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Platelet patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Platelet-related patents
 Systems, devices, and/or methods for solar cells comprising a light amplification element patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, devices, and/or methods for solar cells comprising a light amplification element
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a method, which can comprise fabricating a system. The system can comprise a light amplification element and a charge transport element.
K Tube Technology Llc
 Fibrous pulp and use thereof in a composite patent thumbnailnew patent Fibrous pulp and use thereof in a composite
A composition comprises (i) an elastomer, (ii) from 1 to 5 volume % of fibrous pulp, the pulp having a specific surface area of from 7 to 11 sq.m./g and the fiber having a fiber length of from 0.5 to 1.1 mm, a tensile modulus of from 2.5 to 130 gpa, and a tensile strength of from 1 to 3 gpa, and (iii) from 5 to 14 volume % of yield-strain promoter in the form of fibers, needles, powder or platelets, wherein the composition has a yield strain of at least 70%, an elongation at break of at least 200%, and a yield stress of at least 4 mpa.. .
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company
 Growth factor concentrate and the use thereof patent thumbnailGrowth factor concentrate and the use thereof
Provided herein are growth factor concentrates, cosmetic compositions and methods for cosmetic treatment. The growth factor concentrates comprise decapsulated growth factors derived from platelet rich plasma..
Bestop Group Holdings Limited
 Systems, compositions, and methods for transplantation and treating conditions patent thumbnailSystems, compositions, and methods for transplantation and treating conditions
Systems and methods for purification and concentration of autologous alpha-2 macroglobulin (a2m) from whole blood and or recombinant a2m are provided. Also provided are methods of treating wounds with a2m.
Cytonics Corporation
 Controlled dosing of clopidogrel with gastric acid inhibition therapies patent thumbnailControlled dosing of clopidogrel with gastric acid inhibition therapies
The present invention provides for novel formulations of clopidogrel in combination with proton pump inhibitors (ppi) and optionally with nsaids, for use as improved antiplatelet therapies in stroke and cardiovascular indications. The invention provides the delivery of clopidogrel in pulses or waves, such that the total dose is phased/spread out over time and, advantageously, combined with omeprazole in a way to minimize the conflicting actions these two drugs may have on each other.
Pozen Inc.
 Cell suspension and use thereof patent thumbnailCell suspension and use thereof
The present invention provides for methods and devices suitable for producing a transplantable cellular suspension of living tissue suitable for promoting tissue regeneration in an epithelium-related procedure, as well as compositions produced therefrom. The cellular suspension can include viable and functioning cells at various stages of differentiation, including undifferentiated/progenitor cells and differentiated cells, as well as those in between.
Avita Medical Ltd.
 Devices and methods for preventing platelet activation patent thumbnailDevices and methods for preventing platelet activation
Methods for inhibiting a biomaterial-associated thrombotic event comprise reducing the number of platelets that bind to the biomaterial, or inhibiting platelet activation, by attaching cd47 or the ig domain thereof to the surface of the biomaterial. Methods of the present invention inhibit thrombi formation on or near a biomaterial that is on the surface of an implant, medical device, tube, or therapeutic delivery vehicle.
The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia
 Nprcps, pfdncs and uses thereof patent thumbnailNprcps, pfdncs and uses thereof
Identification of a group of novel particle termed “non-platelet rna-containing particles (nprcp)” provides novel compositions, downstream products and therapeutic tools. In addition a group of mixed nprcps were identified that contain rnas and proteins.
 Processes for clay exfoliation and uses thereof patent thumbnailProcesses for clay exfoliation and uses thereof
The present invention provides methods for producing exfoliated clay platelets from a swellable clay material. In embodiments, the method for producing exfoliated clay platelets includes providing an exfoliating agent comprising an anionic extractant, and exposing the swellable clay material to the exfoliating agent, wherein the exfoliating agent produces exfoliated clay platelets from the swellable clay material.
Nanopaper, Llc
 Detection of platelet-derived shed cd31 patent thumbnailDetection of platelet-derived shed cd31
The present invention relates to various soluble forms of cd31, including a novel form which is shed by activated platelets and released into the circulation. Methods for detecting said soluble forms of cd31 are disclosed, as are methods of specifically 1 detecting said platelet-derived shed cd31 and the use of such methods as a diagnostic tool..
Assistance Publique-hopitaux De Paris

