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Polarity patents

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Nanopore control with pressure and voltage

President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Nanopore control with pressure and voltage

Methods and systems of electrode polarity switching in electrical stimulation therapy


Methods and systems of electrode polarity switching in electrical stimulation therapy

Methods and systems of electrode polarity switching in electrical stimulation therapy

Samsung Sdi

Battery protection system and battery protection method using the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polarity-related patents
 Method for displaying content and electronic device thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method for displaying content and electronic device thereof
A method and system for extending display content across multiple display devices over a network using fingerprint of a user by registering fingerprints of the user in a master device and allowing the user to perform an action on the master device is provided. The method includes broadcasting, by the master device, a first key to one or more slave devices after authorizing the user and generating the first key based on a polarity of a hand performing the user action on the master device and considering a relative location of the slave device, and extending, by the master device, the display content to one or more identified slave devices within the network after establishing a connection between the master device and one or more slave devices..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Nrz signal amplifying device and method, and error rate measurement device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Nrz signal amplifying device and method, and error rate measurement device and method
To set an optimum offset voltage and detect an nrz signal with a very small amplitude. An nrz signal amplifying device 2 includes: input-side voltage detection means 13 for detecting a high-level voltage and a low-level voltage of an input signal to the main amplifier 12; output-side voltage detection means 14 for detecting the two signals inverted relative to each other; and offset voltage control means 15 for calculating a center voltage between the detected high-level voltage and low-level voltage, setting an offset voltage at which the center voltage is the center of an appropriate input range of the main amplifier 12 to the offset circuit 11, and finely adjusting the offset voltage, such that a voltage difference between the detected two signals inverted relative to each other and a polarity change point is close to 0..
Anritsu Corporation
 Method and circuit for detecting usb 3.0 lfps signal patent thumbnailnew patent Method and circuit for detecting usb 3.0 lfps signal
A system and method for efficient detection of low frequency periodic signaling (lfps) input signals. A receiver receives two input differential signals that are lfps input signals.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
 Methods and systems of electrode polarity switching in electrical stimulation therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems of electrode polarity switching in electrical stimulation therapy
Methods for electrically stimulating body tissues to improve function or reduce symptoms provide an electrical stimulation system having two or more electrodes that are capable of being switched independently from a hyperpolarizing (depolarizing) state to a hypopolarizing state. Multiple combinations of hyperpolarizing electrodes and hypopolarizing electrodes are created by polarity switching to determine a polarity configuration having the best performance as determined by symptom reporting and clinical diagnostic tests.
Endostim, Inc.
 Battery with multiple electrode engaging portions patent thumbnailnew patent Battery with multiple electrode engaging portions
A battery includes a first electrode terminal of a first shape, a second electrode terminal of a second shape, a third electrode terminal of a third shape, and a fourth electrode terminal of a fourth shape. The first and third electrode terminals have a first polarity, and the second and fourth electrode terminals have a second polarity opposite to the first polarity.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.
 Cleaning device, image forming apparatus, and  cleaning patent thumbnailnew patent Cleaning device, image forming apparatus, and cleaning
A cleaning device includes a semiconductive transfer member which carries charged toner; a first cleaner disposed in contact with the transfer member to electrostatically remove the toner on the transfer member; a second cleaner disposed downstream of the first cleaner along a moving direction of the transfer member to electrostatically remove the toner on the transfer member; and a voltage applicator which applies a bias voltage to the first cleaner, the bias voltage having an opposite polarity to a polarity of the toner. The bias voltage to be applied by the voltage applicator to the first cleaner is higher than a voltage which allows the first cleaner to remove maximum amount of the toner..
Konica Minolta, Inc.
 Voltage generating  stably controlling voltage patent thumbnailnew patent Voltage generating stably controlling voltage
A negative bias circuit outputs a dc voltage of a negative polarity. A positive bias circuit outputs a dc voltage of a positive polarity.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Optically functional device, and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Optically functional device, and manufacturing method thereof
An optical functional device equivalent to a 2×2 mach-zehnder optical switch is produced by forming two 3 db couplers and input/output waveguides on a substrate. Two optical phase modulation paths are formed on corresponding waveguides between 3 db couplers.
Nec Corporation
 Transport of an analog signal across an isolation barrier patent thumbnailnew patent Transport of an analog signal across an isolation barrier
An analog signal is transported across an isolation channel using edge modulation/demodulation of a pulse width modulated (pwm) signal. An edge modulator is responsive to rising edges of the pwm signal to generate first pulses having a first predetermined pulse width and is responsive to receipt of falling edges of the pwm signal to generate second pulses having a second predetermined pulse width with the same polarity as the first pulses.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.
 Input data  alignment circuit and semiconductor device including the same patent thumbnailnew patent Input data alignment circuit and semiconductor device including the same
An input data alignment circuit includes a data sampler, a frequency divider, a polarity determination block, and a data alignment block. The data sampler provides a data sequence based on data serially input according to a data strobe signal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Embedded selector-less one-time programmable non-volatile memory

