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 Microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same patent thumbnailMicrocontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch and lighting apparatus having the same
A microcontroller-based multifunctional electronic switch uses a detection circuit design to convert external motion signals into message carrying sensing signals readable to the microcontroller. Based on the time length of sensing signals and the format of the sensing signals received in a preset instant period of time the microcontroller through the operation of its software program codes written in the otprom is able to recognize the working modes chosen by the external signal generating user and thereby selecting the appropriate loops of subroutine for execution.

 Serving a live stream as an advertisement patent thumbnailServing a live stream as an advertisement
A content server receives live streams from a content distributor to transmit to users of the content server. In one embodiment, the content server promotes the live streams received from the content distributor, by serving portions of the live stream as advertisements (ads) to users of the content server along with videos or digital content requested by the users.
Google Inc.

 Computer-based optimized insertion of non-program media items in media programs patent thumbnailComputer-based optimized insertion of non-program media items in media programs
In one embodiment, a data processing method comprises generating impression estimate data that specifies an estimated total number of impressions of a plurality of non-program media items that are possible during future transmission of a plurality of media programs via a plurality of media channels; based on the impression estimate data, generating campaign data specifying a target number of impressions of a particular non-program media item and specifying one or more particular media channels to receive the particular non-program media item; based on the campaign data, and based upon transmission schedule data that specifies future times of transmission of the plurality of media programs via the plurality of media channels, automatically determining digitally stored promotional schedule data that specifies a plurality of times to transmit the particular non-program media item to achieve the target number of impressions; wherein the method is performed by one or more computing devices.. .
Palantir Technologies Inc.

 Electronic device with image correction system and methods therefor patent thumbnailElectronic device with image correction system and methods therefor
An electronic device includes an image capture device, such as a camera, a user interface and one or more processors. The one or more processors can receive an image from the image capture device and detect distortion occurring in the image.
Motorola Mobility Llc

 Camera module patent thumbnailCamera module
The camera module according to the present disclosure can improve reliability by mounting a posture sensor on a pcb and promoting a bending prevention of the pcb.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

 Portable teleprompter equipment patent thumbnailPortable teleprompter equipment
A portable teleprompter system, which comprises two sets of transparent reflective sheets with their respective support poles and associated displays, the system comprising a carry-on-sized suitcase that holds the system components and has two separable parts, each one of which is fit to be arranged in a stable manner on a floor, offering an upwards-facing operating face that is provided with at least means for firmly supporting a display; and means for anchoring a pole in such a position that the reflective sheet supported by said pole can reflect the content shown on the display.. .

 Event prompting patent thumbnailEvent prompting
An event prompting method for use in a terminal includes judging whether the terminal is playing predetermined audio information via a wireless headphone connected with the terminal when an event to be prompted is received, and sending a silent prompt command to the wireless headphone according to the event to be prompted if the terminal is playing the predetermined audio information. The silent prompt command is configured to control the wireless headphone to perform a silent prompt operation..
Xiaomi Inc.

 Speaker module patent thumbnailSpeaker module
The present disclosure relates to the technical field of electro-acoustic products. Disclosed is a speaker module installed in an electronic terminal, comprising: a housing receiving therein a speaker unit which is electrically connected with an external circuit of the module via an fpcb; and a sensor configured to detect ambient noise, the sensor being electrically connected with the fpcb, the sensor being installed at a position adjacent to a sound exit hole of the electronic terminal, and the sensor being used to transmit a detected ambient noise signal to a cpu of the electronic terminal via the fpcb.
Goertek Inc.

