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Power Management patents


This page is updated frequently with new Power Management-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Power Management-related patents
 Techniques for managing power on an uplink component carrier transmitted over a shared radio frequency spectrum band patent thumbnailTechniques for managing power on an uplink component carrier transmitted over a shared radio frequency spectrum band
Techniques are described for wireless communication. A first method includes identifying a first uplink component carrier of a plurality of component carriers configured for a user equipment (ue); determining that the first uplink component carrier is transmitted over a shared radio frequency spectrum band; and performing a power management operation on the first uplink component carrier, for a current subframe, based at least in part on the determining..
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Signal power management in a multicarrier wireless device patent thumbnailSignal power management in a multicarrier wireless device
A first signal is transmitted starting in a first subframe of a cell of a first cell group. A second signal is configured for transmission in a second subframe of a second cell group.
Ofinno Technologies, Llc

 Power management module and method therefor patent thumbnailPower management module and method therefor
A power management module comprising a client monitoring component arranged to monitor idle periods for a client component, and derive at least one idle period characteristic value for the client component based at least partly on the monitoring of the idle periods therefore. The power management module further comprises a power mode control component arranged to receive an indication of the client component entering an idle state, cause the client component to be put into a reduced power mode upon expiry of a first period of time, and cause the client component to be brought out of the reduced power mode upon expiry of a second period of time.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 Solar panel system with monocoque supporting structure patent thumbnailSolar panel system with monocoque supporting structure
A solar panel system comprises a monocoque forming an enlarged self-supporting solar-facing generally-convex support surface when in an installed position supports solar cells attached (or formed directly on it) at optimal angles for capturing solar energy. The monocoque provides a stressed-skin or stiff-sheet support reducing weight while maintaining strength and minimizing cost.

 Buck-boost converters and power management integrated circuits including the same patent thumbnailBuck-boost converters and power management integrated circuits including the same
A buck-boost converter includes: a converting circuit; a ripple injector; a hysteresis comparator; and a switching controller. The converting circuit is configured to generate an output voltage by adjusting an input voltage in a buck mode, a boost mode, and a buck-boost mode.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Compact omnidirectional modular power harvesting system patent thumbnailCompact omnidirectional modular power harvesting system
The present invention relates to a compact omnidirectional energy harvesting system consisting of a semi-spherical (geodesic dome) shaped photovoltaic collector- and vertical-axis wind turbine, equipped with a power management system to convert, optimize and store the resulting solar, wind and auxiliary energy into electrical energy. The present invention has auxiliary energy capture ports to harvest ambient energies such as thermoelectric, piezoelectric, electromechanical, hydroelectric, rectifying antenna, electrostatic and electrochemical through plug-in modules.

 Non-volatile semiconductor memory having multiple external power supplies patent thumbnailNon-volatile semiconductor memory having multiple external power supplies
A memory device includes core memory such as flash memory for storing data. The memory device includes a first power input to receive a first voltage used to power the flash memory.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.

 Method and  a zero voltage processor sleep state patent thumbnailMethod and a zero voltage processor sleep state
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state. A processor may include a dedicated cache memory.

 Voltage droop reduction in a processor patent thumbnailVoltage droop reduction in a processor
A processor is provided having a common supply rail, and one or more processor cores, where the one or more processor cores share the common supply rail. Each processor core(s) includes a core dipc value output and a core throttling signal input, and a chip power management logic, which has at least one input for inputting the core dipc value, a threshold register for a dipc threshold value, a chip dipc register for a current global dipc value, at least one chip dipc history register for a historic global dipc value, a subtractor providing an absolute difference of an average historic global dipc derived from the historic global dipc value and the current global dipc value, a magnitude comparator providing a throttling signal when the absolute difference is above the dipc threshold value, and at least one output for outputting a core throttling signal to the processor core(s)..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Inductor system for multi-phase power management integrated circuits patent thumbnailInductor system for multi-phase power management integrated circuits
A semiconductor device includes a first integrated circuit chip, a second integrated circuit chip, a coupled inductor system, and a semiconductor package. The first integrated circuit chip is connected to a substrate and configured to process digital data.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Power management in device to device communications

Systems, methods and apparatus for remotely controlling the power management of a mobile device are provided. The system, method, and apparatus may include a mobile terminal wirelessly connected to a sensor platform.
Qualcomm Incorporated


