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This page is updated frequently with new Pill-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Control of ignition for a ceramic high intensity discharge lamp patent thumbnailControl of ignition for a ceramic high intensity discharge lamp
High frequency ballasts are provided herein for ignition control of a ceramic high intensity discharge (hid) lamp. A sensor senses a lamp parameter on the output terminals.
Greentek Green Solutions (2009) Ltd.

 Three-dimensional conductive electrode for solar cell patent thumbnailThree-dimensional conductive electrode for solar cell
A photovoltaic device and method include forming a plurality of pillar structures in a substrate, forming a first electrode layer on the pillar structures and forming a continuous photovoltaic stack including an n-type layer, a p-type layer and an intrinsic layer on the first electrode. A second electrode layer is deposited over the photovoltaic stack such that gaps or fissures occur in the second electrode layer between the pillar structures.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Pill dispenser patent thumbnailPill dispenser
A pill dispenser is disclosed that includes a housing defining an opening, a pill-dispensing mechanism disposed within the housing and operatively coupled to the opening, a receptacle operatively coupled to the housing, a first pill-viewing camera positioned to capture an image of the receptacle, an identifying camera positioned to capture an image of an area adjacent to the housing, at least one processor in operative communication with the pill-dispensing mechanism, the first pill-viewing camera, and the identifying camera, and a storage medium.. .
Deka Products Limited Partnership

 Nanostructures for structural colouring patent thumbnailNanostructures for structural colouring
The invention relates to a nanostructured product with a structurally coloured surface. The nanostructured product includes a substrate with a nanostructured surface having nano-sized pillars or holes arranged in a periodic pattern and extending into or out from the substrate.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

 An application  automatic micro droplet array screening system with picoliter scale precision patent thumbnailAn application automatic micro droplet array screening system with picoliter scale precision
This invention is related to high-throughput screening field, in particular to an application method for automatic micro droplet array screening system of picoliter scale precision. According to this invention, the fluid driving system and the capillary are fully filled with fluid of low thermal expansion coefficient as the carrier fluid to thoroughly empty air bubbles in the capillary; after that, immersing the sampling end of capillary into the oil phase that is mutually immiscible with aqueous sample to aspirate a section of oil phase into the capillary for isolation of aqueous sample and carrier fluid; once completed, immersing the sampling end of capillary into the sample/reagent storage tube to aspirate a certain volume of aqueous sample into the capillary; finally, moving the sampling end of capillary to the oil phase above microwells on microwell array chip, and pushing the sample solution in the capillary into microwells to form sample droplet.
Zhejiang University

 Specimen containing unit, specimen measurement cassette, specimen measurement unit, and specimen measurement device patent thumbnailSpecimen containing unit, specimen measurement cassette, specimen measurement unit, and specimen measurement device
A specimen containing unit according to one embodiment of the present invention relates to a structure for dipping a specimen into a reagent so as to react with the reagent, and the specimen containment unit comprises: a body portion rotatable by external force; an extension portion formed to be extended from one surface of the body portion at a predetermined length along a longitudinal direction; and a specimen containment portion provided to an end portion of the extension portion and including a containment hole formed to be penetrated while maintaining at a predetermined angle in the longitudinal direction so as to contain a specimen by a capillary phenomenon.. .
Infopia Co., Ltd.

 Method of measuring the depth of penetration of a laser beam into a workpiece patent thumbnailMethod of measuring the depth of penetration of a laser beam into a workpiece
A method for measuring the penetration depth of a laser beam into a work-piece. A focusing optical unit arranged in a machining head focuses the laser beam in a focal spot.
Precitec Optronik Gmbh

 Carrier with heat dissipation structure patent thumbnailCarrier with heat dissipation structure
A carrier with heat dissipation structure includes a main body. The main body is made of silicone or rubber material.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

 Tamper resistant padlocks patent thumbnailTamper resistant padlocks
Padlock structures in the form of a trailer lock (10) and base and shackle padlocks (124, 168) are provided. Each type of padlock includes a lock body/base (12, 126, 168) and a lock pin (42) or shackle (128).

