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Pigments patents


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 Pigment/frit mixtures patent thumbnailPigment/frit mixtures
Frits or frit mixtures with pearlescent pigments for materials, such as ceramic glazes, which are stable above 1000° c.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

 Multilayer coating with visual effect patent thumbnailMultilayer coating with visual effect
Embodiments of the invention relate generally to the field of multilayer color coatings, and more particularly to multilayer coatings comprising one or more gel coat layers and visual effect pigments.. .
Polynt Composites Usa, Inc.

 Method for manufacturing panels having a decorative surface patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing panels having a decorative surface
Panels having a decorative surface may include a substrate and a top layer, and the top layer may include a paper layer having a printed pattern. A method for manufacturing such panels may involve providing the paper layer with a treatment, and providing the treated paper layer with at least a portion of the printed pattern.
Unilin, Bvba

 Comb-like polyetheralkanolamines in inks and coatings patent thumbnailComb-like polyetheralkanolamines in inks and coatings
Provided herein are compositions useful as ink or coatings which contain novel dispersants that are capable of dispersing pigments which are traditionally difficult to disperse while maintaining acceptable levels of viscosity. Use of dispersants as taught herein enables the preparation of a wide variety of inks and coatings having high pigment loading and existing within a conventionally-useful viscosity range..
Huntsman Petrochemical Llc

 Multifilament, monofilament, non-woven or tape patent thumbnailMultifilament, monofilament, non-woven or tape
(d) one or more inorganic and/or organic pigments.. .

 Reduced point of sale bases for multi-finish paint line and methods for same patent thumbnailReduced point of sale bases for multi-finish paint line and methods for same
Disclosed herein is a method for adjusting factory-made tintable paints at the point of sale by adding at least one gloss modifier to the factory-made tintable paints without substantially changing the amount of opacifying pigments in the tintable paints, so that a single color prescription can be used to tint the paints to a single color for any gloss or sheen. Such same color paints should have a color difference of less than 2.0 ciede2000 units.
Columbia Insurance Company

 Conductive paste with improved performance in glass strength patent thumbnailConductive paste with improved performance in glass strength
Silver pastes including two powders having different physical properties and silver flakes together with glass frits and pigments impart improved thermal stress characteristics to substrates upon firing.. .
Ferro Corporation

 Thermoplastic composition and laser-welded article patent thumbnailThermoplastic composition and laser-welded article
A composition includes specific amounts of an amorphous polycarbonate, a partially crystalline polyester, and an ultraviolet absorbing agent comprising a hydroxyaryl group and a hydrogen-bond accepting group. The ultraviolet absorbing agent has a lambda-max less than 400 nanometers.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

 Generate non-uniform electric field to maintain pigments in ink vehicle of printing fluid in nozzle region of printhead patent thumbnailGenerate non-uniform electric field to maintain pigments in ink vehicle of printing fluid in nozzle region of printhead
A printhead includes a plurality of firing chambers, a plurality of fluid ejectors, and at least one field generating member. Each one of the firing chambers includes a nozzle region to receive printing fluid.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Prosthetic iris preparation method patent thumbnailProsthetic iris preparation method
A method and system of producing a digitally printed iris structure for an artificial eye by using suitable digital graphics software, the appearance of a dilating pupil/collarette is created within the combined center portion/inner ring area of a prosthetic eye—in that a pupil appears to dilate from a small diameter in bright light to a comparatively large diameter in dimmer or darker light. The process of creating such effect is a unique extension of the knowledge that certain colors and pigments in bright light are most apparent, and in dark light tend to appear grey to black..

