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Pressure Sensor patents

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Device and method for measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat

China University Of Petroleum (huadong)

Device and method for measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat

Active safe

Tencate Advanced Armor Usa

Active safe

Active safe

Rolls-royce Controls And Data Services Limited

Engine fuel control system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pressure Sensor-related patents
 Road surface management system patent thumbnailnew patent Road surface management system
A road surface management system is capable of detecting road surface conditions that tend to damage dump trucks and displaying the positions of such road surfaces. When the traveling speed of the dump truck is higher than or equal to a preset threshold value, the server judges whether or not each of the pressures of suspensions of the dump truck detected by pressure sensors is within a reference range which has been set corresponding to each suspension.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
 Steering wheel  adjusting stiffness and receiving pressure and  controlling the same patent thumbnailnew patent Steering wheel adjusting stiffness and receiving pressure and controlling the same
A steering wheel apparatus for adjusting stiffness and receiving a pressure is provided. The apparatus includes a rim having a ring-shaped frame structure and an air container disposed around an outer surface of the rim.
Hyundai Motor Company
 Tire load sensing system patent thumbnailnew patent Tire load sensing system
A vehicle tire load sensing system includes distance sensors mounted on the vehicle near each tire. The distance sensors generate distance signals representing a distance from the sensor to a track that is left in the soil during forward vehicle travel.
Deere & Company
 Ffr sensor head design that minimizes stress induced pressure offsets patent thumbnailnew patent Ffr sensor head design that minimizes stress induced pressure offsets
A pressure sensing medical device may include a guidewire including a tubular member having a lumen, the tubular member being translatable between a generally straightened position and a deflected position, and a pressure sensor attached at a distal end of a fiber optic extending within the lumen, the pressure sensor being disposed within a distal portion of the tubular member. The pressure sensor may include a pressure-sensitive membrane disposed on a distal end thereof.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.
 Method and system for detecting cardiac tamponade in a patient patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for detecting cardiac tamponade in a patient
System for indicating a possibility a cardiac tamponade occurring in a patient, comprising: —a right atrium pressure sensor, configured for measuring a right atrium pressure in a right atrium of the patient; —an intra pericardial pressure sensor, configured for measuring an intra pericardial pressure in a portion of an intra-pericardial space of the patient; —a processing device that is operatively connected to the pressure sensors, is provided with a predetermined statistical distribution of pressure versus tamponade probabilities, and is configured for: —determining a trans-mural pressure difference between the right atrium pressure and the intra pericardial pressure; —comparing the trans-mural pressure difference with the statistical distribution, and —indicating the possibility of cardiac tamponade occurrence, based on the trans-mural pressure difference comparison.. .
 Device and  measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat patent thumbnailnew patent Device and measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat
The present disclosure discloses a device and a method for measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat. The device comprises an outer casing; an metal guard inner shell; a reactor; a pressure sensor; a thermal insulation material between the outer casing and the metal guard inner shell; guard electric heaters provided respectively in an upper portion and a lower portion of an outer periphery of the metal guard inner shell; a glass fiber thermal insulation layer between the inner metal guard shell and the reactor; temperature thermocouples provided in the glass fiber thermal insulation layer; a glass fiber board provided in a lower portion of an outer periphery of the reactor; main electric heaters between the glass fiber board and the reactor; a liquid inlet pipe and a gas discharge pipe; a temperature thermistor, a liquid discharge pipe; a data acquisition board; a computer; and a power supply..
China University Of Petroleum (huadong)
 Intelligent boom control hydraulic system patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent boom control hydraulic system
An intelligent knuckle boom control system is disclosed where hoist and stick cylinders raise and lower main and stick booms, respectively, a base end control valve controls flow to the hoist and stick cylinder base ends, a hoist rod control valve controls flow to the hoist cylinder rod end, and a stick rod control valve controls flow to the stick cylinder rod end. A microprocessor computes control signals to direct flow through the control valves based on operator commands and boom position readings.
Deere & Company
 Apparatus and  navigating on a touch sensitive screen thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and navigating on a touch sensitive screen thereof
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus (100), such as a portable electronic device, for navigating on a touch sensitive screen (110) of the apparatus (100). The method comprises sensing the amount of pressure exerted on the touch sensitive screen (100) by means of a pressure sensor (140).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)
 Position control apparatus using joystick patent thumbnailnew patent Position control apparatus using joystick
Disclosed herein is a position control apparatus using a joystick, capable of restricting motion of an object when pressure acting on the object is sensed and the pressure is applied thereto. The position control apparatus using a joystick includes a stick unit, a sensing unit, a motor, and a pressing unit.
 Engine fuel control system patent thumbnailnew patent Engine fuel control system
An engine fuel control system includes a fuel metering valve operable to control the flow of fuel between a supply line and a delivery line. The delivery line is configured to receive fuel from one or more fuel pumps.
Rolls-royce Controls And Data Services Limited
new patent

