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Module for building facades and method of use in construction

Module for building facades and method of use in construction

Joined structure comprising cube- or quadratic prism-shaped rock salt-type oxide nanoparticle and fine metal particle,…

National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Joined structure comprising cube- or quadratic prism-shaped rock salt-type oxide nanoparticle and fine metal particle,…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prism-related patents
 Imaging apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus includes a pentaprism that guides incident light to an eyepiece optical system and a plurality of outer covering members. Among the photographing light flux incident from a photographing optical system, light reflected by a rotary mirror 52m is further reflected by the reflection surface of the pentaprism to thereby reach an ocular lens.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Optical device module and optical communication network system using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Optical device module and optical communication network system using the same
An optical device module includes a substrate, an interlayer insulating layer on the substrate, an optical waveguide on the interlayer insulating layer, an optical device on the optical waveguide, and a prism disposed between the optical device and the optical waveguide. The prism has a refractive index greater than a refractive index of the optical waveguide..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Optical system for see-through head mounted display patent thumbnailnew patent Optical system for see-through head mounted display
Provided is a see-through head mounted display (hmd) optical system which includes a display device, a collimation lens that parallelizes image lights emitted from the display device, a first wedge prism that includes a first enlargement unit for enlarging an image in a horizontal direction, a second wedge prism that includes a second enlargement unit for enlarging the image in a vertical, and a third wedge prism that has an inverse shape of the second wedge prism so as to prevent the image lights which have been reflected in the second wedge prism and enlarged in the vertical direction and an external image which has passed through the second wedge prism and been provided to a user from being distorted.. .
Green Optics Co., Ltd.

 Multi-sheet for back light unit and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-sheet for back light unit and method thereof
A composite sheet for a backlight unit using a printless light guide plate in a liquid crystal display television, which includes a first prism sheet positioned directly on the printless light guide plate, a second prism sheet having a prism pattern formed in a direction orthogonal to a direction of a prism pattern of the first prism sheet, and a protective sheet, where ribs of the first prism sheet are adhered to the lower surface of the second prism sheet, and ribs of the second prism sheet are adhered to the lower surface of the protective sheet. A method of manufacturing the composite sheet for a backlight unit is also provided..
Glotec Co., Ltd.

 Module for building facades and  use in construction patent thumbnailnew patent Module for building facades and use in construction
Module for building façades for any building or civil-engineering project with planar or curved surfaces of two or more walls of reinforced mortar or concrete, which comprises walls; connectors constructed in situ, or prefabricated with drills; connector and wall reinforcements; leaf supports with hollow cylinders or prisms, and a solid support with drills. Use of the building module involves placing the double-ieaf or solid support; placing reinforcements for each wall alongside each face of the support; inserting the connector reinforcements into the hollow cylinders or prisms, or into drills; folding and overlapping the reinforcement pins; forming connectors and walls, casting concrete or mortar and packing hollow cylinders and prisms, or drills, and on both faces of said supports.

 Bottle shipping system patent thumbnailnew patent Bottle shipping system
A bottle shipping system and method for packaging bottles that prevents movement of the bottles during transport. The system includes a first foam section is placed on the bottom wall of a carton having a rectangular shaped prism having four side walls, a bottom wall and a top wall to provide a support surface on which the bottles are placed.

 Joined structure comprising cube- or quadratic prism-shaped rock salt-type oxide nanoparticle and fine metal particle, and  producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Joined structure comprising cube- or quadratic prism-shaped rock salt-type oxide nanoparticle and fine metal particle, and producing same
A method of continuously generating a joined structure: comprising a cube- or quadratic prism-shaped rock salt-type oxide nanoparticle and a metal nanoparticle, and having high crystallinity, in a gas phase, the method is characterized in that alloy nanoparticles composed of a noble metal and a base metal and having a particle size of 1 to 100 nm are generated in an inert gas; and brought into contact with a hot oxidizing gas, while the nanoparticles are heated at a high temperature together with the inert gas, to oxidize a base metal component in the alloy nanoparticles floating in the gas, and to simultaneously allow phase separation of the metal component, whereby the joined structure.. .
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

 Image acquisition apparatus patent thumbnailImage acquisition apparatus
The image acquisition apparatus includes an imaging optical system configured to form an image of an object, multiple image sensors each configured to capture an image of the object through the imaging optical system, multiple variable angle prisms disposed between the imaging optical system and the image sensors, and the variable angle prisms each being paired with one of the image sensors. A controller is configured to control each variable angle prism to correct defocus of the imaging optical system on the image sensor paired with that variable angle prism..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 A pin and a printed circuit board patent thumbnailA pin and a printed circuit board
A pin and a printed circuit board are provided. The pin includes a pin body and an insertion head.
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Complex spatial light modulator and 3d image display including the same patent thumbnailComplex spatial light modulator and 3d image display including the same
Provided are a complex spatial light modulator and a three-dimensional (3d) image display including the same. The complex spatial light modulator includes a spatial light modulator configured to modulate a phase of a light beam, a prism array disposed after the spatial light modulator and including an array of prism portions each having a first prism surface and a second prism surface, and a diffractive device configured to diffract a light beam that has passed through the prism array.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Multi-prism mechanism for laser exposure system of 3d images and method thereof

