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Date/App# patent app List of recent Prom-related patents
 In vivo assembly of transcription units patent thumbnailIn vivo assembly of transcription units
Methods of providing gene suppression dna in a eukaryotic organism comprising introducing a first dna segment and at least one second dna segment into the genome of the organism. One of the dna segments contains a promoter and a transcribable dna.
 Guard cell promoters and uses thereof patent thumbnailGuard cell promoters and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for regulating expression of heterologous nucleotide sequences in a plant are provided. Compositions include nucleotide sequences encompassing a guard-cell-preferred promoter which drives preferential expression of gene products in guard cells.
 Method for detecting eavesdropping activity and terminal device patent thumbnailMethod for detecting eavesdropping activity and terminal device
A method for detecting an eavesdropping activity and a terminal device. The method includes determining whether a terminal device is in a conversation; when the terminal device is in a conversation, determining whether the terminal device has an application that starts a recording function; and when the terminal device has an application that starts a recording function, sending out an eavesdropping alarm prompt.
 Authorization of server operations patent thumbnailAuthorization of server operations
An authorization device for authorizing operations of a remote server requested from user computers via a data communications network includes a computer interface configured to connect to a local user computer for facilitating communication with the remote server via a data communications network, a user interface configured to present information to a user, and control logic. The control logic is adapted to use security data accessible to the control logic to establish, via the local user computer, a mutually-authenticated connection for encrypted end-to-end communications with the server; collect from the server, via the connection, information indicative of any operation requested via a different connection to the server and requiring authorization by the user; and present the information to the user via the user interface to prompt for authorization of the operation..
 System and method to use text-to-speech to prompt whether text-to-speech output should be added during installation of a program on a computer system normally controlled through a user interactive display patent thumbnailSystem and method to use text-to-speech to prompt whether text-to-speech output should be added during installation of a program on a computer system normally controlled through a user interactive display
An auditory user interactive interface to an application program being installed in the computer controlled system. A routine in an object, in an application program being installed in the computer controlled system for providing an auditory user interface to the program in combination with auditory means for offering the user of the computer controlled system the auditory user interface during installation of said application program, and responsive to the selection of the auditory interface provides the auditory user interface during said installation of the application program..
 Automated techniques to bootstrap a converged infrastructure (ci) based on a ci package design unit patent thumbnailAutomated techniques to bootstrap a converged infrastructure (ci) based on a ci package design unit
A technique to bootstrap a converged infrastructure design includes receiving a package specification unit (pu) representative of a design of a converged infrastructure (ci) including compute, storage, network, and virtualization components, the pu including component readable tasks that perform operations on the ci components. The pu further includes an inventory task model associated with tasks to read inventory information from the ci components, an assessment task model associated with tasks to assess the ci components, a configuration task model associated with tasks to configure the ci components, and a user input model to generate prompts to solicit and receive ci component information from a user, and provide the received information to the other pu models.
 Graphical system for collecting, presenting and using medical data patent thumbnailGraphical system for collecting, presenting and using medical data
Briefly, a medical data system collects data concurrent with performance of a medical procedure. In one example, the medical procedure is a surgery, and a surgical support system collects and presents surgical information concurrent with the surgery's progress.
 Offline im chat to avoid server connections patent thumbnailOffline im chat to avoid server connections
An instant message (im) connection is established at an im server in the usual manner, under the policies and security rules promulgated by the im service provider. Using this connection to the im server, an offline im chat request is made at the im server for establishing an offline connection directly between consenting im clients.
 Display of location-related promotional message with search query results patent thumbnailDisplay of location-related promotional message with search query results
Briefly, embodiments of methods or systems for display of a location-related promotional message with search query results are disclosed.. .
 Method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn patent thumbnailMethod for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn
A method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component how to actuate a vehicle function is disclosed herein. The aftermarket accessory component is configured to monitor communications across a vehicle bus.
Marketing device and useful object holder for use in an automobile
A marketing device that also functions as a useful object holder in an automobile is described herein. The marketing device can be placed on or attached to a prominent viewing position in the vehicle within easy reaching distance.
Incentivizing purchases at physical retailers
Shoppers at physical retailers are incentivized to purchase products from a physical retailer. The user provides a product identifier using a user device.
Communication of promotions based on data associated with a vehicle
A computer can receive diagnostics data and location data associated with a vehicle. The diagnostics data identifies a condition of the vehicle and the location data identifies a location of the vehicle.
