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Plasma patents


This page is updated frequently with new Plasma-related patent applications.

 Novel solution for euv power increment at wafer level patent thumbnailnew patent Novel solution for euv power increment at wafer level
The present disclosure relates to a photolithography radiation source having an angled primary laser, and an associated method of formation. In some embodiments, the photolithography radiation source has a fuel droplet generator that provides fuel droplets to a source vessel along a first trajectory.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Field effect transistor memory device patent thumbnailnew patent Field effect transistor memory device
A method for generating a non-volatile memory device may comprise: applying plasma for a preset time period to an exposed surface of a channel of a field effect transistor such that a plurality of charge-trapping sites are formed at the channel. The channel is comprised of a multi-layer structure of atomically thin two-dimensional sheets..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Pretreatment is carried out in a first chamber. Then, a mixed gas of titanium tetrachloride and hydrogen is supplied into a second chamber.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Method for protecting layer by forming hydrocarbon-based extremely thin film patent thumbnailnew patent Method for protecting layer by forming hydrocarbon-based extremely thin film
A method for protecting a layer includes: providing a substrate having a target layer and forming a protective layer on the target layer, said protective layer contacting and covering the target layer and containing a hydrocarbon-based layer constituting at least an upper part of the protective layer, which hydrocarbon-based layer is formed by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald) using an alkylaminosilane precursor and a noble gas without a reactant.. .
Asm Ip Holding B.v.

 Method for cleaning via of interconnect structure of semiconductor device structure patent thumbnailnew patent Method for cleaning via of interconnect structure of semiconductor device structure
A method for forming the semiconductor device structure is provided. The method includes forming a metal layer in a first dielectric layer over a substrate and forming an etch stop layer over the metal layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

 Metal removal with reduced surface roughness patent thumbnailnew patent Metal removal with reduced surface roughness
Methods are described for etching metal layers that are difficult to volatize, such as cobalt, nickel, and platinum to form an etched metal layer with reduced surface roughness. The methods include pretreating the metal layer with a local plasma formed from a hydrogen-containing precursor.
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Method for protecting layer by forming hydrocarbon-based extemely thin film patent thumbnailnew patent Method for protecting layer by forming hydrocarbon-based extemely thin film
A method for protecting a layer includes: providing a substrate having a target layer; depositing a protective layer on the target layer, which protective layer contacts and covers the target layer and is constituted by a hydrocarbon-based layer; and depositing an oxide layer on the protective layer so that the protective layer in contact with the oxide layer is oxidized. The hydrocarbon-based layer is formed by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald) using an alkylaminosilane precursor and a noble gas without a reactant..
Asm Ip Holding B.v.

 Process and  measuring an organic solid sample by glow discharge spectrometry patent thumbnailnew patent Process and measuring an organic solid sample by glow discharge spectrometry
A system and a process for measuring, by glow discharge spectrometry, the elemental and/or molecular chemical composition of an organic solid sample (10). The sample (10) is positioned so as to seal a glow discharge plasma reactor (2), a gaseous mixture including at least one inert gas and gaseous oxygen is injected into the reactor (2), the concentration of gaseous oxygen being between 0.1% and 15% by weight of the gaseous mixture, an electric discharge of radiofrequency type is applied to the electrodes of the plasma reactor (2) in order to generate a glow discharge plasma, and the solid sample (10) is exposed to the plasma so as to etch an erosion crater in the solid sample (10); at least one signal representative of an ionized species of negative charge is selected and measured using a mass spectrometer (4)..
Horiba Jobin Yvon Sas

 Extreme edge sheath and wafer profile tuning through edge-localized ion trajectory control and plasma operation patent thumbnailnew patent Extreme edge sheath and wafer profile tuning through edge-localized ion trajectory control and plasma operation
An edge ring assembly for a plasma processing chamber is provided, including: an edge ring configured to surround an electrostatic chuck (esc) that is configured for electrical connection to a first rf power supply, the esc having a top surface for supporting a substrate and an annular step surrounding the top surface, the annular step defining an annular shelf that is lower than the top surface; an annular electrode disposed below the edge ring in the annular step and above the annular shelf; a dielectric ring disposed below the annular electrode for isolating the annular electrode from the esc, the dielectric ring positioned in the annular step over the annular shelf; and, a plurality of insulated connectors disposed through the esc and through the dielectric ring, each of the plurality of insulated connectors providing electrical connection between a second rf power supply and the annular electrode.. .
Lam Research Corporation

