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Systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder

Hogsback DesignsInc

Systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder

Pneumatic system for engines

Electro-motive Diesel

Pneumatic system for engines

Pneumatic system for engines

Yokohama Rubber

Pneumatic tire

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pneuma-related patents
 Elastomeric polymer compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Elastomeric polymer compositions
Wherein o is oxygen, x is an integer selected from 1, 2 and 3; y is an integer selected from 0, 1, and 2; x+y=3, r is the same or different and is: (c1-c16) alkyl; r′ is an aryl, an alkylaryl, a (c7-c16) alkyl aryl, or a (c1-c16) alkyl which may be linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated and may be substituted with: (c1-c4) alkyl, (c1-c4) alkoxy, (c7-c16) aryl, (c7-c16) aralkyl, nitrile, amine, no2, thioalkyl; and z is a protective group. Methods are described for making the elastomeric polymer composition, their use in preparing vulcanized elastomeric compositions, and articles made from such compositions, including pneumatic tires, tire treads, belts, and the like..
 Pdms membrane-confined nucleic acid and antibody/antigen-functionalized microlength tube capture elements, and systems employing them patent thumbnailnew patent Pdms membrane-confined nucleic acid and antibody/antigen-functionalized microlength tube capture elements, and systems employing them
A microfluidic device comprising a microfluidic channel network sealed on one side by a membrane sheet, the sheet having pdms defining at least the surface sealing the channel, the membrane sheet on its opposite side sealing one side of a pneumatic channel, the pneumatic channel arranged to enable pneumatic deflection of a deflectable portion of the membrane sheet into contact with an opposed surface to control flow in a channel of the network, the membrane sheet confining in a channel of the network at least one micro-particle, micro-length tube or glass nano reactor, functionalized with a capture agent, that has been inserted into that channel. A microfluidic device having a microfluidic channel containing at least two micro-particles, micro-length tubes or glass nano reactors, one functionalized with nucleic acid and another with antibody or antigen.
Cyvek, Inc.
 Dual control dead man system patent thumbnailnew patent Dual control dead man system
A dual control shut off system, such as a dead man system for a blasting system, blasting equipment, or other equipment having both pneumatic and electric safety control circuits, may include an electric dead man's switch or a pneumatic dead man's switch. An embodiment of the dual control dead man system is for wet abrasive blasting systems used for cleaning, preparing surfaces, removing coatings, and/or other abrasive blasting operations.
Graco Minnesota Inc.
 Pneumatic end effector apparatus, substrate transportation systems, and methods for transporting substrates patent thumbnailnew patent Pneumatic end effector apparatus, substrate transportation systems, and methods for transporting substrates
Systems, apparatus and methods including pneumatic end effectors for transporting substrates between system components of electronic device manufacturing systems are provided. In one aspect, an end effector has a base adapted to be connected to a robotic component, and one or more pneumatic suction elements positioned on the base.
Applied Materials, Inc.
 System for position measuring and integrity measuring patent thumbnailnew patent System for position measuring and integrity measuring
A system for measuring the position of a rod element as, for example, a hydraulically or pneumatically operated piston rod. Unlike the prior art, the system according to the present invention employs a measuring principle that does not require preparatory treatment of the rod element as is required in the known solutions.
Techni As
 Systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder
The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for pneumatically actuated displays for colored powder. In one illustrative embodiment, an indicator unit includes a hopper into which a dispersible indication powder can be loaded.
Hogsback Designs, Inc
 Pneumatic brake system redundancy in locomotive consists patent thumbnailnew patent Pneumatic brake system redundancy in locomotive consists
The electrical signals generated by the brake handle in the lead locomotive are extended to at least the first trail locomotive through the communication layer in order to control the ecpbs in the trail locomotive, providing full train brake redundancy, allowing non-degraded train operation even in case of an unrecoverable failure of the brake control system in the lead locomotive.. .
 Solids delivery  a well patent thumbnailnew patent Solids delivery a well
A method that is usable with a well includes introducing solids into a pneumatic stream to produce a solids-containing pneumatic stream; communicating the solids-containing pneumatic stream to a blender assembly to mix the solids with at least one other material to produce a flow; and pumping the flow into the well.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
 Portable microfluidic assay devices and methods of manufacture and use patent thumbnailnew patent Portable microfluidic assay devices and methods of manufacture and use
A method of forming a pneumatically controlled microfluidic device containing a micro-fluidic network that includes micro-elements in the form of micro-particles or micro-length hollow flow elements, and a pneumatic network that includes pneumatic micro-channels and micro-valve features enabling membrane valves to operate to control fluid conditions in the microfluidic network, including the steps (a) forming two portions, denominated fluidic layer, in which microfluidic channels are formed, and pneumatic layer, in which pneumatic micro-channels and micro-valve features are formed, each having a backing that is rigid in the plane of extent of the layers, (b) providing an intervening elastic membrane, and (c) permanently bonding both layers to opposite sides of the membrane, the permanent bonding of the membrane to the fluidic layer being effective to permanently enclose a set of inserted micro-elements in the fluidic network and relate the two layers to enable pneumatic control of fluid conditions in the microfluidic network.. .
Cyvek, Inc.
 Pneumatic tire patent thumbnailnew patent Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire includes a tread, sidewalls extending from edges of the tread, clinches extending from the edges of the sidewall, beads positioned on axially inner side of the clinches, a carcass bridging the beads along inner side of the tread and sidewalls, and load support layers positioned on axially inner side of the carcass such that the layers are positioned between the tread and beads. Each bead includes core and main apex, the core has radially outer side surface facing radially outward, the carcass includes carcass ply turned up around the core from inner side toward outer side in axial direction of the tire such that the main portion and turn-up portion are formed in the ply, the turn-up portion has core laminating portion laminated on the radially outer side surface of the core, and the apex is extending radially outward from radially outer side of the laminating portion..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.
new patent

