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Proliferation patents


This page is updated frequently with new Proliferation-related patent applications.

new patent Cell-surface marker of early msc aging
This invention relates to a cell-surface marker for identifying msc that are aging. This invention also relates to a method of screening mscs of low proliferation potential and trilineage potential by removing cd264+ mscs from the population..
The Administrators Of The Tulane Educational Fund

new patent Defined composition gene modified t-cell products
Aspects of the invention described herein, concern approaches to make genetically modified t-cells comprising a chimeric antigen receptor for human therapy. In some alternatives, the methods utilize a selection and/or isolation of cd4+ and/or cd8+ t-cells from a mixed t-cell population, such as, peripheral blood or apheresis derived mononuclear cells.
Seattle Children's Hospital (dba Seattle Children's Research Institute)

new patent Methods, compositions and screens for therapeutics for the treatment of synovial sarcoma
Methods and compositions are provided for treating human synovial sarcoma (ss). Also provided are screens to identify therapeutics for the treatment of synovial sarcoma.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

new patent Induction of thyroid iodide-handling gene expression in human cancers
Dual suppression of the map kinase and pi3k/akt pathways showed synergistic or greatly enhanced anti-melanoma cell effects, compared to suppression of a single pathway, including the inhibition of cell proliferation, transformation and invasion, induction of g0/g1 cell cycle arrest and, importantly, cell apoptosis. Remarkably, suppression of either pathway induces the expression of thyroid iodide-handling genes and dual suppression of the two pathways synergistically and robustly induces expression of these genes, accompanied by uptake of radioiodine in the cells.
The Johns Hopkins University

new patent Thieno- and pyrrolopyrimidine analogues as anticancer agents and methods of use thereof
The present invention provides for the design and synthesis of halogenated thieno- and pyrrolopyrimidine compounds that exhibit cancer proliferation inhibitory activity and the use thereof for cancer treatment.. .
University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

Medium for stem cell use
Culture media which contain a water-soluble polymer, such as polyvinyl alcohol and the like, and albumin, and the like, are useful for the proliferation of stem cells, and show good culture results, particularly with ips cells, and maintain the stability of the medium properties, as well as using a reduced amount of albumin.. .
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Novel cyp-eicosanoid derivatives
The present invention relates to compounds according to general formula (i) which are analogues of epoxymetabolites produced by cytochrome p450 (cyp) enzymes from omega-3 (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids (pufas). The present invention further relates to compositions containing one or more of these compounds and to the use of these compounds or compositions for c the treatment or prevention of conditions and diseases associated with inflammation, proliferation, hypertension, coagulation, immune function, pathologic angiogenesis, heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias..
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
It was found that bacteria belonging to the genus clostridium induce accumulation of regulatory t cells (treg cells) in the colon. Moreover, the present inventors found that regulatory t cells (treg cells) induced by from these bacteria suppressed proliferation of effector t-cells.
The University Of Tokyo

Methods of generating natural killer cells
Provided herein are methods of producing natural killer cells using a two-step expansion and differentiation method. Also provided herein are methods of suppressing tumor cell proliferation, of treating individuals having cancer or a viral infection, comprising administering the nk cells produced by the method to an individual having the cancer or viral infection..
Anthrogenesis Corporation

Compositions and methods of using islet neogenesis peptides and analogs thereof
The invention provides peptides and analogs of ingap and hip peptides. The peptides and analogs can be used in methods for treating various diseases and conditions.
Shenzhen Hightide Biopharmaceutical, Ltd.

4-((2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl)amino)benzenesulfonamide derivatives as potent and selective inhibitors of 12-lipoxygenase

Human lipoxygenases (loxs) are a family of iron-containing enzymes involved in catalyzing the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids to provide the corresponding bioactive hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (hete) metabolites. These eicosanoid signaling molecules are involved in a number of physiologic responses such as platelet aggregation, inflammation, and cell proliferation.
Thomas Jefferson University

Brown adipocyte modification

Methods and therapeutics are provided for treating metabolic disorders by increasing activation of brown adipose tissue. Generally, the methods and therapeutics can increase activation of brown adipose tissue to increase energy expenditure and induce weight loss.
The General Hospital Corporation D/b/a Massachusetts General Hospital

