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Polyester patents


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 Tracer wire product and  manufacture of the same patent thumbnailnew patent Tracer wire product and manufacture of the same
A tracer wire product for use in detection of underground utility line or routes includes: a metallic wire configured to conduct an electrical signal for detection by an aboveground signal detector; a tin coating formed over the metallic wire; a non-fibrous insulating jacket of polyethylene over the tin coating; a hot melt adhesive at least partially over the polyethylene jacket; a high tenacity woven polyester strength element with water blocking fibers being formed over the hot melt adhesive and the polyethylene jacket; and, an abrasion resistant hdpe outer jacket formed over the high tenacity woven polyester strength element to form one of a circular or oval cross-sectional shape. Further, an apparatus and method for manufacturing the tracer wire product includes a source of a substantially flat polyester woven material; a source of a metal wire material; and an elongated forming tool including an input base into which the substantially flat polyester woven material is fed.
Neptco Inc.

 Emulsions with improved stability patent thumbnailnew patent Emulsions with improved stability
Disclosed are methods of lowering application viscosities of or of reducing or eliminating monomer content in electrical impregnating materials comprising or consisting of an emulsion of an unsaturated polyester or a mixture of unsaturated polyesters, water, at least one radical polymerisation initiator or radical polymerisation initiator/promoter mixture, at least one surfactant having an hlb-value of greater than 15, optionally at least one reactive diluent, and optionally further additives, a process for preparing zero or low voc electrical impregnation materials, a method of impregnating electrical or electromechanical devices and a method of increasing the stability of aqueous emulsions of unsaturated polyesters.. .
Elantas Pdg, Inc.

 Simulated dissectible tissue patent thumbnailnew patent Simulated dissectible tissue
A simulated tissue structure for surgical training is provided. The simulated tissue structure includes a first layer made of silicone and a second layer made of silicone interconnected by a third layer made of polyester fiber that is embedded in part in the first layer and in part in the second layer to create a mechanical linkage between the first layer and the second layer.
Applied Medical Resources Corporation

 Cold pressure fix toner compositions based on crystalline polyester and amorphous organic compound mixtures patent thumbnailnew patent Cold pressure fix toner compositions based on crystalline polyester and amorphous organic compound mixtures
A cold pressure fix toner composition includes at least one crystalline polyester material having a melting point in a range from about 30° c. To about 130° c.
Xerox Corporation

 Toner containing crystalline polyester resin and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Toner containing crystalline polyester resin and manufacturing the same
A toner includes a crystalline polyester resin in an amount equal to or greater than 25% by mass. The toner satisfies the following formula when the toner is tested using a capillary rheometry measurement during which a pellet of the toner is pressed by a member while being heated: 0.3≦(first temperature−second temperature)/(second temperature−third temperature)≦1, where the first temperature is a temperature at which the member falls 4 mm, the second temperature is a temperature at which the member falls 2 mm, and the third temperature is a temperature at which the member starts to fall..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

 Nonwoven fabric sheet, and extraction filter and extraction bag using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Nonwoven fabric sheet, and extraction filter and extraction bag using the same
The present invention provides a nonwoven fabric sheet for use in extraction filters having high sealing strength and extraction filters manufactured using the nonwoven fabric sheet. The nonwoven fabric sheet includes a first layer including a spunbonded nonwoven fabric formed from a polyester-based resin having an iv value of 0.60 to 1.00, a crystallinity of 30% to 80%, a crystalline orientation of 60% to 95%, and a birefringence (Δn) of 0.040 to 0.100 and provided with a partial thermocompression bonding section whose thermocompression bonding area rate is in the range of 5% to 30%, and a second layer including a meltblown nonwoven fabric formed from a polyester-based resin blown onto a surface of the first layer and solidified to have a crystallinity of 0% to 14%.
Ohki Co., Ltd.

