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Date/App# patent app List of recent Polynomial-related patents
 Error correction code circuit and memory device including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Error correction code circuit and memory device including the same
The ecc circuit includes a chien search unit configured to determine whether there is an error in each bit of a data sequence. The chien search unit selects a coefficient of a nonlinear term from among terms of an error locator polynomial as a nonlinear coefficient, separates the error locator polynomial into a first location equation including only linear terms and a second location equation including only nonlinear terms, determines a third location equation by dividing the first location equation by the nonlinear coefficient, determines a fourth location equation by dividing the second location equation by the nonlinear coefficient, and determines whether there is an error for each of the bits by performing an xor operation on a result of the third location equation using the substitution value and a result of the fourth location equation using an arbitrary element of the error locator polynomial as a substitution value..
 Light emission analyzing device patent thumbnailnew patent Light emission analyzing device
The light emission analyzing device includes: a first light intensity calculation unit that performs polynomial approximation on a spectroscopic spectrum indicating a light intensity for each wavelength in a container as measured by a spectrometer so as to calculate the light intensity; a second light intensity calculation unit that subtracts, for each wavelength, the light intensity calculated by the first light intensity calculation unit from the light intensity indicated by the spectroscopic spectrum measured by the spectrometer so as to calculate a light intensity corresponding to a bright-line spectrum of a molecule; and a ratio calculation unit that calculates, by using the light intensity calculated by the second light intensity calculation unit, a ratio between (a) a peak value of a molecular spectrum of a first molecule and (b) a peak value of a molecular spectrum of a second molecule.. .
 Asymmetric polynomial psychoacoustic bass enhancement patent thumbnailnew patent Asymmetric polynomial psychoacoustic bass enhancement
Psychoacoustic bass audio signal enhancement can be accomplished using a monotonic, asymmetric polynomial distortion. A non-linear process applies a monotonic, asymmetric polynomial distortion function that has continuous first and second derivatives to generate even and odd harmonics of missing fundamental frequencies.
 Computing genus-2 curves using general isogenies patent thumbnailnew patent Computing genus-2 curves using general isogenies
An igusa class polynomial over rational numbers is computed from a set of igusa class polynomials modulo a set of small primes. The set of igusa class polynomials modulo a set of small primes is computed by finding all of the maximal curves in the isogeny class for each of the small primes.
 Method of operating cyclic redundancy check in memory system and memory controller using the same patent thumbnailMethod of operating cyclic redundancy check in memory system and memory controller using the same
A method of performing a cyclic redundancy check (crc) operation in a memory system, and a memory controller that uses the same. The method includes initializing a linear feed-back shift register (lfsr) circuit in a crc polynomial, generating crc parity information with respect to input data to be stored in a memory device by using the lfsr circuit, and generating a crc code with respect to the input data based on the crc parity information, such that the initialization of the lfsr circuit is set such that a register initial value of the lfsr circuit is determined to satisfy a condition that, when data input to the lfsr circuit is first state information, the crc parity information generated from the lfsr circuit is second state information..
 Assay analysis, tracking and reporting system (aatr) patent thumbnailAssay analysis, tracking and reporting system (aatr)
The assay analysis, tracking and reporting (aatr) is a software system to acquire and analyse enzyme-linked immunosorbant assays (elisa) assays for the purspose of antibody screening, detection, concentration, tracking, dose respone, adsorption analysis and reporting using second/third/fourth degree polynomial, 4 and 5 parameter logistics best curve fitting regression analysis. Aatr provides mechanism and capabilities to acquire data directly from microplate reader devices including batch mode and allows for import/export of elisa data and sample ids for the tray.
 Fully parallel encoding method and fully parallel decoding method of memory system patent thumbnailFully parallel encoding method and fully parallel decoding method of memory system
A memory system, a fully parallel encoding method, and a fully parallel decoding method are disclosed. The encoding method utilizes a plurality of minimal polynomials that constitute a generator polynomial to derive a plurality of roots from the minimal polynomials.
