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Plasma patents

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Chip packaging structures and treatment methods thereof

Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai)

Chip packaging structures and treatment methods thereof

Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management

Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus

Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus

Novellus Systems

Pecvd deposition of smooth silicon films

Date/App# patent app List of recent Plasma-related patents
 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices patent thumbnailMethods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
In a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, a plasma annealing and supplying a threshold voltage control gas onto a portion of a substrate is performed to form a fixed charge region including a fixed charge at a surface of the substrate. A mos transistor is formed on the substrate including the fixed charge region.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Chip packaging structures and treatment methods thereof patent thumbnailChip packaging structures and treatment methods thereof
A method for treating a chip packaging structure includes providing a chip packaging structure having at least a first electrical connect structure and a second electrical connect structure, and an insulation layer exposing portions of the first electrical connect structure and the second electrical connect structure; selecting a plasma gas based on materials of the first electrical connect structure and the second electrical connect structure and a type of process forming the first electrical connect structure and the second electrical connect structure, wherein metal cations are left on the insulation layer; performing a plasma treatment process using the selected plasma gas on the first electrical connect structure, the second electrical connect structure and the insulation layer, causing reaction of the metal cations to substantially convert the metal cations into electrically neutral materials; and removing the reacted metal cations from the insulation layer.. .
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

 Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus patent thumbnailSemiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
In a semiconductor manufacturing method for performing thermal treatment of a substrate with plasma while moving the substrate on which devices are formed relatively to a plasma generating apparatus which generates the plasma by allowing electromagnetic fields to act on a plasma gas, a second surface of the substrate is irradiated with the plasma of the plasma generating apparatus in a state where the second surface of the substrate which is the opposite side of a first surface of the substrate on which the devices are formed faces the plasma generating apparatus.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Pecvd deposition of smooth silicon films patent thumbnailPecvd deposition of smooth silicon films
Smooth silicon films having low compressive stress and smooth tensile silicon films are deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd) using a process gas comprising a silicon-containing precursor (e.g., silane), argon, and a second gas, such as helium, hydrogen, or a combination of helium and hydrogen. Doped smooth silicon films and smooth silicon germanium films can be obtained by adding a source of dopant or a germanium-containing precursor to the process gas.
Novellus Systems, Inc.

 Substrate processing apparatus,  manufacturing semiconductor device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailSubstrate processing apparatus, manufacturing semiconductor device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
A high quality thin film is formed by forming a layer in which remaining residues are suppressed for each cycle. When a substrate sequentially passes through a first processing region, a second processing region, and a third processing region by rotating a substrate placement unit, a first layer is formed on the substrate while the substrate passes through the first processing region, a second layer is formed by reacting plasma of a reactive gas with the first layer while the substrate passes through the second processing region, and the second layer is modified by plasma of a modifying gas while the substrate passes through the third processing region..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

 Method for producing a dielectric and/or barrier layer or multilayer on a substrate, and device for implementing said method patent thumbnailMethod for producing a dielectric and/or barrier layer or multilayer on a substrate, and device for implementing said method
The present invention relates to the procedure for the preparation of barrier and/or dielectric layers on a substrate, characterized in that it comprises the following stages: (a) cleaning the substrate, (b) placing the substrate on a sample holder and the introduction thereof into a vacuum chamber, (c) dosage of said vacuum chamber with an inert gas and a reactive gas, (d) injection into the vacuum chamber of a volatile precursor that has at least one cation of the compound to be deposited, (e) activation of a radio frequency source and activation of at least one magnetron, (f) decomposition of the volatile precursor using plasma, the reaction between the cation of the volatile precursor and the reactive gas occurring at the same time that the reaction between the reactive gas contained in the plasma and the cation from the target by sputtering takes place, thus leading to the deposition of the film onto the substrate. The device for carrying out said method is also object of the invention..
Abengoa Solar New Technologies, S.a.

 Plasma processing chamber with a grounded electrode assembly patent thumbnailPlasma processing chamber with a grounded electrode assembly
An optimized plasma processing chamber configured to provide a current path is provided. The optimized plasma processing chamber includes at least an upper electrode, a powered lower electrode, a heating plate, a cooling plate, a plasma chamber lid, and clamp ring.
Lam Research Corporation

 Etching method patent thumbnailEtching method
Disclosed is an etching method for selectively etching an oxidation layer made of silicon from a processing target object having the oxidation layer within a processing chamber of a plasma processing apparatus. The etching method includes: forming an altered layer by generating plasma of a gas containing hydrogen, nitrogen, and fluorine to alter the oxidation layer; and after the forming the altered layer, irradiating secondary electrons to the processing target object to remove the altered layer within the processing chamber, in which a negative direct current voltage is applied on an upper electrode of the plasma processing apparatus so that positive ions generated from plasma collide against the upper electrode and thus the secondary electrons are emitted from the upper electrode..
Tokyo Electron Limited

 Unitized confinement ring arrangements and methods thereof patent thumbnailUnitized confinement ring arrangements and methods thereof
An arrangement for performing pressure control in a plasma processing chamber comprising an upper electrode, a lower electrode, a unitized confinement ring arrangement wherein the upper electrode, the lower electrode and the unitized confinement ring arrangement are configured at least for surrounding a confined chamber region to facilitate plasma generation and confinement therein. The arrangement further includes at least one plunger configured for moving the unitized confinement ring arrangement in a vertical direction to adjust at least one of a first gas conductance path and a second gas conductance path to perform the pressure control, wherein the first gas conductance path is formed between the upper electrode and the unitized confinement ring arrangement and the second gas conductance path is formed between the lower electrode and the single unitized ring arrangement..
Lam Research Corporation