In home transition for data and power management of personal emergency response system (pers) device

A personal emergency response system (pers) includes a call device (10) with a call button (12), lan (20), wan (22), and locator service(s) (26, 42). The pers further includes a hub or gateway device (30).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Asymmetric multiphase boost for display backlights

An asymmetric multiphase boost that provides flash functionality for display backlights. A backlight power management module for a display backlight may implement and control an asymmetric multiphase boost that includes two boost phases: a primary boost phase for typical display backlighting, and a secondary or flash boost phase that provides flash functionality via the display backlight when needed.
Apple Inc.


Fabric discovery for a cluster of nodes

Implementations of discovery functionalities in accordance with the present invention are characterized by being exceptionally minimalistic. A primary reason and benefit for such minimalistic implementations relate to these discovery functionalities being implemented via a management processor and associated resources of a system on a chip (soc) unit as opposed to them being implemented on data processing components of a cluster of nodes (i.e., central processing core components).
Iii Holdings 2, Llc


Lighting unit having energy harvesting power management system

The present invention relates to a light unit comprising a power management system being capable of delivering electrical power from a power generating unit of the light unit to an associated power distributing system, said power management system comprising a system controller adapted to deliver power to the power distributing system in accordance with a number of inputs to said system controller.. .
Seneco A/s


Heterogeneous thread scheduling

Heterogeneous thread scheduling techniques are described in which a processing workload is distributed to heterogeneous processing cores of a processing system. The heterogeneous thread scheduling may be implemented based upon a combination of periodic assessments of system-wide power management considerations used to control states of the processing cores and higher frequency thread-by-thread placement decisions that are made in accordance with thread specific policies.
Microsoft Corporation


Method of dynamically scaling a power level of a microprocessor

A power management device includes a workload rate detector configured to adjust a length of a duration period; a power management unit configured to calculate a period workload rate in the duration period; and a voltage-clock provider configured to adjust a power level, based on the period workload rate and/or based on an external command.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Efficient power management of uart interface

Methods and apparatus relating to efficient and/or robust link power management of a uart (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) interface are described. In an embodiment, logic causes a link to enter into a low power consumption state in response to a message exchange over data lines of a uart (universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter) interface.
Intel Corporation


Method and a zero voltage processor sleep state

Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state. A processor may include a dedicated cache memory.
Intel Corporation


Power management for memory accesses in a system-on-chip

Techniques and mechanisms to manage power states for a system-on-chip (soc). Multiple modules of the soc include a first module to perform a task including one or more accesses to a memory.


Systems and methods for power and thermal support of information handling resources

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an information handling system may include a processor, one or more information handling resources communicatively coupled to the processor, and a management controller communicatively coupled to the processor. The management controller may have stored thereon at least one of a power table comprising parameters for power management of the one or more information handling resources and a thermal table comprising parameters for thermal management of the one or more information handling resources, and firmware comprising instructions executable on the management controller and configured to enable a user of the information handling system to, during runtime of the management controller, create a virtual power and thermal table capable of storing one or more entries, each entry setting forth power parameters and thermal parameters for an information handling resource..
Dell Products L.p.


Power management circuit and associated power management method

A power management circuit includes a voltage sensing circuit and a supply voltage adjusting circuit. The voltage sensing circuit is arranged for sensing a plurality of voltages respectively of a plurality of nodes of a pcb to generate a sensing result.
Mediatek Inc.


Smart power management in switches and routers

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide methods for analyzing usage information at each of a plurality of network devices of a computing network according to one or more machine learning algorithms and predicting a usage pattern of a corresponding network device at a specific future time. In some embodiments, routing protocol information of a plurality of network devices and one or more corresponding upstream or downstream ports can be collected.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Power supply interface

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to circuits, apparatuses, and methods for power management. According to an example embodiment, an apparatus includes a low drop-out (ldo) voltage-regulation circuit configured to generate a regulated voltage from a voltage provided to a supply terminal of the ldo voltage-regulation circuit.
Nxp B.v.


Tunable envelope tracking

A novel method to provide power management to a radio frequency amplifier is described. The method makes use of a dc-ac resonant switching power converter, a resonant tunable network and a rectifier to track the envelope signal of a radio amplifier system.
Eta Semiconductor Inc.


