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Pivotably patents

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Ultrasonic instrument assembly and method for manufacturing same


Ultrasonic instrument assembly and method for manufacturing same

Adjustable exercise system

Spx Fitness

Adjustable exercise system

Adjustable exercise system

Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)

Electronic device having movable display

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Expandable spinal implant patent thumbnailExpandable spinal implant
An expandable spinal implant configured for positioning within the intervertebral space between adjacent vertebral bodies is disclosed. The spinal implant includes a first body, a second body, a ratchet, and a locking mechanism.
K2m, Inc.
 Ultrasonic instrument assembly and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailUltrasonic instrument assembly and manufacturing same
An ultrasonic surgical instrument assembly has a base, a rigid probe shaft coupled at a proximal end to the base, a probe head at a distal end of the shaft, and a sheath having a rigid distal end portion surrounding the shaft. The shaft has a longitudinal axis and is operatively connectable to a source of ultrasonic vibrational energy.
Misonix Incorporated
 Adjustable exercise system patent thumbnailAdjustable exercise system
An adjustable exercise system for adjusting an exercise machine such as a pilates machine between various angles of incline with respect to a fixed base to allow for a wider range of exercises. The adjustable exercise system generally includes a base, an exercise machine pivotably connected to the base, and one or more actuators, for lifting or lowering the exercise machine into varying angles of incline with respect to the base.
Spx Fitness, Inc.
 Electronic device having movable display patent thumbnailElectronic device having movable display
An electronic device includes a base, a display, a slide apparatus installed between the base and the display, and an operation apparatus. The slide apparatus includes a rack mounted to the display, a gear pivotably installed to the base and engaging with the rack, and a resilient clamping member.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
 Amphibians patent thumbnailAmphibians
An amphibian (1) for use on land and water, comprising: a hull having a planing surface (2), and at least one retractable suspension apparatus (4) movable from a vehicle supporting position to a retracted position, comprising for each wheel (5), upper and lower suspension arms (8, 9) that are pivotably connected at inboard ends to a support structure within the hull; and are pivotably connected at outboard ends to a suspension upright (7). Upright (7) extends from a first, upper connection past a second, lower connection to a location (10) for a wheel hub mounting.
Gibbs Technologies Ltd
 Configurable panel display patent thumbnailConfigurable panel display
A configurable panel display includes panel frames configurable to support respective panels, adjacent ones of the panel frames being pivotably connected along opposing edges, each panel frame having intersecting sides formed by tubular frame members, and a cap hinge assembly pivotably connecting two adjacent ones of the panel frames. Each cap hinge assembly includes two frame corner pieces, each frame corner piece interconnecting tubular frame members of two intersecting sides of a respective one of the adjacent ones of the panel frames.
Calapitter Creations. Inc.
 Device for transferring blister packs patent thumbnailDevice for transferring blister packs
The device comprises two suction arms for picking up blister packs at a stamping station in a pick position and for placing the blister packs on conveying means in a place position, wherein the suction arms are pivotable in opposite directions. Each suction arm has three segments supported pivotably around three different axes.
Uhlmann Pac-systeme Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Foldable cosmetic implement patent thumbnailFoldable cosmetic implement
A foldable cosmetic implement may include a first portion pivotably coupled to a second portion. An applicator may be coupled to the first portion opposite a connection of the first portion to the second portion.
Hct Group Holdings Limited
 Single-lever mixing cartridge patent thumbnailSingle-lever mixing cartridge
A single-lever mixing cartridge includes a head piece, which accommodates a bottom piece having at least one inflow channel and at least one outlet channel, and a disk control having a control disk that can be displaced via an at least pivotably mounted spindle relative to a passage disk which is arranged in a rotationally fixed manner. At least all inlet channels are provided with at least one lip seal for sealing the bottom piece against the passage disk and/or against a fitting receiving the cartridge..
Fluehs Drehtechnik Gmbh
 Recording medium take-up mechanism and printer patent thumbnailRecording medium take-up mechanism and printer
A recording medium take-up mechanism and a printer prevent a recording medium having been printed from easily twisting when winding the recording medium. A printer includes a platen supporting recording paper that is delivered frontward during printing, a take-up shaft on which the recording paper having been printed is wound, a tension bar configured to impart tension to the recording paper by pressing a portion of the recording paper that is between the platen and the take-up shaft, a support arm supporting the tension bar, and a support shaft pivotably supporting the support arm.
Roland Dg Corporation

Mounting expansion cards

A mounting apparatus for securing expansion cards includes an enclosure, a cover, a pressure member, a securing member secured to the pressure member, and a stopper piece. The enclosure includes a bottom plate, and a rear plate connected to the bottom plate.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Expandable portable tackle container and tippet dispensing

The present disclosure relates to methods and device for carrying fishing equipment and accessories and for dispensing tippet or leader from a tackle container. In at least one embodiment the portable container comprises a first housing and a second housing that are pivotably connected.

