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Smart connection manager

T-mobile Usa

Smart connection manager

Identifying reviews from content associated with a location


Identifying reviews from content associated with a location

Identifying reviews from content associated with a location

Tencent Technology (shenzhen)

Method and apparatus for clearing notification icon, and storage medium

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prom-related patents
 Multiple backlight keyboard patent thumbnailMultiple backlight keyboard
This application relates to a dynamic lighting circuit for a keyboard of a computing device. The lighting circuit described herein includes several light emitting diode (led) drivers having multiple channels for controlling multiple leds.
Apple Inc.

 Smart connection manager patent thumbnailSmart connection manager
A telecommunication device configured to perform at least one of adjusting a network polling frequency, prompting a user to select one of a plurality of networks, automatically connecting to one of the networks, or automatically disconnecting from one of the networks is described herein. The telecommunication device performs the adjusting, prompting, or connecting based at least on received device data or network data that is associated with the networks..
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

 Identifying reviews from content associated with a location patent thumbnailIdentifying reviews from content associated with a location
Provided are systems, methods, and computer-readable media for identifying reviews from comments associated with a location. User-submitted comments to various services are evaluated to identify the comment as a review.
Google Inc.

 Method and  clearing notification icon, and storage medium patent thumbnailMethod and clearing notification icon, and storage medium
The present disclosure discloses a method and an apparatus for clearing a notification icon, and a storage medium. The method includes: acquiring a list of applications corresponding to to-be-cleared notification icons, the application list including application identifiers of the applications corresponding to the to-be-cleared notification icons; and stop displaying a notification icon corresponding to the application identifier, when a clearing command is received and according to each application identifier included in the application list.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

 Rotating electric machine control system patent thumbnailRotating electric machine control system
A rotating electric machine control system having a power control unit equipped with a voltage converter and a controller. The controller is equipped with an operation unit having a time corrector for obtaining time from first and second timers with reference to an ignition signal and correcting a relative time difference between the timers.
Denso Corporation

 Porous separation membrane, secondary battery using same, and  manufacturing said secondary battery patent thumbnailPorous separation membrane, secondary battery using same, and manufacturing said secondary battery
Provides are a porous separator that prevents a short-circuit between two electrodes by using a porous nanofiber web where nanofibers have a core-shell structure, to thereby promote safety and thinning simultaneously. The porous separator includes: a porous nonwoven fabric playing a support role and having micropores; and a porous nanofiber web that is laminated on one side of the porous nonwoven fabric, and plays a role of an adhesive layer and an ion-containing layer when the porous nanofiber web is in close contact with an opposed electrode, wherein a portion of the porous nanofiber web is incorporated in a surface layer of the porous nonwoven fabric, to thus partially block pores of the porous nonwoven fabric and to thereby lower porosity of the porous nonwoven fabric.
Amogreentech Co., Ltd.

 Method for fabricating semiconductor device patent thumbnailMethod for fabricating semiconductor device
A method for fabricating semiconductor device is disclosed. The method includes the steps of first providing a substrate, in which the substrate includes a sonos region and a eeprom region.
United Microelectronics Corp.

 Systems and methods for determining the ecological validity of an assessment patent thumbnailSystems and methods for determining the ecological validity of an assessment
Systems and methods are provided for determining whether an examination prompt elicits responses of a type for which the examination prompt is designed. Word types for each of a plurality of words in a plurality of responses to the examination prompt are identified.
Educational Testing Service

 Systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions patent thumbnailSystems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions
Implementations relate to systems and methods for detection and management of viewing conditions. One or more sensor devices can be provided for a user to monitor, manage, and adjust viewing conditions to promote the health and the user's health and vision.

 Clearinghouse system for the collection, management and identification of 340b related pharmaceutical claims under various medicaid and medicaid managed care programs patent thumbnailClearinghouse system for the collection, management and identification of 340b related pharmaceutical claims under various medicaid and medicaid managed care programs
The present invention is directed to an exchange clearinghouse, to provide an improved method of processing all 340b drug pricing program claims for all involved parties, to easily identify and report the 340b claims as well as overcome any challenges of the prior art without compromising security or accuracy. More particularly, the invention is a method that can alter, change, or reclassify previously adjudicated pharmacy claims (original claims) through a system, outside of and unrelated to the system used by the pharmacy service provider who adjudicated the original claim.