Active safe

Active containers and related systems configured for destroying container contents may include safes with a hardened storage space, a content destruction element configured to destroy material contained in the storage space, and an arming device. The content destruction element may include, for example, an incendiary, an explosive, a liquid, a gas, a magnet and/or an electrical source.
Tencate Advanced Armor Usa, Inc.
new patent

Simulated musical wind instrument

A simulated musical wind instrument takes the form of a tin whistle or recorder to channel a player's breath toward one or more sensors. In one embodiment, the simulated tin whistle includes a mouthpiece and a stem, and both may be realistically configured.
new patent

Flame monitoring of a gas turbine combustor using a characteristic spectral pattern from a dynamic pressure sensor in the combustor

The state of a flame in a gas turbine engine combustor is acoustically monitored using a dynamic pressure sensor within the combustor. A spectral pattern of a dynamic pressure sensor output signal from the sensor is compared with a characteristic frequency pattern that includes information about an acoustic pattern of the flame and information about acoustic signal canceling due to reflections within the combustor.
Siemens Energy, Inc.
new patent

System for performing staging control of a multi-stage combustor

A control system is provided for performing staging control of a multi-stage combustor of a gas turbine engine. The fuel is fed to the combustor by a fuel supply system comprising: a plurality of fuel manifolds distributing fuel to respective stages of the combustor, a fuel metering valve operable to control the rate at which fuel passes to the fuel manifolds, and an actuating arrangement which splits the fuel flow from the fuel metering valve between the fuel manifolds.
Rolls-royce Controls And Data Services Limited

Monitoring the change in height of a device using an air pressure sensor

There is provided a method of monitoring a change in height of a device, the device comprising a sensor for measuring the air pressure at the device, the method comprising determining a pressure change threshold from a pre-determined height change and an estimate or measurement of air pressure; obtaining a plurality of measurements of the air pressure at the device; determining a change in the air pressure from two or more of the measurements; and determining if the height of the device has changed by more than the pre-determined height change using the determined change in the air pressure and the determined pressure change threshold.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Driving force transmission control system

A driving force transmission control system includes: an electric motor; a multi-disc clutch; a cam mechanism that converts rotation output from the electric motor into cam thrust force that is axial force in the axial direction of the multi-disc clutch; a pressure-conversion mechanism that converts reaction force against the cam thrust force into pressure of a fluid; a pressure sensor that detects the pressure; and a control unit that computes a command value of a current supplied to the electric motor. The control unit stores the pressure of the fluid during disengagement of the multi-disc clutch, and computes the current command value based on the pressure of the fluid to which the reaction force against the cam thrust force has been applied, and the stored pressure of the fluid..
Jtekt Corporation

Control system for exoskeleton apparatus

A control system for an exoskeleton for a limb of a user wherein the limb has an upper portion connected to the body of a user and a lower limb portion is provided. The control system controls operation of one or more drive motors that rotate one or more joints of the exoskeleton.
Bionik Laboratories, Inc.

Devices and methods for generating an artificial exhalation profile

Methods and devices for creating an artificial exhalation profile, for example for use in the sampling of exhaled breath or air from the nasal cavity from a mammal, wherein said mammal exhales into a device comprising a flow channel, a pressure sensor, a flow sensor, a control unit, and means for creating an exhalation flow, wherein said means for creating an exhalation flow maintain an exhalation flow at one or more pre-determined flow rate (rates), within a predetermined interval, substantially independent of exhalation pressure.. .
Aerocrine Ab

Blood pressure analysis system and method

A blood pressure analysis system/method allowing conversion from an analog sensor input to a standardized analog output interface is disclosed. In some preferred embodiments the system/method permits a fiber optic pressure sensor to be interfaced to a standard patient care monitor (pcm) system using standardized wheatstone bridge analog interface inputs.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Multi-unit blood processor with temperature sensing

Method and apparatus for centrifugal blood component separation including temperature sensing in each of a plurality of separation cells. The temperature of unit of bloods over time is recorded.
Terumo Bct, Inc.

