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Polyurethane patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Polyurethane-related patents
 Migration-free, halogen-free, flame retardant thermoplastic polyurethane compositions patent thumbnailMigration-free, halogen-free, flame retardant thermoplastic polyurethane compositions
Halogen-free, thermoplastic polyurethane-based compositions having good mechanical and flame-retardant properties are provided. The compositions include flame-retardant aromatic organic phosphate compounds that do not exhibit migration in molded products, such as cable and wire jacketing and insulation.
 Fiber sizing agent composition patent thumbnailFiber sizing agent composition
A fiber sizing agent is described, which is capable of imparting sufficient sizing properties and fiber spreading properties to reinforced fiber bundles for producing fiber-reinforced composite materials. A fiber sizing agent composition (e) includes a sizing agent (a) having a viscosity of 50 to 3,000 pa·s at 35° c., and has a thixotropic index of 3 to 15.
 Aqueous surface-treating agent patent thumbnailAqueous surface-treating agent
(where r1 and r2 each are an alkyl group having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, and n and m are 1≦n≦3 and m=3−n, respectively), and/or a hydrolyzate thereof; wherein 100 parts by weight or more of the polyurethane resin in terms of the weight of solid matters is used on the basis of 100 parts by weight in terms of nonvolatile matters of silicone oil, can prevent sticking of rubber seal materials such as o rings, etc. Themselves or sticking to a metal, a resin, etc., and can reduce the friction of rubber or resin seal members at the time of sliding motion..
 Halogen-free polymer blend patent thumbnailHalogen-free polymer blend
The invention concerns a halogen-free polymeric blend capable of ionic conductivity comprising either one or more polyether-based polymers or copolymers that have favorable structures to facilitate polymer chain segmental motion and ion hopping environment, selected from the group of polyether-block-polymers and polyether-based polyurethanes, or said polyether based polymers or copolymers together with one or more ionomers formed by neutralization of ethylene acid co-polymers, as well as one or more specific halogen-free ionic complexes or salts comprising a weakly coordinating anion and a cation of an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal. Further, the invention concerns the use of said blend and a plastic material containing said blend as an additive..
 Layered structures and articles prepared therefrom patent thumbnailLayered structures and articles prepared therefrom
The invention provides a layered structure comprising at least two layers: a) a first layer a formed from a composition a comprising a polyurethane; b) a second layer b formed from a composition b comprising at least one compound selected from the group consisting of the following compounds: a) a compound 1 comprising at least one acid group, b) a compound 2 comprising at least one anhydride group, c) a compound 3 comprising at least one primary amine group and/or at least one secondary amine group, and d) a combination thereof; and wherein the compound has a molecular weight or number average molecular weight, each less than 10,000 g/mole.. .
 Carbon fiber sizing agent, carbon fiber strand, and fiber-reinforced composite patent thumbnailCarbon fiber sizing agent, carbon fiber strand, and fiber-reinforced composite
A carbon fiber sizing agent imparts good bonding performance to carbon fiber, is used to reinforce a thermoplastic matrix resin, and provides a carbon fiber strand applied with the sizing agent and a fiber-reinforced composite reinforced with the carbon fiber strand. The sizing agent for carbon fiber is used to reinforce thermoplastic matrix resin.
 Bead foam compression molding method with in situ steam generation for low density product patent thumbnailBead foam compression molding method with in situ steam generation for low density product
Disclosed is a method for molding a foamed article, such as a midsole or outsole for footwear, in which first water, then a desired amount of thermoplastic polyurethane foam beads are placed in a compression mold in the shape of the article and the mold is brought to a peak temperature of from about 130° c. To about 180° c.
