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Apparatus and method for delivering intraluminal therapy

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prom-related patents
 Increased seed size and seed number through transgenic over expression of revoluta protein during early embryo development patent thumbnailnew patent Increased seed size and seed number through transgenic over expression of revoluta protein during early embryo development
The present invention provides methods and compositions for increasing the seed size and/or seed number in plants. In particular, the methods and compositions provide for the over expression of a plant growth and/or development related or associated gene during embryo development.
 Id usage tracker patent thumbnailnew patent Id usage tracker
There is provided a system and computer program product for using a multi-user operating system. A user attempts to access the multi-user operating system.
 Id usage tracker patent thumbnailnew patent Id usage tracker
There is provided a method for using a multi-user operating system. A user attempts to access the multi-user operating system.
 Method for signal receiving patent thumbnailnew patent Method for signal receiving
A method of reproducing dedicated information, promotions and advertising in a device for receiving radio and/or video signals having one unit for receiving a digital signal, one tuner allowing selection of at least one channel, one unit for sending a processed signal to a broadcasting apparatus; the device further including a database with a prefixed number of modules, each module containing data identifying a selection of preferred information, promotions and advertising typologies, and a plurality of personal electronic devices, each having a memory storing an id code and each being configured to communicate with the device for receiving radio and/or video signals; each module of the database is associated to an id code stored in one of the personal electronic devices; the device for receiving radio and/or video signals receives one id code of one of the personal electronic devices placed in proximity to the device for receiving radio and/or video signals, retrieves from the database a module associated to the received id code and reproduces at specific time intervals dedicated information, promotions and advertising on the broadcasting apparatus, the dedicated information, promotions and advertising are selected based on the data identifying a selection of preferred advertising typologies of the retrieved module.. .
 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and process execution method patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and process execution method
An information processing system includes a managing unit that sorts a process execution request based on a type of process of the process execution request; a storing unit that stores the sorted process execution request according to the type of process of the process execution request; and a plurality of executing units that are configured to execute a process corresponding to the process execution request stored in the storing unit. At least one executing unit of the plurality of executing units is configured to split the process corresponding to the process execution request stored in the storing unit into a plurality of processes to be executed by at least two other executing units of the plurality of executing units and store in the storing unit a split process execution request including the split processes for prompting the other executing units to cooperatively execute the split processes..
 Method and apparatus for supporting multi-modal dialog applications patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for supporting multi-modal dialog applications
An embodiment of the present invention includes a method for creating a dialog system that provides a framework for creating a multi-modal dialog application and includes a runtime application package (rap) enabling runtime media grammars, prompts, classifiers, and so forth, to be separate from a multi-modal dialog application that utilizes the rap. Embodiments disclosed herein enable newly trained runtime media supporting the multi-modal dialog application to be deployed with ease, and to do so while a dialog service is in operation.
 Secure online distributed data storage services patent thumbnailnew patent Secure online distributed data storage services
The data vaporizer provides secure online distributed data storage services that securely store and retrieve data in a public distributed storage substrate such as public cloud. The data vaporizer vaporizes (e.g., fragmented into tiny chunks of configurable sizes) data and distributes the fragments to multiple storage nodes so that the data is not vulnerable to local disk failures, secures data so that even if some of the storage nodes are compromised, the data is undecipherable to the attacker, stores data across multiple cloud storage providers and/or parties using keys (e.g., tokens) provided by multiple parties (including the owners of the data) and maintains data confidentiality and integrity even where one or more data storage provider is compromised.
 Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems patent thumbnailnew patent Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems
For movement of partial data segments within a computing storage environment having lower and higher levels of cache by a processor, a whole data segment containing one of the partial data segments is promoted to both the lower and higher levels of cache. Requested data of the whole data segment is split and positioned at a most recently used (mru) portion of a demotion queue of the higher level of cache..
 Methods, systems, and products for searching interactive menu prompting systems patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems, and products for searching interactive menu prompting systems
Methods, systems, and products generate searchable listings of interactive voice response menus. A central database maps each searchable listing to its corresponding server address.
