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 System and  remotely monitoring medication compliance using a pillbox with a camera patent thumbnailSystem and remotely monitoring medication compliance using a pillbox with a camera
A system and method for monitoring compliance with medications is disclosed. The system includes a pillbox, a control system that is spaced away from the pillbox, an information transfer system, and a monitoring device.
Clear Rock Technologies Incorporated

 Indicating quality of service of a message intended for a machine type communication device in a capillary network patent thumbnailIndicating quality of service of a message intended for a machine type communication device in a capillary network
Thus, provided is, i.e., a method at a core network node of determining qos of a message intended for an mtc device in a capillary network. The method comprises receiving a message on a destination port, a number of which destination port indicates a required qos with which the message should be sent towards the mtc device, and deriving the required qos from the destination port number.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
In a semiconductor device including an igbt and a diode, an upper-side lifetime control region, which is provided in the drift region within a range located above an intermediate depth of the drift region, is provided in a diode area and is not provided in an igbt area. A first inter-trench semiconductor region, which is adjacent to a second inter-trench semiconductor region in a diode area, includes a barrier region of an n-type located between the body region and the drift region and a pillar region of the n-type extending from a position being in contact with the upper electrode to a position being in contact with the barrier region.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Semiconductor devices with solder-based connection terminals and  forming the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor devices with solder-based connection terminals and forming the same
An electronic device is provided, which includes a substrate having an electrically conductive contact pad thereon and an electrically conductive connection terminal on the contact pad. The connection terminal includes an electrically conductive pillar structure and a solder layer that extends on the pillar structure and contacts a protruding portion of a sidewall of the pillar structure.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 System and  valve quantification patent thumbnailSystem and valve quantification
Systems and methods of valve quantification are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of mitral valve quantification is provided.
Materialise N.v.

 Optical element and display device patent thumbnailOptical element and display device
A optical element prevents a contaminant component adhering to the edge thereof from spreading through the capillary action and thus from forming a stain. A display device includes the element.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 Ion source alignment patent thumbnailIon source alignment
An ion analysis instrument is disclosed comprising an indicator device for providing an indication of a relative positioning of an ion source, a sample, and/or a sampling orifice or capillary of an ion analysis instrument such as a mass or ion mobility spectrometer in order to facilitate re-alignment of one or more of these components following a change. The indicator device comprises a source of electromagnetic radiation such as a pair of lasers or image projection devices..
Micromass Uk Limited

 Outdoor bamboo floor and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailOutdoor bamboo floor and manufacturing method thereof
The present invention relates to an outdoor bamboo floor and a manufacturing method thereof, in particular, to an outdoor bamboo floor subjected to an immersion treatment using hot oil. Conduits or other capillary structures of a bamboo material in the outdoor bamboo floor of the present invention are filled with an oil medium, with an oil content of 2-10%.
Zhejiang Yongyu Bamboo Joint-stock Co., Ltd.

 Platelet activation device having multi-channel blood passage patent thumbnailPlatelet activation device having multi-channel blood passage
The present invention relates to a platelet activation device and, more particularly, to a platelet activation device having a multi-channel blood passage, which applies capillary stress to a biological fluid including platelets, thereby activating the platelets included in the blood. The present invention provides an activation structure having multiple microchannels, the structure comprising at least one blood passage, each of which has the same width and comprises multiple bent portions, wherein, while blood successively passes through the multiple bent portions, physical stress is applied to the platelets included in the blood, thereby inducing activation of the platelets, and ⅓ of the amount of blood is distributed to each blood passage, so as to correspond to the number of blood passages, thereby substantially reducing the number of reciprocating movements of blood and shortening the platelet activation time to a large extent..
Good Morning Bio Co., Ltd.

 Material  fabricating refractory material-based 3d printed objects patent thumbnailMaterial fabricating refractory material-based 3d printed objects
A material system and method for bonding refractory powders in a three dimensional printer. A first particulate component including a refractory material is mixed with a first reactive component to form a particulate mixture.
3dbotics, Inc.

Analysis chip and sample analysis apparatus

Provided are an analysis chip and a sample analysis device by which it is possible to perform analysis rapidly and accurately on a plurality of items simultaneously using a small amount of liquid for measurement. An analysis chip (10) is provided with: a substrate (20) formed in a substantially disc shape; an insertion hole (22) formed in the center of the substrate (20), a liquid to be measured being inserted into the insertion hole (22); and micro-flow paths (23) into which the liquid to be measured can be guided from the insertion hole (22) by capillary action, each of the micro-flow paths (23) having therein a plurality of types of antigens (30) that are fixed in place with gaps therebetween, the antigens (30) selectively reacting to components in the liquid to be measured..
Takano Co.,ltd.

