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Polarity patents


This page is updated frequently with new Polarity-related patent applications.

new patent Headset management by microphone terminal characteristic detection
A headset power management system provides robust and low-power operation by detecting various connection conditions by measuring a voltage at the microphone terminal with and without injection of current from the headset. A power management circuit controls an operating state of the headset using a microphone terminal voltage detector and can determine whether a short circuit is present indicating a connection to a device that does not have a microphone input, a negative polarity voltage is present indicating that the device may be determining a connection and type of the headset using the microphone terminal, a normal connection, or whether the headset is not connected to a device at all.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

new patent Dual polarized electronically steerable parasitic antenna radiator (espar)
An electronically steerable antenna with dual polarization is provided, as well as a method for steering such an antenna. An example antenna may include a driven patch element having dual polarity for radiating or receiving a first beam with a first polarization and radiating or receiving a second beam with a second polarization.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

new patent Self-supporting thin-film battery and manufacturing such a battery
A self-supporting thin-film battery is manufacture by forming on the upper surface of a support substrate a vertical active stack having as a lower layer a metal layer having formed therein a first contact terminal of a first polarity of the battery and having formed therein as an upper layer a metal layer having a second contact terminal of a second polarity of the battery. A support film is then bonded to an upper surface of the upper layer.
Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

new patent Battery assembly with linear bus bar configuration
A battery assembly utilizing a compact and robust bus bar configuration is provided. The batteries within the assembly are divided into groups, where the batteries within each battery group are connected in parallel and the groups are connected in series.
Atieva, Inc.

new patent Method for producing solar cells having simultaneously etched-back doped regions
A method for producing a solar cell is described, in which a plurality of doped regions are to be etched-back selectively or over their entire surface. Once a semiconductor substrate (1) has been provided, various doped regions (3, 5) are formed in partial regions of a surface of the semiconductor substrate, the various doped regions (3, 5) differing as regards their doping concentration and/or their doping polarity.
UniversitÄt Konstanz

new patent Display panel, display apparatus having the same and driving the same
A display panel includes a gate line, first and second data lines, first and second gate control lines, and first and second pixels. The first pixel includes a double-gate switching element including a gate electrode connected to the gate line, a source electrode connected to the first data line, and another gate electrode connected to the first gate control line.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

new patent Lens driving device and camera module comprising same
A lens driving device according to an embodiment comprises: a movable unit on which at least one lens is mounted; a first coil and a driving magnet which face and interact with each other such that the movable unit is moved in the optical axis direction of the lens; a position sensor for sensing the position of the movable unit in the optical axis direction or a driver comprising the position sensor; and a positively magnetized magnet arranged to face the position sensor or the driver, wherein the positively magnetized magnet comprises a first side surface, which faces the position sensor and has a first polarity, and a second side surface, which faces the position sensor, which is arranged to be spaced from the first side surface in a direction parallel with the optical axis direction or arranged to abut the first side surface, and which has a second polarity that is the opposite of the first polarity of the first side surface, and the length of the first side surface in the optical axis direction may be equal to or larger than the length of the second side surface in the optical axis direction.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

new patent An antenna system for polarization diversity
An antenna system (100) comprising a single antenna element having first (111) and second (112) antenna ports arranged to pass a respective first and second antenna signal. The first and second antenna signals being derived from a first common antenna signal (j1) and arranged to be essentially equal in envelope.
Saab Ab

new patent System and magnetic characterization of induction heating wires
A system for magnetic characterization of an induction heating wire including a conductor having a first end and a second end longitudinally opposed from the first end, wherein the induction heating wire extends along a portion of the conductor and is electrically isolated from the conductor, an alternating current power source electrically coupled with the conductor to pass an electric current between the first end and the second end, a current sensor positioned to sense the electric current, a sensing wire including a first lead and an opposed second lead, wherein the sensing wire defines a first loop having a first polarity and a second loop having a second, opposite polarity, the second loop being connected to the first loop at a crossover, and wherein the induction heating wire extends through the first loop, and a voltage sensor positioned to sense a voltage across the first lead and the second lead.. .
The Boeing Company

new patent 2-cyanoacrylate adhesive composition
An adhesive composition is provided which exhibits an excellent adhesion rate on metals and low-polarity thermoplastic elastomers, and is excellent in appearance with no clouding of hardened bodies and is good in storage stability. It is a 2-cyanoacrylate-based adhesive composition which includes (a) a 2-cyanoacrylic acid ester and (b) an onium salt represented by the general formula: c+a−(1) where, in formula (1), c+ represents an onium cation, and a− represents a bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide anion..
Toagosei Co., Ltd.

