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Pressure Sensor patents

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Apparatus, method and non-transitory storage medium for accommodating and processing a substrate

Vehicle air-conditioning apparatus updating method and vehicle air-conditioning apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pressure Sensor-related patents
 Access network node based barometric reference pressure network patent thumbnailnew patent Access network node based barometric reference pressure network
Systems, apparatus and methods for populating and using a pressure database to determine an altitude of a unit with an unknown altitude are presented. A pressure from one or more barometric pressure sensors linked to respective base stations are interpolated to determine a reference pressure (e.g., at sea level) at arbitrary coordinates (x,y) having pressure reading.
 Apparatus, method and non-transitory storage medium for accommodating and processing a substrate patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus, method and non-transitory storage medium for accommodating and processing a substrate
A substrate accommodating and processing apparatus is provided with a cassette mounting table, a processing part, a substrate transfer mechanism, a partition wall, a cassette stage, and a lid attaching/detaching mechanism. The lid attaching/detaching mechanism is provided with a key configured to be engaged with a key hole installed in the lid, and configured to switch a latch between locking and unlocking positions.
 Mixer truck patent thumbnailnew patent Mixer truck
A mixer truck includes: a mixer drum capable of carrying ready-mixed concrete; a driving device that drives the mixer drum to rotate using an oil pressure of a working oil; a pressure sensor that detects a driving condition of the mixer drum driven by the driving device; a controller that determines a magnitude of rotation unevenness in the mixer drum by comparing a magnitude of variation in the driving condition detected by the pressure sensor with a predetermined set value after the ready-mixed concrete in the mixer drum has been discharged; and a notifying device that notifies a driver that the magnitude of the rotation unevenness in the mixer drum has reached an allowable value when the controller determines that the magnitude of the variation in the driving condition detected by the pressure sensor has reached the set value.. .
 Ceramic composition and ceramic injection-molding process patent thumbnailnew patent Ceramic composition and ceramic injection-molding process
A ceramic composition for an injection-molding process for producing a combustion chamber pressure sensor, in particular for producing an insulation punch of a combustion chamber pressure sensor, includes a ceramic component in a proportion of greater than or equal to 50% by weight and a glass component in a proportion of less than or equal to 50% by weight. The ceramic component includes aluminum oxide.
 Method for producing a receptacle for a sensor element patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing a receptacle for a sensor element
A method for producing a receptacle for a sensor element, such as a combustion chamber pressure sensor, includes introducing a first amount of a pre-ceramic substance into an injection mold, forming a base layer of the receptacle by molding the pre-ceramic substance in the mold, and applying at least one conductor track to the base layer. A further amount of a pre-ceramic substance is introduced into the mold onto at least a partial region of the conductor track.
 Pressure sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure sensor
A pressure sensor is claimed for measuring the pressure of a fluid. The pressure sensor comprises two or more half bridges, an analog-to-digital converter, a microcontroller, an output generator, and one or more redundancy circuits.
 Integrated measuring apparatus for measuring vapor pressure and liquid level of liquid  tank patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated measuring apparatus for measuring vapor pressure and liquid level of liquid tank
A technique for measuring vapor pressure and liquid level of a volatile liquid contained in a tank. An integrated measuring apparatus sequentially measures vapor pressure and differential pressure by use of a single pressure sensor and a switching valve which switches between paths for measurement of the vapor pressure and the differential pressure.
 Vehicle air-conditioning apparatus updating method and vehicle air-conditioning apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle air-conditioning apparatus updating method and vehicle air-conditioning apparatus
A first air-conditioning apparatus disposed in a frame mounted on a vehicle is updated to a second air-conditioning apparatus is disposed in the frame. A compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger, pressure reducing means, and an indoor heat exchanger of the first air-conditioning apparatus are removed from the frame.
 Method and system for use in controlling a pressure vessel patent thumbnailMethod and system for use in controlling a pressure vessel
A control system for monitoring a pressure vessel includes a pressure sensor coupled to a first pressure vessel component. The system also includes a level sensor coupled to a second pressure vessel component.
