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Plasma patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Macrocycles as factor xia inhibitors patent thumbnailMacrocycles as factor xia inhibitors
Or a stereoisomer, a tautomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective factor xia inhibitors or dual inhibitors of fxia and plasma kallikrein.
 Two-stage ultrafiltration/diafiltration patent thumbnailTwo-stage ultrafiltration/diafiltration
The present invention provides a method for concentrating a protein, in particular a method for concentrating a plasma product, in particular igg, using glycine in a two-stage ultrafiltration/diafiltration approach.. .
 Plasma protein fractionation by sequential polyacid precipitation patent thumbnailPlasma protein fractionation by sequential polyacid precipitation
There is a recognized need for novel, more simplified, approaches to isolation of plasma from whole blood, as well as a need to isolate cell-free plasma fractions containing different plasma proteins. Methods are divulged for use of aqueous phase systems, formed in blood or blood containing solutions via addition of a single polymer at relatively low concentration, to effect isolation (clarification) of plasma proteins from blood cells.
 Plasma treatment of halogenated compounds patent thumbnailPlasma treatment of halogenated compounds
A method and an apparatus for the non-thermal plasma processing of halogenated compounds. A non-thermal plasma reactor (110) with a non-thermal plasma reaction zone (116) may process one or more halogenated compounds diluted in an inert carrier gas in a gas stream (114).
 Use of atmospheric plasma for the surface of inorganic particles and inorganic particles comprising an organic fluorine-containing surface modification patent thumbnailUse of atmospheric plasma for the surface of inorganic particles and inorganic particles comprising an organic fluorine-containing surface modification
Use of an atmospheric plasma for the surface treatment of inorganic particles selected from the group consisting of particles of metal oxides, particles of metal carbonates, particles of metal sulfates, particles of metal phosphates, acicular particles, platy particles and fibrous particles,with a fluorine-containing precursor.. .
 Method for forming an interfacial layer on a semiconductor using hydrogen plasma patent thumbnailMethod for forming an interfacial layer on a semiconductor using hydrogen plasma
Techniques include a method of forming an interfacial passivation layer between a first semiconductor material (such as germanium) and a high-k gate dielectric. Such techniques include using a hydrogen-based plasma formed using a slotted-plane antenna plasma processing system.
 Wafer etching apparatus and wafer etching method using the same patent thumbnailWafer etching apparatus and wafer etching method using the same
A wafer etching apparatus and a wafer etching method using the wafer etching apparatus, which are capable of etching si wafer in a dry etching method, are disclosed. According to the wafer etching apparatus and the wafer etching method, the capacitively coupled plasma unit or the inductively coupled plasma unit and the remote plasma unit are included together to etch wafer in a high speed and to reduce etching operation time.
 Etch process having adaptive control with etch depth of pressure and power patent thumbnailEtch process having adaptive control with etch depth of pressure and power
The disclosure concerns a plasma-enhanced etch process in which chamber pressure and/or rf power level is ramped throughout the etch process.. .
 Near surface etch selectivity enhancement patent thumbnailNear surface etch selectivity enhancement
A method of selectively dry etching exposed substrate material on patterned heterogeneous structures is described. The method includes a plasma process prior to a remote plasma etch.
 Controlling temperature of a faraday shield patent thumbnailControlling temperature of a faraday shield
A method for controlling thermal cycling of a faraday shield in a plasma process chamber is provided. The method includes: performing a first plasma processing operation on a first wafer in the plasma process chamber; terminating the first plasma processing operation; performing a first wafer transfer operation to transfer the first wafer out of the chamber; and, during the first wafer transfer operation, applying power to a tcp coil under a plasma limiting condition..
Method and apparatus for single step selective nitridation
Methods and apparatus for selective one-step nitridation of semiconductor substrates is provided. Nitrogen is selectively incorporated in silicon regions of a semiconductor substrate having silicon regions and silicon oxide regions by use of a selective nitridation process.
Ion implantation system and method
An ion implantation system and method, providing cooling of dopant gas in the dopant gas feed line, to combat heating and decomposition of the dopant gas by arc chamber heat generation, e.g., using boron source materials such as b2f4 or other alternatives to bf3. Various arc chamber thermal management arrangements are described, as well as modification of plasma properties, specific flow arrangements, cleaning processes, power management, eqillibrium shifting, optimization of extraction optics, detection of deposits in flow passages, and source life optimization, to achieve efficient operation of the ion implantation system..
