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Pill patents

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Pillow display cart

Pillow display cart

Pillow with integrated cooling system

Pillow with integrated cooling system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Utilizing a local area network memory and a dispersed storage network memory to access data patent thumbnailUtilizing a local area network memory and a dispersed storage network memory to access data
A method begins by a processing module encoding data based on a decode threshold parameter and a pillar width parameter to produce a set of encoded data slices and selecting a local area network (lan) pillar width value of encoded data slices of the set of encoded data slices for storage in lan available memories, wherein the lan pillar width value is based on the decode threshold parameter, the pillar width parameter, and quantities of the lan available memories. The method continues with the processing module selecting a wide area network (wan) pillar width value of encoded data slices of the set of encode data slices for storage in a dispersed storage network (dsn) memory of a wide area network, wherein the wan pillar width value is based on the decode threshold parameter and the pillar width parameter..
Cleversafe, Inc.
 Pillow display cart patent thumbnailPillow display cart
A cart for marketing bedding is provided that includes a rack including a plurality of vertical support members and at least one tray positioned between the support members. The tray includes a plurality of compartments.
 Pillow with integrated cooling system patent thumbnailPillow with integrated cooling system
The present invention relates to devices and methods that use cooling and/or heating systems in pillows. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to systems that can constantly transport a fluid throughout a pillow in order to keep the fluid at a desired temperature.
 Use of oligomers of lactic acid in the treatment of gynaecological disorders patent thumbnailUse of oligomers of lactic acid in the treatment of gynaecological disorders
The invention relates to the use of one or more oligomers of lactic acid or a lactic acid oligomeric product for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of a disease or condition that benefits from an acidic environment, especially a gynaecological infection including a bacterial infection such as bacterial vaginosis, unspecific colpitis, senile colpitis, cervicitis, and urethritis, a fungal infection, such as candidosis (candida albicans), cryptococcosis, actinomycosis, or a viral infection, such as human immunodefiency virus (hiv), herpes simplex virus (hsv), human papilloma virus (hpv).. .
Laccure Ab
 P2x7, inhibition of epithelial cancers and papillomas patent thumbnailP2x7, inhibition of epithelial cancers and papillomas
The present invention demonstrates that p2x7 receptor induced apoptosis may be specific for cancerous cells. Treatment with the p2x7 ligand bzatp, increased cellular apoptosis with no associated inflammatory changes or abnormal skin or systemic effects.
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
 Functionalized lipid modification of solid phase surfaces for use in chromatography patent thumbnailFunctionalized lipid modification of solid phase surfaces for use in chromatography
A solid phase for use in separation has been modified using an aqueous phase adsorption of a headgroup-modified lipid to generate analyte specific surfaces for use as a stationary phase in separations such as high performance liquid chromatography (hplc) or solid phase extraction (spe). The aliphatic moiety of the lipid adsorbs strongly to a hydrophobic solid surface, with the hydrophilic and active headgroups orienting themselves toward the more polar mobile phase, thus allowing for interactions with the desired solutes.
Clemson University
 Cell expansion system and methods of use patent thumbnailCell expansion system and methods of use
Cell expansion systems and methods of use are provided. The cell expansion systems generally include a hollow fiber cell growth chamber, and first and second circulation loops (intracapillary loops and extracapillary loops) associated with the interior of the hollow fibers and exterior of the hollow fibers, respectively.
Terumo Bct, Inc.
 Blood cell counting device and method patent thumbnailBlood cell counting device and method
A device for use in imaging a liquid sample comprises an inlet for accepting the sample, a connection conduit and a detection chamber for detection of the sample, preferably optical detection of the sample. The connection conduit connects the inlet to the detection chamber and contains one or more dry reagents for reaction with the sample as the sample passes through the connection conduit.
Biosurfit S.a.
 Flexible composite solid polymer electrochemical membrane patent thumbnailFlexible composite solid polymer electrochemical membrane
A solid state battery includes a flexible polymer sheet, and an array of solid state pillars supported by and extending through the sheet. Each of the pillars has an anode layer, a cathode layer adjacent, and an inorganic solid electrolyte (ise) layer interposed between the anode and cathode layers.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc
 Ink compositions comprising colorant particles containing polymeric particles patent thumbnailInk compositions comprising colorant particles containing polymeric particles
Ink compositions for use in capillary-action markers are provided. More particularly, an ink composition includes a solvent, a colorant particle, and a resin component..

