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Linerless labels

Tape cassette

Document management apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Printer-related patents
 Visual shopping patent thumbnailVisual shopping
Systems and methods are provided for customizing consumer products. A display device may present a rendering of a customizable product to a user.
 Linerless labels patent thumbnailLinerless labels
Linerless labels are presented. A label includes a specific pattern or set of patterns of adhesive applied to one side of the label.
 Tape cassette patent thumbnailTape cassette
A tape cassette for use with a label printer having a plurality of tape type detecting switches that includes a housing having a front wall, a tape feed exit on the front wall, a top surface, and a bottom surface, a tape included at least partially in the housing and configured to be fed along a tape feed path extending to the tape feed exit, a recess on the front wall extending from the bottom surface towards the top surface, and an aperture on the front wall. The aperture is positioned downstream, in a tape feed path direction, of the recess, and is configured to receive one of the tape type detecting switches.
 Document management apparatus patent thumbnailDocument management apparatus
A document management apparatus in an embodiment is configured to manage a printer unit which erase image information obtained by printing both characteristic identification information and document information or only the document information with an erasable color material on a printing medium, and a reading unit configured to read the characteristic identification information on the printing medium to be erased by a erasing unit, comprising: an processor unit configured to manage an erasability condition of the document information on the basis of the characteristic identification information and instruct the printer unit to output new document information according to the erasability condition of the document information, the erasability condition being contained in the characteristic identification information read by the reading unit; and an interface unit performs respectively of the transmitting and receiving of information to the reading unit and the printer unit to the processor unit.. .
 Systems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations patent thumbnailSystems and methods for expansion of cloud solutions to local computers to overcome bandwidth limitations
A method of managing printing of documents includes receiving documents at a cloud processing arrangement external to a local network; rendering the documents into rasters at the cloud processing arrangement; delivering the rasters to at least one printer of the local network; monitoring delivery of the rasters; and when delivery of the rasters fails to meet a threshold condition, diverting at least some portion of the documents to at least one server of the local network for rendering of those documents into rasters and for delivering those rasters to the at least one printer of the local network.. .
 Printer and information managing system patent thumbnailPrinter and information managing system
A printer includes: a print unit performing a printing operation; and a control unit having an operating system and a device driver installed in an operating system layer, a first application installed in an application layer other than the operating system layer so as to transmit and receive information to and from the print unit through the device driver, a transmission information acquiring module installed in the operating system layer so as to acquire transmission information which is information based on the information transmitted and received between the first application and the print unit through the device driver, and a second application installed in the application layer so as to receive the transmission information and to output processing information which is information based on the input transmission information.. .
 Universal printing controller patent thumbnailUniversal printing controller
Example embodiments presented herein are directed towards a universal printing controller, and corresponding method, for universal printing control. A universal printing controller is presented herein which may provide instructions and/or control functionality to printers of various print technologies.
 User interface for a label printer patent thumbnailUser interface for a label printer
A method including providing a first image on a label printer user interface, wherein the first image is representative of a label to be printed or an object to which a label is to be applied; and providing a second image on the user interface associated with the first image, said second image representative of a dimension of the first image; enabling a user to modify a dimension of the second image; wherein as the dimension of said second image is modified, the dimension of the first image is correspondingly updated.. .
 Image processing device, method and recording medium, stereoscopic image capture device, portable electronic apparatus, printer, and stereoscopic image player device patent thumbnailImage processing device, method and recording medium, stereoscopic image capture device, portable electronic apparatus, printer, and stereoscopic image player device
An image processing method includes: acquiring a first image and second image with a parallax, calculating a parallax indicating a shift amount of a corresponding pixel of the second image with respect to each pixel of the first image, deciding an image processing coefficient to perform edge emphasis or edge correction based on the parallax with respect to every image processing target pixel of the first image and the second image, and performing image processing on the first image and the second image using the image processing coefficient.. .
