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This page is updated frequently with new Prism-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Prism-related patents
 Volumetric grid generation in a domain with heterogeneous material properties patent thumbnailVolumetric grid generation in a domain with heterogeneous material properties
Method for generating a 3d grid, and for defining a material property model on the grid, to use, for example, in a reservoir simulator. A mapping is defined (61,71) to a design space in which the material property is described as a piecewise smooth implicit or explicit function in three dimensions.

 Spectacle lens, manufacturing method thereof and lens supply system patent thumbnailSpectacle lens, manufacturing method thereof and lens supply system
A lens supply system has: an initial shape data obtaining unit that obtains initial shape data of a spectacle lens; a shape data correcting unit that corrects the initial shape data such that, when a base curve of an initial lens manufactured based on the initial shape data is defined as a first base curve, a predetermined lens having a second base curve lower than the first base curve is defined as a target spectacle lens, prismatic effects which light rays in respective visual line directions passing through a center of an eye assumed in optical design receive from the initial lens coincide with or approach prismatic effects which the light rays receive from the target spectacle lens; and a spectacle lens manufacturing unit that manufactures a spectacle lens based on the corrected initial shape data.. .
Hoya Corporation

 Microtiled prismatic cube corner articles patent thumbnailMicrotiled prismatic cube corner articles
Cube corner articles such as retroreflective sheeting utilize multiple cube corner arrays in a tiled configuration, each tile containing one array of canted cube corner elements. The tiles may be long and narrow, and the array in each of at least two or three adjacent tiles, or even in every tile, may include at least one lengthwise groove that is parallel to an edge of the tile and parallel to a fixed in-plane axis.
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Coated film patent thumbnailCoated film
According to the present invention, there is provide a coated film capable of exhibiting an excellent adhesion property to a prism resin used in optical applications such as a backlight unit for liquid crystal displays, etc., in particular, a prism resin adaptable for high-brightness prisms, i.e., a high-refractive index prism resin. The coating film of the present invention comprises a polyester film and a coating layer formed on at least one surface of the polyester film which is prepared from a coating solution comprising a (meth)acrylate (a) and at least one crosslinking agent (b) selected from the group consisting of an oxazoline compound, an isocyanate-based compound and a melamine compound..
Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

 Lng ship or lpg ship patent thumbnailLng ship or lpg ship
Provided is a lng ship or a lpg ship having a structure in which a substantially prismatic tank is installed inside a hold while not being integrated with a hull structure material, wherein the tank is a long tank 30, which has a larger dimension of a ship longitudinal direction than that of a ship width direction and is installed inside the hold along a ship longitudinal direction, and the long tank 30 is divided into two or more liquid cargo compartments 30-1, 30-2, 30-3 in the ship longitudinal direction by one or more bulkhead plates 31, each of which is formed in the ship width direction as one plate.. .

 Methods and devices for optical sorting of microspheres based on their resonant optical properties patent thumbnailMethods and devices for optical sorting of microspheres based on their resonant optical properties
Microspheres are sorted by resonant light pressure effects. An evanescent optical field is generated when light is confined within the interior of an optical element such as a surface waveguide, a tapered microfiber, or a prism.
The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

 Applanation tonometer having cornea alignment means patent thumbnailApplanation tonometer having cornea alignment means
An applanation tonometer for providing a measurement of intraocular fluid pressure inside the eye of a patient. The applanation tonometer includes a light-transmitting prism having a cornea contact tip at one end and a cornea alignment aid at the opposite end.

 Image refraction system and method patent thumbnailImage refraction system and method
An image refractor, system and method are designed to improve refraction tests by allowing an examinee to compare, by viewing through at least one eye, at least two disparate images of the same acuity target, substantially side-by-side and simultaneously. The image refractor incorporates at least two prisms through which the acuity target is viewed.
Sirsvision, Llc

 Adjustable optical axis control patent thumbnailAdjustable optical axis control
A device for aligning the optical axis of a camera is disclosed. The optical alignment device comprises a bracket attaching the device to a frame, the frame incorporating a camera system therein, the camera system having an optical axis projecting substantially horizontally from the camera system, a housing comprising a first part fixed to a first side of the bracket; and a second part comprising a prism refracting the optical axis of the camera system based on a power of the prism and a rotation of the prism with respect to the optical axis and a hinge between the first part and the second part, the hinge rotating the second part with respect to the first part..
Designs For Vision, Inc.

 Laser-diode bar lighting device patent thumbnailLaser-diode bar lighting device
A lighting device (1) including at least one laser-diode bar with a plurality of emitters arranged adjacently to one another in a first direction and able to emit sub-beams during operation. The sub-beams having a lower beam divergence in a first direction that forms a slow-axis direction than in a second direction that forms a fast-axis direction and is perpendicular to the first direction.
Limo Patentverwaltung Gmbh & Co. Kg


Integrated lens-array-on-substrate for optical coupling system and fabrication method thereof

An integrated optical coupling device may include a substrate, a coating layer disposed on the substrate, and a prism disposed on the coating layer. The prism may include a first surface and a second surface.
Sifotonics Technologies Co., Ltd.


