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Creating and manufacturing documents that initially exceed equipment finishing capacity

Printer with integrated rfid data collector

Date/App# patent app List of recent Printing-related patents
 Video fingerprinting patent thumbnailVideo fingerprinting
A query fingerprint of a set of frames of video content captured at a client device may be generated. Multiple patches of the set of frames of video content may be selected and a value calculated for each of the selected multiple patches.
 Creating and manufacturing documents that initially exceed equipment finishing capacity patent thumbnailCreating and manufacturing documents that initially exceed equipment finishing capacity
Techniques described herein overcome many of the issues that have previously made the printing of a single copy of a book from a digital version unattractive and infeasible. According to one embodiment of the invention, an automated mechanism such as a computer program automatically determines whether the spine thickness of a to-be-printed copy of a digital version of a book will exceed the specified maximum spine thickness that a specified binding or other finishing device can handle.
 Printer with integrated rfid data collector patent thumbnailPrinter with integrated rfid data collector
A rfid printer for printing and determining the quality of rfid record members having transponders is provided. The rfid printer may be used to print rfid record members utilizing a continuous moving web.
 3d scanning, modeling and printing for the creation of custom-fitted ostomy devices patent thumbnail3d scanning, modeling and printing for the creation of custom-fitted ostomy devices
In accordance with this embodiment of the application of a 3d scanning, modeling and printing process to create custom-fitted ostomy devices that minimize leakage and odor and maximize mobility and comfort.. .
 Deposition of patterned organic thin films patent thumbnailDeposition of patterned organic thin films
Embodiments disclosed herein provide devices having a nozzle die with one or more nozzles, each of which has one or more integrated skimmers. The use of an integrated nozzle/skimmer structure allows for higher-resolution printing in ovjp-type deposition techniques without requiring the use of a shadow mask by allowing for a relatively narrow organic material beam that can be placed at relatively high distances away from the substrate..
 Process of manufacturing of the catalytic layer of the counter-electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells patent thumbnailProcess of manufacturing of the catalytic layer of the counter-electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells
A process of manufacturing the catalytic layer of the counter-electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells is described. The process has the following steps: depositing a catalyst precursor paste or precursor solution layer over the counter-electrodes conductive and transparent substrates, by screen printing, doctor blade, spin coating or brush,and irradiating the catalyst precursor paste or precursor solution layer with a continuous wave or pulsed laser beam having a wavelength in the range of infrared, visible, or ultraviolet, thus curing the precursor and forming a catalyst layer over the conductive and transparent counter-electrode substrates..
 Electrostatic ink composition patent thumbnailElectrostatic ink composition
The present invention provides an electrostatic ink composition comprising a carrier liquid, a resin, a pigment and a conductive polymer. Method for producing the electrostatic ink composition and methods for printing the composition are also disclosed..
 Toner to develop electrostatic latent images patent thumbnailToner to develop electrostatic latent images
A toner t1 develops an electrostatic latent image, the toner t1 having relieved charge-up characteristics, improved development characteristics, and improved transfer characteristics. The toner t1 may ensure high charge stability against environmental condition changes, and an appropriate amount of charges at a high printing speed, may reduce background contamination on a photoreceptor, may prevent undesirable fusing onto a blade even after prolonged printing, and may have high transfer efficiency and high image uniformity.
 Magnetic graphic wall system patent thumbnailMagnetic graphic wall system
The practical application of incorporating magnetic receptive printing media coupled with the use of an underlying specifically referenced magnet allows the multi layering of magnetic media while maintaining the reference of position on the surface. This is achieved by aligning the polarity lines to the benefit of the intended design while fabricating the first layer to receive the second or subsequent layers to interact with the intended design..
 Methods of producing flat top dots on flexographic printing plates, and laminates therefor patent thumbnailMethods of producing flat top dots on flexographic printing plates, and laminates therefor
Two methods using two respective laminates produce flexographic printing plates with flat top dots from sheet photopolymers. The methods use a preliminary laminate to isolate the photopolymer surface from the ambient air.
