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Piezo patents

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Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric element

Seiko Epson

Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric element

Electronic apparatus, panel unit, and unit for electronic apparatus


Electronic apparatus, panel unit, and unit for electronic apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Piezo-related patents
 Multi-resonant detection system for atomic force microscopy patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-resonant detection system for atomic force microscopy
A multi-resonant detection system (mrd) chip comprises an afm tip, a cantilever, and resonator members separately positioned relative to the cantilever and tip. The chip may be fabricated from a silicon wafer.
Ut-battelle, Llc
 Transducer features for ultrasonic surgical instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Transducer features for ultrasonic surgical instrument
An apparatus for operating on tissue includes a body, a shaft, an ultrasonic blade, and an acoustic assembly. The shaft extends distally from the body.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.
 Piezoelectric-based vertical axis wind turbine patent thumbnailnew patent Piezoelectric-based vertical axis wind turbine
A system and method for a piezoelectric-based vertical axis wind turbine (vawt) are disclosed. The piezoelectric-based vawt may generate electricity in response to a deformation (e.g., a stretching or bending) of piezoelectric material.
 Electronic apparatus, panel unit, and unit for electronic apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic apparatus, panel unit, and unit for electronic apparatus
Excessive deformation of a piezoelectric element is reduced. An electronic apparatus 1 according to the present invention includes a panel 10, a piezoelectric element 30, a housing 60 for mounting the panel 10, and an intermediate member 80 attached to the piezoelectric element 30, wherein the intermediate member 80 and the panel 10 deform due to deformation of the piezoelectric element 30, thereby delivering an air conduction sound and a human body vibration sound to an object in contact with the panel 10 that is deforming..
Kyocera Corporation
 Electronic device and  controlling the same patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device and controlling the same
An electronic device and methods are disclosed. A cover panel is located on a front surface of the electronic device.
Kyocera Corporation
 Multi-channel through-wall communication system using crosstalk suppression patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-channel through-wall communication system using crosstalk suppression
A system for communicating through a solid wall uses piezoelectric transducers in a multiple-input multiple-output configuration and applies crosstalk suppression. Methods of suppressing or avoiding crosstalk between parallel communication channels includes zero-forcing, eigenmode transmission, and least mean squared error processing.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
A liquid ejection head includes a substrate in which a pressure generating chamber that communicates with a nozzle opening is formed; and a piezoelectric element having a piezoelectric layer, a first electrode that is formed on a surface of the piezoelectric layer on a side of the substrate so as to correspond to the pressure generating chamber, and a second electrode that is formed on a surface of the piezoelectric layer opposite to the side on which the first electrode is formed so as to extend over a plurality of the pressure generating chambers, wherein the second electrode is formed to extend to an outside of the pressure generating chamber in a longitudinal direction of the pressure generating chamber.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation
 Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric element patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric element
A piezoelectric element which includes an adhesion layer made of composite oxide having perovskite structure including at least one of bismuth, manganese, iron, and titanium; a first electrode provided on the adhesion layer and made of metal preferentially oriented in a (100) face; a piezoelectric body layer provided on the first electrode and made of composite oxide having perovskite structure preferentially oriented in the (100) face; and a second electrode provided on the piezoelectric body layer.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation
 Ink jet head having nozzle plate equipped with piezoelectric elements patent thumbnailnew patent Ink jet head having nozzle plate equipped with piezoelectric elements
An ink jet head includes: a pressure chamber to be filled with ink formed in a pressure chamber structure, the pressure chamber in which an etching limiter made of a material different from a material of the pressure chamber structure is formed on an inner wall surface of the pressure chamber; a nozzle plate comprising a nozzle that leading to the pressure chamber and a movable range fitted to the etching limiter; and a flat driver comprising a piezoelectric body to operate the movable range and arranged on the nozzle plate.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Touch panel apparatus and electronic apparatus provided with same patent thumbnailnew patent Touch panel apparatus and electronic apparatus provided with same
A touch panel apparatus is provided with a strain gauge sensor (16), a piezoelectric element (17), and a control unit (1). The strain gauge sensor (16) detects the pressing force to be applied to a touch panel (12) when a select-execute function key (18) is operated.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
new patent

Electronic device, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and controlling electronic device

An electronic device is provided with a display panel, a touch panel, and a piezoelectric vibration module configured to vibrate to vibrate a cover panel located on a front surface of the electronic device. The electronic device is also provided with a controller configured to control the display panel and the touch panel and vibrates the piezoelectric vibration module based on a sound signal.
Kyocera Corporation
new patent

Bulk wave resonator

A bulk wave resonator that includes an aluminum nitride film containing scandium on a substrate, a first electrode disposed on one surface of the aluminum nitride film containing scandium, and a second electrode disposed on the other surface of the aluminum nitride film containing scandium. The aluminum nitride film containing scandium includes a portion acoustically isolated from a top surface of the substrate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
new patent

Piezoelectric element

Disclosed is a piezoelectric element wherein a lower electrode made of pt, a buffer layer made of plt, and a piezoelectric thin film to be a perovskite ferroelectric thin film are formed in this order on a substrate. The average crystal grain size of pt forming the lower electrode is not smaller than 50 nm and not larger than 150 nm..
Konica Minolta, Inc.
new patent


