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Pressure Sensor patents

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Pressure sensor device and assembly method

Pressure sensor device and assembly method

Floor covering item for detecting droppages

Abcd Innovation

Floor covering item for detecting droppages

Floor covering item for detecting droppages

Ford Global Technologies

Sensor for contactless electrocardiographic measurement

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pressure Sensor-related patents
 Apparatus and  configuring a tire pressure monitoring system patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and configuring a tire pressure monitoring system
Various embodiments of an apparatus and method for configuring a tire pressure monitoring system are disclosed. One method comprises rotating a first tire of a plurality of tires on a vehicle and receiving a signal indicative of the speed of rotation of the first tire from a wheel speed sensor associated with the first tire.
Bendix Commerical Vehicle Systems Llc
 Pressure-based flow rate measurement for ocular implants patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure-based flow rate measurement for ocular implants
Described herein is an iop control device for implantation in an eye of a patient, comprising a drainage tube, a pressure-driven flow system, and a flow rate measurement system. The drainage tube includes a drainage lumen in fluid communication with an anterior chamber of the eye.
Alcon Research, Ltd.
 Monitoring sleep stages to determine optimal arousal times and to alert an individual to negative states of wakefulness patent thumbnailnew patent Monitoring sleep stages to determine optimal arousal times and to alert an individual to negative states of wakefulness
A system and method for monitoring sleep stages to determine optimal arousal times and to alert an individual to negative states of wakefulness. In an embodiment, a device receives pressure data from at least one pressure sensor, where the pressure sensor is associated with furniture used for an individual to sleep.
Intel-ge Care Innovations Llc
 Pulmonary compliance and air flow resistance patent thumbnailnew patent Pulmonary compliance and air flow resistance
Methods and apparatuses are described for direct rapid measurement of pulmonary flow resistance. A measurement of a first pressure in a gas-tight chamber is received from a pressure sensor when a gas output port of the chamber is closed, a patient is blowing into a gas inlet of the chamber at a given pressure, and a gas-flow path between the inlet and output port has a resistance value.
 Sensor for contactless electrocardiographic measurement patent thumbnailnew patent Sensor for contactless electrocardiographic measurement
A sensor for contactless electrocardiographic measurement on a person includes a carrier for mounting to a seat, an electrode for registering a measurement signal, a pressure sensor supporting the electrode on the carrier, and moisture and temperature sensors mounted to the carrier to detect conditions adjacent to the electrode and the subject person. The moisture sensor and the temperature sensor may be adjacent to at least one opening in the electrode.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc
 Guidewire with internal pressure sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Guidewire with internal pressure sensor
The present document describes a pressure guidewire comprising a shaft tube, a tip portion and a fiber optic pressure sensor. The shaft tube comprises a middle section and a sensor housing extending distally relative to the middle section, the sensor housing having a distal end.
 Systems and methods for priming an intraocular pressure sensor chamber patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for priming an intraocular pressure sensor chamber
An intraocular pressure monitoring and sensing device for implantation in an eye of a patient may include a substrate having a pressure sensor disposed on a top surface thereof and a pressure sensor cap disposed on the substrate over the pressure sensor. The pressure sensor cap may include a wall structure extending from the top surface of the substrate, the wall structure laterally surrounding the pressure sensor.
Alcon Research, Ltd.
 Acoustic source separation patent thumbnailnew patent Acoustic source separation
A system for directionally selective sound reception comprises an array of pressure sensors each arranged to output a pressure signal indicative of pressure, and processing means arranged to receive the pressure signals, identify a plurality of frequency components of the signals, identify at least one source direction, and identify at least one of the components as coming from the source direction. The sensor array comprises support means having two opposite sides and four sensors, at least one of the sensors being supported on each of the sides of the support means..
University Of Surrey
 Non-intrusive pressure sensor system patent thumbnailnew patent Non-intrusive pressure sensor system
A conduit pressure sensor system and a process for non-intrusively determining the pressure within a conduit. In one example, the sensor system has a base section having an external surface and an internal region in fluid connection with the conduit.
 Floor covering item for detecting droppages patent thumbnailnew patent Floor covering item for detecting droppages
A covering component for detecting falls includes: a body delimited by edges, a plurality of pressure sensors distributed in accordance with a selected geometry in the body, a processing unit connected to at least some of the pressure sensors and which is arranged to collect state information of these pressure sensors, and at least a first socket and a second socket, each of which is connected to the processing unit which is arranged in the region of an edge, and which is arranged so as to be able to be connected to a socket of another similar component. The processing unit is arranged to: associate location information taken from this state information with location information of the component, receive via the first socket information originating from a first other similar component, and transmit, via the second socket, the associated information and/or received information to a second other similar component..
Abcd Innovation
new patent

