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This page is updated frequently with new Pill-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Server apparatus and cable management mechanism thereof patent thumbnailServer apparatus and cable management mechanism thereof
A server apparatus includes a holding portion, a server module, a cable management mechanism, a cable, and a tray movably disposed on the holding portion. The cable management mechanism is disposed at a side of the tray and includes first and second racks, a reversing module, and a pillar disposed on the second rack.
Wistron Corporation

 Printed wiring board patent thumbnailPrinted wiring board
A printed wiring board includes a resin insulating layer having recess portions formed on first surface, a first conductor layer formed in the recess portions and including pads positioned to mount an electronic component, conductive pillars formed on the pads, respectively, and formed to mount the electronic component onto the resin insulating layer, a second conductor layer formed on second surface of the resin insulating layer on the opposite side with respect to the first surface, and a via conductor formed in the resin insulating layer such that the via conductor is penetrating through the resin insulating layer and connecting the first and second conductor layers. The pillars is formed such that each of the pads has an exposed surface exposed from a respective one of the conductive pillars, and the pads are formed such that the exposed surface is recessed from the first surface of the resin insulating layer..
Ibiden Co., Ltd.

 Power plug, power receptacle and power connector assembly patent thumbnailPower plug, power receptacle and power connector assembly
A power plug including an insulation main body is provided. A first pillar and a second pillar arranged at the insulation main body.
Bellwether Electronic Corp.

 Semiconductor device and  producing the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and producing the same
A memory device includes memory elements arranged in two or more rows and two or more columns. Each memory element includes a pillar-shaped insulator layer, a phase change film around an upper portion of the pillar-shaped insulator layer, a lower electrode formed around a lower portion of the pillar-shaped insulator layer and connected to the phase change film, a reset gate insulating film surrounding the phase change film, and a reset gate surrounding the reset gate insulating film.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

 Semiconductor device and  manufacturing the semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and manufacturing the semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate, an upper electrode, a lower electrode and a gate electrode. In the semiconductor substrate, a body region, a pillar region, and a barrier region are formed.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Memory device, semiconductor device, and methods for producing memory device and semiconductor device patent thumbnailMemory device, semiconductor device, and methods for producing memory device and semiconductor device
A memory that includes a memory device having a phase change layer that can be reset by using a reset gate is provided. A memory device includes memory elements arranged in two or more rows and two or more columns.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

 Multi-layer structure for high aspect ratio etch patent thumbnailMulti-layer structure for high aspect ratio etch
The present disclosure relates to a method of forming a masking structure having a trench with a high aspect ratio, and an associated structure. In some embodiments, the method is performed by forming a first material over a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  patent thumbnail
The present disclosure relates to bonding structures useful in semiconductor packages and methods of manufacturing the same. In an embodiment, the bonding structure comprises a substrate, having a top surface and including at least one bonding pad, wherein each bonding pad is disposed adjacent to the top surface of the substrate and has a sloped surface; and a semiconductor element including at least one pillar, wherein each pillar is bonded to a portion of the sloped surface of a corresponding bonding pad, and a gap is formed between a sidewall of the pillar and the sloped surface of the corresponding bonding pad..
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

 Diamond substrate and diamond substrate manufacturing method patent thumbnailDiamond substrate and diamond substrate manufacturing method
A diamond substrate is formed of diamond single crystals by preparing a base substrate; forming plural pillar-shaped diamonds formed of diamond single crystals on one side of the base substrate; causing a diamond single crystal to grow from a tip of each pillar-shaped diamond and coalescing the diamond single crystals growing from the tips of the pillar-shaped diamonds to form a diamond substrate layer; separating the diamond substrate layer from the base substrate; and manufacturing a diamond substrate from the diamond substrate layer, a shape in an in-plane direction of the diamond substrate is a circular shape or a circular shape having an orientation flat plane formed therein and has a diameter of two inches or more.. .
Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushikikaisha

 Anti-hpv e7 antibodies patent thumbnailAnti-hpv e7 antibodies
The present invention relates to monoclonal anti-hpv (human papillomavirus) e7 antibodies capable of specifically recognising an epitope of the c-terminal or the n-terminal region of a hpv e7 protein, diagnostic compositions and kits comprising said antibodies as well as methods for immunohistochemical and elisa-based diagnosis of hpv infections utilizing said antibodies.. .
Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft Mbh


Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers and methods of manufacturing the same