 Fight-through nodes for survivable computer network patent thumbnailFight-through nodes for survivable computer network
A network node includes enhanced functionality to fight through cyber-attacks. A plurality of virtual machines run at the network node.
Architecture Technology Corporation

 Storage isolation using i/o authentication patent thumbnailStorage isolation using i/o authentication
Techniques are described for logically isolating data i/o requests from different operating systems (oses) for a same multi-tenant storage system (mtss). Techniques provide for oses and the mtss to obtain security tokens associated with the oses.
Oracle International Corporation

User terminal and screen sharing

A user terminal 10 for screen sharing with a destination user terminal 100 receives a connection request for screen sharing from a user; issues an authentication number to specify the destination user terminal 100 with which the user terminal 10 is to perform screen sharing, in response to the connection request; directly connects with the destination user terminal 100; allows the destination user terminal 100 to display a prompt to ask for an input of the authentication number; authenticates the authentication number in response to receiving the authentication number from the destination user terminal 100; and sequentially transceives shared screen data to and from the destination user terminal 100 if the authentication number is appropriate.. .
Optim Corporation

Determining event recommendability in online social networks

In one embodiment, a method includes, by a computing device, identifying an event in an online social network to be evaluated for recommendation to a user of the online social network and determining whether the event is recommendable to the user, the determination being based on identifying correlations between one or more characteristics of the user and a plurality of signals associated with the event. The method further includes, in response to determining that the event is recommendable, presenting a recommendation or promotion for the event to the user, and, in response to determining that the event is not recommendable, converting the event in accordance with the determining that the event is not recommendable.
Facebook, Inc.

Techniques to secure computation data in a computing environment

Techniques to secure computation data in a computing environment from untrusted code. These techniques involve an isolated environment within the computing environment and an application programming interface (api) component to execute a key exchange protocol that ensures data integrity and data confidentiality for data communicated out of the isolated environment.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Photonic vector signal generation without precoding

A novel and simple photonic vector signal generation scheme at radio frequency (rf) bands enabled by a single-drive mach-zehnder modulator (mzm)-based optical carrier suppression (ocs) without precoding techniques and optical filter, which can reduce the complexity of transmitter digital signal processing (dsp), is described. The generation and reception of 16/20/22-gbaud quadrature-phase-shift-keying (qpsk) vector signals at 16/20/22 ghz are experimentally demonstrated, respectively.
Zte Corporation

Stanchion capable of providing prompted information

A stanchion capable of providing prompted information comprises a post and a prompt device disposed in the post. The prompt device senses the queuing state and outputs the prompted information corresponding to the queuing state.
Union Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

Method and an interactive game associated with a live sporting event

A method for an interactive game associated with a live sporting event, the method comprising: players pay an amount into a bank, thereby creating a pot; banker randomly distributes tickets to players; players watch game; when a team scores, the player holding the ticket of scoring entity wins the pot; start a new round by going back to the players pay an amount into a bank act. An interactive game associated with a live sporting event, the game comprising: a set of tickets for a first round, the set of tickets comprising: an offensive player ticket for a first team in the live sporting event; a defensive team ticket for the first team; an offensive player ticket for a second team in the live sporting event; a defensive team ticket for the second team; and where each ticket has prominently marked on it “1” for the first round; a set of tickets for a second round, the set of tickets comprising: offensive player tickets for the first team; a defensive team ticket for the first team; offensive player tickets for the second team; a defensive team ticket for the second team; and where each ticket has prominently marked on it “2” for the second round; a set of tickets for an 3rd round, the set of tickets comprising: offensive player tickets for the first team; a defensive team ticket for the first team; offensive player tickets for the second team; a defensive team ticket for the second team; and where each ticket has prominently marked on it “3” for the third round; a set of tickets for each round after the third round up to a final desired round, where each set of tickets comprise: offensive player tickets for the first team; a defensive team ticket for the first team; offensive player tickets for the second team; a defensive team ticket for the second team; and where each ticket of a set for a particular round has prominently marked on it the number for the particular round for the particular set of tickets..

