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Polarity patents


This page is updated frequently with new Polarity-related patent applications.

 System and  all electrical noise testing of mems microphones in production patent thumbnailSystem and all electrical noise testing of mems microphones in production
Systems and methods for electrical testing of noise in a multi-membrane micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) microphone are disclosed. The mems system has a test mode that includes placing the microphones' mems biasing networks into a reset mode, adjusting the first bias voltage for the first mems sensor such that a polarity matches the polarity of the bias voltage of the second mems sensor.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Method and  operating electronic device detachable from another electronic device patent thumbnailMethod and operating electronic device detachable from another electronic device
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a first electromagnet mounted to a side surface of the electronic device and configured to generate a magnetic force, a data channel terminal configured to transmit and receive a signal for detecting whether another electronic device is attached, and a processor configured to determine at least one of a polarity and a strength of the magnetic force of the first electromagnet for an attachment or detachment between the electronic device and the other electronic device, control the first electromagnet according to at least one of the determined polarity and strength, and detect an attachment or detachment state between the electronic device and the other electronic device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Reverse current protection circuit patent thumbnailReverse current protection circuit
In described examples, a power interface subsystem includes power transistors, each having: a conduction path coupled between a battery terminal and an accessory terminal; and a control terminal. A differential amplifier has: a first input coupled to the battery terminal; a second input coupled to the accessory terminal; and an output node.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Current distribution system for a battery assembly utilizing non-overlapping bus bars patent thumbnailCurrent distribution system for a battery assembly utilizing non-overlapping bus bars
A pair of current distribution links are provided for use with a battery assembly in which the batteries are divided into groups, and where the batteries within each battery group are connected in parallel and the groups are connected in series. The batteries are interconnected using a repetitive sequence of non-overlapping, alternating polarity bus bars.
Atieva, Inc.

 Conveying apparatus and a conveying  separator of electric device patent thumbnailConveying apparatus and a conveying separator of electric device
A conveying apparatus for a separator of an electrical device alternately laminates a first electrode and a second electrode of different polarity from the first electrode, with a separator interposed therebetween to form a laminated body for conveyance. The separator includes a melt material representing a substrate and a heat-resistant material laminated on one surface of the melt material and having a higher melting point than the melt material.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

 Method and  bipolar memory write-verify patent thumbnailMethod and bipolar memory write-verify
An advantageous write verify operation for bipolar memory devices is disclosed. The verify operation is performed under the same bias conditions as the write operation.
Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc.

 Photoresist pattern trimming methods patent thumbnailPhotoresist pattern trimming methods
Provided are methods of trimming photoresist patterns. The methods involve coating a photoresist trimming composition over a photoresist pattern, wherein the trimming composition includes a matrix polymer, a free acid having fluorine substitution and a solvent, the trimming composition being free of cross-linking agents.
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Llc

 Connectors for smart windows patent thumbnailConnectors for smart windows
This disclosure provides connectors for smart windows. A smart window may incorporate an optically switchable pane.
View, Inc.

 Lcd device patent thumbnailLcd device
A liquid crystal display device (100) includes: a liquid crystal layer (42) held between a pair of substrates (10, 30), the liquid crystal layer containing one or more types of positive liquid crystal compounds whose dielectric anisotropy is positive and one or more types of negative liquid crystal compounds whose dielectric anisotropy is negative, a total content of the positive liquid crystal compounds not being smaller than a total content of the negative liquid crystal compounds; a pixel electrode (24) provided in the pair of substrates, the pixel electrode having a plurality of linear portions and a slit; and a common electrode (22) insulated from the pixel electrode, wherein the pixel electrode and the common electrode apply across the liquid crystal layer a pixel voltage of positive polarity and a pixel voltage of negative polarity alternately at a frequency lower than 60 hz.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Probe for generating seismic waves patent thumbnailProbe for generating seismic waves
Wherein: the capacitor bank is formed from cylindrical capacitors (621) including bases each having a different polarity, the capacitors are mounted coaxially to each other, parallel to the main axis of the body, and the capacitors are electrically linked into at least two groups of capacitors connected in parallel, each group of capacitors having a positive pole and a negative pole, the groups being arranged in the body such that the facing poles of two adjacent groups are of the same polarity.. .

