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This page is updated frequently with new Prom-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prom-related patents
 Method and  controlling transmission rate of physical layer patent thumbnailMethod and controlling transmission rate of physical layer
Method and apparatus for controlling a physical layer protocol data unit (ppdu) transmission rate of a physical layer in a first terminal are provided. The method includes: obtaining a media access control protocol data unit (mpdu) retransmission frequency of the first terminal in a first period, where the first terminal is a station or an access point in a wireless network; if the mpdu retransmission frequency is less than a frequency threshold, promoting the ppdu transmission rate in a second period; and else, suppressing the ppdu transmission rate in the second period, where the second period is following and adjacent to the first period along a time axis.
Spreadtrum Communications (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Device and  prompting information about wi-fi signal patent thumbnailDevice and prompting information about wi-fi signal
Disclosed are a device and a method for prompting information about a wi-fi signal. The device includes: one or more non-transitory computer readable medium configured to store computer-executable instruction, at least one processor to execute a plurality of software modules configured to execute the computer-executable instruction to cause: receiving a notification message broadcast by an operating system of a terminal, determining whether the target wi-fi signal contains an unsafe factor by detecting attribute information of the target wi-fi signal when the notification message displays that an event relevant to a target wi-fi signal occurs in the current terminal, and displaying prompt information about the target wi-fi signal when the target wi-fi signal contains an unsafe factor, the prompt information being used for prompting about the unsafe factor contained in the wi-fi signal for overcoming the unsafe factor..
Qizhi Software (beijing) Company Limited

 Open and encrypted wireless network access patent thumbnailOpen and encrypted wireless network access
Embodiments of a system and method for establishing secure communications between devices via a wireless network are generally described herein. In some embodiments a device may transmit a public use credential to a second device to establish a secure device-to-device communication session.
Intel Corporation

 Image forming apparatus and image forming system patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus and image forming system
An image forming apparatus has an image reading unit which reads an image, a photographing unit, a storing unit, a printing unit, a detecting unit, a notifying unit, an extracting unit, and a displaying unit. When the detecting unit detects untaken printed paper, the notifying unit notifies a user to promote reading of the image of the untaken printed paper by the image reading unit.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Adaptable business objective routing for a contact center patent thumbnailAdaptable business objective routing for a contact center
A system and method for enhanced interaction processing in a contact center that includes routing interactions based on adaptable business objectives. A processor detects a pending interaction with a customer.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

 Cybersecurity training system with automated application of branded content patent thumbnailCybersecurity training system with automated application of branded content
A cybersecurity training system uses lures and training actions to help train a user of an electronic device to recognize and act appropriately in situations that could compromise security. The system includes an administrator interface by which an administrator may customize a lure and/or a training action with branded content.
Wombat Security Technologies, Inc.

 Method and system for processing operation request patent thumbnailMethod and system for processing operation request
A method for processing an operation request includes: detecting by a terminal an operation request, and sending an operation request message to a smart card; receiving by the smart card the operation request message, storing by the smart card the operation request message, generating by the smart card a joint password, generating a signature message, sending by the smart card at least the signature message to the terminal; outputting by the smart card a prompt message about the joint password, if the smart card detects that the smart card is disconnected from the terminal after the terminal obtains the signature message; receiving by the terminal the joint password, using the joint password as a password to be verified, notifying a verification device by the terminal to verify the signature message, and triggering by the verification device a procedure responding to the operation request if the signature message is successfully verified.. .
Tendyron Corporation

 Systems and methods for location-based device security patent thumbnailSystems and methods for location-based device security
A device may collect environmental information surrounding the device. Based on the collected environmental information, the device may automatically identify a potentially secured location that has lower security risk.
Paypal, Inc.

