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Pneuma patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pneuma-related patent applications.

new patent Electromagnetic valve and safety-related pneumatic system
An electromagnetic valve for safety-related pneumatic systems in motor vehicles, with an armature (9), which, by means of current supplied to an electrical winding (6), can be displaced axially relative to a core (13) and relative to a first valve seat (2), inside an inner channel of a coil carrier carrying the winding (6) on a winding section, wherein, in the armature (9) is arranged a guide channel, into which projects axially a guide pin (3) formed integrally with the coil carrier (1), so as to guide the armature (9) in the course of its axial displacement.. .
Eto Magnetic Gmbh

new patent Vibration exciter having load compensation
A vibration exciter with load compensation for the dynamic excitation of test specimens includes a base, an actuator, an armature which can be moved by the actuator in an excitation direction relative to the base and guided by a linear guiding element parallel to the excitation direction, and a pneumatic load compensator which compensates for the gravity force of at least the armature and the test specimen being excited. A high-quality low-perturbation exciter signal is generated by minimizing friction and other nonlinearities occurring during the load compensation.
Spektra Schwingungstechnik Und Akustik Gmbh Dresden

new patent Pneumatic mixing valve
A pneumatic mixing valve is provided, which includes a housing that defines a first inlet, a second inlet and an outlet. The first inlet is coupled to a first fluid source and the second inlet is coupled to a second fluid source.
Honeywell International Inc.

new patent Hydraulic device for emergency starting a turbine engine, propulsion system of a multi-engine helicopter provided with one such device, and corresponding helicopter
Emergency start-up device for a turboshaft engine of a helicopter, comprising: a hydraulic motor which is mechanically connected to said turboshaft engine; a hydropneumatic store which is connected to said hydraulic motor by a hydraulic circuit for supplying pressurised liquid to said hydraulic motor; and a hydraulic valve which has controlled quick opening, arranged on the hydraulic circuit between said store and said hydraulic motor, and is suitable for being placed on command at least in an open position in which the liquid can supply said hydraulic motor, or in a closed position in which said hydraulic motor is no longer supplied with pressurised liquid.. .
Safran Helicopter Engines

new patent Aircraft intercooler system and method
A heat exchanger for an engine includes: an inlet; an outlet; a radiator spanning the inlet and the outlet and in fluid communication with both the inlet and the outlet; and a bypass element spanning the inlet and the outlet and in fluid communication with both the inlet and the outlet and in parallel fluid communication with the radiator, the bypass element including a control mechanism, the control mechanism including a bypass valve and a control cylinder connected to the bypass valve for operating the bypass valve, the control cylinder including a pneumatic ram cylinder in communication with a turbocharger outlet of the engine.. .
Continental Motors, Inc.

new patent Cable spools with sheaves
A spooling system for deploying cable, hose, and/or umbilical connections may include a drum, an air motor, a sheave having one or more sensor, and an electronic control unit coupled to an electro-pneumatic drive for controlling the system. The sensors may provide information to the electronic control unit, such as a measured line tension and/or a length of cable, hose or umbilical connection that has been deployed, and the information may be displayed on the electronic control unit.
Patco Machine & Fab., Inc.

new patent Pneumatic fender and mouth piece metal for pneumatic fender
A pneumatic fender and a mouth piece metal for a pneumatic fender with an open/close valve fixed at a position in which a through hole formed in a dividing wall constituting a receiving chamber, where the valve is closed by closed position fixing members. A safety valve is isolated from a cavity of a fender bladder by a receiving chamber, the safety valve being able to be detached and attached while the pneumatic fender is in use.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

new patent Rubber composition for tire, pneumatic tire, and manufacturing rubber composition for tire
Provided is a rubber composition for tires which can prevent discoloration and improve ozone resistance while maintaining or improving good elongation at break, and further can be produced with high efficiency. Also provided are a pneumatic tire formed from the same, and a method for producing the same.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

new patent Bulk container transport system
A material storage and transfer system includes a material carrier assembly, discharge valves, a transport conduit, and an air blower. The material carrier assembly includes a framework and compartments.