 Multiply and accumulate feedback patent thumbnailMultiply and accumulate feedback
A method and apparatus may be used to evaluate a polynomial by initializing a multiply and accumulate feedback apparatus (260) comprising a multiplier stage (264) having an output coupled to an input of an accumulator stage (267) having an accumulator feedback output (269) selectively coupled to an input of the multiplier stage over a plurality of clock cycles; iteratively calculating a final working loop variable over an additional plurality of clock cycles; multiplying the final working loop variable z and a complex input vector x to compute a final multiplier value; and adding a least significant complex polynomial coefficient to the final multiplier value using the multiplier stage of the multiply and accumulate feedback apparatus to yield a result of the polynomial evaluation.. .
 Method and apparatus for encoding data address patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for encoding data address
The present invention relates to the field of communication technologies and discloses a method and an apparatus for encoding a data address, so that attacks can be effectively prevented and resources and costs required to handle a bank conflict are reduced. In solutions provided by embodiments of the present invention, an exclusive-or operation is performed on one or more bits of a received uncoded address by using multiple preset transform polynomials; and an encoded address is obtained according to a result of the exclusive-or operation.
 Acceleration of multidimensional scaling by vector extrapolation techniques patent thumbnailAcceleration of multidimensional scaling by vector extrapolation techniques
A method for multidimensional scaling (mds) of a data set comprising a plurality of data elements is provided, wherein each data element is identified by its coordinates, the method comprising the steps of: (i) applying an iterative optimization technique, such as smacof, a predetermined amount of times on a coordinates vector, said coordinates vector representing the coordinates of a plurality of said data elements, and obtaining a modified coordinates vector; (ii) applying a vector extrapolation technique, such as minimal polynomial extrapolation (mpe) or reduced rank extrapolation (rre) on said modified coordinates vector obtaining a further modified coordinates vector; and (iii) repeating steps (i) and (ii) until one or more predefined conditions are met.. .
Catalytic zones in continuous catalytic reactors
A method including converting a predetermined number of catalytic zones into a number of finite elements, where the number of finite elements include a number of collocation points represented by a number of mathematical roots in an algebraic system, modeling a catalyst volume including a length of a continuous reactor to have the predetermined number of catalytic zones, representing the first ordinary differential equation, second ordinary differential equation, and third ordinary differential equations in the algebraic system, and performing orthogonal collocation on the number of finite elements in the algebraic system while simultaneously varying at least one of the first number of polynomials and simultaneously varying a percentage of active catalyst and a length of each of the predetermined number of catalytic zones in the second number of polynomials to obtain the mass flow rate of the product for the given chemical reactions.. .
Biometric authentication method and computer system
A biometric authentication method for a computer system, the computer system comprising: a computer; and an authentication server, the biometric authentication method including steps of: extracting a first feature from the captured biometric information; generating a template polynomial for enrollment; extracting a second feature from the captured biometric information; generating a template polynomial for authentication; generating a correlation function for calculating a correlation between the template polynomial for authentication and the enrolled template polynomial; calculating a correlation value between the template polynomial for authentication and the enrolled template polynomial by using the generated correlation function, and determining based on the calculated correlation value whether or not the biometric information at the time of authentication coincides with the biometric information enrolled.. .
Method to determine local variations of the earth's magnetic field and location of the source thereof
A method to determine the earth's magnetic field vector along a sub-surface wellpath having unknown and possibly changing azimuth, in the presence of a magnetic disturbance caused by a magnetic source external to the wellpath includes estimating the three components of the earth field along the three axes of a magnetic sensor package by a polynomial function of measured depth along the wellpath. Upon removal of the earth's magnetic field from the measurements, the resultant magnetic field of the disturbance is determined and can be used to determine the position and orientation of the source of the disturbance..
Digital processor having instruction set with complex exponential non-linear function
A digital processor is provided having an instruction set with a complex exponential function. The digital processor evaluates a complex exponential function for an input value, x, by obtaining a complex exponential software instruction having the input value, x, as an input; and in response to the complex exponential software instruction: invoking at least one complex exponential functional unit that implements complex exponential software instructions to apply the complex exponential function to the input value, x; and generating an output corresponding to the complex exponential of the input value, x.
Apparatus and method for checking decoded data, apparatus and method for decoding, and receiving terminal
The present disclosure provides an apparatus and a method for checking decoded data, an apparatus and a method for decoding, and a receiving terminal. The apparatus for checking decoded data includes: an arithmetic unit to perform a check computation on decoded bits output from decoders in every clock cycle to obtain a computation result, where the check computation is performed by: denoting each decoded bit as a polynomial, computing the sum of the polynomials and performing polynomial modular arithmetic on the sum; and an output unit configured to output a check result, where the check result is the sum of the computation results in all the clock cycles during a decoding process.
