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Integrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette

Reagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods

Slow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pill-related patents
 Organ protection solution and its method of use patent thumbnailOrgan protection solution and its method of use
An organ protectant solution which is intravenously administered includes a high concentration of cell-impermeant molecules and at least one oncotic agent. The cell-impermeant molecules preferentially load into the interstitial space and the oncotic agent(s) is/are restricted to the vasculature space.
 Integrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette patent thumbnailIntegrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette
The present invention relates to an immunoaffinity device for capturing one or more analytes present at high or low concentrations in simple or complex matrices. The device is designed as an integrated modular unit and connected to capillary electrophoresis or liquid chromatography for the isolation, enrichment, separation and identification of polymeric macromolecules, primarily protein biomarkers.
 Reagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods patent thumbnailReagent patterning in capillarity-based analyzers and associated systems and methods
The present technology describes various embodiments of devices for processing, analyzing, detecting, measuring, and separating fluids. The devices can be used to perform these processes on a microfluidic scale, and with control over fluid and reagent transport.
 Slow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel patent thumbnailSlow cooker with thermometer for indicating a temperature condition of the food in the cooking vessel
A slow cooker having a thermometer such as a capillary thermometer and a graphic display device for indicating a temperature condition of the food product contained within the cooking vessel, the thermometer measuring the temperature of an outer surface of the cooking vessel and the graphic display device displaying the temperature measured by the thermometer but adjusted by a correlation factor to indicate at least an approximate temperature of the food product within the cooking vessel.. .
 Multi-region confectionery and method of production thereof patent thumbnailMulti-region confectionery and method of production thereof
A multi-region confection includes a first and a second confectionery material. The body portion of the multi-region confection includes an extruded first confectionery material, and a plurality of capillaries is disposed in the extruded body portion.
 Recombinant protein carrying human papillomavirus epitopes inserted in an adenylate cyclase protein or fragment thereof therapeutic uses thereof patent thumbnailRecombinant protein carrying human papillomavirus epitopes inserted in an adenylate cyclase protein or fragment thereof therapeutic uses thereof
The invention relates to a recombinant protein comprising one or several polypeptides bearing one or several epitopes of one or several hpv antigens, said polypeptides being inserted in the same or different permissive sites of an adenylate cyclase (cyaa) protein or of a fragment thereof, wherein said cyaa fragment retains the property of said adenylate cyclase protein to target antigen presenting cells. It also concerns polynucleotides encoding the same.
 Preparation for restenosis prevention patent thumbnailPreparation for restenosis prevention
The invention relates to a preparation for restenosis prevention. The preparations for restenosis prevention known as yet do not reach sufficient active agent concentrations in the affected sections of the vascular walls as higher doses cause undesirable side effects.
 Preparation for restenosis prevention patent thumbnailPreparation for restenosis prevention
The invention relates to a preparation for restenosis prevention. The preparations for restenosis prevention known as yet do not reach sufficient active agent concentrations in the affected sections of the vascular walls as higher doses cause undesirable side effects.
 Preparation for restenosis prevention patent thumbnailPreparation for restenosis prevention
The invention relates to a preparation for restenosis prevention. The preparations for restenosis prevention known as yet do not reach sufficient active agent concentrations in the affected sections of the vascular walls as higher doses cause undesirable side effects.
 Floating support platform for wind turbine patent thumbnailFloating support platform for wind turbine
Support platform for wind generators, comprising a central body (5) provided with a seat engaging with a final section (4) of a pillar (1) of a wind generator (2); this central body (5) is connected by means of a series of radial elements (6) to an annular floating structure (7) and provided internally with position-adjusting means (10) cooperating on the one hand with the base of this final section (4) of the pillar (1) and on the other hand with suitable support elements (9), these position-adjusting means (10) being able to receive and contain a given quantity of fluid and vary the height of the wind generator (2) by means of the raising or lowering of said pillar (1).. .
