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 Elastic wave filter device patent thumbnailElastic wave filter device
An elastic wave filter device includes a transmission filter chip, a reception filter chip, and a mounting terminal. The transmission filter chip includes a piezoelectric substrate and an idt electrode provided on a principal surface of the piezoelectric substrate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Electronic component module patent thumbnailElectronic component module
A front-end circuit component includes a base-body elastic wave filter and a mounted electronic component. The base-body elastic wave filter includes a piezoelectric substrate and an idt electrode on an upper surface of a piezoelectric substrate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Piezoelectric actuation platform patent thumbnailPiezoelectric actuation platform
A piezoelectric actuation platform (1) including piezoelectric substrate (3) formed from a single crystal piezoelectric material, and at least one simple electrode (5) in contact with the piezoelectric substrate for applying an electrical signal to the substrate such that a lamb or surface acoustic wave can be generated within said substrate.. .
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology

 Bulk acoustic wave resonator and filter including the same patent thumbnailBulk acoustic wave resonator and filter including the same
A bulk acoustic wave resonator including a substrate; an air cavity formed on the substrate; and a resonating part formed on the air cavity and comprising a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode which are sequentially laminated, wherein a cross section of the air cavity has a short side, a long side opposing the short side, a first lateral side and a second lateral side connecting the short side and the long side to each other, the first and second lateral sides are inclined, and a surface roughness of the first electrode, the piezoelectric layer, the second electrode, or any combination thereof is between 1 nm and 100 nm.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Piezoelectric generator for hydraulic systems patent thumbnailPiezoelectric generator for hydraulic systems
The present disclosure generally relates to electrical power generation from a piezoelectric material. A piezoelectric power generator assembly is disclosed including a housing, a piezoelectric transducer located in the housing, and a piston located in the housing, wherein the piezoelectric transducer is configured to generate an electrical charge when contacted by the piston.
Cameron International Corporation

 Vibration wave motor patent thumbnailVibration wave motor
A thin vibration wave motor is provided by thinning a friction member of the vibration wave motor. In a vibration wave motor including: a vibrator including a piezoelectric element and a vibration plate; and a friction member including a frictional contact surface to be brought into contact with the vibrator, the vibrator and the friction member being moved relative to each other using vibration generated in the vibrator, the vibration plate includes a flat plate portion to which the piezoelectric element is fixed and projection portions to be brought into contact with the friction member, and the friction member includes at least one reinforcing portion that increases a strength of the friction member along a direction of the relative movement, in a region between the flat plate portion and the friction member..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Bulk acoustic wave resonator and filter including the same patent thumbnailBulk acoustic wave resonator and filter including the same
In examples, there is provided a bulk acoustic wave resonator including: a substrate, a first electrode and a second electrode formed on the substrate, and a piezoelectric layer formed between the first electrode and the second electrode, wherein at least one of the first electrode and the second electrode is formed of an alloy including a molybdenum element. Additionally, such a bulk acoustic wave resonator may include an air cavity formed between the substrate and the first electrode..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Method for manufacturing a disk drive microactuator that includes a piezoelectric element and a peripheral encapsulation layer patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing a disk drive microactuator that includes a piezoelectric element and a peripheral encapsulation layer
A method of manufacturing a microactuator. The method includes providing a sheet of a piezoelectric material having an electrically conductive layer on at least one side of the sheet.
Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

 Piezoelectric sensor and touch panel patent thumbnailPiezoelectric sensor and touch panel
A capacitive sensor that includes a plurality of capacitance detection electrodes, an insulating substrate, a plurality of capacitance detection electrodes and an insulating substrate. A piezoelectric sensor includes a press detection electrode, a piezoelectric film, a plurality of press detection electrodes and an insulating substrate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Digital seismic source signature near-field hydrophone patent thumbnailDigital seismic source signature near-field hydrophone
A near-field hydrophone is disclosed. The near-field hydrophone includes a housing, a piezoelectric element configured to produce an analog signal in response to an acoustic signal generated by the release of compressed air into water, an analog circuit coupled to the piezoelectric element, wherein the analog circuit is configured to receive the analog signal and to produce a conditioned analog signal, an analog-to-digital converter configured to receive the conditioned analog signal and to produce a digitized form of the conditioned analog signal, and a processor coupled to a memory circuit and to the analog-to-digital converter, wherein the processor is configured to control the operation of the analog-to-digital converter and to provide a digitized serial communication output corresponding to the digitized form of the conditioned analog signal.
Teledyne Real Time Systems, Inc.

