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Impedance monitors, electrode arrays and methods of use

Impedance monitors, electrode arrays and methods of use

Date/App# patent app List of recent Polar-related patents
 Implantable indifferent electrode patent thumbnailImplantable indifferent electrode
The present invention relates to an electrode arrangement, preferably for the temporary stimulation or defibrillation of the heart, consisting of at least one unipolar electrode (cathode) (6), which is fixed at the myocardium of the heart, and an indifferent electrode (2a, 2b) which is fixed at the inner wall of the thorax via its supply line and is positioned such that a direct contact to the heart is prevented.. .
 Impedance monitors, electrode arrays and methods of use patent thumbnailImpedance monitors, electrode arrays and methods of use
A portable bioelectric impedance monitor for monitoring extracellular fluid levels includes a tetrapolar electrode array lead with four electrodes arranged sequentially and axially along the lead, and circuitry coupled with the at least four electrodes configured to measure bioelectric impedance extracellular fluid in a human subject at a frequency of less than 15 khz. The electrodes are adhered to a human subject/patient on the patient's torso or one of the patient's limbs.
 Association of miliacin and polar lipids, particularly sphingolipids and/or phospholipids, for hair and scalp care patent thumbnailAssociation of miliacin and polar lipids, particularly sphingolipids and/or phospholipids, for hair and scalp care
The present disclosure further relates to the use of such a composition, and the method for preparing such a composition.. .
 Treatments involving eslicarbazepine acetate or eslicarbazepine patent thumbnailTreatments involving eslicarbazepine acetate or eslicarbazepine
The invention provides a drug selected from eslicarbazepine acetate and eslicarbazepine, for use in treating or preventing a disorder selected from epilepsy, affective disorders, schizoaffective disorders, bipolar disorders, neuropathic pain and neuropathic pain related disorders, attention disorders, anxiety disorders, sensorimotor disorders, vestibular disorders, and fibromyalgia, in a patient suffering from or susceptible to absence seizures.. .
 Laser diodes with scribe structures patent thumbnailLaser diodes with scribe structures
A method and device for emitting electromagnetic radiation using semipolar or nonpolar gallium containing substrates is described where the backside of the substrate includes multiple scribes that reduce stray light leaking.. .
 Enhanced detection sensitivity with piezoelectric microcantilever sensors patent thumbnailEnhanced detection sensitivity with piezoelectric microcantilever sensors
A method for enhancing the detection sensitivity of a piezoelectric microcantilever sensor. The method may involve providing a piezoelectric microcantilever and inducing a change in the young's modulus during detection of a species of interest.
 Functionalized metal-containing particles and methods of making the same patent thumbnailFunctionalized metal-containing particles and methods of making the same
Processes for forming functionalized metal-containing particles. The processes employ a reactive precursor material comprising a metal atom, a leaving group attached to the metal atom, and a functional moiety attached to the metal atom.
 Methods and devices for treating surfaces with surface plasma patent thumbnailMethods and devices for treating surfaces with surface plasma
Methods and devices for treating surfaces of objects using a non-thermal plasma are disclosed herein. The non-thermal plasma is generated through the use of an apparatus configured to generate a non-thermal plasma on its surface.
 Transfer device and image forming apparatus incorporating same patent thumbnailTransfer device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
A transfer device includes a transfer member and a bias applicator. The transfer member contacts a surface, on which a toner image is borne, of an image bearing body, to form a transfer nip.
 Grating couplers with deep-groove non-uniform gratings patent thumbnailGrating couplers with deep-groove non-uniform gratings
Grating couplers that enable efficient coupling between waveguides and optical fibers are disclosed. In one aspect, a grating coupler includes a transition region that includes a wide edge and tapers away from the edge toward a waveguide disposed on a substrate.
Directly-modulated multi-polarization optical transmitters
The present invention relates to optical transmitters, transceivers, and transponders used for transmission of information or data in any form through a physical medium dependent (pmd) network. The speed of such networks depends, in part, on the density of information that can be transmitted through the physical medium.
