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Polysaccharide patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Polysaccharide-related patents
 Super soft foams patent thumbnailSuper soft foams
Super-soft foam materials, optionally for use as medical dressings, are provided. The pads are made of a foam prepared from nco-terminated prepolymers in combination with an aqueous phase including fatty alcohols and alkyl polysaccharides.
 Xylanases for animal feed patent thumbnailXylanases for animal feed
The present invention relates to the use in animal feed of a xylanase having a percentage of identity to a paenibacillus xylanase having the sequence of amino acids 1-184 of seq id no: 4 of at least 82.7%, as well as to feed additives and feed compositions comprising such xylanase. These xylanases are significantly better than known animal feed xylanases to solubilize and also degrade insoluble fibre polysaccharides (non-starch polysaccharides, abbreviated nsp), such as arabinoxylan polysaccharides..
 Chemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines patent thumbnailChemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines
This invention provides novel reagents for cyanating polysaccharides in aqueous or part aqueous solutions so that they may be covalently linked to proteins either directly or through a spacer. These reagents include 1-cyano-4-pyrrolidinopyridinium tetrafluoroborate (cppt), 1-cyano-imidazole (1-ci), 1-cyanobenzotriazole (1-cbt), or 2-cyanopyridazine-3(2h)one (2-cpo), or a functional derivative or modification thereof.
 Strain of exopolysaccharide-secreting lactobacillus plantarum and application thereof patent thumbnailStrain of exopolysaccharide-secreting lactobacillus plantarum and application thereof
Provided is a strain of exopolysaccharide-secreting lactobacillus plantarum and an application thereof. The deposit number of the strain is cgmcc no.
 Pneumococcal dosing regimen patent thumbnailPneumococcal dosing regimen
Methods of immunizing older adult subjects against streptococcus pneumoniae infection are provided. Provided methods comprise immunization of naïve adult subjects with a conjugated pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine.
 Preparation of oligosaccharides containing amine groups patent thumbnailPreparation of oligosaccharides containing amine groups
Described are oligo- and polysaccharides containing amine groups. Specifically, described is a new process to manufacture cationic cellulose oligomers.
 Chemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines patent thumbnailChemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines
This invention provides novel reagents for cyanating polysaccharides in aqueous or part aqueous solutions so that they may be covalently linked to proteins either directly or through a spacer. These reagents include 1-cyano-4-pyrrolidinopyridinium tetrafluoroborate (cppt), 1-cyanoimidazole (1-ci), 1-cyanobenzotriazole (1-cbt), or 2-cyanopyridazine-3(2h)one (2-cpo), or a functional derivative or modification thereof.
 Chemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines patent thumbnailChemical reagents for the activation of polysaccharides in the preparation of conjugate vaccines
This invention provides novel reagents for cyanating polysaccharides in aqueous or part aqueous solutions so that they may be covalently linked to proteins either directly or through a spacer. These reagents include 1-cyano-4-pyrrolidinopyridinium tetrafluoroborate (cppt), 1-cyano-imidazole (1-ci), 1-cyanobenzotriazole (1-cbt), or 2-cyanopyridazine-3(2h)one (2-cpo), or a functional derivative or modification thereof.
 Antidandruff agent sulfated polysaccharides patent thumbnailAntidandruff agent sulfated polysaccharides
The invention relates to the cosmetic use of a sulfated polysaccharide chosen from: dextran sulfate and sulfated polysaccharides derived from the red alga porphyridium sp, as active agent for preventing and/or treating dandruff of the scalp.. .
 Andrographis paniculata extract patent thumbnailAndrographis paniculata extract
An extract of andrographis paniculata extract containing androgapholide, 14-deoxyandrographolide, 14-deoxy-11,12-dehydroandrographolide, neoandrographolide, polysaccharides, and flavanoids. Also disclosed is a pharmaceutical composition containing such an extract and its use for treating inflammatory bowel disease..
