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Polynomial patents


This page is updated frequently with new Polynomial-related patent applications.

new patent System and hybrid wireless video transmission
A system and method provides high-quality video streaming in wireless video communications. The system includes a digital codec, an analog codec, and a power controller.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

new patent One-shot decoder for two-error-correcting bch codes
A decoder includes a syndrome generator for receiving a codeword and generating at least two syndromes based on the codeword, an error location polynomial generator for generating an error-location polynomial based on the syndromes, an error location determiner for determining at least one error location based on the error-location polynomial, and an error corrector for correcting the codeword based on the one error location. The error location polynomial generator includes a logic for receiving the syndromes and generating a combination of the syndromes as a combination of coefficients of the error-location polynomial, and a key equation solver for generating the error-location polynomial based on the combination of the coefficients and finding at least one root of the error-location polynomial.
Sk Hynix Memory Solutions Inc.

Server-assisted secure exponentiation
In one embodiment, a method for secure computation, includes receiving in a server, over a communication channel from a device external to the server a request to perform a modular exponentiation operation in which an exponent of the operation comprises a secret value, wherein the secret value is not provided to the server, and at least two parameters that encode the secret value in accordance with a polynomial or matrix homomorphic encryption of the secret value computed by the device, and performing in the server, in response to the request, a homomorphic exponentiation using the at least two parameters received from the device without decrypting the secret value in the server, so as to generate an output that is indicative of a result of the modular exponentiation operation.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Asymmetrical chaotic encryption
Implementations and techniques for asymmetrical chaotic encryption are generally disclosed. One disclosed method for asymmetrical encryption includes determining a ciphertext control block from data, where the ciphertext control block is based at least in part on one or more chebyshev polynomials.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Cryptographic processing method and cryptographic processing device
A computer generates a third encrypted polynomial that corresponds to a result of encrypting a third polynomial by use of a result of multiplying a first encrypted polynomial by a second encrypted polynomial, and outputs cryptographic information that represents the third encrypted polynomial. The first encrypted polynomial is a polynomial obtained by encrypting a first polynomial that corresponds to a first vector, and the second encrypted polynomial is a polynomial obtained by encrypting a second polynomial that corresponds to a second vector.
Fujitsu Limited

Ion beam scanner for an ion implanter
A magnetic system for uniformly scanning an ion beam across a semiconductor wafer comprises a magnetic scanner having ac and dc coil windings each of which extend linearly along internal pole faces of a magnetic core. The ac and dc coil windings are mutually orthogonal; a time dependent magnetic component causes ion beam scanning whilst a substantially static (dc) field component allows the ion beam to be bent in an orthogonal plane.
Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.

Neural networks for encrypted data
Embodiments described herein are directed to methods and systems for performing neural network computations on encrypted data. Encrypted data is received from a user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Korsch-type compact three-mirror anastigmat telescope
A three-mirror anastigmat telescope comprises at least a concave first mirror, a convex second mirror and a concave third mirror, the three mirrors arranged so that the first mirror and the second mirror form, from an object at infinity, an intermediate image situated between the second mirror and the third mirror, the third mirror forming, from this intermediate image, a final image in the focal plane of the telescope. In the architecture of the telescope, at least the surface of the concave third mirror is a φ-polynomial surface..

Magnetic measurement system
A magnetic measurement system includes a heart magnetic field sensor that measures a first magnetic field and a second magnetic field, a noise magnetic sensor that measures the second magnetic field, and a magnetic measurement apparatus that computes an approximate value of the second magnetic field in the heart magnetic field sensor by using a measurement value in the noise magnetic sensor and a multi-variable polynomial. The magnetic measurement apparatus subtracts the approximate value of the second magnetic field from a measurement value in the heart magnetic field sensor..
Seiko Epson Corporation

System and method hybrid quantum-conventional architecture for wireless networks
A hybrid quantum-conventional computing system and method for analyzing band capture data and determining if a solution is an np-hard problem or a polynomial time problem. The np-hard problem is processed by a quantum computing system and the polynomial time problem is processed by a conventional computing system.
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

Low-power partial-parallel chien search architecture with polynomial degree reduction

A device includes a controller, and the controller includes a root detection circuit having multiple sets of multipliers. A method includes configuring the root detection circuit according to a degree of a polynomial.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Quanton representation for emulating quantum-like computation on classical processors

The quanton virtual machine approximates solutions to np-hard problems in factorial spaces in polynomial time. The data representation and methods emulate quantum computing on classical hardware but also implement quantum computing if run on quantum hardware.
Kyndi, Inc.

