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Platelet patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Platelet-related patents
 Golf ball having visually enhanced layer patent thumbnailGolf ball having visually enhanced layer
A golf ball comprising: a core; at least one intermediate layer encasing the core; at least one cover layer encasing the at least one intermediate layer; wherein the cover layer is translucent; and wherein at least one of the core, intermediate layer and cover comprises a visually enhancing means comprising a color effect providing pigment comprising at least one of: (1) calcium aluminum borosilicate coated with a metal oxide; and (2) silicon dioxide platelets coated with metal oxide. The visually enhancing means highlights a contrast between two golf ball layers..
 Anti-alpha2 integrin antibodies and their uses patent thumbnailAnti-alpha2 integrin antibodies and their uses
The invention relates to anti-α2 integrin antibodies and their uses. Humanized antibodies are disclosed that bind to the i domain of α2 integrin and inhibit the interaction of α2β1 integrin with collagen.
 Dextran-based tissuelette containing platelet-rich plasma lysate for cartilage repair patent thumbnailDextran-based tissuelette containing platelet-rich plasma lysate for cartilage repair
The invention relates to a dextran-based tissuelette comprising platelet-rich plasma lysate (prpl), which can be used for tissue repair. In particular, the tissuelette of the present invention can be adapted to display properties similar to natural cartilage, while having increased chondrocyte-attraction.
 Crystalline forms of prasugrel salts patent thumbnailCrystalline forms of prasugrel salts
Salts of prasugrel were prepared including, for example, crystalline forms of prasugrel hydro bromide. These salts are useful, for example, in medicaments that inhibit the aggregation of platelets..
 Sliding element for use in an engine or chain transmission apparatus patent thumbnailSliding element for use in an engine or chain transmission apparatus
The invention relates to a sliding element for use in a chain transmission apparatus, comprising a sliding contact section for engagement in sliding contact with a chain, wherein the sliding contact section consists of a plastic material comprising a matrix polymer and dispersed therein graphite platelets comprising platelet particles having a thickness of at most 250 nm. The invention relates to an engine comprising a first sliding element in sliding contact with a second element, wherein at least a sliding contact section is made of such a plastic material comprising such thin graphite platelets.
 Platelet lysate gel patent thumbnailPlatelet lysate gel
The invention concerns a pharmaceutical composition comprising a platelet lysate and its use to treat a wound, an anal fissure, vaginal atrophy or a wrinkle.. .
 Stable formulations of antiplatelet agents, omega-3 fatty acids and amylose in soft gelatin capsules patent thumbnailStable formulations of antiplatelet agents, omega-3 fatty acids and amylose in soft gelatin capsules
The invention discloses stable formulations of acetylsalicylic acid or salts thereof, omega-3 fatty acids and amylose in soft gelatin capsules.. .
 Wound-healing promoting material patent thumbnailWound-healing promoting material
The object of the present invention is to provide a means for utilizing cells that have effects on wound healing as wound-healing promoting materials by efficiently concentrating such cells within a short period of time. The present invention provides a wound-healing promoting material which comprises a sheet-like porous body having on its surface at least leukocytes and/or platelets, a method for producing the same, a device for producing the same, and a method for treating wound sites using the same..
 Compositions for minimizing skin imperfections patent thumbnailCompositions for minimizing skin imperfections
Disclosed herein are compositions comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, a silicone material comprising concave and/or annular particles; hydrophobic silica aerogel particles; fillers chosen from platelet type fillers and silica particles other than hydrophobic silica aerogel particles; a fatty substance chosen from fatty alcohols and fatty acids; an emulsifying agent and a thickening agent, wherein the silica material, hydrophobic silica aerogel particles and fillers are present in a total amount of greater than 4% by weight, based on the total weight of the composition. Also disclosed herein is a process for reducing the visibility of imperfections on skin, comprising applying the composition onto the skin..
 Methods for treating cardiovascular disorder patent thumbnailMethods for treating cardiovascular disorder
The present invention relates to a once-a-day therapeutically synergistic pharmaceutical dosage form for treatment of cardiovascular disorders, wherein the dosage form comprises a fixed dose combination of metoprolol in extended release form and one or more antiplatelet agent along with one or more rate controlling excipients.. .
Pigmented, fine-structured, tribological composite material
A composition for producing a tribological composite material includes at least one platelet-shaped solid-state lubricant, at least one type of inorganic, platelet-shaped pigment particles, at least one surface-active compound which possesses at least one hydrophilic group and at least one hydrophobic group, and a curable binder system comprising at least one organic polymer or oligomer having one or more functional groups, or a precursor thereof.. .
System and method for automated platelet wash
A method for washing platelets includes introducing anticoagulant into a platelet product container, drawing re-anticoagulated platelet product from the platelet product container, and introducing it into a centrifuge bowl. The centrifuge bowl separates the platelets from the supernatant in which they are suspended.
