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Polymer patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Polymer-related patents
 Polymer composites for biomedical applications and methods of making patent thumbnailnew patent Polymer composites for biomedical applications and methods of making
A biomedical polymer composite that exhibits ultra-low thermal conductivity properties. In a preferred embodiment, the biomedical polymer composite comprises a base polymer component with a dispersed thermally non-conductive filler component consisting of glass or ceramic nanospheres or microspheres that have a thermal conductivity of less than 5 w/m-k, and preferably less than 2 w/m-k.
 Methods of manufacturing flexible polymeric medical spiral tubings, tubings made by the methods and uses of the tubings patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of manufacturing flexible polymeric medical spiral tubings, tubings made by the methods and uses of the tubings
Methods of manufacturing a length of a flexible polymeric medical tubing of the kind comprising a tubing member defining a lumen, which tubing member is surrounded by spiral convolutions along at least a part of the length of the proximal section and/or the distal section, and which medical tubing has a proximal convoluted section and a distal convoluted section, is disclosed, as well as medical tubings obtained by the methods and their uses. One method comprises the steps of providing a medical tubing wherein the proximal section and the distal section have substantially uniform initial pitch (pinitial) between adjacent convolutions, and modifying the initial pitch (pinitial) of at least a part of the proximal section by stretching at least a part of the proximal section to achieve a modified proximal section with a proximal pitch (pproximal) between adjacent convolutions that is larger than the initial pitch (pinitial) between adjacent convolutions.
 Drug delivery medical device patent thumbnailnew patent Drug delivery medical device
A medical device that releases a pharmaceutical agent to a target site is disclosed. The medical device includes a balloon, and a coating on at least a portion of the balloon.
 Short-time soluble microneedle patent thumbnailnew patent Short-time soluble microneedle
A mixture of a water-soluble polymer and one or more saccharides selected from monosaccharides and disaccharides is used as the microneedle material. A systhetic polymer, protein, polysaccharide or a mixture thereof can be preferably used as the water-soluble polymer.
 Absorbent article and absorbent core forming channels when wet patent thumbnailnew patent Absorbent article and absorbent core forming channels when wet
An absorbent article for personal hygiene comprising a liquid permeable topsheet, a liquid impermeable backsheet, an absorbent core and a fibrous layer. The absorbent core comprises a core wrap and an absorbent material with superabsorbent polymers.
 Sound absorbing non-woven material, sound absorbing multilayer film, and laminates made thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Sound absorbing non-woven material, sound absorbing multilayer film, and laminates made thereof
An ostomy appliance includes a sound absorbing film comprising a triblock copolymer including polystyrene blocks and vinyl-bond rich rubber mid-block, and a sound absorbing non-woven material comprising the triblock copolymer including polystyrene blocks and vinyl-bond rich rubber mid-block. The ostomy appliance has improved sound absorbing properties to insulate flatulence noise..
 Hydrogel compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrogel compositions
Hydrogel compositions are provided (a) that have a continuous hydrophobic phase and a discontinuous hydrophilic phase, (b) that have a discontinuous hydrophilic phase and a continuous hydrophilic phase, or (c) that are entirely composed of a continuous hydrophilic phase. The hydrophobic phase, if present, is composed of a hydrophobic polymer, particularly a hydrophobic pressure-sensitive adhesive (psa), a plasticizing elastomer, a tackifying resin, and an optional antioxidant.
 Methods and apparatus for stimulating and recording neural activity patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus for stimulating and recording neural activity
Thermal drawing processes can be used to make multifunctional, high-resolution neural probes for neural recording and stimulation. An exemplary neural probe may include one or more conductive fibers or microelectrodes coated with two or more layers of insulating material, at least one of which is partially etched to expose a tip at the neural probe's distal end.
 Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device patent thumbnailnew patent Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device
Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device are described. A body-mountable device includes a transparent polymer and a structure embedded in the transparent polymer.