Treatment of a subterranean formation with composition including a microorganism or compound generated by the same
The present invention relates to methods of treating a subterranean formation with a composition including a compound made by a microorganism or a microorganism that can make the compound. Various embodiments provide methods of using compositions for treatment of subterranean formations including exopolysaccharides or microorganisms that can make exopolysaccharides under downhole conditions.
Polysaccharide ester microspheres and methods and articles relating thereto
A method for producing a polysaccharide ester microsphere may include forming a polysaccharide ester product from a polysaccharide synthesis, wherein the polysaccharide ester product comprises a polysaccharide ester and a solvent; diluting the polysaccharide ester product, thereby yielding a polysaccharide ester dope; and forming a plurality of polysaccharide ester microspheres from the polysaccharide ester dope. Suitable polysaccharides may include, but are not limited to, starch, cellulose, hemicellulose, algenates, chitosan, and any combination thereof.
Method for adding enzymes to obtain high ethanol yield from cereal mash
The present invention generally relates to processes for production of monosaccharides and ethanol from energy crops. In some aspects, the present invention relates to improvements in ethanol production from energy crops including fractionating liquefied mash to generate a fraction enriched in complex polysaccharides such as cellulose, conversion of the cellulosic components to monosaccharides, and preparation of ethanol therefrom..
Method of producing biofuel using sea algae
The present invention relates to a method of producing biofuel, more specifically a method of producing biofuel comprising the steps of generating monosugars from marine algae, or from polysaccharides extracted from marine algae by treating the marine algae or the polysaccharides with a hydrolytic enzyme and/or a hydrolytic catalyst; and fermenting the monosugars using a microorganism to produce biofuel. The method of producing biofuel of the present invention solve the problem of raw material suppliance since it uses marine algae as a raw material for biomass, and reduce the production costs by excluding lignin eliminating process that has been required by the conventional method using wood-based raw materials, resulting in economic and environmental advantages..
Chewing gum base containing substituted polysaccharides and chewing gum products made there from
A chewing gum base comprises food acceptable substituted polysaccharides wherein substituents on the saccharide units in the polysaccharides produce a degree of substitution of at least i.0. The polysaccharides may have branches with an average length of 1 to 15 saccharide units per branch.
Method for extracting polysaccharides from higher plants and fungi through microwave chemical treatment
The present invention has significant advantages like fast processing rate, high polysaccharides yield, low organic acid consumption and efficient and easy to recycle, low water consumption, low power consumption, etc., and obtained polysaccharides have high yield and purity, good water solubility, and good biological activity.. .
Carboxymethylcellulose polyethylene glycol compositions for medical uses
Compositions comprising carboxypolysaccharides (cps) including carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc) and polyethylene glycols (pegs) are provided where the peg is a peg-epoxide covalently linked to the cps. In certain embodiments, the peg attaches to only one cps, forming a decorated cps.
Decreased polysaccharide o-acetylation
The disclosure relates to polypeptides and polynucleotides from multiple species related to the o-acetylation of polysaccharides in plants. The disclosure also describes plants with reduced polysaccharide o-acetylation, methods related to the generation of plants with reduced polysaccharide o-acetylation, polysaccharides with reduced o-acetylation, and methods of using plants and polysaccharides having reduced o-acetylation..
Sensors employing single-walled carbon nanotubes
Sensing compositions, sensing element, sensing systems and sensing devices for the detection and/or quantitation of one or more analytes. Compositions comprising carbon nanotubes in which the carbon nanotubes retain their ability to luminesce and in which that luminescence is rendered selectively sensitive to the presence of an analyte.
Water-soluble soybean polysaccharides and manufacturing process therefor
[solution] the purpose can be achieved by using water-soluble soybean polysaccharides which have a methyl ester content of 30% or below relative to the uronic acids and an acetate content of 1 wt % or higher in terms of free acetic acid and relative to the water-soluble soybean polysaccharides. The water-soluble soybean polysaccharides can be manufactured by subjecting raw material water-soluble soybean polysaccharides to methyl ester removal treatment and thereafter acetate-forming esterification treatment..
