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Plasma patents

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Plasma processing apparatus and method for processing object

Tokyo Electron Limited

Plasma processing apparatus and method for processing object

Apparatus for generating plasma

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Apparatus for generating plasma

Apparatus for generating plasma


Extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Negative ion-based neutral beam injector patent thumbnailNegative ion-based neutral beam injector
A negative ion-based neutral beam injector comprising a negative ion source, accelerator and neutralizer to produce about a 5 mw neutral beam with energy of about 0.50 to 1.0 mev. The ions produced by the ion source are pre-accelerated before injection into a high energy accelerator by an electrostatic multi-aperture grid pre-accelerator, which is used to extract ion beams from the plasma and accelerate to some fraction of the required beam energy.
Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.

 Plasma processing  processing object patent thumbnailPlasma processing processing object
A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber including a sidewall; a mounting table including a lower electrode and provided in the processing chamber; an upper electrode arranged to face the lower electrode in a first direction; a high frequency power supply configured to apply a high frequency power for plasma generation to the upper electrode; a gas supply system for supplying a processing gas into the processing chamber; and a grounding unit connected to a ground potential. A first space is defined between the mounting table and the sidewall.
Tokyo Electron Limited

 Apparatus for generating plasma patent thumbnailApparatus for generating plasma
Provided herein an apparatus for generating plasma, the apparatus including a nozzle array, first electrode, and housing. The nozzle discharges plasma.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus patent thumbnailExtreme ultraviolet light source apparatus
An euv light source apparatus by which detachment of a chamber or a part of the chamber, movement to a maintenance area, and highly accurate placement relative to projection optics can be performed easily for maintenance of the euv light source apparatus. The euv light source apparatus is an apparatus for generating plasma by applying a laser beam to a target material within a chamber and entering euv light radiated from the plasma into projection optics of exposure equipment, and includes a positioning mechanism for positioning the chamber or a maintenance unit of the chamber in a predetermined location where an optical axis of the collected extreme ultraviolet light and an optical axis of the projection optics of the exposure equipment are aligned, and a movement mechanism for moving the chamber or the maintenance unit of the chamber between the predetermined location and a maintenance area..
Gigaphoton Inc.

 Low power threshold integrated micro-plasma limiter patent thumbnailLow power threshold integrated micro-plasma limiter
A plasma power limiter fabricated using wafer-level fabrication techniques with other circuit elements. The power limiter includes a signal substrate having a first side and a second side, an input signal line formed on the first side, a signal transmission line formed on the second side and an output signal line formed on the first side.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

 Light emitting apparatus and  fabricating the same patent thumbnailLight emitting apparatus and fabricating the same
Although an ink jet method known as a method of selectively forming a film of a high molecular species organic compound, can coat to divide an organic compound for emitting three kinds (r, g, b) of light in one step, film forming accuracy is poor, it is difficult to control the method and therefore, uniformity is not achieved and the constitution is liable to disperse. In contrast thereto, according to the invention, a film comprising a high molecular species material is formed over an entire face of a lower electrode connected to a thin film transistor by a coating method and thereafter, the film comprising the high molecular species material is etched by etching by plasma to thereby enable to selectively form a high molecular species material layer.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Plasma assisted atomic layer deposition titanium oxide for conformal encapsulation and gapfill applications patent thumbnailPlasma assisted atomic layer deposition titanium oxide for conformal encapsulation and gapfill applications
The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for depositing an encapsulation layer over memory stacks in mram and pcram applications. The encapsulation layer is a titanium dioxide (tio2) layer deposited through an atomic layer deposition reaction.
Lam Research Corporation

 Sputter and surface modification etch processing for metal patterning in integrated circuits patent thumbnailSputter and surface modification etch processing for metal patterning in integrated circuits
One embodiment of an integrated circuit includes a plurality of semiconductor devices and a plurality of conductive lines connecting the plurality of semiconductor devices, wherein at least some of the plurality of conductive lines have pitches of less than one hundred nanometers and sidewall tapers of between approximately eighty and ninety degrees. Another embodiment of an integrated circuit includes a plurality of semiconductor devices and a plurality of conductive lines connecting the plurality of semiconductor devices, wherein at least some of the plurality of conductive lines are fabricated by providing a layer of conductive metal in a multi-layer structure fabricated upon a wafer and sputter etching the layer of conductive metal using a methanol plasma, wherein a portion of the layer of conductive metal that remains after the sputter etching forms the one or more conductive lines..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Hybrid wafer dicing approach using temporally-controlled laser scribing process and plasma etch patent thumbnailHybrid wafer dicing approach using temporally-controlled laser scribing process and plasma etch
Methods of dicing semiconductor wafers, each wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits, are described. In an example, a method of dicing a semiconductor wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits involves forming a mask above the semiconductor wafer, the mask including a layer covering and protecting the integrated circuits.

