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Vehicle body side part structure

Mazda Motor

Vehicle body side part structure

Underground tactical optimization

Dassault Systemes Geovia

Underground tactical optimization

Underground tactical optimization

Coaxial capillary structure and ultra-thin heat pipe structure having the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Method for aligning micro-electronic components patent thumbnailnew patent Method for aligning micro-electronic components
Alignment of a first micro-electronic component to a receiving surface of a second micro-electronic component is realized by a capillary force-induced self-alignment, combined with an electrostatic alignment. The latter is accomplished by providing at least one first electrical conductor line along the periphery of the first component, and at least one second electrical conductor along the periphery of the location on the receiving surface of the second component onto which the component is to be placed.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Ku Leuven R&d
 Nano-scale structures patent thumbnailnew patent Nano-scale structures
A nanoscale structure includes an array of pillars over an underlying layer, a separation wall layer including first separation walls formed over sidewalls of the pillars, and a block co-polymer (bcp) layer formed over the separation wall layer and filling gaps between the pillars. The bcp layer is phase-separated to include first domains that provide second separation walls formed over the first separation walls and second domains that are separated from each other by the first domains..
Sk Hynix Inc.
 Electron microscope and electron microscope sample retaining device patent thumbnailnew patent Electron microscope and electron microscope sample retaining device
An object of the invention is to provide an electron microscope which can easily and safely prepare a gas or liquid environment in the electron microscope and can observe a specimen in the environment and a reaction of the specimen at a high resolution and to provide a specimen holder for the electron microscope. In the electron microscope including specimen holding means (6) for holding a specimen (23), the specimen (23) is placed in a capillary (17) through which electron beams are transmittable, the electron microscope includes a supply device for supplying gas or liquid into the capillary (17) and a collection device for collecting the gas or the liquid, and the electron microscope obtains a specimen image of the specimen while flowing the gas or the liquid..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation
 Slider including one or more fluid pathways, and related apparatuses and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Slider including one or more fluid pathways, and related apparatuses and methods
The present invention is directed to a slider that includes at least one fluid pathway that is in fluid communication with an air bearing face and/or the trailing edge face of the slider. The at least one fluid pathway is configured to propel/transport a fluid such as a lubricant toward at least one side face via capillary action.
Seagate Technology Llc
 Underground tactical optimization patent thumbnailnew patent Underground tactical optimization
In an embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes, in a processor, slicing an ore-body solid model stored in a memory into a plurality of horizontal and a plurality of vertical pieces and deriving, from the sliced horizontal pieces and the vertical pieces, information corresponding to stope blocks and pillar blocks of the ore-body, stope blocks and pillar blocks corresponding to particular pieces of the plurality of horizontal pieces and the plurality of vertical pieces.. .
Dassault Systemes Geovia Inc.
 Crosstalk reduction patent thumbnailnew patent Crosstalk reduction
Techniques are disclosed relating to analysis and reduction of crosstalk between signals. These techniques may be applicable in many fields, such as single-tube pcr or dna melt analysis, pcr or melt data from neighboring wells of a multi-well plate, capillary electrophoresis data (e.g., dna sequencing), gas chromatography, multispectral imaging, dual-color fluorescence correlation spectrometry, electrical crosstalk, etc.
Luminex Corporation
 Analytical system with capillary transport patent thumbnailnew patent Analytical system with capillary transport
An analytical system is disclosed. The analytical system includes a storage container configured to store a plurality of capillaries.
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
 Heat dissipation unit and thermal module thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Heat dissipation unit and thermal module thereof
A heat dissipation unit and a thermal module thereof. The heat dissipation unit includes a metal main body having a chamber, an oxide coating and a working fluid.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.
 Coaxial capillary structure and ultra-thin heat pipe structure having the same patent thumbnailnew patent Coaxial capillary structure and ultra-thin heat pipe structure having the same
A coaxial capillary structure and an ultra-thin heat pipe structure having the same are provided. The coaxial capillary structure is installed in an ultra-thin heat pipe and extended towards the length direction of a pipe body of the ultra-thin heat pipe, and includes: a primary transferring capillary part and a coaxially-arranged capillary part, wherein the primary transferring capillary part is composed of a plurality of fiber bundles for forming as an integral bundle, and the coaxially-arranged capillary part is formed through a plurality of weaving wires interwoven and reeled at the exterior of the primary transferring capillary part, thereby limiting each of the fiber bundles at the central portion of the coaxially-arranged capillary part for forming a compact structure.
 Interfacial thermal transfer structure patent thumbnailnew patent Interfacial thermal transfer structure
An apparatus that interfaces thermal transfer components is described. The apparatus includes a soft, thermally conductive metal that enables a capillary flow path with a contact surface of a thermal transfer component and an imbibing thermal interface material.
new patent

