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Portability patents


This page is updated frequently with new Portability-related patent applications.

 Film and organic semiconductor device containing the film patent thumbnailnew patent Film and organic semiconductor device containing the film
A film comprising a polymer compound and a low molecular weight compound having carrier transportability, wherein the content of the low molecular weight compound is 5 to 40 parts by mass with respect to 100 parts by mass of the sum of the polymer compound and the low molecular weight compound, the diffraction intensity a specified by the following measuring method a is 3 to 50, and the intensity ratio (a/b) of the diffraction intensity a specified by the following measuring method a to the diffraction intensity b specified by the following measuring method b is 30 or less: (measuring method a) the diffraction intensity a is the maximum diffraction intensity in a range of scattering vector of 1 nm−1 to 5 nm−1 in a profile obtained by an out-of plane measuring method using a film x-ray diffraction method; (measuring method b) the diffraction intensity b is the maximum diffraction intensity in a range of scattering vector of 10 nm−1 to 21 nm−1 in a profile obtained by an in-plane measuring method using a film x-ray diffraction method.. .
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

 Tactilated electronic music systems for sound generation patent thumbnailnew patent Tactilated electronic music systems for sound generation
The present invention is directed to tactilated electronic music systems (tems) for sound generation. These novel electronic music systems are self-contained and computer-independent to afford full functional portability, and offer physical interfaces with wide variability in music creation and production.

 Portable docking device capable of projecting video content patent thumbnailPortable docking device capable of projecting video content
Provided is a portable docking device. The portable docking device may convert an usb type-c port to another type of port.
Sinbon Electronics Company Ltd.

 Crumb of block copolymer and pressure-sensitive adhesive composition patent thumbnailCrumb of block copolymer and pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
There is provided a crumb of a block copolymer, which is excellent in transportability and, when used for a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, is capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition excellent in solubility, the low-melt viscosity property, the low-odor property, and the balance among these properties. The present invention relates to a crumb of a block copolymer, comprising at least one polymer block comprising a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon monomer unit as a primary component and at least one polymer block comprising a conjugated diene compound monomer unit as a primary component, having a weight-average molecular weight of 20,000 to 1,000,000, and having a specific surface area, a cumulative pore volume of pores having a pore radius of 1 μm to 100 μm, and an average pore radius that are in respective predetermined ranges..
Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha

 Access and portability of user profiles stored as templates patent thumbnailAccess and portability of user profiles stored as templates
A system to access one or more user profiles that govern one or more vehicle functions. The system cooperates with a processor and verification module which are adapted to verify, using one or more of biometric information, gesture recognition, facial recognition and device identification information, that a user has authority to access the one or more user profiles, where the one or more profiles are stored in one or more of a vehicle, a cloud and a communications device.
Autoconnect Holdings Llc

 Social network graph inference and aggregation with portability, protected shared content, and application programs spanning multiple social networks patent thumbnailSocial network graph inference and aggregation with portability, protected shared content, and application programs spanning multiple social networks
An application program spans a plurality of digital social networks. The application program includes an inferred digital social network.
Cognueva, Inc.

 Self-calibrating wheel aligner with improved portability patent thumbnailSelf-calibrating wheel aligner with improved portability
A portable vehicle alignment system has a vertical central column with a carriage movable along its length, and a pair of camera arms pivotably attached to the carriage, each with a camera pod. The camera pods each have a camera for capturing image data of a respective vehicle-mounted target.
Snap-on, Incorporated

 Compact mechanical pump patent thumbnailCompact mechanical pump
A compact mechanical pump is provided. The pump is adjustable between a compact form and an expanded form, where the pump can be reduced to a compact form for ease of portability and storage and to the expanded form for use as a pump..
Repro-med Systems, Inc.

 Scalable multi-query optimization for sparql patent thumbnailScalable multi-query optimization for sparql
Multiquery optimization is performed in the context of rdf/sparql. Heuristic algorithms partition an input batch of queries into groups such that each group of queries can be optimized together.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Infant chair patent thumbnailInfant chair
Infants' furniture that comes in a variety of geometries and configurations and is designed for portability and to use materials that wick moisture to support the infant's weight.. .