new patent

Treatment of glass surfaces for improved adhesion

A patterned article and a method of making the patterned article. The patterned article comprises a glass substrate and black matrix segments.
Corning Incorporated

new patent

Liquid discharge apparatus

A liquid discharge apparatus includes a liquid discharge section for discharging a liquid containing agglomerate components having a polarity toward a medium and at least one ion supplying section for supplying ions having a polarity opposite to that of the agglomerate components to the liquid discharged on the medium. The liquid discharge apparatus of such a structure can suppress the unevenness caused by contact of dots of the liquid discharged on the medium.
Seiko Epson Corporation

new patent

Apparatus and spraying food and food processing articles with antimicrobials and other agents

Provided herein are methods, apparatuses, and systems for treating food articles, including meat, poultry, fish and other seafood, vegetables, fruits and other foods and food processing articles by spraying an antimicrobial or other agent onto the food or food processing articles. One embodiment of the invention may include a method for treating a food article comprising disposing a food article in a cavity within an enclosure having an outer shell and at least one inner plate disposed in the cavity, applying a first charge to a antimicrobial agent, applying a second charge to the at least one inner plate of the same polarity as the first charge, and spraying the antimicrobial agent into the cavity in a manner whereby at least a portion of the antimicrobial agent is caused to be repelled by the at least one inner plate and to at least partially coat the food article..
Tusara Solutions, Llc

Circuit device, lighting device, and vehicle using the same

In a circuit device, a plurality of protection circuits are disposed between a plurality of first power supply connecting terminals and a first input terminal of a load circuit. A switching element of each of the plurality of protection circuits is connected between a first power supply connecting terminal and a first input terminal, and is turned on when a dc power supply is connected with a normal polarity to the first power supply connecting terminal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Methods for clocking an image sensor

A method of clocking an image sensor which eliminates well bounce effects caused by global current flow in large image sensors during frame readout and line transfer is described. During charge transfer operations in which voltages are applied to vccd gate contacts that are adjacent to the photodiodes, a compensating voltage may be applied to the lightshield that is associated with, and at least partially formed over the photodiode.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Plasma processing apparatus

Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including: a processing container; and a partition plate made of an insulating material, having a plurality of openings, and configured to partition an inside of the processing container into a plasma generating chamber and a processing chamber. A first conductive member made of a conductive material is provided on a surface of the processing chamber side of the partition plate, and the first conductive member is applied with at least one of an ac voltage, and a dc voltage of a polarity that is opposite to a polarity of charged particles guided from the plasma generating chamber into the processing chamber through each of the openings..
Tohoku Techno Arch Co., Ltd

Green coffee bean extract and method thereof

An extract from green coffee beans is disclosed which contains polyphenols and bioactive compounds e.g. Chlorogenic acids in a significantly higher concentration (70-80%) than in extracts of prior art methods (40-50%).

Drive circuit and module equipped with same

A drive circuit includes a control circuit configured to output a polarity signal for controlling on/off of a driving switch, a pulse transformer, electrically connected to the control circuit, configured to transmit the polarity signal, and a discharge circuit, electrically connected to the pulse transformer and a gate terminal of the driving switch, configured to discharge an electric charge accumulated in the gate terminal based on the polarity signal. When the polarity signal having a first polarity is applied to the gate terminal through the pulse transformer, the driving switch is switched to and maintained in an on state by accumulating the electric charge in the gate terminal.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor integrated circuit device and power supply system

A semiconductor integrated circuit device includes a first voltage terminal, a second voltage terminal, an output terminal, a high-side mosfet connected between the first voltage terminal and the output terminal, a low-side mosfet connected between the output terminal and the second voltage terminal and having first and second gate electrodes, a drive circuit that complementally switches on and off the high-side mosfet and low-side mosfet, and a second gate electrode control circuit that generates a second gate control signal supplied to the second gate electrode of the low-side mosfet. The second gate electrode control circuit has a voltage generating circuit that supplies a negative voltage negative in polarity relative to a voltage at the source of the low-side mosfet, to the second gate electrode of the low-side mosfet..
Renesas Electronics Corporation

