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Polymer patents


This page is updated frequently with new Polymer-related patent applications.

 Bipolymer-based electromagentic interference shielding materials patent thumbnailnew patent Bipolymer-based electromagentic interference shielding materials
An electromagnetic interference (emi) shielded device which includes an object to be shielded and an emi shielding material encompassing the object. The emi shielding material is made up of, but not limited to a broadband biopolymer or polymer dissolved in organic solvents, and metal and carbon-based nano-powders or nanoparticles.
Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

 Stretchable and flexible electronics and methods of making and using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Stretchable and flexible electronics and methods of making and using the same
A method of making a stretchable and flexible electronic device includes the steps of creating a computer aided design using a computer modeling software system of the electronic device; digitizing the computer aided design and importing the design into a computer memory of a sewing machine capable of performing embroidery; using the sewing machine and a conductive thread to embroider the design on to a fabric substrate to create the electronic device, whereby the electronic device comprises at least a portion of conductive threads; removing the fabric substrate from the electronic device using heat; coating the electronic device with a polymer.. .
Ohio State Innovation Foundation

 Polymer battery cell and electronic device comprising same patent thumbnailnew patent Polymer battery cell and electronic device comprising same
Disclosed are a polymer battery cell capable of increasing cell capacity due to efficient use of space by efficiently placing a protection circuit device, and thus of effectively protecting the protection circuit device from an external environment, and an electronic device including the polymer battery cell. The polymer battery cell includes an electrode body including a positive plate, a negative plate, and a separator provided between the positive and negative plates, cell taps including a positive tap connected to and protruding from the positive plate, and a negative tap connected to and protruding from the negative plate, and a battery protection circuit module electrically connected to the cell taps.
Itm Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

 Brush block copolymer electrolytes and electrocatalyst compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Brush block copolymer electrolytes and electrocatalyst compositions
Provided herein are copolymer electrolytes and electrocatalyst platforms, including brush block copolymers, triblock brush copolymers and pentablock brush copolymers. The copolymers described have beneficial chemical, physical and electrical properties including high ionic conductivity and mechanical strength.
California Institute Of Technology

 Polymer electrolyte membrane, catalyst coated membrane, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell patent thumbnailnew patent Polymer electrolyte membrane, catalyst coated membrane, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
A polymer electrolyte composition is excellent in practicality which has such an excellent chemical stability as to be able to withstand a strong oxidizing atmosphere during operation of a fuel cell and is capable of achieving excellent proton conductivity under a low-humidified condition and excellent mechanical strength and physical durability as well as a polymer electrolyte membrane, a membrane electrode assembly, and a polymer electrolyte fuel cell which use the polymer electrolyte composition. The polymer electrolyte membrane is a polymer electrolyte membrane that contains at least an ionic group-containing polymer electrolyte and a polyazole, which is a polymer electrolyte membrane in which a phase separation of 2 nm or larger in which the polyazole is a main component is not observed in transmission type electron microscopic observation..
Toray Industries, Inc.

 Solid ionically conducting polymer material patent thumbnailnew patent Solid ionically conducting polymer material
A solid, ionically conductive, non-electrically conducting polymer material with a plurality of monomers and a plurality of charge transfer complexes, wherein each charge transfer complex is positioned on a monomer.. .
Ionic Materials, Inc.

 Membrane-electrodes assembly for proton exchange fuel cells (pemfc), and manufacturing method patent thumbnailnew patent Membrane-electrodes assembly for proton exchange fuel cells (pemfc), and manufacturing method
A membrane-electrode assembly (mea) including a membrane and two electrodes, and further at least one layer located at the interface of the membrane and of an electrode. The layer contains a proton conductive polymer which has a glass transition temperature lower than or equal to, advantageously lower than, that of the proton conductive polymer contained in the membrane..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