 Semiconductor line feature and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailSemiconductor line feature and manufacturing method thereof
Some embodiments of the present disclosure provide a semiconductor structure with a reduced line feature. The semiconductor structure includes a substrate, a first active region in the substrate and having a first sidewall, a second active region in the substrate and having a second sidewall, an isolation region contacting the first sidewall and the second sidewall.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.


Inhibitor plasma mediated atomic layer deposition for seamless feature fill

Systems and methods for depositing film in a substrate processing system includes performing a first atomic layer deposition (ald) cycle in a processing chamber to deposit film on a substrate including a feature; after the first ald cycle, exposing the substrate to an inhibitor plasma in the processing chamber for a predetermined period to create a varying passivated surface in the feature; and after the predetermined period, performing a second ald cycle in the processing chamber to deposit film on the substrate.. .
Lam Research Corporation


Electrostatic chuck, placing table, plasma processing apparatus, and manufacturing electrostatic chuck

Disclosed is an electrostatic chuck configured to hold a processing target object. The electrostatic chuck includes a dielectric substrate and a protective film.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Mechanisms for cleaning substrate surface for hybrid bonding

The mechanisms for cleaning a surface of a semiconductor wafer for a hybrid bonding are provided. The method for cleaning a surface of a semiconductor wafer for a hybrid bonding includes providing a semiconductor wafer, and the semiconductor wafer has a conductive pad embedded in an insulating layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Cluster type semiconductor processing manufacturing semiconductor device using the same

A cluster type semiconductor processing apparatus and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same are provided. The cluster type semiconductor processing apparatus includes a polyhedral transfer module to transfer a wafer, a first process module communicating with the transfer module, a degassing process of removing fumes from a surface of the wafer being performed in the first process module, a second process module communicating with the transfer module, a plasma cleaning process of cleaning the surface of the wafer being performed in the second process module, a standby module communicating with the transfer module, the wafer having undergone the degassing process and the plasma cleaning process being maintained in the standby module for a certain time, and a third process module communicating with the transfer module, a metal sputtering process of depositing a metal film on the wafer being performed in the third process module..
Sts Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co., Ltd.


Method of processing target object and plasma processing apparatus

A method of processing a target object includes (a) exposing a resist mask to active species of hydrogen generated by exciting plasma of a hydrogen-containing gas within a processing vessel while the target object is mounted on a mounting table provided in the processing vessel; and (b) etching a hard mask layer by exciting plasma of an etchant gas within the processing vessel after the exposing of the resist mask to the active species of hydrogen. The plasma is excited by applying of a high frequency power for plasma excitation to an upper electrode.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Etching method

An etching method can etch a region formed of silicon oxide. The etching method includes an exposing process (process (a)) of exposing a target object including the region formed of the silicon oxide to plasma of a processing gas containing a fluorocarbon gas, etching the region, and forming a deposit containing fluorocarbon on the region; and an etching process (process (b)) of etching the region with a radical of the fluorocarbon contained in the deposit.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus

A main etching process of forming a recess portion in a multilayer film having a laminated film where a first film and a second film having different relative permitivities are alternately formed on a base silicon film to a preset depth and an over etching process of forming the recess portion until the base silicon film is exposed are performed by introducing a processing gas including a cf-based gas and an oxygen gas and by performing a plasma etching process. In the over etching process, a first over etching process where a flow rate ratio of the oxygen gas to the cf-based gas is increased as compared to the main etching process and a second over etching process where the flow rate ratio of the oxygen gas to the cf-based gas is reduced as compared to the first over etching process are repeatedly performed two or more times..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method for forming germanium-based layer

A method for forming a germanium-based layer is provided. The method includes: providing a substrate having a ge or gesi surface layer; and implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing an element sn into the ge surface layer to form a ge-based gesn layer, or implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing an element sn into the gesi surface layer to form a ge-based gesnsi layer, or co-implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing elements sn and si into the ge surface layer to form a ge-based gesnsi layer..
Tsinghua University


Method for forming fin field effect transistor

A method for forming a finfet is provided, comprising: providing a substrate; forming a fin structure with a material ge or gesi on the substrate; forming a gate stack or a dummy gate on the substrate; defining a first region and a second region in the fin structure; and implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing an element sn into the first region and the second region in the fin structure with the material ge to form a strained gesn layer, or implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing an element sn into the first region and the second region in the fin structure with the material gesi to form a strained gesnsi layer, or co-implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing elements sn and si into the first region and the second region in the fin structure with the material gesi to form a strained gesnsi layer.. .
Tsinghua University


