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Robot hand and robot

Rubber composite cord for a tread of a pneumatic tire

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pneuma-related patents
 Garment detection method and system for delivering compression treatment patent thumbnailnew patent Garment detection method and system for delivering compression treatment
A compression treatment system is provided that detects the number of and type of garments connected thereto. The system includes a plurality of ports, valves connected thereto and a number of garments having one or more bladders.
 Rubber composition for fiber cord topping, and pneumatic tire patent thumbnailnew patent Rubber composition for fiber cord topping, and pneumatic tire
The present invention provides a rubber composition for a fiber cord topping which is capable of improving handling stability, fuel economy, elongation at break, adhesion to fiber cords, processability, and tire durability in a balanced manner, and also provides a pneumatic tire formed from the rubber composition. The present invention relates to a rubber composition for a fiber cord topping, having an amount of insoluble sulfur with an iron content of not more than 30 ppm, calculated as net sulfur in the insoluble sulfur, of 1.0 to 3.5 parts by mass; a total net sulfur content of 2.0 to 3.5 parts by mass; and a zinc oxide content of 1.5 to 6.0 parts by mass, each per 100 parts by mass of a rubber component of the rubber composition..
 Rubber composition and pneumatic tire patent thumbnailnew patent Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Wherein r1 represents a c1-c10 hydrocarbon group.. .
 Rubber composite cord for a tread of a pneumatic tire patent thumbnailnew patent Rubber composite cord for a tread of a pneumatic tire
A composite cord includes a rubber core and a rubber sheath surrounding, at least in part, the rubber core. A formulation of the core is different from that of the sheath.
 Brake system patent thumbnailnew patent Brake system
A brake arrangement for a vehicle comprising a braking system arranged to vary hydraulic or pneumatic brake pressure that is arranged to apply a pressure to a brake calliper; an electric motor arranged to generate a braking torque that is applied to a first wheel when the electric motor is placed in a braking mode of operation, wherein the electric motor is arranged to vary brake torque generated when the electric motor is in the braking mode dependent upon a predetermined operating condition of the braking system.. .
 Robot hand and robot patent thumbnailnew patent Robot hand and robot
A robot hand is provided. The robot hand includes a plurality of holding parts provided to be holdable of a plurality of workpieces, respectively, and a pneumatic drive for protruding one of the holding parts, when the holding part holds one of the workpieces, toward the workpiece with respect to one or more remaining holding parts by pneumatic pressure..
 Quick release archery target patent thumbnailnew patent Quick release archery target
An archery target includes a clamping assembly having at least two conditions wherein a first condition applies compressing force to a target material and a second condition releases at least a portion of the compressing force from the target material such that arrow removal is easier. The clamping assembly allows the user of the target to readily change the clamping assembly between the two conditions.
 Gas suspension system patent thumbnailnew patent Gas suspension system
A suspension system for use with a motorcycle includes a single body having two pneumatic cylinders in axial alignment therein. The suspension system may be sold in a kit, and may be installed in an existing front wheel fork..
 Adhesive bonding for a pneumatic tire patent thumbnailnew patent Adhesive bonding for a pneumatic tire
A system for constructing a pneumatic tire includes a tread component having two opposite tread splice ends, a water based adhesive applied to the tread splice ends for securing the tread splice ends to each other; and a heating means applied to the tread splice ends and water based adhesive for reducing drying duration of the water based adhesive.. .
 Pneumatic tire for use in two-wheeled automotive vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Pneumatic tire for use in two-wheeled automotive vehicle
A tread 4 of a tire 2 includes a center region ta, in an axial direction, including an equator plane, and a pair of shoulder regions tb located outward of the center region ta in the axial direction. Each shoulder region tb includes a base layer 20, a middle layer 22 layered outward of the base layer 20 in a radial direction, and a top layer 24 layered outward of the middle layer 22 in the radial direction.
new patent Pneumatic system
A pneumatic system includes a first line configured to be coupled to a container, and to convey a flow of gas from a source to the container, a second line in communication with gas in the container, a valve coupled in series with the first line, between the source and the container, and a spring member. The valve includes a body having a first port, a second port, and an exhaust port, and the valve includes a moveable element in communication with the second line and is configured to control the flow of gas through the first line as a function of the pressure of the gas within the container.
