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Pill patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pill-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Enhanced common logical-a protocol for reconfigurable systems patent thumbnailnew patent Enhanced common logical-a protocol for reconfigurable systems
A network has a central entity connected to a plurality of capillary networks and external networks. Information regarding the capillary networks and the external networks may be fused in the central entity to provide assistance services and network control to one or more of the capillary networks.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

 Semiconductor device and  producing semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device and producing semiconductor device
The present invention provides a memory structure including a resistance-changing storage element, which enables a reset operation with a reset gate and in which cross-sectional areas of a resistance-changing film and a lower electrode in a current-flowing direction can be decreased. The semiconductor device of the present invention comprises a first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a gate insulating film formed around the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a gate electrode made of a metal and formed around the gate insulating film, a gate line made of a metal and connected to the gate electrode, a second gate insulating film formed around an upper portion of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a first contact made of a second metal and formed around the second gate insulating film, a second contact which is made of a third metal and which connects an upper portion of the first contact to an upper portion of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a second diffusion layer formed in a lower portion of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a pillar-shaped insulating layer formed on the second contact, a resistance-changing film formed around an upper portion of the pillar-shaped insulating layer, a lower electrode formed around a lower portion of the pillar-shaped insulating layer and connected to the resistance-changing film, a reset gate insulating film that surrounds the resistance-changing film, and a reset gate that surrounds the reset gate insulating film..
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

 Tin alloy electroplating solution for solder bumps including perfluoroalkyl surfactant patent thumbnailnew patent Tin alloy electroplating solution for solder bumps including perfluoroalkyl surfactant
Disclosed is a tin-based electroplating solution for forming solder bumps of a flip chip package. The tin-based electroplating solution includes tin methanesulfonate, silver methanesulfonate, methanesulfonic acid, a fluorinated surfactant, an aromatic polyoxyalkylene ether, and water.
Apct Co., Ltd

 Coil component and electronic device equipped with the same patent thumbnailnew patent Coil component and electronic device equipped with the same
A coil component includes: a pillar part; first and second rectangular planar parts, each having long sides l, short sides s, and thickness t; a coil formed around the pillar part; two terminal electrodes electrically connected to both ends of the coil; and an outer sheath containing magnetic grains and resin material and covering the coil at least partially; wherein the thickness pl in the l direction and thickness ps in the s direction, of the outer sheath, in a section cut across the center of the pillar part and in parallel with the ls planes, satisfy the relationship of pl<ps.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

 Electro-optical device, manufacturing  electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Electro-optical device, manufacturing electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
An electro-optical device includes a substrate, a mirror support pillar extending in a direction in which the pillar intersects with a surface of the substrate, and a mirror that is so disposed as to be distanced from the substrate and to be capable of being displaced with respect to the mirror support pillar. The mirror has a reflective metal film, and a reflection enhancing lamination film that covers a portion including a surface and a side surface of the reflective metal film..
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Optical fiber microwire devices and manufacture method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Optical fiber microwire devices and manufacture method thereof
Herein presents an optical fiber microwire device, wherein the device comprising a silica tube, an optical fiber (2) inserted into the silica tube (1) and pigtailed at two sides, wherein the two ends of the silica tube (1) are fused with the optical fiber (2) to form a solid structure, or the two ends of the silica tube (2) are filled with silica rods (3), silica capillaries (4) or segments of optical fibers and fused to form a solid structure. The silica tube (1) together with the optical fiber (2) inside is then tapered to form a micro structure region.
Jiangsu University

 Flattened heat pipe and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Flattened heat pipe and manufacturing method thereof
The invention provides a flattened heat pipe whose vapor flowing passage is not clogged and which has an excellent capillary force. The flattened heat pipe has a closed container formed by flattening a tubular container, a plurality of wick structures arrayed within the container in a longitudinal direction so as to form an acute-angled portion where a capillary force is large at least partially within the container, a hollow portion formed of an outer peripheral surface of the wick structure and an inner wall surface of the container and a working fluid sealed into the container..
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

 Anti-jumping upper wheel device with double dampers patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-jumping upper wheel device with double dampers
An anti-jumping upper wheel device with double dampers comprises of an anti-jumping upper wheel assembly with double damper (10) being comprised of an upper wheel plate (11), an upper wheel (12), an upper wheel cover (13) and double dampers (14) and a pulling unit (20); wherein, an anti-jumping roller (17) is mounted to the upper wheel cover (13); the pulling unit (20) is a double-plate pulling unit which is comprised of a baseplate of pulling unit (21) and a pillar plate of pulling unit (22) mounted above it; a pulling pillar (221) is fixed vertically on the pillar plate of pulling unit (22); wherein, connecting elastic units (23, 24) are overlapped and connected in parallel to three branch plates (2131, 2132, 2133, 2141, 2142, 2143) mounted on longitudinal direction in parallel of both ends on longitudinal direction of the baseplate of pulling unit (21).. .
Zhongshan Opike Hardware Product Co., Ltd.