Pact-type cosmetics and containers therefor

The present invention relates to a cosmetic comprising a cosmetic composition of bead-type liquid foundation filled in a mesh net equipped cosmetic container. This cosmetic maintains portability as the conventional cushion-type cosmetic has and at the same time is more advantageous in preventing the loss of cosmetic ingredients because urethane foam is not used as a carrier for the cosmetic composition herein..
Kpt Ltd

Optical projection computer

An optical projection computer mainly includes a micro-projection module for displaying the content of the computer; a mini pc module for integrating the relevant functions of the computer; an optical projection keyboard/mouse module for generating an optical keyboard zone or an optical mouse zone; the optical projection keyboard/mouse module, mini pc module and micro-projection module are connected successively. With the design scheme set forth, the optical projection computer will have the features of low weight, small size and favorable portability..
Beijing Jiatuosi Technology Co., Ltd.

Head-mounted display

The present application provides a head-mounted display, including a display device comprising a display body and two support arms extending from opposite ends of the display body, a headphone device comprising two headphone bodies, and two connection mechanisms connected to the two support arms respectively and rotatably connected to the two headphone bodies respectively. A head-mounted bracket is connected to the two connection mechanisms via two connection portions.
Shenzhen Royole Technologies Co., Ltd.

Methods and devices for brain activity monitoring supporting mental state development and training

With explosive penetration of portable electronic devices (peds) recent focus into consumer eeg devices has been to bring advantages including localized wireless interfacing, portability, and a low-cost high-performance electronics platform to host the processing algorithms to bear. However, most development continues to focus on brain-controlled video games which are nearly identical to those created for earlier, more stationary consumer eeg devices and personal eeg is treated as of a novelty or toy.
Personal Neuro Devices Inc.

Neural oscillation monitoring system

Embodiments of the present invention may provide automated techniques for signal analysis that may continuously provide up-to-date results that link eeg and behaviors that are important for daily activities. Such techniques may provide automation, objectivity, real-time monitoring and portability.

Lipolysis exercise device.

Lipolysis exercise device with the portability option and integrated tamper resistant hour counter for the device rental purpose.. .

Systems, apparatus, and methods relating to a wearable electronic hub for personal computing

Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for personal computing enhanced by a wearable electronic hub device for wirelessly coupling with an electronic satellite device to increase portability, versatility, efficiency, and security. A wearable electronic hub device retains the most important, expensive, and personal aspects of computing, whereas electronic satellite devices, including dummy screen devices of various sizes, can be shared, lost, stolen, and/or replaced without the same security risks and expenses associated with the duplicative hardware components and personal information retained in current smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, etc.
Neptune Computer Inc.

System, method, and software for providing access control enforcement capabilities in cloud computing systems

According to one embodiment, a system comprises one or more processors coupled to a memory. The one or more processors when executing logic encoded in the memory provide a topology manager.
Ca, Inc.

Detachable computer with variable performance computing environment

Computing devices are often designed in view of a particular usage scenario, but may be unsuitable for usage in other computing scenarios. For example, a notebook computer with a large display, an integrated keyboard, and a high-performance processor suitable for many computing tasks may be heavy, large, and power-inefficient; and a tablet lacking a keyboard and incorporating a low-powered processor may improve portability but may present inadequate performance for many tasks.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method for delivering heating oil to customers of fuel oil dealers

A method for delivering heating oil to homes and commercial establishments comprises a two-mode combination of (a) using a conventional large-tank delivery truck and (b) using a portable, self-contained apparatus which is carried on a lighter weight truck as cargo. The portable apparatus comprises a tank having just under 119 gallons capacity, a pump for flowing oil through a meter subsystem which measures the quantity of oil, to a hose; all mounted on a skid for portability.