new patent Hydro-pneumatic tensioner with fluid retention device
A cylinder accumulator system is disclosed. The system includes a cylinder comprising a cylinder rod, a cylinder barrel coaxial to the cylinder rod, a cylinder end cap coupled to the cylinder barrel and the cylinder rod, and a cylinder piston assembly disposed within the cylinder barrel.
new patent Pneumatic ratchet wrench capable of preventing mis-switching of rotational direction
A pneumatic ratchet wrench includes a driving head, a feeding path, a primary path, a secondary path, a valve member, and a trigger. Upon flow of air into the primary path, the driving head is rotated.
new patent Test head manipulator
A test head manipulator system comprising a base structure, a main arm unit configured to support a test head and to be moved relative to the base structure, an actuator having a range of motion of l, and an enhancement mechanism positioned between the main arm unit and the actuator and configured such that movement of the actuator a first distance causes the main arm unit to move a second distance that is greater than the first distance. Additionally, a fluid control system for controlling a test head manipulator system.
Branched conjugated diene copolymer, rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Wherein r2 represents an aromatic hydrocarbon group having 6 to 10 carbon atoms, and r5 represents a hydrogen atom or the like, and a copolymerization ratio (m) of the aromatic vinyl compound (2) is 45% by mass or more.. .
Blood treatment systems and methods
The present invention generally relates to hemodialysis and similar dialysis systems, including a variety of systems and methods that would make hemodialysis more efficient, easier, and/or more affordable. One aspect of the invention is generally directed to new fluid circuits for fluid flow.
Pneumatic transport with multi vessel discharge
An ash transport system and method is provided that includes a transport line, four hoppers, and an airlock or hopper valve attached to each hopper. The ash transport system transports an ash mass from the airlock or hopper valve to the transport line if pressure in the transport line falls below a predefined pressure threshold assigned to the respective airlock or hopper valve.
Vehicle axle suspension, and vehicle comprising such vehicle axle suspension
The invention relates to a vehicle axle suspension comprising:—a tubular axle body (3) having a longitudinal axis;—resilient suspension arms (5) which extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle, and which cross the axle body substantially perpendicular, each suspension arm having a curved portion (9) with a concave underside forming an axle recess in which the axle body is received, and each suspension arm being hingedly connectable at the front, viewed in the direction of travel of the vehicle, to a bearing bracket arranged on the vehicle chassis;—two intermediate members (13), each intermediate member being positioned in said axle recess between the axle body and the curved portion of one of the respective suspension arms, wherein each intermediate member has a concave underside which matches with the outer contour of the tubular axle body;—a pneumatic spring for each suspension arm which is operational between the respective suspension arm and the vehicle chassis;—a clamping assembly (17, 18, 19) associated with each suspension arm, wherein the axle body, the respective intermediate member and the suspension arm are retained solely by the clamping assembly.. .
Production method for water-absorbing resin composition
A method for being capable of sufficiently exerting property improvement effect by the addition of additive particles other than water-absorbing resin to water-absorbing resin particles. The problems can be solved by using additive particles having over cohesive particles in an amount equal to or less than a predetermined amount, or by using the additive particles by crushing or classifying in advance, before mixing with water-absorbing resin particles.
Lifting gate polydimethylsiloxane microvalves and pumps for microfluidic control
The present disclosure relates to method, system for microfluidic control. One or more embodiments of the disclosure relate to pneumatically actuated “lifting gate” microvalves and pumps.
Aircraft landing gear and method of operating the same
A front landing gear system for an aircraft including a swing arm rotatively coupled to a wheel, a forward link arm rotatively coupled to the swing arm, a oleopneumatic cylinder rotatively coupled to the swing arm, second extension arm and a bulkhead, a plate rotatively coupled to the bulkhead, an actuation device rotatively coupled to the bulkhead and to the plate, where refraction of the linear actuation device causes the plate and extension arms to move upward towards the bulkhead.. .
Heat sink thermal press for phase change heat sink material
Methods of and apparatuses for electronic board assembly are provided. The apparatus can comprises one or more thermal heads controlled by a programmable logic controller.
Rubber composition for canvas chafer, and pneumatic tire
Provided are a rubber composition for a canvas chafer which, despite being low cost, is excellent in rim chafing resistance, resistance to rim damage, and processability (sheeting processability, rubber flow in the tire, adhesion to adjacent components) and performs well with respect to low heat build-up, and a pneumatic tire including the composition. The invention relates to a rubber composition for a canvas chafer, including: an isoprene-based rubber; a carbon black having an n2sa of 65-200 m2/g; and sulfur, wherein an amount of the isoprene-based rubber is 25-80% by mass and an amount of butadiene rubber is not more than 40% by mass, each based on 100% by mass of a rubber component of the rubber composition, and an amount of the carbon black is 40-80 parts by mass and an amount of the sulfur is 1.0-2.7 parts by mass, each per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component..