Structured optical film

An optical film includes a first structured major surface having a plurality of linear prisms extending along a same first direction and an opposing second structured major surface having a plurality of closely packed lenslets. The optical film exhibits a high optical uniformity and reduced sparkle..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Angle limiting reflector and optical dispersive device including the same

The invention relates to angle-limiting optical reflectors and optical dispersive devices such as optical spectrum analyzers using the same. The reflector has two reflective surfaces arranged in a two-dimensional corner reflector configuration for reflecting incident light back with a shift, and includes two prisms having a gap therebetween that is tilted to reflect unwanted light and transmit wanted light.
Jdsu Deutschland Gmbh


Light device

A light device and a method of making the same. The light device having a casing, or body, in the form of a multilayered stack that includes a supporting base layer, a scattering layer above the base layer, and an outermost protective layer above the scattering layer.
Merrow Sewing Machine Co.


Semiconductor laser element

A semiconductor laser element is realized with high beam quality (index m2<1). A diffraction grating 6ba of a diffraction grating layer 6 extends along a principal surface 2a and is provided on a p-side surface 6a of the diffraction grating layer 6; the refractive index of the diffraction grating layer 6 periodically varies in directions extending along the principal surface 2a, in the diffraction grating 6ba; the diffraction grating 6ba has a plurality of holes 6b; the plurality of holes 6b are provided in the p-side surface 6a and arranged in translational symmetry along a square lattice r3; the plurality of holes 6b each have the same size and shape; each hole 6b corresponds to a lattice point of the diffraction grating 6ba and is of a triangular prism shape; a shape of a bottom face 6c of the hole 6b is an approximate right triangle..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Polarizer assembly for spatially separation polarization states of a light beam

The disclosure provides to a birefringent polarizer assembly for spatially separating polarization states of a light beam, in particular in the spectral range below 300 nm. The assembly includes a first prism on the light input side and a further prism on the light output side, which are arranged along a principal light incidence direction.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Optical circulator array

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for optical communications. In one aspect, an optical circulator array includes a plurality of stacked three port circulators each having a respective first port of a first port array, a respective second port of a second port array, and a respective third port of a third port array, wherein each of the plurality of staked three port circulators share optical components including: a first wollaston prism coupled to the first port array, a first lens, a first half wave plate, a polarization dependent beam path separator, a second half wave plate, a second lens, a propagation direction dependent polarization rotation assembly, a second wollaston prism coupled to the second port array, and a third wollaston prism coupled to the third port array..
Oplink Communications, Inc.


System for assembling optical films for displays

Display backlight structures may provide backlight illumination that passes through display layers in the display. Computer-controlled equipment such as robotic arms with gripper structures may be used in assembling backlight layers such as a reflector, light guide plate, diffusers, and prism films into a backlight unit.
Apple Inc.


Lateral light emitting device

To provide a lateral light emitting device that can prevent coupling efficiency in a fused portion of a rod lens and a prism from being deteriorated, can set an outside diameter extremely small, and set the distance to a beam waist long. A lateral light emitting device includes an optical fiber 2, a rod lens 3, one end of which is fused to the end surface of the optical fiber 3, and a prism 4 fused to the other end of the rod lens.
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.


Micromirror array

A micromirror array according to the present invention is a corner reflector type micromirror array capable of projecting a mirror image of an object to be projected sharply with high luminance. The micromirror array includes a substrate, and a plurality of unit optical elements (quadrangular prisms) formed in an array on the substrate.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Method and measuring the shape of a wave-front of an optical radiation field

Method for measuring shape of wavefront of optical radiation field generated by radiation source, includes: (a) setting diaphragm positions in pinhole diaphragm having diaphragm opening movable transversely to radiation source's optical axis, wherein a partial beam from radiation field passes through diaphragm opening at each diaphragm position and is imaged on optical sensor by imaging optics device; (b) recording lateral positions of partial beam relative to optical axis of imaging optics device, wherein lateral positions each with one of the diaphragm positions of pinhole diaphragm are recorded by optical sensor, and determining the shape of wavefront from recorded lateral positions of partial beam, wherein beam incidence range of the partial beam which is invariable for all diaphragm positions is set on imaging optics device with a pentaprism arrangement including at least first pentaprism and positioned between pinhole diaphragm and imaging optics device. A wavefront shape measuring device is also described..
Berliner Glas Kgaa Herbert Kubatz Gmbh & Co.


Range finder with image split prism for golf course hole

Disclosed is a rangefinder comprising: a housing shaped like a cylinder and opened frontward and backward; an object lens comprising one or more lenses arranged in a front end portion of the housing and facing an object targeted for distance measurement; a display providing a user with an image from the object lens; an image split prism arranged in between the object lens and the display, making the image from the object lens be split and focused, and installed movably along an optical axis within the housing so that a space between split images can be adjusted; and a distance indicator indicating distance from the targeted object in accordance with positions of the image split prism, in a state that the position of the image split prism is adjusted to set up the space between the split images to a reference position.. .


