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Compressor data module

Orthopedic compression/distraction device

Scroll compressor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pressor-related patents
 Systems and methods for determining a level of fouling of compressors patent thumbnailSystems and methods for determining a level of fouling of compressors
A system and a method for determining a degree of fouling formation in a compressor, e.g., in an ethylene production unit or other application. Data associated with the operation of the compressor is collected.
 Compressor data module patent thumbnailCompressor data module
A compressor is provided and may include a shell, a compression mechanism, a motor, a data module, and a compressor controller. The data module may include a data module processor and a data module memory.
 Orthopedic compression/distraction device patent thumbnailOrthopedic compression/distraction device
An orthopedic device configured for use as a compressor or a distractor is provided. The device has two arm members and a locking sleeve for securely holding an elongated pin is attached to each of the two arm members.
 Scroll compressor patent thumbnailScroll compressor
A scroll compressor includes a compression mechanism, a crankshaft, upper and lower bearings, and a drive motor. The compression mechanism includes fixed and movable scrolls engaged with each other to form a compression chamber.
 Compressor patent thumbnailCompressor
A compressor includes a closed container, a compression element disposed in the closed container, and a motor disposed in the closed container to drive the compression element via a shaft. The compression element includes a first and second bearings supporting the shaft.
 Vacuum pump/ air and gas compressor patent thumbnailVacuum pump/ air and gas compressor
A pump housing for a pump/compressor includes a front portion and a back portion. The front portion includes an opening forming a motor bearing pocket for seating a motor bearing and through which a motor shaft extends towards the back portion, at least one vent hole radially outwardly spaced from the opening for cooling, and a protrusion extending outward from the front portion, wherein the protrusion is configured to locate a motor housing.
 Discharge muffling chamber for refrigeration compressors and process for closing a discharge muffling chamber patent thumbnailDischarge muffling chamber for refrigeration compressors and process for closing a discharge muffling chamber
The compressor comprises a crankcase with at least one discharge muffling chamber having a bottom end wall provided with a threaded blind axial hole, a surrounding lateral wall, and an open end which defines an annular seat extending throughout the whole radial width of the surrounding lateral wall. A sealing gasket comprises a peripheral annular portion to be seated on the annular seat, and a median hole.
 Turbocharger flow control patent thumbnailTurbocharger flow control
A method for controlling a turbocharger is provided. The turbocharger has a turbine operatively connected to an exhaust of an internal combustion engine, and a compressor operatively connected to an intake of the engine.
 Rotor blade for a compressor of a turbomachine, compressor, and turbomachine patent thumbnailRotor blade for a compressor of a turbomachine, compressor, and turbomachine
A rotor blade for a compressor of a turbomachine is disclosed, the rotor blade having an airfoil having a leading edge, a trailing edge, an airfoil tip, as well as a pressure side and a suction side extending therebetween, provision being made for a profile variation on the pressure side, the profile variation extending into the trailing edge and into the airfoil tip. Also disclosed are a compressor and a turbomachine..
 Turbo charger compressor with integrated back plate and bearing housing patent thumbnailTurbo charger compressor with integrated back plate and bearing housing
A turbocharger includes a turbine housing defining a turbine chamber and a compressor housing defining a compressor chamber. A turbine wheel is disposed in the turbine chamber and a turbine shaft is connected to the turbine wheel.
Assembly formed by a turbine nozzle or a compressor diffuser made of cmc for a turbine engine and by an abradable material support ring, and a turbine or a compressor incorporating such an assembly
A turbine nozzle or a compressor diffuser includes sectors made of cmc material, each having an inner platform, an outer platform, and airfoils. An abradable material support ring is made up of sectors, each presenting upstream and downstream attachment tabs.
Midspan active magnetic bearing
A compression system may include a compressor having first and second sides separated by a division wall, first and second shafts, and first and second radial bearings. The first and second shafts may be axially connected to each other at respective first ends via a rotor portion of an intermediate radial bearing.
System for in-flight restarting of a multi-shaft turboprop engine
A multi-shaft aeronautical turboprop engine in which a compressor draws in air coming from an air intake and drives, through an outer first shaft, a first stage of a turbine, which is provided with a second stage that drives a propeller by means of a second shaft mounted coaxially inside the first shaft. A starting system.