Multivalent meningococcal polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccine
The present invention describes a combined vaccine that offers broad protection against meningococcal disease caused by the pathogenic bacteria neisseria meningitidis. The vaccine is comprised of four distinct polysaccharide-protein conjugates that are formulated as a single dose of vaccine.
Choline-based crosslinker compositions for fracturing fluids
Disclosed are compositions derived of mixtures of choline ion salts (typically choline chloride) in aqueous solution with suspended particulates of sparingly soluble borate minerals or with alkali or alkaline earth borate salts, boric acid and its ester derivatives and salts, or other aqueous soluble borate forms. These compositions are useful as cross-linkers for polysaccharides and other biopolymers and particularly as used in subterranean treatment fluids for completion and stimulation of oil and gas wells.
Methods of producing friction reducing biosynthetic polysaccharides
Methods of treating a subterranean formation including providing a treatment fluid comprising an aqueous base fluid and a friction reducing agent, wherein the friction reducing agent is a biosynthetic polysaccharide produced by a host cell line with dna encoding the biosynthetic polysaccharide; and introducing the treatment fluid into the subterranean formation.. .
Magnetic-nanoparticle conjugates and methods of use
The present invention provides novel compositions of binding moiety-nanoparticle conjugates, aggregates of these conjugates, and novel methods of using these conjugates, and aggregates. The nanoparticles in these conjugates can be magnetic metal oxides, either monodisperse or polydisperse.
Process for manufacturing coated substrates
The present invention relates to a process for manufacturing coated substrates by providing a substrate, providing at least one mineral material, providing a polysaccharide material comprising one or more polysaccharides, coating the substrate with the at least one mineral material, and coating the resulting pre-coat layer of mineral material with the gel comprising one or more polysaccharides, as well as the coated substrate obtained by this process and its use.. .
Method for extracting brown algae polysaccharide via microwave chemical process
This invention relates to an extraction process of brown algae polysaccharides in a field of pharmaceutical chemistry. This invention particularly discloses a process of extracting brown algae polysaccharides based on a microwave chemistry method and brown algae polysaccharides obtained by said process.
Sequential hydrothermal liquifaction (seqhtl) for extraction of superior bio-oil and other organic compounds from oleaginous biomass
Methods of producing bio-fuel and other high-value products from oleaginous biomass (e.g. Algae biomass) are provided.
Compositions and devices for the detection of biomarkers in the gastrointestinal tract and methods for making and using them
In alternative embodiments, the invention provides compositions such as devices, pills, beads, capsules, products of manufacture, particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, gels, liquid gels, liquid gel capsules, capsules, tablets, geltabs, liquids, sprays, emulsions, suspensions, pastes or yogurts, for the detection and isolation of biomarkers, nucleic acids, proteins or peptides, proteoglycans, lipids, fats, sugars or polysaccharides in the gastrointestinal tract for e.g., detecting the presence of particular exogenous or endogenous nucleic acids, e.g., dna or rna, or proteins, in the gastrointestinal tract, for example, to diagnose the presence of an infectious or exogenous agent such as a virus, a fungus, a parasite, a bacteria, intestinal helminths and protozoan parasites, and the like, or a biomarker such as a cancer-causing or cancer-predisposing allele, e.g., mutations of the kras2 oncogene in pancreatic cancer. In alternative embodiments, compositions of the invention comprise magnetic particles such as a magnetically-responsive microparticle or nanoparticle; a superparamagnetic bead or polystyrene bead; a superparamagnetic fine particle; a ferrimagnetic particle; or, a magnetic microsphere, nanosphere, microbead or nanobeads.
Polysaccharide derived materials
A mesoporous material is derived from a polysaccharide by thermally assisted partial carbonisation after expansion. The polysaccharide is an acid containing polysaccharide or mixture of polysaccharides..
