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Projector patents

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External vehicle projection system

System, software and associated method of use thereof for the transfer of information between a moderator adn recipients

Projection optical assembly and projector device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Projector-related patents
 Line projection system patent thumbnailnew patent Line projection system
A laser-based line projection system that is suitable for selectively placing lines on a floor surface, such as a factory floor. Several projectors are used in a typical installation.
 System, software and associated method of use thereof for the transfer of information between a moderator adn recipients patent thumbnailnew patent System, software and associated method of use thereof for the transfer of information between a moderator adn recipients
The present invention relates to a web-based computer system, a web-based computer software, and a method of use thereof for the transfer of information between a moderator and a plurality of recipients either in a face-to-face environment or in a remote environment, and more specifically the use of a moderator station, a projector display, and a plurality of user web-enabled devices connected to a network in a group and team competitive environment.. .
 Lens and projector patent thumbnailnew patent Lens and projector
The present invention provides a lens and a projector having the same lens. The lens comprises: a lower substrate, an upper substrate opposite to the lower substrate, and a common electrode located at a lower side of the upper substrate, wherein the lower substrate is formed thereon with at least two electrode groups; moreover, between the common electrode and the electrode groups, there is provided with lens liquid, and the lens liquid is composed of hydrophilic liquid and oleophilic liquid.
 Head-up display device patent thumbnailnew patent Head-up display device
A head-up display device includes a projector, a screen component and a prism component. The prism component integrally has an incidence surface into which laser light enters from the projector, a mirror surface which reflects the laser light entering inside the prism component from the incidence surface, and an exit surface which emits the laser light reflected by the mirror surface toward the screen component outside of the prism component, as optical surface on an optical path, and each of the incidence surface and the exit surface constructs a lens surface such that that the laser light is formed into an image relative to the screen component in a spot state..
 Positional deviation detection unit, light emitting device, illumination apparatus, projector, vehicle headlamp, and positional deviation adjustment method patent thumbnailnew patent Positional deviation detection unit, light emitting device, illumination apparatus, projector, vehicle headlamp, and positional deviation adjustment method
A positional deviation detection unit (20) includes a detection portion (21) that detects a relative positional relationship between a laser element (24), a condensing lens (27), and a light emitting portion (3), and a determination portion (22) that compares a detection result from the detection portion (21) with a reference relative positional relationship which is used as a reference for the relative positional relationship, so as to determine whether or not there is a deviation of the relative positional relationship between the laser element (24), the condensing lens (27), and the light emitting portion (3) when the detection portion (21) performs the detection, from the reference relative positional relationship.. .
 Light emitting device, super luminescent diode, and projector patent thumbnailnew patent Light emitting device, super luminescent diode, and projector
A light emitting device includes: an active layer; and a first cladding layer and a second cladding layer that sandwich the active layer, wherein the active layer forms an optical waveguide that guides light, a traveling direction of the light guided in the optical waveguide changes at a first reflection part provided on a first side surface of the active layer, and the first reflection part is located outside of a region in which the first cladding layer and the second cladding layer are provided in a plan view.. .
 Projection optical assembly and projector device patent thumbnailnew patent Projection optical assembly and projector device
There is provided a projection optical system (1) that projects from a first image plane on a reducing side to a second image plane on an enlargement side, including a first refractive optical system (11) that includes eight lenses (l1) to (l8) and forms a first intermediate image (31) on the enlargement side using light that is incident from the reducing side, a second refractive optical system (12) that includes six lenses (l9) to (l14) and forms the first intermediate image (31) on the reducing side into a second intermediate image (32) on the enlargement side, and a first reflective optical system (20) that includes a first reflective surface (21a) with positive refractive power that is positioned closer to the enlargement side than the second intermediate image (32).. .