new patent Dynamic tire pressure regulator for bicycles
A wheel hub assembly of a bicycle wheel is disclosed that include a wheel axle, a rotary pump that may be composed of a pump housing, a pump rotor, a first fluid port configured for fluidly coupling to a pneumatic tire and a second fluid port configured for fluidly coupling to a fluid reservoir. The assembly allows for conveniently and efficiently modifying the tire pressure in bicycles at will while riding, in as many cycles as desired and without contaminating the air inside the tires..
Versec Sprl

new patent

Pneumatic vehicle tire

A pneumatic vehicle tire is provided. The tire includes a thread, an inner surface lying opposite the thread, a self-sealing sealant and a sound-absorbing open-cell foam ring arranged inside the pneumatic vehicle tire.
Continental Reifen Deutschland Gmbh

new patent

Heavy-duty pneumatic tire

A heavy-duty pneumatic tire includes a carcass ply including a main portion extending between bead cores and a pair of turn-up portions, a first reinforcing layer of a steel cord disposed in each bead portion in a u-shaped manner, and a second reinforcing layer of an organic fiber cord disposed in each bead portion and at least a part of the second reinforcing layer extending in a radial direction of the tire at an axially outward location of the first reinforcing layer. The second reinforcing layer includes an axially inner second ply and an outer second ply.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

new patent

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire includes a tread portion provided with a shoulder main groove and a crown main groove to form a middle land portion therebetween. The middle land portion is provided with a first middle lug groove including a first groove wall and a second groove wall, wherein the first groove wall includes a protrusion protruding toward the second groove wall on the side of the shoulder main groove.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

new patent

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire includes a tread portion provided with main grooves and land potions. The main grooves include an outboard shoulder main groove, an inboard shoulder main groove and a central main groove disposed therebetween.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

new patent

Non-pneumatic tire

Provided is a non-pneumatic tire including an attachment body attached to an axle, an outer tubular body (13) configured to surround the attachment body from the outside in a tire radial direction, and a connecting member (15) configured to connect the attachment body and the outer tubular body while allowing displacement therebetween, wherein the connecting member includes a first elastic connecting plate (21) in which a first end portion (21a) connected to the outer tubular body is disposed closer to a first side in a tire circumferential direction than a second end portion connected to the attachment body and an intermediate portion (21c) is disposed between the first end portion and the second end portion, and both of circumferential end surface (26a, 26b) directed in the tire circumferential direction among surfaces of the first end portion of the first elastic connecting plate extend in opposite directions in the tire circumferential direction to be separated from each other from the inside toward the outside in the tire radial direction.. .
Bridgestone Corporation

new patent

Manufacturing pneumatic tire

A tire mold has a tire molding surface. The tire molding surface is pressed against an outer surface of an uncured tire.
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

new patent

Labeler automated cleaning system

An apparatus for cleaning one or more components of a bottle labeling assembly, the apparatus comprising a pneumatic motor; a cleaning component coupled to the pneumatic motor; the cleaning component including a plurality of bristles and configured to rotate according to operation of the pneumatic motor; a guide rail and bearing coupled to at least one of the cleaning component or the pneumatic motor; and a pneumatic cylinder coupled to the guide rail and bearing and at least one of the cleaning component or the pneumatic motor, the pneumatic cylinder operative to move the cleaning component and the pneumatic motor along the guide rail and bearing is shown.. .
Niagara Bottling, Llc

new patent

Cleaning device for a processing platen press

A device (100) for cleaning a platen of a platen press (1), the platen press (1) has a lower and an upper platen (11, 12) of which at least one is movable towards the other. The device (100) includes a frame (110) having a base (172) defining a base plane substantially parallel to a surface on which the frame (110) is positioned, a lift member (120) arranged to the frame (110) such that a relative movement can be executed between the frame (110) and the lift member (120) in a direction substantially perpendicular to the base plane, a pneumatic lifting device (178) for moving the frame (110) relative to the lift member (120), and a rotating element (130) arranged on the lift member (120) and configured to rotate around an axis substantially parallel to the direction of relative movement between the frame (110) and the lift member (120)..
Bobst Mex Sa