Mechanisms for forming ultra shallow junction
A method of making a semiconductor device includes forming a fin structure over a substrate. The method further includes performing a plasma doping process on the fin structure.
Delicate dry clean
A method of selectively removing fluorocarbon layers from overlying low-k dielectric material is described. These protective plasma treatments (ppt) are delicate alternatives to traditional post-etch treatments (pet).
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
The contact resistance between an oxide semiconductor film and a metal film is reduced. A transistor that uses an oxide semiconductor film and has excellent on-state characteristics is provided.
Disk-type microfluidic system and method for measuring deformability of blood cells
A method for measuring a degree of deformation of blood cells includes: supplying blood to a centrifugal container of a disk; centrifuging the blood in the centrifugal container to blood cells and plasma by rotating the disk and detecting an actual moving distance of the blood cells in the centrifugal container every hour; and calculating a first curve representing the actual moving distance of the blood cells in the centrifugal container every hour and a second curve representing a theoretical moving distance of the blood cells every hour and measuring a degree of deformation of the blood cells by comparing the first curve and the second curve.. .
Devices and methods for biomarker detection process and assay of neurological condition
The present invention relates to an exemplary in vitro diagnostic (ivd) device used to detect the presence of and/or severity of neural injuries or neuronal disorders in a subject. The ivd device relies on an immunoassay which identifies biomarkers that are diagnostic of neural injury and/or neuronal disorders in a biological sample, such as whole blood, plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (csf).
Methods and biomarkers for analysis of colorectal cancer
The present invention relates to methods and biomarkers (e.g., gene expression biomarkers) for detection of colorectal cancer in biological samples (e.g., tissue samples, biopsy samples, stool samples, blood samples, plasma samples, serum samples). In some embodiments, methods and biomarkers of the present invention find use in detection of colon cancer, providing a prognosis to colorectal cancer patients, and in companion diagnostics..
Superamphiphobic surfaces by atmospheric plasma polymerization
The present invention relates to a method for producing a superamphiphobic coating on a substrate, said method comprising the steps of a) providing a substrate, b) generating a plasma in a treatment space, under atmospheric pressure, using a dielectric barrier discharge, by supplying a plasma gas (6) between at least a first and a second electrode (2 and 3) connected to alternating current (ac) power means (7), said electrodes (2 and 3) defining said treatment space (5), c) introducing into said plasma a coating forming material selected from the group consisting in fluoro-acrylate monomers, fluoro-alkyl acrylatemonomers,fluoro-methacrylate monomers, fluoro-alkyl methacrylatemonomers, fluroro-silane, monomers or a combination thereof, d) exposing at least a part of the surface of said substrate to said plasma comprising said coating forming material in multiple successive passes within said treatment space by moving said substrate, said at least first and/or second electrode (2, 3), or both, without stopping, from one pass to another, the generation of the plasma and said introduction of said coating forming material into said plasma.. .
Small feature size fabrication using a shadow mask deposition process
In a system and method of depositing material on a substrate, a shadow mask, including one or more apertures therethrough, in intimate contact with the substrate is provided inside of a chamber or reactor. Material ejected from a solid target material is deposited on one or more portions of the substrate after passage through the one or more apertures of the shadow mask.
Method for preparing the low temperature poly-silicon film
A method for preparing the low temperature ploy-silicon film, which includes the following steps: providing a substrate; forming an amorphous silicon layer on the substrate; forming a silicon oxide layer on the amorphous silicon layer by a plasma process; and performing a laser crystallizing process to the amorphous silicon layer. An embodiment of the present invention prepares the silicon oxide film in the low temperature ploy-silicon film by the plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process, which improves the overall uniformity of the silicon oxide film and owns a preferred roughness surface..
Use of specially coated powdered coating materials and coating methods using such coating materials
The present invention relates to the use of a particle-containing powdered coating material, wherein the surface of the particles is at least partially covered with a coating additive, in cold gas spraying, flame spraying, high-speed flame spraying, thermal plasma spraying and non-thermal plasma spraying. Furthermore, the present invention relates to coating methods, in particular the above-named methods, using the powdered coating material according to the invention..
