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Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Side firing optical fiber device for consistent, rapid vaporization of tissue and extended longevity patent thumbnailnew patent Side firing optical fiber device for consistent, rapid vaporization of tissue and extended longevity
A side firing laser device suitable for use in medical and surgical procedures has a laser energy transmission efficiency in excess of 90% and provides consistent and rapid vaporization of tissue as well as long useful life. The device includes a conduit with an optical fiber therewithin.
 Capillary action in flow-regulating systems patent thumbnailnew patent Capillary action in flow-regulating systems
A fluid flow-regulating system includes an electrolysis chamber configured to contain a liquid, and includes first and second electrodes disposed within the electrolysis chamber. A gap between opposing surfaces is sized to promote capillary action of a liquid in the electrolysis chamber that draws the liquid to at least one of the first and second electrodes in a manner allowing the flow-regulating system to be placed in multiple orientations and still have said one of the first and second electrodes wetted by capillary action..
 Dynamic mr imaging of patients with breast cancer -- establishment and comparison of different analytical methods for tissue perfusion and capillary permeability patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic mr imaging of patients with breast cancer -- establishment and comparison of different analytical methods for tissue perfusion and capillary permeability
The present invention encompasses methods, apparatus, and computer based systems for identifying benign and malignant tumors in tissues such as soft tissues and particularly breast tissue using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imagining (dce-mri) and dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (dsc) imagining of the tumors. Some embodiments encompass the use of two dynamic mri pulse sequences in intercalating mode during parenteral administration of an mr contrast substance, wherein one of said pulse sequences is optimized for spatial information and the other pulse sequence is adjusted for high temporal solution, the high-temporal dissolved sequence further comprising a double echo-collection sensitive towards both dce and dsc for generating a number of different biomarker data such as pharmacokinetic biomarker data, descriptive dce biomarkers and descriptive dsc biomarkers, and subsequently normalizing and comparing said data with corresponding data from corresponding benign and malign tumors, respectively..
 Fingertip oximeter and a method for observing a measurement result thereon patent thumbnailnew patent Fingertip oximeter and a method for observing a measurement result thereon
There is provided a fingertip oximeter that has a plurality of display modes which are presented sequentially in a circulating way, allowing users to easily observe a measurement result from any of surrounding directions. The present invention makes users to be able to observe a measurement result of the fingertip oximeter from any of surrounding directions, without the need of bending his/her finger.
 Capillary fluid flow measurement and capillary flow device therefore patent thumbnailnew patent Capillary fluid flow measurement and capillary flow device therefore
The present invention relates to a liquid flow device, in particular a capillary testing device provided as a chip, comprising a second pathway which intersects the first pathway at a downstream point of convergence, so that the two pathways share an outlet and when liquid in the second pathway reaches the point of convergence, liquid flow in the first pathway stops. Means for measuring the distance travelled by liquid in the first pathway are provided to determine the extent of liquid flow and to enable correlation with the amount of analyte in the liquid..
 Biomarker for breast cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Biomarker for breast cancer
A method for the diagnosis of breast cancer using an anti-lat1 monoclonal antibody. Among intraductal breast neoplastic lesions, duct carcinoma in situ, which is malignant, expresses lat1 at a significantly high level, as compared to intraductal breast papilloma, which is benign.
 Methods and devices for analyte detection patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and devices for analyte detection
Methods for detecting one or more analytes, such as a protein, in a fluid path are provided. The methods include resolving, immobilizing and detecting one or more analytes in a fluid path, such as a capillary.
 Binding interactions in dipstick assays patent thumbnailnew patent Binding interactions in dipstick assays
Use of dipsticks to test for the presence of target nucleic acid in a sample solution is described. The dipsticks comprise a contact end for contacting the sample solution and a capture zone, remote from the contact end, to which a capture probe is immobilised.
 Detection of magnetic-field-concentrated analytes in a lateral flow capillary patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of magnetic-field-concentrated analytes in a lateral flow capillary
The present disclosure generally relates to systems, devices and methods for detecting magnetic-field-concentrated target analytes within a lateral flow capillary.. .
