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Printer with integrated rfid data collector

Speaker mechanism having a conforming circuit board

Counterfeit deterrence using full width array scans

Date/App# patent app List of recent Printer-related patents
 3d printer based product delivery system and methods patent thumbnail3d printer based product delivery system and methods
A product delivery system operable to deliver a virtual product which is manufactured locally using a 3d printer, and methods for using such.. .
 Printer with integrated rfid data collector patent thumbnailPrinter with integrated rfid data collector
A rfid printer for printing and determining the quality of rfid record members having transponders is provided. The rfid printer may be used to print rfid record members utilizing a continuous moving web.
 Speaker mechanism having a conforming circuit board patent thumbnailSpeaker mechanism having a conforming circuit board
A device removeably attachable to a case for an electronic device for delivering sound includes a housing having a speaker means and a printed circuit board assembly mounted in the housing. The printed circuit board assembly is in electronic communication with the speaker means.
 Counterfeit deterrence using full width array scans patent thumbnailCounterfeit deterrence using full width array scans
Systems and methods are described that facilitate counterfeit deterrence in a printer or the like. A final image is scanned from a photoreceptor belt before or after transfer of the image to a print medium or from the print medium itself prior to output, and the scanned image data is assessed using a set of stored criteria to detect counterfeit signatures in the scanned image.
 Automatic selection of web page objects for printing patent thumbnailAutomatic selection of web page objects for printing
A method includes receiving a request to print a current web page. A set of records that represent web pages that are similar to the current web page are identified from a print log that includes at least one record, each record including an indication of a web page and indicating one or more objects that had been previously selected for printing from that web page.
 Method, device and computer readable medium for managing print jobs patent thumbnailMethod, device and computer readable medium for managing print jobs
A method for managing a print job, the method may include intercepting, by a computerized module, a request to print a print job content by a target printer; analyzing, by the computerized module, the print job content to determine an expected printing cost of the print job content by the target printer; selecting, by the computerized module, a selected printer to print the print job content, out of the target printer and another printer, in response to the expected printing cost; and sending the print job content information to the selected printer.. .
 System and method for document transmission patent thumbnailSystem and method for document transmission
The present disclosure provides methods and apparatus for managing a document. An example aspect provides a method of requesting a document to be displayed at a portable electronic device, including: installing at a computer a printer driver for displaying documents at the portable electronic device; creating an association of a portable account identifier with a unique identifier of the portable electronic device; using the printer driver and the association, to transmit the document to the portable electronic device over a network; and transmitting from the computer the document..
 Connector for printer accessory patent thumbnailConnector for printer accessory
A printer accessory including a housing and a connector, the connector having a frame defining an opening in the housing, and including a contact housing and a door slideably disposed within the opening. Biasing elements bias the contact housing and door to extend from the opening, wherein the door is configured to be depressed into the housing through the opening to expose electrical contacts on the contact housing..
 Thermal head and thermal printer provided with same patent thumbnailThermal head and thermal printer provided with same
A thermal head and a thermal printer are disclosed. The thermal head includes a substrate, an an electrode on the substrate, a heating portion connected to the electrode, and a protective layer on the heating portion.
 Printer patent thumbnailPrinter
A printer includes a frame that includes a frame back part, an arm that includes a rotation shaft and is supported by the frame to rotate around the rotation shaft relative to the frame, a platen roller that is rotatably supported by the frame or the arm, a print head that is disposed between the frame back part and the platen roller and performs printing on a recording sheet placed between the platen roller and the print head, and a first bias spring that is disposed between the frame back part and the print head and biases the print head toward the platen roller relative to the frame back part.. .
Image recording apparatus with reciprocating carriage and having a guide device
A printer including: (i) a guide device extending in a first direction; (ii) a carriage reciprocateable in the first direction, while being guided by the guide device; (iii) a recording head carried by the carriage; (iv) a feed device for feeding the recording medium in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; (v) a flexible ink-supply tube for supplying ink to the recording head; and (vi) a carriage movement detector including an encoder strip which extends in the first direction. The ink-supply tube has a u-shaped body including a pair of arm portions extending in the first direction and spaced apart from each other in the second direction.
