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This page is updated frequently with new Pill-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Semiconductor device having dual work function gate structure,  fabricating the same, memory cell having the same, and electronic device having the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device having dual work function gate structure, fabricating the same, memory cell having the same, and electronic device having the same
A semiconductor device includes a body including a first junction region; a pillar positioned over the body, and including a vertical channel region and a second junction region over the vertical channel region; a gate trench exposing side surfaces of the pillar; a gate dielectric layer covering the gate trench; and a gate electrode embedded in the gate trench, with the gate dielectric layer interposed therebetween. The gate electrode includes a first work function liner overlapping with the vertical channel region, and including an aluminum-containing metal nitride; a second work function liner overlapping with the second junction region, and including a silicon-containing non-metal material; and an air gap positioned between the second work function liner and the second junction region..

 Three dimensional stacked semiconductor structure and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailThree dimensional stacked semiconductor structure and manufacturing the same
A 3d stacked semiconductor structure is provided, comprising a plurality of stacks vertically formed on a substrate and disposed parallel to each other, a dielectric layer formed on the stacks, a plurality of conductive plugs independently formed in the dielectric layer; and a metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) layer formed on the dielectric layer. One of the stacks at least comprises a plurality of multi-layered pillars, and each of the multi-layered pillars comprises a plurality of insulating layers and a plurality of conductive layers arranged alternately.

 Multi-element isotopic measurement by direct coupling of a multi-cycle isotachophoresis technique and a mass spectrometry technique patent thumbnailMulti-element isotopic measurement by direct coupling of a multi-cycle isotachophoresis technique and a mass spectrometry technique
A method for separating electrically charged species contained in a solution by an isotachophoresis method applied in an electrophoresis device, the isotachophoresis method being coupled to isotopic measurement using a mass spectrometer. The method notably comprises a step of stopping the voltage applied to the terminal of the electrophoresis capillary and transient application of a counter-pressure making it possible to utilize the length of the capillary several times and extend the separation distance artificially..

 Cartridge for storing biosample capillary tubes and use in automated data storage systems patent thumbnailCartridge for storing biosample capillary tubes and use in automated data storage systems
Embodiments of the disclosure relate to methods of storing and using biosamples with a cartridge that includes slots for storing biosample capillary tubes. The methods include providing access to a holder inside an enclosure of the cartridge, the enclosure having a same form factor as a data tape cartridge used in an automated tape library.

 Analytical  detecting fuel markers patent thumbnailAnalytical detecting fuel markers
A gas chromatographic method for detecting a first marker and a second marker in a fuel in two channels: (i) a first capillary column coated with polysiloxane and a second capillary column coated with polyethylene glycol; and (ii) a third capillary column coated with polymethylphenylsiloxane and a fourth deactivated capillary column. The steps are: (a) introducing a first sample into the first column to produce a first effluent; (b) introducing only a portion of the first effluent into the second column to produce a second effluent; (c) allowing the second effluent to pass through a mass spectrometer; (d) introducing a second sample into the third column to produce a third effluent; (e) introducing only a portion of the third effluent into the fourth column to produce a fourth effluent; (f) allowing the fourth effluent to pass through a mass spectrometer..

 Refrigerator patent thumbnailRefrigerator
A refrigerator includes a cabinet; a storage compartment located within the cabinet; a first door pivotally mounted to the cabinet, the first door configured to open or close a first portion of the storage compartment; a second door pivotally mounted to the cabinet, the second door configured to open or close a second portion of the storage compartment; a pillar pivotally mounted to the first door and configured to block leakage of cold air between the first door and the second door; a pillar boss protruding outward from the pillar; a guide recess configured to guide the pillar boss; and a rotator that defines the guide recess, the rotator being configured to rotate about a rotation axis.. .

 Ball bearing retainer patent thumbnailBall bearing retainer
A ball guide type ball bearing retainer (3) according to the present invention retains balls (4) in pockets (pt) provided in a circular ring portion (5), and the circular ring portion (5) includes annular portions (6, 7) disposed at both sides in an axial direction and pillar portions (8) which connect the annular portions (6, 7). Each pocket (pt) is formed by the annular portions (6, 7) at the both sides and the pillar portions (8) adjacent to each other.