Method of differentiating glioblastoma cells
A method of increasing differentiation of a cell line of glioblastoma cells is disclosed. A platelet-rich plasma (prp) composition is prepared.
Highly integrable semiconductor device
Described herein is a novel technique used to make novel thin iii-v semiconductor cleaved facet edge emitting active optical devices, such as lasers and optical amplifiers. These fully processed laser platelets with both top side and bottom side electrical contacts can be thought of as freestanding optoelectronic building blocks that can be integrated as desired on diverse substrates for a number of applications, many of which are in the field of communications.
Imidazopyridine derivatives as pi3 kinase
This invention relates to the use of imidizopyridine derivatives for the modulation, notably the inhibition of the activity or function of the phosphoinositide 3′ oh kinase family (hereinafter pi3 kinases), suitably, pi3kα, pi3kδ, pi3kβ, and/or pi3kγ. Suitably, the present invention relates to the use of imidizopyridines in the treatment of one or more disease states selected from: autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, allergy, asthma, pancreatitis, multiorgan failure, kidney diseases, platelet aggregation, cancer, sperm motility, transplantation rejection, graft rejection and lung injuries.
Plastic film having a high voltage breakdown
A stretched film includes a dispersion of at least one polyester and/or polycarbonate in a matrix of at least one polyester and/or polycarbonate different from the first polyester and/or polycarbonate, the percentage by weight of the dispersed polyester and/or polycarbonate in the dispersion being less than 50% and the dispersed polyester and/or polycarbonate being in the form of platelets. The stretched film can be used as a dielectric in a capacitor..
Method of reducing and improving the appearance of scar tissue
Scars, stretch marks, keloids, keratosis, and other skin lesions can be ameliorated through topical application of a composition containing a fortified botanical complex inhibiting tryptase and chymase. A flavonoid with antioxidant properties valuable in inflammatory stress; blocking the release of histamine, inhibiting leukocytic elastase and strengthening the protective properties surrounding the extracellular matrix.
Bioactive coatings
Antimicrobial and antithrombogenic polymer or polymeric blend, compounds, coatings, and materials containing the same, as well as articles made with, or coated with the same, and methods of making the same exhibiting improved antimicrobial properties and reduced platelet adhesion. Embodiments include polymers with antimicrobial and antithrombogenic groups bound to a single polymer backbone, an antimicrobial polymer blended with an antithrombogenic polymer, and medical devices coated with the antimicrobial and antithrombogenic polymer or polymeric blend..
Methods of identifying critically ill patients at increased risk of development of organ failure and compounds for the treatment hereof
The present invention relates to compounds for treatment that protects the endothelium, prevents pathologic thrombus formation in the microcirculation and preserves platelet number and function and thus may be related to minimizing or preventing development of organ failure, including multiple organ failure (mof), and, hence, death in critically ill patients by administration of agent(s) limiting the platelets ability to aggregate and form clots and/or by agents modulating/preserving endothelial integrity and/or by agent(s) increasing the rate of thrombus lysis, and another aspect of the invention related to by a cell-based whole blood viscoelastical haemostatic assay identifying critically ill patients at increased risk of development of organ failure, including multiple organ failure (mof) and death.. .
Compounds and compositions for use in the prevention and treatment of inflammation-related disorders, pain and fever, skin disorders, cancer and precancerous conditions thereof
The present invention provides novel compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for the prevention and/or treatment of cancer and precancerous conditions thereof, for the treatment of pain and fever, for the treatment of skin disorders, and for treating and/or preventing inflammation-related diseases and/or cardiovascular diseases. The compounds of the invention also have analgesic properties and anti-platelet properties.
Methods for stimulating hair growth
A method for promoting hair growth in a human in need of promoting hair growth. The method includes preparing a composition comprising a therapeutically effective amount of at least three of: a bone morphogenetic protein, transforming growth factor beta, platelet derived growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, basic fibroblastic growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor; and administering the composition to the human..
Compounds for binding to the platelet specific glycoprotein iib/iiia and their use for imaging of thrombi
The present invention relates to novel fluorine containing compounds, methods for their preparation, the intermediates of the synthesis, their use as diagnostic agents, especially for imaging of thrombi. The invention relates to positron emission tomography (pet) agents and associated precursor reagents, and methods for producing such radiolaveled agents for imaging of thrombi in a mammalian body.
Advanced thermal properties of a suspension with graphene nano-platelets (gnps) and custom functionalized f-gnps
A method for producing nanofluids with multilayered graphene nanoplatelets for providing improved heat transfer coolant fluids. A method for optimizing the concentration of nanoplatelets based on their morphology that allows achieving high thermal conductivity and low viscosity thus resulting in high heat transfer coefficient.
