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Pivotably patents

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Tire traction device

Tire traction device

Foldable scooter

Foldable scooter

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Arrangement for moving a movable furniture part patent thumbnailnew patent Arrangement for moving a movable furniture part
The invention relates to an arrangement for moving a movable furniture part, in particular a furniture part which is mounted pivotably about an axis, comprising at least one ejection device for ejecting the movable furniture part from a closed position into an open position, the at least one ejection device comprising at least one force accumulator, and a loading device for loading the at least one force accumulator by means of an opening or closing movement of the movable furniture part, wherein at least one bowden cable for transmitting force during the loading of the at least one force accumulator is arranged between the at least one ejection device and the loading device.. .
Julius Blum Gmbh
 Mining plow patent thumbnailnew patent Mining plow
A coal mining mining plow comprising a plow base, two cutting bit carriers pivotably supported on a respective pivot pin, a roof cutting bit carrier attached to the plow base in a height-adjustable manner, and an attachment member settable on the plow base is disclosed. The attachment member may include ancillary cutting bit columns provided with extraction cutting bits.
Caterpillar Global Mining Europe Gmbh
 Apparatus and system for transporting an item patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and system for transporting an item
An apparatus and system are disclosed for transporting an item. The apparatus includes a panel and at least one substantially rigid shoulder support.
 Door inside handle device for vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Door inside handle device for vehicle
A door inside handle device for a vehicle can perform the locking/unlocking and the opening of a door by applying a typical safety lock knob which is familiar to users while having a connection configuration using a single cable. The door inside handle device for a vehicle may include: a base mounted on a door panel; a safety lock knob pivotably on the base; a handle pivotably disposed on the base; a clutch lever coupled to the safety lock knob and a cable connected to a door latch to deliver operation force of the safety lock knob to the cable and selectively deliver an operation force applied to the handle to the cable; and a clutch unit disposed between the handle and the clutch lever to transmit operation force applied to the handle to the clutch lever according to an operation state of the safety lock knob..
Hyundai Motor Company
 Corrugated pipe coupling and repair apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Corrugated pipe coupling and repair apparatus
A corrugated coupling may be provided. The corrugated coupling may be for coupling two cylindrical corrugated sections.
 Foldable scooter patent thumbnailnew patent Foldable scooter
Foldable scooter comprising a footboard, a front wheel, a rear wheel and a steer. The front wheel is suspended to a front frame carrying the steer.
 Aerodynamic surface drive mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Aerodynamic surface drive mechanism
There is described an aerodynamic surface drive mechanism (20) containing at least a drive combination (50, 50′), each drive combination (50, 50′) comprising a fixed element (21) associated to a fixed aircraft structure and a first mobile component (22) connected pivotably by a first end to the fixed element (21) by way of an articulation axis (e) and associated to an actuator (30) by an opposite end, the aerodynamic surface drive mechanism (20) further comprises a second mobile component (23) rotationally associated to the first mobile component (22) by way of primary swivel joints (24, 24′) linearly disposed along a vertical axis (y) and rotationally connected to the aerodynamic surface (40) by way of secondary swivel joints (25, 25′) linearly disposed along a horizontal axis (z); the first mobile component (22) and the second mobile component (23) simultaneously moving the aerodynamic surface (40) linearly and rotatively by means of the actuator (30) and of the primary swivel joints (24, 24′) and secondary swivel joints (25, 25′).. .
Embraer S.a.
 Tire traction device patent thumbnailnew patent Tire traction device
A tire traction device having a tire arm about the width of a tire, roughly conforming the radial curvature of the tire and removably secured thereto, a spring-loaded shock pivotably attached to one end of the tire arm, and a traction track pivotably connected to opposite end of shock. The track includes a series of successively interconnected frames that pivot about each other, the first frame adjacent to the arm and pivotably connected thereto includes a tapered end.
 In-moulded helmet with pivotable shield patent thumbnailnew patent In-moulded helmet with pivotable shield
A helmet contains a convex, hard outer shell, a concave, impact-dissipating inner layer, a shield, and a shield cover. The concave, impact-dissipating inner layer is fitted to the convex, hard outer shell.
Strategic Sports Limited
 Suspension and lock-out systems for a partially tracked vehicle patent thumbnailSuspension and lock-out systems for a partially tracked vehicle
A partially tracked utility vehicle and conversion are provided. The converted partially tracked utility vehicle has a chassis, front wheels, and a trailing link suspension.
Mtd Products Inc

