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Apparatuses, methods, computer program products, and kits for hi-throughput glycan analysis

Integrated circuit 3d phase change memory array and manufacturing method

Lighting base of the led lamp and its stamping mold

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Low-cost point-of-care assay device patent thumbnailLow-cost point-of-care assay device
The present disclosure provides methods and systems for analyzing a liquid sample. A micro-fluidic device to perform an assay of a liquid sample is described that includes a sample application site and a vent outlet in fluid communication with the capillary channel.
 Apparatuses, methods, computer program products, and kits for hi-throughput glycan analysis patent thumbnailApparatuses, methods, computer program products, and kits for hi-throughput glycan analysis
An apparatus for glycan analysis is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plurality of loading wells adapted to receive a plurality of samples; a plurality of capillaries arranged in correspondence with the loading wells, each of the capillaries including a first portion including a stacking gel and a second portion including a resolving gel; and a plurality of eluting wells arranged in correspondence with the capillaries and adapted to receive a portion of the samples having traversed the capillaries..
 Integrated circuit 3d phase change memory array and manufacturing method patent thumbnailIntegrated circuit 3d phase change memory array and manufacturing method
A 3d phase change memory device can store multiple bits per cell represented by a plurality of non-overlapping ranges of resistance all of which are established by different resistance ranges corresponding to respective amorphous phase thickness of the phase change memory material. An array of access devices can underlie a plurality of conductive layers, separated from each other and from the array of access devices by insulating layers.
 Lighting base of the led lamp and its stamping mold patent thumbnailLighting base of the led lamp and its stamping mold
The present invention's technical method is that the top surface of the lighting base is surrounded with several axial-protruding raised pillars, with a circuit board placed on the top of the lighting base. This circuit board is equipped with vents that can fit tightly with the raised pillars, and the raised pillars can fit tightly with the openings after being squeezed from stamping through the mold, preventing the circuit board from loosening from said lighting base..
 Disassemblable electronic assembly with leak-inhibiting coolant capillaries patent thumbnailDisassemblable electronic assembly with leak-inhibiting coolant capillaries
Cooled electronic assemblies and methods of fabrication are provided. In one embodiment, the assembly includes a coolant-cooled electronic module with one or more electronic component(s), and one or more coolant-carrying channel(s) integrated within the module, and configured to facilitate flow of coolant through the module for cooling the electronic component(s).
 High-voltage insulation device for charged-particle optical apparatus patent thumbnailHigh-voltage insulation device for charged-particle optical apparatus
A high-voltage insulation device (300) for use in a charged-particle optical apparatus comprises a plurality of rigid pillars (320) made of electrically insulating material. These pillars (320) are arranged around a central passage (310) which traverses the insulating device along its longitudinal axis (l), and the two ends of each pillar are configured to be respectively fixed to two separate electrostatic housings (221, 231) of the charged-particle optical apparatus by means of two respective end plates (311, 312), with the pillars (320) being oriented at an angle so as to be inclined with regard to said longitudinal axis (l).
 Disposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device patent thumbnailDisposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device
A disposable capillary electrophoresis detecting device includes a fixing device, a capillary electrophoresis microchip, and an electrochemical sensor microchip. The fixing device includes two chip-fixing bases having a first chip-holding cavity horizontally arranged and a second chip-holding cavity vertically arranged.
 Pipe containing a metal casing with a plastics material inlay for use in low and high pressure applications, in particular as an hplc column patent thumbnailPipe containing a metal casing with a plastics material inlay for use in low and high pressure applications, in particular as an hplc column
A chromatography column comprises a pipe that contains a tubular metal casing with an inlay and sealing ring. The inlay is configured as a plastics material tube and is pushed or drawn into the metal casing and a sealing ring of plastics material is connected to the inlay at the end.
 Plant pot and support structure patent thumbnailPlant pot and support structure
A plant pot and support structure for supporting a plant growing in the pot including the plant pot, at least one pillar connected to the plant pot, and at least one mesh supported by and connected to the pillar. The plant grows upwardly through, and is supported by, the mesh.
 Sonotrode with cutting mechanism patent thumbnailSonotrode with cutting mechanism
During mounting to an inlay substrate, at least one end portion (including end) of an antenna wire is positioned directly over a terminal of the chip module for subsequent connecting thereto. A sonotrode is disclosed with a cutter above the capillary for cutting or nicking the wire.
