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Prism patents

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Projection system with additional series connected light valve for enhanced contrast

Light source module using lasers as light source

Sorbent media exhaustion indicator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prism-related patents
 3d printed decorative film and products made thereof patent thumbnailnew patent 3d printed decorative film and products made thereof
A 3d printed decorative film includes a transparent substrate with one-sided or two-sided concave or convex structures and a printing layer. The transparent substrate is a thermoplastic film.
 Sorbent media exhaustion indicator patent thumbnailnew patent Sorbent media exhaustion indicator
A sorbent media exhaustion indicator produces color change when the sorbent media is saturated. The indicator's fluid inlet attach to the fluid outlet of a sorbent media device such as filter.
 Lens member and light-emitting device using same patent thumbnailnew patent Lens member and light-emitting device using same
A lens member includes a light-incident side; a light-exit side that is opposite to the light-incident side, a fresnel lens arranged on a center axis that passes through a center of the light-incident side, and a diffraction grating structure arranged around a periphery of the fresnel lens and having a center through which the center axis passes. Also, it is disclosed that the fresnel lens may include a first fresnel lens and a second fresnel lens, the first fresnel lens includes annular prisms that are divided from a convex lens and having a center through which the center axis of the light-incident side passes, and the second fresnel lens includes annular prisms that are divided from a tir lens and arranged around the periphery of the first fresnel lens, centering around the center axis of the light-incident side..
 Light source module using lasers as light source patent thumbnailnew patent Light source module using lasers as light source
A light source module includes a double refraction prism, an optical plate, a first laser source, a second laser source, and a third laser source. A first laser beam emitted from the first laser source and a second laser beam emitted from the second laser source are mixed by the double refraction prism and these are mixed together with a third laser beam emitted from the third laser source by the optical plate..
 Head-up display device patent thumbnailnew patent Head-up display device
A head-up display device includes a projector, a screen component and a prism component. The prism component integrally has an incidence surface into which laser light enters from the projector, a mirror surface which reflects the laser light entering inside the prism component from the incidence surface, and an exit surface which emits the laser light reflected by the mirror surface toward the screen component outside of the prism component, as optical surface on an optical path, and each of the incidence surface and the exit surface constructs a lens surface such that that the laser light is formed into an image relative to the screen component in a spot state..
 High efficiency light combination module of projection system patent thumbnailnew patent High efficiency light combination module of projection system
A high efficiency light combination module of projection system includes a cubic polarizing beam splitter prism serving as a main body around which four lens arrays, three retarders, and three optical plates are arranged, which is used in combination with coatings that enables transmission or reflection of specific lights to allow different color lights incident from different directions to be combined as a single illumination light beam and to allow the single illumination light beam so combined to be uniform by the lens arrays to facilitate light collection and projection by a panel and a projection lens arranged behind. A polarization conversion film is set at light outgoing port to transfer the polarization states of the combined single illumination light beam into a specific polarized light for a liquid crystal projection system..
 Low drift reference for laser radar patent thumbnailnew patent Low drift reference for laser radar
Laser radar systems include a pentaprism configured to scan a measurement beam with respect to a target surface. A focusing optical assembly includes a corner cube that is used to adjust measurement beam focus.
 Network camera and photographing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Network camera and photographing method thereof
Disclosed are a network camera and a photographing method thereof. The network camera includes a lens module comprising a plurality of lenses having incident paths different from each other, a prism reflecting light incident through the lens module, a prism driving module rotating the prism, and a controller controlling the prism through the prism driving module.
 Projection system with additional series connected light valve for enhanced contrast patent thumbnailnew patent Projection system with additional series connected light valve for enhanced contrast
A projection system is provided that uses an additional light valve in series with the conventional color splitting-converging prism in order to increase the contrast of a projected image, wherein bit sequences are generated for the additional light valve that do not result in interference with the conventional color light valve bit sequences.. .