Reductant supply system

An aftertreatment system is disclosed. The aftertreatment system includes an exhaust conduit and a selective catalytic reduction module.
Caterpillar Inc.

Inventory and anti-theft alarm system

An inventory and anti-theft alarm tag system that includes at least one rfid tag including an rfid transmitter, a counting chip and a locking mechanism having a pressure sensor. The counting chip can be activated when the locking mechanism is in a locked position.

Control valve with integral pressure switch

A control valve for hydraulic fluid is provided. The control valve includes a valve housing and a valve body slidably supported within the valve housing.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Two dimensional material-based pressure sensor

This disclosure provides example methods, devices, and systems for a two dimensional material-based pressure sensor. A sensor device is provided that includes a substrate having a back electrode, a conductive layer in communication with the back electrode, and an insulating layer coupled to the conductive layer.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

Optical pressure sensor

An optical pressure sensor is disclosed having a pressure sensing optical cavity. A temperature sensing optical cavity at the sensor head is used by an interrogator to correct a pressure signal for effects of temperature.
Oxsensis Ltd

Method for calibrating analog-controlled hydraulic valves and brake system comprising an electronic control and regulating unit in which the method is carried out

A method for determining a driving characteristic of an analogized or analog-controlled hydraulic valve of a motor vehicle hydraulic brake system in which a brake pressure generated with the aid of an electrically controllable, electric-motor-driven pressure supply device, is conducted to a wheel brake via an inlet valve and can be conducted via an outlet valve from the wheel brake into a pressure medium container. The pressure supply device and the inlet valves, and outlet valves, can be controlled by an electronic control unit.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Exhaust flow estimation

The present technology provides systems for monitoring particulate matter buildup on a filter installed in the engine exhaust stream of a vehicle. A filter differential pressure sensor monitors a pressure differential across the filter.
International Engine Intellectual Property Company, Llc

Control valve control method and control device, and power generating plant utilizing same

A gas turbine plant including a gas turbine and a compressor is provided with a steam turbine plant including a steam turbine and a condenser, and, an exhaust heat recovery boiler. Steam from the exhaust heat recovery boiler is directly flown to the condenser of the steam turbine plant through a bypass control valve.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method and device for processing a time-dependent measurement signal

A monitoring device is arranged to receive a time-dependent measurement signal from a pressure sensor in a fluid containing system, which is associated with a first pulse generator and a second pulse generator. The pressure sensor is arranged in the fluid containing system to detect a first pulse originating from the first pulse generator and a second pulse originating from the second pulse generator.
Gambro Lundia Ab

Weight detection by tire pressure sensing

A system includes a set of tire pressure sensors for tires of a vehicle, a control module and a user interface. The control module is configured to receive tire pressure information from the tire pressure sensors and calculate a weight or a change in weight of the vehicle based on the tire pressure information.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Fuel injection control device and fuel injection control internal combustion engine

An electronic control unit detects a manner of fluctuation of a fuel pressure with injection of fuel by a fuel injection valve with the use of a fuel pressure sensor, and calculates a tendency of deviation of an actual fuel injection characteristic of the fuel injection valve with respect to a basic fuel injection characteristic on the basis of a result of comparison between a detected temporal waveform and a basic temporal waveform. The tendency of deviation is reflected at a predetermined reflection rate (r) at the time of updating a learned value (gij) for compensating for an individual difference of the fuel injection valve.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Electrode assembly for use with surgical instruments

A system for treating tissue is provided. The system includes a source of electrosurgical energy and one or more microcontrollers.
Covidien Lp

Pressure monitoring shoe

A pressure monitoring shoe comprises a main shoe body, a data processing device and at least two pressure sensors. The pressure sensors are arranged at one or a plurality of locations where the main shoe body is in contact with a foot, and the pressure sensor comprises a flexible textile sensor and an encapsulation device for encapsulating the flexible textile sensor.
Advanpro Limited

Resuscitation assembly with peep valve

Resuscitation assembly (101) comprising a patient mask (107), a ventilation bag (105), an inflation valve (113), an exhalation valve (111), and an expiration indicator (119). The expiration indicator (119) is a positive end expiratory pressure valve in the form of a slit valve that exhibits a slit (131) in a flexible sheet part (125).
Laerdal Global Health As


