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Proliferation patents

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Psma Development

Combination therapies with psma ligand conjugates

Date/App# patent app List of recent Proliferation-related patents
 Genetic markers and diagnostic methods for resistance of breast cancer to hormonal therapies patent thumbnailnew patent Genetic markers and diagnostic methods for resistance of breast cancer to hormonal therapies
This application provides a method to identify genetic markers associated with increased sensitivity or resistance to hormonal therapies using an outlier analysis. More specifically, this application discloses that amplifications on chromosomes 8 and 17 are associated with increased proliferation and poor outcome in er-positive breast cancer, and amplicons 17q21.33-q25.1, 8p11.2 and 8q24.3 may be responsible for higher proliferation and poor outcome in the setting of antiestrogen, in particular tamoxifen, treatment clinically observed in a subset of er-positive, her2-negative breast cancers.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey
 Modulator compounds of drug resistance in epithelial tumor cells patent thumbnailnew patent Modulator compounds of drug resistance in epithelial tumor cells
The described invention provides a method of treating a patient with an epithelial cancer comprising administering a composition comprising a therapeutic amount of an inhibitor of a btk protein and one or more chemotherapeutic agent(s) selected from the group consisting of an antimetabolite, a platinum coordination compound, an alkylating agent and a combination thereof, wherein the composition is effective to reduce one or more of tumor cell growth, tumor cell clonogenicity, tumor cell proliferation, tumor cell viability and tumor volume and the therapeutic amount of the inhibitor of a btk protein and the one or more chemotherapeutic agent(s) exerts a synergistic effect. The described invention also provides methods of treating a chemotherapy drug-resistant cancer and sensitizing a cancer patient to chemotherapy..
 Naphthalene acetic acid derivatives against hiv infection patent thumbnailnew patent Naphthalene acetic acid derivatives against hiv infection
The invention provides compounds and salts thereof as d herein. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising a compound disclosed herein, processes for preparing compounds disclosed herein, intermediates useful for preparing compounds disclosed herein and therapeutic methods for treating an hiv infection, treating the proliferation of the hiv virus, treating aids or delaying the onset of aids or arc symptoms in a mammal using compounds disclosed herein..
Gilead Sciences, Inc.
 Biphasic osteochondral scaffold for reconstruction of articular cartilage patent thumbnailnew patent Biphasic osteochondral scaffold for reconstruction of articular cartilage
An osteochondral scaffold has a chondrogenic spiral scaffold in one end of an outer shell made of sintered microspheres, and an osteogenic spiral scaffold in the other end of the outer shell. Each spiral scaffold has nanofibers of a composition selected to promote attachment and proliferation of the desired types of cells.
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology
 Combination therapies with psma ligand conjugates patent thumbnailnew patent Combination therapies with psma ligand conjugates
Compositions and methods related to inhibiting the proliferation of or killing of prostate-specific membrane antigen (psma)-expressing cells are provided herein. In some embodiments, psma-expressing cells are contacted with (i) a compound that increases cell surface expression of psma and (ii) a psma ligand conjugate.
Psma Development Company, Llc
 S100 protein inhibitors for treating leukemia patent thumbnailnew patent S100 protein inhibitors for treating leukemia
The present invention relates to a compound, composition and method for reducing or inhibiting the differentiation or development of progenitor blood cells into malignant cells, leukemia cells or physiologically pathological cells. Particularly, the invention describes the use of inhibitors of s100 proteins, including myeloid related proteins.
Universite Laval
 Methods of producing and using regulatory b-cells patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of producing and using regulatory b-cells
The invention is directed to a method of preparing b-cells that produce interleukin-10 (il-10), or il-10 per se, which comprises contacting one or more b-cells ex vivo with an isolated interleukin-35 (il-35) protein, and culturing the one or more b-cells under conditions to provide one or more b-cells that produce il-10. The invention also is directed to a method of suppressing the proliferation of lymphocytes in vitro or in vivo by contacting lymphocytes with an isolated il-35 protein.
The United States Of America, As Represented By Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Services
 Antiseptic compositions, methods and systems patent thumbnailAntiseptic compositions, methods and systems
Antiseptic compositions comprising at least one salt of edta are disclosed. These compositions have broad spectrum antimicrobial and antifungal activity and they also have anticoagulant properties.
Aseptica, Inc.
 Lim kinasemodulating agents for neurofibromatoses therapy and methods for screening for same patent thumbnailLim kinasemodulating agents for neurofibromatoses therapy and methods for screening for same
Disclosed herein are methods of treating a patient at risk of developing or having a neurofibromatosis or a sporadic schwannoma. In exemplary embodiments, the method involves administering to a subject in need an effective amount of a limk modulating agent.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
 Water extract of antrodia camphorata for immunostimulatory effect and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailWater extract of antrodia camphorata for immunostimulatory effect and preparation method thereof
A preparation method for a water extract of the fruiting body of antrodia camphorata (acw) is provided. The method includes steps of: (a) providing the fruiting body; and (b) boiling the fruiting body in water to obtain the water extract.
Kaohsiung Medical University