 Process for producing composite elements patent thumbnailProcess for producing composite elements
The invention relates to an improved process for producing composite elements comprising at least one outer layer and at least one isocyanate-based rigid foam layer by means of a fixed applicator apparatus and in which the flowable starting material comprises the following components: a) at least one polyisocyanate, b) at least one compound which reacts with isocyanate groups to form urethane, c) at least one blowing agent, d) catalysts comprising at least one compound d1) which catalyzes isocyanurate formation and at least one compound d2) which catalyzes polyurethane formation, comprising at least one amino group, and e) optionally auxiliaries and additives, where the manner of use of component a) and of component b) is such that the isocyanate index is at least 180, and where the ratio by weight of the compound d2) to the compound d1) is from 0.75 to 8.. .
 Folding, lightweight, hygienic, heavy-duty food shipping container patent thumbnailFolding, lightweight, hygienic, heavy-duty food shipping container
A reusable, sanitary and folding container includes a base, two folding sidewalls, two folding end walls and latches and hinges. The base includes slots that receive the hinge pins that allow the sidewalls and end walls to fold up and down.
 Polyurethane, composition for formation of polishing layers that contains same, pad for chemical mechanical polishing, and chemical mechanical polishing method using same patent thumbnailPolyurethane, composition for formation of polishing layers that contains same, pad for chemical mechanical polishing, and chemical mechanical polishing method using same
Ho—(cr3r4)2n—oh  (2). .
A waterproof safety boot includes a one-piece eva upper (11) to which is applied a toe cap (15). A polyurethane toe cap cover (19) is secured to the upper to encapsulate the toe cap.
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
An article of footwear including a sole and an upper with an exterior and interior surface, and one or more bladders which comprises at least one of the exterior or interior surfaces of the upper. The bladder comprising sheets of polyurethane or polyester film attached together to form an airtight seal.
Polyglycerol based polyols and polyurethanes and methods for producing polyols and polyurethanes
A new class of polyols derived from renewable resources, including polyglycerol and vegetable oils, the use of such polyols in polyurethane foams and cast resins, and methods for making the polyols and polyurethanes are provided.. .
Polyurethanes made using mixtures of tertiary amine compounds and lewis acids as catalysts
Polyisocyanate-based polymers are formed by curing a reaction mixture containing at least one polyisocyanate and at least one isocyanate-reactive compound having at least two isocyanate-reactive groups in the presence of a tertiary amine catalyst having a molecular weight of up to 300 and from 0.01 to 1.0 mole per mole of the tertiary amine compound(s) of a non-protic, non-catalytic, metal-containing lewis acid.. .
Hydrophilic sealants
The present invention provides water swellable one-component sealants prepared by incorporation of polyols containing ethylene oxide (“eo”) into the backbone of the polymer. The inventive one-component hydrophilic polyurethane sealant contains a silane-terminated polyurethane prepolymer, a compound having an ethylene oxide content of at least about 40 wt.
Composition for use in the manufacture of polyurethane systems
The invention relates to a composition for producing a polyurethane system, especially a polyurethane foam. The composition comprising one or more compounds comprising at least one 5- or 6-membered ring comprising one or two oxygen atoms and carbon atoms the present invention also relates to a process for producing polyurethane systems by using this composition as well as polyurethane systems obtained from such a process.
Controlled release copper sulfate for phytoplankton control
A controlled release copper sulfate algaecide for controlling phytoplankton growth, including blue green algae is described. The controlled release algaecide includes a copper sulfate granule coated with at least one layer including a polyurethane which is a reaction product of a polymeric diisocyanate and a polyol..
Stretchable ink composition
A stretchable ink composition comprising a polyester; a polyurethane elastomer; water; a co-solvent; an optional surfactant; and an optional colorant.. .
Embossed carpet backing
Disclosed is a floor covering having an embossed polyurethane foam backing layer and methods of making and using same. A bottom surface of the backing layer can be thermo-embossed with a predetermined pattern, and the bottom surface of the backing layer can define at least one fluid pathway in communication with a side edge of the floor covering.
Breathable insulation for corrosion reduction
Apparatuses for insulation and a method for insulating a pipeline are disclosed. An insulation layer may include a flexible polyurethane foam.
