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Uniformly distributed self-assembled cone-shaped pillars for high efficiency solar cells

International Business Machines

Uniformly distributed self-assembled cone-shaped pillars for high efficiency solar cells

3d pillar inductor


3d pillar inductor

3d pillar inductor

Sandisk 3d

Transistor device with gate bottom isolation and method of making thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Load control unit patent thumbnailLoad control unit
In a load control unit, three r, g, and b led chips that constitute each light source (33a-33d) of reading lamps (25-31) and a connector (35) with a built-in controller are mounted on a circuit board (37) to thereby eliminate the connection of a controller (35b) built into the connector (35) with the built-in controller and the respective light sources (33a-33d) by signal lines. In addition, the controller (35b) and a lighting ecu (43) are connected by a multiplex communication line (39), and the multiplex communication line (39) is routed in pillars (15, 17) of a vehicle (1).
Yazaki Corporaton

 Uniformly distributed self-assembled cone-shaped pillars for high efficiency solar cells patent thumbnailUniformly distributed self-assembled cone-shaped pillars for high efficiency solar cells
A method for fabricating a photovoltaic device includes applying a diblock copolymer layer on a substrate and removing a first polymer material from the diblock copolymer layer to form a plurality of distributed pores. A pattern forming layer is deposited on a remaining surface of the diblock copolymer layer and in the pores in contact with the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

 3d pillar inductor patent thumbnail3d pillar inductor
Base pads are spaced by a pitch on a support surface. Conducting members, optionally cu or other metal pillars, extend up from the base pads to top pads.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Transistor device with gate bottom isolation and  making thereof patent thumbnailTransistor device with gate bottom isolation and making thereof
An embodiment relates to a transistor device including a pillar of semiconductor material extending vertically from a bottom portion in contact with an electrically conductive contact line, where the electrically conductive contact line extends laterally past the pillar in a horizontal direction, a gate insulating liner layer on a lateral side of the pillar, a gate electrode on the gate insulating layer extending along the lateral side of the pillar, and a region of electrically insulating semiconductor oxide material filling a space between a bottom portion of the gate electrode and a top portion of the electrically conductive contact line.. .
Sandisk 3d Llc

 Wafer level device and method with cantilever pillar structure patent thumbnailWafer level device and method with cantilever pillar structure
A wafer level package, electronic device including the wafer level package, and fabrication methods are described that include forming a cantilever pillar design as a portion of the wafer level package and/or a segmented solder connection for preventing and reducing connection stress and increasing board level reliability. In implementations, the wafer level device that employs example techniques in accordance with the present disclosure includes at least a section of a processed semiconductor wafer including at least one integrated circuit die, a first dielectric layer disposed on the processed semiconductor wafer, a first pillar, a second pillar formed on the first pillar, a second dielectric layer formed on the first dielectric layer and surrounding a portion of the first pillar and the second pillar, and at least one solder ball disposed on the second pillar..
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

 Optical device for focusing synchrotron radiation light source patent thumbnailOptical device for focusing synchrotron radiation light source
An optical device for focusing synchrotron radiation light source is disclosed according to the present invention, so as to improve the uniformity of the light intensity of the emergent light, to increase the divergence the emergent light, and to restrain the synchrotron radiation higher harmonics. An outline generatrix of the optical device is a quadratic curve segment or a combination of a plurality of quadratic curve segments, the opening orientations of which are the same, and the optical device includes: a plurality of capillary bodies made of transparent material, wherein the capillary bodies in a center region have a solid construe; the capillary bodies in a periphery region located outside of the center region have a hollow structure..
Beijing Normal University

 Semiconductor bump-bonded x-ray imaging device patent thumbnailSemiconductor bump-bonded x-ray imaging device
A high pixel density intraoral x-ray imaging sensor includes a direct conversion, fully depleted silicon detector bump bonded to a readout cmos substrate by capillary bump bonds.. .
Oy Ajat Ltd.

 Capillary pump assisted heat pipe patent thumbnailCapillary pump assisted heat pipe
A heat transport device includes a heat pipe having a capillary container having a wick and a working fluid arranged therein. A first heat source is coupled to a first end of the capillary container to define an evaporator section and a cold sink is coupled to a second end of the capillary container to define a condenser section.
Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Inc.

