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Pivotably patents

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Blade-type fluid transmission device

Blade-type fluid transmission device

Fluid mixing system with tiltable support housing

Life Technologies

Fluid mixing system with tiltable support housing

Fluid mixing system with tiltable support housing

Relay for a defibrillator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pivotably-related patents
 Polyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle patent thumbnailPolyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle
A polyaxial bone anchoring device is provided including an anchoring element (1) having a shank (2) for anchoring in the bone and a head (3), the head comprising a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (3a); a receiving part (4) configured to be pivotably connected to said head (3), the receiving part having a first end (4a), a second end (4b), a central axis (c) extending through the first end (4a) and the second end (4b), a channel (42) for receiving a rod (100), an accommodation space (44) for accommodating the head (3), the accommodation space (44) having a lower opening (45) at the second end (4b), and a coaxial passage (41) extending from the first end (4a) into the accommodation space (44), a cap member (6, 6′) that is arranged at least partially in the accommodation space (44), the cap member (6, 6′) having a first portion (61) that is configured to be positioned at least partially around the head (3), wherein the first portion (61) is expandable in the accommodation space (44) to allow insertion of the head (3) and compressible to exert pressure onto the head (3); a sleeve-like insert piece (5) configured to be positioned at least partially around the first portion (61) of the cap member (6, 6), wherein the sleeve-like insert piece (5) comprises a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (51) and is configured to pivot in the receiving part (4).. .
 Blade-type fluid transmission device patent thumbnailBlade-type fluid transmission device
A blade-type fluid transmission device includes a rotor eccentrically located in the room of a stator and the outer periphery of the rotor is tangent to the inner periphery of the room. At least one blade is pivotably connected to stator and movably inserted in at least one slot of the rotor.
 Fluid mixing system with tiltable support housing patent thumbnailFluid mixing system with tiltable support housing
A fluid mixing system that can be used as a bioreactor or fermentor can include a stand and a support housing pivotably mounted to the stand. The support housing bounds a chamber into which a container assembly is removably disposed.
Life Technologies Corporation
 Relay for a defibrillator patent thumbnailRelay for a defibrillator
A relay for a defibrillator, including a support base on which a coil and a contacting unit having a contact assembly are mounted. The contacting unit can be actuated by an armature and at least one additional mechanical connecting link as a result of the electrical excitation of the coil.
 Bicycle with rear drive assembly for elliptical movement patent thumbnailBicycle with rear drive assembly for elliptical movement
A bicycle with a rear drive assembly configured to allow pedal boards to be pivotable while moving in an elliptical trajectory and which allows a cyclist to ride in an erect position is disclosed. A front end of each of the pedal boards is pivotably connected to an end of a crank and each of the pedal boards is connected to or integral with a guide rod extending rearwardly from the pedal board.
Aruanã Energia S/a
 Apparatus and  injection molding patent thumbnailApparatus and injection molding
An apparatus simultaneously operates all split locking nuts of an injection molding machine two-platen clamp unit to engage and disengage the split locking nuts with clamp unit strain rods. Each split locking nut has opposed pivoting nut halves operated by coupling rotation of a rotating member through a predetermined angular range to the nut halves via translating members such as push rods.
 Detachable protective device for a table saw patent thumbnailDetachable protective device for a table saw
A detachable protective device for a table saw includes a cutter board having first and second recesses. The second recess includes a receiving portion having a first width and a neck having a second width smaller than the first width.
 Switching roller finger follower with end stops in secondary arms patent thumbnailSwitching roller finger follower with end stops in secondary arms
A switching roller finger follower including: a housing including first and second walls; a first secondary arm pivotably connected to the housing and including a first groove; a second secondary arm pivotably connected to the housing and including a second groove; and a roller disposed between the first and second walls and including an axle passing through the walls and having a first end disposed in the first groove and a second end disposed in the second groove. A method of fabricating a switching roller finger follower, including: disposing a roller between first and second walls for a housing; passing an axle through the roller and the walls; pivotably connecting first and second secondary arms to the housing; disposing a first end of the axle in a first groove in the first arm; and disposing a second end of the axle in a second groove in the second arm..
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg
 Variable speed control  walk behind working machine patent thumbnailVariable speed control walk behind working machine
Variable speed control systems and methods for walk-behind working machines, such as lawnmowers and similar powered machines, can include a control system base, a handle having a recess formed in an edge thereof, a control lever including a lever arm that is pivotably attached to the control system base and includes a grip portion, and a control connector connected between the control lever and a machine component. The control lever can be selectively pivotable with respect to the control system base between a first angular position at which the grip portion of the control lever is spaced apart from the handle to control the machine component to be in a first operating state and a second angular position at which at least a portion of the grip portion is positioned within the recess of the handle to control the machine component to be in a second operating state..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd
 Electrosurgical devices patent thumbnailElectrosurgical devices
In various embodiments, a surgical instrument is disclosed. In one embodiment, the surgical instrument comprises a handle, a shaft assembly extending distally from the handle; and an end effector coupled to a distal end of the shaft assembly.