Telescopic gun sight with tilting optical adjustment mechanism

This invention teaches an optical method for adjusting the point of aim in telescopic gun sights. A pair of thin wedge prisms are placed in the optical path of a telescopic gun sight such that they can tilt around an axis perpendicular to the optical axis of the sight.


One-piece dental implant for direct connection to a prosthesis

Dental implant of the type formed by a single body, having an implant section intended for introduction into the maxillary bone and provided with a self-tapping screw, and a receiving section that comprises a troncoconical surface intended to receive directly a temporary or permanent dental prosthesis, the said implant also having an axial orifice with a thread for receiving a retaining screw, as well as a polygonal prismatic section intended for the tightening of the implant for its implantation in the bone, characterised in that the conical section is immediately adjacent to the implant section, without the intermediation of the polygonal prismatic section.. .


Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor light emitting device may include steps of forming a mask layer and a mold layer having a plurality of openings exposing portions of a base layer, forming a plurality of first conductivity-type semiconductor cores each including a body portion extending through each of the openings from the base layer and a tip portion disposed on the body portion and having a conical shape, and forming an active layer and a second conductivity-type semiconductor layer on each of the plurality of first conductivity-type semiconductor cores. The step of forming the plurality of first conductivity-type semiconductor cores may include forming a first region such that a vertex of the tip portion is positioned on a central vertical axis of the body portion, removing the mold layer, and forming an additional growth region on the first region such that the body portion has a hexagonal prism shape..


High incidence angle retroreflective sheeting

A retroreflective sheeting is disclosed which comprises a top transmissive layer including a plurality of parallel channel formed perpendicular to a surface of the layer, and a reflective bottom layer including a specular surface or a corrugated transmitting surface. The corrugated surface includes a plurality of linear prismatic elements extending perpendicular to the channels of the top layer.


Physical unit of chip-scale nmr gyroscope

A physical unit of a chip-scale nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) gyroscope, the physical unit including: a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (vcsel), a silicon sheet including a recess, a glass sheet, an atomic vapor chamber, a first right angle prism, a quarter-wave plate, a polarizing beam splitter, and photodetectors. The recess includes sides including reflecting mirrors.
Wuhan Institute Of Physics And Mathematics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Processing apparatus and processing method

A processing apparatus and a processing method which perform processing more accurately with a simple structure are provided. The processing apparatus includes an irradiation head 16 and a control device.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Vision modification based on a multiplexing prism

In some example implementations, there is provided an apparatus. The apparatus may include a plurality of prism portions configured to shift light passing through the apparatus including the plurality of prisms portions, and a plurality of portions configured to pass light unshifted through the apparatus, wherein the apparatus combines the shifted light and the unshifted light passing through the apparatus.
The Schepens Eye Research Institute, Inc.


Endoscope with pupil expander

Disclosed are stereo endoscopes where the optical train of one optical system is separated in a left and right optical train. The separation in a left and right optical train is achieved by splitting the entrance pupil in a left and right pupil half.
Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.


Fine-grained targets for laser synthesis of carbon nanotubes

A mechanically robust, binder-free, inexpensive target for laser synthesis of carbon nanotubes and a method for making same, comprising the steps of mixing prismatic edge natural flake graphite with a metal powder catalyst and pressing the graphite and metal powder mixture into a mold having a desired target shape.. .
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Transportable folder-chair

Transportable folder-chair formed by two foldable/unfoldable parts, one of which is rectangular prismatic with two flat faces and two faces in the form of bellows, with extensions for forming the seat surface in an unfolded position, or position of use of the chair, which continue in flaps with two cutouts, and a set of flaps and fold lines, from which a folder is formed in the fold thereof. The transportable folder-chair also has a strap fixed by two ends for transporting the unit in the folded position thereof..
Equx Estudio De DiseÑo, S.l.


Secondary battery

A secondary battery is disclosed. In one aspect, the battery includes a bare cell having a substantially prismatic shape, a first terminal located in a first region of a first surface of the bare cell and a second terminal located in a second region of the first surface of the bare cell.
Samsung Sdl Co., Ltd.


Light source device, manufacturing light source device, and projector

A light source device includes: a first semiconductor laser; a second semiconductor laser; a first collimator lens corresponding to the first semiconductor laser; a second collimator lens corresponding to the second semiconductor laser; and a deflection prism provided on the light exiting side of the first collimator lens so that an angle formed by a principal ray of first light emitted from the first semiconductor laser and a principal ray of second light emitted from the second semiconductor laser is smaller on the light exiting side of the deflection prism than on the light incident side thereof.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method for manufacturing light guide device, light guide device, and virtual image display apparatus