 Proliferated thread count of a woven textile by simultaneous insertion within a single pick insertion event of a loom apparatus multiple adjacent parallel yarns drawn from a multi-pick yarn package patent thumbnailnew patent Proliferated thread count of a woven textile by simultaneous insertion within a single pick insertion event of a loom apparatus multiple adjacent parallel yarns drawn from a multi-pick yarn package
Disclosed are a method, a device and/or a system of proliferating a thread count of a woven textile by simultaneous insertion within a single pick insertion event of a loom apparatus multiple adjacent parallel yarns drawn from a multi-pick yarn package. In one or more embodiments, multiple texturized polyester weft yarns of denier between 15 and 65 are wound on a single bobbin in a parallel adjacent fashion such that they may be fed into an air jet pick insertion apparatus and/or a rapier pick insertion apparatus of an air jet loom to weave a textile that has between 90 to 235 ends per inch cotton warp yarns and between 100 and 965 polyester weft yarns..

 Polyester binder fibers patent thumbnailnew patent Polyester binder fibers
In the formula r1 and r2 are substituents each comprising arbitrary atoms chosen from c, h, n, o, s, p, and a halogen atom, the sum of the molecular weights of r1 and r2 is 40 or more, and n is a positive integer.. .

 Hot melt adhesive patent thumbnailnew patent Hot melt adhesive
The present invention provides a hot melt adhesive being highly environmentally-friendly, and as well having sufficient pressure-sensitive adhesiveness, adhesion, thermal stability and the like. The present invention relates to a hot melt adhesive comprising (a) a polar functional group-modified polymer, (b) an aliphatic polyester-based resin, (c) a tackifier resin and (d) a thermoplastic elastomer..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

 Electrostatic dissipative polyester tpu and compositions thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electrostatic dissipative polyester tpu and compositions thereof
The present invention relates to an electrostatic dissipative thermoplastic polyurethane composition made by reacting (a) at least one polyester polyol intermediate with (b) at least one diisocyanate and (c) at least one chain extender. The polyester polyol intermediate, may be derived from at least one dialkylene glycol and at least one dicarboxylic acid, or an ester or anhydride thereof.
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

new patent

Process for enhancing the molecular weight of a polyester

The molecular weight of a semi-crystalline starting polyester comprising ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate units is enhanced by heating the semi-crystalline starting polyester, having a melting point tm, at a temperature in the range of (tm-40° c.) to tm to obtain a solid stated polyester, where the semi-crystalline starting polyester has an intrinsic viscosity of at least 0.45 dl/g, and an amount of carboxylic acid end groups in the range of 15 to 122 meq/kg.. .
Furanix Technologies B.v.

new patent

Polyester and preparing such a polyester

A polyester, including ethylene 2,5-furandicarboxylateunits, also includes diethylene glycol residues, the content of which is less than 0.045, in moles per mole of 2,5-furandicarboxylate moieties. The polyester composition can be prepared with a method where a starting mixture is subjected to esterification of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid or transesterification of an ester thereof with ethylene glycol in the presence of a basic compound and/or an ammonium compound capable of suppressing the formation of diethylene glycol..
Furanix Technologies B.v.

new patent

Vacuum insulation panel and container comprising vacuum insulation panels

A vacuum insulation panel comprises a planar core having an open-pored material and an enclosure that surrounds the core on all sides in a close-fitting, complete and gas-tight manner. The enclosure has at least the following layers, listed in order from the inner layer next to the core to the outer layer: a sealing layer of polyethylene; a barrier layer assembly arranged thereon, the assembly comprising at least one metallized polyester film, evoh film, metallized evoh film, metallized pp film, or plastic film coated with alumina or silicon oxide; and at least one paper layer arranged on said assembly..
Va-q-tec Ag

new patent

Portable runway

A portable runway includes a sheet of thermoplastic composite materials that is rolled out to form the runway track and then heat cured in place to form a rigid. Suitable composite materials are glass, carbon or aramid fibers are co-mingled with thermoplastic fibers such as polyamides, polyolefins, polyesters, polyacrylates and polyimides so that the pliable co-mingled materials is in either fiber bundle (“tow”), yarn, braid, fabric or non-woven forms are layed down on the pregraded earth by unrolling, unstacking, unfolding, dispesing or spraying.