Tire pressure monitoring system

A tire pressure monitoring system includes a tire valve stem mounted tire pressure gauge and an externally powerable remote display unit. The pressure gauge includes a pressure sensor, a wake circuit, a processor, and a first radio frequency (rf) module.
Measurement Ltd.
new patent

Hydraulic leveling system improvements

A hydraulic leveling system for a vehicle has at least one set of hydraulic jacks that are extended by applying hydraulic pump pressure to an extend side of the jacks and are retracted by relieving hydraulic pressure from the extend side and applying hydraulic pressure to a retract side of the jacks. A pressure sensor has a pressure set point that when it is exceeded the system generates a signal indicating retraction of the jacks.
Actuant Corporation
new patent

Pressure sensor device and assembly method

A semiconductor sensor device is assembled using a pre-molded lead frame having first and second die flags. The first die flag includes a cavity.
new patent

Method for controlling an internal combustion engine

A method for controlling an internal combustion engine includes: using the pressure sensor method, determining for a first injector a first control period during which a desired quantity of fuel is injected into a lead cylinder; controlling the first injector with the first control period and entering a quantity replacement signal resulting therefrom into a training characteristic field as a function of the drive train parameters; and using null quantity calibration, varying for all further cylinders a control period of the injectors assigned to the cylinders until the quantity replacement signal is reached.. .
new patent

Method for operating a vacuum generator and a vacuum generator for carrying out said method

The present invention is directed toward a method for operating a manipulator system having a vacuum manipulator device for manipulating a workpiece and a vacuum generator for generating a vacuum. The vacuum generator has a suction connection for suctioning in order to provide a vacuum supply for the vacuum manipulator device.
J. Schmatz Gmbh
new patent

Metal bellows condition monitoring system

A system for monitoring conditions associated with a pressure-equalizing bellows element within a seal section of an electric submersible pump assembly. Pressure sensors are associated with the seal section to detect differential pressure across the bellows element..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Smart razor handle

Smart razor handle with scanner, pressure sensor, processing unit, memory, programming keys, and integrated screen is aimed to enhance performance, ease of use, and provide additional comfort to the user while using shaving cartridge. The smart handle provides the user with important information regarding the shaving cartridges through the integrated screen, and speaker..
Kaled Al-hasan

Method of estimating the injection pressure of an internal combustion engine

A method of estimating an injection pressure for an internal combustion engine of an automotive system is disclosed that is well-suited for use with a digital pressure sensor, which periodically acquires injection pressure signals. An updated injection pressure value is calculated starting from an injection pressure signal and compensated with a pressure-correcting parameter, based on an elapsed time from the injection pressure signal acquisition, an actual engine speed and an actual fuel injection quantity..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Medical device systems including an optical fiber with a tapered core

A medical device system may include a guidewire including a distal pressure sensor and a proximal end. A connector cable may be coupled to the proximal end of the guidewire and may have a proximal end.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Systems and methods for control of motion sickness within a moving structure due to infrasound pressures

Systems and methods for controlling a source of physiological affliction within a moving enclosed structure, such as a vehicle, which defines an interior. The system includes: at least one pressure fluctuation generator, at least one pressure sensor located to sense pressure indicative of the interior of the structure; and at least one controller configured to: determine, from the first pressure sensor information, at least one pressure disturbance within the interior of the structure; and control the at least one pressure fluctuation generator to cancel the at least one pressure disturbance within the interior of the structure.
Kevin Allan Dooley Inc.