 Plasma apparatus and  fabricating semiconductor device using the same patent thumbnailPlasma apparatus and fabricating semiconductor device using the same
A plasma apparatus includes a process chamber having an inner space, a chuck disposed in the process chamber and having a top surface on which a substrate is loaded, a gas supply unit supplying a process gas into the process chamber, a plasma generating unit generating plasma over the chuck, and a direct current (dc) power generator applying a dc pulse signal to the chuck. A period of the dc pulse signal may include a negative pulse duration during which a negative pulse is applied, a positive pulse duration during which a positive pulse is applied, and a pulse-off duration during which the negative pulse and the positive pulse are turned off.


Ion implanter provided with a plurality of plasma source bodies

The invention relates to an ion implanter that comprises an enclosure env having arranged therein a substrate carrier pps connected to a substrate power supply alt via a high voltage electrical passage pet, the enclosure env being provided with pump means pp, ps, the enclosure env also having at least two cylindrical source bodies cs1, cs2 free from any obstacle and arranged facing the substrate carrier. This implanter is remarkable in that it includes at least one confinement coil bci1-bcs1, bci2-bcs2 per source body cs1, cs2..
Ion Beam Services


Processing apparatus and treating a substrate

A processing apparatus including a process chamber, a plasma source disposed within the process chamber, wherein the plasma source is movable in a first direction and is configured to emit an ion beam along a second direction that is orthogonal to the first direction. The apparatus may further include a platen disposed within the process chamber for supporting a substrate, and an ion beam current sensor that is disposed adjacent to the platen..


Particle removal system and method thereof

A method of removing particles from a surface of a reticle is disclosed. The reticle is placed in a carrier, a source gas is flowed into the carrier, and a plasma is generated within the carrier.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Polarization structure and manufacturing the same, and display panel

The invention discloses a polarization structure and a method for manufacturing the same, and a display panel. The polarization structure comprises a polarization layer, and the polarization layer comprises: a transparent dielectric film; and an oriented nano-metal wire array that is distributed in the transparent dielectric film.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Analysis of a panel of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis biomarkers using site specific derivation and lc/ms/ms workflow

A method, a labeling reagent, sets of labeling reagents, and labeling techniques are provided for the analysis of ketosterol biomarkers such as bile acid precursors from human plasma, serum or whole blood. This method is used for new born screening for cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (ctx).
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd


Compositions and methods for detection of antibodies specific for anaplasma phagocytophilum (aph) and anaplasma platys (apl)

The invention provides methods and compositions for the detection and treatment of anaplasma phagocytophilum and anaplasma platys infection.. .
Idexx Laboratories, Inc.


Method and assisting with the combustion of fuel

An apparatus and method for assisting with the combustion of fuel are described. The apparatus includes a swirler assembly and a fuel nozzle.
Fcg Plasma Solutions Llc


Plasma generating apparatus and internal combustion engine

The plasma generating device has an electromagnetic wave oscillator that emits electromagnetic waves, and a control device that controls the electromagnetic wave oscillator, said plasma generating device being characterized by being provided with a step-up circuit that causes the electromagnetic waves that have been emitted from the electromagnetic wave oscillator to resonate, thereby generating a high voltage, and a discharge electrode that discharges the high voltage generated by the step-up circuit.. .
Imagineering, Inc.


Method for preparing metal from metal precursor solution and the application thereof

Method for preparing metal from metal precursor solution and the application thereof are provided. The metal precursor solution is treated by atmospheric pressure plasma jet (appj) and therefore transform into the metal..
National Taiwan University


Method for passivating a metal surface

A method for passivating a metal surface including, generating an atmospheric plasma beam by electrical discharge in a working gas, introducing an acid-containing passivating agent into the plasma beam, applying the plasma beam containing the passivating agent the metal surface, and depositing a passivating salt on the metal surface by a reaction between the acid-containing passivating agent and the metal surface. This method simplifies the process for passivating a metal surface and renders it more effective..
Plasma Treat Gmbh


Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus for processing a substrate by using a plasma includes a processing chamber configured to airtightly accommodate a substrate, a lower electrode serving as a mounting table configured to mount thereon the substrate in the processing chamber, an upper electrode, serving as a shower plate having a plurality of gas supply openings, provided opposite to the substrate to be mounted on the mounting table, an insulating member disposed to surround an outer peripheral portion of the upper electrode, and a processing gas supply source configured to supply a processing gas into the processing chamber through the shower plate. The substrate processing apparatus further includes a heating unit provided at the insulating member to heat the insulating member..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Atomic layer deposition with plasma source

The invention relates to method including operating a plasma atomic layer deposition reactor configured to deposit material in a reaction chamber on at least one substrate by sequential self-saturating surface reactions, and allowing gas from an inactive gas source to flow into a widening radical in-feed part opening towards the reaction chamber substantially during a whole deposition cycle. The invention also relates to a corresponding apparatus..
Picosun Oy


Method and its compositions for detection of nucleic acid target from biological samples and body fluids

Current invention is directed for rapid sample pretreatment method that allows highly sensitive and specific detection of target nucleic acid (eg human genomic dna, human pathogen genomic dna, human non-pathogen genomic dna) by amplification directly from crude unpurified biological samples lysates (eg human urine, saliva, blood, urethra and cervical swabs and other samples containing biological material). Invention is focused on the description of the biological sample pretreatment method that enables fast release of the genomic material from human and pathogen cells, components of what are compatible with the following nucleic acid amplification method.
Selfdiagnostics OÜ