Symmetrical piezoresistive pressure sensor with stacking ics

Electrical and mechanical noise in a microelectromechanical system (mems) pressure sensor are reduced by the symmetrical distribution of bond pads, conductive vias and interconnects and by the elimination of bond wires used in the prior art to connect a mems pressure sensing element to an application specific integrated circuit (asic). The bond wires are eliminated by using conductive vias to connect an asic to a mems pressure sensing element.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

Method for operating an injector of an injection system of an internal combustion engine

The present disclosure teaches a method for operating an injector with piezoelectric direct drive of an injection system of an internal combustion engine. The method may comprise providing a current to the piezoelectric actuator at a first level, then quickly reducing the current for charging the piezoelectric actuator before or after the opening of the nozzle needle and before the mechanical impacting of the needle or the hydraulic equilibrium point of the needle, the current reduced to such an extent that the sum of the forces acting on the nozzle needle become approximately zero in the case of a small needle lift (part lift), and after reducing the current, supplying a low current in a constant or ramp-shaped fashion until a predetermined setpoint energy is reached..
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Method for operating a piezo servo injector

The present disclosure provides a method for operating an injector of an internal combustion engine, the nozzle needle of said injector being operated by a piezo actuator by means of a servo valve. The method may include eliminating the idle travel of the piezo actuator by maintaining a permanent direct force connection between the piezo actuator and the servo valve, so that a change in force on the servo valve due to a change in pressure in the valve chamber when the servo valve is opened and closed and when the nozzle needle of the injector is closed is always transmitted to the piezo actuator as a change in force, detecting the resulting change in voltage and/or capacitance of the piezo actuator, and ascertaining parameters with which the injection quantity which is output by the injector is regulated based on the result of the detection..
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Method for determining the valve opening moment in piezo servo-driven injectors

Where f=force acting on the piezo actuator, e=electrical parameter of the piezo actuator; determining a new scaling factor from the solution of the equation; calculating the difference (u×c−q) and determining a maximum of said value; and using the instant at which said maximum occurs as valve opening instant.. .

Actuation mechanism for controllable damper

A fluid damper assembly for use in a vehicle includes a piston subassembly which includes a plurality of inflow passages and at least one rebound disk for restricting flow of hydraulic fluid through the inflow passages. A rod extends through the piston subassembly to actuate the piston subassembly between a rebound stroke and a compression stroke.
Beijingwest Industries Co., Ltd.

Decoration line

A line for decorating and controlling products, in particular ceramic tiles and the like, includes a conveyor of products to be decorated, at least one decorating device of the jet type actuated by piezoelectric-control nozzles adapted to apply at least one layer of enamel on the products passing on said conveyor; the line further includes at least one control and diagnostic module of the decorated products, provided with means for detecting decoration and/or structural defects of the products themselves.. .
Projecta Engineering S.r.l.

Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus

A liquid ejecting apparatus is provided with an actuator substrate on which a piezoelectric actuator that generates a pressure change in a pressure generation chamber, which is in communication with a nozzle opening that ejects a liquid, is provided. The liquid ejecting head is provided with lead-out wiring that is led out from the piezoelectric actuator to the top of the actuator substrate, the lead-out wiring is provided with an adhesive layer that is provided on an actuator substrate side, and a conductive layer that is provided on a side of the adhesive layer which is opposite the actuator substrate, and the adhesive layer has a width that is narrower than the conductive layer in at least a parallel arrangement direction of the lead-out wiring..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Ultrasonic transducer with backing having spatially segmented surface

Methods and devices are provided for suppressing reverberations within an ultrasound transducer with a backing whereby the backing may not sufficiently attenuate the acoustic energy by means of acoustic absorption and scattering alone. At least a portion of a surface of the backing is segmented into a plurality of levels defined by surface segments.
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Piezoelectric dispenser with replaceable ampoule

Fluid delivery devices and methods are described where the device may comprise a piezoelectric actuator having a piezoelectric chip that is operatively coupled to a drug package under a preloading force. The actuator is configured to generate an acoustic pressure within the drug package to dispense droplets or a continuous stream of an agent from an aperture, e.g., to the corneal surface of the eye.