Diagnostic devices, methods and systems for detecting platelet factor 4 (pf4)/heparin antibodies

The present invention provides a novel assay for detecting human antibodies specific for a platelet factor 4 (pf4)/heparin complex in a fluid sample. The assay utilizes an immobilized pf4/polyanion complex and an anti-human antibody conjugated to a non-particulate fluorescent dye to capture and detect human pf4/heparin antibodies.

Method and producing platelet rich plasma

A device and method for producing a portion of platelet rich plasma from a fluid sample obtained from a patient. The device comprises three intercommunicated portions, each portion having an internal chamber defined therein.

Method and composition for enhancing the delivery of anti-platelet drugs for the treatment of acute stroke

The invention provides a method for enhancing the delivery of an anti-platelet drug for the treatment of acute stroke, comprising delivering a composition comprising an anti-platelet drug and a vehicle that can reduce the binding rate of plasma proteins, so that the anti-platelet drug can achieve the effect of treating acute stroke at a low dose. By use of the neuro-protective efficacy of anti-platelet drug, the invention allows the drug to release slowly to the site of treatment by combining anti-platelet drugs with a vehicle that can reduce the binding rate of plasma proteins to effectively reduce the dose of the anti-platelet drug and consequently reduce the side effects such as hypotension caused by, administration of a high dose of the anti-platelet drugs.

Humanized and chimeric anti-factor c3 antibodies and uses thereof

A method of inhibiting complement activation mediated by c3b inhibitors in a subject includes administering a c3b inhibitor to the subject to inhibit at least one of c3b binding to factors b and properdin, inhibit c3 cleavage, inhibit the activation of neutrophils, monocytes, platelets, and endothelium; or inhibit the formation of c3a, c5a, and mac.. .
Novelmed Therapeutics, Inc.

Bioactive compositions derivable from platelet concentrates, and methods for preparing and using same

The present disclosure provides a composition comprising a bioactive fraction derived from a platelet concentrate, methods of making the bioactive fraction, and culture medium supplemented with the bioactive fraction. Preferred bioactive fractions have relatively low fibrinogen concentrations while retaining native growth factors in beneficial amounts and ratios..
Cook General Biotechnology Llc

Device and processing and producing autologous platelet-rich plasma

A system and method are provided, including an integrated single-use kit, for processing whole blood to produce platelet rich plasma. A two stage spinning membrane separator, has a first stage for receiving whole blood and separating substantially all red blood cells from plasma and platelets, and a second stage for further separating platelet rich plasma from plasma.
Fenwal Inc.

Cellulose platelet compositions, methods of preparing cellulose platelet compositions and products comprising same

A composition and method of preparing a composition is presented wherein the composition comprises cellulose platelets and the cellulose platelets comprise at least 60% cellulose by dry weight, less than 10% pectin by dry weight and at least 5% hemicellulose by dry weight. The composition can be concentrated to at least 25% by weight solids content by pressing under low pressure, whilst retaining the ability to be re suspended within an aqueous medium.
Cellucomp Limited

Microfluidic devices for measuring platelet coagulation and associated systems and methods

The present technology relates generally to microfluidic devices for measuring platelet coagulation, and associated systems and methods. In some embodiments, a fluidics device includes an array of microstructures including pairs of generally rigid blocks and generally flexible posts.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Compositions and methods for preserving platelet function

Compositions and methods for maintaining platelet functionality and extending the shelf-life of platelets are described. Platelet preservation compositions include a photosensitizer and a plurality of platelet preservation agents.
Biovec Transfusion, Llc

Apheresis platelets with fixed residual plasma volume

Methods and systems for obtaining platelets are disclosed. Platelets are collected in a pre-determined volume of plasma and a determined amount of a combined storage medium including the pre-determined amount of plasma and a volume of a synthetic additive solution..
Fenwal, Inc.

