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 Method and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform patent thumbnailMethod and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform
A telecommunications service provider agrees to a pre-paid plan including phone, text and data services, which it provides to a user through her mobile device. The provider's computer system then sends a notification to the user's mobile device that refers to benefits and contains a launch prompt.
Rok Mobile International Ltd.

 Premium channel promotion system and method patent thumbnailPremium channel promotion system and method
The present invention is directed to a television schedule guide which includes a detector for determining whether a previously scrambled program is unscrambled. If a previously scrambled program is momentarily unscrambled due to promotional efforts by the program provider, the system will visually distinguish the program on the guide, and a viewer may tune to or record the program from the guide.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

 Browser-based virtual media administration patent thumbnailBrowser-based virtual media administration
An information handling system (ihs) provides graphical user interface (gui)-controlled virtual media between a networked management ihs and a managed ihs. At least one user input component is capable of manipulating and/or interfacing with one or more items on a gui presented on a display device.
Dell Products, L.p.

 Method and  implementing a business card application patent thumbnailMethod and implementing a business card application
A system and method for delivering information is disclosed. The system and method includes a first computing device that includes information that is displayed on the screen of the first computing device, the first computing device scanning for a connection point and prompting for selection of a plurality of second devices to receive the information, wherein once ones of the plurality of second devices are selected, a user initiates the delivery of the information from the first computing device to the selected ones of the plurality of second devices by interacting with the first computing device.

 Rfid secure authentication patent thumbnailRfid secure authentication
Authentication systems and methods for a population of devices each associated with an rfid tag are described. For each device, a secret key is combined cryptographically with a publicly-readable unique identifier (uid) of an rfid tag to obtain a unique authorization signature.
Covidien Lp

 Key management for compromised enterprise endpoints patent thumbnailKey management for compromised enterprise endpoints
Threat detection instrumentation is simplified by providing and updating labels for computing objects in a context-sensitive manner. This may include simple labeling schemes to distinguish between objects, e.g., trusted/untrusted processes or corporate/private data.
Sophos Limited

 Backup communications scheme in computer networks patent thumbnailBackup communications scheme in computer networks
Various techniques for managing communications backup for computer networks are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes detecting an abnormal operating condition at a primary network node, the primary network node being coupled to a computing device via a first optical connection between an optical switch and the primary network node.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Microwave antenna applicator patent thumbnailMicrowave antenna applicator
A new and comparatively small type of open-ended microwave applicators has been disclosed. They are for example suitable for transmission into and reception from contacting objects such as protruding human bodyparts for inhomogeneity detection by tomographic methods.

 Electrolyte for iron-air batteries and iron-air battery patent thumbnailElectrolyte for iron-air batteries and iron-air battery
An electrolyte for iron-air batteries, which is able to increase the discharge capacity of iron-air batteries without concentration control, and an iron-air battery using the electrolyte. The electrolyte for iron-air batteries having an anode containing an iron element may comprise an aqueous solution comprising a discharge reaction promoter containing at least one kind of anion selected from the group consisting of scn− anions, s2o32− anions and (ch3)2ncss− anions..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Shingled solar cell module patent thumbnailShingled solar cell module
A high efficiency configuration for a solar cell module comprises solar cells conductively bonded to each other in a shingled manner to form super cells, which may be arranged to efficiently use the area of the solar module, reduce series resistance, and increase module efficiency. The front surface metallization patterns on the solar cells may be configured to enable single step stencil printing, which is facilitated by the overlapping configuration of the solar cells in the super cells.
Sunpower Corporation

Metal cap protection layer for gate and contact metallization

A cmos fabrication process provides metal gates and contact metallization protected by metal cap layers resistant to reagents employed in downstream processing. Cobalt gates and contact metallization are accordingly feasible in cmos processing requiring downstream wet cleans and etch processes that would otherwise compromise or destroy them.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for identifying human emotions and/or mental health states based on analyses of audio inputs and/or behavioral data collected from computing devices

Systems and methods are provided for analyzing voice-based audio inputs. A voice-based audio input associated with a user (e.g., wherein the voice-based audio input is a prompt or a command) is received and measures of one or more features are extracted.
Cogito Corporation

Heat transfer image/flag label

A unique heat transfer and flag label for use on specific merchandising articles and/or for a specific event is disclosed. The heat transfer can be used to promote an event, a team, etc.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services Llc

Polarity turn-around time of social media posts

The technology disclosed solves the technical problem of measuring efficiency and effectiveness of online social engagements relating to user experience management. The technical solution disclosed herein entails offering a technical measure for user experience and satisfaction with the objective of converting online detractors into online promoters., Inc.