Memory controller, semiconductor storage device, and memory control method
According to one embodiment, a memory controller including a syndrome calculation unit which calculates syndrome based on code word which have the ability to correct t bits, an error locator polynomial calculation unit, and a chien search unit, wherein the chien search unit includes a root shift block which shifts all roots, a division block which divides the output from the root shift block by a predetermined polynomial, of which the order is smaller than t, and substitution block which substitutes elements into the remainder polynomial to examine if they are the roots of the remainder, and wherein the predetermined polynomial has at least one root which value is the same as one of the substituted elements.. .
Semiconductor storage device and memory controller
According to an embodiment, a semiconductor storage device includes a memory, an encoding unit that generates a parity, and a decoding unit that includes a syndrome calculating unit, an error position polynomial calculating unit, and an error searching and correcting unit, and performs an error correcting process based on data and the parity read from the memory. At the time of performing a compaction process, a process of the error searching and correcting unit is not performed, when the number of error bits acquired by an error position polynomial is equal to or less than a first threshold value based on valid data..
Memory controller and semiconductor storage device
According to one embodiment, a decoder of a memory controller includes: a syndrome calculating unit configured to calculate a syndrome based upon a code word read from the memory; an error locator polynomial generating unit configured to generate an error locator polynomial based upon the syndrome, and to obtain a number of errors based upon the generated error locator polynomial; and an error location calculating unit configured to calculate an error location based upon the error locator polynomial, wherein the process of the error location calculating unit is not executed, when the number of errors is not less than the maximum number of bits that can be corrected by the error locator polynomial generating unit.. .
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy pulse sequence, acquisition, and processing system and method
Systems and methods are provided for processing a set of multiple serially acquired magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) free induction decay (fid) frames from a multi-frame mrs acquisition series from a region of interest (roi) in a subject, and for providing a post-processed mrs spectrum. Processing parameters are dynamically varied while measuring results to determine the optimal post-processed results.
Method for processing an audio signal with modeling of the overall response of the electrodynamic loudspeaker
The method comprises the determination of an observation vector that comprises only electrical measurements of the voltage (umes) at the loudspeaker terminals and of the current (i) passing through the loudspeaker, and a state vector (x) whose components comprise: values of linear parameters of the loudspeaker response such as the electrical (re) and mechanical (req) resistance, and polynomial coefficients of nonlinear parameters such as the force factor (bl), the equivalent stiffness (keq) and the electrical inductance (le). The voltage and current measurements are applied to an estimator with a predictive filter of the extended kalman filter incorporating a representation of a dynamic model of the loudspeaker.
Method of performing xz-elliptic curve cryptography for use with network securtiy protocols
The method of performing xz-elliptic curve cryptography for use with network security protocols provides a computerized method that allows for the encryption of messages through elliptic polynomial cryptography and, particularly, with the embedding of either a symmetric secret key or a public key in the message bit string. The method of performing xz-elliptic polynomial cryptography is based on the elliptic polynomial discrete logarithm problem.
Parameter estimation using partial ecc decoding
In some embodiments, a method includes accepting a code word of a composite error correction code (ecc), which was produced by encoding data with multiple component eccs, and which was received with one or more reception parameters. One or more of the component eccs are decoded, but without fully decoding the code word.
Morpe: a machine learning method for probabilistic classification based on monotonic regression of a polynomial expansion
The classification problem is commonly encountered when a finite sample of data is leveraged to determine the probabilistic relationship between a category label c and a multivariate coordinate x for an entire population. Solving this problem requires approximating the optimal classifier, a function of x that evaluates the conditional probability p(c.
Configurable encoder for cyclic error correction codes
Apparatus for encoding includes a first processing stage, which is configured to filter input data with a first set of coefficients belonging to a first generator polynomial representing a first ecc, to produce a first output. A second processing stage is configured to filter the first output using a second set of coefficients belonging to a quotient polynomial, which is defined as a quotient of a second generator polynomial, representing a second ecc, divided by the first generator polynomial, to produce a second output.