System and method for reducing excess capacity for restaurants and other industries during off-peak or other times
A system and method for reducing excess capacity for restaurants and other industries during off-peak hours is provided. Customers or potential customers may bid on gift certificates redeemable at restaurants during a predetermined time.
Method and system for redeeming product marketing rebates
A system and computerized method of processing a rebate claim from a purchaser comprising means for or steps of receiving and storing: (a) personal information about the purchaser, including an account identifier associated with a designated account, (b) promotion information comprising one or more promotional offers associated with one or more promoted products, (c) purchase information corresponding to the at least one purchase transaction in which the designated account was used as an instrument of payment. Purchase information is associated with the purchaser using the designated account identifier, the rebate claim is validated, and the collective value associated with the rebate claim is provided to the purchaser.
System for providing conditional user awards
A long term goal oriented commercial promotion system is disclosed. A user is enabled to set up a trust account on the system to accumulate the financial incentives under the condition of a long term goal.
Employee incentive and compensation system
A system for motivating employees to increase sales in a retail environment and for compensating the employees accordingly is disclosed. A customer presents products for purchase and may further be identified according to a customer loyalty program.
Consumer presence based deal offers
Systems and related methods facilitating payments with a mobile device are discussed herein. Circuitry in a networked-based central system, which may be a promotional system or payment system, may be configured to receive payment information from a consumer device.
System and method for performance tracking for motivating individuals to capture consumer data via mobile devices
Individual performance for obtaining consumer participation in a promotion is tracked. The individual is associated with a promotion.
Clickstream analysis methods and systems related to modifying an offline promotion for a consumer good
Methods and systems are provided herein for the analysis of clickstream data of online users. The analysis methods and systems allow for the creation of new offline business methods based on online consumer behavior..
Restaurant management system correcting a restaurant operating deficiency
A restaurant management system and method interface is provided. In accordance with the invention, data from various restaurant operations is collected and stored for processing.
Restaurant management system for forecasting staffing levels
A restaurant management system and method interface is provided. In accordance with the invention, data from various restaurant operations is collected and stored for processing.
Improvements in and relating to methods and systems for optimising capacity use in an operation
A method for controlling an operation is provided wherein the control method increases demand relative to capacity when demand is normally low and/or increases the amount of time during which demand approaches or is at capacity so as to improve the productivity of the operation. The operation may be the cooking of food, for instance within a restaurant.
Convoy travel system and convoy travel apparatus
A convoy travel apparatus for organizing a convoy of vehicles is provided. The convoy travel apparatus controls at least one of the convoy of vehicles to change lanes to a lane that is opposite to a merging lane when it is determined that the convoy of vehicles approaches a merge point of a multi-lane road and a currently traveling lane of the convoy of vehicles has the merge point.
Product dispensing system
A system for controlling selection and distribution of a product in a product dispensing system. The system includes a user interface for prompting a selection and selecting the product, a machine control processor in communication with the user interface, a power distribution module connected to the machine control processor, and a power supply unit for supplying power to the system through the power distribution module..
Devices and methods for spinal stabilization and instrumentation
Apparatus and methods for spinal the treatment of abnormal spinal stability and stenosis of the spinal canal. In one embodiment, the apparatus and methods provide treatment via decompression and/or fixation of the spinal canal.
Roughened cuff surface
A prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent having a proximal end, a distal end, an annulus section adjacent the proximal end and an aortic section adjacent the distal end. A cuff having an inner surface and an outer surface is made sufficiently rough to promote tissue growth.
Fusion implant
Implants, instruments, and methods are presented for fixing adjacent bone portions to promote fusion of the bone portions.. .
Systems and methods for repairing soft tissues using nanofiber material
An anchoring system is a combination of a nanofiber scaffold material and an arthroscopically deployable suture anchor. The anchor is deployed into a bone tunnel using common techniques.
Helical fibrin removal tool
A fibrin removal assembly includes a single helical coil with a plurality of windings. A plurality of cutting elements extends from the windings into the lumen of the coil.
Reduced-pressure wound dressings and systems for re-epithelialization and granulation
Methods for promoting re-epithelialization and granulation as an aspect of wound healing are presented. A method for promoting granulation and re-epithelialization of a wound at the same time involves using a reduced-pressure treatment dressing and applying a moist, water-sensitive barrier to promote re-epithelialization and to inhibit granulation.
Capillary action in flow-regulating systems
A fluid flow-regulating system includes an electrolysis chamber configured to contain a liquid, and includes first and second electrodes disposed within the electrolysis chamber. A gap between opposing surfaces is sized to promote capillary action of a liquid in the electrolysis chamber that draws the liquid to at least one of the first and second electrodes in a manner allowing the flow-regulating system to be placed in multiple orientations and still have said one of the first and second electrodes wetted by capillary action..