A method of fabricating a hollow-core photonic-bandgap fiber, comprising the steps of: providing a stack of capillaries, wherein the stack has a hollow core and the capillaries at a boundary of the core comprise a plurality of first, corner core capillaries and a plurality of second, intermediate core capillaries; applying a pressure differential between the corner core capillaries and the intermediate core capillaries, whereby a size of the corner core capillaries can be controlled in relation to the intermediate core capillaries; and reducing the stack to a fiber, wherein the fiber has a hollow core and a cladding which surrounds the core at a core boundary and comprises a lattice or network of struts and interstitial nodes which together define an array of cavities.. .
University Of Southampton


Drainage system

There is provided a drainage system of an aircraft which discharges moisture having entered inside horizontal tails, which are structures of an airframe of an aircraft, toward the rear end of a fuselage, the drainage system including: a drainage channel which includes an introduction end and a discharge end, and by a capillary action delivers moisture introduced from the introduction end toward the discharge end; and a heater which heats and dries the moisture delivered through the drainage channel. The drainage channel of the present invention is preferably composed of a paper drainage material.
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation


Upper vehicle-body structure of vehicle

There are provided a pair of roof rails, a roof panel, a front header, a pair of front pillars, and a pair of center pillars, and a pair of front inclination roof reinforcements provided at a lower face of the roof panel. Each of the front inclination roof reinforcements is configured to extend obliquely from its front portion which is joined to the front header to its rear portion which is positioned on an outward side, in a vehicle width direction, relative to the front portion and joined to a portion located in the vicinity of a joint portion of the center pillar and the roof rail.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Vehicle side section structure

A vehicle side section structure that includes: a lower reinforcement that configures a lower portion of a vehicle width direction outer side section of a center pillar, that is open toward a vehicle width direction inner side viewed from a vehicle upper side, that has an upper portion disposed adjacent to an inner side of a lower end portion of an outer reinforcement, and that has a lower strength than the outer reinforcement; and an escape portion that is formed at a vehicle width direction outer side wall portion of the lower reinforcement, that is disposed facing a lower end of a vehicle width direction outer side wall portion of the outer reinforcement in the vehicle width direction, and that is separated from, and is at the vehicle width direction inner side of, the lower end.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Family cushion

A family cushion for displaying a photograph is provided. The family cushion comprises a pillow casing having a top wall and a bottom wall with the top wall secured to the bottom wall along a peripheral edge of the top wall and the bottom wall.


Multi-function infant pillow and mat

The armapillow is a continuous section of material having a first, second, third, and tail section. Each section is separated by a foldable seam.


System to apply mainly phytosanitary products that use the principle of electrostatic attraction

A system to apply mainly phytosanitary products that use the principle of electrostatic attraction. A high static charge is imprinted on the microdrops in the nozzle with high flows of water using a simple industrial design and very low probabilities of failure.


Device and removing moisture from a battery housing

The invention relates to a device for removing water from a battery housing (100) or a battery separator, comprising a body (310) having a plurality of capillaries (3201-3207) and electrodes (330, 340) for producing an electric field, and a control device (350) for controlling the electric field for removing water through means of the capillaries (3201-3207), a battery housing, a battery separator, a battery system, a vehicle, a method, a computer programme and a computer programme product.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Automated adjustment of capillary voltage based on the elution conditions to retain optimal ionization conditions

A method of electrospray ionisation is disclosed comprising passing a sample liquid through a liquid chromatography column, monitoring a liquid chromatography back pressure and varying a voltage applied to an electrospray ionisation source electrode in dependence upon said monitored liquid chromatography back pressure.. .
Micromass Uk Limited


Device and measuring a volume of a liquid and for calibrating a liquid dispensing system

The invention relates to a device for measuring a volume of a liquid, said device comprising:—a receptacle for receiving said liquid, said receptacle comprising an inlet opening and an outlet opening, and—a capillary channel having capillary action, which capillary channel has a predetermined internal transverse cross-section, wherein an inlet opening of the capillary channel at an first end thereof is in liquid through flow connection with the outlet opening of the receptacle and wherein the other, second end of the capillary channel comprises an opening; wherein:—the inlet opening of the receptacle has a larger transverse cross-section than the inlet opening of said capillary channel, and—a length of a liquid slug in the capillary channel is a measure for said volume. The invention further relates to a method for measuring a volume of a liquid using such a device, a method for calibrating a liquid dispensing system using such a device, a calibrating system for calibrating a liquid dispensing system using such a device and a support for supporting a plurality of such devices..
Micronit Microfluidics B.v.


