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Power Management patents


This page is updated frequently with new Power Management-related patent applications.

new patent Power management method by providing power according to power allocation for improving power consumption
A power management method includes providing status information of an external module to an intermediary module for updating status data; accessing updated status data via the intermediary module; determining a power value according to the updated status data; determining power allocation according to at least the power value; and providing power to the external module according to the power allocation.. .
Mediatek Inc.

new patent Power management in wireless communications devices
An approach is provided for data processing methods wherein a phy layer transmit operation is constructed by aggregating mac layer data units (mpdus) by means of a linked list. A link list of tx descriptors can be formed separately from the payloads.
Nitero Pty Ltd.

new patent Headset management by microphone terminal characteristic detection
A headset power management system provides robust and low-power operation by detecting various connection conditions by measuring a voltage at the microphone terminal with and without injection of current from the headset. A power management circuit controls an operating state of the headset using a microphone terminal voltage detector and can determine whether a short circuit is present indicating a connection to a device that does not have a microphone input, a negative polarity voltage is present indicating that the device may be determining a connection and type of the headset using the microphone terminal, a normal connection, or whether the headset is not connected to a device at all.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

new patent Method and a zero voltage processor sleep state
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state. A processor may include a dedicated cache memory.
Intel Corporation

Method for synchronizing power charge-pump with system clock
The proposed power management integrated circuit(pmic) features the option to synchronize the charge-pump of a pmic with the system clock, and then to swap and self-oscillate and skip pulses, when the digital controls of the pmic send a first order to the charge-pump. The clock control circuitry of the pmic also features the option for the charge-pump to then swap and use the system clock again, when the digital controls of the pmic send a second order to the charge-pump.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Energy storage device, power management device, mobile terminal and operating the same
An energy storage device including at least one battery pack; a communication module configured to transmit power-on information or energy storage amount information to a power management device and to receive a charge command or discharge command from the power management device; a connector configured to receive alternating current (ac) power, supplied to an internal power network through a photovoltaic module, from the internal power network based on the charge command or to output ac power to the internal power network based on the discharge command; and a power converter configured to, when the charge command is received from the power management device, convert the ac power from the internal power network into direct current (dc) power based on the charge command, or, when the discharge command is received from the power management device, convert dc power stored in the at least one battery pack into ac power based on the discharge command.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

System and managing the delivery of electric power
A system for managing delivery of electric power includes at least one source of electric power supplying an aggregate amount of available power and a plurality of electrical loads, each having a priority designation. There is a power management system electrically connected to the source of electrical power and to the plurality of electrical loads.

Power management in multi-die assemblies
An apparatus such as heterogeneous device includes at least a first die and a second die. The apparatus further includes a first inductive element, a second inductive element, and switch control circuitry.
Intel Corporation

System and hierarchical power verification
A hierarchical power verification system and method creates abstract models of power behavior of modules that it successfully verifies. The abstract models simplify the module definition by omitting internal module details but provide sufficient information for power verification of higher level modules that incorporate this abstracted module.
Synopsys, Inc.

Smart wearable devices and methods with power consumption and network load optimization
Networked smart wearable devices and methods for dynamic power management of multiple wearable devices and the optimization of the network sensor data load through network control of the sensors in each wearable device is provided.. .
Sony Corporation Of America

Power management of cache duplicate tags

A method and apparatus for power management of cache duplicate tags is disclosed. An ic includes a cache, a coherence circuit, and a duplicate tags memory that may store duplicates of the tags stored in the cache.
Apple Inc.

Dynamic power supply management

In some implementations, a rack management controller can dynamically manage power supply units in a server rack system. For example, the rack management controller can determine how many power supply units should be powered on based on the power requirements of the server rack system.
Quanta Computer Inc.

Interconnect to communicate information uni-directionally

A processor includes at least one core, a power control unit, and a first interconnect to couple with a peripheral controller. The first interconnect is to provide a first uni-directional communication path for communication of first power management data from the processor to the peripheral controller.
Intel Corporation

Control scheme to temporarily raise supply voltage in response to sudden change in current demand

A system for managing changes in current demand, including one or more processors, a memory coupled to at least one of the processors, a clock generation circuit coupled to the memory and configured to output a clock, one or more functional blocks, a power supply, configured to output a plurality of voltage levels, and a power management unit. The power management unit may be configured to set the power supply output to a first voltage level and then detect indications of an impending change in current demand within the soc.
Apple Inc.