Inkjet printer
In an inkjet printer, a first sparsely arranged portion of a first ejection head entirely overlaps in a movement direction with a second densely arranged portion of a second ejection head. A plurality of outlets of the first sparsely arranged portion include use outlets, and among a plurality of outlets of the second densely arranged portion, those that overlap in the movement direction with use outlets of the first sparsely arranged portion are non-use outlets.
Star wheel with adjustable directional biaser
A print media feed system in a inkjet printer, the system has a media feed roll, a star wheel mounted opposing the roll, an adjustable biaser coupled to the star wheel, and a controller coupled to the biaser. The controller varies a magnitude, a direction or a magnitude and direction of a biasing force applied to the star wheel by the biaser.
Method of using star wheel with adjustable directional biaser
A method of printing with an inkjet printer including a printhead, a star wheel located downstream from the printhead, and an adjustable biaser coupled to the star wheel. The method comprises analyzing print data to identify an area of printing to be printed on a sheet of print media that aligns with the star wheel; calculating the density of the printing in the identified area of printing; printing the identified area of printing; determining whether the calculated density exceeds a density criteria, and if so then using the adjustable biaser to lift the star wheel off of the sheet before the printed area of printing reaches the star wheel; advancing the printed area of printing past the star wheel; and using the adjustable biaser lowering the star wheel onto the sheet after the printed area of printing has advanced past the star wheel..
Paper feeder and printer
Upon continuous feeding of a plurality of sheets and upon detection of a leading end of a sheet by a detection unit before an elapse of a first time after a start of a paper feed roller, a controller performs control such that a paper conveyance speed of the paper feed roller is set lower than a paper conveyance speed of a registration roller, and the paper feed roller is stopped after conveying the sheet having the leading end detected for a specified conveyance distance before a next timing of starting the registration roller.. .
Ink jet printer composition and use
An aqueous ink jet printer ink composition is designed for ink jet printing of fluorescent images. This composition contains fluorescent pigment particles that have (1) an excitation peak wavelength of at least 300 nm and less than 400 nm, and (2) an emission peak that is greater than 400 nm and up to and including 700 nm when exposed to fluorescent-exciting radiation.
Process to attach thermal stencils to a glass substrate and permanently etch a mark therein
A high resolution stencil is produced by a thermal printer for the purposes of permanently etching glass for parts identification, tracking and labeling. An improved process to attach the stencil to the glass substrate is defined.
Imprint tool
An imprinter for creating impressions of designs in media such as buttercream, fondant, gum paste, modeling dough, and cookie dough for decoration. The imprinter includes a retainer having a retainer body and at least one retaining portion and a lock configured to be received by the retainer.
Printer and recording medium
The disclosure discloses a printer comprises a feeder, a printing head, a detecting de the feeder feeds a print-receiving tape comprising a plurality of print-receiving porti wherein each of the print-receiving portions comprises a detected element, for each of a plur of printed matter. The printing head forms a desired print on the print-receiving tape.
Method to set the print quality in an electrophotographic printer
In a method to determine an electrical potential at a predetermined point on a surface of a photoconductor rotating with process speed in an electrophotografic printer, a charge reversal station is arranged at the photoconductor to reverse a charge of the photoconductor. A potential measurement probe is provided adjacent to the photoconductor to measure a potential at the photoconductor.
Portable copier and printer
A portable printer for storage, printing and copying functions that includes: a housing; a storage compartment within the housing, where the storage compartment stores and distributes a plurality of sheets of paper for use in the portable printer; a window on the housing, where the window receives an object for copying; a lid pivotally attached to the housing, where the lid covers the window; and a touch screen on the lid, where the touch screen provides an interactive mechanism to control functions related to the portable printer.. .
Print relay server system, method for controlling the same, and program therefor
A print relay server includes an interface (proxy) for relaying a printing service and an image forming apparatus and for communicating with each printing service on a printing service basis and on a user basis, and registers a virtual printer substituting for the image forming apparatus.. .
