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Polynomial patents

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Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging

Carestream Health

Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging

Apparatus and method for characterizing texture

Honeywell International

Apparatus and method for characterizing texture

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polynomial-related patents
 Smoothed particle galerkin formulation for simulating physical behaviors in solids mechanics patent thumbnailnew patent Smoothed particle galerkin formulation for simulating physical behaviors in solids mechanics
Methods and systems for conducting numerical simulation of structural behaviors in solid mechanics using smoothed particle galerkin formulation are disclosed. A meshfree model representing a physical domain defined by a plurality of particles is received in a computer system.
Livermore Software Technology Corporation
 Apparatus and  characterizing texture patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and characterizing texture
A method includes, using at least one processing device, obtaining an image of a surface having a texture and identifying a dominant size of the texture using a discrete auto-covariance function of the image. A first positive local maximum of the discrete auto-covariance function could be identified.
Honeywell International Inc.
 Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging patent thumbnailnew patent Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging
A phantom material may be irradiated with varying energy x-rays to determine its phase shift properties. A determination of the difference between those phase shift properties and the phase shift properties of another material of interest can be represented and stored in terms of a polynomial function.
Carestream Health, Inc.
 Method and system for efficient decomposition of single-qubit quantum gates into fibonacci anyon braid circuits patent thumbnailMethod and system for efficient decomposition of single-qubit quantum gates into fibonacci anyon braid circuits
Methods for compiling single-qubit quantum gates into braid representations for non-abelian quasiparticles described by the fibonacci anyon model are based on a probabilistically polynomial algorithm that, given a single-qubit unitary gate and a desired target precision, outputs a braid pattern that approximates the unitary to desired precision and has a length that is asymptotically optimal (for a circuit with such property). Single-qubit unitaries that can be implemented exactly by a fibonacci anyon braid pattern are classified, and associated braid patterns are obtained using an iterative procedure.
Microsoft Corporation
 Three-dimensional manipulation of teams of quadrotors patent thumbnailThree-dimensional manipulation of teams of quadrotors
A system and method is described for controlling flight trajectories of at least two flying vehicles towards goal positions. The system includes at least two flying vehicles with onboard inertial measurement units for determining and updating orientation, angular velocities, position and linear velocities of the at least two flying vehicles, a motion capture system to detect current position and velocity of each of the at least two flying vehicles, and a base controller in communication with the motion capture system and in communication with the plurality of flying vehicles.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania
 Digital audio transmitter and receiver patent thumbnailDigital audio transmitter and receiver
A method for increasing the fidelity of digitally encoded audio, comprising interleaving the signal, frequency conversion, and polynomial interpolation.. .
Summit Semiconductor Llc
 Digital audio transmitter and receiver patent thumbnailDigital audio transmitter and receiver
A method for increasing the fidelity of digitally encoded audio, comprising interleaving the signal, frequency conversion, and polynomial interpolation along with comparison to a second, redundant signal.. .
Summit Semiconductor Llc
 Cryptographic system, cryptographic method, cryptographic program, and decryption device patent thumbnailCryptographic system, cryptographic method, cryptographic program, and decryption device
In a functional encryption scheme where a decryption key dk can decrypt a ciphertext encrypted by an encryption key ek, when decrypting the encryption key in which a parameter Φ is set, by the decryption key dk in which a parameter Ψ is set, if and only if a relation r(Φ, Ψ) holds, a wider range as a relation r is expressed. Of first information including a polynomial d(x), plural polynomials di(x), and predicate information, and second information including attribute information, a cryptographic system treats one as a ciphertext and a remaining one as a decryption key.
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation
 Method for data recovery patent thumbnailMethod for data recovery
A method for encoding multiple data symbols, the method may include receiving or calculating, by a computerized system, multiple (k) input data symbols; wherein the multiple input data symbols belong to a finite field f of order q; q being a positive integer that may exceed n; mapping the multiple input data symbols, by an injective mapping function, to a set of encoding polynomials; wherein the set of encoding polynomials comprises at least one encoding polynomial; and constructing a plurality (n) of encoded symbols that form multiple (t) recovery sets by evaluating the set of encoding polynomials at points of pairwise disjoint subsets (a1, . .
 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, transmitting method, and receiving method patent thumbnailTransmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, transmitting method, and receiving method
A loss correction encoding device having an improved capability of loss correction using ldpc-cc includes a rearranging unit that rearranges information data contained in n information packets according to the constraint length kmax and the encoding rate (q−1)/q of a check polynomial of the loss correction code used in a loss correction encoding unit. Specifically, the rearranging unit rearranges the information data in such a way that continuous kmax×(q−1) pieces of information data after rearrangement are contained in different information packets.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Processing device and multiplying polynomials

