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Plasma patents


This page is updated frequently with new Plasma-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Illuminating microwave heater, with energy recovery patent thumbnailIlluminating microwave heater, with energy recovery
Illuminating microwave heater, comprising at least o le magnetron radiating microwaves in a first chamber, impermeable, reflecting and shielding the microwaves; said first chamber being filled with ionized gas and comprising internally at least a second chamber, permeable to microwaves, adapted to contain liquid to feed into the radiators and heat absorbing tubes; said liquid being heated by friction, when radiated by the microwaves; said illuminating microwave heater comprising pipes connected to said at least one second chamber by means of devices adapted to prevent the microwaves from escaping from the first chamber; said ionized gas in plasma state when excited by the microwaves being adapted to generate light illuminating said first chamber at least internally.. .

 A high figure of merit p-type fenbtisb thermoelectric material and the preparation method thereof patent thumbnailA high figure of merit p-type fenbtisb thermoelectric material and the preparation method thereof
The present invention discloses a type of high figure of merit p-type fenbtisb thermoelectric material, whose composition is fenb1-xtixsb, wherein x=0.06˜0.24. The present invention also discloses the method to prepare these p-type fenbtisb thermoelectric materials.
Zhejiang University

 Low temperature spacer for advanced semiconductor devices patent thumbnailLow temperature spacer for advanced semiconductor devices
Embodiments of the present invention provide semiconductor structures and methods for making the same that include a boron nitride (bn) spacer on a gate stack, such as a gate stack of a planar fet or finfet. The boron nitride spacer is fabricated using atomic layer deposition (ald) and/or plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald) techniques to produce a boron nitride spacer at relatively low temperatures that are conducive to devices made from materials such as silicon (si), silicon germanium (sige), germanium (ge), and/or iii-v compounds.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Wafer dicing using femtosecond-based laser and plasma etch patent thumbnailWafer dicing using femtosecond-based laser and plasma etch
Methods of dicing semiconductor wafers, each wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits, are described. A method includes forming a mask above the semiconductor wafer, the mask including a layer covering and protecting the integrated circuits.

 Indicator used in electronic device manufacturing  designing and/or managing the apparatus patent thumbnailIndicator used in electronic device manufacturing designing and/or managing the apparatus
Provided is an indicator that can easily detect whether treatment with at least one member of plasma, ozone, ultraviolet rays, and radical-containing gas is uniformly performed on an entire substrate in an electronic device manufacturing apparatus; also provided is a method for designing and/or managing an electronic device manufacturing apparatus using the indicator. The indicator is used in an electronic device manufacturing apparatus, wherein (1) the indicator detects at least one member selected from the group consisting of plasma, ozone, ultraviolet rays, and radical-containing gas, (2) the indicator has a shape that is the same as that of a substrate used in the electronic device manufacturing apparatus, (3) the indicator contains a color-changing layer, and (4) the color-changing layer is formed by an ink composition whose color changes or disappears by reaction with at least one member selected from the group consisting of plasma, ozone, ultraviolet rays, and radical-containing gas..
Sakura Color Products Corporation

 Internal plasma grid for semiconductor fabrication patent thumbnailInternal plasma grid for semiconductor fabrication
The embodiments disclosed herein pertain to improved methods and apparatus for etching a semiconductor substrate. A plasma grid assembly is positioned in a reaction chamber to divide the chamber into upper and lower sub-chambers.
Lam Research Corporation

 Dry development and image transfer of si-containing self-assembled block copolymers patent thumbnailDry development and image transfer of si-containing self-assembled block copolymers
Provided herein are methods of selectively etching silicon-containing block copolymer (bcp) materials. The methods involve exposing a bcp material that includes at least one silicon-containing block and at least one non-silicon-containing block to a plasma that has a reducing chemistry.
Lam Research Corporation

 Method for depositing thin film patent thumbnailMethod for depositing thin film
Disclosed herein is a method of depositing a thin film. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a method of depositing a thin film, including: a step of forming a protective layer containing silicon on a substrate; and a step of forming a sacrificial layer on the protective layer, wherein the protective layer and the sacrificial layer may include silicon (si), and the step of forming the protective layer may include a step of supplying a precursor containing silicon and a step of supplying plasma activating a purge gas..
Asm Ip Holding B.v.