Breakage prevention mechanism of transfer apparatus and transfer apparatus using thereof

A breakage prevention mechanism is configured to prevent deformation or breakage of a crossbar and transfer the work even in the condition where a pair of left and right arm supporting the both end of the cross bar is displaced beyond assumption. The breakage prevention mechanism is equipped with a pair of arms which is synchronized and moves approximately parallel, and a crossbar bridged between the top end of the arms.

Bus duct with a curved viewing window assembly

A curved viewing window assembly for an electrical assembly or conductor that has a non-flat curved surface such as an isophase bus duct or electrical motor housing having a curved cross-sectional shape, includes a curved lens assembly that includes a lens section is disposed between a curved front grille and a curved rear grille and is transparent to infrared (ir), ultraviolet (uv), or visible light. The curved lens assembly is attached to a primary aperture that is disposed through a curved wall of the bus duct at a point proximate to the location in which electrical equipment or components within the bus duct is to be monitored.

Material panel dolly and workstation

Disclosed is a drywall sheet and large panel dolly. The device comprises a lower portion having two sets of lockable caster wheels pivotably attached thereto, and an upper portion adapted to support large drywall panels, plywood sheets, lumber, and other supplies thereon.

Kitchen organizer

An organizer station for conveniently organizing and retaining a plurality of essential tools in provided. The organizer station may comprise a cabinet base defining a compartment space, wherein a front portion of the cabinet base forms an access opening to the compartment space; a plurality of hooks provided by the cabinet base; a cabinet top provided by the cabinet base; a cookbook stand pivotably mounted to the cabinet top so that the cookbook stand pivots to a visually accessible position and a prone position; at least one door pivotably mounted along the access opening so as to be positionable in an open position and a closed position encasing the compartment space; at least one door shelf operably attached along each door; a plurality of storage components housed within the compartment space; and a plurality of sub-compartment spaces defined by the compartment spaces and the plurality of storage components..

Dispensing cap

A dispensing cap including a closure having a top pivotably mounted to a base by a hinge. The closure is rotatably mounted to a ring.

Device for storing and displaying wigs

A wig case that supports and displays multiple wigs includes a container that is defined by a first portion and a second portion that are pivotably connected to one another. The first portion and the second portion of the container cooperate with one another to define a cavity shaped to accommodate multiple wigs.

Continuous track system

Continuously tracked vehicles such as tippers and bulldozers endure stresses and strains and it is desirable to reduce these stresses to extend their efficiency and life. A continuous track system is provided, comprising: a support structure supporting at least one jockey wheel and at least two tensioner wheels for supporting a track; two tensioners, one end of each tensioner being pivotably connected to the support structure, the two tensioner wheels being rotatably connected to an opposite end, for inducing tension in the track, wherein an axle of each tensioner wheel is pivotably connected by a link member to an axle of an adjacent jockey wheel; a controller for controlling the tensioners, wherein the controller maintains tension in the track by controlling the tensioners; a drive sprocket for rotation of the track; and a slew ring for attaching the support structure to a chassis of the vehicle..