Hand disinfectant

The invention provides a skin disinfectant for treating skin with eczema, preventing bacterial proliferation, and removing biofilm. Compositions of the invention include hypochlorous acid, acetic acid, water, and one or more additives or excipients.
Wiab Water Innovation Ab

Gel composition for treatment of common acne comprising a combination of benzoyl peroxide and adapalene and/or adapalene salt

Dermatological/cosmetic compositions suited for preventing or treating cell differentiation and/or proliferation and/or keratinization disorders, including preventing or treating common acne, comprise, in a physiologically acceptable medium, (i) at least one dispersed retinoid, (ii) dispersed benzoyl peroxide, in free or encapsulated form, and (iii) at least one ph-independent gelling agent, selected from the group consisting of (a) polyacrylamide gelling agents, (b) gelling agents which are acrylic polymers coupled to hydrophobic chains, (c) modified starch gelling agents, and mixture thereof, said composition maintaining good chemical stability of (i) and (ii) without their degradation over time at a temperature of between 4° c. And 40° c..
Galderma Research & Development

Defined three-dimensional microenvironment for stem cell

This disclosure provides for a three-dimensional (3d) microenvironment presenting defined physical or mechanical cues that regulate cellular behavior and use of the matrix. The disclosure also provides for devices and methods for screening for optimal combinations of physical and mechanical cues in order to create a microenvironment that can regulate specific cellular behavior such as cell growth, proliferation, migration or differentiation..
Konkuk University Industrial Cooperation Corp.

Methods for analysis of somatic mobile elements, and uses thereof

Methods and compositions related to the use of mobile element insertions and their adjacent genomic sequences. Methods using meis as markers for cellular proliferation, as targets for pharmaceuticals, as markers for tissue fingerprinting and in related methods and compositions are disclosed herein.
Igenomx International Genomics Corporation

Tyrosine-phosphorylated wbp2, a novel cancer target and biomarker

Ww-binding protein 2 (wbp2) has been demonstrated in different studies to be a tyrosine kinase substrate, to activate erα/pr transcription and to play a role in breast cancer. However, the role of wbp2 tyrosine phosphorylation in regulating er function and breast cancer biology is unknown.
National University Of Singapore

Dietary supplements for treating cancer

Methods and compositions for treating cancer and other disorders associated with undesired cellular proliferation are provided comprising administering to a subject in need thereof an amino acid mixture, wherein the amino acid mixture comprises glycine, optionally comprising at least a 2:1 molar ratio of glycine to serine.. .
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center

Material for cell cultivation, production methods and uses thereof

A double-porosity three-dimensional material includes a support consisting of a polymer having a surface which includes positive charges and is functionalized by bioactive molecules which include negative charges and are used to increase the proliferation of eukaryotic cells. A method of producing the double-porosity three-dimensional material, and use of the material for fixing and stimulating the proliferation of eukaryotic cells are also described..
Universite De Rouen

Modulation of the physical interaction between platelets and the cell surface effecting cell proliferation

The growth and/or proliferation of mammalian cells are modulated by modulating the physical interaction between platelets (thrombocytes) and the surface of the cells. Sulfated polysaccharides, preferably glycosaminoglycans, can be used as a medicament for the inhibition of the physical interaction between the cell surface and platelets in the treatment of a medical disorder associated with unwanted cell growth and/or proliferation.
Cell Receptor Gmbh

Methods and compositions for inhibiting the growth and/or proliferation of myc-driven tumor cells

The invention generally relates to methods for identifying and using anticancer therapeutic agents and, more particularly, to methods for identifying and using inhibitors of genes for inhibiting the growth and/or proliferation of myc-driven tumor cells relative to normal cells.. .
Fred Huchinson Cancer Research Center

Generation of ctl lines with specificity against multiple tumor antigens or multiple viruses

The present invention encompasses methods and compositions for the generation and use of cytotoxic t lymphocytes that target multiple viruses or that are specific for multiple tumor antigens. In specific embodiments, the generation methods employ use of certain cytokines to promote proliferation and reduce cell death in an activated t cell population and/or that employ a particular bioreactor having a gas permeable membrane..
Wilson Wolf Manufacturing

