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Pigments patents

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Sicpa Holding Sa

Methods for printing tactile security features

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pigments-related patents
 Light reflection film and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Light reflection film and manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing a light refection film includes: preparing a precursor, the precursor includes white pigments and liquid uv (ultraviolet) curing material. The white pigments are evenly dispersed in the uv curing material, and a weight ratio of the white pigments and the uv curing material ranges from 20:80 to 38:62.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
 Production of titanium dioxide pigments patent thumbnailnew patent Production of titanium dioxide pigments
A process includes roasting a tio2-containing material in the presence of an alkaline material to form a roasted product; leaching the roasted product with an acidic solution to form a leach liquor; extracting the leach liquor with an extractant to form a raffinate including a ti4+ species; hydrolyzing the ti4+ species to form a hydrolyzed material that includes h2tio3; calcining the hydrolyzed material; and recovering a tio2 product.. .
 Fatty acid condensation products as dispersing agent in pigment preparations patent thumbnailnew patent Fatty acid condensation products as dispersing agent in pigment preparations
The invention relates to aqueous pigment preparations containing (a) 1.0 to 75.0 percent by weight of at least one organic or inorganic white or coloured pigment or a mixture of different inorganic white or coloured pigments, (b) 0.01 to 8.0 percent by weight of at least one fatty acid condensation product with the formula (i), (c) 0.01 to 12.0 percent by weight of a nonionic surfactant and (g) water.. .
Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited
 Methods for printing tactile security features patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for printing tactile security features
The present invention is related to a process for manufacturing a security feature comprising a tactile pattern, said method comprising the steps of applying on a substrate a radiation-curable basecoat composition by a process selected from the group consisting of inkjet, offset, screen printing, flexo printing and rotogravure; at least partially or fully radiation-curing said radiation-curable basecoat composition so as to obtain a radiation-cured basecoat; applying on the radiation-cured basecoat obtained under step ii) a radiation-curable topcoat composition in a form of indicia by a process selected from the group consisting of screen printing, flexo printing and rotogravure; radiation-curing said radiation-curable topcoat composition so as to form a radiation-cured topcoat, wherein the radiation-curable basecoat composition and/or the radiation-curable topcoat composition comprises one or more machine readable feature substances independently selected from the group consisting of cholesteric liquid crystal pigments, luminescent compounds, infrared-absorbing compounds, magnetic compounds and mixtures thereof, and wherein the radiation-cured basecoat has a surface energy at least 15 mn/m less than the surface energy of the radiation-cured topcoat. The present invention is furthermore related to a corresponding security feature and it use for the protection of a security document against counterfeiting or fraud..
Sicpa Holding Sa
 Centrifuge patent thumbnailnew patent Centrifuge
Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (prp) and or platelet poor plasma (ppp) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host.
Kensey Nash Corporation
 Two coat process for dyeing keratin fibres patent thumbnailnew patent Two coat process for dyeing keratin fibres
The present invention relates to a process for dyeing keratin fibres, in particular the hair, which consists in applying to the keratin fibres: at least one coat of at least a first composition (i) comprising at least one hydrophobic film-forming polymer, at least one volatile solvent and at least one pigment, and then, after drying, at least a second coat of at least a second composition (ii) comprising at least one hydrophobic film-forming polymer, at least one volatile solvent and at least one pigment, the pigments of compositions (i) and (ii) being qualitatively and/or quantitatively different.. .
 Effect pigments patent thumbnailEffect pigments
The present invention relates to effect pigments based on coated, flake-form substrates, where an organic coating which contains fluoroalkyl groups and hydrophilic groups and is built up from at least one siloxane and/or at least one silane is applied to the substrate as outer layer.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh
 Composite pigments containing calcium phosphate and  their manufacture patent thumbnailComposite pigments containing calcium phosphate and their manufacture
The invention relates to composite pigment particles containing calcium phosphate, their manufacture and their use in coatings, plastics and laminates. The composite pigment particles contain titanium dioxide pigment particles and precipitated calcium phosphate.
Kronos International, Inc.
 Metal effect pigments comprising a mixed inorganic/organic layer,  the production of such metal effect pigments, and use thereof patent thumbnailMetal effect pigments comprising a mixed inorganic/organic layer, the production of such metal effect pigments, and use thereof
The invention relates to metallic effect pigments with coating, comprising a platelet-shaped substrate, where the coating comprises at least one hybrid inorganic/organic layer, the hybrid layer having at least partly an inorganic network that has one or more inorganic oxide components, and having at least one organic component, the organic component being at least partly an organic oligomer and/or polymer which is covalently bonded at least partly to the inorganic network via one or more organic network formers. The invention further relates to a method of producing these metallic effect pigments, and to their use..
Eckart Gmbh
 Polymer film for in-mould labelling patent thumbnailPolymer film for in-mould labelling
The invention relates to a multi-layered, opaque, biaxially-oriented polyolefin film with a thickness of less than 150 mum and which comprises f. A base layer that contains vacuoles and at least one polymer of at least one olefin, g.
Treofan Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

