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Power supply adjustment and polar modulatlion in a mimo system


Power supply adjustment and polar modulatlion in a mimo system

Image display device

Samsung Electronics

Image display device

Image display device


Image generation system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polar-related patents
 Bleeder circuit controller patent thumbnailBleeder circuit controller
A bleeder circuit controller (11) configured to control a bipolar junction transistor (10) having a collector (12) configured to be connected to an output of a phase cut dimmer (2) for receiving a bleed current, an emitter (13) for connecting to ground and a base (14), the bleeder circuit controller configured to generate a control signal for controlling the bleed current through the bipolar junction transistor (10) and measure a signal indicative of the current flow through the dimmer (2) and apply a current limit to a base-emitter current flow as a function of the measured signal.. .
Nxp B.v.
 Power supply adjustment and polar modulatlion in a mimo system patent thumbnailPower supply adjustment and polar modulatlion in a mimo system
Aspects of a method and system for power supply adjustment and polar modulation in a mimo system are provided. In each rf transmit chain of a mimo system that utilizes polar modulation, aspects of the invention may enable generating a signal representative of an amplitude of a pair of phase-quadrature baseband signals; and controlling a voltage and/or current regulator utilizing said generated signal.
Broadcom Corporation
 Image display device patent thumbnailImage display device
An image display device is provided. The image display device includes a light source and a polarizer including a first polarizing region configured to linearly polarize light which is output from the light source and a second polarizing region configured to circularly polarize light which is output from the light source..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Image generation system patent thumbnailImage generation system
An image generation system includes a light detector configured to detect light from a sample; a super-resolution image component transmitter including an objective, configured to transmit the light from the sample including a super-resolution image component that exceeds a cut-off frequency of the objective to the light detector; and an image processor configured to enhance the super-resolution image component of an image of the sample in accordance with an output signal from the light detector. The super-resolution image component transmitter includes a light polarization converter that is placed in an optical path of illumination light for illuminating the sample and that is configured to convert a polarization state of the illumination light to make a polarization direction distribution in the light flux of the illumination light symmetric with respect to an optical axis of the illumination light..
Olympus Corporation
 System and  wireless broadband communication in a marine environment patent thumbnailSystem and wireless broadband communication in a marine environment
The current invention is a system and method for facilitating high-quality broadband wireless communication in a mobile environment. The present invention also offers significantly improved performance over currently available land-based systems, as high bit rate data connectivity is made possible over long distances by utilizing multiple frequencies, antennas, polarizations, modulations, and radios to optimize propagation and accomplish the delivery of synchronous and asynchronous data connections to a seagoing vessel (or other such user, such as a plane or vehicle)..
 Rotary drive system,  controlling an inverter and associated computer program patent thumbnailRotary drive system, controlling an inverter and associated computer program
A rotary drive system having a voltage source and an electric motor. The motor has a stator with independent phases and a rotor, an inverter designed to connect each phase to the voltage source in order to generate phase currents, and a device for controlling the inverter.
Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur
 Power converter, and inverter device including the power converter patent thumbnailPower converter, and inverter device including the power converter
In a power converter, in a period in which the polarities of output voltage and output current of a power converter differ, a pulse train voltage corresponding to a pwm signal is output by a first switching element and a second switching element being turned off, one element of a first switch element and a second switch element being turned on, and the other element being turned on and off based on an inverted signal of a pwm signal pulse width modulated in accordance with an output voltage command.. .
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
 Apparatus and  zero voltage switching in bridgeless totem pole power factor correction converter patent thumbnailApparatus and zero voltage switching in bridgeless totem pole power factor correction converter
Power factor correction (pfc) apparatus, controllers, and methods for operating bridgeless totem pole power factor correction converters in which ac input voltage polarity is detected for designation of active and freewheeling switches of the totem pole circuit, a nominal freewheeling switch on-time is determined according to a volt×second balance relationship, and the voltage across the designated active switch is sensed and used to selectively modify or offset the nominal freewheeling switch on-time to provide a computed freewheeling switch on-time for the next switching cycle to facilitate zero voltage switching of the active switch.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated
 Apparatus and  providing uninterruptible power patent thumbnailApparatus and providing uninterruptible power
Systems and methods of controlling an uninterruptible power supply are provided. The uninterruptible power supply includes an input configured to receive input power, an output, a power conversion circuit coupled with the input and the output, and a controller coupled with the power conversion circuit.
Schneider Electric It Corporation
 Controllable multi-wavelength laser source patent thumbnailControllable multi-wavelength laser source
In at least one embodiment a laser system includes a fiber laser source, a polarization controller and a wavelength converter. The relative power distribution between a pump wavelength and a signal wavelength is controllable using the polarization controller.
Imra America, Inc.

