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This page is updated frequently with new Prism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prism-related patents
 Two-stage light modulation for high dynamic range patent thumbnailTwo-stage light modulation for high dynamic range
An imaging apparatus for two-stage light modulation in high-definition digital projection or cinema can include two light modulators. Each light modulator can include a multi-chip imaging system coupled to a total internal reflection prism (tir) system, which has a light input face and an on-state face.
Christie Digital Systems Usa, Inc.

 Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailElectronic device and manufacturing method thereof
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a liquid-crystal display module, a diffuser, a prism sheet, a light guide, a back panel and an outer frame.
Wistron Corp.

 Retroreflectove article with multilayer seal film patent thumbnailRetroreflectove article with multilayer seal film
The present disclosure generally relates to retroreflective articles and methods of making retroreflective articles including a plurality of microreplicated retroreflective elements (prismatic elements and lenslets) and a multilayer seal film adjacent to the retroreflective elements. The multilayer film includes a polymeric sealing layer and an adhesive layer.
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Box for food products patent thumbnailBox for food products
The invention provides a box for food products having a prismatic body provided with a bottom base, sidewalls and a top opening, and a closure cover of the top opening. The body and the cover are formed from a sheet of corrugated cardboard having an outer face covered with water-proof and water-repellent paint or varnish and an inner face covered with waterproof sheets or films of polyethylene (pe) or vinyl polymer.

 Sock for treatment of foot and leg wounds, methods of use and manufacture patent thumbnailSock for treatment of foot and leg wounds, methods of use and manufacture
The improved sock is made of yarns knitted into a foot and calf, with graduated compression on an individual's foot from the foot to the calf. The yarns can include wool and alpaca fibers.
Vive Wear Llc

 Autostereoscopic projection device patent thumbnailAutostereoscopic projection device
An autostereoscopic projection device includes an illuminating module, a light modulator, an optical module, and a lens module. The illuminating module is for providing light beams having different deflection angles in sequence.
Delta Electronics, Inc.

 Liquid crystal display device patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display device
Provided is a liquid crystal display device that is narrow in viewing angle and that is capable of excellent image quality. The liquid crystal display device of the present invention includes: a liquid crystal panel; a prism sheet; a light guide plate; and a visible light absorber, which are provided in the stated order from a viewer side.
Nitto Denko Corporation

 Image display apparatus and head mounted display patent thumbnailImage display apparatus and head mounted display
An image display apparatus which displays, as a virtual image, image in a visual field of a user, including an image generation section to generate image; an illumination section to illuminate light to the image generation section; and a projection section by which the image generated by the image generation section is projected, as a virtual image, into the visual field of the user, the projection section includes: a prism lens formed by integrating, by predetermined unit, a lens to generate the virtual image, with a prism provided thereon with a half mirror film which bends, in the direction of the pupil, a signal light from the image generation section; and aperture restriction unit which is provided on the incident surface of the prism lens, and which allows light in a predetermined area of the signal light from the image generation section to pass therethrough.. .
Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.

 Illuminating apparatus patent thumbnailIlluminating apparatus
An illuminating apparatus includes a light source and an optical member that controls light distribution of light emitted from the light source in a forward direction. A plurality of prisms extending in one direction are provided on one principal surface of the optical member in regions on both sides when divided at a virtual plane that includes a reference axis.
Minebea Co., Ltd.

 Portable framed artistic window pane covers patent thumbnailPortable framed artistic window pane covers
A portable framed artistic window pane covers includes plain and textured window pane film mounted on glass or transparent polyvinyl sheet with a prismatic effect that allows incoming light to pass through a window pane while refracting the light at random or semi-random angles in a manner that distorts viewed images through window panes of any size outside a home, office, or structure to create privacy for persons inside home, office, and other structures.. .


