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This page is updated frequently with new Polar-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polar-related patents
 Printed circuit board and display device having the same patent thumbnailPrinted circuit board and display device having the same
A circuit board, including a plurality of wiring lines extending along a first direction and arranged side by side along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; a plurality of pads having a predetermined length along the first direction, the plurality of pads being on the wiring lines; ground pad outside the pads, the wiring lines including first wiring lines delivering a positive polarity signal and second wiring lines delivering a negative polarity signal, the pads including first pads on the first wiring lines and second pads on the second wiring lines, and a cross-sectional area of each wiring line being substantially equal to that of each pad.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 System and methods for adaptive equalization for optical modulation formats patent thumbnailSystem and methods for adaptive equalization for optical modulation formats
A method for modifying the performance of an adaptive equalizer in a receiver is provided. A carrier wave comprising a first polarization state and a second polarization state, wherein there is a correlation between the first polarization state and the second polarization state, is received.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 Methods and apparatuses for sending and receiving signal, and system patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for sending and receiving signal, and system
The present invention relates to the field of mobile communications technologies. The methods for sending and receiving a signal are specifically: splitting a received digital signal into a first digital signal and a second digital signal, respectively converting the first digital signal and the second digital signal into an analog in-phase signal and an analog quadrature signal, respectively modulating the analog in-phase signal and the analog quadrature signal to two optical signals that are perpendicular to each other and are in a polarization state, combining, into one optical signal, the two optical signals that are perpendicular to each other and are in a polarization state, and sending the optical signal to an onu; and performing, by the onu, corresponding demodulation on the optical signal, and sending the optical signal to a user terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Optical communication device patent thumbnailOptical communication device
An optical communication device includes an optical fiber, two chips, a light emitter, a photoelectric conversion device, and a circuit board. The chips includes a substrate, and a polarizing beam splitter positioned on the substrate, the polarizing beam splitter includes a first coupling device, second coupling device, a y-waveguide, and a tm filter coupling to the third channel.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Determination of an optical signal to noise ratio of a dual-polarization optical signal patent thumbnailDetermination of an optical signal to noise ratio of a dual-polarization optical signal
A method is provided for determining an optical signal to noise ratio of a dual polarization optical signal. The method includes: detecting, in the dual polarization optical signal, a modulation signal which modulates, at at least one low amplitude level that is approximately zero and at a high amplitude level, the dual polarization optical signal, and determining the optical signal to noise ratio from a measurement of the power of the modulation signal..

 Method and  beamforming using polarized antenna in a wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and beamforming using polarized antenna in a wireless communication system
A method and apparatus for beamforming using a polarized antenna in a wireless communication system are disclosed. The apparatus includes a processor configured to process a signal, and a multi-polarized antenna including a plurality of antenna elements, configured to transmit the signal.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

 Methods to calculate linear combination pre-coders for mimo wireless communication systems patent thumbnailMethods to calculate linear combination pre-coders for mimo wireless communication systems
In a wireless communication system having an antenna array selectively configured to transmit channel state information reference signals (csi-rs) using a plurality of antenna ports and basis beam vectors selected from a master beam set or retrieved from memory, a codebook enables selection of a linear combination of at least a subset of the beams and co-phases and coefficients for each selected beam, where the co-phases determine the co-phasing weights for the selected beams for a cross-polarized antenna array, and the coefficients determine the linear combination of the selected beams. Feedback contains an indication of channel state information (csi) for the set of selected or retrieved basis beam vectors, the selected beams, co-phases, and coefficients.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Photovoltaic inverter patent thumbnailPhotovoltaic inverter
The present invention relates to a photovoltaic inverter capable of reducing a leakage current and a switching loss by changing a pulse width modulation (pwm) method and a configuration of an output filter. To this end, the photovoltaic inverter includes a direct-current (dc) link capacitor connected in parallel to a photovoltaic module, a switch unit including first to fourth switches and operating by a half unipolar switching method, and a reactor having one end connected to another end of the first switch and one end of the second switch, and another end connected to a grid, the reactor having a predetermined inductance..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Controller of an electric motor patent thumbnailController of an electric motor
A controller for an electric motor includes a protective circuit for limiting current or for polarity reversal protection, the protective circuit including a field effect transistor having a gate. The protective circuit further includes a control unit for providing a control voltage for the gate, a smoothing capacitor for charge storage being provided at the gate..
Robert Basch Gmbh