 Silk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer patent thumbnailSilk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer
A chemoembolic agent is disclosed that includes an injectable, recombinantly synthesized silk-elastin like protein copolymer and one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Upon injection, the chemoembolic agent blocks the tumor vasculature, including the capillary bed, and may optionally release chemotherapeutic agents.

 Modified door opening of a motorized vehicle for accommodating a ramp system and method thereof patent thumbnailModified door opening of a motorized vehicle for accommodating a ramp system and method thereof
A method of increasing a door opening width of a crossover vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair ramp or lift assembly. The method includes positioning a template on a b pillar and a template on a c pillar and marking cut lines on the pillars.

 Compositions for mucusal delivery, useful for treating papillomavirus infections patent thumbnailCompositions for mucusal delivery, useful for treating papillomavirus infections
Polypeptides, compositions, and methods for treatment of papillomavirus (pv) infections including a papillomavirus (pv) minor capsid (l2) polypeptide fragment and a cholera toxin b subunit (ctb) polypeptide are described. Polypeptides and compositions disclosed herein can be administered to the mucosa of a subject, resulting in unexpectedly beneficial production of cross-neutralizing antibodies..


Devices, gravity-enhanced microfluidic collection, handling and transferring of fluids

The disclosed apparatus, systems and methods relate to the collection of bodily fluids through the use of gravity and microfluidic properties by way of a collector. The collector can make use of microfluidic networks connected to collection sites on the skin of a subject to gather and shuttle blood into a reservoir by a combination of capillary action and gravitational forces.


Electrode for biopotential sensing

An electrode for biopotential sensing comprising a main electrode base and at least a plurality of contact pins protruding from the main electrode base and configured to make contact with a subject's skin. Each of the first plurality of contact pins comprises at least one conductive mesh having an elongated pillar shape.


Top heating type cooking apparatus

Disclosed herein is a top heating type cooking apparatus comprising: a support unit 102 which has a coupling fixed groove 14 on the top surface of a support plate 10 in the form of a flat panel; a pillar unit 104 which includes a fixing pillar 16 fixed to a back of the support unit 102, and a connection pillar body 22 upwardly extended and installed in the fixing pillar 16, and which has hinge units 103 and 105 so that the top and bottom of the fixing pillar 16 and the connection pillar body 22 are hinged and rotatably moved; a heating unit 106 which is connected to the hinge unit 105 of the pillar unit 104 to be rotatably moved up and down and which provide heat to broil cooking materials from the top; a position adjustment link unit 110 which is inserted and rotated into a coupling fixing groove 14 formed in the top surface of the support unit 102 and which is installed to fix the position of the cooking materials and to move up and down so that the cooking materials become close to the heater unit 106; and a material support tool 112 which is fixed to the top of the position adjustment link unit 110 and which includes a material support body 56 and a side plate 58 to place and broil the cooking materials therein.. .


Memory cell array and cell structure thereof

A memory device includes a substrate and a memory array. The substrate has a continuous active region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Integrated device package comprising photo sensitive fill between a substrate and a die

An integrated device package that includes a die, a substrate, a fill and a conductive interconnect. The die includes a pillar, where the pillar has a first pillar width.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method of forming fine pattern and manufacturing integrated circuit device using the method

A method of forming a fine pattern includes forming pillar-shaped guides regularly arranged on a feature layer, forming a block copolymer layer on the feature layer around the pillar-shaped guides, phase separating the block copolymer layer, forming first domains regularly arranged on the feature layer with the pillar-shaped guides, forming a second domain on the feature layer surrounding the pillar-shaped guides and the first domains, removing the first domains, and forming holes corresponding with the first domains in the feature layer by etching the feature layer using the pillar-shaped guides and the second domain as etch masks. The block copolymer layer includes a polymer blend having first and second polymer blocks having first and second repeat units, respectively, a first homopolymer and a second homopolymer.