Scalp stimulation and hair re-growth
A method and an apparatus are disclosed for promoting hair growth using multi-dimensional vibrations. A multi-vibrating device includes components, such as electric motors, configured to generate several modes of vibration simultaneously.
System and method for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery
The system and method provide for electrocardiogram analysis and optimization of patient-customized cardiopulmonary resuscitation and therapy delivery. An external medical device includes a housing and a processor within the housing.
Oxygen face mask with capnometer and side port
A nasal cannula allows insertion of an upper endoscopy probe, a transesophageal echo probe for exams, or the like. Currently, a nasal cannula is used to measure expired carbon dioxide and deliver oxygen to sedated patients undergoing these procedures.
Computer-executed method, system, and computer readable medium for testing neuromechanical function
Described are methods, systems, and mediums for testing neuromechanical and neurocognitive function which reflect physical and mental compromise that may be associated with, for example, traumatic brain injury (tbi). In particular, a computer-executed method, system, and computer readable medium for testing neuromechanical and neurocognitive function of a subject are described which measure a subject's performance in a test comprising one or more test modules designed to challenge neuromechanical and neurocognitive function and compare the performance to one or more baselines to evaluate physical and mental compromise..
Implementation and experimental results of real-time 4d tumor tracking using multi-leaf collimator (mlc), and/or mlc-carriage (mlc-bank), and/or treatment table (couch)
Methods and systems of operating a support structure and beam shaping mechanism in a manner that compensates for motion patterns exhibited by a patient, promotes comfort of the patient, and optimizes accuracy of delivery of radiotherapy to a targeted location within the patient. The support structure can be a treatment table or couch and the beam shaping mechanism can be a multi-leaf collimator (mlc), and/or an mlc-bank/-carriage.
Hydrosilylation synthesis of haloalkylorganosilanes using peroxide promoters
This invention is directed to a process for producing a haloorganoalkoxysilane product comprising reacting an olefinic halide, an alkoxysilane, a catalytically effective amount of ruthenium-containing catalyst; and a reaction-promoting effective amount of a peroxy compound, optionally in the presence of an electron-deficient aromatic compound.. .
Methods for producing epoxidation catalysts and epoxidation methods utilizing them
A method for producing epoxidation catalysts is provided. The catalyst comprises a support, a catalytic species, maganese and at least one alkali metal and/or promoter.
Series of drugs using photofrin to catalyze decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
The present invention relates to a series of new drugs which refer to chemical series capable of catalyzing the decomposition of h2o2 to generate singlet oxygen (1o2). The drugs relate to therapeutic mechanisms, different from traditional photodynamic therapy, in which the specific affinity of photofrin to focus, such as tumors, vascular plaques and skin diseases is utilized.
Epoxy resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite material
The present technology is an epoxy resin composition for a fiber-reinforced composite material comprising a phosphorus-containing epoxy resin containing phosphorus in the skeleton thereof, a dicyandiamide, and a curing promoter containing at least one selected from 1,1′-(4-methyl-1,3-phenylene)bis(3,3-dimethylurea), phenyl-dimethylurea represented by the following formula (1), and methylene-diphenyl-bisdimethylurea represented by the following formula (2); wherein the phosphorus content of the phosphorus-containing epoxy resin is at least 1.0 mass % and at most 5.0 mass % in the epoxy resin composition.. .
Highly inducible dual-promoter lentiviral tet-on system
The invention relates to expression systems useful for regulated expression of a gene of interest based on the constitutive expression of the original tetr repressor and the expression of the polynucleotide driven by a constitutive promoter operably linked to an operator sequence for a tetracycline operator sequence. The system can be provided as two different polynucleotides or as an all-in-one vector.
Or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, as well as compositions containing the same, processes for the preparation of the same, and therapeutic methods of use therefore in promoting hydration of mucosal surfaces and the treatment of diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), asthma, bronchiectasis, acute and chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, and pneumonia.. .
Hydrazonopyrazole derivatives and their use as therapeutics
Pharmaceutical compositions and compounds are provided. The compounds of the invention demonstrate anti-proliferative activity, and may promote apoptosis in cells lacking normal regulation of cell cycle and death.
