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Pressure Sensor patents


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 Display module with pressure sensor patent thumbnailDisplay module with pressure sensor
A display module includes a front panel, a backlight panel, a pressure sensor and a panel frame. The front panel includes an array of display pixels.
Focaltech Electronics, Ltd.

 Viscometer and methods for using the same patent thumbnailViscometer and methods for using the same
A viscometer includes a viscosity sensor with a liquid flow channel and at least two pressure sensors positioned along the liquid flow channel and configured to measure a pressure drop of a liquid flowing through the liquid flow channel, and a dispensing mechanism configured to cause dispensing of a liquid from the syringe to the viscosity sensor at a known flow rate. The dispensing mechanism and the viscosity sensor are configured to couple with a syringe configured to contain a liquid.
Rheosense, Inc.

 Pressure sensor and process of manufacturing same patent thumbnailPressure sensor and process of manufacturing same
A pressure sensor includes an evaluation unit and a sensor assembly, which includes a sensor and an electrode arrangement. The sensor generates signals under the action of a pressure profile, and the electrode arrangement transmits the signals to the evaluation unit, which includes an evaluation unit housing, an electric circuit board and a reinforcement element, which is arranged in a radial plane between the electric circuit board and the evaluation unit housing.
Kistler Holding Ag

 Piezoelectric pressure sensor patent thumbnailPiezoelectric pressure sensor
A piezoelectric pressure sensor includes a sensor housing that accommodates a membrane, a piezoelectric sensor, a charge pick-off and a pre-stressing assembly. The membrane captures a pressure profile, and polarization charges are generated accordingly on the piezoelectric sensor by the captured pressure profile.
Kistler Holding Ag

 Piezoelectric pressure sensor and process of manufacturing same patent thumbnailPiezoelectric pressure sensor and process of manufacturing same
A piezoelectric pressure sensor includes a membrane for detecting a pressure profile, a piezoelectric sensor on which polarization charges are produced by the detected pressure profile, an electrode arrangement receiving and transmitting the generated polarization charges as signals via a charge output. The sensor further includes an electrical connecting element and an electrical signal conductor.
Kistler Holding Ag

 Pressure sensor patent thumbnailPressure sensor
A pressure sensor includes a sensor assembly and an evaluation unit. The; sensor assembly includes a sensor and an electrode arrangement.
Kistler Holding Ag

 Sensor package patent thumbnailSensor package
A sensor package includes a pressure sensor, a computation unit that performs specified computation in accordance with a result of detection performed by the pressure sensor, a lead frame through which a result of computation performed by the computation unit is output to an outside, a main housing that is formed of resin and that holds the lead frame, and a sensor housing that is formed of ceramic and that has an inner space in which the pressure sensor is disposed. The pressure sensor is disposed in the main housing using the sensor housing..
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

 Mems pressure sensor patent thumbnailMems pressure sensor
The present invention provides a mems pressure sensor and a manufacturing method. The pressure is formed by a top cap wafer, a mems wafer and a bottom cap wafer.
Motion Engine Inc.

 Piezoelectric pressure sensor patent thumbnailPiezoelectric pressure sensor
A piezoelectric pressure sensor includes a sensor housing enclosing a membrane, a piezoelectric sensor, an electrode arrangement and a pre-stressing body. The membrane captures a pressure profile causing polarization charges generated on the piezoelectric sensor.
Kistler Holding Ag

 Pressure sensor and process of manufacturing said  pressure sensor patent thumbnailPressure sensor and process of manufacturing said pressure sensor
A pressure sensor includes a sensor assembly and an evaluation unit. The sensor assembly includes a sensor and an electrode arrangement.
Kistler Holding Ag

Fuel injection valve equipped with in-cylinder pressure sensor

A fuel injection valve equipped with an in-cylinder pressure sensor is provided, in which the fuel injection valve is fitted into an injection valve mounting hole provided in an engine, the in-cylinder pressure sensor is attached to a valve housing part of the fuel injection valve, the in-cylinder pressure sensor having a front end facing the combustion chamber and detecting a pressure of the combustion chamber, and a signal transmission device is connected to the in-cylinder pressure sensor, the signal transmission device transmitting an output signal thereof to an outside. The signal transmission device is disposed on the valve housing part and covered together with a part of the valve housing part by an insulating layer.
Keihin Corporation

