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Pivotably patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pivotably-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Industrial computer cabinet and cable management structure thereof patent thumbnailIndustrial computer cabinet and cable management structure thereof
An industrial computer cabinet includes a frame, a pair of slide rails, and a linkage. The pair of slide rails are disposed inside the frame and spaced from each other in a parallel manner.
Aic Inc.

 Support device and support method patent thumbnailSupport device and support method
Provided is a technology capable of reducing a surface area taken up on a wall surface and improving maintenance workability. A support device of this invention includes: a pair of support legs configured to be mounted to a side surface of a housing to support the housing; a pair of fixing legs configured to be mounted to a mounting surface at which the housing is to be installed to fix the housing at a position at which the housing is to be installed; and a movable mechanism configured to pivotably couple the pair of support legs and the pair of fixing legs..
Nec Platforms, Ltd.

 Solar cell support assembly patent thumbnailSolar cell support assembly
A solar cell support assembly includes: a first supporting (1), a second supporting members (7), a beam (2) pivotably connected to the first supporting member (1) and configured to mount the solar cell thereon, a first swing bar (4) connected to the beam (2) and configured to rotate the beam (2); a second swing bar (6) pivotably connected to the second supporting member (7); a first pushrod (51) pivotably connected to the first swing bar (4) and the second swing bar (6); a second pushrod (52) pivotably connected to the first swing bar (4) and the second swing bar (6); and a driving device (9) pivotably connected to the second swing bar (6) and configured to drive the second swing bar (6) to rotate relative to the second supporting member (7).. .
Byd Company Limited

 Device for operating multiple functions in a motor vehicle patent thumbnailDevice for operating multiple functions in a motor vehicle
A device for operating multiple functions includes an operating element and a base. The base has side bearings with guide slots, hinge joints with pivot pins, and an actuator.
Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Device for operating multiple functions in a motor vehicle patent thumbnailDevice for operating multiple functions in a motor vehicle
A device for operating multiple functions includes an operating element and a base. The base has side bearings and pins.
Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Liquid level gauge for a cryogenic fluid cylinder patent thumbnailLiquid level gauge for a cryogenic fluid cylinder
A vertically-oriented cryogenic fluid cylinder includes an inner vessel for holding cryogenic fluid, an outer vessel surrounding the inner vessel, and a liquid level gauge for indicating a liquid level within the inner vessel. The liquid level gage includes a level indicator located outside of the outer vessel, a support arm extending down into the inner vessel, a swing arm pivotably secured to the support arm and connected to the level indicator so that angular position of the swing arm provides an indication of liquid level within the inner vessel on the level indicator, and a float on the swing arm that pivots the swing arm as the liquid level rises and lowers.
Worthington Cylinders Corporation

 Dynamic desk accessory delivering on-demand privacy on an open work table patent thumbnailDynamic desk accessory delivering on-demand privacy on an open work table
A privacy accessory includes a base having a body portion; a retention portion defining a retention edge for releasably securing the base to a work surface; a plurality of frame members secured to the base, each frame member having a first side portion pivotably secured to the base and a second side portion pivotably secured to the base, each of the plurality of frame members telescopically received with an adjacent one of the plurality of frame members in a series that graduate from a smallest one to a largest one, the frame members being sequentially deployable to a first, expanded state by pulling on the largest one and sequentially folded to a second, collapsed state by pushing on the largest one of the plurality of frame members.. .
Allsteel Inc.

 Locking apparatus of side-gate patent thumbnailLocking apparatus of side-gate
A locking apparatus of a side-gate in which a locker pivotably mounted to a post binds a hook when the side-gate mounted with the hook pivots to be raised, may include a knob that is located to be spaced apart from the locker and is pivotably mounted to the post, and a link bar, one end of which is connected to the locker, and another end of which is connected to the knob, wherein rotational force generated by the knob is transmitted to pivot the locker through a link bar.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

 Polygon compensation coupling system for chain and sprocket driven systems patent thumbnailPolygon compensation coupling system for chain and sprocket driven systems
A polygon compensation coupling system (30; 40; 60) comprises a first rotatable element (31; 41; 61), a second rotatable element (32; 42; 62a, 62b), and at least one linkage coupling the first rotatable element (31; 41; 61) with the second rotatable element (32; 42; 62a, 62b). The linkage comprises at least one first coupling element (34a; 44a; 64a) pivotably coupled to the first rotatable element (31; 41; 61) and at least one second coupling element (34b; 44b; 64b) pivotably coupled to the second rotatable element (32; 42; 62b).
Otis Elevator Company

 Pivoting door patent thumbnailPivoting door
An industrial truck includes wall structure defining a compartment and a pivoting door spanning an opening in the wall structure when in a closed position. The truck also includes pivoting structure coupling the pivoting door to the wall structure allowing the pivoting door to pivot relative to the wall structure, and a latching structure.
Crown Equipment Corporation


Belt buckle arrangement with a belt buckle pivotably mounted on a holder

A belt buckle arrangement for a seat belt system includes a belt buckle (1) with a spring-loaded locking mechanism for locking a belt tongue in a buckle housing (2). A spring-loaded push button (3) is displaceably guided on the buckle housing (2) for acting on the locking mechanism.
Autoliv Development Ab


Moveable station pole for a wheel chair position in a transit bus

Improvements in a moveable stanchion pole for a wheel chair position in a transit bus to provide a connection to a seat or bench. The seat is pivotably secured to a side wall of the transportation vehicle.


