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Timing recovery in presence of optical impairments and optimization of equalization based on timing recovery moment strengths
The present disclosure provides timing recovery in optical systems in the presence of chromatic dispersion (CD), polarization mode dispersion (PMD), and polarization dependent loss (PDL) and to optimization of equalization settings based upon timing recovery moment strengths. A stable timing point may be determined in the presence of PMD and PDL...

Method and apparatus for compensating polarization mode dispersion
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for compensating polarization mode dispersion. The method mainly includes: extracting an SOP (state of polarization) and a PMD (polarization mode dispersion) value of an optical signal, generating an SOP control signal according to the SOP, and adjusting the SOP of...

In-service optical dispersion determining system and method
A system and method for in-service optical dispersion determination are provided. Optical dispersion is determined by splitting a first optical signal into two components, introducing a time delay between the two components such that corresponding pulses of the two components partially overlap, combining the two components to generate a combined optical...

System and method for frequency-domain chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion compensation with time-domain channel estimation
A system and method are disclosed which compensate for chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion in a digital signal. The signal is adjusted for chromatic dispersion in the frequency-domain. The signal is then converted to the time-domain and at least a portion of the signal is estimated to produce channel parameters....

Multi-stage polarization mode dispersion compensation
A polarization mode dispersion compensator that includes two stages, one for reducing or eliminating first order polarization mode dispersion of an optical signal, and second stage for reducing or eliminating higher order polarization mode dispersion of the optical signal. In each stage, the polarization is adjusted so as to reduce polarization...

Pmd-insensitive method of chromatic dispersion estimation for a coherent receiver
Consistent with the present disclosure, a method and system for estimating chromatic dispersion of an optical signal in a coherent receiver is provided that is insensitive to polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and other polarization effects in the optical communication system. The effects of chromatic dispersion in the optical system are estimated...

Method and system for a polarization mode dispersion tolerant optical homodyne detection system with optimized transmission modulation
An optical homodyne communication system and method in which a side carrier is transmitted along with data bands in an optical data signal, and upon reception, the side carrier is boosted, shifted to the center of the data bands, and its polarization state is matched to the polarization state of the...

Interferometer with a fiber optic having a high pmd in coupled mode, fiber optic gyroscope (fog), and inertial navigation system including such a gyroscope
Disclosed is a fiber optic interferometer including: a wideband optical source having a decoherence time τDC; a coil including N turns of a fiber optic with length L; an optical element separating the incident beam into first and second beams coupled to first and second ends of the fiber respectively, so...

Apparatus and method for monitoring an optical coherent network
An example method determines at an optical network monitoring device whether a value for at least one parameter that characterizes an optical signal which traverses a link of an optical coherent network is above a corresponding threshold and sets an alarm indicator when the value is larger than the corresponding threshold....

Adaptive pmd equalizer and implementation
Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in a dual-pole optical communications network is compensated for using an adaptive PMD equalizer. The PMD equalizer may include a number of substantially identical filter modules that provide partial outputs which may be combined to form a PMD compensated output. A constant modulus algorithm (CMA)-based equalizer may...

Digital demodulator architecture
Methods, systems, and devices are described for a digital demodulator device for processing received optical signals. The device may include a quadrature error filter that receives a digitized version of an optical signal, and removes quadrature errors to generate a filtered series of data samples. The device may also include a...

Liquid crystal optical device configured to reduce polarization dependent loss and polarization mode dispersion
An LC-based optical device compensates for differences in optical path lengths of polarization components of input beam. As a result, PDL and PMD of the optical device are reduced. The compensation mechanism may be a glass plate that is disposed in an optical path of a polarization component so that the...

Pmd and chromatic dispersion tolerant clock recovery
Consistent with the present disclosure, a method and system for detecting a clock phase of an optical signal in a coherent receiver is provided that is insensitive to polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and other polarization effects in the optical communication system. The clock phase of the received signal is estimated by...

System for monitoring all-optical polarization having a contra-propagating pump beam
The present invention relates to a system () for stabilizing the polarization of an input light beam (), including a means () for optically guiding the input light beam (). In said system, the optical guide means () has Kerr nonlinearity and low polarization mode dispersion. Additionally, said system () also...

Systems and methods for polarization mode dispersion mitigation
In one exemplary embodiment, a method comprises transmitting an optical signal via the optical line, measuring a relative change in spectral intensity of the optical signal near a clock frequency (or half of that frequency) while varying a polarization of the optical signal between a first state of polarization and a...

Blind equalization algorithms for adaptive polarization recovery and pmd compensation
A device and method are disclosed for blind equalization of an optical signal to implement adaptive polarization recovery, Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) compensation, and residual Chromatic Dispersion (CD) compensation in a digital coherent optical communication system....

Apparatus and a method for generating, compensating and emulating polarization mode dispersion
A polarization mode dispersion (PMD) generating apparatus includes a polarization plane controller; a unit function block including a first differential group delay (DGD) generator, a first mode mixer, and a second DGD generator, a second mode mixer and a reflective mirror, which are arranged in this order from the input side...

Methods and systems for predicting an optical fiber performance parameter
A method for predicting polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in an installed optical fiber. Values of PMD are measured for a first optical fiber at various points in time during the manufacture and installation of the first optical fiber. Values of PMD are identified that correspond to sensitive ones of the various...

Polarization mode dispersion measurement by observation of data-bearing signals
Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for measuring or otherwise calculating polarization mode dispersion (PMD) of an optical fiber, or other device, by comparing the optical signal through the PMD element with the optical signal obtained directly from the transmitter, and calculating the PMD from the discrepancy between the...

Polarization mode dispersion generating device, method for generating polarization mode dispersion and polarization mode dispersion compensating device
It is possible to implement a PMD generating function which can set a PMD vector for each wavelength over wide wavelength bands and which has a simple control algorithm. A PCD and a DR can be controlled independently because the PMD can be set for each wavelength. Input signal light ...

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