 Inkjet printer having an image drum heating and cooling system patent thumbnailInkjet printer having an image drum heating and cooling system
An inkjet offset printer includes an image receiving drum assembly having a hollow drum with an external surface and an internal surface defining an internal cavity. A heating and a cooling system located in the internal cavity provides distributed heating and cooling to the internal surface of the drum.
Inkjet printer having an image drum heater and cooler
An inkjet offset printer includes a heated drum assembly having a hollow drum with an internal surface defining an internal cavity and a heater and a cooler located in the internal cavity. The heater includes at least one ceramic heater element.
System and method for image surface preparation in an aqueous inkjet printer
An aqueous inkjet printer is provided with a surface energy applicator that is positioned to treat the surface of a blanket immediately prior to a printhead ejecting ink onto the blanket. Modifying the surface energy of blanket with the electric field and charged particles produced by the applicator affects the adhesion of the ink to blanket.
System and method for process direction registration of inkjets in a printer operating with a high speed image receiving surface
A method for process direction registration in an inkjet printer includes ejecting ink drops from a first inkjet at less than a maximum operating rate onto an image receiving surface moving in a process direction. The method includes generating image data samples of the image receiving surface including the ink drops.
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Disclosed are a sheet feeding apparatus and an image forming apparatus capable of reliably separating and feeding sheets one by one without delay and damage to a sheet for a high speed of a printer or the like. A sheet feeding portion has a nip guide member having a sloped guide surface sloped so as to guide a leading end of a sheet to a separation nip portion such that a guide leading-end is biased to a feed roller with a predetermined distance from the feed roller.
Advertising subsidized computer network printing systems, methods and products
Methods, systems and non-transitory computer-readable media comprising executable instructions are provided to present one or more digital advertisements before a document is physically printed. A print request is captured and a digital advertising client selects and presents one or more digital advertisements before the print request is directed to a printer for printing.
Print data processing system, print data processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
A print data processing system includes plural intermediate data generation units, an allocation unit, one or more memories, a print image conversion unit, and a reprint controller. Each intermediate data generation unit interprets pdl data and generates intermediate data in units of pages.
Method for providing printing services and printing control method for controlling a key to acquire additional authorized pages as needed
A vendor provides, and an operator obtains a method dedicated printer bundle. The printer bundle includes a printer having a key interface, an ink supply, and a key for association with the printer through the key interface.
Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
An information processing apparatus instructs a printing apparatus to stop print processing for a print command to be processed by the printing apparatus via a universal serial bus, if status information indicating a status of the printing apparatus indicates that the printing apparatus is in a state where the print processing cannot be continued, wherein the print command is generated by a printer driver configured not to include a language monitor.. .
Print head for an ink jet printer
The invention relates to a print head for an ink jet printer, wherein the print head comprises at least one ink supply channel and at least one nozzle having a nozzle channel and an inflow opening, and ink can be pressed from the ink supply channel through the inflow opening into the nozzle channel and ejected therefrom, wherein the nozzle is arranged in a stationary manner on a side wall of the ink supply channel and in the ink supply channel a ram is provided, which can be moved back and forth between a reversal point (u1) that has a minimal distance from the inflow opening of the nozzle and a reversal point (u2) that has a maximal distance from the inflow opening of the nozzle, wherein first means limit the movement of a ram end face to a movement between the reversal points (u1, u2); and second external means are provided for applying a negative pressure relative to the ambient air pressure to the ink in the ink supply channel.. .
Printer with mechanism for controlling recording medium tension
A printer has a mechanism to counter change in the tension of the recording medium to convey the recording medium with more precision. Such printer has a media conveyance mechanism that conveys a recording medium; a printhead that prints on the medium; a media supply mechanism that supplies the medium to the media conveyance mechanism; a movable member that can move to compensate and thus counter internal tension changes in the recording medium resulting from operation of the media conveyance and supply mechanisms; a detector that detects the movement or position of the movable member; and a control unit that controls the media supply operation based on output from the detector so that the movable member is urged back to or maintained in a home position..