 Heat pipe and process for manufacturing the same patent thumbnailHeat pipe and process for manufacturing the same
A heat pipe may include a tube body, a capillary structure provided on an inner wall of the tube body, and a cooling liquid accommodated in the tube body. The tube body and the capillary structure are made of thermal conductive plastic, respectively..
Osram Gmbh

 Split type cold and warm air conditioner patent thumbnailSplit type cold and warm air conditioner
The present invention relates to a split type cold and warm air conditioner for solving problems of insufficient performances and inconvenience in use. The split type cold and warm air conditioner includes an air conditioning system having an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.
Kun Shan University


Cordlike line guide device, especially for capillary tubes or the like

The use of the line guide device for protecting a line with capillary tube and the corresponding arrangement are also described.. .


Bulked continuous filaments with trilobal cross-section and round central void and spinneret plates producing filament

Briefly described, embodiments of the present disclosure include trilobal bulked continuous filaments (bcfs) with a generally round central void, spinneret plates with a capillary design for producing the bcfs of the present disclosure, articles and carpets produced from the bcfs of the present disclosure, methods of producing the trilobal bcfs of the present disclosure, and the like.. .
Invista North America S.a.r.l.


Systems and methods for pressure-based liquid flow control

A liquid delivery system for a substrate processing system includes a liquid ampoule to store liquid precursor. A pressure adjusting system adjusts pressure in the liquid ampoule.
Lam Research Corporation


Medicine preparation method and medicine preparation apparatus

Provided are a method and an apparatus for preparing medicines. The method for preparing medicines includes a distribution step of distributing at least one pill into at least one medicine packet and a crushing step of applying a pressure to the medicine packet with the pill to crush the pill.


Boat launch

A boat launch for the pillars of offshore installations includes fender pipes extending substantially perpendicularly to sea level and a ladder being positioned closer to the pillars than the fender pipes, the fender pipes have an inner pipe consisting of steel that is not resistant to seawater and an outer pipe consisting of a seawater resistant metal alloy.. .
Kme Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg


Device for installing cable trunking on a motor vehicle body part

The invention relates to installing cable trunking (10) on a motor vehicle body pillar (5), wherein cable staples (5) are provided on the pillar, which enable cables (4) to be maintained in guidance and a trunking (10) to be snap fitted, and the complementary clipping means (13, 14) engaging with the staples (5) are provided on the trunking (10), the chute (10) comprising in addition a transverse bearing raised portion (30) which at the time of snap fitting bears against a transverse bearing surface formed by the top of one of the cable staples (5) such as to lock the trunking (10) in a longitudinal direction when the chute is snap fitted.. .
Renault S.a.s.


Center pillar weather strip

A center pillar weather strip attached to a center pillar includes an attachment base that attached to the center pillar, a front side linkage part that extends obliquely upward in a front direction of the car body from the attachment base, a rear side linkage part that extends from the attachment base to a rear direction of the car body, a hollow seal part that is linked to tips of the front side linkage part and the rear side linkage part and formed in a shape curved convex to a car outside, and a front side seal lip that extends from a connection portion between the front side linkage part and the hollow seal part toward an extending direction of the hollow seal part and formed in a shape curved convex to the center pillar side.. .
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.


Bactericidal surface patterns

The invention relates to imparting surfaces with nanometer sized structures that provide bactericidal properties to the surface and devices. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a bactericidal surface with nanometer sized pillars created by imprinting a softened polymer surface with a mold.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Method for producing center pillar reinforcement

A center pillar reinforcement is produced satisfactorily by using a high-tensile material having a low ductility as a blank. The center pillar reinforcement is produced by performing a first step for producing a first intermediate formed product on which a body is partially formed by press-forming the blank using a first press-forming device for drawing, and a second step for pressing the first intermediate formed product by using a second press-forming device for bend-forming..
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


High density plate filler

A filling apparatus for filling a microplate. The microplate can comprise a plurality of wells each sized to receive an assay.
Applied Biosystems, Llc


Analyzing device

A capillary cavity 19 and an inlet 13 protruding circumferentially outward from an axial center 107 are connected by a guide section 17 formed so as to extend circumferentially inward and on which a capillary force acts. A sample liquid collected from a leading end of the inlet 13 is transferred to a separation cavity 23.
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.



