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Pressure Sensor patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pressure Sensor-related patent applications.

 Air-fuel ratio detection device for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailnew patent Air-fuel ratio detection device for internal combustion engine
An in-cylinder pressure sensor is provided. It is determined whether a cylinder for which the in-cylinder air-fuel ratio is to be calculated is a rich cylinder or a lean cylinder.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Respiratory gas monitor testing system and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Respiratory gas monitor testing system and methods of use
A respiratory gas monitor testing system having a respiratory gas monitor coupled to a system for detecting a leak, wherein the system for detecting a leak has a flowmeter in fluid communication with both an inlet and an outlet of the respiratory gas monitor, with the exhaust of the flowmeter venting to atmosphere; a restriction valve, a sample pressure sensor, a flowmeter valve configured to allow the flowmeter to either measure sample flow rate or leak rate, a flow-smoothing buffer configured to improve flow measurement accuracy, and a system for simulating human breath; wherein the system for human breath at elevated airway pressure has an air source, a calibration gas source, a breath simulation valve, a calibration gas valve, a sample pressure sensor, an air reservoir, a pressurized bottle with a pressure regulator and an orifice, and an air pump.. .

 High-temperature headers for sensing elements patent thumbnailnew patent High-temperature headers for sensing elements
Certain implementations of the disclosed technology include systems and methods for providing header assemblies for use with pressure sensors in high-temperature environments. Certain example implementations include a header assembly.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

 Pressure sensor with built in stress buffer patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure sensor with built in stress buffer
A semiconductor pressure sensor comprising: a semiconductor substrate having a through-opening extending from a top surface to a bottom surface of the substrate, the through-opening forming a space between an inner part and an outer part of said substrate; a pressure responsive structure arranged on said inner part; a number of flexible elements extending from said inner part to said outer part for suspending the inner part within said through-opening; the through-opening being at least partly filled with an anelastic material. A method of producing such a semiconductor pressure sensor..
Melexis Technologies Nv

 Thermoelectric heating, cooling and power generation for direct mount and dual compartment fill remote seal systems patent thumbnailnew patent Thermoelectric heating, cooling and power generation for direct mount and dual compartment fill remote seal systems
A pressure transmitter assembly for measuring a process pressure of an industrial process includes a pressure sensor configured to sense the process pressure. A process coupling couples the pressure sensor to the industrial process using an elongate housing with a fill fluid capillary.
P I Components Corp.

 High-temperature headers with ribbed components for stress-relieved hermetic sealing patent thumbnailnew patent High-temperature headers with ribbed components for stress-relieved hermetic sealing
Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a pressure sensor header for use with a pressure-sensing device. The pressure sensor header can be used in high-temperature environments.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

 System and methods for magnetic tunnel junction pressure sensors patent thumbnailnew patent System and methods for magnetic tunnel junction pressure sensors
System and methods for magnetic tunnel junction pressure sensors are provided. In at least one implementation, a pressure sensor device comprises a magnetic tunnel junction comprising a free layer structure, a tunnel barrier, and a reference layer structure, wherein one or more surfaces of the free layer structure is exposed to respond to a pressure medium; and a voltage source coupled to the magnetic tunnel junction, the voltage source providing electrical power to the free layer structure and the reference layer structure.
Honeywell International Inc.

 Intelligent washer patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent washer
An intelligent fastener unit for fastening together structural members. The fastener unit includes a fastener with an externally threaded shank, an internally threaded mating member for threaded engagement with the fastener, and an intelligent washer having an rfid tag and an antenna mounted on one surface of a centrally aperture body member, and a pressure sensor mounted on the opposite surface for generating electrical signals representative of the compressive force applied to structural members captured by the fastener, the mating member and the washer.