Personal grooming assistant

Disclosed herein are various embodiments and variations of a personal grooming device extender. In one embodiment, a personal grooming device extender comprises a telescoping handle having a proximal end and a distal end, and a top side and a bottom side; and an arm pivotably coupled with the distal end of the telescoping handle, the arm configured to adjust to a plurality of positions between a first position, extended linearly from the handle and a second position perpendicular with the distal end of the handle.
Skyworld Innovations, Llc


Universal paint applicator and paint containers with handles

A paint applicator configured for use in combination with a hollow-core paint roller cover includes a handle and a pair of pivot arms extending therefrom. Each pivot arm includes a proximate end rotatably mounted to the handle and an opposite, distal end to which is pivotably mounted a hub assembly.


Reduction jack for spinal rod placement and use

A reduction jack for placing a spinal rod within a rod channel of a bone fixation screw includes a mounting stem having a tubular body, a plurality of teeth disposed on the body, a pair of legs projecting from the body, and catches disposed on the legs for engaging the bone fixation screw. A reduction sleeve at least partially encircles the mounting stem.
Innovasis, Inc.


Clamp ultrasound probe for lung surgery

An ultrasonic surgical instrument is disclosed, and includes a handle assembly, an elongate tubular member, and an end effector. The elongate tubular member extends from the handle assembly and defines a channel therethrough.
Covidien Lp


Actuation mechanisms and load adjustment assemblies for surgical instruments

An ultrasonic surgical instrument includes an inner tube, an outer tube, an ultrasonic blade, and a clamp member pivotably moveable relative to the ultrasonic blade. The ultrasonic blade is acoustically coupled to an ultrasonic transducer.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Surgical clip applier

A surgical clip applier is provided including a housing; at least one handle pivotably connected to the housing; a channel assembly extending distally from the housing; a plurality of clips loaded in the clip carrier; a drive channel translatably supported in the housing and the channel assembly, the drive channel being translated upon actuation of the at least one handle; and a counter mechanism supported in the housing, the counter mechanism including indicia visible through the housing, wherein the indicia corresponds to a quantity of clips loaded in the clip applier, wherein the indicia decrements upon each firing of the clip applier resulting in a reduction in the quantity of clips remaining of the plurality of clips.. .
Covidien Lp


Universal media pocket and chair with universal media pocket

A universal media pocket is provided. Disclosed is a universal media pocket that includes a durable outer body, a pair of handles pivotably coupled to the durable outer body, and a closing mechanism at a base of the pair of handles and configured to close an inside volume enclosed by the durable outer body.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Tree stand including a latch and adjustable strap

A tree stand includes a frame and a strap for attaching the frame to a tree. The strap includes engagement features and a latch is pivotably coupled to the frame for selectively engaging the engagement features.
Hunt Strategy, Llc


Cutting device for agricultural harvesting machines

A cutting device for agricultural harvesters has a conveying channel and pivotably supported cutting knives arranged in a row on a frame. The cutting knives project in the cutting position into the conveying channel.
Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone Gmbh


Combine harvester with adjustable cleaning shoe arrangement

A combine harvester has a driving shoe arrangement. The driving shoe includes a preparation pan and one or more sieves, coupled to a drive mechanism for driving a reciprocating movement of the pan and sieves.
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Music instrument stand

A music instrument stand includes a base, three legs and a shaft. The base has three recesses and a positioning hole defined in the top thereof.


Neck adjustment mechanism for string instrument

An adjustment mechanism for a stringed instrument in which the stringed instrument comprises a guitar body, a bridge supported by the guitar body, a saddle affixed to the bridge, a neck pivotably coupled to the guitar body, a fretboard supported by the neck, a nut affixed to the neck adjacent a headstock, and a plurality of strings extending between the nut and the saddle. The nut substantially forms a pivot axis for at least the fretboard, and a heel end of at least the fretboard is pivotably about the pivot axis, via an adjustment mechanism, for adjusting an action of the strings.


Foldable frame of eyeglasses

A foldable frame of eyeglasses includes two fronts pivotably connected two ends of a bridge. Each front has an installation portion so as to accommodate a lens therein.
Prohero Group Co., Ltd.