Provided is an ionizer. In an embodiment, concaves-convexes are formed on a surface of a substrate, one or more electrodes for generating a positive ion or a negative ion is formed, and the concaves-convexes are coated with photocatalyst.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Novel non-selective cation channel in neuronal cells and methods for treating brain swelling

The present invention is directed to therapeutic compounds, treatment methods, and kits affecting the ncca-atp channel of neural tissue, including neurons, glia and blood vessels within the nervous system, and methods of using same. The ncca-atp channel is newly expressed in neural tissue following injury such as ischemia, and is regulated by the sulfonylurea receptor sur1, being inhibited by sulfonylurea compounds, e.g., glibenclamide and tolbutamide, and opened by diazoxide.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore


Male surface fastener, diaper, and securing method

A male surface fastener has a sheet having a main surface, and a group of engagement elements in which the engagement elements are regularly arranged, the engagement element having a pillar that stands on the main surface of the sheet and an engagement head that is expanded along the main surface from the top end of the pillar, wherein 0.05≦s2/s1≦0.15 is satisfied where s1 represents an area of the main surface which corresponds to a region in which the group of engagement elements is arranged, and s2 represents a sum of areas of the top surfaces of the engagement heads of the engagement elements of the group of engagement elements.. .
Ykk Corporation



A pillow includes an upper surface, a lower surface and side edges wherein the upper surface includes a raised edge proximate the upper and lower edges of the upper surface. The upper surface includes at least one cut out through either the raised edge proximate the upper or lower edge that is configured to support the user's neck in an anatomically correct position.


Foldable frame assembly for a playpen

A foldable frame assembly for a playpen includes a collapsible bottom frame which has a central support mount, a plurality of linking elements, a plurality of first linking rods and a plurality of second linking rods. The linking elements are pivoted between the central support mount and the lower end of the plurality of pillars respectively.
Lerado (zhong Shan) Industrial Co., Ltd.


Cord-type mowing machine

The cord-type mowing machine is configured as follows: a body has a pillar; a reel is interpolated to the pillar; a ratchet wheel is interpolated to the pillar, and is stored inside the reel, and is rotated in a direction same as that of the reel; a ring is attached to the upper side of the reel; an upper cap is fixed to the upper end of the pillar; noreturn projections are successively formed on the undersurface of the upper cap; the ratchet wheel has a gathering pallet and is pressed toward the upper cap by a coil spring and the gathering pallet of the ratchet wheel is locked in a noreturn projection toward the letting-out direction of the cord; when the ratchet wheel falls due to a shock, locking between the gathering pallet and the noreturn projection is unlocked and the reel becomes rotatable in the letting out direction; the ring has an unlocking projection; when the ring is rotated in a winding direction, the gathering pallet climbs over the noreturn projection and the reel rotates in the winding direction; when the ring is rotated in the letting-out direction, the unlocking projection comes into contact with the gathering pallet; with the ratchet wheel pushed downward, the locking between the gathering pallet and the noreturn projection is unlocked and the reel becomes rotatable in the letting-out direction.. .
Nagoshi Corporation


Semiconductor device

The present invention is provided with: a plurality of pillars vertically arranged on a semiconductor substrate; a plurality of second diffusion layers respectively arranged on the upper part of each pillar; a conductive layer electrically connected to at least one of the second diffusion layers; and at least one contact formed on at least one of the plurality of second diffusion layers, the number of electrical connections (contacts) between the second diffusion layers and the conductive layer being smaller than the number of pillars, and the number of connections between the pillars and the conductive layer being changeable as needed.. .


Outdoor unit for multi-type air conditioner

An outdoor unit for a multi-type air conditioner includes a compressor, a four-way valve, an outdoor heat exchanger, an outdoor expansion valve, a liquid tank, an accumulator, a shutoff valve provided for the refrigerant pipe between a liquid refrigerant inlet/outlet port and the liquid tank in the outdoor unit, and a first bypass circuit provided in the refrigerant pipe for bypassing the shutoff valve through a capillary tube to connect a liquid refrigerant inlet/outlet port side to an upper side of the refrigerant pipe in a gravity direction. The outdoor unit further includes a second bypass circuit for connecting a bottom portion of the liquid tank to an inlet side of the accumulator via an electromagnetic valve..
Toshiba Carrier Corporation


Target substance purification device, nucleic acid purification device, target substance generating method, and nucleic acid amplification method

A target substance purification device includes: a capillary that is elongated in a longitudinal direction and includes a first plug of oil, a plug of an elution liquid that undergoes phase separation from oil and elutes the target substance from a magnetic body detachably retaining the target substance, and a second plug of oil inside the capillary; a magnetic force applicator that applies a magnetic force to the capillary to retain and control the movement of the magnetic body along the longitudinal direction of the capillary; and a liquid sending mechanism that moves the elution liquid in the longitudinal direction of the capillary while the magnetic force applicator restricts movement of the magnetic body along the longitudinal direction of the capillary.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


High efficiency purifying human papillomavirus virus-like particles

Provided is a method of purifying human papillomavirus (hpv) l1 proteins with high purity and high efficiency. According to the purification method, a purification purity and yield of hpv l1 proteins can be considerably increased when heating/chilling is formed by treating a cell homogenate with a reducing agent.