Polynucleotides for treating oncogenic viral polypeptide positive tumors

This document relates to polynucleotides encoding antigenic polypeptides to induce an immune response to oncogenic viral polypeptides. Also provided are compositions comprising polynucleotides encoding antigenic polypeptides, and methods of use.
Sanford Research/usd

Antibodies against e7 protein of human papilloma virus (hpv)

The invention discloses a method for preparing human papilloma virus protein e7 antigen (hpv e7 antigen) comprising the following steps: —providing a purified preparation of hpv protein e7; —phosphorylating the hpv protein e7 in the preparation; —purifying the phosphorylated e7 protein with an anion exchange chromatography, wherein the phosphorylated e7 protein is separated from the non-phosphorylated e7 protein by a step wherein the non-phosphorylated e7 protein stays bound to an anion exchanger during the anion exchange chromatography whereas the phosphorylated e7 protein is obtained in the eluate of the anion exchange chromatography, thereby—obtaining a purified preparation of a phosphorylated hpv protein e7 antigen. The invention further discloses antibodies specific to this antigen, a kit and method for using such antibodies in clinical diagnostics and methods for generation of such antibodies..
Valdospan Gmbh

Methods of treating urothelial carcinoma

Methods and compositions for treating a urothelial and/or a micropapillary carcinoma, such as a micropapillary urothelial carcinoma are disclosed.. .
Foundation Medicine, Inc.

Centrifugal gas compressor method and system

The compressor compresses gas in capillaries leading to a radially distant annular container space. Centrifugal force acts on gas bubbles entrained between liquid slugs moving radially outward through the capillaries which may be radial, tangential or continuously curved.
Rotational Trompe Compressors, Llc

Capillary device charging

When a capillary network device connects to user equipment and the user equipment establishes or modifies a bearer to support traffic from the capillary device, the user equipment may request that the network provide some indication that the user equipment will not be charged for the traffic. The network may indicate to the user equipment that the flow is sponsored or that the user equipment will otherwise not be charged for the flow.
Convida Wireless, Llc

Curtain airbag module

Disclosed is a curtain airbag module including a curtain airbag cushion, an inflator of supplying and inflating gas into the curtain airbag cushion, and a lamp bracket fixed on a vehicle panel to support the curtain airbag cushion which is integrally provided with a lamp pattern to deploy the curtain airbag cushion into a vehicle without deploying the curtain airbag cushion into a pillar trim of a vehicle in the deployment of the curtain airbag cushion by driving the inflator. The lamp pattern wraps up at least a portion of the folded curtain airbag cushion.
Autoliv Development Ab

Substrate for semiconductor package and process for manufacturing

A semiconductor package substrate includes a core portion, an upper circuit layer and a plurality of pillars. The pillars are disposed on and project upward from the upper circuit layer.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

Semiconductor device with plated pillars and leads

A semiconductor device with plated pillars and leads is disclosed and may include a semiconductor die comprising a conductive pillar, a conductive lead electrically coupled to the conductive pillar, a metal plating layer covering the conductive lead and conductive pillar, and an encapsulant material encapsulating the semiconductor die and at least a portion of the plating layer. The pillar, lead, and plating layer may comprise copper, for example.
Amkor Technology, Inc.

Three-dimensional magnetic memory element

The disclosed technology relates to a magnetic memory device. In one aspect, the device includes a first electrode comprising a conductive pillar formed over the substrate and elongated in a vertical direction crossing a lateral surface of the substrate.

Interfacing capillary electrophoresis to a mass spectrometer via an impactor spray ionization source

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising a separation device arranged and adapted to emit an eluent over a period of time. The separation device preferably comprises a capillary electrophoresis (“ce”) separation device.
Micromass Uk Limited

Wire bonding capillary with working tip protrusion

A method for bonding a wire to a substrate includes forming a wire ball at a working tip of a capillary and contacting the wire ball to a substrate via the capillary. The method also includes driving a protrusion at the working tip of the capillary into contact with a region of the substrate surrounding the wire ball.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Sampling measuring blood lactate concentrations

