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Heat exchanger

Pole carrying device and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pipes-related patents
 Non-melt and partial melt type entrained flow bed gasifier patent thumbnailnew patent Non-melt and partial melt type entrained flow bed gasifier
The present invention relates to a cylindrical non-melt and partial melt type entrained flow bed gasifier with one or more burners mounted on the top thereof for supplying pulverized raw coal and oxidizer thereto, wherein each of the burners comprises three or four pipes so as to form a central supplying line for injecting the pulverized coal with a carrier gas into the gasifier, a primary oxidizer annular region around the central supplying line having a plurality of primary oxidizer supplying bores for injecting primary oxidizer vertically or at an angle to the injection region of the pulverized coal supplied through the central supplying line so as to direct the pulverized coal to the central region, and an outer cooling annular region around the primary oxidizer annular region for flowing cooling water, which is operated preferably at a temperature range of 1,250˜1,450° c., or of 1,150˜1,500° c. According to the properties of the coal.
 Pole carrying device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Pole carrying device and method
A pole carrying device and method of using the pole carrying device is disclosed, wherein the pole carrying device is designed to carry and maneuver poles or pipes in a safe and easily controlled manner. In one example, the pole carrying device comprises a main beam that is supported by a wheel assembly, wherein the wheel assembly comprises two wheels.
 Ventilated system for storing high level radioactive waste patent thumbnailnew patent Ventilated system for storing high level radioactive waste
A ventilated system for storing high level radioactive waste, such as used nuclear fuel, in a below-grade environment, in one embodiment, the invention is a ventilated system comprising an air-intake shell and a plurality of storage shells that are interconnected by a network of pipes configured to achieve double redundancy and/or improved air delivery. In another embodiment, the invention is a ventilated system that utilizes a mass of low level radioactive waste contained in a hermetically sealed enclosure cavity, the low level radioactive waste providing radiation shielding for high level radioactive waste stored in a storage cavity of said ventilated system..
 Bundle tie with head dampener patent thumbnailnew patent Bundle tie with head dampener
An apparatus according to the present invention provides a bundle tie including a head dampener. The tie generally comprises a strap and a tie head coupled to the strap.
 High capacity control valve patent thumbnailnew patent High capacity control valve
A high capacity fluid control valve includes a valve body having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet connected by a flow corridor, a valve seat disposed within the flow corridor the valve seat being located above a longitudinal axis of a flow pipes connected to the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet, and a valve plug disposed within the flow corridor, the valve plug cooperating with the valve seat to control fluid flow through the valve body. The valve seat is offset from the longitudinal axis of the flow pipes in a direction towards the valve plug..
 Spacecraft east-west radiator assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Spacecraft east-west radiator assembly
A heat transfer assembly for a spacecraft is disclosed. The assembly includes an equipment panel having an east end and a west end.
 Method and system for controlling treatment of effluent from seawater flue gas scrubber patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for controlling treatment of effluent from seawater flue gas scrubber
A seawater oxidation basin system (42) for treating effluent seawater is described. The effluent seawater is generated in the removal of sulfur dioxide from a process gas by contacting the process gas containing sulfur dioxide with seawater.
 Heat exchanger patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of heat exchanger units, each of which including header pipes (4,6) disposed in parallel to each other, a plurality of tubes (8) communicating with the header pipes and being disposed between the header pipes, fins (10) disposed between adjacent tubes, wherein a core portion (12) of the heat exchanger unit (2) is configured with the tubes and the fins layered therebetween; wherein the plurality of heat exchanger units are disposed in a direction that the tubes and the fins are arranged; and wherein the heat exchanger includes: fitting portions (16,18) which connect respective end portions (4a, 6a) of the header pipes of the heat exchanger units that are adjacent to each other, and side plates (20,22,40,42,46,48) which connect opposing end portions (12a) of respective core portions of the heat exchanger units that are adjacent to each other.. .