Configuring power management functionality in a processor

In one embodiment, a multicore processor includes cores that can independently execute instructions, each at an independent voltage and frequency. The processor may include a power controller having logic to provide for configurability of power management features of the processor.
Intel Corporation


Power management in a storage compute device

Computations are performed on data objects via two or more data storage sections. The data storage sections facilitate persistently storing the data objects in parallel read/write operations.
Seagate Technology Llc


Electronic apparatus

An electronic apparatus includes an expansion unit having a battery. The electronic apparatus includes a controller and a display.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Adjustment of one or more operational parameters of a small cell based on small cell reliability

The disclosure is related to small cell base station power management within a wireless network. In an aspect, at least one metric related to operational and non-operational states of the small cell base station is determined, a reliability state of the small cell base station is determined based on the at least one metric related to the operational and non-operational states of the small cell base station, and one or more operational parameters of the small cell base station are adjusted based on the determined reliability state..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and device for demodulating a signal

A method for demodulating a signal is provided. The method includes: acquiring a reference clock signal provided by a power management unit (pmu) in a mobile terminal; determining a moving velocity of the mobile terminal; determining, based on the moving velocity, a doppler frequency shift value generated when the mobile terminal receives a radio frequency (rf) signal transmitted by a base station; and demodulating, according to the reference clock signal and the doppler frequency shift value, the received rf signal..
Xiaomi Inc.


Display apparatus power management controller and methods of operation thereof

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for powering display light sources. A display can include a dc/dc converter included in a power management integrated circuit (pmic) to serve as the light source driver.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Method of operating smart card and operating smart card system including the same

A smart card may include data storage and transmission circuitry, a plurality of voltage controllers to supply operational power to card circuitry, a plurality of oscillators to supply an internal clock for the card, and power management circuitry. The power management circuitry may be configured to shut down the oscillators and at least one, but not all, voltage controllers during a period after a data transmission is completed..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Storage module and scheduling memory operations for peak-power management and balancing

A storage module and method for scheduling memory operations for peak-power management and balancing are provided. In one embodiment, a storage module maintains a count of time slots over a period of time.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Method for preparing a system for a power loss

In an embodiment, a system includes a power management unit (pmu), a non-volatile memory, a volatile memory, and a processor. The pmu may be configured to generate a power supply voltage, change a state of a status signal responsive to an event, and reduce a voltage level of the power supply voltage responsive to a predetermined period of time elapsing from detecting the event.
Apple Inc.


Technologies for collaborative hardware and software scenario-based power management

Technologies for collaborative hardware-software power management include a computing device having a processor that supports a low-power idle state. The low-power idle state may be connected standby or a low-power audio playback state.


Interface to expose interrupt times to hardware

A power management controller is used to control power management states of a processing device. A register stores a timer tick value accessible to the power management controller.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


Heuristic processor power management in operating systems

Various embodiments provide techniques and devices for heuristics-based processor power management of the processor of a computing device. Processor performance metrics and workload are monitored.
Microsoft Corporation


Distributed information technology infrastructure dynamic policy driven peak power management system

A peak power management system for networked smart it devices. These smart devices have computing capability with at least one cpu and memory and can be networked.
Vigyanlabs Inc.


Vehicle with power management

An electronic control unit may include input channels configured to receive signals indicative of a power to a steering system and signals indicative of an operating mode of the vehicle, and output channels configured to provide a command to redistribute current from an electrical load to the steering system. The electronic control unit may further include control logic configured to, in response to the power falling below a threshold value and the operating mode being of a pre-defined type, generate the command to increase the power to the steering system to meet the threshold value..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Power management through segmented circuit and variable voltage protection

The present disclosure provides a surgical instrument control circuit. The control circuit includes a primary processor, a safety processor, and a segmented circuit.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Communicating a message request transaction to a logical device

A general input/output communication port implements a communication stack that includes a physical layer, a data link layer and a transaction layer. The transaction layer includes assembling a packet header for a message request transaction to one or more logical devices.