 Plasma induced flow electrode structure, plasma induced flow generation device, and  manufacturing plasma induced flow electrode structure patent thumbnailnew patent Plasma induced flow electrode structure, plasma induced flow generation device, and manufacturing plasma induced flow electrode structure
In one embodiment, a plasma induced flow electrode structure has an electrode block, an insulating layer and an electrode layer. The electrode block has first and second surfaces and through holes penetrating between these first and second surfaces.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba.

new patent

Use of sintered nanograined yttrium-based ceramics as etch chamber components

In accordance with this disclosure, there are provided several inventions, including an apparatus and method for creating a plasma resistant part, which may be formed of a sintered nanocrystalline ceramic material comprising yttrium, oxide, and fluoride. Example parts thus made may include windows, edge rings, or injectors.
Lam Research Corporation

new patent

Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus for performing a processing on a processing target substrate by applying of plasma of a processing gas to the processing target substrate. The plasma processing apparatus includes: a processing container configured to removably accommodate the processing target substrate; a lower electrode provided in the processing container to place the processing target substrate thereon; an upper electrode provided in the processing container to face the lower electrode; a high frequency power source configured to apply a high frequency power between the upper electrode and the lower electrode; and an electromagnet having one or more annular coils around a central axis that passes through a center of the lower electrode vertically in an upper portion or at an upper side of the processing container..
Tokyo Electron Limited

new patent

Method for activating an inner surface of a substrate tube for the manufacturing of an optical-fiber preform

A method activates the inner surface of a substrate tube via plasma etching with a fluorine-containing etching gas. An exemplary method includes the steps of (i) supplying a supply flow of gas to the interior of a substrate tube, wherein the supply flow includes a main gas flow and a fluorine-containing etching gas flow, (ii) inducing a plasma via electromagnetic radiation to create a plasma zone within the substrate tube's interior, and (iii) longitudinally reciprocating the plasma zone over the length of the substrate tube between a reversal point near the supply side and a reversal point near the discharge side of the substrate tube.
Draka Comteq B.v.

new patent

Plasma processing apparatus

A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber to be depressurized in a vacuum vessel with a sidewall made of a transparent or translucent dielectric material, a stage in the processing chamber to mount a wafer thereon, a coil disposed around an outer side of the sidewall and supplied with radio-frequency power for forming plasma above the stage in the processing chamber, a lamp disposed above the coil outside the vacuum vessel which radiates light onto the wafer, and a reflector disposed the coil and reflecting light to irradiate an inside of the processing chamber.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

new patent

Methods and systems for determining a fault in a gas heater channel

Systems and methods for determining a fault in a gas heater channel are described. One of the methods includes receiving measured parameters associated with a plurality of heater elements of the gas heater channel.
Lam Research Corporation

new patent

Semiconductor plasma antenna apparatus

Provided is a semiconductor plasma antenna apparatus. The apparatus includes: a cell array unit in which a plurality of pin diode cells are arranged, and in which a cell pattern is formed by using a predefined pin diode cell among the plurality of pin diode cells; and a driver circuit unit configured to control a drive of the predefined pin diode cell, wherein the driver circuit unit comprises: a direct-current conversion unit equipped with a dc-dc converter configured to drive a diode load of the cell pattern by applying an output voltage to a pin diode cell corresponding to the cell patterns formed in the cell array unit; and a constant current controller configured to controlling a plasma concentration of the pin diode cell by controlling a constant current for the diode load of the cell pattern..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

new patent

Fast burst and steady-state intense neutron source

A first system for producing a high flux of neutrons for non-destructive testing includes a dense plasma focus device neutronically coupled to a subcritical or sub-prompt critical fission assembly. The dense plasma focus device is a source of initiating neutrons for the fission assembly, and the fission assembly is configured to multiply a number of the initiating neutrons via inducing fission.
Phoenix Nuclear Labs Llc

new patent

Reflective mask cleaning apparatus and reflective mask cleaning method

A reflective mask cleaning apparatus according to an alternative embodiment comprises a third supply section configured to supply a plasma product produced from a reducing gas to a ruthenium-containing capping layer provided in a reflective mask; and a second supply section configured to supply at least one of a reducing solution and an oxygen-free solution to the capping layer.. .