 Method to refine addressees in a group environment patent thumbnailMethod to refine addressees in a group environment
For an electronic communication environment, an apparatus for refining addresses in a group messaging environment is disclosed. The apparatus may include a processor and a memory that stores code executable by the processor, including code that identifies a message addressed to a group, resolves the group into a plurality of addressees, and sends the message to a subset of the addressees.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

 Automatic determination of additional languages used in social networks patent thumbnailAutomatic determination of additional languages used in social networks
A computer processor determines a first language in which a message posted on a social network is composed, the message corresponds to a user of a social network. The computer processor compares the first language of the message to a set of one or more languages understood by the user of the social network.
International Business Machines Corporation


Use of an involute shaped housing surrounding shaft(s) to promote shaft annulus fluid flow

The powertrain includes a sump and an electric motor-generator configured to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor-generator includes a stator and a rotor.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Antifuse element utilizing non-planar topology

Techniques for providing non-volatile antifuse memory elements and other antifuse links are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the antifuse memory elements are configured with non-planar topology such as finfet topology.
Intel Corporation


Atomic layer deposition of hfalc as a metal gate workfunction material in mos devices

Ald of hfxalycz films using hafnium chloride (hfcl4) and trimethylaluminum (tma) precursors can be combined with post-deposition anneal processes and ald liners to control the device characteristics in high-k metal-gate devices. Variation of the hfcl4 pulse time allows for control of the al % incorporation in the hfxalycz film in the range of 10-13%.
Intermolecular Inc.


Multi-layer mask including non-photodefinable laser energy absorbing layer for substrate dicing by laser and plasma etch

Methods of dicing substrates having a plurality of ics. A method includes forming a multi-layered mask comprising a laser energy absorbing, non-photodefinable topcoat disposed over a water-soluble base layer disposed over the semiconductor substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Ion trap mass analyzer apparatus, methods, and systems utilizing one or more multiple potential ion guide (mpig) electrodes

In one aspect of the invention, an ion trap mass analyzer includes a variable- or multi-potential type ion guide (mpig) assembly which has been pre-configured to produce a parabolic-type potential field. Each mpig electrode has a resistive coating of designed characteristics.
University Of Northern Iowa Research Foundation


Keyboard backlight system

Disclosed systems provide keyboard backlighting from organic light emitting diodes (oleds) placed under the keys. A keyboard stack optionally includes a light guide or reflector.
Dell Products, Lp


Crowd based bonus and promotional system and method

A bonus and/or promotion system, such as for a casino or other retail location, includes one or more sensors for detecting the presence of one or more persons at a location and a bonus or promotion generator configured to generate and output bonuses or promotions based upon detected levels of persons in an area. The bonus or promotion generator may provide an output to existing audio and/or visual display devices of the location for announcing bonuses or promotions..
Think Tek, Inc.


Device and blood analysis by image processing

The present application describes a new device and method of use thereof, which allows identifying certain antigens and antibodies present in the blood. The device of the present invention is a closed device consisting of two parts, wherein the upper part (1) comprises a chamber (3) surrounded by leds (4) illuminating the analysis plate (8), which is supported by the rotating platform (6).
Universidade Do Minho


System and indoor navigation and information push using led lighting devices

The present disclosure provides an indoor navigation and information push system and method using led lighting devices. The indoor navigation and information push system includes three led lighting devices, each with a built-in wi-fi module and an information storage and navigation server configured to wirelessly communicate with led lighting devices, store and transmit promotion data and product information.
Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd


User-generated quick recommendations in a media recommendation system

A method of operating a recommendation system comprises receiving an indication that a first user has knowledge of a first media item, and receiving an indication that a second user has expressed interest in the first media item, wherein the first user and the second user are associated. The first user is prompted to recommend the first media item to the second user, based on the first user's knowledge of the media item and the second user's indication of interest in the media item..
Luma, Llc


Delivering geo-context information to a mobile device based on predicted mobile device locations

A server communicates with a mobile device to deliver a mobile application to the mobile device. Software instructions of the mobile application are executed on the mobile device.
Oracle International Corporation


Customer management & support system for multiple enterprises

A system prompts acceptance of, (a) a change of phone service interface to divert calls by customers and (b) a change of intermediary handling payment transaction records enabling access to records of payment transactions made by customers of the enterprise and names of individual customers. A communication interface responsive to change in phone interface or transaction payment data intermediary by the communication manager, acquires customer related, email, phone and transaction data for an enterprise.
Signpost, Inc.


