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This page is updated frequently with new Pigment-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Pigment-related patents
 Photosensitive resin composition and uses thereof patent thumbnailPhotosensitive resin composition and uses thereof
The invention relates to a photosensitive resin composition for a black matrix, a color filter and a liquid crystal display element formed by the black matrix. The photosensitive resin composition comprises an alkali-soluble resin (a), a compound (b) containing an ethylenically unsaturated group, a photoinitiator (c), a solvent (d) and a black pigment (e).

 Thermally post-curing systems that crosslink with actinic radiation patent thumbnailThermally post-curing systems that crosslink with actinic radiation
A thermally curable and radiation-curable formulation, contains a) 45% to 99.9% by weight of at least one radiation-curable component; and b) 0.1% to 5% by weight of at least one selected free-radically initiating photo-initiator; and optionally c) 0.01% to 50% by weight of at least one additive; wherein the sum total of a) and b) and any c) is 100% by weight. The formulation is curable with actinic radiation and/or thermally and is used, for example, for the production of pigmented and pigment-free coating materials, and for adhesives and sealants..

 Industrial deinking of ink compositions patent thumbnailIndustrial deinking of ink compositions
The ink composition comprises pigment particles and a stimulus responsive dispersing agent for dispersing said pigment particles in a protic polar solvent, for instance for inkjet printing, which stimulus responsive dispersing agent comprises an anchoring part for anchoring to said pigment particles, a stimulus responsive part as shown in formula (xxa) or (xxb) and a hydrophilic part for solvent stabilization of the pigment, wherein the stimulus responsive part upon exposure to a stimulus initiates decomposition of the stimulus responsive dispersing agent. The paper with the printed ink can be deinked in an industrial deinking process..

 Pigment dispersion liquid and solvent-based ink composition containing the same patent thumbnailPigment dispersion liquid and solvent-based ink composition containing the same
A pigment dispersion liquid is a pigment dispersion liquid for a solvent-based ink including a base metal pigment and an organic solvent, in which the base metal pigment is subjected to a surface treatment by a fluorine-based compound, and in which the concentration of a fluorine element is from 8 atm % to 35 atm % when an x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (xps) analysis of the surface of the base metal pigment is performed.. .

 Aluminum phosphate, polyphosphate, and metaphosphate particles and their use as pigments in paints and  making same patent thumbnailAluminum phosphate, polyphosphate, and metaphosphate particles and their use as pigments in paints and making same
An aluminum phosphate composition comprising aluminum phosphate, aluminum polyphosphate, aluminum metaphosphate, or a mixture thereof. The composition may be characterized by, when in powder form, having particles wherein some of the particles have at least one or more voids per particle.

 Particles for electrophoretic displays patent thumbnailParticles for electrophoretic displays
This invention relates to particles comprising a pigment core particle encapsulated by a polymer, a process for their preparation, electrophoretic fluids comprising such particles, and electrophoretic display devices comprising such fluids.. .

 Method for producing halogenated organic pigment, halogenated organic pigment obtained by the production method, and colored composition comprising the same patent thumbnailMethod for producing halogenated organic pigment, halogenated organic pigment obtained by the production method, and colored composition comprising the same
A method for producing a halogenated organic pigment comprising a halogenation step of halogenating an organic pigment with a halogenating agent, wherein the halogenating agent comprises one or more n-haloimide compounds selected from the group consisting of trichloroisocyanuric acid, a metal salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid, tribromoisocyanuric acid, and a metal salt of dibromoisocyanuric acid. According to the present invention, a method for producing a halogenated organic pigment which does not use high toxic raw materials, does not generate a large amount of unfavorable by-products such as hydrogen halide gas and succinimide, and is excellent in terms of safety and productivity can be provided..

