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Infineon Technologies Ag

Method for manufacturing a mems device and mems device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Effective sensitizing dose of a gelled immunomodulating topical composition patent thumbnailnew patent Effective sensitizing dose of a gelled immunomodulating topical composition
The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating warts and other human papilloma virus (hpv) skin infections. The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating skin cancer..
Hapten Pharmaceuticals, Llc
 Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill patent thumbnailnew patent Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill
The present disclosure relates to an oral, immediate release, abuse deterrent pill containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient susceptible to abuse which is homogenously spread throughout a carrier matrix used to deter abuse. The pill is prepared using hot melt extrusion and a forming unit through a continuous process.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Service, Inc.
 Microfluidic metering of fluids patent thumbnailnew patent Microfluidic metering of fluids
This document provides methods and devices for metering fluids. In some cases, the methods and devices include intersecting channels that include capillary-stop geometries at each intersection point that guides the fluids on a desired path, which is controlled by the opening and closing of valves.
Daktari Diagnostics, Inc.
 Editing profiling of pde8a pre -mrna:  use as specific biomarker of adars activities in human tissues to diagnose and to predict and assess therapeutic efficacy and/or efficiency or potential drug side effects patent thumbnailnew patent Editing profiling of pde8a pre -mrna: use as specific biomarker of adars activities in human tissues to diagnose and to predict and assess therapeutic efficacy and/or efficiency or potential drug side effects
The present invention relates to the use of the editing profile of pde8a pre-mrna as a specific bio marker of adars activities in evolved primate, particularly in human tissues. The present invention also relates to an in vitro method for predicting in human an alteration of the mechanism of the adars catalysed pre-mrna editing of target genes, by analysing the pde8a pre-mrna editing profile in a peripheral tissue sample containing cells expressing said pde8a pre-mrna, such as blood sample.
 Vaccines against hpv patent thumbnailnew patent Vaccines against hpv
The present invention relates to therapeutic compounds, such as vaccines against human papillomavirus (hpv) and in particular to dna vaccines against hpv16 or hpv18. The invention further relates to protein construct encoding homodimeric peptides, which peptides may be released from a dna vaccine or used separately.
Vaccibody As
 Packed pillow optic array patent thumbnailnew patent Packed pillow optic array
A pillow optic array comprising a plurality of first order pillow optic elements arranged as a two-dimensional grid with a plurality of interstice spaces between adjacent first order pillow optic elements. Each of a plurality of second order pillow optic elements, located within respective interstice spaces.
Ge Leghting Solutions, Llc
 Heat dissipation structure and handheld electronic device with the heat dissipation structure patent thumbnailnew patent Heat dissipation structure and handheld electronic device with the heat dissipation structure
A heat dissipation structure includes a heat conduction support body disposed in a handheld electronic device. The heat conduction support body has a first face and a second face opposite to the first face.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.
 Vehicle body structure patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle body structure
A vehicle body structure that can enhance the performance of absorbing an impact from a lateral face of a vehicle, equipped with a roof side rail that is arranged at a lateral position on an upper side of a vehicle and extends in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle, and a center pillar that extends in a vertical direction of the vehicle and has an upper end portion that is joined to a non-end position of the roof side rail in an extension direction. A deformation guide portion that provides guidance such that the roof side rail is deformed along a direction of a virtual axis that extends in a direction inclined with respect to a direction perpendicular to the extension direction of the roof side rail in a lateral view when a load is input from a lateral portion of the vehicle is formed on the roof side rail..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
 Multilayer pillar for reduced stress interconnect and  making same patent thumbnailnew patent Multilayer pillar for reduced stress interconnect and making same
A multi-layer pillar and method of fabricating the same is provided. The multi-layer pillar is used as an interconnect between a chip and substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Method for manufacturing a mems device and mems device patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manufacturing a mems device and mems device
A method for manufacturing a mems device includes providing a cavity within a layer adjacent to a sacrificial layer. The cavity extends to the sacrificial layer and includes a capillary slot protruding into the layer.
Infineon Technologies Ag
new patent