Method for forming fin field effect transistor

A method for forming a fin field effect transistor is provided. The method includes: providing a substrate; forming a fin structure with a material ge or gesi on the substrate; implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing an element sn into the fin structure with the material ge or gesi to form a ge-based gesn layer or a ge-based gesnsi layer; and forming a gate stack on the ge-based gesn layer or the ge-based gesnsi layer, the gate stack being oriented transversely to the fin structure..
Tsinghua University


Back-end transistors with highly doped low-temperature contacts

A back end of line device and method for fabricating a transistor device include a substrate having an insulating layer formed thereon and a channel layer formed on the insulating layer. A gate structure is formed on the channel layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Cleaning plasma processing apparatus

A ti-containing remaining in a chamber of a plasma processing apparatus can be simply and efficiently removed. In a low-k film etching process, immediately after a dry etching process (process s2) is finished, a dry cleaning process is performed in the presence of a wafer while the wafer is held on an electrostatic chuck 40 (process s3).
Tokyo Electron Limited


Focus ring

There is provided a focus ring formed without an adhesive that can suppress abnormal electric discharge and obtain uniform plasma environment in a circumferential direction in a plasma processing apparatus. The focus ring includes a plurality of arc-shaped members and a plurality of connecting members connecting the plurality of the arc-shaped members to form a ring shape without an adhesive, and is formed such that a thickness between an upper surface of the connecting member and a bottom surface of a concave fitting portion of the connecting member is greater than a thickness between an upper surface of the arc-shaped member and a bottom surface of a second depression of the arc-shaped member..
Covalent Materials Corporation


Compression member for use in showerhead electrode assembly

A compression member for use in a showerhead electrode assembly of a capacitively coupled plasma chamber. The member applies a compression force to a portion of a film heater adjacent a power supply boot on an upper surface of a thermal control plate and is located between the thermal control plate and a temperature-controlled top plate.
Lam Research Corporation


Plasma processing apparatus

In a plasma processing apparatus including an upper electrode arranged above a sample stage on which a sample to be processed in a processing chamber is mounted to supply an electric field, and a high frequency power supply to output first high frequency power to form the electric field to the upper electrode, an insulating layer has an impedance smaller than the impedance of the feeding path for bias or the feeding path for electrostatic chuck and a current of the first high frequency power flows through a circuit that passes through the conductive plate and a member constituting an inner sidewall surface of the processing chamber from the upper electrode via the top surface of the sample stage to return to the high frequency power supply.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Device for treating an object with plasma

A system for treating an object with plasma includes a vacuum processing chamber having a holder on which the object to be treated is placed, at least two subassemblies each including at least one plasma source able to generate a plasma and being supplied with radio-frequency power pi and with a gas i of independent flow rate ni. The plasma generated by one of the subassemblies is a partially ionized gas or gas mixture of different chemical nature from the plasma generated by the other subassembly or subassemblies.


Plasma source

This invention relates to magnetically enhanced cathodic plasma deposition and cathodic plasma discharges where the charged particles can be guided in a rarefied vacuum system. Specifically, a cluster or combination of cathodic plasma sources is described where a least two plasma source units are arranged in a rarefied gas vacuum system in such way that the resulting magnetic field interaction offers a guided channelling escape path of electrons in essentially perpendicular direction to the main bulk of neutral particles and droplets generated in the cathodic plasma source.
Gencoa Ltd


Tunable rf feed structure for plasma processing

A chamber for plasma processing semiconductor wafers is provided, comprising: a support chuck disposed in the chamber; a top electrode disposed over the support chuck and within the chamber; an rf supply rod electrically connected between an rf power source and the support chuck for providing rf power to the chamber, the rf supply rod having a corrugated surface, the corrugated surface having recessed and protruded regions that are arranged in a lengthwise repeating pattern along a segment of the rf supply rod, the corrugated surface producing a lengthwise minimum surface path along the segment that is greater than a length of the segment, the lengthwise minimum surface path defining a target length of the rf supply rod.. .
Lam Research Corporation


Method and system for analysing particles in cold plasma

A system for detecting and/or analyzing particles by performing the method.. .


Plasma spectrometry method

A plasma spectrometry method with high reproducibility of plasma light emission is described, wherein the method comprises: a detection step of applying a voltage, thereby detecting the resulting plasma light emission; and non-detection step of detecting no plasma light emission.. .
Arkray, Inc.


