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Pivotably patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pivotably-related patent applications.

new patent Animal tail-wagging simulation device
An animal tail-wagging simulation device includes a housing, a circuit board mounted in the housing and provided with a driving coil, and a swinging arm pivotably coupled with the housing via a shaft. The swinging arm has an upper u-shaped portion.
Katzen Liebhaber Limited

new patent Measuring instrument for thermogravimetrically determining the moisture content of a material
A measuring instrument for thermogravimetrically determining the moisture content of a material, which includes a base (12), configured as a balance, with a base surface (22), and a hood (14) pivotably connected to the base. The hood has a weighing chamber lid (50), weighing chamber walls (52-56) and a heating element (44).
Sartorius Lab Instruments Gmbh & Co. Kg

new patent Tool operated channel latch
The present disclosure includes a tool operated channel latch used to secure a panel against a structure. The latch includes a bracket which mounts to a movable panel and includes an actuating mechanism to open and close the latch.
Hartwell Corporation

new patent Flush mountable bottle openers
Provided are flush mountable bottle openers and methods of using such openers to remove bottle caps. These openers may be used in aircraft and other types of vehicles as well as any applications where protrusion away from supporting structures may be undesirable.
The Boeing Company

new patent Routing structure for braking force-transmitting member in motorcycle
Provided is a routing structure for a braking force-transmitting member in a motorcycle in which a front part of a unit-swing engine supporting a rear wheel is supported on a vehicle body frame via a link mechanism, and the braking force-transmitting member is routed to extend in the fore-and-aft direction so as to transmit a braking force to a rear wheel brake disposed coaxially with the rear wheel, wherein the link mechanism includes a first link linked to the vehicle body frame and a second link linked to the unit-swing engine while having an engine suspension boss portion pivotably linked to the first link, and a guide member retaining the braking force-transmitting member extending in the fore-and-aft direction beneath the unit-swing engine is mounted on the second link. This can suppress swinging of a braking force-transmitting member and enables the mass around the braking force-transmitting member to be concentrated..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

new patent Convertible vehicle top having roof links than can be pivoted together
A top of a convertible vehicle includes a top linkage. A linkage mechanism forming part of the top linkage is on each of two opposing sides of the top linkage with respect to a vertical longitudinal center plane of the top.
Webasto-edscha Cabrio Gmbh

new patent Vibration welding system, vibration welding method and upgrading
The invention relates to a vibration welding system (10) for vibration welding two parts (50, 60) together, in particular two plastic parts (50, 60). The system (10) comprises a machine frame, a lower tooling (12) to which at least a lower part (50) is nestable, as well as an upper tooling (13) which is arranged to be brought into contact with an upper surface (65) of an upper part (60) and to vibrate with respect to the machine frame in a vibration direction (x) in order to at least partially weld a lower surface (61) of the upper part (60) to an upper surface (51) of the lower part (50).
Telsonic Holding Ag

new patent Abdominal strengthening apparatus
An abdominal strengthening apparatus is an apparatus to allow a user to perform core abdominal muscle exercises from a seated position. The abdominal strengthening apparatus includes a stationary base, a tilting arm, a supporting member, a handlebar, and a foot-supporting bar.

new patent Animal claw shearing apparatuses and methods of using the same
A claw shearing device including a pair of shearing elements having cutting edges that face one another, a fastener configured to pivotably attach the shearing elements, and an adjustable limiting mechanism connected to the pair of shearing elements. The cutting edges form an orifice for the insertion of a claw of an animal or a pet therebetween, where the maximum size of the orifice is limited by the adjustable limiting mechanism.
Pet Product Innovations, Llc

Multi-turn elevation knob for optical device
An optical device has a post and a reference. A knob is rotatably connected to the optical device and has see-though portions and a gear pivotably disposed therein.
Burris Corporation

Lower anterior resection 90 degree instrument

An articulating surgical instrument is disclosed, and includes an end effector and a drive assembly operably coupled with the end effector. The end effector includes a first drive shaft defining a first axis, and a second drive shaft operably engaged with and extending away from the first drive shaft.
Covidien Lp

Ladder leveling and stabilizing assembly

The assembly includes a first arcuate tube attached to a ladder. A second arcuate tube is slidably disposed in the first arcuate tube.
Bigfoot Ladder Systems, Llc