Single-degree-of-freedom magnetic vibration isolation device

A single-degree-of-freedom magnetic vibration isolation device belongs to vibration isolation devices and solves the following problems: the existing active and passive combined vibration reduction system is complex in structure, needs energy supply, and has low reliability. The present invention includes a metal conductor sleeve, a base, an upper annular permanent magnet, a lower annular permanent magnet, a connecting rod and a center permanent magnet; poles of the upper annular permanent magnet and the lower annular permanent magnet facing to each other have reverse polarity, which are connected to an upper end and a lower end of an inner wall of the metal conductor sleeve respectively; the center permanent magnet is concentrically sleeved on the connecting rod and fixedly connected therewith, and the center permanent magnet is located between the upper annular permanent magnet and the lower annular permanent magnet, and is capable of moving axially together with the connecting rod between the upper annular permanent magnet and the lower annular permanent magnet; and the pole of the center permanent magnet facing to the poles of the upper annular permanent magnet and the lower annular permanent magnet have reverse polarity.
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

Ignition device

An ignition device at least equipped with a dc power source, an ignition coil unit, a spark plug, an ignition switch, and an auxiliary power source, wherein the auxiliary power source is at least equipped with a discharge energy accumulating means, a discharge switch, and a discharge driver. The ignition device is further equipped with a secondary-current feedback controlling means comprising a secondary current detecting means for detecting a secondary current flowing during the ignition coil unit discharge period, and a secondary current feedback control circuit-for determining an upper limit and a lower limit for the secondary current from binary threshold values, and driving so as to open and close the discharge switch on the basis of the determination results.
Denso Corporation

Biodegradable nanocomplex

The present invention relates to a biodegradable nanocomplex. The biodegradable nanocomplex comprises a first electrically charged substance, a charge-redistribution substance, a second electrically charged substance and a carried substance, for holding the carried substance inside.
National Cheng Kung University

Compositions and methods for modulating stem cells and uses thereof

There are provided compositions and methods for modulating stem cell division decisions, in particular, division symmetry. It has been demonstrated that wnt7a acts through frizzled-7 receptor expressed on the surface of adult stem cells, e.g.
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Process for removing pesticides from ginkgo biloba extracts, and extracts obtainable by said process

D. Mixing of the high polarity fraction obtained at step a) with the ginkgo terpene intermediate and the bilobalide intermediate obtained at steps b) and c)..


A transducer including a driven element and a magnet assembly. The magnet assembly is coupled to the driven element and includes a first, second and third magnet.

Image communication apparatus, controlling image communication apparatus, and storage medium

The present invention is intended to inhibit off-hook using a hook key in an operation unit to make a caller id function stably usable in an image communication apparatus connectable to a telephone line and having a caller id display function. According to one embodiment, the image communication apparatus includes an off-hook unit configured to perform the off-hook using the hook key in the operation unit, a detection unit configured to detect polarity reversal of a telephone line, a receiving unit configured to receive an information service signal, which arrives via the telephone line, after the detection unit has detected the polarity reversal, and a control unit configured to perform control to inhibit the off-hook by the off-hook unit based on the detection of the polarity reversal by the detection unit..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Switching regulator current sensing circuits and methods

In one embodiment, a switching regulator includes an inductor, a first switch, and a second switch. The first and second switches generate current in the inductor.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Rotor for a rotary electric machine

A rotor for a rotary electric machine has permanent magnets defining magnetic poles of the rotor, i.e. A first pole and a second pole adjacent to the first pole, the first and second poles having different polarities; permanent magnets assigned to the first pole contribute only to the polarity of the first pole, and at least one shared permanent magnet contributes in part to the polarity of the first pole and in part to the polarity of the second pole..
Moteurs Leroy-somer