System, apparatus, and measuring ion concentration with a standard deviation correction

Embodiments of the inventive concept include a portable ion concentration apparatus including a controller, a storage section to store one or more data samples, an amplifier circuit, and a chemical field effect transistor (chemfet). The chemfet and the amplifier circuit can indicate a quantity of nitrate levels in a sample media or a reference media.
Suprasensor Technologies, Llc

Method and modeling of gnss pseudorange measurements for interpolation, extrapolation, reduction of measurement errors, and data compression

polynomial regression models are used to reduce errors in measurements of pseudorange between a gnss satellite and a receiving station; for data compression by replacing a large number of measurements with a small number of coefficients of the model polynomial, optionally combined with modeling residuals; for extrapolating usefully accurate estimates of future range between the gnss satellite and the receiving station; and for providing usefully accurate estimates of future coefficient values of the polynomial regression models themselves.. .
Subcarrier Systems Corporation

Circuitry and methods for implementing galois-field reduction

Galois-field reduction circuitry for reducing a galois-field expansion value, using an irreducible polynomial, includes a plurality of memories, each for storing a respective value derived from the irreducible polynomial and a respective combination of expansion bit values, wherein expansion bits of the expansion value address the plurality of memories to output one or more of the respective values. The galois-field reduction circuitry also includes exclusive-or circuitry for combining output of the plurality of memories with in-field bits of said expansion value.
Altera Corporation

Subjective wavefront refraction using continuously adjustable wave plates of zernike function

A wavefront device produces adjustable amplitudes in optical path differences and adjustable axis orientation angles. Two substantially identical wave plates have a wavefront profile of at least the third order zernike polynomial function which are not circularly symmetric, as denoted by z(i,j) where i≧3 and j≠0.

Methods and devices for adaptive autonomous polynomial interpolation of time series data

A method of performing maintenance. Data is received from a plurality of physical sensors that measure parameters of parts of the platform, wherein a data point is missing from the data.
The Boeing Company

System for sharing a cryptographic key

A system (200) for configuring a network device (300) for sharing a key, the shared key being • bits long, the system comprising:—a key material obtainer (210) for—obtaining in electronic form a first private set of bivariate polynomials (252, {hacek over (z)}″(,)), and a second private set of reduction integers (254, f″), with each bivariate polynomial in the first set there is associated a reduction integer of the second set, and a public global reduction integer (256, . .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

N-base numbers to physical wire states symbols translation method

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate a device to encode/decode data in a data communications interface coupled to a plurality of wires. The device determines a value of a sequence of data bits allocated to a frame, converts the value into a sequence of symbols associated with the frame, and transmits the sequence of symbols to a receiver.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Modulo calculation using polynomials

Hardware logic arranged to perform modulo calculation with respect to a constant value b is described. The modulo calculation is based on a finite polynomial ring with polynomial coefficients in gf(2).
Imagination Technologies Limited

System and displaying weapon engagement feasibility

Disclosed is a system and method for generating, in an aircraft (1) in flight, a display indicative of the feasibility of a weapon carried on the aircraft (1) successfully engaging a determined target (5, t) and/or the feasibility of a weapon carried on the target (5, t) successfully engaging the aircraft (1). The method comprises: using a performance envelope of the weapon and performance envelope(s) for one or more different types of aircraft (1), determining a further performance envelope specifying the performance of the weapon when carried by any of the different aircraft (1) types; determining coefficients for a generic polynomial that fit the generic polynomial to the further performance envelope; uploading, to the aircraft (1), the generated coefficients; and, on the aircraft (1), reconstructing the further performance envelope and generating the feasibility display..
Bae Systems Plc

Memory controller, semiconductor memory device, and control semiconductor memory device

A memory controller is a memory controller including an encoder that product-codes, with a linear code, data to be recorded in a memory section and a decoder that decodes product-coded data read out from the memory section. The encoder and the decoder share a parity generation circuit including a plurality of remainder calculating and retaining sections, each including a remainder calculation circuit by a generator polynomial and a retaining circuit that retains an output of the remainder calculation circuit..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Configurable multi-lane scrambler for flexible protocol support

Various structures and methods are disclosed related to configurable scrambling circuitry. Embodiments can be configured to support one of a plurality of protocols.
Altera Corporation

Policy-based key sharing

Methods of providing policy based access to master keys, enabling keys to be distributed to groups of users in a secure manner while minimizing disruptions to the user in the event of changes to group membership or changes to user attributes. User attributes are identified.
Oracle International Corporation