 Systems and methods for gathering water patent thumbnailSystems and methods for gathering water
A conduit system for gathering water from 1 soil includes multiple conduits configured for insertion into soil. Each conduit includes a wall having an outer surface configured to be exposed to soil and an inner surface defining a central passage.
Elwha Llc


Drainage pipe apparatus and system thereof

The present invention discloses a drainage system and drainage pipes thereof. It fulfills the present request for a full coverage of the “capillary drainage belt/board” on a drainage pipe.


Method for prediction of prognosis by human papillomavirus dna integration pattern

Provided is a method for analyzing the prognosis of cervical cancer according to the human papillomavirus (hpv) dna integration pattern. The method of analyzing the prognosis of cervical cancer according to the human papillomavirus dna integration pattern of the present invention enables an observation of the hpv dna integration pattern with accuracy and convenience via in situ hybridization (ish) compared to qpcr analysis.
National Cancer Center


Systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample

The invention generally relates to systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods that involve introducing a solvent into a capillary, introducing the capillary into a vessel including a sample such that a portion of the sample is introduced into the capillary, moving the sample and the solvent within the capillary to induce circulation within the sample and the solvent, thereby causing the analyte to be extracted from the sample and into the solvent, analyzing the analyte that has been extracted from the sample, and quantifying the analyte.
Purdue Research Foundation


Compositions and methods for treating anaplastic thyroid cancer

Methods of treating a disease or disorder characterized by cells with increased or aberrant expression of cytokeratin-8 (ck8) are disclosed. The methods typically include administering to a subject in need thereof a pharmaceutical composition including an effective amount of a ck8 inhibitor.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute, Inc.


Truncated l1 protein of human papillomavirus type 58

Provided are an n-terminal truncated l1 protein of the human papillomavirus type 58, a coding sequence and preparation method thereof, and a virus-like particle comprising the protein. Uses of the protein and the virus-like particle in the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition or a vaccine are further provided.
Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd.


Papillomavirus-like particles (vlp) as broad spectrum human papillomavirus (hpv) vaccines

This invention relates, e.g., to a virus-like particle (vlp) composition assembled from a chimeric polypeptide comprising a papilloma virus (e.g., human papillomavirus, or hpv) l1 major capsid protein, into which is inserted a surface-displayed peptide comprising a neutralizing epitope of a papillomavirus l2 protein. Vaccine compositions comprising the vlp are described, as well as methods for inducing an immune response (e.g., vaccinating) a subject against papilloma virus, using the vlp, and kits comprising the vlp, for carrying out a method of the invention..
The Johns Hopkins University


Vehicle body structure

A vehicle body structure includes a sill structure, a roof rail structure, a pillar structure, and a reinforcement member. The roof rail structure has a box section defining a roof rail cavity.
Nissan North America, Inc.


Nozzle and liquid material discharge device provided with said nozzle

A nozzle capable of removing a surplus liquid material, which is adhered to outer surfaces of the nozzle and which affects a discharge operation, without undergoing a special process, and a liquid material discharge device provided with the nozzle. The nozzle (1) includes a body (2) having a liquid inflow space, and a discharge tube (4) communicating with the liquid inflow space and extending downwards from the body (2).
Musashi Engineering, Inc.


Nucleic acid amplification device, nucleic acid amplification apparatus, and nucleic acid amplification method

A nucleic acid amplification device includes: an introduction unit into which a reaction solution including a target nucleic acid is introduced; a nucleic acid amplification reaction section in which at least two temperature zones of different temperature are present, for amplifying the target nucleic acid included in the reaction solution introduced into the introduction unit; and a channel arranged to pass back and forth or in cyclic fashion through the at least two temperature zones, and having a capillary force transport mechanism for feeding the reaction solution by capillary force.. .
Panasonic Corporation


Novel nanocomposites and their application as monolith columns

Novel materials for chromatographic separations, processes for their preparation, and separation devices containing the chromatographic materials. In particular, hybrid inorganic/organic monolith materials comprising a polymerized scaffolding nanocomposite (psn), wherein the nanocomposite contains a scaffolding functionality capable of chemically interacting with a surface of a second material are described.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill

The present disclosure relates to an oral, immediate release, abuse deterrent pill containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient susceptible to abuse which is homogenously spread throughout a carrier matrix used to deter abuse. The pill is prepared using hot melt extrusion and a forming unit through a continuous process.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc.