 Embedding method patent thumbnailnew patent Embedding method
Body-mountable devices and methods for embedding a structure in a body-mountable device are described. A body-mountable device includes a transparent polymer and a structure embedded in the transparent polymer.
new patent Symmetrically arranged sensor electrodes in an ophthalmic electrochemical sensor
An eye-mountable device includes an electrochemical sensor embedded in a polymeric material configured for mounting to a surface of an eye. The electrochemical sensor includes a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a reagent that selectively reacts with an analyte to generate a sensor measurement related to a concentration of the analyte in a fluid to which the eye-mountable device is exposed.
new patent Process for the chlorination of a hydroxylated organic compound
Process for the chlorination of an organic compound comprising at least one aliphatic hydroxyl group, said process comprising the steps of actively adding to said organic compound (i) hydrogen chloride and (ii) a hcl desolubilizer or a precursor thereof, and heating the resulting mixture at a reaction temperature in the range 20°-160° c., wherein said chlorination is performed in the presence of a catalyst selected from the group consisting of (a) ketones, (b) aldehydes, (c) carboxylic acids with 1-8 carbon atoms, (d) organic compounds comprising a β-diketone moiety or a β-keto aldehyde moiety, and (e) organic polymers comprising at least one carbonyl group, having a vapour pressure at the reaction temperature of less than 1 mbar, a weight average molecular weight mw of 500 g/mole or more, and are soluble in the reaction mixture at the reaction temperature, and wherein the hcl desolubilizer is an alkali metal chloride salt, an alkaline earth metal chloride salt, or an acid.. .
new patent Synthesis of free radical polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated poloxamers and poloxamines
A new synthetic method of forming free radical polymerizable end terminal functionalized poloxamers and poloxamines in commercial scale batches which uses a binary system of inhibitors to eliminate the formation of high molecular weight impurities. It has also been surprisingly discovered that the inorganic impurities formed during the commercial scale synthetic process are removed by the use of resin materials..
new patent Novel oligonucleotide conjugates and use thereof
The present invention provides a double-stranded rna structure, which comprises a polymer compound covalently bonded to a double-helix oligo rna useful for the treatment of diseases, particularly cancer, in order to enhance the delivery of the double-helix oligo rna, and further comprises a target-specific ligand bonded thereto, a preparation method thereof, and a technique of delivering the double-helix oligo rna in a target-specific manner using the rna structure. A nanoparticle composed of the ligand-bonded double-helix oligo rna structures can efficiently deliver the double-helix oligo rna to a target, and thus can exhibit the activity of the double-helix oligo rna even when the double-helix oligo rna is administered at a relatively low concentration.
new patent Carbazole polymer
[in formula (2) r5 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group having 1-60 carbon atoms, or similar, r6-r11 each independently represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, or similar, and m represents an integer 1-10.]}. .
new patent Polymer particle and method for producing the same
A method for producing polymer particles, including (a) polymerizing and granulating a ring-opening polymerizable monomer in a compressive fluid with a catalyst in the presence of a surfactant, or (b) polymerizing and granulating an addition polymerizable monomer in a compressive fluid in the presence of a silicone surfactant.. .
new patent Carmine colorants
The present disclosure provides a modified carmine which can comprise polymers, such as, polyesters, or conjugating molecules, such as, polycarboxylic acids.. .
new patent Biological synthesis of p-aminobenzoic acid, p-aminophenol, n-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethanamide and derivatives thereof
The invention generally relates to biological engineering of microorganisms and production of chemical compounds therefrom. More particularly, the invention relates to novel genetically engineered microorganisms for the fermentative production of p-aminobenzoic acid and related compounds from fermentable carbon substrates.
new patent Organosilicon compounds and their use for producing hydrophilic surfaces
Where r1 each individually is identical or different and is a hydrocarbon radical, r2 each individually is hydrogen or a methyl radical, n is an integer from 6 to 11, and m is 0 or 1, with the proviso that the sum of the number of carbon atoms in the three radicals r1 in the compound of the formula (i) is 6 to 24, can be admixed with curable polymer compositions to form products with hydrophilic surfaces, or can be applied to surfaces to render them hydrophilic.. .
new patent Branched conjugated diene copolymer, rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Wherein r2 and r3 are the same or different and each is a hydrogen atom, or the like. The branched conjugated diene copolymer is useful as a rubber component of a rubber composition for a tire enhancing both of abrasion resistance and grip performance to a high level and exhibiting excellent processability..
new patent Method for producing an elastomer using a transition metal catalyst
The present invention relates to a method of producing an elastomer. Specifically, the method of producing an elastomer according to the present invention comprises a step of polymerizing ethylene, propylene, and optionally, a diene monomer in the presence of a catalyst composition containing a transition metal compound.