An isolator includes: a working chamber in which work is conducted; an atomizer configured to atomize air or a decontamination material in the working chamber: a pump configured to supply the decontamination material to the atomizer; a compressor configured to supply air to the atomizer; a pressure sensor configured to measure an internal pressure of the working chamber; and a control unit configured to perform a leak test, in which the compressor is driven to supply air from the atomizer into the working chamber thereby pressuring the working chamber, and airtightness of the working chamber is tested based on the internal pressure of the working chamber measured by the pressure sensor.. .
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Mobile hydraulic generator and control method thereof

Disclosed are a mobile hydraulic generator having rapid response by scattering a small motor for generating a flow of fluid and a small pump, and a control method thereof. The mobile hydraulic generator includes: a flow generator including n pumps operated by n motors to generate an amount of a hydraulic fluid; a proportional hydraulic control valve to control output hydraulic pressure according to the amount of the hydraulic fluid; a pressure sensor to detect the output hydraulic pressure; and a hydraulic servo loop controller to which required hydraulic pressure and required amount of fluid are input by a user, to which feedback the output hydraulic pressure, to generate a pressure control signal for controlling the proportional hydraulic control valve based on the required hydraulic pressure and a change amount of the output hydraulic pressure and to generate an rpm input signal for controlling rpm of the n motors..
Knr Systems Inc.

Pump housing

A pump housing has a spiral housing and includes a suction channel (14) which runs out in a space (15). The space (15) is for arranging an impeller (6), rotatable about a rotation axis (5), and includes a spirally peripheral channel (16) open to the space (15) and running out into a pressure channel.
Grundfos Holding A/s

Handheld computing platform with integrated pressure sensor and associated methods of use

Receipt of user input may be facilitated using a handheld computing platform with an integrated pressure sensor. Exemplary implementations may allow a user to simply squeeze the handheld computing platform in order to control one or more aspects of operation of the handheld computing platform.
Ez As A Drink Productions, Inc.

Pressure sensor having down-set flag

A semiconductor sensor device has a lead frame having an outer frame with wire bond pads and a die pad to which a pressure sensor die is mounted. The die pad is vertically offset from the outer frame and wire bond pads by tie bars that have down set structures.

Chlorine measurement/filter testing/brine container monitoring of a water treatment system

The water treatment system, particularly reverse-osmosis system, comprising a water line with a plurality of filter stages, is characterized in that before and after at least one filter stage a respective line branches off from the water line, which is provided with a valve adapted to be switched by a control device and leads to a pressure sensor device.. .

Pressure sensor

A pressure sensor is provided, which includes a pressure detector that has a pressure receiving surface in contact with a liquid, and detects a pressure of the liquid to a pressure receiving section, and a housing having a housing inner wall that demarcates a liquid chamber, wherein the housing inner wall is provided with an inflow hole, and an outflow hole, at least a part of a connecting portion, which is connected to the pressure receiving surface, of the housing inner wall is formed as an inner wall of the outflow hole, and the housing inner wall at the portion formed as the inner wall of the outflow hole protrudes more outward of the liquid chamber than the other connecting portion adjacent to the portion formed as the inner wall of the outflow hole.. .
Surpass Industry Co., Ltd.

Tire pressure sensing device and the production thereof

The invention relates to a tire pressure sensing device for detecting the tire pressure in a pneumatic tire, comprising a pressure sensor (6) in a housing (1); a tire valve (11) or another retainer to be fastened to the rim, which bears the housing; a spring element (2), which is connected to the tire valve or the other retainer at one end and to the housing (1) at the other end, wherein the spring element is partially embedded in the housing and the housing has at least one opening (4, 5) in the area in which the spring element is embedded, said opening being partially or completely opened up by a soft component (13), which partially surrounds the spring element.. .
Alligator Ventilfabrik Gmbh

Device and diagnosing evaporated fuel processing device

An evaporated fuel processing apparatus includes a valve between a canister and a fuel tank, and maintains the fuel tank in hermetic state by closing the valve while a vehicle is stationary, and adsorbs evaporated fuel by the canister by opening the valve during fuel filling, wherein the evaporated fuel occurs in the fuel tank. A diagnostic apparatus includes: a pump connected to a canister-side region with respect to the valve, and configured to pressurize a system of the canister and the fuel tank; and a pressure sensor for sensing an internal pressure of the system.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Method of monitoring wear in a diaphragm valve using pressure detection