Load balancing of dual-polarized antennas

There is provided a dual-polarized n/2-column antenna arrangement. The antenna module arrangement comprises a coupler module.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Transmitting-receiving-separated dual-polarization antenna

To reduce coupling between transmission and reception while implementing sharing of polarized waves for both the transmitting band and the receiving band at the same time. Patch antenna for transmitting band and patch antenna for receiving band, which are arranged at predetermined spacing, include an upper-stage ground conductor; a lower-stage ground conductor; a feed line which is arranged among the ground conductor and the lower-stage ground conductor; a feed slot which is formed on the upper-stage ground conductor; a patch which is electromagnetically coupled with the feed line via the feed slot; and electromagnetic shielding members which are connected with the upper-stage ground conductor and the lower-stage ground conductor in a state in which the electromagnetic shielding members are located around the feed line.
Kddi Corporation

Dual-circular polarized antenna system

In an example embodiment, an azimuth combiner comprises: a septum layer comprising a plurality of septum dividers; first and second housing layers attached to first and second sides of the septum layer; a linear array of ports on a first end of the combiner; wherein the first and second housing layers each comprise waveguide h-plane t-junctions; wherein the waveguide t-junctions can be configured to perform power dividing/combining; and wherein the septum layer evenly bisects each port of the linear array of ports. A stack of such azimuth combiners can form a two dimensional planar array of ports to which can be added a horn aperture layer, and a grid layer, to form a dual-polarized, dual-bfn, dual-band antenna array..
Viasat, Inc.

Bandpass microwave filter tunable by relative rotation of an insert section and of a dielectric element

A bandpass filter for microwave-frequency wave which is frequency tunable, comprises at least one resonator. Each resonator comprises a cavity having a conducting wall substantially cylindrical in relation to an axis z, and at least one dielectric element disposed inside the cavity.
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

Bandpass microwave filter tunable by rotation of a dielectric element

A frequency tunable microwave bandpass filter comprises a resonator, including: a cavity with conducting wall substantially cylindrical with axis z having height h, and partially closed at both ends; and a dielectric element inside the cavity. The resonator resonates at two perpendicular polarizations having distributions of electromagnetic field in the cavity deduced from each other by 90° rotation.
Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

Voltage monitoring device of stack

A device for measuring stack voltage includes a stack part and a connector. The stack part includes terminals of a bipolar plate extending outward from a side of the bipolar plate, a gasket combined with the bipolar plate, a sub-gasket combined with the gasket and having extensions laterally protruding corresponding to the terminals.
Hyundai Motor Company

Bipolar li-ion battery with improved seal and associated production process

The present invention relates to a bipolar battery comprising at least two electrochemical cells (c1, c2) stacked on top of one another, each collector (13, 21) comprising on its periphery at least one bead (23) of an electrically insulating material also forming a peripheral zone of the wall impermeable to the electrolyte. According to the invention, each impermeable wall is obtained by a technique chosen from direct bonding, anodic bonding between a bead of the bipolar collector and the bead of the adjacent collector, and eutectic bonding between a layer made of metal or a eutectic metal alloy deposited on a bead of the bipolar collector and a layer made of metal or eutectic metal alloy deposited on a bead of the adjacent collector..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Composite phase retarder and organic light emitting display apparatus using the same