Printing sheet and mold sheet for forming printing surface on the printing sheet
A printing sheet 1 comprising a base sheet 5 and an inorganic solidified matter layer 3 laminated on the surface of the base sheet 1, the surface 3a of the inorganic solidified matter layer 3 serving as the printing surface, wherein, in an electron microphotograph magnified by 100 times, the printing surface is a surface on where continuous flat surfaces and indefinite protuberances surrounded by said flat surfaces are present being mixed together, the protuberances being present at a ratio of 10 to 30% per a unit area and being observed having sizes or long diameters of 10 to 300 μm and in a number of 50 to 300 per 1 mm2. With this printing sheet, the fiber is effectively prevented from adhering on the surface of the inorganic solidified matter layer on which the printing is to be executed, and images can be finely printed maintaining in good quality without being blurred..
Method for producing an aircraft structure component having an outer skin provided with a smooth outer surface
A method for producing an aircraft structure component is disclosed the component having an outer skin provided with a smooth outer surface. The method includes providing an aircraft structure component having an outer skin including at least one recess, detecting the location of said at least one recess by a recess detecting device, and filling said at least one recess at the detected location with particles of a filling material, said particles of filling material being applied into said at least one recess by an ink jet printing device..
Method and device for edible printing on foodstuffs
The method and device for edible printing (10) on foodstuffs includes a printing workstation (20) having a base (22), a conveyor (30) disposed on the base (22), and a gantry frame (24) mounted above the base (22) and conveyor (30). The conveyor (30) carries at least one foodstuff processing tray (40) from one end of the printing workstation (20) to another.
System and method for printing on chewing gum
A method for applying print to at least one chewing gum surface, the method including forming a chewing gum composition into at least one chewing gum sheet having at least one printable surface, the chewing gum sheet having a desirable thickness, providing a print roller, transporting the at least one chewing gum sheet towards the print roller via a transporting surface, providing a gap between the print roller and the transporting surface, the thickness of the at least one chewing gum sheet being greater than a height of the gap, moving the at least one chewing gum sheet through the gap, printing indicia on the chewing gum sheet via the print roller during the moving of the at least one chewing gum sheet through the gap, and compressing the at least one chewing gum sheet during the moving of the at least one chewing gum sheet through the gap, the compressing occurring simultaneously with the printing.. .
Sensoric imprinting
The invention concerns a method for exposing an infant to multiple different tastes of food products and stimulating the consumption of e.g. Vegetables and fruit later in life..
Imprint mold and method for making using sidewall spacer line doubling
A method for making an imprint mold uses sidewall spacer line doubling, but without the need to transfer the sidewall spacer patterns into the mold substrate. A base layer is deposited on the mold substrate, followed by deposition and patterning of a mandrel layer into stripes with tops and sidewalls.
Modular wall painting and printing systems and devices
The present disclosure is directed to modular painting devices for painting and/or printing a surface. In some examples, the modular painting devices include a paint cartridge and a handle attached to a roller assembly.
Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
A fusing device and an image forming apparatus including the fusing device are provided, the fusing device having a structure that ensures a stable transport of a printing medium by preventing a printing medium from deviating from a transport path between a transfer nip and a fusing nip. The fusing device includes a heating member, a pressing member to contact the heating member to form a fusing nip, and a guide member to guide a printing medium to the fusing nip.
Method and apparatus for forming image
A method and apparatus for forming an image determine if printing paper is properly picked up, and printing data is transferred to an intermediate transfer belt (itb). When it is sensed that the printing paper is not properly picked up, picking up the printing paper is retried considering a revolution cycle of the itb.