Substituted 3-(5-membered unsaturated heterocyclyl-1, 3-dihydro-indol-2-one's and derivatives thereof as kinase inhibitors

The present invention relates to organic molecules capable of modulating tyrosine kinase signal transduction in order to regulate, modulate and/or inhibit abnormal cell proliferation.. .
Allergan, Inc.

Method for prediction of the progression risk of tumors

The present invention concerns a method for predicting the potential for aggressive growth and/or the risk to progress to high grade cancer for tumors in cell based detection procedures. In one aspect the invention concerns the detection of overexpression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor gene products as a tool for predicting the progression risk and/or potential for aggressive growth of tumors.
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Means and methods for diagnostics and therapeutics of diseases

The present invention discloses a method of detecting t-cell proliferation in a subject comprising the steps of (a) obtaining a sample from said subject; and (b) profiling at least one parameter selected from the group consisting of: the activation level of gsk-3β, the expression level of gsk-3β and the activation or expression level of related members of pathways in which gsk-3β plays a part. It is a core aspect of the invention, wherein a significant deviation from normal values indicates cellular proliferation.

Herbal medicinal composition and extract thereof for inducing proliferation of cranial nerve cells and manufacturing the same

An herbal medicinal composition and an extract thereof for inducing proliferation of cranial nerve cells and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The herbal medicinal composition includes ginseng radix and aconiti tuber..

Implantable devices formed of non-fouling methacrylate or acrylate polymers

Implantable devices formed of or coated with a material that includes a polymer having a non-fouling acrylate or methacrylate polymer are provided. The implantable device can be used for treating or preventing a disorder such as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, restenosis, hemorrhage, vascular dissection or perforation, vascular aneurysm, vulnerable plaque, chronic total occlusion, patent foramen ovale, claudication, anastomotic proliferation for vein and artificial grafts, bile duct obstruction, ureter obstruction, tumor obstruction, or combinations thereof..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Cancer treatment and monitoring methods using ox40 agonists

Ox40 is a potent immune stimulating target. Provided herein are methods for the treatment of cancer patients using (3x40 agonists methods to predict clinical outcome of the treatment by correlation of the treatment and an increase in ox40-induced t cell proliferation..
Providence Health & Services - Oregon D/b/a Providence Portland Medical Center

Probiotic formulation

A probiotic organism which is capable of proliferation in iron-rich media, an environment which is generally unfavourable to probiotic organisms, is described.. .
The University Of Bristol

Sustainable modular transmutation reactor

A light water reactor to safely convert depleted uranium into a fuel source that could be used as a sustainable source of energy for centuries. The reactor is a type of breed-burn reactor uniquely combined with a proliferation-resistant fuel cycle with no uranium enrichment and no plutonium isolation.