Piperidine derivatives as human papilloma virus inhibitors

The present disclosure is directed to antiviral compounds directed against the papilloma virus, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to their preparation method and synthesis intermediates, as well as to their use for treating or preventing an infection by the papilloma virus. The present method thus provides an efficient way of treating patients that have lesions associated with an infection by the papilloma virus..
Aviragen Therapeutics, Inc.

Pill cap apparatus and use

A pill cap apparatus and method of use is disclosed herein. The pill cap attaches to bottles and containers to aid in patient compliance with a dosage regimen using solid dosage units of medicine such as pills, capsules and tablets..

Inhibition of methanogenesis to control wood boring insects and pestilence

A method for inhibiting methane production in the digestive tract of methanogenic archaea (e.g., termites, other wood boring pests). The inhibiting of the critical biochemical pathways specific to the methanogenic archaea is achieved by having the methanogenic archaea ingest an anti-methanogenic compound.
Environmental Intellectual Property, Inc

Carbon nanotube array, material, electronic device, process for producing carbon nanotube array, and process for producing field effect transistor

In order to obtain a carbon nanotube array including no m-cnts through simple steps using a mechanism that is different from thermocapillary flow, there are provided a process for producing a carbon nanotube array including (a) a step of preparing a carbon nanotube array in which m-cnts and s-cnts are horizontally aligned; (b) a step of forming an organic layer on the carbon nanotube array; (c) a step of applying voltage to the carbon nanotube array in a long axis direction of the carbon nanotubes constituting the carbon nanotube array in the air; and (d) a step of removing the organic layer, and a carbon nanotube array obtained by the process.. .
The University Of Tokyo

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a first selection gate insulating film, a first selection gate, a first gate insulating film, a first contact electrode, a first bit line connected to an upper portion of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer and an upper portion of the first contact electrode, a second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a layer including a first charge storage layer, a first control gate, a layer including a second charge storage layer and formed above the first control gate, a second control gate, a second gate insulating film, a second contact electrode having an upper portion connected to an upper portion of the second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, and a first lower internal line that connects a lower portion of the first pillar-shaped semiconductor layer and a lower portion of the second pillar-shaped semiconductor layer.. .
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device according to an embodiment includes a sic layer having a first plane and a second plane, a first sic region of a first conductivity type which is provided in the sic layer, first and second pillar regions of a second conductivity type, third and fourth pillar regions of a second conductivity type which are provided between the first and second pillar regions and the first plane, a gate electrode provided between the third pillar region and the fourth pillar region, first and second body regions of the second conductivity type, a gate insulating film, fifth and sixth pillar regions provided between the third and fourth pillar regions and the gate electrode, first and second source regions of the first conductivity type.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a fin-shaped semiconductor layer and a pillar-shaped semiconductor layer on the fin-shaped semiconductor layer. A metal gate line is connected to a metal gate electrode and extends in a direction perpendicular to a direction that of the fin-shaped semiconductor layer.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Semiconductor device

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a substrate; a first structure; a second structure; a step; an insulating layer; a first pillar; a second pillar; a first contact portion; and a second contact. The first structure includes a first electrode layer and a first insulator.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor memory device includes a structural body, first to fourth pillars, a first interconnection, a second interconnection, a third interconnection, and a fourth interconnection. The first to fourth pillars provides within the structural body extending along the first direction.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and locating errors in the distribution of prescribed pills in an organizer box of sequential compartments holding the pills therein

Enabling a user to determine whether any set of pills, stored in a physical sequential line of storage compartments with each of the sequential storage compartments having a respective set of pills, is the correct respective set of pills for the compartment.. .

Monitoring system for medication compliance

A method and system for monitoring compliance with medication regimens. The system is integrated onto the back or side of a medication dispensing package for monitoring and compliance tracking of medication regimens.

Rapid test for the qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of antibodies against human papilloma viruses (hpv) present in body fluid, and device for carrying out the rapid test

A rapid test for a qualitative and/or quantitative assay of antibodies present in body fluid against human papilloma viruses (hpv) includes mixing a specimen of body fluid with a reagent which essentially comprises a predetermined quantity of physiologically acting liquid and a predetermined quantity of at least one hpv-specific antigen. The mixture is fed to an analysis which utilizes a change that is at least one of measurable or perceivable by a user..