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire in which an inner liner including a film mainly made of thermoplastic resin is attached to an inside of the tire via a tie rubber sheet, on an inner side of a carcass layer, and which has a lap-splice portion where end portions of the film in a tire circumferential direction overlap each other in a tire widthwise direction with tie rubber therebetween. A section of the film on a tire cavity side in the lap-splice portion has a portion where the film is thin over part or entirety of the width in the tire widthwise direction before the lap-splice portion, or a film thickness in the lap-splice portion is smaller than a film thickness in a portion other than the lap-splice portion.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
new patent

System for washing an aero gas turbine engine

A wash system includes a wash unit associated with a mobile unit for providing wash fluid, one or more nozzles for streamline injecting wash fluid provided by the wash unit directly into an engine inlet, and an articulating arm for use in positioning the one or more nozzles. The wash unit is physically spaced from a surface of the engine inlet cowling during a washing process.
Ecoservices, Llc
new patent

Pneumatic system for engines

A method to rotate crankshaft of an engine via a pneumatic system is disclosed herein. The engine includes a plurality of engine cylinders.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.
new patent

Carousel loading apparatus

An embodiment includes a carousel machine designed to slowly deliver a premeasured weighment of product to a receptacle (e.g., bag, box, sack, container, bin). The receptacle, such as a bag or a box, may be manually hung on pneumatic clamps as the carousel rotates.
Fox Solutions, Llc

Control circuit and surgical tool

A rinse or other liquid can be provided for assisting in the removal of the mass to be examined. Other desirable fluids and materials may also be provided and placed in communication with the surgical tool.

Pneumatic or hydraulic cardiac assist devices

The embodiments relate to cardiac assist devices that comprise a jacket that wraps the exterior of the heart, where the jacket comprises one or more pneumatic or hydraulic bladders. The pneumatic or hydraulic bladders are linked to a pump, and the pump fills the bladders with fluid and withdraws the fluid in a cycle to match beats of the heart to assist contraction and pumping of the heart in systole or to assist expansion and filling of the heart in diastole..

Rubber composition for tire tread and pneumatic tire

A rubber composition for a tire tread comprising 100 parts by mass of a diene rubber, 10 to 150 parts by mass of a reinforcing filler, and 0.1 to 30 parts by mass of an acid-treated silk powder having a 90% volume particle diameter (d90) of 500 μm or less. A pneumatic tire having a tread comprising the rubber composition..
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic object provided with a gastight layer based on a thermoplastic elastomer and on a lamellar filler

Apply, with z being a direction normal to the elastomer layer, x and y being directions orthogonal to z, and ex′, ey′ and ez′ being dynamic moduli in compression of the elastomer layer in the x, y, and z directions, respectively.. .

