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Pressor patents

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Computer cooling system and method for cooling

Psh EnergiaS.a.

Computer cooling system and method for cooling

Inverter-integrated electric compressor

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automotive Thermal Systems

Inverter-integrated electric compressor

Inverter-integrated electric compressor


Audible warning system for generator system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pressor-related patents
 Electromagnetic interference suppressor patent thumbnailElectromagnetic interference suppressor
The present invention relates to an electromagnetic interference suppression sheet comprising a conductive layer comprising a conductive metal filler and having a surface electrical resistance of 100 to 5000 Ω/□, and a magnetic layer comprising a magnetic material mixed therein and having a real part μ′ of a magnetic permeability of 3 to 45 as measured at 100 mhz which is laminated on the conductive layer. The electromagnetic interference suppression sheet of the present invention is suitable for high-density packaging of electronic devices, and has an excellent low-pass filter characteristic in a near electromagnetic field in a wide frequency band ranging from a low frequency to a high frequency..
Toda Kogyo Corp.

 Computer cooling  cooling patent thumbnailComputer cooling cooling
Server cooling system comprising: a condenser 50, an evaporator 60, an expansion valve 80 and a compressor 90, wherein, the outlet 64 of the evaporator 60 is connected to the inlet 91 of the compressor 90 by means of a tube or conduit 75. The outlet 92 of the compressor 90 is connected to the inlet 52 of the compressor 50 by means of a conduit 76.
Psh Energia, S.a.

 Inverter-integrated electric compressor patent thumbnailInverter-integrated electric compressor
Provided is an inverter-integrated electric compressor which comprises an inverter device having a simplified configuration, reduced size and weight, and decreased cost, and which has improved assembly properties and assembly precision, and improved productivity. In this inverter-integrated electric compressor, a p-n terminal is provided on the inverter device main substrate, and a power source-side cable can be connected to the p-n terminal by inserting a connector provided at one end; by arranging and mounting multiple high-voltage electric components on the back of the main substrate in the area where the p-n terminal is arranged, a filter circuit is provided on the main substrate.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automotive Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.

 Audible warning system for generator system patent thumbnailAudible warning system for generator system
An audible warning system for a generator system is provided. The generator system includes a surge suppressor and a rectifier assembly.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Compressor, heat pump device, air conditioner, and freezing machine patent thumbnailCompressor, heat pump device, air conditioner, and freezing machine
A compressor includes: a motor that includes a rotor including opposed magnets; a compression unit that compresses a refrigerant; and a crankshaft that is connected to the motor and the compression unit and is configured to transmit rotational driving of the motor to the compression unit, wherein the magnets are arranged such that the difference in magnetic force between the opposed magnets eliminates a force that deflects the crankshaft when the motor is rotationally driven.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Connector having installation-responsive compression patent thumbnailConnector having installation-responsive compression
A connector includes an conductor engager, coupler-driver and a compressor-body. A coupler is disposed over and engages a grounding end of the conductor engager while a torque drive member rotationally drives the coupler to threadably engage an interface port.
Pc Broadband, Inc.

 Multiple load control for variable frequency drive harmonic mitigation patent thumbnailMultiple load control for variable frequency drive harmonic mitigation
Apparatuses, methods, and systems of multiple load control for variable frequency drive harmonic mitigation are disclosed. An exemplary embodiment includes a system including a plurality of loads including at least one compressor configured to compress refrigerant.
Trane International Inc.

 Method for controlling an economizer circuit patent thumbnailMethod for controlling an economizer circuit
A method for controlling an economizer circuit is provided. The economizer circuit includes a valve to regulate refrigerant flow between the economizer and the compressor.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

 System and  monitoring compressor floodback patent thumbnailSystem and monitoring compressor floodback
A system and method for monitoring a floodback condition includes a compressor connected to a condenser, a discharge sensor that outputs a discharge temperature signal corresponding to a discharge temperature, and a control module connected to the discharge sensor. The control module receives compressor power data or compressor current data, determines a saturated condensing temperature based on the compressor power data or compressor current data, calculates a discharge superheat temperature based on the saturated condensing temperature and the discharge temperature, monitors a floodback condition of the compressor by comparing the discharge superheat temperature with a threshold, and, when the discharge superheat temperature is less than or equal to the threshold, increases the speed of the compressor or decreases an opening of an expansion valve associated with the compressor..
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

 Sensor failure error handling patent thumbnailSensor failure error handling
An hvac system includes a plurality of sensors, a tandem compressor, and a controller. The tandem compressor comprises a first and second compressor, each comprising a crankcase heater.
Lennox Industries Inc.


Refrigeration cycle apparatus and control refrigeration cycle apparatus

A refrigeration cycle apparatus includes a discharge temperature sensor that detects a discharge temperature of refrigerant discharged from a compressor, and a controller that controls the opening degree of an expansion valve. The controller computes an amount of variation of the discharge temperature resulting from varying the opening degree of the expansion valve, computes a ratio of the amount of variation of the discharge temperature to an amount of variation of the opening degree of the expansion valve, and determines the opening degree to be set to the expansion valve on the basis of the opening degree of the expansion valve that causes a change of the ratio..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Compressor operation management in air conditioners

In various implementations, compressor operation in an air conditioner may be managed by maintaining oil viscosity, a temperature differential, compressor sump temperature, and/or suction pressure. Properties of the air conditioner or portions thereof, such as the compressor, may be determined.
Lennox Industries Inc.


