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Platelet patents


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new patent Patterned nano graphene platelet-based conductive inks
A nano graphene platelet-based conductive ink comprising: (a) nano graphene platelets (preferably un-oxidized or pristine graphene), and (b) a liquid medium in which the nano graphene platelets are dispersed, wherein the nano graphene platelets occupy a proportion of at least 0.001% by volume based on the total ink volume and a process using the same. The ink can also contain a binder or matrix material and/or a surfactant.

new patent Highly conductive graphitic films
A flexible graphene platelet-filled composite film comprising a carbon or graphitic matrix and 1% to 99% weight fraction of graphene platelets dispersed in the matrix, wherein the graphene platelets are aligned along planar directions of said film and are selected from pristine graphene, oxidized graphene, reduced graphene oxide, fluorinated graphene, hydrogenated graphene, doped graphene, chemically functionalized graphene, or a combination thereof, and wherein the carbon or graphitic matrix is obtained by carbonizing a carbon precursor polymer at a carbonization temperature of at least 300° c. Or by carbonizing and graphitizing the carbon precursor polymer at a final graphitization temperature higher than 1,500° c., and the graphitic matrix comprises graphene layers that are substantially oriented parallel to one another with an inclination angle between two graphene layers less than 5 degrees.

new patent Persevere-ii: redefining the pediatric sepsis biomarker risk model with septic shock phenotype
The methods disclosed herein relate to an improved tool incorporating platelet count into a multi-biomarker based outcome risk stratification model for evaluating mortality risk in pediatric patients having sepsis. The methods described here are useful for treating sepsis, for point of care clinical decision support, for stratifying septic shock patients based on baseline mortality risk, and for clinical trial design, among other uses..
Children's Hospital Medical Center

new patent Activation of (na++k+)-atpase inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents thrombosis
Methods of inhibiting platelet aggregation using antibodies having binding specificity for the α subunit of the (na++k+)-atpase are provided, along with methods for inhibiting or preventing or treating thrombosis in a subject using such antibodies.. .

new patent Compounds and methods for delivery of prostacyclin analogs
This invention pertains generally to prostacyclin formulations and methods for their use in promoting vasodilation, inhibiting platelet aggregation and thrombus formation, stimulating thrombolysis, inhibiting cell proliferation (including vascular remodeling), providing cytoprotection, preventing atherogenesis and inducing angiogenesis.. .
United Therapeutics Corporation

new patent Inhibition of platelet activation, aggregation and/or adhesion by hypothermia
A method for treating acute coronary syndromes (i.e., unstable angina or non-q-wave mi) or transient ischemic attacks in a human or animal patient by placing a heat exchange apparatus in the patient=s vasculature and using that heat exchange apparatus to cool the patient to a temperature (e.g. 30-36 degrees c.) at which platelet inhibition (i.e., inhibition of platelet activation and/or aggregation and/or adhesion) occurs.
Zoll Circulation Inc.

Electrode assembly for measurement of platelet function in whole blood
A platelet impedance measurement system including an electrode assembly allows for measurement of platelet function in blood. The assembly includes a substrate that acts as a substantially rigid base and includes an electrode.
Ca Casyso Ag

Synthetic platelets
Provided herein are various functionalized particles comprising a shell, dendritic linkers, and functional moieties. The dendrimer linkers allow very large numbers of functional moieties to be bound to the shell.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Two-dimensional materials and uses thereof
Various systems and methods relating to two-dimensional materials such as graphene. A membrane include a cross-linked graphene platelet polymer that includes a plurality of cross-linked graphene platelets.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Hollow fiber membrane module for cleaning platelet suspension
A hollow fiber membrane module is capable of producing washed platelets having a low total protein amount and a high total platelet count from a platelet suspension. The hollow fiber membrane module for washing platelets by removal of impurities from a platelet suspension includes a housing having a platelet suspension inlet, washed platelet outlet, and filtrate outlet; and a hollow fiber membrane for filtering the platelet suspension, wherein pores through which the platelets do not pass, while the impurities pass, are formed, which hollow fiber membrane is arranged inside the housing; wherein the capacity of the inlet-side space which communicates with the platelet suspension inlet and stores the platelet suspension before being filtered through the hollow fiber membrane in the housing is 30 to 400 ml, and the module water permeability is 50 to 300 ml/pa/hr..
Toray Industries, Inc.

