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Plasma patents


This page is updated frequently with new Plasma-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Smooth radius nozzle for use in a plasma cutting device patent thumbnailSmooth radius nozzle for use in a plasma cutting device
A nozzle for use with a plasma arc torch is provided. The nozzle has a nozzle body having a length that extends from a proximal end to a distal end, a central bore disposed within the nozzle body along a central axis having a feed orifice at the proximal end of the nozzle body, and a discharge orifice at the distal end of the nozzle body.
American Torch Tip Company

 Plasma confinement device patent thumbnailPlasma confinement device
A device and method for the magnetic confinement of plasma is formed by a cylindrically stacked column of current-carrying magnetic field coils with electrodes interior to each magnetic field coil so as to induce plasma fluid rotation about an annular confinement region formed of cusped-geometry magnetic fields. Electrodes are formed such that the electric fields produced are tangential to the magnetic fields, and so as to maintain consistent azimuthal direction of plasma rotation, electric field electrodes alternate accordingly in polarity along the axial length of the device..

 Oxygen controlled pvd aln buffer for gan-based optoelectronic and electronic devices patent thumbnailOxygen controlled pvd aln buffer for gan-based optoelectronic and electronic devices
Oxygen controlled pvd aln buffers for gan-based optoelectronic and electronic devices is described. Methods of forming a pvd aln buffer for gan-based optoelectronic and electronic devices in an oxygen controlled manner are also described.

 Integrated bit-line airgap formation and gate stack post clean patent thumbnailIntegrated bit-line airgap formation and gate stack post clean
Methods of forming flash memory cells are described which incorporate air gaps for improved performance. The methods are useful for so-called “2-d flat cell” flash architectures.
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Electrostatic chuck assemblies having recessed support surfaces, semiconductor fabricating apparatuses having the same, and plasma treatment methods using the same patent thumbnailElectrostatic chuck assemblies having recessed support surfaces, semiconductor fabricating apparatuses having the same, and plasma treatment methods using the same
An electrostatic chuck apparatus includes a base and a dielectric layer on the base. The dielectric layer includes a support surface opposite the base and a clamping electrode laterally extending along the support surface.

 Substrate processing device and substrate processing device-use coupling member patent thumbnailSubstrate processing device and substrate processing device-use coupling member
A substrate processing device to suppress contamination inside a transfer chamber, suppresses heat conduction from a processing chamber to a transfer chamber with a simple structure, and reduce cost is disclosed. The substrate processing device includes a process module maintained in a vacuum atmosphere to perform plasma process on a wafer, a transfer module maintained in a vacuum atmosphere to transfer the wafer into/out of the process module; and a coupling member connects the process module and the transfer module.
Tokyo Electron Limited

 Method to etch a tungsten containing layer patent thumbnailMethod to etch a tungsten containing layer
A method for etching a tungsten containing layer is provided. An etch gas is provided comprising o2 and a fluorine containing component, wherein the etch gas has at least as many oxygen atoms as fluorine atoms.
Lam Research Corporation

 Multi-layer mask including non-photodefinable laser energy absorbing layer for substrate dicing by laser and plasma etch patent thumbnailMulti-layer mask including non-photodefinable laser energy absorbing layer for substrate dicing by laser and plasma etch
Methods of dicing substrates having a plurality of ics. A method includes forming a multi-layered mask comprising a laser energy absorbing, non-photodefinable topcoat disposed over a water-soluble base layer disposed over the semiconductor substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Physical vapor deposition of low-stress nitrogen-doped tungsten films patent thumbnailPhysical vapor deposition of low-stress nitrogen-doped tungsten films
Nitrogen-doped tungsten films characterized by low stress (e.g. Less than 250 mpa) and excellent adhesion to an underlying dielectric layer are deposited by physical vapor deposition (pvd).
Lam Research Corporation

 Methods and apparatuses for showerhead backside parasitic plasma suppression in a secondary purge enabled ald system patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for showerhead backside parasitic plasma suppression in a secondary purge enabled ald system
Disclosed are methods of depositing films of material on semiconductor substrates employing the use of a secondary purge. The methods may include flowing a film precursor into a processing chamber and adsorbing the film precursor onto a substrate in the processing chamber such that the precursor forms an adsorption-limited layer on the substrate.
Lam Research Corporation


Silicon-containing substrate cleaning procedure

A method for cleaning a substrate, such as a silicon substrate, a silicon-germanium substrate, or other silicon-containing substrate is disclosed. The method includes exposing the substrate to a first plasma configured to attack a sub-oxide on the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Plasma cleaning for mass spectrometers