Pulsed plasma monitoring using optical sensor

Monitoring of a pulsed plasma is described using an optical sensor. In one example, the invention includes receiving light emitted by a pulsed plasma in a semiconductor plasma processing chamber, sampling the received light at a sampling rate higher than a pulse rate of the pulsed plasma, wherein the sampled light has a periodic amplitude waveform and the sampling rate is higher than the period of the amplitude waveform, accumulating multiple sampled waveforms to form a mean waveform, and transmitting characteristics of the mean waveform to a chamber control tool..


Super-hydrophobic thin film and preparing the same

A super-hydrophobic thin film and a method of preparing the same are provided. The method of preparing the super-hydrophobic thin film involves forming a super-hydrophobic thin film by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd) on a substrate by using a precursor and a hydrogen gas..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Magnetron sputtering device and fabricating thin film using magnetron sputtering device

A method is provided for depositing a thin film of material on a substrate. The method includes providing the substrate on a cathode and a target on an anode in a reaction chamber of a magnetron sputtering device, generating a magnetic field using an enhanced magnetron including an upper base plate to generate an upper magnetic field having a field strength of about 205 gauss and a lower base plate to generate a lower magnetic field having a field strength of about −215 gauss to about −370 gauss, injecting sputtering gas at low pressure into the reaction chamber, and applying power across the anode and cathode to create plasma.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Compositions and methods

The invention relates to a composition comprising an anchor region capable of binding to a plasma cell; and a binding region associated with the anchor region, wherein the binding region binds a specific plasma cell antibody.. .
Duetsches Rheuma-forschungszentrum Berlin (drfz)


Microbubble generator for enhanced plasma treatment of liquid

A system for the plasma treatment of a liquid is described. The system includes a storage chamber containing a liquid and a head-space, a gas source connected to a sparger positioned within the liquid, a pair of electrodes positioned within the liquid and substantially above the sparger, a microbubble generator positioned within the liquid, and a conduit between the head-space and the microbubble generator, such that gas from the head space can travel through the conduit to the microbubble generator.
Energy Onvector, Llc


Plasma-assisted synthetic jets for active air flow control

A plasma-assisted synthetic jet device, an aircraft including a plasma-assisted synthetic jet device, and a method of improving aerodynamic properties are disclosed for providing air flow control at an aerodynamic structure by ionizing one or more gases exiting through an aperture of the synthetic jet device disposed in the aerodynamic structure.. .
The Boeing Company


Manual plasma system with remote control

A torch assembly for cutting or spraying applications. The torch assembly includes a torch connector that connects to at least one cable that communicates with a power supply.
Lincoln Global, Inc.


Methods and system for enhanced plasma torch control

A cutting system that utilizes an inertial sensor to control movement of a cutting device is provided. The system includes a cutting device for cutting operation, a controller, and at least one inertial sensor.
Lincoln Global, Inc.


Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell system provided with hydrogen generating apparatus

To provide a hydrogen generating apparatus that efficiently generates hydrogen from ammonia, and a fuel cell system that generates power using the efficiently generated hydrogen. [solution] a hydrogen generating apparatus (1) is provided with a plasma reactor (3), a high-voltage electrode (5), a grounding electrode (7), and a gas supply means (15) that supplies a gas containing ammonia to the plasma reactor.
Actree Corporation


Compositions and methods for delivery of antigens to plasmacytoid dendritic cells

The present invention provides compositions of blood dendritic cell antigen 2 (bdca2) targeting molecules coupled to heterologous antigens, and their use in treating and/or limiting disease.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Exendins to lower cholesterol and triglycerides

Provided herein are pharmaceutical formulations containing exendins, exendin agonists, or exendin analog agonists that are administered at therapeutic plasma concentration levels over a sustained period of time to lower total cholesterol levels; to lower ldl-cholesterol levels; to lower triglyceride levels; to treat dyslipidemia; to treat and slow the progression of atherosclerosis; and to treat, prevent, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients. In the pharmaceutical formulations and methods of the invention, the exendin may be exendin-4, an exendin-4 agonist, or an exendin-4 analog agonist.
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals Lp


Plasma-supplemented formulation

Provided herein is a plasma-supplemented fibrinogen and/or fibrin formulation, method for the preparation and use thereof.. .
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.


Formulations involving solvent/detergent-treated plasma (s/d plasma) and uses thereof

The invention concerns pharmaceutical formulations comprising solvent/detergent (s/d)-treated plasma and a glycosaminoglycan such as hyaluronic acid, and their use for treating diseases, particularly musculoskeletal diseases.. .
Enrico Bastianelli S.p.r.l.