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes an electrode including a plurality of pillars, a semiconductor element configured to be electrically-connected with the electrode, a substrate having electrode patterns, and a conductive adhesive layer located between the substrate and the electrode, the conductive adhesive layer including conductive substances configured to electrically-connect the pillars and the electrode patterns to each other, and including a body which encloses the conductive substances.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.
new patent

Plume collimation for laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

In various embodiments, a device may generally comprise a capillary having a first end and a second end; a laser to emit energy at a sample in the capillary to ablate the sample and generate an ablation plume in the capillary; an electrospray apparatus to generate an electrospray plume to intercept the ablation plume to produce ions; and a mass spectrometer having an ion transfer inlet to capture the ions. The ablation plume may comprise a collimated ablation plume.
The George Washington University
new patent

Automatic electronic pill crusher

The invention provides a pill crusher device which is spherical or ovoid in shape having a top port for inserting pills to be crushed and a bottom port for releasing and pouring the powdered medication. The device comprises a molded plastic casing which encloses an oscillating electric motor which is activates a rapid orbital or oscillating motion to a pair of concentric serrated jaws or toothed rings located in the interior of the device wherein the outer toothed ring inhabits the inner surface of the casing and the inner toothed ring spins or oscillates in opposition to the fixed outer ring and grinds the pills against the teeth of the outer ring.
new patent

Pill preparation device

A pill preparation device is disclosed. The pill preparation device includes a base, an anvil supported by the base, and a platen coupled to the base and movable relative to the anvil.
Lighthouse For Nurses Medical Devices Llc
new patent

Hinge structure

A hinge structure includes a first shaft, a second shaft, a sliding component, a first pillar, and a second pillar. The second shaft is parallel to the first shaft.
Compal Electronics, Inc.

Cartridge-based medication dispensing

A pill dispensing system includes an electronic mobile communication device with a wireless transmitter and receiver. A pill cartridge has a cartridge body storing a plurality of pills, where the cartridge body includes an electronic tag storing data.

Fluid sampling device and sampling

A urine sampling device including: a transparent sheet including two layers, namely, a urine sampling layer and a support layer, wherein the urine sampling layer has liquid receiving and retaining properties by means of capillary forces and/or diffusion, and the device is arranged such that it can be positioned on the body side of an hygiene absorbent product. Also, a urine sampling arrangement and a urine sampling system, including the device.
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

Valve for dispensing a fluid

A valve for dispensing a fluid comprising a dry portion and a wet portion is presented. Only the wet portion is contacted by the fluid.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Rolling bearing

An object of the present invention is to prevent abrasion powder from accumulating and stacking in pockets in a retainer of a roller bearing, thereby protecting the rollers from brinelling and loss of lubrication for extended life of the roller bearing. On an inner diameter surface of annular regions in the retainer, cutouts are formed from the retainer's axially outer side end surface toward an inner side.
Ntn Corporation

Aqueous-based electric double-layer capacitor

An electric double-layer capacitor (edlc) and method for manufacturing thereof. The eldc includes at least one capacitor cell with two parallel current collectors, two opposite polarity electrodes, a separator, a rigid dielectric frame, and at least one evacuation mechanism.
Elbit Systems Land And C4i Ltd.

Assembly of the precision stylus for the capacitance touch screens

A stylus pen comprises a main body, a conductive rubber carrier, a steel capillary tube, a conductive flexible extending member extending downward from the steel capillary tube, a conductive contacting film electrically connected with the conductive flexible extending member, and a supporting member provided on an upward surface of the conductive contacting film. The stylus pen has larger degrees of operating angle, and has sufficient contact area when contacting on a capacitance touch screen without visual block..

Healthcare workstations and rfid devices for detecting medication errors, falls and wandering

A medication administration system that includes a system of pillboxes, a pharmacy workstation, and a system of attendant workstation. The pharmacy workstation reads rfid or barcode tags on the pillboxes and medication wrappers containing medication units as the medication units are checked into the pillboxes to ensure that the pillboxes are filled in accordance the appropriate prescription regimens.
Gt Angel, Llc

Fill material for direct-contact heat/mass exchangers

Fill material for a direct contact heat exchanger wherein the fill material has flow pathways bounded by an array of linear elements, namely a mesh. The invention intentionally uses surface tension and capillary action to anchor the fluid/fluid interface in a desired location.

