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Plasma patents

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Method for producing semiconductor optical device

Sumitomo Electric Industries

Method for producing semiconductor optical device

Broadband electromagnetic radiators and antennas

Broadband electromagnetic radiators and antennas

Broadband electromagnetic radiators and antennas

Shin-etsu Chemical

Solar cell production method, and solar cell produced by same production method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Extreme ultraviolet light source patent thumbnailExtreme ultraviolet light source
A target material is provided at a target location, the target material including a material that emits extreme ultraviolet light when converted to plasma, and the target material extending in a first extent along a first direction and in a second extent along a second direction; an amplified light beam is directed along a direction of propagation toward the target location; and the amplified light beam is focused in a focal plane, where the target location is outside of the focal plane and an interaction between the amplified light beam and the target material converts at least part of the target material to plasma that emits euv light.. .
Asml Netherlands B.v.

 Method for producing semiconductor optical device patent thumbnailMethod for producing semiconductor optical device
A method for producing a semiconductor optical device includes the steps of forming a first semiconductor substrate having a stacked semiconductor layer; adjusting a proportion of h2o molecules in a process chamber, the process chamber having an inner surface on which an alumite film is formed by anodizing; and, after the step of adjusting the proportion of h2o molecules, forming a substrate product by arranging the first semiconductor substrate in the process chamber and etching the stacked semiconductor layer using a dry etching method in which a halogen-based gas is used as an etching gas. In addition, the step of adjusting the proportion of h2o molecules in the process chamber includes a first substep of evacuating the process chamber; a second substep of dry-cleaning the inner surface of the process chamber; and a third substep of generating a plasma in the process chamber using a halogen-based gas..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

 Broadband electromagnetic radiators and antennas patent thumbnailBroadband electromagnetic radiators and antennas
This invention allows combining broadband gw (10+9 watt) peak power to achieve mv/m (10+6 volt/meter), and gv/m (10+9 volt/meter), radiated e-fields of air or vacuum breakdown across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including optical frequencies. Use of multiple antennas and independently triggered generators allows achieving gv/m fields, while by preventing the e-field induced breakdown it provides control of power and energy content at targets.

 Solar cell production method, and solar cell produced by same production method patent thumbnailSolar cell production method, and solar cell produced by same production method
This solar cell production method involves productively forming an antireflection film comprising silicon nitride, said antireflection film having an excellent passivation effect. In an embodiment, a remote plasma cvd is used to form a first silicon nitride film on a semiconductor substrate (102) using the plasma flow from a first plasma chamber (111), then to form a second silicon nitride film, which has a different composition than the first silicon nitride film, using the plasma flow from a second plasma chamber (112), into which ammonia gas and silane gas have been introduced at a different flow ratio than that of the first plasma chamber (111).
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

 Memories and methods of forming thin-film transistors using hydrogen plasma doping patent thumbnailMemories and methods of forming thin-film transistors using hydrogen plasma doping
Methods of forming thin-film transistors and memories are disclosed. In one such method, polycrystalline silicon is hydrogen plasma doped to form doped polycrystalline silicon.
Micron Technology, Inc.

 Method of forming inter-level dielectric layer patent thumbnailMethod of forming inter-level dielectric layer
A method of forming an inter-level dielectric layer including the following step is provided. Two gate structures are formed on a substrate.
United Microelectronics Corp.

 Method for forming conducting via and damascene structure patent thumbnailMethod for forming conducting via and damascene structure
In accordance with some embodiments, a method for forming via holes is provided. The method includes providing a substrate with an etch stop layer and a dielectric layer sequentially formed thereon.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

 Plasma-enhanced etching in an augmented plasma processing system patent thumbnailPlasma-enhanced etching in an augmented plasma processing system
Methods for etching a substrate in a plasma processing chamber having at least a primary plasma generating region and a secondary plasma generating region separated from said primary plasma generating region by a semi-barrier structure. The method includes generating a primary plasma from a primary feed gas in the primary plasma generating region.
Lam Research Corporation

 Apparatus for atomic layering etching patent thumbnailApparatus for atomic layering etching
A substrate processing system having a processing chamber for etching a layer on a substrate is provided. The system includes a chuck upon which the substrate r disposed during etching.