Allocating prominent display space for query answers

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for allocating prominent display space for relevant answers to search queries. Upon receipt of a search query, an intent associated with the search query is determined.
Microsoft Corporation


Restricted use consumer coupon and method using same

A computer system (100) for use by a retailer with a restricted use consumer coupons (100) includes a point of sale (pos) computer (201) for providing information regarding redemption of restricted use coupons at the pos. A central promotion server (203) is used for communicating with the pos computer (201) for storing restricted use coupon data.
Meijer, Inc.


Methods and promoting financial behavioral change

Some embodiments of the invention provide tools for promoting a user's financial well-being by encouraging positive financial behavior through timely feedback, counseling and instruction. For example, some embodiments of the invention may provide real-time (e.g., in response to a transaction being performed, or in response to the user indicating he/she is contemplating a transaction) useful analysis and advice designed to encourage the type of ongoing financial behavior that leads over time to financial well-being..
Movencorp Inc.


System and managing customer feedback

In a method for managing customer feedback, the method includes: receiving, by a processor, a survey response to a survey question; associating, by the processor, the survey response with a corresponding key performance indicator (kpi); calculating, by the processor, a kpi score for the survey response to the survey question based on the corresponding kpi and the survey response, wherein the kpi score is normalized to a predetermined range of scores; and outputting, by the processor, the kpi score for prompting an action in response.. .
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.


Systems and methods for promotional forecasting

A system for promotional forecasting in a retail environment is provided. The system includes at least one processor coupled to a memory storing sales history information associated with a product, an interface configured to receive a promotion configuration profile including an indication of the product and a state of a plurality of promotion variables, and a promotional forecasting component.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Systems and methods for multi-channel data aggregation

Systems and methods for multi-channel data aggregation that can facilitate consumer engagement are provided to enable customer-centric solutions by collecting data across the lifecycle of consumers, studying usage patterns and protection needs and facilitating meaningful collaborations between peers and experts. Gamification techniques are employed to aggregate voluminous data captured from multiple channels that can be analyzed for usage patterns to provide an insight into consumers' psyche and enable tailor-made solutions for promoting consumer stickiness..
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Intelligent customer experience system

An intelligent system for managing a customer experience may consist of at least of a controller resident in a server that is positioned at a physical address. The controller can log a customer action and subsequently match the customer action with a customer profile.
Cierge Llc


Personalized budgets for financial services

An illustrative embodiment of a computer-implemented process for personalized financial budget tracking receives a request for a user purchase transaction, wherein the user purchase transaction is one of a purchase transaction and a payment transaction and responsive to a determination of a payment method, determines whether the user purchase transaction is authorized. Responsive to a determination the user purchase transaction is authorized, the computer-implemented process determines whether personalized expense categories are activated and responsive to a determination the personalized expense categories are activated, prompts for a category code.
International Business Machines Corporation


Personalized budgets for financial services

An illustrative embodiment of a computer-implemented process for personalized financial budget tracking receives a request for a user purchase transaction, wherein the user purchase transaction is one of a purchase transaction and a payment transaction and responsive to a determination of a payment method, determines whether the user purchase transaction is authorized. Responsive to a determination the user purchase transaction is authorized, the computer-implemented process determines whether personalized expense categories are activated and responsive to a determination the personalized expense categories are activated, prompts for a category code.
International Business Machines Corporation


Locating and organizing digital receipt data for use in in-store audits

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for auditing in-store sales transactions when a digital receipt is issued. A receipt application server formulates a digital receipt from digital receipt data received from a pos system.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Information processing system, information processing method, information processing device, and non-transitory storage medium encoded with computer readable information processing programm

An exemplary embodiment provides a configuration allowing promotion of communication among users by making use of exchange of a virtual currency. An information processing system includes a providing module configured to provide a content created by a first user to a second user and a management module configured to manage a virtual currency in association with each of the first and second users.
Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Computerized prominent character recognition in videos

Techniques for identifying prominent subjects in video content based on feature point extraction are described herein. Video files may be processed to detect faces on video frames and extract feature points from the video frames.
Microsoft Corporation


Patient identification using universal health identifier

A patient identification system utilizes a universal health identifier. The universal health identifier is an identification code that uniquely identifies the patient.
Welch Allyn, Inc.