 Characterization of mrna molecules patent thumbnailnew patent Characterization of mrna molecules
The present invention describes methods for the characterization of mrna molecules during mrna production. Characterizing mrna includes processes such as oligonucleotide mapping, reverse transcriptase sequencing, charge distribution analysis, and detection of rna impurities.
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.

 Fender mirror mount patent thumbnailnew patent Fender mirror mount
A mirror mount that mounts a mirror to a vehicle fender. The mount can include a base that faces a vehicle fender exterior without extending upwardly and under a hood of the vehicle.
Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

new patent

Method and system for decoupling a capillary column from a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) system

A column-sealing tool is provided for use during decoupling of a capillary column from a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (cg-ms) system. The column-sealing tool includes an engagement structure for removably securing the column-sealing tool within a high vacuum enclosure of the gc-ms system, at a location between a high vacuum end of a transfer line and a mass analyzer of the gc-ms system.
Thermo Finnigan Llc

new patent

Use of microparticles and endothelial cells with decellularized organs and tissues

The invention provides a method for maintaining capillary lumen diameter, reducing a decrease in capillary vessel lumen diameter or expanding capillary vessel lumen diameter in a re-endothelialized decellularized organ or tissue graft with an intact extracellular matrix vascular network. The method is based on administration of endothelial cells and microparticles to the decellularized ecm..
Miromatrix Medical Inc.

new patent

Bed pillow

A bed pillow is made of elastic foam material. The pillow's top surface extends along both a longitudinal direction and a lateral direction that are mutually perpendicular, follows a top undulating pattern in the longitudinal direction, and is uniform in the lateral direction.

new patent


A pillow containing particulate material such as beads or balls (a “bean pillow”), which is particularly suitable for use during travel. The pillow comprises two wings, and a bridging section connecting the wings, the wings and bridging section together forming a substantial u shaped shape in plan view.
Dg International Holdings Limited


Cabinet and cabinet group including the same

A cabinet includes a base, a top frame, at least three vertical pillar assemblies which are disposed between the base and the top frame, a cover, and at least three side plates. The cover is disposed at a side of the top frame, that is opposite to the side facing the base.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Passive proton exchange membrane fuel cell

A passive-delivery fuel cell system an anode with a fuel flow channel extending along the body and fluidly connecting the inlet to the outlet, wherein a volume of the flow channel per unit length of the anode body increases along the length of the body towards the second end, a capillary check valve in fluid communication with the anode inlet, a vented fuel cartridge in fluid communication with the anode outlet, and a pump in fluid communication with the vented fuel cartridge, the pump configured to pump fuel from the vented fuel cartridge to the inlet.. .
Neah Power Systems, Inc.


Coil component

A coil component includes: a pillar part, quadrangular planar parts formed at both ends of the pillar part, a coil formed by winding an insulating sheath conductor around the pillar part, electrode terminals that are electrically connected to both ends of the coil, and an outer sheath covering the coil at least partially; wherein the pillar part and quadrangular planar parts are made of ferrite material; the outer sheath contains metal magnetic grains and resin material; and based on a section obtained by cutting through the center of the pillar part vertically to the long-axis direction of the pillar part, the cross-section area of the pillar part is greater than the cross-section area of the outer sheath.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Particle concentration system

Methods and systems are provided for concentrating particles (e.g., bacteria, viruses, cells, and nucleic acids) suspended in a liquid. Electric-field-induced forces urge the particles towards a first electrode immersed in the liquid.
University Of Washington


Phaseguide patterns for liquid manipulation

The present invention relates to phaseguide patterns for use in fluid systems such as channels, chambers, and flow through cells. In order to effectively control filling and/or emptying of fluidic chambers and channels, techniques for a controlled overflowing of phaseguides are proposed.
Universiteit Leiden


Method for identifying the quantitative cellular composition in a biological sample

The present invention provides an epigenetic haemogram, also referred to as an epigenetic blood cell count that identifies the quantitative, comprehensive picture of cellular composition in a biological sample, wherein advantageously a normalization standard is used. The normalization standard is a nucleic acid molecule comprising at least one marker-region being specific for each of the blood cells to be detected, and at least one control-region being cell-unspecific, wherein said regions are present in the same number of copies on said molecule and/or a natural blood cell sample of known composition.
Epiontis Gmbh


Side vehicle-body structure of automotive vehicle

A ridgeline portion is provided at a pillar inner panel such that the ridgeline portion extends substantially vertically from a side sill (a roof side rail), and a load-transmission restraint portion is provided between the ridgeline portion and a welding portion of a pillar end portion where the pillar inner panel is welded to a pillar outer panel or a pillar reinforcement, and the side sill (the roof side rail), the load-transmission restraint portion being configured to have a longitudinal width which is wider than that of a central portion, in the vertical direction, of a center pillar and be substantially flat.. .
Mazda Motor Corporation


Multilayer composite materials which comprise a plastics foil permeable to water vapour, production of the same and use of the same

(c) a polyurethane layer with capillaries passing through the entire thickness of the polyurethane layer.. .