 Current threshold response mode for arc management patent thumbnailCurrent threshold response mode for arc management
This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatuses for extinguishing electrical arcs in a plasma processing chamber. Once an arc is detected, the steady state voltage provided to the plasma processing chamber can be reduced, and the current being provided to the chamber decays below a steady state value as the arc is extinguished.
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

 Measurement system and measurement method patent thumbnailMeasurement system and measurement method
A measurement system for measuring a consumption amount of a focus ring in a plasma etching apparatus including a processing chamber, a lower electrode and the focus ring surrounding a periphery of the lower electrode, comprises a sensor substrate having a distance sensor and a measurement unit configured to measure a consumption amount of the focus ring. The measurement unit includes a transfer instruction unit, an acquisition unit and a measurement unit.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method and system for modifying a substrate using a plasma

A method and system of modifying a substrate using a plasma are described comprising providing a first electrode and a second electrode; arranging the substrate such that a portion of the substrate is between the electrodes; supplying a voltage to at least one of the electrodes so as to create a plasma discharge between the electrodes which contacts at least said portion of the substrate, moving either the substrate and/or said second electrode such that said substrate and said second electrode are being linearly displaced relative to each other along an axis of linear displacement during said movement; and wherein said second electrode is arranged relative to said axis of linear displacement such that said linear movement causes a first section of the portion of substrate to have a greater residence time between the electrodes during said linear displacement than a second section of said portion of the substrate. A method and system of modifying a substrate using a plasma is also described comprising providing a first electrode and a second electrode; arranging the substrate such that a portion of the substrate is between the electrodes; supplying a voltage to at least one of the electrodes so as to create a plasma discharge between the electrodes which contacts at least said portion of the substrate, moving either the substrate and/or said second electrode such that said substrate and said second electrode are being linearly displaced relative to each other along an axis of linear displacement during said movement; and further comprising the step of rotating either the substrate or said second electrode about an axis of rotation during said relative linear displacement along said axis, so that a first section of the portion of substrate has a greater residence time between the electrodes than a second section of said portion of substrate..
Innovation Ulster Limited


Plasma processing apparatus

Provided is a plasma processing apparatus including: a circular waveguide connected with a vacuum vessel, and through which a circularly polarized wave of an electric field for plasma formation propagates; a processing chamber which is arranged below the circular waveguide, and in which plasma is formed; a circularly polarized wave generator, which is arranged in the waveguide; a circularly polarized wave adjuster which is connected with the circular waveguide below the circularly polarized wave generator; a circularly polarized wave detector which is below the circularly polarized wave adjuster; and a controller which adjusts an operation of the circularly polarized wave adjuster according to an output from the circularly polarized wave detector, in which the circularly polarized wave adjuster adjusts a length of a protrusion of a dielectric stub into the circular waveguide based on a signal from the controller.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Fast-gas switching for etching

A method for etching a layer in a plasma chamber with an inner injection zone gas feed and an outer injection zone gas feed is provided. The layer is placed in the plasma chamber.
Lam Research Corporation


Plasma process apparatus having view port

A plasma process apparatus includes a process chamber including a view port, a window plate disposed in the view port of the process chamber, and a light guide disposed on a surface of the window plate facing toward an interior of the process chamber, the light guide including openings extending in one direction in parallel to each other.. .