A system for detecting wear in a flush valve includes at least one pressure sensor adapted to measure a water pressure within the flush valve and at least one microprocessor in communication with the at least one pressure sensor. The at least one microprocessor is configured to determine the water pressure within the flush valve measured by the at least one pressure sensor at or after a predetermined time following operation of the flush valve that is equal to or exceeding a known time required to reseal the flush valve during normal operation, compare the determined water pressure with a pressure value sufficient to reseal the flush valve during normal operation, and determine if the flush valve is worn based at least partially on the comparison.
Sdb Ip Holdings, Llc

System, applying air pressure on a portion of the body of an individual

A system is provided by applying pressure to a portion of a body of an individual in a chamber having an aperture along a vertical axis for receiving the portion of the body of the individual. A pressure sensor is coupled to the chamber for measuring a pressure inside the chamber.

Apparatus and methods for non-invasively measuring a patient's arterial blood pressure

Improved apparatus and methods for non-invasively assessing one or more hemodynamic parameters associated with the circulatory system of a living organism. In one aspect, the invention comprises an apparatus adapted to automatically and accurately place and maintain a sensor (e.g., tonometric pressure sensor) with respect to the anatomy of the subject.
Tensys Medical, Inc.

Systems and methods for labeling crowd sourced data

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for labeling crowd sourced data are presented. In some embodiments, a method for labeling crowd sourced data may include: receiving an atmospheric pressure signal from a mobile device associated with a venue, the mobile device comprising an atmospheric pressure sensor; clustering a plurality of atmospheric pressure signals from a plurality of mobile devices associated with the venue into a plurality of clusters; assigning a label to each of the plurality of clusters; receiving signal measurements from one or more of the plurality of mobile devices; and applying the label to the signal measurement..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method for actuating a brake light of a hydraulic driven working machine

A method is provided for actuating a brake light of a hydraulic driven working machine that includes equipment to detect the condition of travel including a travel speed sensor, a gear selector switch, a travel direction switch and a travel pedal pressure sensor. The equipment automatically activates a brake light via a control circuit depending on the selected gear if the machine decelerates without the brake pedal being pushed..

Aircraft tire pressure sensor resonant loop link

The aircraft tire pressure resonant loop link assembly electromagnetically couples a magnetic field between a wheel axle electromagnetic adapter transformer primary coil and a tire pressure sensor receiver coil for powering a tire pressure sensor, and includes a pair of spaced apart electrically conductive connecting arms, a single electrically conductive primary loop electrically connected to first ends of the connecting arms mounted adjacent to a secondary tire pressure sensor coil, and a circuit including a resonant tuning capacitor and a secondary coil with one or more electrically conductive loops at second ends of the connecting arms. The tire pressure sensor coil pair includes a transformer core, and secondary resonant coil pair also includes a transformer core..
Eldec Corporation

Mems capacitive pressure sensors and fabrication method thereof

A mems capacitive pressure sensor is provided. The mems capacitive pressure sensor includes a substrate having a first region and a second region, and a first dielectric layer formed on the substrate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

Mems pressure sensors and fabrication method thereof

A mems capacitive pressure sensor is provided. The pressure sensor includes a substrate having a first region and a second region, and a first dielectric layer formed on the substrate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

Method and permanent measurement of wellbore formation pressure from an in-situ cemented location

A pressure gauge system and a method for in-situ determination of a wellbore formation pressure through a layer of cement, where the pressure gauge system comprises: a housing arranged to be permanently installed in the cement on the outside of a wellbore casing, wherein said housing comprises a pressure sensor with an output pressure signal, wherein: the pressure gauge system further comprises: a first temperature sensor with a first temperature signal, a second temperature sensor with a second temperature signal; and a computer implemented compensation means arranged to receive the pressure signal, the first and second temperature signals, and calculate a temperature compensated output pressure signal.. .
Sensor Developments As

Detection device for metal strips or plates

A device for detecting the presence of rolling or cast stock, more particularly a metal strip or plate, in a casting, rolling or other strip processing facility, wherein the device includes a detection device for detecting a fluid jet which indicates the presence of the rolling or cast stock. The detection device in turn has an air-filled cavity, which has a tubular opening, and a pressure sensor for detecting an air pressure change in the cavity when the fluid jet hits the tubular opening.
Sms Siemag Aktiengesellschaft