Power generating unit and method for operating such a power generating unit
A power generating unit includes a gas turbine with an air intake section, a compressor and at least one combustor and at least one turbine the power generating unit further includes a gas-cooled generator, being driven by the gas turbine and having a generator cooling system including at least one cooler, through which cooling water flows, and which removes heat from the generator. A more flexible operation of the unit can be achieved by connecting the generator cooling system to an air intake heat exchanger arranged within the air intake section of the gas turbine in order to transfer heat from the cooling water flowing through the generator cooling system, to the air flowing through the air intake section..
Seal assembly for centrifugal compressors
A sealing system for process gas leakage from a turbomachine casing is provided. The sealing system may include a seal assembly housing coupled to or integral with the turbomachine casing.
Methods of fabricating microelectronic substrate inspection equipment
Microelectronic substrate inspection equipment includes a gas container which contains helium gas, a helium ion generator which is disposed in the gas container and converts the helium gas into helium ions and a wafer stage which is disposed under the gas container and on which a substrate to be inspected is placed. The equipment further includes a secondary electron detector which is disposed above the wafer stage and detects electrons generated from the substrate, a compressor which receives first gaseous nitrogen from a continuous nitrogen supply device and compresses the received first gaseous nitrogen into liquid nitrogen, a liquid nitrogen dewar which is connected to the compressor and stores the liquid nitrogen, and a cooling device that is coupled to the helium ion generator.
Installation for storing thermal energy
An installation for storing thermal energy is provided. The storage is carried out by the compression and relaxation of a working gas, wherein pump and compressor can be driven by, for example, electric motors which temporarily absorb excess power generated in the power grid.
Cap unit for puncture repair
A cap unit is provided with: a cap body having a first flow channel for feeding the compressed air from a compressor into a bottle container, and a second flow channel for sequentially taking out a puncture repair agent and the compressed air from the bottle container; and a first and second inner lids which are independent from one another and which close the first and second flow channels. The cap body has a boss portion extending upward from the bottom surface of a mouth portion securing recess, and provided with a first inner lid securing portion.
Cap unit for puncture repair
The present invention is capable of reducing the precision requirements when fitting a cap unit while ensuring the opening and closing of a first and second path. A cap unit (1) is provided with: a cap body (7) having a first flow channel (5) for feeding the compressed air from a compressor (3) into a bottle container (4), and a second flow channel (6) for sequentially taking out a puncture repair liquid (t) and the compressed air from the bottle container (4); and first and second closing plugs (8a, 8b) which are independent from one another and which close the first and second flow channels (5, 6).
Proportional oxygen conserving device wiht flow sensing
Methods and system for concentrating oxygen include providing a portable apparatus having a plurality of sieve beds, each sieve bed in the plurality of sieve beds including a first end and a second end, a reservoir storing oxygen-enriched gas exiting from the second ends of the plurality of sieve beds, a compressor, an oxygen delivery valve communicating with the reservoir via a delivery line, a flow sensor associated with the delivery line, and control electronics adapted to control operation of the oxygen delivery valve; measuring, via the flow sensor, a flow of the oxygen-enriched gas through the sensor and outputting a signal indicative thereof; and controlling, using the control electronics, the opening and closing the oxygen delivery valve to deliver the oxygen-enriched gas from the reservoir to a user based on the signal.. .
Portable oxygen concentrator with integrated manifold
Methods and system for concentrating oxygen include a plurality of sieve beds configured to absorb nitrogen from air, at least one reservoir configured to store oxygen-enriched gas exiting from the plurality of sieve beds, a compressor configured to deliver air at one or more desired pressures to the plurality of sieve beds, a support member positioned in housing and configured to support the compressor, the plurality of sieve beds and the reservoir, an air manifold providing a plurality of channels therein that at least partially define passages communicating between the compressor and the plurality of sieve beds, and an oxygen delivery manifold providing a plurality of channels therein that at least partially define passages for delivering the oxygen-enriched to a user. The air manifold and the oxygen delivery manifold are integrally formed with the support member..
Downhole assembly with magnetic gearbox
A magnetic change speed gearbox his described for use in a downhole assemblies having a higher speed shaft supported by a gas bearing. The downhole assembly may be one comprising a motor driving a compressor by way of a step-up magnetic gearbox or one comprising a gas turbine driving a pump by way of a step-down magnetic gearbox..