Coupling device for releasably connecting a pivotably mounted body part, such as a vehicle door, tailgate or hood to a vehicle structural part of a motor vehicle body

A coupling device for releasably connecting a pivotably mounted body part to a vehicle structural part includes a first coupling element and a second coupling element. The first coupling element has two locking bars which are configured as plate-shaped dosing wedges and are displaceable in relation to one another in a parallel manner.
Audi Ag

Bicycle rear wheel suspension system

A bicycle frame assembly having a number of rotatable members configured to absorb shocks and impacts associated with operation of the bicycle. The assembly includes a frame constructed to support a rider and a chain stay having a rearward end that extends toward a wheel hub and a forward end that is pivotably connected to the frame.
Trek Bicycle Corporation

Positioning apparatus

A positioning apparatus includes a mounting plate, a driving assembly, and two first position assemblies. The mounting plate defines a first guiding groove.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Work bench support bracket

A work bench support bracket with first and second opposed, generally upright sockets for receiving wood members is joined to first and second telescopically intereonnectible, generally horizontal sockets, respectively. First and second clamping sets are also joined to the first and second generally upright sockets, respectively.
761250 Alberta Ltd.

Mechancial roughneck positioner

A device is taught for positioning drill pipe make up or break out equipment on a rig floor. The device comprises a forward arm connectable at a first end to the drill pipe make up or break out equipment, an upper rearward arm and a lower rearward arm, pivotably connectable between the forward arm and a column, said lower rearward arm further being axially movable along said column.
Mccoy Corporation

Portable barrier and associated use

A portable barrier includes a junction assembly. The portable barrier further includes a pedestal assembly including (i) a plurality of legs that are movable with respect to each other, the plurality of legs includes a first leg and a second leg, and (ii) a first limiter connected to the first leg and the second leg.
Shadiant, Llc.

Locking pliers with extendable jaws

A locking pliers is provided with two pivotably joined plier arms each including a handle and a casing member having a channel; two jaw carriers each including a jaw and an arm member slidably disposed through the channel, the arm member including external teeth on top and bottom respectively; a biasing member put on the pivot joint and including two arm elements each having a hook end fictionally put on the top teeth of the arm member; and two rollers each including teeth and rotatably disposed on a bottom of the channel, the teeth of the roller being in rotatable tooth engagement with the bottom teeth of the arm member. The bottom teeth of the arm member are lockingly engaged with the teeth of the roller when a force is exerted on an exposed portion of the arm member..

Hold and releasing mechanism for holding and releasing a cable take-up device

A hold and release mechanism for holding and releasing a cable includes a toothed-disk arrangement coupled with the cable take-up device for rotating together about a first axis. The toothed-disk arrangement includes a plurality of teeth at an outer periphery of the toothed-disk arrangement.
Sram Deutschland Gmbh

Surface media blasting system and method

The system delivers media blasting material to an interior surface of a large storage tank comprises a substantially upright support structure secured to the surface to be blasted. The upright support structure is preferably vertical.

Surface media blasting system and method

The system delivers media blasting material to an interior surface of a large storage tank comprises a substantially upright support structure secured to the surface to be blasted. The upright support structure is preferably vertical.

Exhaust gas turbocharger with turbine

A turbine for a supercharging device of an internal combustion engine may include a control device for performance control of the turbine. The control device may include at least one actuator, which is pivotably mounted about a pivot axis relative to a turbine housing.
Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh

Cable closure

A cable closure includes a housing that delimits an interior of the cable closure and seals off the cable closure toward the outside. The housing is formed by a covering body having shells hinged together and cable insertion regions provided on mutually opposite sides of the shells.
Ccs Technology, Inc.