Materials property predictor for cast aluminum alloys

A device and article of manufacture to predict material properties of a cast aluminum-based component. In one form, a computer-based system includes numerous computation modules programmably cooperative with one another such that upon receipt of data that corresponds to the cast aluminum-based component, the modules provide performance indicia of the material.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Aligning content in an electronic document

Aligning the contents of document objects on an electronic document page. Organizing a page of document objects so textual content is aligned to natural eye scanning patterns promotes readership and usability.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Adaptive notifications on a screen

Various embodiments provide notifications with respect to various communications that are received by a computing device. The notifications can be prioritized based on a user's context and, in addition, visually prioritized to present important notifications in a more visually prominent location than other perhaps lesser important notifications.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System and staging in a cloud environment

A method and system for staging in a cloud environment defines a default stage for integration flows. An integration flow is defined by (a) stages including (i) a live stage to follow the default stage, (ii) additional stages between the default and live stages, and (b) endpoint definitions for the live and additional stages.
Software Ag


Method and system for giving prompt about touch input operation

A method and apparatus for giving a prompt about a touch input operation is disclosed. A method comprises: displaying a graphic user interface (gui), wherein a touch input operation prompt corresponding to at least one gui widget is displayed on the gui; receiving a touch input operation, wherein the received touch input operation is one of the touch input operations that are prompted on the gui; executing a command represented by the gui widget corresponding to the received touch input operation.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Eeprom cell with charge loss

An eeprom memory cell includes a dual-gate mos transistor in which the two gates are separated by an insulation layer. The insulation layer includes a first portion and a second portion having lower insulation properties than the first one.
Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas


Mri apparatus

According to one embodiment, an mri apparatus includes a generator, an amplifier, and processing circuitry. The generator sequentially generates rf pulses comprising an rf pulse train defined in a pulse sequence.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Motion-based radiograph interlock systems, structures, and processes

A motion-based interlock apparatus, system, and method prevent an x-ray source in an x-ray machine from activating if the current relative motion between the x-ray source and an image receptor would compromise the quality of the resulting plain radiograph. The system activates the interlock based on either or both of the velocity and acceleration of the tubehead, as measured by instrumentation corresponding to any of the tubehead, the extension arm, or off board the x-ray machine.
Applied Minds, Llc


Combination glove for detecting breach of hydrophilic fluid

Provided for example is a combination glove comprising: (a) an top elastomer layer with an inner surface, the top elastomer layer being translucent or transparent; (b) an bottom elastomer layer with an outer surface, the bottom elastomer layer being darker than the top elastomer layer; and (c) a space or seam between the layers, wherein to either the inner-top or the outer-bottom surface has been adhered a hydrophilicity promoting composition of (i) a polyvinyl alcohol or (ii) an alkyl-aryl compound or a siloxane compound having a pendent one to two oxy-polymers, or (iii) a quaternary amine including an alkyl of c8 to c24, wherein the oxy-polymer is (1) a poly-oxyalkylene polymer that is predominantly oxyethylene or (2) a polyvinyl alcohol, wherein the hydrophilicity promoting composition enhances the spreading in the space or seam of any of the hydrophilic or aqueous fluid that breaches the top or bottom elastomer layer.. .
Ansell Limited


Air flow mixer

An air flow mixer that mixes two or more air streams that may enter air moving equipment at significantly different temperatures. In particular, methods, systems and apparatuses are disclosed that are directed to an air flow mixer that is structured and arranged to promote cross flow of portions of the air streams relative to each other through the air flow mixer.
Trane International Inc.


Reducing fuel consumption of spark ignition engines

Atomic oxygen is provided for the purpose of promoting reliable ignition and smooth combustion in a spark ignition internal combustion engine is to disperse a low concentration of an atomic oxygen precursor, such as nitrous oxide (n2o), into the flammable mixture of air and gasoline vapor prior to the time of ignition. The introduction of n2o may take place in the intake manifold, in the stream of exhaust gas being returned as part of the egr process, or directly into the combustion chamber (for example through a small orifice in the base of the spark plug or through a small nozzle located elsewhere in the cylinder head).
Combustion & Technologies Llc


Process for the production of hyaluronic acid in escherichia coli or bacillus megaterium

A method of producing hyaluronic acid (ha) in escherichia coli and bacillus megaterium through episomal plasmid vectors wherein the gene is under the control of strong promoter t7, preferably under the control of strong promoter t7 of bacteriophage t7, and a system for the selection of stable bacterial strains producing high levels of hyaluronic acid, are provided.. .
Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.a.