A method of measuring lactate in a blood sample taken from capillary blood using a skin lancing procedure includes disposing onto an area of skin on an animal a predefined amount of a skin treatment compound that is capable of suppressing and/or eliminating and/or preventing and/or blocking any sweat from the skin in the area of a lanced wound site, the compound being disposed on the skin either before lancing the area of skin that provides a droplet of capillary blood for measurement of blood lactate concentration or after lancing the area of skin but before a droplet of capillary blood forms on the skin in order to prevent contaminating the blood sample, and then measuring the lactate concentration of the blood sample with a disposable lactate sensor strip.. .
Nova Biomedical Corporation

Cabinet for power electronic apparatus

Provided is a cabinet for a power electronic apparatus, including: an external case that accommodates a module accommodation unit; a duct that is formed as a section divided in one side wall of the external case; an intake hole that is formed in the lower portion of the duct; a circulation pan that is provided in the upper portion of the duct; a heat dissipation plate that is fastened to one side of an power electronic module that is accommodated in the module accommodation unit; and an oscillating capillary tube heat pipe unit that is mounted on the heat dissipation plate.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Pressure transmitter having an isolation assembly with a two-piece isolator plug

A pressure transmitter connectable to a process line provides an output responsive to a pressure in the process line. The transmitter includes a housing having a base with a process end coupled to an interior cavity formed in the housing, a sensor for sensing the pressure and an isolating assembly mounted at the process end of the housing and isolating fluid in the process line from the interior cavity.
Rosemount Inc.

Portable head support device

The portable head support device of the present invention provides comfortable support for a user's head while the user is in a sitting potion. The pillow or cushion has a v-shape on the top where a user's chin can rest so that the head cannot fall forward or sideways but will stay in a comfortable and upright position.

Vertical semiconductor device, module and system each including the same, and manufacturing the vertical semiconductor device

A vertical semiconductor device having a vertical channel region is disclosed. The vertical semiconductor device includes a pillar having a vertical channel region, a bit line buried in a semiconductor substrate located at a lower part of the pillar, and a body connection unit configured to couple at least one sidewall of the pillar to the semiconductor substrate.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Apparatus and separating plasma from blood and delayed wetting

Devices and methods are disclosed herein for separating a supernate from a suspension. The apparatus consists of a sample zone, a controllable gate, and an analysis zone.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

Radiation source and lithographic apparatus

The present invention provides a method of monitoring the operation of a radiation source fuel droplet stream generator comprising a fuel-containing capillary and a piezo-electric actuator (500). The method comprises analysing the resonance frequency spectrum of a system comprising the fuel-containing capillary and the piezo-electric actuator in particular to look for changes in the resonance frequencies of the acoustic system which may be indicative of a change in the properties of the system requiring investigation..
Asml Netherland B.v.

Inflatable restraint deployment ramp

An inflatable restraint assembly includes a vehicle pillar and a pillar trim component that is attached to the vehicle pillar, with the pillar trim component having an upper end. A curtain airbag module having an inflatable curtain portion is disposed in a stowed configuration prior to deployment and moves to a deployed configuration subsequent to deployment.
Nissan North America, Inc.

Redeposition control in mram fabrication process

Methods and structures are described to reduce metallic redeposition material in the memory cells, such as mtj cells, during pillar etching. One embodiment forms metal studs on top of the landing pads in a dielectric layer that otherwise covers the exposed metal surfaces on the wafer.
Avalanche Technology, Inc.

Display elevating device

An improvement of display elevating device comprising one supporting portion, a retraction portion and a base, wherein, the supporting portion contains a front panel and a spherical pivot head for fixing a display, wherein the front panel is provided with a spherical clamp for fixing the spherical pivot head, wherein the retraction device consists of a pillar connecting upwards to the supporting portion and a sleeve connecting downwards to the base, said pillar is fixed with a pneumatic cylinder, wherein an axial valve of the pneumatic cylinder is inserted into the base, and the sleeve is provided with an inner groove and a block connecting to the pillar, a key is provided on the base, used for the control of a transmission part to the axial valve of the pneumatic cylinder.. .
Dongguan Cheng Jie Electronics Co., Ltd.