 Titanium oxide etch patent thumbnailTitanium oxide etch
Methods of selectively etching titanium oxide relative to silicon oxide, silicon nitride and/or other dielectrics are described. The methods include a remote plasma etch using plasma effluents formed from a fluorine-containing precursor and/or a chlorine-containing precursor.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Etching method, etching apparatus, and ring member

Etching is performed through the following process. A substrate is loaded into a processing chamber and mounted on a mounting table therein.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method and underdetermined blind separation of correlated pure components from nonlinear mixture mass spectra

The present invention relates to a computer-implemented method and apparatus for data processing for the purpose of blind separation of nonnegative correlated pure components from smaller number of nonlinear mixtures of mass spectra. More specific, the invention relates to preprocessing of recorded matrix of mixtures spectra by robust principal component analysis, trimmed thresholding, hard thresholding and soft thresholding; empirical kernel map-based nonlinear mappings of preprocessed matrix of mixtures mass spectra into reproducible kernel hilbert space and linear sparseness and nonnegativity constrained factorization of mapped matrices therein.
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Lower electrode and plasma processing apparatus

A lower electrode 2 includes a conductive base member 2a to which a high frequency power is applied; an electrostatic chuck 6, having an insulating layer 6b formed on a top surface of the base member 2a to cover an electrode 6a, configured to electrostatically attract a semiconductor wafer w as a target of a plasma process onto the insulating layer 6b; a focus ring 5 provided on a top surface of the insulating layer 6b of the electrostatic chuck 6 to surround the semiconductor wafer w; and a thermally sprayed film 100, which is conductive and formed on a portion of the insulating layer 6b of the electrostatic chuck 6 positioned between the focus ring 5 and the base member 2a by using a composite material in which titania is added to an insulating material for the insulating layer at a preset weight ratio.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma activated conformal dielectric film deposition

Methods of depositing a film on a substrate surface include surface mediated reactions in which a film is grown over one or more cycles of reactant adsorption and reaction. In one aspect, the method is characterized by intermittent delivery of dopant species to the film between the cycles of adsorption and reaction..
Novellus Systems, Inc.


Device and process for preventing substrate damages in a dbd plasma installation

The present invention relates to a process for preventing substrate damages in an installation for surface treatment by dielectric barrier discharge (dbd) and a surface treatment dbd installation for carrying out such process. It comprises:—detecting the amplitude of the voltage at the terminals of the electrodes and the amplitude of the current circulating between said electrodes;—defining the maximum number of alternations of voltage at the terminals of the electrodes in the presence of a hot electric arc (n max) in order not to exceed 50 joules as dissipated energy in said substrate;—when a hot electric arc appears between said electrodes, modifying with inverse feedback the voltage at the terminals of said electrodes before the defined maximum number of alternations of voltage at the terminals of the electrodes is reached..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Tuning a parameter associated with plasma impedance

Systems and methods for tuning a parameter associated with plasma impedance are described. One of the methods includes receiving information to determine a variable.
Lam Research Corporation


Plasma generating apparatus

A plasma generating apparatus includes a chamber that encloses a reaction space that is isolated from the outside; a wafer chuck disposed in a lower portion of the chamber; a plasma generation unit disposed in an upper portion of the chamber; a first radio-frequency (rf) power source that supplies rf power to the plasma generation unit; a first matching unit interposed between the first rf power source and the plasma generation unit; a second rf power source that supplies rf power to the wafer chuck; and a second matching unit interposed between the second rf power source and the wafer chuck. The first rf power source supplies a first pulse power level and a different second pulse power level at different times..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Plasma etching method and plasma etching apparatus

A plasma etching method includes a plasma process of plasma-processing a surface of a photoresist, which has a predetermined pattern with plasma generated from a hydrogen-containing gas. Further, the plasma etching method includes an etching process of etching a silicon-containing film with plasma generated from a cf-based gas and a gas containing a chf-based gas by using the plasma-processed photoresist as a mask.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma processing apparatus

Processing gases respectively supplied from multiple gas supply lines into a processing vessel can be switched at a high speed in a uniform manner. A plasma processing apparatus includes the processing vessel configured to perform therein a plasma process to a target substrate; and a gas inlet member including first gas discharge holes and second gas discharge holes which are alternately arranged to be adjacent to each other and respectively communicate with a first gas supply line and a second gas supply line, which are switchable.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Antenna and plasma processing apparatus

An antenna includes a dielectric window and a slot plate provided at one surface of the dielectric window. The slot plate includes a plurality of slot pairs each being formed of two slots.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Apparatus for generating and maintaining plasma for plasma processing

An apparatus for generating and maintaining plasma for plasma processing using inductively coupled rf power. The apparatus includes a resonant circuit having a resonant capacitance and a resonant inductance, an excitation circuit for exciting the resonant circuit, and a coupling dement for coupling rf power from the inductance into a plasma chamber..
Trumpf Huettinger Sp. Z.o.o.