Social network based online shopping environment and method and process of managing discount codes

A virtual shopping mall contains virtual shop fronts that operate as gateways into virtual rooms containing a graphic user interface (gui). The gui supports an online homepage of a vendor previously associated with the virtual shop front.
Cavia Limited


System for individualized customer interaction

A method and system for using individualized customer models when operating a retail establishment is provided. The individualized customer models may be generated using statistical analysis of transaction data for the customer, thereby generating sub-models and attributes tailored to customer.
Accenture Global Services Limited


System and facilitating sale of goods

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for facilitating the communication between two or more users of an electronic marketplace. The communication between the two or more users is implemented to promote a sale of a product offered for sale on the electronic marketplace.
Reverb.com Llc


System and facilitating sale of goods

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for facilitating the communication between two or more users of an electronic marketplace. The communication between the two or more users is implemented to promote a sale of a product offered for sale on the electronic marketplace.
Reverb.com Llc


System and managing a promotional event on social platforms

A method and system of creating social media promotional content. The method and system includes receiving, by at least one computing device, a promotional event involving a third party, generating, by the at least one computing device, a consent request to obtain consent from the third party to publish the promotional event, generating, by the at least one computing device, a first social media post based on the promotional event to publish at a first social media website; and generating, by the at least one computing device, a second social media post based on the promotional event to publish at a second social media website.
Cdk Global, Inc.


System and obtaining a release authorization

A computerized method, computing device, and storage medium obtaining a release authorization for social media content. The computerized method comprises selecting a promotional content on a social platform; capturing contact information of an individual associated with the promotional content; presenting a release form for authorizing the use of the promotional content to the individual associated with the promotional content; capturing authorization data associated with the release form; and storing the authorization data associated with the release form..
Cdk Global, Inc.


Passive cardholder verification method in mobile device

In a payment-enabled smartphone, a customer verification method (cvm) may be performed without prompting the user to provide any input. An outcome of the resulting passive cvm process may be an input to a risk based decision process performed by the smartphone, by a point of sale terminal and/or by an issuer of a payment card account accessed via the payment-enabled smartphone.
Mastercard International Incorporated


System for activation of a digital card

The present invention generates a loyalty card, promotion card, membership card, stored value card, payment digital card, or a combination of them. Customers are able to visit a merchant internet site, enter their personal information and receive a digital store card specific for their mobile device and mobile operating system and the merchant.


System for sensing and recording information regarding medical items in a medical facility

An apparatus tracks medical items through various transition points in a medical facility and maintains a chain of custody for each item through each transition point, indicating who is responsible for each item at any particular time. The apparatus also generates messages directed to various medical facility personnel who are responsible for the medical items at the various transition points, which messages prompt the personnel to take appropriate action with regard to the medical items depending on the particular transition point..
Deroyal Industries, Inc.


Method to determine relay wiring required

A method of determining a wiring configuration for one or more hvac components operably coupled to one another and operably coupled to a main system controller comprising a processor and a display is provided. The method includes prompting a user with the processor to define the one or more hvac components being installed; and determining with the processor the wiring configuration required for the one or more hvac components defined.
Carrier Corporation


Preference-based management interface for use of portable device applications and associated use thereof

A preference-based management interface for use on a portable electronic device, such as a wireless phone, a tablet, or any other device, and the associated method of use thereof, and more specifically the invention relates to a parental credit-based software interface that manages a child's cell phone or portable tablet applications using a credit-based system to allow a child to accumulate play time of favorite applications by accumulating credited time by using applications a parent has set up in the interface to promote use by the child.. .


Guided patient interview and health management systems

The present invention provides systems, methods, and devices for assessing a patient for medical information, and preparing and sharing a report thereof via a networked environment, such as the internet. In some embodiments, the questions asked of a patient are uniquely tailored to avoid irrelevant questions and to explore relevant information more deeply than one-size-fits-all medical forms.
Thoroughcare, Inc.


Suggested keywords

A method and system to suggest keywords to a social network member is described. A suggested keywords system, in one example embodiment, examines phrases that appear in profiles maintained by the on-line social networking system that are similar to the target profile and identifies those words and phrases that are most prominent in these profiles, utilizing discriminative strength values.
Linkedin Corporation


Role transfer between users of a computer system

A plurality of collaboration artifacts associated with a first user are identified in a computer system. One or more features are identified from each of the plurality of collaboration artifacts.
International Business Machines Corporation


Suggested keywords

A method and system to suggest keywords to a social network member is described. A suggested keywords system, in one example embodiment, examines phrases that appear in profiles maintained by the on-line social networking system that are similar to the target profile and identifies those words and phrases that are most prominent in these profiles, utilizing a graph-based approach.
Linkedln Corporation


Device for controlling user interface, and controlling user interface thereof

Disclosed are a device for controlling a user interface, which promotes convenience for a user by adjusting a position or an arrangement of a user interface displayed on a screen, and a method of controlling a user interface thereof. A control method of a user interface controlling device includes: detecting a position of a hand of a user; determining whether a disposition of a user interface is appropriate according to the detected position of the hand; and changing a disposition of the user interface so that the user interface is positioned to be close to the detected position of the hand according to a result of the determination..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Promoting sensor isolation and performance in flexible sensor arrays

Sensors incorporating piezoresistive materials are described. One class of sensors includes conductive traces formed directly on or otherwise integrated with the piezoresistive material..
Bebop Sensors, Inc.