new patent

Heat-sensitive transfer recording medium

There is provided a heat-sensitive transfer recording medium which is able to better suppress the occurrence of abnormal transfer during high-speed printing using a high-speed printer of sublimation transfer type and is able to improve transfer sensitivity in high-speed printing. The heat-sensitive transfer recording medium includes a base (10), a heat-resistant lubricating layer (20) formed on one surface of the base (10), an underlying layer (30) formed on the other surface of the base (10), and a dye layer (40) formed on a surface of the underlying layer (30), which is on the other side of a surface facing the base (10).
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

new patent

Down-like cotton material and producing the same

The down-like cotton material 1 of the present invention is formed as a cotton-like long fiber, in which filaments of an axial fiber and a float each composed of a polyester raw yarn are united by air entangling in air flow to be entangled, connected and integrated to have a down ball-like mass in an aligned form, and the diameter of the down ball-like mass is 1.0 to 3.5 cm and down ball-like masses are continually aligned at an interval of up to about 10 cm or less in a length direction of the axial fiber.. .

Metal microparticle dispersion, process for production of electrically conductive substrate, and electrically conductive substrate

Provided is a metal microparticle dispersion including metal microparticles, a polymeric dispersant and a dispersion medium, wherein an average primary particle diameter of the metal microparticles is 0.001 to 0.5 μm; the polymeric dispersant has a polyester skeleton in at least one of a principal chain and a side chain thereof; or the polymeric dispersant has a polyether skeleton in at least one of a principal chain and a side chain thereof; and a content of the above polymeric dispersant is 0.1 to 100 parts by mass based on a content of 100 parts by mass of the metal microparticles. Further, provided is a production process for an electrically conductive substrate, and an electrically conductive substrate produced by the above production process is provided..
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Multilayer transparent polyester film, manufacturing said film and use of said film in particular in the backsheets of photovoltaic panels

A biaxially oriented multilayer transparent film including at least two layers of polyester, respectively a core layer and at least one outer layer, which can be identical or different, wherein: i) at least the core layer includes at least one biaxially oriented transparent polyester pe1, ii) at least one of the outer layers includes, on the one hand, at least one biaxially oriented polyester pe2, and, on the other hand, particles coming from the reaction between at least one metal compound and at least one monomeric or oligomeric unit of pe2, the particles having more preferably a d50—as μm and following an order of preference—between 0.5 and 5; between 1.0 and 4, and between 1.5 and 3.0. Also relates to the manufacture of this film and its applications as a laminate in particular in the backsheets of photovoltaic cells..
Toray Films Europe

Toner compositions with optimized beta-carboxyethyl acrylate shell latex for improved particle formation and morphology

Disclosed herein include toner compositions with toner particles having a core-shell type structure, where the core comprises a first resin comprising a styrene-acrylate copolymer and an amorphous polyester resin, and the shell comprises a second resin comprising beta-carboxyethyl acrylate (b-cea) in an amount of from about 0.05 pph to about 2.5 pph by weight of the second resin.. .
Xerox Corporation

Polyester resin for toner, toner, developer, and image formation device

Where, in the expressions (1) and (3), the amount of the trivalent or higher aliphatic alcohol denotes a percent by mole of the trivalent or higher aliphatic alcohol relative to the alcohol component.. .

Chemically prepared core shell toner formulation including a styrene acrylate polyester copolymer used for the shell

A chemically prepared toner composition according to one example embodiment includes a core including at least one polymer binder, a colorant and a release agent; a shell that is formed around the core and includes a third polymer binder; and a borax coupling agent between the core and the shell. The binder for the shell is a styrene acrylic polyester copolymer having a glass transition temperature (tg) between 55° c.
Lexmark International, Inc.

