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This page is updated frequently with new Prom-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prom-related patents
 Detecting device presence for a layer 3 connection using layer 2 discovery information patent thumbnailnew patent Detecting device presence for a layer 3 connection using layer 2 discovery information
Techniques for monitoring presence of a remote device at layer 2 that allow reducing power consumption without compromising the device's availability. A device that pairs with a remote wireless device may establish a layer 3 connection, such as an ip connection, to the remote device to provide services to a user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Method and device for generating prompt message patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for generating prompt message
A method for generating a prompt message is provided. The method includes: acquiring information about an opened-or-closed state of a door or window, the information about the opened-or-closed state of a door or window indicating whether the door or window is in an opened or closed state; acquiring information about indoor and outdoor environments; and generating a prompt message according to the information about the opened-or-closed state of the door or window and the information about the indoor and outdoor environments..
Xiaomi Inc.

 Method and system for display control, breakaway judging apparatus and video/audio processing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for display control, breakaway judging apparatus and video/audio processing apparatus
A method and system for display control, a breakaway judging apparatus and a video/audio processing apparatus are provided. The method includes following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

 Prompting user action in conjunction with tagged content on a social networking system patent thumbnailnew patent Prompting user action in conjunction with tagged content on a social networking system
A social networking system user is prompted to take an action or is provided with additional information associated with a location where the user has checked-in or has associated with content using a tag. When an input including the check-in or tagged location is received, the social networking system selects one or more actions based on the location, the user, and/or contextual information included in the input.
Facebook, Inc.

 Solid buffer materials for electrolyte solutions and flow batteries utilizing same patent thumbnailnew patent Solid buffer materials for electrolyte solutions and flow batteries utilizing same
Electrolyte solutions for flow batteries and other electrochemical systems can contain a dissolved iron hexacyanide complex as an active material. Alkaline buffering can be desirable in such electrolyte solutions to promote stability of the active material.
Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage, Llc

 Method for preparing element diffusion-type composite substrate patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preparing element diffusion-type composite substrate
A method for preparing element diffusion-type composite substrate and it belongs to the field of high-temperature coated superconducting substrate preparation. The rolled composite nickel-tungsten alloy substrate is heated and thermal insulated, meanwhile, both ends of the rolled substrate are electrified by low voltage and high current density pulse current.
Beijing University Of Technology

 Prompt circuit and cup utilizing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Prompt circuit and cup utilizing the same
A prompt circuit in a drinking cup includes a processor, temperature sensing and weight sensing units, and a prompt unit. The temperature sensing unit displays to a user the temperature of the liquid.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Method and device for sending message patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for sending message
A method for sending a message is provided. The method includes: detecting whether a user is located in a target place; if the user is not located in the target place, detecting whether an entrance of the target place is opened; and if the entrance of the target place is opened, sending a prompt message to a device carried by the user..
Xiaomi Inc.

 Insurance application system, insurance application method, program, and information storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Insurance application system, insurance application method, program, and information storage medium
A more appropriate text of a reminder e-mail to be sent to a user who interrupts an input operation is provided in order to prompt the user to resume the input operation. An insurance application system sequentially presents a plurality of input screens, each having input items and being presented to an applicant, and stores, in association with the applicant, input status information indicating the input screen in which the applicant has entered information and a date and a time on which the applicant entered the information, based on information that the applicant has entered in one of the input screens.
Rakuten, Inc.

 Systems and techniques for configuring an electronic communication based on identified preferred channels of sharing patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and techniques for configuring an electronic communication based on identified preferred channels of sharing
Systems and methods configure a set of sharing options in an electronic communication to be sent to recipients based on the recipients' sharing preferences. The sharing preferences may be generally applicable to all categories of content or may be specific to one or more specific categories of content.
Neolane Sas

new patent

Second-device transaction verification and approval

In one embodiment, a method for a payment application web server includes (1) allowing a user to (a) select, using a first device, a set of items for purchase from a merchant and select to pay the merchant using a hub-operator service, (2) receiving from the first device, first information including a unique identifier associated with a mobile device and the user (3) providing to the mobile device, using the unique identifier, second information identifying the set of items, the merchant, and a transaction to pay the merchant for the set of items using the hub operator, (4) prompting the user to approve the transaction using the mobile device, (5) providing to a payment-system back-end, third information identifying the transaction, for authorization of the transaction by the payment-system back-end, and (6) providing notification of the authorization of the transaction to the mobile device, the first device, and the merchant.. .
Taply, Inc.