new patent

Pneumatic ported atomizing fluid delivery manifold

Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations a pneumatic ported atomizing fluid delivery manifold includes a fluid delivery housing, the fluid delivery housing having a frustum geometry, the fluid delivery housing has a first end and a second end, the first end has a first plane and the second end having a second plane, the fluid delivery housing has at least one chamber through which cleaning solution is operable to pass from the first end to the second end, and a free-floating pneumatic rotating exit tube positioned along a longitudinal center axis of the fluid delivery housing, the free-floating pneumatic rotating exit tube have only air passing through the free-floating pneumatic rotating exit tube.. .
Tornaditech Llc

Laser mechanism and laser gun for shooting training

Disclosed is a laser mechanism for shooting training, which is coupled with a gun body and includes a laser assembly, a jointing assembly, and a pressing member. The laser assembly includes a laser emitter and a laser activator electrically connected with the laser emitter.

Quick connector structure for a pneumatic valve

A quick connector structure for a pneumatic valve contains a body, at least one locking unit, and a control set. The body includes at least one inserting hole and an air intake, wherein an airtight washer is fixed between the at least one inserting hole.

Valve body of a pneumatic valve with sealing ring seats

A valve body (12) of a pneumatic valve (10) includes a transversal compartment (20) for a shaft or spool (50) accessible according to an insertion direction (in) for the insertion of annular gaskets (32a, 32b) for the seal with the shaft (50). The transversal compartment (20) has a downward support surface (30a) for a downward gasket (32a), and an upward support surface (30b) for an upward gasket (32b).
Aignep S.p.a. Societa' Unipersonale

Wear resistant insert for pneumatic scotch yoke piston

A piston assembly includes a piston cross-member having a first end disposed opposite a second end. The piston assembly also includes a first cap disposed on the first end of the piston cross-member, and a second cap disposed on the second end of the piston cross-member.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Brake conditioning

A wheel carrier assembly (104) for a vehicle (110) is clamped on a frame (14) and a carbon composite brake disc 41 of the assembly is bedded by pneumatically applying the brake pads to the brake disc so as to heat the disc in cycles, the wheel carrier assembly then being removed from the frame and fitted to the vehicle.. .
Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

Pneumatic tire compactor with water ballast

A water ballast for a compactor is disclosed. A ballast tank is installed under a cover plate having a plurality of holes.
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

Vertical wheel bioreactors

A pneumatic bioreactor includes a vessel containing a fluid to be mixed and at least one mixing device driven by gas pressure. A first embodiment includes a floating impeller that rises and falls in the fluid as gas bubbles carry it upward to the surface where the gas is then vented, permitting the impeller to sink in the fluid.
Pbs Biotech, Inc.

Rubber composition and pneumatic tire

A rubber composition contains 100 parts by mass of a rubber component comprising diene rubber, and from 1 to 100 parts by mass of a (meth)acrylate polymer having a weight average molecular weight of from 5,000 to 1,000,000 and a glass transition point of from −70 to 0° c. A pneumatic tire is obtained using the rubber composition..
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

The pneumatic tire of the present technology includes: a tread portion; sidewall portions; and bead portions. A pattern of grooves is formed on the tread portion, and a strip-shaped sound-absorbing member is bonded along the tire circumferential direction to a region of the tire inner surface corresponding to the tread portion via an adhesive layer.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

The present technology provides a pneumatic tire having a strip-shaped sound-absorbing member bonded on the inner surface of the tire includes a plurality of belt layers, two or more belt cover layers, one or more belt edge cover layers, and a thread rubber layer. The thickness of the tread rubber layer is substantially uniform in the region x where the sound-absorbing member is located so that the difference between the thickness t1 at an end of the sound-absorbing member and the thickness t0 at the position of the tire equator is equal to or less than 0.5 mm.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Agricultural machinery pneumatic tire

A recessed portion is formed in each tire side portion of an agricultural machinery pneumatic tire. Rigidity at the part of each tire side portion where the recessed portion is formed is reduced.
Bridgestone Corporation