 Dishwasher and method of controlling the same patent thumbnailnew patent Dishwasher and method of controlling the same
A dishwasher according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a tub forming a dishwashing space; a plurality of wash arms disposed in the tub and spraying wash water; a plurality of wash arm pipes connected with the wash arms, respectively, and supplying wash water; a reusing pipe diverging from at least any one of the wash arm pipes; and a reusing section storing wash water supplied from the reusing pipe.. .
 Module for a heat pump patent thumbnailnew patent Module for a heat pump
The invention relates to a module for a heat pump, comprising an adsorption-desorption region, wherein in the region a bundle of pipes through which fluid can flow is arranged and a housing encloses the pipe bundle and a movable working medium in a sealing manner, wherein a supporting structure forms a mechanical support of a wall of the housing against the action of an external pressure.. .
new patent Power generating apparatus and method of operating power generating apparatus
Provided is a power generating apparatus including an evaporator configured to evaporate a working medium with a heating medium supplied from the outside of a working medium flow path, an expander to which a driven machine is connected and which is configured to convert expansion force of the evaporated working medium into rotational force to drive the driven machine, a condensing mechanism configured to condense the working medium discharged from the expander with a cooling medium supplied from the outside of the working medium flow path, the condensing mechanism having at least one heat exchanger pipe through which the working medium flows, a cooling water sprayer configured to spray cooling water as the cooling medium over the surface of one or a plurality of heat exchanger pipes of the at least one heat exchanger pipe, and a cooling fan configured to blow ambient air over the one or a plurality of heat exchanger pipes to evaporate cooling water attached to the surface of the one or a plurality of heat exchanger pipes, and a circulating pump configured to pressurize and supply the condensed working medium to the evaporator.. .
new patent Cementitious foundation cap with post-tensioned helical anchors
A post-tensioned concrete cap foundation has helical anchors with pipes having several helical discs welded around the pipe perimeter to spin drill deep into subsurface soils or other soft materials with holes in the pipe for high pressure-grouting in place. The helical anchor pipes include a tensioning element for pulling and post-tensioning the helical anchor.
Profile clamp with pre-positioner
Profile clamp and method of connecting two flanged pipes or lines. The profile clamp includes a clamping band having two flanks; and a pre-positioner having at least one attachment section and being connected to the clamping band.
Valve system
A valve system has a main body including a valve element that controls flow of fluid between a plurality of ports and an operation unit capable of being detachably attached to the main body. The main body includes; a driving element that is operated from the outside by a magnetic force and directly or indirectly drives the valve element; and a first housing that houses the valve element and the driving element and is watertight in a state where pipes are connected to the plurality of ports.
Detection system for dropping objects
A system for the detection of fast-moving dropping objects includes a submitting plate, a receiving plate, and a microcontroller. The submitting plate includes a first submitting pipe, a second submitting pipe, and a third submitting pipe.
Scalable, multi-vessel distribution system for liquid level control within immersion cooling tanks
A fluid level control system includes: a first immersion cooling tank having a first volume of immersion cooling liquid and an inlet/outlet pipe extending from a base wall of the tank by which immersion cooling liquid can flow into and out of the first immersion cooling tank; at least one second volume of cooling liquid held within a liquid containing unit having a corresponding inlet/outlet pipe; and a pipe distribution system that physically connects the second volume of immersion cooling liquid to the first volume of immersion cooling liquid via respective inlet/outlet pipes and which enables fluid equilibrium to be maintained between the first volume of liquid and the second volume of liquid via gravitational equilibrium and/or passive level control such that a first volume level of the first volume of immersion cooling liquid remains substantially equal to a second volume level of the second volume of immersion cooling liquid.. .
