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Pivotably patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pivotably-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Systems and methods for retaining an extractor pin in a bolt carrier group of a firearm patent thumbnailSystems and methods for retaining an extractor pin in a bolt carrier group of a firearm
A bolt carrier group of a firearm is disclosed. The bolt carrier group may include a bolt comprising a passage, an extractor comprising a hole, and an extractor pin comprising an elongated circular body positioned within the passage and the hole to pivotably attach the extractor to the bolt.

 Drilling fluid processing tank and system patent thumbnailDrilling fluid processing tank and system
A reclamation unit including a frame and a settling tank. The settling tank being pivotably mounted to the frame, the settling tank being pivotable between a first position and a second position.

 Apparatus for mounting an x-ray device on a ladder patent thumbnailApparatus for mounting an x-ray device on a ladder
An apparatus for mounting an x-ray device or other electronic device, or a pan disrupter or other mechanical device onto a ladder, the apparatus broadly comprising a horizontally extending mounting plate, a horizontally extending engagement bracket, a vertically extending mounting plate, and a hinge. The horizontally extending mounting bracket and the horizontally extending engagement bracket each include a rung engagement tab.

 Folding shutter arrangement patent thumbnailFolding shutter arrangement
A folding shutter arrangement having three or more rigid folding shutter elements having element edges that bend out and element edges that do not bend out in alternation. A first folding shutter element can be fastened to a building so as to be pivotable about a first axis near an element edge that does not bend out.

 Pallet of a moving walkway patent thumbnailPallet of a moving walkway
The invention relates to a base body (31) of a moving-walkway plate (30) of a plate belt (16), wherein the plate belt (16) in its operational position is arranged to circulate between two deflecting regions and includes a plurality of identically shaped moving-walkway plates (30). The moving-walkway plates (30) are pivotably interconnected in succession.

 Mineral material processing plant and a  operating a processing plant patent thumbnailMineral material processing plant and a operating a processing plant
A mineral material processing plant includes a frame and a screen which is supported on the frame of the processing plant, and a conveyor which is fixed in connection with the screen for transporting material to be processed by the screen. The support of the conveyor relative to the screen includes a four-bar linkage mechanism, and pivot points of the four-bar linkage mechanism are arranged in support arms which are fixed pivotably in connection with the screen, and the conveyor is arranged to be moved farther from the screen and closer to the screen by the movement of the four-bar linkage.

 Anti-twist joint, orienting system and method patent thumbnailAnti-twist joint, orienting system and method
A positioning system is provided for orienting a payload. In some embodiments, the system may continuously orient the payload relative to another object without twisting connections of the payload.

 Mechanisms for deploying and actuating airfoil-shaped bodies on unmanned aerial vehicles patent thumbnailMechanisms for deploying and actuating airfoil-shaped bodies on unmanned aerial vehicles
Deployment and control actuation mechanisms are incorporated in unmanned aerial vehicles having folding wings and/or folding canards and/or a folding vertical stabilizer. The folding canards and folding vertical stabilizer can be deployed using respective four-bar over-center mechanisms.

 Connector for connecting a wiper blade and a wiper arm patent thumbnailConnector for connecting a wiper blade and a wiper arm
A connector for connecting a wiper arm to a wiper blade may be provided. The connector according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: an adaptor which includes an opening and to which the wiper arm is fastened; and a cover part which covers at least a portion of the opening and is pivotably connected to an end of the adaptor.

 Hand tool with rotatable function unit patent thumbnailHand tool with rotatable function unit
A hand tool includes a handle and a head which has two extensions. A function unit is rotatably and pivotably connected between the two extensions.


Paintball swab

There are disclosed embodiments for a paintball swab. For example, a disk is pivotably and slidably attached to the distal end of a rod so there is a proximal and distal limit along the rod.


Golf bag

Golf bag, comprising a front panel and a back panel having therebetween a bundle of shaft receptacles for therein receiving a golf club by the shaft thereof. Front and back panel are pivotably connected with each other at a bottom of the golf bag, and are adjustable relative to each other between a collapsed, substantially flat position in which front and back panel run substantially along each other, and a folded-out, substantially wedge-shaped position in which front and back panel diverge and in which between their free ends a presentation surface is located.


Bipolar electrosurgical sealer and divider

An electrosurgical instrument is provided that captures, compresses, fuses and cuts tissue between upper and lower jaws connected to pivotably movable handles. The instrument includes a force and over compression regulation mechanism that is configured such that in a clamped configuration, the jaws delivers a gripping force between the first jaw and the second jaw between a predetermined minimum force and a predetermined maximum force..