Supersonic molecular beam injecting device

This device includes a molecular beam valve, a cold/hot precipitator and a magnetic shielding cylinder, wherein molecular beam valve is nested in cold/hot precipitator and precipitator is nested in magnetic shielding cylinder and molecular beam valve is fixed on flange connected to vacuum chamber of a fusion device, outlet of molecular beam valve has a lengthened laval nozzle. The device solves technical problem that plasma feeding efficiency of existing supersonic gas injector is below 20% during operation of a high-performance tokamak high confinement mode and constraint is poor; and an effect of applying device to existing large-scale superconducting tokamak has shown: feeding efficiency reaches 40%; and a function of triggering a low constraint mode converted to a high constraint mode; and a function of mitigating instability of an edge localized mode, so heating load on wall surfaces of fusion device is reduced by 50%, thereby maintaining normal h-mode operation..
Southwestern Institute Of Physics


Enhanced pepper's ghost illusion using video panel displays

Systems and methods herein are directed to creating a holographic image (e.g., in line with pepper's ghost illusion) with a panel display (e.g., plasma, liquid crystal display (lcd), light-emitting diode (led), etc.) as the light source for the holographic image. As described herein, such displays may include any size display, such as ranging from personal electronic equipment (e.g., watches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions, etc.) through to stage-sized displays for larger venues (e.g., concerts, stage shows, etc.).
Ventana 3d, Llc


Biomarkers for seizures

The application relates to markers for seizures and epilepsy. Polypeptide expression panels or arrays are provided, comprising one or more probes capable of binding specific polypeptides in blood plasma or blood serum of a mammalian subject.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Novel assay

The present invention relates to a cfi bioactivity assay designed to quantitatively measure (a) cfi bioactivity of plasma or other body fluids; and (b) bioactivity of cfi in plasma or other body fluids of a human patient afflicted by a disease that involves amyloid deposition in tissues, in particular alzheimer disease, amd, glaucoma, or beta-amyloid cataract formation.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property (no.2) Limited


Method for predicting post-therapy prognosis of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (rrms) patient, and determining applicability of novel therapy

According to the present invention, the amount of a plasmablast (pb) in a sample of a relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (rrms) patient can be measured, thereby predicting the therapeutic effect of interferon beta (ifn-β) or predicting a rrms case for which the continuous administration of ifn-β is difficult due to the manifestation of a serious adverse reaction or the aggravation of concomitant immune disorder. In addition, the amount of pb in a sample of a rrms patient can also be measured, thereby predicting the therapeutic effect of an il-6 inhibitor in the treatment of rrms.
National Center Of Neurology And Psychiatry


Microdischarge-based transducer

The distance between microscale electrodes can be determined from microdischarge current and/or capacitance distribution among a plurality of electrodes. A microdischarge-based pressure sensor includes a reference pair of electrodes on a body of the sensor and a sensing pair of electrodes.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Highly turbulent quench chamber

An apparatus for cooling a reactive mixture, comprising: a reactor configured to form the reactive mixture; a quench chamber comprising a frusto-conical body having a wide end, a narrow end, and a quench region formed between the wide and narrow end, wherein the quench chamber is configured to receive the reactive mixture from the plasma reactor through a reactive mixture inlet into the quench region, to receive a conditioning fluid through at least one fluid inlet, and to flow the conditioning fluid into the quench region, wherein the frusto-conical body is configured to produce a turbulent flow within the quench region with the flow of the conditioning fluid into the quench region, thereby promoting the quenching of the reactive mixture to form a cooled gas-particle mixture; and a suction generator configured to force the cooled gas-particle mixture out of the quench chamber.. .
Sdcmaterials, Inc.


Three step ultra- compact plasma system for the high temperature treatment of waste onboard ships

An apparatus for thermal processing of waste having organic and inorganic components comprises at least a treatment station, a cooling station and a treated material-removal station, and at least three crucibles. The treatment station is adapted to thermally treat the organic components and/or inorganic components located in a given one of the crucibles located at the treatment station.
Pyrogenesis Inc.


Method for forming lanthanide scintillators

A method of forming a scintillator includes processing soluble precursor ceramic lanthanide materials to form a calcined powder. This powder is spark plasma sintered to density the calinced powder into a lanthanide scintillator..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Method of conditioning wool fibre material

The method for conditioning wool fibre material comprises the steps of preparing a predetermined quantity of the wool fibre material, subjecting the material to a treatment using ionized gases and/or plasma, subjecting the material treated with ionized gases and/or plasma to a soaking in water and drying the material.. .
Veneto Nanotech S.c.p.a. In Liquidazione