An otp anti-fuse memory array without additional selectors and a manufacturing method are provided. Embodiments include forming wells of a first polarity in a substrate, forming a bitline of the first polarity in each well, and forming plural metal gates across each bitline, wherein no source/drain regions are formed between the metal gates..
Globalfoundries Inc.
new patent

Motor polarity testing of a dual stage actuated disk drive head suspension

Methods and apparatus concern testing a disk drive suspension. Testing includes moving a first portion of a suspension relative to a second portion.
Hutchinson Technology Incorporated
new patent

Angle detection device

Outputs from first and second magnetic detection units are applied to first to fourth output circuits, each being a differential amplifier, and therefore detection outputs s1 and s2 approximating a sine wave reversed in positive/negative polarity with each other and detection outputs s3 and s4 approximating a cosine wave reversed in positive/negative polarity with each other can be obtained. These detection outputs s1 to s4 are applied to a switching circuit, so that a partial detection output can be obtained at intervals of 90 degrees from the detection outputs s1 and s4.
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
new patent

Switch mode power supply

A switch mode power supply has a first and second branch of an inductive element; a first switching element and a second switching element connected in series. Both branches are coupled to a power source in parallel.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
new patent

Battery protection system and battery protection method using the same

A battery protection system includes a first battery, a first line coupled to a first electrode of the first battery, and a second line coupled to a second electrode of the first battery, the first and second electrodes being of opposite polarity, a measurement unit measuring a voltage at first and second measurement terminals, the first measurement terminal being connected to the first electrode by the first line, the second measurement terminal being connected to the second electrode by the second line, and a protection unit controlling a voltage of the first battery according to a generated voltage, the generated voltage being determined by adjusting the measured voltage according to a first voltage drop across the first line, a second voltage drop across the second line, or both the first voltage drop and the second voltage drop.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.
new patent

Protection circuit and method against interference in lighting systems

A protection circuit for lighting drivers is provided, wherein a lighting driver is coupled to an ac voltage source. The protection circuit comprises a loading circuit, coupled to the ac voltage source and operable to load it with a loading current, and a monitoring and control (m&c) circuit.
Magnitude Lighting Transformers Inc.
new patent

Nanopore control with pressure and voltage

There is provided a nanopore system including a nanopore in a solid state membrane. A first reservoir is in fluidic connection with the nanopore, the first reservoir being configured to provide, to the nanopore, nucleic acid molecules in an electrolytic solution.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Wireless communication device with switched polarization and methods for use therewith

A wireless communication device includes a polarity setting module configured to set a plurality of polarity modes for the wireless communication with the plurality of external devices. The plurality of polarity modes includes selected ones of at least: a first polarity mode, and a second polarity mode.
Broadcom Corporation

Method for manipulating magnetic particles in a liquid medium

A method of mixing magnetic particles (3) in a reaction chamber (2) that is part of a microfluidic device and that contains the said particles in suspension, comprises the steps: (a) providing an electromagnetic means (1,1′,6,7) to generate magnetic field sequences having polarity and intensity that vary in time and a magnetic field gradient that covers the whole space of the said reaction chamber (2); (b) applying a first magnetic field sequence to separate or confine the particles (3) so the particles occupy a sub-volume in the volume of the reaction chamber (2); (c) injecting a defined volume of the said reagent in the reaction chamber; and (d) applying a second magnetic field sequence to leads the particles (3) to be homogenously distributed and dynamically moving over a substantial portion of the whole reaction chamber volume.. .
Spinomix S.a.