Compound optical combiner
A compound optical combiner for combining multiple optical signals includes a set of combiners. The set of combiners includes at least one polarization combiner optically connected to at least one non-polarization combiner.
Optical modulator
An optical modulator comprises an input optical splitting unit for bifurcating input light; a final optical coupling unit for coupling optical signals in a polarization state orthogonal to each other; an intermediate optical coupling unit provided in an intermediate position between the input optical splitting unit and the final optical coupling unit; first and second optical paths for connecting the input optical splitting unit and the intermediate optical coupling unit, optical path lengths of the first and second optical paths are approximately equal; third and fourth optical paths for connecting the intermediate optical coupling unit and the final optical coupling unit, optical path lengths of third and fourth optical paths are approximately equal; and three binary phase modulation unit arranged one by one in each of the three optical paths of the first, second, third and fourth optical paths.. .
Realtime long range imaging scatter reduction
Aspects of the subject technology relate to methods and systems for removing haze from an input image. The system includes a polarimeter configured to receive an input image, the input image comprising haze corresponding to light scatter.
External cavity wideband tunable laser with dual laser gain media coupled by a polarization beam combiner
The invention relates to an external cavity wideband tunable laser with dual laser gain media coupled by a polarization beam combiner. The laser comprises a first laser gain medium, a first laser cavity end mirror arranged on the first laser gain medium, a first intracavity collimating lens, an active optical phase modulator, a tunable acousto-optic filter, an intracavity reflection mirror, an etalon and a total reflection mirror which are arranged on the opposite side of the tunable acousto-optic filter from the intracavity reflection mirror inside a laser cavity.
Performing forming processes on resistive memory
The present disclosure includes apparatuses and methods for performing forming processes on resistive memory. A number of embodiments include applying a formation signal to the storage element of a resistive memory cell, wherein the formation signal includes a first portion having a first polarity and a first amplitude, a second portion having a second polarity and a second amplitude, wherein the second polarity is opposite the first polarity and the second amplitude is smaller than the first amplitude, and a third portion having the first polarity and a third amplitude that is smaller than the first amplitude..
Neutral-point-clamped multilevel power conversion device
The present invention provides a power conversion device in which an on-pulse bias voltage and a neutral-point bias voltage do not interfere with each other. A power conversion device 1 of the present invention has a polarity judgment section 8 that judges a polarity of a neutral-point bias voltage vnpc calculated by a neutral-point potential fluctuation suppression control section 4 of a voltage command value control circuit 3, then on the basis of this polarity of the neutral-point bias voltage vnpc, selects a polarity of an on-pulse bias voltage vmpc by an on-pulse control section 5.
A computing system including a first and second housing and polar magnets
A first housing with a polar magnet on a first side. The first housing can include an opening on the first side.
Magnetic capacitor
One embodiment of an apparatus to store electrical energy comprises at least: a first multilayer section, a second multilayer section disposed above the first multilayer section; and an electrical battery comprising a first terminal having a positive polarity and a second terminal having a negative polarity, wherein each of the first and second multilayer sections comprises at least a first magnetic layer having a fixed magnetization direction, a second magnetic layer having a reversible magnetization, and an isolative layer disposed between the first and second magnetic layers, the first and second magnetic layers are substantially anti-ferromagnetically coupled to each other through the isolative layer, and wherein the first multilayer section and the section multilayer sections are coupled to the first and second terminals of the electrically battery. Other embodiments are described and shown..
Multilayer stack with overlapping harmonics for wide visible-infrared coverage
A broadband mirror, polarizer, or other reflector includes at least one stack of microlayers. Microlayers in the stack are arranged into optical repeat units.
Durable, inorganic, absorptive, ultra-violet, grid polarizer
An inorganic, dielectric grid polarizer device includes a stack of film layers disposed over a substrate. Each film layer is formed of a material that is both inorganic and dielectric.