Viewfinder and operating unit

A viewfinder and operating unit for a video camera is configured separate from the video camera and comprises a main body, an electronic viewfinder and an operating device pivotably fastened to the main body for the configuring and/or controlling of the video camera. The electronic viewfinder has a viewfinder display as well as an eyepiece having an optical axis.
Arnold & Richter Cine Technik Gmbh & Co. Betriebs Kg

Medicine package inspection apparatus

Disclosed herein is a medicine package inspection apparatus for inspecting whether or not accurate medicines have been packaged in medicine packages. The medicine package inspection apparatus includes: a conveying unit conveying the medicine packages; an image reading unit photographing the medicine packages and reading states of the medicines by the photographed image; an aligning unit uniformly spreading the medicines packaged in the medicine packages unit so as not to be overlapped with each other; and a displaying means pivotably installed on a front surface of the body and displaying a work state simultaneously with controlling a work of inspecting the medicine packages.
Jvm Co., Ltd.

Signalling device for divers

A signalling device for divers (3) has, along a shoulder strap (4) for compressed air bottles, a clip (12) which is pivotably attached in the shoulder region to the shoulder strap (4) and is detachably connected at the other free end to the shoulder strap (4) by means of a closure (13, 13′). The closure (13, 13′) can be opened manually or opens automatically when an alarm is triggered, for example when a limiting value which is set on a diving computer is exceeded.

Mounting bracket for slide assembly

A mounting bracket for a slide assembly includes a side wall, an end wall, at least one installation member, a stop, and a resilient member. The end wall is substantially perpendicular to the side wall.
King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

Spout interlocking device of a teapot

A spout interlocking device of a teapot has a first fixing module, a handle module, and a spout cover module. The first fixing module has a first positioning base, and a first base cover covering a top of the first positioning base.
Kuo-chang Chen

Welding torch

A welding torch, in particular a handheld welding torch, for a melting welding wire, which is guided in a wire core arranged within a protective hose, fastens the protective hose and the welding core within a torch housing of the welding torch independently from one another. For minimizing stresses on the welding torch by the hose package, the protective hose is fastened rotatably and pivotably and the wire core is fastened rotatably to the torch housing..
Fronius International Gmbh

Room-cleaning system with water container

The invention relates to a vacuum cleaner, comprising a carrier part (1), a liquid container (2), and a suction head (3). A bracket (25) is pivotably fastened to the liquid container (2), so that the bracket can be used as a positioning element for the suction head (3).
Pro-aqua International Gmbh

Systems for vertebral adjustments and rod reduction

An instrument for compression and distraction of a vertebral segment and reducing a surgical rod includes a first arm, a second arm, a coupler, and a reducer. The first arm includes a first aperture for receiving a first screw extender that attaches to a first vertebra.
Alphatec Spine, Inc.

Exhaust gas turbocharger with turbine

A turbine for a supercharging device of an internal combustion engine may include a turbine wheel which is rotatably arranged about an axis of rotation in a turbine housing. A radial inflow channel may be arranged coaxially to the turbine wheel, which leads to a radial inlet region of the turbine wheel.
Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

Locking unit for a vehicle seat

A locking unit (10) for a vehicle seat (1) includes a pivotally mounted rotary latch (20) for locking to a bolt (12). The rotary latch (20) includes a rotary latch hole (24) for pivotably mounting on a bearing pin (51) which protrudes through the rotary latch hole (24).
Johnson Controls Gmbh

Carton with locking feature

In one aspect, the disclosure is generally directed to a carton for holding at least one product. The carton includes a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around the interior of the carton.
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

Tool box

A tool box includes a first part, a second part and two connectors. Each of the first and second parts has multiple connection slots and at least one side.