Image forming apparatus, system and method
Provided is an image forming apparatus capable of reducing possibility that small symbols and characters become invisible without impairing user's convenience even in the case of using a nongenuine replacement part. An image forming apparatus (100) is provided with: an image forming portion (103) for forming an image; a nongenuine product judging portion (101a) for judging whether or not a replacement part of the image forming portion (103) is a nongenuine product; an operation receiving portion (for example, an operating panel (102)) for receiving user operation including setting operation of an image forming condition; and a control portion (101) for controlling image formation of the image forming portion (103) based on the image forming condition set from the operation receiving portion.
Method for checking the production quality of an optical security feature of a value document
A method for checking the production quality of a prescribed optical security feature in or on a prescribed portion of a value document on the basis of pixel data of pixels of an image of the prescribed portion which are respectively associated with places in or on the portion and render optical properties of the value document at the places whether a first number or share of those pixels, whose pixel data, according to a first prescribed criterion, lie within a first reference region prescribed for the security feature exceeds a first minimum hit value, and whether a first scatter of the pixel data of those pixels lying within the first reference region for the pixel data according to the first criterion exceeds a first minimum scatter prescribed for the security feature. A quality signal from the check represents an indication of a sufficient printing quality according to certain criteria..
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium storing program
A reading unit, which reads images, reads an image of a predetermined pattern that includes a plurality of marks and is printed on a printing medium by executing scanning relative to the printing medium. Image data acquired by this reading is acquired.
Automatic selection of web page objects for printing
A method includes receiving a request to print a current web page. A set of records that represent web pages that are similar to the current web page are identified from a print log that includes at least one record, each record including an indication of a web page and indicating one or more objects that had been previously selected for printing from that web page.
Printing method and apparatus, print control method, and multimedia apparatus
A printing method and apparatus, a print control method, and a multimedia apparatus are provided. The printing method includes receiving a multimedia file or additional information of the multimedia file from a multimedia apparatus; interpreting the multimedia file or the additional information of the multimedia and obtaining at least one item included in the additional information; and printing the obtained at least one item..
Printing system, control method thereof, and storage medium
Provided is a printing system in which a mobile terminal that instructs the print service device to print without specifying an image forming device that executes printing in response to a selection of document data, and the print service device transmits a command for causing the terminal device to write, in the near field communication unit of the terminal device, storage information related to a storage location on the network of the print job generated upon receiving the instruction, and the image processing device activates the near field communication unit of the image processing device, and acquires the print job based on the storage information acquired by the acquisition unit and print the print job. .
Method, device and computer readable medium for managing print jobs
A method for managing a print job, the method may include intercepting, by a computerized module, a request to print a print job content by a target printer; analyzing, by the computerized module, the print job content to determine an expected printing cost of the print job content by the target printer; selecting, by the computerized module, a selected printer to print the print job content, out of the target printer and another printer, in response to the expected printing cost; and sending the print job content information to the selected printer.. .
Printing apparatus, printing method, and storage medium
A printing apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store print data including a password upon receipt of the print data, a receiving unit configured to receive a print instruction for the stored print data from a user, an authentication unit capable of performing user authentication, and a printing unit configured to perform printing without causing an authenticated user to enter a password in a case where an owner of the print-instructed print data matches the authenticated user, and to perform printing in response to a match between a password received from a user and the password included in the print data in a case where the owner of the print-instructed print data differs from the authenticated user, or in a case where a print instruction is received without user authentication by the authentication unit.. .
Document distribution server and program for document distribution server
A document distribution server a data conversion unit configured to convert document data into a common format data that have the same appearance when displayed on a display device and when printed with a printing device, a receiving unit configured to receive a request to display the document data in the display device and to receive a request to print the document data in the printing device, and a transmission unit configured to transmit the common format data to the display device when the request to display the document data is received from the display device and to transmit the common format data to the printing device when the request to print the document data is received from the printing device.. .
