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Polarity patents


This page is updated frequently with new Polarity-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polarity-related patents
 Digital communication receiver interface circuit for line-pair with duty cycle imbalance compensation patent thumbnailDigital communication receiver interface circuit for line-pair with duty cycle imbalance compensation
A circuit (200) includes: a diode bridge (210) having polarity-independent input terminals for coupling to a dali bus, and having positive and negative output terminals, wherein the diode bridge receives a receive signal from the dali bus; a galvanic isolation device (220) having an input for receiving the receive signal from the diode bridge, and an output for outputting the receive signal galvanically isolated from the diode bridge and the dali bus; a receive signal threshold reference device (235) for setting a threshold voltage for the galvanic isolation device to respond to the receive signal; an amplifier (280) for receiving the galvanically isolated receive signal from the galvanic isolation device and outputting a binary digital signal via a low pass filter (290); and a first duty cycle control device (230, 270) for adjusting the timing of rising edges of the galvanically isolated receive signal with respect to its falling edges.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Projector patent thumbnailProjector
A projector includes a light source unit that supplies light, and a spatial light modulator that modulates light supplied from the light source unit according to an image signal. The spatial light modulator is driven by an applied voltage whose polarity is reversed according to a polarity-reversing frequency which is specific to the spatial light modulator.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Rectification device patent thumbnailRectification device
A rectification device equipped with: a rectification circuit wherein switch elements are on the two sides adjacent to the side of an ac power source on which a feedback current flows, and the other two sides are rectification elements; an input voltage detector; an input current detector; and a control circuit that modulates the pulse width to control the switch elements in response to the difference between the input current and an input current target value generated on the basis of a synchronized sine wave synchronized with the input voltage. When the polarity of the input voltage, the input current, or the synchronized sine wave differs from the polarity of the other two, the two switch elements are switched simultaneously.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Smart junction box for photovoltaic solar power modules with novel power supply circuits and related  operation patent thumbnailSmart junction box for photovoltaic solar power modules with novel power supply circuits and related operation
A smart junction box for a photovoltaic solar power module, and related method of operation. The junction box includes a plurality of active bypass circuits for protecting the solar cells from reverse bias, a novel power supply circuit in several embodiments that can operate with input voltages of either positive or negative polarity, a capacitor for storing and supplying energy, and a master control circuit.
Sunfield Semiconductor Inc.

 Connection method in an accumulator and accumulator thus connected patent thumbnailConnection method in an accumulator and accumulator thus connected
A method for connecting electrodes of the same polarity of an accumulator (1) to a current output terminal (6, 7), the accumulator including two current output terminals (6, 7), a container (2) containing an electrochemical bundle (9) having alternating positive and negative electrodes, the ends of the current collectors of the positive and negative electrodes defining a first (si) and second (s2) surface respectively. There is a step of additive manufacturing of an internal connecting part (11, 13) electrically connecting the first and/or the second surface to the corresponding current output terminal..
Saft Groupe Sa

 High-voltage power unit and mass spectrometer using the power unit patent thumbnailHigh-voltage power unit and mass spectrometer using the power unit
An excessive overshoot preventing unit (16) is connected to a loop in which a command voltage vf according to a difference between: a voltage obtained by dividing an output voltage vout as a high voltage; and a control voltage v cont set from the outside is obtained and fed back to each of drive circuits (3 and 5) of a positive voltage generating unit (2) and a negative voltage generating unit (4). The excessive overshoot preventing unit (16) clamps the command voltage vf at a voltage value according to the control voltage vcont.
Shimadzu Corporation

 Storage device write pulse control patent thumbnailStorage device write pulse control
According to an example, a method for storage device write pulse control may include writing a storage device to a first polarity by driving a row address line (ral) and a column address line (cal) to an intermediate voltage level rca for a cycle a. The ral may be driven to a voltage level rb for a cycle b pulse duration, and the cal may be maintained at rca for the cycle b pulse duration.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 3d display and driving method thereof patent thumbnail3d display and driving method thereof
A three-dimensional (3d) display including a display panel and a micro lens array is provided. The display panel includes a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines, and a sub-pixel array.
Au Optronics Corporation

 Category and term polarity mutual annotation for aspect-based sentiment analysis patent thumbnailCategory and term polarity mutual annotation for aspect-based sentiment analysis
Systems and methods for aspect-based opinion mining including identifying the polarity (e.g., positive, negative, etc.) of different features of a product or a service as expressed in a text. This general task can be divided into four sub-tasks: identifying the aspect terms, classifying them into one of a set of predefined aspect categories, and identifying the polarity of the aspects terms and the aspect categories.
Xerox Corporation

 Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including same patent thumbnailCleaning device and image forming apparatus including same
A cleaning device includes a plurality of cleaners. The plurality of cleaners includes at least a first cleaner, a second cleaner, and a third cleaner arranged next to each other in a traveling direction of a cleaning target.


Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method

The present invention obtains high-quality images even in a case of measurement with a radial sampling method. For this purpose, pre-measurement is performed to extract only a component different for each blade from among shift amounts from among echo signals, and a shift amount in k-space of an echo signal by the said component is reflected to a reconstruction process.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Plasma actuating propulsion system for aerial vehicles

A plasma propulsion nozzle incorporates a cylinder having an inlet and an outlet. A plurality of substantially cylindrical planarly disbanded electrodes with sandwiched dielectric spacers is cascaded in an array to be concentrically expanding from the inlet through an interior chamber to the outlet for a nozzle.
The Boeing Company


Rapid production of cerium-containing oxide organic colloids

Improved methods for producing colloidal dispersions of cerium-containing oxide nanoparticles in substantially non-polar solvents are disclosed. The cerium-containing oxide nanoparticles of an aqueous colloid are transferred to a substantially non-polar liquid comprising one or more amphiphilic materials, one or more low-polarity solvents, and, optionally, one or more glycol ether promoter materials.
Cerion, Llc


Novel light stabilizers

The present invention relates to symmetric diesters of hydroxyalkyl-4-hydroxy-tetraalkylpiperidine compounds and their use as light stabilizers. They are compatible with and soluble in coating formulations of different polarity..
Basf Se


Continuous manufacturing process for rubber masterbatch and rubber masterbatch prepared therefrom

Disclosed are a continuous manufacturing process for a rubber masterbatch and a rubber masterbatch prepared therefrom. The manufacturing process comprises: 1): a filler is added to a rubber solution, forming a rubber/filler/solvent mixture by stirring; 2): the rubber/filler/solvent mixture obtained in step 1) is fed into a coagulator, and is coagulated after optionally being brought into contact and mixed with one or more fluids of nitrogen, steam, water, aqueous slurry of filler, and oil in the coagulator, resulting in a mixture of a rubber/filler composite and a solvent; 3): the mixture obtained in step 2) is directly passed into a heating medium at a temperature higher than the boiling point of the solvent, the polarity of the medium being different from that of the solvent used, the mixture is coagulated and deswelled, and the solvent is evaporated rapidly, thereby forming a mixture of a rubber/filler composite and the solvent containing the heating medium; and 4): the solvent is removed and the remaining mixture is dried, resulting in a rubber/filler masterbatch..
Eve Rubber Institute Co., Ltd.


Method and device for identifying a polarity of a freewheeling diode, actuator circuit and safety device for a vehicle

A method for identifying a polarity of a freewheeling diode interconnected in parallel to an inductive actuator for a safety unit for a vehicle. The method includes applying a test current to a terminal of the freewheeling diode and carrying out a comparison between a voltage present at the terminal and a threshold voltage while the test current is being applied, a result of the comparison indicating the polarity of the freewheeling diode..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Dynamic multi-layer therapeutic magnetic device

A multi-layer magnetic device comprising two or more layers of containing magnets or ferromagnetic material to be applied to areas of the body of a mammal in which the first layer has one or more protrusions and the second layer has one or more receiving zones that are positioned to align with the protrusions of the first layer. At least a portion of the first layer has a first magnetic pattern, and at least a portion of the second layer has a second magnetic pattern such that, when the protrusions are aligned with the receiving zones, at least one region of the first magnetic pattern faces at least one region of the second magnetic pattern of like polarity thereby repulsing one another..
Nikken International, Inc.


Direct current meat carcass electrical stimulation assembly

An assembly according to the invention includes two pairs of relays, such as ssr semiconductor relays. The relays of each pair operate with the opposite direct current potentials.
Bluevent Air Systems Sp. Z O.o.


Amplifying device and offset voltage correction method

A state wherein offset voltage is reduced can be maintained regardless of environmental fluctuation. A differential amplification unit has differential pair transistors, and amplifies a difference between input voltages.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Secondary-battery monitoring device and battery pack

A secondary-battery monitoring device capable of realizing highly reliable overcurrent detection and a battery pack having it are provided. When an overcurrent flowing to a secondary battery is to be detected by utilizing a current detection voltage generated via on-resistance of a discharge-control switch and a charge-control switch, a voltage correction circuit that generates a correction voltage having a characteristic varied by positive slope or negative slope along with increase in a power supply voltage is provided, and the correction voltage is added to the detection voltage or a reference power supply voltage with the polarity that cancels out the slope of voltage variation caused in the detection voltage, and then the voltage is input to a comparator circuit.
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.