Fuel tank structure

A fuel tank structure comprising a fuel tank; a canister; a first pipe that joins together a holding portion of the fuel tank and the canister; a first shut-off valve provided at the first pipe; a filler pipe; a second pipe that joins together the filler pipe and the canister; a second shut-off valve provided at the second pipe; a pressure sensor that detects the pressure inside the holding portion; a fuel pump that feeds the fuel to an engine; and a control unit. The control unit opens the first shut-off valve during refueling such that evaporative fuel is permitted to move from the holding portion to the canister, and closes the first shut-off valve after refueling.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Control internal combustion engine

A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine is configured to: calculate measured data of mfb using an output signal of an in-cylinder pressure sensor after performing a first low-pass filtering; execute engine control based on the measured value of a specified fraction combustion point that is calculated based on the measured data of mfb; and prohibit the engine control when the first correlation index value is less than a first determination value and a first correlation degree is lower than a first degree.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Pressure sensor with incorporated air trap

Wherein the housing incorporates an air trap including a cup surrounding said second chamber, a tubular portion intended to be connected directly to a tank adapted to contain a liquid, and a barrier forming a siphon between said tubular portion and said second chamber.. .

Cargo strap tensioning and monitoring system

A cargo strap monitoring system for real-time detection and reporting of cargo strap failure is provided. The cargo strap monitoring system may be a detector in the form of a cylinder that fits a winch slot.
Time Bandit, Llc

Methods and devices for recording exercise

The disclosure relates to a method and device for recording exercise. The method is used in a mat, and includes: determining critical force areas of a user on the mat; determining exercise status of the user on the mat according to variations of pressure values at the critical force areas, the pressure values being measured by pressure sensors at the critical force areas; and sending exercise information to a terminal, the exercise information including the exercise status..
Xiaomi Inc.

Transfusion detecting bubbles

A transfusion apparatus according to an embodiment includes a finger-type pump mechanism, the finger-type pump mechanism including a plurality of fingers, the plurality of fingers and a holding member sandwiching a passage composed of a flexible material, the holding member being arranged to face the plurality of fingers in an opposed manner, the finger-type pump mechanism depressing and elastically deforming a side face of the passage by a peristaltic motion reciprocating the plurality of fingers to send a liquid with which the passage is filled, the transfusion apparatus comprising: a pressure sensor provided to at least one of the plurality of fingers or the holding member; and a determination unit that determines presence or absence of bubbles in the passage based on pressure detected by the pressure sensor when a finger is depressing the passage.. .
Minebea Co., Ltd.

Inflatable mattress and control methods

A patient support, such as a mattress, includes a plurality of inflatable bladders. Depth sensors are included in the support that measure the degree of penetration of a patient into the mattress.
Stryker Corporation

Mobile device, movement state detection method, and non-transitory storage medium storing movement state detection program

A mobile device comprises an air pressure sensor configured to measure a value of air pressure, a walk detector configured to detect whether a user is walking, and a controller configured to estimate a movement method of the user using an own device based on results of the air pressure sensor and the walk detector, wherein in a case where a change amount of the value of the air pressure detected by the air pressure sensor is equal to or larger than a reference value and the walk detector detects that the user is walking, the controller estimates that the user is moving on stairs.. .
Kyocera Corporation

System and apparatus comprising a multi-sensor catheter for right heart and pulmonary artery catheterization

A system and apparatus comprising a multi-sensor catheter for right heart and pulmonary artery catheterization is disclosed. The multi-sensor catheter comprises multi-lumen catheter tubing into which at least three optical pressure sensors, and their respective optical fibers, are inserted.
Three Rivers Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Microphone with pressure sensor

A microphone includes a base, a mems device, and an integrated circuit. The mems device includes a diaphragm and a back plate.
Knowles Electronics, Llc

