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Pivotably patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pivotably-related patent applications.

new patent Spring-loaded mounting housing for a camera
A mounting housing for a camera includes a surface contacting member and a sliding member that is slidable within an interior conduit within the surface contacting member. The surface contacting member has a back end that is located behind a mounting surface when the mounting housing is mounted and a front end, connected to the back end, that is located in front of the mounting surface when the mounting housing is mounted.
Avigilon Corporation

new patent Bicycle apparatuses for use in automotive testing
An apparatus for repetitive use in automotive testing includes a body. The body includes a torso and a pair of legs.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

new patent Refrigerator
A refrigerator includes a cabinet having a storage chamber, a main door pivotably mounted to the cabinet while including an opening provided at;an inside of the main door, and a stepped portion provided around the, opening, a sub-storage chamber mounted at the inside of the main door, a sub-door mounted to the main door, to allow a user to have access to the sub-storage chamber, the sub-door having opposite side surfaces with front portions protruding forwards of a front surface of the main door while having a greater width than the opening and stepped portion between the front portions of the side surfaces, to cover the stepped portion by the side surfaces, and a hinge pivotably mounted to the main door and coupled to the sub-door while being bent at an intermediate portion thereof, to pivotably support the sub-door with respect to the main door.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent Latching system and handle for enclosures
Embodiments of the invention provide a latching assembly for an enclosure with an enclosure frame, a latching feature, and a door. A handle can include a handle body and at least one actuation arm with a first engagement feature, and can be pivotably attached to the door to rotate about a pivot axis.
Hoffman Enclosures, Inc.

new patent Adjustable drywall corner finishing tool
A drywall installation tool. The present drywall installation tool is specifically adapted for evenly applying drywall mud and drywall tape in corners between adjoining sections of drywall.

new patent Bi-fold door module
A door module for a vehicle lavatory that includes a bi-fold door having a first panel and a second panel each having an inner surface and an outer surface. The first and second panels are pivotably connected together by a living hinge.
C&d Zodiac, Inc.

new patent Ink supply unit and inkjet printing apparatus
An ink supply unit is provided and includes an ink container, and a cap fittable to the ink container and having an opening, a valve body, and an elastic body, an ink tank that holds the ink container fitted with the cap at a cap-side part of the container, a pivotable lever disposed on the ink tank pivotably around a pivot axis that is a pivoting center; an anti-rotation mechanism configured to restrict relative rotations of the ink container and of the cap to the ink tank, a conversion mechanism configured to convert the pivoting motion of the pivotable lever into linear motions of the ink container and of the cap in a direction along the pivot axis, and a valve-opening projection that presses the valve body toward an opening position when the cap is drawn nearer to the ink tank by the linear motion of the cap.. .
Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

new patent Paper punch with adjustable punch seats
A paper punch includes a plurality of punch seats movably disposed along a slide board mounted on a base, a press board pivotably connected to the base to press punch heads of the punch seats, and a plurality of control members respectively disposed on the punch seats and operable to releasbly lock the punch seats on the base. Each punch seat has a force transmitting member movably disposed on a die holder to transmit a pressing force of the press board so as to press the punch head downwardly to perform a firm and stable punching operation..
Pao Shen Enterprises Co., Ltd.

new patent Locking folding knife and knife lock mechanism
Various embodiments of a folding knife are disclosed. In one embodiment, a folding knife is provided, comprising: a handle including a slot having at least one top surface; a blade pivotably connected to the handle, wherein the blade has a tang including a contoured peripheral surface and an open block engagement tang surface, wherein the blade has an axis of rotation; a locking block translatable on a plane orthogonal to the axis of rotation of the blade, wherein the locking block has an engagement surface positioned to contact at least one of the contoured peripheral surface and the open block engagement tang surface when the blade is in an open position, wherein the locking block has at least two bearing surfaces engaging the at least one top surface along two lines, the at least two bearing surfaces positioned so that a force applied by the blade to the engagement surface is directed along a line between the at least two bearing surfaces..