 Projector for preventing thermal deterioration of a light shielding member patent thumbnailnew patent Projector for preventing thermal deterioration of a light shielding member
A projector includes: a light source device; an optical modulation device configured to modulate a luminous flux emitted from the light source device in accordance with image information, forming an image; a projection optical device configured to project the image; a shutter device including a light shielding plate which can move into and out of an optical path of the luminous flux ranging from the light source device to the optical modulation device, shields the luminous flux by the light shielding plate moving into the optical path; and a light control device which being disposed on the optical path's upstream side of the shutter device, changes the area of a light passage through which the luminous flux passes, controlling the quantity of the luminous flux.. .
 Projector patent thumbnailnew patent Projector
A projector includes: an external housing that includes a projection opening and an exhaust port arranged on the same side as the projection opening; an axial-flow fan that causes air to flow therein with the rotation of blades and delivers the air flowing therein; and a plurality of slats that are arranged at the exhaust port and guide the air delivered from the axial-flow fan to an outside. The plurality of slats include an elongated slat that is disposed in, among four exhaust areas arranged side by side in the exhaust port, one of the two exhaust areas on the side close to the projection opening and whose length in a direction in which the air is guided corresponding to a rotational direction of the blade is longer than that of the slats disposed in the other areas..
 Projector, color wheel protection circuit, and color wheel protection method patent thumbnailnew patent Projector, color wheel protection circuit, and color wheel protection method
The invention provides a projector, a color wheel protection circuit, and a color wheel protection method. The projector includes a color wheel, a light source, a controller, and a protection circuit.
new patent Projector with heat sinks and single fan module
An image projector in a case, having a light engine, a circuit board, a heat sink assembly, and a fan assembly, has one or more heat sinks and heat pipes shaped to gather heat from all heat-generating components within the projector and a single air passage to receive the heated air combined from all components, allowing the employment of a single fan module in sucking cool air from the exterior and exhausting heated air through the single air passage.. .
new patent Image processing apparatus, projector and projector system including image processing apparatus, image processing method
An image processing apparatus includes: an imaging unit configured to take an image of an area including an object on which an image is projected and to acquire image data; a distance measuring unit configured to calculate distance data relevant to a distance between the object and the imaging unit based on the image data; a plane estimating unit configured to estimate a plane corresponding to the object based on the distance data; and a correction information calculating unit configured to calculate correction information relevant to correction of an image to be projected based on the distance data and plane information relevant to the plane.. .
new patent External vehicle projection system
An external projection system for an automobile includes a mounting framework coupled to an exterior portion of an automobile. The projection system includes first and second projectors mounted to the mounting framework and each configured to project an image forwardly away from the automobile.
new patent High directivity screens
A theater utilizes multiple projectors that are widely spaced. The wide spacing of the projectors reduces hot spotting that occurs on flat, curved, retro-reflective, and other types of screens.
new patent Multi-pitching angle suspended 3d display device with 360-degree field of view
This invention discloses a multi-pitching angle suspended space 3d display device with 360° fov, comprising: a transmitted composite deflective diffusing screen, a high speed projector, an image generator, a detecting module and a rotating drive mechanism. The high speed projector projects the composite images of the 3d objects of different pitching angles and horizontal 360° views to the composite deflective diffusing screen that rotates at a high speed.
new patent Display apparatus, illumination apparatus and vehicle having projector device
A display apparatus, an illumination apparatus and a vehicle having a projector device are disclosed. The projection device is disposed at the front of the vehicle through a mounting device, which is movably joined onto the vehicle, and can convert an image signal, which is outputted from an image data source, into a projection image to project the projection image on the ground in front of the vehicle in a determined distance.
new patent Laser generated measuring device
The present invention relates to a laser-based measuring device which can be used to measure geometrical sizes and lines of a plane from a distance away. The device comprises a hand-held or mountable housing unit containing a laser projector, two pivotally fixed mirrors moveable by a first and second motor respectively, and at least one range finder, wherein the laser generates a visible line whose width is determined by the on time of the laser the angle of reflection of the first mirror and the rotational speed of the second mirror.