Virtual payment cards issued by banks for mobile and wearable devices

Provided is a method for issuing single-use and multiple-use virtual payment cards via a mobile and wearable device. The method may include receiving a card issuance request from a user, prompting the user to enter a user authentication information, accessing a user account maintained by a card issuer, generating the virtual payment card based on payment data of the user account, and providing the virtual payment card to the mobile and wearable device.

Prompting context-specific feedback regarding a goal

First information indicating at least a first goal for a first user can be received and stored to a storage device. Electronic communications communicated in at least one social system can be monitored.
International Business Machines Corporation

Categorizing concept terms for game-based training in cognitive computing systems

A first list that includes a first set of one or more concept terms may be obtained. The first set of one or more concept terms may be candidates for being conceptually related to a seed concept term.
International Business Machines Corporation

Game-based training for cognitive computing systems

A first seed concept term may be identified. The first seed concept term may be to train a cognitive computing system.
International Business Machines Corporation

Prediction of future prominence attributes in data set

Systems and methods for forecasting the prominence of various attributes in a future subject matter area are disclosed. An attribute is determined based on inputs received by a computing system.
Sri International

System and automated data breach compliance

Computer-implemented methods and systems for data breach compliance are disclosed. Organization related information may be received.
Csr Professional Services, Inc.

Micro-virtual machine forensics and detection

An isolated environment is instantiated in response to receiving a request to execute a process. One or more events occurring within the isolated environment in which the process executes are identified.
Bromium, Inc.

Methods and systems for dynamic management of a health condition

Methods and systems relate to dynamic management of a health condition based on the changing needs and status of individual patient(s) and/or provider(s). The method may include processing information to determine one or more health management factors for a patient; generating a health management plan for managing a health condition of the patient based on the one or more management factors, the management plan including one or more goals, treatment regimen information, one or more prompt conditions, one or more attributes of one or more treatment events, or a combination thereof; and generating one or more prompt(s) based on the management plan..
The United States Government Represented By The United States Department Of Veterans Affairs

Document analysis system, document analysis method, and document analysis program

Efficiency in monitoring documents is promoted by quantifying the priorities of the documents to be monitored. A document analysis system (1) includes: a score calculation unit (116) that calculates a score indicating strength of linkage between a document included in document information and a classification code indicating the relevance between the document information and a lawsuit or a fraud investigation; and a score report unit (701) that reports the score to a user according to the calculated score..
Ubic, Inc.

Systems and methods for document management for sharing documents according to document category

Described herein are embodiments of systems and methods for document management for sharing documents according to document categories, wherein an author can generate a document for sharing, specify a document category for the document, and share the document or the category. Upon accessing a shared document by a recipient, the recipient may be prompted to access the most relevant document of the document category.

Recency sensitive user interface

A computer-aided display for menu structures monitors use of the display elements to adjust the menu hierarchy. Promotion through the hierarchy is sensitive to an adjustable historical period.
Direct Supply, Inc.

Information collection method and apparatus

The present disclosure provides an information collection method. Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for collecting information.
Xiaomi Inc.

Speaker calibration user interface

An example implementation may involve a control device displaying a prompt to initiate a calibration sequence that involves calibration of a playback device for a given environment in which the playback device is located. The example implementation may also involve the control device displaying (i) a prompt to prepare a playback device for calibration within a given environment, (ii) a prompt to prepare the given environment for calibration of the playback device, and/or (iii) a prompt to prepare the control device for calibration of the playback device.
Sonos, Inc.