Synthetic thread based lateral flow immunoassay

The present disclosure generally relates to lateral flow immunoassay systems, devices and methods, for detecting analytes in biological samples. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to synthetic thread based lateral flow immunofluorescent assay systems, devices and methods.
Nplex Pty Ltd.

A test strip for melamine detection

Described here is a test strip for detection of melamine, comprising: a support configured for capillary flow of a fluid sample from a first end of the support to a second end of the support that is downstream from the first end; a conjugation pad disposed adjacent to the first end of the support and including nanoparticles configured for suspension in the sample flowing past the conjugation pad, the nanoparticles configured to produce a colorimetric effect when exposed to melamine; and a test portion downstream of the conjugation pad and including a molecular recognition agent immobilized on the support and having an affinity for melamine.. .
The University Of Miami

Multi-axis hinges and containers including the same

According to the embodiments provided herein, a multi-axis hinge can include a fixed axis body and an articulating body. The fixed axis body and the articulating body can be in rotational engagement and can be configured to rotate with respect to one another around a hinge rotational axis.
Buckhorn, Inc.

Vehicle side structure

The configuration of a vehicle side structure according to the present invention is characterized by including an upper pillar reinforcing member that forms an upper edge of a front door opening of a vehicle, a pillar hinge reinforcing member that forms a front edge of the front door opening, and a side sill strengthening member that forms a lower edge of the front door opening, wherein the pillar hinge reinforcing member has a hinge bulged portion that is bulged toward the vehicle exterior, along a vertical direction, the hinge bulged portion has at least one ridge line that is curved so as to protrude toward the vehicle front side, and the at least one ridge line links a joining point between the pillar hinge reinforcing member and the upper pillar reinforcing member and a joining point between the pillar hinge reinforcing member and the side sill strengthening member.. .
Suzuki Motor Corporation

Tattoo needle tip with capillary ink reservoir and combined device thereof

A tattoo needle tip (10) with a capillary ink reservoir (13) and combined device thereof are provided. The tattoo needle tip (10) includes a needle tip body (11).

Microfluidic delivery system and cartridge

A cartridge for a microfluidic delivery system is provided. The cartridge includes a reservoir for containing a fluid composition.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Inflatable pillow, for inflating and deflating the same

An inflatable pillow, a method and a device for inflating and deflating the same are disclosed. The inflatable pillow includes a pillow envelope and n airbags in the pillow envelop; an interior of the pillow envelope is partitioned into m chambers and there is provided at least one of the airbags in each of the chambers; each of the airbags has a hole which is configured for inflating and deflating the airbag; m and n are positive integers and m is not larger than n..
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Furniture filling

A pillow and its method of creation are provided. The pillow, or other filled item, begins as a piece of fabric that is filled with a blend of discrete amounts of latex, and a volume of fiberfill.
Pegasus Home Fashions, Inc.

Electronic pillow pad of snore and noise cancellation and the method thereof

An electronic pillow pad of snore and noise cancellation includes: a pillow pad having a plurality of microphones, a plurality of speakers, and a first communication unit, and a mobile device having a second communication unit and a control unit. When the first communication unit of the pillow pad is connected with the second communication unit of the mobile device, the control unit of the mobile device generates a plurality of control signals in the light of the audio signal or the noise signal detected by the microphones of the pillow pad, and the speakers of the pillow pad are controlled by the mobile device with the control signals to output the audio signal or the anti-noise signal that cancels out the noise signal..
Chung Yuan Christian University

Travel pillow

A travel pillow for supporting the head of a person when seated comprises a generally u-shaped frame having two side members and a rear member, and a padded generally u-shaped cushion fixed with the frame. In one embodiment, the pillow includes a plurality of cushions each fixed along the frame.
Cabeau, Inc.

Integrated fluidic flow network for fluid management

An apparatus and method is presented for the management of fluid flow utilizing different adjacent wettability regions to form a fluidic network structure on a substrate. The fluidic network structure may include liquid-absorptive fluidic channels, where the fluid can flow within these channels and be removed from the substrate.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Electronic smoking article

An electronic cigarette includes a capillary tube in communication with a liquid supply including liquid material and a heater operable to heat the capillary tube to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material contained therein and form an aerosol. The liquid supply is adapted to be squeezed or otherwise compressed so as to allow a smoker to manually pump liquid to the capillary tube and simultaneously activate the heater..
Altria Client Services Llc