 Healthcare assurance system patent thumbnailnew patent Healthcare assurance system
Systems and methods for healthcare assurance system are provided. A first set of confidential health information for an identified patient may be accessed, may be derived from a first data source, and may include first medical indicia corresponding to an indication of a first health condition and/or an indication of a first healthcare service.
new patent Medium of exchange based on right to use or access information
Methods, apparatus and systems for managing certificates used as a medium of economic exchange include issuing, by at least one computer, electronic certificates configured for use as digital currency units; publishing, by the at least one computer, a promise to redeem the electronic certificates for a right to access a digital object controlled by the at least one computer at a specified rate; and redeeming, by the at least one computer, ones of the electronic certificates for rights to access the digital object at the specified rates. The digital objects may include rights to use or access copyrighted digital content, and/or virtual objects or services useful only in a virtual online environment that is controlled via the one or more computers.
new patent Electronic platform based on computer network
This invention relates to a computer network system, as well as to the instruments and apparatuses allowing the execution of the related methods of operation, comprising a main server computer (10) connected to a communication network (20) to which a cdn (content delivery network) sub-system (70) of server computers is also connected for delivering multimedia contents, and a plurality of user client devices (40, 50, 60) capable to connect to the communication network (20), each user client device (40, 50, 60) being adapted to execute a browser software module (400) comprising temporary storage or caching mechanisms, the browser software module (400) being adapted to connect with a first interface software module (100) executed by the main server computer (10) for visiting a web site of a promotional campaign comprising one or more interactive graphic interfaces (3100; 3200), each interactive graphic interface comprising static data including said multimedia contents, one or more graphic elements (3210; 3230) each one of which is capable to stimulate users by delivering said multimedia contents, and one or more graphic components (4200) capable to receive interactions from the users, at least one product being offered by said at least one web site of said at least one promotional campaign at a price that is reduced starting from a starting price after the interactions from the users on the basis of the processing of a price function processing software module (120) executed by the main server computer (10), the first interface software module (100) causing said static data to be delivered to the browser software module (400) by the cdn sub-system (70) and a rendering of said one or more interactive graphic interfaces (3100; 3200) to be carried out by the browser software module (400) through said caching mechanisms.. .
new patent Retail product lagged promotional effect prediction system
A system for predicting a lagged promotional effect in response to a promotion of a product in a store receives historical sales data for the product in the store and stores the historical sales data in a panel data format. The stored sales data is aggregated to the store, product and a time period.
new patent Method and system for requesting products and services and rating employees and service locations keyed to identification tags
Disclosed is a method and system for entering customer service requests, ratings and reviews in a quality control system, keyed to employee-specific or service location-specific identification numbers stored on physical media such as qr codes, bar codes, and rfid tags, and to notify employees of service requests for prompt resolution. Also disclosed is a system and method for using such employee-specific and service location-specific data to produce numerical measurements of quality, and to convert those measurements to points that may be exchanged for rewards, incentivizing good service and participation in the quality control system..
new patent Game entry
An apparatus for use in a points redemption system in relation to a customer loyalty program includes a data input to receive an input from a user that points are to be redeemed for entry to a game. A request is sent to a server to indicate that a game is to be entered, identifying an associated terminal.
new patent Method of optimizing healthcare services consumption
A method of optimizing healthcare services consumption according to the invention includes the steps of assessing the healthcare situation of an employer providing healthcare benefits to a population, identifying a first group of patients from the population likely to generate expensive healthcare claims based on data representing past claims, periodically determining whether patients in the first group have satisfied certain predetermined healthcare requirements, identifying a first group of providers who provide high quality, cost efficient healthcare services based on the practice patterns of the providers, prompting patients who have not satisfied the predetermined healthcare requirements to obtain services from providers in the first group, and responding to healthcare requests from patients by determining whether the requesting patient is seeking services from a provider in the first group, and, if not, urging the patient to obtain such services from a provider in the first group.. .
new patent Diversity loop detector with component detector switching
Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a system and method for providing component detector switching for a diversity loop detector. Switching between component detectors is performed via one of: a periodic state likelihood reset process, a slope-based switching process, or a cross-over connection process.
new patent Biodegradable apparatus and method for closure of trocar defects
A biodegradable device for providing scaffolding for a trocar defect to promote healing. The device consists of an upper and lower scaffold, offset by a connector.