Misting and atomization systems and method

An atomization device for forming liquid particles is provided. The device includes a brush having a plurality of filaments coupled on one end thereof to the brush such that an opposing end of the filaments is free to oscillate; a plate having at least one liquid path configured for capillary action of liquid therein; wherein the brush is configured to be displaced with respect to the plate in a first direction during a cyclic displacement; and wherein disposition of the plate with respect to the brush is such that during the displacement in the first direction the filaments are displaced between a first position in which the opposing end is engaged with an edge of the liquid path collecting thereby film of liquid therefrom, and a second position in which the opposing end is free to oscillate in an alternating motion between the first direction and a second opposing direction..


Apparatus for separating particles utilizing engineered acoustic contrast capture particles

An apparatus for separating particles from a medium includes a capillary defining a flow path therein that is in fluid communication with a medium source. The medium source includes engineered acoustic contrast capture particle having a predetermined acoustic contrast.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc


High frequency uniform droplet maker and method

Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed for producing substantially uniform droplets. The system includes a fluid reservoir vessel defining a fluid reservoir, a separation membrane at one end of the fluid reservoir, at least one capillary channel at an opposite end of the fluid reservoir, a solution dispenser, and a piezo actuator in contact with a separation membrane.
Amastan Technologies Llc


Agent for preventing or ameliorating renal dysfunction

An object of the present invention is to provide an agent for preventing or ameliorating renal dysfunction, excellent in the inhibitory action on the advance of renal dysfunction, the suppressive action on renal fibrosis, the suppressive action on the development of renal failure, and the suppressive action on nephritis. The administration of an agent for preventing or ameliorating renal dysfunction, containing lubiprostone or its pharmacologically acceptable salt as an active ingredient by a method, such as oral administration, can inhibit the advance of renal dysfunction, suppress renal fibrosis, suppress the development of renal failure, and suppress nephritis, and thus can prevent or ameliorate nephritides, such as acute glomerulonephritis, minimal change nephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis, renal sclerosis, membrane proliferative nephritis, mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, membrane proliferative glomerulonephritis, crescentic nephritis, rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, membranous glomerulonephritis, tubulointerstitial nephritis, acute pyelonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, endocapillary proliferative nephritis, and lupus nephritis; renal failures, such as acute renal failure and chronic renal failure; and renal dysfunctions, such as amyloid kidney, membranous nephropathy, focal glomerulosclerosis, iga nephropathy, acute tubular necrosis, nephrotic syndrome, diabetic nephropathy, gouty kidney, renal edema, renal tumors, renal ischemic disorders, and renal ischemia-reperfusion injury..
Tohoku University


A estimating perfusion indices

The present invention relates to a method for estimating perfusion indices (pi) in a mammal (200), e.g. A human.
Aarhus Universitet


Sheathed duodenoscope

A sheathed endoscope, includes: an endoscope and a disposable component. The disposable compartment protects the inner and outer surfaces of the endoscope.


Cooling device for an electric motor

A cooling device for an electric motor includes at least one closed capillary tube, within which a cooling fluid is located and which is introduced into an opening of a lamination stack of the electric motor such that the capillary tube is connected to the lamination stack to conduct heat and partially projects out of the lamination stack, such that the capillary tube has a cold end disposed outside and a hot end disposed inside the lamination stack. The cooling fluid and the degree of filling of the capillary tube with the cooling fluid is chosen such that an input of heat from the lamination stack into the capillary tube leads to evaporation of the cooling fluid, and the cold end of the capillary tube is cooled such that vapour produced during the evaporation condenses and heat input into the capillary tube is dissipated out of the capillary tube..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Preparation separator, separator formed therefrom, and electrochemical device containing the same

A preparation method of a separator according to the present disclosure includes preparing an aqueous slurry including inorganic particles, a binder polymer, and an aqueous medium, and coating the aqueous slurry on at least one surface of a porous polymer substrate to form an organic-inorganic composite porous coating layer, wherein capillary number of the aqueous slurry has a range between 0.3 and 65.. .
Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd.


Miniature ion source of fixed geometry

A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure interface comprising a gas cone having an inlet aperture, wherein the gas cone has a first longitudinal axis arranged along an x-axis and an electrospray ion source comprising a first capillary tube having an outlet and having a second longitudinal axis and a second capillary tube which surrounds the first capillary tube. The mass spectrometer further comprises a desolvation gas supply tube and a first device arranged and adapted to supply an analyte liquid via the first capillary tube so that the liquid exits the outlet of the first capillary tube at a flow rate >200 μl/min.
Micromass Uk Limited


Bundled fiber optic capillary electrophoresis detection system

A multiple capillary florescent detection system employing optical fiber bundles that each fiber bundle has more than one fiber illuminating each sample vessel.. .
Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.