Information gauge with analog backup

An information gauge apparatus and method for providing both visual and audio readings of pressure within a pressure vessel. The information gauge apparatus includes a digital display coupled to a printed circuit board in communication with a pressure sensor.
Western/the Scott Fetzer Company

Test structure and methodology for estimating sensitivity of pressure sensors

A test structure includes two capacitor structures, wherein one of the capacitor structures has conductor plates spaced apart by a cavity, and the other capacitor structure does not include a cavity. Methodology entails forming the test structure and a pressure sensor on the same substrate using the same fabrication process techniques.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Li/metal battery with shape change control

An electrochemical battery system in one embodiment includes a first electrochemical cell including an anode with a form of lithium, a first plurality of pressure sensors positioned and configured to sense localized variations in pressure along the anode, a memory in which command instructions are stored, and a processor configured to execute the command instructions to (i) identify an indication of a variation in localized pressure along the anode, and (ii) selectively control the first electrochemical cell based upon the identified indication.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Glow plug with pressure sensor

A glow plug (100) includes: a housing (130) having a metal shell (110) and a cap unit (120); and a heater unit (150). A coupling member (180) is joined with the housing (130) and is also joined with the heater unit (150) at its edge portion (188), so as to enable the heater unit (150) to move along an axis line o and couple the heater unit (150) with the housing (130).
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Glow plug

A glow plug includes a cylindrical housing, a rod-shaped heater, a membrane portion, and a pressure sensor. The cylindrical housing extends along an axial direction.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Pressure sensor and microphone

According to one embodiment, a pressure sensor includes a base, and a first sensor unit. The first sensor unit includes a first transducer thin film, a first strain sensing device and a second strain sensing device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Resonant pressure sensor and manufacturing method therefor

A resonant pressure sensor includes a first substrate including a diaphragm and at least one projection disposed on the diaphragm, and at least one resonator disposed in the first substrate, at least a part of the resonator being included in the projection, and the resonator being disposed between a top of the projection and an intermediate level of the first substrate.. .
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Static and dynamic pressure compensation for intake oxygen sensing

An oxygen sensor pressure compensation system includes a static pressure compensation module to receive an oxygen sensor signal from an oxygen sensor and a pressure signal from a pressure sensor and to perform static pressure compensation. A dynamic pressure compensation module receives the oxygen sensor signal and the pressure signal and to perform dynamic pressure compensation.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Control device and control multi-cylinder internal combustion engine

An electronic control unit, in an idle operating state, detects a crankshaft rotation fluctuation in each cylinder using a crank angle sensor, and updates an individual correction value for a control value for each fuel injection valve as a first learned value such that a degree of deviation in the crankshaft rotation fluctuation among the cylinders reduces. The electronic control unit uses a fuel pressure sensor to detect a manner of a fuel pressure fluctuation with fuel injection by each fuel injection valve, and updates an individual correction value for a control value for each fuel injection valve as a second learned value based on a result of comparison between a detected temporal waveform and a basic temporal waveform.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Intraocular pressure sensing devices and associated systems and methods

The present technology relates generally to intraocular pressure (“iop”) monitoring systems and associated devices and methods. In some embodiments, an intraocular pressure monitoring system configured in accordance with the technology comprises an implantable intraocular assembly and an external unit configured to transmit power to and receive data from the intraocular assembly.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Pointing device for a portable computer

A pointing device for a portable computer is disclosed. The pointing device includes an operation cover for covering a first and second pressure sensors.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Signal transponder transceiving signals using different communication protocols and transceiving signals using different communication protocols

A signal transponder transceiving signals using different communication protocols has a control module, a receiving module and a transmitting module. The control module is electrically connected to the receiving module and the transmitting module, is built in with multiple communication protocols, decodes a tire pressure signal transmitted from and encoded by an external tire pressure sensor with one of the communication protocols, encodes the decoded information to a new tire pressure signal, and further transmits the new tire pressure signal to a tire pressure receiver.
Orange Electronic Co., Ltd.