new patent Resist copolymer and resist composition
A resist copolymer including a constituent unit (1) based on a (meth)acrylic acid ester derivative having a cyclic hydrocarbon group such as an adamantane ring and two or more cyano groups bonded to the cyclic hydrocarbon group, a constituent unit (2) having a lactone backbone and a cross-linking cyclic structure, and a constituent unit (3) having an acid leaving group.. .
new patent Polymer composition with saliva labile aversive agent
For a polymer composition, a polymerizable aversive agent is chemically coupled to a substrate element. The chemical coupling is labile to saliva..
new patent Preparation of high molecular weight polymers by direct arylation and heteroarylation
A method for preparing polymers by direct heteroarylation or arylation polycondensation is described herein. The method includes preparing a reaction mixture including at least a monomer to be polymerized, a catalyst and a ligand; heating the reaction mixture, and, optionally, end-capping the reaction mixture..
new patent Method for producing copolymer
(wherein m is a lanthanoid element, scandium or yttrium, and cpr is independently a non-substituted or substituted indenyl, and ra-rf are independently an alkyl group having a carbon number of 1-3 or a hydrogen atom, and l is a neutral lewis base, and w is an integer of 0-3) and so on.. .
new patent Process
The present invention relates to a polymerisation process, and in particular to a polymerisation process comprising a plurality of processing steps in which an inert gas is used or is provided as a back-up, each of said processing steps being assigned a ranking based on the requirement for an inert gas flow in the processing step, said polymerisation process being characterised in that in the event of a loss of normal operating conditions the control system allocates the supply of the available inert gas based on said rankings.. .
new patent Method for continuous production of high-molecular-weight polycarbonate resin
The process comprises a process (a) for producing an aromatic polycarbonate prepolymer by polycondensation reaction of an aromatic dihydroxy compound with diester carbonate and a process (b) for conducting linking and highly-polymerizing reaction of the aromatic polycarbonate prepolymer with an aliphatic diol compound in the linking and highly-polymerizing reactor, wherein the aromatic polycarbonate prepolymer produced by the process (a) is fed continuously to the linking and highly-polymerizing reactor, while the aliphatic diol compound is fed continuously thereto under reduced pressure of 10 torr or less to carry out the reaction.. .
new patent Stent formed from crosslinked bioabsorbable polymer
A stent having a stent body made from a crosslinked bioabsorbable polymer is disclosed. A method of making the stent including exposing a tube formed from a bioabsorbable polymer to radiation to crosslink the bioabsorbable polymer and forming a stent body from the exposed tube is disclosed.
new patent Polyamides and polyesters blended with a lithium salt interfacial tension reducing agent
A polymer composition and wall of a container made from such composition is set forth comprising a polyamide and polyester and a sufficient amount of an interfacial tension reducing agent such that the polyamide domains stretch disproportionately to the amount of stretch experienced by the polyester both with and without a cobalt salt.. .
new patent Pamam, spacer molecule and cafestol polymers
The present invention is directed to a polymeric compound with a size in a nanometric scale, useful as a biocompatible carrier for the transport and delivery of active agents into a fish, insect, animal, reptile, bird, human, or plant, wherein said polymeric compound comprises pamam (polyamidoamine) dendrimers, a spacer molecule, and cafestol, wherein the polymeric compound of the invention comprises a structure of the kind (cafestol-pamam derivative)2-spacer molecule. Use of the compound as a biocompatible carrier for transport and delivery of antithrombotic active agents is disclosed.
new patent Method for producing polyacrylic acid (salt)-based water absorbent resin
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a water absorbent resin having improved physical properties, particularly, improved saline flow conductivity (sfc) and less amount of fine powder. The present invention provides a method for producing a polyacrylic acid (salt)-based water absorbent resin, the method comprising: a polymerization step of supplying as a base material an aqueous solution containing an acrylic acid and/or an acrylic acid salt as a monomer component and polymerizing the monomer in the presence of a polymerization initiator, wherein in the polymerization step, there is used a polymerization apparatus which comprises a polymerization part covered with a case, said polymerization part comprising at least a supply line for supplying the aqueous solution, an external gas supply port, and a gas discharge port, and has a structure that a liquid contact part in contact with the aqueous solution and a gas supplied from the outside of the polymerization apparatus are brought into contact with the aqueous solution during a polymerization, and assuming that a controlled temperature of the liquid contact part is set as ts, a temperature of the gas part is set as tg, and tt is (ts+tg)/2, the polymerization is carried out under temperature conditions satisfying the following equations 1 to 3: equation 1: 35° c.≦ts≦85° c., equation 2: 40° c.≦tg≦90° c., equation 3: 47° c.≦tt≦73° c..
