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Date/App# patent app List of recent Prism-related patents
 Authentication apparatus, prism  member for authentication and authentication method patent thumbnailnew patent Authentication apparatus, prism member for authentication and authentication method
An authentication apparatus includes a prism and an imaging unit. The prism comprises: a contact surface, an imaging surface, a first reflection surface opposed to the imaging surface, contacted with the contact surface to make an angle to be lower than an optimum angle to an incident light from a concave portion of the living body, and to reflect an incident light from a convex portion of the living body on the imaging surface and a second reflection surface opposed to the imaging surface, contacted with the first reflection surface, and to form a reflection body that reflects the incident light from the concave portion of the living body and the incident light from the convex portion of the living body on the imaging surface.
Nec Corporation
 Method and system for measuring distance patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for measuring distance
A method and a system for measuring a distance from a reference point to an object are provided. The method comprises the following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute
 Lamp having lens element for distributing light patent thumbnailnew patent Lamp having lens element for distributing light
Embodiments of a lamp that distributes light from one or more light emitting diode (led) devices with an intensity distribution having a batwing appearance. These embodiments can comprise a lens having a lens body with different types of optics to achieve the preferred distribution.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc
 Wavelength conversion and filtering module and light source system patent thumbnailnew patent Wavelength conversion and filtering module and light source system
A wavelength conversion and filtering module that includes a plurality of optical regions is provided. The optical regions are adapted to move, and at least one of the optical regions includes a reflection unit, a wavelength conversion unit, a prism sheet, and a filter unit.
Coretronic Corporation
 Display apparatus having bezel hiding member patent thumbnailnew patent Display apparatus having bezel hiding member
A display apparatus includes a display main body having a screen and a bezel that surrounds the screen, and a bezel hiding member mounted on the bezel to cover the bezel. The bezel hiding member includes a body portion configured to refract an image light that emitted from an edge region of the screen, and a plurality of prism projections formed to project from the body portion to change a path of the refracted image light to a front side of the display main body..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Brightness enhancement film with substantially non-imaging embedded diffuser patent thumbnailnew patent Brightness enhancement film with substantially non-imaging embedded diffuser
A microreplicated optical film (919) for use in optical displays, backlights, and the like includes a prismatic layer (950) carried by a substrate (920). In use, the optical film may be combined in a system with other components such that the optical film is positioned between an extended light source (902) and a polarizer (904).
3m Innivative Properties Company
 Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glasses having steep index region patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glasses having steep index region
Apparatus and methods for measuring mode spectra for ion-exchanged glass substrates having a steep index region are disclosed. An interfacing fluid is provided between the coupling prism and the glass substrate.
Corning Incorporated
 Three-dimensional measuring method and surveying system patent thumbnailnew patent Three-dimensional measuring method and surveying system
The invention provides a surveying system comprising a total station installed at a known point and having a tracking function, at least one movable measuring device having a prism for retro-reflecting a distance measuring light and a tracking light projected from the total station and capable of moving and of performing three-dimensional measurement on an object to be measured and an arithmetic control part, wherein the movable measuring device has an auxiliary measuring unit capable of measuring a distance and an angle of the object to be measured and an attitude detector capable of detecting a measuring direction, a tilting and a tilting direction of the movable measuring device, wherein the movable measuring device performs three-dimensional measurement on the object to be measured with reference to direction of the total station based on the measurement result of the auxiliary measuring unit and on the detection result of the attitude detector at an arbitrary measurement position as being sighted from the total station, wherein the total station performs three-dimensional measurement on the measurement position, and wherein the arithmetic control part performs three-dimensional measurement on the object to be measured with reference to the total station based on the result of three-dimensional measurement obtained by the movable measuring device and on the measurement result by the total station.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon
 Image projection apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Image projection apparatus
An image projection image for projecting an image on a screen includes a light source, a scanning mirror and a prism. The light source includes laser diodes for emitting beams of different wavelengths.
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
A projector includes a polarizing illumination device which supplies light; a liquid crystal device which modulates the light; and a projection lens which projects the modulated light. The liquid crystal device is provided with an element substrate which includes a plurality of pixel electrodes and a light shielding layer; an opposing substrate includes prisms which are formed of vacant grooves which are open toward the light shielding layer; and an liquid crystal layer which is provided between the element substrate and the opposing substrate.
Seiko Epson Corporation
new patent