Cosmetic composition with a volumizing effect

One additional agent chosen from essential oils, agents for promoting capillary circulation and temperature regulators, and mixtures thereof.. .


Apparatus and controlled dosage of pills

This invention is an apparatus that, connected to a computer program, controls the process of filling of pills in trays for medicine dispensers or pillboxes with multiple chambers. The apparatus is characterized by applying a control scanner and a precision weight for precise dispensing of the pills and by gate templates to guide the pills to selected chambers in the target pillboxes.
Scanbit A/s


Apparatus for drawing of a bodily fluid and method therefor

A sample holder that enables mid-infrared spectroscopy of a test sample using mid-infrared light is disclosed. The sample holder includes an inlet port and a sample chamber that comprises a sample region and a capillary channel that fluidically couples the inlet port and the sample region.


Smoking system having a liquid storage portion

A smoking system includes a capillary wick for holding liquid, at least one air inlet, at least one air outlet and a chamber between the air inlet and air outlet. The air inlet, the air outlet and the chamber are arranged so as to define an air flow route from the air inlet to the air outlet via the capillary wick so as to convey aerosol formed from the liquid to the air outlet.


Method of fabricating semiconductor device

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming line patterns over a first region of an etch target layer and a pre-pad pattern over second and third regions of the etch target layer; forming pillars over the line patterns and a sacrificial pad pattern over the pre-pad pattern; forming first spacers over sidewalls of the pillars such that the first spacers contact one another and form first pre-openings therebetween; removing the pillars to form second pre-openings; cutting the line patterns through the first and second pre-openings, and forming cut patterns; etching the pre-pad pattern using the sacrificial pad pattern as an etch mask, and forming a pad pattern; and etching the etch target layer using the cut patterns and the pad pattern as an etch mask, to define first patterns and a second pattern over the first region and the second region, respectively.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Bistable relay and bistable actuator

A bistable relay and a bistable actuator are provided. The bistable actuator includes a magnetic latching mechanism and an electromagnet.


Correlation of disease activity with clonal expansions of human papillomavirus 16-specific cd8+ t-cells in patients with severe erosive oral lichen planus

A massive clonal expansion of activated cd8+ t-cells with increased frequency of hpv 16-specific cd8+ t-cells was discovered to be a characteristic of oral lichen planus (olp), indicating a causal link between hpv infection and the dysimmune process. The invention relates to compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of olp patients..
Assistance Publique - Hopitaux De Paris


Method for manufacturing a substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectography and substrate

A substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectography includes a support including an upper surface; a supporting structure including at least one microstructured pattern, the microstructured pattern including a top and sidewalls, with the sidewalls extending according to a direction secant to the direction of the upper surface; a multilayer arranged on the sidewalls of the microstructured pattern, with the multilayer including at least two pillar layers, separated from each other by an intermediate layer, each intermediate layer having an end set back with respect to an end of each adjacent pillar layer in such a way that the ends of two successive pillar layers form pins separated by a cavity, with the ends of the pillar layers being covered by a metal layer.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Pico test leak

A test leak device (10) comprising a gas-filled container (12) and a capillary (18) extending through the container wall is characterized in that the gas consists to at least 10% of atmospheric air (20).. .
Inficon Gmbh


Reversible roller wrench with a scalloped outer race

A torque transfer device includes a handle, a roller cage bias ring, a plurality of rollers and a spindle. The handle includes a scalloped outer race.


