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Pivotably patents

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Magnetic tripping device and overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch and electrical switch and method for…

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Magnetic tripping device and overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch and electrical switch and method for…

Handguard with integrated pod and firearm

S. I. Defense

Handguard with integrated pod and firearm

Handguard with integrated pod and firearm

Lg Electronics


Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Mounting device for fan and fan assembly patent thumbnailMounting device for fan and fan assembly
A mounting device includes an enclosure, a mounting frame, and a pivoting member. The enclosure includes a mounting wall with a hook extending therefrom.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Magnetic tripping device and overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch and electrical switch and  calibrating the magnetic tripping of a magnetic tripping device patent thumbnailMagnetic tripping device and overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch and electrical switch and calibrating the magnetic tripping of a magnetic tripping device
An overcurrent tripping device of an electrical switch for interrupting a current flow in an electrical circuit in the event of the occurrence of an overload or a short circuit is disclosed. In an embodiment, the overcurrent tripping device includes a thermal tripping device and a magnetic tripping device.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Handguard with integrated pod and firearm patent thumbnailHandguard with integrated pod and firearm
Firearms and handguards for firearms having three pivotably attached pods wherein a first pod is deployable as a monopod and second and third pods are deployable together as a bipod, or having at least one pivotable pod having at least one hinge pin, at least one locking pin, and at least one return spring that biases the at least one locking pin. In some embodiments, a return spring, a slide spindle, a locking spindle, or a combination thereof, push two locking pins, for example, into opposite detents when the pod is pivoted into a deployed position, and the pod can be released by moving a slide button and secured in a stowed position with a catch.
S. I. Defense, Inc.

 Refrigerator patent thumbnailRefrigerator
A refrigerator includes a cabinet having a storage compartment and a main door mounted on the cabinet by a hinge and having an access opening. An auxiliary storage compartment is provided at a rear portion of the main door and is accessible through the access opening.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 High opening velocity check valve patent thumbnailHigh opening velocity check valve
A check valve housing is provided and includes a base having opposite sides which are configured to form linear contact surfaces with check valve flappers pivotably disposed on either side of the base, respectively, and an additional structural member having a continuous body and opposite sides which are configured to form additional contact surfaces with each of the check valve flappers, respectively, the check valve flappers being configured to form a lip extending beyond the additional structural member.. .
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Door opening and closing device patent thumbnailDoor opening and closing device
Provided is a door opening and closing device that includes: a main opening and closing device body attached to a housing; a mounting member attached to a door; an arm pivotably provided to the main opening and closing device body, the arm applying force to the door via the mounting member in an opening direction and/or a closing direction; a slider provided to the main opening and closing device body to be slidable in one direction; an urging unit for urging the slider in the one direction; a transmission mechanism for transmitting urging force of the urging unit to the arm; and a door restraint link pivotably linked to the arm at a position away from the center of pivot of the arm, pivotably linked to the mounting member, and slidably linked to the main opening and closing device body so that the door moves in a certain manner.. .
Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Lt.d.

 Shovel with pivoting bucket patent thumbnailShovel with pivoting bucket
A mining shovel including a base, a boom, a first member moveably coupled to the boom, a bucket, and a pivot actuator. The base includes a hoist drum for paying out and reeling in a hoist rope.
Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.

 Reaching loader patent thumbnailReaching loader
A reaching loader includes a vehicle chassis and cab in which a vehicle operator is disposed. The loader may comprise a boom having front and rear portions and an elbow portion therebetween and a pair of fascia portions extending downward from a roof portion.
Pettibone/traverse Lift, Llc.