Antiproliferative surface modifications and methods of use

This invention is in the field of medicinal intervention. The present invention relates to a device constructed from metals, polymers or other materials that are amenable to precise surface modifications and coupling with erodible agents methods for its use, wherein (1) the erodible agents, which contain active ingredients (medications), provide for acute control of cellular proliferation and (2) a pattered surface having milli, micron, and/or nano-sized micro-patterning characteristics imparts anti-proliferative properties over the long-term..
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado

Inhibitors targeting the dna-binding domain of human stat3 for treatment of metastatic cancers

The present invention provides stat3 inhibitors which preferentially suppress proliferation of cancer over non-cancer cells and inhibit migration and invasion of malignant cells. The inhibitors of the present invention selectively inhibit stat3 binding to dna without affecting the activation and dimerization of stat3.

Combination therapy and methods for treatment and prevention of hyperproliferative diseases

The present invention provides therapy and methods for the treatment and prevention of diseases of cell proliferation such as cancer, benign tumors, and viral diseases such as hiv-aids, hepatitis b, hepatitis c and cirrhosis. The methods of this invention consist of the administration to a patient of a combination of effective amounts of agents capable of eradicating the neoplastic cells, while sparing the non-neoplastic cells from cytotoxic side-effects.

Use of the cathelicidin ll-37 and derivatives thereof for wound healing

Use of the antimicrobial cathelicidin peptide ii-37, n-terminal fragments of ll-37 or extended sequences of ll-37 having 1-3 amino acids in the c-terminal end, for stimulating proliferation of epithelial and stromal cells and thereby healing of wounds, such as chronic ulcers. The cytotoxic effect of ll-37 may be reduced by including a bilayer-forming polar lipid, especially a digalactosyldiacylglycerol, in pharmaceutical compositions and growth media comprising ll-37..
Lipopeptide Ab

Compositions and methods for increasing telomerase activity

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for increasing telomerase activity in cells. Such compositions include pharmaceutical, including topical, and nutraceutical formulations.
Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc.

Oncostatin m (osm) antagonists for preventing cancer metastasis and il-6 related disorders

A method of treating cancer or metastasis is provided involving administering at least one oncostatin m (osm) antagonist to a subject, wherein the subject has been diagnosed with cancer. Administration of an osm antagonist such as a small molecule pharmaceutical is provided as well as an anti-osm antibody, an anti-osm aptamer, and an osm mrna antagonist.
Boise State University

Methods and compositions for reducing the proliferation of gram positive bacteria

Provided herein are methods for inducing cell death in a gram positive bacterium and methods for reducing the proliferation of a gram positive bacterium that include contacting a gram positive bacterium with a dye (e.g., an azo dye) and a taro inhibitor. Also provided are methods of treating a subject having a gram positive bacterial infection that include administering to a subject having a gram positive bacterial infection a dye (e.g., an azo dye) and a taro inhibitor.
Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary

Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of corneal endothelial wounds containing angiogenin

Provided is a pharmaceutical composition for treating corneal endothelium wounds, the composition including angiogenin as an effective ingredient. The present invention relates to a new topical therapeutic use of angiogenin for treatment of corneal endothelium wounds, wherein the angiogenin that is generally known to be involved in angiogenesis activates a pi3k/akt/enos pathway thereof in ocular corneal endothelium to increase migration and proliferation of corneal endothelial cells that are not capable of self-proliferation and to promote prevention and treatment of corneal endothelial cell wounds..
Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation, Hallym University

Imaging-aided gene therapy using mesenchymal stem cells as target-delivery vehicle

Compositions and methods of use thereof encompass engineered mesenchymal stem cells as a vehicle to deliver secreted tissue necrosis factor-rgd4c fusion polypeptides for tumor treatment, thereby reducing side effects of tnf. A reporter gene can be included in vector constructs to monitor the localization and viability of engineered mscs after administration into a recipient animal.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Process for the synthesis of e1 activating enzyme inhibitors

The present invention provides processes and synthetic intermediates for the synthesis of 4-substituted ((1s,2s,4r)-2-hydroxy-4-{7h-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-yl}cyclopentyl)methyl sulfamates, which are e1 activating enzyme inhibitors, and are useful for the treatment of disorders of cell proliferation, particularly cancer, and other disorders associated with e1 activity.. .
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Methods and compositions for treating arteriosclerotic vascular diseases