Optical fiber cable assembly with low radiated emission coupling

An aoc system includes an aoc optical module, a substantially cylindrical cable jacket, a bundle of optical fibers in the cable jacket, a metallic fiber holder, and a spring clip. A portion of the metallic fiber holder is seated within a recess in a metallic aoc module housing.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Semiautomatic firearm

A semiautomatic firearm with redundant systems for reducing misfirings. A safety trigger is provided that is passively actuated in advance of a firing trigger.
Alliant Techsystems Inc.


Laser-charged high-speed propulsion production of high-powered laser

A high-speed propulsion system for a high-speed vehicle includes an air intake duct, a compression section, a combustion section, and an expansion section. A gas dynamic laser generator is disposed proximate the expansion section and generates a source of laser light.


Variable geometry turbocharger

A variable geometry turbocharger includes a nozzle shaft 49 which protrudes on one of the both end surfaces 58 of a nozzle vane 45 and rotatably supports the nozzle vane 45, a shaft hole 53 in which the nozzle shaft 49 fits with a gap in between, a distal end surface 57 of the nozzle vane with which a clearance is reduced when the nozzle vane 45 which has received exhaust-gas pressure is inclined toward an inner diameter side due to a fitting gap formed between the shaft hole 53 and the nozzle shaft 49 fit to each other, the clearance being formed between the distal end surface 57 and a wall surface 59a of another one of the parallel walls, and a clearance reduction promotion portion 65 which promotes reduction of the clearance with an increased inclination angle of the distal end surface 57 or an increased exhaust-gas-affected surface of the nozzle vane 45.. .


Turbomachine component having a functional coating

A turbomachine component having a main body and a multilayer coating, which is applied directly to the main body is provided. The multilayer coating is at least 5 μm and at most 35 μm thick and has a plurality of layers applied directly one on top of the other, wherein the layer applied directly to the main body is an adhesion promoting layer, which comprises chromium nitride, and at least one of the remaining layers comprises a hard material..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Sugar separation and purification through filtration

Methods are disclosed that separate xylose from glucose in pretreated and enzyme-hydrolyzed cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic biomass. Filtration, especially diafiltration is used to reduce fermentation-impeding substances and xylose from glucose and growth-promoting factors..
Sweetwater Energy, Inc.


Production of closed linear dna

An in vitro process for the production of closed linear deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) comprises (a) contacting a dna template comprising at least one protelomerase target sequence with at least one dna polymerase in the presence of one or more primers under conditions promoting amplification of the template; and (b) contacting amplified dna produced in (a) with at least one protelomerase under conditions promoting production of closed linear dna. A kit provides components necessary in the process..


Synthetic promoter construct for transgene expression

The invention is directed to synthetic promoter constructs for enhanced transgene expression in plants and to expression cassettes comprising the synthetic promoter constructs. The expression cassettes may include various elements for improved expression, stability of the expressed protein or efficient purification of the expressed protein, including signal sequences, protease cleavage sites for release of the target protein, trafficking peptides for trafficking of the expressed protein to various plant compartments, and/or various tags.
Azargen Biotechnologies (pty) Ltd.


Long non-coding rna used for anticancer therapy

The present invention provides a novel long non-coding rna (lncrna), which is induced by β-catenin and highly expressed in cancer, a nucleic acid that suppresses expression of the lncrna, a means for promoting or suppressing cell growth by using the lncrna or the nucleic acid, and the like.. .
Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.


Binding a target substance

Magnetic particles capable of binding a target substance, which comprise a magnetic material and a matrix material, wherein the magnetic material is remanent upon exposure to a magnetic field and the matrix material has a surface comprising functional groups which promote disaggregation of the particles in the presence of a liquid phase.. .
Sinvent As


Use of small molecules to enhance mafa expression in pancreatic endocrine cells

The present invention provides methods, cell cultures and differentiation media to promote differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to pancreatic endocrine cells of a mature phenotype. The resulting pancreatic endocrine cells express single hormonal insulin, pdx1, nkx6.1, and mafa.
Janssen Biotech, Inc.