Adhesion promoter apparatus and method

A method comprises forming a plateau region and a trench region over a substrate, wherein the trench region comprises a slope and a flat bottom, depositing a reflecting layer over the flat bottom and a portion of the slope, depositing a first adhesion promoter layer over the reflecting layer, applying a first curing process to the first adhesion promoter layer, wherein, after the first curing process finishes, the reflecting layer and the first adhesion promoter layer form a first bonding interface, depositing a bottom cladding layer deposited over the first adhesion promoter layer, applying a second curing process to the bottom cladding layer to form a second bonding interface layer, depositing a core layer over the bottom cladding layer and depositing a top cladding layer over the core layer.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Microfluidic real-time measurement of antibody-antigen binding and analyte detection

Microfluidic devices for use with reagents bound to microspheres for determination of the concentration of an analyte in a liquid sample are provided. The devices include two sequential mixing channels that promote rapid binding of microsphere-bound reagents with reagents in solution and a means for detecting labeled microsphere-bound reaction products.
The General Hospital Corporation

Method for detecting abnormality of resolver, angle detection device, motor, and transportation device

There are provided a method for detecting an abnormality of a resolver, an angle detection device, a motor, and a transportation device, by which the abnormality can be detected promptly without the necessity of any complicated operations. There is provided a circuit configured to switch between a sine wave and a direct current voltage to be supplied, as an excitation signal of a resolver (2).
Nsk Ltd.

Heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle apparatus including the heat exchanger

Fins have a region not provided with a heat transfer promoting portion and a region other than the region provided with the heat transfer promoting portion, and the region not provided with the heat transfer promoting portion is set to a region between a lower end portion of a heat transfer tube and an upper end portion of a heat transfer tube.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Systems and methods for promoting biological responses in incubated eggs

A system and method to promote biological responses within incubated eggs using lighting devices within an incubation chamber. A light supporting device is installed within the incubation chamber in spaced relation to an incubation device housing a plurality of eggs.
Once Innovations, Inc.

Engine control system

The purpose of the present invention is to provide an engine control system that is capable of promoting mixing of fuel and air during exhaust gas recirculation, thereby suppressing combustion fluctuation of a gasoline engine, such that efficiency and exhaust gas purification can be simultaneously achieved. The engine control system controls an engine and is equipped with an injection device for injecting fuel directly into a cylinder and a recirculation device for recirculating exhaust gas to the intake side.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Heater control device for exhaust gas sensor

A preheating control for controlling an energization of a heater is executed so that a sensor element of an exhaust gas sensor is preheated within a temperature range in which no element crack caused by water occurs until a predetermined preheating period elapses after an engine starts. In performing the preheating control, first, an energization duty of the heater is set to a preheating promotion energization duty to promptly raise a temperature of the sensor element until it is determined that the temperature of the sensor element reaches a predetermined upper limit temperature.
Denso Corporation

Efficient assembly of insulating glass windows

An insulating glass unit (igu) assembly line capable of interleaving double and triple pane igus in accordance with an iou production schedule. Visual indicators or prompts instruct operators at the assembly line in configuring a sequence of igus.
Ged Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Method for screening agents promoting skin barrier function and evaluating skin barrier function taking epidermal serine racemase and/or d-serine level as indicator

The purpose of the present invention is to develop a method for screening drugs having the effect of increasing skin barrier function in in vitro studies and to evaluate barrier function in the skin. Candidate drugs can be screened by using the activity and/or expression level of serine racemase as an indicator..
Shiseido Company, Ltd

Method for preparing triacylglycerol high-productivity algae

The purpose of the present invention is to effectively accumulate triacylglycerol in algae cells, the present invention providing a method for introducing a triacylglycerol synthetase gene, a phosphorus starvation-inducible promoter, and a 3′ untranslated region into algae.. .
Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Process for the recovery of lipids or hydrocarbons

The invention is directed to a method for recovering a lipid or hydrocarbon from a fermentation mixture, comprising the steps of—providing a fermentation mixture wherein the lipid or hydrocarbon is produced by microbial fermentation in a fermentation vessel, which mixture comprises an aqueous phase and a liquid product phase, wherein the liquid product phase comprises the lipid or hydrocarbon; and—feeding at least part of the aqueous phase and part of the liquid product phase to a second vessel, thereby forming a second mixture; and—promoting phase-separation of the aqueous and product phase by injecting a gas into the second mixture, thereby separating the product phase from the aqueous phase; and—collecting the product phase comprising the lipid or hydrocarbon.. .
Technische Universiteit Delft