 Unilateral sweat-absorbing quick-drying comfortable fabric and method for preparing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Unilateral sweat-absorbing quick-drying comfortable fabric and method for preparing the same
A unilateral sweat-absorbing quick-drying fabric includes a hydrophilic base having an inner surface and an outer surface and a plurality of hydrophobic patterns embedded in the inner surface, wherein the hydrophilic base includes fiber material, and the hydrophobic patterns are configured to transfer sweat absorbed by the hydrophilic base from the inner surface to the outer surface by unilateral capillary action. A method for preparing the unilateral sweat-absorbing quick-drying fabric is characterized by embedding a plurality of hydrophobic patterns in an inner surface of a hydrophilic base including fiber material, wherein the hydrophobic patterns are configured to transfer sweat absorbed by the hydrophilic base from the inner surface to an outer surface of the hydrophilic base by unilateral capillary action..
new patent Immunogenic hpv l2-containing vlps and related compositions, constructs, and therapeutic methods
The invention provides immunotherapeutic and prophylactic bacteriophage viral-like particle (vlps) which are useful in the treatment and prevention of human papillomavirus (hpv) infections and related disorders, including cervical cancer and persistent infections associated with hpv. Related compositions (e.g.
new patent Capillary actuator deployment
A method for making an actuator includes forming a substantially planar actuator device of an electrically conductive material, the device incorporating an outer frame, a fixed frame attached to the outer frame, a moveable frame disposed parallel to the fixed frame, a motion control flexure coupling the moveable frame to the outer frame for coplanar, rectilinear movement relative to the outer frame and the fixed frame, an actuator incorporating a plurality of interdigitated teeth, a fixed portion of which is attached to the fixed frame and a moving portion of which is attached to the moveable frame, moving the moveable frame to a deployed position that is coplanar with, parallel to and spaced a selected distance apart from the fixed frame, and fixing the moveable frame at the deployed position for substantially rectilinear, perpendicular movement relative to the fixed frame.. .
new patent Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors with high rate high energy storage
Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors comprise an “electron well” and an “electron-dam” membrane electrode assembling (mea); the “electron-well” mea compromises an electrode comprising a substrate of glassy carbon; a self-assembling membrane comprises a polymer matrix; wherein the polymer matrix is comprised of an electrically conductive copolymer; wherein the copolymer is further comprised of one or more first β-cyclodextrin molecules having at least one or more free acetyl groups; one or more polyethylene glycol molecules; one or more poly(4-vinylpyridine) molecules; and one or more second β-cyclodextrin molecules; the self-assembling membrane having a surface structure comprising one or more nanopores and pillars; the nanopores and pillars are vertically oriented on the substrate to form nanopore and pillar array; the “electron-dam” mea compromises the nanopore/pillar layer sealed with an embedded hydrophobic aromatic substance having a flat lid structure; wherein the mea can be as either said positive or negative electrode; wherein the “electron-well” also can be either said as positive or negative electrode; separated by a porous insulator wetted by an electrolyte-free and air-independent organic solution; at least two current collectors are at each of the end of the meas.. .
new patent Wide-angle led warning apparatus
A wide-angle led warning apparatus has a heat sink base, a circuit board, multiple pillars, multiple led devices and a transparent cover. The circuit board is mounted in the heat sink base.
new patent Electrical rotor and stator structure
An electrical rotor and stator structure includes at least one stator, at least one rotor and multiple outward pillar structures. The at least one stator includes multiple first magnetic members.
new patent Multi-zone spinneret, apparatus and method for making filaments and nonwoven fabrics therefrom
A spinneret, apparatus, and method are provided for making filaments for fibrous nonwoven fabrics with more uniform filament and fabric formation while minimizing filament breaks and hard spot defects in webs and fabrics made therefrom. The spinneret has a spinneret body that has an overall length to hydraulic diameter ratio and defines orifices that extend through the spinneret body, wherein the orifices comprise capillaries that open at a face of the spinneret body for polymer filament extrusion therefrom, wherein the capillaries are arranged in a plurality of different rows at the face of the spinneret body, and wherein the plurality of different rows are arranged into a plurality of different zones at the face of the spinneret body.