Mechanism to adjust the recline tension for a backrest of a task chair and a task chair with such kind of mechanism

The adjusting mechanism serves for the setting of a restoring force acting on the backrest of a chair. A back support and a seat support are fastened on a support.


Forced moisture evacuation for rapid baking or cooking

A baking device is provided. The baking device includes a housing enclosing a baking compartment, the baking compartment enclosed by top and bottom walls, right and left walls, and a door that is pivotably mounted to the housing, the housing further comprising a vent that fluidly connects the baking compartment to the atmosphere and is arranged to allow fluid communication of air within the baking compartment to exit the housing.


Adjustable row unit deck plate for a header of an agricultural harvester

An adjustable row unit for a header of an agricultural harvester is disclosed. The row unit includes a movable deck plate.


Tilting-pad bearing

A tilting-pad bearing for rotatably supporting a rotor includes: a casing; and a plurality of bearing pads each mounted to the casing pivotably about a pivot. Each of the plurality of bearing pads has a bearing pad surface facing the rotor, the bearing pad surface including a first region disposed on an upstream side in a rotational direction of the rotor and having a first curvature radius, and a second region disposed on a downstream side of the first region in the rotational direction and having a second curvature radius smaller than the first curvature radius..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Door latch system with integrated magnet

A door latch includes an integral magnet. The door latch may be installed in a door panel.
Lippert Components, Inc.


Unlocking device for a vehicle hood

An unlocking device has a release lever that is connected pivotably to a carrier element and is in each case connected via bowden cables to a catch hook for clip elements in a vehicle hood. The catch hook is moved by the bowden cables that are actuated via the release lever, counter to the spring force of a spring element into an unlocking position for opening the vehicle hood..
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Lifting device for automobiles

Lifting device for an automobile comprising a lifting means and a receiving means for receiving the automobile, wherein the receiving means is mounted pivotably on the lifting means and at least one clamping means is provided at the receiving means for fixing the automobile on the receiving means.. .


Variable pitch mounting for aircraft gas turbine engine

Aircraft engine mounted to aircraft pylon with variable pitch mounting system includes variable length actuator disposed between engine and pylon for pitching engine relative to pylon. Spaced apart pylon front and rear mounts may pivotably mount front and rear stationary engine components of engine to front and rear mount positions on pylon.
General Electric Company


Two-wheeled vehicle having a sprung drive-train swing arm

A frame assembly is provided for a two-wheeled vehicle, in particular for a bicycle, including: a main frame, which has a head tube for connecting to a front wheel mount and a saddle connection for connecting to a saddle; and a drive-train swing arm pivotably connected to the main frame. The drive-train swing arm includes a wheel suspension for a rear wheel to be driven and a pedal-crank drive having a pedal crank for driving the rear wheel by muscle force of a rider.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Pneumatically operable work tool

A pneumatically operable work tool for use in body construction in the motor vehicle industry includes a cylinder which has a cylinder housing, a piston moveable therein and a piston rod, which is connected to said piston, moveable linearly and guided out of the cylinder housing, and with a head housing connected to the cylinder housing, wherein a region of the piston rod protruding into the head housing cooperates with at least one toggle lever to pivot an arm assigned to the toggle lever, in particular a gripper arm or clamping arm, wherein this arm is mounted in the head housing and is pivotable between a closed position and an opened position. In the region of its end protruding into the head housing, the piston rod receives a bearing element for the toggle lever, wherein the bearing element is guided in a guide of the head housing in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the piston rod, and the bearing element, at a radial distance from the longitudinal axis of the piston rod, has a receiver for pivotable mounting of a hinge connector, which in the region of an end facing away from the bearing element is connected pivotably to the arm at a distance from a pivot axis of the arm, wherein the end pivot axes of the hinge connector and the pivot axis of the arm are arranged parallel to each other..
Univer S.p.a.


Counterweight mechanism for swivel arrangement

A counterweight mechanism for a swivel arrangement is provided with first and second counterweights each including a seat, an axle, and two cylinders. The swivel arrangement has one end adjacent to the axle.