Three-dimensional passive components

Three-dimensional inductors may comprise a passivation layer disposed on a substrate, a three-dimensional pillar comprising a ferromagnetic material disposed on the substrate or the passivation layer, and a conductive trace wound at least partially around the pillar. Three-dimensional capacitors may comprise a passivation layer disposed on a substrate, at least two support pillars comprising a polymeric material disposed on the passivation layer or the substrate, at least two electrodes disposed between the support pillars, a dielectric disposed between the electrodes, and a metal trace.
Washington State University


Optical member and optical module

An optical member includes a base having a surface, and a plurality of protrusions formed on the surface of the base. The plurality of protrusions is arranged in a form to cause a space between the protrusions to be filled up with adhesive to adhere an adhesion target component above the base by a capillary phenomenon..
Fujitsu Component Limited


Method for manufacturing a gas phase chromatography column and column obtained using such a method

The present invention also relates to a capillary column as well as to a microcolumn which may be manufactured according to this method.. .


Container for specimen preparation

A mechanism for collecting a trace of a biological sample to be used for a biological sample analysis, and for preparing a diluted solution of the sample. A container for specimen preparation includes: a biological sample collecting device; and a container for sample dilution.
Sekisui Techno Molding Co., Ltd.


Plant produced human papillomavirus pseudovirion

The present invention relates to a method of producing hpv pseudovirions in plant cells, the plant produced pseudovirions per se, a neutralisation assay using the plant produced pseudovirions and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the plant produced pseudovirions.. .
University Of Cape Town


Novel cultivating micro-organisms by confinement in micro-bioreactors

The present invention relates to a novel method for cultivating micro-organisms by confinement in micro-bioreactors. Said method comprises using a capillary tube in which a carrier fluid for moving a train of droplets forward flows, said capillary tube comprising micro-bioreactors in which the culture of said micro-organisms takes place, wherein said micro-bioreactors are separated by a spacing fluid which is a gas.
Ecole Superieure De Physique Et De Chimie Industrielles De La Ville De Paris


Engineered lumenized vascular networks and support matrix

Disclosed herein are capillary fabrication devices comprising living cells within a support medium. Culture of the cells produces viable lumenized capillary networks with natural or pre-determined geometries and ecm and basement membrane associated with the capillary networks.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Fine epitope peptide capable of inducing cross-reactive antibodies among homologous proteins in human papilloma virus e6 protein

This invention relates to the minimal motif of an epitope on the e6 protein from human papilloma virus (hpv), and this minimal motif of the epitope induces a monoclonal antibody having cross-reactivity with some homologous proteins of hpvs. The inventors are the first to identify a fine antigenic epitope only existing conservatively on the e6 proteins of high risk hpv16, 33, 52 or 58).
Guangzhou Hengsun Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd.


Railcar head structure

A railcar head structure includes: a roof bodyshell positioned above a driver's cab window; and an underframe. The underframe includes: a pair of side sills; and a center sill located between the side sills and extending in a car longitudinal direction.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Roof headliner structure in which curtain airbag for vehicle is housed

A roof headliner structure in which a curtain airbag for a vehicle is housed, includes the curtain airbag attached in a folded state along a roof side rail, a roof headliner, a pillar garnish including a clip seat, and a tether clip attached to the clip seat. The curtain airbag is covered from a vehicle cabin side with the roof headliner and the pillar garnish.
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for maintaining and analyzing a micro-droplet

A microfluidic system comprises a liquid reservoir containing a liquid and having a capillary pipe opening. The microfluidic system also comprises an elongated bar having a proximal end contacting the liquid reservoir in the opening, a distal section at which a micro-droplet is formed, and a middle section continuously maintaining thereon a liquid bridge between the reservoir and the micro-droplet..
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited


Centrifugal microfluidic platform for automated media exchange

A microfluidic device and method comprises a rotatable substrate configured to be rotated at various angular velocities in order to accomplish a series of media exchanges with a sample chamber for containing a sample. A plurality of media reservoirs and waste reservoirs are connected to the sample chamber via channels forming capillary valves in which the capillary valves have varying burst frequencies of rotation of the substrate.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Device for the capillary transport of liquids, use and producing such a device