A multi-prism mechanism includes: an exposure motherboard; and a laser controlling and launching unit; wherein a multi-prism unit, a lens, an angle-switching reflecting mirror, a light detecting reflecting mirror, a light detecting device, three acousto-optical driving controllers, a laser driving control panel, a plurality of support posts and a plurality of reflecting mirrors are provided on the exposure motherboard; the laser controlling and launching unit is mounted on the support posts through nuts, in such a manner that the laser controlling and launching unit is installed on the exposure motherboard in a folded form; wherein the lens comprises a light inputting face and a light outputting face, the laser controlling and launching unit comprises three laser generator sets in parallel, the laser generator set comprises an acousto-optical regulator, a light valve, a directing lens, an optical zooming lens, a laser reflecting mirror and a spotting reflecting mirror.. .


Spectrometer and use

A method and system for linear spectral dispersion comprising passing an incoming electromagnetic signal through a compound prism consisting of two prisms in opposite orientation, where the two prisms are selected to provide a linearly varying output angle over a broad spectral region.. .
Scientific-wizard Ltd


Vehicle headlight device

A vehicle headlight device 100 includes a light source 11, a dove prism 40, and a rotation mechanism 50. The light source 11 emits light.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method for fabricating triangular prismatic m-plane nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode

When a belt-like nitride semiconductor stacking structure 110 having a principal plane of an m-plane is broken along a linear groove 104, two or more side surfaces may be formed on the lateral side thereof. This decreases the fabrication efficiency of the triangular prismatic m-plane nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode.
Panasonic Corporation


Method and system for managing aircraft parts

A system and method for managing a desired part. A manufacturing system comprises a product lifecycle management tool configured to retrieve from a database based on a number of search parameters.
The Boeing Company


Telescope with prism reversing system

Tie invention relates to a telescope (1) comprising an objective lens (2), an eye-piece (3) and a prism reversing system (4) and having projection optics (21) with an optical path for reproducing an image of a reticle in a focal plane of the eye-piece (3), the optical path of the projection optics (21) being coupled into the observation beam path by means of a beam splitter, and the projection optics (21) comprise a mask (22) and a light source (23) disposed so as to illuminate the mask (22) from behind.. .
Swarovski-optik Kg.


Apparatus for inspecting edge of substrate

An apparatus for inspecting an edge portion of a substrate can inspect a defect or a chamfered width on an edge portion of a substrate. First and second right-angled prisms are disposed above and below the edge portion such that inclined surfaces thereof are directed toward the upper surface and lower surface of the edge portion.
Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.


Eyewear that simulates impairment and method

Impairment simulating eyewear is disclosed. The eyewear simulates impairment, such as sleep deprivation, or the effects of drug use, through the use of specialized distorting lenses, such as lenticular prism lenses and fresnel lenses.
Drunk Busters Of America, L.l.c


Optical isolator, attenuator, circulator and switch

An optical device comprising a first combination of birefringent prisms with parallel optic axes for dividing an optical input beam into polarized beams, a second combination of birefringent prisms with parallel optic axes for combining polarized beams into an output beam, a polarization changer, and means for improving isolation in optical isolators, attenuators and switches and for improving material costs, light transmission, size and beam capacity in optical isolators, attenuators, switches and circulators.. .


Systems and methods for device holders

A foldable stand includes a body having an approximately planar shape. The foldable stand further includes a first inner portion hingably attached to the body.
Nite Ize, Inc.


Illumination device and image reading device

An illumination device includes a light source and a columnar light guide including: an incident surface provided at least one longitudinal end of the light guide and allowing light emitted from the light source to enter the light guide therethrough; a diffusing surface which forms one side surface of the light guide extending along an optical axis of the incident light entering the light guide through the incident surface and has a row of light diffusion patterns provided to diffuse the incident light; and an exit surface located opposite to the diffusing surface, extending along the optical axis, and allowing light diffused by the diffusing surface to exit the light guide therethrough. The light diffusion patterns have a prismatic shape rising toward the exit surface and are provided on the diffusing surface from d1/2×8 or greater distance from the incident surface where d represents the diameter of the light guide..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Automatic generation of 2.5d extruded polygons from full 3d models

A capability to automatically generate a two-and-a-half-dimensional (2.5d) model from a three-dimensional (3d) model comprising a mesh of polygons representing a plurality of objects in a three-dimensional environment is provided. Such a two-and-a-half-dimensional model includes a set of extruded polygons (e.g., right prisms), each of which can have multiple shells (e.g., outer loops) and holes (e.g., inner loops).
Google Inc.