Methods and systems for fabricating platelets of a monochromator for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Methods and systems for fabricating platelets of a monochromator for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (xps) are disclosed. For example, a method of fabricating a platelet of a monochromator for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy involves placing a crystal on a stage of an x-ray measuring apparatus, the crystal having a top surface.

Methods and systems for measuring whole blood platelet reactivity

The invention relates to a novel approach and related methods and systems, which provide accurate and easily implemented measurement and analyses of whole blood platelet reactivity, and impact on treatment thereof.. .
University Of Massachusetts Medical School

Method for the enumeration of mammalian micronucleated erythrocyte populations, while distinguishing platelets and/or platelet-associated aggregates

A method for the enumeration of micronucleated erythrocyte populations while distinguishing platelet and platelet-associated aggregates involves the use of a first fluorescent labeled antibody having binding specificity for a surface marker for reticulocytes, a second fluorescent labeled antibody having binding specificity for a surface marker for platelets, and a nucleic acid staining dye that stains dna (micronuclei) in erythrocyte populations. Because the fluorescent emission spectra of the first and second fluorescent labeled antibodies do not substantially overlap with one another or with the emission spectra of the nucleic acid staining dye, upon excitation of the labels and dye it is possible to detect the fluorescent emission and light scatter produced by the erythrocyte populations and platelets, and count the number of cells from one or more erythrocyte populations in said sample.
Litron Laboratories, Ltd.

Method for making a topical composition comprising growth factors derived from human umbilical cord blood platelets

The present invention is directed to a method of making a stable composition comprising growth factors, which may include platelet derived growth factors and transforming growth factors. The method comprises providing human umbilical cord blood plasma containing platelets, but substantially free of whole blood cells, and lysing the platelets to extrude growth factors into the plasma.
Novo Solutions Md, Llc

Organic compounds

The present invention relates to compounds and compositions useful for inhibiting and/or reducing platelet deposition, adhesion and/or aggregation. The present invention further relates to a drug-eluting stent comprising said compounds and methods for the treatment or prophylaxis of thrombotic disorders, including stroke, myocardial infarction, unstable angina, peripheral vascular disease, abrupt closure following angioplasty or stent placement and thrombosis as a result of vascular surgery..
The Rockefeller University

Polymer electrolyte membranes for rechargeable batteries

An electrolyte membrane for use in a rechargeable battery includes a polymer layer and platelet particles, where the polymer layer is reinforced with a fiber mat, and the polymer layer retains an electrolyte. A rechargeable battery uses the membrane in a position between a positive electrode and negative electrode where the membrane serves as an ion conductor for the battery..

Mineral composition made from a mixed solid phase of calcium and magnesium carbonates, preparing same and use thereof

A mineral composition made from a mixed solid phase of calcium and magnesium carbonates, method of preparing same and use thereof. A mineral composition made from a mixed solid phase of calcium and magnesium carbonates, formed from a crystallised calcium portion and a crystallised magnesium portion in the form of platelets, the crystals of the calcium portion and those of the magnesium portion being aggregated in the form of composite aggregates, said aggregates themselves being at least partially agglomerated, said calcium portion comprising at least one carbonate chosen from the group consisting of calcite, aragonite and the mixtures thereof, said magnesium portion comprising hydromagnesite in platelet form, said mixed solid phase having a bulk density less than or equal to 250 kg/m3, and greater than or equal to 80 kg/m3, measured according to standard en 459.2..
S.a. Lhoist Recherche Et Developpement

Benzamides and nicotinamides as syk modulators

The present invention is directed to compounds of formula i and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, esters, and prodrugs thereof which are inhibitors of syk kinase. The present invention is also directed to intermediates used in making such compounds, the preparation of such a compound, pharmaceutical compositions containing such a compound, methods of inhibition syk kinase activity, methods of inhibition the platelet aggregation, and methods to prevent or treat a number of conditions mediated at least in part by syk kinase activity, such as non hodgkin's lymphoma..
Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Maintenance of platelet inhibition during antiplatelet therapy