Door opening and closing device for vehicle

In a door opening and closing device for a vehicle, a handle case is mounted on an outer panel of a door, an arm portion of an outer handle that can be operated on the door extends through the handle case, penetrates into the outer panel, and is pivotably supported on the handle case, and a return spring is provided between the handle case and a pivoting member that is disposed on the handle case, pivotably supported on the handle case, and operatively linked to the outer handle. The device includes a dust proof wall surrounding a coil portion of the return spring.
Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock

Adjustable bicycle frame for the change in the riding modes

An adjustable bicycle frame for change in the riding modes is provided with a bottom bracket secured to pedals; a seat tube extending upward out of the bottom bracket; a chain stay extending rearward out of the bottom bracket and the seat tube; a rear wheel rotatably secured to the chain stay and contacting the ground; a head tube with a stem pivotably secured thereto; a fork pivotably secured to the head tube and extending downward; a front wheel rotatably secured to the fork stay and contacting the ground; a rearward inclined telescopic tubing including first and second tubes. After changing length of the telescopic tubing, a length between the front wheel and the rear wheel is changed, an inclined angle of the seat tube is changed, and an inclined angle of the head tube is changed coherently, thereby implementing a racing mode or a slow, urban riding mode..

Multi-material pivot return for shaving systems

Replaceable shaving assemblies are disclosed that include a blade unit, an interface element configured to removeably connect the blade unit to a handle, on which the blade unit is pivotably mounted, and an return element disposed between the blade unit and interface element. The return element provides resistance during shaving and positions the blade unit in a rest position when not in use..
Shavelogic, Inc.

Torsion based exerciser

An exercise machine including a support frame having a handle structure affixed to a base structure is described. The handle structure can provide hand support for a user using the machine.

Prosthetic digit for use with touchscreen devices

A digit for a prosthetic hand is provided. The digit has a base member (12) attachable to the hand and at least one digit member (18) pivotably connected to the base member.
Touch Bionics Limited

Hands-free oral care device and method

Hands-free oral care devices and methods are described herein. In one embodiment, an oral care device includes a mouthpiece configured to be received within a user's mouth, the mouthpiece including an upper bristle track and a lower bristle track that are pivotably coupled together.

Medical device having extenable members

This disclosure provides design, material, manufacturing method, and use alternatives for medical devices. An example medical device includes a scaffold including a central member and a plurality of extension members extending away from the central member.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Rocker switch with movable light ducts

A rocker switch includes a housing. An actuating part is pivotably mounted at the housing and includes at least two opposing actuating surfaces with two opposing actuating directions associated thereto.
Preh Gmbh

Supports for suspended solar enhanced oil recovery concentrators and receivers, and associated systems and methods

Supports for suspended solar enhanced oil recovery concentrators and receivers, and associated systems and methods. A representative solar concentrator system includes a curved reflective element oriented concave relative to a focal line, a curved first rib member carrying the reflective element and oriented concave relative to the focal line, a curved second rib member oriented convex relative to the focal line, and a plurality of cross members coupled between the first rib member and the second rib member.
Glasspoint Solar, Inc.

Wall anchor assemblies

An anchor assembly for hanging an object on a wall includes a first anchor component and a second anchor component. The first anchor component includes a base having front, back, top, bottom, left and right sides, and at least one wall penetrating retainer extending from the base and having a wall penetrating extent that protrudes rearwardly of the base and has a downwardly curved configuration.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Gutter leaf slide bridge

A gutter protecting apparatus includes a plurality of substantially parallel rods extending in a downward slope from near a roof edge to and beyond the far side of the gutter. The rods extend substantially perpendicular to the gutter's length and to a frame to which the rods connect at the upper edge.
B & J Concepts, Llc

Valve assembly

A valve assembly comprising a valve housing, and a valve body. The valve housing having a lower end and an upper end.
Scholle Corporation

Receptacle with pivoting closure

A receptacle providing secure protection for its contents and comprising a housing with an opening, and a cover member pivotably attached to the housing to move between a closed position and an opened position. In the closed position, a locking mechanism may lock the housing and cover into engagement.