Increasing bioavailability of n-coumaroyldopamine through co-administration with a catechol-o-mehtyltransferase (comt) inhibitor
The present invention is directed to a composition including n-coumaroyldopamine and a catechol-o-methyltransferase (comt) inhibitor for promoting weight loss in a user.. .
Ocular drug delivery system
An ocular drug delivery system including a composition in which a formulation having an active agent such as rhgh and or an rhgh mimic, e.g., that increases insulin growth factor (igf) or that alters insulin growth factor binding protein (igfbp) in a subject is dispersed in a pharmaceutical carrier. The composition is configured for placement in, around or on an eye of the subject, and the composition provides controlled release of an amount of the active agent to the eye effective to promote ocular surface and corneal neural regeneration and wound healing..
Single action sensory prompt interface utilising binary state time domain selection protocol
A sensory prompted protocol for the manipulation of complex devices such as consumer electronic devices without the necessity of the visual feedback via textual or graphic data on a graphical user interface, wherein the binary state sensor functions change with time rather than placement, so that a user action biases a binary state input, which is correlated to a timed data stream, the correlation indicating the desired action selected by the user.. .
Methods and apparatus for using ussd over a common channel
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. Embodiments can enhance and improve ussd based messaging options.
Tiered wireless, multi-modal access system and method
A wireless, multi-modal access device and system adapted to integrate a number of communications networks operating in differing communication modes to facilitate transfer of communication links during a communication session to promote efficient use of the communication networks. The system includes a plurality of universal multi-modal access devices ummad that are capable of operating at different frequencies and different protocols (tdma, amps, cdma, gsm, pcs etc) to communicate with any one of a number of wide bandwidth gateways (wbg), which are each capable of communication using one or more of the protocols.
Methods and apparatus to associate a mobile device with a panelist profile
Methods and apparatus are disclosed to associate a mobile device with a panelist profile. An example method includes initializing a metering application on the mobile device to operate with partial functionality, parsing a message log with the metering application to identify an installation message, extracting a telephone number from the installation message and saving to a memory of the mobile device, sending an initialization message based on the extracted telephone number to prompt an authorization message, and enabling full functionality of the metering application in response to receiving the authorization message..
Switching system with linearizing circuit
A transistor-based switch is coupled to a replica circuit that includes transistor circuitry similar to that of the switch. The replica circuit biases a switched transistor to promote linear operation of the switch..
Protein production in microorganisms of the phylum labyrinthulomycota
The present invention relates to recombinant cells and microorganisms of the phylum labyrinthulomycota and their use in heterologous protein production. Novel promoter, terminator, and signal sequences for efficient production and, optionally, secretion of polypeptides from recombinant host cells and microorganisms are also encompassed by the present invention..
Device for packaging a liquid food product
The invention relates to a device for delivering a beverage into a thermoplastic container formed from a heated preform, the preform being approximately cylindrical and positioned in a mold, characterized in that it includes injection unit for injecting at least one beverage into a recess in the preform so as to promote expansion of the preform inside the mold, the mold defining the shape of the container, the injection unit comprising an injection head designed to inject at least one beverage through a mouth of the recess, the injection head being integrated into the mold.. .
Blend of green and black extracts for the promotion of health benefits
A method of improving urological health in a human, including administration to the human of an effective amount of a water-extracted extract of both green and black tea.. .
Abuse-deterrent pharmaceutical compositions of opioids and other drugs
An abuse-deterrent pharmaceutical composition has been developed to reduce the likelihood of improper administration of drugs, especially drugs such as opioids. In a preferred embodiment, a drug is modified to increase its lipophilicity.
Topical nitric oxide systems and methods of use thereof
The present invention generally relates to compositions and methods for transdermal drug delivery. The compositions can be used in a variety of applications, including treating erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction, treating wounds, or causing or promoting hair growth.
Compositions and methods for treating endocrine, gastrointestinal or autoimmune disorders
Recombinant cells and methods are provided that relate to the use of isolated, engineered recombinant cells to directly or indirectly treat diseases or disorders in a mammalian host such as endocrine, gastrointestinal or autoimmune disorders. A recombinant cell is provided that comprises a signal sequence and a promoter, wherein: the signal sequence is capable of regulating signal-dependent expression of a target nucleic acid in a host or is capable of regulating signal-dependent expression of a target nucleic acid in response to an environmental stimulus, the cell is derived from an enteric or a commensal bacterium, and the target nucleic acid encodes a mammalian factor that promotes normal functioning of a physiological process in the host or is effective in preventing onset, establishment, or spread of a non-infectious disease in the host.