Handrail assembly for a trailer

A handrail assembly for use with a trailer, including a platform having a first edge and a second edge, the platform extending outwardly therefrom from the first edge to the second edge secured to a side of the trailer, a handrail pivotably secured to the platform by a plurality of elongated members, and a piston secured to the platform at a first end and one of the elongated members at a second end. The piston is configured to move the handrail from a first position in which the plurality of elongated members are vertical, and a second position in which the plurality of elongated members are angled with respect to the platform..

Solar module

A solar module comprising at least a plurality of lamellar solar panels, which are mounted pivotably, about a common axis, on an elongate support and can be and which can be moved between a first position, in which they are disposed on top of each other substantially congruently and parallel to the support, and a second position, in which they lie substantially next to each other in a fanned out manner about the aforementioned axis, wherein the support can be pivoted out of a housing, which accommodates the support together with the solar panels in the first position of the panels, characterized in that the solar module comprises two supports of the aforementioned type equipped with solar panels in the manner described, wherein the two supports are pivotably hinged at the diametrical longitudinal ends of an elongate base support, which is mounted rotatably, about an approximately vertical axis, in the housing.. .
Smart Flower Energy Technology Gmbh

Rip fense with lockng mechanisms

A table saw includes a movable rip fence and a base including an upper cutting surface through which a blade extends. The rip fence includes front and rear clamping mechanisms connected to front and rear ends of a casing respectively.

Locking pliers with extendible jaws

A locking pliers is provided with pivotably secured first and second handles; a link and quick release assembly having both ends pivotably secured to the first and second handles respectively; first and second jaw carriers each including a casing member, a jaw pivotaby secured to the casing member, and an arm having one end secured to the casing member and the other end moveably mounted in either handle; a spring member disposed in either handle for clamping the arm.. .

Reversible ratchet wrench with a smaller rotational angle

A reversible ratchet wrench includes a driving member received in a receiving space of a body, rotatable about a rotational axis relative to the body, and having an annular toothed portion. First and second pawls are aligned with each other along an axis parallel to the rotational axis and are alternatively disposed.
New Way Tools Co., Ltd.

Air duct for refrigeration case

A refrigeration case includes a housing having a top and a rear wall and defining an interior chamber, a door pivotably coupled to the housing opposite the rear wall and operable to selectively open and close the interior chamber, a first shelf positioned proximate a lower portion of the interior chamber, a second shelf positioned above the first shelf, a duct wall, a fan, and a diverter. The duct wall at least partially defines a flow channel extending between the first shelf and the second shelf.
Zero Zone, Inc.


The invention relates to a lid which is pivotably attached by a link at a filling spout (1) of a windshield washing water container. The invention proposes to provide the link with pinions which are received in support eyelets with an intermediary space there between.

Expandable spinal implant

An expandable spinal implant configured for positioning within the intervertebral space between adjacent vertebral bodies is disclosed. The spinal implant includes a first body, a second body, a ratchet, and a locking mechanism.
K2m, Inc.

Ultrasonic instrument assembly and manufacturing same

An ultrasonic surgical instrument assembly has a base, a rigid probe shaft coupled at a proximal end to the base, a probe head at a distal end of the shaft, and a sheath having a rigid distal end portion surrounding the shaft. The shaft has a longitudinal axis and is operatively connectable to a source of ultrasonic vibrational energy.
Misonix Incorporated

Adjustable exercise system

An adjustable exercise system for adjusting an exercise machine such as a pilates machine between various angles of incline with respect to a fixed base to allow for a wider range of exercises. The adjustable exercise system generally includes a base, an exercise machine pivotably connected to the base, and one or more actuators, for lifting or lowering the exercise machine into varying angles of incline with respect to the base.
Spx Fitness, Inc.