 Trailer for a tugger train patent thumbnailTrailer for a tugger train
A trailer for a tugger train having a frame, which has a lifting apparatus with a lift platform. An inner wagon to be transported rests in a raised state on the lift platform.
Jungheinrich Aktiengesellschaft

 Truck tailgate and  use patent thumbnailTruck tailgate and use
A tailgate of a type used in pickup trucks and other vehicles, and a method of operating such a tailgate. The tailgate includes a front/interior side, an oppositely-disposed rear/exterior side, lateral ends, and hinges disposed at the lateral ends and configured for pivotably coupling the tailgate to a vehicle.
King Tailgates Llc


Hot wedge welding device

A hot-wedge welding device for overlap welding plastic webs, comprising a hot wedge, a pressure device for pressing the plastic webs against the hot wedge which comprises a respective pressure unit associated with one of the hot-wedge flat sides, and further comprising two mutually opposing pressure rollers. The hot wedge is pivotably mounted on a bearing shaft by way of a bearing bushing, which extends between the two hot-wedge flat sides parallel to the hot-wedge front edge at a distance therefrom.
Leister Technologies Ag


Metal connector adaptor for a fastening tool

A metal connector adaptor for a fastening tool having a body including a drive channel extending therethrough. A pendulum member is pivotably connected to the body within the drive channel and biased toward a front portion of the drive channel.
Stanley Fastening Systems, L.p.


Polyaxial pedicle screw locking and derotation instrument

A pedicle screw locking and derotation instrument, comprising: an elongate actuation mechanism, wherein the elongate actuation mechanism comprises a pair of elongate arms that are pivotably hinged to one another and comprise a pair of handle portions; and a pair of clamp members coupled to the elongate actuation mechanism and deployed by actuation of the elongate actuation mechanism; wherein each of the pair of clamp members comprises a retention portion configured to selectively and securely engage a threaded shaft of a pedicle screw and a portion configured to selectively and securely engage a head body of the pedicle screw, thereby holding the threaded shaft and the head body in rigid alignment; wherein each of the pair of clamp members comprises a retention portion that is configured to be selectively disposed beneath the head body of the pedicle screw and about the threaded shaft of the pedicle screw.. .


Selectively arrangeable, multi-mode input controller

An apparatus for providing input via a selectively arrangeable, multi-mode input controller is disclosed. A method and computer program product also perform the functions of the apparatus.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.



Provided is a refrigerator including a cabinet having a storage compartment provided therein, a main door pivotably mounted at the cabinet for opening and closing the storage compartment, an auxiliary storage compartment mounted at a rear of the main door, and an auxiliary door pivotably mounted over a front of the main door for opening and closing the auxiliary storage compartment. A first hinge bracket may be fixed to an upper end of the cabinet, the first hinge bracket including a rotation shaft that is coupled to an upper portion of the main door.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Pressing mechanism for a woodworking machine

A pressing mechanism for a woodworking machine includes a case, two buffering boards, two upright boards and a pressing frame. The case has multiple flat boards and multiple cushions are installed to the flat boards.
Kuang Yung Machinery Co., Ltd.


Toolholder with insert clamp and changing cutting inserts on a toolholder

A toolholder and method for use with a cutting insert having a clamping opening, comprising a toolholder body and a clamp pivotably mounted to and contacting the toolholder body and pivotable between a first position in which a protrusion of the clamp is disposed in a position in which it is arranged to be received in the clamping opening in the cutting insert to secure the cutting insert to the toolholder body and a second position in which the protrusion is spaced, relative to the toolholder, upwardly from the first position so that the cutting insert is not secured to the toolholder body by the protrusion. A resilient member is arranged relative to the clamp to urge the clamp to the first position and to resist pivoting of the clamp to the second position.
Seco Tools Ab


Multi-circuit seal plates

An end effector assembly adapted to couple to an electrosurgical instrument, the end effector assembly including a pair of opposing jaw members pivotably attached about a pivot member and moveable from a first spaced position to a second grasping position. Each jaw member includes a jaw housing and a seal plate formed on an inner surface of the jaw member including at least two seal plate segments extending along a substantial portion of the length of the jaw members.
Covidien Lp


Interspinous process spacer apparatus and methods of use

An interspinous process spacer includes a main body, a first wing, and a screw. The main body includes a first securing member extending from a top portion of the main body that engages a first vertebra and a bottom portion of the main body that engages a second vertebra.
Alphatec Spine, Inc.


