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Propel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Propel-related patent applications.

 Suppressor and flash hider device for firearms having dual path gas exhaust patent thumbnailSuppressor and flash hider device for firearms having dual path gas exhaust
A suppressor and flash hider device for firearms defines primary and secondary propellant gas paths that function simultaneously to quickly decrease gas pressure within the tubular housing of the suppressor to minimize blow-back toward the firearm user. The tubular housing has a collet-like firearm clamping system that establishes symmetrical clamping that will not tend to force the suppressor off coaxial alignment with the firearm barrel to which is mounted.

 High pitch stall resisting propeller patent thumbnailHigh pitch stall resisting propeller
A propeller formed along the lines of a vortex, i.e. A fibonacci spiral projected onto a surface formed by a square hyperbola.
Cleanfuture Energy Co Ltd.

 Compact cooling module patent thumbnailCompact cooling module
A compact heat exchanger and blower unit for motor vehicles, including a blower for the propulsion of an air mass flow with an inlet and an outlet, as well as a coolant-air heat exchanger with an air inlet and an air outlet. The blower, which is embodied as a radial blower, and the coolant-air heat exchanger are aligned with respect to each other such that the air mass flow is propelled by the blower into the coolant-air heat exchanger..
Hanon Systems

 Ram accelerator system patent thumbnailRam accelerator system
One or more ram accelerator devices may be used to form one or more holes in geologic or other material. These holes may be used for drilling, tunnel boring, excavation, and so forth.
Hypersciences, Inc.

 Underwater trenching apparatus patent thumbnailUnderwater trenching apparatus
An apparatus for forming a trench along the bed of a body of water for burying a line lying along such bed including a support structure designed to straddle such line, means for propelling such structure straddling such line and means disposed on such structure including a pair of transversely spaced excavator devices cooperable in forming a trench along the bed of such body of water for receiving such line, each provided with a set of circumferentially spaced, pressurized fluid ejecting nozzles, rotatable about an axis.. .

 Self-propelled road milling machine for milling road surfaces, in particular large-scale milling machine, and  milling road surfaces patent thumbnailSelf-propelled road milling machine for milling road surfaces, in particular large-scale milling machine, and milling road surfaces
In a self-propelled road milling machine for milling road surfaces comprising a milling roller housing arranged at the machine frame between the front and rear chassis axles, it is provided that the rear end, as seen in the direction of travel, of the milling roller housing is flush with a height adjustable stripper shield which laterally rests in the milling track of the milling roller and resiliently against a milling edge of the milling track extending orthogonally to the road surface.. .
Wirtgen Gmbh

 Self-propelled cold milling machine, as well as  milling off and transporting away a milled-off stream of material patent thumbnailSelf-propelled cold milling machine, as well as milling off and transporting away a milled-off stream of material
In a self-propelled cold milling machine, in particular cold milling machine, for working ground surfaces, with a milling drum supported at a machine frame, no less than one conveying device arranged at the machine frame which accepts the milled-off material from the milling drum and discharges said milled-off material, in conveying direction, at a discharge end along a parabolic trajectory onto a point of discharge, it is provided for the following features to be achieved: that the conveying device comprises a shielding device at the discharge end, where said shielding device shields the material milled off and leaving the conveying device without influencing the parabolic trajectory on a part of the path to the point of discharge at least by means of lateral sections.. .
Wirtgen Gmbh

 Swing over steering patent thumbnailSwing over steering
A self-propelled construction machine includes a plurality of swing legs, each swing leg being supported from a ground surface by an associated crawler track steerably connected to an outer end of its associated swing leg. Pivotal movement of a swing leg may be accomplished by steering the associated crawler track through a non-zero steering angle until the lateral movement of the crawler track achieves the desired pivoting movement of the associated swing leg..
Wirtgen Gmbh

 Solar propelled aircraft structure and solar panels control method patent thumbnailSolar propelled aircraft structure and solar panels control method
A solar propelled aircraft which has a wing having solar cell modules mounted therein includes: first solar cell modules which are positioned in a wing or a tail wing of the aircraft and receive solar energy directly from the sun; second solar cell modules which are positioned in a main wing or a tail wing of the aircraft and supplied with directed energy from the earth; and rotating shafts which rotate the first solar cell modules and the second solar cell modules so that the first solar cell modules and the second solar cell modules correspond to each other in both directions. The first solar cell module at the upper surface obtains solar energy from the sun, and the second solar cell module at the lower surface obtains directed energy transferred from the earth..
Korea Aerospace Research Institute

 Unmanned vehicle patent thumbnailUnmanned vehicle
An unmanned vehicle includes a vehicle body having an accommodating space, an arm assembly coupled to the vehicle body, and a floating member connected to a bottom surface of the vehicle body. The arm assembly includes a first rotating member, a second rotating member coupled to the first rotating member, and a propeller.
Inventec Appliances (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

According to an embodiment of the present invention, an unmanned aerial vehicle comprises a body, a plurality of arms provided on a periphery of the body, a propeller provided on each of the plurality of arms and driven by a driving motor, and a gripper provided on a bottom of the body to grip an object. The gripper may include a supporting bar extending downward from the bottom of the body and a head provided at a lower end of the supporting bar to grip the object..