new patent

Start-up torch

An apparatus includes a tuyere including a tubular chamber having an internal wall defined by a mandrel; a plasma torch assembly including a torch positioned to inject hot gas into the tuyere and having a tubular structure that extends along an axis of the chamber; the plasma torch assembly further including a shroud head configured to inject shroud gas between the internal wall of the chamber and the tubular structure of the torch; a pipe positioned around at least a portion of the mandrel forming a plenum at least partially encircling the mandrel; and a plurality of nozzles in the chamber internal wall configured to inject a combustible material from the plenum to a space between the internal wall of the chamber and the tubular structure of the torch.. .
Alter Nrg Corp.

new patent

Steam generator using a plasma arc

A steam generator using a plasma arc submerged in electrolyte including an electrode assembly for forming the plasma arc, an electrical power source to energize the electrode assembly and an electronic rectifier operatively connected between the power source and the terminal connections. The electronic rectifier comprises a controllable switch for rectifying an input voltage and a monitoring-controller connected to the controllable switch for controlling said controllable switch.
Entreprise Electrique M.j.l. Inc.

new patent

Pecvd process

A method of processing a substrate according to a pecvd process is described. Temperature profile of the substrate is adjusted to change deposition rate profile across the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.

new patent

Scalable triode pecvd source and system

plasma deposition systems and techniques are provided that use plasma generating units having one horizontal dimension at least three times as long as the other horizontal dimension. Plasma sources as disclosed herein thus have non-uniformly scaled dimensions in the x and y directions, to facilitate uniform deposition.
Universal Display Corporation

new patent

Plasma atomic layer deposition system and method

A gas deposition chamber includes a volume expanding top portion and a substantially constant volume cylindrical middle portion and optionally a volume reducing lower portion. An aerodynamically shaped substrate support chuck is disposed inside the gas deposition chamber with a substrate support surface positioned in the cylindrical middle portion.
Ultratech, Inc.

new patent

Ceramic coating deposition

A ceramic coating process comprises introducing a suspension including a fine ceramic particulate suspended in a liquid carrier into a plasma torch. The method includes melting the fine ceramic particulate in the plasma torch; propelling the fine ceramic particulate toward a substrate; and forming a coating on the substrate, the coating comprises splats of the fine ceramic particulate..
United Technologies Corporation

new patent

Process for generating cool frame and flameless fuel oxidation using non-equilibrium plasma activation

An exemplary embodiment can be an exemplary method, which can include, for example, generating a cool flame(s) using a plasma-assisted combustion, and maintaining the cool flame(s). The cool flame(s) can have a temperature below about 1050 kelvin, which can be about 700 kelvin.
The Trustees Of Princeton University

new patent

Method for purifying immunoglobulin

The present invention relates to a method for purifying an immunoglobulin, and more particularly, to a method for purifying an immunoglobulin, which comprises: dissolving immunoglobulin-containing plasma protein fraction i+ii+iii or fraction ii+iii; adding caprylate to the solution to cause precipitation; performing dialysis and concentration after removal of the precipitate; performing anion exchange resin and ceramic cation exchange resin purification processes to effectively remove a solvent and detergent added to inactivate viruses; and performing elution while maintaining salt concentration at a constant level to maintain the immunoglobulin polymer content at a low level. According to the method for preparing the intravenous immunoglobulin according to the present invention, a precipitation step of preparing fraction ii from fraction i+ii+iii or fraction ii+iii as a starting material can be omitted, and problems, including a complicated process and a low yield, which occur in the conventional preparation process employing the polyethylene glycol treatment process, can be solved by use of first sodium caprylate precipitation, anion exchange chromatography and cation exchange chromatography.
Green Cross Holdings Corporation

new patent

Open cavity package using chip-embedding technology

A method for fabricating packaged semiconductor devices (100) with an open cavity (110a) in panel format; placing (process 201) on an adhesive carrier tape a panel-sized grid of metallic pieces having a flat pad (230) and symmetrically placed vertical pillars (231); attaching (process 202) semiconductor chips (101) with sensor systems face-down onto the tape; laminating (process 203) and thinning (process 204) low cte insulating material (234) to fill gaps between chips and grid; turning over (process 205) assembly to remove tape; plasma-cleaning assembly front side, sputtering and patterning (process 206) uniform metal layer across assembly and optionally plating (process 209) metal layer to form rerouting traces and extended contact pads for assembly; laminating (process 212) insulating stiffener across panel; opening (process 213) cavities in stiffener to access the sensor system; and singulating (process 214) packaged devices by cutting metallic pieces.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