Lithium batteries utilizing nanoporous separator layers

Provided are methods of preparing lithium batteries comprising a separator/electrode assembly having one or more current collector layers interposed between first and second electrode layers of the same polarity, wherein the first electrode layer is coated or laminated overlying a separator layer and the separator/electrode assembly is interleaved with an electrode comprising a current collector layer interposed between two electrode layers of opposite polarity to said first and second electrodes.. .
Optodot Corporation


Organic light emitting element and organic light emitting diode display device including the same

An organic light emitting element is disclosed. The organic light emitting element includes: a first electrode; a multi-sub-layered organic emission layer on the first electrode; a second electrode on the multi-sub-layered organic emission layer; and a blend barrier layer between two sub-layers of the multi-sub-layered organic emission layer, which are adjacent to each other and includes first solvents, and configured to include a second solvent having an opposite polarity to that of the first solvent.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Monolithic dmos transistor in junction isolated process

A high voltage dmos half-bridge output for various dc to dc converters on a monolithic, junction isolated wafer is presented. A high-side lateral dmos transistor is based on the epi extension diffusion and a five layer resurf structure.


Isolation scheme for high voltage device

Semiconductor device isolation and method of forming thereof are presented. A base substrate with lightly doped first polarity type dopants is provided.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Electrical device

An electrical ceramic capacitor, in particular a multilayer ceramic capacitor, comprising a ceramic body including a stack of parallel metallic layers of opposing polarity separated by a dielectric material arranged in an active zone of the ceramic body enclosed between outer surfaces, wherein at one or more surfaces a shock-absorbing region is arranged.. .
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg


N-phase signal transition alignment

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate transmission of data, particularly between two devices within an electronic apparatus. Information is transmitted in n-phase polarity encoded symbols.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Image forming apparatus and image forming method

An image forming apparatus includes a transfer member configured to abut against an image carrier for carrying a toner image to form a transfer nip; and a power supply configured to output a bias voltage for transferring the toner image on the image carrier onto a recording medium nipped in the transfer nip. The bias voltage includes a first voltage for transferring the toner image from the image carrier onto the recording medium in a transfer direction and a second voltage having an opposite polarity of the first voltage, the first and the second voltages being alternately output.


Apparatus, system, and controlling apparatus

An apparatus includes a detecting pixel including a converting element and a switch element, a different pixel includes a different converting element and a different switch element, a signal line connected in common to a plurality of the switch elements, a driving unit configured to drive the different switch element and the switch element, and a control unit configured to control the driving unit, wherein the control unit controls the driving unit such that in a case where an on-state voltage or an off-state voltage is applied to at least one switch element, a voltage of opposite polarity to the on-state voltage or the off-state voltage is applied to a different switch element that is different from the at least one switch element or a voltage of opposite polarity to the on-state voltage or the off-state voltage is applied to the different switch element.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Anisotropic constructs and methods for forming and using same for treating damaged biological tissue

Anisotropic constructs having a base member with a defined surface that includes a plurality of substantially parallel equidistant linear channels that are configured to modulate the polarity and proliferation of cells through spatial and biomechanical cues. The constructs are also capable of administering a biologically active agent and/or a pharmacological composition to tissue..
Cormatrix Cardiovascular, Inc.


Three phase and polarity encoded serial interface

A high speed serial interface is provided. In one aspect, the high speed serial interface uses three phase modulation for jointly encoding data and clock information.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Power conversion apparatus

A full-bridge circuit has serial first arms and serial second arms. Another full-bridge circuit has serial third arms and serial fourth arms.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Progressive magnetic rotation motor

New permanent magnetic motor utilizing interacting rows of magnets on rotor poles and a main rotor. The rotor poles have rows of permanent magnets with increasing numbers of magnets per row.


Capacitive powering system with increased efficiency

The invention relates to a capacitive powering system (1), comprising: a) a receiver element (2), comprising a pair of flat receiver electrodes (3, 4) connected to a load (5); b) a transmitter element (7), comprising a pair of flat transmitter electrodes (8, 9) connected to a driver (10) and positioned parallel to the pair of receiver electrodes (3, 4), c) an inductor (6) for resonating the system during its powering, and d) a first insulation layer (11) being positioned between the pair of flat receiver electrodes (3, 4) and the pair of flat transmitter electrodes (8, 9), in order to form a capacitive impedance between the transmitter electrodes and the receiver electrodes during powering of the system. The system (1) further comprises a second pair of fiat receiver electrodes (12, 13) and a second insulation layer (14), whereby the second pair of flat receiver electrodes (12, 13) is also positioned parallel to the pair of flat transmitter electrodes (8, 9) and the second insulation layer (14) is positioned between the second pair of flat receiver electrodes (12, 13) and the pair of fiat transmitter electrodes (8, 9), such that the pair of flat transmitter electrodes is sandwiched between both pairs of receiver electrodes and the electrodes of both pairs of receiver electrodes having the same polarity (3 and 12 respectively 4 and 13) are electrically connected.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.



