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Polarity patents


This page is updated frequently with new Polarity-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polarity-related patents
 Printed circuit board and display device having the same patent thumbnailPrinted circuit board and display device having the same
A circuit board, including a plurality of wiring lines extending along a first direction and arranged side by side along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; a plurality of pads having a predetermined length along the first direction, the plurality of pads being on the wiring lines; ground pad outside the pads, the wiring lines including first wiring lines delivering a positive polarity signal and second wiring lines delivering a negative polarity signal, the pads including first pads on the first wiring lines and second pads on the second wiring lines, and a cross-sectional area of each wiring line being substantially equal to that of each pad.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Controller of an electric motor patent thumbnailController of an electric motor
A controller for an electric motor includes a protective circuit for limiting current or for polarity reversal protection, the protective circuit including a field effect transistor having a gate. The protective circuit further includes a control unit for providing a control voltage for the gate, a smoothing capacitor for charge storage being provided at the gate..
Robert Basch Gmbh

 Power conversion apparatus patent thumbnailPower conversion apparatus
According to one embodiment, a controller determines the polarity of the input voltage detected by an input voltage detector. Then, when the polarity of the input voltage is positive, the first switch is subject to pulse driving, and when the polarity of the input voltage is negative, the second switch is subject to pulse driving, where the pulse driving is carried out at an on/off timing determined on the basis of the respective detection outputs of an input voltage detector, an input current detector, an output voltage detector, and an output current detector..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

 Power conversion apparatus patent thumbnailPower conversion apparatus
A power conversion apparatus includes an inductor inserted between a secondary winding and a switching device, and an auxiliary switching device inserted between the secondary winding and the switching device in parallel to the inductor. The auxiliary switching device is in an off state in a power supply mode in which an output voltage and an output current of a connector have the same polarity.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Laminated thermoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method therefor patent thumbnailLaminated thermoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method therefor
A laminated thermoelectric conversion element is configured to generate electricity from a difference in temperature with respect to a heat-transfer direction. The thermoelectric conversion element includes opposed first and second surfaces which extend in the heat-transfer direction.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Carrier for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip and optoelectronic component patent thumbnailCarrier for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip and optoelectronic component
A carrier (1) for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip comprising: (2) base body (10), which comprises a first main surface (10a) and a second main surface (10b), at least one recess (11), which is introduced into the base body (10) and completely penetrates the base body (10) from the first main surface to the second main surface, and a filler material (12), which is introduced into the at least one recess (11). The base body (10) is formed using silicon of a first conductivity type.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

 Photoresist pattern trimming methods patent thumbnailPhotoresist pattern trimming methods
Provided are methods of trimming photoresist patterns. The methods involve coating a photoresist trimming composition over a photoresist pattern, wherein the trimming composition includes a matrix polymer, a thermal acid generator and a solvent, the trimming composition being free of cross-linking agents.
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Llc

 Semiconductor memory device patent thumbnailSemiconductor memory device
A semiconductor memory device has at least one memory cell using a resistance variable element, and a control circuit which controls writing to and reading from the memory cell. Operations by the control circuit include a first writing operation, a second writing operation, and a rewriting operation.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Method of driving touch panel, capacitance-type touch panel, and display apparatus with touch detection function patent thumbnailMethod of driving touch panel, capacitance-type touch panel, and display apparatus with touch detection function
A capacitance-type touch panel, allowing disturbance noise and touch detection time to be reduced and having a simple configuration, is provided. The capacitance-type touch panel including: a plurality of drive electrodes each having a strip shape; a drive control circuit performing control such that a drive signal for touch detection is selectively applied to the drive electrodes; a plurality of touch detection electrodes arranged to intersect with the drive electrodes in such a manner that capacitance is formed in each intersecting part, and each outputting a detection signal in synchronization with the drive signal; and a detection circuit detecting an external proximity object based on the detection signal.
Japan Display, Inc.