Camera and controlling operation of same

An image of a subject formed optically by a objective lens (concave lens) and an eyepiece lens can be seen by a pupil. A light shielding plate is provided in front of part of the objective lens and a shielded region is formed by the light shielding plate.
Fujifilm Corporation

Multifunctional prosthetic component and its use

In one aspect, a multi-use prosthetic component is provided. In certain examples, the component comprises a prismatic head, external marks and internal hexagon for indexing, fitting and orientation of the assembly.
Jjgc Industria E Comercio De Materiais Dentarios S.a.

Corner reflector

A periscope includes a prism block with upper and lower deflection mirrors, in a housing with a vision unit and a reflector unit. A display unit is disposed opposite the vision unit, above the lower deflection mirror on a section of the rear side that is parallel to the front side.
Gus Praezision In Kunststoff, Glas Und Optik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Optical member, polarizing plate set and liquid crystal display apparatus

There is provided an optical member that suppresses the occurrence of moire, and can realize a liquid crystal display apparatus that is excellent in mechanical strength and has high brightness. An optical member according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a polarizing plate, a light diffusion layer, a reflective polarizer, and a prism sheet in the stated order..
Nitto Denko Corporation

Zoom related methods and apparatus

Methods and apparatus for performing zoom in and zoom out operations are described using multiple optical chains in a camera device. At least one optical chain in the camera device includes a moveable light redirection device, said light redirection device being one of a substantially plane mirror or a prism.
The Lightco Inc.

Modular furniture system

A modular furniture system that allows modular furniture units to be assembled from a set of boxes is provided. Each box includes a pattern of recesses on one or more panels.

Monolithic broadband energy collector with detector position depending on wavelength

A solar energy collector includes a prism coupled waveguide and a cladding material layer coextensive with the waveguide core. Photovoltaics (pvs) are disposed within the cladding layer, with the pvs active in at least two wavelength ranges.
Ami Research & Development, Llc

All-protein implantable, resorbable reflectors

The invention provides for compositions and process for fabricating an optical reflector constructed from biocompatible and bioresorbable silk fibroin proteins. For example, the silk retroreflectors may be built based on millimeter size microprism arrays to rotate the image plane of imaged cortical layers, thus enhancing the amount of photons that are detectable in the reflected direction when inserted in a sample to be analyzed, and ultimately increasing in contrast ratio in multiphoton microscopy.
Tufts University / Trustees Of Tufts College

Led lamp with a fan and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to a led lamp with a fan and manufacturing method thereof. A lamp body of the led lamp has an upper lamp body and a lower lamp body connected together; an external wall of a facet of a prism of the upper lamp body is covered with a led aluminum substrate connected to a led pcb, a capacitor is soldered at the center of the bottom of the pcb, a led driving circuit and a fan both are received in a cavity of a lamp holder; air flows into the led lamp from an air inlet of the lower lamp body and a window of the lamp holder, then passes through an air outlet, a penetrating hole and an air flow channel, and finally an air outlet flue opened in a lamp cover and matching the penetrating hole dissipates heat away from the led lamp..
Dong Guan National State Lighting Co., Ltd

Battery cell including pouch-type cell and transformed to prismatic shape

Disclosed herein is a prismatic battery cell including a pouch-shaped battery cell having an electrode assembly mounted in a pouch-shaped battery case, a cell case, in which the pouch-shaped battery cell is mounted, the cell case having a polyhedral shape, and a terminal case including external input and output terminals, to which electrode terminals of the pouch-shaped battery cell are coupled, the terminal case being coupled to one end of the cell case, the terminal case having a polyhedral shape.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Light guide plate and related backlight module