Modulation of branched amino acid concentrations to treat metabolic diseases

The plasma concentration of at least one branched chain amino acid in a mammal in need of such reduction is reduced by administering an agent that increases the plasma concentration of large neutral amino acids. The invention also includes related compositions and methods.
University Of Rochester


Variable frequency excitation plasma device for thermal and non-thermal tissue effects

A plasma system is disclosed. The plasma system includes a plasma instrument having an elongated body defining a lumen therethrough and a first electrode and a second electrode; an ionizable media source in fluid communication with the lumen and configured to supply ionizable media thereto; and a variable frequency energy source adapted to be coupled to the first and second electrodes and configured to supply energy to the first and second electrodes sufficient to ignite ionizable media supplied by the ionizable media source to generate a plasma influent, wherein a frequency of the energy is adjustable to modify at least one property of the plasma effluent..
Covidien Lp


Breathable waterproof sole for shoes

A waterproof breathable sole for shoes, which comprises, for at least part of its extension, at least two structural layers, a lower one provided with a supporting structure so as to form the tread, and an upper one that is permeable to water vapor. The lower layer has portions that are open onto the upper layer.
Geox S.p.a.


Triggered arc flash arrester and shield element for use therewith

An improved triggered arc flash arrester includes a shield apparatus disposed within an interior of an evacuated envelope and includes a first shield element and a second shield element. A plurality of conductors are partially disposed within the interior and are separated from one another by a gap.
Eaton Corporation


Fabrication and functionalization of a pure non-noble metal catalyst structure showing time stability for large scale applications

A pure and crystalline single-crystal nitrogen-functionalized graphene nano-flake powder comprising from 2 atomic % to at least 35 atomic % of total functionalized nitrogen within the graphene nano-flakes is disclosed. As well, the method of producing the nano-flakes that comprises injecting a carbon source into a thermal plasma system, dissociating the carbon source into carbon atomic species, transporting the carbon atomic species through a controlled nucleation zone to produce a crystalline graphene nano-flake structure, injecting the nitrogen source into the thermal plasma system dissociating the nitrogen source into nitrogen active species, and transporting the nitrogen atomic species to contact the crystalline graphene nano-flakes to produce the crystalline nitrogen-functionalized graphene nano-flakes is also disclosed.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University


Top electrode etch in a magnetoresistive device and devices manufactured using same

A two-step etching process is used to form the top electrode for a magnetoresistive device. The level of isotropy is different for each of the two etching steps, thereby providing advantages associated with isotropic etching as well as more anisotropic etching.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Low temperature spacer for advanced semiconductor devices

Embodiments of the present invention provide semiconductor structures and methods for making the same that include a boron nitride (bn) spacer on a gate stack, such as a gate stack of a planar fet or finfet. The boron nitride spacer is fabricated using atomic layer deposition (ald) and/or plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald) techniques to produce a boron nitride spacer at relatively low temperatures that are conducive to devices made from materials such as silicon (si), silicon germanium (sige), germanium (ge), and/or iii-v compounds.
International Business Machines Corporation


Porous insulation film, and a semiconductor device including such porous insulation film

The deposition rate of a porous insulation film is increased, and the film strength of the porous insulation film is improved. Two or more organic siloxane raw materials each having a cyclic sio structure as a main skeleton thereof, and having mutually different structures, are vaporized, and transported with a carrier gas to a reactor (chamber), and an oxidant gas including an oxygen atom is added thereto.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Barrier layer and structure method

A method for forming a multilayer barrier comprises forming a conductive line over a substrate, depositing a dielectric layer over the conductive line, forming a plug opening in the dielectric layer, forming a multilayer barrier through a plurality of deposition processes and corresponding plasma treatment processes.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Semiconductor device manufacturing method

A semiconductor device manufacturing method, the method including: forming an insulation layer having a protruding portion, the insulation layer having a surface and a rising surface that protrudes upward from the surface, on a semiconductor substrate; forming a conductive layer to cover the insulation layer having the protruding portion; and removing a predetermined region of the conductive layer by patterning the predetermined region according to an etching process using microwave plasma, which uses a microwave as a plasma source, while applying bias power of 70 mw/cm2 or above on the semiconductor substrate, under a high pressure condition of 85 mtorr or above.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Radical-component oxide etch

A method of etching exposed silicon oxide on patterned heterogeneous structures is described and includes a remote plasma etch formed from a fluorine-containing precursor. Plasma effluents from the remote plasma are flowed into a substrate processing region where the plasma effluents combine with a nitrogen-and-hydrogen-containing precursor.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Plasma etching method and plasma etching apparatus

A plasma etching method includes a first process and a second process. In the first process, a hole is formed in a processing target film formed on a substrate accommodated within a processing chamber by performing an etching process of etching the processing target film.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Etching method and plasma processing apparatus

