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Date/App# patent app List of recent Prom-related patents
 Method of taking power with low-voltage bypass by integrated circuit for ac direct driving leds and the integrated circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Method of taking power with low-voltage bypass by integrated circuit for ac direct driving leds and the integrated circuit
The prior integrated circuits (ics) for ac direct driving leds all adopt a method of taking power direct from an ac high voltage to supply power to the ics, but such ics have the disadvantages of large power consumption, poor reliability and high cost, etc. The present invention provides a method of taking power with low-voltage bypass for supplying low-voltage power to an ic.
Hefei Spruce Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

 Methods and  news delivery patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and news delivery
In some embodiments, a method is provided that includes (1) prompting a user to identify news content to be filtered; (2) generating filter rules based on the content to be filtered identified by the user; (3) populating a rules database based on the filter rules; (4) retrieving news content from a news server over the internet; (5) filtering the news content based on the filter rules within the rules database; and (6) providing the filtered news content to the user on a mobile device of the user. Numerous other embodiments are provided..

 Distributed wireless speaker system with automatic configuration determination when new speakers are added patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed wireless speaker system with automatic configuration determination when new speakers are added
In an audio speaker network, setup of speaker location, sound track or channel assignation, and speaker parameters is facilitated by an application detecting speaker locations and prompting a user to input rough room boundaries and a desired listener location in the room. Based on this, optimum speaker locations/frequency assignations/speaker parameters may be determined and output..
Sony Corporation

 Intelligent sound field control system patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent sound field control system
An intelligent sound field control system, which relates to a sound field modulation device and is provided with a wifi/wireless/wire network main control device, a notebook computer, a wireless universal serial bus dongle, a tablet computer, a motion control electronic device and a reflecting medium, is capable of integrally controlling states of different sound reflecting mediums. Accordingly, an indoor acoustic parameter can be varied and electromechanical integration can be achieved, thereby promoting usage convenience, accuracy and usability..

 Portable video production system patent thumbnailnew patent Portable video production system
A portable video production system includes a stand, a prompter portion, a mirror, a piece of glass, and a measuring device. The stand includes a table and a plurality of legs, and is configured to adjust a height of the legs based on a height of a user.
Wizard Of Ads, Sunpop Studios Ltd.

 Systems and methods for implementing print job redirection using hotspots tags and mobile devices for printing in image forming devices patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for implementing print job redirection using hotspots tags and mobile devices for printing in image forming devices
A system and method are provided for implementing a streamlined scheme for transferring print jobs directly from the print queue of one image forming device to the print queue of another image forming device using mobile devices and tags, such as near field communication (nfc) tags, affixed to image forming devices. A user manipulated mobile device is employed to read a readable tag affixed to or nearby a particular image forming device as a source device in which a print job is stuck, the mobile device running a print job transfer application.
Xerox Corporation

 Metadata prediction of objects in a social networking system using crowd sourcing patent thumbnailnew patent Metadata prediction of objects in a social networking system using crowd sourcing
A social networking system leverages user's social information to evaluate content submitted for inclusion in objects. If the evaluated submission is accepted, the submission is added to the content of an object.
Facebook, Inc.

 Adjusting prominence of a participant profile in a social networking interface patent thumbnailnew patent Adjusting prominence of a participant profile in a social networking interface
An approach is described for adjusting prominence of a participant profile in a social networking interface. An associated system may include a processor and a memory storing an application program, which, when executed on the processor, performs an operation that may include receiving an activity stream update of the participant and calculating a relevancy score based on content in the activity stream update.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Systems and methods for controlling cacheability and privacy of objects patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for controlling cacheability and privacy of objects
Described herein are systems, devices, and methods for content delivery on the internet. In certain non-limiting embodiments, a caching model is provided that can support caching for indefinite time periods, potentially with infinite or relatively long time-to-live values, yet provide prompt updates when the underlying origin content changes.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

 Method  for handling security settings in a mobile end device patent thumbnailnew patent Method for handling security settings in a mobile end device
In a procedure for handling security settings of a mobile end device the operating conditions of the end device are determined then minimum security requirements are established according to the operating conditions by evaluating contextual data regarding the operating conditions of the end device. Next it is determined whether the security settings on the end device comply with at a least with the minimum security requirements.
Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent

Control thermal balancing in multiphase dc-dc converters

Integrated circuit apparatus and processes are presented for controlling a plurality of parallel-connected dc-dc converter phases forming a multiphase dc-dc conversion system in which individual converter phases are successively activated or deactivated for increasing and decreasing load conditions, respectively, according to an ordered phase sequence, and the phase sequence is selectively modified to promote thermal balancing of the dc-dc converter phases.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent

Fuel channel assembly and fuel bundle for a nuclear reactor

A fuel assembly for a pressure-tube nuclear reactor includes a fuel channel assembly. The fuel channel assembly has an outer conduit and an inner conduit received within the outer conduit.
Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited / Énergie Atomique Du Canada LimitÉe

new patent

Global lottery

A computerised lottery system which allows a promoter to run a master lottery and a plurality of sub-lotteries (such as a multi-country lottery with entries from a number of different countries) at the same time. In the case of a multi-country lottery it is possible to allocate a master prize for the multi-country winner as well as a prize for the first ranked entry within a particular country.
Lms Patents (isle Of Man) Limited

new patent

Cash replenishment financial self-service equipment

A cash replenishment method for financial self-service equipment, including: acquiring the cash replenishment amount input by a user; acquiring the denominations of available banknotes in the self-service equipment; acquiring the remaining number of notes corresponding to each denomination; determining the total amount in the self-service equipment; performing cash replenishment of the cash replenishment amount using a precise cash replenishment method; determining a new cash replenishment amount capable of exactly dividing the only denomination remaining in the self-service equipment or the greatest common divisor of several denominations remaining in the self-service equipment within the range from the cash replenishment amount with a preset error value subtracted to the cash replenishment amount; performing cash replenishment of the cash replenishment amount using the precise cash replenishment method; and prompting that cash replenishment has failed.. .
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

new patent

Interactive investing system and method

A system and method for interactive investing allows an investor or consumer to engage an organization and manipulate a security in a simulated environment. The organization and security are depicted as graphical representations, such as avatars, a 3-d objects, and virtual currency in a simulated environment.

new patent

Method and system to generate digitized advertisement content by extraction from a representation of a completed instantiation of a rendered webpage

Methods, systems and software-encoded instructions enable a computer to automatically generate a full representation of a visual rendering of a webpage in its entirety and as it would be experienced by a human user. A time delay may be imposed to enable a web browser to better simulate a dynamic presentation of a visually displayed rendering of the webpage.

new patent

System and funds transfer processing

A system and method for processing lending transactions that may facilitate prompt transfer of funds (for example, loan funds) to an individual in a secure manner. An adaptive payment server may receive first identification information, second identification information, and a request for a fund transfer.
Adaptive Payments, Inc.

new patent

Contactless wireless transaction processing system

A wireless transaction processing system that includes a seller account and a buyer account with the buyer having an internet enabled device that can access the wireless transaction processing system. The wireless transaction processing system, through the internet enabled device of the buyer enables full processing of transactions without the need for physical cards or an established sales environment.
Tycoon Unlimited, Inc.

new patent

Method of identifying pattern training need during verification of recognized text

Methods and systems for performing character recognition of a document image include analyzing verification performed by a user on a recognized text obtained by character recognition of a document image, identifying analogous changes of a first incorrect character for a first correct character, and prompting the user to initiate a training of a recognition pattern based on the identified analogous changes.. .
Abbyy Development Llc

new patent

Systems and methods for monitoring clinical procedures using regional blood oxygen saturation

Methods and systems are presented for monitoring a clinical procedure using regional blood oxygen saturation (rso2) of a subject. The rso2 of a subject is monitored, and clinical information is received, indicating that the subject is undergoing a clinical procedure (e.g., an infusion pump procedure for sodium nitroprusside administration).
Covidien Lp

new patent

Service provider identification in a computer network environment

A data processing system can receive, from a referring computing device, an indication to obtain electronic medical record data displayed by the referring computing device. The data processing system can obtain, via the computer network, the electronic medical record data, and can generate a referral request document based on the electronic medical record data.
Par8o, Inc.

new patent

Adjusting prominence of a participant profile in a social networking interface

An approach is described for adjusting prominence of a participant profile in a social networking interface. An associated method may include receiving an activity stream update of the participant and calculating a relevancy score based on content in the activity stream update.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Methods and systems for monitoring and logging software and hardware failures

Methods and systems monitor and log software and hardware failures (i.e. Errors) over a communication network.
Nvidia Corporation

new patent

Enhancing tiering storage performance

A method for improving data storage and retrieval performance, comprising, for a tiered storage environment having levels corresponding to storage performance, using reference count information of at least one data segment maintained in the storage environment to determine which of the levels in the environment the data segment will be assigned; obtaining input/output performance data for input/output operations on the data segment and transforming the data into short term moving averages and long term moving averages; comparing the averages in a performance level to the long term moving averages of the data segment in the performance level and examining the reference count information over time to determine whether a performance trend of the data segment is increasing or decreasing; and promoting the data segment to a higher performance level in the tiered storage environment, if the data segment has an increasing performance trend.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Method and system for visualization of algorithmic guidelines

A system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium for displaying an initial visualization of an algorithm to a user, the initial visualization including a prompt for an input, receiving an input, the input being one of a user input and an automatic input and determining an updated version of the visualization in response to the input, wherein the updated version includes at least one element of the initial visualization, and one of eliminates at least one further element of the initial visualization and adds at least one further element to the initial visualization.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Transgenic biosensor