new patent Ostomy ring
The ostomy ring offers a reliable means of attaching an ostomy or other type bag to a patient via a surgically implanted magnetically susceptible material ring and an approximately sized magnetic ring placed over the skin and bag to secure the union and prevent leakage. Even a blind person could change their own bags without fear of leakage.
new patent Apparatus and method for delivering intraluminal therapy
A catheter and methods for luminal therapy are provided wherein a catheter has an outer balloon with a multiplicity of apertures for infusing one or more therapeutic agents into a vessel wall, an intermediate balloon having a multiplicity of apertures offset from the apertures of outer balloon to serve as a baffle that reduces jetting and promotes uniform distribution of therapeutic agent exiting through the outer balloon, and an impermeable inner balloon disposed within the intermediate balloon that enables the intermediate and outer balloons to be forced into engagement with the vessel wall to dilate the vessel and disrupt plaque lining the vessel wall and to also facilitate the uniform delivery of the therapeutic agent. The outer balloon may include protrusions that contact the vessel wall to disrupt the plaque, bumpers to reduce washout during infusion of therapeutic agents; the intermediate balloon may include a texture, ribs or protrusions on its outer surface to prevent adhesion to the outer balloon during dilation of the vessel; and the catheter may include a guide wire lumen sized to accept an energy delivery device to delivery energy that enhances uptake of the therapeutic agent or prolongs therapeutic effectiveness of the agent..
new patent Reduction of hmf ethers with metal catalyst
Methods of making reduced derivatives of hydroxymethyl furfural using metal catalysts are described. The derivatives may have tetrahydrofuran or furan nucleus with alkoxymethyl ether or ester moieties on the 5″ carbon and methanol on the 2′ carbon.
new patent Use of uraria in promoting osteogenesis or providing neuroprotection
The invention provides a method for promoting osteogenesis, increasing bone mass or enhancing the rate of bone growth, which comprises administering to a subject an effective amount of uraria, a part thereof or an extract thereof. Also provided are a method for treating and/or preventing osteoporosis and a method for providing neuroprotection, comprising administering to a subject an effective amount of uraria, a part thereof or an extract thereof..
new patent Carbohydrate-lipid constructs and their use in preventing or treating viral infection
The invention relates to selected carbohydrate-lipid constructs and their use as mimics of ligands for receptors expressed by a virus. In particular, the invention relates to the use of selected carbohydrate-lipid constructs in methods of inhibiting virus infection and/or promoting clearance of virus from infected subjects.
new patent Nutritional compositions containing magnesium threonate and uses thereof
The present disclosure relates to nutritional composition(s) comprising a carbohydrate source, a protein source, a fat source and magnesium threonate. Magnesium threonate may provide neurological health benefits when consumed.
new patent Peptide bfp4 for promoting osteogenesis or vascularization and use thereof
Disclosed are a peptide for promoting osteogenesis and vascularization, and the use thereof. The peptide has a low molecular weight so that it can be economically produced.
new patent Microarray fabrication system and method
A microarray is designed capture one or more molecules of interest at each of a plurality of sites on a substrate. The sites comprise base pads, such as polymer base pads, that promote the attachment of the molecules at the sites.
new patent Core network apparatus, radio base station, mobile terminal, mobile communication system, and operation control method
A core network apparatus (1) in a mobile communication system, includes a control unit (101) that, when a resource utilization rate of the own apparatus falls below a predetermined threshold, makes a transition to an mme utilization promotion state and transmits, to a radio base station (2), an mme promotion start message (111) for encouraging a terminal (3) to perform a communication. When the network utilization rate is low, it is possible to improve the utilization rate by transmitting the mme promotion start message, which is a utilization promotion message..
new patent Transgenic system for reversibly immortalizing mammalian quiescent cells
A transgene for endowing human quiescent cells from primary cultures with exogenously inducible telomere length homeostasis and cell cycle traverse is described. The transgene includes at least three promoter sequences; a g1-specific rna interference sequence which is operably linked downstream of a first promoter sequence; a telomere length maintenance gene sequence which is operably linked downstream to a second promoter sequence; a scaffold/matrix attachment region (s/mar) element positioned downstream in frame with said telomere length maintenance gene sequence and an exogenously-inducible transcriptional regulation system.