Frequency and power management

Changing operating states of a phy interface which includes a plurality of blocks, changing operating states of a phy interface includes: receiving parameters indicating desired feature settings of the plurality of blocks for changing the operating state of the phy interface; and enabling the desired feature settings in a sequence, the sequence based on dependencies between the feature settings, the dependencies being stored in a dependency table.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated


Memory system

According to one embodiment, a memory system includes a nonvolatile memory, a buffer memory, a power management unit, and a controller. The buffer memory is divided into a plurality of first subbuffers.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Power management system

A power management system includes a power system. A powered component is coupled to the power system.
Dell Products L.p.


Power management integrated circuit, power management method, mobile device and clock adjusting method

A power management approach for a mobile device includes comparing a battery provided power supply voltage to a reference voltage in order to generate an alarm signal. In response to the alarm signal the frequency of an operating clock applied to a system-on-chip is changed..


Power management for wlan client devices using low energy signaling

Methods, systems, and devices are described for using low energy (le) signaling to indicate to a wireless station (sta), prior to transmission of a beacon, whether the beacon will further indicate that an access point (ap) has data to transmit to the sta. In one aspect, a method may include receiving, using a first radio of a wireless sta using a le communication protocol, a first signal comprising an indication of a traffic indication map (tim) of a wireless local area network (wlan) beacon, and selectively powering up a second radio of the wireless sta to receive the wlan beacon in response to the indication.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Cold temperature power throttling at a mobile computing device

The subject matter of the disclosure relates to low temperature power throttling at a mobile device to reduce the likelihood of an unexpected power down event in cold weather environments. A mobile device employing a power management solution may be configured to determine that a monitored temperature at the mobile device (at the battery of the mobile device) is below a first threshold level, and whether a hardware component (such as a camera) is active or inactive.
Apple Inc.


System and power profiling of hardware components of networking devices

Aspects of the present invention include telemetry measurement in a networking device. In embodiments of the present invention, fine granularity power measurement can be achieved at a component level within a networking device without additional hardware like a multi meter.
Dell Products L.p.


Modular rf matrix switch

An rf matrix switch has a first set of card slots at selected locations on the chassis and a second set of card slots at different selected locations on the chassis as well as input cards and output cards. The input cards, the output cards, the first set of card slots and the second set of card slots are all configured so that the input cards and the output cards fit into all of these slots.
Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc.


Charging circuit

A battery charging circuit includes a power management ic, a controller, and a feedback circuit. The power management ic is configured to manage the power charging to a battery.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Electronic device, controlling charging by electronic device, and supplying power by power supply device

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a housing, a battery included within the housing, a connector electrically connected to an external power supply device including an integrated circuit (ic) and exposed to a part of the housing, and a power management unit included within the housing and electrically connected to the connector, wherein the power management unit is configured to communicate with the ic of the external power supply device, and wherein the connector is configured to receive a first current of a first current value during at least a part of the communication and to receive a second current of a second current value greater than the first current value during at least a part in which the communication is not performed..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and battery charging

An electronic device comprising: an interface arranged to connect to an external power supply device and supply power to a battery; a sensor unit arranged to measure a temperature of the electronic device; and a power management unit configured to charge the battery based on the temperature.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and system for providing power management for a wearable smart device

An approach for managing the use and distribution of power for wearable smart device is described. A wearable platform receives a notification signal for specifying sensor information associated with a sensor of a wearable smart device of a user.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Single node power management for multiple memory devices

Some embodiments include apparatuses and methods having a node to couple to a plurality of memory devices, memory cells, and a module to perform an operation on the memory cells, to cause at least one change in a level of a signal at the node in order to make a request to perform a particular stage of the operation such that the request is detectable by the memory devices, and to perform the particular stage of the operation after the request is acknowledged. Other embodiments are described..
Micron Technology, Inc.


Semiconductor device, semiconductor system, and controlling the same

A semiconductor device includes a status data signal generating unit receiving a status value of a processor and converting the status value into a status data signal, and a power control signal generating unit generating a power control signal for controlling power supplied from a power management integrated circuit (pmic), the pmic supplying power to the processor from outside of processor. The power control signal includes a power off signal for interrupting the power supplied from the pmic and the status data signal is transmitted to the pmic together with the power off signal..