Method for growing algae

A method for converting flue gas into useable bio-oil based compounds using algae includes mixing flue gas with water, infusing the mixture with a lipid trigger and nutrients, distributing the mixture into processing cells, exposing the mixture to light, promoting the algae to the top of the processing cells for harvest, skimming the algae from the surface of the water, and extracting bio-oil from the algae.. .


Variant thioesterases and methods of use

The present invention relates to variant thioesterases and their use in plants, e.g., to increase enzymatic activity and to promote increased production of mid-chain length fatty acids (e.g., 8 to 14 carbons) and at desired ratios. Further disclosed herein are methods of manufacturing renewable chemicals through the manufacture of novel triglyceride oils followed by chemical modification of the oils.
Solazyme, Inc.


Nucleic acid imparting high-yielding property to plant, producing transgenic plant with increased yield, and increasing plant yield

An object of the present invention is to provide nucleic acids capable of imparting high-yielding ability to plants. Another object of the present invention is to use such nucleic acids to produce transgenic plants at increased yield, as well as to provide methods for increasing the yield of plants.
Japan Tobacco Inc.


Pathogen-inducible promoters and their use in enhancing the disease resistance of plants

Methods for producing pathogen-inducible promoters for the expression of genes in plants are provided. The pathogen-inducible promoters are inducible by one, two, three, or more plant pathogens.
Two Blades Foundation


Novel gene ibenod93 and transgenic plants using the same

The present invention relates to a novel gene, ibenod93, and transgenic plants using the same. More specifically, the present invention provides an ibenod93 gene, an open reading frame (orf) of the ibenod93 gene, a recombinant vector comprising the gene or the orf, and a transformant transformed with the vector.
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Polynucleotide sequences from rhodosporidium and rhodotorula and use thereof

The present invention relates to the application of isolated promoters and synthetic constructs for efficient production of genetically modified cells in a species selected from the pucciniomycotina and ustilaginomycotina subphyla, in particular, species selected from the rhodosporidium, rhodotourla, sporobolomyces or pseudozyma genus.. .
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited


Chlorogloeopsis sp. host cell for producing ethanol and producing ethanol using the same

One embodiment of the invention provides a genetically enhanced chlorogloeopsis sp. Host cell comprising at least one first recombinant gene encoding a first protein for the production of ethanol under the transcriptional control of a first inducible promoter, having at least 85%, 90% or 95% sequence identity to an endogenous inducible promoter of the chlorogloeopsis sp.
Algenol Biofuels Inc.


Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

The present invention provides methods to promote the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into insulin producing cells. In particular, the present invention provides a method to produce cells expressing markers characteristic of the pancreatic endocrine lineage that co-express nkx6.1 and insulin and minimal amounts of glucagon..
Janssen Biotech, Inc.


Compositions and methods for promoting the generation of endocrine cells

Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for the generation of insulin positive β cells, for example by exposing pdx+ pancreatic progenitor cells to one or more compounds, and compositions and kits comprising isolated populations of insulin positive cells.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Differentiation-inducing culture medium additive and use thereof

Provided is a differentiation-inducing culture medium additive for inducing bone differentiation of at least one type of cell selected from the group consisting of a stem cell, a dental pulp cell, a periodontal ligament cell, a placenta, an amnion, and a fibroblast under a serum-free condition, and a use of the differentiation-inducing culture medium additive. The differentiation-inducing culture medium additive of the present invention for inducing differentiation of a stem cell under a serum-free condition at least contains at least one growth factor selected from the group consisting of egf, fgf, and pdgf; dexamethasone; and β-glycerophosphate.
Two Cells Co., Ltd.


Methods for generating inner ear cells in vitro

Methods, compositions and kits are provided for generating inner ear cells in vitro. These methods find use a number of applications, such as in preparing inner ear cells for in vitro screening for agents that are toxic to inner ear cells, for in vitro screening for agents that prevent against, mitigate, or reverse the toxic effects of such agents, and for in vitro screening for agents that promote otoregeneration..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Copper cleaning and protection formulations

A cleaning composition and process for cleaning post-chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) residue and contaminants from a microelectronic device having said residue and contaminants thereon. The cleaning compositions include novel corrosion inhibitors.
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.


