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Propel patents

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Toroidal balloon-driven vehicle

Toroidal balloon-driven vehicle

Method for producing trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene

Mobile pulley system as interface for rotational engines requiring an external driving force (wheel-based vehicles,…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Propel-related patents
 Method for optimizing operation of aircraft ground travel drive system patent thumbnailMethod for optimizing operation of aircraft ground travel drive system
A method is provided for automatically or manually. Optimizing independent ground travel operation in an aircraft equipped with one or more self-propelled nose or main wheels powered by a driver means, wherein selected operating parameters indicative of optimized ground travel are monitored by sensors or detectors to provide data and information relating to the selected parameters during operation of the ground travel system.
 Toroidal balloon-driven vehicle patent thumbnailToroidal balloon-driven vehicle
A device fashioned in the shape of a toroid is rotated by a mechanism that propels itself in one or more directions based on internal rotation. In one specific example, the toroidal device is a toroidal balloon, where the tread of the toroidal balloon driven vehicle (tbdv) is self-contained and the entire outer surface is dynamic.
 Method for producing trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene patent thumbnailMethod for producing trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Provided is a method for producing trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene usable as a raw material for a foaming agent for a hard polyurethane foam, a solvent, a cleaning agent, a cooling medium, a working fluid, a propellant, a fluorinated resin, etc., the method involving a step of bringing cis-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene into contact with a catalyst, wherein the catalyst includes a fluorinated metal oxide or a metal fluoride each produced by applying a fluorination treatment to a metal oxide containing one kind or two or more kinds of metals and containing aluminum atoms that make up 50 at. % or more of metal atoms to thereby substitute some or all of oxygen atoms in the metal oxide with fluorine atom(s), wherein the fluorinated metal oxide or the metal fluoride is a compound produced through a drying treatment at 400 to 600° c..
 Mobile pulley system as interface for rotational engines requiring an external driving force (wheel-based vehicles, turbines, ect.) patent thumbnailMobile pulley system as interface for rotational engines requiring an external driving force (wheel-based vehicles, turbines, ect.)
The apparatus, comprised of a housing, at least one set of fixed pulleys and corresponding mobile pulleys and the means of controllably coupling the rotational movement to, through and from it reduces the energy required for the self-propelling function of a vehicle employing rotational movement for the said function by at least fifty percent regardless of the said vehicle's internal type of power source and previous amount of energy used for the said function.. .
 Protector for propeller patent thumbnailProtector for propeller
Aspects of the present invention are directed to a propeller protector that can accommodate propeller of different sizes and is designed to be easily installed or removed from a propeller. The propeller protector includes a novel retaining device for securing the protector onto the blades of the propeller without using straps or similar devices.
 Split blade retention race with inner and outer chamfers patent thumbnailSplit blade retention race with inner and outer chamfers
A blade shank assembly for an aircraft propeller blade includes a blade shank; and a split blade retention race encircling the blade shank, the split blade retention race comprising two sections separated by two splits, the two splits being perpendicular to a race surface of the split blade retention race, wherein the split blade retention race comprises: an inner chamfer located between a surface of the split blade retention race that is adjacent to the blade shank and a split surface of the split blade retention race at each of the two splits; and an outer chamfer located between the race surface of the split blade retention race and the split surface at each of the two splits.. .
 Propulsion unit for a ship patent thumbnailPropulsion unit for a ship
It is characteristic for the propulsion unit for a ship (10) that it has the propulsion unit's main body (12) that rotates around the rotation axis x, extending along the propulsive direction of the ship, the inlet port (16) set on the surface of the propulsion unit's main body (12), the outlet port (18) set on the surface of the propulsion unit's main body (12), and the circulation path (20) connecting the inlet port (16) and outlet port (18), and that the inlet port (16) is set ahead of the outlet port (18) in the propulsive direction, the outlet port (18) is set on the outer side of the inlet port in the radial direction from the aforesaid rotation axis, the circulation path (20) inclines backwards from the propulsive direction at least at the opening part of the outlet port (18), and by discharging water from the outlet port (18), which is absorbed at the inlet port (16), by the rotation around the rotation axis of the propulsion unit's main body (12), the ship (100) is propelled.. .
 Propeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint used therein patent thumbnailPropeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint used therein
A propeller shaft is proposed which comprises an outer cylindrical member formed with a sleeve portion that has a splined cylindrical inner wall with which a splined cylindrical outer wall of a shaft is engaged; an inner cylindrical member installed in the outer cylindrical member; a torque transmitting unit through which a torque is transmitted from the outer cylindrical member to the inner cylindrical member; and a connecting mechanism that, upon engagement of the splined cylindrical outer wall with the splined cylindrical inner wall, effects an axial and relative positioning between the shaft and the outer cylindrical member while establishing a detachable connection therebetween.. .
 Ergonomic wheelchair with ventral support patent thumbnailErgonomic wheelchair with ventral support
An ergonomic wheelchair with ventral support has an ergonomic shape where the person is placed in a position with support areas at the person's frontal area. The wheelchair is provided with a frame made of a reticular structure as a main support, mounted over four wheels, with the two rear wheels being much smaller and free to move in any direction.
 Method and conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt patent thumbnailMethod and conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt
Method and a conveyor for registering articles on a conveyor belt. The conveyor includes a registration belt having retractable flights regularly spaced along the length of the belt and article-propelling rollers between consecutive flights.
Fender located pedestrian protection airbag
A number of variations may include a product comprising an airbag which propels a moving member that releases a hood hinge mechanism upon deployment and which deploys a cushion to provide pedestrian protection from at least one of a rearward region of the hood, a lower windshield, an a-pillar, an outboard region of a hood, or a fender.. .
Walking stick with s-shaped flexure mechanism to store and release energy
A walking stick that takes inspiration from nature to absorb energy in the downward first motion of a walking stride and then return the stored energy to aid in propelling the walker forward in the final forward motion of the walking stride all the while keeping the walker in an ergonomically correct position which minimizes discomfort and reduces wasted energy. The walking stick that is the subject of this patent application utilizes a dual flexure spring configured in an s-shape (hereafter referred to as an s-flexure spring) as an extension of the straight shaft of the stick.
Pipe cleaning system and method
An hvac pipe cleaning system includes a pipe cleaning adapter attached to the upstream end of a pipe and a catch device attached to the downstream end of the pipe k cylindrical wiper is closely fitted into the interior of the pipe cleaning adapter and is propelled from the pipe adapter into the pipe by means of gas pressure behind the cylindrical wiper. A flushing solvent fitting is used to inject flushing solvent into the pipe cleaning adapter ahead of the wiper..
Firearm cleaning shell
An apparatus including a bore cleaning projectile can be configured to clean a bore of a firearm as the projectile is propelled down the bore. The projectile includes a frangible capsule, a frame, a propellant providing a force to push the projectile down the bore of the firearm, and a collapsing feature configured to crush the frangible capsule when the force is applied to the frame..
40mm door-breaching grenade
The invention provides a short-range, self-propelled, non-fragmenting breaching device to breach a wide variety of doors and barricades with high efficiency, high gunner safety and low collateral damage. The invention also provides a method of preparing the breaching device and a method of breaching a target using the breaching device..
Stalk sensor apparatus, systems, and methods
Referring now to the drawings, wherein like reference numerals designate identical or corresponding parts through-out the several views, fig. 1 illustrates a prior art agricultural combine 10 which is supported and propelled by ground engaging wheels 14.
Method of designing a custom propeller
A method of designing a custom boat propeller with optimized geometry for a boat and motor combination based upon a user generated performance data set.. .