Submarine construction for tsunami and flooding protection, for fish farming, and for protection of buildings in the sea
Construction of buildings in deep sea by conventional methods is extremely difficult. A new technology by using steel fences and anchors, and fixed by inserted rocks, will be demonstrated with the example of efficient vertical tsunami barriers extending at least 50 m up to 4 km below sea level.
Computer case and cooling device thereof
A computer case includes a housing and a cooling device. The cooling device includes a first pillar, a second pillar, a movable element, and a heat-dissipating element.
Pillowpax backpack
A backpack system that contains an internal pillow sleeve configured to hold a pillow without interfering with other classroom items. The separate sleeve will reduce the exposure of the pillow to external germs and contaminants.
Button mechanism and related electronic device
A button mechanism includes a base, a button and two resilient components. The base includes an accommodating slot structure and two guiding pillars, the pillars are disposed by sides of the accommodating slot structure.
Sealing structure of parting portion
In a sealing structure for closing a parting portion between a front door and a rear door by a seal lip, in which: the front door has a front side weather strip installed on a peripheral edge thereof the front side weather strip makes elastic contact with a center pillar; the seal lip has a substantially tongue-shaped cross section, is disposed at a rear side weather strip and has a an assembly part formed on a base root side thereof; and the assembly part is assembled on the rear door; the base root side has a bending point provided thereon for the seal lip to be curved toward the inner-cabin side so that a top end makes elastic contact with the center pillar when high pressure water splashes the seal lip,. .
Cervico-vaginal sample collection kit
A sample collection kit (10) for detecting the presence of the human papillomavirus in samples containing cervico-vaginal cells. The sample collection kit includes a pre-addressed envelope (12) containing a sample collection device (18) and a specimen processing card (14) having two testing surfaces (40a,40b), one of which is accessible on either side of the specimen processing card.
Roller bearing
Surface indentation and oil film shortage on rollers is prevented and longer service life of a roller bearing is achieved, by preventing wear debris from being caught and accumulated in pockets of a holder of the roller bearing. Positions and dimensional relations of the diameters of inner and outer ring raceways, the inner and outer diameters of the holder, and inner and outer protrusions which are provided to pillar parts of the holder to prevent the rollers from coming off are defined such that the inner and outer protrusions of the pillar parts always do not come into contact with the outer circumferential surfaces of the rollers in the state where the rollers and the holder are incorporated between inner and outer members.
Capillary absorption spectrometer and process for isotopic analysis of small samples
A capillary absorption spectrometer and process are described that provide highly sensitive and accurate stable absorption measurements of analytes in a sample gas that may include isotopologues of carbon and oxygen obtained from gas and biological samples. It further provides isotopic images of microbial communities that allow tracking of nutrients at the single cell level.
Processes and compositions for detecting human papilloma virus types
Provided herein are compositions and processes that allow for sensitive detection of up to fifteen individual hpv sequences or types in a single, multiplexed test. High risk types that can be detected are hpv 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, and 73.
Capillary microcuvette having double loading means
The present invention relates to a capillary microcuvette, the microcuvette comprises a body member having two plates and a cavity formed within the body, the cavity being defined by two opposing inner surfaces of the two plates of the body member, a portion of the cavity defining a detection zone, a capillary inlet being provided at one end of the body member that is communicated with the cavity, a sample slot being provided at a portion of the body member in which the capillary inlet is not formed, the sample slot being communicated with the cavity. The present microcuvette improves user convenience by providing dual application means of applying a specimen directly from a fingertip or using a pipette..
Means of introducing an analyte into liquid sampling atmospheric pressure glow discharge
A liquid sampling, atmospheric pressure, glow discharge (ls-apgd) device as well as systems that incorporate the device and methods for using the device and systems are described. The ls-apgd includes a hollow capillary for delivering an electrolyte solution to a glow discharge space.