Method for the simultaneous production of ethanol and a fermented, solid product
The invention relates to a method for the simultaneous production of a fermented, solid product and ethanol comprising the following steps: 1) providing a mixture of milled or flaked or otherwise disintegrated biomass, comprising oligosaccharides and/or polysaccharides and live yeast in a dry matter ratio of from 2:1 to 100:1, and water; 2) fermenting the mixture resulting from step (1) under conditions where the water content in the initial mixture does not exceed 65% by weight, for 1-36 hours at a temperature of about 25-60° c. Under anaerobic conditions; 3) incubating the fermented mixture resulting from step (2) for 0.5-240 minutes at a temperature of about 70-150° c.; and 4) separating wet fermented, solid product from the fermented mixture resulting from step (3); further comprising either a) that the fermentation in step (2) is performed in one or more interconnected paddle worm or continuous worm conveyers with inlet means for the fermentation mixture and additives and outlet means for the ferment as well as control means for rotation speed, temperature and ph, or b) that one or more processing aids are added in any of steps (1), (2) and (3) and further comprising a step of 5) separating crude ethanol from the fermented mixture in step (2) by vacuum and/or in step (3) by vacuum or by injection of steam and condensing the surplus stripping steam.
Hydrolysis of cellulosic fines in primary clarified sludge of paper mills and the addition of a surfactant to increase the yield
A method for processing a stream of cellulosic fines containing inorganic particles, to increase a hydrolysis yield of polysaccharide degradation enzymes, such fines in a waste stream from a recycled packaging paper mill to produce a stream of fermentable sugars, comprising treating the fines with a surfactant which selectively binds to the inorganic particles and which reduces binding to the inorganic particles by the polysaccharide degradation enzymes, and degrading polysaccharides in the waste stream with the polysaccharide degradation enzymes.. .
Textured vegetable protein as a meat substitute and method and composition for making same
A process for preparing pieces of textured vegetable protein (“tvp”) suitable as meat substitutes includes the steps of selecting tvp pieces, preparing a marinade solution, marinating the tvp pieces, and cooking the marinated tvp pieces by themselves or with meat. The cooked tvp pieces may then be dehydrated, frozen, or added to other food as cooked.
Injection-molded dosage form
An injection-molded shell of a dosage form of good quality is producible by a) providing a composition comprising i) from 25 to 90 weight percent of ethylcellulose, ii) from 7.5 to 60 weight percent of a polysaccharide or polysaccharide derivative being different from ethylcellulose, and iii) from 2.5 to 50 weight percent of at least one component being different from polysaccharides and polysaccharide derivatives, based on the total weight of the composition, with the proviso that the composition comprises zero or not more than 10 weight percent of gelatin and zero or not more than 10 weight percent of a polymer comprising homo- or copolymerized acrylic acid, homo- or copolymerized methacrylic acid, a homo- or copolymerized acrylate or a homo- or copolymerized methacrylate, and b) subjecting the composition to shearing and heat to plasticize the composition and injection-molding the plasticized composition into a three-dimensional shell of a dosage form.. .
Composition and method of producing personal care compositions with improved deposition properties
The presently disclosed and/or claimed inventive concept(s) relates generally to the use of nonionic hydrophobically modified polysaccharides in personal care and household care compositions. More specifically, but not by way of limitation, the presently disclosed and/or claimed inventive concept(s) relates to the use of hydrophobically-modified cellulose ethers, such as hydrophobically-modified hydroxyethylcellulose (hmhec) polymers in personal care and household care compositions.
Compositions comprising fibrous polypeptides and polysaccharides
Isolated polypeptides are disclosed comprising an amino acid sequence encoding a monomer of a fibrous polypeptide attached to a heterologous polysaccharide binding domain. Composites comprising same, methods of generating same and uses thereof are all disclosed..