 Power conversion apparatus patent thumbnailPower conversion apparatus
According to one embodiment, a controller determines the polarity of the input voltage detected by an input voltage detector. Then, when the polarity of the input voltage is positive, the first switch is subject to pulse driving, and when the polarity of the input voltage is negative, the second switch is subject to pulse driving, where the pulse driving is carried out at an on/off timing determined on the basis of the respective detection outputs of an input voltage detector, an input current detector, an output voltage detector, and an output current detector..
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Power conversion apparatus

A power conversion apparatus includes an inductor inserted between a secondary winding and a switching device, and an auxiliary switching device inserted between the secondary winding and the switching device in parallel to the inductor. The auxiliary switching device is in an off state in a power supply mode in which an output voltage and an output current of a connector have the same polarity.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Modular multi-level dc-dc converter for hvdc applications

A dc-dc converter for connecting high-voltage dc networks has series-connected sub-converters. The high-voltage dc networks which can be connected to the dc-dc converter can have different transmission symmetries by way of power exchanging devices and additional power exchanging devices.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Rotor of a rotary electrical machine equipped with an excitation winding insulator comprising at least one petal modified for the passage of a magnet during the assembly

A rotor (1) of an electrical rotating machine, especially for an alternator or an alternator-starter of a motor vehicle, comprising two polar wheels (7, 8), an excitation winding provided with an insulator (15), and at least one magnetic assembly (13) placed between the two polar wheels which are each provided with teeth (9a, 9b), the insulator of an excitation winding comprising a plurality of petals (20), wherein at least one of the petals has a side recess (27) for allowing the passage of one of the magnetic assemblies (13) during the assembly of the two polar wheels (7, 8).. .
Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur


Method and polarization determination and/or control in optical fiber amplifying systems

Methods and apparatuses for determining the polarization state and for providing polarization control in optical fiber lasers and amplifiers. One embodiment of the invention is an optical fiber amplifying system including a circulator (260) having a first optical port (260a), a second optical port (260b) that is configured to output radiation received from the first optical port, and a third optical port (260c) that is configured to output radiation received from the second optical port; one or more amplifier stages (216) connected in series, together having an optical input (216a) optically coupled to the second port of the circulator, and an optical output (216b); and a polarization detector (240) having an optical input optically coupled to the third port of the circulator.


Radio communication antenna having narrow beam width

In the present invention, a radio communication antenna having a narrow beam width comprises: a reflecting plate provided in the form of a plate of rectangular shape; and one radiating module disposed on the reflecting plate and generating x-polarized waves. Here: the radiating module comprises four radiating elements of dipole structure; the four radiating elements are respectively disposed at four edge portions of the reflecting plate, and each comprises two radiating arms placed in the direction extending along both sides relative to the edges; and, among the four radiating elements, those radiating elements that face each other diagonally are linked in movement so as to generate one of the x-polarized waves..
Kmw Inc.


Dual polarized antenna

A dual polarized antenna assembly that can be used in connection with rail-based high speed data transmission is provided. One or more high gain directional antennas can be included within a single package such that each package can include a waveguide feed, first and second probe feed assemblies terminating at the waveguide feed, and a horn flair coupled to a first end of the waveguide feed.
Pc-tel, Inc.