The present invention provides a composite phase retarder and an organic light emitting display apparatus using the same. The organic light emitting display apparatus comprises an organic light emitting display panel and the composite phase retarder.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Piezoelectric transformer

A piezoelectric transformer that includes a piezoelectric body having driving portions and a power generating portion, an input electrode, and an output electrode. The driving portions and the power generating portion are arranged in the lengthwise direction of the piezoelectric body.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sealing film for solar cells, solar cell module, and selecting sealing film for solar cells

A sealing film for solar cells for a solar cell module constituting a solar power generation system with a system voltage of 600 v or more, and is capable of suppressing the generation of pid phenomenon; and a solar cell module are provided. Such sealing film for solar cells consists of a crosslinkable curable film of a composition containing an ethylene-polar monomer copolymer and a crosslinking agent.
Bridgestone Corporation

Nitride semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Disclosed are an npn-type bipolar transistor as a nitride semiconductor device having good characteristics, and a method of manufacturing the same. A so-called pn epitaxial substrate has a structure wherein an n-type collector layer and a p-type base layer of a three-layer structure are provided over a substrate.
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Semiconductor structure and forming the same

A semiconductor structure and a method for forming same are provided. The semiconductor structure includes a bipolar transistor.
United Microelectronics Corp.

Soi lateral bipolar transistors having surrounding extrinsic base portions

Lateral soi bipolar transistor structures are provided including an intrinsic base semiconductor material portion in which all surfaces of the intrinsic base not forming an interface with either a collector semiconductor material portion or an emitter semiconductor material portion, contain an extrinsic base semiconductor material portion. Each extrinsic base semiconductor material portion is of the same conductivity type as that of the intrinsic base semiconductor material portion, yet each extrinsic base semiconductor material portion has a higher dopant concentration than the intrinsic base semiconductor material portion.
International Business Machines Corporation

Manufacturing semiconductor structure

A semiconductor structure includes a substrate, a first well having a first conductive type, a second well having a second conductive type, a body region, a first doped region, a second doped region, a third doped region and a field plate. The first and second wells are formed in the substrate.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.

Epitaxial source/drain differential spacers

A process of forming an integrated circuit containing a first transistor and a second transistor of the same polarity, by forming an epitaxial spacer layer over gates of both transistors, performing an epitaxial spacer anisotropic etch process to form epitaxial spacers on vertical surfaces adjacent to the first transistor gate and removing the epitaxial spacer layer from the second transistor gate, subsequently performing a source/drain etch process and a source/drain epitaxial process to form source/drain epitaxial regions in the substrate adjacent to the first and second gates, such that the first source/drain epitaxial regions are separated from the first gate by a lateral space which is at least 2 nanometers larger than a second lateral space separating the second source/drain epitaxial regions from the second gate. An integrated circuit formed by the recited process..
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Semiconductor device and fabricating the same

Provided is a semiconductor device including a deep doped region of a first conductivity type, a well region of a second conductivity type, a base region of the first conductivity type, an insulated gate bipolar transistor (igbt) and a metal oxide semiconductor (mos). The well region is disposed in the deep doped region.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.

Defective p-n junction for backgated fully depleted silicon on insulator mosfet

Methods for semiconductor fabrication include forming a well in a semiconductor substrate. A pocket is formed within the well, the pocket having an opposite doping polarity as the well to provide a p-n junction between the well and the pocket.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Apparatuses, memories, and methods for address decoding and selecting an access line

Apparatuses, memories, and methods for decoding memory addresses for selecting access lines in a memory are disclosed. An example apparatus includes an address decoder circuit coupled to first and second select lines, a polarity line, and an access line.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Method for writing to a random access memory (mram) cell with improved mram cell lifespan

Method for writing to a mram cell including a magnetic tunnel junction including a first and second ferromagnetic layer, and a tunnel barrier layer; and a bipolar transistor in electrical connection with one end of the magnetic tunnel junction, the bipolar transistor being arranged for controlling the passing and polarity of a heating current in the magnetic tunnel junction. The method includes a sequence of writing steps, each writing step including passing the heating current in the magnetic tunnel junction such as to heat it to a high temperature threshold; and once the magnetic tunnel junction has reached the high temperature threshold, adjusting a second magnetization of the second ferromagnetic layer for writing a write data; wherein during one of the writing steps, the polarity of the heating current is reversed from one during the subsequent writing step.
Crocus Technology Sa

Recording medium, a data storage apparatus and a preparing a recording medium

In the present disclosure, a recording medium and a method of preparing a recording medium is provided. In a recording medium, a first annular servo track can be provided on a first layer of the recording medium, and second annular servo track can be provided on the first layer of the recording medium.
Marvell International Ltd.

Liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal display device comprises a pixel matrix including a plurality of subpixels, wherein the voltage polarities of two horizontal adjacent subpixels are opposite to one another, and the voltage polarity of one subpixel in four serial subpixels along a diagonal direction is opposite to the voltage polarities of the other three subpixels.. .
Au Optronics Corporation

Driving polarity inversion of data signal and image display liquid crystal panel

The present invention relates to a driving method for polarity inversion of data signals and an image displaying method of liquid crystal panel, which comprises: alternately outputting data signals of left-eye images and data signals of right-eye images, wherein periodically switching polarity of data signals, with eight frames as one period, such that in each period, the number of times that polarity of data signals of left-eye image being the same with polarity of data signals of right-eye image of the previous frame equals to the number of times that polarity of data signals of right-eye image being the same with polarity of data signals of left-eye image of the previous frame, in the meantime, in each half period, polarity of data signals between adjacent images of the same single eye are opposite. The liquid crystal display panel based on this driving method can not only eliminate 3-d image residual of shutter glasses but also improve brightness difference of the right eye from the left eye, such that it is able to greatly improve 3-d image displaying effect and has prominent practicality..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology., Ltd.

Array substrate and liquid crystal display panel and driving method thereof

The present disclosure provides an array substrate and liquid crystal display panel, and a driving method thereof, wherein each pixel unit of the array substrate includes a compensation circuit unit. When proceeding in the direction of scanning and when there is a scanning signal on a scanning line related to a pixel unit in the next row of a present pixel unit, the compensation circuit of the present pixel unit works on a sub electrode of the present pixel unit, such that a ratio of the voltage difference between the sub electrode and a common electrode to the voltage difference between a main electrode and the common electrode during a positive polarity inversion driving period equals a ratio of the voltage difference between the sub electrode and the common electrode to the voltage difference between the main electrode and the common electrode during a negative polarity inversion driving period.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Apparatus and contactless high resolution handprint capture

A system and method for contactless handprint capture is disclosed that includes an image capture device to capture handprint images of a subject hand at each of a plurality of different focal distances, with the image capture device including an imaging camera and an electro-optics arrangement having a plurality of light modulating elements and polarization sensitive optical elements having differing optical path lengths based on polarization states. A control system is coupled to the image capture device to cause the device to capture the handprint images at each of the different focal distances, with each handprint image having a depth-of-focus that overlaps with a depth-of-focus of handprint images at adjacent focal distances such that redundant handprint image data is captured.
General Electric Company

Hand pointing estimation for human computer interaction

Hand pointing has been an intuitive gesture for human interaction with computers. A hand pointing estimation system is provided, based on two regular cameras, which includes hand region detection, hand finger estimation, two views' feature detection, and 3d pointing direction estimation.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Low-dropout regulator, power management system, and controlling low-dropout voltage

A low-dropout regulator comprises an analog-to-digital converter that converts a feedback analog voltage signal into a digital signal, a phase synthesizing unit that generates a first control signal having a pulse width corresponding to error information in the digital signal by performing phase synthesis according to clock skew control, a charge pump circuit that selects a charge loop or a discharge loop based on polarity information in the digital signal, and generates an output control voltage according to current that flows during a period corresponding to the pulse width of the first control signal in the selected loop, and an output circuit that generates an output voltage based on an input voltage and the output control voltage, and generates the feedback analog voltage signal based on the output voltage.. .