Pneumatic tire
This pneumatic tire includes a belt layer including a pair of cross belts and a circumferential reinforcing layer disposed between the cross belts or disposed inward in the tire radial direction of the cross belts and that comprises a steel wire wound spirally at a slant within a ±5° range with respect to a tire circumferential direction, and a tread portion disposed outward in the tire radial direction of the belt layer and that contacts a road surface. The circumferential reinforcing layer has a width in the tire width direction that is not less than 60% and not more than 85% of a maximum ground contact width in the tire width direction of the ground contact patch of the tread portion..
Pneumatic tire
In the mathematical formula, ρ is the volume resistivity (Ω·cm) of the topping rubber of the carcass, g is the minimum thickness (mm) of the topping rubber, r is the distance (m) from the axis of the tire to an outer end, in the radial direction, of the clinch, and l is the length (m) of the carcass from an end of the reinforcing layer to the outer end, in the radial direction, of the clinch.. .
Apparatus and method for safely depressurizing milling vials
The invention is an apparatus and method for safely depressurizing milling vials. The invention utilizes a machinist vise in communication with a pneumatic air cylinder mounted in a jig inside glove box enclosure.
Needle bending apparatus and methods
An apparatus for bending a hypodermic needle includes a bending die, a needle gripper configured to grasp the hypodermic needle, a servo-actuated slide operatively coupled to the needle gripper, and a servo- or pneumatically-actuated bending pin. The servo-actuated slide is configured to translate the needle gripper along a linear path adjacent to the bending die for positioning the hypodermic needle at a predetermined bending position with respect to the bending die.
Pneumatic system and method for simulated firearm training
A training method and apparatus are disclosed. The training method may include converting a firearm capable of firing live ammunition to a pneumatic training device incapable of firing live ammunition.
Supporting a heart
A heart support system featuring a constraint sized to fit about at least a portion of an adult human heart in a living body, an expandable chamber disposed within the constraint so as to apply pressure against the heart when expanded and a connector system including a pneumatic connection port in hydraulic communication with the expandable chamber. The heart support system can include a supply unit with: a source of pressurized fluid and a pneumatic supply line extending from the pressurized fluid source.
Rubber composition for tire, and pneumatic tire
A rubber composition for a tire, and a pneumatic tire are provided in which the fuel economy, abrasion resistance, and deterioration resistance can be improved in a good balance. The present invention relates to a rubber composition for a tire, containing a rubber component that contains: a modified natural rubber having a phosphorus content of not more than 200 ppm; and butadiene rubber, wherein 60 to 95% by mass of the modified natural rubber and 5 to 40% by mass of the butadiene rubber are contained based on 100% by mass of the rubber component..
Rubber composition, crosslinked rubber composition, pneumatic tire, and method for producing isobutylene polymer
[wherein x represents a divalent group, y represents a substituted or unsubstituted alicyclic group having an unsaturated bond, and n represents 0 or 1.]. .
Composite and method for producing the same, rubber composition, and pneumatic tire
The present invention aims to provide a composite including a rubber component in which surface-treated silica with a small particle size is uniformly dispersed, and a method for producing the composite. The present invention also aims to provide a rubber composition including the composite, the rubber composition capable of achieving both fuel efficiency and abrasion resistance while having excellent processability.
Rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire
Provided are: a rubber composition for tires capable of improving fuel economy, wet grip performance, and abrasion resistance; and a pneumatic tire including the same. Included is a rubber composition for tires including: a diene polymer; silica; and a liquid resin having a softening point of −20 to 20° c., the diene polymer being a modified diene polymer obtained by reacting components (a) and (b), the liquid resin being present in an amount of 3-40 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component, the component (a) being an active alkali metal-terminated conjugated diene polymer obtained by polymerizing a conjugated diene monomer alone or with an aromatic vinyl monomer, in the presence of a component (c) the component (b) being a modifier containing a functional group, the component (c) being a chemical species obtained by reacting an organic alkali metal compound and a compound of formula (1) below..