Rolling tool

A rolling tool for the roller finishing of bearing surfaces of a crankshaft is pivotable around a crankshaft axis, with a finishing roller head and with a support roller head. In order to prevent damage to the guide mechanisms, the roller finishing roller is guided on all sides in a roller cage and the finishing roller head has a frame wherein it is mounted pivotably around a first pivot axis which is perpendicular to the crankshaft axis and parallel to a tangent on a working side of the roller finishing roller.
Hegenscheidt-mfd Gmbh & Co. Kg


Filter fastening system

The present invention describes a filter fastening system 1 comprising a filter socket 2 and a filter locking unit 3, wherein the filter socket 2 has a first end 4 being a top end and a second end 5 being a bottom end and a longitudinal body 6, wherein the filter locking unit 3 comprises a locking arm 7 with a connection end 8 and a locking end 9, a stopper 10 and a connection 11 where the connection end 8 of the locking arm is fixated with a joint 12 so that the locking arm 7 is pivotably arranged in the filter fastening system 1 so that the filter socket 2 may be fastened by pivoting the locking arm 7 until the bottom end 5 of the filter socket 2 is tightened against the stopper 10 and the top end 4 hence is tightened and sealed against a water piping connection for the filter socket (2).. .
Orbital Systems Ab


Needle storage device

Described is a needle storage device (1) comprising a housing (4) having an opening (5) adapted to receive a needle (3) of a drug delivery device, needle storage compartments (2) moveably disposed within the housing (4), and an indicator (10) pivotably disposed within the housing (4) and adapted to activate an acoustic and/or tactile feedback when a needle (3) of a drug delivery device is stored in one of the needle storage compartments (2) which is aligned with the opening (5).. .
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh


Oral care implement and oral care device

An oral care implement having a housing, a functional element mounted at the housing for driven oscillatory rotation relative to the housing around a rotation axis, at least one rocking lever that is on a first end pivotably supported at the housing at an essentially fixed position that is eccentric with respect to the rotation axis and the rocking lever is on a second end coupled with the functional element at a position eccentric with respect to the rotation axis such that the functional element carries the second end of the rocking lever along when it is driven into oscillatory rotation around the rotation axis, while the first end of the rocking lever is kept at its fixed position at the housing.. .
Braun Gmbh


Electrical switching apparatus and pole shaft catch assembly therefor

A pole shaft catch assembly is for an electrical switching apparatus, such as a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes a housing, separable contacts enclosed by the housing, and an operating mechanism for opening and closing the separable contacts.
Eaton Corporation


Floor mounted racking arm for handling drill pipe

A racking arm assembly is adapted to be mounted on a drill floor of a drilling rig and includes a lift arm assembly having a first arm that is movably coupled to a vertical support column, wherein the lift arm assembly is adapted to be raised and lowered along a vertical length of the vertical support column during a pipe handling operation. A lift jaw assembly is pivotably coupled to a second arm of the lift arm assembly and includes a lift jaw assembly having a lift jaw gripping apparatus that is adapted to grip and fixedly hold a drill pipe stand proximate a pin end of the drill pipe stand during the pipe handling operation.
National Oilwell Varco, L.p.


Door lock with a wireless charging device

A door lock mounted to a door includes a latch head. A receiver includes a charging circuit and is mounted to the door.
I-tek Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Reductant tank enclosure assembly for machines

A reductant tank enclosure assembly for a machine including a cab and a fender is provided. The enclosure assembly includes an enclosure, a cover assembly, a mounting assembly, and a reductant tank.
Caterpillar Inc.


Scissor lift table and changing a fixed bearing of a scissor lift table

A scissor lift table (1) has a first base element (2) and a second base element (3) and a scissor (4). The scissor (4) has a first scissor part (6) and a second scissor part (7), wherein the first scissor part (6) and the second scissor part (7) are pivotable relative to one another about a scissor axis (5).


Spool support

A spool support, for supporting a windable material, comprises a main body, an actuator and a clamp portion. The actuator is movable relative to the main body between a first position and a second position.
Videojet Technologies Inc.


Bicycle with rear drive assembly for elliptical movement

A bicycle with a rear drive assembly configured to allow pedal boards to be pivotable while moving in an elliptical trajectory and which allows a cyclist to ride in an erect position is disclosed. A front end of each of the pedal boards is pivotably connected to an end of a crank and each of the pedal boards is connected to or integral with a guide rod extending rearwardly from the pedal board.
Aruanã Energia S/a


Hand brake valve for braking systems of pneumatically braked motor vehicles

A hand brake valve (1) for braking systems of pneumatically braked motor vehicles includes a rocking lever (2) pivotably guided in a lever housing (4) and connected to a control element (9, 10) for actuating the hand brake valve mechanism (7), the rocking lever bears a shift handle (3) and is configured to be pivoted into different operating positions guided in a shift gate (13), wherein the rocking lever comprises a locking element (12) that cooperates with the shift gate and that slides along a curved sliding path (15) of the shift gate, wherein a locking groove (16) is radially formed in the curved sliding path (15), the locking element being snapped into said locking groove in the locked position, and wherein the hand brake valve comprises an electrical switching element (22) configured to be actuated exclusively in the locked position.. .
Wabco Gmbh