Binder clip

Embodiments are disclosed that relate to binder clips. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a binder clip comprising a generally triangular clamp including a first side between a mouth and a first vertex, a second side between the mouth and a second vertex, a third side between the first vertex and the second vertex, a first wing extending away from the mouth to a first wing end, and a second wing extending away from the mouth to a second wing end such that the first wing and the second wing are substantially coplanar.

Instrument holder and grip for a medical, particularly a surgical, instrument

An instrument holder and grip for detachably connecting to a medical instrument, which has a basic body with a grip section and a connecting section for connecting to the medical instrument. A locking means movable from a release position into a locking position is provided in the connecting section for locking the medical instrument on the connecting section.
Waldemar Link Gmbh & Co. Kg

Pull-down shelf for furniture

A furniture pull-down shelf has first and second opposed lateral webs delimiting a shelf receptacle. First and second pairs of pivot levers are pivotably secured on first and second opposed furniture sidewalls and on the first and second lateral webs and define first and second four-bar linkages.
Kesseböhmer Holding E.k.

Filtration of liquid coolants

A coolant for a machine is filtered by passing some of the coolant into a discharge tube having an opening, the discharge tube supporting a filter bag. Coolant flowing into the discharge tube flows out of the tube through the opening, and then through the bag, and the filtered fluid is recirculated.

Subsurface formation cutter

The present invention is a subsurface formation cutter for directional cutting into a subterranean formation. The subsurface formation cutter includes a transmission unit, a cutter bit, a bit brace, and a ram unit.

Combination of motorbike and fire distinguishing device

A mobile fire distinguishing device includes a motorbike having a base connected to a rear end thereof, and a foam-type fire distinguishing device is connected to the base. Two support units extend from two sides of the base respectively and each support unit has a retractable support rod.

Methods and high frequency pulmonary ventilation

Pulmonary ventilator methods and systems are provided winch include a housing having a user interface control panel; a pneumatic circuit for delivering a high frequency pressure wave from the housing to a patient lung; a variable volume disposed within the housing including a stationary plate secured to the housing and a reciprocating plate pivotably mounted with respect to the stationary plate; and a magnet assembly disposed within the housing and configured to pivot the reciprocating plate. The variable volume may also include a resiliently contractible section extending between and joining a portion of the stationary plate and a portion of the reciprocating plate, wherein the resiliently contractible section may be in the form of a bellows and/or a pleated material..

System and silent anti-rollback for track mounted vehicles

An anti-rollback apparatus includes a lock arm, a rod, a pawl, a wheel, and a one-way bearing. The rod member is pivotably coupled to the lock arm and the pawl and one-way bearing are coupled to the rod member.
S&s Worldwide, Inc.

Automatic stir-fryer

Disclosed is an automatic stir-fryer comprising: a machine stand (1); a base (2) pivotably provided on the machine stand (1); a rotary shaft (211) providing rotary power and connected to a stir-frying rotary tank (22) containing foodstuffs; a stove unit (3) disposed on the base (2) and situated right below the stir-frying rotary tank (22); a tilting unit (4) pivotably disposed on the base (2); a receiving tank (5) provided in the machine stand (1) for receiving the cooked foodstuffs; a cleaning unit (6) assembled on the machine stand (1) and corresponding to the stir-frying rotary tank (22) after tilting by the tilting unit (4) for water cleaning the stir-frying rotary tank (22); a control unit (8) vertically disposed on the machine stand (1) and provided with an control panel (81) for controlling the operating time of the automatic stir-fryer and the temperature of the stove unit (3).. .

Ratchet screwdriver

A ratchet screwdriver includes a mounting seat, a fixing ring, a control member, a driving shaft, four pawls and four springs. The mounting seat has a space, two first slots and two second slots.


