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Polyester patents


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 Reflective conductive composite film patent thumbnailnew patent Reflective conductive composite film
A reflective conductive film includes (i) a reflective polymeric substrate having a polymeric base layer and a polymeric binding layer, wherein the polymeric material of the base layer has a softening temperature ts-b, and the polymeric material of the binding layer has a softening temperature ts-hs; and (ii) a conductive layer that includes a plurality of nanowires, wherein the nanowires are bound by the polymeric matrix of the binding layer such that the nanowires are dispersed at least partially in the polymeric matrix of the binding layer, wherein the polymeric substrate is a biaxially oriented substrate, and wherein the polymeric binding layer is a copolyester.. .
Dupont Teijin Films U.s. Limited Partnership

 Acoustic system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Acoustic system and method
An acoustic system is disclosed. The acoustic system includes a sound absorptive substrate, and a rigid polyester shell configured to be positioned over the sound absorptive substrate.

 Polyester composition with improved dyeing properties patent thumbnailnew patent Polyester composition with improved dyeing properties
A copolymer composition is disclosed with advantages for textile fibers, yarns, blended yarns, fabrics, and garments. The composition includes polyester copolymer, between about 4.5 and 5.5 percent adipic acid based on the amount of copolymer, between about 630 and 770 parts per million (ppm) of pentaerythritol based on the amount of copolymer, and between about 3.4 and 4.2 percent polyethylene glycol based on the amount of copolymer..
Parkdale Incorporated

 Polyurethane compositions, films, and methods thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Polyurethane compositions, films, and methods thereof
Provided compositions, films, and methods impart a low-surface energy surface to a polyurethane layer whereby contaminants to bead up on the surface to dramatically facilitate removal. At the same time, the provided articles retain excellent clarity and processibility for use in surface protection applications.
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Novel ruthenium complexes and their uses in processes for formation and/or hydrogenation of esters, amides and derivatives thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Novel ruthenium complexes and their uses in processes for formation and/or hydrogenation of esters, amides and derivatives thereof
The present invention relates to novel ruthenium complexes and related borohydride complexes, and their use for (1) hydrogenation of amides (including polyamides) to alcohols and amines; (2) preparing amides from alcohols with amines (including preparing polyamides (e.g., polypeptides) by reacting dialcohols and diamines or by polymerization of amino alcohols); (3) hydrogenation of esters to alcohols (including hydrogenation of cyclic esters (lactones), cyclic di-esters (di-lactones) or polyesters); (4) hydrogenation of organic carbonates (including polycarbonates) to alcohols and of carbamates (including polycarbamates) or urea derivatives to alcohols and amines; (5) dehydrogenative coupling of alcohols to esters; (6) hydrogenation of secondary alcohols to ketones; (7) amidation of esters (synthesis of amides from esters and amines); (8) acylation of alcohols using esters; (9) coupling of alcohols with water to form carboxylic acids; and (10) dehydrogenation of beta-amino alcohols to form pyrazines. The present invention further relates to novel uses of certain pyridine ruthenium complexes..
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

 Optical film, polarizing plate, and image display device patent thumbnailnew patent Optical film, polarizing plate, and image display device
An aspect of the invention relates to an optical film including a cellulose acylate film; and a hardened layer formed by hardening a curable composition, in which the cellulose acylate film includes polyester having a cyclic structure, the curable composition at least includes a granular filler, a polyester urethane having a tensile strength of 25 mpa or greater and a tensile elongation of 200% or greater, and a curable compound, and a content of the granular filler is in a range of 15 to 60 parts by mass and a content of the polyester urethane is in a range of 1 to 10 parts by mass, with respect to 100 parts by mass of a total amount of a solid content included in the curable composition, a polarizing plate, and an image display device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Transparent plastic container and  producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Transparent plastic container and producing same
Provided is a transparent plastic container that may be laser-welded even though the transparent plastic container does not contain a significant quantity of laser absorber and has excellent transparency, and a method for efficiently producing the transparent plastic container. A transparent plastic container including a cover portion made of a transparent polyester resin and a main plastic container body made of a transparent polyester resin and a method for producing the transparent plastic container are characterized in that the cover portion is welded to the main plastic container body by condensed light of a long-wavelength laser having a wavelength of above or equal to 1.0 μm..
Yaita Seisakusho Co., Ltd