There is provided a connector comprising: a given-polarity electrode jack terminal coupled to a given-polarity electrode of a power supply; a first other-polarity electrode jack terminal coupled to an other-polarity electrode of the power supply through a resistor and a capacitor; and a second other-polarity electrode jack terminal coupled to the other-polarity electrode of the power supply; wherein the first other-polarity electrode jack terminal and the second other-polarity electrode jack terminal are respectively in contact with a plug terminal of the other-polarity electrode included in another connector, the first other-polarity electrode jack terminal and the second other-polarity electrode jack terminal are disposed on a line extended in a length direction of the plug terminal of the other-polarity electrode, and the first other-polarity electrode jack terminal is disposed at a position closer to the other connector than a position of the second other-polarity electrode jack terminal.. .
Fujitsu Component Limited


Multistage capacitive crosstalk compensation arrangement

Methods and systems for providing crosstalk compensation in a jack are disclosed. According to one method, the crosstalk compensation is adapted to compensate for undesired crosstalk generated at a capacitive coupling located at a plug inserted within the jack.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Display device and electronic device

A display device including a pixel having a memory. The pixel includes at least a display element, a capacitor, an inverter, and a switch.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Image sensor pixel with multiple storage nodes

An image sensor pixel includes a photodiode, a first storage node, a second storage node, a first transfer storage gate, a second transfer storage gate, a floating diffusion, and an output gate. The photodiode is for generating image charge in response to image light.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Metal-insulator-metal on-die capacitor with partial vias

A metal-insulator-metal on-die capacitor is described with partial vias. In one example, first and second power grid layers are formed in a semiconductor die.


Antenna arrangement

An antenna arrangement on a the printed circuit board with at least two magnetic rings and a rectangular ring cross section and lateral magnetic ring surfaces with opposite polarity formed thereby wherein the magnetic ring surfaces are arranged on the printed circuit board with a distance from one another using a spacer, wherein the opposite polarities of the magnetic ring surfaces are oriented towards each other and the central bore holes of the magnetic ring form a pass through bore hole through a bore hole in the spacer. This antenna arrangement is configured for a material detector device which facilitates detecting objects made from a predetermined material over a larger distance.
Ampass-explorer Corp.


Variable frame refresh rate

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for preventing charge accumulation on a display panel of a display. A display pipeline is configured to drive a display using a variable frame refresh rate.
Apple Inc.


Transfer station for a liquid toner printing system

In a method or a transfer station for a digital printer, liquid developer with toner particles can be directed towards a first side of a recording medium and onto the first side of the recording medium at a transfer point. A transfer roller can be configured to direct the liquid developer towards the recording medium.
Oce Printing Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg


Mirror device

A mirror device includes a mirror structure including a first movable portion and a second movable portion coupled to a support portion so as to be swingable, and, a mirror, a first coil, and a second coil disposed on the movable portions; a first magnetic portion and a second magnetic portion disposed on a same side as a back surface of the mirror structure to be opposed to the mirror structure, and having a magnetic pole of a first polarity and a magnetic pole of a second polarity, respectively; and a cap structure disposed on a same side as a surface of the mirror structure. The cap structure includes a first region having a magnetic pole of the first polarity, a second region having a magnetic pole of the second polarity, and an unmagnetized third region located between the first region and the second region..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Analysis device

By slowing down the passing velocity of a dna molecule in a nanopore, the accuracy of the reading of a nucleotide sequence of dna is improved. A small temperature difference is introduced between a dna molecule having an asymmetric and periodic structure and a nanopore membrane that carries the dna molecule, whereby the dna molecule that passes through a nanopore can move in one direction and the passing velocity of the dna molecule in the nanopore can be controlled and reduced.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Multistimuli-responsive white luminescent materials including metal elements

Combined lanthanide metal (ln(iii))-coordination complex fluorescence can provide a versatile molecular platform for design of white-light-emitting materials with advanced multistimuli-responsive properties. Red, green and blue light emitting ln(iii) complexes can be combined in solution or in a polymer complex to achieve white luminescent materials responsive to various external stimuli (e.g.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Instant hot/cold seat

A heating and cooling mechanism is used in a seat assembly wherein the seat assembly includes a cellular foam pad encased by a trim cover. The mechanism includes a thermoelectric generator seated between the foam pad and the trim cover for generating heat in response to a first polarity of electrical power and generating cooling in response to a second polarity of electrical power opposite the first polarity of electrical power.