Measurement system

A system for determining the position of a piston in a subsea accumulator, comprising: a sensor module comprising: a housing; an ultrasonic transducer facing the piston and configured to transmit an ultrasonic pulse through a fluid medium toward a surface of the piston; a pressure sensor configured to; and a temperature sensor; a control connector coupled to the sensor module capable of providing hardware and software functions to measure transit time of the ultrasonic signal from the ultrasonic transducer to the surface of the piston, comprising electronics for controlling the ultrasonic transducer, pressure sensor and temperature sensor; wherein the transit times of the ultrasonic signals across the fluid medium are measured and combined with a computed velocity of sound as a function of temperature/pressure to determine the distance between the ultrasonic transducer and the surface of the piston.. .
Cameron International Corporation

Sensors for measuring temperature, pressure transducers including temperature sensors and related assemblies and methods

Quartz resonator pressure transducers for use in subterranean boreholes include a quartz pressure sensor and an electronic temperature sensor. Temperature sensors include a constant current generator, a proportional to absolute temperature (ptat) current generator, and a relaxation oscillator.
Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

Dual chamber volume measurement apparatus and methods of making and using the same

An apparatus for performing volume measurement of a person, animal or object, and methods of making and using the same are described. The apparatus includes first and second chambers in gaseous communication, first and second pressure sensors that measure the air pressure inside the first and second chambers, a pump configured to move air from or to the first and/or second chambers, and a control system connected to the first and second pressure sensors and the pump.

Constant-temperature liquid circulation apparatus and operation method thereof

An operation method of a constant-temperature liquid circulation apparatus includes: performing control such that the fan is not activated, or is activated to maintain a minimum rotation speed when a refrigerant pressure measured by the pressure sensor does not reach a reference pressure region after the compressor is activated; controlling the refrigerant pressure by performing inverter control on a rotation speed of the fan when the refrigerant pressure reaches the reference pressure region; and controlling a rotation speed of the compressor to be reduced from a high rotation speed which is a rotation speed during a steady operation while maintaining the rotation speed of the fan at a maximum rotation speed when the refrigerant pressure continues to further rise and exceeds an upper limit value even after the rotation speed of the fan reaches the maximum rotation speed.. .
Smc Corporation

Enhancing geolocation using barometric data to determine floors at a location

Aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques for determining floors at a geographic location using barometric air pressure sensors in a mobile phone. An exemplary method includes identifying a first height associated with a location based on a client device.
Google Inc.

Implantable device for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome and the corresponding method

Implantable device (10) for the treatment of hydrocephalus syndrome in a patient, comprising movement means (11), implantable in the patient, designed to move the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) in the patient's skull in order to control the intracranial pressure (icp); a pressure sensor (17) designed to detect the instant pressure (icp, pmis) of the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) in the skull; and electronic monitoring and control means (20, 21, 22) designed to govern the operation of device (10); wherein movement means (11) comprise an assembly consisting of a rotary volumetric micropump (12); a catheter (13) connected at one extremity to micropump (12); and a bag (14), made of yielding material, fitted at the other extremity of the catheter and designed to contract and expand, wherein said assembly is filled with a given volume of a service fluid (f) which remains constant over time, and wherein electronic monitoring and control means (20, 21, 22) are designed to process the values (pmis), as detected by sensor (17), of the instant pressure (icp) of cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and to generate a corresponding control signal (v, s), which in turn drives micropump (12), and consequently controls the contraction and expansion of bag (14) so that the amplitude of the variable component of the intracranial pressure (icp) due to the cardiac cycle is minimised.. .
Siad Healthcare S.p.a.

Fluid line occlusion detection system and methods

The systems, methods and articles described herein are directed to at least one pressure sensor along a downstream fluid line which senses fluid pressure and assists an occlusion detection feature in determining the presence of occlusions in the downstream fluid line. In addition, the system can dynamically adapt the occlusion detection feature based on a delivery of fluid, such as a bolus, in order to prevent the system from creating a false alarm regarding an occlusion of the downstream fluid line..
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Peritoneal dialysis systems, devices, and methods

An automated peritoneal dialysis system provides various features including prescription-driven dialysis fluid preparation, an integrated disposable fluid circuit, and sensor capabilities that allow accurate filing and draining control with high safety margins. Features include a peritoneal fluid circuit with a pressure sensor at either end and methods and devices for using the pressure signals.
Nxstage Medical, Inc.