new patent Azidated copolymers and processes for preparing same
The present invention relates to functionalized copolymers of isoolefins and olefinic monomers, particularly to azidated copolymers. The present invention also relates to methods of preparing such azidated copolymers.
new patent Processing aids and polymer formulations containing the same and method for producing the same
A multi-stage emulsion processing aid polymer comprising one or more functionalized ethylenically unsaturated monomer into the emulsion polymerization reactor, wherein the functionality is selected from the group consisting of β-keto esters, β-keto amides, β-diketones, cyanoacetic esters, malonates, nitroalkanes, β-nitro esters, sulfonazides, thiols, thiol-s-triazines, and amine, where the functionality is incorporated into polymers by polymerizing, ethylenically unsaturated monomers containing these functionalities or by post functionalization of a polymer with additional reactions after polymerization in one of the first or second stages. Foamable halogenated polymers comprising the multi-stage emulsion processing aid polymer is also provided.
new patent Bioabsorbable blend for temporary scaffolding of the blood vessel wall
A bioabsorbable blend comprising poly(l-lactide) (plla) and a phosphorylcholine group-containing copolymer (ppcp) capable of enduring the mechanical strength of blood vessel walls and applicable for fabricating cardiovascular devices was developed. The blend acts as a scaffold to support blood vessel walls during vascular healing and undergoes biodegradation in vivo after vascular healing is complete.
new patent Packaging element
The invention relates to a tape-like packaging element made from a polyester-based plastic tape, the plastic tape comprising at least one splicing inhibitor, wherein the splicing inhibitor is a thermoplastic, styrene-based polymer.. .
new patent Polymeric materials modified by silanes
This invention relates to a process for modifying a polymeric material having a carbon backbone containing carbon-to-carbon unsaturation by reaction with a hydrolysable silane. The polymeric material can for example be a diene elastomer, and the invention relates to a composition comprising a diene elastomer, a hydrolysable silane and a curing agent for the diene elastomer, and also to the use of a hydrolysable silane as a coupling agent for a diene elastomer composition containing a filler..
new patent Thermoplastic copolyimides
The present invention relates to semiaromatic and semicrystalline thermoplastic polyimides obtained by polymerization of at least one aromatic compound comprising two anhydride functions and/or carboxylic acid and/or ester derivatives thereof and a diamine comprising between 13 and 22 carbon atoms. These polyimides may be converted into plastic articles by various methods, such as injection-molding..
new patent Aqueous radiation curable polyurethane compositions
The invention relates to radiation-curable aqueous composition comprising a high molecular weight ethylenically unsaturated polyurethane obtained from the reaction of a polyisocyanate, at least one hydrophilic compound which is capable to render the polyurethane prepolymer dispersible in aqueous medium, an ethylenically unsaturated compound containing at least two reactive groups capable to react with isocyanate groups and an active hydrogen containing chain extender and a low molecular weight ethylenically unsaturated polyurethane end-capped with an ethylenically unsaturated compound containing essentially one reactive group capable to react with isocyanate groups.. .
new patent Process for making organic-inorganic hybrid materials
A process for forming an organic-inorganic hybrid material that can undergo a property change when exposed to an external stimulus, the process comprising providing a prepolymer; and attaching a functional organometal material to the prepolymer, where the functional organometal material comprises a functional moiety that is responsive to an external stimulus such that the organic-inorganic hybrid material exhibits a change in a property of the organic-inorganic hybrid material. The process can further include forming hydrogel particles from the organic-inorganic hybrid material..
new patent Method for producing homogeneously matted coatings by radiation curing
The present invention relates to a method for producing matt and scratch-resistant coatings that takes place under exposure to actinic radiation on coating systems containing activated double bonds under radical polymerisation.. .
new patent Method for producing modified conjugated diene polymer, modified conjugated diene polymer, modified conjugated diene polymer composition, rubber composition and tire
A method for producing a modified conjugated diene polymer comprising a polymerization step of obtaining a conjugated diene polymer containing a nitrogen atom in a polymer chain and an active end by copolymerizing a conjugated diene compound and a nitrogen atom-containing vinyl compound, or a conjugated diene compound, an aromatic vinyl compound and a nitrogen atom-containing vinyl compound by use of an alkali metal compound and/or an alkaline earth metal compound as a polymerization initiator, and a modification step of reacting a modifier.. .