Wire bonding apparatus comprising an oscillator mechanism

A wire bonding apparatus comprises an ultrasonic transducer including a capillary, a flexible connecting frame having a first side to which the ultrasonic transducer is connected and at least one electrically-driven actuator which is connected to a second side of the flexible connecting frame that is opposite to the first side thereof, the actuator having a longitudinal actuation direction. An elongated slit located in the flexible connecting frame extends substantially transversely to the actuation direction of the at least one actuator to form at least one pivot point adjacent to an end of the slit about which the flexible connecting frame is rotatable when it is driven by the at least one actuator..
Asm Technology Singapore Pte Ltd


Reagent well having a capillary insert

A reagent well having a capillary insert that contains a lyophilized reagent therein.. .
Gen-probe Incorporated


Sample collection and transfer device

An integrated device for a sample collection and transfer is provided. The integrated device comprises a capillary channel disposed between a first layer and a second layer, wherein the first layer comprises a hydrophilic layer comprising a fluid inlet for receiving a sample fluid to the capillary channel, wherein the capillary channel comprises an inner surface and an outer surface; and an outlet for driving out the sample fluid.
General Electric Company


Sample collection and transfer device

An integrated device for a sample collection and transfer is provided. The integrated device comprises a capillary channel disposed between a first layer and a second layer, wherein the first layer comprises a hydrophilic layer comprising a fluid inlet for receiving a sample fluid to the capillary channel, wherein the capillary channel comprises an inner surface and an outer surface and an outlet for driving out the sample fluid.
General Electric Company


Optical analysis system and approach therefor

Imaging, testing and/or analysis of subjects are facilitated with a capillary-access approach. According to an example embodiment, a capillary is implanted into a specimen and adapted to accept an optical probe to facilitate optical access into the specimen.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Latex foam pillow

A pillow is provided that includes a latex foam to provide comfort and support to the body of a user. The pillow includes a latex foam layer connected to at least one additional foam component.
Sealy Technology, Llc


Electronic smoking article

An electronic smoking article is disclosed, which includes an outer housing extending in a longitudinal direction; a micro pump system configured to pump a liquid material contained within a liquid supply reservoir through an outlet of the supply reservoir into a capillary; the capillary having an inlet and an outlet, the inlet in communication with the outlet of the liquid supply reservoir; a heating arrangement operable to heat the capillary to a temperature sufficient to at least initially volatilize the liquid material contained within the capillary; a power supply operable to apply voltage to the micro pump gas cell to generate a gas to drive the liquid material out of the liquid supply reservoir into the inlet of the capillary; at least one air inlet; and whereby air is mixed with the volatilized material to form an aerosol.. .
Altria Client Services Llc.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device 100 includes a plurality of vertical transistors 50 provided to stand from a silicon substrate 1 and having a pillar lower diffusion layer 9 at their end portions on the silicon substrate 1 side, a metal contact plug 31 provided to stand from the silicon substrate 1 and connected to the pillar lower diffusion layer 9 of the plurality of vertical transistors 50, the plurality of vertical transistors 50 are uniformly arranged around the metal contact plug 31 and share the pillar lower diffusion layer 9 and the metal contact plug 31.. .
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.


Assay device having multiplexing

An assay device for determining the concentration of multiple analytes or controls, where the device is capable of determining the presence or concentration of at least six analytes or controls includes: a fluid flow path; a liquid sample addition zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample addition zone containing one or more reagents; multiple detection zones in fluid communication with the reagent zone. The fluid flow path, which extends through the detection zones, has a length capable of having at least six detection zones linearly spaced at least a sufficient distance apart in order to discriminate each signal peak from its adjacent signal peak.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Flat heat pipe

A heat pipe a flat heat pipe having enhanced heat transport capacity is provided. The flat heat pipe 1 comprises a working fluid encapsulated in a container 2, a first wick 11 that returns the working fluid from a condensing portion 4 to an evaporating portion 3 by a capillary pumping, and a second wick 12 that spreads the working fluid returned thereto over an inner face of the container by a capillary pumping.
Fujikura Ltd.


Heat pipe

A heat pipe includes a metal tube and a sintered powder layer. An inner sidewall of the metal tube thereon defines a clearance area.
Wistron Corporation


Use of mutant haptoglobin having angiogenesis promoting activity

The present invention relates to a use of mutant haptoglobin having angiogenesis-promoting activity and, more particularly, to a mutant haptoglobin polypeptide, a recombinant vector containing a polynucleotide encoding the polypeptide, or a composition for promoting angiogenesis containing, as an active ingredient, a transformant transformed with the recombinant vector. The mutant haptoglobin according to the present invention includes an amino acid sequence of seq id no: 1 in which the 143rd amino acid is substituted with an amino acid other than arg.
Catholic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation


Accelerated drying concrete compositions and methods of manufacturing thereof

Cementitious compositions and processes for preparing and using the cementitious compositions are provided. The cementitious compositions are characterized by the property of a reduced or an attenuated water vapor emission from a cementitious mix and a concrete formed therefrom.
U.s. Concrete, Inc.


