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Proliferation patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Proliferation-related patents
 Semi-instantaneous microwave-induced thermo heater patent thumbnailnew patent Semi-instantaneous microwave-induced thermo heater
Thermo heater comprising: a tank (1) made of glass, fitted with a cover (7) and a number of magnetrons (3) supported by a belt or a support framework (2) surrounding the tank (1), which offer the magnetrons continued support and which may be arranged inside the tank (1). Each one of the magnetrons (3) is housed on a primary exchanger (5) and this, in turn, on the main exchanger (6).

 Functional genomics screening platform for head and neck cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Functional genomics screening platform for head and neck cancer
The present invention relates to hpv-positive as well as hpv-negative screening platforms that are highly serum-dependent, for use as hnscc models. These hnscc models die reproducibly in serum-deprived conditions and the introduction of driver mutations (or increased levels of the wt gene) confers enhanced cell survival and proliferation under serum deprivation.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

 Methods and compositions for cell-proliferation-related disorders patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for cell-proliferation-related disorders
Methods of treating and evaluating subjects having neoactive mutants of idh (e.g., idh1 or idh2).. .
Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc

 Methods for the treatment of infections and tumors patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for the treatment of infections and tumors
Pd-1 antagonists are disclosed that can be used to reduce the expression or activity of pd-1 in a subject. An immune response specific to an infectious agent or to tumor cells can be enhanced using these pd-1 antagonists in conjunction with an antigen from the infectious agent or tumor.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

 Substituted fused tricyclic compounds, compositions, and medicinal applications thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Substituted fused tricyclic compounds, compositions, and medicinal applications thereof
The compounds of the present invention are useful in the treatment, prevention or suppression of diseases and disorders mediated by jak activity. Such conditions include, but not limited to, arthritis, alzheimer's disease, autoimmune thyroid disorders, cancer, diabetes, leukemia, t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia, lymphoma, myleoproliferation disorders, lupus, multiple myeloma, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, sepsis, psoriatic arthritis, prostate cancer, t-cell autoimmune disease, inflammatory diseases, chronic and acute allograft transplant rejection, bone marrow transplant, stroke, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, allergy, bronchitis, viral diseases, or type i diabetes, complications from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, crohn's disease, dry eye, uveitis, inflammatory bowel disease, organ transplant rejection, psoriasis and ulcerative colitis.

 Use of mir-494 to modulate trail-induced apoptosis through bim down-regulation patent thumbnailnew patent Use of mir-494 to modulate trail-induced apoptosis through bim down-regulation
Methods and compositions for inhibiting tumorigenicity both in vitro and in vivo in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering an effective amount of an anti-mir-494 nucleic acid construct sufficient to target one or more tumor suppressor genes (tsgs) are described. Activation of the erk1/2 pathway is a major determinant of diverse cellular processes and cancer development and is responsible for the transcription of several important mirnas.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

 Pharmaceutical composition comprising microrna-30b, microrna-133a, or microrna-202-5p inhibitor for inhibiting cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Pharmaceutical composition comprising microrna-30b, microrna-133a, or microrna-202-5p inhibitor for inhibiting cancer
Provided is an anticancer composition, and particularly, a pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting cancer, which includes a microrna-30b, microrna-133a, or microrna-202-5p inhibitor as an active ingredient. The pharmaceutical composition may suppress microrna-30b, microrna-133a, or microrna-202-5p, thereby inhibiting proliferation of cancer cells, and eventually, is expected to be useful for cancer treatment..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

 Method for in vitro proliferation of cell population containing cells suitable for treatment of ischemic disease patent thumbnailnew patent Method for in vitro proliferation of cell population containing cells suitable for treatment of ischemic disease
A method of producing a cell population wherein a vascular endothelial progenitor cell and/or an anti-inflammatory macrophage are/is enriched, including cultivating a mononuclear cell derived from bone marrow, cord blood or peripheral blood in a serum-free medium containing stem cell factor, interleukin-6, fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand, thrombopoietin and vascular endothelial cell growth factor, and proliferating vascular endothelial progenitor cell from the cell; and a cell population obtained by the method, etc.. .