Heavy duty pneumatic tire

A heavy duty pneumatic tire includes a tread portion provided with a plurality of circumferentially extending main grooves and a plurality of land portions separated by the main grooves. The land portions include a shoulder land portion with a tread edge, a first middle land portion adjacent to the shoulder land portion, and a second middle land portion adjacent to the first middle land portion.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire 1 is provided in the tread portion 2 with a pair of center main grooves 3 arranged on both sides of the tire equator c, and a pair of shoulder main grooves 4 arranged on both sides thereof, and is provided on both sides of the equator c with middle land portions 6 defined between the center main grooves 3 and the shoulder main grooves 4. The middle land portions 6 are provided with a plurality of middle oblique grooves 10.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Non-pneumatic tire including shear band

A non-pneumatic tire may include an inner circumferential barrier configured to be associated with a hub, and an outer circumferential barrier. The tire may also include a plurality of spokes extending between the inner and outer circumferential barriers, and a shear band radially exterior relative to the outer circumferential barrier.
Caterpillar Inc.

Non-pneumatic tire including shear module

A non-pneumatic tire may include an inner circumferential barrier configured to be associated with a hub, and an outer circumferential barrier radially exterior relative to the inner circumferential barrier and configured to be associated with a tread portion of the tire. The tire may also include at least one shear module between the inner circumferential barrier and the outer circumferential barrier.
Caterpillar Inc.

Tire vulcanizing mold, tire manufacturing method, and tire

A tire vulcanizing mold for molding an unvulcanized tire into a pneumatic tire having a bead part with a bead heel part is provided with a side part ring for molding at least the bead part. A circumferential groove part extending in the tire circumferential direction is formed on a tire molding surface of the side part ring in a heel molding region for molding the bead heel part, the side part ring is divided into a side ring and a bead ring that abuts against the side ring, the division position of the tire molding surface of the side ring and the tire molding surface of the bead ring is located in the groove bottom of the circumferential groove part, and the cross-sectional shape of the circumferential groove part tapers toward the groove bottom..
Bridgestone Corporation

Pneumatically adjustable anchor assembly

An adjustable anchor post assembly for use with a personnel fall arrest or protection system. A pneumatically adjustable anchor post assembly for use in providing an elevated attachment point for a personnel fall protection lifeline, such as, for example, when personnel are climbing and/or working on equipment on skids or large equipment.
Foley Patents, Llc

System and purging moisture from the inflation apparatus on an artificial airway

A system and method for periodically providing air pressure through an air line coupled to an air cuff in order to purge unwanted moisture from the air line while maintaining pressure in the air cuff. An air pressure measurement device is coupled to the air line by means of pneumatic circuit and determines whether the air pressure in the air line and coupled air cuff is equal to, greater than or less than a preprogrammed air pressure value.

Connecting device, cleaning and/or disinfecting device and the operation thereof

A connecting device for coupling a rinsing system to a channel of a surgical instrument to be cleaned, including: a connecting element; a supply-side coupling apparatus having a holding channel to receive the connecting element extending within the holding channel in a longitudinal axial direction in a connected state, and which is provided at the end of a connecting channel that communicates with the channel, wherein the holding channel is connected to the rinsing system for feeding a rinsing liquid to the channel, wherein the coupling apparatus comprises a sealing element; and means for hydraulically and/or pneumatically actuating the sealing element; wherein the sealing element is elastic; and the sealing element reduces a cross-section of the holding channel in a region of the sealing element by means of an expansion transverse to the longitudinal axial direction) to provide a liquid-tight connection of the connecting element to the coupling apparatus.. .
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

Pneumatic furrow

A tire for a furrow press roller comprises a sole via which the tire is mounted on a field roller support, a tread opposite to the sole, and two sidewalls connecting the tread to the sole. The sole, the tread and the sidewalls together delimit a non-inflatable chamber.