High temperature catalysts for decomposition of liquid monopropellants and methods for producing the same
Ceramic catalyst carriers that are mechanically, thermally and chemically stable in a ionic salt monopropellant decomposition environment, high temperature catalysts for decomposition of liquid high-energy-density monopropellants and ceramic processing techniques for producing spherical catalyst carrier granules are disclosed. The ceramic processing technique is used to produce spherical catalyst carrier granules with controlled porosities and desired composition and allows for reproducible packing densities of catalyst granules in thruster chambers.
Speed control assembly for a self-propelled walk behind lawn mower
A speed control mechanism for controlling selective engagement of the self-propelled transmission assembly for a walk-behind lawn mower is provided. The speed control mechanism is also configured to control the relative output speed of the transmission assembly.
Combination of a container for a liquid foodstuff and a quantity of propellant and use of a propellant
Combination of a container (1) for a liquid foodstuff and a quantity of propellant (2) to put the container (1) under pressure in order to make the foodstuff flow out of the container (1) via an opening (11), characterised in that at a temperature of 5° c. The propellant (2) has a vapour pressure greater than 115 kpa and at a temperature of 25° c.
High oil-content emollient aerosol foam compositions
Described herein are high oil-content emulsions and compositions for the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders. The emulsions may be formulated as aerosol compositions.
Pool surveillance system and associated surveillance method
A system for surveillance of a pool containing a liquid such as water-comprises at least one first element comprising at least one submersible robot provided with standalone propulsion capabilities for propelling the robot in the pool, onboard of which robot is installed at least one sensor capable of producing at least one measurement of a quantity representative of at least one disturbance of the pool relative to a reference state, the first element being furthermore provided with communication capabilities for communicating, in the submerged position, with at least one second element, the system being configured to process, in processing means, the output of the at least one sensor and to trigger at least one action.. .
Foldable bicycle
A foldable bicycle is provided in its self-propelled use position in its folded-out state, for transporting and for storage in its folded-up state and in both its folded-out and folded up states has fixing components for maintaining the reliability of these states, and in its folded-up state it has significantly lower space demand as compared to its folded-out state.. .
Method and system for feeding jet engines
A method for feeding a ramjet of a spacecraft beyond the dense layers of the atmosphere includes providing a fueling apparatus having an amount of a propellant for feeding a ramjet of the spacecraft. The propellant is ejected from the fueling apparatus in form of a solid and flexible propellant cord, wherein said propellant cord being placed on a flight path of the spacecraft.
Narrow drive arrangement for self propelled sprayer
An agricultural implement for applying a product to an agricultural field. The agricultural implement including a chassis, at least one tank positioned on and carried by the chassis, a plurality of ground engaging devices and a plurality of suspension elements.
Medicinal aerosols and methods of delivery thereof
The present invention provides a medical aerosol formulation comprising a particular medicament, a fluorocarbon propellant and 6 to 25% w/w of the total formulation of a polar co-solvent, such formulation being substantially free of surfactant. Canisters suitable for delivering such a pharmaceutical formulation are also provided..
Aerosol can
The invention provides an aerosol container having an outer container body (10) with a plastic liner or bag (40) arranged therein, into which both product and propellant are filled, characterised in that the plastic liner or bag (40) has a multi-layer construction. The liner or bag (40) comprises a layer that is resistant to the product and a layer that prevents diffusion of the propellant out of the liner or bag (40).
Pool cleaning robot
A pool cleaning robot for cleaning a surface of a swimming pool, said robot comprising: a main housing; main wheels being configured for propelling the robot; an auxiliary brushwheel disposed between said main wheels and configured for being rotated by the robot about an axis of rotation; and at least one inlet being formed in a bottom panel of the housing between said main wheels and being configured for intake of water and debris, wherein said main wheels are configured for being rotated by the robot at a first angular velocity, and said auxiliary brushwheel is configured for being rotated by the robot at a second angular velocity which is greater than the first angular velocity.. .