Conductive film, display device and touch panel comprising same, and conductive film pattern determination method

This conductive film has a difference of over 3 cycles/mm between a peak spatial frequency for a plurality of spectral peaks in a two dimensional fourier spectrum for transmittance image data for a wiring pattern and a peak spatial frequency for spectral peaks up to the second term in a two dimensional fourier spectrum for transmittance image data for a microprism array pattern for a prism sheet on the display unit side of a backlight unit, for a first moire obtained by interference between a wiring pattern for a conductive section and the microprism array pattern. As a result, this conductive film is capable of suppressing the occurrence of moire and can greatly improve visibility, even when arranged upon a display unit having a backlight unit using a prism sheet..
Fujifilm Corporation


Indoor/outdoor liquid crystal display apparatus including led light source for improving luminance

A liquid crystal display apparatus includes a backlight unit, a liquid crystal panel, a first luminance increasing film, and a second luminance increasing film. The backlight unit upwardly emits light.


Surveying instrument

The invention provides a surveying instrument capable of performing a non-prism measurement comprising a laser pointer for projecting a laser pointer beam, a measuring unit for emitting a distance measuring light via a telescope unit, for performing distance measurement on a measuring point by receiving a reflected light and for measuring an angle of the measuring point, an image pickup unit for acquiring an image including a target via the telescope unit, a tracking unit for emitting a tracking light via the telescope unit and for tracking the target by receiving a reflection light from the target, a driving unit for rotating the telescope unit in horizontal direction and in vertical direction and a control device for controlling the driving unit so that the reflection light of the tracking light from the target will be positioned at a predetermined position on an image pickup element of the image pickup unit, wherein an optical axis of the distance measuring light and an optical axis of the tracking light are in a known relationship and an optical axis of the laser pointer beam is offset from an optical axis of the tracking light by a predetermined angle.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Laser detection device

A laser detection device includes a mounting member, a laser displacement sensor fixed on the mounting member, and a reflective member. The laser displacement sensor includes a laser transmitting head configured to emit laser beams to a workpiece along a first line of direction, and a laser receiving head coupled to the laser transmitting head and configured to receive the laser beams reflected from the workpiece.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Adsorption method, adsorption separation method, and drug delivery carrier

An adsorption method adsorbs a substance by using a tube-shaped apatite crystal. The apatite crystal may be a monocrystal given by a general formula m25(po4)3x (m2 denotes at least one element selected from the group consisting of divalent alkali earth metal and eu, and x denotes at least one element or molecule selected from the group consisting of halogen element and oh).
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Light guide, light guiding device and image reading apparatus

A light guide for use in an image reading apparatus. The light guide extends in a predetermined direction and includes: a reflecting surface being parallel to the predetermined direction; an emitting surface; and a prism configured to reflect light to the emitting surface.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Energy storage module and production of energy storage module

An energy storage module, in particular for supplying electrical energy in a motor vehicle, includes a plurality of prismatic storage cells, each having a front side on which at least one power tap is arranged and having a back side opposing the front side, as well as longitudinal member having two opposing outer walls. The back side of at least one storage cell is positioned against each outer wall of the longitudinal member..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Touch projection system

A touch projection system includes a screen, an image-capturing device, a micromirror device, and a tir prism disposed in front of the micromirror device. The tir prism includes an optical path compensation structure or a hollowed channel, so that an image light from the screen, traveling through the tir prism to be reflected by the micromirror device, can travel through the optical path compensation structure or the hollowed channel to avoid a probable optical path difference on the image light due to traveling through the tir prism.
Qisda Corporation


Backlight device

A backlight device includes a prism film having a top face on a display panel side and a bottom face opposing the top face, and a reflector plate having a reflection face opposing the bottom face. A prism-like pattern is formed on the top face of the prism film and a scattering pattern is formed on the reflection face of the reflector plate.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Laser radar with remote local oscillator

Laser radar systems include a pentaprism configured to scan a measurement beam with respect to a target surface. A focusing optical assembly includes a corner cube that is used to adjust measurement beam focus.
Nikon Corporation


Illuminating apparatus

An illuminating apparatus includes a light source and an optical member that is disposed in front of the light source and controls light distribution of light emitted from the light source. The optical member has a pair of principal surfaces, and a plurality of prisms extending in one direction are provided on at least one among the pair of principal surfaces.
Minebea Co., Ltd.