Solenoid control methods for dual flow hvac systems

Provided are a method and apparatus for reducing a refrigerant pressure difference within an hvac system having a controller, one or more compressors, and at least two paths of refrigerant piping comprising alternative paths for refrigerant flow through the hvac system. A valve is coupled to each refrigerant piping path for permitting, or preventing, refrigerant flow through each of the alternate paths of refrigerant piping.
Lennox Industries Inc.



An evaporator used in a car air conditioner satisfies a a relation of 0.9≦p1/p2≦1.1, where p1 is the passage cross sectional area of each portion of a refrigerant discharge passage of a refrigerant inlet outlet member of the evaporator, and p2 is the passage cross sectional area of a pipe which establishes communication between a second refrigerant passage of an expansion valve and a compressor. Preferably, relations of w1>w2 and h1>h2 are satisfied, where w1 and h1 are the internal width and height of an upstream end portion of a straight portion of an outward bulged portion of a third plate of the refrigerant inlet outlet member, and w2 and h2 are the internal width and height of a downstream end portion of the outward bulged portion..
Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation


Hermetic compressor and refrigeration apparatus including the same

A hermetic compressor according to the present invention includes: an electric element (103); a compression element (105) driven by the electric element (103); and a sealed container (101) accommodating the electric element (103) and the compression element (105), the sealed container (101) storing an oil (113). The compression element (105) includes: a crank shaft (119) including a main shaft (129), an eccentric shaft (127), and an oil supply mechanism (131); a cylinder block (121) including a main bearing (137) and a cylinder (135), the main bearing (137) pivotally supporting the main shaft (129) of the crank shaft (119), the cylinder (135) forming a compression chamber (133); a piston (123) configured to move inside the cylinder (135) in a reciprocating manner; and a connector (125) connecting the eccentric shaft (127) and the piston (123).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Heat pump system

A heat pump system adjusts a degree of subcooling of an indoor-side heat exchanger in a heating priority mode, and adjusts any one of a degree of subcooling of a hot-water supply-side heat exchanger (water-side heat exchanger) and a discharge temperature of a compressor in a hot-water supply priority mode.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Air-conditioning and heating system for passenger boarding bridge and control system therefor

A tunnel air-conditioning and heating apparatus is provided. The tunnel air-conditioning and heating apparatus may include a condenser provided at a rotunda; a compressor provided at the rotunda and connected to the condenser; an evaporator provided at a movable tunnel and connected to each of the condenser and the compressor; and a condenser connection pipe configured to connect the condenser with the evaporator and a compressor connection pipe configured to the compressor with the evaporator each of which is formed into a flexible coil..
Korea Airports Corporation


Air-conditioning apparatus

An air-conditioning apparatus includes a compressor for compressing and discharging refrigerant; an outdoor heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the refrigerant and a heat medium that enters the outdoor heat exchanger; an indoor heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the refrigerant and a surrounding medium of use; a bypass pipe for bypassing the refrigerant that is to enter the outdoor heat exchanger; and a bypass flow control valve arranged on the bypass pipe, for adjusting a flow of the refrigerant that is to enter the outdoor heat exchanger, in which the outdoor heat exchanger includes a first passage through which the refrigerant flows, and a second passage through which the heat medium flows, and in which the first passage allows the refrigerant to flow upward.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Accommodating cssh for tandem compressor transitions

A heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (hvac) system comprises a plurality of sensors, a tandem compressor comprising a first compressor and a second compressor, and a controller communicatively coupled to the plurality of sensors and the tandem compressor. The controller is operable to operate threshold logic that turns off the tandem compressor if the tandem compressor is operating outside of a threshold range.
Lennox Lndustries Inc.


Combustion liner with bias effusion cooling

A system and method for improving the cooling to a portion of a combustion liner of a gas turbine combustor is disclosed. The combustion liner is cooled by supplying air through a plurality of cooling holes arranged in axially spaced rows in an upper and lower portion of the liner.


Method and reliquefying natural gas

Natural gas boiling off from lng storage tanks located on board a sea-going vessel, is compressed in a plural stage compressor. At least part of the flow of compressed natural gas is sent to a liquefier operating on a brayton cycle in order to be reliquefied.
Cryostar Sas


Air compressor system

A compressor system is disclosed that includes a base structure having a first portion engageable with a support surface and a second portion cantilevered from the first portion. A compressor can be positioned on the first portion of the base structure and an intercooler in fluid communication with the compressor is supported by the second cantilevered portion.
Ingersoll-rand Company


Air compression apparatus

The present application discloses an air compression apparatus mounted on a vehicle. The air compression apparatus includes a first air compressor configured to generate first compressed air, a first cooling fan configured to send first cooling wind in a first direction to cool the first air compressor, and a second air compressor aligned with the first air compressor in a second direction intersecting with the first direction.
Nabtesco Corporation


