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Apparatus for providing pill

Ohsung Electronics

Apparatus for providing pill

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Pill administration device with liquid reservoir patent thumbnailnew patent Pill administration device with liquid reservoir
This disclosure describes liquid-assisted pill administration devices, each comprising a reservoir for containing a liquid and a pill receptacle for one or more pills. The pill receptacle has a receptacle opening remote from the reservoir for inserting and discharging pills, and the reservoir is in valve-governed fluid communication with the pill receptacle via a first fluid communication path including a valve interposed between the reservoir and the pill receptacle.
Lno-products Inc.
 Microfluidic device, system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Microfluidic device, system and method
A combination of capillary forces and gas pressure is used to control the movement of liquid samples within a microfluidic device. A liquid sample introduced to a proximal portion of a capillary channel of a microfluidic device moves by capillary action partway along the capillary channel.
Alere San Diego, Inc.
 Fluid injection chip patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid injection chip
There is provided a fluid injection chip including: a first substrate in which a plurality of wells are formed; a first fluid formed in the wells; a second substrate of which a plurality of pillar members are formed on a lower surface so as to correspond to the wells; a low adhesive layer formed on a protrusion surface of the pillar member; and a second fluid formed on the low adhesive layer.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.
 Method of installing a pipeline and pipeline support system patent thumbnailnew patent Method of installing a pipeline and pipeline support system
A method is disclosed for installing a pipeline made up of a plurality of pipe lengths or sections to extend along a predetermined underground grade in a trench. Pillow blocks are secured to the underside of the pipe lengths at predetermined intervals and the pipe lengths are respectively lifted with the pillow blocks suspended thereunder and sequentially placed in the trench with the blocks positioned thereunder on the grade surface in the trench.
 Loudspeakers with double dampers patent thumbnailnew patent Loudspeakers with double dampers
A loudspeaker with double dampers include a magnetic circuit forming a magnetic field, a voice coil passing through the magnetic field of the magnetic circuit, a vibration module connected with the voice coil, a frame connected with the vibration module, and a supporting module having a pillar and first and second dampers. The pillar of the supporting module is arranged inside the voice coil and mounted on the magnetic circuit.
 Apparatus for providing pill patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for providing pill
An apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a body forming an external shape, a containing unit for containing a pill packet including pills to be taken, a driving assembly provided below the containing unit and applying a force for pushing the pill packet in one direction, a guide bar for providing a transfer path of the pill packet transferred by an operation of the driving assembly, an elevation bar provided above the guide bar and capable of descending or ascending toward the pill packet, a cylinder assembly for allowing the elevation bar to elevate, a discharge box for containing the pills when the pills are separated from the pill packet by the elevation bar, and a first outlet to be an opening of the discharge box..
Ohsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Semiconductor photoelectrode and  splitting water photoelectrochemically using photoelectrochemical cell comprising the same patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor photoelectrode and splitting water photoelectrochemically using photoelectrochemical cell comprising the same
Provided is a semiconductor photoelectrode comprising a conductive substrate; a first semiconductor photocatalyst layer provided on a surface of the conductive substrate; a second semiconductor photocatalyst layer provided on a surface of the first semiconductor photocatalyst layer. The semiconductor photoelectrode has a plurality of pillar protrusions on the surface thereof.
Panasonic Corporation
 Capillary-pumping heat-transport device patent thumbnailnew patent Capillary-pumping heat-transport device
A capillary-driven heat transfer device, adapted to extract heat from a heat source and to release this heat to a cold source by means of a two-phase working fluid, includes an evaporator, having a microporous mass adapted to perform capillary pumping of fluid in the liquid phase, a condenser, a reservoir having an inlet and/or outlet port, a vapor communication circuit connecting the outlet of the evaporator to the inlet of the condenser, and a liquid communication circuit connecting the outlet of the condenser to the reservoir and to the inlet of the evaporator. The reservoir includes multiple separate volumes that remain in fluid communication..
Euro Heat Pipes
 Travel pillow patent thumbnailnew patent Travel pillow
The present invention discloses a u-shaped travel pillow having a base cushion and raised cushion fixed to the top side of the base cushion. The inner peripheral walls of the base and raised cushions are mutually flush, while the rear walls are mutually flush and substantially flat for better contact with flat surfaces, such as a headrest, seat, or chair.
Cabeau, Inc.
 System and  optical detection using capillary action patent thumbnailSystem and optical detection using capillary action
A product and method for the detection of one or more analytes in a collected sample employs capillary action in a sample card containing a sample substrate, at least one test capsule and an absorbent pad. The absorbent pad absorbs the contents of the test capsule and delivers the same to the sample substrate, with the contents of the test capsule chemically reacting with at least one detection reagent to establish an optical indicator for the analyte(s).
Redxdefense, Llc