A dispenser or dispensing system. The dispenser can be a screw conveyor pill dispenser, tumbler pill dispenser, push-to-operate pill cap dispenser, twist-to-operate pill cap dispenser, or push-to-operate pill cap dispenser.
Access Business Group International Llc


Method for producing an applicator, and applicator

The invention relates to a method for producing an applicator for applying liquid or pasty media (1), comprising a container (3), which stores the medium (1) in question, road an application element (5, 13), which is attached to the container (3) in a usage position in such a way that the application element provides the medium (1) outside the container (3) by capillary action for the application characterized by the following steps: creating a hose made of thermoplastic plastic by extrusion and inserting the hose into a mold, forming a container (3) closed at the bottom by expanding the hose in the mold, at least partially tiling the container (3) located in the mold with the medium (1) in question separating the container (3) from the hose in order to form an opening accessible at the top side of the container (3), putting the application element (5, 13) into the usage position thereof by at least partially inserting the application element through the opening of the hose, and fastening the application element (5, 13) while preferably simultaneously creating a closure of the container (3) by moving movable mold parts of the mold.. .


Catheter with gills

A guide catheter has an inlet orifice that allows blood to enter an interior passage of the catheter. A valve is positioned next to the inlet orifice that selectively opens and closes the inlet orifice.


Methods for using head positioning pillows to optimize respiratory titration

Presented herein are various methods for using head positioning pillows to optimize respiratory titration. More specifically, the method includes a first step of determining an optimal relative angle between the patient's mouth and throat at which the patient's airway is optimally opened.
Banyan Licensing L.l.c.


Robotic surgical system with patient support

A robotic surgery system for supporting a patient and a robotic surgical manipulator. The robotic surgery system includes a base, a pillar coupled to the base at a first end and extending vertically upwardly to an opposing second end, and an attachment structure coupled to the second end of the pillar.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Plastic blood lancet

The present invention provides a surgically invasive pointed article for skin penetration and capillary whole blood extraction whose penetration ability can be disabled after use by deforming the tips. The present invention is made by injection moulding a plastic needle 35 having an anchoring means 45 using a first material, followed by another injection moulding process to over-mould a first body segment 20 and second body segment 30 using a second material to encase the plastic needle 35 thereby anchoring the plastic needle 35 to prevent further movement of the plastic needle 35.


Devices and methods for noninvasive measurement of intracranial pressure

Provided are systems and methods for noninvasively assessing intracranial pressure by controllably applanating at least a portion of a subject's ocular globe so as to collapse an intraocular blood vessel and correlating the collapse pressure to intracranial pressure. Also provided are ophthalmic components useful in ophthalmic imaging applications, as well as methods of assessing intracranial pressure that are based, at least in part, on the degree of papilledema, if any, present in the subject..
Third Eye Diagnostics, Inc.


Pillow with foundation

A pillow is provided. The pillow includes a top fabric panel extending to a bottom fabric panel, the bottom fabric panel having a greater width than the top fabric panel; and a first length-wise edge of the bottom fabric panel folded about a first axis, the first axis being a line parallel to the first length-wise edge of the bottom fabric panel and the first axis being a first non-zero distance from the first length-wise edge of the bottom fabric panel, the first length-wise edge of the bottom fabric panel coupled to a first length-wise edge of the top fabric panel.
Pacific Coast Feather Corp.


Snore suppression pillow

A snore suppression pillow includes a pillow body and at least one raising layer. The pillow body has a surface forming a high end and a low end.
Green-sweet Mattress Corp.


System for keeping a pillow in place

Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a system for holding a pillow in place. The system may include a pair of stabilizers.


Chewing gum product and the formation thereof

A chewing gum product is formed by a method that includes extruding a chewing gum material to form an extruded body portion with capillaries, adding a fill material to at least one capillary to form a filled extruded body, and separating the filled extruded body to form the chewing gum product. The fill material includes about 20 to about 80 weight percent sorbitol, and about 20 to about 80 weight percent xylitol, wherein the total of sorbitol and xylitol is at least 80 weight percent.
Intercontinental Great Brands Llc


Identifiers and triggers for capillary devices

Methods and apparatuses for capillary network device registration implemented in a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) are disclosed. Registration or bootstrap messages may be received by a capillary network device where the wtru acts as a gateway for communication between the capillary device and a network such as a 3gpp network.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Organic light emitting display and manufacturing the same