Unmanned vehicle

An unmanned vehicle includes a vehicle body and at least one arm assembly. The arm assembly is coupled to the vehicle body.
Inventec Appliances (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

There is provided an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with a flexible propeller guard. The flexible propeller guard may allow the uav to be resiliently repelled from objects in the uav's flight path, thereby protecting one or more of the uav's propellers.
Riderless Technologies Inc.

Power device capable of generating greater power

The present invention provides a power device generating greater propelling force and finds that traditional power devices do not include all propelling forces based on the fundamental core propelling force source problem. External pressure is guided to the traditional power devices since the inner speed is higher the outer speed, power consumption for overcoming fluid resistance is high, and mutual contradiction results are obtained.

Unmanned aerial vehicles for collaboration

A mobile telepresence system may include a frame, a propulsion system operably coupled to the frame to propel the frame through a designated space, a screen movably coupled to the frame, and an image output device coupled to the frame. The frame may include a central body defining a longitudinal axis of the frame, a first arm at a first end portion of the central body, and a second arm at a second end portion of the central body, opposite the first end portion of the central body.
Google Inc.


An aircraft includes: a plurality of rotor units each including a propeller and a motor that drives the propeller; and a shock absorber covering the entire vertical length of lateral sides of the plurality of rotor units.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Propeller having extending outer blade

A propeller includes a hub coaxially surrounding a longitudinal axis. A ring shroud coaxially surrounds the longitudinal axis and is spaced radially from the hub.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


A scooter includes a connecting seat and a connecting bar extending rearward of the connecting seat, at least one rotatable front wheel and at least one rear wheel; a handle bar to control turning of front wheel; and a foot pedal connected to the connecting bar, the foot pedal having a left foot pedal portion and a right foot pedal portion; each of the left and right foot pedal portions being configured to support a rider's left foot and right foot, respectively, to lie substantially parallel to the connecting bar. The front wheel has a diameter, and the front and rear wheels are spaced apart a lateral distance, and wherein a ratio of the diameter to the lateral distance is selected to allow a rider to propel the scooter along flat ground without pushing the feet along the ground.

Electric vehicle opportunistic charging systems and methods

A vehicle includes an engine arranged to output torque and an electric machine arranged to apply a reaction torque against engine output torque to generate power for charging a traction battery. The vehicle also includes a controller programmed to issue a command to adjust the engine output torque and an output speed corresponding to a predetermined optimal brake specific fuel consumption while providing power to charge the fraction battery, satisfy an accessory power demand, and propel the vehicle..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Inflator, especially for a vehicle safety system, airbag module, vehicle safety system and manufacturing and operating an inflator

The invention relates to an inflator (10), especially for a vehicle safety system, comprising a combustion chamber (20) containing a pyrotechnical solid propellant bed (21). In accordance with the invention, an igniting mixture (25) is located in the combustion chamber (20), wherein a filler element (30, 30′) is arranged to be movable between the igniting mixture (25) and the solid propellant bed (21) in the idle state of the inflator (10)..

Power converter for electric vehicle

A vehicle is disclosed having a high voltage power source for operating high voltage devices, such as electric motors for propelling the vehicle. The high voltage devices are controlled by dedicated controllers paired with the devices and requiring low voltage power.
E-traction Europe B.v.

Inhalable medicament

The present invention provides an inhalable pharmaceutical solution aerosol comprising beclometasone dipropionate, ethanol and a propellant selected from 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropane and a mixture thereof, wherein the aerosol has a droplet size having a mass median aerodynamic diameter of 0.5-2.0 μm, for use in the treatment of asthma in an individual with impaired hand-inhalation coordination.. .
Teva Branded Pharmaceutical Products R&d, Inc.

Pharmaceutical compositions

A pharmaceutical solution for a medication delivery apparatus, especially a metered dose inhaler, is described. The pharmaceutical solution comprises: (a) a liquefied propellant component consisting essentially of and preferably consisting entirely of 1,1-difluoroethane (r-152a); (b) ethanol; and (c) a drug component dissolved in the propellant/ethanol mixture consisting of at least one drug selected from the group consisting of beclomethasone dipropionate (bdp) and fluticasone propionate (fp)..
Mexichem Amanco Holding S.a. De C.v.

Composition comprising a specific acrylic copolymer, a solvent and a specific propellant

(iii) a propellant comprising 1,1-difluoroethane.. .