new patent

Secured payment method and relevant device and system

The present disclosure discloses a secured payment method and relevant device and system. The method includes: sending, by a user terminal, order information to a payment platform server, receiving, by the payment platform server, the order information sent by the user terminal, and sending prompt information to the user terminal; receiving, by the user terminal, the prompt information sent by the payment platform server, and sending verification information to the payment platform server; and verifying whether the received fingerprint information and the received identifier of the user terminal match stored fingerprint information and a stored identifier of the user terminal that are stored during registration of the user terminal, and if yes, performing a payment operation according to the order information..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

new patent

Apparatus and monitoring security of a point-of-sale terminal

A method for monitoring security of a point-of-sale terminal involves a terminal management server receiving from the point-of-sale terminal data indicative of a violation detected by the point-of-sale terminal of one or more security parameters. The violation is indicative of a compromise of the point-of-sale terminal.
The Toronto-dominion Bank

new patent

Golf club grip with rfid assembly

Methods and apparatuses related to golf club grips with attached or embedded rfid tags are described. In an embodiment, a rfid tag is attached to or embedded into a golf club grip in a manner that does not compromise either the functionality or aesthetics of the grip.
Tag Golf, Llc

new patent

Health information monitoring device and method

A wearable health information device can store, update and analyze patient medical records. In addition, the wearable health information device can alert the user to schedule a medical appointment.
Umm Al-qura University

new patent

Method for predicting hysteresis curve model of magnetorheological system

The present invention claims a method for predicting a hysteresis curve model of a magnetorheological system based on equation 1: {umlaut over (x)}+αx+γ{dot over (x)}+βxn+δ{dot over (x)}n=k1d+c1{dot over (d)} and equation 2: y=af{dot over (x)}, wherein α, β, γ and δ are parameters of the magnetorheological system, n being an odd number, k1 and c1 being input parameters of the magnetorheological system, d and {dot over (d)} respectively being an physical input and a first-order differential of the input value, af being an output coefficient of the magnetorheological system, x being an internal state of the magnetorheological system, and y being an output of the magnetorheological system. The method has advantages of continuity and simple computation and features the ability to track parameter modifications.
National Tsing Hua University

new patent

User mode driver extension and preprocessing

User mode driver extension techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a computing device implements techniques that promote stability of execution of drivers performed by a computing device including stream preprocessing.
Microsoft Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Dynamic sensor driver loading over a wireless network

A method operation of a sensor node for providing dynamic sensor driver loading over a wireless network is disclosed herein. The method includes detecting a connected sensor.
Smiths Detection Inc.

new patent

Flexible hinge and removable attachment

Flexible hinge and removable attachment techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a flexible hinge is configured to communicatively and physically couple an input device to a computing device and may implement functionality such as a support layer and minimum bend radius.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Testing of a substation automation system

The invention supports and promotes testing of substation automation (sa) functions involving intermediary logical nodes (ln) in sa systems of operating substations, specifically with minimized impact on the substation and/or the sa system and without having to completely deactivate or isolate entire parts of the substation. A test is set up by defining at least one input ln where the test scenario input signals will be applied, and by determining output lns where expected output values shall be observed.
Abb Technology Ag

new patent

High caliber target

A high caliber target includes a target plate and a stand. The target plate may be mounted on and removed from the stand.
Action Target Inc.

new patent

Inline pilot with flame detection device and method thereof

A novel inline pilot assembly and method of flame detection for use with combustion applications for oil or gas processing is provided wherein the pilot assembly includes a pilot novel assembly with a unique placement of fuel and induction holes to improve flame stability, promote flame anchoring near the diffuser, and discourage the pilot flame front from migrating forward away from the diffuser.. .
Profire Energy, Inc

new patent

Harvesting atmospheric water using natural gas that would typically be flared and wasted