A wrench includes a first part having a first pivotal portion, a first recess and a first hole, a second part having a second pivotal portion, a second recess and a second hole, and a third part which is received in the first and second recesses. The third part has third, fourth and fifth holes, and a control slot.

Apparatus for converting motion

An assembly for converting motion, the assembly comprising a first arm rotatable about a first fixed pivot; a second arm rotatable about a second fixed pivot, the second fixed pivot spaced apart from the first fixed pivot; a third arm pivotably connected to the second arm; a first connecting arm extending between the first arm and the third arm, the first connecting arm pivotably connected to the first arm spaced and pivotably connected to the third arm; and a second connecting arm extending between the first arm and the second arm, the second connecting arm pivotably connected to the first arm and pivotably connected to the second arm. The assembly finds use in supporting and moving components of a building.
Ten Fold Engineering Limited

Dryer lint collection system

An automatic lint filter cleaning and lint collection system for a laundry dryer. The apparatus comprises a lint filter pivot chamber, a lint collection chamber, a lint filter housing pivotably mounted between the pivot chamber and collection chamber, a flange between the pivot chamber and collection chamber wherein the filter housing is biased into abutment with the flange, a lint collection container, an auger rotatably mounted within the collection chamber, and a drive assembly operably connected to the lint filter housing and auger.

Method for controlling an articulated turntable ladder of a rescue vehicle

The present invention relates to a method for controlling an articulated turntable ladder (12) of a rescue vehicle (10) wherein the ladder (12) comprises a plurality of telescopically extendable ladder parts (14) by including a tip ladder part (18) pivotable around a horizontal first pivot axis (28) by means of a first pivoting drive. The ladder further comprises a cage (22) connected to the free end of the tip ladder part (18) to be pivoted around a second pivot axis (30) by means of a second pivoting drive.
Iveco Magirus Ag

Brace and tension springs for a brace

A brace for augmenting extension of a user's limb about a joint comprises an upper arm pivotably attached to a lower arm. At least one compression element is attached to at least one of the upper and lower arms, and a substantially inelastic tensioning element is affixed to the other of the upper and lower arms over at least one tensioning member.
Spring Loaded Technology Incorporated

Self-closing door apparatus

A door retention system for an infant care device includes a plurality of links pivotably coupling a door with an infant care device, and an energy storage device secured to at least one of the links. The energy storage device is configured to apply a force tending to open the door exclusively when the door is in close proximity to a fully-open position.
General Electric Company

Inflatable aerodynamic drag reducing device

The present invention is directed towards an aerodynamic drag reducing device for an articulated road vehicle; the articulated road vehicle comprising a tractor unit and a trailer unit, with the trailer tractor unit pivotably connectable to the tractor unit such that a gap is formed intermediate the tractor unit and the trailer unit when the trailer unit is connected to the tractor unit; the aerodynamic drag reducing device comprising an inflatable enclosure (2)attached to a support framework (10); the support framework (10) being mountable on a rearward facing portion of the tractor unit or on a forward facing portion of the trailer unit, so as to retain the inflatable enclosure (2) in the gap intermediate the tractor unit and the trailer unit; the inflatable enclosure (2) being made of a flexible material; wherein, the inflatable enclosure (2) comprises an outer wall (3) and an inner wall (4) spaced apart and defining an air-receiving cavity therebetween; and, the outer wall (3) and inner wall (4) being curved respectively so that the air-receiving cavity defined therebetween comprises a substantially semi-annular transverse cross-section. The purpose of the aerodynamic drag reducing device is to reduce the aerodynamic drag and hence result in a more fuel efficient articulated road vehicle.

Rear mounted vehicle seat suspension

A seat suspension system for a vehicle comprising a system frame, an elongated seat bracket having one end pivotably mounted to said system frame and the opposite end adapted to support a seat, and a dampening device attached between said system frame and a location on said seat bracket between said one end and said opposite end thereof.. .
Sears Manufacturing Co.