System and monitoring and controlling parallel batteries

A power supply circuit is provided that includes first and second power sources coupled in parallel, a first circuit path that provides reverse current blocking and reverse polarity protection associated with positive terminals of the respective first and second power sources, a second circuit path that bypasses current blocking of the first circuit path, a third circuit path that provides reverse polarity protection associated with negative terminals of the respective first and second power sources, and a bypass control circuit that controls the second circuit path based on determination of a predetermined condition.. .
Carrier Corporation

Receptacle for monitoring and controlling parallel batteries

A receptacle circuit is provided that includes a first circuit path that provides reverse current blocking and reverse polarity protection associated with a positive terminal of a first power source that is connected in parallel with a second power source, a second circuit path that bypasses blocking of the first circuit path, a third circuit path that provides reverse polarity protection associated with a negative terminal of the first power source, and a bypass control circuit that controls the first and second circuit paths based on determination of a predetermined condition.. .
Carrier Corporation

Reverse polarity protection

Reverse polarity protection for plug-in connectors comprising two intermateable plug-in connector parts (100, 200), wherein the one plug-in connector part (100) comprises a first coding element and the other plug-in connector part (200) comprises a second coding element and wherein the two coding elements are matched to each other in such a manner that when the plug-in connector parts (100, 200) are arranged correctly they make a plug-in connection possible and that when the plug-in connector parts (100, 200) are riot arranged correctly prevents a plug-in connection, characterized in that the one coding element is a groove (110) extending in the mating direction and having a trapezoid-shaped cross-section, and that the other coding element is a coding rib (210) that is extending in the mating direction and that is formed in a u-shaped manner with elastically bendable walls (212, 213)0 that are arranged in a u-shaped configuration.. .
Erni Production Gmbh & Co. Kg

Laminated-type battery and manufacturing the same

There is provided a laminated-type battery prevented from short-circuit between a positive electrode and a negative electrode, suppressed in a local increase in the thickness of the battery, and high in electric properties and the reliability. The laminated-type battery includes a battery element having at least two sheets of first-polarity electrodes each laminated with a second-polarity electrode with a separator therebetween, wherein the first-polarity electrode includes an electrode section having an active material layer formed on a current collector, a lead section having no active material layer formed on the current collector, and an insulating layer disposed over from the active material layer to an active material layer-non-formed region on a boundary region of the electrode section and the lead section, wherein the insulating layer of the one first-polarity electrode and the insulating layer of the another first-polarity electrode are formed at least partly on different positions as viewed in the lamination direction..
Nec Corporation

Driving method, driving circuit and display apparatus

A driving method is provided to drive an lcd panel having rows of pixels includes obtaining source data signals of a plurality of frames for the lcd panel; inputting a source data signal of one frame of the plurality of frames; and inverting polarity of the source data signal of the one frame before scanning sequentially the rows of pixels. The driving method also includes configuring at least one of timing of the source data signal and timing of scanning a first row of the rows of pixels to cause a time overlap between an actual scanning time of the first row and a time period when the source data signal is at a threshold value to be no less than an original scanning time of the first row; scanning the first row of the rows of pixels; and scanning rest of the rows of pixels to complete displaying the one frame..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Display apparatus and operating the same

A display apparatus includes a timing controller and a display panel. The timing controller generates output image data based on input image data and generates a polarity control signal by analyzing the input image data.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a cleaning unit for a transfer roller. A cleaning unit includes a brush roller, a rotatable member, a first blade and a second blade.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Piezoelectric accelerometer

At least some of the example embodiments are methods including measuring motion of a body by deflecting a first cantilever portion of a sensing element, and deflecting a second cantilever portion of a sensing element, the second cantilever element of the sensing element disposed opposite the first cantilever element. A first voltage having a first polarity is created across electrical leads responsive to the deflecting of the cantilever portions opposite the direction of the first acceleration of the body.
Pgs Geophysical As

Tool for the stimulation of wells comprising capacitive elements electrically in parallel

A tool (200) for stimulation of wells, includes an electrical supply port, a stimulation head (210) and at least two capacitive elements (205a-205c) between the supply port and the stimulation head, each capacitive element including two terminals (bp, bn) with respectively different polarities arranged on the respectively opposed connection faces of the capacitive element, the poles of the capacitive elements (205a-205c) having the same polarity being connected together in such a way that the capacitive elements are electrically in parallel. Advantageously, the capacitive elements (205a-205c) of the tool (200) are arranged in series with their connection faces facing each other, and in such a way that the connection faces facing each other of each adjacent pair or capacitive elements correspond to terminals of the same polarity..
Ene29 S.Àr.l.