Method and apparatus for producing platelet rich plasma and/or platelet concentrate
Platelet rich plasma and/or platelet concentrate is prepared by placing whole blood in a first chamber of a sterile processing disposable having two chambers. The processing disposable is subjected to a first centrifugation to separate red blood cells, and the resulting platelet rich plasma supernatant is decanted to the second chamber.
Porous alpha-sic-containing shaped body having a contiguous open pore structure
The present invention relates to a porous alpha-sic-containing shaped body with a gas-permeable, open-pored pore structure comprising platelet-shaped crystallites which are connected to form an interconnected, continuous skeletal structure, wherein the skeletal structure consists of more than 80 wt.-% alpha-sic, relative to the total weight of sic, a process for producing same and its use as a filter component.. .
Therapeutic method
The present invention provides a method of treatment for anemia, or of increasing the hemoglobin level, in a subject without significantly increasing the platelet count during the course of treatment, by administering a compound that inhibits hif prolyl hydroxylase.. .
Marker for blood coagulation
The invention relates to the use of phosphorylated acetyl-coa carboxylase (acc) in platelets from a subject as a biomarker for blood coagulation, preferably blood coagulation in the subject, preferably encompassing activation of the coagulation cascade as well as platelet activation, preferably thrombin-induced platelet activation. The invention encompasses uses and methods for the diagnosis or the monitoring of blood coagulation in the subject.
Ceramic conversion element, optoelectronic semiconductor component comprising a ceramic conversion element, and method for producing a ceramic conversion element
A ceramic conversion element having a multiplicity of columnar regions arranged within a ceramic or vitreous matrix, wherein the columnar regions have a preferential direction which makes an angle of at most 45° with a normal to the main surface of the conversion element, at least either the columnar regions or the matrix convert electromagnetic radiation of a first wavelength range into electromagnetic radiation of a second wavelength range different from the first wavelength range and, the columnar regions are formed by wavelength-converting monocrystalline or ceramic fibers and/or monocrystalline or ceramic platelets, said fibers and/or said platelets are provided with a reflective coating.. .
Pro-coagulant compounds and methods of use thereof
Provided are pro-coagulant compounds (e.g., pro-coagulant peptides or peptide derivatives) and methods of using and making those compounds. Further provided are conjugates between a pro-coagulant compound of the present disclosure (e.g., pro-coagulant peptide or peptide derivative) and a polypeptide selected from fix, fviia, fviii, and platelet targeting moieties (e.g., pdg-13), wherein the compound is linked to the polypeptide optionally via a linker.
Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (prp) and or platelet poor plasma (ppp) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host.
Cosmetic composition comprising a superabsorbent polymer and a lamellar or platelet-shaped matting mineral filler
The present invention relates to a composition for topical application, comprising at least one aqueous phase, at least one superabsorbent polymer and at least one lamellar or platelet-shaped matting mineral filler. A subject of the invention is also a cosmetic treatment process for keratin materials, which consists in applying to the keratin materials a composition as defined above, and also the use of this composition in the cosmetic or dermatological field, and in particular for caring for, protecting and/or making up bodily or facial skin, or for haircare.
Graphene nanoparticles as conductive filler for resistor materials and a method of preparation
A composition of matter comprising graphene nano platelets, one or more ceramic fillers and, one or more high temperature fibers. In another embodiment, there is a flat sheet article comprising a calendered combination of graphene nano platelets, one or more ceramic fillers and, one or more high temperature fibers.
Electrically conductive article with high optical transmission
A transparent conductive article includes a transparent substrate, a thin electrically conductive grid, and a carbon nanolayer. The grid is disposed on the substrate, and the carbon nanolayer is also disposed on the substrate and in contact with the grid.
Indolizinone based derivatives as potential phosphodiesterase 3 (pde3) inhibitors and a process for the preparation thereof
The present invention provides compounds of general formula a useful as potential phosphodiesterase3 (pde3) inhibitory agents and a process for the preparation thereof. The derivatives of formula a can be employed as therapeutics in human and veterinary medicine, where they can be used, for example, for the treatment and prophylaxis of the following diseases: heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, platelet inhibitors, cancer and obstructive pulmonary diseases..
Trisubstituted triazolopyrimidines for use in platelet aggregation inhibiton
The invention provides new triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine compounds, their use as medicaments, compositions containing them and processes for their preparation.. .
Quinoline derivatives as pi3 kinase inhibitors
Invented is a method of inhibiting the activity/function of pi3 kinases using quinoline derivatives. Also invented is a method of treating one or more disease states selected from: autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, allergy, asthma, pancreatitis, multiorgan failure, kidney diseases, platelet aggregation, cancer, sperm motility, transplantation rejection, graft rejection and lung injuries by the administration of quinoline derivatives..
