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Fitting for corner cabinets

Quick connector

Collapsible four wheel golf cart

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Spray tanning delivery device patent thumbnailSpray tanning delivery device
An apparatus for delivering liquid includes a wand with a nozzle, a toggle switch, and a supply canister for delivering self-tanning and sun-tanning solutions to a human body. The wand may pivotably attach to a cap attached to the supply canister containing the chosen liquid to be delivered without the necessity of an exposed external tube suspended between the wand and the supply canister..
 Fitting for corner cabinets patent thumbnailFitting for corner cabinets
The invention relates to a fitting for corner cabinets (1), in particular for kitchen corner cabinets, with an essentially rectangular interior (2) from the top view, which is accessible from the front side via a corner cabinet door (3). Said fitting consists of at least one support which can be supported in a stationary manner in the interior (2) of the corner cabinet (1), for maintaining at least one single-piece shelf (4) having a semi-circular type base shape.
 Quick connector patent thumbnailQuick connector
A quick connector for making a releasable connection in a fluid line with a connector body, a male member, a retainer and a verification element. The connector body comprises a through bore, wherein the male member introduced into the through bore is releasably fixable in the through bore by the retainer.
 Collapsible four wheel golf cart patent thumbnailCollapsible four wheel golf cart
A collapsible golf cart comprises a frame member, a handle, and a carriage. The handle is pivotably coupled to the frame and the frame is pivotably coupled to the carriage.
 Light fixture support assembly patent thumbnailLight fixture support assembly
A mounting assembly for securing a fixture in a desired orientation. The assembly includes a fulcrum and an opposing structure each secured with respect to the fixture and positioned to receive a support member therebetween.
 Resetting semi-passive stiffness damper and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailResetting semi-passive stiffness damper and methods of use thereof
A resetting semi-passive stiffness damper (rspsd) for use in damping movement. Embodiments of such a rspsd include, for example, a pistoned cylinder connected to a grooved rack, and a spring-loaded lever arranged between the rack and a slotted channel above the rack.
 Cooking device patent thumbnailCooking device
A door is pivotably coupled to a lower portion or an upper portion on the front side of a box so as to be opened vertically to an opening. A gap having a predetermined space is present at the lower portion or at the upper portion between the box and the door with the door closed.
 Electrosurgical cutting and sealing instruments with jaws having a parallel closure motion patent thumbnailElectrosurgical cutting and sealing instruments with jaws having a parallel closure motion
Various embodiments are directed to a surgical instrument comprising, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft may be coupled to the handle and may extend distally along a longitudinal axis.
 Fitness apparatus patent thumbnailFitness apparatus
A fitness apparatus includes a chassis, two linkages, two handlebars, two cranks and two joint bars. Each of the linkage includes a first linking-up part and second linking-up part transversally.
 Tool for processing work pieces patent thumbnailTool for processing work pieces
A tool for machining work pieces includes a base body and at least first and second operating slides, slidable with respect to the base body. The first operating slide carries a machining element.
Fluid supplying device
A fluid supplying device of the present invention includes a reservoir, an outer tube, an inner tube disposed in the outer tube, a pressing rod, and a positioning handle. The outer tube disposed in the reservoir and is partially exposed outside the reservoir.
Chain tension sensor
A chain tension sensor for a chain conveyor, the conveyor including a frame and a chain having a plurality of flights. The tension sensor includes a reaction arm and a load sensing pin.
Stepladder with latch stud and method
A stepladder includes a front section having a first front leg and a second front leg. The stepladder includes a step attached to the first front leg and the second front leg.
Tool with rotatable head
An articulating head of a power tool is disclosed in the present invention, which includes a base member adapted to couple to a main body of the power tool, an articulating member pivotably connected to the base member, and a locking device coupled to the articulating member for locking an orientation of the articulating member with respect to the base member. The base member contains a first power transmission part which is capable of receiving mechanical driving power from the main body of the power tool.
Handle control arrangement of a walk-behind lawn mower
A walk-behind lawn mower comprising a body with an engine driving a cutting blade, and a handle assembly which is pivotably connected to the body. The lawn mower furthermore comprises a handle control arrangement for controlling pivotal movement of the handle assembly relative to the bod, between a working position and a pivoted position.