Systems and methods relate to transgenic organisms and their use as biosensors are described. In some embodiments, the systems and methods include a first population of transgenic organisms that includes a first constitutively expressed reporter gene, and a first transgene that includes a first inducible promoter from a response pathway gene, wherein the first inducible promoter is coupled to a first reporter gene.

new patent

Method and system for remotely monitoring intoxication

A method and system for remotely monitoring intoxication of a user, comprising: prompting the user to provide a breath sample at a time point; at a breath sample acquisition device, generating a breath sample signal upon reception of the breath sample from the user, and broadcasting a unique signature proximal in time to the time point; using a sensor of a mobile computing device, generating an authentication signal derived from detection of the unique signature; at a processing system in communication with the mobile computing device and the sample acquisition device, receiving the breath sample signal and the authentication signal; generating a verification assessment that validates provision of the breath sample by the user; determining a value of an intoxication metric for the user based upon the breath sample signal; and transforming the verification assessment and the value of the intoxication metric into an analysis of intoxication of the user.. .
Khn Solutions, Inc.

new patent

Fluid property measurement devices, methods, and systems

High accuracy temperature measurement devices, methods, and systems for measuring the temperature of medical fluids are described. In embodiments, the devices have the features that they are compatible with the measurement of temperatures in a sealed fluid circuit, thereby promoting compatibility with sterile disposable circuits.
Nxstage Medical, Inc.

new patent

Configuring an electronic level gauge including position for an application

A method of configuring an electronic level gauge (elg) includes with an elg configuration tool including a gui having a user interface. A processor implements an enhancement algorithm and a simulator.
Honeywell International Inc.

new patent

Pellet for air guns

A pellet having an external configuration capable of promoting the aerodynamic and/or terminal (penetration) characteristics of the pellet. The pellet includes a head that defines a projectile tip coinciding with an axis of the pellet, and a raised pattern centered around the projectile tip.
Gamo Outdoor Usa, Inc.

new patent

Bare sleeve pipe repair method and apparatus

Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus for repairing a section of compromised pipe comprising the steps of: identifying a compromised region of the pipe; cleaning the compromised region and an area of the surface of the pipe adjacent thereto; applying at least one layer of a securing material directly onto the compromised region of the pipe; applying at least one circumferential layer of a metallic cloth circumferentially encircling the pipe; applying at least one rigid partial shell to the exterior surface of the material prior to curing of the securing material; and maintaining the rigid partial shell in place until the securing material cures upon which time the securing material adheres the rigid partial shell to the pipe.. .

new patent

Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine

A particulate filter for trapping particulate filter which is contained in exhaust gas is arranged in an engine exhaust passage. The particulate filter is provided with exhaust gas inflow passages and exhaust gas outflow passages which are alternately arranged via porous partition walls.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Wall formwork with coupling device

According to the invention a wall formwork (1, 2) for the production walls consisting of concrete having a coupling device (4, 10), by means of which the wall formwork (1, 2) may be coupled to another wall formwork which is arranged adjacent or above is provided. The coupling device (4, 10) is—preferably detacheably—coupled to the wall formwork (1, 2) and is especially coupled to a supporting element (2) of the wall form-work (1, 2).
Hunnebeck Gmbh

new patent

Sound attenuating structure

A free standing vegetated sound attenuating structure is formed by placing multiple layers of rows of concrete stretchers on a level surface with concrete headers extending transversely thereto to form a rectilinear structure with substantially vertical sides, in which soil can be placed within the void formed by the headers and stretchers. The vegetated sound attenuating structure is positioned in a vertical array upwardly from the level surface so that both sides of the vegetated sound attenuating structure are visible.

new patent

Electrochemical processing of clathrate hydrates

A method of using clathrate hydrates (including ammonia clathrates), in electrochemical transformations. Noted are converting clathrate guest molecules such as co2, ch4, alkanes, and alkenes; and, optionally, the use of clathrates-promoting molecules such as tetra hydro furan, to produce higher value carbon molecules including propane and formic acid..
Brown University

new patent

Recombinant bacteria comprising novel sucrose transporters

Recombinant bacteria capable of metabolizing sucrose are described. The recombinant bacteria comprise in their genome or on at least one recombinant construct, a novel nucleotide sequence encoding a polypeptide having sucrose transporter activity and a nucleotide sequence encoding a polypeptide having sucrose hydrolase activity.
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

new patent

Methods and compositions relating to improved lentiviral vector production systems

