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Pigments patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pigments-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pigments-related patents
 Metallic pigments and  coating a metallic substrate patent thumbnailMetallic pigments and coating a metallic substrate
A metallic pigment is provided including a metallic substrate coated with a hybrid inorganic/organic layer, wherein the hybrid inorganic/organic layer includes a network of an inorganic component and at least one organofunctional silane component having organic functionalities which have not been polymerised. Also, a method of coating a metallic substrate is provided including: combining the metallic substrate with a surfactant and an organofunctional silane and an inorganic component precursor to form a hydrophobic phase; combining the hydrophobic phase with a hydrophilic liquid to form an emulsion including said hydrophobic phase containing the metallic substrate, the organofunctional silane and the inorganic component precursor dispersed in a continuous hydrophilic phase; adding a catalyst to the emulsion; and forming a hybrid organic/inorganic layer from the organofunctional silane and said inorganic component precursor on the metallic substrate to produce a coated metallic substrate..
Sg Ventures Pty Limited

 Metallic luster pigments patent thumbnailMetallic luster pigments
The present invention relates to metallic luster pigments, to a process for production thereof and to the use of such metallic luster pigments.. .
Schlenk Metallic Pigments

 Bismuth vanadate pigments patent thumbnailBismuth vanadate pigments
Wherein e is selected from the group consisting of be, ca, sr, ba, zr, mo, ce and a combination thereof; 0.001≦0.2; 0.001≦b≦0.2; 0≦c≦1.7; 0.5≦d≦2.3; 0.001≦e≦0.5; and f denotes the number of oxygen atoms for satisfying the valence requirements of the cations. The pigment may be used as colorant in various applications, especially in coloring high molecular weight organic material, for example, coating compositions, paints, printing inks, liquid inks, plastics, films, fibers, or glazes for ceramics or glass..

 Composition comprising interactive ingredients patent thumbnailComposition comprising interactive ingredients
A composition comprising titanium dioxide and additives useful for enhancing the optical performance of titanium dioxide or for allowing substitution of at least part of the titanium dioxide in said composition for additives. At least two additives are added, wherein a first additive comprises a composite pigment and a second additive comprises a reactive polymer.

 Stable vitamin c system patent thumbnailStable vitamin c system
The present compositions include substantially anhydrous lotions, gels, or cremes having a high vitamin c content. The compositions described herein may be used as paste, lotions, cremes, or gels in and of themselves, or as a solvent/base system for additional ingredients.

 Color cosmetic with high coverage and naturalness patent thumbnailColor cosmetic with high coverage and naturalness
Described herein is a cosmetic composition comprising a mixture of metal oxide pigments having different shapes and sizes which provides high coverage and a natural look upon application.. .
Avon Products, Inc.

 Use of visual cues to enhance bird repellent compositions patent thumbnailUse of visual cues to enhance bird repellent compositions
The present disclosure relates to the use of various pigments and colorants that absorb light in the uv range as functional feeding cues for birds and ungulates to synergistically enhance the repellency effect of poly cyclic quinones, specifically 9,10 anthraquinones.. .
Arkion Life Sciences, Llc

 Image forming sheet for electrophotography patent thumbnailImage forming sheet for electrophotography
Provided is an image forming sheet for electrophotography, in which the generation of blister is suppressed. The image forming sheet for electrophotography includes a substrate 110 and an image receiving layer having a pigment 122 coated on the substrate, particles 124 interspersed among the pigments 122, and a binding resin, a volume average particle diameter of the particles being larger than a thickness of a portion of the image receiving layer where the particles do not exist..
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

 Cosmetic composition comprising liquid fatty esters, volatile oils and thickeners, and cosmetic treatment processes patent thumbnailCosmetic composition comprising liquid fatty esters, volatile oils and thickeners, and cosmetic treatment processes
The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition which is preferentially anhydrous, comprising from 10% to 40% by weight of liquid fatty esters, at least 30% by weight of volatile oils other than the liquid fatty esters, and thickeners. The composition may also comprise particles that are insoluble in the medium, such as pigments or microcapsules.

 Optically excited phosphor display screens having coloring filtering pigments embedded in phosphor mixtures patent thumbnailOptically excited phosphor display screens having coloring filtering pigments embedded in phosphor mixtures
Techniques and optically excited light-emitting devices based on phosphors are provided to use phosphor materials which absorb excitation light to emit visible light and include a composite phosphor material including two or more different transition metal compounds that, under optical excitation of the excitation light, emit visible light at spectrally close but different spectral wavelengths or bands that spectrally overlap to produce a desired color.. .
Prysm, Inc.