 Method of exhaled gas measurement and analysis and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailMethod of exhaled gas measurement and analysis and apparatus therefor
An exhalation collected in a breath bag capable of expanding and contracting is sucked into a gas inlet vessel 21 with a given volume (va), and then the gas inlet vessel 21 is communicated by means of valve v2 with a cell 11 that is maintained at an atmospheric pressure by being pre-filled with a sample gas or reference gas. After the communication, the gas pressure is measured by a pressure sensor 16 attached to the cell 11.
Combining seismic data from sensors to attenuate noise
To perform noise attenuation for seismic surveying, a sensor assembly is deployed on a ground surface, where the sensor assembly has a seismic sensor to measure seismic waves propagated through a subterranean structure, and a divergence sensor comprising a pressure sensor to measure noise. First data is received from the seismic sensor, and second data is received from the divergence sensor.
Piezoelectric pressure sensor
Replacement sheet. .
Vortex fill
Improved methods, systems, and devices for filling fuel tanks, particularly compressed natural gas (cng) fuel tanks, are provided. Such methods, systems, and devices lower the heat of compression when the fuel tank is being filled to a temperature lower than that if such methods, systems, and devices were not used.
Inferential coriolis mass flowmeter
The present invention relates to an inferential coriolis mass flowmeter characterized by: a power supply (10);a pressure sensor (11) connected to the power supply (10) and a tube of fluid; a current to voltage converter (13) connected to the pressure sensor (11) for converting a current signal from the pressure sensor (11) to a voltage signal; a controller unit (20) including an analogue to digital converter (21) connected to the current to voltage converter (13) for converting analogue signal from the current to voltage converter (13) to a digital signal, and a microprocessor (22) for processing the digital signal from the analogue to digital converter (21) to determine the mass flowrate of the fluid, wherein said microprocessor (22) is embedded with an algorithm to determine the mass flowrate of a fluid according to equation (1): y=0.002x4−0.0218x3+0.0865x2+0.8769x+0.0846 ; a display panel (14) connected to the microprocessor (22); and a transmission circuit (15) connected to the microprocessor (22).. .
Output specification calibrating apparatus for capacitive pressure sensor
An output specification calibrating apparatus for a capacitive pressure sensor. The output specification calibrating apparatus enables adjustment of non-linearity, offset, and gain of the capacitive pressure sensor in a software manner at the time of shipment.
Semiconductor device, electrical device, and method of controlling power source
A semiconductor device includes an atmospheric pressure value obtaining unit configured to obtain an atmospheric pressure value from an atmospheric pressure sensor; and a control unit configured to detect a variance state of the atmospheric pressure value obtained with the atmospheric pressure value obtaining unit. The control unit is further configured to control an on state and an off state of a power source of a gps (global positioning system) device according to a determination whether the variance state satisfies a specific condition.
Rotary power transmission joint with an integrated wireless sensor
An assembly for acquiring operational data from a machine including a power generating device and a rotating component interconnected with the power generating device for transmitting power from the power generating device. The assembly comprises a sensor assembly for being interconnected with the rotating component for sensing the operational data of the vehicle that includes at least one accelerometer for measuring the rotational speed of the rotating component, a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the rotating component, a pressure sensor for measuring the fluid pressure adjacent to the joint, a strain gauge for being interconnected with the rotating component for detecting the strain on the rotating component.
Pressure sensor calibration systems and methods
Intravascular devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the intravascular devices include at least one pressure sensing component within a distal portion of the device.
Pressure-sensing guide wire with sliding pressure sensor
An intravascular sensor assembly including a flexible elongate member having a longitudinal axis (la) is provided. The sensor assembly includes a first engagement feature proximal to a distal end of the flexible elongate member; a core member disposed inside a lumen of the flexible elongate member, the core member configured to translate within the flexible elongate member along the la proximal to the first engagement feature; and a component holding a sensor circuit, the component fixedly secured to a distal end of the core member such that the mounting structure translates along the la of the flexible elongate member with the core member.