A light guide plate disclosed in the present disclosure includes a board body, a prism component and at least one optical microstructure. The prism component is disposed on at least one surface of the board body.
Wistron Corporation

Liquid crystal device, manufacturing liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus

A liquid crystal device includes a liquid crystal layer, and an inorganic oriented film between the liquid crystal layer and an electrode, in which the inorganic oriented film has a first inorganic oriented film that has a first prismatic structure including silicon oxide, and a second inorganic oriented film that is formed so as to cover at least a portion of the first prismatic structure, and includes nitrogen.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Enhanced field of view to augment three-dimensional (3d) sensory space for free-space gesture interpretation

The technology disclosed relates to enhancing the fields of view of one or more cameras of a gesture recognition system for augmenting the three-dimensional (3d) sensory space of the gesture recognition system. The augmented 3d sensory space allows for inclusion of previously uncaptured of regions and points for which gestures can be interpreted i.e.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Method of manufacturing prismatic type battery case

Provided are extruding a raw material into a prismatic hollow material having both open ends (step (a)), drawing the hollow material a plurality of times so as to have a desired thickness (step (b)), manufacturing a main body by cutting the drawn hollow material to a predetermined length (step (c)), forming a sealing cover having a shape corresponding to an open end of the main body (step (d)), and adhering the sealing cover to the open end of the main body (step (e)).. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Lithium ion prismatic cell comprising multiple jelly rolls with additional material between jelly rolls

Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods that improve the speed of jelly roll assembly for large format and high capacity cells as compared to a stack-folding production method. In one embodiment, a higher speed winding process is achieved, and, in addition, a higher capacity and energy can be achieved by adding at least one (additional) cathode layer between the jelly roll.
A123 Systems, Llc

Multi-function dual-opening retail beverage container

A hermetically sealed dual-opening beverage container that functions as a mixing instrument, drinking straw, and a shot delivery (or shooter) device suitable for retail distribution is disclosed. An example embodiment includes a hermetically sealed beverage container for retail distribution including a vessel having a generally right rectangular prism shape, a first cap and a second cap both having a generally cube shape.

Lighting assembly for display illuination

A lighting assembly for a vehicle instrument panel includes a light guide supported within a light housing proximate to a light source. The light guide includes a top surface with a plurality of prisms for efficiently transmitting light toward a display and operator.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Prism for light reflecting/diffusion between led's

A first light-emitting element and a second light-emitting element spaced apart from the first light-emitting element. An optical element is opposite to and between the first and the second light-emitting elements.
Denso International America, Inc.

Image pickup apparatus and image shake correction method

A system controller sets an optical correction ratio, which is a distribution ratio in which a shake angle detected by a gyro sensor is distributed to optical shake correction, in accordance with an optical zoom magnification and controls a prism driver to correct the shake angle multiplied by the optical correction ratio by the optical shake correction, and also controls a read controller to correct the rest of the angle by electronic shake correction.. .
Jvc Kenwood Corporation

Surgical implant device and surgical implant insertion assembly for the translation and fusion of a facet joint of the spine

A surgical implant device configured to be implanted in a facet joint of a spine, comprising: a substantially cylindrical central body portion; and a pair of substantially prismatic side portions extending in radially opposite directions disposed on either side of the substantially cylindrical central body portion; wherein the substantially cylindrical central body portion is configured to be disposed in a central hole formed across the facet joint and crossing a plane of an articulating surface of each of a superior facet and an inferior facet thereof; wherein each of the substantially prismatic side portions is configured to be disposed in a side hole parallel to the central hole formed across the facet joint and crossing the plane of the articulating surface of each of the superior facet and the inferior facet thereof; and wherein each of the side holes partially overlap the central hole.. .
Minsurg International, Inc.

