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Pivotably patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pivotably-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Diaphragm device and optical instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Diaphragm device and optical instrument
A diaphragm device of the present invention includes: a base plate having an aperture portion; a blade being supported by the base plate to be able to open and close the aperture portion; a drive ring being formed so as to surround the perimeter of the aperture portion, the drive ring being configured to drive the blade to open and close; a supporting pin pivotably supporting the blade being provided on the drive ring; and an engaging pin engaging with the blade and causing the blade to open or close in conjunction with the drive ring and the supporting pin, the engaging pin being provided on the base plate on an inner side of the supporting pin in the radial direction of the drive ring.. .
Seiko Precision Inc.

 Cold planer folding conveyor patent thumbnailnew patent Cold planer folding conveyor
A foldable conveyor includes a rocker mechanism and actuator coupled to first and second conveyor sections, pivotably connected by a pivotal coupling to pivot the second conveyor section between deployed and stowed positions. The rocker mechanism includes first and second pivotably coupled links pivotably coupled to each other and the first and second conveyor sections, and a mechanical advantage amplifier secured with the first link.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

 Storage assembly for use with vehicle storage platform patent thumbnailnew patent Storage assembly for use with vehicle storage platform
The present invention in one or more embodiments provides a storage assembly for a vehicle with a storage platform, where the storage assembly includes a retaining part including a retaining portion, the retaining part being at least pivotably connected to the storage platform, and an elastic part connected with the retaining part such that the elastic part exerts a pulling force the retaining part toward a rear of the vehicle.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Truck box cover with lock down elements patent thumbnailnew patent Truck box cover with lock down elements
A plurality of pivotably connected slats can be movable between a closed position wherein the slats cover the vehicle box, and an open position. At least one slat can include a first and second end fittings having first and second fixed locking elements, respectively.
Laurmark Enterprises, Inc.

 Tool suspension device patent thumbnailnew patent Tool suspension device
A tool suspension device includes a suspension member, a first and a second receiving members. The suspension member is protrudedly formed with a first and a second pivot structures at two ends.

 Pig segment and pig patent thumbnailnew patent Pig segment and pig
The invention relates to a pig segment for actively propelling a pig in elongated hollow bodies in particular, preferably in gas and oil pipelines, said segment having a drive comprising: at least one motor; at least one supporting element by means of which the pig segment can be supported on an inner surface of the hollow body; and at least one bearing element that can be moved along a longitudinal axis of the pig segment by means of the motor. The supporting element is pivotably arranged on the bearing element such that said supporting element can adopt a supporting position, in which position a supporting force is produced relative to a force exerted on the bearing element in a longitudinal direction.
Rosen Swiss Ag

 Adjustable exercise apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable exercise apparatus
Disclosed herein are various embodiments of an exercise apparatus. In certain embodiments, an exercise apparatus comprises a frame and a seat assembly, the seat assembly comprising a seat, the seat configured to move between a first position and a second position, wherein the first position accommodates use of the exercise apparatus by a user sitting on the seat and wherein the second position accommodates use of the exercise apparatus by a user sitting in a wheelchair.

 Haymaking device patent thumbnailnew patent Haymaking device
A haymaking device for displacing mown crop includes a frame having a main beam which extends in a longitudinal direction and defines a longitudinal centre line, and at least a first side arm located on one side of the main beam, wherein the side arm carries at least one crop processing tool, preferably rotatably driven about a rotor centre line. The crop processing tool can be a crop displacing tool, such as a rake.
Forage Innovations B.v.

 Apparatus for supporting display panel patent thumbnailApparatus for supporting display panel
An apparatus for supporting a display panel includes: first and second supports configured to support the display panel, the first and second supports being rotatable about a rotation axis; a first frame coupled to a side of the first support and configured to be rotated with the first support; and a second frame coupled to a side of the second support and configured to be rotated with the second support, wherein the first support includes a first supporting pin having ends coupled to the first frame and being parallel to the rotation axis, and first and second support plates at opposite sides of the first supporting pin, wherein the first supporting plate is pivotably coupled to the first supporting pin.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Adjustable bracket, orthodontics system with the bracket and teeth orthodontic method patent thumbnailAdjustable bracket, orthodontics system with the bracket and teeth orthodontic method
An adjustable bracket is disclosed, including a main body and rotor, wherein the main body includes a base body which is provided with a base groove; the rotor is provided with a rotor body and a cover, the top of the rotor body is provided with a bracket slot, the cover is adapted to cover the top of the rotor body and cover the top of the opening of the bracket slot, the rotor is adapted to be pivotably connected to the base body, and the base body is further provided with a positioning portion for securing the rotor. An orthodontics system with the bracket and an orthodontic method are also disclosed.