new patent High efficiency light emitting diode device
A light emitting diode device is provided. The light emitting diode device comprises a light emitting diode element, an encapsulation layer, and a plurality of pillars.
new patent Method and apparatus for analysis and ion source
An ion source is formed by a chamber 2. A capillary tube 6 forms an inlet to the chamber.
new patent Sensor and sensor system equipped with same
This sensor has a diverter, such as a convex portion (608) and a concave portion (508), on the side wall (408) of a cavity (308). A biological sample deposited in a suction opening (52) is drawn into the cavity (308) by capillary action, but if the amount of biological sample is too small, either the biological sample is prevented from moving forward by the convex portion (608) and the concave portion (508), or the time it takes to reach a detecting electrode (33) is increased, which provides the user enough time to supply additional biological sample before a false detection occurs..
new patent Nonmetallic spray system
This invention relates to apparatus for a methods of crystallization of salt from brine on top of any soil surface, including repeating spraying of a ground surface, evaporation in air, controlling a moisture depth, capillary action and enhanced renewable energy to grow a layer of salt which can be collected. The brine is pumped from an underground source, sprayed in ambient air over a solid surface at a rate to either produce salt upon the ground and, if water is not completely evaporated, allowed to seep through the surface to saturate the capillary zone.
new patent Method, die, and apparatus for crystal growth
An apparatus, die, and method can be used form a ribbon from a melt, where capillaries are relatively short and spacers are relatively long as compared to a die opening. Such a configuration can cause the melt to flow is a transverse direction that is substantially parallel to the solid/liquid interface to help move impurities to desired locations.
new patent Ambient sound-isolating pillow
An integrated ambient sound-isolating pillow composed of comfortable material such as memory foam may be configured as a one-piece pillow for long term resting (e.g. Overnight sleeping) use.
Method and apparatus for improving fluidic flow and sample capture
A body fluid sampling device for use on a patient includes at least one penetrating member positioned in the cartridge and a sample port for receiving a body fluid. A channel is coupled to the sample port and the sample chamber.
Plant-derived elastin binding protein ligands and methods of using the same
The present invention describes novel plant derived elastin-like peptides and peptidomimetics that may serve as functional ligands for elastin receptors and stimulate elastogenesis. The novel plant derived peptides provide an alternative (non-animal derived) source of gxxpg (seq id no.
System and method for internal pressurized gas drying of concrete
A system and method are disclosed for lowering the internal relative humidity inside of a concrete structure by applying a pressurized gas and forcing such pressurized gas into the concrete structure, in turn driving moisture in the pores of the concrete to the exterior of the structure. Pressurized gas is supplied to a network of sealed cavities extending into the face of the concrete structure, ultimately causing the gas to move into the concrete structure through pores and capillaries through the structure, in turn driving moisture in the concrete structure toward the surface.
Fabrication method of stacked package structure
A fabrication method of a stacked package structure is provided, which includes the steps of: providing a substrate having at least a semiconductor device disposed thereon; and disposing a semiconductor package on the substrate through a plurality of conductive elements such that the semiconductor device is located between the substrate and the semiconductor package, and forming an encapsulant between the substrate and the semiconductor package to encapsulate the semiconductor device. The encapsulant can be formed on the semiconductor package first and then laminated on the substrate to encapsulate the semiconductor device, or alternatively the encapsulant can be filled between the substrate and the semiconductor package driven by a capillary force after the semiconductor package is disposed on the substrate.
Capillary waveguide cuvette
A cuvette for use with a spectophotometer having a capillary sample chamber having a volume of from 1 microliter to 1 femtoliter.. .