Compressor-free refrigeration system powered by heat source
A refrigeration system having: a heat source that provides heat energy; a power generator that contains the heat source to heat a refrigerating medium, to increase the temperature and pressure and vaporize the refrigerating medium; a condenser into which flows the liquid refrigerating medium from the power generator under the pressure difference resulted from heating in the power generator, and in which the liquid refrigerating medium temperature is decreased; a throttle valve that jets the liquid refrigerating medium into an evaporator to decrease its pressure and absorb heat; an evaporator to exchange heat from the refrigerating medium with a refrigeration output; and a liquid working medium return unit through which the liquid working medium accumulated on the bottom of the evaporator flows by gravity back freely to the power generator, wherein the evaporator, liquid working medium return unit, and power generator are arranged from top to bottom vertically.. .
Ammonia plant upgrading-multistage integrated chilling of process air compressor with ammonia compressor followed by air flow split and multistage air preheating to secondary ammonia reformer
This disclosure relates to an ammonia plant system upgrade utilizing both a direct and indirect multistage chilling system in the ammonia plant air compression train to increase process air flow to the secondary ammonia reformer of the ammonia plant as well as upgrades to provide more heating to the increased process air flow.. .
Dehumidification system for air conditioning
An air temperature and humidity control device is provided including a heat pump and a humidity controller. The heat pump has a condenser, a first evaporator, a compressor, and a second evaporator.
Air conditioner for vehicle
An air conditioner for a vehicle, including: a discharge capability control section that controls refrigerant discharge capability of a compressor; an upper limit value determination section that determines an upper limit value of the refrigerant discharge capability; and a gear shift position detection section that determines a gear shift position of a gear shift device of a vehicle, wherein the gear shift device having a forward range for moving the vehicle forward and a range other than the forward range as the gear shift position; when the gear shift position determined by the gear shift position detection section is in a range other than the forward range, the upper limit value determination section decreases the upper limit value compared to when the gear shift position determined by the gear shift position detection section is in the forward range.. .
Refrigeration system
A refrigeration system includes a heat source unit, a plurality of utilization units, a height-associated value detection unit and a pressure control unit. The heat source unit has a compressor and a heat source-side heat exchanger that functions as a radiator.
Centralized multi-function heat exchange system
A centralized heat exchange system for controlling a plurality of heat exchangers in heat pump cycle includes a plurality of heat exchanging units; a compressor; a network of refrigerant piping connected to each of the plurality of heat exchanging units and the compressor; and a controller configured to receive signals from sensors to monitor temperature or the like of spaces/compartments to be controlled. The controller controls the compressor and a reversing valve and expansion valves installed in the network of refrigerant piping to establish, in the network of refrigerant piping, one or more of a heat-pump loop that constitutes a vapor-compression cycle through an arrangement of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator in accordance with a preset or user settable priority scheme that assigns at least one of the controlled spaces/compartments higher priority in control than the others..
Refrigeration system and refrigeration method providing heat recovery
A refrigeration circuit (1) is circulating a refrigerant and comprises in the direction of flow of the refrigerant at least one compressor (4a, 4b, 4c); at least one heat rejecting heat exchanger (6); at least one expansion device (8); and at least one evaporator (10). The refrigeration circuit (1) further comprises at least one heat recovery heat exchanger (12) having a refrigeration circuit side (12a) and heat recovery system side (12b) and being configured for transferring heat between the refrigeration circuit side (12a) and the heat recovery system side (12b), wherein the refrigeration circuit side (12a) is fluidly connected in parallel to the at least one heat rejecting heat exchanger (6) for flowing circulating refrigerant through the refrigeration circuit side (12a); and at least one regulation valve (16), which is configured for regulating the flow of refrigerant flowing through the refrigeration circuit side (12a) of the at least one heat recovery heat exchanger (12).
Condenser unit
A condenser unit including a compressor for compressing a refrigerant vapor to provide a superheated refrigerant vapor exerting a head pressure, and a condenser for receiving the superheated refrigerant vapor and condensing the superheated refrigerant vapor therein, the condenser being located in an uncontrolled space with air therein at an ambient temperature. The condenser unit also includes a flow control means for controlling flow of the superheated refrigerant vapor from the compressor into the condenser, a rotatable condenser fan for moving air past the condenser to dissipate heat from the condenser, and a controller for controlling the flow control means and the speed of rotation of the condenser fan based on at least one preselected parameter, to maintain the head pressure within a predetermined range thereof..
Servicing device for vehicle air-conditioning systems and method for operating said device
The invention relates to a servicing device for vehicle air-conditioning systems comprising an evacuation assembly for withdrawing the coolant/compressor oil mixture from the coolant circuit of a vehicle air-conditioning system and comprising a coolant gas analyzer. In said device, a gas analysis connection is provided on or in at least one of the connection lines between the servicing device and the vehicle air-conditioning system.