Large compressor bundle assembly

Sliding pads are installed at several convenient locations of a rotary machine comprising barrel casing, typically in the areas adjacent the external gasket on the outer diaphragm bundle periphery. The sliding pads, made of self-lubricating material, cast iron or others graphite filled materials, will be bearing the whole diaphragm bundle weight preventing any direct contact between barrel casing internal surface and diaphragm bundle external surface, both during assembly operations and also after the diaphragm bundle has reached its final location inside the barrel casing.
Nuovo Pignone Srl


Sealing assembly for turbomachine

The invention relates to a turbine engine comprising an air compression stage comprising at least one movable compressor wheel, an air inlet duct coupled to said air compression stage, a first sealing device, which is arranged between a front portion of the movable compressor wheel and the air inlet duct and comprising at least one seal, a channel for conveying the air compressed by the movable wheel and a second sealing device, which is arranged between a rear portion of the movable compressor wheel and the conveying channel and is configured to receive an airflow coming from the conveying channel, the turbine engine being remarkable in that the second sealing device is configured to allow some of the air passing therethrough to be bled and in that the bleed air is conveyed to the seal of the first sealing device so as to keep it under pressure.. .


Centrifugal steam compressor and shaft seal system used with same

In a centrifugal steam compressor having sealing water discharge at pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, a simple structure in which a high-pressure piping system is omitted as much as possible from a sealing water circulation system is realized. A shaft seal system 50 is capable of supplying high-pressure sealing water and low-pressure sealing water.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Energy efficient air compressor system

A system and method for compressing a quantity of air is proposed. The air compressor system and method comprises an air compressor for compressing a quantity of air, a supply air fan for supplying air to maintain a pressure set point at the inlet of the compressor, and a static pressure sensor configured to detect the static pressure of the inlet of the compressor.


Exhaust-gas turbocharger

An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) with a bearing housing (2), a shaft (5) mounted in the bearing housing (2), a turbine wheel (6) which is arranged on the shaft (5), a compressor wheel (7) which is arranged on the shaft (5), and a wheel side space (10) between a rear wall (8) of the turbine wheel (6) or compressor wheel (7) and an outer surface (11), which faces toward the rear wall (8) of the bearing housing (2). In the outer surface (11) of the bearing housing (5), there is formed at least one groove (13, 18) for disrupting the flow generated by the rotating rear wall (8)..
Borgwarner Inc.


Seal of a compressor rotor

A compressor rotor comprising a pinion shaft which has multiple interconnected segments that are arranged axially one behind the other and including a multipart seal which seals the pinion shaft is provided. The pinion shaft has a rotor segment which supports a rotor, a connection segment, and a toothed segment arranged axially between the rotor segment and the connection segment, the toothed segment having a toothing at each of the two ends of the toothed segment.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor includes a casing, an electric motor housed in the casing, a drive shaft driven by the electric motor, a compression mechanism, a housing and an oil transfer mechanism. The compression mechanism has movable and fixed scrolls.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Capacity-modulated scroll compressor

A compressor is provided and may include a first scroll member having an end plate and a spiral wrap extending from the end plate. The end plate may include a first modulation port and a second modulation port each in fluid communication with a compression pocket formed by the spiral wrap.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.


Hermetic rotary compressor

A rotor has at its two axis end portions an upper large-diameter inner circumferential portion and a lower large-diameter inner circumferential portion that have inner diameters larger than the inner diameter of the axially middle portion of the rotor and are offset in the radial direction. A crankshaft has a passageway, which is formed in the crankshaft and allows refrigerant to flow therethrough, and a gas venting hole, which provides communication between the passageway and at least one discharge opening formed in the outer circumferential surface of the crankshaft.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Compressor bushing

In one embodiment, a connecting rod assembly is described. The connecting rod assembly may comprise a connecting rod, a bushing with an inner surface and an outer surface, and a pin connectively coupled to the piston and the connecting rod at the small end.
Quincy Compressor Llc


Tank dampening device

A compressor assembly having a compressed gas tank having a tank dampening device in the form of a vibration absorption member. The vibration absorption member can provide a pressure to a portion of the compressed gas tank.
Black & Decker Inc.


Air compressor with improved rotating device

An air compressor includes a rotating device pivotally connected to a piston body. The rotating device includes a gear body and a counterweight.


Suction muffler for a linear motor compressor and a linear motor compressor

The compressor comprises a movable assembly carrying a suction muffler and formed by: a piston (10) having a skirt (11) with an open rear end (11a) and a closed front end (11b) which carries a suction valve (50); and an actuating means (30). The suction muffler comprises: a first and a second tubular insert (61, 62) defining a first and a second chamber (c1, c2) and having confronting open ends (61a, 62a) spaced from each other, and closed opposite ends (61b, 62b) respectively affixed to a top wall (12) of the piston (10) and to the actuating means (30); a third tubular insert (63) internally lining the skirt (11); and an annular passage (15), between the third and the second tubular inserts (63, 62), open to the first and second chambers (c1, c2), and communicating the open rear end (11a) of the skirt (11) with the suction valve (50)..
Whirlpool S.a.