Configurable pillow case with a compartment for at least one removable insert
The present invention is directed, in various exemplary embodiments thereof, to an inventive configurable pillow case comprising an internally disposed primary compartment (for receiving a primary insert (e.g., a conventional pillow), and at least one secondary compartment, positioned proximally to the pillow case top surface, that is sized and configured to receive, and releaseably retain, one or more correspondingly sized and configured secondary inserts that provide one or more predefined desirable physical characteristics/properties/functions and/or features to the resulting “pillow assembly”. In various exemplary embodiments thereof, when the primary resilient insert is removed therefrom, the inventive configurable pillow case, along with the at least one secondary insert positioned in the at least one secondary compartment, may be rolled up and secured in a generally cylindrical form for storage, travel, and/or alternative uses..
Silk-elastin like protein polymers for embolization and chemoembolization to treat cancer
A chemoembolic agent is disclosed that includes an injectable, recombinantly synthesized silk-elastin like protein copolymer and one or more chemotherapeutic agents. Upon injection, the chemoembolic agent blocks the tumor vasculature, including the capillary bed, and may optionally release chemotherapeutic agents.
Method of inhibiting papillomavirus proliferation and treating papillomavirus infection
Methods for inhibiting virus proliferation and treating an individual having a papillomavirus infection preventing viral infection are disclosed. The methods include the steps of providing a composition comprising a plurality of papillomavirus virus-like particles or capsomeres and contacting papillomavirus-infected tissue of an individual with the composition under conditions effective to inhibit papillomavirus proliferation or treat the papillomavirus infection in the individual..
Biomarkers for the detection of head and neck tumors
A method of detecting the presence of specific human papilloma virus and host cell biomarkers associated with head and neck tumors in biological samples, like saliva, blood or biopsy tissue, obtained from a subject.. .
Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis
System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.. .
Method and system for producing calibrated microcapsules
The present invention relates to a method for producing microcapsules having a calibrated diameter and at least one parameter characteristic of the mechanical properties of an equally calibrated microcapsule, characterized in that the method includes the steps of: producing microcapsules by means of injection into a microsystem (10) of three fluids (f1, f2, f3); deforming the microcapsules by means generating a flow within a capillary tube (20); observing and acquiring the outline of at least one deformed microcapsule observed by an optical acquisition means (30); comparing the acquired outline with outlines from a collection of reference microcapsule outlines; determining the diameter and said at least one parameter characteristic of the mechanical properties of the observed microcapsule; and modifying the flow rates (q1, q2, and/or q3) of the fluids (f1, f2, f3). The present invention also relates to a system for producing calibrated microcapsules..
Power semiconductor device
A power semiconductor device according to an embodiment includes an element portion in which mosfet elements are provided and a termination portion provided around the element portion, and has pillar layers provided respectively in parallel to each other in a semiconductor substrate. The device includes a first trench and a first insulation film.
Method of fabricating flexible metal core printed circuit board
A flexible metal core printed circuit board assembly comprises a flexible printed circuit board structure. The flexible printed circuit board structure includes a flexible substrate, a conductive layer on the flexible substrate and a space formed in the flexible printed circuit board structure.
Capillary device for use in heat pipe and method of manufacturing such capillary device
A capillary device (102) for use in a heat pipe in which heat is transferred from at least one evaporation region to at least one condensation region by means of evaporated working fluid is disclosed. The capillary device comprises a body portion defining chambers (108) containing powdered material (110) therein, wherein at least part of the periphery of at least one said chamber is porous to allow flow of condensed working fluid, by means of capillary action, through said powdered material in said chamber when flowing from a condensation region to an evaporation region..
Pet bed
A pet bed having a cushion that includes multiple pillows that can be removed and washed is disclosed. The pet bed has a cover with multiple pockets, each of which holds one or more of the pillows while allowing the pillows to be removed from and replaced into the respective pocket which permits selective washing of individual segments of the cushion.
Pillow protector
A pillow cover is provided that includes a first panel and a second panel perimetrically joined with the first panel such that inner surfaces of the first and second panels define a cavity having a void volume. The first and second panels are each made from a first material.
Internal breaker for fluid loss control pills and method
A method of treating a subterranean formation. The method may include providing a fluid-loss control pill that comprises an aqueous base fluid, a gelling agent, and an internal breaker that is selected from the group consisting of inorganic delayed acids or inorganic salts.