Retracting tissue

A surgical retractor for retracting body tissue in a therapeutic procedure includes two lateral arms each having a block with an aperture extending transverse to a longitudinal axis of the arm. The distal end of each arm pivotably supports a retractor blade.
Globus Medical., Inc.


Device for collecting and releasing debris

A device comprises a collection bin and a stationary front plate pivotably coupled with the bin via a hinge mechanism. The bin is rotatable relative to the front plate between a first position, wherein the bin's front end is closed by the front plate, and a second position, wherein the front end is spaced from the front plate for releasing debris out of the bin.
Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.


Pivoting cable management assembly

According to embodiments of the disclosure, assemblies, and methods for cable management are disclosed. The assembly may include a chassis and a cable management apparatus pivotably connected to the chassis.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Electrical contactor

An electrical contactor has first and second terminals; a movable arm connected to the second terminal; and an actuator. The actuator has a magnet, first and second coils having a common connection and located either side of the magnet, a magnetic rocking armature pivotably attached between the coils and an actuation element connected to the first end of the rocking armature for actuating the movable arm.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Deflection gauge for floor test apparatus

A deflection gauge configured for use with a floor test apparatus is provided. The gauge includes a housing, a string potentiometer mounted on the housing, and a channel extending from the housing and pivotably supporting a pivot beam.
United States Gypsum Company


Tilting cab mechanism for a crane

A cab support assembly supports and moves an operator's cab relative to a frame of a construction machine. The cab support assembly includes a cab support coupled to the frame of the construction machine.
Manitowoc Crane Companies, Llc


Conveyed goods container for transporting conveyed goods

Conveyed goods container (1) for transporting conveyed goods in a suspended conveyor, wherein the conveyed goods container (1) is in the form of a suspended bag (1) having a conveyed goods receiving region which is delimited on one side by a side wall element (2), and having a suspension means (9) for suspension from a suspended conveyor, wherein the suspension means (9) is fastened to the side wall element (2) in such a manner that it is pivotably about a pivot device (8) defining a pivot axis (15), in which, for the purpose of good load ability and impact protection for the conveyed goods, the conveyed goods receiving region is delimited on a further side by a second side wall element (6), wherein the second side wall element (6) is connected to the suspension means (9) in such a manner that, when the suspension means (9) is pivoted relative to the first side wall element (2) from a transport position into an open position, the second side wall element (6) can be removed from the side wall element (2) so that the conveyed goods receiving region opens.. .
Rsl Logistik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Portable beverage container with self opening hinged lid

A portable beverage container (e.g., an insulated, double-walled bottle) is disclosed. The container includes a lid pivotably connected to it by a hinge.
Tervis Tumbler Company


Wrench with maximum operational torque

A wrench includes a body and a rod pivotably received in a first end of the body. A pressing device is mounted in the rod and presses against the body.


Microwave surface coagulator with retractable blade

An ablation instrument having an ergonomic handle that includes an actuator adapted to selectively extend and retract a blade that is pivotably mounted within an aperture assembly coupled to the housing by a shaft. The shaft extends distally from the handle and includes a coaxial feedline, a wire conduit disposed along a longitudinal axis of the shaft, and a pull wire disposed within the wire conduit and having a proximal and a distal end, wherein a proximal end of the pull wire is operably coupled to the actuator.
Covidien Lp


Retractor and operating method

A retractor for endoscopic surgery, having a first shaft portion, in which an actuation device is movable, and a second shaft portion coupled pivotably thereon. A transmission arm is articulated on a distal end of the actuation device.


Collapsible garden trellis assembly

A system and method of forming a garden trellis assembly that includes a plurality of generally planar panels that are pivotably connected to one another such that the assembly can attain a stowed orientation, wherein the panels are generally parallel to one another, and a deployed orientation, wherein the panels are oriented in a generally vertical triangular orientation along the length of the panels.. .