Method for measuring thrombin generation

It is an object of the present invention to provide a measurement method capable of easily evaluating combined effects in a single assay system, when antithrombotic agents having different mechanisms of action are used in combination. A method for measuring thrombin generation comprising: (1) a step of adding an anticoagulant, a p2y12 receptor inhibitor, adenosine diphosphate and tissue factor to platelet rich plasma; (2) a step of adding a fluorogenic thrombin substrate and a calcium-containing solution thereto; and (3) a step of measuring fluorescence intensity..
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited


Gtl process and reactor employing a mobile phase and plasma

An alternative process and device for carrying out fischer tropsch (ft) syntheses is proposed, allowing the reactant entities that take part in the ft reaction to be activated and their contributions, whether by quantity or by proportion, to be adjusted. The process consists in making a particulate phase, optionally consisting of catalytic particles, flow through a reactor.


Slurry plasma spray of plasma resistant ceramic coating

Disclosed herein are methods for producing an ultra-dense and ultra-smooth ceramic coating. A method includes feeding a slurry of ceramic particles into a plasma sprayer.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for producing void-free additively manufactured components

A method of additive manufacturing of a component includes cutting a plurality of sheets, each sheet corresponding to a respective cross-section of the component, tack welding the sheets to one another to form a stack, arranging the stack in a mold, and spark plasma sintering the tack-welded stack of sheets to reduce vacancies and dislocations between adjacent sheets of the stack.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Reclamation of metals from a fluid

A system for extracting metals (e.g. Precious metals or dangerous metals) from a substrate material such as sludge from a lake bed or sewage treatment facility includes processing the substrate material and metals by exposing the substrate material and metals to the plasma of an electric arc.
Magnegas Corporation


Treatment of incinerator off gas

A system treats off gas from a waste incinerator to decrease potentially negative aspects of the off gas to the environment. The system includes a waste incinerator and a plasma oxidizer.
Ceramatec, Inc.


Systems and methods for determining replacement fluid and plasma flow rates for red blood cell exchange procedures

Systems and methods for performing a red blood cell exchange procedure are disclosed. In one aspect, the flow rates of a replacement fluid (e.g., red blood cells from a healthy donor) and plasma being flowed to a blood source are calculated based on certain parameters of the procedure that are known, including the flow rate of blood being drawn from the source and the volume of replacement fluid to be used during the procedure.
Fenwal, Inc.


Treatment of proliferative diseases with pyrimidodiazepinones

A first aspect of the invention relates to a compound of formula (i), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, for use in treating a proliferative disorder, wherein: x is nr7; r1 and r2 are each independently h, alkyl or cycloalkyl; r3 is a 6-membered heterocycloalkyl group selected from piperidinyl, piperazinyl, morpholinyl and tetrahydropyranyl, wherein said heterocycloalkyl group is optionally further substituted by one or more (ch2)—r19 groups; r4 and r4′ are each independently h or alkyl; or r4 and r4′ together form a spiro cycloalkyl group; q is ch or n; r6 is or8 or halogen; n is 1, 2 or 3; r19 is h, alkyl, aryl or a cycloalkyl group; r7 and r8 are each independently h or alkyl; and wherein said compound is administered in accordance with a dosing regimen which: (i) maintains a plasma concentration of from about 50 to about 500 nm for a period of up to about 16 hours; or (ii) maintains a plasma concentration of from about 0.5 μm to about 1 μm for a period of up to about 6 hours; or (iii) achieves a maximum plasma concentration (cmax) of no more than about 500 nm within a period of about 6 hours; or (iv) achieves a maximum plasma concentration (cmax) of no more than about 200 nm within a period of about 16 hours; or (v) achieves a maximum plasma concentration (cmax) of about 0.5 μm to about 1 μm within about 6 hours. Further claims relate to a method of treatment based on this dosing regimen, and kits relating to the same..
Cyclacel Limited


Plasma or serum production and removal of fluids under reduced pressure

In some embodiments, the present invention generally relates to the separation of blood within a device to form plasma or serum. In some embodiments, the present invention generally relates to the removal of fluids, such as blood, contained within a device.
Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.


Consumable cartridge for a plasma arc cutting system

The invention features a frame for a plasma arc torch cartridge. The frame includes a thermally conductive frame body having a longitudinal axis, a first end configured to connect to a first consumable component, and a second end configured to mate with a second consumable component.
Hypertherm, Inc.


Consumable cartridge for a plasma arc cutting system

The invention features a replaceable cartridge for a plasma arc torch. The cartridge includes a cartridge body having a first section and a second section.
Hypertherm, Inc.


Method and control unit for operating a plasma generation apparatus

In order to enable a gentle operation of the plasma generation apparatus it is provided in accordance with the invention that a check is continuously carried out during the ignition process whether the ignition of the plasma has been effected. Additionally, the ignition voltage (uz) is increased starting from an initial ignition voltage (uza) and after recognizing an effected ignition (at the point in time tz) of the plasma, the voltage is reduced between the anode and the cathode to a maintenance voltage (ua)..


High-voltage flywheel energy storage system

A high-voltage flywheel energy storage system to prevent ionization, plasma formation, and electrical arc discharge and corresponding method are provided. The high-voltage flywheel energy storage system prevents ionization, plasma formation, and electrical arc discharge by isolating the motor windings and motor end windings from the partial vacuum environment existing in the flywheel housing..
Temporal Power Ltd.