Planar space frame for vehicle structure and housing of components

A load bearing planar space frame structure assembly (1) for a unibody panel structure of a vehicle comprises a planar space frame core (2) mounted onto the bottom side of a load bearing face panel (3). The space frame core (2) is a three-dimensional truss-like structure made of sheet metal or linear extrusions, and may be viewed as a series of adjacent triangular prisms that extend traverse to the plane of the face panel (3), wherein the triangular prisms have a specific pattern of alternating triangular openings on each of their three lateral faces.
Pantero Technologies Inc.


Lighting apparatus of clock for vehicle

A lighting apparatus may include a printed circuit board (pcb) for supplying power, a light source electrically connected to the pcb and generating light, a reflector installed to be positioned at a front of the light source and positioned in a case and guiding the light generated from the light source together with the case, and a prism installed to be positioned at a front of the reflector and surround a dial plate and concentrating the light guided by the reflector and the case into the dial plate.. .
Kia Motors Corp.


Apparatus for shucking shellfish

The invention includes an apparatus for opening shellfish including one or more improvements. The apparatus comprises a base and an elongated lever pivotally attached to the base with a wedge member attached to the lever, and also may include one or more of the following features: (1) a means for adjusting the location at which the lever is pivotally attached to upwardly projecting portions of the base so as to facilitate opening shellfish of varying sizes, (2) a plate with grooves on both sides that rests on the base and helps hold the shellfish in position when being opened that is removable, thereby facilitating cleaning of the plate and providing other advantages, and (3) a wedge member that mates with the seam between the shells of shellfish that is substantially in the shape of a triangular prism with two concave faces that contact the shellfish when in operation..


Active segment of a wind turbine rotary electric machine, rotary electric machine, and wind turbine

An active segment of a wind turbine rotary electric machine is selectively and prismatically connectable to a tubular support of a rotary electric machine, extends between two opposite ends to form, together with other active segments, an annular active part about an axis of rotation, and has a laminated pack; at least one active member extending axially and fitted inside a seat of the laminated pack; and at least one heat exchange member located at one end to cool one end of the active member.. .
Wilic S.ar.l.


Battery assembly

A battery assembly, including multiple battery cells, which are electrically connected to one another and each of which includes a prismatic cell housing. Each cell housing has at least one fastening protrusion on a cell bottom, this fastening protrusion, protruding through an opening of a cooling element, which is configured as a cooling plate or as a cooling housing for the cell housings, the fastening protrusion cooperating with a clamping element, which clamps the cell housing against the cooling element..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Ferrite configuration for guiding a magnetic flux, producing the ferrite configuration, coil configuration, electrically drivable vehicle and charging station

A ferrite configuration for guiding a magnetic flux has at least two prismatically configured ferrite segments which form a cross-sectional area, perpendicular to a direction of the magnetic flux to be guided, for the magnetic flux to be guided and which are arranged adjacent to one another in such a manner that two surfaces of the adjacently arranged ferrite segments face one another perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic flux to be guided and form an air gap such that an air gap length is formed within the ferrite configuration in the direction of the magnetic flux. The ferrite segments are arranged in such a manner that the air gap lengths at any location of the cross-sectional area is of equal length across the cross-sectional area of the ferrite configuration..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Polygonal balance spring for a resonator for a timepiece

The invention relates to a balance spring for a resonator of a timepiece including a strip coiled on itself into several coils. According to the invention, the strip is formed by a series of prismatic portions integral with each other wherein one of the two opposite faces is formed by a series of rectangular portions integral with each other so as to form a polygonal spring..
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse


Freeform-prism eyepiece with illumination waveguide

An imaging panel includes a light source, a reflective image-forming array, and a freeform-prism eyepiece. The light source includes a light emitter and a waveguide having a grating.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Direct type backlight module

A backlight module includes a back cover, a reflective sheet, a lamp shade, a plurality of light sources, a collimating lens, a reflector and a light-guiding plate positioned facing the plurality of light sources. At least one prismatic-shaped protrusion portion and at least two light incident portions are defined on the surface of the light-guiding plate facing the light sources.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Stereo endoscope system

Disclosed is a stereo endoscope system comprising stereo endoscopes of varying working lengths, working diameters and directions of view. Each stereo endoscope comprises two identical optical systems where every pair of corresponding components is permanently couple in a sideways orientation.
Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.


