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NEW Active cmos sensor array for electrochemical biomolecular detection
May 25, 2017 - N°20170146479

Electrochemical sensing of biomolecules eliminates the need for bulky optical instruments required in traditional fluorescence-based sensing assays. Integration of the sensor interface electrodes and active electrochemical detection circuitry on cmos substrates miniaturizes the sensing platform, enhancing portability for point-of-care applications, while enabling high-throughput, highly-parallel analysis. One embodiment includes a four-by-four active sensor array for multiplexed electrochemical biomolecular detection in a ...
NEW Laundry treatment apparatus
May 25, 2017 - N°20170145623

Disclosed is a laundry treatment apparatus and, more particularly, to a laundry treatment apparatus which is reduced in size to enhance portability. The laundry treatment apparatus includes a body configured to be separably coupled to a support structure provided at the outside of the laundry treatment apparatus, the body serving to support clothes, a suction portion provided in the body ...
NEW Hoisting system, apparatus, kit and methodology
May 25, 2017 - N°20170144869

System, apparatus, device, kit, method and associated technique for safely and securely lifting wall and other structures to a vertical position. An electronic winch device that when connected to an end of a wall structure lifts the structure. A keeper or catchment such that when the electronic winch has hoisted the wall structure to a substantially vertical position, catches and ...
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Toteable treadstep
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
May 11, 2017 - N°20170128770

The toteable treadstep is a duel purpose exercising device designed for portability and convenience of exercising anytime and, virtual anywhere. Made of wood and pvc pipe rollers the weight is only 16-18 lbs. Making it, “toteable”, it is a manual treadmill with a stair step conversion, “treadstep” encompasses the “basic ...
Electronic device
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
May 04, 2017 - N°20170126983

Provided is an electronic device with high portability, a highly browsable electronic device, or an electronic device having a novel light source that can be used in shooting photographs and video. The electronic device includes a camera and a flexible display portion. The display portion has a first region and a second region. The first region has a function of ...
Wiring concentration apparatus with removable power source
Powersolutions Technology Corp.
May 04, 2017 - N°20170126042

A wiring concentration apparatus with a removable power source is introduced. The wiring concentration apparatus includes a wiring concentration portion having a first connection end and a power portion having a second connection end corresponding to the first connection end. The wiring concentration portion and the power portion connect with and operate in conjunction with each other. Ports of the ...
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Portability Patent Applications
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Portable, rapid, and inexpensive diagnostic tests for cardiac disease risk
Beijing Pico Technology Co., Ltd.
April 27, 2017 - N°20170115228

Cardiac disease is the world's leading cause of death. Cardiac disease's pathogenesis is largely attributed to cholesterol, predominantly carried by low-density lipoproteins (ldl). However, recent research has found that oxidized-ldl is significantly more potent in the initiation and development of atherosclerosis. Tests for both cholesterol and ox-ldl tests are lab-based and expensive. With every third american at risk for cardiac ...
Film and organic semiconductor device containing the film
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited
April 20, 2017 - N°20170110665

A film comprising a polymer compound and a low molecular weight compound having carrier transportability, wherein the content of the low molecular weight compound is 5 to 40 parts by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the sum of the polymer compound and the low molecular weight compound, the diffraction intensity a specified by the following measuring method a is 3 ...
Tactilated electronic music systems for sound generation
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited
April 20, 2017 - N°20170109127

The present invention is directed to tactilated electronic music systems (tems) for sound generation. These novel electronic music systems are self-contained and computer-independent to afford full functional portability, and offer physical interfaces with wide variability in music creation and production. In particular embodiments, the tems of the present invention are expandable. Furthermore, particular embodiments of the present invention include the ...
Portable docking device capable of projecting video content
Sinbon Electronics Company Ltd.
April 13, 2017 - N°20170102736

Provided is a portable docking device. The portable docking device may convert an usb type-c port to another type of port. The portable docking device can further receive electric power from a mobile device connected with the portable docking device, and the pico-projecting unit can receive the electric power to project an enlarged screen synchronous to a screen displayed on ...
Crumb of block copolymer and pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha
April 13, 2017 - N°20170101499