Portable device for the automation and calculation of a normalized silt density index that is independent of the filter holder assembly

This invention is connected to the influent or effluent stream of an sdi filter holder assembly that might otherwise be applied in the manual measurement of the flow rates and times as required to calculate a silt density index. The invention is based on its ability to provide data collection external to the filter holder assembly in digitally measuring the flow rate and water temperature proceeding to or from the filter assembly and in automatically incorporating those readings into a microprocessor for calculating the silt density index and in normalizing the index value for the effects of variation in initial filter permeability and water temperature, and in minimizing the effect of increasing cake solids on the sdi value as related to the decreasing flow of water-borne solids to the filter surface.

Bioink for three-dimensional biomaterial printing

A method of creating “bioink” has been proposed, which increases the shelf-life and transportability of biological materials for use in bioprinting applications. The current invention also contemplates a composition of biomaterials admixed with trehalose to dehydrate the biomaterials for preservation and transportation.
University Of South Florida

Method and seamless application portability over multiple environments

A system includes a processor configured to receive data, gathered by a vehicle, for use by a mobile application. The processor is further configured to receive instructions from the application interacting with the vehicle, for continuing usage in the extra-vehicular environment, utilizing the received data.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Rail warning system and method

The present disclosure generally relates to a rail warning system using wireless portable transmitters/receivers. The rail warning system uses a chirp spread spectrum modulation scheme, and alerts personnel in work zones on or near train tracks as well as optionally, on track equipment and train operators, of approaching trains or on track equipment.
Harsco Technologies Llc

Hair altering assembly

A hair altering assembly alters hair structure with heat forming a generally flat dimension to save space. An external power is not required to provide electricity to generate the heat; thereby saving space and enhancing portability.

Selfie camera and writing device

A device for capturing “selfie” images is integrated into a writing device. The device includes an extendable (e.g., telescopic) section, such that when refracted the device is useful as a writing instrument (e.g., a pen, stylus, etc.), and when extended, provides a way of capturing selfie images, or other images that benefit from a point of view that is removed from the user beyond the user's reach.

Bill shaper device

The bill shaper device, is a unique and improved headwear shaping device that combine the following features in one single unit, making it, compact, curved inwardly towards dome of hat and contains a flat channel for receiving the visor portion of a baseball style hat, imparting a desired flat shape to the cap bill. Indicia may be placed on a top surface of the bill shaper device which covers the cap bill that may bear information, images, messages of the like related to any sports teams, advertising, or any communication or expression desired.

Display device

The present invention provides a display device which has a display unit on a main body, comprising a cover member that can be deformed into a first shape for covering the display unit and a second shape for forming a grip in order to solve the problems in the conventional cameras. The problem is such that the size of the camera becomes large by the size of the grip, which impairs portability of the camera because the conventional camera provides a fixed grip on the camera body on which a display unit with a large screen is mounted.
Fujifilm Corporation

Fully protected drone

A fully protected drone includes a drone body and a rotary wing connected to the drone body, and further includes a protection housing connected to the drone body. The protection housing is a meshed closed housing and has a hollow cavity.
Beijing Zero Zero Infinity Technology Co., Ltd

Portable valet mechanism and use

A portable valet system and method of use that incorporates a basket for storing items for movement as well as a collapsible hanger assembly that can be used for hanging items while in use. The portable valet system and method of use is collapsible and on wheels for portability..

Portable golf impact practice mat

The portable golf impact practice mat is a golf practice mat that provides visual indicators to inform of three extremely important impact conditions using a digital display, a signal generating unit and a plurality of led(light emitting diode). One of them indicates the swing path in reference to how the golf club head moves toward the target.

Portable studio assembly

A portable audio studio used in conjunction with a cell, wireless or mobile device (e.g., a mobile phone) having a music recording application, a microphone, pop filter, foam filter, stand sticks, a base and other components in order to give songs a higher quality and portability of audio design studio in with one modular and portable assembly unit or kit. The hardware consists of a small case that holds inside an expanding cell phone stand that can be used for a cellphone or microphone stand, a microphone, and a pop filter.