Foldable tubular element with one rigid degree of freedom

A foldable tubular construct/element with one rigid degree of freedom is of a tubular construction formed by a number of single layered annular units which are connected in sequence; each single layered annular unit is of a prism having n ridge lines; two adjacent prisms each having n sides are connected to each other by sharing a polygon with n sides formed on an intersection plane; each prism with n ridge lines is composed of n rigid planar quadrilateral facets; two adjacent single layered annular units comprise n spherical mechanisms formed by the intersections of only four planar quadrilateral facets at each apex; the polygon having n sides formed in the intersection plane of the two adjacent single layered annular units is a planar polygon with an arbitrary number of sides greater than for a triangle; the ridge lines of each prism having n ridge lines are parallel to each other; the connecting ridge lines of the tubular element are coplanar; when the polygon having n sides formed in the intersection plane of the two adjacent single layered annular units is a line-symmetric polygon of even number of sides with at least one diagonal symmetric axis, the plane in which connecting ridge lines of the tubular element are located is perpendicular to one diagonally symmetric axis.. .
Tianjin University


Redox active triangular organic materials

A redox-active triangular prism is provided. The redox-active triangular prism includes a plurality of pure enantiomers selected from a group consisting of (−)-ndi-Δ and (+)-ndi-Δ.
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)


All-weather enclosure for flat panel displays

A lightweight, weatherproof, protective enclosure for flat panel displays comprising a containing element in the form of an open, shallow rectangular prism with a regular network of shallow reinforcing depressions formed in its outer surface and a substantially transparent planar viewing element hingedly connected to the containing element such that when the viewing element is closed over, and sealed to, the containing element the protective enclosure forms a lightweight, monocoque structure with enhanced structural rigidity.. .


X-ray intensifying screens including micro-prism reflective layer for exposing x-ray film, x-ray film cassettes, and x-ray film assemblies

An intensifying screen for exposing x-ray film includes a screen support backing, a luminescent layer having a luminescent material that emits light in the presence of x-rays, and a reflective layer disposed between the luminescent layer and the screen support backing, the reflective layer including a plurality of micro-prisms that reflect light emitted by the luminescent material. An x-ray film cassette includes at least one intensifying screen and a housing surrounding the at least one intensifying screen..


Illumination device, display device, and tv receiver

The backlight device includes: a plurality of leds arranged in a row; and a light guide plate having, on the long-side side faces, light-entering faces into which light emitted from the plurality of leds enters, the light guide plate further having side faces that respectively abut the light-entering faces 20a. The light-entering faces have a plurality of recesses or protrusions on the light-entering faces 20, each of the plurality of recesses or protrusions having a shape of a prism that directs the light entering the prism toward one of the side faces that is closer to where the prism is located relative to a center of the light guide plate..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Anti-vibration optical system

An anti-vibration optical system is an observation optical system including, in sequence from an object side, an objective optical system, an erecting prism, and an ocular optical system, wherein: in sequence from the object side, the objective optical system includes a first lens group having a positive refracting power and a second lens group having a negative refracting power; in sequence from the object side, the second lens group comprises a positive lens group having a positive refracting power and a negative lens group having a negative refracting power; and an image position can be changed by the negative lens group of the second lens group being displaced in a direction orthogonal to an optical axis.. .
Nikon Vision Co., Ltd.


Field inversion waveguide using micro-prism array

A field inverting optical waveguide is disclosed. The waveguide is configured to convey electromagnetic radiation from an ingress end to an egress end along an optical path.
Qioptiq Limited


Image-capturing module

An image-capturing module successively captures light data in batches for a scene of a whole field of view by adjusting the position of a multifaceted prism, and executes patch process on these batches of the light data to acquire an image over the whole field of view in a higher imaging quality that is generally achieved by a camera module with large number of pixels. The movable multifaceted prism may be together with an image sensing module and a lens module to be within a holder to have a compact volume for an image-capturing mobile phone, wearable device, and/or smart opto-electronics..
Everready Precision Ind. Corp.


Light-emitting module with a curved prism sheet

A light-emitting module (1) comprising a light source array of solid state light-sources arranged along a geometrical line (o), and an envelope (40) surrounding the light unit (10). The envelope comprises abase structure (6) extending along the light source array and including a diffuse reflective portion, two side reflector regions (4, 4′) arranged on opposite sides of the base structure, and a curved prism sheet (8) extending between the two side reflector regions at a constant distance (r) from the geometrical line (o).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Laparoscopic viewing system

A laparoscopic viewing system is provided. The laparoscopic viewing system embodies a viewing device for heads-up three dimensional viewing of a laparoscopic surgical field.


Sealing plate for prismatic secondary battery and prismatic secondary battery using the sealing plate

A prismatic secondary battery includes a prismatic hollow outer body having a mouth and a bottom; a flat electrode assembly, a positive electrode collector, a negative electrode collector, and an electrolyte, all of which are stored in the prismatic outer body; a sealing plate sealing up the mouth of the prismatic outer body; and a positive electrode terminal attached to the sealing plate in an electrically insulated manner. The sealing plate includes a gas release valve and an electrolyte pour hole and further includes, on the front face, a concaved flat face having an identification code.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.