Self-stabilizing skateboard
An electric vehicle may comprise a board including first and second deck portions each configured to receive a left or right foot of a ride, a wheel assembly disposed between the deck portions and including a ground-contacting element, a motor assembly mounted to the board and configured to rotate the ground-contacting element around an axle to propel the electric vehicle, at least one sensor configured to measure orientation information of the board, and a motor controller configured to receive orientation information measured by the sensor and to cause the motor assembly to propel the electric vehicle based on the orientation information. The electric vehicle may include exactly one ground-contacting element, and the motor may be a hub motor..
Use of a solid for the production of a propellant powder
For production of a propellant charge powder, especially for medium and large calibers, in a process in which the solid is incorporated together with a liquid in a mixing and drying process into the channels of a granular green material and compacted therein to form a plug, the solid, under otherwise identical process conditions, is set within a setting range of >0-0.5% by weight based on the weight of the granular green material. For more significant lowering of the maximum pressure within an upper temperature range and for more significant raising of the maximum pressure within a lower temperature range of the application temperature range, an increased amount of solid is used.
Operating system for and method of operating a controllable transfer device for harvested goods
An operating system operates a controllable transfer device for harvested goods of an agricultural vehicle embodying a self-propelled harvester. The operating system includes a three-dimensional imaging device for capturing a real object and for deriving a three-dimensional data set for the real object and a touch-sensitive display unit for displaying an object and for receiving a touch input.
Process for controlling a hybrid naval propulsion system and hybrid propulsion system
A method for controlling the hybrid drive system of a water craft, comprising a combustion engine (1), an electric engine/generator (2), a drive train (5) having a propeller (7) and a storage battery (3), a control unit (8) and a clutch (4). In order to increase efficiency, during travel in the upper power range the electric engine (2) is additionally operated as a generator, and during travel in the middle and lower power ranges the electric engine (2) is operated with current from a storage battery (3).
Protective ring for toy helicopter
A helicopter having increase stabilization and protective rings for the propellers is provided. The helicopter includes a helicopter body, and at least one propeller connected by a shaft to the helicopter body.
Floating structure fluid dynamic force use system and wind-propelled vessel
Provided are a floating structure fluid dynamic force use system and a wind-propelled vessel which uses the system whereby it is possible to compensate for overturning moment due to fluid dynamic force and to alleviate both tilting and size increases of a floating structure. A floating structure fluid dynamic force use system (1) comprises an assembly (12) which extracts energy from wind or water, and a floating structure (13) which supports the assembly (12).
System for controlling the pitch of the propeller blades of a turbomachine, and a turbomachine with a propeller for an aircraft with such a system
The control system (23) comprises a power actuator (24) coaxial with the axis of rotation (a) of the propeller, and a transmission device (25) connecting the power actuator to pivots (15), of the blades to be controlled (16), arranged substantially radially with respect to said axis of rotation. Advantageously, said actuator (24) is a rotary jack whose mobile part (28) rotates about said axis of rotation and is connected to the transmission device (25) by means of a mobile mechanical connection (34) which transforms the rotation imparted by the mobile part (28) of the jack about said axis of rotation into a rotation of the blades (16) about the axes (b) of the pivots (15) which are perpendicular to the axis of rotation (a)..
Simplified propeller balancing system and method
A propeller balancing device includes at least one stationary outer disc and a drive wheel arranged adjacent to the outer disc. The drive wheel includes magnets arranged at the periphery.
Method of automatically triggering an emergency buoyancy system for a hybrid helicopter
A method of automatically triggering an emergency buoyancy system (10) for a hybrid helicopter (20) having a fuselage (21), two half-wings (23, 23′), and two propulsive propellers (24, 24′). During the method, said emergency buoyancy system (10) is primed, and then if a risk of said hybrid helicopter (20) ditching is detected, two retractable wing undercarriages (28, 28′) are deployed, each wing undercarriage (28, 28′) being fastened under a respective half-wing (23, 23′) and being provided with at least one immersion sensor (16).