Portable viscometer and manufacturing capillary tube for measuring viscosity

Present disclosure provides a portable viscometer including a body and a measuring unit disposed on one side of the body. The measuring unit includes a capillary tube detachably attached to the measuring unit, and a first sensor and a second sensor, the first and second sensors being disposed adjacent to the capillary tube and vertically spaced apart from each other, and the capillary tube includes a bead therein.
Korea Institute Of Oriental Medicine


Flat-plate heat pipe structure

A flat-plate heat pipe structure includes a main body. The main body has a first board body, a second board body, a first capillary structure and a working fluid.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.


Bridge pier structure

A bridge pier structure includes a damper having damping characteristics, a substructure joined with a lower end portion of the damper, and a pillar member provided upright on the substructure, a side surface of the pillar member being joined with an upper end portion of the damper. The damper is substantially parallel to the side surface of the pillar member..
Jfe Civil Engineering & Construction Corporation


Substrate processing apparatus

There is provided a substrate processing apparatus of performing a process by supplying a processing gas on a substrate while rotating the substrate mounted on a rotary table in a vacuum container, which includes: a container main body used as a part including a bottom portion of the vacuum container; a cover part configured to be detachably installed with respect to the container main body to open and close the container main body, the cover part being used as a part including a ceiling portion of the vacuum container; a pillar installed in one of the cover part and the container main body such that the pillar penetrates through a central portion of the rotary table when the cover part is installed on the container main body, and configured to support the cover part with respect to the container main body when the inside of the vacuum container is vacuum-exhausted.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Freight rack

[solution] on a base member (10), two sets of portal supports (30), (40), in which right and left pillars (31), (41) and a horizontal member (32), (42) are coupled to each other, stand with an interval in a front and rear direction, where the horizontal member is vertically shiftable along the pillars and fixed to the pillars at a selected height. A freight mounting frame (20) is supported by the horizontal member (42) of one portal support (40) so as to be rotatable in a vertical plane, and is also placed on the horizontal member (32) of the other portal support (30) so as to be movable in the front and rear direction..


Microfluidic analysis component and production method

A microfluidic analysis device and manufacturing method are provided. The microfluidic analysis device includes a capillary substrate, a cover substrate adjacent to a cover side of the capillary substrate and/or a bottom substrate adjacent to a bottom side of the capillary substrate, a capillary structure with at least one capillary, forming a hollow channel, in the interior of the capillary substrate and/or at the interface of the capillary substrate with the cover substrate and/or at the interface of the capillary substrate with the bottom substrate and also a fluid-conducting arrangement for conducting a fluid through the capillary structure.
Efficient Robotics Gmbh


Reusable and replaceable pillow case cover assembly or cushion case cover assembly

A reusable and replaceable pillow case cover or cushion case cover manufactured with half of a resealable fastening system attached that can be installed and removed from a correspondingly shaped constructed pillow case or cushion case manufactured with the complimentary half of the resealable fastening system attached that when fastened together creates a pillow case cover assembly or cushion case cover assembly. A pillow or cushion is inserted into the pillow case or cushion case to create a pillow with pillow case cover assembly, or cushion with cushion case cover assembly..


Pillow protector

A pillow cover is provided that includes a first panel and a second panel perimetrically joined with the first panel such that inner surfaces of the first and second panels define a cavity having a void volume. The first and second panels are each made from a first material.
Bedgear, Llc


Disposable sleep aid system

A disposable sleep aid system for preventing particles from being released from a pillow while the pillow is slept upon includes a pillow that has a top side and a bottom side and the pillow may be slept upon. A shield apparatus is removably coupled to the pillow to block allergens or other particles from being released by the pillow while the pillow is used for sleeping..


