected to provide commands to the means for propelling; a way to locating the rollable object connected to provide data to the way to controlling propulsion; means for collecting the rollable object; a way to storing the rollable object positioned to accept the rollable object from the way to collecting; a way to supporting the robot and allowing the robot to move across a surface in a low-friction manner; and a way to stably reorienting the robot from the horizontal position into the upright position.. .

Analyzing effectiveness of game ball delivery

Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of apparatus and methods for analyzing delivery of a game ball. In an exemplary embodiment, a delivery analyzer apparatus generally includes a light curtain structure configured to provide a first plurality of parallel light beams in a first direction to form a first light curtain and a second plurality of parallel light beams in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction to form a second light curtain.
Precise Play, Llc

Medicinal aerosol formulations

Use of particulate bulking agents having an extremely small mass median diameter of less than one micron, preferably less than 300 nm, in pharmaceutical aerosol formulations comprising a suspension of drug particles in a propellant. Examples of bulking agents include ascorbic acid, saccharides, polysaccharides, amino acids, organic and inorganic salts, urea, and propyliodone..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Dry shampoo composition comprising a base and propellant, wherein the base comprises sebum absorber particles, said particles comprising acrylate cross-polymer, polydivinyl benzene polymers or or hydrohobically modified polysaccharide derivatives, wherein the particles are insoluble in water.. .
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

Controller of system for propelling the patient support

A bed for maintaining the patient in horizontal position includes a patient support, undercarriage provided with casters and a system for propelling the bed which includes a controller and a control panel both connected to a processor unit. The controller includes a touch sensor connected to the processing unit.
Linet Spol. S R.o.

Dispensing device with spring tongues for cement cartridges

A dispensing device comprises at least one manually actuatable operating element, an adapter for a cement cartridge, and a clamping rod that can be propelled in the direction of the adapter, whereby at least one propulsion body is arranged to be touching against the clamping rod, whereby the at least one propulsion body comprises multiple elastic spring tongues. The spring tongues each comprise a cutting edge, whereby the spring tongues touch against the clamping rod by means of the cutting edge, and whereby the spring tongues of the propulsion body are inclined appropriately with respect to the clamping rod such that, upon a motion of the propulsion body in the propulsion direction of the clamping rod, the cutting edges of the propulsion body engage the clamping rod.
Heraeus Medical Gmbh

Propellant gauging at microgravity within the pressure - temperature - density inflection zone of xenon

A method that is stored in tangible form and accessible by a data processing system for determination of xenon propellant remaining in a tank for a defined life condition. A heater controller establishes a first stable temperature of a propellant tank.
The Boeing Company

Grenade round

A grenade round 10 comprises a projectile 12, a case 14 and a high-low propellant propulsion system 16. The system 16 includes a propellant chamber assembly 30 for holding a propelling charge 32.
Atlantis Manufacturing Management Services Proprietary Limited

Autogenous pressurizer device for a propellant tank

An autogenous pressurizer device for a main propellant tank, the device includes a pressurizer pipe connected to the main tank to inject propellant into the main tank, a pressurizer valve arranged on the pressurizer pipe, and a heater for heating the propellant upstream from the pressurizer valve. The pressurizer device includes a buffer tank connected to the pressurizer pipe upstream from the pressurizer valve..

Device and a feeding a rocket engine propulsion chamber

The invention relates to a device and a method for feeding a propulsion chamber of a rocket engine with at least with a first propellant. The device comprises at least a first tank for containing the first propellant, a first feed circuit connected to the first tank, and a first electric pump within the first tank in order to pump the first propellant through the first feed circuit.

Turboprop air intake

A turboprop includes a rotary propeller upstream from an engine and an air intake that is not coaxial to the propeller, said air intake defining a conduit for supplying air to the engine and further defining a bypass to said conduit, the bypass having an outlet oriented substantially axially towards the downstream of the engine. The turboprop further includes a nacelle surrounding the engine and the air intake, wherein the air intake is secured to a housing of the engine and is not rigidly connected to the nacelle, so as to allow, during operation, relative movements between the air intake and the nacelle.
Societe Lorraine De Construction Aeronautique

Power switch for motorized pool vacuum

A smart power switch for a swimming pool vacuum having a battery powered motor for driving a propeller within a vacuum head to create thrust and suction; the power switch including a microprocessor combined with two integrated motor-driven integrated circuits for driving the motor at different speeds and for detecting and clearing motor jams. Red, green and blue led indicators notify the user of the state of the motor and motor driver.

Stabilized nitrocellulose-based propellant composition

Wherein the stabilizer combines efficient, long term stability of the nitrocellulose-based propellants composition without formation of any detectable amounts of carcinogenic or mutagenic by-products, such as -nno groups.. .

Spacecraft actuator wheel with integrated battery and fuel storage

An improved spacecraft actuator wheel is provided which can be operated as a momentum wheel, a reaction wheel or a gimbal. The actuator wheel has a central cavity.
Novawurks, Inc.

Ultralight aircraft

An aircraft which has a supporting structure which has at least one fuselage, a wing structure and at least one drive apparatus. The drive apparatus has at least one propeller and a drive motor.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Aircraft capable of vertical takeoff

An aircraft has a bearing structure, the bearing structure having at least one central fuselage and two pylons each situated at a distance laterally from the fuselage. In addition, the aircraft has a wing structure, at least four hub rotors, and at least one thrust drive.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

Method for rigging and controlling a wing sail

A rigging for a wing propelled craft comprises a mast having a starboard side and a port side, wherein the mast is controllably rotatable in either direction about a longitudinal axis; a flexible sail comprising a star-board flexible sail portion and a substantially identical port flexible sail portion, each flexible sail portion having a luff and a leach, wherein the luff of each sail portion is connected to a respective side of the mast; and a plurality of elongated battens, each of which extends substantially between the luff and the leach of one of the respective sail portions, each of which is in contact with the respective flexible sail portion. Rotation of the mast causes the battens connected to one of the sail portions to be compressed along their length so as to bend one of the sail portions to increase the camber thereof and causes the battens connected of the other sail portions to be tensioned along their length so as to partly straighten the other sail portion which changes the shape of an aerofoil formed by the sail..


Marine propulsion means to propel the amphibian on water in the marine mode, the marine propulsion means comprising at least two impellers or propellers provided one on each side of the rear wheel station.. .

Liquid management for floor-traversing robots

An autonomous floor-traversing robot includes: a wheeled body including a chassis and at least one motorized wheel configured to propel the chassis across a floor, the chassis defining an interior compartment disposed beneath a chassis ceiling; a cover extending across at least a central area of the chassis ceiling; and a graspable handle connected to the chassis and located outside the cover so as to be accessible from above the robot, the handle arranged to enable lifting of the robot. The chassis ceiling defines drainage channels configured to conduct the liquid away from the central area of the chassis ceiling..
Irobot Corporation


An aerial projectile resting on a flat hard floor is hit two consecutive times with a stick, the first hit made in a vertical swing to one of the projectile's ends propels it upward and in mid air and perpendicularly to the floor, spinning on its larger axis; the second hit made in a waist-high horizontal baseball-like swing, making the projectile travel through the air in a trajectory horizontal to the floor and landing on the floor far from its original rest position.. .

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