Articles prepared using recycled materials and methods of preparation thereof
The present invention is directed to articles of manufacture having at least a portion prepared using recycled material, including but not limited recycled rubber or other polymeric materials. The articles may incorporate the recycled materials in a granulated form.
Replaceable handle and support/base ring elements for a pressurized container and pressurized container
The present invention refers to replaceable upper or handle (2) and lower or support/base ring (4) elements for a pressurized container having an upper portion and a lower portion, wherein said upper and lower rings elements are manufactured from a thermostable material, a thermosetting material or a combination thereof, e.g. Polyurethane, and comprise fastening means to releasably engage the ring elements with projections (3, 5) provided on the upper and lower portions of said pressurized container.
Pneumatic tire carcass having air blocking stabilizing fabric system
A pneumatic tire carcass having a radial direction and a circumferential direction. The tire carcass comprises at least one ply of stabilizing fabric embedded into an air-blocking layer.
Process for producing a coated fertilizer comprising boron
A process for producing polyurethane coated fertilizer granules having core granules comprising at least 0.2 wt % of boron, the process having the step of applying a polyol and an isocyanate to the core granules, wherein an acidic component is applied to the core granules no later than the polyol.. .
Artificial leather with improved flexing endurance properties
The present invention relates to a process for production of artificial leather comprising top coat, polyurethane layer and optional substrate layer, said process comprising i) providing a release layer, ii) applying one or more than one layer of a top coat to the release layer to an overall top coat layer thickness in the range from 1 to 500 μm, iii) applying first polyurethane system components comprising an isocyanate component (a) and a polyol component (b) to the top coat to form a first polyurethane layer, wherein the isocyanate index of the first polyurethane system components is in the range from 101 to 140, iv) optionally applying further polyurethane system components to the first polyurethane layer to form further polyurethane layers, v) optionally applying a substrate layer to the polyurethane system components, vi) curing the polyurethane system components to form a polyurethane layer, and vii) separating the release layer from the top coat, wherein the overall thickness of the first and optionally further polyurethane layers is in the range from 0.01 to 20 mm and the polyurethane system components are solvent-free. The present invention further relates to an artificial leather obtainable by such a process and to the use of the artificial leather as upper materials for footwear..
Multi-layered anatomical quilted system
The invention relates to a multi-layer anatomical padding system which is developed based on the need of the human being for feeling comfort when performing the action of sitting, sleeping or support; the multi-layer anatomical padding system is composed of polymeric gel, visco-elastic polyurethane foam, flexible polyurethane foam in 2 different densities, wherein the polymeric gel is located in the lower part of the system followed by a visco-elastic polyurethane foam, followed by a flexible polyurethane foam, and finally another flexible polyurethane foam insert so, where the latter foam goes exclusively on the seats and will only help to reduce the pressure in the groin area through this insert having a conical elongated shape with rounded ends, which is located in the central part of the flexible polyurethane foam which has in turn the same basin form, that said insert fits into it, in which the layer of flexible polyurethane foam and the insert equal half the padding, and the polyurethane foam with visco-elastic polymer gel occupy approximately the other half.. .
Insulating apparel
Articles of apparel and a method for manufacturing an article of apparel are disclosed. An insulation layer for an article of apparel may include a flexible polyurethane foam.
Low free mdi prepolymers for rotational casting
Rotational cast polyurethane composition prepared from a prepolymer composition comprising: a) an isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolymer; and b) a curative agent comprising i) a polyol; ii) an aromatic diamine; iii) a thixotropic aliphatic amine; and iv) a thixotropic colloidal additive, wherein the prepolymer comprises a product produce by the reaction of a polyol with an organic diisocyanate monomer comprising 4,4′-diisocyanato diphenylmethane (mdi), and which prepolymer comprises less than 1.0% by weight of free mdi monomer, based on the toal weight of the prepolymer, exhibits a range of enhanced physical properties compared to those obtained from prepolymers comprising a higher level of free mdi monomer.. .