Fine-pitch pillar bump layout structure on chip

Disclosed is a fine-pitch pillar bump layout structure on chip, comprising a chip, a passivation layer and at least two pillar bumps. Bonding pads of the chip are disposed along an x-axis.
Powertech Technology Inc.

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a pillar-shaped silicon layer and a first-conductivity-type diffusion layer in an upper portion of the pillar-shaped silicon layer. A sidewall having a laminated structure including an insulating film and polysilicon resides on an upper sidewall of the pillar-shaped silicon layer.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Semiconductor device having vertical channel, resistive memory device including the same, and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device, a resistive memory device including the same, and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The semiconductor device includes a pillar extending substantially perpendicular from a semiconductor substrate, the pillar including an inner portion and an outer portion surrounding the inner portion.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis

System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.. .
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Electronic pill box and medication reminder and compliance system incorporating same

A medication reminder and compliance system including a pill box, a pill box and electronic device; or a pill box, electronic device and remote server. The pill box includes several detachable dosettes, each divided into several chambers having a door.
Next Paradigm Inc.

Dispensing device

Embodiments generally relate to a pill box adapted for dispensing medication. In one embodiment, the pill box includes a base member, a carousel coupled to the base member and configured to rotate about the base member, one or more compartments, each compartment formed within the carousel and configured to store a single dose of medication with a lid configured to enclose the base and the carousel.
Abiogenix Inc.

Method of using a medication reminder and compliance system including an electronic pill box

A medication reminder and compliance system including a pill box, a pill box and electronic device; or a pill box, electronic device and remote server. The pill box includes several detachable dosettes, each divided into several chambers having a door.
Next Paradigm Inc.

Capillary storage system

A cryo-storage device for biological samples provides a capillary holder, a capillary tube, and a container. A supporting body of the capillary holder has a bottom surface to which a plurality of legs are perimetrically connected, and a top surface to which a handle is connected.

Capillary electrophoresis for subterranean applications

A method of fluid testing includes pressurizing a fluid testing system, disposed at a subterranean location under high pressure compared to a surface pressure, to achieve a desired pressure differential between the high pressure and an internal pressure of the fluid testing system. The fluid testing system includes a capillary electrophoresis system and one or more test fluid reservoirs.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method and manufacturing electronic devices

This invention provides a method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic devices. The method includes: providing a substrate having a first surface; providing an electronic device having bumps; mounting the bumps to the first surface to form an integrated unit; applying a capillary underfill to multiple sides of the electronic device, enabling the underfill to creep along and fill the gap between the electronic device and the substrate; placing the integrated unit into a processing chamber; raising the temperature in the chamber to a first predetermined temperature; reducing the pressure in the chamber to a first predetermined pressure of a vacuum pressure, and maintaining the vacuum pressure for a predetermined time period; raising the pressure in the chamber to a second predetermined pressure higher than 1 atm, and maintaining the second predetermined pressure for a predetermined time period; and adjusting the temperature in the chamber to a second predetermined temperature..
Ablego Technology Co., Ltd.

Plant growing system containing a super amount of a controlled-relleased fertilizer and methods of using the same

The invention relates to a plant growing system having (a) plant life; (b) a super amount of a controlled-release fertilizer to provide season-long performance; and (c) growing media. The planting growing system may also include a moisture control agent or a plant protection agent.
Syngenta Participatioins Ag

Systems and methods for a sample fluid collection device

A fluid collection device comprising a body comprising a capsule interface, and a capsule configured to interface with the body via the capsule interface and configured to hold a sample receiving chip. The sample receiving chip comprises a substrate that receives an aliquot volume of a sample fluid, wherein the substrate is operatively shaped to receive the aliquot volume of sample fluid through capillary action, and a sample region of the substrate, sized such that the volume of the sample fluid is sufficient to operatively cover a portion of the sample region, whereupon energy properties of the sample fluid can be transduced to produce a sample fluid reading..
Tearlab Research, Inc.