Elastic wave device and filter device

An elastic wave device includes idt electrodes stacked on a piezoelectric thin film. The idt electrode includes a plurality of first electrode fingers and a plurality of second electrode fingers.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Acoustic wave filter, duplexer, and module

A filter including: a substrate; an input pad; an output pad; a ground pad; a plurality of first acoustic wave resonators formed on the substrate, and connected in series between the input pad and the output pad; a plurality of second acoustic wave resonators, each comprising: a piezoelectric film on the substrate; a lower electrode between the substrate and the piezoelectric film, connected to the ground pad; and a upper electrode on the piezoelectric film, and connected between an adjacent pair of the first acoustic wave resonators or between one of the plurality of first acoustic wave resonators and one of the input and the output pad.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.

Variable-frequency filter

A variable-frequency filter includes a series-arm resonant circuit and a parallel-arm resonant circuit. Each of the series-arm resonant circuit and the parallel-arm resonant circuit includes a piezoelectric resonator, an inductor, and a variable capacitor.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric vibrator and frequency adjustment piezoelectric vibrator

A frequency adjustment method for a piezoelectric vibrator includes preparing the piezoelectric vibrator having a base portion, a vibration arm that includes a connection portion connected to the base portion as well as vibration arm main bodies extending from the connection portion and that is made of a single crystal, a lower electrode formed on the vibration arm, a piezoelectric thin film formed on the lower electrode, and an upper electrode formed on the piezoelectric thin film; and forming an alteration portion by irradiating the connection portion with a laser beam.. .

Elastic wave device and manufacturing method thereof

In an elastic wave device, a multilayer film including a piezoelectric thin film is provided on a support substrate, an interdigital transducer electrode is provided on one surface of the piezoelectric thin film, a wiring electrode is connected to the interdigital transducer electrode, the wiring electrode includes a lead electrode portion and a pad electrode portion, an external connection terminal is located above the pad electrode portion, the external connection terminal is electrically connected to the pad electrode portion, and the external connection terminal is bonded onto the pad electrode portion on the support substrate so that at least the piezoelectric thin film of the multilayer film is not present below the pad electrode portion.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric wafer, piezoelectric vibration piece, and piezoelectric vibrator

This piezoelectric wafer has: a piezoelectric vibration piece; a frame portion that supports the piezoelectric vibration piece; and a coupling portion that couples the piezoelectric vibration piece to the frame portion. A pair of first and second metal bumps is formed in juxtaposition on the piezoelectric vibration piece.
Daishinku Corporation

Piezoelectric energy harvester

A piezoelectric energy harvester is provided. The piezoelectric energy harvester includes a housing, a metal plate, a first piezoelectric material, an auto-returning device, a movable supporter, a first magnet and a second magnet.
National Cheng Kung University

Assembly for converting mechanical work into electrical energy and counting device comprising it

An assembly (10) for converting mechanical work into electrical energy comprising a bending transducer (12) with a support (20) in the form of a strip and with at least one piezoelectric layer (22) attached thereto, the support (20) in the form of a strip being mounted at both ends (30) and an actuating mechanism (8, 30) being provided in such a way that, when the actuating mechanism (8, 30) is actuated, a mechanical force is exerted on the support (20) in the longitudinal direction of the support (26) and leads to arcuate bending of the bending transducer (12), and thereby to the generation of electrical energy. The assembly can be used to provide electrical energy for a counting device..
Johnson Matthey Catalysts (germany) Gmbh

Piezoelectric driving device, robot and pump

A piezoelectric driving device includes a piezoelectric element, which has a first electrode layer, a piezoelectric body layer that is provided above the first electrode layer, and a second electrode layer that is provided above the piezoelectric body layer, and a vibration plate on which the piezoelectric element is provided, and the piezoelectric body layer is a complex oxide that has a perovskite type crystalline structure that includes sodium, potassium and niobium.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Piezoelectric/electrostrictive material, piezoelectric/electrostrictive body, and resonance driving device

A piezoelectric/electrostrictive material is composed of mn and a compound of pb(zn, nb)o3—pb(ni, nb)o3—pb(zr, ti)o3. A ratio of a molar amount of mn relative to a sum of respective molar amounts of ni, zn, ti, zr, nb and mn is at least 0.001 to no more than 0.015.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Piezoelectric ceramic, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic component