new patent Positioning device for eye surgery and procedures
The invention provides a positioning device for use in an examination, procedure or surgery of the eye. The positioning device includes an incurvate body with an upper peripheral edge having a first arc length, a lower peripheral edge having a second arc length, and a curved lateral portion therebetween.

new patent

Floor cleaning machine

A floor cleaning machine for cleaning a surface includes a body having a suction nozzle thereon, a handle pivotably coupled to the body and having a motor housing portion, and a suction motor assembly operable to draw fluid and dirt from the surface through the suction nozzle. The floor cleaning machine also includes a recovery tank coupled to the handle in fluid communication with the suction motor assembly to receive and store fluid and dirt drawn through the suction nozzle and an expandable hose fluidly communicating the recovery tank and the suction nozzle.
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

new patent

Chair assembly

A chair assembly includes a base structure defining upper and lower portions, and a support structure, a seat support structure having a forward portion pivotably connected to the upper portion of the base structure for rotation about a first pivot point and a rearward portion, a back support structure having a forward portion pivotably connected to the lower portion of the base structure for rotation about a second pivot point that is located below and rearward of the first pivot point, and an upwardly extending back portion that moves rearwardly and downwardly as the back support structure pivots and the back portion moves, and a control link pivotably coupled to the seat support structure for rotation about a third pivot point and to the back support structure for rotation about a fourth pivot point each located rearward of the first and second pivot points.. .
Steelcase Inc.

new patent

Student chair

A seat pivotably mounted to a seat base via a swivel connector, and a work surface assembly pivotably mounted above the seat base and below the seat via the swivel connector. In particular, a bushing may be attached to an outer surface of the swivel connector in a manner in which the bushing is axially fixed, yet rotatable relative to the swivel connector, such as via an arrangement of protrusions and grooves on the bushing and connector, respectively.
Kimball International, Inc.

Combination storage rack and charger for tablet computers and smartphones

A combination device includes a charger including a socket and usb ports; holders each including a lengthwise groove; block members each configured to insert into the usb port; joining members each including two sets of first and second axes wherein the first axes are pivotably secured to the holder and the second axes are pivotably secured to the adjacent holder; first and second hinges each including a first part having two axes and a pivot, and a second part having two axes and a hole for receiving the pivot. The first part of the first hinge and a corner of the charger are hinged and the second part thereof and a corner of the adjacent holder adjacent are hinged.

Automatic system to improve the operation of a weapon when changing an ammunition magazine

An advanced reloading mechanism for an automatic or semi-automatic weapon includes a firing chamber, a firing bolt and an ammunition magazine-well configured to receive an ammunition magazine with an outer casing. The outer casing of the magazine has a cavity and a spring driven follower in said cavity.

Enhanced pilot stage servovalve

Servovalve with jet-type pilot stage including an ejector for ejecting a jet of fluid that is movable relative to a deflector adapted to generate a pressure differential that can be used to move a power distribution member of the servovalve, the ejector projecting radially from a column extending along a longitudinal axis and to which the ejector is fastened, being in fluid communication with a central passage of the column via which the ejector is fed with fluid, the column having a first end pivotably engaged in a part of the servovalve in the vicinity of a pressure feed thereof and via which the fluid is introduced into the central passage of the column, the column having a second end loaded by a torque motor to apply selectively to the column a rotation torque about the longitudinal axis in either direction relative to a rest position.. .
Zodiac Hydraulics

Shift device for vehicle

Shift device for vehicle includes housing and shift lever. Shift lever includes cylindrical shaft portion which proximal end is pivotably supported inside housing, cylindrical shaft portion having elongated holes extending through peripheral wall of cylindrical shaft portion and are elongated in longitudinal direction of cylindrical shaft portion, shift knob fixed to distal end of cylindrical shaft portion, detent pin inserted through elongated holes in state where both ends of detent pin protrude from corresponding elongated holes, detent rod inserted in cylindrical shaft portion, detent rod being configured to transmit operating force of operating button in shift knob to detent pin, and shift lock member.
Mannoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Articulated chain with expansion-type outer link plate