A mass spectrometry (ms) system may be cleaned by generating plasma and contacting an internal surface of the system to be cleaned with the plasma. The system may be switched between operating in an analytical mode and in a cleaning mode.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Plasma processing apparatus

There is provided a plasma processing apparatus including a focus ring capable of preventing a part of a heat transfer sheet from adhering to and remaining on a mounting table. The plasma processing apparatus comprises: a chamber for performing a plasma process on a target object; a mounting table configured to mount thereon the target object; and a focus ring configured to surround the target object, the focus ring being in contact with the mounting table via a flexible heat transfer sheet.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method of conditioning vacuum chamber of semiconductor substrate processing apparatus

A method of conditioning a vacuum chamber of a semiconductor substrate processing apparatus includes forming a layer of an organic polymeric film on plasma or process gas exposed surfaces thereof. The method includes: (a) flowing a first reactant in vapor phase of a diacyl chloride into the vacuum chamber; (b) purging the vacuum chamber after a flow of the first reactant has ceased; (c) flowing a second reactant in vapor phase into the vacuum chamber selected from the group consisting of a diamine, a diol, a thiol, and a trifunctional compound to form a layer of an organic polymeric film on the plasma or process gas exposed surfaces of the vacuum chamber; and (d) purging the vacuum chamber to purge excess second reactant and reaction byproducts from the vacuum chamber..
Lam Research Corporation


Plasma processing apparatus and gas supply member

Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including: a processing container; a support member provided within the processing container and configured to support a processing target substrate; and a gas supply member including a first region formed with a gas supply hole, a second region not formed with a gas supply hole, and a third region formed with a gas supply holes. The first to third regions are disposed sequentially from a central portion side of the processing target substrate along a radial direction of the processing target substrate, and the plasma processing apparatus is processed to introduce a processing gas from the gas supply holes of the gas supply member for plasma processing of the processing target substrate into the processing container..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Bias to detect and prevent short circuits in three-dimensional memory device

In a three-dimensional stacked non-volatile memory device, a short circuit in a select gate layer is detected and prevented. A short circuit may occur when charges which are accumulated in select gate lines due to plasma etching, discharge through a remaining portion of the select gate layer in a short circuit path when the select gate lines are driven.
Sandisk Technologies, Inc.


Plasma processing devices having multi-port valve assemblies

A plasma processing device may include a plasma processing chamber, a plasma electrode assembly, a wafer stage, a plasma producing gas inlet, a plurality of vacuum ports, at least one vacuum pump, and a multi-port valve assembly. The multi-port valve assembly may comprise a movable seal plate positioned in the plasma processing chamber.
Lam Research Corporation


Methods of measuring adamts 13-mediated in vivo cleavage of von willebrand factor and uses thereof

The invention generally relates to methods of measuring cleaved von willebrand factor (vwf) fragments. More specifically, the invention relates to methods of measuring the ability of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with a thrombospondin type 1 motif, member 13 (adamts13) to cleave vwf in vivo.
Baxter Healthcare Sa


Plasma drive

A plasma drive includes a plurality of plasma thrusters arrayed in each of at least one array of plasma thrusters. Plasma thrust may be generated sequentially or in a pulse from each array.


Liquid treatment apparatus

A liquid treatment apparatus according to an aspect of the present disclosure comprises a reactor and a plasma generator. The reactor includes an inner wall, a first space, and a second space.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Methods of etching films with reduced surface roughness

Provided are methods for etching films comprising transition metals which help to minimize higher etch rates at the grain boundaries of polycrystalline materials. Certain methods pertain to amorphization of the polycrystalline material, other pertain to plasma treatments, and yet other pertain to the use of small doses of halide transfer agents in the etch process..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Atomic layer deposition method using source precursor transformed by hydrogen radical exposure

A film of source precursor molecules injected onto a substrate are reacted with hydrogen radicals, such as those produced in a hydrogen plasma, prior to reaction with a reactant precursor. This replaces the functional groups of the reactant precursor (e.g., methyl groups in alkyl groups) with hydrogen, thus reducing the overall size of the source precursor molecule.
Veeco Ald Inc.