Bipolar electrode, bipolar all-solid battery manufactured by using the same, and manufacturing method thereof

Disclsoed are a bipolar electrode, a bipolar all-solid battery manufactured by using the same, and a manufacturing method thereof. The bipolar electrode includes: a solid electrolyte; an anode slurry and a cathode slurry, each of which is provided on a first surface and a second surface of the solid electrolyte; spacers provided in the anode slurry and the cathode slurry; and a metal substrate provided in the anode slurry and the cathode slurry.
Hyundai Motor Company


Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery includes an electrode assembly having a first electrode and a second electrode of different polarities, a case with an opening that houses the electrode assembly, the case having a pair of opposing first side walls, each first side wall of the pair of first side walls including at least one groove extending from the opening of the case to an opposite side of the case, a cap assembly coupled to the opening of the case to seal the case, a first current collecting member and a second current collecting member inside the case, the first and second current collecting members being connected to the first electrode and the second electrode, respectively, and a first terminal and a second terminal on the cap assembly, the first and second terminals being connected to the first current collecting member and the second current collecting member, respectively.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery includes: an electrode assembly having first and second electrodes of different polarities; a finishing tape that covers a side and a lower end of the electrode assembly with respect to a virtual longitudinal center line perpendicular to a bottom face of the electrode assembly; a case that holds the electrode assembly and has an opening; a cap assembly coupled to the opening and sealing the case; a first current collecting member and a second current collecting member located within the case and connected to the first electrode and the second electrode, respectively; and a first terminal and a second terminal located on top of the cap assembly and connected to the first current collecting member and the second current collecting member, respectively.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Surface emitting device and smart device

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a surface emitting device in which the light output surface appears black at times that light is not being emitted, and areas in which patterns are formed are not visible at times that light is not being emitted. This surface emitting device (10) is characterized by being provided with: an organic el element (3) in which an organic functional layer (33) having at least a light-emitting layer is sandwiched between an anode (32) and a cathode (34) formed on a support substrate (31), and in which a predetermined area of the organic functional layer (33) has been patterned through irradiation with light; a fastening substrate (1) facing the support substrate (31), for supporting the organic el element (3); and a circular polarizing plate (2) situated between the organic el element (3) and the fastening substrate (1)..
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Storage element and memory

A storage element including a storage layer configured to hold information by use of a magnetization state of a magnetic material, with a pinned magnetization layer being provided on one side of the storage layer, with a tunnel insulation layer, and with the direction of magnetization of the storage layer being changed through injection of spin polarized electrons by passing a current in the lamination direction, so as to record information in the storage layer, wherein a spin barrier layer configured to restrain diffusion of the spin polarized electrons is provided on the side, opposite to the pinned magnetization layer, of the storage layer; and the spin barrier layer includes at least one material selected from the group composing of oxides, nitrides, and fluorides.. .
Sony Corporation


Manufacturing high-temperature piezoelectric element electrode and piezoelectric element structure

A manufacturing method for an electrode of a high-temperature piezoelectric element, comprises: coating traditional conductive slurry on surfaces of a molded piezoelectric material (1); then polarizing the piezoelectric material (1); and then removing the coating of conductive slurry (2) on the surfaces there of, and connecting the piezoelectric material to outside electrode lead wires (3) to output a signal generated by piezoelectric effect thereof. A structure of a high-temperature piezoelectric element, comprises polarized piezoelectric material (1), wherein the coating of metallic conductive slurry (2) is removed from the surfaces of the polarized piezoelectric material (1) and the surfaces of the polarized piezoelectric material (1) is connected to electrode lead wires (3) to output a signal generated by piezoelectric effect thereof.
Xiamen Niell Electronics Co., Ltd.