Electronic blood pressure meter and control method thereof

A blood pressure meter includes an air bladder for attachment to a measurement area, a pressure sensor, a pump a valve, drive circuits, a cpu connected to the pressure sensor and the drive circuits, for controlling the adjustment of the internal pressure of the air bladder and calculating a blood pressure value based on a change in the internal pressure resulting from the adjustment, and a holding portion, into and from which air can flow from and to the air bladder, that has a lower volume than the air bladder. The air can flow from the holding portion into the air bladder in the case where a predetermined pressure is applied to the holding portion.
Omron Health Co., Ltd.

Pressure-activated server cooling system

A pressure-activated server cooling system includes a server rack that houses one or more servers. The server rack has an interior plenum.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.

Electronic device

An electronic device includes a touch panel, a pressure sensor that detects pressure applied to the touch panel, a vibrator and a processor, wherein, at the time point at which the pressure becomes less than a threshold during a decrease in the pressure, the processor operates the vibrator when the processor determines that a touch is being performed on the touch panel, and the processor does not operate the vibrator when the processor determines that a touch is not being performed on the touch panel.. .
Fujitsu Limited

System and tire burst detection

Tire pressure monitoring systems and methods for detecting a tire burst are disclosed. The system may include a tire pressure sensor, a tire pressure monitor, and a tire burst indicator.
Goodrich Corporation

Semiconductor pressure sensor device and manufacturing the same

Aspects of a semiconductor pressure sensor device can include a semiconductor substrate having a depressed portion which forms a vacuum reference chamber, a diaphragm disposed on the front surface of the semiconductor substrate, and strain gauge resistors. The device can further include an aluminium wiring layer disposed on the semiconductor substrate, an antireflection film which is a tin film disposed on the aluminium wiring layer, an adhesion securing and diffusion preventing layer which is a film stack of a cr film and pt film disposed on the tin film, and an au film stacked on the adhesion securing and diffusion preventing layer..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Self-leveling system with auto feedback control

A leveling system includes a chassis and a first foot protruding from the chassis. The leveling system also includes a plurality of pressure sensors to measure pressure at a first location at the first foot and a second location separated from the first foot.

Hydraulic accumulator pre-charge pressure detection

A system including a hydraulic accumulator, a pressure sensor, a fluid source and a data processor to detect a pre-charge pressure is provided. The hydraulic accumulator includes first and second fluid chambers and a separator therebetween.
Caterpillar Inc.

Flow sensor

A flow sensor comprises a flow restriction disposed within a passage such that a fluid passing through the passage must pass through the flow restriction. The flow sensor also has an upstream pressure sensor coupled to the passage at a point upstream of the flow restriction and configured to measure and provide an upstream pressure of the fluid within the passage, a downstream pressure sensor coupled to the passage at a point downstream of the flow restriction and configured to measure and provide a downstream pressure of the fluid within the passage, and a temperature sensor coupled to the passage and configured to measure and provide a temperature of the fluid within the passage.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Sheet pressure sensor

A sheet pressure sensor includes a first fiber layer, a second fiber layer, and a third fiber layer provided between the first and second fiber layers. The third fiber layer has connecting yarns that electrically connect first conductive portions of the first fiber layer and the second conductive portion in the second fiber layer with a predetermined electric resistivity.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

High integrity process fluid pressure probe

A process fluid pressure measurement probe includes a pressure sensor formed of a single-crystal material and mounted to a first metallic process fluid barrier and disposed for direct contact with a process fluid. The pressure sensor has an electrical characteristic that varies with process fluid pressure.
Rosemount Inc.

Mattress, pressure sensor calibration method, and bed device

When pressure detected by a pressure sensor connected to a calibration standard cell has continuously fallen within a regulated pressure range at calibration for a regulated duration at calibration, zero-adjustment is performed based on the pressure value detected by the pressure sensor. Then, communication between the plurality of cells is created to perform internal pressure adjustment of the plurality of cells to a predetermined internal pressure value, based on the pressure value detected by the pressure sensor connected to the calibration standard cell and calibrate each of pressure sensors connecting to the plurality of cells, based on the adjusted internal pressure.
Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Pressure Sensor for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Pressure Sensor with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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