Cosmetic apparatus with pivotable implements

A cosmetic apparatus for streamlining application, transport, and/or storage of cosmetic applicators is described. The cosmetic apparatus may include a cover and one or multiple cosmetic implements that are pivotably coupled to the cover.
Hct Group Holdings Limited


Assistive hanging a tree stand

An assistive apparatus for hanging a tree stand (e.g., in a tree) including a base pivotably mounting a pair of opposable arms, and a pair of springs for moving the arms between open, spaced apart set positions and closed tree clamping positions clamping a tree or pole there-between. A pair of trigger members operatively coupled to the arms react to a tree or pole being pushed there against to release the arms from their open, spaced apart positions to closed tree clamping positions..


Agricultural machine

An agricultural machine comprises a first frame part and a second frame part pivotably arranged about a vertical shaft relative to the first frame part. At least one first supply line which extends along the first frame part and at least one second supply line which extends along the second frame part, wherein a connecting device is arranged, by means of which the at least first supply line and the at least second supply line are connected together.
Deere & Company


Agricultural system

A gauge wheel load sensor is provided for an agricultural planter having a row unit that includes a pivotably mounted gauge wheel and a down pressure controller for controlling the down pressure on at least a portion of the row unit. The load sensor includes a mechanical element mounted for movement in response to the downward force applied to the row unit; a fluid-containing device containing a movable element coupled to the mechanical element for changing the fluid pressure in response to the movement of the mechanical element; and a transducer coupled to the fluid-containing device for producing an output signal in response to changes in the fluid pressure.
Dawn Equipment Company


Actuator with transmission element

An actuator (1) including at least one electromagnet (121, 122, 13, 14, 16, 17, 181, 182, 19, a magnet housing (11), at least one thrust pin (24) and at least one movable armature (14) with a respective plunger (16) that is movable in an axial direction is provided. When the at least one electromagnet (10) is energized, an axial movement of the at least one armature (14) can be transmitted via the at least one plunger (16) to the at least one thrust pin (24).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


In-pipe moving apparatus

An in-pipe moving apparatus for passing through a pipe bent in any direction without control of the attitude of the apparatus is provided. The in-pipe moving apparatus may include at least three sets of tire-integrated wheel units arranged in series in a traveling direction and at least two sets of joint sections that pivotably link the at least three sets of tire-integrated wheel units to each other.
Hibot Corp.


Multi-position actuator

A multi-position actuator includes a solenoid selectively energized to extend a rod. The actuator also includes a push-lever pivotably mounted to the rod and a crank-arm rotatably mounted on a first axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Slim water bottle

A water bottle includes a body having an open top, and two first snapping members are connected to two outsides of the body. A top part is mounted to the open top of the body with a first seal ring located between the top part and the open top.
Limitstyle Inc.


System and optimizing horizontal tail loads

A method of controlling an elevator of an aircraft may include identifying a current stabilizer angle of incidence of a stabilizer of the aircraft. The stabilizer may include an elevator pivotably coupled to the stabilizer.
The Boeing Company


Collapsible vehicle tray device

A collapsible vehicle tray device provides a surface in a vehicle to facilitate supporting items in an accessible position in a rear seating area of the vehicle. The device includes a front panel pivotably coupled to a back panel.


Charging a vehicle that can be driven electrically

A charging apparatus (1) for a vehicle that can be driven electrically has a charging cradle (4) with an access opening (8) and an electrical charging socket (5) is arranged in the charging cradle (4). A closure cover (7) is mounted pivotably in the charging cradle (4) and, in a closed position, covers the access opening (8) in the charging cradle (4) and, in an open position, opens said access opening.
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Energy absorbent slider stop and rear underride protection system

A vehicle impact energy absorption arrangement includes a vehicle frame, a slider suspension arrangement coupled to the vehicle frame and including an axle member, and a spring member biasing the axle member, and an impact force absorbing arrangement that includes a mounting member coupled to the vehicle frame, first and second pivot members each pivotably coupled to the mounting member, and an elastically deformable biasing member positioned between each of the pivot members and the mounting member, wherein each of the pivot members is configured to pivot and elastically deform the at least one biasing member when impacted.. .
Saf-holland, Inc.


Motor-driving mechanism and motor-driven furniture

A motor-driving mechanism includes a motor and a lifting lever. The lifting lever is rotatable between a lifted position and a lowered position, and includes first section and a second section.
Sino International Group Limited


Closing wheel equalizer

A furrow closing apparatus is used with a planter that opens a furrow and deposits seeds as the planter moves in a forward direction over the ground. The furrow closing apparatus includes a frame attached to the planter and first and second closing wheels rotatably mounted on respective first and second closing wheel axles.
Agco Corporation


Solar panel rack assembly

A solar panel rack assembly. The assembly is configured to pivotably support one or more solar panels.