Unauthorized use preventing system of projection-type projector
An unauthorized use preventing device includes: a first measuring unit that measures a global position thereof and outputs the global position as first position information; and a first transmission unit that wirelessly transmits the first position information to an outside. The security section includes: a second measuring unit that measures a global position thereof and outputs the global position as second position information; a first receiving unit that receives the first position information; a position comparison unit that determines whether an inter-instrument distance calculated based on the first and second position information is less than a threshold distance or equal to or more than the threshold distance, and outputs a result of the determination as a position comparison result signal; and a logical product calculation unit that calculates and outputs a logical product of the position comparison result signal and a power supply turning-on signal..
Autocapture for intra-oral imaging using inertial sensing
An intra-oral camera has a projector that is energizable to emit patterned illumination and an imaging sensor that is energizable to obtain image content. An inertial motion sensing element provides signals indicative of acceleration of the intra-oral imaging apparatus along at least one axis.
Projector light bulb
A display system that includes a projector light bulb. The system includes a light fixture with a conventional light bulb socket.
Light projector and sensor
A light projector has a light emitting device having a light emitting surface, an optical fiber having an incident end-face to which light emitted from the light emitting surface enters, and a lens arranged between the light emitting surface of the light emitting device and the incident end-face of the optical fiber. The light emitting device, the optical fiber and the lens are arranged on one optical axis.
High gain display screen with rotated microlens array
A transparent screen includes a microlens array. The microlens array includes microlenses that are individually rotated to reflect a projected image to a common eyebox.
Projection system
A projection system includes at least one projector and a holographic projection film. The projector projects a first image to a projection surface.
Apparatus for projection and methods for using the same
The present invention relates to a projection apparatus capable of projecting high quality video in a convenient mobile casing. Specifically, the present invention relates to a projector, which is disposed within a casing in alignment with the casing having a handle in a first configuration.
Projector with fan and heat sinks
A projector includes a case, an optical engine, a heat sink, a circuit board, and a fan. The case includes two sidewalls, and each sidewall defines an air hole.
Optical system
An optical system for a projector is provided, which includes a solid-state light source module, an optical module, a phosphor element and a light relay module which are disposed sequentially. The light source module can generate a first beam, while the optical module can relay and uniformize the first beam so that the first beam is uniformly incident on the phosphor element.
Light source apparatus and projector
A light source apparatus according to the present invention includes a phosphor wheel having a phosphor disposed in an annular shape on a disk-shaped base material, the phosphor serving to emit fluorescent light from excitation light, thereby forming an excitation light source having a predetermined color, and the phosphor having a discontinuous portion in a part of the annular shape, an excitation light source for emitting the excitation light with which a passage position of the circular phosphor is irradiated with respect to the phosphor wheel to be rotatively driven by the wheel motor, and a controller that controls light emission of the light source and the excitation light source synchronously with a position of the discontinuous portion with respect to an irradiation position of the excitation light.. .
Double-lens double-groove assembly
A double-lens double-groove assembly including a frame and at least two adjacent grooves in or on the frame spaced to hold at least two lenses and at least a material between the lenses. The frame can be an eyeglass frame, a camera lens frame, a projector lens frame, or some other type of lens frame.
Electronic device having a projector function and a vibrating mirror element
A vibrating mirror element includes a mirror part that reflects light and is tiltable around a rotation axis, a first deformable coupling beam and a second deformable coupling beam connected respectively to a first mirror end portion and a second mirror end portion of the mirror part positioned on an intersection line that intersects the rotation axis, and a first drive part and a second drive part that each include a piezoelectric element that deforms by voltage application, the first drive part and a second drive part connected respectively to the first deformable coupling beam and the second deformable coupling beam.. .
Electronic device having a projector function and a vibrating mirror element
A vibrating mirror device includes a mirror portion, a driving portion including a detecting electrode that detects an amount of deformation of a piezoelectric element when driving the mirror portion by applying a voltage to cause the piezoelectric element to deform, an insulating layer formed on a top face of the piezoelectric element, and a first lead interconnection that is formed on the top face of the insulating layer, that contacts the detecting electrode, and that extends to a region outside of the driving portion.. .