Heat sink structure with heat exchange mechanism

The heat sink structure includes a vapor chamber, a heat pipe, and capillary elements. The vapor chamber includes a housing, a first capillary structure covering inside the housing, and a first working fluid filled inside the housing.
Cooler Master Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming fin-shaped semiconductor layers on a semiconductor substrate. First and second pillar-shaped semiconductor layers are formed, and first and second control gates are formed around the first and second pillar-shaped semiconductor layers, respectively.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Micro-nozzle array

The invention relates to a micro-nozzle array comprising a plurality of capillaries comprising a first silica-based material and a second silica-based material substantially surrounding the first silica-based material of the plurality of capillaries, and a plurality of nozzles extending beyond a face of the micro-nozzle array, each nozzle corresponding to a single capillary, wherein each nozzle comprises the first silica-based material. The micro-nozzle array may be used in hydrodynamic or electro-osmotic applications.
Queen's University At Kingston


Probe assembly for attaching a chromatography device to a mass spectrometer

A probe assembly is disclosed comprising an inlet for receiving an eluent from a chromatography device; an outlet (120) for delivering the eluent to an ion source of a mass spectrometer; and an attachment device (122) for attaching the outlet to the mass spectrometer. The outlet comprises an electrically conductive capillary (124) and an electrically conductive member (129) surrounding at least part of the electrically conductive capillary (124).
Micromass Uk Limited


Electrophoresis medium receptacle and electrophoresis apparatus

During filling of a capillary with an electrophoresis medium, this electrophoresis medium receptacle maintains a resting state, and the capillary and the electrophoresis medium receptacle are readily sealed. The electrophoresis medium receptacle is simple in shape, the electrophoresis medium receptacle is readily manufactured, and the electrophoresis medium is readily sealed.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


High performance two-phase cooling apparatus

The present application discloses two-phase cooling devices that may include at least three substrates: a metal with a wicking structure, an intermediate substrate and a backplane. A fluid may be contained within the wicking structure and vapor cavity for transporting thermal energy from one region of the thermal ground plane to another region of the thermal ground plane, wherein the fluid may be driven by capillary forces within the wicking structure.


Pluripotent tissue harvester and methods of manufacture thereof

Disclosed herein is a tissue harvester comprising a substrate having an airfoil shape; and a textured surface disposed upon the substrate, where the textured surface comprises a spatial array of nanometer or micrometer sized pillars of varying cross-sections. Disclosed herein too is method comprising disposing upon a substrate a textured surface; where the substrate has an airfoil shape and where the textured surface where the textured surface comprises nanometer or micrometer sized pillars; contacting the tissue harvester with biological cells whose proliferation under different conditions is desired; and disposing the tissue harvester in a flow field such that cells disposed on the tissue harvester at different locations may experience different flow fields..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Vehicle body structure

Provided is a vehicle body structure including; a left-right pair of roof side rails extending in a front-rear direction of a vehicle body; a pillar extending in an upper-lower direction, an upper end of the pillar being joined to an interior side surface of the corresponding roof side rail; and a roof arch extending in a vehicle transverse direction, left and right side end portions thereof being joined to the interior side surfaces of the roof side rails.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Microfluidic serial dilution platform based well-plate using an oil-free immiscible phase driven by manual or electronic pipettors

Described is a microfluidic serial dilution platform based well-plate using an oil-free immiscible phase driven by manual or electronic pipettors. The well-plate includes a plurality of fluidic traps, a plurality of hydrophilic capillary constriction channels and a plurality of bypass channels.
Neofluidics Llc


Capillary diagnostic device and making and use thereof

A capillary diagnostic device comprising a cylindrical tube with one or more rings having one or more probes, the one or more rings disposed on the interior surface of the cylindrical tube. The invention also includes a method of making the capillary diagnostic device and method of use thereof for diagnostic testing..
Materials And Machines Corporation Of America


Device and fragrancing an inner space of a motor vehicle

A vehicle system includes a container adapted to hold a fluid fragrance substance, a pump connected to the container, a capillary pipe connected to the pump and sized to retain the fluid fragrance substance within the capillary pipe when the pump is off, and an evaporation grid connected to the capillary pipe. The evaporation grid may have open porosity and be at least partially positioned within a vehicle ventilation channel to selectively provide fragrance to the vehicle..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Pillow using acorus gramineus and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a pillow using acorus gramineus and a method for manufacturing the same, and more specifically, to a pillow containing acorus gramineus and a method for manufacturing the same, wherein, when the pillow is manufactured using a plurality of natural materials in addition to acorus gramineus, there can be presented processing methods for exhibiting the optimal medicinal effects of the natural materials; the human body can be protected from dust mites or the like through sterilizing and repellent effects; the shape of the pillow can be maintained; and sleep inducing and maintaining effects are excellent.. .


Hard-tissue implant

Hard-tissue implants are provided that include a bulk implant, a face, pillars, and slots. The pillars are for implantation into a hard tissue.


Anatomy conformed support pillow

An anatomical pillow configured for use by a woman includes a compressible body having an upper surface, lower surface, a top, a first side, a second side, a bottom, and a central recess. The relative dimensions and geometries of the segments and surfaces are selected to accommodate a woman lying prone on the pillow with her head above the upper surface and her torso lying on the bottom segment..
Billow Global, Inc.