Crushed bacterial body and compositions thereof

A crushed bacterial cells can be obtained by culturing a gram-negative bacterium and physically crushing a body of the gram-negative bacterium, comprises all components including immunostimulatory components in the bacterial cells, and comprises lpss having molecular weights of 20,000 or less as active ingredients. The crushed bacterial cells is effective as a health food, drug, skin-care product, bath agent, feedstuff for protecting crustaceans, shellfish, fish, poultry, farm animals and pet animals from infections, and a feed additive for growth promotion, and can provide an innate immunostimulatory substance derived from a gram-negative bacterial cells having infection-preventing effects and growth promoting effects, an inexpensive and practical microbial crushed bacterial cells, and a composition thereof..
Soma, Gen-ichiro


Control of coke morphology in delayed coking

A delayed coking process in which shot coke and thermally cracked coker products are produced from a sponge coke- and/or transition coke-forming resid feed comprising sponge coke asphaltenes by mixing heteroatom (preferably nitrogen) containing asphaltenes from a shot coke-forming resid with a heated sponge coke-forming resid to form shot coke directing asphaltene aggregates in the resid. The mixture of resid with the added asphaltene is held at an elevated temperature to allow co-aggregates of sponge coke and shot coke asphaltenes to form which, upon delayed coking promote the production of a free-flowing shot coke product..
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company


Hydrocarbon polymers comprising a 2-oxo-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl end group, preparation and use thereof

Use of this polymer as adhesion promoter or reactive plasticizer in an adhesive composition.. .


Identification and use of new tumor-promoting gene in hematological malignancies

Methods are provided for diagnosing and treating a blood cancer or a myelodysplastic syndrome in a subject. Associated compositions and kits therefor are also provided..
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Of Yeshiva University


Catalytic disproportionation of pentane using ionic liquids

Processes for the disproportionation and isomerization of a c5 hydrocarbon feed using a liquid catalyst comprising an ionic liquid and a carbocation promoter are described. The ionic liquid is unsupported, and the reactions occur at temperatures below about 200° c..
Uop Llc


Superplasticizers for concrete and cement materials and process for producing the same

Superplasticizer for concrete and other cement mixtures, which is intrinsically low-foaming, promotes the early mechanical strength development and retains the workability of fresh concrete for longer time, obtainable by reacting acid, not neutralized, polycarboxylic polymers with monofunctional polyethers and difunctional polyethers in the absence of strong acidic catalysts.. .
Mapei S.p.a.


Packaging box of egg-shaped apparatus

A packaging box is provided wherein the product in the box can be well presented and easily removable from the box when the box is opened. A four bar mechanism is made of a series of paperboards hinged to each other.
Tamaggo Inc.


Moulded plastic articles with contact between two dissimilar plastics

A plastics moulding process is provided in which a first (2) and a second plastic part (3) are moulded such that a contact surface is formed between the two parts. The first part (2) is moulded firstly and, whilst at least the contact surface is still in a liquid or plastic state, an attachment promoting powder (16) that is compatible with, and has the characteristic of attaching to, the plastic of the first part (2), is applied to it.


Bidentate ligands for hydroformylation of ethylene

A process for the hydroformylation of ethylene, with a transition metal, e.g., rhodium, catalyst promoted with a bidentate ligand of formula i, ii or iii in which each r1-r24 are independently a hydrogen, a hydrocarbyl group, an aromatic ring, a heteroaromatic ring or a halogen atom, or a heterocarbyl group. X1 is ch2 or o, while x2 is o or c(r25)2, where each r25 may be the same or different and is a hydrogen, a cycloaliphatic group, an aromatic ring, a heteroaromatic ring or a halogen atom, or a heterocarbyl group, wherein two r25 groups may combine in a fused ring, and y is a pyrrole group bound via the nitrogen atom to phosphorus, wherein each pyrrole group may bear multiple substituents selected from among the groups alkyl, alkoxy, acyl, carboxyl, carboxylate, cyano, —so3h, sulfonate, amino, trifluoromethyl and halogen..
Dow Technology Investments Llc


Method and addition of an alkali metal promoter to a dehydrogenation catalyst

An apparatus and method for adding an alkali metal promoter into steam and contacting the solution with a dehydrogenation catalyst during a dehydrogenation reaction is disclosed. The apparatus has a first conduit capable of transporting an alkali metal salt solution and a second conduit in fluid communication with the first conduit, the second conduit capable of transporting steam so that the alkali metal salt is dissipated into the steam prior to entry into a dehydrogenation reaction zone..
Fina Technology, Inc.


