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Piezoelectric patents

This page is updated frequently with new Piezoelectric-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Piezoelectric-related patents
 Apparatus and  tuning a resonance frequency patent thumbnailApparatus and tuning a resonance frequency
There are disclosed various apparatuses and methods for tuning a resonance frequency. In some embodiments there is provided an apparatus (200) comprising at least one input electrode (202, 204) for receiving radio frequency signals; a graphene foil (210) for converting at least part of the radio frequency signals into mechanical energy; at least one dielectric support element (212) to support the graphene foil (210) and to space apart the at least one input electrode (202, 204) and the graphene foil (210).
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Acoustic wave elements and antenna duplexers, and modules and electronic devices using same patent thumbnailAcoustic wave elements and antenna duplexers, and modules and electronic devices using same
An acoustic wave element according to certain examples includes a piezoelectric body, an interdigital transducer (idt) electrode disposed above the piezoelectric body, and a connection electrode disposed above the piezoelectric body and connected to the idt electrode. A first insulation layer covers the connection electrode, and a second insulation layer covers the idt electrode.
Skyworks Panasonic Filter Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.

 Filter and duplexer patent thumbnailFilter and duplexer
A filter includes: piezoelectric thin film resonators, each including a substrate, a piezoelectric film located on the substrate, a lower electrode and an upper electrode facing each other across at least a part of the piezoelectric film, and an insertion film inserted in the piezoelectric film, located in at least a part of an outer peripheral region within a resonance region, and not located in a center region of the resonance region, the resonance region being a region where the lower electrode and the upper electrode face each other across the piezoelectric film, wherein at least two piezoelectric thin film resonators out of the piezoelectric thin film resonators have different widths of the insertion films within the resonance regions.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

 Duplexer patent thumbnailDuplexer
A duplexer includes a first band-pass filter and a second band-pass filter with a pass-band lower than the first band-pass filter. The first band-pass filter includes an unbalanced surface acoustic wave filter.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Electric door release powered by an energy harvester patent thumbnailElectric door release powered by an energy harvester
A piezoelectric energy harvester system for collecting kinetic energy is provided, wherein the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, and wherein at least a portion of the converted electrical energy is utilized to operate a load. The system comprises an energy input portion and an energy harvesting portion.
Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc.

 Method for etching piezoelectric film and  manufacturing piezoelectric element patent thumbnailMethod for etching piezoelectric film and manufacturing piezoelectric element
In a method for etching a piezoelectric film and a manufacturing method thereof, a piezoelectric film is formed on a substrate on which a lower electrode is formed, a metal film having a thickness of 20 nm to 300 nm is formed, a patterned resist film is formed, the metal film is etched with a first etchant to which the piezoelectric film has etching resistance, and the piezoelectric film is etched with a second etchant to which the metal film has etching resistance.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Lead titanate coating and preparing method thereof patent thumbnailLead titanate coating and preparing method thereof
The invention provides a lead titanate coating and a preparing method thereof. According to the method, mixed powder is sprayed on the surface of a matrix, and through polarization, the lead titanate coating is acquired.

 Ultrasound transducer and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus patent thumbnailUltrasound transducer and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
An ultrasound transducer that achieves broadband characteristics without degrading the sensitivity of the ultrasound transducer. piezoelectric element (202) includes piezoelectric thin film (203), first electrode (204) that is disposed on a first surface of piezoelectric thin film (203) in a thickness direction of piezoelectric thin film (203), and second electrode (205) that is disposed on a second surface of piezoelectric thin film (203) in the thickness direction of piezoelectric thin film (203), and at least two of parameters of a spring constant, a viscosity coefficient, and a mass in an equivalent single damped oscillation model representing a structure of a diaphragm composed of each piezoelectric cell (200) are each set to a value that is different among the piezoelectric cells (200) such that a relationship between a driving frequency ratio and a phase in the diaphragm is substantially identical among the piezoelectric cells (200)..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

 Robust piezoelectric fluid moving devices and methods patent thumbnailRobust piezoelectric fluid moving devices and methods
A method of making a piezoelectric fluid moving device, (e.g., a fan or synthetic jet actuator) includes forming at least a first electrode on a base substrate and disposing a spacer frame about the first electrode. A piezoelectric substrate is placed within the frame and over the first electrode.
Mide Technology Corporation

 Piezoelectric membrane, piezoelectric device, and inkjet head patent thumbnailPiezoelectric membrane, piezoelectric device, and inkjet head
An inkjet head includes a substrate that defines a cavity in which ink is stored, a vibrating membrane that is supported by the substrate and that defines the cavity, and a piezoelectric device that is disposed on the vibrating membrane and that changes a volume of the cavity by displacing the vibrating membrane. The piezoelectric device includes a lower electrode, a piezoelectric membrane that is disposed on the lower electrode, and an upper electrode that is disposed on the piezoelectric membrane and that faces the lower electrode with the piezoelectric membrane interposed between the upper electrode and the lower electrode.
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Circuit assembly and controlling a piezoelectric transformer

A circuit assembly is used for controlling a piezoelectric transformer having an input capacitance in a first circuit branch. The circuit assembly also includes a second circuit branch for compensating for the input capacitance, preferably by means of a capacitive element, and a differential amplifier having two inputs.
Epcos Ag