 Methods and compositions for limiting viability of a modified host cell outside of designated process conditions patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for limiting viability of a modified host cell outside of designated process conditions
The invention provides methods and compositions for inhibiting proliferation of a modified host cell outside of a designated process condition. Compositions and methods for providing a host cell having reduced viability when exposed to natural conditions external to a controlled environment are disclosed..
Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc.

 Pharmaceutical composition containing core factor involved in proliferation and differentiation of central nervous cell patent thumbnailPharmaceutical composition containing core factor involved in proliferation and differentiation of central nervous cell
With an aim to provide a novel factor inducing proliferation of neural stem cells and differentiation of these cells into nerve cells, a pharmaceutical composition comprising 1) crbn, 2) a nucleic acid encoding crbn, or 3) a stem cell or a neural progenitor cell in which crbn is expressed, a method including administering the pharmaceutical composition to a non-human animal and inducing proliferation of neural stem cells or neural progenitor cells of the non-human animal and differentiation of these cells into nerve cells, and a method for screening for a therapeutic drug for a disease of cerebral cortex or a surgical injury of cerebral cortex, using crbn, are provided.. .
Celgene Corporation


Treatment of ocular diseases

Disclosed are methods for treating eye diseases or conditions characterized by vascular instability, vascular leakage and neovacularization such as diabetic macular edema, age-related macular edema, choroidal neovascularization, diabetic retinopathy, trauma, ocular ischemia, retinal angiomatous proliferation, macular telangiectasia and uveitis.. .
Aerpio Therapeutics Inc.


Combination treatment of cancer

The present invention provides mt4-mmp inhibitor and egfr inhibitor for use in the treatment of cancer, wherein said mt4-mmp inhibitor and egfr inhibitor are different from each other. Mt4-mmp (mmp-17) is a glycosylphosphatidyl inositol (gpi) anchored mmp produced by cancer cells that promotes tumor vascularization and metastases.
UniversitÉ De LiÈge


Cd3 binding polypeptides

The present invention relates to mono-specific and multi-specific polypeptides that specifically bind or interact with cd3. These polypeptides can be, but are not limited to, antibodies, fragments thereof, scfvs, fabs, di-scfvs single domain antibodies, diabodies, dual variable domain binding proteins and polypeptides containing an antibody or antibody fragments.
Emergent Product Development Seattle Llc


Coumarin derivative

A novel coumarin derivative or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and also to provide a pharmaceutical agent containing such a compound as an active ingredient is provided. The coumarin derivative or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof exhibits an excellent suppressive action to the destruction of cartilage and suppressive action to the proliferation of synovial cells in a pharmacological test where the release of sulfated glycosaminoglycans (sgag) and the proliferation of synovial cells are used as indicators whereby it is very useful as an active ingredient of a pharmaceutical composition such as a preventive or therapeutic agent for arthropathy such as osteoarthritis or chronic rheumatoid arthritis..
Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Stat3 inhibitors and their anticancer use

In one aspect, the invention relates to substituted 6-amino-5,8-dioxo-5,8-dihydronaphthalene-1-sulfonamide analogs and derivatives thereof, substituted 4-amino-5h-naphtho[1,8-cd]isothiazol-5-one 1,1-dioxide analogs and derivatives thereof, and related compounds, which are useful as inhibitors of stat protein activity; synthetic methods for making the compounds; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds; and methods of treating disorders of uncontrolled cellular proliferation associated with a stat protein activity dysfunction using the compounds and compositions. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention..
Research Institute At Nationwide At Children's Hospital


Lithium stimulation of cord blood stem cell proliferation and growth factor production