Method and virus and vaccine production

The invention concerns a bioreactor for production of virus and virus-like particles (vlps), methods for production of virus and vlps, methods for regulating the concentration of molecules inhibitory to viral and vlp yield in a cell culture chamber of a bioreactor, such as the extracapillary space of a hollow fiber bioreactor.. .
Biovest International, Inc.
new patent

Method and foam composition for recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean reservoir

Enhanced recovery of hydrocarbons from a subterranean reservoir injects a gaseous reactant and a dispersion of oil, water, and nano-hybrid catalysts through an injection well into a subterranean formation. The combination of the dispersion and gaseous reactant(s) forms a stabilized foam within the subterranean formation.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma
new patent

Rac1 inhibitors for the treatment of alport glomerular disease

The present invention provides methods of treating alport syndrome in a subject by the administration of an agent that can blocks the activation of rac1/cdc42 members of the rho family of small gtpases. Such agents include, but are not limited to, the endothelin receptor antagonists such as bosentan and letairis and neutralizing antibodies to endothelin-1.
Father Flanagan's Boys' Home Doing Business As Boys Town National Research Hospital
new patent

Center pillar outer and manufacturing method thereof

A center pillar outer, and a method of manufacturing a center pillar outer, may include an upper panel portion which forms an upper end portion of the center pillar outer, and a lower panel portion which forms a lower end portion of the center pillar outer. The upper and lower panel portions are molded using different methods.
Kia Motors Corporation
new patent

Vehicle body side part structure

A structure is configured such that a viewer hardly feels strangeness of color tone or texture even when paint mist is attached to a center pillar 3 during coating of a body outer plate. A panel surface of an outer panel 35 of the center pillar 3 has a protrusion in a middle in the vehicle vertical direction such that at least part of a lower portion of the panel surface projects toward the outside of the vehicle body relative to an upper portion of the panel surface.
Mazda Motor Corporation
new patent

Torque wrench with constant torque

A torque wrench with constant torque comprises a wrench body having a tube and a cavity, an adapter, a pillar, a clutching member, a handle, and a resilient member. Therein, the adapter is rotatably disposed in the cavity, with plural adapting parts disposed on the outer periphery thereof.
new patent

Method for the brazing of parts made from a composite material, incorporating a slug in the bond

A method of assembling together by brazing first and second parts made of composite material, each of the first and second parts having an assembly face for brazing with the assembly face of the other part, the method including making at least one perforation in the assembly face of the first part; interposing capillary elements between the assembly faces of the first and second parts made of composite material; placing the first and second parts facing each other while inserting a peg in each perforation of the first part; placing a brazing composition in contact with a portion of the capillary elements; and applying heat treatment to liquefy the brazing composition so as to cause the molten brazing composition to spread by capillarity between the assembly faces of the composite material parts.. .
new patent

Partial radial heat exchanger and oxygenator

Methods of making a combination heat exchanger and oxygenator. A heat transfer tubing is wound about a core and a potting compound is applied to a portion of the wound tubing.
Medtronic, Inc.
new patent

Systems and methods for minimally-invasive arterial blood gas measurement

Provided are systems and methods for minimally invasive arterial blood gas measurements. Blood samples are collected using capillary microstructures that minimize patient discomfort and collect samples in a manner such that the samples are not exposed to an environment outside of the sample collection portion.
Koninklijkie Philips N.v.
new patent

Method of cleaning residue from a surface using a high efficiency disposable cellulosic wiper

A method of cleaning residue from a surface includes providing a disposable cellulosic wiper including a percentage by weight of pulp-derived papermaking fibers, and a percentage by weight of regenerated independent cellulosic microfibers having a number average diameter of less than about 2 microns and a characteristic canadian standard freeness (csf) value of less than 175 mil. The microfibers are selected and present in amounts such that the wiper exhibits a capillary pressure at 10% saturation by extrusion porosimetry of at least twice that of a like sheet prepared without regenerated independent cellulose microfibers.
Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