 Refractive body panels (vehicle refractive panels) patent thumbnailnew patent Refractive body panels (vehicle refractive panels)
Refractive body panels replace traditional metal or fiberglass panels and consist primarily of dyed and moldable plastic in a prism configuration under clear polycarbonate; a bi-layer unit working in concert to scatter and/or change the direction of light to illuminate the exterior and increase safety and performance; the bi-layer unit works together to reduce the weight of a vehicle; the dyed prism allows for panels in various colors: the panels attach to a vehicle's frame as a direct pre-market or post-market replacement (including polyurethane bumpers) and require minimal modifications to the structural design of foot-powered vehicles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, etc.. .
Extruder screw, extruder, and method for producing an extruder screw
An extruder screw includes an extruder shaft and at least one extruder segment the extruder shaft has a prismatic mandrel having external teeth and a longitudinal mandrel axis. The extruder segment has internal teeth and a longitudinal internal-teeth axis and can be slid onto the mandrel, such that the extruder segment can be connected to the mandrel for rotation therewith.
Dual-sided daylight redirecting film
Dual-sided daylight redirecting films include an optical substrate with two solar light redirecting layers disposed on the major surfaces of the optical substrate. The light redirecting layers are microstructured surfaces forming a plurality of prism structures.
Three-dimensional imaging system based on stereo hologram
A three-dimensional imaging system based on a stereo hologram is disclosed. Images composed of sub-images having the same vertical-horizontal resolutions which are generated at plural image projection modules having a two-dimensional arrangement structure are projected to a prism array plate or a transmission-type diffusion plate, and are converted into light points, i.e., image points through a microlens array unit.
Electron microscope and sample observation method
The foucault mode which is one method in lorentz electron microscopy is required making a plurality of observations such as when reselecting the deflection components of the electron beam to form an image. This method not only required making plurality of adjustments to the optical system but was also incapable of making dynamic observations and real-time observations at different timings even if information on the entire irradiation region was obtained.
Surface protection film and optical film with surface protection film
There are provided an optical surface protection film capable of permitting even a visual inspection of a coated body having a fine roughness, such as a prism sheet, to be performed under the condition that the protection film is attached to the coated body and excelling in adhesion reliability without an optical adverse effect on the coated body, and an optical film with the surface protection film. The optical surface protection film (1) has a base material layer (10) and an adhesive layer (12) stacked on one surface of the base material layer.
A meter includes at least one meter unit, a visor provided around the meter unit; and a light-emitting part. The light-emitting part includes a light-guiding ring, a light source and a prism provided between the light guiding ring and the light source.
Flow cells for differential refractive index detection
A flow cell for differential refractive index detection. The flow cell includes a transparent body that extends from a first end to a second end along a longitudinal axis.
Polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules with permeability management features
A lithium ion (li-ion) battery module includes a container with one or more partitions that define compartments within the container. Each of the compartments is configured to receive and hold a prismatic li-ion electrochemical cell element and electrolyte.
Polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules with thermal management features
A lithium ion (li-ion) battery module includes a container with one or more partitions that define compartments within the container. Each of the compartments is configured to receive and hold a prismatic li-ion electrochemical cell element, and a cover is configured to be disposed over the container to close the compartments.
Polymerized lithium ion battery cells and modules with overmolded heat sinks
A lithium ion (li-ion) battery cell includes a prismatic housing that includes four sides formed by side walls coupled to and extending from a bottom portion of the housing. The housing is configured to receive and hold a prismatic li-ion electrochemical cell element.
Light emitting diode automobile lamp
An led automobile lamp includes a light source, a light guiding plate and a lens. The light guiding plate is adjacent to the light source.
Backlight module for light field adjustment
A backlight module for light field adjustment includes a light source module, an optical structure layer, a first prism film, and a second prism film. The light source module has a light exit surface, and the light exit surface has a normal direction.