Corner reflector for an armored vehicle

A corner reflector of an armored vehicle includes a housing having a look-in aperture of a subregion extending into a vehicle interior, a look-out aperture of a subregion extending out of the vehicle and at least one prism body or deflection mirrors disposed in the housing, to provide effective shielding against sources of electromagnetic interference. Providing the corner reflector on all sides with a shield made of electrically conductive material ensures that vehicles equipped therewith or individual electronic components thereof cannot be influenced or rendered unusable by sources of electromagnetic interference..


Planar lighting device and display device including planar lighting device

A planar lighting device includes a light-guide plate and a light source including a light-emitting surface that faces a first side surface. A center line passes through a center of the light-emitting surface and is perpendicular to the first side surface of the light-guide plate.
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Illumination device and display device

An illumination device (10) is provided with the following: light sources (11); a light-guide member (12 (13)) that includes a light entry region (is) and a light exit region (os) which emits planar light; light entry portions (13a) that are formed in the light entry region (is) and that oppose the light sources (11); and bright line suppression portions (20) that are formed in the areas between the light entry portions (13a) at the front side of the light entry region (is), and that include bright line suppression prisms (21) which have a shape that changes the angle of the light emitted in a direction spreading out from the light sources (11) to a direction closer to the optical axes.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Solar tracking concentrator

The present invention relates to a solar tracking concentrator comprising: an east-west tracking means for tracking the movement of the sun in the east-west direction from the upper part of a base frame; a support disposed vertically on the east-west tracking means; a concentrator-type parabola system disposed so that a shaft thereof is supported by the support, and having a second parabola disposed at a position slightly past the focal point of a first parabola having a wide area so that the high-density light is concentrated in the center of the first parabola; and an altitude tracking means disposed on the support so as to have the concentrator-type parabola system tracking the solar altitude, the present invention further comprising: a prism case disposed so as to be positioned in the rear of the light transport hole in the center of the first parabola of the parabola system, and so as to move angularly by means of the driving power of an altitude tracking motor of the altitude tracking means; and a light guidance means coupling a total-reflection rectangular prism to the prism case. The light guidance means rotates half as much as the rotational angle of the altitude tracking means, thereby allowing the high-density light to be always guided and supplied to the same location..


Skylight with sunlight pivot

A skylight with a sunlight pivot is provided. The skylight includes an external cover, a light channel, and a sunlight pivot disposed between the cover and the light channel.
Vkr Holding A/s


Animal litter box

Disclosed is a disposable animal litter box apparatus having a rectangular prism housing composed of connected walls including a front wall, rear wall, side walls, a top wall and a bottom wall forming an interior volume. The device includes handles, an entryway, fastening straps, and a plurality of integral accordion style pleats.


Complex spatial light modulator and three-dimensional image display apparatus having the same

Provided are a complex spatial light modulator and a three-dimensional (3d) image display apparatus. The complex spatial light modulator includes a spatial light modulator configured to modulate a phase of light, a first prism array which is disposed after the spatial light modulator along a path of the light, and including prism units each having a first prism surface and a second prism surface, and a hologram optical device configured to diffract the light that has passed through the first prism array independently from a polarization of the light, where the first prism array and the hologram optical device are configured to modulate the phase and an amplitude of the light..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Prism for projection optical system and optical system having same

A prism for a projection optical system included in a projector including an illumination light source, an illumination optical system, and a projection optical system, includes: a first surface that totally reflects a beam of one of the illumination light and the projection light and transmits a beam of the other; and a second surface that is opposed to the first surface with an air gap therebetween and transmits a beam passing through the first surface, wherein the first surface has an antireflective film having an average reflectivity of a s-polarized reflectivity and a p-polarized reflectivity at a center angle of a transmitted beam of 2% or lower in three wavelength ranges including a first wavelength range of blue, a second wavelength range of green, and a third wavelength range of red.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Virtual image display apparatus

In an optical system having an extremely simple configuration configured by first and second prisms which are prisms in a flat shape and a reflecting surface provided in these prisms, in the first prism which is disposed on a side close to the eyes, that is, on a side apart from a video display element (video element) at a certain distance, a correction lens surface for correcting a chromatic aberration of video light is provided. Accordingly, a virtual image display apparatus is small and light, and has a high performance with a reduced chromatic aberration of magnification..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Stereo microscope system

A stereo microscope system capable of display virtual reality through a plurality of sub display parts, which is the same as that embodied through a microscope, and capable of embodying virtual reality with same quality image throughout the plurality of display parts, is provided. According to the stereo microscope, the image capturing part captures the beam passing through the beam splitter part of the prism to capture an image and delivers the image to the processor, and the processor digital processes the image captured by the pair of image capturing part and delivers the image to the first and second display parts and to display the image.
Koh Young Technology Inc.