3d display glasses

The present application discloses 3d display glasses include an eyeglass frame; a first image projection unit and a second image projection unit respectively fixed on the eyeglass frame, for projecting a first beam carrying a first image and a second beam carrying a second image, respectively; and a first lens and a second lens which maintain fixed onto the eyeglass frame, for receiving the first beam and the second beam, respectively, wherein the first lens and the second lens are configured to collimate respective one of the first beam and the second beam into a beam of parallel light which in turn travels into respective one of the left and the right eyes of the wearer of the 3d display glasses. The 3d display glasses may display images independent of any display screen such that excellent portability and superior 3d-display visual effect may be obtained..
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

In-vehicle riding and viewing platform for dogs

An assembly of shaped components of firm but compressible materials that create an elevated platform within the passenger areas of a vehicle that provides a dog or dogs with enhanced comfort, safety and external views through the vehicle's windows from the down resting position. The assembly generally includes a horizontally placed component that delivers a level elevated surface and two or more vertical components placed in the leg-room area that support the horizontal component.

Subscriber data analysis and graphical rendering

Analysis and graphical rendering of subscriber data is provided. A data analysis component is provided that obtains a set of subscriber data, correlates various subsets of the subscriber data to determine a plurality of data relationships, and graphical renders the subscriber data as a heat map, a fractal map, a tree map, a three dimensional plot, a three dimensional map, a graph, a chart, etc.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Mobile ladder support assembly

A mobile ladder support assembly provides stable lateral and rear support, and transportability for operation of a ladder. A lateral support bar restricts lateral tilting by the assembly.

Removable controller for an infusion pump

Some embodiments of an infusion pump system include a controller device that is configured to removably attach to a pump device in a manner that provides a secure fitting, an overall compact size, and a reliable electrical connection. In particular embodiments, the controller device can be secured to the pump device in a generally side-by-side arrangement.
Bigfoot Biomedical, Inc.

System and device for cooling beverages and keeping beverages cold

Systems and devices cool content of individual beverage containers without sacrificing portability and cooling performance, and/or maintaining beverage containers cold. Exemplary implementations provide container having enclosed vertical double-wall structure with integral horizontal base defining interior space within enclosed vertical double-wall structure, or having wall structure formed from sheet of flexible material folded to form base and sealed along opposite sides of sheet to define interior space within wall structure and also having interior pocket formed by interior wall attached to interior surface wall structure.
Bagwell Entertainment Llc

Foldable drone

A foldable drone is provided to improve the portability of the drone, which includes a drone body and a rotary wing part connected to the drone body. The rotary wing part includes a first rotary wing module and a second rotary wing module with each having at least one rotary wing, and the first rotary wing module and the second rotary wing module are respectively articulated to two sides of the drone body, to allow the first rotary wing module and the second rotary wing module to rotate about their respective articulating shafts, so as to be folded or unfolded..
Beijing Zero Zero Infinity Technology Co., Ltd

Non-invasive monitor for measuring regional saturation of oxygen

An object of the present invention is to provide a non-invasive monitor for measuring regional saturation of oxygen which is light and compact, and has excellent portability and excellent handleability to make an operator handle the monitor easily. A non-invasive monitor for measuring regional saturation of oxygen according to the present invention includes a sensor unit containing a printed circuit board on which a light emitting unit and a light receiving unit are mounted; a main body unit containing a computation processing unit, a display unit, and a power source unit; a sensor holder (30) for holding the sensor unit while the light emitting unit and the light receiving unit are disposed in an aperture portion; a sensor pressing board; a connecting unit for electrically connecting the sensor unit and the main body unit; and a headband.
Kohken Medical Co., Ltd.

Separable electronic device

Various embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic device comprising: a first body; a second body separably installed such that at least a part of an area thereof overlaps a mounting surface of the first body; and a support member installed on the first body so as to be able to be opened at a predetermined cradling angle, thereby cradling the second body on the first body. As a result, use convenience is improved, portability is maximized when the electronic device is coupled, and the electronic device can be protected from external forces, thereby contributing to improvement of reliability of the electronic device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Scalable liquid submersion cooling system

A scalable liquid submersion cooling system for electronics. The system includes a plurality of modular system components, such as electronics enclosures, manifolds, pumps, and heat exchanger units.
Liquidcool Solutions, Inc.