Method of producing a pigment containing, cationic, high solids aqueous dispersion, aqueous dispersion containing pigments, and use thereof

A method of producing an aqueous dispersion of a pigment, and the aqueous dispersion of the pigment and the uses of the aqueous dispersion of the pigment. In the present method, an inorganic pigment is dispersed in water, in the presence of a dispersing agent.
Ep-pigments Oy


Carbon black in effect pigments

The present application is directed to a combination effect pigment comprising a platy substrate, an outer layer disposed above the platy substrate, and carbon black, wherein the carbon black is disposed above the substrate and is entrapped by the outer layer.. .
Basf Corporation


Carbon black in effect pigments

The present application is directed to combination effect pigments comprising an effect pigment and carbon black, wherein the carbon black is adherently deposited on the effect pigment interposed within the substrate and at least one subsequent layer of the effect pigment. This structure of the combination effect pigment results in advantageous non-staining properties of the pigment and maximizes color effects of the carbon black..


Novel polymers and use of these as dispersants

The present invention relates to novel polymers p and to their salts, to a process for their manufacturing, to the use of said polymers as dispersants for fine particulate solid material. The present invention further relates to liquid compositions containing solid fine particles, such as organic or inorganic pigments and fillers, and the novel polymers p and their salts as dispersants.
Basf Se


Printable recording media

A printable recording media including a supporting base substrate having, on both supporting sides, pre-coating layers containing inorganic pigments and polymeric binders, and having, at least, one top ink-receiving layer, that includes inorganic pigments and water-dispersible polymeric binders having a glass transition temperature within the range of about 0° c. To about 35° c., over the pre-coating layer.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Security coding system and marker, optoelectronic scanner and coding articles

A scanner (200) is arranged to detect a unique spectral signature acquired from a sample (230) coded with a security marker (700) made up from one or more overt or covert coloured features (704a-704b) having known and uniquely identifiable spectral characteristics. More particularly, a narrowband light source (218), operating in the middle/near ultraviolet to short/near infra-red wavelength ranges, pulses light onto the security marker fixed to or formed in the sample (230).
Gluco Technology Limited


Benefit agent delivery compositions

Benefit agent delivery system suitable for use in cleaning compositions, particularly laundry, comprising benefit agents such as dyes, pigments etc, for release during a cleaning and/or treatment step, such as a domestic washing and/or rinsing step. Cleaning compositions containing the benefit agent delivery systems and methods of making the delivery systems and the cleaning compositions..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Transparent, optically variable interference pigments having electrically semiconducting properties

The present invention relates to transparent, optically variable, electrically semiconducting interference pigments, in particular flake-form interference pigments, which comprise an oxygen-deficient layer of ti02-x, to a process for the preparation of such pigments, and to the use of the pigments prepared in this way.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh


Transparent, electrically semiconducting interference pigments with high color strength

The present invention relates to transparent, electrically semiconducting interference pigments having high colour strength, and in particular to flake-form interference pigments which comprise an oxygen-deficient layer of tio2-x, to a process for the preparation of such pigments, and to the use of the pigments prepared in this way.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh


Printable recording media

A printable recording media including a supporting base substrate having, on its image side, a pre-coating layer that contains inorganic pigments and polymeric binders, and a top ink-receiving layer that includes inorganic pigments, polymeric binders and non-film forming polymers; and, having a polymer barrier layer on its backside. Also described herein is a method for making the printable recording media, a method for forming printed articles, and the obtained printed articles..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


A cross-linkable coating composition and producing the same

The instant invention provides cross-linkable coating compositions, process for producing the same, and substrates coated therewith. The cross-linkable coating composition comprises: (a) polyaldehyde, or acetal or hemiacetal thereof; (b) an acid catalyst having pka of less than 6; (c) a liquid media; (d) an acrylic polycarbamate comprising at least an average of 2.0 carbamate functional groups, wherein said polycarbamate has a glass transition (tg) of less than 25° c.; and (e) one or more fillers having a ph in the range of equal to or less than 9 and/or one or more pigments having a ph in the range of equal to or less than 9, and/or one or more additives having a ph in the range of equal to or less than 9, wherein said composition has a curing temperature in the range of less than 70° c..
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Use of modified effect pigments in radiation-curable coating compositions

The present invention relates to the use of a modified effect pigment in a radiation-curable coating composition, wherein the modified effect pigment is an effect pigment that is coated with at least one metal oxide layer to which at least one organic compound having one or more functional groups with a carbon-carbon multiple bond is bound. The invention is particularly suitable for metallic effect pigments, in particular aluminum pigments.
Schlenk Metallic Pigments Gmbh


Microalgae of the genus euglena, producing polysaccharides, and producing organic compound

Provided are microalgae of the genus euglena that fall under euglena gracilis strain eod-1 (accession no. Ferm bp-11530) or its mutant strain and that are capable of producing at least polysaccharides.
Kobelco Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.


Pigments based on lisbo3 and linbo3 related structures

The present invention involves pigments derived from compounds with the lisbo3-type or linbo3-type structures. These compounds possess the following formulations m1m5z3, m1m2m4m5z6, m1m32m5z6, m1m2m3m6z6, m12m4m6z6, m1m5m6z6, or a combination thereof.
The Shepherd Color Company


Blue dye compound, blue resin composition for color filter containing same and color filter using same

Disclosed is a blue dye compound for a color filter represented by chemical formula 1. The blue colored resin composition including the blue dye compound has excellent solubility to an organic solvent, such as propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (pgmea), excellent miscibility with the other dyes or pigments and high heat resistance.
Kyung-in Synthetic Co., Ltd.