Lamination apparatus and method for sheet materials having temperature-sensitive elements, and documents produced thereby
The invention specifies an apparatus for applying a film (7) to a substrate (2) by lamination. This apparatus has a heating device (12, 19), which makes it possible for different regions of the film (7) and/or the substrate (2) to be exposed specifically to different temperatures.
Pneumatic thrust combined cycle power generator
A pneumatic thrust combined cycle power generator comprises a startup air compressor operated together with a high-pressure gas regulator to fill a high-pressure gas into a pneumatic motor and start operating a transmission bearing, such that the transmission bearing can drive a high power generation motor to produce a power generation effect and provide a power supply. The transmission bearing of the pneumatic motor can be operated with a driven gear and a transmission belt to drive a high-pressure gas recycle air compressor to operate, so as to return the high-pressure gas to the startup air compressor through a high-pressure gas recycle channel and achieve a combined cycle effect of using the high-pressure gas..
Double-valve mechanism
A double-valve mechanism and a pneumatic tool including the same are provided. The double-valve mechanism is mounted in a main body of the pneumatic tool.
Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers
Mechanism for automatically cutting and placement of resin impregnated fibers in a carrier setting to the carriage that moves longitudinally and transversely relative to the axis of the wound part and where is provided more pneumatic cylinders one of which is rotational and other are used for longitudinal movement of the components mounted of the guides, for linear motion and implication and extraction of the fiber hold bed, for opening and closing the knife and the moving of pressure roller.. .
Strip, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing pneumatic tire
The present invention is a strip of a thermoplastic elastomer composition to be wound spirally on a cylindrical drum to form an inner liner for a tire. The strip is composed of a layer stack of a first layer made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition containing 0.1 part by mass to 50 parts by mass of an organic derivative of clay mineral relative to 100 parts by mass of a styrene-isobutylene-styrene triblock copolymer, and a second layer made of a thermoplastic elastomer composition containing at least one of a styrene-isoprene-styrene triblock copolymer and a styrene-isobutylene diblock copolymer.
Pneumatic tire production method and pneumatic tire
An objective of the present invention is to reduce the development of defect during vulcanization. A method for producing a pneumatic tire comprises: a carcass ply forming step to cover both surfaces of a code array made of the carcass cords of the carcass ply with a topping rubber; a step of forming a raw cover including the carcass; and a step of vulcanizing the raw cover.
Pneumatic tire
A tire having a large number of circular dimples 62 on sidewalls thereof is disclosed. Each dimple 62 has a slope surface 66 and a bottom surface 68.
Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire includes a tread portion with an asymmetric pattern including an outboard shoulder main groove, an inboard shoulder main groove, an outboard shoulder portion between the outboard shoulder main groove and an outboard tread edge, a middle portion between the outboard shoulder main groove and the inboard shoulder main groove, and an inboard shoulder portion between the inboard shoulder main groove and an inboard tread edge, wherein the outboard shoulder portion is provided with a three dimensional sipe that has a pair of sipe surfaces extending to a depth direction of the sipe while changing its direction or opening configuration, and the inboard shoulder portion or the middle portion is provided with a two dimensional sipe that has a pair of sipe surfaces extending to a depth direction of the sipe while maintaining its direction and opening configuration.. .
Pneumatic tyre provided with a tread based on a thermoplastic elastomer
The present invention relates to a tyre provided with a tread, such that the tread comprises at least one thermoplastic elastomer, which is a block copolymer comprising at least one elastomer block and at least one thermoplastic block, and hollow microparticles.. .
Conduit system for a pneumatic distribution system of an agricultural implement
A pneumatic distribution system for an agricultural implement includes an inductor box having output ports and row units configured to receive an agricultural product and airflow from the output ports. A conduit system extends between the output ports of the inductor box and the row units.
Economizer device for linear pneumatic actuator
An economizer device associable with a linear pneumatic actuator includes a body having openings and a venturi vacuum generator slidably housed in a first conduit. The device operates between a first operating configuration, where a first opening is supplied with air at an operating pressure and the vacuum generator moves in the first conduit to permit primary flow of air and to reduce outlet pressure thereof from a second opening so as to supply the chamber of the actuator with air at a reduced pressure lower than the operating pressure, and a second operating configuration, where the first opening is connected to the environment at atmospheric pressure and a third opening is supplied with pressurized air with which it supplies the vacuum generator, which creates a vacuum in the second opening in such a manner as to suck air from and create a vacuum in the chamber..