Retracting tunnel rodent trap
A rodent trap covered base defines an enclosed interior accessible through a sliding plastic tunnel defining a passageway for rodents into the interior. The tunnel has a projecting strike member, and is biased by an underlying spring to a retracted position.
Polycentric knee joint prosthesis for extreme affordability
An above knee prosthesis comprises an upper block, a lower block, a middle linkage pivotably coupling the middle posterior regions of the upper and lower blocks together, and at least one side linkage pivotably coupling the sides of the upper and lower blocks together. The center of rotation of the prosthesis is located above the prosthesis when it is in full extension and moves downward as the prosthesis rotates into full flexion.
Mounting apparatus for slide rail
A mounting apparatus for mounting a slide rail to either a first bracket or a second bracket includes a retaining member, a first locking member pivotably attached to the retaining member, and a second locking member pivotably attached to the first locking member. The retaining member includes a sidewall forming a positioning pole.
Stand for electronic device and electronic device system
According to one embodiment, a stand for an electronic device includes a base and a second support. The electronic device includes a housing, a display screen, a first connector, an end at which the first connector is exposed and extended along a periphery of the display screen, and a wall opposite the display screen.
Vehicle seat that can be moved forwards in its longitudinal guide and having a folding backrest
A vehicle seat has a memory unit for easy entry access. The unit includes a memory strip with teeth arranged one behind the other at a periodic interval in the longitudinal direction of the rails, a slider movably guided in the longitudinal direction of the rails on a guide element that is connected to the seat rail and a carriage with a housing which is guided on the memory strip in the longitudinal direction of the rails and in which a catch element is pivotably mounted.
Vehicle seat, in particular motor vehicle seat
A vehicle seat, has a seat part, a backrest, and at least one fitting, by which the back rest is attached pivotably to the seat part. The fitting has a first fitting part connected to the backrest and a second fitting part connected to the seat part.
Panel locking structure for cargo bed of vehicle
A utility vehicle according to the invention includes a cargo bed having a panel locking mechanism. The panel locking mechanism includes a locking lever pivotably supported on a gate-type panel, a substantially u-shaped movable hook made of a spring steel and coupled to a middle of the locking lever, and a stationary hook provided on a panel adjacent to the gate-type panel and with which the movable hook is engageable.
Mounting apparatus for fan
A mounting apparatus includes a fixing board defining a vent, two fixing members, and first and second plates. Two through holes are defined in an upper portion of the fixing board at opposite sides of the vent.
Vending machine
A vending machine includes a mounting bracket and a balance assembly. The mounting bracket includes two side panels and a cover panel pivotably mounted between the two side panels.
Mobile working machine
A mobile working machine, especially a mobile crane, having an undercarriage (1) and a support device with support cylinders (2) to create the support base required for operation, a top carriage (3) mounted pivotably on the undercarriage (1), as well as an apparatus compatible with the type of the working machine, in particular outriggers (4) and a counterweight arrangement (5). One or more additional hydraulic supports (6) are arranged on the undercarriage (1) underneath or in the proximity of the pivot bearing of the top carriage (3), as well as a control unit (7, 8, 9), which monitors the loads of the support device (2) and controls and monitors the additional supports (6)..
Heat dissipation module
A heat dissipation module includes an encasing structure, a fan impeller mounted in the encasing structure, a heat dissipation piece, and a bearing. The fan impeller includes a mounting post and a plurality of fan blades surrounding the post.
Propulsion arrangement in a ship
An exemplary propulsion arrangement is disclosed which includes two propulsion units situated side by side at the stern of a ship at opposite sides of a center line of the hull of the ship. Each propulsion unit can include a hollow support structure attached to the hull, a chamber attached to the support structure, an electric motor within the chamber, a propeller connected through a shaft to the electric motor, and a pivotably supported rudder at the rear end of the chamber.
Rip fence for a table saw having independent alignment and locking
A rip fence for a table saw includes a frame having a front portion and a rear portion. A front clamping lever is pivotably supported in the front portion of the frame for movement between a clamped and an unclamped position.