Non-invasive nutrition monitor

An apparatus includes a sensor configured to detect a variable characteristic, the variation of the characteristic including variation indicative of an individual swallowing when the sensor is positioned in a neck area of the individual. The apparatus includes a wireless data communication interface configured to receive information related to the characteristic and transmit the information externally.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Touch input device and display device

A touch input device that includes a touch sensor and a control unit. The touch sensor includes a base material, a piezoelectric film, a plurality of first detecting conductors and a plurality of second detecting conductors.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Machine-learning based tap detection

An electronic device can be configured to enable a user to provide input via a tap of the device without the use of touch sensors (e.g., resistive, capacitive, ultrasonic or other acoustic, infrared or other optical, or piezoelectric touch technologies) and/or mechanical switches. Such a device can include other sensors, including inertial sensors (e.g., accelerometers, gyroscopes, or a combination thereof), microphones, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, and/or cameras, among others, that can be used to capture respective sensor data.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Electric field sensor

According to embodiments, an electric field sensor having a sensor electrode is constructed of an electrically conductive material and having one or more outwardly protruding pillars. A screen electrode overlies the sensor electrode and has one or more openings which register with the one or more pillars on the sensor electrode.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i


Pressure sensor

An antenna unit having an antenna coil pattern is disposed in a casing. A sensor unit has a surface acoustic wave detecting element including a first sensing electrode that generates and receives a surface acoustic wave and a first reflector that reflects the surface acoustic wave, which are provided on a substrate configured of a piezoelectric material, and a sensor coil pattern electrically connected to the first sensing electrode and coupled to the antenna coil pattern.
Denso Corporation


Differential temperature surface sensor

This sensor, comprises: a first surface acoustic wave device, comprising a first piezoelectric substrate, formed from a (yxw/t)/φ/θ/ψ cut of a langasite crystal, where φ is equal to 0±5° is equal to 55±20° and ψ is equal to 32.5±7.5° and a first resonator having a first transducer laying on a first propagation surface and having two sets of interdigitated first electrodes formed from an electrically conductive material having a high melting temperature; and a second surface acoustic wave device, comprising a second piezoelectric substrate, formed from a (yxw/t)/φ/θ/ψ cut of a langasite crystal, where φ is equal to 0±5°, θ is equal to 5±20° and ψ is equal to 0±7.5°, and a second resonator having a second transducer laying on a second propagation surface and having two sets of interdigitated second electrodes formed from an electrically conductive material having a high melting temperature; said first and second surface acoustic wave devices being independent one from the other in terms of surface acoustic wave propagation.. .
Ecole Nationale Superieure De Mecanique Et Des Microtechniques


Magnetostrictive transmitter piezoelectric pickup sensor

A pickup sensor is disclosed for a magnetostrictive sensing instrument for sensing position of a magnetic field. The instrument includes an elongate tube having a near end and a distal end.
Orion Instruments, Llc


Method of making piezoelectric film, making piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, and image forming apparatus

A method of making a piezoelectric film includes forming a pbto3 (pto) coating film by applying a precursor liquid of a coating film containing pto as a main ingredient, forming a pto amorphous layer containing lead titanate as a main ingredient by heating the pto coating film at a heating temperature lower than a crystallization temperature at which the pto coating film is crystalized, and forming, on the pto amorphous layer, a piezoelectric thin-film layer having a main (100) orientation measured by x-ray analysis and containing lead zirconate titanate (pzt) as a main ingredient. The heating temperature is 300° c.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Rolling mill third octave chatter control by process damping

Control of third octave vibrations in a mill stand can be achieved using a high-speed piezoelectric assist coupled to a hydraulic gap cylinder to increase the damping of the roll stack. Vertical movements of the roll stack (e.g., the top work roll) can be determined through observation (e.g., measurement) of hydraulic fluid pressure of the hydraulic cylinder or entry tension of the metal strip.
Novelis Inc.


Portable electronic device using a tactile vibrator

Examples of portable electronic devices including a piezo actuated vibrator for providing tactile feedback to the user are described. Portable electronic devices according to the present disclosure may include tactile feedback devices, which may be driven by a piezoelectric actuator/vibrator that is operatively coupled to or embedded into the housing of a portable electronic device.
Apple Inc.


Speaker system

The present invention provides a speaker system comprising: an electroacoustic converter film composed of a polymeric composite piezoelectric body in which piezoelectric body particles are dispersed in a viscoelastic matrix formed of a polymer material that exhibits viscoelasticity at normal temperature, and thin film electrodes formed on both surfaces of the polymeric composite piezoelectric body; and a driving circuit that attenuates signal intensity of an input signal from a signal source at a rate of 5 db to 7 db per octave and supplies the attenuated input signal to the electroacoustic converter film.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Sound generator and electronic device using the same

A sound generator 30 includes a piezoelectric element 1, a vibrating body 3a, a reflection member 81, a reflection member 82, an opening 21, and an opening 22. The vibrating body 3a vibrates due to vibration of the piezoelectric element 1 and generates a sound.
Kyocera Corporation