During the manufacturing of the light guide device (20), the first and second bonding ribs (r1,r2) are used such that the light guide prism (10) and the opposing prism (50) are connected with each other from a specific offset direction. In this case, a difference between sizes of clearances between the first bonding surface (as) and the second bonding surface (bs) caused by a difference in inclination angles of the offset direction with respect to the first bonding surface is used such that a flow direction of the adhesive is controlled and filling is performed in a desire state, and thus high accuracy of the joint formed by the adhesive is maintained..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Optical transmission and receiving device for implementing passive alignment of components and passively aligning components

An optical device for implementing passive alignment of parts and a method therefor, more particularly an optical device and a method therefor that utilize an alignment reference part arranged on the substrate to passively align an optical element part with a lens-optical fiber connection part. For the passive alignment of parts, connection pillars of an alignment reference part are coupled to substrate holes, one or more light-emitting elements and one or more light-receiving elements are aligned in a row in a particular interval with respect to alignment holes arranged opposite each other in the alignment reference part, a lens-optical fiber connection part is aligned with respect to the alignment holes, and an optical fiber is aligned with the optical alignment point at a surface of a prism forming a portion of the lens-optical fiber connection part..
Unive Co., Ltd


Optical system and array substrate detecting device

A optical system comprises: a light source; a first polarizer, configured to receive light emitted by the light source and convert it into first linearly polarized light; an optical prism group, configured to receive the first linearly polarized light and reflect it to a liquid crystal detecting head; the liquid crystal detecting head, configured to convert the first linearly polarized light into second linearly polarized light by using optical rotation characteristic of liquid crystal molecules, and emit the second linearly polarized light; a second polarizer, configured to receive the second linearly polarized light reflected by the liquid crystal detecting head and transmitted by the optical prism group, and convert the second linearly polarized light into third linearly polarized light; a light intensity detector, configured to receive the third linearly polarized light and calculate a light intensity thereof; wherein, the polarization directions of the first and second polarizers are opposite.. .
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Devices for modulation of retinal stimulation and/or retinal signal processing and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure provides devices and methods for the modulation of retinal stimulation and/or retinal signal processing. Such methods may be useful for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease or disorder.


Multi-camera system using folded optics free from parallax artifacts

Aspects relate to an array camera exhibiting little or no parallax artifacts in captured images. For example, the planes of the central mirror surfaces of the array camera can be located at a midpoint along, and orthogonally to, a line between the corresponding camera location and the virtual camera location.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multi-camera system using folded optics free from parallax and tilt artifacts

Aspects relate to an array camera exhibiting little or no parallax artifacts in captured images. For example, the planes of the central mirror prism of the array camera can intersect at an apex defining the vertical axis of symmetry of the system.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Laser repetition rate multiplier and flat-top beam profile generators using mirrors and/or prisms

A repetition rate (pulse) multiplier includes one or more beam splitters and prisms forming one or more ring cavities with different optical path lengths that delay parts of the energy of each pulse. A series of input laser pulses circulate in the ring cavities and part of the energy of each pulse leaves the system after traversing the shorter cavity path, while another part of the energy leaves the system after traversing the longer cavity path, and/or a combination of both cavity paths.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Cell cooling frames with cantilevered side seals

A modular battery pack and method of making a battery pack. Prismatic can battery cells are interspersed with cooling frames along a stacking axis within a housing such that numerous a cell-frame assemblies, each with a cooling path, are formed.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Display panel and display apparatus

The present disclosure provides a display panel and a display apparatus. The display panel comprises: a first substrate and a second substrate opposed to each other; a blue phase liquid crystal layer arranged between the two substrates; a first polarizer located on a side of the first substrate away from the blue phase liquid crystal layer; a second polarizer located on a side of the second substrate away from the blue phase liquid crystal layer; a first electrode located on a side of the first substrate facing the blue phase liquid crystal layer; a second electrode located on a side of the second substrate facing the blue phase liquid crystal layer; a first prism layer located between the blue phase liquid crystal layer and the first polarizer; and a second prism layer located between the blue phase liquid crystal layer and the second polarizer..
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Beam splitting system for laser ranging

A beam splitting system for laser ranging includes a roof half-pentaprism, an isosceles prism and a compensating prism. Due to different compensating prisms, there are four light splitting combinations in total.
Jinhua Lanhai Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.


Non-imaging solar concentrator and cosine factor correction device using compound polyhedral surfaces and use thereof

A compound polyhedral concentrator (cpoc) lens is disclosed with one smooth curved surface facing the sun and an inner surface comprised of a 3d pattern of interpenetrating minimum deviation prisms with a common origin facing the absorber. This new type of stationary solar concentrator is used to extend the acceptance angles by minimizing blocking and tip optical losses that are common with radial fresnel design forms.
Litricity, Llc


Folded optic array camera using refractive prisms

Aspects relate to a prism array camera having a wide field of view. For example, the prism array camera can use a central refractive prism, for example with multiple surfaces or facets, to split incoming light comprising the target image into multiple portions for capture by the sensors in the array.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Black edge prism sheet, manufacturing the prism sheet, manufacturing equipment and display device

The present disclosure relates to the field of prism sheet. A black edge prism sheet is disclosed, said prism sheet comprises a substrate and a shadowless glue film layer molded on one side of the substrate; the shadowless glue film layer comprises: a central region, the central region has multiple first geometry structures arranged in parallel to each other; and a peripheral region, the peripheral region has multiple second geometry structures arranged adjacent to each other; the peripheral region is located outside the central region and extends to edge of the shadowless glue film layer; an ink layer is printed on the peripheral region.
Hefei Boe Display Light Co., Ltd.