Zirconium treated sodium aluminosilicates and methods of making same

Aluminosilicate pigments enriched by zirconium treatment, and methods of making the pigments, are disclosed. Such zirconium-containing aluminosilicate pigments can have a unique combination of small particle size, high surface area, low oil absorption, and neutral ph.
J.m. Huber Corporation


Photoresist compositions and preparing the same

The present invention provides a photoresist composition and a method of preparing the same. The photoresist composition includes a color polymer that is obtained by dye molecules grafted to a polymer molecule through chemical bonds.


Stabilizing additives for thermochromic pigments

A microencapsulation process is improved by adding a stabilizing agent that contains one or more catalytic organo-metal oxide materials, such as metal soaps. This functions as a crosslinker by causing unsaturated bonds in the microcapsule walls to react, thereby stabilizing the microcapsules against the effects of additives to coatings that, otherwise, degrade the functionality of thermochromic or photochromic materials at the microcapsule core..


Black pigments comprising graphenic carbon particles

Thermally produced graphenic carbon particles for use as black pigments are disclosed. The pigments may be used in coatings and bulk articles to provide desirable jetness characteristics and absorbance at visible wavelengths..


Oxide coated metal pigments and film-forming compositions

This invention relates to sacrificial-metal pigments coated with an effective amount of at least one metal oxide or a combination of metal oxides such as a mixture of chromium and zirconium oxides, and the process for preparing said coated pigments and combination thereof with film-forming binders for coating metal substrates to inhibit corrosion. The coated sacrificial-metal pigments are electrically active to prevent corrosion of metal substrates that are more cathodic (electropositive) than the metal oxide coated metal pigments..


Corrosion-resistant metal-effect pigments, producing the same and use thereof

Metal-effect pigment including a metallic, plate-shaped core, which is coated with at least one polymer layer, wherein the polymer layer is homogeneous polyurea-type polymer, wherein the polyurea-type polymer of the polaner layer is obtained by an addition reaction of a component a with a component b, wherein component a includes molecules including 1-20 primary and/or secondary amino groups and component b includes molecules including 1-20 isocyanate groups.. .


Silica protected pigments for use in artist media

A pigment particle for use in artist color media comprises a silica containing core particle having pore channels formed therein, at least one colorant present in the pore channels in at least part of the silica particle, and a nonporous silica layer coated over the pore channels. A method of manufacturing colored particles for use in artist color media comprises providing a core silica particle having pore channels formed therein, loading at least one colorant into the pore channels of the particle, and depositing a silica layer over the pore channels using fluorosilicic acid.


Process of protecting metal substrates with corrosion-resistant compositions

This invention relates to galvanic aluminum alloy powder-pigments coated with semi-conducting corrosion-inhibiting compositions and particularly to the process for preparing said coated powder-pigments for coating substrates to inhibit corrosion. The coated aluminum alloy powder-pigments are electrically active and prevent corrosion of metals which are more cathodic (electropositive) than the coated-aluminum alloy pigments..


Novel polymer dispersants

The present invention relates to novel polymer dispersants in the form of comb polymers p and to a liquid composition containing solid fine particles, such as organic or inorganic pigments and fillers, and the polymer dispersants. The comb polymer p having at least 0.5 mol-%, e.g.


Carbazole dioxazine pigments

The present disclosure relates to a benzoyl substituted carbazole-dioxazine pigment and its preparation. The process involves benzoylation of 3-nitro-n-ethylcarbazole in monochlorobenzene using benzoylchloride and ferric chloride to yield 3-nitro-6-benzoyl-n-ethyl carbazole, which on catalytic hydrogenation and subsequent condensation with chloranil and cyclisation yields benzoyl substituted carbazole-dioxazine pigment..


Process and fabrication of three-dimensional objects

A fabrication process and apparatus for producing three-dimensional objects by depositing a first polymer layer, printing a first ink layer on to the first polymer layer, depositing a second polymer layer on to the first ink layer, and printing a second ink layer on to the second polymer layer. The deposition and printing steps may be repeated until a three-dimensional object is formed.
File2part, Inc.


Small scale microencapsulated pigments and uses thereof

A method is provided for making thermochromic pigments in microcapsules having unusually small particle sizes.. .
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.