 Hydrogel composition and  using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrogel composition and using the same
The present disclosure provides a hydrogel composition including: a hydrogel having a structure represented by formula (i) or formula (ii) shown as follows: a-b-box-b-a, formula (i); b-a-b-(box-bab)n-box-b-a-b, formula (ii), wherein, a is a hydrophilic polyethylene glycol polymer, b is a hydrophobic polyester polymer, box is a bifunctional group monomer of 2,2′-bis(2-oxazoline) for coupling di-block of a-b or tri-block of b-a-b, and n is an integer greater than or equal to 0; and an anti-adhesion additive, wherein the anti-adhesion additive comprises a carbohydrate, a nitrogen-containing cyclic compound, a polymer or a combination thereof.. .
Industrial Technology Research Institute

 Unsaturated deoxybenzoin compounds and polymers prepared therefrom patent thumbnailUnsaturated deoxybenzoin compounds and polymers prepared therefrom
Wherein ar1, r7, and m are defined herein. The polyesters can be further functionalized, for example by various phosphorous-containing compounds.

 Methods of bonding polyester substrates patent thumbnailMethods of bonding polyester substrates
Methods of bonding polyester substrates together, comprising externally delivering thermal energy onto the bonding surfaces of the substrates and bringing the bonding surfaces into proximity with each other and bonding the substrates to each other.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

Compostable or biobased foams

The present invention describes compostable or biobased foams that are useful for fabricating foamed articles and methods for producing the same. The foams are produced using a compound comprising a compostable or biobased polyester and a blowing agent.
Lifoam Industries, Llc

Dual core having thermoplastic inner core, thermoset outer core layer, and positive hardness gradient

A golf ball includes a thermoplastic hnp inner core layer having a center hardness less than the surface hardness to define a positive hardness gradient. An outer core layer is formed from a thermoset rubber composition.
Acushnet Company

Deodorizing mask

The deodorizing mask of the present invention has a main body part that includes a deodorizing fiber layer containing a composite fiber having a chemical adsorption type deodorizer bonded to the surface of a fiber with an adhesive composition. The chemical adsorption type deodorizer is a component having at least one type selected from copper and zinc elements.
Toagosei Co., Ltd.

Crosslinked particles

Disclosed are crosslinked particles (e.g., microparticles) that are capable of storing and releasing drugs. The particles can be macroparticles, microparticles, or nanoparticles and can be composed of polyester backbones.
Nanoferix, Inc.

Plant cultivation material and plant cultivation method using the material

Plant cultivation materials, which have the liquid retentivity and the liquid transitivity, which provide the best environment for plants respiration, which comprises polyesters, natural pulps and/or synthetic pulps such as polyolefin pulps, from which plants can absorb the amount of the elements necessary for the plant growth as much as plants want whenever plants want, and which provide the cultivation environment to accelerate the plant growth, and the plant cultivation methods by using the materials can be provided.. .
Phytoculture Control Co., Ltd.

Non-halogen multilayer insulating wire

A non-halogen insulating wire with excellent flame resistance as well as high mechanical characteristics (wear resistance) and electrical insulation characteristics is provided. A non-halogen two-layer insulating wire includes: a conductor; and an insulating layer having an insulating inner layer which covers an outer circumference of the conductor and an insulating outer layer which covers an outer circumference of the insulating inner layer the insulating inner layer is made of a first non-halogen resin composition which contains metal hydroxide and a base polymer (a) including polyolefin, and has a thickness of 20% to 58% of an entire thickness of the insulating layer.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Deodorant fabric

A fabric contains a polyester fiber and a polyurethane elastic yarn that are excellent in deodorant function of sweat odor and the distinctive body odor of the elderly. The fabric is a combined fabric including a polyurethane elastic yarn and a cationic dyeable polyester fiber where a deodorant ratio of ammonia gas measured according to the detector tube method defined by japan textile evaluation technology council for 0.15 g of polyurethane elastic yarn is greater than or equal to 40% both after washing 0 times and 10 times, also a mixing ratio of the polyurethane elastic yarn is from 5 wt.
Toray Opelontex Co., Ltd.

High performance coatings

The present invention relates to coatings, particularly high performance coatings, containing a polyester polyol comprising recurring units derived from a polyacid source, poly(bisphenol-a carbonate) (pbac), and a glycol. The pbac is preferably recycled poly(bisphenol-a carbonate) (rpbac).
Resinate Materials Group, Inc.