Power supply device and providing power

A power supply device adapted to being coupled to an electronic apparatus through an input interface is provided. The power supply device includes a first-polarity voltage line, a second-polarity voltage line, and an output interface.
Optoma Corporation

Piezoelectric element and piezoelectric actuator

A piezoelectric element includes a piezoelectric body, an external electrode, and an internal electrode. The piezoelectric body includes first and second main surfaces opposing each other.
Tdk Corporation

Neutron generation using pyroelectric crystals

According to one embodiment, a method for producing a directed neutron beam includes producing a voltage of negative polarity of at least −100 kev on a surface of a deuterated or tritiated target in response to a temperature change of a pyroelectric crystal of less than about 40° c., the pyroelectric crystal having the deuterated or tritiated target coupled thereto, pulsing a deuterium ion source to produce a deuterium ion beam, accelerating the deuterium ion beam to the deuterated or tritiated target to produce a neutron beam, and directing the ion beam onto the deuterated or tritiated target to make neutrons using at least one of a voltage of the pyroelectric crystal, and a high gradient insulator (hgi) surrounding the pyroelectric crystal. The directionality of the neutron beam is controlled by changing the accelerating voltage of the system.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Display apparatus and method

A display apparatus includes a display panel, a timing controller and a data driver. The display panel includes a first gate line, first and second pixels connected to the first gate line and adjacent to the first gate line in a first direction, and third and fourth pixels connected to the first gate line and adjacent to the first gate line in a second direction substantially opposite to the first direction.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Motor drive device and electronic timepiece

A motor drive device includes a driver unit configured to be connected to a stepping motor, and a controller connected to the driver unit. The controller causes the driver unit to output a drive pulse to the stepping motor for causing the stepping motor to rotate stepwise in a prescribed rotation direction.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Particle removal during fabrication of electrochromic devices

Electrochromic devices are fabricated using a particle removal operation that reduces the occurrence of electronically conducting layers and/or electrochromically active layers from contacting layers of the opposite polarity and creating a short circuit in regions where defects form. In some embodiments, the particle removal operation is not a lithiation operation.
View, Inc.

System and reconstructing ghost-free images from data acquired using simultaneous multislice magnetic resonance imaging

Systems and methods for combined ghost artifact correction and parallel imaging reconstruction of simultaneous multislice (“sms”) magnetic resonance imaging (“mri”) data are provided. Dual-polarity training data are used to generate ghost-free slice data, which are used as target data in a reconstruction kernel training process.
Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

Busbars for a power module assembly

A vehicle power module assembly is provided. The assembly many include an array of stacked frames, a power stage housed within each of the frames, and busbars.
Ford Global Technolgoies, Llc

Electrical muscle stimulation device

A muscle electrostimulation device is configured to apply electrostimulation to a muscle. The electrostimulation includes burst waves each including a pulse group output period and any of pulse group output suspension periods in an alternately repeated manner.
Mtg Co., Ltd.

Front contact solar cell with formed electrically conducting layers on the front side and backside

A bipolar solar cell includes a backside junction formed by a silicon substrate and a first doped layer of a first dopant type on the backside of the solar cell. A second doped layer of a second dopant type makes an electrical connection to the substrate from the front side of the solar cell.
Sunpower Corporation

High mobility transistors

An integrated circuit containing an n-channel finfet and a p-channel finfet is formed by forming a first polarity fin epitaxial layer for a first polarity finfet, and subsequently forming a hard mask which exposes an area for a second, opposite, polarity fin epitaxial layer for a second polarity finfet. The second polarity fin epitaxial layer is formed in the area exposed by the hard mask.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal display device includes multiple sub-pixels arranged along a row direction and a column direction as a matrix and multiple data lines disposed along the column direction. Each data line is used for applying a data signal to a corresponding column of the sub-pixels.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Battery module and capsule endoscope including the same