An organic light emitting display includes a first substrate; a second substrate opposing the first substrate; and an array of pixels disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. The display further includes a seal member interposed between and bonded to the first and second substrates to seal a gap between the first and second substrates; a plurality of pillar members positioned between and bonded to the first and second substrates, the plurality of pillar members being positioned outside and spaced from the seal member when viewing in a direction perpendicular to a major surface of the first mother substrate; and a reinforcement member disposed between the first and second substrates, and comprising portions disposed between the seal member and the pillar members.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Electronic device and fabricating the same

An electronic device includes a semiconductor memory. The semiconductor memory includes a plurality of first pillar electrodes spaced apart from each other, a plurality of second pillar electrodes spaced apart from each other, each second pillar electrode being spaced apart from adjacent first pillar electrodes, and a plurality of variable resistance layers enclosing sidewalls of corresponding second pillar electrodes, respectively, wherein a group of adjacent first pillar electrodes is in contact with one variable resistance layer, and a group of adjacent variable resistance layers is in contact with one first pillar electrode..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Semiconductor device and wire bonding interconnection method

A first bond portion is formed on a first electrode, and for a wire extended from the first bond portion, a tip of a capillary is pressed against a bump formed on a second electrode, to form a second bond portion to which a shape of a pressing surface at the tip of the capillary is transferred. A base end of the second bond portion from which the wire starts becoming thinner is located on the inside of the bump from an end of a bonding surface by 10% or more of the length of the bonding surface, and the wire is cut with the capillary..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Method for fabricating equal height metal pillars of different diameters

A process to form metal pillars on a flip-chip device. The pillars, along with a layer of solder, will be used to bond die pads on the device to respective substrate pads on a substrate.
Lsi Corporation


Method for fabricating equal height metal pillars of different diameters

A process to form metal pillars on a flip-chip device. The pillars, along with a layer of solder, will be used to bond die pads on the device to respective substrate pads on a substrate.
Lsi Corporation


Pillar structure having cavities

An apparatus comprises a pillar formed on a top surface of a semiconductor substrate, wherein the pillar comprises a first pillar region, a second pillar region and a first cavity formed between the first pillar region and the second pillar region, and wherein the first cavity is configured to accommodate a probe pin.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Vehicle with blind spot monitor device

Device vehicle includes a pillar, a driver seat and a blind spot monitor device including a camera module, a display module and a mounting component. The camera module includes a camera disposed to substantially face a direction along a line of sight of a driver who sits in the driver seat toward the pillar and operable to capture an image of a blind spot attributed to the pillar and to output an image data signal.


Plasma separation using a drop of blood

Systems, combinations, and/or methods for separating plasma from a drop of blood use a capillary tube and a filter membrane having a rough side and a smooth side. The pores on the rough side of the filter membrane are large enough for blood cells to enter and be captured.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Monitor for monitoring a comsumption of pills from a container

A monitor for monitoring a consumption of pills from a container, the monitor comprises: an interface; a controller; multiple sensors of different types, an alert element; and a transceiver that is configured to exchange information with one or more devices that differ from the monitor; wherein the interface is configured to interface with the container; wherein when the monitor interfaces with the container the multiple sensors are configured to (i) detect an attempt to consume a pill of the pills from the container and (ii) evaluate an amount of pills within the container; wherein the controller is configured to trigger an erroneous consumption alert when the attempt to consume the pill does not correspond to a desired pill consumption schedule.. .


Pillbox, medication management system and medication dispensing system

The invention provides a pillbox comprising a plurality of pill receiving compartments detachably connected with one another in side-by-side relation to form a unitary structure, each of the compartments being constructed to store pills to be taken at a single predetermined time and have an opening which is covered by a cover and through which the compartment is accessible; wherein the unitary structure is configured such that the plurality of compartments are arranged sequentially according to a medication schedule created according to a prescription, with the compartment storing the pills to be taken first as an outermost one, and that only the opening of the outermost compartment is permitted to be uncovered all the time, and wherein the outermost compartment is removed from the unitary structure after the pills contained therein are taken. The invention also provides a medication management system and a mediation dispensing system based on the pillbox..


Multiple pill cutter

A multiple pill cutter provides an individual the ability to cut multiple pills simultaneously. The multiple pill cutter can include a pill cutting bed on which pills can be placed.


Shrimp pillow

A pillow designed to be wholly and fully adjustable. It is achieved by a design that is both curved and asymmetric at the same time.


Travel pillow

A travel pillow includes a resilient inner frame having a rear portion and two side portions, and u-shaped outer cushion fixed about the inner frame and including a rear portion and two side portions. Each side portion, and optionally the rear portions, includes at least one transverse air apertures therethrough.
Cabeau, Inc.