According to one embodiment, a processing device for multiplying a first polynomial with a second polynomial is described including a first memory storing a representation of the first polynomial, a controller configured to separate the first polynomial into parts, a second memory storing pre-determined results of the multiplications of the second polynomial with possible forms of the parts of the first polynomial, a third memory for storing the result of the multiplication, an address logic, configured to determine, for each part of the first polynomial, a start address of a memory block of the second memory based on the form of the part and the location of the part within the first polynomial and an adder configured to add, for each determined address of the memory block of the second memory, the content of the memory block of the second memory at least partially to the contents of the third memory, wherein the data element of the third memory to which the content of a data element of the memory block of the second memory is added is the same for a plurality of the parts of the first polynomial.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

Compact, low power advanced encryption standard circuit

Embodiments of an invention for a compact, low power advanced encryption standard circuit are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes an encryption unit having a substitution box and an accumulator.

Current source driven measurement and modeling

A method and apparatus for testing integrated circuit resistors includes applying a variable source current to a resistive device under test (dut), measuring the resistance of the resistive dut as a function of the source current, and fitting the measured resistance to parameters of a polynomial parametric equation, wherein the parametric equation comprises a constant resistance at zero current bias plus a second order current coefficient of resistance multiplied by the square of the current.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

Cyclic redundancy check method with protection from side-channel attacks

The present invention relates to a method for processing a binary data item, comprising a step of calculating a cyclic redundancy check code for the data item by means of a generator polynomial, wherein the step of calculating the cyclic redundancy check code comprises the steps of: masking the data item with a random binary mask that is a multiple of the generator polynomial, and generating the cyclic redundancy check code for the data item from the masked data item.. .
Inside Secure

Nonlinear fourier analysis in optical systems

A receiver configured to receive wave packets encoded with data via a nonlinear channel is disclosed. The receiver includes an input configured to receive the wave packets from the non-linear channel.
The Trustees Of Princeton University

Algebraic generators of sequences for communication signals

A device for modulating communication signals comprises a transceiver for receiving and transmitting the signal, a storage medium storing computer implemented programme code components to generate sequences and a processor in communication with the storage medium and transceiver. The processor executes computer implemented programme code components to generate a family of shift sequences or arrays using exponential, logarithmic or index functions and a polynomial in i∈zp−1 for a finite field zp of prime p.
Optimark, Llc

Health guidance receiver selection condition generation support device

A memory that stores health checkup data of a person and a label value representing whether or not the person fell under a predetermined health guidance criterion in the subsequent period, and a processor connected with the memory are provided. The processor learns a discriminant model with use of the health checkup data of each person and the label value.
Nec Corporation

Apnea and hypopnea detection

The identification of obstructed breathing, including an apnea condition and a hypopnea condition, is disclosed. A signal representative of a flow rate of therapeutic gas being delivered to the patient is received.
Breathe Technologies, Inc.

Instructions and logic to provide general purpose gf(256) simd cryptographic arithmetic functionality

Instructions and logic provide general purpose gf(28) simd cryptographic arithmetic functionality. Embodiments include a processor to decode an instruction for a simd binary finite field multiplicative inverse, the instruction specifying a source data operand, and an irreducible polynomial, to compute an inverse modulo the irreducible polynomial for each element of the source data operand.