Laminated thermoelectric conversion element and manufacturing method therefor

A laminated thermoelectric conversion element is configured to generate electricity from a difference in temperature with respect to a heat-transfer direction. The thermoelectric conversion element includes opposed first and second surfaces which extend in the heat-transfer direction.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and insulated gate bipolar transistor with transistor cells and sensor cell

A transistor cell region of a semiconductor device includes transistor cells that are electrically connected to a first load electrode. An idle region includes a gate wiring structure that is electrically connected to gate electrodes of the transistor cells.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Field plates on two opposed surfaces of double-base bidirectional bipolar transistor: devices, methods, and systems

Dual-base two-sided bipolar power transistors which use an insulated field plate to separate the emitter/collector diffusions from the nearest base contact diffusion. This provides a surprising improvement in turn-off performance, and in breakdown voltage..
Ideal Power Inc.


Low full-well capacity image sensor with high sensitivity

Image sensor pixels having low full-well capacity and high sensitivity for applications such as dis, qdis, single/multi bit qis. Some embodiments provide an image sensor pixel architecture, comprises a transfer gate, a floating diffusion region both formed on a first surface of a semiconductor substrate and a buried-well vertically pinned photodiode having a charge accumulation/storage region disposed substantially or entirely beneath the transfer gate.
Dartmouth College


Carrier for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip and optoelectronic component

A carrier (1) for an optoelectronic semiconductor chip comprising: (2) base body (10), which comprises a first main surface (10a) and a second main surface (10b), at least one recess (11), which is introduced into the base body (10) and completely penetrates the base body (10) from the first main surface to the second main surface, and a filler material (12), which is introduced into the at least one recess (11). The base body (10) is formed using silicon of a first conductivity type.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Hetero-bipolar transistor and producing the same

A semiconductor device provided with a substrate made of material except for semiconductors and having thermal conductivity greater than that of the semiconductor material. The semiconductor device provides, on the support, a metal layer, a primary mesa, and electrodes formed on the primary mesa.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Photoresist pattern trimming methods

Provided are methods of trimming photoresist patterns. The methods involve coating a photoresist trimming composition over a photoresist pattern, wherein the trimming composition includes a matrix polymer, a thermal acid generator and a solvent, the trimming composition being free of cross-linking agents.
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Llc


Plasma processing apparatus

Provided is a plasma processing apparatus including: a circular waveguide connected with a vacuum vessel, and through which a circularly polarized wave of an electric field for plasma formation propagates; a processing chamber which is arranged below the circular waveguide, and in which plasma is formed; a circularly polarized wave generator, which is arranged in the waveguide; a circularly polarized wave adjuster which is connected with the circular waveguide below the circularly polarized wave generator; a circularly polarized wave detector which is below the circularly polarized wave adjuster; and a controller which adjusts an operation of the circularly polarized wave adjuster according to an output from the circularly polarized wave detector, in which the circularly polarized wave adjuster adjusts a length of a protrusion of a dielectric stub into the circular waveguide based on a signal from the controller.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Semiconductor memory device

A semiconductor memory device has at least one memory cell using a resistance variable element, and a control circuit which controls writing to and reading from the memory cell. Operations by the control circuit include a first writing operation, a second writing operation, and a rewriting operation.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Curved liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof

A curved liquid crystal display (lcd) includes a curved liquid crystal panel assembly. The curved liquid crystal panel assembly includes: a lower panel including a first linear polarizer having a first polarization axis; an upper panel including a second linear polarizer having a second polarization axis, the second polarization axis cross the first polarization axis in a plan view; and a liquid crystal layer interposed between the lower panel and the upper panel.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Method of driving touch panel, capacitance-type touch panel, and display apparatus with touch detection function

A capacitance-type touch panel, allowing disturbance noise and touch detection time to be reduced and having a simple configuration, is provided. The capacitance-type touch panel including: a plurality of drive electrodes each having a strip shape; a drive control circuit performing control such that a drive signal for touch detection is selectively applied to the drive electrodes; a plurality of touch detection electrodes arranged to intersect with the drive electrodes in such a manner that capacitance is formed in each intersecting part, and each outputting a detection signal in synchronization with the drive signal; and a detection circuit detecting an external proximity object based on the detection signal.
Japan Display, Inc.