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and tangible computer-readable recording medium
Disclosed is an image forming apparatus including: an image obtaining unit configured to obtain an image of an identification card; a printing unit; a utilization purpose entry receiving unit configured to receive an entry of a utilization purpose of a document to be printed by the printing unit; and a control unit configured to overlap a text indicating the utilization purpose received by the utilization purpose entry receiving unit, with the image of the identification card, and to instruct the printing unit to print the overlapped text and the image of the identification card.. .
A printer includes a frame that includes a frame back part, an arm that includes a rotation shaft and is supported by the frame to rotate around the rotation shaft relative to the frame, a platen roller that is rotatably supported by the frame or the arm, a print head that is disposed between the frame back part and the platen roller and performs printing on a recording sheet placed between the platen roller and the print head, and a first bias spring that is disposed between the frame back part and the print head and biases the print head toward the platen roller relative to the frame back part.. .
Printing systems and printing methods
A printing method is described herein. A fixer fluid is applied to a print area.
Transport device and inkjet printing apparatus having the same
The transport device includes a plurality of transporting sections to transport a printing medium; a divided accelerating interval setting section to set a transportation speed in a divided accelerating interval corresponding to a time generated by dividing a time where the transportation speed of the printing medium changes from 0 to a given value in accordance with an acceleration rate; a divided decelerating interval setting section to set a transportation speed in a divided decelerating interval corresponding to a time generated by dividing a time where the transportation speed of the printing medium changes from the given value to 0 in accordance with an decelerating rate; including a basic shaft transporting section configured to be driven at the transportation speed set for every divided accelerating interval or for every divided decelerating interval for transporting the printing medium; and a controller for controlling the foregoing sections.. .
Method of using star wheel with adjustable directional biaser
A method of printing with an inkjet printer including a printhead, a star wheel located downstream from the printhead, and an adjustable biaser coupled to the star wheel. The method comprises analyzing print data to identify an area of printing to be printed on a sheet of print media that aligns with the star wheel; calculating the density of the printing in the identified area of printing; printing the identified area of printing; determining whether the calculated density exceeds a density criteria, and if so then using the adjustable biaser to lift the star wheel off of the sheet before the printed area of printing reaches the star wheel; advancing the printed area of printing past the star wheel; and using the adjustable biaser lowering the star wheel onto the sheet after the printed area of printing has advanced past the star wheel..
Method for controlling tension in a web
A method for controlling tension in a print media in a tension zone of a printing system comprises enabling an active tension control mode until the tension in the print media is in a stable state for a given period of time, and then switching to a synchronized control mode. The tension is monitored to determine if it exceeds a tension inner band but does not exceed a tension outer band while in the synchronized control mode.
Printing apparatus and printing method
A printing apparatus including a head section which discharges a color ink which is cured due to irradiation of light and a clear ink which is cured due to the irradiation of light, an irradiation section which irradiates the light, and a storage section which stores a relationship between a total amount of color duty which is an amount of the color ink which is discharged per unit region and clear duty which is an amount of the clear ink which is discharged per unit region, and glossiness of an image which is printed using the color ink and the clear ink which have been discharged, wherein, according to the color duty in a certain region in the image, the clear duty in the region is determined based on the relationship so that the glossiness of the image is a predetermined value.. .
Printing device
A printing device includes a camera position control mechanism configured and arranged to control a position of the camera to switch between a first state in which the alignment mark is photographed from a side of the first face, and a second state in which the alignment mark is photographed from a side of the second face.. .
Printing control apparatus and printing control method
In a printing apparatus capable of printing the same pixel by a plurality of print elements, a print speed is increased, and further, a partial frequency of use of each of the print elements is reduced, so as to prolong the lifetime of the print head. In view of this, dithering is used as a pseudo-halftone representing method, and further, a distribution pattern for use in creating image data to be distributed to each of the plurality of print elements is switched..