 Reducing fluid pressure spikes in a pumping system patent thumbnailnew patent Reducing fluid pressure spikes in a pumping system
A pumping system including a plurality of pumps each having a pump fluid outlet, a drive shaft, a prime mover, and fluid displacing members operatively coupled with the drive shaft. A common fluid conduit may be fluidly coupled with each pump fluid outlet.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Fluid injector supply  operating same patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid injector supply operating same
A fluid injection system includes a fluid injector assembly; a fluid conditioning module having an outlet port that is fluidly coupled to an inlet port of the fluid injector assembly; an injector assembly outlet conduit fluidly coupled to an outlet port of the fluid injector assembly and disposed downstream of the fluid injector assembly, the injector assembly outlet conduit defining a pressure measurement port and a flow-restricting orifice, the pressure measurement port being disposed upstream of the flow-restricting orifice along the direction of fluid flow through the fluid injector assembly; a pressure sensor fluidly coupled to the pressure measurement port; and a controller operatively coupled to the fluid conditioning module and the pressure sensor. The controller is configured to adjust a flowrate of a fluid through the injector assembly inlet conduit based on a pressure signal from the pressure sensor..
Caterpillar Inc.

new patent

Lung bioreactor

Presented is an airway organ bioreactor apparatus, and methods of use thereof, as well as bioartificial airway organs produced using the methods, and methods of treating subjects using the bioartificial airway organs. The bioreactor comprises: an organ chamber; an ingres line connecting the organ chamber and a reservoir system and comprising an arterial line, a venous line and a tracheal line; an egress line connecting the chamber and the reservoir system, pumps in ingress and egress lines; a controller to control fluid exchange; a chamber pressure sensor connected to the organ chamber..
The General Hospital Corporation

new patent

Tensioning device and tensioning steel wire rope of cage guide of ultra-deep vertical shaft

A tensioning device and a tensioning method for a steel wire rope of a cage guide of an ultra-deep vertical shaft. The tensioning device comprises an upper rope clamping device, a rope adjustment guide frame, a lower hydraulic rope locking device, and a lower hydraulic rope adjustment device.
China University Of Mining And Technology

new patent

System and monitoring operation of retarding grid associated with traction motor of machine

A system for monitoring operation of a retarding grid associated with a traction motor of a machine includes a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure and temperature in real time. The system further includes a controller that determines a current air density on the basis of the measured atmospheric pressure and temperature.
Caterpillar Inc.

new patent

Methods and systems for a vehicle air conditioning system

Methods and systems are provided for adjusting operation of an automotive air conditioning system including a pressure sensor positioned within a compression chamber. In one example, a method may include adjusting operation of the air conditioning system based on one or more parameters of a compressor operation including a compressor inlet pressure, a compressor outlet pressure, and a compressor speed, that are determined based on output from the pressure sensor positioned within the compression chamber..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

new patent

Tire pressure sensor device

A tire pressure sensor device (122) for a wheel (112) of an aircraft (102) including a pressure sensor (124) for measuring the internal pressure of a tire, a temperature sensor (126) for measuring a temperature local to the tire (116), a memory unit (131) local to the tire for storing data, and a control unit (128) local to the tire arranged to record in the memory unit (131) data of the readings taken at intervals of time. The data recorded for each reading includes an indication of the time of the reading, the tire pressure and the temperature local to the tire.
Airbus Operations Limited

new patent

Tire-state detection device

A tire-state detection device according to the present invention includes: an electronic component including a detection unit that detects a pressure of a tire; and a case that houses the electronic component. The case includes: a case main body that houses the electronic component and that has an open surface formed thereon; and a lid member that covers the open surface.
Bridgestone Corporation

new patent

Aircraft fire suppression system with addressable bottle valve

A fire suppression system for a plurality of enclosures in an aircraft comprises a plurality of bottles containing fire suppression agent, a temperature sensor and a pressure sensor on each bottle for measuring temperature and pressure data of the bottle contents, an addressable bottle valve on each bottle and a control unit. The control unit is configured to analyse the temperature and pressure data for each bottle to determine adequacy of fire suppression agent content for extinguishing a fire in a particular enclosure of the aircraft.
Kidde Graviner Limited

new patent

Apparatus and method and for monitoring and controlling a peritoneal dialysis therapy