Low power bipolar 360 degrees time to digital converter

A delay line operates to propagate a plurality of delay stages comprising a first delay element and a second delay element. A generator coupled to the delay line is configured to provide the start edge to the plurality of delay stages of the delay line as a function of a digital control oscillator (dco) counter value generated by a dco counter.
Intel Mobile Communications Gmbh


Projector display systems having non-mechanical mirror beam steering

Dual or multi-modulation display system are disclosed that comprise projector systems with at least one modulator that may employ non-mechanical beam steering modulation. Many embodiments disclosed herein employ a non-mechanical beam steering and/or polarizer to provide for a highlights modulator..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes development sections having development rollers, photosensitive drums, primary transfer rollers disposed opposite to the photosensitive drums in one-to-one correspondence, an intermediate transfer belt, and a voltage application section. The voltage application section includes a first voltage application section and a second voltage application section.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Imaging system

Embodiments of the present invention provide an imaging system, including: a first polarization element having a first polarization direction; a second polarization element having a second polarization direction; a third polarization element, where the third polarization element has multiple areas that respectively correspond to multiple pixel positions, each area in the multiple areas consists of a first semi-area and a second semi-area; a first projection device, projecting an image onto the multiple areas by using the first polarization element and based on the multiple pixel positions; and a second projection device, projecting an image onto the multiple areas by using the second polarization element and based on the multiple pixel positions. In the embodiments of the present invention, images from multiple views may be presented, by using a polarization element, in areas corresponding to pixel positions, which, therefore, can improve imaging resolution..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Display device

A screen includes: a diffraction member and a scattering member. The diffraction member selectively diffracts image light and orients this light towards a viewer.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Curved liquid crystal display

A curved liquid crystal display (lcd) includes a curved liquid crystal panel assembly including a first insulation substrate and a second insulation substrate facing each other and a liquid crystal layer interposed therebetween, a first polarizer disposed on the first insulation substrate, and a second polarizer disposed on the second insulation substrate. The first polarizer is disposed inside the curved liquid crystal panel assembly..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display system and polarized glasses

A liquid crystal display system is provided. The liquid crystal display system includes a backlight module, an lcd panel, and polarized glasses.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Six-primary solid state illuminator

A six-primary solid state illuminator is provided, including a blue light output unit. The blue light output unit continuously outputs a first blue light and a second blue light simultaneously.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes a display panel including a display device; and a light transmission control panel disposed to face one side of the display panel and configured to control a transmission amount of visible rays incident from the outside or visible rays generated from the display panel. The light transmission control panel includes a base member; a first electrode disposed on the base member; a second electrode disposed to face the first electrode; a polar fluid disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, having a hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface characteristic, and having an electric polarity; and a blocking member disposed between the polar fluid and the first electrode, having an opposite surface characteristic to a surface characteristic of the polar fluid, and including a fluid configured to block at least some of the visible rays..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Retardation film, manufacturing retardation film, polarizing plate and image display device which use retardation film, and 3d image display system using image display device

In order to make it possible to effectively suppress interference fringes which occur due to the difference in refractive index between a retardation layer and a pattern alignment layer while maintaining an alignment property in a retardation film, a retardation film includes a substrate, an alignment layer containing a photo-alignment material, and a retardation layer containing a liquid crystal compound, and the alignment layer contains 3.0-8.0 parts by mass (inclusive) of epoxy monomer with respect to 100 parts by mass of photo-alignment material.. .
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Wire grid polarizing plate, display device including the same, and fabricating said display device

Provided is a wire grid polarizing plate. The wire grid polarizing plate comprises a light-transmitting substrate and wire grid patterns which are disposed on the light-transmitting substrate, and which are arranged to transmit first polarized light and to reflect second polarized light polarized in a direction perpendicular to that of the first polarized light, the wire grid patterns comprising target patterns comprising conductive structures shaped as closed curves, at least one of the conductive structures surrounding another one of the conductive structures with a gap therebetween..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Method and manufacturing polarizing film and polarizing film manufactured using the same