Polyamide resin composition for foam molded body, and foam molded body of polyamide resin comprising same

The present invention relates to a polyamide resin composition for a foam molded body, comprising a crystalline polyamide resin (a), carbon black (b) which does not exhibit crystallization promoting action to said crystalline polyamide resin and an inorganic reinforcing material (c), wherein, when the total amount of (a), (b) and (c) is taken as 100% by mass, the composition comprises (a) and (b) in a rate of 60 to 90% by mass in terms of the sum thereof and comprises (c) in a rate of 10 to 40% by mass, and wherein melting point and crystallization temperature of said polyamide resin composition have a specific relationship. The above-mentioned polyamide resin composition can provide a polyamide foam molded body having light weight, high load bearing property and good molded appearance..
Toyobo Co., Ltd.


Methods for promoting reinnervation of auditory hair cells

This invention relates to methods for promoting reinnervation of auditory hair cells, specifically, by inhibiting repulsive guidance molecule a (rgma), a repulsive axonal guidance molecule that is expressed in the cochlea, or its receptor, neogenin.. .
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary


Methods and compositions useful in manipulating the stability of re1 silencing transcription factor

Disclosed are methods of screening for compounds that promote rest degradation by inhibiting the activity of the cdtsp1 phosphorylase including fluorescent and antibody based screens. Also disclosed are peptides that promote rest stabilization as well as antibodies that recognize rest phosphorylated at serine 861 and serine 864..
Oregon Health & Science University


Quinazolinone antibiotics

A new class of antibiotics effective against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) is disclosed. Compounds of this class can impair cell-wall biosynthesis by binding to both the allosteric and the catalytic domains of penicillin-binding protein (pbp) 2a.
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac


Process for the selective production of propanols by hydrogenation of glycerol

The present invention discloses a process for the selective hydrogenation of glycerol in the liquid phase to produce 1- and 2-propanols in high yields as the major organic products. The process comprises subjecting a glycerol stream having at least 30% by weight water to a combination of low pressure and high temperature hydrogenation conditions in the presence of a promoted or un-promoted skeletal copper catalyst..
W. R. Grace & Co.-conn.


Catch releasing capless fuel-filler bottle

Disclosed herein is a sealable bottle. The bottle includes a pouring spout portion which projects from the bottle and has an interior surface defining a fluid flow passage in communication with the interior volume of the bottle.
Alpha Consolidated Holdings, Inc.


Adjustable support structure for vehicle cargo bed extension

This invention relates to an apparatus, system and method for adjustable support of an extension of a vehicle cargo bed. The apparatus provides a range of horizontal, vertical, diagonal and angular adjustment of a vehicle cargo bed extension deck so as to accommodate a wide variety of differently designed and dimensioned vehicles and provides other features promoting reliability and safety while minimizing unwanted vibration during use..


Hybrid vehicle and control method therefor

A hybrid vehicle includes an input device that is used by a user to request an increase in the amount of charge of the power storage device. When a request for increasing the amount of charge is made using the input device, a control device controls charging of a power storage device by a generating device so that charging of the power storage device is promoted, warms a catalyst device by operating an internal combustion engine while limiting the output of the internal combustion engine, and when the warming of the catalyst device and the request for increasing the amount of charge that is made using the input device overlap each other, the control device eases the output limitation of the internal combustion engine..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Far-side airbag apparatus

A far-side airbag apparatus includes an airbag and an inflator that discharges inflation gas for deploying and inflating the airbag. The airbag is fixed to the seat frame of the backrest of a vehicle seat and is deployed and inflated on the side corresponding to the center of the passenger compartment.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.