Quantum platelet converter

In one aspect a light emitting device includes a light emitting diode (led) chip, and an encapsulant covering the led chip. The encapsulant is embedded with a downconverter.
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Automated methods and systems for washing platelet concentrates

Automated systems and methods for providing platelet concentrates and synthetic storage media with reduced residual plasma volumes are disclosed. The disclosed systems and methods reduce the residual volume of plasma in platelet concentrate to obtain a platelet product having a volume of plasma that is approximately 5% or less of the total platelet product volume.
Fenwal, Inc.

Composite structure of graphene and carbon nanotube and manufacturing the same

The present invention discloses a composite structure of graphene and carbon nanotube and a method of manufacturing the same. The composite structure includes graphene platelets and carbon nanotubes, each carbon nanotube growing perpendicular to the planar surface of the graphene platelet.
Enerage Inc.

Processes for producing effects layers

The invention relates to the field of the protection of security documents such as for example banknotes and identity documents against counterfeit and illegal reproduction. In particular, the present invention provides processes for producing optical effect layers (oels) on a substrate and oels obtained thereof, said process comprising two magnetic orientation steps: a step of exposing a coating composition comprising platelet-shaped magnetic or magnetisable pigment particles to a dynamic magnetic field of a first magnetic-field-generating device so as to bi-axially orient at least a part of the platelet-shaped magnetic or magnetisable pigment particles and a step of exposing the coating composition to a static magnetic field of a second magnetic-field-generating device, thereby mono-axially reorienting at least a part of the platelet-shaped magnetic or magnetisable pigment particles..
Sicpa Holding Sa

Centrifuge separating blood components

A centrifuge apparatus for separating blood components includes a centrifuge tube and a flow dividing mechanism, and the flow dividing mechanism is fixed at the bottom of the centrifuge tube. Moreover, the bottom of the centrifuge tube is further provided with a discharge hole.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Affiliated Sixth People's Hospital

Platelet decoys and use thereof

The invention provides platelet decoys and mimics that can bind to platelet receptor substrate but do not undergo platelet activation. The invention also provides methods of using the platelet decoys for treating, preventing or inhibiting a disease or disorder in subject when platelet activation, aggregation and/or adhesion contributes to the pathology or symptomology of the disease..
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Use of atractylenolide compound or its derivatives and a medicament for inhibiting platelet aggregation

A medicament for inhibiting platelet aggregation, comprising atractylenolide compound or its derivatives, wherein the said atractylenolide compound has the following structural formula shown in formula (i), wherein r1 represents h or c1-c10 linear or branched alkyl, r2 represents h or c1-c10 linear or branched alkyl, and r3 represents h or hydroxyl. Use of atractylenolide compound shown in formula (i) or its derivatives in the manufacture of a medicament for inhibiting platelet aggregation.
No.3 People Hospital Affiliated To Shanghai Jiaotog University School Of Medicine

Device, intended to be fixed on a wall, for absorbing electromagnetic waves

A device, intended to be fixed on a wall, for absorbing electromagnetic waves. The absorption device comprises a metal plate intended to be fixed on the wall, a dielectric panel at a distance from the metal plate and delimiting, with the metal plate, a volume between the metal plate and the dielectric panel, an array of resistive dipoles, all the resistive dipoles being fixed on the same face of the dielectric panel, and each comprising two metal platelets at a distance from one another and a resistor arranged between the opposing edges of two neighboring metal platelets..
Airbus Operations (sas)

Self-crosslinking polymers and platelets for wellbore strengthening

Wellbore fluids, and methods of use thereof, are disclosed. Wellbore fluids may include a non-oleaginous internal phase; an oleaginous external phase; at least one two-dimensional platelet-like material; a first latex-containing copolymer comprising at least one copolymer formed from at least one natural polymer and at least one latex monomer; and a second latex polymer distinct from the first latex polymer..
M-i L.l.c.