Optical microscope apparatus
An optical microscope system and method having a birefringent material for decomposing light from a light source into ordinary and extraordinary waves, a first prism for directing the decomposed light sequentially through a specimen and an objective along a light path and a second prism positioned in the light path of the decomposed light, said second prism positioned subsequent the objective and prior to an ocular assembly.. .
Ultra wide band achromatic risley prism scanner
A system and method for scanning a wide band beam is presented. An apparatus includes a pair of prism triplets.
Television and electronic apparatus
According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a rectangular liquid crystal panel, a light-guide plate, a light bar corresponding a short side of the liquid crystal panel and including a plurality of light-emitting diodes, a reflector on the light-guide plate, a prism sheet on the light-guide plate on a side opposite to the reflector, and a polarizing sheet on the prism sheet configured to diffuse light.. .
Micro or nano scope
Provided is a micro or nano scope. The micro or nano scope includes a prism, a optical detection system detecting an image from a sample on the prism, and a light guiding system providing incident light to the prism, the light guiding system changing an incident angle of the incident light incident into the prism..
Stereoscopic projection device and display method thereof
A stereoscopic projection device includes a plurality of light source modules, a dichroic mirror, a first optical module, a second optical module, and a beam-combining prism. Each light source module includes a plurality of light sources used for providing light beams and a prism module used for collecting the light beams.
Foldable case for use with an electronic device
This is directed to a case for securing and protecting an electronic device. The case can include a cover connected to a pouch by a hinge such that the cover can be overlaid over a device interface (e.g., a device display).
Sputtering apparatus and method for forming thin film
A sputtering method uses a sputtering apparatus for forming a thin film, the sputtering apparatus comprising a pair of facing polygonal prism target holders in which a target is placed on each surface parallel to a rotation axis of a rotatable polygonal prism body. A magnetic pole group including a plurality of magnets is disposed on a back surface of each of the targets, and each of the magnetic pole groups includes magnets or yokes of different magnetic pole directions.
Wideband light energy waveguide and detector
An electromagnetic energy concentrator uses a prism and waveguide with a gap layer of uniform thickness disposed between the prism and a first surface of waveguide. Energy detectors, which may be photovoltaics or miniaturized antenna elements are disposed adjacent to and co-extensive with a second surface of the waveguide.
Advertising lightbox including led array positioned in front of a multiple prismatic dielectric reflector
The disclosure relates to an advertising lightbox including a source of background lighting for a transparent or translucent panel, which includes advertisement indicia and/or graphics. The background light source includes an led array that extends along a longitudinal axis.
Devices for arranging carbon nanotube wires
A device is provided, including a supplying unit and an arranging unit. The supplying unit includes a guiding axle.
Tank plate erection system
A system for constructing a tank is made up of a plurality of generally rectangular prism sections, which are hinged together on the back side to form a platform, having an end section hinged to a frame section, a cantilever frame extending from the end section, a counterbalance frame attached to said cantilever and extending parallel to the platform and opposed to the end section, with the end section and said counterbalance frame being separated by a pair of saddle wheels mounted to the cantilever frame. At least one additional saddle wheel is mounted on a frame section for cooperative operation with saddle wheels on the cantilever to support the system on the tank wall and to move the platform within the tank wall as it is constructed.
Backlight module
A backlight module includes leds; a light guiding plate receiving light emitted from the leds; a diffusion sheet arranged above the light guiding plate; and a lens arranged above on the diffusion sheet. The lens comprises a light incident surface facing the diffusion sheet, and the light incident surface has a plurality of prism protrusions formed thereon.
Anti-glare light source
An anti-glare light source including a linear light source, at least one sleeve and a light adjusting element is provided. The linear light source is suitable for providing a light.
Lighting system for electric parking brake switch
Disclosed is a lighting system for an electric parking brake switch. The lighting system includes a panel in which an installation space and an operation space are formed at an upper portion thereof.