Electroconductive resin composition and pressure sensor

[problem] to provide: an electroconductive resin composition which can be produced at low cost and is suitable as a material for the electrical conductors of a pressure sensor; and a pressure sensor including electrical conductors constituted of the electroconductive resin composition. [solution] the present invention provides a pressure sensor (1) which includes an insulator (10) having a hollow portion (13) and a plurality of electrical conductors (11) that have been disposed apart from each other along the inner surface facing the hollow portion (13) of the insulator (10), the plurality of electrical conductors (11) comprising an electroconductive resin composition that includes both a styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer and carbon..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Display module with pressure sensor

A display module includes a front panel, a backlight panel, a pressure sensor and a panel frame. The front panel includes an array of display pixels.
Focaltech Electronics, Ltd.

Passive stylus with rfid-enabled sensing

In embodiments of a passive stylus with rfid-enabled sensing, a computing device includes a touchscreen that senses touch contact, and includes an rfid interrogator to interrogate passive rfid tags. The stylus includes a conductive tip designed for interaction with the touchscreen of the computing device.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Valve positioner with overpressure protection capabilities

A method of limiting control pressure provided to an actuator of a valve coupled to a valve positioner, a drive signal is provided to a pneumatic stage of the valve positioner. The pneumatic stage is arranged to control output pressure of the valve positioner in accordance with the drive signal.
Fisher Controls International Llc

Capacitive cylinder pressure sensor

A capacitive pressure sensor for an internal combustion engine is provided having a housing having a bottom surface, variable capacitor and circuitry. The variable capacitor is formed by a stationary electrode and an elastically bendable electrode.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy

Self test for capacitive pressure sensors

During a first cycle of operation, first and second bottom electrodes of a split bottom electrode are electrically connected together. A total capacitance between the split bottom electrode and a top electrode layer is measured to determine the ambient pressure.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Precision balance or mass comparator with module for detecting a measurement uncertainty

A precision balance including a weighing chamber (16), a draft shield (18, 20, 22) which surrounds the weighing chamber, a climate module (34) which is detachably disposed in the weighing chamber, a processor (32), a data input unit, and a data transmission path over which data is exchanged between the climate module and the processor. The processor has a measurement uncertainty determining module (33) with which the measurement uncertainty of the balance is determined.
Sartorius Lab Instruments Gmbh & Co. Kg

Correction of natural gas flow calculations for the effects of water vapor

A system for measuring concentration of water vapor in a gas includes a pressure sensor configured to sense a static pressure of the gas and a differential pressure sensor configured to sense a differential pressure. A temperature sensor senses a temperature of the gas.
Rosemount Inc.

Online sensor calibration for electrohydraulic valves

An online method for reconfiguring pressure and position sensors in a hydraulic system is disclosed. In one step, a sensor drift condition, a recalibration request, or an unisolated fault condition is detected.
Eaton Corporation

Vehicular liquid containment verifying integrity of same

A vehicular liquid containment system including a tank, a pressure sensor arranged to detect a pressure in a vapor dome inside the tank, at least two thermistors configured to detect temperatures at a plurality of levels of the tank, and leak detection logic operatively connected to the pressure sensor and the thermistors. The leak detection logic is configured to: use a first thermistor of the thermistors to perform a first measurement indicative of a temperature in the vapor dome in the tank; estimate an expected pressure evolution in function of at least the first temperature measurement; monitor pressure sensed by the pressure sensor, determine whether the monitored pressure deviates from the expected pressure evolution, and generate a leak condition signal conditional on the determining..
Plastic Omnium Advanced Innovation And Research

Brake device and straddled vehicle

During control on of a brake control device, an ecu acquires a front wheel target braking force and a rear wheel target braking force from operation amount-front/rear wheel target braking force characteristics stored in a storage based on a master cylinder pressure detected by a master pressure sensor, and controls an oil pressure unit such that oil pressures corresponding to the acquired front wheel target braking force and rear wheel target braking force are respectively supplied to a front wheel brake and a rear wheel brake. During control off of the brake control device, oil pressures generated by a tandem master cylinder are directly supplied to the front wheel brake and the rear wheel brake.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

System and training correct positioning and pressure of digits on a marking instrument

A system and method for training correct positioning and pressure of digits on a marking instrument helps teach correct positioning and pressure of digits on a marking instrument, and a correct marking angle of the marking instrument relative to a reference plane. The system provides an electronic marking instrument having pressure sensors that detect the position and a predetermined, uniform pressure from three digits.