Single use capillary micropipette for dispensing a defined volume of a liquid

A single use capillary micropipette and a method of use for dispensing a defined volume of a liquid are disclosed. The capillary micropipette includes a housing, a piston disposed therein and a capillary tube connected to the housing.


Protective antigen complexes with increased stability and uses thereof

Immunogenic compositions against bacillus anthracis comprising a stabilized protective antigen complex are disclosed. The stabilized complex comprises protective antigen protein and capillary morphogenesis protein-2, with the capillary morphogenesis protein-2 being bound to the protective antigen protein along a binding interface.
Case Western Reserve University


Pill feeder

A pill feeder accepts a quantity of pills and organizes the pills into a single file where each pill is output in a controlled orientation at a controlled rate. The apparatus includes a moving surface, such as a rotating disk, to receive and move pills past one or more gates that separate and orient groups of pills into a single file.
Perceptimed, Inc.


Apparatus for automated differential hair transplant

The present invention is useful to reduce the time and cost associated with the intervention, improve the quality of the operation and the final result, in terms of capillary density, contemplating the study of cell differentiation of follicles with the required estimate of time required regarding the growth. Minimizes the positional discomfort of the patient, the pain associated with the administration of anaesthesia, among other inconveniences usually experienced by the patient in this type of intervention.


Anastomotic staple with capillary which expels a bonding agent upon deformation

A surgical fastener for use with an anastomosis of two tissues includes a base leg and an upright leg. The base leg is selectively deformable and includes a traumatic tip for piecing tissue.
Covidien Lp


Neck pillow

The present invention provides a neck pillow comprising an elongate cushioned member extending from a first end to a second end of the pillow. Each end comprises at least one fastening element for mutual engagement such that the pillow may be arranged in a closed configuration in which the pillow defines a closed loop and an open configuration in which the ends are spaced apart from each other..
Magmatic Limited


Sheathed wick, self siphoning plant feeding device, system and method

A disclosed plant watering system comprises a plurality of sheathed wicks configured in a self-siphoned arrangement to draw a watering fluid from a common raised reservoir to a crest thereof via a wicking or capillary action and therefrom to a plurality of watering destinations via a siphoning action initiated by the wicking action. A sheath or hose for each wick is water impermeable and covers a traverse of the wick.


Connecting imsi-less devices to the epc

Capillary network devices (i.e., imsi-less devices) may connect to an epc through a home wlan. A wlan can be configured by the homeowner to accept responsibility for the traffic or a wlan can indicate to a network that it will allow the traffic if the traffic is sponsored by an application server or if it is compensated for the traffic by the network operator.


Panoramic windshield viewer system

Forward oblique blind spots of a vehicle, generated by the vehicle's front windshield pillars, are eliminated by provision of a panoramic windshield viewer system, thus allowing the driver to operate the vehicle without having his view impaired by visual obstructions that would otherwise be caused by the windshield pillars.. .



A motor includes a stationary unit and a rotary unit arranged to rotate with respect to the stationary unit about a center axis extending in an up-down direction. The rotary unit includes a substantially cylindrical rotor holder, a plurality of magnets disposed radially inward of the rotor holder and arranged along a circumferential direction, and a non-magnetic magnet holder fixed to an inner circumferential surface of the rotor holder and arranged to hold the magnets.


All around contact device and making the same

A device is provided that comprises a first pillar disposed in a first region and overlying a base structure, and a second pillar disposed in a second region and overlying the base structure and being spaced apart from the first pillar by a device region. A bridge is disposed in the device region with a first end connected to the first pillar and a second end connected to the second pillar.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus (1) includes a case body (3) having a hollow space (2) in which a sheet storing part (6) and an image forming part (7) are to be housed. The case body (3) has four pillars (31), (32), (33), (34) and a conveying frame (39).


Assay cartridge processing systems and methods and associated assay cartridges

An assay cartridge processing system includes an agitation source for agitating assay components within an assay cartridge, and a timing module for controlling timing of agitation. An assay cartridge processing method includes applying agitation to an assay cartridge to mix assay components, and electronically controlling timing of agitation.