Wynn-dyson imaging system with reduced thermal distortion
A wynn-dyson imaging system with reduced thermal distortion is disclosed, wherein the reticle and wafer prisms are made of glass material having a coefficient of thermal expansion of no greater than about 100 ppb/° c. The system also includes a first ir-blocking window disposed between the reticle and the reticle prism, and a second matching window disposed between the wafer and the wafer prism to maintain imaging symmetry.
Liquid crystal display device
Techniques are provided for unifying steps of sealing material so that the yield and the reliability of a liquid-crystal display device become high. A starting film of scanning lines is patterned so that prismatic dummy wirings 301 for the first layer which are not electrically connected are formed in regions r1 and r2, and wirings 302 extending from the pixel section are formed in a region r3, and wirings 303 having connection end portions 303a are formed in a region r4.
Liquid crystal optical element and image display apparatus including the same
A liquid crystal optical element according to the present disclosure includes: a prism array composed of a plurality of prisms that have ridge lines extending in a first direction and are arranged in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction; a liquid crystal layer provided on the prism array; and an electrode via which a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal layer. When the voltage applied to the liquid crystal layer is 0 volt, long axes of liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal layer are oriented so as to be inclined at a predetermined angle relative to the first direction in a plane orthogonal to the second direction..
Apparatus for displaying a hologram
An apparatus for displaying a hologram comprises: a hologram display panel that represents light having the hologram images to an observer; a detecting camera that decides a position of the observer; a deflector that forms a prism pattern to refract the light corresponding to the detected position of the observer; and a deflector driver that supplies a driving voltage corresponding to a inclined angle for forming the prism pattern, wherein the deflector includes: a plurality of first electrodes running to a first direction and divided into a plurality of electrode groups; a plurality of connection electrodes running to a second direction crossing with the first direction, and connecting same numbered first electrodes of the electrode groups, wherein each end of the connection electrodes forms a pad portion; and a second electrode facing to the plurality of the first electrodes with a liquid crystal cell therebetween.. .
Lng tank mounted on lng ship and method of manufacturing the same
A cold insulator and a membrane are affixed on an inner side of a prismatic tank to fabricate a lng tank, which is mounted in a hold having a double hull structure. In order to prevent the prismatic tank from deforming at the time of the mounting, strength members are welded to an outer surface of the prismatic tank before a thermal insulation work for the purpose of sufficient reinforcement.
Light-emitting shoe
The present invention relates to a light-emitting shoe, more particularly to a shoe with a built-in decorative light-emitting module. The light-emitting shoe comprises a sole and a light-emitting module disposed inside the sole, wherein the light-emitting module comprises a light-emitting controller and a plurality of light-emitting bodies electrically connected with the light-emitting controller, the light-emitting controller is disposed in the sole, the plurality of light-emitting bodies are disposed at the edge of the sole, a light-permeable cover is further arranged at the edge of the sole and is corresponding to the light-emitting ends of the light-emitting bodies, the light-permeable cover is a prism with at least one irregular side face, lights emitted by the light-emitting bodies are refracted by the prism and then scattered out, and the refracted lights form irregular light spots on an irradiation surface, thus improving the light efficiency of the light-emitting shoe of the present invention..
Dental arch model and method of making the same
A dental arch model and method for making the same is shown and described. The dental arch model includes a connector having opposite ends that connect to a respective one of the arch legs.
Axial flow fan
The present invention provides an axial flow fan having conductive pins, each of which is configured to electrically connect a coil of a stator and a circuit board, and to hold a film conductor of the coil. In the conductive pin, one end is fixed to an electrical insulator covering a core stack of the stator, and the other end is electrically connected to the circuit board.
Coupling light from a waveguide array to single mode fiber array
Techniques for coupling light from a waveguide array to a single mode fiber array are described. In an embodiment, lateral misalignment of an array of focusing lenses and an array of optical fiber ferrules held into alignment by a lens holder sub-assembly is compensated by tilting the lens holder sub-assembly with respect to the propagation axis of the light being coupled by the lens holder-subassembly.