Method and producing a relative movement between a jet unit and a curved surface

A method and an apparatus for producing a relative movement between a jet unit, preferably an inkjet print head, and a region of a curved surface of a three-dimensional object, for example a motor vehicle door, include a control unit controlling a manipulator, preferably an articulated-arm robot, for moving the jet unit on a path at a working distance from the surface or for moving the object on a path at a working distance from the jet unit. A set of first reference points, located substantially in the curved surface, are approximated by a first polynomial, a first polynomial curve, a circle or an ellipse.
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

Wide beam sar focusing method using navigation solution derived from autofocus data

An algorithm for deriving improved navigation data from the autofocus results obtained from selected image blocks in a wide-beam synthetic aperture radar (sar) image. In one embodiment the navigation error may be approximated with a vector of low-order polynomials, and a set of polynomial coefficients found which results in a good phase error match with the autofocus results.

Digital predistortion system and method with extended correction bandwidth

The digital predistortion system and method with extended correction bandwidth includes a predistortion system that uses a two-box architecture based on the cascade of a memory polynomial followed by a memoryless predistortion function. The memoryless predistorter is identified offline and used to perform a coarse linearization which cancels out most of the static nonlinearity of the device under test allowing for a reduced observation bandwidth for the synthesis of the memory polynomial predistortion sub-function..
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Ophthalmic measurement device, and ophthalmic measurement system equipped with ophthalmic measurement device

An ophthalmic measurement device to simulate a retinal image of an examinee's eye includes an ocular aberrometer for measuring an aberration of the eye and a calculation control unit for analyzing aberration data obtained by the ocular aberrometer on the naked eye. The calculation control unit calculates subjective correction data intended for a prescription based on a subjective value by obtaining the difference in each meridian direction between a refraction value in the aberration data and a new subjective value of the eye as obtained by a subjective optometry device, obtains a second polynomial equation wherein the coefficient that represents the refraction value among the coefficients of a first polynomial equation used for approximating the aberration data is replaced with a coefficient corresponding to the subjective correction data, back-calculates the aberration data by using the second polynomial equation, and generates a simulation image based on the back-calculated aberration data..
Nidek Co., Ltd.

System and fast polynomial pre-distortion

A system and method for method of pre-distorting a signal applied to a power amplifier to compensate for distortion introduced by the power amplifier at different power settings, comprising pre-distorting the signal according to a pre-distortion polynomial, prior to amplification of the signal by the power amplifier; adaptively estimating and applying pre-distortion polynomial coefficients to the pre-distorter by saving successive iterations of adaptive estimation of the pre-distortion polynomial coefficients; and regularizing estimation of the pre-distortion polynomial coefficients over successive iterations according to a modified objective function that initially constrains growth in the magnitude of the pre-distortion polynomial coefficients and then relaxes the constraint in growth over successive iterations until estimation is reduced to a steady-state least squares estimation.. .
Blackberry Limited

Parameter generating device and method

The present invention discloses a parameter generating device and the method thereof to generate a parameter for circuit operation in which the parameter corresponds to an n degree polynomial of a characteristic curve while said n is a positive integer. The parameter generating device comprises: a storage circuit to store at least n+1 initial values that are determined by a start value and a unit variation amount; and an parameter calculating circuit, coupled to the storage circuit, to carry out addition calculation for at least [(k−1)×n+1] time(s) if a multiple k is positive or subtraction calculation for at least −k×n time(s) if the multiple k is negative, so as to generate the aforementioned parameter, wherein the multiple k is derived from a difference divided by the unit variation amount while the difference is a current value minus the start value..
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation

Linearization of intermodulation bands for concurrent dual-band power amplifiers

Systems and methods are disclosed for digital predistortion for a concurrent multi-band transmitter that compensates for both in-band and out-of-band intermodulation products according to a memory polynomial based baseband model. In one embodiment, a concurrent multi-band transmitter includes a digital predistortion subsystem, power amplifier circuitry, and an adaptation subsystem.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Information processing technique for secure pattern matching