 Polyester resin composition and molded article manufactured therefrom patent thumbnailPolyester resin composition and molded article manufactured therefrom
Disclosed herein is a polyester resin composition and a molded article manufactured therefrom. The polyester resin composition includes: (a) a polyester resin; (b) a white pigment; and (c) a reflectance retention agent comprising an inorganic compound having a ph of about 7.5 to about 14..

 Magnetic or magnetisable pigment particles and optical effect layers patent thumbnailMagnetic or magnetisable pigment particles and optical effect layers
The invention relates to the field of non-spherical magnetic or magnetisable pigment particles and coating compositions comprising those pigment particles for producing optical effect layers (oel) wherein the magnetic or magnetisable pigment particles are magnetically oriented. In particular, the present invention provides uses of said optical effect layers (oel) layers as anti-counterfeit means on security documents or security articles.

 Method for image formation and textile fiber products patent thumbnailMethod for image formation and textile fiber products
An ink adsorption layer formation step for forming an ink adsorption layer by screen-printing a liquid or pasty binder composition for ink adsorption layer formation on a required portion of a textile fiber product directly or via another layer, and an inkjet step for forming an image by applying, using an inkjet process, an aqueous pigment ink to an ink adsorption layer formed through the ink adsorption layer formation step are present, and the binder composition for ink adsorption layer formation contains inorganic porous microparticles having a specific surface area of not less than 200 m2/g to adsorb the aqueous pigment ink applied using the inkjet process.. .


Decal printing paper for ceramics

A decal printing paper for ceramic surfaces has a base paper coated with a water-soluble release layer, an image transfer layer made of liquid cover coat with glass/ceramic flux added, and a printed image layer. The glass/ceramic flux contains glass frit with a relatively low melting point to provide a one-step printing paper with a glass/ceramic flux that delivers the required adhesion, as well as reducing the firing temperature.


Coating agent for corrosion-resistant coatings

Wherein the basecoat material (a) forming the first basecoat comprises at least one binder (a.1), at least one color and/or effect pigment (a.2), and at least one water-soluble or water-dispersible, oligomeric or polymeric component (a.3) which comprises a parent structure (gk) having at least two repeating monomer units (me) and also at least one uni- and/or multidentate, potentially anionic ligand (l) which is still capable of forming complexes after the multicoat paint system has been thermally cured.. .


Method for the removal of tattoos and skin discolouration

A method for the removal of tattoos or skin discolouration includes applying a removal fluid to the skin using a pigmentation device or a knife, such that the removal fluid is applied by small-scale, partial removal of the epidermis. In addition, the disclosure involves a removal fluid for use in the method..


Ground cover and netting materials

The present invention relates to ground cover sheet materials and netting materials, and to ground cover sheets and netting comprising such materials. The materials comprise a green pigment derived from one or more pigments, and at least one additional pigment which does not significantly decrease the amount of solar radiation transmitted by the polymer-pigment mixture in the range of about 700 nm-2500 nm, and/or at least one additional pigment which decreases the amount of solar radiation transmitted by the material in the blue light range of about 440 nm-490 nm and in the red light range of about 620-700 nm..


External element with a pressure sensor

The present invention concerns an external timepiece element including a frame made of a first material, said external element further including at least one pressure or altitude sensor, characterized in that said pressure or altitude sensor is formed of at least one disc or plate, said disc or plate being formed of or coated with a binder and a piezochromic pigment, said piezochromic pigment being selected to react at a specific pressure, so that said pigment changes from a first colour to a second colour when said specific pressure is reached.. .
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd


Chemical sensitivity screening test

The present document describes a screening composition comprising a marker compound, chosen from at least one of iodine, and fluorescein; eosin y, erythrosine, ponceau s, calcein, a catalyst, chosen from at least one boron trioxide (b2o3), potassium (k), gallium (iii) oxide (ga2o3), nickel (ii) oxide (nio), vanadium (v) oxide (v2o5), magnesium oxide (mgo), a bismuth oxide chosen from bismuth subcarbonate [bi2o2(co3)], bismuth chloride oxide (biclo), and bismuth oxide (bi2o3), cesium bromide (csbr), lanthanum (iii) oxide (la2o3), molybdenum (vi) oxide (moo3), neodymium oxide (nd2o3), nickel (ii) carbonate anhydrous (nico3); and a pigment, chosen from at least one of scandium (iii) oxide (sc2o3), lead (iv) oxide (pbo2), sulfur (s) powder, and tungsten (vi) oxide (wo3), chromium (iii) oxide (cr2o3), copper (ii) oxide (cuo), copper (i) oxide (cu2o), iron (iii) oxide (fe2o3), lead (ii) oxide (pbo). The document also describes method of using the same..
Bryson Patents Inc.


Laser-marked fabric

Systems and techniques for laser-marking a fabric material. Some implementations may be directed to a fabric component having a surface dyed a first color using a pigment.
Apple Inc.


Coating composition having smooth texture for one-coat-one bake coating

A coating composition for one-coat-one bake coating includes a resin, a pigment, a solvent, and a general additive. The resin is an acryl modified urethane resin manufactured by polymerizing polycarbonate diol, polyester diol, an acryl resin, and an isocyanate monomer.
Noroo Bee Chemical Co., Ltd.


Titanium dioxide pigment grind dispersion and paint

A pigment grind dispersion contains non-adsorbed titanium dioxide particles dispersed in an aqueous emulsion containing a mixture of (a) water-insoluble film-forming first polymer particles that adsorb to titanium dioxide particles, the first polymer particle amount in the emulsion being less than the saturation level of adsorption when another polymer is not present, (b) water-insoluble film-forming second polymer particles that do not by themselves form composite particles with titanium dioxide particles, the second polymer particle amount in the emulsion being sufficient to inhibit or interfere with adsorption of the first polymer particles to titanium dioxide particles, and (c) extender particles. The pigment grind dispersion has a titanium dioxide pigment volume concentration of about 25 to about 50 and a titania composite ratio of about 32 to about 60..
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.


Aqueous pigment dispersions with components to interact with cellulose

R2, r3, r4, r5 and r6 are independently h or c1-c5 alkyl.. .


Metallic pigments and coating a metallic substrate

A metallic pigment is provided including a metallic substrate coated with a hybrid inorganic/organic layer, wherein the hybrid inorganic/organic layer includes a network of an inorganic component and at least one organofunctional silane component having organic functionalities which have not been polymerised. Also, a method of coating a metallic substrate is provided including: combining the metallic substrate with a surfactant and an organofunctional silane and an inorganic component precursor to form a hydrophobic phase; combining the hydrophobic phase with a hydrophilic liquid to form an emulsion including said hydrophobic phase containing the metallic substrate, the organofunctional silane and the inorganic component precursor dispersed in a continuous hydrophilic phase; adding a catalyst to the emulsion; and forming a hybrid organic/inorganic layer from the organofunctional silane and said inorganic component precursor on the metallic substrate to produce a coated metallic substrate..
Sg Ventures Pty Limited


Metallic luster pigments

The present invention relates to metallic luster pigments, to a process for production thereof and to the use of such metallic luster pigments.. .
Schlenk Metallic Pigments


Structurally colored materials with spectrally selective absorbing components and methods for making the same

A structurally colored pigment is described that contains a plurality of photonic crystal particles dispersed in a medium, where each photonic crystal particles contains a plurality of spectrally selective absorbing components dispersed within the photonic crystal particle. In certain embodiments, each photonic crystal particle has a predetermined minimum number of repeat units of the photonic crystal structure.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Colored fluids for display devices

P is a residue of a second pigment, which may be the same or different from the first pigment. Each z is independently a non-polar polymer.