Hybrid acrylic polyurethane pre-polymer and sealant thereon
Pre-polymer materials suitable for the preparation of superior sealants are provided along with silylated (silane terminated) hybrid acrylic polyurethane pre-polymers, and the preparation thereof, and sealants comprising the pre-polymers, and the preparation of the sealants are also provided. A silylated acrylic polyurethane hybrid pre-polymer of acrylic pre-polymer, and polyurethane including acrylic pre-polymer and a second component, which may be a silylated polyurethane (spur) or may be a mixture of an isocyanate, a polyol, and a silane is also provided.
Absorbable multi-putty bone cements and hemostatic compositions and methods of use
The present invention relates to absorbable polyurethane compositions suitable for use in bone repair or reconstruction. The present invention relates to the field of polyurethane-based cements, and putties for use in bone hemostasis, repair and reconstruction.
Hybrid polyester-polyether polyols for improved demold expansion in polyurethane rigid foams
The present invention discloses polyester-polyether polyols suitable for blending with other polyols or other materials mutually compatible with the polyester polyols to achieve polyurethane and polyisocyanurate products. In particular the present invention discloses polyester-polyether polyols produced by the reaction of: 1) phthalic anhydride with an alcohol having a nominal functionality of 3 and a molecular weight of 90 to 500 under conditions to form a phthalic anhydride half-ester; and 2) alkoxylating the half-ester formed in step 1 to form a polyester-polyether polyol having a hydroxyl number of from 200 to 350; with the proviso when the alcohol is a polyether polyol, the polyether polyol contains at least 70 weight percent of polyoxypropylene..
Hydrophilic interpenetrating polymer networks derived from hydrophobic polymers
A composition having a hydrogel bearing side of a biostable polymer network, wherein the biostable polymer network comprises a first gradient of the biostable polymer, which biostable polymer network decreases in concentration from the hydrogel bearing side to a bone interface surface; and a second gradient of a biostable polyurethane network, which polyurethane network increases in concentration from the hydrogel bearing side to the bone interface surface, the bone interface surface useful for an orthopedic implant.. .
Multilayer polyurethane protective films
A multilayer protective film comprising a first layer, a second layer and a psa layer. The first layer at least comprises a polyester-based polyurethane, a polycarbonate-based polyurethane or a combination or blend of both.
Two-coast barrier system comprising polyurethane
A two-coat barrier system employing a coating of a water-dispersible or solvent-soluble polyurethane resin with innate gas and moisture vapor barrier properties and an additional coating of a multivalent metal cation to enhance the overall barrier performance without the need to add fillers.. .
Panel with fire barrier
A panel with fire barrier comprises: a metal facing; an insulating foam layer; and at least one fire barrier layer between the metal facing and the foam layer, the fire barrier layer(s) comprising at least one of porous silica; hollow glass microspheres; glass fibres; an inorganic ceramifying composition; a dispersion in a polyurethane polymer matrix or polyurethane/polyisocyanurate polymer matrix or polyurethane/polyurea polymer matrix of expandable graphite. A panel arrangement with fire barrier material in the joint regions between panels, methods of forming the panel and panel arrangement, fire barrier compositions, and reactants for forming the fire barrier compositions are also described..
Developing roller, and developing device, process cartridge and image forming method and apparatus using the developing roller
A developing roller to bear toner thereon is provided. The developing roller includes a cylindrical electroconductive substrate; an electroconductive elastic layer located on a peripheral surface of the cylindrical electroconductive substrate; and a toner bearing layer located on a peripheral surface of the electroconductive elastic layer.
Appliance apparatus including a bonded bracket
An appliance apparatus includes an adhesively bonded bracket or support. In another aspect, a clothing apparatus includes a moveable transparent panel, such as a glass door or lid, which has a polymeric support or bracket adhesively bonded thereto.