Intravascular optical coherence tomography system with pressure monitoring interface and accessories
An optical coherence tomography system and method with integrated pressure measurement. In one embodiment the system includes an interferometer including: a wavelength swept laser; a source arm in communication with the wavelength swept laser; a reference arm in communication with a reference reflector; a first photodetector having a signal output; a detector arm in communication with the first photodetector, a probe interface; a sample arm in communication with a first optical connector of the probe interface; an acquisition and display system comprising: an a/d converter having a signal input in communication with the first photodetector signal output and a signal output; a processor system in communication with the a/d converter signal output; and a display in communication with the processor system; and a probe comprising a pressure sensor and configured for connection to the first optical connector of the probe interface, wherein the pressure transducer comprises an optical pressure transducer..
Device which comprises a physical activity and position sensor, a peripheral temperature sensor and a light sensor for providing information relating to the state of the circadian system
The invention is a device consisting of at least one body position and activity sensor, at least one peripheral temperature sensor and at least one light sensor, configured to provide information on the circadian system status and the sleep-wake status of an individual based on the data obtained from said sensors. It can be placed on the wrist of the subject, or on the subject's arm.
Bottom seismic system
A sea bottom station for registration of seismic waves with vertical and horizontal components, having a vertical axis, including—a submergible case with a lid and a bottom preferably twice thicker than the lid,—a geophone block, wherein one geophone registers the vertical component, the remaining geophones register the horizontal component and create geophone pairs being pairwise orthogonal-positioned, while the geophones of each such pair are located symmetrically to the vertical axis. The bottom station includes—a power supply unit formed of rechargeable batteries, circumferentially located and pairwise symmetrical relatively to the vertical axis.
Test system for a dome switch
A test system having a piece of film type pressure sensor configured under a dome switch for collecting a physical parameter selected from a group consisted of actuation force (af), timing t1, contact force (cf), timing t2, on-force (of), snap ratio, and key journey of the dome switch is provided to facilitate product sorting according to one of the parameters.. .
Devices and methods for landfill gas well monitoring and control
A landfill well control system includes a mobile hand-held device provided with a software monitoring application including a table having data related to determination of a desired methane gas output flow rate. A landfill gas (lfg) wellhead gas control valve includes: an electronically controlled, powered flow control device actuator; a flow measurement element producing differential pressures proportional to a gas flow rate; a pressure sensor/transducer; and a microprocessor having control logic capability and the ability to communicate via a local wireless signal to the mobile hand-held device.
Pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring
A pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring includes an inlet side passage, a control valve comprising a pressure-type flow control unit connected downstream of the inlet side passage, a thermal-type flow sensor connected downstream of the control valve, an orifice installed on a fluid passage connected downstream of the thermal-type flow sensor, a temperature sensor provided near the fluid passage between the control valve and orifice, a pressure sensor provided for the fluid passage between the control valve and orifice, an outlet side passage connected to the orifice, and a control unit comprising a pressure-type flow rate arithmetic and control unit to which a pressure signal from the pressure sensor and a temperature signal from the temperature sensor are input, and which computes a flow rate value of fluid flowing through the orifice, and outputs a control signal to a valve drive unit of the control valve.. .
System and method for analyzing carbon build up in an engine
An induction cleaning analyzing system includes a pressure sensor, an ignition event detector, and a control module. The pressure sensor measures airflow pressures of intake air and/or exhaust from cylinders in a common airflow pathway of a vehicle.
Electrostatic pressure sensor
An electrostatic pressure sensor has a supporting diaphragm bonded to be held between first and second pedestal plates, a sensor chip supported on a top face of a center portion of the second pedestal plate. The supporting diaphragm has in the center portion thereof a large-diameter hole that forms a slit-shaped space between the first and second pedestal plates.