Method of culturing cells
A blood component such as platelets is concentrated. The concentrate, such as platelet-rich plasma, is used in a cell culture medium to grow and proliferate cells.
Methods and materials for prolonging useful storage of red blood cell preparations and platelet preparations
This document provides methods and materials for enhancing the storage capabilities of red blood cell preparations. For example, methods and materials for using co2 to store red blood cells in a manner that (a) reduces the level of glucose or 2,3-dpg consumption of or reduces the level of 2,3-dpg production by a red blood cell preparation, (b) reduces the level of lactate formation by a red blood cell preparation, and/or (c) reduces the ph level of a red blood cell preparation are provided.
Methods for treating bleeding disorders using a platelet subpopulation
The present invention relates to a platelet subpopulation with high binding capacity to recombinant activated factor vii (rfviia), and its use for the treatment of bleeding disorders and for determining whether a subject is a candidate for treatment with rfviia.. .
Graphene-based high voltage electrodes and materials
The disclosure describes an improved electrode with high voltage standoff characteristics and improved graphene-based materials and methods of making them for use therein. A graphene-based thin film material is described that may be applied or transferred to a current collector to create the improved electrode.
Leukocyte filtration unit with reduced platelet adhesion
A filtration unit to selectively remove leukocytes from fluids containing platelets and systems including a filtration unit are provided. In one embodiment, a filtration unit is provided including an outer casing enclosing a porous element which includes a leukocyte-removal medium with a coating.
Nitric oxide donor compounds
The invention relates to nitric oxide donor compounds and their use for treating cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, pain, fever, gastrointestinal disorders, ophthalmic diseases, hepatic disorders, renal diseases, respiratory disorders, immunological diseases, bone metobolisms dysfunctions, central and peripheral nervous system diseases, sexual dysfunctions, infectious diseases, for the inhibition of platelet aggregation and platelet adhesion, for treating pathological conditions resulting from abnormal cell proliferation, vascular diseases. The invention also relates to compositions comprising at least one nitric oxide releasing compounds of the invention and composition comprising at least one nitric oxide releasing compounds according to the invention and at least one 15 therapeutic agent..
Method for inhibiting platelet aggregation
A method for inhibiting platelet aggregation in a patient in need thereof, comprising 1) administering to the patient a bolus injection of an active drug, in an amount of between about 25 μg/kg, and 2) administering to the patient, after the bolus injection, an intravenous infusion for a period of between about 12 hours and about 72 hours, of the active drug, in an amount of about 0.15 μg/kg/min, wherein the active drug is tirofiban or a salt thereof.. .
Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (prp) and or platelet poor plasma (ppp) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host.
Platelet aggregation inducing substance
Wherein x represents pro or hyp; and n represents an integer of from 20 to 5,000.. .
Apparatus and method for platelet monitoring and for assessing the quality of platelets
Apparatus and methods for monitoring platelet quality are disclosed. A bag of platelet concentrate is oriented in a desired manner on a transparent surface that is illuminated from one side with a light source.
Drug delivery device, method, and system for administration of dual antiplatelet therapy
A drug delivery device for reducing the likelihood of stent thrombosis following implantation in a subject is provided. A stent is provided including a body having a plurality of struts and one or more coatings applied to the body including at least one polymer, a therapeutic agent for inhibiting restenosis, a loading dose of a first antiplatelet agent and a maintenance dose of the first antiplatelet agent, and a loading dose of a second antiplatelet agent and a maintenance dose of the second antiplatelet agent..
Composition of 5-nitrobenzoate derivatives as anti-metastatic agent that inhibits tumor cell-induced platelet aggregation
And the preparation method therefor, wherein r is referred to hydrogen (h), unsubstituted, mono-substituted, di-substituted or tri-substituted benzoyl moiety. 5-nitrobenzoare derivatives of formula i do not affect the platelet aggregation, possesses the inhibitory activity related to the tumor cell-induced platelet aggregation (tcipa), and further specifically inhibits podoplanin-induced platelet aggregation.
Methods and non-immunogenic compositions for treating inflammatory disorders
Methods for making non-immunogenic anti-inflammatory cytokine compositions, comprising (a) obtaining a liquid comprising cytokine producing cells from a mammalian donor; (b) contacting the liquid with a solid extraction material to generate a composition rich in interleukin-1 receptor antagonist; and performing one or both of (i) removing cells from the composition and (ii) freezing the composition. The compositions comprise two or more of il1-ra, stnf-r1, stnf-rii, igf-i, egf, hgf, pdgf-ab, pdgf-bb, vegf, tgf-β1, and sil-1rii, compositions may also contain white blood cells and platelets..

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