Loop heat pipe structure with liquid and vapor separation

A loop heat pipe structure with a liquid and vapor separation includes an evaporation chamber and a loop pipe. The evaporation chamber includes two connecting ports, and an inner wall of the evaporation chamber includes a liquid-preservation capillary structure.


Refrigeration apparatus

A refrigeration apparatus includes: a refrigerant circuit that condenses a refrigerant discharged from a compressor, decompresses the refrigerant with a capillary tube, and causes the refrigerant to evaporate in an evaporator to exhibit a refrigeration effect, wherein, as the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit, a mixed refrigerant containing a first refrigerant having a boiling point in an ultralow temperature range of not less than −89.0° c. And not more than −78.1° c.


Heat engine system

An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.


Micro-fluidic device

Embodiments described herein provide micro-fluidic systems and devices for use in performing various diagnostic and analytical tests. According to one embodiment, the micro-fluidic device includes a sample chamber for receiving a sample, and a reaction chamber for performing a chemical reaction.


Multicapillary monolith

The invention also relates to processes for manufacturing such a monolithic material.. .


Airway expansion apparatus

An airway is secured without obstructing sleep even when the lingual radix falls into the airway. An airway expansion apparatus is configured to include a pillow portion that supports a cranial portion, a pair of left and right mandible holding portions that hold the mandible coupled to the cranial portion at the temporomandibular joint, a first actuation mechanism that causes the mandible holding portions to come into contact with the mandible, and a second actuation mechanism that lifts the mandible holding portions with respect to the pillow portion with the mandible holding portions kept in contact with the mandible, in which the mandible is kept lifted..


Method of use for intra-oral device

The invention comprises a method of using a mouthpiece of medical grade silicone that has two connecting portions, one a molded shallow trough that wraps around and contours the teeth, and another a flap or wing portion that attaches to the front of the shallow trough and that acts to sit between and keep separate the teeth and lips. This method improves and retains dental alignment and occlusion, reduces jaw tension, encourages the tongue to stay on the anterior alveolar ridge/incisive papilla, promotes a proper breathing and mouth placement and corrects swallowing patterns..


Semiconductor device having dual work function gate structure, fabricating the same, memory cell having the same, and electronic device having the same

A semiconductor device includes a body including a first junction region; a pillar positioned over the body, and including a vertical channel region and a second junction region over the vertical channel region; a gate trench exposing side surfaces of the pillar; a gate dielectric layer covering the gate trench; and a gate electrode embedded in the gate trench, with the gate dielectric layer interposed therebetween. The gate electrode includes a first work function liner overlapping with the vertical channel region, and including an aluminum-containing metal nitride; a second work function liner overlapping with the second junction region, and including a silicon-containing non-metal material; and an air gap positioned between the second work function liner and the second junction region..


Three dimensional stacked semiconductor structure and manufacturing the same

A 3d stacked semiconductor structure is provided, comprising a plurality of stacks vertically formed on a substrate and disposed parallel to each other, a dielectric layer formed on the stacks, a plurality of conductive plugs independently formed in the dielectric layer; and a metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) layer formed on the dielectric layer. One of the stacks at least comprises a plurality of multi-layered pillars, and each of the multi-layered pillars comprises a plurality of insulating layers and a plurality of conductive layers arranged alternately.


Multi-element isotopic measurement by direct coupling of a multi-cycle isotachophoresis technique and a mass spectrometry technique

A method for separating electrically charged species contained in a solution by an isotachophoresis method applied in an electrophoresis device, the isotachophoresis method being coupled to isotopic measurement using a mass spectrometer. The method notably comprises a step of stopping the voltage applied to the terminal of the electrophoresis capillary and transient application of a counter-pressure making it possible to utilize the length of the capillary several times and extend the separation distance artificially..


Cartridge for storing biosample capillary tubes and use in automated data storage systems

Embodiments of the disclosure relate to methods of storing and using biosamples with a cartridge that includes slots for storing biosample capillary tubes. The methods include providing access to a holder inside an enclosure of the cartridge, the enclosure having a same form factor as a data tape cartridge used in an automated tape library.