Systems and methods for interfacing video games and user communications

Systems and methods for interfacing video games and user communications are provided. Communications amongst users can affect a video game provided to the users.
Shindig, Inc.


Means for eliciting an immune response and a method transfer

A method of eliciting a cytotoxic immune response as a result of injecting antigen encoding expression constructs. Minimalistic expression constructs are used that comprise a promoter, a coding sequence and a terminator, and hairpin-shaped oligonucleotides on their ends, to the loop of which cationic peptides are covalently attached.
Mologen Ag


Methods of generating and using procollagen

A method of promoting wound healing, treating fibrosis and/or promoting angiogenesis is provided. The method comprises administering to a subject in need thereof a therapeutically effective amount of a procollagen, thereby promoting wound healing, treating fibrosis and/or promoting angiogenesis in the subject..
Collplant Ltd.


Marine plants extract for wound healing

This application is directed to a method of promoting wound healing comprising administering to a patient in need of such treatment an effective amount of fucus vesiculosus extract. The fucus visiculosus extract promotes wound angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels grow into tissues forming capillaries.
Basf Corporation


Placental membrane preparations and methods of making and using same for regenerating cartilage and spinal intervertebral discs

A method for treating cartilage defects including providing a placental membrane preparation that includes ground or minced placental membranes and optionally, a ground or minced cartilage and/or biocompatible glue, and introducing the preparation to a cartilage defect within a skeletal joint. The cartilage defect may include a hyaline cartilage defect, such as a chondral defect, or meniscal defect.
Nutech Medical, Inc.


Ir-b proprietary blend

The present invention provides methods of preventing insulin resistance including administering to a subject in need thereof an effective amount of a designated ir-b proprietary blend. Ir-b proprietary blend can be used to antagonize/scavenge/reduce/diminish/blunt/inhibit/suppress reactive oxygen radicals (ros).


Cell permeable inhibitors of anaphase promoting complex

The disclosure provides compositions and methods for treating cell cycle disorders. Compositions of the disclosure include protame, a prodrug analog of tame and apcin, the combination of which inhibits an activity or function of the anaphase promoting complex (apc) by a synergistic mechanism..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Igf-1 production-promoting agent

An extract of citrus depressa, preferably a water and/or organic solvent extract of a fruit of leaf of citrus depressa, a supercritical extract of a fruit of leaf of citrus depressa, or a subcritical extract of a fruit of leaf of citrus depressa, which comprise 0.3 mass % or more of a polymethoxyflavonoid more than in terms of solid matter, for example, an extract of citrus depressa comprising 0.2 mass % or more of nobiletin and/or 0.1 mass % or more of tangeretin in terms of solid matter, or a polymethoxyflavonoid such as nobiletin or tangeretin is used as an active ingredient of an igf-1 production-promoting agent.. .
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.


Vegfc production promoter

The purpose of this invention is to find a novel fragrance component effective for prevention or control of swelling, lymphedema, skin aging or obesity from the viewpoint of activation of lymph vessel function by promotion of the expression of vegfc. This invention provides a swelling improving agent, lymph vessel activator and vegfc production promoter characterized by containing one or a plurality of components selected from the group consisting of rose oxide, citronellyl acetate and niaouli oil..
Shiseido Company, Ltd.


Devices and methods for promoting female sexual wellness and satisfaction

Devices, systems, and methods for promoting female sexual wellness and function. The devices, systems, and methods encourage clitoral engorgement using suction over the clitoris combined with vibratory stimulation.
Nuelle, Inc.


Cataract removal tool

A cataract emulsifying tool having a hollow shaft delivering pulsed fluid is improved by having a bend in the hollow tube or an angularly adjustable socket receiving the hollow tube. This disposes the axes of the handle and the hollow shaft at angles to each other to facilitate working over a prominent superior orbital rim or right and left angles ergonomically benefiting a surgeon..


Ultrasonic device for cutting and coagulating

An ultrasonic assembly that is configured to permit selective cutting, coagulation, and fine dissection required in fine and delicate surgical procedures. The balanced blade provides a rounded distal end and concave edges to promote fine dissection and cutting in a variety of surgical procedures.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Electrical field application method

The present invention not only forms an electric field environment that can be controlled to differentiate between preservation of food freshness and promotion of ripening but also promotes fermentation by fermentative microbes, propagates plankton and inhibits bacterial reproduction. An electrode plate 2 is set inside a refrigerator 1 or an adjustable temperature box 6.