A method for reducing or maintaining platelet inhibition in a patient by administering cangrelor prior to an invasive procedure is described. The method of this invention can be used for patients in need of antiplatelet therapy or at risk of thrombosis.
The Medicines Company

Methods of identifying hit-antibodies and pf4 antagonists and cell lines for use therein

Methods and cells or cell lines for identifying antibodies or fragments thereof that activate heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (hit) are described. The methods comprise contacting a hematopoietic cell or cell line that comprises, in operative association, the platelet receptor fcyriia under the control of a suitable promoter, and a reporter construct comprising a reporter gene under the control of a promoter and transcription factor, which transcription factor is regulated downstream of the signaling cascade of activated fcyriia, with a test sample from a mammalian subject; a platelet factor 4 (pf4), a wild-type or variant of pf4 or a fragment thereof; and heparin; and detecting or measuring the level of reporter gene expression..
The University Of Birmingham

Use of platelet rich plasma composition in the treatment of cardiac conduction abnormalities

Methods and kits for treating a cardiac arrhythmia using a platelet rich plasma (prp) composition are provided. Any type of arrhythmia may be treated using the prp composition.
Bioparadox, Llc

Formulation of a blood composition that is rich in platelet and/or growth factors and contains gelled proteins, and a its preparation

Formulation comprising, or derived from, an initial blood composition, wherein the formulation is rich in platelets and/or growth factors and proteins originating from the initial blood composition, and wherein the proteins are in a gelled state. The invention also refers to method for preparing the formulation, comprising the steps of heating and then cooling the initial blood composition at certain temperatures and times.
Biotechnology Institute, I Mas D, S.l.

Dispersion and retrieval of de-bundled nanotubes

A method for dispersing nanotubes, comprising forming a nanocomposite solution with associated nanotubes and nanoplatelets, mixing a surfactant to the nanocomposite solution, separating the nanocomposite in solution, wherein the nanotubes remain suspended in the surfactant solution, and isolating the nanotubes in solution. In certain instances, the method further comprises functionalizing the nanotubes in solution..
The Texas A&m University System

Controlling led emission pattern using optically active materials

A light emission device comprising a light emitting element, a wavelength conversion (e.g. Phosphor) element, and a filter that reduces color over angle (coa) effects by at least partially reflecting light from the light emitting element that strike the filter at near-normal angles of incidence.
Koninklijke Phillips N.v.

Mirna biomarkers for ulcerative colitis

Methods for diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis using mirna biomarkers for these diseases are provided. Differential expression of the mirna biomarkers in blood fractions, e.g., platelets, of diseased individuals as compared to expression levels in normal individuals indicates the presence of ibd or ulcerative colitis.
Genisphere, Llc

Method for producing activated autologous platelet rich and platelet poor plasma and methods of use

A method and kit to produce activated autologous platelet rich and platelet poor plasma (aaprpp) and methods of use to treat pain. The method to produce aaprpp generally comprising (1) obtaining whole blood from patient; (2) centrifuging whole blood in a collection tube; (3) extracting platelet rich and platelet poor plasma mixture from collection tube; and (4) transferring platelet rich and platelet poor plasma mixture to an activation tube containing at least one platelet aggregator and at least one platelet activator to obtain a resulting platelet concentration.

Irradiation inactivating pathogens and/or leukocytes in a biological fluid and process

The invention relates to an irradiation apparatus for inactivating pathogens and/or leukocytes in a biological fluid such as a platelet suspension and/or plasma comprising: a casing (2), a support member (3) for carrying at least one irradiation bag (19) containing the biological fluid, a light source (4) comprising two banks of light (5, 6) disposed above and below the support member (3), and an agitating system (25) for moving the support member (3), the light source generating uvc light of suitable intensity to inactivate pathogens and/or leukocytes and the agitation system moving the support member in an orbital path with predetermined amplitude and rotational frequency suitable to expose the whole biological fluid to uvc.. .
Maco Pharma S.a.