Swash plate type compressor

[problem] in a swash plate of a swash plate type compressor, adhesion resistance of the swash plate will be greatly improved as compared with that achieved in the prior art by optimizing the average aspect ratio and the average particle size of the fluororesin particles contained in a lubrication film provided on the swash plate. [solution] in a swash plate of a swash plate type compressor, a lubrication film composed of a binder resin, the fluororesin particles having an average aspect ratio of 1 to 1.5 and an average particle size of 7 to 13 micron-meters, and the graphite is provided at a sliding portion against a shoe of the swash plate..
Sanden Holdings Corporation


Turbine engine assembly and dual fuel aircraft system

A turbine engine assembly including a turbine core and a cryogenic fuel system. The turbine core includes: a compressor section; a combustion section; and a turbine section, which are axially aligned.
General Electric Company


Geared turbofan gas turbine engine architecture

A gas turbine engine typically includes a fan section, a compressor section, a combustor section and a turbine section. A speed reduction device such as an epicyclical gear assembly may be utilized to drive the fan section such that the fan section may rotate at a speed different than the turbine section so as to increase the overall propulsive efficiency of the engine.
United Technologies Corporation


Compact nacelle with contoured fan nozzle

A gas turbine engine including a fan, compressor, combustor and a turbine arranged in series and surrounded by a nacelle. An engine core cowl is disposed within the nacelle.
United Technologies Corporation


Turbocharger outboard purge seal

The propensity for oil leakage around the clearance seals of a rotating turbocharger assembly can be minimized by the addition of a variety of sealing systems using an externally pressurized cavity formed between the backface of the compressor wheel and the bearing housing. In one implementation, a pressure plate can be provided.
Borgwarner Inc.


Use of pve lubricants with substitute refrigerants in a mobile air conditioning system

A heat transfer composition for use in a mobile air-conditioning system in a vehicle, includes a first component comprised of a hydrofluoroolefin refrigerant. A second component of the composition includes a polyvinylether lubricant.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Subterranean sealed bore fuel system

A system for storing fuel in and delivering fuel from a subterranean sealed bore may have at least one subterranean sealed bore connected to at least one compressor and one or more control circuits to store natural gas at a predetermined pressure. Each subterranean sealed bore can consist of a casing string extending a predetermined depth below ground.


Aircraft air conditioning system and operating an aircraft air conditioning system

An aircraft air conditioning system comprises a process air line configured to supply compressed process air provided by a process air source to an air conditioning unit of the aircraft air conditioning system and a trim air line branching off from the process air line upstream of the air conditioning unit and being configured such that trim air flows through the trim air line, the trim air having been branched off from the compressed process air flowing through the process air line. A compressor is arranged in the trim air line and is configured to compress the trim air flowing through the trim air line.
Airbus Operations S.l.


Air compressor unit for vehicle

An air compressor unit for vehicle (2) includes an air compressor (13) for compressing sucked air, an electric motor (14) for driving the air compressor (13), an after-cooler (17) for cooling compressed air generated in the air compressor (13) and an after-cooler cooling fan (18) for generating cooling air for the after-cooler (17) by being driven by a drive force of the electric motor (14). The air compressor (13) and the electric motor (14) are arranged one above the other..
Nabtesco Corporation


Seat conditioning assembly including a noise suppressor

A seat conditioning assembly in accordance with the invention includes a ventilation diffuser bag having an a-side and an opposite b-side. An air mover is connected to the b-side of the ventilation diffuser bag.
Igb Automotive Ltd.


Motor vehicle having a fuel cell

In a motor vehicle having a fuel cell, an air compressor provides input air under pressure at the fuel cell and an electric drive motor for driving the motor vehicle, which drive motor can be supplied with electric current by the fuel cell for that purpose, wherein the air compressor is driven by the drive motor.. .
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Method and removal of oil from utility gas stream

The present application is directed to a method and system for preparing gaseous utility streams from gaseous process streams, particularly, removing oil contamination from such streams prior to use in a dry gas seal. The methods and systems may include at least one kinetic swing adsorption process including pressure swing adsorption, temperature swing adsorption, calcination, and inert purge processes to treat gaseous streams for use in dry gas seals of rotating equipment such as compressors, turbines and pumps and other utilities.


Apparatus and sanitizing

An apparatus and system that efficiently and effectively delivers a sanitizing fluid to ducts in the form of a fog or mist is described. A canister that contains a liquid sanitizing solution is attached to a compressor and includes a straw that has an internal passageway that extends into the liquid and a venturi tube above the level of the liquid that connects with the internal passageway in the straw.


Lightweight electro-mechanical chest compression device

An electro-mechanical cpr device (10, 11) for applying cardiopulmonary compressions to a chest of a patient employs a chest compressor (20), one or more straps (40) and a compression controller (30). Chest compressor (20) is self-supportable upon the chest of the patient and includes assembly an electric motor (50), a mechanical transmission (60), a linear actuator (70) and a plunger (80) mounted within a housing (100) wherein the linear actuator (70) converts rotational motion generated by the electric motor (50) and the mechanical transmission (60) into linear motion of the plunger (80) for applying a compressive force (21) to the chest of the patient.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Subsea compressor or pump with hermetically sealed electric motor and with magnetic coupling

A submersible fluid system for operating submerged in a body of water includes a fluid-end with a fluid rotor disposed in a fluid-end housing. An electric machine housing is coupled to the fluid-end housing and has a hermetically sealed cavity containing a fluid at a pressure less than a hydrostatic pressure at a specified depth at which the submersible fluid system is designed to operate.