Solar receiver panel
A solar receiver panel comprising a header comprising header body (18, 18′) having a header wall surrounding an inner chamber (11, 11′), at least one access opening (21, 21′) communicating with the inner chamber (11, 11′) with a substantially spherical shape for connecting a fluid pipe, and a plurality of junction nozzles (16, 16′) provided in the header wall which are connectable to respective solar absorption pipes (14) wherein at least one of the junction nozzles (16, 16′) are located in a spherical segment of the inner chamber (11, 11′) that is transversally opposed to said access opening (21, 21′), been the access opening (21, 21′), inner chamber (11, 111 and nozzles (16, 16′) arranged to allow a thermal fluid to flow there through,. .
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
A refrigeration cycle apparatus includes a compressor, a condenser such as an indoor heat exchanger, first expansion means, and an evaporator such as an outdoor heat exchanger that are connected by refrigerant pipes to form a refrigeration cycle. The evaporator is a heat exchanger including a plurality of plate-like heat transfer fins arranged in parallel and subjected to water slip or water repellent treatment, and a heat transfer tube provided in contact with the plurality of heat transfer fins such that refrigerant flows therein.
Motor cycle air conditioning system
A motor cycle personal cooling system is disclosed that utilizes waste heat employing solid adsorption. The system includes an air distribution module and one or more desiccant chambers encircling the exhaust pipes of the motor cycle.
Air-conditioning apparatus
A refrigerant circuit is configured by connecting, by pipes, a compressor that compresses a heat-source-side refrigerant, a first refrigerant flow switching device, a heat-source-side heat exchanger, an expansion device, and one or more intermediate heat exchangers that exchange heat between a heat-source-side refrigerant and a heat medium that is different from the heat-source-side refrigerant. A controller performs control of pumps to drive the pumps at a specific pump capacity or higher to circulate the heat medium at a time when a heat recovery defrosting operation for causing the heat-source-side refrigerant that has been heated by the heat medium in the intermediate heat exchangers to flow into the heat-source-side heat exchanger for defrosting purposes..
Air cooling system and method for a heat recovery steam generator inlet
The air cooling system and method for a heat recovery steam generator (hrsg) inlet provides a combined cycle power plant utilizing a powerful fan coupled to ductwork connected to pipes that enter the hrsg inlet duct coupled to an exhaust duct of a combustion turbine (ct) for lowering the temperature of the ct exhaust gas provided to the heat recovery steam generator by the ct. The cool air injection system is utilized during low load operation or startup of the ct to ensure that spray water from an inter-stage desuperheater in an hrsg is fully evaporated prior to entering the downstream superheater or reheater.
Wild game call apparatus and method
A wild game call may include a resonance piece. The resonance piece may include a body, pipes, and a plug that may attach to a mouth piece.
Substrate processing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
A substrate processing apparatus includes a process chamber in which a substrate is accommodated; a source gas supply system configured to supply a source gas onto the substrate; first and second reactive gas supply systems configured to supply a reactive gas onto the substrate via first and second interconnected reactive gas supply pipes, wherein a gas storage unit is installed at the second reactive gas supply pipe to store the reactive gas and the reactive gas is supplied onto the substrate via the gas storage unit; and a control unit configured to control the source gas supply system to supply the source gas onto the substrate and to control the first and second reactive gas supply systems to supply the reactive gas onto the substrate via the first and second reactive gas supply pipes.. .
Ejection mechanism
An ejection mechanism has a base, a rotation disk and a feeding station. The base is configured for mounting of the rotation disk and the feeding station, the base further includes an arched guiding track, and the arched guiding track is disposed around the rotating gear.
Man-made waterfall system
A man-made waterfall system that includes a pond with a water receiving portion and a pair of slots, a waterfall with a front facing with a plurality of apertures and a pair of elongated rectangular inserts, the pair of elongated rectangular inserts correspond to and are removably inserted into the pair of slots disposed on the back portion of the perimeter and a back spillway that receives water that overflows from the water receiving portion of the pond. The system also includes a plurality of water pipes attached to the back spillway and a water pump that continuously pumps the water in the water pipes from the back spillway to the apertures disposed on the front facing of the waterfall..