Optical fiber unit for optical fiber sensor

An optical fiber unit enables secure grasping of an optical fiber sensor via a jig while avoiding damage to an optical fiber cable. The optical fiber unit for the optical fiber sensor includes an optical fiber cable, a shaft, and a head.
Omron Corporation

Optical fiber unit for optical fiber sensor

Disclosed is an optical fiber unit that improves the degree of freedom in setting a jig. The unit includes an optical fiber cable, a shaft, and a head.
Omron Corporation

Prism beam expander adjustment adjusting the same

An apparatus and method for adjusting prism beam expander. The prism beam expander adjustment apparatus has a light source, a baseplate, a precise rotary stage, support columns, a two-dimensional slide stage, the first 90-degree bellcrank lever, an indication light source, the second 90-degree bellcrank lever, an optical filter, a photodetector, a computer, and an assembly platform.
Shanghai Institute Of Optics And Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Light guide

Provided a light guide (11) including side surfaces on which light is incident, a reflection prism surface having plural prisms (12) on which light is reflected, and a light emitting surface from which the light is emitted, in which the reflection prism surface includes a first region (pa) in which a pitch of the prisms (12) varies and a second region (ta) in which a depth of the prisms (12) varies. In the light guide (11), the first region is arranged in the side surface on which the light is incident, and a second region (ta) is arranged adjacent to the first region and in an inward side of the light guide (11)..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Lt

Light guiding apparatus, light emitting device, electronic device, and key

A light guiding apparatus, a light emitting device, an electronic device, and a key are provided. The light guiding apparatus includes a light guiding body, where a prism structure is disposed in the light guiding body, and the prism structure is configured to reflect light that enters the light guiding body; and the light guiding body has a light incident surface and a light emitting surface, where the light incident surface is an irregular surface matched with the prism structure and is configured to reflect light, which is reflected back from the prism structure, to the light emitting surface.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Injection mold, injection-molded product, optical element, optical prism, ink tank, recording device, and injection molding method

There is provided an injection mold to manufacture an injection-molded product formed of a molten resin that is injected into a molding space and is solidified. The injection mold includes an insert that forms a high quality required surface corresponding to a high quality required surface of an injection-molded product.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Wide band choke design for suppressing electromagnetic leakage in microwave ovens

A microwave oven that consist of a cooking chamber, a door for opening and closing the chamber, the e-type choke structure that filter the electromagnetic leakage is placed inside the door frame and a transparent glass surface covering this structure. The e-type choke on the door has two parallel cavities, a periodic prism array that seperate the cavities and periodic slots on the outer side walls of the cavities.

Faceted led street lamp lens

A lens for an led street lamp has an external curved surface that has a concave surface portion on one side thereof. A back surface of the lens has a micro-prism array and retainer feet.
Light Engine Limited

Apparatus for delivery of laser-beams of different wavelengths to a flow-cytometer

An optical apparatus for delivering to a flow-cell of a flow-cytometer a plurality of beams of laser radiation each thereof having a different wavelength. The apparatus includes a dispersion compensation-prism and a plurality of directing-prisms equal in number to the number of laser-beam.
Coherent, Inc.

Blade insert illuminator

A blade insert illumination system includes one or more illumination elements composed of a transparent or semitransparent polymer that is preferably biocompatible and sterilizable. The illumination elements operate as a waveguide and may incorporate optical components such as, for example, facets, lenses, gratings, prisms and or diffusers to operate as precision optics for customized delivery of the light energy.
Invuity, Inc.

Battery module housing and making the same

A battery module includes a housing configured to hold prismatic battery cells within a space defined by four interior walls of the housing. The housing includes a first interior wall that includes partitions extending upwards from a bottom of the housing and a second interior wall that includes partitions extending upwards from the bottom of the housing.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Electrode assembly and secondary battery including the same

An electrode assembly includes an electrode jelly-roll, which includes a winding including a first electrode plate, a second electrode plate, and a separator disposed between the first and second electrode plates; an outer surface parallel to a winding axis of the prismatic electrode jelly-roll, side surfaces perpendicular to the winding axis; a first electrode tab, which is electrically connected to the first electrode plate and extends in a winding axis direction of the prismatic electrode jelly-roll; a second electrode tab, which is electrically connected to the second electrode plate and extends in a winding axis direction of the electrode jelly-roll, wherein an end portion of at least one of the first electrode tab and the second electrode tab is bent in a direction opposite to the direction in which the corresponding electrode tab extends and faces an outer surface of the prismatic electrode jelly-roll.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Low insertion loss, low back reflection fiber optic rotary joint with increased data throughput

A low insertion loss, low back reflection fiber optic rotary joint with increased data throughput capabilities has been invented. This is accomplished by using a dispersion free prism with optical coatings to minimize the amount of back reflection caused by the optical beam passing through the prism-air interface..
Princetel Inc.