Backlight module and manufacturing the same

A backlight module includes a light guiding plate, a pattern structure, a number of leds, a reflecting plate, a diffusing layer, and a prism film. The pattern structure is adhered on a bottom of the light guiding plate.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Optical flim, optical film assembly using the optical film, and manufacturing the optical film

An optical film includes a substrate, several prism bars, and several connecting parts. The substrate comprises a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface.
Wistron Corp.


Optical body with fresnel-rendering of complex topographical surface

An optical film or other optical body has a structured surface comprising fresnel prisms. The fresnel prisms define a complex topography.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Light source unit and projector

A light source unit includes a light source component, at least one prism, and a prism support member. The prism has a top face, a bottom face and a side face on which light from the light source component is incident, and guides the light from the light source component along a light path.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.


Wavelength separation device and 3-dimensional image acquisition apparatus including the same

Provided are a wavelength separation device and a 3-dimensional (3d) image acquisition apparatus including the same. The wavelength separation device includes a first prism having an inclined surface and a second prism bonded to a first region of the inclined surface of the first prism.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Storage element including multiple lithium cells

A storage element is disclosed including a plurality of lithium cells, which are arranged beside one another as a stack and are clamped via two clamping plates arranged at the ends, the plates being connected to each other via clamping elements, wherein the cell stack consists of prismatic cells inducing a housing and at least one pouch cell, which is accommodated in a cell holder, the external dimension of which corresponds to that of a housing of a prismatic cell.. .
Audi Ag


Method for manufacturing light emitting element

A method for manufacturing a light emitting element, including steps of preparing a wafer that has a substrate with a first main face and a second main face, in which the first main face is provided with a plurality of convex components and valleys that connect these convex components, and a semiconductor structure that is provided on the first main face; and dividing the wafer by laser scribing in which a laser beam is emitted from the second main face side along first dividing lines and second dividing lines to obtain a plurality of light emitting elements. The convex components are in the form of pyramids, prisms, or truncated pyramids, each of which having a polyhedral bottom face with a plurality of apexes, edge lines that extend from the apexes, and side faces that link the edge lines to each other.
Nichia Corporation


Illuminating prismatic badge for a vehicle

A badge mounted on a vehicle is provided herein. The badge includes a housing having a viewable portion.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Low-power eyewear for reducing symptoms of computer vision syndrome

Computer eyewear for reducing the effects of computer vision syndrome (cvs). In one embodiment, the eyewear comprises a frame and two lenses.
Gunnar Optiks, Llc


Virtual image display apparatus

As a first prism and a second prism respectively have a third surface and a sixth surface, which are reflecting surfaces which are asymmetrical with respect to an axis, inside thereof, it is possible to correct an aberration, and to display an video having high performance. Furthermore, in the first prism, as a plurality of reflecting surfaces (a second surface and the third surface) is provided, it is possible to reduce a size and a weight of the apparatus.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Corner reflector

A corner reflector for armored vehicles includes a housing, a one-part or multi-part prism block fitted in the housing, an inwardly viewing window, an outwardly viewing window and an electronic screen for simultaneously looking through and feeding in text and/or image information. The screen is formed of a thin flat or film-like component..
Gus Periscopes Gmbh & Co. Kg


Illumination device and apparatus provided with illumination device

An illumination device that illuminates a portion of an outer peripheral surface of an apparatus in a linear manner, the illumination device includes, a light guide plate, two edges of which have a predetermined distance between each other, wherein one of the edges is a light emission surface that is disposed on an outer peripheral surface side of the apparatus and the other one of the edges is a light incident surface that is disposed on an inner side of the apparatus; and at least one light source that is disposed so as to face the light incidence surface, wherein isosceles triangle shaped prisms that have the same base angles are formed in the light incident surface and the light emission surface.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Visual indicator with sensor

A fluid level gauge includes a housing having a first end and a second end, and a window disposed in the housing, proximate to the first end. The fluid level gauge further includes an optical sensor disposed in the housing, proximate to the second end.
Eaton Corporation


Light adjusting film

The invention is related to a light adjusting film. The light adjusting film includes a transparent substrate, a plurality of micro lens structures on a light incident surface of the transparent substrate and a plurality of micro triangular prism structures on a light emitting surface of the transparent substrate.
Benq Materials Corporation


Liquid consuming apparatus

A printer includes a detection portion in which a light-emitting portion 92 and a light-receiving portion 94 are arranged in a main scanning direction, an ink cartridge in which a prism 170 is arranged, the prism having an edge line aligned with a sub-scanning direction and a bottom face 170c facing the detection portion, a holder 20 in which the ink cartridge is attachably and detachably installed and that has an opening portion 22 at a position in a bottom portion 21 arranged so as to face the detection portion, the position facing a bottom face 170c of the prism, and a carriage motor 33 that relatively moves the holder 20 with respect to the detection portion in the main scanning direction. The bottom portion 21 of the holder 20 has, on the side facing the detection portion, an inclined face 21a inclining in a sub-scanning direction..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Connection device