Optical device having a light separation element

An optical device, such as a firearm scope or telescope, may comprise an aperture to receive light, and a light separation element to split the light received from the aperture into a plurality of light paths directed to a plurality of sensors. Sensors may include bright light sensors, low light sensors, range-finder sensors, or other sensors.


Methods and steering device for minimally invasive visualization surgery systems

Methods and a steering device for minimally invasive visualization surgery system are disclosed. In particular, the steering device configured for holding and positioning an image capturing device about a frame above a surgical site.
Vantage Surgical Systems Inc.


Container having a tearable opening

There is provided a box-like container (1) for the storing and transporting of a food product, comprising a prismatic shaped main body (10) including a first wall (11) for the closing of a first end of the container (1), a second wall (12) for the closing of a second end of the container (1), and a peripheral wall (13), the container is characterized in that it further comprises opening means (20) arranged on the entire surface of said peripheral wall (13).. .
Seda Suisse A.g.


Method for obtaining images with exposure compensation and imaging apparatus with exposure compensation

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for obtaining images with exposure compensation image. Images of different levels of exposures are captured and obtained, and then the captured images are combined directly into a combined image which is an image with exposure correction.


Battery pack

A battery pack is disclosed. In one aspect, the battery pack includes first and second battery units having a substantially prismatic shape and separated from each other, and a protective circuit module electrically connected to the first and second battery units.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Method for producing optical beam splitter cubes

To produce optical beam splitter cubes, an optically transparent plate is provided with an optically active layer on a cover side. Then, on both cover sides of the plate, a plurality of prism bars are formed by molding an optically transparent material, so that a double prism plate is obtained.
Schildtec Gmbh


Imaging optics

To provide thin imaging optics that have magnification-adjustment functionality and can fit in a small-form-factor electronic device that has limited thickness or layout space. These imaging optics, which have magnification-adjustment functionality that allows magnification adjustment, are characterized in that a prism (p) with the ability to bend the optical axis by 90° is positioned on the object side.


Wide-angle imaging device

A wide-angle imaging device configured to photograph a first range, having an imaging element that photographs an image at a second range, wherein the first range has an angle of view wider than the second range, a visual field switching optical system comprising at least one optical element, and an optical system driving mechanism that moves the optical element of the visual field switching optical system. The optical element has a refractive type prism that refracts light incident from a visual field in a direction inclined with respect to an optical axis direction to collect the light to the imaging element..
Omron Corporation


Led backlight assembly suitable of middle or small size lcd display

An led backlight assembly suitable of middle or small size lcd displays comprises a light guiding plate; two led lighting bars; a reflecting film; a light dispersing film; two parallel prism films installed on an upper side of the light dispersing film; each prism film being formed with a plurality of parallel prism posts; and a light enhancing polarizing film. A diagonal line of the led backlight plate is smaller than 12 inches.


Light transmission device, backlight module and display device

The present disclosure discloses a light transmission device including a first prism layer. The first prism layer includes a plurality of first prism bars formed on a surface of the first prism layer facing away from the panel, and a plurality of reflective grooves formed on a surface of the first prism layer facing the panel.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Metalized microprismatic retroreflective sheeting with improved observation angularity

One aspect of the present disclosure provides microprismatic retroreflective film that includes a substrate and metalized microprisms located on the substrate. At least a portion of the metalized microprisms are forward-tilted microprisms, and at least a portion of the forward-tilted microprisms are aligned with the plane of optical axis tilting aligned at an angle ranging from about 10 to 80 degrees with an edge of the microprismatic retroreflective film..
Aura Optical Systems, Lp


Splicing-screen border weakening structure and splicing screen

A splicing-screen border weakening structure includes a transparent solid element through which a light ray is able to penetrate. The transparent solid element includes a fixing surface which is used for fixing to the border and a light-ray exiting surface which is opposite to the fixing surface, and further includes an inner area which is opposite to the border and an outer area which is opposite to an edge display area of the display screen.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Wavelength selective switch

A wavelength selective switch includes a dispersion optical system dispersing wavelength multiplexing light obtained by multiplexing the plurality of frequency components to the plurality of frequency components by giving a dispersion angle having nonlinear frequency dependency to each of a plurality of frequency components; a light deflection element deflecting the plurality of frequency components; a condensing element condensing the plurality of frequency components on the light deflection element; and a prism optical system optically coupled to the dispersion optical system and the condensing element, and adapting spatial positions of the frequency components incident on the light deflection element to change linearly for frequencies by linearizing the frequency dependency of the dispersion angles and making incident the plurality of frequency components on the condensing element.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Camera head, connecting camera head and endoscope apparatus

A camera head of an embodiment includes: a lens unit; a prism having an inclined surface which changes a traveling direction of light which passed the lens unit and an emission surface from which the light changed in traveling direction is emitted; an imaging element which outputs an electrical signal; a signal cable; a support member having a first surface having an inclination corresponding to the inclined surface and attached to a rear-side surface of the inclined surface, an insertion hole in which the signal cable is inserted, and a second surface having a connecting part electrically connected to the signal cable inserted in the insertion hole; and a wiring substrate having a first area where the imaging element is mounted and a second area electrically connected to the connecting part.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Programmable intelligent search memory enabled secure dram

Systems comprising a processor and a dynamic random access memory (dram). The dram comprises a programmable intelligent search memory (prism)..