Gear head socket tool
A non-ratcheting socket tool for loosening or tightening nuts or bolts, especially when the nut or bolt head is located in a crowded area where there is inadequate space to pivot or rotate a handle of a wrench or ratchet. The gear head socket tool includes a slim streamlined housing including a straight beveled gear coaxially arranged around a sleeve or ring having a plurality of internal nut/bolt gripping wrench teeth, wherein the straight beveled gear teeth mate with beveled pinion gear teeth perpendicular thereto.
Systems and methods for compressing and/or expanding a gas utilizing a bi-directional piston and hydraulic actuator
Systems, methods and devices for optimizing bi-directional piston movement within a device or system used to compress and/or expand a gas, such as air, are described herein. In some embodiments, a compressed air device and/or system can include a first pneumatic cylinder, a second pneumatic cylinder, a hydraulic actuator, and a hydraulic controller.
Devices for clearing blockages in in-situ artificial lumens
Devices and methods for the effective clearing of artificial tubes, especially in-situ clearing of artificial tubes in a living being is covered in this disclosure. An elongated clearing member includes either a fixed or an adjustable element that selectively defines the portion of the elongated clearing member that is insertable within the artificial tube.
Automated dialysis system using piston and negative pressure
A peritoneal dialysis system is provided that includes a hardware unit, a disposable unit received by the hardware unit, and a controller. The hardware unit includes a recessed area, a piston having a contact surface, a pneumatic source for supplying a negative pressure, and an actuator configured to move the contact surface of the piston into and out of at least a portion of the recessed area.
Trocar assembly with pneumatic sealing
A trocar for use in a minimally invasive surgical procedure includes an elongated body, nozzle means and means for delivering a pressurized flow of fluid to the nozzle means. The elongated body has a generally tubular configuration with coaxially arranged inner and outer walls and longitudinally opposed proximal and distal end portions, with the inner wall defining a lumen to accommodate passage of an instrument therethrough.
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Provided are: a rubber composition that improves fuel economy and wet grip performance together while maintaining the balance between them; and a pneumatic tire whose component (in particular tread) includes the rubber composition. The invention relates to a rubber composition containing: a rubber component containing a copolymer; silica; and a diene rubber gel bearing a hydroxyl group, wherein the copolymer is obtained by copolymerization of 1,3-butadiene, styrene, and a compound represented by formula (i) below, has an amino group at a first chain end and a functional group containing at least one atom selected from the group consisting of nitrogen, oxygen, and silicon at a second chain end, and has a weight average molecular weight of 1.0×105-2.5×106, and the diene rubber gel has a tg of −40 to −10° c., and is present in an amount of 10-30 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component;.
Method and device for controlling a vacuum apparatus
Method and device for controlling a vacuum apparatus. A method for controlling a vacuum apparatus that applies vacuum to a vacuum accumulator with a pump of a pneumatically operated servo unit of a motor vehicle.
Cargo transfer system using a palletized rack
A system, method, and apparatus for palletizing cargo on a rack for shipment are provided. The system generally includes a tiered rack having a base tier, a support framework extending from the base tier, and a second tier adjustably attached to the support framework.
Extended pneumatic cleaning device
The present invention is a device which has an extended tube structure attached at one end to a manifold with wheels and slits to allow substance to enter or exit and attached at the other end to a source of air, vacuum, or liquid substance. The device is designed to allow ease and efficiency in storing and shipping..
Cleaning device for reflective surface of disc light-condenser
A cleaning device for a reflective surface of a disc light-condenser includes a low pressure air transfer tube which is provided on the reflective surface of the disc light-condenser, driven by a pneumatic motor and capable of rotating around the central axis of the reflective surface of the disc light-condenser, and a high pressure water pipe provided in parallel with the low pressure air transfer tube; the lower end of the low pressure air transfer tube is connected with a plurality of air flow nozzles; the lower end of the high pressure water pipe is provided with a plurality of high pressure water nozzles via a nozzle mounting shaft; during cleaning, the low pressure air transfer pipe and the high pressure water pipe are connected to a mobile cleaning station of a solar power generating system via a fluid connecting pipe and a signal control line.. .