Method for enhancing the production yield of human papillomavirus l1 protein
This invention is a method for improving production yield of hpv l1 protein including the phase of culturing cell expressing hpv l1 protein in a medium containing high concentration of carbon source. According to the culture method using a medium containing highly concentrated carbon source of this invention, the production yield of hpv l1 protein can be not only remarkably increased but also the immunogenicity of the produced hpv l1 protein is significantly increased..
Glucose control test strip
A control test strip for glucose that includes a cover that forms a fluid path when affixed to the test strip substrate. The fluid path includes a glucose deposit area formed by drying a glucose solution on to the cover or onto the test strip substrate.
Array printing
The invention provides a method of printing, onto a substrate (12), an array (14) of spots of reagent compositions for use in a chemical and/or biochemical analysis. The method includes displacing an array of reagent composition containing capillary tubes (22) arranged alongside one another from an inoperative position to an operative position in which open ends of the capillary tubes (22) simultaneously impinge against a substrate and thereafter displacing the array of tubes (22) from the operative position back to the inoperative position.
Metallic ink composition and writing instrument containing same
Metallic ink compositions for use in capillary-action markers are provided. More particularly, a metallic ink composition includes an organic solvent, a metallic pigment, and a resin component..
A pipette for delivering a measured volume of liquid having an elongated hollow tubular body (or capillary tube) (2) configured to draw liquid by capillary action, the hollow tubular body having a lower open end and an upper open end; and a chamber (3) structurally connected to the upper end of the tubular body (2), the chamber having an orifice (4) in the upper portion of the chamber.. .
Ink tank and printer therewith
The present invention is to provide a printer and an ink tank therein. The ink tank includes a tank body, a first pillar, a resilient component, a lid, a second pillar and a waterproof moisture-permeable assembly.
Multi-die, high current wafer level package
Wafer-level package semiconductor devices for high-current applications are described that have pillars for providing electrical interconnectivity. In an implementation, the wafer-level package devices include an integrated circuit chip having at least one pillar formed over the integrated circuit chip.
Fluid loss control pill with internal breaker and method
A method of treating a subterranean formation. The method may include providing a fluid loss control pill that comprises an aqueous base fluid, a gelling agent, and an internal breaker that is selected from the group consisting of inorganic delayed acids or inorganic salts.
Distance-based quantitative analysis using a capillarity-based analytical device
Apparatus for quantitative analytical measurements using capillarity-based analytical devices is described. Porous cellulose (i.e., common filter paper) may be used as the reagent carrier for the analyses.
Method and apparatus for focusing miniature ultrasound transducers
The present disclosure provides methods and apparatus of fabricating a transducer for use in ultrasound imaging. A substrate is provided.
Method of adding botanical agents/dietary supplements to pharmaceutical agents in a pharmacotherapeutic regimen
A method for administering an active pharmaceutical agent (apa) is provided that includes the steps of: a) providing a medicine having a dose of at least one apa and at least one active botanical agent (aba) or dietary supplement; and b) dosing the apa within the medicine such that within each subsequent dose of the medicine, the amount of the apa decreases and the amount of the aba increases, or remains the same, or decreases relative to an earlier amount. A trace of the apa may or may not remain in the pill toward the end of medicine application..
Device for removing liquid silicon from a crucible
A device for taking up a silicon melt comprises at least one block of a refractory with a capillary structure.. .
Upper vehicle-body structure of vehicle
A pair of right-and-left roof rails, a roof panel provided between the roof rails, a roof reinforcement extending in a vehicle width direction below the roof panel, a center pillar, and a gusset joined to an end portion, in the vehicle width direction, of the roof reinforcement are provided. Further, a node-shaped plate member is provided inside the roof rail at a position which overlaps the roof reinforcement longitudinally and vertically.
Bolometer having absorber with pillar structure for thermal shorting
A semiconductor device includes a substrate having an electrode structure. An absorber structure is suspended over the electrode structure and spaced a first distance apart from the first electrode structure.
Heat pipe
An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.
Heat engine system
An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.
Heat engine
An improved heat engine is disclosed. The heat engine comprises at least one heat pipe containing a working fluid flowing in a thermal cycle between vapor phase at an evaporator end and liquid phase at a condenser end.