Modified biological control agents and their uses

Methods for improving the ability of a population of biological agents to compete and survive in a field setting are provided. By improving the population of biological agents, the modified population of agents is able to grow, compete with other microbial strains and fungi, and provide protection for plants from pathogens.
Agbiome, Inc.


Transgenic mouse model for conditional fkbp51 expression and related methods

The subject invention pertains to transgenic non-human animals comprising a transgenic nucleotide sequence, integrated into the genome of the animals, comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding human fkbp51 operably linked to a tetracycline response element. In some embodiments, the transgenic animal comprises an additional transgenic nucleotide sequence, integrated into the genome of the animal, comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a tetracycline transactivator (tta) operably linked to a promoter; wherein the tta is expressed upon activation of the promoter and binds the tetracycline response element, thereby causing expression of fkbp51.
University Of South Florida


Serving a live stream as an advertisement

A content server receives live streams from a content distributor to transmit to users of the content server. In one embodiment, the content server promotes the live streams received from the content distributor, by serving portions of the live stream as advertisements (ads) to users of the content server along with videos or digital content requested by the users.
Google Inc.


Technique for setting paper size for image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus indicates on a display a message prompting placement of paper, which is to be placed in a cassette, on a reading device and issuance of an instruction to start reading, in order to set a size of paper placed in the cassette. When touch of a button is detected after the message is indicated and a user operation giving an instruction to start reading is accepted, the image forming apparatus detects the size of placed paper using the reading device.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


System and directing malicous activity to a monitoring system

A system of client devices and a server system implementing services makes use of credentials to facilitate authentication of the client devices with the server and generates log entries for different accesses to the server system. A monitoring system places credentials and log entries referencing the monitoring system with the credentials and log entries on the client devices without any authentication or actual access attempts by the client devices to the monitoring system.
Attivo Networks Inc.


System and speaker recognition on mobile devices

A speaker recognition system for authenticating a mobile device user includes an enrollment and learning software module, a voice biometric authentication software module, and a secure software application. Upon request by a user of the mobile device, the enrollment and learning software module displays text prompts to the user, receives speech utterances from the user, and produces a voice biometric print.
Agnitio Sl


Password scheme that can be used for security of modems in an independently operated cable system that is scalable with dynamically changeable passwords

A password scheme is provided that can be used for security of cable modems in a cable network. In the system, the password is unique to each modem, the password is not fixed for the life of the device, is not shared across cable systems, is easily recoverable after a compromise, and is changed periodically based on some type of configuration.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Session manager for secured remote computing

A method for managing a session between a local computing device and a remote computing device, in which a session is established between a local computing device and a remote computing device, a lock session signal is transmitted from the remote computing device to the local computing device, a lock session signal is received at the local computing device, and the session is locked, at the local computing device. Furthermore, the user is prompted for identification information at the remote computing device, and the identification information is transmitted from the remote computing device to the local computing device.
Wyse Technology L.l.c.


Establishing a secure wireless network with a minimum human intervention

An example method disclosed herein includes receiving, at a controller device, a user input; based on the user input, displaying a prompt to direct a user to press one or more buttons on a playback device; subsequently, receiving from the playback device over a first network, network information associated with the playback device; determining, based on the received network information, that the playback device is not a part of a secure playback network; based on a determination that the network information is not a part of a secure playback network, generating network parameters for a secure second network; subsequently, (i) joining the secure second network based on the generated network parameters, and (ii) causing the playback device to join the secure second network based on the generated network parameters; and displaying an indication that the controller device and the playback device have joined the secure second network.. .
Sonos, Inc.


Transistor element

The present invention provides a transistor element having a laminated structure, the laminated structure comprising a sheet-like base electrode being arranged between an emitter electrode and a collector electrode; at least one p-type organic semiconductor layer being provided on each of the surface and the back sides of the base electrode; and a current transmission promotion layer being formed, on each of the surface and back sides of the base electrode, between the base electrode and the p-type organic semiconductor layer or layers provided on each of the surface and back sides of the base electrode. According to the present invention, it becomes possible to provide a transistor element (mbot) that is, in particular, stably supplied through a simple production process, has a structure capable of being mass-produced, and has a large current modulation effect and an excellent on/off ratio at a low voltage in the emitter electrode and the collector electrode..
Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Self-aligned barrier and capping layers for interconnects

An interconnect structure for integrated circuits for copper wires in integrated circuits and methods for making the same are provided. Mn, cr, or v containing layer forms a barrier against copper diffusing out of the wires, thereby protecting the insulator from premature breakdown, and protecting transistors from degradation by copper.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Prioritized repair of data storage failures

Embodiments are directed towards managing data storage that may experience a data failure. If a repair event is associated with a data storage failure, a new repair task may be generated and added to a task list.
Igneous Systems, Inc.


