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Plasma patents

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Laser ablation cell

Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Temperature control method, control apparatus, and plasma processing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature control method, control apparatus, and plasma processing apparatus
A temperature control method is provided for controlling a plasma processing apparatus that is capable of changing a temperature setting for each step of a plasma process including multiple steps. The method includes a transfer step of performing an entry process for transferring a workpiece into a processing chamber of the plasma processing apparatus and/or an exit process for transferring the workpiece out of the processing chamber, a process execution step of executing the plasma process including multiple steps, and a temperature control step of performing a first temperature control and/or a second temperature control.
 Bruton's tyrosine kinase as anti-cancer drug target patent thumbnailnew patent Bruton's tyrosine kinase as anti-cancer drug target
Receptor protein kinases (rptks) transmit extracellular signals across the plasma membrane to cytosolic proteins, stimulating formation of complexes that regulate key cellular functions. Over half of the known tyrosine kinases are implicated in human cancers and are therefore highly promising drug targets.
 Laser ablation cell patent thumbnailnew patent Laser ablation cell
A laser ablation cell (1) comprises a flow channel (11) having an essentially constant cross-sectional area so as to ensure a strictly laminar flow in the flow channel. A sample chamber (21) is provided adjacent to a lateral opening (14) of the flow channel.
 Negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials patent thumbnailnew patent Negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials
Metamaterials or artificial negative index materials (nims) have generated great attention due to their unique and exotic electromagnetic properties. One exemplary negative dielectric constant material, which is an essential key for creating the nims, was developed by doping ions into a polymer, a protonated poly (benzimidazole) (fbi).
 Centrifuge patent thumbnailnew patent Centrifuge
Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (prp) and or platelet poor plasma (ppp) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host.
 Method for etching film containing cobalt and palladium patent thumbnailnew patent Method for etching film containing cobalt and palladium
Disclosed is a method for etching a film contains cobalt and palladium is provided. A hard mask is provided on the film.
 Method for forming fine patterns of semiconductor device using directed self-assembly process patent thumbnailnew patent Method for forming fine patterns of semiconductor device using directed self-assembly process
Provided herein is a method for forming fine patterns of semiconductor devices capable of forming patterns with 20 nm-level line width without bulk-exposure and hardening of guide patterns. Method steps include (a) forming a photoresist layer over a wafer on which an organic anti-reflection coating layer is formed; (b) exposing and developing the photoresist layer to form guide patterns; (c) forming a neutral layer over the wafer; (d) developing the guide patterns to remove them and form neutral layer patterns having an opening part; (e) coating block copolymer of directed self assembly material on the substrate and heating the substrate over a glass transition temperature (tg) to form directed self-assembly patterns; and (f) selectively etching a part having relatively small etching resistivity (or high etching rate) among the directed self-assembly patterns by using o2 plasma to form fine patterns..
 Methods for fabricating dual damascene structures in low temperature dielectric materials patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for fabricating dual damascene structures in low temperature dielectric materials
Methods for fabricating dual damascene structures are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method for fabricating a dual damascene interconnect structure may include patterning a first mask layer atop a substrate disposed in a process chamber, wherein the substrate includes one or more low temperature dielectric layers to define a first etch pattern, and wherein the one or more low temperature dielectric layers are formed atop the substrate at a temperature below about 180 degrees celsius; etching the first etch pattern into the one or more low temperature dielectric layers using an inductively coupled plasma formed by a power source capable of providing power within a range from about 10 watts to about 10,000 watts at a frequency of about 2 mhz to about 13.5 mhz; patterning a second mask layer atop the substrate to define a second etch pattern, wherein the first etch pattern and the second etch pattern are aligned; and etching the second etch pattern into the one or more low temperature dielectric layers to form a dual damascene pattern in the substrate, wherein a pressure of the process chamber during etching of the first etch pattern and the second etch pattern is about 10 mtorr to about 1000 mtorr..
 Method for processing thin film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Method for processing thin film and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
A stable and minute processing method of a thin film is provided. Further, a miniaturized semiconductor device is provided.
 Plasma enhanced thermal evaporator patent thumbnailnew patent Plasma enhanced thermal evaporator
The present invention generally provides a method for forming a photovoltaic device including evaporating a source material to form a large molecule processing gas and flowing the large molecule processing gas through a gas distribution showerhead and into a processing area of a processing chamber having a substrate therein. The method includes generating a small molecule processing gas, and reacting the small molecule processing gas with a film already deposited on a substrate surface to form a semiconductor film.
new patent Defined cell culturing surfaces and methods of use
A cell culture surface having a film attached thereto, wherein the film includes one or more plasma polymerized monomers; and a coating on the film-coated surface, the coating deposited from a coating solution comprising one or more extracellular matrix proteins and an aqueous solvent, where the total extracellular matrix protein concentration in the coating solution is about 1 ng/ml to about 1 mg/ml.. .
new patent Physical removal of biological agents detected by a magnecytometer
A system and method for analyzing a sample of liquid having an nmr signal in response to a magnetic field for the presence of an analyte. Included is an nmr device having a testing section that is adapted to contain a liquid and apply a magnetic field to the liquid.