Increased and variable force and multi-speed clamps
A method of operating a clamp (100) that includes a first clamping jaw (102), a support element (104) to which the first clamping jaw is attached and a trigger handle (118) pivotably mounted to a clamp body (112). The method includes actuating the trigger handle causing the first clamping jaw to experience incremental motion and varying the incremental motion as a function of a load encountered by the support element by varying an effective lever arm of the trigger handle by moving a fulcrum point into contact or out of contact with the trigger handle based on the load..
Rope clasp
A rope clasp device for securing a rope eliminates the need for a knot in a rope by selectively clasping and encasing at least one portion of a rope in a toothed clamp. The rope clasp device comprises a base, at least one, but generally two swinging doors, and a lock.
Handle assembly
A handle assembly includes a handle band, a latch member connected to the handle band, and a mounting member connected to the latch member. The handle band includes a main portion and a pair of overlapping portions extending from opposite ends of the main portion and abutting an inner side of the main portion.
Lancing device for collecting body fluid samples
The endcap (4) being functionally coupled with the ejection device (12) in such a way that, when the ejection device (12) is actuated, said endcap is held pivotably on the body (2) so that it can swing out of the path of the lancet (8).. .
Bending portion and endoscope
A bending portion includes: a bending piece set in which a plurality of bending pieces are continuously provided by forming a convex portion on a first bending piece and a concave portion on a second bending piece by cutting a rigid pipe, the convex portion and the concave portion forming an engagement portion that pivotably couples adjacent bending pieces to each other, wherein a first engagement portion includes: a first convex portion formed on the first bending piece and including a first peripheral portion serving as a first pivoting surface; and a first concave portion formed on the second bending piece and including a first inner circumferential portion on which the first peripheral portion slides, and the first engagement portion has, in the first peripheral portion, a tapered surface having an outer diameter that becomes smaller from a bending piece inner surface side toward a bending piece outer surface side.. .
Vibratory actuator and device for sexual stimulation
One variation of an interaction module for a sexual stimulation device, including: a support structure including a metallic material and defining a bore; a vibratory actuator including a rotary motor, an output shaft, and an eccentric mass coupled to the output shaft; a housing enclosing the eccentric mass and the output shaft; a first isolator arranged over the vibratory actuator opposite the eccentric mass and configured to pivotably couple the vibratory actuator to the bore of the support structure; a second isolator coupled to the vibratory actuator adjacent the first isolator and configured to contact an interior surface of the bore of the support structure to define a pivot endstop for the vibratory actuator; and a sheath arranged over the vibratory actuator and a portion of the support structure.. .
Propulsion arrangement in a ship
An exemplary propulsion arrangement includes at least one propulsion unit situated at the stern of a ship having a hull with a horizontal water line (wl) and a center line (cl). The propulsion unit can include a hollow support structure attached to the hull, a chamber attached to the support structure, an electric motor within the chamber, a propeller at the front end of the chamber, and a pivotably supported rudder at the rear end of the chamber.
Cassette clamp mechanism
A surgical cassette clamping system includes a mounting plate having a first side and a second side. A bracket system may be disposed adjacent the first side of the mounting plate.
Heat dissipation device
A heat dissipation device includes a heat sink and an air duct mounted to the heat sink. The heat sink includes a board and a number of fins extending up from the board.
Vending machine with rotatable door
A vending machine includes a rack and a door. The rack includes a supporting board.
Adjustable armrest device
An adjustable armrest includes a housing with opposite walls. Each of the walls has a bore formed in it.
Vehicle having a level compensation system
A vehicle having a multiple of level compensation systems is disclosed. The vehicle comprising a chassis having a left frame, a right frame and a base plate, a first level compensation system comprising a pivot joint for pivotably connecting the left and right frames to the base plate around a common rotational axis.
Mounting apparatus for fan
A mounting apparatus for fixing a fan includes a chassis and two fixing members. The chassis includes a fixing board defining a vent and forming two l-shaped hooks at opposites sides of the vent.
Beverage container holder
A beverage container holder comprises an arcuate body pivotably mounted to a base so as to define a first pivot axis. The base is configured to be affixed to a vehicle.
Beverage container system with button release for lid
A drink bottle with a removable lid includes an inner lid attached to the mouth of the bottle and an outer lid or cover pivotably mounted on the inner lid. The outer lid or cover may be locked into a closed position covering the drinking tube.