Microstructured polymer devices

A method of manufacturing a device with a planar electrode structure, the method comprising: (a) forming a microfluidic channel on a substrate; (b) applying a primer layer to at least part of the microfluidic channel, (c) applying a conductive liquid to the microfluidic channel, the conductive liquid comprising electrically conductive particles dispersed in a carrier medium, the carrier medium including a solvent; (d) allowing the conductive liquid to flow throughout the microfluidic channel by capillary action to form the planar electrode structure; and (e) evaporating the solvent from the carrier medium, is described. Devices obtainable using the method and their applications are also described..
Sony Dadc Austria Ag

Solid state amperometric chloramine sensor

A monochloramine microsensor includes an elongated housing defining a central axis and an open interior and having a capillary opening at one end. A semi-permeable membrane covers the capillary opening, the semi-permeable membrane allowing diffusion of chloramines there-through while preventing water from entering into the interior of the housing.
The Usa Of America As Represented By The Admin. Of The U.s. Environmental Protection Agency

System, pulse tube cryocooler

A pulse tube cryocooler (ptc) includes an etched glass substrate bonded to a glass plate and defining one or multiple stages or layers. The ptc includes a plurality of channels etched into a surface of the substrate to define a heat exchanger, a pulse tube, a cold heat exchanger or cold head, a regenerator and an aftercooler.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Structural panels, cladding assemblies and components

Structural panels, components and assemblies are described. The structural panel system comprises one or more panels having interlocking profile features providing convenient assembly of multiple panels to provide pre-assembled panels or structures, or components that are easily shipped and assembled at a site to satisfy a variety of building requirements, transport requirements, structural panel requirements, and the like.
Vireo Llc

Travel pillow

The invention is a travel pillow constructed so a user can affix the pillow to a vehicle window or other smooth surface by using suction cups or any other location where a user may wish for a padded surface. The pillow is constructed so it is easily configured in multiple ways using magnets sewn within the cushions, constructed so the side cushions are thicker than its central cushions to provide a comfortable position for a user's head to rest..

Recliner and travel pillow

A recliner and travel pillow includes a main body having a flat central portion, a first pocket and a second pocket disposed along either side of the central portion, and a pair of pillow inserts having a size and dimension that is complementary to the first and second pockets. An adjustment unit is disposed along the flat central portion for adjusting a distance between the first and second pockets and a plurality of connectors are disposed within the first and second pockets, functioning to adjust a dimension of the pockets, and to secure the pockets in a closed position..

Support pillow with center panel having multiple fabric pieces

A support pillow comprises a pillow body having a medial region and two opposing arms that form a well region, a first side and a second side. The pillow body further includes an outer periphery and an inner periphery outlining the well region.
The Boppy Company, Llc

Bench press neck guard

A portable lifesaving device that prevents a falling weight bar from injuring the neck while a weightlifter performs a bench press, including, two rods forming a “v” shape guard that rests horizontally over the neck (chest height) and is supported by two pillars at one end and by the chest at the other end, two pillars resting on the bench closely on each side of the neck, a crossbeam(s) that secures the pillars, a cushion under the converging end of the rods protecting the chest, two hooks positioned under the bottom of the bench, two bars the hooks to the top outside of the pillars preventing lateral collapse of the device, elastic straps pulling the bars and hooks inward to secure the hooks under the bench, and a bar on the crossbeam preventing a fallen weight bar from rolling onto the head.. .

Use of pdgfr-alpha as diagnostic marker for papillary thyroid cancer

Provided herein are methods for identifying a subject with an increased likelihood of developing or having metastatic papillary thyroid cancer (ptc), or a subject with an increased likelihood of developing or having recurrent ptc, and the treatment of such a subject.. .
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta

Rapid cycle dynamic nuclear polarization magnetic resonance apparatus

A rapid cycle dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp) nmr apparatus comprises (i) a cooling unit, configured to cool a sample in a capillary, (b) a dnp polarization unit configured to polarize the sample in the capillary, (c) a stripline-based nmr detector comprising a stripline for nmr analysis of the sample in the capillary, (d) a transport unit configured to guide the capillary from the dnp polarization unit to the stripline of stripline-based nmr detector; and (e) a heating unit configured to heat the sample in the capillary before analysis of the sample by the stripline-based nmr detector. Fast (1d-3d) nmr measurements with high resolution may be obtained..
Stichting Katholieke Universiteit

System and the separation of analytes

A separation module operates to fractionate or separate an analyte into fractions according to pi, i.e., pi bands, utilizing capillary isoelectric focusing (“cief”) within a first microchannel. The fractions are stacked to form plugs, the number of which is determined by a number of parallel second microchannels integrally connected to the first microchannel, into which the fractions are directed according to the buffer characteristics found in each of the individual microchannels.
Georgetown University

Micromechanic passive flow regulator

The invention concerns a flow regulator, made of a stack of 3 plates, respectively a top plate including a flexible membrane (1), a middle plate (2) with pillars and through holes and a bottom plate (3) with fluidic ports, micro channels and through holes (8,9,12). The principle is based on the deformation of the membrane due to the pressure of the liquid.
Debiotech S.a.