Saddle ride type vehicle
A motorcycle including a vehicle body frame with a single down frame extending downwardly and rearwardly from a head pipe supporting a front fork in a steerable manner. An engine main body arranged behind the down frame, said engine main body being mounted on the vehicle body frame.
Exhaust gas sensor arrangement structure for motorcycle
An exhaust gas sensor arrangement structure for a motorcycle includes a vehicle body frame, an internal combustion engine suspended on the vehicle body frame between front and rear wheels and exhaust pipes extending toward a rear side in the longitudinal direction of a vehicle from a front side of the internal combustion engine in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle in a state where the exhaust pipes extend below the internal combustion engine. Exhaust gas sensors are arranged on upper halves of the exhaust pipes arranged between the internal combustion engine and the bottom frame portions as viewed from a front side in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle in a state where the exhaust gas sensors are sandwiched between the internal combustion engine and the bottom frame portions as viewed from a front side in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle..
Methods and devices for utilizing a thermally-efficient building block
The invention discloses devices and methods utilizing a thermally efficient building block. The block generally has three walls separated by two open spaces.
Method for preparing sulfuric acid by using hydrogen sulfide
Provided is a method for preparing sulfuric acid by using hydrogen sulfide. The method comprises the following steps: (1) performing a reduction-oxidation reaction between an h2s feed gas and oxygen comprised in an oxygen-rich air to prepare so2, controlling residual oxygen after the reduction-oxidation reaction step at a molar percentage of ≧2%; (2) cooling the product acquired in step (1) to a temperature between 390° c.
Method and system for replacement of existing pipes
The invention relates to a method for renovation and replacement of existing under-ground pipes and/or the installation of new pipes by using module pipes. The method comprises the step of screwing a second and further module pipe together with the first or consecutive module pipe, if the first or consecutive module pipe has mainly been pushed or pulled into the existing underground pipe..
Projector with heat sinks and single fan module
An image projector in a case, having a light engine, a circuit board, a heat sink assembly, and a fan assembly, has one or more heat sinks and heat pipes shaped to gather heat from all heat-generating components within the projector and a single air passage to receive the heated air combined from all components, allowing the employment of a single fan module in sucking cool air from the exterior and exhausting heated air through the single air passage.. .
Connector assembly for liquid media pipes
A connector assembly for liquid media pipes, particularly for joining fittings and/or parts of systems for transporting domestic liquid media or the like, comprising a corrugated pipe and at least one tubular head with a central through-hole, wherein the tubular head has a concentric tubular extension with the central through-hole, which is insertable into the inner contour of at least one of the ends of the corrugated pipe, said extension provided with a number of circumferential annular shoulders on its outer contour that are equipped to fit into the inner contour of the corrugated pipe, and the tubular extension having at least one knurled section on its outer surface that is in contact with the inner contour of the corrugated pipe in which said tubular extension is inserted.. .
Restraining systems for belled pipe
A restraining system for connecting a belled end of a female pipe to a spigot end of a male pipe is disclosed. The system includes a ring-shaped casing having circumferential grooves separated by an abutment surface.
Piping joint and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
The piping joint according to the present embodiment includes a joint part that joins a plurality of pipes for transporting a medium to one another. At least one conductive line is provided between the pipes so as to extend over cross-sections of the pipes.
Biodegradable oil external emulsion for removal of asphaltene and/or paraffin from producing oil wells
A biodegradable and environmentally friendly oil external emulsion for the removal of asphaltenes, paraffin's, and/or scales which accumulate in the well bores and walls of the pipes used to bring the oil up from the underground deposits, and methods of using and formulating the composition are disclosed. The emulsion comprises oil extracted from orange peels as the external continuous phase and acid as the internal phase.
Method of running a conduit in an incineration plant and device with such a conduit
The invention relates to a method of running a conduit in an incineration plant as well as a device with a conduit, in which the conduit is surrounded by a ceramic component onto which flue gas flows from at least two opposite directions, wherein between the conduit and ceramic component a protective fluid space with a protective fluid inlet and/or heat exchanger pipes is provided.. .