A piezoelectric ceramic may be slightly deformed by firing, and a manufacturing method therefor, and an electronic component are disclosed. There is provided a piezoelectric ceramic including a plurality of crystal grains including a lead zirconate titanate-type crystal containing zn, and bi, and crystal grain boundaries existing between a plurality of the crystal grains, wherein a plurality of the crystal grains include first crystal grains, and wherein the first crystal grains have a content of at least one element of zn and bi present in the inside of the first crystal grains that is smaller than the content of the at least one element present in an area including the crystal grain boundaries that are in contact with the crystal grains.
Kyocera Corporation

Piezoelectric device with piezoelectric ceramic layer constituted by alkali-containing niobate type perovskite composition

A piezoelectric device has a piezoelectric ceramic layer obtained by sintering a piezoelectric ceramic composition that contains an alkali-containing niobate type perovskite composition which is represented by (li1namk1-1-m)n(nb1-otao)o3 (wherein 0.04≦1≦0.1, 0≦m<1, 0.95≦n≦1.05, 0≦o≦1) and ag component, as well as a conductor layer sandwiching the piezoelectric ceramic layer. The piezoelectric ceramic layer has ag segregated in voids present in a sintered compact of the perovskite composition in terms of oxides relative to the perovskite composition..
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric switch with lateral moving beams

A piezoelectric switching element includes an actuator and multiple piezoelectric-morphing beams. The actuator includes a conducting head and an actuator stem, and each piezoelectric-morphing beam includes a beam contact head of conductive material and a beam stem manufactured out of bimorph material.
19th Space Electronics

Integrated compliant boundary for piezoelectric bimorph actuator

A piezoelectric bimorph actuator with an integral compliant boundary employs a first piezoelectric element, a second piezoelectric element and a composite layer intimately engaged between the first and second piezoelectric elements to form a bimorph actuator. The composite layer extends from a peripheral edge of the piezoelectric elements and has a curved interface portion providing a mount for attachment of the bimorph actuator..
The Boeing Company

Piezoelectric element, liquid discharging head provided with piezoelectric element, and liquid discharging apparatus

Cr1>cr2   (3). .

Multi-layer piezoelectric polymer film devices and methods

A touch panel includes a touch sensor having a dielectric core layer disposed between first and second piezoelectric layers. Each piezoelectric layer comprises a poled piezoelectric polymer.
3m Innovative Properties Company

In-air ultrasonic rangefinding and angle estimation

An apparatus for determining location of a moveable object in relation to an input device includes an array of one or more piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pmut) elements and a processor. The array is formed from a common substrate.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Hostile fire detection for an airborne platform

Systems and methods are presented for detecting a direction of an incoming projectile and determining a source location of the projectile. One or more resonant sensors (comprising a plate, piezo electric sensor, etc.) can be arranged, where shockwaves from the projectile (e.g., shockwaves from a bullet travelling at supersonic speeds) are incident upon the plate and cause the plate to resonate.
Bitwave Pte Ltd

Piezoelectric force sensor having an electrical connection between electrode and contact pin

The invention relates to a piezoelectric force sensor (1) comprising a housing (10) having at least one piezoelectric body (11) and an electrode (12) electrically connected to said body (11), wherein a connection device (13) for forwarding measurement signals having a contact pin (131) is fastened or molded on the housing (10). The contact pin (131) is connected to the electrode (12) in an electrically conductive manner.
Kistler Holding Ag

Droplet deposition manufacturing the same

A droplet deposition apparatus, such as an inkjet printhead, that includes an integrally-formed manifold component and one or more actuator components; these actuator components provide an first array of fluid chambers, each of which has a piezoelectric actuator element and a nozzle, with this piezoelectric actuator element being able to cause the release in a deposition direction of fluid droplets through the nozzle in response to electrical signals; the first array of fluid chambers extends in an array direction from a first longitudinal end to a second, opposite longitudinal end, this array direction being perpendicular to the deposition direction; in addition, the manifold component is elongate in the array direction and includes a first and second manifold chambers, with these manifold chambers extending side-by-side in the array direction and the first manifold chamber being fluidically connected to the second manifold chamber via each of the fluid chambers in the first array; the cross-sectional area of at least one of these manifold chambers is tapered with distance in the array direction, for example to improve purging of the chambers during start-up; the cross-sectional shape of the integrally-formed manifold component perpendicular to the array direction varies with distance in the array direction such that the centroid of the cross-section remains a substantially constant distance, in said deposition direction, from said array of fluid chambers over the length of the first array of fluid chambers, with the integrally-formed manifold component thus being essentially self-stiffening.. .
Xaar Technology Limited