Air-activated heated travel pillows and travel blankets

Heat packs are incorporated into various travel and comfort items, such as pillows, blankets, and the like, in a designated pocket and/or pouch within the items to provide a user with soothing, targeted, and controlled heat in a consistent, convenient, and comfortable application. A disposable heat pack may comprise a soft, lightweight, air-permeable pouch.
E & B Giftware Llc


Three-dimensional conductive electrode for solar cell

A photovoltaic device and method include forming a plurality of pillar structures in a substrate, forming a first electrode layer on the pillar structures and forming a continuous photovoltaic stack including an n-type layer, a p-type layer and an intrinsic layer on the first electrode. A second electrode layer is deposited over the photovoltaic stack such that gaps or fissures occur in the second electrode layer between the pillar structures.
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a fin-shaped semiconductor layer on a semiconductor substrate and extends in a first direction with a first insulating film around the fin-shaped semiconductor layer. A pillar-shaped semiconductor layer resides on the fin-shaped semiconductor layer.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device

A nonvolatile semiconductor storage device includes a semiconductor substrate; a stack structure disposed above the substrate and including insulation layers and conductive layers stacked alternatively; and a select gate electrode layer disposed above the stack structure; holes extending through the stack structure and the electrode layer; a connecting portion connecting lower portions of adjacent holes; and a pillar insulating film and semiconductor pillars disposed in the connected holes and in the connecting portion. A back gate is disposed between a portion above the connecting portion and the stack structure.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Enhanced board level reliability for wafer level packages

A wafer level package device, electronic device, and fabrication methods for fabrication of the wafer level package device are described that include forming an exposed lead tip on the wafer level package for providing a solder buttress structure when coupling the wafer level package device to another electrical component. In implementations, the wafer level package device includes at least one integrated circuit die, a metal pad, a first dielectric layer, a redistribution layer, a second dielectric layer, a pillar structure, a molding layer, a pillar layer, and a plating layer, where the pillar layer is sawn to form pad contacts on at least two sides of the wafer level package device.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Optical connector plug

In the optical connector plug, a length from the end face of the capillary of the ferrule to the front end surface of the flange in the axial direction is larger than a length from the front end of the forward portion of the first accommodation space of the plug frame to the rear end surface of the rearward portion of the plug frame in the axial direction, and in a state in which the front end surface of the flange is in contact with the rear end surface of the plug frame, the end face of the capillary is located in the second accommodation space.. .
Seikoh Giken Co., Ltd.


Integrated thermo-optic switch with thermally isolated and heat restricting pillars

System and method embodiments are provided for a thermo-optic switch with thermally isolated and heat restricting pillars. The embodiments enable increased integration density in photonic integrated chips (pics), reduced power consumption, improved switching speed, and increased chip lifetime.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Methods and apparatus related to a side-fire optical fiber having a robust distal end portion

An aspect of the present disclosure may include an apparatus having an optical waveguide. The optical waveguide may have a distal end surface non-normal to a longitudinal centerline of a distal end portion of the optical waveguide, wherein the distal end surface may define a portion of an interface configured to redirect electromagnetic radiation propagated from within the optical waveguide and incident on the portion of the interface to a direction offset from the longitudinal centerline.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Method and creating coherent bundle of scintallting fibers

A method and apparatus to manufacture a coherent bundle of scintillating fibers is disclosed. In the method and apparatus, a polymer matrix of a transparent polymer and nanoparticle scintillators is placed on top of a collimated bundle having a plurality of capillaries and pressed in a pressure vessel until the polymer matrix is forced into the capillaries.
Brown University


Method of patterning pillars

The disclosed technology relates to methods of patterning elongated structures. In one aspect, a method of forming pillars includes providing a substrate and providing a plurality of beads on a surface of the substrate.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.


Motor vehicle rollover protection device and method

Motor vehicle rollover protection device and method, and more specifically a rollover protection device and method for use in work vehicles of the pickup and light truck types, in which a linking structure is applied to the roof of the vehicle cabin, said structure linking all the pillars of the original vehicle roof, thereby forming with said roof and said pillars an integral resistant structure for containing and regulating the deformation of the roof and its pillars upon a rollover event.. .


Head rest

A compact headrest having a simplified and more compact mechanism is provided. The headrest includes a first and a second headrest pillars, and a stationary unit disposed therebetween.
Ts Tech Co., Ltd.