The present invention provides hiv-derived lentivectors which are multiply modified to create highly safe, efficient, and potent vectors for expressing transgenes for gene therapy. The lentiviral vectors comprise various combinations of an inactive central polypurine tract, a stuffer sequence, which may encode drug susceptibility genes, and a mutated hairpin in the 5′ leader sequence that substantially abolishes replication.
Research Development Foundation

new patent

Rnas from pathogens inhibit plant immunity

The present invention relates to pathogen-resistant plants comprising a heterologous expression cassette, the expression cassette comprising a promoter operably linked to a polynucleotide that is complementary to, or mediates destruction, of a plant immunity suppressing srna of a pathogen, wherein the plant is less susceptible to the pathogen compared to a control plant lacking the expression cassette. Methods of making and cultivating pathogen-resistant plants are also provided..
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Myb55 promoter and use thereof

The invention provides myb55 promoter sequences that can advantageously be used to express a nucleotide sequence of interest in a plant, plant part or plant cell. Also provided are methods of increasing the expression of a nucleotide sequence of interest in a plant, plant part or plant cell in response to high temperature, abscisic acid, salicylic acid and/or methyl jasmonate.
University Of Guelph

new patent

Plasmid vector, detecting gene promoter activity, and assay kit

According to one embodiment, a first gene encodes a reporter protein. The first gene is disposed at the downstream of the gene promoter.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

new patent

Lubricant composition

The present disclosure concerns a lubricant composition including: at least one base oil; and at least two glycerol esters e1 and e2, ester e1 being an ester of glycerol and of a c12-c26 carboxylic acid and ester e2 being an ester of glycerol and of a c4-c10 carboxylic acid. The lubricant composition has good friction properties, and the use thereof promotes fuel savings..
Total Marketing Services

new patent

Polymers of isropene from renewable resources

It has been found that certain cells in culture can convert more than about 0.002 percent of the carbon available in the cell culture medium into isoprene. These cells have a heterologous nucleic acid that (i) encodes an isoprene synthase polypeptide and (ii) is operably linked to a promoter.
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

new patent

Use of dr6 and p75 antagonists to promote survival of cells of the nervous system

The present invention relates to death receptor-6 (dr6) proteins which are members of the tumor necrosis factor (tnf) receptor family, and have now been shown to be important for regulating apoptosis in cells of the nervous system. In addition, it has been discovered that p75 is a ligand for dr6.
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.

new patent

Compositions and methods of using islet neogenesis peptides and analogs thereof

The invention provides peptides and analogs of ingap and hip peptides. The peptides and analogs can be used in methods for treating various diseases and conditions.
Shenzhen Hightide Biopharmaceutical, Ltd.

new patent

Trans-2-nonadecyl-4-hydroxymethyl-1,3-dioxolane and producing thereof

The present invention discloses a method for producing trans-2-nonadecyl-4-hydroxymethyl-1,3-dioxolane comprising mixing alkanes and pyridinium chlorochromat for an oxidation reaction; obtaining a product by the oxidation reaction for processing an aldolization reaction and then purifying for obtaining a trans-2-nonadecyl-4-hydroxymethyl-1,3-dioxolane compound. According to the method of the present invention, it is able to promote the productivity and reduce the cost..
Greenyn Biotechnology Co., Ltd

new patent

Particlized biotic soil amendment

A particlized biotic soil amendment product for preparing a damaged or degraded soil ecosystem to establish a self-sustaining floral/vegetative rhizosphere contains a mixture of inorganic “mineral” material, organic material, charcoal, and small amounts of inoculants to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms including mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. These ingredients are prilled to form roughly uniform, spherical, ovoid, capsular or other-shaped particles suitable for handling with prior-art agricultural machines.

new patent

Dewatering of thick fine tailings with gas injection and flocculation

Techniques for injecting gas, such as compressed air, into thick fine tailings can promote water release or flocculant dosage reduction and thereby ameliorate dewatering operations of the thick fine tailings. Gas injection may be done before, during or after addition of a polymer flocculant into the thick fine tailings.
Suncore Energy Inc.

new patent

Electric vehicle drive system

In order to provide an electric vehicle drive system capable of promoting improvement in stability of vehicle traveling when stopping a regeneration operation during operation of a regeneration cooperative brake, the electric vehicle drive system, a battery control unit 310, upon detecting that a battery state is an unchargeable state during control of the regeneration cooperative brake, diagnoses whether a battery 300 is chargeable, and upon deciding to be unchargeable from a result of diagnosis, outputs a fail signal. Then, a rotating electrical machine control unit 210, upon receiving a fail prediction signal while the regeneration cooperative brake is being controlled, executes loss increase control for increasing an internal loss of a rotating electrical machine 900 and reducing regenerative electric power by a regenerative brake while maintaining torque of the rotating electrical machine 900 at regenerative torque corresponding to regenerative brake force..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

new patent

Catalyst composition and reactivation process useful for alkane dehydrogenations

A catalyst comprising a group iiia metal, a group viii noble metal, and an optional promoter metal, on a support selected from silica, alumina, silica-alumina compositions, rare earth modified alumina, and combinations thereof, doped with iron, a group vib metal, a group vb metal, or a combination thereof, offers decreased reactivation time under air soak in comparison with otherwise identical catalysts. Reducing reactivation time may, in turn, reduce costs, both in inventory and capital..
Dow Global Technologies Llc