Electric grill pan device with a separate power connection
An electric grill pan device includes a heating pan detachably mounted above a base. A socket is mounted in the base and includes a seat and an upper cover.
Beverage bottle and lid with back button release
Certain embodiments of the present invention include a drink bottle with a removable lid including an inner lid attached to the mouth of the bottle and an outer lid pivotably mounted to the inner lid. A drink spout extends from the inner lid.
Handlebar shock absorber
A handlebar shock absorber is provided. The handlebar shock absorber includes a shock-absorbing cylinder, a knuckle having a lower pivot mount for attachment to the cylinder, and an arm assembly pivotably coupled to the knuckle and including an upper pivot mount for attachment to the cylinder.
Door handle arrangement on a motor vehicle
A door handle arrangement (4) of a motor vehicle has a door handle (5) with a first end (6) pivotably mounted in a door (2) and a second end (7) remote from the first end (6) has an actuation projection (8) that protrudes into the door (2) and actuates a door lock when the door handle (5) is pivoted with its second end (7) away from the door (2). A cover (9) is mounted in the door (2) and adjacent to the second handle end (7).
Medal-mounting assembly
A medal-mounting support bar assembly is especially constructed for mounting miniature military-type medals and consists of a rigid mounting bar and a pivotably attached, resiliently deformable clamping piece, securable in closed relationship to one another by detent coupling structure formed on the mounting bar and clamping piece at one end of the assembly. Jog elements adjacent the opposite ends of the clamping piece offset the arcuate central position thereof toward the mounting bar, thereby increasing the gripping force generated and reducing the length of the gaps that would otherwise be present, so as to better secure the endmost medals against inadvertent lateral displacement..
Advanced surgical instrument such as a speculum
It is described a surgical instrument such as a speculum comprising longitudinally extending cups-shaped pivotably mounted blades manufactured from a mouldable material, such as plastic or metal. Each blade has an inwardly curved circumferential edge with an edge face which is provided with a parting line resulting from moulding the blades.
Dimm extraction tool
Aspects of the present invention disclose a dimm extraction tool for extracting a dimm from a dimm socket. Exemplary embodiments of the dimm extraction tool include a frame adapted for use as an air baffle within the dimm socket, a first arm and a second arm pivotably connected to the frame.
Variable displacement exhaust turbocharger equipped with variable nozzle mechanism
It is intended to achieve weight reduction and production reduction of a nozzle mount for pivotably supporting a drive ring constituting a variable nozzle mechanism, and is characterized by: providing on an end face of a guide part 5a a nail pin 20 having a flange portion and being positioned so as to hold a drive ring 3 of a variable nozzle mechanism 100 to the guide part 5a of a nozzle mount 5 in the thrust direction, and setting the thrust-directional width of the drive ring 3 smaller than the width of the guide part 5a, and providing an adjusting member 20c between the flange portion of the nail pin 20 and the end face of the guide part 5a to adjust a distance between the side face of the nozzle mount and the flange portion of the nail pin 20.. .
Mounting device for expansion card
A mounting device for expansion card includes a main body and a holding member. The holding member includes a fixing member mounted to the main body, and a pivoting member pivotably mounted to the fixing member.
Enhanced emergency lighting barrier
Provided is a traffic barrier for alerting oncoming traffic, comprising: a first post, a second post, an expandable barrier portion provided between the first and second posts, the barrier comprising an arrangement of pivotably connected arms, at least one lighting element provided on at least one of the pivotably connected arms. Also provided is a traffic barrier for alerting oncoming traffic, the traffic barrier having an collapsed configuration and an expanded configuration, the traffic barrier comprising: an expandable barrier portion comprising a plurality of pivotably connected arms arranged in a lazy tongs fashion to allow the barrier to expand from the collapsed configuration to the expanded configuration along a first axis, a first leg, and a second leg, wherein the first and second legs extend in a direction transverse to the first axis in the expanded configuration but withdraw towards the arms moving to the collapsed configuration..
Electronic device with heat dissipation module
A slot is defined in each retaining portion. Each fin includes a main plate and a pivoting portion formed at a bottom the main plate.