Diagnostic system

A method of diagnosing a pneumatic system that (1) pressurizes the system to a first inflation pressure, (2) ceases the pressurizing for a settling-in time period, (3) measures a settled-in pressure after the settling-in time period, (4) measures a decayed pressure after a decay time period, (5) determines a determined rate of decay of the pressure in the system over the decay time period, and (6) compares the determined rate of decay to a first stored decay rate.. .
Stryker Corporation

Rotary valve seal pressure and indicator system

A rotary valve is configured to control flow of particulate matter from a storage source into a conduit under pneumatic pressure. The valve comprises a cylindrical housing, opposing end plates partially enclosing said cylindrical housing, and a vaned rotor having opposing shafts protruding through annular seals provided in said end plates.
Prater Industries, Inc.

Method for producing rubber particles with reduced coagulation tendency, producing pneumatic tire, and producing rubber product

Provided is a method for producing rubber particles with a reduced coagulation tendency. The present invention relates to a method for producing rubber particles with a reduced coagulation tendency, the method including a step of performing protein synthesis in the presence of both rubber particles and a cell-free protein synthesis solution containing an mrna coding for a rubber elongation factor (ref) family protein to bind the ref family protein to the rubber particles..
Tohoku University

Rotary ball lock latching mechanism

A latching mechanism is provided for engaging an aircraft surface panel to a support member. The aircraft panel is provided with a post extending from the lower surface, which extends through a panel support member into a post engagement mechanism.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Pneumatic tire

A tread pattern of a pneumatic tire includes a land portion being continuous around an entire circumference of the tire and continuous from a first circumferential groove to a tire ground contact edge in a tire width direction; a first inclined groove that extends in the tire circumferential direction from a position spaced outwardly apart from the first circumferential groove in the tire width direction, a first lug groove that extends from an outward end portion in the tire width direction of the first inclined groove to the ground contact edge, and a second inclined groove shorter in the tire circumferential direction than the first inclined groove, the second inclined groove extending from a land portion spaced apart from the first inclined groove and the first lug groove in the tire circumferential direction to a portion where the first incline groove and the first lug groove connect.. .
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Blood treatment systems and methods

The present invention generally relates to hemodialysis and similar dialysis systems, including a variety of systems and methods that would make hemodialysis more efficient, easier, and/or more affordable. One aspect of the invention is generally directed to new fluid circuits for fluid flow.
Deka Products Limited Partnership

Independently adjustable air bladders having air filled firmness for an enclosure

An adjustable air bladder apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes an outer enclosure, a first interior section within the outer enclosure that contains a plurality of air bladders, a second interior section within the outer enclosure that contains a support layer, and an air pump pneumatically coupled to the plurality of air bladders, where the air pump is configured to selectively supply pressurized air to the air bladders independently through a pneumatic coupling.
L&p Property Management Company

Vacuum hose coupling with quick lock feature

An agricultural planter includes a chassis; a pneumatic system carried by the chassis; and a row unit carried by the chassis. The row unit includes: a unit body; a metering unit carried by the unit body and having a port with a channel formed therein; a flexible coupling locked onto the port by an inner lip formed on an inner surface of the coupling, the coupling having a sliding region formed on an outer surface of said coupling; a locking ring bound within the sliding region of the coupling, the locking ring being slidable across the sliding region between a locked position and an unlocked position, the locking ring preventing the coupling from deforming to allow the inner lip off the port in the locked position; and a hose connecting the pneumatic system to the channel of the port through the coupling..
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Non-inert gas certified electronic controller

An electro-pneumatic controller adapted to use a non-inert fluid as a control fluid includes a base portion and a cap portion removeably secured to the base portion. A non-intrinsically-safe process may be disposed within an interior of the cap portion.
Tescom Corporation

Flush-mount npt plug

An electro-pneumatic controller includes a base portion having at least one lateral surface and a plurality of passageways disposed through the base portion. A bore extends through the lateral surface, and the bore has a counterbore portion and a threaded engagement portion.
Tescom Corporation

Locking mechanism and an electro-pneumatic controller

An electro-pneumatic controller for use with a regulator. The electro-pneumatic controller includes a base having a body, a top surface, and a bore formed within the body.
Tescom Corporation

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