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This page is updated frequently with new Pill-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes providing a semiconductor substrate having a main surface and a gate electrode which is within a trench between neighboring semiconductor mesas. The gate electrode is electrically insulated from the neighboring semiconductor mesas by respective dielectric layers.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

 Packaging structure of a magnetic device patent thumbnailPackaging structure of a magnetic device
An inductor is disclosed, the inductor comprising: a t-shaped magnetic core, being made of a material comprising an annealed soft magnetic metal material and having a base and a pillar integrally formed with the base, wherein the volume of the base is v1 and the volume of the pillar is v2; a coil wound on the pillar; and a magnetic body encapsulating the pillar, the coil and a portion of the base, wherein the ratio of v1 to v2 (v1/v2) is configured in a pre-determined range so as to reduce the total core loss of the inductor with the equivalent permeability of the inductor being between 28.511 and 52.949.. .
Cyntec Co., Ltd.

 Apparatuses, methods and systems for estimating water diffusivity and microcirculation of blood using dw-mri data patent thumbnailApparatuses, methods and systems for estimating water diffusivity and microcirculation of blood using dw-mri data
Apparatuses, methods and systems for estimating water diffusivity and microcirculation of blood using dw-mri data (“aew”) are disclosed herein. The apparatuses, methods and systems provide a computational framework for choosing and applying the most appropriate model in different regions of a heterogeneous area on a voxel-by-voxel basis.
Foundation For Research And Technology - Hellas (forth)

 Centrifuge patent thumbnailCentrifuge
A centrifuge is provided. The centrifuge includes a power source, the power source configured to generate electrical power from a renewable power source.
Western New England University

 System and  processing biological specimens patent thumbnailSystem and processing biological specimens
A system for processing biological specimens mounted on microscope slides by adding and removing processing fluids from microscope slides by means of capillary action using a slide holder capable of holding multiple microscope slides, and a spacer positioned in between two slides of a slide pair to create a capillary gap. A capillary gap adjuster can be used to pinch and release one end of the slide pair to create a pulsatile action to mix the reagent within the capillary gap.

 Method for detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa (pa) using volatile biomarkers patent thumbnailMethod for detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa (pa) using volatile biomarkers
A method of determining the presence of pseudomonas involves establishing a gaseous headspace over a surface suspected of containing at least one pseudomonas strain and contacting at least a portion of the gaseous headspace with a capillary microextraction of volatiles (cmv) sampling device to absorb at least one component of the headspace by the cmv sampling device. The component loaded cmv sampling device is coupled to an injection port of an analytical device where the components are desorbed into the analytical device, where components are separated, detected, and identified to determine if one or more of the identified components is a biomarker for at least one pseudomonas strain..
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

 Washable pillow patent thumbnailWashable pillow
A washable pillow includes a quilted sleeve comprising a viscoelastic foam layer and a till material that can comprise viscoelastic foam. The pillow may be washed and dried using conventional household methods without damage or lass of mechanical properties..
Dan-foam Aps

 Two-opening pillow case patent thumbnailTwo-opening pillow case
A pillowcase having two complementary sections are provided with multiple holes on the edges of the two sections or adjacent to the edges of the sections. A first hole is dimensioned to accept a pillow, as is common practice in the art, and can be the length of a transverse edge of the pillow case, or substantially the length of a transverse edge.

 Electrically heated smoking system having a liquid storage portion patent thumbnailElectrically heated smoking system having a liquid storage portion
An electrically heated smoking system includes a shell and a replaceable mouthpiece. The shell includes an electric power supply and electric circuitry.