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes development sections having development rollers, photosensitive drums, primary transfer rollers disposed opposite to the photosensitive drums in one-to-one correspondence, an intermediate transfer belt, and a voltage application section. The voltage application section includes a first voltage application section and a second voltage application section.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes a display panel including a display device; and a light transmission control panel disposed to face one side of the display panel and configured to control a transmission amount of visible rays incident from the outside or visible rays generated from the display panel. The light transmission control panel includes a base member; a first electrode disposed on the base member; a second electrode disposed to face the first electrode; a polar fluid disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, having a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface characteristic, and having an electric polarity; and a blocking member disposed between the polar fluid and the first electrode, having an opposite surface characteristic to a surface characteristic of the polar fluid, and including a fluid configured to block at least some of the visible rays..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Microplates for magnetic 3d culture

Devices for magnetic 3d culture are described including magnetic lids/bases for single petri plates and adjustable height cap for same. Similar devices for multi-magnet culture plates wherein multiwell plates have all adjacent magnets orientated in the opposite polarity, and methods of making same..
Nano3d Biosciences, Inc


A high density distributed three-dimensional electrode device

A high-density distributed three-dimensional electrode device, comprising an electrode array and an electrode fixing assembly on which the electrode array is fixed, the electrode array comprising a plurality of electrodes respectively applied with an electric pulse of a first polarity and an electric pulse of a second polarity according to a time period, wherein the electrodes corresponding to the electric pulse of the second polarity are distributed around the electrodes corresponding to the electric pulse of the first polarity.. .
Etta Biotech Co., Ltd


Ion exchange based volatile component removal device for ion chromatography

A method, device, and system for removing a volatile component from a liquid solution for a chromatographic separation are described. The method includes the flowing of a liquid solution through a first chamber of the device.
Dionex Corporation


Low-profile, low-frequency, and low-impedance broad-band ultrasound transducer and methods thereof

An ultrasound transducer and a method of making this transducer, where the transducer includes at least two piezoelectric elements, oriented adjacent to each other in a stack. Each piezoelectric element includes a first surface which includes an electrode of a first polarity, a second surface which includes an electrode of a second polarity, a thickness between the first surface and the second surface, and an ultrasound transmitting surface.
Zetroz, Inc.


Interchangeable image display system and method to create

An interchangeable image display system includes a rigid hard backboard including a backboard front side coated with a protective finish and including at least one photo area, and a backboard back side opposite the backboard front side; one or more rigid hard photo tiles including a photo tile front including an image infused into metal; and a photo tile back; two or more first polarity magnets fixedly attached to the back board front side in each photo area in a first pattern; and two or more second polarity magnets fixedly attached to each of the photo tiles on the photo tile back in a second pattern the mirror image of the first pattern; the second polarity magnets attracted, and removeably attachable to the first polarity magnets.. .


Monitor photodiode multiplexer for integrated photonic switches

System and method embodiments are provided for monitor photodiode multiplexers for integrated photonic switches. Embodiment monitor photodiode multiplexers provide simplified control circuits, reduced power consumption, and improved manufacturability as compared to other solutions.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Asymmetric hysteretic controllers

An asymmetric hysteretic controller comprises an analog comparator coupled with a fast slew rate dac, or a digital comparator coupled with an adc plus some digital control logic. The comparator, analog or digital, operates as a sequential windowed comparator having high and low limits.
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Wireless charger circuit and method

A charging system for a mobile device includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes (a) a first interface to a power source; (b) a second interface to the receiver; (c) a polarity detection circuit for detecting polarities of the; and (d) first and second switches controlled by the polarity detection circuit, wherein each switch selectively connects a terminal of the first interface to a terminal of the second interface.
Silicon Spread Corporation


A producing a battery and battery

The invention relates to an accumulator having a plurality of electrode plates which are adjacently arranged and form at least one electrode plate stack in the form of a block, wherein each electrode plate comprises a frame having a grid arranged therein and wherein at least the grid is filled with an active mass, and wherein each electrode plate comprises at least one connecting lug protruding beyond the frame, wherein the connecting lugs of same-polarity electrode plates are arranged adjacent to one another in a row, wherein the connecting lugs adjacently arranged in a row are materially bonded together electrically and mechanically into a connecting lug block by at least one weld or solder point arranged between the connecting lugs. The invention furthermore relates to a method for manufacturing an accumulator,.
Johnson Controls Autobatterie Gmbh & Co. Kg


Traction battery busbar carriers for pouch battery cells

A vehicle including an array of pouch battery cells, a pair of carriers, and a plurality of busbars is provided. The array of pouch battery cells may each have terminal tabs of opposite polarity extending from opposing cell faces.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Reduced scale resonant tunneling field effect transistor