Vibration wave motor

A vibration wave motor includes a vibration plate having a flat plate portion and protruding portions, a piezoelectric element that performs high-frequency vibration, a friction member contacting the protruding portions, and a first natural vibration mode and a second natural vibration mode, which are excited in the vibration plate by the high-frequency vibration, the vibration plate and the friction member moving relatively to each other, maximum amplitude generated on tip ends of the protruding portions by the first natural vibration mode is larger than maximum amplitude generated on tip ends of the protruding portions by the second natural vibration mode, a resonance frequency of the first natural vibration mode is lower than a resonance frequency of the second natural vibration mode, and amplitudes of the first natural vibration mode and the second natural vibration mode in a frequency range at a time of drive substantially coincide with each other.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Multi-flap standing wave type ultrasonic motor

A multi-flap standing wave type ultrasonic motor, includes a rotor part, a stator part, a control circuit board, and a fixing attachment. The rotor part includes a flange, a rotor ring, and a shaft, the shaft and rotor ring being joined together through the flange by using a screw.


Vibration-type actuator and optical device using the same

A vibration-type actuator that enables to miniaturize and stabilize pressure state between a driven body and a vibration body. A pressurizing unit applies pressure force between projections on the vibration body and the driven body.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Piezoelectric film and manufacturing same

(in formula (p), x represents a lead content, y represents a nb content (b site doping amount), z represents an oxygen content, a represents a zr/ti ratio, and y>0.14, and although x=1.0 and z=3 is standard, numerical values of x and z may deviate from 1.0 and 3, respectively, within a range where a perovskite structure can be adopted.). .


Piezoelectric polymer composite material

A piezoelectric polymer composite material includes piezoelectric particles dispersed in a matrix made from a polymer material. The piezoelectric particles is composed primarily of lead zirconate titanate having a general formula of pb(zrxti1-x)o3 and each of the piezoelectric particles contains a mixture of tetragonal crystals and rhombohedral crystals..
Fujifilm Corporation


Graphene device, methods of manufacturing and operating the same, and electronic apparatus including the graphene device

Example embodiments relate to a graphene device, methods of manufacturing and operating the same, and an electronic apparatus including the graphene device. The graphene device is a multifunctional device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Haptic feedback screen using piezoelectric polymer

The present invention relates to a haptic feedback screen using a piezoelectric polymer. The present invention provides a haptic feedback screen using a piezoelectric polymer, which comprises: a piezoelectric polymer layer made of a transparent piezoelectric polymer material; an upper electrode and a lower electrode disposed on an upper surface of and under a lower surface of the piezoelectric polymer layer, respectively, the upper electrode and the lower electrode being made of a transparent material; a transparent cover disposed on the upper electrode; and a transparent substrate disposed under the lower electrode, wherein the piezoelectric polymer layer generates vibration in a touch area by a power applied between the upper electrode and the lower electrode when a touch occurs on the transparent cover.
University Of Ulsan Foundation For Industry Cooperation


Testing of ultrasonic imaging systems

Devices and methods for testing the operation of acoustic devices such as ultrasonic probes. The disclosed devices and methods identify failures of individual piezoelectric elements of various types of ultrasonic probes free of family-specific adapters to interface with such probes and free of acoustic coupling fluids or the like to establish acoustic coupling with the probes.
Acertara Acoustic Laboratories Llc


Pressing force sensor

A pressing force sensor that includes a sensor element configured with a piezoelectric film, a lead terminal for connection to an external circuit, a wiring conductor which connects pressing force detection electrodes and the lead terminal, and a flexible printed circuit board which withstands solder reflow temperatures. The flexible printed circuit board has the pressing force detection electrodes formed on a first principal surface thereof, and is folded via a folding line while the first principal surface faces inward.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Use of aluminum nitride to obtain temperature measurements in a high temperature and high radiation environment

An aluminum nitride piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer successfully operates at temperatures of up to 1000° c. And fast (>1 mev) neutron fluencies of more than 1018 n/cm2.
United States Department Of Energy


Novel additive manufacturing-based electric poling process of pvdf polymer for piezoelectric device applications

Methods for forming a piezoelectric device are provided. The method can comprise: electrically poling and printing the piezoelectric device from a polymeric filament simultaneously.
University Of South Carolina


Process damping of self-excited third octave mill vibration

Control of self-excited third octave vibration in a metal rolling mill can be achieved by adjusting the tension of the metal strip as it enters a stand. Self-excited third octave vibration can be detected and/or measured by one or more sensors.
Novelis Inc.


Acoustic transducer with impedance matching layer

A piezoelectric transducer is mounted in a housing. An impedance matching layer is provided between the piezoelectric transducer and the housing.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Electroacoustic converter film

Provided is an electroacoustic converter film including thin film electrodes provided on both surfaces of a polymeric composite piezoelectric body in which piezoelectric body particles are dispersed in a viscoelastic matrix formed of a polymer material that exhibits viscoelasticity at normal temperature, and protective layers formed on the thin film electrodes. The electroacoustic converter film further includes electrode lead-out metal foils laminated on the thin film electrodes, and the electrode lead-out metal foils allows connection to wiring through soldering when electrodes are led out from the thin film electrodes..
Fujifilm Corporation