Cross-point diode arrays and methods of manufacturing cross-point diode arrays
Methods of forming an array of memory cells and memory cells that have pillars. Individual pillars can have a semiconductor post formed of a bulk semiconductor material and a sacrificial cap on the semiconductor post.
Universal sample preparation system and use in an integrated analysis system
The invention provides a system that can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction and provide an analysis readout. For example, the system can extract dna from a swab, amplify str loci from the dna, and analyze the amplified loci and str markers in the sample.
Composition and method for treating hpv
Described are lyophilized compositions comprising cidofovir, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc) or hydroxyethylcellulose (hec) and, optionally, a plasticizer. In particular, described are such compositions that form a sheet-shaped porous solid matrix.
Non-volatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
Disclosed are a non-volatile memory device and a method of fabricating the same. The non-volatile memory device includes a semiconductor substrate including a plurality of active regions and a pair of first pillars protruding from each active region.
Eyewear attachment device
A sweat wicking and glare reducing eyeglass attachment is provided that is adapted to secure to the upper surfaces of a pair of eyeglasses or pair of sunglasses. The attachment comprises a u-shaped frame having a frontal portion and a pair of side portions, wherein the cross section of the frame is j-shaped and comprised of an upstanding portion and an upper overhang portion.
Charging device with piezoelectric-composite and ultrasonic apparatus with the same
Provided is an ultrasonic apparatus. The ultrasonic apparatus may include a charging device, a circuit device electrically connected to the charging device, and a housing part for packaging the charging device and the circuit device.
Fabrication of three-dimensional high surface area electrodes
A method for fabricating three dimensional high surface electrodes is described. The methods including the steps: designing the pillars; selecting a material for the formation of the pillars; patterning the material; transferring the pattern to form the pillars; insulating the pillars and providing a metal layer for increased conductivity.
Three dimensional memory
A method to fabricate a three dimensional memory structure may include creating a stack of layers including a conductive source layer, a first insulating layer, a select gate source layer, and a second insulating layer, and an array stack. A hole through the stack of layers may then be created using the conductive source layer as a stop-etch layer.
Water dispenser nozzle for an appliance
A nozzle for dispensing water from an appliance is provided. The nozzle decreases the velocity of water flow so as to reduce or eliminate water splashing out of a consumer's container during dispensing while still providing a rate of flow sufficient to timely fill the container.
Pillbox, medication management system and medication dispensing system
The invention provides a pillbox comprising a plurality of pill receiving compartments detachably connected with one another in side-by-side relation to form a unitary structure, each of the compartments being constructed to store pills to be taken at a single predetermined time and have an opening which is covered by a cover and through which 5 the compartment is accessible; wherein the unitary structure is configured such that the plurality of compartments are arranged sequentially according to a medication schedule created according to a prescription, with the compartment storing the pills to be taken first as an outermost one, and that only the opening of the outermost compartment is permitted to be uncovered all the time, and wherein the outermost compartment is removed from the 10 unitary structure after the pills contained therein are taken. The invention also provides a medication management system and a mediation dispensing system based on the pillbox..
Flat heat pipe and method for manufacturing the same
An exemplary flat heat pipe includes a hollow tube and a wick structure lining an inner surface of the tube. The tube includes an evaporator section, an adiabatic section and a condenser section defined in turn along a longitudinal direction thereof.
Fluid handling device, fluid handling method, and fluid handling system
A fluid handling device (100) comprises: a first channel (130); a second channel (140); a communication section (150); an air introduction path (160); and an air reservoir (190). The first enamel (130) and the second channel (140) are channels through which a fluid (210) can move by capillary action.
Capillary system with fluidic element
An aerosol generation system having an aerosol generator wherein a liquid formulation is at least partially volatilized in a capillary passage and discharged from the capillary passage to form an aerosol. The aerosol generation system includes a pumping unit adapted to supply a liquid formulation to the aerosol generator; and a fluidic element located between the pumping unit and the capillary passage of the aerosol generator, wherein the fluidic element increases backpressure of the liquid formulation as the liquid formulation enters the capillary passage of the aerosol generator..
Decorative pillow for a cat
A decorative pillow for a couch, bed, or piece of furniture made of two or more pieces of tightly woven scratch, stain, and hair resistant fabric, preferably containing a layer of crinkle cat paper and catnip to entice a cat. In one embodiment, the outside of the pillow is formed of a tightly woven scratch, stain, and hair resistant fabric material on one side and a lower cost material on another side.