System and generating ions in an ion source

Embodiments of a method for generating ions in an ion source are provided. The method for generating ions in an ion source includes introducing a dopant gas and a diluent gas into an ion source arc chamber.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Photo-curable and thermo-curable resin composition and dry film solder resist

The present invention relates to a photo-curable and thermo-curable resin composition which can form a dfsr having micro unevenness on the surface without a separate treatment such as plasma treatment and the like and a dfsr. The photo-curable and thermo-curable resin composition includes an acid-modified oligomer having a carboxyl group (—coon) and a photo-curable unsaturated functional group; a polyimide-based resin; a photo-polymerizable monomer having two or more photo-curable unsaturated functional groups; a thermo-curable binder having a thermo-curable functional group; and a photoinitiator..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Plasma panel based radiation detector

A position-sensitive radiation counting detector includes a first and a second substrate. A gas is contained within the gap between the substrates.
Integrated Sensors, Llc


Peptides, devices, and methods for the detection of anaplasma antibodies

The invention provides populations of isolated peptides useful for the detection of antibodies that bind to anaplasma antigens. The peptide populations comprise peptides derived from immunogenic fragments of the anaplasma outer membrane protein proteins.
Abaxis, Inc.


Method for obtaining blood plasma from a whole blood sample

A method for obtaining blood plasma from a whole blood sample comprising the following steps a) contacting the whole blood sample with a composition (a) comprising at least one carboxylic acid, wherein the addition of the acidic composition (a) and optionally further additives to the whole blood sample provides a sample mixture having a ph that lies in a range from 2.5 to 5; b) binding red and white blood cells to a magnetic solid phase; wherein step a) and step b) can be performed sequentially or simultaneously, c) separating the solid phase with the bound cells from the remaining sample thereby providing blood plasma.. .
Qiagen Gmbh


Apparatus for improving efficiency and emissions of combustion

An apparatus improves the efficiency and emissions of a combustion process by producing sufficient amounts of oxygen and ozone in the air flow to the combustion chamber to enable more complete and cleaner combustion of the fuel. An oxygen generator is used in conjunction with an ozone cell.
Clack Technologies, Llc


Component of substrate processing forming a film thereon

A component of a substrate processing apparatus that performs plasma processing on a substrate includes a base mainly formed of an aluminum alloy containing silicon. A film is formed on the surface of the base by an anodic oxidation process which includes connecting the component to an anode of a power supply and immersing the component in a solution mainly formed of an organic acid.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Measurement of film thickness on an arbitrary substrate

Embodiments of the present disclosure enable measurement of film properties, such as thickness, using reflectometry regardless of the underlying pattern on the substrate or base layer because the amount of phase shift resulting from the growing film at any wavelength is independent of the substrate or base layer. One embodiment of the method includes determining properties of the substrate from a time series data.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for reducing alumina or magnesia by utilizing supersonic gas flow

An alumina- or magnesia-reducing process in which a greenhouse gas or substance harmful to the human body is not emitted, which can achieve improved energy efficiency in comparison with the hall-heroult or pidgeon methods. The process includes: introducing an alumina or magnesia powder with a carrier gas to the upstream side of a throat provided on a reducing unit; pressure-transferring the powder and carrier gas to the throat by an operative gas introduced to the upstream side of the throat; irradiating the throat with a laser beam to convert the alumina or magnesia into a plasma state and dissociate the alumina or magnesia thermally; jetting the thermally dissociated product through a nozzle provided on the downstream side of the throat at a supersonic speed to form a frozen flow; and isolating aluminum or magnesium.
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Municipal University Corporartion


Plasma analytes predict diagnosis and prognosis of thoracic aortic aneurysm

Disclosed are methods and materials for assessing thoracic aortic aneurysm using a combination of protein and microrna biomarkers. The presence or levels of the biomarkers can be measured in a body fluid, such as plasma and serum, or in cardiac tissue, to predict the presence and severity of taa in a subject.
Music Foundation For Research Development


Method of determining the fraction of fetal dna in maternal blood using hla markers

The invention comprises a method of determining the fraction of fetal dna in maternal blood or plasma using hla locus wherein the maternal and fetal hla alleles are detected and quantified by clonal or digital methods.. .
Roche Molecular Systems


Synthesis of diverse glycosylphosphatidylinositol glycans from toxoplasma gondii and their application as vaccines and diagnostics

The present invention relates to the synthesis of gpi-related surface antigens of the parasite toxoplasma gondii (t. Gondii) and the resulting products obtained.
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.