Icos binding proteins

The present invention relates to an icos binding protein or antigen binding portion thereof that is an agonist to human icos and does not induce complement, adcc, or cdc when placed in contact with a t cell in vivo and methods of treating cancer, infectious disease and/or sepsis with said icos binding protein or antigen binding portion thereof. Further the icos binding proteins or antigen binding portions thereof of the present invention are capable of activating a t cell when placed in contact with said t cell; stimulating t cell proliferation when placed in contact with said t cell and/or inducing cytokine production when placed in contact with said t cell.
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited

April variants

The present invention provides a variant proliferation-inducing ligand (april), which has a higher binding affinity to bcma than wild-type april; and/or altered binding kinetics compared with wild-type april, and/or a higher bcma:taci (transmembrane activator and calcium modulator and cyclophilin ligand interactor) binding ratio than wild-type april and which comprises mutations at one or more of the following positions: a125, v174, t175, m200, p201, s202, h203, d205 and r206.. .
Ucl Business Plc

Multi-specific polypeptide useful for localized tumor immunomodulation

The disclosure provides a multi-specific polypeptide with a first moiety specific for a tumor-associated antigen on tumor cell surface and a second moiety specific for an immune checkpoint protein, which multi-specific polypeptide can be useful for biasing a t-cell-mediated response to a tumor micro-environment. For example, the polypeptide may contain: a) a first binding domain, for example, a full-length antibody or an antigen-binding domain of an antibody, specifically recognizing a tumor-associated antigen on tumor cell surface, and b) a second binding domain, such as a lipocalin mutein, capable of stimulating t-cell proliferation e.g., by inhibiting a protein receptor that down-regulates the immune system.
Pieris Pharmaceuticals Gmbh

Heterocyclic inhibitors of erk1 and erk2 and their use in the treatment of cancer

The present application provides novel heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Also provided are methods for preparing these compounds.
Asana Biosciences, Llc

Heterocyclic inhibitors of erk1 and erk2 and their use in the treatment of cancer

The present application provides novel heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Also provided are methods for preparing these compounds.
Asana Biosciences, Llc

New compounds

A, b, x, rl to r3 are defined as in claim 1, which are suitable for the treatment of diseases characterised by excessive or abnormal cell proliferation, and their use for preparing a medicament having the above-mentioned properties.. .

Soil texture improving agent or improvement microorganism proliferation agent, soil ground solidification method, improvement microorganism proliferation method and decontamination method, and decontamination soil contaminated with radioactive material

The present invention provides a soil improvement material that mainly contains malic acid and chitin, can separate radioactive substances from soil particles by means of cultured bacteria (bacteria living in soil, such as actinomycetes; hereinafter called improvement microorganisms) in a soil contaminated with radioactive materials, has a decontamination effect increasing the decontamination efficiency, and has a soil ground improvement effect capable of giving a ground having water permeability and sufficient strength by compacting the ground due to a soil consolidation performance improvement effect. With the agent containing chitin, improvement microorganisms proliferate in a contaminated soil for 7 days to 1 month as a microorganism proliferation and curing period of the improvement microorganisms, and contaminants (cesium) are incorporated and are removed from soil particles.
Osaki Corporation

Combination compositions for treating disorders requiring removal or destruction of unwanted cellular proliferations

The embodiments include methods of treating conditions requiring removal or destruction of cellular elements, such as benign or malignant tumors using compounds based on small peptides in combination with additional active agent(s). The method includes, but is not limited to, administering the compounds intramuscularly, orally, intravenously, intrathecally, intraprostatically, intratumorally, intranasally, topically, transdermally, etc., either alone or conjugated to a carrier to a mammal in need thereof..
Nymox Corporation

Treatment of cardiac diseases with modulators of the hippo pathway

The present invention provides methods of treating and preventing cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure. Further provided are transgenic animals exhibiting altered expression of the atypical cadherin fat4 and methods using said transgenic animals, or cells isolated therefrom, for the detection of compounds having therapeutic activity toward cardiac hypertrophy or regeneration.
Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale (inserm)

Use of citrus polyphenol for wound healing and composition thereof

The present invention provides a composition for wound healing, which includes an effective amount of a citrus polyphenol. Moreover, the present invention also provides a method for improving wound healing and improving fibroblasts migration and/or proliferation, which includes applying an effective amount of citrus polyphenol to the wound and fibroblasts..
National Taiwan University