Magnetic device with high saturation current and low core loss
A magnetic device includes a t-shaped magnetic core, a wire coil and a magnetic body. The t-shaped magnetic core includes a base and a pillar, and is made of an annealed soft magnetic metal material, a core loss pcl (mw/cm3) of the t-shaped magnetic core satisfying: 0.64×f0.95×bm2.20≦pcl≦7.26×f1.41×bm1.08, where f (khz) represents a frequency of a magnetic field applied to the t-shaped magnetic core, and bm (kgauss) represents the operating magnetic flux density of the magnetic field at the frequency.
Plasma generator, manufacturing method of rotating electrode for plasma generator, method for performing plasma treatment of substrate, and method for forming thin film having mixed structure by using plasma
A plasma generator according to an embodiment of the present invention is provided to generate a high density and stable plasma at near atmospheric pressure by preventing a transition of plasma to arc. The plasma generator includes a plate-shaped lower electrode for seating a substrate; and a cylindrical rotating electrode on the plate-shaped lower electrode, wherein the cylindrical rotating electrode includes an electrically conductive body that is connected to a power supply and includes a plurality of capillary units on an outer circumferential surface of the electrically conductive body; and an insulation shield layer that is made of an insulation material or a dielectric material, exposes a lower surface of the plurality of capillary units, and shields other parts..
Vehicle door structure
The frontal crash load is transmitted from a front pillar to a center pillar in a reliable manner so that a bending moment caused by the frontal crash load is favorably supported, and the deformation of the door is avoided. A beam member attached to an inner panel includes a s shaped cross section member.
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
A semiconductor package includes a semiconductor chip, a protruding pillar electrode provided on the semiconductor chip, and resin covering the semiconductor chip and the pillar electrode. The resin has a concave part and exposes a front edge portion of the pillar electrode from the resin at the bottom face of the concave part.
Arrays of memory cells and methods of forming an array of memory cells
An array of memory cells includes buried access lines having conductively doped semiconductor material. Pillars extend elevationally outward of and are spaced along the buried access lines.
Mass spectrometry device
Vacuum gauges are arranged in intermediate vacuum chamber and analytical chamber 10 in which collision cell is installed, and gas pressure determination unit determines whether or not the gas pressures detected by vacuum gauges are at or below a threshold value prior to analysis, and issues an alert if they are at or below the threshold value. If the supply of cid gas into collision cell stagnates, the quantity of cid gas flowing out into the analytical chamber will decrease, and the degree of vacuum in the analytical chamber will thus become too high.
Pill crushing cup with rotational locking lugs
A pill crushing apparatus for use with first and second nestable cups comprising a first cup holder which is moved linearly toward a second cup mounting surface holding a second cup. The first cup holder rotates relative to the rotationally fixed second cup.
Pill crusher assembly and methods
A pill crusher includes a base and a handle. The base has a bottom resting surface that includes an at least partially molded friction-enhancing portion.
Cordless curtain assembly
A cordless curtain assembly includes a curtain unit, a control unit, a fixed part, a movable part and an operation cord. The curtain is connected between the head box and a bottom bar.
Inhalation device
The present invention provides for the integration of drug dispersion methods into a drug or medicine delivery system. The drug dispersion methods used include shear (e.g., air across a drug, with or without a gas assist), capillary flow or a venturi effect, mechanical means such as spinning, vibration, or impaction, and turbulence (e.g., using mesh screens, or restrictions in the air path).
Capillary microviscometer
Low-cost and easily-operated microviscometer suitable for medical diagnosis clinical studies and other fluid tests. The equipment consists of a microchannel (2) formed by concatenated microchannels made by micro-manufacturing techniques, and a fluid column position detector inside the microchannel.
Tower foundation pillar slab and method of producing such
A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The pillar slab is formed with a unitary mold (40) with one continuous internal chamber (41) which includes multiple leg cavities (42) which have three sidewalls (43) that are all angled outwardly from the bottom of the mold to the top of the mold.
Multi-component body pillow and methods
A pillow system includes a head pillow having a top end, a bottom end, and a connector disposed at the bottom end. A leg pillow has a top end, a bottom end, and sides extending between the top end and the bottom end.