Electroacoustic transduction film

Disclosed is an electroacoustic transduction film suitable for a flexible speaker or the like, in which predetermined acoustic properties are able to be stably exhibited regardless of a bending state. The electroacoustic transduction film includes a polymer composite piezoelectric body in which piezoelectric body particles are dispersed in a viscoelastic matrix formed of a polymer material having viscoelasticity at a normal temperature, and electrode layers interposing the polymer composite piezoelectric body therebetween, and an area fraction of the piezoelectric body particles in a contact surface with respect to the electrode layer is less than or equal to 50%, and thus the object is attained..
Fujifilm Corporation


Portable piezoelectric speaker and electronic device having the same

Disclosed is a portable piezoelectric speaker including a body configured to be coupled to and separated from a rear surface of an electronic device, and a piezoelectric speaker module coupled to a predetermined area of the body, wherein the piezoelectric speaker module includes a piezoelectric device, and a vibration transfer member provided to be in contact with at least one area of the piezoelectric device and to be spaced apart from at least one surface of the piezoelectric device.. .
Innochips Technology Co., Ltd.


Electrical energy generator and generating electrical energy

Electrical energy generators are provided, and in one embodiment the generator, includes a capture element configured to be situated in a fluid so that a lift force is generated on said capture element, and at least one generator piezoelectric element. The capture element is associated to the generator piezoelectric element so that, when the generator is in a mode of electrical energy generation, repetitively and in response to the lift force, (a) it elastically deforms the generator piezoelectric element in such a way that said generator piezoelectric element passes from a first configuration to a second configuration, accumulating energy; and (b) it subsequently releases the generator piezoelectric element in such a way that said generator piezoelectric element returns to its first configuration in an oscillating manner, generating electrical energy..
Deutecno S.l.


Vibration detecting apparatus and mobile device including the same

Vibration detecting apparatus and mobile device including the same disclosed. A vibration detecting apparatus includes a base, a piezoelectric body having one end thereof supported by the base and the other end thereof freed and configured for converting a mechanical stress being applied by a vibration of the base into an electrical signal, an electrode coupled to the piezoelectric body so as to transmit the electrical signal to a measuring circuit and an elastic body coupled to the piezoelectric body so as to elastically press the piezoelectric body in an opposite direction to the mechanical stress being applied to the piezoelectric body..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Orthotropic bimorph for improved performance synthetic jet

piezoelectric actuators for synthetic jets and other devices are disclosed having orthotropic piezoelectric bimorphs with increased out-of-plane displacements for greater responsiveness to applied electric fields. In some embodiments, the piezoelectric actuators may include interdigitated electrodes applied to a surface of a piezoelectric plate to produce greater in-plane strains in the plate and greater out-of-plane displacements of a flexible diaphragm of the synthetic jet.
The Boeing Company


Multi-cell transducer

The present invention relates to a transducer device having a planar array of electroacoustic cells, each including a piezoelectric bilayer unit. The transducer device achieves high transmission sensitivity across a broad bandwidth.
Microtech Medical Technologies Ltd.


Electrostatic and piezoelectric touch panel

An electrostatic and piezoelectric touch panel includes a first switching circuit, a second switching circuit, at least one first sensing device, and at least one second sensing device. The first sensing device includes a first transistor and a piezoelectric-transistor.
Chung Hua University


Bidirectional display device

A display device includes: a first display panel and a second display panel disposed to face each other; a backlight unit interposed between the first display panel and the second display panel; and a speaker unit including a first piezoelectric module and a second piezoelectric module sharing an enclosure and disposed to face each other, a first output unit configured to output sound produced from the first piezoelectric module, and a second output unit configured to output sound produced from the second piezoelectric module.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Devices and methods for a path length control driver for a ring laser gyroscope

A path length control (plc) driver of a ring laser gyroscope includes a first piezoelectric assembly including a first piezoelectric element, a second piezoelectric element, and a first electrode. The plc driver further includes a second piezoelectric assembly including a third piezoelectric element, a fourth piezoelectric element, and a second electrode.
Honeywell International Inc.


Piezoelectric blower

A piezoelectric blower includes an outer casing and a blower main body. The outer casing houses the blower main body.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Proppants containing dispersed piezoelectric or magnetostrictive fillers or mixtures thereof, to enable proppant tracking and monitoring in a downhole environment

In one aspect, the invention relates to a method for “tagging” proppants so that they can be tracked and monitored in a downhole environment, based on the use of composite proppant compositions containing dispersed fillers whose electromagnetic properties change at a detectable level under a mechanical stress such as the closure stress of a fracture. In another aspect, the invention relates to composite proppant compositions containing dispersed fillers whose electromagnetic properties change under a mechanical stress such as the closure stress of a fracture.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation


Inkjet head, manufacturing same, and inkjet printer

An inkjet head (10) includes a displacement film (17), a substrate (11), and an ink discharge portion (21). The displacement film (17) includes a piezoelectric thin film (14) as a driving film operable to expand and contract in a direction perpendicular to its thickness direction to cause curving deformation of the displacement film (17) in its thickness direction.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Electroacoustic conversion film, electroacoustic converter, flexible display, and projector screen

The present invention provides an electroacoustic conversion film comprising: a polymeric composite piezoelectric body in which piezoelectric body particles are dispersed in a viscoelastic matrix formed of a polymer material exhibiting viscoelasticity at normal temperature; and two or more electrode pairs, wherein one electrode and the other electrode of each of the electrode pairs are arranged on two opposite main surfaces of the polymeric composite piezoelectric body, respectively, to interpose the polymeric composite piezoelectric body therebetween, and thereby each of the electrode pairs forms an active region.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Method for molding piezoelectric polymer and molded body

(c) the ratio of the length in the longitudinal direction to the curvature radius of the curved portion of the piezoelectric portion is about 0.01 or more.. .