Linkage to control and restrain flap movement

The present disclosure relates to systems for controlling movement of a divergent flap (24) in an exhaust nozzle (20). A nozzle flap assembly may include a first link (42) pivotably coupled to a divergent flap (24).
United Technologies Corporation

Waste container with gravity latch and latch deactivation system

A waste container having a body and a lid pivotably connected to the body. The lid includes a gravity activated locking mechanism having a latch that engages the lid to the body when the container is in an upright position.
Orbis Corporation

Adhesive coating device with discharge adjustment mechanism

An adhesive coating device is provided with an adhesive reservoir; two opposite adjustment rollers at bottom of the reservoir; a pattern roller between the adjustment rollers and having a pattern formed thereon; a resilient roller under the pattern roller; a roller member under the resilient roller; two pivotal, co-rotated links on a side of the reservoir and operatively connected to the adjustment rollers respectively; and a spring biased adjustment screw pivotably secured to an end of one link. Clockwise rotation of the adjustment screw rotates the links at different directions, thereby decreasing a gap between the pattern roller and each adjustment roller..

Enhanced charging handle

An enhanced charging handle for a firearm which has an elongated shaft having a forward end and a rear end. The forward end is formed into a bolt hook that engages the bolt carrier group within the firearm.

Door assembly with pivotable locking extension

An improved door assembly includes a door frame having a door jamb and a door having a fixed portion including a hinged side and a locking side where the hinged side of the door is hinged to the door frame. At least one of the hinged side and the locking side of the door has at least one pivotable door portion configured to pivotably move between a retracted position inside the door and an extended position that extends inside at least one complementary shaped channel within the door jamb of the door frame to interlock the door and the door frame..
Pendragon S4, Llc

Ground mounted solar module integration system

Embodiments of the present inventions are directed to systems, devices for use with systems, and method of mounting and retaining solar panels. A solar module mounting system may include: a support mechanism including a support post pivotably attached to a support base, and an attachment module for attaching a solar panel to the support mechanism..
Panelclaw, Inc.

Bi-directionally raisable drilling rig mast

Disclosed herein is a bi-directionally raisable drilling rig mast system that includes a drilling rig mast having a bi-directional mast erection connection, a first erection connection positioned proximate a first side of a rig substructure, and a second erection connection positioned proximate a second side of the rig substructure, the second side being at an opposite side of the rig substructure from the first side. The system further includes at least one mast erection apparatus having an upper end that is adapted to be pivotably attached to the bi-directional mast erection connection and a lower end that is adapted to be pivotably attached to the first erection connection for erecting the drilling rig mast from the first side of the substructure, the lower end being further adapted to be pivotably attached to the second erection connection for erecting the drilling rig mast from the second side of the substructure..
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

Agricultural autonomous vehicle platform with articulated base

An autonomous vehicle platform and system for selectively performing an in-season management task in an agricultural field while self-navigating between rows of planted crops, the autonomous vehicle platform having a vehicle base with a width so dimensioned as to be insertable through the space between two rows of planted crops, the vehicle base having a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion is pivotably coupled to the second portion, and each of portion is operably coupled to at least one ground engaging wheel.. .

Ceiling texture materials, systems, and methods

An aerosol dispensing system has a container assembly, an actuator assembly, and a trigger member. The container assembly has a valve assembly.
Homax Products, Inc.

Vtg turbocharger vane pack assembly with abradable coating

A vane pack for a vtg turbocharger is provided. The vane pack includes a plurality of vanes pivotably positioned between an inner surface of an upper vane ring and an inner surface of a lower vane ring.
Borgwarner Inc.