Apparatus and processing biological samples

A method and an automated apparatus for processing at least one biological sample arranged on a slide. At least one capillary staining module has a slide rack holder configured to detachably hold a slide rack configured to hold slides, and a capillary lid rack holder configured to detachably hold a capillary lid rack configured to hold capillary lids, wherein the slide rack can be removed independently of removing the capillary lid rack.
Dako Denmark A/s

Rechargeable battery having pillar terminal and battery module using the same

A rechargeable battery including a pillar terminal electrically connected to a positive or negative electrode. The pillar terminal includes a first section made of a first metal, a second section made of a second metal, and a third section between the first and second sections.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Vacuum glazing pillars delivery films and methods for insulated glass units

Pillar delivery films for vacuum insulated glass units. The delivery films include a support film or pocket tape, a sacrificial material on the support film, and a plurality of pillars.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Vacuum glazing pillars for insulated glass units

Vacuum insulated glass units having layered pillars. The glass units include two glass panes and an edge seal between the glass panes with a substantial vacuum gap between them.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Method of coating a fiber with pre-coating

A method of depositing a coating of a first metal alloy on a fiber extending in a main direction, including: a) heating a first mass of a first metal alloy above its melting temperature; and b) moving the fiber through the liquid first mass to be covered by a coating of a non-zero thickness over the entire periphery of the fiber; and prior to a): i) providing a second mass of a second metal alloy having a higher melting temperature than the first alloy; j) heating the second mass to above its melting temperature to be in its liquid state and then moving the fiber through the second alloy such that the second alloy is taken up under visco-capillary conditions and the fiber becomes covered over a portion by a coating of the second alloy of non-zero thickness; and k) cooling the second coating until it becomes solid.. .
Institut Polytechnique De Bordeaux

Transducer comprising moisture transporting element

A hearing aid or a transducer for use in a hearing aid, having a housing with an opening from an inner chamber thereof to surroundings thereof. A moisture transporting element is positioned in the opening.
Sonion Nederland Bv

Schottky barrier diode and manufacturing schottky barrier diode

A schottky barrier diode and a method of manufacturing the diode are provided. The diode includes an n− type epitaxial layer disposed on a first surface of an n+ type silicon carbide substrate and a plurality of p+ regions disposed within the n− type epitaxial layer.
Hyundai Motor Company

Dispenser system for mass spectrometric sample preparations

The invention relates to the preparation of samples on mass spectrometric sample supports with dispensing of liquids, and particularly to devices and methods to clean the dispenser. During dispensing of hundreds of samples, solved material may crystallize over time as deposit at the capillary tip of the dispenser, which impedes the vertical detachment of the drop in the medium and long run.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh

Carbon dioxide refrigeration system with a multi-way valve

The present application thus provides an expansion device for a refrigeration system. The expansion device may include a multi-way valve with an inlet port, a number of outlet ports, and a selectable valve member movable between a number of open positions related to the outlet ports and a closed position, and a number of capillary tubes in communication with the outlet ports..
The Coca-cola Company

Convertible protective cover and pillow for patio furniture and the like

The covering portion can be stuffed into the tethered pillowcase portion to form a stuffed pillow that conceals the cover. Conversely, the protective cover conceals the pillowcase portion while the protective cover is in use to protect the article..

Systems and methods for loading liquid samples

A sample loader for loading a liquid sample into a plurality of reaction sites within a substrate is provided. The sample loader includes a first blade, and a second blade coupled to the first blade.
Life Technologies Corporation

Nanocapillary device for biomolecule detection, a fluidic network structure and a manufacturing thereof

A device includes at least one nanoscale capillary and means for applying an electric voltage, said means being adapted to create an electric field at least in said capillary when said electric voltage is applied, so that, when said electric voltage is applied, a charged molecule or particle placed within the created electric field can be electrically controlled. A fluidic network structure includes the at least one nanoscale capillary.
Qunano Ab

Vehicle body lower structure

A vehicle body lower structure includes a gadget that couples a cross member and a center pillar to each other. The gadget has a first extension portion that is extended along a vertical direction, and a second extension portion that is extended from an upper end of the first extension portion toward a center axis of the center pillar, and is connected to the center pillar in the vehicle width direction.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Superjunction structures for power devices and methods of manufacture

A power device includes a semiconductor region which in turn includes a plurality of alternately arranged pillars of first and second conductivity type. Each of the plurality of pillars of second conductivity type further includes a plurality of implant regions of the second conductivity type arranged on top of one another along the depth of pillars of second conductivity type, and a trench portion filled with semiconductor material of the second conductivity type directly above the plurality of implant regions of second conductivity type..
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Coating of graphite tooling for manufacture of semiconductors