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

The invention relates to an automatic rotary machine for the production of empanaclas, comprising a circular rotary plate on which the empanadas are produced, actuated by a motor reducer and with pneumatic, hydraulic or other type means in the different production phases, such as dough metering, flattening, filling metering, molding, flattening and cutting. The invention includes a dough flattening disk and a folding system comprising two retractable half-moons actuated by pivot levers..
Emma Eugenia Mesa Areas Maquiempanadas Sas

Pneumatic spring shock absorber a motor vehicle

For the mounting of an abutment cap on a shock absorber tube, use is made of the pneumatic spring in which the abutment cap is held. During the joining process of the pneumatic spring onto the shock absorber, the abutment cap is pushed onto the shock absorber and, in a further process, is pressed on, wherein here, the clamp of the abutment cap or the holding webs of the abutment cap slips or break, respectively, and the pneumatic spring can assume a final position in the apparatus..
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Blow moulding machine with a pneumatically operated blow air valve and a operating such a blow moulding machine

An apparatus for moulding plastic preforms into plastic containers, includes an application unit for applying a gaseous medium onto the plastic performs. The application unit includes at least one valve unit for controlling the gaseous medium to be supplied to the plastic preform the valve unit has a working piston that is movable between at least two positions, and a control piston that is movable between at least two positions.
Krones Ag

Staples feeder assembly with concealed slider for pneumatic fastener magazine

The present invention consists of the complete integration of a self arming controlled action pneumatic fastener magazine slider (pusher and feeder) within the two legs of a stack of u-shape staples on a magazine support rail, thanks to the interplay of two pairs of releasably interlocking sensor and keys fastener pusher elements. In one embodiment of the invention, the slider system is self-arming and fits within an elbowed magazine for receiving fasteners, but works along the straight portion of the magazine.
Laboratoire Primatech Inc.

Pneumatic tool

A pneumatic tool has an outer casing, a selector valve, a switching button and a cover. The outer casing has two elongated holes formed through an external surface of the outer casing, facing and communicating to each other.

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire, comprising: a carcass provided in a toroidal shape across a pair of bead cores; a bead filler provided on the outer side in the tire radial direction of each bead core; and a rim guard to protrude on the outer side in the tire width direction for rim protection, wherein a contour of a portion of the rim guard has radius of curvature in the range of 5 mm to 40 mm in a widthwise cross section of the tire, and provided that “1csh” represents a distance in the tire radial direction between the innermost end and the outermost end of the carcass, a distance in the tire radial direction between the outermost end in the tire width direction of the rim guard and the outermost end in the tire radial direction of a bead filler is in the range of −0.2csh to 0.05csh.. .
Bridgestone Corporation

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire includes an inner liner and a carcass ply provided adjacent to the inner liner and having a cord embedded in a rubber layer. The inner liner is composed of a polymer layer stack including a first layer of a polymer composition containing sibs and a rubber component having a thickness of 0.05 mm to 0.6 mm, and a second layer of a polymer composition containing at least either one of sis and sib as well as a rubber component having a thickness of 0.01 mm to 0.3 mm.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire is mounted on a vehicle so a first side in a tire width direction corresponds to a vehicle outer side. A tread surface has four circumferential main grooves extending in a tire circumferential direction and five land portions partitioned by the circumferential main grooves.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic device for controlling the automatic inflation/deflation, notably of a tire

Under the effect of the injection of the gaseous fluid at a pressure (p2>p1), the piston (25) is moved against a second flexible component (40) and in relation to the mobile assembly (35, 36, 39), which remains in travel limitation position, causing the closure of an inflation component (39) and the movement of the exhaust flap valve (27) against a third flexible component (30), corresponding to its opening from the injection flap valve (36), which remains open.. .

Pneumatic valve assembly and method

A valve assembly for receiving a fluid under pressure and comprising a plurality of valves in a single valve block. The assembly may include a plurality of check valves and including a counterbalance generating valve and a 3-way valve and including a method of use.