Inverter-integrated electrically driven compressor

The purpose is to provide an inverter-integrated electrically driven compressor by which the danger of contacting an inverter device while power is being applied can be overcome in a reliable manner, without the need to provide any extra components, such as safety devices or the like. In this inverter-integrated electrically driven compressor, the inverter device is arranged housed within an inverter housing part hermetically sealed by a cover, and power and communication lines from an external power supply and a control device are connectable to the inverter device through connectors.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automotive Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.


High power short pulse fiber laser

A pulsed laser comprises an oscillator and amplifier. An attenuator and/or pre-compressor may be disposed between the oscillator and amplifier to improve performance and possibly the quality of pulses output from the laser.
Imra America, Inc.


Super conformal metal plating from complexed electrolytes

A method for at least partially filling a feature on a workpiece generally includes obtaining a workpiece including a feature; and depositing a first layer in the feature, wherein the chemistry for depositing the first layer has a ph in the range of about 6 to about 13, and includes a metal complexing agent and at least one organic or inorganic additive selected from the group consisting of accelerator, suppressor, and leveler.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Two terminal arc suppressor

A two terminal arc suppressor for protecting switch, relay or contactor contacts and the like comprises a two terminal module adapted to be attached in parallel with the contacts to be protected and including a circuit for deriving an operating voltage upon the transitioning of the switch, relay or contactor contacts from a closed to an open disposition, the power being rectified and the resulting dc signal used to trigger a power triac switch via an optoisolator circuit whereby arc suppression pulses are generated for short predetermined intervals only at a transition of the mechanical switch, relay or contactor contacts from an closed to an open transition and, again, at an open to a close transition during contact bounce conditions.. .
Arc Suppression Technologies, Llc


Source driver, driving circuit and display apparatus

A source driver, a driving circuit using the same and a display apparatus using the same are provided. The display apparatus includes a display panel, a timing controller and a source driver.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Methods and devices for using mucolytic agents including n-acetyl cysteine (nac)

Devices and methods incorporate mucolytic agents into a point-of-care testing device. The sample is loaded, and then the sample travels until it encounters one or more lysis agents and/or mucolytic agents.
Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc.


Method and device for determining and/or monitoring the air tightness of an enclosed room

The invention relates to a method for determining and/or monitoring the air tightness of an enclosed room (2) which is equipped with an oxygen reducing system (1) and in the atmosphere of which at least one oxygen content that can preferably be determined in advance and is reduced in comparison to the normal surrounding air can be set and maintained in order to prevent and/or extinguish fires by introducing an oxygen-displacing gas. The oxygen reducing system (1) has a compressor system (4; 4.1, 4.2) for compressing an initial gas mixture and a gas separation system (3; 3.1, 3.2) downstream of the compressor system (4; 4.1, 4.2) for separating at least one part of the oxygen contained in the initial gas mixture and for providing a nitrogen-enriched gas which is supplied to the enclosed room (2).
Amrona Ag


Device and generative production of at least one component area of a component

A device for generative production of at least one component area of a component, in particular a component of a turbine or a compressor, is disclosed. The device includes at least one powder feed for application of at least one powder layer to a build-up and joining zone of a component platform that can be lowered and at least one radiation source for generating at least one high-energy beam by which the powder layer can be fused and/or sintered locally in the area of the build-up and joining zone to form a component layer.
Mtu Aero Engines Ag


Firearm sound suppressor

The present invention is for a firearm sound suppressor which is attached to the barrel of a firearm to reduce the noise and flash generated by the firearm. The firearm sound suppressor improves the dissipation of heat and provides a breach head on the end thereof for use as a ramming and breaching instrument..
Spike's Tactical, Llc


Sound suppressor for a firearm

A sound suppressor for a firearm is disclosed. In accordance with some embodiments, the disclosed sound suppressor may include a thread and taper arrangement and a latching mechanism configured, for example, to secure the sound suppressor to a flash suppressor and/or the muzzle of a host firearm.
Sig Sauer, Inc.


Compressor waste heat driven cooling system

Provided in some embodiments is a system that includes a gas compressor including an engine, a compressor driven by the engine, and a vapor absorption cycle (vac) system driven by waste heat from the compressor, wherein the vac system is configured to cool at least one medium. In other embodiments is provided a method that includes generating waste heat while compressing a gas, driving a vapor absorption cycle (vac) system with the waste heat, and cooling at least one medium via the vac system..
Ingersoll-rand Company


Method and adjusting operating frequency of inverter compressor

A method and an apparatus for adjusting an operating frequency of an inverter compressor are provided. The method includes following steps: detecting whether an inverter air conditioner is in a heating mode; obtaining a target operating current of the inverter compressor if the inverter air conditioner is in the heating mode; adjusting the operating frequency of the inverter compressor according to the target operating current; obtaining an operating parameter of the inverter compressor and obtaining a maximum operating frequency of the inverter compressor according to the operating parameter; obtaining a current correction according to the maximum operating frequency and correcting the target operating current according to the current correction to update the target operating current..
Midea Group Co., Ltd.