Electronic device having a projector function and a vibrating mirror element
A vibrating mirror element includes a mirror portion that reflects light and is tiltable around a rotational axis, a tiltable frame portion connected to a mirror end portion of the mirror portion at a position on an intersecting line that intersects with the rotational axis, a driving portion that includes a piezoelectric element that deforms through application of a voltage, and a connecting portion that connects the frame portion and the driving portion and is tiltable through deformation of the piezoelectric element of the driving portion. The frame portion can be tilted by tilting the connecting portion, and the mirror portion can be tilted by tilting the frame portion..
Interactive projector system and method
An interactive image projecting device that projects an image onto a display surface and controls the projected image based upon movement of the image projecting device or the detection of another image. The image projecting device includes a projector that generates an image from a control unit.
Infrared scanner and projector to indicate cancerous cells
Provided herein are methods and devices for detecting and/or indicating cancerous cells. In some embodiments, infrared light can be used to induce an infrared signature of one or more cells and visible light can be used to indicate the one or more cells having the infrared signature..
Vehicle headlight assembly
A reflector configured to receive and reflect illumination from an illumination device across a projector lens of a vehicle headlight assembly. The reflector includes a reflection surface, a curved edge adjacent to the reflection surface and defining a lower illumination aperture, and a wall member extending across the lower illumination aperture to define a gap portion between the wall member and the curved edge.
Projector and image display apparatus
A projector (1) which projects a guide image (pg). A first region above the center of the guide image (pg) shows a perspective view (d) representing the projector (1) and a supporting device (2) supporting the projector (1).
Projector and method for controlling the same
A projector includes a light detector that detects light brightness information on the brightness of light emitted from a light source and an adjuster that corrects the light brightness information detected with the light detector and adjusts the output from the light source based on the corrected light brightness information.. .
Illumination device and projector
An illumination device includes: a light emitting element that includes an active layer, a first clad layer and a second clad layer with the active layer interposed therebetween, and a first gain region and a second gain region generating light when a current flows through the active layer; a control unit that operates the light emitting element so that light is alternately generated in the first gain region and the second gain region; and a first lens to which light emitted from a first light emitting portion of the first gain region and light emitted from a second light emitting portion of the second gain region are incident, wherein the light emitted from the first light emitting portion and the light emitted from the second light emitting portion are emitted in the same direction and are incident to the first lens.. .
Personal interactive overhead projection inflight entertainment system
In a personal interactive overhead projection ife system, an overhead projector associated with a passenger's seat projects video onto a passive substrate attached to the seat. The passive substrate may be a tray table or a dedicated video projection screen.
Non-contact measurement device
A portable coordinate measuring machine for measuring the coordinates of an object in space is provided including a manually positionable articulated arm portion having a plurality of connected arm segments that include position transducers that provide position signals. A probe assembly connected to an arm segment includes a non-contact measurement device having a projector and a camera separated by a baseline distance.
Projector system and control method thereof
A projector system includes: a position detecting unit that detects a pointed position of a pointer on a projection surface; a drawing unit that performs drawing on the projection surface according to the pointed position detected by the position detecting unit; a height detecting unit that detects a height of a user of a projector; and a display changing unit that changes, according to the user's height detected by the height detecting unit, at least one of a shape of the image projected onto the projection surface and a display position of the image on the projection surface.. .
Hybrid image decomposition and protection
Hybrid image projection systems and methods can superimpose image components of an input image. An input image can be divided into smaller regions and at least one parameter of each region can be determined.
Discharge lamp lighting device, discharge lamp lighting method, and projector
A discharge lamp lighting method for controlling lighting of a discharge lamp includes varying an amount of generation (current value) of overshoot and undershoot generated in a waveform of a drive current that is applied when driving the discharge lamp, according to a magnitude of drive power supplied to the discharge lamp and a drive mode.. .
Meter with projector for vehicle
A meter device for a vehicle has a meter module protruded on a dashboard. A chassis module installed in the dashboard is extending on a front side of the meter module.
Spectral imaging with a color wheel
A spectral imaging apparatus includes an image sensor positioned to capture images of a target, a rotating color wheel aligned with the image sensor, and a projector positioned to project overlay images onto the target. The color wheel can include one or more filter segments, each allowing light of a different range of wavelengths to pass.