Rear conversion lens

A rear conversion lens includes: a chassis including two opposite ends, the chassis including light-transmitting holes on the ends, respectively; a first coupler configured to detachably couple one of the ends of the chassis with an image field side of an image-pickup lens of a three-chip camera including three first image sensors, the image-pickup lens being designed based on an assumption that the image-pickup lens is to be used with a color-separation prism in combination; a second coupler configured to detachably couple the other end of the chassis with a single-chip color camera including a second image sensor, the second image sensor including an image field larger than an image field of the first image sensors of the three-chip camera; and an optical system including a first lens group, a second lens group, and a third lens group arranged in the chassis in this order from an object side, the first lens group having a negative compound focal length, the second lens group being configured to correct a spherical aberration, the third lens group being configured to form an image.. .
Sony Corporation


Scan mirrors for laser radar

Laser radar systems include a pentaprism configured to scan a measurement beam with respect to a target surface. A focusing optical assembly includes a corner cube that is used to adjust measurement beam focus.
Nikon Corporation


Hyperspectral imaging

Described herein is a hyperspectral imaging system in which a polarising beam splitter, a wollaston prism, an optical system, and a plane mirror are arranged on an optical axis of the imaging system. An imaging detector is provided on which radiation is focused by an imaging lens.


Machining device and machining method

Provided are a machining device and a machining method in which machining of higher precision can be performed with a simple configuration. The machining device has an irradiation head (16) and a controller; and the irradiation head (16) can be divided into a collimate optical system, a laser revolving unit (35), and a light collection optical system (37).
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Prism prescription value acquisition system, acquisition method, acquisition apparatus and program for correcting fixation disparity

A prism prescription value acquisition system that includes a calculation part for numerically transforming a fixation disparity amount (unit: angle), which indicates a degree at which the visual axis is shifted from the central fovea of the retina when a subject conducts visual fixation of a target, into a prism prescription value by multiplying the fixation disparity amount by a coefficient when the fixation disparity amount is within ±4 minutes. Herein, the prism prescription value is calculated according to the following equation: apver=kver*fdver, aphor=khor*fdhor providing that each of coefficients khor and kver satisfies the following conditions: 0.3≦kver≦0.7, 1.4≦khor≦2.0..
Hoya Corporation


Image projection apparatus

Provided is an image projection apparatus including: one or more light sources; one or more illumination optical systems; a first reflection-type light valve group including three light valves and being configured to modulate incident light based on first image information; a second reflection-type light valve group including three light valves and being configured to modulate incident light based on second image information; a first prism-type photosynthesizing member having a function of synthesizing, on one optical axis, light that is reflected by the first reflection-type light valve group; a second prism-type photosynthesizing member having a function of synthesizing, on one optical axis, light that is reflected by the second reflection-type light valve group; and a prism-type beam splitter configured to synthesize, on one optical axis, light that has been reflected by the first reflection-type light valve group and light that has been reflected by the second reflection-type light valve group.. .
Sony Corporation


Multiple-sensor imaging system

An imaging system may include input optics and a plurality of optical sensors. A positionable reflector may be disposed between the input optics and the optical sensors, and may be positionable to redirect incident radiation from an input optical axis toward any one of the optical sensors.
Flir Systems, Inc.


Improvements in and relating to antennas

An optical signal transmission apparatus (1) for a rotating antenna comprising a plurality of optical modulators (6) arranged for receiving a respective plurality of analogue rf signals (5) and for modulating a respective plurality of optical signals therewith to produce a plurality of modulated analogue optical signals (8). A plurality of opto-electrical converters (14) each converts a respective modulated analogue optical signal (13) into an analogue electrical signal.
Bae Systems Plc


Augmented reality display device

A rear projection display screen, including a film having a surface facing the back of the screen including ridges having a triangular cross-section defining prisms, wherein at least a wall of each of said ridges has an inclination such that the angle of incidence, on said wall, of a light ray normal to the display is equal, to within 5 degrees, to the brewster angle of the surface of separation formed by said wall.. .


Display device and method

According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display panel, a light source, a light guide and a prism sheet. The display panel includes a display area in which unit pixels each containing first sub-pixels and second sub-pixels are arranged along a first direction and a second direction.
Japan Display Inc.