Lightfastness control for printers
A printer includes an ink reservoir that includes yellow ink, cyan ink, and magenta ink. The printer includes an ink dispenser that employs a yellow distribution setting to increase the drop volume of yellow ink droplets and lower the drop frequency of the yellow ink droplets on the media with respect to the cyan ink droplets and/or magenta ink droplets to control the lightfastness of the print on the media..
Pwm signal generating circuit, printer, and pwm signal generating method
A pwm signal generating circuit, printer, and pwm signal generating method are described. The pwm signal generating circuit includes: a single counter configured to count values expressed in n bits; and at least one arithmetic device configured to generate a pwm signal, each of the at least one arithmetic device including a pulse width data storage unit for storing n-bit pulse width data representing a pulse width of the pwm signal to be generated, and an adder for calculating a carry value from a most significant bit obtained when adding the count value and the pulse width data.
Media cassette housing apparatus
A media cassette housing system, which may be usable in an image formation apparatus such as a printer or copier, includes: a guide member configured to guide an insertion of a media cassette from an entrance into an installed position of a cassette housing unit and to guide a pulling out of the media cassette from the installed position to the entrance of the cassette housing unit; and a swingable member provided to the guide member and swingable in inserting and pulling directions of the media cassette. The swingable member includes a slide guide surface configured to come into sliding contact with a slide surface of the media cassette upon the insertion and pulling of the medium cassette..
Toner drum gear projection
A toner drum drive assembly is configured to engage a drive mechanism of a printer. The assembly includes a support portion defining an axis, and a drive projection extending axially from the support portion.
Method of digitally constructing a prosthesis
A prosthetic limb and process to digitally construct a prosthetic limb which includes first, digitally producing a modified mold of a residual limb via 3d scanners and software; constructing a test socket from the digitally modified mold and be equipped with an alignable system; accurately scanning the test socket, along with finalized alignment that has been recorded and adjusted by a certified practitioner to provide a 3-d image of the finalized prosthetic alignment; transferring the finalized digital alignment of the test socket to the finalized digitally modified mold; once the modified model has received the transferred alignment, fabricating the type of hookup in the socket; i.e., plug fit, four hole, support drop lock, or any other type of industry standard connection or accommodation via basic 3d software; and once the desired prosthetic attachment is finalized, sending finished file to a 3-d printer to produce the definitive prosthetic device.. .
Multicolor thermal imaging method and thermal printer
A multicolor direct thermal imaging method wherein a multicolor image is formed in a thermal imaging member comprising at least first and second different image-forming compositions and a thermal printer for use in practicing the method. Heat is applied to at least the second image-forming composition while the first image-forming composition is at a first baseline temperature (t1) to form an image in at least the second image-forming composition, and heat is applied to at least the first image-forming composition while it is at a second baseline temperature (t2) to form an image in at least the first image-forming composition, wherein t1 is different from t2..
Receipt printer configurable for full or partial cut
A paper tape printer includes a receipt printer and a scissor cutter for cutting off a receipt from a paper tape. The scissor cutter includes: a moving blade having a fixed range of motion; and an adjustable stationary blade, which is stationary during a cutting operation and is moveable laterally relative to the moving blade to allow the paper tape to be selectively (i) fully cut when the stationary blade is positioned for a full cut of the paper tape, or (ii) partially cut, when the stationary blade is repositioned laterally to a partial cut position relative to the moving blade, which enables a partial cut of the paper tape.
A printer includes a print head that prints information on a recording medium, a fixed blade, a sliding mechanism that is slidable relative to the fixed blade, a movable blade that moves according to the sliding movement of the sliding mechanism, and a cutter driving part that causes the sliding mechanism to slide to move the movable blade.. .
A printer including: a case including a paper roll receiving portion for receiving a roll; a cover that is openably and closably coupled to the case and locked at the time of a closing operation; a platen unit including a platen roller for feeding recording paper pulled out from the roll; and a head unit that includes a printing head and is separably engaged relatively with respect to the platen unit, in which: one of the platen unit and the head unit is mounted to the cover; the cover includes an operation unit including an operation button and a control board; another of the platen unit and the head unit is mounted to the case; and the case includes a release operation member that is capable of reciprocating between a lock position and a release position and releases a lock of the cover when being moved to the release position.. .