Storage compartment for a vehicle and vehicle with a storage compartment

A storage compartment for a vehicle includes a housing structure and a cover pivotably coupled on the housing structure. The cover is pivotably positionable from a first position completely closing a compartment of the housing structure into a second position partially revealing the compartment and into a third position completely revealing the compartment.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Reclinable seat

Example embodiments presented herein concern a reclinable seat comprising a base, a seat back and a seat pan. The seat pan comprises a seat bottom and a seat front, wherein the seat bottom is pivotably connected to the seat back by a first hinge member, and the seat bottom is further pivotably connected to the seat front by a second hinge member.
Volvo Car Corporation


Machine suspension and height adjustment

An assembly for supporting a vehicle chassis on a wheel of the vehicle includes a frame pivotably connected to the vehicle chassis at a connection location and a wheel attachment component slidingly coupled with the frame. The wheel attachment component is positioned on a first side of the connection location and is configured to pivot in unison with the frame and to move between a plurality of operating positions relative to the frame.
Agco Corporation


Articulated mold assembly and use thereof

An apparatus for molding articles includes a first mold carrier configured to angularly displace relative to a fixed structure from a first molding position to first accessing position and a second mold carrier traveling with the first mold carrier and configured to angularly displace relative to the first mold carrier from a second molding position to a second accessing position. The first mold carrier may be pivotably coupled to the fixed structure; the second mold carrier may be slidably and rotatably coupled to the first mold carrier.
Nike, Inc.


Pivoting razors

Replaceable shaving assemblies are disclosed that include a blade unit, an interface element configured to removably connect the blade unit to a handle, on which the blade unit is pivotably mounted, and an elastomeric element disposed between the blade unit and interface element. Shaving systems including such shaving assemblies are also disclosed, as are methods of using such shaving systems..
Shavelogic, Inc.


Head and neck restraint device with dynamic articulation

A head and neck restraint device for high performance race car drivers, comprising a yoke, a collar and a pair of legs, the yoke or collar being adapted to pivotably articulate with respect to the legs. At least a portion of each leg can flex in response to force..
Schroth Safety Products Gmbh


Support device adjustable by an electric motor

Support device, adjustable by an electric motor, for padding of seating, or reclining furniture, in particular a mattress of a bed, has a base body which includes support parts on which the padding is supported during use. The support parts include one stationary first support part, a pivot axis, and a second support part pivotably adjustable relative to first support part about the pivot axis.
De Werth Group Ag


Piece of seating furniture having a pivotable functional part

A piece of seating furniture having at least one base body, at least one adjustable functional part, at least one pivot fitting for adjusting the functional part relative to the base body and a separate, lift setting mechanism for locking the functional part in relation to the base body. The lift setting mechanism has a guide and a slender bar which can be moved in relation to the guide.
Ferdinand Lusch Gmbh & Co. Kg


Pet stroller with latchable canopy bar

A pet stroller having a frame assembly and a cloth platform enclosure connected to a platform enclosure member that defines a base and a sidewall of a pet seating area. Upper and lower canopy bars are pivotably connected to the handle and are pivotable to extend or retract a canopy over the pet seating area.
Vermont Juvenile Furniture Mfg., Inc. A/k/a Pet Gear, Inc.


Thermally insulated receptacles

A thermally insulated receptacle includes a body, a cover, and a loudspeaker. The body defines a cavity.
Speaqua, Inc.


Gutter leaf slide bridge

A gutter protecting apparatus includes a plurality of substantially parallel rods extending in a downward slope from near a roof edge to and beyond the far side of the gutter. The rods extend substantially perpendicular to the gutter's length and to a frame to which the rods connect at the upper edge.
B & J Concepts, Llc


Wrist-worn physical activity measurement apparatus

A wrist-worn physical activity measurement apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a bracelet comprising a plurality of links, each link being formed at one side to comprise a part and at the opposite side a counterpart interlocking with a part of an adjacent link, and a flexible casing encasing the plurality of the links.
Polar Electro Oy


Buffering unit for stepper exerciser

A stepper exerciser includes a base to which two pedal supports are respectively and pivotably connected, and a buffering unit is connected between the two pedal supports and the base. The buggering unit includes two elongate resilient boards which support the two pedal supports so that when the two pedal supports are alternatively pivoted downward, the two resilient boards are deformed alternatively and store energy which bounce the pedal supports upward when the two pedal supports are alternatively released..


Shock-absorbing system for use with a prosthetic implant

A shock-absorbing system for use in joint replacement arthroscopy has a bearing surface, a mounting base affixed to or formed with the bearing surface, a convex element extending outwardly of the mounting base opposite the bearing surface, a receptacle positioned so as to slidably or pivotably receive a portion of the convex element therein, a housing receiving at least a portion of the receptacle therein, and a resilient element received in the housing and bearing against a surface of the housing and against a surface of the receptacle.. .