Method for acquiring parameters of dynamic signal

The application discloses a method for acquiring parameters of a dynamic signal, including: selecting a dynamic sample signal sequence of a power grid to constitute an autocorrelation matrix; determining an effective rank of the autocorrelation matrix and the number of frequency components of the dynamic sample signal sequence; establishing an ar model, and solving a model parameter of the ar model; determining an expression and a complex sequence of the dynamic sample signal sequence by using a prony algorithm, wherein the dynamic sample signal sequence is represented by the complex sequence with a minimum square error; and substituting a root of a characteristic polynomial corresponding to the model parameter into the complex sequence and solving various parameters of the dynamic sample signal sequence. In the application, with the idea of ar parameter model, a current signal is considered to be a linear combination of signals at previous time points..
Chongqing University

Cryptographic processing device and cryptographic processing method

A cryptographic processing device includes a processor that generates a first encrypted polynomial, a receiver that receives cryptographic information representing a fourth encrypted polynomial, and cryptographic information representing a second random number, the fourth encrypted polynomial including a first operation result that is a result of an operation of a fifth vector and a sixth vector, the first operation result being obtained by a second encrypted polynomial and a third encrypted polynomial, wherein the second encrypted polynomial is obtained based on the first encrypted polynomial, the second random number, and a second polynomial that corresponds to a third vector obtained by adding zero to the second vector, and the third encrypted polynomial is obtained based on the fifth vector obtained by adding zero to a fourth vector. The processor generates a second operation result that is a result of an operation of the second vector and the fourth vector..
Fujitsu Limited

Radio frequency receiver capable of determining a noise estimate in case of received power unbalanced antennas and operating thereof

The present application suggests a receiver and a method of operating thereof for determining a noise estimate based on a radio frequency signal from an interference source over different propagation paths through a plurality of antennas. A covariance matrix estimator coupled through separate processing paths to a respective one of the plurality of antennas is arranged to determine an estimate of a covariance matrix based on the received radio frequency signal.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Encoding method, decoding method

An encoding method generates an encoded sequence by performing encoding of a given coding rate according to a predetermined parity check matrix. The predetermined parity check matrix is a first parity check matrix or a second parity check matrix.
Sun Patent Trust

Memory controller, memory system, and decoding method

A memory controller includes: an encoder configured to generate a block product code which includes a first code and a second code as component codes, the first code and the second code being linear cyclic codes; a memory interface configured to write the block product code to a nonvolatile memory, and to read a received word from the nonvolatile memory; and a decoder configured to perform a decoding using a code constraint corresponding to a generator polynomial as a common divisor between a generator polynomial of the first code and a generator polynomial of the second code with respect to a symbol of an area which is not subjected to a code constraint of the first code but subjected to a code constraint of the second code.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Behavioral model and predistorter for modeling and reducing nonlinear effects in power amplifiers

The behavioral model and predistorter for modeling and reducing nonlinear effects in power amplifiers addresses the model size estimation problem. The gmp model is replaced by the hybrid memory polynomial/envelope memory polynomial (hmem) model within a twin nonlinear two-box structure to reduce the number of variables involved in the model size estimation problem, without compromising model accuracy and digital predistorter performance.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Three-dimensional positioning method

A three-dimensional positioning system includes establishing a geometric model for optical and radar sensors, obtaining rational function conversion coefficients, refining the rational function model and positioning three-dimensional coordinates. The system calculates rational polynomial coefficients from a geometric model of optical and radar sensors, followed by refining a rational function model by determined ground control points and object image space intersection.
National Central University

Filter for network intrusion and virus detection

Methods and apparatus to perform string matching for network packet inspection are disclosed. In some embodiments there is a set of string matching slice circuits, each slice circuit of the set being configured to perform string matching steps in parallel with other slice circuits.
Intel Corporation

Key sharing device and system for configuration thereof

A method of configuring a network device for key sharing and a method for a first network device to determine a shared key are provided. The method of configuring uses a private private modulus, and a modulus (p1) a public modulus (n), and a bivariate polynomial (f1) having integer coefficients, the binary representation of the public modulus and the binary representation of the private modulus are the same in at least key length (b) consecutive bits.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Secondary synchronization codebook for e-utran

Providing for secondary synchronization encoding utilizing a primary synchronization channel (p-sch)-related scrambling code is described herein. Scrambled secondary synchronization codes (sscs) can be assigned to multiple base stations of a radio access network (ran).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Transmitting method and transmitting apparatus

A low-density parity check convolution code (ldpc-cc) is made, and a signal sequence is sent after being subjected to an error-correcting encodement using the low-density parity check convolution code. In this case, a low-density parity check code of a time-variant period (3g) is created by linear operations of first to 3g-th (letter g designates a positive integer) parity check polynomials and input data..
Panasonic Corporation

Simultaneous edge enhancement and non-uniform noise removal using refined adaptive filtering

A method for denoising magnetic resonance images includes estimating a normalization field corresponding to a magnetic resonance imaging device and acquiring a non-normalized image from the magnetic resonance imaging device. A noise level estimation process is performed with the non-normalized image to yield a noise level.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method and system for lithography process-window-maximizing optical proximity correction