Application processor for adjusting clock signal using hardware power management unit and devices including the same

An application processor includes a central processing unit (cpu), intellectual properties (ips), a hardware power management unit (pmu) configured to determine whether the application processor is in system idle based on a first idle signal output from the cpu and output control signals as a result of the determination, and a clock signal supply control circuit configured to change an output signal supplied to the cpu and the ips from clock signals to an oscillation clock signal, based on the control signals. The oscillation clock signal has a frequency lower than that of the clock signals..


Power management for battery-powered devices

A method enables the sharing of power between multiple battery-powered electronic devices. A determination is made as to which tasks, from multiple pending tasks on multiple battery-powered electronic devices, are to be selected for completion.
International Business Machines Corporation


Power management for battery-powered devices

A system comprises: a power hub; a charging battery electrically connected to the power hub; a plurality of battery-powered electronic devices electrically connected to the power hub; and a power distribution controller within the power hub. The power distribution controller shares power between the plurality of battery-powered electronic devices based on: which tasks, from multiple pending tasks on the plurality of battery-powered electronic devices, are selected for completion; a power requirement for each of the tasks that have been selected for completion; a priority of the tasks, from the multiple pending tasks on the plurality of battery-powered electronic devices, that have been selected for completion; and a quantity of amp-hours that are available to charge batteries on the plurality of battery-powered electronic devices..
International Business Machines Corporation


Electronic device and detection power capacity

An electronic device and a detection method of power capacity are provided. The electronic device includes a battery and a power management unit coupled to the battery.
Acer Incorporated


Building power management systems

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for managing building power, in one aspect, a method for managing building power includes determining values for power usage of a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (hvac) system in one or more zones of a building, the values including a cost of power value, a comfort value, a weighting function between the cost of power value and the comfort value, or a thermal storage value, in which the determining the values is based on a plurality of parameters including a price of power, a time of use, a total power allocation, or random variables including weather and building occupancy factors, and determining a power level for a plurality of states based on the determined values, the plurality of states corresponding to different levels of power to operate the hvac system in the one or more zones.. .
Cornell University


Systems, methods and improved energy management systems with security-oriented probabilistic wind power generation dispatch

Embodiments provide systems, methods and apparatus for controlling an energy delivery system including providing an energy management system (ems) having a wind power management (wpm) system and using the wpm system for determining sensitivity values for a plurality of wind farms within the energy delivery system; maximizing wind power generation from the plurality of wind farms within a set of security limits defined based on the sensitivity values; minimizing wind power generation loss from the plurality of wind farms; determining wind farm security-priority groups; minimizing wind power generation production cost based on cost priority of the wind farms in each security-priority group; and minimizing wind power generation production cost based on energy bids for each wind farm in each security-priority group. Numerous other aspects are provided..
Siemens Industry, Inc.


Scheduling multicast broadcast service

Provided are a scheduling apparatus and method for a multicast broadcast service. Scheduling information is configured with at least one of information related to a location in which each multicast broadcast service, which is identified by a unique identifier within one scheduling period, starts and information related to a location in which each multicast broadcast service ends, and a scheduling block including the configured scheduling information is generated.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Methods, systems, and products for power management in cable assemblies

Cable assemblies react to electrical power. A visual indicator in a cable assembly changes color in response to the electrical power.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Parameter-based sensor selection

A method and apparatus for parameter-based sensor selection is disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes an integrated circuit (ic) having a first power management circuit, and a second power management circuit external to the ic.
Apple Inc.


Method and providing telemetry for power management functions

A method and apparatus for providing telemetry for use in power control functions is disclosed. A system includes an integrated circuit (ic) having a first power management circuit.
Apple Inc.


Leadless cardiac pacemaker having a sensor with a lower power mode

A leadless cardiac pacemaker (lcp) configured to sense and pace a patient's heart includes a sensor configured to sense a parameter related to cardiac contractility of the patient's heart and a power management unit that is operatively coupled to the sensor. The power management unit is configured to place the sensor in a higher power sense mode during times when sensing the parameter related to cardiac contractility is desired and to place the sensor in a lower power mode during times when sensing the parameter related to cardiac contractility is not desired..
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.


Profile based fan control for computing devices

An unmanageable component may be any component in a computing system that does not expose a temperature sensor thereby preventing the component's temperature from being monitored. The embodiments described herein control a fan using settings that decrease the likelihood that an unmanageable component will overheat.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


System and circuit for television power state control

A system and circuit for television power state control are disclosed. In one embodiment, a power management circuit is coupled to a television and interposed between a video feed and an image display engine as well as between an audio feed and a speaker.
Enseo, Inc.