Seed delivery system
A seed delivery system is provided that includes a row crop seed planter having a seed meter that can pneumatically deliver seeds to the agricultural field at a rearward velocity that matches a forward velocity of the planter. The seed meter may include a positive pressure source that pressurizes the seed meter and creates an airflow out of a seed tube of the seed meter that carries the individual seeds out of the seed tube at a rearward velocity that is automatically adjusted to match a forward velocity of the seed planter and tractor..
Measuring apparatus and controlling method thereof
The present disclosure provides a measuring apparatus including a platform, a measuring head movably arranged on the platform, pneumatic balls supporting the platform, an inflator, and a controlling device controlling the inflator to inflate the pneumatic balls while the measuring head is moving towards a next measuring point from a current measuring point. The controlling device controls the inflator to inflate the pneumatic balls with the required air inflation amount within the required time evenly during the movement of the measuring head, therefore, the vibration of the platform during the movement of the measuring head and the inflation of the pneumatic ball can be reduced, which can keep the platform horizontal quickly after the measuring head stops moving, reduce the measurement errors of the measuring head, further improve the productivity of the liquid crystal panel.
Methods and systems to re-create an internal shape of a shoe
A method and a system are provided to re-create an internal shape of a shoe using a pneumatically-powered inflatable sock. For example, a shoe last used to manufacture a shoe product based on a selected shoe identifier may be identified.
Method for constructing a modified geodesic belt
A method of making a modified geodesic belt for a pneumatic tire is described. The ideal geodesic belt path is modified to select the centerline belt angle and to avoid excessive build up of the belt at the belt edges.
Soft enclosing membrane for camera
An imaging device can include: an imaging module; a lens associated with the imaging module; and an optically transmissive inflatable member surrounding the lens. The inflation tube can be fluidly coupled with the inflatable member.
Method of manufacturing a shaft for a pneumatic tool and shaft made by the same
A method of manufacturing a shaft of a pneumatic tool has steps of casting, friction welding and processing. In the step of casting, a hollow section of a first segment and a second segment are respectively prepared.
Device for the controlled supply of compressed air to at least one pneumatically operated dental instrument
The invention relates to a device for the controlled supply of compressed air to at least one pneumatically operated dental instrument (5, 5′, 5″, 5′″) from a supply and control unit (2), in which a dental instrument (5, 5′, 5″, 5′″) is connected by a supply hose (4, 4′, 4″, 4′″) for supplying compressed air with a valve mechanism (6) provided in the supply and control unit (2), the valve mechanism (6) having a plurality of pneumatic sliding valve units (9, 9′, 9″, 9′″). The pneumatic sliding valve units (9, 9′, 9″, 9′″) of the valve mechanism (6) are accommodated in at least one valve body (10) and the valve body (10) has a plurality of control connections (12, 12′, 12″, 12′″), whereby each pneumatic sliding valve unit (9, 9′, 9″, 9′″) corresponds to a control input (12, 12′, 12″, 12′″) and pressurization of a control input (12, 12′, 12″, 12′″) with switching compressed air opens the corresponding sliding valve unit (9″) and locks the additional, closed sliding valve units (9, 9′, 9′″)..
Hydropneumatic device and assembly kit
A hydropneumatic device having pressure a working part with a working piston guided in the working part and an intensifier part with an intensifier piston guided in the intensifier part. A connecting section for a hydraulic connection of the working part and of the intensifier part provides a connecting line for passage of hydraulic fluid between the working part and the intensifier part.
Unloading device, unloading process and unloaded powder
Device for unloading a powder from standardized bulk containers equipped with an inner liner, the device comprising a collection unit suitable for being tightly fixed on the container and suitable for being in fluid communication with the interior of the liner; a shearing unit, in fluid communication with the collection unit, comprising shearing means for shearing the powder; and a separate delivering unit, in down stream fluid communication with the shearing unit, the delivering unit comprising an output suitable for connecting pneumatic unloading means.. .
Air guiding device for a motor vehicle
An air guiding device (10) for a motor vehicle, with a spoiler lip (12) extending in the transverse direction (fq) of the vehicle, and with a pneumatic actuating device (28) for the spoiler lip (12), with the aid of which actuating device the spoiler lip (12) is shiftable between a retracted rest position and an extended position, wherein the pneumatic actuating device (28) has a pneumatic actuator (30) which is fillable with or is emptiable of air, wherein the pneumatic actuator (30) is divided in the transverse direction (fq) of the vehicle into a plurality of zones (40, 42, 44), wherein the pneumatic actuator (30) has a plurality of air-fillable chambers (46, 48, 50) in each zone (40, 42, 44), and wherein the chambers (46, 48, 50) are fillable with or are emptiable of air in a manner individual to the zones.. .