The present invention provides methods for expanding human umbilical cord blood stem cells and methods for stimulating growth factor production by cord blood stem cells using an in vitro cell culture system comprising a lithium salt. The present invention also provides in vivo methods for enhancing the survival and growth of transplanted cord blood stem cells by treating the cells with a lithium salt prior to transplantation.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Mdm2 inhibitors for treatment of ocular conditions

Provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of various ocular diseases characterized by unwanted cellular proliferation. The pharmaceutical compositions may comprise one or more mdm2 inhibitors, and may further comprise one or more additional therapeutic agents.
Serrata, Llc


Natural killer cells and uses thereof

Provided herein are methods of producing natural killer (nk) cells and nk progenitor cell populations using a two-step expansion and differentiation method. Also provided herein are methods of producing populations of nk cells and nk progenitor cell populations using a three-step expansion and differentiation method.
Anthrogenesis Corporation


Method for regulating cell proliferation

The present invention provides a composition for regulating cell proliferation comprising a peptide having a partial amino acid sequence of bbf2h7 or an antibody capable of binding to the peptide. The problem has been solved by preparation of the peptide having a partial amino acid sequence of bbf2h7 which has a cell proliferation activity..
Hiroshima University


Method of producing fr901228

Depsipeptides and congeners thereof are disclosed having structure (i), wherein m, n, p, q, x, r1, r2 and r3 are as defined herein. These compounds, including fr901228, have activity as, for example, immunosuppressants, as well as for the prevention or treatment of patients suffering or at risk of suffering from inflammatory, autoimmune or immune system-related diseases including graft-versus-host disease and enhancement of graft/tissue survival following transplant.
Astellas Pharma Inc.


Preventing and reducing biofilm formation and planktonic proliferation

The present invention relates to methods for preventing and/or reducing biofilm formation and/or planktonic proliferation with one or more selected bacteria strains or bacterial blends.. .
Novozymes Biologicials, Inc.


Compounds and methods for selectively targeting cancer stem cells

Described are compounds and methods useful for selectively targeting cancer stem cells. The compounds preferentially induce differentiation and/or reduce the proliferation of cancer stem cells relative to normal stem cells.
Mcmaster University


Hematopoietic stem cell specific reporter mouse and uses thereof

Described herein are nucleic acid constructs, hematopoietic stem cell identifier animals, and methods of using thereof for isolating hematopoietic stem cell populations. Also provided are methods of using the identifier animals and cells isolated from them to screen for agents that affect the growth, proliferation, potency, expansion, or maintenance of the stem cells.
Children's Medical Center Corporaiton


Method and system for rebrokering orders in a trading system

Systems and methods are described herein for supporting the trading of bonds in a computerized system using broker dealers as intermediaries. Broker dealers receive orders relating to particular transactions and have the option to accept the order by submitting a matching counter order, or to rebroker the order with the same or modified terms to a number of other investors or additional broker dealers.
Wall Corporation


Compositions and methods for modulation of rorgammat functions

The present invention relates to expression of rorγt in cells and tissues and the effect of expression of this gene on proliferation of specific immune cells and in promotion of immune cell aggregates and in induction of il17 producing cells. Furthermore, the invention relates to methods and agents that may decrease function of the gene product (the protein) or expression of this gene in individuals experiencing an inflammatory condition, an autoimmune disease or a food allergy, or any other condition whereby it is desirable to inhibit an immune response.


Compositions and methods for treating peripheral arterial disease

The present application discloses roles for mir-93 in treating hypoxia and ischemia. Endothelial cells (huvec) and myocytes (c2c12) expressed mir-93 and up-regulated mir-93 in response to hypoxia and serum starvation.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Proliferation of muc1 expressing cells

The present application discloses a method for stimulating or enhancing proliferation of a population of cells by activating muc1 receptor on the cells.. .
Minerva Biotechnologies Corporation


Taci as an anti-tumor agent

A method of treating a mammal for a condition associated with undesired cell proliferation comprising administering to said mammal an effective amount of a taci reagent, wherein said reagent extends mean survival time of said mammal by about 10% or more as compared to the absence of administering the taci reagent.. .
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.