Method of quenching singlet and triplet excited states of pigments, such as porphyrin compounds, particularly protoporphyrin ix, with conjugated fused tricyclic compounds have electron withdrawing groups, to reduce generation of reactive oxygen species, particularly singlet oxygen

Each r6 is independently selected from the group consisting of alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkenyl, and aryl.. .

Single layer scattering of powder surfaces

Methods and equipment to apply a decorative surface on a building panel wherein the surface includes a mix of fibres, binders, wear resistant particles and pigments. Layers may be applied as separate layers with equipment that applies essentially only one of the materials in the surface mix..
Välinge Flooring Technology Ab

Detection device and methods of use

An imaging system for exciting and measuring fluorescence on or in samples comprising fluorescent materials (e.g. Fluorescent labels, dyes or pigments).
Intelligent Biosystems, Inc.

Light-absorbing heat-activable adhesive compound and adhesive tape containing such adhesive compound

Adhesive film comprising at least one carrier film and two external adhesive compound layers, at least one of the adhesive compounds being a heat-activable bondable adhesive compound, with black pigments added to the heat-activable adhesive compound.. .
Tesa Se

Carrier, two-component developer, supplemental developer, image forming method, process cartridge and image forming apparatus

There is provided a carrier including magnetic core particles; and a coating layer on a surface of each of the magnetic core particles, wherein the coating layer contains electroconductive particles; wherein the electroconductive particles are electroconductive particles in which white inorganic pigments are coated with phosphorus-doped tin or tungsten-doped tin; and wherein a dope ratio of phosphorus or tungsten to tin in the phosphorus-doped tin or tungsten-doped tin is 0.010 to 0.100.. .

Pigment dispersion, inkjet ink using the pigment dispersion, preparing the pigment dispersion and image forming method using the inkjet ink

A method for preparing a pigment dispersion including subjecting a mixture including at least a pigment, a dispersant and water to a first dispersion treatment using a media mill to prepare a first dispersion; and then subjecting the first dispersion to a second dispersion treatment using a media-less mill to prepare the pigment dispersion, wherein the pigment in the pigment dispersion has an average particle diameter (d50) of from 20 to 130 nm for pigments except carbon black or from 70 to 180 for carbon black, and the standard deviation of the particle diameter of the pigment is less than the average particle diameter (d50) for pigments except carbon black or one half of the average particle diameter (d50) for carbon black. A pigment dispersion prepared by the method.