Analytical detecting fuel markers

A gas chromatographic method for detecting a first marker and a second marker in a fuel in two channels: (i) a first capillary column coated with polysiloxane and a second capillary column coated with polyethylene glycol; and (ii) a third capillary column coated with polymethylphenylsiloxane and a fourth deactivated capillary column. The steps are: (a) introducing a first sample into the first column to produce a first effluent; (b) introducing only a portion of the first effluent into the second column to produce a second effluent; (c) allowing the second effluent to pass through a mass spectrometer; (d) introducing a second sample into the third column to produce a third effluent; (e) introducing only a portion of the third effluent into the fourth column to produce a fourth effluent; (f) allowing the fourth effluent to pass through a mass spectrometer..



A refrigerator includes a cabinet; a storage compartment located within the cabinet; a first door pivotally mounted to the cabinet, the first door configured to open or close a first portion of the storage compartment; a second door pivotally mounted to the cabinet, the second door configured to open or close a second portion of the storage compartment; a pillar pivotally mounted to the first door and configured to block leakage of cold air between the first door and the second door; a pillar boss protruding outward from the pillar; a guide recess configured to guide the pillar boss; and a rotator that defines the guide recess, the rotator being configured to rotate about a rotation axis.. .


Ball bearing retainer

A ball guide type ball bearing retainer (3) according to the present invention retains balls (4) in pockets (pt) provided in a circular ring portion (5), and the circular ring portion (5) includes annular portions (6, 7) disposed at both sides in an axial direction and pillar portions (8) which connect the annular portions (6, 7). Each pocket (pt) is formed by the annular portions (6, 7) at the both sides and the pillar portions (8) adjacent to each other.


Silk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer

A chemoembolic agent is disclosed that includes an injectable, recombinantly synthesized silk-elastin like protein copolymer and one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Upon injection, the chemoembolic agent blocks the tumor vasculature, including the capillary bed, and may optionally release chemotherapeutic agents.


Modified door opening of a motorized vehicle for accommodating a ramp system and method thereof

A method of increasing a door opening width of a crossover vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair ramp or lift assembly. The method includes positioning a template on a b pillar and a template on a c pillar and marking cut lines on the pillars.


Compositions for mucusal delivery, useful for treating papillomavirus infections

Polypeptides, compositions, and methods for treatment of papillomavirus (pv) infections including a papillomavirus (pv) minor capsid (l2) polypeptide fragment and a cholera toxin b subunit (ctb) polypeptide are described. Polypeptides and compositions disclosed herein can be administered to the mucosa of a subject, resulting in unexpectedly beneficial production of cross-neutralizing antibodies..


Devices, gravity-enhanced microfluidic collection, handling and transferring of fluids

The disclosed apparatus, systems and methods relate to the collection of bodily fluids through the use of gravity and microfluidic properties by way of a collector. The collector can make use of microfluidic networks connected to collection sites on the skin of a subject to gather and shuttle blood into a reservoir by a combination of capillary action and gravitational forces.


Electrode for biopotential sensing

An electrode for biopotential sensing comprising a main electrode base and at least a plurality of contact pins protruding from the main electrode base and configured to make contact with a subject's skin. Each of the first plurality of contact pins comprises at least one conductive mesh having an elongated pillar shape.


Top heating type cooking apparatus

Disclosed herein is a top heating type cooking apparatus comprising: a support unit 102 which has a coupling fixed groove 14 on the top surface of a support plate 10 in the form of a flat panel; a pillar unit 104 which includes a fixing pillar 16 fixed to a back of the support unit 102, and a connection pillar body 22 upwardly extended and installed in the fixing pillar 16, and which has hinge units 103 and 105 so that the top and bottom of the fixing pillar 16 and the connection pillar body 22 are hinged and rotatably moved; a heating unit 106 which is connected to the hinge unit 105 of the pillar unit 104 to be rotatably moved up and down and which provide heat to broil cooking materials from the top; a position adjustment link unit 110 which is inserted and rotated into a coupling fixing groove 14 formed in the top surface of the support unit 102 and which is installed to fix the position of the cooking materials and to move up and down so that the cooking materials become close to the heater unit 106; and a material support tool 112 which is fixed to the top of the position adjustment link unit 110 and which includes a material support body 56 and a side plate 58 to place and broil the cooking materials therein.. .