Optical connector having high coupling precision
An optical connector includes a jumper, optical fibers and an optical-electric coupling element. The jumper includes a lower surface and an upper surface.
Wrinkle detection device and wrinkle detection method
A wrinkle detection device (100) includes: a light projector (110) which, while moving relative to a layered body (40) formed by stacking electrodes (50) and separators (60), projects slit light onto an outermost one of the separators (60); a camera (120) which shoots a shape of the slit light on the separator (60); and a control unit (130) which calculates a gradient of the separator (60) on the basis of the shot shape of the slit light, and determines the existence of a wrinkle on the basis of the calculated gradient.. .
A projector includes an area light source, a spatial light modulator, an illumination system that receives light from the area light source and illuminates the spatial light modulator, and a projection lens that forms an image by the light from the spatial light modulator. The illumination system includes an optical member having a cuboid shape and including an entrance plane and an exit plane, the optical member being arranged so that the entrance plane faces the area light source, and the optical member forming, on the exit plane, an illuminance distribution having a higher illuminance at a peripheral portion than at a central portion.
A projector includes an area light source, a spatial light modulator, an illumination system that receives light from the area light source and illuminates the spatial light modulator, and a projection lens that forms an image by the light from the spatial light modulator. The area light source includes one of a light emitting region of a light emitting device and an image of the light emitting region, and the illumination system includes a rod integrator, the rod integrator is arranged so that an entrance plane of the rod integrator faces the area light source, and a size of the entrance plane of the rod integrator is smaller than a size of the area light source..
Virtual image displaying system
A virtual image displaying system is disclosed and includes: a projector, an optical relaying device, a reflective mirror and a slit array. The projector has a main body and a projection lens connecting to the main body.
Integrated projector system
A projector includes a first serial advanced technology attachment connector, a latch, a switch, and a communication module. The first serial advanced technology attachment connector is configured to connect with a second serial advanced technology attachment connector located within a computer.
Systems and methods for optically projecting three-dimensional text, images and/or symbols onto three-dimensional objects
The present invention provides a method whereby the spatial relationship and orientations of one or more three-dimensional objects being illuminated by an optical projector, and the optical projector itself, can be very accurately defined both quickly and easily. The present invention also provides a novel computerized optical projection system whereby three-dimensional data when viewed by the human eye projected onto three-dimensional objects is not deformed as a result of the non-planar projection surface.
Electro-optical pointing device
This utility model relates to systems for interfacing with a computer via control of an image created on a projector screen and can be used for the interaction of a user with the computer during presentations, training sessions or educational events. The electro-optical pointing device comprises a source of radiation in the form of a light wand and a video camera.
Sewing machine and non-transitory computer-readable medium
The sewing machine includes a needle bar, a needle bar mechanism, a moving mechanism, a projector, a processor, and a memory. The memory is configured to store computer-readable instructions that, when executed by the processor, instruct the processor to perform processes comprising specifying, a plurality of times, a position of an ultrasonic wave transmission source on a workpiece based on ultrasonic waves, setting a first stitch pattern and a sewing position of the first stitch pattern, based on a plurality of specified positions, causing the projector to project an image that shows the first stitch pattern onto the workpiece in the sewing position, creating first stitch pattern data for sewing the first stitch pattern in the sewing position, and causing, based on the first stitch pattern data, the moving mechanism to move the workpiece and the needle bar mechanism to move the needle up and down..
Optical scanning device, and endoscope, microscope, and projector each provided with the same
An optical scanning device includes an optical fiber, a holding member cantilevering the optical fiber, a first driving device placed on the distal end of the optical fiber and making the optical fiber vibrate in a first direction, and a second driving device placed between the holding member for the optical fiber and the first driving device and making the optical fiber vibrate in a second direction which crosses the first direction.. .
Laser beam pattern projector
Methods and systems consistent with some embodiments presented provide methods for denying visual access to a first area from a target area. In some embodiments, methods for denying visual access from a target area may include generating a structured light pattern and projecting the structured light pattern from onto the target area.