Epoxy resin-upgraded cement-bound composition as coating or seal

A multicomponent composition is described, including a) a binder component (a) including at least one epoxy resin, b) an aqueous hardener component (b) including at least one amine compound as amine hardener and water and c) a solid component including at least one hydraulic inorganic binder, preferably cement, wherein the multicomponent composition, based on the total weight, includes at least 8% by weight of organic binder, where the total amount of epoxy resin and amine hardener constitutes the organic binder. The multicomponent composition preferably includes at least one pigment as colorant.
Sika Technology Ag


Water based creamy cosmetic composition

Disclosed are low wax, volatile solvent-free eye shadow compositions comprising a, an emulsifying system including a sucrose fatty acid ester and a co-emulsifier, less than 5% of a film forming polymer, viscosity increasing agent, a silicone oil, a filler/powder, water, a pigment and less than 3% wax. Also disclosed are methods for making up and/or enhancing the appearance of eyes by applying said compositions to the eyes and well as methods of making said compositions..


Negative-type photosensitive white composition for touch panel, touch panel and touch panel production method

The present invention provides a negative-type photosensitive white composition for a touch panel, the composition including: (a) a white pigment; (b) an alkali-soluble resin; (c) a polyfunctional monomer; and (d) a photopolymerization initiator.. .
Toray Industries, Inc.


Process for producing a multilayer coating

A process for multilayer coating of a metal substrate includes pretreating the metal substrate with an acidic aqueous composition comprising phosphate ions and/or a water-soluble titanium and/or zirconium compound, and water. The pretreated metal substrate optionally is flashed off and a surfacer layer of an organic-solvent based surfacer coating composition is applied.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc


Aqueous coloring agent dispersion for inkjet, ink composition, inkjet recording method, and colored body

An inkjet aqueous pigment dispersion which achieves high pigment concentration, exhibits favorable redispersion properties after drying, and does not exhibit changes in ink properties even when stored for a long time; and an ink composition using the aqueous pigment dispersion. The inkjet aqueous pigment dispersion contains a pigment, a liquid medium, and a polymer dispersion agent which is an a-b block polymer obtained by copolymerization using a mixture of an organic tellurium compound represented by formula (1) and an organic ditellurium compound represented by formula (2) as a polymerization initiator.
Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha


Ultraviolet-curable ink jet composition and storage body thereof

There is provided an ultraviolet-curable ink jet composition, which is stored in an storage body, including a pigment; a pigment dispersant; a polymerizable compound; and a photopolymerization initiator, in which water content is 0.05 mass % to 1.0 mass % based on the total amount of the ultraviolet-curable ink jet composition, and in which both the acid value and the amine value of the pigment dispersant are 50 mgkoh/g or less, and at least one of the acid value and the amine value thereof is 10 mgkoh/g or more.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Composition comprising a continuous organic phase and a water-in-oil emulsion for covering a metal surface, and producing said composition

A composition to cover a metal surface comprises an organic continuous phase comprising at least one anticorrosive pigment, and a hydrophilic phase dispersed in the organic continuous phase, the hydrophilic phase comprising a chemical agent for the surface treatment of the metal surface. The surface treatment chemical agent can advantageously be cerium nitrate.
Societe Nouvelle Des Couleurs Zinciques


Bismuth vanadate pigments

Wherein e is selected from the group consisting of be, ca, sr, ba, zr, mo, ce and a combination thereof; 0.001≦0.2; 0.001≦b≦0.2; 0≦c≦1.7; 0.5≦d≦2.3; 0.001≦e≦0.5; and f denotes the number of oxygen atoms for satisfying the valence requirements of the cations. The pigment may be used as colorant in various applications, especially in coloring high molecular weight organic material, for example, coating compositions, paints, printing inks, liquid inks, plastics, films, fibers, or glazes for ceramics or glass..