Method for densification and spheroidization of solid and solution precursor droplets of materials using microwave generated plasma processing
A method for processing feed material to produce dense and spheroidal products is described. The feed material is comprised of powder particles from the spray-drying technique or solution precursor droplets from ceramic or metallic materials.
Blood plasma biomarkers for bevacizumab combination therapies for treatment of breast cancer
The present invention provides methods for improving the treatment effect of a chemotherapy regimen of a patient suffering from her2 positive breast cancer, in particular locally recurrent or metastatic her2 positive breast cancer, by adding bevacizumab (avastin®) to a chemotherapy regimen by determining the expression level, in particular the blood plasma expression level, of vegfa and/or vegfr2 relative to control levels of patients diagnosed with her2 positive breast cancer, in particular locally recurrent or metastatic her2 positive breast cancer. The present invention also provides for methods for assessing the sensitivity or responsiveness of a patient to bevacizumab (avastin®) in combination with a chemotherapy regimen, by determining the expression level, in particular the blood plasma expression level, of vegfa and/or vegfr2 relative to control levels in patients diagnosed with her2 positive breast cancer, in particular locally recurrent or metastatic her2 positive breast cancer..
Delamination resistant pharmaceutical glass containers containing active pharmaceutical ingredients
The present invention is based, at least in part, on the identification of a pharmaceutical container formed, at least in part, of a glass composition which exhibits a reduced propensity to delaminate, i.e., a reduced propensity to shed glass particulates. As a result, the presently claimed containers are particularly suited for storage of pharmaceutical compositions and, specifically, a pharmaceutical solution comprising a pharmaceutically active ingredient, for example, gammagard liquid (an immune globulin infusion (human)); advate (antihemophilic factor (recombinant), plasma/albumin-free method, (rahf)); bax 111 (vonicog alfa, or [618-threonine,709-aspartic acid] von willebrand factor homo sapiens (1381a>t,1472h>d variant)); or an adeno-associated viral vector containing a liver-specific human factor ix expression cassette, e.g., sscaav2/8-lp1-hfixco..
Dextran-based tissuelette containing platelet-rich plasma lysate for cartilage repair
The invention relates to a dextran-based tissuelette comprising platelet-rich plasma lysate (prpl), which can be used for tissue repair. In particular, the tissuelette of the present invention can be adapted to display properties similar to natural cartilage, while having increased chondrocyte-attraction.
Cold plasma setrilization device
A cold plasma device for large area decontamination that can function as a scrub brush to sterilize surfaces and areas that are otherwise difficult, time consuming and/or may cause exposure hazards under convention sterilization methods.. .
Method and apparatus for improved acoustic transparency
One embodiment of the invention is directed to a process for the manufacture of a speaker cover comprising loading the speaker cover into a plasma chamber, introducing a fluoro monomer into the plasma chamber, pulsing plasma for processing, removing any excess monomer gas from the plasma chamber, and removing the speaker cover from the plasma chamber.. .
Gyrolaser with optimized ignition
A gyrolaser comprises: a ring-shaped optical cavity and a gaseous medium, and at least three electrodes in contact with the gas of the amplification medium, the electrodes generating charges when ignition voltage is applied; the cavity and distribution of the electrodes comprising at least one plane of symmetry perpendicular to the plane of the cavity and passing through the electrode of first type; at least one conductive ignition element set at a predetermined potential, the shape and arrangement being such that symmetry is maintained; the electrically conductive element generating an electric field locally for guiding the charges so they are distributed symmetrically in a first flow and second flow in the first and second discharge areas respectively when the ignition voltage is applied, in such a way that a first plasma and a second plasma are initiated simultaneously, respectively, in the first discharge area and in the second discharge area.. .
Antenna for plasma generation, plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
An antenna for plasma generation radiates a microwave transmitted through a coaxial waveguide into a processing chamber and propagates the microwave on a metal surface of the processing chamber to convert gas into surface wave plasma. The antenna includes a gas flow path for passing the gas through the antenna, a plurality of gas holes that communicate with the gas flow path and introduce the gas into the processing chamber, and a plurality of slots that are separated from the gas flow path and penetrate through the gas flow path.