Developing assembly, process cartridge, and image-forming apparatus

First and second dielectric portions and colored particles have − polarity, and a regulating portion and an externally added particles have + polarity; concerning triboelectric series, (−)<second dielectric portion<first dielectric portion<regulating portion (+) and (−) colored particles<second dielectric portion<first dielectric portion<externally added particles (+); and concerning work functions, the difference between the colored particles and the second dielectric portion<the difference between the second dielectric portion and the externally added particles, the difference between the colored particles and the first dielectric portion<the difference between the first dielectric portion and the externally added particles, and the difference between the colored particles and the regulating portion>the difference between the regulating portion and the externally added particles.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Developing assembly, process cartridge, and image-forming apparatus

In a developing assembly, the surface of a developer bearing member on which a developer is borne is provided with a first dielectric portion and a second dielectric portion. A regulating portion that regulates the layer thickness of the developer borne on the developer bearing member, the first dielectric portion, and the second dielectric portion each have a charge polarity opposite to the charge polarity of the developer.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Optical information recording medium

An optical information recording medium has a first information recording layer (20) and a second information recording layer (40) each of which includes (i) a group of pre-pits (31, 51) constituting marks (32, 52) and spaces (33, 53) and (ii) a super-resolution film (23, 43), the marks (32, 52) and the spaces (33, 53) having different lengths, an average length of a smallest mark that is smallest in length and a smallest space that is smallest in length being less than or equal to a resolution limit of a reproduction optical system for reproducing information recorded on the first information recording layer (20) and the second information recording layer (40), the group of pre-pits (31, 51) being formed so that a push-pull signal for the reproduction optical system to reproduce the information recorded by the group of pre-pits is negative in polarity. This provides an inexpensive and high-capacity multilayer optical information recording medium based on a super-resolution technology..
Memory-tech Corporation

Magnetizing inrush current suppression device

According to one embodiment, a magnetizing inrush current suppressing device is configured to measure a three-phase alternating current flowing from the power supply bus to the load, detect a first interruption phase as a phase of an electric current which is interrupted first among the three phases, detect a phase of a phase voltage zero point through which a phase voltage of the first interruption phase of the three-phase ac voltage passes when changing from the same polarity as that of an electric current immediately before interruption of the first interruption phase to an opposite polarity, and close the circuit-breaker at a phase within 60° from the detected phase.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Organic el panel and manufacturing same

An organic el panel including an organic light-emitting layer with a miniaturized structure formed by a wet process, allowing for excellent light-emitting characteristics, and a method for manufacturing the same. Specifically, the display panel includes: a substrate; first electrodes arranged above the substrate along a first and second direction intersecting with each other; a first, second, and third organic light-emitting layer arranged above the first electrodes so as to be adjacent to each other in the second direction, and each containing an organic light-emitting material corresponding to a different emission color; a first bank separating the first and the second layer; a second bank separating the second and the third layer; and a second electrode disposed above the first, the second, and the third layer and being different in polarity from the first electrodes.
Panasonic Corporation

Electrolytic cell with advanced oxidation process

An apparatus and method for electrolytically treating water which can include the influent inlet arrangements for cavitation and one or more pairs of electrodes. The electrodes can be suitable for a continuous anodic and cathodic operation for treating water.

Sensor and stethoscope

It is presented a sensor comprising a sensor plate (14), a base piece (15) and a first sensor membrane (7a) and a second sensor membrane (7b), each having a side of positive electrical polarity and a side of negative electrical polarity. Each one of the first sensor membrane and the second sensor membrane is mounted between the sensor plate and the base piece while allowing movement of the sensor plate in relation to the mounting piece.
Computerized Medical Technology In Sweden Ab

Aqueous-based electric double-layer capacitor

An electric double-layer capacitor (edlc) and method for manufacturing thereof. The eldc includes at least one capacitor cell with two parallel current collectors, two opposite polarity electrodes, a separator, a rigid dielectric frame, and at least one evacuation mechanism.
Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.