An etching method of selectively etching a first region formed of silicon oxide with respect to a second region formed of silicon nitride includes: a process (a) and a process (b). In the process (a), a target object is exposed to plasma of a fluorocarbon gas and a thickness of a protective film on the second region is larger than a thickness of a protective film formed on the first region.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Growing graphene on substrates

Embodiments described herein provide methods and apparatus for forming graphitic carbon such as graphene on a substrate. The method includes providing a precursor comprising a linear conjugated hydrocarbon, depositing a hydrocarbon layer from the precursor on the substrate, and forming graphene from the hydrocarbon layer by applying energy to the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Hermetic cvd-cap with improved step coverage in high aspect ratio structures

Implementations described herein generally relate to methods for forming dielectric films in high aspect ratio features. In one implementation, a method for forming a silicon oxide layer is provided.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Systems and methods for automated analysis of output in single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and similar data sets

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for automated analysis of spectrometry data corresponding to particles of a sample, such as large data sets obtained during single particle mode analysis of an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (sp-icp-ms). Techniques are presented herein that provide appropriate smoothing for rapid data processing without an accompanying reduction (or with an acceptably negligible reduction) in accuracy and/or precision..
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Systems and methods for automated optimization of a multi-mode inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for automated tuning of multimode inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (icp-ms). In certain embodiments, a ‘single click’ optimization method is provided for a multi-mode icp-ms system that automates tuning of the system in one or more modes selected from among the multiple modes, e.g., a vented cell mode, a reaction cell mode (e.g., dynamic reaction cell mode), and a collision cell mode (e.g., kinetic energy discrimination mode).
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Plasma apparatus, magnetic-field controlling method, and semiconductor manufacturing method

Embodiments of a plasma apparatus are provided. The plasma apparatus includes a processing chamber and a wafer chuck disposed in the processing chamber.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for monitoring gas and plasma process equipment including the same

Provided is an apparatus for monitoring a gas and plasma process equipment including the same. The apparatus includes: a housing including a gas inflow hole, a gas discharge hole, and windows; a light source disposed adjacent to one of the windows outside the housing to provide source light to a gas supplied between the gas inflow hole and the gas discharge hole; a sensor disposed adjacent to the other of the windows outside the housing to detect fluorescence emitted from the gas by the source light; and a coil disposed in the housing between the gas inflow hole and the gas discharge hole to heat and decompose the gas between the light source and the sensor, thereby increasing the fluorescence emitted from the gas..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Plasma source for a plasma cvd apparatus and a manufacturing an article using the plasma source

A plasma source for a plasma cvd apparatus that includes an electrode group including four electrodes, which are a first electrode, a second electrode, a third electrode and a fourth electrode arranged in a row. The electrode group is connected to at least one ac power supply.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Plasma processing device and operation method

An operation method of a plasma processing device, includes performing a plasma process on a workpiece by supplying first high frequency power of a predetermined output to an electrode and generating plasma; and performing a charge storage process before the plasma process when a time interval from an end of a previous operation of the plasma processing device exceeds a predetermined interval, the charge storage process including supplying, to the electrode, second high frequency power of a lower output than the predetermined output.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Substrate processing device and substrate processing method

Disclosed is an apparatus and method of processing substrate, wherein the apparatus comprises a process chamber; a substrate supporter for supporting at least one of substrates, wherein the substrate supporter is provided in the process chamber, and is rotated at a predetermined direction; a chamber lid confronting with the substrate supporter, the chamber lid for covering the process chamber; and a gas distributor having a plurality of gas distribution modules for distributing gas to the substrate, wherein the plurality of gas distribution modules are connected to the chamber lid, wherein each of the gas distribution modules includes a power source electrode and a ground electrode confronting each other, a plasma discharge space is formed between the power source electrode and the ground electrode, and the plasma discharge space is not overlapped with a thin film formation region of the substrate supported by the substrate supporter.. .
Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.