See-through display device capable of ensuring ambient field-of-view

There is provided a see-through display device capable of ensuring an ambient field-of-view which includes a display control board; a display device configured to emit image light according to an image signal generated in the display control board; a first prism that is located on a bottom surface of the display device, and a second emission surface perpendicular to the incident surface; a partial reflection filter configured to reflect some image light emitted from the first prism and penetrate the remaining image light; and a second prism that is located on a bottom surface of the partial reflection filter, has a length greater than the interocular distance, and in which an incident surface having the same angle as the emission surface of the first prism, a curved reflection surface in which image light incident on the incident surface is reflected with positive power.. .
Green Optics Co., Ltd.


Moire reducing optical substrates with irregular prism structures

An optical substrate has a structured surface that enhances brightness and reduces moire effect. The optical substrate has a three-dimensionally varying, structured light output surface that comprises an irregular prismatic structure.
Ubright Optronics Corporation


Electronic device having transparent display function and display device thereof

An electronic device and a display device are provided. The electronic device includes the display device and an object to be shown.
Au Optronics Corporation


Opticial film and light source module

An optical film adapted to be disposed over a light source is provided. The optical film includes a substrate, a plurality of columnar prismatic units, and a plurality of lenticular lenses.
National Chiao Tung University


Accomodating intraocular lens with optical correction surfaces

The present invention provides an accommodating intraocular lens including at least two optical elements and haptics to position the lens in the eye and to transfer movement of driving means. The optical surfaces include cubic free-form surfaces for a variable lens, and additional free-form surfaces to provide a variable correction of at least one variable aberration generated by other optical surfaces of the intraocular lens.


Compression card holder

Disclosed is a card and money holder for simultaneously holding paper money and wallet sized cards, such as those containing credit or identification information. Said card and money holder comprises a generally rectangular prism shaped card and money holder, and a compression plate inside the rectangular shaped card and money holder.


Image sensor with dispersive color separation

A converging composite lens with enhanced chromatic aberration comprising one or more converging lenses from flint glass, and one or more diverging lenses from crown glass. A dispersive composite prism with enhanced chromatic aberration, comprising two or more thin prisms, stacked one on atop another in alternating opposite directions, where the prisms in the first direction are produced from flint glass, and the prisms in the second direction are from crown glass.


Image display apparatus

The present disclosure provides an image display apparatus having excellent light converging characteristics. The image display apparatus includes: a liquid crystal prism element including a prism array in which a plurality of prisms are arranged, a liquid crystal layer laminated on the prism array, and electrodes provided at position corresponding to the respective prisms which form the prism array; a control section configured to control a voltage to be applied to each electrode; and a position detection section configured to detect a viewing position of a user.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Reflective transparent optical chamber

A chamber configured to increase an intensity of target radiation emitted therein is provided. The chamber includes an enclosure at least partially formed by a set of transparent walls.
Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.


Prism-coupling characterizing large depth-of-layer waveguides

prism-coupling systems and methods for characterizing large depth-of-layer waveguides are disclosed. The systems and methods utilize a coupling prism having a coupling angle α having a maximum coupling angle αmax at which total internal reflection occurs.
Corning Incorporated


Laser centering tool for surface areas

A laser centering tool for surface areas used to find the center point of a surface. The laser centering tool uses single or multiple laser sources to project a plurality of lines on a horizontal or vertical surface.


Interferometric apparatus and sample characteristic determining apparatus using such apparatus

An interferometer apparatus comprising: a short coherence length or broadband light source; a light director to direct light from the light source along a measurement path to a surface of a sample and also along a reference path to a reference surface; a wavelength disperser to cause wavelength dispersion of light along one of the measurement and the reference paths; a combiner to cause light from the sample surface and light from the reference surface to produce an interference pattern or interferogram; a detect—or to detect intensity values of the interference pattern as a function of wavelength; and a determiner to determine from the detected intensity values the wavelength at which the measurement and reference paths are balanced, wherein the wavelength disperser is at least one of: a grating wavelength disperser, a prism wavelength disperser, and an optical dispersive medium.. .
University Of Huddersfield


Apparatus light pen and its use

A light pen for writing on a polarized light sensitive surface is disclosed. Light emitting diodes emit non-polarized light and a polarization block comprising of a truncated cone shaped collimating optical element, a broad band polarization divider, a broadband semi-wave plate, shifting bi-prism and light beam coupler are built to convert the non-polarized light to be converted to polarized uniform intensity light that is focused using a set of projection lens to a writing surface.
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)


Backlight and display device having the same

The backlight according to the present disclosure may include a monochromatic laser diode, a reflector and a beam-expanding prism. The monochromatic laser diode and the beam-expanding prism may be arranged on the reflector, and monochromatic laser beams from the monochromatic laser diode may be expanded after being reflected by the beam-expanding prism..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Prismatic window shade to provide daylight directing control