Image forming device and image forming method
In a stand-by state, when an instruction unit issues the printing instruction, a control unit is switched in a maintenance state, in the maintenance state, the control unit closes an air valve and operates a first pump, and when a sensor detects that the ink of a second tank is reduced by discharging the ink from a nozzle by the pressure of a second tank, the control unit opens the air valve to be switched in a printing state, and when a predetermined time elapses after an operation of the first pump before the sensor detects the reduction of the ink of the second tank, the control unit excludes the solidified ink from the nozzle, and in the printing state, the control unit is switched in the stand-by state when the ink is discharged from the nozzle of the head based on a printing instruction.. .
Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting
Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with nmr fingerprinting are described. One example nmr apparatus includes an nmr logic configured to repetitively and variably sample a (k, t, e) space associated with an object to acquire a set of nmr signals.
Image forming apparatus, sheet feed control method, and storage medium
An image forming apparatus capable of printing a non-standard size image on a sheet of a size as desired by the user as possible, and preventing stoppage of printing the image even when there is no sheet of the size desired by the user in a sheet feeder. When image data is for a non-standard size, if there is a sheet feeder accommodating recording sheets of which vertical and lateral lengths corresponding to vertical and lateral lengths represented by the image data are designated, a control unit feeds the sheets from the sheet feeding cassette.
Organic el element and method for manufacturing organic el element
To form stabilized organic light-emitting medium layers using the relief printing method and to provide an organic el element excellent in terms of pattern-forming accuracy, film thickness uniformity and light-emitting characteristics, a substrate 2, first electrode layers 3 provided on the substrate 2, organic light-emitting medium layers 5 which are provided on the first electrode layers 3 and emit light when electrically connected, and second electrodes 6 which are provided on the organic light-emitting medium layers 5 and make the organic light-emitting medium layers 5 electrically connected when voltage is applied between the first electrodes 3 and the second electrodes are provided. In addition, at least one of the organic light-emitting medium layers 5 is formed of a mixture containing a polymer material having a weight-average molecular weight in a range of 1.5 million to 25 million and at least one low molecular material having a non-repetitive structure.
Method for fabricating micro electro device, method for fabricating organic light emitting display device, micro electro device and organic light emitting display device fabricated thereby
A method for fabricating a micro electro device includes forming a conductive pattern on a substrate, forming an organic insulating film on a whole surface of the substrate with an organic insulating material to cover the conductive pattern, preparing a printing plate coated with an insulating film removing material, and forming a contact hole by removing a first portion of the organic insulating film through making the insulating film removing material come in contact with the first portion of the organic insulating film that corresponds to the conductive pattern, and forming a contact in the contact hole. .
Ink jet printer composition and use
An aqueous ink jet printer ink composition is designed for ink jet printing of fluorescent images. This composition contains fluorescent pigment particles that have (1) an excitation peak wavelength of at least 300 nm and less than 400 nm, and (2) an emission peak that is greater than 400 nm and up to and including 700 nm when exposed to fluorescent-exciting radiation.
Conveyor device
A conveyor device is described in which a conveyor roller is used to convey a medium inside a printing device with the conveyor roller extending in a width direction of the printing device. The conveyor roller receives a force from a following roller configured to face the conveyor roller.
High-throughput graphene printing and selective transfer using a localized laser heating technique
A method of high-throughput printing and selective transfer of graphene onto a substrate includes the steps of: providing a thermal release tape having graphene adhered thereto; placing a substrate onto the graphene; pressing the thermal tape and the graphene against the substrate at a uniformly-distributed pressure; heating localized portions of the thermal tape and graphene using a localized heat source, thereby diminishing the adhesive properties of the thermal release tape in the localized portions and transferring graphene from said localized portions to the substrate; and separating the thermal release tape from the substrate. The method may include the further step of moving the localized heat source to selected positions on the thermal release tape during the heating step, thereby forming a pattern of heated portions.