An apparatus for performing peritoneal dialysis includes a housing; a peritoneal dialysis supply bag supported by and/or located above the housing; a first valve for controlling gravity flow of fresh peritoneal dialysis fluid from the supply bag to a patient; a second valve for controlling gravity flow of used peritoneal dialysis fluid from the patient to a drain; and a pressure sensor positioned and arranged with respect to the gravity flow of fresh peritoneal dialysis fluid or the gravity flow of used peritoneal dialysis fluid to provide a reading used to evaluate a head height pressure.. .
Baxter International Inc.

new patent

System, applying air pressure on a portion of the body of an individual

A system is provided by applying pressure to a portion of a body of an individual in a chamber having an aperture along a vertical axis for receiving the portion of the body of the individual. A pressure sensor is coupled to the chamber for measuring a pressure inside the chamber.

new patent

Medical device and methods

Hysteroscopic system includes a hysteroscope having a main body coupled to an extension portion. The extension portion may be a shaft configured to extend transcervically to a patient's uterine cavity.
Iogyn, Inc.

new patent

Method of evaluating accumulators of planter downforce system

A planter downforce system includes a plurality of hydraulic accumulators, each of the plurality of hydraulic accumulators operatively connected to a pressure line associated with a row unit of a planter, a pressure sensor operatively connected to the pressure line, an orifice operatively connected to the pressure line to limit flow of fluid within the pressure line to a hydraulic zero-pressure tank, and a controller operatively connected to the pressure sensor and configured to determine accumulator charge pressure of the accumulators.. .
Ag Leader Technology

Purge circuit of a fuel cell

A purging circuit for purging an anodic compartment of a cell of a fuel cell, this circuit including: a capacity, forming a related volume at least equal to 500 ml, for containing and homogenising a recovery gas, including an inlet and an outlet; a first nonreturn valve to prevent the recovery gas from returning through the outlet and allowing gas to flow from the first outlet to an inlet of the compartment; a second nonreturn valve to prevent gas from being discharged from the capacity through the inlet; a pressure sensor able to measure the pressure of a fluid present in the circuit; a valve controlling the flow of a supply gas to and from the compartment as a function of data of the sensor and allowing gas to flow from the first nonreturn valve to the inlet of the compartment.. .
Association Pour La Recherche Et Le DÉveloppement Des MÉthodes Et Processus Industriels

Method and detection of hazardous environmental conditions and initiation of alarm devices

A method and apparatus for automatically determining a hazardous environmental condition within a container, such as a vehicle, and initiating alarm devices. In one embodiment, temperature, motion, acoustic, and pressure sensors in a vehicle output sensor signals to associated sensor threshold monitors.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Display device with three-dimension input module

The present invention discloses a display device with a three-dimensional input module, and the device includes a pressure sensor, a display module having a position input function, and a common controller. The pressure sensor is used for detecting pressing force values of multiple points in z direction.
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.

Mobile terminal

A mobile terminal is disclosed. A mobile terminal according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a sensing unit including at least one of a touch sensor and a pressure sensor, a display unit and a controller, the controller configured to display an execution screen of a first application on the display unit, the controller configured to control a predetermined function of the first application according to a change of a value of a first input signal received via the display unit in a state that the execution screen of the first application is displayed.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Automatic analyzer

A pressure sensor detects the inner pressure of a probe at the time of suction of a specimen and a memory stores therein a plurality of clogging detection parameters in accordance with pressure in the vacuum blood collection tube. The clogging detection parameter stored in the memory is selected in accordance with the pressure in the vacuum blood collection tube, and a determination of the clogging of the probe is performed based on the selected clogging detection parameter and the inner pressure at the time of suction of the specimen detected in the pressure sensor..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Apparatus and detecting leakage in hydrogen tank of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

An apparatus and a method for detecting leakage in a hydrogen tank of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle are provided. Particularly, leakage is detected due to failure of an airtight seal of a solenoid valve in a hydrogen tank based on a change of the sensing value of a high pressure sensor which represents a hydrogen tank pressure during a process of performing a wakeup operation at the time of key-off of a vehicle..
Hyundai Motor Company

Connection device for a pressure sensor, pressure sensor, and producing a connection device

A connection device for a pressure sensor includes a supporting unit and a circuit board. The circuit board carries an electronic circuit having at least one of at least one electronic component and at least one electrical component.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Differential pressure measuring pickup