An embodiment includes a heterojunction tunneling field effect transistor including a source, a channel, and a drain; wherein (a) the channel includes a major axis, corresponding to channel length, and a minor axis that corresponds to channel width and is orthogonal to the major axis; (b) the channel length is less than 10 nm long; (c) the source is doped with a first polarity and has a first conduction band; (d) the drain is doped with a second polarity, which is opposite the first polarity, and the drain has a second conduction band with higher energy than the first conduction band. Other embodiments are described herein..
Intel Corporation


Systems and methods for calibrating gain in an electron multiplier

Method for operating a mass spectrometer includes supplying a quantity of ions to an ion detector. The ion detector can include a conversion dynode operating in a first polarity and an electron multiplier.
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Low forming voltage non-volatile storage device

A three-dimensional array of memory elements that reversibly change a level of electrical conductance in response to a voltage difference being applied across them. The memory elements can be set to a low resistance state and reset to a high resistance state during standard operation by biasing appropriate voltages on the word lines and bit lines.
Sandisk 3d Llc


Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof

A liquid crystal display device, including: pixels; data lines and scan lines coupled to the pixels; and a driver configured to supply a scan signal to the scan lines, and supply a data voltage to the data lines. The data lines include first to third data lines, to which a data voltage having a positive polarity is supplied, and which are adjacent to each other, and fourth to sixth data lines, to which a data voltage having a negative polarity is supplied, and which are adjacent to each other..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Optical interconnection assemblies and systems for high-speed data-rate optical transport systems

Fiber optic assemblies and systems for high-speed data-rate optical transport systems are disclosed that allow for optically interconnecting active assemblies to a trunk cable in a polarization-preserving manner. The fiber optic assembly includes at least first and second multifiber connectors each having respective pluralities of first and second ports that define respective pluralities of at least first and second groups of at least two ports each.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Method and system for simultaneous acquisition of pressure and pressure derivative data with ghost diversity

A marine streamer spread for acquiring seismic data, the spread including a streamer having a first portion and a second portion; the first portion including both first pressure sensors and pressure derivative sensors for acquiring the seismic data; and the second portion including second pressure sensors. The first portion imparts ghost diversity to the seismic data by having a variable-depth profile and the pressure derivative sensors impart polarity diversity to the seismic data..
Cgg Services Sa


Current sensor and smart meter

A full bridge circuit comprises first to fourth magnetic resistance elements. The first and fourth magnetic resistance elements have a first polarity, while the second and third magnetic resistance elements have a second polarity.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Knitting spirality stabilizer

Knitting spirality stabilizer constituted of the main frame and the internal mechanism (removable capsule). The main body of the machine is constituted of the frame (1) in which is placed a circle pattern constituted of two rings, one constant (2) and one removable (3).


Actuator controller to controllably supply dc power to a bi-directional electromechanical actuator

An actuator controller to controllably supply dc power to a bi-directional electromechanical actuator is provided. The controller includes a first circuit to receive power and direction command signals from a remote electronic control unit through a vehicle-based bus.
Means Industries, Inc.


Multi frequency and multi polarity complex impedance measurements to assess ablation lesions

A method of assessing a tissue ablation treatment, including positioning a medical device adjacent a target tissue; measuring a first impedance magnitude a first frequency with the medical device; measuring a first impedance phase at a second frequency with the medical device; ablating at least a portion of the target tissue with the medical device; measuring at second impedance magnitude at a third frequency with the medical device; measuring a second impedance phase at a fourth frequency with the medical device; comparing at least one of (i) the first and second impedance magnitudes and (ii) the first and second impedance phases; and providing an indication of the efficacy of the ablation treatment based at least in part on the comparison.. .
Medtronic Ablation Frontiers Llc


High-efficiency (he) station and configurating he packets with long and short preamble formats

Apparatuses, methods, and computer readable media are disclosed. A he station may include circuity.