The present invention provides methods and compositions for treating arteriosclerotic vascular diseases by cyclohexenone compounds. In some embodiments, the compound in the methods inhibits pdgf-stimulated smooth muscle cell proliferation or migration.
Golden Biotechnology Corporation

Materials and methods for the treatment of pathological neovascularization in the eye

The subject invention provides materials and methods useful in safely and effectively preventing pathological proliferation of blood vessels. The prevention of the over-proliferation of blood vessels according to the subject invention is particularly advantageous for treatment of certain ocular conditions including age-related macular degeneration (amd), retinopathy of prematurity (rop) and diabetic retinopathy.
Florida Atlantic University Research Corporation

Compounds and methods for kinase modulation, and indications therefor

Compounds and salts thereof, formulations thereof, conjugates thereof, derivatives thereof, forms thereof and uses thereof are described. In certain aspects and embodiments, the described compounds or salts thereof, formulations thereof, conjugates thereof, derivatives thereof, forms thereof are active on each of b-raf, b-raf v600e and c-raf-1 protein kinase.
Plexxikon Inc.

Functionalized thieno-indole derivatives for the treatment of cancer

The invention relates to new functionalized thieno-indole derivatives of formula (i) or (ii) which have cytotoxic activity and are useful in treating diseases such as cancer and cellular proliferation disorders. The invention also relates to the use of these functionalized thieno-indole derivatives in the preparation of conjugates.
Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l.

Predicting response to chemotherapy using gene expression markers

The present invention provides gene expression information useful for predicting whether a cancer patient is likely to have a beneficial response to treatment with chemotherapy, comprising measuring, in a biological sample comprising a breast tumor sample obtained from the patient, the expression levels of gene subsets to obtain a risk score associated with a likelihood of a beneficial response to chemotherapy, wherein the score comprises at least one of the following variables: (i) recurrence score, (ii) esri group score; (iii) invasion group score; (iv) proliferation group score; and (v) the expression level of the rna transcript of at least one of mybl2 and scube2, or the corresponding expression product. The invention further comprises a molecular assay-based algorithm to calculate the likelihood that the patient will have a beneficial response to chemotherapy based on the risk score..
Nsabp Foundation, Inc.

Controlled release formulations for the induction and proliferation of blood cells

The absence of regulatory t cells (treg) may underlie disorders including but not limited to autoimmunity, dermatitis, periodontitis and even transplant rejection. Enhancing local numbers of treg through in situ treg expansion or induction is contemplated herein as a treatment option for these disorders.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Method for inhibiting trypanosoma cruzi

Methods are provided to inhibit proliferation of trypanosoma cruzi with imido-substituted 1,4-naphthoquinones, including novel compounds. Administering an imido-substituted 1,4-naphthoquinone can be used to provide prophylaxis or treatment to a patient in need of treatment against chagas disease..
Howard Univerrsity

Benzo lipoxin analogues

Benzolipoxin analogs, methods of their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing the compounds are provided. The compounds and compositions are useful in methods for treatment of various diseases, including, inflammation, autoimmune disease and abnormal cell proliferation..
University Of Southern California

1h-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridines and therapeutic uses thereof

Provided herein are compounds according to formulas (i) or (ii) and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and compositions comprising the same, for use in various methods, including treating cancer, abnormal cellular proliferation, angiogenesis, alzheimer's disease, lung disease, osteoarthritis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and neurological conditions/disorders/diseases.. .
Samumed, Llc

Lisurid, terguride and derivatives thereof for use in the prophylaxis and/or treatment of fibrotic changes

The present invention relates to the use of 5-ht2 receptor antagonists and in particular of 8-α-ergolines such as lisuride, terguride and the derivatives thereof as 5-ht2b and 5-ht2a receptor antagonists and antioxidants in preferably higher-dosed and preferably continuous use for the treatment, progression prophylaxis and general prophylaxis of organ fibroses and other pathological organ remodeling caused by mesenchymal proliferation. .
Sinoxa Pharma Gmbh