Disclosed herein are a polarizing film manufacturing method including (a) injecting a coating solution containing a component functioning as a polarizer into a sealed chamber to form an injection condition of the coating solution, (b) supplying a polyvinyl alcohol film into the chamber and dyeing outer surfaces of the polyvinyl alcohol film with the coating solution, and (c) discharging the polyvinyl alcohol film dyed with the coating solution out of the chamber, a polarizing film manufacturing apparatus, and a polarizing film exhibiting improved optical properties manufactured using the same.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Cellulose acylate film, novel compound, polarizing plate, and liquid-crystal display device

Disclosed is a cellulose acylate film containing a compound having at least one connecting group selected from a group consisting of a bivalent connecting group denoted by —nh—(c═o)—o— and a bivalent connecting group denoted by —nh—(c═o)—nr— in which r represents a hydrogen atom or a substituent group, and at least one polar group which is a residue of a compound having a c log p value of less than or equal to 0.85 (however, an aromatic hetero ring-containing group which is a residue of a compound having a c log p value of less than or equal to 0.85 is excluded from the polar group), in which an equivalent weight u obtained as a value which is obtained by dividing a molecular weight by the number of connecting groups included in one molecule is less than or equal to 515.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Magnetic field measurement apparatus

A magnetic field measurement apparatus includes an irradiation portion, a gas cell, a measurement unit (polarization separation unit, light receiving portion, signal processing circuit), and a magnetic shield. The magnetic shield is formed in a elongated hollow shape having openings at both sides thereof.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Current sense circuit that operates over a wide range of currents

The magnitude of an output current that flows into a load is determined by placing a sense bipolar transistor and a sense resistor in series with the load, utilizing the non-linear current characteristics of the base-emitter junction of the sense bipolar transistor to compress and sense an emitter current logarithmically, and then performing an inverse log function to determine the emitter current, which is substantially identical to the output current that flows into the load.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Method for determining mutateable ligand-gpcr binding at single amino acid resolution and pairs of mutated ligand and gpcr

Method of determining gpcr and mutatable ligand binding ability, includes providing a well microtiter plate with well array having rows and columns, gpcr or rhodopsin in wells, and parent ligand mutant binding to gpcr when gpcr resides in conformation, contacting parent ligand mutants in wells with gpcr, coupling parent ligand to gpcr, and determining mutant ligand binding strength compared to standard parent ligand and gpcr by determining coupled mutant-gpcr complex in wells. Rhodopsin binding 403 mutants covering arrestin sequence provides functional 4th dimension arrestin crystal structures.
Paul Scherrer Institut


Device for compensating for the drift of a phase shift of a device for modulating the polarization state of a light beam

A device for analyzing and/or generating a polarization state of a measurement point of a target object includes a polarizer suitable for selecting, in an incident light wave, a light beam which is linearly polarized in a predefined direction; a first birefringent element suitable for having the light beam pass therethrough; a second birefringent element identical to the first element and suitable for having the light beam pass therethrough, the light beam then being directly or indirectly directed toward the object in order to be reflected in the form of a reflected beam. The device includes an optical assembly having one or more optical elements located in an optical path between the first element and the second element, and the optical assembly includes an odd number of mirrors, or, an odd number of half-wave plates, or, an odd number of a mix of mirrors and half-wave plates..
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs-


Inspection system and method using an off-axis unobscured objective lens

An inspection system is provided that can include a reflectometer having a light source for projecting light, and a light splitter for receiving the light projected by the light source, transforming at least one aspect of the light, and projecting the light once transformed. The reflectometer further has an off-axis unobscured objective lens through which the light transformed by the light splitter passes to contact a fabricated component, and has a detector for detecting a result of the transformed light contacting the fabricated component.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Device for measuring a rotational angle by modifying and measuring the polarization of radio waves and use of said device

The present invention relates to devices for changing and measuring the polarisation of radio waves, embodiments of the devices for different applications as well as uses of the devices as sensors for measuring angles and shifts.. .