Ultrasonic transducer and manufacturing method therefor

An ultrasonic transducer includes a piezoelectric layer for generating an ultrasonic by using a power received from outside, a ground electrode attached to a first surface of the piezoelectric layer, a signal electrode attached to a second surface of the piezoelectric layer, and circuit boards connected to the ground electrode and the signal electrode. A part of the ground electrode and a part of the signal electrode are directly connected to the circuit boards, each of the ground electrode and the signal electrode includes flexible material, and the circuit boards include rigid material.
Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic inspection apparatus

An ultrasonic probe includes a substrate, a diaphragm, a thin-film piezoelectric element, a communication passage, and an air hole. The substrate has first and second cavities thereon.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Electronic device

An electronic device includes a vibration unit configured to generate a vibration sound transmitted by vibrating a contacting or pressing body part; and piezoelectric elements stacked on and attached to the vibration unit and vibrating the vibration unit in accordance with an input signal. The piezoelectric elements each have a different capacitance.
Kyocera Corporation


Tuning fork type piezoelectric vibration piece and tuning fork type piezoelectric vibrator

A tuning fork type piezoelectric vibration piece 2 includes a base portion 25 in which a piezoelectric vibration substrate has a connection area with an external element, and a pair of leg portions 21, 22 projecting from a first end face of the base portion. The pair of leg portions has vibrating portions 212, 222 equipped with drive electrodes, wide weight portions 211, 221 formed at tip ends of the vibrating portions, and connecting portions 213, 223 between the vibrating portions and the weight portions.
Daishinku Corporation


Thermoelectric generator

A thermoelectric generator includes a shape memory material configured to change shape due to a change in temperature, the shape memory material being further configured to cyclically receive heat from a heat source. The thermoelectric generator further includes a piezoelectric material coupled to the shape memory material, the piezoelectric material configured to produce electricity in response to the changed shape of the shape memory material..
Spx Corporation


Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, and electronic device

(in the formula (1), 0.09≦x≦0.30, 0.025≦y≦0.085, 0≦z≦0.02, and 0.986≦a≦1.02).. .


Piezoelectric vibrator

The invention relates to a piezoelectric vibrator having a piezoelectric laminate in which oriented film layers made of a polylactic acid and conductive layers are laminated alternately and grippers gripping both ends of the piezoelectric laminate, wherein one of two conductive layers neighboring via an oriented film layer is short-circuited to a negative electrode and the other conductive layer is short-circuited to a positive electrode, the oriented film layers interposed between the respective conductive layers are laminated such that the oriented film layers expand and contract in the same direction when a current is applied, the piezoelectric laminate has two parallel surfaces which are parallel to the plane direction of the oriented film layers and two end faces a and b which are between the parallel surfaces and parallel to each other, and the gripped ends respectively include the end face a and the end face b.. .
Teijin Limited


Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator device, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and ultrasonic measuring apparatus

(10≦x≦40, 0<≦40, 50≦z≦90). .


Devices and methods for controlllng magnetic anistropy with localized biaxial strain in a piezoelectric substrate

Devices and methods for controlling magnetic anisotropy and orientation of magnetic single domain structures between stable states are provided based on piezoelectric thin films and patterned electrodes. By using patterned electrodes, piezoelectric strain is manipulated to achieve a highly localized biaxial strain in a piezoelectric substrate and rotate the magnetic anisotropy of magnetic materials.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Micro-optical electromechanical device and manufacturing it

A micro-optical electromechanical device includes a body, a mirror element, and a spring structure configured to flexibly support the mirror element to the body. The spring structure includes at least one piezoelectric transducer adapted to induce in the spring structure a displacement that moves the mirror element..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for magnetic field detection

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for detecting magnetic fields. A magnetic sensor can include a substantially planar magnetostrictive layer.
Northeastern University


Method for producing an acceleration sensor

The invention relates to a method for producing an acceleration sensor having a housing (1), which has a cylindrical or cubic basic shape, having at least one internal support (4) and having a sensor element (2) arranged thereon. According to the invention a sensor element (2) comprising a main body (29) having a head part (21) and an end face (24) opposing said head part (21) is premounted, by surrounding the head part (21) with at least one piezoelectric measuring element (23), a seismic composition (22) and a clamping ring (27).
Kistler Holding Ag


Ultrasonic sensor for high temperature and manufacturing method thereof

Provided is an ultrasonic sensor which includes a piezoelectric vibrator made of a lithium niobate (ln) single crystal and may be used in a high temperature region by generating a high ultrasonic wave output, and prevents cracks from being generated in the crystal. A piezoelectric vibrator 1 of the present invention has a surface (y-axis 36° cut surface) obtained by rotating a surface orthogonal to a y-axis of the ln crystal about an x-axis by 36°±2° as an output surface.
Sonic Corporation