A differential pressure measuring pickup comprises a measuring pickup body and a differential pressure sensor. The measuring pickup body has a process interfacing surface with a first pressure input opening and a second pressure input opening.
Endress+hauser Gmbh+co. Kg

Pressure sensing device

A pressure sensing device is disclosed in the present disclosure. The pressure sensing device includes a bottom plate, a flexible shell and a mems pressure sensor.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Pressure sensor and manufacturing method therefor

A pressure sensor (10) comprising: a detection film (200) which is arranged on a silicon substrate (100) and is used for detecting a pressure which is applied to the surface of the detection film and generating a bulge deformation which adapts to the size of the pressure; an optical transmitter (300) and an optical detector (400) which are arranged on the silicon substrate (100), are located on a plane which is parallel to a plane where the detection film (200) is located, and are oppositely arranged at two sides of the detection film (200); and a pressure calculation module which is connected to the optical detector (400) and is used for acquiring detected light intensity data, and calculating a pressure value according to the light intensity data.. .
Csmc Technologies Fabi Co., Ltd.

Discharge valve feather control

A control system for controlling a drive motor operating a discharge valve installed in a conduit on a firefighting vehicle. The system includes a pressure sensor configured to measure a pressure of liquids flowing through the conduit, a flow sensor configured to measure a flow rate of liquids flowing through the conduit, a variable control switch operable to generate a variable control signal in response to manual activation, and a microcontroller operable to receive the pressure and flow rate, and generate a variable non-linear control signal operable to cause the drive motor to change the position of the discharge valve at a variable non-linear speed directly proportional to a distance of a current setting from a desired setting..
Rom Acquisition Corporation

System and determining whether a cvt is set to a maximum gear ratio at vehicle startup

A system includes a continuously variable transmission having a primary pulley assembly configured to receive power and a primary oil chamber coupled to the primary pulley assembly such that a pressure of oil within the primary oil chamber is applied to the primary pulley assembly. The continuously variable transmission also includes a secondary pulley assembly and a drive belt configured to transfer power from the primary pulley assembly to the secondary pulley assembly.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Fuel filter

A fuel filter for a fuel supply system of an internal combustion engine may include a filter housing, which may have an untreated-side inlet, a treated-side outlet, and an untreated-side return line. The fuel filter may also include a filter element arranged in the filter housing, and a closure element, which in an operationally ready state of the fuel filter may close off the return line.
Mahle International Gmbh

Diagnostic diagnosing sticking of canister purge valve and automotive diagnostic system therefor

Disclosed is a diagnostic method of diagnosing sticking of a canister purge valve comprising steps of: controlling opening and closing of the canister purge valve in order to diagnose sticking of the canister purge valve and calculating a throttle learning value for acquiring variation in an air inflow amount based on an intake air pressure sensor and an throttle opening amount in each of control sections; comparing the throttle learning values calculated in each of control sections and acquiring variation in the air inflow amount flowing from the canister purge valve when the canister purge valve is opened and closed; and determining whether the canister purge valve is stuck or not based on the variation in the air inflow amount.. .
Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

System for controlling pressure of fuel supplied to engine

A system for controlling pressure of fuel supplied to an engine is disclosed. The system includes a pressure sensor to generate signals indicative of pressure of fuel at an outlet of a pressure regulator.
Caterpillar Inc.

Internal combustion engine control apparatus

An internal combustion engine control apparatus includes a cylinder pressure sensor, a driving condition detector, a reference crank angle setter, a reference cylinder pressure calculator, an air-fuel ratio estimator, and a controller. The cylinder pressure sensor detects a cylinder pressure.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Control device for internal combustion engine

A control device includes a cylinder pressure sensor, a driving condition detector, a reference crank angle setter, a reference cylinder pressure calculator, an egr ratio estimator, and a controller. The cylinder pressure sensor detects a cylinder pressure inside a cylinder.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Control internal combustion engine