Reaction force generator

A reaction force generator includes: a base member mounted on a supporter supporting an operating member pivotably; a dome member protruding from the base member; and a top member provided on a protruding-side end of the dome member to be pressed by the operating member toward the base member. The dome member is deformed to produce a reaction force when the top member is pressed by the operating member.
Yamaha Corporation


Balance stop device for watch pieces with tourbillon cage

A device for stopping a balance of a regulating organ mounted in a tourbillon of a timepiece. The device can be controlled by a setting device of the timepiece.
Richemont International Sa


Foot operated water shutoff

A foot operated water shutoff can be used to control the flow of water through a hose, such as a garden hose. With the push of a user's foot, a user can regulate water pressure to a sprinkler, negating the need to pick up and shut off the water supply by pinching the hose or walking to the water faucet source to shut off or regulate the supply.


Magnetic clip

A clip for selectively gripping objects includes a first body member having a forward portion, a rearward portion and a middle portion disposed between the forward and rearward portions. The first body member includes an exteriorly facing surface and an interiorly facing surface, with the forward portion including an interiorly facing gripping jaw, and the middle portion including a strengthening member.


Door closer mechanism for display case

A display case includes a housing partially surrounding a display space, a door pivotably coupled to the housing and cooperating with the housing to further enclose the display space, and a hinge assembly for pivotably coupling the door to the housing. The hinge assembly includes a biasing member applying a biasing force on the door and a gear drive for adjusting a pre-tension force on the biasing member..
Zero Zone, Inc.


Motorcycle footrest mount

A motorcycle footrest mount includes a support arm that is length adjustable and pivotally adjustable. The mount attaches to a motorcycle structure and includes a helical ramp.
Kuryakyn Holdings, Llc


Undercarriage system for a tracked work vehicle

An undercarriage system for a tracked work vehicle is provided that includes a tensioning system configured to provide tension to a continuous track. Additionally, the undercarriage system includes an undercarriage beam having a first opening and a second opening.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Double-length jaw system for electrosurgical instrument

An electrosurgical forceps includes a handle having a shaft extending therefrom defining a longitudinal axis. The handle is selectively movable to translate movement of the shaft along the longitudinal axis to actuate a pair of laterally spaced first and second jaw members pivotably connected to a distal end of the shaft.
Covidien Lp


Mattress including flat springs

Mattresses including a chassis core including a rigid or semi-rigid base sheet; a plurality of flat springs spaced apart from one another in parallel rows, wherein each one of the plurality of flat springs comprises a first terminal end, a second terminal end, and a flexible arcuate member extending from the first terminal end to the second terminal end, and wherein a center of an arc defined by the arcuate member is fixedly attached to the rigid base sheet; a body support disk disposed on each one of the first and second terminal ends. The body support disk supports the load of an individual.
Dreamwell, Ltd.


Transport container and retrofit kit

A transport container includes a container body (14) and a container lid (12) pivotably mounted at the container body, with a multitude of guide rollers (58) at the container body (14) and a telescopic handle (64) spaced apart from the guide rollers (58), each at the side of the container body (14) opposite the container lid (12). A stacking frame (50) is attached to the rectangular container body (14), or is integrated into the rectangular container body (14).
Zarges Gmbh


Modular switching system and method

A switching system may include a body and a set of key elements. The body may be electrically connectable to a first electrical device and a second electrical device, and may have a keypad with key element attachment features to which the key elements can be attached.
Control4 Corporation


Multi-angle stand for an information handling device

An aspect provides an apparatus, including: a receptacle for an information handling device having a user display, the receptacle having at least a first side, a second side, and at least one edge, wherein the first side of the receptacle has at least one opening therein through which the information handling device is insertable there-through and the second side forms a back of the receptacle; a protrusion from the second side of the receptacle pivotably attached to the second side of the receptacle and of sufficient length such that the protrusion will wrap around an edge of the receptacle and cover the opening in the first side of the receptacle; and wherein at least a portion of the protrusion comprises thereon a mechanism that permits the edge of the receptacle to be held in position. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Scanner device for 2-dimensional deflection of a laser beam