Eyeglasses frame

The present invention relates to a frame for spectacles 10 which comprises a front piece 12 and at least one side are 13 which are hinged together by means of a hinge structure 14. The hinge structure 14 comprises a first hinge part 15 and a second hinge part 16 which are pivotably joined together by means of a pivoting screw 21.
Ideal Srl


Firearm with folding buttstock

A firearm includes a receiver, barrel coupled to the receiver, and buttstock. An openable/closeable hinge assembly comprising front and rear hinge elements pivotably mounts the buttstock to the receiver.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.



An object of the present invention is to provide a chain that employs simple structures so as to establish contact surface pressures in accordance with various conditions of use, for the purpose of reducing frictional loss and preventing wear or damage to a chain guide member, as well as reducing order-related noise. The chain 100 is formed by inner links 101 and outer links 102 alternately and pivotably coupled together in a longitudinal direction of the chain.
Tsubakimoto Chain Co.


Truck folding back cover

System for covering a truck bed includes side rails attachable to bed rails of the truck. The side rails include mounting positions.
Cixi City Liyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd


Suspension axle

A suspension axle for a farm equipment is provided. The suspension axle includes an axle beam having two ends.
Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Fire extinguisher mounting bracket for vehicle

A mounting bracket for a fire extinguisher comprising a base configured for attachment to a vehicle or seat; an endcap pivotably mounted to the base, wherein the endcap comprises at least one receptacle which is configured to accommodate a fire extinguisher tank; and a neck clamp configured to engage a bottle neck on a fire extinguisher.. .
Sears Manufacturing Co.


Surgical instrument with a manual control

Surgical instrument with a manual control device for actuation with a hand, wherein the control device can be displaced between a closed position and an opened position and the control device has: a finger lever with a first point of articulation and a second point of articulation, a central element with a third point of articulation and a fourth point of articulation, a connecting lever, which is pivotably arranged at the first point of articulation and at the third point of articulation, and a thumb lever, which is pivotably arranged at the second point of articulation and at the fourth point of articulation.. .
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Apparatus for adjustable light source

Apparatus for adjusting the position of lamp modules of a processing chamber are disclosed herein. Implementations generally include a process chamber comprising an enclosure defining an internal volume, a substrate support disposed in the internal volume of the process chamber, and a plurality of adjustable lamp modules.


Full motion racing simulator

A full motion racing simulator is configured based on a real motor vehicle and includes wheels, a vehicle frame, and an actuating system for pivotably supporting the vehicle frame on the wheels. The actuating system includes a plurality of actuating assemblies each including a connecting structure pivotably connecting the vehicle frame to a corresponding one of the wheels, an actuator pivotably mounted to the vehicle frame, a push element pivotably connected to the connecting structure, and a rocker arm rotatably mounted to the vehicle frame and pivotably connected to the actuator and the push element.


Opposed hook sliding door lock

A sliding door lock system has a centrally-disposed operator. The operator has a casing with a trigger retractably extended from the casing.


Door locking device and preventing door from opening during side collision

A door locking device for preventing a door from opening during a side collision comprises a base having one surface provided with an outside lever and another surface provided with a door latch to extend from the outside lever to contact an extending part which has a guide part extended through the base to be horizontal with the extending part. An inner side part of the guide part has a plurality of long grooves and a plurality of short grooves which are horizontal with the extending part.


Vehicle seat substructure with an accident-induced adjustment device

A vehicle seat substructure has an accident-induced adjustment device including a pair of seat rails having a seat top rail arranged displaceably in relation to a seat bottom rail, and a seat structure arranged pivotably on the seat top rail via a fitting element. The vehicle seat substructure reliably permits the vehicle seat to be fixed along the pair of seat rails in the event of an accident and prevents lowering of the vehicle seat due to forces caused by the accident.


Port for a catheter

The invention relates to a port for a catheter comprising a housing (10, 11), a chamber (120) disposed in the housing (10, 11) in order to accommodate a medical active substance, a connecting piece (122) for connection of a catheter (2), in order to produce a flow connection between the chamber (120) and the catheter (2), and at least one lever (14, 15) which is mounted pivotably about a pivot axis (102, 103) of the housing (10, 11), wherein the at least one lever (14, 15) is designed such that, in a first pivot position, the lever allows application of the catheter (2) to the connecting piece (122) and, in a second pivot position, the lever holds the catheter (2) in a clamping manner on the connecting piece (122). To this end the at least one lever (14, 15) has a first lever section (141, 151) and a second lever section (142, 152) which is different from the first lever section (141, 151), wherein the first lever section (141, 151) has a latching device (147, 157) for latching the at least one lever (14, 15) to the housing (10, 11) and/or to a first lever section (141, 151) of a further lever (14, 15) in the second pivot position, and the second lever section (142, 152) has a clamping device (146, 156) for holding the catheter (2) by clamping in the second pivot position.