Devices for cooling the nasal cavity

A method for cerebral cooling is described using a cooling assembly, which includes first and second elongate tubular members adapted for insertion into a nasal cavity of a patient through the patient's nostrils. The elongate tubular members each have a proximal end, a distal end, a lumen extending therebetween, and a plurality of ports in fluid communication with the lumen.
Braincool Ab

Dart delivery system

The dart delivery system is designed to be fired from a conventional shotgun. The dart body is enclosed within an outer casing of a shotgun shell.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Agriculture

Medical systems and methods

Tissue is resected and extracted from an interior location in a patient's body using a probe or tool which both effects resection and causes vaporization of a liquid or other fluid to propel the resected tissue through an extraction lumen of the resecting device. Resection is achieved using an electrosurgical electrode assembly including a first electrode on a resecting member and a second electrode within a resection probe or tool.
Iogyn, Inc.

Method for wireless connectivity continuity and quality

Configurations are described for maintaining a continuity and quality of wireless signal connection between a mobile device and systems accessible through the internet. In particular, configurations are disclosed to address the challenge of a mobile device that moves through a physical environment wherein the best wireless connectivity performance is achieved by switching between available connection sources and constantly evaluating a primary connection with other available connections that may be switched in to become a new primary connection.
Suitable Techologies, Inc.

Motor feed antenna for vehicle

According to some embodiments, an unmanned vehicle includes a power supply configured to supply an electrical power signal to a motor for propelling the unmanned vehicle, a wireless communication device configured to transmit or receive a radio frequency (rf) signal, and a motor feed antenna coupled to the power supply and the wireless communication device, the motor feed antenna configured to conduct the electrical power signal from the power supply to the motor, and to transmit or receive rf signals as an antenna for the wireless communication device.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

Drone mitigation methods and apparatus

Systems and methods for drone mitigation, or the deterrence of aerial drones from flying in an given area, are described. The systems and methods take advantage of the fact that destabilization of a drone can be accomplished by externally changing the performance of one or more of its propeller driven systems.

Vortex propeller

A central shaft is oriented in a position that is normal to the surface of the ground and normal to a direction of fluid flow. The central shaft has a plurality of blades emanating from the central shaft, wherein each one of the plurality of blades has an outside edge and an inside edge, the inside edge being attached directly to an outside surface of the central shaft.

A method and a device for moving objects on shelves

A method and a device for moving objects (44) on shelves (14;16) of a storing systems by operating a shuttle (42) between a plurality of ends of said shelves comprising the steps of engaging a first strip (30) at a first side of a support head (46) of said shuttle, engaging a second strip (30′) at a second side of said support head of said shuttle (42) opposing said first side, and displacing said shuttle (42) along said shelves (14;16) by pushing and retracting said strips (30, 30′). Propelling means (38) are arranged to displace said shuttle (42) along said shelves (14; 16) by pushing and retracting said strips (30; 30′).
Knapp Ag

Metering valve

A metering valve having an elongate moveable stem arranged for axial movements within a container and defining a discharge passage. A flexible bag for containing a liquid formulation to be dispensed from the metering valve surrounds a lower end of the metering valve.

Horizontal axis propeller engine assembly for an aircraft

An engine assembly for an aircraft, comprising a mast. The engine assembly comprises an engine with a horizontal engine axis, an engine shaft having a first end rigidly connected to the engine and a second end, and a reducer having an input shaft meshing with the second end, and an output shaft to which a propeller is fixed.
Airbus Operations (sas)

Power paddle

A portable propulsion system for a watercraft may include a shaft, a propeller, an outer casing, and a flexible strap. The shaft may have a prop end section, a drive end section, and a rotational axis extending from the prop end section to the drive end section.

Flow fin

A human propelled watercraft having a pair of flexible fins supported by a mast extending into the water each adapted to oscillate through an arcuate path in a generally transverse direction with respect to the central longitudinal dimension of said watercraft. Pedals are provided for applying input force whereby as input force is applied, the flexible fins can twist to form an angle of attack for providing forward thrust with respect to the longitudinal dimension of the watercraft while moving in both directions along the arcuate path.
Hobie Cat Company

Inhalable medicament comprising tiotropium

This invention relates to a solution formulation comprising a tiotropium salt, 12-20% ethanol, 0.1-1.5% of water, 0.05-0.10% citric acid (or other organic acid) and an hfa propellant, wherein the percentages are percentages by weight based on the total weight of the formulation. The invention also provides a p mdi comprising a canister containing the formulation..
Teva Branded Pharmaceutical Products R&d, Inc.