Hydroprocessing catalyst and hydroprocessing catalyst of making the same

The present invention is directed to a hydroprocessing catalyst containing at least one catalyst support, one or more metals, optionally one or more molecular sieves, optionally one or more promoters, wherein deposition of at least one of the metals is achieved in the presence of a modifying agent.. .
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Method for decellularization of tissue grafts

The subject invention pertains to materials and methods for processing tissue to produce a natural, acellular replacement tissue that is immunocompatible with a recipient. According to the subject invention, harvested tissue is subjected to wash solutions wherein only amphoteric detergent(s) are used (e.g., anionic detergents are excluded).
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Methods and compositions for wound healing

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for wound healing. In particular, the present invention relates to promoting and enhancing wound healing by utilizing cross-linker covalent modification molecules to attach and deliver wound active agents to a wound.
Imbed Biosciences, Inc.


S100b mini-promoters

Isolated polynucleotides comprising a s100b mini-promoters are provided. The mini-promoter may be operably linked to an expressible sequence, e.g.
The University Of British Columbia


Biophotonic materials and uses thereof

The present disclosure provides topical biophotonic materials and methods useful in phototherapy. In particular, the topical biophotonic materials of the present disclosure include a cohesive matrix, and at least chromophore which can absorb and emit light from within the topical biphotonic material, wherein the topical biophotonic material is elastic.
Klox Technologies Inc.


Swine influenza viruses and constructs and uses thereof

Disclosed are compositions and methods comprising vectors and a reverse genetics competent unit comprising one or more recombinant influenza viruses. Recombinant influenza viruses comprising swine rna polymerase i promoter are disclosed.
University Of Maryland


Augmenting the immune response by promoting cell death of immune cells

Methods and products for producing an antigen specific immune response are provided. The methods involve administration of a caspase inhibitor to a subject..
The University Of Vermont And State Agricultural College


Erythropoietin and fibronectin compositions for therapeutic and cosmetic applications

A method of promoting wound healing or connective tissue reconstruction and a method of treating ischemia in a subject in need thereof are disclosed. The methods comprising topically administering to the subject about 10-30 mg per cm2 wound tissue of erythropoietin and about 100-300 mg per cm2 wound tissue of fibronectin, thereby promoting wound healing or connective tissue reconstruction or treating ischemia in the subject.
Remedor Biomed Ltd.


Combination therapy to improve soft tissue healing, fat graft healing, endochondral bone healing and osteointegration

The present invention is directed to kit, drug combinations and methods for promoting endogenous bone marrow (bm)-derived vasculogenic progenitor cell (pc) mobilization, sensitization of such cells and chemotaxis to the site of an injury such as injuries associated with osteointegration of implants and associated soft tissues, fat grafting and endochondral bone injuries and disease.. .


Therapeutic viral microparticles for promoting stent biofunctionality and wound healing in vertebrate individuals

The present disclosure provides viral microparticles comprising genetically-engineered baculoviruses (at least partially) embedded in a polymeric matrix for the local delivery of therapeutic nucleic acid molecules to the cells of a vertebrate individual (optionally in combination with a medical implant such as vascular stent platform). The viral microparticles are especially useful for promoting the healing of a wound as well as the repair of a blood vessel and prevent pathological scarring.
Mangogen Pharma Inc.


Il-18 inhibition for promotion of early hematopoietic progenitor expansion

Disclosed herein are methods for enhancing hematopoietic reconstitution of a subject. One method involves administering a therapeutically effective amount of an inhibitor of il-18 to a recipient subject and also administering hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells to the subject.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Materials and methods to enhance hematopoietic stem cells engraftment procedures

This disclosure is directed to the methods of enhancing hematopoietic stem cells (hspc) and progenitor cell (hspc) engraftment procedure. Treatment in vivo of a hspc donor with compounds that reduce pge2 biosynthesis or pge2 receptor antagonists alone, or in combination with other hematopoietic mobilization agents such as amd3100 and g-csf, increases the circulation of available hspcs.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corp.