A scanner device configured for 2-dimensional deflection of a laser beam by mirrors that are each pivotably supported about an axis and that are driven in a motorized manner, includes a first motor-mirror unit that has a first mirror and a drive motor, and a carrier for securing the first motor-mirror unit. The first motor-mirror unit is selected from one of two different possible motor-mirror units, each of which has an assembly flange, an identical abutment face, and can be selectively releasably secured with the abutment faces to the same first assembly face of the carrier.
Trumpf Laser Gmbh


Commercial cooking oven with removable door assembly

A cooking oven includes a housing defining an internal cooking cavity with an opening. A door assembly includes an inner panel framing an inner glass pane, and an outer panel framing an outer glass pane.


Stepladder with latch stud and method

A stepladder includes a front section having a first front leg and a second front leg. The stepladder includes a step attached to the first front leg and the second front leg.
Werner Co.


Strip-shaped support and insulating element for supporting and insulating a window frame

A strip-shaped support and insulating element for supporting and insulating a window frame with respect to a main wall includes: (1) a support part formed of load-bearing material and having (a) a first side surface engageable with the main wall and (b) a second side surface substantially perpendicular to the first side surface and supportingly engageable with the window frame, the support part including (a1) a first web that includes the first side surface and an inner side surface opposite the first side surface and (a2) a second web connected to and projecting at an angle from the first web; and (2) an insulating part along the inner side surface of the first web and pivotably connected to an outer edge area of one of the first and second webs such that the insulating part is pivotable between positions which expose or cover the inner side surface of the first web.. .
Iso-chemie Gmbh


Stacker crane

First and second masts of a stacker crane are provided in a travelling vehicle main body to be spaced away from each other in an x-direction and extending in a z-direction. First and second travel wheels are mounted to the travelling vehicle main body to be spaced away from each other in the x-direction, and roll on an upper surface of a lower guide rail.
Murata Machinery, Ltd.


Lift crane with mast-raising mechanism

A mast-raising mechanism for raising a mast of a mobile lift crane to an operating position includes a hydraulic cylinder extendable to raise the mast. The hydraulic cylinder includes a first end pivotally coupled to a rotating bed of the crane and a second end spaced apart from the first end.
Manitowoc Crane Companies, Llc


Straddle-type electric vehicle

A straddle-type electric vehicle includes a swing arm pivotably supported by a body frame and arranged to support a wheel. A motor is supported on the swing arm to drive the wheel.


Remote release mechanism for tow fitting

A release fitting for an elongate strap is provided. The release fitting includes a body configured to fixedly engage an end of an elongate strap.
Ancra International Llc


Paddle assembly on a compact sander

A sander is provided and includes a housing, a power supply, a motor, a switch, and a switch actuation mechanism. The housing extends from a proximal end to a distal end and includes a first convex upper surface having a surface area a1.
Black & Decker Inc.


Vessel spray cleaning device

A spray cleaning device for cleaning the interior of a vessel or the like through an access opening in an underside thereof. The cleaning device includes a wheeled carriage positionable in selected relation to a vessel to be cleaned, an elongated frame having a central drive shaft extending along its length, and a rotatable spray head supported in an upstanding relation to a downstream end of said elongated housing for rotation about multiple axes.
Spraying Systems Co.