Remote plasma clean source feed between backing plate and diffuser

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an apparatus having a remote plasma clean source in which the remote plasma clean source delivers radicals from the remotely generated plasma to the chamber at a location disposed between a backing plate and a diffuser.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for a diamond vapor deposition

The present invention relates to a method for depositing nanocrystalline diamond using a diamond vapor deposition facility which includes: a vacuum reactor including a reaction chamber connected to a vacuum source; a plurality of plasma sources arranged along a matrix that is at least two-dimensional in the reaction chamber; and a substrate holder arranged in the reactor, said method being characterized in that the deposition is carried out at a temperature of 100 to 500° c.. .
Neocoat Sa


Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

A plasma processing apparatus includes a first electrode, a second electrode disposed to face the first electrode, a chamber, a first high-frequency power supply, a direct-current power supply, and a gas supply source. The plasma processing apparatus generates first plasma to form a film of a reaction product on the second electrode by causing the first high-frequency power supply to supply first high-frequency power to the second electrode and causing the gas supply source to supply a first gas into the chamber; and generates second plasma to sputter the film of the reaction product by causing the first high-frequency power supply to supply the first high-frequency power to the second electrode, causing the direct-current power supply to supply direct-current power to the second electrode, and causing the gas supply source to supply a second gas into the chamber..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Apparatus for manufacturing display device and manufacturing display device

An apparatus for manufacturing a display device and a method of manufacturing a display device is disclosed. In one aspect, the apparatus includes a guider configured to guide a substrate on which a display portion is formed, a plasma sprayer configured to be spaced apart from the display portion and configured to spray plasma onto the substrate and a mask configured to be arranged over the substrate and cover the display portion.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Isolating circulating microrna (mirna)

Methods for isolating circulating small rnas, e.g., microrna (mirna), from plasma samples, e.g., that comprise using an alkaline phenol:chloroform extraction, and methods of use thereof, including for the detection, prognosis, and/or monitoring of disease in a subject.. .
Firefly Bioworks


Electric arc processing an optical fiber, and related systems and methods

An electric arc apparatus for processing an optical fiber includes one or more first electrodes and one or more second electrodes. The first electrode(s) each have an end portion that terminates at an opening defined by the first electrode(s).
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Method and forming a structure on a substrate

The invention relates to a method for forming at least one structure on a substrate. By means of a low-temperature plasma jet, powder, of which the structure shall be constructed, is applied to a surface of the substrate.
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh


Enhanced low friction coating for medical leads and methods of making

An implantable or insertable medical device can include a silicone substrate and a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition coating on the silicone substrate. The coating may include a silicon-containing compound.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.


Generator device of cold plasma and related producing chemical substances

The present invention relates to a device for generating cold plasma to be used in the process chemical industry, in particular for producing chemical substances, above all acids such as for example nitric acid and sulphuric acid. The invention also relates to reactors and plants involving said cold plasma generator device and to corresponding chemical processes based thereupon.
Amlika Mercantile Private Limited


Process and preparation of polysilanes

The invention relates to a process for preparing polysilanes by converting monosilane in the presence of hydrogen in a plasma, and to a plant for performing the process.. .
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


High-throughput particle production using a plasma system

The present disclosure relates to a nanoparticle production system and methods of using the system. The nanoparticle production system includes a plasma gun including a male electrode, a female electrodes and a working gas supply configured to deliver a working gas in a vortexing helical flow direction across a plasma generation region.
Sdcmaterials, Inc.


Device for separation and collection of plasma

A substrate for positioning a separation membrane and a collection membrane for separating and collecting plasma is disclosed. The substrate includes an inner flexure disposed proximate to a first peripheral portion of the substrate and an outer flexure disposed surrounding at least a portion of the inner flexure.
General Electric Company


Apparatus and treating biological tissue using low-pressue plasma

Wherein the transformer (1) has a primary coil (4) and a secondary coil (5) disposed coaxially therewith and wherein the intermediate space between the primary coil (4) and the secondary coil (5) in the overlap region (b) of the two coils (4, 5) increases from a first spacing (d1) to a second, greater spacing (d2) in the direction of a coupling (7) for the probe (2).. .


Multiple plasma driven catalyst (pdc) reactors

The present invention relates to an air purification system with plasma driven catalyst technology. The system comprises a plurality of plasma driven catalyst reactors in a parallel setup.
Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited


Erythrocytes containing arginine deiminase

Use of erythrocytes containing arginine deirainase for the preparation of a medicinal product for lowering the plasma concentration of arginine in vivo. The use relates in particular to the treatment of arginine-dependent tumors, such as hepatocarcinoma and malignant melanoma, or inhibition of the synthesis of nitric oxide, and the prevention and/or treatment of septic shock..
Erytech Pharma


Compositions and methods for increasing dextromethorphan plasma levels and related pharmacodynamic effects

This disclosure relates to methods of increasing dextromethorphan plasma levels comprising co-administering hydroxybupropion, or a prodrug thereof, and dextromethorphan to a human being in need of treatment with dextromethorphan. Dosage forms, drug delivery systems, and methods related to dextromethorphan and hydroxybupropion or a prodrug of bupropion are also disclosed..
Antecip Bioventures Ii Llc