Memory cell array and cell structure thereof

A memory device includes a substrate and a memory array. The substrate has a continuous active region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Integrated device package comprising photo sensitive fill between a substrate and a die

An integrated device package that includes a die, a substrate, a fill and a conductive interconnect. The die includes a pillar, where the pillar has a first pillar width.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method of forming fine pattern and manufacturing integrated circuit device using the method

A method of forming a fine pattern includes forming pillar-shaped guides regularly arranged on a feature layer, forming a block copolymer layer on the feature layer around the pillar-shaped guides, phase separating the block copolymer layer, forming first domains regularly arranged on the feature layer with the pillar-shaped guides, forming a second domain on the feature layer surrounding the pillar-shaped guides and the first domains, removing the first domains, and forming holes corresponding with the first domains in the feature layer by etching the feature layer using the pillar-shaped guides and the second domain as etch masks. The block copolymer layer includes a polymer blend having first and second polymer blocks having first and second repeat units, respectively, a first homopolymer and a second homopolymer.


Three-dimensional passive components

Three-dimensional inductors may comprise a passivation layer disposed on a substrate, a three-dimensional pillar comprising a ferromagnetic material disposed on the substrate or the passivation layer, and a conductive trace wound at least partially around the pillar. Three-dimensional capacitors may comprise a passivation layer disposed on a substrate, at least two support pillars comprising a polymeric material disposed on the passivation layer or the substrate, at least two electrodes disposed between the support pillars, a dielectric disposed between the electrodes, and a metal trace.
Washington State University


Optical member and optical module

An optical member includes a base having a surface, and a plurality of protrusions formed on the surface of the base. The plurality of protrusions is arranged in a form to cause a space between the protrusions to be filled up with adhesive to adhere an adhesion target component above the base by a capillary phenomenon..
Fujitsu Component Limited


Method for manufacturing a gas phase chromatography column and column obtained using such a method

The present invention also relates to a capillary column as well as to a microcolumn which may be manufactured according to this method.. .


Container for specimen preparation

A mechanism for collecting a trace of a biological sample to be used for a biological sample analysis, and for preparing a diluted solution of the sample. A container for specimen preparation includes: a biological sample collecting device; and a container for sample dilution.
Sekisui Techno Molding Co., Ltd.


Plant produced human papillomavirus pseudovirion

The present invention relates to a method of producing hpv pseudovirions in plant cells, the plant produced pseudovirions per se, a neutralisation assay using the plant produced pseudovirions and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the plant produced pseudovirions.. .
University Of Cape Town


Novel cultivating micro-organisms by confinement in micro-bioreactors

The present invention relates to a novel method for cultivating micro-organisms by confinement in micro-bioreactors. Said method comprises using a capillary tube in which a carrier fluid for moving a train of droplets forward flows, said capillary tube comprising micro-bioreactors in which the culture of said micro-organisms takes place, wherein said micro-bioreactors are separated by a spacing fluid which is a gas.
Ecole Superieure De Physique Et De Chimie Industrielles De La Ville De Paris


Engineered lumenized vascular networks and support matrix

Disclosed herein are capillary fabrication devices comprising living cells within a support medium. Culture of the cells produces viable lumenized capillary networks with natural or pre-determined geometries and ecm and basement membrane associated with the capillary networks.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Fine epitope peptide capable of inducing cross-reactive antibodies among homologous proteins in human papilloma virus e6 protein

This invention relates to the minimal motif of an epitope on the e6 protein from human papilloma virus (hpv), and this minimal motif of the epitope induces a monoclonal antibody having cross-reactivity with some homologous proteins of hpvs. The inventors are the first to identify a fine antigenic epitope only existing conservatively on the e6 proteins of high risk hpv16, 33, 52 or 58).
Guangzhou Hengsun Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd.