Aqueous pigment dispersions

Disclosed herein are aqueous dispersions comprising: at least one pigment present in an amount of at least 10% by weight relative to the total weight of the dispersion, the at least one pigment being selected from oxidized carbon blacks and modified carbon blacks having attached at least one organic group; and at least one organic solvent present in an amount of at least 10% by weight relative to the total weight of the dispersion, the at least one organic solvent having a hansen hydrogen bonding parameter (δh) ranging from 13 to 50 mpa0.5, and a hansen polarity parameter (δp) ranging from 5 to 13 mpa0.5, wherein the dispersion is substantially free of a surfactant. Also disclosed are methods of preparing aqueous dispersions and injet ink compositions prepared from the same..
Cabot Corporation

Modification of layered double hydroxides

The present invention relates to a process a process for modifying a layered double hydroxide (ldh), the process comprising, a. Providing a material comprising a layered double hydroxide of formula: [mz+1-xm′y+x(oh)2]q+(xn−)q/n.bh2o wherein m and m′ are metal cations, z is 1 or 2, x is 0.1 to 1, b is 0 to 5, y is 3 or 4, x is an anion, n is 1 to 3 and q is determined by x, y and z, b.
Scg Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Motor control device, sheet conveying device, and image forming apparatus

A motor control device includes: an electric-current detection unit configured to detect an electric current that flows through a motor at a time when the motor is not to he driven; a voltage-polarity determining unit configured to determine polarity of a voltage corresponding to the detected electric current; and an operating-state management unit configured to perform control of stopping the motor depending on the polarity of the voltage.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Fractionalized stimulation pulses in an implantable stimulator device

A method for configuring stimulation pulses in an implantable stimulator device having a plurality of electrodes is disclosed, which method is particularly useful in adjusting the electrodes by current steering during initialization of the device. In one aspect, a set of ideal pulses for patient therapy is determined, in which at least two of the ideal pulses are of the same polarity and are intended to be simultaneous applied to corresponding electrodes on the implantable stimulator device during an initial duration.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

System and independently operating multiple neurostimulation channels

A multi-channel neurostimulation system comprises a plurality of electrical terminals configured for being respectively coupled to a plurality of electrodes, stimulation output circuitry including electrical source circuitry of the same polarity configured for generating a plurality of pulsed electrical waveforms in a plurality of timing channels, and control circuitry configured for instructing the stimulation output circuitry to serially couple the electrical source circuitry to different sets of the electrodes when pulses of the respective pulsed electrical waveforms do not temporally overlap each other, and for instructing the stimulation output circuitry to couple the electrical source circuitry to a union of the different electrode sets when pulses of the respective pulsed electrical waveforms temporally overlap each other.. .
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Insulated gate device discharging

A large-power insulated gate switching device (e.g., mosfet) is used for driving relatively large surges of pulsed power through a load. The switching device has a relatively large gate capacitance which is difficult to quickly discharge.

Motor system and fan module using the same

A motor system includes a stator magnetic pole, a driving unit and a stop control unit. The stator magnetic pole is adapted to couple with a rotor for the rotor to rotate relative to the stator magnetic pole.
Sunon Electronics(foshan) Co., Ltd.

Power conversion device

A power conversion device includes a potential variation suppression portion having first and second ground capacitors and a reactor, for suppressing a potential variations at an a point at which switching elements and are connected together and at a b point in a bidirectional switch. The potential variation suppression portion suppresses potential variation at the a point by cancelling a first leakage current, which flows due to the potential variation at the a point at the positive and negative polarities of an alternating current voltage, with a first compensating current flowing via the reactor and ground capacitor, and suppresses the potential variation at the b point by cancelling a second leakage current, which flows due to the potential variation at the b point at the negative polarity of the alternating current voltage, with a second compensating current flowing via the reactor, a switch, and the second ground capacitor..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Magnetic spiral bevel gear

A magnetic spiral bevel gear including a frustoconical housing with a rotational axis and magnets arranged around an outer surface of the frustoconical housing. The magnets are arranged in spirals on the outer surface, with each spiral alternating polarity.