Heterocyclic compounds and methods for their use

The present invention relates to heterocyclic compounds useful for antagonising angiotensin ii type 2 (at2) receptor. More particularly the invention relates to piperidine compounds, compositions containing them and their use in methods of treating or preventing disorders or diseases associated with at2 receptor function including neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, conditions associated with neuronal hypersensitivity, impaired nerve conduction velocity, cell proliferation disorders, disorders associated with an imbalance between bone resorption and bone formation and disorders associated with aberrant nerve regeneration..
Spinifex Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd


Pharmaceutical composition of milk fat globules (mfgs) zinc free

A pharmaceutical composition comprising at least 20 wt % of milk fat globules (mgfs) and at least one c12-c20 fatty acid, and being free of zinc oxide for treating skin disorders and/or cell abnormal proliferation disorders.. .


Methods for treating cancers using oral formulations of cytidine analogs

Provided herein are methods for treating subjects having a cancer, such as a relapsed or refractory solid tumor, wherein the method comprises administering to the subject a cytidine analog. In certain of the methods, the cytidine analog is administered alone or in combination with one or more anti-cancer agents.
Celgene Corporation


Substituted cc-1065 analogs and their conjugates

This invention relates to novel agents that are analogs of the dna-alkylating agent cc-1065 and to their conjugates. Furthermore this invention concerns intermediates for the preparation of said agents and their conjugates.


Method for selectively inhibiting sulfate-reducing bacterium, gypsum composition capable of inhibiting proliferation of sulfate-reducing bacterium by said method, gypsum-type solidifying material, and gypsum-type building material

A method for performing selective bacteriostasis of a sulfate-reducing bacterium, the method selectively inhibiting proliferation of the sulfate-reducing bacterium by allowing chelated al to coexist in an environment where the sulfate-reducing bacterium exists, and a gypsum composition containing calcined gypsum (a) and chelated al (b), in which the chelated al (b) is contained in a range of 0.01 to 20 mass parts relative to 100 mass parts of the calcined gypsum (a).. .
Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.


Macrocyclic compounds and methods of treatment

The instant invention describes macrocyclic compounds having therapeutic activity, and methods of treating disorders such as cancer, tumors and cell proliferation related disorders, and hdac mediated disorders.. .
University Of Florida Research Foundation


Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase

This application discloses compounds according to generic formula i: wherein all variables are defined as described herein, which inhibit btk. The compounds disclosed herein are useful to modulate the activity of btk and treat diseases associated with excessive btk activity.
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.


Novel pyrrolopyrimidine compounds as inhibitors of protein kinases

The present invention relates to certain pyrrolopyrimidine derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and methods of using them, including methods for the treatment of proliferation disorders and other diseases related to the dysregulation of kinase (such as, but not limited to, egfr (including her), alk, pdgfr, blk, bmx/etk, btk, flt3(d835y), itk, jak1, jak2, jak3, tec and txk) and/or the respective pathways.. .
Acea Biosciences Inc.


Indole-substituted pyrrolopyrimidinyl inhibitors of uba6

Disclosed are chemical entities that inhibit uba6, each of which is a compound of formula /: formula (i) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein r*1 is —h or —ch3; and y is formula (ii) or formula (iii), wherein r2 is —h, —ch3 or c1-4 alkyloxycarbonyl; and rs7.1, rs7.2 and rs8.1 are defined herein; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the chemical entities; and methods of using the chemical entities. These chemical entities are useful for treating disorders, particularly cell proliferation disorders, including cancers..
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Inhibitors of beta-hydroxylase for treatment of cancer