Addition compounds suitable as dispersants or anti-sedimentation agents

An addition compound, prepared by reacting a) one or more polyisocyanates having an average functionality of 2-6; b) one or more compounds comprising at least one chain selected from the group consisting of polyester, polyether, polyacrylate, polyurethane, polyolefin and a combination thereof; and at least one isocyanate reactive group, wherein the at least one isocyanate reactive group is an amino group; and c) one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of n-(3-aminopropyl)imidazole (api), benzoguanamine (bga) and n-(2-aminoethyl)piperazine (aep). The addition compound is suitable as dispersant or anti-sedimentation agent, especially for pigments, fillers and matting agents..
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Device for fuel and chemical production from biomass-sequestered carbon dioxide and method therefor

A process and apparatus for converting sequestered carbon to fuel, such as methane, and/or materials, such as fermentation substrates, biopolymers, bioplastics, oils, pigments, fibers, proteins, vitamins, fertilizers and animal feed. The apparatus comprises a deep well carbon-sequestering bioreactor coaxially located within a deep well anaerobic bioreactor.


Security element comprising a volume hologram

The present invention relates to a security element (20) to be built into an item, particularly a document (10), said security element comprising a holographic layer, enabling a volume hologram to be generated, and a non-holographic variable opacity structure generated by the presence of: a) one or more cutout(s) and/or at least partially translucent areas and moreover at least partially opaque area(s); and/or b) oriented platelet pigments. The variable opacity structure is at least partially placed over the hologram within a region of the security element observable in transmitted light..
Arjowiggins Security


Printable recording media

A printable recording media containing a base substrate; a pre-coat layer including more than about 60 wt % of one or more particulate inorganic pigments by total dry weight of said pre-coat layer; an ink-receiving layer, disposed on said pre-coat layer, comprising a mixture of about 10 to about 90 wt % of a first pigment including precipitated calcium carbonate particles, about 5 to about 60 wt % of a second pigment having a larger size and a different shape than said first pigment particles, and about 1 to about 50 wt % of a third pigment having a surface area of at least 50 m2/gram, wherein said weight percentages are by combined weight of the first, second and third pigments by total dry weight of said ink-receiving layer. Also disclosed herein is a method for producing printed images using said recording media..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Compound having azo skeleton structure, pigment-dispersing agent, pigment composition, pigment dispersion, and toner

The present invention provides a compound capable of improving the dispersibility of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black pigments in a water-insoluble solvent and a pigment-dispersing agent. The present invention also provides a pigment composition, a pigment dispersion, and a toner, which have satisfactory tinting strength.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Display devices including oriented nucleic acid layers and methods of making and using the same

Display devices and color filtering layers having an oriented nucleic acid layer are disclosed. The display device can include a light-orienting layer disposed between an oriented nucleic acid layer and a polarizing layer.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Effect pigments

The present invention relates to effect pigments which are based on flake-form substrates having a circular form factor of 1.2-2 and are coated with at least one high-refractive-index layer, and to the use thereof, inter alia in paints, coatings, printing inks, plastics and in cosmetic formulations.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh


Palette of ink caps

Disclosed is an ink palette for use in artistic fields that require pigments to be readily available to an artist. Individual reservoirs are conjoined to form a matrix of reservoirs which may be cut to accommodate the artist's desire for color capacity.


Polymer interlayers comprising special effect metal pigments

An interlayer comprised of a thermoplastic resin and at least one special effect metal pigment. The use of a thermoplastic resin and at least one special effect metal pigment provides a special effect metal appearance without sacrificing other characteristics of the interlayer, and wherein the color of the interlayer measured in reflectance mode is different from the color measured in transmission mode..
Solutia Inc.


Pigment composition and pigment/resin mixture

Provided is a pigment combination exhibiting excellent electrical properties including electrical insulating properties and environmental safety, and having a hue close to that of carbon black and giving a high coloring strength. The invention provides a pigment composition containing a plurality of organic pigments p1 and p2 as essential components and optionally further containing a third pigment p3, wherein the first pigment p1 is at least one phthalocyanine pigment, the second pigment p2 is at least one pigment selected from perylene pigments, azo pigments, perinone pigments, quinacridone pigments, and anthraquinone pigments, and each of the organic pigments p1, p2, and p3 is a pigment which contains no halogen in its molecular structure..
Clariant International Ltd.


Pigment-dyeing method

Pigment-dyeing method for individualised textile fibres or textile supports obtained from the fibres consisting of pre-treating the fibres or the support with at least one polymer, then dying the thus pre-treated fibres or support using pigments, characterised in that the polymer is a vinylamine-based (co)polymer.. .
S.p.c.m. Sa


Novel powder coloring system

A method for coloring powders is provided that includes mixing a base powder and non-incorporated pigments. A colored powder composition having a base powder particle and at least a partial shell of non-incorporated pigments about the base powder particle is also provided.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.


Method for manufacturing plate alpha-alumina pearlescent pigments and nano-metal coating pearlescent pigments with large aspect ratio

Disclosed is a method for manufacturing plate α-alumina pearlescent pigments and nano-metal coating pearlescent pigments with a large aspect ratio, having excellent reflectivity and capable of expressing various colors.. .
Cqv Co., Ltd.