Device for separation and collection of plasma

A method for separating and collecting cell-free plasma by finger stick that minimizes contamination with genomic dna from a donor. The method comprising placing a tourniquet on one of the digits of the donor's finger to apply pressure, lancing the digit to create an incision in the digit, and collecting blood from the incision from the incision site.
General Electric Company


Plasma generator using dielectric resonator

A dielectric resonator is excited at its natural resonant frequency to produce highly uniform electric field for the generation of plasma. The plasma may be used optical or mass spectrometer..
Radom Corporation


Target for extreme ultraviolet light source

Techniques for forming a target and for producing extreme ultraviolet light include releasing an initial target material toward a target location, the target material including a material that emits extreme ultraviolet (euv) light when converted to plasma; directing a first amplified light beam toward the initial target material, the first amplified light beam having an energy sufficient to form a collection of pieces of target material from the initial target material, each of the pieces being smaller than the initial target material and being spatially distributed throughout a hemisphere shaped volume; and directing a second amplified light beam toward the collection of pieces to convert the pieces of target material to plasma that emits euv light.. .
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Charged particle induction from ionosphere to ground

A charged particle induction apparatus and method comprising a high power light emitting means, such as a laser array, in operable communication with a high energy output means to accomplish initiation of at least two concentric plasma channels in atmosphere extending from the earth's surface to the charge-rich upper atmosphere, including the ionosphere, for the transmission of charged particles therethrough to ground using the surrounding atmosphere as an insulator. The transmitted energy is drawn down (due to an artificially created potential) through the conductive plasma channels to collection means..
Glenn Lane Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership


Plasma jet spark plug

V1/v2≧0.20.. .


Method for manufacturing solid oxide fuel cell anode with high stability and high efficiency

A nanostructured anode of solid oxide fuel cell with high stability and high efficiency and a method for manufacturing the same are revealed. This anode comprising a porous permeable metal substrate, a diffusion barrier layer and a nano-composite film is formed by atmospheric plasma spray.
Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research


Organic electronic element and manufacturing organic electronic element

Disclosed are an organic electronic element including, on a substrate, a first electrode and a second electrode facing each other, with at least one organic functional layer being interposed therebetween, and a method for manufacturing such an organic electronic element, characterized in that a sealing layer is directly provided along the top surface and the lateral surface of the organic electronic element, and the sealing layer is obtained by implanting plasma ions into a coating film containing a silicon compound as a main component.. .


Separation method, light-emitting device, module, and electronic device

A method for manufacturing a flexible semiconductor device is disclosed. The method includes: forming a separation layer of a metal over a substrate; treating the separation layer with plasma under an atmosphere containing nitrogen, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen; forming a layer over the plasma-treated separation layer, the layer being capable of supplying hydrogen and nitrogen to the separation layer; forming a functional layer over the separation layer; performing heat treatment to promote the release of hydrogen and nitrogen from the layer; and separating the substrate at the separation layer.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor light-emitting element

Provided are a highly reliable semiconductor light-emitting element having uniform protrusions that are arranged regularly and have the same size and a method of producing the same. The method of producing a semiconductor light-emitting element according to the present invention includes: forming a mask layer having a plurality of openings that are arranged at equal intervals along a crystal axis of a semiconductor structure layer on the surface of the semiconductor structure layer; performing a plasma treatment on the surface of the semiconductor structure layer exposed from the openings in the mask layer; removing the mask layer; and wet-etching the surface of the semiconductor structure layer to form protrusions on the surface of the semiconductor structure layer..
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.


Plasma protection diode for a hemt device

A silicon substrate having a iii-v compound layer disposed thereon is provided. A diode is formed in the silicon substrate through an ion implantation process.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Hybrid wafer dicing approach using a rectangular shaped two-dimensional top hat laser beam profile or a linear shaped one-dimensiional top hat laser beam profile laser scribing process and plasma etch process

Methods of dicing semiconductor wafers, each wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits, are described. In an example, a method of dicing a semiconductor wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits involves forming a mask above the semiconductor wafer, the mask composed of a layer covering and protecting the integrated circuits.


Systems and methods for electrical and magnetic uniformity and skew tuning in plasma processing reactors

In some embodiments, a plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber to process a substrate; a mounting surface defined within the processing chamber to support a substrate disposed within the processing chamber; a showerhead disposed within the processing chamber and aligned so as to face the mounting surface, the showerhead defining a plurality of orifices to introduce a process gas into the processing chamber toward a substrate disposed within the processing chamber; and one or more magnets supported by the showerhead and arranged so that a radial component of a magnetic field applied by each of the one or more magnets has a higher flux density proximate a first region corresponding to an edge surface region of a substrate when disposed within the processing chamber than at a second region corresponding to an interior surface region of a substrate when disposed within the processing chamber.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Lithography using multilayer spacer for reduced spacer footing