Tunable multi-zone gas injection system

A tunable multi-zone injection system for a plasma processing system for plasma processing of substrates such as semiconductor wafers. The injector can include an on-axis outlet supplying process gas at a first flow rate to a central zone and off-axis outlets supplying the same process gas at a second flow rate to an annular zone surrounding the central zone.
Lam Research Corporation


Tcct match circuit for plasma etch chambers

A match circuit includes the following: a power input circuit coupled to an rf source; an inner coil input circuit coupled between the power input circuit and an input terminal of an inner coil, the inner coil input circuit including an inductor and a capacitor coupled in series to the inductor, the inductor connecting to the power input circuit, and the capacitor connecting to the input terminal of the inner coil, a first node being defined between the power input circuit and the inner coil input circuit; an inner coil output circuit coupled between an output terminal of the inner coil and ground, the inner coil output circuit defining a direct pass-through connection to ground; an outer coil input circuit coupled between the first node and an input terminal of an outer coil; and an outer coil output circuit coupled between an output terminal of the outer coil and ground.. .
Lam Research Corporation


Plasma processing apparatus and filter unit

Provided is a plasma processing apparatus in which an external circuit is electrically connected, via a line, to a predetermined electric member within a processing container thereof, and noises of first and second high frequency waves are attenuated or blocked by a filter provided on the line when the noises enter the line from the electric member toward the external circuit. The filter includes: an air core coil provided at a first stage when viewed from the electric member side; a toroidal coil connected in series with the air core coil; an electroconductive casing configured to accommodate or enclose the air core coil and the toroidal coil; a first condenser electrically connected between a connection point between the air core coil and the toroidal coil and the casing; and a second condenser connected between a terminal of the toroidal coil at the external circuit side and the casing..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Systems and methods for improving wafer etch non-uniformity when using transformer-coupled plasma

A substrate processing system includes a processing chamber including a dielectric window and a pedestal for supporting a substrate during processing. A gas supply system supplies gas to the processing chamber.
Lam Research Corporation


Apparatus for imaging plasma particles and detecting etching end point using same

Provided are an apparatus for photographing plasma particles and a method for detecting an etch endpoint using the apparatus. The method includes: receiving, according to time, a captured image of particles in a plasma chamber in which a thin film on a wafer is being etched; calculating a number of pixels within a predetermined grayscale range in the captured image; calculating, according to points of time, an accumulated average value of the number of pixels up to a current point of time; and detecting an etch endpoint that is a completion time of etching by using the accumulated average value calculated according to points of time..
Industry-academia Cooperation Group Of Sejong University


Plasma h2s levels as biomarkers for vascular disease

Hydrogen sulfide (h2s) levels in plasma are useful in diagnosing cardiovascular disease. The ratio of h2s to no in plasma is useful in diagnosing peripheral artery disease..
Lsu System Office


Self-powered blood coagulation chip for inr value and hematocrit determination

A point-of-test diagnostic chip that is capable of simultaneous evaluation of blood coagulation time (inr value) and hematocrit level. A finger prick volume of blood is placed at the inlet of the device, and the residual vacuum contained within the device provides a pressure gradient to drive the flow of whole blood.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Rapid measurement of formed blood component sedimentation rate from small sample volumes

Devices and methods are described for measuring formed blood component sedimentation rate. Some of the methods may use (1) centrifugal techniques for separating red blood cells from plasma and (2) video and/or still imaging capability.
Theranos, Inc.


Method and device for the quantitative libs measurement of bio-molecular targets on a biochip

A process, for the quantitative analysis by optical emission spectroscopy of a plasma induced by a laser beam of at least one target included in a biochip, involves the use of an adjuvant allowing the formation of a dry matrix capable of being ablated simultaneously with the at least one target, the dry matrix being configured to improve the analytical properties of plasma, the adjuvant having an emission spectrum whose lines have wavelengths distinct from the wavelengths of the spectral lines used for the quantitative analysis of said at least one target.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Method of painting microvesicles

The present invention relates to a method to modify and/or to isolate exosomes and other naturally occurring plasma membrane derived microvesicles, by incubation with a reactant, consisting of at least a membrane anchor domain or moiety and a hydrophilic functional domain or moiety. The invention also relates to modification using the same of artificially-prepared lipid bilayer vesicles called liposomes (composed of natural phospholipids) and non-biological or “synthetic” block copolymer membrane mimics which also form vesicles in aqueous solution called polymersomes...
Vin-de-bona Trading Company Pte Ltd


Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus of the present disclosure includes a placing table provided to be rotatable around an axis; a gas supplying section that supplies gas to regions through which a substrate sequentially passes while being moved in a circumferential direction with respect to the axis as the placing table is rotated; and a plasma generating section that generates plasma using the supplied gas. The plasma generating section includes an antenna that radiates microwaves, and a coaxial waveguide that supplies the microwaves to the antenna.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma induced fuming

A method for recovery of evaporable substances comprises melting (210) of a material comprising evaporable metals and/or evaporable metal compounds into a molten slag. The molten slag is agitated (212) by a submerged jet of hot gas.
Valeas Recycling Ab


Methods for increasing fetal fraction in maternal blood

The invention provides methods of increasing the fetal fraction in maternal blood and plasma. This increase in fetal fraction improves the accuracy and decreases the “no call” rate for prenatal testing that measures fetal dna in maternal blood..