Micro flow filtration system and flow filtration method

A micro flow filtration system comprises a fluid circuitry (3) and a first reservoir (1) outside the circuitry (3) suitable for containing a fluid. The fluid circuitry (3) comprises a tangential flow filtration module (10) capable of separating the fluid sample into a retentate stream and a permeate stream upon passage of the fluid sample into the tangential flow filtration module (10) through an inlet feed (18).
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

Ship, fuel gas supply apparatus, and fuel gas supply method

A ship includes a main pipe that guides cng whose pressure is increased by an lng pump to the engine; a pressure sensor that measures the pressure of cng to be supplied to the engine; a pressure adjustment valve that adjusts the pressure of the cng to a set pressure according to engine load; a differential pressure sensor that measures a differential pressure before and after the pressure adjustment valve; and a buffer tank that absorbs a variable pressure of the cng in the main pipe. The discharge pressure of the lng pump is controlled such that the differential pressure is increased when the pressure is low, and the differential pressure is decreased when the pressure is high..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Absolute pressure sensor with improved bonding boundary

A pressure sensor includes a top cap with a recess formed in an end of the top cap and a cavity formed in the end of the top cap to communicate with the recess. The cavity extends further axially into the top cap than the recess thereby having depth greater than a depth of the recess.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Electrostatic capacitive pressure sensor

An electrostatic capacitive pressure sensor includes: a housing having an inlet portion for a fluid; a sensor chip that detects, as a change in electrostatic capacitance, a change in a diaphragm that flexes upon receipt of a pressure of the fluid, which has entered through the inlet portion; and a baffle that prevents deposition, onto the diaphragm, of a contaminating substance included in the fluid, provided within a flow path of the fluid that is subject to measurement between the inlet portion and the diaphragm. The baffle has a cylindrical structure that is closed on one end, disposed with the direction that is perpendicular to a pressure-bearing surface of the diaphragm as the axial direction.
Azbil Corporation

Pressure-measuring glow plug

A pressure-measuring glow plug has a heating pin for igniting a combustion mixture of an internal combustion engine and a pressure sensor for detecting a combustion chamber pressure of the internal combustion engine. The pressure-measuring glow plug has a contacting unit which includes a carrier for accommodating a signal processing unit and a plug connection having connecting contacts in a plug housing.

Device and diagnosing evaporated fuel processing device

An evaporated fuel processing apparatus includes a valve between a canister and a fuel tank, and adsorbs evaporated fuel by the canister during fuel filling, and introduces into an intake air line of an internal combustion engine and processes the evaporated fuel while the internal combustion engine is operating. A diagnostic apparatus includes: a pump for pressurizing a system including the fuel tank and the canister; and a pressure sensor for sensing an internal pressure of the system.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Hybrid working machine

Pressure sensors are provided to detect the delivery pressure of a hydraulic pump, the output pressure of an engine revolution speed detecting valve, and the output pressure of a differential pressure reducing valve generating the differential pressure between the delivery pressure of the hydraulic pump and a maximum load pressure. A vehicle controller calculates virtually the displacement of the hydraulic pump by use of the detected pressures and an equation of motion about a swash plate of the hydraulic pump, calculates the power need of the hydraulic pump and the output of the engine using these values, and switches a motor between powering and generation control in accordance with the result of a comparison between the pump power need and the engine output.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Method and estimating an alcohol concentration in an alcohol fuel mixture supplied to an internal combustion engine

The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for estimating an alcohol concentration in an alcohol fuel mixture supplied to an internal combustion engine, wherein the operation of the internal combustion engine supplied with the alcohol fuel mixture is operated in a stoichiometric condition, a first parameter is determined on the basis of a signal from a pressure sensor sensing the pressure inside a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine being controlled in the stoichiometric condition, and the alcohol concentration of the alcohol fuel mixture is determined on the basis of the determined first parameter and a relation between the first parameter and the alcohol concentration of the alcohol fuel mixture.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Aircraft including a system for measuring pressure, and an associated method

A system (34) on board the aircraft, which system is suitable for determining a pressure measurement firstly from the transmitted signal and secondly from a position of the pressure sensor (22) relative to the aircraft (10). Pressure is measured dynamically while the aircraft is climbing or descending..