Seating arrangement with headrest assembly

A seating arrangement includes a seat assembly, a back assembly operably coupled to the seat assembly, and a headrest assembly coupled to the back assembly. The headrest assembly including a support arrangement pivotably coupled to the back assembly for pivoting movement about a first pivot axis, a headrest member pivotably coupled to the support arrangement for pivoting movement about a second pivot axis that is spaced from the first pivot axis, and a sliding arrangement coupling the headrest member to the support arrangement to allow sliding vertical adjustment of the headrest member with respect to the support arrangement along an arcuate path..
Steelcase Inc.


Agricultural harvester

An agricultural harvester includes a harvester body, a header which is adapted for harvesting a crop, a feeder house which is adapted to receive said harvested crop from the header, a header adapter which is arranged between the header and the feeder house, which header adapter is adapted to allow the header to pivot relative to the feeder house about a horizontal pivot axis substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the header. A first actuator has a first end that is pivotably connected to the feeder house and a second end that is pivotably connected to the header adapter.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Floating debris clearing apparatus having parallel support linkage

A debris clearing apparatus mounted to and pushed by a planter row unit for agricultural operations is provided, and includes a base portion configured for attachment to the row unit, a disk assembly including at least one rotating trash clearing device and a mounting bracket, and the at least one trash clearing device connected to the base portion for vertical reciprocal movement by a parallelogram linkage including at least one first arm and at least one second arm, each of the first and second arms being pivotably connected at corresponding ends to the bracket and to the base portion.. .
A.i.l., Inc.


Brushless motor for a power tool

A power tool is provided including a housing; and an electric brushless dc (bldg) motor housed inside the housing. The motor includes a motor housing having a substantially cylindrical body and a back plate, the cylindrical body of the motor housing defining a slot at or proximate the back plate; a stator housed within the motor housing; a rotor pivotably arranged inside the stator, the rotor including a rotor shaft, a rotor core rotatably mounted on the rotor shaft and housing rotor magnets therein, and a sense magnet ring affixed to the rotor shaft and having magnets aligned with the rotor magnets; and a positional sensor board having positional sensors mounted thereon, the positional sensor board being received through the slot of the motor housing to dispose the positional sensors in close proximity to the sense magnet ring..
Black & Decker Inc.


Brushless motor for a power tool

A power tool is provided including a housing; and an electric brushless dc (bldg) motor housed inside the housing. The motor includes a stator, a rotor pivotably arranged inside the stator, the rotor having a rotor shaft and a rotor lamination stack rotatably mounted on the rotor shaft.
Black & Decker Inc.


Brushless motor for a power tool

A power tool is provided including a housing and an electric brushless dc (bldg) motor housed inside the housing. The motor includes a stator, a rotor pivotably arranged inside the stator, and a motor end cap arranged at an end of the stator.
Black & Decker Inc.


Bowfishing arrow with a quick-release arrowhead

An arrow comprising: an arrow shaft including a toggle movable between a first state and a second state; an arrowhead including an arrowhead body and an arrowhead tip, wherein the arrowhead body includes a first end and a second end, the second end being attached to the arrow shaft; and at least one barb vane including a first end and a second end, the first end being pivotally mounted to the arrowhead body at a pivot, wherein the barb vane is pivotably movable between a first configuration and second configuration; wherein, when the toggle is in the first state, the barb vane is locked in the first configuration and, when the toggle is in the second state, the barb vane is permitted to move freely into the second configuration.. .


Multi-turn elevation knob for optical device

An optical device has a post and a reference. A knob is rotatably connected to the optical device and has see-though portions and a gear pivotably disposed therein.
Burris Corporation



A refrigerator including a body having an inner casing and an outer casing, a storage compartment provided in the body to allow a front surface thereof to be open, a door including a first door and a second door pivotably coupled with both sides of the body and configured to open and close the open front surface of the storage compartment, a pivoting bar pivotably coupled with the first door, a guide device coupled with the body to induce the pivoting bar to pivot, a heat transfer pipe installed between the inner casing and the outer casing and configured to extend along a front edge of the storage compartment to allow a refrigerant to be movable therein, and a heat transfer member in contact with the heat transfer pipe and the guide device, and which is formed of a material having a higher thermal conductivity than the inner casing.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Check valves

A check valve comprises a valve housing defining a valve opening. A pair of mounting posts is arranged on opposite sides of the opening.
Hs Wroclaw Sp. Z O. O.