Substrate holder, plasma reactor and depositing diamond

A substrate holder having a base plate where a plurality of protruding poles is arranged, said poles spaced apart from one another by intermediate spaces. Alternatively or in addition, a plasma reactor for depositing diamond from the gas phase may be provided, the plasma reactor comprising such a substrate holder.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Method for manufacturing corrosion resistant and conductive nano carbon coating layer and fuel cell bipolar plate thereby using stainless steel substrate

The present invention proposed manufacturing device of coating layers with good conductivity and corrosion resistance at high productivity comprising etching the oxide layer on the stainless steel substrate by plasma etching to activate the surface and prevent from decreasing it's conductivity, coating metal nitrides like crn or tin in nano size thickness on the etched surface and coating carbon layer at nano size thickness on top of it. According to the present invention, it is possible to produce manufacture fuel cell bipolar plate, electrode material and stainless steel with reinforced conductivity and corrosion resistance in mass..
J&l Tech Co., Ltd.


Plasma processing method

A plasma processing method for trimming a tantalum film by plasma etching using a resist, an antireflective film disposed under the resist, and a mask film disposed under the antireflective film, includes the steps of trimming the antireflective film and the mask film by plasma etching with the resist as a mask; removing the resist and the antireflective film subjected to the trimming, by plasma; and trimming the tantalum film by plasma etching with a mask film obtained after the resist and the antireflective film subjected to the trimming are removed by plasma, as a mask.. .


Non-invasive blood based monitoring of genomic alterations in cancer

The invention provides methods to monitor cell free nucleic acids. The method comprises obtaining a plasma sample from a subject known to have a cancer characterized by a pair of mutually exclusive mutations specific to the cancer; isolating cell free nucleic acids from the plasma sample obtained from the subject; measuring the amount a housekeeping gene and/or total dna in the cell free nucleic acids isolated from the plasma sample to confirm that the amount of housekeeping gene and/or total dna in the sample is within a selected range; measuring the amount of a first of the pair of mutually exclusive mutations specific to the cancer in the cell free nucleic acids isolated from the plasma sample; and indicating in a report that the subject has the first mutation when (a) the amount of the housekeeping gene and/or total dna in the cell free nucleic acids isolated from the plasma sample is within the selected range and (b) the amount of the first mutation is increased as compared to a control amount, wherein the control amount is determined by measuring the apparent amount of the first mutation in control cell free nucleic acids isolated from plasma samples obtained from control subjects known to have the second of the pair of mutually exclusive mutations specific to the cancer using measuring conditions substantially the same as those used to measure the amount of the first mutation in the cell free nucleic acids isolated from the plasma sample from the subject..
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.


System and selective ablation of cancer cells with cold atmospheric plasma

A method for elevating a trail-r1 expression in cancer cells to induce apoptosis. The method comprises the steps of receiving electrical energy having a specific voltage, frequency and power from an electrosurgical generator, up-converting the voltage and down-converting the frequency with a high voltage transformer having a primary coil and a secondary coil, the secondary coil having a larger number of turns than the primary coil, applying said converted electrical energy to an electrode in an electrosurgical hand piece, flowing an inert gas through said electrosurgical hand piece to produce a cold plasma at a distal end of said electrosurgical hand piece; and applying said cold plasma to cancer cells for 1 to 3 minutes.


Secretagogues derived from oxalobacter formigenes

The present invention relates to a secretagogue compound derived from oxalate degrading bacteria, for use in the treatment of an oxalate related disease and/or oxalate related imbalance in a subject, wherein the administration of the secretagogue results in a reduction of urinary oxalate and/or plasma oxalate in the subject. The invention further relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising such a secretagogue compound, a method for treating a subject suffering from an oxalate related disease, and to a method for preparing a secretagogue..
Oxthera Intellectual Property Ab


Plasma spark discharge reactor and durable electrode

A plasma spark discharge reactor for treating water. The plasma spark discharge reactor comprises a hv electrode with a head and ground electrode that surrounds at least a portion of the hv electrode.
Drexel University


Graphene quantum dots with different types and obtaining each of different types of graphene quantum dots