Apparatus and method to repair the junction of a sewer main line and lateral pipe
A liner assembly and method for lining a damaged pipe junction between a main and lateral pipe is provided. The liner assembly includes a main liner member and a lateral liner tube.
Method for draining thermal oil in a thermosolar plant, and corresponding auxiliary installation for carrying out said method
An installation for draining thermal oil in a thermosolar plant, and includes an oil tank (7), a pump assembly (6), a depressor or suction assembly (8), lines for communication with valves (11, 21), and a valve assembly for opening/closing the passage between the separate elements, with the lines for communication with the valves (11, 21) including pairs of pipes of the closed loop or branches (3, 4) that do not have valves on the free end thereof, with the installation operated by sweeping the separate circuits that form the installation by driving or suction according to the corresponding operation phase.. .
Pressure relief valve
A pressure relief valve and a mating fuel tank bung are installed directly on a fuel tank. In one embodiment a bung is welded directly to a fuel tank, and thereafter a pressure relief valve is attached directly to the bung by mating threads.
Method for attenuating noise produced by pipes and pipe arrangement
The present invention relates to a method for attenuating noise produced by steam flowing through a pipe, comprising the steps of providing a pipe arrangement (10), which comprises an inner pipe (12) that defines in its inside an inner flow channel (14) which progresses in pipe direction (16) of the inner pipe (12), and an outer pipe (18) that surrounds the inner pipe (12) and progresses substantially parallel thereto, thereby defining an outer flow channel (20) between the two pipes (12, 18) which is substantially parallel to the inner flow channel (14), establishing a steam flow (22) in and along the inner flow channel (14), and establishing a water flow (28) in and along the outer flow channel (20), said water flow (28) being adapted to attenuate a noise produced by said steam flow (22) flowing through the inner flow channel (14).. .
Fitting for changing liquid paths
A fitting for changing liquid paths, in particular for systems with a pressure exchanger, is provided. The pressure exchanger has pipes having alternating flow direction.
System and methods for creating wrapped filament reinforced vessels, and vessels created thereby
A manufacturing apparatus for producing filament-wound products such as pressure vessels and pipes includes a mandrel for supporting a pre-form vessel, a mandrel driver structured to rotate the pre-form vessel, and an array of individual filament supports for guiding individual filaments used in producing the vessel. Using the unique aspects of the apparatus which avoids the customary high-angle fiber crossings significantly speeds up manufacturing and thus lowers product cost, increases product lifetime, reduces fatigue stress, and reduces weight of the finished product.
Hydronic/biphasic radiator with reduced thermal inertia and low environmental impact
A radiator with reduced thermal inertia, based on the principle of phase changing, using a non-toxic, non-flammable fluid with reduced environmental impact. The radiator is provided by means of vertical pipes which engage a collector containing a pipe bundle-type exchanger with smooth or finned pipes, internally crossed by the thermo-vector fluid of the system, and which heat the intermediate vector fluid, bringing it to the biphasic state.
Broadcast signal transmitter, broadcast signal receiver, and method for transceiving broadcast signals in broadcast signal transceivers
A broadcast signal receiver according to the present invention comprises: a demodulator for performing ofdm demodulation on a received broadcast signal including a frame for the delivery of a broadcast service: a frame demapper for outputting the frame, the frame including a preamble that contains first signaling information, and a plurality of link-layer-pipes (llps) that contain plp data, second signaling information and third signaling information, with the plp data including a base layer and an enhancement layer of the broadcast service; and a decoder for decoding the first signaling information, for decoding the second and third signaling information, and for selectively decoding the plp data by using the third signaling information.. .
Pipe coupling
A pipe coupling for connecting adjacent pipes. The pipe coupling has a connection type at each end that may be male or female.