Medical, in particular surgical, sliding-shaft instrument

A medical slidin -shaft instrument havin a first handle arm a second handle arm pivotably mounted to the first handle arm, a shaft connected to the first handle arm and a slider coupleable to the second handle arm and axially displaceable on the shaft. The slider is removable from the shaft and is guided along a sliding path.
Waldernar Link Gmbh & Co. Kg


Surgical instrument

A surgical instrument is provided. The surgical instrument includes a housing.
Covidien Lp


Tongue evaluation system and method

An apparatus for evaluating the tongue strength and coordination of a subject includes an intermediate device such as a lever which is pivotably attached to a coupling device and extends into a cavity of a nipple element. The lever is detached from the nipple and pivotable in response to deformation of the nipple element by a tongue force exerted on the nipple element by a subject during a suck-swallow-breathe sequence.
Ccb Research Group Llc


Holder for mop heads

Disclosed is a holder for holding cleaning tool heads, particularly mop heads, including a central section, two latchable folding wings, which are pivotably mounted on the central section, a latching device to latch the two folding wings in a pivoted position in relation to the central section, and a device for releasing the latching of the latched folding wings in relation to the central section, such that said folding wings can be pivoted. The latching device is preloaded to the state in which the two folding wings are latched in such a manner that, when the latching is released, the holder automatically latches the folding wings by means of the latching device when the two folding wings are moved to a state in which the lower surfaces of the two folding wings are substantially in one plane..
Vermop Salmon Gmbh


Retractable luggage wheel system

A retractable wheel system for luggage. The retractable wheel system includes a luggage body with a base portion, a top portion and a plurality of sides, which define a packing compartment.


Single axis solar tracker

A single axis solar tracker assembly for supporting and controllably rotating a plurality of solar panels is provided. The solar tracker assembly includes a plurality of sub-assemblies which are spaced from one another in a first direction and are operably coupled with a driveshaft that is moveable in the first direction.
Magna International Inc.


Marine knuckle boom crane

A marine knuckle boom crane includes a crane housing which is rotational relative to a pedestal about a vertical rotation axis and a knuckle boom assembly attached to the crane housing. The knuckle boom assembly includes a main boom, the inner end of which is connected pivotably about a first horizontal pivot axis to the crane housing; and a jib, the inner end of which is connected pivotably about a second horizontal pivot axis to the outer end of the main boom, wherein the jib is pivotable at least between an extended position in which the tip extends mainly forward from the main boom, and a folded position in which the jib is folded back, essentially parallel along the main boom.
Itrec B.v.


Wiper device and wiper arm for cleaning a vehicle window

A wiper device for cleaning a vehicle window is disclosed. The wiper device has a wiper arm fastened in a torque-proof manner to a wiper shaft via an articulation piece, where the wiper arm is arranged pivotably on the articulation piece, a wiper blade arranged on the wiper arm, and a washing device for the wiper blade, which contains a feed for a washing fluid, where the feed runs in a partial region in the longitudinal axis of the wiper shaft and leads to the wiper blade in a direction running substantially perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis..
Valeo Systèmses D'essuyage


Vehicle door covering

A weather shield is provided. The weather shield may be adapted to provide shelter to an occupant entering or exiting a vehicle.


Component for a bit driving tool

A component of a bit driving tool is presented, having a mid-chamber, telescopically received in an outer chamber. A bit storage chamber is formed in the mid-chamber, surrounding and rotatable about a central.
Thunder Innovations Inc.


Pedal bracket for vehicle

A vehicle pedal bracket includes a plate-like base plate portion fixed to a vehicle cabin side of a dash panel that separates an engine room and a vehicle cabin from each other, a support portion that is fixedly fitted to the base plate portion and by which a pedal arm is pivotably supported, and a plurality of tubular spacers fixedly fitted to the base plate portion, the vehicle pedal bracket is fixed to the dash panel with a plurality of screw members respectively inserted through the plurality of spacers, a plurality of tubular holding portions is disposed so as to project from a back side of the base plate portion, the back side is on the dash panel side, and so as to be in close contact with outer peripheral faces of the plurality of spacers, and a sound absorbing structural portion having a large number of bottomed holes.. .
Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.


Push/pull operating device for driving a latch device

A push/pull operating device includes first and second operational devices mounted to two sides of a door. The first operational device includes a first bracket having two slots.
I-tek Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Assembly for increasing motorcycle wheel count

An assembly for converting a motorcycle from a two wheel vehicle into a three wheel vehicle having alternate left and right side front wheels. The assembly is constructed to cooperate with an underlying motorcycle frame without physically altering the underlying motorcycle frame.
Superior Design, Inc.