Image display element holding mechanism, prism unit, and projector

A holding mechanism for holding an image display element to a prism includes: a first fixing member fixed to the prism by an adhesive; and a second fixing member, which is fixed to the first fixing member using a screw, and which has the image display element directly or indirectly fixed to the second fixing member. A protruding section is provided at the periphery of a hole to be used for the purpose of fixing using the screw, and at the time of fixing the second fixing member to the first fixing member using the screw, the first fixing member and the second fixing member are directly or indirectly brought into contact with each other at the protruding section such that deformation due to screwing of the screw does not generate within a bonding region of the first fixing member..
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Camera having a display member

A camera comprises a display member arranged in a finder optical system. The display member is provided in a finder of the camera and is provided with a reflective prism group including a plurality of reflective prisms and a frame line formed to surround the reflective prism group.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for storing information on a spectacles lens, spectacles lens blank or spectacles lens semi-finished product

Information is stored in an optical element in the form of a glass or plastic body embodied as spectacles lens, spectacles lens blank or spectacles lens semi-finished product. The information in the form of data is stored on or in the glass or plastic body by creating at least one marking with a marking system.
Carl Zeiss Vision International Gmbh


Optical alignment system

A coalignment system including wedge-prism assembly that can be attached to a conventional night vision scope, for example. This could allow a standard handheld night vision scope to be deployed in different modes such as on headmounted goggles or as an augmentation scope in front of a day sight a weapon while enabling line of sight/point of impact (los/poi) correction.
Burle Technologies, Llc


Light down conversion film and display backlight unit using the same

The disclosure provides a display backlight unit and its light down conversion film. The light down conversion film may include a quantum-dot layer sandwiched between input substrate and an exit substrate.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Telescopic gun sight with offset eyepoint

This invention teaches a weapon sight whose eyepoint is offset with respect to the sight's main optical axis. A refracting wedge prism is added to the optical layout of a telescopic sight to tilt the viewing axis and provide an offset eyepoint.


Apparatus and customized shaping of orthodontic archwires and other medical devices

An apparatus and method for bending or shaping orthodontic archwires or other medical devices into a complex, patient individual shape is described. The apparatus comprises of two moveable, compact, manipulators with, in total, at least three revolute joints defining three rotation axes and at least three prismatic joints defining at least three translation axes.
Orametrix, Inc


Apparatus and customized shaping of orthodontic archwires and other medical devices

An apparatus and method for bending or shaping orthodontic archwires or other medical devices into a complex, patient individual shape is described. The apparatus comprises of two moveable, compact, manipulators with, in total, at least three revolute joints defining three rotation axes and at least three prismatic joints defining at least three translation axes.
Orametrix, Inc


Ultrasound vibration device, manufacturing ultrasound vibration device, and ultrasound medical apparatus

An ultrasound vibration device includes a stacked transducer in which a plurality of piezoelectric substances and a plurality of electrode plates are stacked, an external shape of the stacked transducer being in a polygonal prism shape, insulators, a case main body housing the piezoelectric transducer and the insulators, a pressurizing member screwed and fastened to an opening portion of the case main body to pressurize and fix the stacked transducer and the insulators in the case main body, and a plurality of positioning member insertion sections into which a positioning member is inserted, the positioning member retaining the stacked transducer and the insulators in the polygonal prism shape and positioning the stacked transducer in a position where the stacked transducer is non-contact with an inner wall of the case main body and one ends of the insulators are in contact with the pressurizing member.. .
Olympus Corporation


Fine element magnet array

A set of symmetrically segmented square prism permanent magnet (pm) halves in a 45-45-90 triangular prism and a rectangular square prism with predefined 45° stepped magnetizations are designed as fine elements (fes), bringing finely adaptive mosaicking advantages for array arrangement. Optimized halbach effect fe pm pole modules in cuboidal and isosceles trapezoidal prism shapes are invented to provide an augmented one-side-operating field.


Measuring system, and portable radio transceiver and measurement pole used in measuring system

To provide a measuring system for guiding a worker to a pile driving point by utilizing a measuring device for performing a distance measurement and an angle measurement by automatic guiding and a controller. The measuring system includes a measurement pole 50 equipped with a prism 52, a measurement device 2 having an automatic guiding function, a memory section 30l, a display section 30g displaying a guiding map, an imaging optical system 30e, and a controller 30c having a transceiver 30d, calculates a difference between present position information and a pile driving point position information, calculates a moving direction of the prism 52 from the current position information and previous position information by the imaging optical system 30e, and when these moving directions are different, calculates a gradient component θ of the controller 30c, and displays a guiding map by amended spaced-apart components Δx″, Δy″ amended by the gradient components..