Electrical energy storage systems, electric drive systems, controllers, and electrical power management systems

An electrical energy storage system includes a plurality of electrical energy storage modules with each module having an associated operating voltage and each module being capable of outputting electrical power at a variable current at the associated operating voltage. The system further includes a plurality of electrical power modulation circuits electrically connected to an associated one of the modules thereby allowing the associated module to be electrically isolated from the other modules.


Charger external power device gain sampling

A power management unit accurately measures and controls charging current. The power management unit may be implemented more efficiently than prior designs, leading to cost savings in the implementation of the power management unit as well as in the implementation of the device that incorporates the power management unit.
Broadcom Corporation


Electric power router with multiple power supply modes

The present invention belongs to the field of utilization of distributed power generations and smart power management and, relates to an electric power router with multiple power supply modes; it includes a control unit, a communication module, a bidirectional alternate/direct current converter, a switch array, a direct current power line, two alternate current power lines, a power line measuring module, and router ports; wherein, the router ports include a plurality of power source ports and load ports; the switch array includes a single throw switch for grid connection and a plurality of double throw switches, all of which are controlled by the control unit; the direct current power source ports of the router ports are connected to the direct current power line, the direct current power line is connected to the second alternate current power line through the bidirectional alternate/direct current converter; the alternate current power source ports and load ports are connected through two alternate current power lines and the switch array. The present invention enables highly effective and smart management to kinds of power sources and loads, according to the power supplying condition of the power sources as well as the power consumption characteristics and consumption demands of the loads..
Tianjin University


Operating systems for an rfid tag

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a radio frequency (rf) computing tag comprising mounting an antenna and an rf computing device that is enabled for rf communication and for computing on a single substrate, the rf computing device comprising: (i) an rf and analog block for receiving and transmitting an rf signal through the antenna, wherein the energy from a received rf signal provides power to the rf computing device, (ii) a power management block for managing power requirements of the rf computing device, and (iii) a processor-based data processing and controller block for digital information management, comprising an operating system, a programmable memory, a programmable memory, and a data store, wherein the programmable memory stores an operating system for operation of the rf computing device.. .
Tego, Inc.


Configurable memory circuit system and method

A memory circuit system and method are provided in the context of various embodiments. In one embodiment, an interface circuit remains in communication with a plurality of memory circuits and a system.
Google Inc.


Sub-system power management control

An apparatus is disclosed that includes a processing sub-system having a plurality of processor circuits and an interrupt control circuit. The interrupt control circuit is configured to, in response to a peripheral interrupt, initiate performance of a task indicated by the peripheral interrupt by at least one of the plurality of processor circuits.
Xilinx, Inc.


Sensor power management

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques and configurations for an apparatus to reduce sensor power consumption, in particular, through predictive data measurements by one or more sensors. In one instance, the apparatus may include one or more sensors and a sensor management module coupled with the sensors and configured to cause the sensors to initiate measurements of data indicative of a process in a first data measurement mode, determine a pattern of events comprising the process based on a portion of the measurements collected by the sensors in the first data measurement mode over a time period, and initiate measurements of the data by the one or more sensors in a second data measurement mode.


Method and receiving signal by station in wireless lan system

An embodiment of the present invention provides a method for receiving a signal from an access point (ap) by a station (sta) in a wireless communication system, the method comprising the steps of: receiving a raw parameter set (rps) element including a restricted access window (raw) allocation field; and identifying, in the raw allocation field, first information indicating whether the raw allocation field relates to a periodic raw and second information indicating whether the raw allocation field relates to ap power management (pm), wherein the sta can acquire only information relating to a time interval of the raw in subfields other than a subfield including the first information and the second information when the raw relates to the ap pm.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Smart power delivery system and related method

According to one disclosed embodiment, a smart power delivery system includes a power conversion unit having a communication module and a power management module that can convert mains power into an optimized voltage and limited current used to power an electronic device. In one embodiment, a power conversion unit can optimize an output voltage by communicating with a connected electronic device and exchanging parameters representing desired characteristics of the output voltage.
Broadcom Corporation


Power management concept in dc distributed systems

A system and method to interconnect several conventional or alternative power generators, loads, and/or energy storage elements physically separated from each other in a dc distribution system. The method includes the steps of providing a common dc bus to interconnect all of the elements in the dc distributed system using power converters.
Arda Power Inc.