Collapsible step bar

A collapsible step bar comprising a step bar body, a bracket, a first link, a second link and a pin is provided. The step bar body comprises a first axis and a second axis in a front end.
Gogoro Inc.


Strainer removal tool for a liquid container

A strainer removal tool for the removal of a strainer is provided. The strainer removal tool includes a first member with a first handle portion and a first jaw portion.
Caterpillar Inc.


Portable lantern and scene light

A portable light includes a base, a deployable pole and a light source on the deployable pole. The base preferably includes a split handle that closes over the deployable pole when it is stowed and separates to permit it being deployed and stowed.
Streamlight, Inc.


Device for handling a wind turbine rotor blade

There is provided an apparatus for rotating and/or displacing a rotor blade of a wind power installation. The apparatus has at least one main body for at least partially embracing the rotor blade with a longitudinal, at least one contact portion for bearing against the rotor blade and at least one main frame for receiving the main body for rotation of the main body about the longitudinal axis and/or for displacement of the main body.
Wobben Properties Gmbh


Shovel with passive tilt control

A mining shovel adapted to dig a bank of material includes a boom having an end, a hoist rope extending over the end of the boom, an elongated member movably coupled to the boom, a dipper for engaging the bank of material, a bail assembly, and a pitch brace. The member includes a first end and a second end.
Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.


Aircraft nacelle comprising a device providing a visual warning of a locking fault of the cowls

An aircraft nacelle comprising a first and a second cowl mounted pivotably about an axis substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of the nacelle and lockable to one another by at least one locking mechanism. The nacelle further comprises a device for providing a visual warning of a locking defect of the cowls.
Airbus Operations (sas)


Jam protection and alleviation for control surface linkage mechanisms

An aircraft comprising: a flight control surface and a rigid hinged panel both pivotably coupled to a wing; a drive linkage which links the flight control surface to the panel so that rotation of the former drives rotation of the latter, the drive linkage comprising first and second links, a first joint which pivotably couples the first and second links to each other, and a second joint which pivotably couples the first link to the flight control surface; and a cam track structure mounted to the wing, the cam track structure comprising first and second cam surfaces having extra run-out space at both ends thereof to prevent jamming. At least one of the links comprises a weakened portion which is designed to fail when a structural overload is produced due to jamming.
The Boeing Company


Boat speed minimisation system

A trolling plate which, together with a supporting and deployment mechanism, is fixed to and strutted from an outboard motor without the need for engineering modifications or the use special tools; said trolling plate being pivotably deployable into the water in the zone immediately downstream of the propeller of the outboard motor to substantially block the efflux from said propeller and thereby reduce its propulsive effort; said deployment being effected in a universally variable way by means of a suitable actuator; control means of said actuator and/or said deployment mechanism incorporating means to permit the immediate retraction of said trolling plate should it impact an obstruction or should the power of said outboard motor suddenly be increased.. .


Cable-control seat stem adjustment device

A seat stem adjustment device includes a seat stem received in an outer tube, a control unit connected to a bicycle frame, and a leverage unit located between the outer tube and the control unit. The control unit has a cable which is connected to and driven by a lever.
Kind Shock Hi-tech Co., Ltd.


Wiper device and wiper arm for cleaning a vehicle window

A wiper device for cleaning a vehicle window is disclosed. The wiper device has a wiper arm fastened in a torque-proof manner to a wiper shaft via an articulation piece, the wiper arm being arranged pivotably on the articulation piece in a pivot axis, a wiper blade arranged on the wiper arm, and a washing device for the wiper blade, which contains a feed for a washing fluid, wherein the feed runs in the longitudinal axis of the wiper shaft and leads to the wiper blade in a direction running substantially perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis..
Valeo Systèmes D'essuyage


Shaving systems

Replaceable shaving assemblies are disclosed that include a blade unit, an interface element configured to removeably connect the blade unit to a handle, on which the blade unit is pivotably mounted, and a return element disposed on the interface element. Shaving systems including such shaving assemblies are also disclosed, as are methods of using such shaving systems..
Shavelogic, Inc.