The present invention relates to compounds which modulate (e.g., inhibit) the activity of beta-hydroxylase (e.g., asparatyl (asparaginyl) β-hydroxylase (asph)), including novel 2-aryl-5-amino-3(2h)-furanone and 2-heteroaryl-5-amino-3(2h)-furanone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, methods for their synthesis, and methods of using these compounds to modulate the activity of asph in an a cell-free sample, a cell-based assay, and in a subject. Other aspects of the invention relate to use of the compounds disclosed herein to ameliorate or treat cell proliferation disorders..
Midwestern University


Methacrylate copolymers for medical devices

A polymer of hydrophobic monomers and hydrophilic monomers is provided. It is also provided a polymer blend that contains the polymer and another biocompatible polymer.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Interventional medical device and manufacturing method thereof

An interventional medical device and manufacturing method thereof. The interventional medical device comprises: a stent body (1); a surface of the stent body (1) being provided with a drug releasing structure (3), and drug in the drug releasing structure (3) being drug for suppressing proliferation of adventitial fibroblasts and a drug for suppressing proliferation of intimal and/or smooth muscle cells.
Shanghai Microport Medical (group) Co., Ltd.


Uses of il-12 in hematopoiesis

Methods for enhancing or stimulating hematopoiesis including the step of administering interleukin-12 (il-12) to yield hematopoietic recovery in a mammal in need. Preferred methods include the step of administering il-12 as an adjuvant therapy to alleviate the hematopoietic toxicities associated with one or more treatment regimens used to combat a disease state.
University Of Southern California


Methods and compositions for regenerating hair cells and/or supporting cells

Provided are methods and compositions for inducing cells of the inner ear (for example, cochlear and utricular hair cells) to reenter to cell cycle and to proliferate. More particularly, the invention relates to the use of agents that increase c-myc activity and/or notch activity for inducing cell cycle reentry and proliferation of cochlear or utricular hair cells and/or cochlear or utricular supporting cells.
Massachusetts Eye And Ear Infirmary


Combination therapies and methods of use thereof for treating cancer

Pharmaceutical compositions including an effective amount of an antiandrogen or androgen antagonist in combination with a plk inhibitor and methods of use thereof for treating cancer are disclosed. Administration of the combination of the active agents can be effective to reduce cancer cell proliferation or viability in a subject with cancer to the same degree, or a greater degree than administering to the subject the same amount of either active agent alone.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Method and device for preparing non-embryonic stem cells

The invention relates to a process for preparing a non-expanded tissue derivative, that is not subjected to cell proliferation in vitro, which has a vascular-stromal fraction enriched in stem and multipotent elements, such as pericytes and/or mesenchymal stem cells, or for preparing non-embryonic stem cells obtained from a tissue sample or from such tissue derivative, wherein the tissue derivative or such cells are subjected to vibrations derived from a heart sound to control the degree of differentiation or possible differentiation of the stem and multipotent elements into several other types of cells and optimize their potency. The invention relates also to a device for carrying out the process, to stem cells obtainable by the process as well as a drug for the regeneration of an animal tissue..
Lipogems International Srl


Cell culture

The disclosure relates to the fabrication of a three dimensional [3-d] cell culture membrane comprising one or more functionalized surfaces adapted to provide cell culture conditions suitable for the analysis of proliferation, differentiation or function of cells, typically eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Monoclonal antibody against human midkine

A monoclonal antibody, which recognizes at least two amino acids among amino acids located at position 69, position 79, position 81 and position 102 of human midkine, has been found to have excellent reactivity with and excellent neutralizing activity against human midkine. Moreover, the activity of suppressing the proliferation of tumor has been observed in the antibody having excellent neutralizing activity.
National University Corporation Nagoya University


Compositions and methods of using islet neogenesis peptides and analogs thereof

The invention provides peptides and analogs of ingap and hip peptides. The peptides and analogs can be used in methods for treating various diseases and conditions.
Shenzhen Hightide Biopharmaceutical, Ltd.