An encrypted first polynomial that is obtained by encrypting, in a homomorphic encryption method that handles a polynomial processing, a first polynomial, is received from another computer. The first polynomial is represented by using, as coefficients, components of a first binary vector generated from first data in first order that is either ascending order or descending order with respect to degree of the first polynomial.
Fujitsu Limited

System and automatic geometric correction using rpc

The present invention relates to a technique for correcting a geometric image error calculated as a rational polynomial coefficient (rpc) only through a corresponding point extracted from a digital elevation model (dem) and a stereoscopic image without direct measurement of a ground control point (gcp). To this end, a system for automatic geometric correction using an rpc in accordance with the present invention comprises: an auxiliary data extraction unit; a corresponding point extraction unit; a first ground coordinate extraction unit; a second ground coordinate extraction unit; an rpc correction model generation unit; and an image distortion correction unit.
University Of Seoul Industry Cooperation Foundation

Adjustable compensation ratio feedback system

Apparatus for implementing adjustable compensation ratio (acr) active shielding or control of physical fields (magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, etc.), comprising the addition of a secondary internal feedback loop within a conventional primary closed feedback loop topology. Compensation-ratio transfer function order and coefficients adjustment permits accommodating frequency-dependent and frequency-independent effects within a protected volume when a system field sensor or sensor array is not at the exact location where external field interference must be optimally canceled.
Linear Research Associates, Inc.

Method and error detection in a communication system

A method processes a data packet in a first sequence of disjoint original segments of the same length. The method includes modifying a first of the original segments of the first sequence by modifying one or more symbols therein.
Alcatel Lucent

Error correction device and error correction method

According to one embodiment, an error correction device includes a syndrome processing unit, a generation unit, and a search processing unit. The syndrome processing unit generates a syndrome value based on received data.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Diagnosis of the defective state of a bolometric detection array

Method of diagnosing the state of signal-forming chains of a detector including an array of detection bolometers, each chain comprising a bolometer, a circuit of stimulation, and a circuit forming a signal according to said stimulation, including forming an image of a substantially uniform scene on the array; applying at least first and second stimulations to the chains; reading the formed signals; and for each chain in a predetermined set, defining a neighborhood of chains; calculating coefficients of a polynomial interpolating the values of signals formed by said chain; calculating, for each chain of the neighborhood, coefficients of a polynomial interpolating the values of signals formed by said neighborhood chain; calculating an average and standard deviation of said coefficients of the neighborhood chains or of the set of neighborhood chains and said chain; and diagnosing if said chain is defective using the coefficients and the calculated average and standard deviation.. .

Method and interactive curve generation

A system of curve generation takes a sequence of control points and constraint codes for each control point, and outputs a curve in which each of the constraints is satisfied. The set of constraints is chosen from the tangent angle, curvature, first derivative of curvature, and second derivative of curvature.

Devices and methods for reconstructing corrupted control channel bits

Ues are adapted to facilitate reconstruction of a segment of corrupted bits. According to one example, a ue can receive a control channel transmission such as a hs-scch transmission.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Digital signature technique

A method for signing a digital message, including the following steps: selecting parameters that include first and second primes, a ring of polynomials related to the primes, and at least one range-defining integer; deriving private and public keys respectively related to a random polynomial private key of the ring of polynomials, and to evaluations of roots of unity of the random polynomial to obtain a public key set of integers; storing the private key and publishing the public key; signing the digital message by: (a) generating a noise polynomial, (b) deriving a candidate signature by obtaining a hash of the digital message and the public key evaluated at the noise polynomial, and determining the candidate signature using the private key, a polynomial derived from the hash, and the noise polynomial, (c) determining whether the coefficients of the candidate signature are in a predetermined range dependent on the at least one range-defining integer, and (d) repeating steps (a) through (c) until the criterion of step (c) is satisfied, and outputting the resultant candidate signature as an encoded signed message.. .
Security Innovation Inc.