Plasma treatment of an electrochemical membrane

A method for treating an electrochemical membrane includes providing a porous film having a first outer surface and a second opposed outer surface, and treating at least a portion of the first outer surface with an air plasma jet at atmospheric pressure to functionalize the at least a portion of the first outer surface with a plurality of oxygen functional groups. A battery separator has an ionically conductive separator film having a first functionalized outer surface with a plurality of oxygen atoms providing one to twenty percent of the total atoms present on the surface to provide a greater electrolytic uptake than a non-functionalized film.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Phase change memory stack with treated sidewalls

Memory devices and methods for fabricating memory devices have been disclosed. One such memory device includes a first electrode material formed on a word line material.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Conductive nanoparticles

Isolated conductive nanoparticles on a dielectric layer and methods of fabricating such isolated conductive nanoparticles provide charge storage units in electronic structures for use in a wide range of electronic devices and systems. The isolated conductive nanoparticles may be used as a floating gate in a flash memory.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Method for controlling a plasma chamber

An system and method for controlling a plasma chamber includes operably coupling an rf generator to the plasma chamber, the rf generator providing an rf signal to a chamber input of the plasma chamber; measuring a parameter at the chamber input; determining a rate of change based on the measured parameter; detecting an excessive rate of change condition comprising the rate of change exceeding a reference rate of change; detecting a repetitive change condition comprising a predetermined number of the excessive rate of change conditions in a predetermined time; upon detection of the repetitive change condition, decreasing a power of the rf signal provided to the chamber input.. .
Reno Technologies, Inc.


Plasma processing apparatus and measurement method

There is provided a plasma processing apparatus, which includes: a processing chamber into which a target substrate is loaded and in which a dopant is implanted into the target substrate using a plasma of a gas which contains an element used as the dopant; a wall probe configured to measure a change in voltage corresponding to a density of charged particles in the plasma generated within the processing chamber; an oes (optical emission spectrometer) configured to measure a light emission intensity of the dopant existing in the plasma; and a calculation unit configured to calculate a dose amount of the dopant implanted into the target substrate, based on a measurement result obtained at the wall probe and a measurement result obtained at the oes.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Methods for etch of metal and metal-oxide films

A method of selectively etching a metal-containing film from a substrate comprising a metal-containing layer and a silicon oxide layer includes flowing a fluorine-containing gas into a plasma generation region of a substrate processing chamber, and applying energy to the fluorine-containing gas to generate a plasma in the plasma generation region. The plasma comprises fluorine radicals and fluorine ions.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, ion beam etching device, and control device

By using the ion beam etching method after the cmp step, the film thickness distribution in the plane of the substrate 111 is corrected. More specifically, when the ion beam etching is performed, the plasma density in the plasma generation chamber 102 is caused to be different between a position facing a central portion in the plane of the substrate 111 and a position facing an outer peripheral portion, so that the etching rate in the central portion in the plane of the substrate 111 and the etching rate in the outer peripheral portion in the substrate plane 111 are caused to be different..


Method for manufacturing oxide

An oxide that can be used as a semiconductor of a transistor or the like is manufactured. In particular, an oxide having few defects such as grain boundaries is manufactured.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for detection and quantification of selenium and silicon in samples

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for improved detection and/or quantification of selenium (se) and/or silicon (si) in samples. In certain embodiment, the methods and systems feature the use of carbon dioxide (co2) as a reaction gas in a reaction cell chamber, such as a dynamic reaction cell (drc), of an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (icp-ms).
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Plasma source

A plasma generating device includes a plasma source having a plasma source hollow body (1) and an electron emission unit (5) for emitting free electrons into the plasma source hollow body. The plasma source hollow body (1) has a first gas inlet (7a) and a plasma source opening (10) which forms an opening to a vacuum chamber.
Oerlikon Surface Solutions Ag, TrÜbbach


Real-time edge encroachment control for wafer bevel

A plasma processing system includes a bottom electrode disposed in a chamber. A lower extended electrode is disposed around the bottom electrode.
Lam Research Corporation


Microwave plasma applicator with improved power uniformity

An apparatus for generating plasma includes a plasma discharge tube and a conductive coil helically wound around an outer surface of the plasma discharge tube. A waveguide is coupled to a microwave cavity surrounding the plasma discharge tube to guide the microwave energy into the plasma discharge tube such that the plasma is generated in the plasma discharge tube.
Mks Instruments, Inc.


Gas distribution showerhead for inductively coupled plasma etch reactor

A two piece ceramic showerhead includes upper and lower plates which deliver process gas to an inductively coupled plasma processing chamber. The upper plate overlies the lower plate and includes radially extending gas passages which extend inwardly from an outer periphery of the upper plate, axially extending gas passages in fluid communication with the radially extending gas passages and an annular recess forming a plenum between the upper and lower plates.
Lam Research Corporation


System and treating substrate

Provided are a system and a method for treating a substrate. The substrate treating system may include a process chamber including a body with an open top and a dielectric window hermetically sealing the top of the body from an outside, a supporting unit provided in the process chamber to support a substrate, a gas-supplying unit supplying a process gas into the process chamber, a plasma source provided outside the process chamber to generate plasma from the process gas supplied into the process chamber, and a heating unit heating the dielectric window.
Semes Co., Ltd.