Mobile concrete pump and production method

This disclosure relates to an automatic concrete pump comprising a support structure, which is mounted on a vehicle, for a concrete distributing mast and at least two supporting jacks which are pivotably joined to the support structure via an articulated joint, each articulated joint comprising two support plates made from a solid material, each having a bearing bore and protruding in a forked manner at a lateral distance from each other over the edge of a defining wall of the support structure, and having a hinge bolt which traverses the bearing bores. According to this disclosure, the defining wall which faces the hinge bolt is further away from the axis of the hinge bolt in the central area between the bearing plates than in the edge areas thereof which are adjacent to the support plates..
Putzmeister Engineering Gmbh


Cylinder lock

In a cylinder lock having a pivot member pivoted in response to pivoting by a legitimate mechanical key inserted into a key hole, a first rotor is linked to an outer cylinder relatively non-pivotably but movably along an insertion direction of a mechanical key, and a second rotor abuts against the first rotor from a side opposite to a rotor-receiving part provided on a housing and the outer cylinder and is linked to a pivot member relatively non-pivotably but movably along the insertion direction, and during pivoting of the outer cylinder in response to an unauthorized pivoting operation of an inner cylinder, the first rotor and the second rotor move so as to detach from the rotor-receiving part due to a cam mechanism provided between the first rotor and the housing, thereby releasing engagement of the inner cylinder with the second rotor linked to the pivot member relatively non-pivotably.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Honda Lock


Remotely actuated vehicle foot rest

An actuatable foot rest system includes a foot rest member pivotably displaceable between a first position to a second position. The actuatable foot rest system may also include a biasing member that biases the foot rest member about the at least one pivotable connection, at least from the first position to the second position.
Gogoro Inc.


Drop down ladder rack

A drop down ladder rack is disclosed. The ladder rack has a first assembly and a second assembly configured to be mounted on top of a vehicle.
Knaack Llc


Spring biased lever for opening a moveable member of an adapter for a flooring nail gun

An adapter for a flooring nail gun is provided with a muzzle member including at least one set of two inclined cavities; a moveable member including at least one set of two inclined protrusions at an end, the inclined protrusions being disposed in the inclined cavities; and a quick releasing device disposed on the inclined protrusions. The quick releasing device includes a pressing member, a spring member, and a lever, and wherein the pressing member and the muzzle member are joined, the lever and the pressing member are pivotably secured together, and the spring member has one end anchored at the pressing member and the other end pivotably secured to the lever.
Taizhou Dajiang Industry Co., Ltd.



A grinding machine of one embodiment includes an abrasive wheel; a rectangular base including a top wall having a central through hole and an upper shoulder; a mounting member secured to the central through hole; an electric motor including a drive shaft passing through the mounting member to secure to the abrasive wheel; first and third workpiece holding units each including a board secured to the base; an adjustment knob on the board; and an l-shaped seat secured to the board and having a transverse channel, a front curved slot, a rear projection pivotably secured to the board, and a pin secured to the board and disposed in the slot; a second workpiece holding unit secured to the shoulder and including a vertical tunnel; and a fourth workpiece holding unit secured to the shoulder and including a vertical tunnel, an adjustment knob, and a fastening member.. .


Cleaning apparatus and associated methods

A cleaning apparatus and method is used with industrial kitchen articles. The apparatus includes a cleaning tank for immersing kitchen articles having a generally rectangular configuration, with two opposing major sides and two opposing minor sides.
Vaclensa Plc


Adaptable brush

A brush includes a middle piece having a left connector and a right connector, and a left piece including a left middle portion having a proximate end, a hinge end, and a connector coupled to the proximate end and configured to be removably coupled to the left connector of the middle piece. The left piece also includes and a left end portion having a distal end and a hinge end pivotably coupled to the hinge end of the left middle portion.


Pet stroller with latchable canopy bar

A pet stroller having a frame assembly and a cloth platform enclosure connected to a platform enclosure member that defines a base and a sidewall of a pet seating area. Upper and lower canopy bars are pivotably connected to the rear pivot blocks that are pivotable to extend or retract a canopy over the pet seating area.
Vermont Juvenile Furniture Mfg., Inc. A/k/a Pet Gear, Inc.


Self-aligning power connection system with positive-latch connection

Switchgear assemblies, power connection systems, and cluster connectors are presented herein. Power connection systems for connecting circuit breakers to electrical bus bars are disclosed.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.


Fluid routing device having a shape memory alloy member

The subject invention provides a fluid routing device for directing the transportation of a fluid including a housing defining first and second corridors selectively fluidly coupled to one another, and a valve assembly capable of alternating between an open configuration fluidly coupling the first and second corridors and a closed configuration fluidly separating the first and second corridors. A shape memory alloy member alternates between a de-energized state and an energized state.
Kongsberg Automotive Ab


Single lever cartridge

A single lever cartridge includes a head piece which receives a base piece, and a disc control having a control disc, which is disposed so as to be rotatable and movable via a rotatably and pivotably mounted spindle, wherein the end portion of the head piece which receives the base piece is designed in such a way that the end portion is at least flush at least in some regions with the base surface of the base piece facing away from the control disc.. .
Fluehs Drehtechnik Gmbh


Segmented collapsible ladder

A ladder assembly includes a plurality of interconnected ladder segments. Each ladder segment comprises two opposing rails and rungs that are pivotably mounted to the rails to allow each ladder segment to be collapsed by pivoting the rungs in a folding direction relative to the rails and moving opposing rails closer to each other.
Aluma Systems Inc.