Pharmaceutical composition adjuvant to chemotherapy drugs and applications thereof

The present invention discloses a pharmaceutical composition and applications thereof. The pharmaceutical composition comprises an extract of antrodia cinnamomea fruiting bodies and a pharmaceutical carrier.
Balay Biotechnology Corporation


Process to obtain an extract from solanum genus plants

The present invention relates to an efficient process to obtain a saponin and sapogenin rich extract from fruits of sonalum genus plants. The process presents a rational consumption of raw materials and energy resources, including polarity modifying agents which facilitate extraction and purification processes, which in turn increases its efficiency.
Bioprocol, Bioprocesos De Colombia Sas


Techniques for testing receiver operation

Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for testing a receiver incorporated into an ic to receive a bitstream. An apparatus includes a precharge component to set a vga to output a differential bias voltage; a taps component to set a tap to form a feedback loop that extends from an output of the bit slicer to the input of the bit slicer through a delay circuit and the tap, the tap to output a first differential voltage to the input of the bit slicer to invert a polarity of a sum of differential voltages at the input of the bit slicer to enable oscillation of the bit slicer, the sum generated from at least the differential bias voltage and the first differential voltage; and a capture component coupled to the output of the bit slicer to capture a series of bit values therefrom.


Temperature compensation circuit, temperature compensation method and liquid crystal display

Disclosed are a temperature compensation circuit for a display panel, a temperature compensation method and a liquid crystal display. The temperature compensation circuit comprises: a temperature detection unit configured to detect a variation in the temperature; a temperature conversion unit configured to convert the detected variation in the temperature into a voltage compensation value; and a compensation signal generation unit configured to process the voltage compensation value to generate a compensation signal.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Voltage clamp

A voltage clamp circuit which operates using a voltage controlled current source where the change of the polarity of the voltage controlled current source controls whether it is clamping or not. While clamping, the stability of the control loop uses the capacitance of the output to create and single pole roll-off of the loop gain and while not clamping, uses the capacitance of the circuit which sets the clamping voltage to produce the roll-off.
Keithley Instruments, Inc.


Electrohydrodynamic system and operation

An electrohydrodynamic system configured to harvest electrical energy from a wind stream flowing along a wind vector, including: a charged droplet generator configured to generate a first electric field, the charged droplet generator including: a manifold, a plurality of channels extending through the manifold thickness along a downstream face of the manifold, and a field shaper configured to generate a substantially uniform charging field proximal the plurality of channels that charges the droplets to a single polarity, wherein the first electric field opposes charged droplet movement along the wind vector.. .
Accio Energy, Inc.


Inductive clamping circuit

A power control circuit includes a solid state power controller operable to connect an ac power source to a load. The solid state power controller includes a first switching device and a second switching device arranged serially.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


An improved support for various types of items

A system for managing electric devices, including a first panel having at least one hole and having a first conductive surface, a second panel integral and substantially parallel to the first panel and having a second conductive surface. The first panel is overlapped to the second panel.
Jos Technology Srls


Methods and systems for applying charge to a piezoelectric element

Methods and systems for applying charge to a piezoelectric element include and/or facilitate implementation of processes including cyclical multi-stage processes for: providing a piezoelectric element with an accumulated charge; providing one or more charge holding elements with a scavenged charge from the piezoelectric element; substantially removing or discharging a remaining charge from the piezoelectric element; and applying the scavenged charge to the piezoelectric element with an opposite polarity in relation to the polarity of the remaining charge.. .
Alfred E. Mann Foundation For Scientific Research


Dual epitaxy cmos processing using selective nitride formation for reduced gate pitch

A method of forming a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) device structure includes forming a spacer layer material over a substrate and over gate structures defined in a first polarity type region and a second polarity type region; selectively etching the spacer layer material in the first polarity type region to form first gate sidewall spacers; forming first epitaxially grown source/drain (sd) regions in the first polarity type region; selectively forming a protection layer only on exposed surfaces of the first sd regions, so as not to increase a thickness of the spacer layer material in the second polarity type region; forming a masking layer over the first polarity type region, and etching the spacer layer material in the second polarity type region to form second gate sidewall spacers; and removing the masking layer and forming second epitaxially grown sd regions in the second polarity type region.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Dual epitaxy cmos processing using selective nitride formation for reduced gate pitch

A method of forming a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) device structure includes forming a spacer layer material over a substrate and over gate structures defined in a first polarity type region and a second polarity type region; selectively etching the spacer layer material in the first polarity type region to form first gate sidewall spacers; forming first epitaxially grown source/drain (sd) regions in the first polarity type region; selectively forming a protection layer only on exposed surfaces of the first sd regions, so as not to increase a thickness of the spacer layer material in the second polarity type region; forming a masking layer over the first polarity type region, and etching the spacer layer material in the second polarity type region to form second gate sidewall spacers; and removing the masking layer and forming second epitaxially grown sd regions in the second polarity type region.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes a timing controller configured to output a gate control signal through gate control lines, a gate driver configured to output gate signals in response to the gate control signal provided from the gate control lines, pixels configured to receive data voltages in response to the gate signals, and first and second static electricity prevention parts connected to the gate control lines in parallel configured to discharge a static electricity. Each of the first and second static electricity prevention parts is configured to form current paths, which are smaller in number than a number of the gate control lines, to discharge the static electricity and the static electricity configured to be discharged by the first static electricity prevention part has a polarity different from a polarity of the static electricity configured to be discharged by the second static electricity prevention part..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device, driving liquid crystal display device, and electronic apparatus