Use of fungal pigments from wood-staining fungi as colorants in wood finishes and paints

Compositions containing fungal pigments and methods for making the compositions are described, as are methods of staining, painting or dyeing objects with such compositions.. .
Oregon State University

Color shift pigments for three-dimensional printing

Materials for use in 3d printing comprising a color shift pigment that change colors when viewed at different angles. More specifically, the materials comprise a color shift pigment being a silicon oxide core with metal oxide shell disposed thereon and a polymeric component..
Xerox Corporation

Inorganic pigments surface treated with polyol esters

A treated, particulate inorganic pigment is provided. The treated, particulate inorganic pigment comprises a plurality of pigment particles, and a polyol ester deposited on the surfaces of the pigment particles.
Tronox Llc

Anti-corrosive zinc primer coating compositions

The present invention concerns anti-corrosive coating compositions, in particular coating compositions for protecting iron and steel structures. In particular, the present invention relates to coating compositions comprising particulate zinc, conductive pigments, and microspheres.
Hempel A/s

Hybrid polymer coating for petrous or ceramic substrates, petrous or ceramic substrate, and obtaining method

A coating having a thickness between 0.1 and 2 mm is obtained from a mixture with the following composition: 10-25% by weight of micronized powder; 40-60% by weight of inorganic gravels of petrographic origin of sizes comprised between 0.063-2 mm; 10-40% by weight of a polymerisable base resin selected from polyurethane, polyester, epoxy or acrylic, with additives, and optionally pigments. The proportion of the mentioned gravel and micronized powder of the coating being up to 90% in an inner most area of interphase between coating and surface of the petrous substrate, covering one third of the thickness of the coating.
Silicalia, Sl

Printable recording media

A printable recording media containing a substrate; a pre-coat layer including more than about 60 wt % of one or more inorganic pigments by total dry weight of the pre-coat layer; a topcoating layer including more than about 60 wt % of one or more inorganic pigments; up to 25 wt % of binders and up to about 5 wt % of a combination of natural and synthetic rheology modifiers, by total weight of the top-coating layer, wherein the ratio of the amount of natural rheology modifiers to the amount of synthetic rheology modifiers is from about 90:10 to about 50:50. Also disclosed herein is a method for making such printable recording media..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Process for manufacturing a glass substrate equipped with printed patterns and a protective underlayer for one-way vision

D) the pigments not fixed by the enamel that are located outside of the pattern(s) are removed, the particles of pigment(s) and the particles of glass frit(s) having a similar size, in particular a particle size distribution such that 50% of the particles have a size of less than 7 μm.. .

Filler pigments

Filler pigments based on platelet-shaped substrates, which are coated with barium sulfate and at least two metal oxides and/or metal hydroxides are highly suitable as filler pigments especially for cosmetic formulations.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

Patch, set of patches, method and use for medical or cosmetic treatment

The invention relates to two different patches to be applied to a person's skin, namely a hydrogel patch and a dermal patch. The patches are preferably used in combination.

Aqueous ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method

An aqueous ink for use in an ink jet recording method in which ink is thermally ejected from a recording head to record an image on a recording medium. The aqueous ink includes zirconium oxide; a pigment; a resin dispersant for the pigment; and a first and a second urethane resin.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Graphene-based coatings

The present disclosure relates to coatings comprising functionalized graphene(s) and polymers (resins). In accordance with the disclosure, graphene can be used with functionalization with polymers (resins) with or without pigments, fillers, reactive catalysts or accelerators as finishes to protect roll steel, galvanized roll steel, equipment, automobiles, ships, construction and marine structures from corrosion, fouling and uv deterioration..
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Composite pigments

Composite pigments are provided which comprise a mineral pigment (such as kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, talc, mica or a mixture of two or more of these mineral pigments) and calcium carbonate precipitated in-situ on the surfaces of the particles of the mineral pigment.. .

Coated cardboard and a producing the same

A coated food cardboard that is comprised of a cardboard layer and a coating layer at least on one side of it, and a method of producing it. Between the coating layer and the cardboard surface is formed by dispersion coating a barrier layer that is comprised of binder and slate-like pigments.
Metsä Board Oyj

Radiofrequency device for increasing intracellular bioactive substance and plant cell culture method using the same

There are provided a radiofrequency device for increasing amount of a bioactive substance in a plant cell and a plant cell culture method for increasing amount of useful intracellular secondary metabolites by using the radiofrequency device. The cell culture method of the present invention makes it possible to increase specific secondary metabolites such as daidzein, equol, and the like in a cell and thus can be used for development into various medicines, agricultural pesticides, spices, pigments, food additives, and cosmetics containing bioactive substances.
Bio-fd&c Co., Ltd

Light battery concerete composition and synthesizing the same

The various embodiments herein provide a light emitting concrete composition and a method of synthesizing a light emitting concrete structure. The light emitting concrete composition comprises light-emitting pigments.