Heat exchange apparatus and method for controlling heat exchange apparatus
A heat exchange apparatus that exchanges heat between a refrigerant and a temperature-regulated section has: a compressor; a first heat exchanger that exchanges heat between the refrigerant and outside air; a second heat exchanger that exchanges heat between the refrigerant and air for air conditioning; an opening-adjusting valve that adjusts a degree of opening of a path of the refrigerant between the first heat exchanger and the temperature-regulated section; an expansion valve that is disposed in a path of the refrigerant between the temperature-regulated section and the second heat exchanger, and that reduces a pressure of the refrigerant; and an ecu that controls a degree of opening of the opening-adjusting valve. The ecu increases the degree of opening of the opening-adjusting valve to thereby heat the temperature-regulated section, and reduces the degree of opening of the opening-adjusting valve to thereby cool the temperature-regulated section..
Gas turbine
A gas turbine includes a compressor, an annular combustion chamber, and a turbine, a combustion chamber shell of the combustion chamber adjoining the turbine inlet in a transition region in order to introduce the hot gases generated in the combustion chamber into the downstream turbine such that a thermal expansion-induced relative movement between the combustion chamber and the turbine inlet is possible. Combustion chamber shell support elements distributed on the periphery come into contact with a conical contour on the shaft cover due to the thermal expansion that occurs during operation and are supported on said contour.
Gas turbine engine with compressor inlet guide vane positioned for starting
A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section, the compressor section including a variable inlet guide vane which is movable between distinct angles to control the airflow approaching the compressor section. A control is programmed to position the vane at startup of the engine to direct airflow across the compressor section.
Energy-storing device and method for storing energy
An energy-storing device with a charging circuit for a working gas for storing thermal energy, comprising a compressor, a heat accumulator, and an expansion turbine is provided. The compressor is connected to the inlet of the expansion turbine at the outlet side of the compressor via a first line for the working gas, and the heat accumulator is connected into the first line.
Pulse turbine turbocharger and egr system
A method of boosting air to an intake manifold (20) of an engine (16) having cylinders (c) that emit exhaust gas includes the steps of dividing the exhaust gas emitted from the cylinders into a first exhaust passageway (26a) and a second exhaust passageway (26b), and fluidly communicating at least a portion of the exhaust gas (eg1) from the first exhaust passageway to a divided turbocharger (28). The method also includes the steps of fluidly communicating at least a portion of the exhaust gas (eg1) from the second exhaust passageway (26b) to the divided turbocharger (28), and fluidly communicating the exhaust gas from the divided turbocharger to an undivided turbocharger (42).
Internal combustion engine coupled turbocharger with an infinitely variable transmission
A turbocharger for use with an internal combustion engine is provided. The turbocharger comprises a differential device having a carrier portion, a compressor portion, and a turbine portion.
Compressed air engine assembly with complementary compressed air circuit
An air-powered engine assembly uses compressed air as a complementary power source. The air-powered engine assembly includes an engine body (1), a multiple-column power distributor (2), a power equipment (4), a controller system (6), an intake speed control valve (23), a high pressure gas tank set (13), a constant pressure tank (16), an electronic control unit eco (29) and a complementary compressed air circuit.
Apparatus and method for operating a subsea compression system
Apparatus and method for operating a subsea compression system. The subsea compression system comprising a separator, a compressor and a pump, wherein the compressor is operable for compression and discharge of gas that is separated from a well stream fed into the separator, and the pump is operable for pumping liquid that is separated from the well stream.
Laundry treatment apparatus with heat pump
The invention relates to a laundry treatment apparatus, in particular dryer (2a) or washing machine having drying function, comprising: a cabinet having a front wall, a rear wall, side walls and a base section, wherein the base section comprises an internal side facing the interior of the cabinet and an external side exposed to the outside of the cabinet, a laundry storing chamber for treating laundry using process air (a), a process air loop for circulating the process air through the laundry storing chamber, and a heat pump system for dehumidifying and heating the process air, the heat pump system having a refrigerant loop comprising: a first heat exchanger (10) for heating a refrigerant and cooling the process air (a), a second heat exchanger (12) for cooling the refrigerant and heating the process air, a refrigerant expansion device, a compressor, and an auxiliary heat exchanger (13). According to the invention the auxiliary heat exchanger (13) is arranged at the external side of the base section..