Method for musical composition, musical composition program product and musical composition system

A musical composition method, a musical composition program product, and a musical composition system are disclosed in the invention. The composition method comprises two main steps: a pitch input step enables the user to enter pitch symbols that displayed on a display device; a beat input step that provides the user a prompt signal on each beat based on predetermined tempo enables the user to input action signals based on desired rhythm.
Vontage Co., Ltd.


Quick remote control

A quick remote control method comprises s1: receiving a key operation from a user, and determining whether the key operation is a continuous operation of a previous key operation. The method further comprises directly outputting a remote control signal of the key operation if the key operation is not the continuous operation of the previous key operation, or both outputting a remote control signal of the key operation and simultaneously recording a corresponding remote control code into the content of the continuous operation and proceeding to step s2 if the key operation is the continuous operation of the previous key operation.
Looq System Inc.


System and real-time sweepstakes promotions tied to live events

A real-time sweepstakes promotion system includes an event module having one or more data structures configured to receive real-time event data of at least one live event. A dashboard is communicatively coupled to the event module and configured to release an event action during the at least one live event.
Tls Holdings, Inc.


Developing an automated alert notification plan for a user

A system includes a memory operable to store user data associated with a user and a processor communicatively coupled to the memory. The processor receives a promise to perform from a user and determines whether the user has scheduled a payment associated with the promise to perform.
Bank Of America Corporation


Method and payment, return on investment, and impact reporting

The unified payment system, product and method provide an effective and efficient way to better communicate to a merchant the value of running a promotion and determine a deal structure that works for the merchant, the customer, the promotion system, or any combination thereof. The unified payment system, product and method provide real-time roi calculations that a merchant and sales representative can collaboratively simultaneously work on to identify a deal structure for the merchant to select.
Groupon, Inc


Systems and methods for evaluating effectiveness of campaigns through use of transaction amount markers

Systems and methods for evaluating effectiveness of campaigns are disclosed. One exemplary method includes identifying a promotional campaign offered by a merchant during an offer period including an offer of a commodity at a predetermined price, and compiling a first set of payment accounts based on each payment account including a transaction to the merchant at the predetermined price within the offer period.
Mastercard International Incorporated


System and processing pin-based payment transactions via mobile devices

A system and method for using a personal identification number (“pin”) to authenticate payment transactions via a mobile device coupled to a reader device is described. The reader device may be modified to not only read and encrypt first identification information from a payment medium such as a magnetic strip of a payment card, but also receive a pin from the mobile device and encrypt the pin.
Mts Holdings, Inc.


Scheduling future payments to an external payment service

In some embodiments, a system receives promise-to-pay information associated with a loan past due from a user. The promise-to-pay information comprises a promised amount, a promised date, and a payment form.
Bank Of America Corporation


Payment processing system, apparatus and method in real estate transactions

Disclosed is a method for processing of earnest money checks comprising the steps of: a. Receiving a physical earnest money check from a buyer that is a party to a real estate purchase and sale contract for a real estate property, b.


Virtual machine backup from storage snapshot

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for virtual machine (vm) backup from a storage snapshot. An embodiment operates by receiving selective backup parameters including a vm to backup and then creating a vm snapshot associated with the vm.


Satb1: a determinant of morphogenesis and tumor metastatis

It is proposed that cancer cells express satb1, and that satb1 acts as a determinant for the acquisition of metastatic activity by controlling expression of a specific set of genes that promote metastatic activity. In order for cancer cells to gain the ability to metastasize, satb1 re-organizes or re-packages genomic sequences in a specific manner to allow a switch in the pattern of gene expression.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Cavity enhanced polarimeter and related methods

A polarimeter for measuring chirality of a material comprising an optical ring cavity comprising a plurality of reflective elements configured to promote bi-directional propagation of a laser beam within the cavity, a laser-emitting device configured to introduce a first input laser beam and a second input laser beam into the ring cavity, and a faraday rotator and a phase compensator configured to suppress a birefringent background as the first and second laser beams pass through the ring cavity, wherein the plurality of mirrors, faraday rotator, and phase compensator are configured such that light from the first and second laser beams passes through a chiral material located within the cavity a sufficient number of times for a measurement of optical rotary dispersion (ord) and circular dichroism (cd) of light transmitted through the chiral material to be obtained. Particular implementations include monolithic ring cavities or microresonators or use of intra-cavity gain media..