Citrus plants resistant to huanglongbing

The present invention relates to transgenic citrus trees resistant to huanglongbing disease (hlb) through overexpression of atnpr1 either in the phloem tissues (where hlb resides) via utilization of a phloem specific arabidopsis sucrose-proton symporter 2 (atsuc2) promoter or a constitutive camv 35s promoter for hlb resistance. Evaluation of these transgenic plants demonstrates that overexpressing the atnpr1 can result in effective hlb resistance in citrus..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Regulatory element for heterologous protein production in the fruiting body of filamentous fungi

The present invention provides compositions and methods for regulating expression of nucleotide sequences in fungi. Compositions are novel nucleotide sequences for a tissue preferred promoter isolated from the agaricus bisporus lectin gene.
Intrexon Corporation

Neo-islets comprising stem and islet cells and treatment of diabetes mellitus therewith

Described are neo-islets comprising: a) dedifferentiated islet cells and mesenchymal and/or adipose stem cells; or b) redifferentiated islet cells and mesenchymal and/or adipose stem cells where the cells have been treated so as to facilitate redifferentiation. Further described herein are methods of generating neo-islets, the methods comprising: culturing a) dedifferentiated islet cells and mesenchymal and/or adipose stem cells; or b) redifferentiated islet cells and mesenchymal and/or adipose stem cells; on a surface that promotes the formation of cell clusters.
Symbiocelltech, Llc

Methods of selective cell attachment/detachment, cell patternization and cell harvesting by means of near infrared rays

The present invention relates to a method for selective cell attachment/detachment, cell patternization and cell harvesting by means of near infrared rays. More particularly, conducting polymers or metal oxides having exothermic characteristics upon irradiation of near infrared light is used as a cell culture scaffold, thus selectively attaching/detaching cells without an enzyme treatment.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

Cell culture method and cell culture device

A cell culture method conducted by supplying a culture medium together with cells to a container (1), an upward movement step in which the container is moved upward to a position higher than the initial position and a downward movement step in which the container that has been moved upward is returned to the initial position, and vibration is applied to the container that has been returned to the original position are repeated, whereby a content liquid in the container is stirred. As a result, a good culture environment is maintained by conducting stirring such that distribution of cells and concentration of components of a culture medium in a content liquid become uniform, while reducing damage on cells by shear stress, and adherence of cells to the inner wall or excessive agglomeration is suppressed by stirring, whereby proliferation of cells can be promoted..
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Adhesion promoters for aqueous coating compositions

The present invention relates to a copolymer obtainable by copolymerization of at least three ethylenically unsaturated monomers each different from one another, the copolymer having at least three structural units (s1) and (s2) and (s3) different from one another, to the use of this copolymer as an adhesion-promoting additive in an aqueous coating composition, to an aqueous coating composition comprising at least one polymeric resin (a1), at least one pigment (b), and at least one copolymer of the invention, used as adhesion-promoting additive, as component (c), and also to methods for at least partly coating a substrate with a basecoat and for at least partly coating a substrate with a multicoat paint system.. .
Basf Coatings Gmbh

Peptide compounds and methods of production and use thereof

Peptide compounds based on the cap37 protein are disclosed, along with methods for treating various infections, wounds, and conditions, and methods of promoting healing and acceptance of grafts, using compositions containing these peptide compounds.. .
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

Facility secondary no3- salinized soil modifier, preparation method and modification method

A facility secondary no3− salinized soil modifier and a modification method are disclosed. The present invention involves the preparation processes of two biological soil modifiers a and b and application methods thereof, which are specifically described as follows: (1) soil modifier a.: solid, obtained by microbial fermentation with straw powder and rice bran and the like as raw materials.
Hohai University

Security system

A security system is provided. An unmanned flying vehicle is remotely controlled to collect an environment information of a target environment, and whether a prompt signal is outputted is determined according to an environment variation obtained by comparing the environment information with a reference environmental information..
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

Lighting devices including at least one light-emitting device, systems including at least one lighting device, and related methods

In some embodiments, a lighting assembly including at least one light-emitting device positioned within a housing is disclosed, wherein the housing is designed to allow an ambient environment to pass into the housing and transfer heat from the at least one light-emitting device. The light-emitting area of the light-emitting device may be sealed from the ambient environment.

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