A liquid crystal display device supplies an active scan signal to each scan line while skipping a portion of a plurality of the scan lines, per one horizontal scan period, in a direction of the m-th to the first scan lines, by a first scan line drive circuit, and supplies the active scan signal to each scan line while skipping the portion of the plurality of the scan lines, per one horizontal scan period, in a direction of the m+1-th to the 2m-th scan lines, by a second scan line drive circuit. Therefore, the liquid crystal display device synchronizes with a timing of supplying the active signal with the first scan line drive circuit and the second scan line drive circuit, and supplies a data signal whose polarity is inverted to a positive polarity potential and a negative polarity potential per one horizontal scan period, to a data line..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Medical image processing apparatus, medical imaging apparatus and medical image processing method

A medical image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes setting circuitry, calculation circuitry, and recognition circuitry. The setting circuitry is configured to set a region of interest (roi) of each of a plurality of sagittal plane images of medical images resulting from scanning an examinee.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Multi-functional credit card type portable electronic device

An embodiment includes a credit card device capable of generating a programmed magnetic field of alternating polarity based on a speed of a card swipe, and methods for constructing the device for the purpose of emulating a standard credit card. An apparatus is described to allow said device to emulate behavior of a credit card when used in electronic credit card readers.
Virtual Electric Inc.


Integrator and touch sensing system using the same

A touch sense circuit comprises a first sampling circuit to sample a touch sense signal during a first period of a touch drive signal in which the touch drive signal is at a first level, to generate a first sampled signal; a second sampling circuit to sample the touch sense signal during a second period of the touch drive signal in which the touch drive signal is at a second level, to generate a second sampled signal, the second sampled signal in a same polarity as the first sampled signal; and an integrator including an input terminal and an output terminal, both the first sampled signal and the second sampled signal being input to the input terminal of the integrator and integrated to generate an output signal at the output terminal of the integrator, the output signal being used to detect a touch input.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Voltage reference circuit

A voltage reference circuit is provided. In some embodiments, the voltage reference circuit includes a mos stack that includes two or more mos transistors having a substantially same voltage threshold.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Image forming apparatus

A control unit changes the polarity of a potential of an intermediate transfer member in a primary transfer portion by changing the polarity of voltage to be applied to a secondary transfer member, and applies first voltage in a first step of forming an image on a recording material by transferring a toner image. A detection device detects the presence/absence of the recording material at a timing when a rear end of the toner image reaches a second position which is upstream of a secondary transfer portion on a conveyance path of the toner image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Photoconductive layer refresh

In one implementation, an image forming apparatus may include a photoconductive unit and a refresh unit. The photoconductive unit may include a photoconductive layer.
Hewlett-packard Indigo, B.v.


Methods, apparatus and system for voltage ramp testing

At least one method and system disclosed herein involves testing of integrated circuits. A device having at least one transistor and at least one dielectric layer is provided.
International Business Machines Corporation


Heat-dissipating socket for lighting fixtures

An led lighting assembly, including a socket member operable to electrically communicate with a solid-state lighting element, at least two electrical connections extending into the socket member for electrically communicating with a solid-state lighting element, at least two electrical receivers extending into the socket member and capable of electrical communication with the at least two electrical connections, a differentiation groove embedded in the socket member, a driver element in electrical communication with the at least one socket member, and a heat-dissipating member operationally connected to the socket member. Other implementations include securing and energizing the solid-state lighting element by inserting the solid-state lighting element into the socket member and twisting; polarity-specific electrical connections using uniquely sized electric receivers and/or electrical connectors; and active and/or passive heat dissipation..


Axenic inoculation system for microalgae using tr tube of triiodide resin and culturing axenic culture

A triiodide resin (tr) tube of the present invention has a cylindrical shape. A resin exhaust preventing part is provided at a lower portion of the tr tube, and a triiodide resin is received inside the tr tube.
Advanced Biomass R&d Center


Process for the preparation of a polysulfide

Pre-polymer according to structure (i) x—(r2—o)n—ch2(r1—o)m—ch2—(o—r2)p—x (i) wherein r1 and r2 can be the same or different and are selected from alkane chains containing 2-10 carbon atoms, x is a halogen atom, and n, m, and p are integers that can be the same of different and have a value in the range 1-6. The use of this pre-polymer in the preparation of a liquid polysulfide polymer allows better control over the sulfur and oxygen content and the polarity of the resulting polymer..
Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.