Lifting apparatus, lifting set, and water treatment facility

A lifting apparatus capable of engaging with and disengaging from a water treatment device which is to be lifted without cumbersome manual operations is provided. The lifting apparatus includes a frame and an engaging portion pivotably attached to the frame by an upper portion thereof in a vertical position.
Kubota Corporation


Retainer device and molding same

A molded retainer and a method for making the molded retainer are provided. The molded retainer includes a body defining a coupling sleeve, molded from a plastic material and defined by one or more sidewalls.
Beautyavenues Llc


Adjustable support device adjustable by an electric motor

An adjustable support device adjustable by an electric motor, for supporting padding of seating or reclining furniture has an outer frame and a base body having at least two support parts. The two support parts are adjustable relative to one another.
De Werth Group Ag


Ear-engaging and eye-covering head assembly

The present invention relates to an eye-protector assembly. The assembly includes arcuate-shaped protective cover.


Screw-clamp orthopedic device and methods of implementation

A screw-clamp apparatus is disclosed that includes a first clamp component comprising at least one hook, a second clamp component comprising at least one hook, a bone-screw hole located on the first clamp component, a bone screw configured to be inserted through the bone-screw hole and to be inserted into bone and a spacer-receiver located on the first clamp component. The second clamp component can be pivotably attached relative to the first clamp component.
Dynamic Spine, Llc


Articulating tissue dissector

A tissue dissector can include a tool body having a proximal end and a distal end. The tool body can include a longitudinal path therein between the proximal end and the distal end.
Spineology Inc.



A chair comprises a backrest, a seat, a supporting structure for supporting the backrest and the seat, and a base support. The supporting structure, the seat and the backrest are each pivotably mounted to permit the supporting structure, the seat and the backrest to each tilt over a predetermined range.
Boss Design Limited


Tray table apparatus

A tray table apparatus including a tray table and a tray table support assembly coupled to the tray table. The tray table and the tray table support assembly are configured to transition between a stowed position and a deployed position.


Mount for co-locating an access point and an antenna

Mount for an access point and an antenna includes a base for attachment to a mounting structure, the base for attaching thereto an access point; and a tray pivotably attached to the base, the tray for attaching thereto an antenna. The tray is disposed above the base and the tray is positionable at an angle relative to a reference plane..
Tessco Communications Incorporated


Connector housing for an electric plug connector

A connector housing for an electrical connector has a housing body having one or more contact receiving passageways and one or more contact-securing members. Each contact-securing member is pivotably mounted on the housing body about a pivot axis, spaced apart from the pivot axis and extending parallel to the pivot axis, and pivotable about the pivot axis into the contact receiving passageway.
Te Connectivity Germany Gmbh


In-situ load system for calibrating and validating aerodynamic properties of scaled aircraft in ground-based aerospace testing applications

An in-situ load system for calibrating and validating aerodynamic properties of scaled aircraft in ground-based aerospace testing applications includes an assembly having upper and lower components that are pivotably interconnected. A test weight can be connected to the lower component to apply a known force to a force balance.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Adjustable support

An adjustable support, comprising a base, a first tubular member extending upwardly from the base, the first tubular member comprising a first friction lock, a second tubular member arranged in telescoping engagement with the first tubular member, the second tubular member comprising a second friction lock and, a non-abrasive transverse member pivotably arranged on the second tubular member, wherein the first friction lock telescopingly secures the second tubular member within the first tubular member and the second friction lock pivotably secures the transverse member to the second tubular member.. .


Hot environment vane angle measurement

A turbine is provided and includes an outer duct, a turbine casing formed to define a turbine interior, the turbine casing being disposed within the outer duct to define an annulus, a vane element pivotably coupled to the turbine casing via a spindle to extend spanwise into the turbine interior and a sensor element supportively coupled to the outer duct and configured to sense a characteristic of the spindle within the annulus from which a pivot angle of the vane element is derivable.. .
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Mobile drilling rig

A drilling rig may include a pair of main beams supportable by a pair of rails, a substructure, an a-frame secured to the main beams, and a mast pivotably secured to the main beams and configured to lay down in a pre-erected stage. The substructure may include a plurality of pivoting legs, a drill floor having a plurality of spreaders pivotably supported by the plurality of pivoting legs, and a plurality of drill floor subassemblies supported by the plurality of spreaders.
Dreco Energy Services Ulc


Automated bobbin exchanger device

In an automated bobbin-exchanger device (3), a guide groove (6) which is provided on a vertical transfer base (5) has a horizontal portion (6a), a vertical portion (6c) and an arcuate portion (6b). A bobbin chuck (18) reciprocally moves pivotably along the guide groove (6) to make a travel distance minimum, thus enabling users to quickly exchange the bobbin case (12).
Kinoshita Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


Protective cover

A kick scooter includes a steering tube; a deck including a support tube on a top at a front end, the support tube being pivotably secured to the steering tube, two bossed holes on an underside, two through holes in front of the bossed holes, a recess at the front end, and a mounting member disposed in the recess; an axle secured to the steering tube through the mounting member; a rear wheel rotatably connected to the deck; two front wheels rotatably connected to two ends of the axle respectively; and a protective cover including two first bossed holes on an underside and releasably secured to the bossed holes of the deck, two second bossed holes on the underside and releasably secured to the through holes of the deck, and a through hole with the support tube secured thereto. The protective cover is replaceable..