Walker for disabled persons

A walker for enabling ambulatory movement of disabled individuals. A frame assembly has front and rear legs with wheels.


Foldable cosmetic implement

A foldable cosmetic implement may include a first portion pivotably coupled to a second portion. An applicator may be coupled to the first portion opposite a connection of the first portion to the second portion.


Poke-in electrical connector

An electrical connector includes a housing having contact channels with electrical contacts received therein each having a poke-in spring beam configured to engage an electrical wire when poked-in to the housing. The electrical contact is movable between a resting position when no wire is present in the wire channel and a clearance position where the electrical contact allows the electrical wire to be removed from the wire channel.


Differential motion sensor

A differential motion sensor includes a base and a cradle. The base includes a first surface that extends along a first axis to define a length and a second axis to define a width.


Radar level gauge with foldable probe

The present invention relates to a guided wave radar level gauge for determining a filling level of a product contained in a tank, said guided wave radar level gauge i.a. Comprising a probe comprising a plurality of elongate probe sections each being pivotably connected to an adjacent probe section by means of a joint, said joint allowing probe sections to pivot between an operating state where said probe sections are substantially aligned along a straight line, and a transporting state.


Hand-held power tool which includes a shiftable transmission

A hand-held power tool includes: a shiftable transmission for driving a drive shaft, which transmission is situated in a gear housing and is shiftable at least between a first gear and a second gear via a shifting member; and a pivotably supported actuating element, which is configured as a bistable spring element and situated, at least in sections, in the area between the shifting member and the gear housing, is associated with the shifting member. The bistable spring element is actuatable for the gear shifting, and assumes a stable shift position in at least one shift position of the shifting member associated with the first or second gear, and assumes an unstable position in an intermediate position of the shifting member which is situated between shift positions of the shifting member associated with the first and second gears..


Apparatus for converting motion and building assembly comprising the same

An assembly for converting motion comprises a first rotatable arm; a second rotatable arm; a third arm pivotably connected to the second arm; a fourth arm pivotably connected to the second arm; a fifth arm; a first connecting arm extending between the first arm and the third arm, pivotably connected to first arm and the third arm; a second connecting arm extending between the first and second arms, pivotably connected to the first arm and to the second arm; a third connecting arm extending between the first and fourth arms and the fourth and fifth arms, pivotably connected to the first arm, pivotably connected to the fourth arm, and pivotably connected to the fifth arm; and a fourth connecting arm pivotably connected to each of the fourth and fifth arms; the fifth arm pivotably connected to the third connecting arm and mounted to an object to be moved.. .


System and adjusting a wheelchair seat

A wheelchair including a base assembly that has a first side and a second side. At least one caster and a drive wheel are mounted to each of the first and second sides.


Adjustable support for exercise system

An exemplary exercise device includes, among other things, an attachment structure configured to be mounted to a support assembly, a first arm directly pivotably connected to the attachment structure, a second arm directly pivotably connected to the attachment structure, a bracket directly pivotably connected to the first arm and directly pivotably connected to the second arm, and a catch member configured for accepting a weight bar. The catch member is pivotably connected to at least one of the first arm, the second arm, or the at least one bracket such that the at least one catch member is pivotable relative to the at least one bracket..


Expandable spinal interbody spacer and use

An expandable spinal implant configured for positioning within a space between adjacent vertebral bodies includes an upper body, a lower body, a ratchet mechanism, and a plurality of bone screws. The upper body and lower body are pivotably affixed at a first end and are capable of movement relative to each other.


Reusable bouquet garni pouch

A reusable bouquet garni and method of cooking with the same is provided. The reusable bouquet garni may include two pivotably connected pouch rims, moveable from an open configuration to a cooking configuration.


Agricultural systems

An agricultural implement includes at least one row unit having a plurality of support members, each of which is pivotably coupled to an attachment frame or another of the support members to permit vertical pivoting vertical movement of the support members, and a plurality of soil-engaging tools, each of which is coupled to at least one of the support members. A plurality of hydraulic cylinders are coupled to the support members for urging the support members downwardly toward the soil.