Secure printing between printer and print client device
Systems and methods of operating a computing system may involve securely printing a print document sent from a client device to a target printer. In one example, the method may include verifying an operating environment of the target printer and generating a plurality of security keys to implement asymmetric encryption of the print document..
Mobile terminal device, and method and computer readable medium for the same
A mobile terminal device is provided, which includes a control device configured to acquire contents data, output screen data for controlling a display unit to display thereon images based on the acquired contents data, acquire, in response to an accepting unit accepting a selecting operation of selecting one or more images from among the images displayed on the display unit based on the screen data, image selection data for identifying specific contents data, of the acquired contents data, corresponding to the one or more images selected by the selecting operation, and transmit, in response to a near field wireless communication unit establishing near field wireless communication with a printer, a print instruction to print the specific contents data corresponding to the one or more images selected by the selecting operation, based on the acquired image selection data.. .
Device control system and a control method of the device control system
A device control system has a terminal 3 with an application 31, and a printer 5 that controls a device. The terminal 3 sends a request written in xml generated by the application 31.
Device control system, a printer, and a control method of the device control system
A device control system has a terminal 3 with a web browser 31, and a printer 5 that controls a connected device. The terminal 3 calls an object that controls a device and is instantiated by the device api 33 to support the device, and sends a request to the printer 5, by the web application 32; and the printer 5 executes a device control script 502 that controls the device, receives requests sent through the device api 33, and controls the device..
Printer identification and mobile printing
Techniques are provided for displaying encoded data that represent a) features and options currently supported by a printing device, b) a printer identifier for the printing device, and c) network service interface data for a network service, wherein the network service interface data allow a mobile device to send print settings selection data and electronic document identification data to the network service; and processing print data and causing a printed version of an electronic document represented by the print data to be printed by the printing device.. .
Using a printer driver provided by a target printer
Systems and methods of operating a computing system may involve providing a printer driver to a print client in order to print a document. In one example, a request to print a document is initiated, wherein it is determined that a driver for a selected printer is not installed on the print client.
Print job distribution within a printing system
Disclosed are a method, computer program product, and system for print job distribution. An amount of available consumable resources for each of a plurality of printers is determined.
Network printer selection based on printer status and profiles
A computer program product maintains a printer profile associated with each of a plurality of printers. For each printer, the printer profile includes the current power status, a cost to power up, and a rate of cost to print.
Print job distribution within a printing system
Disclosed are a method, computer program product, and system for print job distribution. An amount of available consumable resources for each of a plurality of printers is determined.
Method and apparatus for printing html content
A method, apparatus, and computer program product are described herein for generating printer commands for controlling a printing device, based on html. More specifically, the example embodiments of the system described herein provide for receiving html representing a label that comprises, in some examples, a barcode or other print content, transforming the html to a printer control language, and rasterizing the image on a printing device in preparation for printing, all while preserving barcode print quality and high speed printing and scanning..
A printer has a paper feed roller and a pressure roller on the upstream side of a platen in the paper feed direction. These rollers nip the continuous paper at a nipping position.
Ink tank and printer therewith
The present invention is to provide a printer and an ink tank therein. The ink tank includes a tank body, a first pillar, a resilient component, a lid, a second pillar and a waterproof moisture-permeable assembly.
Sensor for determining ink drying time in a page-wide inkjet printer
A page-wide inkjet printer for determining a drying time of a print swath of ink deposited on a sheet of media by a fixed printhead spanning a width of a printing zone in a subscan direction. The printer has a controller communicatively coupled to each of the printhead and a moveable gloss sensor or a scan bar for processing a respective output response for the determining the drying time of the print swath..