Evaporated fuel processing device and method for diagnosing evaporated fuel processing device
A evaporated fuel processing device includes a seal valve that seals off the fuel tank from the atmosphere, a canister, a changeover valve that allows or inhibits communication of the canister with the atmosphere, the canister internal pressure sensor, a controller that sends an open/close command to the seal valve and the changeover valve, a diagnosis unit that performs leak diagnosis of an evaporated fuel sealing system, and a negative pressure pump that generates pressure in the evaporated fuel sealing system. The diagnosis unit performs leak diagnosis of the entirety of the evaporated fuel sealing system before performing leak diagnosis of a canister side section.
Method and system to compensate for temperature and pressure in piezo resistive devices
A method and system to calibrate temperature and pressure in piezo resistive devices for non-linear sensors having two variables, where a piezo resistive device such as a piezo resistive transducer (prt) used for example in a pressure sensor system is calibrated to calculate actual/ambient temperature and pressure even though the prt impedance is unbalanced relative to pressure.. .
Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressure
This invention relates generally to footwear such as a shoe, including an athletic shoe, with a shoe sole, including at least one removable midsole section formed by a midsole portion, wherein the removable midsole section is non-orthotic. The removable midsole section is inserted within the shoe upper, the sides of which hold it in position.
Method of monitoring wear in a diaphragm valve using pressure detection
A flush valve for a waste water system comprises a valve including a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a main valve element adapted for movement to allow fluid flow between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet based on a pressure differential across a portion of the main valve element. The valve also includes a vent system comprising a control chamber in flow communication with the fluid inlet of the valve and a vent outlet in flow communication with the fluid outlet of the valve, and a solenoid for venting fluid venting fluid from the control chamber to the fluid outlet.
Catheter with pressure sensor system
A catheter for administering a substance into a patient's tissue including a number of pressure sensors for detecting changes in the shape of the catheter or s a backflow along the surface of the catheter. In response to the pressure distribution profile collected along the surface or length of the catheter, the physician may simulate or adapt the substance administration plan to accommodate the actual position of the catheter or the backflow along the surface of the catheter..
Pressure sensing in medical injection systems
A pressure sensor for a medical injection system includes a cuff, a transducer embedded in the cuff, and a force transmitting member coupled to the transducer and exposed at an inner surface of the cuff, such that an outer surface of a tubing line of a fluid circuit of the system, when fitted within the cuff, contacts the force transmitting member. A limited length of the tubing line may have a greater compliance than a remainder of the line, in which case, the pressure sensor cuff fits around and encloses the limited length to provide support against plastic deformation, when pressures within the line are significantly greater than atmospheric.
System and method for flush-triggered imaging
The invention generally relates to intravascular imaging and methods of improved image quality by triggering image operations with a vessel flush. The invention provides systems and methods for intravascular imaging in which a flush such as the influx of clear saline or radiopaque dye triggers the imaging operation.
Introducer having a flow sensor
An introducer, including a needle, a guide shaft, and a sheath, that can be used to place an access cannula into a blood vessel. In an embodiment, the guide shaft includes a doppler flow sensor, allowing a user to easily identify a vein or artery beneath the skin.
Intravascular blood pressure and velocity wire
The present invention generally relates to devices for determining pressure and flow in a vessel and methods for using such devices. The device can involve an elongate body configured for insertion into a vessel, a flow sensor positioned on the elongate body configured for detecting flow in the vessel, and a pressure sensor positioned on the elongate body configured for detecting pressure in the vessel, wherein the pressure sensor comprises an optical sensor..
Mems device with multiple electrodes and fabricating method thereof
A mems device with a first electrode, a second electrode and a third electrode is disclosed. These electrodes are disposed on a substrate in such a manner that (1) a pointing direction of the first electrode is in parallel with a normal direction of the substrate, (2) a pointing direction of the third electrode is perpendicular to the pointing direction of the first electrode, (3) the second electrode includes a sensing portion and a stationary portion, (4) the first electrode and the sensing portion are configured to define a sensing capacitor, and (5) the third electrode and the stationary portion are configured to define a reference capacitor.