Backup power management for computing systems

Various techniques for managing power backup for computing devices are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving data representing a backup capacity of one or more backup power units and data representing a backup power profile of one or more processing units sharing the one or more backup power units.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Current balance circuit and the method thereof

A current balance circuit for a power management device having a first current channel and a second current channel, having: a first current sense circuit configured to detect a current flowing through the first current channel, and to provide a first current sense signal indicative of the current flowing through the first current channel; wherein the current balance circuit draws current from the second current channel to the first current channel based on the first current sense signal.. .
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

Wireless charging device

Disclosed is a wireless charging device, including: an oscillating module, a rectifier voltage reduction module, a power management module, and a bluetooth communications module, wherein the bluetooth communications module communicates with a charging socket to acquire a charging communications protocol, the oscillating module receives a signal from the charging socket and oscillates to generate ac, the rectifier voltage reduction module rectifies and reduces the voltage of the ac and then outputs a dc reference voltage, and the power management module reduces the reference voltage and then outputs a charging voltage to charge a battery.. .
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Method for controlling multiple batteries and electronic device for implementing same

An electronic device includes a housing having a first and second battery, a power management integrated circuit, a battery charging circuit, and a booster circuit. The housing also includes a first switch connected with the first battery, a second switch connected with the second battery, and a control circuit.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Electronic apparatus and power management solid state disk thereof

An electronic apparatus and a power management method for a solid state disk thereof are provided. The solid state disk includes a controller and multiple memory dies which are separated into multiple channels.
Acer Incorporated

Multimedia device and power management method thereof

A multimedia device for effectively managing power consumption thereof based on a handle that is used when moving the multimedia device is provided. The multimedia device includes a display, a handle attached to the multimedia device, a sensor for sensing the state of the handle, a power supplier, and a controller configured to block power being supplied to the display, when a sensing value of the sensor indicates a state in which the handle is used..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Internal communication interconnect scalability

Interconnect frequency control technologies of adjusting an operating frequency of a communication interconnect between an integrated circuit comprising multiple functional hardware units are described. A power management unit (pmu) is configured to collect workload data from the functional hardware units and determine a workload metric from the workload data.
Intel Corporation

Collaborative processor and system performance and power management

The present invention relates to a platform power management scheme. In some embodiments, a platform provides a relative performance scale using one or more parameters to be requested by an ospm system..
Intel Corporation

System and obtaining the powerflow in dc grids with constant power loads and devices with algebraic nonlinearities

A system and method for analyzing steady-state powerflow in dc electrical networks in the presence of constant power loads and other nonlinear devices whose i-v characteristics can be modeled using algebraic functions. The networks include high power utility-size grids and microgrids, as well as vehicular, aircraft, and spacecraft power management and distribution systems.
Aplicaciones En Informatica Avanzada, S.a.

Techniques for mobile platform power management using low-power wake-up signals

Mobile platform power management is an important problem especially for battery-powered small form factor platforms such as smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and internet of things (iot) devices. A new low-power wake-up radio (lp-wur) listens to the wireless medium for a wake-up signal with, for example, below 50 uw power consumption.
Intel Corporation

Method of fine grained wake-up modes for wi-fi/bt utilizing wake-up receiver

Mobile platform power management is an important problem especially for battery-powered small form factor platforms such as smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, internet of things (iot) devices, and the like. One exemplary technique disclosed herein defines a method for a fine-grained wake-up mode for wi-fi/bt/ble that utilizes a low-power wake-up radio.
Intel Corporation

High speed sense amplifier latch with low power rail-to-rail input common mode range

Described is an apparatus which comprises: an input sensing stage for sensing an input signal relative to another signal; a decision making circuit, coupled to the input sensing stage, for determining whether the input signal is a logic low or a logic high; and a power management circuit, coupled to the input sensing stage and the decision making circuit, which is operable to monitor a state of the decision making circuit and to disable the input sensing stage according to the monitored state. Described is an apparatus which comprises: a decision making circuit integrated with an input sensing stage, wherein the decision making circuit is operable to pre-charge its internal nodes during a phase of the clock signal; and a latching circuit to latch an output of the decision making circuit..
Intel Corporation

Electric charging power management

power management systems and methods are used to charge batteries and battery-powered devices over an allotted period of time. A finite amount of source power is allocated and distributed across multiple devices according to a schedule.
Teq Charging, Inc.