Cable transport device

A cable transport device having a pivotably mounted cable transporter, a first drive means connected in a stationary manner to a base frame and intended for achieving an exactly defined pivot movement of the cable transporter around a pivot axis and a second drive means for synchronous driving of at least two cooperating pressure rollers. The second drive means with a drive axle for the pressure rollers is connected in a stationary manner to the base frame, and the drive axle of the second drive means coincides with the pivot axis for the cable transporter.
Schleuniger Holding Ag

Securing device for on bicycle carry rack

A securing device includes a base, a positioning member and a belt. The positioning member has a lever pivotably connected thereto and an insertion hole is defined between the inside of the lever and the positioning member.
King Rack Industrial Co., Ltd.

Collapsible bicycle rack with an extension set

The invention relates to a foldable bicycle carrier (1) which serves for the transport of one or several bicycles, with an extension set (11), in which the bicycle carrier (1) presents bicycle-carrier-fixed positioning areas (8) for running wheels of the bicycles, and each time two positioning areas (8a 8b, 8b or 8c, 8d) are assigned to a bicycle, wherein the positioning areas (8) of the bicycle carrier (1) for folding are pivotable around at least one pivoting axis (st), and the extension set (11) is detachably applied at the bicycle carrier (1) and presents a first positioning area (18a) and a second positioning area (18b) separated from the first positioning area (18a), which are assigned to the running wheels of a further bicycle, and the two parts of the extension set (11) comprising the positioning areas (18a; 18b) are applied at the collapsible area of the bicycle carrier (1) detachably and pivotably forwards and backwards in direction of the bicycle-carrier-fixed positioning areas (8), in which the bicycle carrier (1) is collapsible together with the mounted, pivoted forwards extension set (11), wherein the pivotable bearing of the two parts of the extension set (11) each time presents a first bearing place (l1) and a second bearing place (l2), in which an element pivotably supported in both bearings (l1, l2) depending on relative position makes possible tensioning the corresponding part of the extension set (11) with the bicycle carrier (1) in the pivoted forwards position, as well as tensioning the corresponding part of the extension set (11) with the bicycle carrier (1) in the pivoted back position as well as a pivoting the corresponding part of the extension set (11) as to the load carrier (1), the bearings (l1, l2) being off-centre towards each other.. .
I-racks Gmbh

Suspension system for tracked vehicles

A suspension system for a tracked vehicle includes support wheels arranged on opposite sides of the vehicle which are rotatably journalled at an outer end of a respective rocker arm, which is pivotably journalled in the side of a vehicle chassis of the vehicle, which rocker arm includes a pivot axle, which extends transversely to the longitudinal extension of the vehicle. A torsion element in the shape of a rubber bushing is rotationally fixed to the pivot axle and which rubber bushing is enclosed by and fixedly connected to an outer bushing sleeve arranged to be fixedly fastened in the side of the vehicle chassis.
Bae Systems Hägglunds Aktiebolag

Transmission electronic shifter with dual mechanical detents

An electronic shifter assembly can include a shift lever assembly and a dual mechanical detent system. The shift lever assembly can include a shift lever and a pivot base that is pivotably coupled to a base of the electronic shifter assembly.

Transmission electronic shifter with adjustable damped friction clutch

An electronic shifter can include a base, a shift lever assembly, a detent system and a clutch system. The shift lever assembly can include a pivot base having a coupling member.

Flexible row crop header for an agricultural harvester

A row crop header for a harvester having a subframe removably coupleable to a feeder housing of the harvester. A pivot assembly is supported by the subframe permitting first and second header sections to pivotably move between raised and lowered positions together or independently of the other.

Shower door assembly

A shower door assembly includes a wall member, a door and a hinge assembly. The wall member is configured to be coupled to a fixed portion of a bathing enclosure.
Kohler Co.