Method of making a core shell toner formulation including a styrene acrylate polyester copolymer used for the shell

The present invention relates generally to methods to make a chemically prepared toner having a core shell structure for use in electrophotography and more particularly to a method to make an emulsion aggregation chemically prepared core shell toner formulation using a styrene acrylic polyester copolymer for the shell. The styrene acrylic polyester copolymer has a glass transition temperature (tg) between 55° c.
Lexmark International, Inc.

Polarizing plate with polyethylene terephthalate film as protective film, and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a polarizing plate including a polyethylene terephthalate film and having an excellent optical property, and a method for manufacturing the same, and the polarizing plate of the present invention includes: a water-based adhesive layer, a primer layer, and a polyethylene terephthalate protection film sequentially provided on at least one surface of a polarizer, in which the water-based adhesive layer is formed by using a water-based adhesive including a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin and a glyoxalate crosslinking agent at a weight ratio of 100:5 to 100:50, and the primer layer is formed by using a primer composition including a polyester-based compound and an acryl-based compound.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Photochromic polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles comprising the same

A photochromic polycarbonate composition including: a polycarbonate comprising bisphenol a carbonate units; a cycloaliphatic polyester comprising units of the formula (5) wherein r is a c2-12 alkylene or a c3-12 cycloalkylene; and a photo-chromic dye; wherein the composition has a transmission of 80% or more and a haze of 3% or less, measured according to astm d1003 (2007) using the color space cie1931 (illuminant c and a 2° observer) at a thickness of 1.5 mm.. .
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Polyolefin resin foam particles, foam-particle moulded body, and composite stacked body including said moulded body

The present invention relates to polyolefin resin expanded beads containing multi-layer expanded beads containing a core layer in a foamed state containing a polyolefin resin and a cover layer coated on the core layer, the cover layer containing a mixed resin of a polyolefin resin (a) and at least one resin (b) selected from a polystyrene resin and a polyester resin, and the mixed resin having a weight ratio (a/b) of the polyolefin resin (a) and the resin (b) of from 15/85 to 90/10, and a composite laminated body using an expanded beads molded body thereof, and the expanded beads molded body is excellent in solvent resistance and also excellent in adhesiveness to a thermosetting resin on the surface of the molded body, and can provide a composite laminated body excellent in productivity with a thermosetting resin.. .
Jsp Corporation

Dual curable composition

In which a and b are identical or different and are each represented by an integer greater than or equal to 1; and wherein the dual curable composition is radiation curable and/or moisture curable. The moiety a comprises at least one of an aliphatic hydrocarbon, a cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon, an aryl moiety, an ether, an ester, an amide, a urethane, a urea, a hydroxyl group-containing organic moiety, an acrylic oligomer, an epoxy oligomer, a urethane oligomer, a polyester oligomer, or mixtures thereof, and the dual curable composition has a molecular weight greater than or equal to 300..

Polyester polymer particles having a small surface to center molecular weight gradient

polyester polymer particle spheroids comprising a polyester polymer including: a carboxylic acid component containing at least 90 mole % of the residues of terephthalic acid, derivates of terephthalic acid, naphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylic acid, and/or derivatives of naphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylic acid,; and a hydroxyl component containing from 90 to 96 mole % of the residues of ethylene glycol, based on 100 mole percent of the carboxylic acid component residues and 100 mole percent hydroxyl component residues in the polyester polymer, wherein said particle has an kv. Of at least 0.72 dl/g, and the it.v.
Grupo Petrotemex, S.a. De C.v.

Active-energy-ray-curable composition, composition stored container, two-dimensional or three-dimensional image forming apparatus, forming two-dimensional or three-dimensional image, and cured product

An active-energy-ray-curable composition including at least one monofunctional (meth)acrylate, at least one multifunctional (meth)acrylate, and at least one polyester-structure-containing polymer. Preferable is an aspect where the active-energy-ray-curable composition further includes a polymer obtained through polymerization of at least one selected from the group consisting of styrene, styrene derivatives, acrylic acid esters, and acrylic acid..