Printing through physical proximity between printer and print client device
Systems and methods of operating a computing system may involve utilizing an interactive physical event between a client device and a target printer to unambiguously select the target printer. In one example, upon such an interactive event, a mutual identification method may be implemented between the client device and the target printer, followed by creation of a secure point-to-point communication link over which a print request may be executed..
This disclosure discloses a printer comprises a feeder, a printing head, a print object acceptance portion, a printing mode setting acceptance portion, a first and a second image creating portions, a first and a second display devices, an increment mode acceptance portion, an increment quantity acceptance portion, and a printing control portion. The print object acceptance portion accepts an input operation of the print object comprising a print identifier.
User interface for a label printer
A method including providing a first image on a label printer user interface, wherein said first image is representative of at least one of at least one label to be printed and at least one object to which a label is to be applied; and providing a second image on said user interface associated with the first image, the second image representative of a dimension of the first image; enabling a user to modify a dimension of the second image; wherein as the dimension of the second image is modified, the dimension of the first image is correspondingly updated.. .
Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask handling surfaces
The cleaning device may clean the handling and support interface for a reticle inside a reticle handling tool, such as a micrographic scanner/stepper printer, without opening the tool. The cleaning device may have the same or approximate form factor as either a reticle without a pellicle or a reticle with a pellicle.
A printer includes a lid part, a body part, a control part provided in the body part, a mark detecting part provided on the lid part and configured to output a mark detection signal in response to detecting a mark added to paper, a transmission part configured to transmit the mark detection signal from the mark detecting part to the control part and having a slack part configured to extend and contract, and a housing part configured to house the slack part of the transmission part and to extend and contract in directions in which the slack part is configured to extend and contract. The slack part is housed in the housing part, and a length of the slack part is greater than or equal to a length of the housing part..
Printer and recording medium
The disclosure discloses a printer comprising a storage device, a feeder, a printing head, an instruction input portion, a first control portion, a detection determining portion, and a second control portion. The printing head performs desired printing on the print-receiving medium fed in a forward direction along a transport direction by a feeder.
Transfer inkjet printer device
The transfer inkjet printer device includes an intermediate transfer body including an intermediate transfer surface capable of moving along a rotation route; an inkjet head used to discharge ink including toner particles onto the intermediate transfer surface at a first area in the rotation route in a state where the toner particles are charged, so as to form an intermediate image composed of an ink layer on the intermediate transfer surface; a pressure device used to press the ink layer of the intermediate image on the intermediate transfer surface, onto a surface of a recording medium at a second area in the rotation route; and an electric field application device used to electrophorese the charged toner particles in the ink layer of the intermediate image toward the recording medium at the second area.. .
Method and apparatus for obtaining homogeneous ink for inkjet devices
In order to obtain homogeneous ink for cij printers, an inkjet is divided into individual equally large ink droplets, at least part of the ink droplets is provided with an electric charge, and the ink droplets are guided by a deflection device. The ink droplets which are deflected by a predefined amount are collected by a homogenization droplet catcher and are used for printing..
Method for dot printing on cards
A method and dot printer for dot printing on a card. A method includes receiving a card on a plate-like element of a carriage in a manner that a lateral movement of the card one of on or above the plate-like element is stopped by an abutment element, moving the plate-like element and card in a direction crosswise to the lateral movement until a main side of the card abuts a first abutment surface of an abutment structure and a main edge of the plate-like carrier abuts a second abutment surface of the abutment structure.
System and method for adjustment of coverage parameters for different colors in image data
A method of operating a printer includes reducing a first plurality of coverage parameters in a first continuous tone (contone) pixel by a predetermined amount if a combination of at least two of the coverage parameters is below a predetermined threshold and reducing a second plurality of coverage parameters in a second pixel by a smaller amount if the combination of coverage parameters in the second pixel is greater than the predetermined threshold. The method further includes generating half-tone image data from the first and second pixels and forming printed marks corresponding to the first and second pixels on an image receiving surface..
Ink jet printing method and printer
A method includes deriving from print data a first intended position of a first dot to be printed, determining a first printing element from a plurality of printing elements suitable for printing the first dot at the first intended position, printing the first dot with the first printing element at a first location on the substrate, deriving from the print data a second intended position of a second dot to be printed, retrieving a tolerated deviation of a distance between the first intended position and the second intended position, determining a second printing element from the plurality of printing elements suitable for printing the second dot based on the tolerated deviation, and printing the second dot with the second printing element at a second location on the substrate.. .