There is provided a crumb of a block copolymer, which is excellent in transportability and, when used for a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, is capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition excellent in solubility, the low-melt viscosity property, the low-odor property, and the balance among these properties. The present invention relates to a crumb of a block copolymer, comprising at least ...
Access and portability of user profiles stored as templates
Autoconnect Holdings Llc
April 06, 2017 - N°20170099295

A system to access one or more user profiles that govern one or more vehicle functions. The system cooperates with a processor and verification module which are adapted to verify, using one or more of biometric information, gesture recognition, facial recognition and device identification information, that a user has authority to access the one or more user profiles, where the ...
Social network graph inference and aggregation with portability, protected shared content, and application programs spanning ...
Cognueva, Inc.
April 06, 2017 - N°20170099252

An application program spans a plurality of digital social networks. The application program includes an inferred digital social network. Consent is obtained from a plurality of users of the digital social networks to participation in the inferred digital social network. Information is automatically obtained from the digital social networks for the users, through a plurality of respective communication channels, which ...
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Portability Patent Applications
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Compact mechanical pump
Repro-med Systems, Inc.
March 30, 2017 - N°20170087295

A compact mechanical pump is provided. The pump is adjustable between a compact form and an expanded form, where the pump can be reduced to a compact form for ease of portability and storage and to the expanded form for use as a pump.
Scalable multi-query optimization for sparql
International Business Machines Corporation
March 23, 2017 - N°20170083577

Multiquery optimization is performed in the context of rdf/sparql. Heuristic algorithms partition an input batch of queries into groups such that each group of queries can be optimized together. The optimization incorporates an efficient algorithm to discover the common substructures of multiple sparql queries and an effective cost model to compare candidate execution plans. No assumptions are made about ...
Infant chair
International Business Machines Corporation
March 23, 2017 - N°20170079437

Infants' furniture that comes in a variety of geometries and configurations and is designed for portability and to use materials that wick moisture to support the infant's weight.
Pact-type cosmetics and containers therefor
Kpt Ltd
March 23, 2017 - N°20170079408

The present invention relates to a cosmetic comprising a cosmetic composition of bead-type liquid foundation filled in a mesh net equipped cosmetic container. This cosmetic maintains portability as the conventional cushion-type cosmetic has and at the same time is more advantageous in preventing the loss of cosmetic ingredients because urethane foam is not used as a carrier for the cosmetic ...
Optical projection computer
Beijing Jiatuosi Technology Co., Ltd.
March 16, 2017 - N°20170075387

An optical projection computer mainly includes a micro-projection module for displaying the content of the computer; a mini pc module for integrating the relevant functions of the computer; an optical projection keyboard/mouse module for generating an optical keyboard zone or an optical mouse zone; the optical projection keyboard/mouse module, mini pc module and micro-projection module are connected successively. ...
Head-mounted display
Shenzhen Royole Technologies Co., Ltd.
March 16, 2017 - N°20170075121

The present application provides a head-mounted display, including a display device comprising a display body and two support arms extending from opposite ends of the display body, a headphone device comprising two headphone bodies, and two connection mechanisms connected to the two support arms respectively and rotatably connected to the two headphone bodies respectively. A head-mounted bracket is connected to ...
Methods and devices for brain activity monitoring supporting mental state development and training
Personal Neuro Devices Inc.
March 16, 2017 - N°20170071495

With explosive penetration of portable electronic devices (peds) recent focus into consumer eeg devices has been to bring advantages including localized wireless interfacing, portability, and a low-cost high-performance electronics platform to host the processing algorithms to bear. However, most development continues to focus on brain-controlled video games which are nearly identical to those created for earlier, more stationary consumer eeg ...
Neural oscillation monitoring system
Personal Neuro Devices Inc.
March 09, 2017 - N°20170065229

Embodiments of the present invention may provide automated techniques for signal analysis that may continuously provide up-to-date results that link eeg and behaviors that are important for daily activities. Such techniques may provide automation, objectivity, real-time monitoring and portability. In an embodiment of the present invention, a computer-implemented method for monitoring neural activity may comprise receiving data representing at least ...