Clear paint composition for hot stamping film and painting method using the same

A clear paint composition for a hot stamping film and a painting method using the same is provided. More particularly, disclosed are a clear paint composition for a hot stamping film which may enhance adhesion by mixing an epoxy-denatured acrylic resin and two light absorber types with an acrylic resin and a polyester polyol resin, may increase weather resistance by simultaneously blocking short and long wavelengths and may enhance chipping resistance, fouling resistance and water resistance by mixing a hardener including reactive silicone therewith, and a painting method using the same..
Noroo Bee Chemical Co., Ltd.

Polyester resin composition and producing same

An object is to provide a polyester resin having excellent hydrolysis resistance and good color tone and a method of producing the same. There is provided a polyester resin composition comprising a polyester resin that is prepared from a dicarboxylic acid or a dicarboxylic acid dialkyl ester and a diol as main raw material and mixed with: a copper halide; and at least one additive selected from the group consisting of compounds expressed by a formula (i) and compounds expressed by a formula (ii): mxn .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Copolyesters plasticized with polymeric plasticizer

Disclosed is a film containing a copolyester having a minimum crystallization half-time of at least 8.6 minutes and a polyester plasticizer having a weight-average molecular weight of 900 to 12,000 g/mol. The polyester plasticizer includes (i) a polyol component comprising residues of a polyol having 2 to 8 carbon atoms, and (ii) a diacid component comprising residues of a dicarboxylic acid having 4 to 12 carbon atoms..
Eastman Chemical Company

Use of polymers as hydrogen donors heterogeneous in improving heavy crudes and extra-heavy crudes

The present invention is related to the application of solid polymers or copolymers prepared from monomers having in their structure a polycyclic aromatic ring, an aromatic ring of the type of naphthalene, or polyesters, polyethers, polyamides or polyvynil derivatives having naphthalene units in their structure, in the hydrotreatment or hydrocracking of heavy hydrocarbons, such as heavy or extra-heavy crude oils or residues from the distillation of petroleum; these polymers or copolymers may be supported, anchored or in a physical mixture with metallic oxides such as alumina, silica, titania or kaolin, and they have an application as heterogeneous hydrogen donors in reactions of hydrotreatment or hydrocracking of heavy or extra-heavy crude oils, residues from the distillation of petroleum and cuts and streams deived from this distillation. These solid polymers or copolymers operate in the presence of hydrogen or methane-rich gas.
Instituto Mexicano Del PetrÓleo

Heat-shrinkable multilayer film, manufacturing heat-shrinkable multilayer film, and heat-shrinkable label

The present invention provides a heat-shrinkable multilayer film that has excellent wear resistance and that suffers less from static electricity generation and surface stickiness. Also provided are a method for manufacturing the heat-shrinkable multilayer film and a heat-shrinkable label formed using the heat-shrinkable multilayer film.
Showa Denko K.k.

Golf balls having multi-layered covers made from plasticized compositions containing non-acid polymers

Multi-layered golf balls containing a three-layered cover assembly are provided. For example, a cover assembly having an inner cover, intermediate cover, and outer cover layer may be prepared.
Acushnet Company

Metal oxide particle dispersion for manufacturing particulate magnetic recording medium, manufacturing magnetic layer-forming composition of particulate magnetic recording medium and manufacturing particulate magnetic recording medium

The metal oxide particle dispersion for manufacturing a particulate magnetic recording medium contains metal oxide particles, solvent, and a polyester compound having one or more groups selected from the group consisting of a carboxyl group and a salt thereof, a phosphoric acid group and a salt thereof, a hydroxyl group and a nitrogen-substituted alkylene group, but substantially not containing ferromagnetic powder.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Method of preparing toner image printed material and device for preparing toner image printed material

A method of preparing a toner image printed material includes forming a toner image on a recording medium; forming a coating film by applying a coating liquid to a surface having the toner image of the recording medium; and drying the coating film, wherein the toner image contains, as a binder resin, a polyester resin having a hydroxyl value of 25 mgkoh/g or higher, and the coating liquid contains a solvent component that swells or dissolves the polyester resin, a polyisocyanate component, and a polyol component.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, and toner cartridge

An electrostatic charge image developing toner includes toner particles including a polyester resin that is a polycondensate of a polycarboxylic acid and a polyol not containing a derivative of bisphenol a, wherein, when a maximum value is present on a lowest molecular weight side in a molecular weight distribution curve obtained by subjecting a component soluble in tetrahydrofuran of the toner particles to a gel permeation chromatography measurement, a weight average molecular weight (mw (a)) and a number average molecular weight thereof (mn (a)), each with respect to a low molecular weight region (a) including the maximum value on the lowest molecular weight side, satisfy that a ratio mw (a)/mn (a) is 6.0 or less, and a small diameter side number average particle diameter distribution index of the toner particles is from 1.3 to 1.7.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Internal breaker compositions for wellbore applications