A roller type window shade for directing daylight onto the ceiling of an associated room in which the shade is positioned on a window of such room, the shade comprising a polymer film having a width commensurate with the width of the associated window and length commensurate with the length of the associated window, said film having at least one microprismatic area integrally formed as part of said film and extending along the width of said shade for redirecting daylight upwardly toward the ceiling of the associated room, and whereby the position of the shade can increase or decrease both the daylight directing and image visible area of the associated window.. .
10x Technology Llc


Modular thermal insulation system for buildings

The modular thermal insulating system based on a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds, constituted to reduce the transfer of heat between the interior and the exterior of a building. Said system, based on a mixture of organic and inorganic compounds, consists of a rigid planar container of prismatic form, formed of a plastic or metal material or a combination of both thereof, containing a first layer, in the form of a porous mixture of organic and inorganic compounds, being over a base and anchorage structure composed of at least a sheet of plastic resins installed above a thermal insulant, being the layer in contact with a rigid base, a set of anchorage elements and, a set of elements to increase the separation of the base element from the roof or wall..
Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey


Folding box for a timepiece

Folding, flat storable box including a foldable inner container, formed by a first longitudinal band closed on itself and forming a first deformable prism unfoldable between a flat position and a deployed position, and secured to a second transverse band secured, on a base, to a third longitudinal band deformable between a flat position and a folded position where the third band closed on itself surrounds the inner container which can be folded over, when the inner container is in a deployed and folded down position, in abutment on the main base, where the base includes at least one projecting indexing element for holding the inner container in a single particular deployed position of the first prism on the base, when the inner container is in the position folded over onto the base.. .
Tissot S.a.


Projector and controlling the same

The projector comprises: at least one light source; a light separation unit separating light emitted from the light source into a first and second lights in different wavelength bands; a tir prism through which the first and second lights pass; an optical modulating element irradiated with and modulating the first and second lights to emit the modulated first and second lights toward the tir prism; a projection lens expanding and projecting the light which is modulated by the optical modulating element and passes the tir prism; a rotating prism which is rotatably arranged in the light path between the light separation unit and the tir prism and emits, from different positions in accordance with rotation, the first and second lights emitted from the light separation unit; and a control unit which, when the image signals representing a first and second images are supplied, causes the optical modulating element to perform modulation according to the image signal of the first image with regard to the area irradiated by the first light and to perform modulation according to the image signal of the second image with regard to the area irradiated by the second light.. .
Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.


Epitaxy structure of a light emitting element

An epitaxy structure of a light emitting element includes a gallium nitride substrate, an n-type gallium nitride layer, a quantum well unit, and a p-type gallium nitride layer. The gallium nitride substrate includes a gallium nitride buffer layer, a gallium nitride hexagonal prism, and a gallium nitride hexagonal pyramid.
National Sun Yat-sen University


Wearable treatment of a neurocognitive condition

Provided are wearable systems and methods for treatment of a neurocognitive impairment, disease or disorder in a patient in need thereof comprising a visual field occluder useful, for example, in prism adaptation therapy.. .
Kessler Foundation Inc.


Apparatus, system, and displaying an image using a plate

An apparatus (110), system (100), and method (900) for displaying an image (880). Instead of using an expensive configuration of prisms (310) such as tir prisms (311) or rtir prisms (312) to direct light (800) to and from a dmd (324), a plate (340) with transmissive (374), reflective (372), and/or polarization (373) characteristics is used.
Avegant Corporation


Markings on glass cube-corner retroreflector and measuring retroreflector orientation

A retroreflector includes a glass prism having three mutually perpendicular planar reflecting faces and a front face, the three reflecting faces intersecting in intersecting lines each having a mark, the front surface including three marks, each of the marks on the intersecting lines and the front surface having a different angle in a 2d image obtained a camera for any angle of an optical axis of the camera from 0 to 45 degree relative to a vector normal of the front face.. .
Faro Technologies, Inc.


Velocity interferometer for any reflector with variable sensitivity range and time resolution

The present disclosure relates to a velocity interferometer. The interferometer described herein, comprises of two optical cells, one partially containing a liquid.
Defence Research & Development Organisation


A guiding assembly for a piping system

A guiding assembly for a riser piping system (2) in an opening in the bottom (8) of a floating structure, said assembly permitting limited axial and angular displacement of the riser piping system (2) in said opening. The assembly comprises a prismatic anchor (1) surrounding a portion of the riser piping system (2) and being connected thereto, an outer prismatic guide tube (4) receiving the prismatic anchor (1), the outer prismatic guide tube (4) having inner surfaces that are parallel to and equally spaced from outer surfaces on the prismatic anchor (1), and rollers (3) arranged in at least two different levels and confined in spaces (2) formed between said inner and outer surfaces, the rollers (3) permitting relative axial movement between the prismatic anchor (1) and the outer prismatic tube (4)..
Aker Engineering & Technology As

Prism topics: Light Guide Plate, Objective Lens, Light Guide, Oled Display, Ocular Lens, Transmitter, Irradiation, Image Display Apparatus, Liquid Crystal, Double Layer Capacitor, Porous Carbon, Carbon Film, Prism Sheet, Electrolyte, Monochromat

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