Long-range optical apparatus including binoculars

A long-range optical apparatus, particularly a binocular having two tubes for accommodating long-range optical devices, includes a first folding bridge, a second folding bridge, and preferably a third folding bridge. The folding bridges are pivotably arranged between the tubes of the long-range optical device and each include a first and a second bridge element associated with each other and pivotable relative to each other.
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Gmbh

Vehicle door handle device

A vehicle door handle device, including: a frame fixable on a vehicle door panel inner side, the frame having a supporting hole; a link including a shaft section pivotably supported in the supporting hole, the link being configured to be rotated and biased by a biasing member to one side; and an outer handle mountable on the door panel, the outer handle including an engaging portion to be engaged on the link, the outer handle being configured to pivot the link through the engaging portion against a rotational biasing force of the biasing member. The shaft section includes: a groove portion and a guide portion in the shaft section to extend in an extending direction of the groove portion.
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Tubulars storage device

The invention relates to a tubulars storage device (1) for storing a plurality of tubulars (2a-e), said tubulars storage device comprising spaced apart fingers (3, 4) forming therebetween a slot (5), and a plurality of pivotably mounted latch members (9a-e) arranged at spaced apart locations along the slot (5). A rotary camshaft (11) is provided for pivoting the latch members (9a-e) between a closed position and an opened position.
Itrec B.v.

Climbing locking system for vertical ladders

There is provided a climbing locking system for climbing ladders in particular of a wind power installation. The climbing locking system has at least one climbing ladder segment having a longitudinal direction and at least one open end for accommodating a fall arrester which can move back and forth as a climbing protection system along the longitudinal direction.
Wobben Properties Gmbh

Bi-directionally raisable drilling rig mast

A substructure of a drilling rig is positioned above a first wellbore at a first wellbore location, a drilling rig mast is pivotably attached to the substructure and raised from a first mast position wherein an upper end of the drilling rig mast is oriented in a first direction toward a first side of the substructure to a first raised drilling position, after which a first drilling operation is performed on the first wellbore. The substructure is moved to a second wellbore location and positioned above a second wellbore, the drilling rig mast is pivotably attached to the substructure and raised from a second mast position wherein an upper end of the drilling rig mast is oriented in a second direction toward a second side of the substructure to a second raised drilling position, after which a second drilling operation is performed on the second wellbore..
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

Mass-balancing arrangement and microtome using same

A mass-balancing arrangement comprises an adjustably pre-loaded spring member (14); a pivotably mounted lever (16; 31) for compensating different inertial forces in combination with the spring member (14); a first drawing member (24) connecting a movable mass to the lever (16); a second drawing member (17) connecting the spring member (14) to the lever (16); and a first roller (15) for deflecting the first drawing member (24). The lever (16; 31) has an upper lever arm (19; 32) and a lower lever arm (20; 33), one being sector-shaped and the other cam-shaped.
Leica Microsystems Ltd. Shanghai

Microtome having means for reversing a direction of rotation

A microtome has first and second shafts at different fixed positions, wherein the first shaft may be rotated by a hand wheel. The shafts carry first and second gear wheels, respectively.
Leica Microsystems Ltd. Shanghai

Centrifugal switch for pendulum vibration absorber

A crankshaft assembly for an internal combustion engine can include a crankshaft having a lobe with a pendulum absorber coupled thereto. The pendulum absorber can include a carrier, a pendulum, a pin and a centrifugal switch assembly.

Crop divider hinge kit and method

Provided is a crop divider hinge kit and method of installation and use that facilitates do-it-yourself retrofitting of existing combine harvester heads to allow their crop dividers to pivot out of the way for transport. Hinge kits may be adapted for use with frames having a square tube portion and may comprise a replacement portion of square tubing pivotably connected with a sleeve portion adapted to receive therein and be affixed to a cut portion of the square tube frame.

Connector between a wiper blade and a wiper arm driving a wiping system

A connector for a wiper blade, the connector is configured to cooperate pivotably, by a transverse hinge pin, with an adapter designed to allow an articulation link between the blade and a driving arm, the connector includes a body provided with two opposite side flanges, defining a housing designed to receive the adapter, and a pin between the flanges for the articulation link of the blade to the arm, the flanges include, at each of the ends of the hinge pin, a shoulder configured to allow axial guiding of the articulation link between the blade and the arm, the side flanges is configured to allow lateral flexion of the adapter bearing against the shoulder.. .
Valeo Systémes D'essuyage

Surgical retrieval apparatus

A surgical retrieval apparatus for receipt of multiple tissue specimens includes a collection bag, a support ring, and a flip ring. The collection bag includes first and second packets each having an outer portion and an inner portion.
Covidien Lp