Aerated chocolate composition

Aerated chocolate composition having an overrun of between 25% and 150%, preferably under 100%, comprising red and black non aqueous pigments in amount of over 0.05% w/w and less than 1.5% w/w in a red:black ratio of between 3:1 and 1:1.. .
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

Technical or decorative piece associating a transparent material and a silicon based amorphous material and manufacturing the same

A transparent substrate (10) made of a transparent material resistant to temperatures higher than 500° c., such as sapphire, includes recesses (13, 14) in at least one of its faces (11, 12) and/or a groove (15) machined into its thickness, that are covered with opaque, translucent or transparent enamel depositions (23 to 30) that may or may not be coloured, depending upon the pigments used in the enamel composition.. .
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

Durable hybrid omnidirectional structural color pigments for exterior applications

A hybrid omnidirectional structural color pigment. The pigment exhibits a visible color to the human eye and has a very small or non-noticeable color shift when exposed to broadband electromagnetic radiation (e.g.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Matched interference pigments or foils and method

A method of providing a configuration of a system of interference filters with a visible color shifting effect, includes: a hue matching step of identifying a configuration of a first interference filter including two first metal layers and a first spacer layer therebetween, and a configuration of a second interference filter including two second metal layers and a second spacer layer therebetween, wherein the first and second filters match in hue at the first viewing angle, and the mismatch in hue at the second angle; and a lightness adjustment step which may include modifying the layer material or the layer thickness of one of the metal layers; wherein a difference in lightness at the first viewing angle between the first and second modified filters is less that a difference in lightness at the first viewing angle between the first and second filters.. .
Jds Uniphase Corporation

Liquid crystal display device and fabricating the same

A liquid crystal display device having a color filter on tft (cot) structure for high picture quality, high performance display and a method of fabricating the same are provided to reduce the luminance difference between a pixel portion and an outer portion by laminating color pigments in black matrix regions, forming a light blocking pattern to use as a black matrix, and configuring the light blocking pattern to have three layers to achieve black luminance.. .
Lg Display Co. , Ltd.

Formulation of complex coating mixtures with effect pigments

A computer implemented method. The method includes obtaining, using a processor, reflectance data from a target coating and calculating, using the processor, a reflectance from the data, wherein calculating comprises performing a calculation using a radiative transfer equation.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

Pre-fabricated marking system and a producing said system

This invention concerns a pre-fabricated marking system and a method for producing such a marking system, comprising the steps of a) producing a base layer (4) made of a first meltable composition whereby said first meltable composition comprises a material selected from the group consisting of resin, polymer, filler, softener and plasticizer, b) cooling the so produced base layer (4), c) applicating at least one, wholly or partly covering layer (5) onto the base layer (4) of one or more different second meltable composition(s) whereby said second meltable composition comprises a material selected from the group consisting of resin, polymer, plasticizer and preferably one or more pigments (2,3), and d) solidifying at least the base layer (4).. .
Visutec As

Aqueous coating composition having stabilized color pigments

A stabilized color pigment dispersion includes a phosphated polymer, a color pigment stabilized in the phosphated polymer, and an aqueous carrier. The color pigment comprises one or more oxide color pigments and is essentially free from metallic pigments.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc

Use of gas adsorbed to moledular sieves to expand one-component foams upon exposure to moisture

A one-component moisture curing composition expands and cures under ambient conditions without the use of external blowing agents. The one-component moisture cure foam contains (1) a moisture curing polymer, (2) anhydrous molecular sieves that are able to adsorb atmospheric moisture to release adsorbed gases, optionally (3) catalyst compound(s) to accelerate the reaction between atmospheric moisture and the polymer, and optionally (4) other additives such as surfactants, fillers, adhesion promoters, pigments, water scavengers and foamable additives..
Royal Adhesives & Sealants Canada Ltd.