Bender bar transducer with at least three resonance modes

A bender bar acoustic transducer capable of exciting at least three resonance modes is provided. The provided bender bar acoustic transducer may be capable of exciting a second resonance mode by configuring a first portion of a piezoelectric element to contract while a second portion of the piezoelectric element expands when voltage is applied to electrodes coupled to the piezoelectric element.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

Liquid droplet dispenser

An apparatus for dispensing droplets comprises a dispensing tip (2, 190, 210) with an orifice (4) having a cross sectional area in the range of 0.00002 mm2 to 0.03 mm2. An actuator assembly (13-15, 50, 80) comprising an actuator element engages with and disengage from the tip and, when engaged, couples acoustic energy to liquid in the tip to expel the liquid through the orifice as a droplet.
University Of Limerick

Assembly for the treatment of wounds

An assembly for the treatment of wounds comprising a device for generating a plasma, or an excited gas or gas mixture, respectively. A covering is used to cover a wound area.
Relyon Plasma Gmbh

Device for loosening, insertion and removal of dental implants

A device for inserting a threaded dental implant (i) in a patients jawbone as well as for loosening and removing a threaded dental implant (i) mounted and possibly osseointegrated in the alveolus jaw-bone of a patient. An ultrasonic vibration actuator, e.g.
Implaout Aps

Assembly for treating wounds

The invention relates to an assembly for treating wounds and to a hand held unit for treating wounds. The assembly and the hand held unit comprise a device for producing a plasma and/or an excited gas or gas mixture by means of a piezoelectric transformer, which is housed together with a circuit board in a housing of the device, and the assembly comprises an expansion element.
Relyon Plasma Gmbh

Probe for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

A probe for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus which is used for performing a test upon a subject is provided. The probe includes a case which forms an exterior of the probe, a piezoelectric object which is provided on an inside of the case and which generates an ultrasonic wave, a sound absorbing layer which is provided at a rear surface of the piezoelectric object and which prevents the ultrasonic wave from being delivered to a rear portion of the piezoelectric object, an acoustic matching layer which delivers the generated ultrasonic wave to a subject by matching a sound impedance of the piezoelectric object with a sound impedance of the subject, and a sound lens which concentrates the generated ultrasonic wave and radiates the concentrated ultrasonic wave toward the subject..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Transducing pressure to a non-invasive pulse sensor

A system for transducing arterial pressure includes a one-piece flexible cap configured to fit around a flexible piezo-electric sensor that is configured to alter an internal resistance upon deflection. The flexible cap includes a deflection wall configured to deflect towards the flexible piezo-resistive sensor in proportion to pressure applied by the artery.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Surface acoustic wave filter

A ladder-type surface acoustic wave filter includes interdigital transducer electrodes disposed on a litao3 piezoelectric substrate, and series resonators and parallel resonators defined by the interdigital transducer electrodes, and utilizes a leaky wave that propagates on the litao3 piezoelectric substrate. A bandwidth ratio indicating a bandwidth of a passband of the ladder-type surface acoustic wave filter is about 2.5% or greater, and a cutoff frequency due to bulk wave radiation of one of the parallel resonators, is in a frequency range higher than the passband..
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Elastic wave device and fabrication method thereof

An elastic wave device includes a dielectric film on a piezoelectric substrate, an idt electrode including first and second comb electrodes on the dielectric film, first and second wiring electrodes electrically connected to the first and second comb electrodes, wherein the first comb electrode and the second comb electrode each include electrode fingers and a busbar in contact with the electrode fingers. An electrical conductivity of the piezoelectric substrate is higher than the electrical conductivity of the dielectric film.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric device and manufacturing piezoelectric device

A piezoelectric device includes a substrate, a lower electrode disposed above the substrate, a lower bonding layer disposed on the lower electrode, a piezoelectric layer containing a piezoelectric material disposed on an upper surface of the lower bonding layer, and an upper electrode disposed above the piezoelectric layer. The lower bonding layer includes an electrode material portion containing an electrode material of the lower electrode and a piezoelectric material portion containing a piezoelectric material.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric device