Methods may include circulating a first wellbore fluid into a wellbore, wherein the first wellbore fluid contains: a non-aqueous continuous phase, and a polyester internal breaker; wherein the first wellbore fluid generates a filter cake in at least a section of the wellbore; circulating a second wellbore fluid into the wellbore, wherein the second wellbore fluid contains an acid source and a surfactant; and allowing the second wellbore fluid to degrade at least a portion of the filter cake. Other methods may include circulating a wellbore fluid into a wellbore drilled with an oil-based mud containing a polyester fluid loss additive, wherein the wellbore fluid comprises one or more surfactants and an acid source..
M-i L.l.c.

Polyester coating compositions containing polymers derived from cyclic carbonates

A coating composition is provided that includes (a) a polyester polymer derived by esterifying an aryloxy ether polyol (e.g., an aryloxy ether diol) derived from reaction between a polyhydric phenol or a polyphenol and a non-hydroxyl functional cyclic carbonate, or from reaction between a monophenol and a hydroxyl functional cyclic carbonate; (b) a crosslinker and (c) an optional catalyst.. .
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Powder composition

There is described a powder coating composition suitable for food contact use comprising a mix of: (a) a first polyester that is amorphous and cooh functional being obtained from ipa and/or tpa and no more than 10 mole % neopentyl glycol (npg); (b) a second optional cooh functional polyester obtained from analiphatic diacid and analiphatic diol, and (c) a curing agent that comprises functional groups reactable with the cooh of the polyester(s). The powders are suitable for coating the interior of metal cans especially those holding alcoholic beverages..
Allnex Belgium S.a.

Thermoplastic composition and laser-welded article

A composition includes specific amounts of an amorphous polycarbonate, a partially crystalline polyester, and an ultraviolet absorbing agent comprising a hydroxyaryl group and a hydrogen-bond accepting group. The ultraviolet absorbing agent has a lambda-max less than 400 nanometers.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Polyester resin composition and molded article produced using the same

A polyester resin composition and a molded article produced using the same. The polyester resin composition includes: a crystalline polyester resin; a non-crystalline polyester resin; and glass fibers, wherein a weight ratio of the crystalline polyester resin to the non-crystalline polyester resin ranges from about 4:1 to about 1:1..
Lotte Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Polymers containing cyclobutanediol and 2,2 bis(hydroxymethyl) alkylcarboxylic acid

Disclosed is a polyester composition comprising a polyester further comprising (a) at least one cyclobutanediol; (b) at least one 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)alkylcarboxylic acid and/or a derivative thereof; and (c) at least one polycarboxylic acid and/or a derivative thereof. This polyester composition can be useful in several areas including but not limited to thermoplastic polyesters, curable polyesters, inks, paints, composites, coating compositions, for example, waterborne coatings, water-dispersible coatings, solvent-borne coatings, and powder coatings..
Eastman Chemical Company

Polyester film

A polyester film has a wax on a surface of one side of the film and is a polyester film in which this wax is dispersed in the form of islands on the surface of the film, and a filling factor of the wax in the film surface is 20 to 45%, and, as for a number of islands of the wax dispersed in the form of islands and each of which has an area of 200 μm2 or larger, there is one or less/10000 μm2.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.

Fabric for a table linen textile

Disclosed is a fabric for a table linen textile. The fabric including warp yarns configured to form a warp, the warp yarns including polyester, and filling yarns configured to form a filling.
Textile Finland Oy

Containment dike

Flexible containment tubes form sections of a dike for fluid containment. For example, multiple vinyl-coated polyester tubes with a 19-inch diameter may be filled with water and stacked on top of each other to create a temporary diversion dike.
P.v. Flood Control Corp.