new patent

System and automatic control of differential pressure in a baghouse system

Systems and methods for automatic control of a baghouse fabric filter system as a single unit to maintain a consistent pressure drop are disclosed. The fabric filter system may be a pulse jet cleaning system, and a controller may be provided to receive inputs from pressure sensors and other components and to control activation of pulse pipes for cleaning filter bags.
Covanta Energy, Llc

new patent

Talent portfolio simulation

A talent management portfolio game including a board representing an organization, whereby game pieces representing members of the organization having a potential value to the organization can be managed so as to maximize the value of the organization according to its members. Value pieces representing realized potential can be attached to the game pieces based on played talent action cards, thereby realizing some of the potential of the game piece.
Mercer (us) Inc.

new patent

Stitchless dorsal padding for protective sports gloves and other protective gear

A protective glove having a unitary dorsal panel formed from an inner scrim material and a plurality of protective elements molded directly to an exterior surface of the inner scrim. The plurality of protective elements are formed in an array of discrete islands each separated by zero-elevation interstitial spaces.

new patent

Ventilator-initiated prompt or setting regarding detection of asynchrony during ventilation

This disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and evaluating ventilatory parameters, analyzing those parameters and providing useful notifications and recommendations to clinicians. That is, modern ventilators monitor, evaluate, and graphically represent multiple ventilatory parameters.
Covidien Lp

new patent

Chronic wound dressing with variable pore sizes

An improved skin substitute is presented comprised of a silicone layer backed up with a woven nylon fabric layer, the silicone layer possessing a regular pattern of slits that permit the porosity of the skin substitute to be adjusted by clinicians by means of applying tension to the skin substitute that differentially opens the slits. A variety of therapeutic substances can be applied to the skin substitute to promote healing, including aloe and other medicinal preparations.

new patent

Differentiation marker and differentiation control of eye cell

The present invention relates to a differentiation marker and a differentiation controlling technique for an eye cell. More particularly, the present invention has attained an object of providing a differentiation marker for an eye cell among the aforementioned problems, by providing a marker for identifying a cell having a high proliferation ability among corneal endothelial cells and/or the differentiation ability of a corneal endothelial cell, the marker comprising gpr49/lgr5, as well as a detection agent or detection method for identifying a cell having a high proliferation ability among corneal endothelial cells and/or the differentiation ability of a corneal endothelial cell, comprising a substance binding to gpr49/lgr5.
The Doshisha

new patent

Multimeric tie 2 agonists and uses thereof in stimulating angiogenesis

The present invention provides a multimeric form of a tie 2 binding peptide monomer, wherein the multimeric form has tie 2 agonist activity. The multimeric form, preferably a tetramer, stimulates angiogenesis and promotes wound healing.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

new patent

Halobacteria extracts composition for tumor reduction

A composition and method for treating solid tumors in a mammalian subject. The composition includes halobacterial extracts and dunaliella extracts, containing antioxidants.
Dr. Nona International Ltd

new patent

Compositions and methods for treatment of vitiligo

Compositions and methods are disclosed for treating hypomelanotic conditions such as vitiligo and promoting melanogenesis.. .

new patent

Lipid membrane structure having intranuclear migrating property

A lipid membrane structure for delivering a substance into a nucleus of a cell, wherein lipid membrane is modified with (a) a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence of seq id no: 1, and/or (b) a polypeptide consisting of an amino acid sequence comprising the amino acid sequence of seq id no: 1, but including deletion and/or substitution and/or insertion of one or several amino acid residues, and having an activity of promoting migration of the lipid membrane structure into a nucleus of a cell, which can efficiently deliver a nucleic acid into a nucleus of an immunocyte such as dendritic cell.. .
National University Corporation Hokkaido University

new patent

Frostbite protection strips

A method and product for reducing the risk of frostbite on the cheeks and nose while simultaneously providing a promotional opportunity is provided. The solution offers two thermal insulating strips for each cheek and one strip sized to conformingly fit over the nose.


Automated messaging

Techniques for automatically prompting a calling user to send a message to a called user, the calling user using a calling device and the called user using a called device, the method including receiving, at a processor in the calling device, an indication that a call from the calling device to the called device has disconnected, determining, at the processor in the calling device, whether the call connected before receiving the indication that the call has disconnected, and in response to determining that the call did not connect before receiving the indication that the call has disconnected, determining that the call was a missed call.. .
Onepin, Inc.