Ultra high temperature environmental protection coating

An environmental protective coating (“epc”) for protecting a surface subjected to high temperature environments of more than 3000 degree f. The coating includes a dense platelet lamellar microstructure with a self-sealing, compliant binder material for holding the platelets together.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Benzamides and nicotinamides as syk modulators

The present invention is directed to compounds of formula i and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, esters, and prodrugs thereof which are inhibitors of syk kinase. The present invention is also directed to intermediates used in making such compounds, the preparation of such a compound, pharmaceutical compositions containing such a compound, methods of inhibition syk kinase activity, methods of inhibition the platelet aggregation, and methods to prevent or treat a number of conditions mediated at least in part by syk kinase activity, such as non hodgkin's lymphoma..
Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Plasmapheresis device

A plasmapheresis device includes a column or other flow mechanism in which plasma flows following separation of the plasma from cellular components like blood cells, platelets and the like. The column includes a moiety, such as an antibody, which selectively binds to galectin-3.
Eliaz Therapeutics, Inc.

Pharmaceutical composition containing a compound having a thrombopoietin receptor agonistic activity

“when the platelet count has increased by a certain amount and reached to a sufficient level of the platelet count during administration of a pharmaceutical composition containing a compound having a thrombopoietin receptor agonistic activity, administration of the pharmaceutical composition is discontinued thereafter”.. .

Conversion element, producing a conversion element, optoelectronic device comprising a conversion element

A conversion element includes a platelet including an inorganic glass, and first converter particles having a shell and a core, wherein the shell includes an inorganic material and the core includes a nitride or oxynitride luminescent material and the first converter particles are arranged on and/or in the platelet.. .
Osram Gmbh

Method for producing megakaryocytes and platelets

The present invention is based on the surprising discovery that the overexpression of the scl gene, of nucleotide sequence seq id no: 1, increases the production of megakaryocytes and platelets from stem cells. Likewise, it has been proven that this increase also occurs using pscs which, unlike cd34+ hsc cells which have a limited expansion capacity, are characterized by an unlimited growth capacity, and can result in the unlimited production of platelets for the use thereof in clinics..
Fundacion Publica Andaluza Progresso Y Salud

Ribofuranosyl purine compounds, methods for preparing the same and use thereof

The present invention relates to the compounds of the formulae (i) and (i-1) and the process for preparing the same, uses of the compounds for the treatment of diseases associated with platelet aggregation and in the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of diseases associated with platelet aggregation, and relates to a pharmaceutical composition and a pharmaceutical formulation containing the compounds, wherein the definitions of r1, r2, r3 and r2a in the formulae are the same as those in the description.. .
Beijing Kbd Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Fire barrier layer and fire barrier film laminate

A fire barrier laminate comprising: at least one fire barrier layer directly or indirectly coated onto at least one first polymeric flame propagation resistant film layer; at least one second film layer proximate to the fire barrier layer opposite the first polymeric flame propagation resistant film layer; at least one scrim layer disposed: (i) between the fire barrier layer and the first polymeric flame propagation resistant film layer; and/or (ii) between the fire barrier layer and the second film layer; and/or (iii) proximate to the first polymeric flame propagation resistant film layer opposite the fire barrier layer; and/or (iv) proximate to the second film layer opposite the fire barrier layer; wherein the fire barrier layer comprises inorganic fibers, at least one inorganic platelet material, optionally at least one organic binder and/or inorganic binder, and optionally at least one functional filler.. .
Unifrax I Llc

Platelet-derived growth factor compositions and methods of use thereof

A method for promoting growth of bone, periodontium, ligament, or cartilage in a mammal by applying to the bone, periodontium, ligament, or cartilage a composition comprising platelet-derived growth factor at a concentration in the range of about 0.1 mg/ml to about 1.0 mg/ml in a pharmaceutically acceptable liquid carrier and a pharmaceutically-acceptable solid carrier.. .
Biomimetic Therapeutics, Llc

Spray on hemostatic system

The invention provides for spray compositions comprising co-polymers comprising a core, water-soluble polymer and a peptide and a delivery solvent. The present invention provides for spray hemostatic systems that allow for quick and even distribution of hemostatic nanoparticles or synthetic platelets that reducing bleeding and improve outcomes in trauma.
Case Western Reserve University