new patent Rubber tyre compound with improved crack propagation resistance
A rubber tyre compound having at least a polymer base; a filler; a curing system; and treated silica with an adsorbed curing activator in the group including sulphenamides, benzothiazoles, guanidines and thiurams.. .
new patent Adhesives made from polymer systems
The present invention relates to an adhesive, comprising at least one polymer system obtained by a process for reducing the melt viscosity of at least one polymer blend starting material, wherein the process comprises the step of treating at least one polymer blend with at least one radical donor under shear stress at a temperature above the softening point of said polymer blend.. .
new patent Wear resistant compositions with low particulate contamination and method of making those compositions
The present disclosure relates to a wear resistant polymer composition. The disclosed composition comprises a polymer matrix and a tetrafluoroethylene polymer.
new patent High flow, hydrogenated styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymers and applications
The invention relates to unique applications for the novel high melt flow, low viscosity, selectively hydrogenated styrene-butadiene-styrene (hsbs) or selectively hydrogenated controlled distribution styrene-butadiene/styrene-styrene (hsbss) block copolymers, wherein the melt flow rate of said block copolymer is at least 100 g/10 min at 230° c. Under 2.16 kg mass according to astm d1238.
new patent Adhesive paste with increased temperature stability and use thereof for an adhesive tape
The invention relates to an adhesive paste containing at least • a vinyl aromatic block copolymer • at least one adhesive resin • a second copolymer based on a vinyl aromatic and on an unsaturated anhydride, wherein the vinyl aromatic content is preferably at least 50 mol %.. .
new patent Thermoplastic resin composition and molded products thereof
A thermoplastic resin composition according to the present invention is characterized by comprising: (a) a polycarbonate resin; and (b) a biphenyl group-containing (meth)acrylic copolymer. As such, the refractive index of the biphenyl group-containing (meth)acrylic copolymer (b) can be approximately from 1.495 to 1.640.
new patent Talc containing polypropylene composition with excellent thermomechanical properties
The invention pertains to a polypropylene composition consisting of: 55 to 79 wt % base polymer mix; 18 to 44.5 wt % talc; and 0.5 to 3 wt % additives based on the total weight of the polypropylene composition, the base polymer mix containing a xcu fraction and a xcs fraction and the xcu fraction being present in an amount of 91 to 98 wt % and the xcs fraction being present in an amount of 2 to 9 wt %; the base polymer mix containing a comonomer content of less than 5 wt % with respect to the base polymer mix; the talc having a d50 median particle size of 1.0 to 3.0 μm when measured according to iso 13317-3 15 using a sedigraph; and the composition having a mfr (230° c./2.16 kg; iso 1133) of 1 to 10 g/10 min a process for the production of such a polypropylene composition and article comprising said polypropylene composition.. .
new patent Process for the preparation of a vinylidene chloride polymer composite
Process for the preparation of a vinylidene chloride polymer composite comprising a solid particulate encapsulated in the vinylidene chloride polymer. The process comprises providing a dispersion of a solid particulate material in a liquid phase, said dispersion comprising a raft/madix agent; providing vinylidene chloride and optionally one or more ethylenically unsaturated monomer copolymerisable therewith to said dispersion; and polymerising vinylidene chloride and said optionally present one or more ethylenically unsaturated monomer under the control of said raft/madix agent to form polymer at the surface of said solid particulate material..
new patent Triazine ring-containing polymer and composition for film formation comprising same
(in formula (1), r and r′ each independently represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an alkoxy group, an aryl group, or an aralkyl group, and ar represents a divalent organic group containing an aromatic ring and/or a heterocyclic ring.). .
new patent Polymer powder with polyamide, use in a shaping process, and moldings produced from this polymer powder
Compared with moldings composed of conventional powders, the moldings constructed using the inventive powder by one of the inventive processes exhibit marked advantages in terms of component properties, particularly surface finish. There are also improvements here in processing and in recycling capability when comparison is made with conventional polyamide powders..