Social proofing for suggested profile edits

A system, a machine-readable storage medium storing instructions, and a computer-implemented method are described herein are directed to a social proofing engine (hereinafter “sp engine”) that determines whether to update a target member account's profile with an attribute that is relevant to a resource accessed by the target member account. The sp engine detects access by a target member account of a resource.
Linkedin Corporation

Systems and methods for financial planning

A method for receiving information via a short message service (sms) type interface includes determining an input variable and generating an sms-type prompt including a query for an input of a value corresponding to the input variable. The method also includes transmitting the generated sms-type prompt to a remote device, receiving a value responsive to the requested input variable, and storing the received value in a memory.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Virtual marketplace

Aspects extend to methods, systems, and computer program products for providing a digital marketplace. A digital marketplace includes a merchant manager tier, a role tier, and a marketplace tier.
Trusper, Inc.

Dynamic electronic communication device

An dynamic electronic communication device. The tag according to embodiments of the invention is designed or set to discount, promote, incentivize, or apply information at certain states or within a certain timeframe at initial deployment, the tags themselves being capable of handling the logic.
Molex, Llc

Swipe shoppe

Swipe shoppe connects the consumer with local deals wherever they are and connects them to the entire retail market and pre-owned items listed by private sellers in stores, at shops, and online. Combined with the retail and private sale markets online and physical store locations, “swipe shoppe” hopes to get the best product according to the exact prompt typed into the search bar, to the consumer at the faster than anything else, since “swipe shoppe” is the first and only product of its' kind.

Location blocking service from a web advertiser

Location-blocking and identity-blocking services that can be commercially offered by a service promoter, e.g., a cellular service provider or a web advertiser. In the identity-blocking service, the service provider may disclose the current physical location of a mobile subscriber (i.e., a cellular phone operator) to a third party (e.g., a web advertiser) subscribing to the identity-blocking service.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Transaction and communication vendors and promoters

Transaction and communication systems and methods are disclosed for vendors and promoters. Some embodiments disclosed herein provide a deal manager system comprising transaction data associated with the promotional activities of one or more promoters, such as promoters registered with the deal manager system.
Ivsc Ip Llc

Highly scalable internet-based controlled experiment methods and obtaining insights from test promotion results

Methods and apparatus for conducting test promotions in a highly scalable and cost-effective manner using controlled experiment methodology are disclosed. Test promotions of interest are presented to visitors of a website in a controlled experiment manner wherein each page presents one test promotion of interest among other promotions.
Eversight, Inc.

Highly scalable internet-based randomized experiment methods & obtaining insights from test promotion results

Methods and apparatus for conducting test promotions in a highly scalable and cost-effective manner using randomized experiment methodology are disclosed. Test promotions of interest are presented to visitors of a website in a randomized experiment manner wherein each page presents one test promotion of interest among other promotions.
Eversight, Inc.

Content item delivery for payment

Various embodiments of the present technology involve the delivery of digital content via a synchronized content management system (cms) in return for a payment. For example, a first user could send a share link containing a content item to a second user.
Dropbox, Inc.

Methods and systems for visualizing individual and group skill profiles

A method and system for managing organizations based on competencies, expertise and experience of their members, including (a) identifying and classifying “competencies” existing within organizations; (b) promoting and creating “interactions” and “engagements” between members based on identified competencies, creating rewards and incentives promoting such interactions; (c) creating virtual “competency exchanges” within organization and “competency marketplaces” across multiple organizations; (d) managing organizations and various ongoing activities of the organizations based on the competency profiles and balance of supply and demand of particular competencies (e) creating valuation of particular competencies; (f) providing analytics and reporting, and other functionality as discussed in greater detail below.. .

Entity matching for ingested profile data

Disclosed in some examples are methods, systems, and machine readable mediums that utilize information ingested from publicly available network-based data sources to automatically suggest adding additional attributes to member profiles of a social networking service. Among other uses, this system allows for assisted member profile completion.
Linkedin Corporation

Method and destructing compromised devices

The system and method for destroying compromised objects, including electronic devices. The system and method utilizes a barrier separating two reagents that can be rapidly mixed to form a base when desired.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Pre-cognitive security information and event management

According to an example, pre-cognitive siem may include using trained classifiers to detect an anomaly in input events, and generating a predictive attack graph based on the detected anomaly in the input events. The predictive attack graph may provide an indication of different paths that can be taken from an asset that is related to the detected anomaly to compromise other selected assets in a network of the asset, and the other selected assets may be selected based on a ranking criterion and a complexity criterion.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Processing fuzzy checking securities information

A processing method for fuzzy checking securities information, which is employed in a user device of a securities information processing system, allows a user to execute a securities suggesting setting function in order to configure at least one securities suggesting condition composed of at least one candlesticks checking condition. In addition, each candlesticks checking condition includes a fuzzy checking condition which can be defined by the user.
Fonestock Technology Inc.