Modular cpap compressor
A modular compressor assembly comprises a common motor assembly, an impeller, a blower housing and an engagement mechanism. The common motor assembly includes a stator housing containing a stator assembly and having a rotor magnet rotatably disposed therewithin.
Data compression for priority based data traffic, on an aggregate traffic level, in a multi stream communications system
An approach for multi-stream data compression comprises receiving packets of a data stream, wherein the packets comprise respective packets of source data streams compressed on an aggregate basis and in a successive order. A one of the packets is decompressed, and a determination is made whether the packet has been received in a proper order of succession compared to the successive order of compression.
Staged data compression, including block level long range compression, for data streams in a communications system
Approaches for staged data compression are provided, where each stage reflects a progressive increase in granularity, resulting in a scalable approach that exhibits improved efficiency and compression performance. The first stage comprises a long-range block-level compressor that determines redundancies on a block-level basis (based on entire data blocks, as opposed to partial segments within data blocks).
Viable gram negative bacteria with reduced proteolytic activity lacking outer membrane agonists of tlr4/md-2
Viable gram-negative bacteria or components thereof comprising outer membranes that substantially lack a ligand, such as lipid a or 6-acyl lipidpolysaccharide, that acts as an agonist of tlr4/md-2. The bacteria may comprise reduced activity of arabinose-5-phosphate isomerases and one or more suppressor mutations, for example in a transporter thereby increasing the transporter's capacity to transport lipid iva or in membrane protein yhjd.
Novel vista-ig constructs and the use of vista-ig for treatment of autoimmune, allergic and inflammatory disorders
The present invention relates to a fusion proteins comprising regulatory t cell protein, vista (v-domain immunoglobulin suppressor of t cell activation (pd-l3) and an immunoglobulin protein (ig), preferably also containing a flexible linker intervening the vista and ig fc polypeptide. The invention also provides the use of vista polypeptides, multimeric vista polypeptides, vista-conjugates (e.g., vista-ig), and vista antagonists for the treatment of autoimmune disease, allergy, and inflammatory conditions, especially lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, multiple sclerosis, crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 or type 2 diabetes..
Rotary compressor
A rotary compressor (100a) includes a closed casing (1), a compression mechanism (48), a lower end-face plate (34), and a communication hole (50). An oil reservoir (12) is formed at the bottom of the closed casing (1).
Compressor bearing assembly
A compressor is provided that may include a drive shaft, a compression mechanism, a bearing and an unloader. The drive shaft may include a main body and a crank pin extending from the main body.
Capacity modulated scroll compressor
A capacity modulation assembly is provided and may include a control valve and a first line extending between the control valve and a suction pressure region disposed within a compressor shell, whereby the suction pressure region is in communication with a suction inlet gas fitting extending through a shell of a compressor. The capacity modulation assembly may additionally include a second line extending between the control valve and an intermediate pressure region disposed within the compressor shell, whereby the intermediate pressure region is in communication with compression pockets defined between an orbiting scroll and a non-orbiting scroll..
Rotary systems lubricated by fluid being processed
Rotary systems are described, which can include at least one of compressors and vacuum pumps. Each rotary system includes a corresponding piston that rotates in an orbital motion around a respective eccentric of a shaft in order to either compress fluid or function as a vacuum pump.
Power supply device of rotary compressor
Disclosed is a power supply device of a rotary compressor, and an electrical connector is installed at a casing of the rotary compressor for electrically connecting a motor installed inside the casing and an external power supply. A planar portion is disposed on a lateral side of the casing for installing the electrical connector, so that the electrical connector installed on a lateral side of the casing of the rotary compressor casing will not cause an increase of height of the rotary compressor to achieve a convenient installation.
A compressor includes a closed container housing a compression element driven by the shaft of a motor. The compression element includes a first and second bearings supporting first and second shaft portions, and at least one cylinder having at least one cylinder chamber disposed between the first and second bearings.
Compressors for natural gas and related devices, systems, and methods
A natural gas compressor can include a pre-staging chamber that couples with a supply line to receive natural gas from the supply line. The compressor can additionally include a first-stage chamber that couples with the supply line to receive natural gas from the supply line.
Dual control valve for reciprocating compressor unloader system
A continuous run controller for a dual control compressor system includes an integrated housing containing a pilot valve and a hydraulic unloader valve. Low pressure in the hydraulic oil system opens the hydraulic unloader valve such that the suction valve unloader assembly unloads the compressor.