Filling machine, in particular for filling a container with a pasteurized liquid
A filling machine for filling a container with a liquid having a gas line, a liquid supply line connectable to a liquid tank and at least one filling device. The filling device having an inlet communicating with the liquid supply line, a lower outlet and a gas port communicating with the gas line.
Inflatable projection surface for a transportation means
A supply channel for a means of transportation is provided. The supply channel comprises a fluid line, an inflatable projection element having an opening and a pressure sensor which is configured for determining a pressure difference between an internal pressure in the projection element and an ambient pressure.
Fail operational modes for an electro-hydraulic system
Methods for initiating and implementing fail operational modes in an electro-hydraulic system are disclosed. In one step, a plurality of valve assemblies is provided wherein each of the valve assemblies has a pressure sensor and a position sensor in communication with an electronic system controller.
Droplet-based capacitive pressure sensor
A pressure sensing apparatus which utilizes an electrolytic droplet retained between a first and second sensing electrode within a housing. Contact between the electrolyte droplet and the electrodes form electric double layers (edl) having interfacial edl capacitance proportional to interface contact area which varies in response to mechanical pressure applied to deform exterior portions of the housing.
Device for measuring a pressure with at least one pressure sensor having at least one active sensor surface
A device for measuring pressure having at least one pressure sensor with at least one active sensor surface, an oscillating and/or variable temperature counter-surface arranged opposite the at least one sensor surface, wherein the sensor surface and the counter-surface are arranged in a hollow body, and the hollow body has at least one opening, and wherein at least one alternating signal amplifier is provided.. .
Measurement system and method for charged amounts in a pressure container using pressure and volume
A measuring system for the charged amounts in a pressure container using pressure and volume comprising: an information acquisition device that can collect information on volume and maximum charging pressure of the pressure container; first and second automatic valves, a reference container, a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor that are connected to a gas line between a storage tank and a charging nozzle; a control part that calculates the charged amounts through engineering calculations with pressure detected by the pressure sensor, temperature detected by the temperature sensor, and basic information on the pressure container and that calculates changes in temperature and volume of the pressure container to calibrate for the charged amounts, determine safety of the pressure container, and convert the calibrated charged amount to a sum of money; and a display part that receives the calculated information from the control part and inform it to a user.. .
Hydraulic drive system for construction machine
A hydraulic motor (52) is arranged in a control hydraulic line (51) connecting a second hydraulic fluid supply line (4a) (for supplying the hydraulic fluid delivered from the main pump (2) to flow control valves (26a to 26h)) to a tank (t). A generator (53) connected with the rotating shaft (52a) of the hydraulic motor (52).
Method and system for determining the height of a device above ground
A device updates a value representing its current height above ground when it detects a height change. The device uses the slope calculated from collected barometric pressure data samples to calculate height change during a period when the value of the slope exceeds a predetermined value.
Tire pressure sensor device setting method
A tire pressure sensor device setting method includes the step of: installing the tire pressure sensor device in a tire and starting it up, the step of enabling the main control processor to match the detected tire pressure value with a predetermined tire pressure reference value, the step of enabling the main control processor to accept a wireless signal from the receiver for altering the communication protocol of the tire pressure sensor device if the detected tire pressure value is greater than the tire pressure reference value, and the step of stopping the main control processor from receiving a wireless signal from the receiver so that the communication protocol of the tire pressure sensor device is locked up to finish the installation.. .
Tire air pressure monitoring device
A tire air pressure monitor device is provided for monitoring air pressure in tires using pressure sensors, which are installed in the tire of each wheel. Each wheel has a transmitter for wirelessly transmitting the air pressure information along with a sensor id when the wheel is at a predetermined rotation position.
Systems and methods for priming an intraocular pressure sensor in an intraocular implant
An iop monitoring device for implantation in an eye of a patient may include a first tube having a first opening, the first tube being configured to extend into the anterior chamber. An intraocular pressure sensing (iop) device for implantation in an eye of a patient may include a pressure sensor, a pressure sensor cap, and a tube coupled to a chamber inlet.