Vegetable cutting apparatus

The present invention relates to an apparatus for cutting vegetables of different sizes and densities in a quick, safe and efficient manner the apparatus embodied herein provides an automated cutting process requiring only one operator who need not apply any physical exertion during the cutting process, and need not place his or her hands in the vicinity of the blade, as is necessary in conventional cutting methods using saws, guillotines and the like. The speed of the cutting blade bearing down on the vegetable is adjustable by varying the air pressure to a cylinder which actuates movement of the blade.

Polarization insert for a cryogenic refrigerator

A method includes pneumatically expelling a sample of magnetically polarized material along a pneumatic flow path from a cryogenic environment.. .
Millikelvin Technologies Llc

Hydropneumatic device for pressure transmission and riveting device

A device for riveting and a hydropneumatic device for pressure transmission, including a working piston and a transmitter piston in the form of a double-acting cylinder for transmitting pressure to the working piston, wherein a working stroke of the working piston in a working direction includes a first stroke and a subsequent second stroke, wherein the first stroke is controlled by means of pneumatic pressure acting on the working piston and the second stroke is controlled by means of pneumatic pressure acting on the transmitter piston, and wherein hydraulic fluid is displaced by the transmitter piston and the displaced hydraulic fluid effects the second stroke of the working piston. Regulation means having an actuating device are provided for regulating the pneumatic pressure on both sides of the double-acting cylinder of the transmitter piston such that the second stroke of the working piston is predefined by way of the regulation..
Tox Pressotechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Methods and endovascularly replacing a heart valve

The invention includes methods of and apparatus for endovascularly replacing a heart valve of a patient. One aspect of the invention provides a method including the steps of endovascularly delivering a replacement valve and an expandable anchor to a vicinity of the heart valve in an unexpanded configuration; and applying an external non-hydraulically expanding or non-pneumatically expanding actuation force on the anchor to change the shape of the anchor, such as by applying proximally and/or distally directed force on the anchor using a releasable deployment tool to expand and contract the anchor or parts of the anchor.
Sadra Medical, Inc.

Flow sensor

A bi-directional flow sensor may be adapted for reducing pneumatic noise during pressure sensing with a flow passing through the flow sensor. The flow sensor may include a hollow, tubular member having a throat section disposed between a ventilator end and a patient end.
Carefusion 203, Inc.

Modifying agent, producing modified conjugated diene polymer using modifying agent, and modified conjugated diene polymer

Provided are a modifying agent obtained by subjecting a silicon-containing compound having a protected primary amino group and at least two hydrolyzable groups to complete condensation, a method of producing a modified conjugated diene-based polymer, a modified conjugated diene-based polymer obtained by the production method, a rubber composition using the polymer, and a pneumatic tire. The modified conjugated diene-based polymer has excellent low heat generating property and abrasion resistance, and the rubber composition is obtained by using the modified conjugated diene-based polymer and the pneumatic tire is obtained by using the rubber composition..
Bridgestone Corporation

Electro-pneumatic actuator for a turbocharger waste gate, and a turbocharger and a method employing same

An electro-pneumatic actuator for a waste gate includes an electric actuator to impart linear motion to an actuator shaft, and a pneumatic chamber defining a passage extending therethrough, the actuator shaft extending through the passage, the pneumatic chamber being sealed with respect to the actuator shaft. A piston is disposed in the pneumatic chamber and arranged for movement in the pneumatic chamber, the piston being affixed to the actuator shaft such that the actuator shaft and the piston move together as a unit.
Honeywell International Inc.

Seeder with metering system having selectively powered metering sections

A metering system for a seeding machine is provided. The metering system includes selectively powered metering sections operable to individually allow or restrict seed dispensation.
Morris Industries Ltd.

Apparatus, system, and providing fabric-elastomer composites as pneumatic actuators

Soft pneumatic actuators based on composites consisting of elastomers with embedded sheet or fiber structures (e.g., paper or fabric) that are flexible but not extensible are described. On pneumatic inflation, these actuators move anisotropically, based on the motions accessible by their composite structures.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Thermo-pneumatic actuator working fluid layer

An ink jet printhead including a thermo-pneumatic actuator array for ejecting ink from an array of nozzles. The actuator array may include a plurality of channels in fluid communication with a plurality of working fluid chambers.
Xerox Corporation

Thermo-pneumatic actuator fabricated using silicon-on-insulator (soi)