Device for injecting an intraocular lens into an eye

An injection assembly for a flexible intraocular lens, includes an injector body (1) accommodating a sliding push member (2), and a compaction and ejection chamber (3) rigidly connected to the injector body. The injection assembly includes a cartridge (6) receiving an intraocular lens (7) in a non-stressed state, the cartridge (6) being stored separately in a sterile container (32), and the compaction and injection chamber (3) is pivotably connected to the distal end of the injector body so as to be capable of occupying two positions, namely: a cartridge-loading position, in which the chamber is folded along the injector body, and an injection position, in which the chamber is aligned with the injector body.
Medicontur Orvostechnikai Korlatolt Felelossrgu Tarsasag

System for measuring and recording a user's vital signs

A system for measuring and recording data pertaining to a user's vital signs in response to a single action by the user is provided. The system includes a base unit with a computer system, metallic layers affixed to a first side face and a bottom face of the base unit, an aperture, and a flexible shaft extending from the bottom face of the base, and an extension member pivotably mounted to a second side face of the base unit.

Lighting apparatus and vehicle

The invention relates to a lighting apparatus (3), in particular reading lamp, for recessing in a trim (1) of a passenger cab of a vehicle, in particular a land vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft, in which a first light-emitting device (4) is held pivotably on a recess-mounting frame (2) so that a light-emitting direction of the first light-emitting device (4) with respect to the recess-mounting frame (2) is changeable. In order to simplify the design of a lighting apparatus (3) for illuminating a passenger cab, the invention proposes that the recess-mounting frame (2) has, on its visible side (s), a second light-emitting device (5) which at least sectionally surrounds the first light-emitting device (4) and which is fitted invariably in respect of its light-emitting direction on the recess-mounting frame (2)..
Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

Head-up display system

The disclosure relates to a head-up display system (1) for usage in automobiles, comprising a protective housing (2) and a combiner positioning device (3) to pivotably and/or slidably guide a foldable combiner (4) between a folded-in storage position (s) and a folded-out operating position (o). In case of an accident when an external compression force (f) that impacts on the combiner (4) and/or the combiner positioning device exceeds a specified limit, at least one predetermined breaking point (10) of a breakable bearing connection of the combiner positioning device (3) with rigid bearing components (7, 11) of the head-up display system (1) breaks in a controlled manner, whereby the combiner positioning device (3) as well as the combiner (4) are folded substantially downwards (d) into the protective housing (2)..
Jabil Circuit, Inc.

Monitoring beacon

A monitoring beacon which includes a ground base into which a telescopic mast is inserted. An intrusion detection and identification head is mounted on one end of said mast.

Longitudinally adjustable vehicle seat with a memory device

In a longitudinally adjustable vehicle seat with a freely pivotable backrest which can be folded forward and with a memory device, the memory device has a stop rail with latching openings, and a locking element with a slider and pall connected pivotably thereto and a ramp which is arranged on the slider and has an upper region, with which a scanner of the memory device interacts, wherein the scanner is connected to a transmission arrangement for locking the backrest in an entry position, and the pall is prestressed in the locking direction by a spring.. .
Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg

Drive wheel arrangement for two pivot components of a top of a convertible vehicle

A top of a convertible motor vehicle includes a linkage movable between a closed position spanning a vehicle interior and a storage position uncovering the vehicle interior to the top a linkage arrangement having first and second pivot components is on opposing sides of the linkage and pivotably mounted at a rear main bearing. A rotatable drive wheel is coupled to the two pivot components.
Webasto-edscha Cabrio Gmbh

Pedal propulsion system with lowered pedals

A rotary pedal system for propelling a one-wheeled vehicle, in which the pedals are disposed at a distance from their respective pivot shafts. The pivot shafts are pivotably independently of the rotation of the wheel, so that the pedals tend to remain downwardly displaced from their respective pivot shaft while in use.

Sensor holder for a sensor for object detection

A sensor holder for a sensor for object detection includes: an installation unit for the sensor; a holding frame on which the installation unit is pivotably held; and an adjustment shaft mounted on the holding frame, the adjustment shaft having a guidance contour which proceeds helically around the adjustment shaft and is in engagement with a guidance element of the installation unit.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Bogie beam angle sensor

A bogie beam sensor may include a bracket and a target arm pivotably coupled to the bracket. The bracket may be coupled to a bogie beam.
Goodrich Corporation

Pivoting shelf

A shelf assembly includes a shelf and a mounting structure for mounting the shelf on a substantially vertical surface. The shelf is pivotably mounted on the mounting bracket proximate the rear end and pivots from an open position to a closed position and from the closed position to the open position.
Ergo-industrial Seating Systems Inc.