Belt tensioning device

A belt tensioning device comprises a base member having an attachment portion and an opening for a drive shaft; first and second tensioning arms that are pivotably supported by first and second bearings on the base member around first and second pivot axes and have first and second tensioning rollers 5, 7. A spring arrangement pretensions the two tensioning arms in a circumferential direction towards each other; wherein the spring arrangement has at least one bow-shaped spring that has a circumferential extension of less than 360° around the first and the second pivot axis; wherein the at least one bow-shaped spring has first and second support portions that are supported on the first and second tensioning arm as well as a spring portion extending between the first and second support portion; wherein the at least one bow-shaped spring has an axial length in the area of the first and the second support portion which is axially shorter than a total axial length of the bow-shaped spring..
Muhr Und Bender Kg


Slot die for extrusion device

The invention discloses a slot die (10) for an extrusion device for the extrusion of preforms (1) in web or strip form from thermoplastic material which comprises a die gap (11) extending transversely to a direction of extrusion and intended for delivering a preform (1). The slot die (10) is characterized in that it comprises at least one adjusting element (12), which is arranged peripherally in the die gap (11), limits a widthwise extent (sb) of the die gap (11) and is mounted continuously displaceably and/or pivotably with respect to the die gap (11).
Kautex Textron Gmbh & Co. Kg


Chair assembly

A chair assembly includes a chair portion and an armrest portion coupled to the chair portion movable between an upright position and an extended position. The armrest portion includes a body.


Brushware structure

A brushware structure is detachably coupled to a brush unit that comprises a handle and a clamping frame. The handle has a body and a front end.


Diaphragm device and optical instrument

A diaphragm device of the present invention includes: a base plate having an aperture portion; a blade being supported by the base plate to be able to open and close the aperture portion; a drive ring being formed so as to surround the perimeter of the aperture portion, the drive ring being configured to drive the blade to open and close; a supporting pin pivotably supporting the blade being provided on the drive ring; and an engaging pin engaging with the blade and causing the blade to open or close in conjunction with the drive ring and the supporting pin, the engaging pin being provided on the base plate on an inner side of the supporting pin in the radial direction of the drive ring.. .
Seiko Precision Inc.


Cold planer folding conveyor

A foldable conveyor includes a rocker mechanism and actuator coupled to first and second conveyor sections, pivotably connected by a pivotal coupling to pivot the second conveyor section between deployed and stowed positions. The rocker mechanism includes first and second pivotably coupled links pivotably coupled to each other and the first and second conveyor sections, and a mechanical advantage amplifier secured with the first link.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.


Storage assembly for use with vehicle storage platform

The present invention in one or more embodiments provides a storage assembly for a vehicle with a storage platform, where the storage assembly includes a retaining part including a retaining portion, the retaining part being at least pivotably connected to the storage platform, and an elastic part connected with the retaining part such that the elastic part exerts a pulling force the retaining part toward a rear of the vehicle.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Truck box cover with lock down elements

A plurality of pivotably connected slats can be movable between a closed position wherein the slats cover the vehicle box, and an open position. At least one slat can include a first and second end fittings having first and second fixed locking elements, respectively.
Laurmark Enterprises, Inc.


Tool suspension device

A tool suspension device includes a suspension member, a first and a second receiving members. The suspension member is protrudedly formed with a first and a second pivot structures at two ends.


Pig segment and pig

The invention relates to a pig segment for actively propelling a pig in elongated hollow bodies in particular, preferably in gas and oil pipelines, said segment having a drive comprising: at least one motor; at least one supporting element by means of which the pig segment can be supported on an inner surface of the hollow body; and at least one bearing element that can be moved along a longitudinal axis of the pig segment by means of the motor. The supporting element is pivotably arranged on the bearing element such that said supporting element can adopt a supporting position, in which position a supporting force is produced relative to a force exerted on the bearing element in a longitudinal direction.
Rosen Swiss Ag


Adjustable exercise apparatus

Disclosed herein are various embodiments of an exercise apparatus. In certain embodiments, an exercise apparatus comprises a frame and a seat assembly, the seat assembly comprising a seat, the seat configured to move between a first position and a second position, wherein the first position accommodates use of the exercise apparatus by a user sitting on the seat and wherein the second position accommodates use of the exercise apparatus by a user sitting in a wheelchair.


Haymaking device

A haymaking device for displacing mown crop includes a frame having a main beam which extends in a longitudinal direction and defines a longitudinal centre line, and at least a first side arm located on one side of the main beam, wherein the side arm carries at least one crop processing tool, preferably rotatably driven about a rotor centre line. The crop processing tool can be a crop displacing tool, such as a rake.
Forage Innovations B.v.