Sabbath elevator
A drive system provides a displacement mechanism for driving motion of a device using energy stored in an energy accumulator in a non-electric form. A charge/discharge arrangement selectively charges the energy accumulator with energy derived from an energy source while isolated from the displacement mechanism, and the connects the energy accumulator to the displacement mechanism to provide energy for driving motion of the device.
Process and apparatus for producing pneumatic tyres
Along a building line, a green tyre is built on a rigid toroidal support having an outer surface substantially conforming in shape to an inner surface of the green tyre. The green tyre is then transferred to a bead moulding and prevulcanisation station where each bead of the tyre is moulded by tightening it between a surface portion of the toroidal support and an annular clamping surface carried by a removable tightening flange.
Polishing tool with diaphram for uniform polishing of a wafer
A chemical mechanical polishing to that can provide uniform polishing across a wafer even when polishing hard wafers such as altic wafers used in the formation of magnetic recording sliders. The chemical mechanical polishing to has a wafer carrier that includes a diaphragm or bladder that is configured such that an inner portion of the bladder can be pneumatically pressurized so as to bow outward, while outer portions remain unpressurized..
Air maintenance tire
A green pneumatic tire comprising a tire cavity; first and second sidewalls extending respectively from first and second tire bead regions to a tire tread region; and a cable embedded into a rubber material of the green tire for allowing a creation of an air passageway in the tire after curing the green tire in a tire mold is disclosed. The cable comprises a core of a first material and a shell of a second material, wherein the shell surrounds the core.
Pneumatic tire with geodesic belt
A tire having a modified geodesic belt is described. The ideal geodesic belt path is modified to select the centerline belt angle and to avoid excessive build up of the belt at the belt edges.
Variable belt configuration
A pneumatic tire has a belt layer disposed between a carcass ply and a circumferential tread, defining a crown region. The belt layer includes a first section and a second section laterally spanning the crown region.
Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire comprises at least one sidewall portion provided with a serration pattern on its outer surface, the serration pattern comprising a plurality of first groups being repeatedly arranged in the circumferential direction of the tire, each first group comprising a plurality of ridges which are arranged using gradually increasing pitches toward a first circumferential direction of the tire, wherein a region provided with the serration pattern on the outer surface of the sidewall portion has a radius of curvature in a range of not more than 70 mm in a cross section including a tire axis under a standard condition such that the tire is mounted on a standard rim and inflated to a standard pressure, but no tire load is loaded.. .
Pneumatic tire with built in fastener system
A pneumatic tire assembly includes a pneumatic tire having an inner cavity and an inner surface at least partially defining the inner cavity, a rigid structure for facilitating operation of the tire assembly, and a threaded receptacle for securing the rigid structure to the inner surface of the inner cavity. The threaded receptacle has been integrally bonded to the inner surface during curing of the pneumatic tire..
Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire is provided that has enhanced traction performance. A shoulder main body portion of a first shoulder block is formed with a step portion projecting out in a tire circumferential direction.
Pneumatic tire for motorcycle
A pneumatic tire for a motorcycle that secures durability while improving grip performance in turning. A pneumatic tire for a motorcycle including a belt containing a belt layer formed by coating a plurality of cords with rubber in a tire tread, wherein the tread is provided with cushion rubbers separated from each other in the tire widthwise direction in both sides of the tire equatorial plane by a separated region and located outward in the tire radial direction from the belt, and a base rubber having a modulus higher than those of the cushion rubbers located in the separated region or outward in the tire radial direction therefrom, and wn, a length of the separated region, and wb, a length of the base rubber in the cross section in the tire widthwise direction, satisfy the relation: wn≦wb..
Pneumatic tire
A pneumatic tire has a carcass ply and a side wall rubber provided in outer sides of the carcass ply. The carcass ply has joint portions obtained by overlapping end portions of ply members so as to join.
Roller pairs for processing glass ribbons and draw apparatuses incorporating the same
Roller pairs and draw apparatus for processing glass ribbons are disclosed. The roller pairs applying force to a glass ribbon moving through the draw apparatus.

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Pneuma topics: Polyurethane, Conductive Layer, Carcass Ply, Cross Section, Crown Block, Aspect Ratio, Damping Device, Linear Motor, Shock Absorber, Hydrocarbon

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