Prodrugs of compounds that enhance antifungal activity and compositions of said prodrugs

The invention relates to prodrugs for use in the inhibition of histone deacetylase. The prodrugs of the present invention have good aqueous solubility and good aqueous stability.
Methylgene Inc.


Dihydropyridone p1 as factor xia inhibitors

The present invention provides compounds of formula (x): (formula (x), or stereoisomers, tautomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective factor xia inhibitors or dual inhibitors of fxia and plasma kallikrein.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Image forming apparatus and image forming method

Provided is an image forming apparatus, including: a pretreatment unit configured to bring a surface of a recording medium into contact with plasma; and an image forming unit configured to eject an ink onto the recording medium to thereby form an image; wherein the ink contains a pigment, water, a water-soluble organic solvent, and resin particles, wherein the water-soluble organic solvent is an amide compound having an inorganic/organic value (i/o value) of 1.1 to 2.0, and wherein the resin particles are ether-based polyurethane resin particles and have an acid group amount of 2.0 meq/g or more.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Ink jet printer and printing method

An ink jet printer includes a transport mechanism that transports a medium in a first direction; and a carriage that includes a plasma irradiation mechanism, which emits plasma generated in a discharge portion from a plasma irradiation port and then irradiates at least a part of the medium with the plasma, and a head which ejects ink onto the part of the medium which is irradiated with the plasma, and that moves in a second direction intersecting with the first direction, in which the plasma irradiation mechanism is provided on one side of the head in the second direction, and the discharge portion of the plasma irradiation mechanism is disposed so as not to come in contact with the medium.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Long-lasting antibacterial metallic surfaces and methods for their production

A method of modifying a surface characteristic of a stainless steel or cobalt-chromium (co—cr) based alloy article, comprising plasma surface co-alloying the article (such as by active screen plasma surface co-alloying), with both interstitial and substitutional alloying elements at a temperature in the range of from 300 to 600° c. And at a pressure of from 100 to 1500 pa for 1 to 50 hours in an atmosphere comprising n-containing, c-containing or n/c-containing gas..
The University Of Birmingham


Adhesion improvement via material nanostructuring or texturizing

A embodiment of the invention includes providing a system and method in accordance with an embodiment of the invention including processing a target surface of interest to adjust interfacial material characteristics such as increasing surface area and/or chemical interaction properties via laser texturizing such as via increasing porosity. An embodiment can include an ultrashort pulse laser (uspl), wherein laser pulses are of a duration of femtoseconds, and adapting the uspl's laser energy output irradiance to athermally convert the target surface of interest's material into a plasma state for re-deposition on the target surface; applying the exemplary embodiment's laser beam energy in a raster pattern across the target surface, wherein the uspl is adapted to nano-structure or texturize the target surface to produce a region having a surface covered by texturized structures that can include nano structures increasing adhesion or chemical reaction properties of the target surface..
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Metal particle manufacturing system

A metal particle manufacturing system includes: a first airtight container, in which a metal film is placed and conveyed; a plasma melting chamber for heating and melting the metal film into ultrafine particle metal; a second airtight container for cooling and suspending the ultrafine particle metal for collection and being taken out; and a circulating conveyor belt for providing conveying channels between the first airtight container, the plasma melting chamber and the second airtight container. Airtight channels are provided to cover between the first airtight container, the plasma melting chamber and the second airtight container.
Gold Nanotech, Inc.


Electrode arrangement for plasma treatment and device for producing a transcutaneous connection

A transcutaneous connection between an exterior and an interior of a human or animal body includes a cylindrical skin penetration piece which provides a passage through the skin and has a longitudinal axis that determines the direction of passage through the skin. Wound-healing action and reliable disinfection are effected using an annular flat electrode arrangement, which has a contact surface at an angle to the longitudinal axis, can be fastened to the skin penetration piece.
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh


Passive separation of whole blood

Described are systems, methods, and kits for compression sedimentation and whole blood separation. For example, a compression sedimentation system may include a compression stage configured to accept a flexible reservoir configured to contain a liquid mixture.
Halcyon Biomedical, Incorporated