Multiple oil-emission measuring device for engines

A multiple oil-emission device for hydrocarbon emissions in an exhaust-gas mixture, comprising an exhaust-gas probe, which has a transfer capillary, and a measurement channel, which has an ion source and a filter apparatus having a measuring apparatus. The transfer capillary has a drop-catching apparatus at the tip of the transfer capillary, which drop-catching apparatus comprises a short throttle segment and a transfer segment, which adjoins the throttle segment in a flow direction and is at least ten times longer.
Lubrisense Gmbh


Sample analysis method and solution therefor

A sample analysis method capable of improving separation accuracy of at least one of hemoglobin a2 and hemoglobin s and downsizing an analysis device is provided. The method includes separating hemoglobin in a sample in an alkaline solution containing a cationic polymer by capillary electrophoresis..
Arkray, Inc.


Slim-type vapor chamber and capillary structure thereof

A slim-type vapor chamber and a capillary structure thereof are provided, including an upper board and a lower board. The upper and lower boards respectively include a metal plate.
Chaun-choung Technology Corp.


Method and composition for detection of oncogenic hpv

Probes for the detection of oral oncogenic human papillomavirus (hpv) are described. The probe includes a polynucleotide having at least 90% sequence identity to a polynucleotide complementary to a microrna that has altered expression in response to oncogenic hpv infection.
Notre Dame Du Lac


Lower vehicle-body structure of vehicle

There are provided a pair of diagonally-extending inclination members which are formed in a substantially x shape in a plan view and provided above or below a floor panel. Each of the pair of inclination members is configured to interconnect a connection portion of one of right-and-left side sills and a hinge pillar and a connection portion of the other of the right-and-left side sills and a center pillar.
Mazda Motor Corporation


Medical apparatus with hypopharyngeal suctioning capability

A laryngeal mask apparatus (1000) for facilitating ventilation of a patient, comprising a mask (1001) that comprises a front side (1002) and a rear side (1004) that faces the back of a patient's throat when the mask (1001) is positioned within a patient's throat and a flexible breathing tube (1010). The flexible breathing tube (1010) has an interior (1011) for the flow of air and is in communication with the mask (1001).


Bioinspired insect traps

An insect trap that is effective for cimex i. Comprises an area of rigid pillars and/or hooks where these features extend from a base.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Control of ignition for a ceramic high intensity discharge lamp

High frequency ballasts are provided herein for ignition control of a ceramic high intensity discharge (hid) lamp. A sensor senses a lamp parameter on the output terminals.
Greentek Green Solutions (2009) Ltd.


Three-dimensional conductive electrode for solar cell

A photovoltaic device and method include forming a plurality of pillar structures in a substrate, forming a first electrode layer on the pillar structures and forming a continuous photovoltaic stack including an n-type layer, a p-type layer and an intrinsic layer on the first electrode. A second electrode layer is deposited over the photovoltaic stack such that gaps or fissures occur in the second electrode layer between the pillar structures.
International Business Machines Corporation


Pill dispenser

A pill dispenser is disclosed that includes a housing defining an opening, a pill-dispensing mechanism disposed within the housing and operatively coupled to the opening, a receptacle operatively coupled to the housing, a first pill-viewing camera positioned to capture an image of the receptacle, an identifying camera positioned to capture an image of an area adjacent to the housing, at least one processor in operative communication with the pill-dispensing mechanism, the first pill-viewing camera, and the identifying camera, and a storage medium.. .
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Nanostructures for structural colouring

The invention relates to a nanostructured product with a structurally coloured surface. The nanostructured product includes a substrate with a nanostructured surface having nano-sized pillars or holes arranged in a periodic pattern and extending into or out from the substrate.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


An application automatic micro droplet array screening system with picoliter scale precision

This invention is related to high-throughput screening field, in particular to an application method for automatic micro droplet array screening system of picoliter scale precision. According to this invention, the fluid driving system and the capillary are fully filled with fluid of low thermal expansion coefficient as the carrier fluid to thoroughly empty air bubbles in the capillary; after that, immersing the sampling end of capillary into the oil phase that is mutually immiscible with aqueous sample to aspirate a section of oil phase into the capillary for isolation of aqueous sample and carrier fluid; once completed, immersing the sampling end of capillary into the sample/reagent storage tube to aspirate a certain volume of aqueous sample into the capillary; finally, moving the sampling end of capillary to the oil phase above microwells on microwell array chip, and pushing the sample solution in the capillary into microwells to form sample droplet.
Zhejiang University