Composition for treatment of pancreatic cancer

Disclosed is a composition for treating pancreatic cancer. The composition comprises a pharmaceutically effective amount of an antisense nucleic acid or sirna that inhibits expression of at least one gene selected from the group consisting of son gene, mcm5 gene, wdr5 gene, pbk gene and cenpa gene.
Tokyo Women's Medical University

Methods of generating natural killer cells

Provided herein are methods of producing natural killer cells using a two-step expansion and differentiation method. Also provided herein are methods of suppressing tumor cell proliferation, of treating individuals having cancer or a viral infection, comprising administering the nk cells produced by the method to an individual having the cancer or viral infection..
Anthrogenesis Corporation

Method of enhancing proliferation and/or survival of mesenchymal precursor cells (mpc)

The present invention relates to methods of enhancing proliferation and/or survival of mesenchymal precursor cells (mpc) and/or progeny derived therefrom in vitro or in vivo comprising exposing the mpc or progeny to sdf-1 or analog thereof. The invention also relates to compositions comprising isolated mpcs or progeny derived therefrom and sdf-1 or analogues thereof.
Angioblast Systems, Inc.

Metabolite for improving production, maintenance and proliferation of pluripotent stem cells, composition comprising the same, and culturing pluripotent stem cell using the same

According to the present invention, when nicotinamide is added in a culture process for producing pluripotent stem cells from human differentiated cells, it can increase the efficiency of reprogramming and can significantly reduce the time required for induction of reprogramming. It was verified that nicotinamide inhibits the induction of senescence and oxidative stress in the reprogramming process and increases cell proliferation and mitochondrial activity to effectively improve culture conditions for induction of reprogramming.
Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotech

Controlled and localized release of retinoids to improve neointimal hyperplasia

Controlled release vascular implants, such as vascular grafts, stents, wraps, and gels comprising a biocompatible polymer and all trans retinoic acid (atra), or its derivatives, can be used to treat, prevent, or inhibit thrombosis and/or neointimal hyperplasia which may otherwise be induced by prosthetic implantation. In particular, the implants herein can inhibit smooth muscle cell proliferation, neointimal hyperplasia, and upregulate antithrombotic genes and nitric oxide production in the vasculature.
Vesseltek Biomedical Llc

Organic composition for use with plants

An organic composition for use as ground covering capable of supporting plant life is presented. The organic composition is a mixture of filtration waste and topsoil, dirt, manure, wood chips, leaves, and/or sand.

Markers for pre-cancer and cancer cells and the method to interfere with cell proliferation therein

A novel family of human mitochondrial rnas, referred to as chimeric rnas, which are differentially expressed in normal, pre-cancer and cancer cells, are described. Oligonucleotides targeted to the chimeric rnas are provided.
Andes Biotechnologies S.a.

Substituted hetero-bicyclic compounds, compositions and medicinal applications thereof

These compounds are useful in the treatment, prevention, prophylaxis, management, or adjunct treatment of all medical conditions related to inhibition of bruton's tyrosine kinase (btk), such as inflammatory and/or autoimmune disorder, cell proliferation, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, transplant rejection, graft-versus-host disease, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, allergic diseases, asthma, type 1 diabetes, myasthenia gravis, hematopoetic disfunction, b-cell malignancies, systemic lupus, erythematosus or other disorders.. .

Crosslinked hyaluronic acid-collagen gels for improving tissue graft viability and soft tissue augmentation

Hydrogels comprising a macromolecular matrix and water may be used to augment soft tissue of a human being, promote or support cell or tissue viability or proliferation, create space in tissue, and for other purposes. A macromolecular matrix may comprise a hyaluronic acid component crosslinked to a collagen component..
Allergan, Inc.

Cell potency assay for therapeutic potential

The invention provides cell potency assays for measuring, determining, identifying, confirming, or validating the therapeutic potential of a cell population. Cell potency assays may be performed with various types of cells, including stem or progenitor cells, such as, for example, hematopoietic stem or progenitor cells.
Fate Therapeutics, Inc.