Resin-coated metal sheet for containers and manufacturing the same

Provided is a resin-coated metal sheet for containers having a resin layer (a) on a side of the metal sheet, the side being a side that will serve as a container inner surface when the metal sheet is formed into a container. The resin layer (a) has a polyester-based multilayer structure.
Jfe Steel Corporation

Method of use of polylactide and manufacturing a heat-sealed paper or board container or package

The invention relates to use of polylactide (pla) as an extruded polymer coating on paper or board intended for the production of containers and packages, which are heated in a stove or microwave oven. According to the invention a polyfunctional cross-linking agent, such as trialkyl isocyanureate (taic), is blended with pla, and the extruded coating layer is subjected to cross-linking electron beam (eb) radiation.
Stora Enso Oyj

Methods for lowering melt viscosity and improving heat-sealability of polyester and for manufacturing a heat-sealed container or package

The invention relates to methods for lowering the melt viscosity and thereby improving heat-sealability of a polyester. The invention also relates to a method for manufacturing a heat-sealed container or package from fibrous- based, polyester-coated packaging material, and a method for heat-sealing polyester.
Stora Enso Oyj

Method for reducing of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin with a concentrated polymeric composition

The present invention provides a method for reducing the appearance of wrinkles on skin cosmetic comprising the steps of providing instructions to a user, said instructions directing said user to apply the composition to the periphery of a user's face and not directly to said wrinkles, wherein said composition comprises from about 20 wt. % to about 80 wt.
Elc Management Llc

Liquid developer

A liquid developer containing toner particles containing a resin and a basic dispersant in an insulating liquid, wherein the resin contains a polyester a having a furan ring. The liquid developer of the present invention is suitably used in development and the like of latent images formed in an electrophotographic method, an electrostatic recording method, an electrostatic printing method, or the like..
Kao Corporation

Toner for developing electrostatic charge image and preparing the same

A toner for developing an electrostatic charge image includes three or more elements selected from a group including an iron element, a silicon element, a sulfur element and a fluorine element and a binder resin including an amorphous polyester-based resin.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus

The invention provides an image forming apparatus and an electrophotographic photoreceptor, comprising: a conductive support; and at least a charge generation layer and a charge transport layer on the conductive support, wherein said charge generation layer contains a hydroxygallium phthalocyanine synthesized using a halogen solvent, said charge transport layer contains a polyester resin having a specific structural unit, and said charge transport layer is formed using a non-halogen solvent.. .
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Using cell debris generated from pha recovery for enhanced cell growth and biopolyester formation

The present invention relates to a process for producing biodegradable polymeric materials including polyhydroxyalkanoates (phas) by using the cell debris left from pha recovery and purification. The process comprises: (a) cultivating pha-producing microbial cells in a medium solution containing an organic carbon source to form phas that are accumulated in the cells as inclusion bodies; (b) harvesting the cells from the spent medium and solubilizing the non-pha cell mass to obtain a pha solid and a cell debris solution; (c) separating the pha solid from the cell debris solution; (d) feeding the cell debris solution to the cultivation step (a). Cooperativa Produttori Bieticoli Societa' Cooperativa Agricola

Device for separating cells in fluid

The present disclosure provides a device for separating cells in fluid, comprising a first driving pump, a separation column, a detection column, a second driving pump, and several three-way valves and secondary driving pumps; one end of the separation column is connected with the first driving pump through a first three-way valve; the other end is connected with the second driving pump through a second three-way valve; the separation column includes at least five sub filtration columns in parallel; the sub filtration column comprises a fixing bracket and a track-etched membrane of polycarbonate or polyester material attached to the bottom of and the side surfaces all around the fixing bracket, wherein the pore diameter of the track-etched membrane is 5-25 μm. The device of the present disclosure not only provides a new method for accurately determining whether there are circulating tumor cells in the blood of the living animal and provides a new method for sorting and counting the circulating tumor cells in the blood of the living animal, but also provides a pioneering new method and new device for therapy of the tumor transfer and removal of the tumor cells inside the body, and has extremely high economic and social values..
The Hunan Cycle Filter Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Biodegradable, pressure-sensitive adhesive based on polyester-polyurethane