An articulated chain includes alternate outer chain links and inner chain links interconnected by respective chain joints. The outer chain links comprise two outer link plates that are spaced apart in parallel, the outer link plates having two pin holes, which are spaced apart in the link-plate longitudinal direction and which each have fixedly arranged therein a respective joint pin of the chain joints.
Iwis Motorsysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

Self-aligning driveshaft coupler

A self-aligning driveshaft coupler includes a receiving clutch mounted to a driveshaft and a locking clutch assembly mounted to an implement. The locking clutch assembly includes a collar and a yoke that rotate together, and a spring between the collar and the yoke.
Deere & Company

Foldable electric vehicle

Foldable electrical vehicles and related charging infrastructure are described. The foldable electrical vehicle generally includes three structural members (front and rear wheel-bearing structural members and a seat-bearing structural member) that are pivotally interconnected along their lengths such that they may be pivoted between a closed position wherein the three structural members are disposed roughly parallel to each other in a compact folded configuration, and an open riding configuration wherein an angular relation is formed between the structural members.
Urban626, Llc

Ratchet wrench

A ratchet wrench includes a head with two lugs extending therefrom, and a ratchet wheel and a pawl are received in the head. A handle has a tongue which is pivotably inserted between the two lugs, and a resilient unit is connected to the tongue.

Pivotably adjustable binding mounts

pivotably adjustable binding mounts including a base plate that mounts upon a substrate. A pivoting plate is disposed upon the base plate, and accepts a binding.

Articulating endoscopic procedures

According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an endoscopic surgical device is provided. The surgical device includes a handle assembly including a drive mechanism actuatable by a trigger; and an endoscopic assembly including a proximal end portion extending from the handle assembly; a distal end portion pivotably connected to the proximal end portion of the endoscopic assembly; and a rotatable inner actuation shaft extending from the handle assembly and into the distal end portion of the endoscopic assembly, the inner actuation shaft including a flexible portion extending across the pivot connection.
Covidien Lp

Suturing device for minimally invasive surgery and needles and methods thereof

A suturing device for minimally invasive surgery is disclosed. The suturing device has a head defining one or more ferrule holders and a tissue bite area.
Lsi Solutions, Inc.

Docking system

In some examples, a docking system includes a base, a deck having an upper surface to contact a computing device resting upon the deck, wherein the deck includes apertures therethrough, and projections extending upwardly from a surface of the base. The docking system further includes resilient bias elements to bias the deck at a raised position at which the upper surface of the deck extends at or above a height of each of the projections, where the deck is linearly movable from the raised position to a lowered position at which the projections extend through the apertures, the deck being linearly movable without being pivotably coupled to the base..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Thermally insulated receptacles

A thermally insulated receptacle includes a body, a cover, and a loudspeaker. The body defines a cavity.
Speaqua Corp.

Shift device for vehicle

A shift device includes a housing and a shift lever having a cylindrical shaft portion with a proximal end pivotably supported inside the housing, shaft portion elongated holes extending through a shaft portion peripheral wall and elongated in a shaft portion longitudinal direction, a shift knob fixed to a shaft portion distal end, a detent pin inserted through the elongated holes where both ends of the pin protrude from the elongated holes, and a detent rod inserted in the shaft portion, the rod transmitting operating force of an operating button in the knob to the pin. The pin has a fitting protrusion protruded toward the rod.
Mannoh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Cable twist allowance system for power system

Provided is a cable twist allowance system for a wind turbine system. The system includes a sun gear disposed within a tower of wind turbine, a pivot disk connected with the sun gear, a plurality of lever members, each including a plurality of cables and spaced a predetermined distance apart from each other, the plurality of level members being pivotably connected with a surface of the pivot disk and rotatable about the sun gear; and a plurality of compression members, each compression member corresponding to each lever member and adjusting a position of a respective lever member based on a radial force applied to the plurality of cables of the respective lever member..
Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd

Pivoting variable cam follower

A cam follower for operable attachment to a valve lifter assembly for use with a variable cam lobe camshaft in a variable valve timing system includes a housing with a central cavity and a mushroom head with a stem pivotably connected to the housing in the central cavity, the mushroom head having a radiused surface for contacting a cam lobe surface. The cam follower is used in combination with a variable cam surface of an axially displaceable camshaft to obtain improvements in idling speed and volumetric efficiency..