A method embodiment for patterning a semiconductor device includes forming a plurality of mandrels over a substrate, and forming a multilayer spacer layer over the plurality of mandrels. The multilayer spacer layer is formed by conformably depositing a spacer layer over the plurality of mandrels and treating the spacer layer with plasma.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Single platform, multiple cycle spacer deposition and etch

A first portion of a multiple cycle spacer is formed on a sidewall of a patterned feature over a substrate. A spacer layer is deposited on the first portion using a first plasma process.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Substrate manufacturing method and substrate manufacturing apparatus

Provided are a substrate manufacturing method and a substrate manufacturing apparatus used therefor. The substrate manufacturing method includes providing a substrate having a mask film into a chamber.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Chemical dielectric formation for semiconductor device fabrication

Systems and methods are provided for fabricating semiconductor devices. For example, a substrate is provided.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Tablet for plasma coating system, manufacturing the same, and manufacturing a thin film using the manufacturing the tablet

A tablet for a plasma coating system having a first part that includes a first material having a first sublimation point at a first pressure and a second part that is disposed on the first part and comprises a second material having a second melting point at the first pressure, wherein the second melting point is lower than the first sublimation point.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Plasma processing apparatus and sample stage fabricating method

A plasma processing apparatus includes: a vacuum vessel, a processing chamber disposed inside of the vacuum vessel, inside of which plasma is formed, a sample stage disposed below the processing chamber, on whose upper surface a sample that is a target processed by using the plasma is mounted, a sintered plate of dielectric material constituting a mounting surface of the sample stage on which the sample is mounted, abase material of metal bonded to the sintered plate below it with a bonding layer made of an adhesive agent intervening therebetween, and a cooling medium flow channel disposed inside of the base material, through which a cooling medium flows, in which a shearing force of the bonding layer generated in a portion on the peripheral side of the sample stage is made smaller than that generated in a portion on the center side.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Method and esc charge control for wafer clamping

A plasma processing method and apparatus are provided in which current spikes associated with application of a voltage to an electrostatic chuck (esc) are minimized or reduced when the processing plasma is present. According to an example, the voltage is applied to the esc after the processing plasma is struck, however the voltage is ramped or increased in a step-wise manner to achieve the desired final esc voltage.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

A plasma processing apparatus of an embodiment includes a chamber, an introducing part, a substrate electrode, a high-frequency power source, a low-frequency power source, and a switching mechanism. The introducing part introduces a process gas into the chamber.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

A plasma processing apparatus includes a sample stage in a processing chamber in a vacuum container having a placement surface on which a wafer to be processed by using the plasma is placed, a discharge pump connected to a discharge port disposed below the sample stage, and an adjuster that adjusts the amount of discharged gas, in which a first process step of supplying a first processing gas from above the placement surface into the processing chamber and supplying a second processing gas from below the placement surface into the processing chamber to process the wafer by using the first processing gas and a second process step where the first processing gas and the second processing gas are reversed are repeatedly switched over therebetween, and the adjuster adjusts a pressure in the processing chamber to a predetermined value during the processing.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Plasma generating unit and substrate treating apparatus having the same

Disclosed are an apparatus for treating a substrate and a plasma generating device. The apparatus for treating a substrate includes a process chamber, a support unit supporting the substrate in the process chamber, a gas supply unit supplying a process gas in the process chamber, and a plasma generating unit generating a plasma from the process gas supplied in the process chamber, and the plasma generating unit includes a high frequency power supply, an antenna unit connected to the high frequency power via a supply line, and an impedance matcher connected between the high frequency power supply and the antenna unit via the supply line and matching impedance, and the impedance matcher includes a first sensor connected to an input terminal and measuring input impedance and a second sensor connected to an output terminal and measuring output impedance..
Semes Co., Ltd


System and selective coil excitation in inductively coupled plasma processing reactors

Spatial distribution of rf power delivered to plasma in a processing chamber is controlled using an arrangement of primary and secondary inductors, wherein the current through the secondary inductors affects the spatial distribution of the plasma. The secondary inductors are configured to resonate at respectively different frequencies.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Plasma processing apparatus

A plasma processing apparatus includes: a plasma processing chamber; a radio frequency power source; a sample stage on which a sample is mounted; an electrode which is arranged inside the sample stage and electrostatically chucks the sample; a dc power source which applies a dc voltage to the electrode; and a control device which controls an output voltage of the dc power source so that an electric potential difference between an electric potential of the sample and an electric potential of an inner wall of the plasma processing chamber is reduced to an electric potential difference within a predetermined range during interruption of plasma discharge.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Method and controlling a magnetic field in a plasma chamber