Mounting device for securing a tire module

A mounting device for securing a tire module, such as a tire pressure sensor, to an inner surface of a pneumatic tire for vehicles includes a stand from which a supporting arm extends. A setting head, which can be lowered with a predetermined force, is attached to the longitudinal end of the supporting arm facing away from the stand.
Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst Gmbh & Co. Kg

System comprising a closed-circuit respirator and a monitoring device therefor

A system includes a closed-circuit respirator (1) with a breathing mask (2), a closed breathing circuit, which leads from the breathing mask via an exhalation tube (3), a lime cartridge (4) for binding co2, a spring-loaded breathing bag (5) and an inhalation tube (7) to the breathing mask. A pressurized oxygen tank (11) is connected to the circuit via a constant dispensing unit (8) and to the breathing bag via a minimum flow control valve (9), which opens upon a collapse of the breathing bag (lack of breathing gas in the circuit) and fills the breathing bag from the oxygen tank.
Dräger Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa

Apheresis system

A therapeutic apheresis system including a tube set and a panel is presented. The tube set includes an in-line pressure sensor in fluid connection with tubing.
Parker-hannifin Corporation

System and monitoring user posture

A posture of a user is monitored by obtaining first pressure sensor information from a plurality of sensors upon a first item of furniture occupied by the user at a first time. First sensor position information defining the relative positions of the sensors upon the first item of furniture is also obtained.
Monash University

Air-fuel ratio detection device for internal combustion engine

An in-cylinder pressure sensor is provided. It is determined whether a cylinder for which the in-cylinder air-fuel ratio is to be calculated is a rich cylinder or a lean cylinder.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Respiratory gas monitor testing system and methods of use

A respiratory gas monitor testing system having a respiratory gas monitor coupled to a system for detecting a leak, wherein the system for detecting a leak has a flowmeter in fluid communication with both an inlet and an outlet of the respiratory gas monitor, with the exhaust of the flowmeter venting to atmosphere; a restriction valve, a sample pressure sensor, a flowmeter valve configured to allow the flowmeter to either measure sample flow rate or leak rate, a flow-smoothing buffer configured to improve flow measurement accuracy, and a system for simulating human breath; wherein the system for human breath at elevated airway pressure has an air source, a calibration gas source, a breath simulation valve, a calibration gas valve, a sample pressure sensor, an air reservoir, a pressurized bottle with a pressure regulator and an orifice, and an air pump.. .

High-temperature headers for sensing elements

Certain implementations of the disclosed technology include systems and methods for providing header assemblies for use with pressure sensors in high-temperature environments. Certain example implementations include a header assembly.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

Pressure sensor with built in stress buffer

A semiconductor pressure sensor comprising: a semiconductor substrate having a through-opening extending from a top surface to a bottom surface of the substrate, the through-opening forming a space between an inner part and an outer part of said substrate; a pressure responsive structure arranged on said inner part; a number of flexible elements extending from said inner part to said outer part for suspending the inner part within said through-opening; the through-opening being at least partly filled with an anelastic material. A method of producing such a semiconductor pressure sensor..
Melexis Technologies Nv

Thermoelectric heating, cooling and power generation for direct mount and dual compartment fill remote seal systems

A pressure transmitter assembly for measuring a process pressure of an industrial process includes a pressure sensor configured to sense the process pressure. A process coupling couples the pressure sensor to the industrial process using an elongate housing with a fill fluid capillary.
P I Components Corp.

High-temperature headers with ribbed components for stress-relieved hermetic sealing

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a pressure sensor header for use with a pressure-sensing device. The pressure sensor header can be used in high-temperature environments.
Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

System and methods for magnetic tunnel junction pressure sensors

System and methods for magnetic tunnel junction pressure sensors are provided. In at least one implementation, a pressure sensor device comprises a magnetic tunnel junction comprising a free layer structure, a tunnel barrier, and a reference layer structure, wherein one or more surfaces of the free layer structure is exposed to respond to a pressure medium; and a voltage source coupled to the magnetic tunnel junction, the voltage source providing electrical power to the free layer structure and the reference layer structure.
Honeywell International Inc.