Fixed-variable vane with potting in gap

A fixed-variable vane assembly includes a vane that has a fixed airfoil section and a variable airfoil section next to the fixed airfoil section. The variable airfoil section is pivotably mounted at an end thereof in a joint with a variable joint gap that controls a size of an airfoil gap between the fixed airfoil section and the variable airfoil section.
United Technologies Corporation

Hard cover

A hinge for a tonneau cover includes a first hinge member and a second hinge member oriented in an opposite direction as the first hinge member. Each of the hinge members includes a hook-shaped rail having a flat portion and a hooked end directed in a direction toward a body of the hinge member.
Cixi City Liyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Thermally insulated receptacles

A thermally insulated receptacle includes a body, a cover, and a loudspeaker. The body defines a cavity.
Speaqua Corp.

Bulk bag discharge assembly including a conditioning assembly

A bulk bag discharge assembly comprising a main frame assembly and a bag conditioning assembly. The main frame assembly defines a bulk bag receiving region having a discharge support base structurally configured to receive a bulk bag thereon for discharging.
Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.

Fastener for fastening a spare wheel cradle to an underbody

An assembly for holding a spare wheel of a motor vehicle includes a cradle, a cradle support, and a holding member. The cradle accommodates a spare wheel and is mounted pivotably between a closed position and an open position.
Renault S.a.s

Vehicle trailer system

A vehicle trailer system for loading, transporting and unloading a load includes a trailer front structure for attachment to a towing vehicle; a pivotable structure pivotally coupled to the trailer front structure and including a transversely-movable structure for a load to slide or roll thereupon. An actuator allows causing transverse movement of the transversely-movable structure relative to a main body of the pivotable structure.
Frederick W. Anton Engelbrecht

Electric ratchet wrench

An electric ratchet wrench includes a driving member rotatably mounted in a body. A pawl device is pivotably mounted to the driving member.

Electric ratchet wrench

An electric ratchet wrench includes a driving member rotatably mounted in a body. A pawl device is pivotably mounted to the driving member.

Adjustable toe suspension arm

An adjustable toe suspension arm for a vehicle is provided having a main suspension bracket coupled to a vehicle chassis. An outer swing bracket is pivotably coupled to the main suspension bracket.
Custom Works Rc Products Llc

Intumescent fire protection insert and assembly with intumescent fire protection insert

An intumescent fire protection insert for form-fitting insertion in an electrical junction box with a bottom and a peripheral wall which joins the bottom, is disclosed. The fire protection insert includes a planar base body, where the planar base body has a shape of the bottom of the electrical junction box, and a side element, where the side element is pivotably mounted on an edge of the planar base body and where the side element has a shape of a section of the peripheral wall of the electrical junction box..
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Cutting guide with internal distraction

A cutting guide for performing a bone osteotomy procedure is disclosed. The cutting guide includes a first arm having a first cutting guide surface formed therein, a second arm having a second cutting guide surface formed therein pivotably connected to the first arm and a distractor operatively connected to the first arm.
Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

Surgical fastener applying apparatus

The present disclosure relates to surgical fastener applying apparatus for sequentially applying a plurality of surgical fasteners to body tissue. The surgical fastener applying apparatus includes a replaceable cartridge assembly receivable in a distal end portion of a cartridge receiving half-section, the cartridge assembly including a safety lockout pivotably disposed along the upper surface of the cartridge assembly and movable from an unlocked orientation permitting assembly of an anvil half-section to the cartridge receiving half-section, to a locked orientation preventing assembly of the anvil half-section to the cartridge receiving-half section..
Covidien Lp