Methods and apparatus for controlling a magnetic field in a plasma chamber are provided herein. In some embodiments, a process chamber liner may include a cylindrical body, an inner electromagnetic cosine-theta (cos θ) coil ring including a first plurality of inner coils embedded in the body and configured to generate a magnetic field in a first direction, and an outer electromagnetic cosine-theta (cos θ) coil ring including a second plurality of outer coils embedded in the body and configured to generate a magnetic field in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction, wherein the outer electromagnetic cos θ coil ring is disposed concentrically about the inner electromagnetic cos θ coil ring..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Closed drift magnetic field ion source apparatus containing self-cleaning anode and a process for substrate modification therewith

A process for modifying a surface of a substrate is provided that includes supplying electrons to an electrically isolated anode electrode of a closed drift ion source. The anode electrode has an anode electrode charge bias that is positive while other components of the closed drift ion source are electrically grounded or support an electrical float voltage.
General Plasma, Inc.


Inductively-coupled plasma ion source for use with a focused ion beam column with selectable ions

An inductively coupled plasma source having multiple gases in the plasma chamber provides multiple ion species to a focusing column. A mass filter allows for selection of a specific ion species and rapid changing from one species to another..
Fei Company


Method of forming stable states of dense high-temperature plasma

A method is proposed for forming stable states of a dense high-temperature plasma, including plasmas for controlled fusion, the method comprising: generating a dense high-temperature plasma in pulsed heavy-current discharges, followed by injecting the plasma from the area of a magnetic field with parameters corresponding to the conditions of gravitational emission of electrons with a banded energy spectrum and subsequent energy transfer along the spectrum (cascade transition) into the long wavelength region (of ev-energy), this leading to the state of locking and amplification of the gravitational emission in the plasma with simultaneous compression thereof to the states of hydrostatic equilibrium, with using multielectron atoms as a prerequisite element in the composition of a working gas, for quenching the spontaneous gravitational emission from the ground energy levels (the kev-region) of the electron in the proper gravitational field.. .
Zakrytoe Aktisionernoe Obschestvo Rustermosintez


Devices and methods for detecting and/or quantifying analytes in fluids

The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for determining a target analyte in a sample (e.g., a bodily fluid sample such as sweat, blood, urine, lavage, plasma, saliva, tears) using an analysis device (e.g., a bodily fluid analysis device). The device may include a lateral flow assay in some embodiments.
Seed Research And Development, Llc


Hyposialylation disorders

Methods are disclosed for diagnosing a hyposialylation disorder. Methods are also disclosed for determining the effectiveness of a therapeutic agent for treatment of a hyposialylation disorder in a subject.
Emory University


Microwave plasma spectrometer using dielectric resonator

A dielectric resonator is excited at its natural resonant frequency to produce a highly uniform electric field for the generation of plasma. The plasma may be used as a desolvator, atomizer excitation source and ionization source in an optical spectrometer or a mass spectrometer..
Radom Corporation


Method and the extraction of vitamin d metabolites from human plasma

This invention relates to a method and apparatus or kit for extracting major metabolites of vitamin d from human plasma or serum. More particularly, the invention provides for the extraction from human plasma or serum samples comprising vitamin d metabolites such as 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin d3, 25-hydroxy vitamin d2, and d3 from protein binding, removal of protein and phospholipids, and isolation of the metabolites using a combination of ion-exchange and lewis acid mechanisms without the requirement to acidify the samples.
Orochem Technologies, Inc.


Plasma ignition plug for an internal combustion engine

A plasma ignition plug for an internal combustion engine has a thorium alloyed tungsten anode separated from a vanadium- or beryllium-alloyed copper cathode by a boron nitride ceramic powder insulator. A generally semi-spherical titanium emitter is electrically coupled to the anode and disposed within an end of the insulator so as to form an annular gap with a torus on the end of the cathode.


Method for heating oil shale subsurface in-situ

A method for heating oil shale underground in situ. Shale oil and fuel gas can be obtained from an underground oil shale seam in situ, and the fuel gas can also be obtained from an underground coal seam in situ.
Jilin University


Film-forming device

A film-forming device includes: a microwave supplying unit, which supplies microwaves for generating plasma along a treatment surface of a central conductor comprising at least a conductive workpiece material; a negative voltage applying unit, which applies to the workpiece material a negative bias voltage for expanding a sheath layer along the treatment surface of the workpiece material; a microwave transmitting window, which make the microwave, which is supplied by the microwave supplying unit, propagate to the expanded sheath layer through a microwave transmitting surface thereof, and a surrounding wall, which surrounds the microwave transmitting surface of the microwave transmitting window and protrudes beyond the microwave transmitting surface in a propagation direction in which the microwaves propagate.. .
National University Corporation Nagoya University


Plasma cvd device and plasma cvd method

The present invention relates to a plasma cvd device provided with a vacuum chamber, and a plasma cvd electrode unit and a substrate-holding mechanism inside the vacuum chamber. The plasma cvd electrode unit is provided with an anode, a cathode that faces the anode at a distance, and a first gas supply nozzle for supplying gas so as to pass through the plasma-generation space between the anode and cathode.
Toray Industries, Inc.