Two-dof heterodyne grating interferometer displacement measurement system

A two-dof heterodyne grating interferometer displacement measurement system, comprising a dual-frequency laser, a grating interferometer, a measurement grating, receivers and an electronic signal processing component, wherein the grating interferometer comprises a polarizing spectroscope, a reference grating and dioptric elements. The measurement system achieves the displacement measurement on the basis of the grating diffraction, the optical doppler effect and the optical beat frequency principle.
Tsinghua University


Debris removing impeller back vane

Where r and theta (Θ) are the radius and azimuthal angle defined using a polar coordinate system having an origin at a center point of the impeller; and beta (β) is an angle perpendicular to which a force acting on the debris will be oriented relative to a line tangent to a circle centered at the center of the impeller and extending out to the point of contact between the vane and the debris.. .


Method for manufacturing corrosion resistant and conductive nano carbon coating layer and fuel cell bipolar plate thereby using stainless steel substrate

The present invention proposed manufacturing device of coating layers with good conductivity and corrosion resistance at high productivity comprising etching the oxide layer on the stainless steel substrate by plasma etching to activate the surface and prevent from decreasing it's conductivity, coating metal nitrides like crn or tin in nano size thickness on the etched surface and coating carbon layer at nano size thickness on top of it. According to the present invention, it is possible to produce manufacture fuel cell bipolar plate, electrode material and stainless steel with reinforced conductivity and corrosion resistance in mass..
J&l Tech Co., Ltd.


Charge perturbation detection system for dna and other molecules

Methods and apparatus for direct detection of chemical reactions are provided. Electric charge perturbations of the local environment during enzyme-catalyzed reactions are sensed by an electrode system with an immobilized target molecule.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Retinal on bipolar cells-specific artificial promoter

The present invention provides an isolated nucleic acid molecule comprising, or consisting of the nucleic acid sequence of seq id no:1 or a nucleic acid sequence of at least 1000 by having at least 70% identity to said sequence of seq id no:1, wherein said isolated nucleic acid molecule specifically leads to the expression in on bipolar cells of a gene when operatively linked to a nucleic acid sequence coding for said gene.. .
Friedrich Miescher Institute For Biomedical Research


Microplates for magnetic 3d culture

Devices for magnetic 3d culture are described including magnetic lids/bases for single petri plates and adjustable height cap for same. Similar devices for multi-magnet culture plates wherein multiwell plates have all adjacent magnets orientated in the opposite polarity, and methods of making same..
Nano3d Biosciences, Inc


A high density distributed three-dimensional electrode device

A high-density distributed three-dimensional electrode device, comprising an electrode array and an electrode fixing assembly on which the electrode array is fixed, the electrode array comprising a plurality of electrodes respectively applied with an electric pulse of a first polarity and an electric pulse of a second polarity according to a time period, wherein the electrodes corresponding to the electric pulse of the second polarity are distributed around the electrodes corresponding to the electric pulse of the first polarity.. .
Etta Biotech Co., Ltd


Polymerizable compound, and liquid crystal composition produced using same

The polymerizable composition and the liquid crystal composition containing the polymerizable compound of the present invention have favorable storage stability as evaluated on the basis of the occurrence of precipitation, separation, or the like of crystals during storage. The present invention relates to a polymerizable compound, a liquid crystal composition which contains the compound, and further a liquid crystal display element which contains an optically anisotropic material which is a cured product of the liquid crystal composition, or a cured product which controls alignment of liquid crystal molecules.
Dic Corporation


Quantum rod composition, quantum rod film and display device including the same

Embodiments relate to a quantum rod composition, a quantum rod film, a display device with a quantum rod film, and a method of forming a quantum rod film. The quantum rod film includes a plurality of quantum rods and a polymer with a dipole side chain.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Retardation film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device