Tacky, biodegradable, chemical reaction product formed from • at least one or more aliphatic polyester-polyols having a hydroxyl functionality of between greater than two and less than four each • at least one or more aliphatic polyester-polyols having a hydroxyl functionality of between less than or equal to two and greater than one each • at least one or more each doubly hydroxyl-functionalized chain extenders having a molecular weight of less than or equal to 200 g/mol each, and • at least one or more aliphatic diisocyanates, characterized in that the ratio of the total number of isocyanate groups to the total number of hydroxyl groups in the compounds introduced for the chemical reaction to form the tacky, biodegradable, chemical reaction product is between greater than or equal to 0.4 and less than 1.0, preferably between greater than or equal to 0.6 and less than or equal to 0.9.. .
Tesa Se

Polyamide molding compositions, molded parts obtained therefrom, and use thereof

Polyamide molding compositions, use thereof, and molded parts obtained therefrom provided is a polyamide molding composition comprising a) at least one semi- crystalline polyamide; b) at least one thermoplastic polyester; c) at least one novolac resin; and d) at least one flat glass fibers as filler, and optionally e) at least one amorphous polyamide and f) at least one additive.. .
Rhodia Operations

Thermoplastic resin composition and article comprising the same

A thermoplastic resin composition and a molded article including the same. The thermoplastic resin composition includes: about 100 parts by weight of a base resin including (a) about 70 percent by weight (wt %) to about 95 wt % of a polycarbonate resin and (b) about 5 wt % to about 30 wt % of a polyester resin; and (c) about 0.5 parts by weight to about 6 parts by weight of a linear (meth)acrylic resin..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Polyester resin composition with excellent impact resistance and light reliability and molded article using the same

A polyester resin composition and a molded article produced using the same. The polyester resin composition includes: (a) two polyester resins including an aliphatic ring structure and having different trans/cis isomer ratios in the aliphatic ring; (b) a white pigment; and (c) an inorganic filler, wherein the polyester resin composition has a crystallization temperature (tc) of about 230° c.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Copolyester composition for forming a temperature-regulating component of a composite fiber and the composite fiber thus made

A copolyester composition includes a copolyester, an inorganic additive, and an aliphatic organic additive. The copolyester includes a hard segment including polybutylene terephthalate, and a soft segment including polyethylene gylcol and having a weight average molecular weight ranging from 2500 to 10000.
Far Eastern New Century Corporation

High recycle content polyols from thermoplastic polyesters and lignin or tannin

polyester polyols, processes for making them, and applications for the polyols are disclosed. In some aspects, the polyols comprise recurring units from a thermoplastic polyester or an aromatic polyacid source, a glycol, and a lignin, tannin, or mixture thereof.
Resinate Materials Group, Inc.

Extendable self-supporting material composites and manufacture thereof

Specific composite materials described herein are based on the discovery that certain selections of materials and manufacturing conditions and processes provide unexpectedly improved self-supporting thin-film composite materials. It has been discovered that certain combinations of backing materials, shrink film materials, and manufacturing conditions provide improved composites having highly controllable, readily repeatable, and stable arc shaped cross-web curled structures.
Liberman Distributing And Manufacturing Co. D/b/a Lidco Products ("lidco")

Golf balls having covers made from plasticized thermoplastic compositions containing non-acid polymers

Multi-layered golf balls containing a two layered cover assembly are provided. In one embodiment, the cover assembly includes a relatively soft inner cover and relatively hard outer cover.
Acushnet Company

Flush-mounted antenna cover

An antenna cover has a plate with a top surface and outer perimetric edge, and a housing affixed to or integrally formed with the plate. The housing extends downwardly from an underside of the plate.
Park Teq, Llc

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