A method and system for harvesting water from the atmosphere using unwanted combustible gas, where the unwanted combustible gas refers to combustible gas (e.g., natural gas) that would normally be flared off by the oil and gas operator or by a plant (e.g., petrochemical plant). The energy produced by burning the unwanted combustible gas is used to power vapor compression or vapor absorption based refrigeration units which provide the cooling capacity to condense water.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

new patent

Method for producing sic single crystal

A method for producing a sic single crystal by a solution method of bringing a seed crystal into contact with a si solution of c and pulling up a sic single crystal, the production method of a sic single crystal including connecting the seed crystal to a seed crystal holder, disposing a cooling mechanism on the seed crystal holder, and promoting cooling of the seed crystal holder by the cooling mechanism in accordance with an increase in the pulling amount of the sic single crystal.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Novel adhesion promoting process for metallisation of substrate surfaces

A method is provided for metallisation of non-conductive substrates providing a high adhesion of the deposited metal to the substrate material and thereby forming a durable bond. The method applies a metal oxide adhesion promoter which is activated and then metal plated.
Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

new patent

Method for determining the methylation status of the promoter region of the twist1 gene in genomic dna from bladder cells

Disclosed are methods for determining the methylation status of the promoter region of the twist1 gene in genomic dna from bladder cells, including bladder cells present in a urine sample. Also disclosed are kits for performing the disclosed methods, such as kits for determining the methylation status of the promoter region of the twist1 gene comprising at least one primer pair for determining the methylation status of twist1.
Mdxhealth Sa

new patent

Tert promoter mutations in urothelial neoplasia

Tert promoter mutations occur in both papillary and flat lesion bladder cancers, are the most frequent genetic alterations identified to date in noninvasive precursor lesions of the bladder, are detectable in urine, and appear to be strongly associated with bladder cancer recurrence. The tert promoter mutations are useful urinary biomarker for both the early detection and monitoring of bladder neoplasia..
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent

Expression vector element combinations, novel production cell generation methods and their use for the recombinant production of polypeptides

Herein is reported that for transient transfections the use of the human elongation factor 1 alpha promoter (with intron a) provides for an enhanced productivity (in lc-hc-sm organization), the use of the bovine growth hormone polya signal sequence provides for an enhanced productivity compared to use of the sv40 polya signal sequence, the addition of the hgt to the bgh polya signal sequence results in an increased productivity in vectors containing the hcmv promoter and the vector organization lc(3′-5′)-hc-sm results in improved expression. For stable pools it is reported that pools generated with vectors containing the hef1α promoter show an enhanced productivity in batch analysis, clones generated with vectors containing the hef1α promoter show a reduced number of low producing clones, and clones generated with vectors containing the hef1α promoter show a higher stability of igg expression.
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

new patent

Rna virus-derived plant expression system

A process of expressing a sequence of interest in a plant, plant part, or plant cell culture, comprising: (a) providing a plant, plant part, or plant cell culture containing in cell nuclei a heterologous dna having a sequence encoding an rna replicon operably linked or linkable to a transcription promoter, wherein said sequence encoding an rna replicon contains (i) sequences for replicon function of said rna replicon, said sequences being derived from a sequence of a plant rna virus, (ii) a sequence of interest, whereby said sequences for replicon function exhibit at selected localities of said sequences of said plant rna virus function-conservative differences from said sequence of said plant rna virus, said differences causing an increased frequency of replicon formation compared to an rna replicon not exhibiting said differences; and (b) causing expression of said sequence of interest.. .
Icon Genetics Gmbh

new patent

Blood clot-dissolving proteins produced in seeds

Transgenic plants in which blood-clot dissolving proteins are produced in seeds of the plants are provided. Expression of the proteins is driven by a seed specific or selective promoter.
Northeastern State University

new patent

Compositions and methods for producing benzylisoquinoline alkaloids

The present invention relates to host cells that produce compounds that are characterized as benzylisoquinolines, as well as select precursors and intermediates thereof. The host cells comprise one, two or more heterologous coding sequences wherein each of the heterologous coding sequences encodes an enzyme involved in the metabolic pathway of a benzylisoquinoline, or its precursors or intermediates from a starting compound.
California Institute Of Technology

new patent

Mir-92 inhibitors and uses thereof

The present invention provides oligonucleotide inhibitors of mir-92 and methods of using said inhibitors for inhibiting the function and/or activity of mir-92 in a subject in need thereof. The present invention also provides methods for evaluating or monitoring the efficacy of a therapeutic for promoting wound healing and selecting a subject for treatment with a therapeutic that modulates mir-92 function and/or activity..
Miragen Therapeutics, Inc.