Pigments for filtering the solar spectrum

The present technology relates to a transparent coating system or film which comprises a transparent, polymeric material, one or more pearlescent pigments, and one or more transparent dyes, organic pigments, organic pigment derivatives or inorganic pigments. The coating may be used to give well-defined transmission and reflection spectra in the visible region while having a high degree of reflection in the nir region..
Sun Chemical Corporation

Process for creating three-dimensional aluminum artwork

A method of creating three-dimensional art using a unique combination of aluminum, metallic foils, colored glazes, metallic paint, and mica powder pigments thereby obtaining opalescent, luminescent, and iridescent effects in lighting and coloring as well as more pleasing three-dimensional effects than have been produced to date.. .

Cosmetics made in one or more colours by applying a magnetic field, and their preparation

The present invention relates to a cosmetic product having a visible pattern consisting of one or more colours, comprising a cosmetic composition including one or more dyes and/or pigments which contain magnetic or magnetisable particles, characterised in that said cosmetic composition is housed in a container enclosing a magnet capable of generating a magnetic field, whereby said dyes and/or pigments are positioned and/or oriented in the container by said magnetic field, thereby creating the visible pattern.. .
Art Cosmetics S.r.l.

Colored clays for agricultural and other industrial applications

Colored clay particles are prepared by the absorption of pigments, such as dyes, on the surface of clays. The surface of the clay can be modified with a surfactant such that a dye can be well bound to the particle's surface to avoid leaching of the dye into water.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Photoluminescence color display

A photoluminescence color display comprises a display panel that displays red, green and blue sub-pixel areas, an excitation source operable to generate excitation radiation for operating the display, and a combined layer of photoluminescence materials and filter pigments. The combined layer comprises at least one photoluminescence material, such as a phosphor material or quantum dots, that is operable to emit light corresponding to red, green and blue sub-pixel areas of the display in response to said excitation radiation..
Intematix Corporation

Method and indirect lighting

An apparatus may comprise a fixture having an opening, one or more leds, and a reflector. The opening may be a slot, and may have a predefined area.
Jst Performance, Llc

Method of producing press-hardened and coated steel parts at a high productivity rate

This invention relates to a sheet or pre-coated blank comprising a steel substrate for heat treatment, overlaid on at least a part of at least one of its principal faces, by a pre-coating having, at least one layer of aluminum or aluminum alloy overlaid, on at least a part of the above-mentioned pre-coating, by a polymerized layer having a thickness between 2 and 30 μm composed of a polymer that does not contain silicon, and the nitrogen content of which, is greater than 1% by weight expressed in relation to the above-mentioned layer, wherein the above-mentioned polymerized layer contains carbon pigments in a quantity between 3 and 30% by weight, expressed in relation to said layer.. .
Arcelor Mittal

Process of manufacture of particles with a natural calcium carbonate and ethylene acrylic acid salts base, suspensions and dry pigments obtained, their uses

The present invention consists of a process of preparation of at least one mineral matter and/or of at least one pigment, including a calcium carbonate made at once partially organophilic and partially hydrophilic, in which the carbonate is blended and/or ground and/or concentrated in an aqueous medium, in the presence of at least one salt of ethylene acrylic acid, one dispersing agent and/or one grinding aid agent, which is introduced before and/or during this treatment stage. Another object of the invention lies in the aqueous dispersions and suspensions of calcium carbonate thus obtained.
Omya International Ag

Method and system for visualising infrared electromagnetic radiation emitted by a source