Electron beam plasma source with remote radical source
In a plasma reactor for processing a workpiece, an electron beam is employed as the plasma source, and a remote radical source is incorporated with the process chamber.. .
Hybrid plasma-semiconductor transistors, logic devices and arrays
A hybrid plasma semiconductor device has a thin and flexible semiconductor base layer. An emitter region is diffused into the base layer forming a pn-junction.
Silicone composition comprising nanoparticles and cured product formed therefrom
A silicone composition comprises a curable silicone composition and nanoparticles. The nanoparticles of the silicone composition are produced via a plasma process.
Aerosol ionizer
A system and method comprising an ion production chamber having a plasma source disposed in said chamber, a harvest gas disposed to flow through the chamber from an inlet to an outlet, and a jet, said jet operable to introduce a sample into the harvest gas flow. In some embodiments the system includes using helium as the harvest gas.
Mass spectrometer vacuum interface method and apparatus
A method of operating a mass spectrometer vacuum interface comprising a skimmer apparatus having a skimmer aperture and downstream ion extraction optics. An expanding plasma is skimmed through the skimmer aperture.
Plasma processing method
Method for carrying out plasma processing on a wafer under run-to-run control by using a plasma processing apparatus having a plasma processing chamber, a process monitor which monitors a condition in the plasma processing chamber, and an actuator which controls parameters which are constituent elements of a plasma processing condition. The method includes the steps of making one of the parameters a (n−1)th manipulated variable, calculating a first difference between a process monitor value in the plasma processing obtained by the process monitor and a desired value of the process monitor value in the plasma processing, calculating a correction amount of the (n−1)th manipulated variable on the basis of the first difference and a previously obtained correlation between the process monitor value in the plasma processing and the (n−1)th manipulated variable, wherein n is a natural number equal to or larger than 2..
Fluid component separation devices, methods, and systems
A system for ultrafiltration employs a crossflow filtration module for extracting a fraction from a sample fluid (e.g., blood) and a recirculating permeate loop to produce a concurrent permeate flow through the filtration module to maintain a positive transmembrane pressure at all points of the crossflow filter. Permeate in the recirculating loop is enriched by a processing module and stabilized by removing an enriched fraction thereof.
Electron beam plasma source with reduced metal contamination
In a plasma reactor for processing a workpiece, an electron beam is employed as the plasma source, and sputtered metal atoms are removed from the electron beam to reduce contamination.. .
Process for texturing the surface of a silicon substrate, structured substrate and photovoltaic device comprising such a structured substrate
The invention relates to a process for texturing the surface of a silicon substrate, comprising a step of exposing said surface to an mdecr plasma generated, at least from argon, using between 1.5 w/cm2 and 6.5 w/cm2 of plasma power in a matrix distributed electron cyclotron resonance plasma source, the substrate bias being between 100 v and 300 v.. .
Nanowire-based transparent conductors and applications thereof
A transparent conductor including a conductive layer coated on a substrate is described. More specifically, the conductive layer comprises a network of nanowires that may be embedded in a matrix.
Plasma processing apparatus
In a plasma processing apparatus for processing a substrate by plasmatizing a process gas introduced into a processing container, an introducing unit which introduces the process gas is formed on a ceiling surface of the processing container; a gas retention portion which gathers the process gas supplied from the outside of the processing container through a supply passage, and a plurality of gas ejection holes which allow communication between the gas retention portion and the inside of the processing container are formed in the introducing unit; a gas ejection hole is not formed in a location of the gas retention portion that faces an opening of the supply passage; and a cross section of each of the gas ejection holes has a flat shape.. .
Deposition apparatus
A deposition apparatus according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a reactor; a plasma chamber connected to the reactor; a plasma electrode mounted inside of the plasma chamber; and a gas supply plate coupled with the plasma chamber to supply gas into the plasma chamber, wherein a plurality of gas holes is formed at an inner wall of the gas supply plate, and the plurality of gas supply holes is spaced apart from each other by a predetermined interval.. .
Methods of separating lipids
The invention provides novel, simple, reliable and effective methods for separating various lipids from biological samples. In certain embodiments, the invention provides hilic-based uhplc separation methods.