Collagen-based injectable preparations capable of controlling bleeding and/or of substituting for platelets in the case of haemorrhagic syndromes

The present invention relates to an injectable preparation comprising particles or fibrils with length less than 10 μm and at least one pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle or excipient. The particles or fibrils comprise proteins or peptides inducing adhesion and activation of the platelets, or even aggregation thereof.
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire De Dijon

Bracket planning and producing a bracket system for the correction of tooth malpositions

The invention relates to a method for planning a bracket system (1) for the correction of malpositions of teeth (2), comprising a plurality of brackets (3) and an arch (4) wherein at least one platelet (6) per tooth is mounted on certain tooth surfaces (5) of the teeth to be corrected (2), a three-dimensional optical image (50) of the tooth region to be treated is created, the platelets (6) have registration elements (10) comprising registration points (11) and the registration points (11) have a characteristic form for registration in the three-dimensional optical image (50). .
Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

Zinc ion-exchanging energy storage device

A zinc ion-exchanging battery device comprising: (a) a cathode comprising two cathode active materials (a zinc ion intercalation compound and a surface-mediating material); (b) an anode containing zinc metal or zinc alloy; (c) a porous separator disposed between the cathode and the anode; and (d) an electrolyte containing zinc ions that are exchanged between the cathode and the anode during battery charge/discharge. The zinc ion intercalation compound is selected from chemically treated carbon or graphite material having an expanded inter-graphene spacing d002 of at least 0.5 nm, or an oxide, carbide, dichalcogenide, trichalcogenide, sulfide, selenide, or telluride of niobium, zirconium, molybdenum, hafnium, tantalum, tungsten, titanium, vanadium, chromium, cobalt, manganese, iron, nickel, or a combination thereof.

Alkali metal secondary battery containing a dendrite-intercepting layer

A rechargeable alkali metal battery comprising: (a) an anode comprising an alkali metal layer and a dendrite penetration-resistant layer composed of multiple graphene sheets or platelets or exfoliated graphite flakes that are chemically bonded by a lithium- or sodium-containing species to form an integral layer that prevents dendrite penetration through the integral layer, wherein the lithium-containing species is selected from li2co3, li2o, li2c2o4, lioh, lix, roco2li, hcoli, roli, (roco2li)2, (ch2oco2li)2, li2s, lixsoy, na2co3, na2o, na2c2o4, naoh, naix, roco2na, hcona, rona, (roco2na)2, (ch2oco2na)2, na2s, nax soy, or a combination thereof, wherein x═f, cl, i, or br, r=a hydrocarbon group, x=0-1, y=1-4; (b) a cathode comprising a cathode layer; and (c) a separator and electrolyte component in contact with the anode and the cathode; wherein the dendrite penetration-resistant layer is disposed between the alkali metal layer and the separator.. .

Dendrite-intercepting layer for alkali metal secondary battery

A dendrite penetration-resistant layer for a rechargeable alkali metal battery, comprising multiple graphene sheets or platelets or exfoliated graphite flakes that are chemically bonded by a lithium- or sodium-containing species to form an integral layer that prevents dendrite penetration through the integral layer, wherein the lithium-containing species is selected from li2co3, li2o, li2c2o4, lioh, lix, roco2li, hcoli, roli, (roco2li)2, (ch2oco2li)2, li2s, lixsoy, na2co3, na2o, na2c2o4, naoh, naix, roco2na, hcona, rona, (roco2na)2, (ch2oco2na)2, na2s, naxsoy, or a combination thereof, wherein x=f, cl, i, or br, r=a hydrocarbon group, x=0-1, y=1-4. Also provided is a process for producing a dendrite penetration-resistant layer based on the principle of electrochemical decomposition of an electrolyte in the presence of multiple graphene sheets..