Sensorless rotor angle detection circuit and a permanent magnet synchronous machine

An estimate of the initial position of a rotor is made by monitoring sensed motor current signals which are amplitude and phase modulated with the rotor flux position in response to a high frequency voltage signal injection. The motor current signals are envelope detected to determine zero crossing points.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Wireless power receiver and wireless power transferring method

Disclosed is a wireless power receiver to transfer power wirelessly received from a wireless power transmitter to a load. The wireless power receiver includes a first reception induction coil coupled with a reception resonant coil to receive ac power; a first rectifying diode to rectify the ac power received through the first reception induction coil; a second reception induction coil connected to the first reception induction coil and coupled with the reception resonant coil to receive the ac power; and a second rectifying diode to rectify the ac power received through the second reception induction coil, wherein the wireless power receiver changes a transferring path of the power provided to the load according to a polarity variation of the ac power received through the first and second reception induction coils..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Clock generator circuit of liquid crystal display device and operation method thereof

A clock generator circuit of a liquid display panel includes a charge sharing switch unit, a first capacitor, a first switch, a second switch, a third switch and a fourth switch. The charge sharing switch unit is configured to receive control signals and accordingly output a first-polarity voltage to the first capacitor.
Au Optronics Corp.


Goa circuit, array substrate, and display device and driving method

There are provided a goa circuit, an array substrate, a display device and a driving method. The goa circuit includes clock signal input lines and more than two goa units connected in cascade, wherein each of the goa units includes a selection signal output sub-unit and a selection sub-unit; the selection signal output sub-unit is configured to receive a source signal, and output a selection signal in accordance with the source signal; the selection sub-unit receives the selection signal and n clock signals, and outputs the received signal in accordance with the selection signal; and the clock signal input lines are no less than a number of n, and are configured to input the clock signals to the selection sub-unit, where n is an integer number which is higher than or equal to two.
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Field sequential liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof

The present disclosure discloses a field sequential liquid crystal display device and a method for driving the same. The method comprises: providing a color field sequential signal, so that a backlight module generates a plurality of color fields in one frame period; providing, when each of the color fields is valid, a data driving signal to each sub-pixel unit of a pixel so as to activate the sub-pixel units corresponding to a respective color field; wherein the polarity of the data driving signal is periodically reversed, so that voltage waveform of the data driving signal is symmetrical relative to a common reference voltage..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a photosensitive drum; a charger; an intermediary transfer belt; a transfer member; a constant voltage element; a switch for selectively providing a first state using the constant voltage element and a second state not using the constant voltage element; a voltage source for applying a current to the constant voltage element by applying a voltage of a second polarity opposite the first polarity to the transfer member to form a secondary electric field in the secondary-transfer position and a primary electric field in the primary transfer position; and a controller for executing an adjustment applying the second polarity voltage to the transfer member when neither the primary-transfer operation nor the secondary-transfer is carried out, wherein the controller provides the second state using the switching portion in a period in which the second polarity voltage is applied to the transfer member.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a belt, a plurality of image forming devices including a photosensitive member, a developing device, a transfer device and a blade, and a control device configured to form a pattern image on a first photosensitive member, when an image to be printed on a sheet is not formed, by applying a developing voltage to a first developing device, an absolute value thereof is greater than that when an image to be printed on a sheet is formed, transfer the pattern image onto the belt and apply a transfer voltage or transfer current having the same polarity as that applied to a second transfer device when an image to be printed on a sheet is formed to the second transfer device when the pattern image to be conveyed by the belt passes the second transfer device.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a photosensitive member, a charging member for electrically charging the photosensitive member to a first polarity, an intermediary transfer belt, a transfer member, a constant-voltage element, a voltage source, and a controller for executing an adjusting operation for applying at least a voltage of a second polarity, opposite to the first polarity from the voltage source to the transfer member during non-image formation in which both of primary transfer and secondary transfer are not effected. When the voltage of the second polarity is applied from the voltage source to the transfer member in the adjusting operation, the controller continuously applies the voltage for a time corresponding to a substantially integer multiple of a time required for one full turn of the photosensitive member..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image display device using diffractive element

An image display device includes a display panel displaying an image, and a diffractive element formed to operate in a 2d mode or a 3d mode so that the image of the display panel is perceived as a 2d image or a 3d image after passing through the diffractive element. In the image display device, the diffractive element includes a first substrate and a second substrate facing each other, a first electrode layer formed on the first substrate that includes a plurality of zones, a second electrode layer formed on the second substrate, and a liquid crystal layer interposed between the first substrate and the second substrate.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd


Hard coat film, polarizing plate, and touch panel display

There is provided a hard coat film having a hard coat layer made from a hard coat layer forming composition on at least one side of a transparent support. The hard coat layer forming composition includes a resin which has a repeating unit including, in a same side chain thereof, at least one selected from a fluorine atom and a silicon atom, and a polarity conversion group capable of being hydrolyzed by the action of an alkali solution to increase the hydrophilicity..
Fujifilm Corporation


Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (icd) system having multiple common polarity extravascular defibrillation electrodes

This disclosure provides an extravascular icd system and method for defibrillating a heart of a patient. The extravascular icd system includes multiple extravascular electrical stimulation leads or lead segments located in close proximity to one another and having respective defibrillation electrodes.
Medtronic, Inc.