Apparatus for supporting display panel

An apparatus for supporting a display panel includes: first and second supports configured to support the display panel, the first and second supports being rotatable about a rotation axis; a first frame coupled to a side of the first support and configured to be rotated with the first support; and a second frame coupled to a side of the second support and configured to be rotated with the second support, wherein the first support includes a first supporting pin having ends coupled to the first frame and being parallel to the rotation axis, and first and second support plates at opposite sides of the first supporting pin, wherein the first supporting plate is pivotably coupled to the first supporting pin.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Adjustable bracket, orthodontics system with the bracket and teeth orthodontic method

An adjustable bracket is disclosed, including a main body and rotor, wherein the main body includes a base body which is provided with a base groove; the rotor is provided with a rotor body and a cover, the top of the rotor body is provided with a bracket slot, the cover is adapted to cover the top of the rotor body and cover the top of the opening of the bracket slot, the rotor is adapted to be pivotably connected to the base body, and the base body is further provided with a positioning portion for securing the rotor. An orthodontics system with the bracket and an orthodontic method are also disclosed.


Cosmetic apparatus with pivotable implements

A cosmetic apparatus for streamlining application, transport, and/or storage of cosmetic applicators is described. The cosmetic apparatus may include a cover and one or multiple cosmetic implements that are pivotably coupled to the cover.
Hct Group Holdings Limited


Assistive hanging a tree stand

An assistive apparatus for hanging a tree stand (e.g., in a tree) including a base pivotably mounting a pair of opposable arms, and a pair of springs for moving the arms between open, spaced apart set positions and closed tree clamping positions clamping a tree or pole there-between. A pair of trigger members operatively coupled to the arms react to a tree or pole being pushed there against to release the arms from their open, spaced apart positions to closed tree clamping positions..


Agricultural machine

An agricultural machine comprises a first frame part and a second frame part pivotably arranged about a vertical shaft relative to the first frame part. At least one first supply line which extends along the first frame part and at least one second supply line which extends along the second frame part, wherein a connecting device is arranged, by means of which the at least first supply line and the at least second supply line are connected together.
Deere & Company


Agricultural system

A gauge wheel load sensor is provided for an agricultural planter having a row unit that includes a pivotably mounted gauge wheel and a down pressure controller for controlling the down pressure on at least a portion of the row unit. The load sensor includes a mechanical element mounted for movement in response to the downward force applied to the row unit; a fluid-containing device containing a movable element coupled to the mechanical element for changing the fluid pressure in response to the movement of the mechanical element; and a transducer coupled to the fluid-containing device for producing an output signal in response to changes in the fluid pressure.
Dawn Equipment Company


Actuator with transmission element

An actuator (1) including at least one electromagnet (121, 122, 13, 14, 16, 17, 181, 182, 19, a magnet housing (11), at least one thrust pin (24) and at least one movable armature (14) with a respective plunger (16) that is movable in an axial direction is provided. When the at least one electromagnet (10) is energized, an axial movement of the at least one armature (14) can be transmitted via the at least one plunger (16) to the at least one thrust pin (24).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


In-pipe moving apparatus

An in-pipe moving apparatus for passing through a pipe bent in any direction without control of the attitude of the apparatus is provided. The in-pipe moving apparatus may include at least three sets of tire-integrated wheel units arranged in series in a traveling direction and at least two sets of joint sections that pivotably link the at least three sets of tire-integrated wheel units to each other.
Hibot Corp.


Multi-position actuator

A multi-position actuator includes a solenoid selectively energized to extend a rod. The actuator also includes a push-lever pivotably mounted to the rod and a crank-arm rotatably mounted on a first axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Slim water bottle

A water bottle includes a body having an open top, and two first snapping members are connected to two outsides of the body. A top part is mounted to the open top of the body with a first seal ring located between the top part and the open top.
Limitstyle Inc.


System and optimizing horizontal tail loads

A method of controlling an elevator of an aircraft may include identifying a current stabilizer angle of incidence of a stabilizer of the aircraft. The stabilizer may include an elevator pivotably coupled to the stabilizer.
The Boeing Company


Collapsible vehicle tray device

A collapsible vehicle tray device provides a surface in a vehicle to facilitate supporting items in an accessible position in a rear seating area of the vehicle. The device includes a front panel pivotably coupled to a back panel.


Charging a vehicle that can be driven electrically

A charging apparatus (1) for a vehicle that can be driven electrically has a charging cradle (4) with an access opening (8) and an electrical charging socket (5) is arranged in the charging cradle (4). A closure cover (7) is mounted pivotably in the charging cradle (4) and, in a closed position, covers the access opening (8) in the charging cradle (4) and, in an open position, opens said access opening.
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Energy absorbent slider stop and rear underride protection system

A vehicle impact energy absorption arrangement includes a vehicle frame, a slider suspension arrangement coupled to the vehicle frame and including an axle member, and a spring member biasing the axle member, and an impact force absorbing arrangement that includes a mounting member coupled to the vehicle frame, first and second pivot members each pivotably coupled to the mounting member, and an elastically deformable biasing member positioned between each of the pivot members and the mounting member, wherein each of the pivot members is configured to pivot and elastically deform the at least one biasing member when impacted.. .
Saf-holland, Inc.