Multi-source plasma focused ion beam system

The present invention provides a plasma ion beam system that includes multiple gas sources and that can be used for performing multiple operations using different ion species to create or alter submicron features of a work piece. The system preferably uses an inductively coupled, magnetically enhanced ion beam source, suitable in conjunction with probe-forming optics sources to produce ion beams of a wide variety of ions without substantial kinetic energy oscillations induced by the source, thereby permitting formation of a high resolution beam..
Fei Company


Temperature control in plasma processing apparatus using pulsed heat transfer fluid flow

Methods and systems for controlling temperatures in plasma processing chamber via pulsed application of heating power and pulsed application of cooling power. In an embodiment, temperature control is based at least in part on a feedforward control signal derived from a plasma power input into the processing chamber.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Plasma dry strip pretreatment to enhance ion implanted resist removal

Systems and methods for processing a substrate include exposing a substrate to uv light from a uv light source having a predetermined wavelength range. The substrate includes a photoresist layer that has been bombarded with ions.
Lam Research Corporation


Method for the diagnosis of metachromatic leukodystrophy

The present invention is related to a method for diagnosing metachromatic leukodystrophy in a subject comprising a step a), wherein the step a) comprises detecting a biomarker in a sample from the subject, wherein the sample is selected from the group consisting of blood, dried blood, serum and plasma and wherein the biomarker is different from an enzyme.. .
Centogene Ag


Methods and systems for point-of-care coagulation assays by optical detection

This invention relates to an optical system and method for performing turbidity assay, e.g. Coagulation of blood or plasma, comprising a standard optical reference, a sample handling structure, a light source and an optical detection unit.


Apparatus and detecting foreign material on upper surface of transparent substrate using polarized light

Provided are an apparatus and a method of detecting a foreign material capable of detecting only a foreign material on a surface of a substrate except for a foreign material on a lower surface of the substrate in a manufacturing process of a transparent substrate passing light therethrough, such as a glass substrate used in a flat panel display (fpd) such as a liquid crystal display (lcd), an organic light emitting diode (oled), a plasma display panel (pdp), a sapphire wafer used in some of semiconductors, or the like, and in a pattern forming process in a manufacturing process of the fpd and the semiconductor using the transparent substrate.. .
Nanoprotech Co., Ltd.


Method for measuring coagulation of blood samples using viscoelastic tests (vet)

This disclosure provides a method for measuring coagulation of blood or plasma samples using viscoelastic tests (vet) wherein the measuring is performed in the presence of immobilised endothelial cells.. .
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft


Remote plasma source based cyclic cvd process for nanocrystalline diamond deposition

Methods for making a nanocrystalline diamond layer are disclosed herein. A method of forming a layer can include activating a deposition gas comprising an alkane and a hydrogen containing gas at a first pressure, delivering the activated deposition gas to the substrate at a second pressure which is less than the first pressure, forming a nanocrystalline diamond layer, treating the layer with an activated hydrogen containing gas to remove one or more polymers from the surface and repeating the cycle to achieve a desired thickness..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Film forming method and film forming apparatus

A film forming method includes supplying a first source gas containing a first metal element onto a substrate, supplying a second source gas containing a second metal element onto the substrate, supplying a reaction gas converted into plasma and containing a nonmetal element reacting with the first metal element and the second metal element to generate a first reaction product and a second reaction product, respectively, to the substrate, to generate a third reaction product containing the first metal element, the second metal element and the nonmetal element. A mixing ratio of the first metal element contained in the third reaction product is higher than that of the second metal element, and a crystallization temperature of the second reaction product is higher than that of the first reaction product..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Low-oxidation plasma-assisted process

A method for forming an oxide film by plasma-assisted cyclic processing, includes: (i) supplying a precursor to a reaction space wherein a substrate is placed; (ii) applying a first rf power to the reaction space for a first period of time without supplying a precursor; and (iii) applying a second rf power to the reaction space for a second period of time without supplying the precursor, wherein the first rf power is lower than the second rf power, and/or the first period of time is shorter than the second period of time.. .
Asm Ip Holding B.v.


Method for making diamond layers by cvd

A method of coating a non-refractory and/or non-planar substrate (8) with synthetic diamond material using a microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition (cvd) synthesis technique, the method comprising: forming a composite substrate assembly (1) comprising: a support substrate (2) comprising an upper surface; one or more electrically conductive refractory guards (6) disposed over the upper surface of the support substrate and extending to a height hg above the upper surface of the support substrate; and one or more non-refractory and/or non-planar substrates disposed over the upper surface of the support substrate and extending to a height hs above the upper surface of the support substrate, wherein the height hs is less than the height hg, wherein a difference in height hg−hs lies in a range 0.2 mm to 10 mm; placing the composite substrate assembly within a plasma chamber of a microwave plasma cvd reactor; feeding process gases into the plasma chamber including a carbon containing gas and a hydrogen containing gas; feeding microwaves in the plasma chamber to form a microwave plasma at a location over the composite substrate assembly; and growing synthetic diamond material on the one or more non-refractory and/or non-planar substrates.. .
Element Six Technologies Limited


Apparatus for generating high-current electrical discharges

A high current density plasma generator includes a chamber that contains a feed gas. An anode is positioned in the chamber.
Zond, Llc


Apparatus and sputtering hard coatings

A plasma generator includes a chamber for confining a feed gas. An anode is positioned inside the chamber.
Zond, Llc