Portable and modular prescription drug dispensing device
A dispensing device for dispensing doses of non-individually packaged pills at a plurality of pre-specified dosing times includes a housing that holds a removable magazine, a dispensing unit and an electronic circuit. The removable magazine is configured to hold a stack of the non-individually packaged pills.
Coaxial connector
A coaxial connector includes a body, a female connector, and a detecting structure. The female connector has a pillar, and the pillar connects with the body.
Method for producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
A sgt production method includes a step of forming first and second fin-shaped silicon layers, forming a first insulating film, and forming first and second pillar-shaped silicon layers; a step of forming diffusion layers by implanting an impurity into upper portions of the first and second pillar-shaped silicon layers, upper portions of the first and second fin-shaped silicon layers, and lower portions of the first and second pillar-shaped silicon layers; a step of forming a gate insulating film and first and second polysilicon gate electrodes; a step of forming a silicide in upper portions of the diffusion layers formed in the upper portions of the first and second fin-shaped silicon layers; and a step of depositing an interlayer insulating film, exposing and etching the first and second polysilicon gate electrodes, then depositing a metal, and forming first and second metal gate electrodes.. .
Vacuum glass including pillars having different arrangement distances, and method for manufacturing same
Provided in the present invention is a vacuum glass, comprising: a plurality of plate glasses arranged to be spaced apart at fixed distances; a sealing material provided along edges of the plate glasses to seal and adhere to the plate glasses; and a plurality of pillars arranged between the plate glasses to maintain the distances between the plate glasses. The plurality of pillars are arranged at different arrangement distances in vertical and horizontal directions.
Composite membrane for western blot containing pvdf nanofiber and manufacturing method thereof
Provided is a composite membrane for western blot, in which the composite membrane is prepared by combining nanofiber webs with nonwoven fabrics, and a basis weight of the nanofibers is in a range of 1 gsm to 50 gsm on the nonwoven fabrics, and an average pore size is in a range of 0.1 μm to 1.0 μm. The composite membrane for western blot including nanofibers has advantages such as saving of a production cost, and an excellent response characteristic due to a capillary phenomenon of a double structure, to thereby easily detect even a small amount of a particular substance present in a protein..
Flood barrier and method of flood protection
This invention relates to a flood barrier and method of flood protection. According to the invention there is provided a flood barrier comprising a plurality of pillars adapted to be secured adjacent to a doorway of a building.
Spindle motor with hydrodynamic bearing structure having capillary seal and disk drive apparatus including same
A lubricating oil is arranged between stationary and rotating portions of a spindle motor. When the motor is stationary, upper and lower surfaces of the lubricating oil are respectively located in upper and lower capillary seal portions.
Method of fabricating a perfluorosulfonated ionomer membrane with a molecular alignment
The current disclosure provides a method of fabricating a perfluorosulfonated ionomer membrane with a surface having an array of a plurality of fine pillars. The pillars are fabricated by a rapid deformation of the membrane via thermal imprint lithography under appropriate temperatures and pressures.
Stacked wafer ddr package
A top package used in a pop (package-on-package) package includes two memory die stacked with a redistribution layer (rdl) between the die. The first memory die is encapsulated in an encapsulant and coupled to a top surface of the rdl.
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a pillar-shaped semiconductor having an impurity concentration of 1017 cm−3 or less, a first insulator that surrounds the pillar-shaped semiconductor, a first metal that surrounds a portion of the first insulator at a first end of the pillar-shaped semiconductor, a second metal that surrounds a portion of the first insulator at the second end of the pillar-shaped semiconductor, a third metal that surrounds a portion of the first insulator in a region sandwiched between the first metal and the second metal, a second insulator formed between the first and third metals, a third insulator formed between the second and third metals, a fourth metal that connects the first metal and the one end, and a fifth metal that connects the second metal and the other end. The third metal has a work function of about 4.2 ev to about 5.0 ev..