new patent Self-healing polymeric materials via unsaturated polyester resin chemistry
Disclosed herein are self-healing materials, which are smart materials that are capable of repairing themselves without any external intervention when they are damaged. The self-healing materials may be microencapsulated, for example in a one-capsule system or a two-capsule system, and damage to a matrix containing the microcapsules may rupture the microcapsules and cause the healing materials to be released into the site of damage, where it may polymerize and restore the functional capabilities of the matrix.
new patent Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
Disclosed herein is a flame retardant composition comprising a polycarbonate; 5 to 10 weight percent of a polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer; where the polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer comprises an amount of greater than 10 weigh percent of the polysiloxane and where the molecular weight of the polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer is greater than or equal to 25,000 grams per mole; 5 to 20 weight percent of a branched polycarbonate; 5 to 60 weight percent of a reinforcing filler; and 1 to 15 weight percent of a flame retarding compound. .
new patent Live part in unattended household appliances
The invention relates to plastic component for use as a live part in unattended household appliances, complying with iec 60335 and/or vde approval for use in unattended household appliances, wherein the plastic component is made from a halogen free flame retardant polymer composition comprising (a) a thermoplastic polyamide polymer; (b) 10-40 wt. % of glass fibers; (c) 10-40 wt.
new patent Plastic compositions and containers made thereof
A composition includes: a) polystyrene, the polystyrene including polybutadiene; b) vegetal fibers having a length lower than 50 μm; and c) at least one compatibility agent including a polybutadiene maleic anhydride copolymer, the copolymer including at least 17% by weight of the copolymer of maleic anhydride. The composition is used for manufacturing a plastic composition.
new patent Use of at least one superabsorbent polymer (sap), in a dry composition based on mineral binder and intended for the preparation of a hardenable wet formulation for the construction industry
The dry composition, the wet formulation obtained by mixing this dry composition with water, the methods for preparing this dry composition and the corresponding wet formulation, the hardened construction products obtained from the wet formulation and the structures produced with these products, are other subjects of the invention.. .
new patent Toughness modifier for curable resin, and curable resin composition
Provided are a toughness modifier for a curable resin which has good dispersibility in a curable resin containing a thermoplastic resin as well as in a cured product formed from a curable resin composition, and also has an excellent toughness-improving effect; and a curable resin composition containing the toughness modifier. The toughness modifier for a curable resin (d) is obtained by emulsion-polymerizing 5 to 50% by mass of a vinyl monomer (b) in the presence of 50 to 95% by mass of a rubber polymer (a) latex (calculated as the rubber polymer component) using 0.5 to 15 parts by mass of a nonionic reactive surfactant (c) (relative to 100 parts by mass of a total of (a) and (b))..
new patent Ambient cure pigmented or clear top coat non-isocyanate system
A spray system for formulating an ambient curable clear coat product includes a first container containing a mixture of a polymer with primary hydroxyl functionality and an amino crosslinker with alkoxymethyl functionality and a propellant and a second container containing a catalyst formulated to initiate a polymerization reaction of the polymer and crosslinker when added to the first container. The system also includes a charging device configured to transfer the catalyst from the second container to the first container..
new patent Thermoplastic (meth)acrylate copolymer, resin composition comprising same, and molded products thereof
Disclosed herein is a thermoplastic (meth)acrylate copolymer, which includes a derivative unit obtained from a monomer mixture including: (a) an aromatic (meth)acrylate having an index of refraction from about 1.580 to about 1.700; and (b) a monofunctional unsaturated monomer.. .
new patent Dental restorative material
A dental restorative composition is provided that includes a polymerizable resin, a substantially translucent structural filler, a nanofiller having a mean particle size less than 100 nm, and at least one rheology-modifying additive. In one embodiment, the structural filler has a refractive index substantially similar to that of the polymerizable resin, a coarse particle fraction, and a fine particle fraction having a mean particle size greater than 0.1 μm and smaller than the mean particle size of the coarse particle fraction.