Methods and compositions for modulating the immune system with arginase i

Methods and compositions comprising recombinant arginase i proteins which are capable of depleting the plasma arginine levels in a subject are disclosed. The methods and compositions can be used to modulate the activity of the immune system in a subject.
Bio-cancer Treatment International Limited


Arc-produced gas mixed with other gases

A system for producing a hybrid gas includes a pressure vessel containing in its interior a feedstock with at least one set of electrodes between which an electric arc is formed. The at least one set of electrodes is within the pressure vessel and submerged in the feedstock.
Magnegas Corporation


Method for processing hydrocarbon fuels using microwave energy

A method of processing hydrocarbons includes feeding a hydrocarbon feedstock into a reaction tube positioned within an opening of a waveguide, feeding a process gas into the reaction tube, receiving microwaves in the waveguide from a microwave generator, propagating microwave energy from the waveguide into the reaction tube to cause the formation of a first plasma in the reaction tube, that causes the feedstock and process gas to react and form into a product stream comprising a fuel product. The method also includes periodically, without stopping the propagation of microwave energy into the reaction tube, delivering a cleaning gas comprising oxygen.
H Quest Partners, Lp


Anti-glypican-3 antibody having improved kinetics in plasma

A method of modulating the plasma half-life of anti-glypican 3 antibody, a pharmaceutical composition comprising as an active ingredient the anti-glypican 3 antibody that has a plasma half-life that has been modulated, a method of preparing the anti-glypican 3 antibody and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the anti-glypican 3 antibody as an active ingredient are provided. Disclosed is a method of modulating the plasma half-life of anti-glypican 3 antibody by modifying an amino acid residue that is exposed on the surface of the anti-glypican 3 antibody; and anti-glypican 3 antibody that has a plasma half-life that has been modulated by amino acid residue modification, a pharmaceutical composition comprising as an active ingredient the anti-glypican 3 antibody, and a method of preparing the anti-glypican 3 antibody and producing a pharmaceutical composition comprising the anti-glypican 3 antibody as an active ingredient..
Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha


Monolith-based pseudo-bioaffinity purification methods for factor viii and applications thereof

The present disclosure relates to purification of factor viii protein and/or its fragments from various sources by employing monolith based pseudobioaffinity purification methods. In particular, l-histidine over cim monolith [histidine ligand affinity chromatography (hlac)] is used for the purification of wild-type factor viii from plasma cryoprecipitate, recombinant b-domain deleted factor viii (rbdd-fviii) expressed in various host systems and recombinant factor viii light chain expressed in pichia pastoris.
Centre For Bioseparation Technology - Vit


Substituted tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds as factor xia inhibitors

Or stereoisomers, pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are inhibitors of factor xia and/or plasma kallikrein which may be used as medicaments..


Method for manufacturing a precursor for a primary preform for optical fibres by a plasma deposition process

A method for manufacturing a precursor for a primary preform for optical fibres by an internal plasma deposition process including the steps of providing a hollow substrate tube, creating a first plasma reaction zone having first reaction conditions and depositing non-vitrified silica layers along at least a portion of the inner surface of the substrate tube, subsequently creating a second plasma reaction zone having second reaction conditions different from the first reaction conditions and depositing vitrified silica layers along at least a portion of the substrate tube, and cooling the substrate tube to produce the precursor for a primary preform.. .
Draka Comteq B.v.


Apparatus and treating graphene using plasma and application thereof

A method and apparatus for treating graphene raw material by plasma, and an application thereof are provided. After treated by the plasma, the graphene raw material will have a special structure and characteristic..
National Taiwam University


System for producing graphene in a magnetic field

An improved system for generating graphene involves producing a plurality of ionized carbon atoms in a plasma generation chamber and providing the plurality of ionized carbon atoms to a graphene generation chamber having a magnetic structure that includes a two-dimensional array of alternating polarity magnetic sources that produce a magnetic field having a gradient sufficient to float graphene over the magnetic structure. The graphene generation chamber generates graphene from said plurality of ionized carbon atoms over said magnetic structure such that said graphene floats over said magnetic structure due to said graphene being diamagnetic.
Cedar Ridge Research, Llc


Regeneration of spent hydride fuel

A process for regenerating spent hydride fuel comprises the steps of (1) generating hydrazine from a plasma; for example generating a solution of hydrazine in liquid ammonia using a plasma generated in a glow discharge cell, (2) contacting the spent hydride fuel with said hydrazine and (3) thereafter separating a regenerated hydride fuel therefrom. The process is widely applicable in regenerating spent hydride transportation fuels which are used to power for example a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine.
Cella Acquisition Limited


Method for manufacturing planarized fabric substrate for flexible display

Disclosed herein is a method for manufacturing a fabric substrate for a flexible display. According to the present invention, the method comprises the steps of preparing step for preparing a fabric substrate, calendering step for thermal stability and dimensional stability of the fabric substrate, a first coating step for coating a first planarization layer for planarizing the calendered fabric substrate, a plasma processing step for processing plasma to the first planarization layer, and a second coating step for coating a second planarization layer on the plasma-processed first planarization layer..
Kolon Glotech, Inc.