Digital microscope having a spring-mounted pivotable unit

A digital microscope includes a stationary stand body (12) and a pivot unit (14) that is mounted on a shaft (24) of the stand body (12), pivotably around the longitudinal axis (26) of the shaft (24). The pivot unit (14) includes an image sensing unit for acquiring images of objects to be examined microscopically.
Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag


Switchgear system and restraint assembly therefor

A restraint assembly is for a switchgear system. The switchgear system includes an enclosure having a number of compartments and a number of electrical apparatus, such as for example, circuit breakers, movable into and out of the compartments.
Eaton Corporation


Spindle mountable camera system

A spindle mountable camera system connectable to a cnc machine for work piece inspection and identification. The camera system includes a mounting stem connectable to a cnc machine tool holder.


Digital microscope having a radial-piston brake system

A digital microscope includes a stationary stand body (12) and a pivot unit (14) mounted on a shaft (24) of the stand body (12), pivotably about a longitudinal axis (26) of the shaft (24). The pivot unit (14) has an image sensing unit for acquiring images of objects to be examined microscopically.
Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag


Digital microscope having a click stop

A digital microscope has a stationary stand body (12) and a pivot unit (14) pivotably mounted on the stand body (12). The pivot unit (14) includes an image sensing unit for acquiring images of objects.
Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag


Steering gear

A fixed bearing for a steering gear having a rotary bearing which comprises an inner bearing shell which is provided for receiving a pinion shaft of the steering gear, and an outer bearing shell which is accommodated in a bearing bushing, and having a pivoting ring which has an outer ring and an inner ring which are pivotably connected via one or more torsion webs, wherein the outer ring is provided for supporting the fixed bearing in a housing of the steering gear, wherein the inner ring of the pivoting ring is mounted and axially secured on the outside of the bearing bushing.. .
Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Gmbh


Outer operating device for a door lock

An outer operating device for a door lock includes a mounting plate mounted to an outer side of a door. A driving wheel is pivotably mounted in a mounting seat fixed to the mounting plate.
I-tek Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd


Wiper blade device and wiper device for connecting a wiper blade to a wiper arm of a vehicle

The invention relates to a wiper blade device for a wiper device for connecting a wiper blade to a wiper arm of a vehicle, comprising an adapter configured to be connected to a wiper arm device and a blade connector configured to be connected to a wiper blade, said adapter and blade connector being arranged pivotably with respect to each other in a rotation axis destined to be perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the wiper blade, wherein a fluid channel is arranged into the adapter, the fluid channel having an inlet destined to be plugged-in a water hose and ending by at least one spray nozzle enabling the spraying of a washing fluid.. .
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage


Rear seat cushion with h-point articulation

A vehicle seat assembly includes a seat pan and four linkage arms individually pivotably coupled with the seat pan. The assembly further includes a mounting plate, each of the four linkage arms being pivotably coupled therewith.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Tonneau cover system and clamp

A clamp for clamping a tonneau cover to a vehicle cargo box. The clamp can include a first member, a second member, a rod, and a driving member.
Extang Corporation


Tonneau cover system and ratchet clamp

A threaded rod can be pivotably coupled to the tonneau cover via a proximal end. A housing can have first and second housing portions slidably coupled to the threaded rod and moveable along the threaded rod relative to each other between locked and unlocked positions.
Extang Corporation


Slider suspension assembly with compliant hold-down arrangement

A vehicle suspension assembly includes a vehicle frame rail, a slide rail extending longitudinally along the vehicle frame rail and slidably adjustable thereto, a support bracket extending downwardly from the slide rail, a trailing arm pivotably coupled to the support bracket, a spring member positioned between the trailing arm and the slide rail, and an elastically resilient coupling arrangement coupling the slide rail to the vehicle frame rail, wherein the coupling member is configured to elastically deform during vertical displacement of the vehicle frame rail with respect to the slide rail.. .
Saf-holland, Inc.


Agricultural vehicle with ride height adjustment

A system and method for raising and lowering a vehicle. The system includes a four-bar linkage provided for each wheel.