Locally stored advertisements

The present invention is directed to a system and method for providing supplemental content during a broadcast. The supplemental content is provided by the operation of an interactive application resident on a receiver.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Method and a system for targeted video stream insertion

There is provided a method of delivering a video stream, the method executable at a network transmission device. The method comprises: identifying a stream sent to a plurality of subscribers; locating a promotional segment in the identified stream; transmitting a first replaced promotional segment to a first subscriber, the first replaced promotional segment having been selected based on a subscriber attribute associated with the first subscriber, the first replaced promotional segment replacing the promotional segment; transmitting a second replaced promotional segment to a second subscriber the second replaced promotional segment having been selected based on a subscriber attribute associated with the second subscriber, the second replaced promotional segment replacing the promotional segment; and resuming transmitting of the identified stream to the first subscriber and the second subscriber following transmission of the respective first and second replaced promotional segments.
Spb Tv Ag


System and acquiring virtual and augmented reality scenes by a user

A preferred method of acquiring virtual or augmented reality (var) scenes can include at a plurality of locations of interest, providing one or more users with a predetermined pattern for image acquisition with an image capture device and for each of the one or more users, in response to a user input, acquiring at least one image at the location of interest. The method of the preferred embodiment can also include for each of the one or more users, in response to the acquisition of at least one image, providing the user with feedback to ensure a complete acquisition of the virtual or augmented reality scene; and receiving at a remote database, from each of the one or more users, one or more var scenes.
Dropbox, Inc.


Secure and automatic connection to wireless network

Described herein are systems, methods, and apparatus for automatically establishing secure connections to wireless networks using a wireless local area network access point which calls for acceptance of terms and conditions of use. During an initial connection, the user is prompted to review and accept terms and conditions associated with use of that wireless network.
Intel Corporation


Identification and/or authentication method

A computer-implemented authentication method allows a user having a personal electronic device (ped) to login to a recipient system. The user establishes an account on an authentication server, provides personal information to the ped, and uniquely identifies the user's ped.


Method and sending and receiving reference signal

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, an apparatus for sending and receiving a reference signal, and a terminal device. The method includes: when a bandwidth satisfies a given condition, sending or receiving a reference signal symbol only once in every n subframes; and when the given condition is not satisfied, increasing the sending or receiving of the reference signal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


High voltage double-diffused mos (dmos) device and manufacture

A method of forming an integrated dmos transistor/eeprom cell includes forming a first mask over a substrate, forming a drift implant in the substrate using the first mask to align the drift implant, simultaneously forming a first floating gate over the drift implant, and a second floating gate spaced apart from the drift implant, forming a second mask covering the second floating gate and covering a portion of the first floating gate, forming a base implant in the substrate using an edge of the first floating gate to self-align the base implant region, and simultaneously forming a first control gate over the first floating gate and a second control gate over the second floating gate. The first floating gate, first control gate, drift implant, and base implant form components of the dmos transistor, and the second floating gate and second control gate form components of the eeprom cell..
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Transforming components of a web page to voice prompts

Embodiments of the invention address the deficiencies of the prior art by providing a method, apparatus, and program product to of converting components of a web page to voice prompts for a user. In some embodiments, the method comprises selectively determining at least one html component from a plurality of html components of a web page to transform into a voice prompt for a mobile system based upon a voice attribute file associated with the web page.
Vocollect, Inc.


Method and system for automated essay scoring using nominal classification

A computer-implemented system for predicting a grade, score or other class value for an essay receives a corpus of training essays, wherein each essay is a response to a common prompt. For each training essay, the system receives a class value and extracts feature values for each of a group of features.
Lightside Labs, Llc


One click on-boarding crowdsourcing information incentivized by a leaderboard

Business profiles are created using information from third parties. A user is enabled to indicate a business type for one or more merchants, and a system prompts the user to input information relating to the one or more merchants.
Fisoc, Inc.


Creating business profiles by third party user on-boarding

Business profiles are created using information from third parties. A user is enabled to indicate a business type for one or more merchants, and a system prompts the user to input information relating to the one or more merchants.
Fisoc, Inc.


Apparatus and providing customized advertisement related to tailored interactive content

A method for providing customized advertisements related to tailored interactive content in an apparatus for providing customized advertisements related to tailored interactive content that is connected to a telescreen terminal, the method including: receiving a request to run a promotion advertisement in a telescreen terminal from an advertiser; acquiring customized information that includes status information on surroundings of the telescreen terminal; selecting interactive content that includes the promotion advertisement based on the acquired customized information; and transmitting the selected interactive content to the telescreen terminal.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Sponsoring brands detected in user-generated social networking content

A social networking system identifies user-generated content that can be sponsored to social networking system users based on compensation received from advertisers. Such user-generated content includes photographs, videos, audio files, and so on, that contain advertisable or promotional information such as brands, trademark names, logos, identifiers for product makes or models, or product names that an advertiser may wish to promote.
Facebook, Inc.


System and targeted advertising and promotions using tabletop display devices

In one embodiment, a system includes a plurality of table-top display devices for displaying advertising content associated with advertiser to patrons of a business establishment. Each of the plurality of table-top display devices includes a display screen configured to display the advertising content, a data storage configured to store content data that defines the advertising or promotional content, and a control unit configured to access the content data in the data storage and control the display of the advertising content on the display screen.
Display Points Technologies, Inc.