 Plant growth support pot patent thumbnailPlant growth support pot
A plant growth support pot having a support structure to enhance growth in a desired line, said support pot comprising of a pot, wherein said pot has a pot-height, a pot-collar, a pot-bottom, a pot-side-wall and a pot-top; an insert, wherein said insert has an insert-height, an insert-collar, an insert-bottom, an insert-side-wall and an insert-top, wherein said insert-height being shorter than said pot-height; said insert being inserted into the pot, wherein said insert-collar coincides with said pot-collar; a plurality of pillar members each having a distal, a medial and a proximal end; said pot-bottom comprising of a plurality of receiving holes to receive said distal end of said pillar members; and said insert-bottom comprising of a plurality of insert-aperture to receive said medial section of said pillar members.. .


Emi shielding structure for electronic components

An emi shielding structure for electronic components includes a cover body for enclosing and shielding at least one electronic component. The cover body includes a top section defining a chamber.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.


Tantalum capacitor and manufacturing the same

A tantalum capacitor includes a capacitor body; a tantalum wire disposed on a surface of the capacitor body; an encapsulant part enclosing the capacitor body and the tantalum wire; an anode lead frame connected to the tantalum wire and exposed to an outer surface of the encapsulant part; and a cathode lead frame disposed on a surface of the capacitor body and exposed to the outer surface of the encapsulant part. The anode lead frame includes a pillow head part connected to the tantalum wire and an electrode plate connected to the pillow head part and exposed to the outer surface of the encapsulant part, and the pillow head part includes an etched surface..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Visual indicator and fluid dispenser

A visual indicator display device includes a bracelet, a transparent capillary chamber, and a displacement member. The transparent capillary chamber is matched to an indicia and has a primary length and a width less than the primary length.
Preciflex Sa


Pill removal detection from pill package

Technologies are generally provided for a pill dispensing device to track removal of a pill from a pill package. The device may include circuits printed/embedded on a composite sheet configured to be locally or completely flexible/stretchable with a multitude of slits corresponding to locations of pill containing cavities of the pill package.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Rapid lateral flow assay low quantity liquid or dry samples

This invention describes a device for assaying a dry or small volume liquid sample on a lateral flow capillary assay by utilizing a supplementary non-sample aqueous solution that will push the sample up the assay without diluting or significantly diluting the original sample. This invention enables a sample to be assayed rapidly and/or on-site when the sample is in dried or solid form, or when the liquid volume is too small to complete an assay.


High performance quartz crystal microbalance enhanced by microstructures for biological applications

Quartz crystal microbalance resonators are described, as are methods of making them using micron sized pillar array of polymethyl methacrylate fabricated on a qcm surface using a nanoimprint lithography process. Their use in any applications, including for example gas and liquid sensors and biosensors as well as other measurement applications, is also discussed..
University Of Massachusetts


Method for heat transfer and device therefor

A heat transfer device comprising at least an aggregate of fibres or sheet of fibres (60) with internal passages and holes capable of capillary transport of liquids capable of capillary convection of coolant fluid from a heat source region (54) to heat dissipation region (56) and vice versa. A supply of coolant fluid in sufficient amount is provided to be absorbed or contained by said fibres or sheet of fibres (60) with internal passages and holes capable of capillary transport of liquids.
Nexchip Technologies


Evaporator with simplified assembly for diphasic loop

An evaporator for a diphasic heat transfer system with capillary pumping, includes a base plate with a peripheral edge and an outer face for receiving heat receiving calories from a dissipative element, a body with a bottom, side portions and a border adjacent to the peripheral border of the base plate, a porous mass forming a layer with a capillary structure, interposed between the base plate and the bottom, which defines a first gas chamber and a second liquid chamber, the body being assembled on the base plate by crimping, such that there is no need for a gluing, screwing, riveting or welding operation to obtain a tight assembly of the evaporator.. .
Calyos Sa


Heat pipe structure

A heat pipe structure includes a main body. The main body has a first board body, a second board body, a capillary structure and a working fluid.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.


Pool cover device

A pool cover assembly for preventing a cover from contacting a fluid in a pool while the cover is placed over the pool includes the cover that may be positioned over the pool. The cover completely covers the fluid in the pool.