Analyzing apparatus

An analyzing device includes: an operation cavity (245) that is adjacent to a first reserving cavity (243) retaining a sample liquid, in a circumferential direction of rotational driving; a connecting section (255) provided on a side wall of the first reserving cavity (243) to suck the sample liquid by a capillary force and transfer the sample liquid to the operation cavity (245); and second reserving cavities (247, 248) that are disposed outside the operation cavity (245) in the circumferential direction of the rotational driving and communicate with the outermost position of the operation cavity (245) through a connecting passage (256). The connecting section (255) is circumferentially extended farther than the liquid level of the sample liquid retained in the first reserving cavity (243).
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.


Ureteral stent

In some embodiments, a ureteral stent includes an elongate member having a first portion and a second portion, which is coupled to the first portion. The first portion of the elongate member is configured to be disposed within a kidney of a patient.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Intraosseous screw for fixing a bone fragment or a transplant to a bone and manufacturing such an intraosseous screw

An intraosseous screw includes at least one external thread, a receiving element extending into and parallel to the external thread, and connecting members connecting the individual screw threads of the external thread. The or each external thread has capillary through-channels that pass through the screw so as to end in the receiving element.


Pillow holding device

Described is a pillow holding device for use in holding a number of pillows in a stacked orientation. The device includes a flat, rigid base on which pillows can be stacked.


Memory arrays with a memory cell adjacent to a smaller size of a pillar having a greater channel length than a memory cell adjacent to a larger size of the pillar and methods

The disclosure is related to memory arrays and methods. One such memory array has a substantially vertical pillar.
Micron Technology, Inc.


A semiconductor device comprising an diode region and an igbt region

A technology for inhibiting gate interference in an rc-igbt employing a diode structure having schottky connections is provided. A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate including a diode region and an igbt region.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Wire-bonding apparatus and manufacturing semiconductor device

Provided is a wire-bonding apparatus (10) including: a capillary (28) through which a wire (30) inserted; and a controller (80). The controller (80) is configured to execute operations including: a disconnection operation, after the second bonding operation, of moving the capillary through which the wire is inserted within a horizontal plane vertical to an axial direction of the capillary while the wire is held in the clamped state, and thereby disconnecting the wire from the second bonding point; a preliminary bonding operation of feeding the wire from the second bonding point to a predetermined preliminary bonding point, and performing preliminary bonding at the preliminary bonding point; and a shaping operation, after the preliminary bonding operation, of shaping the wire projecting from a tip of the capillary into a predetermined flexed shape..
Shinkawa Ltd.


Device and purifying target substance

A target substance purification device includes: a mount for installing a capillary containing a liquid plug and having a longitudinal direction; a magnetic force applying mechanism that applies a magnetic force to the capillary to retain a magnetic body detachably retaining the target substance; a control mechanism that restricts movement of the magnetic body along the longitudinal direction of the capillary; and a liquid sending mechanism that moves the liquid along the longitudinal direction of the capillary while the movement of the magnetic body is being restricted by the control mechanism.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Front pillar construction having reinforcement member for vehicle frame

A front pillar construction on a vehicle frame includes a pillar inner member having pillar inner member mating flanges and a pillar outer member having pillar outer member mating flanges welded to the pillar inner member mating flanges to form a front pillar member with a hollow construction. The front pillar construction further includes an angled reinforcement member fixedly secured to the pillar member at a location arranged to break a wheel of the vehicle disposed immediately forward of the pillar member during small overlap frontal crashes wherein the wheel is forced rearward toward the pillar member..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Wire-bonding apparatus and wire bonding

Provided is a wire-bonding apparatus 10 including a capillary 28 through which a wire 30 is inserted, a nonsticking determination circuit 36, and a controller 80. The nonsticking determination circuit 36 applies a predetermined alternating-current electrical signal between the wire held by the capillary and the bonding target, obtains a capacitance value between the wire held by the capillary and the bonding target, determines that the wire is disconnected from the bonding target when the capacitance value decreases after the first bonding operation, and determines that the disconnected wire drops down and is brought into contact with the bonding target when the capacitance value returns to an original value before reaching the second bonding point..
Shinkawa Ltd.


Skin sensitizer delivery system

A skin-sensitizing formulation is provided in an edible, softgel pill. A person engaged in a sexual activity bites down on the pill, thereby effectuating the oral release of the skin-sensitizing formulation.


Clamping structure, electronic device and clamping component

A clamping structure includes an object, a clamping component and an elastic component. The object has a hole and a containing space, wherein the containing space is connected to the hole.
Wistron Corporation


Electrical junction box

An electrical junction box having a novel structure in which a cover is externally fitted and assembled to a main body provided with a circuit board. The electrical junction box enables water that has entered the cover from reaching the circuit board via a micro-gap between the main body and the cover.
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.