Shaving systems

Replaceable shaving assemblies are disclosed that include a blade unit, a shell bearing element, and an interface element. The interface element is configured to removeably connect the shaving assembly to a handle, on which the blade unit is pivotably mounted.
Shavelogic, Inc.


Dispenser cover retention arrangement

A dispenser for a consumable product having a backplate for mounting to a wall and a cover member pivotably mounted to the backplate for relative movement between a closed position and an open position.. .
Op-hygiene Ip Gmbh


Stair climber apparatuses and stair apparatuses

A stair climber apparatus has a frame and a plurality of stairs that are pivotably connected together in series and travel in a loop with respect to the frame. The plurality of stairs comprises a first stair having a tread and a riser.
Brunswick Corporation


Mobility device for physically disabled people

Mobility device for physically disabled people 1, comprising a chassis 10 with at least one motor for maneuvering the entire mobility device 1; a pivot arm 20, which at its lower end 22 is pivotably connected to the chassis 10; and a pelvis support 40, which is connected to an upper end 23 of the pivot arm 20; wherein a physically disabled person 2 can sit with the pelvis support 40 attached to its body, can move around with the mobility device 1 in a standing position on the chassis 10, and can change on its own from sitting to standing position, wherein all elements of the mobility device 1 except the elements directly contacting the body of the person 2 extending above pelvis height h of the sitting person 2 can be lowered or moved to or below this height h. The present invention further comprises a method for erecting of a sitting physically disabled person 2 and for fixing of the person 2 in standing position onto a motor-driven mobility device 1..
Matia Robotics Mekatronik Sistemler Ar-ge Muhendislik Yazilim Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim


Systems, methods, and media for presenting a field of view from a camera of a device on a display of the device in the background of non-camera functionality

Systems, methods, and media for presenting a field of view from a camera of a device on a display of the device in the background of non-camera functionality are provided. In some embodiments, systems for presenting a field of view from a camera of a device on a display of the device in the background of non-camera functionality are provided, the systems comprising: a case incorporating a mirror pivotably mounted to the case in a manner that the field of view can be reflected into a camera lens of the device when mounted in the case; and a hardware processor configured to receive an image of the field of view as reflected by the mirror; generate a new image based on the image; present the new image as a background image on the display; and provide non-camera functionality on the display while presenting the background image..


Mannequin for practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation

A mannequin for practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and a kit for assembling the mannequin for practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the mannequin comprising a head having an inlet, a chest portion, a plate pivotably coupled to the chest portion, and an air collecting portion comprising an air chamber, an end of the air collecting portion being coupled to the inlet and the air chamber being disposed between the plate and the chest portion such that the plate pivots away from the chest portion when air is blown into the air chamber through said inlet and the plate pivots towards the chest portion when air is released from the air chamber.. .
Singapore First Aid Training Centre Pte Ltd.


Mounting apparatus of data storage device

A mounting apparatus for a data storage device defining mounting holes in opposite first side and second side, the mounting apparatus includes a mounting plate, a first mounting member mounted to the mounting plate, a second mounting member mounted to the mounting plate, a pivoting member pivotably connected to a first side of the data storage device, and a locking member pivotably connected to the pivoting member. The first mounting member includes a supporting piece and two tips.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Quick-release device for a crossbow stock assembly

A quick-release device for a crossbow stock assembly includes a main body having a fixing member which is threadedly connected to the extension of the stock. An axial groove is defined in the outside of the threaded section of the extension.
Poe Lang Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Track lighting fixture

A track lighting fixture includes a rail unit, a slidable module, a rotatable module, and a lighting device. The slidable module is mounted on and is movable along the rail unit.
Diode-on Optoelectriconics Limited

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