Ceiling construction

A thermally expandable covering construction (1) for furnaces (2), in particular kilns or melting furnaces includes a preferably segmented cover (7) and, for the expansion-tolerant reception thereof on the edge side, a bracket (15) having a movable mounting (16) and having a clamping device (17) acting on the bracket (15). The clamping device (17) has a horizontally arranged clamping rod (31) which is loaded by a spring (33), is axially displaceably mounted on a fixed frame (29) and is pivotably connected to the bracket (15) at the front end by means of a bearing (26)..
Hans Lingl Anlagenbau Und Verfahrenstechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Locking device for a foldable backrest of a seat

A locking device for a foldable backrest of a seat, has a locking housing with a handle, the handle being pivotably between locking and unlocking positions and by which a pawl can be carried between retaining and non-retaining positions, and has a blocking element which is movable by a closable lock manually between a blocking position blocking the handle and a release position releasing the handle. The blocking element is a locking bolt mounted pivotably in the locking housing between the blocking and release positions and having release and blocking recesses.
Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg

Shoe lace clip for securing shoe laces without tying and method therefor

A clip device for securing a shoe lace has a base. A bottom plate is coupled to the base.

Multi-bar linkage hinge assembly with limit stop

A hinge assembly for moving a window sash relative to a window frame may include a track, a slider, first, second and third links, and a stop member. The slider may engage the track and may be translatable along the track.
Caldwell Manufacturing Company North America, Llc

Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure

A wound closure device includes outer and inner members. The inner member is configured for receipt of a suture passer and is pivotably coupled to the outer member.
Covidien Lp

Food processor with locking bail handle

A kitchen appliance for processing foodstuff comprises a housing, a bowl, a bowl lid, and a bail handle. The bowl is removably mountable onto the housing and comprises an upper rim defining a mouth for selectively receiving a rotatable tool within the bowl.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

Lever connector

A fitting lever (30) includes a pair of lever bodies (31), shaft fitting holes (32) which are formed on opposed inner surface (31a) of a pair of lever bodies (31) and in which lever supporting shafts (11) of a firs connector housing (10) are pivotably fitted, cam grooves (34) which are formed to open at the end edges of the lever bodies (31) at the side of a second connector housing (20) and which act a moving force in a fitting direction on action receiving shafts (23) with the pivoting of the lever bodies (31) when the fitting lever (30) is pivoted while the connector housings are aligned at a fitting start position. When the connector housings have been fitted and connected with each other, by moving the pair of lever bodies (31) to a maximum separation position, the pair of lever bodies (31) are detached from the lever supporting shafts (11) and the action receiving shafts (23) and the fitting lever (30) is detached from the connector housings..
Yazaki Corporation

Image formation apparatus

An image formation apparatus comprises an opening and closing cover, a cover fulcrum shaft, a roller shaft, and a grounding member. The cover fulcrum shaft pivotably supports the opening and closing cover.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Image forming apparatus ensuring weight balance when opening/closing document reading unit and document cover

An image forming apparatus includes an image forming apparatus body, a document reading unit, a document cover, an image reading unit, an image forming unit, a reading-unit-supporting shaft, and a cover-supporting shaft. The document reading unit is configured to turn to openably/closably cover an upper portion of the image forming apparatus body.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


A chair includes a base having a guiding rod. A connecting frame is mounted to a backrest and is pivotably connected to the base.

Hoist rope guide

A rope guide that includes an arm, a rope-contacting element, and a spring damper. The rope guide is pivotably coupled to the boom of a mining shovel.
Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.

Cartons with reclosable features

A carton for holding a product is disclosed. The carton comprises a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton.
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

Snowmobile suspension systems

A suspension assembly adapted for use in a snowmobile having a closed-loop track includes at least one ground contact engaged with the closed-loop track. An elongated swing arm is angularly disposed in the closed-loop track and extends between a front end portion adapted to be coupled to the chassis, and a rear end portion coupled to the at least one ground contact.
Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc.

Protective student desk

A protective student desk may include a set of base elements, a set of legs attached to the set of base elements, a desktop pivotably attached to the set of legs, and a panel connected to the set of base elements and attached to the set of legs. The protective student desk may provide a full body protective shield and be bullet resistant..