Method of controlling user input using pressure sensor unit for flexible display device
There is provided a method of controlling a user input using a pressure sensor unit for a flexible display device in which the pressure sensor unit for sensing a touch position through pressure transmitted when a touch is made is formed on one surface of a substrate, by which a user may zoom in/out a displayed image by only one hand using the intensity and pattern of input touch pressure.. .
Pressure value transmitter with redundant pressure value indicator
A transmitter assembly with redundant pressure value indicator for a self-contained breathing apparatus is provided. The transmitter assembly with redundant pressure value indicator includes a wireless transmitter configured to transmit gas pressure data for a gas storage tank to a dive computer.
Pressure-based crash detection system incorporated in side rail
A vehicular crash sensing system includes a bumper cap for contacting a bumper. A chamber fits into a side rail attached to the bumper, the chamber being sealed by the bumper cap.
Integrated material transfer and dispensing system
An integrated material transfer and dispensing system for storing, transferring and dispensing materials, such as fluids and liquids, for example, liquid applied sound deadener (lasd). The system includes at least one vessel having a force transfer device.
Diagnostic breather dryer
A breather including desiccant for humidity control includes an electronic end of life detection system. A temperature sensor and humidity sensor provide a temperature and humidity of the desiccant to a controller.
Amplifier-embedded pressure sensor
An amplifier-embedded pressure sensor includes: a pressure-detecting element which detects the differential pressure between the fluid and the space where the pipe including a fluid passage of the fluid is installed, and outputs the pressure signal; an amplifier circuit board having an amplifier circuit for amplifying the pressure signal; a housing to which the pressure-detecting element is fixed; and a separation part which is fixed to the housing and separates a space inside the housing into a first space where the pressure-detecting element is disposed and a second space where the amplifier circuit board is disposed. The housing includes an inflow port for letting cooling gas for cooling the amplifier circuit board flow into the second space and a discharge port for discharging the cooling gas from the second space..
Method for leak testing a housing
A method for testing the tightness of a housing involves providing a pressure sensor in a housing, sealing the housing, and detecting a pressure level in the housing.. .
Online sensor calibration for electrohydraulic valves
An online method for reconfiguring pressure and position sensors in a hydraulic system is disclosed. In one step, a sensor drift condition, a recalibration request, or an unisolated fault condition is detected.
Reducing agent supply apparatus and internal-combustion engine exhaust gas purification apparatus
A reducing agent supply apparatus including a pump, a reducing agent injection valve, a reducing agent supply passage, a reducing agent return passage and a pressure sensor, in which injection control of the liquid reducing agent by the reducing agent injection valve is performed while the reducing agent pressure is controlled so as to be maintained at a predetermined target pressure, includes: a passage throttle valve provided on the reducing agent return passage and having an opening controlled by energization; a pump control means for feedback-controlling the output of the pump based on the difference between the reducing agent pressure and the target pressure; and a passage throttle valve control means for controlling the opening of the passage throttle valve according to the change in the operation amount of the reducing agent injection valve.. .
Control circuit and method for negative pressure wound treatment apparatus
A negative pressure wound therapy apparatus can include a wound dressing, a fluid collection container, a vacuum pump comprising a pump motor, and tubing. Additionally, the apparatus can include a pressure sensor that measures a pressure in the tubing.
Wireless blood pressure measuring techniques
According to certain inventive techniques, a blood pressure recording device includes at least one blood pressure sensor, a display configured to visually present received data, a wireless transceiver, a memory storing a reminder time, and a processor including a clock. The processor is configured to: receive blood pressure data from the at least one blood pressure sensor; process the blood pressure data to form a systolic reading and a diastolic reading; transmit the systolic reading and the diastolic reading to the display for visual presentation to a user; transmit the systolic reading and the diastolic reading to the wireless transceiver for wireless transmission; retrieve the reminder time from the memory; compare the reminder time to a time of the clock; and generate an alert when the clock time is equal to the reminder time..
Sheath with optically interrogatable sensors
An intravascular sensor system including an array of pressure and/or temperature sensors for detecting pressure and/temperature. In one example, the sensors are interrogated with an optical catheter.