Pill administration device with liquid reservoir

A pill administration device has a collapsible reservoir that can contain liquid and a pill receptacle that is coupled to the reservoir and can store one or more pills, with two rupturable membranes keeping the pill(s) isolated from the liquid and trapped in the pill receptacle. By collapsing the reservoir containing the liquid, a user can break the membranes and propel the liquid and pill(s) into his or her mouth to be swallowed..
Ino-products Inc.

Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method

In an inkjet printing apparatus, the colors of ink dots are controlled to make it possible to change the colors of an image to be printed. More specifically, ink temperatures, ink permeation speeds, and the capillary occupancy rates of inks in a print medium are used to control a permeation area formed by performing printing with preceding cyan and subsequent magenta, thereby controlling the colors realized by the inks which are ejected in an overlapping manner..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Mechanisms for forming hybrid bonding structures with elongated bumps

Embodiments of mechanisms for forming a package structure are provided. The package structure includes a semiconductor die and a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Spin-current switched magnetic memory element suitable for circuit integration and fabricating the memory element

A method of fabricating a spin-current switched magnetic memory element includes providing a wafer having a bottom electrode, forming a plurality of layers, such that interfaces between the plurality of layers are formed in situ, the plurality of layers includes a plurality of magnetic layers, at least one of the plurality of magnetic layers having a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy component and including a current-switchable magnetic moment, and at least one barrier layer formed adjacent to the plurality of magnetic layers, lithographically defining a pillar structure from the plurality of layers, and forming a top electrode on the pillar structure.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Semiconductor device having a surround gate transistor

A semiconductor device includes a first-conductive type first pillar, a first dielectric surrounding the first pillar, a gate surrounding the dielectric, a second pillar underneath the first pillar, and a third pillar on a top of the first pillar. The second pillar has a second-conductive type region in a surface thereof except at least a part of a contact surface with the first pillar, and a first-conductive type region surrounded by the second-conductive type region.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd.

Microfluidic devices and methods for fabricating microfluidic devices

The present disclosure relates generally to microfluidic devices and methods for fabricating the devices. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to microfluidic devices having encapsulated fluidic tubing and encapsulated electrodes, microfluidic devices having encapsulated fluidic tubing, encapsulated capillary loops and encapsulated electrodes, and methods of fabricating devices having encapsulated fluidic tubing, encapsulated capillary loops and encapsulated electrodes resulting in reduced dead volume interconnects between the fluidic tubing and capillary loops and associated microchannels and aligned fluidic tubing openings, capillary loop openings, electrodes and other device features..
Saint Louis University

Cab for work vehicle and work vehicle

A center pillar (3) has a pipe structure having a hollow space (3a). In the center pillar (3), a lower end opening (3c) for connecting the hollow space (3a) to an outdoor space and an upper end opening (3b) for connecting the hollow space (3a) to an indoor space (10) are formed.
Komatsu Ltd.

Cpap pillow apparatus and method

A pillow relies on a shell containing two types of fill material, one comparatively smaller, granular, and characterized by a comparatively larger spring constant, and another comparatively larger, more chunky in shape, and characterized by a comparatively smaller spring constant. Below a threshold level of force (or pressure, which is force per unit area) the larger, softer, second fill material resists flow of the smaller, harder, stiffer fill material.

Novelty pillow

A novelty pillow, or a set of novelty pillows depict an idiom, and take the form of the idiom being expressed. Preferably, the idiom expressed in the pillow or set of pillows, is a noun or nouns, which can be described as “stuffed”.

Percutaneous valve repair by reshaping and resizing right ventricle

The present teachings provide devices and methods of treating a tricuspid valve regurgitation. Specifically, one aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods for reshaping and resizing the right ventricle by reducing the distances between two papillary muscles.
Mitralign, Inc.