Folding rule

A folding rule including at least three links that are pivotably fastened to each other, at least one of the links has a scale for measuring the diameter of objects, the scale is designed in such a way that, when the object is completely enclosed by three adjacent links wherein the insides of the three links are each in contact with the object, a specified region of one of the links is in contact with the scale and a respective contact point on the scale indicates the diameter of the object.. .

Adapter for wiper and wiper system thereof

A wiper adapter detachably coupled between a wiper arm and a wiper having a pivot shaft, the adapter comprises a first coupling element and a second coupling element. The first coupling element has a shaft cavity provided with a notch that is in communication with the shaft cavity; the pivot shaft can be assembled into the shaft cavity radially through the notch and can pivotably fit in the shaft cavity.
Unipoint Electric Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Expanding absorbable tack

A surgical fastener is disclosed, and includes a head section and a tissue snaring section. The head section includes an engagement member pivotably disposed on an outer surface of the head section.
Covidien Lp

Apparatus for eliciting a blood sample

The present application relates to an apparatus for eliciting a blood sample. The apparatus has a housing having an aperture.
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

Storage display box

A storage display box includes an upper body having a side with an edge pivotably connected to an edge of a side of a lower body. An engagement groove is defined in an outer side of the upper or lower body.

Parking lock arrangement and motor vehicle transmission

A parking lock arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission has a blocking arrangement actuatable between a release position and a blocking position. The blocking arrangement is designed to immobilise a motor vehicle in the blocking position.
Getrag Getriebe- Und Zahnradfabrik Hermann Hagenmeyer Gmbh & Cie Kg

Toy gun

A toy gun includes a barrel in which bullets travel due to released gas, a magazine that is cylindrically shaped and disposed in parallel with the barrel to house the bullets, a magazine joint that couples the rear end of the magazine to the barrel and allows the bullets to travel therein, a cut portion disposed between the magazine and the magazine joint and positioned toward the barrel, a magazine follower base that slides in the magazine, a pressing member that presses the magazine follower base toward the rear end of the toy gun, a trunk section that is pivotably mounted toward the rear end of the magazine follower base and allows a barrel side end thereof to slide in the magazine joint, and a magazine follower disposed on the barrel side end of the trunk section.. .
Maruzen Company Limited


A wrench includes a body having a working end which has a first toothed portion, a first room, a second room, a third room and a first pivot cavity. The second and third rooms open through the top of the body.

Hands-free safety gate

A child safety gate includes a frame having a first side and a second side configured to be removably mounted to opposing sides of a passageway. The gate further includes a door pivotably coupled to the first side and releasably coupled to the second side and a release mechanism coupled to the first side of the frame and pivotably coupled to the door.

Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device including an anchoring element including a shank and a head; a receiving part to pivotably receive the head, the receiving part having a first end, a second end, a central axis extending between the first and second ends, a coaxial bore, and first and second recesses on each side of the coaxial bore for receiving a rod, a longitudinal axis of the recess being substantially perpendicular to the central axis; a first clamping part having a rod supporting surface extending along the longitudinal axis and in the first recess when in the receiving part, a center of the first clamping part along a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis including a groove at the rod supporting surface; a second clamping part to exert pressure on the rod and in the first recess when in the receiving part; and a locking device to secure the rod.. .

Transport device for samples in a microtome

A transport device (100) for samples (310) in a microtome having a transport arm (112) that is mounted longitudinally movably, has an entraining element (114) mounted pivotably on the transport arm. The entraining element is movable into a first position in which it entrains a sample present on a transport path, and into a second position in which it does not entrain a sample present on the transport path.
Leica Biosystems Nussioch Gmbh

Snap-fit type eyeglasses

Snap-fit type eyeglasses include a frame having a bottom edge. The bottom edge includes a groove having a downwardly facing opening.

Printer and printing system

A switch cover 21 has a frame member 22 and a cover member 23. The frame member 22 is fastened to the case front 6 of a printer 1 and surrounds a power switch 15.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Test apparatus with sector conveyance device

A test apparatus includes a sector conveyance device provided with a plurality of soaking buffers, the soaking buffers being used to carry electronic components, the sector conveyance device being mounted pivotably by a pivot and moved between a test location and a transferring location; a transferring device arranged in correspondence to the transferring location, used to transfer a plurality of electronic components into or out of the sector conveyance device; and a test device arranged in correspondence to the test location for testing electronic components, the electronic components being transferred into the sector conveyance device after test.. .
Chroma Ate Inc.

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