Mission-adaptive rotor blade with circulation control

A rotorcraft may include an airframe and a rotor connected to the airframe. The rotor may include a plurality of blades defining ducts along the length thereof and vents in fluid communication with the ducts.
Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc


Electromechanical transducer, liquid droplet discharge head, and image forming apparatus

An electromechanical transducer includes a substrate; a diaphragm formed on the substrate; and a piezoelectric element that includes a lower electrode; a piezoelectric member; and an upper electrode, in which a lower electrode film to form the lower electrode, a piezoelectric film to form the piezoelectric member, and an upper electrode film to form the upper electrode are laminated in layers on the diaphragm formed on the substrate. The piezoelectric element is formed such that the lower electrode film, the piezoelectric member film, and the upper electrode film are patterned to form the lower electrode, the piezoelectric member, and the upper electrode, each of which has a desired pattern; and corners of the lower electrode are rounded..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Multilayer ultrasound vibration device, production multilayer ultrasound vibration device, and ultrasound medical apparatus

A multilayer ultrasound vibration device includes a plurality of piezoelectric bodies and a plurality of electrode layers stacked together, wherein: the plurality of piezoelectric bodies are formed of a plurality of monocrystalline piezoelectric bodies; and widths d2 and d3 of outer surfaces of the plurality of electrode layers in a stacking direction is made larger than a spacing distance d1 of the stacked plurality of monocrystalline piezoelectric bodies in the stacking direction.. .
Olympus Corporation


Self-sustaining-vibrational and acoustic piezoelectric resonator-acoustic refigeration core generator of electricity, heating and cooling - ss-vaper-arc

A self-sustaining-extensible-multi-stage-vibrational-and-acoustic-piezoelectric-resonator-acoustic-refrigeration-core generator of electricity, heating and cooling comprises a plurality of acoustically-driven mechanically-coupled tuned-closed-column-resonator-tuned-helmholtz-resonator-piezo-poly-passive-radiator-electromagnetic-induction-circuit vibrational-and-acoustic-piezoelectric-resonator-acoustic-refrigeration-core systems that mechanically amplifies induced sound pressure levels via standing wave resonance such that the anti-node/s of the natural resonant frequency/ies in the tuned-closed-column-resonator/s occur/s in the plane/s consistent with the coupling port/s of the attached tuned-helmholtz resonator/s acoustically driving the tuned-helmholtz resonator/s such that standing wave resonance occurs within the tuned-helmholtz resonators one wall of which is a piezo-poly-passive-radiator connecting the preceding stage to the proceeding stage finally driving the axial-regenerating-stack acoustic-refrigeration-core/s of physical parameters such that standing wave resonance occurs within the acoustic-refrigeration-core such that the hot-heat-exchanger is in the center of the cavity and the cold-heat-exchanger is at the second end of the cavity protruding from the fluid-water-filled containment vessel designed to minimize vibrational translation to external environments, provide system cooling and produce steam driving mechanical-electrical turbines and for heating.. .


Atomisation apparatus using surface acoustic wave generation

An apparatus for atomising liquid, including a piezoelectric substrate (1) having a working surface (3), and a peripheral edge (7) extending along a side of the working surface, an interdigital transducer (2) located on the working surface for generating surface acoustic waves (saw) in the working surface, and a liquid delivery arrangement including a porous member (8) for supplying the liquid to be atomised, wherein the porous member is in contact with the peripheral edge of the piezoelectric substrate.. .
Rmit University


Line-focused ultrasound transducer and high-intensity line focused ultrasound generator including same

The present invention has been made in an effort to provide a line-focused ultrasound transducer and a high intensity line-focused ultrasound generation device including the same in which ultrasound is focused in a line so that the treatment time can be reduced and the structure can be simplified. A line-focused ultrasound transducer which focuses in a line shape includes: a therapeutic piezoelectric member having a hollow semi-cylindrical shape; a first electrode portion which is provided on an inner surface of the therapeutic piezoelectric member; and a second electrode portion which is provided on an outer surface of the therapeutic piezoelectric member in correspondence with the first electrode portion..
Korust Co., Ltd.


Piezoelectric steering for catheters and pull wires

A steerable body insertion device is provided that includes a bendable non-piezoelectric element configured to move within patient anatomy. The non-piezoelectric element extends an element length between a proximal end and a distal end and having an element center axis extending along the element length when the non-piezoelectric element is in a non-bent state.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


Intravascular device

An electronic intravascular device is placed in tight contact with vessel walls and is used for electrical stimulation and/or electrical recording of the vessel wall and surrounding target tissue. The electrodes may operate via connectors interfacing them to external hardware or may incorporate electronics to allow wireless power, information transfer, and control.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Bulk acoustic resonator comprising aluminum scandium nitride

A method of forming a film bulk acoustic resonator structure comprises forming a first electrode on a substrate, forming a piezoelectric layer on the first electrode, and forming a second electrode on the piezoelectric layer. The first and second piezoelectric layers are formed by a sputter deposition process using at least one sputter target comprising a combination of scandium and aluminum..
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Ultrasonic motor and lens apparatus including the same