Percutaneous bone graft delivery system and method

A bone graft delivery system includes a bone graft injector and an access portal. The access portal may include a handle having a first arm pivotably connected to, and biased away from, a second arm.
Stryker Spine

Surgical forceps with bifurcated flanged jaw components

A forceps includes an end effector assembly having first and second jaw members. Each jaw member includes a bifurcated proximal flange extending therefrom defining first and second spaced-apart flange components.
Covidien Lp

Server cabinet

A server cabinet includes a cabinet, a fan module, and two fixing members. The cabinet includes a rear panel defining an opening.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Propulsion system nacelle with reduced number of external split lines

A cowl for use in a nacelle is provided. The nacelle at least partially surrounds an engine that extends circumferentially about an axially-extending engine centerline.
Rohr, Inc.

Seat-mounted supports for personal electronic devices, and associated systems and methods

The present technology relates generally to seat-mounted supports for personal electronic devices (“peds”), and associated systems and methods. Particular embodiments are directed to tablet or smartphone supports for mounting on an airplane seat.
Aerocents, Llc

Adjustable height furniture and method

An adjustable height chair has a pair of side frames and a seat frame with two seat/backrest portions secured together, with the seat frame pivotably mounted in the side frames. The chair height is changed by rotating the side frames in a direction opposite to the rotation of the seat frame, so that a seat panel which previously served as a platform to sit on becomes a backrest, and vice-versa.

Foldable stroller and frame assembly

A foldable stroller has a frame reconfigurable between an unfolded and a folded configuration. The frame has left and right sides, each having a fold joint, a handle push arm slidably coupled to the fold joint, a front leg substantially parallel to the push arm with an upper end connected to the fold joint, a rear leg pivotably extending down from the fold joint, and a drive link with a rear end pivotally coupled to the rear leg and a front end pivotally coupled to a lower end of the push arm.
Graco Children's Products Inc.

Leg lifting mechanism for table saw

A leg lifting mechanism for a table saw including a circular saw blade extending upward from an upper cutting surface, and a base mounted under a stand, the base having first and second leg assemblies, a first wheel assembly pivotably secured to the first leg assembly, and at least two second wheel assemblies secured to the second leg assembly is provided with a foot pedal including two side flanks pivotably secured to the first leg assembly, each of the side flanks having a straight edge and a cam edge. Clockwise rotation of the foot pedal about the first wheel assembly inward moves the cam edges on top of the first wheel assembly until portions of the straight edges grappingly engage the top of the first wheel assembly and portions of the first and second leg assemblies are lifted above the supporting surface..

Shift lever assembly for automatic transmission vehicle and assembling method thereof

A shift lever assembly and assembling method for an automatic transmission vehicle may include a shift lever housing including divided components to be assembled, a shift lever, when assembled, one end of which is disposed in the divided components and connected pivotably to one or more of the divided components and the other end of which is arranged to protrude outside through a range hole formed in one of the divided components, and a plurality of elastic pins that are fitted cooperatively into the divided components when assembled to connect integrally the divided components.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Vehicle for performance

A vehicle for performances comprises a roof, a floor, and a roof lifting member that is disposed in an orthogonal direction between the floor and the roof. Also, roof extension panels are pivotably coupled to both sides of the upper end of the roof, and floor extension panels are pivotably disposed at both sides of the floor.

Cleaning brush for motorcycles

An elongated hollow handle member adapted to allow water to pass therethrough; a core member movably attached to a distal end of the hollow handle member, the core member including a nozzle portion having one end pivotably attached to the distal end of the hollow handle member and including a single hole at an opposite end from the one end and adapted to allow the water to be ejected therefrom. A looped wire member attached to an outer surface of the nozzle portion, and a plurality of bristles attached upon a substantial portion of the looped wire member, such that when water is ejected from the nozzle portion it passes into and through the bristles..

Electric bed structure

An electric bed includes a base and an upper body adjustment unit is pivotably connected to a top portion of the base. A head support frame is pivotably connected to the upper body adjustment unit.