Specimen containing unit, specimen measurement cassette, specimen measurement unit, and specimen measurement device

A specimen containing unit according to one embodiment of the present invention relates to a structure for dipping a specimen into a reagent so as to react with the reagent, and the specimen containment unit comprises: a body portion rotatable by external force; an extension portion formed to be extended from one surface of the body portion at a predetermined length along a longitudinal direction; and a specimen containment portion provided to an end portion of the extension portion and including a containment hole formed to be penetrated while maintaining at a predetermined angle in the longitudinal direction so as to contain a specimen by a capillary phenomenon.. .
Infopia Co., Ltd.


Method of measuring the depth of penetration of a laser beam into a workpiece

A method for measuring the penetration depth of a laser beam into a work-piece. A focusing optical unit arranged in a machining head focuses the laser beam in a focal spot.
Precitec Optronik Gmbh


Carrier with heat dissipation structure

A carrier with heat dissipation structure includes a main body. The main body is made of silicone or rubber material.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.


Tamper resistant padlocks

Padlock structures in the form of a trailer lock (10) and base and shackle padlocks (124, 168) are provided. Each type of padlock includes a lock body/base (12, 126, 168) and a lock pin (42) or shackle (128).


Systems and methods for gathering water

A conduit system for gathering water from 1 soil includes multiple conduits configured for insertion into soil. Each conduit includes a wall having an outer surface configured to be exposed to soil and an inner surface defining a central passage.
Elwha Llc


Drainage pipe apparatus and system thereof

The present invention discloses a drainage system and drainage pipes thereof. It fulfills the present request for a full coverage of the “capillary drainage belt/board” on a drainage pipe.


Method for prediction of prognosis by human papillomavirus dna integration pattern

Provided is a method for analyzing the prognosis of cervical cancer according to the human papillomavirus (hpv) dna integration pattern. The method of analyzing the prognosis of cervical cancer according to the human papillomavirus dna integration pattern of the present invention enables an observation of the hpv dna integration pattern with accuracy and convenience via in situ hybridization (ish) compared to qpcr analysis.
National Cancer Center


Systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample

The invention generally relates to systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods that involve introducing a solvent into a capillary, introducing the capillary into a vessel including a sample such that a portion of the sample is introduced into the capillary, moving the sample and the solvent within the capillary to induce circulation within the sample and the solvent, thereby causing the analyte to be extracted from the sample and into the solvent, analyzing the analyte that has been extracted from the sample, and quantifying the analyte.
Purdue Research Foundation


Compositions and methods for treating anaplastic thyroid cancer

Methods of treating a disease or disorder characterized by cells with increased or aberrant expression of cytokeratin-8 (ck8) are disclosed. The methods typically include administering to a subject in need thereof a pharmaceutical composition including an effective amount of a ck8 inhibitor.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute, Inc.


Truncated l1 protein of human papillomavirus type 58

Provided are an n-terminal truncated l1 protein of the human papillomavirus type 58, a coding sequence and preparation method thereof, and a virus-like particle comprising the protein. Uses of the protein and the virus-like particle in the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition or a vaccine are further provided.
Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd.


Papillomavirus-like particles (vlp) as broad spectrum human papillomavirus (hpv) vaccines

This invention relates, e.g., to a virus-like particle (vlp) composition assembled from a chimeric polypeptide comprising a papilloma virus (e.g., human papillomavirus, or hpv) l1 major capsid protein, into which is inserted a surface-displayed peptide comprising a neutralizing epitope of a papillomavirus l2 protein. Vaccine compositions comprising the vlp are described, as well as methods for inducing an immune response (e.g., vaccinating) a subject against papilloma virus, using the vlp, and kits comprising the vlp, for carrying out a method of the invention..
The Johns Hopkins University


Vehicle body structure

A vehicle body structure includes a sill structure, a roof rail structure, a pillar structure, and a reinforcement member. The roof rail structure has a box section defining a roof rail cavity.
Nissan North America, Inc.


Nozzle and liquid material discharge device provided with said nozzle

A nozzle capable of removing a surplus liquid material, which is adhered to outer surfaces of the nozzle and which affects a discharge operation, without undergoing a special process, and a liquid material discharge device provided with the nozzle. The nozzle (1) includes a body (2) having a liquid inflow space, and a discharge tube (4) communicating with the liquid inflow space and extending downwards from the body (2).
Musashi Engineering, Inc.