The present application provides a method for producing a graphene quantum dot using thermal plasma, comprising injecting a carbon source into a thermal plasma jet to pyrolyze the carbon source so as to form a carbon atomic beam and allowing the carbon atomic beam to flow in a tube connected to an anode to produce a graphene quantum dot. The present application also provides an isolated graphene quantum dot from different types of graphene quantum dots and method for obtaining each of an isolated graphene quantum dot from different types of graphene quantum dots..
Seoul National University R&db Foundation


Laser welding apparatus and laser welding method

Provided is a laser welding apparatus that performs welding by irradiating a laser beam onto a welded part, the laser welding apparatus including: a shielding gas supply unit that supplies a shielding gas to the welded part; a gas feed rate controlling unit that controls a flow rate of the shielding gas; a light intensity measurement unit that measures a light intensity of plasma light emitted from the welded part; and a rate-of-change calculation unit that calculates a rate of change of the light intensity measured by the light intensity measurement unit. The gas feed rate controlling unit controls, according to the calculated rate of change of the light intensity, the flow rate of the shielding gas supplied to the welded part..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Novel formulation of cilostazol, a quinolinone-derivative used for alleviating the symptom of intermittent claudication in patients with peripheral vascular disease

A pharmaceutical composition in solid form containing particulate cilostazol or a salt thereof, a cellulose, a diluent, and a lubricant. The pharmaceutical composition features an in vivo plasma profile for cilostazol of c24 h/cmax>0.25.
Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Method of making a mycoplasma vaccine

The present invention relates to a method for the preparation of an immunogenic composition for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of mycoplasma infections in a subject comprising the cultivation of mycoplasma bacteria in a serum-reduced or swine serum-free, eukaryotic cell system; obtaining an antigen of the mycoplasma bacteria; and addition of a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. Further, the present invention relates to the immunogenic composition obtainable by said method and a method for immunizing a subject comprising the administration of said immunogenic composition to a subject..
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh


Oxymorphone controlled release compositions

The invention pertains to a method of relieving pain by administering a controlled release pharmaceutical tablet containing oxymorphone which produces a mean minimum blood plasma level 12 to 24 hours after dosing, as well as the tablet producing the sustained pain relief.. .
Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Controlled release delivery system for nasal applications and treatment

This invention relates to a gel formulation for nasal administration of a controlled release formulation of hormones to the systemic circulation and/or to the brain. The special lipophilic or partly lipophilic system of the invention leads to higher bioavailability of the active ingredient caused by sustained serum levels in plasma but also leads to a more favorable serum level profile.
Mattern Pharma Ag


Cosmetic use of a cold plasma

The present invention relates to the cosmetic use of a cold atmospheric plasma for preventing and/or treating aesthetis disorders of the healthy scalp.. .


Reduction of ambient gas entrainment and ion current noise in plasma based spectrometry

In a plasma source configured for producing sample atoms for analysis, such as by optical emission spectrometry or mass spectrometry, a plasma torch includes a torch exit in a chamber. A baffle is positioned between the torch exit and an opposing boundary.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Adjustment of vuv emission of a plasma via collisional resonant energy transfer to an energy absorber gas

Disclosed are methods of adjusting the emission of vacuum ultraviolet (vuv) radiation from a plasma in a semiconductor processing chamber. The methods may include generating a plasma in the processing chamber which includes a vuv-emitter gas and a collisional energy absorber gas, and adjusting the emission of vuv radiation from the plasma by altering the concentration ratio of the vuv-emitter gas to collisional energy absorber gas in the plasma.
Lam Research Corporation


Barrier discharge charge neutralization

Methods and apparatus for static charge neutralization in variable pressure environments are disclosed. In particular, barrier discharge ionization apparatus may include a hollow dielectric channel disposed within a variable pressure environment and may have at least one open end, a reference emitter disposed on the outer surface of the channel, and a high voltage electrode disposed within the channel.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Display device and manufacturing the same

A display device and an apparatus and method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The display device includes: a substrate; a display unit formed on the substrate; and an inorganic layer formed on the display unit, wherein a water vapor transmission rate (wvtr) of the inorganic layer is 5×10−5 g/m2 day or less.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Plasma etching method