Construction blocks and systems

A semi-interlocking construction block system may include blocks having prism shaped male and female fittings configured for semi-interlocking interaction. When mated the male and female fittings may engage along their respective interfacing upper bases and lower ends of their respective lateral side faces.


Method for manufacturing a silicon cylinder by growth on seeds in a directed solidification furnace

A method for manufacturing a silicon cylinder by growth on seeds in a directed solidification furnace, including at least the following steps: (i) providing a crucible having a longitudinal axis (z), in which the bottom is covered with a layer of seeds of monocrystalline silicon in a right prism shape; and (ii) proceeding with directed solidification of silicon by growth on seeds, in a direction of growth that is co-linear with the axis (z) and with a concave solidification front, spatially or temporally; characterised in that the layer in step (i) of: one or more central seeds gc; and one or more peripheral seeds gp contiguous to the seed(s) gc, the peripheral seeds gp having a specific size.. .


Solid-core ring-magnet

A solid-core ring-magnet having one or more cavities is provided. The magnet can have an overall cylindrical shape or a rectangular-prism shape.


Apparatus for manufacturing composite leaf spring

An apparatus for manufacturing a composite leaf spring, including: a supply roller configured to wind a reinforcing fiber on an outer circumference thereof; a resin impregnation unit configured to supply a synthetic resin to the reinforcing fiber withdrawn from the supply roller; a polyprism-shaped rotating mold unit rotatably disposed at one side of the resin impregnation unit, and having molding grooves formed along an outer surface in a circumferential direction thereof to be in communication with each other and disposed in multiple rows; and a supply arm including a withdrawing means configured to protrude to one side of the resin impregnation unit and to withdraw the reinforcing fiber, and an elastic guide configured to guide the reinforcing fiber to each of the molding grooves.. .


Blade insert illuminator

A blade insert illumination system includes one or more illumination elements composed of a transparent or semitransparent polymer that is preferably biocompatible and sterilizable. The illumination elements operate as a waveguide and may incorporate optical components such as, for example, facets, lenses, gratings, prisms and or diffusers to operate as precision optics for customized delivery of the light energy.


Image capture unit in a surgical instrument

In a minimally invasive surgical system, an image capture unit includes a prism assembly and sensor assembly. The prism assembly includes a beam splitter, while the sensor assembly includes coplanar image capture sensors.


Device for heat treating products by means of microwaves and heat treatment method implementing such a device

A device for heat-treating products by means of microwaves includes an enclosure (2), a drum (3) having at least one portion mounted inside the enclosure (2), a spacing (4) defined between the enclosure (2) and the drum (3), a support (5) positioned at least partially in said spacing (4) and designed to receive and transport products to be treated, and at least one module (6) for applying microwaves to the products, designed to introduce microwaves into said spacing (4). The drum (3) has a prism shape, extending according to the axis (30) of the drum (3), and including a plurality of sides (31; 31; 31″) extending parallel to the axis (30).


Rock specimen and testing direct tensile strength of the same

A rock specimen, including a rock body having the shape of a cylinder or a regular square prism. The rock body includes: an upper end face, a first circular groove, a first cylinder, a first circular body, a lower end face, a second circular groove, a second cylinder, and a second circular body.


Light redirectly film laminate

Light management film constructions contain a first optical film having a first major surface and a second major surface opposite the first major surface. The first major surface is a microstructured surface with asymmetrical structures.