Device and maintaining an air conditioner

A device for maintaining an air conditioner, in particular, for air conditioners using co2 or r744 as a coolant. The device has a low-pressure side region (a), which is connectable to a service port on the low-pressure side of the air conditioner via a low-pressure side coupler (1), and a high-pressure side region (c), which is connectable to a service port on the high-pressure side of the air conditioner via a high-pressure side coupler (1′).
Avl Ditest Gmbh


Heat pump apparatus

A heat pump apparatus includes an evaporator evaporating a refrigerant, an electrochemical compressor compressing the refrigerant evaporated in the evaporator, and a condenser condensing the refrigerant compressed by the electrochemical compressor. The heat pump apparatus is structured such that the refrigerant in a wet steam state is supplied from the evaporator to the electrochemical compressor..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Turbine engine and assembling thereof

A turbine engine is provided. The turbine engine includes a compressor configured to discharge a flow of air at a first flow angle and a combustor coupled downstream from the compressor.
General Electric Compamy


System and generating vacuum for a vehicle

Systems and methods for improving generation of vacuum for a vehicle are disclosed. In one example, an air conditioning compressor bypass valve is selectively activated to improve generation of vacuum by an engine.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Valve arrangement for venting gas from liquid circulating in a subsea production system

A gas venting valve arrangement is disclosed, the gas venting valve arrangement comprising a valve housing having an inlet in a bottom region of the housing connectable to a fluid flow to be passing through a subsea pump or compressor, and an outlet for gas accumulating in a top region of the housing. A valve mechanism operating a movable valve body at the outlet' between open and closed positions.
Vetco Gray Scandinavia. As


Reduced friction piston rings

Improved liquid lubricated piston ring gas seals with reduced friction and wear compared to prior art rings are disclosed for use in internal combustion engines, gas pumps, and gas compressors. These improved rings allow independent adjustment of the parameters controlling friction and wear, and eliminate the tradeoff between friction and wear typical of prior art rings..
Meacham, G. B. Kirby


Connecting rod for an air compressor

A connecting rod for an air compressor includes a rod member, a wrist pin receiving end connected to a first end of the rod member, and a crank pin receiving end connected to a second opposing end of the rod member. A separation line for the connecting rod is provided above the crank pin receiving end.
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation


Centrifugal compressor

This centrifugal compressor is provided with an impeller mounted on a main shaft rotating around an axis line, and a vane device for adjusting the flow rate of a fluid in an inflow flow path to the impeller. The vane device includes: a plurality of vane main bodies provided at intervals in a circumferential direction, wherein a mounting angle of the plurality of vane main bodies is changed by rotating the shaft portion; a plurality of link members which is rotated along with the shaft portion; a drive ring which is formed with an annular shape centered on the axis line and is moved in a moving direction along a rotation locus of the link member, and a drive mechanism which is connected to the drive ring and transmits a force in a tangential direction to the drive ring..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


A rotor for a radial compressor and a construction thereof

A rotor for a radial compressor is provided. An axial shaft of the radial compressor includes longitudinal axial shaft segments.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Turbo machine and the operation thereof

A turbo machine, particularly a turbo compressor, including at least one rotor, which extends along an axis, at least one gas seal, which uses a seal gas to seal a gap between the rotor and a stator of the turbo machine, and a processing module, which processes process fluid taken from the high-pressure position at a tapping into seal gas, which seal gas is fed to the gas seal is provided. To reduce the investment costs for processing the seal gas for the gas seal, a control valve is provided in a first pipe of the turbo machine, the turbo machine has a control unit and a sensor in a second pipe for the seal gas between the processing module and the gas seal, and the control unit is designed such that the control valve controls the pressure or the mass flow or the volume flow measured by the sensor..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Multi-segment turbocharger bearing housing and methods therefor

A turbocharger (102, 202, 302) including a rotating assembly (114, 214, 314) having a compressor wheel (120, 220, 320) and a turbine wheel (110, 210, 310) mounted on opposite ends of a shaft (112, 212, 312). A bearing housing (160, 260, 360) supports the rotating assembly (114, 214, 314) and comprises at least two segments (189, 190; 289, 290; 389, 390).
Borgwarner Inc.


Method for preventing surge in a dynamic compressor using adaptive preventer control system and adaptive safety margin

A method of preventing surge in a dynamic compressor is disclosed. The method includes providing an anti-surge valve having an adjustable opening for increasing the flow through a dynamic compressor.
Energy Control Technologies, Inc.


