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This page is updated frequently with new Pps-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pps-related patents
 Newborn computer applications patent thumbnailNewborn computer applications
An electronic version for how to care for an infant child on smartphone/tablet devices. Students will access the application via the appstore/playstore on their device and will be provided login information from their administrator/teacher.

 Service  recommending post by associating appstore with timeline patent thumbnailService recommending post by associating appstore with timeline
Exemplary embodiments provide a computer-implemented method of enabling a recommendation of a software to a user from a software marketplace based on activities of the user's friend of an internet-based social network who is related to the first user within the confines of the social network, said user maintaining an internet-based social network account, the method comprising: receiving, from the first user, a selection of an interface associated with the software marketplace, generating, by a computer-implemented recommendation system, a list of recommended software based on the internet-based social network into which the first user is logged into, sending the list of the of recommended software to the first user, wherein the computer-implemented recommendation system retrieves the information of the user's friend and assigns a weight to a post not displayed based on an attribute thereof.. .
Nhn Entertainment Corporation

 System and  a security assessment of an application uploaded to an appstore patent thumbnailSystem and a security assessment of an application uploaded to an appstore
A method for assessing the level of security of an application to be uploaded to an app store, comprises: (i) providing a security system comprising an attack dictionary relevant to a specific device, information regarding security sensitivity grades of subsystems of said device and an identifier, suitable to recognize the api's related to each of said subsystems and to inspect each line of the code to calculate the maximum security sensitivity grade for each information flow emanating from a given line of code; (ii) for each specific attack present in the attack dictionary, inspecting a code to determine whether the attack is attempted; and (iii) if a suspicion of attack is detected, taking corrective action.. .

 Method and system for managing business deals patent thumbnailMethod and system for managing business deals
In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for managing business deals. The mechanisms and methods for managing business deals may enable embodiments to provide a dynamic and interactive user-interface including any combination of contacts, accounts, opportunities, allowing users to create tasks, events, leads (e.g., from data.com), reports, dashboards, instant messenger, external deal spaces, email service (e.g., outlook), a cloud-based productivity suite for businesses that allows work on any device (e.g., google apps), mobile access, private messaging, lead management, mass email templates, social media monitoring (e.g., from radian6), role-based sharing and security, and/or additional storage, for example.

 Optimizer as an appstore service patent thumbnailOptimizer as an appstore service
Delivering applications to devices. A method includes receiving, at an appstore, developer provided application code.

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