A connection device, to connect two ends of respective ducts to another flexible duct in the field of the peritoneal dialysis including a closed container containing two nozzle-like terminal ends of a y-shaped branch of a flexible duct; a removable connection member configured to be engaged/disengaged on the closed container, containing the ending portions of the respective ducts shaped to couple/uncouple with the nozzle-like terminal ends, a distal end of the container and the connecting member are shaped to couple according to a guiding scheme with prismatic joint; a closure with mobile walls on the closed container is actuated in opening and closing by the contact of a projecting septum of the connection member upon the connection/disconnection between the closed container and the connection member; and a closure with removable tear film arranged at the ending portions of the ducts to close the respective sections opened inside the connection member.. .
Glomeria Therapeutics S.r.l.


Sealing plate for prismatic secondary battery, producing the same, and prismatic secondary battery using the same

A sealing plate for a prismatic secondary battery includes a pair of mouths for attaching a negative and positive electrode terminals, one mouth being formed near one end in a longitudinal direction of the sealing plate, and the other mouth being formed near the other end, coining areas used for positioning of an insulating member and formed around the pair of mouths on a front face of the sealing plate, a gas release valve and an electrolyte pour hole formed between the pair of mouths, and grooves formed between the respective coining areas and the long side edge of the sealing plate. The groove has a smaller depth near the gas release valve than the depth near the coining area.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.


Optical probe with extended working distance

A side-looking optical probe for a raman spectroscopy system is provided. The probe includes: a base for mounting the probe to an optical assembly of the system; and a prism mounted to the base, the prism configured for receiving signal light from a sample and providing the signal light to the system.


Display device and liquid crystal prism cell panel

A display device with a liquid crystal prism cell panel is disclosed. The display device has a display panel and a liquid crystal prism cell panel, a black matrix layer which is disposed on the display panel further has spacers; the liquid crystal prism cell panel has a first and second substrates, a liquid crystal layer and a control circuit; light-shielding components are disposed on a position of the second substrate corresponding to a strip-shaped electrode which is disposed on the first substrate; the width of the light-shielding components is smaller than the width of the spacers.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Dispaly device and liquid crystal prism cell panel

A display device with a liquid crystal prim cell is disclosed. The liquid crystal prism cell panel has first and second substrates, liquid crystal layer and control circuit; the liquid crystal layer is disposed between a first electrode layer and a second electrode layer; the control circuit is configured to control a voltage difference between the first and second electrode layers; the first electrode layer has at least two strip-shaped electrodes, the a light-shielding components are disposed on a position of the second substrate corresponding to the strip-shaped electrodes.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Dried foods box topper

Disclosed is device for sealing boxes of dried food items wherein the device is a rectangular prism with five solid faces; a top face, a front face, a back face, a left-side face, and a right-side face; and one open face on the bottom.. .


Ultracapacitor vacuum assembly

A method for fabricating an edlc includes (a) coating a porous activated carbon material onto current collector sheets to form carbon-based electrodes, (b) drying the carbon-based electrodes, (c) winding or stacking carbon-based electrodes interleaved with separator sheets to fabricate a jelly roll or prismatic electrode assembly, (d) inserting the electrode assembly into a package and forming electrical connections between the electrode assembly and package terminals, (e) filling the package with a liquid electrolyte, and (f) sealing the package. Steps (a)-(f) are performed in an atmosphere having a low moisture content.
Corning Incorporated


Prismatic secondary battery

A prismatic secondary battery 10 includes a prismatic hollow outer body having a mouth and a bottom and storing an electrode assembly, a positive electrode collector, a negative electrode collector, and an electrolyte, a sealing plate 20 sealing up the mouth of the prismatic hollow outer body, and a positive electrode terminal 15 and a negative electrode terminal 17 attached to the sealing plate 20; the sealing plate 20 includes a gas release valve 25 at the center between the positive electrode terminal 15 and the negative electrode terminal 17 and includes an electrolyte pour hole 23 on one side of the gas release valve 25 and, on the other side on the front face, a concaved flat face with a height lower than that of the peripheral portion; and the concaved flat face is formed with an identification code 33.. .
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.


Optical sheet unit

The present invention may relate to an optical sheet unit. According to an embodiment of the present invention, disclosed is an optical sheet unit comprising: a diffusion sheet for diffusing incident light such that the light can be uniformly emitted; a prism sheet unit arranged at the position facing the diffusion sheet to concentrate the light incident from the diffusion sheet; and a bonding layer formed between the prism sheet unit and the diffusion sheet to bond the entire surfaces of the prism sheet unit and the diffusion sheet facing each other..
Lms Co., Ltd.