Modular radiochemistry synthesis system

A modular chemical production system includes multiple modules for performing a chemical reaction, particularly of radiochemical compounds, from a remote location. One embodiment comprises a reaction vessel including a moveable heat source with the position thereof relative to the reaction vessel being controllable from a remote position.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Retractable seatbelt positioner with stowage feature

The present teachings provide for a vehicle seatbelt positioner. The vehicle can include a pillar and seatbelt.


Side pillar assemblies with multi-surface retention structures for side airbags

A vehicle includes a pillar garnish mounted at a side pillar assembly of the vehicle. The pillar garnish has an upper end portion, a roof head lining with an outer portion that extends along the upper end portion of the pillar garnish, and an airbag jump bracket fixedly located between a pillar body and the roof head lining.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Capillary dialyzers

The present disclosure relates to capillary dialyzers for blood purification comprising from 85-95% crimped fibres and from 5-15% non-crimped fibres.. .
Gambro Lundia Ab


Pill dispenser

A pill dispensing system that includes pill packages that can be used to dispense pills manually or with a dispenser system to provide enhanced functionality. The packages can be provided with information relating to the packaged pills or to the use of the packaged pills.
Access Business Group International Llc


Medicinal solution collecting tool and endoscope cleaning/disinfecting apparatus

A medicinal solution collecting tool of the invention includes: a pillar-shaped portion including an insertion end and a withdrawal end; a collecting section provided on the insertion end side of the pillar-shaped portion; a collecting port provided on a surface of the pillar-shaped portion; and a guide section provided on the surface of the pillar-shaped portion, the guide section including a first guide section being convex or concave and parallel to an axial direction of the pillar-shaped portion, and a second guide section provided on the withdrawal end side relative to the first guide section, the second guide section being convex or concave and crossing the axial direction of the pillar-shaped portion.. .
Olympus Corporation


Attachable and detachable pillows for prone sleeping

Two rectangular pillows are attached and become prone pillows; one pillow supports one's forehead, and another supports one's chest allowing sleepers to sleep comfortably in a prone position. These two pillows can also be detached and become two general purpose pillows when they are not used for prone sleeping..


Hook-and-loop fastener manufacturing method and hook-and-loop fastener

There is provided a hook-and-loop fastener manufacturing method. Injection molding is performed to form a molded product in which a pillar group and a base plate having a surface from which the pillar group protrudes are integrated into a unified body.
Ykk Corporation


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a pillar-shaped silicon layer on a fin-shaped silicon layer. A gate insulating film and a metal gate electrode are around the pillar-shaped silicon layer and a metal gate line extends in a direction perpendicular to the fin-shaped silicon layer and is connected to the metal gate electrode.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Semiconductor device having super junction structure, manufacturing the same and manufacturing super junction structure

A semiconductor device having a super junction structure includes a substrate, an epitaxial layer of a first conductivity type, a plurality of pillars of a second conductivity type, a plurality of gate trenches, an insulating layer and a plurality of doped wells of the second conductivity type. The epitaxial layer of the first conductivity type is on the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Tec integrated with substrate

This disclosure generally relates to high-speed fiber optic networks that use light signals to transmit data over a network. The disclosed subject matter includes devices and methods relating to thermoelectric coolers (tecs) and/or optoelectronic subassemblies.
Finisar Corporation


Multi-dimensional electrophoresis apparatus

An electrophoresis apparatus is generally disclosed for sequentially analyzing a single sample or multiple samples having one or more analytes in high or low concentrations. The apparatus comprises a relatively large-bore transport capillary which intersects with a plurality of small-bore separation capillaries and includes a valve system.
Princeton Biochemicals, Inc.