Food additive for protein-based products
The present invention provides a food additive composition that comprises a natural replacement for sodium phosphate. The natural replacement for sodium phosphate may be one or more natural sources of polysaccharides and/or starches (e.g., trehalose or plant-derived fibers).
Coating composition, a method for coating a substrate, a coated substrate, a packaging material and a liquid package
The present invention relates to a curtain coatable gas barrier coating composition comprising a polymer and a surfactant, wherein the polymer is selected from a group consisting of polyvinyl alcohol and polysaccharides, or mixtures thereof, wherein said polysaccharides are soluble or dispersable or suspendable in water and the surfactant is a water soluble non-ionic ethoxylated alcohol. The present invention also relates to a method for providing a substrate with a gas barrier layer by means of the coating composition, and a coated substrate having at least one gas barrier layer obtained by coating the substrate with the coating composition.
Process for potentiating the production of lingzhi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum) substances and antifungal activity thereof
The instant invention refers to a novel process for potentiating the production of substances with antifungal activity obtained from ganoderma lucidum, using a technological device for the differential, qualitative and quantitative expression of proteins and other bioactive molecules, selected from the group consisting of polysaccharides, triterpenoids, fatty acids and ganoderic acids. The compositions containing said substances showed antifungal activity and mycelium growth and fungi ascospore germination inhibiting activity, amongst them mycosphaerella fijiensis, primary pathogenic agent causing black sigatoka disease in banana and plantain crop fields..
Wound treatment
Use of a moulding composition comprising a polymer and a setting agent for wound debridement, wherein said use comprises adding water to said moulding composition to form a moulding fluid, applying said moulding fluid to a surface of a wound, allowing said moulding fluid to set in contact with said surface to form a solid covering on said surface, followed by removing said solid covering from the wound. The alginate composition adheres strongly to bacterial biofilms on the wound, whereby the biofilms are removed with the alginate composition.
Structures comprising an aryl amine and processes for making same
Polysaccharides and/or hydroxyl polymers, more particularly, structures, especially fibers, comprising a polysaccharide and/or hydroxyl polymer and an association agent, fibrous structures comprising such structures and processes for making such structures and/or fibrous structures are provided.. .
Hypo- and hyper-acetylated meningococcal capsular saccharides
Capsular saccharides derived from serogroups w135 and y of neisseria meningitidis have altered levels of o-acetylation at the 7 and 9 positions of their sialic acid residues, and can be used to make immunogenic compositions. Relative to unmodified native saccharides, derivatives of the invention are preferentially selected during conjugation to carrier proteins, and conjugates of the derivatives show improved immunogenicity compared to native polysaccharides..
Natural intra-vaginal inserts to control imbalanced ph
A vaginal insert controls ph within a human vagina by use of various probiotics which include lactobacillus reuteri, lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus brevis, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidobacterium longum, lactobacillus paracasei, lactobacillus salivarius, and lactobacillus bulgaricus. In other embodiments, the use of aloe vera and aloe vera based derivatives are disclosed.
Methods for removing cytokines from blood with surface immobilized polysaccharides
The present invention is directed to a method for removing cytokines and/or pathogens from blood or blood serum (blood) by contacting the blood with a solid, essentially non microporous substrate which has been surface treated with heparin, heparan sulfate and/or other molecules or chemical groups (the adsorbent media or media) having a binding affinity for the cytokine or pathogen(s) to be removed (the adsorbates), and wherein the size of the interstitial channels within said media is balanced with the amount of media surface area and the surface concentration of binding sites on the media in order to provide adequate adsorptive capacity while also allowing relatively high flow rates of blood through the adsorbent media.. .
Cationic peptidopolysaccharides with excellent broad- spectrum antimicrobial activities and high selectivity
Which has a bacterial peptidoglycan-mimetic structure, and shows outstanding broad spectrum activities against clinically significant bacteria and fungi. The structural affinity of these compounds with microbial cell wall constituents promotes its passage to the cytoplasmic membrane resulting in excellent antimicrobial activity and record high selectivity..