Convertible vehicle top having a storage space lid

A top of a convertible vehicle is includes a top linkage adjustable between a closed position and a storage position. The top linkage is stored in a rear-side top storage space, which is closable by a storage space lid, which is pivotably mounted on a vehicle-fixed single-part or multipart main bearing via a link mechanism on each of its two sides with respect to a vertical longitudinal center plane of the top.
Webasto-edscha Cabrio Gmbh

Adjustable angle weight lifting bench

An adjustable weight lifting bench includes a frame, a seat pad, and a back pad. The back pad is pivotably coupled to the frame about a first pivot axis and angularly adjustable between a plurality of user-selectable incline and decline positions.
Maxx Bench

Operating table column

An operating table column is disclosed. The operating table column has a base body and an inclination body pivotably supported on the base body, the inclination body pivotable about a first pivot axis.
Maquet Gmbh

Wrist joint performance measuring device

A wrist joint performance measuring device includes a base having a seat and two positioning arms on two sides of the seat. A switching device is pivotably mounted to the base.
E-da Hospital

Wall anchor assemblies and related wall mount systems

An anchor assembly for hanging an object on a wall includes a first anchor component and a second anchor component. The second anchor component is pivotably associated with the first anchor component for movement between an anchoring orientation and a non-anchoring orientation to enable staged installation of the anchor assembly into a wall.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Portable device

A portable device, e.g. A laptop, includes a first part (110), e.g.
Tobii Ab

Programmable buoy system

A programmable buoy system having one or more buoys capable of connecting through the internet to a buoy command server. The buoy command server relays commands to each of the one or more buoys in response to user commands sent from a buoys command interface application on a mobile device.

Mechanism to adjust and restrain gun traverse on a tripod mount

A traverse stop clamp is provided for restricting sweep of a machine gun mounted on a tripod. The stop clamp is installable on a traverse bar connecting to rear legs of the tripod, the traverse bar having an inverse u-shape cross-section that form edges at ends of the u-shape.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Rope tension device and method thereof

Embodiments of a rope tension device for cinching a load with a rope are disclosed. The rope tension device includes a frame and brake member.
Dark Canyon, Inc.

Portable beverage container with self opening hinged lid

A portable beverage container (e.g., an insulated, double-walled bottle) is disclosed. The container includes a lid pivotably connected to it by a hinge.
Tervis Tumbler Company

Bicycle pedal with cadence sensor

A bicycle pedal with cadence sensor is disclosed and comprises a pedal shaft, a frame, and a cadence sensor. The pedal shaft is fastened at a crank of a bicycle.

Pallet truck assembly

A powered pallet truck with a selectable effective reduced turning radius, and an intermediate roller assembly for mounting on the powered pallet truck, are provided. The intermediate roller assembly can include a base, a linear actuator pivotably connected at a base end to the base, a linkage pivotably connected to the base, and at least one roller having an axis pivotably connected to an actuating end of the linear actuator and to the linkage, the at least one roller thus being movable between a retracted and an engagement position.
Ryder Material Handling Ulc

Device for producing printed products

The present invention pertains to a device for producing printed products comprising an arrangement of cooperating rollers that are arranged parallel to one another, wherein at least the gap width between the rollers of one roller pair is adjustable. For this purpose, one roller of the pair is pivotably mounted by means of a pivot arm, wherein a driver arranged on the pivot arm displaces a linearly movable reference element by means of a sliding block guide such that the position of this reference element corresponds to the adjusted gap width.
Kolbus Gmbh & Co. Kg

Mixing machine and its liner

A mixing machine 1 comprising a mixing head 3 having element(s) for connecting to a receptacle to form a mixing container. The mixing head 3 is pivotably supported in a frame 2 such that the mixing container can pivot for the mixing process.
Dr. Herfeld Gmbh & Co. Kg

Foldable walker

A foldable walker includes a front frame having left and right pin holes, two side frame units pivotably connected to the front frame, and two locking units. Each locking unit is disposed between the front frame and the respective side frame unit, and includes a lock releasing lever and a locking pin.
Care & Care Health Products Co., Ltd.

Folding headset earpiece

A headset earpiece comprises a faceplate; and at least one flange pivotably connected to the faceplate.. .
Plantronics, Inc.