User-controlled application-based power management

A user-controlled application-based power management function is provided for a battery-operated device. In general, for each of a number of applications of the battery-operated device, a power management function enables a user of the battery-operated device to provide a desired amount of usage of the application for each of one or more tasks.
Domingo Enterprises, Llc


Power management apparatus, systems, and methods for increased power loads

The present invention relates to powering electronic peripheral devices. Specifically, the present invention relates to switching, combining, and/or partially using two or more power sources to efficiently and fully power peripheral devices, especially devices with peak power demands higher than the power available from a common power source.
New Concepts Development Corp.


Controlling reduced power states using platform latency tolerance

In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores and power management logic. The power management logic may be to, in response to a first break event during a reduced power state in the processor, set an exit timer based on a platform latency tolerance, block a first plurality of break events from interrupting the reduced power state, and in response to a expiration of the exit timer, terminate the reduced power state.
Intel Corporation


Mobile device power management in data synchronization over a mobile network with or without a trigger notification

A method for transferring data between a mobile device and a client includes sending transactions from the mobile device to the client over a first connection and determining how often to receive new data.. .
Seven Networks, Llc


Electronic apparatus and charge control method

On embodiment provides an electronic apparatus including: a controller configured to perform a power management of the electronic apparatus; a battery capable of counting cycles of a charging; and a charge circuit configured to perform the charging to the battery by using dc power supplied from an ac power supply device, wherein the controller is configured to cause the charge circuit to step down a charge voltage of the battery every predetermined number of the counts.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Quick low-voltage rechargeable battery

A quick low-voltage rechargeable battery is switched between a charging mode and a discharging mode. The battery includes plural battery cells and a power management circuit.
Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.


Power management between sources and load

Devices (20) for coupling sources (11, 12) to loads (13) comprise first converters (21) for converting first input signals from first sources (11) into first output signals. The first converters (21) comprise control inputs for receiving control signals.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Method and managing power in computer systems

The invention is directed towards minimizing power consumption in computer systems. One embodiment of the invention is a power management system that is used for a computer system that has at least one device and one power domain.
Apple Inc.


Dc-dc converting circuit and a power management chip package including the same

A direct current (dc)-dc converting circuit includes a voltage converter generating a regulation current in response to a driving signal and generating an output voltage and an output current; an output voltage regulator regulating the output voltage and outputting a first control signal; a voltage limiter limiting a voltage value of the first control signal below a threshold value; a current sensor sensing an intensity of the regulation current and generating a second control signal having a voltage value corresponding to a value of the sensed intensity; and a driving signal generator generating the driving signal based on the first and second control signals, the first control signal having the voltage value below the threshold value.. .


System and correcting offset of pressure sensor

A system and method are provided for correcting an offset of a pressure sensor. The system includes a pressure sensor that is configured to detect pressure of the system and a power management module that is configured to automatically supply power to an apparatus connected to the power management module or terminate the supply of power after a preset time to thereby turn the apparatus on or off.
Hyundai Motor Company


Power management system, system-on-chip including the same and mobile device including the same

A power management system controlling power for a plurality of functional blocks included in a system-on-chip includes a plurality of programmable nano controllers, an instruction memory and a signal map memory. The instruction memory is shared by the nano controllers and stores a plurality of instructions that are used by the nano controllers.


Method and selecting an interconnect frequency in a computing system

In an embodiment, a processor includes at least one core and an interconnect that couples the at least one core and the cache memory. The interconnect is to operate at an interconnect frequency (fcl).


Power management for wireless networks

Embodiments provide techniques for device power management in wireless networks. For instance, an apparatus may include a power management module, and a transceiver module.
Intel Corporation


Methods and systems for power management control

Methods and systems for control of a power-quality measuring or monitoring device, such as a transfer switch, are provided. An example method includes a transfer-switch controller of a transfer switch receiving an input command from a user.
Asco Power Technologies, L.p.