Methods for producing aqueous pigment dispersion liquid and water-based ink for ink jet recording

A method for producing an aqueous pigment dispersion liquid, including: a kneading step of kneading a mixture of a quinacridone pigment (a), a pigment derivative (b), an organic high-molecular compound having an anionic group (c), a basic compound (d), and an acetylene glycol surfactant (e) in a closed kneader to prepare a pigment-kneaded material having a solid content in the range of 50% to 80% by mass; and a step of diluting the pigment-kneaded material with an aqueous medium. A method for producing a water-based ink for ink jet recording, including a step of diluting the aqueous pigment dispersion liquid with an aqueous medium..
Dic Corporation


Large particle organic extender

The present invention relates to a composition comprising an aqueous dispersion of spheroidal particles having a mode particle size of from 10 to 30 μm. The spheroidal particles are useful as organic extenders, especially in below-critical pigmented coatings formulations, and provide coatings with improved stain removal properties..
Rohm And Haas Company


Composition comprising interactive ingredients

A composition comprising titanium dioxide and additives useful for enhancing the optical performance of titanium dioxide or for allowing substitution of at least part of the titanium dioxide in said composition for additives. At least two additives are added, wherein a first additive comprises a composite pigment and a second additive comprises a reactive polymer.


Mouthguard and fabricating method thereof

A mouthguard includes a mouthguard body and a film structure. The mouthguard body includes a front part, a rear part and a bottom part.
Shun Hsiang Plastic Co., Ltd.


Pyrazolopyridazines and methods for treating retinal-degenerative diseases and hearing loss associated with usher syndrome

Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of retinal degenerative diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa, leber's congenital amaurosis, syndromic retinal degenerations, age-related macular degeneration and usher syndrome, and hearing loss associated with usher syndrome are described herein.. .
Usher Iii Initiative, Inc.


Hair treatment systems and methods using peptides and other compositions

The present invention generally relates to compositions and methods for transdermal delivery, and treatment of hair related conditions. The compositions can be used in a variety of applications, including causing or promoting hair growth and/or hair pigmentation.
Transdermal Biotechnology, Inc.


Stable vitamin c system

The present compositions include substantially anhydrous lotions, gels, or cremes having a high vitamin c content. The compositions described herein may be used as paste, lotions, cremes, or gels in and of themselves, or as a solvent/base system for additional ingredients.


Color cosmetic with high coverage and naturalness

Described herein is a cosmetic composition comprising a mixture of metal oxide pigments having different shapes and sizes which provides high coverage and a natural look upon application.. .
Avon Products, Inc.


Method and dermatological hypopigmentation

Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure provide method and apparatus for effecting (e.g., lightening) an appearance of skin by cooling or freezing small separated surface regions of the skin to produce regions of local hypopigmentation. The width of the regions can be, for example, smaller than about 1 mm or 0.5 mm, and a distance between these frozen regions can be greater than about 3 times the width of the regions.
The General Hospital Corporation


Use of visual cues to enhance bird repellent compositions

The present disclosure relates to the use of various pigments and colorants that absorb light in the uv range as functional feeding cues for birds and ungulates to synergistically enhance the repellency effect of poly cyclic quinones, specifically 9,10 anthraquinones.. .
Arkion Life Sciences, Llc


Method of producing a cover element and an optoelectronic component, cover element and optoelectronic component

A method of producing a cover element for an optoelectronic component includes producing a frame having a multiplicity of openings, wherein the frame is made of a material having embedded particles of tio2, zro2, al2o3, aln, sio2, or another optically reflective material and/or an embedded colored pigment; introducing a material into a multiplicity of the openings; and dividing the frame.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Image forming sheet for electrophotography

Provided is an image forming sheet for electrophotography, in which the generation of blister is suppressed. The image forming sheet for electrophotography includes a substrate 110 and an image receiving layer having a pigment 122 coated on the substrate, particles 124 interspersed among the pigments 122, and a binding resin, a volume average particle diameter of the particles being larger than a thickness of a portion of the image receiving layer where the particles do not exist..
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Agglomerated retroreflective beads for pavement marking and methods for fabrication and use thereof

A retroreflective device securable to a highway by bonding thereto preferably with a viscous strip applied to the highway prior to solidifying cure of the strip includes a generally globular glass central member, a desirably pigmented adhesive layer over the central member and a plurality of peripheral globular glass members connected to the central member by the pigmented adhesive layer. A method for fabricating the retroreflective device is also disclosed..
Stoncor Group, Inc.