A tool useful in the manufacture of a semiconductor is disclosed. A mold is providing having an interior defining a planar capillary space.
Mossey Creek Solar, Llc

Catalyst for electrochemical dechlorination of hydrocarbons

The catalyst for electrochemical dechlorination of hydrocarbons, such as chlorobenzenes, is a d-block transition metal supported by rice husk ash (rha), preferably rice husk ash-supported platinum or titanium. The catalysts are prepared from rice husk ash by the sol-gel method.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Multi-component body pillow and methods

A pillow system includes a head pillow having a top end, a bottom end, and a connector disposed at the bottom end. A leg pillow has a top end, a bottom end, and sides extending between the top end and the bottom end.
The Boppy Company, Llc

Adjusting a dispersal parameter of dispersedly stored data

A method begins by a processing module storing data files utilizing a dispersed storage error coding function that includes a pillar width parameter and a decode threshold parameter. The method continues with the processing module determining whether to adjust redundancy of the dispersed storage error coding function based on performance of the dsn.
Cleversafe, Inc.

Pharmaceutical tablet formulation for the veterinary medical sector, production and use thereof

The invention is directed to a pharmaceutical tablet formulation for the veterinary medical sector containing an instable ace inhibitor or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as a first pharmaceutically active substance, and pimobendan or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as a second pharmaceutically active substance, comprising granules which contain carrier core particles coated with at least one layer wherein the first pharmaceutically active substance is present, the granules being embedded in a tablet matrix wherein the second pharmaceutically active substance is present. It is provided a “fixed-dose-combination” which allows to ease the treatment and administration of the medication, improves the medication compliance by reducing the pill burden to the animal holder and enables the better observation of and adherence to the therapy by decreasing the number of tablets to be administered.
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

Methods for generating immunity to antigen

Provided are methods of generating an immune response to an antigen. The method comprises priming an individual by administering an expression vector encoding the antigen.
Microvax, Llc

Mist collecting apparatus, liquid ejecting apparatus, and controlling mist collecting apparatus

A mist collecting apparatus which sucks and collects mist that is generated due to ejection of a liquid includes: an exhaust duct from which a suction unit for sucking outside air extends downward; and a liquid absorbing member which is mounted to the suction unit so that a lower end portion thereof is disposed on an outside of the exhaust duct and an upper end portion thereof is disposed in the exhaust duct, wherein a suction pressure of the liquid absorbing member on a liquid by capillary force is equal to or greater than a difference between hydraulic heads of an upper and a lower end of the liquid absorbing member.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Seat support structure for saddle-riding type vehicle having rider's seat and separate pillion seat

A seat support structure for a saddle-riding vehicle having a rider's seat and a pillion seat separate from and disposed posterior to the rider's seat includes a bracket disposed on the rider's seat which is fixed to a vehicle body, the bracket providing a coupling between the rider's seat and the pillion seat, wherein the bracket is detachably inserted in a front portion of the pillion seat when the pillion seat is mounted to the vehicle body, and the pillion seat has a rear portion removably secured to the vehicle body.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a first and second fin-shaped semiconductor layers on a substrate, which correspond to the dimensions of a sidewall pattern around a dummy pattern. A first insulating film is around the first and second fin-shaped layers.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Automated air-pillow dispenser

A transfer and dispensing apparatus is disclosed for the conveying and separation of packaging material, cushions or pillows when needed by the operator. When a packer working over a conveyor receives a box that requires void fill, an operating switch such as a foot pedal is depressed to dispense pillows from the apparatus and into the box in a connected strip.
Pregis Innovative Packaging Inc.

Determining minimum miscibility pressure of an oil compositon with a fluid

Various embodiments disclosed relate to methods and apparatuses for determining a minimum miscibility pressure of a fluid with and oil composition. In various embodiments, the method can include placing a fluid into a pressure chamber at a first pressure.

Greenhouse screen

The invention refers to a greenhouse screen comprising strips of film material that are interconnected by a yarn framework of transverse threads and longitudinal threads to form a continuous product, wherein the yarn framework is thermally bonded to at least one side of the strips of film material, wherein also those parts of the yarn framework that is thermally bonded to the strips have liquid-transporting capacity by capillary action. The amount of yarn in the yarn framework interconnecting and holding the strips can herewith be reduced..
Ab Ludvig Svensson

Watertight clip

A watertight clip may include a watertight clip main body and a packing. The watertight clip main body has a stabilizer, a pillar extending from the stabilizer, engagement legs formed in the pillar, and a packing retainer member.
Daiwa Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Effective sensitizing dose of a gelled immunomodulating topical composition

The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating warts and other human papilloma virus (hpv) skin infections. The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating skin cancer..
Hapten Pharmaceuticals, Llc

Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill

The present disclosure relates to an oral, immediate release, abuse deterrent pill containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient susceptible to abuse which is homogenously spread throughout a carrier matrix used to deter abuse. The pill is prepared using hot melt extrusion and a forming unit through a continuous process.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Service, Inc.