Poly and copoly(n-vinylamide)s and their use in capillary electrophoresis
The invention relates generally to polymers and copolymers comprising n-vinylamide-type monomers, their preparation, and compositions, such as electrophoresis separation media, containing the same; to supports, such as capillaries, containing these polymers; and methods for separating a mixture of biomolecules, especially polynucleotides, using capillary electrophoresis. Separation media comprising such polymers yield advantageous performance in the analysis and separation of biomolecules by capillary electrophoresis..
Spiral cable strain relief device
A cable strain relief holder (1) for a spirally extending cable (2) is disclosed. In order to be able to fix a cable in a simple manner for the purpose of strain relief, the holder comprises a pillar element (3) which extends in an axial direction (a) and has an outer circumferential surface (4), and at least two retaining elements (5, 6), which are disposed extending radially (r) on the outer circumferential surface (4), wherein the at least two retaining elements (5, 6) are disposed at different axial positions and at different circumferential positions of the pillar element (3)..
Electrode comprising an embedded layer, and a method for producing same
An electrode for transcutaneously transmitting electronic signals with a first layer that is designed to retain a liquid, also at least as a result of a capillary force, and an electrically conductive polymer layer, which contains conductive particles. The first layer is partially permeated by the polymer layer such that it protrudes out of said polymer layer on at least one first side.
Method for making a coiled tubing assembly
A coiled tubing assembly includes coiled tubing having a side wall that defines an opening and an insert covering the opening and affixed to the coiled tubing. The coiled tubing has a longitudinal axis.
Anti-snoring pillow
A pillow for supporting a head and neck of a reclining body on a mattress where the pillow has a pillow length, a pillow width and a pillow thickness comprising a core having core variable displacement parameters along the pillow length and the pillow width in the direction of the pillow thickness for supporting the head in a non-distorting aligned position and a plurality of removable spacers for adjusting the height of the core including core spacers and neck spacers.. .
Low volume assay device having increased sensitivity
An assay device includes: a liquid sample zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample addition zone containing a reagent material; a detection zone in fluid communication with the reagent zone. The detection zone has a substrate and projections which extend substantially vertically from the substrate, wherein the projections have a height, cross-section and a distance between one another that defines a capillary space between the projections capable of generating capillary flow parallel to the substrate surface.
Micro-fluidic device
Embodiments described herein provide micro-fluidic systems and devices for use in performing various diagnostic and analytical tests. According to one embodiment, the micro-fluidic device includes a sample chamber for receiving a sample, and a reaction chamber for performing a chemical reaction.
Method for nano-dripping 1d, 2d or 3d structures on a substrate
A method for the production of nano- or microscaled id, 2d and/or 3d depositions from an solution (6), by means of a liquid reservoir (2) for holding the ink with an outer diameter (3,d) of at least 50 nm, is proposed, wherein there is provided an electrode (7,8 or 9) in contact with said ink (6) in said capillary (2), and wherein there is a counter electrode in and/or on and/or below and/or above a substrate (15) onto which the depositions are to be produced, including the steps of: i) keeping the electrode (7, 8, 9) and the counter electrode (15, 18) on an essentially equal potential; ii) establishing a potential difference between the electrode (7, 8, 9) and the counter electrode (15, 18) leading to the growth of an ink meniscus (1) at the nozzle (3) and to the ejection of droplets (13) at this meniscus with a homogeneous size smaller than the meniscus size (11) at a homogenous ejection frequency; keeping the voltage applied while the continuously dried droplets leave behind the dispersed material which leads a structure to emerge with essentially the same diameter as a single droplet, wherein the distance between the substrate (1) and the nozzle (3) is smaller than or equal to 20 times the meniscus diameter at least at the moment of nano-droplet ejection (12); wherein the conductivity of the ink (6) is high enough to stabilize the liquid meniscus during droplet ejection;. .
Hub and spindle assembly
A rotating hub and fixed spindle assembly with first and second fluid dynamic journal bearings and first and second fluid dynamic thrust bearings for a disc drive memory system has a pump seal and a radial ring seal at a first axial terminus for lubricant containment, and a capillary seal and a labyrinth seal at a second axial terminus for lubricant containment and storage. Lubricant fluid pressure differences between first and second seals are minimized through one or more lubricant fluid communicating channels in the hub assembly, in order to minimize lubricant fluid loss through a seal.