A battery module including: a first battery; a second battery; a connection plate wholly disposed between the first and second batteries. Where the connection plate has: a first portion electrically connected to a first metal electrode of the first battery, the first metal electrode having a first polarity; a second portion electrically connected to a second metal electrode of the second battery, the second metal electrode having an opposite polarity than the first polarity; and a connecting portion connecting the first and second portions through one or more folded portions..
Olympus Corporation

Method for driving vibrating motor

A method for driving a vibrating motor is provided in the present disclosure. The method includes the following steps: providing a driving signal to a vibrating motor; detecting a vibration direction of a vibrating unit of the vibrating motor; determining whether the driving signal facilitates vibration of the vibrating unit; and switching a polarity of the driving signal when the driving signal does not facilitate the vibration of the vibrating unit..
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Electromagnetic toroidal motor

The present invention is a machine in which the repulsion and attraction forces of moving electromagnets are utilized to power a series of linkages that ultimately turn a crank. The motor is controlled by an external computer system which distributes an electric current among the electromagnets.

Magnetic motor and use

Embodiments of the present invention may include a method of producing mechanical power by moving a coil coupled to a shaft partially into a magnetic cylinder having a magnetic end cap containing a plurality of stacked magnetic forces, changing the magnetic polarity of the shaft, moving the coil out of the magnetic cylinder. In other embodiments, there is an electric motor apparatus comprising a magnetic cylinder, a coil coupled to a shaft, and a means for reversing the magnetic polarity of the shaft..
Linear Labs, Inc.

Method for producing a resistive random access memory

A method for producing a resistive random access memory includes preparing a first metal layer and sputtering a resistive switching layer on the first metal layer. Surface treatment is conducted on the resistive switching layer by using a plasma containing mobile ions to dope the mobile ions into the resistive switching layer.
National Sun Yat-sen University

Arc management with voltage reversal and improved recovery

Systems and methods for arc handling in plasma processing operations are disclosed. The method includes providing current with a power supply to a plasma load at a first voltage polarity and energizing an energy storage device so when it is energized, the energy storage device applies a reverse polarity voltage that has a magnitude that is as least as great as the first voltage polarity.
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

Electronic component structures with reduced microphonic noise

An electronic device is described wherein the electronic device comprises a substrate with a first conductive metal layer and a second conductive metal layer. A first microphonic noise reduction structure is in electrical contact with the first conductive metal layer wherein the first microphonic noise reduction layer comprises at least one of the group consisting of a compliant non-metallic layer and a shock absorbing conductor comprising offset mounting tabs with a space there between coupled with at least one stress relieving portion.
Kemet Electronics Corporation

Display device

Present invention is related to a display device and a driving method thereof. In particularly, the present invention is to provide a display device and a driving method thereof, in which a data driver driven at a low frequency which is capable of inverting a polarity of a data voltage in each frame..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Light emitting diode switch device and array

An led switch device and a matrix thereof are disclosed. There is an electroluminescent semiconductor element with a first polarity contact and a second polarity contact.

High-voltage power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus

A high-voltage power supply that outputs high voltages having a predetermined polarity and a reverse polarity performs control in a manner that, during a transition period in which switching of a target voltage of the high voltage having the reverse polarity from the predetermined polarity is performed, a setting value in accordance with a voltage higher than a target voltage is set as the voltage having the reverse polarity, and then a setting value in accordance with the target voltage is set as the voltage having the reverse polarity.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Reversible polarity mpo fiber optic connector with a removable key

A multi-fiber, fiber optic connector has a housing having a first end for receiving a multi-fiber fiber optic cable and a second end having openings for said fibers from said cable. First and second key slots are provided for accepting a removable key for setting the polarity of the fibers within the connector, with the first and second key slots located on opposing sides of the connector.