Electropneumatic towing stabilizer system

An automatic stability control system is provided which determines the lateral acceleration and lateral velocity of a towed trailer and forward velocity of the tow vehicle. When the lateral acceleration and/or velocity of the towed trailer exceeds predetermined values established for the current forward velocity of the tow vehicle, the stability system meters a gas, such as compressed air, from a gas reservoir into at least one cylinder of a pair of buffer arms each comprising a piston that is pivotably attached to the towed trailer and a cylinder which is pivotably attached to the tow vehicle.

Computer keyboard

An adjustable keyboard includes a first keying module situated pivotably with respect to the second keying module for providing a keyboard having improved ergonomics and comfort, and promoting improved productivity of a user. In one embodiment, the first and the second keying modules are pivotably mounted on a base assembly having fixed opposing tenting angles.
Kinesis Corporation

Frame arrangement of a motor vehicle body

A frame arrangement of a motor vehicle body accommodates at least a windshield and has a cowl frame part that runs in a transverse direction of the motor vehicle on an upper side of the windshield. At least one pivotably mounted wind deflector is mounted at the cowl frame part and is movable by a drive device.
Dr. Ing.h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Machine suspension and height adjustment

An assembly for supporting a vehicle chassis on a wheel of the vehicle includes a frame pivotably connected to the vehicle chassis at a connection location and a wheel attachment component slidingly coupled with the frame. The wheel attachment component is positioned on a first side of the connection location and is configured to pivot in unison with the frame and to move between a plurality of operating positions relative to the frame.
Agco Corporation

Auto-resetting shooting target system

A portable target apparatus. The portable target apparatus including a base defining a interior space, an articulating armature pivotably coupled to the base and configured to mount one or more facer, a motor housed within the interior space and operably coupled to the articulating armature, a power source housed within the interior space and capable of selectively powering the motor according to one or more control functions, a microprocessor and a memory housed within the interior space, the memory configured to store the one or more control functions, and a control module housed within the interior space and capable of executing the one or more motor control functions stored in the memory..

Bicycle training handle

A bicycle riding training handle is provided that is operably attachable to the post of a bicycle seat without removing the same. The assembly utilizes a quick connect cam locking means that secures around the outer portion of the seat post, wherefrom the elongated handle curves upward and backward toward a standing user.

Tremor reduction system and device

A tremor reduction device is disclosed. The tremor reduction device has a mechanical flap having a flap portion arranged to apply pressure on part of an inner arm in order to reduce tremor.

Carriage assembly for toner cartridge loading having a hold-down feature

A carriage assembly according to one example embodiment includes a cradle pivotably mounted on a base. The cradle has a cartridge storage area sized to receive and hold a toner cartridge.
Lexmark International, Inc.

Rear spoiler system for a vehicle

A rear spoiler device (10) for a vehicle (1) has at least one rear door (8, 9), wherein the rear spoiler device (10) has at least one side spoiler (16, 17) with at least one side air guide element (32), which can be moved between a driving position for contour extension and aerodynamic air guidance when the rear door (8, 9) is closed, and a base position when the rear door (8, 9) is open. The side spoiler (16, 17) furthermore has a swing arm (30) with a first pivot joint (31) for pivotable fixation to the rear door (8, 9), the side air guide element (32) is mounted pivotably on the swing arm (30) via at least one second pivot joint (34), and the side air guide element (32) has a locking arrangement on its front end region (32a) for releasable and lockable fixation to the truck (1)..

Television monitor combination stand and wall mount

A combination television monitor stand and wall mount is presented. The combination stand and mount has an assembly of parts that can be assembled into two different configurations.
Bby Solutions, Inc.

Display location

A method and apparatus are disclosed for locating a display of a self-service terminal (sst) at a desired viewing angle. The apparatus comprises a display support that supports a display of a self-service terminal (sst) and that is pivotably mounted at an edge region thereof to the terminal; a variable length member that connects a further region of the display support to the terminal; and a motor that selectively varies the length of the member, the edge region and further region being spaced apart to tilt the display at a viewing angle responsive to the length of the variable length member..
Ncr Corporation

Supporter assembly and related display device

The present invention provides a supporter assembly and a related display device. The display panel includes a first connecting portion.
Top Victory Investments Ltd.