Vegetable oil-based metal resinate compositions and materials comprising same
A vegetable oil-based resinous composition comprises a metallization product of vegetable oil-based adduct, wherein the vegetable oil includes at least one unsaturated double bond. The vegetable oil-based adducts may include a diels-alder adduct, a ene reaction adduct, or combinations thereof.
Flexographic plate mounting
A method of aligning a flexographic printing plate (110) to a plate cylinder (270) is disclosed. The flexographic printing plate has a raised alignment feature (180) which is aligned to a mating fixture (200).
System for mounting a flexographic printing plate
A system for mounting a flexographic printing plate to a cylinder includes a flexographic printing plate with a first alignment feature; a fixture with a second alignment feature which matches the first alignment feature; aligning the plate to the fixture using the first and second alignment features; mounting the cylinder in the fixture in alignment with the second alignment feature; and transferring the plate from the fixture to the cylinder maintaining registration.. .
Apparatus for flexographic printing of a web of packaging material
The disclosure relates to an apparatus for flexographic printing of a web of packaging material. The apparatus has an anilox roll which is rotary in an ink pan or chamber for picking up and transferring printing ink to an impression cylinder which is rotary adjacent the anilox roll and forms, together with a counter pressure cylinder rotary adjacent the impression cylinder, a nip through which the web is led for receiving printing ink from the impression cylinder.
Printing method and printing device for fabrics
A printing method is performed by use of a printing device. The printing device includes a print head, a supply roll, a serving roll, a support roll, a feed roll, and a winding roll.
Trusted and secure techniques for item delivery and execution
Documents and other items can be delivered electronically from sender to recipient with a level of trustedness approaching or exceeding that provided by a personal document courier. A trusted electronic go-between can validate, witness and/or archive transactions while, in some cases, actively participating in or directing the transaction.
Electronic invoice management and printing
Provided is a method of managing electronic invoices. An electronic invoice of a customer is stored in an online database.
Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis
An inkjet printing method, system, and computer-usable tangible storage device to print cells and biomaterials for three-dimensional cellular scaffolds and engineered skin grafts are disclosed. The process simultaneously deposits living cells, nutrients, growth factors, therapeutic drugs along with biomaterial scaffolds at the right time and location.
Quadplex card printing
A printed multiple ply paper article and a method of producing it are described. The method comprises providing a first paper stock having a first surface and a second surface, (33) to the second surface, printing (34) upon the first surface, and bringing together two portions of the second surface under pressure in registration (35, 36) to form a multiple ply product..
Uv ink fixed structure and uv ink printing method
A fixed structure and a printing method are provided with which cracking and detachment of a uv ink coating do not occur even when a uv ink of high surface hardness is used. As a solution, an adhesive primer layer 12 is provided between a substrate 11, and a uv ink coating 16 having a surface hardness higher than a pencil hardness h..
Self adhesive film and method to minimize or eliminate print defects in such film
The present invention relates to a self adhesive ink jet printable polymer film. The film comprises a polymeric resin and a low surface energy additive that is in a substantially free form.
Surface modifier for polyimide resin and surface-modifying method for polyimide resin
The present invention relates to a polyimide resin surface modifier which modifies the surface of a polyimide resin to permit easy absorption of metal ions, and a surface-modifying method for polyimide resins using the same. The surface modifier contains an alkali component, an organic solvent having hydroxy groups and a boiling point of 120° c.
Printer and recording medium
The disclosure discloses a printer comprises a feeder, a printing head, a detecting de the feeder feeds a print-receiving tape comprising a plurality of print-receiving porti wherein each of the print-receiving portions comprises a detected element, for each of a plur of printed matter. The printing head forms a desired print on the print-receiving tape.
Printing apparatus
The ribbon winding unit is equipped with a first moving gear, a second moving gear, a first intermediate gear, a tumbler gear, and a winding member. The first intermediate gear engages with the first moving gear when the first moving gear and the second moving gear move in a given direction, and disengages from the first moving gear when the first moving gear and the second moving gear move in an opposite direction.