Device at a pipe and/or a tube
A device at pipes for the connection of pipes is provided. The device has an outer ring with first and second free ends, and a tensioning device for converging and interconnection of the first and second free ends of the outer ring.
Carbon dioxide sequestration in concrete articles
Concrete articles, including blocks, substantially planar products (such as pavers) and hollow products (such as hollow pipes), are formed in a mold while carbon dioxide is injected into the concrete in the mold, through perforations.. .
Adjustable height pipe support
A pipe support for supporting pipes on a building surface comprising a strut vertically movable on supporting rods for changing the vertical spacing of a pipe above the building surface and spring clips connecting the strut to the rods, the spring clips having a locking position securing the strut in a fixed position and a release position that permits the strut to move along the rods.. .
Silencing apparatus for a vehicle
A muffler has a flattened cross-sectional shape the width of which is greater than its height. The muffler includes therein a plurality of expansion chambers.
Method and device for protecting heat exchanger pipes and a ceramic component
In a method for protecting heat exchanger pipe in boiler systems having at least one heat exchanger pipe, which is surrounded by a ceramic component, into which flue gas is directed from at least two opposite sides, gas is introduced between the heat exchanger pipe and the ceramic component.. .
Heat exchanger
Disclosed herein is a heat exchanger with a housing casing, a first base and a second base with openings, pipes as a first flow channel for conducting a first fluid, the ends thereof being arranged in or on the openings of the first and second bases, the pipes and the first and/or the second base are arranged within the housing so that a second flow channel for conducting a second fluid is designed between the housing and the pipes, a first inlet opening for the first fluid, a first outlet opening for the first fluid, a second inlet opening for the second fluid, a second outlet opening for the second fluid, a first diffusor for directing the first fluid into the pipes, a second diffuser for directing the first fluid out of the pipes, which heat exchanger should be simple and cost-effective to produce and ensure reliable operation.. .
Pipe containing a metal casing with a plastics material inlay for use in low and high pressure applications, in particular as an hplc column
A chromatography column comprises a pipe that contains a tubular metal casing with an inlay and sealing ring. The inlay is configured as a plastics material tube and is pushed or drawn into the metal casing and a sealing ring of plastics material is connected to the inlay at the end.
System and method to generate three-dimensional mapping of a tubular component layout
A system and method to generate a three-dimensional mapping of an arrangement of tubular components are described. The tubular components include one or more straight pipes and one or more bent segments connected at interfaces.
Pipe mounting structure in work machine
A pipe mounting structure of a work machine that has a lightweighted structure and is able to stably mount many pipes thereon includes a structure for mounting pipes to a work machine such as a demolition machine. The structure includes at least a pair of protruding portions formed by upwardly protruding end portions of side plates of a front boom, a bridge member that is bridged between the pair of protruding portions, and connecting portions that connect the protruding portions and the end portions of the bridge member to each other, and the plurality of pipes are fixed to the bridge member..
Upper-layer cleaning device for water treatment device, and method for cleaning water treatment device filter layer
Water treatment apparatus includes raw water special air mixing nozzles (7); filtering tank (5) housing filter layer (4) including two layers of upper layer (2) and lower layer (3), the upper layer including a filter medium with a smaller specific gravity and a larger particle size than a filter medium of the lower layer; a water collection pipe (13) removing filtered water and supplying reverse cleaning water to the filter layer during reverse cleaning; drainage trough (12); and upper layer cleaning apparatus (10), in which the upper layer cleaning apparatus includes upper layer cleaning pipe support member (17), upper layer cleaning water pipe (18), surface-cleaning special air mixing nozzles (19), air suction pipe (20), and horizontal air pipes (31 and 32) and the raw water special air mixing nozzles (7) are attached to raw water inflow tank (70) provided on a part of the drainage trough (12). .