Sensor mounting system for road milling machine
A road milling machine includes a sensor mounting system having a first mounting member, which is attached to a first machine component and supports a portion of a position sensor, and a second mounting member attached to a second machine component having a pivotable attachment to a machine frame. An extension member has a first end attached to the second mounting member and a second end including an attachment flange.
Arm rest arrangement for a seat, in particular for a vehicle seat
The invention relates to an arm rest arrangement for a seat, in particular for a vehicle seat, with an arm rest which is pivotably connected by means of a bearing axis to an arm rest support, wherein a latching and adjusting device is provided for setting an angle of inclination between the arm rest and the arm rest support in a usage position and for folding down the arm rest from the usage position into a non-usage position, wherein the latching and adjusting device is mounted so as to be rotatable in a rotary element within a housing of the hi armrest and the latching and adjusting device is mounted so as to be rotatable about its longitudinal axis (l) in the housing for setting of the angle of inclination.. .
Folding headrest
A folding headrest is disclosed, supported by a mounting rod bar beam, comprising a headrest shell connected to a housing, wherein the housing is pivotably supported on a shaft fixed to the mounting rod, wherein the housing is preloaded for rotation with respect to the shaft by a first torsion spring, an actuating button connected to in sliding communication with the headrest shell, the button in contact with a pushrod, wherein the pushrod passes within into the housing, a force direction-changing l-shaped lever pivot arm pivotably connected to pivotably disposed on the housing, wherein the longitudinal axis of the pushrod is substantially orthogonal to a plane containing the axis of rotation of the force direction-changing lever, a locking lever pivotably connected to pivotably disposed on the housing.. .
Drying rack assembly
A drying rack assembly for countertop placement has a drip pan and a drying rack positionable on the drip pan for holding one or more objects to be dried above the drip pan. The drying rack includes a base seatable on the drip pan, with at least a portion of the base being configured for disposition above the drip pan upon seating the drying rack on the drip pan.
Flat paper punch
A punch for punching a sheet of material, the punch having a body formed with a fissure for receiving the sheet of material, a pivot shaft defining a pivot point and a lever retaining means secured to said body. A lever pivotably mounted about the pivot point of said pivot shaft is provided, the lever having an open position when one end of the lever is elevated to a height above the pivot point, and the lever having a closed position in which the lever is positioned parallel to the fissure.
Shaving systems
Replaceable shaving assemblies are disclosed that include a blade unit, an interface element configured to removeably connect the blade unit to a handle, on which the blade unit is pivotably mounted, and an return element disposed between the blade unit and interface element. The return element serves as interface piece, connector and pivot all in one.
Lower anterior resection 90 degree instrument
An articulating surgical instrument is disclosed, and includes an end effector and a drive assembly operably coupled with the end effector. The end effector includes a first drive shaft defining a first axis, and a second drive shaft operably engaged with and extending away from the first drive shaft.
Slide takedown system and method for firearm
A firearm with slide takedown mechanism and method for use is disclosed. In one embodiment, the firearm includes a frame, barrel, trigger and a reciprocating slide.
Shoe having improved cushioning and propulsion
The invention relates to a shoe (c) including a shoe portion and a sole (s), the sole including two main portions that are pivotably connected together and being characterized in that the second front portion (200), secured to the shoe portion of the forepart, extends to the rear of a first swivel pin (a1) in a lever arm portion (210), projects to the rear within the same plane as that of the front portion (200), and is kinetically secured to the latter. The rear end of said arm has a second swivel pin (a2) with the end (310) of at least one resilient module (300), the other end (320) of which is pivotably connected around a third swivel pin (a3) secured to the rear end of the rear portion (100) of the sole (s)..
Turbine transition piece alignment apparatus and method
Various embodiments include alignment systems for turbines. In various particular embodiments, an apparatus for aligning an end of a transition piece (tp) with an outlet of a combustor component is disclosed.