Rotating-element ellipsometer and method for measuring properties of the sample using the same
Provided is a real-time spectroscopic ellipsometer capable of obtaining information on properties of a sample, a nano pattern shape, and the like, in real time by measuring and analyzing, for a plurality of wavelengths, a change in a polarization state of incident light generated while being reflected or transmitted due to the sample when light having a specific polarization component is incident to the sample. The real-time spectroscopic ellipsometer according to the exemplary embodiment of the present invention have the improved structure and function to solve problems such as polarization dependency of a light source and a photometric detector, wavelength dependency of a compensator, a limitation of a change in integration time due to a fixing of a measuring frequency of exposure, in a rotating-element multichannel spectroscopic ellipsometers of the related art, thereby measuring more accurately, precisely, and rapidly measuring the characteristics of the sample than the related art..
Polarization-influencing optical arrangement, in particular in a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
A polarization-influencing optical arrangement comprises a first retardation element and a second retardation element.. .
Liquid crystal display element
A ferroelectric liquid crystal composition having a chiral smectic c-phase is disposed as a liquid crystal composition layer between a first substrate and a second substrate arranged between two polarizing plates of which the planes of polarization are orthogonal to each other. The substrates are provided with vertically oriented films, respectively, and at least one of them is provided with orientation treatment that can form a pretilt angle in a certain direction.
Method for preparing alignment film, method for implementing orientation, and liquid crystal display device
A method for preparing an alignment film (6), a method for performing alignment of the alignment film (6), as well as a multi-dimensional liquid crystal display device manufacture using the alignment film (6). The alignment film (6) generated by the preparation method is a light sensitive alignment film (6), which can generate directions of orientation perpendicular or parallel to the polarization direction under different dosages of linearly polarized ultraviolet light (10).
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Disclosed is an in-plane switching mode liquid crystal display, in which a pixel electrode and a common electrode are formed on the same substrate. The display includes a first substrate having a first conductive layer and second conductive layer, the first conductive layer and second conductive layer formed on each surface of the first substrate; a second substrate has a transparent pixel electrode and a transparent common electrode formed on one surface of the second substrate, facing the second conductive layer; an electrical connection part is installed to electrically connect the second conductive layer to the transparent common electrode, wherein a common voltage applied to the transparent common electrode is applied to the second conductive layer through the electrical connection part.
Light box for backlight of an lcd monitor
An lcd monitor comprises an lcd panel and a backlight for providing illumination to the lcd panel. The backlight includes a light box having a reflective bottom and sides and an open top for allowing light to flow outwardly toward the lcd panel.
Liquid crystal display device
A first polarizing plate is disposed on a first main surface of a liquid crystal display panel. A second polarizing plate is disposed on a second main surface of the liquid crystal panel.
Display device
A display device includes a light providing assembly to provide light, and a display panel to display an image using the light. The display panel includes a first substrate (fs), a second substrate (ss), a liquid crystal layer (lcl), a polarizing plate (pp), a first optical element (foe), and a second optical element (soe).
Projection liquid crystal display device
A projection liquid crystal display device including: a liquid crystal panel that forms a projected image; a reflective inorganic polarizing plate placed on a light incident side of the liquid crystal panel; and a wire grid type absorptive inorganic polarizing plate placed on a light emission side of the liquid crystal panel, wherein the reflective inorganic polarizing plate is placed non-parallel with respect to the absorptive inorganic polarizing plate.. .
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
The described technology relates to a liquid crystal display and a driving method thereof. The liquid crystal display includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix form.
Horizontally polarized omni-directional antenna apparatus and method
An alford antenna array having at least three driven elements disposed on a substrate, a first portion of each driven element being disposed on one side of the substrate, and a second portion of said each driven element being disposed on a second side of the substrate. At least one of the driven elements has a bent-dipole alford loop coupled to two feed points and has an acute-angle dipole feed point and acute-angle loaded ends.
Circuit for measuring the resonant frequency of nanoresonators
In the field of nanoresonator oscillators or nems (nanoelectromechanical systems) oscillators, a circuit is proposed for measuring the oscillation frequency of a resonator, including a phase-locked loop with a frequency-controlled oscillator and a phase comparator. The resonator includes a vibration excitation input and a dynamic polarization input (using strain gauges).