Disassociated articulating display device for a vehicle interior

A display system for a vehicle includes a display device, a pivot coupling and an electronically controlled locking arrangement. The display device includes a screen and a housing.


Handheld drive device

A handheld device for rotating a drive shaft including a housing comprising a handle extending from a gear housing; a first shaft that extends rotatably through the housing; a first drive gear secured to the first shaft; a trigger pivotably connected to the first shaft to position the trigger adjacent to the handle, wherein the movement of the trigger rotates the first shaft and first drive gear; a second shaft gear in contact with the first drive gear and supported on a second shaft that extends rotatably through the housing; a second drive gear positioned on the second shaft; a third shaft gear in contact with the second drive gear and supported on a slidable third shaft that extends rotatably through the housing and is slidable in the housing and the third shaft gear remains in contact with the second drive gear when slid and a third forward gear attached to the slidable third shaft on one side of the third shaft gear; a third reverse gear attached to the slidable third shaft on the other side of the third shaft gear;. .


Reversible ratchet wrench

A reversible ratchet wrench includes a body rotatably receiving a driving member, slideably receiving a pawl, and pivotably receiving a switch button. A pressing member and an elastic element are received in a pressing member receptacle in the switch button.


Full body multidirectional exercise apparatus and method therefor

A multidirectional exercise apparatus is disclosed. The multidirectional exercise apparatus has a center bar and two handles pivotably coupled at opposite ends of the center bar.


Standing frame

An apparatus is disclosed as having, for example, a frame, a support assembly, and a pivot joint pivotably connected to the frame and the support assembly for positioning in a plurality of modes including, for example, a user in supine, standing, and/or prone positions. The apparatus may be positioned within various ranges that include supine and prone modes without re-configuring the apparatus..
Invacare Corporation


Surgical rod scorer and use of the same

A surgical rod scorer is provided. The surgical rod scorer includes a pair of elongated shaft members that are pivotably coupled to one another and movable from a spaced-apart configuration to an approximated configuration.
K2m, Inc.


Endoscopic instrument

Endoscopic instrument having a shaft extending between a proximal end and a distal end along a longitudinal direction, wherein a working section on the distal end and an actuating element on the proximal end are operatively connected by a thrust element extending along the longitudinal direction, wherein the working section has a jaw piece with first and second jaw parts, which jaw piece is arranged pivotably on a jaw part holder, which is arranged in the shaft so as to be displaceable along the longitudinal direction and rotatable about the longitudinal direction and the thrust element is coupled to the jaw piece, wherein the jaw piece, in the closed state, can be retracted into the shaft, and a blocking device is provided in the instrument which is configured to block a retraction of the jaw piece into the shaft in a predefined angle range about the longitudinal direction.. .
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Tilt mechanism for a chair and chair

A tilt mechanism for a chair comprises a base, a first support configured to support a chair seat and a second support configured to support a chair back, the second support is pivotably coupled to the base. A coupling mechanism couples the second support to both the base and the first support.
L&p Property Management Company


Scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus employing the same

A scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus are provided. The scanning apparatus includes a scanner body including a platen on which a document is placed, a platen cover that is pivoted between a closed position where the platen is covered and an open position where the platen cover is separated from the platen, a hinge unit that pivotably connects the platen cover to the main body between the closed position and the open position, an elastic member that provides a first elastic force such that the platen cover does not fall due to a self-weight of the platen cover in a first pivot section, and a damping spring that applies to the platen cover a second elastic force that mitigates a fall impact of the platen cover onto the closed position due to the self-weight of the platen cover in a second pivot section..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Conductor terminal

A conductor terminal (1) having an insulating material housing (2) and having at least one spring-loaded clamping connection (11) in the insulating material housing (2) and also having at least one actuation element (4), which is pivotably accommodated in the insulating material housing (2) and is designed to open in each case at least one associated spring-loaded clamping connection (11), is described. The actuation element (4) has two side wall portions (8a, 8b) which are spaced from one another and at least partially enter the insulating material housing (2) with a pivot bearing region (14) and, opposite said pivot bearing region (14), are connected to each other by a transverse web (5) to form a lever arm.
Wago Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh


Point of sale device

A point of sale device includes a base defining an opening in a top thereof and a through hole in a bottom thereof, a motherboard mounted in the base and comprising a plurality of sockets exposed in the opening to engage with a plurality of cables, and a top cover pivotably attached to the base to shield the opening. The cables extend through the through hole..
Ennoconn Corporation


Gas turbine engine spring mounted manifold

An arcuate panel for a thermal control assembly includes an arcuate panel base, at least one axially extending panel header sealingly attached to a radially outwardly facing surface of the panel base, a plenum therebetween, one or more spray tubes or channels depending radially inwardly from the panel base and in fluid communication with the plenum, and radially outwardly biasing spring means mounted on or attached to the radially inwardly facing surface of the panel base. The panel may include at least one set of clockwise and counter-clockwise hinge wings attached to clockwise and counter-clockwise ends of the panel base, axial positioning means, and circumferential positioning means.
General Electric Company