Rigid stiffener-reinforced flexible neural probes, and methods of fabrication using wicking channel-distributed adhesives and tissue insertion and extraction

A stiffener-reinforced microelectrode array probe and fabrication method using wicking channel-distributed adhesives which temporarily adheres a flexible device onto a rigid stiffener for insertion and extraction. Assembly is by dispensing a liquid adhesive into a narrow open groove wicking channel formed on the stiffener so that the adhesive is wicked along and tills the channel by capillary action, and adhering the adhesive-filled bonding side of the elongated section of the rigid substrate to a flexible device..
Lawrence Livermore National Security

Spine rehabilitation exercise device

A spine rehabilitation exercise device comprises a soleplate; and an exercise mechanism disposed on the soleplate, wherein the exercise mechanism comprises a sliding mechanism movably disposed on the soleplate; a supporting base movably mounted on top of the sliding mechanism, the supporting base being capable of rocking on top of the sliding mechanism; a pillow mounted on the supporting base; and an elastic assembly disposed between the pillow and the supporting base. The whole device has simple structure, convenient assembly, small and compact volume and good mobility and portability; the device can not only have health care and therapeutic effects on spine, but also be used as a pillow on other occasions, thereby having high practicability and better flexibility in use; moreover, the device is not driven by a power supply, so that it is safer and more reliable to use..

Three-dimensional net-like structure

By taking into account the difficulty in smoothly bending along the shape of, for example, a care bed, there is provided a three-dimensional net-like structure made from polyester having a swelling ratio dependent on a shear rate such as to be 1.10 to 1.38 at a shear rate of 60.8 sec−1 and 1.17 to 1.43 at a shear rate of 608 sec−1 and having an mfr of 3 to 35 g/10 min and a density of 1.01 to 1.60 g/cm3 and configured to have a spring structure of filaments randomly brought into contact with and tangled with one another, have a three-dimensional striped sparse-dense configuration in a lateral direction relative to an extrusion direction. The swelling ratio is shown as d2/d1 against shear rate when a molten thermoplastic resin is extruded to filaments from a capillary having a tube inner diameter d1 of 1.0 mm and a length of 10 mm and d2 denotes a diameter of cross section of the filaments extruded and cooled down..
C-eng Co., Ltd.

Three dimensional lignocellulosic detection device

A three dimensional lignocellulosic detection device includes a first lignocellulosic substrate and a second lignocellulosic substrate. When the first lignocellulosic substrate is in contact with a liquid specimen through capillary effect, the sample is absorbed into the second lignocellulosic substrate through the first lignocellulosic substrate, reacts with the detecting reagent on the second lignocellulosic substrate and makes a detection test.
National Tsing Hua University

Method for enhanced snp discrimination and detection

The present invention describes an enhanced method for detection and discrimination of unique single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) using up to 4 forced nucleotide mismatches near the 3 prime end of an allele-specific primer(s) in a pcr reaction. This method also incorporates a fluorescently labeled primer(s) for detection by capillary electrophoresis.

Hpv chimaeric particle

This invention relates to a chimaeric human papillomavirus (hpv) virus like particle (vlp) having a diameter of about 30 nm. The invention further relates to methods of treatment and/or prophylaxis of hpv infection and/or cervical cancer by administration of the chimaeric hpv vlp of the invention to a subject..
University Of Cape Town

Virion-derived nanospheres for selective delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents to cancer cells

The invention relates to methods for producing papilloma-derived nanosphere particles that contain therapeutic, diagnostic, or other agents. The invention also provides nanosphere particle preparations that are useful for selectively delivering therapeutic, diagnostic, and/or other agents to cancer cells of subjects without eliciting a serotype-specific immunogenic response in the subjects..
Aura Biosciences, Inc.

Pump for injecting a fluid, and in particular a micropump for use delivering a determined dose

A pump devoid of mobile mechanical parts and including a tank with a sleeve for dispensing fluid that remains fully open, but of which an inside capillary is too thin to allow for dispensing of fluid when idle. Recourse is therefore made to a resonator device with a piezoelectric exciter, that produces vibrations, in particular bending, of the sleeve to oblige the fluid to flow through it at a determined flow rate that depends on characteristics of the pump and of excitation.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

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