Disclosed is a device for the directed capillary transport of liquids, comprising at least two capillaries (8, 9, 33, 54, 55), the at least two capillaries (8, 9, 33, 54, 55) being designed such that the liquid can be transported in at least some regions in a passive, directed and capillary manner, characterised in that at least two of the capillaries (8, 9, 33, 54, 55) are interconnected in the direction of transport of the liquid via at least one capillary passage conduit (20, 23, 28, 29, 34, 40, 41, 59, 63). The invention is intended for use in the separation of components from a fluidic substance and/or in oil/water separation.
Fraunhoffer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung


Reduction of carbon monoxide in mainstream cigarette smoke

A smoking article filter is designed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (co) and increase the ratio of total particulate material (tpm) to co in mainstream cigarette smoke. The design includes a non-porous microcapillary tube centered axially within a low-density filter..
Lorillard Tobacco Company


Memory device, semiconductor device, producing memory device, and producing semiconductor device

A memory device includes a reset gate whose resistance changes. The memory device also includes a pillar-shaped phase-change layer, a reset gate insulating film surrounding the pillar-shaped phase-change layer, and the reset gate surrounding the reset gate insulating film.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Led dome with inner high index pillar

Affixed over a transparent growth substrate (34) of an led die (30) is a transparent rectangular pillar (40), having a footprint approximately the same size as the led die. The pillar height is greater than a length of the led die, and the pillar has an index (n) approximately equal to that of the substrate (e.g., 1.8), so there is virtually no tir at the interface due to the matched indices.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Remote pharmaceutical verification

A pill verification system obtains a prescription filled at a pharmacy and gathers information of the pills being dispensed for a remote pharmacist to verify the prescription. As pills are dispensed to a pill vial to fill the prescription, a pill imaging system captures images of the pills, and a pill vial imaging system captures an image of the pill vial.
Perceptimed, Inc.


Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples

A capillary absorption spectrometer and process are described that provide highly sensitive and accurate stable absorption measurements of analytes in a sample gas that may include isotopologues of carbon and oxygen obtained from gas and biological samples. It further provides isotopic images of microbial communities that allow tracking of nutrients at the single cell level.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Capillary sensor tube flow meters and controllers

Capillary-type mass flow meters and controllers are described that employ temperature sensor hardware providing boundary conditions as necessary for direct computation of mass flow rate. The approach offers dramatically improved operable range and other potential benefits as compared to known systems..
Sierra Instruments, Inc.


Engine system having enriched pre-chamber spark plug

A spark plug arrangement is disclosed for use in an engine system. The spark plug arrangement may include a body, and a cap fixedly connected to the body to form an integral pre-chamber.
Caterpillar Inc.


Two dimensional capillary electrophoresis apparatus

The present disclosure describes an apparatus for identifying a polynucleotide capable of binding a target. The apparatus comprises a first, second, and third high voltage power supply; a first, second, and third capillary tube; a first, second, and third buffer reservoir; a fraction collector, and at least one collection vessel..
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac


Capillary barriers for staged loading of microfluidic devices

Various aspects of the present disclosure are directed toward methods and apparatuses for interacting a first liquid and a second liquid in one or more fluidic channels of a capillary structure. The methods and apparatuses can include providing at least one capillary barrier that positions a meniscus of the first liquid at a fluid-interface region using capillary forces within the capillary structure.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Vehicle front structure and assembly vehicle front structure

The front pillar includes a pillar outer panel and a pillar inner panel. The pillar outer panel is disposed on an outside in a vehicle width direction.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Lower vehicle-body structure of automotive vehicle

A single cross member extending in a vehicle width direction is provided between a portion of a side sill which is positioned near a center pillar and a tunnel portion. A pair of seat-rail mounting seats are provided at a lower portion of the tunnel portion to be spaced apart from the cross member in a vehicle longitudinal direction.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Apparatus for fixing curtain air bag cushion

An apparatus for fixing a curtain air bag cushion to a pillar of a vehicle includes a cushion bracket configured to be attached to the pillar. The cushion bracket has a fixing portion provided with a bolt hole, a support portion provided with a cover hole, and locking grooves between the fixing portion and the support portion.
Kia Motors Corporation


Metallic microneedles

Methods for fabricating metallic microneedles are disclosed. One method comprises providing a mold pillar; forming an apertured electrically-conductive layer over the mold pillar; and depositing a metal layer over the electrically-conductive layer to provide an apertured microneedle.
Microdermics Inc.