Semiconductor device

In the present invention, a p-type pillar layer constituting a super junction is formed separately into an upper layer in contact with a base layer and an underlying lower layer. The upper layer has a higher impurity concentration than the lower layer.
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Feature size reduction in semiconductor devices by selective wet etching

Selective wet etching is used to produce feature sizes of reduced width in semiconductor devices. An initial patterning step (e.g., photolithography) forms a pillar of an initial width from at least a selected first layer and an overlayer.
Intermolecular, Inc.

Methods of fabricating micro- and nanostructure arrays and structures formed therefrom

Methods of fabricating micro- and nanostructures comprise top-down etching of lithographically patterned gan layer to form an array of micro- or nanopillar structures, followed by selective growth of gan shells over the pillar structures via selective epitaxy. Also provided are methods of forming micro- and nanodisk structures and microstructures formed from thereby..
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

Method of fabricating a wafer level optical lens assembly

The present invention relates to method of fabricating a wafer level optical lens substrate. The method comprising providing a first wafer substrate having a plurality of bumps, applying a first polymer liquid on a first contact optical surface of said plurality of bumps, providing a second wafer substrate, and contacting said first wafer substrate with said second substrate in such that said first polymer liquid is located in a slit created between said first contact optical surface of said plurality of bumps and said second wafer substrate under capillary forces.
Anteryon Wafer Optics B.v.

Quantification of the relative amount of water in the tissue microcapillary network

The present invention discloses a method for magnetic resonance (mr) imaging comprising: acquiring at least two mr images with different motion-weighting originating from a rf and gradient pulse sequence causing signal attenuation from diffusion but not flow (flow-compensated data); acquiring at least two mr images with different motion-weighting originating from a rf and gradient pulse sequence causing signal attenuation from diffusion and flow (non-compensated data); performing a model fit to the flow-compensated and non-compensated data in which at least one of the adjustable parameters are constrained to be the same for both sets of data; and obtaining quantitative information on microscopic flow by extracting at least one parameter of the intravoxel incoherent motion (ivim) effect from the model fit, said method being directed to diffusion-perfusion.. .
Cr Development Ab

Device for determining at least one analyte capable of being contained in a liquid sample

A device for determining the presence and/or amount of at least one analyte contained in a liquid sample, includes a capillary diffusion element (2) materialized on which are a zone (3) for depositing the liquid sample, an upstream release zone (4) and at least two capture zones (5). The device (1) also includes at least one downstream release zone (6) located downstream of at least one of the capture zones, which downstream release zone (6) includes at least one detection reagent conjugated to a visible and/or measurable marker; and the detection reagent of a release zone and/or the capture reagent of the additional capture zone(s), located directly downstream of the release zone, are suitable for binding specifically with the analyte and/or for binding specifically with one another, in order to form a complex that enables the determination of the analyte in the liquid sample at the additional capture zone(s)..

High-throughput multi-laser wave mixing detection methods and apparatus

This invention relates to methods and apparatus of a combination of multi-laser wave mixing technology with diagnostic flow system with embodiments describing capillary electrophoresis. The unique combination of these technologies along with minute detection levels not yet been seen in the field..

Capillary viscometer and multiscale pressure differential measuring device

The present subject matter provides a capillary viscometer for use in measuring concentration and shear dependence of the viscosity of macromolecular solutions. In one embodiment the device can automatically make serial dilutions of a single initial sample and record viscosity measurements across wide concentration ranges without changing samples.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services

Time-temperature dosimeter

The present disclosure relates to a dosimeter for measuring exposure to heat over time in combination with peak temperature indicators and reversible temperature indicators. The preferred temperature indicator tag is credit card sized and comprises four time-temperature dosimeters.
Innosense, Llc

System and transferring heat between two units

A thermal switching device is presented. The thermal switching device includes a plurality of serpentine capillaries having a first end and a second end, where the first end is configured to be operatively coupled to a heating unit and the second end is configured to be operatively coupled to a cooling unit, and where the plurality of serpentine capillaries is configured to transfer heat from the heating unit to the cooling unit by circulating a working fluid in the plurality of serpentine capillaries..
General Electric Company

Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable extrametrical material fill

A method of heterogeneous proppant placement in a subterranean fracture is disclosed. The method comprises injecting well treatment fluid including proppant (16) and proppant-spacing filler material (18) through a wellbore (10) into the fracture (20), heterogeneously placing the proppant in the fracture in a plurality of proppant clusters or islands (22) spaced apart by the material (24), and removing the filler material (24) to form open channels (26) around the pillars (28).
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Systems and methods for gathering water

A conduit system for gathering water from soil includes multiple conduits configured for insertion into soil. Each conduit includes a wall having an outer surface configured to be exposed to soil and an inner surface defining a central passage.
Elwha Llc

Water filtration system

A water or liquid substance filtration device is disclosed which removes microorganisms and organic contamination and sterilizes the containers and water lines after the unit. The unit is portable, or can be mounted stationary.

Pill dispenser

A pill dispenser for use with a pill container. The present invention describes a dispensing apparatus for a pill container comprising a housing, a rotatable closure to which a pill container may be mounted in an inverted orientation, a hopper for collecting pills emptied from the pill container into the housing, and a rotatable spool that is adapted to receive pills from the hopper.

Vehicle body reinforcing structure

A vehicle body reinforcing structure may include a center pillar which may be provided at each central portion of left and right sides of a vehicle body, an outside member which is disposed outside the center pillar and surrounds the center pillar, an underside member which is disposed under the center pillar and coupled to a lower end of the center pillar and a lower end of the outside member, a cross member which may be elongated at an upper side of the underside member in a lateral direction of the vehicle body, and an upper side member which may be elongated in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle body and inserted between the underside member and the cross member.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Vehicle body structure

An object of the present invention is to provide a vehicle body structure in which it is possible to improve a side collision performance of a vehicle. For this reason, a vehicle body structure 1 includes a roof side rail 10 that is disposed at an upper side position of a vehicle, and extends in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle; and a center pillar 14 which extends in a vertical direction of the vehicle, and an upper end portion of which is joined at a position in the way in which the roof side rail 10 extends.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Autonomous and programmable sequential flow of solutions in capillary microfluidics

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a capillary fluidic device comprising at least two inlets, a microfluidic channel and an outlet. The device allows for the autonomous and programmable sequential flow of the same or different fluids using capillary fluidics for autonomous pumping of liquids to other downstream fluidic structures.
Instituto De Engenharia De Sistemas E Computadores Para Os Microsistemas E As Nanotecnologias...

Capillary dialyzers

A capillary dialyzer comprises: a) a housing; a bundle of semi-permeable hollow fiber membranes; c) end walls supporting the first and second ends of the hollow fiber membranes; d) a first end cap covering a first end of the housing and a second end cap covering a second end of the housing; e) an inlet and an outlet; f) support rings; and g) sealing rings interposed between the end wall and the first end cap and between the end wall and the second end cap, respectively. A circular groove of the end cap which receives the wall of the housing comprises indentations for creating a fluid connection between the inside of the capillary dialyzer and its exterior when the end caps are mounted on the housing but have not yet been welded to the housing..
Gambro Lundia Ab

Extruded extended release abuse deterrent pill

The present disclosure relates to an oral, extended release, abuse deterrent pill containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient susceptible to abuse which is homogenously spread throughout a matrix used to deter abuse. The pill can be prepared using a hot melt extrusion process and a forming unit.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc.

Pill cylinder and pill cutter

The pill cutter is a pill container with a blade and cuts pills within the cap for the blade while the blade is not exposed at any time. A cutting board is hinged to the end of the cap and has a clamp, which holds the pill and is always aligned with blade.

Methods and systems for a sample collection device with a novelty exterior

Methods for obtaining a sample from a subject include providing a sample collection device having a novelty exterior. The sample collection device can be used to collection liquid sample such as but not limited to blood, capillary blood, interstitial fluid, or other liquid sample.
Theranos, Inc.

Electronic device case with inflatable travel pillow

An apparatus for providing comfort to travelers is provided involving a mobile electronic device case that may be inflated into a pillow configuration useful as a travel pillow. Multiple air chambers contained within the device case having a plurality of segregated, independently-inflatable chambers therein for supporting a user's head and neck supplement the pillow and provide increased comfort.

