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Projectile patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Projectile-related patents
 Projectile launcher and applications therefor patent thumbnailProjectile launcher and applications therefor
A toy projectile launcher having a handle for receiving a removable projectile clip mechanism that stores projectiles in an unstretched state. A trigger mechanism is provided to engage and stretch a projectile when pulled towards the rear, and is configured to release the stretched projectile when pulled past a pre-determined distance.
 Projectile launcher able to launch an object using a hammer patent thumbnailProjectile launcher able to launch an object using a hammer
A projectile launching device such as a paintball gun capable of firing a paintball using a hammer is disclosed. The paintball gun, in one embodiment, includes a bolt, a valve, and a hammer wherein the bolt has an air channel and is able to move within a bolt chamber.
 Paintball launcher employing a carrier for striker reset before disconnecting from striker patent thumbnailPaintball launcher employing a carrier for striker reset before disconnecting from striker
A projectile launcher capable of optionally repositioning the bolt to a predefined position using a bolt carrier is disclosed. The launcher, in one aspect, includes a bolt, a striker, a bolt carrier, and a ramp.
 Projectile launcher having upper receiver pivotally coupled to lower receiver patent thumbnailProjectile launcher having upper receiver pivotally coupled to lower receiver
A projectile launcher having an upper receiver capable of swinging away from a lower receiver is disclosed. In one aspect, the lower receiver having a first end and a second end contains a firing control chamber.
 Projectile launcher with rotatable clip connector patent thumbnailProjectile launcher with rotatable clip connector
A toy launcher apparatus with a rotatable clip connector mounted to a lower portion of a housing. The housing also includes an upper portion, a barrel portion and a grip portion.
 Toy projectile launcher apparatus patent thumbnailToy projectile launcher apparatus
A toy launch apparatus for projectiles having a soft exterior and an open bottom with a bordering strong inner wall. The projectile's open bottom is positioned atop a slot, with respect to a launch deck and a carriage in a housing assembly.
 Toy with projectile launcher patent thumbnailToy with projectile launcher
A toy having a housing; a cover pivotally mounted to the housing for movement between a first position wherein an internal cavity of the housing is covered and a second position wherein access to the internal cavity is provided; a launching mechanism located within the internal cavity; a first projectile configured to be launched from the launching mechanism; a plurality of second projectiles configured to be launched from a plurality of projectile launchers secured to the housing; an actuation mechanism coupled to the cover, the launching mechanism and the plurality of projectile launchers, wherein operation of the actuation mechanism causes the cover to move from the first position to the second position and simultaneously launch the first projectile and the plurality of second projectiles from the launching mechanism and the plurality of projectile launchers.. .
 Toy projectile launcher and projectile thereof patent thumbnailToy projectile launcher and projectile thereof
A toy projectile launcher includes a body having a magazine for storing at least one cylindrical projectile. The body has an elongate barrel in communication with the magazine.
 Game apparatus patent thumbnailGame apparatus
Apparatuses for playing miniaturized recreational games can include a base, a coupler, and a projectile launcher. The coupler can be rotatably positionable and engaged with the base.
 Projectile toy and launcher therefor patent thumbnailProjectile toy and launcher therefor
A toy projectile is provided which is preferably constructed of tpr, and thus, can be used as an inherently stretchable elastic toy projectile. A handle section is also provided which can be used as a projectile launcher.
Toy projectile launcher apparatus
Several variations of a toy projectile launcher apparatus for discharging eva balls. The apparatus includes a housing, a barrel portion, a grip portion, a trigger, a ram movable in the housing, a carriage also movable in the housing, a negator spring, handles for cocking the apparatus, and a lever pivotally mounted to a shaft in the housing just behind a ball to be discharged.

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