Manufacturing of orifices in glass like materials, e.g. nanocapillaries, and objects obtained according to this process

The ability to reshape nanopores and observe their shrinkage under an electron microscope is a powerful and novel technique14,17. It increases the sensitivity of the resistive pulse sensing and enables to detect very short and small molecules12,31.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Percutaneous valve repair by reshaping and resizing right ventricle

The present teachings provide devices and methods of treating a tricuspid valve regurgitation. Specifically, one aspect of the present teachings provides devices and methods for reshaping and resizing the right ventricle by reducing the distances between two papillary muscles.
Mitralign, Inc.


Pillow protector

A pillow cover is provided that includes a first panel and a second panel perimetrically joined with the first panel such that inner surfaces of the first and second panels define a cavity having a void volume. The first and second panels are each made from a first material.
Bedgear, Llc


Automatic watering device

The invention relates to an automatic watering device which is self-contained, free standing, portable and easy to install. The automatic water device has at least one reservoir, at least one float, at least one conduit, and at least one base spike and enables the automatic watering device to dispense liquid at a regulated and constant rate by the principle of capillary action or wicking..


Cooling apparatus

The purpose of this invention is to provide a liquid-cooled cooling apparatus including a heat pipe that allows a working fluid to be stably moved regardless of the magnitude of a temperature difference between a heat-dissipating portion and a condensing portion of the heat pipe. A heat sink (10) of a cooling apparatus includes a heat pipe (11), a heat-receiving member (12), and a heat-dissipating member (13).
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor

One semiconductor device includes an element-isolation region formed on a semiconductor substrate, an active region surrounded by said element-isolation region, a semiconductor pillar in the active region and protruding from the surface of the substrate, a gate electrode on a side surface of the pillar, with a gate-insulating film interposed there between, and extending in a first direction, a pillar-top diffusion layer in the top-end section of the pillar, a pillar-bottom diffusion layer in the bottom-end section of the pillar, a channel section between the pillar-top diffusion layer and the pillar-bottom diffusion layer, a silicide layer beneath the pillar-bottom diffusion layer and extending in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, a contact plug to contact the silicide layer in the bottom-end section, and top-layer wiring to contact the contact plug in the top-end section. The contact plug is connected to the silicide layer through the pillar-bottom diffusion layer..
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l


Device with pillar-shaped components

A device with pillar-shaped components, includes a substrate; a wiring layer disposed on the substrate; and pillar-shaped components disposed on any of the substrate and the wiring layer, each of the pillar-shaped components having a bottom part connected to the substrate and/or the wiring layer, a top part opposed to the bottom part, and a lateral face part extending from the bottom part and connected to the top part; wherein each of the pillar-shaped components includes a first pillar-shaped part formed by plating, a second pillar-shaped part formed on the first pillar-shaped part by plating, and a ring-like projection part formed on the lateral face part to project outward and extend in a circumferential direction, and to be in a position higher than a joint position between the first pillar-shaped part and the second pillar-shaped part.. .
Lapis Semicondutor Co., Ltd.


Method and device for generating a corrected value of an analyte concentration in a sample of a body fluid

Methods for detecting an analyte in a body fluid are described as well as devices and systems adapted for performing such methods. In embodiments of the method, a sample of body fluid is applied to a test element having at least one test field including at least one test material that is adapted to change at least one measurable property in the presence of the analyte.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Analyte separator with electrohydrodynamic taylor cone jet blotter

Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed that analyze a biological or other fluid sample using an electrophoresis or other separation method and then emit the fluid sample with separated constituents using an electrohydrodynamic spray to form a taylor cone and jet, without dispersion into droplets, onto a substrate that moves with respect to the emitter. Electrodes can be shared between the electrophoresis and electrospray elements, and an adjunct fluid can help draw the separated sample into the taylor cone.
Li-cor, Inc.


Linear encoder

To provide a linear encoder including a scale unit and a slider that slides along the scale unit, wherein the slider includes a slider enclosure including a slider holding unit, a detection head holding unit mounted inside a scale enclosure of the scale unit, and a pillar extending between the outside and inside of the scale enclosure to connect these two holding units, and a part of the pillar closer to the detection head holding unit and a part of the detection head holding unit closer to the pillar are bored by a thickness larger than a thickness of the pillar.. .
Okuma Corporation


High performance architectural precast concrete wall system

A construction panel comprising a rigid insulation layer having an interior surface and an exterior surface, an outer concrete wythe secured to the exterior surface of the insulation layer, an inner concrete wythe secured to the interior surface of the insulation layer, a grid system which ties the outer concrete wythe to the inner concrete wythe and a capillary tube system located within the construction panel wherein liquid is passed through the tubing in order to increase or decrease the temperature of the construction panel.. .