Method and radial electromagnetic power arrays

Multiple arrays of linear motors and generators are combined in a radial configuration to provide high mechanical efficiency to deliver power in a single plane of motion to a common crankshaft. Magnet core assemblies for the motors and generators use powerful rare earth magnets positioned within an outer flux containment shell comprising a highly-magnetically-permeable ferrous-alloy to provide high power density.
Juiced Planet, Llc

Light emitting diode and manufacturing method therefor

Disclosed are a light emitting diode having an n-doped ohm contact buffer layer and a manufacturing method therefor. In the present invention, a highly n-doped ohm contact buffer layer with an electronic concentration up to 1×1018 cm3 is formed on the n side of a light emitting epitaxy layer; when a growth substrate is removed, the n-type ohm contact buffer layer on the surface is exposed, which is a no-nitride polarity-face n-type gan base material with a lower energy gap; an n-type ohm contact electrode is prepared on the n-type ohm contact buffer layer and follows the ti/al ohm contact electrode, which can overcome the problem of the existing vertical gallium nitride-based vertical light emitting diode that the voltage of the thin film gan base light emitting device is unreliable because the ohm contact electrode on the nitride-face gan base semiconductor layer is easy to crack due to temperature..
Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus

A semiconductor device includes: a transistor including an oxide semiconductor film; a first insulating film covering the oxide semiconductor film and including a first resin material; and a second insulating film including a second resin material that has polarity different from polarity of the first resin material, the second insulating film being laminated on the first insulating film.. .
Sony Corporation

Concentration measurement device and concentration measurement method

A concentration measurement apparatus includes a probe, having a light incidence section making measurement light incident on the head and a light detection section detecting the measurement light that has propagated through the interior of the head, and a cpu determining temporal relative change amounts of oxygenated hemoglobin concentration and deoxygenated hemoglobin concentration and determining a correlation coefficient of the relative change amounts and a polarity of a slope of a regression line.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Hard mask for source/drain epitaxy control

An integrated circuit is formed to include a first polarity mos transistor and a second, opposite, polarity mos transistor. A hard mask of silicon-doped boron nitride (sixbn) with 1 atomic percent to 30 atomic percent silicon is formed over the first polarity mos transistor and the second polarity mos transistor.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Method of forming patterns

A method of forming patterns includes (a) coating a substrate with a resist composition for negative development to form a resist film, wherein the resist composition contains a resin capable of increasing the polarity by the action of the acid and becomes more soluble in a positive developer and less soluble in a negative developer upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation, (b) forming a protective film on the resist film with a protective film composition after forming the resist film and before exposing the resist film, (c) exposing the resist film via an immersion medium, and (d) performing development with a negative developer.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

N-phase signal transition alignment

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate transmission of data, particularly between two devices within an electronic apparatus. Information is transmitted in n-phase polarity encoded symbols.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Liquid crystal display device and drive liquid crystal panel

A liquid crystal display device of the present invention employs a liquid crystal panel of cs control pixel division, and is configured such that two adjacent pixel rows share one retention capacitor wire, and two adjacent scanning signal lines are simultaneously selected. In a case where two pixels ((pn+1) and (pn+2)) which are adjacent along a scanning direction but are not simultaneously selected are to have an identical predetermined luminance in two frames, a first signal potential is written to one pixel (pn+1) in one of the two frames and a second signal potential having a polarity identical to that of the first signal potential is written to the other pixel (pn+2) in the other of the two frames, the first and second signal potentials are different from each other.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Source driver and determining polarity of pixel voltage thereof

A source driver and a method for determining polarity of pixel voltage thereof are provided. The source driver includes a data register unit, a plurality of data groups and a plurality of polarity determining units.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

Liquid crystal display and gate driver thereof

A liquid crystal display and a gate driver thereof are disclosed. The gate driver comprises a first output unit, a second output unit, a first counter, a second counter and a multiplex unit.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