Connecting device for the articulated connection of a wiper blade to a wiper arm, and an adaptor
The invention is based on a connecting device (10) for the articulated connection of a wiper blade (11) to a wiper arm (24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34), said connecting device having a connecting element (16) which is connected to a supporting element (22) of the wiper blade (11) for conjoint rotation and on which an adaptor (18) is mounted pivotably transversely with respect to the longitudinal direction thereof, said adaptor being able to be fastened releasably and for conjoint rotation to the free end of the wiper arm (24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34) or to a joining element (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46) connected fixedly to the latter, wherein the adaptor (18) has a plurality of means (80, 96, 100, 102, 122, 126, 130, 134, 144) in order to be able to receive different joining elements (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46) of different wiper arms (24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34), wherein the means include stop edges (86), spring latches (88), locking cams (100), spring clips (122) and spring tongues (128, 132) with latching cams (130, 134). It is proposed that the outsides of the side walls (90) of the adaptor (18) have locking cams (100) in the region of the driving end, wherein, in the fitted state, play-compensating ribs (64, 68) of a first or second joining element (36, 38) or of a covering cap (20) of the adaptor (18) engage under the locking cams (100) and bear on the end side against the steps (101) thereof while securing cams (66) which are arranged on the insides of the side walls (48, 108) of the first joining element (36), of the second joining element (38) or of the covering cap (20) in a manner offset in the longitudinal direction relative to the play-compensating ribs (64, 68) with respect to the driven end engage in installation gaps (96) in the side walls (90) of the adaptor (18), said installation gaps running transversely with respect to the play-compensating ribs (64, 68), and wherein, in the fitted state, the first joining element (36), the second joining element (38) or the covering cap (20) are clamped between the installation gaps (96) and a stop edge (86) by the front part (80) which is elastically flexible in the longitudinal direction, wherein the stop edge (86) is arranged at the transition of the front part (80) of the adaptor (18) to the driving part of the adaptor (18)..
Lift apparatus
A lift apparatus used for lifting and moving a person or object. The apparatus has a frame, wheels, a lift mechanism, a lift rod, an overhead support arm movable to a laterally extended position on a selected side of the apparatus, a rotatable head, a collar that is vertically movable along the head, an outrigger support with a bar pivotably affixed to the base frame and rotatable to the selected side of the apparatus, and an locking mechanism for retaining the bar on the side of the apparatus.
Actuating device for a drain fitting
An actuating device (1) for a drain fitting (9) of a flushing cistern comprises a housing (2), which is insertable into an opening (3) of a cistern lid (4), at least one push button (5), which is mounted in said housing (2) so as to be movable along an axis (m) in relation to the housing (2), and a pusher element (6), which is movable towards the drain fitting (9) to trigger flushing by actuating the at least one push button (5). The housing (2) comprises an assembly housing (7) and a push-button housing (8), which is pivotably mounted in the assembly housing (7), the at least one push button (5) being mounted on the push-button housing (8)..
Mounting apparatus for backplane
A mounting apparatus is used for mounting a backplane in a chassis. The backplane defines a number of locking slots in opposite sides and a through hole in a middle portion.
Vehicle seat comprising a head restraint
In a vehicle seat comprising a head restraint and a seat back, the head restraint can be moved between a usage position and a non-usage position. According to the invention, at least one interfering element is pivotably mounted inside the seat back by means of a pivoting device, wherein in the non-usage position the head restraint positions the at least one interfering element of the seat back in such a way that the interfering element forms at least one contact point with the torso of a vehicle occupant located on the vehicle seat..
Door strike having a kicker and an adjustable dead latch release
An actuator-controlled strike comprising a housing disposable within a doorframe and including a cavity for a spring latch and a dead latch of a mortise-type lockset. A keeper is pivotably mounted within the chamber to engage the spring latch.
Folding device for golf trolley
A folding device of the golf trolley is connected between a main frame and a front frame of the golf trolley, and includes a first connection member on the main frame and a second connection member on the front frame. The first connection member has a locking member and the second connection member has a pin which is located corresponding to the locking member.
Vehicle frame
A vehicle frame, in particular a mountain bike frame or a trekking bicycle frame, comprises main frame element. A rear frame is pivotably connected with the main frame element.
Suspension element having a hydraulic strut connected to a pressure accumulator and independent suspension using the same
The present disclosure relates to a suspension element for maintaining a wheel on a frame of a vehicle. The suspension element can be attached to the frame via a fixed support.

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