Agricultural harvesting machine
An agricultural harvesting machine embodying a self-propelled forage harvester is equipped with a shredding assembly for the continuous shredding of crop conveyed as a crop stream through the shredding assembly and a recutter disposed downstream of the shredding assembly relative to the direction of crop flow that comprises at least one cutting element that is moveable into and out of the crop stream. A control device that is operated via actuation of an actuator assigned to the cutting element to move the cutting element out of an inactive position (p0) in which the cutting element is ineffective relative to the crop stream into at least one active position (p1) in which the cutting element extends into the crop stream effectively imposing a shredding effect on the crop..
Pneumatic speargun for spearfishing and method of use
A pneumatic speargun for spearfishing and a related method of loading and firing includes a cylinder having a head and a body with a hand grip, a slide guide for a spear, a reservoir for a pressurized fluid, and a barrel connected to the reservoir. A piston is slidingly mounted in the barrel for movement from an end loading positions, in which it is retained, to an end discharge position.
Versatile transport-delivery vessel system
The disclosure relates to a versatile transport-cargo vessel system configured for travel on water. The vessel system either includes a single self propelled vessel or a tugboat section and a barge section configured to interlock.
Polymer projectile having an integrated driving band
A lightweight projectile having an integrated driving band positioned around the exterior of the polymer base of the projectile for engaging the rifling of a barrel to impart spin stabilization to the projectile. The driving band protrudes from the polymer base to minimize the contact between the polymer base and the rifling to reduce friction between the barrel and the projectile as the projectile is fired.
Selectable kinetic energy of projectiles
Projectiles with sealed propellant are described herein. In one embodiment of the invention, a projectile includes a body having a nose portion and a tail portion, a plurality of propellant charges contained within the body, a plurality of selectable initiators contained within the body for ignition of respective propellant charges, one or more ports for exit of ignition gases produced by the charges for propulsion of the projectile from the weapon, and one or more inductors for inducing a firing current, where at least one initiator only initiates on receiving a firing current which is different from the firing signal required to initiate the other initiators..
Method and device for averting and damping rolling of a ship
This invention relates to a method and a device for averting and damping rolling of an engine-driven marine vessel with propeller propulsion. The proposed method recognizes the fact that the speed controller of a ship responds to heel angle variations by propeller speed adjustments.
Propellor blade retention
A propeller blade retention arrangement having a propeller blade comprising in radial sequence an aerofoil portion, a shank portion and a root portion. The root portion having first cross-sectional area close to the shank portion and second cross-sectional area at the end distal to the aerofoil portion, wherein the second cross-sectional area is greater than the first cross-sectional area.
System for protecting a rotatable shaft of a motor from excessive bending moments
A motor assembly that includes a motor having a motor casing, a rotatable shaft extending from said motor casing to a shaft length and a hub coupled to said rotatable shaft, the hub having a circumferential skid surface disposed immediately proximal to the motor casing and having a channel configured to seat a propeller, when a propeller is present, wherein a bending moment applied to the shaft through the hub results in the circumferential skid surface contacting said motor casing.. .
Agitator and a method of replacing a shaft seal of an agitator
Disclosed is an agitator having a drive unit coupled by means of a coupling to a first end of a drive shaft, a propeller attached to a second end of the drive shaft, the drive unit being attached to a mounting flange adapted for fastening the agitator to a wall of a mixing vessel, the agitator further comprising a support housing having at least a tubular support frame with a first end and a second end, the first end of the tubular support frame being attached to the mounting flange, the second end of the tubular support frame being provided with a support bearing for supporting the second end of the drive shaft, wherein a shaft seal is arranged at the first end of the tubular support frame and sealing means is arranged in connection with the second end of both the drive shaft and the tubular support frame.. .