Systems and methods for containing biological samples

An article for holding a plurality of biological samples includes a substrate a substrate comprising a first surface and an opposing second surface and a plurality of reaction sites in the substrate. Each of the reaction sites extends from an opening in the first surface to an opening in the second surface.
Life Technologies Corporation

Human papillomavirus 16 (hpv16) - related epilepsy

Human papillomavirus 16 (hpv16) is identified as a cause of epilepsy. This application is directed to hpv16-related epilepsy, methods of detection and prenatal prevention, and immunogenic, therapeutic and prophylactic compositions for same.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Medical devices and instruments with non-coated superhydrophobic or superoleophobic surfaces

Device surfaces are rendered superhydrophobic and/or superoleophobic through microstructures and/or nanostructures that utilize the same base material(s) as the device itself without the need for coatings made from different materials or substances. A medical device includes a portion made from a base material having a surface adapted for contact with biological material, and wherein the surface is modified to become superhydrophobic, superoleophobic, or both, using only the base material, excluding non-material coatings.

Correlation of disease activity with clonal expansions of human papillomavirus 16-specific cd8+ t-cells in patients with severe erosive oral lichen planus

A massive clonal expansion of activated cd8+ t-cells with increased frequency of hpv 16-specific cd8+ t-cells was discovered to be a characteristic of oral lichen planus (olp), indicating a causal link between hpv infection and the dysimmune process. The invention relates to compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of olp patients..
Assistance-publique Hopitaux De Paris

Method for treating capillary hemangiomas

The invention relates to a method of treating capillary hemangiomas in a human in need thereof by topically administering an effective amount of one or more alpha-2 adrenergic receptors agonist to the site of the capillary hemangiomas on the skin of the human.. .
Galderma Laboratories, Inc.

Cage of roller bearing and roller bearing structure

A pillar includes a radially outer projection that is formed at the radially outer side of a pillar's wall surface facing a pocket so as to project in the circumference direction and restricts radially outward movement of a roller. A radially inner projection is formed at the radially inner side of the pillar's wall surface facing the pocket so as to project in the circumference direction and restrict radially inward movement of the roller.
Ntn Corporation

Semiconductor device including buried bit line, and electronic device using the same

A semiconductor device includes: an active region defined by a device isolation film, an upper portion of which is divided into a first active pillar and a second active pillar; a first gate formed to proceed between the first active pillar and the second active pillar so as to obliquely cross the active region, and formed to contact the first active pillar; a second gate formed to proceed between the first active pillar and the second active pillar so as to obliquely cross the active region, and formed to cross the second active pillar; a conductive line formed below the first gate and the second gate, and commonly coupled to the first pillar and the second pillar; and an insulation film formed to enclose the conductive line within the active region.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


A bottle includes a cylindrical body portion in which a plurality of panel portions, which is recessed toward an inside in a radial direction of the body portion, are provided at intervals in a circumferential direction and pillar portions are each provided between the panel portions adjacent to each other in the circumferential direction. The panel portions each have a panel bottom wall portion located at an inside of the body in the radial direction and have a lateral wall portion extending from an outer circumferential edge of the panel bottom wall portion to an outside in the radial direction.
Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

Cover sheet for pill receptacle and pillbox kit comprising same

The pillbox comprises a pill receptacle comprising a number of pill compartments; and a cover sheet attached to the pill receptacle. The cover sheet has a sealing sheet with cells defining borders above each pill compartment.
Richards Packaging Inc. -emballages Richards Inc.

Cover sheet for pill receptacle, pillbox kit comprising same and gaining access to a pill compartment

The pillbox comprises a pill receptacle comprising a number of pill compartments and a cover sheet attached to the pill receptacle that has a number defined by borders above each pill compartment. Tearable tab tearing lines are provided on the sealing sheet to form tearable tabs, and each comprises main portion side segments that define a tearable tab main portion therebetween; tongue portion side segments that define a tearable tab tongue portion therebetween, the tearable tab tongue portion linking the tearable tab main portion to one of the cell borders; and a main portion end segment that links the main portion side segments to each other spacedly from the tongue portion.
Richards Packaging Inc. - Emballages Richards Inc.

Biosensor and biosensor manufacturing method

A biosensor manufacturing method including a sheet material forming process and a dicing process. In the sheet material forming process a sheet material with plural biosensor forming sections is formed.
Arkray, Inc.

Vapor chamber with improved wicking structure

The present invention is a vapor chamber including a housing that forms a recess within; at least one wicking structure manufactured from a bundle of wires having capillary voids therebetween that is disposed within the recess; and an amount of working fluid disposed within the recess and in fluid contact with the wicking structure such that fluid may move within the capillary voids in the wicking structures through capillary action.. .
Aall Power Heatsinks, Inc.