Real time multispecialty telehealth interactive patient wellness portal (ipwp)

In summary the ability of the patient portal system to provide real time, multiple simultaneously communicating health care providers with real time biometric information (including the onsite or tele pharmacist) is a novel process not limited to the single provider video/audio access currently patented. This new dimension to telehealth promises a telehealth experience that at a minimum matches the diagnostics ability and access of a multispecialty clinic or traditional hospital setting while exceeding the clinical/diagnostic ability of a single health care provider's office or clinic that is more accessible at a 50% reduced cost and resulting in better health outcomes..

Interactive visualization of big data sets and models including textual data

Systems and processes are disclosed for advanced text analysis in the field of big data analytics and visualization: users can now factor text into their predictive models, alongside regression, time/date and categorical information. This is ideal for building models where text content may play a prominent role (e.g., social media or customer service logs).
Bigml, Inc.

Disambiguating search queries

A network-based service is disclosed for disambiguating search queries based on a location-based clustering of search results corresponding to the query. In one embodiment, a user may submit a query for travel items, such as hotel accommodations.
Expedia, Inc.

Blockchain and deep links for mobile apps

A deep link can have a name of a mobile app and a network address of a device on which an instance of the app is running. Deep links can be stored in a blockchain, along with related data, like the location of the device running the app.

Enhanced service validation

Technology is disclosed herein for validating a new version of a service running in parallel with a previous version of the service. In a validation environment, traffic is duplicated traffic that is inbound to the previous version of the service, for consumption in parallel by the new version of the service.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and device for operating changing guest systems under a hypervisor

A method for operating changing guest systems under a hypervisor, including, on a host system, the hypervisor monitors at least one virtual machine including a guest system. The guest system provides a prompt to the hypervisor, as a function of a system context of the host system, to switch the virtual machine from a first guest system variant to a second guest system variant.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Watch-type mobile terminal and controlling the same

The present invention is related to a watch-type mobile terminal and a method for controlling the watch-type mobile terminal. In case a call is received, the present invention can respond to an incoming call in an automatic answering mode due to an agent through a watch-type mobile terminal worn by the user on his/her wrist.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Peer driven editing

A system, a machine-readable storage medium storing instructions, and a computer-implemented method are directed to a peer driven editing engine (hereinafter “pde engine”) that updates a profile of a target member account in a professional social network service (hereinafter “social network”) based on information provided from other member accounts. The pde engine identifies a particular type of profile attribute of a member account in a social network.
Linkedin Corporation

Method and device for application interaction

A method for application interaction is provided. The method includes: acquiring a graphical account identification of an application, wherein the graphical account identification is configured to graphically identify login-in account information currently used by the application; and displaying the acquired graphical account identification at a preset position on the icon of the application.
Xiaomi Inc.

Guided article authorship

A method includes, determining a target publication, identifying one or more content suggestions associated with the target publication, and causing a user to be prompted to input content. The input content satisfies at least a portion of the one or more content suggestions..
Edanz Group Ltd.

Active cooling debris bypass fin pack

Aspects of the disclosure relate generally to active cooling or removing heat generated by a processor in a computing device. More specifically, a cooling system in a computing device may include a heatpipe which moves heat along a fin pack.
Google Inc.