Compact optical projection apparatus

A compact optical projection apparatus. An apparatus for light projection includes at least one illumination device; a cover prism including a curved surface positioned to receive illumination light rays and a total internal reflection surface positioned to internally reflect the light rays towards an asymmetric reflector surface positioned opposite the total internal reflection surface, the asymmetric reflector surface configured to reflect the received light rays out of the cover prism at an emitter side of the cover prism; a spatial light modulating the illumination light rays with image data to form image light rays; a reverse total internal reflection (rtir) prism positioned between the spatial light modulator and the emitter side of the cover prism and further comprising a total internal reflection surface configured to totally internally reflect the image light rays out of the rtir prism into a light projection device.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Methods and apparatus relating to a camera including multiple optical chains

Camera methods and apparatus are described where the camera device includes multiple optical chains. In various embodiments two or more of the optical chains include light redirection devices such as mirrors or prisms.
The Lightco Inc.


Prism member, terahertz-wave spectroscopic measurement device, and terahertz-wave spectroscopic measurement method

A prism member having an entrance surface for arranging a terahertz-wave generator for generating a terahertz wave in response to pump light incident thereon, an arrangement part for arranging an object to be measured, an exit surface for arranging a terahertz-wave detector for detecting a correlation between the terahertz wave transmitted through the object in the arrangement part and probe light, a first optical surface for collimating or condensing the terahertz wave incident thereon from the entrance surface toward the arrangement part, and a second optical surface for condensing the terahertz wave transmitted through the arrangement part toward the exit surface, the arrangement part forms a depression adapted to be filled with a liquid incapable of dissolving the object therein.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Prismatic sealed secondary battery

The positive electrode substrate exposed portions or the negative electrode substrate exposed portions, or both, of an electrode assembly is split into two groups, and therebetween is disposed an intermediate member made of a resin material and holding one or more connecting conductive members. Collector members for the substrate exposed portions split into two groups is electrically joined by a resistance welding method to the substrate exposed portions split into two groups, together with the connecting conductive member(s) of the intermediate member.


Vehicle starter battery

A starter battery is provided comprising a plurality of pouch-type prismatic cells stacked to form an array and configured to output a voltage sufficient to start a vehicle engine. The starter battery further includes a housing configured to contain the array wherein the housing includes a tray and a lid attached with the tray such that the housing provides a compressive force sufficient to prevent cell delamination and to constrain expansion or swelling of the cells during operation..


Composition and attraction of emerald ash borer agrilus planipennis fairmaire (coleoptera: buprestidae)

The invention disclosed relates to a novel composition and use thereof, for the attraction and detection of emerald ash borer, agrilus planipennis fairmaire. The composition comprises (3z)-dodecen-12-olide and ash foliar or cortical volatiles (green leaf volatiles) associated with a prism trap of a color in the green range of the visible light spectrum.


Ferrule retention

Disclosed is a locking assembly for axially locking a ferrule in a socket. Also disclosed is a socket configured to the locking assembly.


Direct type backlight module

A backlight module includes a light guide assembly and a light source assembly. The light guide assembly includes a back cover, a reflective sheet, a light guide plate, and an optical film.


Illumination device and display device

Provided are an illumination device capable of improving the uniformity in brightness of the illumination light, and a display device using the same. An illumination device is provided with: a plurality of light sources arranged in a row in one direction; and a light guide plate which has, along a side edge face, a light receiving face facing the light source, guides light entering through the light receiving face, and outputs illumination light from a light emitting surface disposed on the front surface; the light guide plate having a plurality of prisms and a plurality of prisms provided in an indented manner on the front or rear surface and arranged in a row along the longitudinal direction of the light receiving face; the prisms being formed spanning between the light receiving face and the opposing face opposite the light receiving face; and the prisms being formed, between adjacent prisms, deeper than the prisms within a predetermined range in the vicinity of the light receiving face..


Vehicle head-up display device for preventing ghost images

A vehicle head-up display device for preventing ghost images, includes a base, a display module and a lid, wherein the lid is translucent material, a lower thickness of the lid is smaller than an upper thickness, the display module is used to project image information on the lid. By the composition of the above elements, the variation in thickness that the upper of the lid is thick and the lower of the lid is thin is used to generate the refraction of the prism, to let the position of ghost images be overlapped with real images, to thereby effectively solve the problem of ghost images..


Moving laser focus in a spectrometer

In an embodiment, an apparatus may include a light source, a beam manipulator, an optical component, an analyzer, and a detector. The light source may generate an incident light at a first frequency.

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