Battery module thermal management fluid guide assembly

The present disclosure includes a battery module with a housing having first and second ends and first and second lateral sides between the first and second ends. The battery module includes prismatic electrochemical cells and a cooling duct having first and second segments.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Prismatic battery cell energy density for a lithium ion battery module

Present embodiments include a lithium ion battery module and associated lithium ion battery cells. The lithium ion battery cells include a prismatic cell casing enclosing electrochemically active components.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Lithium ion battery module with free floating prismatic battery cells

Present embodiments include a lithium ion battery module having a lineup of prismatic lithium ion battery cells positioned within a cell receptacle area of a housing of the lithium ion battery module. The prismatic battery cells of the lineup are spaced apart from one another in a spaced arrangement by fixed protrusions extending from internal surfaces of the housing forming the cell receptacle area, and the fixed protrusions extend inwardly to form a plurality of discontinuous slots across a width of the cell receptacle area..
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Battery module compressed cell assembly

A battery module includes a housing including a first interior surface, a second interior surface opposite the first interior surface, and a compressed cell assembly disposed within an interior space of the housing between the first and second interior surfaces. The compressed cell assembly includes a plurality of prismatic battery cells arranged in a cell stack that includes a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a retaining wall disposed between the first end of the cell stack and the first interior surface of the housing.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Free floating battery cell assembly techniques for lithium ion battery module

Present embodiments include a lithium ion battery module having a lineup of prismatic lithium ion battery cells positioned within a cell receptacle area of a housing of the lithium ion battery module. The prismatic battery cells of the lineup are spaced apart from one another in a spaced arrangement by fixed protrusions extending from internal surfaces of the housing forming the cell receptacle area, and the fixed protrusions extend inwardly to form a plurality of discontinuous slots across a width of the cell receptacle area..
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Reflective target for surveying instruments

Reflective target for surveying instruments having a plurality of planar reflective sections arranged to form a shape having a target axis. Each reflective section includes a plurality of prisms, each prism constituted by a corner cube having three surfaces oriented perpendicular to one another and forming a base for receiving incident light, and each of the prisms is oriented such that a common edge formed by two of the three surfaces of the prism is oriented such that the common edge and the target axis or a line parallel to the target axis lie in a common plane..
Trimble Jena Gmbh


Lens device

The purpose of the present invention is to reduce the size of an image pick-up lens unit. A part of a bundle of rays representing subject optical images is deflected vertically downward by a polarization prism, and is further deflected forwards by a total reflection mirror.
Fujifilm Corporation


Prism unit and projector

A prism unit that combines light in the three primary colors of r, g, and b on the same optical axis includes: a g-reflecting dichroic coating that reflects g light and passes r and b light; and an rb dichroic coating that reflects one of r and b, and passes the other one of r and b, the prism unit satisfying the following conditional expression: λrg≧λrb≧0.67×λrg+0.33×λgb, where λgb represents the wavelength at which the transmittance is 50% when the colors of g and b on the composite optical axis are combined, λrg represents the wavelength at which the transmittance is 50% when the colors of r and g on the composite optical axis are combined, and λrb represents the wavelength at which the transmittance is 50% when the colors of r and b on the composite optical axis are combined.. .
Konica Minolta Inc.


Optical see-through free-form head-mounted display

A see-through free-form head-mounted display including a wedge-shaped prism-lens having free-form surfaces and low f-number is provided.. .
Beijing Institute Of Technology


Wide angle and high resolution tiled head-mounted display device

A tiled head-mounted display device, comprising: an optical component including a plurality of prisms with free-form surfaces, each prism being a wedge prism comprising a first optical surface, a second optical surface and a third optical surface; and a display component including a plurality of micro-displays, wherein the number of the micro-displays and the number of the prisms with free-form surfaces is identical. The tiled head-mounted display device according to the present invention is compact and light, provides wide field of view and high resolution, especially for the optical tiling head-mounted display device, the exit pupil planes of each display channels are coincident, thus avoiding pupil aberration and keeping exit pupil diameter and eye clearance same as the single ocular.
Beijing Institute Of Technology


Light guiding unit, and light illuminating device and image reading apparatus using the same

Provided is a light guiding unit including: a light guiding member including an incident surface, an exit surface elongated in a first direction, and a light guiding surface opposed to exit surface; and a diffusion member opposed to light guiding surface, in which: light entering the light guiding member from incident surface is guided via light guiding surface and diffusion member to exit surface, and exits from exit surface to illuminate the original; the light guiding member further includes a plurality of prisms arrayed in first direction on light guiding surface on a side opposed to diffusion member; each of prisms has a rectangular shape in a first section; and each of prisms satisfies the following condition: w tan(sin−1(1/n))≦h≦2w, where w and h represent a width and a height of each of prisms in the first section, respectively, and n represents a refractive index of the light guiding member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Apparatus for measuring hexavalent chromium in water

The present invention comprises an optical train (50) and optional wavelength-selective photodetectors. The optical train (50) uses reflecting elements (600) including mirrors and/or prisms to fold the light path of the transmitted uv light beam to direct it through the body (100) of the instrument, through a sample vessel (200) using at least one pass but preferably two or more passes and into illumination contact with a photodetector (400).
Freestone Environmental Services, Inc.