new patent Dental materials based on compounds having debonding-on-demand properties
In which t represents a thermolabile unit which contains at least one thermolabile group based on non-covalent interactions, z1 and z2 in each case independently represent a polymerizable group selected from vinyl groups, ch2═cr1—co—o— and ch2═cr1—co—nr2— or an adhesive group selected from —si(or)3, —cooh, —o—po(oh)2, —po(oh)2, —so2oh and —sh, q1 in each case independently is missing or represents an (m+1)-valent linear or branched aliphatic c1-c20 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—o—, —o—co—, —co—nr3—, —nr3—co—, —o—co—nr3—, —nr3—co—o— or —nr3—co—nr3—, q2 in each case independently is missing or represents an (n+1)-valent linear or branched aliphatic c1-c20 radical which can be interrupted by —o—, —s—, —co—o—, —o—co—, —co—nr3—, —nr3—co—, —o—co—nr3—, —nr3—co—o— or —nr3—co—nr3—, x and y in each case independently are missing or represent —o—, —s—, co—o—, —o—co—, —co—nr3— or —nr3—co—, r, r1, r2 and r3 in each case independently represent h or a c1-c7 alkyl radical, k and l in each case independently are 0, 1, 2 or 3 and m and n in each case independently are 1, 2 or 3.. .
new patent Catalytic membranes and applications thereof
In one aspect, catalytic membranes are described herein. In some embodiments, a catalytic membrane comprises a surface functionalized with a polymer, the polymer comprising cellulose solubilization functionalities and acid functionalities for the catalytic hydrolysis of cellulose and/or hemicellulose..
new patent Polypropylene composition for foaming
The present invention relates to a new polypropylene composition for molded articles, such as finished parts for the automotive industry. A composition comprising: (a) from 40 to 85% by weight of a first propylene-based component being selected from propylene homopolymers, propylene copolymers and heterophasic propylene polymer, such first propylene-based component having a flexural modulus higher than 800 mpa; (b) from 5 to 20% by weight of a second propylene-based component being a heterophasic propylene polymer comprising: (b1) from 20 to 90% by weight of a crystalline polypropylene, and (b2) from 10 to 80% by weight of a copolymer of ethylene and at least one c3-c10 alpha-olefin, such copolymer containing from 10 to 70% by weight of ethylene, being soluble in xylene at room temperature, and having an intrinsic viscosity in tetrahydronaphtalene at 135° c.
new patent Shelf life of polyol blends containing halogenated olefins by encapsulation of active components
The shelf life of polyurethane polyol pre-blends containing halogenated olefins is extended by encapsulation of active components such as catalysts and/or surfactants. The active component is encapsulated in a crystallizable or thermoplastic polymer.
new patent Thermoformable crosslinked acrylic
There is provided a thermally reversible admixture comprising (a) an ionically crosslinked polymer matrix comprising at least one (meth)acrylic polymer, a first mole fraction of an acid functional polymer, a second mole fraction of a moiety capable of forming an ionic crosslink with the acid functional polymer, wherein the first mole fraction and the second mole fraction are based on the total number of moles of repeat units in the polymer matrix; and (b) 2 to 50 weight percent microspheres.. .
new patent Expandable granulates based on vinyl-aromatic polymers having an improved expandability and process for the preparation thereof
Expandable granulates, having compositions based on vinyl-aromatic polymers, including: a) 65-99.8% by weight of a copolymer obtained by polymerizing 85-100% by weight of one or more vinyl-aromatic monomers and 0-15% by weight of an α-alkylstyrene in which the alkyl group contains from 1 to 4 carbon atoms; b) 0.01-20% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of a carbon black having an average diameter ranging from 10 to 1000 nm and a surface area ranging from 5 to 200 m2/g; c) 0.01-5% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of c1) oxides and sulfates and lamellar dichalcogenides of metals; or c2) oxides and sulfates of metals, or c3) lamellar dichalcogenides of metals; or c4) oxides of metals; or c5) sulfates and lamellar dichalcogenides of metals; or c6) sulfates of metals; d) at least one of the following additives d1) and d2): d1) 0.01-5% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of graphite having an average diameter ranging from 0.5 to 50 μm; d2) 0.01-5% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of inorganic derivatives of silicon of the lamellar type; e) 0-5% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of a nucleating agent; and f) 1-6% by weight, calculated with respect to 100 parts of the total of (a)-(e), of one or more expanding agents.. .
new patent Orally-disintegrating formulations of flurbiprofen
The present invention relates to an orally-disintegrating pharmaceutical formulation, which is characterized by comprising flurbiprofen and polyvinylcaprolactam-polyvinyl acetate-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer.. .
new patent Silicone resin emulsions
The present disclosure relates to compositions comprising: i) an aqueous silicone emulsion comprising; a) 0.5 wt % to 95 wt % of a silicone gum, resin, or psa, b) 0.1 to 90 wt % of an ethylene oxide/propylene oxide block copolymer, and sufficient amount of water to sum all ingredients of the silicone gum emulsion to 100 weight percent, ii) a healthcare active, and iii) an optional enhancer(s).. .