Merged battery cell with interleaved electrodes

A battery having the electrodes of multiple battery cell types are interleaved to prevent thermal runaway by cooling a shorted region between electrodes. The electrodes of each of the battery cell types with a first polarity share a pair of the common electrodes having a second polarity.
Amperex Technology Limited


Resistive random access memory and producing same

A resistive random access memory includes two electrode layers and a resistive switching layer mounted between the two electrode layers. The resistive switching layer consists essentially of insulating material with oxygen, metal material, and mobile ions.
National Sun Yat-sen University


Mass spectrometer

In a pause time assigned for switching voltage applied to a quadrupole mass filter or other ion transport optical system so as to switch the mass-to-charge ratio of a target ion in an sim measurement, the polarity of direct-current voltage applied to a pre-quadrupole mass filter is temporarily reversed. The voltage polarity reversal time is changed according to length of the pause time so that the ion intensity can sufficiently rise by the time the next dwell time begins.
Shimadzu Corporation


Waveform for improved energy control of sputtered species

This disclosure describes systems and methods for regulating the density and kinetic energy of ions in a sputtering deposition chamber. A pulsed dc waveform with a modulated rf signal is generated and applied to the sputtering chamber.


Electro-optic apparatus, control electro-optic apparatus, and electronic device

An electro-optic apparatus includes a control circuit that performs control such that, during a period when one of the scanning lines is selected, the selection circuit selects all of the k data lines during each of a first pre-charge period and a second pre-charge period that are provided in series prior to a period when the data voltages, which are time-division multiplexed in the video signal, are to be supplied to the k data lines and the selected k data lines are supplied with, during the first pre-charge period, a voltage having a predetermined polarity and, during the second pre-charge period, a voltage having the same polarity as identical polarities of the data voltages to be supplied during the period subsequent to the second pre-charge period.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Data driver and organic light emitting diode display device using the same

A data driver and a display device using the same are disclosed. The data driver includes a digital to analog conversion unit for converting a digital signal into either a positive polarity analog signal or a negative polarity analog signal, and an output circuit unit for outputting either the positive polarity analog signal or the negative polarity analog signal, as an output signal, to a transistor that supplies a current to an organic light emitting diode (oled)..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Inversion balancing compensation

System and method for improving displayed image quality of an electronic display that displays a first image frame by applying a first voltage to a display pixel and a second image frame directly before the first image frame by applying a second voltage to the display pixel. A display pipeline is communicatively coupled to the electronic display and receives first image data corresponding with the first image frame, where the image data includes a first grayscale value corresponding with the display pixel.
Apple Inc.


Naked-eye 3d liquid crystal display panel and driving the same

A naked-eye 3d liquid crystal display panel and a driving method for the same are provided. The naked-eye 3d liquid crystal display panel includes a first substrate, a second substrate disposed oppositely, and a liquid crystal layer.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Noise reduction during selective mr excitation

In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus for creating an optimizing pulse sequence for selective rf excitation in the magnetic resonance apparatus, the pulse sequence has an excitation event block, which has an rf pulse and a selection gradient. Nuclear spins are excited in a predefined volume section in a predetermined manner by this excitation event block, which is designed to so that the spins inside the volume section have the same phase position after the excitation event block of the pulse sequence.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Locomotion of amorphous surface robots

An amorphous robot includes a compartmented bladder containing fluid, a valve assembly, and an outer layer encapsulating the bladder and valve assembly. The valve assembly draws fluid from a compartment(s) and discharges the drawn fluid into a designated compartment to displace the designated compartment with respect to the surface.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Light string

A light string includes a plurality of lights and a plurality of non-polarity capacitor corresponding to the lights; wherein, the lights are electrically connected in series and to be powered by an ac power supply; each of the non-polarity capacitor is connected in parallel to a corresponding one of the lights. When the light string is powered on, the non-polarity capacitor is charged and absorbs the surge current which may occur.