Method of labelling a biologically active molecule with 5-fluoro-5-deoxypentose or a 3-fluoro-3-deoxypentose
The invention provides a conjugate of a biologically active molecule and a 5-fluoro-5-deoxypentose or a 3-fluoro-3-deoxypentose, wherein the biologically active molecule is selected from the group consisting of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.. .
Biomass hydrolysis
High-yielding method for chemical hydrolysis of lignocellulose into monosaccharides. The process of the invention can additionally be applied to cellulose, xylan and related biomass polysaccharides, such as galactan, mannan, or arabinan.
Enzymatic conversion of blood group a, b, and ab red blood cells using alpha-n-acetylgalactosaminidases and alpha-galactosidases with unique substrate specificities and kinetic properties
This invention relates to enzymatic removal of type a and b antigens from blood group a, b, and ab reactive cells in blood products, and thereby converting these to non-a and non-b reactive cells. The invention further relates to using unique α-n-acetylgalactosaminidases and α-galactosidases with superior kinetic properties for removing the immunodominant monosaccharides of the blood group a and b antigens and improved performance in enzymatic conversion of red blood cells.
Cosmetic composition intended for making up the skin, cosmetic product and cosmetic use of babassu polysaccharides
This invention also encompasses the cosmetic use of babassu polysaccharide as a sensorial modifier.. .
Sialic acid derivatives for protein derivatisation and conjugation
Derivatives are synthesised of starting materials, usually polysaccharides, having sialic acid at the reducing terminal end, in which the reducing terminal unit is transformed into an aldehyde group. Where the polysaccharide has a sialic acid unit at the non-reducing end it may be passivated, for instance by converting into hydroxyl-substituted moiety.
Compositions and methods of treating viral infections
The present invention relates to the field of nutraceuticals, and in particular to nutraceuticals comprising sulfated polysaccharides, astragalus polysaccharides, resveratrol, and combinations thereof. These compositions find use in inducing physiological responses such, decreasing body fat, increasing lean body mass, alleviating the symptoms of colds, preventing the onset of colds, increasing energy, increasing the feeling of well-being in subjects, and improving skin tone and appearance..
Hydrolysis and fermentation process for animal feed production
A method for production of an animal feed product comprises: a) partial hydrolysis of a fermentation feedstock or the non-ethanol by-product of a fermentation process performed on a fermentation feedstock, which partial hydrolysis converts non starch polysaccharides to soluble oligomers and monomers; b) fermentation of the soluble oligomers and monomers in the partially hydrolysed feedstock or non-ethanol by-product to produce ethanol; e) recovery of the non-ethanol by-product from the fermentation of step b) to produce an animal feed product more specifically an animal feed product with improved nutritional content. A method for production of an animal feed product comprises: a) partial hydrolosis of the non ethanol by-product of a fermentation process performed on a fermentation feedstock, which partial hydrolysis converts non starch polysaccharides to soluble oligomers and monomers; b) recovery of the partially hydrolysed product from step a), to exclude the soluble oligomers and monomers, to produce an animal feed product, more specifically an animal feed product with improved nutritional content.
Benefit agent delivery particles comprising non-ionic polysaccharides
The invention provides a composition comprising a benefit agent delivery particle comprising at least one of hydroxylpropyl methyl cellulose, hydroxylethyl methyl cellulose, hydroxylpropyl guar, hydroxylethyl ethyl cellulose or methyl cellulose. The benefit agent delivery particle may further comprise a non-polysaccharide polymer, preferably an aminoplast polymer.
Treatment fluids comprising stabilized heteropolysaccharides and related methods
Treatment fluids employing stabilized heteropolysaccharide-based gels in brines are used as part of gravel packing and combined gravel packing-fracturing operations; a method includes providing a treatment fluid which includes an aqueous brine base, a heteropolysaccharide including one selected from the group consisting of diutan, scleroglucan, and succinoglycan, and a protein present in an amount sufficient to stabilize the heteropolysaccharide and hence minimizing the salting out phenomenon, the method including placing the treatment fluid in a subterranean formation.. .