new patent Promoter-regulated differentiation-dependent self-deleting cassette
Targeting constructs and methods of using them are provided for differentiation-dependent modification of nucleic acid sequences in cells and in non-human animals. Targeting constructs comprising a promoter operably linked to a recombinase are provided, wherein the promoter drives transcription of the recombinase in an differentiated cell but not an undifferentiated cell.
new patent Gem-difluorinated c-isopropylgalactoside derivates
The present invention concerns compounds of the following formula (i) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, a stereoisomer or a mixture of stereoisomers in any proportion, in particular a mixture of enantiomers, and particularly a racemate mixture, in which r represents h, oh or or19, as well as processes for preparing these compounds and their use as inducer for the transcription of genes under control of the lac promoter.. .
new patent Conditionallly replication-competent adenovirus
The present invention provides a polynucleotide, which comprises human telomerase reverse transcriptase (htert) promoter, e1a gene, ires sequence and e1b gene in this order and which comprises a target sequence of a first mirna. The present invention also provides a recombinant adenovirus, which comprises a replication cassette comprising the above polynucleotide, wherein the replication cassette is integrated into the e1 region of the adenovirus genome..
new patent Systems and methods for natural language processing for speech content scoring
Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided for scoring content of a spoken response to a prompt. A scoring model is generated for a prompt, where generating the scoring model includes generating a transcript for each of a plurality of training responses to the prompt, dividing the plurality of training responses into clusters based on the transcripts of the training responses, selecting a subset of the training responses in each cluster for scoring, scoring the selected subset of training responses for each cluster, and generating content training vectors using the transcripts from the scored subset.
new patent Membrane catalytic heater
A portable catalytic combustion heater, wherein fuel vapor (11) and air (10) are supplied to a catalyst (6) which promotes the flameless combustion of fuel and releases that. The fuel is supplied as a liquid, passes through a selectively permeable membrane (8) such that fuel vapor exits the membrane and is fed to the catalyst (6).
new patent Functional sugar replacement
The present invention is related to a functional food ingredient, which replaces sugar on a 1/1 weight and/or volume basis in food recipes containing sucrose, with a substantial caloric reduction in view. More than an ingredient, it has to be seen as a functional ingredient, since it possesses some health promoting effects.
new patent Multiple growth factor compositions, methods of fabrication, and methods of treatment
Disclosed are compositions with sustained-release carriers associated with at least two different types of growth factors and methods of fabrication and treatments thereof. In some embodiments, simultaneous release of the growth factors may be preferred while in other embodiments, sequential release of the growth factors may be preferred.
new patent Nanoparticle and polymer formulations for thyroid hormone analogs, antagonists, and formulations thereof
Disclosed are methods of treating subjects having conditions related to angiogenesis including administering an effective amount of a polymeric nanoparticle form of thyroid hormone agonist, partial agonist or an antagonist thereof, to promote or inhibit angiogenesis in the subject. Compositions of the polymeric forms of thyroid hormone, or thyroid hormone analogs, are also disclosed..
new patent Therapeutic agent for influenza virus infection diseases
Provided is a therapeutic agent for an influenza virus infectious disease, which utilizes an active ingredient derived from a natural product and has an excellent effect. The therapeutic agent for an influenza virus infectious disease includes, as an active ingredient, a β-glucan-containing composition obtained from a culture of a microorganism belonging to aureobasidium sp.
new patent Methods of promoting differentiation
Provided herein are methods of promoting cell fate change, particularly differentiation of tumor cells, by inhibition of usp1, uaf1, and/or id (e.g., id1, id2, and/or id3).. .
new patent Sp35 antibodies and uses thereof
Endogenous sp35 is a negative regulator for neuronal survival, axon regeneration, oligodendrocyte differentiation and myelination (negative regulator). Molecules that block endogenous sp35 function, such anti-sp35 antibodies can be used as therapeutics for the treatment of neuron and oligodendrocyte dysfunction.