Aluminum phosphate or polyphosphate particles for use as pigments in paints and making same

An aluminum phosphate or polyphosphate-based pigment product is made by a process comprising contacting phosphoric acid with aluminum sulfate and an alkaline solution to produce an aluminum phosphate based product; and optionally calcining the aluminum phosphate based product at an elevated temperature, wherein the process is substantially free of an organic acid. The aluminum phosphate or polyphosphate-based pigment is amorphous.
Universidade Estadual De Campinas


Flexible foams having an abrasive surface

The invention relates to flexible foams with a flexible, abrasive surface which comprise 1 to 90% by weight of a mixture, based on the uncoated substrate, which comprises the condensation product of 99.985 to 20% by weight of at least one precondensate of a heat-curable resin, 0 to 10% by weight of a polymeric thickener selected from the group consisting of biopolymers, associative thickeners and/or completely synthetic thickeners, 0.01 to 10% by weight of a curing agent, 0 to 10% by weight of surface-active substances or surfactants, 0 to 15% by weight of dyes, pigments, or mixtures thereof and 0 to 75% by weight of water, where this mixture comprises 10 to 70% by weight of one or more binders based on the above mixture, from the group of polyacrylates, polymethacrylates, polyacrylonitriles, copolymers of acrylic acid esters and acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylonitrile, acrylic acid esters and styrene and acrylonitrile, acrylonitrile and butadiene and styrene, polyurethanes, melamine-formaldehyde resins, phenol-formaldehyde resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, melamine-urea-formaldehyde resins, melamine-urea-phenol-formaldehyde resins, urea-glyoxal resins.. .
Basf Se


Method for stabilising oxidation-sensitive metabolites produced by microalgae of the chlorella genus

The invention relates to a method for stabilising a biomass of microalgae containing oxidation-sensitive metabolites selected from the group consisting of carotenoids (lutein, etc.), monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, etc.), chlorophyll pigments (chlorophyll a and b, etc.) and vitamins (vitamin b9 and b12, etc.) taken individually or together, more specifically carotenoids, said method comprising the fermentation of said biomass in heterotrophic conditions.. .
Roquette Freres


Encapsulated titanium dioxide, fluorescent pigments, and pigmented polyurethane dispersion

The present disclosure provides an encapsulated pigment dispersion and an inkjet ink comprising an ink vehicle and an encapsulated pigment dispersion thereof. In particular, the encapsulated pigment dispersion includes a pigment selected from tio2 pigment, fluorescent pigment, phosphorescent pigment, and mixtures thereof.
Xerox Corporation


Lighting devices with different gamut regions

Lighting devices with multiple light-emitting regions may be arranged to transmit or reflect emission portions or beams having different gamut properties, such as different gamut area index or relative gamut values. Different light transmitting surfaces or areas may be arranged to transmit emission portions or light beams having different gamut properties in different directions.
Cree, Inc.


Polymerizable thiol-ene ink and coating composition

Hybrid radiation curable and/or low temp thermal cured thiol-ene compositions containing a quantity of unsaturated oligomers, a quantity of unsaturated polymers, a quantity of unsaturated monomers, a quantity of mercapto compounds, a quantity of functional silanes compounds and an activation catalyst as well as a possible quantity of adjuvants, such as stabilizers, pigments, amine acrylates, fillers, film forming and rheology additives, cationic initiators and polymerization inhibitors. The quantity of mercapto compounds, the quantity of functional silane compounds, the quantity of unsaturated polymers, the quantity of unsaturated oligomers, the quantity of unsaturated monomers, and the activation catalyst are mixed in order to form a coating mixture.
Kelmardan International Inc.


2-aminoimidazole-functional silicone compositions and methods of making the same

A method of making a 2-aminoimidazole-functional silicone elastomer includes forming a mixture by combining a silicone elastomer base material having vinyl functionality, a 2-aminoimidazole-functional monomer or a 2-aminoimidazole-functional oligomer, and a free-radical initiator. Optionally, one or more cross-linkers, pigments, vinyl polymer, non-functional silicone fluid, or any combination thereof may also be included in the mixture..
Dow Corning Corporation


Cellulose-containing paint systems

The invention relates to a paint system, containing a) chemically unmodified cellulose and b) optionally polyolefin waxes and/or fischer-tropsch waxes and/or amide waxes and/or biologically-based waxes and c) film formers and d) optionally solvents or water and e) optionally pigments and f) optionally volatile and/or nonvolatile additives, wherein the chemically unmodified cellulose has a mean fibre length between 7 [mu]m and 100 [mu]m and a mean aspect ratio of less than 5.. .
Clariant International Ltd.