Method for reducing the occurrence on infection in young children
The invention pertains to the use of a composition in reducing the number of infections episodes and the occurrence of infections in young children, said composition comprising: (a) long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, wherein the amount of arachidonic acid is less than 0.06 gram per 100 gram fatty acid; and comprising, per 100 g fatty acids: (i) 0.3-0.6 gram docosahexaenoic acid; (ii) 0.2-0.4 gram eicosapentaenoic acid; and (b) between 1.5 and 2.5 gram indigestible oligosaccharides per 100 kcal, comprising: (i) 1.4-2 gram short-chain galactooligosaccharides; and (ii) 0.1-0.5 gram long-chain fructopolysaccharides.. .
Targeted therapeutic nanoparticles
Disclosure of methods and compositions related to chemical conjugations to nanoparticles of polysaccharides cross-linked to poloxamers as well as nano-sized colloids comprised of polysaccharides and poloxamers. The nanoparticles may be produced by various methods including inverse miniemulsion polymerization processes which create nanogels of desired size, shape, and stability for controlled therapeutic drug delivery, imaging, and theragnostic applications..
Methods of preventing or treating diseases and conditions using complex carbohydrates
The invention relates to a method of preventing and treating diseases and conditions associated with allergies, autoimmunity, the adhesion cascade, the metastatic cascade or the coronary cascade comprising administering (i) at least one complex carbohydrate as the sole active ingredient, or (ii) at least one pharmaceutical composition which comprises as an active ingredient a pharmacologically effective amount of at least one low purity or cosmetic grade complex carbohydrate selected from the group consisting of oligosaccharides, sialylated oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and glycosaminoglycans, and an effective amount of at least one transdermal or transmucosal carrier in an amount effective to deliver the complex carbohydrate into the blood stream.. .
Method from preparing ceriporia lacerata culture extract and pharmaceutical composition for prevention or treatment of diabetes and diabetic complications comprising ceriporia lacerata culture extract as active ingredient
A method for preparing a ceriporia lacerata mycelium culture extract and a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating diabetes and diabetic complications, contains a ceriporia lacerata mycelium culture extract prepared by the above method. The ceriporia lacerata mycelium culture extract prepared according to the preparation method of the invention has a higher content of exopolysaccharide than the extract prepared by the method described in the prior art document of the present inventors, and thus it can be used as the active material of pharmaceutical compositions and functional foods against diabetic diseases..
Conjugation process of bacterial polysaccharides to carrier proteins
Process for conjugation of bacterial saccharides including streptococcus pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae saccharides by reductive amination are provided herein.. .
Conjugation process of bacterial polysaccharides to carrier proteins
Process for conjugation of bacterial saccharides including streptococcus pneumoniae and haemophilus influenzae saccharides by reductive amination are provided herein.. .
Polysaccharide and/or polypeptide based graft polymers as synthetic tannins
A graft polymer of polysaccharides or polypeptides or its respective derivatives, obtainable by free radical polymerization of a) a monomer selected from or a monomer mixture of (a) from 20 to 100% by weight of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid or of a mixture thereof or of the alkali metal, alkaline earth metal or ammonium salts thereof, (b) from 0 to 80% by weight of other monoethylenically unsaturated monomers which are copolymerizable with the monomers (a) and (c) from 0 to 5% by weight of monomers having at least 2 ethylenically unsaturated, nonconjugated double bonds in the molecule, in the presence of either b1) polysaccharides, oxidatively, hydrolytically or enzymatically degraded polysaccharides, oxidized hydrolytically degraded or oxidized enzymatically degraded polysaccharides, or such chemically modified degraded products, chemically modified mono-, oligo-or poly-saccharides or mixtures of the stated compounds and/or b2) polypeptides, their hydrolysates or enzymaticallydegraded and optionally chemically modified products or mixtures of the stated compounds in a weight ratio a: (b1 or b2) of from 1:99 to 18:82 or in a weight ratio a:(b1+b2) of from 60:40 to 1:99 and b1:b2 of from 97:3 to 3:97 used as tanning agents.. .