Surgical clip applier with dissector

A surgical clip applier is provided including a housing; at least one handle pivotably connected to the housing; a channel assembly extending distally from the housing; a jaw assembly including a pair of jaws extending from an end of the channel assembly, opposite the housing, the jaw assembly adapted to accommodate a clip of a plurality of clips loaded in the clip applier and being operable to effect formation of the clip in response to movement of the at least one handle; and a dissector bar supported on the housing and the channel assembly, wherein the dissector bar is actuatable from the housing and includes a proximal position wherein a distal end of the dissector bar is disposed proximal of a distal-most end of the jaw assembly, and at least one distal position wherein the distal end of the dissector bar projects beyond the distal-most end of the jaw assembly.. .
Covidien Lp

Robotic knee testing device, subjective patient input device and using same

An apparatus for evaluating leg movement characteristics of a patient is provided. The apparatus comprises a base assembly configured to at least partially support the patient's torso; and first and second leg support assemblies independently pivotably mounted about a pivot axis relative to the base assembly.
Ermi Inc.

Ecg electrode connector

Disclosed is an ecg electrode lead wire connector which provides improved electrical and mechanical coupling of the ecg electrode press stud to the lead wire and is suitable for use during imaging procedures such as, without limitation, ct scans or mill. The connector assembly includes a housing having.
Covidien Lp

Foot platform and desk comprising a foot platform

A foot support platform has a foot rest plate mounted pivotably on a housing of the foot platform. The lower face of the foot rest plate is supported by a spring.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Cable drive unit

This invention relates to a cable drive unit (1) for use with a free stall cleaning system (101). The cable drive unit (1) includes a base frame (3), a support frame (5) being displaceable with respect to the base frame (3) via a corresponding displacement assembly (7), and a drum (9) pivotably mountable about the support frame (5) and displaceable therewith for receiving a cable (11) to be wound about said drum (9).
Gea Farm Technologies Canada Inc.

Systems and methods for unlocking/locking and opening/closing windows

A lever mechanism system includes push arms pivotably coupled to a vent sash and drive arms pivotably coupled to the push arms. The system includes gears coupled to the drive arms and a locking gear slide coupled with a locking mechanism of the sash.
Reflection Window Company, Llc Dba Reflection Window And Wall, Llc

Door security wedge device

A device for preventing unauthorized opening of a door comprises a bracket, a main handle, and a wedge. The bracket is adapted for mounting the device to a door.
Low Country Creative, Llc

Mounting suspended ceiling system

A suspended ceiling system in one embodiment includes a ceiling panel and a mounting assembly. The mounting assembly includes a cable secured to a building support structure, a first coupler for attachment to the cable, and a second coupler for attachment to the ceiling panel.
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Flat paper punch

A punch for punching a sheet of material, the punch having a body formed with a fissure for receiving the sheet of material, a pivot shaft defining a pivot point and a lever retaining means secured to said body. A lever pivotably mounted about the pivot point of said pivot shaft is provided, the lever having an open position when one end of the lever is elevated to a height above the pivot point, and the lever having a closed position in which the lever is positioned parallel to the fissure.
Ek Success Ltd.

Insertion apparatus

An insertion apparatus includes an insertion portion, a power spiral tube provided with a spiral fin portion configured to extend in a spiral shape, the power spiral tube being provided on an outer circumferential direction side of the insertion portion so as to be rotatable with respect to the insertion portion around a longitudinal axis, a first motor configured to generate a drive force to rotate the power spiral tube, an operation section provided on a proximal end side of the insertion portion, a second motor configured to generate a drive force to rotate the insertion portion pivotably held to the operation section, and a second motor drive circuit configured to calculate torque to be added to the power spiral tube and perform control so as to drive the second motor in accordance with torque added to the first motor.. .
Olympus Corporation

Tilt mechanism for a seating furniture and seating furniture including the same

A tilt mechanism for a weight-responsive seating furniture comprises a backrest support, a first lever and a second lever. The backrest support is configured for coupling to a backrest and is pivotably mounted.
L&p Property Management Company

Fold-out cabinet assembly

A fold-out cabinet includes a folding back panel that is pivotably attached to side panels so that the back panel can be sandwiched at least partially between the side panels when in a folded configuration. When unfolded, top and bottom panels are attached to complete the cabinet structure.
Trinity International Industries, Llc

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