new patent

Therapeutic agent for corneal epithelial disorder

A therapeutic agent for a corneal epithelial disorder, containing a mir-203 inhibitor; an agent for promoting proliferation of corneal epithelial cells, containing a mir-203 inhibitor; a liquid culture medium for use in the manufacture of a corneal epithelial sheet, containing a mir-203 inhibitor; and a method for producing a corneal epithelial sheet, including the step of culturing corneal epithelial cells using a liquid culture medium containing a mir-203 inhibitor. According to the present invention, a therapeutic agent for a corneal epithelial disorder, an agent for promoting proliferation of corneal epithelial cells, a liquid culture medium for use in the manufacture of a corneal epithelial sheet, a method for producing a corneal epithelial sheet, including the step of culturing corneal epithelial cells using the liquid culture medium, and a method for treating a corneal epithelial disorder can be provided.
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

new patent

Compositions and methods for inducing senescence in cancer cells

The invention relates to nucleic acid sequences as well as to modified oligonucleotides (odns) comprising a p52 binding site derived from the ezh2 promoter region, as well as to compositions and methods for treating cancer. The invention relates to peptides derived from p52 as well as to compositions and methods for treating cancer.
Centre Hopitalier Universitaire De Nice

new patent

Compositions and methods for controlling microbial growth

Provided are modified microorganisms which are modified such that their growth can be controlled using exogenously provided compounds. The microorganisms can be modified by genetic alterations that include a promoter inducible by a first exogenously supplied compound.
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent

Method for enhancing therapeutic effect of stem cells on autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and/or hematological diseases

A method for enhancing the therapeutic effect of stem cells on autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and/or hematological diseases is provided. The method comprises pre-treating the stem cells with ligustilide to increase the expression of differentiation-promoting genes in the stem cells, increase the expression of homing-promoting genes in the stem cells, and/or decrease the expression of inflammatory genes in the stem cells, wherein the treatment is conducted in a culture medium of the stem cell..
Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Desalter operation

Improved separation of oil and water as well as suspended solids from the emulsion layer formed in a petroleum desalter is achieved by injection of demulsifier into the desalter vessel to achieve a higher localized concentration of demulsifier in the emulsion layer so as to promote improved oil/water separation from the emulsion layer. The demulsifier may be injected into the water layer or the oil layer in the region of the emulsion layer or directly into the stabilized emulsion layer..
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

new patent

Recycled micronized rubber formulation having improved abrasion resistance

This invention is based upon the discovery that micronized solution styrene-butadiene rubber from postconsumer sources can be included in rubber formulations without severely compromising abrasion resistance. The micronized solution styrene-butadiene rubber utilized in the rubber formulations of this invention can be made by cryogenic grinding postconsumer rubber products using conventional procedures.
Lehigh Technologies, Inc.

new patent

A novel hormone that promotes bone resorption and uses thereof

The disclosure describes the use of anti-igfbp1 antibodies to inhibit the bone loss-inducing properties of fgf21. This can be applied in the context of fgf21 treatment for obesity and/or diabetes, or in menopause-induced bone loss, such as osteoporosis..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

new patent

Methods for producing functionalized graphenes

Methods for producing functionalized graphene from graphite oxide or graphite are disclosed in which ionic liquids are used as a reaction medium to promote chemical functionalization of the graphene through electrochemically interacted exfoliation of graphene sheets.. .
Washington State University

new patent

Novel aromatic compound and use thereof

[wherein each substituent is as defined in the description], has low toxicity, shows good pharmacokinetics, has an action to promote bone formation, and is useful for the prophylaxis or to treatment of metabolic bone diseases (osteoporosis, fibrous osteitis (hyperparathyroidism), osteomalacia, paget's disease that influences the systemic bone metabolism parameter etc.) associated with a decrease in the bone formation ability as compared to the bone resorption capacity.. .