Method of post-mold crosslinking thermoplastic polyurethane golf ball cover compositions
A multi-piece golf ball is manufactured by molding a cover layer and a core layer to form a golf ball preform in a mold. The cover layer has a thermoplastic polyurethane composition which may be crosslinked by ultraviolet radiation.
Cushioning device
A cushioning device including a layer of styrenic based gel material having top and bottom surfaces, a first layer including: i. Layer of maleic anhydride and ii.
Solar module and process for production thereof
The present invention relates to a solar module comprising a first layer, a solar cell arranged above the first layer and a second layer arranged above the solar cell. The first and/or the second layer comprise a fibre composite material which comprises a preferably aliphatic polyurethane polymer “dual cure” system) crosslinked thermally and by means of electromagnetic radiation.
Comfort-enhancing footwear insert
An insert for use with laced or buckled footwear for enhancing user comfort. The insert comprises polyurethane foam and is sized and configured to be inserted between the footwear tongue and the user's foot, which insert can mold to the user's foot..
Protective clothing and methods thereof
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to protective clothing and methods of manufacturing the same. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to protective clothing providing maximum protection with minimal restriction on range of movement, and method of manufacturing the same.
Multiple-component variable hardness polyurethane system
A multi-component variable hardness polyurethane system and method of creating a thermosetting composition having a particular hardness. In the preferred embodiment a polyurethane compound can be created having any desired hardness between 10 and 90 shore a, by mixing the same two curative components in different proportions, according to the hardness desired, along with a stoichiometrically determined amount of isocyanate as a hardener..
Polyfunctional polyglycerine initiated polyether polyols and high resilience polyurethane slabstock therefrom
A polyglycerine initiated polyether polyol exhibiting a final functionality less than the nominal functionalities of the polyol initiator wherein the initiator is a polyglycerine formed by the polymerization of glycerin having an hew less than about 35 and exhibiting a nominal functionality between 2 and 16 is provided. Also provided is a process for producing a polyfunctional polyurethane by the reaction of a mixture containing a polyol based on polyglycerine initiator wherein between 5 wt % and 100 wt % of the total initiator is polyglycerine having a nominal functionality between 2 and 16, at least one organic isocyanate, an amine and/or a metal salt catalyst, and optionally a blowing agent.
Use of trialkyl phosphate as a smoke suppressant in polyurethane foam
Described is a method for using a trialkyl phosphate as a smoke suppressant in a polyurethane foam. The trialkyl phosphate having at least one alkyl group with two carbon atoms is included in the polyurethane foam, which has an absence of halogenated flame retardants..
Polyurethane resin composition for support pad and polyurethane support pad using the same
The present invention relates to a polyurethane resin composition for a support pad including a polyurethane resin, a dmf solvent, an anionic surfactant, and polyethylene glycol (peg), and a polyurethane support pad including the polyurethane resin composition for a support pad. According to the present invention, long and large pores may be uniformly formed therein, and thus a support pad having an excellent compression rate and compression recovery rate may be provided..
Aqueous coating composition comprising polyurethanes and vinyl polymers
An aqueous coating composition comprising (i) a polyurethane obtained by the reaction of (a) an isocyanate-terminated pre-polymer obtained from the reaction of components comprising at least one polyisocyanate of which at least 50 wt % is at least one aliphatic polyisocyanate; in an nco/oh ratio in the range of from 1.75 to 1.05; and (b) an active-hydrogen chain-extending compound; and (ii) a vinyl polymer having a tg below ambient temperature.. .
Bioresorbable microparticles
Polyurethane microparticles are derived from structural units comprising poly(alkylene oxide) moieties, caprolactone moieties and urethane moieties. The microparticles may include an active agent and have a particle size from 0.1 to 100 microns.