System and tailoring polarity transitions of magnetic structures

A system and method for tailoring a polarity transition of a magnetic structure is provided that involves printing one or more reinforcing maxels alongside one side or both sides of a polarity transition boundary between a first polarity region of the magnetic structure having a first polarity and a second polarity region of the magnetic structure having a second polarity, where printing reinforcing maxels alongside the polarity transition boundary improves the magnetic field characteristics of the polarity transition.. .
Correlated Magnetics Research, Llc

Magnetic resonance transmitter

A transmitter for a magnetic resonance (mr) system, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) system, is described herein. The transmitter includes a coil for applying nmr pulse sequences to a substance.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method for balancing the charge states of battery cells in a battery and battery for implementation of the method

A method is described for the control of a battery comprising at least one battery module string with a number of battery modules connected in a series. Each battery module comprises at least one battery cell, at least one coupling unit, a first connection and a second connection and is designed for accommodating one of at least two switching states depending on an actuation of the coupling unit.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Method and controlling brightness of light emitting diodes

A circuit for driving a light emitting diode (led) comprises: an alternating voltage power supply, comprising a triac dimmer having a firing angle and output terminals that provide power to the led: a zero crossing detector that detects a polarity change of the alternating voltage provided by the alternating voltage power supply and provides a zero crossing output signal indicative of the zero crossing; a timer triggered by the zero crossing output signal that generates a timer output signal, during a time period of the timer; and led power circuitry that reduces current to the light emitting diode based upon timing characteristics of the timer output signal.. .
Huizhou Light Engine Limited

Multi-pole ion trap for mass spectrometry

An ion trap includes a containment region for containing ions, and a plurality of electrodes positioned on a regular polyhedral structure encompassing the containment region. An electrode is positioned on each vertex of the encompassing structure and at least one of the polygonal surfaces includes additional electrodes configured to form a plurality of quadrupoles on the surface.
The Rockefeller University

Multilayer ceramic electronic component to be embedded in board and printed circuit board having multilayer ceramic electronic component embedded therein

A multilayer ceramic electronic component to be embedded in a board includes: a ceramic body including dielectric layers; first and second internal electrodes formed in the ceramic body; and first-polarity external electrodes connected to the first internal electrodes, and second-polarity external electrodes connected to the second internal electrodes, wherein the number of the first-polarity external electrodes and the number of the second-polarity external electrodes may be two or more, the first-polarity and second-polarity external electrodes may include first-polarity and second-polarity base electrodes and first-polarity and second-polarity terminal electrodes formed on the first-polarity and second-polarity base electrodes, respectively, when l denotes a length of the ceramic body and w denotes a width thereof, w/l≧0.6 may be satisfied, and a width bw of each of the first-polarity and second-polarity external electrodes formed on the first and second main surfaces of the ceramic body may satisfy 150 μm≦bw≦350 μm.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Self-powered light-seeking apparatus and photovoltaic cells with light concentrating means

A self-powered light seeking apparatus and method for directing a target-plane towards a light source. The apparatus includes a photovoltaic powering arrangement configured to convert light energy into a driving current to power an actuator.

Methods for varnish removal and prevention in an internal combustion engine

Methods for removing and preventing the buildup of unwanted deposits and varnishes on combustion chamber surfaces, particularly injector-igniter components that are exposed to combustion events. A method of removing deposits from an injector-igniter comprises monitoring the current across a pair of electrodes in the injector-igniter, comparing the current with a predetermined threshold level, and performing a cleaning cycle if the current exceeds the threshold level.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc

Dynamic pullover top

A pullover-style shirt, the shirt comprising an exterior layer of fabric, an interior layer of fabric, an aperture in the exterior layer, securing means that serve to close the aperture when the aperture is not actively manipulated by a user, but that allow the easy opening of the aperture to display the interior layer when the aperture is actively manipulated by a user. The inventor contemplates that the interior layer should bear a graphic display that is exposed when the aperture is opened.