Plate-type capillary column, capillary column unit, and chromatograph using same
A plate-type capillary column has extensibility that enables a capillary to be extended as a whole to improve resolution of a chromatograph by stacking respective plate-type capillary columns. The capillary column is provided with a plate having first and second face plate parts that face each other; a capillary that is formed inside the plate; a first bottom-equipped hole connected to one end part of the capillary and formed to open in the first face plate part; and a second bottom-equipped hole connected to the other end part and formed to open in the second face plate part, wherein as viewed from a direction vertical to the first face plate part or the second face plate part, on a capillary column first virtual circle, passing through the second bottom-equipped hole, one or more through-holes penetrating through the first face plate part and the second face plate part are formed..
Capillary column
There is provided a capillary column comprising a flat cross section and a desired theoretical plate number and having both high resolution and high sample load capacity. The capillary column 1 comprising a stationary phase on an inactivated inner surface, which is used in gas chromatography, comprises a narrow part 3 formed in a central part of a cross section of internal space and a bulge part 4 formed on each of both sides of the narrow part 3..
Capillary manipulation of clinical samples
A system for collection and delivery of sub-milliliter liquid samples is described that provides a dramatic simplification for the measurement of clinical values. The system produces high dilutions of capillary size samples, such as bodily fluids or blood, by a factor of 1000 or more.
Method of producing ice segments
A method of making an ice structure comprising the steps of: providing a mold with at least two mold portions where the at least two mold portions come together to form a cavity that defines a shape of an ice structure; placing the at least two mold portions in thermal communication with at least one cooling source; chilling the at least two mold portions using the at least one cooling source; orienting the at least two mold portions in spaced apart relation; delivering a flow of water such that the flow of water passes along the surface of the at least two mold portions with the mold segments such that water flows (by capillary/wicking action) over the mold segment and forms an ice structure segment; ceasing the flow of water when the ice structure segments are formed; and fusing the ice structure segments together to form the ice structure.. .
Methods of forming a pattern on a substrate
A method of forming a pattern on a substrate includes forming openings in material of a substrate. The openings are widened to join with immediately adjacent of the openings to form spaced pillars comprising the material after the widening.
Structured particles
A powder comprising pillared particles for use as an active component of a metal ion battery, the pillared particles comprising a particle core and a plurality of pillars extending from the particle core, wherein the pillared particles are formed from a starting material powder wherein at least 10% of the total volume of the starting material powder is made up of starting material particles having a particle size of no more than 10 microns.. .
Process for applying a hair care composition to hair
The present invention relates to a process for non-therapeutic treatment of human keratinous substances or mucous membranes, comprising the step consisting in transferring onto human keratinous substances or mucous membranes packets, preferably droplets (g), of a composition (p), held by capillary action or otherwise in cavities (3) in a support (2), by putting said support (2) in contact with keratinous substances or mucous membranes and/or by ejecting said packets, preferably said droplets, from the support (2) by mechanical action.. .
A refrigerator includes a main body having a storage compartment, first and second doors opening or closing the storage compartment, and a pillar configured to block cool air from leaking between the first and second doors. The refrigerator also includes a hinge that rotatably connects the pillar to the first door and a holder disposed on the storage compartment and configured to guide rotation of the pillar.
Vehicle body lateral structure
A vehicle body lateral section contains an upper stiffener, which extends upward from a rear wheel housing and overlaps a bottom end of a pillar inner. The upper stiffener is provided with an extension that continues to the pillar inner.
Side lower vehicle body structure of vehicle
A side lower vehicle body structure of a vehicle includes a side seal, a center pillar and a reinforcing member. The side seal extends in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle and has a channel.
Door striker mounting apparatus for vehicle
A door striker mounting apparatus for a vehicle includes a door striker, a mounting bracket, and a mounting plate. The door striker is disposed on an outer side member of a vehicle body.
Impact and vibration resistant article carrier
A collapsible, aesthetically pleasing, impact-protective sleeve for fragile articles having as a primary structural component molded foam panels having integrally molded pillars on an exterior surface of the sleeve, on an interior surface of the sleeve, or on both the exterior and interior surfaces of the sleeve. The sleeve may comprise one or more molded foam body panels, arranged in the shape of a cylinder, or other shape.

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