new patent

Use of a ruthenium promoter in a phosphine oxide carbonylation process

The present technology relates to a rhodium catalyzed carbonylation process of alcohols, ethers, and esters in the presence of phosphine oxide and ruthenium additives to produce carboxylic acids. In some embodiments, the technology provides for an improved method of preparing acetic acid from methyl acetate or methanol using a rhodium catalyst with a phosphine oxide and a ruthenium additive..
Lyondellbasell Acetyls, Llc

new patent

System for separating solids from a liquid waste stream

A liquid waste cleaning station for removing solids is described. The station comprises at least one pump for pumping liquid waste through the station.

new patent

Methods and treating liquid containing solids

Methods and apparatus are provided for treating liquids containing solids. Liquid is introduced into the bore of a conduit having an injection site.
643096 Alberta Limited

new patent

Sensor package structure and method

A sensor package structure and method is characterized in connecting a sensor with a circuit substrate in a flip chip bonding method to enhance the structure strength and miniaturize the product; using a no-flow underfill glue to fill the gap between the sensor and the circuit substrate to protect the contacts of the flip chip structure, prevent the performance from being affected by the overflowing encapsulant, and promote the reliability of products. The present invention uses the no-flow underfill glue process to replace the processes of forming a dam and a soft protection layer and thus simplifies the fabrication process and reduces the fabrication cost..
Sigurd Microelectronics Corp.

new patent

Control of bubble size in a carbonated liquid

Cans, bottles and/or other containers used to hold a carbonated beverage can include internal features to promote and/or control bubble formation.. .
Pepsico, Inc.

new patent

Bag holding device

Bag holding devices are presented including: a base having an inclined housing portion and a raised planar portion; a spring-loaded clamping element disposed along the raised planar portion and pivotally coupled with the planar portion; and a retractable reel disposed within the inclined housing portion. In some embodiments, devices further include: a mating groove disposed along an outer edge of the inclined housing portion; and a bowl having a mating portion that mates with the mating groove.

new patent

Train-information management device and train-crew support method

A motorman's cab in a train is provided with a plurality of door operating switches that open and close the train doors on the station-platform side in a fully-automatic manner, in a semi-automatic manner, or in a manner that open and close doors in sections. A central device includes an information control unit that specifies a stopping station where a train stops next on the basis of train information; selects a recommended door operating switch at the stopping station from among the door operating switches on the basis of an estimated passenger-number value, which is the number of passengers at the stopping station, as a recommended door operating switch for the stopping station; and then it displays display information that prompts the train crew to operate the selected door operating switch on a display device in the control platform..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

new patent

Method, and apparatus, and system for generating driving behavior guiding information

The present invention is applicable to the field of vehicle, and provides a method and apparatus and system for generating vehicle guiding information. The method for generating vehicle guiding information comprises: receiving operating information of a vehicle, position information of a vehicle and road condition information which are sent from a vehicle client-side; generating driving behavior guiding information according to the operating information of the vehicle, the position information of the vehicle and the road condition information; transmitting the driving behavior guiding information to the vehicle client-side designated by the driver of the vehicle.
Launch Tech Co., Ltd.

new patent

Welding method using welding promoters

The present invention relates to a method for forming a welded bond between polymer surfaces, comprising (i) applying a welding promoter composition to a to-be-welded area of one or both polymer surface(s), wherein the welding promoter composition comprises particles with a particle size range of 0.1 to 1000 μm, the particles being made of a material that is inert towards a chemical reaction with the first and/or second polymer surface; (ii) applying energy to the to-be-welded area of the first polymer surface, the second polymer surface or both, the energy being sufficient to melt at least a portion of the polymer in the to-be-welded area of the polymer surface, and contacting the to-be-welded areas of the polymer surfaces; and (iii) allowing the molten polymer in the to-be-welded area to solidify so that a welded bond is formed between the polymer surfaces. The invention further relates to the thus produced articles and the use of the described compositions as welding promoters..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

new patent

Golf tee structures, assemblies, and systems with improved accuracy

Golf is waning in popularity partly because of the difficulty of becoming a good player. A key aspect of this difficulty is in using a golf club to drive a ball in a desired direction.