Optical apparatus and method

A deformable optical lens with a lens membrane having an optically active portion that is configured to be shaped over an air-membrane interface according to a spherical cap and zernike polynomials is provided. The spherical cap and the zernike polynomials comprise a zernike[4,0], (noll[11]) polynomial and are sufficient to model the deformable optical lens to within approximately 2 micrometers..
Optotune Ag

Function accelerator

A circuit and method for accelerating function evaluation. In one embodiment, a processor includes a function accelerator unit configured to evaluate a mathematical function.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Systems and methods for computing mathematical functions

Mathematical functions are computed in a single pipeline performing a polynomial approximation (e.g. A quadratic approximation, or the like); and one or more data tables corresponding to at least one of the rcp, sqrt, exp or log functions operable to be coupled to the single pipeline according to one or more opcodes; wherein the single pipeline is operable for computing at least one of rcp, sqrt, exp or log functions according to the one or more opcodes.
Vivante Corporation

Information processing apparatus, image processing method, and program

Provided is an information processing apparatus including a number acquisition unit configured to acquire a number used for a coefficient of each term constituting a set of a multi-order multivariate polynomial f=(f1, . .
Sony Corporation

Dynamic predictor for articulated mechanisms

A dynamic predictor usable for rapid and accurate calculation of joint commands of an articulated dynamical mechanism describes the relationship between the joints in the form of a differential equation. The predictor solves this differential equation for predicted joint states by fitting a polynomial equation having free parameters describing the predicted joint states to the differential equations by minimizing the differential equation residuals.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

N-order noise shaper

An n-order noise shaper has an order n≧3, wherein a first set of polynomial coefficients are optimized with respect to a useful band and wherein a second set of polynomial coefficients are optimized with respect to an optimization aim depending on an overall out of band noise and/or on a maximum out of band noise.. .

Information processing apparatus, image processing method, and program

Provided is an information processing apparatus including a number acquisition unit configured to acquire a number used for a coefficient of each term constituting a set of a multi-order multivariate polynomial f=(f1, . .
Sony Corporation

Method and spacecraft attitude control using polynomial interpolation

A method, apparatus and system is provided for reducing an amount of information transmitted to a vehicle in order to implement attitude control of the vehicle. In accordance with the present invention, data corresponding to at least one time-varying attitude command trajectory defining an attitude of the vehicle is reduced, for example, into a vector of polynomial coefficients.

Shaped load modulation in near field communications (nfc) device

A method and apparatus is disclosed to compensate for overshoot and/or undershoot in a transmission sequence by shaping the transmission sequence according to a shaping envelope to lengthen its rise time and/or fall time to provide a modified transmission sequence. The shaping envelope may represent a trigonometric function, a polynomial function, a piecewise function or any other function that lengthens the rise time and/or the fall time of the transmission sequence.
Broadcom Corporation

System and accelerating evaluation of functions

A system and method for accelerating evaluation of functions. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, by a processor, a value to be processed, and notification of a function to be applied to the value.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Method and computerproduct for modeling the sound emission and propagation of systems over a wide frequency range

Prediction of emission by a source of sound and a propagation of the sound within a surrounding medium, over a frequency range is provided. A system including the source and the surrounding medium is represented by elements e.

Link aggregator with universal packet scrambler apparatus and method

Apparatus and methods are presented for using configurable additive data scrambling or descrambling circuitry for multichannel link aggregators in which a scrambler or descrambler polynomial is specified by binary data in a programmable register, and the polynomial data is used to compute a polynomial matrix. A scrambler or descrambler pattern is computed according to the polynomial matrix, and input data is bitwise exclusive-ored with the computed scrambler or descrambler pattern to generate scrambled or descrambled output data.

Secure original equipment manufacturer (oem) identifier for oem devices

An authorized information handling system (ihs) generates unique identifier codes for an oem (programmable) device designed as a component for an ihs. An identifier generation and validation (igv) controller in the authorized ihs generates a unique encrypted sequence by encrypting identification (id) data read from the oem device.

Surface patch techniques for computational geometry

A method and system for computer aided design (cad) is disclosed for designing geometric objects, wherein interpolation and/or blending between such objects is performed while deformation data is being input. Thus, a designer obtains immediate feedback to input modifications without separately entering a command(s) for performing such deformations.