Systems and methods to impart visual quality to illumination systems

Implementations disclosed herein include optical sheets comprising one or more regions including one or more optical elements. Each of the one or more optical elements includes a plurality of microstructures.
Wavefront Technology, Inc.

Wavelength-controlled diode laser module with external resonator

A diode laser module includes a laser diode (1), an anamorphic prism pair (5) consisting of a pair of prisms (3, 4) having mutually different apex angles and/or made of material having mutually different refractive indices, and a partial reflective mirror (6; 16) disposed on a side of the anamorphic prism pair away from the laser diode and having a planar or spherical surface facing the anamorphic prism pair and coated with partial reflective coating (6a; 16a). The wavelength of the laser output can be changed by adjusting the position of the partial reflective mirror..
Showa Optronics Co., Ltd.

Cavity-enhanced frequency comb spectroscopy system employing a prism cavity

Spectroscopy systems and methods of comb-based spectroscopy are provided. A light source generates light corresponding to a frequency comb.
Tiger Optics, Llc

Backlight module and liquid crystal display

A backlight module and a liquid crystal display are described. The backlight module includes a light guide plate, a light source and a prism sheet.
Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation

Display device and display control system

The display device includes: a display panel; and a surface light source section. A transmittance of light transmitted from a front surface of a prism sheet of the surface light source section is lowest when an incident angle thereof is a determined angle.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Internally illuminated sign device

An internally illuminated sign device according to an embodiment includes a sign panel and a lighting unit that applies light from the rear side to the sign panel. The sign panel includes a prism layer, an air layer disposed on an interface on the rear side of the prism layer, a first colored display layer of optical transparency disposed on the front side of the prism layer and having a predetermined shape, and a second colored display layer of optical transparency disposed on the rear side of the air layer in a shape visible the same as the first colored display layer.
Nippon Carbide Industries, Co., Inc.

Prism-coupling characterizing curved parts

prism coupling systems and methods for characterizing curved parts are disclosed. A coupling surface of a coupling prism is interfaced to the curved outer surface of the curved part to define a coupling interface.
Corning Incorporated

Prismatic secondary cell

An object of the present invention is to provide a prismatic secondary cell 1 having a structure that makes it easy to inject an electrolytic solution into a cell can 2 and seal the cell can. The prismatic secondary cell 1 is configured so that an electrode group 4 is housed in the cell can 2 and that an opening 2a in the cell can 2 is sealed with a cell lid 3.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Illuminating apparatus

An illuminating apparatus includes a light source and an optical member that controls light distribution of light emitted from the light source in a forward direction. A plurality of prisms extending in one direction are provided on one principal surface of the optical member in regions on both sides when divided at a virtual plane that includes a reference axis.
Minebea Co., Ltd.

Optical sheet and backlight unit and display device comprising the same

An optical sheet, a backlight unit having the optical sheet, and a display device having the backlight unit are discussed. According to an embodiment, the optical sheet includes a base film; a high refractive index layer having a plurality of prism portions on the base film; and a low refractive index layer positioned on the high refractive index layer, and covering the plurality of prism portions and having a surface parallel to the base film, each of the prism portions including an incidence surface on which incident light is refracted and a reflective surface on which the refracted light is reflected, the incidence surface including a bent for refracting the incident light towards the reflective surface..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Authentication apparatus, prism member for authentication and authentication method