Self-propelled mower

A self-propelled mower includes a mover main body; a battery, an electric generator, or an engine; a protruding wing that protrudes sideward, the protruding wing being retractable and an extension length of the protruding wing being variable; mowing units protruding from a front face of the mover main body and a front face of the protruding wing, each including a movable blade that reciprocates or rotates to cut grasses driven by an electric motor or the engine, the electric motor being powered by battery or the electric generator. The mover main body moves on a slope face while being towed, via a traction rope, by a straddle-type mover body that moves straddling on a guard rail installed on top of a slope of a bank; or moves on the ground or in the air while being suspended by a suspension rope hung from a spanning cable spanning in the air..
Atsumi Real Estate & Corporation, Inc.

System for wireless connectivity continuity and quality

Configurations are described for maintaining a continuity and quality of wireless signal connection between a mobile device and systems accessible through the internet. In particular, configurations are disclosed to address the challenge of a mobile device that moves through a physical environment wherein the best wireless connectivity performance is achieved by switching between available connection sources and constantly evaluating a primary connection with other available connections that may be switched in to become a new primary connection.
Suitable Techologies, Inc.

Propeller shaft and constant-velocity joint used in said propeller shaft

The first constant-velocity joint has an inner ring member, an outer ring member housing the inner ring member, and balls, which are installed in raceway grooves formed at prescribed intervals in a circumferential direction in the outer ring member and which extend along an axial direction, for transmitting rotational torque between the inner ring member and the outer ring member. Furthermore, the constant-velocity joint is formed so that one of the inner ring member and the outer ring member connects to an attaching member installed to a vehicle side with a spline, and so that the other of them connects to a power transmission shaft.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Laser propelled tractor with laser operated logging tools

A method for maneuvering and operating a tool within a wellbore of a subterranean well includes providing a tractor assembly having a fluid chamber with a port extending through a sidewall of the fluid chamber. The port is moved to the open position to allow a well fluid of the subterranean well to flow into the fluid chamber.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Flush mount vibratory system for utility roller

A compacting apparatus includes a chassis, at least one drum supporting the chassis, a propel motor operatively associated with and adapted to rotate the at least one drum, a vibratory motor connected to the propel motor, a shaft, and an eccentric weight. The propel motor defines an aperture through which the shaft extends, drivably connecting the vibratory motor and the eccentric weight..
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

Ceramic coating deposition

A ceramic coating process comprises introducing a suspension including a fine ceramic particulate suspended in a liquid carrier into a plasma torch. The method includes melting the fine ceramic particulate in the plasma torch; propelling the fine ceramic particulate toward a substrate; and forming a coating on the substrate, the coating comprises splats of the fine ceramic particulate..
United Technologies Corporation

Cleaning composition with propellant

Cleaning compositions, which are typically self-adhering in gel form upon application to a hard surface, and which are desirably capable of being applied in aerosol form, are provided. The aqueous-based cleaning compositions include an adhesion promoter, which typically includes one or more organic molecules, each containing at least one hydrophilic group; and an anionic, nonionic, cationic, amphoteric and/or zwitterionic surfactant; and (c) a propellant.
S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

Hub assembly and propeller assemblies

Hub assembly and propeller blade assemblies incorporating partial hub assembly having a backing plate with a set of partial root seats and a set of clamps selectively operably couplable to the backing plate with each clamp defining a second partial root seat and wherein when a clamp is coupled to the backing plate a root seat is formed, propeller blades having roots are received within the root seats.. .
Ge Aviation Systems Llc

System for controlling marine craft with steerable propellers

An apparatus and method for use with a marine vessel having a first steerable propeller and a second steerable propeller is disclosed. The apparatus and method providing for movement of the first and second steerable propellers relative to each other and also maintains a minimum distance between the first and second steerable propellers so as to prevent the first and second steerable from contacting each other.

Asymmetric propulsion and maneuvering system

An asymmetric propulsion mechanism capable of providing both axial thrust as well as lateral maneuverability from a single axis of rotation is described. The mechanism may be used on aquatic vehicles to minimize cost and maximize reliability and endurance.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Electric propulsion system for marine applications and use

An electric propulsion system for use in marine applications. The system comprises rechargeable battery cells, ac or dc electric motors for propulsion, control units to manage the flow of energy between the battery cells and the motor, a water cooling loop that pumps water through heat exchangers then out of the watercraft for thermal management.
Cedar Marine Propulsion, Inc.

Propellable aquatic board

A propellable aquatic board includes a main body that is at least partially buoyant. The propellable aquatic board also includes a flexible member secured to the main body by a fastener.
Moon Lake Corp.

Intra-oral prostheses and other anatomical prostheses

Described herein are intra-oral prostheses that can help replace or augment the function of the native tongue, such as to assist with swallowing. Disclosed prostheses can provide mechanical force, based on the power of mastication, to propel a food bolus into the pharyngeal phase of swallowing.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

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