Flushing and restoring core memory content to external memory

A method and apparatus for flushing and restoring core memory content to and from, respectively, external memory are described. In one embodiment, the apparatus is an integrated circuit comprising a plurality of processor cores, the plurality of process cores including one core having a first memory operable to store data of the one core, the one core to store data from the first memory to a second memory located externally to the processor in response to receipt of a first indication that the one core is to transition from a first low power idle state to a second low power idle state and receipt of a second indication generated externally from the one core indicating that the one core is to store the data from the first memory to the second memory, locations in the second memory at which the data is stored being accessible by the one core and inaccessible by other processor cores in the ic; and a power management controller coupled to the plurality of cores and located outside the plurality of cores..
Intel Corporation

Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines

Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines is disclosed. In particular, such efficient power management may enable coordination of system-wide power changes with virtual machines.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Power management circuit with per activity weighting and multiple throttle down thresholds

A method is described. The method includes receiving an indication of an activity of load circuitry of a power supply.

Power management for touch controller

power management for a touch controller is disclosed. The touch controller can include a transmit section for transmitting stimulation signals to an associated touch sensor panel to drive the panel, where the touch controller can selectively adjust the transmit section to reduce power during the transmission.
Apple Inc.

Platform and processor power management

The present invention relates to platform power management.. .
Intel Corporation

Opportunistic power management for managing intermittent power available to data processing device having semi-non-volatile memory or non-volatile memory

A data processing device is configured to deploy, in response to an intermittent source of power, opportunistic power management strategies to manage harvested energy based on an expected amount of energy available to the data processing device and on expected energy expenditures defined by data processing and memory content control writing performed by the data processing device.. .
Intel Corporation

Dynamic power management optimization

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for managing power usage of integrated circuits. One or more processor cores may be powered down when the system is idle.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Apparatus and power management to mitigate declining battery capacity

A method and apparatus reduce power consumption and mitigate declining battery life. In some embodiments, an initial full charge capacity, c(o), of a rechargeable battery is determined.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Hardware apparatuses and methods to perform transactional power management

Methods and apparatuses relating to transactional power management are described. In one embodiment, a hardware apparatus includes a hardware processor having a core, a plurality of power domains to transition to one of a plurality of power states in response to a power management command for each power domain, and a power transaction unit to assign a first power management command as a first power transaction and a second power management command as a second power transaction for concurrent execution, perform a commit of the first power transaction and the second power transaction when there is no conflict between the first power transaction and the second power transaction, and perform an abort of the first power transaction and a commit of the second power transaction when there is a conflict between the first power transaction and the second power transaction..

Supporting power management on power-over-ethernet (poe) enabled ports

Embodiments of the present invention include systems and methods for controlling power delivery in a power sourcing equipment. In embodiments, a power sourcing equipment that has a higher demand for power that it can provide supplies power according to priorities assigned to the attached devices.
Dell Products L.p.

Sensor device and method

In embodiments, apparatuses, methods and storage media (transitory and non-transitory) are described that include a plurality of sensor connectors to removably receive a corresponding plurality of sensors and a power management module to selectively provide power to sensor connector power terminals in response to power management signals from a sensor control module. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed..
Intel Corporation

Starting circuit of power management chip, and power management chip

A starting circuit (10) of a power management chip, comprising: a starting capacitor (c3) which is used for connecting a power supply via an external resistor (r2) to perform charging; a switch circuit (100) which is connected between the external resistor (r2) and the starting capacitor (c3); a voltage detection circuit (200) which is used for detecting a voltage on the starting capacitor (c3) and is connected to the switch circuit (100) so as to control the on/off switching of the switch circuit (100); and a voltage maintaining circuit (300) which is connected between the starting capacitor (c3) and an operating circuit of the power management chip and is used for acquiring a voltage that maintains the starting capacitor (c3) from the operating circuit of the power management chip, wherein when the voltage detection circuit (200) detects that the starting capacitor (c3) reaches the starting voltage of the power management chip, the broken circuit of the switch circuit (100) is controlled. Further provided is a power management chip including the above-mentioned starting circuit (10).
Csmc Technologies Fab1 Co., Ltd.

Load isolation consumption management systems and methods

Disclosed herein are power management systems for controlling recorded electrical demand by isolating loads from a utility distribution grid connection. The loads are isolated when an energy storage system (ess) is placed in series between the loads and the grid, with a charger that keeps the ess from depleting and a power converter that provides energy to the loads from the ess.
Green Charge Networks Llc

Smart-grid adaptive power management method and system with power factor optimization and total harmonic distortion reduction

A method and system of power factor optimization and total harmonic distortion are provided under the premise of efficient power management and distribution on an electrical grid. The method and system include a novel optimization technique based on a novel current profiling methodology enabling real-time power management with power factor correction as a function of the optimization.
Networked Power Inc.