Instant message and electronic mail portability

Systems and methods for migrating an email conversation to an instant message (im) chat session are provided herein. Exemplary methods include receiving an email request from an email client via one or more email servers, the email request having the email conversation and an address that initiates an action to instantiate the im chat session of an im service; identifying a sender and recipients from the email request; verifying that the sender is authorized to create the im chat session and that the recipients are authorized to participate in the im chat session; transmitting an im request to the im service via an im server to establish the im chat session, wherein the im service invites the sender and the recipients when the im chat session is created; and maintaining the im chat session for responding parties..
D2 Nova Corp.

Portable keyboard

A portable keyboard is disclosed, by which portability can be enhanced with a simple configuration. The present invention includes a plurality of key assemblies, a body part and a flexible connecting member.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Portable genetic detection and analysis system and method

A portable detector is disclosed for detecting certain analytes of interest, such as genetic material (e.g., nucleic acids). The detector includes a reading component for the detection of the analytes, and control circuitry for controlling operation of the reading component.
Illumina, Inc.

Portable rotating self-lock type quick dismantling lock catch device

The utility model provides a portable rotary self-locking fast-disassembling locker, including a first fixing element and a second fixing element, wherein the first fixing element is provided with an embedding recess, the side wall of the embedding recess is provided with a protrusion portion, the protrusion portion is provided with an embedding clamping groove and a locking groove, the embedding clamping groove is located at one side of the protrusion portion, the locking groove is located at the other side of the protrusion portion, the second fixing element is connected with an elastic locking mechanism, the second fixing element is provided with a fixation clamp, the elastic locking mechanism includes a spring and a locking portion connected with the spring, the fixation clamp is matched with the embedding clamping groove, and the locking portion is matched with the locking groove. The utility model has the advantageous effects that: the quick and rotary connection of the first fixing element and the second fixing element can be implemented by means of the match between the fixation clamp and the embedding clamping groove, and then by means of the match between the locking portion and the locking groove; moreover, the utility model has the advantages of portability as well as convenient assembling and disassembling..
Techsport Ltd

System and providing an interactive avatar substance abuse program assistant

The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for providing an outpatient type substance abuse program via software as a service (saas) methodologies. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for providing customized saas applications configured to host 12-week intensive outpatient type substance abuse programs.

Microfluidic cell culture

Systems, methods and kits are described for culturing one or more biological cells in a microfluidic device, including provision of nutrients and gaseous components configured to enhance cell growth, viability, portability, or any combination thereof. In some embodiments, culturing a single cell may produce a clonal population in the microfluidic device..
Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Blister packaging for simultaneously housing packaging container for refill- or cartridge-type content and case for accommodating same

The present invention relates to a blister packaging for simultaneously housing, in a single packaging body, any case for storing contents so as to allow same to be put in and taken out, thus facilitating portability and storage, and a packaging container accommodated in the interior of the case so as to allow the former to be put in and taken out, the packaging container containing cartridge- or refill-type contents. A case accommodation part for accommodating the case and a separate content accommodation part which can be filed with contents for the cartridge packaging container are molded on a molding sheet simultaneously, wherein, when both accommodation parts are sealed with a cover film, a cutting line is provided on the flexible part of the content accommodating part so that, during use, just the content accommodation part can be independently torn off to be stored inside the case, or the refill content accommodation part can be opened and inserted into the case to be used..
Blisspack Co., Ltd.

Portable opposably mounted pull up device

The present disclosure describes a new kind of frame-mounted exercise device intended for performing pull-ups. It consists of two pivotally connected arm components having surfaces that may be used to latch onto the upper edge of a door frame, and a handle flexibly attached to each of the arm components, such that a downward force on the handle causes the arm components to close in on each other, tightly gripping onto the support frame.

Aggregate dewatering device and method

A dewatering device for aggregate product can be used to retro-fit existing aggregate product dewatering facilities in order to more efficiently capture product. The dewatering device can be movable to allow for the portability of the device relative to existing dewatering facilities.
Superior Industries, Inc.

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