Write enhancement for one time programmable (otp) semiconductors

A method of programming one-time programmable (otp) memory cells in an array is described. Each memory cell has a mosfet programming element and a mosfet pass transistor, the mosfet pass transistor having a gate electrode over a channel region between two source/drain regions, and the mosfet programming element having a gate electrode over a channel region contiguous to a source/drain region either part of, or connected to, one of the two source/drains associated with the mosfet pass transistor.
Kilopass Technology, Inc.

Method of driving display panel and display performing the same

A method of driving a display panel includes providing a positive polarity data signal to a first data line during an odd-numbered frame, and providing a negative polarity data signal to the first data line during an even-numbered frame. The positive polarity data signal has a first polarity.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and system to manage monitored vehicular flow rate

An apparatus and system to manage monitored traffic density in relationship to spatial locational flow rates. The system includes a variety of mobile and/or stationary transmitting and receiving comm-devices utilizing certified comm-devices equipped avics ichipset arranged in a polarity of vehicles, in communication with stationary and/or mobile hub comm-devices and/or other certified comm-devices, strategically arranged within and/or along one or more roadways and in communication with a server channel networked to a central server.

Predicting project outcome based on comments

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes receiving a set of comments related to a project. One or more sentiment tags are extracted from the set of comments, where each sentiment tag includes an associated sentiment phrase.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and embedding an error correction code in storage circuits

A computer-aided design (cad) tool may identify don't care bits in configuration data. The don't care bits in the configuration data may change polarity without affecting the functionality of the circuit design.
Altera Corporation

Image forming apparatus

Provided is an image forming apparatus, wherein when it is predicted that a surface potential of at least one of a plurality of photosensitive drums becomes less than the predetermined potential, whenever transfer of toner images corresponding to a predetermined number of sheets is completed by a plurality of transfer rollers, continuous print is interrupted for a predetermined time, a voltage with a polarity equal to a polarity of toner is applied to the plurality of transfer rollers by a power supply or the application of the voltage to the plurality of transfer rollers is stopped during the predetermined time.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Optical communication connector

In accordance with the following description, an optical communication connector includes a ferrule having retractable alignment pins that are actuable between an extended position and a retracted position. For example, the connector may include an inner housing assembly having optical fibers and an outer housing positioned over the inner housing assembly.
Panduit Corp.

Fluid flow measuring device and armature comprising a fluid flow measuring device

Fluid flow measuring device for measuring a fluid flow, comprising a rotatable, magnetic element, wherein the rotatable, magnetic element is positioned in the fluid flow, wherein the rotation of the rotatable, magnetic element depends from the fluid flow, wherein the rotation of the rotatable, magnetic element generates a magnetic field; further comprising at least one sensing coil pair having a first sensing coil and a second sensing coil, wherein the respective sensing coils of each sensing coil pair are arranged in such a way that the magnetic field generated by the fluid flow dependent rotation of the rotatable element has a first polarity and a first phase in the region of the respective first sensing coil and a second polarity and a second phase in the region of the respective second sensing coil, wherein at least said polarities differ from each other.. .
Honeywell Technologies Sarl

Surgical stapler with reversible motor

A method for resetting an apparatus configured for stapling tissue includes providing the apparatus with a cam member of the apparatus in a fired position. The method further includes changing the polarity of a motor of the apparatus and activating the motor such that the cam member rotates in a second direction from the fired position back to a home position.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Mobile device holder

A two-piece mobile device holder having a case assembly and a mounting assembly is disclosed. The case assembly is configured to receive and secure a mobile device such as a smart phone.
Airo Collective, Inc.

Low power physical layer driver topologies

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate transmission of data, particularly between two devices within electronic equipment. Transmission lines are selectively terminated in an n-phase polarity encoded transmitter when the transmission lines would otherwise be undriven.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Fet trench dipole formation

A semiconductor structure includes a layered dipole structure formed upon a fin sidewall within a fin trench. The layered dipole structure includes a dipole layer of opposite polarity relative to the polarity of the fin and reduces source to drain leakage.
International Business Machines Corporation

Compact electrostatic discharge (esd) protection structure

A multi-gate schottky depletion-mode field effect transistor (fet), at least one diode and two resistors comprise a compact electrostatic discharge (esd) protection structure. This esd protection structure can be laid out in a smaller area than typical multiple diode esd devices.
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Display apparatus

Second color pixels in a second color pixel diagonal group receive data voltages having a same polarity.. .

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