Helicopter and aircraft power device
A helicopter and aircraft power device has a plurality of fluid inlets on a windward side of a blade housing and a plurality of fluid outlets on a leeward side in a manner that the fluid inlets communicate with the fluid outlets. The path where the fluid flows in the lengthwise direction on the windward side of the blade housing is far greater than the path where the fluid flows in the widthwise direction on the leeward side of the blade housing, generating a very large pressure difference between the leeward side and the windward side.
Self-propel accessory
A self-propel accessory provides an easily attachable optional drive function for a platform device. The platform device is supported by a device frame including a wheel at a rear end and a post at a front end.
Steerable vehicle
A steerable, self-propelled vehicle (20) includes a rotatable steering column that is connected to control the steering angle of one or more ground-engaging members of the vehicle. The vehicle includes between the steering column and the ground-engaging member a first steering servomechanism having at least a first steering assistance characteristic; a second steering servomechanism having a second steering assistance characteristic also being connected to act on the steering column.
Apparatus for driving and maneuvering wireline logging tools in high-angled wells
A data logging apparatus for use in a wellbore of a fluid production well includes a forward portion for guiding the data logging tool through the wellbore. An elongated body having a first end and a second end includes electronic circuitry for receiving data from at least one sensor provided on the data logging tool.
Gas generator
The invention relates inter alia to a gas generator (10) for generating a driving gas for a vehicle safety device, wherein the gas generator has an ignition device (30) and propellant (50) which generates gas after being ignited by the ignition device (30). It is provided according to the invention that the gas generator (10) has a tube (20), to one tube end (21) of which the ignition device (30) is fixed by means of a moulded-in or moulded-on injection-moulded body (40)..
Rotary screw blancher
A food processing apparatus includes a pressure vessel defining a compartment having an inlet end for receiving food product and an outlet end for discharging food product, an open-top screen mounted within the compartment and movable relative to the compartment between a first position, for food processing, and a second position, to facilitate cleaning, a rotatable auger mounted such that at least a portion of the auger is within the screen, the auger being operable to advance food product within the compartment from the inlet end of the pressure vessel toward the outlet end, and a transfer mechanism including a conduit in communication with the compartment, a fluid discharge positioned substantially within the conduit, and a pressurized fluid source in communication with the fluid discharge and operable to propel a fluid through the fluid discharge to move food product through the conduit.. .
Combination gas operated rifle and subsonic cartridge
A method of operating a gas operated automatic or semi-automatic weapon that has a bolt that locks by a partial rotation of the bolt with respect to a bolt carrier, the bolt carrier in communication with a gas port on the barrel of the weapon, the method comprising utilizing the gas pressure from a cartridge received from a port in the barrel to unlock the bolt, and utilizing the expansion of a telescoping cartridge in the chamber to recycle the weapon after the bolt is unlocked. In embodiments the cartridge is a 5.56 mm cartridge.
Exhaust gas after treatment system with temperature control
A vehicle emission control system is configured to operatively receive exhaust gas from a combustion engine and includes an exhaust gas after treatment system (eats) configured to operatively clean the received exhaust gas, a burner unit configured to operatively heat the received exhaust gas to a predetermined temperature before the exhaust gas is provided to the eats, and a pump unit configured to operatively provide the burner unit with air to be used b the burner unit in a heating process. The pump unit is configured to be operatively propelled by exhaust gas, and the burner unit is arranged upstream the pump unit such that exhaust gas from the burner unit is operatively provided to the pump unit for propelling the pump unit..
Path finding device, self-propelled working apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable medium
A path finding device includes a search unit, a calculation unit, and a selection unit. The search unit finds paths to reach a goal point from a start point while detouring around a stationary obstacle.
Self-propelled robotic pallet vehicle
Various aspects of the present disclosure provide a robotic pallet system that provides the ability to move palletized cargo without requiring the use of additional material handling equipment such as forklifts and k-loaders, for example. In some aspects, an integrated system may be used to interact with and control a number of robotic pallets.