Machining device

A machining device, in particular a grinding device, for the machining of slots in a component, in particular radially lying slots in a stationary blade carrier, with a base carrier, a clamping device, which is attached to the base carrier pivotably about a pivot axis and is designed to fix the base carrier on the component to be machined, a guiding rail, which is guided on the base carrier displaceably in a straight line in a guiding plane lying perpendicularly in relation to the pivot axis, and a tool holder head, which is held on the guiding rail pivotably about a rotation axis parallel to the pivot axis and carries fastening means for the attachment of a machining tool is provided.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Conveyor belt filter device

A conveyor belt filter device for mechanically cleaning a polluted liquid includes an endless filter belt formed by pivotably interconnected filter elements, the filter elements having edges that extend parallel to the joint axes and a filter gap that has a gap seal sealing the filter gap formed between opposing edges of adjacent filter elements, said gap seal having a compressible sealing strip arranged on one filter element edge, wherein an inflow strip is arranged at the opposite edge, the flow impinging on the inflow surface of the inflow strip, said inflow strip extending parallel to the sealing strip and having a sealing surface located opposite of the inflow surface and is in contact with the sealing strip, a movement gap formed between a strip edge of the inflow strip, said strip edge extending parallel to the sealing strip, and the filter element edge provided with the sealing strip.. .


Osteotomy instrument

An osteotomy instrument includes a handle, a first arm assembly, a second arm assembly, a displacement mechanism, and a tuning mechanism. The first arm assembly is pivotably mounted to the handle.
Alphatec Spine, Inc


Rack mounted equipment power distribution system enhancements

A rack power distribution unit (rpdu) for an electronics equipment rack includes a rpdu body having a front surface, a power inlet cord coupled to the rpdu body, a plurality of power outlets on a surface of the rpdu body in electrical communication with the power inlet cord, and a display including a display body having a right side and a left side and a display screen. The display body is pivotably mounted to the front surface of the rpdu body and configured to pivot about an axis..
Schneider Electric It Corporation


Breakaway mast

A sensor mounting bracket for attachment to a vehicle including a mast configured to support a sensor at a first end, a base pivotably connected to the mast at a second end, a shock absorber attached between the mast and the base, wherein the base is attached to a vehicle and the shock absorber predisposes the mast to either a deployed position or a stowed position.. .
Deere & Company


Key switch device and keyboard

A key switch device includes: a key top that includes an operating surface; a pair of link members that is interlocked with each other to move the key top upward and downward; a frame member that includes a leg portion extending downward and a flange portion provided at an end of the leg portion, and pivotably supports the pair of the link members; and a support plate that includes a through hole through which the leg portion and the flange portion penetrate, and a projection portion projecting upwardly from a part of an outer periphery of the through hole toward an inside of the through hole.. .
Fujitsu Component Limited


Reversible safety selector for ar15-type firearm

Disclosed is a reversible safety selector switch for an ar15-type firearm including a control shaft and a control lever. The control shaft is pivotably mountable about an axis in a lower receiver and has a cam portion with first and second cam surfaces and a detent portion having a surface and first and second detent grooves with detent sockets at each end of each groove.
Spike's Tactical, Llc


Beverage cups

A cup holder comprises two or more collars, a handle and a support ring. Each collar comprises a continuous loop of flexible sheet material which, in use, extends around and engages the outer surface of a respective cup.


Lateral glide elliptical exercise machine with yaw control

A lateral glide stationary elliptical exercise device (10) with foot support platform (90) yaw control. Yaw control is achieved by a four bar dual rocker linkage yaw control mechanism that includes (i) a foot link (70) with a pair of laterally offset first (p5) and second (p9) connection points constrained to move through generally elliptical paths within parasagittal planes, (ii) a glide link (80) pivotably connected at a first end to the first connection point (p5), (iii) a drawbar (100) pivotably connected at a first end to the second connection point (p9), and (iv) a foot support platform (90) pivotably connected proximate a second end of the glide link (80) and proximate a second end of the drawbar (100)..
Octane Fitness, Llc.


Folding device for power scooters

A folding device of a power scooter includes a base which includes a front portion and a rear portion. Two folding units are located on two sides of the base and pivotably connected between the front portion and the rear portion.


Injection mouldable polymeric composite based passive polycentric knee joint

The present invention mainly relates to knee joint and more particularly to the polymeric composite or nanocomposites based polycentric knee joint. In one embodiment the knee joint comprising: a top part having a top face and a bottom face, wherein the top face having an adapter coupled firmly with the top part to transfer the load from the stump of amputee via socket, a bottom part having a top face and a bottom face, at least one middle linkage pivotably coupling a middle posterior region of the top part with a middle posterior region of the bottom part, at least two side identical linkage pivotably coupling a sides of the top part with a sides of the bottom part, a compression spring along with cylindrical rod positioned in the interior of the bottom part which provides the engaging and disengaging of the top and bottom part, at least two extension spring couples the top and bottom part through two tiny holes and through simple supported beam in the top and bottom part for the flexion and extension of the knee joint and a bumper positioned in the base of the bottom part which contacts with the pylon to absorb the vibration and the terminal impact during the hip hike..
Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati


Articulating rod bender and cutter

An articulating surgical rod bender assembly includes first and second support members pivotably connected at an interface, a first drive wheel rotatably attached to the first support member, a second drive wheel rotatably attached to the first support member and coupled with the first drive wheel, and means for rotating the first drive wheel so that rotation of the first drive wheel causes rotation of the second drive wheel to advance a surgical rod through the assembly. The assembly also includes a guide element selectively positionable so that a surgical rod positioned with a first side contacting the first drive wheel, an opposing second side contacting the second drive wheel, and one of the first and second sides contacting the guide element is bent to a desired curvature or radius of curvature by the guide element and the first and/or second drive wheels as is passes through the assembly..
Innovasis Development Partners, Llc


Mechanical broadhead

A mechanical broadhead has an elongated body and a plurality of cutting blades pivotably mounted to the elongated body. The cutting blades, when in a folded position, nest in longitudinally extending slots in the elongated body, but assume an extended position when the broadhead enters a target..
2327086 Ontario Ltd.


Self-propelled working device

A self-propelled working device has a housing and an operating element arranged on the housing. A pivot bearing is arranged on the housing.
Viking Gmbh


Entry door latch actuator system

An apparatus has a housing with a release lever and an actuation lever pivotably connected to the housing. A gear is pivotably disposed within the housing and a release rack is adapted to engage the release lever.
Amesbury Group, Inc.


Bi-fold door module

A door module for a vehicle lavatory that includes a bi-fold door having a first panel and a second panel each having an inner surface and an outer surface. The first and second panels are pivotably connected together by a living hinge.
C&d Zodiac, Inc.


Suspension system

A suspension system is provided. The suspension system may provide a straightforward framework having spaced-apart, pivotably-connected suspension plates having at least one of air bag compactly nested there between.


Self-propelled working device

A self-propelled working device is provided with a housing and a pivot bearing arranged on the housing. At least one operating element is arranged on the housing.
Viking Gmbh


A clothes hanger

An adjustable clothes hanger (1) is provided for use in retaining a variety of sizes/types of clothing using the same hanger. The adjustable clothes hanger (1) having a main hanger body (2) with two arms (3) extending outwards from a central hanging means (4) at identical but opposing angles to the central hanging means (4).
Brompton Washscape Ltd


Retractable leash mechanism with automatic brake

The mechanism of the invention has a rotary element pivotably arranged in a lower part (1) of the housing onto a central shaft; on the upper part (3) of said rotary element snap elements (5) are pivotably arranged around a central transmission element (6). One ends (5b) of said snap elements (5) engage with a projection (6a) of the central transmission element (6) and their locking parts (5c) engage with an external lock (9) provided with teeth (9a) on the inner circumferential side..
Lishinu D.o.o.


Mulching apparatus

A system is disclosed for mulching material including a floor stand configured to secure a hand-manipulatable blower/vacuum mulching device in a position to receive material to be mulched, and a hopper having an end for receiving material to be mulched and an opposite end configured to be connected to an intake of the mulching device. A floor stand is disclosed which is operable to secure a hand-manipulatable blower/vacuum mulching device in an upright position.


Multifunction joystick apparatus and a using same

A joystick apparatus has a housing and a printed circuit board in the housing. A shaft is pivotably connected to a u-joint assembly to allow movement of the shaft relative to the center position within a circle.
Grayhill, Inc.


Door handle assembly for motor vehicle

A door handle assembly configured for installation in a motor vehicle door may include a housing accommodating an actuator mechanism, a grip assembly activating the actuator mechanism, wherein the actuator mechanism includes a plurality of levers juxtaposed to each other and pivotably positioned in the housing, and the plurality of levers having a first lever and a second lever, wherein the first lever and the second lever may be positioned to be in contact with a grip lever during a normal working condition and during a side impact condition of the vehicle, thereby exerting a holding force on the grip lever, and wherein after experiencing the side impact, the first lever may be configured to rotate about a pivot and the second lever continues exerting the holding force on the grip lever.. .
Hyundai Motor India Engineering Pvt, Ltd.


Container with collapsible applicator

A container is provided that includes a base having a plurality of sides defining abase perimeter and a well configured to hold a product. The container also includes a lid assembly configured to be pivotably coupled to the base and a recess disposed on two or more of the plurality of sides.
Hct Group Holdings Limited


Multi-link vehicle suspension system

A multi-link suspension includes a frame member, a first member pivotably coupled at a first end to the frame member, and a second member pivotably coupled at a first end to a second end of the first member. A dampener physically couples between the first member and the second member.
Gogoro Inc.