A piezoelectric device including a paper film including cellulose fibers and containing an additive selected from the group including 4-fluorophenethyl isocyanate, 2-2 diphenyl-ethyl isocyanate, nitrophenyl isocyanate, 1-adamantyl iso-cyanate, cyanophenyl isocyanate, and triphenylamine grafted to the cellulose fibers, the film further having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface and a first electrode arranged on the first surface and a second electrode arranged on the second surface.. .
Commissariat à L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Polymeric piezoelectric material and producing the same

[in which an amount of l-form (% by mass) and an amount of d-form of an optically active polymer (% by mass) are values obtained by a method using high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc)].. .

Piezoelectric material piezoelectric device and electronic apparatus

A piezoelectric material that does not use lead and potassium and has a high piezoelectric constant and good insulating properties and a piezoelectric element that uses the piezoelectric material are provided. The piezoelectric material contains a perovskite-type metal oxide represented by general formula (1): (naxba1-y)(nbyti1-y)o3 (1) (where 0.80≦x≦0.95 and 0.85≦y≦0.95), and an auxiliary component containing at least one selected from the group consisting of si and b.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Piezoelectric device

A piezoelectric device that includes: a diaphragm; a supporting part configured to support at least a portion of an end of the diaphragm; a piezoelectric film disposed along a portion supported by the supporting part on the diaphragm, a width of the film along the supported portion being narrower than a width of the portion; a lower electrode disposed at a face of the piezoelectric film on a diaphragm side; and an upper electrode disposed on a face of the piezoelectric film on an opposite side to the diaphragm.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Ultrasonic sensor and manufacturing the same

An ultrasonic sensor includes: when two orthogonal axes are referred to as an x axis and a y axis and a plane formed by the x axis and the y axis is referred to as an xy plane, a substrate disposed across the xy plane; a plurality of spaces formed in the substrate in at least one direction of an x-axis direction and a y-axis direction; a vibrating plate that is provided on the substrate such that the spaces are closed and that has a first surface on the substrate side and a second surface facing the first surface; and a piezoelectric element that is provided at a portion on the second surface side of the vibrating plate that corresponds to the space, and that transmits/receives an ultrasonic wave. At least some of the spaces are arranged to form a zigzag shape..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Ultrasound sensor and driving method therefor

An ultrasound sensor includes a substrate in which a space is formed, a diaphragm provided on the substrate so as to block the space, a piezoelectric element which is provided on the diaphragm and includes a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode, and an acoustic matching layer provided on a periphery of the piezoelectric element or in the space, in which the diaphragm has a bend in which a region corresponding to the space becomes convex (upwardly convex) to the opposite side to the space in a state where a voltage is not applied to the piezoelectric element, and a relaxation time of the polarization of the piezoelectric layer in the piezoelectric element is a repeating transmission period of the ultrasound sensor or less.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Piezoelectric device, piezoelectric sensor using the same, and wearable device having the same

A piezoelectric device, piezoelectric sensor using the same, and wearable device having the same are disclosed. In one aspect, the piezoelectric device includes a piezoelectric layer formed of a piezoelectric material and a first layer formed above the piezoelectric layer and having a carbon nano-structure..
Snu R&db Foundation

Piezoelectric transformer and counter electrode

What is specified is a piezoelectric transformer (10) having a surface structure which has at least one protruding surface structure segment (5), wherein the piezoelectric transformer has a contour (3) and is suitable for discharging a gas in conjunction with a counter electrode (10) for generating a plasma, wherein the surface structure is configured such that the gas discharge takes place at a multiplicity of discharge initiation points (6) on the contour (3). A width of the surface structure segment (5) is smaller than the width of the piezoelectric transformer (1)..
Epcos Ag

Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric element application device, and manufacturing piezoelectric element

(kx,na1-x)nbo3  (1). .

Piezoelectric drive device, driving method thereof, robot, and driving method thereof

In the expression, r1 is a distance between a rotation center of the driven body and a contact position of the contact portion, μk is a dynamic friction coefficient between the driven body and the contact portion, ns is a pressing force by which the contact portion presses the driven body when an operation of the piezoelectric drive portion stops, and fs is a coefficient of 1 or less.. .

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  • Damping Force
  • Radial Flow
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  • Liquid Adhesive

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