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
According to one embodiment, an image forming apparatus includes an image forming portion, a fixer, a control operation selection portion which selects any one of a monochrome control operation of keeping the fixing temperature at a first temperature at which a monochrome image can be fixed, and a color control operation of keeping the fixing temperature at a second temperature higher than the first temperature, and a controller. In the state in which the monochrome control operation is selected, when the fixing temperature reaches the first temperature during rise, the controller executes a monochrome ready display and the monochrome control operation, the controller raises the fixing temperature up to the second temperature to print the color image when printing of a color image is instructed while the monochrome control operation is executed, and the controller executes the monochrome control operation after printing the color image..
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a toner container; a developing unit; a detection unit detecting toner in the developing unit; a measurement unit measuring as to whether there is a full amount of toner or no toner in the developing unit by using a detection history of the detection unit with regard to the toner; a supplying unit supplying the toner from the toner container to the developing unit; a toner-amount calculation unit calculating, using image data to be printed, an amount of toner consumption needed during printing; an accumulation unit calculating an accumulated amount of toner consumption by accumulating the amount of toner consumption every time printing is conducted; and a fault determination unit determining, using the accumulated amount of toner consumption, whether a measurement result by the measurement unit is normal or not as to whether there is a full amount of toner or no toner.. .
Portable copier and printer
A portable printer for storage, printing and copying functions that includes: a housing; a storage compartment within the housing, where the storage compartment stores and distributes a plurality of sheets of paper for use in the portable printer; a window on the housing, where the window receives an object for copying; a lid pivotally attached to the housing, where the lid covers the window; and a touch screen on the lid, where the touch screen provides an interactive mechanism to control functions related to the portable printer.. .
Print relay server system, method for controlling the same, and program therefor
A print relay server includes an interface (proxy) for relaying a printing service and an image forming apparatus and for communicating with each printing service on a printing service basis and on a user basis, and registers a virtual printer substituting for the image forming apparatus.. .
Printing through physical proximity between printer and print client device
Systems and methods of operating a computing system may involve utilizing an interactive physical event between a client device and a target printer to unambiguously select the target printer. In one example, upon such an interactive event, a mutual identification method may be implemented between the client device and the target printer, followed by creation of a secure point-to-point communication link over which a print request may be executed..
Device service discovery
A service discovery request is received from a printing device at a cloud server. The request includes profile information for the printing device.
This disclosure discloses a printer comprises a feeder, a printing head, a print object acceptance portion, a printing mode setting acceptance portion, a first and a second image creating portions, a first and a second display devices, an increment mode acceptance portion, an increment quantity acceptance portion, and a printing control portion. The print object acceptance portion accepts an input operation of the print object comprising a print identifier.
Printer and recording medium
The disclosure discloses a printer comprising a storage device, a feeder, a printing head, an instruction input portion, a first control portion, a detection determining portion, and a second control portion. The printing head performs desired printing on the print-receiving medium fed in a forward direction along a transport direction by a feeder.
Printing apparatus and method of operating a printing apparatus
A printing apparatus including a tape drive for transferring a tape carrying a marking medium, and a printhead which is operable to transfer marking medium from such a tape to print an image, the tape drive including a pair of tape spool supports, upon one of which a supply spool is mountable and upon a second one of which a take up spool is mountable, each tape spool support being drivable by a respective motor, the tape drive further including a controller to control each of the motors, wherein the tape drive is operable to position a tape adjacent the printhead such that a spacing between adjacent portions of tape from which ink is removed in successive printing operations is less than 0.5 mm.. .
Tape drive and method of operation of a tape drive
A method of controlling tension in a tape, wherein the tape is transferable between a first spool and a second spool by a tape drive, the tape drive having a motor control system which includes two dc motors and a controller for controlling the operation of the motors, the tape drive also having two spool supports, each of which is suitable for supporting a spool of tape, and each of which is driven by a respective one of the motors, the method including only one tension setting step during a printing operation.. .