Projection system and projector
A projection system includes: a relay system that focuses light having exited through a first image plane on a second image plane; and an enlarging system that enlarges and projects an image focused on the second image plane on a third image plane, wherein the relay system includes a first lens element on which the light having exited through the first image plane is incident, the first lens element having positive refracting power, a reflective member that reflects a light having passed through the first lens element, the reflective member having positive refracting power, and a second lens element on which a light reflected off the reflective member is incident and which focuses the light reflected off the reflective member on the second image plane, the second lens element having positive refracting power.. .
Projector and method for controlling projector
A projector including a discharge tube as a light source includes a light source driver that supplies the discharge tube with electric power and an electric power control portion that controls the level of the electric power with which the light source driver supplies the discharge tube to perform a normal mode in which the light source driver supplies electric power of a predetermined electric power level and a power saving mode in which the light source driver supplies electric power of a power saving level lower than the predetermined electric power level. The power saving mode is a mode in which light emission from the discharge tube can be maintained..
Projector, image projecting system, and image projecting method
A projector system may include a camera, a controller unit and a projecting unit. The camera may pick up a first image of a projection surface by visible light and a second image of the projection surface by a decreased visible light.
Light source unit able to diffuse laser beam sufficiently, projector, and image projection method
There is provided a light source unit having a light source which emits a laser beam, a plurality of diffusing plates on which the laser beam is incident and which emit the laser beam incident thereon as diffuse light, and a driving mechanism which moves the plurality of diffusing plates, wherein the laser beam from the light source is incident on one diffusing plate of the plurality of diffusing plates, and diffuse light emitted from the one diffusing plate is incident on the other diffusing plate of the plurality of diffusing plates.. .
Light source unit and projector
A light source unit having a luminescent material plate tight sealing construction with a dust-proof measure where a luminescent material plate is sealed tight from a circumference thereof by attaching tightly a luminescent material plate holding metallic plate to a collective lens and a projector having the light source unit are provided. The light source unit has an excitation light source device emitting excitation light and a luminous light emitting device, and the luminous light emitting device includes a luminescent material plate on to which excitation light from the excitation light source device is shone to emit luminous light of a different wavelength from the excitation light, a substrate on which the luminescent material plate is rested, a collective lens covering the luminescent material plate, and a lens holder holding the collective lens, whereby the luminescent material plate is sealed tight by at least the substrate and the collective lens..
Polarized stereoscopic projection system and method
A stereoscopic display system and method of stereoscopic projection that include a polarization-switching light source and a polarization-preserving projector. The polarization state of the polarization-switching light source is synchronized with alternate projection of left-eye images and right-eye images.
Three dimensional image projector
A method is provided for projecting a three-dimensional image. The method includes providing a first light source that emits first eye images and a second light source that emits second eye images.
Portable projection capture device
In one example, a portable projection capture device includes a digital camera and a projector mounted below the camera. The camera defines a capture area on a work surface within which the camera is configured to capture still and video images.
Image-processing system, image-processing method and program
An image-processing system includes a receiver which receives an input value defining an output range, a generator which generates a three-dimensional model having a target image attached to a three-dimensional conformation, a decision part which decides a position of a viewing point and a viewing angle in accordance with the input value, and a projector which projects the three-dimensional model from the viewing point, wherein the decision part changes a range of a target image inside a viewing field by changing the viewing angle preferentially when the input value is in a first range, and changes the range of the target image inside the viewing field by changing the viewing point preferentially when the input value is in a second range which is a wider-angle side than that of the first range.. .
Interactive projector device
An interactive device includes a first sensor, a first button, an accelerometer, a processor, and a transmitter. The first sensor is configured to receive coordinate information from a coordinate projection of a projector.
Interactive projection system, projector thereof, and control method thereof
The present invention discloses an interactive projection system including a pointing device and a projector. The pointing device is used to generate a light spot.
Wearable projector for portable display
Described herein are technologies related to a wearable projector to project images, information, multimedia, etc. In a portable display.
Lock system and method for opening
A lock system includes a lock, a key and a cover. The lock has a key hole defined therein.

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