 Lithium battery packaging material patent thumbnailnew patent Lithium battery packaging material
A lithium battery packaging material is provided with a laminate formed by sequentially laminating an adhesive layer, an aluminum foil layer provided with a corrosion prevention treatment layer on at least one surface thereof, an adhesive resin layer and a sealant layer on one surface of a substrate layer. The adhesive resin layer contains an adhesive resin composition, and a polypropylene or propylene-α-olefin copolymer having an atactic structure..
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

 Fluorine-containing polymerized hmdso applications for oled thin film encapsulation patent thumbnailnew patent Fluorine-containing polymerized hmdso applications for oled thin film encapsulation
Methods for forming an oled device are described. An encapsulation structure having organic buffer layer and an interface layer disposed on the organic buffer layer sandwiched between barrier layers is deposited over an oled structure.
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Hybrid layers for use in coatings on electronic devices or other articles patent thumbnailnew patent Hybrid layers for use in coatings on electronic devices or other articles
A method for protecting an electronic device comprising an organic device body. The method involves the use of a hybrid layer deposited by chemical vapor deposition.
Universal Display Corporation

new patent

Flexible organic transistors with controlled nanomorphology

An organic device, including semiconducting polymers processed from a solution cast on one or more dielectric layers on a substrate; and electrical contacts to the semiconducting polymers, wherein the substrate and the one or more dielectric layers are flexible and the semiconducting polymers are aligned. The one or more dielectric layers can increase mobility of the semiconducting polymers and/or alignment of the semiconducting polymers with one or more of the nanogrooves in the dielectric layers..
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Piezoelectric polymer composite

In a piezoelectric polymer composite in which piezoelectric particles are dispersed in a polymer matrix, the piezoelectric particles include 5 vol % to 30 vol % of particles having a particle size which is 0.25 times to 1 time a thickness of the piezoelectric polymer composite. As a result, the piezoelectric polymer composite exhibits satisfactory piezoelectric characteristics..
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Multi-layer-coated quantum dot beads

Coated beads made of a primary matrix material and containing a population of quantum dot nanoparticles. Each bead has a multi-layer surface coating.
Nanoco Technologies, Ltd.

new patent

Compressible thermal interface materials

Provided is a compressible thermal interface material including a polymer, a thermally conductive filler, and a phase change material. A formulation for forming a compressible thermal interface material and an electronic component including a compressible thermal interface material are also provided..
Honeywell International Inc.

new patent

Die packages and methods of manufacture thereof

Die packages and method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method of manufacturing a die package may include forming an encapsulated via structure including at least one via, a polymer layer encapsulating the at least one via, and a first molding compound encapsulating the polymer layer; placing the encapsulated via structure and a first die stack over a carrier, the at least one via having a first end proximal the carrier and a second end distal the carrier; encapsulating the first die stack and the encapsulated via structure in a second molding compound; and forming a first redistribution layer (rdl) over the second molding compound, the first rdl electrically connecting the at least one via..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

new patent

Over-current protection device

An over-current protection device comprises a ptc device and a heating element operable to heat the ptc device. The ptc device contains crystalline polymer and metal or ceramic conductive filler dispersed therein.
Polytronics Technology Corp.

new patent

Emulsions with improved stability

Disclosed are methods of lowering application viscosities of or of reducing or eliminating monomer content in electrical impregnating materials comprising or consisting of an emulsion of an unsaturated polyester or a mixture of unsaturated polyesters, water, at least one radical polymerisation initiator or radical polymerisation initiator/promoter mixture, at least one surfactant having an hlb-value of greater than 15, optionally at least one reactive diluent, and optionally further additives, a process for preparing zero or low voc electrical impregnation materials, a method of impregnating electrical or electromechanical devices and a method of increasing the stability of aqueous emulsions of unsaturated polyesters.. .
Elantas Pdg, Inc.

new patent

Method of infusing fibrous substrate with conductive organic particles and conductive polymer; and conductive fibrous substrates prepared therefrom