Production of graphene

A method for the production of graphene and graphite nanoplatelet structures having a thickness of less than 100 nm in an electrochemical cell, wherein the cell comprises: (a) a negative electrode which is graphitic; (b) a positive electrode which may be graphitic or another material; and (c) an electrolyte which is ions in a solvent where the cations are organic ions and metal ions; and wherein the method comprises the step of passing a current through the cell.. .
The University Of Manchester

System and producing interleukin receptor antagonist (ira)

The present invention relates to a system and method for producing high levels of autologous il-1ra cytokine, comprising: a blood collection vessel (1), a cover (4), a portion of separation gel (2), an anticoagulant portion (3), a plasma collection syringe comprising a sharp needle (9), a buffy coat collection syringe (11) and an incubation tube with cover (15). The vessel is adapted such that, when containing the whole blood (5), and centrifuged after treatment, yields separation fractions comprising, a first fraction of rbcs sediment (6), a second fraction of said gel (2), a third fraction comprising wbcs, platelets and), and fourth fraction of plasma solution (8)..
Estar Technologies Ltd

Hydroxysafflor yellow a sodium and preparation as well as application thereof

A hydroxysafflor yellow a sodium compound as shown in a formula (i) and preparation as well as medicinal application thereof are provided. According to the present invention, the safflower is utilized as a raw material.
Zhejiang Yongning Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Thrombopoietic compounds

The invention relates to the field of compounds, especially peptides or polypeptides, that have thrombopoietic activity. The peptides and polypeptides of the invention may be used to increase platelets or platelet precursors (e.g., megakaryocytes) in a mammal..
Amgen Inc.

Phased dosing of clopidogrel

The present invention provides for novel formulations of clopidogrel to provide for phased/spaced release for use as improved antiplatelet therapies in stroke and cardiovascular indications.. .
Pozen Inc.

Antibody polypeptides that antagonize cd40l

Antibody polypeptides that specifically bind human cd40l are provided. The antibody polypeptides do not activate platelets.
Domantis Limited

Par-1 activation by metalloproteinase-1 (mmp-1)

Matrix metalloproteases (mmps) play many important roles in normal and pathological remodeling processes including atherothrombotic disease, inflammation, angiogenesis and cancer. This invention relates to the activation of protease-activated receptor-1 (par-1) by endogenous platelet mmp-1 collagenase on the surface of platelets.
Tufts Medical Center, Inc.

Electrochemical producing nano graphene platelets

A method of producing nano-scaled graphene platelets with an average thickness smaller than 30 nm from a layered graphite material. The method comprises (a) forming a carboxylic acid-intercalated graphite compound by an electrochemical reaction; (b) exposing the intercalated graphite compound to a thermal shock to produce exfoliated graphite; and (c) subjecting the exfoliated graphite to a mechanical shearing treatment to produce the nano-scaled graphene platelets.

Devices, compositions and methods for treating acute and chronic tissue damage

A device to prepare and deliver a bioactive substance such as stem cells, platelet rich plasma, and/or other bioactive compositions. The device can utilize a hallow interior or cavity to deliver bioactive substances during a surgical procedure or to an area of cartilage defect or cartilage disorder.

Catalytic domains of beta(1,4)-galactosyltransferase i having altered metal ion specificity

Disclosed are mutants of galactosyltransferases that can catalyze formation of oligosaccharides in the presence of magnesium; mutants of galactosyltransferases having altered donor and acceptor specificity which can catalyze formation of oligosaccharides in the presence of magnesium; methods and compositions that can be used to synthesize oligosaccharides; methods for increasing the immunogenicity of an antigen; and methods to stabilize platelets.. .
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Servic

Injection-moulded decorative moulded article with effect pigments and manufacturing method

A decorative moulding and a method for the production thereof. The decorative moulded article has at least one injection-moulded main body made of thermoplastic material; with a deep 3d surface structure on a visible surface and a cover layer of transparent plastic applied at least to the visible surface.
Daimler Ag

Devices and methods for effecting faster healing of orthopedic and other wounds

Disclosed are medical devices, e.g., surgical sutures, surgical staples, surgical pads, surgical meshes, surgical scaffolds etc., and methods of use at a wound in a patient to facilitate the rapid healing of the tissue at the situs of the wound with minimal fibrous tissue formation. The devices are arranged to be brought into engagement with tissue adjacent the wound to close the wound and include a core formed of a piezo-electric material and an outer layer covering the core.