Gas turbine engines having plasma flow-controlled intake systems
Embodiments of a gas turbine engine (“gte”) are provided, as are embodiments of a plasma flow-controlled intake system for deployment on a gte. In one embodiment, the gte includes a turbine section, a combustion section upstream of the turbine section, a compressor section upstream of the combustion section, and intake section upstream of the compressor section.
Hydrophilizing plasma coating
The invention relates to a method for hydrophilizing surfaces of polymer workpieces. The method has a step (a) of pretreating the workpiece surfaces in a high-frequency gas plasma which is produced on the basis of an inert gas in order to clean and activate the workpiece surfaces; a step (b) of precoating the pretreated workpiece surfaces with polyacrylic acid using a high-frequency gas plasma made of a gas mixture, said gas mixture being composed of an inert gas and a first gas made of biocompatible, polymerizable carboxy group-containing monomers; and a step (c) of subsequently coating the precoated workpiece surfaces using a second gas substantially containing acrylic acid monomers..
Tissue ablation systems and method
Tissue is treated using a radiofrequency power supply connected to an applicator having a chamber filled with an electrically non-conductive gas surrounded by a thin dielectric wall. A radiofrequency voltage is applied at a level sufficient to ionize the gas into a plasma and to capacitively couple the ionized plasma with the tissue to deliver radiofrequency current to ablate or otherwise treat the tissue..
Method of repairing age and disease immune dysfunction and cellular senescence with lymphoid stem cells and then re-applying those for therapeutic use
This invention relates to methods for treatment of diseases of ageing including immunosenescence, immune dysfunction, inflammation and impairment of early lymphoid lineage differentiation. The invention more specifically relates to the use of granulocyte colony stimulating factors to assist in stem cell mobilization, optionally in combination with the application of a method of delivering precise magnetic field patterns which agree with the body's own natural magnetic field patterns, and further in combination with re-infusion of previously collected autologous cells and/or plasma, optionally including allogeneic (healthy donor) cells and blood plasma..
Method for administering an nmda receptor antagonist to a subject
Compositions and methods for administering memantine to a subject are provided. In particular, a solid pharmaceutical composition in a unit dosage form for once daily oral administration is provided.
Removal of serine proteases by treatment with finely divided silicon dioxide
The present invention provides novel methods for reducing the serine protease and/or serine protease zymogen content of a plasma-derived protein composition. Also provided are methods for manufacturing plasma-derived protein compositions having reduced serine protease and\or serine protease zymogen content.
Carbon layers for high temperature processes
Carbon layers with reduced hydrogen content may be deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition by selecting processing parameters accordingly. Such carbon layers may be subjected to high temperature processing without showing excessive shrinking..
Component of a plasma processing apparatus having a protective in situ formed layer on a plasma exposed surface
A component of a plasma processing chamber having a protective liquid layer on a plasma exposed surface of the component. The protective liquid layer can be replenished by supplying a liquid to a liquid channel and delivering the liquid through liquid feed passages in the component.
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
The plasma processing apparatus is provided with a chamber 11, a plasma source 13 which generates plasma inside the chamber 11, a stage 16 which is provided inside the chamber 11 and places a carrier 5 thereon, a cover 31 which is arranged above the stage 16 to cover a holding sheet 6 and a frame 7 and has a window 33 which is formed on a central part thereof to penetrate the cover 31 in the thickness direction, and a drive mechanism 38 which changes the position of the cover 31 relative to the stage 16 between a first position which is away from the stage 16 and allows the carrier 5 to be placed on and removed from the stage 16 and a second position which allows the cover 31 to cover the holding sheet 6 and the frame 7 of the carrier 5 placed on the stage 16 and a substrate 2 held on the holding sheet 6 to be exposed through the window 33. The window 33 of the cover 31 allows an area of the substrate 2, the area being located on the inner side with respect to an outer edge area of the substrate 2, to be exposed therefrom..
Multi-layer amorphous silicon structure with improved poly-silicon quality after excimer laser anneal
The embodiments described herein generally relate to methods for forming a multi-layer amorphous silicon structure that may be used in thin film transistor devices. In one embodiment, a method includes positioning a substrate comprising a buffer layer in a process chamber, the process chamber comprising a processing region, forming a plurality of amorphous silicon layers and annealing the amorphous silicon layers to form a polycrystalline silicon layer.