new patent Method for manufacturing a unit cell of a solid oxide fuel cell
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing unit cells of a solid oxide fuel cell through a process of attaching a fuel electrode reaction layer/electrolyte layer film assembly, manufactured using a tape casting method, onto a fuel electrode support (sintered body) which consists of the unit cells of the solid oxide fuel cell and which is manufactured using a tape casting method, a pressure method, a discharge plasma method, or the like. The method for manufacturing the unit cells of the solid oxide fuel cell comprises the steps of: forming a pre-sintered body of the fuel electrode support; manufacturing a fuel electrode reaction layer sheet; manufacturing an electrolyte layer sheet; manufacturing a film assembly by stacking, into layers, the fuel electrode reaction layer sheet and the electrolyte layer sheet; providing a binder to the pre-sintered body; combining the film assembly with the pre-sintered body provided with the binder; laminating the combined body of the pre-sintered body and the film assembly; co-sintering the laminated combined body; forming an air electrode layer on the electrolyte layer in the co-sintered body; and sintering the resultant structure..
new patent Process for producing a protective chromium layer
Process for producing a gastight and crack-free protective chromium layer for substrates composed of iron- and nickel- and titanium-based alloys by means of plasma spraying, where the chromium content in the finished layer is at least 70% by weight and a spray powder composed of three components, namely a first component composed of finely particulate chromium powder, a second composed of finely particulate powder of a nickel-based alloy and a third composed of coarsely particulate cristobalite or quartz powder as support for the first and second component, is selected.. .
new patent Compositions and processes for depositing carbon-doped silicon-containing films
Described herein are compositions for depositing a carbon-doped silicon containing film wherein the composition comprises a first precursor comprising at least one compound selected from the group consisting of: an organoaminoalkylsilane having a formula of r5si(nr3r4)xh3-x wherein x=1, 2, 3; an organoalkoxyalkylsilane having a formula of r6si(or7)xh3-x wherein x=1, 2, 3; an organoaminosilane having a formula of r8n(sir9(nr10r11)h)2; an organoaminosilane having a formula of r8n(sir9lh)2 and combinations thereof; and optionally a second precursor comprising a compound having the formula: si(nr1r2)h3. Also described herein are methods for depositing a carbon-doped silicon-containing film using the composition wherein the method is one selected from the following: cyclic chemical vapor deposition (ccvd), atomic layer deposition (ald), plasma enhanced ald (peald) and plasma enhanced ccvd (peccvd)..
new patent Microwave plasma apparatus and method for materials processing
A microwave plasma apparatus for processing a material includes a plasma chamber, a microwave radiation source, and a waveguide guiding microwave radiation from the microwave radiation source to the plasma chamber. A process gas flows through the plasma chamber and the microwave radiation couples to the process gas to produce a plasma jet.
new patent Supported polysilsesquioxane membrane and production thereof
Membranes of the invention comprise a hybrid silica film on a organic polymer support. The silica comprises organic bridging groups bound to two or more silicon atoms, in particular at least 1 of said organic bridging groups per 10 silicon atoms.
new patent Pretreatment method, graphene forming method and graphene fabrication apparatus
A pretreatment method is performed before a graphene grows by performing a cvd method on a catalyst metal layer formed on a workpiece. The method includes a plasma treatment process in which the catalyst metal layer is activated by applying plasma of a treatment gas including a reducing gas and a nitrogen-containing gas on the catalyst metal layer..
new patent Use of whey protein micelles for infants at risk of obesity or diabetes
The invention relates to whey protein micelles for use in the treatment and/or prevention of a disorder linked to an increase in insulin secretion and/or plasma igf-1 concentration in an infant at risk of developing obesity or diabetes. The invention also relates to a nutritional composition for infants comprising whey protein micelles.
new patent Sliding member and manufacturing method thereof
A sliding member is integrally formed of fluororesin as a whole, and a sliding surface to be slid with a slid member is made hydrophilic. A manufacturing method includes a step of exposing the sliding surface 2 of the sliding member 1 to water plasma 7 generated by ar gas and vaporized water as raw materials and making the sliding surface 2 hydrophilic..
new patent Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
According to one embodiment, a method for manufacturing a semiconductor light emitting device includes performing plasma processing of a stacked body. The stacked body has a first semiconductor layer and a second semiconductor layer provided on the first semiconductor layer.
new patent Method of fabricating pixel structure and pixel structure thereof
A method for fabricating a pixel structure includes the following steps. A patterned semiconductor layer, an insulation layer, and a patterned metal layer are formed on a substrate sequentially.
new patent Uv photodetectors having semiconductor metal oxide layer
A method of forming an ultraviolet (uv) photodetector includes forming an epitaxial semiconductor metal oxide layer on a substrate, wherein the forming includes using an o2 flow rate and applied rf plasma power which together provide a ratio of o• (oxygen radicals) to o+ of at least 1.5. Metal fingers are formed on a surface of the semiconductor metal oxide layer.