High-voltage multi-level shifter for ultrasound applications and transmit/receive channel for ultrasound applications using said level shifter
A multi-level shifter includes a first branch having first and second transistors coupled between a higher voltage terminal and a lower voltage terminal. The multi-level shifter comprises a second branch, in parallel with the first branch, having: a third transistor, coupled between said higher voltage reference terminal and an output node, a fourth switching transistor coupled between said output node and said lower voltage terminal.
System and method for determining rotor position offset of an electric machine
A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, detecting a position, including a polarity, of a rotor to detect incorrect rotor position offset of an electric machine without generating torque or motion within the electric machine.. .
Voltage generator with current source compensated for an error current operable over a wide voltage range
In one embodiment, a regulator circuit for generating a regulated output voltage vout has an error amplifier using a pair of bipolar transistors at its front end. The error amplifier compares the regulated output voltage to a reference voltage vref.
Light load stability circuitry for ldo regulator
A linear regulator contains an additional ac-coupled feedback loop between the output of the error amplifier and the base of the pass transistor that increases the frequency of the pole at the output of the error amplifier at light load currents to at least partially offset the decreased frequency of the output pole at the lighter load currents. Thus, a desired phase margin is preserved.
Driver device and driving method for driving a load, in particular an led unit
The present invention relates to a driver device (60) for driving a load (12), in particular an led unit (84) having one or more leds, comprising: input terminals for receiving an input voltage (v10) from an external power source (16) for powering the load (12), connection means (64) for connecting the input terminals to each other and for providing a current path (66, 68) dependent on the polarity of the input voltage (vi 0), wherein the connection means (64) comprise a first current path (66) for connecting the input terminals in a first current direction and a second current path (68) for connecting the input terminals in a second current direction opposite to the first current direction, wherein the first and the second current path (66, 68) each comprise a current control unit (88, 90) for controlling a bleeding current (13, 14) in the respective current path (66, 68), and wherein the first and the second current path (66, 68) each comprise decoupling means (92, 94) for blocking the bleeding current (13, 14) in the respective current path (66, 68) in a reverse direction opposite to the respective current direction.. .
Motor cooling and eddy current suppression structure
A motor cooling and eddy current suppression structure (100), which is attached to the surface of the motor winding (201), includes a first cooling plate (101), a second cooling plate (103,104), and a cooling water circuit located between the first cooling plate and the second cooling plate. The cooling water circuit is configured to allow the cooling fluid to pass through.
Insulation type switching power supply apparatus
A power supply apparatus comprises: a transformer that includes primary/secondary windings that are electromagnetically connected to each other with polarities opposite to each other, an output switch that activates/inactivates an electric-current route that extends from an application terminal for an input voltage to a ground terminal via the primary winding a rectifying-smoothing portion that generates an output voltage from an induced voltage, a feedback voltage generation portion that monitors a switch voltage appearing at a connection node between the primary winding and the output switch and generates a feedback voltage in accordance with the output voltage, a reference voltage generation portion that generates a reference voltage, a comparator that compares the feedback voltage and the reference voltage with each other to generate a comparison signal, and a switching control portion that generates an output switch control signal by means of an on-time control method in accordance with the comparison signal.. .
Defective p-n junction for backgated fully depleted silicon on insulator mosfet
Methods for semiconductor fabrication include forming a well in a semiconductor substrate. A pocket is formed within the well, the pocket having an opposite doping polarity as the well to provide a p-n junction between the well and the pocket.
Schottky barrier diodes with a guard ring formed by selective epitaxy
Schottky barrier diodes, methods for fabricating schottky barrier diodes, and design structures for a schottky barrier diode. A guard ring for a schottky barrier diode is formed with a selective epitaxial growth process.
Layout structure of heterojunction bipolar transistors
A layout structure of hbts comprising one or more hbts, each of which comprises a base electrode, an emitter electrode, and a collector electrode. A passive layer, a first dielectric layer, a collector redistribution layers, one or more emitter copper pillars, and one or more collector copper pillars are formed above the one or more hbts.
Electronic elements based on quasitwo-dimensional electron/hole gas at charged domain walls in ferroelectrics
The present invention relates to a device including a ferroic material having a ferroelectric order parameter and including at least two domains, as well as a first and second electrode in electrical contact with the ferroic material. The device is configured to form a head-to-head polarization orientation or a tail-to-tail polarization orientation at an interface between the two domains to form a charged domain wall at said interface and between the first and second electrodes.