Potent lna oligonucleotides for the inhibition of hif-1a expression

The present disclosure relates to an lna oligonucleotide consisting of a sequence selected from the group consisting of 5′-(tx)gxgxcsasasgscsastscscstxgxt-3′ and 5′-(gx)txtxascstsgscscststscstxtxa-3′, wherein capital letters designate a beta-d-oxy-lna nucleotide analogue, small letters designate a 2-deoxynucleotide, underline designates either a beta-d-oxy-lna nucleotide analogue or a 2-deoxynucleotide, subscript “s” designates a phosphorothioate link between neighbouring nucleotides/lna nucleotide analogues, and subscript “x” designates either a phosphorothioate link or a phosphorodiester link between neighbouring nucleotides/lna nucleotide analogues, and wherein the sequence is optionally extended by up to five 2-deoxynucleotide units. The lna oligonucleotides are useful for modulating the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1a (hif-1a), e.g.
Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A/s

Mir-155 inhibitors for treating cutaneous t cell lymphoma (ctcl)

The present invention provides oligonucleotide inhibitors of mir-155 and compositions thereof. The invention further provides methods for treating cancer such as a t cell lymphoma in a subject by administering to the subject an oligonucleotide inhibitor of mir-155.
Miragen Therapeutics, Inc.

Systems, methods, and cellular compositions thereof, involving introduction, attachment and proliferation of trophectoderm cells in a blastocyst

A method of improving quality of a blastocyst is described. The method includes removing a segment of trophectoderm from a first blastocyst.
Texas Health Biomedical Advancement Center, Inc.

Defined three dimensional microenvironment for cell culture

This disclosure provides a three-dimensional (3d) microenvironment presenting defined biochemical and physical cues that regulate cellular behavior and use of the microenvironment. A composition to form the 3d microenvironment is provided by combining one or more natural or synthetic polymeric materials and substrate proteins recombinantly or chemically functionalized with a variety of bioactive peptides such as extracellular matrix-derived or growth factor-derived peptides.
Kollodis Biosciences, Inc.

Compounds and methods for delivery of prostacyclin analogs

This invention pertains generally to prostacyclin formulations and methods for their use in promoting vasodilation, inhibiting platelet aggregation and thrombus formation, stimulating thrombolysis, inhibiting cell proliferation (including vascular remodeling), providing cytoprotection, preventing atherogenesis and inducing angiogenesis.. .
United Therapeutics Corporation

Pharmaceutical compositions comprising macrolide diastereomers, methods of their synthesis and therapeutic uses

The disclosure relates to compositions comprising diastereomer of a macrolide exhibiting improved therapeutic profile in the context of inhibiting cell proliferation compared to the corresponding compositions comprising mixture of diastereomers. The disclosure further provides drug-ligand conjugates formed using diastereomer of the macrolide.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Olivamine-induced improvement in endothelial cells viability and function

Compositions for and methods of improving wound healing are disclosed, including compositions for and methods of treating chronic wounds, and compositions for the inhibition and treatment of necrosis and extended quiescence that result in cellular necrosis instead of normal proliferation. The compositions include hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein, or a combination of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein with endothelial cells.

Substituted gemcitabine aryl amide analogs

In accordance with the purpose(s) of the invention, as embodied and broadly described herein, the invention, in one aspect, relates to substituted gemcitabine aryl amide analogs, methods of making the same, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, methods of treating viral disorders and disorders of uncontrolled cellular proliferation using same.. .
Nucorion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Methods of treating acute t cell leukemia

The present invention is directed to methods of treating t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This method involves selecting a subject having t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and administering, to the selected subject, a therapeutic agent that inhibits cxcr4-cxcl12 signaling at a dosage effective to treat the t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the subject.
New York University

Combination of metabolic bio-energetic and nutra-epigentic regulators, nutraceutical compounds in conventional and nanotechnologies combination to revert and prevent the chronic damage accelerated cellullar senescence produced by diabetis and other degenerative chronic complex diseases

The invention relates to compounds of natural origin and their pharmaceutically acceptable and active mixture to decrease glucose, cholesterol, uric acid, and body fat the high levels, cytoprotection of damaged organs, activation of metabolism and cell proliferation. It is exemplified with the pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmaceutically effective amount of the compounds of formulation i, and its method on in vitro and in vivo systems.

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