Method to utilize a ship in a novel way and a multi-purpose ship
A method to utilize an ice-breaker (10) in a novel way such that tanks of the anti-roll system and/or tanks (21, 22, 23 and 24) of the heeling system are used for recovering and/or processing oil (16) to be recovered from water. The oil is separated from water in a tank of the anti-roll system and/or a tank (21) of the heeling system of the ice-breaker, which tank contains warm water (15) and steam heat pipes (19).
Heat exchanger pipe and heat exchanger incorporating such pipes
The invention relates to a pipe (2) of a heat exchanger (1) comprising a strip (9) bent about itself such as to define an internal volume (10) of the pipe (2). The strip (9) comprises first and second edge portions (15, 16) joined such as to divide the internal volume (10) into at least two channels.
Active cooling of high speed seeker missile domes and radomes
A thermal management system and method for active cooling of high speed seeker missile domes or radomes comprising bonding to an ir dome or rf radome a heat pipe system having effective thermal conductivity of 10-20,000 w/m*k and comprising one or more mechanically controlled oscillating heat pipes, employing supporting integrating structure including a surface bonded to the ir dome or rf radome that matches the coefficient of thermal expansion the dome or radome material and that of said one or more mechanically controlled oscillating heat pipes, and operating the heat pipe system to cool the ir dome or rf radome while the missile is in flight.. .
Air conditioning system
A supplementary air conditioning system includes an indoor heat exchanger and an outdoor heat exchanger. The indoor heat exchanger is fanless and includes indoor tubes installed so as to be inclined to a ceiling of a room.
Micromixer assembly for a turbine system and method of distributing an air-fuel mixture to a combustor chamber
A micromixer assembly for a turbine system includes a plurality of pipes each having an inlet for receiving an airflow from an annulus defined by an inwardly disposed liner and an outwardly disposed sleeve, each of the plurality of pipes also including an outlet for dispersing an air-fuel mixture into a combustor chamber. Also included is a first portion of each of the plurality of pipes.
Pipe cleaning robot
Disclosed is a pipe cleaning robot. The pipe cleaning robot can be folded to easily enter a narrow-mouthed pipe at the initial stage, can flexibly increase or decrease in size corresponding to various diameters of pipes, and can adhere first and second transfer cars closely to the inner wall of the pipe during the transfer to prevent a rollover due to impact and vibration generated during the cleaning process..
Hydroelectric power generation system
A hydroelectric power generation system has: a first water storage tank with a high-pressure water injection port on the bottom face; a runner which is stored in a condition of floating in the first water storage tank; and multiple transmission members that contact the outer periphery surface of the runner and transmit the rotational force of the runner to the principal axis of rotation in the generator unit. The runner has an introduction pipe that rises upward from an opening at the center of a bottom face to introduce high-pressure water; first guide pipes that extend radially from around the introduction pipe; and first injection nozzles provided at the tips of the first guide pipes, wherein the reactive force of the high-pressure water injected is utilized to turn the runner..
Flush joint pipe
A pipe has a tubular body with a male end and a female end. The male end has an external surface with a first engagement groove.
Center bearing bush unit for propeller shaft
A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft can effectively decrease the amount of large/small displacement that occurs in the propeller shaft during driving of a vehicle. A center bearing bush unit for a propeller shaft includes an inner pipe; an outer pipe disposed on a common axis as the inner pipe at the outside of the inner pipe; a cushion rubber attached between the inner and outer pipes, and having a plurality of voids disposed on the common axis; and a plurality of stoppers attached to the outer circumferential surface of the inner pipe while being spaced apart from the cushion rubber at a predetermined interval..
Lighting apparatus
A lighting apparatus is provided with: a light-emitting unit, a heat spreader in heat-conductive contact with the light-emitting unit that diffuses the heat conducted from the light-emitting unit, heat pipes with one end in heat-conductive contact with the heat spreader that transport heat to their other end, and a lower row of cooling fins and upper row of cooling fins that are in heat-conductive contact with the other ends of the heat pipes, and that radiate the heat conducted from the heat pipes into the environment.. .

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