Web roll handling & loading system

A web roll handling and loading system and methods employ hubs positioned on opposing sides of a roll of web material wound on a hollow tubular core. Hub faces have an annular shape configured to be seated in respective ends of the hollow tubular core.
The Boeing Company


Wiper blade for the cleaning of vehicle windows, and wiper device

A wiper blade for the cleaning of vehicle windows is disclosed. The wiper blade has a body which is connected with a wiper arm by a wiper blade adapter.
Valeo Wischersysteme Gmbh


Detent fitting for a vehicle seat, and vehicle seat

A detent fitting for a motor vehicle seat includes a first fitting part (11) and a relatively rotatable second fitting part (12) and catches (16) guided by one fitting part between a locked state and an unlocked state to lock the detent fitting upon interacting with a gear ring of another fitting part. A third fitting part (74) is pivotably mounted and is lockable with a detent plate (115) fixed to the first fitting part or with the first fitting part by a pawl (80) which is mounted in a hinge point on the third fitting part.
Johnson Controls Components Gmbh & Co. Kg


Variable height vehicle

A system and method for raising and lowering a vehicle. The system includes a four-bar linkage provided for each wheel.
Hagie Manufacturing Company


System and expanding flat-stock precursor material

A base has an end plate adapted to rotate about an axis substantially orthogonal to the base. A first jaw extends from the end plate and is pivotably engaged with the end plate.
Foldedpak, Inc.


Table gym

A table gym that transforms the very source of our sedentary, gluttonous lifestyle—the tables we work and eat at—into a multi-function exerciser, so that every space that has a table can be a gym is provided. The table gym may include a tabletop supported by a support frame, wherein the support frame provides telescoping portions movable from a retracted position to an extended position providing a plurality of inclinations of the tabletop.


Powered roll-in cots having wheel alignment mechanisms

Roll-in cots having wheel alignment mechanisms are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a roll-in cot includes a support frame, a pair of legs pivotably and slidably coupled to the support frame, and a pair of hinge members that are pivotably coupled to the support frame and to one of the legs.
Ferno-washington, Inc.


Container lid for vacuum sealing having locking parts and vacuum-sealed container employing same

Disclosed is a container lid for vacuum sealing which generates negative pressure in the internal space of a container, which is provided by covering the open upper part of a container main body, and seals same. An annular packing is mounted so as to go around the inner surface of a lid main body, and a check valve is mounted in the inner part of the outer surface of the lid main body.
Boru International Co., Ltd.


Multi-panel or segment enclosure for a computing device

A cover for a computing device includes a base segment to support the computing device, and multiple panels that extend from a bottom end of the base segment. Each panel is pivotably coupled to at least one other panel of the multiple panels in order to pivot between at least an extended position and a raised position.
Kobo Inc.


Pivoting mounting of a lighting module for motor vehicles

The present invention concerns a lighting and/or signalling device including at least one lighting and/or signalling module. The module including at least one light source, a heatsink thermally coupled to the light source or sources to cool it or them, and optical means adapted to deflect the light rays from the light source or sources to form a light beam along an optical axis of the module.
Valeo Vision


Adjustable bracket and hub for flexible hose support

An adjustable bracket includes a first bracket portion with a first leg and a first bar element, a second bracket portion with a second leg and a second bar element, and a hub assembly supported on at least one of the first and second bracket portions. The hub assembly can be configured to couple a flexible hose to the adjustable bracket.
Flexhead Industries, Inc.


Lateral junction for use in a well

A technique facilitates creation of and production from a multilateral well. A lateral junction is deployed downhole to a lateral bore via a conveyance, such as a coiled tubing conveyance.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Collapsible structure for vessel having interior sloping wall

A collapsible support structure for assembly inside a vessel having a downwardly and inwardly sloping interior wall includes a base frame including a plurality of pivotably-connected beams and a plurality of base foot modules mounted thereto. The base frame is movable between an expanded configuration for bracing the base foot modules against the vessel, and a collapsed configuration in which the base frame has a width smaller than that of the expanded configuration.
Aluma Systems Inc.


Apparatus for towing a water sports performer

An apparatus for towing a water sports performer includes a first mounting plate, a second mounting plate, and a tower. The first mounting plate is adapted for attachment to a port gunwale of a boat.
Gere Marie Corporation


Folding kick scooter

A folding kick scooter includes a quick release clamp on top of a head tube and including a lever; a neck having a front end secured to the head tube and including two opposite slot members; a footboard having an upwardly bent front portion pivotably secured to the neck and including two front, opposite cavities; a brake member at a rear portion of the footboard; a lock device including a seat in the neck, the seat having a through hole, and a spring biased pin through the slot members to have two ends releasably anchored in the opposite cavities respectively; a cable extending from the lever and passing through the neck and the through hole of the seat to secure to the pin; a brake member including a hole and a slot element communicating with the hole; and a lever fastening device moveably secured to the brake member.. .