A bottle includes a cylindrical body portion in which a plurality of panel portions, which is recessed toward an inside in a radial direction of the body portion, are provided at intervals in a circumferential direction and pillar portions are each provided between the panel portions adjacent to each other in the circumferential direction. The panel portions each have a panel bottom wall portion located at an inside of the body in the radial direction and have a lateral wall portion extending from an outer circumferential edge of the panel bottom wall portion to an outside in the radial direction.
Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.


Splitable staple fiber non-woven usable in printer machine cleaning applications

A non-woven textile constructed using splitable staple fibers is usable in lithographic and inkjet printer machine cleaning applications. The use of the splitable staple fiber non-woven in a lithographic printing machine provides improved removal and containment of waste inks, fluids, and paper dust within the printer machine.
Andrew Industries Ltd.


Method of using an electronic pill box prefill system

An electronic pill box having a housing with a base and grid and into which a blister pack is selectively engaged. The blister pack includes a plurality of vials prefilled with medication and sealed with a cover imprinted with pertinent information.
Next Paradigm Inc.


Travel pillow

The present invention discloses a c-shaped or an o-shaped travel pillow intended to be worn fastened around the user's neck haying a thinner base collar that is cushioned but stiff and completely closeable and overlapping around the person's neck, attached to a shorter softer raised and further cushion or pillow fixed to the top side of the base collar that can be adjusted to accommodate the person's coin as needed. The top of the peripheral walls of the base are attached to a raised cushion or pillow that is fuller and softer than the base.


Pillow napkin dispensing system and method

A dispenser for pillow napkins is provided that includes a carton having a bottom panel, opposite left and right panels extending vertically from the bottom panel, opposite front and back panels positioned between the left and right panels and extending vertically from the bottom panel, and a top panel extending parallel to the bottom panel. Left and right supports are positioned within a cavity of the carton.
Bedgear, Llc


Pillowcase construction and using same

The invention is a pillowcase for use in covering a conventional bed sleeping pillow. The pillowcase has a length and width, and an open edge running the length of the pillowcase and an interior pouch positioned at the open edge.
Westpoint Home Llc


Contoured travel pillow

A travel pillow includes a pliable body which conforms to a user's shoulder and neck, and an anchor which extends from a forward portion of an outer surface of the body to a rearward portion thereof. Opposite ends of the anchor include connectors, each connector adapted to releasably hold one end of a strap.
Hauerdesigns Llc


Oral care implement having fluid delivery system

An oral care implement has a head portion with tooth cleaning elements on a front surface thereof and a reservoir containing a fluid. A delivery member extends through at least a portion of the oral care implement to deliver the fluid from the reservoir to an applicator that may be positioned on the rear surface of the head.
Colgate-palmolive Company


Image processing device and operating endoscope system

A base image includes a b image signal in which ductal structure is brighter than mucous membrane and capillary vessels are darker than the mucous membrane. The b image signal is subjected to a frequency filtering process for extracting frequency components including the ductal structure and the capillary vessels.
Fujifilm Corporation


Data line arrangement and pillar arrangement in apparatuses

Some embodiments include an apparatus having semiconductor pillars in a substantially hexagonally closest packed arrangement. The hexagonally closest packed arrangement includes a repeating pillar pattern which has at least portions of 7 different pillars.
Micron Technology, Inc.


3d nand array architecture

Roughly described, a memory device has a multilevel stack of conductive layers which are divided laterally into word lines. Vertically oriented pillars each include series-connected memory cells at cross-points between the pillars and the layers.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Electronic package and connecting a first die to a second die to form an electronic package

Some embodiments relate to an electronic package. The electronic package includes a substrate and a die attached to the substrate.
Intel Corporation


Color filter substrate, manufacturing method thereof and display panel

A color filter substrate and a manufacturing method thereof, and a display panel are provided. The color filter substrate includes; a first base substrate; a black matrix, disposed on the first base substrate; and a plurality of spacers, disposed on the black matrix, wherein at least part of the spacers and the black matrix are provided with a pillow layer.
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Plasmonic nanocavity array sensors for analyte detection enhancement and methods for making and using of the same

This disclosure provides, among other things, a nanosensor for sensing an analyte. In some embodiments the nanosensor comprises (a) a substrate; (b) a signal amplification layer comprising: (i) a substantially continuous metallic backplane on the substrate; (ii) one or a plurality of pillars extending from the metallic backplane or from the substrate through holes in the backplane; and (iii) a metallic disk on top of the pillar, wherein at least one portion of the edge of the disk is separated from the metallic backplane; and (c) a capture agent that specifically binds to the analyte, wherein the capture agent is linked to the surface of the signal amplification layer; wherein the nanosensor amplifies a light signal from an analyte, when the analyte is bound to the capture agent.
The Trustees Of Princeton University


Heat dissipater having capillary component

A heat dissipater having capillary component includes: a heat spreader including a shell member having at least one through hole and a first capillary structure disposed in the shell member; a heat pipe, received in the through hole and including a pipe member and a second capillary structure disposed in the pipe member. The pipe member includes an opening formed in the shell member; and a capillary component, accommodated in the shell member and including a block member extended with a protruding part and arranged adjacent to the first capillary structure.
Cooler Master Co., Ltd.