In a plasma etching method of plasma-etching a sample which has a first magnetic film, a second magnetic film disposed above the first magnetic film, a metal oxide film disposed between the first magnetic film and the second magnetic film, a second metal film disposed over the second magnetic film and forming an upper electrode, and a first metal film disposed below the first magnetic film and forming a lower electrode, the plasma etching method includes the steps of: a first process for etching the first magnetic film, the metal oxide film, and the second magnetic film by using carbon monoxide gas; and a second process for etching the sample by using mixed gas of hydrogen gas and inactive gas after the first process. In this case, the first metal film is a film containing therein tantalum..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Fluorine containing low loss dielectric layers for superconducting circuits

Provided are superconducting circuits and methods of forming such circuits. A circuit may include a silicon containing low loss dielectric (lld) layer formed by fluorine passivation of dangling bonds of silicon atoms in the layer.
Intermolecular, Inc.


Floating gate nvm with low-moisture-content oxide cap layer

A back-end metallization structure for non-volatile memory (nvm) and other semiconductor devices including low-moisture-content oxide cap layers that suppress the creation and migration of mobile hydrogen atoms/ions during back-end processing. The metallization structure includes multiple metallization layers formed over front-end e.g., polysilicon (floating gate) structures and a pre-metal dielectric layer.
Tower Semiconductor Ltd.


Method of fabricating source/drain region and semiconductor structure having source/drain region fabricated by the same

A method of fabricating source/drain region in a substrate includes the steps of: introducing an ion beam-line of a first material to a surface of the substrate at a first energy and a first dosage to implant the substrate with dopants of a first conductive type; and subsequently, introducing a plasma of a second material to the surface. The ion beam-line is introduced, at a second energy and a second dosage to implant the substrate with dopants of the first conductive type.
Inotera Memories, Inc.


Back-end processing using low-moisture content oxide cap layer

A method for fabricating image sensors and other semiconductor ics that controls the amount of hydrogen generated during back-end processing. The back-end processing includes forming multiple metallization layers after front-end processing is completed (i.e., after forming the pre-metal dielectric), where each metallization layer includes a patterned aluminum structure, an interlevel dielectric (ild) layer including teos-based oxide formed over the patterned aluminum structure.
Tower Semiconductor Ltd.


Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber configured to perform a plasma processing on a sample, a first radio frequency power supply configured to generate a plasma, a sample stage configured to place the sample thereon, a second radio frequency power supply configured to supply a radio frequency power to the sample stage, a mass flow controller configured to supply a gas into the processing chamber, and a control device configured to change the radio frequency power supplied from the first radio frequency power supply or the second radio frequency power supply based on a change of plasma impedance after a first gas is switched to a second gas.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Transfer arm for film frame substrate handling during plasma singulation of wafers

Methods of and apparatuses for dicing semiconductor wafers, each wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits, are described. In an example, a plasma etch apparatus includes a plasma etch chamber.


Systems and methods for in-line measurement of pre-underfill wetting angle

Systems and method for determining whether to apply a liquid adhesive to a chip substrate based on a measured wetting angle are disclosed. According to the disclosed systems and methods, the chip substrate is treated, for example, by cleaning and activating the chip substrate surface with energetic plasma.
Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.


Ink composition for detecting plasma treatment and indicator for detecting plasma treatment

(wherein r1, r2, r3, and r4 are each independently hydrogen or a straight-chain or branched aliphatic hydrocarbon group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms; x is oxygen or an ester bond; ao is a repeating unit derived from an alkylene oxide; n is an integer of 1 to 200; the sum of a, b, and c is an integer of 3 to 200; and the sum of p and q is an integer of 0 to 20).. .