A method and system for visualizing infrared radiation emitted by a source, the visualising system including a substrate, at least one solid temperature-sensitive layer containing thermochromic pigments having at least one transition temperature th associated with a visible colour change, and at least one intermediate layer placed between the substrate and the solid layer containing thermochromic pigments; the substrate, the at least one intermediate layer and the solid temperature-sensitive layer containing thermochromic pigments forming a multilayer suitable for absorbing infrared electromagnetic radiation and for inducing a local temperature increase dt; and the at least one intermediate layer being suitable for transferring, by thermal conduction, the local temperature increase dt to a region of the solid temperature-sensitive layer, so as to induce a local change in the visible colour of the solid temperature-sensitive layer of thermochromic pigments.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Paints, lacquers or other coating materials with anti-pinhole additive and the manufacture and use thereof

The invention relates to paints, lacquers or other coating agents in solution consisting of binding agents, pigments, solvents, fillers and additives, said additives at least partially counteracting the formation of pin-holes and the anti-pin-hole additive being hydrophilic fumed silica. The invention also relates to the production and use of the additive..
Hemmelrath Technologies Gmbh

Enhancing and preserving anti-microbial performance in fibers with pigments

A method for producing fibers with improved color and anti-microbial properties is described. One embodiment includes a method for generating a halogen stable antimicrobial synthetic fiber, the method comprising creating a mixture that includes a polymer, an anti-microbial agent, and a non-halogen pigment, and extruding the mixture to form an anti-microbial synthetic fiber..
Purthread Technologies, Inc.

Formulations containing pigment and filler

The invention relates to pigment- and/or filler-containing formulations, comprising one or more solids selected from the group of the pigments and fillers, and an emulsifier (eq), which has the following formula: r1—n⊕(r2)(r3)(r4)xΓ(eq), where: r1 is a moiety that contains at least one aromatic group and at least one aliphatic group, has 15 to 40 carbon atoms, and contains at least one functional group selected from hydroxy groups, thiol groups, and primary or secondary amino groups and/or comprises at least one carbon-carbon multiple bond; r2, r3, and r4 are, independently of each other, identical or different aliphatic moieties having 1 to 14 carbon atoms; and x⊖ stands for the acid anion of an organic or inorganic acid hx. The invention further relates to coating agents comprising said formulations, the use of said formulations to produce electrocoats, and conductive substrates coated with said coating agent compositions..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Method for producing a substrate comprising a textured glass-based coating and a coated substrate

A method is disclosed for preparing a substrate with a coating from a paste comprising the following steps: (a) providing a substrate; (b) preparing a paste from a glass frit to which ferromagnetic pigments and a flux agent are admixed; (c) applying the paste onto a surface of the substrate; (d) aligning the paste by means of a magnetic field; and (e) burning-in of the paste.. .
Schott Ag

Detection device and methods of use

An imaging system for exciting and measuring fluorescence on or in samples comprising fluorescent materials (e.g. Fluorescent labels, dyes or pigments).
Intelligent Biosystems, Inc.

Gradient polymer compositions for elastomeric wall and roof coatings

The present invention provides aqueous compositions for use as elastomeric roof coatings having excellent tint retention which comprise (i) one or more gradient emulsion copolymers having a weight average particle size of from 20 to 550 nm, (ii) a large particle size filler, preferably silica, (iii) one or more chromatic colorants other than a white colorant in the amount of from 0.2 to 15 wt. %, based on the total weight of solids in the composition, and (iv) other pigments, extenders or fillers, wherein the resulting composition has a particle volume concentration (% pvc) of from 20 to 65%.
Rohm And Haas Company

Dry colour systems and methods and easily dispersible formulations for use in such systems and methods

A dry pigment paint system includes dry pigment doses that may be used alone or combined with other dry pigment doses to provide a desired colour when dispersed in a paint base. The system may use a plurality of dry pigment formulations, with each dry pigment formulation consisting of one or more dry pigments, generally a plurality of dry pigments.
D'arcy Polychrome Limited