Methods for evaluating pathologic conditions using extracellular rna

This invention provides methods for the detection, diagnosing, monitoring, or predicting of non-neoplastic diseases, pathologic conditions, and injury. The methods of the invention detect extracellular non-neoplastic mammalian rna in the blood, blood plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid or other bodily fluid of an animal, most preferably a human, having or predisposed to having a non-neoplastic disease, pathologic condition, or injury..


Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (alk) as oncoantigen for lymphoma vaccination

Use of intracytoplasmatic domain of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (alk) protein and/or a nucleic acid molecule encoding for the intracytoplasmatic domain of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (alk) protein, of any species, for the preparation of a medicament, preferably a vaccine, for the treatment and/or prevention of a tumor in a subject, preferably a lymphoma.. .


Method of manufacturing patterned substrate for culturing cells, patterned substrate for culturing cells, patterning culturing cells, and patterned cell chip

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a patterned substrate for culturing cells, comprising the steps of: (1) preparing a substrate; (2) forming a first plasma polymer layer by integrating a first precursor material using a plasma on the substrate; (3) placing a shadow mask having a predetermined pattern on the first plasma polymer layer; and (4) forming a second patterned plasma polymer layer by integrating a second precursor material using a plasma.. .
Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration


Fuel generation using high-voltage electric fields methods

Methods of making fuel are described herein. A method may include providing a first working fluid, a second working fluid, and a third working fluid.
Powerdyne, Inc.


Surface coatings

A method of protecting a component from corrosion and providing electrical conductivity to one or more electrical contacts on the component, the method including the steps of placing the component in a chamber, and coating the component by plasma deposition of a polymer coating formed from any one or more of the following precursor monomers, acrylate, methacrylate or organosilane.. .
Europlasma Nv


Treatment of cancer with elevated dosages of soluble fgfr1 fusion proteins

The present invention provides methods of treating a patient having a cancer comprising administering to the patient a soluble fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 (fgfr1) fusion protein such as an extracellular domain of an fgfr1 polypeptide linked to an fc polypeptide or another fusion partner. The fusion protein may be administered at a dose of at least about 2 mg/kg body weight.
Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.


System and treating water systems with high voltage discharge and ozone

A system and method for treating flowing water systems with a plasma discharge to remove or control growth of microbiological species. Components of the water system are protected from being damaged by excess energy from the electrohydraulic treatment.
Nch Corporation


Metal-free cvd coating of graphene on glass and other dielectric substrates

A catalyst-free cvd method for forming graphene. The method involves placing a substrate within a reaction chamber, heating the substrate to a temperature between 600° c.
Corning Incorporated


Method for the densification and spheroidization of solid and solution precursor droplets of materials using microwave generated plasma processing

A method for processing feed material to produce dense and spheroidal products is described. The feed material is comprised of powder particles from the spray-drying technique or solution precursor droplets from ceramic or metallic materials.
Amastan Technologies Llc


System for generating fuel materials using fischer-tropsch catalysts and plasma sources

In a first processing chamber, a feedstock may be combined with plasma from, for example, three plasma torches to form a first fluid mixture. Each torch may have a working gas including water vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
Powerdyne, Inc.


Method of treating a porous substrate and manufacture of a membrane

Method of treating a substrate (11), comprising: •providing a treatment space (5) between at least two opposing electrodes (2,3), filling the treatment space with a gas composition, •placing the substrate, which is a porous substrate, in the treatment space, generating an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma between the at least two opposing electrodes, and •subjecting the porous substrate to the atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma, thereby creating micro-pores uniformly throughout the porous substrate, •wherein the atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma in the treatment space has a specific energy of 10 j/cm or higher, and wherein the treatment space comprises oxygen in the range of 0.1 to 21% vol. %.
Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe Bv


Method and system to remove soluble tnfr1, tnfr2, and il2 in patients

A method, and system, to induce remission in diseases characterized by excess production of stnr and interleukin 2 has been developed. In the most preferred embodiment, the system consists of antibodies to stnfr1, stnfr2 and sil2r immobilized in a column containing a material such as sepharose™.


Method and compositions for treatment of cancers

A method to treat cancer uses ultrapheresis, refined to remove compounds of less than 120,000 daltons molecular weight, followed by administration of replacement fluid, to stimulate the patient's immune system to attack solid tumors. In the preferred embodiment, the patient is ultrapheresed using a capillary tube ultrafilter having a pore size of 0.02 to 0.05 microns, with a molecular weight cutoff of 120,000 daltons, sufficient to filter one blood volume.

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