Hybrid positive airway interface system for use with ventilation and positive air pressure systems

The present disclosure relates to a positive airway interface system which includes a mouth interface having an internal support structure and an external shell disposed over the internal support structure and a plurality of attachment mechanisms provided about an external surface of the external shell. The positive airway interface system also includes a nasal interface having a pair of nasal pillows configured to sealingly engage with a user's nares.
Human Design Medical, Llc


Breath-actuated nebulizer for medicine inhalation

Breath-actuated nebulizers for delivering medicine are provided, including an outlet port; an opening; and a medicine cup coupled to the opening through a venturi tube. The medicine cup receives a medicine to be delivered through the outlet port, and is coupled to the outlet port.
Carefusion 2200, Inc.


Electronic pill box with detachable day module

An electronic pill box for receiving a blister pack having a plurality of dosettes pre-loaded with doses of medication. The pill box includes a base module having a plurality of receptacles that receive the dosettes of the blister pack.
Next Paradigm Inc.


Prescription medication security and dispensing systems

A prescription drug monitoring/dispensing device ensures prescription medication housed within is taken only as directed, and not abused or sold on the streets. The device serves as an intricately guarded casing that may only dispense the preprogrammed dosage amounts at preset times, as directed by a prescribing physician.


Sealable pill organizer and dispenser

A device is provided for storing, organizing, and dispensing prescription pills that comprises a clamshell container configured to house a sealable pill tray and sliding card. The pill tray contains an array of pill chambers that are covered by an adhesive seal composed of foil or paper.


Slidable pill organizer and dispenser

A device is provided for storing, organizing, and accessing prescription pills that comprises a pill tray and tray lid engaged in a slidable configuration. The pill tray possesses upward protrusions on opposing ends of its flat base, while the tray lid possesses linear channels on opposing ends of its flat body.


Capillary action collection device and container assembly

A container assembly is disclosed including an outer container, a hollow inner member, and a closure. The outer container has a closed bottom, an open top, and a sidewall extending therebetween.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Pillow having mesh inserts

A pillow and a pillow cover are provided. The pillow includes a cover layer defining an interior volume, the cover layer having a body portion and one or more mesh portions.
Standard Fiber, Llc


Pillow design

The present invention is a pillow that will form fit over children's, teenagers, and adults hands. This pillow will provide a cushion between an individual's hand and head and/or face.


Memory device, semiconductor device, producing memory device, and producing semiconductor device

A method for producing a semiconductor device includes forming a fin-shaped semiconductor layer on a semiconductor substrate and a first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, and a contact line, the contact line extending in a direction perpendicular to a direction in which the fin-shaped semiconductor layer extends. A pillar-shaped phase-change layer and a lower electrode are formed overlying the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Memory device, semiconductor device, producing memory device, and producing semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer and a gate insulating film around the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer. A gate electrode is around the gate insulating film and a gate line is connected to the gate electrode.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Vertical type semiconductor device, fabrication method thereof and operation method thereof

A vertical type semiconductor device and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The vertical type semiconductor device includes a pillar structure having a stacking structure of a conductive layer and a data storage material and formed on a common source region, and a gate electrode formed to surround the data storage material of the pillar structure..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes first and second fin-shaped semiconductor layers on a substrate. First and second pillar-shaped semiconductor layers reside on the first and second fin-shaped semiconductor layers, respectively, where a width of the bottom of the first and second pillar-shaped semiconductors is equal to a width of the top of the first and second fin-shaped semiconductor layers, respectively.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Via structure for packaging and a forming

A via or pillar structure, and a method of forming, is provided. In an embodiment, a polymer layer is formed having openings exposing portions of an underlying conductive pad.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Vertical type semiconductor device, fabrication method thereof and operation method thereof