new patent

Slag free flux for additive manufacturing

A flux (55) for superalloy laser welding and additive processing (20, 50), including constituents which decompose when heated in a laser induced plasma or to a melt temperature of the superalloy (42), creating one or more gases (46) that blanket the melt to protect it from air, while producing not more than 5 wt. % of slag relative to the weight of the flux.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

new patent

Method for improving solar energy conversion efficiency using metal oxide photocatalysts having energy band of core-shell for ultraviolet ray and visible light absorption and photocatalysts thereof

The present invention discloses a method for improving solar energy conversion efficiency using metal oxide photocatalysts having an energy band of core-shell structure for ultraviolet (uv) ray and visible light absorption, comprising a first process of forming a nanoparticle thin film layer; a second process of preparing a core-shell metal oxide on metal oxide nanoparticles by a plasma reaction under a hydrogen and nitrogen gas atmosphere, and a third process of depositing a transition metal on surfaces of core-shell metal oxide nanoparticles to produce a photocatalyst for energy conversion. A great amount of oxygen vacancies is formed in a shell region by the core-shell metal oxide to achieve effects of improving transfer ability of electron-hole pairs excited by light, and extending a wavelength range of absorbable light to a visible light region by changing a band-gap structure..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

new patent

Plasma filtration device

A plasma filtration device has a plasma module and a filter. The filter is mounted outside of the outlet side of the plasma module.
Clean Station Technology Co., Ltd.

new patent

Free raptor reduces aging- and obesity-induced fatty liver

The present invention also provides a method of reducing a subject's hepatic and plasma triglyceride levels comprising administering to a subject in need thereof a pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmaceutical carrier and a compound that inhibits glucagon signaling in liver cells in an amount effective to reduce the subject's hepatic and plasma triglyceride. .

new patent

Surgical snare with ability to deliver electromagnetic energy and/or thermal plasma into biological tissue

A surgical snare comprising a means of delivering thermal plasma on to biological tissue encircled by the snare. The snare may be “cold” snare, i.e.
Creo Medical Limited

new patent

Renal function analysis method and apparatus

A method for measuring a glomerular filtration rate in a mammalian kidney comprises a source of reporter and marker fluorescent molecules. The fluorescent molecules are introduced into the blood stream of a mammalian subject.
Pharmacophotonics, Inc. D/b/a Fast Biomedical

Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

A manufacturing method of a semiconductor device includes forming an oxide semiconductor layer on an insulating layer, a part of the insulating layer being exposed from the oxide semiconductor layer, performing a plasma process by use of chlorine-containing gas on the part of the insulating layer exposed from the oxide semiconductor layer, and removing chlorine impurities from a surface layer of the exposed part of the insulating layer. The chlorine impurities may be removed by a first etching process performed by use of fluorine-containing gas.
Japan Display Inc.

Etching method

A method for selectively etching a first region of silicon oxide with respect to a second region of silicon nitride, includes: preparing a target object including the first region and the second region in a processing chamber of a plasma processing apparatus; and generating a plasma of a processing gas containing a fluorocarbon gas and a rare gas in the processing chamber. In the generating the plasma of the processing gas, a self-bias potential of a lower electrode on which the target object is mounted is greater than or equal to 4v and smaller than or equal to 350v and a flow rate of the rare gas in the processing gas is 250 to 5000 times of a flow rate of the fluorocarbon gas in the processing gas..
Tokyo Electron Limited

Reaction chamber and plasma processing apparatus

Embodiments of the invention relate to a reaction chamber and a plasma processing apparatus, which include a chamber body, a dielectric window and a power supply unit, the dielectric window is provided above and hermetically connected with the chamber body, and provided with plural sets of coils arranged at intervals in a vertical direction and wound around the dielectric window at an outer side thereof, and the power supply unit supplies power to the plural sets of coils. In the reaction chamber and the plasma processing apparatus, plasma can be distributed evenly and have an increased density in the reaction chamber, thereby improving uniformity and efficiency of the process; meanwhile, effective power for exciting plasma can be improved, and temperature rise and temperature gradient of the dielectric window during the process can be lowered, so as to prevent the dielectric window from cracking, and prolong service life of the dielectric window..
Beijing Nmc Co., Ltd.