Modified release formulations of pridopidine

The subject invention provides a modified release solid oral dosage form comprising a therapeutically effective amount of pridopidine or as pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and at least one pharmaceutically acceptable rate controlling excipient, wherein the solid oral dosage form provides an in vivo plasma pridopidine concentration profile having a mean cmax of about 1,400 ng/ml or less. The subject invention also provides a method of treating an individual afflicted with a neurodegenerative disease or disease related to dopamine, comprising once daily administration of a modified release said oral dosage form..
Ivax International Gmbh


Method of treating and preventing brain impairment using na+-k+-2cl- cotransporter isoform 1 inhibitors

The disclosure relates to a method of treating and/or preventing brain impairment in a subject that has or is susceptible to ammonia neurotoxicity (increased plasma ammonia), by administering a na-; —k+-2ci- cotransporter isoform 1 (“nkcc1”) inhibitor to the selected subject under conditions effective to treat and/or prevent brain impairment. The disclosure further relates to methods of maintaining the fundamental function of astrocytic potassium buffering and inhibiting accumulation of potassium star rounding astrocytes, both of which involve contacting astrocytes with a nkcc 1 inhibitor..
University Of Rochester


Blood plasma lyophilization process

The present invention relates to a lyophilized plasma, resulting from a mixture of plasmas originating from selected donors, which is virally attenuated and compatible with all blood groups and to the process for obtaining same.. .
Etat Francais (ministere De La Defense), Service De Sante Des Armees


Plasma cell with floating flange

A plasma cell for forming light-sustained plasma includes a transmission element configured to contain a volume of gas, a first terminal flange disposed at or near an opening of the transmission element, a second terminal flange disposed at or near another opening of the transmission element, a floating flange disposed between the first or second terminal flange and the transmission element. The floating flange is movable to compensate for thermal expansion of the transmission element.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Diffusion bonded plasma resisted chemical vapor deposition (cvd) chamber heater

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to heated substrate supports having a protective coating thereon. The protective coating is formed from pure yttria or alloys predominantly of yttria.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Transceivers using resonant coupling and nonlinear effect by plasma wave and receivers used in inter-chip or intra-chip communication

A transceiver using resonant coupling and nonlinear effect by plasma wave may include a split ring resonator transmitter and a split ring resonator receiver. The split ring resonator transmitter is formed by a split ring resonator antenna that transmits a clock signal.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Inverter device, plasma generating device, sheet-member reforming device, and alternating-current voltage output method

An inverter device includes: multiple inverters that switch input voltages by turning on and off respective switching elements to thereby apply excitation currents to primary excitation windings of respective boosting transformers and output alternating-current voltages from secondary output windings of the respective boosting transformers, the multiple inverters having the same output characteristics, and a common control circuit, on/off control of the switching elements of the inverters being performed by the same switching signal output from the common control circuit.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


High-voltage flywheel energy storage system

A high-voltage flywheel energy storage system to prevent ionization, plasma formation, and electrical arc discharge and corresponding method are provided. The high-voltage flywheel energy storage system prevents ionization, plasma formation, and electrical arc discharge by isolating the motor windings and motor end windings from the partial vacuum environment existing in the flywheel housing..
Temporal Power Ltd.


Microcrystalline silicon thin film solar cell and the manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to a microcrystalline silicon thin film solar cell and the manufacturing method thereof, using which not only the crystallinity of a microcrystalline silicon thin film that is to be formed by the manufacturing method can be controlled and adjusted at will and the defects in the microcrystalline silicon thin film can be fixed, but also the device characteristic degradation due to chamber contamination happening in the manufacturing process, such as plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd), can be eliminated effectively.. .
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan


Metal capping process and processing platform thereof

Before depositing a metal capping layer on a metal interconnect in a damascene structure, a remote plasma is used to reduce native oxide formed on the metal interconnect. Accordingly, a remote plasma reducing chamber is integrated in a processing platform for depositing a metal capping layer..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Technique for reducing plasma-induced etch damage during the formation of vias in interlayer dielectrics by modified rf power ramp-up

When performing plasma assisted etch processes for patterning complex metallization systems of microstructure devices, the probability of creating plasma-induced damage, such as arcing, may be reduced or substantially eliminated by using a superior ramp-up system for the high frequency power and the low frequency power. To this end, the high frequency power may be increased at a higher rate compared to the low frequency power component, wherein, additionally, a time delay may be applied so that, at any rate, the high frequency component reaches its target power level prior to the low frequency component..
Globalfoundries Inc.