Surface modified pigment particles, preparation & application thereof

Surface modified pigments, methods of their preparation, pigment dispersions containing the modified particles, and their application for electronic displays, color filters, liquid toners, inks, coatings, paints, cosmetics and plastics are provided.. .
Sun Chemical Corporation

Marked precoated medical device and manufacturing same

A medical device, such as a medical wire, which includes a coating applied to the surface of the medical wire. The coating includes a base layer bonded to the surface of the medical wire and an at least partially transparent low-friction top coat applied to the base layer.
Innovatech, Llc

Eye makeup device

An eye makeup device includes a carrier, which has a surface adapted to adhere to an eyelid of a person. The carrier includes pigment and further has a shape to form an eyeliner for eye shadow when applied to the eyelid of the person.
And.b, Llc

Ultra-bright passivated aluminum nano-flake pigments

An organic release agent is vacuum deposited over a substrate and surface treated with a plasma or ion-beam source in a gas rich in oxygen-based functional groups to harden a very thin layer of the surface of the deposited layer in passivating environment. Aluminum is subsequently vacuum deposited onto the hardened release layer to form a very flat and specular thin film.

Liquid extract from whole corn kernels

The ≦5% extracted material may include, but is not limited to, soluble starches, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, oils, fibers, flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, phenolic acids, dyes/pigments, and the like.. .

Process for preparing metal oxide coated aluminium effect pigments

The present invention relates to a process for preparing a coloured effect pigment, comprising: (i) coating aluminium-based substrate particles in an aqueous coating medium with at least one metal oxide layer, wherein the metal oxide is selected from a titanium oxide, an iron oxide, or any mixture thereof, (ii) providing a mixture of the coated aluminium-based substrate particles and a particulate inorganic non-metallic material in the aqueous coating medium by adding the particulate inorganic non-metallic material to the aqueous coating medium, and (iii) separating the mixture of the coated aluminium-based substrate particles and the particulate inorganic non-metallic material from the aqueous coating medium and subjecting the separated mixture to a thermal drying step so as to obtain a dry coloured effect pigment material.. .
Basf Se

Methods for purifying phycotoxins, pharmaceutical compositions containing purified phycotoxins, and methods of use thereof

Phycotoxins are purified from a mixture of phycotoxins produced in a continuous process. Cyanobacteria are produced in a continuous culture, then lyzed, the cells pelleted and extracted, and the extract purified using an organic solvent-aqueous mixture and repeated passage through a diatomaceous earth column.
Proteus S.a.

Coated, wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigments, the production thereof, coating agent and coated object

A coated wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigment is provided having at least one metal oxide layer having at least one metal oxide which differs from aluminum oxide and an enveloping organic polymer layer, wherein the weight ratio of the metal oxide of the metal oxide layer to aluminum oxide in the wet-chemically produced aluminum oxide layer of uncoated wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigment is in a range of from 1:1 to 1:40. Also, a method for the production of the pigment is provided..
Eckart Gmbh

Ink compositions for controlling exposure in three dimensions within a layer of photopolymer, and methods of using

The uv opacity from 0 to 100% in one inkjet pass, and the visual color, of solvent-based inks is controlled by the amounts of pigments, dyes, uv blockers and uv brighteners in the inks. The depth-of-cure in photopolymers is controlled by these factors and the % laydown of the ink in one pass..
Chemence, Inc.

Composite pigments

Composite pigments are provided which comprise a mineral pigment (such as kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, talc, mica or a mixture of two or more of these mineral pigments) and calcium carbonate precipitated in-situ on the surfaces of the particles of the mineral pigment.. .

Non-aqueous inkjet ink

A non-aqueous inkjet ink containing at least two kinds of color pigments, a pigment dispersing agent and an organic solvent, wherein the two kinds of color pigments are a watching red pigment and a benzimidazolone pigment.. .
Riso Kagaku Corporation

Process for the production of a multi-layer coating

A process for the production of a multi-layer coating includes applying a coating layer from an aqueous pigmented coating composition a onto a substrate provided with an edc primer and applying a base coat layer from an aqueous coating composition b overlying the coating layer. A clear coat layer is applied onto the base coat layer and the three coating layers are jointly bake-cured.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc

Red thermochromic dyes and their ink compositions

A red leuco dye demonstrates unusually good thermal and photo stability. The red dye may be used with developers and wax carries for microencapsulation to form thermochromic pigments for use in inks, coatings and the like.
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

Organic solvent-based concentrated ink composition for gravure printing and gravure printing method

Condition 3: the pigment including both an organic pigment and an inorganic pigment; the amount of the organic pigment being 5 to 20% by mass in the organic solvent-based concentrated ink composition for gravure printing; the ratio by mass ((mass of inorganic pigment)/(mass of organic pigment)) of the organic pigment to the inorganic pigment satisfying 0<(mass of inorganic pigment)/(mass of organic pigment)<7.0; the amount of the polyurethane resin being 3 to 20% by mass; and the amount of the polyurethane resin being 20 to 200 parts by mass for 100 parts by mass of the whole pigments.. .

Surface modification of pigments and compositions comprising the same

Disclosed herein is a method of making a modified pigment, comprising: reacting, under mitsunobu conditions: (a) a first reactant comprising a protonated nucleophile having a pka<15, and (b) a second reactant comprising a hydroxyl-containing organic group, wherein a pigment is attached to either the first or second reactant. The method further comprises forming the modified pigment having attached an organic species comprising the nucleophile bonded to the organic group, with the net elimination of a proton and a hydroxyl.
Cabot Corporation

Polymeric particles and processes for preparation of polymeric particles that involve molding

Also disclosed are methods for preparing polymeric particles comprising phase separated polymers that comprise additives and pigments, wherein the methods involve molding.. .

Small scale microencapsulated pigments and uses thereof

A method is provided for making thermochromic pigments in microcapsules having unusually small particle sizes.. .
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

Genetically modified chrysanthemums

The present invention relates to genetically modified chrysanthemum plants expressing altered inflorescence. The chrysanthemum flavonoid pathway is manipulated to produce plants with blue or violet inflorescence.
Suntory Holdings Limited

Glass sheet with an enamel-based coating

The invention relates to a glass sheet having an enamel-based coating provided on at least one of its surface, which is in direct contact with said sheet and which comprises: a glass frit, inorganic pigments and organic compounds comprising at least one cross-linked compound, said coating exhibiting a xylene resistance of at least 00double rubs, as measured using the solvent resistance rub test according to astm d5402-06 (2011) as modified therein. Such a glass sheet can be heat treated (for example, in view of a subsequent tempering process) and, before heat treatment, can be handled and transported without damaging the coating, can be cut and ground without causing the coating to peel off or to be damaged at the borders of the cutting line, and offer a good resistance under running water, avoiding the peeling off or destruction of the coating during edges grinding or storage or transportation..
Agc Glass Europe

Thermally conductive, plate-shaped pigment coated with aluminium oxide

The present invention relates to thermally conductive pigments which consist of a substrate and a coating applied thereto comprising aluminium oxide and/or aluminium oxide hydrate, to a process for the preparation of these pigments, and to the use thereof.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh

Method and system for creating and reading multi-color co-planar emissive indicia using printable dyes and pigments

A method and system for identifying, tracking, and/or authenticating objects that is simple to apply and to use by an intended user, but is extremely difficult to counterfeit or compromise by an unintended user. Also disclosed is a multi-color, co-planar indicium made of a combination of printed patterns of multiple inks.
Honeywell International Inc.

Decorative paper

A decorative paper, which is suitable for inkjet printing, includes a base paper, on which a top-coating forms a coated base paper. The decorative paper contains one or more pigments and substantially all the pigments are present in the top-coating.
Coldenhove Know How B.v.