Improved optical fiber feedthrough incorporating fiber bragg grating

Methods and systems for effectively sealing a fiber optic line to a pressure gauge device are disclosed. A pressure gauge device has an outer body, a reference volume within the outer body and a pressure sensor having a first side and a second side.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Inertial and pressure sensors on single chip

In one embodiment, the process flow for a capacitive pressures sensor is combined with the process flow for an inertial sensor. In this way, an inertial sensor is realized within the membrane layer of the pressure sensor.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Device and minimizing the effect of ambient conditions on the operation of a heat exchanger

The present invention for includes a method for minimizing the undesired effect of wind on the operation of a heat exchanger system for cooling liquid having a plurality of finned tube arrays and a plurality of fans for inducing air through the finned tube array, the method comprising the steps of: setting the angle of deflection of the wind deflectors other than the angle of deflection of the uppermost position of the wind deflectors; collecting readings of outlet temperature sensor of the heat exchanger, ambient temperature, wind sensor and inlet air pressure sensor of the heat exchanger; recording readings of outlet temperature sensor of the heat exchanger, ambient temperature, wind sensor and inlet air pressure sensor of the heat exchanger; comparing readings of outlet temperature sensor of the heat exchanger, ambient temperature, wind sensor and inlet air pressure sensor of the heat exchanger to previous readings; and carrying out a correction command if the the readings have changed.. .

Method for producing a pressure sensor and corresponding sensor

The invention relates to a method for producing a pressure sensor, comprising the following steps: assembling a support substrate with a deformable membrane on which strain gauges have been deposited, wherein the deformable membrane comprises a thinned area at the centre thereof, the support substrate is disposed on top of the deformable membrane, the support substrate comprises an upper surface and a lower surface in contact with the deformable membrane, and the support substrate also comprises lateral recesses arranged on top of the strain gauges and a central recess arranged on top of the thinned area of the membrane, so as to obtain a micromechanical structure; and, once the assembly has been obtained, depositing, in a single step, at least one conductive material on the upper surface of the support and in the lateral recesses of the support, said conductive material extending into the recesses in order to be in contact with the strain gauges so as to form electrical contacts in contact with the strain gauges.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Laboratoire D'analyse Et D'archit

Diagnose arrangement for a vehicle pedestrian impact sensor

The present invention relates to a vehicle impact sensor device adapted to detect an impact between a vehicle (1) and a person. The sensor device (6) comprises a tubular enclosure (7) which encloses a gas-filled space (8).
Autoliv Development Ab

Road surface management system

A road surface management system is capable of detecting road surface conditions that tend to damage dump trucks and displaying the positions of such road surfaces. When the traveling speed of the dump truck is higher than or equal to a preset threshold value, the server judges whether or not each of the pressures of suspensions of the dump truck detected by pressure sensors is within a reference range which has been set corresponding to each suspension.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Steering wheel adjusting stiffness and receiving pressure and controlling the same

A steering wheel apparatus for adjusting stiffness and receiving a pressure is provided. The apparatus includes a rim having a ring-shaped frame structure and an air container disposed around an outer surface of the rim.
Hyundai Motor Company

Tire load sensing system

A vehicle tire load sensing system includes distance sensors mounted on the vehicle near each tire. The distance sensors generate distance signals representing a distance from the sensor to a track that is left in the soil during forward vehicle travel.
Deere & Company

Ffr sensor head design that minimizes stress induced pressure offsets

A pressure sensing medical device may include a guidewire including a tubular member having a lumen, the tubular member being translatable between a generally straightened position and a deflected position, and a pressure sensor attached at a distal end of a fiber optic extending within the lumen, the pressure sensor being disposed within a distal portion of the tubular member. The pressure sensor may include a pressure-sensitive membrane disposed on a distal end thereof.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Method and system for detecting cardiac tamponade in a patient

System for indicating a possibility a cardiac tamponade occurring in a patient, comprising: —a right atrium pressure sensor, configured for measuring a right atrium pressure in a right atrium of the patient; —an intra pericardial pressure sensor, configured for measuring an intra pericardial pressure in a portion of an intra-pericardial space of the patient; —a processing device that is operatively connected to the pressure sensors, is provided with a predetermined statistical distribution of pressure versus tamponade probabilities, and is configured for: —determining a trans-mural pressure difference between the right atrium pressure and the intra pericardial pressure; —comparing the trans-mural pressure difference with the statistical distribution, and —indicating the possibility of cardiac tamponade occurrence, based on the trans-mural pressure difference comparison.. .