Centrifugal compressor apparatus and method for preventing surge therein
There is provided a centrifugal compressor apparatus including a centrifugal compressor that centrifugally compresses a gas, an electric motor that rotatably drives the centrifugal compressor, a current detector that detects a drive current i of the electric motor, and an exhaust valve that discharges a compressed gas to a lower pressure section. The centrifugal compressor apparatus (a) detects the drive current i at a sampling cycle ts, (b) updates, as a current threshold, in real time, a value “(moving average)−n×(standard deviation)” for which a plurality of drive currents measured in a sampling period tp serves as a population, where n is a positive number in the range of 3 to 4 and, (c) determines that surging has occurred when the exhaust valve is closed and the drive current i is below the current threshold x, and (d) further opens the exhaust valve to discharge the compressed gas when determining that surging has occurred..
Attaching the blades of an axial turbocompressor to the compressor drum
The present application relates to the compressor drum of an axial turbomachine. The drum includes a wall of revolution that forms a hollow body.
Air inlet silencer for turbomachines
An air inlet silencer for turbomachines is provided. In one embodiment, the air inlet silencer includes a body, and a plurality of concentric baffles coupled to and axially surrounding the body.
An inlet portion (31) of a compressor housing (30) forms part of an intake passage, and a drawing passage (35), which extends through the inlet portion (31), draws blow-by gas from outside the inlet portion (31) to inside the inlet portion (31). A throttling portion (47) is formed inside the inlet portion (31) and arranged at a joined portion of the intake passage and the drawing passage (35) so that a cross-sectional passage area at the joined portion is smaller than a cross-sectional passage area of a portion located at an intake air upstream side of the joined portion and a cross-sectional passage area of a portion located at an intake air downstream side of the joined portion..
A turbocharger includes: a turbocharger main body; a bearing hole formed in the turbocharger main body; a turbine shaft rotatably inserted into the bearing hole and having a turbine wheel provided on one end and a compressor wheel provided on the other end; a turbine-side bearing part and a compressor-side bearing part rotatably supporting the turbine shaft and disposed in the bearing hole on a relatively turbine wheel side and on a relatively compressor wheel side, respectively; a cooling oil passage provided radially outside the bearing hole in the turbocharger main body and configured to cool the turbocharger main body with lubricating oil circulated inside; a first oil duct configured to guide lubricating oil after lubricating the compressor-side bearing part to the cooling oil passage; and a second oil duct configured to guide lubricating oil after lubricating the turbine-side bearing part to the cooling oil passage.. .
Individual inlet guide vane control for tip turbine engine
A tip turbine engine according to the present invention includes a plurality of independently variable inlet guide vanes for the fan and/or for the compressor. An actuator is operatively coupled to each of the flaps, such that each actuator can selectively vary the flap of its associated inlet guide vane.
Seeded optical amplifier apparatus for producing femtosecond pulses
A source of femtosecond optical pulses comprises a seed pulse source arranged to generate seed pulses; an optical amplifier downstream of the seed pulse source, the optical amplifier having a gain bandwidth; a nonlinear optical element downstream of the amplifier, the optical element spectrally broadening optical pulses via a non linear process to have a spectral bandwidth that exceeds the gain bandwidth of the optical amplifier; and a pulse compressor downstream of the nonlinear optical element and arranged to reduce the temporal duration of optical pulses so as to provide output optical pulses having a femtoseconds time duration.. .
Wave-power electricity generation system
The invention relates to a wave-power system for generating electricity, in which a pendular buoy captures the wave energy and transfers the movement unidirectionally to a flywheel inside a pressurised box. The shaft of the flywheel transmits the energy to a hydraulic pump and the hydraulic flow travels through flexible tubes into a pelton turbine.
Lifting apparatus for an aircraft
The invention relates to a lifting apparatus (16) for an aircraft (1), comprising: at least one cushion (19) which can be blown up and has at least two chambers (20, 21); at least one compressor; and at least one pressure control device, wherein each of the chambers is connected to the compressor (7) via the pressure control device by means of a hose (9), wherein the lifting apparatus comprises a pressure-sensitive device (23) having at least two pressure sensors (25), and the pressure-sensitive device is arranged between the uppermost chamber of the cushion and that region of the aircraft to be lifted.. .
Vehicle with integral tire jacks
The vehicle with integral tire jacks is an automatic built-in system for lifting a vehicle in the event of a flat tire when the tire requires replacement. The system includes four jacks installed under the vehicle near each wheel.

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