Memory power management

A memory system and method for power management are disclosed. In one embodiment, a memory system maintains a variable credit value indicating an amount of power currently available for memory operations in the memory system, the variable credit value having an upper limit that reflects a maximum power limit for the memory system.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Enhanced security of power management communications and protection from side channel attacks

Systems, apparatuses and methods may provide for detecting a request to access a power management register and conducting, via a power management security interface, a runtime credential exchange with a source of the request. Additionally, the request may be denied if the runtime credential exchange is unsuccessful.
Intel Corporation

Memory power management

A memory system and method for power management are disclosed. In one embodiment, a memory system is provided comprising at least one memory die, a sensor configured to sense an average amount of power consumed by the memory system over a time period, and a controller.
Sandisk Technologies Llc

Electrical appliance administration system

An electrical appliance administration system is provided. The electrical appliance administration system includes at least one power control device, a cloud server and a portable electronic device.
Taiwan Intelligence Service Company Ltd.

Geosat propulsion system architecture with electric apogee motor

A satellite system and method features one or more electric propulsion thrusters optimized to have a specific impulse for station keeping and connected to a propellant tank for ionizing a propellant during station keeping maneuvers and receiving power from a solar photovoltaic array via a power management and distribution system during station keeping maneuvers; one or more electric propulsion thrusters are optimized to have a thrust for orbit raising and are connected to the propellant tank for ionizing the propellant during orbit raising maneuvers and receiving power directly from the solar photovoltaic array during orbit raising maneuvers or from the power management and distribution system. .
Busek Co., Inc.

Bandwidth-based methodology for controlling and optimally designing a hybrid power system

The present invention provides a novel system and method for a power management strategy for series hybrid power systems, such as for vehicles, with limited electrical energy storage capacity that distributes instantaneous power between a source of chemical energy and a small energy storage system (ess) efficiently. The invention provides for minimizing the energy storage system while simultaneously allowing the chemical to electrical energy converter, e.g., an internal combustion motor/engine paired with an electrical generator and/or a fuel cell power source, to operate in pre-defined efficient regions of the power user's, or vehicle's, fuel efficiency map..

Intelligent control system for power generation equipment

An intelligent interactive power management control system for power generation equipment, which provides for information to be exchanged in such a way that equipment control units can be made to operate according to a configurable way that may vary over time and according to the environment and available power within a power generation system to save energy costs and increase safety.. .

Display device

There is provided a display device including a power management integrated circuit outputting a driving voltage and a gamma voltage, a timing controller outputting an image data signal and a driving control signal, a data driver converting the image data signal to a data voltage signal based on the driving voltage, the gamma voltage, and the driving control signal, a power connecting portion connecting the power management integrated circuit and the data driver, a voltage detector detecting the driving voltage and the gamma voltage that are voltage-dropped in the power connecting portion, and outputting a feedback signal, and a power adjustor receiving the feedback signal and outputting a power control signal to the power management integrated circuit, and adjusting the driving voltage and the gamma voltage based on the power control signal.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Providing autonomous self-testing of a processor

In an embodiment, a processor includes at least one core, a power management unit having a first test register including a first field to store a test patch identifier associated with a test patch and a second field to store a test mode indicator to request a core functionality test, and a microcode storage to store microcode to be executed by the at least one core. Responsive to the test patch identifier, the microcode may access a firmware interface table and obtain the test patch from a non-volatile storage according to an address obtained from the firmware interface table.

Dynamic power management

In one embodiment, a method includes: obtaining a power loss value for a cable that couples a device to a power source, where the power loss value is indicative of an amount of power lost through the cable during power transmission from the power source to the device; and determining, based at least in part on the power loss value for the cable, a power budget value indicative of an amount of power received by the device from the power source.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Power management in single circuit hvac systems and in multiple circuit hvac systems

A thermostat includes a plurality of hvac (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) wire connectors for receiving a plurality of hvac control wires corresponding to an hvac system. The thermostat also includes a thermostat processing and control circuit operative to at least partially control the operation of the hvac system and a powering circuit coupled to the hvac wire connectors and configured to provide an electrical load power to the thermostat processing and control circuit.
Google Inc.

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