Defect reduction methods and composition for via formation in directed self-assembly patterning

The present invention relates to a two novel processes, “dual coating process and single coating process,” for forming an array of via's by employing a graphoepitaxy approach, where an array of pillars the surface of the pillars has been modified by the formation of a hydrophobic poly(vinyl aryl) brush at the surface of the pillars. The present invention also relates to a composition comprising a poly(vinyl aryl) hydrophopic polymer brush precursor terminated at one chain end with a reactive functional group, a diblock copolymer comprising an etch resistant hydrophobic block and a highly etchable hydrophilic block, a thermal acid generator and a solvent..
Az Electronic Materials (luxembourg) S.a.r.l.


Clip, curtain airbag mounting structure and pillar garnish mounting structure

A clip includes a clip main body. The clip main body has a pair of locking pawls which are deformable in a direction in which they approach each other.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Filter element and manufacturing the filter element

Magnetic elements are provided inside a ceramic filter plate for creating a magnetic field. In an embodiment of the invention, magnetic elements are located in cavities provided in partition walls which define filtrate channels between themselves.
Outotec (finland) Oy


Smart pill container, control method and system

A medicine pill box or pill bottle equipped with sensors to detect presence or absence status of pills and/or movement of the pill box or bottle and/or removal of a bottle cap, and a communication module for wirelessly communicating with an external device to exchange data with the connected device and internet-based services. The internet-based service records the data from the pill box or bottle and sends relevant notifications and reminders to authorized users.


Apparatus and methods for filling a drug eluting medical device via capillary action

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for filling a therapeutic substance or drug within a hollow wire that forms a stent. The stent is placed within a chamber housing a fluid drug formulation.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Three-dimensional electrode and a biological probe comprising the same

The present invention provides a three-dimensional electrode having high cell affinity and capacitive coupling, comprising a pillar portion and a spherical portion, wherein the diameter of the spherical portion is larger than that of the pillar portion, and the carbon nanotubes are coated on the spherical portion, and pillar portion and the spherical portion are made of material selected from metal materials. The present invention may be used for developing biological probes having high cell affinity and capacitive coupling so as to provide high accuracy for measurement of neural cells or electrocardiograms and prevent from distortion..
National Tsing Hua University


Pillow with firearm compartment

A pillow for holding a firearm comprising a pillow assembly and a firearm compartment positioned inside the pillow assembly. The firearm compartment is configured to define a grip portion, a trigger guard portion, and a barrel portion.
Safepillow, Llc


Front facing sitting pillow

Improvements in a front facing sitting pillow that mounts or sits on a table desk or tray. For people that are in a restricted seat, like on an airplane seat, the person in a seat has limited access to the floor or other structure.


Direct injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on wafers

Solder bumps are provided on round wafers through the use of injection molded solder. Copper pillars or ball limiting metallurgy are formed over i/o pads within the channels of a patterned mask layer.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Compact mass spectrometer

A miniature mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure ionisation source, a first vacuum chamber having an atmospheric pressure sampling orifice or capillary, a second vacuum chamber located downstream of the first vacuum chamber and a third vacuum chamber located downstream of the second vacuum chamber. A first vacuum pump is arranged and adapted to pump the first vacuum chamber, wherein the first vacuum pump is arranged and adapted to maintain the first vacuum chamber at a pressure <10 mbar.
Micromass Uk Limited


Lp(a) subform size identification by capillary isotachophoresis electrophoresis with laser-induced-fluorescence

The application describes methods for determining the concentration and/or particle number of a lipoprotein(a) subform in a biological sample using capillary isotachophoresis laser induced fluorescence (ce-itp-lif) and compositional analysis of lipoprotein(a) particles. The ability to measure the concentration and/or particle number of a lipoprotein(a) subform in a biological sample provides a useful diagnostic tool for assessing cardiovascular risk in a subject..
Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc.