new patent Solid state heating source and plasma actuators including extreme materials
Solid state flow control devices, solid state heating sources, and plasma actuators are provided. A plasma actuator can include at least one powered electrode separated from at least one grounded electrode by a dielectric material.
new patent Consumables for a plasma arc torch for bevel cutting
A consumable set is provided that is usable in a plasma arc torch to direct a plasma arc to a processing surface of a workpiece. The consumable set comprises a nozzle and an alignment surface.
new patent Plasma etching method and plasma etching apparatus
There are provided a plasma etching method and a plasma etching apparatus, capable of suppressing occurrence of local bias in etching rate and suppressing occurrence of charge-up damage. The plasma etching method of etching a silicon layer of a substrate to be processed using the plasma etching apparatus sets the pressure in a processing chamber to 13.3 pa or more and applies, to a lower electrode, a first high-frequency power with a first frequency and a second high-frequency power with a second frequency that is lower than the first frequency and is a frequency of 1 mhz or lower..
new patent Method for the reduction or elimination of one or more components from a blood product
A method for the reduction or elimination of one or more components from a blood product or a fluid is disclosed. The method comprises continuous addition of the blood product to a filter containing an inlet and an outlet for the blood product in which one or more components have been reduced or eliminated.
new patent Filters for blocking macroparticles in plasma deposition apparatus
This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to blocking macroparticles in deposition processes utilizing plasmas. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a cathode, a substrate holder, a first magnet, a second magnet, and a structure.
new patent Method for converting methanol
The invention belongs to the field of plasma chemistry technology, and it involves a method of methanol conversion. Some electric discharge methods, such as dielectric barrier discharge (dbd), corona discharge, pulse corona discharge, glow discharge, etc.
new patent Gas nozzle, plasma apparatus using the same, and method for manufacturing gas nozzle
[solution] a gas nozzle 4 according to an aspect of the present invention includes a columnar main body 13 formed of a ceramic sintered body provided with a through-hole 12 formed therein through which a gas flows, an exhaust port 15 of the through-hole 12 for the gas is formed in one end surface s1 of the main body 13, and the mean width of the profile elements (rsm) of the one end surface s1 is 5 times or more the average crystalline grain diameter of the ceramic sintered body.. .
new patent Wafer edge protector
A wafer edge protector is used in an inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching instrument for the manufacturing of gan semiconductor devices and circuits. The wafer edge protector comprises a ring clamp, which has a first inner diameter and a second inner diameter, and the ring clamp covers the edges of a wafer and a wafer carrier to clamp the wafer and the wafer carrier and to prevent damage on the edges of the wafer and the wafer carrier during the etching process..
new patent Solar cell of anti potential induced degradation and manufacturing method thereof
A solar cell of anti potential induced degradation and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed by embodiments of the invention. The method includes: performing plasma cleaning on a silicon wafer by using an oxidizing gas, so as to form a first silicon oxide film on the surface of the silicon wafer; and forming an anti-reflection film on the surface of the first silicon oxide film, where the anti-reflection film includes at least a silicon oxide film..
new patent Plasma cleaning apparatus and method
Embodiments of the present invention generally include an apparatus for plasma cleaning and a method for plasma cleaning. Periodically, a pvd chamber may need to be cleaned to remove material that has built up in undesired locations within the chamber.
new patent Compact electromagnetic plasma ignition device
A quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator for producing corona discharge plasma from is presented. The quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator has a folded cavity made of opposing concentric cavity members that are nested together to form a continuous cavity ending in a aperture.
new patent Quarter wave coaxial cavity igniter for combustion engines
An apparatus and method for igniting combustible materials in a combustion chamber of a combustion engine using corona discharge plasma from a quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator. A tapered quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator is adapted to mate with the combustion chamber.
new patent Plasma processing apparatus and shower plate
A plasma processing apparatus including a processing vessel 10 in which a plasma process is performed and a plasma generation antenna 20 having a shower plate 100 which supplies a first gas and a second gas into the processing vessel 10, performs the plasma process on a substrate with plasma generated by a surface wave formed on a surface of the shower plate 100 through a supply of a microwave. The shower plate 100 has multiple gas holes 133 configured to supply the first gas into the processing vessel 10 and multiple supply nozzles 160 configured to supply the second gas into the processing vessel 10, and the supply nozzles 160 are protruded vertically downwards from a bottom surface of the shower plate 100 and are provided at different positions from the gas holes 133..
new patent Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
A plasma processing apparatus includes: a refrigerating cycle including a refrigerant passage, a compressor, and a condenser, all of which are coupled in this order, and through which a refrigerant flows in this order, the refrigerant passage being disposed inside a sample stage and through which the refrigerant flows to serve as an evaporator; first and second expansion valves which are interposed between the condenser and the refrigerant passage and between the refrigerant passage and the compressor respectively in the refrigerating cycle; a vaporizer that is interposed between the second expansion valve and the compressor in the refrigerating cycle and which heats and vaporizes the refrigerant; and a controller which regulates opening and closing of the first and second expansion valves and regulates a refrigerant heat exchange amount of the condenser or vaporizer based on a refrigerant temperature between the condenser and the second expansion valve.. .

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