Method of screening for candidate compounds for regulating melanogenesis or pigmentation

A method to identify target genes or proteins for regulating melanogenesis or pigmentation and to screen for compounds for manipulation of melanogenesis or pigmentation, the method of screening for candidate compounds for regulating melanogenesis or pigmentation, includes bringing test compounds into contact with cells capable of expressing mortalin and/or hsp60 in vitro, and selecting, from among the test compounds, a compound that changes the expression level of mortalin and/or hsp60.. .
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


Paper with high covering power

A paper or a decorative base paper for decorative coating materials contains pigment-resin particles that contain a carrier-free pigment and a cured resin and have a mean particle size from 1 to 30 μm and delivers a high opacity.. .
Schoeller Technocell Gmbh & Co. Kg


Acrylic-urethane ipn plastisol

Plastisol compositions having a two-resin interpenetrating polymer network (ipn) are disclosed. The compositions begin with blocked isocyanate grafted acrylic polymer, blocked isocyanate urethane prepolymer, plasticizer, optionally pigment, and optionally thixotropic agent.
Polyone Corporation


Aqueous ink set, ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus

An aqueous ink set for ink jet including a combination of a first ink and a second ink. The first ink contains a self-dispersible pigment to a particle surface of which a functional group containing a phosphonic acid group is bonded, wherein the redispersion viscosity of the first ink is 5 mpa·s or less.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Water-based ink for ink-jet recording and producing laminated body

A water-based ink for ink-jet recording including a pigment, a pigment-dispersing agent, a binder, and water. The pigment-dispersing agent includes a styrene-acrylic copolymer, and the binder includes a polyolefin resin.
Dic Corporation


Acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile polymer and thermoplastic resin composition

The present invention relates to an acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile polymer, a method for preparing the same, and a thermoplastic resin composition. More specifically, the present invention has an effect of providing an acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile polymer, a method for preparing the same, and a thermoplastic resin composition, wherein an n-vinyl monomer is applied such that the polymerization can be initiated by a redox system under conditions in which a grafting agent is not used, thereby improving the grafting efficiency of the acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile polymer and thus improving powder characteristics and impact resistance while maintaining dye-ability; the content of free shells is lowered to improve the coagulation and latex stability; the polymerization is performed by the redox system without an activation liquid of a shell layer, thereby reducing additives and thus improving pigment dye-ability and significantly improving weather resistance..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Display and labeled article

A display includes a first optical effect layer including a first interface part, the first interface part being provided with recesses or protrusions arranged two-dimensionally at the minimum center-to-center distance in a range of 200 nm to 500 nm, each of the recesses or protrusions having a forward-tapered shape; a reflective material layer covering at least a part of the first interface part; and a second optical effect layer including, at a position of a first portion of the first interface part that is covered with the reflective material layer, a portion that faces the reflective material layer with the first optical effect layer interposed therebetween or faces the first optical effect layer with the reflective material layer interposed therebetween, the second optical effect layer containing at least one of a cholesteric liquid crystal, a pearl pigment and a multilayer interference film.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.


Non-chemical thermally printable film

A two-layer mono-axially oriented film includes a first layer of an opaque beta-nucleated microvoided propylene-based polymer; and a second layer containing a dark pigment that is adapted for use in a thermal printer in which the thermal print-head contacts the exposed surface of the first layer. The dark pigment of the second layer pigment has a color contrasting with the color of the first layer and can contain a carbon black.
Toray Plastics (america), Inc.