A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine is configured to: calculate measured data of mfb in synchrony with crank angle based on in-cylinder pressure detected by an in-cylinder pressure sensor; execute engine control based on a measured value of a specified fraction combustion point that is calculated based on the measured data of mfb; calculate a first correlation index value for mfb and a second correlation index value for dmfb/dθ; and suspend the engine control when the first correlation index value is less than a first determination value and the second correlation index value is greater than or equal to a second determination value.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Acoustic methods and devices for determining the value of formation overpressure during drilling and for detecting gas packs containing hydrogen sulfide gas

A method for determining formation pressure during exploratory drilling for oil includes generating a series of negative pressure shock waves at successively increasing well pressures to characterize gas kick forming at the bottom of a well. Once the lower end of the gas kick has been formed, the well pressure level as detected by a pressure sensor near the surface of the well is used to calculate the formation pressure along with the weight of the fluid column located in the well..

Fuel tank structure

There is provided a fuel tank structure, the fuel tank structure including (1) a bag-shaped member that partitions a space within a fuel tank into a first space at an outer side and a second space at an inner side, (2) a first pressure sensor that senses pressure of the first space, (3) a second pressure sensor that senses pressure of the second space, (4) a pump that reduces pressure of the first space, and (5) a control section that, in a case in which the pressure of the first space is higher than a first threshold value, judges that a hole has formed in the fuel tank, and, in a case in which the pressure of the second space is lower than a. Second threshold value, judges that a hole has formed in the bag-shaped member..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Pressure sensitive foil, a tire pressure sensor module, a tire, a method and a computer program for obtaining information related to deformations of a tire

Embodiments provide a pressure sensitive foil, a tire pressure sensor module, a tire, a method and a computer program for determining information related to deformations of a tire. A pressure sensitive foil configured to determine information related to deformations of a tire.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Fire control and containment in production printing systems with radiant dryers

Fire control and containment for a production printing system that includes a dryer unit, an air intake fan, and an exhaust fan. A fire control and containment system includes an enclosure surrounding the dryer unit.

In-joint sensor for a surgical fluid management pump system

An in-joint pump and control device comprising a pump and an in-joint sensor. The pump is configured to convey fluid to a body joint surgical site.

Apparatus and sealing zones or rooms

A seal arrangement for sealing a space between a sterilization unit and adjacent walls in order to separate first and second rooms has a double seal gasket arrangement with a seal chamber there within. The seal chamber may be pressurized with a fluid and then the pressure within the seal chamber monitored by a pressure sensor.
Getinge Sterilization Ab

Electronically controlled impact attenuating fluid containing cells

A protective device such as a seat or helmet contains impact attenuating fluid (e.g., co2, air or water) containing cells, sensors and electrically actuated exhaust valves for cushioning impact and decelerating a user (e.g., the contacting body part of the user)after an impact. Accelerometers and a pressure sensor supply signals to a microcontroller, which opens an exhaust valve if accelerations (or pressure) exceed a threshold.

Portable terminal and control method

A portable telephone includes at least one processor and the at least one processor detects a barometric pressure value (a water pressure value) based on an output from a pressure sensor. In an underwater mode, a touch panel is turned off and a function for an underwater operation is allocated to a hardware key.
Kyocera Corporation

Pressure sensor element and manufacturing the same

A pressure sensor element includes a die; a concave groove formed in one surface of the die; a partition wall formed in the concave groove to be spaced apart from side walls, the partition wall partitioning the concave groove into a trench and a cavity; and a membrane formed on the die and covering the concave groove.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Pressure sensor device for measuring a differential normal pressure to the device and related methods

A pressure sensor device is to be positioned within a material where a mechanical parameter is measured. The pressure sensor device may include an ic having a ring oscillator with an inverter stage having first doped and second doped piezoresistor couples.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

Active diaphragm seal assembly for pressure measurement

A fluid filled pressure measurement system having a pressure sensor or pressure gauge and a diaphragm seal to a process wherein the diaphragm seal is moveable by changing the volume behind the diaphragm seal by the volume member. In a first position the diaphragm seal is seated or is a parked position such that the diaphragm seal is fixed to avoid deformations during cleaning..
Wika Alexander Wiegand Se & Co. Kg

Systems and methods for determining flow rate using differential pressure measurements

Systems and methods for estimating a flow rate through a device are provided. One or more pressure sensors measure a plurality of pressure differentials across a tested device.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

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