new patent Fragment of secreted heat shock protein-90alpha (hsp90alpha) as vaccines or epitope for monoclonal antibody drugs or target for small molecule drugs against a range of solid human tumors
The invention provides methods for treating hif-1α-overexpressing human tumors, inhibiting hif-1α-overexpressing tumor invasion and preventing tumor metastasis, and/or promoting tumor prophylaxis, using various types of inhibitors against the hsp90α from the tumors.. .
new patent Methods and compositions to reduce fat gain, promote weight loss in mammals
The present disclosure relates to compositions and related methods to reduce body weight, body fat, waist and hip size, plasma total cholesterol, ldl, triglycerides, blood glucose, leptin and c-reactive protein levels and increase in hdl and serotonin levels in an mammal. The lepticore® formulation disclosed, at both the low and high dosages, is helpful in the management of fat gain and its related complications.
new patent Nutritional compositions containing a neurologic component and uses thereof
The present disclosure relates to nutritional compositions comprising a neurologic component, wherein, the neurologic component may promote brain and nervous system development and further provide neurological protection and repair. The neurologic component may include phosphatidylethanolamine, sphingomyelin, cytidine diphosphate-choline, ceramide, uridine, at least one ganglioside, and mixtures thereof.
new patent Personal care compositions
A personal care formulation comprising an active compound is operable to reduce the surface friction of hair fibres and promoting inter-fibre movement. The active compound is the reaction product of a fatty acid and a polyamine.
new patent Alleviation of laser-induced damage in optical materials by suppression of transient color centers formation and control of phonon population
Laser-induced damage in an optical material can be mitigated by creating conditions at which light absorption is minimized. Specifically, electrons populating defect energy levels of a band gap in an optical material can be promoted to the conduction band—a process commonly referred to as bleaching.
new patent Led flexible hanging display screen
An led flexible hanging display screen comprises several discrete led modules (1) and a flexible mesh (2). The led modules (1) are arrange and fixed on the flexible mesh (2) in matrix form.
new patent Active cooling debris bypass fin pack
Aspects of the disclosure relate generally to active cooling or removing heat generated by a processor in a computing device. More specifically, a cooling system in a computing device may include a heatpipe which moves heat along a fin pack.
new patent Portable system performing business center operations
The present disclosure describes a portable system for performing business operations. The portable system includes a multi-function device (mfd) including a surface for keeping stationery items, the surface have multiple curved edges for accommodating space constraints, a customizable partition for providing visual privacy to at least one of an official and multiple customers while filling multiple forms and branding, a perforated pattern across at least three sides of the mfd for providing ventilation, a cable management unit for connecting the mfd with a power source, one or more storage units for storing promotional material, a number of filled forms, a product manual, and one or more maintenance records, and a printout interface for providing a point of interaction for customers in order to access one or more printouts.
new patent Scoop buddy
An ice fishing device compromising of an ice scoop/skimmer with handle having a proximal and distal end, a retractable device, and an apparartus used to secure the invention to the fisherman or other convenient location. This may be to the ice fisherman's clothing/gear such as but not limited to a belt loop, zipper, pocket, or built-in loop that is commonly found on ice fishing garments.
new patent Three-piece can
A can for processed or non-processed foods is provided, for use by food companies or others, which is a three-piece can and which has a cylindrical shape. One of the ends is expanded (necked-out), thus top and bottom have different diameters, but within limits not to compromise rolling on flat surfaces and guides minimizing friction between the external part of the cylindrical body with the finish or artwork while rolling.
new patent Stopper having a sliding plug and comprising multiple distribution holes
A stoppering device to be secured to a container neck includes a tubular spout defining a passage opening, and a plug. The plug has an outer tubular shell sliding on the tubular spout, and a bottom provided with a sealing skirt and multiple distribution holes.
new patent Simultaneous anoxic biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal with energy recovery
Methods and systems are provided for treating wastewater to simultaneously remove nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus, while recovering energy in the form of methane and carbon dioxide. An ammonia-containing stream is directed to a pretreatment tank that produces excess sludge, biogas, and a pretreated stream.
new patent Travel container for transporting of beverage containers
A collapsible travel container allowing a consumer to safely transport beverage containers acquired abroad as baggage aboard a plane, ship, or other form of mass transit, while reducing the likelihood of breakage or compromise of one or more of the beverage containers.. .