Position detection system

A position detection system for detecting a position of a capsule medical device is provided. The capsule medical device has a coil constituting a part of a resonance circuit to generate an ac magnetic field.
Olympus Corporation


Printed circuit board and display device having the same

A circuit board, including a plurality of wiring lines extending along a first direction and arranged side by side along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; a plurality of pads having a predetermined length along the first direction, the plurality of pads being on the wiring lines; ground pad outside the pads, the wiring lines including first wiring lines delivering a positive polarity signal and second wiring lines delivering a negative polarity signal, the pads including first pads on the first wiring lines and second pads on the second wiring lines, and a cross-sectional area of each wiring line being substantially equal to that of each pad.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Controller of an electric motor

A controller for an electric motor includes a protective circuit for limiting current or for polarity reversal protection, the protective circuit including a field effect transistor having a gate. The protective circuit further includes a control unit for providing a control voltage for the gate, a smoothing capacitor for charge storage being provided at the gate..
Robert Basch Gmbh


Power conversion apparatus

According to one embodiment, a controller determines the polarity of the input voltage detected by an input voltage detector. Then, when the polarity of the input voltage is positive, the first switch is subject to pulse driving, and when the polarity of the input voltage is negative, the second switch is subject to pulse driving, where the pulse driving is carried out at an on/off timing determined on the basis of the respective detection outputs of an input voltage detector, an input current detector, an output voltage detector, and an output current detector..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus includes an inductor inserted between a secondary winding and a switching device, and an auxiliary switching device inserted between the secondary winding and the switching device in parallel to the inductor. The auxiliary switching device is in an off state in a power supply mode in which an output voltage and an output current of a connector have the same polarity.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Laminated thermoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method therefor

A laminated thermoelectric conversion element is configured to generate electricity from a difference in temperature with respect to a heat-transfer direction. The thermoelectric conversion element includes opposed first and second surfaces which extend in the heat-transfer direction.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Carrier for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip and optoelectronic component

A carrier (1) for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip comprising: (2) base body (10), which comprises a first main surface (10a) and a second main surface (10b), at least one recess (11), which is introduced into the base body (10) and completely penetrates the base body (10) from the first main surface to the second main surface, and a filler material (12), which is introduced into the at least one recess (11). The base body (10) is formed using silicon of a first conductivity type.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Photoresist pattern trimming methods

Provided are methods of trimming photoresist patterns. The methods involve coating a photoresist trimming composition over a photoresist pattern, wherein the trimming composition includes a matrix polymer, a thermal acid generator and a solvent, the trimming composition being free of cross-linking agents.
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Llc


Semiconductor memory device

A semiconductor memory device has at least one memory cell using a resistance variable element, and a control circuit which controls writing to and reading from the memory cell. Operations by the control circuit include a first writing operation, a second writing operation, and a rewriting operation.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Method of driving touch panel, capacitance-type touch panel, and display apparatus with touch detection function

A capacitance-type touch panel, allowing disturbance noise and touch detection time to be reduced and having a simple configuration, is provided. The capacitance-type touch panel including: a plurality of drive electrodes each having a strip shape; a drive control circuit performing control such that a drive signal for touch detection is selectively applied to the drive electrodes; a plurality of touch detection electrodes arranged to intersect with the drive electrodes in such a manner that capacitance is formed in each intersecting part, and each outputting a detection signal in synchronization with the drive signal; and a detection circuit detecting an external proximity object based on the detection signal.
Japan Display, Inc.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes development sections having development rollers, photosensitive drums, primary transfer rollers disposed opposite to the photosensitive drums in one-to-one correspondence, an intermediate transfer belt, and a voltage application section. The voltage application section includes a first voltage application section and a second voltage application section.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes a display panel including a display device; and a light transmission control panel disposed to face one side of the display panel and configured to control a transmission amount of visible rays incident from the outside or visible rays generated from the display panel. The light transmission control panel includes a base member; a first electrode disposed on the base member; a second electrode disposed to face the first electrode; a polar fluid disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, having a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface characteristic, and having an electric polarity; and a blocking member disposed between the polar fluid and the first electrode, having an opposite surface characteristic to a surface characteristic of the polar fluid, and including a fluid configured to block at least some of the visible rays..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Microplates for magnetic 3d culture

Devices for magnetic 3d culture are described including magnetic lids/bases for single petri plates and adjustable height cap for same. Similar devices for multi-magnet culture plates wherein multiwell plates have all adjacent magnets orientated in the opposite polarity, and methods of making same..
Nano3d Biosciences, Inc


A high density distributed three-dimensional electrode device

A high-density distributed three-dimensional electrode device, comprising an electrode array and an electrode fixing assembly on which the electrode array is fixed, the electrode array comprising a plurality of electrodes respectively applied with an electric pulse of a first polarity and an electric pulse of a second polarity according to a time period, wherein the electrodes corresponding to the electric pulse of the second polarity are distributed around the electrodes corresponding to the electric pulse of the first polarity.. .
Etta Biotech Co., Ltd


Ion exchange based volatile component removal device for ion chromatography

A method, device, and system for removing a volatile component from a liquid solution for a chromatographic separation are described. The method includes the flowing of a liquid solution through a first chamber of the device.
Dionex Corporation


Low-profile, low-frequency, and low-impedance broad-band ultrasound transducer and methods thereof

An ultrasound transducer and a method of making this transducer, where the transducer includes at least two piezoelectric elements, oriented adjacent to each other in a stack. Each piezoelectric element includes a first surface which includes an electrode of a first polarity, a second surface which includes an electrode of a second polarity, a thickness between the first surface and the second surface, and an ultrasound transmitting surface.
Zetroz, Inc.