Cosmetic composition comprising liquid fatty esters, volatile oils and thickeners, and cosmetic treatment processes

The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition which is preferentially anhydrous, comprising from 10% to 40% by weight of liquid fatty esters, at least 30% by weight of volatile oils other than the liquid fatty esters, and thickeners. The composition may also comprise particles that are insoluble in the medium, such as pigments or microcapsules.


Stable cosmetic composition containing a monoglyceride, a tartaric ester of monoglyceride, and a coated filler

The invention relates to a composition, especially a cosmetic composition, characterized in that it comprises at least one monoglyceride and at least one tartaric ester of monoglyceride, and at least one coated pigment and/or mineral filler. The invention also relates to the use of a coated pigment and/or coated mineral filler for improving the stability of a composition, especially a cosmetic composition comprising at least one monoglyceride and at least one diacetyl tartaric ester of monoglyceride.


Synergistic paraffinic oil and boscalid fungicides

Fungicidal compositions comprising a paraffinic oil and 2-chloro-n-(4′-chloro[1,1′-biphenyl]-2-yl)-3-pyridinecarboxamide (boscalid) are provided. The fungicidal compositions may further comprise a pigment.
Suncor Energy Inc.


Optically excited phosphor display screens having coloring filtering pigments embedded in phosphor mixtures

Techniques and optically excited light-emitting devices based on phosphors are provided to use phosphor materials which absorb excitation light to emit visible light and include a composite phosphor material including two or more different transition metal compounds that, under optical excitation of the excitation light, emit visible light at spectrally close but different spectral wavelengths or bands that spectrally overlap to produce a desired color.. .
Prysm, Inc.


Method of producing a pigment containing, cationic, high solids aqueous dispersion, aqueous dispersion containing pigments, and use thereof

A method of producing an aqueous dispersion of a pigment, and the aqueous dispersion of the pigment and the uses of the aqueous dispersion of the pigment. In the present method, an inorganic pigment is dispersed in water, in the presence of a dispersing agent.
Ep-pigments Oy


Ink composition and a writing instrument

The present invention relates to an ink composition and a writing instrument. The ink composition comprises 10 to 70 wt % of a metallic pigment, 10 to 30 wt % of a resin, 0 to 20 wt % of a colorant, 0 to 20 wt % of an auxiliary agent and a solvent as the remainder; the solvent is a main solvent or a mixture of the main solvent and an auxiliary solvent; the resin includes a film-forming resin and a thickening resin; the present invention uses a low-level monohydric alcohol solvent as the main solvent, a polyvinyl acetal resin as the film-forming resin, and further includes the auxiliary agent, the metallic pigment or the colorants, so the ink composition with such good characteristics as being environmental friendly, drying quickly, being written smoothly and having strong compatibility to general writing surfaces is produced..
Shanghai Nnw New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.


Carbon black in effect pigments

The present application is directed to a combination effect pigment comprising a platy substrate, an outer layer disposed above the platy substrate, and carbon black, wherein the carbon black is disposed above the substrate and is entrapped by the outer layer.. .
Basf Corporation


Carbon black in effect pigments

The present application is directed to combination effect pigments comprising an effect pigment and carbon black, wherein the carbon black is adherently deposited on the effect pigment interposed within the substrate and at least one subsequent layer of the effect pigment. This structure of the combination effect pigment results in advantageous non-staining properties of the pigment and maximizes color effects of the carbon black..