Washable pillow with multiple cases

Embodiments are directed towards a pillow with a removable core that includes a plurality of cut foam pieces of various or similar shapes/sizes. The pillow may include an outer shell case and an inner shell case (i.e., the removable core).

System and head and spine immobilization and protection

The present invention relates to a device that stabilizes and/or protects the head and spine from injuries. An immobilization device includes one or more pillars with multiple segments that protect the head and spine of a user.

Bucket conversion self-watering planter

This one-piece drop in device converts buckets into self-watering container systems used for growing plants. The device produces a bottom water reservoir and an upper area for soil.

Semiconductor package and manufacturing semiconductor package

A semiconductor package includes a wiring substrate that includes a first conductive member; a semiconductor chip that is mounted on the wiring substrate and includes a second conductive member, the first conductive member and the second conductive member being positioned to face each other; and a bonding member that bonds and electrically connects the first conductive member and the second conductive member, at least one of the first conductive member and the second conductive member being a pillar-shaped terminal, the bonding member being bonded to an end surface of the pillar-shaped terminal and a portion of a side surface of the pillar-shaped terminal, an intermetallic compound layer being formed at an interface of the bonding member and the pillar-shaped terminal.. .
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

Method for analyzing sample components

Described herein is a method and system for on-line coupling of capillary isoelectric focusing (cief) to high-resolution mass spectrometry in which a sheath flow buffer comprising polar organic solvent and organic acid is used as both an immobilization solution for (cief) and an ionization solution for electrospray ionization (esi).. .
C/o University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

Lens holder driving apparatus

A lens holder driving apparatus is disclosed. The lens holder driving apparatus includes a housing, an auto-focusing lens holder driving portion and a fixed portion.
Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Disposable test sensor with improved sampling entrance

A disposable electrochemical test sensor designed to facilitate sampling of fluid samples. It has a fluid chamber having a novel extra wide sampling entrance, but no additional air escape vent.
Changsha Sinocare Inc.

Graft copolymers, their preparation and use in capillary electrophoresis

The invention relates to graft copolymers, their preparation, and compositions, such as electrophoresis separation media, containing the same; also to ultra-high molecular weight poly(n,n-dimethylacrylamide) (“poly(dma)”) polymers, their preparation, and compositions, such as electrophoresis separation media, containing the same; and more particularly to supports, such as capillaries, containing these polymers and methods for separating biomolecules, especially polynucleotides, using capillary electrophoresis. The graft copolymers can be prepared by, e.g., grafting polyacrylamide units onto a poly(dma) backbone.
Applied Biosystems, Llc

Nanoparticle coating of surfaces

A nanoparticle coated hydrogel may be formed by a method of electrospraying nanoparticles on to a surface includes providing a drug and polymer combination in solvent to an inner capillary of a coaxial dual capillary spray nozzle. A coating with a drug that releases over time may be provided.
Nanocopoeia, Inc.

Papillomavirus pseudoviruses for detection and therapy of tumors

Disclosed herein are methods of detecting tumors, monitoring cancer therapy, and selectively inhibiting the proliferation and/or killing of cancer cells utilizing a papilloma pseudovirus or a papilloma virus-like particle (vlp). .
The Usa, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services

Pillow with firearm compartment

A pillow for holding a firearm comprising a pillow assembly and a firearm compartment positioned inside the pillow assembly. The firearm compartment is configured to define a grip portion, a trigger guard portion, and a barrel portion.
Safepillow, Llc

Capillary network devices and methods of use

Artificial microvascular network (amvn) devices are provided and related methods of making and methods of using such devices are provided. The present disclosure generally relates to an amvn device comprising a substrate including a capillary network configured so as to simulate those actually encountered in the circulation of various humans and animal model systems.
New Health Sciences, Inc.

Low volume assay device having increased sensitivity

An assay device includes: a liquid sample zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample addition zone containing a reagent material; a detection zone in fluid communication with the reagent zone. The detection zone has a substrate and projections which extend substantially vertically from the substrate, wherein the projections have a height, cross-section and a distance between one another that defines a capillary space between the projections capable of generating capillary flow parallel to the substrate surface.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.