Multicoat coating with a primer-surfacer coat of a nonaqueous coating material comprising at least two different polyesters

Method for producing a multicoat coating comprises: applying a primer-surfacer coat (i) to an optionally pretreated substrate, curing coat (i), applying a basecoat (ii) to coat (i), optionally curing the basecoat (ii), applying a clearcoat (iii) to basecoat (ii), and curing basecoat (ii) and/or clearcoat (iii), wherein coat (i) is obtained by applying a nonaqueous, solventborne coating material comprising by weight: at least 20% of at least one organic solvent, at least 8% of at least one first polyester (a1), having a glass transition temperature of at least 20° c. And an acid number of 0 to 40 mg koh/g; at least 8% by weight of at least one second polyester (a2), different from (a1) and having a glass transition temperature of not more than 10° c.; at least one crosslinker (b); and at least 8% of one or more fillers and/or pigments (c)..
Basf Coatings Gmbh


Antigraffiti layer for polyvinyl chloride based graphics film

The present invention relates to a method of making a colored graphics film, the method comprising: (i) providing a transparent polyester film, (ii) coating thereon a polyvinyl chloride organosol or plastisol composition comprising one or more color pigments, (iii) heating so as to cause film forming of the polyvinyl chloride organosol or plastisol composition thereby obtaining a colored polyvinyl chloride film adhered on one side thereof to a transparent polyester film and (iv) applying an adhesive layer to the side of the polyvinyl chloride film opposite to the side adhering to the transparent polyester film. The present invention in a further aspect provides a colored graphics film comprising a polyvinyl chloride film layer having opposite major sides, one major side comprising an adhesive layer and the major side opposite thereto having a transparent polyester layer directly bonded to the polyvinyl chloride film layer..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Chemical synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic nanostructured corrosion inhibitive pigments and methods

A method for preparing a hybrid inorganic-organic nanostructured inhibitive pigment, includes premixing a first stock solution containing one or more cations and a second stock solution containing one or more oxoanions to form a premixture under ph control in the presence of polymers as surface modifiers. The premixture is then reacted to form a slurry.
United Technologies Corporation


Synthetic zinc hectorite via hydrothermal preparation

This invention relates to synthetically derived zinc hectorite platelets, of superior platelet diameter, effect pigments comprising such synthetically derived platelets and methods of forming said substrates. More specifically the disclosure describes an improved hydrothermal synthesis of zinc hectorite suitable as a platelet for interference pigments, barrier and flame retardant applications..
Basf Se


Ink composition for inkjet printing by the continuous deflected ink jet technique notably for safety markings

An ink composition for printing by the continuous deflected ink jet technique, liquid at room temperature, including a method for marking or printing on a substrate, support or object using said ink composition, and a substrate support, or object provided with a marking obtained by drying, and/or absorption of said ink composition, in which the ink composition includes a solvent including one or several organic solvent compounds, and optionally water, a binder comprising at least one binding resin; at least one plasticizer of said binding resin, at least one dye which belongs to the family of anthraquinone dyes, and optionally, at least one or several other dyes and/or pigments which do not belong to the family of anthraquinone dyes.. .
Markem Imaje Holding


Anodic-cathodic corrosion inhibitor-conductive polymer composite

A conductive polymer corrosion protective composite is provided which may be used as a coating for imparting corrosion protection to structures such as turbine engine components. The composite comprises an organic-inorganic component and corrosion inhibitive pigments comprising an anodic corrosion inhibitor and a cathodic corrosion inhibitor.
United Technologies Corporation


Black pigment composition

The invention provides a black pigment composition capable of overcoming the drawbacks of carbon black pigments, which, when used as a toner colorant in particular, is able to reduce color shading over time and improve image qualities through an improvement in charging performances such as charge leakage and the like. The invention also provides a chromatic pigment composition able to reduce and correct the tinge of a carbon black pigment while improving fading stability, when the composition is added to a carbon black composition for electrophotographic toners.
Clariant International Ltd.


Non-staining toothpaste

The present invention relates to a dentifrice which does not excessively stain toothbrush bristles, for example, a pigmented toothpaste formulations having a pigment system which comprises (i) a dissolvable or disintegratable film comprising one or more releasable pigments which are released during brushing, and (ii) titanium dioxide, wherein the level of titanium dioxide is 0.01-0.375% by weight of the toothpaste; together with methods of making and using the same.. .
Colgate-palmolive Company


Electronic ink, electronic paper and preparing electronic ink

Disclosed are an electronic ink, an electronic paper and a method for preparing an electronic ink, wherein said electronic ink comprises display particles, an electrophoresis base liquid and a microcapsule prepolymer, wherein said display particles are an inorganic mixture of white pigments with a particle diameter of about 20-50 nm; said inorganic mixture of white pigments is formed by mixing at least one or more of zinc oxide, zinc sulfide and lithopone with boron oxide, lithium oxide and zirconium oxide. Said electronic ink is capable of improving image definition of display devices..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Comb-like polyetheralkanolamines in inks and coatings

Provided herein are compositions useful as ink or coatings which contain novel dispersants that are capable of dispersing pigments which are traditionally difficult to disperse while maintaining acceptable levels of viscosity. Use of dispersants as taught herein enables the preparation of a wide variety of inks and coatings having high pigment loading and existing within a conventionally-useful viscosity range..
Huntsman Petrochemical Llc


Subduedly coloured polycarbonate moulding compounds containing ir-reflective pigments