Microfluidic metering of fluids

This document provides methods and devices for metering fluids. In some cases, the methods and devices include intersecting channels that include capillary-stop geometries at each intersection point that guides the fluids on a desired path, which is controlled by the opening and closing of valves.
Daktari Diagnostics, Inc.

Editing profiling of pde8a pre -mrna: use as specific biomarker of adars activities in human tissues to diagnose and to predict and assess therapeutic efficacy and/or efficiency or potential drug side effects

The present invention relates to the use of the editing profile of pde8a pre-mrna as a specific bio marker of adars activities in evolved primate, particularly in human tissues. The present invention also relates to an in vitro method for predicting in human an alteration of the mechanism of the adars catalysed pre-mrna editing of target genes, by analysing the pde8a pre-mrna editing profile in a peripheral tissue sample containing cells expressing said pde8a pre-mrna, such as blood sample.

Vaccines against hpv

The present invention relates to therapeutic compounds, such as vaccines against human papillomavirus (hpv) and in particular to dna vaccines against hpv16 or hpv18. The invention further relates to protein construct encoding homodimeric peptides, which peptides may be released from a dna vaccine or used separately.
Vaccibody As

Packed pillow optic array

A pillow optic array comprising a plurality of first order pillow optic elements arranged as a two-dimensional grid with a plurality of interstice spaces between adjacent first order pillow optic elements. Each of a plurality of second order pillow optic elements, located within respective interstice spaces.
Ge Leghting Solutions, Llc

Heat dissipation structure and handheld electronic device with the heat dissipation structure

A heat dissipation structure includes a heat conduction support body disposed in a handheld electronic device. The heat conduction support body has a first face and a second face opposite to the first face.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

Vehicle body structure

A vehicle body structure that can enhance the performance of absorbing an impact from a lateral face of a vehicle, equipped with a roof side rail that is arranged at a lateral position on an upper side of a vehicle and extends in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle, and a center pillar that extends in a vertical direction of the vehicle and has an upper end portion that is joined to a non-end position of the roof side rail in an extension direction. A deformation guide portion that provides guidance such that the roof side rail is deformed along a direction of a virtual axis that extends in a direction inclined with respect to a direction perpendicular to the extension direction of the roof side rail in a lateral view when a load is input from a lateral portion of the vehicle is formed on the roof side rail..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Multilayer pillar for reduced stress interconnect and making same

A multi-layer pillar and method of fabricating the same is provided. The multi-layer pillar is used as an interconnect between a chip and substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for manufacturing a mems device and mems device

A method for manufacturing a mems device includes providing a cavity within a layer adjacent to a sacrificial layer. The cavity extends to the sacrificial layer and includes a capillary slot protruding into the layer.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes an electrode including a plurality of pillars, a semiconductor element configured to be electrically-connected with the electrode, a substrate having electrode patterns, and a conductive adhesive layer located between the substrate and the electrode, the conductive adhesive layer including conductive substances configured to electrically-connect the pillars and the electrode patterns to each other, and including a body which encloses the conductive substances.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Plume collimation for laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

In various embodiments, a device may generally comprise a capillary having a first end and a second end; a laser to emit energy at a sample in the capillary to ablate the sample and generate an ablation plume in the capillary; an electrospray apparatus to generate an electrospray plume to intercept the ablation plume to produce ions; and a mass spectrometer having an ion transfer inlet to capture the ions. The ablation plume may comprise a collimated ablation plume.
The George Washington University

Automatic electronic pill crusher

The invention provides a pill crusher device which is spherical or ovoid in shape having a top port for inserting pills to be crushed and a bottom port for releasing and pouring the powdered medication. The device comprises a molded plastic casing which encloses an oscillating electric motor which is activates a rapid orbital or oscillating motion to a pair of concentric serrated jaws or toothed rings located in the interior of the device wherein the outer toothed ring inhabits the inner surface of the casing and the inner toothed ring spins or oscillates in opposition to the fixed outer ring and grinds the pills against the teeth of the outer ring.

Pill preparation device

A pill preparation device is disclosed. The pill preparation device includes a base, an anvil supported by the base, and a platen coupled to the base and movable relative to the anvil.
Lighthouse For Nurses Medical Devices Llc

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