Adjustable remote dissociation

Methods of selectively etching an exposed portion of a patterned substrate relative to a second exposed portion are described. The etching process is a gas phase etch which uses an oxidizing precursor unexcited in any plasma prior to combination with plasma effluents formed in a remote plasma from an inert precursor.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Transparent nanocrystalline diamond coatings and devices

A method for coating a substrate comprises producing a plasma ball using a microwave plasma source in the presence of a mixture of gases. The plasma ball has a diameter.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc

Pretreatment photoresist wafer processing

Certain embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for processing a partially fabricated semiconductor substrate in a remote plasma environment. The methods may be performed in the context of wafer level packaging (wlp) processes.
Lam Research Corporation

Systems and methods for removing particles from a substrate processing chamber using rf plasma cycling and purging

Systems and methods for operating a substrate processing system include processing a substrate arranged on a substrate support in a processing chamber. At least one of precursor gas and/or reactive gas is supplied during the processing.
Lam Research Corporation

Bearing device and plasma processing apparatus

Embodiments of the invention provide a bearing device and a plasma processing apparatus. According to at least one embodiment, the bearing device includes a base, a base driving mechanism, a pressing ring and a baffle ring.
Beijing Nmc Co., Ltd.

Etch rate and critical dimension uniformity by selection of focus ring material

A method and apparatus are provided for plasma etching a substrate in a processing chamber. A focus ring assembly circumscribes a substrate support, providing uniform processing conditions near the edge of the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Plasma processing device

A plasma processing device that includes a processing chamber which is disposed in a vacuum vessel and is decompressed internally, a sample stage which is disposed in the processing chamber and on which a sample of a process target is disposed and held, and a plasma formation unit which forms plasma using process gas and processes the sample using the plasma, and the plasma processing device includes: a dielectric film which is disposed on a metallic base configuring the sample stage and connected to a ground and includes a film-like electrode supplied with high-frequency power internally; a plurality of elements which are disposed in a space in the base and have a heat generation or cooling function; and a feeding path which supplies power to the plurality of elements, wherein a filter to suppress a high frequency is not provided on the feeding path.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Pulsed remote plasma method and system

A system and method for providing pulsed excited species from a remote plasma unit to a reaction chamber are disclosed. The system includes a pressure control device to control a pressure at the remote plasma unit as reactive species from the remote plasma unit are pulsed to the reaction chamber..
Asm Ip Holding B.v.

Low-pressure plasma system with sequential control process

The low pressure plasma system includes a treatment chamber which is pumped out in a first process step by means of a pump. In a second process step a gas supply valve is opened in order to achieve a defined gas composition in the treatment chamber at low pressure.

Uv-assisted reactive ion etch for copper

The invention includes generating a plasma from a process gas for etching copper on a substrate; providing dc bias pulses to the substrate; exposing at least one of the plasma and the substrate to uv light while the dc bias pulses are provided to the substrate. Numerous other aspects are provided..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Plasma processing apparatus

Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including: a processing container; and a partition plate made of an insulating material, having a plurality of openings, and configured to partition an inside of the processing container into a plasma generating chamber and a processing chamber. A first conductive member made of a conductive material is provided on a surface of the processing chamber side of the partition plate, and the first conductive member is applied with at least one of an ac voltage, and a dc voltage of a polarity that is opposite to a polarity of charged particles guided from the plasma generating chamber into the processing chamber through each of the openings..
Tohoku Techno Arch Co., Ltd

Advanced fuel cycle and fusion reactors utilizing the same

Examples of advanced fuel cycles for fusion reactors are described. Examples include fuel cycles for use in field reverse configuration (frc) plasma reactors.
Helion Energy, Inc.

Resist reactive ion etch (rie) process for plating

A magnetic write head has a plated coil with narrow pitch and is suitable for writing at high frequencies on magnetic media with high coercivity. The narrow pitch is obtained without such disadvantages as overplating that has adversely affected prior art attempts to produce such narrow pitches.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

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