new patent

Golfing tee

A golf tee is disclosed that provides stability and promotes less spin on a struck golf ball. The tee may be beneficial for use on mats at a driving range.

new patent

Corrosion inhibitor dry fire sprinklers

The present invention generally relates to the field of dry fire sprinkler systems, and more particularly, to a filtration device within the system to prevent vent corrosion. A chemical inhibitor or dessicant inhibitor is vaporized and circulated through a dry fire sprinkler system.
Huguenot Laboratories, Inc.

new patent

Ophthalmic phototherapy device and associated treatment method

An ophthalmic phototherapy device and associated phototherapy treatment method for promoting healing of damaged or diseased eye tissue. The ophthalmic phototherapy device includes a light emitting mechanism for transmitting light of at least one preselected wavelength to the eye tissue.
Photospectra Health Sciences, Inc.

new patent

Use of nucleic acids with reduced pressure therapy

Provided is a method of treating a wound site. Also provided is a system for treating a wound site.
Kci Licensing, Inc.

new patent

Use of compounds with thrombopoietic activity to promote bone growth and healing

Tpo was used to promote the growth of bone in both rats and in mice. Gaps in both mouse and in rat bones were treated with a scaffold sized to fit the gap.
Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation

new patent

Cell fusion promoter and utilization of the same

A regeneration promoter for regenerating tissue with the use of somatic stem cells is provided. Also provided are a cell fusion promoter comprising atp or its metabolite which is safely usable in vivo, a method of producing fused cells in the presence of atp or its metabolite and a related pharmaceutical composition for regenerating or improving the function of a tissue or an organ in a subject suffering from dysfunction or hypofunction due to injury or denaturation..
Kowa Company, Ltd.

new patent

Bruton's tyrosine kinase as anti-cancer drug target

Receptor protein kinases (rptks) transmit extracellular signals across the plasma membrane to cytosolic proteins, stimulating formation of complexes that regulate key cellular functions. Over half of the known tyrosine kinases are implicated in human cancers and are therefore highly promising drug targets.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

new patent

Neuroprotective polyphenol analogs

The present invention provides neuroprotective polyphenol compounds, which can be synthetic analogs of fisetin, baicalein or chlorogenic acid, that maintain neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, glutathione promoting, and/or antioxidant properties. The neuroprotective polyphenol compounds are useful for promoting, enhancing and/or increasing neuron protection, growth and/or regeneration.
Salk Institute For Biological Studies

new patent

Enhancer of survival of transplanted organ

The present invention provides an agent for promoting graft survival which can suppress rejection without use of existing immunosuppressants, an organ preservation solution capable of maintaining the freshness of an organ excised from a donor, and the like. An agent for promoting graft survival or an organ preservation solution is prepared, which comprises 5-aminolevulinic acid (ala) or a derivative thereof, or a salt of ala or the derivative and an iron compound as active ingredients.
National Center For Child Health And Development

new patent

Compression device, system, and promoting circulation

A compression system for promoting circulation including a wearable compression device having an outer shell sized and shaped to receive a user's limb. The outer shell includes an exterior surface, an opposing interior surface, a first inflation zone disposed on the interior surface, and a second inflation zone disposed on the interior surface and fluidly coupled to the first inflation zone.
Sc Med Innovations, Llc

new patent

Sutureless anastomosis device

Innovative and effective snap connector for sutureless vascular anastomosis is disclosed. The jas is made of material that can be absorbed by the human body which promotes faster and more effective healing, has three simple and easy to use parts, and takes on average less than two minutes to assemble.

new patent

Information prompting bracelet and information prompting system

The present disclosure relates to an information prompting bracelet and an information prompting system. The information prompting bracelet includes: a flexible substrate, a connecting portion, control portions, pressure levers and an elastic deformation portion.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

new patent

Atrazine-degrading bacterium and uisng the same for soil and plant remediation

The bacterium arthrobacter ureafaciens liulou 1 (cgmcc 9667) possesses a unique combination of high atrazine-degrading activity, a capability of colonizing plant roots after seed inoculation and traits of a plant growth promoting bacterium. Also disclosed is a method of a.
Biotechnology Center Of Shandong Academy Of Sciences