Method and apparatus for obtaining homogeneous ink for inkjet devices
In order to obtain homogeneous ink for cij printers, an inkjet is divided into individual equally large ink droplets, at least part of the ink droplets is provided with an electric charge, and the ink droplets are guided by a deflection device. The ink droplets which are deflected by a predefined amount are collected by a homogenization droplet catcher and are used for printing..
Printing apparatus
A printing apparatus which performs printing by ejecting liquid onto a printing medium includes a gas flow generating section that generates a gas flow to collect and exhaust liquid not used for printing, and a gas-liquid separation cyclone that swirls the gas flow so that the liquid is centrifugally separated from a gas which moves along the gas flow, wherein the gas flow generating section exhausts the gas along the gas flow after the liquid is separated from the gas by the gas-liquid separation cyclone.. .
Solid inks comprising liquid crystalline materials
A solid ink composition used for ink jet printing. In particular, the solid inks comprise a liquid crystalline material that can be jetted in a molten, amorphous state at elevated temperatures, electrically poled to align the molecules in an intermediate liquid crystalline state at lower temperatures, and then frozen into a robust, high quality image upon cooling..
Method for dot printing on cards
A method and dot printer for dot printing on a card. A method includes receiving a card on a plate-like element of a carriage in a manner that a lateral movement of the card one of on or above the plate-like element is stopped by an abutment element, moving the plate-like element and card in a direction crosswise to the lateral movement until a main side of the card abuts a first abutment surface of an abutment structure and a main edge of the plate-like carrier abuts a second abutment surface of the abutment structure.
Printing systems and methods for operating printing systems
Methods performed by a printing system are described herein. A portion of a print area is located by operating an optical sensor to respond to a color shift.
Recording apparatus
A recording apparatus includes a transport roller that transports a sheet by a predetermined transportation amount along a transportation path, a printing unit that records an image on the sheet being transported in synchronization with driving of the transport roller, a position detecting mechanism that detects whether an installation position is vertical installation or horizontal installation, and a transportation amount correcting unit that corrects a transportation amount depending on the detection result of the position detecting mechanism.. .
Ink jet printing method and printer
A method includes deriving from print data a first intended position of a first dot to be printed, determining a first printing element from a plurality of printing elements suitable for printing the first dot at the first intended position, printing the first dot with the first printing element at a first location on the substrate, deriving from the print data a second intended position of a second dot to be printed, retrieving a tolerated deviation of a distance between the first intended position and the second intended position, determining a second printing element from the plurality of printing elements suitable for printing the second dot based on the tolerated deviation, and printing the second dot with the second printing element at a second location on the substrate.. .
Positive image transfer thermal printer for articles such as histological specimen slides and cassettes
A printer for printing information onto articles such as histology specimen slides and cassettes having a print zone. One embodiment of the printer includes an ink receiving structure to receive an ink source such as a print ribbon, a collection receiving structure to receive a collection medium such as paper or polymer web, a printing area including a printhead, a rubber-like laminator, and a control system.
Electronic patch for refurbishing a used print cartridge
Devices and methods for refurbishing a used print cartridge for further use in a printing device are provided. An electronic patch is attached to a circuit on the used print cartridge.
Printing liquid transfer and supply system
A printing system for printing on a print media includes a first printhead and a second printhead for printing on the print media. A first liquid supply module including a first liquid reservoir is in fluid communication with the first printhead and provides liquid from the first liquid reservoir to the first printhead.
Dynamic user interface
Example embodiments presented herein are directed towards a dynamic user interface capable of adaption for dynamically providing printing information for various types of printing technologies.. .
Fingerprinting apparatus, system, and method
An apparatus, system and method for biometric acquisition are disclosed. In one embodiment, a sensor is configured to detect a biometric signature of a subject.

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