Hydraulic fracturing isolation methods and well casing plugs for re-fracturing horizontal multizone wellbores

A method for hydraulically isolating a portion of a multizone wellbore by providing a plug proximate the portion of the wellbore. The plug may be a proppant combined with a polymer.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Pyridine derivatives as rearranged during transfection (ret) kinase inhibitors

This invention relates to novel compounds which are inhibitors of the rearranged during transfection (ret) kinase, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to processes for their preparation, and to their use in therapy, alone or in combination, for the normalization of gastrointestinal sensitivity, motility and/or secretion and/or abdominal disorders or diseases and/or treatment related to diseases related to ret dysfunction or where modulation of ret activity may have therapeutic benefit including but not limited to all classifications of irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) including diarrhea-predominant, constipation-predominant or alternating stool pattern, functional bloating, functional constipation, functional diarrhea, unspecified functional bowel disorder, functional abdominal pain syndrome, chronic idiopathic constipation, functional esophageal disorders, functional gastroduodenal disorders, functional anorectal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, proliferative diseases such as non-small cell lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, anaplastic thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer, brain tumors, peritoneal cavity cancer, solid tumors, other lung cancer, head and neck cancer, gliomas, neuroblastomas, von hippel-lindau syndrome and kidney tumors, breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer, ovarian cancer, transitional cell cancer, prostate cancer, cancer of the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction, biliary cancer, adenocarcinoma, and any malignancy with increased ret kinase activity.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited


Vehicle webbing guide structure

A vehicle body includes a pillar member disposed on an outer side of a cabin in a vehicle width direction and a side wall member located closer to inside in the vehicle width direction than the pillar member and coupled to the pillar member. The guide member for guiding drawing of a webbing includes a front edge fixing portion coupled to the pillar member, a rear edge fixing portion coupled to the side wall member, and a guide body whose two ends are coupled to the front and rear edge fixing portions and which forms a webbing drawing opening together with the pillar member and the side wall member.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Pillar garnish

A pillar garnish includes a body, a sliding plate, a mounting base, and a bridging portion. The body includes a decorative surface facing an inner side of a compartment of a vehicle and a back surface opposite from the decorative surface.
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha


Vertical functional reaction vessel

A reaction vessel for a vertical operating position geometrically bits into a standard receiving vessel providing an outer volume, for example a centrifuge tube, microplates and deep well plates. The reaction vessel including at least one upper opening with a seal element for reversible sealing for typical liquid handling techniques for filling, emptying mixing and gassing; at least one upper opening for pressure balancing and overrun; and a form stable body which forms at least one non capillary reaction cavity as an inner volume with at least one semipermeable membrane as a side wall.
Scienova Gmbh


Chemical reactor device

A chemical reactor is described comprising a substrate with a fluid channel and a set of organized pillar structures positioned in the channel. The individual pillar structures have a length in the longitudinal direction of the channel and a width in the width direction of the channel whereby their width-to-length aspect ratio is at least 7..
Pharmafluidics Nv


Electronic pill box prefill system

An electronic pill box having a housing with a base and grid and into which a blister pack is selectively engaged. The blister pack includes a plurality of vials prefilled with medication and sealed with a cover imprinted with pertinent information.
Next Paradigm Inc.


Visual verification pharmacy tray

The present invention provides a pill tray that allows a user to efficiently and reliably verify the contents of an automatically filled prescription. Design features that avoid the presence of sharp edges and allow visualization of the entire surface of the pill tray help reduce and/or eliminate the risk of commingling of pills between separate prescriptions..


Light blocking eye cover attachable to a pillow

An assembly is configured to include an elongate eye covering portion and optionally a pillow portion. The pillow portion includes an enclosure which can contain a pillow therein.


Beverage dispensing apparatus, dispensing a beverage, beverage brewing machine and brewing a beverage

A beverage dispensing apparatus having a beverage chamber adapted to contain a liquid, an inlet adapted to allow the liquid to flow into but not out of the beverage chamber; a dispensing opening adapted to retain the liquid within the beverage chamber by capillary effect, the dispensing opening adapted to allow the liquid therethrough to flow out of the beverage chamber, such that the dispensing opening is subjected to a liquid pressure when the beverage chamber contains the liquid; and a pressure changer operable to decrease the liquid pressure at the dispensing opening; such that the pressure changer is adapted to decrease the liquid pressure when the liquid flows into the beverage chamber so as to retain the liquid within the beverage chamber by surface tension of the liquid due to the capillary effect and ambient pressure at the dispensing opening. A method of dispensing the beverage, a beverage brewing apparatus and a method of brewing the beverage is also provided..
Xentiq (pte.) Ltd.