Device for extending the exit pupil and head up display comprising said device

An optical device comprises a transparent blade the first surface of which is reflective; a first partially reflective and partially transmissive layer covering a second surface of the transparent blade opposite the first surface, and a second layer covering the surface of the first layer opposite the transparent blade, wherein the second layer is made of a material having an optical index which differs from the optical index of the transparent blade by less than 10% and preferably by less than 5%, and the second layer comprises, on the surface thereof opposite the first layer, structures forming a diffraction grating suitable for promoting the extraction of light towards the outside of the transparent blade.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Electronic ophthalmic lens with eye closed sensor with open eye prompt and data logging

An eyelid position sensor system for an ophthalmic lens comprising an electronic system is described herein for determining at least one of drowsiness or sleep onset of the wearer. The eyelid position sensor system is part of an electronic system incorporated into the ophthalmic lens.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Lamppost with inner compartment fitted into the lamppost base for telecommunications systems

The invention relates to a lamppost with an inner compartment fitted into the lamppost base for telecommunications systems (1), wherein all the systems can be installed inside the metal lamppost structure, on suitable shelves and racks (2), the shelves being made of metal wire screens to promote ventilation and cooling of the telecommunications systems, and the structure is made of weather-resistant hot-dip galvanized high-resistance steel, with reduced space requirements for its installation, since it does not have cabinets and other equipment arranged around its structure (3).. .
Bimetal Industria Metalurgica Ltda

Multiple parts reed valve and manufacturing

An improved membrane valve and method for manufacturing such membrane valve. The improved membrane valve can be used for transferring fluids or gases in hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors, including a method and system for manufacturing a membrane valve and a membrane valve with applications for use in several motors, particularly in hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors which use, as a refrigeration fluid, an appropriate type of gas thus promoting the refrigeration physical affect.
Barnes Group Inc.

Method and apparatus to help promote contact of gas with vaporized material

Vaporizable material is supported within a vessel to promote contact of an introduced gas with the vaporizable material, and produce a product gas including vaporized material. A heating element supplies heat to a wall of the vessel to heat vaporizable material disposed therein.
Entegris, Inc.

Activity-dependent expression of nucleic acids

According to some embodiments herein, expression systems and methods for activity-dependent transcription of nucleic acids are provided. In some embodiments, adeno-associated viral vector systems comprise an immediate early gene promoter operably linked to a transcriptional activator.
California Institute Of Technology

Plant biomass yield increase by modified swam1 gene expression

Provided herein are plants and methods to increase plant biomass, for example, a transgenic plant, plant cell, plant part or seed, wherein the transgenic plant, plant cell, plant part or seed comprises a heterologous promoter which increases expression of swam1, other genes related to swam1, or gnrf, as compared to a non-transgenic plant.. .
University Of Massachusetts

Chimeric and proline rich protein promoters for expression in plants

The present invention provides regulatory polynucleotide molecules isolated from plant proline rich protein genes and linked to a viral enhancer molecule. The invention further discloses compositions, polynucleotide constructs, transformed host cells, transgenic plants and seeds containing the regulatory polynucleotide sequences, and methods for preparing and using the same..
Monsanto Technology Llc

Construct and synthetic bidirectional plant promoter ubi1

Provided are constructs and methods for expressing multiple genes in plant cells and/or plant tissues. The constructs provided comprise at least one bidirectional promoter link to multiple gene expression cassettes.
Dow Agrosciences Llc

Nucleic acid which is stabilized against decomposition

The invention relates to a nucleic acid which is stabilised against decomposition by exonucleases. Said nucleic acid contains the following constituents: a) a code sequence coding for a defined protein, b) optionally, a promoter sequence controlling the expression of the code sequence, and c) at least one molecule a added to an end of the linear sequence containing the constituents a and b, said molecule being linked to a non-immobilised, volumic molecule b..
Siemens Building Technologies Ag

Construct and sequence for enhanced gene expression

The invention relates to a method for transcription and expression using a nucleic acid construct which is characterized by the presence of a promoter followed by an intronic promoter. The invention further relates to said nucleic acid construct, an expression vector and a cell comprising said construct, and its use.
R1 B3 Holding B.v.