The invention relates to subduedly coloured, infrared-reflective polycarbonate moulding compounds that have high melt stability in conjunction with high reflectivity in the ir range and good weathering resistance, containing at least one ir-reflective inorganic pigment and at least one stabiliser, and further relates to the production and use of the polymer compositions as per the invention and the products thereof, in particular multilayer bodies. The invention further relates to the use of the polymer compositions as per the invention for producing roofs, panels, coverings and frames, in particular for use in buildings, motor vehicles and rail vehicles..
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Spray booth humidity control

The present disclosure is directed to a system for applying a waterborne coating composition to form a coating layer. The disclosure is particularly directed a system having dual water spraying devices for automatically introducing water into incoming air to produce a spray booth having a target range of humidity level.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc


Paste resin

The invention relates to a paste resin a which is a mixture of at least two acrylic copolymer resins a, wherein the acrylic copolymer resin a1 comprises at least one basic acrylic comonomer, and the acrylic copolymer resin a2 comprises at least one acidic acrylic comonomer, and a method of use thereof for formulating both water-borne and solvent-borne tinted paints with a wide variety of pigments.. .
Allnex Austria Gmbh


Pigment preparation with metal effect pigments, the production of same and use of same

The invention relates to a pigment preparation with metal effect pigments, wherein the pigment preparation contains metal effect pigments the average size d50 of which lies in a range of from 1.7 to 2.8 μm and the average thickness h50 of which lies in a range of from 15 to 50 nm, as well as at least one polycarboxylic acid. In addition, the invention relates to a method for producing this pigment preparation as well as the use of same..
Eckart Gmbh


High contrast surface marking using nanoparticle materials

Methods and compositions are disclosed for quickly creating durable surface marks and/or decorations on substrates including metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain, natural and engineered stone, as well as plastics, polymer composites and other organic materials with color, high resolution and high contrast using inkjet technology and laser, nir diode or uv led energy. The improved methods and compositions are based on established and emerging sub-micron and nanoparticle technology.


Effect pigments

A high chroma effect pigment includes a platelet substrate and an optical coating formed on the platelet substrate. The optical coating includes a first high refractive index layer, a second high refractive index layer on the first high refractive index layer, and a diffused third material having a range of diffusion between 100% to partial diffusion in the first high refractive index layer, the second high refractive index layer, or both the first and the second high refractive index layers.
Basf Se


Process for preparing self-dispersing pigments

The disclosure provides a process for preparing a self-dispersing pigment having an isoelectric point of at least about 8 comprising: (a) adding a dual functional compound with an acidic aluminum salt to form an aqueous solution, wherein the dual functional compound comprises an anchoring group that attaches the dual-functional compound to the pigment surface, and a basic amine group comprising a primary, secondary or tertiary amine; (b) adding a base to the mixture from step (a) whereby the ph is raised to about 4 to about 9 to form a turbid solution; and (c) adding the mixture from step (b) to a slurry of inorganic particles whereby a hydrous alumina and the dual functional compound are deposited on the pigment surface. The self-dispersing pigments prepared by this process are useful in making décor paper that may be used in paper laminates..
E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company



A method of colouring cementitious building materials such as concrete is disclosed. The method uses flowable, spray-dried, particulate formulations of inorganic pigments prepared using a selection of formulants that do not substantially effect primary ettringite formation.


Extracted whole corn kernels and improved processed and processable corn produced thereby

The ≦5% extracted material may include, but is not limited to, soluble starches, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils, fibers, flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, phenolic acids, dyes/pigments, and the like.. .


Sunscreen products in which excessive whiteness due to titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is visually masked upon skin application

Sunscreen products that do not require the use of organic, ultraviolet-absorbing agents are provided. Effective protection of the skin from ultraviolet light is attained by increasing the amounts of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


Vitroceramic article with luminous display

The rate of pigment or pigments being from 40 to 65% by weight of the frit/pigment mixture, the article furthermore comprising a diffusing zone facing the enamel coating.. .


Compositions and methods for improved solar cells

Disclosed are aluminum paste compositions for silicon photovoltaic cells, that display reduced blistering, reduced yellow discoloration, reduced bowing, increased (or maintained) open-circuit voltage (voc), and possess an increased firing window, through modification of the organic binder and/or addition of pigments. The present invention relates to the improvement of cosmetic and physical properties of silicon photovoltaic cells.
Sun Chemical Corporation


Moisture-curing polyurethane composition comprising sustainably produced raw materials

Solvent-free moisture-curing polyurethane compositions are described, containing 99.9% to 75% by weight of at least one polyurethane prepolymer having free isocyanate groups, prepared by reaction of at least one polyol, selected from the group of the polyether polyols and polyester polyols, with at least one polyisocyanate in stoichiometric excess, at least one polyol being a recycled polyethylene terephthalate polyol. In addition, this composition contains 0.1% to 25% by weight of at least one additive selected from the group of the catalysts, resins, plasticisers, fillers, pigments, stabilisers, adhesion promoters and further polymers.
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Polyoxyalkylene substituted alkylene diamines and their use on skin and hair