Image forming apparatus and image forming system

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearing member, a process member that acts on the image bearing member, a voltage application unit that applies a voltage to the process member, a current detection unit that detects an electric current that flows to the image bearing member, and a control unit that causes the voltage application unit to apply voltages respectively having positive and negative polarities to the process member, to determine a surface potential of the image bearing member based on a detection result acquired by the current detection unit, and to output information about a usage amount of the image bearing member according to the determined result.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Mirror display device

A display device is provided. The display device includes: a display panel; and a polarization conversion panel disposed on the display panel, wherein the polarization conversion panel includes: a reflective polarizer disposed on the display panel, an absorptive polarizer facing and spaced apart from the reflective polarizer, a lower electrode disposed on the reflective polarizer, an upper electrode disposed on the absorptive polarizer, and a liquid crystal layer disposed between the upper and lower electrodes; and wherein the polarization conversion panel is configured to emit light having a fixed wavelength range depending on a voltage difference generated between the upper and lower electrodes..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Electronic device display with damage-resistant polarizer

A display polarizer may have a polymer layer such as a polyvinyl alcohol layer coated with a dichroic dye such as iodine. A polymer layer such as a tri-acetyl cellulose layer may be formed on the polyvinyl alcohol layer so that the iodine is interposed between the polyvinyl alcohol layer and the tri-acetyl cellulose layer.
Apple Inc.

Switchable type touch display device and driving the same

A switchable type touch display device includes: a display panel displaying an image; a touch polarization control panel over the display panel, wherein the touch polarization control panel includes: first and second touch polarization control substrates; a first electrode on an inner surface of the first touch polarization control substrate; a second electrode on an inner surface of the second touch polarization control substrate; a third electrode on an outer surface of the second touch polarization control substrate; and a polarization control liquid crystal layer between the first and second touch polarization control substrates; and a lens panel over the touch polarization control panel.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Polarizing beam splitter plates providing high resolution images and systems utilizing such polarizing beam splitter plates

Polarizing beam splitter plates and systems incorporating such beam splitter plates are described. The polarizing beam splitter plate includes a first substrate and a multilayer optical film reflective polarizer that is disposed on the first substrate.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Laser beam scanned display apparatus and method thereof

Generally, near seamless electronics displays may be employed in cinema and exhibition applications. Laser scanned displays may be enabled such that the display may display three dimensional (“3d”) content.
Reald Inc.

Three-dimensional eyeglasses

The present disclosure proposes a type of three-dimensional eyeglasses, including a polarizer and a first wave plate on one side of the polarizer, the first wave plate is a quarter-wavelength wave plate and includes a first left lens and a first right lens corresponding to the left eye and the right eye of a user respectively, the optical axis of the first left lens is vertical to that of the first right lens, and the angles formed between the direction of the transmission axis of the polarizer and those of the optical axes of the first left lens and the first right lens are both 45 degrees, wherein, a second wave plate is arranged on the side of the polarizer away from the first wave plate, the light from a screen passes through the first wave plate, the polarizer and the second wave plate and is then emitted, and the second wave plate is arranged in such a manner that the light emitted after passing through the three-dimensional eyeglasses is circularly polarized light. This enables the human eyes to feel more comfortable and is less prone to cause fatigue..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Display having backlight with narrowband collimated light sources

A display has an array of display pixels formed from display layers such as one or more polarizer layers, a substrate on which an array of display pixel elements such as color filter elements and downconverter elements are formed, a liquid crystal layer, and a thin-film transistor layer that includes display pixel electrodes and display pixel thin-film transistors for driving control signals onto the display pixel electrodes to modulate light passing through the display pixels. A light source such as one or more laser diodes or light-emitting diodes may be used to generate light for the display.
Apple Inc.