Wide-angle led bulb

A wide-angle led bulb has multiple led modules, at least one light rail, and a heat radiator. The led modules are mounted on the light rail instead of a flat chip, so the illuminating angle of the led bulb is expanded and the light emitting efficiency is promoted.


Wet gas compressor and method

A centrifugal compressor for processing a wet gas. The centrifugal compressor includes: a casing; and least one compressor stage comprising at least one impeller rotatingly arranged in the casing and provided with an impeller hub and a plurality of impeller blades, each impeller blade having a suction side and a pressure side.
Nuovo Pignone Srl


Exhaust purification filter

An exhaust cleaning filter for collecting particulate matter contained in exhaust gas and suitable for being disposed in an exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine is provided with: an exhaust gas inflow passage and an exhaust gas outflow passage disposed in alternating fashion; and a porous partition wall for setting the exhaust gas inflow passage and the exhaust gas outflow passage at a distance from each other. A small pore region is sectioned off on the upstream side of the partition wall and a large pore region is sectioned off on the downstream side of the partition wall.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Light-weight mold making material and process of manufacture of the same

The invention describes making core structures for tooling panels air permeable and resistant to higher temperatures. Core structures may be a non-woven made from fibers that may be treated with an adhesion promoter.
Hanson Group Llc


Compositions and methods for increasing plant growth and yield

Compositions and methods for increasing plant yield are disclosed. Compositions comprise transcription factors that find use in modulating the expression of a gene or nucleotide sequence of interest in a plant.
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center


Enhanced accumulation of carotenoids in plants

The present invention relates to polynucleotides and their use in methods of increasing the carotenoid content of seeds. In particular the invention provides a polynucleotide comprising: (a) a region which comprises as operably linked components (i) a promoter which provides for seed preferred expression; and (ii) a nucleotide sequence derived from a bacterium which sequence encodes a carotene desaturase; and (iii) a transcription termination region; and (b) a further region which comprises as operably linked components (i) a promoter which provides for seed preferred expression; and (ii) a nucleotide sequence encoding a phytoene synthase which sequence is derived from maize (zea sp.) or rice (orzya sp.); and (iii) a transcription termination region.
Syngenta Limited


Programmable synthetic lysis system for controlled release of macromolecules

The present invention relates to an expression system or a recombinant cell comprising one or more nucleic acid constructs, wherein the one or more nucleic acid constructs comprise: (i) a first gene encoding for one or more protein(s) that activate a quorum sensing system; and (ii) a second gene encoding for one or more lytic protein(s) capable of forming a lesion in a host cell's membrane; wherein the first gene is under control of a first promoter and the second gene is under control of a second promoter, wherein the first promoter controlling the first gene is a carbon starvation-induced promoter and the second promoter is a quorum sensing system promoter induced by the quorum sensing system activated by one or more protein(s) encoded by the first gene as well as recombinant cells hosting such an expression system. Further encompassed is the use of the expression systems and cells of the invention for the expression of gene products of interest and the respective methods of use..
Nanyang Technological University


Moisture-curing polyurethane composition comprising sustainably produced raw materials

Solvent-free moisture-curing polyurethane compositions are described, containing 99.9% to 75% by weight of at least one polyurethane prepolymer having free isocyanate groups, prepared by reaction of at least one polyol, selected from the group of the polyether polyols and polyester polyols, with at least one polyisocyanate in stoichiometric excess, at least one polyol being a recycled polyethylene terephthalate polyol. In addition, this composition contains 0.1% to 25% by weight of at least one additive selected from the group of the catalysts, resins, plasticisers, fillers, pigments, stabilisers, adhesion promoters and further polymers.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Heavy goods vehicle tire comprising a tread based on a modified polyisoprene, process for preparing same

The heavy-duty vehicle tire according to the invention has a satisfactorily improved rolling resistance/wear resistance compromise.. .


Anti-factor xi monoclonal antibodies and methods of use thereof

Compositions and methods for inhibiting thrombosis without compromising hemostasis are described. Compositions include anti-factor xi monoclonal antibodies (aximabs) capable of binding to an epitope on the heavy chain of human fxi, particularly the a3 domain of the heavy chain of human fxi.
Oregon Health & Science University


Use of b lymphocyte stimulator protein antagonists to promote transplantation tolerance

The invention relates to methods of preventing, treating, ameliorating and otherwise inhibiting organ or transplant rejection in a patient by administering b lymphocyte stimulator antagonists. In addition, therapeutic treatment regimens are provided to promote transplant tolerance in a patient following the administration of b lymphocyte stimulatorantagonists..
Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

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