Positive image transfer thermal printer for articles such as histological specimen slides and cassettes
A printer for printing information onto articles such as histology specimen slides and cassettes having a print zone. One embodiment of the printer includes an ink receiving structure to receive an ink source such as a print ribbon, a collection receiving structure to receive a collection medium such as paper or polymer web, a printing area including a printhead, a rubber-like laminator, and a control system.
Electronic patch for refurbishing a used print cartridge
Devices and methods for refurbishing a used print cartridge for further use in a printing device are provided. An electronic patch is attached to a circuit on the used print cartridge.
Solder mask ink comprising amide gellant
Inkjet printer-compatible solder mask inks include amide gellants to provide improved print resolution. A solder mask ink includes an amide gellant and a plurality of acrylate monomers, oligomers, or combinations thereof..
Printer and blade withdrawal mechanism thereof
A printer and its blade withdrawal mechanism, comprising: a fixing board, used for fixing a down cutter, the lower end of the fixing board can be pivotally installed on an installing support, and lower end of the installing support can be pivotally installed on a main body; a balance unit, which is installed on the installing support, and can act on the combination of the fixing board and the down-cut blade from front and rear, so as to enable the combination to be at non-pivotal state or at blade withdrawal state of pivoting by certain angle backward; a locking unit, for enabling the installing support to be at the locking state of being connected to the main body non-pivotally or at the open state of pivoting by certain angle forward; and a manipulation unit, which is installed on the installing support, located at one side of the combination of the fixing board and the down-cut blade, and can move downward by two segment travels under the effect of external force, at the first segment travel, it can act on the balance unit, while at the second segment travel, it can act on the locking unit. The invention can simplify the handling of the faults such as paper jam, and improve the handling efficiency..
Page substitution verification preparation
A system and method are disclosed for rendering published documents tamper evident. Embodiments render classes of documents tamper evident with cryptographic level security or detect tampering, where such security was previously unavailable, for example, documents printed using common printers without special paper or ink.
Automated document archive for a document processing unit
According to some embodiments, a document processing unit may receive information associated with a document to be processed. The document processing unit might comprise, for example, a printer, scanner, copier, facsimile machine, or multi-function device.
Check cashing banking system
A card actuated automated banking machine (152, 198, 200) includes a plurality of transaction function devices. The transaction function devices include a card reader (170), a printer (174), a bill dispenser (176), a display (182), a check imaging device (186), and at least one processor (190).
Medication dispensing cabinet systems and methods
A medication dispensing cabinet provides controlled access to medications and supplies stored in it. The cabinet may include at least one lockable storage compartment, and a controller that controls access to the at least one lockable storage compartment.
Automated three-dimensional printer part removal
Three-dimensional printing system with automated part removal. In one embodiment, the system includes a printing surface on which a part is made and a printing device supported for controlled movement with respect to the printing surface to print the part on the printing surface.
Print head cleaning apparatus and method for a ribbon printing system
A cleaning apparatus for a ribbon printing system includes a base support and an insert. The base support has a receiving area configured to receive a cleaning pad and the insert is configured to secure the cleaning pad in the receiving area of the base support.
Printer apparatus and printer apparatus control method
A printer apparatus includes a printing part including a platen roller and a print head for printing objects onto a recording sheet, and a feeding part for feeding the recording sheet to the printing part. The feeding part includes a first feed port and a second feed port for feeding the recording sheet, a first roller for conveying a first recording sheet fed through the first feed port, a second roller for conveying a second recording sheet fed through the second feed port, a delivery port for feeding the recording sheet conveyed by the first roller and the second roller, a tension member having elasticity, a third roller rotatably connected to the tension member and being pressed toward the first roller by the tension member, and a fourth roller rotatably connected to the tension member and being pressed toward the second roller by the tension member..
Media cartridge with shifting ribs
A media cartridge is disclosed for insertion into a cartridge receptacle of a printer. The media cartridge includes a cartridge, housing having one or more shifting ribs on the cartridge housing.