Detection of mirna using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection
Disclosed is a method for detecting a mirna present in a sample in trace amounts and a kit for detecting the same. According to the present invention, the mirna present in the sample in trace amounts can be quantitatively analyzed in short time.
An electronic device including a core, at least a wire and a magnetic material is provided. The core includes a pillar, a top board and a bottom board.
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a first planar semiconductor (e.g., silicon) layer, first and second pillar-shaped semiconductor (e.g., silicon) layers, a first gate insulating film, a first gate electrode, a second gate insulating film, a second gate electrode, a first gate line connected to the first and second gate electrodes, a first n-type diffusion layer, a second n-type diffusion layer, a first p-type diffusion layer, and a second p-type diffusion layer. A center line extending along the first gate line is offset by a first predetermined amount from a line connecting a center of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer and a center of the second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer..
Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
A method for producing a semiconductor device includes forming a fin-shaped silicon layer, a first insulating film around the fin-shaped silicon layer, a pillar-shaped silicon layer on the fin-shaped silicon layer, a gate electrode and a gate insulating film around the pillar-shaped silicon layer, a gate line connected to the gate electrode, a first diffusion layer in an upper portion of the pillar-shaped silicon layer, a second diffusion layer in a lower portion of the pillar-shaped silicon layer and an upper portion of the fin-shaped silicon layer, and a first silicide and a second silicide on the first diffusion layer and the second diffusion layer; an interlayer insulating film to expose an upper portion of the pillar-shaped silicon layer; etching the interlayer insulating film to form a contact hole; depositing a metal to form the first contact on the second silicide; and performing etching to form the metal wire.. .
Nand memory constructions and methods of forming nand memory constructions
Some embodiments include nand memory constructions. The constructions may contain semiconductor material pillars extending upwardly between dielectric regions, with individual pillars having a pair of opposing vertically-extending sides along a cross-section.
Automatic pill dispenser
An automatic pill dispenser includes a chassis, a top cover located on the chassis, a fetch box, a pill box, and a pill fetching device. The pill fetching device includes a rotation arm and a picker.
Reagent applying device and reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis
To provide a reagent applying device and a reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis which make it possible to apply a reagent with a simple configuration at low cost. A reagent supplying device for supplying a reagent to the surface of a gel in electrophoresis analysis includes a reagent applying tool which is a plate-shaped body.
Pill packaging machine
A system for packaging unit doses of medication. One pill packaging system comprises a feeding assembly, a pill packaging assembly, and a pill guide.
Vehicle door trim panel shut face feature to reduce deflection
A door assembly for an automotive vehicle that reduces or eliminates thoracic or rib deflection in a side impact event is disclosed. The door assembly of the disclosed invention includes an inner door structure, an interior trim panel attached to the door structure and a shut face.
Self-contained test sensor
A test strip to assist in determining the concentration of an analyte in a fluid sample comprises a base, at least one tab and a break line. The base includes a capillary channel and a test element.
Pill counting tray with digital counter
A pill counting tray for counting pills. The pill counting tray includes a digital counter with a sensor that can digitally count the pills as they are being moved by a wand on the tray.
Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
A method for producing a semiconductor device includes a step of forming a first insulating film around a fin-shaped silicon layer and forming a pillar-shaped silicon layer in an upper portion of the fin-shaped silicon layer; a step of implanting an impurity into upper portions of the pillar-shaped silicon layer and fin-shaped silicon layer and a lower portion of the pillar-shaped silicon layer to form diffusion layers; and a step of forming a polysilicon gate electrode, a polysilicon gate line, and a polysilicon gate pad. The polysilicon gate electrode and the polysilicon gate pad have a larger width than the polysilicon gate line.
Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
In a first step, a planar silicon layer is formed on a silicon substrate and first and second pillar-shaped silicon layers are formed on the planar silicon layer; a second step includes forming an oxide film hard mask on the first and second pillar-shaped silicon layers, and forming a second oxide film on the planar silicon layer, the second oxide film being thicker than a gate insulating film; and a third step includes forming the gate insulating film around each of the first pillar-shaped silicon layer and the second pillar-shaped silicon layer, forming a metal film and a polysilicon film around the gate insulating film, the polysilicon film having a thickness that is smaller than one half a distance between the first pillar-shaped silicon layer and the second pillar-shaped silicon layer, forming a third resist for forming a gate line, and performing anisotropic etching to form the gate line.. .
Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis
System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.. .
Temperature sensor using aluminum capillary
A temperature sensor assembly is provided. The temperature sensor includes an aluminum capillary soldered to an actuation unit.
High speed, high resolution compositions, methods and kits for capillary electrophoresis
The invention provides compositions, methods and kits for high speed, high resolution of analytes by capillary electrophoresis starting with uncoated capillaries. The compositions comprise a sieving component, comprising a non-crosslinked acrylamide polymer, and a surface interaction component, comprising at least one uncharged and non-crosslinked water-soluble silica-adsorbing polymer.
Methods and compositions for in situ microemulsions
A plurality of first ves micelles may be converted into second ves micelles for subsequent formation of an in situ microemulsion downhole. The in situ microemulsion may include at least a portion of second ves micelles, e.g.
Marking device for marking balls, use of such a marking device, and method for providing such a marking device
Marking device (10) having a housing, a stamp pad (13) and an ink reservoir (15), wherein the ink reservoir (15) has a fluid connection to the stamp pad (13) and the ink reservoir (15) is arranged with the stamp pad (13) in a bottom part (11.1) of the housing. The ink reservoir (15) comprises a reservoir region for accommodating an ink and a zone for accommodating the stamp pad (13), which comprises a plurality of outlet holes.
Remote seal process pressure measuring system
A process pressure measuring system includes a transmitter having a first sealed system in which a first outlet couples to a pressure sensor, a first isolator diaphragm assembly, a first capillary passage, and a first isolation fluid. The first isolation fluid couples a first pressure from the first isolator diaphragm to the first outlet and the pressure sensor.
Nursing and infant support pillow with accessory unit
Particular infant support or nursing pillows are disclosed, for supporting an infant in a variety of settings by providing a stable surface upon which to rest. Various embodiments include a generally crescent shaped device, including a resilient fill material surrounded by a fabric shell and having a top and a bottom surface connected by a band of uniform width extending vertically and wholly about the perimeter of the pillow.
Isotherm and gas-in-place estimation considering capillary condensation in shale gas reservoir
A method for estimating an amount of hydrocarbon in an earth formation having a kerogen includes determining a pore size in the kerogen at or below which capillary condensation will occur, the determining being performed using a processor. The method also includes calculating an amount of hydrocarbon liquid condensate in pores of the kerogen based on capillary condensation using the determined pore size, the calculating being performed using the processor.
System for remote communication of heartbeat
A system for remote communication of physiological information from one person to another and, more particularly, the mutual communication of heartbeat between two persons. The system comprises a web server which cooperates with two remote installations identified as a and b.
Methods for forming arrays of small, closely spaced features
Methods of forming arrays of small, densely spaced holes or pillars for use in integrated circuits are disclosed. Various pattern transfer and etching steps can be used, in combination with pitch-reduction techniques, to create densely-packed features.
Hepatic lobule-like bioreactor
The present invention provides a hepatic lobule-like bioreactor. The bioreactor includes a nanofiber scaffold enclosed within a housing.
Apparatus, systems and methods for producing particles using rotating capillaries
An apparatus for forming particles from a liquid, including a rotor assembly having at least one surface sized and shaped so as to define at least one capillary. Each capillary has an inner region adjacent an axis of rotation of the rotor assembly, an outer region distal from the axis of rotation, and an edge adjacent the outer region.
Volumetric piezoelectric seismic wave source and related methods
Seismic wave sources and related methods are provided. A seismic wave source includes a housing, plural pillars and an excitation system.