Rendering a 3d shape

A method for rendering a three-dimensional (3d) shape, including: obtaining an electronic document (ed) specifying the 3d shape; generating a two-dimensional (2d) polygon by projecting the 3d shape onto a 2d plane; selecting multiple control points on a surface of the 3d shape; calculating multiple normal vectors orthogonal to the surface at the multiple control points; determining multiple coordinates by projecting the multiple control points onto the 2d plane; fitting a polynomial based on at least the multiple coordinates and the normal vectors; applying a 3d lighting effect to the 2d polygon based on the polynomial; and outputting the 2d polygon with the 3d lighting effect.. .

Mapping between program states and data patterns

The present disclosure includes methods and apparatuses for mapping between program states and data patterns. One method includes: programming a group of g memory cells such that a combination of respective program states of the group maps to a constellation point corresponding to a received n unit data pattern, the group used to store n/g units of data per memory cell; wherein the constellation point is one of a number of constellation points of a constellation associated with mapping respective program state combinations of the group of memory cells to n unit data patterns; and wherein the constellation comprises a first mapping shell and a second mapping shell, the constellation points corresponding to the respective first and second mapping shells determined, at least partially, based on a polynomial expression of order equal to g..

Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program

There is provided an image processing apparatus which calculates a feature value of an image. The apparatus comprises first obtaining means for obtaining an image; calculation means for calculating a set of numerical values formed from degrees of contributions of each of a plurality of order, wherein the degree of contributions of each order indicate contributions of monomials of the order for intensity values which are calculated using an approximation polynomial, and wherein the approximation polynomial provides a relationship between a pixel position of the image and an intensity value at the pixel position and is formed from a plurality of the monomials each having an order out of the plurality of orders; and first output means for outputting the set of the calculated numerical values as the feature value of the image..

Method for designing laser-light-shaping optical component, producing laser-light-shaping optical component, and laser-light-shaping optical system

A method for designing an optical component for shaping laser light according to one embodiment of this invention measures the intensity distribution of an incident laser light, obtains the shapes in the short and long axial directions of a pair of aspheric lenses for each of the short and long axial directions of the incident laser light from the measured intensity distribution of the incident laser light and a desired intensity distribution, performs approximation of a high-order polynomial of the shapes in the short and long axial directions of the pair of aspheric lenses, corrects the high-order polynomials for the short or long axial directions using a correction factor, and obtains the shapes of the pair of aspheric lenses on the basis of the corrected high-order polynomials.. .

Low complexity digital predistortion for concurrent multi-band transmitters

Systems and methods are disclosed for digital predistortion for a concurrent multi-band transmitter using a single adaptor and a same set of predistortion coefficients for separate digital predistorters for each band. In one embodiment, the single adaptor is configured to adaptively configure a set of predistortion coefficients based on a memory polynomial digital baseband model of the digital predistorters having a same set of predistortion coefficients for each of the digital predistorters.

Preventing unauthorized calls to a protected function

An obfuscated program can be configured to resist attacks in which an attacker directly calls a non-entry function by verifying that an execution path to the function is an authorized execution path. To detect an unauthorized execution order, a secret value is embedded in each function along an authorized execution path.

Method and system for building at least one aircraft guideline in an airport navigation network

This building method concerns building of at least one aircraft guideline in an airport navigation network. The navigation network includes a plurality of polygons and is associated with an airport area including taxiways, each guideline connecting two distinct sides of a corresponding polygon, the navigation network being configured to be stored in a memory of a computer system.

Computing device, computing method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a computing device includes an input unit and a power computing unit. The input unit is configured to input, in a form of vector representation, an element of an algebraic torus selected from elements of an m-th (m is an integer of 2 or greater) degree extension field obtained by extending a finite filed by an m-th order polynomial.

Third-order polynomial-based course prediction for driver assistance functions

Methods and systems for performing vehicle driver assistance. One method includes determining, at a controller, whether the vehicle is steering toward a drive-straight state and when the vehicle is steering toward the drive-straight state, calculating, at the controller, a predicted course trajectory using a third order polynomial.