Encoder, decoder, encoding method and decoding method
An encoding method and encoder of a time-varying ldpc-cc with high error correction performance are provided. In an encoding method of performing low density parity check convolutional coding (ldpc-cc) of a time varying period of q using a parity check polynomial of a coding rate of (n−1)/n (where n is an integer equal to or greater than 2), the time varying period of q is a prime number greater than 3, the method receiving an information sequence as input and encoding the information sequence using equation 1 as a g-th (g=0, 1, .
Spectroscopic apparatus and methods
A method of estimating background radiation in spectral data. The method may comprise, iteratively, fitting an analytical curve, such as a spline curve, to reference data, determining an allowable deviation of the reference data from the analytical curve and clipping data points of the reference data or the spectral data that are more than the allowable deviation above the analytical curve to provide the reference data for the next iteration until termination criterion is met.
Vehicle ambient temperature estimation system
Ambient temperature is determined using a vehicle-implemented system based on an estimated ambient temperature determined in view of a radiator fluid temperature profile. During periods of radiator fan operation, radiator fluid temperature is measured and logged to create the radiator fluid temperature profile.
System and method for wireless communication
A method and system for wireless communication are disclosed. The method comprises: the master device generates a sequence code through a specific encoder and transmits the sequence code to each slave device continuously within a preset period according to the communication demand, wherein the specific encoder is a feedback shift register constructed by a specific polynomial, of which the coefficients and the order are in correlation with the communication demand while all of the coefficients and initial values are not equal to 0 at the same time; the preset period is greater than or equal to the sum of a sleeping period and a detecting period of the slave device, which constitutes a sleeping-and-waking cycle; the slave device receives a continuous section of the sequence code in the detecting period, decodes the sequence code through a decoder corresponding to the encoder, and performs corresponding operation according to the decoding result..
Multiclass classification of points
A method includes obtaining, by executing a module stored on a non-transitory computer-readable storage device, approximately-zero polynomials for each of multiple classes. The method further includes evaluating the approximately-zero polynomials for each class on a plurality of points to compute distances from each point to each of the classes.
Scheduling for parallel processing of regionally-constrained placement problem
Scheduling of parallel processing for regionally-constrained object placement selects between different balancing schemes. For a small number of movebounds, computations are assigned by balancing the placeable objects.
Communication apparatus, terminal apparatus and communication method
A loss correction encoding device having an improved capability of loss correction using ldpc-cc includes a rearranging unit that rearranges information data contained in n information packets according to the constraint length kmax and the encoding rate (q−1)/q of a check polynomial of the loss correction code used in a loss correction encoding unit. Specifically, the rearranging unit rearranges the information data in such a way that continuous kmax×(q−1) pieces of information data after rearrangement are contained in different information packets.
Method and apparatus for sparse polynomial equalization of rf receiver chains
A radio frequency (rf) receiver includes an analog receiver chain followed by digital circuitry for reducing nonlinear distortion components within an output signal of the analog receiver chain. In at least one embodiment, the digital circuitry includes a digital equalizer that is configured with a sparse set of volterra series coefficients.
Parallel chien search over multiple code words
A method for decoding an ecc, in a decoder that includes at least first and second root search units, includes accepting at least first and second error locator polynomials (elps) that have been computed over respective first and second code words of the ecc. A criterion depending on the elps is evaluated.
Neural signal processing and/or interface methods, architectures, apparatuses, and devices
Processing a neural signal sequence occurs in accordance with a neural signal spiking model that includes an exponential component (ec) and a polynomial component (pc). The exponential component is correlated with the presence of signal sequence noise, and the polynomial component is correlated with the presence of detectable signal sequence spikes distinguishable from the noise.
Numerical controller including corner multiple curves inserting unit
A numerical controller configured to control a machine tool for machining the workpiece on the basis of a machining program composed of a plurality of blocks includes a corner multiple curves inserting unit. This corner multiple curves inserting unit inserts, between consecutive two blocks, three cubic polynomial curves in which a position, a direction and a curvature are continuous and the distances from these two blocks are within a prescribed allowable tolerance, if a direction or a curvature between these two blocks is discontinuous in the machining program..
Iris recognition using localized zernike moments
A system receives an iris image and segments the iris region. The segmented iris region is mapped to a unit disk and partitioned into local iris regions (or sectors) as a function of the radius and angle the system calculates localized zernike moments for a plurality of regions of the unit disk.