Dopo-based hybrid flame retardants

The invention relates to novel and improved halogen-free flame retardant compounds having the structure of formula (i): wherein: r1 and r2 are independently hydrogen, c1-c6 alkyl, —p(o)(or3)2, —p(o)or3r4, or —p(o)r32, wherein r3 and r4 are independently c1-c4 alkyl, c6-c12 aryl, c7-c15 aralkyl or c7-c15 alkaryl; or r1 and r2 taken together form an unsaturated cyclic ring, which is optionally substituted by an alkyl group; each k is independently an integer from 1 to 2; each x is independently oxygen (o) or sulphur (s); v is 0 or 1; each y is independently c1-c4 alkylene, c6 arylene, c7-c15 aralkylene, c7-c15 alkarylene, oxygen (o), nitrogen (nr), wherein r is h or c1-c4 alkyl; n is 0, 1 or 2 with the proviso that n is 1 when y is oxygen (o) or nitrogen (nr); each z is independently c1-c4 alkylene, c6 arylene, c7-c15 aralkylene or c7-c15 is alkarylene; m is independently 0, 1 or 2; with the proviso that when y is oxygen (o) or nitrogen (n), m cannot be 0; each q is independently c1-c4 alkylene; t is an integer from 1 to 2; w is oxygen (o) or sulphur (s). The compounds are particularly suited as flame retardant additives for thermoplastic polyesters..
Empa Eidgenossische Material-prufungs- Und Forschungsanstalt

Phosphatized polyesters and coating compositions containing the same

A coating composition comprising a resinous binder and up to 10 percent by weight of a phosphatized polyester. The compositions are useful for coating containers of all sorts such as food and beverage containers, and the phosphatized polyester provides enhanced adhesion of the coating to the container substrate.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

Aqueous dispersion of at least two polymeric resins and aqueous coating composition comprising same for applying a topcoat

The present invention relates to an aqueous dispersion (p) of at least two polymeric resins (p1) and (p2) which are different from one another, (p1) being a copolymer obtainable by copolymerizing ethylenically unsaturated monomers in the presence of at least one polyurethane resin having polymerizable carbon double bonds, and (p2) being a polyester having functional hydroxyl groups, which has an acid number of <25 mg of koh per g of polyester, and (p) being obtainable by a process encompassing at least four steps (1), (2), (3), and (4), to an aqueous coating composition comprising the aqueous dispersion (p), to a process for at least partly coating at least one substrate metal surface, coated with at least one primer coat, with a topcoat, using the aqueous coating composition, and to an at least partly coated substrate obtainable by such a process.. .
Basf Coatings Gmbh

Polyamide composition comprising amorphous polyamide and/or polyester with enhanced and uniform electrical conductivity

Provided is a composition comprising a) at least one semi-crystalline polyamide, b) at least one conductive material, and c) at least one amorphous polyamide, and optionally d) at least one polyester. The composition may further comprise e) at least one filler and f) at least one additive..
Rhodia Operations

Method for imparting heat sealability to a biaxially oriented polyester film, and producing a packaging container

A method of imparting heat sealability includes applying a laser beam to a region on a surface of a film while scanning the region with the laser beam such that heat sealability is imparted to the region. The film is a single layer of a biaxially oriented polyester or a laminate having a biaxially oriented polyester layer on one or more surfaces..
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Coated polyester films

polyester films with abrasion resistant coatings and methods for making the same are provided. The coated polyester films include a polyester film substrate having a coating on at least one side thereof, wherein the coating is derived from a coating composition that includes (i) a melamine crosslinker component and (ii) a polyurethane component derivable from at least one diisocyanate and at least one polymeric polyol..
Dupont Teijin Films U.s. Limited Partnership

Method for preparing ployesteramides by organic cataliysis

A method for preparing polyesteramides by organocatalysis. The polyesteramides are prepared by a ring-opening polymerization reaction of comonomer under the action of an activator and an initiator, with ε-caprolactone and ε-caprolactam taken as the comonomer, and an i type carbene carboxylate compound or an l type carbene carboxylate compound taken as catalysts..
Nanjing Tech University

Method for one-step synthesis of functional polyesters by organic catalysis

It relates to the field of synthetic macromolecular chemistry, and discloses a method for one-step synthesis of thiol-functionalized polyester polyols by organic catalysis. This method uses lactone monomer as reaction raw material, thiol-alcohol as initiator, and diphenyl phosphate as organic catalyst to catalyze and synthesize the thiol-functionalized polyester polyols.
Nanjing Tech University

Molding material for light-reflecting bodies

A molding material for light-reflecting bodies contains unsaturated polyester, cross-linking agent, and filler. The unsaturated polyester contains at least one of first unsaturated polyester having a fumaric acid residue and a 1,6-hexanediol residue, and second unsaturated polyester having a fumaric acid residue, a 1,4-butanediol residue, and a trimethylolpropane residue..
Pansonic Intellectual Property Management Co. Ltd.

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