new patent Increased point of contact tungsten carbide insert for fixed rotary drill bit
A fixed rotary drill bit, especially the type rotary drill bits incorporating a plurality of spaced polycrystalline diamond compact (pdc) cutters or cutting elements on a plurality of radial blades, includes multiple tungsten carbide inserts (tci) spaced between the pdc cutters or cutting elements, each tci providing a mitigation to vibration for the drill bits, rapidly adapting the tcis by wear from the intermediary formation ridges created from drilling resulting in the creation of a unique kerf in each tci, thus increasing stability of the bit from lateral instability, making the drill bit more efficient, and promoting a continual steady state of drilling.. .
new patent Enhanced crude oil recovery using metal silicides
Enhanced oil recovery techniques include introduction of alkali metal silicides into subterranean reservoirs to generate hydrogen gas, heat, and alkali metal silicate solutions in situ upon contact with water. The alkali metal silicides, such as sodium silicide, are used to recover hydrocarbons, including heavier crudes where viscosity and low reservoir pressure are limiting factors.
new patent Heat exchanger with enhanced airflow
Systems, apparatuses, and methods described herein are directed to a heat exchange tube structure and an arrangement of heat exchange tubes that enhance or help promote fluid flow through a heat exchanger. Bend portions of heat exchange tubes may be structured and configured to allow for gaps so that fluid may pass an assembly of the heat exchange tubes.
new patent Devices for modulation of temperature and light based on phase change materials
This invention describes devices that incorporate phase change materials in containment vessels that promote conduction of thermal energy between the phase change materials within the containment vessels and the surrounding air. In some embodiments, the containment vessels are transparent to enable visual awareness of the operation and functionality of the pcms.
new patent Internal combustion engine
To improve a propagation speed of a flame by effectively utilizing energy of the electromagnetic wave in the combustion chamber in an internal combustion engine that promotes combustion of fuel air mixture in a combustion chamber by means of an electromagnetic wave. The internal combustion engine includes, in addition to an internal combustion engine main body and an ignition device, an electromagnetic wave emission device and a control device.
Plants having altered agronomic characteristics under nitrogen limiting conditions and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding lnt6 polypeptides and homologs thereof
Isolated polynucleotides and polypeptides and recombinant dna constructs particularly useful for altering agronomic characteristics of plants under nitrogen limiting conditions, compositions (such as plants or seeds) comprising these recombinant dna constructs, and methods utilizing these recombinant dna constructs. The recombinant dna construct comprises a polynucleotide operably linked to a promoter functional in a plant, wherein said polynucleotide encodes an lnt6 polypeptide or homolog thereof..
Plant promoters induced by hydrological shortage and use thereof
A nucleotide promoter sequence permits regulation of gene expression in plants including at least 80% of identity with sequence or a portion of promoter sequence of genes atlg05340 or atlg80160 of arabidopsis. A method obtains a plant genetically modified with such a promoter nucleotide sequence and a method obtains promoter regions of genes atlg05340 or atlg80160 of arabidopsis..
Federation among services for supporting virtual-network overlays
Computerized methods, systems, and computer-readable media for promoting cooperation between a first and second virtual network overlay (“overlay”) are provided. The first overlay is governed by a first authority domain and includes members assigned virtual ip addresses from a first address range.
Apparatus and method for parental control using v-chip plus+ and master password
If a user, not in the master mode, attempts to watch or record a program that meets the blocking criterion and the program does not meet the overriding criterion, a prompt is provided to the user to enter the password. Upon entering a correct password, the program is unblocked..
Systems and methods for remote monitoring in a computer network
Systems and methods for providing automated problem reporting in elements used in conjunction with computer networks are disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of elements that perform data migration operations and a reporting manager or monitor agent which monitors the elements and data migration operations.
Processor with second jump execution unit for branch misprediction
A secondary jump execution unit (jeu) is incorporated in a micro-processor to operate concurrently with a primary jeu, enabling the execution of simultaneous branch operations with possible detection of multiple branch mispredicts. When branch operations are executed on both jeus in a same instruction cycle, mispredict processing for the secondary jeu is skidded into the primary jeu's dispatch pipeline such that the branch processing for the secondary jeu occurs after processing of the branch for the primary jeu and while the primary jeu is not processing a branch.