Polarized light imaging apparatus and methods thereof for separating light from a surface of a sample its deeper diffuse layers

A polarized light imaging apparatus is provided. In an embodiment, the apparatus comprises a light source for producing light beams; an illumination optic coupled to the light source for guiding the light beams towards the sample; a linear polarizer coupled to the illumination optic and configured to produce a linearly polarized light towards the sample respective of the light beams; a tir birefringent polarizing prism (bpp) coupled to the sample to maximize a refraction difference between ordinary waves and extraordinary waves of light returning from the sample; and a detection optic unit coupled to the non-tir bpp for guiding the light waves returning from the sample towards a single polarization sensitive sensor element (se), the se is configured to capture at least one frame of the sample respective of the light waves returning from the superficial single-scattering layer of the sample apart from the deeper diffuse layer..
Mobileodt Ltd


Five-wave optical parametric oscillator with v-ring geometry

An optical apparatus to provide several light bands on a single coaligned beam line or axis. The apparatus generally comprises five main components: a pump, a fold mirror, an input coupler, a nonlinear optical (nlo) crystal, and an output coupler.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Case assembly, prismatic secondary battery, and fabrication method thereof

Provided are a case assembly, a prismatic secondary battery, and a method of fabricating the prismatic secondary battery. The prismatic secondary battery includes: an electrode assembly including a first electrode plate, a second electrode plate, and a separator between the first and second electrode plates; a case formed of a first material, wherein an electrode assembly accommodation cavity is formed in the case to accommodate the electrode assembly, and an opening through which the electrode assembly is to be inserted is formed in a portion of the case is formed in a portion of the case; and a cap plate sealing the opening.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Illumination device

An illumination device includes: a light source unit; and an optical member having a plate-like shape and disposed in front of the light source unit, wherein the optical member includes a first refractive prism having a function of refracting light, and a reflective prism disposed on an outer side of the first refractive prism and having a function of reflecting light, wherein an optical axis of the light source unit is configured to pass through a region in which the first refractive prism is disposed, wherein the first refractive prism is configured to cause an incident light to travel to a side opposite to the optical axis, and wherein the reflective prism is configured to cause an incident light to travel to the optical axis side.. .
Minebea Co., Ltd.


Power tool

A slip clutch (19) for a hand-held power tool (1) that serves to uncouple a tool socket (2) from a driving motor (5) in the event of an overload is provided. An annular running surface (23) has cams (24) projecting radially inward.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Rotary lever lock

The description relates to a rotary latch closure comprising a housing (12) with an actuating shaft (14) which is mounted so as to be rotatable but axially fixed therein and which has at its free end (30) a circumferential thread (24) and at least one axially oriented flattened portion (26), and a rotary latch (28) which can be fitted to the free end (30) of the shaft so as to be fixed with respect to rotation relative to it in at least one rotational position and which is axially supported on a nut (32) which can be screwed onto the circumferential thread (24), characterized in that the nut (32) is enclosed by a cage (48) forming a laterally accessible space (46) that is bounded by two walls (42, 44), each of the two walls (42, 44) having a prismatic opening (40), wherein the opening allows the shaft (30) to be slid through in a torsionally rigid manner.. .
Dirak Dieter Ramsauer Konstruktionselemente Gmbh


Mobile flood protection barrier system

A mobile flood protection barrier system for quickly stopping and damming back watercourses, overflows, and for raising the embankment in flood protection as a temporary facility. The system has water-fillable water storage units that are connected to one another and supporting structures, the water storage units are placed into the triangular supporting frames of the supporting structure and fixed to supporting structure, to the spacer bar thereof.