Railcar head structure

A railcar head structure includes: a roof bodyshell positioned above a driver's cab window; and an underframe. The underframe includes: a pair of side sills; and a center sill located between the side sills and extending in a car longitudinal direction.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Roof headliner structure in which curtain airbag for vehicle is housed

A roof headliner structure in which a curtain airbag for a vehicle is housed, includes the curtain airbag attached in a folded state along a roof side rail, a roof headliner, a pillar garnish including a clip seat, and a tether clip attached to the clip seat. The curtain airbag is covered from a vehicle cabin side with the roof headliner and the pillar garnish.
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for maintaining and analyzing a micro-droplet

A microfluidic system comprises a liquid reservoir containing a liquid and having a capillary pipe opening. The microfluidic system also comprises an elongated bar having a proximal end contacting the liquid reservoir in the opening, a distal section at which a micro-droplet is formed, and a middle section continuously maintaining thereon a liquid bridge between the reservoir and the micro-droplet..
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited


Centrifugal microfluidic platform for automated media exchange

A microfluidic device and method comprises a rotatable substrate configured to be rotated at various angular velocities in order to accomplish a series of media exchanges with a sample chamber for containing a sample. A plurality of media reservoirs and waste reservoirs are connected to the sample chamber via channels forming capillary valves in which the capillary valves have varying burst frequencies of rotation of the substrate.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Device for the capillary transport of liquids, use and producing such a device

Disclosed is a device for the directed capillary transport of liquids, comprising at least two capillaries (8, 9, 33, 54, 55), the at least two capillaries (8, 9, 33, 54, 55) being designed such that the liquid can be transported in at least some regions in a passive, directed and capillary manner, characterised in that at least two of the capillaries (8, 9, 33, 54, 55) are interconnected in the direction of transport of the liquid via at least one capillary passage conduit (20, 23, 28, 29, 34, 40, 41, 59, 63). The invention is intended for use in the separation of components from a fluidic substance and/or in oil/water separation.
Fraunhoffer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung


Reduction of carbon monoxide in mainstream cigarette smoke

A smoking article filter is designed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (co) and increase the ratio of total particulate material (tpm) to co in mainstream cigarette smoke. The design includes a non-porous microcapillary tube centered axially within a low-density filter..
Lorillard Tobacco Company


Memory device, semiconductor device, producing memory device, and producing semiconductor device

A memory device includes a reset gate whose resistance changes. The memory device also includes a pillar-shaped phase-change layer, a reset gate insulating film surrounding the pillar-shaped phase-change layer, and the reset gate surrounding the reset gate insulating film.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Led dome with inner high index pillar

Affixed over a transparent growth substrate (34) of an led die (30) is a transparent rectangular pillar (40), having a footprint approximately the same size as the led die. The pillar height is greater than a length of the led die, and the pillar has an index (n) approximately equal to that of the substrate (e.g., 1.8), so there is virtually no tir at the interface due to the matched indices.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Remote pharmaceutical verification

A pill verification system obtains a prescription filled at a pharmacy and gathers information of the pills being dispensed for a remote pharmacist to verify the prescription. As pills are dispensed to a pill vial to fill the prescription, a pill imaging system captures images of the pills, and a pill vial imaging system captures an image of the pill vial.
Perceptimed, Inc.


Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples

A capillary absorption spectrometer and process are described that provide highly sensitive and accurate stable absorption measurements of analytes in a sample gas that may include isotopologues of carbon and oxygen obtained from gas and biological samples. It further provides isotopic images of microbial communities that allow tracking of nutrients at the single cell level.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Capillary sensor tube flow meters and controllers

Capillary-type mass flow meters and controllers are described that employ temperature sensor hardware providing boundary conditions as necessary for direct computation of mass flow rate. The approach offers dramatically improved operable range and other potential benefits as compared to known systems..
Sierra Instruments, Inc.

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