Commercial vehicle having a modular body

A vehicle comprises a chassis defining a cabin and a platform for receiving a removable body having a front part, a rear part, two side parts and a bottom having two bearing surfaces for the forks of a handling device, extending mutually parallel and partly defining two forklift pockets, the vehicle comprising a temporary assembly device between the chassis and the body. The body includes two forklift pockets leading to the rear part of the body.


Vehicle seat

A vehicle seat is provided in which a seat main body can be flipped up with a simple structure having high support rigidity. A vehicle seat s includes rail brackets fixed to the vehicle body floor side, support bases pivotably attached to right-left outer side surfaces of the rail brackets, and front support links pivotably attached to right-left inner side surfaces of the rail brackets.
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.


Articulation drive features for surgical stapler

An apparatus comprises a shaft, an end effector, an articulation joint, and an articulation drive assembly. The shaft has a longitudinal axis.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Draper platform with center section and lateral sections arranged laterally to the center section

A draper platform for a combine harvester has a center section attachable to a feed channel of the combine harvester. Lateral sections are arranged laterally on opposite ends of the center section.
Carl Geringhoff Gmbh & Co. Kg


Row unit for agricultural implement

An agricultural row unit for use with a towing frame hitched to a tractor includes an attachment frame adapted to be rigidly connected to the towing frame, a linkage pivotably coupled to the attachment frame, and a row unit frame having a leading end pivotably coupled to the linkage to permit vertical pivoting movement of the row unit frame relative to the attachment frame. A hydraulic cylinder coupled to the attachment frame and the linkage, for urging the row unit frame downwardly toward the soil, includes a movable ram extending into the cylinder, and a hydraulic-fluid cavity within the cylinder for receiving pressurized hydraulic fluid for advancing the ram in a direction that pivots the linkage and the row unit frame downwardly toward the soil.
Dawn Equipment Company


Farm implement with steering tracks

A toolbar implement with steering tracks connects to a tractor and a plurality of row units are connected to the toolbar implement. The toolbar implement contains: (a) a main longitudinal frame; (b) a transverse axle assembly; (c) a lift arm assembly pivotably connected to the frame and pivotably connected to the axle assembly for raising or lowering the frame relative to the axle assembly; (d) a control arm pivotably connected to each end of the axle; (e) a track assembly connected to each spindle; and (f) a steering mechanism extending between the control arms..


Hinge assembly

The disclosure relates to a hinge assembly (70) and a tablet-notebook hybrid computer (10). The hinge assembly (70) comprises a hinge (40) for pivotably connecting a base member (20) of the tablet-notebook hybrid computer (10) to a tablet member (30) of the tablet-notebook hybrid computer (10); an actuator (51) fixed to the hinge (40); and a support member (50) pivotably connected to the tablet member (30) via a pivot shaft (52).
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Tilting coupling device for timepiece

A coupling device for timepieces that includes an entry wheel, a coupling wheel, and a first exit wheel. The coupling wheel is disposed substantially coplanar to the plane of rotation of the entry wheel and of the first exit wheel and is adapted to tilt relative to the plane of rotation to occupy a first coupling position in which the coupling wheel meshes with the first exit wheel and a second coupling position in which the coupling wheel is decoupled from the first exit wheel.
Société Anonyme De La Manufacture D'horlogerie Audemars Piguet & Cie


Tilting pad bearing device

An object is to provide a tilting-pad bearing device whereby it is possible to levitate a rotation shaft with a low supply-oil pressure. A tilting-pad bearing device includes a plurality of bearing pads disposed around a rotation shaft so as to support the rotation shaft rotatably, a support member interposed between the plurality of bearing pads and a bearing housing supporting the plurality of bearing pads, the support member supporting each of the plurality of bearing pads pivotably, and an oil-supply mechanism configured to supply a lubricant oil to at least one oil groove formed on a bearing surface of at least one of the plurality of bearing pads.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.


Device for retaining a sleeve around a mandrel

The present invention relates to a mandrel comprising a radially movable portion (6, 8) and a retaining device for a sleeve (7) having an annular cross-section. Said device comprises a mounting (14), inserted in or built into the mandrel, and a retaining tab (1) pivotably mounted around an axis (3) that is in a direction parallel to the axis of the mandrel and onto said mounting (14).
Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie S.a.


Device having pivotable compartments

A device, which is designed as a compartmented trolley or compartmented rack and which has compartments for accommodating sheet-type objects (glass panes), comprises a base rack (2), on which a plurality of frames (4) projecting upward are arranged. Each of the frames (4) contains rods (5), which are arranged parallel to one another and at a distance from one another in the frame (4).
Lisec Austria Gmbh


Joint distraction system

An external fixation system for adjusting a load occurring at a joint connecting a first bone to a second bone. The external fixation system includes a first bone clamp to connect to the first bone, a second bone clamp to connect to the second bone, and a pivot assembly to operatively connect the first bone clamp and to the second bone clamp.
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc


Suture passing

A surgical device includes a first member, deformable to move a pair of opposing projections toward one another. The projections are received in a pair of opposing openings in a second member, so the first member can pivot relative to the second member about an axis defined by the projections.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Apparatus and system for transporting an item

An apparatus and system are disclosed for transporting an item. The apparatus includes a substantially rigid frame and at least one substantially rigid shoulder support.