Wireless communication system and communication method therefor
Disclosed is a communication method comprising: determining the length, n, of a random access sequence on the basis of system configuration information, where n is less than or equal to the number of available subcarriers; determining a cyclic shift parameter collection and a cyclic prefix on the basis of a system coverage area as designed; acquiring and on the basis of a mac address of a central access point (cap), or of a physical layer identifier thereof, and of a predetermined generator polynomial, generating a pn sequence of length n, then constellation-mapping and subcarrier-mapping the pn sequence; cyclically shifting, on the basis of the cyclic shift parameter, the constellation-mapped and subcarrier-mapped sequence, then orthogonally transforming the cyclically shifted sequence; acquiring the sequence needed, adding the cyclic prefix thereto, acquiring a random access signal; and performing subsequent processing then transmitting to a receiving-end. Also provided in the present invention is a corresponding communication system.
Method and apparatus for decoding and checking tail-biting convolutional code
The disclosure discloses a method and apparatus for decoding and checking a tail-biting convolutional code, so as to solve the problem of reducing a processing time delay in decoding and checking the tail-biting convolutional code in the prior art. The disclosure fully utilizes structural features of the tail-biting convolutional code to re-sort log-likelihood ratio (llr) values input into a decoder, and by reconstructing a derivative generator polynomial of a convolutional code, allows the decoder to output in serial according to a normal ordering of information bits during backtracking, that is, a first bit of an information sequence is first decoded successfully.
Construction methods for finite fields with split-optimal multipliers
An improved finite field construction method constructs arbitrarily large finite fields using search results from a small starting field, building successively larger fields from the bottom up, without the need for successively larger searches. The improved method constructs arbitrarily large finite fields with limited construction effort using a polynomial constant equal to the product of a deterministic product term and a selectable small field scalar.
Equivalent circuit model, program, and recording medium
A system, method and non-transitory computer-readable medium utilize an equivalent circuit model in which electrostatic capacitance changes in response to an arbitrary dc bias voltage applied to a capacitor from the outside. The equivalent circuit model includes a capacitor equivalent circuit section composed of a base circuit and a multistage circuit, a reference current generator section that calculates a reference current, a multiplying factor generator section that calculates a multiplying factor, and a current source current generator section that generates a current of the current source based on the reference current and the multiplying factor.
Acoustic signal processing using model-based adaptive filtering
A method of processing acoustic waveform data is disclosed. An acoustic logging tool acquires acoustic waveform data.
Method for converting data, display device, computing device and program incorporating same, and method for optimising coefficients and device and program incorporating same
A method for converting image data within a source gamut into modified image data within a destination gamut, is provided including utilizing a processor to operate on input red-green-blue (rgb) data within the source gamut with a multivariate polynomial function to produce modified rgb data within the destination gamut, wherein the polynomial function includes coefficients optimized in accordance with a predefined criteria such that when displayed on a display device having the destination gamut the modified rgb data have a colour appearance representing a perceptually optimised transform of the input rgb data.. .
System and method to compute narrow bounds on a modal interval polynomial function
A computer executable method of processing a representation of a modal interval polynomial is provided. A representation of a modal interval polynomial is generally provided as input, more particularly, a representation comprising a modal interval function variable and an array of modal interval coefficients.
High tensile strength joint for connecting rods and fittings
A joint exhibits high tensile strength. The joint includes a solid rod having a slit or opening into which a wedge is inserted.
Method for fully homomorphic encryption using multivariate cryptography
Embodiments are described for a method of performing fully homomorphic encryption on a data set by providing a multivariate encryption polynomial to produce an encrypted data set and a multivariate decryption polynomial to decrypt the encrypted data set, providing a multivariate function polynomial that represents an operation to be performed on the encrypted data set, and recomposing the function polynomial with encryption polynomial. Also described are a method comprising providing a private key comprising a multivariate polynomial polynomial function to encrypt plaintext data to produce ciphertext, and providing a public key comprising a multivariate set of equations derived from the private key and a randomly selected injective vectorial multivariate function to decrypt the ciphertext..