Selecting content items using entities of search results

Methods, systems, and apparatus include computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium, including a method for providing content. Search results are identified for a received search query, including identifying a number of top search results.
Google Inc.


Method and system for time-based promotional point decay

A method for calculating a consumer reward includes: storing, in a promotion database, a promotion profile, wherein the promotion profile includes data related to a consumer promotion including at least a start time and/or date, an end time and/or date, a starting point value, and a rate of decay; receiving, by a receiving device, transaction data for a payment transaction, wherein the transaction data includes at least a transaction time and/or date; identifying, by a processing device, an elapsed time corresponding to time elapsed from the start time and/or date included in the promotion profile to the transaction time and/or date included in the received transaction data; and identifying, by the processing device, a reward point amount based on at least the identified elapsed time and the starting point value and the rate of decay included in the promotion profile.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated


Gift card with balance indicator panel

A gift card includes a card body having a retailer's name and logo, a pre-printed gift card account balance representing the balance on the card when initially purchased, and a user-fillable card balance data field which can be completed using an ordinary pencil. The gift card also may be printed with one or more prompts, such as a graphic or written instruction, to provide a user with sufficient instruction to use the re-writable functionality of the present invention, and may include dollar and cents indicators to facilitate a user to write the balance clearly and accurately..


Model-assisted evaluation and intelligent interview feedback

A method for facilitating the evaluation of candidates in an evaluation process is provided. The method includes operations of selecting a first data set including ratings of recorded responses of a set of evaluated persons and of selecting a second data set including additional recorded responses of a person under evaluation.
Hirevue, Inc.


Enhanced user control for content protection solutions

This disclosure relates to enhanced user control for content protection solutions. An options component determines or infers a set of digital rights management solutions supported by a content source, and a data component determines or infers information associated with respective digital rights management solutions supported by the content source.
Google Inc.


Information management method, client and mobile terminal

The present disclosure relates to the technical field of computers, and disclosed are an information management method, a client, and a mobile terminal. The method includes: receiving a write operation sent by a user for a currently displayed web application; determining a current state of communication with a web server; when communication with the web server cannot be performed currently, prompting the user on whether to save written data corresponding to the write operation; when the user chooses to save the written data, saving the written data locally, so that during communication with the web server next time, the written data is synchronized to the web server.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Method and system for ranking search results based on category demand normalized using impressions

Described herein are methods and systems for promoting item listings that satisfy a query based on the item listings being assigned to certain categories that have, based on historical click data, exhibited high demand characteristics for the query. Consistent with some embodiments, a certain number of leaf-level categories are identified based on demand data for those categories, and the item listings assigned to those categories are promoted through a normalized weighting factor derived in part based on the click probability score associated with the category, clicks per impression rate, and weighted clicks per impression by ranking rate..
Ebay Inc.


Promoting documents based on relevance

A system for ranking documents based on activity level is provided. A document promotion system generates a view score for a document based on the number of times the document was viewed and a freshness score for the document based on when the document was last updated.
Microsoft Corporation


Image forming apparatus that performs firmware update, control method therefor, and storage medium

An image forming apparatus which is capable of preventing firmware from being updated to firmware with wrong specifications regardless of specifications of the firmware. The image forming apparatus is able to communicate with a server apparatus and has plural pieces of firmware for performing at least one function.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Information processing method and electronic device

The present invention relates to information processing methods and electronic devices for addressing that the user cannot be provided with sufficient prompt information by the unlocking interface. The method may comprise: acquiring a first operation in the first status; determining whether the first operation complies with a first preset condition to obtain a first determination result, the first preset condition including a first sub-condition and a second sub-condition; when the first determination result indicates that the first operation satisfies the first sub-condition, analyzing the first operation to obtain the first target application of the first operation and controlling the display unit to display the first image of the first target application in the first status; when the first determination result indicates that the first operation satisfies both the first sub-condition and the second sub-condition, analyzing the first operation to obtain the first target application of the first operation, controlling the electronic device to switch from the first status to the second status, and controlling the display unit to display the first image of the first target application..
Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.


Technique for navigating between points of interest offering promotions

A navigation system is configured to plot a route through a shopping area that visits various stores offering specific types of promotions. A user of the navigation system first selects a desired promotion, including a discount level, among other possibilities.
Harman International Industries, Inc.


Dual powder coating for aluminum heat exchangers

A method includes applying a first powder to an aluminum article and heating the first powder to form a first layer on the aluminum article providing mechanical strength, corrosion durability and bonding potential. The method also includes applying a second powder to the aluminum article and heating the second powder to form a second layer on the aluminum article protecting the aluminum article from ultraviolet radiation.
Carrier Corporation


Aftertreatment system incorporating hydrolysis catalyst with particulate filtration and scr

An aftertreatment system is disclosed. The aftertreatment system can include a hydrolysis catalyst disposed within a first canister adjacent to a downstream end of the first canister and a nozzle positioned to inject reductant into the first canister upstream of the hydrolysis catalyst.
Caterpillar Inc.