Analytics-assisted, multi-agents, self-learning, self-managing, flexible and adaptive framework for intelligent son

The strengths of alternative self-organizing-network (son) techniques can be leveraged by deriving a compromise result from alternative results generated by the respective son techniques. In particular, the compromise result may be derived from the alternative results based on reputations assigned to alternative son techniques used to generate the respective results.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Exchange of access control lists to manage femto cell coverage

Access management to femto cell service is provided through access control list(s), e.g., white list(s), or black list(s). White list(s) include a set of subscriber station(s) identifier numbers, codes, or tokens, and also can include additional fields for femto cell access management based on desired complexity.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Collaborative response using capabilities-aware hive network

Various embodiments include approaches for coordinating collaborative response to an event using a capabilities-aware hive network. Some particular embodiments include a system having at least one computing device performing actions including: prompting a plurality of users to register with the capabilities-aware hive network, the prompting including requesting the plurality of users provide information about individual capabilities for response to the event; compiling the information from the plurality of users about individual capabilities for response to the event; obtaining data indicating occurrence of the event, and in response to obtaining the data indicating occurrence of the event, identifying and prioritizing individual user actions in response to the event based upon the information about the individual capabilities for response to the event; and providing user-specific instructions to the plurality of users to perform the individual user actions to respond to the event..
International Business Machines Corporation


Facsimile apparatus

A facsimile apparatus includes an accepting portion, a communication portion, a control portion, and a display portion, wherein when the accepting portion accepts a change of a set content of a predetermined set item that is a set item which makes it impossible to perform the facsimile communication if the set content is incorrect, the control portion forces the display portion to display test request information for prompting execution of a test communication with the set content of the predetermined set item changed.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Intelligent device server with sensor

The present disclosure provides for an intelligent device server that is to be used in gaming machines, which is comprised of several ports, including a serial port to connect to a printer to print various promotional materials. The device server also utilized a connection means to connect to a sensor typically fastened to the seat adjacent the gaming machine to detect when a player is present and/or leaves.
Nanoptix Inc.


System and cyber security analysis and human behavior prediction

An improved method for analyzing computer network security has been developed. The method first establishes multiple nodes, where each node represents an actor, an event, a condition, or an attribute related to the network security.


Shareable content item links with use restrictions

Shareable content item links with use restrictions. In one embodiment, for example, a method comprises: receiving, from a client computing device used by an authenticated link submitter, a first request to access a server-stored content item at a shareable link; wherein the link submitter is authenticated according to a first authentication factor; responsive to receiving the first request, prompting the link submitter to enter/submit a second authentication factor; and providing access to the server-stored content item at the shareable link responsive to receiving the second authentication factor from the link submitter..
Dropbox, Inc.


System and authorizing access to access-controlled environments

Systems and methods are provided for authorizing a user to access an access-controlled environment. The system includes a system server platform that communicates with fixed pc's, servers and mobile devices (e.g., smartphones) operated by users.
Hoyos Labs Ip Ltd.


Correlating contact type with appropriate communications to eliminate inadvertent communications

A method, computer system, and computer program product for preventing a sender from sending an electronic communication to an unintended recipient through a device. Prior to sending an electronic communication to at least one recipient, extracting data from the electronic communication; for each recipient of the electronic communication, searching for and extracting data from previously sent electronic communications between the sender and the recipient, and determining a communication profile associated with the recipient from the data extracted from the previously sent electronic communications; comparing the extracted data of the electronic communication to the determined communication profile of the recipients; and if the extracted data of the electronic communication does not fit the communication profile of at least one recipient; sending, an intercept prompt to the sender regarding a mismatch of at least one of the recipients with the electronic communication..
International Business Machines Corporation


Reconfigurable vehicular battery enclosure components

A modular battery pack and method of making a battery pack. Prismatic battery cells are aligned within the enclosure such that reconfigurable adjusting of the enclosure and its components may take place without having to redesign either.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Light-emitting assemblies comprising an array of light-emitting diodes having an optimized lens configuration

Light emitting assemblies comprise a plurality of light emitting diode (led) dies arranged and attached to common substrate to form an led array having a desired optimum packing density. The led dies are wired to one another and are attached to landing pads on the substrate for receiving power from an external electrical source via an interconnect device.
Bridgelux, Inc.