Authentication device, prism body for authentication, and authentication method

A prism comprising an organism contact surface that is in contact with the organism, an imaging surface that is formed at a position where the imaging surface is opposite to and approximately parallel to the organism contact surface, reflection surface that is adjacent to the organism contact surface and the imaging surface and totally reflects light reflected by the organism contact surface toward the image capturing surface. The reflection surface is provided at an angle at which light from within the prism is totally reflected by the organism contact surface in a light path leading from the imaging surface to the organism contact surface via the reflection surface.
Nec Corporation


Film thickness measuring device and film thickness measuring method

A film thickness measuring device including: a terahertz wave generator; a prism that has an entrance surface, an abutment surface capable of abutting a surface of a sample including a first film on a side where the first film is formed, and an emission surface; a terahertz wave detector that detects an s-polarization component and a p-polarization component of a reflected wave from the sample, emitted from the emission surface of the prism; and a control section configured to determine a thickness of the first film formed in the sample, based on a difference between a time waveform of the s-polarization component of the reflected wave and a time waveform of the p-polarization component of the reflected wave.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Fresnel piggyback intraocular lens that improves overall vision where there is a local loss of retinal function

Systems and methods are provided for improving overall vision in patients suffering from a loss of vision in a portion of the retina (e.g., loss of central vision) by providing a piggyback lens which in combination with the cornea and an existing lens in the patient's eye redirects and/or focuses light incident on the eye at oblique angles onto a peripheral retinal location. The piggyback lens can include a redirection element (e.g., a prism, a diffractive element, or an optical component with a decentered grin profile) configured to direct incident light along a deflected optical axis and to focus an image at a location on the peripheral retina.
Amo Groningen B.v.


Color separating and combining system and projecting display apparatus including the same

At least one color separating and combining system includes a light combining element, such as a cross dichroic prism, a dichroic mirror that transmits a first (e.g., blue) light, and a first pbs that guides the blue light to a first liquid crystal panel. The system may include a wavelength selective pbs that guides a green light to a second liquid crystal panel and that guides a red light to a direction different from that of the second liquid crystal panel.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Support structure for angled battery cell configuration for a traction battery assembly

A support structure is provided for a battery cell array which may include a pair of triangular prism shaped endplates having opposing parallel inner faces configured to exert a compression force on battery cells disposed therebetween and parallel outer faces not parallel with the inner faces. The support structure may also include a pair of opposing retention supports spanning between the endplates.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Double-vision backlight module and liquid crystal display device

In the embodiments of the invention, a double-vision backlight module and a lcd device are provided. In the embodiments of the present invention, a light-splitting prism sheet is disposed between a diffuser plate and a lcd panel for splitting light.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Radiation image detection device

A radiation image detecting device includes a photodetecting element that detects fluorescence light, and a prism that is disposed on an optical path of excitation light traveling toward an imaging plate and between the photodetecting element and the imaging plate. The prism includes, as surface thereof, a side face that is opposed to the imaging plate, and a side face and a side face that are inclined relative to the side face.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Potatolike shaped graphite particles with low impurity rate at the surface, process for preparing same

A method for modifying graphite particles having a prismatic shape or a cylindrical shape characterized by an edge function fe and a basal function fb, said method providing increase of the edge function and lowering of the basal function, wherein the method includes submitting the graphite particles to at least one physical means selected from attrition, jet mill, ball mill, hammer mill, or atomizer mill, in the presence of at least one chemical compound chosen from the group of compounds of the formula mfz, in which m represents an alkaline or alkaline-earth metal and z represents 1 or 2, nacl and nh4f or a mixture thereof, said compound or compounds being added in solid form, at the beginning of the step using the physical means.. .


Light guide, illuminating device and image reading apparatus

A light guide has a guide portion extending in a first direction. Light entering the guide portion through a first end is guided to a reading position.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Lighting device and display device

A backlight unit includes leds, a light guide plate, a reflection sheet, a prism sheet, and an anisotropic reflection portion. The light guide plate includes a light entrance surface opposed to the leds and light exit surface.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Lighting device and display device

A backlight unit includes leds, a light guide plate, a lenticular lens portion, a first prism sheet, and a second prism sheet. The lenticular lens portion includes cylindrical lenses that extend along a first direction and arranged parallel to one another along a second direction.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Device for near field and far field imaging in the microwave range

A device for the imaging of an object to be studied, combines: a prism made from a material with no losses (non-absorbent) for radiation in the microwave range; a sample holder on a front face of the prism for receiving the object to be studied; and a mobile emitting antenna on a rear face of the prism in order to emit radiation in the microwave range.. .
Universite D'aix Marseille


Hexagonal prisms for constructing a wall

A module for constructing a wall comprises a frame forming a hexagonal prism and defining an interior space. The frame is formed from a pair of hexagonal end caps tied together by a plurality of elongated stringer members disposed at corresponding vertices of said hexagonal end caps and extending generally perpendicularly therebetween.