Plasma source for rotating platen ald chambers

Substrate processing chambers and methods for processing multiple substrates generally including an inductively coupled pie-shaped plasma source positioned so that a substrate rotating on a platen will pass through a plasma region adjacent the plasma source.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Vapor deposition system and operating

A system for depositing a thin film on a substrate using a vapor deposition process is described. The deposition system includes a process chamber having a vacuum pumping system configured to evacuate the process chamber, a substrate holder coupled to the process chamber and configured to support the substrate, a gas distribution system coupled to the process chamber and configured to introduce a film forming composition to a process space in the vicinity of a surface of the substrate, a non-ionizing heat source separate from the substrate holder that is configured to receive a flow of the film forming composition and to cause thermal fragmentation of one or more constituents of the film forming composition when heated, and one or more power sources coupled to the heating element array and configured to provide an electrical signal to the at least one heating element zone.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma systems and methods including high enthalpy and high stability plasmas

The present disclosure generally relates to systems, apparatus and methods of plasma spraying and plasma treatment of materials based on high specific energy molecular plasma gases that may be used to generate a selected plasma. The present disclosure is also relates to the design of plasma torches and plasma systems to optimize such methods..


Methods of evaluating a cellular sample for latent cellular replication competent hiv-1, and compositions and kits for use in practicing the same

Methods of evaluating a cellular sample for latent cellular replication competent hiv-1 are provided. Aspects of the methods include contacting a cellular sample with an hiv-1 inducing compound to produce an activated cellular sample; and assessing plasma viral load in the activated cellular sample to evaluate the cellular sample for latent cellular replication competent hiv-1.
Incelldx, Inc.


Pressurized plasma enhanced reactor

The present invention is a vitrification and gasification system that operates at elevated pressures. The system includes a processing chamber having numerous penetrations, and seals for effectively sealing the penetrations to the processing chamber..
Inentec Inc.


Fibers for use in fiber-reinforced resin, and production method thereof

Fibers for fiber-reinforced resin of the present invention are fibers for fiber-reinforced resin to which a sizing agent is adhered. The fibers are at least one selected from carbon fibers and glass fibers, and an ester bond (—coo—) generated by denaturation of the sizing agent is present on surfaces of the fibers.
Kurashiki Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha


Porous film with high hardness and a low dielectric constant and preparation method thereof

The present invention relates to a plasma polymerized thin film having high hardness and a low dielectric constant and a manufacturing method thereof, and in particular, relates to a plasma polymerized thin film having high hardness and a low dielectric constant for use in semiconductor devices, which has improved mechanical strength properties such as hardness and elastic modulus while having a low dielectric constant, and a manufacturing method thereof.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Biological therapeutics for infection-relating disorders or conditions

The present invention discloses products and the methods of uses of the products for preventing and treating infectious diseases and the disorders or conditions inducible by harmful antibodies. The harmful antibodies are induced during infection, or vaccination, or use of therapeutic antibodies.


Braze for ceramic and ceramic matrix composite components

In some examples, a technique may include positioning a first part comprising a ceramic or ceramic matrix composite and a second part comprising a ceramic or a cmc adjacent to each other to define a joint region at the interface of the first part and the second part. In some examples, the joint region may be heated using at least one of a laser or a plasma arc source to heat the joint region to an elevated temperature.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Isothermal plasma cvd system for reduced taper in optical fiber preforms

A chemical vapor deposition (cvd) system is configured to reduce the presence of geometrical and optical taper at the end sections of the preform, or more generally controlling the axial profile of the fabricated optical fiber preform. The system is configured to create an isothermal plasma within the substrate tube, with a relatively confined deposition zone located upstream of the plasma.
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Ozone generator and ozone generation method

In order to generate ozone, which is used for ashing and plasma cleaning, plasma generated in a decompressed chamber is conventionally used. But it is difficult to reduce the production cost of an ozone generation, because facility cost and process cost are expensive in a decompressed process.