System and generating challenge utterances for speaker verification

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media relating to speaker verification. In one aspect, a system receives a first user identity from a second user, and, based on the identity, accesses voice characteristics.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


System for promoting a secure parent/child attachment bond

A system with a transitional object to promote the bond between children and adults by exchanging that object when in the absence or presence of the adult. Preferably the system is used between children and parents.
Simms/mann Institute For Education And Community Developement


Methods for reifying images to convey non-textual information to viewers

An interactive computer program is provided for augmenting an image to include reified emotion information. The program implements the steps of: displaying an unreified image; prompting a user to identify an emotion associated with the image; prompting the user to select a color corresponding to the identified emotion; prompting the user to select a location within the image for applying the selected color; applying the selected color to the selected location within the image; and displaying the reified image..


Drum head display ordering system

A drum head wall display ordering system, comprising a website with a musical performer database containing a plurality of performer files each associated with a performer. Associated with each performer is at least one drum head skin with a graphic printed on the head skin associated with the performer's live performance or a video or audio recording.


Authentication system and method to improve trust in public reviews

A method for authentication of user reviews includes providing a user certificate to a user's mobile device. A transaction log is received from the mobile device.
Xerox Corporation


Presenting content to an online system user promoting interaction with an application based on installation of the application on a client device

An application associated with an online system that presents content to a user via a client device determines content associated with an additional advertisement for presentation via the client device based on whether the additional advertisement is installed on the client device. If the application has been installed on the client device, content associated with the additional advertisement includes a link that, when selected, executes the application and configures the application to operate in s specific state.
Facebook, Inc.


Reverse search database system

Disclosed herein are methods useful for reverse-searching, and categorizing consumer markets and preferences according to consumer and/or viewer interaction, in any type of display format, which in turn creates consumer and/or viewer interaction data. The data is then used to process the reverse-search within a database.


System for improved remote processing and interaction with artificial survey administrator

A system for improved remote processing and interaction with an artificial survey administrator is disclosed. The system has user-defined data storage containing lists of entities and attributes and correlation data with terms that correspond to the entities and attributes.
Inmoment, Inc.


Systems and methods for travel-related anomaly detection

A fraud score for a transaction in connection with an account is computed from retrieved data to indicate a probability of the account being in a compromised condition. A travel score is computed, wherein the computed travel score indicates a likelihood that a user of the account is traveling from a user home location at the time of the received transaction.
Sas Institute Inc.


Systems and methods for detection of session tampering and fraud prevention

The invention provides methods and apparatus for detecting when an online session is compromised. A plurality of device fingerprints may be collected from a user computer that is associated with a designated session id.
The 41st Parameter, Inc.


Method and system for making a secure payment transaction

A method and system are presented for making a secure payment transaction using a payment card associated with a consumer which has been registered with a digital wallet. A secure server is arranged, in response to a request from a merchant server in relation to the consumer, to extract from the digital wallet payment credentials for the payment card.
Mastercard Asia/pacific Pte. Ltd.


Personal information protection for navigation systems

Arrangements related to the protection of personal information associated with a navigation system are described. The navigation system can be operatively connected to a data store of personal information.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


System and providing technology-driven end-to-end managed security service products through a security marketplace

A platform provides customers with complete and compelling consumption-based service while using the information it gathers to improve the customer's experience. This capability includes cloud integration to monitor the customer's cloud workload which is then used to identify risks and make recommendations on how to mitigate those risks through the management of the customer's security infrastructure.
Leidos, Inc.


Systems and methods for generating customized medical media

Systems and methods for generating customized media for drug, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic marketing, promotion, and education are provided. In some embodiments, data is received for users from one or more data sources.
Mazonson And Santas Llc, Dba Clearcost Health


Method and natural language searching based on mccs

Apparatus, including a processor, for performing a search based, at least in part, on mcc information, is provided. The processor may identify an mcc with greater than a threshold level of correlation to a user's query.
Bank Of America Corporation


Updating distributed shards without compromising on consistency

In an example embodiment, a first data change and a second data change to data stored in a distributed database are received. The first data change and the second data change are batched in a communication to an index manager.

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