A vertical type semiconductor device and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The vertical type semiconductor device includes a pillar structure having a stacking structure of a conductive layer and a data storage material and formed on a common source region, and a gate electrode formed to surround the data storage material of the pillar structure..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Heat dissipation structure of intelligent wearable device

A heat dissipation structure of intelligent wearable device includes a wearable mobile device main body and a hard wearable body. The wearable mobile device main body has a receiving space for receiving therein multiple electronic components.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing the same

A liquid crystal display device includes: an insulating substrate, a thin film transistor positioned on the insulating substrate, a pixel electrode connected to the thin film transistor, a pillar portion positioned on the pixel electrode, a common electrode positioned on the pillar portion, a liquid crystal layer filling in a cavity positioned between the pixel electrode, the pillar portion, and the common electrode and containing liquid crystal molecules, and a roof layer and an overcoat positioned on the common electrode, wherein a cross section of the cavity in a column direction is reversely tapered.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Monoclonal antibody recognizing human papillomavirus (hpv) l2 protein and measuring hpv-neutralizing antibody titer using the same

The present invention relates to the development of a monoclonal antibody which has binding activity to many high-risk types of hpv, etc. The present invention also provides a simple and high-throughput method for measuring cross-neutralizing antibody titers, which is used for assay of cross-neutralizing antibody against hpv in serum samples from subjects, etc.
Japan Health Sciences Foundation


Controlling fluid flow through an assay device

An assay device includes: a detection zone which includes a first set of projections which are capable of generating capillary flow. A wicking zone (wz) has a capacity to receive liquid sample flowing from the detection zone and includes a second set of projections which are capable of generating capillary flow.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Capillary electrophoresis device

The purpose of this invention has to do with being able to eliminate, using a small amount of an electrophoresis medium, air bubbles that get mixed in when loading an electrophoresis-medium container into a capillary electrophoresis device. This invention has to do with being able to simplify a positive-electrode-side channel in a capillary electrophoresis device by electrophoresing using only an electrophoresis medium on the positive-electrode side.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Heat pipe

A heat pipe comprises a first pipe and at least a second pipe. The first pipe includes an evaporator, a heat insulator and a condenser communicating with each other to define a hollow chamber.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Medical nonwoven fabric, and preparation method thereof

The present invention relates to a medical nonwoven fabric comprising gelable cellulose derivative short-cut fibers as prepared by the paper making process, a preparation method thereof, and an adhesion prevention barrier using the same. The present invention provides a single phase of medical nonwoven fabric comprising gelable cellulose derivative short-cut fibers, to induce capillary action of micropores formed between the fibers and thereby control the gelation time, and provides a composite nonwoven fabric formed by laminating a nonwoven fabric layer comprising a different kind of biodegradable polymer material not susceptible to gelation on the single-phase of medical nonwoven fabric comprising gelable cellulose derivative short-cut fibers, thereby improving dimensional stability and convenience of surgical procedure.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology


Anti-human papillomavirus 16 e6 t cell receptors

Disclosed is a t cell receptor (tcr) having antigenic specificity for an hla-a2-restricted epitope of human papillomavirus (hpv) 16 e6, e629-38. Related polypeptides and proteins, as well as related nucleic acids, recombinant expression vectors, host cells, and populations of cells are also provided.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Canopy assembly

A canopy assembly includes a pillar extendable along a vertical axis to move a canopy assembly from a lowered position to a raised position. A hydraulic actuator disposed within the pillar is fastened to the pillar at a first end and at a second end of the pillar.
Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.


Vehicle side structure

A step portion that is farther toward a vehicle width direction outside than a cabin inside vertical wall portion, is set on a door inner panel. A portion of the step portion is a first overlapping portion that is arranged in a position overlapping with an outside vertical wall portion of a center pillar in a vehicle side view.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Device and sampling and dispensing a biological fluid using a capillary tube, and biological analysis apparatus

The present application relates to: (i) a sampler device for taking a sample of biological fluid, which comprises a capillary component, and a base rigidly connected to said capillary component and provided with a first connector capable of being reversibly attached in a leaktight manner to a second connector of a dispensing device; (ii) a dispensing device which also comprises means for transferring diluting fluid which open into said second connector. The application also relates to a biological analysis apparatus implementing the sampler and dispensing devices and to a method for sampling and dispensing a biological fluid..
Horiba Abx Sas


Means and devices to collect water vapors

A water vapor collector assembly, which consists of an optional capillary net, a dome, a water conveying channel, an optional capillary mat, a floatation base, and a water tube anchor, which many of it can be looped together by ropes and tubes and can float on sea surface to take sun rays to generate freshwater.. .