Method and equipment for manufacturing light guide plate and light guide plate therewith
In a backlight module, a diffusive structure and a prism structure are replaced by a diffusive prism film formed on a substrate and transferred via in-mold decoration by roller (imr) to a light guide body via injection molding. A reflection film is also transferred to an opposite side of the light guide body via the same way.
Video wall and mullion elimination structure thereof
An exemplary video wall includes two display panels and a mullion elimination structure. The display panels each include a main body and a bezel.
Complete-stokes fourier-domain imaging polarimeter
An apparatus for simultaneously measuring linear and circular polarization components of light is provided, and contains no moving parts. The apparatus may include a prism assembly configured to receive collimated light and splits the light into different directions according to its polarization state.
Display including electrowetting prism array
A display including an electrowetting prism array is provided. The display includes: a light source, a 2-dimensional (2d) display for providing an image using light from the light source, a prism array in which a refractive power of one or more prisms of the prism array is adjustablein real time, and an optical element which increases a refraction of light transmitted therethrough.
Laser patterning examining apparatus
A laser patterning examining apparatus includes a fixing plate, a rotating plate configured to move vertically with respect to the fixing plate and to rotate, a housing connected to the rotating plate, a laser emission unit over the fixing plate and emits a laser beam, a prism unit on the housing and refracts a first portion of the laser beam received from the laser emission unit and transmits a second portion of the laser beam, and a beam profiler on the housing and analyzes the pattern of the first portion refracted by the prism unit.. .
Liquid crystal display device
A liquid crystal display device includes a liquid crystal display panel and a backlight disposed on a back surface of the liquid crystal display panel. A light guide plate, a lower diffusion sheet and a lower prism sheet, are accommodated in a mold.
Optical device and display device with the same
An optical device comprises: an optical structure including a first set of prisms and a second set of prisms which engage with each other, the second set of prisms are formed from electro-optical effect material or provided with electro-optical effect material, when no electric field is applied to the second set of prisms, the first set and the second set of prisms have the same refractivity; at least one pair of electrodes being provided at two sides of the second set of prisms respectively, for generating an electric field therebetween so as to change the refractivity of the second set of prisms in the direction of the electric field; and a control unit connected to the at least one pair of electrodes and performs control to power on the electrodes or power off the electrodes, and controls the intensity of the electric field when the electrodes are powered on.. .
Four-lens spherical camera orientation
Panoramic and spherical cameras are often configured to capture respective portions of a scene using a set of lenses that focus images on imagers for sampling by photosensitive elements. In many such cameras, the orientation of the lenses is selected to resemble to a regular prismatic solid (e.g., one lens oriented according to a face of a cube).
Airflow baffle for commerical truck fuel efficiency improvements
An aerodynamic drag reduction device for use on an over-the-road cargo vehicle. The vehicle has a prismatically shaped cargo area, which includes a rear face of the cargo area substantially perpendicular to the direction of travel.
Optimizing geometric fill factor in prism-coupled waveguide-fed solar collector
A prism coupled waveguide-fed solar collector array optimized for geometric fill factor. An integrated linear array of prisms is arranged with their input faces in a common plane.
Image capture unit in a surgical instrument
In a minimally invasive surgical system, an image capture unit includes a prism assembly and sensor assembly. The prism assembly includes a beam splitter, while the sensor assembly includes coplanar image capture sensors.
Retroreflective articles and devices having viscoelastic lightguide
Disclosed herein is an optical device having a light source, a viscoelastic lightguide and a retroreflective film suitable for retroreflecting light. Light from the light source enters the viscoelastic lightguide and is transported within the lightguide by total internal reflection.
Three piece prism eye-piece
A prism eye piece and optical system including a prism eye piece and microdisplay are described herein. The prism eye piece may include three prisms.
Optical sheet, backlight unit including the same, and display apparatus including the same
An optical sheet includes: a base film comprising a rear surface upon which light is incident, a front surface facing the rear surface for emitting the light, and a side surface connecting the rear and front surfaces to each other; and a light collection section in which prisms formed by coupling a plurality of prism units to each other are arranged on the front surface of the base film and integrated with the base film. One end surface of each prism unit has a semicircular shape.