Non-thermal plasma synthesis with carbon component
This disclosure also describes producing a reactive hydrogen ion or free radical by the method comprising passing water through a non-thermal plasma in the presence of a catalyst, the catalyst being effective to promote the dissociation of water.. .
D1379 p radiation curable primary coating on optical fiber
Radiation curable coatings for use as a primary coating for optical fibers, optical fibers coated with said coatings and processes to coat the optical fiber are described and claimed. The radiation curable coating is a radiation curable primary coating composition comprising: an oligomer; a first diluent monomer; a second diluent monomer, a photoinitiator; an antioxidant; and an adhesion promoter; wherein said oligomer is the reaction product of: a hydroxyethyl acrylate; an aromatic isocyanate; an aliphatic isocyanate; a polyol; a catalyst; and an inhibitor, and wherein said oligomer has a number average molecular weight of from at least about 4000 g/mol to less than or equal to about 15,000 g/mol; wherein a cured film of said radiation curable primary coating composition has a peak tan delta tg of from about −25° c.
Efficient architecture for layered vdr coding
In layered visual dynamic range (vdr) coding, inter-layer prediction requires several color-format transformations between the input vdr and standard dynamic range (sdr) signals. Coding and decoding architectures are presented wherein inter-layer prediction is performed in the sdr-based color format, thus reducing computational complexity in both the encoder and the decoder, without compromising coding efficiency or coding quality..
Apparatus and method for forming high-resolution images for light pattern projection using ultraviolet (uv) curable inks
An apparatus includes a gobo configured to be inserted into a projection gate of a projector. The gobo includes a substantially transparent substrate and a coating on the substrate.
Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors with high rate high energy storage
Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors comprise an “electron well” and an “electron-dam” membrane electrode assembling (mea); the “electron-well” mea compromises an electrode comprising a substrate of glassy carbon; a self-assembling membrane comprises a polymer matrix; wherein the polymer matrix is comprised of an electrically conductive copolymer; wherein the copolymer is further comprised of one or more first β-cyclodextrin molecules having at least one or more free acetyl groups; one or more polyethylene glycol molecules; one or more poly(4-vinylpyridine) molecules; and one or more second β-cyclodextrin molecules; the self-assembling membrane having a surface structure comprising one or more nanopores and pillars; the nanopores and pillars are vertically oriented on the substrate to form nanopore and pillar array; the “electron-dam” mea compromises the nanopore/pillar layer sealed with an embedded hydrophobic aromatic substance having a flat lid structure; wherein the mea can be as either said positive or negative electrode; wherein the “electron-well” also can be either said as positive or negative electrode; separated by a porous insulator wetted by an electrolyte-free and air-independent organic solution; at least two current collectors are at each of the end of the meas.. .
Enhanced quality-sorting scheduler
Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a read channel system and method for providing sector prioritization for promoting improved sector processing performance. The system and method, during processing of sectors of data, prioritize each of the sectors for further processing based upon: a global iteration index of each sector, trapping set characteristics of each sector and processing latency of each sector..
Methods and systems for network printing with user selectable settings
Methods and systems for network printing using user selectable printer settings. A printing system such as a multi-function printer/device receives user input providing a document identifier (e.g., a release code) identifying a document stored in a network storage server.
System and method for printing advertisements on parcel packages in an automated parcel distribution system
Systems and a method for printing and applying labels on packages. The system includes a conveyor configured to transport a plurality of packages, one or more scanners configured to scan the plurality of packages, and one or more print and apply stations.
Interactive guest image capture using video wall/floor/ceiling displays for selections of background scenes, and selection/distribution of customized souvenir portfolios including merged images/sound
Systems and methods for creating and distributing professional quality pictorial souvenirs giving the illusion that guests of a facility were imaged at other locations, including making initial arrangements with guests, showing selections of background scene images at video displays and flashing chroma key images interspersed with frames of the scene images, taking key guest images in synch with the flashed key images, extracting guest image content from the key guest images and merging into selecting scene images, showing initial merges images for guest selection and providing souvenir portfolios that include merged images to guests or designees after making financial arrangements, including for payment to third parties for copyright content included in the souvenirs and with advertisers for promotional material included in the souvenirs.. .
Helmet-mounted motorcycle rider visualization device
A motorcycle helmet indicator assembly is provided that includes a passive and active illumination means. The assembly is either built-into or is an attachable assembly for a motorcycle helmet, wherein a short range wireless protocol is utilized to synchronize the motorcycle brake lights and turn signals with two indicators along secured along the rear of the motorcycle helmet.

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