Intelligent washer

An intelligent fastener unit for fastening together structural members. The fastener unit includes a fastener with an externally threaded shank, an internally threaded mating member for threaded engagement with the fastener, and an intelligent washer having an rfid tag and an antenna mounted on one surface of a centrally aperture body member, and a pressure sensor mounted on the opposite surface for generating electrical signals representative of the compressive force applied to structural members captured by the fastener, the mating member and the washer.

Reducing fluid pressure spikes in a pumping system

A pumping system including a plurality of pumps each having a pump fluid outlet, a drive shaft, a prime mover, and fluid displacing members operatively coupled with the drive shaft. A common fluid conduit may be fluidly coupled with each pump fluid outlet.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Fluid injector supply operating same

A fluid injection system includes a fluid injector assembly; a fluid conditioning module having an outlet port that is fluidly coupled to an inlet port of the fluid injector assembly; an injector assembly outlet conduit fluidly coupled to an outlet port of the fluid injector assembly and disposed downstream of the fluid injector assembly, the injector assembly outlet conduit defining a pressure measurement port and a flow-restricting orifice, the pressure measurement port being disposed upstream of the flow-restricting orifice along the direction of fluid flow through the fluid injector assembly; a pressure sensor fluidly coupled to the pressure measurement port; and a controller operatively coupled to the fluid conditioning module and the pressure sensor. The controller is configured to adjust a flowrate of a fluid through the injector assembly inlet conduit based on a pressure signal from the pressure sensor..
Caterpillar Inc.

Lung bioreactor

Presented is an airway organ bioreactor apparatus, and methods of use thereof, as well as bioartificial airway organs produced using the methods, and methods of treating subjects using the bioartificial airway organs. The bioreactor comprises: an organ chamber; an ingres line connecting the organ chamber and a reservoir system and comprising an arterial line, a venous line and a tracheal line; an egress line connecting the chamber and the reservoir system, pumps in ingress and egress lines; a controller to control fluid exchange; a chamber pressure sensor connected to the organ chamber..
The General Hospital Corporation

Tensioning device and tensioning steel wire rope of cage guide of ultra-deep vertical shaft

A tensioning device and a tensioning method for a steel wire rope of a cage guide of an ultra-deep vertical shaft. The tensioning device comprises an upper rope clamping device, a rope adjustment guide frame, a lower hydraulic rope locking device, and a lower hydraulic rope adjustment device.
China University Of Mining And Technology

System and monitoring operation of retarding grid associated with traction motor of machine

A system for monitoring operation of a retarding grid associated with a traction motor of a machine includes a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure and temperature in real time. The system further includes a controller that determines a current air density on the basis of the measured atmospheric pressure and temperature.
Caterpillar Inc.

Methods and systems for a vehicle air conditioning system

Methods and systems are provided for adjusting operation of an automotive air conditioning system including a pressure sensor positioned within a compression chamber. In one example, a method may include adjusting operation of the air conditioning system based on one or more parameters of a compressor operation including a compressor inlet pressure, a compressor outlet pressure, and a compressor speed, that are determined based on output from the pressure sensor positioned within the compression chamber..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Tire pressure sensor device

A tire pressure sensor device (122) for a wheel (112) of an aircraft (102) including a pressure sensor (124) for measuring the internal pressure of a tire, a temperature sensor (126) for measuring a temperature local to the tire (116), a memory unit (131) local to the tire for storing data, and a control unit (128) local to the tire arranged to record in the memory unit (131) data of the readings taken at intervals of time. The data recorded for each reading includes an indication of the time of the reading, the tire pressure and the temperature local to the tire.
Airbus Operations Limited

Tire-state detection device

A tire-state detection device according to the present invention includes: an electronic component including a detection unit that detects a pressure of a tire; and a case that houses the electronic component. The case includes: a case main body that houses the electronic component and that has an open surface formed thereon; and a lid member that covers the open surface.
Bridgestone Corporation

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