Antimicrobial colloidal silver and gold products and method of making same
Gelatinous foam, coated paper, fabric, and polymer materials combined with the colloidal silver or gold additive to formulate products with antimicrobial surfaces. Some embodiments of the present invention can include gelatinous materials selected from a group consisting of thermosetting polymer, styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene polymer (sebs), thermoplastic elastomer (tpe), and polyurethane (pu) gelatin with and without a raised geometry on an outer surface and in any shape.
Rig mat sprayed with polyurea systems
A containment mat generally including matting tiles and a polyuria/polyurethane coating. Matting tiles are preferably formed from composite recycled rubber and are arranged in a first layer and a second layer with overlapping edges forming a shiplap design.
Sheet feeding member
A sheet feeding member is provided, which is made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising: a base polymer including a polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer and a polyester thermoplastic elastomer; and at least one ion conductive agent selected from the group consisting of a quaternary ammonium salt and a lithium salt/polyol, wherein the ion conductive agent is present in a proportion of 0.2 to 4 parts by mass based on 100 parts by mass of the base polymer in the thermoplastic elastomer composition.. .
Multi-layered fuel tubing
The invention describes a flexible tubular article for transport of volatile hydrocarbons comprising: (a) an inner layer of a polyvinylidene difluoride (pvdf) polymer or a polyvinylidene difluoride copolymer; (b) an intermediate thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) layer extruded in tubular form over the inner pvdf layer, and (c) a polyvinyl chloride polymer extruded in tubular form over the outside surface of the intermediate layer and being coextensive therewith. The tubular articles of the invention have a maximum permeation rating of 15 g/m2/day under sae j1737 test conditions..
Refractive body panels (vehicle refractive panels)
Refractive body panels replace traditional metal or fiberglass panels and consist primarily of dyed and moldable plastic in a prism configuration under clear polycarbonate; a bi-layer unit working in concert to scatter and/or change the direction of light to illuminate the exterior and increase safety and performance; the bi-layer unit works together to reduce the weight of a vehicle; the dyed prism allows for panels in various colors: the panels attach to a vehicle's frame as a direct pre-market or post-market replacement (including polyurethane bumpers) and require minimal modifications to the structural design of foot-powered vehicles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, etc.. .
Two-component polyurethane compositions that are especially suitable for use as structural adhesives
The invention relates to two-component polyurethane compositions that are especially suitable for use as structural adhesives. Said compositions are constituted of a polyol component k1 and a polyisocyanate component k2, the polyol component k1 comprising at least one alkoxylated aromatic diol a1 and at least one aliphatic triol a2 and the polyisocyanate component k2 comprising at least one polyisocyanate b1..
Insulated wall module
The construction of a wall module of superior insulation properties required for passive buildings, the method of its industrial production for easy to install at erection site as technical design of the load bearing steel truss of the defined height, width and thickness, made of appropriate shaped steel elements, of appropriate dimensions, positioned appropriately to form the structure and fixed in compliance with all relevant requirements of the professional building practice and regulations. Steel elements are mostly c elements, horizontal (1.1) and vertical (1.2) c elements with fastening mechanisms fastened on the outside horizontally (2.1) and vertically (2.2) with internal (1.3) and external (1.4) spacers positioned on their sides of low thermal conductivity, on which internal (6.2) and external (6.3) lining panels are placed of the appropriate thickness defining in such manner the total thickness of the wall.
Production of polyols using distillers grains and proteins and lignin extracted from distillers grains
Processes for the production of polyols from sources such as dried distillers grains plus solubles (ddgs) make use of a two-stage reaction scheme. In the first stage, the proteinaceous starting material is reacted with an aminating agent, such as diethanolamine (deoa), to generate amino-amides and amides.
Microencapsulated curing agent
A microencapsulated curing agent for use in curing a thermosetting resin is provided. The microencapsulated curing agent includes an organic peroxide curing agent and a polyurethane resin encapsulating the organic peroxide curing agent.

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