Evaluation of polynomials over finite fields and decoding of cyclic codes
An apparatus and method are disclosed for evaluating an input polynomial (p(x)) in a (possibly trivial) extension of the finite field of its coefficients, which are useful in applications such as syndrome evaluation in the decoding of cyclic codes. The apparatus comprises a decomposition/evaluation module (110) configured to iteratively decompose the input polynomial into sums of powers of the variable x, multiplied by powers of transformed polynomials, wherein each transformed polynomial has a reduced degree as compared to the input polynomial, and to evaluate the decomposed input polynomial.
Procedure and device for the determination of airspeeds of a rotorcraft in stationary flight and/or at low speeds
A procedure and a device for the determination of current airspeeds [13] of a rotorcraft [2] in a stationary flight regime and/or at low speeds. A calculation system [1] incorporates two pairs of polynomial calculation laws [9] [10] that are executable successively by pairs.
Encoding/decoding processor and wireless communication apparatus
An encoding/decoding processor includes a coprocessor that is dedicated to encoding and decoding processes, where the coprocessor comprises: a parameter register that stores externally given operation modes and the settings of generation polynomials; and a calculation circuit that operates on the basis of the operation modes and the generation polynomials and that performs calculations, which are required for the encoding and decoding processes, by a plurality of bits per cycle in a parallel manner, and the coprocessor further comprises memory controllers, which include: address generator circuits for outputting the addresses of the storage devices; fifo circuits for temporarily storing data; and data packing circuits for making up predetermined numbers of bits of data for output.. .
Method and apparatus for interactive curve generation
A system of curve generation takes a sequence of control points and constraint codes for each control point, and outputs a curve in which each of the constraints is satisfied. The set of constraints is chosen from the tangent angle, curvature, first derivative of curvature, and second derivative of curvature.
Fast computation of a single coefficient in an inverse polynomial
In one exemplary embodiment of the invention, a method for computing a resultant and a free term of a scaled inverse of a first polynomial v(x) modulo a second polynomial fn(x), including: receiving the first polynomial v(x) modulo the second polynomial fn(x), where the second polynomial is of a form fn(x)=xn±1, where n=2k and k is an integer greater than 0; computing lowest two coefficients of a third polynomial g(z) that is a function of the first polynomial and the second polynomial, where g(z)Πi=0n−1(v(ρi)−z), where ρ0, ρ1, . .
Tamper detector for secure module
A tamper detector has input and output pins for connection to ends of a tamper detection circuit, and a corresponding set of linear feedback shift registers (lfsrs) timed by clock signals for generating pseudo-random coded detection signals as a function of seed values and of a generator polynomial defined by feedback taps. A comparator compares signals received from the detection circuit with the coded detection signals.
Encoding method, decoding method
An encoding method generates an encoded sequence by performing encoding of a given coding rate according to a predetermined parity check matrix. The predetermined parity check matrix is a first parity check matrix or a second parity check matrix.
Calibration sub-system for telecommunication systems
A calibration sub-system for calibrating a unit of a distributed antenna system is provided. The calibration sub-system includes a signal generator, a receiver, and a processor.
Sets of rate-compatible universal turbo codes nearly optimized over various rates and interleaver sizes
A method and apparatus for turbo encoding uses a set of rate-compatible turbo codes optimized at high code rates and derived from a universal constituent code. The turbo codes have rate-compatible puncturing patterns.
Encoding method, and decoding method
An encoding method generates an encoded sequence by performing encoding of a given coding rate according to a predetermined parity check matrix. The predetermined parity check matrix is a first parity check matrix or a second parity check matrix.
Authentication device, authentication method, program, and signature generation device
Provided is an authentication device including a key setting unit for setting sεkn to a secret key and setting a multi-order polynomial fi(x1, . .
Devices and methods for obtaining and using a priori information in decoding convolutional coded data
Decoders and communications devices including such decoders can obtain a convolutional coded bit stream including a plurality of coded data bits. The convolutional coded bit stream may be coded according to one or more generator polynomials such that each information bit is related to two or more coded data bits in a manner to be determinable from a mathematical combination of the two or more coded data bits of the convolutional coded bit stream.
Motor control profiler
A motor control profiler includes: a position calculation main state machine for generating command data to control a motor, the command data being in a polynomial expression of higher degree; a parameter set machine for setting a coefficient and a constant of the polynomial expression of higher degree of the command data; a control state machine for setting a control state of the motor; a time slot control and computation resource management machine for controlling a calculation machine, based on the set coefficient and constant of the polynomial expression of higher degree and the set control state of the motor; and a calculation machine for calculating the amount of motion according to the drive of the motor based on the time slot control and computation resource management.. .