Regulating interface layer growth with n2o for two-terminal memory
Provision of fabrication, construction, and/or assembly of a two-terminal memory device is described herein. The two-terminal memory device can include an active region with a silicon bearing layer, an interface layer, and an active metal layer.
Protein expression from multiple nucleic acids
The current invention reports a method for the recombinant production of a secreted heterologous immunoglobulin in a cho cell comprising the following steps: i) providing a cho cell, which is adapted to growth in suspension culture, adapted to growth in serum-free medium, mycoplasma free, and virus free, ii) providing a vector comprising a prokaryotic origin of replication, a first nucleic acid conferring resistance to a prokaryotic selection agent, a second nucleic acid encoding the heavy chain of said heterologous immunoglobulin, a third nucleic acid encoding the light chain of said heterologous immunoglobulin, a fourth nucleic acid conferring resistance to a eukaryotic selection agent, iii) transfecting said cho cell, wherein said transfecting comprises a) transfecting said cho cell with said vector comprising a fourth nucleic acid conferring resistance to a first eukaryotic selection agent, b) selecting a cho cell by growth in cultivation medium containing said first eukaryotic selection agent, c) transfecting said selected cho cell with said vector comprising a fourth nucleic acid conferring resistance to a second eukaryotic selection agent different to said first eukaryotic selection agent, d) selecting a cho cell by selected growth in cultivation medium containing said first and said second eukaryotic selection agent, iv) cultivating said transfected cho cell in a medium in the presence of said first and second eukaryotic selection agent, under conditions suitable for the expression of said second, and third nucleic acid, and v) recovering said secreted heterologous immunoglobulin from the cultivation medium.. .
Marker panels for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis and evaluation
The present invention relates to the discovery that of a panel of serum or plasma markers may be used to diagnose idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (“ipf”) and distinguish this condition from other lung ailments. It further relates to the identification of markers associated with ipf disease progression..
Plasma processing device and plasma processing method
There is provided a plasma processing apparatus which can improve density uniformity of plasma excited by a high frequency wave as in the vhf frequency band and reduce production costs by downsizing for a substrate having a large size. The plasma processing apparatus includes a waveguide member defining a waveguide, first and second electrodes disposed so as to face a plasma formation space, defining the waveguide in cooperation with the waveguide member, and electrically connected to the waveguide member; a coaxial tube supplying electromagnetic energy into the waveguide; a dielectric plate disposed in the waveguide and extending in a longitudinal direction; and first and second conductors disposed, in the waveguide, on at least one side of the waveguide in a width direction with respect to the dielectric plate, extending along the dielectric plate, and electrically connected to the first and second electrodes..
System of surface treatment and the method thereof
The present disclosure is directed to a system for a surface treatment via plasma generated by a slim and/or flexible electrode and the method thereof. By using the plasma, the surface treatment for an outer wall or an inner wall of a tube can be performed..
Method for coating a substrate
A method of coating a substrate is proposed, in which a starting material in the form of a process beam is sprayed onto a surface of the substrate by means of thermal spraying, wherein the surface of the substrate is initially pretreated with a plasma flame of a plasma spray device without material deposition and the process beam including the starting material is subsequently applied onto the surface.. .
Film-forming treatment jig, plasma cvd apparatus, metal plate and osmium film forming method
In a film-forming treatment jig for forming a thin film on a plate having a through hole of a micro diameter by a single plasma film-forming treatment, the film-forming treatment jig includes: a holding member 39 for holding the aperture plate in a state of exposing the through hole and the front and back surfaces of the aperture plate by clamping an aperture plate 107 having a through hole; and an electrode member having the holding member attached thereon, wherein the electrode member is electrically connected to an electrode to which the plasma electric power of a plasma cvd apparatus is applied.. .
Modified hybrid sol-gel solutions and compositions formed from such solutions
Provided are modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solutions and coatings formed from such solutions. A modified hybrid sol-gel precursor solution includes an inorganic precursor, cross-linkable inorganic-organic precursor, cross-linkable organic precursor, protic solvent, and aprotic solvent.
Plasma kallikrein binding proteins
Plasma kallikrein binding proteins and methods of using such proteins are described.. .

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