Digital binder printing

A method and equipment to form a digital image on a surface by applying a powder layer including colour pigments on the surfaces, bonding a part of the powder and removing the non-bonded powder from the surface.. .
Ceraloc Innovation Ab

Cosmetic composition

Disclosed is a cosmetic composition capable of exhibiting various colors, including red, yellow and blue colors. The disclosed cosmetic composition comprises one or more pigments selected from among a natural pigment, a red, yellow or blue pearlescent pigment prepared by coating a natural pigment on a matrix, and a red, yellow or blue pearlescent pigment prepared by coating a metal oxide on a matrix, so that it is capable of exhibiting various colors..
Cqv Co., Ltd.

Foamed, opacifying elements

A foamable aqueous composition can be used to form foamed, opacifying elements with one or more dry foamed layers. These compositions generally contain: (a) 0.5 to 20 weight % of porous particles comprising a continuous polymeric phase and discrete pores dispersed within the continuous polymeric phase.
Eastman Kodak Company

An integrated process to recover a spectrum of bioproducts from fresh seaweeds

An integrated process for the recovery of a spectrum of commercially valuable products such as agar, cellulose, lipids, pigments and a liquid rich in minerals of agricultural importance directly from fresh seaweed without employing any catalyst driven in situ chemical conversions. Also solvents used during lipid extraction were shown to be used for three cycles without affecting the yield and quality of successive products.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Method of making foamed, opacifying elements

A foamable aqueous composition can be used to form foamed, opacifying elements. These compositions have: (a) 0.5 to 20 weight % of porous particles having a continuous polymeric phase and discrete pores dispersed therein.
Eastman Kodak Company

Hydrophobic coated paper substrate for polymer emulsion topcoats and making same

A hydrophobic coated paper substrate formed from a paper substrate of paper fibers and internal sizing agent, a surface size layer of one or more surface sizing starches, optionally one or more non-starch hydrophobic surface sizing agents, and optionally one or more paper pigments, on at least one surface of the paper substrate, and at least one hydrophobic pigmented coating layer of a paper pigment component and a hydrophobic pigment binder component on at least one surface size layer. Also a method for preparing such coated paper substrates..
International Paper Company

Device for the culturing of microorganisms and associated process

A device for the culturing and/or isolation and/or detection and/or identification and/or counting of at least one target microorganism in a sample liable to contain it, which includes a support and a nutrient medium; the support including: a hydrophilic fibrous substrate, at least one porous layer in contact with one of the faces of the fibrous substrate, including a pigment or a mixture of pigments and at least one binder, the pigment having a size of less than 5 μm and the amount of the pigment or the mixture of pigments being between 50 and 97% by dry weight, with respect to the dry weight of the porous layer; the nutrient medium being included in the fibrous substrate. Also relates to the use and to the process for the manufacture of the device..
Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers Limited

Near infrared-reflecting/transmitting azo pigment, manufacturing near infrared-reflecting/transmittingazo pigment, colorant composition using said azo pigments, item-coloring method and colored item

An azo pigment is provided which can be used as a coloring agent, etc. For use in paints, plastics, synthetic fibers, printing inks, and writing materials or for image recording or image displaying and which has performance of exhibiting high near infrared reflection/transparency, particularly when used as a heat-shielding paint, even in the case where the pigment has a dark color, and as a result, colored articles having the above-described properties are provided, and furthermore an article that is also useful as a printing ink in the security field is provided particularly when the pigment has a dark or black color.
Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Inks including segment copolymer grafted pigments via azide chemistry

Pigment based inks are provided. The inks include a non-polar carrier fluid; and a surface-functionalized pigment particle including a nitrogen-inked moiety to the surface of the pigment particle through a nitrogen link at one end of the nitrogen-linked moiety and a segment copolymer having at least two blocks attached at another end, the pigment particle suspended in the non-polar carrier fluid.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


The present invention relates to pigments based on bismuth compounds and to the use thereof, preferably as laser-absorbent additive, and to a process for the preparation thereof.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

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