Single-phase photovoltaic inverter

Disclosed are a single-phase photovoltaic inverter and a control method thereof in which a small insulated transformer and an ordinary current transformer are used to measure a leakage current instead of a high-priced current transformer that is only used to measure a leakage current. The single-phase photovoltaic inverter that converts dc electric power supplied from a single-phase photovoltaic module into ac electric power includes an input terminal including a first input terminal connecting to a positive polarity of the single-phase photovoltaic module and a second input terminal connecting to a negative polarity of the single-phase photovoltaic module, an inverter unit configured to convert dc electric power supplied through the input terminal into ac electric power and supply the converted ac electric power to a grid, and a leakage current measuring unit connected in parallel with the inverter unit and configured to measure a leakage current delivered through the input terminal..


Multi-layered terminal having thermal fuse for a traction battery cell

A vehicle traction battery assembly which may include an array of battery cells is provided. Each of the cells includes terminals of opposite polarity.


Highly densified pv module

In an example, a photovoltaic (pv) module includes multiple pv cells, a continuous backsheet, a circuit card, and a buried first polarity contact. The pv cells are arranged in rows and columns.


Method for reading a third-dimensional embedded re-writeable non-volatile memory and registers

A non-volatile register includes register logic connected with first and second ends of a memory element. The register logic is positioned below the memory element.


Method for programming switching element

In order to realize a switching element that is highly reliable and can be highly integrated, in a method for programming a switching element of the present invention, programming of the switching element is performed by increasing or decreasing a resistance value r of a resistive-change film by applying a first pulse voltage to a first electrode or a second electrode, a measurement of the resistance value r is performed, verification in which it is determined whether or not the measured resistance value r is equal to a desired value is performed, and reprogramming of the switching element is performed by applying a second pulse voltage whose polarity is the same as that of the first pulse voltage to the same electrode to which the first pulse voltage is applied on the basis of the resistance value r when the resistance value r is not equal to the desired value.. .


Dual polarity read operation

A data storage device includes a memory die and a controller coupled to the memory die. The memory die includes a resistive memory and read/write circuitry configured to determine a first hard bit value and a second hard bit value of a storage element of the resistive memory.


Method of driving display panel, display panel driving performing the method and display apparatus having the display panel driving apparatus

A method of driving a display panel includes applying gate signals to gate lines of the display panel that extend in a first direction. A plurality of data lines extends in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearer to bear a toner image on a surface thereof, a transfer device to contact the image bearer to form a transfer nip, and a power source to output a voltage to transfer the toner image from the image bearer onto a recording medium interposed at the transfer nip. The voltage including a first voltage in a transfer direction in which the toner image is transferred from the image bearer to the recording medium and a second voltage having a polarity opposite that of the first voltage.


Lift assist systems and methods

Provides are lift assist systems and methods that employ the angular momentum generated by drive bodies travelling along curvilinear guide tracks to provide a lifting force. The tracks and bodies can be positioned on heavy objects to provide lift reducing an energy requirement associated with moving such heavy objects.


Wiring board with built-in electronic component and manufacturing the same

A wiring board with a built-in electronic component includes a substrate having cavity, an insulating layer formed on the substrate such that the insulating layer is covering the cavity, a conductor layer formed on the insulating layer, and an electronic component accommodated in the cavity and including a rectangular cuboid body and terminal electrodes such that each electrode has a metal film form formed on outer surface of the body, and via conductors formed in the insulating layer such that the via conductors are connecting the conductor layer and electrodes. The electrodes are arrayed in a matrix having rows and columns such that adjacent electrodes in row and column directions have the opposite polarities, and the conductor layer includes a line pattern shunting first group of the electrodes in one polarity and a solid pattern shunting second group of the electrodes in the other polarity..


Dc-excited synchronous electric motor

In a dc-excited synchronous electric motor in which a field system is excited by using an exciting core, in order to obtain large torque density and output density, the effective area of air gaps, through which an armature and a field system face each other, is increased. The armature of a stator 300a (300b) is arranged to face a side surface in a radial direction and two side surfaces in an axial direction of the rotor 200a (200b), with air gaps, respectively.