Methods of dry stripping boron-carbon films

Embodiments of the invention generally relate to methods of dry stripping boron-carbon films. In one embodiment, alternating plasmas of hydrogen and oxygen are used to remove a boron-carbon film.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Hall effect enhanced capacitively coupled plasma source, an abatement system, and vacuum processing

Embodiments disclosed herein include an abatement system for abating compounds produced in semiconductor processes. The abatement system includes a plasma source that has a first plate and a second plate parallel to the first plate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Linear duoplasmatron

A duoplasmatron is provided having a cathode, an anode with linear slit, and an intermediate electrode (ie) between the cathode and the anode where the ie has an opening that is aligned with the anode slit. A magnet forms a magnetic field that passes through the anode slit.
General Plasma, Inc.


Phosphorylcholine conjugates and corresponding antibodies

In subjects with hypertension, increases in intima-media thickness (imt) at four years were less in subjects also having high autoantibodies particularly igm, to phosphorylcholine. The presence or absence of autoantibodies, particularly igm, against phosphrylcholine is thus related to an increased or decreased risk of developing ischemic cardiovascular diseases.
Athera Biotechnologies Ab


Method and monitoring pulsed plasma processes

Emitted light from a pulsed plasma system is detected, amplified and digitized over a plurality of pulse modulation cycles to produce a digitized signal over the plurality of rf modulation periods, each of which contains an amount of random intensity variations. The individual signal periods are then mathematically combined to produce a stable local reference waveform signal that has decreased random intensity variations.
Verity Instruments, Inc.


Carbonization method and carbon fiber production method

A carbonization method of carbonizing precursor fibers that are being conveyed includes carbonization performed using a plurality of carbonization furnaces for heating fibers arranged in the direction in which the fibers are conveyed. The plurality of carbonization furnaces include at least one carbonization furnace that heats the fibers using plasma when the fibers are passing through the inside of the at least one carbonization furnace.
Toho Tenax Co., Ltd.


Highly twinned, oriented polycrystalline diamond film and manufacture thereof

In a method of chemical vapor deposition (cvd) growth of a polycrystalline diamond film in a cvd reactor, a gas mixture of gaseous hydrogen and a gaseous hydrocarbon is introduced into the cvd reactor. A plasma formed from the gas mixture is maintained above a surface of a conductive substrate disposed in the cvd reactor and causes a polycrystalline diamond film to grow on the surface of the conductive substrate.
Ii-vi Incorporated


Deposition apparatus

A deposition apparatus comprises a source unit configured to generate a plasma by arc discharge, a deposition unit in which a deposition target material is arranged so as to be irradiated with the plasma generated in the source unit, and an induction unit configured to induce the plasma for the source unit to the deposition unit. The induction unit comprises a partition unit airtightly connected to each of the source unit and the deposition unit and configured to pass the plasma inside, and a plurality of magnet units configured to form a magnetic field to induce the plasma in the partition unit.
Canon Anelva Corporation


Surface activation by plasma jets for thermal spray coating on cylinder bores

A method of activating the surface of an aluminum-based substrate. This method includes cleaning the substrate surface, and operating a plasma spraying device such that a air plasma jet produced by the device is accelerated toward the surface so that it removes or decomposes any remaining oxides and other surface contaminants.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Determining tumor load and biallelic mutation in patients with calr mutation using peripheral blood plasma

Compositions and fragment length analysis methods are provided for detecting calr mutations and determining tumor load in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms.. .
Neogenomics Laboratories, Inc.


Deep sequencing of peripheral blood plasma dna as a reliable test for confirming the diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome

Methods are provided for treating, managing, diagnosing and monitoring myelodysplastic syndrome and other hematologic malignancies. These methods comprise the next generation sequencing analysis conducted on cell-free dna from peripheral blood plasma or serum..
Neogenomics Laboratories, Inc.


C1 inhibitor fusion proteins and uses thereof

The present invention provides, among other things, methods and compositions for treating complement mediated disease, in particular, chronic diseases requiring prophylactic and/or maintenance treatment. In one aspect, c1-inh fusion proteins having longer half-life than native plasma-derived c1-inh are provided.
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc.


Process for the extraction, from bauxite, from red mud resulting from the processing of bauxite, and from chemically similar materials, of products of industrial interest, separated from each other

The figure shows a block diagram of a particular embodiment wherein the melting is carried out in a transferred arc plasma reactor.. .

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