Predicate template collecting device, specific phrase pair collecting device and computer program therefor

A predicate template collector allowing efficient and automatic recognition of predicate templates is adapted to include: a noun pair collector 94 and a noun pair polarity determiner 98 for collecting noun pairs co-occurring with predicate template pairs and determining polarity of relation between nouns, using conjunctions and seed templates; a template pair collector 100, collecting template pairs co-occurring with noun pairs and determining, based on the relation of noun pairs co-occurring with the predicate template pairs and the conjunctions between predicate templates pairs, whether the polarity of excitatory class of predicate template pair is the same or not; a template network builder 106 building a template network connecting predicate templates based on the predicate template pairs and match/mismatch of excitatory class thereof; and a template excitation value calculator 112 calculating excitation value to be assigned to each node, using the excitation value of seed templates and the relation between each of the nodes in the network.. .
National Institute Of Information And Communications Technology

Method of forming structure including micropattern, forming nanopattern, and manufacturing display panel for liquid crystal display

A method of forming a micropattern structure includes: coating a structure including a plurality of guide blocks extending in a first direction on a substrate and disposed to be spaced apart from each other in a second direction, which is perpendicular to the first direction, with a sacrificial material; ashing a portion of the sacrificial material to expose upper portions of the plurality of guide blocks; coating the structure with a first material having a polarity that is contrary to a polarity of a filling material filling the structure; heat-treating the structure to chemically bond the first material to the upper portions of the plurality of guide blocks; removing the sacrificial material and excess first material to form a first material cap chemically bonded to the upper portions of the plurality of guide blocks; and filling the structure with the filling material.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Electronic device and polarity-safe structure configured to receive a battery

An electronic device ensuring the polarity-correct installation of a battery includes a polarity-safe structure. The polarity-safe structure includes a fixing member located in a fixing groove and an elastic member secured in a receiving groove opposite to the fixing member.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Multilayered ceramic capacitor with improved lead frame attachment

A capacitor with improved lead frame attachment is described wherein the improved lead frame attachment mitigates defects. The capacitor comprises parallel conductive internal electrodes of alternating polarity with a dielectric between the conductive internal electrodes.
Kemet Electronics Corporation

Display apparatus, liquid crystal display apparatus, drive display apparatus, and television receiver

In at least one embodiment a ripple, generated in an electric potential of data signal lines even in long-term reversal driving, is reduced and display quality is improved. In at least one example embodiment, the liquid crystal display apparatus of the present invention includes scanning signal lines and data signal lines, in which one scanning pulse is outputted to select one scanning signal line, each of the data signal lines receives data signals whose polarities are reversed per one vertical scanning period while in one horizontal scanning period, one of two data signal lines receives a data signal having a polarity and the other of the two data signal lines receives another data signal having another polarity, the two data signal lines being arranged adjacent to each other, scanning pulses are successively outputted in sets of two, and at a timing in which two scanning pulses fall, two scanning pulses rise..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


A digitiser includes a grid of conductors having excitation conductors and detection conductors. Excitation circuitry applies excitation signals to selected excitation conductors; measurement circuitry obtains measurements from selected detection conductors; and processing circuitry processes measurements obtained by the measurement circuitry to detect one or more objects positioned adjacent the grid of conductors.
Alterix Limited

Multilayered bus bar

An example multilayered bus bar includes, among other things, a first conductive layer, a second conductive layer, and a third conductive layer. The second conductive layer is sandwiched between the first and third conductive layers.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Gate strain induced work function engineering

A stack of a gate dielectric layer and a workfunction material layer are deposited over a plurality of semiconductor material portions, which can be a plurality of semiconductor fins or a plurality of active regions in a semiconductor substrate. A first gate conductor material applying a first stress is formed on a first portion of the workfunction material layer located on a first semiconductor material portion, and a second gate conductor material applying a second stress is formed on a second portion of the workfunction material layer located on a second semiconductor material portion.
International Business Machines Corporation

Semiconductor device

Solved is a problem of attenuation of output amplitude due to a threshold value of a tft when manufacturing a circuit with tfts of a single polarity. In a capacitor (105), a charge equivalent to a threshold value of a tft (104) is stored.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Remote sense lead magnitude and polarity controller

In a welding power supply, a feedback circuit senses electrical signals from the power output studs and from remote welding sense leads. The feedback control circuit scales the electrical signals and converts the signals to binary numbers having magnitude bits and a polarity bit respectively.
Lincoln Global, Inc.,