Assay device having uniform flow around corners

An assay device includes: a liquid sample zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample zone containing a reagent material; a detection zone in fluid communication with the reagent zone having capture elements bound thereto; and a wicking zone in fluid communication with the capture zone having a capacity to receive liquid sample flowing from the detection zone. The sample receiving zone, the reagent zone, the detection zone and the wicking zone define a fluid flow path and at least a part of the fluid flow path has a substrate and projections which extend substantially vertically from the substrate, wherein the projections have a height, cross-section and a distance between one another that defines a space between the projections capable of generating capillary flow parallel to the substrate surface.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.

Disposable diagnostic card and electronic reading device

The invention relates to a disposable diagnostic card for detecting an analyte in a fluid sample, comprising a base with a support surface for supporting a reagent strip and a sample receiving chamber; and a cover placed tightly on the base with an opening over the chamber of the base for introducing the sample, and a window over part of the reagent strip for observing a reaction thereon. An end of the reagent strip is bent and inserted into the sample receiving chamber, the sample in the chamber being movable by capillary action through the reagent strip from said bent end.
Laboratorios Alpha San Ignacio Pharma, S.i.

Capillary flow plasmonic sensor

In a first aspect, a micro-fluidic device is presented, comprising: a micro-fluidic channel having an inner surface; a sensing region inside the micro-fluidic channel configured for adsorbing at least one analyte, the sensing region comprising a plurality of pillars positioned along the length of the inner surface of the micro-fluidic channel wherein the plurality of pillars are configured for creating an electromagnetic field localization thereby making the sensing region suitable for sensing plasmonic or surface enhanced raman signals when irradiated; characterized in that: the plurality of pillars are further configured for creating a capillary action in the micro-fluidic channel when a fluid sample is present in the micro-fluidic channel. In a second aspect, a multiplexed plasmonic microchip for detecting at least one analyte in a fluid sample is presented, comprising: a plurality of micro-fluidic devices as presented in the first aspect; a supply system for providing the fluid sample to the plurality of micro-fluidic devices.
Imec Vzw

Pharmaceutical composition of a papillomavirus inhibitor

The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition including a compound of general formula (i) combined with a solvent and a viscosity-enhancing agent, as well as to the use thereof as a drug, in particular for treating and preventing infection with the papillomavirus, and to the method for preparing same.. .
Anaconda Pharma

Concrete compositions with reduced drying time and methods of manufacturing same

Cementitious compositions and methods for preparing and using the cementitious compositions to yield hardened concrete. The cementitious compositions yield hardened concrete having reduced or attenuated water vapor emission and lower internal relative humidity (irh).
Us Concrete, Inc.

Vehicle pillar

A pillar for a vehicle includes a translucent polymer composite having chopped reinforcing fibers incorporated therein. The pillar also includes a truss embedded in the translucent polymer composite and disposed substantially along a length of the pillar.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Intrusion mitigation door bracket

A vehicle includes a rocker panel and a pillar reinforcement extending in a direction transverse to the rocker panel. The vehicle further includes a door having a bracket disposed over an intersection of the rocker panel and the pillar reinforcement when the door is in a closed position.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Sound pillow sleep system

Provided is a pillow and method of marking the pillow to mitigate tinnitus. The pillow includes a first and second portions of fill material, an anchor strip assembly and a pillow casing.
Armbruster Enterprises, Inc.

Travel pillow and method therefor

A pillow for supporting the head and neck of a user has a tubular structure, wherein the tubular structure has a first conical half and a second conical half. A depression is formed between the first conical half and the second conical half, the depression supporting a neck of a user..

Anti-wrinkle miracle devise

A piece of non-allergenic wire such as 925 silver with ⅜×⅜ in thin flat square swivel plates, each with hypoallergenic double-sided tape on the outer side. The wearer fixes one plate just above one eyebrow and the other end under the eye, both to the corner of the eye area; the purpose is that when at bedtime the user is trying to fall asleep she or he unconsciously makes grimaces, or, by pressure of the pillow, creates temporary and unwelcomed wrinkles on the eye area, which, with time become permanent wrinkles, with this invention placed on such area, both, upper and lower eye areas are prevented to move closer together, thus, the appearance of temporary and permanent wrinkles are greatly reduced..

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