Battery management extending time until a battery reaches an over-discharged state during storage of an information handling system

A computer-implemented method extends the time until the battery reaches an over-discharged state of an information handling system during storage. The method comprises determining if a first battery parameter is outside an associated first battery parameter specification.
Dell Products, L.p.


Method and power management

An apparatus is provided comprising a system including one or more electronic components; a power input unit arranged to supply power to the system; and a power management module configured to: detect whether the system is in an abnormal state, and in response to detecting that the system is in the abnormal state, adjust at least one of (i) power supplied from a battery to the system, (ii) the power supplied from the power input unit to the system, and (iii) power supplied from the power input unit to the battery.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Power management method and apparatus, and power supply system

A power management method and apparatus, and a power supply system are provided. The method includes: obtaining a power demand value of each module and a rated output power of each power supply unit (psu) in a communication equipment; calculating the obtained power demand value of each module to acquire a total power demand value of the modules; and adjusting, according to the calculated total power demand value of the modules and the obtained rated output power of each psu, the current number of the psus actually turned on in the communication equipment..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Controlling energy consumption of an electronic device in response to availability of an energy source

An apparatus and methods for controlling energy consumption of an electronic device determine an availability of an energy source to provide energy to the electronic device. The apparatus and methods control, by power management control logic of the electronic device, energy consumption of the electronic device in response to determining the availability of the energy source..
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


Power management circuit and electronic device employing the same

A power management circuit that controls a plurality of power circuits for generating supply voltages at least for a processor is disclosed. The circuit includes: a real time clock that generates clock signals with a predetermined frequency; a power-on terminal to which a power-on key is connected, wherein the power-on terminal receives a voltage whose level depends on whether the power-on key is pressed or not; a power-on detecting unit that monitors a voltage at the power-on terminal and asserts a start signal if it is determined using the clock signals that the power-on key is pressed and held for a predetermined time period; and a power management controller that receives a system voltage based on a battery voltage or a dc voltage from a dc power source and, upon the start signal is asserted, starts up the plurality of power circuits in a predetermined sequence using the clock signals..
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Measuring circuit and measuring a capacitive touch-sensitive panel

A measuring circuit connectable to a capacitive touch-sensitive panel, the panel including a plurality of sense electrodes and optionally a common guard electrode, adapted to measure variations in the instantaneous electric capacity of the sense electrodes in response to proximity to conductive bodies, wherein the sense electrodes are biased at a fixed voltage relative to the common guard electrode, the measuring circuit comprising: a power management integrated circuit comprising a voltage source generating a modulation voltage that is available at a guard terminal of the power management integrated circuit that is in electric connection with the guard electrode; one or more slave integrated circuits, each connected to a plurality of sense electrodes and comprising a capacity-to-digital converter or a plurality of capacity-to-digital converters that are operatively arranged for generating digital measure codes representing the instantaneous electric capacity of sense electrodes; a means for varying the frequency of the modulation voltage.. .
Semtech Corporation


Vehicle power management device

A vehicle power management device managing: a vehicle path information generation device generating a vehicle travel path: a drive assembly consuming power to drive the vehicle; a power generator; an electrical load device group; a high-voltage storage device storing power for driving the vehicle; a low-voltage storage device storing power for operating the electrical load device group; and a dc voltage conversion and output device converting voltage of power stored in the high-voltage storage device to generate dc voltage for operating the electrical load device group, and outputting the dc voltage, and controlling electric energy flow in the vehicle. The vehicle power management device controls output of the dc voltage conversion and output device so that a filling rate of the low-voltage storage device is between lower and upper limits of a range in which a charge and discharge speed is equal to or higher than a predetermined value..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Dynamic sleep mode based upon battery charge

A power management technique is provided that operates with regard to a dynamic sleep threshold voltage. If a device's battery voltage is greater than the dynamic sleep threshold voltage, a voltage rail for the device is collapsed during a sleep mode for the device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and power management using distributed generation

Embodiments relate to a method and system for power demand shaping (pds) so as to manage power generation and use. Specific embodiments relate to data center power demand shaping to achieve high-performance low-overhead data center operation.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated

Power Management topics: Power Management, Access Point, Scheduling, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Device, Semiconductor Devices, User Interface, Data Center, Network Device, Wireless Client, Volatile Memory, Flash Memory, Electronic Device, Microcontroller, Memory Power

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