Dry non-plasma treatment system

A dry non-plasma treatment system for removing material is described. The treatment system is configured to provide chemical treatment of one or more substrates, wherein each substrate is exposed to a gaseous chemistry under controlled conditions including surface temperature and gas pressure.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Plasma reactor for abatement of hazardous material

A plasma reactor for abating hazardous materials included in process gases while being installed on an exhaust path of the process gases toward a vacuum pump is provided. The plasma reactor includes an insulator having a pipe shape through which process gases pass, a first ground electrode connected to a front end of the insulator facing the process chamber, a second ground electrode connected to a rear end of the insulator and provided with a facing part that faces a center of the inside of the insulator along the moving direction of process gases, and a driving electrode fixed to an external circumferential surface of the insulator and connected to a power supply applying an ac or rf voltage..
Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials


Wound healing device

A plasma coating device for treating a wound comprises a plasma chamber having: one or more electrodes, a gas supply inlet, a plasma outlet exposed to ambient pressure, and an ignition system operatively connected to the electrodes for providing a non-thermal equilibrium plasma within the plasma chamber. An aerosol delivery system is operable to introduce a bioresorbable material as an aerosol into the plasma, to produce a coating on the wound surface..
Plasmedica Technologies Limited


Protein conjugates

The present invention concerns the field of conjugated peptides suitable for the production of drugs having an improved plasma half-life. In particular the present invention relates to a conjugated protein, obtained by an enzymatic reaction via microbial transglutaminase (mtgase), and an improved process for removing residual transglutaminase from peptides or recombinant proteins enzymatically conjugated by microbial transglutaminase (mtgase) to hydrophilic non-immunogenic polymer at a glutamine side-chain through an amidic linkage, allowing to obtain purified conjugated peptides or proteins which are stable against the enzymatic hydrolysis of the amidic bond between the peptide or protein moiety and the hydrophilic polymer and being free from product derived degradation displays the stability required for a drug..
Bio-ker S.r.l


Ehrlichial invasin for immunization, diagnosis, and cell delivery

Disclosed are vaccines containing one or more immunogenic polypeptides derived from an etpe protein from an ehrlichia sp. Or nucleic acid encoding these polypeptides.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation


Composition and treating a hematological malignancy

Provided are compositions and methods for treating hematological malignancies, such as multiple myeloma, in a subject by increasing levels or activity of mir-30 rna in plasma cells of the subject.. .
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.


An edible composition comprising resveratrol and flavonoid monoglucoside

Foods or meals high in available carbohydrate such as sucrose or starch increase postprandial blood glucose concentrations. Repeated high post-prandial plasma glucose “spikes” are associated with an increased risk of developing type ii diabetes.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


Controlled release formulations having rapid onset and rapid decline of effective plasma drug concentrations

The invention is directed to oral modified/controlled release drug formulations which provide a rapid initial onset of effect and a prolonged duration of effect. Preferably, the peak concentration is lower than that provided by the reference standard for immediate release formulations of the drug, and the duration of effect falls rapidly at the end of the dosing interval..
Purdue Pharma


Hybrid impedance matching for inductively coupled plasma system

In one aspect, a system includes a generator configured to generate and tune a frequency of a supply signal. The system includes an auto-matching network configured to receive the supply signal and to generate an impedance-matched signal for use in powering a plasma system.
Novellus Systems, Inc.


Method for producing at least one layer of a solid -based thin-film battery, plasma powder sprayer therefor, and solid-based thin film battery

A method for the manufacture of a layer for solid state thin-film batteries using a plasma-powder-sprayer with a plasma generation area and a mixing area spatially separated from it, including creation of a plasma gas stream from an ignition gas stream in the plasma generation area; creation of a powder-aerosol stream from a carrier gas stream from a carrier gas reservoir and powder particles from a powder reservoir, wherein the powder particles are extracted in a particular way; introduction of the powder-aerosol stream and the plasma gas stream into the mixing area, so that a plasma-powder-aerosol is formed; directing a plasma-powder-aerosol stream from the mixing area onto a substrate arranged in a coating area; and, deposition of a layer on a substrate of powder particles that are superficially fused or changed in their crystalline structure in the mixing area and/or in the plasma-powder-aerosol stream and/or in the coating area.. .
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh


Process for producing magnetoresistive effect element

The noble metal atoms are selectively removed from the re-deposited film by applying an ion beam, formed using a plasma of a kr gas or a xe gas, to the re-deposited film formed on the side wall of the magnetoresistive effect element after the element isolation.. .


Semiconductor device and fabricating semiconductor device

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device may form a nitride semiconductor layer on a substrate, form a first insulator layer on the nitride semiconductor layer by steam oxidation of ald, form a second insulator layer on the first insulator layer by oxygen plasma oxidation of ald, form a gate electrode on the second insulator layer, and form a source and drain electrodes on the nitride semiconductor layer. The nitride semiconductor layer may include a first semiconductor layer on the substrate, and a second semiconductor layer on the first semiconductor layer..
Fujitsu Limited


Systems and methods for detecting endpoint for through-silicon via reveal applications

Systems and methods for processing a semiconductor wafer includes a plasma processing chamber. The plasma processing chamber includes an exterior, an interior region with a wafer receiving mechanism and a viewport disposed on a sidewall of the plasma processing chamber providing visual access from the exterior to the wafer received on the wafer receiving mechanism.
Lam Research Corporation


Electrostatic chuck, placing table and plasma processing apparatus

Disclosed is an electrostatic chuck including a circular placing region configured to place a processing target object thereon. The placing region includes a bottom surface and a plurality of protrusions configured to protrude from the bottom surface.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Dry-etch for selective oxidation removal

Methods of selectively etching tungsten oxide relative to tungsten, silicon oxide, silicon nitride and/or titanium nitride are described. The methods include a remote plasma etch formed from a fluorine-containing precursor and/or hydrogen (h2).
Applied Materials, Inc.