Inkjet printing systems for permanent printing on nonporous surfaces
An inkjet printing system for printing permanent marks on a variety of nonporous substrate surfaces is provided. The system involves three components: 1) an inkjet printer; 2) an adaptable inkjet ink for the inkjet printer, and 3) a heating element.
A cartridge is equipped with an ink chamber provided on the interior of a case, and a supply port for supplying ink housed in the ink chamber to a printer. A porous member for leading the ink is provided in the supply port.
Inkjet printer and method for acquiring gap information
An inkjet printer is provided that is configured to store a plurality of pieces of gap information respectively corresponding to a plurality of examined sections discretely arranged along a head moving direction on a recording sheet, each of the plurality of examined sections including a corresponding one portion of top portions and bottom portions on the recording sheet, and calculate interpolation gap information to be interpolated over a whole width in the head moving direction of at least one of a plurality of segments, each of which has a width in the head moving direction defined by two adjacent sections of the plurality of examined sections, based on the stored gap information.. .
Information device
A compact information device in which a shortened unlatch time is enabled so such device can transition from a power cutoff mode to a power supply mode to resume supplying power to internal circuits as a result of a latch circuit unlatching a control signal. Embodiments of such a device, which may be a printer, includes a cpu, a power switch, a capacitor, a switch circuit, an unlatch signal generating unit, and a switch control signal generator, which may include a latch circuit, and a potential difference detection circuit.
Continuous printer and paper delivery system
A printing and paper delivery system includes at least two printers disposed adjacent to one another. A first conveyor is coupled to a first printer of the at least two printers such that the first conveyer is configured to receive media output from an output chute of the first printer.
Monitoring moving articles
A system of monitoring movable articles, e.g. For detecting counterfeits, is described.
Print control device, control method of a print control device, and recording medium storing a program
A print control device, a control method of a print control device, and a recording medium storing a program enable easily configuring a peripheral device connected to a printer. A pos terminal that configures peripheral devices connected to a receipt printer has a device configuration selection unit for selecting a configuration of peripheral devices; and a device configuration screen display unit that displays a configuration screen for the peripheral devices based on the selected device configuration.
Network discovery using unicast communications
A first printer acquires a first network address from an external server using unicast (non-broadcast) transmissions. Then, second printers and an external computerized device also acquire the first network address from the external server, similarly using unicast transmissions.
Anti-stick histological specimen slide feeder and method
An apparatus and method for feeding histology specimen slides from a stack of the slides in a slide printer. The stack of slides includes first, next-to-be removed and second slides having adjacent surfaces.
Apparatus for storing and fully automatically dispensing a multiplicity of products
The present invention relates to an apparatus for storing and fully automatic output of a multiplicity of different products having substantially cuboid geometry, such as packaged cds, dvds, printer cartridges, books, etc., comprising at least one permanently installed storage rack for stocking the multiplicity of products, at least one selection station for selecting, from the multiplicity of stocked products, one product to be output by the apparatus at a product output point, at least one handling device that is movable relative to the at least one storage rack for retrieval of a selected product from the at least one storage rack and for transport of the product in question to a product output point of the apparatus, and at least one computer-assisted control unit for controlling the apparatus and its components.. .
Booklet making machine
A booklet making machine is provided, comprising a stapling arrangement (10) adapted for stapling a set of sheets, and a folding arrangement (30) adapted for folding a set of sheets following a paper path. At least one of the stapling arrangement and the folding arrangement comprises an adjustment device (12; 32) for adjusting the position of the set of sheets during operation of the booklet making machine.
This disclosure discloses a printer comprising a roll storage part, a feeder, a printing head, a first guide member, a second guide member, and a driving gear. The first and second guide members guide a print-receiving medium in a width direction and provided in an advanceable and retreatable manner.
Digital printer for printing to a recording medium
A digital printer has at least one print group with a station to generate charge images of images to be printed on a charge image carrier, the station having a developer station to ink the charge images using liquid carrier having toner and carrier fluid. The developer station comprises a rotating application unit that transports the liquid developer to the charge image carrier.

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