Transmission with mems-based hydraulic circuit
A vehicle includes an engine, torque converter assembly, and transmission. The torque converter assembly includes a torque converter clutch (tcc).
Pressure transducer
A pressure transducer, particularly to be installed in liquid pumping devices, comprising a cup-shaped container from the bottom of which a connector protrudes for connection to a pressurized duct; the connector and the bottom are traversed by a through hole for the passage of fluid inside the transducer to a pressure sensor; the transducer comprises elements for locking the pressure sensor in a single possible orientation inside the container and elements for preventing the extraction of the pressure sensor to from the container.. .
Semiconductor pressure sensor and fabrication method thereof
At a pressure sensor region, a pressure sensor including a fixed electrode, a void and a movable electrode is formed. At a cmos region, a memory cell transistor and a field effect transistor are formed.
Valve device, valve assembly and method for calibrating a valve assembly
A valve device including a valve housing which bounds a valve chamber in which a valve member is accommodated for movement between a blocking position and a release position in order to influence a free flow cross-section for a fluid in a flow path between an inlet passage terminating into the valve chamber and an outlet passage leading from the valve chamber, further including a first absolute pressure sensor for providing a first pressure signal as a function of an operating pressure in the flow path, and further including an evaluation circuit for processing the first pressure signal. It is provided that a second absolute pressure sensor is located outside the flow path, which is designed to provide a second pressure signal as a function of an operating pressure outside the flow path and which is connected to the evaluation circuit for enabling a differential pressure between the first and second pressure signals to be determined..
Pressure sensor chip
A pressure sensor chip includes a sensor diaphragm, and first and second retaining members. The first and second retaining members face and are bonded to peripheral edge portions of a first face and another face of the sensor diaphragm, and have pressure guiding holes that guide measurement pressures to the sensor diaphragm.
Method and apparatus in a medium source of a fire-fighting system
Method for monitoring the amount of liquid of an extinguishing liquid container (1) of a fire-fighting apparatus. The extinguishing liquid container (1) is filled with extinguishing liquid such that a predefined volume (6) remains unfilled, the extinguishing liquid container is pressurized with a gas, e.g.
Brake control device
When a brake ecu is started up rapidly by a brake pedal operation, the brake ecu executes a depression force fluid pressure mode. When the control pressure detected by a control pressure sensor becomes smaller than a switching determination threshold value, the brake ecu determines that an operation of returning a brake pedal is being performed, and switches the braking mode from the depression force fluid pressure mode to a normal control mode.
Non-invasively determining respiration rate using pressure sensors
A respiration rate of a human subject is derived by: (1) receiving data corresponding to a sequence of two-dimensional pressure distributions of the human subject as applied against an array of pressure sensors over time; (2) converting the data into a one-dimensional waveform; (3) identifying oscillations in the one-dimensional waveform as occurrences of breath of the human subject; and (4) deriving the respiration rate of the human subject based on frequencies of the oscillations.. .
Dynamic tonometry device and method for controlling coaxiality of probe with eyeball
A dynamic tonometry device includes a probe, a housing, a sleeve, a light source, an image sensor, a pressure sensor, a microprocessor and a display storage. The probe is a truncated cone with small at left and large at right.
Mass distribution indication of flow battery state of charge
An electrochemical device includes at least one electrochemical cell having an anode electrode and a cathode electrode, a reservoir configured to store an electrolyte and a mass distribution measuring device. The mass distribution measuring device includes at least one of a scale, a first pressure sensor located in a lower portion of the reservoir and a second pressure sensor located in an upper portion of the reservoir, or at least one strain gauge or load cell configured to measure a change a weight of the at least one electrochemical cell..
Structured gap for a mems pressure sensor
A method of fabricating a pressure sensor includes performing a chemical vapor deposition (cvd) process to deposit a first sacrificial layer having a first thickness onto a substrate. A portion of the first sacrificial layer is then removed down to the substrate to form a central region of bare silicon.

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