Methods of fabricating metallic fuel from surplus plutonium

A method of fabricating metallic fuel from surplus plutonium may include combining plutonium oxide powder and uranium oxide powder to obtain a mixed powder with reduced proliferation potential. The mixed powder may be electroreduced in a bath of molten salt so as to convert the mixed powder to a first alloy.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc


Memory foam pillow packaging having a hexagonal prism structure

A bedding article is compressed and rolled by hand from one side edge to form a rolled bedding article. The resulting rolled bedding article has a shape that approximates that of a rectangular prism.
Zinus Inc.


Multifunctional 3d scanning and printing apparatus

A multifunctional 3d scanning/printing apparatus is disclosed in the present invention, wherein the multifunctional apparatus comprises both 3d scanning and printing functions, by sharing a digital light processing (dlp) projector or using a beam splitter (for example, a transflective mirror or a flipping mirror, etc.) to achieve a configuration for all sorts of 3d scanning and 3d printing equipment with the required elements within the same apparatus, and uses the accuracy-increasing apparatus (for example, a prism, a lenticular lens, other asymmetric lenses, etc.) so that the measurement accuracy from the two image sensors will not be restricted by the limited space.. .
National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology


Battery pack assembly

A battery pack includes a plurality of prismatic format batteries in a stacked configuration. Flexible graphite sheet heat spreaders are interposed between adjacent prismatic batteries in the stack.
Graftech International Holdings Inc.


Prescription lenses for smart eyewear

An eyeglass device configured for use with a smart eyewear near-to-eye display includes a pair of lenses having a prism which directs an eye's gaze of the wearer to a first power region to focus an image displayed by the near-to-eye display of the smart eyewear and a second power region to focus an image outside or beyond the near-to-eye display of the smart eyewear; and a method for optimizing the visual acuity of a wearer of smart eyewear when observing an image generated by a near-to-eye display and an image outside or beyond the near-to-eye displayed image.. .


Tracking-free high concentration ratio solar concentrator

A stationary concentrator able to concentrator sunlight with high concentration ratio is consists of a compound parabolic concentrator (cpc) and a prism array. A chamber with its thin transparent wall shaped into cpc and prism array is used to form a bulb-like close structure solar concentrator.


Optical differential solar tracking system

A system and method of using differential optical signals to track the orientation of a solar surface or surfaces is proposed. Two dispersive prisms or gratings arranged in a mirror-symmetric fashion are used to decompose light into its constituent colors, and the gain of a differential amplifier circuit based on the difference of the frequencies of single color collimated light produced by the two prisms or gratings is used to maintain the on-sun orientation of the solar surface or surfaces.
Qbotix, Inc.


Mounting arrangement for aerofoil body

The present disclosure provides an aerofoil body comprising a root portion and a tip portion, each having a pressure surface and a suction surface. The pressure surface and suction surface of the root and/or tip portion each comprise a respective ridge portion.
Rolls-royce Plc


Support mandrel, producing curved composite components

A support mandrel for producing curved composite components includes a prismatoid mandrel body formed from a flexible material, the mandrel body having two polygonal bases and an upper support surface extending between the two polygonal bases of the mandrel body, and a reinforcement bar enclosed within the mandrel body and extending between the two polygonal bases of the mandrel body substantially parallel and near to the upper support surface of the mandrel body.. .
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Shoulder abduction support apparatus

An apparatus for supporting an arm having a support wedge with an essentially triangular prism shape and a shoulder strap attached to the support wedge.. .
Seawolfe Ventures Llc


Dental implant package

The present invention provides a dental implant package, comprising a healing abutment and a tooth-replacement implant. The healing abutment made of plastic materials and rubber material comprises a tooth-replacement implant cap and a first insertion; wherein the tooth-replacement implant cap including a first main body and a first groove is a polygonal prism with different sectional areas of upper level greater than low level and located in the first main body, and an external surface of the first insertion has a plane surface and a first fine thread.


Zoom related methods and apparatus

Methods and apparatus for performing zoom in and zoom out operations are described using multiple optical chains in a camera device. At least one optical chain in the camera device includes a moveable light redirection device, said light redirection device being one of a substantially plane mirror or a prism.
The Lightco Inc.

Prism topics: Light Guide Plate, Objective Lens, Light Guide, Oled Display, Ocular Lens, Transmitter, Irradiation, Image Display Apparatus, Liquid Crystal, Double Layer Capacitor, Porous Carbon, Carbon Film, Prism Sheet, Electrolyte, Monochromat

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