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes a first step of forming a fin-shaped semiconductor layer, a first insulating film around the fin-shaped semiconductor layer, and a pillar-shaped semiconductor layer on the fin-shaped semiconductor layer. A second step forms a gate insulating film around the pillar-shaped semiconductor layer, a gate electrode around the gate insulating film, and a gate line.
Container for dispensing pills
A container for dispensing pills is disclosed. The container holds a plurality of receptacles, where each receptacle holds a portion of pills.
Sample analysis method and solution to be used therein
Provided are a sample analysis method using capillary electrophoresis capable of enhancing analysis accuracy, a solution for capillary electrophoresis, and a sample analysis kit. The sample analysis method includes separating and/or detecting a substance to be analyzed in a sample through capillary electrophoresis, in which the substance to be analyzed is separated and/or detected in the presence of a ph buffer substance and a non-surfactant-type zwitterionic substance.
Inhaler component
The invention relates to an inhaler component for forming a vapour/air mixture or/and condensation aerosol by evaporation of a liquid material (18) and, if appropriate, condensation of the formed vapour, comprising: an electric heating element for evaporating a portion of the liquid material (18); a wick with a capillary structure, which wick forms a composite (10) with the heating element and automatically supplies the heating element with the liquid material (18); a carrier plate (11), preferably a printed circuit board, which carries the composite (10) and on which the heating element is electrically contacted; a capillary gap (16) formed at least partially by the carrier plate (11) and automatically supplying the composite (10) with the liquid material (18), by means of an end portion of the wick extending into the capillary gap (16); a liquid container (19) which contains the liquid material (18) and from which the capillary gap (16) draws the liquid material (18). In order to achieve a compact overall arrangement, it is proposed that the capillary gap (16) at least partially covers the liquid container (19) on the outside, in a view perpendicular to the carrier plate (11)..
Method for producing sapphire substrate used in light emitting diode
In a method, a sapphire raw material is placed into the recess of a mold and melted by heating to infill the recess by capillary action to form a liquid film. A sapphire seed having a specific growing plane is moved to dip the growing plane into the liquid film, thus forming a solid-liquid interface.
Method for the conversion of energy and energy converter
Method and air conditioning system for the conversion of energy, particularly solar energy; the method featuring the steps of heating a first end (e1) of a base body (2) made of a porous material by way of electromagnetic radiation that impacts on an element of absorption (3), which is thermally coupled to the base body (2) at a first end (e1); supplying an evaporative fluid to the body base (2) at a second end (e2) as opposed to the first end (e1) so that the evaporative fluid penetrates inside the base body (2) and spreads inside the body base (2) by way of capillary action; and circulating a heat exchange fluid in contact with the base body (2) at the second end (e2).. .
Frame pillow
A pillow is disclosed which keeps a user cool by providing for the free flow of air about the user's head. The pillow comprises a substantially u-shaped frame further comprising a support structure encased in a padding layer with a mesh element stretched over the frame.
Pillow scarf and method of covering pillows on a bed
A scarf hides the upper portion of a made bed from view. The scarf includes a portion of material having a length and a width, opposite first and second ends and opposite top and bottom edges.
Low-cost point-of-care assay device
The present disclosure provides methods and systems for analyzing a liquid sample. A micro-fluidic device to perform an assay of a liquid sample is described that includes a sample application site and a vent outlet in fluid communication with the capillary channel.
Apparatuses, methods, computer program products, and kits for hi-throughput glycan analysis
An apparatus for glycan analysis is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plurality of loading wells adapted to receive a plurality of samples; a plurality of capillaries arranged in correspondence with the loading wells, each of the capillaries including a first portion including a stacking gel and a second portion including a resolving gel; and a plurality of eluting wells arranged in correspondence with the capillaries and adapted to receive a portion of the samples having traversed the capillaries..

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