Wet gas compressor and method

A centrifugal compressor for processing a wet gas. The centrifugal compressor includes: a casing; and least one compressor stage comprising at least one impeller rotatingly arranged in the casing and provided with an impeller hub and a plurality of impeller blades, each impeller blade having a suction side and a pressure side.
Nuovo Pignone Srl


Rotary compressor

A compression element 3 includes a substantially spiral oil groove 23 which is provided in inner peripheral surfaces of bearings 14 and 15 of the shaft 6. One end of the oil groove 23 opens at a bearing base portion 24, and the other end of the oil groove 23 opens at a bearing end 25.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Electric compressor

An electric compressor includes a housing a compression mechanism, an electric motor and a motor driving circuit. The motor driving circuit includes a circuit board and an electronic component mounted on the circuit board.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki


Oil-free compressor crankcase cooling arrangement

An oil-free compressor crankcase cooling arrangement includes a compressor crankcase, at least one piston cylinder supported in the compressor crankcase, a crankshaft assembly supported by the compressor crankcase and linked to a piston of the at least one piston cylinder by a connecting rod, at least one inlet valve supported on and in fluid communication with the compressor crankcase, and at least one outlet valve supported on and in fluid communication with the compressor crankcase. A cooling cross-flow of air is established between the at least one inlet valve and the at least one outlet valve to cool the compressor crankcase.
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation


"compressor cooled by a temperature controlled fan"

A multistage compressor includes a first compression stage and a second compression stage connected in series with the first compression stage that receives and further compresses gas from the first stage. A first cooling element is connected between the first compression stage and the second compression stage.
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation


Radially configured oil-free compressor

An oil-free compressor for a rail vehicle includes a compressor housing, a first low pressure piston cylinder supported in the compressor housing, a second low pressure piston cylinder supported in the compressor housing, a first high pressure piston cylinder supported in the compressor housing, a second high pressure piston cylinder supported in the compressor housing, and a crankshaft assembly supported by the compressor housing and linked to pistons of the piston cylinders by respective connecting rods. The first and second low pressure piston cylinders and the first and second high pressure piston cylinders are positioned in an x-shaped configuration around an outer circumference of the compressor housing.
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation


Supercharged engine diagnostics method and associated engine

A diagnostics method for a supercharged internal combustion engine including a fixed-geometry turbocharger, including a compressor through which air admitted into an intake circuit passes, and a turbine rotationally connected to the compressor and through which exhaust gases pass, the method including: calculating a first integral with respect to time of a measurement of atmospheric pressure; calculating an integral with respect to time of a measurement of boost pressure; calculating a second integral with respect to time of a measurement of atmospheric pressure; calculating two diagnostics criteria dependent on the first integral of atmospheric pressure, on the integral of the boost pressure and on the second integral of the atmospheric pressure; comparing the first diagnostics criterion with a first diagnostics threshold and comparing the second diagnostics criterion with a second diagnostics threshold; and diagnosing a fault when at least one of the diagnostics criteria is below its associated diagnostics threshold.. .
Renault S.a.s.


Enhanced turbine cooling system using a blend of compressor bleed air and turbine compartment air

The present application provides a gas turbine engine for low turndown operations. The gas turbine engine may include a compressor with a compressor bleed air flow, a turbine compartment with a turbine compartment air flow, a turbine, and an eductor.
General Electric Company


Turbine cooling system using an enhanced compressor air flow

The present application provides a gas turbine engine for low turndown operations. The gas turbine engine may include a compressor with a compressor bleed air flow, a turbine, and a compressor bleed air flow manifold.
General Electric Company


Enhanced turbine cooling system using a blend of compressor bleed air and ambient air

The present application provides a gas turbine engine for low turndown operations. The gas turbine engine may include a compressor with a compressor bleed air flow, an ambient air source with an ambient air flow, a turbine, and an eductor.
General Electric Company


Reverse flow gas turbine engine core

A gas turbine engine has a fan rotor for delivering air into a bypass duct and into a core airflow duct. Air in the core flow duct passes axially downstream from the fan and past a reverse core engine including a turbine section, a combustor section, and a compressor section.
United Technologies Corporation


Gas turbine engine oil tank

A gas turbine engine includes an engine static structure housing that includes a compressor section and a turbine section. A combustor section is arranged axially between the compressor section and the turbine section.
United Technologies Corporation


Turbocharger and casing

Various methods and systems are provided for a turbocharger comprising a turbine disc rotatable about a rotational axis of the turbocharger, a compressor wheel mechanically coupled to the turbine disc via a shaft, a compressor casing including an air inlet and a blower casing formed as one piece, the air inlet configured to admit air to the compressor wheel, and a turbine casing housing the turbine disc, the turbine casing including a shroud surrounding the turbine disc.. .
General Electric Company


Cooling system for vehicle

A cooling system for a vehicle may include at least two air ducts formed at both side of an exterior air intake port; a low temperature radiator to release heat of coolant into the air; a high temperature radiator to release heat of coolant into the air; an ancillary low temperature radiator to release heat of coolant into the air; an ancillary high temperature radiator disposed inside of another one of the at least two air duct to release heat of coolant into the air; a turbocharger; an intercooler cooling compressed air generated from the turbocharger by using coolant flowed via the low temperature radiator and the high temperature radiator; a compressor; a condenser cooling the compressed refrigerant generated from the compressor by using coolant flowed via the low temperature radiator; a high temperature coolant passage; and a low temperature coolant passage.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Rotating stall detection through ratiometric measure of the sub-synchronous band spectrum

A method for obtaining a baseline for detecting rotating stall using localized information already included within the frequency spectrum. Namely, ratiometric measures, i.e., quadratic coefficients obtained from weighted quadratic regression of sub-synchronous spectrum and/or information obtained through peak detections, are used to detect rotating stall.
Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.