Fluid triggerable valves

Wherein the capillary pressure barriers are spaced apart such that upon pinning of a first fluid-fluid meniscus on a first capillary pressure barrier and arrival or pinning of a second fluid-fluid meniscus on or at a second capillary pressure barrier, the two menisci touch and thereby coalesce into one fluid-fluid meniscus. .

Thermal storage condensing boiler or heat exchanger

A very high efficiency steam producing heater and boiler is disclosed wherein an outer vault encases an inner casing with a small exhaust passage there between. The walls of the casing contain a series of capillary tubes through which water flows.

Saddle cloth

A saddle cloth includes a flexible base having a first and a second surface separated across the base's thickness. Pillar-shaped elements extend from at least one of the surfaces so as to distance the base from a mating surface that contacts the elements and to create therebetween an air gap.
Acavallo S.r.i.

Multi-pillow body support systems and methods

A pillow system includes a slipcover, a pillow body, and a torso pillow. The slipcover is disposed about the pillow body.
The Boppy Company, Llc

Method and fractional non-invasive skin tightening

Apparatus is disclosed for providing a rf fractional treatment to the skin tissue by providing parallel elongated electrodes on which conductive areas and non-conductive areas are provided. The providing of conductive and non-conductive areas assists in sparing enough essential healthy tissue components like blood capillaries to support intense wound healing responses..
Lumenis Ltd.

Chip connection structure and forming

Chip connection structures and related methods of forming such structures are disclosed. In one case, an interconnect structure is disclosed, the structure including: a pillar connecting an integrated circuit chip and a substrate, the pillar including a barrier layer, a first copper layer over the barrier layer, and a first solder layer over the first copper layer..
International Business Machines Corporation

Hybridization assay detection probes for detecting human papilloma virus in a sample

Hybridization assay detection probes targeted to hpv type 16 nucleic acid sequences which are particularly useful to aid in detecting hpv type 16 are described. The oligonucleotides can aid in detecting hpv type 16 by acting singly or as part of a detection probe mixture.
Gen-probe Incorporated

Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus

A first capillary seal portion is positioned on a radially outer side of a bearing portion. A second capillary seal portion is positioned higher in an axial direction than the bearing portion and further on radially inner side than the first capillary seal portion.
Nidec Corporation

Fluid cartridge

In one example, a fluid cartridge for an inkjet type liquid dispensing device includes a housing having a chamber therein for holding a liquid, a vent through which air may enter the chamber, and an outlet through which liquid may pass from the chamber out of the housing. A capillary material is disposed in the chamber between the vent and the outlet so that, when the capillary material is sufficiently depleted of liquid, the capillary material forms an airway from the vent to the outlet.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas

Fibers and nonwovens including a propylene random copolymer, and processes for producing the fibers and nonwovens

Fibers can include a polypropylene composition, which can include a metallocene random copolymer of propylene and a comonomer that is an alpha-olefin different from propylene. The metallocene random copolymer can have a comonomer content of from 1.2 wt % to 1.8 wt %, a molecular weight distribution of at least 1.0 and of at most 4.0 obtained without thermal or chemical degradation, and a melting temperature tmelt of at most 140° c.

Vertical channel transistor with self-aligned gate electrode and fabricating the same

A method for fabricating vertical channel transistors includes forming a plurality of pillars which have laterally opposing both sidewalls, over a substrate; forming a gate dielectric layer on both sidewalls of the pillars; forming first gate electrodes which cover any one sidewalls of the pillars and shield gate electrodes which cover the other sidewalls of the pillars and have a height lower than the first gate electrodes, over the gate dielectric layer; and forming second gate electrodes which are connected with upper portions of sidewalls of the first gate electrodes.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Methods for detecting human papillomavirus-assocated cancers

The present invention provides probes and methods of use thereof in the diagnosis and/or prognosis of certain types of cancers, particularly human papillomavirus (hpv)-associated cancers. The probes are designed for hybridization with genomic material in a manner indicative of one or more aberrations in the genetic material present in the test sample.
Cancer Genetics, Inc.

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