Two-phase heat transfer device

A two-phase heat transfer device that is capillary-driven or gravity-driven, has a two-phase working fluid contained in a closed general circuit, including an evaporator, a condenser, a reservoir having an inner volume with a liquid portion and a gas portion, a first vapor communication circuit, and a second liquid phase communication circuit. The reservoir comprises a plurality of floating bodies separating the liquid portion from the gas portion, by means of which the heat exchanges between the liquid portion and the gas portion are slowed down, which allows to diminish the effect of movement of the liquid portion or of an influx of cold or warm liquid into the reservoir..
Euro Heat Pipes


Method for refining hydrogen

The present invention is to provide a method for refining hydrogen with a hydrogen refining device in which the inside of a cell is divided into a primary side space and a secondary side space by palladium alloy capillaries each having one end being closed and a tube sheet supporting the open end of the palladium alloy capillaries, in which impurity-containing hydrogen is introduced from the primary side space to allow hydrogen to permeate the palladium alloy capillaries so as to collect pure hydrogen from the secondary side space. The method for refining hydrogen has a capability of decreasing the removed amount of gas containing impurities and efficiently collecting pure hydrogen from the secondary side space.
Japan Pionics Co., Ltd.


World pillow

A cushion optionally includes an interface for support on a surface and a head supporting section and a neck positioning section. The head support may include a u-shaped outwardly bowed ledge for supporting an occipital bone and/or a temporal bone.


Device and system for sampling and analyzing a liquid specimen

A system for sampling and analyzing a liquid specimen includes a device and a reagent container that can be pre-filled with an analytical reagent. The device may have a sample collecting system for collecting a predetermined volume of the liquid specimen, and a container for analyzing the liquid specimen collected by the sample collecting system.


Method and preparing aerogel by drying under reduced pressure

A method and an apparatus for preparing aerogel by drying under reduced pressure. The gel to be dried is placed into a sealed drying apparatus which can be depressurized by air extraction or/and can be heated to raise the temperature.
Hong Da Technology (bei Jing) Co. Ltd.


Device and filtering a suspension

Method for filtering a suspension consisting of a fluid and cell or solid particles, wherein the suspension is guided at least through a curved capillary tube of a filter and passes at least partially through a porous filter wall of the curved capillary tube in order to separate the fluid from the cell or solid particles, wherein the curvature of the capillary tube has a predetermined radius of curvature which is suitable for specifically preventing an accumulation of cell or solid particles of the suspension on an inner curvature edge of the capillary tube.. .
Hemacon Gmbh


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a first and second fin-shaped semiconductor layers on a substrate. A first insulating film is around the first and second fin-shaped layers.


Strained stacked nanosheet fets and/or quantum well stacked nanosheet

Exemplary embodiments provide for fabricating a nanosheet stack structure having one or more sub-stacks. Aspects of the exemplary embodiments include: growing an epitaxial crystalline initial stack of one or more sub-stacks, each of the sub-stacks having at least three layers, a sacrificial layer a, and at least two different non-sacrificial layers b and c having different material properties, wherein the non-sacrificial layers b and c layers are kept below a thermodynamic or kinetic critical thickness corresponding to metastability during all processing, and wherein the sacrificial layer an is placed only at a top or a bottom of each of the sub-stacks, and each of the sub-stacks is connected to an adjacent sub-stack at the top or the bottom using one of the sacrificial layers a; proceeding with fabrication flow of nanosheet devices, such that pillar structures are formed at each end of the epitaxial crystalline stack that to hold the nanosheets in place after selective etch of the sacrificial layers; and selectively removing sacrificial layers a to all non-sacrificial layers b and c, while the remaining layers in the stack are held in place by the pillar structures so that after removal of the sacrificial layers an, each of the sub-stacks contains the non-sacrificial layers b and c..


Compact mass spectrometer

A miniature mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an atmospheric pressure ionisation source, a first vacuum chamber having an atmospheric pressure sampling orifice or capillary, a second vacuum chamber located downstream of the first vacuum chamber and a third vacuum chamber located downstream of the second vacuum chamber. An ion detector is located in the third vacuum chamber.