Copper red frits and pigments comprising silica and at least one of cupric oxide and cuprous oxide

This invention relates to lead free and cadmium free copper-containing glass frits that can be used as pigments to color other glass frits or to impart color to solid substrates such as glass, ceramic or metals, or to impart color to a thermoplastic mass. The compositions comprise silica, alkali metal oxides, alkaline earth metal oxides, tin oxide and copper oxide.
Ferro Corporation

Adhesive using wire pigment and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to an adhesive using wire pigments and a manufacturing method thereof. According to an embodiment of the present invention, an adhesive using wire pigments, which includes an adhesive resin composition including a photocurable adhesive material; and wire pigments formed in a nano-sized wire structure to be immersed in the adhesive resin composition and having light shielding properties, is provided.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Phosphor printing on light diffusing fiber based textile

A luminary fabric, useful for a variety of applications including signage, has at least one light-diffusing optical fiber woven, knitted, crocheted or otherwise integrated into the fabric. The light-diffusing optical fiber is coupled to at least one light source such as a laser or a light emitting diode.
Corning Incorporated

Opaque white coating with non-conductive mirror

An opaque cover is provided for a capacitive sensor. The cover includes a transparent substrate, and at least one white coating layer including white pigments disposed over at least one portion of the transparent substrate.
Apple Inc.

Black ink composition, ink set, and image forming method

A black ink composition includes: carbon black and a water-insoluble resin that covers at least a part of the surface of the carbon black; a cyan pigment and a water-insoluble resin that covers at least a part of the surface of the cyan pigment; a magenta pigment and a water-insoluble resin that covers at least a part of the surface of the magenta pigment; water-insoluble resin particle; and water, wherein a content ratio of the carbon black is from 1.0 to 2.0% by mass with respect to the total mass of the composition, and a total amount of pigments is from 1.8 to 3.5% by mass with respect to the total mass of the composition. The black ink composition can be used in an ink set and an image forming method..
Fujifilm Corporation

Palette of ink caps

Disclosed is an ink palette for use in artistic fields that require pigments to be readily available to an artist. Individual reservoirs are conjoined to form a matrix of reservoirs which may be cut to accommodate the artist's desire for color capacity.

Preparation of pigments

The present invention relates to an aqueous calcium carbonate containing composition, to methods for producing such aqueous calcium carbonate containing compositions and to the use of the aqueous calcium carbonate containing composition in paper, paper coating, plastics and/or paint applications and as filler in paper.. .
Omya International Ag

Tattoo removal with two laser beams via multi-photon processes

A method for removing tattoos using two laser beams and a multi-photon process is disclosed. A 0.1 to 100 nsec pulse secondary laser beam focused to 108 w/cm2 creates a temporary channel from the skin surface to the tattoo pigment.

Additives for improved hiding and paint compositions containing same

The architectural compositions, such as paints and stains, include an additive comprising a plurality of latex particles added to an existing mixture of opacifying pigments and a film-forming binder as an admixture. Each latex particle is made from a latex polymer copolymerized with a polymerizable surfactant.
Columbia Insurance Company

Method for treatment of spider silk-filament for use as thread or a composition in the manufacture of cosmetic, medical, textile or industrial applications such as bio-artificial cell tissue or skin based on (recombinant) spider silk

A method for the treatment of spider silk filament for use as a thread or composition in the manufacture of cosmetic, medical, textile, and industrial applications, wherein the spider silk filament, derived from genetically modified organisms, is treated with at least one component selected from the group consisting of vitamins, hormones, antioxidants, chelating agents, antibiotics, preserving agents, fragrances, dyes, pigments, magnetic nanoparticles, nanocrystals, cell adhesion enhancers, thermal insulators, shrinkage agents and cosmetic, medical or dermatological active substances. Textile fabrics obtained by this method are stronger, bio-compatible, bio-degradable and have a higher thermal conductivity.