Optimization of downstream open fan propeller position and placement of acoustic sensors
A method and apparatus for controlling a propeller of a contra-rotation open fan (crof) engine of an aircraft is provided. A diameter of the propeller is set to be at a first diameter during at least a portion of a first flight condition of the aircraft.
Launch vehicle and system and method for economically efficient launch thereof
The present disclosure relates to a launch system, a launch vehicle for use with the launch system, and methods of launching a payload utilizing the launch vehicle and/or the launch system. The disclosure can provide for delivery of the payload at a terrestrial location, an earth orbital location, or an extraorbital location.
Launch vehicle and system and method for economically efficient launch thereof
The present disclosure relates to a launch system, a launch vehicle for use with the launch system, and methods of launching a payload utilizing the launch vehicle and/or the launch system. The disclosure can provide for delivery of the payload at a terrestrial location, an earth orbital location, or an extraorbital location.
Electric tracklaying gear and use thereof for a self-propelled working machine
The present invention relates to an electric tracklaying gear and the use thereof for a self-propelled working machine, preferably for a construction or earth-moving machine or a surface mining machine such as surface miner, which includes an endlessly circulating track chain which can be driven by a crawler drive that is arranged inside the path of circulation of the track chain. It is proposed to associate a cooling device with a closed fluid cooling circuit to the electric motor of the crawler drive arranged in the interior of the path of circulation of the track chain.
Solid propellant fire extinguishing system
A fire extinguishing system comprises a hermetically sealed storage canister (110) fabricated with at least one gas outlet (111) and defining a hollow (112) within; a powder form fire extinguishing agent (120) stored inside the canister (110): a solid propellant (130), which is ignitable to generate gases (135); connected to the canister (110); and a rupturable seal (140) disposed at the gas outlet (111), wherein the solid propellant (130) generates gasses to aerate the fire extinguishing agent (120) inside the canister (110) and build a positive gas pressure until the gas pressure is sufficient to rupture the seal (140) for discharging the fire extinguishing agent (120) under pressurized gas flow (150).. .
Football throwing system and method of operation
Described is an automated football throwing system and method of operation thereof. The system comprises a route input system, a launch controller, and a football throwing device.
Wind machine with propeller mounted bird repellent strips
A bird repellent system for a wind machine with propeller blades mounted to a propeller hub on a mast, each propeller blade having a propeller tip at a distal end of the propeller blade, and a bird repellant ribbon attached to the propeller tip, so rotation of the propeller blades generates a wind stream parallel to a ground surface, to impart an action to the bird repellant ribbon. The bird repellent ribbon can be made from a mylar type of plastic film, and have holographic reflective features.
Hybrid-cycle liquid propellant rocket engine
Systems and methods are described herein for a hybrid liquid propellant rocket engine. In an embodiment, the engine includes a first pump powered by a first turbine, a second pump powered by a second turbine, and a gas generator.
Hybrid electric propulsion for spacecraft
A propulsion system for spacecraft is based on an electric engine that expels propellant to achieve thrust. The propellant is first ionized to generate a plasma.
Natural hairstyle holding product containing levan as a film-former
A hairstyle holding composition formed of natural or naturally derived ingredients, the composition comprising a hairstyle holding resin, wherein the hairstyle holding resin consists essentially of a low viscosity levan, wherein the levan produces a low intrinsic viscosity dispersion in water having particle sizes in the range of from about 50 to about 200 nm, and wherein the composition further includes at least one natural or naturally derived additive, wherein the at least one additive is selected from the group consisting of natural oils, natural antimicrobial substances, a natural fragrance, a natural emulsifier, a natural viscosity controller and a natural liquefied or gaseous form hydrocarbon to serve as a propellant.. .