Charge compensation structure and manufacturing therefor

A charge-compensation semiconductor device includes a semiconductor body including a first surface, a second surface arranged opposite to the first surface, an edge delimiting the semiconductor body in a horizontal direction substantially parallel to the first surface, a drain region of a of a first conductivity type extending to the second surface, an active area, and a peripheral area arranged between the active area and the edge, a source metallization arranged on the first surface, and a drain metallization arranged on the drain region and in ohmic contact with the drain region. In a vertical cross-section substantially orthogonal to the first surface the charge-compensation semiconductor device further includes: an equipotential region in ohmic contact with the drain metallization and arranged in the peripheral area and next to the first surface, a low-doped semiconductor region arranged in the peripheral area and having a first concentration of dopants, and a plurality of first pillar regions alternating with second pillar regions in the active area and the peripheral area.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Manufacturing a submicron structure using a liquid precursor

A method for manufacturing a submicron semiconductor structure on a substrate, including: forming at least one template layer over a support substrate; forming one or more template structures, including one or more recesses and/or mesas, in the template layer, the one or more template structures including one or more edges extending into or out of the top surface of the template layer; coating at least part of the one or more template structures with a liquid semiconductor precursor; and, annealing and/or exposing the liquid semiconductor precursor coated template structures to light, wherein during the annealing and/or light exposure a part of the liquid semiconductor precursor accumulates by capillary forces against at least part of the one or more edges, the annealing and/or light exposure transforming the accumulated liquid semiconductor precursor into a submicron semiconductor structure extending along at least part of the one or more edges.. .
Technische Universiteit Delft


Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A method for producing a semiconductor device includes a first step of forming a first insulating film around a fin-shaped semiconductor layer; a second step of forming a first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a first dummy gate, a second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, and a second dummy gate; a third step of forming a third dummy gate and a fourth dummy gate; a fourth step of forming a third diffusion layer in an upper portion of the fin-shaped semiconductor layer, in a lower portion of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, and in a lower portion of the second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer; a fifth step of forming a gate electrode and a gate line around the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer and forming a contact electrode and a contact line around the second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer; and a sixth step of forming first to fifth contacts.. .
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Semiconductor device

The reliability of a semiconductor device is improved. A probe mark is formed on a probe region of a pad covered with a protective insulating film.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Capillary unit for electrophoresis and electrophoresis device comprising the capillary unit

A capillary unit includes a reservoir capable of retaining a liquid. A capillary having a linear shape has one end secured on a bottom-end portion of the reservoir.
Shimadzu Corporation


Process pressure transmitter with seal having diamond like carbon coating

A process pressure transmitter system includes a process pressure transmitter housing, a process pressure sensor in the process pressure transmitter housing, a flange face in the process pressure transmitter housing and an isolation diaphragm on the flange face. A first capillary passageway carries a first fill fluid from the isolation diaphragm to the process pressure sensor.
Rosemount Inc.


Radon gas mitigation systems and apparatus

A building panel may be installed below a slab in the construction of buildings. The building panel supports the slab and also provides a ventilation layer that may be depressurized to eliminate or reduce infiltration of radon gas into the building.
0984494 B.c. Ltd.


Hpv detection in urine

The disclosure provides compositions and methods for the detection of human papillomavirus (hpv) nucleic acids in a urine sample from a human subject. The nucleic acids may be from one or more high risk forms of hpv.
Trovagene, Inc.


Vehicle frame bracket

A frame portion for a vehicle includes a pillar component extending along a first direction and a beam component at least partially extending along a second direction substantially orthogonal to the first direction. The beam component has a rear end proximate the pillar component.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Liquid storage container and liquid ejection apparatus

There is provided a liquid storage container capable of keeping a negative pressure therein more reliably. An ink cartridge includes a negative pressure generation unit configured to generate a negative pressure in an ink storage chamber and a filter attached to an atmosphere communication channel opening and allowing air to pass from the outside to the inside of the liquid storage chamber depending on the negative pressure in the ink storage chamber.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Roll-to-roll manufacturing a product comprising a target substrate provided with at least one foil shaped component

Roll-to-roll apparatus and method for manufacturing a product comprising a target substrate provided with at least one foil shaped component abstract a roll-to-roll apparatus is disclosed for manufacturing a product comprising a target substrate (ts) provided with at least one foil shaped component (cp). The apparatus comprises—a transfer body (10) with a cylindrical transfer surface (14) provided with a pattern of at least one binding area (16) having a relatively high affinity for an alignment liquid (lq) in comparison to a surrounding area (18), —a liquid application facility (20) for applying the alignment liquid (lq) onto said cylindrical transfer surface (14), —a substrate supply facility (32, 34) for supplying the substrate (ts), —a rotation facility (40) coupled to the transfer body (10) for rotating the cylindrical transfer surface (14) around a rotation axis (12) of the cylindrical transfer surface, —a component application facility (50) for applying a respective foil shaped component (cp) onto the alignment liquid (lq) in the at least one binding area (16), and—a control facility (70) for controlling the apparatus so that the applied respective foil shaped component (cp) is displaced to an assembly position where it faces the substrate (ts), while it is aligned to the binding area through capillary forces exerted by the alignment liquid during said displacement, and causing the apparatus to bring the aligned respective foil shaped component into contact with the target substrate in said assembly position in order to transfer the foil shaped component to the target substrate..
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno


Papillary muscle position control devices, systems, & methods

Papillary muscle position control devices, systems, and methods are provided. According to an exemplary embodiment, a papillary muscle position control device generally comprises a first anchor, a second anchor, and a support structure.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Adjusting a dispersal parameter of dispersedly stored data

A method includes storing a first subset of encoded data slices of a set of encoded data slices in one local memory, lan memory, and/or wan memory. The method further includes storing a second subset of encoded data slices in a different one of the local memory, the lan memory, and the wan memory.
Cleversafe, Inc.