Mammalian expression vector puhab

The present invention relates to the construction and utilization of a new mammalian expression vector that contains a unique multiple cloning site (mcs), designated puhab. The puhab vector comprises a high copy replication origin (cole1), a drug resistance gene (tk-hygromycin), and a human cytomegalovirus promoter operably associated with a unique intron (hcmv/intron).
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.


Plant transcription factors, promoters and uses thereof

Polynucleotide molecules encoding transcription factors, promoter elements, binding partners and methods of use in increasing drought tolerance, yield, and abiotic stress tolerance are disclosed. Erf transcription factors and cor410b promoter sequences are disclosed..
Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc.


Compositions and methods for modifying the expression of genes of interest

The present invention relates to a promoter sequence specific for expression of genes of interest in fruit endosperm. The invention further describes dna constructs that contain the promoter, as well as the method using such constructs to produce transgenic plants, plant cells or protoplasts.
Empresa Brasileira De Pesquisa AgropecuÁria - Embrapa


Promoters for expressing a gene in a cell

The present invention relates to isolated rasamsonia promoter dna sequences, to dna constructs, vectors, and host cells comprising these promoters in operative association with coding sequences. The present invention also relates to methods for expressing a gene and/or producing a biological compound using the new promoters isolated.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Treatment of autism spectrum disorders using glycyl-l-2-methylprolyl-l-glutamic acid

This invention provides compounds, compositions and methods for treating autism spectrum disorders (asd) using glycyl-2-methylprolyl-glutamic acid (g-2-mepe) and analogs thereof. Autism spectrum disorders include autism, autistic disorder, asperger syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (pdd-nos), fragile x syndrome, and rett syndrome.
Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited


Process for crossed claisen condensation reactions promoted by lithium amide in liquid ammonia

The present invention provides a use of lithium amide in liquid ammonia as a base to produce an enolate from at least one ester starting material in a crossed claisen condensation reaction, wherein at least one ester starting material is a β-hydroxy ester. Also provided is a method of producing lithium amide in situ for use in a crossed claisen condensation reaction, wherein lithium is added to liquid ammonia, followed by an electron transfer agent, as well as a method of carrying out a crossed claisen condensation reaction using an ester starting material and a β-hydroxy ester, using lithium amide in liquid ammonia produced in situ..
Bakhu Pharma Limited


Glass molded article and producing same, optical element blank, and optical element and producing same

When heating a glass gob including optical glass containing phosphorus, oxygen and fluorine to a temperature at which press-molding is possible, there are many cases in which the surface of the glass gob crystallizes and hardens. The problem of surface crystallization of glass gobs when press-molding is particularly prominent with glass to be polished and subjected to press-molding at a high temperature.
Hoya Corporation


Beverage can marketing device with removable center cover

A device that secures to a beverage can top includes a rim section that includes an inner edge that resides adjacent to the central panel of the can top. A central cover is secured to the can top at the inner edge of the rim section.


Method and system for promoting a uniform driving style

A method and system for promoting a uniform driving style. A longitudinal speed of a motor vehicle and a route section curvature radius lying ahead of the vehicle are determined when the vehicle approaches the route section.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


Ventilated saddle for bicycles, motorcycles and/or other pedal machines

A ventilated saddle for bicycles, motorcycles and/or other pedal driven machines, including, from bottom to top, a substantially rigid shell (2) with a middle longitudinal axis (l) and a top surface shaped to support the user's body, a padding layer (3) superimposed to the shell (2), a covering layer (4) superimposed to said padding layer (3) and designed to come into contact with the user's body. The shell (2) has a first series of holes (6), a covering layer (4) is made as a net (8) or transpiring fabric.
Ergoview Ag


Electric vehicle rule-maker

A vehicle has a display interface and at least one processor that prompts a user via the display interface to construct a rule specifying circumstances in which the vehicle is to be operated in electric mode using a set of operating/environmental parameters such that the rule includes user specified logic. In response to and while sensed operating/environmental parameters satisfy the rule, the vehicle is operated in electric mode..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Apparatus and constructing building boards using low friction surfaces

Discloses is an apparatus and method for utilizing air along a building board forming line for the purpose of reducing friction between the board and the underlying forming tables. The device employs a series of air nozzles that are formed within the face of the forming tables.
Saint-gobain Placo Sas


Method and apparatus to propagate crack growth in a workpiece

A method and apparatus for forming a starter notch along the length of a work-piece for subsequent fatigue testing. The starter notch is formed with a cutting wire such that it will promote fatigue-cracking in the work-piece in one defined direction and avoids cracking in directions other than the length direction of the starter notch.
Southwest Research Institute

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