Assembled battery and manufacturing method thereof

A combined battery (100) comprising a plurality of flat-type cells (10a to 10f) by laminating thereof so that polarity of electrode tabs (11a to 11f and 12a to 12f) is alternately set, wherein welding parts to connect in series the flat cells themselves, to compose a set when all the flat-type cells (10a to 10f) are laminated, are separated at a plurality of positions of the combined battery, and the flat-type cells having such a structure that all the flat-type cells are electrically connected in series by welding each of the welding parts.. .


Method of fabricating a mim capacitor with minimal voltage coefficient and a decoupling mim capacitor and analog/rf mim capacitor on the same chip with high-k dielectrics

Methods for fabricating mim capacitors with low vcc or decoupling and analog/rf capacitors on a single chip and the resulting devices are provided. Embodiments include forming: first and second metal lines in a substrate; a first electrode over, but insulated from, the first metal line; a first high-k dielectric layer on the first electrode, the first high-k dielectric layer having a coefficient α; a second electrode on the first high-k dielectric layer and over a portion of the first electrode; a second high-k dielectric layer on the second electrode, the second high-k dielectric layer having a coefficient α′ opposite in polarity but substantially equal in magnitude to α; a third electrode on the second high-k dielectric layer over the entire first electrode; and a metal-filled via through a dielectric layer down to the first metal line, and a metal-filled via through the dielectric layer down to the second metal line..


Display apparatus

A display apparatus including a display panel comprises a plurality of pixel sets, wherein each of the plurality of pixel sets comprises a plurality of pixel rows formed of 8i pixels (where i is a natural number) and each of the pixels is any one of first to fourth pixels displaying different colors. Pixels displaying identical color in a first pixel row among the pixel rows of each of the plurality of pixel sets have identical polarity, and have polarities different from those of pixels displaying identical color and disposed in a second pixel row adjacent to the first pixel row.


Detection circuit and a liquid crystal display

A detection circuit and a detection method for liquid crystal display are provided. The detection circuit comprises a gate driver for providing row scan signal to liquid crystal cell to be detected; a signal source for providing polarity inversion signal to source driver; a source driver for performing digital-analogue conversion on received display data signal according to preset reference voltage and polarity inversion signal, generating pixel voltage signal, and sending pixel voltage signal to liquid crystal cell to be detected.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a latent image bearer; a charger; an exposure device; a developing device; a potential detector to detect a surface potential at a detection position between an exposure position and a development position on the latent image bearer in a direction of rotation of the latent image bearer; and a potential controller to determine an image forming condition. The potential controller includes a potential calculator to calculate an exposed area potential based on a detected potential smaller in charging polarity than a potential threshold, out of the detected surface potential, and a threshold determiner to set the potential threshold between the exposed area potential and an unexposed area potential of the latent image bearer based on at least one of a change in the unexposed area potential, a change with time of the latent image bearer, and a change in an ambient condition..


Liquid crystal display panel, driving the same and display device

A liquid crystal display panel includes an upper substrate and a lower substrate arranged opposite to each other, a liquid crystal layer disposed between the upper and lower substrates, a first electrode on the upper substrate facing the lower substrate side, and a second electrode and a third electrode on the lower substrate facing the upper substrate and electrically insulated from each other. The first, second and third electrodes are connected respectively to first, second and third voltages.


Peak voltage detector and related generating an envelope voltage

A peak detector circuit receives an oscillating power supply signal. A capacitor is selectably coupled to the signal and charged to a value corresponding to a peak value of the signal.


Vehicle air purifying simultaneously reducing harmful gas and particles

A vehicle air purifying apparatus is provided. The vehicle air purifying apparatus includes: a charger configured to discharge positive (+) ions or negative (−) ions to charge particles included in harmful gas; a removable collecting electrode configured to have positive (+) or negative (−) polarity to allow the particles charged by the charger to be attached thereto; and a filter configured to filter harmful gas and have positive (+) or negative (−) polarity, and the filter is formed in a tubular shape having an empty space therein and the removable collecting electrode is inserted into the filter..


Diamond abrasive recovery method

A diamond abrasive recovery method in which diamond abrasive is recovered from polishing material slurry including diamond abrasive used for polishing a polishing target mainly composed of silicon. The method comprises (1) recovering polishing material slurry including the used diamond abrasive; (2) adding inorganic salt including a metallic element which is to be a divalent or trivalent cation to the recovered polishing material slurry to aggregate the diamond abrasive and separating a supernatant liquid from a diamond abrasive included dispersion medium; and (3) extracting diamond abrasive from the separated diamond abrasive included dispersion medium using a low polarity dispersion medium..