Method and device for remelting and/or remelt-alloying metallic materials, in particular nitinol

A method and an apparatus for producing metallic semi-finished products by means of remelting and/or remelt-alloying. Here, the material is melted selectively locally in a melting capillary in the material volume by means of high-energy, focused radiation, the melting capillary is moved through the material and the material is cooled down at a high cooling rate by means of a cooled heat sink, which is located close to the melting capillary and coupled to the material in a well heat-conductive manner..
G. Rau Gmbh & Co. Kg


Bucket conversion self-watering planter

A one-piece drop-in device and a method of using the device to convert a bucket or other containers into a self-watering system for growing plants. The device produces a lower water reservoir and an upper area for soil, including a wicking zone wherein water from the reservoir can reach the roots of a plant via wicking or capillary action.


Vertical field effect transistors with controlled overlap between gate electrode and source/drain contacts

An approach to forming a semiconductor structure for a vertical field effect transistor with a controlled gate overlap. The approach includes forming on a semiconductor substrate, a first semiconductor layer, a second semiconductor layer, a third semiconductor layer, a fourth semiconductor layer, a fifth semiconductor layer, and a first dielectric layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor device having a gate and a conductive line in a pillar pattern

A semiconductor device including a vertical gate and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed, which prevent a floating body phenomenon, thereby increasing a cell threshold voltage and reducing leakage current, resulting in improved refresh properties of the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a plurality of pillar patterns, including first pillar patterns arranged along a first direction and second pillar patterns arranged along a second direction, formed over a semiconductor substrate; a gate extending in the first direction, arranged along sidewalls of the first pillar patterns, and configured to couple the first pillar patterns; a junction region formed in an upper portion of the pillar patterns; and a conductive line arranged along the sidewalls of the first pillar patterns and provided in a region disposed below the junction region and over the gate..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same

A semiconductor device may include a semiconductor substrate, a conductive pad on the semiconductor substrate, a passivation layer overlying the semiconductor substrate and exposing the conductive pad, and a bump structure. The bump structure may include a first bump structure on the conductive pad and a second bump structure on the passivation layer.


Systems, apparatus, and methods for analyzing blood cell dynamics

Systems, apparatus, and methods for non-invasively detecting a white blood cell (wbc) event from in vivo capillary data may include obtaining a plurality of images, followed by specifying two-dimensional (2d) coordinates corresponding to internal contour and external contour of a capillary visible in the images. The two sets of 2d coordinates may be resampled to generate two sets of resampled coordinates, between which intermediate curves, including a middle curve, are generated.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Heterogenous assay

The invention relates to a sample testing device for conducting a heterogenous assay, for example an elisa, in a capillary lumen, using one way flow of sample and wash buffer to move the reaction through the binding, separation and signal measurement steps, thus minimising external intervention. The capillary passage is configured to allow time within different zones for reaction, capture, separation of bound and free fractions, and signal measurement.
Carclo Technical Plastics Limited


System and measuring permittivity

A system for measuring a permittivity includes a resonant chamber, a conductive probe, a platform, a pillar, a detector, and a computing module. The resonant chamber has a cavity.
National Tsing Hua University



A refrigerator is described. The refrigerator includes a cabinet that includes a storage compartment; an inner case that defines the storage compartment.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Vehicle lighting device

A vehicle lighting device includes a lens unit, a lighting unit and an adhesive. The lens unit includes a lens holder and at least one lens disposed inside the lens holder, and the lens holder has at least one pillar portion.
Coretronic Corporation



There is disclosed a fluidfoil comprising a selectively fluid chargeable capillary and a flexible body adjacent the capillary, the shape of the flexible body being adjustable in use via controlling the degree to which the capillary is charged and therefore the forces that the capillary exerts on the flexible body.. .
Rolls-royce Plc