Feathering propeller with adjustable abutment
There is described an assembly having a plurality of screws, a propeller and a related method for adjusting the fluid dynamic pitch of the blades of the propeller. The propeller has at least one blade pivoted rotatably to a cylindrical propeller casing, a hub coupled to an engine and mounted coaxially inside the propeller casing, a kinematic mechanism coupled to the hub and/or to the propeller casing, and to the blade for adjusting the fluid dynamic pitch of the propeller.
Low temperature plasma probe and methods of use thereof
The present invention generally relates to a low temperature plasma probe for desorbing and ionizing at least one analyte in a sample material and methods of use thereof. In one embodiment, the invention generally relates to a low temperature plasma probe including: a housing having a discharge gas inlet port, a probe tip, two electrodes, and a dielectric barrier, in which the two electrodes are separated by the dielectric barrier, in which application of voltage from a power supply generates a low temperature plasma, and in which the low temperature plasma is propelled out of the discharge region by the electric field and/or the discharge gas flow..
Conveyance device
A conveyance device has a carriage drive for driving and propelling a pair of left and right carriage units which individually support left and right sides of an object to be conveyed. A pair of left and right screw shafts is pivotally supported in a rotatable manner along the movement path of the carriage units.
Shale-gas separating and cleanout system
This invention relates to the separation of shale, gas and fluid at a shale-gas well. The shale debris and water from a shale-gas well is tangentially communicated to a vessel where the cyclonic effect within the vessel facilitates the separation of the gas from the shale debris.
Controlling pressure during perforating operations
A method for controlling pressure in a wellbore during a perforating operation is disclosed. The method can include positioning a perforating tool within the wellbore, where the perforating tool comprises a gun and an energetic chamber.
Outdoor unit and refrigeration cycle apparatus including the outdoor unit
An outdoor unit according to the present invention includes an air-sending-device chamber including a heat exchanger disposed at least on the rear side within an outdoor unit body, a propeller fan having a plurality of blades and disposed on the front side of the heat exchanger, and a bell mouth disposed on the front side of the propeller fan to face an air outlet, a machine chamber in which a compressor is disposed, and a partition plate that separates the air-sending-device chamber and the machine chamber. The partition plate has a protruding shape protruding from the air-sending-device chamber toward the machine chamber.
Multi-valve fuel injection system and injection method
A multi-valve fuel injection system comprising an electronic unit pump for outputting high pressure fuel; a low pressure fuel pipe for inputting fuel into the plunger cavity of the electronic unit pump; a fuel supply cam for propelling the movement of the plunger of the electronic unit pump to produce high pressure fuel; at least two electronically controlled fuel injectors for injecting fuel; high pressure fuel injection pipe connecting the electronic unit pump and the electronically controlled fuel injectors for transporting the high pressure fuel outputted form the electronic unit pump to the electronically controlled fuel injectors, respectively, for controlling the electronic unit pump and the opening and closing of solenoid valves in the fuel injectors. The fuel injection system can achieve large range fuel injection and high circulating response.
Manufacture of medicinal aerosol canisters
The present invention relates to methods of making medicinal aerosol canisters (10), in particular metered dose canisters (10), comprising aerosol formulation comprising medicament particles suspended in liquid propellant, for example for delivery by pulmonary or nasal inhalation as well as medicinal dispensers (100) including such canisters (10), such as metered dose medicinal dispenser in particular pressurized metered dose inhalers, wherein the liquid propellant in some embodiments contains hfa 134a and/or hfa 227, and the propellant component is subjected to one or more ultrasonic probes.. .
Watercraft immobilizing apparatus and system
A watercraft immobilizing apparatus and system for a marine vessel to passively defend against an attacking engine-powered watercraft includes a towed array of entanglement lines. The entanglement lines can be provided on and administered from removable/replaceable storage cartridges mountable on and/or deployed via davits, outriggers, paravanes, and/or weighted submersible rollers to foul and immobilize propellers and engine cooling water intakes of encroaching watercraft..

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