Method for precombustion ionization

Technologies are provided for employing an ion flow to control a combustion reaction. A combustion reaction is supported at a burner or fuel source.
Clearsign Combustion Corporation

Electrode system for electrical stimulation

A system for electrically stimulating a user comprising: a first housing portion defining an array of openings; an array of permeable bodies with portions exposed through the array of openings and wetted with a solution that facilitates electrical coupling between the system and a body region of the user, wherein each permeable body has a cavity at a proximal portion and a distal portion and is configured to transmit the solution to the body region of the user; a substrate region defining an array of protrusions configured to support the array of permeable bodies and composed of a conductive polymer; and a set of conductors in communication with the substrate region and including a first conductor that provides a first subset of the array of permeable bodies with a first polarity and a second conductor that provides a second subset of the array of permeable bodies with a second polarity.. .
Halo Neuro, Inc.

Headset management by microphone terminal characteristic detection

A headset power management system provides robust and low-power operation by detecting various connection conditions by measuring a voltage at the microphone terminal with and without injection of current from the headset. A power management circuit controls an operating state of the headset using a microphone terminal voltage detector and can determine whether a short circuit is present indicating a connection to a device that does not have a microphone input, a negative polarity voltage is present indicating that the device may be determining a connection and type of the headset using the microphone terminal, a normal connection, or whether the headset is not connected to a device at all.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

Dual polarized electronically steerable parasitic antenna radiator (espar)

An electronically steerable antenna with dual polarization is provided, as well as a method for steering such an antenna. An example antenna may include a driven patch element having dual polarity for radiating or receiving a first beam with a first polarization and radiating or receiving a second beam with a second polarization.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Self-supporting thin-film battery and manufacturing such a battery

A self-supporting thin-film battery is manufacture by forming on the upper surface of a support substrate a vertical active stack having as a lower layer a metal layer having formed therein a first contact terminal of a first polarity of the battery and having formed therein as an upper layer a metal layer having a second contact terminal of a second polarity of the battery. A support film is then bonded to an upper surface of the upper layer.
Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

Battery assembly with linear bus bar configuration

A battery assembly utilizing a compact and robust bus bar configuration is provided. The batteries within the assembly are divided into groups, where the batteries within each battery group are connected in parallel and the groups are connected in series.
Atieva, Inc.

Method for producing solar cells having simultaneously etched-back doped regions

A method for producing a solar cell is described, in which a plurality of doped regions are to be etched-back selectively or over their entire surface. Once a semiconductor substrate (1) has been provided, various doped regions (3, 5) are formed in partial regions of a surface of the semiconductor substrate, the various doped regions (3, 5) differing as regards their doping concentration and/or their doping polarity.
UniversitÄt Konstanz

Display panel, display apparatus having the same and driving the same

A display panel includes a gate line, first and second data lines, first and second gate control lines, and first and second pixels. The first pixel includes a double-gate switching element including a gate electrode connected to the gate line, a source electrode connected to the first data line, and another gate electrode connected to the first gate control line.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Lens driving device and camera module comprising same

A lens driving device according to an embodiment comprises: a movable unit on which at least one lens is mounted; a first coil and a driving magnet which face and interact with each other such that the movable unit is moved in the optical axis direction of the lens; a position sensor for sensing the position of the movable unit in the optical axis direction or a driver comprising the position sensor; and a positively magnetized magnet arranged to face the position sensor or the driver, wherein the positively magnetized magnet comprises a first side surface, which faces the position sensor and has a first polarity, and a second side surface, which faces the position sensor, which is arranged to be spaced from the first side surface in a direction parallel with the optical axis direction or arranged to abut the first side surface, and which has a second polarity that is the opposite of the first polarity of the first side surface, and the length of the first side surface in the optical axis direction may be equal to or larger than the length of the second side surface in the optical axis direction.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

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  • Carbon Atoms
  • Functional Groups
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Condensation
  • Compaction
  • Water Purification
  • Ion Mobility
  • Spectrometry
  • Relaxation
  • Mass Spectrometer
  • Adsorption

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