An ink jet printhead including a thermo-pneumatic actuator array for ejecting ink from an array of nozzles. The actuator array may include the use of a silicon-on-insulator (soi) semiconductor wafer including a device layer, a handle layer, and a dielectric layer that physically separates the device layer from the handle layer to simplify printhead formation.
Xerox Corporation

Pneumatic roadway energy recovery system

The pneumatic roadway energy recovery system generates electrical power from the weight of vehicles, pedestrians and the like traveling on a roadway surface. The pneumatic roadway energy recovery system includes a plurality of pneumatic pumps in fluid communication with one another and that are arrayed beneath a roadway surface.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Vibration isolation system with support divided into sections, and controlling same

The invention relates to a vibration isolation system which comprises a support divided into a plurality of rigid sections on which a displaceable stage is arranged. The sections are arranged on pneumatic bearings, and the pneumatic bearings of the individual sections are controlled independently from each other and based on the position of the displaceable stage..
Integrated Dynamics Engineering Gmbh

Plunger for pneumatic dispenser

A plunger is fittable within a cylinder of a pneumatic dispenser that discharges a viscous material. The plunger has a first portion located at the front, and a second portion located at the rear.
Kaga Works Co., Ltd.

Tire inflation system for engine driven welder

The invention described herein generally pertains to a system and method for an air compressor system integrated into an engine welder. In particular, an air compressor system can be powered by at least a motor of an engine driven welder such that the engine driven welder can provide enhanced capabilities related to use of stored compressed air.
Lincoln Global, Inc.

Pneumatic door seal

A roll-up door assembly including a plurality of door panels; a pneumatic seal apparatus having an elastic membrane of an elongated tube disposed around a perimeter of the trailer door so as to be adjacent to the plurality of door panels, wherein pressurized air is injected into the pneumatic seal apparatus to expand the elastic membrane and to apply an outward force against multiple sides of the plurality of door panels, wherein applying the outward force against the plurality of door panels on multiple sides keeps the plurality of door panels as a single unit such that substantially less air flows through the plurality of door panels than prior to the application of the outward force to seal the trailer door.. .
Hyundai Translead

Molding device and molding pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire molding device includes an extruder which mixes and discharges a rubber material, a mouth piece which is attached to a leading end of the extruder, and a rotary support body around which a rubber strip discharged out of a discharge port of the mouth piece is wound, wherein a receiving portion is formed in the mouth piece closer to a rear side in a rotating direction of the rotary support body than the discharge port in an end surface facing to a rotation surface of the rotary support body, the receiving portion being capable of receiving the rubber strip which has been already wound around the rotary support body.. .
Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Spindle assembly for a tire inflation system

A spindle assembly for a tire inflation system having a spindle defining an axial direction and a fluid conduit. A rotatable part is rotatably mounted on the spindle and has a fluid passage.
Dana Italia S.p.a.

Zero pressure start continuous positive airway pressure therapy

A respiratory assistance device is disclosed. There is a patient interface for coupling to a patient respiratory passageway, and a selectively regulated therapeutic gas flow source in pneumatic communication with the patient over the patient interface.
Breathe Technologies, Inc.

Rotary screen printer

Improvements in a rotary screen printer that operates with a stepper motor for indexing the screen printer. The stepper motor provides a positive rotation and locating of the printing arms.

Prefabricated walking boot

The present invention includes a walking boot device which immobilizes the ankle at about a 90° angle using a single anterior post that is angled at about 90° at an ankle joint from a lateral view, and encompasses an anterior one half of a calf proximally, and a dorsal one half of a forefoot distally. The post includes medial and lateral wings.

Pneumatic circulatory enhancer for diabetic leg therapy

A pneumatic circulatory enhancer to enhance a blood flow of a leg of a patient that includes a chamber that surrounds the leg and is filled with gas having a negative, a zero-point, or a pressure, a pneumatic gas pump having a cylinder and a piston, the piston moving in the cylinder by an electrical motor, a plurality of ecg electrodes that are connected to body parts of the patient, a pressure sensor that is connected to the chamber and measures a pressure of the gas inside the chamber, a controller that receives the ecg signals from the plurality of ecg electrodes and controls the electrical motor based on the received ecg signals to pump-in or pump-out the gas from the chamber by moving the piston inside the chamber such that the zero-point pressure is an atmospheric pressure of a location that the pneumatic circulatory enhancer is operated.. .