Novel polymers and use of these as dispersants

The present invention relates to novel polymers p and to their salts, to a process for their manufacturing, to the use of said polymers as dispersants for fine particulate solid material. The present invention further relates to liquid compositions containing solid fine particles, such as organic or inorganic pigments and fillers, and the novel polymers p and their salts as dispersants.
Basf Se


Printable recording media

A printable recording media including a supporting base substrate having, on both supporting sides, pre-coating layers containing inorganic pigments and polymeric binders, and having, at least, one top ink-receiving layer, that includes inorganic pigments and water-dispersible polymeric binders having a glass transition temperature within the range of about 0° c. To about 35° c., over the pre-coating layer.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


In-mold decorative appliquÉ with textured surface

A manufacturing method for a plastic-molded automotive interior trim component produces a curvilinear finished surface with a relatively flat portion and a relatively curved portion. A decorative film subcomponent is molded with a substantially smooth outer surface that is pigmented with a desired color of the finished surface.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Methods and compositions for preserving the viability of photoreceptor cells

Provided are methods and compositions for maintaining the viability of photoreceptor cells following retinal detachment. The viability of photoreceptor cells can be preserved by administering an apoptosis inhibitor to a mammal having an eye with retinal detachment.
Massachusetts Eye And Ear Infirmary


Histone deacetylase inhibitors

In recognition of the need to develop novel therapeutic agents, the present invention provides novel histone deacetylase inhibitors. These compounds include an ester bond making them sensitive to deactivation by esterases.
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.


Laser system for skin treatment

A method of treating pigmented lesions and vascular lesions by a wavelength between 500 nm and 600 nm applied to the segment of skin as a train of pulses. In some examples, a wavelength of 1048 nm is applied sequentially or simultaneously with the wavelength between 500 nm and 600 nm.
Candela Corporation


Capsicum variety exhibiting a hyper-accumulation of zeaxanthin and products derived therefrom

The present invention is concerned with capsicum plants producing greater than about 0.4% zeaxanthin, by weight in the dried, ripe fruit pod flesh, which plants have been developed from commercially grown capsicum cultivars by plant breeding techniques. Zeaxanthin is the dominant carotenoid in the dried ripe fruit pod flesh, when measured in non-esterified forms.
Kalamazoo Holdings, Inc.


Coloring inspection apparatus and coloring inspection method

An object is to ensure clear and easy quantification of the textures such as metallic texture and shiny texture of pearl pigment and to rationalize comparison inspection between an inspection object and a reference object. A coloring inspection apparatus 1 includes a camera 2 that is configured to have three spectral sensitivities (s1(λ), s2(λ), s3(λ)) linearly and equivalently converted to a cie xyz color matching function, an arithmetic processing unit 3 that is configured to obtain and compute coloring data by conversion of an image which has three spectral sensitivities and is obtained by the camera 2 into tristimulus values x, y and z in a cie xyz color system, and lighting units 6 that are configured to illuminate an automobile 5 as an example of measuring object.
Papalab Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for obstructing inoperable pixels in a display device

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for optically obstructing inoperable display elements in a display apparatus. In one aspect, a display apparatus can include a plurality of display elements each having a shutter suspended over a substrate.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Hand tool having an electronic identification device

Disclosed is a tool (300) having a body comprising two outer strips (305,306) and a recessed middle strip (307), wherein a top cap (309) and bottom cap (312) disposed either side of the middle strip, and attached to one another by dowels (311,314), pins and rings, form a cavity for encapsulating an electronic identification device such as an rfid tag (109). The electronic identification device may be protected by internal webbing or a flexible cellular or elastomeric component and may by in contact with the metal body (302) of the tool.
Stanley Works (europe) Gmbh


Security coding system and marker, optoelectronic scanner and coding articles

A scanner (200) is arranged to detect a unique spectral signature acquired from a sample (230) coded with a security marker (700) made up from one or more overt or covert coloured features (704a-704b) having known and uniquely identifiable spectral characteristics. More particularly, a narrowband light source (218), operating in the middle/near ultraviolet to short/near infra-red wavelength ranges, pulses light onto the security marker fixed to or formed in the sample (230).
Gluco Technology Limited

Pigment topics: Crystallin, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Aluminate, Sodium Alum, Heat Exchanger, Perovskite, Titanium Dioxide Pigment, Downstream, Pyrrolidone, Ethylene Glycol, Dispersant

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