Collapsible applicator with hinge

A cosmetic applicator (1) having a core bearing the applicator devices in the form of bristles (6) and/or teeth of a comb, in which the core includes a central body (2) that is preferably also itself occupied by many bristles (6) and/or teeth that are spaced apart directly from it outward; the core includes at least one vane (3a, 3b, . .
Geka Gmbh


Optically transmissive key switch mechanism for display-capable keyboards, keypads, or other user input devices

Key switch mechanisms are typically used for mediating user input to computing devices. A key switch mechanism provides immediate tactile feedback to a user upon user-actuation thereof.
Razer (asia-pacific) Pte. Ltd.


Tensioning rail having an alsi alloy support body

Tensioning rail for tensioning a traction element (3) which slides along on the tensioning rail, the tensioning rail being arranged in a fraction drive of an internal combustion engine and having a support body (1) that is mounted pivotably about a rotation axis (2). Pressure is applied to the distal end of the support body in the direction of the traction element (3) by a tensioning element (4).
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Chain tension sensor

A chain tension sensor for a chain conveyor, the conveyor including a frame and a chain having a plurality of flights. The tension sensor includes a reaction arm and a load sensing pin.
Joy Mm Delaware, Inc.


In-feed for product support conveyor

Conveyor of the type having an endless conveyor belt arranged around two cylinders one cylinder arranged in each end of the conveyor belt, said conveyor belt defining a transport path and a return path, wherein in a first end of the transport path a feeding station is arranged, where said cylinders and said feeding station are arranged on a conveyor carrying structure, and where the endless conveyor belt is made from a plurality of modular belt modules, where adjacent modules in the transport direction are hingely connected and where at least one module has a width, and a length, where the width and length define a plane, and a thickness orthogonal to said plane, such that the basic module is limited by two longitudinal sides, and a front and rear side, where the module comprises one or more upper parts and a lower part, both the one or more upper and lower part(s)being pivotably connectable in use to a forwardly arranged belt module, whereas only the bottom part is connected in use to a rearwardly arranged belt module, and where said one or more upper parts are provided with means projecting below said lower part at least when the one or more upper parts is in the same plane as said lower part; said feeding station arranged on the conveyor's substructure comprises two side walls arranged such that the planes of the walls are parallel to the travelling direction of the conveyor belt and substantially orthogonal to the plane of the conveyor belt's surface, and an end wall spanning between the two walls across the conveyor belt, leaving a gap between the upper surface of the conveyor belt and the lower edge of said end wall.. .
Ammeraal Beltech Modular A/s


Pallet having adjustable posts

A pallet including a base and a plurality of adjustable posts, each adjustable post disposed on a corner of the base. Each post includes a base segment, a knuckle and a post extension.


Mountain bicycle with rear suspension having neutral braking trajectory

A rear wheel suspension system pivotably attached to a bicycle. The suspension system has an upper link attached to a main frame at a first pivot point, and a rear stay member attached to the upper link at a second pivot point.
Industries Rad Inc.


Wiper arm

A wiper arm including an arm main body pivotably connected to an arm head is provided in which the rotation angle of the arm main body is appropriately restricted while minimizing changes of the structure of the wiper arm from that of a wiper arm capable capable to be positioned in its locked back condition. A wiper arm 1 includes a retainer 3 capable of retaining a wiper blade, an arm head body 2 connected with the retainer 3 through a connection shaft 14 so that the retainer 3 is rotatable between an operational position and an upright position, and a rotation restricting member 30 pivotally connected through pivot shafts 16 provided on inner surfaces 12a of head arm sections 12 of the arm head body 2.
Nippon Wiper Blade Co., Ltd.


Hitch ball with locking bail

A hitch ball with a locking bail for use with gooseneck hitch assemblies. The hitch ball includes a hitch ball body having a ball-mount on a first end.
B & W Custom Truck Beds, Inc.


Masonry circular saw stabilizing and supporting shoe

A supporting and stabilizing shoe used with a masonry circular power saw. A shoe frame rigidly mounts to the saw's motor frame.


Fixing bracket of reducer for sprinkler

A fixing bracket of a reducer for a sprinkler, the fixing bracket including: a body portion including a bottom wall having a predetermined width and a pair of bather walls which are disposed at both sides of the bottom wall and between which the bottom wall is interposed, wherein an insertion portion through which a reducer is mounted on the body portion, is perforated in a center of the pair of barrier walls; and a coupling portion that is rotatably coupled to one side of the body portion using a hinge shaft, wherein a fastening concave groove is formed in a top end of one side of the bather walls of the body portion, and the coupling portion includes a cover member, a pivoting member that is pivotably coupled to the cover member, and a fastening member that is separably coupled to the pivoting member.. .
Seung Jin Ind. Co., Ltd

Pivotably topics: Alternation, Longitudinal Axis, Tablet Computer, Exercise Device, Transverse, Actuatable, Cable Assembly, Data Center, Pivot Joint, Spring Mechanism, Stabilized Camera Platform, Fiber Optic

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