An authentication apparatus includes a prism, an imaging unit, a visible light source and an infrared light source. The prism comprises: a contact surface contacted with the living body; a reflection surface contacted with the contact surface, and totally reflect light by the visible light source from a concave portion of the living body and a convex portion of the living body, and light by the infrared light source from an inside of the living body; and an imaging surface configured to be opposed to the contact surface, in contact with the reflection surface, and provided at an angle such that the light from the concave portion of the living body cannot be reached, and the light totally reflected by the reflection surface and the light from the convex portion of the living body can be transmitted.
Nec Corporation

Prism and sensor chip

A prism used in analysis utilizing surface plasmons is prism of a dielectric medium with a predetermined reflective index. Trapezoidal prism comprises an incident surface on which excitation light is incident from outside, a reflective surface at which the excitation light incident on the incident surface is reflected, an emission surface from which the excitation light reflected by the reflective surface is emitted; and an opposite surface which opposes the reflective surface.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Apparatus with vessel and mount

Various apparatuses are disclosed. An apparatus may include a vessel configured to hold liquid, a cap detachably connected to an end of the vessel, and a mount connected to an opposite end of the vessel, wherein the liquid drains from the vessel only when the cap is detached.
Alkipops Inc.

Method of attaching a wire cable terminal to a multi-strand wire cable, wire cable formed during said method, and forming said wire cable

A wire cable configured to be attached to a wire cable terminal. An uninsulated end of the wire cable is formed into a nugget having a shape that generally defines a rectangular cuboid or rectangular prism.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Edge light-type backlight device and light diffusion member

This edge light-type backlight device comprises a light guide plate, a light source disposed at one end part of the light guide plate, a light diffusion sheet and a prism sheet on a light emission face of the light guide plate. The refractive index of the prism sheet exceeds 1.60, a peak of emitted light distribution of a light emission face of the light diffusion sheet in a plane orthogonal to a direction along the one end part of the light guide plate is within an angle range of 48°-58° with respect to a normal direction of the light emission face, and the emitted light of the light emission face of the light diffusion sheet diminishes toward −90° or 90° with respect to the normal line from the angle range of the peak of the emitted light distribution.
Kimoto Co., Ltd.

Prismatic led module for luminaire

An led module for a luminaire has a downwardly directed heat sink comprising cooling fins that extend rearward from the module's front end and downward from its top wall, which has a top face that abuts the underside of a luminaire carrier plate. A circuit board carrying at least one led is mounted on the front face, and a prism is mounted to the heat sink over the led(s).
Hubbell Incorporated

Complex prism sheet

This invention relates to a complex prism sheet which is configured such that heat-resistant coating layers are formed on both surfaces of a substrate layer, thus preventing wrinkling or curling of the complex prism sheet due to heat generated from a light source, and increasing concealment and electro-optic characteristics, ultimately improving properties of a light crystal display. This complex prism sheet can be usefully applied to television (tv) sets, monitors, notebook personal computers (nbpcs), etc., which are required to have heat resistance, slimness and concealment because of an increasing use of a light emitting diode (led) light source these days..
Kolon Industries, Inc.

Optical sheet controlling external light, display device and producing optical sheet

An optical sheet, which can suitably absorb external light over a wide range and can improve a contrast, a display device, and a method for producing an optical sheet. The optical sheet is disposed on an observer side relative to an image light source and includes a plurality of layers that control light emitted from the image light source to emit the light on the observer side, at least one of the plurality of layers is an optical functional sheet layer which includes prisms being arranged in parallel along the surface of the optical sheet whereby light can be transmitted and wedge portions are being arranged in parallel between the prisms whereby light can be absorbed.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Wynne-dyson optical system with variable magnification

A 1× wynne-dyson optical system for microlithography having a variable magnification is disclosed. The 1× wynne-dyson optical system has first and second prisms, and a positive lens group that includes a split lens having first and second split lens elements that reside adjacent the first and second prisms, respectively.
Ultratech, Inc.

Range finder and prism assembly thereof

The seventh surface faces the second surface. The optical multilayer film is disposed between the fifth surface and the third surface.

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