Composite semifinished products and mouldings produced therefrom and directly produced mouldings based on hydroxy-functionalized (meth)acrylates and uretdiones which are crosslinked by means of radiation to give thermosets

The invention relates to a process for producing storage-stable polyurethane prepregs and to mouldings (composite components) produced therefrom. The prepregs and, respectively, components are produced by mixing (meth)acrylate monomers, (meth)acrylate polymers, hydroxy-functionalised (meth)acrylate monomers and/or hydroxy-functionalised (meth)acrylate polymers with uretdione materials.
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Automated gas cutting system with auxiliary torch

An automated plasma cutting system is provided that includes a positioning system mounted to a support, an automated plasma arc torch mounted to the positioning system, and at least one power supply operatively connected to the automated plasma arc torch. The power supply may provide electrical power and fluid flow to the automated plasma arc torch for operation.
Victor Equipment Company


Wear resistant and biocompatible coatings for medical devices and fabrication

A method of forming a biocompatible or biologically inert article for use in an application in which the article will make contact with at least one tissue, organ, or fluid within a human or animal body is provided. The method generally comprises providing an article having an external surface; selecting chemical precursors; using a means to direct one or more chemical precursors towards or to apply such chemical precursors to the external surface; activating the chemical precursors by exposing said precursors to atmospheric pressure plasma; and grafting and/or cross-linking the chemical precursors to form a solid coating adjacent to the external surface of the article..
Kettering University


Direct current superposition curing for resist reflow temperature enhancement

Techniques herein include methods for curing a layer of material (such as a resist) on a substrate to enable relatively greater heat reflow resistance. Increasing reflow resistance enables successful directed self-assembly of block copolymers.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method for controlling biological processes in microorganisms

The present invention discloses a method for providing at least one biological effect in at least one microorganism. The aforementioned method comprises steps of: (a) providing a system for administering modified plasma; (b) providing a substrate hosting said at least one microorganism; and (c) administering the generated modified plasma beam in a predetermined pulsed manner to said substrate hosting said at least one microorganism to provide said at least one biological effect to said at least one microorganism.
Orteron (t.o) Ltd.


Stock solution concentrating device, stock solution treatment device, and circulation-type treatment device

Provided are a stock solution concentrating device, a stock solution treatment device and a circulation-type treatment device that can prevent the deposition of cells and the like on a filtration member and that can continuously filter and concentrate a stock solution such as pleural and ascitic fluid or blood plasma. The stock solution concentrating device concentrates a stock solution such as pleural and ascitic fluid or blood plasma to form a concentrated solution, and is equipped with: a filter (10) having a filtration member that filters the stock solution; a concentrator (20) to which the filtrate which has been filtered is supplied, and which concentrates the filtrate to form a concentrated solution; and a stock solution supply unit that supplies the stock solution to the filter (10).
Tokushima University


Biological functionalisation of substrates

The invention relates to an activated metallic, semiconductor, polymer, composite and/or ceramic substrate, the substrate being bound through a mixed or graded interface to a hydrophilic polymer surface that is activated to enable direct covalent binding to a functional biological molecule, the polymer surface comprising a sub-surface that includes a plurality of cross-linked regions, as well as to such activated substrates that have been functionalised with a biological molecule and to devices comprising such functionalised substrates. Such substrates can be produced by a method comprising steps of: a.
The University Of Sydney


Methods and solutions for rapidly killing or deactivating spores

Exemplary methods and systems for killing or deactivating spores include applying a fluid to a surface containing a spore; and applying direct or indirect plasma to the surface for a period of time. In some embodiments, the fluid includes water.
Ep Technologies Llc


Composition and use

The invention provides the simultaneous, separate or sequential feeding or administration of a carnitine substance (e.g. L-carnitine) with an agent for increasing the blood/plasma insulin concentration.
The University Of Nottingham


Multi-mode electrosurgical apparatus

A multi-mode electrosurgical apparatus for use in cold plasma applications, electrosurgical cutting, electrosurgical coagulation and mechanical cutting is provided. The electrosurgical apparatus includes a housing having a passage extending therethrough, an electrically conducting tube being disposed in the passage of the housing; an insulating outer tube disposed around the electrically conducting tube coupled to the housing, the electrically conducting tube being movable along a longitudinal axis of the housing and outer tube; an electrically conducting blade coupled to the distal end of the electrically conducting tube, and a transformer assembly disposed on a proximal end of the housing, the transformer assembly including a first transformer and a first switch for selectively coupling the first transformer and an external second transformer to the electrically conducting tube for providing electrosurgical energy thereto..
Bovie Medical Corporation


Long-term implantable monitoring system & methods of use

Methods and systems include a long-term implantable ultra-filtrate monitoring system that uses micro-porous membranes to produce an ultra-filtrate of tissue interstitial fluid or blood plasma. The ultra-filtrate is transported through a sensor to detect a level of analyte in the ultra-filtrate.
Thomas Jefferson University

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