Blacklight unit, liquid crystal display device having the same and fabrication method thereof
A backlight unit and a liquid crystal display device having the same which may facilitate control of output light through a light guide plate, improve light concentration effect, and reduce moire. The backlight unit includes light sources generating light, a light guide plate guiding light through an incidence surface opposite the light sources, emitting the light through an emission surface, and having lower patterns of a prism shape formed on the lower surface of the light guide plate opposite the emission surface by inclined surfaces and sub-inclined surfaces, and at least one optical sheet stacked on the emission surface..
Light deflector, method of manufacturing light deflector, and liquid crystal display
A light deflector which deflects incident light and emits the deflected light, by changing a refractive index of a liquid crystal: a pair of ito films; a plurality of prisms which are provided between the pair of transparent electrodes and are arranged on a facing surface of one of the pair of transparent electrodes, the facing surface facing a surface of the other one of the pair of transparent electrodes; two spacers arranged between the pair of transparent electrodes, and having, in a direction from one of the pair of transparent electrodes toward the other, widths which (i) are greater than widths of the prisms and (ii) are identical to each other; and a liquid crystal which is provided, within a space between the pair of transparent electrodes, in a portion other than a portion where the prisms and the two spacers exist.. .
System and method for generating a mesh
In a system for facilitating mesh generation corresponding to a volumetric, prismatic object, generalized polyhedrons representing at least a portion of a layer of the volumetric object are transformed into a set of convex polyhedrons based on, at least in part, the prismatic properties of the volumetric object. The convex polyhedrons corresponding to a layer are decomposed into a set of tetrahedrons by accounting for an intersecting and/or overlapping edge of a polyhedron in an adjacent layer, so that the set of tetrahedrons automatically, i.e., without having to enforce any continuity requirements after tetrahedron generation, forms a mesh of that is continuous with tetrahedrons corresponding to the adjacent layer..
Folding apparatus for the containment and transport of bottles and method of use
A new and useful folding apparatus for the containment and transport of bottles which is lightweight, inexpensive to manufacture, stronger and more resilient than current shipping containers and is easily disassembled and compactly stored when not in use. The apparatus essentially comprises a flat rectangular sheet that is made of a rigid and lightweight material such as cardboard or foam core, is scored or creased along its length and exhibits multiple flaps cut into the sheet.
Battery pack assembly
A battery pack thermal management assembly draws heat from prismatic batteries having opposed major surfaces and arranged in a stacked configuration inside a housing. The thermal management assembly includes a plurality of thermal transfer sheets made from sheets of a compressed mass of exfoliated graphite particles.
Two-dimensional, high-density optical connector
An optical connector includes a two-dimensional array of lenses to couple optical signals between an optical integrated circuit and an optical fiber. The optical connector has a total-internal-reflection or mirror surface that redirects light between lenses at different surfaces of the optical connector.
Roller bearing
A rolling bearing which is capable of preventing the rolling elements from dropping out from between the inner and the outer rings even when the separators have been worn to an advanced stage. A rolling bearing includes: a plurality of rolling elements arranged between an inner and an outer rings; and a plurality of prismatic separators disposed in a circumferential direction between the rolling elements.
Fake fingerprint detection system
Methods and apparatus are provided for fake fingerprint detection. In one embodiment, an apparatus for determining validity of a fingerprint includes a prism having an imaging surface configured to be touched by a fingerprint, one or more light sources configured to produce an image based on a refractive index of a material presented in association with the fingerprint, one or more imaging sensors configured to capture the image, and a controller configured to determine validity of the fingerprint based on whether the image has been masked..
Body cavity illumination system
A cavity illumination system according to the present disclosure may include one or more illumination elements composed of a transparent or semi-transparent, biocompatible sterilizable polymer and one or more illumination sources. The sterilizable polymer operates as a waveguide.

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