A retardation film containing (a) at least one cellulose derivative selected from the group consisting of methyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, cyanoethyl cellulose, triacetyl cellulose, diacetyl cellulose, cellulose acetate propionate, cellulose acetate butyrate, cellulose acetate phthalate, cellulose acetate trimellitate and cellulose nitrate, wherein the cellulose derivative has a total acyl group substitution degree of 2.0 to 2.8; and (b) an esterified compound in which all or a part of the oh groups in a compound (a) or in a compound (b) are esterified by at least one aromatic monocarbolyxic acid, wherein the compound (a) comprises one of a furanose structure and a pyranose structure, and the compound (b) comprises two to twelve of at least one of a furanose structure and a pyranose structure, which are bonded in the compound (b).. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Heat-shrinkable polyester film and packages

A heat-shrinkable polyester-based film is provided, which is heat-shrinkable in the longitudinal direction and which is freed from various problems, particularly curling-up or peeling in a bonded area. The heat-shrinkable polyester-based film is characterized by an a1/a2 (absorbance) ratio in the longitudinal direction, which is the main shrinking direction of the film, of 0.55 to 1, with an a1/a2 ratio in the width direction perpendicular to the main shrinking direction of 0.5 to 0.9, wherein a1 is the absorbance of the film at 1340 cm−1 and a2 is the absorbance of the film at 1410 cm−1 as determined by polarized atr-ftir spectroscopy, and a hot-water shrinkage of 35 to 60% in the longitudinal direction of the film and −3 to 12% in the width direction of the film, wherein the hot-water shrinkage is determined by dipping the film in hot water at 90° c.
Toyobo Co., Ltd.


Resin blend

Provided are a resin blend, a copolymer, a pellet, a method of manufacturing a resin molded article using the same, and a resin molded article. The exemplary resin blend may provide a protective film for a polarizing plate having an excellent adhesive strength to a polarizer.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Composite material for means of transport including polypropylene resin and long carbon fiber

The present invention relates to a composite material for a transport, including a polypropylene resin and a carbon long fiber, and more particularly, to a fiber reinforced composite material composition for a transport including 40-90 wt % of a polypropylene resin, 5-60 wt % of a carbon long fiber having a fiber diameter of 1-50 μm and a weight average fiber length of 20-150 mm, and 0.3-10 wt % of a compatibilizer. The compatibilizer includes one selected from the group consisting of an ionomer, a copolymer of propylene-polar monomer, a modification water added polymer and combinations thereof.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology


Water based concentrated product forms of photoinitiators made by a heterophase polymerization technique

Wherein the weight ratio of the non-polar photoinitiator and/or photolatent catalyst to the polymer carrier is greater than 20 parts of photoinitiator and/or photolatent catalyst per 100 parts of polymer carrier.. .


1,7-naphthyridine derivatives

Personality disorder, major depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, normal aging, epilepsy, retinal degeneration, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, parkinson's disease, dementia, alzheimer's disease, cognitive impairment, chemotherapy-induced cognitive dysfunction (“chemobrain”), down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, hearing loss, tinnitus, spinocerebellar ataxia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, huntington's disease, stroke, and disturbances due to radiation therapy, chronic stress, optic neuropathy or macular degeneration, or abuse of neuro-active drugs, selected from alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, phencyclidine and cocaine.. .


Novel compounds advantageous in the treatment of central nervous system diseases and disorders

A series of novel amides showing broad pharmaceutical activity. Compounds described herein are effective as anticonvulsants, chemical countermeasures, and analgesics.
Aurimmed Pharma, Inc.


Ion exchange based volatile component removal device for ion chromatography

A method, device, and system for removing a volatile component from a liquid solution for a chromatographic separation are described. The method includes the flowing of a liquid solution through a first chamber of the device.
Dionex Corporation

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