A driving motor includes a member having a contact surface, and a vibrator including a contact part that is brought into contact with the contact surface and a piezoelectric element that is fixed on the vibrator. In addition, a retention part retains the vibrator, and a pressurization unit has an elastic member to apply an impressing force on the contact part against the member including the contact surface, a pressurization member that transfers the impressing force from the elastic member, and a fixing member that restricts movement of the pressurization member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Piezoeletric wet etch process with reduced resist lifting and controlled undercut

A microelectronic device containing a piezoelectric thin film element is formed by oxidizing a top surface of a piezoelectric layer with an oxygen plasma, and subsequently forming an etch mask containing photoresist on the oxidized top surface. The etch mask is conditioned with an oven bake followed by a uv bake.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Methods to improve the crystallinity of pbzrtio3 and pt films for mems applications

A microelectronic device containing a piezoelectric component is formed sputtering an adhesion layer of titanium on a substrate by an ionized metal plasma (imp) process. The adhesion layer is oxidized so that at least a portion of the titanium is converted to a layer of substantially stoichiometric titanium dioxide (tio2) at a top surface of the adhesion layer.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Apparatus for driving piezoelectric element and driving piezoelectric element

An apparatus for driving a piezoelectric element may include: a control unit outputting a plurality of digital values using a lookup table; and a digital-to-analog converting unit converting the plurality of digital values into plurality of analog signals, respectively, wherein the control unit selects a plurality of pieces of data from the lookup table at first intervals so as to output the plurality of pieces of data as the plurality of digital values, respectively.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Electronic circuitry having superconducting tunnel junctions with functional electromagnetic-responsive tunneling regions

A device includes at least one superconducting tunnel junction having a junction region comprising a junction barrier material responsive to electromagnetic fields within the mhz to thz range. The junction may be contained within a bi-squid loop having two main junctions and a center junction.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Memory devices with reduced operational energy in phase change material and methods of operation

Methods of forming and operating phase change memory devices include adjusting an activation energy barrier between a metastable phase and a stable phase of a phase change material in a memory cell. In some embodiments, the activation energy barrier is adjusted by applying stress to the phase change material in the memory cell.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Piezoelectric sensor, and an electrical appliance, an installation or a gadget comprising at least one piezoelectric sensor

After receiving the sensitivity threshold command, to discard any signals from all piezoelectric sensor elements (20) or at least from such piezoelectric sensor elements (20), to the sensitivity threshold of which the sensitivity threshold command relates, until the microcontroller (26) has completely processed the sensitivity threshold command and updated the sensitivity threshold register (30).. .


Touch sensor

A touch sensor that includes a pressure detection sensor and a position detection sensor. The pressure detection sensor includes a piezoelectric film, a first piezoelectricity detecting electrode adjacent a first principal surface of the piezoelectric film, and a second piezoelectricity detecting electrode adjacent a second principal surface of the piezoelectric film.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Stress compensation for piezoelectric optical mems devices

An apparatus includes a lens material forming a lens. The apparatus also includes a piezoelectric capacitor over the lens material, where the piezoelectric capacitor is configured to change a shape of the lens material in response to a voltage across the piezoelectric capacitor to thereby change a focus of the lens.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Piezoelectric optical mems device with embedded moisture layers

A piezoelectric optical micro-electro-mechanical systems (pomems) device includes a glass layer having a bottom surface and a top surface. The device may also include an upper moisture barrier layer having a top surface and a bottom surface in which the bottom surface of the top moisture barrier layer is substantially coextensive with and interfaces with the top surface of the glass layer.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Analytical immunosensor device and constructing same

Analytical immunosensor device and method for obtaining thereof based on sequential deposition of self-assembled monolayers of polymers and affinity elements and their uses for the detection and quantitation of any analyte or target antigen in a liquid sample, allowing to perform the analysis by quasi-reagentless or reagentless displacement assay, and minimizing nonspecific adsorption and thus decreasing the detection limit. The device is arranged from a sensor surface covered with polymer monolayers (redox or non-redox) on top of which submonolayers of affinity elements are deposited and then, to let the affinity reaction to take place with the antigen, pseudo-antigen or the hapten labelled with a protein, preferably an enzyme (redox or non-redox), or with a nanoparticle enabling the method of the invention to develop “ad hoc” immunosensors, with a signal transduction by electrochemical, optical and/or piezoelectric means..
Universidad De AlcalÁ


Passive pressure sensing

A pressure sensor for sensing pressure of a fluid includes a diaphragm separator and a flexure structure. The diaphragm separator exerts an imparted force on the flexure structure, where the imparted force is proportional to fluid pressure exerted on the flexure structure.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Vehicle lighting unit

A vehicle lighting unit can reduce the load applied to the actuator for driving a reflecting member as well as can improve the durability of the actuator. The vehicle lighting unit can include a light source, a reflecting member configured to reflect light from the light source toward an illumination area, an actuator including inner piezoelectric actuators and outer piezoelectric actuators configured to cause the reflecting member to swing (turn) around x and y axes simultaneously, to thereby scan the illumination area with the reflected light from the reflecting member horizontally and vertically, and a controller configured to control the inner piezoelectric actuators and the outer piezoelectric actuators such that a scanning frequency in the vertical direction of the reflected light is larger than a scanning frequency in the horizontal direction of the reflected light..
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.