Compositions, methods and devices for promoting wound healing and reducing infection

Compositions, methods and devices are provided for promoting healing and preventing and treating infection in mammalian subjects. The compositions include pharmacologically active, protease inhibiting, cytokine protecting, aqueous media soluble sulfonated materials, optionally associated with one or more secondary therapeutic agents or carriers, to reduce one or more of inflammation, bacterial proliferation and proteolytic activity.
Iasis Molecular Sciences


Use of a clay product or a clay blend product to decrease the effects of bacterial disease in shrimp

Applicants have examined two clostridium species, clostridium difficile and clostridium perfringens, and found that clays can adsorb the toxin produced by both and that a clay blended product can decrease the effects of a prominent in chickens and known as necrotic enteritis, that is caused by c. Perfringens.
Oil-dri Corporation Of America


Theobromine compositions useful for increasing fetal weight gain and enhancing bone properties

Compositions and methods for culturing cells with theobromine are provided, as well as cells derived thereby. Theobromine compositions for enhancing bone formation, increasing bone density, increasing interconnections of internal bone, increasing bone mass, treating cartilage and/or bone defects, increasing fetal birth weight, preventing tooth decay, remineralizing a tooth surface, treating dentine hypersensitivity, and application to a bone site to promote new bone growth at the site are also provided..
Theocorp Holding Company, Llc


Agent for promoting corneal endothelial cell adhesion

The invention provides an agent for promoting adhesion of a corneal endothelial cell, containing a rho kinase inhibitor, as well as a culture medium for a corneal endothelial cell, a solution for preservation of cornea, and a method of producing a corneal endothelial preparation, which includes culturing the corneal endothelial cell using the aforementioned culture medium.. .
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Compositions and methods of using (r)-pramipexole

Pharmaceutical compositions of (r)-pramipexole and one or more secondary therapeutic agents such as, for example, dopamine agonists, dopaminergic agonists, comt inhibitors, moa inhibitors, excitatory amino acid antagonists, growth factors, neurotrophic factors, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, immunomodulators, anti-glutamatergics, ion channel blockers, α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (ampa) receptor antagonists, heat shock protein inducers/protein disaggregators and downregulators, monoamine oxidase type b (moab) inhibitors, multi-target agents, kinase inhibitors, bcl inducers, histone deacetylase (hdac) mediators, glial modulators, mitochondrial energy promoting agents, myostatin inhibitors, caspase inhibitors and combinations thereof or those related to mitochondrial dysfunction or increased oxidative stress are disclosed.. .
Knopp Biosciences Llc


Lipid compositions for the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders and the promotion of intestinal development and maturation

The present invention provides a use of a lipid composition for the preparation of a nutritional, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical composition or a functional food, for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and disorders, and for promoting intestinal development, maturation, adaptation and differentiation.. .
Enzymotec Ltd.


Compounds and methods for delivery of prostacyclin analogs

This invention pertains generally to prostacyclin formulations and methods for their use in promoting vasodilation, inhibiting platelet aggregation and thrombus formation, stimulating thrombolysis, inhibiting cell proliferation (including vascular remodeling), providing cytoprotection, preventing atherogenesis and inducing angiogenesis.. .
United Therapeutics Corporation


Preparation of coffee-based extracts and powders

Processes for preparing antioxidant-rich compositions, for example from coffee cherries, are disclosed. These processes can involve promptly contacting de-beaned coffee cherries with a preservative coating, and optionally storing under refrigerated conditions, prior to the preparation of an extract or powder..
Kona Cherry Company, Inc.


Dental composition comprising chelator and base

Non-toxic consumable compositions and formulations having chelator and base are disclosed with synergistic effects on microbial metabolism and/or growth and/or pathogenic effectors and their use to promote and maintain health in mammals. The non-toxic consumable compositions have more than one chelator and/or more than one base.


Interbody implants and graft delivery systems

According to some embodiments, a method for promoting spinal fusion using a spinal implant comprises providing a spinal implant, wherein the spinal implant comprises at least one internal chamber being is adapted to receive at least one graft and/or other fill material. In some arrangements, one or more walls of the spinal implant comprise at least one opening or hole that places the internal chamber in fluid communication with an exterior area or portion of the spinal implant.
Pinnacle Spine Group, Llc


Expandable body device and use

Disclosed herein are medical devices comprising a single-lobed, thin-walled, expandable body and a flexible, elongated delivery device for treating saccular vascular aneurysms and occluding segments of blood vessels and other biological conduits. The expandable bodies may include gold and other metals that can be compressed, positioned in the lumen of an aneurysm, or other biological conduit and expanded.
Novita Therapeutics, Llc

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