Electronic device having movable display

An electronic device includes a base, a display, a slide apparatus installed between the base and the display, and an operation apparatus. The slide apparatus includes a rack mounted to the display, a gear pivotably installed to the base and engaging with the rack, and a resilient clamping member.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


An amphibian (1) for use on land and water, comprising: a hull having a planing surface (2), and at least one retractable suspension apparatus (4) movable from a vehicle supporting position to a retracted position, comprising for each wheel (5), upper and lower suspension arms (8, 9) that are pivotably connected at inboard ends to a support structure within the hull; and are pivotably connected at outboard ends to a suspension upright (7). Upright (7) extends from a first, upper connection past a second, lower connection to a location (10) for a wheel hub mounting.
Gibbs Technologies Ltd

Configurable panel display

A configurable panel display includes panel frames configurable to support respective panels, adjacent ones of the panel frames being pivotably connected along opposing edges, each panel frame having intersecting sides formed by tubular frame members, and a cap hinge assembly pivotably connecting two adjacent ones of the panel frames. Each cap hinge assembly includes two frame corner pieces, each frame corner piece interconnecting tubular frame members of two intersecting sides of a respective one of the adjacent ones of the panel frames.
Calapitter Creations. Inc.

Device for transferring blister packs

The device comprises two suction arms for picking up blister packs at a stamping station in a pick position and for placing the blister packs on conveying means in a place position, wherein the suction arms are pivotable in opposite directions. Each suction arm has three segments supported pivotably around three different axes.
Uhlmann Pac-systeme Gmbh & Co. Kg

Foldable cosmetic implement

A foldable cosmetic implement may include a first portion pivotably coupled to a second portion. An applicator may be coupled to the first portion opposite a connection of the first portion to the second portion.
Hct Group Holdings Limited

Single-lever mixing cartridge

A single-lever mixing cartridge includes a head piece, which accommodates a bottom piece having at least one inflow channel and at least one outlet channel, and a disk control having a control disk that can be displaced via an at least pivotably mounted spindle relative to a passage disk which is arranged in a rotationally fixed manner. At least all inlet channels are provided with at least one lip seal for sealing the bottom piece against the passage disk and/or against a fitting receiving the cartridge..
Fluehs Drehtechnik Gmbh

Recording medium take-up mechanism and printer

A recording medium take-up mechanism and a printer prevent a recording medium having been printed from easily twisting when winding the recording medium. A printer includes a platen supporting recording paper that is delivered frontward during printing, a take-up shaft on which the recording paper having been printed is wound, a tension bar configured to impart tension to the recording paper by pressing a portion of the recording paper that is between the platen and the take-up shaft, a support arm supporting the tension bar, and a support shaft pivotably supporting the support arm.
Roland Dg Corporation

Mounting expansion cards

A mounting apparatus for securing expansion cards includes an enclosure, a cover, a pressure member, a securing member secured to the pressure member, and a stopper piece. The enclosure includes a bottom plate, and a rear plate connected to the bottom plate.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Expandable portable tackle container and tippet dispensing

The present disclosure relates to methods and device for carrying fishing equipment and accessories and for dispensing tippet or leader from a tackle container. In at least one embodiment the portable container comprises a first housing and a second housing that are pivotably connected.

Linkage to control and restrain flap movement

The present disclosure relates to systems for controlling movement of a divergent flap (24) in an exhaust nozzle (20). A nozzle flap assembly may include a first link (42) pivotably coupled to a divergent flap (24).
United Technologies Corporation

Waste container with gravity latch and latch deactivation system

A waste container having a body and a lid pivotably connected to the body. The lid includes a gravity activated locking mechanism having a latch that engages the lid to the body when the container is in an upright position.
Orbis Corporation

Adhesive coating device with discharge adjustment mechanism

An adhesive coating device is provided with an adhesive reservoir; two opposite adjustment rollers at bottom of the reservoir; a pattern roller between the adjustment rollers and having a pattern formed thereon; a resilient roller under the pattern roller; a roller member under the resilient roller; two pivotal, co-rotated links on a side of the reservoir and operatively connected to the adjustment rollers respectively; and a spring biased adjustment screw pivotably secured to an end of one link. Clockwise rotation of the adjustment screw rotates the links at different directions, thereby decreasing a gap between the pattern roller and each adjustment roller..

Enhanced charging handle

An enhanced charging handle for a firearm which has an elongated shaft having a forward end and a rear end. The forward end is formed into a bolt hook that engages the bolt carrier group within the firearm.

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