Techniques for forming angled structures for reduced defects in heteroepitaxy of semiconductor films

In one embodiment, a method for etching a substrate includes providing a reactive ambient around the substrate when a non-crystalline layer is disposed over a first crystalline material in the substrate; generating a plasma in a plasma chamber; modifying a shape of a plasma sheath boundary of the plasma; extracting ions from the plasma; and directing the ions to the substrate at a non-zero angle of incidence with respect to a perpendicular to a plane of the substrate, wherein the ions and reactive ambient are effective to form an angled cavity through the non-crystalline layer to expose a portion of the first crystalline material at a bottom of the angled cavity, and the angled cavity forms a non-zero angle of inclination with respect to the perpendicular.. .
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.


Surface plasma modification of porous thin-films to optimize pore filling

The present invention describes a process to modify a top portion of a porous ultra low-k (ulk) material in order to maximize porosity filling with a filling material that initially displayed low compatibility with the ulk material. Surface modification is achieved by a plasma treatment, enhancing the compatibility between the ulk surface and the filling material.
International Business Machines Corporation


Physical vapor deposition methods and systems to form semiconductor films using counterbalance magnetic field generators

Embodiments relate generally to semiconductor device fabrication and processes, and more particularly, to systems and methods that implement magnetic field generators configured to generate rotating magnetic fields to facilitate physical vapor deposition (“pvd”). In one embodiment, a system generates a first portion of a magnetic field adjacent a first circumferential portion of a substrate, and can generate a second portion of the magnetic field adjacent to a second circumferential portion of the substrate.
Semicat, Inc.


Light source with laser pumping and generating radiation

The invention relates to light sources with laser pumping and to methods for generating radiation with a high luminance in the ultraviolet (uv) and visible spectral ranges. The technical result of the invention includes extending the functional possibilities of a light source with laser pumping by virtue of increasing the luminance, increasing the coefficient of absorption of the laser radiation by a plasma, and significantly reducing the numerical aperture of a divergent laser beam which is to be occluded and which is passing through the plasma.
Rnd-isan, Ltd


Ultra-compact plasma spectrometer

Various examples are provided for collimator assemblies and/or energy analyzer arrays of plasma spectrometers. In one example, among others, an ultra-compact plasma spectrometer includes a collimator assembly; an energy analyzer array that receives charged particles from the collimator; and a detector plate that detects charged particles exiting the energy analyzer array.
Advanced Research Corporation


Fabricating low-defect rare-earth doped piezoelectric layer

A plasma vapor deposition (pvd) system and method for depositing a piezoelectric layer over a substrate are disclosed. A plasma is created in a reaction chamber creates from the sputtering gas supplied to the reaction chamber.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Dry cleaning method and plasma processing apparatus

A dry cleaning method is provided that is implemented by a plasma processing apparatus including a processing chamber having a member containing chromium, a mounting table arranged within the processing chamber and configured to hold a substrate, and a gas supply source configured to supply gas into the processing chamber. The dry cleaning method includes a first process step of supplying a first cleaning gas containing oxygen into the processing chamber, supplying a high frequency power or a microwave power into the processing chamber, and generating a plasma from the first cleaning gas; and a second process step of supplying a second cleaning gas containing bromine into the processing chamber after the first process step..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Ion assisted deposition top coat of rare-earth oxide

A method of manufacturing an article comprises providing an article such as a chamber component for an etch reactor. A plasma spray deposition process is performed for deposit a first protective layer over at least one surface of the chamber component.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Methods and controlling plasma in a plasma processing system

Methods and apparatus for processing a substrate in a multi-frequency plasma processing chamber are disclosed. The base rf signal pulses between a high power level and a low power level.
Lam Research Corporation


Plasma processing apparatus

In a plasma processing apparatus including a processing chamber, a dielectric window for hermetically sealing the upper portion of the processing chamber, an induction antenna deployed above the dielectric window, a faraday shield unit, and a control apparatus for controlling a first radio-frequency power source for supplying a radio-frequency power to the induction antenna, and a second radio-frequency power source for supplying a radio-frequency power to the faraday shield unit, the faraday shield unit includes a first faraday shield having a first element, and a second faraday shield having a second element deployed at a position adjacent to the first element, the control apparatus applying a time modulation to the radio-frequency powers that are respectively supplied to the first element and the second element, the phase of the first-element-supplied and time-modulated radio-frequency power being different from the phase of the second-element-supplied and time-modulated radio-frequency power.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Dry etching method

The present invention discloses a dry etching method. The dry etching method comprises: etching a first medium layer; introducing a second reaction gas in a reaction chamber, and exciting the second reaction gas into plasmas with a second radiofrequency power, so that the plasmas formed from the second reaction gas are combined with particulate pollutants in the reaction chamber, and in this case the reaction chamber is vacuumized to perform conversion processing; and etching a second medium layer.
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Plasma-generating unit and substrate treatment apparatus including the same

Provided is a substrate treatment apparatus including a process chamber, a supporting unit, a gas supplying unit, and a plasma generating unit. The plasma generating unit may include a power, a primary antenna connected to the power through a first line, a secondary antenna connected to the power through a second line diverging from the first line at a first junction, the primary and secondary antennas being connected in parallel to the power, a third reactance device connected to the power through a third line diverging from the second line at a second junction, the secondary antenna and the third reactance device being connected in parallel to the power, and a variable reactance installed on the second line between the second junction and the secondary antenna..
Semes Co., Ltd.

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