Method and incorporating passive devices in an integrated passive device separate from a die

A circuit including a first die, an integrated passive device and a second layer. The first die includes a first substrate and active devices.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.


Tunneling transistor having a vertical channel, variable resistive memory device including the same, and manufacturing the same

A tunneling transistor including a semiconductor substrate on which a source is formed in an upper region and having a first semiconductor material layer, a pillar formed on the semiconductor substrate and having a structure in which a channel layer and a drain are sequentially stacked, a gate formed to surround a circumference of the pillar, and a second semiconductor material layer constituting a portion of the source, formed between the source and the channel layer, having the same conductivity type as the source, and having a band gap smaller than the first semiconductor material layer. Wherein, the source and the drain have opposite conductivity types..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Wire-bonding apparatus and manufacturing semiconductor device

Provided is a wire-bonding apparatus (10) including: a capillary (28) through which a wire (30) is inserted; a nonsticking determination circuit (36) configured to apply a predetermined electrical signal between a bonding target and the wire (30) in a clamped state and to determine whether or not the wire (30) and the bonding target is sticking as well as whether or not the wire (30) is disconnected based on a response of the application of the predetermined electrical signal; an annular projecting length detection ring (40) disposed coaxially with the capillary (28); and a projecting length determination circuit (38) configured to determine whether or not a projecting length of a wire tail projecting from the tip of the capillary (28) is appropriate based on detection on whether or not power is conductive when a predetermined inspection voltage is applied between the wire (30) and the projecting length detection ring (40) as well as a presence of a discharge spark when a predetermined inspection high voltage is applied between the wire (30) and the projecting length detection ring (40).. .
Shinkawa Ltd.


Via structure for packaging and a forming

A via or pillar structure, and a method of forming, is provided. In an embodiment, a polymer layer is formed having openings exposing portions of an underlying conductive pad.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Men,women,nectie med timer watchs. and the home med timer clock.

4. Part 4 is the pill holder that coexist with the voice activate wish the pill holder will open on the risk band of the watch..


Multi-capillary cartridge for capillary electrophoresis

Some embodiments described herein relate to a capillary cartridge. A capillary cartridge can include a multiple of capillaries configured to be used for capillary electrophoresis.


Materials transport device for diagnostic and tissue engineering applications

Devices that can transport biological materials are described. The devices incorporate capillary channeled fibers that can effectively transport living cells as well as other biological materials such as nutrients, growth factors, waste materials, etc.
Clemson University


Multi-channel refrigerant controller with changeable refrigerant evaporation

A multi-channel refrigerant controller with changeable refrigerant evaporation implements a refrigerant-channel assembly to control refrigerant in terms of flow and direction, and, when working with a phase-change cooler, well supports both high- and low-temperature operations. The multi-channel refrigerant controller includes a refrigerant-channel assembly, a solenoid-valve assembly, a capillary-tube assembly and an execution controller.


Method for producing ceramic fibers of a composition in the sic range and for producing sic fibers

A method for producing ceramic fibers of a composition in the sic range, starts from a spinning material that contains a polysilane-polycarbosilane copolymer solution. The spinning material is extruded through spinnerets in a dry spinning method and spun through a spinning duct into green fibers, and the green fibers are subsequently pyrolyzed.
Bjs Ceramics Gmbh


Solid gel amplification platform molecular diagnostics

The present invention provides for a novel system and method for amplification and detection of nucleic acids within a miniaturized device wherein sample administration occurs via capillary forces through a channel created by drying a hydrogel containing all components needed for a cell-free, enzymatic, nucleic-acid amplification system other than the template nucleic acid or precursor thereto, and wherein an aqueous sample is provided to the desiccated hydrogel, and the hydrogel is rehydrated, through capillary forces.. .
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Compounds for treating papilloma virus infection

The present invention relates to polyamide compositions and therapies for treating cells and subjects infected with papilloma virus.. .
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Composition for preventing or treating cervical cancer having human papillomavirus plasmodium and immunity enhancer

A composition for preventing or treating cervical cancer comprising a human papillomavirus plasmodium and an immunity enhancer is provided. A fusion protein including a fusion polypeptide recombined to transform a 3d structure of e6 and e7, which are antigens against types 16 and 18 human papillomavirus (hpv), a signal peptide for secreting the fusion polypeptide outside the cells and an immunity enhancer peptide present in an individual is also provided.
Genexine, Inc.

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