Device and measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat

The present disclosure discloses a device and a method for measuring gas chemical solvent absorption and desorption reaction heat. The device comprises an outer casing; an metal guard inner shell; a reactor; a pressure sensor; a thermal insulation material between the outer casing and the metal guard inner shell; guard electric heaters provided respectively in an upper portion and a lower portion of an outer periphery of the metal guard inner shell; a glass fiber thermal insulation layer between the inner metal guard shell and the reactor; temperature thermocouples provided in the glass fiber thermal insulation layer; a glass fiber board provided in a lower portion of an outer periphery of the reactor; main electric heaters between the glass fiber board and the reactor; a liquid inlet pipe and a gas discharge pipe; a temperature thermistor, a liquid discharge pipe; a data acquisition board; a computer; and a power supply..
China University Of Petroleum (huadong)

Intelligent boom control hydraulic system

An intelligent knuckle boom control system is disclosed where hoist and stick cylinders raise and lower main and stick booms, respectively, a base end control valve controls flow to the hoist and stick cylinder base ends, a hoist rod control valve controls flow to the hoist cylinder rod end, and a stick rod control valve controls flow to the stick cylinder rod end. A microprocessor computes control signals to direct flow through the control valves based on operator commands and boom position readings.
Deere & Company

Apparatus and navigating on a touch sensitive screen thereof

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus (100), such as a portable electronic device, for navigating on a touch sensitive screen (110) of the apparatus (100). The method comprises sensing the amount of pressure exerted on the touch sensitive screen (100) by means of a pressure sensor (140).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Position control apparatus using joystick

Disclosed herein is a position control apparatus using a joystick, capable of restricting motion of an object when pressure acting on the object is sensed and the pressure is applied thereto. The position control apparatus using a joystick includes a stick unit, a sensing unit, a motor, and a pressing unit.

Engine fuel control system

An engine fuel control system includes a fuel metering valve operable to control the flow of fuel between a supply line and a delivery line. The delivery line is configured to receive fuel from one or more fuel pumps.
Rolls-royce Controls And Data Services Limited

Active safe

Active containers and related systems configured for destroying container contents may include safes with a hardened storage space, a content destruction element configured to destroy material contained in the storage space, and an arming device. The content destruction element may include, for example, an incendiary, an explosive, a liquid, a gas, a magnet and/or an electrical source.
Tencate Advanced Armor Usa, Inc.

Simulated musical wind instrument

A simulated musical wind instrument takes the form of a tin whistle or recorder to channel a player's breath toward one or more sensors. In one embodiment, the simulated tin whistle includes a mouthpiece and a stem, and both may be realistically configured.

Flame monitoring of a gas turbine combustor using a characteristic spectral pattern from a dynamic pressure sensor in the combustor

The state of a flame in a gas turbine engine combustor is acoustically monitored using a dynamic pressure sensor within the combustor. A spectral pattern of a dynamic pressure sensor output signal from the sensor is compared with a characteristic frequency pattern that includes information about an acoustic pattern of the flame and information about acoustic signal canceling due to reflections within the combustor.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

System for performing staging control of a multi-stage combustor

A control system is provided for performing staging control of a multi-stage combustor of a gas turbine engine. The fuel is fed to the combustor by a fuel supply system comprising: a plurality of fuel manifolds distributing fuel to respective stages of the combustor, a fuel metering valve operable to control the rate at which fuel passes to the fuel manifolds, and an actuating arrangement which splits the fuel flow from the fuel metering valve between the fuel manifolds.
Rolls-royce Controls And Data Services Limited

Monitoring the change in height of a device using an air pressure sensor

There is provided a method of monitoring a change in height of a device, the device comprising a sensor for measuring the air pressure at the device, the method comprising determining a pressure change threshold from a pre-determined height change and an estimate or measurement of air pressure; obtaining a plurality of measurements of the air pressure at the device; determining a change in the air pressure from two or more of the measurements; and determining if the height of the device has changed by more than the pre-determined height change using the determined change in the air pressure and the determined pressure change threshold.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Driving force transmission control system