Normally-off gallium nitride-based semiconductor devices
A method includes forming a relaxed layer in a semiconductor device. The method also includes forming a tensile layer over the relaxed layer, where the tensile layer has tensile stress.
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device and a method of making the same. The device includes a semiconductor substrate.
Optoelectronic materials for oled and oled elements using the same
The optoelectronic materials possesses superior luminescent performance and thermal stability and is suitable to be a new type of ambipolar materials for oled elements.. .
Semiconductor barrier photo-detector
The present invention discloses a photo-detector comprising: an n-type photon absorbing layer of a first energy bandgap; a middle barrier layer, an intermediate layer is a semiconductor structure; and a contact layer of a third energy bandgap, wherein the layer materials are selected such that the first energy bandgap of the photon absorbing layer is narrower than that of said middle barrier layer; wherein the material composition and thickness of said intermediate layer are selected such that the valence band of the intermediate layer lies above the valence band in the barrier layer to create an efficient trapping and transfer of minority carriers from the barrier layer to the contact layer such that a tunnel current through the barrier layer from the contact layer to the photon absorbing layer is less than a dark current in the photo-detector and the dark current from the photon-absorbing layer to said middle barrier layer is essentially diffusion limited and is due to the unimpeded flow of minority carriers, thus reducing generation-recombination (gr) noise of the photo-detector. The principles of the present invention also apply to inverted polarity structures of the form pbp in which all the doping polarities and band alignments described above are reversed..
Advanced thermal properties of a suspension with graphene nano-platelets (gnps) and custom functionalized f-gnps
A method for producing nanofluids with multilayered graphene nanoplatelets for providing improved heat transfer coolant fluids. A method for optimizing the concentration of nanoplatelets based on their morphology that allows achieving high thermal conductivity and low viscosity thus resulting in high heat transfer coefficient.
Electromagnetic actuator
An electromagnetic actuator is provided in which a mobile member is designed to slide inside a ferromagnetic frame along a displacement axis x-x′ between two end positions, when exposed to a magnetic flux circulating in said frame. The frame forms a magnetic circuit that extends in a single loop interrupted by two air gaps, each placed on the displacement axis of the mobile member.
Microplate reader with linear variable filter
A microplate reader includes a pair of linear variable filters (lvfs) that together form a wavelength selector. Movement of one or both of the lvfs enables selection of the desired center wavelength and/or passband used to analyze a sample on a microplate inserted into the microplate reader.
Protective polymer layer
The present invention relates to a method of joining polymer coated steel pipes comprising the steps of providing polymer coated pipe segments with an uncoated length on both ends of the segments; welding the polymer coated pipe segments together; applying a curable polymer (a) onto the uncoated length of the welded pipe segments to form an first coating layer; and applying a polymer composition (b) onto the first coating layer to form a topcoat layer with a thickness of 0.5 to 10 mm, wherein the polymer composition (b) has a melt flow rate mfr2 of 1.0 to 6.0 g/10 min, determined according to iso 1133 at a temperature of 190° c. Under a load of 2.16 kg, and includes a base resin comprising (b-1) a non-elastomeric polyethylene in an amount of 60 to 85 wt % of the total polymer composition being produced in a process using a single-site catalyst, and (b-2) an elastomer comprising a copolymer of ethylene and at least one polar comonomer, wherein component (b-1) or components (b-1) and (b-2) have been grafted with an acid grafting agent and the use of polymer composition (b) as topcoat layer with a thickness of 0.5 to 10 mm in a coating of coated steel pipe field-joints, a method of coating a steel pipe and the use of polymer composition (b) for the coating of steel pipe joints or steel pipes..
Laser processing apparatus, method of laser processing, method of fabricating substrate, and method of fabricating inkjet head
In the case where the workpiece (1) is processed, the laser beam is s-polarized by an optical modulator (7). Thus, the laser beam is mainly diverted toward a workpiece (1) by a polarizer (6).

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