Device mounting board and semiconductor power module
In the upper surface of a metallic substrate, a region near the central part of the metallic substrate is surrounded by a rectangle having dotted sides electrically separate the interior and exterior of the rectangle. Each dot of the sides is formed of a pillared insulating resin that penetrates from the upper surface to the lower surface of the metallic substrate.
Front pillar structure for vehicle
A front pillar structure for a vehicle includes a windshield; a front door; a front pillar located between the windshield and the front door; a pillar outer cover disposed on an outer surface of the front pillar; and a side mirror. A flow passage for flowing air is formed between the pillar outer cover and the front pillar.
Pillar structure for vehicle
A pillar structure for a vehicle includes: a glass to form a vehicle compartment; a pillar to support a roof panel; and a pillar outer cover disposed at an outer side of the pillar. A flow passage is provided between the pillar and the pillar outer cover.
Two-wheeled motor vehicle
A two-wheeled motor vehicle has a rear cushion unit that includes a damper cylinder having one end part linked to a swing arm, a sub-tank connected to the damper cylinder and an adjustment mechanism for adjusting a damping force in response to operation of the operation element is provided between a vehicle body frame and the swing arm. A cylinder body of the damper cylinder, a bottomed housing tube part housing the adjustment mechanism having on an upper end part an operation face on which the operation element is disposed, and the sub-tank are integrally and connectedly provided.
Semiconductor package substrates having pillars and related methods
The substrate includes a first dielectric layer, a first circuit pattern, a plurality of pillars and a second circuit pattern. The first dielectric layer has opposing first and second dielectric surfaces.
Quality control method and apparatus for automated analyses of biologic fluid sample
An apparatus and method for analyzing a biologic sample is provided. The apparatus includes a capillary tube, a machine readable identity tag, and an analysis device.
Drying-ironing combined machine
A drying-ironing combined machine. The machine includes a supporting body (1), a pillar (4) located on the supporting body (1), a drying unit (2) and an ironing unit (3).
Washable foam pillow
Embodiments relate generally to washable pillows, particularly washable foam pillows, and methods for assembling such pillows. The washable pillow may comprise one or more cushion element and a fabric cover attached to and possibly enclosing the one or more cushion element.
Therapeutic pillow
A therapeutic pillow includes a combination neck and head support pillow designed to support a neutral anatomical position. The pillow includes a fabric cover surrounding soft fill and defines an outer periphery with a lower edge opposite an upper edge, into a side edges therebetween.
Method for altering the geometry of the heart
A system (1) for altering the geometry of a heart (100), comprising an annuloplasty ring; a set of elongate annulus-papillary tension members (21, 22, 23, 24), adapted for forming a link between said ring (10) and a papillary muscle, and a first set of papillary anchors (30) for connecting each of the tension members (21, 22, 23, 24) to the papillary muscle; and where said annuloplasty ring (10) has at least one aperture (12, 13); where each of said annulus-papillary tension members (21, 22, 23, 24) are extendable through said ring (10) through said apertures (11, 12, 13), and through an atrium to an exterior side of said atrium, such that the distance of each link between the annulus and the muscles is adjustable from a position exterior to the heart while the heart is beating.. .
Adenoviral vector vaccine
Provided are adenoviral vectors for generating an immune response to antigen. The vectors comprise a transcription unit encoding a secretable polypeptide, the polypeptide comprising a secretory signal sequence upstream of a tumor antigen upstream of cd40 ligand, which is missing all or substantially all of the transmembrane domain rendering cd40l secretable.
Analytical cartridge with fluid flow control
Analytical cartridges, systems and methods of processing a sample for analysis using capillary flows. Vertical gradient sample filtration provides filtrate to an incubation chamber for a time controlled by a flow modulator at the outlet of the incubation chamber.
Method and arrangement for quantifying subgroups from a mixed population of cells
A method for determining the mass and concentration of certain particles or cells from a mixed population of cells, such as a patient's blood sample. The cells to be determined are each marked with a monoclonal antibody, to which colloidal iron is coupled.

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