Optimizing snapshot lookups
A system and method for performing search optimization operations. In order to optimize lookups for received data requests, a storage controller attempts to collapse the medium graph, thus reducing the number of mediums in which the storage controller must look to find a given block.
Systems and methods for processing payments with payment review
Methods and systems of processing a plurality of payments. One method can include receiving the plurality of payments from a plurality of customers, the plurality of payments payable to at least one receiver, determining a first set of payments included in the plurality of payments to automatically accept based on validation parameters, determining a second set of payments included in the plurality of payments to reject based on the validation parameters, determining a third set of payments included in the plurality of payments to conditionally accept based on the validation parameters, and electronically prompting at least one user to accept or reject payments included in the third set of payments..
Processing method and processing system for order data in network payment system
A processing method for order data in a network payment system. The processing method includes: receiving an order instruction issued from a user terminal; generating an order data including a connected user account information according to the order instruction; sending the order data and prompting a confirmation to the user terminal and notifying the user terminal to send the order data to a network bank system in response to a receiving of a confirmation instruction from a user account and thereby configuring the network bank system to verify the order data; and presenting the order data including the connected user account information to the user terminal after the network bank system returning that a corresponding verification result is positive.
System and method for targeted advertising and promotions using tabletop display devices
In one embodiment, a system includes a plurality of table-top display devices for displaying advertising content associated with advertiser to patrons of a business establishment. Each of the plurality of table-top display devices includes a display screen configured to display the advertising content, a data storage configured to store content data that defines the advertising or promotional content, and a control unit configured to access the content data in the data storage and control the display of the advertising content on the display screen.
Method and apparatus for the anonymous targeted delivery, application and management of electronic coupons and promotions
A sponsor-agnostic and scalable platform is disclosed that enables websites and point-of-sale terminals to apply targeted offers to anonymous consumers' purchases. Reimbursements to retailers for sponsors' offers are expedited by installing an api (application program interface) at points-of-sale in the retailer's offer network.
Systems and methods to determine the name of a physical business location visited by a user of a wireless device and redeem a coupon at the physical business location
Methods and systems that record the location of a user and transmit targeted content to a user based upon their current and past location. A network is configured to include a server programmed with a database of targeted content, a database of location information, a database of user information, a database searching algorithm, and a wireless communication system capable of communicating with the user's mobile device.
System and method for management of processing workers
A system and method for automatically determining an amount of review a crowd-sourcing task needs after an initial review has been completed by a processing worker. An evaluation metric is automatically assigned to the work performed by the processing worker to determine the appropriate amount of human review required for a particular task.
System and method for customized prompting
A method for providing an audible prompt to a user within a vehicle. The method includes retrieving one or more data files from a memory device.
Anomaly detection/diagnostic method and anomaly detection/diagnostic system
Provided are an anomaly detection/diagnostic method and an anomaly detection/diagnostic system whereby it is possible, in equipment such as a plant, to detect anomalies promptly and with high sensitivity, wherein anomaly detection is carried out using operating information such as the operating time of the equipment and output signals from a plurality of sensors appended to the equipment, and wherein maintenance logs such as written procedure reports comprising procedure logs and instances of past countermeasures such as replacement part information are targeted to make associations between detected anomalies and countermeasures, and create links between anomaly detection and past maintenance logs, making reference to equipment records as well, while classifying and presenting anomalies that require action, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy.. .
Content delivery system with natural language mechanism and method of operation thereof
A method of operation of a content delivery system includes: determining a context for identifying a device within a geographic region; identifying a feature of a candidate route; generating a route description based on the feature with a control unit; and generating a prompt based on the context for adding, removing, or a combination thereof the feature from the route description for delivering on the device.. .
Navigation system and method
A non-scaled, linearly compressed pictographic mapping system is provided for the visual display of information in a navigational aid. Unlike today's road maps which use a point-arc-polygon paradigm, the new mapping uses a non-scaled, linearly-compressed pictographic design that shows roads as linear pictograms.
Percutaneous osseointegrated implant assembly for use in supporting an exo-prosthesis
An implant assembly for a long bone is adapted to support an exo-prosthesis. The assembly includes a stem, a subdermal component and a percutaneous post.

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