Optically active 2-hydroxy tetrahydrothienopyridine derivatives, preparation method and use in manufacture of medicament thereof

Optically active 2-hydroxytetrahydrothienopyridine derivatives represented by formula i and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, preparation method and use in the manufacture of a medicament thereof are disclosed. The pharmacodynamic experiment results show that the present compounds of formula i are useful for inhibiting platelet aggregation.
Jiangsu Vcare Pharmatech Co., Ltd.

Compositions comprising lecithin oils and nsaids for protecting the gastrointestinal tract and providing enhanced therapeutic activity

A novel pharmaceutical composition is provided by which nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) are added directly to phospholipid-containing oil such as lecithin oils or to a bio-compatible oil to which an phospholipid has been added to make a nsaid-containing formulation that possess low gastrointestinal (gi) toxicity and enhanced therapeutic activity to treat or prevent inflammation, pain, fever, platelet aggregation, tissue ulcerations and/or other tissue disorders. The composition of the invention are in the form of a non-aqueous solution, paste, suspension, dispersion, colloidal suspension or in the form of an aqueous emulsion or microemulsion for internal, oral, direct or topical administration..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Blood component separation device

Provided is a blood component separation device that can shorten the overall time to collect high-concentration platelet liquid for blood component donation, thereby reducing time to keep a donor for blood drawing. The blood component separation device includes a temporary storage bag (also used as a buffy coat bag) which is also used as a whole blood bag for storing whole blood drawn from the donor.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Microchip-based examining platelet composite functions

There is provided a microchip-based platelet multi-function test apparatus. The apparatus includes a sample container configured to accommodate a blood sample therein, a stirrer that is installed inside the sample container and induces a shear flow in the blood sample, a parallel channel configured to divide and flow the blood stirred by the stirrer into a plurality of paths, a vacuum device that is connected to an end of each parallel channel, maintains constant pressure, allows the stirred blood to flow along the parallel channel, a light source that is installed in a rear side of the parallel channel and radiates light to the parallel channel, and an image sensor that receives light transmitted through the blood in the parallel channel, converts the light into an electrical signal, and measures a flowing distance of a blood flow..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Aegyptin and uses thereof

The present invention relates to the discovery of the aegyptin gene and aegyptin protein, a molecule that interacts with collagen and inhibits platelet adhesion, activation and aggregation. Novel biological tools, prophylactics, therapeutics, diagnostics, and methods of use of the foregoing are also disclosed..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Replacement hair strand having a hair-joining element

The invention relates to a replacement hair strand having a hair-joining element, consisting of a flat thermoplastic platelet having a replacement hair strand embedded in the end thereof, wherein in order to ensure a secure join with a head hair strand at least one rib running obliquely with respect to the strand direction protrudes from one of the two flat sides of the platelet. At the base thereof, the rib can have approximately the thickness of the platelet, and towards the free end thereof, the rib can be tapered.
Hairdreams Haarhandels Gmbh

Compounds and methods for delivery of prostacyclin analogs

This invention pertains generally to prostacyclin formulations and methods for their use in promoting vasodilation, inhibiting platelet aggregation and thrombus formation, stimulating thrombolysis, inhibiting cell proliferation (including vascular remodeling), providing cytoprotection, preventing atherogenesis and inducing angiogenesis.. .
United Therapeutics Corporation


Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. platelet rich plasma (prp) and or platelet poor plasma (ppp) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host.
Kensey Nash Corporation

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