Universal breath sampling and analysis device

A breath analysis device is described which obtains a desired segment of one or more breaths, and analyzes that or those samples for compositional analysis. A pneumatic control system may obtain these segments homogeneously, may reduce the amount of gases included from other segments of the breath, and may reduce mixing with other segments once obtained.
Capnia, Inc.

Functionalized polymer, rubber composition and pneumatic tire

There is further disclosed a rubber composition comprising the functionalized elastomer, and a pneumatic tire comprising the rubber composition.. .

Rubber mixture

A sulfur-crosslinkable rubber mixture, particularly for treads of pneumatic tires, comprises at least two diene rubbers and from 0.1 to 20 phr of at least one aliphatically modified c9 hydrocarbon resin and from 0.1 to 7 phr of at least one other processing ingredient. The rubber mixture has improved abrasion resistance and improved properties during braking under wet conditions for identical rolling resistance, identical chip & chunk resistance and an identical level of other tire properties..
Continental Reifen Deutschland Gmbh

Method and arrangement and sensor for determing the postion of a component

The invention relates to a method and an arrangement for determining a position of a first component (14) such as a piston rod in relation to a second component (12) such as a hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic cylinder, wherein at least one first magnetically scannable structure (34) such as a measurement strip formed on a surface (18) of said first component (14) is detected by means of at least one first magnetic flux sensor (22) connected to the second component (12) during a relative movement between the first component (14) and the magnetic flux sensor (22). To improve the accuracy of the position determination, the method is executed according to the invention as a differential measuring method, wherein a differential transformer is used as the magnetic flux sensor (22), and wherein the position of the first component (14) in relation to the second component (12) is determined absolutely, wherein a second magnetically scannable structure (28) arranged on the surface (18) of the first component (14) is detected by means of at least one second magnetic flux sensor (32) connected to the second component (12), and wherein the absolute position of the first component (14) is determined from the signal sequence of the first magnetic flux sensor (22) and the continuous output signal of the second magnetic flux sensor (32)..
Asg Luftfahrttechnik Und Sensorik Gmbh

Braking installation for a railway train including a plurality of wagons for transporting goods

The braking installation (1) comprises a pneumatic brake pipe (bp) which extends along the train, and wherein the pressure is controlled by a braking control apparatus (bca) in the locomotive (l), an electrical power supply and communication line (el) which extends along the train, and which is coupled to an electronic control unit (ecu) in the locomotive (l); and in each wagon (w) or in each group of wagons (w) associated with each other, an electronic module (em) coupled to the electrical line (el) through power supply and communication interface devices (i, i1), and further connected to an electro-pneumatic control assembly (epc) designed for driving pneumatic brake valve means (elv). The interface means (i, i1) comprise electronic processing and control means (mc, mc1) and a first transceiver means (tc1) adapted to allow an exchange of information and/or data with the electronic control unit (ecu) of the locomotive (l) through the electrical line (el), for controlling the braking of the wagon (w) or group of wagons (w).
Faiveley Transport Italia S. P. A.

Pneumatic adjustment arrangement for a vehicle seat

A pneumatic adjustment arrangement for a vehicle seat. The pneumatic adjustment arrangement has at least one chamber or bladder, which can be filled with a pressure medium, as an adjustment element.
Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

Clamping unit for containers at container handling machines

A clamping unit for containers at container treatment machines where, apart from a vertically movable lifting arm with a centering support for clamping a container from above, a motor for driving the lifting arm and a pneumatic spring against the resistance of which the centering support is mounted at the lifting arm so as to be movable to the top are provided. The lifting arms may be set to a desired vertical position independently of the movement or the rotational position of an associated rotary machine, and a clamping force of the centering supports may be easily and flexibly adjusted by applying a suited pressure to the pneumatic spring..
Krones Ag

Pneumatic tire with coated reinforcement

A pneumatic tire includes a pair of axially spaced apart annular bead structures, a carcass structure wrapped around each bead structure and having a pair of carcass turnups substantially contiguous with the carcass structure from the bead structure to radially outer ends of the pair of carcass turnups, a belt structure disposed radially outward of the carcass structure in a crown area of the pneumatic tire, an overlay structure disposed radially outward of the belt structure, and a component comprising a non-adhesive core structure and a coating applied to the core structure with the coating providing adhesion to a surrounding matrix for the core structure.. .
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Hollowed non-pneumatic tyre with reinforcing ribs