Compositions incorporating hytd
Disclosed are compositions comprising a first component comprising chitosan, glucosamine and amino acids and a second component selected from the group consisting of (i) one or more pesticides, (ii) one or more non-pesticide organic molecules, (iii) one or more plant nutritional molecules and (iv) non-pesticidal living systems. The composition can also include trace elements, protein and other polysaccharides.
Total polysaccharides of radix isatidis and their fractions, and uses thereof as vaccine adjuvants
The present invention pertains to medicinal technical field, relates to a radix isatidis total polysaccharide and fractions thereof and their uses as vaccine adjuvant. Specifically, it relates to a radix isatidis total polysaccharide as well as neutral polysaccharide fraction and acidic polysaccharide fraction extracted from chinese medicinal material radix isatidis, and to their uses as vaccine adjuvant or uses in manufacture of vaccine composition.
Anhydrous antisun cream comprising a non-emulsifying elastomeric organopolysiloxane, a matting agent and a non-silicone organic oil thickener
The present invention relates to an anhydrous composition in cream form, characterized in that it comprises, in a cosmetically acceptable support: (a) at least one oily phase; (b) at least one non-emulsifying elastomeric organopolysiloxane; (b) a photoprotective system capable of screening out uv radiation; (c) at least one matting agent; (d) at least one non-silicone organic thickener for the oily phase, chosen from: (1) crystalline polymers, preferably semi-crystalline polymers, (2) fatty acid esters of dextrin, (3) hydrophobic-modified polysaccharides, (4) crystalline olefin copolymers, (5) crystalline polycondensates, (6) polymers of lipophilic polyamide type, (7) lipophilic polyureas and polyurethanes, (8) block polymers, (9) cholesterol-based liquid-crystal agents and mixtures thereof; the said composition not comprising any humectant.. .
Method and composition to reduce diarrhea in a companion animal
Compositions (including pharmaceutical compositions, foods, supplements, toys and treats) comprising a microbial exopolysaccharide are provided as well as methods for preventing or reducing diarrhea in a mammal wherein the method comprises administering a therapeutically amount of a microbial exopolysaccharide to a mammal in need thereof.. .
Methods of combined bioprocessing and related microorganisms, thermophilic and/or acidophilic enzymes, and nucleic acids encoding said enzymes
A genetically modified organism comprising: at least one nucleic acid sequence and/or at least one recombinant nucleic acid isolated from alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius and encoding a polypeptide involved in at least partially degrading, cleaving, transporting, metabolizing, or removing polysaccharides, cellulose, lignocellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, starch, sugars, sugar oligomers, carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, chitin, heteroxylans, glycosides, xylan-, glucan-, galactan-, or mannan-decorating groups; and at least one nucleic acid sequence and/or at least one recombinant nucleic acid encoding a polypeptide involved in fermenting sugar molecules to a product. Additionally, enzymatic and/or proteinaceous extracts may be isolated from one or more genetically modified organisms.
Enhancing ingredients for protein production from various cells
[summary] the present invention relates to a protein production accelerating agent that has enabled to largely increase the produced amount of a desired protein by adding polysaccharides to a medium for animal cells containing a serum or serum alternative, and a production method of a protein using a medium containing the protein production accelerating agent.. .
Matrices comprising modified polysaccharides and modified polysaccharides
The present invention discloses a matrix comprising a modified primary hydroxyl groups containing polysaccharide comprising repeating disaccharide units wherein in at least part of the disaccharide units the primary hydroxyl group is replaced by functional groups selected from halide groups or groups comprising sulfur or phosphorus atoms, like e.g. Sulfate groups, sulfonate groups, phosphonate groups and phosphate groups..

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