Ultraviolet light emitting diode and producing same

An ultraviolet led having increased light extraction efficiency includes: a single crystal sapphire substrate on which an array of protruding portions are formed; an aln crystal buffer layer formed on the sapphire substrate; and an ultraviolet light emitting layer, in contact with the buffer layer, formed into a layered stack including an n-type conductive layer, a recombination layer, and a p-type conductive layer, in order from the buffer layer. The buffer layer includes a pillar array section and an integration section wherein pillars in the array are connected with one another.


Semiconductor device having vertical channel, resistive memory device including the same, and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate having a first conductivity type, a plurality of pillars extending to a direction perpendicular to a surface of the semiconductor substrate, a stress providing layer formed in the semiconductor substrate between pillars and forming a junction with the semiconductor substrate below each pillar to cause lattice deformation in the pillar, a source region having a second conductivity type opposite to the first conductivity type formed in the semiconductor substrate below the pillar, a drain region having the second conductivity type formed in an upper portion of the pillar, a gate insulating layer formed on a lateral surface of the pillar and a surface of the stress providing layer, and a gate electrode formed to surround the lateral surface of the pillar.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Method for fabricating semiconductor apparatus

A method for fabricating a semiconductor apparatus includes forming a diffusion barrier film on a semiconductor substrate, forming a first film on a semiconductor substrate including a common source region, forming a second film on the first film, forming a conductive film on the second film, patterning the conductive film and the second film, to form an active pattern, and patterning the first film and the semiconductor substrate using the active pattern as a mask, to form a pillar; and forming a gate electrode on an outer circumference of the pillar.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof

A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device that have a new structure are provided, in which memory cells are laminated in a three dimensional state so that the chip area may be reduced. The nonvolatile semiconductor memory device of the present invention is a nonvolatile semiconductor memory device that has a plurality of the memory strings, in which a plurality of electrically programmable memory cells is connected in series.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Semiconductor device having non-circular connectors

A semiconductor device has semiconductor chip assembled on a substrate. The substrate has a first surface including conductive traces, which have a first length and a first width, the first width being uniform along the first length, and further a pitch to respective adjacent traces.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Insulator void aspect ratio tuning by selective deposition

Disclosed herein is a structure conductive lines disposed in a base layer and separated by a first region. Pillars are each disposed over a respective one of the conductive lines.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Generating relative permeabilities and capillary pressures

An apparatus is operated to obtain a model predicting data associated with a theoretical sampling operation to be performed by a downhole sampling tool, including predicted water-cut and pressure data relative to time elapsed during the theoretical sampling operation. The model predicts the water-cut and pressure data based on estimated relative permeability and capillary pressure related to different constituents of fluid theoretically obtained from a subterranean formation by the downhole sampling tool during the theoretical sampling operation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Analytical test strip with tiered capillary chamber

An analytical test strip for the determination of an analyte (such as glucose) in, or a characteristic of, a bodily fluid sample includes an electrically-insulating base layer, a first patterned spacer layer disposed on the electrically-insulating base layer, a second patterned spacer layer disposed on the first patterned spacer layer; and a top hydrophilic layer disposed on the second patterned spacer layer. In addition, the electrically-insulating base layer, the first and second patterned spacer layers and the top hydrophilic layer define a tiered capillary chamber(s) that has a first tiered capillary chamber portion defined in the first patterned spacer layer and a second tiered capillary chamber portion defined in the second patterned spacer layer.
Lifescan Scotland Limited


Sensor and methods for measuring particles in media

A sensor for measuring particles in contaminated media contains an optically transparent measuring cell, through which a capillary tube for conducting and measuring a medium passes, an optical detector, and a magnetic detector. The measuring cell is cylindrical, the capillary tube extends coaxially in the measuring cell and an inspection space is arranged in a center of the measuring cell.


Device for heat transport with two-phase fluid

A heat transport device with a diphasic working fluid contained in a general closed circuit, includes an evaporator having a microporous body suitable for providing capillary pumping of liquid phase fluid; a condenser; a tank having an inner space, with a liquid portion and a gas portion; and an inlet/outlet arranged at the liquid portion, wherein the volume of the liquid portion can vary between a minimum volume and a maximum volume. The gas portion of the tank contains the vapor phase of the working fluid, at a first partial pressure, and a noncondensable auxiliary gas at a second partial pressure, wherein the second partial pressure is greater than the first partial pressure, at least when the liquid portion is at the minimum volume thereo..
Euro Heat Pipes

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