Sequential scan method for determining ink drying time in an inkjet printer
A method for determining drying time of a print swath of ink deposited on a media sheet by an inkjet printer. The method comprises performing a predetermined number of sequential scans of a print swath with a gloss sensor; processing output responses thereof to determine and store gloss values; calculating percent differences between the gloss values; and, based on the calculated percent differences, selecting one of a long dry time and a short dry time before moving the media sheet..
Scan and pause method for determining ink drying time in an inkjet printer
A method for determining drying time of a print swath of ink deposited on a media sheet by an inkjet printer having a controller communicatively coupled to each of a printhead and a gloss sensor. The method comprises forming the print swath on the media sheet; scanning the print swath with the gloss sensor; processing an output response thereof to determine and store a gloss value; starting a predetermined scan interval and waiting scan interval to elapse; performing a next scan of the print swath with the gloss sensor; processing a next gloss sensor output response to determine and store a next gloss value; and, if the gloss value and next gloss value are within a predetermined range moving the media sheet for further processing including duplexing..
Print gap compensation
In an ink jet printer (2), where there is relative movement between a print carriage (4) and a print table (6) to print on to a substrate mounted on the table (6), the gradient of the print table at each position of the print carriage (4) is used to produce a compensated position of the print carriage (4), and printing data is sent to the print head according to the compensated position instead of the actual position. This delays or advances the release of ink, to compensate for the difference in the time taken for the ink to reach a substrate mounted on the print table (6) when the print gap between print heads and print table (6) is not constant..
Inkjet printer with dual function alignment sensor for determining ink drying time
An inkjet printer for determining drying time of a print swath of ink deposited on a sheet of media by use of a dual function alignment sensor operable in a first mode to provide an output response corresponding to an amount of bi-directional misalignment of dot placement by the plurality of nozzles sensed from scanning a printed alignment test pattern, and in a second mode to provide an output response corresponding to an amount of specular reflection received from the print swath of the printed image with the output response in the second mode being used to determine if the printed image is sufficiently dry to be moved.. .
Printer and imaging material detecting device thereof
A printer includes a container, a detecting unit and a management unit. The container is used for accommodating an imaging material, where the imaging material is a liquid material or a powdery material.
Three-dimensional ink-jet printing by home and office ink-jet printer
A new method for printing raised letters or images has been introduced, which is inexpensive, green and noiseless. The method can be carried out via personal computers (pc) or common ink-jet printers.
Carbon fiber reinforced polyoxymethylene for printer spindles
Polymer compositions containing a polyoxymethylene base polymer that is compounded with a conductive filler. The polymer composition is formulated so as to increase the electrically conductivity of the polymer composition and articles formed therefrom while at the same time having a high enough stiffness via the addition of a conductive filler.
Scraper device
A scraper device is applied to a solder paste printer for scraping solder paste on a surface of a stencil. The scraper device comprises a supporting structure, a scraper fixed to the supporting structure, two blocking members positioned at opposite ends of the scraper respectively and coupled to the supporting structure, and two adjusting structures moveably mount the two blocking members to the supporting structure correspondingly.
Location-based selection of wireless peripheral devices
Based upon the present location and historical usage at that location, the technologies disclosed herein select a wireless peripheral device (e.g., a printer, monitor, keyboard) for wireless connection with a portable device (e.g., a laptop computer or tablet). This abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims..
Structure and method to fabricate tooling for bumping thin flex circuits
A structure and method for a post plate of a die set that can be used to emboss a plurality of contact pads of a flexible printed circuit during the formation of a printer printhead. In one embodiment, a plurality of post plate posts can be formed, where each post plate post has a flat upper surface, generally straight sides, and a sharp corner where the flat upper surface and the generally straight sides intersect.
Image forming apparatus
The image forming apparatus includes photosensitive drums, drive motors for driving the photosensitive drums, a motor control unit for controlling operations of the drive motors, and a printer control unit. The printer control unit stops rotations of the photosensitive drums at reference positions after a print job is finished.
Machine learning based tone consistency calibration decisions
A method for making a tone consistency calibration timing decision includes measuring, with sensors and in conjunction with a first tone consistency calibration, a first state of a printer. A second state of the printer is also measured.

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