A hollowed-out non-pneumatic tire with reinforcing ribs comprises a tire body. A row or rows of through holes are uniformly and annularly distributed in the tire body.
Guangzhou Naidong Information Technology Co. Limited

Pneumatic tire

Provided is a pneumatic tire used with a specified rotation direction, including a tread, a pair of sidewalls extending continuously from the tread inward in a tire radial direction, a pair of beads continuous with the sidewalls inward in the tire radial direction, and at least one ridge on a buttress surface. The buttress surface extends from a tread edge of a tread surface formed on the tread to the sidewall.
Bridgestone Corporation

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire having a carcass layer mounted between a pair of bead portions includes belts layers disposed on an outer circumferential side of the carcass layer at a tread portion, with at least one circumferential groove is disposed in the tread portion so as to continue in the tire circumferential direction in a region on one side of the tire center line. A distance la from the tire center line to a center position of the outermost circumferential groove has a relationship of 0.50×l≦la≦0.80×l with respect to a tread half-width l from the tire center line to the outer edge position of the tread portion..
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic tire

A pneumatic tire has a plurality of circumferential main grooves extending in the tire circumferential direction, a plurality of lug grooves extending in the tire width direction, and a plurality of blocks partitioned by the circumferential main grooves and the lug grooves. Also, the block has a bent groove having a bent shape that is convex in one direction and that extends in the tire circumferential direction dividing the block into two in the tire width direction.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Pump with tire fill assist

A pump system includes a pneumatic pump, a hose, a nozzle that can attach to a tire of a vehicle, and a processing device. The processing device receives a target tire pressure for the tire, receives a current tire pressure of the tire, and controls the operation of the pneumatic pump according to the target tire pressure and the current tire pressure.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Airsoft gun with gun mounted air supply system

An air supply system for use with an airsoft gun to power a pneumatic engine contained within a receiver of the airsoft gun. The air supply system includes a bottle of pressurized air that supplies the pressurized air at a first pressure to the pneumatic drive engine.

Compressed gas-powered projectile accelerator

A pneumatic assembly for a paintball gun is provided. The pneumatic assembly includes a valve stem, and a bolt slidably mounted on the valve stem.
Kee Action Sports I Llc

Tool for semiautomatic application and removal of multiple temporary fasteners

Tool for semiautomatic application and removal of multiple temporary fasteners, consists essentially of a pneumatic tool (1), semi-automated, used to apply and remove temporary fasteners (2) placed in a feeding clip (3), with a retention system, in a cavity (4) in the front, and aligned with the clip (5) of the cylinder (6) activated by compressed air in the direction of pushing the fixation element against a (7) reaction base and from there to the pieces (p) t be drilled and riveted, while also having a collection container (8) when removing the temporary fasteners (2) using the same tool.. .

Patient support

A patient support includes a bladder layer with a plurality of bladders, a pneumatic supply system, and a plurality of tubes in fluid communication with pneumatic supply system. The tubes are coupled to and guided by the bladder layer so that the tubes and bladder layer may remain in close registry when being handled, for example, either during the assembly process or cleaning process..
Stryker Corporation

Side gripping mechanism and device handlers having same

An apparatus comprises a cavity coupled to a pneumatic controller configured to control pressure in the cavity; a piston configured to be pulled into the cavity when pressure in the cavity is below atmospheric pressure and to be pushed outward when pressure in the cavity is greater than atmospheric pressure; and a gripper arm mechanically coupled to the piston. The gripper arm may be configured to support a device under test.
Delta Design, Inc.

Pneumatic multi-way connector

A connector has a valve that cycles air from a pump to outlet socket ducts that are complementary to inlet plug ducts. A button is atop a cover enclosing a ring.
Linet Spol S.r.o.

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Pneuma topics: Polyurethane, Conductive Layer, Carcass Ply, Cross Section, Crown Block, Aspect Ratio, Damping Device, Linear Motor, Shock Absorber, Hydrocarbon

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