Viral vector manufacture

This present invention relates to a modified mammalian cell in which the genome of the cell is modified to comprise a sequence encoding cp77 under the control of a promoter such that the modified cell line sustains propagation of a poxvirus that is less able or unable to propagate in the unmodified cell.. .
Sementis Limited

Anterior endoderm cells

Disclosed herein are cell cultures comprising pdx1-positive endoderm cells and methods of producing the same. Also disclosed herein are cell populations comprising substantially purified pdx1-positive endoderm cells as well as methods for enriching, isolating and purifying, pdx1-positive endoderm cells to other cell types.
Viacyte, Inc.

Glucomannan scaffolding for three-dimensional tissue culture and engineering

The present invention provides a neutralized glucomannan scaffold capable of promoting cell growth and suitable for three-dimensional tissue culture and engineering. The present invention also provides methods for making and degrading the neutralized glucomannan scaffold.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Plant and process for obtaining clear must from grapes and for vinification

A plant is described for obtaining clear must from grapes including at least one centrifugal separator device with horizontal axis that is arranged to carry out a first separating operation, through application of a centrifugal force, between the liquid phase or must and the solid phase from the grape berries in solid state, and at least one tank for settling and/or flotation, either spontaneous or possibly promoted through injection of gas, said tank for settling and/or flotation being arranged downstream of the centrifugal separator device with horizontal axis, said tank for settling and/or flotation being configured to receive the must from such a centrifugal separator device with horizontal axis and being configured to carry out a second separating operation between the liquid part of the must and the respective solid residue or tank bottoms. The plant also includes, upstream of the centrifugal separator device with horizontal axis, at least one tank operatively connected to at least one device for feeding at least partially intact grape berries to the plant.
Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

Catalytic deoxygenation of bio-oils using methane

This disclosure provides a new approach for bio-oil upgrading using methane as reductant instead of hydrogen. Guaiacol, produced by thermal degradation of lignin, represents a model compound for upgrading of fast pyrolysis bio-oils by deoxygenation.
Purdue Research Foundation

Adhesion promoting and/or dust suppression coating

An adhesion promoter coating composition includes an oligomeric alkylalkoxysiloxane and a compound comprising an electrophile moiety and an alkoxysilyl moiety. The electrophile moiety may contain a sulfide functional group, for example.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Method and composition to ensure degradation of plastic films in an anaerobic environment, such as a landfill

A plastic film is produced by blending a polymer with particles encapsulating an oxidizing agent, such as hydrogen peroxide. Optionally, an “oxodegradable” and/or “oxo biodegradable” additive that promotes degradation of the polymer in the presence of oxygen may be blended into the plastic film.
International Business Machines Corporation

Resin emulsion composition, and process of obtaining same

The present invention relates to aqueous resin emulsions containing at least a non-ionic surfactant of general formula r1—(a1o)n—(a2o)x—(a3o)y—r2, obtained by the phase inversion emulsification process. In particular, the invention relates to aqueous resin emulsions commonly used in solvent-based paints, such as, for example, alkyd resins.
Oxiteno S.a. IndÚstria E ComÉrcio

Method and apparatus providing increased uvled intensity and uniform curing of optical-fiber coatings

A uvled apparatus and a related method provide increased uvled intensity to promote efficient curing of a coated glass fiber. The apparatus employs a plurality of uvled sources, each uvled source emitting an oscillating output of ultraviolet radiation.
Draka Comteq B.v.

System and improved anaerobic digestion

A method for improved anaerobic digestion is presented. The method includes mixing a volume of waste material with water to form a feedstock mixture.
Verliant Energy, Inc.

Tubular container having applicator

The present invention disclosed herein relates to a tubular container having an applicator. According to the tubular container having an applicator, an applicator made of metal material that comes into contact with the skin is disposed at an upper portion of the tubular container, such that it is possible to transfer warmth and coldness to the skin when contents are applied, thereby promoting the metabolism and elasticity of the skin..
Yonwoo Co., Ltd.

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