Production of graphene oxide

A method for the production of graphene oxide and/or graphite oxide nanoplatelet structures having a thickness of less than 100 nm in an electrochemical cell, the cell comprising: (a) a positive electrode that is graphitic; (b) a negative electrode that may be graphitic or another material; (c) an electrolyte including: (i) organic anions in a solvent; (ii) non-oxidant polyatomic anions in a solution; and/or (ii) polyatomic anions in a solvent wherein the electrolyte has a hydrogen ion concentration of <1×10−1 mol dm−3; wherein the method comprises the step of passing a current through the cell to intercalate the anions into the graphitic positive electrode so as to exfoliate the graphitic positive electrode.. .
The University Of Manchester

Compositions and methods of treating thrombosis

A method of inhibiting hypercoagulation and/or thrombosis in a subject having or at risk of hypercoagulation or thrombosis includes administering to the subject an amount of a composition effective to inhibit mrp-8/14 and/or mrp-14 binding to platelet cd36 and inhibit hypercoagulation and/or thrombosis in the subject.. .
Case Western Reserve University

Pharmaceutical formulations comprising high purity cangrelor and methods for preparing and using the same

The present invention relates to high purity cangrelor, pharmaceutical formulations comprising high purity cangrelor as an active ingredient, methods for preparing such compounds and formulations, and methods for using the pharmaceutical formulations in the inhibition of platelet activation and aggregation.. .
The Medicines Company

Active cathode layer for metal-sulfur secondary battery

A preloaded cathode layer, comprising: (a) an integral porous structure having massive surfaces greater than 100 m2/g or pores with a size from 1.0 nm to 100 nm, wherein multiple conductive particles, platelets or filaments, without a conductive filler, form a 3-d conductive network; and (b) a metal polysulfide preloaded in the pores or deposited on the massive surfaces, selected from: (a) an mxsy, (x=1-3 and y=1-10) wherein m is a metal element selected from a non-lithium alkali metal, an alkaline metal selected from mg or ca, a transition metal, a metal from groups 13 to 17, or a combination thereof, or (b) li2s6, li2s7, li2s8, li2s9, or li2s10, wherein the metal polysulfide contains a thin coating or small particles with a thickness or diameter less than 20 nm and occupies a weight fraction of from 1% to 99%.. .

Methods and systems of evaluating a risk of lung cancer

A method of evaluating lung cancer risk by generating a set of features comprising a plurality of current blood test results from a blood collected from a target individual, providing at least one classifier generated according to an analysis of a plurality of respective historical blood test results of each of another of a plurality of sampled individuals, and evaluating, using a processor, a lung cancer risk of said target individual by classifying said set of features using said at least one classifier. Each of said plurality of historical and current blood test results comprises results of one or more selected blood tests such as white blood cells blood test results, biochemistry test results, platelets blood test results including at least one of platelets count and mean platelet volume (mpv) and/or a combination of smoking history and red cell test results..
Medial Research Ltd.

Activated platelet composition with tunable growth factor level

Methods and systems for generating a tunable or customizable activated product composition are related. In certain embodiments, one or more of electric pulse parameters, flow rate, or sample container size are varied so as to generate the activated product composition.
General Electric Company

Method for promoting hair growth using composition comprising pdgf-d treated adipose-derived stem cells

Provided is a composition for promoting hair growth comprising platelet-derived growth factor-d (pdgf-d)-treated adipose-derived stem cells (ascs) as an active ingredient, and more particularly, a therapeutic agent for hair loss comprising ascs with increased proliferation and migration by pdgf-d and increased expression and secretion of a growth factor as an active ingredient. Pdgf-d-treated ascs have improved hair regenerative potential through the increases in proliferation, migration and growth factor secretion and thus are useful for a therapeutic agent for hair loss or a cosmetic for preventing hair loss..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

Hydraulic barrier composition and making the same

A hydraulic barrier composition can include granules of a water-swellable clay and a water-solvatable polymer. Upon contact with a leachate at least portion of the polymer is solvated by the leachate and becomes entrapped in at least one of clay pores, at clay platelet edges, and between adjacent platelets..
Amcol International Corporation

Reversible platelet inhibition

The present invention relates, in general, to receptors and to platelet aggregation and, in particular, to a method of inhibiting platelet aggregation using an aptamer that binds to and inhibits the activity of a receptor, such as glycoprotein iib/iiia (gpiib/iiia), and to aptamers suitable for use in such a method. The invention also relates to antidotes to antiplatelet agents and to methods of using such antidotes to reverse aptamer-induced platelet inhibition.
Duke University

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