This application is directed to hair and skin conditioning compositions which contain specific polyoxyalkylene substituted alkylene diamines. The polyoxyalkylene substituted alkylene diamines function as conditioning agents on hair and skin via cloud point deposition.
Basf Se


Polymeric triarylmethane dye, blue resin composition including for color filter including the polymeric dye and color filter using the resin composition

The present invention relates to a polymeric triarylmethane dye, a blue resin composition for a color filter including the polymeric dye, and a color filter using the resin composition. The blue resin composition of the present invention is highly soluble in solvents and has excellent luminance, contrast, heat resistance, and chemical resistance due to the use of the polymeric triarylmethane dye.
Kyung-in Synthetic Co., Ltd.


Ink with enhanced wetting properties

An ink for a printer may include one or more latexes in an amount from about 0.1 wt % to about 15 wt %, one or more amines in an amount from about 0 wt % to about 2 wt %, and one or more pigments in an amount from about 0.5 wt % to about 8 wt %. The ink may also include four or more solvents that, in the aggregate, are present in an amount from about 10 wt % to about 50 wt %.
Xerox Corporation


Silica containing self-dispersing pigments

The disclosure provides a self-dispersing pigment having an isoelectric point of at least about 8 comprising an inorganic particle having a silica treatment and an outermost treatment prepared by sequentially: (a) hydrolyzing an aluminum compound or basic aluminate to deposit a hydrous alumina surface; and (b) adding a dual-functional compound comprising an anchoring group that attaches the dual-functional compound to the pigment surface, and a basic amine group comprising a primary, secondary or tertiary amine. These self-dispersing pigments are useful in making décor paper that may be used in paper laminates..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Electronic paper with porous standoff layer

An electronic paper device includes a ground plane, a charge receiving layer, and a porous stand off layer disposed over the charge receiving layer. An active layer is interposed between the ground plane and the charge receiving layer, the active layer including a plurality of microcapsules containing charged pigments.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Easily dispersible formulations of pigments and their use in tinting base media

Formulations of easily dispersible (ed) pigments comprising a combination of a carboxylic acid polymer and a non-ionic alkoxylated surfactant are disclosed. The combination is used in the formulation of a plurality of pigments.
D'arcy Polychrome Limited


Powder coating pretreatment compositions, and methods of using and making the same

The present document describes a composition for the pretreatment of surfaces, which comprises plasticizers, degassers, ph adjusting agents, pigments, a phenol formaldehyde resin based adhesive, process of making the same and method of using the same.. .


Coated pigments for coloring pvc

Coated pigments for plastics, as well as processes for production of the pigments, the use thereof for colouring polyvinyl chloride (pvc), processes for colouring pvc, pvc coloured with such coated pigments, and also plastics products including such coated pigments, may include inorganic pigments coated with of at least one of hydroxides of magnesium, hydroxides of calcium, oxides of magnesium, and oxides of calcium.. .
Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh


Irreversibly magnetically induced images or patterns

The present invention relates to the field of the protection of security documents, especially banknotes, against illegal actions such as robbery or theft. In particular, the present invention relates to the field of ink compositions for producing irreversibly magnetically induced images or patterns, said inks comprising multichromal microspheres, preferably bichromal microspheres (1) that are orientable upon application of a magnetic field and that comprise at least a first portion (2) comprising one or more dyes and/or pigments and at least a second portion (3) comprising one or more magnetic or magnetizable materials, wherein said microspheres (1) comprise as the first portion a core (2) having a surface and comprising the one or more dyes and/or pigments and as the second portion a partial coating (3) covering at least a portion of the surface of said core (2) and comprising the one or more magnetic or magnetizable materials..
Sicpa Holding Sa


Long-wearing glossy lipstick

Cosmetic compositions having durable gloss, such as cosmetic lipcolors, are provided. The compositions comprise a gel formed from a cellulosic polymer and a polar oil, a non-polar film-forming agent, polyhydroxystearic acid, and optionally one or more pigments.
Avon Products, Inc.


Laminates prepared from decor paper comprising self-dispersing pigments

The disclosure provides paper laminate comprising a décor paper, wherein the décor paper comprises a self-dispersing pigment having an isoelectric point of at least about 8, comprising an inorganic particle treated sequentially by (a) hydrolyzing an aluminum compound or basic aluminate to deposit a hydrous alumina surface; and (b) adding a dual-functional compound comprising an anchoring group that attaches the dual-functional compound to the pigment surface, and a basic amine group comprising a primary, secondary or tertiary amine. The paper laminate further comprises kraft paper..

Pigments topics: Inorganic Pigments, Crystallin, Ed Coating, Surfactant, Electrophoretic, Homogeneous, Phthalocyanine, Dispersing Agent, Coating Agent, Dispersants, Dispersant, Photovoltaic Modules, Photovoltaic Module, Phosphoric Acid, Plastic Film

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