new patent Mandelic acid condensation polymers
Disclosed herein are compounds and compositions useful for reducing the risk of infection. In particular, disclosed herein are mandelic acid condensation polymers, compositions comprising such compounds, processes for producing such compounds, and methods of using such compounds..
new patent Hypotensive lipid-containing biodegradable intraocular implants and related methods
Biocompatible intraocular implants include a prostamide component and a biodegradable polymer that is effective in facilitating release of the prostamide component into an eye for an extended period of time. The prostamide component may be associated with a biodegradable polymer matrix, such as a matrix of a two biodegradable polymers.
new patent Method for the controlled intracellular delivery of nucleic acids
The present invention relates to a method for the controlled intracellular delivery of nucleic acid molecules into one or more target cells, in particular tumor cells, the method comprising: providing a polymeric complex formed between one or more nucleic acid molecules to be delivered and one or more cationic carrier molecules, wherein at least a part of the one or more carrier molecules in the polymeric complex are covalently attached to hydroxyalkyl starch, and wherein the hydroxyalkyl starch is shielding the polymeric complex; allowing the shielded polymeric complex to get into contact with the one or more target cells; deshielding the polymeric complex by removing the hydroxyalkyl starch; and allowing the deshielded polymeric complex to internalize into the one or more target cells. Removal of the hydroxyalkyl starch can be accomplished enzymatically by exposing the polymeric complex to amylase.
new patent Water-soluble polymer conjugates of topotecan
Provided herein are water-soluble polymer conjugates of topotecan, along with compositions comprising the conjugates and related methods of making and using the same.. .
new patent Adhesive biopolymers and uses thereof
And methods of preparing the polymers, wherein a is a dihydroxyphenyl moiety; a′-a″ is a pair of crosslinked dihydroxyphenyl moieties; b, b′ and b″ are each a biopolymer; and l, l′ and l″ are each a linking moiety. Further provided are crosslinked adhesives prepared from the polymers, methods of generating same by oxidizing a polymer, and uses thereof.
new patent Laundry detergent compositions comprising soil release agent
A detergent composition comprising 10 to 60 wt % detergent surfactant and 0.1 to 10 wt % of a soil release agent comprising a water soluble addition polymer having a backbone prepared from (meth)acrylic, vinylic and/or (meth)acrylamido and pendent di- and/or tri-styryl groups attached thereto.. .
new patent Drilling fluid processing
A method of processing a return oil-based drilling fluid includes centrifuging a primarily fluids phase at a first speed and separating the primarily fluids phase into a first effluent and a first residual, centrifuging the first effluent at a second speed and separating the first effluent into a second effluent and a second residual, and centrifuging the second effluent at a third speed and separating the second effluent into a third effluent and a third residual. A surfactant, a polymer, combinations of surfactant(s) and polymer(s) and/or a wash water may be added to one or more of the return oil-based drilling fluid, the primarily fluids phase, the primarily solids phase, the first effluent, the second effluent, and the third effluent..
new patent High-throughput rna interaction assay
The present invention is directed to a method for detecting an interaction between a ribonucleic acid (rna) molecule and a second molecule. This method involves providing a nucleic acid construct that contains a promoter sequence, a nucleotide sequence encoding the rna molecule, and an rna polymerase blocking site.
new patent Lamination of aom
A substrate coated with a markable ink formulation, comprising aom. Further, the substrate is covered by a thermoplastic polymer layer, such that the ink formulation is situated between the substrate and the thermoplastic polymer layer and/or in the thermoplastic polymer layer..
new patent Foam compositions for selective recovery of oil spills and other applications
A polymer composition for use in the removal and recovery of oil slicks or spills floating on the surfaces of bodies of water or present on land, such as beaches comprising a foam of a blend of polyethylene and an ethylene-alkyl acrylate copolymer and a process for using such foams in the selective removal of oil from fresh water or salt water and the recovery of the absorbed oils from the foams is disclosed. The polymer composition is also for use in other applications in which absorption of liquids is desired..
new patent Catalyst for decomposing a plastic
A catalyst for decomposing a plastic includes a porous support having an exterior surface and defines at least one pore therein. The catalyst also includes a depolymerization catalyst component disposed on the exterior surface of the porous support for depolymerizing the plastic.

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