Flowable carbon film by fcvd hardware using remote plasma pecvd

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods for forming a flowable carbon-containing film on a substrate. In one embodiment, an oxygen-containing gas is flowed into a remote plasma region to produce oxygen-containing plasma effluents, and a carbon-containing gas is combined with the oxygen-containing plasma effluents in a substrate processing region which contains the substrate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device is provided by performing plasma processing on a substrate to be processed by using a plasma processing apparatus including a processing chamber, a lower electrode, an upper electrode, a plurality of lifter pins, a focus ring, a lifter pin for focus ring and an electrical connection mechanism.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Laser scribing and plasma etch for high die break strength and clean sidewall

In embodiments, a hybrid wafer or substrate dicing process involving an initial laser scribe and subsequent plasma etch is implemented for die singulation. The laser scribe process may be used to cleanly remove a mask layer, organic and inorganic dielectric layers, and device layers.


Washing device

A washing device is disclosed, which is capable of preventing damage of a substrate caused by drooping of the substrate. The washing device includes a plasma irradiating part supplied with a substrate from a substrate loading part to remove dirt from the substrate by irradiating plasma to the substrate; a dirt washing part supplied from the substrate from the plasma irradiating part to remove dirt remaining on the substrate; a finishing washing part supplied with the substrate from the dirt washing part to wash the substrate; a drying part supplied with the substrate from the finishing washing part to dry the substrate; and a substrate unloading part supplied with the substrate from the drying part to unload the substrate, wherein the plasma irradiating part includes a plasma irradiation unit that irradiates plasma to the substrate and a floating unit that maintains the substrate in a floating state..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Mask passivation using plasma

A gas comprising hydrogen is supplied to a plasma source. Plasma comprising hydrogen plasma particles is generated from the gas.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Carbon film stress relaxation

Methods are described for treating a carbon film on a semiconductor substrate. The carbon may have a high content of sp3 bonding to increase etch resistance and enable new applications as a hard mask.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Plasma lighting system

A plasma lighting system includes a magnetron configured to generate microwaves, and a bulb in which a dose for generation of light using the microwaves and at least one metallic material for generation of thermal electrons are received.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

Provided is a technique capable of suppressing a product substrate from being contaminated with a contaminant generated in a process chamber. The method includes (a) processing a substrate supported by a first substrate support by generating plasma in a first plasma generating region in a process chamber; and (b) removing a metal substance in the process chamber by generating plasma in the first plasma generating region and a second plasma generating region disposed between the first substrate support and a back surface of a substrate supported by a second substrate support..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Rf impedance matching network

An rf impedance matching network includes an rf input; an rf output configured to operably couple to a plasma chamber; a series electronically variable capacitor (“series evc”), the series evc electrically coupled in series between the rf input and the rf output; and a shunt electronically variable capacitor (“shunt evc”), the shunt evc electrically coupled in parallel between a ground and one of the rf input and the rf output; a control circuit to control the series variable capacitance and the shunt variable capacitance, wherein the control circuit is configured to determine the variable plasma impedance of the plasma chamber, determine a series capacitance value and a shunt capacitance value, and generate a control signal to alter at least one of the series variable capacitance and the shunt variable capacitance; wherein the alteration is caused by at least one of a plurality of switching circuits.. .
Reno Technologies, Inc.


Plasma etching apparatus

A method for etching a substrate with plasma, including: holding a substrate on a substrate stage; forming an annular zero magnetic field region lying along a circumferential direction of an inner side of a middle-stage coil of three stages of concentrically-arranged magnetic field coils; supplying-etching gas to an interior of a chamber main body; supplying high frequency power to a high-frequency antenna and an electrode to form an induced electric field in the zero magnetic field region to generate plasma; and etching the substrate with the plasma. Forming an annular zero magnetic field region includes forming the region in a state in which the chamber main body is internally inserted from an inner side of a lowermost stage coil of the magnetic field coils to the inner side of the middle-stage coil so that the zero magnetic field region is formed near an inner surface of the top part..
Ulvac, Inc.


System and methods for plasma application

A plasma system includes a plasma device, an ionizable media source, and a power source. The plasma device includes an inner electrode and an outer electrode coaxially disposed around the inner electrode.
Colorado State University Research Foundation


Plasma reactor with inductive excitation of plasma and efficient removal of heat from the excitation coil

The plasma reactor of the invention is intended for treating the surfaces of objects such as semiconductor wafers and large display panels, or the like, with plasma. The main part of the plasma reactor is an array of rf antenna cells, which are deeply immersed into the interior of the working chamber.
Mattson Technology, Inc.