Novel 19-nor-steroids and their use for treating progesterone- dependent conditions

The subject matter of the instant invention is pertinent to the field of treatment of hormone-dependent conditions. New compounds and methods for treating these conditions are disclosed.
Repros Therapeutics Inc.


Use of psoralen derivatives and combination therapy for treatment of cell proliferation disorders

Methods for the treatment of a cell proliferation disease or disorder in a subject, involving applying a psoralen derivative lacking a dna cross-linking motif to cancer cells, applying a psoralen or a derivative thereof and lapatinib, or applying a psoralen or derivative thereof and neratinib, to a subject and further applying initiation radiation energy form an energy source.. .
Duke University


Medicament for wound treatment

The invention relates to stathmin, stathmin, a nucleic acid encoding said stathmin or a cell expressing stathmin for use in the treatment of chronic wounds or disease- or medication-dependent impaired wound healing in a patient or for increasing or inducing the proliferation and/or migration of mesenchymal cells, of stem cells, for stimulating immune cells, preferably natural killer cells, for stimulating fibroblasts, for stimulating epithelial cells, preferably epithelial cells of the epidermis, or for stimulating angiogenesis.. .
Simu Trade Consulting Gmbh & Co. Leasing Kg


Differentiation marker and differentiation control of eye cell

The present invention relates to a differentiation marker and a differentiation controlling technique for an eye cell. More particularly, the present invention has attained an object of providing a differentiation marker for an eye cell among the aforementioned problems, by providing a marker for identifying a cell having a high proliferation ability among corneal endothelial cells and/or the differentiation ability of a corneal endothelial cell, the marker comprising gpr49/lgr5, as well as a detection agent or detection method for identifying a cell having a high proliferation ability among corneal endothelial cells and/or the differentiation ability of a corneal endothelial cell, comprising a substance binding to gpr49/lgr5.
The Doshisha


Method for treating triple-negative breast cancer using ampi-109

A targeted approach toward the treatment of tn breast cancer by using ampi-109 is disclosed. Ampi-109 is a compound with remarkable “cancer-specific” characteristics.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado


Stack light with modular power converter

A power converter is introduced into a stack light in the form of a compatible modular element that fits between the base and a light module. By converting multiple input voltages to a common core voltage in a module distinct from the base and light modules, proliferation of different varieties of base modules and light modules may be reduced without impact on customer selection..
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Compositions and uses to govern cancer cell growth

The invention relates to composition and a method of using the composition for modulting proliferation, invasiveness, the expression of a biomarker of an abnormal cell, of reducing the risk of patient cell becoming abnormal, or of modulating proliferation of a carcinoma-associated fibroblast or of a tumor-associated macrophage. The invention also relates to a method of culturing the composition to produce molecules that modulate abnormal cell proliferation, invasiveness, or metastasis.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Human cd8+ regulatory t cells inhibit gvhd and preserve general immunity in humanized mice

Graft-versus-host disease (gvhd) is a lethal complication of allograft transplantation. The current strategy of using immunosuppressive agents to control gvhd may cause general immune suppression and limit the effectiveness of allograft transplantation.
The University Of Hong Kong


Method of treating microbial infections

Methods of inhibiting or preventing the proliferation of a fungus and/or a bacteria in a living organism, in water, in air, and/or on surfaces, include administering or providing a therapeutic amount or an effective amount of an antimicrobial composition including octodrine.. .
Keck Graduate Institute Of Applied Life Sciences


Human serum albumin linkers and conjugates thereof

Disclosed is a human serum albumin (hsa) linker and hsa linker with binding, diagnostic, and therapeutic agents conjugated thereto. Also disclosed is a conjugate in which the hsa linker is covalently bonded to amino and carboxy terminal binding moieties that are first and second single-chain fv molecules (scfvs).
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Acyl-hydrazone and oxadiazole compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and uses thereof