Motor-driving mechanism and motor-driven furniture

A motor-driving mechanism includes a motor and a lifting lever. The lifting lever is rotatable between a lifted position and a lowered position, and includes first section and a second section.
Sino International Group Limited


Closing wheel equalizer

A furrow closing apparatus is used with a planter that opens a furrow and deposits seeds as the planter moves in a forward direction over the ground. The furrow closing apparatus includes a frame attached to the planter and first and second closing wheels rotatably mounted on respective first and second closing wheel axles.
Agco Corporation


Solar panel rack assembly

A solar panel rack assembly. The assembly is configured to pivotably support one or more solar panels.


Eyeglasses frame

The present invention relates to a frame for spectacles 10 which comprises a front piece 12 and at least one side are 13 which are hinged together by means of a hinge structure 14. The hinge structure 14 comprises a first hinge part 15 and a second hinge part 16 which are pivotably joined together by means of a pivoting screw 21.
Ideal Srl


Firearm with folding buttstock

A firearm includes a receiver, barrel coupled to the receiver, and buttstock. An openable/closeable hinge assembly comprising front and rear hinge elements pivotably mounts the buttstock to the receiver.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.



An object of the present invention is to provide a chain that employs simple structures so as to establish contact surface pressures in accordance with various conditions of use, for the purpose of reducing frictional loss and preventing wear or damage to a chain guide member, as well as reducing order-related noise. The chain 100 is formed by inner links 101 and outer links 102 alternately and pivotably coupled together in a longitudinal direction of the chain.
Tsubakimoto Chain Co.


Truck folding back cover

System for covering a truck bed includes side rails attachable to bed rails of the truck. The side rails include mounting positions.
Cixi City Liyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd


Suspension axle

A suspension axle for a farm equipment is provided. The suspension axle includes an axle beam having two ends.
Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Fire extinguisher mounting bracket for vehicle

A mounting bracket for a fire extinguisher comprising a base configured for attachment to a vehicle or seat; an endcap pivotably mounted to the base, wherein the endcap comprises at least one receptacle which is configured to accommodate a fire extinguisher tank; and a neck clamp configured to engage a bottle neck on a fire extinguisher.. .
Sears Manufacturing Co.


Surgical instrument with a manual control

Surgical instrument with a manual control device for actuation with a hand, wherein the control device can be displaced between a closed position and an opened position and the control device has: a finger lever with a first point of articulation and a second point of articulation, a central element with a third point of articulation and a fourth point of articulation, a connecting lever, which is pivotably arranged at the first point of articulation and at the third point of articulation, and a thumb lever, which is pivotably arranged at the second point of articulation and at the fourth point of articulation.. .
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Apparatus for adjustable light source

Apparatus for adjusting the position of lamp modules of a processing chamber are disclosed herein. Implementations generally include a process chamber comprising an enclosure defining an internal volume, a substrate support disposed in the internal volume of the process chamber, and a plurality of adjustable lamp modules.


Full motion racing simulator

A full motion racing simulator is configured based on a real motor vehicle and includes wheels, a vehicle frame, and an actuating system for pivotably supporting the vehicle frame on the wheels. The actuating system includes a plurality of actuating assemblies each including a connecting structure pivotably connecting the vehicle frame to a corresponding one of the wheels, an actuator pivotably mounted to the vehicle frame, a push element pivotably connected to the connecting structure, and a rocker arm rotatably mounted to the vehicle frame and pivotably connected to the actuator and the push element.


Opposed hook sliding door lock

A sliding door lock system has a centrally-disposed operator. The operator has a casing with a trigger retractably extended from the casing.


Door locking device and preventing door from opening during side collision

A door locking device for preventing a door from opening during a side collision comprises a base having one surface provided with an outside lever and another surface provided with a door latch to extend from the outside lever to contact an extending part which has a guide part extended through the base to be horizontal with the extending part. An inner side part of the guide part has a plurality of long grooves and a plurality of short grooves which are horizontal with the extending part.

Pivotably topics: Alternation, Longitudinal Axis, Tablet Computer, Exercise Device, Transverse, Actuatable, Cable Assembly, Data Center, Pivot Joint, Spring Mechanism, Stabilized Camera Platform, Fiber Optic

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