A method of infusing fibrous substrates with conductive organic particles (e.g. Graphene/graphite) and conductive polymer, and the resulting electrically conductive fibrous substrates prepared therefrom are disclosed.
The University Of Connecticut

new patent

Lithographic printing plate precursor and plate making lithographic printing plate

By a lithographic printing plate precursor including a support having provided thereon an image-recording layer capable of forming an image by supplying at least any of printing ink and dampening water on a printing machine after image exposure to remove an unexposed area thereof, wherein the image-recording layer contains an infrared absorbing agent, a polymerization initiator, a polymerizable compound and a polysaccharide having a sulfonic acid group or a group made by a salt thereof and a plate making method of a lithographic printing plate using the same, a lithographic printing plate precursor which exhibits good development property while maintaining printing durability of a lithographic printing plate after development and a plate making method of a lithographic printing plate using the same can be provided.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

new patent

Photosensitive resin composition, lithographic printing plate precursor, and producing lithographic printing plate

The photosensitive resin composition contains a polymer compound having a linking group represented by formula a-1 in the main chain; and an infrared absorbing material. In formula a-1, r1 and r2 each independently represent a hydrogen atom or a monovalent organic group, and x1 is a specific linking group..

new patent

Photosensitive resin composition, lithographic printing plate precursor and producing lithographic printing plate

The photosensitive resin composition contains a polymer compound having a constitutional unit represented by the following formula a-1 as a constitutional unit a and at least one constitutional unit among constitutional units represented by the following formulas b-1 to b-6 as a constitutional unit b in the main chain, and an infrared absorbing material.. .

new patent

Photosensitive resin composition, solder resist composition, and covered-printed wiring board

This photosensitive resin composition includes: (a) a photopolymerizable compound including at least one of a photopolymerizable monomer and a photopolymerizable oligomer; (b) titanium dioxide; and (c) a photopolymerization initiator. The component (c) includes (c1) an acylphosphine oxide-containing photopolymerization initiator and (c2) a phenylglyoxylic acid-containing photopolymerization initiator..
Goo Chemical Co., Ltd.

new patent

Electrochromic device and process for making the same

An electrochromic device includes upper and lower substrate units, and an electrochromic laminate sandwiched between an upper electrode of the upper substrate unit and a lower electrode of the lower substrate unit. The electrochromic laminate includes an ion storage layer formed on the upper electrode, an active layer formed on the lower electrode, and a polymer electrolyte sandwiched between inner surfaces of the ion storage layer and the active layer.
Tintable Kibing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Liquid crystal display device

A display device may include a lighting unit, a transparent substrate, a liquid crystal layer, a polarizer, and a plurality of fillers. The liquid crystal layer may be positioned between the lighting unit and the transparent substrate.
Samsung Display Co. Ltd.

new patent

Liquid crystal paper

Disclosed is liquid crystal paper and an erasing device that is not permanently connected to the liquid crystal paper. A sheet of liquid crystal paper includes flexible polymeric substrates.
Kent Displays Incorporated

new patent

Micro mirror array, manufacturing the micro mirror array, and floating display device including the micro mirror array

Discussed is a manufacturing method of a micro mirror array including forming a mirror surface on a polymer film, bonding a plurality of polymer films, each having the mirror surface formed thereon, cutting the bonded polymer films to manufacture a primary micro mirror array, forming an additional mirror surface on the manufactured primary micro mirror array, bonding a plurality of primary micro mirror arrays, each having the additional mirror surface formed thereon, and cutting the bonded primary micro mirror arrays. The micro mirror array is used to form a high-quality floating image..
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent

Apparatus for combining optical radiation

An apparatus for combining optical radiation, wherein the apparatus comprises a bundle of input optical fibres formed of glass, a taper, and an output optical fibre, wherein the taper is fused to the output optical fibre; and the apparatus comprises at least one cladding mode stripper to strip out higher order modes that would otherwise degrade a polymer coating on at least one of the input optical fibres and the output optical fibre.. .
Spi Lasers Uk Limited

new patent

Apparatus and electrical detection of oligonucleotides through pore blockades

Systems and methods for specific nucleic acid (na) sequence detection that do not rely on polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for target sequence amplification and do not require any special reagents other than a complementary sequence capture probe conjugated to spherical beads.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

Printable oxygen sensing composition

An ink composition comprising an oxygen sensitive dye capable of fluorescing in a manner proportional to oxygen content; and a polymer matrix for the dye, the polymer matrix having units with pendant sulphonic acid or phosphonic acid groups or salts or esters of such groups, can be used with an appropriate meter to measure the oxygen content of packages in a non-invasive manner.. .
Sun Chemical B.v.

new patent

Fluid sensor

A fluid sensor comprises a fluid conduit having a wall defining a fluid flow path and an acoustic transducer located externally of the fluid flow path. The wall of the fluid conduit comprises a composite region between the acoustic transducer and the fluid flow path, the composite region comprising a composite material including a polymer matrix material and one or more reinforcing elements embedded within the polymer matrix material.
M-flow Technologies Ltd.

new patent

Multilayered film

A multilayered film is provided, especially in form of a tubular film for use as preliner in trenchless sewage pipe renovation that uses the pipe lining process. The multilayered film has at least one layer (a), which contains at least a homo- or co-polyamide with a proportional weight expressed in percent of more than 25% by weight, preferably as external layer, as well as by at least one layer (b) containing at least one thermoplastic, if need be modified, olefin homo- or copolymer and/or by at least one layer (c) containing at least one thermoplastic elastomer (tpe).
Buergofol Gmbh

new patent

Friction material, in particular for the manufacturing of a brake pad, and associated preparation methods

An asbestos free friction material having at least one of the group consisting of inorganic, organic and metallic fibers, at least one binder, at least one friction modifier or lubricant and at least a filler or abrasive, wherein the binder is almost completely and exclusively inorganic and is constituted almost exclusively or exclusively by a hydrated geopolymer or a blend of hydrated geopolymers.. .
Itt Italia S.r.i.

new patent

Friction reduction pile jacket with slip additive

A friction reducing jacket is applied to a pile. The jacket comprises a sheet material and is formed in a shape that can conform to the exterior surface of the pile.
Foundation Technologies, Inc.

new patent

Colored coatings and artificial leathers

Novel coated substrates comprise a substrate and a coating thereon. The coating comprises a polymeric component and a colored oligomer.
Milliken & Company

new patent

Clothes dryer with dielectric flanged exhaust duct

The improved dryer output exhaust duct of the present invention is comprised of a nonconductive, high temperature polymer to form a dielectric exhaust output duct. The dielectric dryer exhaust duct prevents the travelling of electrical current from an inadvertently energized dryer chassis to the attached flexible ducting and thus prevents the ducting from overheating or melting from the electrical current or igniting flammable materials nearby or contained within the ducting..

new patent

Sea-island composite fiber, composite ultra-fine fiber, and fiber product

A sea-island composite fiber in which island components are interspersed in a sea component on a fiber cross-section, wherein the island components have a composite structure formed with two or more different polymers joined together, and the ratio (l/d) of the length (l) of the joint section of the island component and the diameter (d) of the composite island component is 0.1 to 10.0. The sea-island composite fiber has satisfactory high-order processability, and therefore can be produced with high productivity and quality using existing equipment, and thin fibers obtained by removing the sea component have functions of structure control while having an excellent tactile impression..
Toray Industries, Inc.