Hinge mechanism for automatic document feeder and automatic document feeder provided therewith

A hinge mechanism of the present disclosure includes a pair of hinge units each having a hinge base, a hinge upper member, and a shaft, and the hinge mechanism holds an automatic document feeder to be openable/closable in up/down directions with respect to an image reading unit. The hinge base is supported on the image reading unit which reads a document image.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Collapsible container

A collapsible container. The present container includes a foldable wall extending between a rim and a base, wherein the rim defines an opening.

Collapsible crate

A collapsible crate with improved stability and smooth movement includes a top having two opposing top side sections defining top side axes and two opposing top end sections defining top end axes; a bottom having two opposing bottom side edges defining bottom side axes and two opposing bottom end edges defining bottom end axes; first and second opposing end walls, the first and second end walls each being pivotably connected to the top along the corresponding top end sections with interlocking projections; and first and second opposing side walls. The crate includes one or more features which help the crate remain in the erect configuration, for example, a first protrusion protruding from an inner surface of a first side wall, wherein the first protrusion is configured to abut with a portion of a first end wall with an interference fit when the crate is in an erect configuration..
U.s. Merchants Financial Group, Inc.

Automated food storage machine

A food storage machine is provided that includes a film delivery mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a conditioning assembly and a drive mechanism. The film delivery mechanism has a support cradle for a roll of bag material and a feed roller assembly for dispensing the bag material.
Sunbeam Products, Inc.

Extendable sun visor

An extendable sun visor includes a base portion and a cover portion. The cover portion first end is pivotably attached to the base portion first end where the cover portion is configured to pivot between a closed position and an open position in relation to the base portion.

Swing arm for a vehicle

A swing arm for a vehicle includes a left member including at least one left tube extending longitudinally and a right member including at least one right tube extending longitudinally. Respective front end portions of the left and right members are adapted to be pivotably connected to a frame of the vehicle.
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

Robot arm having weight compensation mechanism

A robot arm having a weight compensation mechanism. In one configuration, the robot arm includes a first link which is pivotably disposed, a first auxiliary link disposed parallel to the first link, a first pulley mounted on the first auxiliary link, a second pulley mounted on the first link, a wire connecting the first pulley to the second pulley, and an elastic member having one side mounted on the first link and the other side connected to the wire to provide an elastic force to compensate for the load of the first link..
Korea University Of Technology And Education Industry-university Cooperation Foundation

Method and knee joint flexibility rehabilitation

A knee joint flexibility rehabilitation apparatus may comprising a tubular strut having a first support foot and a bracket attached thereto, the tubular strut forming a first aperture; a height-adjustment bar translatably and rotatably disposed in the tubular strut, the height-adjustment bar forming a plurality of second apertures extending through the cross-section of the height-adjustment bar; a support bar fixed substantially perpendicularly to the height-adjustment bar, the padded support bar being configured to receive a knee joint posterior; a support strut pivotably connected to the bracket, the support strut having a second support foot attached thereto, the support strut pivotable away from parallel the tubular strut to form an acute angle thereto; and a pin removably disposed in one of the plurality of second apertures to fix the height-adjustment bar against translation in one direction.. .
Xeras Medical Technologies, Llc

Reduction jack for spinal rod placement and use

A reduction jack for placing a spinal rod within a rod channel of a bone fixation screw includes a mounting stem having a tubular body, a plurality of teeth disposed on the body, a pair of legs projecting from the body, and catches disposed on the legs for engaging the bone fixation screw. A reduction sleeve at least partially encircles the mounting stem.
Innovasis, Inc.

Reversible headrest tilt, lumbar mechanism

A reversible adjustable lumbar support and headrest tilt mechanism is provided for installation on a chair. A side bracket is coupled to each side of the back frame, and a back bracket is pivotably coupled to each side bracket.
L&p Property Management Company

Control assembly for chair

A control assembly for a chair includes a base structure having a first pivot point and a second pivot point spaced from the first pivot point, a seat support structure having a forward portion pivotably coupled to the base structure for rotation about the first pivot point, a back support structure having a forward portion pivotably coupled to the base structure for rotation about the second pivot point, wherein the back support structure is adapted to move between upright and reclined positions, and wherein the seat support structure reclines rearwardly as the back support structure moves from the upright to reclined positions, and a control link having a first end pivotably coupled to a rearward portion of the seat support structure for rotation about a third pivot point, and a second end pivotably coupled to a rearward portion of the back support structure for rotation about a fourth pivot point.. .
Steelcase Inc.

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