There is provided a vibrator including: a housing having an internal space; an elastic member including a housing fixed part fixed to the housing, a piezoelectric element mounted part disposed so as to face the housing fixed part, and a weight body installed part disposed adjacent to the housing fixed part; a piezoelectric element fixed to the piezoelectric element mounted part; and a weight body fixed to the weight body installed part, wherein the elastic member has a closed curve shape.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Power generation device

A device able to generate electrical power through relative rotational motion of first (370, 380) and second (200, 230) principal components around an axis of rotation (220); wherein: the first and second principal components comprise an arrangement of piezoelectric elements (380) and permanent magnets (230, 370) such that the interaction between these magnets and piezoelectric elements, in use, makes it possible to generate electricity; and wherein: the second principal component (200, 230) comprises a centre of mass offset from the axis of relative rotation (220) such that the response of the second principal component (200, 230) to either gravitational or inertial forces is a relative rotation of the second principal component (200, 230) in relation to the first principal component (370, 380); the first principal component (370, 380) being fixedly attached to the moving host structure (100).. .
Imperial Innovations Limited
new patent

Ultrasonic atomization device

The present invention is an ultrasonic wave atomizing device including: a liquid absorbent wick (22) for absorbing a solution from a solution container; and a vibrating plate (32) which has multiple micropores (36) penetrating the vibrating plate (32) in a thickness direction and is for atomizing the solution which has been supplied via the liquid absorbent wick (22) by vibration of a piezoelectric element (31), and the vibrating plate (32) includes a truncated-cone-shaped convex part (37). This structure makes an atomizing height higher, which improves diffusibility of atomized liquid..
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited
new patent

Magneto-thermoelectric generator for energy harvesting

Provided is a magneto-thermoelectric generator (mtg) device for energy harvesting and more particularly a device for converting waste thermal heat from a photovoltaic cell into mechanical energy and ultimately into electrical energy. Embodiments operate on the principle of thermally-induced switching between open and closed states of a ferromagnetic switch to generate mechanical oscillations that cause strain in a piezoelectric material, resulting in the generation of electrical energy.
Prime Photonics, Lc
new patent

Piezoelectric actuator module, manufacturing the same, and mems sensor having the same

An actuator includes a multi-layer part having a multilayered piezoelectric part comprising a plurality of piezoelectric bodies and an electrode part connected to the multilayered piezoelectric part, and a support part displaceably supporting the multi-layer part. The multilayered piezoelectric part is polled in the same direction.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Ultrasound imaging using apparent point-source transmit transducer

An apparent point-source transmit transducers comprises a substantially constant-thickness shell of piezoelectric material in a shape of a spherical-section. Such transducers may be sized such that a single apparent point-source transmit transducer may produce ultrasound waveforms with substantial energy in a medium to be imaged.

Food intake monitoring system using apnea detection in breathing signals

A wearable breathing sensor, such as a piezoelectric chest belt system, generates a breathing signal that is analyzed by a classifier to identify apnea patterns indicating that the subject has swallowed during breathing. These breathing signals are computer-analyzed to extract inferences regarding the subject's eating and drinking patterns and thereby provide useful data for monitoring food or beverage intake for remote health monitoring..
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

Devices and methods for in vitro aerosol delivery

A system and methods for aerosol delivery of an entity or agent are disclosed. The system and methods can include a target application surface.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Method of depositing thin metal-organic films

Embodiments include systems, apparatuses, and methods of thin metal-organic film deposition with inkjet printheads. A method of depositing a metal-organic thin film over a substrate includes introducing chemical precursors into one or more piezoelectric printheads.

Electronic device

The electronic device can effectively suppress a reduction in sound pressure and an increase in the distortion factor. The electronic device (1) includes a piezoelectric element (30), a panel (10) supporting the piezoelectric element (30), and a housing (60) holding the panel (10).
Kyocera Corporation

Conformable transducer with self position sensing

Embodiments are directed to a diaphragm-based flexible array comprising a plurality of piezoelectric elements, wherein the array is configured to conform to a surface of a structure under evaluation and emit acoustic waves in two directions in sequence, a source configured to apply a voltage pulse to each element of the array, and a sensor configured to receive an acoustic pulse from each element of the array in response to application of the voltage pulse to each element of the array.. .
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Optical deflection device, apparatus including the same, and controlling optical deflecting device

An optical deflecting device includes a mirror having a reflecting surface and a support unit to support the mirror. The support unit includes a first drive unit.

Digital imaging process for flooring material

A method is provided for imaging fibrous polyamide flooring material. Images are formed on fibrous polyamide flooring material having vivid color and color saturations by piezoelectric digital means without going through washing process or discharging hazardous chemicals.