Toy racetrack with moveable loop portion

Disclosed is a toy racetrack having a toy vehicle launching section that, in a first configuration of the racetrack, launches a toy vehicle toward and through the open, central portion of a loop track section, preferably to impact a target, and in a transformed configuration of the racetrack, launches a toy vehicle through the track portion of the loop track section and preferably toward a catch tray. Two loop track sections are pivotably mounted to a tower, and target flags may be pivotably mounted to a loop section mounting block positioned at the top of the tower.
Mattel, Inc.

Apparatus for storing and dispensing baby bottle nipples and collars

An apparatus for storing both clean and used baby bottle nipples and collars includes a transparent cylindrical tubular member with a first open end and a second open end, a first nipple-shaped cap pivotably mounted to the first open end, a second cap pivotably mounted to the second open end, and a flexible insert with a nipple-shaped member having a concave side wall affixed to the bottom of the nipple-shaped member, the concave side wall having a top portion and a bottom portion both slidably in contact with the interior of the cylindrical tubular member, the top and bottom portions of the concave side wall able to provide a seal between the side wall and the cylindrical tubular member that prevents a cross-contamination between the clean bottle nipples and collars stored above the flexible insert and the used bottle nipples and collars stored below the insert.. .

Lifting door assembly and door lintel sealing device therefor

The present invention relates to a lifting door assembly (1a), in particular a clean room door assembly, comprising a lifting door (2) which has a door leaf (3), an end plate (4), and a door leaf accommodating device (5). The lifting door assembly (1a) also contains a door lintel sealing device (20a) which is provided in the area of a door lintel in such a way that the door lintel sealing device produces a sealing effect between the lifting door (2) and the door lintel.
Efaflex Inzeniring D.o.o. Ljubljana

Swing closure for doors, windows or the like

A swing closure element (1), comprising: —a fixed structure (10) rigidly constrainable to an opening (11) of a door or window or the like, —a first movable wing (20) constrained to said fixed structure (10) by a first hinge constraint (21) so as to be pivotable about a first rotation axis (z1), according to a predetermined opening rotation direction (w1), —a second movable wing (30) constrained to said first wing by said second hinge constraint (31) so as to be pivotable with respect to the first wing (20) about a second rotation axis (z2), the first and the second wing (20, 30) being movable between a first closed configuration wherein they are coplanarly arranged to close the opening (11) and a second open configuration, —an articulated, quadrilateral mechanism (50, 50′) connected to the fixed structure (10) and to the second wing (30) comprising at least one stiffening member (61, 61′, 62, 62′) pivotably constrained to said first wing (20) and to a movable member (53, 53′) of said mechanism (50, 50′) connected to the fixed structure (10) and to said second movable wing (30).. .
Celgon S.r.l.

Automatic shooting ribbon dispenser

A ribbon dispenser includes a body with a front cover. A cylinder is rotatably located in the body and has multiple chambers in which ribbons are received.

Hinge for a furniture part and item of furniture

A hinge for a movable furniture part which is accommodatable on a furniture body of an item of furniture, wherein the hinge displays a first attachment part which, via an articulation mechanism, is pivotably connected to a second attachment part, wherein the articulation mechanism comprises articulation levers, and wherein a further lever which acts on a damper assembly of the hinge and which is pivotably accommodated by way of a separate axle, and, in the case of a pivoting movement according to the intended use of the hinge, is temporarily engaged on a guide portion on the hinge, wherein the further lever, prior to an engaging operation, assumes a predetermined ready position from which the further lever engages on the guide portion.. .
Grass Gmbh & Co. Kg

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Pivotably topics: Alternation, Longitudinal Axis, Tablet Computer, Exercise Device, Transverse, Actuatable, Cable Assembly, Data Center, Pivot Joint, Spring Mechanism, Stabilized Camera Platform, Fiber Optic

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