Compositions and methods for preventing or treating diseases, conditions, or processes characterized by aberrant fibroblast proliferation and extracellular matrix deposition

The described invention provides compositions and methods for treating asthma, a disease, condition or pathologic process whose progression is characterized by one or more of aberrant fibroblast proliferation and extracellular matrix deposition producing constriction in an airway, airway remodeling, and airway obstruction in lung tissue. The method includes administering a pharmaceutical composition comprising a therapeutic amount of a polypeptide having the amino acid sequence yaraaarqarakalarqlgvaa (seq id no: 1) or functional equivalent thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, wherein the therapeutic amount of the polypeptide is effective to reduce the constriction of small airway dimensions and airway obstruction, treat airway remodeling, or a combination thereof..

Online marketplace for services

A method and system of providing for ratings and recommendations made by knowledgeable third parties as to the competency and fitness of a service provider for the particular project for which the service buyer is currently seeking service providers, together with the aggregation of that data with other data (including other ratings for the particular project, ratings made by service buyers after project completion, and all such data with respect to all projects for the service provider), facilitates the matching of highly qualified service providers with projects/jobs. In addition, because the system harnesses the collective wisdom of all peer raters and expert raters and uses methodologies to encourage the proliferation of accurate and useful ratings data with respect to service providers, the system is able to utilize the power of the internet to collect and aggregate these opinions and ratings/rankings in a manner not easily replicable through offline methods.

Acellular dermal graft

An acellular dermal graft is provided. The acellular dermal graft may be useful in minimizing side effects caused after transplantation since an environment favorable for formation of new blood vessels and proliferation of autologous tissues is provided by forming a multi-penetration structure in an acellular dermal tissue, removing a basement membrane layer and/or subjecting corners to slope cutting, and transplantation is stably performed within a short transplantation time due to improved extensibility and flexibility of tissues.
L&c Bio Co., Ltd.

Fiber scaffolds for enhancing cell proliferation in cell culture

A substrate for culturing cells that includes at least one fiber scaffold adapted to be contained within a disposable or non-disposable bioreactor, wherein the fiber scaffold further includes polymer fibers that have been created by electrospinning, and wherein the orientation of the fibers in the scaffold relative to one another is generally parallel, random, or both.. .

Pluripotent stem cells and stimulating and extracting non-embryonic pluripotent stem cells from mammal blood and using reconstituted pluripotent stem cells to treat diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Stimulating tissue resident pluripotent stem cells in a manner that the respective subject (e.g., human) acts as its own sterile bioreactor for in vivo stem cell proliferation thus eliminating the need to isolate, cultivate, maintain, proliferate and release stem cells ex vivo. The stimulation mobilizes excess pluripotent stem cells into the peripheral vasculature where the pluripotent stem cells can either migrate to damaged tissues and/or be harvested by simple venipuncture, thus eliminating potential morbidity and mortality elicited from harvesting tissue from solid tissue sites.
Royal Medical Group, Pllc

Anti-prlr antibodies and uses thereof

The present invention provides antibodies that bind to prolactin receptor (prlr) and methods of using the same. According to certain embodiments, the antibodies of the invention bind human prlr with high affinity.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Anti-prlr antibodies and uses thereof

The present invention provides antibodies that bind to prolactin receptor (prlr) and methods of using the same. According to certain embodiments, the antibodies of the invention bind human prlr with high affinity.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Regeneration of endogenous myocardial tissue

This invention provides a method of treating a disorder of a subject's heart involving loss of cardiomyocytes which comprises administering to the subject a composition comprising an amount of a human stromal derived factor-1 and an amount of a human granulocyte-colony stimulating factor, the composition being administered in an amount effective to cause proliferation of cardiomyocytes within the subject's heart so as to thereby treat the disorder. This invention also provides a method of treating a subject suffering from a disorder of a tissue involving loss and/or apoptosis of cells of the tissue which comprises administering to the subject a composition comprising an amount of an agent which induces phosphorylation and/or activation of protein kinase b, or an agent which induces phosphorylation and/or activation of an extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase, or an agent which induces activation of cxcr4..
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

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