Optical element

An optical element and a use of the optical element are provided. The exemplary optical element can be useful in realizing a smart blind having excellent transmission and blocking characteristics in front and lateral surfaces thereof without using a retardation film by employing a polarizing layer whose polarization characteristics are patterned using a guest/host-type dye layer including a polymerizable liquid crystal compound and a dichroic dye.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Polarizing plate and producing polarizing plate

There is provided a method of producing a polarizing plate by which a polarizing film can be produced without the occurrence of a problem such as peeling between a resin substrate and a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer, and after the production of the polarizing film, the polarizing film and the resin substrate can be peeled without limitations on a peel direction and a peel angle, and a polarizing plate excellent in external appearance can be obtained. A method of producing a polarizing plate according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: applying an application liquid containing a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin and a surfactant onto a resin substrate to produce a laminate in which a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer is formed on the resin substrate; stretching and dyeing the polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer formed on the resin substrate to produce a polarizing film; laminating an optical functional film on a polarizing film side of the laminate to produce an optical functional film laminate; and peeling the resin substrate from the optical functional film laminate.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Detecting and correcting changes in signal polarity for seismic data processing

Utilizing the phase component of a moment tensor for a seismic data signal, isolated from the amplitude component, by automatically detecting polarity changes that occur over a focal mechanism of the seismic event, and correcting for such polarity reversals. Transforming seismic (including microseismic) signals as recorded by one or more seismic detectors to enhance detection of arrivals.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

System and portable magnetic resonance imaging using a rotating array of permanent magnets

A portable magnetic resonance imaging (“mri”) system that uses static magnetic field inhomogeneities in the main magnet for encoding the spatial location of nuclear spins is provided. Also provided is a spatial-encoding scheme for a low-field, low-power consumption, light-weight, and easily transportable mri system.
The General Hospital Corporation

Multisensory detector

And, at least one reference branch, comprising a polarizing source and at least two dipoles mounted in series; with said reference branch being connected in parallel to at least two detection branches among the plurality of branches, so as to form a wheatstone bridge with each one of the detection branches among the plurality of detection branches.. .

Use of surface free energy for differential evaluation of crystal, crystal evaluated on basis of surface free energy as index, and pharmaceutical composition prepared by containing the crystal

An object is to provide means for suppressing the formation of any isomer of luliconazole on account of any influence of, for example, the humidity and the light and improving the stability. Disclosed is a method for differential evaluating a crystal of luliconazole, comprising differential evaluating the crystal by using, as indexes, surface free energy of the crystal of luliconazole and a ratio of a polar component of the surface free energy, wherein the crystal is evaluated to be stable on condition that the surface free energy is smaller and the ratio of the polar component is lower..
Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd.

Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy for enantiomer-specific detection of chiral molecules

A spectrometer includes: (1) a housing defining a volume into which an analyte gas is introduced, the analyte gas including a chiral component; (2) a microwave generator coupled to the housing and configured to apply a microwave pulse to the analyte gas, the microwave pulse being polarized along a first direction; (3) an electric field generator coupled to the housing and configured to apply a switched electric field to the analyte gas, the electric field being oriented along a second direction different from the first direction; (4) a phase-sensitive microwave detector coupled to the housing and configured to detect an induced microwave emitted by the analyte gas, the induced microwave being polarized along a third direction different from the first direction and the second direction; and (5) an analyzer coupled to the phase-sensitive microwave detector and configured to detect an enantiomer of the chiral component based on a phase of the induced microwave.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Fine particle measurement device, and laminar flow monitoring method and fine particle analysis method in fine particle measurement device

There is provided a laminar flow monitoring method in a fine particle measurement device, the method including a radiation step of radiating light to a laminar flow, a position detection step of receiving, by a detector, an s polarized component which is separated from scattered light produced from the laminar flow and to which astigmatism is given and acquiring light reception position information of the s polarized component in the detector, and a determination step of determining a state of the laminar flow based on the light reception position information.. .
Sony Corporation

Production-test die temperature measurement method and apparatus

A die temperature measurement system (300) includes an external test environment setup (352) and an integrated circuit (302). The external test environment setup (352) includes means to force and accurately measure electrical variables.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Light measurement apparatus and light measurement method

A light measurement apparatus includes a polarizing optical element, an orthogonal separating section, a light reception section, a rotation control section and a polarization state measuring section. The polarizing optical element converts detection light to linearly polarized light.
Seiko Epson Corporation

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