Virtual weight meter
A system and method for calculating the weight of a load over a conveyor belt system. The method comprises placing a material that has a weight onto a conveyor belt, moving the conveyor belt at a desired speed, and calibrating a weight meter to solve for the coefficients of a polynomial equation.
Uniprocessor schedulability testing for non-preemptive task sets
A method of determining schedulability of tasks for uniprocessor execution includes defining a well-formed, non-preemptive task set having a plurality of tasks, each task having at least one subtask. A determination of whether the task set is schedulable is made, such that a near-optimal amount of temporal resources required to execute the task set is estimated.
Calibration of communication processing path
Communication processing paths include distortions, such as dc offset in the baseband analog path, local oscillator feed-through distortion, and nonlinearity of gm's and power amplifiers which are calibrated for, separately or in combination. The cascaded dc offset and nonlinear distortions are modeled separately or in combination using even-and-odd order polynomials.
Charged particle beam apparatus
There is provided an apparatus which can accurately carry out focusing of an optical microscope mounted on a charged particle beam apparatus while restraining an increase in an apparatus cost and a reduction in a throughput. An approximate polynomial is formed based on a focus map of the optical microscope which is previously measured, and a control amount which adds a difference between a piece of wafer height information at that occasion and a piece of wafer height information in actual observation to the approximate polynomial is inputted as a focus control value of the optical microscope..
High-performance ecc decoder
Methods for error correction code (ecc) decoding include producing syndromes from a set of bits, which represent data that has been encoded with the ecc. An error locator polynomial (elp) is generated based on the syndromes.
Method of obtaining linear curve fitting conversion equation for use with non-linear measurement system
A method of obtaining a linear curve fitting conversion equation for use with a non-linear measurement system is introduced. The linear curve fitting conversion equation converts a subject value entered into the non-linear measurement system into a measured value for simulating a linear curve.
Programmable error correction capability for bch codes
An embodiment of the invention relates to a bch encoder formed with linear feedback shift registers (lfsrs) to form quotients and products of input polynomials with irreducible polynomials of a generator polynomial g(x) of the bch encoder, with and without pre-multiplication by a factor xm. The bch encoder includes multiplexers that couple lfsr inputs and outputs to other lfsrs depending on a data input or parity generation state.
Mapping between program states and data patterns
The present disclosure includes methods and apparatuses for mapping between program states and data patterns. One method includes: programming a group of g memory cells such that a combination of respective program states of the group maps to a constellation point corresponding to a received n unit data pattern, the group used to store n/g units of data per memory cell; wherein the constellation point is one of a number of constellation points of a constellation associated with mapping respective program state combinations of the group of memory cells to n unit data patterns; and wherein the constellation comprises a first mapping shell and a second mapping shell, the constellation points corresponding to the respective first and second mapping shells determined, at least partially, based on a polynomial expression of order equal to g..
Filter system
A filter system with infinite impulse response is provided. The filter system has a transfer function that includes at least one pair of first order polynomial fractions.
Configurable encoder for cyclic error correction codes
Apparatus for encoding includes a first processing stage, which is configured to filter input data with a first set of coefficients belonging to a first generator polynomial representing a first ecc, to produce a first output. A second processing stage is configured to filter the first output using a second set of coefficients belonging to a quotient polynomial, which is defined as a quotient of a second generator polynomial, representing a second ecc, divided by the first generator polynomial, to produce a second output.
Digital predistorter (dpd) structure based on dynamic deviation reduction (ddr)-based volterra series
The present invention provides a method an apparatus for predistorting an input signal to compensate for non-linearities in an electronic device that operates on the input signal. The invention may be used, for example, to digitally predistort an input signal for a power amplifier in a wireless communication device.
Method for operating memory controller and devices having the same
A memory controller and an operating method of the memory controller are provided. The operating method includes: performing error correction on data, including a plurality of chunks, in a unit of a chunk; determining if a coefficient of each term of which a degree is equal to or greater than a degree of a reference-degree term, in an error location polynomial for a last chunk among the plurality of chunks, is all zero; and controlling an output time of an error-corrected first chunk based on a result of the determining..

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