Highly automated capillary electrophoresis system

The invention is an improved multiplex capillary electrophoresis instrument or module with at least four and preferably six user-accessible vertically stacked drawers. An x-z stage moves samples from the user accessible drawers to the capillary array for analysis.


Quantitative molar concentration detection of specific apolipoprotein-containing particles present in bodily fluids by using capillary electrophoresis

A method for determining the molar concentration of specific lipoprotein particles present in a bodily fluid is presented. Multipixel capillary isotachophoresis laser induced fluorescence is applied to fluorescently-labeled lipoproteins or immunologically-labeled apolipoproteins, facilitating quantification of lipoproteins and/or lipid particles and/or their associated apolipoproteins in a sample.


Lipoprotein particle number from measurements of lipoprotein particle phospholipid concentration in lipoprotein particle membrane bilayer

This application describes a method for measuring the molar concentrations of lipoprotein particles and lipoprotein subclass particles in bodily fluid by multipixel capillary isotachophoresis laser induced fluorescence (mpce-itp-lif) and compositional analysis of spherical lipoprotein particles. The ability to measure several kinds of lipoproteins and particles in one unified system provides a useful diagnostic tool for predicting the risk of developing metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cardiodiabetes..


Microfluidic devices and methods for performing serum separation and blood cross-matching

Microfluidic cartridges or devices for serum separation and blood cross-match analysis are provided. The devices may include a serum separation subcircuit alone or in combination with a solute mixing subcircuit.


Pulse-field multiplex capillary electrophoresis system

The invention is a multiplex, pulsed-field capillary electrophoresis instrument with the ability to analyze dna fragments with sizes greater than 50,000 bp, greater than 100,000 bp and even granter than 150,000 base pairs. The parallel capillary electrophoresis system allows for the simultaneous analysis of at least 12 samples while applying a pulse or varying electric field for separation..


Solid state nmr spectroscopy/imaging in situ measuring devices and methods for calibration and determining one or more quantitative properties of a target sample

In situ measuring devices, methods of making the same, and methods of using the same are provided herein. The in situ measuring devices can include a capillary tube having a reference material sealed inside the capillary tube, where the capillary tube is positioned inside of a solid state or mas nmr rotor.


In situ nmr parameter monitoring measuring ph and temperature

Devices and methods are provided for measuring temperatures and phs of a sample in situ using nmr spectroscopy, and for sealing one or more ends of a capillary tube after a reference material has been added to the capillary tube, which is used in an in situ nmr temperature measurement device. A method for measuring a ph of a sample in situ using nmr spectroscopy includes providing an in situ nmr ph measurement device.


Pressure-drop device

Pressure-drop device, useful for gas chromatographs or mass spectrometers, containing a planar base plate, a cover plate, a gas inlet opening, and a gas outlet opening, which are connected by a capillary groove, wherein the capillary groove is embodied as an etched groove or pressed groove in the base plate and covered by the cover plate and wherein a plurality of pressure-drop devices can be connected to form a module.. .


Heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle apparatus including the same

A heat exchanger includes a plurality of refrigerant flow paths separated by a distributor and is configured to allow a refrigerant inflow amount to each of the plurality of refrigerant flow paths to be adjusted by a pressure loss in a corresponding one of a plurality of capillaries connected between the distributor and the plurality of refrigerant flow paths. Inner diameters of the plurality of capillaries are limited to two types.


Vehicle body structure

A vehicle body structure is configured in such a manner that a left center pillar is covered with a left pillar garnish and a left gusset is joined to the upper end of the left center pillar. The left center pillar is provided with a pillar bead protruding toward the outside of a vehicle compartment.


Vehicle body side structure

A vehicle body side structure includes an outer panel which includes a side sill outer part and a center pillar outer part, a rear fender which is overlapped the outside of the outer panel, an inner panel which is mounted on the vehicle cabin side of the outer panel and a stiffener. The center pillar outer part includes an inclined part which is inclined backward and upward.

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