Method for colouring products on a mould surface

A method for providing a design on a moulded product during the product manufacturing process is disclosed. The method includes applying pigments onto at least a portion of a surface of a mould in a pre-determined design, and forming or curing a product on the surface of the mould so that pigments transfer onto the surface or into the polymeric product during forming or curing.
Tamicare Limited

Pigments coated in an acid-resistant manner

The invention relates to the use of pigments coated in an acid-resistant manner in pvc synthetic material. Acid-soluble pigments are provided with a coating of an organic compound that melts at a temperature of t>200° c., and as a result the otherwise acid-soluble pigments are still protected from hcl vapor even at pvc processing temperatures of between 180° c.
Ley & Co. Farbenwerke Wunsiedel Kg

Recording medium having a protective layer

A recording medium includes a protective layer and a porous ink receiving layer. The protective layer includes a first binder and a first set of polymeric beads.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Magnetically assisted dermatological treatment method

A magnetically assisted dermatological treatment method incorporates a pre-treatment protocol, a magnetically assisted dermatological procedure, and a post treatment protocol in order to assist in the displacement of magnetically active pigments trapped between the dermis and epidermis layers of a patient's skin. The method utilizes the pre-treatment protocol to condition the patient's skin, loosening up the pigments that are trapped between the dermis and the epidermis through magnetically assisted means.

Novel polymer dispersants

The present invention relates to novel polymer dispersants and to a liquid compositions containing solid fine particles, such as organic or inorganic pigments and fillers, and the polymer dispersants. The polymer dispersants have at least one functional moiety of the formula i, which is bound to one of the termini or to the backbone of the polymer: (i) where # indicates the point of attachment to the terminus and/or to the polymer backbone; k is 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4, m is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, a is a chemical bond or a divalent moiety selected from the group consisting of c1-c6 alkylene, —o—(c2-c6 alkylene), —c(═o—o—(c2-c6 alkylene), —nr3—(c2-c6 alkylene) and c(═o)—nr3—(c2-c6 alkylene), where the c2-c6 alkylene part is attached to q; q is a divalent moiety selected from the group consisting of —o—, —nh— and —s—; r1 is independently selected from the group consisting of —oh, —cooh, —cooch3, —nh2, —nh(c1-c6 alkyl), —n(c1-c6 alkyl)2, —no2, —s(═o)2r4, c1-c20 alkyl, c1-c4 alkoxy, halogen, aryloxy, aryl, heteroaryl; r2 is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, —s(═o)2r4, c1-c20 alkyl, c3-c10 cycloalkyl, aryl, heteroaryl, aryl-c1-c4-alkyl and heteroaryl-c1-c4-alkyl; r3 is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, —s(═o)2r4, c1-c20 alkyl, c3-c10 cycloalkyl, aryl and heteroaryl; r4 is selected from the group consisting of oh, —nh2, —nh(c1-c6 alkyl), —n(c1-c6 alkyl)2, c1-c4 alkyl, c1-c4 alkoxy, aryl and heteroaryl..
Basf Se

Solventborne pigment pastes comprising metallic pigments and use thereof for producing solventborne effect coating materials

Described are solventborne pigment pastes comprising lamellar effect pigments. Also described is the use of the solventborne pigment pastes comprising lamellar effect pigments for producing solventborne effect coating materials.
Basf Coatings Gmbh

Process for preparing a filled polymer extrudate

A process for preparing a filled polymer extrudate, with which a flowable composition is made, composed of a carrier fluid and reinforcing agents or filler material (9), or coloring pigments (12 added to them in a first extruder (2) and a polymer melt of a thermoplastic polymer (16) in a second extruder (14, in which the composition and the polymer melt are subsequently co-extruded in a co-extruding step in such a way that the polymer melt encloses the composition forming the core of the generated extrudate strand (22).. .
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik Gmbh

Coating material for a glass or glass ceramic substrate, and coated glass or glass ceramic substrate

A coating material is provided that includes a sol-gel coating system, pigments, and chain-like or fibrous nanoparticles. The coating system is stable at high temperatures and is suitable for glass or glass-ceramic substrates having a low thermal expansion coefficient..
Schott Ag

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