Recessing ultra-low k dielectric using remote plasma source

A portion of the ultra-low k dielectric layer over a substrate is modified using a downstream plasma comprising a first chemistry. The modified portion of the ultra-low k dielectric layer is etched using the downstream plasma comprising a second chemistry.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method and system managing execution of preventative maintenance operation in semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Provided are a method and a system for managing semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The method may be performed using an equipment computer and may include ordering to perform a preventive maintenance to a chamber and parts in the chamber, monitoring a result of the preventive maintenance to the chamber and the parts, and performing a manufacturing process using plasma reaction in the chamber, if the result of the preventive maintenance is normal.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Methods of diagnosing and determining risk of developing disseminated intravascular coagulation

The present invention relates to assays, methods, and systems for non-invasive and early diagnosis of disseminated intravascular coagulation (dic). By measuring the cl-k1 level in a sample obtained from a subject and comparing it with a reference level, one can identify whether a subject has dic or a risk of developing dic if the cl-k1 level is above the reference level.
The General Hospital Corporation


Use of edta tube with gel in elisa method

The invention relates to elimination of the false negative or defective results obtained as a result of inadequate or no sample collection by the test sampling probes in the analyzers running with full or semi-automatic elisa method in the studies conducted from the serum today in determination of the anti hiv, anti hcv, syphilis antibodies and hbsag antigen by employing elisa (enzyme linked immune sorbent assay) method, one of the serologic methods, in full or semi-automatic analyzers by use of the plasma obtained from edta gel tube.. .


Rapid measurement of formed blood component sedimentation rate from small sample volumes

Devices and methods are described for measuring formed blood component sedimentation rate. Some of the methods may use (1) centrifugal techniques for separating red blood cells from plasma and (2) video and/or still imaging capability.
Theranos, Inc.


Tooling for removing sand from a turbine engine

Tooling for removing sand from a turbine engine, such as an airplane turbojet, the tooling including at least one endoscopic display device including a display and a duct having light guide and image transmission device mounted therein, a suction device having a suction device connected to a suction duct fastened to the duct of a display device, and a plasma jet generator device including a plasma torch connected to gas supply and electricity power suitable for operating the plasma torch, the plasma torch being fastened to the duct of an above-mentioned display device.. .


Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including: performing a pre-process to a metal film or a gst film by supplying a first processing gas to a substrate, on a surface of which the metal film or the gst film is formed, without supplying a second processing gas; and performing a formation process to the substrate to which the pre-process has been performed such that a film is formed on the metal film or the gst film by executing at least one cycle of alternately (i) supplying the first processing gas, and (ii) supplying the second processing gas that is activated by plasma excitation.. .
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including: performing a pre-process to a substrate, on a surface of which a metal film or a gst film is formed, such that a first film is formed on the metal film or the gst film by executing at least one cycle of alternately performing (i) supplying a first processing gas, and (ii) supplying a second processing gas that is not activated by plasma excitation; and performing a formation process to the substrate to which the pre-process has been performed such that a second film is formed on the first film by executing at least one cycle of alternately (i) supplying the first processing gas, and (ii) supplying the second processing gas that is activated by plasma excitation.. .
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.


Substrate processing apparatus

Provided is a substrate processing including: a plasma generation source configured to generate the plasma within the processing container; a substrate holding mechanism configured to hold the substrate within the processing container; a separation plate disposed between the plasma generation source and the substrate holding mechanism and having a plurality of openings formed therein, in which the plurality of openings are configured to neutralize the plasma generated in the plasma generation source so as to form neutral particles, and to irradiate the neutral particles onto the substrate; and a directivity adjusting mechanism configured to adjust directivity of the neutral particles irradiated onto the substrate such that a plurality of peak values of an incident angle distribution of the neutral particles on the substrate are distributed at positions which are deviated from a normal direction of the substrate and located on both sides of the normal direction.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma processing apparatus and plasma-uniformity control method

Embodiments of a plasma density distribution control method and a plasma processing apparatus are provided. The plasma processing apparatus includes an electrostatic chuck positioned in a processing chamber thereof the electrostatic chuck includes a number of power electrodes for controlling the plasma in the processing chamber, and the power electrodes are separated from and movable relative to each other.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for removing overspray

Systems and methods are disclosed for removing overspray from a substrate. A coating material may be plasma sprayed on a substrate utilizing suspension plasma spray or solution precursor plasma spray.
United Technologies Corporation


Plasma membrane isolation

Or comprises a covalently bound hydrophilic layer bound to said nanoparticles.. .


Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide mediated curing of low k films to increase hardness and modulus

Embodiments of the invention generally relate to methods of curing a carbon/silicon-containing low k material. The methods generally include delivering a deposition precursor to the processing region, the deposition precursor comprising a carbon/silicon-containing precursor, forming a remote plasma in the presence of an oxygen containing precursor, delivering the activated oxygen containing precursor to the deposition precursor to deposit a carbon/silicon-containing low k material on the substrate and curing the carbon/silicon-containing low k material in the presence of a carbon oxide gas..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Porous metal membrane produced by means of noble gas ion bombardment

A process for producing a porous metal membrane (pore size 10 nm and 1 um), a metal membrane of this type, the use of the metal membrane and also corresponding filter modules. The dice is 1-20 microns.
13 Membrane Gmbh


Apparatus for decomposing perfluorocarbon and harmful gas using high-density confined plasma source

The present invention relates to an apparatus for decomposing perfluorocarbons and harmful gas using a high-density confined plasma source that includes: a reactor having inlet and outlet ports formed in the top and bottom sides thereof for receiving and discharging perfluorocarbons and harmful gas, a chamber having an internal passage, a ferrite core formed outside of the chamber and connected to an antenna, and a permanent magnet arranged around the ferrite core; a gas supply portion for supplying a gas for decomposing the perfluorocarbons and harmful gas into the reactor; and a generator and a controller for supplying electric power for the antenna of the reactor.. .
Teratech Co., Ltd.


Purified hydrogen peroxide gas microbial control methods and devices

The present invention relates to methods and devices for providing microbial control and/or disinfection/remediation of an environment. The methods generally comprise: generating a purified hydrogen peroxide gas (phpg) that is substantially free of, e.g., hydration, ozone, plasma species, and/or organic species; and directing the gas comprising primarily phpg into the environment such that the phpg acts to provide microbial control and/or disinfection/remediation in the environment, preferably both on surfaces and in the air..
Lee Antimicrobial Solutions Llc


Stem cell therapy for crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

A therapeutic process for treating an inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) using mesenchymal stem cells includes the steps of isolating a plurality of human mesenchymal stem cells from a human patient, introducing the plurality of human mesenchymal stem cells into the human patient, reducing human pro-inflammatory cytokines, wherein the human pro-inflammatory cytokines include il-12 and il-18, and increasing human anti-inflammatory cytokines, wherein the human anti-inflammatory cytokines include il-10 and tgf-beta. The human mesenchymal stem cells are isolated from an umbilical cord blood or from a human adipose tissue.


Compositions suitable for treatment of spinal disease, disorder or condition

The invention relates to the use of viral inactivated-plasma cryoprecipitate concentrate (vipcc) comprising a suitable fibronactin/fibrinogen ratio for treating a spine disease, disorder or condition such as intervertebral disc degeneration.. .
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.


Modified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants

A unit dosage form, such as a capsule or the like, for delivering a skeletal muscle relaxant, such as cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, into the body in an extended or sustained release fashion comprising one or more populations of drug-containing particles (beads, pellets, granules, etc.) is disclosed. At least one bead population exhibits a pre-designed sustained release profile.
Aptalis Pharmatech, Inc.


Method for providing modified release of ibuprofen

A method for providing immediate and sustained release of ibuprofen to a subject, including administering, in a single dose, a modified release formulation of ibuprofen including a hydrophilic polymer, ibuprofen in solid dosage form uniformly dispersed in the polymer, and a dissolution additive and an inert formulation additive dispersed in the polymer. The hydrophilic polymer comprises a first hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) having a viscosity of about 100 cps and a second hpmc having a viscosity between about 200 cps to about 50,000 cps.
Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited


Method and creating ocular surgical and relaxing incisions

An optical beam scanning system for incising target tissue in a patient's eye includes a laser source configured to deliver a laser beam to produce optical breakdown and initiate a plasma-mediated process; an oct imaging device used to create an image of eye tissue that includes the cornea; a delivery system for delivering the laser beam to the target tissue to form a cataract incision; a scanner operable to scan the focal spot of the laser beam to different locations within the patient's eye; and a controller operatively coupled to the laser source, the imaging device, and the scanner. The oct device is configured to scan the eye tissue to generate imaging data used to define an incision pattern configured to incise one or more relaxation incisions into the cornea, so that the one or more relaxation incisions are formed starting from the inside and proceeding outward..
Optimedica Corporation

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