Nucleic acid amplification device, nucleic acid amplification apparatus, and nucleic acid amplification method

A nucleic acid amplification device includes: an introduction unit into which a reaction solution including a target nucleic acid is introduced; a nucleic acid amplification reaction section in which at least two temperature zones of different temperature are present, for amplifying the target nucleic acid included in the reaction solution introduced into the introduction unit; and a channel arranged to pass back and forth or in cyclic fashion through the at least two temperature zones, and having a capillary force transport mechanism for feeding the reaction solution by capillary force.. .
Panasonic Corporation


Novel nanocomposites and their application as monolith columns

Novel materials for chromatographic separations, processes for their preparation, and separation devices containing the chromatographic materials. In particular, hybrid inorganic/organic monolith materials comprising a polymerized scaffolding nanocomposite (psn), wherein the nanocomposite contains a scaffolding functionality capable of chemically interacting with a surface of a second material are described.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Extruded immediate release abuse deterrent pill

The present disclosure relates to an oral, immediate release, abuse deterrent pill containing at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient susceptible to abuse which is homogenously spread throughout a carrier matrix used to deter abuse. The pill is prepared using hot melt extrusion and a forming unit through a continuous process.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc.


Cosmetic composition with a volumizing effect

One additional agent chosen from essential oils, agents for promoting capillary circulation and temperature regulators, and mixtures thereof.. .


Apparatus and controlled dosage of pills

This invention is an apparatus that, connected to a computer program, controls the process of filling of pills in trays for medicine dispensers or pillboxes with multiple chambers. The apparatus is characterized by applying a control scanner and a precision weight for precise dispensing of the pills and by gate templates to guide the pills to selected chambers in the target pillboxes.
Scanbit A/s


Apparatus for drawing of a bodily fluid and method therefor

A sample holder that enables mid-infrared spectroscopy of a test sample using mid-infrared light is disclosed. The sample holder includes an inlet port and a sample chamber that comprises a sample region and a capillary channel that fluidically couples the inlet port and the sample region.


Smoking system having a liquid storage portion

A smoking system includes a capillary wick for holding liquid, at least one air inlet, at least one air outlet and a chamber between the air inlet and air outlet. The air inlet, the air outlet and the chamber are arranged so as to define an air flow route from the air inlet to the air outlet via the capillary wick so as to convey aerosol formed from the liquid to the air outlet.


Method of fabricating semiconductor device

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming line patterns over a first region of an etch target layer and a pre-pad pattern over second and third regions of the etch target layer; forming pillars over the line patterns and a sacrificial pad pattern over the pre-pad pattern; forming first spacers over sidewalls of the pillars such that the first spacers contact one another and form first pre-openings therebetween; removing the pillars to form second pre-openings; cutting the line patterns through the first and second pre-openings, and forming cut patterns; etching the pre-pad pattern using the sacrificial pad pattern as an etch mask, and forming a pad pattern; and etching the etch target layer using the cut patterns and the pad pattern as an etch mask, to define first patterns and a second pattern over the first region and the second region, respectively.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Bistable relay and bistable actuator

A bistable relay and a bistable actuator are provided. The bistable actuator includes a magnetic latching mechanism and an electromagnet.


Correlation of disease activity with clonal expansions of human papillomavirus 16-specific cd8+ t-cells in patients with severe erosive oral lichen planus

A massive clonal expansion of activated cd8+ t-cells with increased frequency of hpv 16-specific cd8+ t-cells was discovered to be a characteristic of oral lichen planus (olp), indicating a causal link between hpv infection and the dysimmune process. The invention relates to compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of olp patients..
Assistance Publique - Hopitaux De Paris


Method for manufacturing a substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectography and substrate

A substrate for surface-enhanced raman spectography includes a support including an upper surface; a supporting structure including at least one microstructured pattern, the microstructured pattern including a top and sidewalls, with the sidewalls extending according to a direction secant to the direction of the upper surface; a multilayer arranged on the sidewalls of the microstructured pattern, with the multilayer including at least two pillar layers, separated from each other by an intermediate layer, each intermediate layer having an end set back with respect to an end of each adjacent pillar layer in such a way that the ends of two successive pillar layers form pins separated by a cavity, with the ends of the pillar layers being covered by a metal layer.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Pico test leak

A test leak device (10) comprising a gas-filled container (12) and a capillary (18) extending through the container wall is characterized in that the gas consists to at least 10% of atmospheric air (20).. .
Inficon Gmbh

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