Selection of capillary network gateway to a cellular network

The present disclosure relates to the capillary network gateway selection in a capillary network. In particular, the present disclosure relates to a methods and arrangements for selecting a capillary network gateway, cgw, for linking of a machine device, md, arranged to operate in a capillary network, to a cellular network.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor memory device includes a substrate, a stacked body, a pillar, and memory film. The substrate has a major surface.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Conductive contacts having varying widths and manufacturing same

A bump structure includes a contact element formed on a substrate and a passivation layer overlying the substrate. The passivation layer includes a passivation opening exposing the contact element.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Chuck assembly with tiltable chuck and semiconductor fabrication system including the same

A chuck assembly includes a chuck to hold a substrate, and a pillar coupled to the chuck to support the chuck, an axis of the pillar passing through a center of the pillar in a longitudinal direction of the pillar, wherein the chuck has a top surface, which is inclined with respect to the axis of the pillar, the top surface of the chuck being precessionally rotatable about the axis of the pillar.. .

Pillow remote controller using audible commands

A pillow, with its internally contained electronics (an audio receiver, decoder, function controller, power controller, transmitter selector, interface, and transmitter circuitries) that provides a user with the ability to conveniently speak, or sound out in any manner, audible commands into it (the pillow) to remotely control the operating functions of various different types of devices while he or she is comfortably resting on it (the pillow). .

Display panel and display device including the same

The invention discloes a display panel and a display device including the same, wherein the display panel includes a first substrate, a second substrate arranged opposite to the first substrate, and first pillar spacers and second pillar spacers arranged between the first substrate and the second substrate, wherein a height of the first pillar spacers is larger than a height of the second pillar spacer; the first substrate includes a plurality of first touch electrodes; and the first pillar spacers include first ends away from the second substrate, and orthographic projections of the first ends of the first pillar spacers onto a plane where the first substrate is located lie in orthographic projections of the first touch electrodes onto the plane where the first substrate is located.. .
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

Voltage detecting probe and measuring device

A voltage detecting probe includes a first shield with an insertion concave formed at a front end; a second shield that has a base end of the first shield inserted thereinto; and a detection electrode formed of a conductive cylindrical member, covered with an insulating covering, and housed inside the first shield. The first shield or detection electrode moves along an axis when an operation lever is moved.
Hioki Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

Capillary foams, methods of making thereof, and uses thereof including for mitigation of oil spills

Methods of making various capillary foams are provided. The foams can include liquid foams having a plurality of particles connected by a network of a secondary fluid at the interface between the discontinuous and continuous phase.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Passive pumps for microfluidic devices

Provided herein are passive microfluidic pumps. The pumps can comprise a fluid inlet, an absorbent region, a resistive region fluidly connecting the fluid inlet and the absorbent region, and an evaporation barrier enclosing the resistive region, the absorbent region, or a combination thereof.
North Carolina State University

Truncated l1 protein of human papillomavirus type 11

The invention relates to a truncated l1 protein of the human papillomavirus type 11, a virus-like particle consisting of the protein, a vaccine comprising said virus-like particle, and the use of the vaccine in the prevention of condyloma acuminatum or hpv infections.. .
Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Compositions, methods and uses for thermally stable human papillomavirus formulations

Embodiments of the present invention provide for novel compositions and methods for making and using a thermally stable human papilloma virus (hpv) formulation or other stabilized multimeric virus formulation. Certain embodiments concern lyophilizing hpv formulations in the presence or absence of adjuvants.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Adenoviral vector vaccine

Provided are adenoviral vectors for generating an immune response to antigen. The vectors comprise a transcription unit encoding a secretable polypeptide, the polypeptide comprising a secretory signal sequence upstream of a tumor antigen upstream of cd40 ligand, which is missing all or substantially all of the transmembrane domain rendering cd40l secretable.
Vaxum, Llc

Visual verification pharmacy tray

The present invention provides a pill tray that allows a user to efficiently and reliably verify the contents of a filled prescription. Design features that avoid the presence of sharp edges and allow visualization of the entire surface of the pill tray help reduce and/or eliminate the risk of commingling of pills between separate prescriptions..
Cvs Pharmacy, Inc.

Plush travel pillow with elongated arms

A plush travel pillow with elongated arms provides a plush backing with the upper ends of a pair of arms affixed to the lower front corners thereof. The overall size of the pillow may be reduced for use by children of various ages, or in the context of airline seats or other coach travel seats.


A pillow comprises a substantially u-shaped body defining a recess adapted to house the neck of a user. The u-shaped body has a rear portion and first and second side portions that define a rear wall and first and second side walls of the recess and define a shoulder-contacting base and an upper surface.
Oakthrift Corporation Ltd

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