Ecological building and insulation structural body thereof and assembling insulation structural body

The present invention discloses an ecological building which employs an insulation layer filed with an insulation chip made of at least one selected from a group of conifer leaves, rice straws, wheat straws, paper, and a processed product thereof instead of using a conventional inorganic insulation material like a petrochemical foam or mineral wool, and achieves an improvement in both charging and discharging of the insulation chip to be recycled, and an insulation structural body for the building, and a method for assembling the insulation structural body. The insulation structural body is characterized by including: a support member consisting of a plurality of pillar members each having an outer and an inner vertical pillar separated from each other with a given interval by means of a plurality of horizontal ribs alternately arranged on both sides thereof; outer panels joined to the outer vertical pillars of the pillar members of the support member so as to form the outside; inner panels joined to the inner vertical pillars of the pillar members of the support member so as to form the inside; insulation chips filling the space between the outer and the inner panel and the space between the outer and the inner vertical pillar; a discharging plate connected to a discharging opening formed in at least one of the outer panels so as to be opened and closed; and a charging plate connected to a charging opening formed in at least one of the inner panels so as to be opened and closed..


Etching forming a carrier having inward side walls in particular for confining a droplet for capillary self-assembly

A method for capillary self-assembly of a plate and a carrier, including: forming an etching mask on a region of a substrate; reactive-ion etching the substrate, the etching using a series of cycles each including isotropic etching followed by surface passivation, wherein a duration of the isotropic etching for each cycle increases from one cycle to another, a ratio between durations of the passivation and etching of each cycle is lower than a ratio for carrying out a vertical anisotropic etching to form a carrier having an upper surface defined by the region and side walls defining an acute angle with the upper surface; removing the etching mask; placing a droplet on the upper surface of the carrier; and placing the plate on the droplet.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Micropipet for aliquoting small volumes of fluid

Described is a pipet, or micropipet, that can be used to dispense multiple aliquots of a biological fluid sample. The pipet includes a capillary tube, a plunger and a plunger stop mechanism having multiple stop positions that allow the plunger to move through the capillary tube in equal incremental steps.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Methods of preparing anti-human papillomavirus antigen t cells

Disclosed are methods of preparing an isolated population of human papillomavirus (hpv)-specific t cells comprise dividing an hpv-positive tumor sample into multiple fragments; separately culturing the multiple fragments; obtaining t cells from the cultured multiple fragments; testing the t cells for specific autologous hpv-positive tumor recognition; selecting the t cells that exhibit specific autologous hpv-positive tumor recognition; and expanding the number of selected t cells to produce a population of hpv-specific t cells for adoptive cell therapy. Related methods of treating or preventing cancer using the t cells are also disclosed..
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


Interactive kiosk for counting, labeling, and shipping of recalled medication capsules

A kiosk according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a housing; a touch screen configured to receive input information from a user; a label printer configured to print output information from the kiosk; a pill drop opening; a pill chute; a drive tube having entry and exit openings, wherein the drive tube has an axis extending through a longitudinal axial centerline thereof, and has an inside surface comprising a helical flute, wherein the entry opening is in communication with the pill chute, and wherein the exit opening is higher than the entry opening such that the axial centerline of the drive tube is inclined; a motor configured to rotate the drive tube to separate and convey pills received through the pill drop opening and the pill chute; and an optical counter configured to count the pills as the pills fall from the exit opening of the drive tube.. .


Slow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel

A slow cooker having a thermometer such as a capillary thermometer and a graphic display device for indicating a temperature condition of the food product contained within the cooking vessel, the thermometer measuring the temperature of an outer surface of the cooking vessel and the graphic display device displaying the temperature measured by the thermometer but adjusted by a correlation factor to indicate at least an approximate temperature of the food product within the cooking vessel.. .
Sunbeam Products, Inc.


Breathable pillow

An integrated padded mesh material may be used in pillows or pillowcases for improved air flow around a user of the pillow or pillowcase during rest. When used in a pillow, the material may substantially cover the side of the pillow that a user's head rests upon.
Breathablebaby, Llc

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