Stub shaft

A controlled collapse stub shaft is provided for allowing controlled axial movement of a mainline shaft which joins a fan or compressor to a turbine of a gas turbine engine. A first end of the stub shaft is adapted to be joined to the mainline shaft.
Rolls-royce Plc


Rotation device and rotor compressor and fluid motor having the same

A rotating device includes a cylinder body, a front end cover, a rear end cover, a main shaft, an eccentric rotor assembly and an isolation mechanism. The eccentric rotor assembly includes an eccentric shaft, a rolling piston wheel and at least one rolling bearing.
Beijing Rostar Technology Co. Ltd.,


Gas compression system

A gas compression system and a method of flow conditioning by a gas compression system are provided. A gas compression system includes a compact flow conditioner in a form of a flow conditioner tank and a combined multi-phase pump and compressor unit comprising an impeller configured to compress a mixture of gas and liquid, wherein the gas compression system is configured such that the gas and the liquid are separated in the flow conditioner tank, the separated gas and liquid are sucked up through the separate gas and liquid pipes and re-mixed again upstream of the impeller, and the liquid is distributed in a gas flow by venturi effect, and wherein the venturi effect is obtained by a constriction in the outlet pipe to the impeller, just upstream of the impeller..
Statoil Petroleum As


Subsea multiphase pump or compressor with magnetic coupling and cooling or lubrication by liquid or gas extracted from process fluid

A submersible fluid system for operating submersed in a body of water includes an electric machine and a fluid-end. The fluid-end includes a fluid-end housing having an inlet to a fluid rotor, the fluid rotor coupled to the electric machine and carried to rotate in the housing by a bearing in the housing.


Gas compression system

A combined multi-phase pump and compressor unit and a gas compression system are provided. The combined multi-phase pump and compressor unit functions on a centrifugal principle for transporting liquid and gas from a flow conditioner to a remote multi-phase receiving plant, wherein a rotating separator separates liquid and gas upstream of a compressor part of the combined multi-phase pump and compressor unit, wherein the separated liquid is collected in a rotating annulus in such a way that the liquid is given kinetic energy which is converted to pressure energy in a static system, and wherein the pressurized liquid bypasses the compressor part of the combined multi-phase pump and compressor unit, and then is re-mixed with the gas downstream of the combined multi-phase pump and compressor unit..
Statoil Petroleum As


Pitch inhibitor, pitch inhibition method, and process for producing deinked pulp

Provided are a pitch-formation suppressor and the like which can be widely applied independently of the substance that causes a pitch and of the situation to generate a pitch in a paper manufacturing process, and which can effectively suppress and prevent the troubles due to the pitch, such as foreign spots and defects in a paper, breakage of a paper, and lowering of workability. This pitch-formation suppressor comprises an alkaline solution in which a phenol resin and/or a modified phenol resin is dissolved, or an acid solution in which a phenol resin and/or a modified phenol resin is dissolved..
Gun Ei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


Method of operating a heat pump laundry dryer and heat pump laundry dryer or heat pump washing machine having drying function

The invention relates to a method of operating a heat pump laundry dryer or a heat pump washing machine having drying function and to such a laundry dryer or washing machine, wherein the laundry dryer or washing machine comprises: a control unit (30) controlling the operation of the laundry dryer or washing machine, a laundry treatment chamber (18) for treating laundry using process air, a process air circuit for circulating the process air, a heat pump system (4) having a refrigerant loop, in which the refrigerant fluid is circulated through a first and a second heat exchanger (10, 12), a compressor (14) for circulating the refrigerant fluid through the refrigerant loop, and a cooling fan unit (24) for cooling the compressor (14), and wherein the method comprises: modifying or changing an operation parameter set of the cooling fan unit (24) in dependency of at least one of the following input variables: a user selectable input variable, a working parameter of the laundry drum, a working parameter of a process air fan, a working paraparameter set meter of an electric driving motor, a working parameter of the compressor, a drying progress status parameter or a status parameter of the laundry to be dried, and an environment parameter of the treatment apparatus environment.. .
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.


A laundry treating machine with an electric motor and an inverter control device

The present invention relates to a laundry treating machine (10) comprising at least one electric motor (22) and at least one inverter control device (24) for controlling the rotational speed of said electric motor (22), wherein the electric motor (22) is provided for driving a laundry drum (40), an air stream fan (20), a cooling air fan (34) and/or a heat pump compressor (18), and wherein the inverter control device (24) is controlled again by a control unit (52) of the laundry treating machine (10). The control unit (52) comprises or corresponds with a detection device for detecting the frequency of a main power supply connected to the laundry treating machine (10), wherein the control unit (52) and/or the inverter control device (24) control the electric motor (22) on the basis of one or more operating parameters depending on the detected frequency of the main power supply..
Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

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