Washing device and washing method

A washing device includes a container (10) in which aqueous solution is contained, an adsorption electrode (11) which is placed in the container (10) and on which adsorption and desorption of ions in the aqueous solution can be brought about, a counter electrode (12) which is placed in the container (10) so as to face the adsorption electrode (11), a direct-current power source (20) for applying a voltage between the adsorption electrode (11) and the counter electrode (12), and a switching circuit (30) for switching polarity of the voltage applied between the adsorption electrode (11) and the counter electrode (12). A control device (40) controls the direct-current power source (20) and the switching circuit (30) and has a first mode in which first functional water is produced by release of cations into the aqueous solution from the adsorption electrode (11) or adsorption of anions in the aqueous solution onto the adsorption electrode (11) with the adsorption electrode (11) set as anode and with the counter electrode (12) set as cathode.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Wakeup receiver circuit, electronic system and method to wake up a device

A device is operated in a low power mode of operation. The device receives a differential signal that includes a first polarity signal and a second polarity signal.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Three phase clock recovery delay calibration

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate transmission of data, particularly between two devices within an electronic apparatus. Information is transmitted in n-phase polarity encoded symbols.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Surface potential sensor and copying machine

This surface potential sensor is provided with an electret electrode (28), which is configured of a metal film (26) and an electret film (27), said electret electrode being provided on an upper surface of a diaphragm (25) of a semiconductor substrate. Four piezoresistors (29a, 29b, 29c, 29d) are formed on the diaphragm (25), and a distortion quantity detecting unit (32) is configured by forming a bridge circuit using the piezoresistors.
Omron Corporation

Linear motor having a plurality of sensor units and a modular stator setup

A linear motor, comprises at least one stator device (14) with a plurality of permanent magnets (18, 18-1, 18-2) of different polarity and with at least one carrier rail (24), and at least one rotor device (12) with at least three electrical coils (44) and with at least one supporting means (26), which can be or which is supported on the carrier rail (24) of the stator device (14), wherein the rotor device (12) and the stator device (14) are moveable to and fro with respect to each other along a movement direction (fr) defined by the carrier rail (24) by interaction of magnetic fields of the permanent magnets (18, 18-1, 18-2) with the magnetic fields of the coils (44), through which current flows if required, wherein the stator device (14) is formed from at least one stator module (16-1, 16-2), wherein the stator module (16-1, 16-2) is configured such that a stator device (16) with two or more consecutively arranged stator modules (16-1, 16-2) can be formed, and wherein at the stator module (16-1, 16-2) at least one measurement track (40, 40-1, 40-2, 40-3) scannable by a sensor unit (52-1, 52-2) of the rotor device (12) is provided, which runs substantially parallel to the movement direction (fr). On the rotor device (12) at least two sensor units (52-1, 52-2) scanning the measurement track (40, 40-1, 40-2, 40-3) are provided, which are arranged along the movement direction (fr) of the rotor device (12) in a distance (sa) such that if the rotor device (12) is arranged on a connection point (64, l) between two stator modules (16-1, 16-2) the respective measurement tracks (40, 40-1, 40-2, 40-3) of the adjacent stator modules (16-1, 16-2) are scannable by one of the two sensor units (52-1, 52-2), respectively..
Hamilton Bonaduz Ag

Forming embedded source and drain regions to prevent bottom leakage in a dielectrically isolated fin field effect transistor (finfet) device

Approaches for isolating source and drain regions in an integrated circuit (ic) device (e.g., a fin field effect transistor (finfet)) are provided. Specifically, the finfet device comprises a gate structure formed over a finned substrate; an isolation oxide beneath an active fin channel of the gate structure; an embedded source and a drain (s/d) formed adjacent the gate structure and the isolation oxide; and an epitaxial (epi) bottom region of the embedded s/d, the epi bottom region counter doped to a polarity of the embedded s/d.
Globalfoundries Inc.

Metal matrix composite and producing the same

A metal matrix composite having high corrosion resistance even if the coating film deposit amount is low is obtained. A metal matrix composite includes a metal or alloy substrate coated with a molten transition metal oxide glass, wherein the transition metal oxide glass has an n-type polarity.
Hitachi, Ltd.

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