The present invention relates to acyl-hydrazone compounds, in particular 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl-hydrazide derivatives, as well as the oxadiazole analogs thereof and other similar compounds, and to the pharmaceutical use of the same for the treatment of various diseases associated with cell proliferation, such as leukemias, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all), tumours and inflammation. Acyl-hydrazones have been obtained having activity similar to that of the compound used as a standard in experiments (colchicine).
Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina


Drugs with improved hydrophobicity for incorporation in medical devices

The invention provides a medical device comprising a hydrophobic analog of a medicament known to inhibit cell proliferation and migration. The invention also provides a method of treating a narrowing in a body passageway comprising placing an implantable medical device comprising a hydrophobic analog of a medicament known to inhibit cell proliferation and migration.
Abraxis Bioscience, Llc


Coated devices and methods of making coated devices that reduce smooth muscle cell proliferation and platelet activity

The present invention relates generally to the maintenance of blow flood using drug eluting stents and/or other coated medical devices to increased length of time of blood flow. Further, the present invention relates to drug-releasing coated devices for reducing smooth muscle cell proliferation and platelet activity to further limit restenosis utilizing resveratrol and quercetin, polyphenols that are linked to the cardioprotection of red wine consumption.
Nanocopoeia, Inc.


Dynamic montioring of g-protein coupled receptor (gpcr) and receptor tyrosine kinase (rtk) activity and pathways in living cells using real-time microelectronic cell sensing technology

Use of cell-substrate impedance based methods for screening for agonists of g-protein coupled receptors (gpcrs) or inhibitors of a receptor tyrosine kinases (rtks), identifying compounds that affect gpcr or rtk pathways, validating molecular targets involved in a gpcr or rtk signaling pathways, monitoring dose-dependent functional activation of gpcr or rtk; determining desensitization of a gpcr and identifying a compound capable of affecting rtk activity in cancer cell proliferation.. .
Acea Biosciences, Inc.


Translocation and mutant ros kinase in human non-small cell lung carcinoma

In accordance with the invention, a novel gene translocation, (4p15, 6q22), in human non-small cell lung carcinoma (nsclc) that results in a fusion proteins combining part of sodium-dependent phosphate transporter isoform napi-3b protein (slc34a2) with proto-oncogene tyrosine protein kinase ros precursor (ros) kinase has now been identified. The slc34a2-ros fusion protein is anticipated to drive the proliferation and survival of a subgroup of nsclc tumors.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.


Regimens for treatments using anti-igf antibodies

Without limitation, this disclosure relates to methods of treating cell proliferation disorders, neoplastic disorders, cancers, tumors and the like using anti-igf antibodies, or antigen binding fragments thereof. Disclosed herein are methods of treating cancer in a patient, for example a human patient, comprising administering to the patient at least two doses of an antibody which binds both igf-i and/or igf-ii.
Medimmune, Llc


Use of pedf-derived polypeptides for promoting stem cells proliferation and wound healing

Disclosed herein is a synthetic peptide, which has an amino acid sequence that has 20-39 amino acid residues. The synthetic peptide has at least 80% amino acid sequence identity to seq id no: 1, and includes at least 20 consecutive residues that has at least 90% amino acid sequence identity to residues 11-30 of seq id no: 1.
Mackay Memorial Hospital


Pyrimidine compound and medical use thereof

Wherein each symbol is as defined in the specification and a method of therapeutically or prophylactically treating an undesirable cell proliferation, comprising administering such a compound. The compound of the present invention has superior activity in suppressing undesirable cell proliferation, particularly, an antitumor activity, and is useful as an antitumor agent for the prophylaxis or treatment of cancer, rheumatism, and the like.


Heteroaryl compounds useful as inhibitors of e1 activating enzymes

This invention relates to compounds that inhibit e1 activating enzymes, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, and methods of using the compounds. The compounds are useful for treating disorders, particularly cell proliferation disorders, including cancers, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders; and inflammation associated with infection and cachexia..
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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