Interchangeable image display system and method to create

An interchangeable image display system includes a rigid hard backboard including a backboard front side coated with a protective finish and including at least one photo area, and a backboard back side opposite the backboard front side; one or more rigid hard photo tiles including a photo tile front including an image infused into metal; and a photo tile back; two or more first polarity magnets fixedly attached to the back board front side in each photo area in a first pattern; and two or more second polarity magnets fixedly attached to each of the photo tiles on the photo tile back in a second pattern the mirror image of the first pattern; the second polarity magnets attracted, and removeably attachable to the first polarity magnets.. .


Monitor photodiode multiplexer for integrated photonic switches

System and method embodiments are provided for monitor photodiode multiplexers for integrated photonic switches. Embodiment monitor photodiode multiplexers provide simplified control circuits, reduced power consumption, and improved manufacturability as compared to other solutions.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Asymmetric hysteretic controllers

An asymmetric hysteretic controller comprises an analog comparator coupled with a fast slew rate dac, or a digital comparator coupled with an adc plus some digital control logic. The comparator, analog or digital, operates as a sequential windowed comparator having high and low limits.
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Wireless charger circuit and method

A charging system for a mobile device includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes (a) a first interface to a power source; (b) a second interface to the receiver; (c) a polarity detection circuit for detecting polarities of the; and (d) first and second switches controlled by the polarity detection circuit, wherein each switch selectively connects a terminal of the first interface to a terminal of the second interface.
Silicon Spread Corporation


A producing a battery and battery

The invention relates to an accumulator having a plurality of electrode plates which are adjacently arranged and form at least one electrode plate stack in the form of a block, wherein each electrode plate comprises a frame having a grid arranged therein and wherein at least the grid is filled with an active mass, and wherein each electrode plate comprises at least one connecting lug protruding beyond the frame, wherein the connecting lugs of same-polarity electrode plates are arranged adjacent to one another in a row, wherein the connecting lugs adjacently arranged in a row are materially bonded together electrically and mechanically into a connecting lug block by at least one weld or solder point arranged between the connecting lugs. The invention furthermore relates to a method for manufacturing an accumulator,.
Johnson Controls Autobatterie Gmbh & Co. Kg


Traction battery busbar carriers for pouch battery cells

A vehicle including an array of pouch battery cells, a pair of carriers, and a plurality of busbars is provided. The array of pouch battery cells may each have terminal tabs of opposite polarity extending from opposing cell faces.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Reduced scale resonant tunneling field effect transistor

An embodiment includes a heterojunction tunneling field effect transistor including a source, a channel, and a drain; wherein (a) the channel includes a major axis, corresponding to channel length, and a minor axis that corresponds to channel width and is orthogonal to the major axis; (b) the channel length is less than 10 nm long; (c) the source is doped with a first polarity and has a first conduction band; (d) the drain is doped with a second polarity, which is opposite the first polarity, and the drain has a second conduction band with higher energy than the first conduction band. Other embodiments are described herein..
Intel Corporation


Systems and methods for calibrating gain in an electron multiplier

Method for operating a mass spectrometer includes supplying a quantity of ions to an ion detector. The ion detector can include a conversion dynode operating in a first polarity and an electron multiplier.
Thermo Finnigan Llc


Low forming voltage non-volatile storage device

A three-dimensional array of memory elements that reversibly change a level of electrical conductance in response to a voltage difference being applied across them. The memory elements can be set to a low resistance state and reset to a high resistance state during standard operation by biasing appropriate voltages on the word lines and bit lines.
Sandisk 3d Llc


Liquid crystal display device and driving method thereof

A liquid crystal display device, including: pixels; data lines and scan lines coupled to the pixels; and a driver configured to supply a scan signal to the scan lines, and supply a data voltage to the data lines. The data lines include first to third data lines, to which a data voltage having a positive polarity is supplied, and which are adjacent to each other, and fourth to sixth data lines, to which a data voltage having a negative polarity is supplied, and which are adjacent to each other..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Polarity topics: Spectrometer, Accommodation, Portable Computer, Control Unit, Carbon Atoms, Functional Groups, Hydrocarbon, Condensation, Compaction, Water Purification, Ion Mobility, Spectrometry, Relaxation, Mass Spectrometer, Adsorption

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