Liquid-ejecting head, liquid-ejecting apparatus, and piezoelectric device

There is provided a piezoelectric device comprising a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer that is formed above the first electrode, a second electrode that is formed above the piezoelectric layer and a coating layer that is formed above the second electrode consisting of tungsten or titanium.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Piezoelectric thin film, piezoelectric element, ink-jet head, and ink-jet printer

A piezoelectric thin film which is of a perovskite type having a tetragonal crystal structure, the tetragonal crystal having a degree of (100) orientation of 80% or higher. The piezoelectric thin film is constituted of a lead lanthanum zirconate titanate (plzt) which is a lead zirconate titanate (pzt) in which some of the lead has been replaced with lanthanum..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Printing apparatus and controlling printing apparatus

A printing apparatus includes a piezoelectric element which is displaced according to a driving signal; a first ejection unit and a second ejection unit that include nozzles capable of ejecting; a detection unit that detects a first and second residual vibration signal; and a determination unit that determines an ejection state of the liquid in the first ejection unit to be normal in a case where a cycle of a waveform indicated by the first residual vibration signal belongs to a first range and determines an ejection state of the liquid in the second ejection unit to be normal in a case where a cycle of a waveform indicated by the second residual vibration signal belongs to a second range, in which a part or all of the second range includes a range which is not included in the first range.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Liquid ejection head with a plurality of pressure chambers and driving liquid ejection head

A liquid ejection head, including: a plurality of ejection ports from which a liquid is ejected; a plurality of pressure chambers which communicate with the plurality of ejection ports and are constituted by piezoelectric portions that eject a liquid from the ejection ports by shrink-deforming; and a control unit configured to drive the piezoelectric portions so that the pressure chambers shrink-deform, wherein the control unit controls driving timing of the piezoelectric portions such that, after any of the plurality of pressure chambers is made to shrink-deform, a pressure chamber disposed not to adjoin the shrink-deformed pressure chamber is made to shrink-deform.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Multilayer piezoelectric element

The present disclosure relates to a multilayer piezoelectric element which includes a plurality of piezoelectric layers with a thickness of 15 μm to 100 μm each; and internal electrodes interposed between the plurality of piezoelectric layers and laminated to alternately form an anode and a cathode.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric device and manufacturing the same

A piezoelectric device and a method of manufacturing a piezoelectric device are provided. The piezoelectric device includes first and second electrodes disposed on a first surface of a piezoelectric layer; third and fourth electrodes disposed on a second surface of the piezoelectric layer, a first conductor electrically connecting the first and fourth electrodes, and a second conductor electrically connecting the second and third electrodes, in a cross-link with the first conductor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Compact versatile stick-slip piezoelectric motor

A motion control system that includes a base, a stage supported by the base and movable with respect to the base, and a motor coupled to the base and operable to move the stage. The motor includes a mounting base arranged to connect the motor to the base, a friction pad engageable with the stage, and a coupling portion including a first end connected to the mounting base and a second end.
Physik Instrumente (pi) Gmbh & Co., Kg

Apparatus and the generation of electric energy from novel nanogenerator as a thin tape

The present invention discloses an apparatus and a process of using the apparatus to generate an electric energy in a crowded place. The apparatus comprises of an array of nanogenerators with a novel composition in a mesh of nanowires specifically piezoelectric nanowires embedded in a thin and transparent tape that may be paste/stick on a floor in a crowded place or a place with heavy traffic.
Umm-al-qura University

Generator of electricity and refrigeration using induced vibrational and acoustic potential energy reclamation via tuned piezoelectric resonant cavity systems

A plurality of pressurized sequentially perpendicularly coupled and tuned piezoelectric resonators mechanically amplifies ambient and induced sound pressure levels via standing wave resonance such that the anti-node of the natural resonant frequency in each resonator occurs in a plane consistent with the coupling port of the subsequent resonator thereby acting as a mechanically amplified acoustic driver for the proceeding resonator until acoustically driving mechanically coupled and tuned piezoelectric helmholtz resonators with physical parameters such that standing wave resonance occurs within the piezoelectric helmholtz resonant cavities and acoustic refrigeration units comprising cylindrical resonant cavities with axial regenerating stacks acted upon by tuned frequencies such that the hot heat exchangers are in the center of said cavities while the cold heat exchangers comprise the termination of the second ends of said cavities. The latent heat generates steam in a pressurized vessel.

Atomiser system

An atomiser system (2) comprising a fragrance cartridge (4) and a docking housing (6) in which the fragrance cartridge (4) is installed. The fragrance cartridge (4) comprising a bottle 8 for holding a liquid fragrance (10) therein; a wick (48) extending down into the bottle (8); a piezo disc (76) for atomising the liquid fragrance 10 received from the wick (48); and an adjustable cap (98) by which a user activates the cartridge (4), bringing the liquid fragrance (10) into contact with a certain portion of the wick (48)..
Air Aroma Research Pty Ltd


There is provided a microphone including: a thin film member including leg members extended in a direction not in parallel with a vibration direction; first supports supporting first points of the leg members, respectively; and a piezoelectric member connected to second points of the leg members and converting vibrations of the thin film member into electrical signals.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Temperature and field stable relaxor-pt piezoelectric single crystals

The application is directed to piezoelectric single crystals having shear piezoelectric coefficients with enhanced temperature and/or electric field stability. These piezoelectric single crystal may be used, among other things, for vibration sensors as well as low frequency, compact sonar transducers with improved and/or enhanced performance..

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