new patent

Nanofiber production apparatus

Provided is a nanofiber production apparatus which is capable of eliminating a need to use high voltage as in the esd system to ensure high safety, and is free from influence of temperature and humidity at a production site. The nanofiber production apparatus comprises: a nanofiber generation device (2) comprising an air nozzle configured to generate high-speed and high-temperature air, and an ejector nozzle configured to eject a liquid polymer toward the high-speed and high-temperature air generated by the air nozzle; a collection device (6) provided on a downstream side of the nanofiber generation device (2) and configured to collect nanofibers generated by the nanofiber generation device (2); a suction device (8) provided on a downstream side of the collection device (6) and configured to suck gas; and a tubular-shaped guide member (4) provided on the downstream side of the nanofiber generation device (2) and on an upstream side of the collection device (6) and configured to allow the high-speed and high-temperature air to pass therethrough..

new patent

Copolymer fibers and yarns and processes for making same

The present invention concerns methods for obtaining high-tenacity aramid yarn, wherein the yarn is made of a copolymer obtained from a mixture of monomers comprising 5-(6)-amino-2-(p-aminophenyl)benzimidazole, an aromatic para-diamine, and an aromatic para-diacid; the method comprising: a) spinning said copolymer from an inorganic acid solvent to produce the aramid yarn; b) washing said yarn with a basic aqueous solution for at least 5 seconds; and c) heating said yarn; wherein the yarn is heated in at least two process steps, characterized in that (i) in a first step the yarn is heated at a temperature of 200 to 360° c. At a tension of at least 0.2 cn/dtex, followed by (ii) a second step wherein the yarn is heated at a temperature of 370 to 500° c.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

new patent

Electro-spun fibers and applications thereof

A supported nanofiber medium useful for segregating chemical species is provided by selecting a polymer, selecting a substrate; and electrospinning the polymer to form a nanofiber medium on the supporting substrate. When the substrate is a planar surface, the nanofiber medium will be a mat suitable for conducting chromatographic separation.
The Ohio State University Research Foundation

new patent

Method for producing single crystal of polymer-metal complex

(b) a step of obtaining the single crystal of the polymer-metal complex by adding to the solution obtained in step (a) a compound for providing the metal ion and an additive for changing solution properties to basic.. .

new patent

Chromium-free conversion coating

A chromium-free conversion coating is prepared by the addition of inorganic metallic salts and one or more silanes to dispersions of conducting polymers which are then exposed to alloys of aluminum or other metals. Advantageously, the performance of the coating is comparable to that of conventional chromium-based methods for a number of aluminum alloys having particular significance in the manufacture of aircraft..
The Boeing Company

new patent

Method of producing press-hardened and coated steel parts at a high productivity rate

This invention relates to a sheet or pre-coated blank comprising a steel substrate for heat treatment, overlaid on at least a part of at least one of its principal faces, by a pre-coating having, at least one layer of aluminum or aluminum alloy overlaid, on at least a part of the above-mentioned pre-coating, by a polymerized layer having a thickness between 2 and 30 μm composed of a polymer that does not contain silicon, and the nitrogen content of which, is greater than 1% by weight expressed in relation to the above-mentioned layer, wherein the above-mentioned polymerized layer contains carbon pigments in a quantity between 3 and 30% by weight, expressed in relation to said layer.. .
Arcelor Mittal

new patent

Nucleic acid production and sequence analysis

A method for producing a nucleic acid molecule from a template nucleic acid sequence and a linking unit attached to a primer, which method comprises a step of contacting the template nucleic acid sequence with a nucleic acid polymerase under conditions which allow the nucleic acid polymerase to produce the nucleic acid molecule from the primer based on the template nucleic acid sequence, wherein the linking unit is attached to a target site in the template nucleic acid sequence with a covalent linkage.. .
Vilnius University

new patent

Genetically engineered methylotrophs for the production of pha biopolymers and c3, c4, and c5 biochemicals from methanol or methane as sole carbon feedstock

Methods and genetically engineered hosts for the production of 3-carbon, 4-carbon and 5-carbon products, polymers and copolymers in methylotrophic bacteria are described herein.. .
Metabolix, Inc.

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