Torque limiting wrench for plastic and other fittings

A torque limiting wrench for tightening nuts on a fitting, and a jaw structure for the wrench. An exemplary embodiment of the wrench includes a handle structure, the jaw structure pivotably mounted to the handle for movement between a tightening position and a fully tightened position.
Fit-line, Inc.


Electric ratchet wrench

An electric ratchet wrench includes a driving member rotatably mounted in a body for driving a fastener. A pawl device is pivotably mounted to the driving member.


Electric ratchet wrench

An electric ratchet wrench includes a driving member rotatably mounted in a body for driving a fastener. A pawl device is pivotably mounted to the driving member.


Front unit for a ski binding and system consisting of a front unit and a back unit

The present invention relates to a front unit (1) for a ski binding, comprising a front jaw (2) for fixating a ski boot in a downhill position and engagement members (36) for pivotably supporting the ski boot about a horizontal pivot axis (s) perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the ski in a climbing position, wherein for switching between the downhill position and the climbing position the front jaw (2) is disposed slidably in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the ski relative to the engagement members (36).. .


Safety syringe

A safety syringe is provided with a barrel including a casing tube and a hollow, cylindrical tip; a needle assembly releasably secured to the tip; a pivot assembly releasably secured to the barrel; and a locking cover assembly pivotably secured to the pivot assembly. In inoperative position, the locking cover assembly is distal the needle assembly which is exposed.


Vehicle wheelchair lift

A compact wheelchair lift mechanism utilizes a horizontal actuator to advance the vehicle doors outwardly away from the side of the vehicle together with a wheelchair user supported by a platform, and a vertical actuator which then lowers the platform with the wheelchair and user downwardly between the doors and vehicle. With the platform on the ground next to the vehicle, the user may then roll forward and away from the vehicle.
Mobility Svm, Llc


Shock-absorbing implant for use in shoulder arthroscopy

A shock-absorbing implant for use in shoulder arthroscopy has a bearing surface, a mounting base affixed to or formed with the bearing surface, a convex element extending outwardly of the mounting base opposite the bearing surface, a receptacle positioned so as to slidably or pivotably receive a portion of the convex element therein, a housing receiving at least a portion of the receptacle therein, and a resilient element received in the housing and bearing against a surface of the housing and against a surface of the receptacle. The bearing surface can be concave when the implant is used as a glenoid implant.


Device and holding a needle along a desired path into the body of a patient

A device and method for holding at needle along a desired percutaneous path into the body of a patient is disclosed. The device includes a base, a needle guide, a hinge, and a shapeable mass.
Webb Medical Llc


X-ray photography device capable of photographing in various photography modes

An x-ray photography device capable of readily photographing by switching to various photography modes such as a standing mode, a table mode and the like with one x-ray photography device is disclosed. To this end, the x-ray photographing device comprises: a base frame; a support frame pivotably coupled to one side of the base frame through a hinge shaft and on one side of which an x-ray detector for detecting x-rays irradiated from an x-ray generation device is slidably provided; and an actuator of which one end is rotatably fixed to the base frame and of which the other end is rotatably fixed to the support frame spaced at a predetermined distance from the hinge shaft, and which pivots the support frame around the hinge shaft within a predetermined angle range while moving a driving shaft therein forward and backward by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure supplied from the outside..
Listem Corporation


Retracting tunnel rodent trap

A rodent trap covered base defines an enclosed interior accessible through a sliding plastic tunnel defining a passageway for rodents into the interior. The tunnel has a projecting strike member, and is biased by an underlying spring to a retracted position.
Oms Investments, Inc.


Linkage conduit for vacuum chamber applications

An ion implantation apparatus including an enclosure defining a process chamber, a carriage slidably mounted on a shaft within the process chamber and coupled to a drive mechanism adapted to selectively move the carriage along the shaft. A platen assembly can be coupled to the carriage, and a linkage conduit can extend between a side wall of the enclosure and the carriage.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.


Tilting pad bearing device

An object is to provide a tilting-pad bearing device whereby it is possible to levitate a rotation shaft with a low supply-oil pressure. A tilting-pad bearing device includes a plurality of bearing pads disposed around a rotation shaft so as to support the rotation shaft rotatably, a support member interposed between the plurality of bearing pads and a bearing housing supporting the plurality of bearing pads, the support member supporting each of the plurality of bearing pads pivotably, and an oil-supply mechanism configured to supply a lubricant oil to at least one oil groove formed on a bearing surface of at least one of the plurality of bearing pads.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Pivotably topics: Alternation, Longitudinal Axis, Tablet Computer, Exercise Device, Transverse, Actuatable, Cable Assembly, Data Center, Pivot Joint, Spring Mechanism, Stabilized Camera Platform, Fiber Optic

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