An efficient opc method of increasing imaging performance of a lithographic process utilized to image a target design having a plurality of features. The method includes determining a function for generating a simulated image, where the function accounts for process variations associated with the lithographic process; and optimizing target gray level for each evaluation point in each opc iteration based on this function.
Asml Netherlands B.v

Geographical condition prediction

A method and system for forecasting the conditions of locations is provided. The method includes receiving in real time from a user in a specified location, a specified future timeframe associated with a future condition of the specified location.
International Business Machines Corporation

Gas turbine engine airfoil

An airfoil for a turbine engine includes pressure and suction sides that extend in a radial direction from a 0% span position at an inner flow path location to a 100% span position at an airfoil tip. The airfoil has a relationship between a total chord length and a span position and corresponds to a curve that has an increasing total chord length from the 0% span position to a first peak.
United Technologies Corporation

Multivariate public key signature/ verification system and signature/verification method

Multivariate public key signature/verification system including a signature module and a verification module. The signature module contains a processor, first affine transformation inversion component, isomorphic inversion component, trapdoor component, isomorphic component, and second affine transformation inversion component.
South China University Of Technology

Method and system for homomorphicly randomizing an input

In one embodiment, a method for reducing information leakage in order to counter side channel attacks against a secure execution environment is described, the method including receiving at the secure execution environment a first input comprising a key comprising a sequence of k input elements in a commutative ring, cr, receiving at the secure execution environment a second input comprising a text comprising a sequence of p input elements in the commutative ring, cr, defining an input inp comprising a sequence of j input elements, wherein inp comprises either one or both of the first input or the second input, performing one of a matrix randomization operation or a polynomial randomization operation on the inputs, and producing a randomized output.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Encoding apparatus, transmission apparatus, encoding method and transmission method

An encoding method and encoder of a time-varying ldpc-cc with high error correction performance are provided. In an encoding method of performing low density parity check convolutional coding (ldpc-cc) of a time varying period of q using a parity check polynomial of a coding rate of (n−1)/n (where n is an integer equal to or greater than 2), the time varying period of q is a prime number greater than 3, the method receiving an information sequence as input and encoding the information sequence using equation 1 as a g-th (g=0, 1, .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Iterative decoding lfsr sequences with a low false-alarm probability

A message-passing iterative decoding method of an associated lfsr sequence (or m-sequence) as a simplex code, to a parity matrix h. The method includes determining a set of parity polynomials with a low weight obtained by combining the parity equations of the matrix h.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Methods and calculating electromagnetic scattering properties of a structure and for reconstruction of approximate structures

A method of calculating electromagnetic scattering properties of a structure, the structure including materials of differing properties and the structure being periodic in at least one lateral direction and extending in a vertical direction, comprises: numerically solving a volume integral equation for electromagnetic scattering for a plurality of modes in the at least one lateral direction, by performing, for each respective mode, integration (1350) of a pseudo-spectral polynomial (chebyshev) expansion in the vertical direction multiplied by a id green's function using the same sample points in the orthogonal direction for all of the plurality of modes. The integration is performed by solving a regularized linear system of equations between first (1116) and second (1120) discrete transformation steps to compute (1118) values of a regularized chebyshev expansion coefficient vector (γ).
Asml Netherlands B.v.

A method and a device for determining the mass flow rate and the presence or absence of a liquid flowing in a pipe

A device (1) for determining the mass flow rate of milk turbulently flowing with air in a pipe (2) in pulsed milk slugs comprises sampling a signal from a microphone (8) of the device (1) indicative of sonic signals produced by the milk flow. The sampled signals are read by a microprocessor (15) which applies a fast fourier transform to the sampled signal to produce the frequency domain of the sampled signal.

System and encoding and controlled authentication

A system and method for encoding and controlled authentication of security documents, id cards, tickets and products and the like is described which can provide a secure means to determine them to be authentic. The method involves encoding the surface of the said security documents or id cards or tickets and the like with of a pair of identity components comprising a pair of unique numbers, or a combination of a uniquely encoded image and a unique number, or a combination of a unique barcode and a unique number, or a combination of encoded images.

Frequency-division multiplexing (fdm) using soft clipping (sc)

A method comprising mapping data onto odd frequency subcarriers of a plurality of non-overlapping frequency subcarriers, wherein each of the non-overlapping frequency subcarriers comprises a center frequency that is an odd integer multiple of a lowest center frequency, producing a time signal based on the mapping, applying soft clipping (sc) to signal amplitudes of the time signal according to a polynomial function, and producing a positive-amplitude signal based on the applying.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

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