Method for transmitting data frame in wireless local area network and the same

A wireless device of transmitting a data frame in a wlan is provided. The wireless device includes: a mac unit generating a data frame; a phy unit transmitting a wireless signal of the data frame; and a processor being operably coupled to the mac unit and the phy unit and controlling a set of txvector parameters.

Encoding method, encoder, and decoder

A low-density parity check convolution code (ldpc-cc) is made, and a signal sequence is sent after being subjected to an error-correcting encodement using the low-density parity check convolution code. In this case, a low-density parity check code of a time-variant period (3g) is created by linear operations of first to 3g-th (letter g designates a positive integer) parity check polynomials and input data..

System, method and program for estimating risk of disaster in infrastructure

Method, system and computer program for estimating risk of a future disaster of an infrastructure. Times of previous, respective disasters of the infrastructure are identified.

Configurable and low power encoder for cyclic error correction codes

A method for encoding includes receiving input data symbols to be encoded with an error correction code (ecc) so as to produce a code word of the ecc including redundancy symbols. The input data symbols are applied first and second processing stages, such that the first processing stage performs a first polynomial division by a fixed-coefficient polynomial with a first degree of parallelism, and the second processing stage performs a second polynomial division by a configurable-coefficient polynomial with a second degree of parallelism that is smaller than the first degree of parallelism, so as to jointly produce the redundancy symbols..

Cryptography on an elliptical curve

A cryptographic calculation includes obtaining a point p(x,y) from a parameter t on an elliptical curve y2=f(x); and from polynomials x1(t), x2(t), x3(t) and u(t) satisfying: f(x1(t))·f(x2(t))·f(x3(t))=u(t)2 in fq, with q=3 mod 4. Firstly a value of the parameter t is obtained.

Cryptography on a simplified elliptical curve

A cryptographic calculation includes obtaining a point p(x,y) from a parameter t on an elliptical curve y2=f(x) and from polynomials satisfying: −f(x1(t)).f(x2(t))=u(t)2 in the finite body fq, irrespective of the parameter t, q=3 mod 4. A value of the parameter t is obtained and the point p is determined by: (i) calculating x1=x1(t), x2=x2(t) and u=u(t); (ii) testing whether the term f(x−1) is a squared term in the finite body fq and, if so, calculating the square root of the term f(x1), the point p having x1 as abscissa and y1, the square root of the term f(x1), as ordinate; (iii) otherwise, calculating the square root of the term f(x2), the point p having x2, as abscissa and y2, the square root of the term f(x2), as ordinate.

Non-linear modeling of a physical system using look-up table with polynomial interpolation

Methods and apparatus are provided for non-linear modeling of a physical system using look-up tables with polynomial interpolation. A non-linear function is evaluated for a complex input value by obtaining at least one look-up table with polynomial interpolation that represents the non-linear function, wherein entries in the look-up table comprise polynomial coefficients of at least degree two for different segments of the non-linear function; obtaining a point from the look-up table that is near a magnitude of the complex input value; and generating a complex output value by evaluating the polynomial coefficients at the point to perform a taylor series expansion from said point.

Non-linear interference cancellation for wireless transceivers

Non-linear interference cancellation techniques are provided for wireless transceivers. Non-linear reduction of interference of a transmit signal on a received signal in a transceiver device, comprises applying the transmit signal to a first non-linear system; applying the received signal to a second non-linear system; and subtracting an output of the first non-linear system output from an output of second non-linear system output to produce an interference mitigated received signal.

Method for generating compact representations of spike timing-dependent plasticity curves

A method generates compact representations of spike timing-dependent plasticity (stdp) curves. The method includes segmenting a set of data points into different sections.

Signal segmentation method and crc attachment reducing undetected error

The present invention provides for applying a cyclic redundancy check (crc) to a data signal. The present invention includes attaching a first crc to a first data signal block having a first length, segmenting the first data signal block attached with the first crc into a plurality of second data signal blocks having a length shorter than the first length, respectively generating a second crc for each second data signal block, and attaching the generated second crc to the respective second data signal block.

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