A driving force transmission control system includes: an electric motor; a multi-disc clutch; a cam mechanism that converts rotation output from the electric motor into cam thrust force that is axial force in the axial direction of the multi-disc clutch; a pressure-conversion mechanism that converts reaction force against the cam thrust force into pressure of a fluid; a pressure sensor that detects the pressure; and a control unit that computes a command value of a current supplied to the electric motor. The control unit stores the pressure of the fluid during disengagement of the multi-disc clutch, and computes the current command value based on the pressure of the fluid to which the reaction force against the cam thrust force has been applied, and the stored pressure of the fluid..
Jtekt Corporation

Control system for exoskeleton apparatus

A control system for an exoskeleton for a limb of a user wherein the limb has an upper portion connected to the body of a user and a lower limb portion is provided. The control system controls operation of one or more drive motors that rotate one or more joints of the exoskeleton.
Bionik Laboratories, Inc.

Devices and methods for generating an artificial exhalation profile

Methods and devices for creating an artificial exhalation profile, for example for use in the sampling of exhaled breath or air from the nasal cavity from a mammal, wherein said mammal exhales into a device comprising a flow channel, a pressure sensor, a flow sensor, a control unit, and means for creating an exhalation flow, wherein said means for creating an exhalation flow maintain an exhalation flow at one or more pre-determined flow rate (rates), within a predetermined interval, substantially independent of exhalation pressure.. .
Aerocrine Ab

Blood pressure analysis system and method

A blood pressure analysis system/method allowing conversion from an analog sensor input to a standardized analog output interface is disclosed. In some preferred embodiments the system/method permits a fiber optic pressure sensor to be interfaced to a standard patient care monitor (pcm) system using standardized wheatstone bridge analog interface inputs.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Multi-unit blood processor with temperature sensing

Method and apparatus for centrifugal blood component separation including temperature sensing in each of a plurality of separation cells. The temperature of unit of bloods over time is recorded.
Terumo Bct, Inc.

Reductant supply system

An aftertreatment system is disclosed. The aftertreatment system includes an exhaust conduit and a selective catalytic reduction module.
Caterpillar Inc.

Inventory and anti-theft alarm system

An inventory and anti-theft alarm tag system that includes at least one rfid tag including an rfid transmitter, a counting chip and a locking mechanism having a pressure sensor. The counting chip can be activated when the locking mechanism is in a locked position.

Control valve with integral pressure switch

A control valve for hydraulic fluid is provided. The control valve includes a valve housing and a valve body slidably supported within the valve housing.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Two dimensional material-based pressure sensor

This disclosure provides example methods, devices, and systems for a two dimensional material-based pressure sensor. A sensor device is provided that includes a substrate having a back electrode, a conductive layer in communication with the back electrode, and an insulating layer coupled to the conductive layer.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

Optical pressure sensor

An optical pressure sensor is disclosed having a pressure sensing optical cavity. A temperature sensing optical cavity at the sensor head is used by an interrogator to correct a pressure signal for effects of temperature.
Oxsensis Ltd

Method for calibrating analog-controlled hydraulic valves and brake system comprising an electronic control and regulating unit in which the method is carried out

A method for determining a driving characteristic of an analogized or analog-controlled hydraulic valve of a motor vehicle hydraulic brake system in which a brake pressure generated with the aid of an electrically controllable, electric-motor-driven pressure supply device, is conducted to a wheel brake via an inlet valve and can be conducted via an outlet valve from the wheel brake into a pressure medium container. The pressure supply device and the inlet valves, and outlet valves, can be controlled by an electronic control unit.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Exhaust flow estimation

The present technology provides systems for monitoring particulate matter buildup on a filter installed in the engine exhaust stream of a vehicle. A filter differential pressure sensor monitors a pressure differential across the filter.
International Engine Intellectual Property Company, Llc

Control valve control method and control device, and power generating plant utilizing same

A gas turbine plant including a gas turbine and a compressor is provided with a steam turbine plant including a steam turbine and a condenser, and, an exhaust heat recovery boiler. Steam from the exhaust heat recovery boiler is directly flown to the condenser of the steam turbine plant through a bypass control valve.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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