N-phase phase and polarity encoded serial interface

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate transmission of data, particularly between two devices within an electronic apparatus. Information is transmitted in n-phase polarity encoded symbols.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and calibrating comparator offset of successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter

A circuit and method compensates for comparator offset in a successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter. The circuit includes a multiplexed sampler to sample either a common mode voltage or an input signal.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


Photosensor with channel region having center contact

A pixel cell includes a charge accumulation region having a second doping polarity buried completely in a semiconductor substrate having a first doping polarity beneath a first surface. The charge accumulation region accumulates image charge in response to light directed through a second surface.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Method of writing to a spin torque magnetic random access memory

A spin-torque magnetoresistive memory includes array read circuits and array write circuits coupled to an array of magnetic bits. The array read circuits sample magnetic bits in the array, apply a write current pulse to the magnetic bits to set them to a first logic state, resample the magnetic bits, and comparing the results of sampling and resampling to determine the bit state for each magnetic bit.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Differential current measurements to determine ion current in the presence of leakage current

An ion chamber provides a current representative of its characteristics as affected by external conditions, e.g., clean air or smoke. A direct current (dc) voltage is applied to the ion chamber at a first polarity and the resulting current through the ion chamber and parasitic leakage current is measured at the first polarity, then the dc voltage is applied to the ion chamber at a second polarity opposite the first polarity, and the resulting current through the ion chamber and parasitic leakage current is measured at the second polarity.
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Touch analog front end and touch sensor controller having the same

A touch analog front-end (afe) and a touch sensor controller (tsc) are provided. The touch afe includes a transmitter configured to charge a touch panel and a receiver configured to sense the touch panel.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Universal opto-coupled voltage system

A system for providing one or more voltages at predetermined magnitudes. The system may be supplied with power having a range of voltage magnitudes without affecting the predetermined magnitudes of the one or more voltages provided by the system and without a need to change circuitry of the system.
Honeywell International Inc.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member, a charging member, a charging voltage source, an electrostatic image forming portion, a developing device, a developing voltage source, a transfer portion, a transfer voltage source, and a controller. During image formation, the toner remaining on the image bearing member after transfer is collected into the developing device while forming an image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Resist pattern-forming method

A resist pattern-forming method includes applying a resist underlayer film-forming composition to a substrate to form a resist underlayer film. The resist underlayer film-forming composition includes (a) a polysiloxane.
Jsr Corporation


Single coaxial interface for magnetic resonace (mr) coils

A magnetic resonance (mr) coil array (26, 28) connected by way of a single transmission line (46, 48) is provided. The mr coil array (26, 28) includes a coil element (34) and a corresponding coil element circuit (32).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Apparatus and magnetic sensor based surface shape analysis spatial positioning in a uniform magnetic field

A device has a flexible substrate supporting an array of magnetic sensors exposed to a uniform external magnetic field. One or more controllers receive magnetic sensor signals from the magnetic sensors.
Crocus Technology Inc.


Conversion of pharmaceuticals and chemicals into different compounds by polarity reversal electrolysis

A polarity-reversal electrolysis process. The process uses a reactor that has at least one pair of spaced electrodes, and a controlled polarity-reversing power supply that is constructed and arranged to provide polarity-reversed power to the electrodes.


Delay adjustment

There is disclosed an envelope tracking amplification stage comprising an input path and an envelope path and a delay stage in one of the input path and the envelope path, the delay of the delay stage being determined in dependence on the slope polarity of a signal representing the input and whether the signal in the input path leads or lags the signal in the envelope path.. .
Snaptrack, Inc.


Controlling polarity in an active balancing system for a battery

A device includes a transformer, a controller, and a switch coupled between the transformer and the controller. The transformer has a primary coil and a secondary coil.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Polarity topics: Spectrometer, Accommodation, Portable Computer, Control Unit, Carbon Atoms, Functional Groups, Hydrocarbon, Condensation, Compaction, Water Purification, Ion Mobility, Spectrometry, Relaxation, Mass Spectrometer, Adsorption

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