Dual-channel piezoelectric injector

The invention discloses a dual-channel piezoelectric injector, including a dual-channel injector body, its bottom in turn is connected with an upper intermediate, a lower intermediate and a dual-channel needle valve body. At the top of the dual-channel injector body there are two tubing interfaces, and each tubing interface has a tubing fuel duct.
Tianjin University


Acoustic transmitter for transmitting a signal through a downhole medium

An acoustic transmitter for transmitting an acoustic signal through a downhole medium includes a voltage source; a composite load; and switching circuitry that applies voltage from the voltage source across the composite load in response to a drive signal. The composite load includes charge control circuitry, in the form of at least one inductor, connected electrically in series with a piezoelectric transducer that may be electrically modeled as a capacitor..
Xact Downhole Telemetry Inc.


Method and system for synthesizing taxol from corylus avellana tissue culture

A spherical bioreactor system and a method of synthesizing taxol from hazel (corylus avellana) cell culture are disclosed. The bioreactor has a round bottomed flask fitted with two piezoelectric transducers connected to an audio amplifier, a voltage controlled oscillator, an integrator and a lock in amplifier.


Multi-functional bn-bn composite

Multifunctional boron nitride nanotube-boron nitride (bn—bn) nanocomposites for energy transducers, thermal conductors, anti-penetrator/wear resistance coatings, and radiation hardened materials for harsh environments. An all boron-nitride structured bn—bn composite is synthesized.


Method for reducing discharge defects and electrode delamination in piezoelectric optical mems devices

A method includes forming a piezoelectric optical micro-electromechanical system (mems) device having a piezoelectric capacitor over a lens material. The lens material forms a lens, and the piezoelectric capacitor is configured to change a shape of the lens material in order to change a focus of the lens.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Liquid discharging apparatus, head unit, and control liquid discharging apparatus

Provided is a liquid discharging apparatus which includes a modulation circuit which generates a modulation signal which is obtained by pulse-modulating a source signal, a transistor which generates an amplified modulation signal by amplifying the modulation signal, a low pass filter which generates a drive signal by smoothening the amplified modulation signal, a piezoelectric element which is displaced by receiving the drive signal, and a multilayer circuit substrate on which the modulation circuit, the transistor, and the low pass filter are mounted. Furthermore, the multilayer circuit substrate has a multilayer configuration constituted of three or more layers which include at least one layer other than two surface layers.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Unimorph-type ultrasound probe

A unimorph-type ultrasound probe has a plurality of piezoelectric element regions which extend in a minor axis direction and are arranged at a predetermined arrangement pitch in a major axis direction, a plurality of minute piezoelectric element portions are formed so as to be arranged in each piezoelectric element region, the size of the plurality of minute piezoelectric element portions is changed in the minor axis direction, the plurality of minute piezoelectric element portions are arranged such that the size of the piezoelectric element portions in both end portions in the minor axis direction becomes smaller than the size of the piezoelectric element portions in a central portion in the minor axis direction, and ultrasonic waves having different frequencies are radiated from the piezoelectric element portions having different sizes.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


A body-building power generation apparatus and a generating power using the same

The present disclosure relates to a body-building power generation apparatus and a method of generating power using the power generation apparatus, comprising at least one fitness device, an energy storage device connected with the fitness device for transforming and storing the kinetic energy transmitted from the fitness device, wherein the energy stored in the energy storage device can be transformed into kinetic energy and outputted by an output mechanism connected with the energy storage device, a speed changing mechanism, receiving the kinetic energy from the output mechanism and outputting said kinetic energy after adjusting it, and a generator connected to the speed changing mechanism for transforming the adjusted kinetic energy into electric energy. The body-building power generation apparatus according to the present disclosure can satisfy or at least partially supplement the need of electricity in residential areas, office buildings, or leisure facilities; it can also act as backup power source to alleviate piezoelectricity or power failure in rush hours..


Use of vibration for eus-fna tissue acquisition

A needle includes an elongate body extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal tip and including a lumen extending therethrough and a piezoelectric element positioned along a distal portion of the body so that, when a potential difference is applied thereto, the piezoelectric element expands and contracts to vibrate the distal tip of the elongate body.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Debris sensor for cleaning apparatus

A piezoelectric debris sensor and associated signal processor responsive to debris strikes enable an autonomous or non-autonomous cleaning device to detect the presence of debris and in response, to select a behavioral mode, operational condition or pattern of movement, such as spot coverage or the like. Multiple sensor channels (e.g., left and right) can be used to enable the detection or generation of differential left/right debris signals and thereby enable an autonomous device to steer in the direction of debris..
Irobot Corporation


Apparatus for producing a plasma and hand-held device having the apparatus

An apparatus for producing a plasma including a control circuit which is electrically connected to a piezoelectric transformer in order to excite the piezoelectric transformer. A hand-held device that uses the apparatus.
Relyon Plasma Gmbh


Piezoelectric-type speaker

A piezoelectric-type speaker is provided for converting electrical signals into sounds capable of being heard by a human ear. The piezoelectric-type speaker includes a housing, a separating portion, a supporting base, a high-pitched speaker and a dynamic low-pitched speaker.
Jetvox Acoustic Corp.

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